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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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SO- 8.CS6 yo ti a

Carriage Bows,

Gent’s Dept., Wet Weather Footmw. FURNITURE DEPT.
7,:frederick st,
7 Big Stores in 1
111 |iill BIS
The Electroleylic Art Metal Company
se™00 sm fw* í »p<7ío
Sample Lot of fancy Coloured Waistsoati
Creole Suites!

2 sSssk-
New Goodsjust Opened.
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■airVTT’fi» ;
FOE S-A_T ,3±¡ *p?
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1 SnilijjjJ
. . . •“••i'JiitííiL'VfiL
'«íUiíJwU^POMü^’Sí^fW1 : W'ltl i»
• 3fi¡
_ ___ jj!
WW! lipiii pi t. ri, ¡ jj; m ■ ppii4 iSKiiiNii;!!
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36WPi!«^§.«Wí^iÍ4Í*S» «TíBspiqt SJK! ;i i!
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=ifií|:;t¿t}!;íi;:^.fif¿|#>-|Í5?4í:L»¡íts f*f ,-s;Hí ;sí,
-©Sitó 1 ¡ > i¡ > 1 , ' *■ < J '
I | | 5¡
- :2S|íiiif"
; I ¡ ¡ i 31
S*f5ÍÍ di si; H
2 <
< w &< •'
hl •

the runt op spain pazettk Tuesday joky t looa
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SO- 8.CS6 yo ti a

Carriage Bows,
Gent’s Dept., Wet Weather Footmw. FURNITURE DEPT.
7,:frederick st,
7 Big Stores in 1
111 |iill BIS
The Electroleylic Art Metal Company
se™00 sm fw* í »p<7ío
Sample Lot of fancy Coloured Waistsoati
Creole Suites!

2 sSssk-
New Goodsjust Opened.
Wtb. twürgM^lta» Muslins.
■airVTT’fi» ;
FOE S-A_T ,3±¡ *p?
i ipiilH
Milkmaid Brand
A. New size Tin

titk rnnroF-sPAi,v tofsoat to t
! s - - |1-
¡ " ■
< -líüu riin uaiili* unir «Hh4i?ÍHb $j «ífiifciiü I i*i-B a « i«? 1 i M Z ~ i:-
1 SnilijjjJ
. . . •“••i'JiitííiL'VfiL
'«íUiíJwU^POMü^’Sí^fW1 : W'ltl i»
• 3fi¡
_ ___ jj!
WW! lipiii pi t. ri, ¡ jj; m ■ ppii4 iSKiiiNii;!!
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36WPi!«^§.«Wí^iÍ4Í*S» «TíBspiqt SJK! ;i i!
¡fe;;;;;:! ' f : ¡¡ v
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=ifií|:;t¿t}!;íi;:^.fif¿|#>-|Í5?4í:L»¡íts f*f ,-s;Hí ;sí,
-©Sitó 1 ¡ > i¡ > 1 , ' *■ < J '
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- :2S|íiiif"
; I ¡ ¡ i 31
S*f5ÍÍ di si; H
2 <
< w &< •'
hl •

the runt op spain pazettk Tuesday joky t looa
The Cheapest Stope in Trinidad. Fop all Classes of GoodarJ
EVERY PAIR GUARANTEED, nurir come»btitxoht! Stephens ltd.- get them now i
SPECIALLY IMPORTED i Uejn Ecocdjdi and SfKD^Ib,' ^ ^ '
Another Fresh Shipment Humanity Shape,
Bette»- Values than Ever i




> —— ee 7 1 ' 7 . . 4


f Makmaltbeds — ~ _
“ae (MUTUAL-& CO-OPERATIVE ) a.| Neatsfoot Oil
ozs . ’
A BIG SHIPMENT OF IN POSSESSION OF 23, Ohnocon Street, Turpentine, *
Ross's ‘Great Ankshead’ Brand] TRLEPHIONS Ne _ urpeniine, "3
‘ ALE & STOUT . OO Ooo TIT iq ‘ [lores Clippers, Stone Hammers, f
7 " oF NN Gases! Frag, eh ‘
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STEPHENS. LIMITD noes ee oe olen ssaatitn. | Twelve Gents—Faxcy coup riguss | cio muxx sua:
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ard uauil ov olfices, Etectrie light and : ture Bonds, Typcvwvriting,
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me : : * a j
Apply to Jules Acdaee, 3 Chacon Street, hereby notified thatthe intor— 4
TA ora mea 9 fst oon snk honda on the Mintel mraeneeti

OR REN Tine howe, Ne. 19 Garon AS WE FEEL CONFIDENT THAT-THEY ARE B0th of of fune instant is now . Ce ee Tet eee
Street, contalning—-drawing room, dining | payable on upp ication at the 0 Vader £00 worda-64, 0 tn
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Aer OY ES ee ontant YOU WOULD NOT GO FAR WRONG IF You Port-of-Spiin, Type writing.

" Deonillally sitaated near the Meraval ‘ ‘ June 30th, 1908, Specclal * Rates
cera, aaa! GIVE US A LOOK UP FIRST ~ | ter O
and galf. Theee minutes walk from terms a Cc) CGC “EL &S © BY ARRANGEMENT.
‘oneod tha St Cleir car Eleetrie Mbt ‘ MONEY cee net
dtelephone frstalled, Splendid water a 9 awe -
icemerepte. ees |J. GLENDINNING AND CO.|A sneaiietrce.” | unite peetatrs ant fiends ot te four, | GQYERNANT NOTIGSS
a “Farber 0 ete iy te . . er snd a ® 21 Proderick Street, ° t ,
t —XK—X—K—X—X—Xa—a—anX\—__—Eeeeeee nn aerereeneneemenpamasie nae pe I |
Rai atau or vs ciation! STR ON G’S |... oe
Park Fast Ac unfurtebletwo storese § wt f , Yr
ith : ience. Apply to © C { mires, saletantially built, spacious yard, A . NES ae
srerhaag? somerset NM CONSIGNMeNy, [fetes Mola | Te a i
oe REST No bt “Pare Etreeb with MARTINEZ CORASPE, or to theowner, fy L ED Oo FFER JUNE LOR, INCL OSV ES
«tence, 5 Ns tlos Carmona, San Rafael. —
he ‘convsuience Benernge and one . . POR BALES Bplendit Tigh Grade T 2 a nae fend 1 Teh Cred x AN UN PARA LE L. ie a Dien to gue ag 33
. A . a Nev nee ae mee
9 dA ANTONE, 18, Charlotte Guest, ‘AS; FRESH. LOT OF teen uit Ge giaaien tthe ona , a , aan NET es iar tha tbe?
ivy oN mPa, ~ Wos * Santi Brow ~ aly- tin 4
HOW RENT —taitaie Nes Tor Weed. . amu Bane @ Ga —lettorrte 1 GUR NEW HIRE PURCI ASE SYSTEM. | svettnder cteurvation accye nenmneem
Arcbibol r Every convenietca ‘for a 4 4 i No. 7 Sweet Briar Roai Kt. Clale, - . Total reported 33
amily, Electric Bgh onl Rewersce. contsiniog Jaree drawing and diomng We will Let you Have cane
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tached stables and faizly large pastore THY IT; FOR SALE AT bes ia waive eovered ih mae, peare nat Qored Latour Fatlesrit bite bt 008 TENDERS FOR ERECTION OF A 1
+ St. Ano’s Villa” sitoatel op alts bevlog drewlng, dining end 3 be droome, Love me & the World ia mine | Vielons Baytoa Slow Drag COURT HOUEH, SANGRE 1
seer eee eet at offlves ] B pavtry, large parret to bold s large family Beranve Grey Tyee Chori ate | noor Maple L at AN DE.
vith psature, ‘Teraua of rents) very moder Wesse S$ ros. & Von Gontard. read erga tone: Tuwe, all A vorg of Bleed ‘ Quegrin d'Anour Cebten DAN up to whieh Tenders will ve re- 1
‘a. Immotieie romeayie ne ne im Key from Callender, 3, bt. Joreph Pons Bilepee ee Garon Be Fovale Tulle wa eee Bue, ony Piiday pat satya 4
Peri foatbel Gears is 8 ‘NO. 3, BROADWAY. TRG RALAZVFeulee No. 35, TATE] Leto Laval Canin | Vee ie Fa Fedlpatiaigranig omecet oy are
ve oom 9 Bedi 4 Dresato Snare —— Breet thlad Loure to the Went of the | Goes Tae A Wal g Dream Ma Mobile Habe Werks. Teadera to be addressed to Tbe
orm aed raat cat fice APPT 10 | oe py . Transfer Station, Will te soll cheap to | tere toves, Everywhere, | La beranata Little AHgetor Balt Hon. the Coloata! Secretary and merbod
roodvi'e & Wilson Ltd — toane abty todo, ver pon Ho aa Roses arin serywieres Eterosile Folles Mise Hook Lig plog, ote., etc. Teaser for Conry House, Rangre Grandes
RO LET.- Fine Col No 6 Pek | . 4 a oetate of France d of Holland; Le Berecuss 20 Notice fn * loyal Gazette” date
“ueet cenateog 3 edroone, dinag [Wa . ny Nobel, ol the Etats oe ing is de Jaa Lsaisar jibe Maa vith B6tb Jane, IHR nUsHE, 4
ron, sersact room, m ‘ — -- Acting Colonial Becietary,
Sleetris Neht Rent moderate. Apply . + = | Wilow 1 Mitagang,_ ete. 26th Jane, 1008.
vithin, —3Utb Jove 1908,—1-w. - 83 & 44 South Quay, Lort-of-Spuin, Trinidad, B.W.I. ESE ————E————————————————————— . .
PORE“ WoobCOURT'= Collesie | Tent FOR SALE OR REM. | AQ Je eRe ELSE
Avenue, Br, Ann's. Commodiovesrd | tumber and Hardware Telephone, No, 174. Saw Mill No 557. | pon BALY OR NENT.—That large iF - ~ NOTICE °
St nlect tie Tagntand Eowerega through - , V aod gonatan tale Deel tog house: Noe - OF fat je F
at cow prislog =Downstlaira- Lirge mt- - le & 12, sai ee bor hirts OR see, - * TRAFFIO REGULATIONS, ag
ink, drawing sad dang ere ets.| BUILDERS AND CONTBACTORS:, . fate ura! oeitiw,dad beodewerate Enormous * Earning Power, —guewaNce oy AND SE
erandsh at back, pantry and storeroom, stalled, slzvarel in a qolet Jorality, oe = - : aaa NOI 5
tapge snd shower ote nnd W.C. farge Estimates acd Plans on Balldiogs, Food ek occ ton, and sll kinds of work bultable fore: dws Drawiog acd Dining | 10 percent. on your mee dong developnent, 28 (0 45 percent on your money Lighting up boura for Vehicles and 4
reatal ot Four Jarge bedrooms and one reom foraitare for sale on the premises. whea deve'oped, is the opprstunity otfered inthe stuck of this Company. Sycles for July, August and Septem- “4
resiog room, bs bh tod W.Ge front, aad The Cheapert Pince to Buy i ply te Bop Nlicg Ge gt Trinidad Ber, 1008, §
de gelleries same as downstaire, | wo . 8, BRICKS, , . . 8 . . we :
Bee ee ea eT GL GAM AN ER HON RAR OM PAINTS, [#2 et eounerr~toanetorcm | WEST INDIA TRADING & DEVELOPMENT COMPANY | Lausres'remccevus |
side wee, Han Soules Ateas or] eee nO wee EAENEES. a: Giurcuucare coutalang ®eld rps, fs, te, STONE STREET, Xow York. . | fincisn fom canm opie f
2 ’ ° je ae

M Gordoa Grant & Co. ; Wz ‘ ‘ dining room, drawing foot, pantry, 8 . 4.8 DONAWA & CO, August... 5 Gee pm te Seam, 4

IF Shin Chandlery andall Building Materials, ett. ate, | seessisscmécce anno" Hea rath Guay neal Aneote, Telabdd aad Tobago, SS BWAIN,
. . D. _&
—— — DILOUUO LR TED Inapoctss Conte! of Coasts,

OR BALE—A full sued Mahogany Contractors fo the Colonial Government and Town Bound WANTED. . JOST E Vy ca tepent- aoa 4
hime caret ha ie : _ ‘anes Torte mal and nt , : . Toa pie 3
fhe (nat ytaet i aed e his te a ——— = ——— edebat outroouns fn private pr freee 1 Marquise RING with 9 Diamonde, NOTICE.
apoulorder Fine tone Apply to Mrs Iwo plovtes walk from tram, Apply RING 13 Dj d 5 mn
cise eee IYE ADAMSON PRINTERIE efats P| y HING, 18 Ditmon. ly ee oops
pork BALE- One tleek Ateriosn Cob . ———————— + Fo Y c mT ME expired ante whe 4

ce bp \-
bersee ur ‘sa dle jar poses 5 one stylish Ie the phone you want wheoina harry for JOB PRINTIN Vp TY. H, Nightingale The Vory hing or our irl. thesis X renee st the fuinl: ’
ubber tysa cork wile sips, whip, oto, 5 avycisu. We tat {rouse ¥ SITING GALL te erp e 5 If you have no Girl, the very way to Win one. Siren: ra Mog be ee henter ©.
oe tddie aud bridle, all (v good condition, ay a ove ing excel ‘ the art of Look Lindiag, and sac mate SURGEON DENTIST, niy Bwo-Very Cheap-Ouli Quickiy. | MH Me vowed. . +
aud the peaal otsble socestories. All to be ‘ wot ok or tora, lke oew at small opst, be it ever 99 ald, or o a en Qe ~ ~¥ Wi COOMBS .
old In ove. lot For further particalars W.H,YUILLE YEADANSON-P (so seu sxmnezm _ - §pPRayE —- $3 PREDERICK STRERT, Provector of Tamigrazt, |
poly to WW. Hanbury, 08 the Amerh 7i, Queen Btrvet, RINTERLE, Ban Pevaasvo, NB ALL S1286 OF TAPER RY RUSS "loo 5

eee ne oa enna taser i mr


a |



Patent Wheels, Spokesée Hubs.

Carriage Bows,






Clearance Sale,


“| The Demerara Court of Polloy.

Tie Government Secretary stated thit
be mast ank (be Court te allow oue or two
of the regulations found oa the agenda to
etacd over, Jt was not fatended under
any circumstances to proceed with those
relating to the Education Code ort Crown
tandK Me isd hoped to gu through those
relating to the profesdionsi services o
Government Medical Uficere la country
districts, and aleu thine relatiog ta cow
thend, but since the meetiog wae called the
Sargeoo General hai besa compelled to
leave the colony for a few days on urgent
insiness in- eonseetron with the Qearan:
tlae Aatbority in Barludos, sod as mem
bere might want information as to some
details, apart front questions of policy,
with which he bimeelf could desl ne
thought it would be better to leave tha
matter over nati the retara of De Godfrey.
‘The Goveromest hecre’ar: thereopua
moved that the Court ehould consider the
regulations for the cootrol aod manage-
ment of tha Qcsranting Station, Is was
desirable, be explained, thatthe occupancy
vf that Station shoald be pluaed on some
definite basiv,

The regulations were gone through clause


Me, Gaskin stated that he did not o9-
pore the regulations, bud ba wished to take
the opportuaity of ssying that he thoaght
tbat a very great mistake had bees made
Ly the pertoa who was responsible for the
admission of certain passengers recently.
A vessel scrivéd here fron: Bolivar, |e
Veneruela, and passengers wero allowed
toland. He though) ible a very grave
eriog of jadgmeut on the part of the olticfal
responsible, Ueshouldnct bave sliowed
the geople tolend. Uethought it wasa
duly in acomumaunity like thin, with people
living in an Sosanitary condition, to pre-
veatany person from an infected area to
land, In Veneznela they hadtte terrible
plague, gnd it wae in Trinidad toc, He
thonght tt should te made quile c'est that
the Government would fob allow any per-
eon from Venezvela or Trinidad to lead.
Thiscould be sery esaily done hy tels-
arepbing to the British Coosal ta Vene
yae a acdto the Trinidad Government,
Ilia Exeeliency bad the power to pat ves-
teleinto quarantior, aud all precautions
ofthe kind ebould be taker, If disease
was iotroduced acd the patients placei at
the Quaractine Station, it was a olately
certain tospread, tHe seld without belts
tloa that the sanitary conditions bere were
not whet they shoald be and is would bes
aerlous calamity to the solony snd an enor
mous expense | the plague were fotro-


To oo o
THe 9, quit
Kirra snck

Gont’s * Fashionable * Goods.
Shere area few Prue: Bs
From 240 up decup, = 4p 80, UD. Ze. op 120. up.
Roady -Drude Clothiug- Very Oheap.
8 HATB—R ta Wear and Uatrimmod~ from 12 centa,

, cK, C “HTTER
WATERMAN â„¢ Jol Picdeniois ae,



Highest Market Rates




EX 8.8, ‘SOBO’



Mr, Santos: AmIto uanderstand thet
pawengets from fofected ports are still
allowed to lacd*

Mr, Gackias They bave been,

Mr, Ssutos said bo had discussed this
moatier privately with Hie Excellency, aad
he was pleased to koow of the good move
the Governor bad taken, and be thongby
the pablie geoerally wore also pleased,
He was curprised at the quarantine arrange
moevts made someiins azo between this
ond othes colonite, Js would te serous to
allow passengers from ialected pcrts to
lend He was {oformed thet Fiload
allowed the plagueto spied lo thele flaod
bocasss they perssted fa earrylog on trade
reletions with Veoeguela, Lif

Iiverabely persivied cetrying ou tieds wick
bere reitted ce: on trade wit
Vevesoe ite thoughs tis Goveroment
waa not compelled to coniiauete observe
ibe requiremects of the Convention to the
danger of this colony, He hoped His Kx
celancy would tube atl necesstry precat:
tioos and send paseengere from fofected
porta to the Qaarantine Station.


- EX SS. “STATIA” AS LONDON. hed aati tbyo

- fn ¢ bed th id be Beoes
600 Cks Portland Comont,—Invicta uty for the Quranting elation Tre
350 Bags Gardon Siam Ricco. Youtisa, end the Station os bates coe
- 150 Cascs Sardines in OFl—Triton’

to Follow ita provisluae, They woar hive


would not carry fofection,
support Mr, Gaskin,
not allowed (0 land, it wou

Me coold cot
gaceters, were
Opves all the
buslows of the pat — Ever re be
guard sgainst vhs tatroduettont » sac
sod that was doce by means of the qeerany
Une atstions and certaia wessares, They
could not preclude pastengers fion lepdiog
aod prevedt abips trom aving apy con.
Becton with the shore. Nu business wuld
be canied ez on thow Hox The Conven-

tome glace ty seod passengers au that tbey

opatd be feolated fur a coctala time gad
we (th) ee



. M PINTS Hes yee woe ae then an
¢ Andrew “ Usher's Special Reseivey O.V.0, [atecaaStshss ssa

f ‘ :


F D fartto nts War bevesotenel,
i : _ { s fc was dealt wiih fap thet accordance watt
Pg TST cs

. ene | WOOT gulatloes paracd ot the leet mectlog
Hor deatog wih uva-copreatiog pri Be


ting . '





parzose of busines transactions,
weenot so, they should get cut of the
Conveation, Hedid bot think that any
gentleman of common sen e wold allow
och a meania
vention au would allow a party t) hive
business trepssciions with an fofected

Tnrerests of the fnhabitants
0 ony,
the whole of Water street with the
warehouses and all the etof ig them,

epprshead what the Government Secre-
ney hid sated, He sald
Tripided thu, it was absolately necessary
for the Government to work’ oder (he
Convention te which Brithh Galena wars

Feidil with able ia
+a! 6! pe cae of ogre
rape pages neon

c/o FOR
board, It bls honourable friend the meme Brosdway. Office above Gercld
Sidelioie Garou cersinis| = CAYENNE, = | ———~ Liberia « Espanola.” {Dp You Renvire @
Boal hy snipe’ Thatch dealing with THIS HOTEL !S CONDUCTED 1 era, Spano as Do You Require
od by ibe Government vot to be sufficient. ON THE MOST ——

ly airogest, and the Sarguon Geoeral bed
proceeded to
what course should te taken to make the
teguletions more atringens with regerd t>

do, ¥
Sizeet, th t was aot tute!
Uewepipers that certaim houses bad teea
bares down fg
the epideaig
thie colouy were a'eo net bo og eemeut

. Pa
with that . —— ,

emery, solirasbevarawie tne Hale at sz 77? = GILT OHINA i
tefest if ‘ne hoes, fo which the disease Terme ereictey Case, Tue Management of The SAUCERS fy-
fection tn the colony at prevent, Ties tlore, F J.SCUTT & 408, Queen's Fark Hotel

sbould pleguaucheppily treak. out here
they bed the meine, Hy dealing asee

of divcase, | 4

yog &
baat htt |G Gr WING, (2° M2 Pe women —
for Ber ave Bn . 7 ow eT
tee te toa has boures would be burt Cc Cc. VINCENT, AND U = i i.
be i X PWARDS, A eplend id fine of Lents 4a-8
AUUTIONEER, Bhircte io 2/0.

MAaG pola vee in the
fie ove in mance

the minister ease 7 = an Le MARINE
Ai are Crt meee oe “—s] A REWARD. [Notice

ak z . a Sf the greene albat giving oedit 9 PF
viele, cuban Pate, Ope | MACH, seg gauge PUAT| SRSA "sed ee | ati beet
Somes the fore a? ay . 7 Me Oh B-UASHI 7 ° “ Sad) “PRANSICA Bouh
: THE BONE OF LURE DRUGH, th wountarta & pos | ike an
” we ee ee RW DG Ns.

Hubber Tyres ¢ Chenne


. Carriage Trimmings.


; Stop Pads, Dash Ralls, Bow Sockets
; Rubbor Mate». « = « «=


far asthe few passengers were concerned,


who desired to leave the ship and go from

\ @€2na

| TEA!

oe arenas idad Bechio o,|Lce Hott
ned, also were dealt wi a accorlance -
with the regalations passol by thet vart. Chotee blend specially pot Trinidad lectiic Co., '
They were tr-absotate amt Gpfoethe- . 2 09
fsolstion fa the Quarsotive Btation. — He Wlwarit ec. _
gathered from whet had been said that it . ‘
was the impression that these people bad f —— xX oya. ail Sie
been a lowe 2%, fend and mis with the '’ - D 0 =
geceval population But that was not the BAN C NCE RT —_
ie, they werehu'ated for sech a period TS
he to vender isteaion iapoulble, Saar as UGALLA 4 thor ‘ CODFIS#
bet Was concern: na oe¢ubers Loew A bp 10, te, , —_
that colony was one of the parties to the} RUYAL ony ue 2 it be ee. a KIPPERS

Queraatioe Convention now existicg, aod
io was impoesible for the Goverament to
617 that co passengers should be allowed
to lard, bosaase of she Quarsaliae Convea-
tlon, to which they were pleged, So far as
lague was concerned, 1b was realised thet
i was very desirable to have more astrin.
gent regalations, and it wes for thet very
purposes that all ibe parties to thé Counsen-
tion bal now rent delegates for the pur-
roveot cors‘dering whe.ber the Consen

aad 6h each. The teas ore direct
the Gardens at Colombo Ceyton naa ae
Raaranteed for their Fority and excellent.

piveur, Tre Package ‘or Tin and te



Jars of Cre

que rogular Monthly Bano
~—Concert -held“at Four
Roads, will not take place this

M.D. MARMALADE+e special prepere: | month,

tion by ©, and & tn hottie, Wk Ny,
bez and retail,

Acimg General Manager

tion needed acy eulargement of the powers | ZIG ZAU CIGARETLES- PAPERS. —_— ~
est the Se hagatce ws cet . Smal and Largs FO R SAL E PJ TEASA N Ts ‘al
ment wouldact. They wore quits ative to | THORLEY $ FO0D—for Pigs, . SMOKED TOXNGUM
the neceeatty of taking every possible ates . Cattl P l EX. ss. “COAMO ee eens J
creping ele weal Le dona™” “”’|CIQUBURS, LIQUEURS Ben CRONEY &
. Mebane aeld he did sot thick that Q , LIQu EURS Bols From Can a da.

under the circumstances they were obliged

to allow rassspgo's from Triakdad te Jand wiles a ‘sett %) % MuccA” 7? tel 25th June, 1908
a overnment of the felind al Dosrette, a 7
communication wih 1olected ports for the Marascbino, 7 "ree Kummel, | 49 Cass Large Newfoundland COD STEAN LAU.

Ll thie FISH —“ Bonavista’

GIN! GIN !! in Jugs by Bols.| 20 Cask
a . a Large ¥1 CODFIL
BITTERS, Oraogeand Stoughten by Bole. | 24 Median Tietee ove su

Bardand ' 25 5m Large HADDOCK
BROT Bargandy | Wino |e SA

CHOICE AUSTRALUN VINTAGE, 10 Cases Bluenoee BUTTER, 37> tine

3 ths Hamiltons CREAS BODAS |
Matt favigoratl;
are oR ard Theloome belng | 16 Caveat Hamiltoos CREAM SODAS

to be read roto the Con-

lace ey were bound to protect the

of this
to burn down

Suppose they bad

srebouaee and all the " ; 40 Bags Choice BAKERS FLOUR

Feri due swues sou the] BRUNSWICK GROCERY, | $8 m0. unas Fone Wau] TO ISLAND PA
je e bor

pasengers from Tiloidad to lend, neo” M- W. GOODING. " —" Favourite” ~—or~ %
His Excellency anid be thought the hon, 50 Baga BPLIT PEAS— 210] MERCHA

menter who had just sat

lown did not 100 Boxea No. 1 FAMILY BOAP.-24 bara

40 100 tbs, Drake“ CALCIUM
, Drums




Ho. 9 Place de I’Esplanade,

a oe

with regard to

ty. Under that Convention they bad
from Titnidad as


CABAR de leger
A inclaide, £2 Marke oo act

. AMLY to Josern Mito
Baibadou in order to tes Lines.

Hecellent Cusine, Fervice the Bot,

Golgota, | 1,00);
plage. The regalations at ire ent ‘apel de Comercio yarticulosdersenie| Oo Y ‘ows:
wed patsengoe to te placed auder iB CHAGNAS, torfoss preelo recomendado, por mayor and on Towe Troperiier th ot
surveillance for ‘, certaln ting, It was Frofrictor, Would you lite to p
ght by membera of the Government ANTORIO Estates ig good focalltke!
phat they should te plesed Ja Jeolation, g . Ls Canells, TOULON Joveph Mitchell, bé baa thre
48 & ter: ereut matter,
wast Uevlch would come bgtore the ale at Aucti on 61 Qacen Street, wuitabie owen iy i”
pone att area the fo mt adoe be —FOR = ne Michell woo has be nwes fog
7. re ‘ ,
hon. member ‘vould dieshose hast piad of WEDNES DAY, l5ru JULY, 1908 ; “alte os it
the Idea thet the Gorrroment was not “IT . JOS. MITCH
sitacking tbe question of plague ines

Commisaton and Howl

& manuer ay it wae poseitie to ‘Offce= tt, Quoon Hiret “7

ith regard to burn ng down Water
ly to cecur,
sltbough be observed from the

Reoluatmect. Gnumtdlea
Favours with inatroctions received
he Ti

trom Mess. T
£08-7 redrn + Lid., the unden

vigned will offee for nae _
90 (More br Less) 400 Gals IRON TANKS)



Trlolded ia consequence of

Dt the plague,tewasnes
Â¥ le agreement wir tbit, aud ba
that the medical satborsties in

: St | Superior Lon dle sve
with cases do. 12 be Vincent sunet” Auctioneers prepared tc accept Boarders Pe pe 9 ban 7



Office, sn xX.
June pr sy vet. et,


Vor particular,
Manager ~ “pply to the

John's Reply.
Abul Jobbing gendecer


Was plautin; _
b weed



LP WwW eu sre ber’
$5 ree Chenoa he een HE poblic are ber by

« i °
s of

SHITH BROS, & 68,,|Gent’s 1
7;FREDERICK ST. — --- }|—

THE BONANZA. ~ wewew owen pune

7 Big Stores in 1, 48s SHPWENT OF few cots


= Pharr OrTeTIsbbdee



STRAW HATS ose vee 92 cents, $1.00 abd 1.80 each
BSPHULAT SEO [His oc sehabaiebent See NOW MARE
—or— BOCKS~ Plalo, Coloured and Btriped— Hite 185, ee $0 He) 200, 2,600 Pairs just opened—Prices 8/-, 5/6 and 6/6 o pals.



The Electroleytic Art Metal Company



Sample Lot of Fancy Coloured Waistcoats

In Fashionable designs—060, 108, t 20, 1.80, 200.6 2 40 each,

BRIEF BAGS~81,90, 1.44, 2.50, 1 60, 108 700, 2.40, & 300 each
GLADSTONE BAGS~ 7.00, and 750 ta


. Cleaned at Cheapest Rates,
red at Cheapest Rates,

$2.40 and 22.75 a pair.

Water ~ Proof Planter BOO

RAVRIS COL ARS DIES: be Marked at Cheapest ater In Black or Russet from 10/- to 810.00 a pal
t Reecived in TRAVELLING BAGS, TRUNKS, ete.—Lettered at Cheapeat Rates,

: Orders for Special “Goods of all kinda for Centlemen’s Wear

UB BLEAS, Carofully attended to.
aces and Kmbroidery, White Muslios) mits 19° THE ONLY DEPARTMENT

— AND in the West Indies sct apart exclusively for

“rench & English Dregs Goods. Gentlemen's Geode




ORRENT. Ove of thetwo Sisters No
38 Virtoria Square = Apply to J. W,
Fletcher, 24 Victoria Square

OR Rw P—No 5 Sackville Street,


Lancashire Insurance 00

TO — { On oon, cecupied by Dire Laogblin, . The
4 s _ gs Une Talas roots, Tar, raw

1 . Prevent Disease| FIRE & LIEF sod dist con qaotry, feo ad Taek

NOW Manon’ rn[tER BTS eee end. Elee ‘at ine

ugar and Cocoa Estates). ssosurssc se ame sus neni amram wa FE eee

Funds Exceed... £12690,600 LATEST TELECRAMS.

. . . Walker’s Carbolacene] |. conancrSccrted agalnes teu | (FY 8 & Panama Feteqrapd Company
“Tattributo-the Cano Diseases of tho last two yoars to bo the ‘ I oF URANCES re oa Bulldingt London, Jaty 6th

WANT OF LIME ic our Cano soils and the injudicioua application PERFOHn ATID and ontente of Ty, arehonses, Off a a! Ne King and Queen 1 on stare

s Dept.,| Wet Weather Footwear


+ -In Black or Russet—-from $216 10 82.008 pair



OVERSHOES—Whole or Half, for Gents, Ladies or Children.

ES ners






From 50 D

tum, but {o 10U6 there were 1642, and B
3907 160% senctencea of dexth were prased,
of wbich 748 were carried (ut.

To the Rikovaky minefdisaster ab Yuroro
886 persove were killed and 24 injured,

Atelegrant tiont Aeoncion, Taraguay,
atates that the rerolotloaisis Lave teen
successful and a cew Guverument bee teen
etabluhed ander the presidarcy of Senor
Nayeiro, the former Vieo Preandent. Mera
bera of (he former government beve nought
refgge st fue Leyations The caruae ities
nv aM,

New Yoth, Jaly 6.

Advices from, Dort-aa Prince stete that
400 buitdings have been duitroyed by fre
icluding the atrenal, com cure anit

A summary of tho actidents to the
Fourth of July oalebratioas in the United

: ”
of Sulphate cf Ammonia alone. Bhop ahd Store Promises “and Private Venvion Fond for nurren, eet ihe States aires the amber of nerrone balled
< : : o "
(Vide Mr. L, Bert dela Marre’s Paper on Limolaid before flistnfectin * Blocks Dwollings at medorate prices, culpination ot jean ite Ales aril e 2, injured 2624 wb, the
tho Agricultural Society, 16th June, 1908.) f 1 PROMPT AND EQUITABLE SETTLE: thea imporrance of tbe unraes eat, so Teapateh from |\Willemetad, Curacta,
. Ttne from our Kiln at Laventille has been pronounced SUPERIOR A PERFECT MENT . rennire pat cfente lan proferstoral cont nate that the Chambe r of Commerc the
» the best Bristol Lime and is highly recommended by proprietors of * ° ef Koswes.* tenia chempfonship for the best In 13 | have Gombined fas memcriat, aukiay Hole
oth Sugar ard Cecoa Fytates inthe West Indies, many of the largest DISIN FECT ANT sets, the Boal #core being serea to faa land to redreas the hdrdéhhpe daa to Vene
‘which pew cee 20 other, \ ‘ : « | Aarxts - Gould heqchalleoged Fairs, who will ac ruela intietlve mesworea The 4 Gon
cept, 4 apecibea iLe sexore q eonela,
. . ‘The British Medical Association bas | imprisonment of tl , opening of
; Only [ena ed quantity in SMITH .BROTHERS & C8, decided to procged lth its Build ny, dice oficial vortenpondenca ard the prehitditon
—_, em Ic _ i *, a
TATE. TE: Wi/ IIT Ess. y fhe Bonnvwuana, eens explained thet Me Poneomby was alice. Meer aostine eee
Dort-of-Bpata not favited to the Kiog's gatdeo party TY | aevured the petitioners that the [ome
A an overalyhi 5 Goverament were Leng kept info med of



ho Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co, Ltd,



The Labourites have been upsucce aful
fn thelr efforts to mske thelr omission a
ublis grievance.
P At he American Bociety’s fourth
of Jaly hbanqnetat the Hotel Cecil
Me Henniker Heaton sald that mil
Hieow wall


52, South Quay.
9th Juno, 19C8,




onthe ee
GM. Wittens, HD. 00.8,
BMuxrzsroorn Domtist
Corner of Queen and Aberoromése Sirees
opoosite the Deanery
OST UP. TO. DATE Methods an
Appin 0 Io Dentistry, with all
the latest Improvements in Lhe treatment
tnd filling of Teeth,
Orthodontls and Crowa and Bridgework
6 speciality,

soon commend the re
sources of electricity which are nowre-
terved for millfonares, thad fs, be predicts

1 atlantic.
sae ever fyet Loudon butchera has ¢on-
demned the American teef trust, whieh it
was declared always hept the Hrittsh Mar

Bae, Krederiolx st. “THE Ket scanilly wt ried. and the Hlonse of
0 y
Pamergowericlby De. Goose | North British & Mercantile | tie” getiree ones Casein coi and
PROPOSED SAILING DATES, 1908, Telephone—734 ae permit the isiporation of af healthy
———, . Unt cattle for immedia :

tea BOER. Teanre: Anive leave Arrive GRAND x EXCURSION INSURANSE CO, Koos, eee tiniations of Cont Pye

. Now York Tiloided Trinidad =New York —Tto— my ‘ . Na upon his recent achievements, as
HATAWAL ” rye 2 oy Mee Me Bf Es T A B LISH ED 1809. threatening [itis Navel Haj remacy, ond
SE A AVARRE" my “0 . ney iu a Mer 48 om Mey a TEIRON BAY. PaACACHACARE ——o— pecessltatiog military alteblp expealmeats
HARACAR® Mey 23 > Jone 2 : Jove 10 ° June 18 : 4 7 upon a bass scale, onlole’ aaye the Czar
ARAVAL» Juve 3 3 i) June Ld Alto sloog the FLOATING DOCh. If { H The Dally Chron ¥ r

ROWN or NAVARRE* Jone 13 Jose at : aly 1 3uly % neceesaty the Stesmer will drop pas- FIRE DEPART MEN T: aod Crarioe wil attend, the Comes Ke
ban AVAL wely J Joly 10. Joly 15 Joly 93 songers ab intermediate bays and pick | PONDS EXCRED £17 600,000. oe a warn ent vefuery 0 Tateom,

AKAVAL? daly 8 .. duly 1, 2. Joly 25 8 . Angust 2 Shen. pp.on ibe retura trip, ANNUAL INCOME ‘ £ gowns, caer vero tie ene we
BROWN Of NAVARRE® daly 18 daly, 28. ARES .. Aagust 11 | OW--SUNDAY, 12th JULY, 1908. . oe call kidoappod by, Moocieb (trlguude,
ARAVAL . Aggt. 12 ‘Auet, a). gute 2 . gene 4 Bae and Refreshmente, Ko, Ke, A oe There is a aospl elon tone Co ovel
All of atove Sirameis coll athe band of GRENADA toth ways,” T™' | Braue Hand nil te tere atiendence | Op OMPT SETTLEMENT OF CLCIMS | tervewtreree verre, He isthe fatter
" , ‘ickets to be bad ab the City Drog . ot the ollcer concerned ja the Scots
FINIDAD SHIPPING te vand Peer nae COMPANY, LIMITED, | gifres ecu Sear a vp TT eg ont Baers for Tromidad, | Uuard@ rogmgettes ong
Anche Fe Sa Naat Laer ett cotueare en ark | Mees iar gaits wot | The Tooled, honing & tradi ) ocala as
needa: a or Triaidad via Or . . as Lee *

Bm ridey 10th aly 108, moe veto ardve hers} p-G,NETTO=Hotel #moriea Company Lt dicate tat bl courietion Bere and a
LOTT ght soatence eo

~ perers resent the tecrecy ¢f the trialesen

- OCEAN boduedefrience to Mierank The Court

has appesled to thong admitted thereto to
remember that they are gentlemen, sng
all divelaira avy breach of confidence.

Marine {nsurance Yo,.

teh tate the Chem

or BONDOA ter De tien tae pred 2¢ of
CAPITAL ase . £100,000 | the 99 artloles of the Loceme Tax
RESERVE see £200,000 | BLL Opposition to the elause com~

pelllng comp'ainsots of over-taration to
prove their® compla'nt wae such .thet the

laose compelling production of Secounty
feos been oulited, and the Treawry ao
the tex payers sre placed opon equality
for obligation of provl,

A Blochholes telegram rays the Seedh
Forelga Office baa ssked the Indian Giuv-
ernment to aulet inthe: search for Mr,
Svea Hedin, the well known espiorer of
Tibet, who tte nt been beard fron
since the ssramer of 1007.

A Rome despateh states that the I *,
when receiving the Chapter of Ss. letel’s,
sunouprad Licintestloa tobe buried la
the ery pt of that Choreh.

Advices from Sr. Peterlurg sunounces
the desth of Cuugt Ignatictf, the aiplo-

moatht ~~ =
TUMter Uf ExecdTious Tetween the

Fesre 1842 aud 190d kreraged 16 peren-

losuraccea effected o0 cargo, Specie
(Gold and Silver), aod Registered post,



h RM J VIEIRA, baving severed

bis conni ction with the ** Stendard
Mawr = Diessing Saloon,” can be fonnd
fiw woslay | ob No, 17 Dioedwey,
whare Le erated to tecelre it
eortomers with lhe otmoat courtesy an4
alleptloa —37/My 04.—2w,

Bitention FTN Oe
_SQMET iE Rep Anu

Very Special,
ht to be umeg LAING'S

N ptder te prevent the constant mutabes of
which, wit: nolorious prejudice, are tba

jane, we ceil the attention, Eserybudy ou,
Ie tp oe osmes za el ebui i OF CLEANSING MEUICEN BS
a ruck seca ¢ wall promptly v out impurities
u ius te coutfualed with ft Sdaderme and strengthen the system against
] oe ogee peepaieon astolwhchwe sel disses Prie. Sixty cents at


that rensy telegrams will be aniversal, gontham
| Trinidad
ttwachildren, Dr, Meyer.

Oheoads, Seb.
TEM 8 ‘Indefatigabie” left for
Vincent 6 a.m.

11 M.S. Indefatigable”

day afternoon,
Tarbadoe, 61h.
The KM. &. * Atrsto”_arsived from
pton 1120 am, Pawengere for
+ Mase Rice, Afs. Voss, wile and

Vineest, 6Uu
attived yeeter-

Model Ex Puplie' Assoctatlon.

‘The regular fortnightly reeting of the
Model Ex-Pupils’ Assuctation waa hell on
Thursday last when an“ Jioprompin
Debate” took place the 4 a
duecuned Leng —" Should fenates be al
lowed similar privilege to isysher educa
tion as wales,” Moers GY, fever and ©
Leet ably eluquently, and gallantly cham

joned che alfirmative side while Mesers,

-C Wilhawe Il. Mnovks and T OH.

WYhane vigorous) defended the vega:
Aller ta iwpartial outwieleg

tive we.
up by the President who cowplimented
tuewLers onthe very pleasant eveur

spent, the question wan put te the vote and
rewnited in favoar of the negative. The
wibyect for next evening will be Puete
Eveoing—Johin Kea’s,

The Rat Beigade,

To the Editor of the Port of-Spain Gautte.

Dear Bir,-The “Sporiing Chronicle”
may be a very rehable peper for sporting
fnformation but | think if they want to

, catry out Ubeir wotto, + We are net quite

bo green as wejock” they should be moe
careful to print only the tratb.
bunday'sivaue they wate © glario,
pecusstion againel the Rab Mrigade, |
they were evergetle eveszgh to enyuire
into the veracity of idle stones they would
Ged ont thet two weeks ago the Kat Ert-
gede on attemptiog to put ret ricusin Mr,
esilva's yard wese furtidden avd they
left without dolog eo; It fe ucly sp
that it wasthe edcete of fthe rat
viius (whieh was never used) whieb killed

hedog, No mention whatever was wade Exchange, New York aud ¥
of the several otAeva which are ina orstical Loudon © day ~. oe 4.86 58
condstion Exchange, New York and
Abauh « tae as thle, whan a terrib'e Loudon alght we ee 4.8678
plaguejtbreateus us, and when the sanitary -_——
authorities are ne thels ntmont to pre Lowpas July 6th.
vent ite growth, it le a ply tab folee Deamerara Cry
tumours should be cirealated which aslght pacews 10/16 ~
prejudice the minde of-certals people w Masco:
ora only tuo eager byt Drawbacks ao ce Floating terms {2 Boad,
onaary precautions. The 3porticg Chron- ‘ perewh IRN
fele ie younz—that ls ilgexoust, The Kat | °S**) German Beet 89 oo Lab
Biigade iow vey abused and headi- _ meee noe eee
freed body, andl eywpatbtee with 1 ave Roger ere Gflcaltar
. or Cha order -
Our Ur Tur Hat Carenane, te ewe. a rr
July Sth, 19u8, - Demersia Hom per ga » Poy ~
owls | Selolded Seca, Good Aisd ,
row. & 7
ow Is It fejlen Fine 4

That “Black & White” 15 the most
papular Whisk at! over the world? It
fa of Its exoolleece of Savour
and gusty. ~ Aiba Srunee




e Suite





ols, to 200 Dols



Venezuela and Holland.

Aswill tessen in yesterday's talezras
rhie bnitetia “A despatch from Willems
stadt oracan, etatea thatthe Chambers
of Commerce, the General Dntoh Union
and Naval Leequa hee combjoed in a
memortal sehing Hellen) to redrem the
hardships dne to Venesnela'a vindictive
meane, The retiticn epessties the seize
nrea of Thitch veasels, the Impraonment of
their crews, opening of official correspond
prog and prohibition of transhinment The
Governor in urdertaking the tranamiaion
ofthe Memoria] @espred. tbe petiiwoere
that the Toma Governtast were being
kept tnforroad of event.” With referanga
to the above the Bermuda Onlonst of
Tecent date noblished the follawing :—

Witlematadt, Gnracac, June 15«Two
Datch sloone, the Marion and the Carmite,
plying between Acahe, a Datch island
near the const of Veneznela, and Caracas,
have been detuned by a Venernelan coaat.



- BY -—- '
— AFTER — po

guard vee! onthe bigh weak off Lare'a -

de Corn The alanpe were ntopped by
shete from tbe Veneeue'aa vowel and
otleed ta praca dita Onro where they
were detained for two dage. Al fettere
ontelde of mall been on board the Dutch
loops were reteleed by the Verezielsn ace

Around tha Stores.

Ladies ave ached to call and see the P
avd 8 corest jent received at Wileon’s,
Thte line is specdallg imparted for ladles
who woold Ike a well finished, stylish,
and comfatable cornet ab avery moderate

Me, John Alt{ns Piane Taper for Smith
Broa_and Co, will be at Prineea Town and
San Fernanda during this week. Persons
teqairing thele planne tuned will please
addresa c/o Bimth Tiros. and Ca, Princes
Town whd Most Oifiee to be called for San

Mopern BANITATIONThe fact that
the ‘ }onense” up to the preaert hare
eopnec'ed mor premicsg to the new Sew:
erage Rvetim than all others, end fe to.
day giving wark ta 140 oonipetant enntrag.
tora ard workmen ie convincing proof thas
thetr tera wart be the moet Iterel and
#0 arranged ag lo extend payments over a
‘terial of thwe whiob those of lin ited es pl-
taleanappreefate The Reandard of Shelr
Fittines meets ‘wlih every requirement of
the Aatheritien, and from The saticlestory
teporta cf those whovneve already ex:
{rusted werk tw “thls frm we have
every eanfidénce in secoromending Mro-
teletera who bave plens and are com.
yelled treamply with ‘ihe regulations ab
an early date, to send them to the “ Bons
nora” before deeldjng to bave the work



New. Yong Jaty 6h
Clears fur West

Flour, Blended
“Tadiew per-barret | 85 00—$5.10
Meal, Kilodried per barrel 275~-3,95
New Season's Pork per bri-—No quotn,
Leavy Mew Fork pee br 155-16
Sonar { Sidecovedo4a test poriba7 81516
Y. en:
Englinh Island Nulasece
yer gallon—No qua.
Cotton, Middling Upland
at Liverpool perlb. . .. 8 13

Jedacda, ad Livespoal Nua, pet tb, 1/4

Bank of tee of

hae ee
mee RIG

‘Thees Ht etal Raetes 1a


pe w 1S




* : Ci 1 _ _ + . a


i & Dong ees mn mmm esslJOHN Hoadley &

7 , * t wt. 7 + ee
- / LIVEEPOOL & L0 I W Of rsa Reruede (dann Gali Ce (Defra Mr. Aeting Soaticg Ateat KO)
WELL : NT ea ate eta A Be | tet
' ‘ . jour te a at _ de
Jy} AND GLOW etree be eee ett maORS & OUTFI

TAntog, Secretary, J. * d t, by defanis

FIRE INSURANCE CO, garers A. bat Whos Pe . 3 Alien 8.8. toe ‘defendant, As iment thed fn

Y . er OG. - i .

INCOME 190tsvccsonsess £8,914,102 | le DG. W: Joseph Mine Priarcsand | Sttlo3, but ne tuecation bt fase Le

TOTAL ASSETS (ae pee 2. Brace eupporters we W.M. E, Beslee ere itwel for bait tbe profs of the conn

TOTAL CLAIMS pald.suicudoenTs | Alter the coring” the sulet and, Bock | epriertatrom alg, [Oty to Sonesty Zul
onewen dee Yepaired tothé ‘Sheep Sheering” ant itor, £

i jl whilst emjfoyed ae & maneger, 96
INSURANCE EFFECTED | gieite mery festival with soot

a : , . . per agreengee
F TARRIAS AND LOTAHS, [2S@8222 |e cee
ne j J Claims Settled Prombtlys| ippieatored acteorleagwest


Larringtos y Barriosj—Me. C. J. Me:
Leod foe platot't aod Mr, U.P. Gast
enue for defendsat,

Mr. McLeod sald that the mstter was
argued before Mr. Jaetios Swan whe

CLOTHES which give ond

groomed appearance ;

. @LOTHES reasonable in prieg
apt description of

The matter wes adjoorned td Faidey, the
Tyeb lot. af defendant's doers.
sppliestio ledgwent of ite doe
recelpt ty She tages on furnishing the '
Agente: ttag one wih pepe belag [a
er ond on epecial fe@
in addition Tortie x eoutol NS ile

F Cube Sugar ([WILSONS, § [Sek eehes

Glasgow atd fiestion f
Triaged Brpiostion fortis

Manbal ¢f the sa'e of a house, He
Appeared and b ught it, That was In ibe
mattet of Barrioav Charlies The ptir
chase money was paid to Barrloein satis:

While the eonstal steamer “Arno” was

. eee eee at ber moorings alongvide the St Viecent
NW -BOREHS-SO GES. LEMIT ED. |r jeieds etre, tens | Surana pola

tong to Charles, There was then no inter

. SIN thele way among the canvas and spars on ‘der summons, bat su

—— EUGENE WEBEKIXD the upper deck tod ignited them. A large Bieoa was brought b: Evelyn, the
~ ~ For Sale by . § bla quickly developed, but by the timsly | oon'of Charles on the groand that the
__ VIGNALES aseof the ship's howe, and that of tho property Uelonged to. him, bring «minor

. x SubAgent <= Arima and Msozaolle | weter Works Depertecent, it was quickly | AT the cimeofihe sale, he werat Vene

Disircts. extinguished, A park of the deck was | ucla, The Chief Justia, Sir + Ernest

also ed. * [| Northeote, before whom the action was

tried, held af a fect spon the prodactioa
,of recetpts that the property belonged to
the Loy and therefore gave judgment
againet Carrington, and & summons was
issned to eject him ont of possession. It
would have been of no nee appealing, the
jndgment having been, bared on a question
of fact. Me elena having deci ied that
the proper longed ta the boy, counse!
tivbed thet action which waa one for the
recovery of damages by way of money for
the pointing ont by Barris of the propert

which was sold by the Marsbal, and whi

. THE Theas. “St. Jan® left for Ecrope and
Hortol-Dpain Gazelle | pirmetine mee et erate why she

3 ’ ’
BE, NY : ql 1 . N SESTABLISHED siag.p Melatow, Sire Wight, and Mr James G.
° 4 4 Pull shed DAILY, Mondaye aad Publle Hot. | Wiegate.
1 days excepted, at the Ofice a4 Si, Vincent Se _—
‘ . fe “ort of Scala Three carters were prosecuted at the

AE ee umes 1 City Folice Coart for bari
=| | ED PRICE: ONE PEKAY, | ariten thu carts ata quicker pece thea s

“Advertisements of Births, Deaths, ond Mar { trot. Fives of 3s or eeven days were im-

~* PAGE POULTRY NETTI NG. tages, acknowleigments and vor) poeed in each cane.

Country Cg

All ovor the isles


claimers (which must be autbentica! ——ob
by tbe signature of some responsible For travelliag on board the “St Jan”

* did not Lelong to Charles, but to theson Ord
person) will be charged for at e/6 eact. [with intent to avoid paying his fore, af bye) ‘Afier quoting an authori: ers promptly ¥:
Casual "Litirusteneats of erty desertpe lad named Samoa! Busbel was yesterday counvel said thet bereswas 60 authority CONVENIENCE, | and ot shortest notte
ion: : seo f . °
tion i—a/ pet wook ; aM por fortalght, | trate fer four wocké or auch tine as the Meee seed tick stined that the patho. |” thing cheap and fred

Peg mouib per inch—to be prepeld. | vessel to tabe bia back to blshome be —

GS wants, &c. .—a/6 pec week each, to ;be ities which were decided jbefore the Act
peepald ready toleave the Island. Defendent ts | were mi" ig, and he eabmitted that ~ :
i 4 — - | eaid to bare stowed away at Barbados, Tiegh there were tm led warranty ee, AT — %
: To Coxgesroyprnte er fore thes Act was that since Ten
— We do 00% botd ourselves responsible for, ao: } _ The Dutch steamer “Sarinsme” (Captsia | naming of it there was snch an implied B Cc) I j A I \ | 2
da we nocessaniy endorse tne opicioes | Egmoud) arrived trom Paramariboyeserdey | warranty Bf Elis Uonour decided that af
expretond a our Correspoadents 9 ca | morsing to 41 houre, with 370 tons cargo, f there was no imped wartanty of title on f
Runde letters must be accompacied | and tailed Jast nigtt withthe following | the part of the perso pointing out the
by tha real sigoature of tha Wier, HOt Becas: ogers for New York—Mr F, Ela, property to the marvhel, thea of course, ~ ~ - 7 a
sarily for scaton, ta ass ates | Mra Jk Lange, and Mester Laoge. Mies A, they badro teed , if, Fuowever, His Hon- ad
good fai a Rejected man cannot | Caprignt, Mrs M. B. Lopes, Miss MeArtaey. | our decided gthat they had, he waa pre-
a a nt Garsegs ne WW, Lendicy, ais | Nagel #2 place esidence helore him, i
= : o . W. Handle: h
7 Advertising Seale on Azpiieatro | Re mle Me Rafael I. Pardon’ Me, nesspf the lev ga tated t Miho learoel TO STOCK - OWN ERS | |
- — 2 rdo R. Pardo, Mr J. Brooner, Me} trend, apto arertain point, bathe did ~ 3
eer ST eawere ee > Suvecriptioa Si per Charles Nettinbey Me rboce Acard Bre: f not agree with him when he ssid thet it ~ i
TATRA ORAS ERS IER AEN, BB ES er Sg! SEE BRIT Eee Payoh se advance—Postage exire welb, Mr William Greig and Mrs Devid REMEMBEL ‘
Lawson, ‘The cargo comptived 1,062 bagy bad made duerence 2 this particular ER THAT 5
4 ti 10 ;
‘10, ous 8 $29, $2.25, $430, ete, madd ap to 72 in-bee Highs, —="="Turrent bre te Of cacoa, and 595 bags of cocoaaate, Te hat the teenie ear ehabe atitt 7
, — Urr: ¥en ~——
——__ THE Mose Soonoy ic Routers Fens svray lew pots noalel as ‘ The Eastern Diamond Lodge, of Mayaro, CPeed, _notastiiatanding ety penhact |

the chree beary Wiros—op, middie, aad ott ra1—proparly stretchad keep the Ran TLo-nay 9,137, estaplisbed ta January Tent held a
in heat order meeting on Saturday the 4to foe when
PAGE WIRE FENCES AND GATES WEAR DEST. Apyeal Court—10 30 am, tea cana were daltlated, rashing a
; 7 Bale of a parcel of land ab Maracas by The iyastlation ol eflcere ioe oatlintion.

Gerold &Schere rs, Agents. L. Joho & enn po. terday eveniog. Brother J. J. TCarye .

Aaction Sale of Thoroughbred’ Horses at tom le tha founder of the lodge.

Pl =u Movars, Borde Bros. tee, BL Vincent
treet, of incent~35p.m, ey a
. ot it a 7 Mee nae Pm Arrival of the Mailat Barbados.
- Vater biora 12 00 _—— ~~
Sunther ws. Sao kan] The RMS" Atratoâ„¢ orrlved ot Bar.
fag | San vets -~ .. . 618 p.m, } tador from Southempton yesterday at II,

Moone s cee 46 e.t, | 200@., with thefollowing paesengeta for
' 1.46 .m Trioldad 1—Mise Rice, ste Vora, wile and

atashentts oor (raerabaYe sale bought at
hisown pert. Vf Hu Honvur wae with
hin when he seid thas the m-re pofoting
oot (and as 4 niatter of fact it was not the
defendant but Sher agent who pointed out
the property) could not be taken to imply
a& Warranty by her ot the goods, he sob
mitted that hislearned friend was out of
court, he intention of the bale of Goods
Act Wasfto protect, in odinary cases, the
purchaser of a where he did not get a
good title ty the srticles he bought, but fa
asles Ly pawn brokers, eherule and so on

there was no protection under the Act. H .
Hu Honoat held that bia friend was right
in his euntentiun, then be would have to
amend the pleadings because he was going
to submit that there was no cause of ac

tion disclosed _thereio.

Meal =.


wWusrpYH whHuNG 3

A Nourishing Food i

two children and De, Meyer,

_— Se ees
ONLY: A FEW CHOICEDESIGIS |" te ‘cenmare court of| _aaboniaFiogus te


Pole 4A Quarantine Si, ~_ Mr McLeod ia reply submitted that to - |

Wn Aude Sta- there was aa inl warranty of iitte You cant_afforl to be without rf, j

% o R there was an intent! wn to the |
Government's Attitude; Pro- present st the Lolation Hospital are pro- contra ‘ the intent i. to the contrary [-

being that the pereon who poloted out, did
not Sarrant the title Leasd was @

Geo. R. Alston & Co. |


SEE PACE 7 FOR Death of Mr. Adrtan de Vorteull

. “Our Eduorial . —
TO CLOSE CONSIGMENT, Clare at Barbora; “The Cen , We ere oghicbe ping avay
tral Quarantine Authority, ele ae Te A ae eee aut?
which sad event took place on Sunday

evening last at Lis lateresidence on H
D Mi L EJ 0 O Itema of News Btreetin this city. The deceace! had Coz,
, iv ~— ailing for come time, during which he was
- Passengers, maila and periodica's by the | under the niodical attendance of Dr, Ma
Atrato” will arriva bere by the “Crown ) who alomg with the skilled nining a

~~, a | of Arragen” on: Wedneaday the 8:h § family attentivos did ¢
4 1 atom, 7 netant, | ponaitle tut to no week Eee
eo 4 . 4 - ee refenl, Fratice, the deceased gentlemen
sarc ell Goat Soon Pidbe | Tenet apres
an on i ee an
i IthJuly, 1808, at the St. ‘Anthony's Hat his Mitow five ecas sod four eae with

oO Gearga Street, JP Scanterbury’s String [ moarn thelr ies Med
in | j I “ H ' Band will ke in attendance, ” 8 ihe owner of considerable prove tame

f ingteo valuable cocoa plantations He

one in question 3 and not only was bede-

rived, by law of ite posession, bat he bad

rought againat bim, a judgment subi:
moneof £32 for costs, and he bad no
remedy, Counsel hoped Hie Honour
would‘ay itdown once ead for all that
the marshal should havea written authority
given bim by the plain iff guaranteeing the
title of the ropenty to besol!, He wou'd
be glad it Honour would con:
sider the matter and give a written deel.
elon on the points,

Judgment was reserved,

Thomas and Son o Siephen,-=mMr, MeLeod
for plaintli, and Mr BLT. Eriager for
defendant This was aciaim for recov
of £44 16 24 due undertwo promissory


Mr Priagat admitted the amount of
$200 08 urder one note, but denied labil
ity under tue other,

It was proved for the plaintiffs that
Stephen's father waa indelted to the firm
at the time of bis death for goots eld and
delivered and alter taking goods on big
own acooust but in the same pass book ag
did his father, Stephen caves 5 promissory
pote covering the amount of his father's as
wollashisow: indebtedness, ‘That note
fa for $115 O1

he defence showed that defendant was
drank whea be ‘signed the note,

ubmitted dretly that the

wyeble oudemand, and no de-

nieod bad been wade in this case for pdy-

7 . , : . x canes of pl
F LEFT ON HAND. tion, Trinulad’s Fault; The| neice cate iad ciket Veet ceed




Motor-Omnibus Sert

Ol Gane

Port-of-Spain &Tacarig

00 ewe


2 a

HE CARS leave Port or-Sratx (0 4b
o'clock: s,m. aod at I, % 3, 4, 5, & Te wl ey Btatioa) 8 ;
From Tacerigus av6, 7, 8, 9, 10 8.0.—3, 3,4,5,6.7,8,9 pw,

saan ent? from Tecarigen feihe ety wilt be throogh 81 Joseph 3

ibe Railway Btatlon, ihe starting F . Sansa Doct Btore sed dowa «

oty Oa frovallabe nights the laatcar will Jesve Tacarigue at 10 o'clok &

tae raw ee the elty aod Sin Juan le 80, aul between thee

‘We hava been asked to remind membere } wae aleo the principal shareholder

ASS U “RAIN CO TAi sti es bi | Rae Godt antie te Hole Dare
ecting w wil man ¢ @ greatest f:

take placa at their Lodge room at 7,3) in tbe cultivation of rabber, fn fect it ie

ESTABLISHED .. .. 1848, ingoticetecraru Tt Poroee ol facta | stated on, reliable anctority that he
CHIEF OFFICE—St, Mildreds House, Poultry, London.

eee he col H
A reveral peating ot the Cacuale Foot. highly sropectel by a kage cia” tt
pail iue with te be a hits Preeideave fstende Leervi fe place
" ° ; ueen’s Park East, on ne The faneral service too!
“Tho GRESHAM is one of tho recegniscd-Uiants cf the British | 9"? ite i fonot atop on | atisrnoos at the Grereh piibe fay he
— Insurance World, It hes long years of supremoly good work behind it,| We repret to leagn that the condition of See ee ae A chores g ee

and yet longer years uf prosperous Leneficonce, bolora i,"—Zhe Insur. | Me. Frank Seltmaa who tive been aillog for { ating, with Itevn. Fathers Mane’ Jory

ance Journal. . asuntetime bas not improved by the chance | UuilletOP, and Pius Mcalliney O
. which he bad teen taking av Herreta’s | amisting as. Deaco Deacon’
. Assots os ve ++» E59 yB2ZO, OOO | Bay icasnareey. ‘ile retarsed to Poster | Mao the etc een eee Deacons

Bpele by tb mong th : gtlced | the
Annual Income ves 1,405,000 ity monies lanoch Crown yester. er Hee "Fatiar 3. Neve Cs + Verio

Waves Hetrween ‘

Port of Nala and Han Joaa... .. Seentey Port olSpeln and Tus apane


before Gilin, #60081
Claims ‘Paid 23,600,0 — / Wonlgor JN, Menge’ Dict IE, thet the note-war, sora uadertatiog by Spain end Bidosepti.. 12 ceota | Port of-Spaie and Tecarigehnil
oon “a s ’ oo Bilitog as Coroner og Uist: quest touch. | Gran Coara Jarlath O'Riley O.T., Da | tbe 200 to pay for his father's dete. Sen Juan and &t J. . i
_ ing tha cesth of Edward Cos, the verdict | Vaste ORR, Alvares PP, Maraval, | ,, lis Honoue eaid that with revpect tof Sea Jace seg cheba + + Scents] Bi Joseph and Taoapeus att
V M d . t P ’ of Mr. Varfan yesterday waeto the effoos | O Hitey PP? Bata Cras The Gregorian | the tzet point, be thought that was no Ban Jean bad Tasspese + wilZesnte | St Sceeph acd Tucarigas i]
fe ry oqaerate remiums that the deceased met hiadeth by an} Music waa very luprevively rendered, Mr, | S0e8ee to Ube sotion av it was well-koown anand Tecuilgus =. «1, I8coute| Tunepuca and Tacarigua id

that the Sling of an action was suttcient
demand, He woold Jiave Lees jeclined ta
agree with delondants poticitor ou the
eexond point, but he found fromthe eri.
dence that at the time the note was given
there wave dettof $405 made by the
father and alec FANG due by defendant
blawelf, When the de'endaut asted for
further credit, plaintiil refused ta give it
une be acknowledjed his own debt
sod made hiweell responsible for his
father edubt by giving @ promissory pote
bo that ofits ‘That re vutticlent consid
er ment fur a
Doles with oats Plsieuflon tate
Counnel’e coats were cei tified
Whuehead » dkeeta—Bir. MeLoot {0
baotif, and Mr Attole for det ndant.
his wae a claias for $75 being one mouth a
salaty asa clerk aad uve month sa lieu ot

_ . ’ accidental shot which facturet the bi Marti:
For Hates aud all Particulars Apply wo fromeeniledetllty, The Maclatrate ons learere woe Hen Cet soe Verteult
added tbat there was sot sutticiegt evid: | 31... Cent Myrsrr Rend Lange, J:

G EO, R, ALSTON & Co, encato warren the ausplelos of felovy, | de Verteul, J. L’Abetie, Loule Deveeian

ee nd A de La
Agents, The fleath occurred an board the Daosel ot relatives, tr ads and Aue ‘earn tok

a ene meeeeerermeney Steamer St, Jan while ot anchor ia the | loeed the remaii uy al
. harbour, on Saturday evening } f i) rotiae meuietery. where the tet
Tho H. Monceaux Fiano and Organ Company, |Fwetsimedtandsco'es sok t.4| tiene ecg wine he oa
a 5 after a brief izes, The deceased, it fe! misitrator, We zx to tender ts the
0 ne ee stated, contrt oted & seblil through fopen- sorrowing relatives our alacere conde
EMGLISH AND AMERIGAN ORGANS, /sieesmerss cots: Sandi]
2 | ison Seale Morin tthe wa
. rere rermny
EXPRESSLY BUILT FOR US TO WITHSTAND OUR CLIMATE | _ 16 was reported to, the Oratral Fire bolt Waite depeoet ce see
. Brigate beat teed a + ebemiet standing
SOLD FOR CASH OR “TERMS, —|filiGaeimsecis tact [tty tancgise: oy omer ina
RK ORYSTELM OF DEFERRED AYMEN EA . : & Vos. arr,” + the “t
CON ye taeee Lowe HOCUE HALTS Fait s Panini? | shagees ieee orice [nites Hectaserte bap
. etpemen! ecene,
» nytire an to Qerms of Surrender Value ea Sled gna "cost tle res Hed: |The Bal” prow ba teenty four bnavese te

SS Se reeerreeerenentrenee

Don't HOPE to ge
best Scotch Whisky}

. f

Ger x2, E

Thorne’s Old 1
~ WO 48

the tit wae od, thes deferd
aut Lea email ot vtatly Darna The

The yutetion iu theease was whether

mei ~ so Ree aearerts with the Isepector General of | Aw brew ia twenty-four Lovee,” gana
eS Tuning and Hate; by osperiead” Workoen, Work Osaracterd. ooststolery amd bie, Fr-oed—lor} thé srhald a hat dlangrooment, the pervices of Gee enoaut :
Bm” yscuacds ouger,! 7 OFS IR EETTIONE Gin, [Peete MEET Tocalstes disclosed however | lack beck the peur apd-ses il fee tee one eervices of tie y

r ose bet » Pdr ins tales alana (ick beck the pearn and-tes if ste te lng | weve la the of HUGO /HOFFMANN
a . Be ath" ndiey We peta meni Aithe nee a deobeas te) 4, FL, Viyceat Whark ANM N

«3 - : |
- ence TEM

|e a TELS SE fT ES

Cc o™ , ‘ .

. ! my



Sapam yah
ue elandant Natol that it wasthe es: ‘ Corft iy ‘
tsbinhet metiod “ender whicn he’ | What is the Saulary Department Dolog ? Asks Pro, Carmody
ae. ‘Atiale on the close of platatit’
Giacieht bic Tae er ig
fal disminal and pot for. work dite and’ Privato Attondanco at Isolation.
Me, MeLacl nai tbat the objection Hospital Discussed.
ought to have heen taken tn dimene, on the e

Patchett medise | . : MODY
damages for wrongtel dismival, , {THE " GAZETTES” VIEWS UPHELD BY PROFESSOR CARMODY
ills Honour bel thet, the weekly Pay: :AND ACTING ATTORNEY GENERAL WARNED ~~ *~

ments were trade for convenience and that ! ‘
Ube terms of the employment werson a

gw ak


" El Popular. :


Aro youtrying to fied ‘out what dross suits you
aud whero you are going in search of it f°
Trdg to the dictates of fashion, nothing -is, |,
more suitable for this soaton’s wear than French
Muslias cr Voilinos, ~


Just Received:

: — met bor pat wth wee iain] THO Surzoon Genoral Promisos .
et v . . : ‘ iment for plaiotld with coer, focluding fogete] a Wo look our cue f; thar Bil
Cream Soda’ Biscuits, C=——— to Object, —. —-- = Fashion Worldand ae a ig wcore by aockg
~ - some of the mest i

e from the Trinidaa Presbyterian, Gomand for this sekera 7 zee thet thore is » big

Manufactured by + - » « » . + The many frlende ef Rev, W, L. Macrae ‘y ol imposible for us to tell you all the geod
° will be pieased to learn that be fa making s embodied in them in plain, cold type. .

all at our Ladies’ Department, pass your Hangers over
them te feo! the Boeness of tho Fexture, and 209 if all
* we tay-about them isn’t correct. °

10 Warcta Im a Wome,-22.4c.
This ve a al lot of FRENCH MUSLINS with VALLIERE

aetlslactory Drogress tawards complete Atareguiar monthly meeting of the fealy reasonable method of dealiag with

reevvery Writlog noder date of May 25.b. | General Board of Health held ta abe, the mestlon | because it wasimpoantte to
hesye, “3 ancow ieto new work ands Ounacil Chember yeeterday siterncon, | attacts individual responsibility for all the
etung Interested in it, My congregetion | there were pve ent « Min. i. L. Clare] verous features of losanitatioa in a latge
Bremell bat vigorous ant hopefal. Last | Sargeou General (Io the Chair) Ion. 1. 8, | yard inbabted Ly « large number tf
ear tbey valved altogether $1,100 no] Ancher Warner K.C, (Aeting Attorney | people Ile thought they should ro:

d for Zl feraflle and 27 commuaolran's ( Geseral), Hon, Lieut Colonel Swain} ply to Mr. Fletcher somewbat in
We bave now 67 Eust Iadlane, Sikhs +a (lonvector Geseral of Constabulary) Ile | those terme, as being the niost eatiefac-





. ‘ ‘At th iiber had | Worsbip Elgell Johnstone E: (Mayor | tory solution of the question. Ab the EKS petup in delaty Iittle bores, exch containin i

THE BEST OF ALL SODA BISGUITS mooley or owned” property” in Todta, of Sia eraeado) Dre ROU. nm Kosdee pamolios, be might say that the ques . 10 yards, Ideal fabrics for mshiog Hupvssa, bIttAT Waisnn —e
a Ubey qere ab'e to pey thelr ows fend 8 M. Lanrence, Mr, AD, I. Owen, | ton of barrack yards wae being very care- the Cosre was. ~ Simple in Taots and Thliet ‘In efet, While
s way to this country, Pes are very fav fand Mr. 3, ©. Bessoa (Actlog Secre- | fally conndered by the committee ap: y-laa, per box .. we sey . $2.16

VOILINES.—One ttosk of Voitixn3 ig something that acy lady
can loik over with guro, because they are nod only of the
SAanest quality fabrica, bud the desgneare simply exquinie, If
be Jad Ike grace and style to cling to your tralo, try some,
ove on on ova oo vot


superior to those iutroduce} elsewhere
andet the futeatare system Miss Me
‘uns aod I dil a good dest in the way of
‘aching them. Six of serea uf them ome
reguarly to Char h, a0 that betwoeo a Iit-
tle Bliesion work awong th ni and attend
ing to my own little congregstion, I've got
as much atl can masa, beclimite of
Gulden B.C, fa admirably suited for all
hinds of th-oad and iangtroat'es. A young
Ecotchman came ont here atoat two years
apo, bis Jonge belog in very bad vondition.

tary), Printed to draft tbe new Fablio Health
“The fSorgeon General informed the] Ordinance; Lut erea then, aa was stated
Soard that the Acting Governct had been | by Dr Dickson, he did not think it would
kad enongh to offer then the una of the | bo pomible (if the barrack yard system
Council table for the parpose of tha meet- | Continued) to attach responsibility to a
ng, endiareply he bai thanked is [*particolar tenant for ao losaoitary cond!-
xeellebey for tie considerate offer, bat | tion that prevailed in «@ yard of twenty or
bad thought (hat nuless His Excellency thirty peop's, The fosapitary poudiilon
was presiding, thea members of tha ‘allover the town, referred toby Dr Lan-
Board of Heatth would be sstisiied to | rence was really a maiter which every san-
dispors of the busloess at the ogdinery aty authority In ihe worki bad tocon-
tate, where they were accustowed [ ten with, and wasdue to the spathy and

_ | GRO, B, ALSTON & 60,


ea hu bee mew tn

. x ta Stleode never expected he would recov: | to sit. indifference of the iodividaal bo the condi- a
. tr, Now helaperfectlywoL This isonty | The minutes of the last meeting baring | Hons in which he lived. Ife was not
one of many cases of the kind. Dr, Tay] r, | been previously circulated were con- | epeskiog of the poorer or lower clasace, —

bat ofthe better and all classes, hey
kept theie drawingrooms aod Sedroous
weil, bat vambers of proprietors snd ten-
sote ja excellent house: novor wok the
Vonble to make an inspection of their pre-
mises to aee that the servants Kept the
pets which they should be respossibie tor,
a wanitary condition. He would ventare
tosay (merely hypotheilosily) that ifhe
taade a circuit of the best claaa hues here,
be would find 60 of 60 per cent dieplay- |-
tng eome sort of inssoltary condition about
them, Ae long avthas esfsted (end jt
would exist fcralttma almost) lt was im
porsible to provide for the diticulties
pointed out by De Laurence. The seni
tay authority way constantly at work
with iteatatl “goiog aroucd and pointing
oat the nocestity for removal of what
they regarded to be insanitary conditions ¢
and the tenante very often checkel their

my physician, re porte eatisfetory improve: | firmed,
mentia my heslr. Aa excep'ioally dry cll-

toate onder the blessing of God did it all, 1
haveitsken no modioine. Ibave ever ygror
pect of belo thoroagbly cured, Good

wishes (all old frends,

Mra, A. W. Thomson of Conva acd four
childeea left by the steamer Maracas o9
ber last trip to New York, It te over ol
yeara since Mre Thoweoo bas bad acy re-
spite from her ardaone dutlea “la coause
tion with the gicla work among the East
Indias at Courae Prior tohet departure
tbe young tatechhits and teachers of the
Minton favitea ber over to the Balzain
Church aod eurprised her wih a
very [handsome ladies gold — chetn
acconipanied by & vo y appreciative ad
drees. Mts, Thouison bas been noweayting
in her sympathy and servicaln the Courva

The usnel motthly reports on ssuita-
tion mortality ete, were laid on the


A ile'ter was received frooz the
Workisg wen's Avsociation at
Couva, calliog attention to the insanitary
conditlon of Califarnla Village and aekiog
for the adoptloa of some measures for a
speedy amelioration =”

I¢ was agreed thatthe Warden sboold
te sskeito pay special attention to the


Mr, J, W. Fetcher wrote complainiog
of the hardstip accraing to landlords in
being saddled with the reaponsibility of
losanjtary conditions brought about by
their tenants,

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bu Roda ath

iff Sleipxsments|to Mand. Musion and as‘ slight recogattion of it | 1a connection with the letter, s miante | zal by eaying “Ob you go and mlud your .
m= » 1 Ibe young prople presented ber with this | was tecelved by Dr. J, I, Dickson vetting | own busoess, and look atognd for suue- 12 02, NET. 7 4
token oF esteem. Their destloation Is f out the impracticability under the exist. | tbog woree than yqu find here; go io the * :
S. LAGES.- LAG Pee inet ating eran int | Obbedy tae hag eeacePeney | BEN Tien tie Seige egal
° erot Haced in the far-fam: ctow fac. at hourg owners, , 0
j 3 J Aoademy? The seperation of parents and e, Sohnetone ceIs Ms, Fletcher a { Vort-of-Spaia but all over the world, Dr The Best WEI ‘
children is ove of the painful fcatures of manol fabetence? ob b Laurence Ia incre tt aie ied
. ore! Mary
At 23 o/o Choaper than the Chospost. Slssion work. ae Glpoperta’ fF TH ba owns bat It was not wise to enforce penalties ti —ATA— .

several z opertics, .

Mr, Johnetose:—Then { think he
should give up ble barrack yards if he
can’t keep them {a order,

Professor Carmody asked why could
oot houses owners employ a manta keep

helr barrack yerda clean, Thap was the
onl! Temedy, sod ho thought one
ia Port-of Spalato bie boowledge bad
adopted that proceJur.

¢. Johnytone .—These people go in for
barrack garde as a specalatioa. They
make mohey ousofthem, aod onght to
clean the ya:de,

Dr. Laurence neid if be had known Such
alotter had been received and the Ques-
tion would be raised that dsy be would
have giveaitalitis more thought avd
berbaps would bave been able mors onn-
cleely vo formulate some resolation, To
hia wind there was no question bud thet
the present stata of things wae
very objectionable Ho bad tekea some
partin getting a commirtes appoin'
todraft the tow Heatth Ordinance which
woald come before the Legistature; but
members of Council might not have sufti-
cient Intimitate knowledge of the condi:
tion of things aad might not realize the ne-
coselty of atringent islation slong the
lines raised in Mr, Fletcher's letter, I¢
was dificult to make an todividual tennait
reaponsible for the upkeep of @ yerd, but
spartfrom that, the mere fact that at
such « time when thetquestion uf epidemics
sroee, 80 mach rubbieb waa pot fs i yards
io general, was indicative of the fact that
therd was great neesessty for Increased
vigilance uy~tiee.. o fanita:
autbonty co as te secures toutloudl Heauet
ing, sad pot merely occasional scavenging
when necese ty arces Notloog sine, he
paseed a certain livery stable from which
was pourlog out a small river of the fouleat
water he could think; as the resqig a the
wtraduction of the hos which the sanitary

ang bad ¢arued onthe yard Jo question,
he authorities, ia bis oplaion, should not
be called upon to cleanse asy private indi,
vidaal's gother places, a
deat of atie woalt tee, Leen aed
¢ je Sanit athorif¢s and the
Town bead iy Iiteling Nie sudden de
wands throws-on theme i systematic at-
tention bud been directed along that line.
Very great care should betaken in drafts
ing th

mattersof the kind, Improved Sanitary
conditions amonger the general public
bere would only be obtained, not
by forcible measures (althongh the

most hive them at their bactt
bat by the exerolaa of discretion
and-tact, and of a knowledge of
the conditions they gesred to tmprove,
Those were the estestiat potots in ths
education ofa saaltarxSinepector. The

were trylag to raiso thétoneof the sani
tary loppociors or allowing them to goto
foracoarseof elementary sanitation by
means of lectures delivered by thy sanitary
otticer of health who bad already given two
which were very qell attended and io

The Thirds Annual Convention of the
Trinidad and Tobago S. 3 Association
moets daring thia month in Tobege. Anong
the delegetes are Revds A. Hatton,
KA, W.J. Mannd, J, H. Poole BE
Ha lick, M A., Vice President, Rev, A. W.
‘Lhonsson, Sf A, of Cana, and Rev, W, P,

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RTT the visic promises to be both pleasant and
7 wares prodiable A good programme has bees

« aoa 3 9 {| provided and practical problems will be
(. W. HENDERSON'S, eter"

bt. Ann's Church intende having ao
Excursion % Cbecachecare on Discovery

“ TH E EXC HAN G E Pid Day. Fall particulars will be given to the

local peperea Watrust ibey may be well
patron zed aod that @ sobstantiat balance
Ss — ~ may awell the Ke.orstion Fund of the

Cocoa Bags.

people. __.
We regret to state that Rev. W. P.
_ All Sizes. All Weights.

Simgaoa, ot, Ann's United Free Chureb,


his mother. Word arrived by the Eoglish


Sold gbv all Dealers and
Wholesale . .

— FROM —



we athe



43, Drarine Gqunre

which very great interent wat displayed by
the clase of persone amongst whom they
boped to recruit sanitary officers. Abt the
last examication after a céurse of several
lectures accompanied by practical denon:
atration of rious toslaughter yardeand water
aad sewerage works and in epite
of the fact that several of tbe
cand.dates had already uttended a
previous sonrse of lectures,—out of
3 only 4 abood the teat of the eranilpa-
tion. Of epurse the matier wae In
embryo aud they could not expect to get
the bast results [mmediately, bat v4
lenply mentioned the fact as showing the
dificuity under whigh the eaaitery aa:
thoritios labogred in foding yersous of
aufictently fotellectual aulity and
capacity Wo appreciate the lectures given to
them so asiodeveop into real elfciend
sanitary lospectore, And he could not
help admitting thet some of the
salbithry defecte prevalliog | in the towa
must be due to the lak of observa:
tion acd Jack of kaowledge on the part
of the ranteory loxpectors, In the cave of
ane of iho plague caves the other dey, be
v4 ited The promies "and ssw at once
thice or four featarea which should not be
allowed to ext, In the course of conversa:
Homonthst same day with the Actiog
Governor be mentioned the fact to blu
and His Excelleacy replied nfs bee
beorme af your sanfrury inapectors? la
all the extra wok now being done b
themmosuch slate of things oan te ations
w esl.” Of coarce his avener to thatwas,
thao they bad cob got Lorpectors eapatle
of recogaizlog aod oluerving those features
which stould pot be allowed to exist ia
avy wollkept promiuce, The lospectors
sent ing the pleces, aod looked
atthe draicg and other accommodation,
but each a thing ea openiog the door of an
ald étore roow, and eesing into the condi.
tion of affaira that obtamed theren, did
bob cccor to then, as being necenary. It
wae very crecntial that thai sheald be dase
as thee pla-¢: were jest (he baun's ¢f
rata which they {particatarly wished td ox-
ferto'nate, With segerd to b, rack yarde
they were looted ppoe uF the laity here as
pests and hottede for all kinds of disease
and iofamy, aod all things that were node.
sirable lu misny cacce they might be, Me
bed mode an icspection of a pox many of
thous, sod alttough be was not prep sted to
roe y werein @ good sagisary condition,
atl the popest tos bad been much exeg-
geratod, Tabo * Telazraph Yard” for in-
stance, Tetiad Leon discused very much
in (be papers, and pobody who knew any-
thiog sbout asultation, would «sy that
yu d wos what it should be, bat it seemed
te hla there was powng veally op Le thas
-eaesetionsty detrimental 15 ihq beelth of
the ‘nbabitaplethese ome of the scons
were Ut ventilated aad {osutieently
ightod and bo dare ssy they mizgbs be
uutaide uf


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Messra BORDE BROS. OFFICE (St. Vincent Street.) ,

On Tuesday, 7th July, 1908,


wth Hideo tates”

mall on Wodoenday, conveying the sad
intelligeoce. She was about 80 years of
age acd bad been in poor health for a
namber of yearseo the tad was cot on-
expected, “A wowan of outstanding Chre-
tlan charac'or, and great bindoces of heart,
be will Le greatly missed by « large circle
of frienda, Mr, Simpson will bave the
sincere sywpatby of s hoat of friends,
wavy of whom know the palo and suy eure
of being sbecnt from home gta time when
one 00 much desires to bear ibe last worde
from a rother's pe.

8t Andraw a Colf Club.

Ladies ate semindel of the mocth’y
medal compriithn which takes place this


) nhte

Chost In a Stoambaat.

Mr, Eitott ‘O'Doanell, the enthor of
many vorksos “Ubosts,” gavetoa Lon
don aud’gnce recently some * actual
expe 1 peesis banoted houses,”

Awoog st'ér things, Air, O'Duanell
secerted that Weetmluster, the 3 rand,
and Fiat street were the veritable ** cock:

it of metropolitan spookiom,” aad thet

tkeley-aquare wae ‘fall of ghost,’
Mr. 0 Donkel also told « wierd atory of a
ghost Ina Loadoa County Cooucil eteam-

. Aimio, forald, having noticed s preity
AT — gitl dreveed ta Ulack, att og 00 ove of the
cock seatsé commen! lo the os aon
a3 T T bee appearance There'spo girl lo black
6 ‘ARANJ uJ EZ ES AA E.. that y can ace,” replied the Skipper, A
few peconds Istor dod the man saw the girl
tksow herself inte the water, and be
yoroptly fomped foto rescue her, Whe,

Excellent Milch Cows tei te spats costa oie
” RRR aE eth eee

HEIFERS AND CALVES.|" arte ouvert

to atop that cough witb patest

enew ordinance te see that mont
vigoro a measures wore adopted to pre-
elude the periodic reurrence of scavenying
Lf yardewere bept in a tharguzh condition
there would te ng becealty of the ped
odioe) vlesning of private yarda There
wae ona other puint to which be desired to
call attention, althougt: it might be mores
patter forthe Town Hoard s it was the
Building Ordinatres,

The Surgeun-Genstal : That scarcely
gouoe ta uu the quostion now before tho


m Dr. Laurence y-Then J woulda’s
bo her any wore with if,

The Inspector Genera] sal] sume of the
yardu themecives, made it quite impos
wible foetbeat to be kept clein, What
was wanted was the relaying of dsaiau,
aud concreting of yaidain order to inabe
them more saoltary,


The Bergeon 4tencral sald that Dr
Javreuce and the pen tor General bad
rabwed 4 point of g oat lnportance bearing
wore or can 8 the lettes from Sfr. FleteLer


he suatier ty tho diret inntayce, foras lio
jeer Carmody reruarked, the uly Foally
aatiefactary tucthod fur the landlged



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F signed wll offer tor sulc by Public Auction the ‘alleviate ae
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#0 horses as soen abure are exceed i

racing will make naluable Stade for Tog ely cele ret tnd whea through with

medicines, try LAINGS FAMED adopt war ty place a responsible person ig | ottioiuwded byt hat, there , g Creoles (row,
avpiy Tho MANAGER, — | SIPYin ti wate [Buia Mate eat | tt Mol "bu hiya | td Coen unde aR or
‘ 7 . and money get LA[NO'S Ari, But | ef the Sanitary au and wake CENT,
on the Estate,San Juan, paake 1300 ongajealnay, povent pe Tite Yhab stowed to be ys fulled dowa wud Lug iwyineees up add tet : Fat wae,


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Tha Royal Dutch Maven _

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PRENs MAURITS —The Datch Mab


Rutstproot Corsets

Islande aud Dr. F, GL. Norris, representing | towards the Government ot his Colony,
the Leewern Islands, ** And the Government,” he sald, “ay, the

After the formal welcomiay of the dele. { '* Government what lathe opinion of the
gstesand explanation by the Chairman of | Government (of Trinidad) unless gulded
the objeck of the Conference by the Presl- | ** by the advice of their professional

; oa the part of Barbados, or any ciber

SPECIALLY IMPORTED — | ean Barony and Sieosth, (Serene stint ioe eat

excuse it , for it would be
for bim that De Clare had acted as &

dent, Dr. Betd, was talted o1 to mote | *advixer.” De. Clare had s goad deal to , “
fe 2 check upon useless sud frvolets sony tha proposed Sriandmeste. They wera fray in thie atrsiato which afters while iron Venera Maarite ‘fs dag herd
es are oot Nee wena - el, ile bes broly that tea days mimmum te butt | the other delogates paul no attention. Ie | ytth July 2908 erty on of about the ..
ee ; treated the corte of Barbados and other tuted for five (fired) in quarantiniog af took himself seriously; and, og gnder fhe Paramaribo, Treen ren evans tation 4
lonies just as be did those of the Tri- | pussenger rom th tach it wan i’ soepe uate ously, tes a permanent | H2™ Passengers, and nisile 4
toded an (th Wihe ef Brsssepgers rom the outset it was erl- [except noanimous ys o ATA permanent pee 1 FREDERIK LES ORIK-—F: 4
, d pablic , aad if, through the effecta { dent that the delsgyte from Trinfdad wae | oppostlor? beda righbto dwell upon bis Datch Bfail Bream tu te
of bjs vote, it becomes possible now for | in opposition to all the other, and he }impertance, Hat he did not impresselther | trendrih" Ja daek * afas Frederic
plagueto be introduced from here to j-warotaiaed Thad position throughout, | the ley fistenerenog the professional men ere from Amsterdam via

Looking to thé fact that Dr. (lara comes | arcuad the Board, Dr. Clare sppeated to Fartmarbo aod Demerars oa of ateat the

. * Jaly 1908, proceeding af rd. ,
from the West Indian Colong which hs ] Simpeon oa Plague Quarantine but could 7 (:, P ng Afterwards fo
ta a few yeire run the gamut of nearly all ] vot siate positively what edition of Sieep- wees paman *yaptpatar, Uuenta, °
the d scases dealt with in the Coaveation , [son he had comhed bimeelt from. He] met, Aux Ga bid v. bello, Caravao, Jere ~
looking to the fect that he fe openty -ac- | went further aad appealed tothe Americaa | yo,j taking oe + Port aa Pooce and New
evsed fn Trinfdad of baviog by his tack of | Marios and Hospital Service reguialions as RINS DUR NEDER ay and mails,
prevision and precautioa allowed the | ertoreed at New York. He declared that p Duteh Mail Ste ERTANDEN, ~The
coloay whosg health interests he is aye their minimum heft ieseven days, Now, | paagen” is doe he vival rina der Nedere
pored to kee, guard over to bo tatecte ’ se ire ecrore aes tntement b De. Boty, omor about the 25th July 100n qrocditee
looking to the fact that as re; the en cerof the t of New Yort, . » ,
Trinklid press aud ‘oot contraticlad by | (hab ten days is the peliol now imponed | Mfte-warda to Varamaribo, Harre avd am,
Dr. Clare that be had Ismented that nef. [fa New York. And the statement which
ther bimself nor apy otoer medical msn in] beare date of 2¢th Jane ie fairly author
the coloay knew anygthioy aboatplagas ; | tative
some persons tntght have imagisel the We willretara to the sulject 5 bot we
worthy Sargeon General appeaing before} may ary here tbat we paces th Mr,
the Cuoference fa « white eboet, Bat these | Goodman that when the Trinidad Gorerne
would pot have kaown Dr, Clare, We | mentreceivean oftisal report of the Con-
nad thought that the Troldad pressre- | ference they will sve their way to complete:
flecting public taton which wontd be fly igoore the block now put apon tho
feveri-hia the citcamstances, hai been | ameodments to the Convention by thelr re-
enduly severe on their Sargeon Uieveral. | preeentative, Wemsy euggest thre aleo,
Yesterday's exhibition proved to us con- £ the Government telegraph Dr. Wyllie
clusively that this way not ec. And we | or Dr. Doty of the American Marloe and
are eatisicd (he aame oploion was alec | Hospital Service at New York and ash
arrived at more or Jess nawillingly by che | what isthe quarantine agalnet pasesngere
members of the Conference. ike the {from plague ports. If the reply is ten
Bourbogs Dr C are hia Jestut noibiog dod } days, as wo belicve willbe the case, Dr.
forgotten nothiag. The attitads be took Clare may withdrsw his opposition, and
Gp wae ro aupercitious that anyone beating | the Conference may act completely
him might hive thought ke waya pro- | abortive,
fervor lecturing to an coraly c'ars of stu-

depts. Let us give a sample of lil» maa-
oer: Dr Godley, of Bits Goins, MOVEMENTS OF STEANERS.

any of them, thers caa be no denying
the fact that morally, at aoy rate, Dr.
Clare® responsibility wil be greet
thao he is perhaps capable of realising ,
for he will be uaable oven to plead the
gross porance of established facts that
lormed bis ehelter when brought tu task
sbefore the bar of Triaidad par ne opinion
or having, w emit Ss Entro-
duction fom Sede It will however
be interesting to dee whether thd local
goveromedt will again whitewash him,
as they did theo ; for if 0, we veoture
to fear that a very ecrere blow will have
been successfully dealt by a responsible
ottcial, not onty to the right of public
opinion, but to tbe generally recogoised
daty of submission to superior authority
in the Colonial Service. It ta bad
enough when Dr, Clare, as the Nurges0
General of Trioidad, ssys, with charac
teristio Crown Coloay {nsolence, “ Were
they to pubmit thie question to the
opision of the deity ‘Vhat bave the
public todo with it !", but when be goes
on ta add, * What ia the opinion of the
Goveroment of Trinidad ualess guided
by their wedical adruett’ we think the
time haa come to remind Dr. Clare
tbat wilfal {osubordination for the
sake of his ows personal vanity, and


Sugar, Cocoa a

d . Can te attached to an Koti
— mee HO OF fence, Thousands of talles in me wie

Sulphate of Ammonia,| |

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Pe Erte

steam taking cago, pasengers, and 1
baile, ‘

Konwndlyhe West In
discha Maildienat,
New York—Paramsarilo
The Royal Dutch Mad 4
al — .
St‘ RINAME ~1b0 wa “Seriniae” is
due here from Peramaribo on or about
he 6th Jaly 1908 procosiin x afterwarda to
« ol
Nes vat ne aking curyo, pastesgem, s
WIJNE.—The ss. “Marowijae*
X ie due here trom New Lore wore a,
or aboot tho 7th Jaly 190s, prometing ,
afterwards to Pararaar(bo taking cargo,
=)" ens a J
jadue here from New Yon dete
or abot the let duly 1903, proceeding afs
rwatcs to Paramari! hi
songers and mails, . tebiug oarge, pase

>» a


The LochriofSIron Works

EDGAR TRIPP & Co, the covering of bis own avowed sgnor- | after quoting frou Macson, (to whom Dr. MOB rh. ol we Te
FOR SALE BY= Bole Agente. ance ma ead, evenion the case of a niger be previously referred) as the B.M.LS.B, The Royal Mall Line. Fred. teyiand & cy ‘

—— Se | Surgeon Ueneral, to severe censure from | expert who watat the preseat day recog IAMES.—The RM.K. “Thames” Je °. (1900) Lid :

THE Riso Doyaing, Siren who aed ope ats Ane anueritesoe | Laue em Now York on Sauda Boe Gel Gow Lad

; ec ecuselves wou! ever dare ssy 0 in| P a V2 1908, via % penis

ve P ote, f-Sp aul Or it de regard to tha public opinion to which ahoatd be the rilaimam, went onto point | ‘tad, agent bud Duero Colombia. wad iit ATHERIAN-The as. “Almerlan’ 18
5 ? 8 they ereflodebted fortherr posts, Dr | Oat that there was every conudereion why { iewve thetnext day for Roulbawp:on via duo here frow Liverpool, via Barbados .
= SS ——_—_ anexteaded periud waa, necessery fu the | parbadcs and Cherbo: Poe aren | 08 oF about Sub July, proceeding after '
PORT OF SPAIN, Godfrey szsetly touched | the aie, chord Wat te aio 7 ivi z ; ue of an oe gerne cargo cue ours tebing ope wardeto Curacoa aid Carthagens, tablog 4
’ y ’ ‘ reak at Glasgow he poloted out tbat the * cargo, passengers and malls, > .

ST. VINCENT BUILDING, TUESDAY, JULY 71m, 1998. colony argeatitled tobave a feeliag Of §f sathorities there stars ed out the plague oN oeengera and cargo will not be ¢akea EKICAN The sm “Menoan” {5

Ist July, 19038, : ‘ Dr. Clare at Barbados. security that in s bealih math ra which but aa ous that wou Kt hive bavkrapted for Barbidos, mails only, ° badons: here foo I Laver . via Dare
Fr, Clari | . of are t [any of these West Indian commanitics, | The teader will leave the Lighthouse oar Adond daly 7b 1908 proced i. i

— their lotereste are beiog properly con- Oda on to take the pablic view of the "se Wh> tog afterwards to Curacao and Carth
— oo Briow we publish {n falla very ioter- | sidered "3 and we without besi- quer on. Dr, Goitrey deolsred the people Jere eee nae dpi with pas | tskiog cargo, paaengerssod mule i
esting article from our conterpotary the | tatloa that in Troidad there istoday } of a colony were ‘entitled to have 8] Pyascugers are ppecially notified that a |e 4
“Advocate” cn the achieromenta of the | 20 ove WLCSD opinion is worth uttering * fecling of secur.ty that fn belch mattors | beg rage lighter to te despatched to the Lonaon Direct Line,

' i eegat t! ly b whocan say that of the sdolnistration | ‘which were of vital oonnlderation to] Jloueward Sail will leave tae Be. Vincent New Ocloniat " '
Trinidad de'egate at the recently beld : sochem their interente were belog coneldér: Company 5
special meeting of the Quarantice Confer | of the present crisia by Dr. Clare 5] 0 rach toet iataronte Bare te eran | Jetty a8 10 a.m. on the day of sailog, and Lid Agena, é
ence y Bridgeton a, I Barbados f and neither wa thick fs {t erik myeh Geverat of ‘Trinlded not to op ve the Fat ail thelr Laggegeis oenened Suet ADA —The «8 4 Habs” iaduetoanivs i
. though of course the fu I report of the pro- rougho . . here from London «us Varbed :
THE FAMOUS ceeda 4 would evidently have been otill | it must be to-day felt that, thanks Goines eeatterher: Heasd, and moet | ak Bort Grenade on of abont: 2)-b aly “us bs é

Godtrey weat further. Hie ssid, and moat - «C 4
pools Teall agres with bin that it bea Cr. due bere ioe Toon S sta bareedor
farce to summon amesiing of the-Centrl | and Grenadaon Iburedey ibei5h inst.

Authority when it wasla the power of any | proceeding alterwardsto Demerara,
delegate by disagreewent to make the TRAIO,=The RIMLB. f Atrato*
whole procasdings abortive, siace except wili ost call at this port, '

all the delegatas agree pothicg can QMUENT—Toe It MN, “Trent wall
doné, To sil thietDe, Clare replied by | 1 nav call ot thie perk ‘
jaforming bbe Conference thet be bed teea MINUCU—The KALB. * Orinocs * BROWN OF AKKAGUN —Tus os. .
inetructod by the Trinklad Qaastantine is dae bore from New York oa Sun “Crown of Atragoa” will ssil on oe :
Board to on) any alteratioa la the Con day 26h July, via Jai Coles, Car. | Aboad 15th -daty 41908, for Halitax aad “5%
vention, Now, Dr. Clore fe the Surges | trzana, aod l’uerto Ulombla, sod will ) Mtootreal, taklag cargo and malis ony,
Geveral of Trlokled, So faray the Qaer f jesse the rest day for Boathsmypton vis
antloe Loard is concerned beleit. Yetbel ferbados and Crerbeorg, teklug. vecren,
bee the audecity come fo Convention | gersgsrgo aud malls for Europe bay.

to bin Trinidad “ts hardly @ lesser
menace to every one of the other colo-
ciestban wea Venezuela to ourselvés
& few weeks ago, It will bo ssid that
to admit this ia detrimental to the best
fateresta of Trinidad. We do not
thiok vo. This ia notine for conceal.
ment of real opioions; and the more
outspoken fe the publis eriticiom of
he prissut methods, the more hope wo
thick there may be of improremeot
being effected. Moreover it atfects onr-
selves sa much ad avy other colony. For

eqrding afterwarda to Demerara takiog

tore jostroctive, there ie ample evj: 6irgo, paseengera aad mail
srgO, passengers 8,

dgoce affurded by the few quotations

e from bis utterances by the “ Advocate”

° tosbew that Des Ctare wae és undesir-

r able a represestative of real public

—A Ts opinion herd as be bas siace bis arrival

ja the colocy owevery possible occaslon
shewn himself to be leckiay in all the

qualities ca'culated to jospire public

. seepect and confidence io him'as Surgeon

General aod bead of the medical depart-

5 3, . , @ | ment of the colon od in-tonpection

ti yg, And.
with ihe matier the position taken op


Glasgow Direct Line 9%
% of Steamers 4
The Trinudad Shipping aud =

Trading Company, a”

Shipping Inteligzsnor, |

. in the Demerara Court of Policy the | 90 Jong aa Dr, Clara is pormitted to dic: | const tated an is the Central Authority of __
64, Marino Sauarec. .‘ other other day os instanced by the | tate what sbell bedoneand what aball the Wert Indian Qasranting Conventioa tor Danae sca cere wilt tou be takes ARRVALS .
. Government Bccratery’s reply totwo or | n0f, 00 Tong #4 Trloldad submits to} dnd make such a statement, We may] The tender will leave the Lichth July 6th
© ee eetts | LAPONESA, Youes- olen

beiog sutoctatically ruled Ja so impor-
tant amatteras ibis by a man who
covfesses be knows nothing :of the
aat ject (chough bis confession Ie really
a work of avpererogstiog now), and
who is evidendy unwilling if not uo:
able to leara by experledce, a0 long way

admire bie nerve but not bis good sense oor 0

good macuers la which, yeuterday, be at ae shared pm whe
showed himself palnlully lacking, JOP” Pusscyas are spsclally notitied theta
tect, wa may say at once the bas for the? heggoge iight-r to be dcspatehed th
tect shown by ihe Mresident, Dr Clare's] tomeward Mall will ‘sive the St, torhe
tactics, woulf bare broken up the Con-|cen.Je'ty ab 104.03, «en ths dey of ealt-
ference, This is whitbe replied to Dr | fog aul pawecgers are therefore requeated

. Gottrey' fi tothe right of th
seapovsibility fe there regatd d, aad how | we cxpect to be unable to rid ourseltes of | pantie atthe varloue colonies to be satle: pepe She all thele bazgazets siot down

TEE LUSK PIPE diferently the right of the public to | plague aod yellow fever, ‘Tht is bow | hed that they are belog fal plotected _
have Sts opiolons respected ig considered J the geestion vitally effects us and A8 tageinst lek of infection ‘Were they, ’ Compugnis Goacrale
‘ . Bot as compared with that attitude, [ Dri Godfrey ssys, that is our fostidcs- [be asked, to eubmlt a questlos like this Trensatlentj
—]B a abich we veature to regard as the | toa for demanding a chaoge in thé] to the Jalty, which was one for profes- gee.
coly proper one to adopr, what do we | methods of dealiog with aeeituation | ‘* plousl opluion’ I aia qurprised that the 0. Lesaud & Senn A sents,
fod. ia Dr. Claret He bas, avour con- | that every ove except De, Clare realises | “ delegste from Britivh Galan should take T. DUMINGUE~The Franch mail

g, 4 i 1 “
t teal ooly too well the dire possibilities of to | ‘opt itioe, What ware the pablic ate mer ‘St Duningue is due beré
The Coolest Cmoke on Rarth sivolulsly nothing suoe he atemorable | Tritidad and the whule of the West [fede wiihit.” ‘Coutinatog inte sane frou fberenra catheih dulp, and. wil
J eo | day whea be boasted in public of bis | ladies - Fomiodes” that the Bergeos Denera! wa leave the same doy for St. Lucka, Martlaj-

a TP three questions as to the protection of
tbat colon sinat iofection fom

. . Trioldad a teresting, Eleewbere
tyery LUC Pipcis guaranteed not to Crack or- urn | se give, feom the columas of the

a + one “ ”
iid if found‘unsatisfactory, will be willingly exchangedfby us. | gRay Aewly wed epuat of the

matter, which ahews ja whet Jight our

Pisenm, :
tons, t day Grenade) hide and "3
ERAN TO! . - cam
SAN ANTONIO, Venes-aloop, Guerra, 7
tons, 9 dey Tacepita—2 bags coins, 2.
tee a4 copra and carga ia Y

FIRAT, G my oe i ber, 991 4
erman ba A)
‘ § doe Bubtor—ballast—To Yotlaa a
SUHINAME, Dateh erm,
2,103 tons, 41 bes aramarito -170
gece! curgoTo Ioyal §=Dateh * J

Saly Sed

ATATIA, Beit etear, Usater, Lith
Uemertra—tatgo In trradt—Ly


own ignorance of the very matters oa: —_—— not deloyated By she Theided Guaraatioe af Gus lolupa Bod St. Nocaite, taking Now. 4

58 Lons, Wasblagton’ U8, A—8w Yogi


Serene —— = a Was pesiog ae a acthority, i + | Hoard bab by the Tilatdad U Col Comy Lid,
IUSL EN EL ELD, |e ce a ee pet i | ae rea weatinris senor | arta entn i cnotana went os | PPEROU Toe Fecha eames | DERE. Veom dln, Utena -§
‘ SS “as ¢ |commonity from whom be draws bis] rhe (uiloming is taken f¥om the Bar- | #9 ezpres® bis conrictoa—a conrbtion | any Martinigye, ts due y Ce pare ery athe us :
{at salary wet deast koow something, | bados Advocate o€ July 1st: shared by all the dele, erga—that the Tet | iis tuth July, end will Mit rhesde [SAN ANTONIO, Ceoee storp,-CrEER
Tetoaiaken cecal tad et | yyecaaax theatre Guarntor as | secedeeeitcene ieoene The asta | Soerrem ome anlFor cn, iatng | lee atu eneily page te
~ - ~feotenpt-preconcetred and piemeditated [tburity, dats disserted, After bls ** Dawa the public re . uke * uv
— -4{,000 . Barreis ee erie bee ag omedi ite Gorerauent ef Martadon teat at ee masks,” Dr. Clare txpoanded bie p “ee Sis toes tuucabae iam eots | stan Want eC aS eas
—— ny

cforte cf other colonles to orotect | xia smcodments tesde necessiry by the

Steamer * 8a, Dols xae' trom Euro; ‘ 5
. . i 2 amicads de = See ee via Unadeloupe, Mertisique aod St, Lake Tdad Crade Late Aptalh—By
Hoster’s Famous Wiener Beer | rinertisitncdc apenas [be aiecauetcheaio ie ctet | ALL DISCERNING FOLK jieimtenarigatrande tit Jupienl | Péattate Auta Oo
7 ‘ " < e 4 ba . ¥ ‘
soa Tefoldad from evoidiog the present | soe" pe, J. EF dildger DIAL, was | Desmeed LAING'S RODAS de SWERT |Marinnar and Capeen, tabiay oudy mata” Clising of Malls,
Epis axp 7 vae18, Foe Sar ae Brod wbst De. Clare ean byve bad fo | See, Duadee,delegeia, Tlie oper dale: | DARING, they are tented orery day, | D> teats due here tem Usrniees | _ stauteise ss Lees Marcintica
a view, 98 sa5e mao, wheo be steadily General of baie Gane oy L toh NIChUa FILTERED, and 4 on of oecihe uh July end irpreseed lou ol Bate : by es Taner
M ACK ENZATM . A NY KIRION veoed orery perv made, Ifis were | Clare, Marge General ob Taloldes De, Lateeeps free jaa in—steey er Bastaves Bordscut sta wie ig yee roday Femi ie
vane Bole = wae} ST JD pastes of mall maa cot cceaatewp S A. Hing, iepreaciling the Wioduaid Langs PURE BODA FACTORY parergees, male aod carga terres ta dure § pee cant ;
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_¢ 3} ewe Fs . ‘ Soe 4
aeRO PRL Lt wv 7”
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eh iene tree eeeseians heres eyrengnaren rhativs
ows thet: tt ys avetved, mane, ey

better If they met oftener,, im
meeting were to be calted,
would heglvex. Vf they w
itAvculd prevent the ides that:
of Fleatth was not dolog tte
not meking every possitie - a
with a difly ait mtnation
ing, he thunght they eduld
those! httle things tended ta
devea which war a R
thleg indeed -not that be hella
vonfidesca_ in the adeatnt
Medieal Department, buy
waa odd tomeet ind ais
tlic, and & few extra
hat kind of thing wold be
He Just made the sycention :
geon General's convideratios, 2
The meetiny term nated

Tieng will be aq peblie
Tndvday the 2int day of Joly
the offies of tha Trinidad Lo
Frederick Street. of the fo
deoned articles «

as77—e gold nave ring ;
(jaa gold clatpa, t gold ring,

« s

pte = pyres = swe ecenemenene :
~~ = ag Tiat With regerd. to the rasctalian Were bot Lr ag at Natarsity phe nentirely distinct gine Ce wahidg | Prateor Oatmody polated ont that te
te war na proper Hight: I Fars, ahd the lantern demurred Mier Carmody proseaal to rast AY frat webasttated tt ey eal fecand had +4) poltdnpwhateree to do [the Bontay ef temig'ol plage, the fami-
*iipacd rentiialloa- and ibe vi ‘i sod there was na powar to compel | rena mesing, be woud tarerpglad If ke np mental dietarble be they aiwt ©] with sai prieon ne at acy rate if they [ies of tbe feor te vent inte the camp «es
jeWas Unpaved with a jn ae par bim 6 ¢o ib Toe lendinrd = thed| wontt-portpone OF withdrew {0 be- tar wae not perions'y epreatiog ASdT bed distributed aby, they hed nat | sidwed to viet them, ond they pevare
iy dralnal. Tnatoeter Cleveray | UP wR ear h inad took a very long | causa he did ret tblak anything wood ing bent within resgonable Nolte f gone oo by order fromthe Ranitary de> |iaataoch beitermen’at onndithes thn
pte dents with. Lhe Ina are Ye abort that) aod then floored it | he geined by i Profesor Footy | Trokebig St they eonld destroy ol! the] oictment, teh regerd to the leet pelat | when they wets ic, and totblog happeyed
F Wena Kind snonch fo bony. u canara? arg | Aaa. Those tooms cogil never bel hnew perfectly well the di Mealties avder j ratett would-be & pood we sare and | of admission ta the Iectetion Hoepl at of [eo thew.
rd besa and the Fa aval tocar thee | Ruihyand yes they had no power to wheb thoy vere libovting ab rreeent. |‘ he thoughh that sould ue broseht bbout theordiniry medinal Kitendaat, to prtlenta | Tue Losp-etor Geverst remarked thet
‘Ulainteoted, athe centers to oy tena | deal weh 0 dition of What bled, He Co'oael Awain bad. tela ther thet dim tty rolmotary sprvoeiation, Sie Boul | wha pnfortentety lied te e renored for thse sho tenld effard Mo pay, they
es ne " ft ic .
~ atthe Bashing, It would” be toned that ee ee ar nit charged Be geen « ware kowg utilized 89 uke te vee more volantery work drip | shore, be wie atrafd {t would #1 ought a 9

i fotrosare | foremen of the gerga f'esning up ibe he ation ate. Le bleo f-prant many completions and dim -ylees } ty arate bnuitdings where — the
Erging woald Hadi net beoe C28 | wbea be lnverrapied blot, they sleo bed | pawn fa addiilon ta the ordinas sent Vearaed te Tee that eae ipa shewtd Mibeordionty, males) atradantofarery | coald hare theltown medieal men an
Wi t month fc yard t ba fdehed | ROdSE consideration, paxeat tegalations | staf, and ne doubt they waald be four taken Loprotect Tola.o andthe coant’y | patient were permitied Te wie neadione | nares, hecanse 1b was @ truel thing
ther they, erpecr ay bat racht | With hgard to thet. There waa no ques } yery neefal arsistante Hut lt opemed bo bic Da tntete by vome method of medical 1 | for him to mention ib asi wan 00 COriod® | for hie child, for instance, witnewing the
oer Jai veep theta the derived | HeRdbebthe Baridtng Ordinance “here| thet was pot golog to deat -with the) spection of ngere by the ateamers. | inst ditticattien and tronblesteoald a tre | deavh of other -patients rooad Aboud her,

’ ve shot el ern f oe A ne i. on) wae satan Importacs thqalrement, end | question which Profawor Carmody we He thought ‘the preliminary sourve they f from the polat of riew ul dlatplina ond | aod dying ia the camp withont the atten:
sradlt or! ‘ ie pity potel be co oxy, expyesa Purprisa thet the | oriving at, to to apesk, Peoteryor Ca araploped with weaele going to Barbedos fewion, and every other yotat: f view | dance of het own boras
ey fred there and to ble mated there | 428 } sd not been appreciated long ' moty wadiel to deal wiih the” whole might alo be .empoyed td carett fann ces would thre beasyd (fl ety | The Rorgecn General ald that thad wae
Hee amoter ¥ over dart vous about before pow; senitation of the town for ail time, Batl ct the steamers golog to Tabs | inane eetical man (whe choom) going | a sentimentsl objecsion,tdnd was inevi
toes, ‘Up the. a hols % fara Teeccuid | WHAT [S TH€ Saxitany heranrerst | be bad reflected ver ly on himself, | on and any pereon enffering from | op th crand ereiog how hie patieay war, | ab'enot only in ieolation hospitals for

' t kept cleaner thas the rooms norya and bther inembern of tte Doapd of Health | any diséasa of a dature resembling fand ceperiag the progrere of sali lan trfection disease, bat in the ordloary
fa tare vardne Thee might ta ayer] Trofersot Carmody dald probably. tt had | Sh liad allowed that state of affair to be | plague or in care of fever, the individual | patient ts ve'ativesand filende, Tey | hospitals,
érowded and bed): renitated nd Aightal, | bot kiuck the Sargon Caner} quite 90 [erfetrated for 18 years (ae far as Profesor { gheald not ba allowed to travel ty trata, | would beal-d fo weleoms.tmedim! men} Dr. Laurenea thought that {f §t wee the

~ babtta eorte wal, nat the men ts henner ae fonsly anit had some of tham who had | Catmods was roncernad) and it was rather | Dr Lacrence aald that while ha waa) an often as they pleased and evecy effot |dedreof the members of therommanlty

P himself with mnch farnitare and effecta, { sat at thas Board for = long period—that | ON! rtanate that he (Dr. Clare) should be} clad tonee the ro ntig districts ticing to § | would be madeto explain ‘tha trentwen’ | 19 here medical practitioners of ghele own

\ bat asfaran the foor and walls were con | tbe taatler brought forward just now by Dr, the first victim to come ander & resolution | sense _o respontloility and daty they | parened and opportanity woa'd he tekea | liking lu attendance on them athe sola:
perned, thay were falriy clean boners, | Lantence, had occurred tid avd again | Of that kinds because he would not up: | shoald not be allowed tnibe rested into | to tn'arm them of avery fertare of the erst | tion hospital, hedid not ece wby arene:
which were simply wed at night time for| Buenerer the e@ was an esidemic What | hold the present adminiatration, and he spending money fn erceting faatstioa hoe | Tat hs wis afraid it would be lopo alble lmente could net be rmede to that effect,

leepin sTponea. There was reaily.noth | Wee the Bani ary department doing? Iie knew perfectly well if Professor Carmody pitals indiserimioately, and which might ] gu permit erd'nary medical gertiemen (0 [ but, of course, it wool! be a matter of
a: epee “Afsanwary abent then, t| did not think (hey could get over fe fact | Peraleted in hfs resolution, f¢ woutd brig | he-er he ured wo ia hece and take therge of thelr patien’s | expences.

doar went intradneed by coo te | that there waseome noglet onthe part of j oreard a very Badedrable aate of al | The Acting Attorney Ceneral said he | ie tal kal domething to de with leplation | The Sargeon General eald that that
Lateone of thoke slacea, thee onkl under | the Sen tary Departinent, as whenever an | falre {n the kanitary Administration of the | onite agreed with whathad fallen from | jn fevor ho pr ate, and hed never beard of


ma‘ter which bad bees before bint recently ageer mahogany top dresslop t
’ epllemic arose aa at precent, there could | ¥o. He thouzht Profesor Carmody fessor Carmody and Dr Laurencs that | euch a yooponl made fa connect’oa 7 had received ver at thought andeare: { 4795" top ng
foe ae hey te peri age Nites to seen tons upon tare of material. which | *hoald walt a little longer before propoe | there wae hd need fer theconntsy dletricta | with any «f Wem THe was quite sare | fg} coral feratten, eat he need hartly sey 4S ald nove woos a
~ No landlord in renting nhonas ta a contle |ohould never Lave been a the yaria, | {mf anything of the kind ex he did nov see | io go infor unnecessary expense. They | jr woul to resented by any medieal officer [that Lefore thels peat meeting, (11 whea | fo0g—. guid warch.
was golng Gret to findout whetherhewasa| He quite agreed ‘That it waa very | MP¥thing woald be galned by It, That | badge opportanity of answering the Cov | in chars» of them heh pel from that / the learred Attorney General asked him ecg ald earrings 9 gold
pobiectot some Jofectioun dincasa Aare | bard to get Saultary Inspectors from ihe sortct thlag cou'd not be effected ae dey | ernor'e request, by an expression that it | point af view, that. Profemor Carmoly

ake, 3 pleces silver,
gtés~z pleos goks chun,
194—8 gue.
stopme Silver Lengles, 4
$3t8—1 gold watch andchals, %
5437-1 gold bracelet, x

to postpone his flaal repiy) he wonld eon:
gardathe paving of Darrach paris theanly | Cleatot mea that ottsined ; bat when he pecial Committees snd recommenda] would ba we'lthst thepersoue who very pro- fs orkisut 1 sist um that contee being ear tobe to give it very antl consideration

. woaay Parbados a little tim he Uonn They thew pertrctiy well whet} nerly jcined tocether to propeas the erec- | wed out trom the dit ints of view rabmitted
forensic perieg ofthe yore trom wine the seaitary conditions kept aver good were the r quitements of the town, and | Pogoth lation heept'aleuboa'ddivertther | yyy 4 tong What aboot the bate? there that, dey, eepeetatiy Ya there might
Wall, rob only of the building buy-the | order, Ly prectlcally the aame clase of | Were perfectly cognizant of tbe difficattles | attention from thet and constitute them | Nr Jo , . baa considerable interval between then
whole vartaewot the yard should he’eon f wen. in carrying them cat—the warn difficulty | eelees more age vigilance committer. Hq | (imphter}

aod the next mertn~, and theram'ght
The Surgeon G 1 being to Bnd mon qualifiet to act in.the foped when the proceedings of tbat Roard . * AE] sort gold ebaia, ’
fash one sith vor ih eidtflestty. Ret tbrongh the garde i Barbadens : 208 FO} sition of assistant sanitary Inspeators, De wore read in ihe Dewspapsrs, {awould bove ewes notprepared "a “leary e wit proviston: Pmeertal oe Tratenr Cermody, S35 fiver bangles f
how was that to be Teovlded fe? They} Prolosscr Carmody replied allirmatively, | Dickson bed not so very mach werkawbieh | tha aflect of panslog that vigilsoce com | anoit” (vs Powers of fntection of bat | salght beadsiaeb'o, but sa far ae bls pere| $3373 diver armiets + aller bea
bad no powers under the present law it pnd on the smalleat and hrumblest Cig. Glee hed live Af Presents na be malltes to bs canstitateds and sine those | fean ‘There might be soure Parton sonal views sere cotcerned, ‘he was atta eine .
a Ired tt | § yard wee \ " eppoto w tible to] be wou'd havetonpsose fh under exit dots gu'd cing, ne
wader the law they were sow’ drafting. 1 | elea2, aiperentiy aett it bad Ere. beg | Me arerial dutler, so that thesort othe (fk whieh eveh men would repers | rauety of flee mot suacep ag men} -S0d md silver of

“Gb silver ai'nndie, &
$057-~8 gold filled eg rM a
67-1 siver collar ol a
169! silver albuadia, § place
eget qotd chain, 6 silver ban rf
Fpecial Contracts under 0
FENRUARY 1908, 4
ig2do—s gold watch and chal a
1o264—~—8 & celet x watch,
1m 8 gold necklet and locket, 19
1oab—z gold watch. 7
19267—1 gold chaio
89389—1 gold chain an
teoemt gold muff chain . |
3g5 sh gold neeklet. Ca
19749 ~@ diamond riage, 2 gold rhein,
39730—t diamond and roty brooeh

waa donttful whether the enndition croti | awept As fer aa he conid sce, the Board | tt@e,Â¥A* ccoopled ia the sapetelion of fig the Warden every cise of It plagne Au fleas were vot, but as gireamadaaces,, ie eeaire to eteeoany
de“made retrompective, The condition | of tea va had Leen impressed thne the | t0@ diferent sacitery pangs If tbey bed | sanitary coniition and fa thet way aulet he muct con’ees he had not. seen| medica! man feom the observation of cates
ofthe barrack yards wan not a gatsarce | Seoltary condition cf the town had | Gon men like Dr. Dickson following | tn ine more etiectual cleaning up of the th Itof any forestigation made on {at the hwpltal, and every possible facillt
within the ‘Vege! defoition. Tf an | been faprored, bot “i wee found | UP the sscitery, icspectors, theo they counter, tiem te 8 would be afforded any Tredteal maa whe
pwoer allowed. dla sowsrare or water | thet wren the erldemle of plague | Would oe the very bers improvemert ia br Koapge conearred with the remarks . went upthere aod aPked permlaaion to
~ asrommodation to terome ont of broke out, it was no letter thea eT ah arate Tidt he doubted at the rey lous epeakers. he war quite crn Acting, Attorney-General werd ue fet ary one case of all the eases, and
order or lnvanitary, that eonmstitnted a 2 wan ell aware that e Surgeon Wer or! ad afew words to make with ree Oo} ever alble advantage and 0 tnolt
nninanee, end they. cou'd peshapa foniet | ander Dr Dickson's management anat- | 20 terolution of which Professor Carmody ftp aecord with the views of the other | ihe Jan remarks of Professor Carmody, as oy fai oe

ft & L <
npon that bemg dealt with ae a pufeance, | tempt had Leen made to fwprove the Sact- had given notice, and he would therefore apeakers, Aq irolation hoepitl was b wou ge a to him of seqsiriog fam

ot }to the Medical attendants’ of persons] jiarity with the treatment and ihe k
bob the ordinary onndition of the yatd | Mary Iyepectors, and he was sorry to see ask him to withdraw # onlers he sew very | merely a sbed 80 ft x720 ft., and when offleted with plague, belag allowed “to gO letgeot the disesse as fae an they had is

where the mnrfare drainage waa not good | the result bad not been better, ano ong | 82) grounds for going on with Jt, they ‘came to deal with patleuts, (bey | to the camp Of course be wpohe with | hem Sle was surprised’ that hera had
and there wae Ao Recusulet on of a ones { COUld have done more than Dr ‘Dickson to Professr * Carmody ct ssid cheb a0 | would find a greabtdeal more. He per- great diftidence ona proferslanal subject | bers po attempt onthe parb of any practi.
where w ashing waa done, there conid prt | prove the men under hie charge, Bat ty | Teesrce bis ve fe anit & vict’m, | sovally would discourarge the erection of hot eonnerted with hts own profension, and | tlover 1a ihe town to ga up there end eee
be bronght wichin the definition of nase. | beamed that what was wentéd, was nota [FS mou be, excus he men: | acy of tlegg except at Ban Fernando. | he accepted with the greatest weight and/ the plague cater of which thecehed beco-
@rce send La fact be did nee thiok aoy | m0 like Yr Dicksoo who, on account of hiveseth at he aulest wie rather 167 bat st was lite sperflcons to o her | reepest anything shat lad fallen from weventees—a very fale number from
Magistrate wrald eonvieta lavdlord for prere of olor work, could not devote aut: aaa From bis woe. sanitary de | country districts, Ila would conv+y— the Sargeon General on the point | whieh to lears rometbing about tbe

‘ . 1975t~2 gold bangies,
alow nga nuleares of that deceription to | Letent time to that duty, but a spectal sorn. © of ow 16 The Governor the feeling of the jre quite agreed that if the plague! disesne at eny rate, And he would | t9759~1 gold purse, 3 gold brooches.
‘poe! of sanitary officer-who-would ac “wie B Householder in town be bad good | meeting ¢n the question. The risk to f ight . wt Siambod caved
continue 'n hisyard Ib wentd re be soked sheck onthe mene cad sald act as 8 reason to believe that the enthurlapm be Inte rtton i noone "districts bad ot were to become epidemic it might | welcome sery mach, the vistta of § 19753~-8 diamoo Sod ruby

edical attendant
Crore ne Sat ele grat not showed | been Jost sight of, and he thooght Tobag> be pmposalble to Allow a oad “aend

througbont the sanitary department, He might eadily be dealt with bysteamer’com: them
ap he asked the Sargecs Gea: | were only t 1 ate suggestions
ad postpone the foqguiry unt auch tlue ronnication but there wes the difficulty of ¢5,) abate catfally whether it was ten] 8d oot nen eee es
att @ sea tary Heparimen was bot strain: | inspection of everybody who left Port of necessary ab that atazo at all events not piven ‘were better thea one, ae Mr, Wat-
Btblng of the kind Sspposing as some | Stated by Dr Laurence and Colonel Swain, Aatra work bat gihe eame tine be | Spria by the railway. It weaavery difl- merely to prevent, bot whetlier he sbould) ner hed eld. Iewenlt be eooed ‘willie
pe Anggested, they were fo pasa regu. | 89d he thought fs was toe that tomething would move theresoiution at next meets | ontt queation to bandle, and at present he nop atmoat welcome persons who bad their) to llsten to any uggestion at all whe
etons of a atringent nalore, the proper | Mbould be done, . z- . did not think there wasany neceeity for own medical atteqdante, and let (hem‘arail regard toany Improvement ia the place, or
thing would be £6 close the borrack garde |, Th@ lospector General aald thed recently |, Wf Jobaetons sald that he did nod] ie, themselven of thelr medical attendants, | any wants requited 4h He? was pot
Alltop, bat then it would be displacing an | they bsd entployed four ex-Sergeante of | #20 very much about Port of Bpain bat CABS AT ARIMA, One could fmagice notbing nore awful | promiciog to carry out every egg ‘lon
enormous number of the population, aad | police, aod there would be now 16 ponti- be thought the more « rsery good |. Tha Inspector{General sald he bad te- to people than ts bare ame member o taverns one Nt tecelventhe vcarelal,
how wosathey going to dispose of them in [te people in charge cf the gargs and as Professor Carmody re anTrishman | ceitid a leter trom Atima complainnz toe favoly taken awiy from them attention of himeelf and the medical officer
the menowblie? ‘Lbey must provide reel. | Prolessor Curmody asid chat wasn godd | NO Knew be wouts at'ck to his gane (lsngh: | that dead bedies were-conreyed for portal: agstnst thelr will, aod put fo charge of {a charge; and he wassnrety ry ‘courtes
Genco forthem somewhere They were o | Move in the rivut direction, bat til! befelt| tt). As they nera on _the-quostiog of fin” cabs, and esking that something another medical man elthotighs geotlemaa | would Bo bended by the medlesl other
? iat J porater of thea fa Fort of Spain sper hing mae wae equltod AL the pros Sepitation he would ike, to allude to the be gone to pats atop ° 4b hers war no 13, Whom the anthoritres nad alaslate con: lo chirge to any medieat man who went
ea) th The, they wou 3 h@ proposed at th $ ' 1@ Burson General ra fidence, Hetthought it wats conuderalion ; t .
have to det with alle us ia ope Peter | mieetlag Go" more me sppuntneut at taken oy the diflereot Wardeus of dutricts wer of faterlerenee io euch @ rastter un: Hetthought {bere and asheito Le stown around. As

of a grive nature and one which he would] the | ted,
Ein tbeaitier, Perhape afew wersowa- | & committes vo. enquire into aad | MzyeMOHMmUAry arrangement ay | ipenitense ot infestions disease Anordinaiy Le very yusill ag to lay dows an hard | bad heen sate th ds line of the place
jandiords who had some °. Oo be san departrarn-. a meen cou. e 7 . tw
apo Lllty with regard to thelr tevants, he bargeon General reid he did not | 22ether matter before thera which would | withont-any great aisk attached Co In | ahvolately sccearce'ts tie loteont fe. | Rost be roatntelned, and tt would ba a

89754—8 cuamood sad pearl be
dechlet and pendant.
R98 rg—a giver collar:, 7 s.\ver b Ly
seer Kold bangle 1 guid wai)
~t CGamond ting,
19607—3 Fold bangle 1 dursoad
‘oock, ~

soc 6g— gold nose rng

s0119~8 gold rings ae

sizo—s diamand sings x

Dola7st gold ehahe

20a21—2 gold braceleis,

e0a27-—-8 dusmond sing,

90486—3 gold buse nogs, # silver

90365—1 gold nechlet.

w%. 12 gold coins

aos7—8 gold sbundic

90: ¥ gold bangle. za

sobrz—t gold wath -ase, 2 eeld rh
hecklets # toothpick, sb

a06a9-~t gold trac alet 2 gold chela,

Were there and the water unter them, bat | Health Offcer Asa Board of Health
Iwould have to ba proved thatit wana | 2¢ did not think they would be doing
source of onlsance to the eurrounding | thele duty ualess they inquired as to the
belghbourhood 5 and they eould rot prove | Condition of tha yarde io the town as

profes foml mea toréethe place, They
ad nothing ia the worl? to conceal y they


absolutely necessry io the interest of dis. it se. %
Brae Cale ett be Je yood order, ant she koown Bow tong ttofessor Carmody bad | £iv9 80.9 or dieotaioptn eet gu pall Johnstone emaphed that thore eiyline tnd rininfacration of the borpitel, Mowed te folused Tate qriert to hie _—— ™ 4g
em was rocet undesirable rofl ¢! Be a pers in the railway carriages al 1d, e expres: 1 dp inti d
aircea walthbtee be cate tos ores (Profesor Carmody: he Hoard. ot teste Governor bid rent up certate papers from | famigared, y course as Le had eald, no one expre pacticaiae patient, and yet bave no re cad erties paying Irlerctt up tad 4
attech a stigma to then, onto meke them | 6 seemed to himto be rather eg Ino por:

thought that gentlemah eheuld wel [of tthe orders® it th It:
unit for bumao hatitaticnyand ‘It wae { {298 time to bring forward police of ares. | mittee who. asked for powers ta spend come euch a Things tnd he eon’ wontd devolve on the roedical ofteet iy

on'y on tbat condition that the barrack | lution of that Kind whes of all times ihe | £0O7,22 © écting sn istetion hospital. not ponibly Inmagine fhis resent. {ebargr, end perbape some ordere aight be

ard Banttal The Goversorrepliel thas be « Rosrtral ys ao »
even bye strech wet ade eave Chap thy eae ree ne bel more Teeved pial to give then every facllley Tor epost Professor Carmody asid hey wou'd be ing it Io hie (Mr Warnes's) onl ivenadvesly § obfeorinicn, and he was
them unGs for humo — halatetion | ing feel endeavour to cope with the ‘tat i toes Tanited amonot en any senitary see Keoot the. phere keeles Ihe “presence ™ of gnother Meas mia "| Sey oe hee He athe eee ges
seo.) omessares: rrgo re ra Soe t s
hore Pion unt wont ta aes jor theres trea eed ca nrence and Loh nel Swain eltcgetber in Pout of hela Horas a large number ef rats haibees brought ,& cee with him, and . be woud Ceneral} wonu'd hold the medical ofheer re
wea oue barrack yard ia Nelaon Street | fot the sasitery authorities of the towne being crected all over the country. The | 12 aad destroyed, and whetber there was ' rot think fora moment ue 8 won be rponathle for everything done there, as he,
where a care of plague had qccurred, and | he bad bees here muth too abort 0 t 3 qrestion had rga'n come tack ta the } &2Â¥ hope in satare, that more vigorous arythingig the natare of professions) | bad p'aced him in eba ge of the hospita,
when the flora were taken up for dsnfee | for any appreciah) 1 shor! a to be Goverver, who wrote saying be would be | Ps would be taken for thelr dentructioa. | jealousy or uoplearart feeling on that Ihe p ation wou'd be alwolately {utorers?
ton, the ground anilerne th was foupd to! effe ted. “ITa came » re end found {| #lad 1f the Board of Heakth would consider | Another polot he would Iiketoask somie- | account. ‘Ihe only objection he thought | b's for any man of nell respect, .and he
contaia a hole of about four feet deep with | At Le considered te, be re 8 foun the matter aod advise thereon, thing about wasa statement be had neen | might be madg waa the serlous one that { quentioced whether they ous get any
atognact water which mpst have been } {BlCry atate of affaires and bi tur the Mr, Johcetons eatd ae far aa San Fer. |" the previous day Jo the Port of Spam ifthe tague spread fas very great extent | mon ia the town who wos aceept Oni:
there for years He suggested that the | ery gre west possible Interest {a sanita: nando wae corcerred the Uorernor bad | Gazete with reference to the private; It would le iaposribla that such © prac- | tiou on suchterme, Of esurse, the objon

the Warden of AtluaZaud thejhealthcom-] The Sorgeon General :— 85 artes too. | THAnt of confidence fa Dr Basson, Sout be | spoodllity whatsoever for the carrying out


(vow LANDINO})

Ex Schr. “ CALEDQ
' _.@ SHELBURNE! |

+ attendance by medical men on patients at | Ucecou’drontione Bat at that stage, | tions brought forward were merely sentl- — q
coly ential setory methoi of deatiag wi b tou and u thing would give him greater path orlzed the â„¢ meek fin Ia ation the Teota' low. Tam He gathered from | he thought it woala be nafortanate tf} mental, though he belived there waea lot 5
with te it io and ram it weep ott eof Hea te toe the sanitary condition | 4 eal oman down ibe ° a ume the article in question that it was pot tha | aoy such rule should prevail avit would |cfelacerity and troth fo what hed been | 220,461 Foot SHIPPING
rt tnt then Tey the foe | Ort-of Spain placed gpoa seoand foot- might please them to! vow ihe rote to sdmlt a ptivate medical man in meke the camp uspopular, and # euspect-{said- ‘Thad sentiment ought to be set PINE BOJ
~ a ft had been erected. It would contatn | sttendante at the Camp and that seemed od place. Taal those matters, iG, wae paride io certain cares, If @ wedical man f 36 ano Feet SHIPPING!
abont ten bede end other conveniences, | to himtobe a very extraordinary role. {well to establuh public confdesce| were sentimentsl, and his patient D ,
. Fai Fornando, they might asy, wat next to | 57 facasone conld see, it would bejand invite Inepection and let fthe|did nob like certala good .treatwent, z LOOK PINE
VY r of Bpain. ant they were mota lable] ¢xtremely desirable for the, popularity of {new doctors, avit were, come in and |sbould (hab trestaent be withheld 10,015 Ft. SHIPPING &
tohave a cess of plague there then {fn the camp, that in the event tof any person [seq what wae taking place, sa that | from: the patient? All sorte of ob. PINE-3
country distriety, fe badtned to Leas being taken there, and desired 10 be at- | they would Le able to go back and tell the | jections of t}ub kind could be urged n
econoniizal as they could and it was hoped tended by his own medical attendant, he | famihes they were acting for that there | sgainst sach éproposalashad been made ;
that they wou'd never have cause to Mee thonid ba allowed t% be so treated. He'| need tea no anslety ato athe care, and there 1 but with the one eugyested by Total Cargo
oo oe the hoepltsL Wh refe-ence to Cour, | dx! sot suppore for one moment, there | treatment of ther relatives I¢ would os. ¢ the Jospector Geceral, he was very mac’

calling attention to the insanitary condi. | We* oy ground for the statement, but he 251478 Fost,

tion of the village, be migh} mention thas | PUrgored to ask about itLecause he was

JUST OPENED while on vbertyate recently two gentlemen | Anite sure that the Surgeon General would

complained of the sime tblog, and asked [| encourage in every way, and give every
hina hat wasthe oseof taking precautions | possible assistance in that direction,

fo San Fernando when Couva wasn bedof | 84 the more medical men who saw
. f d canes of 6, the better it would
A. S ETT P IWLBAYN TD infcetton end ro rao aes done bag be. for the oF ony, becadte they would

tablish w great want of cunfidence if] inchned to agree, Why don't people fa
peorle were. taken to the hoapitat and | Trinidad uppreciate the necestliy fac thie
theirown modical men could rot have] Mad ofth og belorethe emergency was
access to them, Onthat point he avhed}immediitely opon them, Every large
Dr. Clare whatever hia views might beat }ecountry had Jarge nursing homes, aod
the moment and however strongly he} why couldo’s they ba had here* 26 would
might dixagree with him -an ver } beabeolutely im ibte1o proside feola-
haps i¢ was presumptuous of — bim| ticn accomniodstion in an eg idemi¢ In the


For Sale as usual

- Oe

i fence and) might more{to apeak on a subject of which | ylece, aod ia many cases they would bave MTT Gel
tnd whether: thet Aree te an come te Htocess{ul or fortunate fa thelt treatmentof } be Ba not = profess to —hiave Lo le conducted fa thelr ona homes, and EF. . A. SK EETE &,
——OF OUR WELL KNOWN—— letter before them be did pot koow, Jie [tases Consequently it would be very de-|any knowledge — to consider it {there wasno objection to thelr beleg i

from that polot of view, and on another | isvlsted hete in properly coudaclel nurung

occasion (60 next eee ate Ree homer, In the frolation bosgltal at
ec .

thoscht le would Le a voy ood ides if sirable that every facility should be fiven
Ung of tbe dit his finat aoower on the eu! ed} 3:, Juinis, wr lt stood now, he was altong

the Wardens ca!'ed a mee to medical men Co study the caves and help

“ : ferent proprietore of their districts and | the rerponsitie officers tor the fine being.
. Appoint them Mf possible by Jaw, ae hono. | He hoped at all events the rats woald

. vary sanitasy invpectors,. If ibs were pos ven special attertion and he desired to

a wile to ase. thow gentlemen, ~whether Gio whether the offer of 5 cents for eath

they were white, black or shaterer they lend rat had brongbt in a largetnumber,

52, South Qua:
him-~-not tocome toa harried corelosion | ta lo'ding the view that such d . * : ;
on a polat which be assured him was one] as Profensoe Carmody “aod the aus Opposite Railway Station._ :
of very much greater iniportance than it | Geueral were argiog, would be etrolately | Oth July, 1908,
was generally supposed to be, jmpew ibig aad ausolately aubversive to the

4 ~ pac WHE SURGLONGENFRAL REPLIES Wrofessor Carmody’ tald he would ask | disci Noe and administration of theboepital os

poe yt ad found” pine i At The Surgeon General ia answer to the | the Surgeoa-Genersl’s very careful consi. } He doatied very wmuok whether ie woull NOTIC 5

IN TWO SH ADES: order, erro notices at the owner's | Codulrics said that from the 30th May | deration of tbat very particular polot, [terd to restore or atreog (hen public con. —s .

expense Je woull ba, of moch guict, | Here had Loont7 cases dealt —wittr alto

ances they woe'd at te all gether, and of whom J2 tad dial

ABSOLUTELY FAST DY niter the estrartion of reteyen tog 5 remained nndet treatment, and vp
” E ! wasbot sablogfr ersistence ba looklag | ae five, S were pragtioslly coaralep.

"AT 24 CRNTS & 20 CE iat atte oflrnie us| Oper cet Rut van hy no banteat

é .

NTS PER YARD, were lafested with rein, biel wLe chee: | comively bln for pleas, ‘Then with

their properties toga undrained. There | Htxarde to the destractoa of fae (Jr,


wasone otber question which 14 Lawretices Is there anythiny to account for
ft SAM E.QUALITIES AS ABOVE dally make me lical memlers smile ay tha change bn the death ralel) Voere was
e rere ea dice aban [oe Sorte mul eek ge

° ' IN WHITE 20 CENTS .& 24 CE therewas any-ehunoe of lofostiog freer, |b ve hatter
le anythi ft Lofect! aderme of the latter cases had been
~ . ENTS flovel the Pat, There vere tery many toon ta the very carly slages of the dis.

a 4

' ease, One hek bad been seen on the
i hi } tary eben Heranede Mekea ty beet vely firet day, Mun Molleathiel wes
AND EAR mach Ibe tha ret, end he thought be po? (got early and sho wae Progressitg
ree) .
= HERE 18 NOTHING TO TOUCH OUR DRILLS oo Asch Jone, was teoleted oneday alter his
‘ lovitod to go on one of the local eommit- | quite such an early atexe 5 and thet might
anil Y it becamd epiemie then the fast month, ‘The ceward of Bre cents bad
establicblog elalorate duildloge which} lo the umber destro
" . i he ‘ ;
EXTRA STRONG QUALITY—1.20 PER YARD. wan concersal there wee very, httie | but ttoue oe eee ae oF ges pobeon:
from 9 ‘Telegrayh Vord? ladigpant ad the of ane of bis pet doge

might t ) being: vory' watisfectorily, Karsteo, the coolie,
quetion! and rm "Tr pnediedt Ohiales mus who bad been ta hospital since the
attack, and some of the others of the ¢ar-
. Professor Carmody esid be bad bhen | lier case had pot been seen oF iso'ated a
and eppareet'y they were fo for tea f account for high tall 4 prota!
ri] or t ‘ mug! o7feoee 1a erection of heepitala, Ne they had yot to know more 'ot, the treat.
: thought [6 was quite possible if a case of | mucus soto speak. There bed been a vety
4 ea 2 1 £ logue broke ont ins district, to esect a | Getlve compel za Bgeinet rate for the lest
bro tent, ox marques for the firet case | aix weeke, and more epecisly daring the
. Goseroment would provide. That ace: bad a youd eflect 70 tu BU cats
. FOB RIDING BRRECHES—400 & 48 CENTS, tolum a more Paltooal move instead of day bed bea chew is, to edahibe
1+ b . x
B DFO might never Le required. Amouget | son and trape of tbe oediosry oeui'ay
D the contacts bad y
RD CORD for LIVERIES | Mote geet ni erene Parte | uot situ inet Lal ak
* Green, Brown, an: i — Vari donger the contrulel Only recen!
E , , and Blue Cloth for Livery Coats— Various Qualities, | "Dr Laurence —What about the case | bade vist roc tt eatisnan eee ey
, Burgeog Geusral — h bose ater! paplias;
‘ plegue gat siopad am te ‘uutacts mine gene Wind eet o the
TT, i 3 |—-—- f Zerwstsd de the sotution Catage preutes Terie the sams moraing = Ihe
x] V L t I ] -= - aor Carmody meniiuned that ia an was homaver heppy to ausere

Looking at i¢ parely from the pont of | Gdence ig the lostitation at all, The
vlew of one who did nod belong to the | medical profesrion hike all other profess-
wedicst profession, Lethoughs the daty | ions, was not devoid of a ceitala amount .
of the anedical alficer at the Isolativa| of jeslowy among it: members, ord | No. 57 bredetick Street, has
Camp, thon'd be to attend to thoee| tberd would Le all Kicds of jealousy aad | tlved by matual consent, and |
who were oUliged to be there, and had nol friction ife bospital were sliowed onthe | sess will be ia future condact
medical attendant, but if m patient bad a] lines suggested, Those grievances got ¢ Kenseth Hnnt who ie now-
wredica) atlendant of bisowa, be thought | magnided, they got lato the newspipers, letor of aame business,
it was only Fight he should be allowed to] And Inatead of creating and fos‘ering con. gs 06 Chank all kind friex
cootinug bis attendance. There could be| fidence ia the iolation boaplial, he favours and can assure all t
Butbing anressonable In it, because the | thought the effect would be quite ibe con. patronized the old fi thet.4
inelieal ofticer of the camp would betheie| tary. He was tot maintising that te rely on th o ra a
tonce thes the roles werecarried out frons | wae the beit of ite klod, because It was P tode € lame promptoess Wh
‘ Bisetlinary point of view, and give bis/the ined elementary that he bad | “eePatch of all orders comm
medical antendance where ft wis absolutely / pee.
teceasary when other attendants conld
pot be obtalued. Mr Warner had thoaght | ir Te ero, bt Ban Fernando sald thas
that If the number of caabs became great, | Mr. Warne, andOolouet Seria wot
it would be impeesible to admit! be sent upthere they wonld hes rare to
rivatg edie! attendance, but bel iiiog about it. Heskought there tony
Prof. carmeds) woald ko farther and be wrios In the town (aughter, a wontd
a 3 8 wee the .
way time Pohene it would be im The Surgeon Ceveral sald, be hopad the
posible for one medical man to give | évenluslity might not arias, and is the
thas personal attention which the serious | laterim, he would still consider the ques
ness of the disease demanded, ie was{ Hon for the next meeting,
speaking only fromthe puint of view of| ‘Ihe Attrney-General asked when
& non wrdical man, bat he sould oot | ould the next meeting be held,
covcsiye of anyone woder elrounetance.| The Sargecn General replied that, the
like the present, desiring to exclade fenm | esular mostings of the Dourd were held
the comp, soy medical man in the colony, |v" the first Mouday in every iwath, as
It was se they knew almost lapossible for | Oxed & scretaiy pointed i
apy mi al man to * erperleces ef out that ¢
"rayue tu bis We, and if would be isest | meeting day fell ous bohday «6 "Ot
jeucabla tbat every «medical tian} Jhe At General saad that a special
ia the colony ae be’ tneoerged meeting could calsed, sud the urdinagos
to go up sad ate ever, 20 1 uf ig | Fecen pasned ges @ Burges |.
broke ont in vpldomia form: he would te power (olga wo. sweral
better able to disgoore stul sifeet : ad thet be did
for a special

‘treatment. vet see Buy spevig! i a
Dr Lawsence saul be was not pepered 0 wanld te called, ty Brome, one
he wo

the ficm known as ltugers

TE ablic is hereby pot

charge. oi

Re, SALE —A Bargala.Th
aud comfortable renidence,
foghain Avenue, covtalning $b
duslng ond drawing rooms, opp!
gallery and porticc, Fine
Avrly to Ce We Renhouer 3
ppY * + Senhouee,
Urveery, Frederick Btreet, Lorko!
orto, Graham Senboare st the @
thie paper, }


R. A. Py DITZEN, ‘Barer Mill
M Jaso, baroy resigned bis pe
Sf general Maoager and Supers!
of tbe coos tatlcos of the be
the late J Peres; of which
‘AWWileoo, (Gilakgow and Trinidad, 126
Attorneys, to offer bis services
competent and experienced cocoa P
to any one in of outol the colony

jaovting, bat if the

Vretes (bat geptie- anything for cz the Al 1% iug the same. Reference Edwin W.
veriresk of” plague in Sydney Contacts [man thes the use’ whe shsited. tie Fuad ferperteuce of va teokttion temptact tine of Tae hd, bo eagle tt 2 | Kea. of Seog Maan (lane
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fog ‘ satay . e -
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