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Port of Spain Gazette
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In Pyjama Suits ¿
1 fillJt Sit'd C-TS9‘) COd« »! se‘.s WH
A word to tho Wise.
American • Chocolates
Bltt vai.'Db:
, — . sSS-SHSw
OC. Fancy Prints and Muslins DC.
Just Received
WcsbcIs Bros. & Von Gontard,
ic-ms&í :¡r« »(iuc:i:o«hi h::k‘wis.
FUtUOltlOK sTlu.lvr
Pianos, Organs, Harmonium
Tur.i.iji an,! Rr|.'.iis liy Com.-ciem Mei
Tin; piano WABnuousi;.
370,986 ft. ALL HEART
I. IUMWME.«i.8AWaiCl.l>ErART»ra.
TÍ.';;;: X&v.

WlLSONS, Limited.
Gent’s Shirts.
**c. Spxial VMuo—ir¿i«Drc!i SbMl, Sol. Z.
1 lioso ars all Hewand Stylls
Gent’s Straw Hats
• iTTJST inST: 000 FAU0ÜS
Moto Felt Hat,
Gent's Hosiery.,}
. “jjgESSs56SS£Í
“* FWf S'ripSj 6,l°^
®1 '¿SioSÍS^nnífiít1-**0° Hf; Hosc>*-«¿8
3 Cl Bond
I?3icliafgh S7CÜÍ and 8,'8U.‘!U A;.;.
Ex R M.S Trent
Ex 3.B. “ St. THOMAS "
'â– mm.:
* Reading lamps 3s
SxiHt; Parlour Lamps 4s.
at ROSS'
tó'“ “Ss’sa
Triiiidad.Elec_tric Co,’
Keep Cool.
An Electric Fan
For Sale
it 1=3
Make Money.
10 Consolation Frizes' orfi”u 2j3
Tills Competition Closes on Monday®
9,. Broadw;
Medical Board.
A Urge SHimtpl (¡¡m
iimopusHonos íH
Pedro Prad
The Guaranty
. ‘Ki.
idicines aro tie Best and fnrostPiw
W E D I CAL" HA L L .§
mmzt. I
A, G. DU SILVA & Co., II

^gagft'ic.-u- m<
• • ■ .
â– |g3
wsawsíiE.'iK.'Bsrí! {fisS.aíSS'»
JSJKüíüfeSs •_• "í: u2síar“firfSiai
~ MSlSSi
S3 - i
Another Large Shipment of
|Í. t ° • ' i- THE rOiaVOP'BPATWj^AMOTE TflRHDÁY MAY 5 lM - - _
EpCocoa Department
*,^^=^-«=«3=...,— R TENNANT so^s & company’s ACENCTÍ
COCOA BRANCH to their Business "JS™*1.No, 1JéKING STi ISSa±?s@
FRIDAY; 1st MAY, 1908,
«Slluj™ JSStjnMr^Sw^SSj
mint's Agency's Prlcos ¿oots taOwfLnouo^ba w5AIHIg-
8 í
¿■7U»*qvirác IlMDtM ÜH4 ■ II ¿1,4 Oooil -W.nft.,
'ii II, LBB'S.
3 3"* a,“”' ' *• r"'M’ ”
jrass: siiiirijri.
,?0.â„¢si W.H.YOIUA 1
H. Moneeau
V~ i-"
i^íiY'Snr^íttSfr^A'SíSSf'M ■->L"B,‘ ‘"’‘tocrfiSi
---■ f^esirjr “"-wwa¡--Ljr:rSSi>

Commienemg on MONDAY, 4th Inst,

Excellent Miloli Cows,

Full Text
In Pyjama Suits ¿
1 fillJt Sit'd C-TS9‘) COd« »! se‘.s WH
A word to tho Wise.
American • Chocolates
Bltt vai.'Db:
, — . sSS-SHSw
OC. Fancy Prints and Muslins DC.
Just Received
WcsbcIs Bros. & Von Gontard,
ic-ms&í :¡r« »(iuc:i:o«hi h::k‘wis.
FUtUOltlOK sTlu.lvr
Pianos, Organs, Harmonium
Tur.i.iji an,! Rr|.'.iis liy Com.-ciem Mei
Tin; piano WABnuousi;.
370,986 ft. ALL HEART
I. IUMWME.«i.8AWaiCl.l>ErART»ra.
TÍ.';;;: X&v.

WlLSONS, Limited.
Gent’s Shirts.
**c. Spxial VMuo—ir¿i«Drc!i SbMl, Sol. Z.
1 lioso ars all Hewand Stylls
Gent’s Straw Hats
• iTTJST inST: 000 FAU0ÜS
Moto Felt Hat,
Gent's Hosiery.,}
. “jjgESSs56SS£Í
“* FWf S'ripSj 6,l°^
®1 '¿SioSÍS^nnífiít1-**0° Hf; Hosc>*-«¿8
3 Cl Bond
I?3icliafgh S7CÜÍ and 8,'8U.‘!U A;.;.
Ex R M.S Trent
Ex 3.B. “ St. THOMAS "
'â– mm.:
* Reading lamps 3s
SxiHt; Parlour Lamps 4s.
at ROSS'
tó'“ “Ss’sa
Triiiidad.Elec_tric Co,’
Keep Cool.
An Electric Fan
For Sale
it 1=3
Make Money.
10 Consolation Frizes' orfi”u 2j3
Tills Competition Closes on Monday®
9,. Broadw;
Medical Board.
A Urge SHimtpl (¡¡m
iimopusHonos íH
Pedro Prad
The Guaranty
. ‘Ki.
idicines aro tie Best and fnrostPiw
W E D I CAL" HA L L .§
mmzt. I
A, G. DU SILVA & Co., II

^gagft'ic.-u- m<
• • ■ .
â– |g3
wsawsíiE.'iK.'Bsrí! {fisS.aíSS'»
JSJKüíüfeSs •_• "í: u2síar“firfSiai
~ MSlSSi
S3 - i
Another Large Shipment of
|Í. t ° • ' i- THE rOiaVOP'BPATWj^AMOTE TflRHDÁY MAY 5 lM - - _
EpCocoa Department
*,^^=^-«=«3=...,— R TENNANT so^s & company’s ACENCTÍ
COCOA BRANCH to their Business "JS™*1.No, 1JéKING STi ISSa±?s@
FRIDAY; 1st MAY, 1908,
«Slluj™ JSStjnMr^Sw^SSj
mint's Agency's Prlcos ¿oots taOwfLnouo^ba w5AIHIg-
8 í
¿■7U»*qvirác IlMDtM ÜH4 ■ II ¿1,4 Oooil -W.nft.,
'ii II, LBB'S.
3 3"* a,“”' ' *• r"'M’ ”
jrass: siiiirijri.
,?0.â„¢si W.H.YOIUA 1
H. Moneeau
V~ i-"
i^íiY'Snr^íttSfr^A'SíSSf'M ■->L"B,‘ ‘"’‘tocrfiSi
---■ f^esirjr “"-wwa¡--Ljr:rSSi>

Commienemg on MONDAY, 4th Inst,

Excellent Miloli Cows,

"yo, 8035 VOL XXVII

oe me


‘ Asmited,
_! ent S . 8 a, 1m, Chacon!’ Strect,


Dee she ie eee
DN D0 Bo The M) Roard of d_of rectors : : |. PRIOR OUTTING!, PRICE OCU PTING,
NED HETRRINGS 40, Ib, OElarevcrerewarns Hon, G, Goanwir Breaker, Eq!

FE. O. Witaow, Faq:

JING NECESSARY TO «A Vasconcrizom at


: she Ih, IY BERETS
8a, Ib. We have about the best asscttment possible, including: -



= 48 centa doz

ua ‘Broveserea, Baa,
Hon. 3A. War’ K x iutanding

NEURANCES sgaie egainst Joss by fre
effected atlowest rates of premiums,
Triecnial Dividends declared every year


z —it— zWo do. te WHT Morr SUIRTS with Lioen | in favcar oftPolicy holders . s
AERTEX DRESS SIRES" ta tg | CH Ot ff and Bf Zoro Npeclal ALEX. F mA Seng Linen Dress Goods | ALL NEW GOODS
Hack & White Check Zephyrs. BIG, M4 ents VALUE

Port of Boalt.


Trinidad Building and| Fancy Witte Muslins
Loan Association,

The Storos, Coloured Print and Zephyr SHIRTS,

Plain aod pleated Fronta-4 , 5’ 6/.

; a
EN, LTD, COLOURED CELLULAR SHIRTS, with Cuffs, at 4)- and B/- each,
A largo assorrment of Coloured TUNIC SHIRTS, at 2/,- 2/6 & 3/- each,

Cut Price 12c.

[In Pyj ama.Suits

We can’t be very well beaten—ae we atock nearly every kind of

“__vory surable for intending travellers to cold countrics, a .

ZEPHYR SUITS at 4s, 5s Gd, 63 a by dollars,


White Mercerised Cotton- Suits,

at 6/—Very Cool Wear.

A word to the Wise


MeO RENT Farntehed,: For months
Ar fom the middie of Juve, No !
: Blar Road, Upstalra house; 6

Weetrle light targe hath, newer.
Airy and copvenienh. One mingte's
fren Baeanrah, Apply to Joho R,
fy Witecns oy Had —F i; f-

HE Board of “Directors of the Trinl-
dad Boilding and Loan Association
ban declared @ dividend of 4} per cent fe for
the half year ended Slt December lart,
thus completing thé uscal g percent per
annem on the value of matoring shares,
"Members wha have recelved the piid up
wate of Thttr tatoret shares coring that
peried may apply to Mr. A. F. Mettleoos
Reeretary, at the offica of the Aesoclation
for the cash dividerda corresponding to
wakl sharer, Members whore mortgages
are new circelied by fies jeane of their ma.
tured shares may apply to the office for
‘their secpective relesses and will reeelve
in cash any balance standing st credit of
their eaid’ehstee

Eccrotary & Troasurer,
‘chy 25th 19(%

DV ANC FD ia amall or large soma on
easy terme on Jewellery
23 Frederick Sugets


0. Fancy Prints and Muslins 0G.


Price Makers & Bargain Givers,



Oall amc see our stools of


———War-wilt weit you ous be the MIME PURCHASE SYSTEM:

Just to hand the Largest and most Varied Assortment of RECORDS
which includes

WR RENT —From let Inne. the _com-
fertatle residenre, No 148 Fepry
| mow oconnied hy Mr R. Butt
ie light and Rewera,ce Installed: Ap-
Me, W, Foot Kernshan—S0/L08,

PRON F House No 22 Qneor'a Park
PN 8b pravent, -acenpted by tha Hor
Se Warrer, Te han been newly “done
f i a reryconl and ermfartetl,
wevery convenfenca = Apply No.
BRENT That mica and” comforta-
little Dottece met ander comple.
i to Mittens ¢ arclaga Factory,
Me Sireet, Ne 0) Drawing room,
pre. ros and 2 Radroome with all con.
g eleatrle ficht fnatailed through
a moderns’ * tree —A Apply to Gerold
r, Bonth Quay 68

7 RENT —That co comfortable dwelling

, No, 00 Deve Streat, Sewerage
. rie light installed + Coach hours


Tp “ROR ‘SALE—Chasp—the owner waving
the island, Une American Organ, one
“TPrewriter— Pearly bee, 0! gae sieve Chent,

‘cwoeenion tah May = Anply Apply to Mire Jamen
Btollmeyer Richmond Street, Chir Avenue, or to Gro. wee a ‘Sterine

DEAT (Faeniched)— No” 41 Dong
/ 2 Circle lar Raed, For particatare appt:
A. Tartt, Colonia} deeretary’s
25 4-08,
BENT.wNa. Alt Vineans Steret,
Aeomfortab'a heuse wil electric
Rewerage insta}'ed = For fur-
Heals, pleernapn'y ta Movers,
a g D.Segert & I, w 68 George

Wer, siLK=rows properties from
£1,000 to 915,000, Cocon estates to anid
all classes of purchasera from g6000 to
$20.000 dollars, Loans can te obtamed
onmortgage. Apply tot Nu Ane, 14,
Henry a April 22. m
YOR SALE Yersevera co Fatate off
Mon Repos Road containivg 12 quer-
ices ferti'e land—haviog 6,000 bearing
cocoon trees and 1,000 young trees, Fruit
“trees ja abucdante, Good cart—roxd,
abovt3 miles from town, Yor farther
particulars ay ply to ANTONIO a COST.
@ Circular Bosd, DBelmont—Aprit }4—

vttghrtor Teidence
Bi Bonen Cisrolar Road, von.
8H roarepience for a Jarge family
C00 per month powtesion from
Arey oa the premises to HE,

ener as
~ OF - rok, SALA small Cotiage, next to] Hany ANTONIO THE ROSARY (Cello Bolo)
. tes Cottaxen.” reepecttvely . ©] Fx Belmont Curcular Kosds MERRY WIT SING ME TO SLEEP (Sorg)
m an 8 Per month ia fhe ight . © cootaintog three ‘baliooms "on8 pacour, OH TROMISTY 1B (Song) THE BELLA (Bell Selection)
othe Tee at few wi inten dining eed babe od. pity ab premises WOULD YOU Car ere tor7B90e) WHOS ME (Coon Song)
Street jiiely toutes Anduze mM Pl ms e 211 or to H. Ceracclolo, Foveamers Ware- Others tco numerous to mention,
house, —Im_A pril 1908.
ENT Mena Ne 6 Sinnniore OR SAL B—Uourehold fosmture and & 4 Orne
us slarge and. comfortable house . . valualie piano’ May te eeu Me, Pianos Or ns Harmoniums
dremlag Tooma, Trent and leit, Our stock of them will be exhausted Detlyoe, * Carley ghee ane ‘aus 9 ga ’ 3

ries, slectria light, stable and
sod amal sat offices, Poo
a Apply 6 Broadway,

—.—...__In_another_twodsys o..

eeee tee

PFORSATE—° Campado toes Vities"[ = BRASS & STRINGED INSTRUMENIS ingreat Variety,

4 (No. 45 Pembroke Street) Large and
commodioua farlty residence. biahing,

new rewerage ej A

Dondonall FRereoh Well sitoated pear
Bavanvab, Fer farther particalacs opply
to Wa Bounwy at Uf, Aleszar’s Chani
ber, or to Pedr “iin We Marine Bquare
ant ee Tth-—te3,




BALE =A bonve sitaalaon lands of
fae losis ly Abadie, Sangre Grende,
Dvedente, aten4, At Prevent cern.
Me a.2, Alexander Apply to G. B,
eo # TI, Port-of Spain.

RGAie = 1s; deligbifally eool

- ‘od Mareval, ate RE Tal eee]
fram terminus, ~ Bergerac,” «

With ved‘ asbestos slates,

lngand drawing roomerpan-

ome Sraeslag

pet verande,

wt’ of bourse, aloo the usnst
F > renee aud shower bath.

tnt iat! na aeitrle Nahe Inatalled.

¢ eh homse, F
al eed, tberelea

Yours faithfully,” ~

“The Pure Food Store.”



We aro now receiving Ex, “ Ethel Clarke”

370,986 ft. ALL HEART

This is of the best quality and of the choapest rate, Now|]
is your time to buy from,

iy 8 pica family, «

lady or yrotlensa to board eed

lodge.~ Cool house in respectable tucality,

Terma woderste. Avviz al a onea ta Xefo
Gasctte Otiea Apnl 931


Om Gotvou b= $0 6 §
‘he Exqolsitely Sitnated Cottage


QNTALAING “SBatrocms, 1 Drawing
4 room, 1 Dining roow, ant asual Oat
Cifices, with Stable, All modera convent
ances. Water service fo bedroom, bath
roors alteched 40 wain building,
pau daw ot Suipplng and Bs) de,
btfal view ipy and_ Jolande,
aaah tbe treeze to be bade ti Trinkiad,

Wowmowslorm Ime Mas

AreLy To

No, 6 Netkow rarer,
Telepows Ne. 6 67a

Your transfers are govd for half an hour,

Just Received


ths feet

noone sland ied
ower garden sn.
wise, fren io
AtplyteA da i= Dolualey et mote
- yo G. Witliamson ¢/3 Good-



233 /a8.~

CASES ‘Snerueap Buann CONDENSED MILK, 96}s .


At X samlorialle family

Gri howe ae Now w& 11,

ar i Baa at Stuate in a delight:

eit be Garton Br Se dee eraam,
eta ed bivehen, bath room,

i, L0ODss, ply to

ba No “be, AER te ire ©

y RITE Vast Froperi
agents Now Town comers Wad

4tbe¢ Birests, bk:
eed sud. and 13 Werner

1G Peace, il will meet a pood "CABES FINEST DANISH TABLE BUTTER,—J. Perznsen, “NOTICET t. GEO. R. ALSTO N & co
3 9
Tent —Ooen ported Ame URING te “Wuwance of Mr.
e Ree aha st AT Wessels Bros. & Von Gontard, srg ey “i eet atte LUMBES, HARBWARE & SAWMILL EL DEPARTMENT
Fily Boy - NO, 3 BROADWAY . rian x i ft oe sularooy for . 48; & Se South Quay,
wo ag a Ee - spo Das



AL Sensational Cut.

{FANCY MUBSLINS and ZEPHYRS—240. to 40, 2tOWW ase. |



Na, gs ot gt

Bers .
Thomas NataetelSempeos Plant

Marita te Fea Defenda:
UBL reitee—— Defendant

Tn the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tebage,

Fe: tr bereby givens
an order of Hie Honour Me “fast Jusice ahah

of March -¢

made herein on the 6
c for nis utes the doors

there wilt pul ap

the Court Hosein the tows uf Port of Spar,


Meuate at Belzyont in the tows of Fortof.
Gomprisiog by sdmehmutement eight bi
and sixty seven superticial feet

tbe North upoa

POAT Tu bict sald:
pacer with tke buildings
urtena noes
ted this 25th day af March 1go
ish 1a Wwidhbeor



On Whit-Mooday, 8th Jona, 1908.

g Steamer Toaves the 8t Vincent ue at

of muvic on board, Tar anrastreste

raente ab moderate prices,
Tickets to be obtained from [atel ¢ meri
0, Cty Drag Stare Rogers & Hantd’s kee
Uresm Parlour, Ccown Bar, South Qesy,


gQononkrr ne


Gn Saturday, gin May, 1808,

parneibac " OAKS t

“Coronation Maren” (Meyerts er}
Oreheoa' ta,
"Comedy Qvertare” (RKeler Ihata)
{Orchestra nw.
| Badal Chorae” hom Hovey
Latden (Cowen)! Choma and Ye
“The Vi age Placheanitl, OC Seata

tiood Night, Good Wate, beloved

(thaw 1th)


Tutsnay, Mis 51it— Combined Rehesreal


Tlawery dl wots

Unreserved Sea:

Memb ra __BentfemudAine Awo. ralen— ILalt Pree



fT HE Warden of Tao ‘ul attend at the
undermentionad places and perious toy
the purpose of Collecting Vater Rates _
Matara—Itth May, 1908, from 2 pa.
do. --18th Jone, 1005, front 2 p ia.

do, 171 b Jane, 1008, Up to neon,


Chorvsa, y’


Wanier, Tee,


The Board of Tndustrlal Training,

1pue Keeretary oft the Heard may te asen,
upon bmeiness conncoted with Ihe
Toard, on Monda ve, Wednesdays and Fr
deye, only atthe ( v'ontal Ror etary’. ofte,
and Letwsen the hoare of 4.50 avd Ela ta,



T unings and Repairs by Competent Men, 1 Ousted Laat 7 Texte for 1908 wit

ve collected by the Warden a the

. | Tabequite Ji ave Oifice on the following

Tuewlay Mey 10th, Friday June 12th,
iret "irae urd, Front 10 an te


Warden's Oiice,
‘2rd April, $908.

Ccpy of a Yelogram from the
British Minteter, Caracas.

18tu ArRit,
RERIDENTIAL decree probitite all
gomtnunicatlon with Laduay ta for tS
ris comeeimence of oer es Ruepletous
mpors and export
scan berth Cate No—Unrte wn
Allg oS,
6 01
22/408. « retary.


U te P zany for Vehigles ard
Nay a and d Jupe, 180 1908,
its i tee be
wa i apres re deace
. free o po « Steam.
fon i.
from 6. ¢5 am ” ot ne
Jaspector- General wy.
balls inadquarert,
sya Feasts, tu8,

fa the tstand of Trinidad, on Thursday the 9 il
Hay of May rgo8 between the hoursol one and

All and singular that certale parcel of aod

Of and ls known as naniber steven sitorf Late

Patos via Floating Dock

rere mom a TT . -_
- . : °


; a


“Whitsuntide Season|:
THE * BONANZA |Please askto See!

x —HAS A— —THE—

Especial Display of NEW COAT SHIRT,

LADIES AND MISSuS Bolt Meated Fronts, SHE Cols and Tacde fo Bell Coloured Zephyr


Cloth, at 06 cente each. 1
FROM #200 TO ¢5.00 BACH,

a =

‘ ' .


Creole Furniture!



ROURKADX . ves ate one 12,00 TO 40 00

GENTS NECLIGE SHIATS,| sexoinaiios:: “tate

o. 7.00 TPW'RDS
WAGONS we 450
eu. 15.00 TO 8600


: LADIES ALP ACCA DUST COATS | Btift Bands and Soft Douste Curra, the very latest thing for oORING TABLES me am #60 a0 oo
* en's wear in white ground cord Zephyr. Largo che HATSTANDS ... . ». 6C0

, Well-Braided and Stylish Cut at 05, $6, & §7 Fach.

24 Only Latest Stylo


NO TWO ALIKE FROM €300,70 £300,

Patterns—at 18 dollars per dozen.



Ta the New C at Shape. The most comfortable Shirt to get into, and
the most comfortable to wear— 12 dollars per dezeo,

Meat « Safes!
DECK CHAIRS... 1.20'TO 2.00

. : ’ nm . LIQUOR’ CHEST .... vee s. 60Q
Fp] Foruin ot of ENGLISH PARASOLS for Laon and Travelling Bags & Suit Cases,
: isses from 24c. to 96¢ eac! ,

WREATHS, 1.20 to 3000 , PILLOWS (FEATHER) 72¢ tc

90c; STRAW BLINDS,—800 10.1.0; VENETIAN
BLINDS—2.00 to 360.

: - LARIES WHITE READY-TO-WEAR SKIRTS, Specially constra ted Coia Bags with uocutable Wire ioterlining $4 en.
, Well cut, well made, and will wear well, from $1 20 to #200, HEAVY TWEE D OVER-COATS .

Ge LADIES READY TO-WEAR CRASH SKIRTS~ 60c TO 98 CENTS. Travellers—from 6.00 to 1000, TRAVELLING CALS pe LADIES READY TO WEAN Black & Colored TWEED & MELTON | For Trivellers.-from 6.0010 1900.-TRAVELLING CATS —With and

SKINFS, Bizes to suit all,—Prices from 60¢ to 3 60 each.
a eo

___ SKIRTS, Bizee to suit ally Prices from 60e to 360 exch,
E--Skirts.-Ui Leading lino This Week |

te ee ce

fg °
Rheingold Beer

Get Supplied to-day. Ask your dealer for it

By Wt he Panane Telegraph Company

= “Sonthgupton May 3

The RMS ‘Magilalena” from the

Wost indies arrived here at Pp im to-day,
Leadon, May 4b

The Shipyard woodworkera througheat
the Uoited Kingdom «ho bare brea lock.
ed out tote) Gitsen thousand, foltiatiog a
lock out in the other branchen of the

Ntorma Jollowed by floods have submerg
ed the Thawes Valley, Rannymede and
Maidenbead are hardly visible, the gar-
denucas onty be traced by the busbrope,
ground floore of the houses ara aoin


fiow Landing ex Schra. “William H. Sommer”

Or apply to


- (450,000 Feet)


habi‘able, playing fields end gulf covrees
at Winadeor are inunileted, and access ta
tho riverside hotels is only obtainable by

. tw -
THs Me. Walsh bas lefi to tske over the
a S a S ° 0 Brtish Conul Generalehip in New

3 © | Lancashire Insnranee GO| “Atisostasreeutgsy ig, tin
ror, the Literal member fur Norwich,
who wave tosiness nan o-gedt the Lib
ereletoabandon Cobdenlsm, the ‘* Spec.
tator"and other Journals age the
Cobdenites of Dundee to eoppexe Mr.
Charcbill, aodrepeat the West Manches-
fer waraing to the Gorernment, that ib bs
dapperoustohand over the conutry to
the Sorististe, The Dundes bye election
in now sesuming exceptional “importance

nalen ppr

the manic;


May be Excellent, ow MERGED DP 7H

P. P. SCANTLING, 2x 3 to 12x 12, *, .
B PP, BOADS (Rough), 1 I} & 1} & up

B. “P,P, do. (Dressed), 1 &1} x 6.

- P,P. PLANKS—all usual sizes.

INOTE.--This is an exceptionally fine cargo and is composod] of extra

her car,

long lengths. . ‘ funds Exceod ... £12000,009 be Mr. Argoith's ort "Tesgening wer duced. We
_. 3 mee ae —_ —--— - TTT TE rere qote ‘8! Reform . ct
r. aT RA | R A PS J SSURANCES ofsctod tgsine ot | revins and ther Rera fttran. | Saran
hall | i and contents of Warebouser, Offices, abe aye as ‘Srofheral war wih
i \ 1 «| Are mora certain and effic’sn: Bhop and Store Prermices and Private Alghanistan 1s proceeding nea the
- - ~ Wocan supply you with TRAPS | 7?" 73" meses Saterfay. ihe, Bellic omps rennleed
tm) a af nr@ate
fo OF LONDON, from the dimi utiva Mouse, to PROMPT AXO EQUITABLE SETTLE- tieatthe Uicckhouas tn the Khyber Pare,
: the larger Tiger size, HENI tnd General Witleorke la mabing dist” | cove suppose
Capital « »© = = = = = £100,000. or owen ritlone ta meet the new emergency: | The An his despa te
Ho o Jabul Uoveromen' a
ellgh amp t trol the fanatice
Isvirunces fected om Cargo, Specw, (Goll Kant Bdver)Yand GIVE US A CALL Acayts; ee Infoete ‘lenutory aod “sttaeklog spatinuleg.

the troops who ere mostly militis or
first reserves, The Cateults Wolica have
erized a namber of bombs, and cartridges
designed for an orgenized oppordtion of

Registered Post,


* And thus ensure yourselves sgainst che Honsuns, the deepateh sa 1 Ue Grand
Tee Trinkdad Shipping & Trading Co, Ltd. nt Pontol ata Cani alatenttee tee he
. AGENTS. Trinidad exnress'on of Chicese oy inion regarding

Chloese Interoational sorition.

A Brutass' telegram stetes that the
Sovishst, of, Vandeve'd, is a sperch
triticisivg the Congo tresty, warned the
Goverumeul that the correspondence with
Eogtand andthe Loited Hates wool!
possibly coon be poll het. Ne faveased
the ri, fe bird of reforins facluding free
dom forthe oatives, Lat confiscation of
theie lande hoe declared wae robbery.

Bt, Peteraburg derprtches sepwe thet
the Crery eutertained King Gastev of
Bweeden, whoarrived to atiend the marr
one of hta toe vince Witbelm to the


fr - 4“ 1° of the Tricidad Line will leave New
ApAyAL at April siete Wedoesday) for Tricidad vin Grenada sud
S to arrive here on Friday 8th May 1908
ARACAS.—The as “Maracas” of the Trintdad Line will leave on Wednes-
day xh May 1908, at 6 p.u.for New York via Grenida and is due to arrive
on Thurstay 14 May 1008,
cnr Y NAVARRE Th *Crowa of Navarre” of the Trinidad Lie
willows Nee: we oo Baturdoy pil May 190} for Trinidad vis Greuads,


Sr South Quay.

O8T UP-TO-DATE idethods and

Fxradericlk vt M App".2.2) Ip Devtliry, with all
the latest improvemeots in the treatment
soa Gilling of Toate

thodontia Crows and Bridgework


0, M. Gittens, MD.,Dv.8,

Surgeon Dontist
Corner of Queen and Aberovomhe Street
apoosite the Deanery

Forweriy oceupiel by Da, Gopsuz

i 008, lephone-—73 O: Cesr’s cot p'a the Grend Duchess Maria key SS sy
G3. 0¢ la dus to arrive bere oa Toesday 19 May 1908, Telep! amactien, Fou saeburotthe Grad Dive taal] Tho Fatalily at tho Kio iMandyke,
———— SS Alezandrovitob, yeaterdey. The Catinat = PRICES CURRENT.
— Members of the Diplomatic Corps sod The acting City Magistiata sat os —_ Q
0.2 AT my the entire ecark Awe coroner yesterday after: ben hh New Yore « N :
= AM LODO borate wedding, the Caar’s daughtervmak | Pouned 3S beating of au loqairy into at Flour, Blended Uleara for weet"? 4th :

ing GLe'r Grat state appesrance. Daring:
be cere eal slate of 301

the ceremopyan Im
fin thea evesing @

gure wee Gred, ani
siete Lanquet, wae given followei by 6

lonsive writ a etalely progress rtwem
Toe the Hohenszoliers torch dence, alter
which the Iridel couple entrained to
spend thele hones ucoon at the Va'ace of
the late Urend Dake berge

During the dey services were beld in elt
thurebes, Leils pealed (Le cotire sfiernoun
and crowdas in the streets for hours
amid » snowrtoras., M. Trolle the Beeed
leh aod M. Tano'skythe Rosslen Sioisters.
of Foreign Aftsirs, of batarday, signed «
convention settieg the Ailand Jolande
quest ida, Foassle declaring tbat he hee bo
injention of fortifying them os a pulitery
wation end devtrisg the Este of
Breeden in thesaterests of ibe pesce of

Pays Uandsomely,

It is indispeosablein the prepara-
tion of cocoa of good quality.



OF SPIN. py, Lge ee
MLE Tony "




t « 24 centea pate
White Glover, Gaod Lycee Tops “
At Blasi Lace Ritow Cloves... os 24 conten pale


FPreventsa Drizdew wae Use

And imparts a beaalifyl ¢veu colour to
th bea, Cocoa prepared fron

San Antonio Red Clay

Fhe ConW. coils apse
For GLOVES Ww ‘ea dirveinl acd the coro

_Go to Richardson &Seolway.

', (SMITH BROS. & Go


PRESSES & WARDROBES,,| House, Bedroom & Ordinar’


vlan Governmenstroops are suppressing. No
detalts have Leen receivo1 beyoud that the ]
fotlowers of Durand have cut the tele

raph lines and seized a
twit france,

Advices received from Fort de Francs
state that dang
daring Wednestay afternoon, M_ Siger, the
» was Killatin Town Hall
aevolver shot ia the haad while conversing
with Mo Labat, the Depaty Mayor. home
Toons atsert the al@t was intended for
8 Labat, others thut it was hired
of M. Labat» parthane: two other
were wounded,
place on Friday moning without incident
he Governor of Cus leloupa prowaled to
Vointespitre on Thursday with fifty wol*
dieres Lut returned on I'riday
clalvets tedonging to the party cf M,
Legitimus bare
teouived day frum the Conunanes state
without incident =,
Hametorre, Goadeldape 4th.
Britwh Derque “tdtrathern, Cw)
Ivereon, 17 hauls, 1 passenger,
Vincent on fst snetant
fax the had called at Kt. Vincent for
repaire and wae returning to Halifax with
of lumber for further sepaiie
potty after leaving #t Vinceat
she vprung a leak. She waa unable to reach
any port and otf 3ri_inetant, gt aboud
Ipm. 0 tien cf Guadelonpe Captain

Toggel. UIT lands “arrived” here” thin

News from Venezuela.

Rartment today reve vid nosh ogram from
homes P. Mofflact American Creal at
Le Gaayre, Venezuela, saying that a div

h he aaid

ONatare dieease natofficlalty annunneel.
Doctors refavag all infomasn, Doathe
© rbify ssoltary condition nst
According to beet Information at
hood beve every reason to believe dineace

- Fover tn Barbados.

Tle Jamaica Géeaver informe ua thab
Yellow fever hee again brokea ont in
tha felard cf Bertedos, A case of ibe
dread dscuse occusred theca on the fth
Ajrit ead the persun died onthe 1b Apel,

The birqae Charles Hensie ascived at
batoren irtronr Bartatoy and cur oon
that abe hes triught aclean tillol hea'th
frons Darbadon, dated 10 b ines, whilet in
an olficial telegrans ubieb Las Leen rv coir.
edherely the Governaent it le et ited
that a cave of sallow fervor oventred on the
Tthand proved Fetsl cn the lith The
Queraative Board bes decided tp yuoten-
fine the barque fer IU dsye, trom the date
of hee deporiure from Bsrtedos.


death of Phagoo ot the Colonial: Houpltal
ou April t2th. This i
ee nee erouRl the Glaew of the
« hin the eecopd hor af
e- Kal yh,” to the area ‘ The
reoetving ou the beel of the sigtt
foots lacerated wound ve sak
which be died atthe Co'ooisl Flos; ital ow
the 12}. Thee emp'oyees asthe store
tesdfiet that this pets fthe etore Is not
frequented by the pubdlie, bat
ae @ store toom for old trenks
which sre to be replated
weated to purchase ct ous these, be was

a ee ye
takes opiates, bus the skylight wee 15 DOK Bay
fectawey from mbes tbe tus 6 are kept. Demerara Crystals Wn

evidence wae fusthe - ;
Unlel the gloat war, The Coroners ou od Grooved = W149

Chat either the ylacss wae tery U
was cot properly pubiu , but whatecer

be perewh, .. wg Uae.
rer id Bugar i « Lae |

WGen "” wt tecondory Fetches the Roe MARKET Na elegram fom Tio Tenelro, | vate (eryractijaly a tienen wy wo vate te * Oo S83 qo Lab ae @
Fine Baste Flats Oly vee 12 es ean Blech and White tae oe seve ieee ich the Pere | eolepuatding th was liste f te Java Rogar 8 : a
Beitr inie Covert buy faarnmy Bankand Wake "| Ty ig told in bage of 2001bs onh at | Ceol, rene Wine obi the Pete | witch night happen thereoy | Tua easing “er hal ae oniot ti
White snd (rosin Mousqertatre Lace Giovennt dome fasteners .~ 200, urpulvaseed erd 200 - tie padlate auhe further setae FT Demwete Huw ter gato 88
Helene enya Woes ;CORNS sh aaa Geet «St

‘ ee Wha veo Fu! - ae ~ Large noc ept an the raoie = = nnn MMiddiiog Hod 3 au r
1 - wag tt P s Wan oralnal pre owt, T¢/J
pet ouny pork LE Gre tase Tope a eas lo ensure iumediato delivery, CORNERED ited { , Cekdag, Median yo

. I ab ’,
TO-DAY 20 Mees Mee, cash mest be Bintred Bogie elect houm per Ib,

‘ ns A
——- ~~ = -f - The Bonanra— Sole Agente pact” LAINO'S tees as

Just Oponcd up a


—OF-— a



FINE GREY IlOUSE SLIPPERS, Light Lea hor Folos, 480%,'



Children’s Sizes, 48c. pr, Ladies & Gents sizes, 60c pr,


Ashton Accliihalt, s youngeter 13 years ‘
old (nephew of Mr Mnuray Aechitald a
“Ol wor bire ABT Company, ae
Port Of Spain) hax mysteriously disap © 7
peared Young A chibald who lid been ©
spen ting his rchool ranstiog at aa Fete ef
pane, Iefe thay district by train oo. Mane ‘
day morping of Lint week fu: Fo-t of spin, ¥
but up to Iste see e-day no hing bed tesn “ga
econ of hia Inquiries were nsde et all the
inberniedlaté railway stations, bat withous 4
success ; and the matter hig been repurtsd 2 ¢
Ww Cosstabulafy Headquerters.

-s Mystorlous Disappearance.

‘radlway trata,

yp tree: a
(nadeloupe May 4th.

4 political demonstration

by a

by one

M. Syer's funeral took

Banana Market Steady . Wf


our & n
Your fe ° “ATTENTION

arreeted for alleged

of fans. Deepatches The Frud. Man's Quads of the 10h April

wiitwea — The mathet for baosnaa this
seeh has bern steady under a guot demand

ection» yertenlay jsacsed from allceetions, ‘Lhera weaa liil= eanic’S

hes showa in one of the auction cargoes,
bus fr good fealt the (eadency wae strong
toward theclwe At the close it waeare
noaneed thas plese for the eoan g@ week

at Ther l would Leanctaoged. There will - 4
be four cargooent Pir 1, Ae three for ve ij

is Nt
bound fog Hah

oulside avoreete Ta addition there will be
stout 2 50) buaches of the naw frnit from
Dutch Gnuisos. Tha stock has
& gor! deal of natlefactionsod thy nexg

srival istookel fur with intereut Sites

thie woek bare been at $1 (0) for Bors BY
Limon evtras, @t 70 ‘for Manld Darla a
extras aod ls. ond SF23to 8) bie 4
Jameicstire’e, A good deal of busieitcr ¥
la'orior jabt yog points hae been dune, i 4

givea 9

abandon Nu water

rhon-Bisulphide for Rats;

Tu the Edstor of Tha Port f Spain Gazette,
Dear Mr, Editor, With che dreadtal “ f
souurga—Habsvic Pligne- just next door ABE
tous, the totlowing article culled fronethe
Chemie and Dinggatot the Itth ultima 4
will bs read w 6h Interest,
therefore muks no epology
toabling yonin asking yon to .be
enough to pabitsh same lo the next
of yone valaable fourval :

* A correspondent of thu Tima” states
thateoma rata nate burrowsler theavelves .
in ene cf bis coverta, nese where ths 4
pheasacte ate fet Hae took a piece of
common cotton wool, saturated it with oi
bleulpbife of carton, and pushe! a lump
of thie as fir as be could with am stick inte
exch hots, elosiog the mouth of itwith a &
araleiatlote rh The p'aa wos adopt.
wih five or siz eeniests borrow, in 4
diferens parts of the shooting, aod in sa om
case bas one uf the bales bern opened eines, “9
pay clarty showlue this every rap iaca
olde wae sepbyxieted ” a

Thanklog you $9 woth pation fur space, @

Believe me ’
Na Doar itr Editor,
Tet May, 1900 te

to Le plegue le raging there

for &

38U@ ~28

thet, it ie streage

Todies pee burtel $3 20-85.
Meal, Kilndrlad per barrel Ch # »
New ‘a Pork per brl—No qaetn,
lea 7, bane Rork fs bch tas - 4p
‘Sond { Sidscoraha 89 Cecb per tt 3 15 fowedl
tous id
English Island Mules (28 8 tent
per gullon~No
Griton, adie Xi
a0 Liverpool pes th,
Exc. -pgey New York and Dat0
Lom, * days ‘ ssa 434g

Exchange, 2"rw Yor!

London sight on

s where an Kant

ur onthe 6th
feom the offeete uf

Ae the ladise

ee on reenter

or it eg terme in Baad, ~~

migrate Sind Beat

% — = are,
erie! Si feyt out Beate tn .

TRINIDAD, bane aca pec
' Teche kepreme Court of Tiekdadend | “CTmportant. PROGRAMM

- . ta the M eu - | ;
; : Wiley of Nate ta be aaenauig | NO 108 of 1607, pxtrne nor TmHE- E

oni F ACOOUNTS and Balanes Sheet for the yeas endin centers decease Thal ooeph Lele StoatemDialaif inten’s Ghov ey - an =
pewitany 0 aba, Nt Fem Mavens ending | es roti, era vorstadeiserut’ | [inelen’s Chocolates. Trinidad TurfClubSummer Meeting 4

the SJat March, 1908. —
“ ‘ : Arthor WetHogton—Derendaoh .
Purtatoe bar boes aed eee nea puslic’nonce tery gives that | Best Knowns Rest Liked /

8 Te Cesar,
Tha R 7
" kien je Pervolipsir


. joseph \
* Neleoo Laworeli cf Nariva la the Ward of rerevantta the Decree har dated, ment) = ew ~ EF HELD
: Bouroe 6f Xmucame, Manrentie ia the Istaad nferesid Cneoa pros | tha 89 b December 1907 and by an order of PREPARED them tbe Dest cured Cocoa ‘The \ a TO DE HEL
pristor, for & Grant of Prodiite of rbejWill bees. J Ite Hanoar Edgar A got fol K.C Acting finest that experience can prodvce pa ON pu B QUE KN'S PA R K .
een nt a A Gate, er February 1997 of Abrabam [ C1 fef Saatice made hereia on the 13h day | money can procere’ fou sare trom +5 fer cent . ,
) From What Goarce, who aed cutoe Sh feyattecuee aa having he spraary 4908 god oe another ate der of | by wink the abore chorolate, wal wil one. oN
Ac the tite of bis death a Bred place af abode | Lis Honoat fr, Justice Niwas made here, | winger in from your Orocert and fh . s— ~- -
bald Joweph Nelooe Lawecel be joansentla tbe 1a ee tee ae op Jan perk ibert k and accept bo other. Frost pa-waela vy ~ sy oa 7
—— a ee { . . amid take ald Wh pte Executes | ee rtlase Pore-of pein oo Thure }19 NUM TE per ID, Wholesale fom Friday” 20th and Saturday, 80th Ma 1908
Se WOT i, Talance rom Tart yout 1 +L an fap |, And Nace te a'so riven thas it mo ‘Caveat ts | dey the 2st day of May 1003 between the ALBERT LUGJEN & CO. ' ’
ris Balances irecalved drora Government for R 4 lodged before the expiration of twenty eight | bours of ove and two pm No a Chartgute Steet, .
a Amon ipenolure » gaao | 80 | days from the date of the putdication of thin] 1. All and singular thoes two severe! par- Poe ot Spater .
er aitlomber 1 : Feet peg | 62 Wi the Cowrt wil pesceed to istue Probate of | celgof land eltnete in the wardolGasape | ‘TelepRaozme Wo. SO, STEWARDS
” | | 3 ‘Dated te das of A fa the fstend of Trinfdad tha Bret thereo! | and ated (ram our Agent pon EDQAR AGOSTINI, K.C. *. STEVENS,
i 08 tat das of April Vmprisiog 17 ecregand atating on the Job DAVID, po SERNGTEIN, oq. ELLIS GR ELL eq
- } to | (Sea) T. A. JOM PSON, North upon lande of B, J. 4 utotne on ube Merthent. CHARLES CLEAVAK Es)
ae South epos land of 3 Wellington bo the High “eet .
‘ le 4 oo Su
E . xtow DMorponded, Joie Supreme Court of Trinidad wad Tobage, | 4 Swot spon Crown ade ‘Nod the oN enn anrnes — . my t Trancionpnoers s .
mae : 10, 84 Of 1907, geonod tbereof comprising 9} acres 2 rocde BALE FoI WEDNE@DAY THE ITT THE STEWARDS,
—— Witham Athitett= Plalott and 30 perchea and abating oa the North DAY OF MAY sy Stand qua Ground Committed
, Hilam A d tal Crowa-lande on the Pout pew] | tnt ic NOTICE Inberety goon thal in [EOTAR TRIPP, Faq, JER WILAON (Twi, Ba. AW UL GIPRIANI, Bag, W. S.

one, TRE et 1. Joan Beptiste and ypon lands
ean De a
Tenet Tod Rovarrsne= Defendant, of Rove Tleyes ca the, Bak apn lands of

UBLIC NOTICE bereby given that Marembo ard apon Crown (ands and on

TAN, Feq., Settetary nad
exercise of the power of 1: salned in & -
Deed of ino tgage dated the ith day et ONntoialn:
Pebcuny tor registered as Na, shy of toag,

Roady. st Aniomnt. eae | Ramat -

3 . | 1 .
sj, apis + | 1008 BS . Matotensnce and pursuant to the d he West npoa lands of Rose Meyca pon | and as ‘ i fuente Valley veel 908, 67 Tmprovement, day 08 November 39 prea herein dated tba rath fands of B. J, Antoine and opoa Crown iat eat Sarton, Syyuinter) er ihe ote part, Ete the Coarse 5 cure st 4 to -
37} Catnewpsno aod Extenston ,.., 299 | 09 . Honour Mr: Jastice Swan mede ia the above | lands, ’ isot | ce wun Howe jeg of the cther part, } fsttahend ¢ ve on - 6 RweK
arch 1: tu ee ee « :
1 Galedoors om 197 1 80, ' ” matter onthe igth diy of March roc thera], 2 Atadall thera two several percels of | es’ 0. oie 5 mamorandum of mortgepe under | Shirirr the wo Capt, ed
jore the land apd mesa se et centre th
ays fal | 33} sat will te put up for tale before the ders Of ihe | fand apd mecsuages situate {a the town of | ibe Real Property Ordinance dated the same | fssastat Shorter a aml is ne _..-
, Sy Cavers, + | Court House Port of-Spein on Thurscey the | Arima the Grat thereof Uelog part of the | sth day of Febeuats 1907, made-by she sald Cierbacg-theSrete e = "i A 184 DE
Hi 4 Apdenbem Arenne S37 | aT " erst day of May, tock Lows y na the fret to jus Semiser in favour of the vald lames | Medel Afararer ARNFAUD ek HOTSSIFRE Em
RB. 5 | Cascade ml 58 - tt day of Mey. 1x between the boursot ond [lends desctited ta Royal Gract No. 806 08 | Toward Kiog there aill ba for sate Ofcant Tree Keep: PHILIP HW SOLOWON, Es
=item ane ny He | fag taster cee [india apolar op ean | gatranchâ„¢ Ge daa al | t's a
2 Y â„¢ we * . r
eg | telecee Bi [agit teom'l"SeaBiane freed |pecion ih he eles theresa fafa Seg co renege ey
a nown ae" La Pens lay 3 ‘
Be eeerye Carwcaye a " Guapo tn the ulands of Tinided and bound: | Eo North upog ‘Boresoo Bireet onthe | eclock Ao all that parcel of tend wate WEIGHTS AND PENALTIES.
pa i Gauesye. 3! ” Soub by Crown fands en the Fast on the | South upon lands wow or formerly of Clare | ibe cown of Arima in the said Island known As WFIGHTS tor age for all horses to be as follows ‘
Be | race Dien 83) * parcel hereinalter weondly described and o7 | Hoepedales on the East npom Pride Stree? | Ne 4 Sorsana Sirret and abuttlog on’ the a Pi hed mY ale 1k Mile ‘
3 Oe 4 to Mowntals 00 | ” the West by land of Waelthand the second | aud on the \Weat apon ands of Jevn Quin | North on land of Fernandes on the South 00 & 7 at Ite a. Ibs st
. 8 Hole and Extenslon 95 | . whertof cont neestwarty acres two reodsand | otto Acd the second thereof koowa as Soreang Street, eo the East on land of Mrs}, yer . 6 ‘ 6 4 *
. a Lerontille 8 . ” three perches stuate Inthe Ward of Lu Brea | Namber 17 Piiece Street mesauring 50 | oe il that uber es West on King Sirvet, and gyers 8 3 8 6 ’ PY ’ so
a Haraees Tay 7 85 f . the none rang id, Mand bed by ded 08 feet ta front vith, a depth of 100 feet ond Ward of True “ely td thuanapo) 4 yeare a > ° 9 z a - o o -
th wt ant ja 8 fearsand «; ry ° e a 3 rs 4 ae
8 } Mon Déle 33 " ning sod by Crown land on the South by Crown er arth Ron ° he South o da of comprisog thirty acres the same o tittle f
pon _lande of | ore ot locs-de ineatet + Mares getdings allowed 4 lbs, . wae -o
= & | Pees x 2 _o Jad on the Fact by land of Thomas Fret by | Tata Dard and on the Weve spon Tviace | ug. bommdarins sere WRU OM ROUTER f * fxporvect aman Cured wtueheve then Te the West fidiew Jamas aad Beiish Guage)
3 Be Franca Valley 207” Boo. "98 | i - ‘land sad oa the West by the parcel b atefore | Street annened to the Crowa Grant in Votume | (6 fietatcreoe bred in Weer Indies {Ja enceptert) or Brida Cialana,sad 7 | 5
" ‘tele «]* . fey cence 4 rubject to a.murtgage dated the 2 Ail that other, paroel ol land or cocon REX t [the Oe OT ended on tbe flume ° Jarnsicen animals tS-atlow 7 Ita, to Creole horses aad pont Thoroughbreds to allow 7 +
, ebruary 1854 tegistered at Na, jactation cituate ia the ward of Guanes, 5 rede. a —_
& ames Valley = Fs y igo neae une the detendeot Seren | {othe sald island comprising 18 ore 1 | Seu ceed te ane ot ee _be fo hall eth TOF Ten The ale ot walghts Tot age will apply to ponies 14 hinds
Ph Willem McC andto ~abatting pr the inches in height, Ponies under ty hands @ inches will be allowrd 4 Ils. for every half inch or
"72 | Picton 2 Ba Spartan Gedrge Daltiel Waillars | North apon Crown landg and wron Inndaof | aire ctu kant meee eh te ee thereot,
veouet Eulenston ‘i + Jone Dundas tnd Spencer Campbell Thomas | Joan Frascois Quicette ow the South and Rivee ‘asipeee ede te arate Bled Ft tardens at the tome of starting allowed 7 Iba 1 open tharenghbeed races, .
FF Syarao Beco Or Lite aed ee round payment of the sum | West upon Crown lands and og the East | i904 for securfog payment 10 Fetin’ Francs Penalties. Winners to carry 7 lbs, extra for first win and 4 ibe, mere fer every other win—
. B h of Favarejael'n* (om, daca the #6th day of Feteciey sac ces es | Spon lands of Jean Freneaia Qalnrtte and Wathen of the Prindpal sum of seven boutred except winners of Malden
te BH Lever Bangrejne'ls Po. No. 433 for gg and made beara ° Scend open the Spring Bank Eatate. ars and interest }, cs borses fut to be subjected to penalties incurred for winning Creole races whea modirg
a © tater a " Ast hercia ofthe ‘one pattand Joha Willlam |, 4 Alsoalland singular that parcel “of | Dated «this 1 4
be Hy elirlere { " McCarthy of the otner part aod bubject also to | land or cccoa pigatation oltnate fa the LOU JOUN & Co. azimum welab a te or toene wired asd foaled {n the West Indie (except Jamaica) and
: it Moo Repos Val'ey we a morigue Catod the set day of June 1894 regis | Ward of Gussepo in the said telend com Aucvonetrs, | British Guiana.
Go | Quny " ter ss No. 1300 for 1894 and made between | prising 16 accea being the parcel of land de | TRINIDAD axp TOBAGU. Tha beight of a pony to be hie measurement without shors, Poalee will be tavasured on
m 66} La Peotaule ae dale laat of the one part aod Ages | acribed on Royal Grant to Jose Innocencio I'o the Supreme Court, a day to be fired by the Steward’, Neither entracce money. subscriptinn or swrepstaie will
ODT Rel Air . | M4 tbe sam Of oe ed tone payment of Hospeda'es replalared na No. 2002 of 188 1a the Matter of the Eetate of Jereasiah Peeps be felanded if ponies fail 1 pass tbe standard, ene anea
7 ¥ i + end abuttlogon the North upon lands of | — tate olibe Manzamite Ward—Untow ter the nears ”
ee Buatele nd Extension . { _« — Dated thin agrd'da Be Mare a ‘ostiosre tate Booth npon lands at. IMand of T-inkdad Cocoa planter deceand - -PIRST DAY
~ 9 | Kl Bocorio Trace 4. Deputy Begistrat | ona acd on the West evan lan oy E. oN . : AY.
if _ fapon landsof J, R.] PUBLIC NOTICE ts bereby grew tha ae
9] Sao poangnd Retit Bourg Vil 38 | 38 ” TRINIDAD, — Veronique. LP aup ication has been made to tae by Uriah | 1] — THE MAIDEN. —Time! p.m. Sfurlonge Open to ali horeee mardea at the time
we 6032 o In the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago, 6, Also allthat parcel of land held under | Pb'P:s of the Mantacdls Ward Unice in the cfentry. Aprise of $160 Entrence 810
Summary Jarisdiction Port-of Spain, the provisions of the Real Froperty Ordia {| {seed of Trinidad Cocoa planter fer a Geant of | 9 _ pony & CheoLe RACH —Time LM yrm 6 farlonen Open taall Crenie horses

Minellaneous ee iOffice rent, caretaker { No, 785 of 3907, ance 1803 aituate in the ward of Gasnapo | probate of the Will bearing darn the sath and to all ponien 14 Zand under, A Grat prize of $120, A seeood prize of €20,

Postage, Statlon- Between fu the sald island compel day of January AD 1,08 of Jeremiah Pdi
: : comprisiog 18 acres 1 Entrance gt0) Sweepatake $5.
Staff (Salarise) ae {oy Syfemenneaes im Paul Lrottud.—-Piaintut rood and 28 perces be the same mere or fio OF {Be eee ec doemed abe S_bUMMER BIAKFR —Time 2 pm'~1 mite asde distaore. Open to all horses,
ie aia He | uncleeemenesicooa | baceinenrinie aguvata | dtu hs eS ewceggaig| Ag Hie A ee and eel he Ws owen Ya
TN time o1 death a fixed pt. of sbode a
Cosh at Colonial Bank put IC NOTICE Is Eeoreby given that by drawn on Crown Crant entered fn Volume Guno Tensane ah n the Want of Mareeotila 4 —BRREEDER® STAKE Thredpm. 4 fur'ones. Open to all Create horece that

an order of Hw Honcur Mr, Justice Swan
madehereia oa the gh d: of “Mare 08
there will be put up for wale before tbe doors of
the Court Hovte, Port of-Spsia on Thursday

LXXIV tolio 425 af tha Register Rook and
houaded on the North by lands of George
Wight and bylands of Thomes William

arethree yessnana upder, A Aset prize of 12) . A second prize of $20, +
Entrance 10 dollars.
B=—THE CLUB STAKES, TimeS 50pm. Gfurlonge Open te all Lorsce, A fired

the said Uniab Raipps being the Executor
pamed ia the said Wilt
And Notice 1a also given that no Caveat te

" t the 9tb day of May 1908 bet the bours cf | on the Sovth by lande of Ecsebla Mozimbo | lodged Lelore the expiration of twenty sent . A senend 0 doll the sécoad of
ROBERT WEBSTER, | ovelandsfopm Al'and seguir hose four { and by lnrde cl Janu, Hlency on tbe But | 227508 te, da, of tbe pubhegnon thi se g00 dotiara, © ego prim of 0 dallas to Win eisond bate: Eeteanee
Bc . Secretary. several piece of parcels of lacd beld under the | hy lands of Evrene Tibungo ard on the whe said wal, ‘Proceed vo COLONY RACE, Timed pm, furlongs. Open to atl borves, Oreo'en of Trial
é A. E. BOLAND, ene ‘thereot one Orsinnnce ws, x ent Wh Crown lands, and intersected Dated-tbis Karst dey of Apel 190H dad and Telage -\fieat prise of 180 dollare = A reennd prive sf 2) dollors,
“a ° al & pob'ic rua rv hpke wide od
ag ° Cheirman, rods and sereo perches be ibe tame a subject however as to the roreela above (Sec pT A Oe eee, 2 EMPIRE CARES —Time VI0p mM, Pmileamtadiiance Opea toatl horece.
Office, SantaCroz, April 4th 1908, aries ibereof shown Io tbe plan Sea aoe ceand | dexonbed as comprising 17 acree and 31 *RINIDAD ‘A Bret prise of 260 a lure, A second prize of 50 dollare, Tetra ce 90 dollars
j Exini Grant entered in Volume CLXXIT foho r6¢ of | #cree 3 roods and 39 perches teapectively | TRIN Th , . > Sweepetake 6 dollars,
1 xamiced acd found correet, the Register {igok and bounded on the North | {0 the ward «f Gaanapa ta a mortgage ta SALE FOR THURSDAY THE 71H DAY
i. Wi it. GORDON, 1 and South by own Jands cn the Fast by lands favour of J ie Bey, created by deed OF MAY 1908,
: ctg. Auditor Genera. of Henry Butier and by Crown jaods and on | tezie’ered as No. ol or AOcUTING " —— -
ee f the West by lands of Tho: db eot of the principal aum of $2000 CU UDLIO NOTICE is herby given that oS ES NJ I ) . A x .
! +44/4/1908. : the eee Prince ° ‘Saauiey a Second Ted tarerent. ° rere ia exctelee of the power of asle onu- ~ co —. D

tained lo a certain memoraucam of mertg-
agedated the lit day of Mareb 1903 from
Rattan to Nobert Mogan, their will be
putap forsale by public suction by the
undersigned at High street Trees ts
: the ay of May 5
Io the Baprems Court On oa eh ‘ "
The Dstrict, Regitry at Port of Spain between the penal ot 1 sod 2 pm All
In the Matter of the Estete of George | yy,
Viederick F i t the to {St Ward of Sevang Grande, North, contatn
Jesse | eter late of the town of St ling f.ue acros, three Toods and twenty.
oseph in the island of Trinidad.--] ities perches snd bounded on the North
Deceased. a —— ep 7 rat, on tha South by
Sown Jand, on the East by Crown lend
andon tha Weet by Riverside Road.
Dated the Oth of Apiit 1903,

thereof situate ia the Ward of Moruga com


+ Tethase deslroas of securing thelr families against want, sad to yousg men tered ia Volume CXLIV folio 6tt of the Regs

408 Tlogk and beented om the North East ang
dwrongo g mobey la aneasy manner and in a short period of years West by Crown landsand on tbe South by

lands of P A Slanley and intersected by a road

reserved so linke wide The Third thereof situ
Fi 2 [ | ate ia the Ward of Moruga comprising engtt
Fl h Ba tbados M tual acres and seven perches be the same atitie more
4 â„¢ a or icas_delt ant

jandares (Lerrol shown io tie plan drawn on
Crown Graot entered 19 Volume 198 folia HB of

f- LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY te Regier ck dase ete My

: , | Henry Butter on the South by sroad on the
oar sry faclicy, The PREMIUMS ARE LOW." “CLAIMS ARE PROMPTLY | East by a road and on the Wet by Innds of
peerd.” Willadvarce your premium if you sre unable or negiect to rey fb, and your | Prince Stanley aod by lands of James Thomp
Fey CARNOT LAPSE 30 long aa any surrender value remalos, ALL THE PROSITS | son And tbe Fourth thereof situate in ibe Ward
Fe HE BOCIETY belong to the FOLICY HOLDERS. of Caura comprising seven acres cnetcod and

1.—NRERDERS' WANDICAR, Time 1.30pm 4 furlongs, Oyen toatl Creole horses
thet are three years and under. A first prleo of 180 dollera, A seqund size of
20 dollars, Entrance 10 dollars.

2. SUMMER HANDICAH—Time 2pm, mile sod adistarce. Oyen to ail horsca,
‘A bist rice ££ $250, A eccoul prise of &0-doliars, Entrance 20 dolluis.
Sweeprtake 6 dollars \ .

do-PONY AND CREOLE: BANDICAP.—Time 8 pm.—5 farlosgs, Open to all
_Mteole borees and ta all ponies 162 and under, A Firat Prise of 150 dollars. -
A Reonnd Vrizeof 20 dollare, Entrance 15 dollars, i

$—CLUB UANDICAP, Time 120 p.m. 4 furlongs. Open ta all horres A Fire

Pre 4ob Sna- AReoond Pelee of €40-~ Entrance tty 2 wet @

6- NURSERY HANDICAP Time 4 piu. 8 fur Open toall Creve hotecs
thatare three yearsand under Firat Prise of $189 =A scoond Prize of $20,—
POE MANDICE:—Time 420 1 colle and a det 0 1

6,-EMPIR we Tle pm tile and a distance moto al}

® horses, Virat Prize of 230 dollars, A Second Prize of G0 dollars.’ Entracce
20dollare. Sweepstake 5 dollars,

—_———90 -

1. These races ere run vader the rules and regulation of tbe Trinidad Tus! Chula 1909.
& Owoers of borees are yeuired to pay Sve 8 for the mare [ihe Course tor cerry Ate ibay
enter alt mieetirg, ~
Owners desirous of retainieg stalls io the paddock om tha day of saces wilt kindly sed
thera ton 16 the Setveliry before s p.m. elok on Fiiay 4 agth May. 7 “
4 All entries to te ntade dnd paid to the Secretary before 1 o'clock p.m om Friday, ssth

Dated this 2ed dav of April 1008
. Deputy Registrar.


UBLIC NUTICE whereby given that
apphieation bas been meade to me ty
Samvel Hoang of the ward of Toco in the
Talend of Trinidad fore Grant of Probate
of the Jat WI and Testament of the
decessed dated the 10h day of Anguat
1002, late of the town of Bt Joseph afore-
aid who died on the 29.b day of February
AD 1008 having at the time of bis death a
fixed place of abode at St Joseph aforesaid
ibe said Samuel Hoaang teing oneof the
excutore named in the Wall of tho said
Geerge Frederick Peter deceated.
Aad notice is also given that if no
Caveat is lodged before the expiration of

Ox MAY 1908, »

puszic NOTICE ie hireby gives that in
exorcise of the power of hale contained lo

acetiain memorandura of mortgage dated the

Sh day of Februaty 1905 te] edin Volume

20 fo, 527, Srota Tong ta Seaincah Las

there wil ba put up for saleby public auction

by the undersgoed at High Street Princes

Itmys COMPOUND BONUSES, she sigelfcence of which Is evidence! by the nicet en perches be the same te a Ravin

F: Pet thas a8 the feat Fivision of Profits (1905) the Bonus declared, CALCULATE ?
5: 9a veae s Went by the‘ bl Dora:
ORR ORIGINAL INSURANCE ALONE, ranged from 1} per cent, per annum on the gn sbe South Bera ae the parcels
te A} pee cent. per annum on the oldest. firstly secoadly and fourthly described to a
‘ how pe TERMEDIATE BONUSES, oo that even after the death claims bas { mortgage in favour of George David Hatt
g, Men paid eiss of the deceasod abace 10 tbe profite up to the date of bie death, dated (he 16th day of august 1997 for secunng

the ptyment of thesum ot 6 o dollars,

: Dated ibis 38th day of March 1906, By he Trinkdad Turf Clu
a m, -of-i : twenty-eighe d. fi the date of ibe wo cn Tuesday ihe sth day of May & M at the oftce of ¢ ib, and date no entre
— r W WONYD Nees Po or Spa. Fornan lo, PRNEMT b. CLA publi Ztloa “of thie rotice the Court will | Letwsea tha ours of oveand twa po. 7 rot will ia hen ".
.¥ * N o.—Agonts, San Fornanto, Deputy Registrar, roceod to issue Probate of the sald Will] Alltbat corisio messuags and parcel of land © Ja the eveutof only twa horses entering in any race that rice may at the discrution of the
Manure Fovane, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO [othe ould Harel Hovey FE Le Var ot oe ried on ‘tbe | ena ba dociared awit énd ved, or shall Le at thele option to {fame m new rage or not as —
: > > 5
are 18. In the Buprome Court. Datedthe Sithday of Apslt +2, 100% | OE Sy toe Hande de £, Eat woad on the South toy ta Oca to Race Stand on Roce Day: —Crnileraa’s Thekets bought at the Secretary 0


othe matter cf

pa a — by Crowa and op the East by a rvad and on | office for a days . 4 (ols. Bo cents, Bought at the Kace Stand ¢ dollar, Gentlemen's Sipgle

4 i ¥ The Eatate of Simuel Vince, late of Free . Registrar. Le West by the Band de L Fat Road and b: ‘ ‘ars’ Ladies’ Ticket dol eo cevts, CR in Ticket
ce: BOON I O TH E PU BLI C. port Villegein the Werd of Cheaus- lor No. 6—togetber with the balldings thereon, Tete acts qo ents. Mermberv’ (ree, me 72 cont, Paddocie
> . nee inthe Islendof Trinidad —Ve ; ‘Dated this roth day of April 1908. Me 8 ole tper of untending stariers ta be posted a quarter of an bour Lefore tke Lour Axed
. ceased. Batahal’s Office, for the starting of each pace & penalty of § dollars for non-compliance.
; ’ . OTICE fa heredg given that | Jo the Supreme Court ot ts rita ood 1 RA PENA, | | Tres borses at least, pot Using the property of the same person to race, or no Secood
7 .
murke’s Goup Kitchens, | rrenontarbeen male tome b obexe. Ausrtinnere’ | Prive willbe fit voce at 10 30 pam o'clock, A bell wil be rang fot sadng, after which ca
F application bas been made t y . D. 9. e
ae Frelis Pinos and Fes Frince both of the | bammary Jariediction~Port of Bpelo, TRINIDAD. euluutes wilt be allowed and harses at she post willbe stariet, Jai rede will be sirsstly snforiad,
- Village of Freeport in the Ward of Cha. | No 146 of 1907 la the Supreme Court of Trinidad end be pai AD Matches to be ua at ouch tine as ray be appointed by tbe Sirsarde—s 410

Bs Toke go.

ponnae deceased dn ihe Island of Trinidad 15 All borses raust be suddied in tow enclosure to be provider for that purpose and be riddeu

Arthar Balfour Kaowles.—I'telot &

a br . :
; eiagenie Phafoor corners that Me a atl OT ong rerbers ot | for s Grant of Probate of the Will bearing No 139 0f 107 i at to sued jane clo covider for tha
ve be the Demiracaatyien P ROUL KITCHEN atmo. BO, Es:ed. Gate the IIb dey ot December a7 ot Willson Alleyne *Nomelines William Alvert Mamiltoa Birt—Pisiattl : Al over ee hea ‘Cour oa Poued or Pree gare of the rae a dd
ve eet, opposite the Heme Indaat ries, to be known as Wiluge of Freeport ia t {baw ord of Chegaa, Alleyoe Burne —Defeudaat Geo'ge Adhar and S A, Fraver= Defend. | * ine of uy. ahlembere and omciale rica ia tbe r F castings Se admit m gine saddle 5/- at
rf i x w ~— - ° eserve to Lbemsel ves ight to 6
wr «BURKE'S SOUP KITCHEN December 1907; bavieg at, the (ime. of bis NOTICE heiz arom than there ante, nortd ra Suawasds reserve Agi as to birth and age of
iq Vis tors" TO-DAY FRIDAY, THE isp MAY, 1903. death « fixed place of atods at the Village will be pus op for ealy at the . om 05 Je the event of @ walk over, ouly half of the first ioney will be paid
Pea pont lt cai a pine tn Save sore ot Mf Frat se te ocd ac | eco, Gaye 10b ay 0 Soy | > armen th deg ety dd |
Reshlee the Sut} when ci ears wad. clean aed sabetantial quality, light ments Trace telog the eal cneenirit and one. 1008 a6 $2 s'slock noon, 7 ry 4 4uh day of November 1007, sad to an W. SCOTT KERNANAN.
© short potice will Le grovided ab w price to defy competition. | entor pamed In the said will The right tlle and latercet of the} order of His Honor’ dr, Justice Roseell, > Rawetary d& Trenmurer

wade in the sbove matter om the Zod day
of April 1908, ibere will be pus up for esle
before the duvrs of the Uourt Ifnose, Yurt-
ot Spain, on Thuradsy the 28th dey of
May 908 & tween (be bourse of ope snd
two pm, al) that plot or pareel uf lent
commonly koown ss * La Kiqae,” situate
ia the town of Bao Fornends, contsiniog
by sdmessurepent tea secoa or there:
aboote, aud abutilog on tbe North spon
lend fo tbe postoselon of W 8. Hokertaon,
on the South epon land Lelonging to the
bolts of Fobert Johpstons, on Easy
ppou wn Laod, acd on the Weed upon
Pointe a-Pierie Road, Also atl and sloga-
fag that pasoel of land formiog part of
Paradise, situate to the tows of Bao
Fernando, kqgwn se Naaibera twenty-two
and tweoty four Vrince of Wales Brrest,
abutting om the Nosth opos Jaud cf J. W.
Crostis, on the £outh wpou Kests Brreet,
va tie Fast ao Prince of Wales Sireed,
acd on the Wees upon Jand formscly of

Defendand ia the two wooden tenements
made of concrete coggzioge covered with
galvanized iron veuding on lands of
Borsang aud keown ae Noe & and 7 Max.
well Line, Calvary HI, lested upon ia
the above m-tter,
Dopaly slarebel.

mt benabeon 9

eeo* plata of thls Bon ard a elice of bread of the best quality, forthe moderate anm And notice le also given that if
betag (TWO CENTS) and upwards, v 7 no carcat ls lodged Velore the expiration

; es cue be rapptied from 10 to 8 every day except Baogese of {rents eight deye from the dite of the

eed of citferent prices will be supplied on the proxolecs, ‘lhe public are cordially | publicatfon of this notion tbe Court will

Be > lag eek the Establishment, Froderick Et. proored (¢ isaue probste of the said will

K aceordsagly.
F, ORE cca pepe FG BURKE, 30, Frederic Dated this 10th day of January J ¥0d,
ee? f&gd T A TAOMIBON,


Beokrapiey Ordinance, 167%.
1 Marquiso RING with 9 Diamonde. ta te, Sapteme Court of Tralded aod
» RING. , 138 Diemonds, In the Matter of

Bi deed datad the 23rd dey of April

ad ry :
JD wwrssdarderavees toy toon | Steamer will Load

Achem, Bolicitor) the business tben e4s-
rudon’ by Henry Leovebleg in this At GCatoutta.

LBauksuptey Ordinance, 1831.

fa the Sapreme Coart cf Triaidad sod

Tubs go.
In the Matter of

L. ¥, Beller of Port-of Spain in this

Island — Bankrupt, ae
ITPTAKE NOTICE that a dividend tr jo-

teoded to La dealered by the trpates ia
above matter ob the Sle Usy, 5008, aad
ibsd sf! eredtqe wae bare vo} wed


wland became veated ja the sald He " .
Leouehtog ‘aud wyeell o pattoere ia DIRECT FOR THE WEST INDIES
«gual ebares, Ascole surelviog partoer snout th
of the said business Jam advle tat 1 ‘=

Th —_——_— ca cede Beokrepty ne 8 ls reagetigeedtelitena 8) |Last Week in May,

. al pd The pubhe sre bereb: tiged tbat I
k Vory thing for Your Girl. AKE NOTICE thats dividend isto: wll repudiate soy det ooptracted by | — OB THK 187 WEEK Ix JUNE.
“emg HI Ye wei he vry wef to Wie one CD scala aed Se se Ses, dasehing OF Bet cut dt | For particulars, apply to
â„¢ o red ito ho & re d f tb th of lament
5 Two -Vaery GQheup-Call Quickiy, tbe aig Cas Dae barge roved pertoer, @ death of my “a THE TRINIDAD SHIPPIKG AKO


° ete _| Shefe alaime fy tas date waht woudel, Lawie Moloney but uaw of Jacob Labourl.
Sg. DRE atl os- 99 PREDERICE BYSER? jated th: oe Pa po, i] Dated Obs Mies ds ola i , Dated this Youb da oh fig 14, Dat.d this ph de ss Aprit \ooe, IRADIN ,
eALL bIZES OF PAPER ie ye STOCK, . . , ‘ Traates; ‘ . usted, ets FONE Depely Recisvts, Wet) JOuN ite i ALSO, Tbh Apelt RAD G coy LID


ao oe
MeN UT 7 ~ =



~ Commencing on MONDAY, 4th Inst,

hoo. . € 7” . «






THE FIVE YEARS IMPRISONMENT | tazton. Colon and Jamalea, tellog pew Glasgow Direct Lin
§ i 6 Samat Chenae She eee ee The Tender will leave the St. V ucent LEE, aff. Sterme a
api ave te and cunvisted-for- | tae 7 esengere tert SS hy Fritisilad Shippieg and


rrding Company,
through ihe oafe nese merckart aC] encore are specially notified that w. spi

Teberniila a few we RO, WOT HOI | Va roece lich orto be deanatoh dta thie ROWN OF | AKRAGON—The a9
ed by the poure to tive years Imprivoment | WEEP wil teare the fi, Vincent Jjety at C

with herd Isbour on the Sist) March <
Jnetomn J8E2, 10 a.m, onthe dey of sailing, and ‘paraen

Croen of Aragon" te due to arrive
hera from Gla caw vig Darbedosw on or
about 12h May, 1808 and wi! proceed


sana sats reo Somme}

. CHEAP PRICES}! PerePrarre pera peru bre the-efore requested to sea at all m
THE + CANAL LABOUR, MARRIAGE OW THE vowe their Degguge fe beng down before that Mew ae ae Demerua aking “cargo
-f -~ — + —— . is ir _ ow EE
: ' ’ thn ¢ CONGESTED CONDITION OF THE | Wo bare been credibly snformed that | ge ya fred. Leytana & Ca
° EST SIRE in th ISLAND Fine Endlish Hams 2Ac per Ib. ISTHMUS, vt Culebra bare orrented 8 Taree om Uke Fe Wail } ~ # (1g00r ted
a. _-~ — --of—-F “jo tha! Vewe Colonlal Cec., a.
‘ _ im Le ~ 9 - —— EN OFFICAL WARNING, they vre now at the police The Royat Dutch Mad— Aponte .
Srmaoice atstion unter the obligation to get - Agents, URAN — The sw “Cuban is due
—WILL BE— it : ping toh LETTER SENT TO THE GOVERNOR married foreitiy. Tb ts mid thet, many PRs. WILLEMS HL ~The Dotan Mall here from J is erpocl, via Darbadus
rr , . . y oO eae peop'e so arrested sre already " Prion Willem " te dae fon or about May Sth 1808 proceed.
, . FQbald Granulated- Plog Tobacco, BY BRITISH MINISTER, of these Peeple o atreated ae eerie bere from New York snd Veneruion | warieto Le Onn PeSprcertng after
TATLABLE FOR SERVICE| =4 3 segeezeeeceut | mace op nie counsos, ENS HERIaten ereaer eur | heceaiiog” alorvate’ a tueaatoe: | Geiger ME eH Ponenzes amd
~ . 2cu ‘Live for 18 cents, -— DEN’ * | Havreend Atusteidara tak: fn ee 3
Ki His Exeelleney the Acti 84D ACCIDENT. staking cargo, pas 3
; —OF A— . Jacob's Biscuits—l lb Tins. | hs Teceived the followiog, fetter fron A very serious accident befell Mr. | ea en I—The Duteb Mail me Treen wwe ot :
am, acods biscuits « | His Dritaouis Mojesty’s Minister resident | Doocen Lewis the able West Todisa but I avamer " Tiioe Wal ma ns her foenere ~
‘ Wee Pet 280 at Panama, wiinirg labourers who dielie | der end cortrator. whilst encased fn put [1.0 Amstedaw via Taranatibe acd The Tromdat Shippmg and 4
Mario 28¢., Palo 3M, Wee Pe ' }to goto the Ietbmua-oa thelr own | 'ing ap soma iron sbeetings in the Pacewa | 1) erare on of about th tan M 1005, "ATLAVA rading Ca, Aussie
Pets Revrse Me, Corsth 30 cents, | aecoont, in eeareh of any klod of employ- | Hardware Store, whereby bia jelthand wes | oc edioy afterward ne Car g iN RAVAT.—The na « Maraval’ of 4
Miranda 36c., Butter Cream 360, went, sgatortiakirg each @ atep. broken about three ioches above the wrist ieee Toanae a year VE the Trinidad Line will leave New 4
a Keil Fingers 360, Anceleas Maca- Pritich Legation, Pspama ‘Lhe ceure of thy accident Sr, thab acer- Ceretio’ ¢ nayre, Veerto, York on 2h Apel 10H, iW ednenday)
, AT. roons S6c, Windsor Wolfers B6e, Mareh 30, 1908 penter wae working along with Nr Lewle, ‘stella, Caraceo, Jaemel, Aun Cayes, } for Trinidad sia Gienads, and is dua to
eee. ~~ Oral Rich Tea Be, Girger Note | ryce ney -— OT aud whilet inthe apper sbelviog be cata | Port #0 Peince od New a crke taking | arrive here on Eredar Mth Alay 1008, tos
BEAU MOU NT ESTATE 300, Cream Crecker, 3 lt tine OMe, ; ! have the ih nour, ts report for your rite iubleb supported the fron phettiags, TURS FREDERIK HENDRIK_The “bthaun Girect bine 4
fiou thet Colonel Goethals, the | so ls atonomcame down, Air. Lewis Doteb Mall st “Prion Fredervk t
ATL Excellent Guuality | chatmanct the Cane! Commie sealng it, put bis left Land to support it Se steacner ile Keeders Meu Colonial Comp sy
i. MAYANO, ‘ 7 that in February lat the mordinrry trom ooraton down, bur the foree of the Hendiik oe dae here. from, Veneraelan Lid, — Agente j
i * ° McLaren's Cream Cheese | Itoar forre cm loved] by the Commi {roa was too great, end the anfortanste weeding afterwards to Farame, be, Herre GaAkstodn—the on ‘Barston ' is
, . . ¥ ‘ wan 26 ¥63, all West Indians except seoident wee the ontcome, ond by | abt Ameterdam taking cargo, peasengers duo here from London via Barbalow
IFTROM 27th APRIL t 10th TIAY In Voto—94 cents each, 3,010 who are Cagopeans, ve Straoz was quickly samnio and Grenada on or abowe May Gob ls,
oO 9 The seoroied iayortations during the | Me. Faho Arovemens, asd he landege N@°MAURITS—Tha Dateh Mal) [ Procpeding afterwards to Demernea, taking
es SLIGHTLY CORNED ROUNDS BEEF | pest oix nonths averaged 248 Furcpeaos | the broken hand. Iv js believed thet the steamer " Prine Maurice” is due here { C2°RS paseengere, and mau,
5 _ " ” OX TONGUES | and 316 We t Ladiaus each month Fone will bold in ite place spit waemelean f pon Amaterdam sia Paramaribo and GERIANR ~The es. ‘'Berraca is glue 4
: — AND AT THE — ” ” PG8 YEET , Cotenel Gorthale fzforms ma thad | break, leavirg no eplinters— ifad, Demerara on or about the 25th Slay 100m, | 42 bere from London via Berbsdos End a
Y re eae liiseacnsy to bogs sucdtomterc!| ——~ tne Thaw € Rrocondlng afternarde to Carerancs | iereande te besoney hig eee:
LA JUANITA ESTATE—MATURA All from men to the lanal Zone monthly to take The Thaw aao, Peers Pome aamnatar, La Guarrs, passengers god mals, ’
ES t . the placee of these who drop oub after s STF? RFING TAKEN FOR | Cayes ‘ortawTrloee aod New” Yorke ns emmennne n
MW. GOODING, | vibitegtetiacaradae | 1 | TINE SMarstnat tages tallogeargo paseogeraad mul |‘ Bhlpping Intotigenos, j
salon @ Comnicslon recogowa no obilg: ce ae

May 2nd.
HUGH'G. Lrit 3 wasted sebr Kuowlton,


tion to employ meu who drift ip here, aod
doclare that generelly they aro physically
unht for the work,

WRIT of HaBEAN coumtg
(By Direct W.T, Cable Oo.)

‘ OM 12TH. -To- 23RD MAY: ‘ Koninklijke West In-
B dusche Maillienst

Guarantee « Bonds.

i‘ [an Recruiting egents are maintained in ibe New-York= eye Vasrtgoutd, “T2551 ;
oy fp taba: tres t amice and foruad-} —Poogbheepele-—New—YVerk-—aA prit- = feel pp. lumber, G I Alston aod 5
oR FURTHER PARTIC g Ki c: Marine and __ hove deviratle; an discourage thove that | The first step toward the release of Harry The Royal Dutch afaticgs f Co PP “og “en 4
Accldent Tuer nce. | we uate toa lade ead coe oe ee eee etre mien ur | GUIINAMEWThn vs *Sarloume” | oxtxaco, rit PAS star, Laogwald
VOU, ,, t 1 i for the io ined NOC Ff .
. Apply fo the ESTA VE MANA GERS., FDGAR TRIPP & Co., clement that the Fe; ‘tlie of l'ea ae ne James G. Grehem of Newburg one of the see ey pos. versed ae ees 2 451 tous, 4 dave Baraaille 13 tens


fuduced to isvue the Decree pichitiling the | Thew’s counsel, made ery lication to Me
Commercial Union Aeaorance Co, 1d

catratce of pereovs who wue notab'eto | Justice Morechauser at White Plalos for | New York airect taklog cargo, maile snd
maiataio heanelees vpon the L-ihme s anorder directing the Superintesdent of peek WOWYNE-Th “st * Moy 4tb.

Nevertheless there are a number of idle | the avyloos to permit Thaw to sien a N ls dua here from New York dreven FORtMOST, Brit sloop, Frankia, 47
men cothe Isthmus pow belonging to the | formal application for m writ of Habess Tuesday the 12th May 1008, provecelog tour, Ib day Carsiacun, 16 gras, Sabecy,

same day to Perameribe taking cargo, pes- Tahteee fowle, § boxes © ge, snd =

EDEN, Brit slop, tore, 2l tore, I dlew
Urevada, 4M gun, bo rhop, 3 pay 2
otefowt,, sid 5 pase ngess,
FESSEDOHE Wie sloop = ¢ odes, 89 r
tons, $4 day Carrinouu, 81 outs, I sheen
2 plas, 2 pots t-wis, 7 turkeys acd 15

ADVANCE, Brio sloop, Roberts, 21 tove, __
iday Grenades, ¢ bine crate, 2B begs

geolcargound 3/ passengere. To K Lf,
B.1 Coy,

gies tha Late come be e Independently, | Corpus, The order was gracted, and
end as it la the policy of the conta slop to | when Thaw bas wade the spplicativa he aoere cod svaite
give preference to the men that bare Leea | will be brought beforea jastica for hek. NOTTEN AME-Th “& "
recruited by Its ows sgents an cond] | Ing to determine whether or not be is fe due bess fee ie ed a peo

licns ste at present, men, from the | sane, a ue doh Na rome emalib on Bon
Islands ander your jurisdiction shod: si:¢to a, is New re a procerding same
come here on Weir owo acount, in seach ay 6 ‘or weet tekiog cargo,

of any kind of ewploymeot, sboutd Le nalts and passergere




waroed agaiot taking such a ste, . Hamburg. America
4k: sn¢,
aypointaent, | af. Pact Scuszarn & Cc, wplee, 3 pkgs bides, ¥ phge tut, aud
ens Set Prete Kesident. | dally y Debaree y Allehar ¢Ssmmy v Alla the Wambura American line will be Asteotes LOS tons, 12 toure"Catg-
The folowlag ‘appears in the * Colon St Thomas, Havre, and Hamburg, teklog | MIKADO, Venes snot day Grenade,

To Day's Appoal Court (et.
pelos wnt i ‘cane they weet ved MAGISTRATES Cast—Wileon y Super:
heres dos yg Maur, | Bedaoe Bhesujirendnctterrs. Means PATAGONIA- The rn Parogoota “of [PIVME WIKLEM. It, Datu won
“Ruy OF UXEMPLOTED, Decie Mekesa] Keaejit Mebsley” wae cieae May Set, wezergelen Porte on ta oie ePpe sites 20 passorgert.
FA ena a enplosed wea (a | TSE | ee a le M00 coche REE

Unclimbable * Fencing,

Tho Lechrin Iron Works.

Colon is oa thelociesss, In one estatl sh MOVEMIKTS OF STEAMERS. the

Compagnie Generate May «
mend alone ol app teations for work were RMSP 8 foyer soi Line F p Transatlantigue. WILD Rover, Ling bor, }Issre'l, 58
made fna forenoon this week-—-an oceur Tho Royal Mell Line O, Lectaud & Boa, — Agent | 2006, Barbelor—2) bris or angin, & cords
i bith thls town. Abdel), ‘ 4 2 bo .
fenea wuknows ith ro 14 (PAGUE The EMH: “Tague ie doe | QT. DOSINGUE The rensh Mel Rie ore wed Oi cacy ee gtd bbas fur
here from bout hampton on Wednowday, | 0°) Steamer “St. Iaintagae "de duekere | CROWN OF GHA ADA, Debt atnor,
th May 1008, via Cherbourg, and Har 4

Late Hews Front Coton. frou Demerare on the ith Meyand wil “Grouchy, 1763 lope, Medelra—a Gus

atl nd will leave ihe same day for [ leave thessmeday for st, Lucia, NMarti-
nai C!S i a en EI, AUCIDENT AT colay. New York, «te Fo. Solombia, Cartagena, nlyse, Gaadelog aud Be Nasalre, tabling seas eae eat ae i is oes
_ . ston, ta inge) abd Cargo. .
e ; Sale at Auction] 4 ote Ty Teeter yeu | Sine cath damien ting movwnser | pabeees Salad ces "S| Pid Poke An ft ttee amor fa 3
RRTArS IT WOLLD RR ADVIRABLE ‘tu CALL — FR — ann prewar a ot ibs Coloa The Jender will fave the St Vincent i “ Pe islenee de oe "is Minade- 1 pulp, 410 cases bitte, 228 bis pire
NSP - , " : Bn ue, Je da "
ECT OLR BTOCK+ UF . . ° TUESDAY, loti MAY 1008 watering dos ta sa fojury wile be yak Bre wilh: pamengers for the twat the Sth Mey end will proceed aters Uorper Miata New Coleg

realvedon the sume evening from telug | Passeogers are specially notified that = |] wards to Carupano, Hevanills, Colon, acd Liab ‘
caught batweestwocers while attemplieg | Larcage lighter wy be despatched to thie | Put Limon, taking passeogers, rm: BABA’ ih etme, ni lebte, $008 tones
to cross the line by Fox River ou setvruiog | stoamer will leave the St. Vincent jetty at | carro, 1,200 tons Tad Epuree Lake Asphs 2
OR frome beth slong with three ctber | p04 m. on the day of sailing, and passes T. DOMINGUK.—The French Melt] and 050 tone Tad raw asphale-by
O PLATES, ILFORD PO. P, all birds of PHOTOGRAPIIC ie Car, friende, gers are therefore requested to see (hat all } Kh) Gleamer “Bt. Dowingue” from Euro; New Gnlonlel Goy, Led, Pi 7
MATERIALS KFPT IN S10CK. — The cars were coupling together whea | thelr baggage te eent down Lefore that | vie Cuadrloupe, Martinique sod Bt, Lacie, | RESCUE, Brit ster, Ulseo, 01 tons. Cano
re NOER instroctions received from J, | Stewart aad bis ficuds spprosited the | eur iedvehere co or atout tha 2nd of May | Colorado - anedey pgs wdee ond 36
4 MUIR 0 } Fervandes Eoqr, the wnderulaved will | Hor, aad the th ce othece succeed Sta A TRATO —The RLS, \ Atraw” in| and will proceed afiersards to Dewerars, | sengers—B EG beh eo pew
' MA RS H ALL & Cc ° offer forsale Abe lowlog Tourekotd Fars Croan Ot ea tte teeeane set 17th ae pe le eras ates Famdey i 4d Cayeane, tabling passengers, | HALA YN rit akon, Walises, 21 tous,
Se Piteatwood leis, bento oon, what batted tu a wile; oben shlableg bo bad | idgenn and Hussto Cuhatioy and wili| PHEROU —The Freech fail Steamer | TMdad cocesuad bit, (000 geek seetee
tde acd corssional tables warble top | Se loles| ve the pevt day foulbampton via P roe ae bere from Voos: bys tes and a ‘ 77
SS ERE WEEDS. | i icer ir epi te) ba teint, Nerd | mean agen MEO Le AS hy Hi at | VALE a ay ln
r , dreveteg tab‘s, wasbsta Bast ger, . : . tove, Se) Vinceot—-eund k.
a up it de mneovtcions state aod taken to] ~ Them ‘Tesder will leave the Ft. Vincopt | tiniqae, Gaadeloape, Bantander, Bord Ty pkge usise
ep, bedeteads, cribs, bidet, choos, ehélrs, | (iy hospi al where he died about an bore | yas “a t pa, With passengers for the | and Latre, tallng passengers, ‘walle “tad mod B passengers,
cargo. Citeing of Malle.

ales Letog sduitced —Honema Chronicie | At rata” rare
: Pasmouyers are specially notified thats ha Valoce Havigazions |, Sells for Ureusda Bt Vincent and New
Haliana A tepore York by the" Sereval © wilt be closed ou
. Wedoesley the th at 3 o’clo.
Tha Now Colonu Corrs Y, < Bean tied

t eo tar to Le dixpatehel to the
ee ial will leave the St Vimeent
ctuly, Newepapete and
close ot 252 Money Orders eeaion

Jetty at 10 am, on the day of sailing, and
gs are therelure reyuestod tu ee
ait ir tagyays bs vest down Lefuie Yor’ and Canada incved ao bone

~saT =
Wo.13 Borde Stxreat
Within One Mloutele walk of Four



a telle, disnor weggos, meat ‘ale,

E 4
jeg rutm ohsirs, | seth i
1,000 Barreis angle hi | ae aren ogo
Ovce Tendon very fad, t Dleywe {Kagtih),

Hoster’s Famous Wiener Beor|=eeeeo") | EVERY Day

Pany—A gente. -
Oi DI MILANO—Tbe #0. “Cite

me og : nd quickly cured b thet hour, . di Milano” is due bere from Geooe . 08D.
5 Iv Paxty ano Quante, Fue SanvZar Torsse—Birlotly, Phorra son ol aN tre Pine COUGH BYRUP MARRALENA ~The ut M.K Mog [ via Maresitle Dercelona (palo) and Tene. Sietts for Cursoou and Carths
5 MACKEN: CIRTON Geregcent Avatiocere, | {LAINCB) your friead’s coogh was | iavod Wolasotey, sit AtayslsCuerbonrg | tlisrwatds to, Curse, RMARe Hk | Sana ected tll be losad om Tan
. { 1p St, Viecea$ b why no! ‘ #, Vors | day the ste 4 ry
» MACK ENZTO AND. TRITON . | sy yppme i ONO" [ape ty haley pir eo | Gaia pee gegeegy | insaae Gs ite wwe, jet | dat Rg pecan
te . ~
hee =- & - -

FY Seat OL i



| Gent’s. Shirts.


age Spacial Valuo— White Dress Shirts, Soft Zephyr and Net.

GOc. Ovr Wonderful White Shot Fancy Striped Zephyr Tunic and
Negligé Shirts—-Excellent ! ee
—Y2e0 Fashionable DressShot-platrand Pleated Bosom -Tunlo and
Negligé Shirts—Stylish |
- BAe. Embroidered and Tucked Front White Shirts,
Fancy Sty lich Soft ‘Lunic Shirts, &o .
96c, Superior quality Dress Shins—plain and pleated Bosoms,
Negligés, etc.

$1.20 | Thoso ars ali New'and Stylish Linos,
1.50 mag ne ne ane ancien “Eirines “Soltand it d aw
o 4:80 Both in white ee Fane tripes, Soft an
r, 2.00




buefore da Warship J.P a Fagen Fsg

Acting City Magurrate.

7” ?


EE rn




Gent's Straw Hats
Usual price 2 Shillings 2/6, 3 Shillivgs,

Moto Felt Hat,

The Latest—A Stylish Soft Felt—Grey and Brown.

Care sxramr vurnyw Poruran.


Ih 8

nts Hosi



A beautiful assortment now in comprising Plam, Cold

Embroidered, {iy all the latest colourings, at 25, 2/6, 9¢3

very extensive Rango ia Navy & Black at 120, 1G,
~ ~—~300, 360, 486.


A very special Tot in Black and Fancy Striped |
24 cents to 60 cents pair.


Extra special Wholesale lines in Navy, Black and Fancy,
—~ cents to-$1,44 dozen, Other extensive lines in Black,
Fancy Stripes from 8 cents to 20 cents pair.

SUK and Lislo Lace Hf. Hoso :~Bleck
Coloured—all the latest. ’

as - - Deen

Jamia Stacford was charged
stable Maynard with aseaniing dim ia
the executioa of his duty as a constable
at Dake street on May Yod Defen-
Gect pleaded guilty, lt was about 8 55
pm, that Maynard was called intos
yerdin Duke atreet to quiet Stanford
who waa makings duturbaoce, Whea
‘Stavford “wae leaving the yard oa his
order, be relsed bia band with «stone
to strike him, and if Maynard bad not
held the band, he would have been
atruck. Lefeodant sas floed £1 oF
fourteen daya in jail

A §torsy Breycrs Lamp ~Cona’able
Sosggs charged Norman Joseph with
conveyicg at Dark street on Sley arda
bicycle lamp suspected to bare been
ataen, The prisoner pleaded guilty,
Toa cwner haa not yet been traced, The
pruoner exid that ha did not ateal it, but
ound it ioe canal on Friday morning.
Sub-lnspector de
the lim

bow ~

Pass, oo eximioing
oud that it was practically
newand did not bear any marks of bay-
fog fallen at all. The complainant
said that he was offering it for aale when
he met him, and mada conflctiog states
meats -ag to possess oo —The prianoer
was ficed £5,croce month shard jabour
StoNk TiROWiNa :~Frances Peters
waa charged by Constable Coward with

ana Ww


Mio Store amd Hond.

Street on May 3rd She denied the
cbarge—The prosecution alleged that
Peters threw at another woman about
100m, @ stone which did not strike ber;
but the defence showed that the women
struck defendant with two stones, the
second of which ahe pyrsced ber with
to atcike ber, but ahe was et pped
by the constable before she could
do e0,—The Magutrate Ooed ber £1 oF
fourteen days’ bard labour, remarking





TOR ne Ale

‘a VNOWIIBKY 332 Casks MISTELLA — " Bynole

20 Cane “FOUR tab He male ua Gate QuICANTE=* Buaol*

" Y mW KY 7 Casks C oy a
Bs NISTELLA Sunol” 17 2 Caske CLARET m,

G Cases SHERRY ~Pints
3 Cases ‘Old Tom" GIN-Quarts.
— AlSO—


°7 “


by the police, he would bave fined them
heaviy, o

Tailors BewartrThs casa waa
coucladed where Lucien Balfour charged
Lossic rent with fraudulently convert
eat bis own ute six. a for which
be had coctracted to make bim a frock
Coateuit, The case had been adjourned
for complaioant to try onthe euit,—
Yesterday, jo reply to the Benob, eom-
plainent ssid that at first the suit bad
a smal) fault, but it had been remedied,
o~ Tho Magistrate raid that that was the
third teilor-case which he had bad
withia the lost mooth. He reprimanded

Idinburgh STOUP and SYRONG ALE. jSsdiietssihesaas tt

C, BROADWAY Post-of-Spala, “Cause Celebre.
Telephone 182.


Ex R M.S Trent



The crlmioal division of the Klogedoa
Clrealb Guurt resamed a 10 on on
April 2le¢ befcre His Honcur bir Fie'dlag
Clake Chief Justice of Jawalca, The
uuly case left for trial wos that of Hex
vo. Dr. Mery, sgsiret whom thers are
twocherge. The fint is o © of murder
and ite second for perfrmlog an legs]
pe Factor,

Dr, Mery le delug defended by Ar.
Stesa enact Mr, A.C ‘Kobiosoa inatructed

by Mr, debe (taster

Tbe cave woukl it wes expecta, occupy
She sock and arracgencuts beeo mate
ta lock up the jury each aftesn on ab the
auth Camp Koal Hl tel.

Thirty fove witnesses were cv the list for
the proveou fea iu (be fist case amd to
weet Ibsiroomresteme a shed bei been
@ tated ln the Court yard. - Gleaner,


. 25—VINTS.
50-644 FLASKS.



: pene era }
~ 85 Cares Cloo “UOSHEN ”., 10 Casco Lestrade BUTTRR=Slhe tine
: iecdlia TINS .»°B Boros CHEESE, EXCURSION
“10—28lua_TINS. -» 250-Cases PETROLEUM 1502 Chester-{-

ON Wre JUNE, Hos,

Retagu Tiekets Gh


Ex G.&S. ‘* St. THOMAS."

a Oo? SARDINES iu o—" ba Juvestude,


Is LAINGS ‘phepe numer, and
eo | thero are S@ reasons why you
sbould get that number

wantonly throwing wusles ia Nelson | Wood

\West Africa|sinidai Biecwis | GOESS
ie LOOK OUT Keep Gooi. . AND

—~ FOR—

Cheap * Passage

=to=—-—— ———| —When yon.can Rent_or-Buy —

West Aftican Ports,


{ May and


OMMISSION Agent, Valaator of
Properties, Collector of Kenta (not
{ barracks), will get you good investments
| for your movey on Tows or countrys
aad solle properties, reasonable advances
will be made to ‘owoers on rents to be
collected and your taxes will be duly paid.
BARGAINS. For a gentleman retiring
m business I will 21 properties fo
brook lands, and many other pro-
porties in town and Belmont,

To Inve st.

$3,000 and $4,000 and a few small
sams, Nothing lose than $400.

$7,000 (more) to invest at ouce.

Oftice s—Corner of St. Vincent and Ha:t
treete—opposite Court House,


| Reading. Lamps 3s.

' Barlour Lamps 4s.

NAUCERS 6/- doz,

Superior bone handle steel table
knives 8/- doz

--9 ~—

A splendid line of Gente de wer tase.
31 dats for 23/a. o

‘At FRRoss’


\bhey &


The disagreeable features

. Of travelling can be overcome
‘when you have a bottle of
| Abbey's Salt with you.

A change trom the daily
routine of living brings Head.
aches, Diliousneas and Con-
atipation, which are so fre
quently incidentalto travelling

Abbey’s Salt will almost
iastantly relieve you of these
disturbers of pleasure by its
soothing effecton the Stomach,
Liver and Bowels. “

Cold la sites Chemists and Storm,
hit Wwe Teas Cee a Stan .

ihe Abbey bred belime Ce,
Sad. (gured Wertarta btpees

Leadon, ¥,


Make Money.
An Electric Fan a :

From this Company, which will cost

toraqthe same? [a not your persoual
comfort, «to say nothing about the
amouot of work wbich you ean accom

plish, worth more than

For particulars, enquire at Office.

Actmg General Manager

Hor Sale "


f202m Cannda,
——o——— €
0 Casea Hauilton's Crean hodas, 3 ba

Ast Prize

10 Consolation Prizes

Make your
Grocery and ask


\ purchases at The Caledonian Hoiuse

or Coupons which will give you afl partial

Fhis Competition Closes on Mondaygu

June at 12 noon.



10] ee

0. a do, = 2g lbs, - pone
73 bage SPLAT PEAS, 210168, ——
t00 bariela POTATOES. aa
wa do. do. ,
85 bags FAVOURITE FLOUR, " ;
EX bTORE. - aD ;
100 bage © Hy s , f
130 da DANISH OATS. I:
20 da DANISH Oa A Large Shipment Opeaigg
lw do, S os
iu . SI DEBOARDS—Malegnny & Se
0 bose BULPAU ATS aetD Frerch Hevel'ed Mirrors $22 to $27 a
carboye Acip, PRESSES—Seversl scodels io stock
10 gases de Seg be mete 223 to $30 each ail
BASIN STANDS~ Matble Tops— |

to #100,
BEXTWOOD cnaina, Heh
&ea, he, be ¥,
Ladies’ Writing Table
1860 to $$ 36.00 each.
IRON BEDSTEADS- frem $410 yl


9, Broadway.

Medical Board. Pedro P rac


Drogeist, Assistant Diudgist





e Guaranté

and tho Preliminaty Fxamination . :
for Students in. Yharmacy will —— THAT YOoUR—— -3
taho place-at the es -
Wacrovin rnaraenee | Medicines are the Best and Purest Procell

TUESDAY, MAY 19th, at 12.80 p.m

Applications, with ogrtifeat
mst be seat on, or before, Tues,
d+y, 12th instant aod foes mau

tera en or before Sat irday,



she ped

ration ott hurry your Druggist. Timo ie og necessary for

though ard pure materint “ra care, competoney, concen

Weearry a most soinpreheus ve supply of pure standardised vp


tegetbe: witha complete modern equipment Woe are able to de pari

TY OWN BRB of Tropee:iee in Port-of-
palo. | lier my sertiocs os na compounding, but with all must have time ; : fa requ
aad ose! Agens " . Vo time ; freque;itly more
oe selticereen res somata than is snticipated,— H's wes the | Att most wie alu despatch
Ro Sra ay ete eo
May latter) AEEXAWOER Lake,


A, G. pg SILVA & Co.,



ae nn

Tho Mirror's Presantation to Mr,
J. A Romeo.

ety, ft
Yeoteriey sfternoen a pleasent fnnetion
book plece at * Ibe Mirror Office on Ube I‘
cosvalory of the presentation by the
Editor” and Buff, of the exmpleta
volumes of the Laws of Triohlad
aod Tobgo} to Mr. J. A, Rome, in 2

tebambers when the matter was ad: ed ‘ ‘
SEINE UP tbr suis] Pastro Detion United Staten,
taken an If het wae atrial, aod ertdence INTEGRITY OF VENEZUELAN

vR0 Lied gor -
; alt tenn Yeo. COURTS MAINTAINED. ,

iS ranean eeesmneneereinreman . Mr. Alcazar eaid, he had cowe there in
tending to call bie witnesses to prove bis. REPORT OF COMMISSIONER,

EX-SS Pata gonl 9 ictfe bok trura the feck of the affidavit

having been om bte atd6 30 the leat (By Direct W I. CatieCoy 8


/ €I Popular.

Ae ot

1 - | Caracas, Venezoela, April 11 —Th
troments his fr en ny te eader the impres- dent, General Castro, Returned here honear of fs ecrolosent ag a Botieitor of

Me. Pollard ead, esterday from La, Vietoris after an ab. | tbe Sepreme Court, Eech ve'ume which
bot keow tha te he at corny, be, did ares rom theca ftal aftwemonthe His | ft ln fail bound e’otl beats the followiag

dist! atrival is followed to-de: ar editorial | ferctiption -—" Prerented to Sr. J. AL
in Tre bad rose nee eg Poe ee “FI Constitectonel * the organ Remea oy the Mirror and Stal, a tea \

ses of the President, in which the report on | Smcey of his ablity ae a fournel'st aod em “1
trate Sree re He eee etitence, bE the Venezuelan ‘situation made ta hoseby hie antstiing coartery aod kindew oe " HE FEVER OF LACE


\ 7 Mr, Ca'houn, special commissioner of the | trafrere”, Rosides the entire waif (ftom
CO “Tie aroun aide iG wan in, Wa United Sateen Vonereay iv churns | Eiterfo rrnten'dentahes ‘wee pre =f TG EN ET ALR
930 Casts CONDENSED MILK, 1-1b, Tin matad thar, the wiloonses woald be | tied cpa vekgitiod tai the Auseciean | frarct the Bnpreme Gentt)y Alec, item. :
50 Casts CO MILK, s ‘Tins— examine ‘tbe niual way at, | Which the note submitted ty the American ie ie preme Conrt), Alec, Hivra- 0G ‘ . : jf
_— te estla. trial. , ANEW, Bre Russell, with vepard tor the j fA! Nie MN Theat Thacte ut Ladies Department. is wemlly strowh With
. der do 1b. Me Aleerer I ceitaioly fatend co eatl | Ameticen claims against Veneralan fe) oo aA at “hr tne + Wherton Anco, end tho e:rs of our Staff is still ringing with tho
650 5, J oMilk nid.” the plaletif; ard I sorpose the defendant's eC need to Me Calo the paper Mr TKR Mole, oo teking the chair, cry of Lacet Lace! Moro Laco!
Milkmaid. te Pr ranard + Conely We bave also | M7", “aud ank im whether the Ameltan ped — Wa ere hera ta honoar one who he people made a fronzied rush for our Lace
ited suber ob trerance compen} Cneaul fo tntevarearo Venracis"wieh| Rese Yesre «ban "hood ive Counter last Monday, ard ourunt a big hole in our
. . fo prodace certain booke Then, I un- ¢ furor "etalf I well ber in D cheapor lines, --f—
; . dervtand, we will fo the 1 way | 8 Jedgment banded down by aa American well remember in Decem- . em ao -
Ex s.s. * Citta de Torin” See ee gegh a on Ha, the cuca (wey | curt Doce MegCalbono, Welleve that the ber 1909 ‘eortsing.a letiet from Bae—Her.- Theonly protection you have from the Vexzzor-
‘. onde A #0 didaviteatresdy fied, 7 Powers Bit the Biierican people woul | Pardo in which oned. A. Romeo, askw Lan PLaavsis by surrounding yourself with disinfec-
oT 0 . fis Honove : Yes, fn the usual way.” f Secu pt auch interven lon” the time aad Lam af sat omitted ton m tants, Wo offer you protection sgainst the Lace
FROM MARSEILLES. Tha matter was then Gxed peremptorily {| The Oonatitacional ba» also published awer that lett Ont aH oon. Fr by keepi i Rains’
7 for 10 o'clock on the 6th inataot. m part of Venernela sannwer to Becretary | mrt thet letter, On or about Janaary 3t VER by keeping a supply of Lace to suit your tarte
ee : Root's leet note reiterating the becretary'’s had & visit from tbe writer who aba reasonable figure,
B k ts ‘ D Pp. {” O I L “| The Motor Omnibus Service re oor st * Thee Americnt net ripigieg es: Te eat ee
s claima are arbitra ese are worda ©! a
- 500 askets e€ osse the Venezuelan Minuter of Foreign ‘Affaire | CeRestod that he cold be eerful to me,-I - IMITATION a Ded elie here cher one RTION = Better va ose

was 00 impressed with Mr. Romeo's qa’et FINE LINEN LACES Will atand the hardsbine of the weebta6,

With refersoce to our paragraphs sug | to Minleter Rassell :

soo =O, _~—S * Plagniol” OIL

erting tothe Directorate of the Motor-| The Governent of Venemela refuses ough josletent roancer thet although I - "dn" sbi
a ee Sesaibnn durice pe advisability ee for the tinng being to take under considora tire position trtvons the time, he cuuried ; froa cou'da’t invke a better [nvestment—Per deren Rn
ertending theic service to Arouca ent ateo son the ineinuation made in jour note, 4 me heres, RE SHOS ala fi ‘ z
Sale b eelight eduction of thele fares, we yes | because up to now, Mr Ministes, qouhave foot and astil’ery. That wee on the Wed- AT TORCHON ie a ee wee than ee ee
1] xox e i” terday received & vary courteons comma | not contradicted the ndtes of this Ministry | Hesday, Rentlemen, aad before the follaslag when there fa a pleco of Lae ribbon peeping from behind It. 2
picatioa ‘som the Manrger, We sre [n- | of dates July 9 and Feptember 20 last, Setorday came round I had distur. Fer yard from plog tome.

: formed that for the present as there ase] Which treated of Lhe points shich have | fed thet my new ally wae a most valaable \ALENUIENNE LACK4 & INSSRTIONS—in White, Black
only three care it 1s impcastble to profoog | been the aubject of dimcuanion and ia which | quldtion to theataft, There was only Crean acd V'arie.—We tall you the quility ts pool and the
the route to Aroaea as the service would | the reason oo which this Government then [ore drewback, Mr. Romeo did not know price te rlaht ; can we tell you more Tosca” sede from

e e e | be then to delayed. Later on, if eteam | founded it= negetive“were perfectly well{*horiband, The proppset of learning Na to $1 2 Y
2 stances warrant, the matter will becon | defined. tn view of this thecases in ques ['he winged artis cne which might woll YOKE E q .
Sidered with a view to adopting our prepo | Lion, comprivet among thore which require | ‘feaut the stontestheart Not eo MeRomero, Lic ALL-OVERN —Ia Valencienne aed net. Hare you
2, Char'otte, Street, sal, For many reasons, eepecialy the | dipomatie action, canno: be considered | !bioted avthe deurability of bis acqale- over heard of a Laon Feat. Thlels tlre klod that’s being
22nd April, 1903, very bigh coat of napba, Iecallye tbe i tecond and the Ceovernment of Nenemele woold ioe shorthand and be assented and, jrithia gobtied up; from. os on .. M40 bo $1.90
' . suggestion is impracticable just e} see with satisfaction that the Un 'y ig W < . _
Directorate ez, roeaen iteelf as grateful for | States oult utter this malter termmna jSberthand which many tygi Barve nolob Galea Keep a varied Beock at Migher Miguces

ted, the interested parties—abways sharing {tained by threr.yesre Md work, Three
te gee of reoonree to the trtbunale of | Torae ebout fo be smiled so Bir, Refsteld
Jasticd of the repablie hey deem it at to be articled to Mr. Kaiehe HE FA
convenient.” oot that thenceforth hie services would Th f RUBY
The paper goes on « only ta available after office hears In RIGHAEL P. MAILLARD, CORNER !
~— “ mont conspicuous point inthis] the evenings, Ab thet time ba hed
‘Wr regret ta learn of (ha serious Sltnees | affalr in tla It was ander the wing of the | preved bis vale ageia and again fo
of Me A L, Campa, Accountant of the | Amerioan Goreroment that the Washing. | every department, rnd bere let me re-
Town Board of Port-of-Bpa'n, de Camps F ton protocolx wore signed; it was an| mind you chat it ie given to few men to be
was spending three weeks on a holiday at | American representative consequently | Cayally good as a verbatim apd descrip.
with the approval of hia Governmenit who | tive reporter, and to possess, 1a addition,
signed those protocols which provided for | # ¥ery prety tare for treochane leader

thé patronage that be being acoorded to
the venture,

{Iness of the Town Accountant,

Geepsrea Island, at tbe marine tesldenes
of Me Ignacio Deda, and oa Satardey
@ | evening bo becamell. On the following

morniog, Dr Ioriss, thaactlog Thastrict

arbitration before @ mixed ¢nbonal and] Writing. Althoueb fn my own mind I e e
9 including the claim of the United States;| Question Mr Homeo’a “goxd taste fn
Med Ofticer, “a ent for and ab once to day, almout tive years later, the Ameri teasing a prefenston wherein MI could
" : . eeme over from ‘oust'd) Island. ie tr prea: b to thousande ever: ty tell Gov. -
APROM TO-DAY MAY 1, 9 Moter Car eervice between Port ofSpsia and | facies recommended that Mr Campa Simate te Geecae eee fee laitaf eromenta how they sheuhd. betara threes . =
Tonapoo ng at intermediate povnts) will be established. The cars will | should be taken to town immediately. It | which atrenty hind Lica atbitraled by 1hfe | islien and masta thabthey shold give

{eal} taken,
wet trom a na Railway Station at-5 hem, end from Tunspuna ate xO | waa fortonate that the stasm deenctr | (ibunal of which kand which wax} tbele clerks a half holiday; wherein he
Tel @elane ctiatevoale of &3 mroutes. throughout the day. Crown hud come down with ayarty for | actablahel with the fall. approval of the | could tutor citleens In the ert ef goad

Gaspvree, and she was willingly placed a6 f L nited States, shall Le again eubmnitted to | titexensbip and gecerelly keep the workl

the dirpcent of Mr Compe, snd be was | aclitration ia order, J say that 1 quention hie s {
“Shall it he for causes such as there | Ko0d teste fn preteriing to this high office CO DENSE f MILK
that the Monroe doctrine far from being a | the task of wrangilng with other lawyers

brought to town. Hs brother, De Camps
bond of umon between the American States | before an wosymyathetle District Coart

= EAE s x
aod Ur Eskia, in connaltation, are al-
tending Mr Comps, who we learn fe

= ONE FARE between Port-of Spain snd fan Jusn~8 Cents. anfering from paralysis, Veryereat eym> | shal titutead hem* Judgeora deniley obdurste magistrate, -
Do Bon Juan and Bt Joseph s¢ petby inexpreerod for Mr Camps and tis we do vet tele Stora moment that | Hat I war glad to be atte to, consent ta . . “2
; ~ ” jamily, the 1 (he asrangement be proposed for 1 resoy- A ‘N
ae Yo. Port-of Baa and ds Joseph J6 4, J — Deererent ta tt Komen the ae nusedthatthe change although 1% wonld ev V S1Ze 111
Do, San Juanand Tunepuns 16 45 The Out ‘ain > Mall authorize any proceeding which "altcreats ultimately moan jouruslism's Joss, wea for
~ Da, Port of Spaln and Tunapuna 20, going " avithation conteary to the rule of jastice| lis beveds. And that arracgermeot has Iz NE
— atnong natiune exinted up to now, Dariog the eight years =“ O, ay.

Tuy, Royal Mail Steamer Urisoco artiv-
ing here about 2.30 pm, on Sanday from
New York, Jatnaica, Colon and Savani la
brought 15 tons general curgo and the list
of pasengers aa under —


Fro New Yor&-Mr J. Kaemerer,

“It is the duty of every Governuient to I bere known Me. Fone T here Jentned
watch over the Jeg timate honest intergata [0 respect him, nog for bia exceptions’ , eS ‘RK 3 | kx
of its citizena and save them from des! Jouronlis io atuhties, his uvlailiog klodly, . T Ihe eas ‘
mg altsek, bet n0 serious Government nor | quieb and eoarteons manner, Mle conscien . t =
any Government which pretends to be just | tous duecharge of lite duties, his perserer.
ean og ought w protect under the flag off ance in ercepttonally ditficolt cirenm- . ~ATA—

. | stances and hecanag he and I think alike
the fathel nd the epeculationa of adven fa many rubjects, bot also for the

A verious charge is added against one of | readioesa with which he gave me

y advice when esked for it and tha P P * P

the men who make claims against Vene- tdnese of that advice when given, T oO a LAR . RICE.
think I may say that we — Mr

Bs A car will be ready in « fow days for Exousions aod Fro-Nice.
bi, These Vehicles will not be ‘permitted to travel on what are, in the opinion of the
peeatonr, bad roads on reer arodionta. to the Directors betweon the boars of 8 and Te N a Mra J

oF r infdrmation, please apply to Mr ov, Mr, and Mra Hipnt.
WLWem., at No. 76 King ‘stzesb, . naa betweon land 6 p.m. a6 42 Edward street, Fron JAMAICA -Mr, Stovolt, Mfr DP
Tins Table will appear later, Ii, btrew, Mr. Fully, Sir. staal, Mr.
Bx' Por-of-Rpain, May 1eb 1003, Fietz.

i — ee ok ov Coton ME E. Corntlitac, Mr. Romeo sand) 1 here been,” doris . ve
° Koon eth Contre ie Banas, thoes elght years, rometblng more . Sold by all Dealers*fand
: . Me, Merrick Mr. Uriube, Sir; Cortes, Mr. Stipremo Court then eroployey aad employed. Ithink he Wholasale .
Martinez, and Mr Lueque —— will allow me to say wa bave heen friends, .
. Lhe Orinoco aasled the follow tog evening Before Me, Justus Sean ad aud | for my, Part | beps jes theagh wa __
- - ete wee
eater ae tele ree atte eas Mondey, | that zailiag may ever happer to roptars Oe THFROM —

Petsteon of Decorra—Mr, Potart apptted | 4 dabtp, t
- . for probate of the will of Antonia Eatabs hont—Ifs ban dopeyeouen vorita fer "Ts
& FROM TaINIDAD Decourn, who died fa 1002 wlter eppolot-| giisror” For there reasone I sincerely
’ ™

For SouTHAMPTON—Mr. and Mrs, J ing ber husband, the petittoner, A716 €x6- | hope that hie fatare mey be a very hepny,
Pn .

Wm Scott, Mrs J. Horsford, Mr. and } cutor of her will, The lete Mr. Slarper, | bright and oro perous one and fo thas wieb

; ; TR ANS ATLANTIQUE. - we los taking the following pas

Mra, 0. 8. Rogers, Mr. and 3c Jolin A. | subelior, had taken steps to have probate otsed-mot 6 y

i . i MTs SONICS Baynes | os Zoe Mircor” staff, and visi
Boyd, Mr O. Harley, Mrs, Clinton Greig, | bat the proceediogs were burut in 1993, | 4, dey, bat by a "ste Roveve tira here
Mr, zB Canning, Mr. and dirs, P. Dumo- | The matter was eventuality referred to the | sag they are leion. Mr Romeo! have
ret, Mra. Jaroes Spiere and six children, | Foil Court (sittlog to-dsy very great plewure in asking you to ao-
Mr W. A, Ktogers, Mr. and Mre Marques | Hood, Ltd, v Mark auoth-r~ Judgment | cept the-e booke, the Laws uf Trinidad | ~
and son, Mr and Afr, C. E Drayton and | summons, Adjourned to Thursday cext | ang Tubago, as a token of our appreciation
Miss Dray ton Donawa @ Me, Ixtoch—By consent | of you asa yournalet and a wan daring

For Cireptru—Fatber T'eulet, Mr. pleleti tasell, to defendants, p'uintif’s | tne yesreyou have been avsocisted with ———
and Mra (Quesnell, Mra forsaco aod Mr. | ioterestats price to be tized by a velus joy “fam afrald that when yea hare left

New Twin Screw Steamers
: ew win F, bors sno tor to be appololed bythe Court ; -costeof | oy when I wavt spectel work T
ar Ok Pigebapos «Bie i: i Maryaes, Piethes the mortgeceu should nro, corte werk tba Thavg teen teeastomed to nok 0 R S 0 N & 6
. ton, clean, | whe! " t
dy irs “Cathe. Sarjeaut and Mise | was reserved for oonslderation io ( bam- Merotla ofe T shall often oxetalm with “ a a a y

he ’ ' f 6 ’ Mr. Ernest Clarke, Miss
1a Q 00 8 all } O'Noal, Mr. John Mayer, Bre J. A | bere. ¢ Where the Devt sbould th's Romeo he?

Odle and cid, Mrs. J° BR. Melean, Mr Garcia ¥ Rotertson and others—Mr Come be not home tonight? . , .
J. W = Faryeant, Mexsre, J Corte and [ Biecha Wilson comeeoled te jadgwent| And then J shall all too ead)y tesollees the 32 & 4} South Quay Port of Spain, Trinidad BW I

An‘onia Crover, Mra re J. Meolend, Bre rguinvt Madelaing Soren. gay ore sale ead (roth “Ege hes forsaken parnellan

e rold, i: o| ®, | aud 50 movey claiin fy. Pollard as jor lew aad tha @ Microe’ etait” y
and Maeter Herold, Mrs P| y, aided | LUmber and Hardware Telephcne, No. 174. Saw MIIl No, 557,

Me. A. Cawpbell, Mr. Hl Me“oy, and | for Judgment by default agslont ol! thelloved you so well that it
Mise Ed th Boucher, * other defendante for the uses! account. [and ahecied you In your desation of the


423, Marine Gquaro.



a .
= ————— NS Jadgeent wea given og the motion and} Foorth state byyiviug gouthers unwletty 7
THE Q5TH OF EVERY MONTH |osmsten'scovernore voparture |" "hour nium” (tn orgie crarsety mes
2 — amaloage Governors le MONTHLY FIXTUR mye’, for I fee’ mn well al mposel-
om . token f es wa | Meg Lith oVilolave’r Valet nite PEN tie Totstend sbolewer : BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS,
roapa —_ The following ia token from the Jamsice ay 11th.—Villefang © Villefena, will pow atk Nr Iloraford to sead the timates aod Pans oo Buildings, ; i
Sn a , | Gleaner (Apeile 23rd} — Tomorrow Hie] Stay I3tb—Arke'l acd Dooglas vl] address, Eo faroisbed era goed ee connection and all kinds of work
| Excellency Eir Bydoey Olivier sails ma . . Mr, Moreford alter afew porecaul re . '

! for Evylaod, avd before he returos ibe May I4tb.—8t, ‘Algne v Munroe acd} marke read the formel addtoes to whith The Chenpost Flace to mn
+e . fired snolvoesry of bis administration } others, Me, Romeo fittinely reviled, . ”

: as Governor of Jemeica wili bave May 1th —Derkieay Romilyp Crovellel Me MoArdte (Sa>- Editor) ia a bumene- CEMENT, LIME, SLATES BRICKS, GALVANIZED IRON, RAR 1RON
4 paswed, It iv not very usual for the | and another v Vestrand, ons httle speech toseted the health of Ste. | PAINTS, QILS, 'VABNISHES, TURPR, QUARS, KOPE, FISHING TWINES?
es chief admotstsator of a colooy to leave | May 20th —Lafoucade v Marcolin and] Nomvo, who replying {no euitable terry, LOCKS, BRUSHES, BROOMS, UARNESS. _—

the sest of h’s goverament withis ayearcl | others asked the gatberjug to drink with bim to

Haying recerveil $-cets (semples) of Vieck and Tan
Beet English made - . - . .


~ Fitted completely with Nickle and Brass Mountlogs.


Inspection Invited.

bis sppolotmentto thet government; bot | May lst.—BSecsa vy Mollineaa acd} the beatib aod prosperl'y of “The Mirror”

isto scerucbecih str tehtaate! | "St. —pesoura erase (toons cone vee ‘eeved wits ents] Shin Ghandlery and all Building Materials, ate. ete,

secordiog to bisown elatewent be gorate | Mr. Justice Berkeley), Mr. Toleith next toasted the health of
transact certain Importent items of busl- May 25ib.—Vigosie vy Thomas; Harris| tha vieliors, which wae responded to by
Bers thst wil] be betier traeaacted per- ty Partie aod another. MM. ED. Clarka, .
sooally than they could be by mesosofa} May 27th—I’lacite vy Portolbpein| Avoteclthenks to Me, Mole for pre Contractors to the Colonval Governinent tind Town Board
lengthy correspondence. Towo Froud: alding terminated tha proceedings,

May 29th.-—Aultesarore v Crenesall. —————__

dyourned to wext month's. Net s— Board of Health,
Rict at Siparia Races, Heer iecegies Holder ¢ de bilve 5 Board of Health,

e ' e .
Cl holo y Taylor, Tee Lume Jobson; . -— . .
A mar of s sormenias serioay natare | Similan v Coe! Anate ¥ Rarranln ily ud of Wurrh nce hed everday aft We d d if]
Creare ae SP the eaecedey daring | Koiatocad y Woke ; Agential » ogee | neon in the C:unel Chanb 1, there blag 3

the progress A fight was! November lit —Huggine + Stene eceot the Hor, WS. Clare, Bergeon
started by some mon who had left the cit —~— General ha the chair), Heeler Cran

for the purpose of gambling and s‘gecers| Before the Acting Olle f Susties

mele¢ ensued, in which bottles, silcke and —~ Dro WOW KE. Kasege, If M. Altea s MAT MLE FOR bis *

Sieur alate are | da» drmcitmAdjraned so fae He fk Sema CHEERS FOR ELYGANOE & NOVELTY,
* u“ .

omer, bub reinforvemente from San Fer + Be vy v Lubm—Adjourned to May 6, anne. eee An ieee vere —AND—

Gumrbs v Lerama—Adjourned to Juve 6. | synfimed as previously erenlated,

pando arrived in time to save the citus: .
plier tia iy eine] eae a aay HAS THE GOooDs

ton. tea je were ariested up
w * satordey morning. The qasetin of the San Fernando water


ave bees negligently eet on defendant's " for dis "
— wet UE Tinsel ie reel be retty old toy |* ABE NOW BEIKG OFESED Ur Ar
ei , At biog { a ag by COwpPleiots a! Cte mo
PEARL - WHITE | iiitiicccer'seumed op the tage of ius | sareidneny ofthe water, lan 18 wevoed to
TEETH cave and arbd thet lor meoy rensone be] iy appeared, gat ohoked, amd If the proyde
s theagbs the Gre wee dee to the negligence | suowad the water to ren off s Mile lelere r O
) Bound, sold and free from J of (be doleadane It tberefore brerme a | catching, it bessme better Ue hed often e
7 Beas fore as | Rage ripe rey iat at Tad wees
‘ * 1 i eed lo le ratd aa fel | ihecerpedioot, he would atee barearuaw- .
TO I, & eansivg, preserving | lows -¢we-thbeds to the palatif Keld aed Il
m : ” pemnetin, tat was, I/- per put at, | esos iotte oaachg web ovets or bath of trea rob ¢ ie bead poy ewellers--7 2, Marine Square,
fs Crue EXCHANGE, . Laleg’s Eegthh Vharmacy, ia vas ery Variadiclloa, prall at therequott Of tbe Lorecgt ML COURS MARKED AT THR LOWIET rosette ;,



pore ert re
¢ Ex Brque “Matador,”?| isos Lito.
- see |- HARDWARE

500 : ATS].
s A00 Boxes CUBE SUGAR—Each go Ibs.

- 200 Boxes FANCY PIPES .

60 Boxes LARGE PIPES. : ;
9,000 Hf Bags German Salt,'2 geperionced cterks

i . . 100 GASES a Appheation t de wate sb the Maria

s Square offices,

fs . j —-Pts, |’ _ . Tis
Emperor Frederick Water: " oxo Soin Gazette

Cadaded Daily, Sfoudays and Public How
da excepted, at the Office 96 Ss, Vincoat &

egret ort ofS -
ee mae rt
A leutisements of Births, Deaths, and Mar
flages, acknowledgments and <8
clnimers (whicu must be autnenticate?
by the mgoature 1 some responsibic
person) will be charged far at #/6 sac_
to be prepaid,
Sasa! Advertisements of every descrip
tron —s/6 pee work, 3/6 per iomaight

For Salo by -



‘ A | par mooth per inch—t9 be id
warns. ae wae per ea eo te te
~ prepakt

To Coarmrovpayts

we to not hpid curecives responsible tor act
da we pacesner ly fodorme the opnio
ewnd var Correspondests ® 03!

colume. at letters evumt be aocampacie”

by the real signature of the writer, net eeces


. 2 — 5 faith. Rejected mea
vor! gi fieation.
- ° A NICE LOT OF Aleortsing Serve ca Application
Te te cdma Pate ad


Ineal Cunovabule = '
tha City Police Court peaterday moraleg.

torday morntng,
Donnell C 8.8p, ant
RG churches at Topsonns and Ht Joseph
oe piigrithage
Vere de Larventitle Toe party left the
city terminue on the retara journey
later inthe day

from thie pit yetierde
takiog 6,08 bape Trnkiad eager, 1.533


{een ee



Bob laipecior BT. W. Care, of tht
peld ble fired isle 7

A Sptclal tea: ed inthe city yeas
pwn srRe Reve Patho Ate
parishiosers ef the

to the charch of Notre

The as “Crown of Granada” ariled
for Madeira

ag Trinkled eosoe, 297 begs divi divi,
13 babrele ‘Trinkisd eparee lake arphalt,
ease contsiniog motor car, 2 iron
ulers, 2 barre” Trisided suger, 6 bales
palp. MO cases Eitters, 225 darre's pitch
acdfihe following pea esgers:—Me aod
Myre HR, de Freives arcdinfest, Mrand Mrs
J Gonstlves, Mr aod Mra Bt. A. de
Songs aud @ehildren, IMrs and Mite A
dq Kele end lofact, Me and Mr J. GC
Fernendex, 3 ehitdren and nurse, Mr and
Mre MeGoneilyes, and infant, Me In oF.
de Bours, Mr A. RB Goris, MrR UAa-
deado, Br. J, Rodsigeesz, Me O, E. Jar
gsr. Me ¥, OB, Jdatdite, end dle

- ~~
The Royal DuatebMail seamer Prine
Willems U1" arrtved yqvtecday from Cara
no with cargo in tranejt and the foliew
og prevengére, Frem Caracao-Mra N.
Hammer mod servant: Mrs Wityhe ont
family (5) Me Jaen Tinoco aod two ser:
vante, Me Frank Persons, Me Lute Lot-
fiteag, Mere Porteacis de Machado, Mice
Mescedes da Machado, Mis Marie Lepage,
{e_E. Lo. Pensions, Me Albers » exerts
fe A. 2. Croner, Mr J, 21, Costa, and Mr
F. Roes. The steamer esiled in the
attereoon for Earore vie Paramaribo with
40) bags of cooos, 77 yunedeons mo'vees,
50 cases bitte s, 140 packages (ragship-
ment cag and ove paasepzer—Mr Sim
mous, .

Plague tn Venezuela.

Fhe Rov Datel: mall steame> * Print
Willem [ff ,’ arrived Bera yesterday
bringing w oumber ef passengers from
Curacoa. [ sppeste thet thrs steamer
fork ao passengers fom Puerro-Oabeilo of
Carepéno, not keowieg whether she would
beqearsctioed ov her atrival here The
sasen, ern whe evel, worefrom
euenees, baviog gune to Car te
meet the Datch eteamer. Wa regror that
we nre noad ein give any dedalie inform
étion with referonoe tu tie pragrass or
diainatios of the piange fa Venezu Is, as
the staiemects mace Ly the passengers who
ercived yesterday are very copfleting, and
no offelal iaforination baa tesa received
1p wiil be wea from the procesdings of the


fe Grront_ vente,

“Which will reduces your Blectric Light Rill by nearly 800. ons
You enjoy a better white light ot the same candioponor Aprest Ooert—to prev
~ - — a0 — . iligh Water Moen 723. Even 741 pm.
7 > tena oe 44 am.
A few Special Prism Shadesjie. = = sa pe

Ty be had only from


Aabw rEg,


‘Solid as the Continent’

aay --
- Tue§frenest Proposition iv Live [Nscrance$ ver Berone

City Polwe Court; und
Causes Celrbre—1he Bigin-
ning of the Uarry Cuse—A
Buy Datch of (Wstneases.
Mansanilla Local
Board | ete, ete,

Canal Lahour — Conges'ed
Condition of the lathmus—
An Offewl Waening—Letr
Sent to tha Governor by Bre-
task Meniater—Poleoy of the
Commusaron , Leite News from
Colon—dAccudent at Colon,
The $7. =F erat Shepp
beany taken for Ta | Bele age
— Writ of Habeis Corpus ;
und lo-day's Appeal Court


. &

Hort Anrerican Life tssurancs Company

[Hnstration of a Bond for $10,009 at ag3 30, Investment Period $0 years.

rng Tyee


Uems of News

We bwe trea edved by Cable
these sobs" of the Cansdinn Line of
Htoamere will be three slays fate which
frings ber d cle ne aaizel ‘" the Fuh fest,

“th 4 ibe will lea
dey of arrival for Demerara, "eon wane

Oo Satendsy Jest, ihe atho'
All Batata’ Senday Reh wene, a
@ sanual at lo Tacarigus, where

4 . . oe ee nes we at er a pleasant dey’s en. ent, th
Aurel Teomlay ia the levestneat peelod, the fall face valae of ones rterced toile eee Gvenioge 'e
ebe Tieod wil be Imaeduraly yeld—samely = Me,com Os Seat ing lat the
rvive Lavestment can take » Benlay jae
oeliea Ke Toa Tell vessieoess iorcasy anvonnieg to. |. HAIN or [Co mtaialary’s Caneel sizer en anole
0 Qops arene invesne fertite of .. . . 70n.o you fa the Caront river, whieh ieipact
pene « Polley fully pekl op, amounting . a 18,788.90 or Voted ber profess Among the Occupants
—~ Uptiow No-telloculve the satin atol darpiee Jn Ouh—namaly_. bedeageh were the Inspector Coarra}
Aw ansvel laeomeforlifect 4. oe owe « na) GD, avd Nr. WW, M. truden Ae ing Auditos
‘And a Dall ap Dolley for amoant of Bued ww. 19,000 0), Geyeral whe hed loft the city Ie quest
* of game The ed on erriving ap a
nny sate havea, noted Wa Werbour Con
‘ " stabulary Bratlen ‘Woog® tele bone fron
. eo btn Jean railway atat ‘bs re
‘ ae) ae x rr nrove ! sibvequen ly journal te iawn “hy hey
2 The giz of the Martuae Station wae afrer
— wards deapatchied bo tow jo tbe laneb,
. . t ¥ wer yesterday auyrole laced
Apply quickly tu 8, P. SAUNDERS, the Trials bhipplog acd Tredloy Com
. District Manager. panyes?p
. ALEJO & CO.—Generul Agente The NM a | Ouinueo”” took
D, MORALE re United Kingdon 9 esterday C780 te
= == * | latepeclenial porte ‘ean We x of which
LAtler amcumt Larladen reveives £183

Go [Pd amd £161 146u id goes to Indi

~ ferleded Hn -the -rargy whieh Tbe
“Unpase” tah eway from tha port
yeterdiy, (were t.0wt Cocebee aal 17/
trates of bananas,



and what /t will Do.

— =

Me Fille Sirell's Mabing — selooner
'4Phaset" srrivet tende,

: Ba ee oe Sa

What it is SOT arene oe
. toe sper nueed | Nel sheep rare
The ox ‘Sabe” sailed frum this

th Bauder for Meliss with 100
bene Tileitat ¢ aie aephal, 1.908 tea
pares a aepbalr,
. tone The aophals.

‘T wn vc'l knows remedy fur oscancaal of perennial thirst sad will reheve

I Wei Mbtaloed. fo large or seuall doora

ub wail “allay wh f bwoupe and prevest mildew io (be tonsils
and Sile-ballowteth - —-—-

~~ : seouth whee wed regabady. tee oe
Peet ta the ont fervent. god's grant Melp 16 the lave Tee + “iewne left os Satur
Clans the entire systems ss good as Rew, ~~ &, soening ler Cane Colenide with
. ~ “ s eo 2 BR. OO
OLD VAT, MO. Bl hitien il Mae

Pad ove that your Grocer gives you the right stuf


HUGO HOFFMANN Wo haw hove seques'ed te stete tbat
4 Bt Vanernt Whart, _ — Biledgen, Bag Fle Trae wil bear of tomes
thing to bis adveste ce,

Board of Health yesterday that the Sur
geon Goa raTataied that thera bas been
no telegram received from_the Deitish
Mivister at Caracas circy the last mee log
cfibe Legisttue Cocecil,on the 27th
aitiae, when His Kerelleney the Acting
Goreraor mentioned that he hid received
formation of the outbreak.
| a) tanperovenpammmneengrge tn eee

Odd Fellows—Manchestor Unily

Maving rieeatly acqnired prenises of
ther neg at No Ht, Vieta Bella road,
Sea Ferrando, the Old Fellows —Man-
cheater Unirs, couducted thele mauien 19-
idatioa in teow quarters inst baturdey
oveulog, Tbe :fi-a'iug offices present
wete Brow J. Patterson NG, J. A Tait,
c N bweeney, J Bids, EW Sason
rl B', sed Sainte ‘Lh» buetvess of

# evening har fuied the bretheres
retlred tet iaogart bat,

Emplro Day Cup Competition.

The following scores ware made or the
' 2d iestsat, TRA. Rp Manco T
1s bea 02, J. Macgifvray 88 AL OW
Mage 83, HG. Herregia 843, Mo La
gedre 81, P. Eve 70, F Luypwden 70
I’ Caray made 86 u1 the prettous de
Sergernt Mets ier, dug 1 £
Corapanys teant Coloar Bergeant Mec
Kineery made aj racthe score of 80,
There will te another prastion for the
Cup at 3 p tm. to-day,

the 8th in-taot. nao .on Friday

Lost Gold Watoh Reoovered.

1h will be remembered that gn tte occa
at Jnepector Harragia’s welding Mra
Wilsou (tar) one .of the guests who tra
vallel by rull to Tunapuaa, apnounoert the
Tom of a gold carb bracelet with wo tel
atiahed The bracelet, -which i a tine
specimen of the guidentth's art wan ie
covered on Sunday last and the ian in
whose 3 it Was found la now Yn the
cuetady of the pulvs, On Sunday morn
ing, Uetective t Das war seen
to spprewh « man iv Danan Street, and
after athing a few questions, Lé‘extracted
& bracelet fron; Use inner pooket of the
auan'a vont — The bracelet was broken and
it answered to the meri of the lost
one On the back of wakh Mr,
Wilson's initials were eugraved in bold
letters ‘The “men, who wasp tab!
reamed, gave the nape of Emile benysn-
He was arreded an while on the way to
the station, stated thas he was eyiploy a1
by Me.) A Todd « Advertiing Agency
while dutributiog the iustrated
pares ba the railway carrlagos he found
te, Ieacelet ‘ sale Swat | Mee
wou has shace felt the eulun

fut the mau was 3, ist

Keekes Laing Cy st a)
e@ Avting City sate » ent:
macalny wih oaroying the one Z
poeted to Le stolen, and remanded,

TAI, °

A Woman Found Ina Collar.

AY slogt ball past ais o'uloek-otrtatury
aan irecing Joau mao war going up
more whee op reeching t
fow chide ol we, MT Priagere
Solicitor, bis sitentien wig attracted by a
ists ate whieh eoomed to ‘eaug
from the log. He ls-tened atten
(eely ond dgnin beard Ge rawe cree
Reewicg that the ples is aacd as 4
lawper's office, he wae atout je 56; 068 the
wa'us {9 ates a ‘when on
‘esohing ike carmer of Beskydde bud Bt
Vinesut sttee s, too prrcelved Sr Friegas,
vous fiom the country. ta
roaversation with Memett Desh. U0

reoolyt of the news Sie Prager weit io hie
office acrompariad by Sergenat Lash on i
time discorgnd ted wenn io the
collar urd rs rnly wore

dead than alive lhe Polis Ae bu'so @
waeltimelisey ce ¢ tor enithe wines
weseonveyed sy ihe Cul amiel Hopital,
Nu one se-asnod able tum plein how the
wuman gotintottecetar, bub ib be at
yuue tha! abe wut hgvecnur d the ulfice
wes fa the dey ard fo sey mek threw

tof in ae sre the
tome of she ee, “eed ie
Give Gb he © Oily UB qtestied,

The Extraordinary Decree,

Caracas O de Alri de 1008.
Admor de Adtans


Tare Dr. Risae Toro, ‘

Por! =~
Hasta naeva érden no debe UD," dar
depecto A cuestroa baghes coitaverce qae

aleren salle da esa pats maestros puertos.
adedan exceptusdopde esta dedep irg ys
pores oxtrenjeros due hacen el eomereto
con nuestros pucrtos foe cuales deben verir
& descargar Tes toereancias qué tisigea
a Culied Dilivot eo Iq, Acdasha de
acura 6 Car ay A> qaavda lot que por
decreto de lroy baa babllitero pera tal ef
ecto, & tn ves qoe ere reeibie tos prodns-
foe da exportacion de Ciudad Dulivar taut

bien vebdran alll.

Dios y Foderacten
Mratard Cast20.
Caracas, 20:h April, 10995.


To Collector of Cactors,
. Macaro
For Dr. Ellas Toro,
Fort of Spala,

Jf Motil faither orders yo) should not des
patch avy of cut railing yoastiog boate

wishing to leavethat pu § for cur snoree,
The fo e'ga steamers which trade with oor”
porte are except from thit order and
sboald come to discharge their cargo for
Ciadad Bohvarte the Caviom Hous of
Macuro and Carupans, wbich by an officlel
decree of to-day efe open tu thet effect and
atthe same timeto rereite the products
for Exportabion fiom Craded Boliver,
(3 goed) Giratano Castro.

Warner v Fitt and Others

oe , *
(Before Nr, Justice Rings.)
Abelon WH A Alouar KC, ‘anpeared
for the plainti? (Hon BR, B. ncher
Warner KC, Acting Attorney General).
Wr E 8 Polerd appeared for the do
fendant Hitt and Mir, Wm Savary for

Mr Pollard fon the ma‘ter being eslied)

sad he waa afraid thet pith the very beet
powibletrtentions, it "hs Juipoasible to
When t tter wes fixed,

on that day
it Was underatoot! that every effort would

be made to bang it on that day, and with
that view, they bad even shortened the

for pleadings snd so At thal
tine a fept win héd oaly baon dehy

ered on ths SAA ot Geen oon
templated, and between that date and the
presefit, Uis Honour would see there was
verylttetime Mor-over some new niat-
ter had arisen, which he had not yet had
An opportuntty of even copetdering
Not only hed he fot bad an.
opportunity of consijering the ‘reply,
Dut some new matter had armen,
which he had only beard of that

. £OR-,
siderable gravity He shoald not hke to
jumpatraight intoah lesue of that kindwith-
out properly conmdering the position. To
bo of rea! nasjatance > his hungar, one felt,
that, iu acise where the issue was targe,
and involving an amount of money and
the conrejnences alleged against them, it
nesded tanie for farther and proper prepara,
tion = That was one of those cases in which
they had unfortunately rushed it too fast
du order to pleae the litigants, and that
‘asthe position in whieh he found him
self Me knew the lit was very conges' ed
but he was Urinking that Wednesday Oth
no’ has ng been taken ap, the matter
could be head on thatday = In the ordin
ary coureif they had not ounseated to ite
being heard on that day (Mondays ft would
have been on the list only for xing, sothat
if he soked for Wednesday, no herm would
bedone to angboly. T! were anxious
themeeives to bave the matter Anjshed,
beesare his eltent wae booked bo jola some
ocoeih Eoglend to wadergo an operition
oo the [81b inelant Lat he (counsel) coald
Bot do jus ice to it withoat haviag oppor
fusity of constdeing the pew facta that
hatarisen It wan then 11 40 o'clock, and
with the Appes! Cyoutt on the following
day, be dif not th ok any miuchiet won
be dane to any body ty taking it onthe
Ghinstint, The plalatif wae now allez
dng ja hiscaim fr ithe fist tims the bo
actually gave notice thet the premiam
weu'd be ta'ling due on s partica'arday or
that at aoj rate a certaln consent of bis was
given on the understanding that ai] pre-
intars were to be pald ty a certain date,
ani the anzeestian bevidoa tha 8
the ioterest was not paid. > that, the
new slats ol things was oct present ia their
minds whea they agreed ta ite coming on
for bearing on"thas day, Ol courts ic
might te ssid thet if he bad
spent Saltciday (which fe ucuslly
duet mba), in Wortof pein in toad
of at Cadré, he woald pe-heps have been
gble to evade the pacctity of the Sibbath
and cara det tho polot, insvead of bearing
of it for the Seat time ou that morning.

Me Aloaser asid tbat whea tha matter
origizally esmecn in Chombers and hls
honour thought ip should bs teforred te
ouurt, the e was no oppoltion,

Mr Pollerd 1 Bat we did not anticipate
aw reply.

ihe Honenr +-dlave you acy objection
Mr A'cazar to Welneed.y?

Mr. Aleasay: Ibavea recy atyo2g ob-
ecion, ‘Lam wfralliticts adj urnal to.

Vedocaday fe wilipot sire ov, on thet
dey ate Toe Courtut Appeal will ot
an Tursiay? aod protasty rdjoarm to

His Hosur. We canrod, because ore of
ine fadgea se mwayank wecannol go to
tbedl ay pea'e,

Mr Aicisar Besides (hat, my friend's
elect haa hed plenty ofting. Ifa etlent
Wishes ta avail biasself of the foreneto hall
of my learuct fread, be gught ta retain
Jouior connatl to avsisc. Bim

Mr, Pollard. I tbou'd hike to see whad
janios corned woul a ndertake tbe respon,
sibility of ornaideriag wuew pheect the
faatties the alaecce of "his sealor

jaughier ' .

Me, Aleassr z 1 don’t ase any new
dvaltAlbthe—tacteewert- iptaee ae
shambere, Wesald tbat we woutd pre

acealetter of w
wen * ihe fremisas wa would pouty
« ard eal, be hoped bl
would p rmit him to say Tha " pated
thought he was referriog to what it seemed
behattetered to a ltter tion Me flee
to Mr Warner, but ins ead of that bis
friend o4i Tbe refered Lo the lester frou Mp
Warnerto itr flea. Aud move than that,
for when be (Use speake!) mentioned ie ihe
fooue Leiwees them that the Ister salt
bow guisted wap uot im ibe esset state te
whieh a ire eaw i when it left bis
¢ Hoaou: .
Si Mek sci ch ry
+ Atwoser esti that All the fi
laped ia cappart of tbe pia ouid’e olstes bed
heen ip the of bie fread sieee then,
nd it wae extec me: ventoatthed the
was tor should be furbac © ad jog: ned Ten
day, tbey hud 8 teveday aad at least, they
os hen hearing oll the evidesss,
loner asked 410 e'cloek poromps.
ONT Wedncndar morning word eal
t Adovau | thrhe was apcther mat.
ter he bould like te iste af wee The;
had revcived as udhdgoit led ches day He
wadeeieed fom Bie Henos,'s jadgmant in

: ee ee



" ° Tailors &/ Outfittors:

We Turn Ou}

CLOTHES of Hase and Comej

CLOTHES which give you x:
groomed appearance ;

CLOTHES ata reasonable

Made 01 our own premises,
own supervision, or




“7 RETO Yow con—get-everything Trash id ,
promptly dispatched to any pa of the Island, heap. Onke

Neo. G, I2BNWIVS eRe,



em -

|The Marvellous Food


_|ALL KINDS OF sTock{!:

what|The ‘wets Bay:
—rolo——— *
F. FP. Sreactg, BLROC VS, Ketterlag writ
“Thaveased your Mulsesioe Meal for the pant two oO
three yeare ae an adjuoct to the foud of all classes of bores, 5
and have fonad tt of very consdersble value in cases of nu- | 2s
+ | Ubrifiioess or Joss of flesh and condition, regu! fog from Jodi §. "8
gertion or patdylictasaiun ofthe Lowel It fsa fae plok
tuq@up foe horses tecovering fron debilitet ng diveases, of f
for colte witeb hare teen badly crated. In my experienc aa

i$ la the only food of ita kind
clane of Jace teleried tom diel bof any real valoe ty

Booklet of Testimonials and other ia-|4
formation can be had on applicatun to _

Geo. R. Alston & Co._ ’ a


W. C. ROSS & Co.

Colonial Dispensary,


Aaron’s “Bl Gusto” Gigars from Jaa


We are Jost i
ua =

A Looge Shitwom



1001, FLOR’




- Ww


Half-a-Million ft:4

Piteh Pine [aml



283,275 ft, Scantling 2 x 2 to 8 x &

62.491 ,, Boards land 1 2.
36,494 ,, Dlanks 1}, 2, tee 12, a
Bub78 » Plooring Boards 1 and 1} x & 7
7,019 ,, {alouste Flaps, i
10,080 ,, Mouldings, %

5 0;540 feet,


We offer the above as usual CHEAP.



2 7D} . 4 " YY °

SUPPLEMENT 16 THe vortToraraln GARErre TORSDAY MAY 8.8

“en SE CEI a ene a ET Oe wipap- THIN DAG aKa TORAGTS
cuameamice os POBLIO NOTION | “iptatmancen | MBY FATRBAIN, — |2Ma oP reparenay aan coe], 28 tate atreir

bn iatrieg Regist
thd Gntanee wi tha Une Foorie, he Spora J TH hervby atven shat i poeenazee In thy Matter of the Beale of Pangaea she Towa ot Aan

wen ate

Commntiree shall decide whether Oy #08 ibe race fostructiona: receiv @ OD t Jerenich Sith. late of Diana Capars fa Pe eae Nae UBPLIC NOTICE fe hereby given ths ban loin thé Toland af Tric
be bet f {Bale on: phant~Déceseed.

thell be tun sgele at ibe samp of apy otter } org tae with be pst op for ie by [the Wartol Montserrat, 15 the Islasd THs parpational and interesting Pp “dereretotae of tbe Bower of Bale

Ee wishig the year, And, thelt detision’ = 7 of Trietdsd, Ple: Jarred on Mott o by phe Conveyancing aa
mereting wil eidsd, Plenter=Deceated * UBLIO NOTION te herat
On Empire Day, 1908. | a -Areiuson ot 0. can wile nate | tote pactsion ealed ontres easter -~ novel highly appreciated by all and Law oly met edeata ders at Bort: | f eppilzetion bas bewn ‘tmade'ea me Wp
' of the entrance fees paid by every, competitor 4/00 Bla oes ceanat in tha island of UBLIC NOTICE fe hereby piven that | these who have reed ft can be had dated the 18th March 1002, mide| Horatio Joneph Aegustin of Lord Rurret
F PROVISIONAL PRCCRAMME, | ueresiees’ Testsren coor, to| fined competion $,cnm of trule | Jemarlacn'at Dare Bowe, inne | {om.tho flowing placa at the/Fusein deme rive Fenn le re| i galnd fore Grates ld
F’ PROVISIONAL PRCCRAMME, | rite ttt Rat anit cabo] od) her tian the patnon 35000 | SEE Getach for reset rate | 17m fpuro of” __| pad pera et and Gu Ft a Forman chem hae te
: LONE MILE BIOYCLE RACE. Ope W B—Eaines wil be reve ved al she Warden's { plea there arain the banda al contractors fue Ry at Theahon 1m beatin pal Raha’ wooes ™ new a FF | the Peotocel of Teds fur the year 1902 10056 o abe Entre of Pi ittice Brequist tele
erp rramyateed insolings Entrance | Prissy te Day Fee erp omtetorg who begs: celtivetiog ta | U2 Of Jeremiah Smitby late of Bown F AVIPSON © TODD, — | ‘Here Mull be pat up for wale ny ne Frrera| who died on tte 29th day of March Ate
, ent Prices of the valae of— 10h $10, | Writes tenders for the exctasire right 19 @ and ia their qerdene there are seoat Canaro alormald, decouted who died oa he RW AAR AO ark Brrvet | hited a0 lene Veranda, on Wedneedey | 1908 havicg at the time ci bindeath a fix
BOGGS, Sd ces, tm Boye | Serie he Bimes eis ected ike | SUA planta there are 8 deyieg howe | vin ot Lin dectirn hned piece of spades | thd Mise LAURENCE Son Ferosnde ubeg0 h day of Mar 1808, between 86) 09.04 Miove tr Joram Arsote
BT reviow fe verpeet'’s house o : . on hare net ret done! bonre 6} ad two 5.m. anal beh
f Recor asd the Harry Scurry dre eligibie | Seeryery vp to ¢ * *S DOWEN, > | Driver's Povee and & Inbowr at barracks portat theese pith toe ent ot eee *, "Sem oil Moa egeet the few certs, an Tha ps cel of Rnd sirnats at Princes the wie Exsentor bamed in the sald wile
ery 1S mea Orie. | pore tr to an er A Yaluailon “ol 166 | being ibe ecle exceator named fo ba said [PALE TOT WEDYESD TY THE Ore OFT Town in the Foland ol Te tolded mcanaciog 17+ ese opts alga piven that tno Casend—
pe ty by an expert valastor oa! will of ibe deceased. * MAY 1908, 124 feet onthe Northern bonndery, 69 feet ish 7 ' ezpirailon of twro ge
RACE, Opes to boys between the sren in ap; lication to the aodersigned, ‘Avd holice is sleo given thet if po na tha Eouthern boundary 122 feet on the} eleht deya feem the date of the publiontd

agee of 12 and 15 years (leciesive). Caveat is Jod be’ ry RE boon te: d'178 feet on the? Of thls notice the Gourd wit d
. th ‘ration of UBLIC NOMUCE ts hereby given that] Eastern boontery, and 1i8 feot on Proceed to
r vaceae pt prod e4 see TRINIDAD, ¥ J SCOTT 2 BUN. Iventy eight ee trom the dete of the P ta rae yo of fnerrnctiona received | Westera bonadery, and bounded on the Henne tzobate nf the soll el \reeutding J,
WB No racing Cycles silowed, SALE FOR MONDAY THE lstn DAY Gath Aucticacern | publication of this notice the Court wil from the owner: there will be rat, for ale North by 8 Iver Bures ‘, one South by TRKEAT ib rea
cael . tINED, edd to to tion eo undersigned at] ian ‘ . ‘ ’
F A” trance toe 80. cers “eee of the ron ni yeaa conten ° ih ‘Aue'ton ‘Mart No. 2 Sackville Street, | Wee'eyan Charch, and oo the Wert by Diputy Register, ~

lends of John Mcrton, together wiih the
appurtenances thereto belonging,

* Anetloneer. ta tbe Supreme Court of TrusSad aod Tobags, -**

Port-nf Seta, on Wadnewiay the fith dav
of May 1608 between tha hours of land 2
rm. Alered i aa mada of ¢:
erate norging and covered with oalvantred
iron messuring twenty four feet by twelva

valaa of tet $2 gad 4, 3rd FQ,

tg those who have siready raced at
& previous toceting but have nob

—— - ostd James Swren aceordingty,
pias NOTICE Pere given that fe PEALE POR WEDNESDAY THE 61a Dated thie loch dey of Aurit, AD, 1908,

ef tmrctae of te pewet ‘conferred ee DAY OF MAY vane in ay
Pron Otonsce Toe, and contained in | JICELIO NOTICE, is hereby piven that tg + Ae THOM ONT

memotasdum cf Mortgage No, i40 by James by tirtae of the power of sale vested

woes prize, (Winnece of the Lun y | Reonent Milliken and Flora Anise Mibkea to 1 ia the mortea; by deed of mortesee TRINIDAD. a Suromary Jurkdiction—Port of-Spain, +
Scurry excepted, Entrance feotdol. F ida Wallace dated the ut day af December { dated tha 12 aes of February 1904, : footy also ove dwelling home mada of TRINIDAD, No. & 907. “
riz f tbe vaine, of-Let, 12 doles] 905 ther wit ba pet up, for salty Pie | regietered, an No. 316 for the seme yout Te he Berens rad sod wont and cory witterty teeely ‘oee| SALE FOR TUESDAY THEDOTH DAY deeet Atexan tees .
NBechince wto ieee entered for Race Harpe Premennde in the town of San Fernaodo wd mide, between neta unt Ne ery grieticden Port of Spain, feeds slo one dwelling bense mede of UBLIC NOTiee behets piven thatia . and BowbePlante
~__ No. twit be allowed to compete in OO ere nour of ove apd two . Ty be | Johnson Smith of the otber part there ” Between wood and rovered with gelvanired iron exercise of ihe power of avle contained Octavia Wattley— Defendact,

weasnring twenty four feet by twelre feat,
-all-standine a larde of Allred

= kom the
tis event a! Atterecer — AH there wins paredis of ined enae-| WL be yptge forae! at the Acctloa | t.bee Thomas Giltsos Aniqnes of Pedro
"Rtn known an No. 0 Gatacre Street and No 22

In edged of mortgage dated the Inhday of } gyuRLic 3 fs bh
BONE MILE BICYCLE RACE. | are in ihe Wards of Savann Urande Youth avd | Mart of Sfe ais Joba k Ca, at No Trida=Trostee of the Estate cf are : f Tos aot tt Honour ts for

to boys between the ages of t2 aed 14 Janatry 1908 registered a2 No. 145 o én order of His Honour Mr fustice Sway

avana Gtaode North ta the Island of Trivkiad 2Seckrile Street, 1s the town of Port. Uanill Iqutdatton-- . . and trade between Rose Batilds. Bertete| made herria on the 3eth
ears (actasive), Enteeare, fee, 66% | the fie thefeo! eprsprising sixteen acres and | of Npais,on Wedarsdey the oh day of Geni fo Panda in Liquidation Plala Methaca, Buroeh_ srceseed lands Noo the wife of Joha Albert Bertete, \faosger | there wall be put « foo rate tre vars sock
» Priece of the yalog ofa, O do's, | ges perches delineated ang whb the abuttalsand | May 3008, between tha hoary offene and and Town ef Port of Kpain, of Uermitage esta’e, an Fernando ia the | sue Court louse in the town of Porton ‘nila
2nd.,8 dols, , 8rd, 3 dole, boundaries thereof shew a tn the pen aencred | two py, Baranel Welsh—Defendent. Dated this Lath dey of April 168, Ward of South Nepsrima ia the S-lend of | 8 Thursday the grh day of Tune THe beivern

r . . Traled of the ooe part aed Rolomon | the bours of eve and twa p ro
Louls SOUN & CO. Dresfas and James Augustus oe both | 2+ All and Singular that ertai pince or pe.
tth vort . cet of [eid situate Jo the sWard of Cedras com. 4
| of the Town of Port of Spain in tho aald | icing gacrea and 7 bes ard aburtiy

SALF FOR TURSDAY tru MAY | Ilaed morchantstradiog together ender dhe North on land of Fermina Pancts and on
lone 6 atyte or Grea of Kolomen Dresfua & Co | a road to Eria on tha Sout on q road reserved ©

ey ether partathere wi | bs pat up for 40 dinke wideon the Easton the road to Esta
in? . ~ sale by pablic puctica @ undersigned [and on the West on Cro’ ~
P' ALIC NOTICE ws heraby given (bat) at their Auction Mart No Js Virpent a Nand Singular That cartera pce a |

NBA fi Jeg wit be allowed he grant to Nattai in Vel XXXII fo vce

Mee ae ac re NOMIC. |e eso NR Neb bp ncrota Sewive | gf Ae $4, HagRlae ett certain, parcel pees
One mile Champlonship. Upen ¥n | on the Somh by Crwn Land on the East ts [Ng 64 Dancan “Sureet, ‘nile ‘te. “a the pypio NOfiCk us hereby given that

trance foo & ebiflinge tet, It ize | lands of Ramnapth and on the West by lands oe ot port of Spal a abuttin by an order of His Honoar Me, Juntice

A Challenge Cap icilve:) presented by | of Kbsturh and in ersected 1s a road reerce t ova of F or ot be No tb Matrean wirect | Swan taade herein the 1th day of March

* The Sporting Chronicle,’ To be | 8" Trobe wide Ue cemond Te ed ed enk Jan the Routh upog et Ny 62 Danan 1908, there will be put up fer sale before

fe sand t bes sort.
onme the property of the comretivor | ire taiuale ant bcundariea ibered! shewe ib | Tree, oa bbe t upontbe Dry River the doors of no deat Mey 1b0e ne

i sianing ib ttice successively orthres fie plan anpesrd,te the gr int to Jalues Bennett | aud og the Wert epon Daucsn Street
‘ times altogether. (Mr Olive Mate is | siiken reg _a7 and bounded rs above ‘mor Bai saad ig | See the hours of ove and two p.m., an
———"TBe firsh winner} Lod price of the the Non hy Mayare Trece links wide oe Joevs Joaquim ThiGetro “ "| estate tor Wie of the defendant of and ia

PTS spy

in oxercieg of the rower ct s0!¢/ and Seckville Slive’s inthe Town of Port | cel of lend situate tn the Gard ward of Cedros

feed in. a certain deed of mortgare| ¢ . he 26th d $ comprising 3 roods and a0 perche: :
em value reserved a9 bake wide aud sland singular that parcel of Iacd com | SOU! pun, on Tuesday the 26th day of May perches and abutting 7
Ee St0 Set re, reed withio Pr ieee oT Nees Sethe hace ty aad, of | Dated this are ee ee ao prhopg axteen acres situate in the Ward Gates The lth det emg 188s reals: 1908 batwean toe hones ot Land zp we AThOs the Nonband Eaee on leeds "of Dene
We three avd = helf minates anes B Milliken and on ibe West by May iro ’ mone of Masaiaiila in the Island of Trinidad | [¢ree as No fof 1 and made and singuter the right title and ote est of

her the sald Ross Batida 2 rite of and ia ree ides therWer on we She vas ‘po uuke ®

chfaae thus cortala parcor parcel of land situcte) widg
ae € hat te the lVerd-ef Cetreeir-

of the aceon’ part there will be pot ap | said bland compridog 31 a6 es 2 ru0ds 36 | parcel of cee eas Tae tae of Cedire
for sale by Pablic Aaction hy the endér-| perches and bounded on the North up n| comprising 4 acres,y 100d¢ and #3 perches and

signed at thelr Anetion Mart No_J2 Ke tfaads of OConce’t Fitryersld, on the] abuain we the Nona on Crown lands on by
Vinrent Street, Porto pan on Toreday/ South on lands of F, Benatile and onjof A. F. Medina, on lands of C W Swrel is
the bth day of May 1908 between the bours | Crown lands, on the East on 3 poh ia rand | 80d on lanes of F Francis on ihe Swuth on 0 i
pm. sot onthe Wee by Crown lende—being | oa! teerved 40 Hake w: tenn the ’ ast on land &

Ailend singaler that certaia piers oF Jeaby-ct however to a deed of marigage of C. W. Sturrelly on tandsof F Francis and
parcel of lacs! situate in the Ward of Circa { dated the Sted day of J nasty 1k tnd {OU ands of A. Wattiey ana cu the Wert oni
ronero inthe Island of Trinlded contain: | regitered as Nu 2008 rf 1907 a d ware te Grown land logether with the 1ppurtensoces $8
ing mneteen perches aod abutting un the| tween Johd Albert Bertete, Anna Lode! Nore =The abovemen: oned poets of land
North pon the tends of Viecent Jes! Devenish and Wilfred Bertateof the ove | are hed under the Real beoperty Oriaanee, § @
Beptiste and upon lands of (ieorgs Laper-| partend Henry Thendore Auzestin afthe! ged this s6th dey of Apil 39-8 GB
use, on the fenth upon the High Hoad “ orher pars tor sequelag pay ant to thenaid | -ERSEST ILC) ARRE

tween Nogeerel'y of the fiet pire and

Agotwasers avd lousder! on the North by Crown lands | Thor Gros Schyineth and August Chr'g

on the touth by tha Pubic Rosd on the

eCobingwoot si
the Were bg Titds of Alexeniter R id,
Dated (bfa 24th day of Marohr 3906,

ya! " i RACK. . of ‘race to | kuwide and? ¥ a road lesetred 50
we £00 VIR FLAT RATE, SO an dn Nean ‘side, the th*rd thereo compriniag eighteen
rt Be : Eee Ore retreat thirty ore
art Hoe Bye RACH | eed and with the abutrale ard bavedarce
ee Open. Entearce fen b/ Pozen ofthe terrae fa the pan ie sated
oo” value cf—~Jot, F204 20d $10; Srd, 88. | rounded on the Nerih hy lands of Monum on
*N.B.= This rece mast be covered withig [abe Sonh by Cr vu Land and ty lands of
« one acd a ball mioules. 2 Feapels Mit well and ca the East Jands uf
Ch. pranAMh = att \ rapes
2 YDS WAS Be cai whe Muebell and on the Wen by leads of
~ havpvevee woo m (0 pring ab any Carnnbevus aed by lands petitesoed for by
meeting he'd under the ans, lees of Goordin and intersected ti the Lengua Trace
the Civb dering the lest” three reserved .0 ‘ioks wide the fownth thereof
eo UD a ® YP. comprising mine wcres three roods and tbirty
rears Fatearce feo #) ceate “AU Tin perctes apd bounded op the North by

Simeon o0 the South partly oo a pulie road of i


0 7

UBLIC NOTICE ia beceby given that ERNEST D, CLARKE,
iw exervizs of tte power cf ta‘e coo Deputy-Regutrar,
tanned in s certain Momoracdum «f Mort
atgedated-the 16 hday of January 1905, TRINIDAD. - ‘ .
and madé between Mareeliso Marcano of | in the Fupreme Court of Trinidad and
the ne fiert aod Lee Lum of | the otber Tobago,
pers wore will be gat ap for saleby Pab- | No. 216 of 1907,
he Attetion by the underagest at thelr Between
Auction Mert Nv 2, Sackville Street, Pallip Francis Tealockslog—Pleiotiff
Port ob-Xpala, on Tasedey the Ib de aad :
of May iue8 be wien ibe hours of “ue | Jose de Ta Now Horntides, Estévaa lee

of onh and two

Waate , 2ad, Vdele . Crown Land on the | ast by lands of Kain su
Fn ee BREA TWO BILE eee ty ink phcored var ty | ood twopan Ali that pleoe of lardant | ander and Juda de Bataa Hernandes f jcagte Oe dmeeb. on the East upns | Hecry Theodort Augasten of ihe prinel pal Ixpaty By
tt RU YCLE RA‘ KR —Open Entrarce | Kerumtrcu, and intersscted by a road reserved | conan pleatation shiaste 1a the ward of —Defendante. anon tha lands of the beiea eo Tek * aon of 870710 and ioutud. ee
fon Gf. Ise give: Capel the valueof | Gly beks wide the Bish th-reof comgusing | Montesrrat sa the Idan of Trinidad — oe the AWeet as th D tha Road woe Patou thie 23rd day of Apeil 1908 TRINIDAD & TCBAGO
100 dots, presented hy Mewra Busith | Sttoen arves two modi acd shiny si posh f guntal ing W scfes 3 cooda and 20 rerebes URLIC NOTICE Isterety alvon that Iher with thet tdie 0 ‘i * LOUIS JOUN & Cu. Io the Supreme Conia 4
+ Bra & Co iTo be won rarrighty. | delineated and wah the abutias art toundures | ontesed inthe Res! Property Reguter ia pursnance cf at Onder of Hed 7o er @ buildings and sppurteo- Auctioneers, Tn the Matter of a

ed prize cf the valaeof 12d te; Ard | Nereo! shew! io tbe plan sno ued to the Bott) Hy, ae Lolame xxgeit ele 487 and | Hosour Nr, Justice Swan made ta this The Estate of Catherine Mol! gan late of the
. prise vate 6 dots to Sebastien Teen in te tne fo 830 81 | tourddedcn the North art Evet by Crown | raster baring date the Och day of April

kee race rust be covered within | end by lands o Daterm thrSuh ad Wes | bvsdow the wwuth by lands of Mavurl } 1008 there will be put ap fer ave by

F J. SCOTT & FON, Lt LBLIC NOTICE js hereby given that
ia exercive of the Power of Sale con-

weed (hia fourteenth dey? of April}?

Decea ed. a
zsiz soinutes and will be opened only to | ty Crown Land ard on the Ras i) Ciwa broackon Marchancend by Crown Land | Pablie Auction before the doors of the pubic NOTICE is herby given shel ap:

es ~ 4 ‘ . Bavernrgdrn Anctioncers, plication bas been madato > ty Thoma
competitors who have sroel in al ieast | Tend and ty lan ts reserved jor water and | end oa the Wet by dads of Petrenila | Cours House Port-of Spain om Thursday | — —— ACE TG OND Aneton cern. i ferred on mortgegees by the Conveyancing | Mollican of the War Bee ene tae
ree ihe preceding Cycle events, Intersect d by Lengua Frace yg hrks arte the | bubere, the 28h day of May 1903 Letween tha | SALE FOR THURSDAY tHa 2ler DAY | Ordinance Nor 72and contmucd dom cee Molligan of the Ward of Han! | ssa Plate te
W.=LONG JEMP --Upen — Latrance | seth ther ct ownprsing four acres three roots {Dated this glad dey of April 1008, hours of que and two p.w, OF MAY 1908 ~ Htain dood of mortgage dated the 27h day | estate of Catherine Mol igan + ot the Weid
-E fre GO cente Prizes cf the valoe of— | aod twenty ceven preahes delineated and «uh > LOUIS JOHN & CO All the St ares, Fatato, Right Title and -_—— eC April 1963 ( egistered aa No.U75 of the | Ot B'archisectve aforesud Marr 1 wonae de,
fet, Bdo'w. : Gad, @ dota. the abuttals and Gourdarks tbereof shown in Auctioneasa, | Intoreat of the defendants of and in al! PUBLIC NOTICE is bereby given that io | Peatocot or desta for the yein 19u3) an [| ccawed 8bo ded an the 1411 fs of Febni

Jh=TWO MILE BICYCLE RACK— ae to the geen a Vachaa ie anrinar —rameree | nod etngular thove fire severat Cocos Plaa-

Hapdieap. kniraccea fee 1 dollar. , tations and parcete of land situate in the
is Piltes uf the value of-—lat, 15 dos. a Crewe Ke erve on the Sou h bea AM CU SALE FO WEDNISDAY TOE 330i | Ward of Caars in the island of Trinidad
serve on the Fast hy lands cf Rea: ig DAY OF MAY ites
Qad, K dole Srl dota, and on the West a Grown Reserve and by Tho firet thereof known at * Aselina”
13—ON EMILE bon THCYCLE RACE Janda of Seepant th. Seventh there f com prs, p BLL NoTit Lin bere! y_ yiven that a mpeg 34 serra more, or lest {rare and
(Ulandicop) Ipen je olween fag Uhron acres one rood and one ptreh deli, . exoer; acres thore Md t> Mare there will be pat up for sala by Puhhe Aucti Lort of Epsie on Wednesday the nb day | divs from the date of th blsatign ef tbls am
ye The ages cf 12 and 10 youre cae sive), Beato and Sr the abuNTE aud baunaaned ferret were ae paerct Gite, 28 ‘ Hetpandex under the Waltof Phibp Her- | by the undervioed at their, Auotion “Mart No. of Jane 1103 between tha houre of one ond netice the Crurt will proceed to save lettert of 2
Entrance feo GO conta Prizes of the er evn im tle plan ann ed to ihe » by y nandes registered as No. 79 of the Proto- ) a Sackville Street, Port of Spain on’ Thursday | 2p. Allaod Singular that cert«fa «| adaunistration aceordingly
s Vale of Tes, Wdole , 2nd, Adols, , | memorandum of tar er by Seipuame tof crn and Law cf Po,erty Usdioance | coly of Wille for the year L894), and abot | the aiet day of May 1908 between the hours of col uf land or cocoa plantatinn bk Pe Dated this oth day of Apal root
Srd, 3do's Chaotiia Vol ENV tuhot and buindedon | Isst acd contatredia ccertiln Deed of | neg on the North wpow lands of Jelian | a and 2pm « all and sineul . raph visatatae kDowe es 5 PSON,
S 5 the North by Crowa Lad onthe Soul by | Morteage bearing date th ib 3 por u e all a ular shat certain | *-Peille Vue" sitaace in the Ward of Guans- ad T A THOMPSON,
No racing ryclea will bo alli wed. be Mayaro Tine cn che Rast by lads of | Mere . t acing ma hes xteooth dey | Hernendee on the South and West pon | parcel of land situate at Longdenville in the} po fa the island of Trinidad compriain Re. sstrar,
SM--THRER MILE INTER COLONIAL | gtinumun, acd on tha West ? jaca ott arch fat he yesr registered 4s Num | tends of Ualdomoro Hernapden and on the | 44rd of Chaguanas io the Island of Trinidad fifty acres one rood and twenty perches an
iB CUAMPIONSULE — Foteancs feo | Tremah, the eighth theveol compriang anteen | CCC ot the Hrotorot of Deeds Tor, the | Cert mpon lands of Maria Beoanows Her | comprising (wo lots and abuttiog on the North} snatting an the North upon tand TRINIDAD.
Nil _Dpen (0 two representatives | aires three roods and iwemty perches ehnested tend sear and tanda loin eon Calleira Bade nandes ypea Crowe Land on the South vpoe Crowe lately in. the ‘Socapation ¢f ‘one Charles fa the Supreme Court ot Trinidad and Tobaga,®
from Bartados, Wemorara and Trini | dad with the abuttels end boundaries thereof part, Emery Mviogot of the | dhe acoond thereof called or haowo an | it woes uscne Vilage Street. olag ail tha: | Venus and of the heirs of one (Jaerico on Summary Jurisdict.oo—Port-of Spath,

exorcise of tha prwer of sale contained in a| mada hetweeu Peter Contles M on a basing at the sime a i 1 Sevthga Gued
A got of

Sera det of meee ge prmoeanu ofthe ore pats and Juice Iainy of the athre Sorta he-ced Thin Wau tab be

tered'ite the office of he Regustcay General cas | Patt there will be put up tor ssla by pattie fawful husband of thewsidd °

No .08¢ for 1906 and rmvde between Lochan auction by the uodersigued at their citical dad notice is also given itits'! no caveat ie

of he one pat aod Jaggasar of the ether part} No 348s Vincent Street in the town of dh fore the expiranon of twenty aight

- — a

4 dad Time lint 98 & a belf minntes | shewn 10 the plan apnened to the t te feened part and Frangols Agontiniof the ‘ 9 Veju comprising 16 acres more or teen No, 819 of 1906,
Int Poss Goa Medal of tho valae of { Daein Vol SSVI tobe wim ded whied mart thers will be putop frr tale by ( and stiitog on the North upon Crown Tid eomordla ten acres of Chamuanes Biers the Month opon the Garcol, River oa the * Between
oF vsdole Zod preaof the-galue of 10 | on the Norsb by the Bande Thst Koad, en the | ov t0 Anetion at tho Auction, Mart of the Landa upoo latds formerly of P. E, Ruis | Property Regieter Book at Volume XUI, folio | tieg of one Polovio Luces aud on the Andres Oliser Rudi Plaroutt
inte Seuth Li Crowe Land. _9n the. node ruistesd ot Vinee: s-owof Md aud .
thnoned for by Mabatir aed lt, Crowe Land | Street in the Towa, of bertet k +e FreVilleruel sad upon Lies -t7 and—hounded—on the-Nerth-and Wee ty i Abeer apes facdr now cor fatelp aur loseph Atv aot 5
On no tse a runt Rave raced aet a ‘on the Weet by unde of R wan. Aad | Wedoosdsy the T3th sy ot May ain, be Pente en tis Font formerly upon Crows Crown Lard on the seek by lands of Clar [the occupation» of the heire of the Josepta are t—Detets bs °
‘ Joust fro of Lhe p ay 0) CLE Ove tbe ninth thereaf com: sixteen sores one tere the tours aft one cod tw 004 ands bab sud of Manas! jouzo on the [ monte end on the by a Road reserved saul Querico and 2 the « hee
. a 0 p.m , 1 . : id spon the * Algesl-| PUBLIC NOTICE lahereby given that by an
E fo to ataitie for vhie ¢ vent ruod aud treaty teh percles Aginested snd P | Feat mpan Iirwmo Baato and the West i inks mite ao all aera diuas a Faw cetate Abd also atl that perce] Perder of Hie Tl sour Mr, Iusice Rowe

15-40 ARIER MILE PLAT RAC eee ee eee eee mandaries Ibeeot hewn |. vind Biogalar thes certala yreos or upon Crown Lands.

Iandioap) — Enteanpe-feo & dollar. | in the plia aonesed to the grant oo Ramnesth peer! of Tend snd Cocoa Vientation aja | “The third thereof called or koown as | Toods ard twelve perches entered ithe Real ntuate ab Goanspa afor- | made hercin on she agib day, of February 1968 Rs

{ ¢ e ° eNo fonts eni_in ihe ole fPropeits Regmter Ht-ok st Volume XVII, folio ssid acd (forming part of the ‘San | there will be put up for sale before the doors

Rod, Gdollare rd, 8 dotlars. . by the Ikande i ket Koed, on the South sod | )* of Trintdad comprising thiety to god 15 perches, more or leas and sbattin Ea Sunded on the Worth Ty lauds! aft orriceerte com pg-fourtern ornate 2 of-fpx ue uf
Facsfleh Wily "TiCVELE aor, | Panty ince ka angen nana | rascal canal ey ie, {wt | ee Ren sen ad fovoey of We | af O'S eet taf, es |stabnes Ne oat bon ula [fede Sand ena atc

Opeo Entrance fee Sf. let Prive : { Grown Reserve ul ject as to the parvets of epben Hiondel and abutting | Crown bat now of the heirs of Joveph | Land and on the Wert by andsof P 7 Crowe lor etete oa the Booth upon the a Car piece or parcel of ttuwe at La Ceive

4 t thidiy jourthly, Gilby, sixbiy, séventhly, [onthe Notth open lands forwerley of ¢ 1, "
¢ Hacing luego oa tal ae a tbe TLap cegbihly and munihly atove dea nied to ae uM. A Pear bop now ol ETL Reprey cathe Jou on ihe South 2 Tepes erperty ‘of and inser oe EO aN eteat fu!
AED Foe vered within 18] Nor, Miter wed” Prova Anu’ Miia 3 |Get now Rod and lavas of Faery Miata, | oct aci® et Jorert, Hate on the Ean | Lenedeavile, acresad compiieg ong 1
veat mesh te covered within 3 > 9 laude formerly of FE, Ef. Brith ba! Own AS lo. ard abuiuog on the ‘ f
amaien ' ee Mone @ “ee we iol gob 00 the Baas upoe Lands formerly ol tbo sow of the beira cf Josoph Lots aod os North upon inads tad for'a Tramronton the tae re oa vel Laton And alva/ East oo the Maracas River and cathe Wet oa
Ay.wHKT RRY FLA RRY —Oce mite. Open | thou sud eight fun Wert dott. wut enterest at FT gy, eb now of tbe Crowa end Emery (‘the Weat spon lands formerly of B. Her | Saud upan Lot No 78 va the bast upon af Unit Pipi land formerly forming part | the Maruras Koad
. " fe prise Wiener at thle | the sate of seven dollars ger ceotum pee anpum | o pat aad ate the West upon lends for | ragdes nnd F Heruandes but now of Ue | Siftet and on the West upon Lot No. 7 also OF AN OFS Rartsen | estate mpd romprining | brated tm 9) hap of Mat to
Fee ee weds L'rivea of | wich sad nicrtgage 0 straps erred by the anid ] Metlyot the Crowo bat uw of Emery | heirs of Joseph Lota, sifand wemuta tat refany pare snaie at [208 B¢r8 and abutting on the North ajon BANYS1 bc LaRnr,
morte Laie hae t6 3 Aicwinde: Cockbura tlspeto Jovbua Rhodes | Maieget aad cf the Crone Tle jourth thereof cal’ 1 or known ay | (DARUsEAS aforesaid comprising oue lot being lands voy or Lare’y of ( emence Valle on Depnty Regtstsay,
- : dole,

ibe Ward of Maracasin the {stand of Trinidad
‘River on the Fast partly onthe Caronl comprising three acres @nd thirty two perches‘

River and partly upoo the parcel of land ‘ :
vert herelostter denceibed and oa the West gad aeaink heen Rov ay Oe eet ain on ibe oo

Miliken by deed dated the and dar of March | Wasted this 2 dey of April tdun °, “Las Lot No zthaviug a frontage of fifty feet by | the Bouth upon lands new or fitely of Mo- |) ——~-—-——-_-—
loles. 1906 we ped abutting for the "Nott ron ne hundred ire n depih and abutting oa the | resoon the Last opon-Acima Rivor aad on | TRINIDAD ANU TOBAGO

Axvticios. Dated tos tu) day_né March 1908, . “OTT "1 t forth upon Lot Nu. ar belouging to one]the West upoa acorte parcel of land .

-- « P P PICKERING. ¥, J. bCOTT & BON, Crown Laods on the South upon Iands | Nambocus on the South uoon Lot No 90] formerl tof thy ul pa pd ia the Supreme Gout 2

TeThese races will ow rao, a6 far a6 practi ‘Auctioneer {eevernment Auctioneers. formeriy of Juan Pablo Heroandes, bat | belonging 19 one Soopasad on the Kast upon] estate cle te ie eal Ei Carmea The Repeuy at Port of Spain, a
able, under ihe Lawa of the Amateur Athletic FUTRIDAD. ET. | now of the helss of Joweph Lote and on | the Durham Estate abd on the West sipon be | epee coateluing sirtesa tote belonging to Jo the btatter of the Estate q
Asceanen aod protessioaal aihieuee, profes: ee BALE FOR WEDNESDAY TILE spn | the East aud West vpon lands formerty of | Carodi Savannah Road and also all and the sald Foter aries Maingot but now Fensting Mgliana, Inte of the Ward of Bie
nional cricketers, groumdones, golfeadina Ac. | sare FOR WEDNESDAY, THE tacit DAV OF JUNE 14 Jove Conceptloa Herosndex but cow of | Singular that certain parcel situate at Cha. | $féted ta the Crown And Also all that od of Prnidad, pla :

guanas alorcsaid comprising one quarree a

the bares of qireph Late, couprian portica af @ parcel comprunig Tere beh Towool Arima and known asnumber 4$ UBLIC NOTICE 1s bereby given tae a
balt of @ quairce more of feea f oe abutting nn the North upou tha Puttk Road, { Horeca Street and abattiog on the North Mel has beca.made {0 mit dey_fote
fermion ott or oe eetece called Ata, oa the South upon Crowa Land on the Fan] opon Sorsano bttest on fe South upon Meliano of the said ‘Ward of xn. nd Tena
form Biot fon a te Nees Ye | upon lands of Soonsarsing and on théWest | tends of Madame Joan Pierre Veronique neg od be sth day hs a. eh
wet al elie, oD @ North wpoa | upon iands of Lutchmannog onthe Fast upoa lot sumber- 43 Soreand of si Malls eee af R,

pds wmerty of Jose Lonerption Her Dated the a2a4 day ot Apnt 1908 Htrest and outhe West o lob be! Deoraved eta te of Een day &,
pandee bee bow et he aire of Joseph UES JOHN & Ca 43 Sorzano Street. And Aleo alt thet - jaouny AD yea baviog at we ne ob Fi
former y of Sooo Teroandes ue vow Soe, ne NONETEN. Fett Of lend ta Gusaapa (formerly forming death & fited placa of abode at Exis af wwiud
of woe Darscret and on the Wat upon | TRINDAD avn TOBAGO, part of the eald "San Carlos” entate) mens. | (04 sald John Mellano beng be seca
lands fursutly of Marla Benancla Hore 14 the Supreme Court arieg oa the Northero boundary live | 2#med therein, 3:
saades but now of the eald Damoret toge: | 1, «208 Realv'ry at Port of Spain serenty ove ruosing feet on the Pouttern todd oot eee te Eien that if bacon ;
ther wih th mation of the Eetate of Thomas aodary line ejxty seven rucaing feet aad a
ther 4 respective sppuitenaoces Alexoder Hoveia Jaro tf Withers y i feet aad | gary from the Cate of the publi ation # or

fw bs fe tarred bron CCRT CLIO neat DAY OF MAI, L108 Mersusge and parcel of laed mitnate ia the
pro oulees suust be made. sacessunio. a ~

Com; = ULICO NOTICE ta heredy giveo Wat
, ealt
a rae unleee Teeravied by the pustic NOTICE os bred) srrep that is Pp n exerrue ofthe Moure of sale con:
SCousy fee (V'otry forms can be obtained at the exercise of the power ol dale \jassiosd io 8 | ferred um NMortgegeas Uy the Conveyan-
Sectetary 4 cflice, Treasury fuildlogs, on appli | deed ef mentgage daved the Bret day of Octo: | ofr g acu Law ef Hieperty Ordinance 1831,
‘gatad}. ter, 1974, regisiovet a6 No. 8 gig tyes ard | and ornteired Ia a pewondum of Mort
~ Members ofthe PCC wilt payouly | made tvtween Malas Af, Leen off the, Tres Oath: | yuee Nn, SI deted the 2st day of Jane
belle entrance (ee specified (or the various wae Bowe, Wein seright oh the ster rt | LMM froma Moortes ta Joseph Waller,
* srents {except in Rue No 9 Merl la pat up lor see by puble auton, | St ine Deed of Mortgeye cated the said
ua doe day of tbe Spats a0 one will |e u eras! vs ae 2, rae uy ube ce Dlevdey of dune pd trgcteredos Noov3tq
Me oa the track of Reound enoepd the t4, dt Vinoevl Sueet, Hort-o-Spam, | tur ths yeer 1104 sed wade between the
“gciciale (Thu rule willbe strictly adbeted 19, | Ow vinerday, abe 3318 day of Bay, i906, | sekd Mowrte of the one por sud the sand
£. SorThe sert Screech event wil tohe Pace |e oe ing peuve of que Bod two oohkak iw. | Joseph Walloce of ite etter pard, there

puorually a the sme ptated im the programme all awegutar those several parcels of aod, | werk for acto Ly the und ot at 0 ove hupdred fees in depth and abutting oa| note the Count will ed
Fee et eis be rune three wiautes before we a biked tluate tothe Ward. of Mout: | hid Anetioa Mart Ne Ce [aria P cwen de | Dated (bis 18h dey of April, 1008. Mlopteepeetioe af xarann Grande, | (Be North epon the Bl suas! Cango Koad on | Probate of the said Wil te ibe aid Ol
‘ oaaie ben com portors raust at once take | # Feb comprise ten seres and adutileg on the S.n Ferasady, on Wedeesday the 3rd TA, THOMPEON —_ oa the East Rirea land af v2 Madiiae | Meliano, "
«So Betrphtien someon met ator eR oa eae age cea tae pot | dog fda As, Let eve tent of oe Hedwira. | pyuDtto NOTICE i hoa givea eng] soden beatae Aepoataceranet| Oncie Sado A it
aw Ne ibid geivs wil Le avarded voters : lad of i ung two pe. application hes been ww rising fourt let tre
Ibis arsatenst unt conperhora io sart | | Ay OT oesa Shand compraiog ace |, Fusb y,— AN theb parcel of land situate | TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, Habers Niswath of Willisme¥ihe ba the| before described” OuanePe berela: Reglstrat
aye won of the he'eres w Oat] peers, 10 rods and twenty-six pricks suate in tte Ward tt Jropauchs thuty oon In the Supreme Coart Ward Se prane Grande, Bhopkeeper, for| Dated thie 30th dey of A prit 1906
. he Ward of he s atalung oo "i 5 a 3 Tan! rol the wil J " s
oa The bpeess Commitee reser roe he Nonn we land ee bat “ MiLlren ‘S the | percbes regwtoved in Vol AVI fella 203 Ja Warps pe Eatete ol ber Pred the 10th day of March Tos ot he” ave F F800 Te SON, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.
making al sry hee errs er: se PP. D Routh mod feet on herd pow os dately ob cla | saul Leuadad ow ite Noh rete Ls lande Yervando, ldwitereaiee ned of Thames Alexander Howie late of Wil tioueera I G the tupreme Court, w
Ere net ee titer, Wil Teens @ ticker | Clos. apd on the Kast on land oi fom v1 of Maron, parity by lands of Giuhatry end sdoceasel, heme Ville fa the Wart of 8 vena Grand wom www | fa the mater of the Eitate ot ey all
pte, Every cepette seeuine (Oke | Ware Ard the Th shee comer gL partly wade: fusnawon, oa tbe Sth | UDTIC NULICE te hereby given that | Stovkerper, Leossiel who died on the Marshall's Office, Louie fonvey tate of the Toma 5
Sr me creas er malt ts | mens suc o the wil nd uh YAR da the baat by Crown Land wed'on | DU titeton tn bese meds fo toe ty | 20 dazed Mach A Dh. Ws bering asthe Batley, ins, | fo,tat pala ie the uland of TL

u of Abs Ta th ad, Widow w Deceased.
er i tee {i be ee cate | Or tnteiy oF the Crown on the South ow an of tha Wong by lande vf Ussoa. @ Supreme Coart of Trinided and

Cherlee Iarper and Alaaham Went Lo {ime bf bw desth a Sxed place of alude ot v — al
JBLIC NOTICE ts hereby gives

And deobadiy~All thas Mesowaye 24 | of the town of Sea Fernando in sheWrd of | \Vitieme Ville within the eid Ward of

MME MOET Masa McLean oy the bit on lard of Amaia | a Cried stiuate w. At. Mary o Villege a


PAlslincuve cours, h Y ed ~ | Savane Grande the sald Kober Buwmary Jurisdiction Port of-Bpato.
-——— ¥ ole ean ee ene mod of Herr | ing neid Wand ol Ur peche meu y we tan bathe Tiland ote reek Be ele executor named in the Diana No, 353 of 1008 palo Cha appiicstion has bees made ts me Oy 7
otioces ‘ oy Jock be freutege ead ove hundred fect ia actively Avd pot ioe ie atno giv fete ties Edward Wateoo, of the Tov
Oyolaug WwW . Dated ibis Rb dey of Al ' af Drobate ef the Will teatiog dete ibe given hab if oe Caveat orn ton
' —_— BY Sot & SON, th. aad Lounded am tha North by leede | rath dey of Nevorber 1906 of ‘Matit | 4 Melged before the expiration of Chow He Oe=Platana Port uf Ypein te the Ivlaod of Te
it com: iran rile without stope Gast, Auciuuarse. A iipeetas on Us BA the “Publis | oy Verpas late of tha Towa ot ven § yaa eighe days [row the dite of the pallestice 8 Grant of Probate of tba Wilt bares 7

(eerPir act come pain Ipte Ww oo oy tarde of Harthett nad | ip che Tuand of Tilabdad—dersased who | OLthH, Beticn the Coert will ‘proses Joba Jowph Aetender—Defeoduss | Totes Seavey Inteat the Town of Foto

a Fach companion [ be has ontpred on the We ie of Dartlets, together

Leivsaciawere =| DENTISTRY. lisence

5 te
jad on tbe let day of Sane 1007 bavieg as | MO8e Probate of the vesd will according!
the tina of her death Qed plate of | Dated the 10th day of Apeit AD, 1f0R

OTICE te heseby given that Spain ia tle Island of Trinidad weed 39
abade at the Town of San Farns. N pare will 2

. T A, THUMPRON,* Le pot up for sale aa Ssazre G1, decessed who diel on the 3rd de,

vo the 416d hls Ca0d of Apetl ales ferere Quand on| 4 pent 1908 having at of bers

asic a the freee ae ors ed 2 Pretax, seid the maid Charlee Harper asd Abraham ~Raglairad, | Frtley We Oth dey of May tooe at 12] 2 fred place of cate ce the Town of PO%

rte ieep btn fat ola toe mateo wach ; . were’ the executors oamed ia tbe
Set eat ae DrJ. Ralph Garringtons| yas, picnie:

Gradacte at Bar.
ee comtparioe veqriaking gmotber must gory of Now ¥: 0a bee Park Seaver, St Jorn,

Ard votive iw eled 4 ven thas of ao on tenes

omvoat ta lodged before ‘the espiration of | , whh galvaaised iron used en a covered bol ll tion 1 that
seeats clube taps from the date of the | A very lazge verity of growing Plants, | S28 house situste af Seogre Crande ca ja aleo given uon o
peblication of ¢

or 03
The righs citi of-Spato aforesaid the asidt herles Eden
Plants—For Sale. dast to eo weit interest of the defpm |W atunn belog the executor samed is O42

b | Bowes included, of varions whan @a laude of veat Is lodyed before tbe expire
pee o@ ibe curide (unless, 'he man aho 1 vor te De. A. B.. x ENBRAL Hali® ie the Coleay of | proceed to imue Probate el. the coed Wal wodenate cise Price Sive thats ainek eae ae ate twenig-elzs wr (rom the dete ae 34
Le Aamouuied of “has retired ions Ube Trtsidgd sed Tobsge | Oclbester of | accordingly CUT sat sousisting Of boss, spades, ousteance, | Purication of thle potice she Court Sis
jana mus Lee macs es oma suse an a Acamaete sages i Fie ale a ag Maree 1 Ronquet, W. FLOWERS, eh settee willk £4 As levied wpoa Ponte tee Probate of the sold o
ppopeus, Tbe waa muti vilow room fo: | 8" eppacite Tvew meals, Avctioneey " A THO $ et, Wreathes wmadeto, © RNY fi ; Deted the 24.0 1 1008.
EiPeppoieat so pat ed aay compote Fae Sead Gaustane totes Aglen wt, Vorder of 64, ABRNOROMET bth MENENT FROG LIGQURE (tpt 1ST A THOMPSON.
ee ee Ue - 7 . . - / ‘ ave


eee ag gp aOR SIT ieee ae
beblng tho-n ree farther oupply ef wotar | dnt Jou to bring Tordard at neat MOM | enote so. oa after ihe sacpte ‘elt the

‘ . rath Sam Se -
froma th Bork b tab ing, & motion mith reopect ta the raqgwal Fhoncert ‘moaning, it wee femigadd da
thas Pca, thie dey nna ud 7 bl miik tee n in asta, i which Shiwed there wee tesera tee googt
8, Veviat 1 00s -} a0
al of that tarbidcere, sits ad the wet ‘The bieeen Ucnere] ssid that pare The Rargeon-Geneta) tore ard eall be .
Beason there was Ho complaint ata'lyit | heye {8 would ;-ba well fey the | wascot gaing hate the qecet'on spaia acd ‘
wes only whea there wes very Hitle water bard ot ate be eftict ally, Ublon by only allowed the member te make a per

the wha! a explana a _
donor Carmedy eatl he was very Soesity whh reference ta the ontiresk S Iancansier Cootmber-TE that le bep enerreeeenee = .

norte §o.bear that Sas Feroasde wes golog | plague st LeGosyra, When the Bret ne, f cane ten I will ait dows a

back to the Hot &prio, 1f the con: | bitcatioe wae receliet, tf appeared to These wae n> further bealoees sad the
clusion of Aeal ne stall relied | bim that the coeditions dealing with meeltug endo,

wpou, it was [het the consvimption of that | qucrantioe were tneufficlent to meet the eres

pater ted 8” fatentioal disorders. =-He oun ems excertloosl ton oo ee yomoe ,
cew that Sau Fernacto te were pre | oole 8 1 Gover

cently very much In a otateof Ienlne tith | te core wih the sieation The recat; THR MANSANILEA LOOAL BOAD
sejerd to water, and ware anions to go | wee that tae Governor procisimed the B

back to anythirg that wouldgive thes | whole repabile ef Veorfus'a ne an in. e

qrantity, bat if it conld be, kept away from | fecud place, and qubseqaent!

the ordinary supply thes no objection | a series of regulations framed on: er Section Resolution for “Looal Rate, With

Beg to notify theie Friends and Customers that they intend adding a
tright be taken te it. 10 of Ordloance 189 fe ald of the Quer drawn. .

1 rhernoaret or farming the terpized [tery wide pwerte ded'sith ey lng uscassrswaxcetazety| COCOA BRANCH to their Business “7 2wras No. 1, KING STs

pepe 8 Tot Bpilogs, wel Aitiving Tron Venesusla, TOCHAIRWANS LETTER IN

IL nro abig

¢ 1 Mayor aid h {raid {tb an | bad boen garested and published in the za E* —om—
Bate, exoept the ‘Monten rat upp ° Ere keel vee ith m lations, ty they THE ‘GAZETT £ t 1
femur Carmedy wavostoraliy a expert, | effec ne raele wou CHAIRMAN CLOSES MEBTING AMID Dds Ee “io D2
nd be ¢ he Mayor) conld Kk aothor. | cariiedt tate eff closely as poraltl Et. EW EE _ ° (= 4
desc eecrne saececccees | Meats a Sh eat sas mae te = ; ast MENS OS,
—-fo_pnden . ~ - _— a —
Epriogs was avalyeed in Koglon, and us {Oa Tee relied “apa. whea in the | yytg Beers oy ke Manrntils site | Whoto they ate prepared to pay the Current Market Prices for such Produce, and, Tonnant’
airaceef anmeeie’ col sacra he | cies Authority. the esfery of therealong | TATKTS Cronde, last satoriay allernoon, also offer to mako advances against prowing crops, &c.
thooghe Itwas eu led Uatst any revo, vot mitght be tapered by" following too Mr Te wy Alodon (Cheirmans Ded Proprietors in The Southern Province will find it_to their advantage to deal with this well-known and old-Establi ed
Jeence oF ROT RES RoE eed ee iera'aas | qeareatice edmanca Becawbiie four | deGuone, Mr A. IL MoCaulay, Me GOODS OF ALL KINDS suitable for Cocoa Planters, supplied at LOWEST RATES to suit the tins
rn ago . . ft André toachin, Mr Yormenti, : . . .
vnepidentin of dysentery mlover the te art! cmistant sagitery inepec ora bai tem AE Road Officer). Matorials. generally.
and {ht wa'er wus pronounced tapers, and | added to. tneiorl sat and a very che | APY} Br | AL Foster (Roed Omfoer | Beta eye IOC Ir and Building 6 y
Rpris: It Profesor Carmody and the | sea froat wee mad, end the co operation he ralout ‘ Handle everything up-to-date that COCOA PLANTERS may réquiro, but sti
Gaverement came forward aad suid the | ofthe innehitacte of ibe town was lavited reanrdad wes at the Aedib Dice, the con TE NN ANT S AGE N QY sn usual theit SUGAR PATRONS with everything they went in the lino of
more, what werethry going | b; mof p'acards reownmendirg & ew fimatton of tho minutes of the fang meets — _. wee” ee ® 2 ° _.
‘ ‘erathey gong to have further } suop) rceullous which might te we ing Was postponed til nest inecllag.
Heit Feita gpnneceeee at tht | feu Suehaia Lantos tala RAEN he HSTATEHS SUPPOUTHS
fesult o 3 ‘ly. A a
health of the kewa wan jee Ta ecac it wan vein apy ed] d to, and cireulere fnsued, ack panes of oor ence owas t . .
fered ta th tier simply |: th bordinate clicers fo the ienpatees of i :
faterest be took tn the hralsh of tne peop'e | the recommendstioe. ‘lose Neveall ths bt nepeecnont wae tket at exproment at He everything suitable for our Neighbours AT VERY LOW RATES.
forecdolag, Wisheference tothe necly. | kes ene Led bed found Te pewerstty (| for the levying if the local rate ° ’ For IRONMONGERY, MARNESS, BADDLERY, PAT 1
jor a0 doing, ath reference to the analy- | take, . + , 3 for . 3
tls mentioned by Bie, Johoston, te malget | In reply to Dr Alston ‘The following letter was reeds—_ Tonnant’s Agcncy's Prices and GOODS tor Contractors oanaet be beaten taking’ quality take ol
i. cone
Trinidad and aent to Eogland e alter- | offic | toformation from Le Uiaayra slece . *
tiie asuly tent ince tethetmonn { treté vernon meta om nereaneenent 12 1X. a\ Gordon, Boy te , EDGELL JOHNSTONE-Iiia®
Hetheaght it would Le she tohavecan- | Council on Mouday [act a'thungh there “Chak eo BML ~— e

hey memed to pot it dowato te Mot | tarpeetion af all "he promt es song th* | Ofices }
Veofecsor Carracdy ‘sald be bad Joter. | ashing whem t2 divest the attention of thelr | “STE TS de racte recretied his inabilt Teonnant’s Agconcy Cater a-pecially for tho Venezuclan Trade and keep both in stock and in Bond a
ing out thit whea water wan tiken from | > The durgeou Geueral paid they had no Colontal Pec retary’s Office

. .
ples taken from the lly! Springs before it | bad beea all xr a of romocre, we = .
was atucbed to the exiuiog cupply.. He pelitoteaor Carmody saved Ut woul! oot Dent "Gerdonst ase Honrd ate Government and Borough Contractors.

hot wish t to Ub himself, alviesble that the C -meuia int ar , toes
sod {teoild be’examined by any olber | cat vonnsehvuld be a ked to ndetes them | 308 on the very clear and foretble AGENTS for the Royal Fire Insurance Co, Southera Division.

inanner in which you brought before Lhe

‘oaally of theatate of affaira to Vonesuels.
Mayor aald be knew on olf man The Susgoon Geuorai estd, the Lsitteb, Hoard, the nevessity for & lacal rate to a ”

whohbed teea driskiog that weter fera | Miniter wen avked to furcistrat—toar =F — —— ————
Sumber sf years even wl hout Siteriog it, | (wicea weet, ali the partieatars Le could hvu have Wea en eooa paprarts, and THE LOCAL RATE: | you to order, DON'T
Ere ROR wan | Mie keas karen er any pu | econ toeagetoncaoaa io | Tae ig eats mtr BSS Bias 1 am prey C
would be unwise for Sen Fernanda jw add | to prevent} op. trioging over ack people Ar youare wah, iro onthe aubject, I the Chalimen oe Tiae fuasanch as the 6 irmen: Wl you bear me? FORGET ‘
tote preesot supply, water thas had been | God Iaoci g then 01 the Trinided coasts, | OME Me pene ex | ordinary tevenus of the [oanl = ineutScient We. will heir you, cer. Y
boforioue fe sie inpirity. The two | The Sa zou Georrel. Where would nn ively cop ur on the re d to | for the msede of the di his Board . , of
sowrces night. be Kept wepacate tut thar | they eume from, pressed, fhave fiayuently suggest d to | for the = 19 dieteiet, tle ,

“ t
a ’ ns
ah ukl assist | considers it neosesary to levy the follow ing Toe Chairmen [heave ab this Tpoer!, Mf + wi
would involve a heavy erpendit ef The SI yorsad be was about to eek the other reetors that wo te yi VE ADAMSON PRINTERI:
tll ex the ota te awe st the saa suatnee a by De. Aleton, There your rd by giving what we are able | rates for the fionueial year tous ¢- (a) | wilbdreen my resolotion It yoa wish te ; a “

Toes tes mili biuso | Waele po filoa to saleplitd the coset an Dee dradt not 8 Bearteyeut & ioe of it. . . .
ft me mach ae F have exceliont roads @ rate of}; (hon every hora he Dr de teinvens Ta has nothing tote | For Good Printing. *

that penple here aiid everywhere we! ree | town ofan Fernandes, Cadros, feacpr-and f
lees atous water, nod svuld just ae well | La Urea, wnt casos ly at loacus 5 1b was th ough all my properties Put in the f reat or aeausl value of whi bk does not | with the iesdlatidr This dee pulle thlug

drink from meninaid ss uocantam: | only a tuw buure ria ae 8

aualye: » Royal Mal Steam Packet Company, at San Fernando.

goed @ ethere have had fo go with | exceed £5, a raieof Bl: inlonerecy houw, | —« le ier wntien by you in a e .
fostedeupy Ipmmblebes t exme Bot There abi be “a ‘ acel apd that alt the oat 1 think at only nphe the Taad tho assewed rent or anagal value of which | yub'c newepaper, and I do ‘not propore 7 Qu en St W. H. YUILLE. §
ous ng that oa Mt bo pel jenny ete i ad enn mr cusuee bias every one else alould vcontribn e for the | excpeds £5 aratoofla” Veforeattempt | tonnsect yuu jan publin newspaper. J _ = —_
one iit could Me cvalsl s we w leant self thet Fuivt Spel el mtd in tee cred | LTessing novessities of thon why have no | ing to mové the resolution, t 6 Chairman | th nk thisisibe poper place for me to a '
oye Ue call ‘bes det, wad the tT tte ye ee mtry fir ale vee. | (de Hut it anuet Le clearly under- » be thought it waahis duty to welcome | arsser you.
the sigeestion’s ¥ we eppreve ol “ ln, ‘ from a, eel bgt eta d tbat those who mre interested tu ° thar new meinter—Mr. André Joachin. Tie Charman egatn ealled for o-der,
ie my br cheaper’ ro sre vont fae? to there seemed ts be nome diffoulty ard ie better row! commantestion niust py At the je intetiog when be (the fpeaker) L Dr. daGannts If yca Will pet hear ae, ° 2
acquis the MonQeras —eusply if | Hed not yet been deterenacd ton, their share I have, for a long time | avked that the reolation 4! post will speak atler the reroting te over, dj

they were ratinfied thet it wae} The Siayor saggested that the new
poree acd ethelent. Uf cure hel revenug cutter be utilized to superintecd
was 9) ovking.nuder ignorance of lucal con- | the ooast.-
ditions a stiely, ° A PERYON AL XPT ANA LION
‘The welter then dronped Commander ( outs suid be saw on the
ADULTERATION OF MILK, malnutes {lat oertan remarks fad been
The heerctory tea! aste‘eunns showing | wade with © pect to his -tatement ala
that Lblty pernoas had Leen prawen oi | previous meeting te vias mot p esont,
to -vetinad dittriote of the Colosy for acl] | antatd not +now what was enid
fog adaloaraiet resit. The surgeon General ( dont know

t, bee ng gravel for the North ned, there werp at that table, hve men
Meuzanulta Road” ft has Ucnetitted me Ferm * That day, they only had four (wo PIANO ANDO ORGAN COMPANY: #
“P tos partain pint, bat 5 Mere were ehaaat, from act whom they had Ur ie fetes To au dus courtesy D0 Ont 7

omd that # tl nefit of «thers, | an explan i, and t were lel con 1 Mt earine on thia matter, . - a
Tonust warn your Hoard that unlens the | je ture os to the other, In closing hin wee Chalrmsp ; Thet matter je rot | Place your ordera with The I. MONCEAUX PIANO & ORGAN Q 7
monsure is passed by Lhem, | shall not | remurke which he addreqned to the mrmber | tefyre the Hoard to-day, for the Geouine =
allpw another yard of gravel o bu re | of taxpayers (hen present, he partion! rly Dr deGa nes: The ois absolutely no Orvo 4 BTROEAYNWGDH FI.

twoved from my property withent being | asked them to return at the bye-electioti, | proper notice nanied
pred for " W Tkny the men-ore all ~uc |] & member who would be an exponent of ' oe Chairwad; Totala pot the p’are These lastrumente a:e wold on arrival which lodicates (bele experiority, end:
tees, thetr viewa Me Joschin had teen re- ] for you to dweuse tetsera io tha pews. of (he mancer in which they withstand the effrcts ofa Tropa

Aa tor what [bave to aay———
‘Tbe Chairman: Ia kh tor order.

‘An Eset Jaw torned and he took it that Mr. Joachia pepere, . TUNING AND REPAIRING BV RELUAKLE wore,
Ancona, Roth, Wet fa es A aad nn Srgeteyntatiy | tme.g the day telat vepoente: | "ce Gomme regard tothe

T Murray tive with the latest views of the taxpayers | werking of shi Board?

foo Chart maul the npoaking on | of the uistrict and that Hoard woul i natu
behalf of tue taxpayars of the Manza | rally have to bow to wha ever views he
milly distract, there was come debt uf | miyht bold If those views were not in
‘gratitude duo tS Mr Murray for giv J keeping with tho resolution that stool in
ug the Hoard fice of charge for | hiv name, then, with all duc deference, be
wome time now, the pravel from hue wast Law te the wishes of the taxpayers.
. propert tH eourre they cou oot, | aot it, on the other baad, (hey were in
ber boas ihe bad the righe to 95 iy fa . Neon tt weed the courage of MA toly these, however mach they mgt | keepin ¢ with hs (the apaskers, then that

" putice uf, b ¥ a ate the g ud that Mr Vue: fad { Hoard, ass body, mget bow to the. tus
Je fe sor Garmady give outle ofa Jen = babel srpicors, * ete seek dhirent that inden payers of tha doiiet

et | they dut a oe tain thing he would nur do | with themeseae Ie did not think be | me ro resjood t . » | cee tus sad that uy isuber could s1ge
acertain thing 8 wan atking or craving tev raurh ifheashed | 16 oa the egendae ta yee ales the cheques be. wovll sign in Wwwo as

, 7 Mer MeCaulay [hud at high handel | Mr fouchin tw tell there right out | attackel me aa publis nos chuismon and any member could act as
a. 9 or ben to nay 0. ‘eh that hewas w th the resolation, (he spirit, | think Sear aan ven lemar, dueall rm qayni wer,
f A The Coairman continwing said that { or an . iths.

———le > :
a Bin Clon Brinsmend, very little weed offered as a BAROM

15, Chacan Street, Telephon Me

cuted for % table and water, and | any choot acd beferc be pny oved to brlag
soling that rhe le allow d to ply at liar | (op ose parsoral explanation

ealllog abich was beronty rupport she | Tbe Barger Geuere! said he thought
Prowied todo be- utnnat to prevent he - | [waa somewhat iroguiar, bat if there
calf from patting water daher ml k agate | wae oF be wonal explaottion hs woeld
fanghier), aliow It. '

‘The Secretaiy woe directed to informs Cormender Ooowte said he sished to

Tee Chern: Do St andertind thas
you dinoley thosu tag of the Chair? If
you do, I wall adjourn ibe meetiog

Dr de G snoes p welnted in bis demands
to te heard.

TheCharmen. It is elther thet you
ob y the suliag of the Chatr, of I wall
w@ joure the mee ing t

tle deantes.— Lobe totthink itright
» and ane body, agree | tlas you eboatd. Yeu srould ol’ow

Me. MeCenlags Hole to: th'n-kisped,4 South and West
heoon’t stund ir. (laugh 0) East by lands of Hermuage sed
te Road Othoee won slavasct lorek | Lad.
* ‘9 1etirm. When became | Date this gth aay Ma
ah, he sell the Chaiimasa derliacd to Ur:


part of it, as

ay how. ey niet not allo ea lit Je ht fund eave hi {ihe speaker) vei much, voter: K .
+f tad to cut ve the little bit of , | truable pe > TA relers Kerpero
and he thought the iosrd ah acknow Ur de Ganpen said that as far an be was
ledge the revsigt of the I tter and thank | concerne|, be did pot see that it was

Mr Murray for bis past services ally nevewary for Mr Juachn to disclose

HE pobitic ereby oe a
—— I will pot be reepoasible it
Dr. de Gannoe'’e notiga fo Increass the | or debts cga ed b ay waa
Chaniler alias y, i.
my bouse oc 1é.h April

De deGarnis Jam perieet'y coat,
do ot whh tobein easy way unjartia-

Seoretarys wlaty from $10 ts GLO per
month, » audeuver (Ul tho vext mistt jug.
tein -


meotary. 1 poy my siews perfestly g lain,

and what I hasvatoasy, Iwil easy itunes

Mr, Joahiu. Does that road benetit | his views with regad to the resoiation | pe fectly per lamentary manner. Around th DANIEL C9
Another L Fe tao gee Hee [beset atthe | Ae tian ete Src rt nt gt] EES
. he Bret mile . ody who mig me, I will o'0-¢ the meating Sead yur requisitions for achool book aneye ied
Continuing be sald, he did not think Mr | He had no objectiva to hte **y 00" ’ i ae tt ‘ ——
nother Large Shipment of | eer shag dh soy es ht | Han dace Bie mecng ee | be, ae Garena wit [ate Wie naga gt

thir g atcheopest prices, Special d TRINIDAD,
for Tosoters Hn Pholevele Taye, wseount lathe Supreme a A 2

qe to say Ubst you adjourn the ‘meeting,

rman ead, hie | butt dopotthisk you ere right io doing

had done, as thone iuterestad in their own | that went. If, as tue Ct
4% a rouse hat always been ‘ilera) in their Mews wou d shortes t
i IT Cr L I Ss EL beep of them M0 that by helping eect rewolution, let him speak ‘out. toate a
feet, be indirectly lelped others, aod that | (the speaker) thrught it wax very well

HARNESS & SADDLERY. [oieitg ae ihaeta Yin | Sagngiae i Oe

were gtateful to him fur the gravel, but he | The { baizian said, on the other

did not think that Was any reason wby they he woul go on to say that the pan

shoudl pledge themselves to pase a rosutg | Uiough not p ope ly conmtitated at the

thn which they Thought they should vot | previous fheeting, had # Larger attundauee

Pers Ihe dil not give thein the gravel t be had wo desire to | the respons.
~ | we before, they were p epated Why it ar [UMNTY Uf Pulling the restation it would



The Chalaman: That is a matur cf

De de (somes; Pablic nfaene hes
tea mwé to me, end I thick leboad
an wer it,

Bome tmu'tsnwox jak bere eosued


flr, McG bly wos 'beard ¢o say ¢
Daido GaaneeroYÂ¥ou ae pririt'Estts ea,
pices secur vl wre yediel y as you area,

Lovety OMNANENT s.—Lovely orns: Sanimery Jurisdictiog
ineula cy certainly add She fiokbing No, 129 of 1908. _
Vouches to your pacour, Muulard’s have . ‘
just opened a nice as o-tmens —Keal teaty Patricia H
trings from 443 t. 063 per pair.—Av they | (Formerly Patncla Hi
ste being repldly bought up wa should asd
aleke you (oamshe yoor telestioa early, Theophitas Lewls ond
. fendanl(s.

Radar tyred Dogey wieels pa'n e

Use weal rate from | reweet grees and vornished bave tees

bio, and if they coul: f shorten matters uf they ki . ty . ‘ UBLIO Notice fe bonatg. J
et get it, they would go ekewhere aovit | Jos liu’s views were Tee ie at ae enemas Mr. SToVautay, Fan gucired at the Bonauss Hardwaie ee Decree of bu Hoan

Wey coukl not yet it cluwhers they wanld | teat an py ortunit before

do withoat it “Ihey could nut allow asy | them Tho e Were many Tapa eens

individual to detate to then whet tody, | (the epeaker's) own Lnea led, e, who were

sud by that bedid not wean that they | iv doubt and other inc mplete lyuorance

shoubl be stand- fish in any way, but ( about (he mater

that they would conser au suggestions Dr do Ganves said, the mere fa tof Mr

Dr, deUGsunes. There are certain thinge,
anew Ceu' ,
he Cratiaa Cea'emos, | ,
ber [ elgse (bin inentiog uae mneys
De. de Gannes [regret the orcerrence

= March jug hare will heat
7 ? before ibe dovra Jf
MARITAL S OR DICE, Town of Port-olSpata oe TAR

Ta the Seprome Court of Trheted ani 25h dey oe 006 b

i very mach Wire fehl wbaga, ,
wet dee et Sey sf tle phar od ca| Ha ae sh ric | aa etree oot fe, | ot ae Ca
wah De di ey] ou tae puile pye sould . ‘ in be OO

The Cogn sated whether the Hoard thet regelataon u he was to tepresent | bave thacsiagese stand teove ny bay Detween Cel ees oe to tok
woebd fe ackewledge receipt of The Ubalrea Tad et Je aod give yoo au opportunity of ailog your 8 Treylas & Co.— Plaintiffs, or lees Dy 70 feekia 5
the ire Thanking Mtr, trey fee" Ine | eun open fot havoeltt Wate Be Josehtu vigws ap def nding yourself Muy S*ousham—Detead North by Number 9 3 06a Ge
nad esprensing ite prepared AL. Juseliu thanked the Clit @ Oustrman eft the ravi, 7 eham— Delendant, booth by number 5 Bx &
t fey aay gravel taken from | "06 talagh nto the Used A

Me, McCuulays Leake lt as cowardice,
De, go Gaones (to the chab :
huey cost poe wiblle meetrge toa

Me DoGaaley 4 Tlat looks yeryshibby

hela quarry, ff he wae «: ving it free | 4 Views on the resely ton
Ly de Geanta courctrel cok view, | Opaleee ie (applause)
bud abl thet the reasons stetpl slioald be | The Chsiraau saul, he took iy bhet dr.
adel then bed fully expe ad Bimal vo
itt falas + — 3. . Sol the taxpeyers of tbe etetiter,
. t The lat pat of hin | 80¢ 68 (helrman of the Board, be bowed
letter be very . with every renpect, but with weer roger,
De, de Usnmes :—1t i ant complicnent U7 thet secleten LZ iaevees to Ube wise:
, ‘eiprgers, be lagged bara:
“Tee hn tessa wibdrew

a pasese
Be. “

NOTICE fa hereby given that there Petey base wan

aberey ‘Auntio® eee ee ag a te, Mar. tia deed ot munrigege henting

Somtlea toda Ta ‘don's doudion’ | Fered us Calurday the 16h day of By bevds of of eptasnver 1M a

te nit sartaln thinzasnsherewerapen, + 04 ab LZ acon, 7 TU No, 2559 forthe 20 -

aed ulen tw comes feca lu face, B em ‘Tbe right title and idterest of the defecs tween Theophilus a

Sand the at ack ome ce faotis = wooden tenement covered with above-named Gefendasts a
D., deUeme:: Ke p 40 e', hespgaier gslvanized iron atandiog on lads of onn { 7 Pere and donybing ‘e
Mr, MoCau ay [che wreting adjourn, Alaauel Rodrigues end heown as Vo, g | Of the other part to se

1d: n¢ we ery G8 t > contunae she mesting Lodge Puca lerled upon ia the above | 7am cf $800 ith to

(altar tefecn) 1 pyoiat Dy. de Gansey | MOE, rate of twelee do! ace Pat

be the chair, CLEMENT FRA. LIGOURE, num tog&ber wi

De. do Gianuce orld, bo thought it Dr de (ieumes. N. thereto belongiog.
tha ve lade the’ a lovreb tte Madras | coe Un gute Nes E will sete bony tf —emm_ Depuny Mar gal | O Died Th Bi ey of Berd .
Oe i ee ee om obey Fort oJ peu Gusetie bo nis the ane bescedy deus Ait ba whe Subt whole) SALE POR OR MD AY THE TH DAY mgd) E eae a e
L . > . . it ds Gentes: Mise, pou k-ep uit, — *
040 deen rem with Niekel and Brass Mountings from $1 dollare tha Ch eet hee case la wot, far PUBLIC Notice hereby gives that by WASTED oA foe good ore
— [dollars Uo BY dollars ond 00 conus - he ate ca tleeee beet gon, | eizoni narra back) EM Mh | Sees by o “smoramdscs Ta ahead [ Tinidee ees Bago
. % a eg women of the Roma whe is areil ojpuest ee bet the om sting le by cn Fags dey aeeeraty 1904 aad made pany Led,
, Peds ete ota , any monde, but Mr | ean's heer you ' awe very sorry etary raked to whas dag, Aecton t @ will Le put up for salp by Pathe
: be end
Anpaiin w quiring Tiaraean fave wil give Good Wests, rather Miotpbartal. ast anit | gli" ge asmens Liaves ack tet sou eros eb uiae teed, 1b wae amp y bo Mart No” chi eet va tbe toate Ss — For
. ° ' . ‘ " : be his Read Other . : ee iesday the igth day of oO
: — BUY ITAT— Mo ald deme ttearin | Ae Glam de 0! coatd veimeuge ty pa, ie mmebny | MAF y enwome he ncuvset creat” at | SEORO
& uv it, wonhd be teenting Mowith con you ae Towed truest wes.” wed ony that thine AP tees, Mowae ot the Aabis Upper ie ‘i Intend compris 19g bee d, :
2 | . AWOOU NTA, ie "s Caetse {raing) © Oude, please t Ui. 6@ Gane sein rel thot it Une be the rams ns aa wnt, fous Forcors Broa. ide Ot ae
ML L Ty I j | i i ‘ Ss . Acsonnis “uumberiog 6) he | de Gar aes Toul peice ly jo oder, | ttete Fearmad snd appumied s pay with the abuttals aad boubdasios theres! shea aud pis —Ta be sewerd

th t heah wea. Vue wo ua f call Qt bs 1 © ag meeting

jwarter, be would vestyuie bir so akee bred ten
. fein, " LX, fetta oy aad usdes om the Rorth,

‘ .

RR TNE Sr veers - Yi". â„¢ =
So a» ote : ies . 2. 232 imo = .

7 ~ oe NN I Nae a SSS en ih ee omer cinerea

FOR SATE | FOR SALE, | Valuable Goom-tstatos[h.M SP, Rattan] | ATONON SA

4 ¢

“wt ‘FOR BALE fata te, | used * Furniture

vo - : . ° j *ORINOCO* ... ov
& oF) RA fu ra | UW E z. "s E STAT E “lRsvo American PAE, cadevtened ben tee seiea tbe “ATRATO” ‘Tech Mey TP eduesday, Ott May, 1908,
' ” beat of rendition ard situated in the moat K
art Ballings for Pto. Colombia. A the Pire Brigade Headquatters,
46 1 pam

faypetable coca districts uf the Inland,
sriyourso with festrnetions from fo.

Hollow Cones

Manufactured under aa
Orbned and



These rroperticn oll yle'd erora varsivg | Certhapena, Colondamalea &
apector C Orsig, the nadersigned witl

HALE BRED RED POLLED BULLS. | MULES [seer See). Bree. | rumeninat meets

TT, ° see one
JOS, MITCHELY, «=| *MAGDALENA" Maya Sry Tipca, as the Fire Brigade Herd:

wartera, the follawte,

Excellent Milch Cows, Specially on, Kemerission, ond Toast Agent MADEIRA. INING ROOM--Dintog Table & chatra

tide board, dloner waggoa aod ware,

~~} -}- {FE RS; aa RAL Fp z sd. lc XRINIDAD . _amt THEACDALENA.” Apt tale, relriverator, Se.
HE FE AND CALVES: Selected High School for Cirls, ER MS


des ana ook eage, pictures, curtains,

fablen, crnaments, de,
BEDROOMS — Bedroom Saite, Mirror,

wardroby and chest of drawers, large

Dh NG ROOMs Easy chaire, writlag
8,878 Tons,

~ VE to leave h gorh JUNE nest
Appr *e Apply to TTR DETEA if oatietene

» 7 ~ ITE ind toffers, Tha**MAGDALENA” | donble brase bedatead, ete.
_ The MANAGER, 8 Vie ‘ont AYER wilt ake " tnd and 3d Class panesgert AAO . They Make
oe - PAINE e4 4 eee ge _
‘ on the Estate, fan Juan CRON EY & cO., ICTORIA VENUE, {+ Bae Clase, Bogle om Eis Tre, Posies wide addi Tukke dette +5 +
— xOM xO USD. NEW TERM BEGINS | Third Chase Sn oat red Oey tied Ruddle, Bet of A DURA BIE
1th April,.1908, Wromcay, 1G0h Bras | Ari's ton for scoommodation ia all! Brass monnted Pony Harnees.
4 b April. Laman elivce wh old be cada early, 'vercmas Cash, CLEAN ¢
. P, (ne and E: F hed — , ENT.

THE W. J. COX, | 00 spniationte re NORWAY GEO, A QUENT. | o UU
- ' Miran SUMMERS, Weadmiatress /” ° bwr~ Light Refrevbmente WU! be served. DRY Ho US

enews COMMERCIAL AQENOY. ___T _Gappes Graxt, Hon, teeyy The RMS, “Amazon * Twlo Screw 7 .


Auditors, Accourtants, Avcignes,| MIDLIN-LESSONS. [inven sarSscutser Stat rover

forthe moat faxurious travel, will teave



. —0— —h— = -
e Mannfactarer's Travelllog Rep seentatives, MS H. MESSIAH COOPER is] Sovthampton on Slat Jul joe fora iri
\ aod General Commission Agents, LL open to receive additional pupils, | to Norway calling at the fo lowing heres GENERAL MERCHANTS AND Te
q { : —00—= fo Town or country, terms of tuition Boulogre, Hal!, Leith, Naes, Molde, Meroe, SHIPPING: AGENTS,
I S l JOB AUDITING A SPECIALITY, may be qrmmenced atany dath , 149, Lovo, Mundal,, Ralholmen, Gudvargen, Me. —~So. =A
, - W. J. COX, Belooot Circulag Road. Bergen, Vik, Odde, Stavacger, . . OAS manck Mey

secured GOLD MEDALS of the highest awards wh thay have been “ * April dth—Im,
Bee or IiAlWaed CIOAKETLES awarded © certierte of honott | go atarine Gqeare Z™Mn? Dinetor, [APC DT Length of Voyage 14 Days Pares
atthe Jams ica International Exhibition, 1891 ene oe nn nee from £1 per Day.
. Machado's Cozara and Cigarettes are © smokore of oultare and discernlog FRIENDS AND
. . The "A ” wIT be the t
‘ «| CUSTC M ERS . newest ond, most eumpluous teawer. east
dalitllie way


Butlt on our Vremion


Sugar, Cocoa,

onm— ates Unique to quality and drome,
The Workmanabip and Pleading pACHADOA CIGARS AND

. RETTES P . ‘ <_e
: VIGA} caonet te axcelled oF equal you WHE. isp oA feet particnare a1 fo agcomm Cocoanuts and BEFORE BUILDING Youa »
i : B & J. B, MACHA DO gv EAT 86 LO PAS +} ; cabo tt tbe Loodoa Offices of Phe Molasses, . ais - ae
. eee ra noarduvect domalen - : DHN ADHEMAR PEREZ, PERMITS fet stesm tender for trigade —— pees
a rene eee ener eT eee Watchmaker, a a ae atte tan be obiaited on—26 “Cnhpaaye AGENTS FOR WHAT IS “a
WE WANT now Ot anther { te at| THOM & OAMERON; Limited, YCUR TIME
YOUR PATRONAGE, J. ADHEMAN PEREZ, _} For all forthe, information, e7017 4) ""“Ghasgom, IN YOUR BUSIKESS t



=“ we Mnow we sine feud ‘Oral a eenneoat Provision, Cocos Port-of- “Spain: Browers, Alloa, How much of it do yor
" Carta, &o. Built to Orders ype ~ | attending to nistters aoa
Carriages, Vann, , : ape TRINIDAD be done a




rellable manner andsvery desciiption of Blacksmith wark executed, Quicixer 4 Meth

COMMISSION 1 MERCHANTS Government Railways

Tho Gittens Carrlago & Shoolng Work ~™ saan we: 4 menry Serert ax ged’ Gavadien. Foodsaila, had oe

. 0 ons a a io oon or § F SAOLL —Apm Lumber, Newfoundland and hove

[Phone No, 469 BO oe rRAGARATH ROAD. Bm GRANE eset (KO DECEPTION! NO ILLUSION! S.S. “Naparima’| svete: | TELEPHONM
. No. 18, St. Vincent Street, NO MYSTERY }1! Cable}Addrons ot RANDOLPH Trinidad. An Ext aun t on your

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gives you iho Luxvarfol
phoning - ;

Dall 500 tmnvediately]h

and wall kad Cargo dieet fr

Halifax and in


7” —ON— . —_——
, “HOR, SA Tye . WEDNESDAY, 131m MAY, 1908 mpue great Raymond te gone,—don's4 ALTERATION OF TIME TARLE.

monra.—Raymond the great is here,
OF abovr The great Raymond has come and gone sod T ee ntgaded fargmend the eslatiog

, a 150 PARCELS RICE LANDS boperentiy Fas done wonders, bub one

~ - LN Tae gzeurely bebas done. te bas emptied | nue novice of the changes oaten plated,

A SPLENDID COCOA ESTATE,| conven Givve Eocan ihegeey fo ibe contrary ccatnualy fi ea dno chang oi ab we al
COMPRISING 50 ACRES MORE OR LESS, TUR above ae naguioead Ree Lande, | BESevem, Govsorra Datope dod ( tise

A new ravine bas jest beea tumpler- | Ladies of high rank. The yceat Raymon °
Situate inthe Ward oi Tower Caroni , and bounded on the North by | e¢ from the Tunepuon River through’ the himself, rch sod poor, in fact, all wine i, R, MARWOOD,

A B.C, Code, 1883 Edition,

Port-of-Spato, Trinidad.



Clocks & Watche

Prorercy Reraien,


the Carom Kiva Sonth by Toon Centono, Fast by Lean Centonv, and sald ioe Lands sad which ov be irrigat- People have reqonree to tla Huw Att is Geceral Manoger and Chiet Engineer. CLEANED AND ADJUSTED!
the Weat by H Fort Also—Cocon Drying House, &0, Ae, Bale to be held ab the Golden Grove | ones to perfection He ie wonderful, for Wort of Syaia. yi ’ —
Yor Perticulars eppls to Entate office, Arouca, aod tv commence ad VN years he has dyed, and he is atil!‘alive ;? WORK a! peclntely guaranteed. Atso— a
2pm wexma Cash. anc he is ever roady to dye, De GRAHAM'S JEWELRY IN GOLD & SILVER. For Further Particalart
oe . ne _ _ na. _ . . . . RA AN ’ aerate 5

47, Park Street, Parties desirous of vislting the wade te: Tnoidad Dye Works. COUGH BALM.

Crronometer, Watch & Clock Maker
fore day ot ale, or jfor ether particulars, Corner Puke & George Bis. oJ. M, SatuEAN? & Co,, London TPATIKG CO. LI0-—


eee Sees | may opply to Me A. J. Canrrrn, at _Te'epbone 15. : THE GREAT. OHEST-REMEDY 4%, Marine Squawn.
Pt 8 OTICE: 37-5 — 00 to In
3 0 inves UBIIC NUTKE de

~~ Curea Coughs, Colds, Bronpbitis, acd
Weats will be supplied by the under | all cheat troubles. No Nareoties. | Quite


agaicst the purchwe of OU

oentabMahed 10ne8. atened to gentleman in the ety, aod | parmt A eal a tala Enghab ON COCOA ESTATE ONLY. tevement 96 feed
THE BEST RED CLAY bild f h ete, @and certain Eogla ent mes urlog
Head Office Edinburgh, Scotland For claying Cocoa, direct from Bante Eeheol Uftnoderate prices. Gced entsine Remedy, - Apply in writing atating all parucolara a ppaliee Rickeoed lands of ry
z, verized and ready for use | and panctuahty guaranteed, Apply to| |“ as to security to the Office of (his paper, ? covered with galvanized ire
BRANCH OFFICE FOR WEST INDIES, BARBADOS | Sis, be bad $n bags of 100 Ibe wet | Mre_V. Pevwien 7 Chancery Bireet. | Price Ong Shilling (1/) per Plal. J April ard —2w wile cared athe Dy
‘ BORDE BROTHERS, & ” Manufuctared by ; cown as @ Tharmacy.
i Revence Mxcrrps.. _ we = 1475,000 .
Anmpal| Penis RxovEd, = ” 1,120,000 Apzil éth, reonat, Vineest Btreet LA PUERTA DEL SOL. x. J. ww ae Be SO. Smith, Robertson & Co,
ee wane . a — 98,000,000 J Neuvo Establicimiento Sole Agents in Trinided 5 , OFFER FOR SALE

de Fvovisionen,

Liberal Surrender values. INVESTMENT ITUADO en Ja emnicn de BROAD, ALFRED RICHARDS & Co,

" Ford & Can oit ¢’a Best Hard Picked Bristol
LOANS ADVANCED on security of Poliotos up to 90 por cent, of the S WAY ¥ MARINE SQUARE, No 17

rts LIME -~to Pane & Barrels,
quonder value at 6 percentintereat i t ON tirst-cthss town froperty from three | ~Ulrece ol yiblico en enaral, y partleu- laulea Ph qrinacy, Coin HAY.

MIMMBDIATE REDUCTION ta heme rates daring visity to Korope and > {2st thousand daliars or muse, Inrmeeta 1 Colosle Veoesolans, un

Aprly te exquisite y vatumlo wurtido d corner (Qu * Ste. :
roperste ciitnates . 4 y ie $0 & 31, Corser Queen & Nelson Ste, HARNESS Finest London made,
1a MOPOSALS ACCEPTED snd Policies lasued In the West Indios witt i E NIGATSE, CONSERVAS & ALIMENTICIA&, DUL "Vout of Bpela, , FIKE BRICKS—** Garecabe.” po
enty Bt CES, LICORES DE TODAS CLARE, . SULPHURIC ACID-in 5 owt, & 10 ews, 3 &94 FEET LO
out reference to ATTY Office tl Pra Taree TT 3 Pe Af the fee of Mr. A. Jontait, Boll: TABACOS ¥ CIGABRILLOS, - Drama, 18 & 24 _
€ 3 . 0 > = a ” 4
CLAIMS PAID issmediately on proof of death snd settlumeot msde Agail Th — lon ncent Hircet, (Qurs0s—B anco da Venerula, deFlandes, | RIN DAL) AND TOBAGG- CLARET nates dea Ormee” —in | Suitable for COCOL

BRIDGES, can be
woodea soncrs


at any of the Company 6 Agencies. eee Ameri Patagrds, Arroz bl nC D
POLICIFS ore eb age le admitiol are uneballengible after Two Years Aucti ~ Saletl 1 ilga”Tlavioas, Bip, Celallers Manteca Ia the mls Bapreme Court Merander | 272 FIM, “Atwnto
10n ale 1] de Culehirisu “La Haclonds,” em latuede |“ “Volman late of the Werd of Carpi. | 100 Cases GAUTIER BRANDY =120
a. BRUCE AUSTIN ~—_OVen Manidqailla “La Dawe en lavas des ‘bavaa in the Island of Traoidad | 20 2s
Ageot | THURSDAY 7ru & FRIDAY srn | Mia s Mawequl te Datesa fequtiina, | P08

we nn ve 7
2, “ " 4a,
ot ( suius"—Racalaa ola er pings & Ge

a ne | MAY, 1004, hora, Acei Cath | PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given chat | 4 fe atanen af Amervcan Steamers
——— , MAY. Te hin arut de Ctl por oni | D1 puie NUCH le heey, gma tat | or voatangARINE- Onldaa Nest —
NATIONAL Fred. v0 Scott & Son espefulas . Liosel Israel = Voiman sod Eoman all sizes, and of the original cotour,
. Stock, Show Cases, | dippers Fates em on fone en [iis Ward ot Gavepichsiee ia the Hac 5, CHACON STREET,
__Asaurance Company |. meronta *Wiw TOUTE, WT, | lrctdeapete, NUT Galetiars| ot Tetuided tor «great of Protea of the | 25th April, 1908,
OF IRKLAND | ty lsrore —AT— wr angen, Anat | ito eade cca tenae"tt | HOME IRGUSITES. ASSOCIATION,
| as Atlas Hire Inrarance 0c, 1 NO. 17, FREDERICK ST, | Serie, bests lies oudem, dvctioann | uk day of use 1 of dusteodar Vol ndustrles Bssoclatlon. =
. , * +s feline irapie . "2
Guaranteat by the Yorkahive Fire j thats Li? Buvusey + | plownaran aatiion data cn potro pare | ite aald bard of Truldad whe diot-en the 31, FREDERIK STREET, FOR THE 5k
and Lafe Inewnsnce Coy 1806 — Ceatebary Year 108 At Onc rival How DE LA Craba.—La tnejory ma. | Pb day of daly LOOT ay bt, Mary's Vil ——~ a
lea 1024 60 gat coat, off ote Taka occa pied _— pom, Bane betide det smundd, u oa wena Ward of Lerapleheions WM ens: nndertahe {pewnting at —a_ i
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