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Port of Spain Gazette
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ISTmT vol
ft Received
rrnimjm n
NeaDfoot Oil,
JWiiET-MdScIne '
¿115', LTD.
Also a huge lot of
|*y***t0r" ’
7i,r,.“?.rmo :=cítiar<;»
ote, Oto., 0*0.
New Embroideries;
The Bicsst and Best Ms on tie Market!
Special * Rates
0 1 nunu Uj WAREHOUSE
*£■ ttSMí y» 2
rpn. --m""lS!sS&i.
i. r^.-H
_.CASES_ , —
Finest Ml Table Bolter,
Bongs and Music
Wessels Bros. & Von Gontard.
i~r: S
GEO. R. ALSTON & 00.,
Pianos on Hire or Hire Purchase
â– From 3 Dolo por month,
I Marnular RING willi 9 Diamond*.
1 RING 13 DlomnnJo.
All másaos of JobMp¿!a*jae' ami?
Ir. W. H. nightingale,

O O a: co yj H co


Excellent Milch Cows,
1 Ki?53Kr5iiU!8P«Bt
spggK I:
srJCS&tS sí£S:¡ySSi3i!iis,.uís.“.sj5
New Twin Screw Steamers
Suadeloupa” and “Pnrou”’

Juki OponoO
| Better Qualities

wn;';tRMm to m roK-nF-srA^ «■■/■’•t»' tprii>a> Ji-jcb m

.mrn>ftirot SPAIN QA.7ETTÜ TDRSDAT JESB CS ir-f-3 '
STEPHENS, Limited,
temples to Clear.
New Porfumerj and Toilet Soaps.
ieiial lines in Mes’ Belts
¡¡WhlioCoat T
Gent's Ready Made j
Eft SK HWfc,“S«VS«.
Sample lot of Gent’s Socks
At Loas than Cost Price-
The Cheapest Store for Laces and Embroideries.
Recent Arrivals.
tiroice Smoked Herring
!K rcuy/w _A|m_E IRIWH
j^Av, SfcS

pñl#í'ItÜ»-Mlng &-HaFalapmentCmpahyt fs
' ImpoHm ««i ' Fndmi PpiM cfm 1 w gjLggm TPE3DAY JPMK as Igffl
Ei.JSchoooen'" ZETA" ami " ADONIS"
074.000 FEET
We offer the above as usual cheap
The Prescription Work
, THE medical hall
I Is^ known throughout the
■ fiel ¡able, Prompt & Absolutely Correct.
wimv *»* uu>w Eiosumiroaoatt I N£
1 fc~'- -i -- -
_ , S"--U^¿U" JiJt0S'

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Seo >


Girdic O “+ do,
K 269 Ribbon-Golourod
K 294. Ribbon-Whito

H976Collular do,
V,O0.V: da.
Batisto do,

291C.B,Coutil do,

' — OF —


cars Daten Beart Cellular Fants, Neghige'Ubirts 36c, i8¢, Oe and 720 up.
Men's New Ser aon'a Ruitines all rel io Greys and Brows, from $1.20 to i a oer yerd,
‘White berge 66ia, at 72c, 960, and 1 20 yard.
Sitica Wate at j1.404
YFannwnan Beco frow $3 00 to $25 a large stcok to select from, blocked
aod tsleave! any ebspe {ree

Large Stock of Boys, Men’s Ready-Made Clothing


goVvars amd Ties, every style aod colour from ic on 20
Ladies Hats, very ats lleb and cheap trimmed aud totrimmed—Call be


265, Fxrederiol Street.

“Look out for my next Advt.




- Highest Market Rates




a ’
ena ort
‘en eagcnick ew




43 Bales—50 gross each—CORKS
175 Cases Usher’s WOISKY
350 Bags SIAM RICE
20 Cases “Martini Rossi’? Vermouth
20 Bundles RAISINS
8 Casks CODFISIL — Lockoport
‘4 Casks LADDOCK do,

Four Sale by


” Coal, Commission and General Merchant,
64, BOUTH Quay.


~T ir o® | 4


ae =

-No. 1¢346 Ribbon — Whito_....


Royal Woracstor-Whiltce...


ase *

—_ f


av. 360 Pair, J.
+ 406
“a 486
« 6CGOc ,

» T2c

[Supreme Court:
Before Mr, Ji entice Bakley

Afanniag Barthel The Naintif? was
directed to file an affidavit ofthe facts of
phe pase aud the matter was adjourned ta


Lee ah. Yen v"Ache—Me, Joneph for the

creditor, offered to pay the whole amount

and costa in the, montis. The offer was
pocepted r FPF. J, Malngot on
i of emetior

Adams vy Ruierteon Nard another— Mr,
Reve forthe plainti#y Mr, Blache Wilson
for the defendant. Adjonrned to the Oo-
te f Vet—defendant to pay the oonte of

a da

Davidion d& Todd v Henderson.=On the
application of Mr F J Mainvot, the order
we further muspe ended £1)) next Thareday.

La Rocks v Bonias—Myr. F. 3 Matagot
for the plaintif, Bir. Jove for the de-
fendant, Claim on a promissory note for
ahop goods and cash amounting to $96.
Mr Joseph appeared for the debtor. After
going in into lance of the accounts for
pees 2 sold and delivered to a coous planter
fie Honcor Bare judgment for plainiitt for
£20 und conte,

Before the Acting Chief Justice,

Tinelde » The Town Board—This part
heard case was adjourned to October,

New Daintles For Dessert.


Curfous and wonderful fruits have
been seen in London for aome time but
Jately extraordinary motbods-of eatlog
“the ‘more familiar kinda have been in-
vented by epicures,

Csyenne pepper is a favourite season-
fog for strawberries, Castard apples are
improved by a pinch of aslt, A grating
of cheess is considered to briog out the
flavour of a melon.

“The moat delicate dessert lea srape
fruit,” a well known chef joformed
London “Express” re resentative, “rt
rout be eutin half, Acsharp knife,
vo larger thans penknife, muat then be
employed to loosen the fibre from the

“The core must be cut out. This
leaves a little well which rapidly Silla up
with pice. A table-spoontul of soger
must be put {nto thie well to soak ep

the {aice and the cavity must thes be
filled with a hqueur-cogaac, benedic
tine, or maraschino for preference.

“The grape fruit most then be stood
fo ice forten minutes and eaten with s

“A new method of eatlog strawberries
will be popular this year, The atalks
maat be plucked of the fruit, which is
theo Jaid io abowl or salid dish, A
, [Jel y must be made, coloured pink. and
tlavoured with sberry, This must be
poured over the strawberries aud allow-


“After tnd mixture has been iced
atrasberry ice cream must be piled up
oo 1 the top.

“Bananas are de'icious mashed up
with raspberry jam acd whipped cream
and served with sponge Gogers.

“Cape pluma almost melt in tho
toouth if they are served on whipped
frozea cream

“Raspberries should be tossed io
champagne cv cop sod nobody would re.
cogolse the humbly apple Uf f is scaked
for a few minutes in boiling water and
sugat aod mashed with ice cream fla
voured with noyrau.”


Auction Sale
THURSDAY, sth JUNE 1907,
No, 14 &t. Vincent Street.

NDER festructions received from The

Hon'ble The Iaapector General of
Constabulary, ihe anderslgaed will offer
for ssles— |

Jaekboots, Cape eteags’ Head eedtare,
Bleyclet me hadlons belle, tarope, &6. de.

EAT 2 Pia,
guna con on delivery,

F. 3 s0uTT & 8Qs,
(dort. Avetionecn.

No. 18 8s. Viewent Sur eet,

Bad Jone 180y,

_ re aa






The Qualities at the

Prices are

ne Mie

‘The disagreeable features
of travelling can be overcome
when you have a bottle of
Abbey's Salt with you.

A change from the daily
routine ofliving brings Head-
aches, Biliousness and Con-
stipation, which are so fres
quentlyincidental to travelling

Abbey's Salt will almost
instantly relieve you of these
disturbers of pleasure by its
soathing effectontheStomach,
Liver and Vowels.

Sotd in two sizes by all Chemists and Stores,
and by W. C, Ross & Co., Port of Spain,
the Abbey Fruit Saline Co, Ltd,
ted. Queen Victoria Street, Veadna, #C


AY OF JULY 1908,

UBLIC NOTICE n 1s i bereby iven that
fo Je exeroe. of the. et of -ecle-con

fos certaio Meek of mortgage
tainet the 28th day of Auguit 1968 (ce-
gistered as No. 2477 for the year 1906) and
made between Hamie Jean Charles of the
ove part and Philip Maingzotofthe other
pert there will be put up for sale b
public auction by the undersigned ad their
Aaction Mart No. 2 Sackville Street is
the towa of Port-of Spsin on Wedoeaday
the 2ad day of July 1023 between the
hour of land 2p m,

All and Gingular those two parcels of
land situate in the Ward of upper Caroni
iu the Island of Trinidad, the first thereof
vompnsing 13 acres and 10 perches, and
abuttlng oa the North npon lends of
Dagedose and on land of Gordon, on the
South upon a Road, on the Hast apon Jand
of Nanoohor acd epon lead of Heehuwalng
and on the West upon Jand of Dogedose
aod hy a land of Chauroo.

the scooad thereof comprising 4 lots

acd ‘abattl ygoa tbe North upoa jaod of
Chelee, on the South open land formerly
of one Coamroo bat pow of Walan, on
the Rest Bpoa Jend of Virginia Solomon

sod ae! the West «pot jasd of one

epee thin 22ad day of June 1903


piitic NOTICE Ty ‘ bereby eved sn exercue
of tbe Power of Sale cootained in a certan
deed of tuodeage dated a7th tebruary rg0N,
and made betweeo Sarah Bell Wiihame and
‘Thomas Henry Willams of the one put and
Thomas Kucbards of the other part, reginered
in the office ot the Regutras Genesal as No.
syatol 1908 whuh said) mortgage deta and all
securilies were by deed dated the stb Gay of
June tyr regissered ia the cfice of the Kegiss
war Geoural as No, 17:2 of i908, and mace
betwees Thoiwnas Richards of ihe one pant and
Riieaterh Heckles of ibe oiber part, Cooveyed
and amgued 10 tbe sald Elisabeth Lechies,
there witt be put up for sale by Public Auction
by the undermigned a their Aucuon Mart
sornes of St Vinent aod Sackville bie
Port of Spas, om Thrusday the syed da:

July 1908 Letwees the so Ue ee

two po,—
tod spgulas that parcel or foto! land
trtuats forwetiy in the Was of Lavepulie but
wow the Town hobal brit ra Bad knows
as No 23701 Belmont
abutting og the Nerih Spas viaeas of Wluaca
oa the Bouth the Balmont
the bart upon Teas Of Search

apo tads vow or lately of Andsee
bie sd be together wih

the appuriehaaces
210 Lelosging
Dwed this Se day of fuse

ts jOHN te,

Our Lady of Meroy,
Alrite of the Bodaht glOar
1s wat at aad Ba, at

the Ghar ered Heart ‘au

iweod. ‘patiely sented a


mn Abbe sbhevs VS Trinidad. Bl Blt’ Co,

Wedding Gifts



. _Aldeornoy __ att _ +.80c Pair
Tunis... wee soe « 6Oc ,,
St. Clair... save tes tse 600 sy 4
A,R, Eroct Form se we T26 yy S
Kingston oD on w T2e a i
Emprogs ws vena 1.1.50 " ie
‘Porfection ©... we we -L7O ‘
224 Kingston... ww BAD | A
NMorsoy ... o oe ~ 240, S


E _bave
W°* etierh no FLAT mH TONS
& very lerge assortment of ELECTRO
can be seen at any time between 7 a.m.

Our Show Room
Corner Park & Frederick Streets:

Acteng General Manager

Ex Bx 8.8, “Ocamo”


Offers for sale ex SS “Ocamo'


Wharton & Co:

Jewellers—72, Marine Square, = £






AL? Goods

16 Vrase Largo COD _t Hahsxâ„¢ It i not Always Prodent to Betray Your Thigh 4
12 Cass Medium go. —" phe sur pe! HEN have discoverel that you have been taken ia with a4 ondieuy
a HABDO ok de iV WH HISHEY for which you pald faney price on account of the samy
10 Of Large Cod-—"* Newfoundland’ | “SWEAR NOT.” Tattle up your wrath, and quietly go and favest the mana
LLOCK of your Cash jo zome cf
300 Dokes 1 MOKED. HERRINGS Th
93 Bri, FOTAT isk
It POMC HEADS —— 9 orne *o (| Va 0.
1) Bile, Hers
4 Bele. TONGUES Then witbout moral restraint or fear of being overheard you can epeak 6p, oe a
9 Bri, FAMILY TORK il you prefer, and proclaim that
Docs... “DaAhome.”

Prico and Quality are all Right

75 Canes Crenm SODA BISCUITS—8 Toa,
, 74M and marriage [a pot s failora . mm

. wa Btone. That life after all {9 worth living,

1) Gases WHITE Fighi—4 doa Tin | 4,8t, Vinicout Wharf Bola na

10 Cases COU BTEAKS—
100 Boxes No, 1 FAMILY EOAT=20 Bars
100 Boxes do, do, 24 Bare


DD, Broadway.



No. 9 Place de P'Esplanade,

went '

Atlas Fire Insarenet (e-

NG EN W ang

FOR HIRE 50 per cent, off eonnty vee


CAYENNE. —oR— Fatablisned 1306}

oe anole Agents Linen. APPLY TO

Kecelleat Cumne, Fiavwe the Best,
mn Pe lO

The bair drewing vale Saloon at the corner of
Frederiek acd Queen Bereta carried on
by Mensra, Rodrignes sod Gomer, ie con
tently disafectel with Jeat duiofectant
sgainst Megueand other ducase, for the
Lenclit of their enstomers,

** Liberia * Bspanol4.”

Charles Hejdselek (


Warrant bo B utay
By Hoyal Bor a


Office above Gerold & Echerer,

$5 Wil bsp wid to ar any oue giving infor.
mation fr rr the recovery uf the green.

painted Jopeed Ralelgh Bieycle, No 165921 a
taken from the Ice Hours on Saturday ee

bight, Oth ine, f

Db. B UHARRIS, lo Tou Require

cje moHOLWETH & HoLenn.


" Mrreust

ASABAR degtegte euern, sartude, | TMU PU UBLG Jae borchy sotibed thant | A PPIX to) sey ore

ae Connais etal, oe | any Une ae oairewad "oy oy we | Cont pro
torios a precio recompadade pur wayor. | bouse aed ine, Prassete, Moet eee woe. ip ea oc Tows ta

aay jest couse, oa Tows ropeetles ree chet

La camel, ANTONIO TOULON spa VENGENT FRANCUIS. wlvoui ete bait “saps

6) ‘Queee’ Street. hues Mtb dw, dept ety ie rd
f = — italie bousse! Age Hy,
Thic istho Timo}: How Is It Uebel 1 who bas beara

a nme necator

Te beep you blood CLEAN and PURE

That “Back & White“ § oat
bora Vow x ryote ag siost dissaue by | uorular Whisky all over the is the itt jos. MITCHBL
CLMANIRG Cott oie BLOOD is because of ite earedeace of Mavuyr Comuatirion ond
Get tat TAINO Seeks Te eee Boake Lae omnes Qoets Fa

co TES erent eal we TDEWAIUCD OTNIIT 10a 9 D tt fod Be onl fy baleriod & OOTTAYLOR & GH
Dood nvecnent sWarhallfemeotLadnu] FOR SALE, | REVELVER STOUT.|R:MTS,P, Soar fat, MRR TAYLOR & GILES

Aallings §o Riiripe. ¥ Manor
« ‘x Reqont Arrivals: . ACTURERS oF
BITDATR IN THE WARD or SMAQDALENA ‘ss 16. 20th Jane y .
s é . ’

DID YOU RVER GIVE IT A THOUGHT T FRESH SHUTPMEN AS [*tuaMese 0. ccish Joly | Ford A Manning's Meet Hand Picked Brital |

The RMS. “Thames* will take Ist] pinesr GAN ATAN DAS. | Tm
_ ; morta ita eg fet fr thers: aY nici class parsengers on'y, FINEST CANADIAN wag, Hollow Concer ote
po a eed tate, well watered by the Cacapa and I rt Ratt —— vee WINE, 4 et
soos Cosarlpe rivers with dwelifog houses, G aegew Steamer. Next Satiings for Pto. Colombla. HARNESS funet Landon made, BUI D be tps
Toit. < -. 0 > Ej ie— + - _b | coon bousea, drying houses, and other Oarthazens, Colon. Jamaica & JsuLPnuRic Sctd—ia5 ewt, & 10 ows. LDING BLeegy .
Fhe West India Trading & Development Company | sor re OOGL TADON oe ica New Totk aaa mentee ne wae _
: 4 25,000 FULL BEABING COCOA TRESS _ Hold by every Dealer throughoat | SORINOCO” wn Jone attr RET yg centens dee Ormen” = In| Manufactured under Patents -
. Bt, RO, BTONNA ST, WW WORE. LOO HALF Do do. ‘do, ¥ ARRANTED, ATO" we ine Joly Othe ES, Vm ermtos wonied and
. And 119 wupplies, and bas a large ‘ MADEIRA 100 Osees GAUTIER BRANDY—J2u an
Tirportere. and’ Producera of Trupteal Products offera auch an} Bevannad for pestarage, and other lands | graye, \ ¢ 0 ” * Lhe, BE AUTIFULLY §
por Tnveat reserved for building purpores. U Hholesxome — 2 ” ede 'e Utm
nvealment APPly O ARENCK LIGOURE, ol AND ‘tnwigormeag. THE R M, e. PHAGBALENA, * And to arvive next Amarioan Steamer 1 r
- TOCK ~ 81,000,000 aucune TREASURY BTOCK<-#700,000 ’ ° ’ . OLEOM ARGARINE—"‘Oakdale No 1”— TO THIS
BROCK #100 FER SHAM Ecre, eePAR VALUE$1.03, June 16st? Bt Vincent Brreets | Appreclated by att clamor, from the] [)VE,t° kare bere, on, 2th TUNE 1 ty ait aims, sad of the originnt Yale OLIMATR.

highest tothe lowest,

and 4 doz. QUABTS, each.

Every bottle has cork

*MAGDALENA® will take Jet, 20d aud 8;CHACON STREET,
ue Cises pesssogers at ene B35ib April, 1908,

: ew ere eee arene tartare
First Ctsar, Siogle, .. ee EES
geod tee et < /- Ke PARK ST, GRQCERY.
Third Classy a lon an oe
Loa gion coon: io ;
Cee tnd St, tsomeedation | SPECIAL PRICES (Imported)
—— | Malt Vinegar— 6s. per pint & 120 per qt
NORWAY Care & Co's amoried lib, tia Cakes--
e 36c, per tio; Jemain tins at 120, per tin,
_— TOSIATO PASTE~10e, per tic,
The RAB. “Amsson * (Twila Screw] Fresh Petit Poles extra Ga, 150. i tla,
, a


RES are fall paid and noo-aeseenable and carr; no personal Habllity
Bo BHAT indebtedness, no prefered stock, Oommen yet only,
Fee eae te rece thn 10,000 acrex of fend altuate 1a, BT
BY Wns on ;
grow all sorts of ‘Tropical aud Seml Tripieal Products,


a bia Btock } HIGH CLASS asd
eer rsconend Thanh MOLchSS


CLEAN, coor!



Tacarioua Local Road

roe ee eee ery eee eter elt ooee| test das Repie Worectashre Gases
01 ' . t tate roome | tin Impire Worcesteahir
For Shares acd further particulars, vply ta §NAccO RDANOK with Bec'lon Sea that yowget tha genuine article. for the most taretioas travel, ma leave ss 3, pet battle, Btretton's Worcester. —
ws . 4 Bub-section (2) of the Roads jontbampton on slat Jo fora trip] 3! au ft bob. Les & Perrin
; i ; , Ba ZEST =with tes ;
A. S. DONAWA & CO-) ——_|ortisace No, Ho, ths Annual POR SALE BY Be Nomray ling eh Yoltng orl oeuas fe yey oh | ZEEE au

election ,of the above Board will
take place on

Thorsday 16th Joly Next

atthe Wardens Cffico Tunapuna
s$llam, forthe purpose of fill-
ing the seats of two mombers
going out of office
Candidates for election must give
at least seven clear days notice in
writing to the chairman before the
day of election, ‘

Loen, Munda), Balholmen, Gudvasgen, | Berries, Maz-All Tossted Corn Fiakes ab

Bergen, Vik, Odde, Stavanger,
Length of Voyage !4 Days—Pares/ tou

fem £1 per Day. Food and Neave's Food ia Mb tloa; GOUDA

The “Ameson” will be tbY largest, {aod EDAM CUEESE; Hentley & Pat

newest and most eymptoous steamer cruls-| mer’s, Peek Frean aod Carr’e 3 tb. thas

ing to Norway. Bacaite, & by retail ; Carstan Cigarettes

Altforther partioulars as to scoomms | & Tobsoco, White & Cloret Wines, Graves,

dation, rates otc: will be given op appli | Hanternes, Medoo, St, Julies, Montferrand;
cation at the” Londos Offices of the] Chargneaa & Co, Champagne.

Bee Comey . LUIZ DA SILVA.
PERMITS for steam t fender for trends Corner Park and Henry Sts,
sag be obtaloed at the “Dou pany Notice.

For ull forther information apply st PURLONOTICE i hereby given thet

42, Marine Square Fiscal Agents for Trinidad and Tobrgo

——— ed

ante a SL ONL

Chacon St—Telephons 190,

Gold! Gold!

-~ GOED 1!


mppBs, Tinian Gold Mine i open to
Dakeard Oeerse Btreets, RES, Corner

Built on pur Premtag.. -<



Diego Martin Teagtt
Road Board.’



Chairman, THE the Company's Office, all claims azaioat The Trinidad Cocos |X porsnance of Fection (04), Pub: ,
ALL HEART _161h June 1908, CO see en dag MEARE sae aren | SENSES UE eal td Le at ea me
== — - 7 a ESS EN ‘ort-of- 2 —~ Pater tins the sort tnrtant, “oo ls

‘ ' CALCUTTA FOR A TRIFLE, oF Spa : Gece Naar reece te the re
—10~ GO TU CLAMENS NoTIOK R POYNTZ WACKENZIES | oc Theieah tay ScSeie Meer ae

. . xfs T TEE UNDERSIGNED boraby aotity | NO | none of tilling the vente of two nether

T R i WN I > AB p The Hung of Eoomomy, the publle in general that £ bave this xr Ee going ont of Othee, -
: et s And fl! your pocksta wlth GOLD, ‘To day bow, in ihe Btock in Trade and Book WV Ei Tir, pgandilaten for, _flectlon ant hovel
. a M
WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOLLOWING STEANERS | be ctoan,emert-locking, tidy and econo | rabies Moraga Rord in the came #f Jobe p THE

least seven clear days bolore {he .
Addock and that all debte dus to tha above blaction. 4 bn
named are to be pard to me the wndersigne:
8 Miles Moruga Road.
May 20theIm.

mical means Success iN Lire. Don’t

ARE ACHEVULED Delay { Come at oncet} .,

To Sail from Calcutta,



Ex.{SchoonersS" ZETA” and " ADONIS"

Js using your Telephone,

1 rrr Fe ne a ne
’ » “GAN 5° (vis Barleans B a ® ARDFO
erie CTED PITCH PINE Ly MBER eons (via Surlaaso)o0 the S0zh epurative (nayanese May be losing an Order ; F BER TUNER & me
= * (direet) on t Jaly due * ° ‘ h Broa a Co, 1 *
° sg teartiveop oraient btm AvoveT 190 pe F ine Pu / ver] zed PEOPLE EUs to ‘nate tat ee woieame ‘
“oath duiy, dug toardve on orggtont | EYLOEL AED, > IWHO HAVE NO USE |aidreen, ‘Cale Torosion peage f
axSSCANTLING Ns10fFERT = 4 x 4 SCANTLING 03,017 | gg THREE TENnER 1008 ie : j FOR A— altended tn Town or cousiry, :
ar 18,168 arb 3.383 HS via Demersrs) on the | The most reliab'e preparation for all tatisfaction guarantecd,Jase livh
: are irate 1 x tz ft. Rosrds 45°00 2oub Apasat, dus to ariiveon oratoat | disorders arising from impure blood. AES (N Itt HAKET | & a ae a
iis “iisso UEiott terete, tens sase | Fo" Farticulun of Freight, ete, apply to |a>wtee os sas11ameres Telephone of theirOwo,} A CARD.
3x3 871237 2 xlOand 12 ft, Planks seioo | TRINIDAD SHIPPING & TRADIAG CO, —_ —_—-—
36 9381 6 tarde (Ge Ta 808) te See | FOR. SALE OSOY 47 ot nn a = thon havenosise for -—}--p———— ae
. Total Cargo, scssesssees 74189 feet, , “o' 1St. Paul's Pharmacy. L A R G E AY TO C K THEIR NEIGHBOURS | Leonard Hosp i



__c. TRY US BEFORE YOU GO ELSEWHERE. _|. _ _yrmpap Richards & Co. | arways ON-AND [THE COMMERCIAL TELEPHONE CD..1 7 zstabtreted-1856
We offer the aboveasusualcheap| High Schoolfor Gils |RONS# 1 MUA Fucraletons. a ee ea | BIS icteniteme
, For age ea tee hoe Banta A Plants—For Sale. saried_ on hy bl ancle~tbe — ,
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Having served hie ap a
under the late Nr -Gocseke be FREES


Bs, Vincent Street


SS B Wctorla Avenue Ave at 107-8. Hardware Department, | Bast Westetenieatay ie |e depend ah ee ame
The Prescription Work) vs | fie ncuiies sama, Sale at Auction |siuiae “= = Sem
Monday, Save 25th, 91, FREDERICK STREET. TOESDAY, 23x JUNE, 1908.| Vo. 26, Henry Sire

AXTICLES of Wousehold linen, bem: “EVERVABLD PAI

— UF —


Is known throughout the
Island as

~ Reliable, Prompt & Absolute/ v Correct:

where all orders entrusted to hie a
. will be attended 10 =


No, 10, St. Vancent Street,

prayourep by fastruatlous received,
the undersigacd will offes for sale the



M.T Console and Mirror, Pano, Cabloet,
BW. Chairs, 1. W. Rockers B. W,
Bola, M, T. Tables, Oocasionul Tables,
Musle Baad, Mat’ Mackay Ther erras

wale Stac at cka, dict uree,

opel tide foerd Diss Salen, Tales: REPARED trom the bared
pk, abie, bitg room ie

Citck, Glace, Chiss aud’, P. Wares Sineet that expericors, a ad

atitcbed aod embroidered. Every SAYES $7 OOIN CORM OW ORIG,’
{ed ot plein needlework amd dress PU FES YHd eee NOS meant ae
(een worl

x Please apply for Proapectus
and Enotrance Forms to

. Tead- Mistress,

Or TF. Geddes Grant Pon, So.

sking wode:teken,

For Investment, |
$12 000 oa frat clase Tows |
’ roperty or a Cocos
plantation 0,000" for Town property ;
amount can be divided.
Apply by letter 104 Henry Street.

Or toMr, A.J JOBEPH, Boluitor
No. 28 Bt. Vincent Btrret~ May 22-1

Reading Lainps 3s.

Ice House,


omnes ry

7 bee dele ed Sg, wea | Bag
~ wi 2 re, Toilet Tables, M. T. I con: .
: ns rilcod of Boof:; ‘ . F E. GRANSAOLL Wasbstands, Night Chair, Pedestal, | “Demand it from yout Gomap
. There is no substitution, no alteration, P Parlour Lamps 4s, No. 18, Bt. Vincent Beene Att Pronmon Towel feacks, Chamber Settts | beepers and acm pe other, >
‘, no mistake, no delay, Thatis tho reason ROAST & SIKAK 12c per Jb, EE. ] Barry nd Dog Cart—ail to good order, ALBERT LUCIEN &
t why Physicians endorse = g BEEF for Boiling 1€c per Ib GILT CHINA OUPS AND f . No. 1, Charkate Bureet,
r* ‘ SAUCERS ¢/- doz, i So) FRIENDS AND Bale vt 1 ps. erties one
: 4 . ; 1 / Terme CA8H om Delwery, ow Agesl ;
‘ TH E | EDICAL HALL. American BE EF, Superior bone handle etoel tablo C4 ; CUSTOMERS, rma om Delivery tnd alse from our AGES yy pavit q
, ot nee . knives 8/- doz, | | aa You WILL FixD ;Â¥ J. SCOTT & BON, igh St, Ben Yesande, %

Govt. Auctionsors,


ROAST & STEAK 1€o por Ib, ‘
pre Mtl ase Set Jed, de Cisneres, HS
BH ) gE S A | i Hi i, —_— A splendid linscl Gentsts wo Rite murPeneannnnal~ vt creck wu 3
AMBRIOAN BEEF must be | 222 ts for a/0. Watchmaker, ab No. 48 Maripe Pquare WHERE 7] 0 GO ? a7, FREDERICN pat. :
OREIATR. . orderod tho day hefore it is At 9 and sot at No 44 bis lata place of ba 10 Have YOUR ee DETTE +
, required, R ___... J ADHEMAR PRREZ ~ ~ ws Wrork,- .
OSS DENTISTRY, |Clocks & Watches|â„¢ toh Be 0 Pi



Painless Eatraations by bee

euroRd vEay MODERATE ri

Property REpasRe.

WORK abeclutely guaranteed. Atso—

SINGUINEAU Bros 2 Ralph Carrington,

Gradeste College of Dental Ser.


re { '

ome , — JEW. : — PARTLY SRA AMDIN REGELLENTORDER =] sigs. aout ae Pata tn prsere Gooona, sry siNew York Uae Bowe ELRY IN GOLD & SILVER. Vorsor Brass Gait © Ay 7
prise Dag Catt Grow tilags 1 Hesay—ia aol order, Uaa be seocon | Wal oe bef route FF Eay ~a0~ ome CHS, J, JACELON, | ot peli saints ts
ee COMMISSION 1 MEROHAN on Ge wv o No, isa York Bu
po nee - OITY DRUG STORE, _ J sete WINTON SUEARUAN, MISSION + MERCHANTS | | xo 4 Bechrite 6 ses apgegie Wath depot Maker | Sineen eure, Pe ;
~ seat, WAN. Wo t Henry Mtreep Polioa Hoad Quazterg. $4, Marine Square, } ws ae wil be recelg >

oy, 3 L...b@






pons emnerremrennar ernie coir Namrata

a rr nr ——————
_ ~ - } ° ~ aa - . ---t-
Roceivell WE ARE NOW) mee "HAVE YOU SEEN eo
a (moruat & ¢0-OPERATIVE ) , a|Neatsfoot Oil, i
ns . IN POSSESSION OF ag, Onncom eee ~-Turpentine, . }
RS No. 600} AN BXCELLENT ASSORTMENT | Roard of Diréctors: SKEOCH & CO’S , 5 :
’ LASKA Hon. G. Goopwitre, Oe Heese Clippere, Stone Mamaiere :
RS No. 1 tins ... 48¢ oF trexpo O, Sruast, sold * ; _
py & Palmers VERO- a i Vasconcrl toe, Ba TAU BLASTING FUSE' ” .
MPWAQUENo Ltins _ ... 30¢ Taos. Born, Eeq. . - / \
ee oars OASSAREUP WATERPROOF 34 Taney, Hag. MULLET and Seine
pate, arte. eae . iW MoCanray Bea? :
Jarlet Dried FRUITS | ay. : GG Srouwersy, Beg —* rT wLMTEs, -
‘ White ASPARA- ! 5 Hon A. Waanes X eiaadliog wen] Nee Cocos Berapers, Cooos Pracert,
2 4 . e
extra qualit’ No. 2 — by ft ’
He aie soe BOC, 0 | TXSURANCES setoet Jove betel FIVE CENTS-SIIRTING PRINTS Gold Leaf.
oa White ASPARA- Trimapial Dividends declared every yout eet
B (tips} No. 1, $ tlos .. 48c., ~ . ta favcur of Policy do TTISON? SIX CENTS-—FANCY PRINTS —_— on .
ort-of Bpsta, .
a FROM 3DOLS, TO 15 DOLS, BA,| “S=___| eigHT CENTS—Fancy coup mustins TARNOIT DAMBIE & 00.
A e s s ‘, q
i ENS; LTD, RLSO A HUGE LOT OF Triltad dali ald) +rwotve GConts—FANCY COLD PIQUES oun Bas BornINa
TW D —FANCY COLD MUSLINS |74, Marine Square, -
Phe Storcs, 0a ASSOCaLIOD, Twolvo Conts 4, Mat
r. fa RET VEE RMT AS, OFFICE: NO. 18, CHACON STREET.| J"yyoalwo Comts—SELF LINEN Diss Goons, : 7 oo
| } ———— 3 FROM 60 CENTS TO 6 DOLLARS EACH. HE. Board of Directors of the Trial- ¢ t t
As * ‘ seociati otc., ctc., otc, ooo
pared oe een, —— bas Sereda aldo cf percent fr VICTORIA INSTITUTE.
weno, 3 Bedrooms and Drewleg WE WOULD BE VERY PLEASED TO SHOW YOU OUR ineeomeleting the vaal g per cent per < — oe
a smal a8 elfices. Apply % eee ee ol thevvalae of raaturiog shares, Typowriting.
Witeone Ltd, Membere who have received the piid up : e e
p The delleh fal reatdonce ‘ value of their matured shares deriog that —(0)——
nc el areca 9 | ete alate ofthe Areeiaian — aT Py PRMNERS ard thepablicere reminded
° norte Rent $35 pee ae “ 1a te aah dividends corresponding to that Typew ing is uodervaken at _
oF CAraarat Aipeet, Port ot- AS WE FEEL CONFIDENT THAT THEY ARE fala‘ ahare,Bembare, hove motianats vy } watt DEES CE, Scam
manta Best Goods on the Market ! ato ey faa Ud £09 monies toi wo
tt The Nest,” newle * thelr respective relerercs and w . . 10 100 dh ber +
on the St Freneois Valley The Nicest and es 00 § 0 y 8 art g 3] fn cash soy balance standing at credit of ¢ EW CORSETS Above 1,60) 4, 2. per 100 45
be menge wait tron, the Cat AND IF YOU HAPPEN TO REQUIRE ON thet ieee MATHISON NEW LACES, N DYPLIOATING 2 e/a of charge for
on. healthy loratite, Arr . r a Ye} IF you . A ' ‘yrewiiting. :
\he Hatter Clothier avd Oat YOU WOULD NOT GO FAR WRO Scerotary & Troasurer, tog
pb Fie'erek Birvet.— tm. Feby 28th 198 Spoclal * Rates
. — : y . ”
sere iia aa-| GIVE US A LOOK UP EIRST. | aoney |S IOC EL 66 CO ar apascese
i. galleries, ete ete. Fewerag a 7 allor large puma on
joatalied Very Jarre . - DVANCED (5 am Ze
main mihiwront hore ING AND CO.|* “738siEigee, Fublle Benelactats and Frlegds of the Poot
Petes te aio | T . bAD BAY ce, TANT ATI
f . er = ; +
IE WENT. Comfortable Coltege No. Se COVER H HONIG
EP. Picton Street New Town, conve — FOR SALE, | STRO N G’S THE PIANO ee a .
sitested within 50 yarde ol Queen's . ane
eset aac ad onthonne ( Cy A I i le Pee en ytd ide? new te 9 WAREHOUSE Coe Ta.
h instaot Vor K U I} balt boose wb WE Chairman of the Diezo Mariia
Porseeslon ae at the office of iy uate Focaraeuted to tast 160 LEME ENTE OLS T Local Rosd Board bas notified the
ies ih ie, Se sree ute eo er Grog aata ier ob ve caare Lave
rasa : stieee| PTANOS (Saerent
Reva. 65|Bags Superior JAMAICA COFFEE, |i ntiscrst 9 ue bee ire cea rid
Parboor, dining rm, . iy . ve at buildings with stable Ac, yard ‘ . ae - ow Pe SLR, GRUBER, ———
- py tore bedenome, PYOley, _ a — oe a solid On Oe a Te Bow fate >) iT J - Acting Colonial Secretary.
sie Ryuiy hewn, Sloe CASES . RSet soe By all the Best Makers. log Caos
+ | Read .
E MET KCotince Na B Biome | yas ant ; oR SALEclvemier No SS, Parl , THE LARGEST AND MOST ~ -
Bos inves re feig the Eat Finest Danish Table Butter, BO et isd hogna te co ot atthe UP-TO-DATE STOCK OF Coton Secretar Oe, -
- ee . — —_— —F ta Ton, Wilt theap Local
Pietro and vaotiy., Elec or . oh purchane, Hor paruenlas 4901 gods cypress ERM TMU [ici tras sae shen notte abe
Beverage and Statles and utoal sun's: pleave ape ee entate of Francis de _ . toliewing Tesolation for the next meefing .
oar ee Bonk Foo tbe pre: *o, PETE ‘ Nobriga, decensed. 45, Marine bquare— IN THE WEST INDIES. of the Centra a BL FARFAN, |
b-dase fw, ‘ ” H lw Becretary, Cente: 6
BK =A Brantilal Residence, 00 6“ ” d ‘Med. Rea SALMON, _—
a > + .
Beier aa, Beveder team, | ORSOS Rod” an eal a ae Rewelved rr tauie free te sonore etre
~The bouse iv soe of the, mest In Tins—“ Mavipora” and ‘ Siempro Fresco” brand. FOR SALE OR RENT. — Solo Agent for the m big of Rieuayond Rtreet, Bt lowephs
atested, and healthy residences OR BALE On RENT —That desrable “ iver, be diverts
f Porte Spala—oom- Pur 8: se Carlogie” bt. Anns ' in a north easterly dar ri
| Sa waccren canes | GENUINE ‘BRINSMEAD PIANOS, | :i8sistirhast ses
pie mda, “Contatng 7 rotor, & Von Gontard.|Bisteattien sity sine sh dd etnog ctf rssh
rte bere which Wessels Br OS. on “| Fro PALE OR | RENT Outege Hi P h
Mh ts) icatare apply ta A. Machi . hydenbaws road, bY Aony 3 mina : : .
gt caer Sines 257/ 08 tm 3, BROADWAY: __. rota temars anes," Pianos On Hire or Hire” Purchase) vise eurcue- —————
aT ir bed o r . te 7 —————— A ~ —_
BH Tell speined ond enol Awa: SSS eee POR SATEOR RENT “Ln Mereeier the “From 3 Dols por month, aeruen o7 oaths OF PLAGUE AND aUy
oe a Pe _ i. newly jarine rout , ‘ FECTED a
Be Gok tlie ai R ALSTON & CO. ding so raring none, vt, ed | PRONE 446, * 21 FREDERICK STREET. JUNE 1004, IACLUSIYE,
irri pee wre a ' 5 Bervants Toon fe, 8, Apply to FRAs«a8 STE | Dltgnonnd ceases ee : ult
a Bd a’) cons: RROWNE, arine Pqua eee (BY Plagne seccsesenses coesereee ‘
Saene the iene seb 44 South Quay, Portey-Spain Trinilad, BAT ——=| FUSE DOU N VED 8 xen eT lon
BRENT —Deligbifally ool rooma= 174. Saw Mill No 557, WANTED. , . Canoe under obeerratlon. va oe csvessrn =
vice egentleman, overionl’ | umber and Hardware Telephone, No, 174. [yy ANTED.— By alady. married couple 1 Marquise RING with 9 Diamonde, Total reported 14
nai ree healthy Kesl Pont overt, foo 1 RING T3 Diamonds. | saver ot deaths 9°
Kee peor He swag BUILDERS AND co NTRACTO RS; aie toe es raaite Olea error 9 aaneae aa le “al Capes a esness
y 0 ~ : 2) Noi i
'; "fosewion iw Bey.” Aoolr 4 Placson Bolldiogs, Sewersge Connection andall kinds of work | een The Vory thing for Your Girl. fai ru under .
nc mere Bichmood Stet | Estimates a0 furaihed and good work guaranteed, Hee ittre neat Bad pool If you bare no Girl, the very wey to Wia one. Ginter Sbeertniiod ee
‘ . anan' —
a epee engl | ER OO ee ie een ON, PAINTS, | Her itsee TE om weak Apap | OMMIET Twwo—"Wexy_Cueny Osu onto |. i
mig, tad) 9 Vodionme, dhewsien | cosreNT, LIME, SLATES BRICKS AAUiOhy, FIGHTING TWINES, LOCKS, | efter of thls Tale - + § DRUYIFUS,—23 FREDERION STBEBD, (Set) H. Lv Chane,”
Dhaene thd oat houses, Water ONLS, VARNIEHES, ig, BROOMS, HAINES SS PAPER BAGS KEPT IN STOCK, Surgeos General,
izle Light footalied. Cool and RUSHES, a — .B—ALL SIZES OF Ith Juse 1908
Boat? iv fo Mra, Stewart, 13, ildi x t jal ate ate Cc. Cc. VINCENT, ee cA z
oo be —_ ls . __
Ra tere Ship Chandlery andall Building Materia, Bue. ete. AUUTIONEER, 7 OTTO’ ~
elgg? eT Victoria Areene. Coot . AGENT . COL4NIAL Bromerany'a Orrice,
sO Esta ighe nod oowarege to _]| COMMISSION | B Chslrman of the Mantunita Local
naan Broa, 4 Macy treet Pry Contractors to the Colonial Government and Tuya Board. AND COLLECTOR OF DEBTR, TIE GENUINE ‘OTTO’ CAN ONLY BE HAD AT 7 an of the Menranilla Laced
‘May Sind —[es. _ a orftice: 53 Fred. Ht. . 9 following Hesolatios fer fe Bext meetjog
Face. ae ree H. Monceav x? Pes ares
seetiwtaisect| YE ADAMSON PRINTERIE °. -e at crear, Gate TANTS
by emily, oan! . 3 . , \ em _ 2
onerces anes tearet . FoR tl Dr, W- H, Nightingale,| . PANO AND ORG OE VAREHOUSE: [Henin aa ee ttn atte
nich gat tabien and fairy Large pealere All Classes of Job Pr Inting, . _ SOLE AGENIB IN THINIDAD FOR THE tora dletenae of five bandred
Br, Aswy Villa’ steered oppostio | Gar prices can't be beat, (ive va a trial and be tour ee al SURGEON DENTIST, Orvyo AND ATROMMENGHH wrawos. ss lende of Goreel’ end Bates
haem i soetasing drawlog ani ata Doane 00 ae ii, wih prewed depatch, go mma aTRrmns, |- TUNING AND KEPAIRING BY AXPERT WORKMEN. ‘ Argoall, ie vin Hanae yo
Pa! jental verymoder: | ay ousted . ea theese oo iON: , iti coxa RDWARE.6 ‘+. - - TRE Road
* rea’, ents of rental very er Telephone Fe. Ww. TL YUILLE, ~ ~oveon no Sige FERAL RDO 36 GHAGON-ATREET, (OF TOR TE Kza may DWARE, STOREY ST's Pablis (local) Red,

SB Moony btress—4th Jace lm. | 77, Qeeen Bly






“O. 7K.”








Fox Bale by

GHO, R. ALSTON & 00,

ow Goods just Opened.




Big Shipypmoentsjto Hand.

At 25 ofo Cheapor than the Cheapost.
Very Special in Small Waren.

EBoots & Shoes, Stylish and Cheap.






We have received trom a woll-known
Pan-ian Costumier o Targe assert:

ment of ’


He atd aro Real
fashionatle a Qvalt be

These aro very
Adyvanes Paria Summer Styles sn

. soli very c* op,


PB Excellent Milech Cows,

on the Estate, San Juan.

Ale cf potash, and narbonate of magnesis | and the pelicans, Grenasa wae plebted on

"al he rept. ef the prevterg pest}
fooreht sit Oskewats dem fear


——+| watch thas teceme urimttabla Thea the { the td every oye wae iteined tobated .
alee tenains Fava whe foe b aediere” rd ot masta, The trade | coontiod © Asthotities went ‘rather gor ‘ ,
fo the soll déroriprees the aromontaral | werermpty, tatihe news bellowed from [farther then His Wotship wae fo- \
sali¢ which Ore undeenrupemrd, of Infor] he qday won grod—the Yreneh were of deheed te Ablok os to the extent to \
snaplon, treveformibg them inte cathe ate | to Antigen. , which a tean'“rolght be examitoed > a s
Of awinemla, and vere likely determines | A Be ce Fraloh ch ar tang thieagh the | sata hia bnatress, Thaease of she Mery
the combinations ef tha e'emeate ef the /rarbous and Netorn, fike a bonad who har | Dock and Hasbour Hoard © tht Brbynbead

Lino 1, iD stented the prined; le on whieh a

¢ and satinta the inrmation «f
Court nc ed in soking toarrize at (he ten: fs

eracheck, wasaw yepata and headla;

Bisnis seid combining wih the ammonia [fo Anthea; for Avigas whe rear t: ‘ El Popular.

* Ts mary betaine in mind thst ling and | Nevia where he Gret ont bis wife ard] al value Thetshowel that an enqaby :

PRR taewe met not he in| ahers, indeed, he woe married, Breubhles | ato the profitzof the taainem won allow:

Section whew prepering lends Mle $+] snd savage the ch ps lufird ep off the lstemr | ahle, bat he did vet propese to sek ques “ARD


Hoan obrat profir
The M-gtetrate acid thet the Que of a
derek vonld pot be apotienhia ta the eae
Never foram ment bad the chee flag [fa boikting. {twas eet thethieg ftect!
etd, yet neverao farbat the seasingea | Pat vas the corpysot the puree @ the
Mghtol (ber quarry, Hot foot they bed | Suareee, bat the amount of (he capi al in-

wm Jeno 17, Lut Villesewra wee pot thers,
eted gone te Europe, so the people al
he pot told the pereerrs, Pr: *

Plosshed ir, pen mannrecannot heb

At the asametine and rice seres ty e
wonths’ Laterval at fees mrnet olapes be
twren the epplestions, end tt will te we |,
teremember thatthe action of lime, neo
mrspure, chemical manares, sad o he



ClacwerE manure wt give fat retarr | onme from Ea fo the Weak Tothays | vested in tk -
role abes Jediclen ly need ke well tives now they werece their way Unck 60 Ea | Tio Altorrey Generaloatd thet hd did __* Do you know what a * Bagbrella” is,and aro you
w+ | Att tared proved, andaloihed dome wit fropeaans etrht thonmerd pord-—rer f-not-prerewe-o ge intn thoee-ponte——— — oer ee ~ 7 Pe
Werate all the atnmonia cf chemieol | oles, out ard beme, aud a beary prewure Mr, Pollad acid that (f Bvee merely Don’ consult your dictionary for the meaning of

if @snvanal he wey to aecervein the rerte from Qoréon,
eNeleow teft Antigua on Jase 13 On { books would act be reqalred for the pur

Jase2thewntes in tie diary: "Saw | pose, .

threo plonks which, E think, came fron The Attorney-Crneral sald that the
he Krone’ firet ” On Jely 19 the Victory | broke weald te teguired to shew exactly

aod ber companions dropped anchor in the | the amennt of rent pak,

barbcurof Grivaltar Oodualy B0the ele this Ate Dutlend naid, they would rerer pro.

enisy ta thoslairee took: | E-went on f dnes the tanks,

hore for tte firet time pince Jane 16 168, Tho Attorney-General enggeated thatthe

shd from hewng my foot nat of ihe Hectory | evidence te taken,

two seus wautiog two days.” Mr Pollard: Might 9 net be well to
‘Prachare ther commenced on May 12 | cattle the pricciple now,

manares i appHed ay the seme ne wlik

Teronally. 1 would plough Mme in at
the time of preperation, Avgoet ; (hea
fork in pen manarely U-tober or Novem
bet, end Hf the Arot eppheation of chert
tal maeares is to ba mde, Che month of
Janddyy in nest. Sach manure should con
stet Cnty af show lionie echt and potarh,
for the iret applicanion in Jas Gary

[i snvat be borre in wnicd Wat ander re
Creemstavces cen matures of ashen wool

the word, broaure you won't find at there; ask at our
Ladice’ Dopartment, and you'll bo shown ono,

“A-BAGBRELEA.” is juet.a nice Lady's parasol
wilt adainty Handtag altached to it by two little
Chaios aud Claspe

The bag can be detached at will, and carrie] hkoany
other bag at will without spoillng tho appearance of the
Verasol in any way.

debra or time, te mada with cherioal nan | cndeadin Ul ber Jl C Tralalger, Tha Magistrate :-] ani not xeirg toal-
Sip Cprtalniog amwonla except at the pent shere the aren: tattle, tbo had been for low any qorationa into the profits, 6 Whea out shopping you only hite to carry the
ne iterating thar amocn'aivto thestr | ba’ ayearic Ne win's Chonghts was won, The Attorney-Gereral again sabe that Tarasolthe Parasol carries tho bag, thus leaving ene

he wae not golag inte profits .

Mr Poard said, perhaps They hed Te.
ter wait and heer the questions,

Me (arden Gordon was then sworn, He
sald that he inthe owner of the premises
in question. He parehaeed the property
five or six yeare aga,

The Attorney (leneral —You now let
this building to yeur Gem *

Me. Gerdon —Unfertunately I am my
firm, Contloaing, (he witness seikd theb

S>the'ehace ended wel. The heavur of
Engla-d wavuphetd amt the weary 3a
over wea at lent *¢ home fron the res’

eT a EM ad tin Poramouth
Harbnar, she very eanie Mefory thet came
weaniog through ihe Boca oa thst dey tn
Jere, Therein the oimple calas areihe
windows fam which Nelo tank fila het
‘ook of England, tying dimta thé wake of
heehip There fethe deck hs paced for
somavybaramlog daya Cver these very

attte exzereecf the plant ; and witbeas
smmenia(nibozen) oy fede wil glee #
teesousbfe retera.


(By Ar Preden & Trevee)


-hand freo to contend with parcels
There is absolutely no chanco whatovar of leaving
jot bag on the counter, and a snk thief would
ave to tske your Parasol in order to soctre the bag.
Our Lady customers say that this is onecf the
meat conrenient and up-todute methods that havo
been yet introduced, ‘
‘The cost ofa * Bageraie« ia much Joss than that of

Wet bag rov heard of the famous Horne } fat bag
‘ watha he loined, looking out for the [ the rectal for last year was $180 a month,
ees Butte wild see-ras te hen hunted fleet, Thee, lest of all, idthe | incladieg furofiare, fittings and ever * bend and Paracel bought separately, :

ra tte apraech by Une north instr diogy corvec ta the cockpit where, Propped thieg bein accordance with the Sad- nepect one to day... tee ae «only OL44
thet by the rooth It'wenty the rou-hecn | UOeanse the geol otd vernel’s bean, the fiege of that Cours ‘The rental was .
Boca, the Serpent's Moath that Unlontae Sort gallant of Bri ish atmirais drifted | ros fixed befcke the feding ef the
came, bablt Trot otatly pieta @ que, ‘Tre | ent iato the Unrotited Haven, Qourt, Jix over a quarter of o« : = wae

5 vk que. ‘Ihe cortary, the frm cocopled the beilding MICHAEL P. MAILLARD — HE uaa

nerthera presage, on ihe ether hend, th
ea ail’ lirege or Dragon's: Meets te
hoki Atthis end of the

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Asseasment Appeals, tewitoess tor. Tleckarged bts partneraa

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hay Trin ded comes near-st ta the main. ee
Lad, while the et ale fe furth Tue beer ng_of “the appeal of Mr Wil. | Cerfain fixed price for the nse of the
by hire ‘nlande which strereh n'a hee | am Adon Cando ‘aesint Ue eunene Hmbs fi eet and tracsihacseepeaed

therewith- the seme rental whieh bed
exited for over the quarter of thy eea-
fury 5 thet was, certain contitbuthene they
rid out of ihe partpermbip. When_be
watt ** firm” 1 wasels In one, and ball a
dosen in (be other Thatamount of om-
tritetion was $20 « wenth, *
The Altotney General :— Koogbly, what
4e the proportion of your interest fo that

mens by the Towo Board of hua property
ar 6 Sv Viucent Street at $2 840, wea re.
eoned betire the acting City Meyitrate
Yoterdsy morning. Ibe Hon Re
aAuhe: Warner KO, acting Attorne
Gengal, anpesred for the slows Dur
aid Srk 6 pho Poltard instiucted by Mr
é De Saker, 16prerented Mr Gorden:

The Megistrate sald, he boped Mr { of your partners?
Wanner 8 got the noter of wrigence ie Gordan i—It varied considerably
— fiom Heme be timer 7 bevatee st be-partoers
ave charged.

Me Pedlord-+—-Now'we ate begining te
touch the inquieltorial part of it,

The Magistra e -—Not yet, I think,

oerorrtha dividing sea. The beloet water
in thas Moken into fone chapnela; that bo
the weet isthe Rora GUrarde, then some
the Heeade Nasa (he Way of hips
the Boos de Horvos or Tag Pawace, a
finsiy the Buea de Mogca or Monkey's
Chenr et,

Of th ab the B ea de Moros is the mest
inposing, It is anarrow, eohoirg channel,
some thee entiles whe, hemmed to between

om bi idiog pices, sbich rine on one aide
tothetei, Tota thenmnd fort thewe- then tugihe aia er —--——

The acting Atttroey Genesal sep'ied bi
that be hadte thenk fertbenrthe Crevk of
ihe Feace who hed eviden ly supped

em at great personal tnounvenience, Le
wansory ts ony the ease bad falien from The At orney (eneeet int
the bapstot Mr Aleatir*to his, It wae] did their interest eyaal your?
Iste on If iiay that Mr Aloaziraace taiued Me. Vollard again objected That en-
that bia p event positon prec uded hin Wry into prefiteur the 1elative value of
from gor gen wih tt, de, (ibe apeaber) | Partners was outele the question entirely,
hod leenuying, tat nabie tons Mr Gosdon said hewoud hke tomy
vimuate ins kt owledge ol she evidener, acd | that daring the last % te white the
therefore Le hoped Hie Worh p aod Mr | “Ame rental, socalted, had Leen allow ed,
Pollad would besr with him it bawent | 6 had to pay for npheep, repairs, in
‘Wrong 05 any pout fo the evidence, He | provements and enlargemests of Lhe pre-
thuaybt on the last occasin Sr Alcea | titese winch were ball ns Wg agaig to-da
ser nad he pro osed tq call Mi Gordon tof as they were onunally, whiel. accoont
get sone evidence from it a as to the cuss | fur the rating va'ne taking
vt the budiog. He would vow cal ddr] The Attorney General na
i rdon, . to acertain the rents on each of the pen-

MrJ’ Nerd thereapon submitted that it | Helees paid by the firm, and ‘for that par-
was nat oven to his friend to cell as his arent

pose be asked that the books be
watnoen practieaily the complenent ia tue Mr. Pollants [have advised ¢b¢ objee or
battler The objeour was there nader

nat to prtuce the traoks y W
Uruiwanceda, t, fom which hu W "e Attorney Genera’: Your Worslap
ehipe powers vere de nved. lvlew o does not rule tbat it is inedmissible *
cvold thew sonetuing in the Urdinasce

The Mavistrate No, i du not say its
wbub enlerged Iku Worsbin puwess they

had to be guided py it, entively Me Gur the Attorney General ,—You received «
a fat merebactman desng intheeun iu (4 8 was the pe objectit g lo the anon. Prodnee
tle bay. Many a ten p et cused erafttasp Went, eud tbe

notice ta your buoks aad you re-
‘Town Boa’ were in the | fuse to do sot :
beev owept throazh thie chuove! auhelp | }Oeuun uf respondent urdefeudanu, Nojf Mr Gorton .—Yea,
lens aye ebild’s boat ‘io arui'l sluice, tn be) Party low Case in thet court wea & com. The Atrorney General ashel that « note
pellable witness, (ues be desl od tr gu e
ewe: ort owe purpove, [ for an order on Me, (Jo dow to prodore bias

ihe parcy 6 wld rot bs coinpeiled to du eg. | Louks for the svle patpase of adeertaining
Hie trict sergne {to be ‘resting that corct | the amount of rent pal by the rm ‘er
to kl Voto; dein on old getiey wi hy stttlog tor aweenann: pur) ows, as an tude: | (Le okt premises It was esential to the
benebes to row‘ upon, thecth-ataiwo } pesdent court cresied ty he etsinte, euquiry tbat that knowledge should be
wlierties, a tergeand a ship's toat- one, ®beiese the How eHaia Ordinance uoder | yot, ——~
Lvudfed tet alT Told Wich thcy” werd & Teg, seerely referiel | Mir Pollard sad that Mr Gordon waa a

Of the many remsrkable craft thet have | te qeestion Lo His Wercip witness on behafof his fied who had
proved through the Drasone Moo bth |, ‘LLe Megistiaty rad bode the Sammary | sehed him questions to which he had given
bovt remaibaule apresred off he oairence | lioveda @ Uraitancw contewpleted taste, | anevers by which he wae boon He
tw ihacbanuel ob Juve 7, 1908 I. wee fcriadoel maltote—whbers a winess coud | evald not cross exauine Jus own witness
bo sina'] colpeny tbat hove w aight that [beverte called, except cn bis owa tebell | He was not en itled to have the locks for
avy purpewe; andis support of that state

thasc conn deGle aqreat tide rest en, cie'ing
tomad eddies, Thepighty food as it tite
iteelf overa hidden reefebowa abugscorted
tack above tbe stre nao if it were sore
Ristoolrg sea woneter, A grey rock with
adead wee on it stands alone in the fair
war, where Che rm Vern fall open it with the
forceof a battering rem, ‘lhe Teen de
Moros is best seen 4rom the open tea about
dha tine of eundown, The cliffs, sheer
end emisoor, ate theo fn shade, Thry
stand opon e ther tide cf the defite, flick
ing it the py cnsat the entrauce to a tem-
slsavence I? jean sckima asd meses te
portal, aad the fret trembling ship that wea
whirled down ghe pasa might we'l have
wordered if beyutd wasthe Sea of Death
Lt wae th ough thed Boca thet Conmbos
went cat ther Le salled away from Isic
dad, The yao ine 4 lace sor taMog winds,
hot he ungainly, o+maana oti shine were
hurried ehrough, hke dofiweod, rifling ta
thin side ant tbat, ibeeaila Higping, Ue
greds ownaitg antl) the beaces avepped,
he be'm mea gowerlers, ard eseh man
cessag Uineelf sed mattenng yiasere
Muny aud manya beccanser bea crept
through the vee alley, hoping to bud



A. New size Tin] °°
12°02, NET.

The Best Millx


Sold bv all

——IEROM==——— >

be proposed

Dealers and

dashed to pecesorthe rocks, of to find

Te tty oe
Trough the soutbern Iva cama Ha‘eyh

ia the sina 1 boats whieb wo @ to carry him



43, Miarine F#quarn,


fur it one nade uvof thie uo bettl-. | at hiseweer will; tut thet was net ex-
actly & erlmjoat provedue, Lut a quass | iment, cugnsel quote) from the case of |

evil oce. Ts was an a, peal ta biw trom | Cartinight ¢ Brule ates Uncon, the dictum . 7 s
W. C. ROSS & Co. | Woiock largeQuantilies 4

the rate Gaed by tho Asessinent Commit- fof Lord Maurce, with when Le sald

Vo tandeey “Wontly’ remarked enoed Cae oertet chore pot to Urlag forward
Rat& Vermin Poisons

Lot travel uutaide of the tour cospers of the ‘The Magistrate agreed with that view,

Ordinance giving hm p wer. ‘The Attorney General pointed out that

After further deusvion, Mr Pollard
asked that kis ot jertiu se puted, aethe ‘ealtor the patton of suveria vlog ihe

BIsSINEHNOLY TYTouxt waRDa &(rovaHns ‘

Mayltr ste wes not tuciuelto his probia made, lait as to what rest wae
aud the Deve

-viz, ten ga «f the une ned th ee
ireeates ‘Tory pros cbed the Bova with
every athch of sadee. [eo wom ext ent
that they were in do heate Ateviy
opsstheau flew the Bravish ey. Meme curt
our, lowever, wes the face tbat every atip
was cl ared for setion every goore ven
siaudiog ty b's plow, Che ma igex oe were
open and piles uf aime for Fusding were
beaped opwthedecks This wae thenes
sirmoge teceuce the Galt ot Paria, sasef ry
afew fishing trale, a traderarivoacd
neu elk are, was eivply and toe picture
vlc ni fing peeos °

ThaBat Lip t paw the Bry hid on
heeetern thé meme’ Vecory and in ber
quatter deck a Sirtish sducrt, mopar
won of middle sse wba hed tue am
and one eye~Ilor tw N-laon. Never ds
any edeeniarer show euch an orged Dee ae
he okd fo yet ag impor of the ebipping ia
the Golfof Paria, over wet & man eg
diesppuntd wheu he found the great
haven eres ty Tha te of that ea prinng
voy age, bol sheady wany times, may be
told oyaia, for it 1 beverta be lorgutien,

Tosbe spnng of 183° Nelson had teen
fon g watching the French eotoreund thet lef. 4 very treuce nf the ah
eouttern ows x of Europs, On March 3) The Mayl'sele rewarbed (ht formerly, | fruim the concern which eoukl not Ie cay
ihean be Fieveh eqaedron gider Agdaiial | id a sivis Walters tbe perdon ieterve cd | un inether pease Ledid wt ihisk be
Villeveave shpped cat of Tuutoa batuar | wee potas epetent witoree bat pow, be | would be suing hin duty if he ached that
and darthed Nebor, al-poosh much | wae bob competent aad conpeliable the beake be eagpent 1s subght be sery
hagupered by Lad ‘weasher, seorcbod errr Mr Voliard quated the rave of Cartenghe | danyeroes to exjare & wan'e,
tay onthe Freroh and &panwh sea! oud, | ¢ A: route s Cmson, in euppost of hie pro- bir dulled (har the information his
aod paused the Mediterisneso frum ore | positiio bat Alc Uer’on wee mit a eum. | (read desire! ta obtula re'uled tu snuther
ect (0 lbe «ther. pekatls wiles, ond subsitivd that there | property, at the walject of the amens-

Eeryin bey the ronsletion pelged him [ingeeto bs eaxpremed provision cpa pal "The Altorney (ieseral (to wi pst

Colonial Dispensary, :

wim ties oy way a mation on ing vudee Mart rdeestdon bere explained that be cha
Mead ich drironit areeeh aps | mt he partnerhep ty doiareperemiah en
foniaccolaraver tae penedure vas | iotit im

given, They bat sua noved Sr Gorden ques Attorney General reppated hw re

tow winisa who sould be able to thaw

soure ight on the rental value of the bai d- The Magistrate oald he woull be very

log is question The taza “oon pel ablewit | surry to axk apy firm to produce hel: looke

hae” wee nut spjlicatie th ve, aod wee f to as 0 divelune in what wry t clr Luslsens

eddy tate fosna ta conteesson wehert jetood fig thungls it was hard y right
unless ib was a matter of extielue neceuby

Wine wetion te the odin days,
Bir Polberd cals thes verve weremeta| lo espoe ary business, god, bad (sud

comp tent but wot esmm tebe wi nesses, | led it wae Lad it was'euret still) of indif
oo that they aloud ia therame posit oa pa | ferent ; and eacept dn certain cases wher
the hts were £5 .

af ee


Ths Aturney Gevernl, in reply tothe | iy aged againat Mr Gurdon as fe partner of

Compagnie - Generale-




New Twin Screw Steamers


thes the Preah bed goseta the West Iq. J tux the vbjeokr to inie ihe t
dies, Os Bey ie be set off an ite clase nece but we ee sitarnee oa bebalf 1 @ & you as the cost ofthe sew ba
18s 6 on tat ‘ ?

Villoueuve bw eye stat offi fo e c he Laerd = =wanted 1 ullard — 1 alyert to the question,

tn wee bie oi tieoce, Mle wowkd Le salp
‘og et Unok we bad Lette: retire for junch to cen
200 certain | auier it (laughter) Thee are, strong
at Unoritées on the point
The Court was edjournel foi an hour,

Un the reson!
‘Ihe Attorney General anid thet os
evaleore hed tenn gen by uther
wits een on that bat, be moked ibel Mr.
Gordia should vig athe eet cf euorwas |
len .
Mr Vu Jed oubsalsted tb gy the luniegeed
be woubt ] of erprrat ored of ease tert oy would
whethepro- | su criessue ia chow the sete! velue cf a
fo whrt | Luding, and wes thepele lnadaobed
crobtp. Het or inelevast ia evidence selena it techuwe
1 id but, fut a emcee we, propane to vak Mr | thas tw osquivales t

ty d

He resehed Medel ia four besibrg days
—no sess, With every sail dransmg 4
yee don tole bsdoe nade Co linlg Bey un
une é,orly to bearthetthe Freseh were
at Tilaldad. Iho Magar te vend that at preavot ad

Awsy be few tetherouth. Téesoent | vised, be ww d over ru 57 AMewEl bo
was lo, He would cateh them iaibe | go isto aman’s busleeor, He way thea to
allel Vara Note ter pate coal be | 6: jvireisita whet wee (he reatal valee.
winbed for: ihe bute they wee acer ia the tbye tion of Ms. d wea fos
bis trisd weald be ibe leitle of Setot | meliy ovr ree, ,
Spain Jt waedo thie epltis that, (bree: the AttreeyAsomrsl oak thit Hie
daye late beqmue foumlog {brous the We ray hasing ee ded (hak Me Gorda
Kecas. clear on Bae Jemad the th uld go tay Witt bedos.
‘anal oO bje Sates, ‘A dapeiek bratse t bbe Virlete, bete @ he didse,
jaro the horleurol the tiwm come heel par W wok bin. having te
gkh aie news that the feet wee at hud just fallen fro he


it ti» ubjooucn be rele 4, a0 ules
served wih se notlce to
Looks which ibeg bad nov dose,



“Guadeloupe” and “Parou”®



Komed ewaeg We Enzith ships toe ordon any queen Th Tad ta
twifbbeg and’ kefuse ike tows fell bed the tonpess,br seine le m rn tesa vi cc uessie a Sjsaiee lord.
srowet bo warned hey were througithe prying mto rhs Der tise, ba westiins | ings, eituatun of propengee. Fs support =
Fhac ao age! be, ing Beh sad lecrieg as lu balp ibe Lourtioce oude shel wa: | of phat view, (uunatl outed the: saes uf the J !
the quit god once moe to the fehermen ibe seatus that parucaler Dulldiog, asd ‘ Greet Osntrul Kasluuy Coye Bantery Unsor 0 NTH

Gazyrvrn TUESDAY TUNE 9 1808.

Pe TT eee CRED, Nt

23 ares popentenmees

: Ler egeNENacee pense wee etegenes 2 : pateewnamreeateneneasais
DAY OP ULY Teh muy MV OF ULY Rd os ee REM cae OA TOR) WRONTADAY THE ttm | SACE TOY OP AULY Woe tn the metteriet tne entre ef Philp reat *
u ows bette

a, ee we nish, lafe
PUREIO NOTICE ia boraty tines oat PUBLIC NOTICATIT heraby Gir shat ta Sale inne lend of Tynlded, Widow,

reisa Of the Power of fale gonferred Gecegned,
A talnel tn @ certain feed of morigare Mortgerwea Ube Connyancing asd Law 0 —
‘frbtend a to et 16 rm me | Eee Lerten tana geen | DURLIG, NOTICE hen ahs et
ata are HCRTOn bas
betweas Thomas Henry Ret h ard Car: | ine exad September tgo8, fram Mary Phuthart Edwore ‘Wateon of tbe "Town of Porta Spa,

f t
~~ ~~ Crace lee of LeLane Rood in ibe The rer th bee tar
that UBLIC NOTICH tabereby given that Ward of Morega fn the Jeland of Lecge Volare ine aes
I RO NOTE ie aera an cone P in exercise of the Power of Bele con: Telnided, widow eodecessed. . ta the telnnd of ie ket cage
ferret on Mottgaceed by the Conveyane. | ferred on mortgagees by the Conveyancto pout a 1 rar
epriication hea been mada to tue by of wEgation bas Geen ad wa art Sats

7 oo
1584 | aod Lew of Property Ordinance 1894, an UBLIO NOTICE | ib: ft thet
: bodtomunsed id a'orkale dnt more | entuleed fn a enais,Meperandain (1° Yentatina hoe toe" madd fo ue smite
‘ia Kmith of the ove gatt and Tel be Robert Ly there wil be putup die this island, Proprietor, gene dated ihe lith ds aly nguetlos Granger 0 ue ia bbe | Chagvanar 4 ‘Ware
Rove Ta’ Tra of thn olbat far, there will | fereate by the undersigsed” at bia, Auction | Probate ofthe WIN bearite date be gc eof | TNd® Detween Ririobun of the one par) and 1900, fro Jainsnen to Bagwansinal, | Wad of Morogs trthls ialand the wifeof | gract of probute of the St ered
Tepat up for ea'e by publia anction hy | Mart No. oc Herre Promenadé, Ban Fer | March 1908 of the Fotate of Grace Charictte{ Kslarf the other pert and registered as | thers will be pul sp fur sa’e P4 @ Fetit Granger fof a graotof Probate of zd day of ie 2509 tthe aber 1
sens! ate dforg router

' {a Auation Mart No Go, Horie | ite bas Wil ond T 4
the undergnedat thelr Auction Mart Ns, | nenda, on Wednesday jhe sand dey ot July | Devinics’ ts of the Town 'ot PercstGpein ta No. 9259 for. the peat. 2002, euere wilt ba | etgaed at h “ ae ond Testament bearing date of Woedtord Lovigs
Ip Recheflie Street, Inthe town of Tort-of- | 1908. totween the hrure of one and twe Sham | ahs Talend Widow deceased, wbo Gicdon the | put ep for eile ty? the wedersicned at bie Fromensde, Ban Feroands, « 9 edoedey the Och day of April 1005 of the estate of | aforysnid deceased, whe ded on ihe ght
1 Frain, bn Thareday the Oth day of Joly al tbat parcel of land ottuate in the Ward @ | 6b day of March 1908 having at the time of ber | Anction Bert No 00 Harris Promenade, | the 220d day 4 uly 905, eon Phitlppa Grace late of LaLane aforenaid, hy 197 baving at the tlre of his deat
Oropouthe somprt ing re wore acd seveniern death & [Axed place of abode at Port-ofSpala | Rian Fernendo, on ;\Wodnesdes the ah dey houre of ane and two pm le of fand Deceased who died on the 20th dey of the eld prods ot Werdtord Vin
che be the same more or lest, rexiaterrd 40 | wf , tbs said Charles kAwart Watson | of Joly 1908, between the houre of one aa AI thove threa several parcels af land | Aprit A.D. 1904 baviog at the time of ber | [D4 te'd Betchia being the 50's erwtaie
‘ol, LXXXIX, 177, aod beamded 00 the being the Executor pamed (a the Will of | two aitnve in the Ward of Ssvana Grande” death a fixed places of shode at TaLune | * Pe eeid emt Ld
North by Crown land aod by lenda of Ramea Marle Louise Jenvey late of the Town of Port: A ‘that Mu 2 rareel of land South ta the Island of Tri Idal thn Bret ¢ Road aforesaid witble the ‘Ward of Moruge And potion fe ~whee. hereby Elven det
Lock, om the South by & Reserva forty five links | of-Spain io the said Island deceased the Ex at MOEA RS PD han: | thenof comprising Bfteen acres ani Af een | the paid Augastina Granger being the scle | rea’ At loterd before the” sanieat
wide along the Jobn River by Crown land, aed | ecutrix samed in the Wi of the aborenamed | Meataring thirty.serea feet by one ban cerchas te the same more or lows delineat fen) za ai ranger bein st the twenty days from tbe date of the
Ly a road tesorved filly Links wide, on the East | Grace Charlotte Devenish, deceased. red foat more or lesa situate at Cipero | Wercns 10 tot eae ttale and boundaries | eee rag, Tamed fm the sald WIN of the | this notice, the Conte wil ¢rovend te
by Crowe land, ty land of Remaaburk und by | And notice is alto givon’ that if no eqveat fs | Stroe in the Towa of Sin Pernsauo | o1and wih the aialiss, ant MMe | sald Philipre Grace And Pablis Notice | bate of the said twin "N68 Men
Wroad .reverted ANY Woke Wide, “hod” O6 The | Jodged Lefore the expiration of iwaniy'sigh( | koown ae No, 87 of Ctperd Street, and | th shewe tn t tell Asataa gives’ that if po Caveat Ialodged | Dated tha toh day af Wey toe,
West by Crown Inod, and lotersacted by tha | days from the date of tbe publication of | mbuttlog on the North upon tot No 39 of | Crown Grant tb Basawan fn Vol XU_folio | before the expiration of twanty-elght days EB, RADCLIFFE CLARKE,

3008 hetesen the boure of 1 and 8 pm
All rad Ringniae that certain piece or
orparceletiand eltave io tbe Tewe of
Pott-of Spain in tha Ivand of Trinidad
known arNa, (67 Evot Dry River, now
krewn i Na 80 Raiillo Btreok Bor tole
Epelo, jane a f{ronta wenty-fir
ert an Ras\'on aireet Bra ond bHadred
feevin eo th ard ataitiogan the Norih


° frat, en the | Joba Rivee with a reserve forty five links wide | this potloe the Court will proceed to issue | Ci lot No, | 295, and bounded on the North bya Trace | from the date of the publication of this
Boar caee geet ag, the Eaud oa beg bank, topetber with (be appurtenances Probatn oy the tal 3 Will accordibely. 33 of Rites on the Bea ee aeat apos levered thirty diska wiles by, lands of Notice the Cours wilt "procoed to {seve Deputy Bopiaeee,
spon tut Ne, 84a Bu Dry River and 09 | Oe ee oe tune, ton (gd) TOA. THOMPSON, —_ | 4048 of the Devisces of T J. Hrown and | Toward Cartiiers he South and Wend | racy eh the sald Will sovordiogty, rs
the West upon lal No 66 Eat Dry PP. PICKERING, ga) T. A, TH Tesbat on the Weak upon Cipero Street, togecher | Themes Farrell, on the Sout o ; re Dated the fourth day of Jane A D. 1908. TRININA’
olver, ° ‘Auctionser, Kistrer | withthe appartenances there's belonging. y, Crown tend, sod onthe Ku oe (Rgd.) T. A. THOMPSON, ia the 8 B,
Dated the 1eth day of Jone loo | SeTNIpAD. | TRINIDAD awe TOBAGO. ~ Dated tle La Savof Fone lOticg, | end or anteol Baalizn ond tierscted 6 | geRTOADATTOPEUO Ne | aman y tase a
a - . - e oe c abd +
RRND CSS Cee eS at Se as Mk Nera nee Anctionser,, [RD HIaTE le Road and by the Goor}u Ta tbe Saprpsie Court, Non ot 108 8 Peeks
TRINIDAD. ——— . Ta the matter of the estate of Laonent | TRINIDAD The accend thereof contprisiog nine acres | 12 the Matter of the vatate of Joba Barton | Bet ween
Tn the Bupreme Court, JUBLIC NOTICE te bereby piven that Poorve tate of Bande de L’Est Road fa | ia the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobag® | three 1o.xte ond twenty four perches be the {ation late of Tistmont in the Town of Potrlela Heokshs
In the Matter of cn P In pareuaoce of the power of sale eon: the Ward of Savana Grande, Planter Sunimary Jurisdiction -Port-of Spain, ave moor les registered-io Vol XV. Vertof-Bpain Harrister-at-Law-De | (rormerty Patricle Hattosy-Platat
The, Estate of Henry jbaene Chior tatned ia a certaln deed dhe the Lach dey —Deceared Intestate, No, 112 0f 1908 Sn few Cle a bounded oa jee North by a sensed. — Theophi'es Lewis th! j Pe Faiavat
of November ia tha year regietered sa . soon iL reo ved thiety Hoke wile on the : ae an PA
Beork ang Tenn of Trinidad. | No gis of 1600 and tnade between Latch: | PDURLIC NOTICE fe hereby given that Guapent Paint Both Oy Gee eaten Ue bol Holt PUBLIC NOTICE le bushy given that ea aneris bad mh Milakal

tole of the ope part and Christopher Wil. application has been made to me
liam Henderos and Remael Hendervon | Saeaceeh Pierre of Bande de L’Est Rood
trading tegetber aa Hendersen Brothers of | in the ward of Savana Grande, widow for
the other part, there will be patup for sale | & Krad of lettera of admiolstration of the
on Wednenday the Sth dey of daly 1008 | estate ot Leonard terre Iste of Bande de
at the Avetion Mart of Messra Louis Jobn | L’Est Road fo the ward pt Savana Orande,
& Co. at No, 9 Corner of Rt, Vincent and | Widow, deceased who died on the 1th day
Backville Streets ta the Town of Porteof | of May A.D, 1909 haviog at the time of
Spain betwess the hoara of one sod two | bis deach s fixed place of abode at Bande
pw. Alland Blogaler tha certain piece | ¢ L'Est Road. withia the oald ward of | piece or parcel of fand situate (nthe Wadol] lands of Magawao and by C owo lend,
or parcel of land known as lot No. 60 of | Ssvana Grande the said Bassonah Pierre | Tirure in tbe Island of Trinidad comprisig | gogetber with the sppurtenances thereto
Piparg Sttlement in the Ward of Monts being the lawfal widow and relict of the | fifteen acres thes roods and twenty four perches | beton log.
serrat {u the Istand of Trinidad comprisiog sald Deceased, and notice ie stea given | and abutting oo ihe North upen lands pow er Dated this 8th day of dane 1908.
five acrea of land and abattingroa the | bat If no Caveat is lodged before the | lately of Gaddin, on the Bou h upon lands now ¥.P PICKERING,
North upon a road, on the Baath upon lot | §T piretion ot aT only welght daye f ioe the forte now 0 forme athe Crown, aed upon Anctioneer:
No 6 » on 0 ab 2 ate ol 4 pu joation o| potice eo . TL
Me eon be East opon § Koad, and oa | Cot will proceed to grant ielters of ad. | 0d? vow or formerly pf Jamroo, andon the | GALE FOR MONDAY THE 6ra DAY
t No. 84, road. And UL

rod I . An .
Dated this (th dey of June 1908, ected the Moe da et i AD. 1908 se ieata setter nat parcel oF tot of land OF JULY 1908,

é Road on the East by [hnds of Masswan and
G, Sanduford Cox— Defendant, by Isndeof Maria Tria and on the Woes

UALIC NOTICE Ts hereby given that by by Crown land and dotereeeted by the Bull
an order of His Honour Mr, Justin Swag H le Road

made bereio on tha 16th day of April fast there And the third thoes! comprising five

wil] be put, up for aale belore the doors of the j acres registered fa Vol XV folio 33 aod

Cuan House, Port-of-Spila on Thutaday the | boadded on tbe North by Ball Hote Road,

asih day of June Jeo8 between the hours of One Fon the Mouth and Weat ty Crown tard,

andTwopm All and Singular that certals | and on the Eut by Bu'l Hole Road b

by Philip Heory Qoddard Hatton of the
Ward of Carol. Planter for a Grant of
Probuteel the Will bearing date the Oth
day of Apsil 1895 ef Johu Barton THattos
ot Belmont jn the Town ef Dort-of-Spaip
Barrister-st-Law aforessid, deceaced who
died on the Mth day of May A.D, 1909 at
Port of Spaia aforesaid haviag at the time
of ble death a Ged place of abode at Port-
at Bpaln the eaid Phitip Henry Goddard
Hatton srg the sole executor vamed in edz of Dorde Ftreet inthe Toweathe
And notice fs also given thet if no or lees by 20 fe . 40 fost \a freed we
caveat ia Sodged before the expiration of | North & “Nomber oped boueded
twenty eight diya from the date of the | Routh be pene aede Street og
pabhieativa {thie potion the Coort wl | the Fash by Horde Biroet cod ora:
2 jesne probate of the ba!
PeDated the bth deyel ‘Inne 1008, by the Trangallty Lande eaten

‘PUBLIC NUTICE is hereby given that

spptination hag been mada tome by
Atos Matilda Leong Ching of Mateiat fo
the Ward of Toco in the Island of Trinl
dad, Widow, for a Cirentfof Labtersof Ad-
rainietration of the entate of the above
named Henry Leong Ching, deossced, late
of Matelot aforesaid who'died on the 20th
day of F ary 1903, having atthe tine
of ble death a Sxrd plese of abode at the
‘paid Sfateloh, the said Alloe Matitds
Leong Ching being the lawfal widow snd
relies of the sald deceased.

And Notlee is ateo given that tf so
caveat be lodged before ha evpiration of
twenty-eight dase from the date of th
publication of thie votice the Covrt wil

Rursall mode herein on
March 190d there will be nea ier
before the doors of the Court Beacit

of band 2pm. .
that purcel of
log bonse ad alle eel ae

he profisions of the Real Property om tain deed of mortgage pear
10 feoue Fetters of Administration T. A. THOMPSON. | Grasmnea rd of UBLIC NOTICE tw berety piven sbat A THOMIMON, = [ined og dot
fo wid Ales faa rong Chog, LOUIS JOnN & Cow “ Registrar. Orainiie acieen werea bey the tame mor rs LP ' exercise of the Staion "reuer of tle Kogiatrer, No. 250 ot Spel iene
rt io depal Ja uetiqoeere, commen | lene delineated and with the abuttals and tounde {| conferred on morigagees tl nveFANcio TRINIDA bE between Theo hilus Lovie,
_ 7 ———= eee R : ) - pace fone
Syd, “POA. THOMPSON, TRINIDAD, wiaibe furreme Court of Trinidad and aries thereot shewa itr the ping tirawn on Crown | and Law-ef Preperty “Ordmance Novyasand in the Supreme Conrt of Fiivided and | above-nemnd Selondanen ian “at
. Megetter_ | SALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE STH Tobage, Cre rte a same oe NS tapes | tala Deed of mortgage: dated the tork day of | TOOARO one partand Josephine Wintred
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. DAY OF JUNE 1908, No. 48 of 100g, Pe rister Bock and et oortiands of Jamroor on August 1994, (rezisered as No. B835 of 1909) Earomary Jertedietlou— Port of'Spain | of the other pert to meere the
- ox iran Sapreme Court, UBLICNoTI CHI bereb bh J Between tha South upon lands of Mungaroo, on the { and rade betnecn Eavard Long of the one No. 467 of 1905 bet sam of) ith tara ett avon a
a rte hereby piven tha ner James Kt i da of Lawtid and upon taads of and Charles Saturo! the word pote
In the Registry at Port of Spain p exercise of the Tower one Sonteed ere pand Genta Pty Ferdi Bae ena ce the ria Tands of Gunness ree part, there wil! be put up {fr sale by __ Robert de Freitaa—Plalotit hum together with the *ppineuse

In the matter of the the cette of Tiere
Edward Hetau lier tate of the town of
Atima in the jeland of Tilodad,

therets belongieg, ae
Dated thie 30th day of Aprit 1908 >
(Sgd.) ERNEST D, CLaame, |

links wide left for a road, ble auction by the undersigned at their
Soyo es vegas the ‘parcels firstly and Socio mart at No, a Sacknitle Strert Port-of-
secondly descrihed tom mortgagy in favour of | Spain on Monday the 6th day of July 1908,

oa Mottgageos by the Conveysnclag snd

Aud . and
Law of Property Ordiance 1894 and Ii fwacd Charléa Mercer Stone~Delendank, The Administrator Geoeral—Detendant.

contained fn a certain Memorandum =m nveen the houvs of one and io 0” . ——
planter deceared, of , Mortgage | Nov 118 dated | the | PUBLIG NOTICE is hevely given that ['teeg payment of oe bam otf ono acts | alland nogular that prce oc parcel of laod | PUBLIC NOTICE ie hereby eiven thas Deputy Ragainy,
_—_ Ele th day of March 2007 from by an crder of Hie Hoobur Mr Jastice | god interest thereon and as regards thd parcel | situate Io the town of Portof pain {formerly y an order of His Honour Mr. Justice *
PUBLIC NOTICE te vereby given that { Aloxaader Stephenson, and Mary Staphen- | Awan wadeheretacon the 1s) dey of Jane frtly seacrlbed : ) ment receeded agaist | tr The “Ward-of Laventittey to the stand of | Svan made herein on the llth day of Jane = -
: pplica¥on Las een tase 15 HE bY Thon to Williams Alexander Dottin, there | 1908 there will be” pad up for sale before | tbe Pacsafe haay of Februnry tot | Trnidadand measuriog Ip widih fifey ‘our feet on | 1903, there-will be put up for sate before

Raphael Vignate of the town of Arima | will be pat up for sale by the asdersigned | the doora of the dour Vrouse, Port of: | atthe instance of Paul H. Scherer & Ca., for | the Nortberg boundary and filly eight fect piue | tbe doors of the Court House, Port-of- | TRINIDAD, _——
aforesaid planter for a grant of probate of | at ble Auction Mart Ne, 6c Harrie Pro | Speto, on Thureday the 23rd day of Jaly } the sum of {00 105 1d and costs. inches un the Southern honodary and fifty four } Speio, oa Thursday the Mtb day of Jaly | fo tbe Supreme Court o¢ Trisidad ang Thing:
the Will Bearing date the Sth day of May | meoude, Baa Fernanda, on Wednesday the | 1909 between the hours of One and Two! Dated this 6th day of May 108 feet in leng hon the Eastern boundary and fifly | 1908, Letween the hours of one aod ¢wo Summary Jurtsdictlon—Por-of Spas, >,
1608 of Pierre Ldwerd Betendier who died | Oth day of Jare 1908, betwoon the hours | o'slook in the afferovon Allaod Giogular| (Se4.).E. pt RADCLIFFE CLARKE, Give feet se Inches on the Western ‘boundary | pm, all and singular that plece or parcel | No. 80 of 35 4. a

onthe eishteerth dey of May 1009 having *
nt the tims of biedeath a Hxed place of

atode et Arims aforssaid the sald Rupbael

Deputy Repistrar abutting North upon lands reserved for a road
THIN puty Registrar _ abu ie Nends Welongieg 10 Desire Taser on of lind situate at Arouca in the Ward of

Ia the Supreme Court of Trinidad and | $h¢ South upog lands of Samuel Scott on the

of one and, All that parcel of | that certain messuage and lend situate |
land situnte fo the Ward of Sivaas Grande | the Town of Portuol-Spain lo the ‘Toland of

Tsoarigua comprising one lot. aod abu’- AB oe Sin ¥
South comprisiog fifteen acreatwo reode | Trinidsd formerly known as lot No, 15a

tlaz co the North upon Jinde of Heory | paul Lasse, sometioiee natlod Friday “ote

lands reserved for a road and upon [| 7¢
Viguale being the sole executor camed la | and seven perches bathe same more oz lessa | Dake Strees but no oumbered and Tobago, . “Iaads of Wil ; Callender, on the South upon lands of | feadant
the sald Will, aod Notice is also glren dellnested” and wlth the abutals and | knows a4 lob Nomber A Heory Street No. 58 of 1908. bee vole Ele nea aice oe Mery Hear on the Fast apon Promensde x

that if po ¢avent Is loeged before the

expirativu of treaty elph dey from the UBLIC NOTICE ts given thet bya

bounderies thereof sbewn inthe plan drawn. having a frontage of St feat and a depth of | Ia the matter of Ordinance No. 45 nd the | shat other piece or, parcel of land formerig Susee?, and on the West upon lands of der of Hu ES Mu Seas
order uw tionow Mrjuice

on the Crown Grantregistered in Volame 73 feetand 8 inches and abotticg on the trusts of the Will of Albert Lack late | situate in the said Ward of Laventilia but now | Peli 0)0e and upon the High Road,

pabliea'ion of this Nobce the Court will XLT, folio 479 and bounded «n he Nor 0 0 e of Port of Spain—Deoeased, to the Town of Port of Spaln measuring oo the | Dated thie 37th day of Jane 1902, herein tbe 43th day of Apnl ty thew Wt
- pe ceed to issue probate acourdingly. by « Grown Recorve, by the Camatn North Forth open. the lot formerly knows ae lot pen East seventeen feet six inches more of less ob (gi) E RADCLIFFE CLARKE tp for tale lore the an o: the
Dated this Lah dey of Jave Gr. Gity Vinke wide and by land reserved fora | beved and known as lot Namber 86 Henry | Ta the matter of the humb's petition of | the West seveoteen feet on the North Sty feet a Deputy-Regist rar. ‘ouse Port-of Spain na Thursdsy the
("gt.) T.4. THOMPSON spring, oa the South Ly the,esld Camuto | Stree, on the South apon the lot formerly Adele Joseph, Eda Evaniete Loalas | $04 on the South flty feet and wbatting on the | 4 RINIDAD, of Jung too8 tevecea the boar oft

Regietrar, | Road fifty hak wile acd by Crown Land, | known ae lot Number 21 Henry Btreet bot Joneph, Aldric Edgar Joreph. Enid | orth upon, lands eee pa Ewan Secp-Ia the Supreme Court of Trinidad acd parcels of jaed af hoes ing someal
' ib FOR WEDNESPAY THE 22 ted by Crowe, Wend "eal onthe Wee ke 32 Hoary Sirect oe on pe ict Nember Jaret tneatrlee Louie terete oa the Eat foe Jandrrat Ekoner Delzios 5 J edie P t of Spai Hee thereon comet ted

b B rE ND y Crown Land, and on the Weet by eriry Stroet, on the Eaat upon the lot laseph, Beatrice Louies Adele Joseph, | Taylor and on the West upon lands of the sak} vmmary Jurisdiction Ioré o! 8, rat theteot comprining tf: sonda abet

= DAY Of JULY, 18, the Cumuto Rod filty Hoka wide acd io- formerly koown os Job Number 14 Dake bydney Edvar Joseph, lufacts noder Hleoner Delune Taylor or bowszever otherwite | No, 30 of 3008 pales prches and auulsivg " ie Nom upee last

—_—- ternected by a road reeerved add by a Street but now renumbered aod knownae

the ageof 21 years by thelr mother | the same may be Lutted or bounded,
prpuc NOTICI is hareby given that branch of the asid road reserved cach being ler Numer &3 Duke Btreet and on the

now of lavely ot Royal Tocesas on the Sag
and nezt friend Adele Jose, h. Dated this qth day of June 1908

. tween
George Verselles—Plalotig, upon land pow or lately of Freacet

in eaestise of the Power of Sale con. | thirty three Hoke wide, West cpoa Henry Street. UBLIU NOTICE Is hereby given thet QUIS JOIN & CO, aod Pawan on the Fast upon land pew oF
erred on sian af by the Cooveyana Dated thlelach day of Mey 1908, Dated this aheday of June 1908, P by an order of His Honour Edgar Auctionerrs Mary Ollvierre - Defondaot Paul fanpect and on the Wea ape bal
ligand Low of Feoperty, Ordinaces 1884, Sad. POP. PICKERING, (gd.) E, RADCLIFYE CLARKE | Agostinl K.C., Acting Chlef Justice made, TRINIDAD ~~ Kee Sccood hereot comprisog 4 aa?
and eootained ia aceitaia Deed of Mort- Auctioneer. Deputy Kegistrar, | herein om the )4th day of May 1908 there | BALE, FOR WEDNESDAY TOE Je? UBLIC NOTICE ie hereby eiren that | ad 34 perches and al ca. the
vege dated the 281b day of Uctober 1904 | TRINIDAD. a +I TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. “———~' | will be put for sale Lefore the doors of the “DAY OF JULY 1908, by an o-der of His Honour Mr, Justice | Sou, fr

Wet ti land?

Conrt House In the town of Port-of Spain —_— hwan made bereia on thol2 hday of March } formerly of ‘ne Crowes’ Balt ba

on Thiredey the 25th day of June 1003 UBLIC NOTICE ta berehy given that {°10ud there will be put up for sale, before 7 in favour of Virgina Nunes dated

between the hours of 1 and 2. fn exorcisg cf the Power of Bale | the doore of the Tonrt House Port-of Spsia | 1907 tor securing payment of them aff
All and Singular the messoages and pre: | Gcnlerred on Mortgagess by the Convey: | oo Thurstay the 25:h dey of June 100% | dollare and itterest, 4

ualzes formerly ktown sa No, 3i Dube | ancing and law ol Vroperty Osdinaucd | betweeu tbe houre of one aod two pm. | Dated tbis oth day ot ape tee
rest “fer the town-of tort vf Spxia-bet}-Tiai, aid conlained Th a-oercsla Meind [AACE of land-and-mewatze-stiute | — ~ (ety ERM

now keown s@ No. 123 Duke Ntroot and Deputy Bogan. 7

insde between Moti of theone part aod UBLIC NOTICE is horeby given that
Hhegwansiog of the other part and regise Pp Inexercle of the power of ssle con, fa the manne farce Coart Smard
tered aa No, 2 614 for the yoar 2003, there ! ferred on mortgagers by the Conveyancing late of Bolmoot fo the Towa of Port

vith beyus upfor sls by Pablie Auction | Ordinance number seventy two and eon
nt nn na eevtatee ‘deca of roar sega dat a { Spaio fo the Inland of Trisidad,

the “Hl day of May, 1007, regiatered a6 ——
posit NOTICE {+ hereby gives that

> Oe Harris Promovade; Sun Fernando,

on Waloesdey the 2200 day of Jnly 1008, | Na, 1423 ‘of 1007, end made between randam of Mortyege No, 41 dated the 4th J fu the town of Port-of-Sosin formerly

between tbe hours ¢f ozesod two PM Josephine Faustina Garcia of the one part 1 abutting on the Nerth apon Duke Btrects | January 1907, from Moagdaleno Rangel to | known as No. $0 of Nelson btreet bnt now — ernment
Frotly : Allthat parcel of land, situate J and Joseph Gumbs of the other part there Aiiinen Gcenion, bes been, made vo me YY oa the Routh os Nes Liggent Sireet oe Molchan, there will be put up for sale by | asseseed and keown as No. 37 Nelson TRINIDAD. ol Thad sad

iathe Werdel Vointe-a-P erre containing | will be put up for sate by putiis auction

the undersioned at his Auction Marb Na, | Street and abattiog on the North oa lot
—, mrehalf of « queres end bourdcd on the | hy the undersigned, at their offiaa, No. &

Belmont, in ‘he Town of Port of-Spain In | West partly upon No 38 Sb Vincent | ya iWarrig Promenade, Sin Feroando, on | No, 39 Neleon street on the Routh on lot

No. 32 of 1905, art

a the Jslead of Trinkiad, Writing Clerk, for? gi 3 ‘i vi 0

North by the Public Read, on the Suuth | 12, t, Vinceot Blieet, fo the town of |. ’ Streef aad partly Oo NO 125 Duke Street | wednesdsy the Ist day of Joly 1903, Le. | No. 35 Neleou Blresg on the Easton Nelvon , ‘Orbos Panel

y land of Albert Valiscor Morryat, oa | Posteof Spaig, in the Island of Tricidad, amrant of bol dey af the, Sil bestia logether with the appurtenances thereto | tween tbe hours of one pod iwolp m Hered and on the West oa lot No. 40 of Victoria Lemessy and mY
» 4 the East by lands of Harper aod on the | oo Fridey, the 3rd day of July 2908, be- | Joho Smart Jute of Belmoot in the said belongiog’ss the o rele of $1,200. All that certain parcel of land mtoate } George Sireet sabject to s mortgage in Phihp Meyas and Hooter Dees

Weed by lande of Weera’st acd by lands of | tween the houre of 000 and two pm. Towa of Tort of Fpain, who died onthe} Dated thid Ziet day o Hay 1908 | in tbe Ward of Oropouche 1a the Island of | favour of Louis Johoson Smith dated 2lat — 3

Restce, All and sioguler that eertela cocoa | 92nd day of May 1907 having ob the tlme & RADCLIFFE CLARKE. Troided o mprising thitteen acres, threa |} ecember 1907 for securing psymont of Pues. NOTICE is oe

‘Apd Secondly + All that parcel of lend plantation known as La Retraite compris | of his death » fired place of sbode ab Hel. eee De paty Regivizar. | soode and thirty-seven perches Le the same | the sumo of $254 and interest. an order of His Honour Mt.
containing two roods and thirtren perches, | jog one hundred and ninety-two scres of | mont sforesald, ‘the sald Witham George | BALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE STH | more or fess delineated ia the plan an Dated this Sth day of Apnl, 1008. made in the above maler ua f
mtuato 1D the ead ward of Polntea | Isod situate in the Ward of Moruga, Jo | being the sale Executor named In the seit JULY, hes, vexed tothe Crowa Grant registered in ERNEST D CLARKE, May. toos sbeve witl be 4

Tiere and Fousdeden the North by the | the [sland of Trinidad, and abatiiag coo
Puble Road, on the South by lande of A.
fF Marcyet, on the Fast by lands of Iler
per and oathe eet hy | Isody of Heerd,
Dated this 15h dey of Jars

Vol. XCVI folio 229, and bounded on the Depaty Reglstrar.
North by a road reserved Sfty links wide, | TRINTUAD,

aod by Crown Laod, on the booth] In the tapicme Court of Trinidad aod
by Crown lands and by lands of Cata- Tobago.

hoa Victorian, on the East by Crown Laod Suromery Jurisdiction» Port-of tipain.
andby Isods of Sylvestre Etbood and on | No 142 of 1904 ~

the Weet by a Road reserved Gfty Hoke

Wilt, —
the North on Morogs River, cathe South! acd Notice is also giveo UBLIC NOTICE is bereby given thes
pa the me = ibe East on land now oF | caveat te lodged before fe ex; that if wo Pp in exercise of the power St Saale on
lately oft 3 ire ¢ Paul Lafoucade B tdon | twenty-elgbt days from tbe date of the | tained fm a certala deed of Mortghge datel

.. ek on oraga, River, fRblect tos] publication of this moiice the Court will | the 17:b day of Beptensber 1907 registered
mortgage in favour orace Deighton for proceed to jsaue probate of the ssid will | ia the office of the Reglstsar General as

accuriog payment of the sam of three 5
thousand five bundred dollare and fatoteut. bororday 20th day of May 1908, Ae efor aT ie cae gartand Dowie

Pott-of Spain on Thusdey
June, 1508, Lotweea the pours f 18 4
All and Singular that cera Cove
Lon and lands situate ia tha Word
this Istand koown a¢ “ Ses
prising 2 ner. 9 reads tad 1308
abultng co tl parily
Anandale, partly opos leads of te

Madeleine Joseph (Assigneey—Plaintif?

fde, by lands petitioned fur by Leon St
TA teria baa leano of tha one part aod Dowlat | Wiles LY , y rT]
pent aOR WEDNESDAY, THE 24TH Dated this op doy of Jane 4 RN Ryd. T. A. THOMPSON Chanhersing of the ‘ollier® patt. there will | Hilaire de Cannes and by Crown Land, Executlon Creditor, Cara ie Conch, hoe eee
° ; NE 1904 7 , Registear. | Le put up for sa'e by public auction by the | boxelber with the appurtenauces thereto and sail plantation, ry
DAY OF JUNE 1905, Govt. Auctioncers, e 4 elo . of tha said plantatloo, of (he
we: . undersigned at thelr Auction Mart, No, 12 | ¢oR'e 6 Augustus Jalien and Sylveatre Julisa— | cathe Fast om tbe Santa Coes

~y}UDIIG NOTICE fe horely alven that | SALE 1OR WEDNESOAY THE wth] ~ he. Vine ont Sucet, ta the town of Vors of. | Dated this 20th day of May 1008 (Defendants) Execution Debtors, on the West on tbe pirates

I fa ererelse the ower of Sele con: DAY OF JUNE, 1908, TRINIDAD anv TOBAGO, TENS on Wedoorday the jc dey of daly | ce ees : Pes car | Oooo ae Sex, terecther og ie OEE

wl adage Marae Mest | pone gree hn tense ev attest myne | eeeone eee etn saat ne ney | Puguonar te tn is fos as tae

‘ N given that Io , a DF 1K . sg . 1 * b a *

hae deed tbe ae eT ot November 1004 } esercisa of tbe Power of Sale conlerred ” Mate eh Oeste of Jules Pieton of Taod aod ctor plantation situate in the SALE FOR és repay ue alt DAY tive Swan made berein on the 12th day of KE. pe RADCLIFPE

4 ‘ard of
No ing ond let and by wre oe Cena Turure, Planter, Deceased. Trintéed comping ory alae sees three
lorigage Sale date: ar
Mareh erat registered e ‘ae oftee” of a pric NOTICE ta horeby given that toude and tblricen percite and ab alting
Registra: Gaeveral of ths Island aa No. oy af | +, pplication, hay brea made to me by [Pe ants Heard Foolt on tle Benth eed
the Hretc: of of Hoeds for tbe year root and | Adeling Paul of the Ward of Tarurem the | tren ® G Yup lepd and, te Ea
taade Letweea Thomas lbillp of the coe part | Istend of Trisldad 1 nter fore grenb of oat ede Tih . Me Dp nd us nak
fod Antonia | steve Decoura (since Probate of the foe Will and Testament Conn lend. (chert Mc Deru aod upos

of the other part, there will be put for sal
bi sucnea by the undersigned. at thew omies bearing date Tele Pesce epuary 190d | NB —The above parcel ¢f "aod will be

\fred Sogre tow, there wil Le putup
ne by¢ntlic ssotion by the under:
pigned at their aveten wart cornertf
bh ekvtileanthy ‘ttocent Srreaty, Pore of
Ky. nen Wedpe dey the 2th day of June
Jian, Letucou the heures of one acd two


Wabat parcel of lsod sitaate ig the
wad ot Turare ocinprisiog 10 acces La the

: December 1407 there will be nat for sale
ee re ceate areel, eieea nat 2 | before the doora of the Court House Port
certain. deed of mortgage bearing date the | of Spain on Thursday the 25:h day of Jace
thirty first day of Janyary 1906 registered ip the | 1908 between the hours of one and two
Office of the Registrar Geeneral as No 4t20f the [nm, All those two parcels of lend and
Frotccot of Dewls ine that year aud made brs | Cocoa Plantations situate jo ibe Ward of
tween Jobn Ocean of tt: one pari and Heertam, | Carenage The frat thereof under a Royal
singh of the other pert there will be put up for | Crown Grant dated 10th December 1280
sale Ly Pubic Aucuon by tbe undertigned at | compewlog 10 sbres 2 poode 27 perches aod

ai ie ihe Bopewm Cet,
The Kegistry &

the Patete

the Port ; Oto. Feold subject tow certara mortgage dated | (Dot Auchon Mart No. 2 Corner of St. Ninseal | stating on the North aud Wesb on Crow :

sime more cr tess delineated in the dis aa 33 Teay Sireet fu town of “OF T pouche in the Ward of lature in the esid sold on “& otrtam rage ate a ville Ser ¢ of Spas on Tu y abating oa the & ‘ond in Telacd of
net . Ia sa on Wednesday the eth day of Juce | jyisnd , the 4: dey of July 3105 regiatered as No, dai 908 bet bo Land on the Bouth on land of Louis Jalien Decessed. 7

rem attached to es ey 198 between the bows of 3 and spc Alf ig Te ae riot Yelseay tye pene wat 22autor toe eame year and made between vend epee, of buy y ween the hous of | sidon the East um Crown Land aad on On

that dwelling house sod barrack rooms erated
dang And slandisg 08 4 parcel of Jot of land | the time of tis deach « fred place of abode
Oftbe lands knoes a3" bormanot Leod’ at | 8t Oropouche within the Ward ol Terere
Ube date of the said Deed asccoed and known | #foresaid the sakd Adelioa Poul te'd the

the seid Hiewteria Sambrano of the oe
partpard one John Hlaic of the other part
seouring the repayment of the principal

ja the Certicate of Bitte in
described ious 243 aad bounded on
the North and East by Crown lends on

All and S10; that certam parcel of land | Jac4s of the said LouiaJulien, The second
situate af McDonald Village in ihe Waid of | Uereol under (he Real Properly Ordioance
EC haguenas lo the Island of Frinidod comprving | eatercd at Volome 1X Folio 213 and bound

oi $e

UBLIC NOTI heel bean

epplicatioe OF on a ¥.

pjamin ani ol 4
‘ard * Please

bum of $1000 00 with interest thereon, ove yuasree of land be tbe seme nuove or Je don tbe North by €' 2 by
tae at AZi oa ‘the Went by lode | frtmiared pa aoun a Ne 35 bie es | "Aatuot euie gloee thescsiesn | Deed tha day oftane in | Sed ding anita Nonk wpa i Cantage | South hy lade of nae lon and by | Ot NALS Bore
hn ibe town of Port-of Spala . fe lodged bel ad, " lands ule Augusteon the b by iV
or ceed a uy ot mar tm, | taeda ata Kom iotao eftanrmanion oP4re | __Gosnrnmant Ancurear._ | es uiny Ex are din Cush se ora | tenga f Wid Aone ond by lade | $ruie at St Git
- OUIF JOUN & CO. WSEY putice tha 1 IDAD anv TOHAGO. a uly Avguste acd pa the West by lands late
OU ON eo ee. LEWSEV & MAYNARD. | Trotete of the nald Witton (2 feue | TRINIDAD uc mueet, Dated thie 20th day of May 2008, la the Matter of the Futateof Edward Cumber | Dated this tgih day of June A,U. 198 Julies avd {intersected by they Marne Joroa S'jenter Deceserd
TRINAD And TOBAGO, (gl) T. A. THOMPAON, bach late of ihe Ward of Chaguaoas LOLs JOHN & CO, Catherios Koad together with the building | O70 dey of Apeil 4D 198
The Repuury ot Pert Spaia 1 gutrar, planter ~Deceased Avethoecre, | sa eprmrnengnon theuee Uelargi™e: Khe of hia dont» Be Pie
. a a he 8 jt
In the Matias el the Estate of Andrew Pereva | TRINIDAD ANI) TUHAGO. ~~ CO PUBLIC NOTICE whereby givee that ap- | TRINIDAD and TOBAGO. tyoreny Bande L'Eet Road ial
late of Hickieat in tbe Towa of Por i . Maroge the
. ’ 1 GALE FOR TLESDAY THE 20TH tren has teen made to me by Flies io the ne Court . eoutor and sypelee
- Spane ta the Iekand of Trinidad beceased, DAY UF JUNE, lat bean berbaeh of tne Weed of Ceaguses. is the Balter of a6 ol Joseph Jones, late B WRRADCLIPE CLARKE, | he wet al ae
~— : woe wl ibe to Maasan ‘Lisceased. egintrar,
eet VRLIT Norice le Baiteby rites hat pusuc NOTICE a given tbat by of Port-of Spain, ‘Secues Supersiendent of JUBLIC NoTICE 1s herety goven thal > OO ene

Leen asade to ue bared Peles @ grast of at apptica ruade Arnold je
IIB sqnsational and iterenting { day oud Perea of Balmoot sfecruld fora | 1 lve af tbe puvers vested io'eoe as be LE | and Tastamest daced ze Fetrusry spot" of | Path of Fetin cathe Ward of Sous Cru iene | MLA, I MARQU H Zs freccety-cshs daze tee Ig)
T sy a . \ oA Geant of Letters of Adauaistrauioa of the Rxale ator of the Trimidad Cocoa Manutactuneg | Edward Cussterdeich of the ward of | Grant of Protate of the Will haw ng dale the ° oe publication of thie s
« + novel highly ae % of ‘Andrew Perera late of Hislnont sloresabd. | Company in ihquldation there witl be ofered for | Chageanas, daceagd who died-on the 14 day | 71h day of Masch ise of fowph Jones, lie of wo iNVv=ESsc proceed te issue Pro!
thoes who have reed jt cau be had Deceased sho deed ou the shih Gay of, March | ie Oe er Linton ced Fued piace of Abode Te ie sand of Chaatinnos | tbe ooh doy ai keane wae fied 22 1 47,000 on good Coc Eptete security aceordiogy ol Mey 4
7. ~ Pogpus yl ey ane 1 Ne, € bas
“fron the fol owing plates at the fied placeol ai Bélnoei slocesud the said abercromby Sireet, sloretaid The sakd tisabers Cumberbatch | of be death a hued ence sik nee 3,000 oa Town or Cosa Entatus Dated t Bach dap ol bsp
} ol Maitlida Maud Fereira Lewg the laviul widow All aad Sogular those three contiguous juts | und Hubert Taylor Nunwe being the execuiorl | ManzesnWa wutie fe Ware oi Manasuills,

aod relict of the wid Andiew Pereira Deceased, | Sf land with Lirge duuldisg thereon (formerly

Aad active a aloo given that if 20 Caveai ig | itd os the Tramway Stables} samate at Coco
lodged tele enpiration of iweuty-eigbe | ite be the Ward of Mucurapa in thus lead and
ays from tbe Tie gbaeteg oe the North onthe Main itoad ww

named in Ube sad Wii
And actice also given that W no Caveat is
lodged beluse the ex; 00 Of twenty-eight

HOUSE Neue yecen Street, eubjecd 0
taert ‘e Fie
noure No. i Stacece.

the said Arnold Ptata Lewy the
tu the ced Will toe te enscaton

«fod notice is gle giveo shut uf no Caveat
w lad, before the fapuation of twenty. bt
pablesuce Ths

O85 Cont ih MAMMAL,
Lag .

Of the pebiealion Gays from [Be dais of icauon Of this seas COT,
~~ ~ devine the Lous) will proved te L 1a on tbe Sou fb en theses, oa iow the Court wi Edward fitrcce. Tux Pout OF 5 ei
H. 1 AGAR~Park mises Adanonuaten to & said teak Od CONE 1akds AOS on the Week or nin eco son ame Pci aut, ee Coe Aa proved no ane Promue of | COTTAGE ents Cius, wear rivee and | and pablirhed oe ig by. os Xi
are large devia loadiog 49 We sou Taptor Nusre th. said Will to the said Arnold Plate, pelle rosd. Furarcbed— 64 x 200. at Ro 133 York ory of at
oud Mies LAL RENCK Sau Fersando | Dated we 1th dey of Moy A 2 gee ated iby yd hese int. ed thas 1ath day of May aged. Dated the git day of May 3 Vincent Bireet. rte
Bay & sopy wow if you have pul yet dons T A, THOM . R. YOY, MAUKENZIE (Sad) bon RADCLIFFE CLARKE, (Ged) T A THOMPSON To asuld the waste ofa stamp wend wf BWI, where comm navel
go A a wil oon seyres tbe few ,canle, Regatear. Liqaldavr, Reguire:, Rogeiras, good, leseopable secuiity for losas peu_eto wil

Oh Ae

seomrrrreeimsommamn ee LURT OF BAIN GAZETTE TORSDAY JUNE, 26 1908 . l

— FR Hee Ea etait ae hereon amd “

; STEPHENS, Limited,

Se eee =




Gents Ready Made



= 200 PAIRS “LIDILIAY PERFUME 00 By Ws Rigaud °
i - *"LYS}a do... ve tee eee By Crown Perfumery Oo,
; ‘O

. 3 . *“FLAVIAY do a D Do.
AG ENS “WHITE ROSE PERFUME on tas By Blondean & Company

man , “VIOLET? PERFONE .. 9s. | ws By Winolia Company

GENTS TWEED SUITS—Spooial Valucs—at $2.00, #2.40," 993.00 and $3.50 ~
GENTS TWERD TROUSERS... a GO conts, 84 conta, 96 cents per pair
GENTS FANCY VESTS—New Styles—All one price--60 cents each,

Sample lot of Gent's Socks ‘

at . 1 &&% " .
uViaist) Garbolic. ve Olt At Less than Cost Price.

’The Cheapest Store for Laces and Embroideries. -

Welrd American Hat. | KonsnkijRe MW, Mal
Americans who hata returned from Paris heb: The rotates Mail }

have intraduced a wetd fashion in men's f "Agente. . 4

view of local trade there can be no doubt | hats, which they declare wax worn by the prixs WITLTEM 1 —The Datch Mat

that fairly and equitably worked,—that | King during tua sinit to Parsa recently atearoer © Prins Willems " is due here
It ts made of felt and shaped like a] from Venesnalac porte-on-or sleut the = ——

{evo faa iatura’ se ghee of Jotioewan’s Latmel With w buckle yorn | Heb Jane 199,
Fatatwaribo, Havre and Ameterdam takings

sa it, acd-care} Cliler at theslde or Lebind, New Lorkere
Hoe eae a taotreusre to | bo go wn fur extremes in Iresnare uaking carco, persongers ard maile °
think an uodue preference ia shewn to arash to their hatter« for the new hdad- RINS WILLEM HI The Dutch Mell
any particular fir,—the scheme should | &°*" ito Steamer “Prion Willem MT" it doe
J prove a conadersble boon to local Trenterere ch of about he 8 boat 1903
trades acd since most of the firms in proceeding afterwerda ta Caippano, Gemas

questing, fockuding Wilsons, who seem MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. ba, Guant G Fi Cabell
to have been left ont somehow, Curacao, “adie “hart Gaye, Potact

B.N.S.P, The Royal Mall Line | Finca aad New York tablog cargo, pas-

RINOCO. The RMS. “ Oricoco’ | acgers, and maila

VU wall not call at this port, piss MAURITS —The Dateh Meil
A special srrangement hee been made Steamer “ Price Maurits” is due here
for panergere and cargo to be forwarded | from Venernelen porte on or about the
totbia port by the Dickford and Black ] 11th Juty 1904, proceeding afierwarda to
Steamer "dobo”* due here ps: Varamaribo, Havreand Amiterdam tating

bably on Wednesdsy moroirg tha 24th | Cares, passengers, and mails.
instant. pus FREDEKIK UENDRIK:—The
M AGDALENA,-The R3LR. © Mag. Dutch Mail Steamer * Piloe Frederik
dalens ledue here from New York | Hondnk”™ fs dae here from Amsterdam via
Paramaribo aad Demerara on of at out tha
20th Jaly 108, proceeding afterwards to

* VIOLET” POWDER vee wed By Vinolis Company
~ at less than rogular COST PRICE,

Becial Lines in Ladies’ Belts/SOAPS BY VINOLIA GO.



es ———

reer ror save (BRUNSWICK GROCERY

gr Recent Arrivals.

=e ——$+-< 6COt

DROPPERS _[{Roroag greod with, this propos, and
Mean Economy and Strength, | oerresucks‘atatl From the potst of



lewfoundland Codfish. lect".



already import materials for safe for
thie class of work, it ‘would seem
they should be able to undertake the
eontracté for atleast as cheap a rate a8
the department cen do it Thus 2
d-uble advantage will be gained, To
the owner the erst will be no greater ;
while the spred and reliability where-
with the work will be dene wil be of
necesity greater than ia possible where
a more or Jesa irresponsible private con:
tractor ia employed, and on the other

Can ta attached to avy existing wire
fence. Thousands of milesin uae, on Sunday Jane 28th via Jamaica, Colon,
Carthegena and Puerta Colombie, and will


: « —— band a great portion at acy rate of the | Jeare tbe nest dey for Southampton via | Caropapo, Cumans, Panipat f
BRLS CHOICE SPLIT HERRIN G. present profits that it lato be assumed | Larkedos, Madicrwand Thertoarg. taking La Uaesre, Puerta Cabal Onan at
h TOR WINES - Jare earned by a Government depart- ppreeegers, cargo and matisfor Madeiraand | wel, Aax Cayas, Port an Prioce ead New
ed an ment on there works will now go foto | Ecsope only. Pas engera and cargo will | York taklog carge, passengere, and mille,
ee - 500 BOXES... the ceffers of the logal firms of the | not be take 1 for Barbados, TINS DPR NEDERLANDS -The


Choice Smoked Herrin FRESH MBAT, ICE, BREAD

lbatch Mail Steamer” Prina der Neder-
landen ” is dee here from Vanesuelan ports
onar ntout the 26cb July 1908, procee ting
afteswards to l'aramaribo, Uavre and Am»

city. To theee edvantages may be
added the eovaideration that if some
half a dozen of more contractors cin be
eecured, aa we think i¢ehould be easily

‘Ih teuwter wi'l leave the Quren’s Wharf,
Lightbouee Jetty, atl pm. w iB pasaon-
gere for the © Megdalens ”

Tasvengere are +pecially notitiad that «

baggage lighter to be despatebed to the | werd taki a »
3 Ly cancion Cauaee as | tet cistctege arg veraae [ee
y Supphed at respective residences by af by . folly cou stent to take such couttacts, pasetoyer tro" therefore fegvorted tae —.
y - i ily. j . tf. —it ehou e an eary matter to sec’
Fe. 10 CASES CHOICE YORK HAMS. an thrice daily ¥ the complete senerin ofet least sil the thas fear vienatathas before Konandlajke Weat f “a
i ’ s s 8 “WwW onabitary premises of the town withio TRATO,—The RM S.°* Atrato" ie ‘ by eat 100
5 M- W. Goo DIN G. The, Lechrin ¢ Iron orks the sourte of the .next six months, Ane beretrom bet AWwet-}— 5 tire Meitliont. ~~
a CASK CHOICE IRISH HAMS.. — = = - a EDGAR RIF 4d Co, [sod if by the end of the year peaday 8tb, tolye via Cherbourg acd) Bar New Yene ‘atamaribo ‘
ead . . ° Bole Agente, | that can be acoomplisbed, certainly tailor, and wal peste, "he amie da, or The foyat Dutch ahcrtlers
4 ver at t {a @ ° 1 Ce fe —A yeni,
, 8 TO 12 LBS, EAQH, . — = health of Fort-of Sprin moat necessarily gena, Calon and Jamaics, tehlog maile | CYARAMAUCA —The ve Bavamacea” *

S ts due bere from New York on-oe— —
‘abont the 2ird June 1w% proceeding after-
wande to Parawaribo, taklog cargo, passen-
gore and maile,
LRINAME --The aa "Barlarme”™ {4
KD due here from I'vrawaillo on of about
the 6th July 1008 proceading alterwasds to
New York direct taklog esrgo, paseeagers,

. —_—_—————
oe TLS
Po - &-Sarin-Gar te

r[MiAMEs tie RM b& “Thames tr
due here from New York on Sanday
Jaly lth, 190%, via Jamaics, Colto,
Certageva and Puerto Colombia, and will
leave thejnext day for Routhawpton vie
Barbados and ;Cherbourg, taking passen-
gers, cargo and mafle for Luropa
oor esengers and cargo will not be tak sed RROWIINI. Th
eo —Thees “Merowljue”
for Barbadon wails only. M je due here trom New York ‘need oa
Tha tender will leave the Lightbouve } or aboot the 7th July 90H, roceeding
Jatty, Gocen's W herf, at lpm. with pae- | afterwards to Haramasibo taking cargo,
sengers tor the’ Thames, passengera, snd tosile
Vasveugers are specially notified thet a | CYAKRAMACCA—The as “Rasamasca?
heggege Iichter lo te deapaiched to the Indoe bere from New York direct en
Homeward Mail will leave the Btu Viocent | crahout the 2ist Jaly 1008 proceeding af-
Jetty ab 10 am. on the dsyof sailing, and | terwan's to Paramaribo taklog cargo, pare
gers are therefore rrjacated to see | sengers ond masts, ‘
that all their Laggege ts neut duwn before Qorgesa B-The on *Coppename |
thet hoor, J Nadve bere from Paracerils oo oF
atwut the 2b May 1008, proceeding efiere
wardeto New York direct taking cargo,
parsengere and rualle, .

A Good Bargain,

cotorx ESTATE — Sangre Grande
A district, comprisiog 21 acres of ised,
621 full tosrine trees, 207 balé and small

’ ST. VINCENT BUILDING, treea slo @ Young Garden ; good road,

Pact of money jelusin aa mortgage, —

. can
BR loryofSpaiv, 20th June, 1908. Any tae Peet OS Brederiek

follow, We suggest also that the adup
tion of this uchemo will veader it fexat
dle to adopt another proposal that we
have more than once in the past urged
upon the consideration of the authori-
ties ; namely that a general offue should
be made tu all who are unable to instal
sewerage themselves, todo the work for
them, under the ordiaance that at pre
scot appears cotto be availed of tp any
large extent, whereby there is power
yen to permit repayment to be made
aemany as hfteen annual instalments.
eare ready toadmit that if this were
dove on a large scale at all, the cost
in the first instance would be large,
tbhatisto ssy, either ia expenses of an
sugmented depart ment, or esis now pro-
posed in payments ‘to contractors, Lut
thetown could then be cauly sewered ja
say twelve months tlae, to the enormous
benefit of its sanitary conditions, and
with the chances that our streets would
be able tobe Inid and contracted once
end for all fathe excelleat cooditica
thatia being dove so slowly at present
where the sewerage eystem bas been
completely fostalled, as for example ta
Dandonald street, And we very much
doubt whether thosaving of costof street

TUESDAY, JUNE 2320, 1908


On more than one occasion in the past
have we urged upon the authoritics the
desirability of adopting some measares
estculated to besten the present very
tlow and noeatisfectory tedious course of
inataliing the new sewerage system lato
the whole of the town, our ‘argument
being based partly upoo the recogolacd
undesirehility ot baviog the streeta so
(requeatly Isid open bere snd, there for
the Isying of s few new pipes or counec-
tions, and partly upon the geaere] ground
of the expediency of nddiog the town
once aod for all of the puaacces of
necesnity loseparable from a continusoce
of the old system of sewage disposal.

; TANT. |. sithough withia the past few
| Ni P w | wonths there bave certainly boca shuge

number of potices acattered broadcast

9 a ——— fee over the town calling upon the ownere of

premises to sewer their houses, thereby

0 CAN GET pe wOTICE: that [

will not hold myself responsable for any

: : deLt or debts contracted hy any one ex
oe TEE FAMOUS cept with a written onder fiom me or vis.—
- Ioiv M. DE Korea

; Ww PLP Ss Jouw a Macipo J
7 .

onth Quay,
20s Jane TGos,!

Loneon Direct Line
Neve Colonial Compe »
Lid, —A genta ¥
GTATA Thess “Btetla” ie due to
arrive bere from London ¢ a J3arbados
and Grenade on or alout let July ‘08, pro
cocding afterwards to Demetera taking -——°
eetaey essen ere aud mails, ARRIVALS
VAN.—The ¢.0. “Havana” Is due to . Jane ,2let,
arrive bere from Londen oa Barbados | SUSANITA, You chr, Wolliams, 50 tone,

a AT


Chipping Intelligence, |

tepairs, (to sey notblog of the general | god Grenade on or about 15.b Joly ‘08 | 2 days, Grenada, 50,000 coccangla, 4
64 arine Square. For S ale. creatiog in many quarters iebee been in premeat, of the town), moal not | procesding siterwards to Demueisra taklag | plecos timber, 12 bege eocus, Ih bides,
’ Mi _ ous grievance in the roinds of those who beret! ‘ata coat aad fom | Srrgo, pamseogers aod mails poner na Passengers,

A £ Land | te therein the pecapect of loving their | foo IP and othehe we think the . oo OU EAA, Bris stinr, Falck, 2062 tons,
—— a TI 3590 cres 0 an properi-r, sothip diag really been done snggeetvon le one that, Lowever novel it Glaageu Direct Line) 3 Tiildad Cooling Cae fe jo trapalt~ -
that cao be termeds satisfactory increase 9 eae an LAKE ERIE, Italian barque, ~

if ine t ‘ BLOOK, of rapidity in tbe eeeariog of connections | 87M SAd to those accustomed only to The Tronidau Shi; n bardue, Figeris, 43

LUX Pipe is guarantecd not to Crack or Burn | IN ONE BLOOK of Tremices with the pew e tenn ‘At } manleipal work ia other countrins ander Trading Company. ond COPTENAME, Delee otamer, Heasnot


different conditions, is well wortby of
cerefal consideration. But whether or
Bot that be considered desirable to do,

leat week's special meeting of the Town
Board however, there'was sanctioned
what wo take it is intended as a sort of
¢xperlment, and a very us ful and foter-
eating experiment we think it will be,
fcr accelerating the cartyiog out of these
worke ot ay tate in premises reported
by the Board of Health as being josani-
tary. Dr Dickson presented on that
occasion a let of premises which he
regarded as being {on such @ condition ue

ROWN OF GHANADA.—The os. 2,029 tons, 34 bra

**Crowa of Granada” will sail on o¢ aperal merchandiser To Reyer ‘pkss
we are glad that tbestep that bas beea seat ot iS Gankiok tal for Longes, Breit

avre sud oO pen: 6, tabio ores
taken bas commended itself to the cargo pesstug ers acd mails. Port # CANDOROSA, Vou boat P Stans, 4
Sewerage Board, for it will certainly pro OWN OF ARRAGON mote se pothiog elie perhspe woul Crown of Arrazonâ„¢ will sail oa or} 24 dey, Barbedoe, 250 bege potatres, 14
have done, the rapid sewerng of the | stout Blu Jaly 1908, for Halifex aod | brie yen, 6 boxes vegetables, 100 ba
town, and that io a manner thet cannot | Montresl, teking cargo, passeogers ard | and 100 bela lime, 25 pieces faroitare, "
but Ee profitable to local enterprise too, | eile mules, 2 parcel mdse, Seoops poaltry,
————e ead 24 pameogers. °

found vnsatisfactory, will be willingly exchanged by us. Virgia soul and very fertile, having on
sbundance of Cedar trees and other valu.

/ ahle timbers, situste st Hock Hiver,
bounding with (he Rock Puosl Road.
TECEI LU PIPE A very guod chance for apyote willog
* to form 'b cocoa, rubber or banana cultiva-
oitnate st Nepean:
situate at Cuzupis.

wwe [Se

sitaste at Carool. fo require immediate seweriog in the Shower of sulphur in the Claret Jove Ztet,
BL SOCORRO SEATATE LANDA — | lottreets of the ited oe ober oy ad Country. Compagnia Generale | ireaedar'z son tort! Taek cee tone
titeate at Son Jon ie a . M errs me
, All Into building lote and acres to suit | securing this object, it was decided that! A beavy fall of sulpbar, lasting twenty a Tranastiantique, tages Tana ccctabals 300 bege fisuies
Purchasers, contracta sheuid ta offered for the per | minutes, cceuried in the little town of . oma—Agiele. | cocus, 6 tele limes, 4 boxe Biachinery,


+ 1,000 Barrels .|Bullding Materials,
oster’s Famous Wiener Beer Bricks, Hardwood, P. B, Scantling,

forming of the necessary work by private
Joca} contractors, the names of ibe firms
casually suggested by the Kvgloeer
pei {howe ot Beith, Rother ocd the
tte Ippiog s iz
acd Tryloe hod Gilhes, We are ia

Charolien, France, aboot tweaty-Grg tltee T. DUMINGUE —The French Mall
frora Macon, in the closet o ualiy. Btecmer ‘Ft Iemingue” from Europe
Gardens, fields, ponds, vineyarde, and | Via Gusdekupe, Martinique and by Lye!
houses were covered with a thick coating of | le due bere un cr aboat the 24th June and
qetiow yonder, sod the neighbuorbved bee | WLI proceed allewards to Denterare,

ome alimove ualearable ewing ta the | bariosm sud Cayeoce, taking passengerr,
——S ey tmmell beleatiete ateribate the OWI) puBE malls 9nd care L—The Fresoh '
° he renew wit , —_ e

Nowis tho Timo w activity of Vesuvius. rep Mail

% sondries, and 14 passed ae By
Ifbtaed Shipping & Tracing mpaoy 4

—. Jane Bed, acl
EDEN, Hrig toon, Jores, 2) days Carte
fers A hereg.’T4 goate, 4 pigs, ‘and « pass



——_- — ~-] Hailway Hails Railway Slocpers, e; - ~F* Sere RARE oe Steamer “Gasdeloapa” le due her
8 em aay vane fon Bae ee) Me et ON | Whon You Guy |iicritacam ig fui | sleingol tas
r ‘ T 1 BWEL: DRIN You run wel ¢. ' ~~ “etiog aret oluen OU, Bi Malla lor Drtaerois by the «
MACK ENZIN AND _IKIRIONE . “ KRED, HERRERA, TUE wlth LAINGR. “Phocte qt] ,Gslanen’s Bieut” d Lame Ladle Yale | Havre, atten” Sree wecogers sna | fai tor Iniagraia by the + Cansol *
a eee See ee - ~ em a: 7 pal

Eee SS ae nie

° 2



Authority 7

Cat Se

tar Works

, \
TU seat Tito BUT RouMY FNOVCt Fo THRE O8



It la not @ racer, its average road speed being fronr 16 ta 20 miles por
heue and its mawmum with Standard Gear about 40 miles an hour,
but it has power and to sparo for any kind of hill climbing (climb
steps with ease) and takes elt ordinary hills on direet drive at -
12 to 15 miles per hour. .
Kogino is Vertical Single Cylinder 4 x 4 inckes,
Thermo Syphon Water Cooled under Bonnec in front.
SHaft drive to countor-shaft and Double Side Chatos
Special Planetary Transmission with meial to metal clutches
smuining Ince'lbath with all speeds reverse and brake opera'ed
by teninglolever. Foot brake aleo interlocks with olutoh snd
throws engina out ef clutch when applied
Tires optional Quick Do'achablo Double Tabe Preuss tic or Sofi


asi & i.

“ES \ @ Spring



rOR THE YEARS, 1900—1907,

ANT to Section 6 of “The District Water Works Ordioacce," No.1 ¢
a at {a bereby given that uoder and by virtue of a Wain of kale
sheed of the Chairman of the San Fernando Water Worka Authority,
dete the Bth chy of May 1908, the Properties described fn the following hist
wld by Pablic Anction before the doors of the Water Worke
are Buildiogs, Ban Fernanda, hetween the boure of ons and B o'clock
@ SATURDAY, the TWENTY-SEVENTH ‘(27tb) day of JONE 1906,
fee awoant doe in rearect of such Propertioa together with ten (10) per cent
guat of such Water Tates, and the coats of, and focidental to, such Bele
to the Beoretary of the San Fernendo Water Works Authority before such



SEN BALK FOR TURADAY TH DAY-| Ta the Ba Gourd af Tilnidel aod

Raa ° y, — bago.
Seoretary San Fernando Water Works Authority, pysc NOTICE te hereby given that ’ — No 143 of 1908 = —~
do, i exercise of the power of sale con UBLIC Notice Is hereby given that Ia the raiterot = |
May 1908, . , talped In & certaln Deed of mortgace dated in exercise of the power of sale con: | The Humble Petition of Evelyn Thwaltes a
Ten ___ |e eee Eee eee “amen fee Price: $720 Upwards:
4 ‘ elagan wtf Propart: a at mother and nex jend-Fran
woe Nowmuddy of tte one part, aod Joreph | aud rontelve! Ina > deel Ol Mortage cle Gitte of the town ef Port-of-Spaia ACCORDING VO MQUIPMANT.
“Let No. STRERT. OwsrronOcecpun gf 4 Anthony Peechier of the other part, there | dated the 2ith day of Octoher 1007 reg- Sofnater, and of the Ordinance No . .
. es Ey g | Mill be pnt up forsale by pablic auction | (atered ax: No. 2981 of | 3007 and made 43 and ‘Ordicance to facilitate the} BRUSH OAUS AVE RFEN THOROUGHLY TERTFD IN RARRADNS, *
; _-f 4 yy aan leraigned at thelr auction mart, | between Anshan Michae? Otberaon of the nale cf Iofante’ Estate, NEGOTIATING WITH EARR THE STKE? ROCKY TRAYS OF TH
Md 1900. e & nue re and tre clock pm ay : pablic auction ©, the pbngereigned a4 T Mr. Jasticg Bran made in ible matter HERBEYT GREAVES, CHIEF JUSTCR OF BARBADOS.
. ol aid Noi. A t No. k ul e iu - .
28 Alexander Road oe RL. Goppy we 56 08 82 | muddy of. and in that parcel of land aod Bt Viccent *Rtreets, Portal Srein hereby given hab a patition hue been ~ .
Gp Blount Marleh Hoad.... Joha Pollin - m+ 210 21 231 | nitaate at Tortuge villazein the Ward of | on Tacsday the Tthday of Jaly 1008 presented tothe Courtfora wale of the * ’
1 o { Montserrat ig the island of Trinidad. | between the h of one and t pdivided sh»res of the Petitioner al and BR S 0 [ NE FTI
808 Mocnt Mariah Road =... Joba Phibp we 210 91 231 Somprlsine, Mee athe, thee fonda ai eon the hours ‘wo pu | uodir
4 c ad ! bi | d da the Aret th f
ren, abutting on the North on laod of “Joba Ay eee Seeeteet are parcel ut! ee ant mo Ravanoa Grande Ns fed ji Digpe S ,
‘30 London btreet ++ dames Grose 252 25 277 | Eligon,on the Nauth-and Eat on fand of | Wardof tiararu inthe Mund ef Teal [NAb ant oompreing 1S Koren ant the - Wanted _in Pur -0f- Spain. -
a tor Mont Mortab Road =... Job Thin 0 210 Zh 231 | There Hospedaler, and on the West on | dad and bounded onthe North by lands Sccond therecf stuare in the Ward of . : : =>
E ark Street Mareus Aatelee 1a} land of Hermio, A'sq and aipgular that | now or lately of Richard Lamy on the] Leventillo calle! *' LaChapelle" oom For all information address ,
+ Wh Batoe'etees | Ti duwen'seeen" — LLg82 24 24 [is tbernid Ward eomptting one qeereg | hebvof Reet Fectra of ee Rast | tacts Avd (it the and ett il F. S. DIMINUCK,
a “ re re jer ‘echorie on anaecre Ao t je fn! wi - ~
on Mount Moriab Road . feba Fal. = 210 21 231 (and abutting on the North on Ini o} op jandd now-or late'y of Jose * Reyes ba heard by tue Court on Thureday the " TRansipos, WT,
Ret saa METAR Gg | Sout etme at on Revers | toda the eon in Ceara ier | Soh dur edema oesonsie toelt0 | Reprosenting BRUSH ROMABOUT COMPANY of Deteit, ch
e . oa jou! ormerly De | toget th the appurtenances thereto f s.m And an: a shether interes .
| a TOA Str James Sizect_ “ AB. Erscsois 1210 21 231 Simrog filonno, Dow Jouph Culberrys autyect to ‘certain mortgage thereon ia the lands <, hot may apply to the Coar:
& . ae i n oba Bree tbyiteet the —ad- . motion for léeve to if Oppel
eM __ i Perk Ste ret t+ Rove Tepla - ; $2 formerly ol_one Dick jtghards ‘and on the Avgnas Wr rexintered as No a CI lon to or in support "ot (ie Telit a —S—S . oo 3 eat on Jani utteeding. . o7 and made Lelwesii ATLLONY Michact- ‘etition. may mspected on — - | Tr.
$e Mouad Moriah Road «« Jobn Philip 210 21 23k Dated thie Jat day ct Jane, 1903, Otherson of the ene part acd Domingo | application to Mr. Henry Terael Jettere ~ ~ t- TYP
10 North Rord Hood . Mary alexis 63 F SCOTTY & SON Ohvierl of the other ine to eerure the of Ne. 105 Queen Bureet! Port-of Spain, STANDARD LIFE ASSU RANGE COMPANY
58 H's, & Prerve ++ dane Rober ° o2 Govt. Auctsoneere, | repayment of the sum ¢f $100 with loter- | Moticitor foe tha Petitioners,
ns ve | TESTA omnia dnd day of Jane 108 oe Oe HABELIENE CL ANKE antmpasnined 12H
. : tod t ng day of Jone » OF rr
NM Brack Btreet we Francie Hinds = $6 0 62 SALE FOR FRIDAY THE 19TH ” LOUIS JOHN & Deputy Regitrar H d Office Ral burgh 8 otla d *
4 Girealer Road TD Arindelt 3 MF 385 DAY OF JUNE 1908, Auctioneers. | TRINTT ea ce Edinburgh, -Scovian
~ 10 Fondon Street 12 Himea Sween 70 0) 77 —~ SALE FOR MONDAY, THE 8rn DAY . . °
« Job bits wee 2 1 2 JUBLIC NOTICE ws her i yey sru . q ~ 3
Oo Roun ope Rowd Mary Aton ae ay ie | Dicrecm ofthe Power of Saietonuined ma] ATE POR WEDNESDAY THE 24rt OF JULY 100%. BRANCH OFFICE FOR WEST INDIES, BARBADOS
© §& Powt-d Pierre Row =. Jane Roberta cl pe 06 ag | cettalo Memorandum of vortpage No. 78 ” “HAY UF JUNE 1903. ' : x ANnvaL Revenve Excreps., - we E1475 8
A. Et. James Street Vi SEW. Allman. 508 G1 5 SE | Sard the ad Pat Nive Castro, Bellary, = ° eee eis Dawe of Sole conferred Ixveetap Fonps Exoseo _ = 11,756,000
‘7A Do. r+ J 1k Fracgoe oe 210 BEZEL | Tfroa |. Hilland Edwerd Tritham fh there | P20 111 NOTICE ww hereby given that 19 | upon mortgagces by the Conveyancing Ordin- Bonuses Drouanep ae ase — _700n nen
will be put up for sale by Puhhe Auction by the tam se of the power of dale conferred 6 | ghee No 7s nnd contained ih a certain Deed ef Crat Pam 28,000 c00
iL Bleek Streep ++ Feanels Hinds = 88 (0602S noderngned at ther Aucion Min Na tq St | martgegrs by tbe Conveyaneing and Law | Morigege dated the sgth day of September 1908 MB soe ~ ~ ess
200 Cipero Btreet .. Heueof J. Jonies sn 0 0? TTY Miocene’ Sureet, Port. Spain on Friday the | Property Ordinance 1884 ard gontai-ed in & | registired as No sto7 of the same year and MODERATE: RAFE. ABSOLUTE SROURITY
$1 Cireular Road .» HeweotG Dufresene ». 42 C4 46 | rgth day of June 1908 between the hours pf 1 | Crisp Niemoragcuns mortgage No. 345 | made beiween Elisabeth Poquetie of the ove! {iberal Sarrender valtes, *
118 Coffee Street . J E, Corable Sore, 4. 88 08 G2 | aodspam. ~ dated the 19th day of September 1906, front } part and Susanna Salvary of the other part LOANS ADVANCED .
Ja Hareie Promensd Heiaet Thatcher &orw.. $38 34 3°70 ‘Ail that prece of land compriing niaeteen | Herry Waker to Withant Alessader Dottin | there will Le put up for sale by public auction é on socartty of Policies op to 90 per cent. of tha
2 Harrie | yomen e+ Teveot Thaw ++ 5 at 8) | acres and thuteen perches he the sarne mare OF there we be pu up fer sale ly tha wodersigned by the swocieralgned at sae Auction Mart No, sender value at 5 per cant Interest
2 Mount Moria Road Teng Bower = is 6s ; @ lene and celvoeated va the diagram Attached to Sin tecste on Watney ihe sath ny ot | daeeuh eyo Tely yrs Deaeen thee ploney, a IMMEDIATE, REDUCTION to home rates daring vinte to Raropeand =~
. +e dul .o 1 4 June igc8 ween 4 sctoneand (¥O] asda pu ALL shat parcel of land situateia | « iT
MM Alexi "BB 06 62 | mtustesa the Ward of Chagn sas: A the said " tt th wreel of land. situ at th Ww " ‘tt ‘i ny . . .
OF Norn and > MarAlely, TBR BE | ea Rae ome Sachi FT | Gy tt Saal one tna ng | aged ly wpe tnt | gp PROPOSALS ACCRTTED and Policiae tenet the Waes Indie with
_ . Ti tol owe =D 7 ec" > cies al three perches the sani more the tbe beu Const: Ne ‘
ip st. Jamen Breet : MA Raymond, 8 eens ede ee rathat cartel or inc ot | ie debreatd apd with the «sutale and {ine on the South upon landeof Ruebard Charles CLAIMS PAI Visamedistely on proot of desth aod wetlement mada
« 7 . Do, we ol. B. Feaagoia oe 210 2l 271 | laa comprising, {wenly one acres three roods tare. tereol eee ql ot op the Fast upon lands of Five Vat oes aud oof at any of tho Voropeny 8 Agenciea, °
ao . oe Fatt Ree ex 7 Ramcharen - g S “a thirty eight perched lhe the sae od to tbe croun fobo 3 sed bounded 2 on vee rod Daied ane stb day of fue co POLICIES on whieh age ts admitted are anchalloayn' lo atter Two Yours
e Ne see ov ‘ torl woks wide al wows onl "Is
a 1907. Giant entered at Vo! XVI folio 415 ” one onan Sgn ti the Ward of Cha 3 io the Ssland and Ki i her 2 wetioneers. ~ .
i a wat TAD 1b | macnn a Laas Pers | aeapphaniatsieemiia, wenn | HOSUR | @. BRUGE AUSTIN.
5 I .« Boxe J. Boaubron 2. 42 OF 4 . x on th Dated this r3th day of May 1go" . th Jane, 1905. — — _ Agate
4 Waek puret Tem au 46 Sout pod Easter, Crown any Ci the POP PL RERIN Ta the Supreme Court of Trinidad and
or one rest by 8 of Diago Azpque sown * Tobago.
& Do, ae Idew oe LOD 10 295 | tands together wrh the appurtenances thersto ok _ Auctioneee N = = — = ny
ee ide _Lecd 6 062 longing. ; —_ - o, 49 of 1908,
4 i De Meola Beem 70 yf ited the dioeday of Star tas, > Tae Saiz or ~ J. Bolomon Dreytue'soa amen Aszuntus
i 70 0 7 J. SU c Ne pe Bogut
ie id Do, x re ce : 0 OF 57 tivernment Anctioneers tan eC unite or hrm of vi Pj RTANT CONSI DE KAT | ) N FQ R ALI. oo
woe’ 102 Th, we Mes, Bayne « 9 00 = 7 5
8, len Do, . Caroline Bruce 280 2 318 | epIntpAaD. Moret fh on i
“] a1 ot 23t op 0 na Alleyne (Merried Wormes)— To thone desirous of securing their famibes ayaiant: want, and ¢
tf » Pro Carib Street : Fane Cem ae n !. 2h bs 277 | SALE FoR WEDNESDAY, THE isn Effer- Defendant. Geviroun of accumulating mouey 1p an easy tanuerand joa shurs period of ears
Chacon Street P DAY OF JUNE, i904 — ,
£9 Do. ws Heire of Arsene 5 oo bs 6 s . — ¢ vescent NGECE ja hereby given thet there will
Wa Chi-bolm S'reet . arunarine Paras ow 7 7 UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that : . q
Wh «47 Cipero Street . Helre olin Daniel 140 18154 | Dee e cineof the Power of Bale, con You will be thankful when | 2 be pat op lor wale atthe Marshal e r .
ao De - GDbageaoniog «8 a tslued ina certain dond rf mortgage dated | YOU become acquainted with on Baturday, the 20h Jane, 10 atll a
' . Bees . y a Kin ’ * o'clock noon + *
wl 4 Chevlse Road .. K, Armndell & otbers ... 350 35 3 85 the Office he a iatrar General as Na, Abbey's Salt, for you will find Th Th) fy
we 83 Do. Marte Rrotie +70 OF | 77 1,162 fo 108, and made between Henry it a t ; d + ti panel eteudeon ta 8 Wooten Trnement
mi oss fe * Netto Weis Trotmso "9.60 35 3.48 | YN62fo IG, ted ie et ied dee | it pleasant and effective. mamed Defendant a 0 Wooden Tenement LIFE ASSURANCE SOGIETY
$4160 & 105 Na, 1 George M_ Works 280 28 30% TO inia Odie, Charles Erneatda Mercado, Abbey's Salt conquers heads | ovtsbudings and kitchen marding on .
RE iy Day Marie 1s We navi 420 42 462 | niot Arthur de Vase Walter Lascalter, Y Small Conquers heads | pyoae «tte Woodbrook Estate aud keown | offers every facility The “PREMIUMS ARE LOW ' “(CLAIMS AKE PROMITLY
yA: ue be John Mongerer y +252 93 297 sod Gorsld de. Meread, Foe weieat ache, constipation, indigestion, os No. 30, Alberta Street, levied upo is PAID | yal advance your premium ff you are unable or neg cct tom tt rnd your
hin ais Do, - - Be Cine as. Reh 210 BO | a. Lascelles & Company of the other biliousness, and all troubles CLEMFNT Fa LIGOURE, oF He ROCIETY tetongte he TOL OL ereemaier: ALL TIE PROD CE
be ~ a i. "
7 13 Coenen Hatet Jobo KR Rréoks 3 B2 25 237 | parts there wil M8 pe tioned avebeie| that come from a disordered | ————_._.____Veputy Marsbal, Ie pays COMPOUND HONLBES, be anys ounce of which be ov tance! ly the
i Ma Dea, gone g Brooke 3 38 x 3 7 Aoctlon Mut, No. 12, 8 Vincens Street, condition of tha stomach liver me ORIGINAL TNED RAR CER EOR Bee f . ere C ALCL AAT RUN:
ye Do Soba rote : ©% | ia the towo of Por? of Spaie, rn Weduee , new Polieiew ta 4} peeoent yee anoum on the aid rom +H per cent, per wrmitee on baa
ff Barat Promende soe te oe adoke gan fo @ a7 | daygthe 24h day of Jane, tones belwecs | and bowels, ay —~ soondt alee pose INTER DEATE TON CBE, wo thas oven alter the deatl: dim has
. . mid the of tl '
* . Leotace Breet . Hire ot yi pales ., *3 is at maine bite oe parcel of land end When you do become ac- HAVE THEM CHOICE s ere je deceawnl abare in tho profits up to the date of his death al
r 10 Tondn Street + dames Becerra Wa Portal Rpain, lormer'y koowa ot No 41 quainted with Abbey’s Salt, TO PRA cr IC K F. WU Port-of-Spain
abe ie * " it bow fren it al ’ — ‘
el Baa Lower Bileide Breet. A'S; eptine | Peg ME Snowe ee Nay 59, Chast Beet, ted | you will probably be sorryyou | a Manne Bquaiz, © BONYUN d& Co—Agents, sau Fernando,
- 4 Le Lauds oe We Ae e. * butting oa tha North 09 tot 41, of Char +e : Na ¥
See 2 ye be . oh Dr tela Poitp... 382 a ag iota ree ou the Soath on tow ae 31 of did'nt know about it sooner, O ites the followtug ftandard th March, low
cochepin Street ww M " cbar otte btreet, on the on Chorlo! . “Harlock,” “ Yo t." “Ohiver” “Wiliams? ~ nities Re recent *
: .. 86 06 623 Sold in two sizes by all Chemists and St: 4 ’ rt. t lad ee
e gh Mt, Mforteh Foud : Eee 1, 5B 0d 82 ety deer. the Weaton lot Nov 48, | Tig We. Romée Co. Port of spain” | OF “Itemington,’ ‘Typewriters, WE WANT
- 2&2 Do, 1 A’ Baroler uy 86 OS 82 ite Abbey Fruit Saline Co., Lid, oe --- YOUR PAT
a De we Geos T, Wathen “+g BS 46g | Dated thus aith dey of May, tone. La, Quen Vicorla Street, London, Eat Individual * Tuition OUR PATRONAGE,
45 Vo. yw» Gea, T. Weekes “ . ¥. J. scot BON, cn a
"Bie Do. ve Jobo Philip 44 Od 82 » Govt. Auctioneers -—- Because we know we can give you thorough aacisf
0 North Road Tt Mary alexu Sw oh or Avewoorrt | Hose Rates for 1908, | secoxp-want “Tyrewnrrers wood trade, Nt all-of the brer ease
au i) Adriana bt André .. 66 08 8 TRINIDAD, L Us y RS, .
Mia — 25 Pua there Road * James. Waggine = ..504 8 S35 TRALE FUlt WEDNESDAY THK lit BOUGHT, HIRED OI SOLD. Carriages, Vann, Carla, &e,
Wee 6a, Do. Eltzabeth Pierre on. 280 DH 3 08 DAY OF JULY tous, WILL NE RECEIVED WITHOUT | SHORTHAND LI REPAIRS OF ALL KINDS UNDERT As f to Orders
Bla Do, aus oblelireof Mo Frangoie ... 0 OT URLIO NOTICE is horeby given tha -——— ~ rellatle manner and every dewiipiion ol tinek orses sad Mules Bhod fy
0 PL ateere Ros Thamar rsretcn MOF HE | ered gn ortgeaees by tha Conrerenciog | Oth J 1908, | J 1. CUMMINGS, achemitn work sansa et
a Pierre 4 one “ o- verano ‘Phone zi8 3! Tragarete jioad. TS
Row +. Geo, Re A. Jack » 42 060 48 | and Law of Feoperty Ord! esd od une o | Oke eer __ et _fragarete Hoat.
he sin Heres io Geo RA Jack Jee 88 C6 BZ | eontained ba ive ssveral Memoranda of ? , N my Tho Gittona Carrlago & Shoolng Wo k
WO to 14 De. ” ". Jonathan Jerdiog 0 a a Mortgase, dated respectively the Iu . — - A TIONAL Pho a7 .) r 8
we et Repeat Eo Benard endo. 168 1H | APomee Banll to ithe Menus Diet | THE RATES must be peidto the | Assurance Company ne No. £6 6 TRAGARRIR ROAD,
ames mn we . t
3 6 "Sand WB Athens .. 840-33 385 | oo, shore will be put op f x sale by the T ier direst ov cou ee me mn eee
fe cAebihemd OTE ER [bent ieee NRE | che aera | a arantert by te Yor CAPOILINE, | notice.
a+ Ambro oe att’ *rorast a
rE se I — Hoban’ a TIS AW | Wedvesday te tb dey of Ju'y 1005, le | In view of the tact that ratepay- ranted by the Yorkshvre fui ° —_—
£3B Betton Ramebesras 210 91 290 | ewoen tha bours of one Ju (wore, ' re can only be a‘ tended to or , and Life Inewrance Coy — EALS will be puppiind
ax De w. Mobsa Doobse wel 8 it , ye All cheb cortais parcel of laod situate le ° vach % bis ture, and .. 2 1. M nad to sevtionan io by tbe waders
#9 Do “t Mery Chratmee 4. 8 tee Wid of Baeene Oraeds None tes | one, _ andofthe| mestablinied 222-4, GOUD fot of thie farsoas Frozen | to children trom “the coumity sicadtes
192 40 £24 Upper Hillside Paul Atbeaosse 20 07 77 J} jatand of Trinllad comprising too aeres | unavoidable delay and consequent =~ jeopsrativn bas just been fereiv. | Sebecl at weaderste prises’ C, Attundleg
Baud, Hieoresone, | Wen Cath TE te Toe [as labtnctce ellen sarge ime | iuconvenionoe Wo seme ralenayers | OCU MULATEDFUNDS. © Oo? tang! pi pesiealy tegatana tm
Se d +e x . . mat rs
4 Mate Hella Hod | Geerge ,T Weekes 84 HO 8 S4 | Crown Grand regis ored + Vol. XT tallo when a great number have to be (Ore) an ,.. L2oogoo | THE BONANZA, ‘SMITE-BROS-&-CO-F"* + Blteet.
De, George T. Weekes «788 28S OE | $96 and bounded 08 the North ond Ween sitended to on theapine dey, rete- | gad Dfiiee:—York, Engla No 1 mahas tbe bh ° 7
ie rio ly igeling Street ie Meeeo TB OM 3% Po ibetved tod oa the Ease ta tee he aro psroostly requested not | Vk ; one ngland. No. 2 meter te ny ete sud sreaght. NUTICE.
"ata an ae freelng Bireet B Fook Ramgarnerd = AL BE neserved thirty hols wide, by Dole tee oe payment of their ratos | ‘I posted Agent sod Atioreey for Le | bav® the farther edvapiage of *gedaciey HL pulpte ate ber |
Be 15 Lewie Sizect, N M, Arieegem: 9h B. joned for by COrietians Sealy and by | ualil lnat.daya of the poriod is prepared to secepe | tue daly Mant s'eynet aud buotrons, lat giving weeds 2 an retieeed
(2194 ogy Tawte Btrest, A. Akorsee 33 HB wa land, logether wlth the sppurtes: | above referred to, vat Curreat Rates, : stresgtbonlsg ad muncleg- es to gtow + -gattsre Terfas $a edhe we my heobapa
aR 33, Lewis Streets 8 Fred Rawpeteard - 2 q sare thereto beleugiog D0 per east. off eowatiy rieks ously, aed gre iu themselves tefredblug | tor the lant th RAV hg teparnted Troms we
joy Mallon Wet s, EBopmorart 12g te ag | Dalek nh ort a et JOSEPH ARNOLD LAMY, | 6 "side 7 Hits conupied | tea Kasenile The yet ree years
ji BI Polot-s Pierre Road Ma bib EE PICKERING ' . 7 Fin. Eu , Only 30c pr Bot weialit@) PRARBION ROS VF,

i Yin cm Beboos oe Fete Hebd Trahernty b————— Aa DRUG STORE DEPARTMENT, __| _ Ub dage 1009-
Means) Ra ' , om . s

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TN 7.) | [AS FROM MONDAY, 15th INST., | MAST gs ales
_ KF OR SAL K. 1 "VE HAVE neDUCED , ia AE elt ate Telepbore
W landing ex Sehro. “William H Summer’| THE PRICE OF BEEF


Proxrmpt Attemtion to nli Orciers. «

Iss GEL & CoO,


Lancashire lnsarauce v


Ry Whee Pananes Teleavaph Company

New York June 2%
The Troded Shipping and Treading
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how teway Greasds and Trinidad.
Tomlon, Jane 22
The byeelection to fil the vacancy for
tre Pad divistun of Yotkshire, caused
by the retirement of Mr Ger, W hiteley,
the Lateral Whip, has resulted in ihe
return of the Untunist candidate, “Mtr,
Oddy by « majority of H3. At Mr.
Whlteley's clectlos the Liberal majority
was 3,52,
bir Joha Gorell Narnen, President of the


€450,000 Fect)

: “P, P. SCANTLING, 2 x Sto 12x 12,
AP. P. BOADS (Rough), 1 1} & 14 & up

NEE PLANKS soll usdal sues Prevent Disease| FIRE & LIEFF te ce dierent
eee mike eHonaly tiog carg> and is composed of -extra AND SAPEQUARD THE HOME now xanorp tse me het cane a ihe collt on nas the

. mir jqunaua All _ by (SING BOTAL TESURABOR COMPANY, Ltd, | Reesbnayiathane pope of tal ve
BAGH ORIN INSURANC COMPANY (AAD, Walker’s Carbolacene ! ¢unds Exeood_... £12.003,009 Bogle st fe “ifr evens
[Capitar - 2 NPS Fi90,000,| wmnronasnn | [STAN cited wii) Ciel nags ie mts a Vitor
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No formal presentations were made, Their
Majoties sending equerries for thuse they
wished epaciully to nee The delegaign to

OwelUage at modorate prices.



Disinfecting » Blocks,

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Tie Trinidad Shipping & Trading Go, Ltd.|

Bis t
Ta t7 the Van-Angtican Conference and name
=” INIDAD_LINE OF STEAMERS. Oaly a limited quantity ta 1 jous Colona guests were conspicuous
o, PROPOSED BAILING DATES, 1908. i : SMITH BROTHERS & CD, | simcog theiooe’ getetriice
, —s0 cali early, ~ pits King, and Queen wit attend the
Ste Arrive ringe a rincess of Wales’ entertain
. BUA Orme ni? York atiifa ras New "York che Ronpmumu, meat in hononr of the Pan Angtican Dele
MAR ACA G Aptis... April 24 May wo Mey 16 E fort of Spata gates at Marlborough House,
eM SRAV AL” Ami? ol, Mey 8 4, Mar 16 wu. Mey = 26 a che ° Tristar Itty asertel that there were half a
GROWN of N ' Mey 27 Jue 4 iniilion sportators at the Bubfragette de
. IGaeeNAVARRE nz w a y 2 Jom wy Jace 18 _ jmauiat ration seuterday, fand’ for several
RAVALS : Jove, 3 |. June HI Jone Woon dave 3 52, South Quay. oo ~ ~ hears the centre of Condo was agitated by
og ROR NAVARRE" Jace 13 gee % a ie, i ow ay 2 a * i the Pruease of even LoS sivas, ea
, June 2 : N oe Sey -
isin eae EW gah BS eter“ | ae Jone, 1m 1 GB items, MD, ,D a. | seta are false nn a
IGA NAVARRE® Jay, 8 : ael7, i aut 19 1. August 27 DR P L HIVE HBuwgroon Dentist hands in Hyde Park there were ah ut
u o Ange 12 Augt.@1 Aust. 29... beptr. 6 ° ° ‘ 3 | Corner of Queen and Abererontue Streey | twenty speakers The hutlragettes were
B-*i of atove Steamers ceil at the Island of GRENADA both weys, : owonite the Ti

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SURGEON DENTIST, Beanery Ouscd ourebouring appropriate legends wag

®INap SHIPPING AND TRADING COMPANY, LIMITED, OST UP-TO-DATE Methods and | gestive of w garden paity. The demon.
©, Broadway, New York, and Port-of Spain Tri idad BW TL, Bo, Exoder Acoli. st, Fd Ap tere ol a Dentistry with a stante ar peared to eee intesaoted
ARACAS ~The o-. “ Maracas” of the Triowdad Line will leave on Saturday Formerly oorarved by Dx, Gonwr and Elling of Teeth. around Mra, Pankhutst's platform, but tis
Jone 1008 at 6 pm. for New York vis Grenada and is due to arcave Telephone—734 Oribodontla and Crown and Bridgework | warqnieted by the police; thirty minor

ener injuiiew were treated by surgeons The

Ca Bapdsy fiat June 1008.


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4 J ~ lof postertog in b-virg backed the wrong
© | hore aud of nwoispetency in refeaing to
iin mene te dyrive Mulai

fata 7 The Chamber
spploaded 31, Pichoa’s declaration that

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iucapa ble uf invitwag of mitation or awh
niitting twit OM ane! declared thet
Algeria and ‘Tunis woeld have lung nynce
been ovenpied by others if France» puliey
bad reweubled that suggested for Murvec
Inthe revult the Government were sae
talued by « vote of 343 aysinst 126. The
Germas Aw was pieout *

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Shales. teerman sentiwents A

(SHIONABLE DRADER S >|) Pays Handaonely,
Th Ma ‘a SLL ey) mglENSOUTHITTR 25 P itis indiepanrableia tho prepara:

tion of cocon of good quahty.

Pvevents Mfiidewr

Aud igparta 6 besuliful even eolosr to
the pean. Coooa prepared from

San Antonio Red- Clay


giinature Mar eeare on the (eeriuan on
ubauge- » atated be due te the appre
cretion that Kiay Kdessd has nucieodled,

+f Stas sold jr lage of 200 Ibe, each at Tinle M Dolvanes fo lok te insdatnog toes

—— fad apd 2,40

Largestock kept on the premincs
‘moan Wo obeure immediato delivery

= peur “BROS. “& ‘fo
24 Bonanta—Sole Agente |

Corns! Corns!
If you have any yon onatd dp withoet,
pl S¢ J CORN
agaee oB and LED ce will

uukly aod qatetly feds .
Get iat "a doe 85. “wy




Patent Leather,



e. —in- OF EVUNRST DusconIP TION
i IES’ ALL-QVER HS BODI GES For Boys, Youths and Menin Crash Dl Twouils, Sages | OT '
4 Lenn MDeeseeececee Prices $4.50 & $5 a Pair,



The Krysscly Correspontent sf the

“© Daily Chronicle” r-yrate thet Germany

— millalervene-ta_cauea an. sonal
question a

Ih rowem that spsia w

_Anertesust amer ‘‘Aroadia” wh:

~~ For “Pintiad =r



COovonA. BAGS.







Mops, Pentrico Oil Stoves, Gridirons, Furniture Polish, Rrass .
Jolly Pans, Shower Path Hoses, Lawn Mowers, Garden =
bhears, Loather Eclting, -

Dioner Seta, Tes Sets, Juge, Toilet Sets, China Stup Patla, Cups and
Saucers, Meat Dishes, owls’ Boup Turecns, tte PS Ba




BEDS, ..



many by 8 new triphice England Temaine |

FANCY VESTINGS,| “The Bonanza’ Boot Dapt, |rareautine, cart Harness.


A Misrepresontatton.

To the Edstur of Tha Pat Of Spun Gattia

Sur, wIn the loterest of the *¢Muaasena —
Briend}y Sselety” of which Mr Henley ‘ia
President, | beg ta atsta forall ca werned,

calms during the sabre ratthng process,
which facilitated the German Govers
ments Legislative progracme

Conference on the toago

that King d hes be ninformed that
the K»jaer and Fiince Von Bulow agree
npon this point,

Advices. from Amatgrdaw state thet
* Ttabel” followed « jroposal that the
womens Suifft Congress shoukl Adopt
tavverralneteadut liraited woman autTiage. |
it Was finall eee ty each County
should ado; § its own Opona
to form an alliance with the Socialists war
indignantly rejected and the nseting m-
gourned alter a troposal for a great Ipter-
national cauwpaign in Intend had teen

Mt 9

died onthe 10h Jone, 1008 received aif
the Fucersl Uibefite to which sabe was
eptttl as,

The * Mierepresentation” is that two
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theasid Arce y, it In rumoured (if wa
Iuade arg aman slesent ta meced suinalis esnere


gencie .

Lean cooti tently eapport the atrength of
the N oety'n Forde by the “Rainn cf tha
Negwtrar of Fruaudly Suele ies for the
Year 1907-6 '

Thensirg you in asticipatloo for “the
space allow'd me,

Lreasin, Sir,
Your oletwnt servart,
Savuan Vauuax.

England and Raseis have reproseated to
Persie thelr intectios to vupport the
dynasty, Ineladiog the Ahah's son, and that

the pretensions of the Stab’s uncle are fa- 9 ames,
admissible, aoe spre
ita June, 190%,

Despatches from Lisbon otata that the
dehate on the Koyal Hoances disoluwa thar
the lete King Cul raed hie adrances tu
beads e the inte Pete Lats’ morterg-e
on hie Beaganzs ce ates, whith it In de.
manded rhould be sold to rep y &hat [sy
eal od pilfering, since the money dil net
apiear in the public eccoun's -

A Madrid despatch orator thts Senor
5B leser, Minister of Marine, soncurces to

To day'e Court Let

Uisit Appsal—Triblad Saipping.
Teasing eee ye, Th or pring saad
Ta Court Lee Lun v. Jebueton, Liadur
acd othe v Kelacl

——Around the-Stores.-- -

Gores and Mittens,—An assortment of
the beet makes und most fashiooalds Ladieg
gloves avd mitt cen cow bs had at Wile
sone Led., thine have Just been recelred

A warabl
ts Tangier for tae protec loo uf Hite acd
Roneney, ard that f wi nobiatervene in

0 ovcy'e demerits aff ire
Poilsdely ble, Jane 22nd.
An explosion oceutred ¢u the Hlanshara.

amd are enew, Poe-aswitasstite

| ciafem oveutrg bil and ateda gloves 16
butwo lengths, pleleand lace lle gtovce
for dey aud ereniug wear, yloia and jae
ilk gloves fur dsy and oveniog wear. The
shades ate the most up to date aa word in
Lerdogeni Varteanduhs iti ewan the
yeaa! low prives you pay at Wilsons ‘Ld,

ing hee, by which three persony were
kil’at and tvents wounded, ard the veonel
sonk, Itiateteved an tufcras] masbire
w eplaced on bru 1 by strikers whea the +
* A cadde'Joaded at Hembora.
Be Lacie, Rad,
TMLS « ‘Seylig” bic fur Berawls at

olse this morning,
Reatbados, 220d.
No passengers booked for Tr wided, bat
fuig betivved thet aome atoug Barb di
prsengere ae fur Trinid «,
U oveds, 2lah
Theas “Orown uf Navarre” fron New
York arrival day ight ;lewgrf ¢ Trinidal

5.30 p.o, Ged.
Rarbados, dud
Tre M.S “Oriageu” from 8 arbemp
tao srred 1210 pm

Maviog moked elf wam> special job
berg ins in punts, faney roosiins, laces
ete, etc, we now Invite our friends aid
eutomers to piy us avert By rene
of ebeun ant atylich unde to sciect

) from C, W. Meaderen “The Exchange,”

[saL.—TheC sthedral of the lmmacslite
Ooner p fon as now Lejog thoroughly wa-be
pre Tad the Ideal Germicide and Dise

nb fiom ¥
Darbades, 1 ta the! Son vies Ding Ftore
acer aseggerrnt- ATidw Int of Anvls Lampe, evi 7

De Rowt, Mr Giprlasl, See era Ciywianl farduops, G ullerie , uliard otne eee

(2), Mew-ra Bernard, fay, Taytor, Cour. dhipa, Fac orfes ani Utlices he jast te

seqvel, sad Daejsate, opened up atthe Hnaas bbs Aengla

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acd cjveerocnier etd ow The efect of the

lighe Isthus increased by abut ons balf

eid the room fs evenly Tightes, They are

told tr sto $3 00 to $35 GO cash.

New Finance Napoleon,

Vario, Fridey, Mey 35 bh
The name Livermorn eas ou tie t pe of
evay ouein the New Yo k U ston Bla ket
on Mey Léth, ssyeche "Tf rald’y” ¢or-
te emt


New Youx Jane Dod,
Fiver, Blended Cleare for Waet
Toles per barrel .. €3: 10 @« 4

Whea July cottco, phich hed ben Meal, Kilndried per terres, 3 65—
steacily somring, shur ep 10, abso aad New Heason’s Pork per bri--No quote,
Mr. Lvermere eutinned io aceuwel te) Jleuvy Mess Purk rer tal 8g ie
on tracts tor dative ry fo daly, the gure Jon | Sugar Crystals uth ~ ‘ u8
every ove naked wa! au is Livermore uscovado 89 leet perth 343 1
an ha are te backers a bh . Englob Asian Molawee 8

anew Nejo'oun feb dna r- pee galiag~No qua,
anon, ieoklpyg you ger liae the bitty youre wLOn, Middilog Upiand
whlob be says he wil reach oest bath lay, wt Liverpool peri. 6. 413-99
Tins ontbfel appesvance is acceatavted by [| Exchaoye, New York aud
hie Maren bate 1 aus rot cwating & Lalo 6 dey ~ 405 38

corner ty ibe Joly ection warvet,” be aald. | Exehaoge, New York and
2 su London sight *

She markos slsny Iy cornered itell The see OS 7
$n0 Obs @ivance bss been bbe reewl' of ~-—>—
baying by yoreony who auld cotton they did Loupom Jane tnd,
AO Well nirces begas to (alk about the new | “at ,
oll aise: os te (alk about the new pere one sm lle
Nepuleug Test sqhr, when hewas c edie! Muscovada Sia
wht having wide £100 000 ta a fall ig Viostiog terms in Nond,
slucke aad anvier £4000 in a fatin Sagar { , Porew oe. KH
tite Hes autor yeohtond 4 OE" | Geman Stef fet
malan tip ts the Vewludie tle te spar ews. see nes BOLUS
r slout a musth ago Java Bagar 96. ufo Gibraltar

or Chanael for order flraung

termeperewh... 4. |


he Kua ie "ha oe 1g = /10
THE CURE OF CURES Coven, elnm Fuse
Je certs LAINGS YAMOUB -Aslands, at Liverpool Non. perth. t/t
WHE PINE CouGu SYnuS. a Sharmet mae ot ec
ite an fool ous wt all vben wee oe ~ 4 win *
or es -
- Bae a esuat be LAPS SUM | Topesyye tet, Heats we “ww
~Hinyeror Prederiek!



een. 8 oO ee me


—_ Itist

he Best Table Water.

tho health in general and eavants fovar. \ Ie ix reeom-
magaded by tha Lighest Modioal Authorities.

Sold in Cases of 50 Pints.



It improves

% CO,


* \




INCOWE, 1894.00... coscsorees B8,01 6,498

TOTAL ASHETS (as per t
Halanee Bheet.... ce sereeld OOO81

TOTAL CLAUMS paid........44,908,978


Chains Setlled Promatly

A pwermtmse


Uluwgow afd





Aris and Mvosinilia

Bab Agent

LofeSpain Gazelle

Peli shed Dally, Moadars and Public Hot


——_ ot ian. aan RRNG PEED
The dering heave at Si Teepirete gar, HW. Brathwalio to ign
Ro d (the property of Me «OT. ) Mr HW. Bri -— Reve
Suh wan ey Usetarday nent Ink $8, | _ 1285 dntpeatood thay Me, UW. Tithe
hragt iv wea ante " Terk £ Surge THe
Phot Fi la wee Compeey fo- 2170. matte, ceed Cieik ia the eek joave

for.svuie motate, will tetire from the
Unvernmen Savive te Aavit nest. Mr,
Brathan te eo lain ilssiatith year bes
sent thir vive yéers in qhe bol Cieit
Fe vice which he entered ae Petrodeaa
Te oker and Assistent Exsha eG Mr,
Srathwal eis aleo Herr dargt = Qieran-
artlved here from | Barina m yeurrday | tng Antho ivy, ané tie Weneral Poard of
meralbg with 224 pack gee gereral mere yr aay, and dite ig bis long service, hed
cli sedive nad ratiad in the «f ecre bh fot seted on a vera! oneastons a8 Sub-Keosiver,
New You vith 385 bogs coon. 00} boas | aat.Oo leernr and Ha tour Maser of 84a
cur deoats, 250 bag. or ff ¢, 20 tales adler, (re enda He war aha dwoikieg acd sera
1 big mol ute T sree mans and the follow. 114 guaty painothking employee, end was
Mg Prrbengera— Mr Ketie pPick -Misa §. Trvartablty held ia high
Tespective heads ol

te fms bal the premiren cansiets

father * reoniee tata,
Iselepinsared fra simian amoent, We
wbdtatand that the far [ ure wad iasored,

bat the amount labo at-ted,
The Dateh rarilletenrner © Coppename”

TAtden, Mr O. 8 Chessman, Mr Adame t depa;
Eoelee pind Mie A, da Coste,

Woodbrook Wants Water.

The residerta in I walize Sireet, Wood:
treotere teen gthenwe wity: fore werer
serves in that oarticalar tleloity,—tbe
poorest atandjipeh iry aconiderade dis
tsacecTT Binee Mai & 1007, & prtition
with retetile eo wacad ironed ta the | takerpiaceamorget the ladestured imml
Towns Commimionera, and the petlienea ] grert: on the Orange Lirove estate at Tse:
were thea advised to renew their applwa- | ergags; acd the fact of a conetabalary
flon In atg month’ time At the expire
ton of the Lime fizet by the Commiesionere | of trom headqnart
themanives tta jeri iovera did as advised, vie eraitry = ent some colour tothe ra
but op to now, nosep has been taken ia] mone. Qa inoquiry bowever wae gatheredt
the direction of giving effet to the ti- | that» y of ccolies nemb vieg abuot 8),
deanery” yer, (-mepedng that these | tad left she eetate, ond were on the ma eh
pe ple cooninute their qaoua v4 way of | ta the Immigration Ulfice ia Port-o -S, ain
Faten and taxes perhaps (9-49 only fale that | to ley ther grievarce of belag givin ex
some conedd-tetion ahea'd be exsended to eeastia Lask, | The Lmmnigratine Of @ wan

tee aay ply, onmnaoieat . y telephone, ani
them inthe matter of a water sor ply Mews A. do Downs, W. A. Uopaul,
and J, A M rgeoof that ollice p.ovseded
tothe meue_to ieverdtigate the maiter.
The police were sceompanie! by Major
A 8 Bowes, ani thyy inter epted tha mao

tom behad eerreh On iiremeat

he wil extry the good wi hes of all thuw
mio koow biln tuto @ hfe of tess etrenuous

Grange Crove immigrants.

~ “The Bahonio Plegue.

ty by the 7

Yesterday, rumoor vas eirentste! about
the town $+ che eat Uataridug had

party under Lt-Uolonel Metall da'ted
era in the direction of


-Zailors quid Outfiiters ="





/ —BEING— 3
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_ Tee Don
Marine Square anc Chavcoar wise,

SSS eee,

~¢ 2° he Fs 8 mes ay , os —- tort enemies. gt she Osi 6 St, Vipeont 3: | The boy Hertle Ma'oofm who was men- he vieletiy of and teok them e °9 an
“eo” oe - "= oF ofSoala toned ina presTiivtonie ot this payer. ae 7 *8 tbe vielatly of San Juan, a1 “ =
~ R= S3¢ > q yz * Ew «> ¥ ye La. nad pre wwe ee t ie’ hurd nit back to theie estate. After the matter had

r a . Cee PRICE: ONE PERN, leat Mines. S yeatendiad of piyueon teen lay sugarei, the tminigrante relura- NO Ti ME é¢ h
— = : =" | - “hae simmeats of Birhs, Coat, dnd Mar [Sut tay wlebe at the Looleston Ham ival. | ¢4 to cbele works TO LOSE!
- - rinyges, sekoowledguenis and dis | Hits whereabouts have been traced to No ——_ vi -,
PAGE.POULTRY NETTING. Cott Toc air ncheesice | 40"Seve-ph eed where bu had vd MANURES O LOSE! tm
the a of some reepooribhe pwith iis mother, The tuy who is des ba)
peroa) be obarged for At B/S sack. guubet ne hay ng bron a) thalf-elted {By fa Bei Gs Lamar CARBOLATED CREOSY
SIL I STR cere Casual Evertivements ol evay descrip i ith tone dese tefwe being ph bed up —— ‘ +, ,
2 Ws »> NSOe ve < tom :—af0 per week, 9/6 per forielght. | buc bed nervy scturpet a 1eadence ’ LIME. BAN TT AS AUN KEES CREOLIN, CARROLIC acy
604 WY SK is s So x wee ae ee oe ee bas since tenn t " aly fumigated hy the ove Hl SANDLES, IZAL, ETO ET. «4 ¢
x ‘ " wamitary anthorit ee @ ” an .
? HRY 50525 . ~ prepaich Laratee, who 19.0 90 suffering fr m plegar, USE OF LIME FOR aolts ADAPTED 4112 to be ad at +4
555082 OER? he Oonsaaron atthe [-olation Hospital ie yet alive, | Ui YOR UROWISG SUGAR CANES ; a
PS o508.05 > eR BENTH, to yot rly eveuing no fresh onse be IN THINIDAD 3 6
LRN EER We $505 anmeenly endorte toe opestonr-| ved Lepr, of TE ;
So - teed bs Conresponde oun (GACCHARUM OFFICIMARUM MONOCOTY. | .
624.2605 Sd 2 Sor dtapans, All intern cause be acoompacted LEDUNEES CLAS URANINAE FAMILY ) - ee
Sees oe SSSA ipo pailcuace be ava tencnees | TERRIBLE TRAGEDY AT CUNNING: | en 4 ni
ECOSOC 7505 So$25 food tank Rejected manuscripts cannot . Ham BAY, (Laid before the Asnewiwst Society 1604 vt
SOS OSS OSS >< q te-returned = sre - » -
$< $< , — Nu LADY BHOT BY & YEAR aintily of taleum oxlde tobe
S2 oe Scien oS Adeartizin Scale oh Appiiaation: You * rot appl el ast be variel according to the x a
eS EO OS aan es Ser bh 9 pia . a diffe entela-s of svils the p'anter bist) ih 4 i 4 .
LSP OTIS SSIS ons Gunecriptios. ah par your Avoagiramipibetion toy arches vt ben finin_aote pee { —__] 41-4.
9 PO VRID lt PP, Pavable in advance cxtve been crnannimea.e) 18 ths pees of bod wal na chemioany on cee wlth boseticta! emer - - -
a ae ae Protect aby fe tion, " : ebols
oT ae “es ———<$$= fang . tine ped eee Tarte vie revnite, aad ia others’ cropa have proved a . IT Ig IMPORTANT FOR
, Married. tim b 1x Alea Te rire Twoeo of ¥rapa, sud fatlare where too large a quantity has been s T Oo Cc K Oo Ww N E R a
—— 2a yeata ull ( tha: [.ear ood,
100 Fest ab $220, 93:25, $60, oto, reade up to 72 inches High. Dg tA Bascibe—Sreicatany, ~ On | wi 'uphs tnt deeb thee of the Tule jLimosabet other cbemteals is expe TO BEAR IN MIND THAT
. - “ Jane peth, 100s, a Cheba sa Hogs Chorch, | fveye 10d sono! Mr. Jee Givseppi of | © Rive fertilvy the rol, w
INE MOST ROONOVWIC Poly Fowmise precy tew povs seeded ne han ae ‘ an | means help to aupyty the food teqalred by «
taser bry Wues—tve ol a uabom-eropay techs Rep Uw Hae | Si Lat senaee dire | ca Toe mnona's ile Chae |e oun aad ong a tarerial wif | Molassine Meal
on . i “ f Port. cf over ‘ ly tad b vreat ducreticn howk Tn 2
1d WikE FENCES AND GATED WEAR BEST. Herbie tyne iPr aL ase | casita lett Cam tan by | Spat ont nai at Tso « conilaess, bata
“ Borieht. Adiga, ad the ar + _ sad in same te at he doe, ‘
Gerold & Sche rer,—dyents. eet Ba of Torre “ate Tong Woon compe ved by teralstip. with without coin derby it ube aol! Se sluliar VALUABLE ECONOMICAL Fudd <4
Sree errno ermnmmnnnrmnrans | the Guuseepps family waaaleo smonyet tne | t2 thet dos bes id ces with, ' Which should be gives IN PLACE ot Oste, Grain, off 6+
———eee _ —rr = = tary, On Saadsy M. Jeso Gurepyt Asse from the ofbeat fa charge of aber feeting Stalls In ovr words carh Horegor Male]
Current kvonts worta fi-biag and ae costuwa y took hie jth eromert Depitmert of Ag foul. shoald be gives from 2 to 3lus. pr day ftmatead; 3
. ° — saivon 1iffe with bim along wits afewcut- fure will beat thy abp al of che: ptast- of the samo weight of oats or o har grata aod hie ut: 7
To-nay, ridges iu hie pooks:. Wotle vecupled with | O4 es mmonity, who ehowld ack defore theretore
- Appeal Court—10.90 0 ws the ine, a pelican arpgared in Trig | Bpplyiag ws nure of all sorts iodicerlan 2
Pr wherrupon Mr (ise pin deed, ‘The rbot | aetely ond isan indiffrent maqner. Red th f 600 ut
Auction Egle of homeeh td faraite: jf rot having takenfull ctfec’, Me Ginseppi ‘Ths age of tule of thumb Is now passed, UCEes 8 rage | 4
flecta hy Newt. I ‘b an an ant | tue ted agida but b lure dioharging # | 1nd it be only by fullowi g ecient i advice he :
‘ a y 3 A Be oe OO | acound time, the bil dbapreared unite | tbet beary oreps {alwaya provided grod | 9 ‘ —_—, — 3
ied __. the wate: Ths tsiing’ was oor trove! waiter) cB be etnecied wih dierent Remember too, thas the regular use of i
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. . 1 Ei Ss I i> S wets Cerou | aves for Demerara, mar by “Ow seruraiup 10 the hutse 118 blude of mi’ ‘1 at of the Soutbera die- IVE < > E a LR SSF IW Fi ey
ee L. G E 4 o atta cluse am rife wee fleced in a ecrorr, and Mr J teletain truidad cagaot cot-r iste ove Fwares perfect beaith to all animale ant saver dover] >
wre _. - Lica Seaton, City Votice Court,— { Ueteppl fell 110 genaral ¢ ranerentio, parton wiih ihe paary cley wil of tbe til, Tl soa keep etook, be ates ed and use SMOLAISINE
——— ba el a 12 rate — I @ Lourt nit! vis who hal sajied iu the D Pegu I} reg ay its com} many tines over ‘


Wea ofter;I20 Bates of tle Abowe!

——From -the Foremost ‘Tannery ot Caracas,



LowerjHeury Strct,




Combination of Coal-Tar Ocrivatives.



Kross possesses Sdvantagon which mabe ic berrer and aster then any ether runtertal for
Lownehold distntec is pepterable to eardolis acid, becoune deve net baka, 49 chloride
of un ren ste, be guse i t

tat. Ut tn sete Je she dilution recommended it In pronteally bod-peteonenc, nad e080
thersfore be used Erecdy, and ia tafe oe deve sreend. fife net enuatle or rvitatiegs it dens Bot
mee motele, cod theptors dors not desires plumbisg. it doss sof perasanedy sisia veobadle
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Second. it ts ofective, Our laborers tents require thei ina 1%
the moot realetant disease-gorm (the green pus gota) in one minute
and porifice, 11 destroys boul
the ober,

Third. Wis stonderdiaed, slways the come, You can depend upon ju.

Keres te parth ularly veleabie 30 preventing on outbreak of eepsegioes ditnsees,
tng lelecsing, cleenaing, puritying ood promoting tanitativa tt ie the eeu Baleares te
For otf gesorsl disisiecting purposes mis Keene with weer ( 1a we fol.

bevleg properties: ‘
f , waver,
3 plat Rees, 12 pisos soun


dolution it musi deemrey

It thus disisfoess, sleenses

ders, hot by subsiltuuag smoite: but by deasreying the sense of



Krees, .


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Mabing speveoimetely t ) 10-106 solution in & hove 4 thet oc mye among He vnios pas-

. sony rearetor Tilwided = Dhe ** Man.

. GAFFE AND EABY TO USE, sat” ol the Teinkdead BBL, med Tre hay
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ARNOTT, LAMBIE & CO ~~ Range? os Heidi" Tas, Toetaer MTN Pt Gin aed ME” Peds, | INGBOele Which exist Ie’ the ‘null usier
oe semana sen Bee nee Ae eS «| sasaiel 4d Abe PLY. Shas. | 8 Bonus toe Mompse) Mia. B “ght feta ct aca shina’ witb the
ABK FOR FREE BOoKirTS, M highest owe made at SOU, GO) mud Guy J seles Mrs Juussivne, Mia aud Min | alumios, ol Ww eoustorm the hue inte
0 . aria oo Mergeent-lasirucior Les" [ Mount, Mt, aad Mew Permay, asd [sliced ive These twa of lime water
I iu SW cidy’s Mae

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hee aa Sunday iu Od daze ire Mont videu
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dul G, Huse qatl hes come tur a argo
of Loko saphelt for Trieste,



tow et irerarre*
New York ot Grinds ou uudey,
nuea hou Suathempioa

Barhader, acd de [> obebost teleg: aru.
moneegere ate bovhed for ty ie

eJud instaat

High Water Mor 11.64 Eves, ——__.

Pan sees . uv 42 a.m,
Mas aste . - 6 Ope,
Move riser’ ee

Supreae Court; und New
Daratoen for Dewert—Llow to
Prepare ond Bat Grape

F ut,
» Gur Kbiturval on | A Unegul
Kerperiment’ , Shewer «f oud-
phurin th Clarit Country ,

and. Weard American Iut,

items of News

Mr A EK, Daland (Bolaed’s Pharmacy)
han just received om excelicut sult Cireyeie

Clie ebich is otters for ele frum iodsys [17

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cargo whiob was taken eway by the
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comprised 2300 (ues Srinided credo
loko asphalt, 700 tmgs Trinsied mse ok
wou luge orruenuls, 24) lage Tatad
cocoa, 6 Gersele ites, 4 boxes machisgry
snd 2 pochages oacde a,

dhe testiea betqua =" Lake Muse’ acrivad

‘The veong! is cuss gued to

Atybel Luce, at (He tmstamce of ( onslatle
Archer, was jo-terday cleemed a 1ogue and
erutenged tu two imuatin

tat i labour by the seliag City Mayistrate
ue ha ering Cf Qieen 10a Bundey
uerang atloctes, sed selwuny «per


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Messre- bialley, 1b ash, Legon tre and

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Kataor ewe LR Baredat, (C10) bas Ga auafysouts gr btaelt tuto ‘peace
eadeue, Hiaebo, JK. Pelger, YU feud ca byuate of linen decum)useg the

Vetcle, Déwsace O, Santini, J.

dite bh a, Akigrats d
duchawe, Susble te, Rudgigaz, A. 2,
Duere aud ve yiies ase, bbw marge Bombe,
ul weevlhe (Lat were sent, sneluded thuey

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Dt yield the same senalie, Tae ip ovc-
weut uf the coodition of the xii will
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Guu eppt was peverslly oonadered to be
the thstodtwer tof pruetice, as evidemce
-oLwhleb, fi uiay be relaed ther ducieg tbe
very tsteful we & Sr Gives, pi denied bie
braibes'e sequest ts send duwn agme cat
ridges ty hew at Ue Day, and oraed aha | eqaned by the pleats whith are grown
he would being them aluog himesif on bie [O71 , Varies with ds uriginal constitaents
telpdewe, Duta cruciate we preparing | 24 018 tuacha sical svate, but Ly ix p welble
the yhoo ly draiveiu whi ha child 1a aie J 4 ou ily Checonstutneit sud the
aweet fanwrnce wee to byurs ta the lead fthenol aivantageouly by iniro
Ing rele The filimin bod jaet deft tas | What de required ic rae good, 0 eps,

vaee owhea Mr Guppy and Mus Piofeonog Harram ia Bar wloe in 1344,
Tincey ware sreted in converatun at » fend edaoin Dom race, hae given gacerat
tele. While thas eoynyed the ha we (OSITUC [ous lor Ninwelog suger cane lands
wave the alattulogcry th «hide Tommy? J 4b wy le consid. red aa @ atandal for
had esughe bold of the tile, bat befuce Mr, | sil classes uf evils there, but of coarse tnwy
Guareppt could rte from bie chair to ute. | He aabjeet to some onal variat O81 in ree
arm bin, the fatal abos was lo ixed in Miss | ptct to olsia Triakad which are put ssan
Tinoro's neck, and Lostantly she fell dead | lar to Whore of Hubudea The amount of
in the armeot the oy» we father with | sDaunis rec naiuended for cane fielaem in’
whom she had been oouversing. A post mon [ly Stands wood ao far asmy experience ty a
fom exantestisn wee sabsequen Jy veld by Peele The quentiiy of eujerzhosptats
Deh Uuinenoive asd the bendy of ie decease | sy defer sepurding to our wile, and tie
yp waseen veyed Ly tuelaunch “Cignn’ | aweuntsf pote hreauind fa Tiiowad m 5
tothe eity early gyre erdey mcromg = The | 0d corsect for the duu her disuscts, by
awfal cews wea received up all sive with | bes tu be iniressed ia the Nuribero. 1314
au expiession of deep nympathy for the leavul g ane chure fatiediflereoces, no one
tabatives of tho vegwssed ani yo let tus f will be wropg iu applying toall Trinklad
Me, Jeon Giusepyr wove apotiging oon [ts lhe qeentity of am nis, phe ephurie
dition beoughs wbour Ly the med uaourr aoe, | Acid sud potieh afared Ly Protemsor Mages
oat welt ba dcagiued, but pop deeriter | wow th, b.e.rtan case, & judiclous appli-
bieag Tinvoe wae ibe daughter of = Mrv, | cativn of sue,
Malvlas de Fiuoca of Vepesaela. Broke Carmody hee slag shown by

‘The feneral took ple yesterday af | S0alpsin tbe rompestiosof cur aus a 4
terposd from her late seaidenee in Char | be @ equiemeuts tur groslog myer cane,

wee tg the Chursts ofthe Ley | sud if pedis dong tulow the adelew

Itusesy wherethe eusequen were poll tmeu | Miveu ws to the sight wel uf ug plying a ait
a (he iter Patter Mesle Jusrph P.1 [onl manere aus line, they have only

ee principal «mvuoeis «wore dlqare, [ teanelves io bing for bed se_utne in
Roephasi Dicuce, sed Gereuims ‘Tiere. | ease ocber tian thong shen dese sttacke
ibca be te), MiseeB Tet sea Traven, ond Quin [tuew sence aul reduces moje, se bes
tus Thee (weter), biden. JV. bus, | vocuired fately jo seme dist: Lore,

hoa 1 KE beemay, Hy bhes For wy part, Latulasetbe ose dh
ar, tet Misus ppl wed: Leon’ Vaune | of thelese! tne yeagute the wast of Mace
sat. The barere ware Mest, Ka | im ver case sale sud io the leyudicuns

tion of sulpare of aumouls al ue

ma line which osalt to be ea pleyet
theuseice ly fe thet houwa ga quik line,
wut ptaccwaly the line empured to
wenurial purjasee be bu. tug tat durant,
abd (ouisitiss certs o quagity of aoberet
hive otore and by irate carbomete, whiek bo
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ve ay phed at tbe time of 4 ation and
bluugied in, when the beet meckealoa!

action oo clay sort wilt re produced,
Lue chetwal scien Fines Nee

Muuteneyg:o, 1. Kearen, Thea, Ur,
Wisay dvtez, SL Parotes, eid LY Prades
and awong towe folewipg in the foilage
were Uaure Maillaete a. Meseendes, HH.
Satter, MS. New, J. Mevinese, J. HW,
Kane, Mo Murales, J. M. Pevstura, 1.
terwuuvial LV. bolie, J. MM. mifontes,
Moa. Trujdio, J, Mo Avtonle, ML,
Aleale, J & Corad, M. Auge, C
Malact, E Garcte, duo H. Leva, J 8.)
vero, J Pegesent, L. Fors 1, P Saw
> trattren- b-edet tee

hue y Lins, CL it Hredelew P Bods, Dr truncal salle

bu |
ade “_" b wee io Ue act,

Mo Levtend, | Mio Guus, bauterie, A Suu ty bi

Clu tle te supp ted tu the plants hy the | Gave ed GOLD MEDALS of the bighost awarde wi i
Ubu, J A d tieuesx, A. te + gent s p sins secur oO! o ded &
ty Litesant,\ Br an ourty Dr GeMont [sine toute web tbe mtngean ty 82 | bbtbited, Tbe only C1GAIW sed CIUAKELTES ane corte

Meer No Itinewyd K Aloud,

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Paton ad ice priduos @ 8 lable food for
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Seo Susu and Kt Josep
Seo Jun aod Thaspuns
Bea Juan and Taealgua


st the Januica Internationa! Ezhibition, 10%

aste. Unique in quality aod aroma,


Geo. R. Alston & Co,



Motor-Omnibus Se

-~ -ton-

a UO

From to-morrow Sunday 21st the 9

willbe resumed.


Tie follawing ie the “CUCDWL 63 OP AEE ES which wil tree
on JUNE Jap subject to such aberations anci cunetsaces Oy ;
The Coce wii leave out or-- rain (oppaute the Railway Seomes

lO g’e'nck a.m. and ab i.% 445 6 7, 8 octok pm
From Taowigua a’ 6 7, 8,9, 100-23 65,6 % ae
The route frum Taasrigua ta the city will be theoagh i dou

Aavare, (King Htsoet) parsing by the Lodanns B sot Btore avd

the Hellwuy Statlun, the sarting polar

, Ua foodaliaht nights the lant cur wall tusve Tecarigas sb 10 oleledk
ety at 11 ooleok,
‘The fares between the aty and $.n Suva le Be, ag) botweet-
the route Ge cach. =

aod Tepapatd
aud Txangee«

Wares Notwoe
Port of Spain aod Bin Jaen Beente{ Vorgur spain
Fort-ol-Npsin und Se Juveph . 12 ceate | Port of “pale

. Opecty | St Joveph and Teasers ,.
: te | ®t Joseph aod To af
Veceats Tan pues and fiers

suckers of enltass “i
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Machado's Cigara aod Cigarettes are


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IOARETTES caonvt be ox

B & J. B. MA
wey Tomcat Heo
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5 ar oa Be Pane Name ne feieg, enw A, a FOR “gray FRINEDAD, “TTmN7ib AND TORACO. «| TRININAD,- oss
BS fecen"s Committes, Det wton Werth 4: Meg Pilerdt=l am cromexamtele ea M. Proon}d Ofer tacerpted BALE FRY moa) te - ‘ThintaD, WENN RINAY-PHE te00- ‘

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$ Vdelings monthly frou Jely 2 A the Ripon Geert Esta FOR WEDNESDAY wh 5x

renesk Sey 2A hia Lotion, hashing | \ gin Ger feat Getinaing and4—To.oam | | Lieme Oh io sin orks SE] punurexorion a neay tee ttt DAY UF qULY” 110% 18 Wemcalt, tg the Town ot Pare DAY OF JULY ici,

Jom Loy , v Crecnunch Unions (Low Ldene | plderstion of ibe § Od ronttibae{ by the ¢& toont Order et: ” . eo HL - ts his : Spain tees teand of Trnndiad, Widow, UBLIC Noth ‘Rin, 7
yland Binds gh Sivect Teamvery ¥ the Varina, weleding ater, be batt ovtileny taint da a eortata heed of mortars eee ne Tear ef Sle ferred ony —=cevented, +P {ids hereby

feddenend Co. v Fred Peniber- tu éxercien of tha paw Di
ef Atraberyd (appeal cake | carte geiko the tt bathslog 5 9 een nk thea nena ¢ FINN Nndiog ee ale tte aS cepemter tons ferret on Mot ‘ Asati Ra

Morieagert be the Conveyancing and Jaw 6 S ——
484), twef he lene ial . a mate | Prosecly Ortivance 1884 and eontelset ina} | UBLIC NOTICE is bereby given that ap | ing and Law of 1" reyare
4 by soe registered ae No SOW ir 19 5 and mare " onety O-di
tke Attrs 00 Cee et we in i00 moot ne, hha Zine” n ae tsinp land Oo & Lewls Drothers— | betweed Thomas H ney Sal h ard Cor fertata & Hs orandorn aa pprienes Nos ' sated Ki artim at tee rTont et poate oe ee “® Certala deot stam,
vied in he wareud eppee’, tered: wes] wee empty. hie Camnitgs once [ Néservire Keteoded f riwe weeks, me'la Maith of the one part and Lacis te Jena Robert Lem Tack, there wilt be pubyip'd Ia thE bland, ProWater, for a Grunt of eo ith day of Jaly199

Rowe La Tear of tna mbes part, (ae @ will
tapas ap for see by publie ane joa by
whe andersignada: their Aaction Matr Mo,

da between Ficich
tenets! A Protate of the Will fealng dete the grd-dav of} “2 a9 Of the
Gan Na’ oc Matis Rrowenade; Sar Pere | March 1098 of, the Fatste of Grace Cherie] Kala cf 2he other part andregiinrs ee

Tien ¢ A. Werb -*djowned Renenally.
nando, on Wednesday the send day of fviy | Dv nk tare bl the Teen “of Port ofSpeia ia No. 2250 for the your 3902,

bordalte aod Wilton Lids P
Fravelo To pry tuo eqadimaathly ta

beid thet for retirg paijoses, tt
were eativied to sake lata epaniver alo, tue | winese tuognt foe tite aeder

hag balling, bot
a ho ity | wented £10,000 for ¢ " hon.

Intereatpeyabe! yore company ta aco. | Thevelacutr a in, thet pare of io atalmen a from daly t 2 sackvi le eres, tnche town el Vort of- | tong between tha boureof one amd two pm | this Islaed Widow deceaced, who did on tbe } 50? Bp for ale by the endian rake
. scthe niece , nae ata iieete es pity ‘Bt ‘ye ratenined, ‘ne fo tne Lita e W. A z nrray—Olfer acer p'od Kone, oh Thardsydas oh cay, % Joly van that parcel of land twats ‘o the Ward fn dey pate te Mma at the ume st ber ae, Mate Neve, Wary ie abhi
f e OO acne he SALA
arrive at the mon at velog from mesa he t re et eet Te iaihe tant oy ena tise ie nd Bingutar’ thet ot hain we Of | perches he the me mweor ere, regivered to ‘arrea ‘hee tid Ghacles baward wes of Joly 1908, between the Toure ote
Ei ete oq ton 7 be com 4 sey newt wh 5 aud the cemovs ot the | gal2Orer bf committment verpende”, | oepa delet aod siaue in the na of} Vol LXXX'X, ftw 177. and bounded en the | being the joae eed se the M ae two PLM, ty &
ding fa ghestios was abne 1 “ee oth Gite, wxia, Por yeats (t | oelf «fess te be paid dn dn'y 19 aod LEAFY, Per-of-tpeta in the Tew ¢ of Trincted North by Crown lx 4 and br lands of ameay | ofSpain ta the ey ten Soon eer All that Mestangs end parcel oe
yeta pos fi 3 . a ous tor or sate, on bet hares ram sho? ta that | on Augers 10, . Vknowa a No. Gin Kit Dy River, now Side'alen ase John er bt Crown land and ccuirix named fa the WUT ul the abovenemed mansnring (blrty-seven feet by one ne
a aie Fetal 7 rib ” cor ne or ott aah y. and ance there hed been one ab] T Urddee Graok 7 Benjamta Usiee~ | hrown on No 30 Hestion Street, Portof bya teed erserved fity inks Mite, on The ‘Ean | Grace Charlotte Devenish, deceased ret fest more or lose aitaste 8 Che
tioeenes loo fr not tee. cu'y.on te, Jae he tatesbe welee of pas f Adj rarned for a fortnight Spela, hatlde a feonwga of twenty 650 | oo Crowe land, by lands of Ramsatmck aad by | Acd sotlce Iealso givon that If na exveat ie Street iu the Town of Bin ‘
Rea fase ae eey-ane eye acts bad at Tap mpravedt, - tatre-]~—Matewaa- ¥ 1 —Drurge Cammlymtnt fast on Basion Htivet not ore bantret | a veweved Afty links wide, and on the | lodged before the expration of twantreight | Keown as No, 37 of Cipero gt
Pa on ainena come’ of | oxen deyny c wituers woe pear to the | for seen cays sume nded ull ely 2. avin 46 OY aad alm Caran the Nork-| Wear ny Crowntand, et tnternecret bry abe | dara from the date of the puriicatina of | sbatliog on the North upon lot Ne op
“i ag ta reply qaciel @ house ‘ tr ie being abst 40 of 60 fet Mem v J. W, KaewiewOrder, in terms | apon bt Ne 89 Kast Dey Mt vet, en he | john River with arencrra forty-five Rnks wide | this notice the Coit will proceid 16 tue Cipero direct, onthe Routh: uy
of Loraa’ ener, wat re edge 3 ' tng | of Sritea cffer, cuumilmest for eeven ] South epoq Hasina § reat, on the Bast | on euber bank, together with the appurtenances | Probate of the tal 1 Will accerdinely. 33 of Ci, era Street, on ¢ “S
Th 4 1 ad othet tare bie phipping ' â„¢ be Eva
eeee Mselerrote tald, be mold Dot ex. | awe) wed ee eos bits fin w | dave carperd sl apon LA No 6a Het Dry River and 00 | thereto telonging Dated thegat day of Jane tar aay lends of the Devirecs of T. J, Brova oy
Tre Atigrety rere “ { ode Garden) there wana Jong stretch of reclaimed land | J. AV. Piowker vy Henrietta BestaNs | tha West pon lot No 66 East Dry Dated this 81b day of June, 1908 (gl) T. A, THOMPAON, on the West epoe Cipero Mtr i

. P, PICKERING, ‘oct, Koge. i-
=Wou'd ut inhi Aijing what ds the{ tothe wharf He had retired from the im | onder, ~ Iver. PP, PICKFRING, | Kegletrar | with the appartenatces thereta blcegur

Dated tle 18th day nf Jara 1908.

3. ho - Dated this ist dav of 2

fi t trade elnoet: entirel He was the} Idmmy K, A, Csltender-—Oommitment 1908. a | TRINIDAD AN GU. Gay of Tene 1908,
ite orden Te Soet met aaene desl too | bener in Fl of Sata ofrereral properties | for seven duyesuspiedat.. LOVISIUUS SCO, | TRENINAD NIDAD AXDTQDAGO. : POP LICKERING, —
yotch. whith didn t bring tu 2 percent. The tull | Idemy Jas Wharton~Fatended fcr Anctioveeta. | NALE FUR WEDUNKAACY THER The Hegistry at Port of Bpain. ry ‘Ane looser,

Batetl you have earvived i t—That | rental valee +f tue precises in questions as (our weeks inch—No ord «,| LBINIDAD. ‘ DAY OF JULY 1908, Tatha matter of the estate of Leonard | TRINIDAD, =
fear, -It sot, cantina! she witracs » 15) & mouth eu v Fhomte Finch—No over ag To the Bapreme Court. 10 NUTICE te hereb that Tiers late of Binde de 1.’Exb Road fa | @ the Supreme Court of Trioldad and Te
between £40,009 ad 850.000, but a liuie) The Attorney General tendered in ens joe x VM tohe' Me Joshas Keld —Ad- the Bs Is the, Matter ot 2 Ching, Poe ee cE the power gen on the Ward of Ravana Grande, Planter No, ata er nog wticllon —Fert of Spun pg

orice. ne 10" lertol. hr. 9 4 enry Leon - -

tout £10" ov thew the 4. Tr ane Soren of werkt reves which the bnilding idem v W. E De mn otherwise Georgs late ot Matetore. In the Ward of | tained fa # certain deed dated the 16 b dey Deceased Intestate het mb

—Neo order, in the Island of Trioided. | nf Nog mber in tha yenr 1906 registered se
alae Mafngoe w H. Wo Artatredg— Toon, ta the Island © . 7

hbopkeeper > No, 3133 of 1006 anf made between Lateh-
Writes offers utin to pay £2 104 by in- pkceper

yf / Nal — acie af the one ‘part and Chrietouber Wi-
ota meuts & tures arp ftom aly 1 OTICK ia here Aven that | ham enderren a! Mae enferson
des 2, 22. . * Peed Seer crete me by | trading together as Hendersen Brothers at
J. W. Fivtehec » W. Wr Séseph=To {Alice waa FoAE Chisg pt Maretes ia: | the echer pert, there will be pat up for s'e
Py tC mon bly freo Jaly 1s the Ward of tooo in the Fiend of Trini | on Wedeceday the Sth day of duty 1909
demv Uharles bls er-Ulfer accepted | dad, Widow, for a Grant fol Lettersof Ad [at the Auction Mart of Measrs Loule John
wpay Sduls monthy trom Joly 2, ainlstraiional the estate of the abure- | & On at N+, 2 Corner of Rt, Vincent and
luem e Hrederiek Browap—Nu service | named Henrg Leo7g Cning, decosted, tata | ackeille Stree s ia the Towa of Port-ol-
Lue del forfiai works ot Matalns aforeaard who died onthe 20th | Spala between the hours of one tod two
J, D. Sellter v Qe rge Valzio ~Ad- i pm. au and Slagelar thas pertea place
nirhed general y, + deat td place of abadeat tha | or parcel ofland known ae lit No Go
J Jd. Haynes Ginks v Gregaris Medlas ~ uf Bl wae fs d mand Alica Matinia ¢ T'iparo Settlement in the Ward of Mant.
Ove twyay Udo montay fron, day let | Leong Ching being (he lewfal widow aod | aerrat in the Istand of Trintded comprising
meepted, o maiutmus furs veo deysete | itegef tha anid deosseed. five actes of land and abutting on the
uued, ‘And Notice is also givea that if no | North uponarosd, on tha Soath upon lot
Lime Toomas Arch bald Adjourned | caveat be falged bel-re the eatpiration af | No 41 on the Hast upon a Road, and on
for atorneiges in sunmes deb or, twenty-ciyhtdars from the deta of the | the Weat upon Ios No. $1.
Tem yJsehas 3B eckiman—urver to ply pub iratign of thin notices the Court will Dated this 4th dey of Juae 1905,

—— ween
UBLIC NOTICE os beroby given that Gunsess—Malang t
applicat on bas Teen made to me b ‘
Sassnnsh Terre of Bonde te Likes Rod
fa the ward of Ravans Grande, widow for Pmetied
agract of letters of administration of the Dee ter ee ise bee gives that 6
estate of Leonard disrre lata of Bande de | made berein on the 16h day rh Jamon Sve
LD’Est Road fn the ward ot Savana Urande, { will be put up for eale telore iw aaa
widow, deceased who died on the 111h day | Court Howe, Port-ofSpais oo Thussee
of May A.D 1008 having at the time of | as'b day of June 1908 between the how'd Oe
bin death @ fited placeofabote at Bande | sud Two pm Adsand Sirgular that cent
de L'Est Road within the rald ward of | piece or parcel of land situae inthe Wate
furure in the Island of Trinkdag compra
being the lawfal wifow and relict Stun acres shee roots snd sweaty four perch
eaid Decenne!, ond notice be ateo given | ively of Gaido ca the ee andg woes
that if mo Caveat Is lodged before the | of formerly of the Ci ibe lands a
expiration of twenty eight daye from the lands Gow o¢ lormerly of the Last wor
dateofthe publication of thi? potice the | tand: now or formerly of Jamroo, ers,
Court will prioeel to great lettre of ad. | Weet upon a spece reserved tor-§ that “Ai
ministration according’ Iso all and Singular that peroe! ot bot af #4.

in qaertios had coapare |,

Would you say that money was worth aod
G, Sandford Coa~-Defendan, .*

erent, tot ieee? 6 all a on he taking of ev.deace being closed, the
q t you went le ‘ee, ¥ all depend cae wae edt urned tillto ay attwopm, make 7 nh the rate of | for the addremen ot ¢ aarel,
mwey bere now F Money fluctuates » P “aeons b
the world over. ‘The other amearment cases have been

I koow thet, but sparking peaerally, fited for Wednasday (topurrow),
would you any that monry was now zotth
lee theo 7 pee one here? Nor 1 sap-
fore the mioimom here is 6 p Feest.

Je the Colonial Bavk’s rate of
discount = 7 oper ceal fod othink
fb fe 6, sometines7 aod a me Umer 8, ac
cod pg torte, Mo ey fs not pice-
tifl to the oof hs at present, Dut wesn 6
and 8 ye: cent. I would say le the general
rote of lub rest.

Ta the Cout— Fr large sams it w 06,
smell oous Tand 8, amu very anol same

Distelet Court.

Before the Hem HAL Alea KC,
(Before, Me UT Ning Judge )

day of Fabrusry 1903 having ot the me

MW. a vung vy P Ms y—fo fay 1
dollar month! from day t.
M renrev Ha ria e Acctic—Oll-t topay

Dated the 30.h di May A D., 1903, | held uster the provisions of the
Ore, eto foning, anid that he dia fo t ow the tvA J Ectended for a Ld] unmesty frow dn yl peuceed to imue Lattere df Admiutaira ion i " TA Ti MPSON, Ordiwance 1895 situate ia be Weer ree
novela the etl Pret Me Dog tor tot ’ ones ~ Fic idm vd ae Austu—Urder of 0%) the eald Athos Mathds \eong Caag. LOUI$ JOHN & Co, Regutrer. fear ane cree ured be the mag mae
£50 4 tani, to niwille and Wilson ¥ J. de Corena— | ‘9 ‘i an bar ° * inten | Dated the ith aay ot tO ie —— Anctlonesse, | TRINIDAD, anes (beret shews In the gus 4 on
Mr Potrt—otfered tothe: leadirg | Onder of om nitmert far even doye aus Write titerto” pay ee Oty Bal a A, THOWE ON _ Lrriinan Ta the Supreme Court of Trlnidad and =| Grant entered ia Volonas hin ae

question (laaghter) porndbd dunnz payment of fry cents
‘Ide Attorney General promied uct to | mon bly from daly |
» lend pgaio. PS —t Etem - deuien Lucae—Extended bor
Me, Gordon resnming acd jthat he bad | four weeke,
nai ated £5008 charum fhe would like Liem #J., Dspeon —Same wer
10 pet astenefur tia off pemices, If be} Tlew v Banact Hematatel—Seme order,
cou'd get more, he sould take it. Mew-e | Wilome lt! v Jauoe Prince—Lasve ta
dealing wiibite Da ch Company at the | y ane another sumo 8,
time, He ranied on a large bal eo, bat J eqaint Ribe rv George Burgess—Ex
a mih amalier ore then be wed | tried for four wecen.
Tin theo rent es 1a rte me Cre Zam
a buanes¢ asa merchant henker, ard floan- | another summoas f sehwi hb.
f—~ ——thl agent;—beantrs taving “sipping and]: South re and Ch Duac—
insurance sgeenion Ile waa fami ixr with | To yavS doilire mon hty from July I
the bar ke tu Bowland, In all conatrien, T.N Bawpeen, v IL BR Naw - Post.
banks bad improved ther btivge very pored for « fortnight p_xting ss'tien ent.
mach ahs, \ [aad Din Gorarroe Py, a He Aa o—
The At orney General—Ard® with. | Urb or o stent oa paymeut of Ie, con-
in the semge of Juval f rkimanshin,, gut mone taney K Jo -To 3
yu RY al that coukl be de ied? ti ‘ne th ame Ini > PSY ST uetnty,
wanted te show ‘he red that youn be Jee Be Reeds dit ehh tobe To pay A she da sie vs gre
made of nitive wool, local we kmvnehi . nea fic —Witun otter sorepiel to 2 duis.
and avettal » The precent bai sting, he rr eqealm uuhly iu ta meats from daly meathly trom Jaly P x ol
, cootnved, wae very mach wiept d to tha | & - . em Courog o1v A, - IWete
tedaced busiress he wae paw eodug, It Barms Meradge y Kvvaatle—No SOrTIC® | Oder sont p od e psy two monthly ioetal
wae Gl perornt lees In cise with vesard ta mv eade, 0 wreaks fo Written | wees trem day
« Boor space than the od baikting In all | og wou as ah Baa, UE Sine boCommit: | tlenry Ss Viel ay Konkelph MeLsod—
bis partoeebip ag eemen's, the ratea of | Ore | o Pay dul are a wo th—Comar tt Olle: awe potio pay haf ibe det on
improveny an ard extensions wey all pad wpa orgeven doya cuspin 0100 payment | guy | at August 1. ‘
by Ube owner of tho premises, af T in itz] i efor 4 jaestb. R Lovie N J.N,Taorpe v I.E. ‘Archibald —No
em e,they were chesget to him, Ons hue 0 esford ann wae v Raronal W—-\9 Deeivice Excendedfor two weeks,
¢ ed and Gity col ae waa the grow rental mate Even ed dour el ks 4 ~ Jute Ford v James = Aotoine—Mifer to
and net the net cf the née pend es and 4 bb Feaniige v ue O'siere— | ay Sl de cach—bapnoeenduly 1. -
ol ibe cid prempes, $200 wae the grouse | S6me 0 der as above Wisous, Lid, vy" James Pri NO
Tentelalo, The raves and tance cade out
of bh aypocket.

Crravexemined :—The Water Author! y
asseared the new hulidiny at $160 a month,
Theemoart { horest which he one raid


DAY OF JUNE 1908, No. 43 cf 1908,

— tween

PUBLIC NOTICE Te hereby give that te Spencer Jamey Kerton—nod— Moore Terdl-
exerense of tbe L'ower of Sale conforred pand Gantenome— Plaintiffs

om Mottazacecs by tha Conveyonetag &bd

Law cf Property Orluance 1884 and

contained in m certains Memorandum,

of Mortgag No 118 dated tha


J tt, B, Biegert ond Komi y OR
Pe-more—Oider to pay 3 “dlER
moatp y. .

Jovep A. Lompresay Won. Graham -
Woven ofter to p ywhele amogat tn
A sgust L nceep od >

Fr noe Fourvier v Louie G | Seliler—
Witercflegta pay hilapos oa July

.UarkevF. MMeUien aod ansthor—

Odfler-43 dow Kh, wonhly accep ed,

Sunth Bon, and C+. + Michsel Corbia ~
Offer :o pay idol 209, ousb,2 duls, on
duyl mud 1- dulac mupthly from
August 1 sovepted.

Wilon's Ld. vA 3 Ssalos~Adjoarn
ed, fen stey or bth mens,

Idvm vy. Tbowpeon—Ty pay 1 dol.

BAGO. Hemuter Book and al

TRINIDAD AND TOYARY, meter B bung on tbe ox

Tasha Supeme Court, —eneouGunness ang
Na. 127 of 1908 nm

Ia the Regigtry at Port-of Spain.

“tu the matter of the the catete gf Mora
Hdward Betau tier tate Ef the town of
Atina in the fstand of Terlnitad,

Hpy BLIG- CE ia hereby given that.

epplicat ua has been midge to me by
Reph.el Vieosle of the towa of Arime
aorerari planter for a grans of probste of
the Will bearing date the Buh day of May
1903 of Pierre Liward Betwudier who died
on the eivhtoonth day of May 1903 hacigz
at the time of blsdeach a lset place of
abode at A lara aforesaid the sald 18 phael
Vigvale being the sole executer eamed ia
the sxid Wilt, aad Notice is also given
that if no caveat is Jodged before the
exp tatiru of teeaty eight diss from the
faRliea! ron of this Nobce the Court will
preeeod tinue probate aceording'y,

Dated this 12h day of Jace 904.

(sg!) T. 4. THOMESON


DAY OF JULY, 1998,

UBLIU NOTICE is bareby veo that
P' in exerclee of the Power ul Sale coa
ferreton Martgecees by the Copveyane
iog aod L wot Property Ordiaancs 1984,
aud contained in a certain Deal of Mu t-
gave dated tLe 28tb day of Uotober 1004
wade between Mutt of sheone part and
Hhegwap-og of the other part and regis

‘he South u Jan: Mi

hast upeh Idads d ela aodape’ eae

Dowal, and vo wha Wert Upog Mandi Seite

re srigens eta iment es
ul e;

Miward Charles Mercer Stone—Delendant. | secondly desenhed 40a nvortga, aM

--- Getirgs David Hatt dated rh
UBLIG NOTICH ie heroty pteentit | seule perwent ol oe fn tne ean
llth dag" of March 3907 from yy an crder of His Honour Mr Jastica | nd twleres! thereon and as regardi the jared
sa lorandes Rrepbenvorn "art Mary Atephen:{ Owae msde herem—on-the Tet-day of Jae s described 10 6 jadi ceet sooreted-scunt
pon to Willlam Alexander Daitia, thore | 1908 theee witl be ee up for sale before u he iestann oe t 5 aa of Fetroary yy
will be put ap for sa'e by tbe usderelynod | the doore of the Court House, Port cf: the suns ef yn0 aoe 7 He berer & Co,
at bis Auetion Mart Na 9c Harrie Pro | Spain, on Thareday the 23 d day of Inly p ‘OE sir 1 420, tot for Martet 6%
menade, Sin Fernaln, on Wednesday the | 1908 between the hours of Oca and Tw? (Sgd ) Ewe RADCLIFFE CLARK
24th day of Jane 1903, between tbe hours j v'clock inthe aftornvon Atl and Singular Depuly Rega,
of one and twopm. Alb that parce! of | thet certain mossaage acd land situate in TRINIOAD. Xp

Ta the Supreme, Court of Tdaided ual

land eituatein the Ward of Siwans Grande | the Town of Port of Spwa ia the Islend of

and seven perches br the same more orlesea | Duke & reet bat now renuntbered snd | x4 59 ot 1908 obego, JÂ¥

eee | ory SEE ET



South comprising Gfteen acres two roods } Trinidad formerly koown as lot No, 15s

delinestod and woh the ebattale and | koowa as lot Namber 8¢ Honry Street .

honnda ries thereof shown iu the plan drawo | having a feontage of 31 feet and a» depth of Ta the matter of Oidiaanee Na i x

on the Crown Grant revatered in Velune| 73 feet and 8 inches and abntting on the

XLII, foho 479 and boonded en he Nortbe North gpon the lot firmerly haown ee Iut

hy a Crown Reserve, by the Cuma Hos! amber 15 Duke Street but now rena:

fitty loka wide aad hy land reverved [ora | bo ed and koown an fot Namber 86 Heory

srving, on the fonth by the asl Camuto | Stree’, 00 the Searh upon tha lot furmerty

Road fifty inks wite ard by Crown Land, | known as lot Nomber 21 Weory Street but.

on tne East by [anda reserved for a xpring | now renumbered and kn wa as lot Nomber

and by Crown Land andoa the West by [42 Wenry Street, on the East upon the lot

the Cumuto Row? filty links wide and in- | formetly known ex lot Number 14 Doke

termected by « road recorvel and by a | Struct but now renumbored aod known as

traoch of the waif road reverved each belag | 0* Number 83 Dube Btreot aad on the

thirty three inks wide. ‘Weat upos Henry Street.

Dated thlel3ch day of Bisv 1908 Datea chia 4 h dey of June 1903,

Ave ioneer Deputy-Registrar

fa the Sup:ewe Corrt.

and 4
Inthe matter of the humble petetion
Adele Joseph, Eda Kvariste Loy
Joueph, Aldric Fager Jomyb.
Alberta Jonnphy | Albers Bat
Joseph, Hestrice Louisa Adele dat 4,
Sydney Edgar Joseph, intacte ve ¥
the age of 2! years thee mele
and nett frietd Adele Jongh” ¢
UBLIC NOTICE 1s hereby gives
by an order of Ils Huser
Agostini K.C , Aoting Crlef Josie
herein on (he 14*h dey of May 198 jeoe
will be put for -xle before the deers 14 the
Conrt House io the téwa st Foepal Ste


El iv Grell ani Cope George A Barke
fey — sitjourie! g nell), t> be beyuught J aphive Clorke y Hyg chiason Jones

(nx daya if tiee, —fo pay 60, monthly, from July Lin
Ramon! av Wm. uittens aol Ed» pe + mvati’y: froin July
wend Cowerd Futoad 3 te twee ha. dofean 14 usye’ lupeisoument,

Alvert Twerd v Iyuacw Uudup—Ad | ~ ee

o der,

pais NOTICE in hereby given that

oa Thareday the 25'b day of Jone

for the griund floor of the beitd vt cummed fora fostaight, _ hime " th in oxerriva of the power of sale con: { Iq tho matter of the Eatete of Jobn Smart | between the boars of Lend 2 .
ont by ir Fia'ayson, wes #0 6 month i ‘Ae Lung “ind ey N A Ford=To Wane, Chewbe ard Tirsegie? ‘ait bea up tor (or ee Tide Apeuos fercad on mortgagoens by the Cooveysncing late of Bo*mont inthe Town of Vort- All and Singular the wesouger yt
room valued the office, Stungs, eo, ab | fe jh golhir taeoih'y frow Jay 1 Tratand Naren, Seaard &o, iate Royal | hy the mndersiened at lus Auction Mart Ordingnce pawher epee ee eh Sou io ihe | [lend of Trsidad, meee froerly koown s
— 5 Tenn nn ame + lendeetin- tt}; orien: oa rhem—aret Sor ta—ifarri- Promenade, San Fornanita, he OF tay ork “TNT, Terer ee | ee octane’ | Bereet fo the Noo Wye
‘ siege teraey Generel . —Taa't my fered g secert d ty pay $150 monthly fom | Vuk experience Appty ta W. O Wilson, “ou Walnesdy the 220d day ol Joly Las, Wes HOT snd mate betwees | HUBLI NOTICE 1: bereby gives that atu tog on the Neeth » D
uly J. . . - ; * 3
> y ———. Heiriaabiaiaae ex Gawp Master, Iolation bearer the ours ef eceen wor pirate | Jorephare Faustina Gerela of the one pert an application has been made to me by | on the Soath on Na, 26 Vises fae 8
lathe Word of Pormte-s Pere containing (804 J weph Gumbs of the other part there ) William Georgeof No. It Belly Kaa Road, the East on No. 121 Deke id i


hy the understined, gt their office, No. | the Ielsnd of Trinidad, Writing Clack, for | Sreet and parp'y oa No 125 Debe Scat
T2, BE “Vincent Biseet, in the tewn of agraptot Probate of the §41)1 bearing { ¢ogether wih the appurtenssed fe a

by lands of Albert Pali-er Marryst, of Port-of Spain, in the Tsland of Trioidad, | 4 he od d. I Be: bel 9 th 1 peice of $i, Sal,
th Fant by lands of Merper and on the | eva. the: aed dey of Jaly 108, be | oth Sete tte at Belen ae | Oe ees ietdey ot Meg OB
West hy Iande of Heera’al aad by lends of | 7" tho hours of one end ixcrp q Soba | mark 1 te it Pelmont in taeest: Dated ib 9 2st y Meg ee

. Reetca. All and slogular (hat certsia ences Deyaty Regi.)

willbe put op ter eateby publ auction | Belmont, in the Tows of Port-of Spain io | West partly upon No.


onehalf of « quares and bounded on the
North by the Hebe Rot, onthe south.


fo the Saprewe Court,
The sitegiatry Bt pdorwof spain in the
atieral the Fetateof Witian Wee
ton leteuf the Wud ef Momea inthe Aad feandly All th&t parcel of Tend
laland «f Trinwdad Coor Visoter,— | oowtaning twu svude and Hurtrep perches,
Deveaced, aituate ip the sald ward of Dolnte-s
Pierre and tourded on the North by the

UBLIC NOTICE is b Pattig Roady on the South by landa of A.
acute bas bean rely Eien ttt DP Marry.t, on the Fast by lands of Her

Ss P LE N DI D RA NG E OF Reopseoin Sinth of Bande L'E«t Road in | pet aad on the Went by leridv of Meera,

tha Ward of havens Graode South 1a th Dated tbls 15ch day of Ju. 9 100K
said Island Cocoa Planter fora Grant ut P. VICKEKING,

Frobatd of the will beanog dave the 27h Aus foneer,
day of beptember JUUk of the Eatate of
Willan Weston late of the esid Ward of
Moruga in the asid Isaod of Tilnidad
. aducos TP snter Deceased who died on the

2uthdey pf Apdlap 1004 haviug at tbe
tima of bla death a tized place of abate at

Bade L’Est Koad within the sald Ward of
Just Opened Moruge he satd Repjvmin Beaith belog
the sole executor and Trustee named ja

the eald wil,
Aud notice is alen given ihat if no
. Caveat in jodzet belore Use expiration of
twenty euzdbt days from ibe date of the

pubtiontion of thle poles the Cours wi |

20 CENTS YARD. rete Vrobate of the said will

Dated she 28h dey of May A v., 1505,


22ad day of blay 1907 having a0 the t'me
of bis Coath » baed plare of abode ad Bel-
mont eforeasid. the said Witham George
pring the sole Executor named in the said


eAnd Notice ja aleo given that ifno
caveat ie lodged before the expiration of
twenty-elght deye from the dace of the
patlostiva of this uo ice tle Court will
p oceed. to issue probate of the seid will

Dated this 2).b day of Mey 1903.

° Registrar.

plantatina known as ] a Retraite comprie”
fog one buddred sod pinety two scree of
I nd situste in the Ward cf Momnga, io
the Island of Trinidad, and abottirg on
the N rthon Morngs Rives, on the Soath
onthe erp, of the Eat on lund now or
lately of the heirasf Hou! Lafoucadaa rdon
the Weet on Moraga River, subject toa
mortgage fn faveue of Horace Deightin for
secutleg payment of the sum of three
thousand five bnodred dollars and interest,
Dated this Gch day of Jane, 100%
Govt Aoctioneere,


vr ULLIC NOTICE is herety given that in
exercise of the Power of Sale conferred
von Mustgages by the Hills of Sale Ordinance
No 43 a0 under and by virwne of a certain


UBLIC NOTICE is bereky
io exercise of the rere. a
tained ina certula deed of
the 17 b duy of September 1007
in the affice of the Reghter 4
No, 261 for 1007 and made :
terie Sambrano of che one part at
Chavkersing of the olber par)

be put up for aa'é by publie
andersigned at their Xicte shake
ae ne | NG Vincent Kerect, fn the oan oR,
Span, ep Woda eda pe
TRINIDAD axy TOBAGO, 1908, betweea the
In the Poprema Court. pos, : All and siogelar that
Tn the Matter ¢f the Estate of Ju'es Picton | ut laod and ccous plan’
Jato of Oropouche Ia the Ward of | ward of Upper | ied
Turuse, Planter, —Vecessed, Trinldad comprising foc wine
Mortgage Sale dated th - ” ie Foods and ¢birtesa
Maree Be aU of Sale ia’ the ab eye pubic NOTICE fs hereby given thet | on the North apom Lowa kad
Regrirar-General of tbls Islaod at No 699 of sppiication has been made t ma by | lade of Henry Ecotton
the Protec of Deeds for the year igor and | Adeline Pacl of the Ward of Torure in the] Weet apon Crows 1
made twtween Thomas Philip of the coe part | Jalend- of Trinidad Venter for a grentol | upon lauds of Kobers Me!
ard dateme bsfevs Decoura (noe deceased) | Mrobate of the let Will and Testament | Crown taod,
Of the other part, there will Le put for dile by | Lesriog date the tsth dey of Jennary 1906] N,B.—Tbe sbove parcel uf
hie ue ian by ike undersigned ut their oftce | of the estate of Jules Picton late of Oro- | sold wat ject to a certele me!

we Wederlay tbe nab ay ries ponche in the Ward of Turure In the eald | the ¢.b dey of July 2905


UBLIO NOTICE fehereby given that
] ) ta erercine ithe Joeer ef Sale oon
tamed in acertein Memoren tam of Mort.
gage dated the 3d dey of November 1006
from Wihsm Armetrong tn taveut of
Alfred Moore Tow, there wil be put op
fovssle by gable auction by the under
algned at their abetion mat orrporct
Seekeiteand S Vanceat 8 reels, Perd of
Hoain on Wedossday the 24 b day uf Juve
1904, Lotweon, the hours uf one’ aud two

rer ae



rae wr

an that parcel of land situate fa the
Ward of Turnre comprising 10 acres ba the
eiwe worert ten delinra'ed in the dis


t ¥ mattachdio the Cysn gren? rease

* DARK GREY. . e ~ . ~T ~ red in Velame XE fulig 315 and [59.8 between the hours of sc aad opm All Teland of Trickdid deceased whe died on | 2220 for oe am

t e ea deserted fe the Cor itosta of Tie fo | teat dwelMog house and barack roorss erected | he 18h dey of Februsiy 1906 [baving at | \be anid Elparor!

be THINIDAD Velume XVII felis 249 and bounded on | beleg tad staoshng 06 @ paronl or lot of land | tha Ume of bie death a fizel place of abude | part avd os Jobe
Ja the Supreme Conrt or ‘Tnodad and Tebage, | ihe Neth and Hast by Crown Jends en] ofthe lands knewe ag “Sorsants L ad” at | t Uropouche within the Ward of Turure |eecunog te repsy wert

r Suswanary Juri Peat ol-Speie? {ba Suuth hy a lewd resceved J}{ the duieot the said (eed desesend and koown | #f rrenald the said Adelion Paul be og the | aum of $1000 Of wists Jot

é = Ne Se of ig. 8 Jinke weds and on the West by Lande | @* Tlause No. East Dry Kived but sioce | sole execuiriz named inthe oaid WilL Dated the $71b ds: of Jas

hqeot Bares ' of Nobeegeade. somnmlicsed aad a No 35 Duke Sureet Api nvtice fa also given tbatif no caveat £9.65
. . sentinbe de Siva —Plaatin Dated fale Sed day of Mey Tad, ip Abe tows of Portol Spain te lodged before the ex; iration of 28 days Corerveat
IN BLACK ~36c, 300, 480 Glo, 720, You . - ~ LoUla JOHN & CO. Dated this grd day of june rye from the date cf the publication of this _ ,
. : Paul Lases, ometines salied “Friday '—De- * . (Sed potloe thi It TDAD anp TOBA,
‘ewdant Avattencers LEWSES & MAYNARD, | Frotateol the seid Withers MANET TRINIDAD | oe a engl
— Aucti nicess, " i Maure of the
- _ SUBIC NOTICE Dated thie 20rh dey of Mey 1003, Ls tbe Bat Wat af

[ender of His Hoover Br folie Boas "date | ">> - TRINA one TOBAGO. . (Sad ) T. A, THUMPAON batch aed
hasta tbe 13th dey of dont sy @ there will be ‘ ‘The Kegutry Rt ort of apes We gitar, 5 —— wo

ov put up | or sale taiore ibe des of the Court In the Matter of the Ratate of Andrew Peceira UBLIC NOTICE best, ty =
House Preto Spas ce Thuredsy the osth ser 4 . be My eaiate of Andrew Peceira [TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Jercatioe hat Lane malt 10 iy

«| S04 ‘Sroguar siege tng several counge va | Sialntashe ted of Treedad beens | MALE FOR TURMOAY Tue g0TH | isan g water cho te NOS
‘ © | parcels of Land and ogee a tous *iuate In Pate —— !, Tous Widow, aod uta ant
F. feud cl cuspo ts the band aT rinded be “PP ptcare nar eee anche, Siren that af Porto Byala, atte

porcbas ue carwag Sa tte Word upoe iat
"y ’ pers s wpow
NAYY, BROWN AND GREEN. oe Lane te ve only we Phtaen tee Sowa
Pamew,-cortne Beat arne land -pew-ap-.

AT 48 CENTS, 6O CENTS, 96 CENTS. |fzboemst increta

DLBLIC NOTICh we hereby given that
Gay Maud Pereira ef He mont slopes for a ] virtue of the pow a'mea aa Ma Lt
Grant of Letors of Adnauiniration of the Estate | quatator of t Tiineasd Manulscturing
of Aadeee Pereira dete oo Retm at wfaresad, compan ie aeidetion Ubere will te oBered for

v' ou the ob day of March ~ goth dey of |uvewged &
4.0 tgo8 havi the ting of hip the ote af Rhechicale aod Kuton Ru 1

a al vont wWoresaud the san | ACHCTOMEY Sawet,—— —— 7

Matilda Meud Pere ra tang ihe lawful eitoe Al, sed ter those bree contiguous Inte

HIB ronsational und imtereutin
ovel highly appreciated by
thee who have reed it can be had

we whee ab
low Sgure of

and Hubert Taylor Noes

Maria on the fou b on the sen, 00 the

8q07 tor srcurs ream of the, wa
dutiars and woenen “en seo

the Secor d thesee! 4 mares 8 trods, Wal
2 _ sod + perches aed a a te Noh, | 2B Canta « Copy and relira of the said Awdiew Pereira Liecedsed | Of and with large building thereua (rormerly | gamed in the sand W tives
. — . saa ‘and’ Wet ape land noe a Mie 6 MARXHALL lee od netics be also qivwn thats! no Caveat so | veed 0: the Tremway Meauies) i unte at Cocor Ant ote une cepicane of |
PATTERRS WILL BB SENT N CARRIAGE BUILDER? oy APPLIGATION. foreveriy of the Crowe = Bu feat toe marigage mevia & PUDD, aed telrs fhe exprration of twee . he | ee im the Ward of Hescurapo 10 this islaad mad | lodged Uelare data of tbe
- ° - . a me lutarwis otSregela tener dated eh wR. Ad AR—Park Sur0et netwe the Geart will proceed ie vane’ a n sniae Sa eee aS Sere ee coun wl preach

eoece ation to tw aod = Matids Maud


Deed day of ceige rola nturg tt Dg, Weel by 6 | tbe a ane tay 160 as
5 tbe ya de re and Mis LAURENOR- an Peraande, | OS S4 us isch day of ar 4D cea ge St rade ee: sek tae oath dag of Beg

B . NN | I I ! [ I EL } ane S. veud FERRY B Cems ge rentett teat ros bate aot 20s done TA Tul Wrovh32 iaUkunsie . ($40) oe Soe
van — wee ~ ~ ee me ~ eee ee oe ae ee . ee -

C .

cc - .


ISTmT vol
ft Received
rrnimjm n
NeaDfoot Oil,
JWiiET-MdScIne '
¿115', LTD.
Also a huge lot of
|*y***t0r" ’
7i,r,.“?.rmo :=cítiar<;»
ote, Oto., 0*0.
New Embroideries;
The Bicsst and Best Ms on tie Market!
Special * Rates
0 1 nunu Uj WAREHOUSE
*£■ ttSMí y» 2
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_.CASES_ , —
Finest Ml Table Bolter,
Bongs and Music
Wessels Bros. & Von Gontard.
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GEO. R. ALSTON & 00.,
Pianos on Hire or Hire Purchase
â– From 3 Dolo por month,
I Marnular RING willi 9 Diamond*.
1 RING 13 DlomnnJo.
All másaos of JobMp¿!a*jae' ami?
Ir. W. H. nightingale,

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Excellent Milch Cows,
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New Twin Screw Steamers
Suadeloupa” and “Pnrou”’

Juki OponoO
| Better Qualities

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STEPHENS, Limited,
temples to Clear.
New Porfumerj and Toilet Soaps.
ieiial lines in Mes’ Belts
¡¡WhlioCoat T
Gent's Ready Made j
Eft SK HWfc,“S«VS«.
Sample lot of Gent’s Socks
At Loas than Cost Price-
The Cheapest Store for Laces and Embroideries.
Recent Arrivals.
tiroice Smoked Herring
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Ei.JSchoooen'" ZETA" ami " ADONIS"
074.000 FEET
We offer the above as usual cheap
The Prescription Work
, THE medical hall
I Is^ known throughout the
■ fiel ¡able, Prompt & Absolutely Correct.
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