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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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■m mtror*rJ& TTHr—ssaT .r.n-'in
-Continuous Arrivals keep the Variety Complete.-
! 'isr
Mils, Shills, Tils J Collars.
BboIs, SIíbss &ípptis,
( â–  -VMSttf*
: â„¢re
■ WATERMAÑ'V"'.'.?J£,ga:
(Are Wholesale Asentí
Jeffrey’s Edinburgh Stent.
¡¡Lager Beer.
Ejt. S.S. “Saba”
Ex S. S. ‘ SAlVBIA’
Ex S.S _“ Ocamo”
200 larrala POTATOES
't»lh Qisif.
241U Apill IMS.
ireuud «mow» n
-â„¢=. Farewell Performani
Friday & Saturday!
5SEF choice •'program
Entire Change Hightl
10» Tragaretc Road and St. I
Farforpocfl to begin at 8.00 Shar
Raymond Out-Raymond I One Bt
Iut-ke's SoUp Kltchi
JXJ mi? in oirrjyr qy K
so KING witli 0 -Diami
RING 13 Uiami
V thins: Tor Your O
S-DUiíyf us.- ss minÍK i

e'thí Ltefw am
í wídÜTseasoh.
FMürl Panamá Hate
Tontls' Magnolia "Boto. .BEDSTEADS]
Blth» de Co.'
[ Wedding- Presents
No. y, Frederick Str$*t.
¡j%|i Eketro Pl»t»d CMdi:
Ms Irock Coats T SILK. HATS.
Oejntl 0*1 | of A* rieUPUj*
roa -witouc was. J fk whim wem.;
Champagne Shoes,
K HUH lit SB,
Large Bras. Buckle — very llrcaiy—H.CO a pair.
Austmn Tie Beaded Shoes,
sixties: bbos. Sc c
Hardware Department.
Lirjtel SM it the LwkI PmmUc Priw
Building- Inin*’ Tinpar Liati
Makubial LIME. â–  *
Gillincham Cement.


|MiK HNZtB jyp ~ S.XCTOW
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«¡■mí?*. ffliffiass mm

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■m mtror*rJ& TTHr—ssaT .r.n-'in
-Continuous Arrivals keep the Variety Complete.-
! 'isr
Mils, Shills, Tils J Collars.
BboIs, SIíbss &ípptis,
( â–  -VMSttf*
: â„¢re
■ WATERMAÑ'V"'.'.?J£,ga:
(Are Wholesale Asentí
Jeffrey’s Edinburgh Stent.
¡¡Lager Beer.
Ejt. S.S. “Saba”
Ex S. S. ‘ SAlVBIA’
Ex S.S _“ Ocamo”
200 larrala POTATOES
't»lh Qisif.
241U Apill IMS.
ireuud «mow» n
-â„¢=. Farewell Performani
Friday & Saturday!
5SEF choice •'program
Entire Change Hightl
10» Tragaretc Road and St. I
Farforpocfl to begin at 8.00 Shar
Raymond Out-Raymond I One Bt
Iut-ke's SoUp Kltchi
JXJ mi? in oirrjyr qy K
so KING witli 0 -Diami
RING 13 Uiami
V thins: Tor Your O
S-DUiíyf us.- ss minÍK i

e'thí Ltefw am
í wídÜTseasoh.
FMürl Panamá Hate
Tontls' Magnolia "Boto. .BEDSTEADS]
Blth» de Co.'
[ Wedding- Presents
No. y, Frederick Str$*t.
¡j%|i Eketro Pl»t»d CMdi:
Ms Irock Coats T SILK. HATS.
Oejntl 0*1 | of A* rieUPUj*
roa -witouc was. J fk whim wem.;
Champagne Shoes,
K HUH lit SB,
Large Bras. Buckle — very llrcaiy—H.CO a pair.
Austmn Tie Beaded Shoes,
sixties: bbos. Sc c
Hardware Department.
Lirjtel SM it the LwkI PmmUc Priw
Building- Inin*’ Tinpar Liati
Makubial LIME. â–  *
Gillincham Cement.


|MiK HNZtB jyp ~ S.XCTOW
t ¡xf"
«¡■mí?*. ffliffiass mm


o 7 ~ yim we soe aw, soe f 2 sy 7.
eT CT ae Jere Noe, ‘

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até “Ot ™ 2 etme gs oo ws
* ~7@e. ah J 4 a
‘ : ‘ ve whe he optege 2s
oo : “ : heat yh Tay toy
, ah D4 So, 7D rs
Cat tae yas . m vy hs
me) - .
a 4 ; “i o
* #9 , e
, 77 ‘he ‘ ue \ /
. . .
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. & ‘ in

' * ‘ ° 9

Continuous Arrivals. keep, the Va

as ~ ate 2

. ie a ‘ . Ss ee,
1 Boaete â„¢ ad wna tint he BEE | . a Bek stom e

* .e ." . , -
oe Ty . ‘

~ ve - ®
45 8 Soe aye ee


The Largest Clock In The World, | TRINIDAD. ° a
-_— Ta the F ¢ Court of Trinidederd
The lergest clock 1m the world fa soon “nen Tobago. Trinidad Rlectric (o-,

WA TER MA N to be set vp one fectory building ia New No. 180 081907. nen XMsited. g
‘ graey, neor the Hadeon River fron Soseph Leacock Btonte—Plalotif? oo « 4
The clock will face the ri dat ac P
The Hatter, Dlothier & Outitter, time of the day ot ni t pensengere o8 Artbar Woltto ne Defendant. K ee p Cool.
the ferryboata around New York will be UBLIO NOTICE ie hereby given that —

For Bargaina in

Hats, Shits, Ties & Collars,


able to net their watches b:

Farewell Performane


TRINA, — | Boots: Shoes & Sppers,
Inu HOSE in Cotten, Lise, Thread Black, Tan,* Champagne,

+n. #

Bargains mil. over the Store.

WATERMAN â„¢ itvcoiemnan =

315, Frederick Mtreet.





it, tto the Decree herein dated vw. ED
ae’ dial of, {bia fleck will be at feet fo the Ii Deceaber 1907 Tend b an order a rear eonvun NEXT
iameter, acd will have an arrea of over onour Edger q i
L19bequare feet. Before the ecoatrug. | Chlet Justice made hereia on the 13th day WITATH £1X MONTHS t
tion of this timeptede, the largest clock of Febroary a pnd of protber sorier of
tbe Cy Lise Patedsieie” But tee inn the Sh day of Mare iat past there 1, When you can Rent or Buy
New Jersey timepioce will bare an ares vi ices Tort-oLSpun on There: :
of more than 544 equare feet over the doy the tin deo Ney 3 bewentte| AN Flectric Fan
The clock will welgh sbout six thos. hoa a of cot ae ee, two several par-| From this Compaoy, which,will cost
The minute band fe 18} feet long, aod | celsof lend altgate iu the ward of Gaanopo | YOU
with its counterpnise 18} foot Tone. of | in ten ideal et Trinidad the fet thereof} LESS THAN 8c AN HOUR.
ato, This hand will travel £23 {aches | comprising 17 scree and abutiiogon the § ¢orun the same? Ie not your personal
every winote, or over half ‘ mile te North spon Teac oF B, J onite on the comfort, 1° ay nothing about the
moved the hands weighs Ro poueds, Hert upon lend of BJ Bapique and on | SO Sta cre thaes ee ee
tage ofthe cock sll ba oulfond by eles | enoond tharel competing i noes srods) THIS TRIFLING SUAM.
tris lights, sod so the hour and minute it | ond 39 perchegand abating om the pon For particulars, enquire at Office,
toarks may be seon by persons masy | fods of By Jean Baptlate and pon lands
Peseta Hutcran cee” Oe | een apo he Bar pon, bade 8 Di HARDING -
—— the Woes apoe lends of Rose Heyes por Acting General Manager
fends of B. J, Antoine aod upon Crown [ Oe oe
MRS. FAIRBAIN. 12; Als all those iyo atargral, parcels of H or Sa J e
aod meassuages alta: the town oO
Sentinel bereof bein rt of th aa
: .__ | jane describe! ia Hoyal Great’ Nes 800 of | "
THs sensational and interesting 1800 and therein numbered, aa 13 Horrano | 3S. OCA DIO
novel highly appreciated by all | Street in che said town of Arima which .
those who have reed it can be had | porioa with tbe buildings thereon ts from Canada,
from the folowing pisces at the] teNe fh oon “Born or Breet oe Fike Sitton's Creare Sodas, sib
ae oo RY ;
low Bgure of P Bouth upon lande bow of forcwriy of Clara | 132 Cogee Hanaition'e Cream Soles, ait


aera gr

19 a
28 Gents 2 Goxas, | Hoepedsicnon the East npon Prince direct | 75 bags SPLIT PEAS, 210ibe,

be W lands of Jeng Qain- »
Mess MUIR MARSHALL, | sedate, Wee apo lpee otova Wala | 109 batila POTATORS

DAVIDSON & TODD bee 17. Prince Street measuring 50 o :
Ko H. AGAR—Vark Burcet_ ‘| feeo in front wlth w depth of 100 feck and | 002 boxes SMOKED HERRINGS,

we Mus LAURENCE~Beq Fernando, | abuteiig oa the Not tb and East upon lands 8s Oo
s Do’ h t yet of Revateson the Bouth upon BO °
m You'wt Doe reavet the fewreente: one Joba David and oa the Wen wpow Prince | 30 casks LARUE HALIFAX Cop,

Btrees, 100 bags CANADIAN OATS,
Marshal's Offer, 2, AU that otber paroel of land or cocoa | 150 do. DANISH OATS.
lantation situate in the ward of Guane

‘ Qh April, 1003 £0 do, MOLASCUIT. ,
Ta the Supreme Court of Trinidad snd [lathe ssid isleed comprising 18 mores} 40 do COTTON SEED MEAL
‘abago. food and 10 perches and abuttiag on the | 192 do Ml .
Sammary Jarlediction—Fort-el Sala. | North upon Crows lands and spon lands of BX, SS.“ SALYBIA!

No, 140 Joan Francois Qalnette on the South and | 30 earboys SULPHUBIO ACID. —
30 cases do.

Are Wholesale Agents

~~ FOR

tJeffrey’s Edinburgh Stuut,


The well-known Livery Stable and Carriage
Factory proprietor, known as

Between Wer Crowa lands and on the East 2001be nett.
AND Arthar Balfour ‘Keowea Talat apon laude of oun Franco Quinetta snd |B drama do, Sewn
~ _ Gpon | Estatd. 7
Wilham Alleyne pometines Willem} 4 Also ali sod tangular that parcel of —_— : WIS open bls Show in BAN FERNANDO on iene
Alleyne Boerne =Deleudant, situate fa, the Pe iwetext,’ at the ORI ‘AL HALL, _

He will free himself from Handeuéls, Shackles, Nec-frone, Leg iro
acket, and perform the Trunk Mystery and the Box Triek, wit ibe
Professor Deklaskoff, who will also exbibit all kinds of Siei ol-haad, TY
KP” TICKETS can be got fram Mr, Bopynn’s Drog Store,

, os Sanam tee

JEFFREY S LI BERTY OTICR ls berety elven thst. share Meh IS ecred belo the penal ibd gous. T CEDDES GRANT
+ ~will be pat up for pale at the scribed on Roya! Grant to Jose Ianoceacio v g

‘ B Bursouoo Batandey tha" 18sh day of Ling | negztcne epatazed, an No 204 of tess

Na a £ e P e e Pr. yom auld o’clook nove, Hotebonrg oa the South a, Moods ot 3. 9 Broadway.

th ghb tltie sod interah of the | Jauvier ov tbe Exe w de of J, Bev:
le the two wooden tesemeats | eric aad on the Weel spoa lande gl I


made of concrete poggings covered with ‘eronique, La the Supreme Court of Trinidad aed Toba
giivantsed fron wanting on leads of] 6. Also ton, a “
Retanti-all Deniers, Borteng ond kagwaaa Noe Sand 7 Mate | the permet paki erred FO Bagot Nop es Foreot Spun.
. Tall Jrse, Calvary, LuV, Jerled upon Ia pecs ¢ 1905 situate ia ihe ward of Cunaeps R A bet ween toshe Plaintiff
. . land acres ‘Obert Alexaader a —!
Port-of- Spain, 28th March, 1908, - CLEMENT F, LIGOURE, rood s0438 percbes be the eet e and
ee Telophono 182, ‘ Depaty Marshal, [| leas dallesated ‘aad with the abuttals and Octavia Wattley-~ Defendant,

bogadarise thereaf shows lo the plas be
PETE Grown Creat enteral 1a Volone | PUBLICNOFICE jt hereby iron tat by
hoseded on the North by lands of George meats the youb day uf
seine fod bylaody of Thome Willem
oa the Both ty lands of Basebla Mosimbo
sod Tames

The Distelar Regiery at’ bertot-Bpala
‘atslo jets a
le the Matter of the Estate of Gere @
Ferderick Jeter late of the town of Bt

‘Ex, S.S. “Saba”


, Be | ood by set ET it be known in the four coraera that Dr. J. P, G. BURKE, I
ett the Mea onl | a uate a, Heros te a rm Tirvrabeiatarect feelangenatea ht 2, 3. F, 0. BURKE, Yee
335 Bags SIAM RICE-A.C.L. —~ Wes by Crowe laade aod cous. } (bo Demerara atzle, a SOUP KITCHEN at BO: &@, Exe!
UBLIO NUTICE ls hereby given thas | b7.& pablie road soverved Bfiy” late ode Rte et, opporite the Home Lodastrios, to be known aa,
: P application bas beea made to me ty . hed however ag tothe percels above BUR RS Q pi
‘ ar ’ Samual Hi of the of net acres B aq ned ee 2 sores surat . KE 8 OUP K1ITCH "
Ex 8. S. SALYBIA of the | af taveer of Saye ciate #2 a mete wae te |S. This eof fake work will be exsnied oat tien tae’ ieodiate supe
; FROM LONDON. Be ee ba erected tn nce ano 1B for secure othe Bey ween wvlasn and qutatantial Guster, Mf
ow Ns . Faymest tbe principal sum of OÂ¥,000, laeds of . te $ leo to dels
. . —B.Cc.L Dated ible Ged day of Apel 1008, et o for the
365 Bags SIAM RICE-—B.C.L. Pamwad AP ‘OLAMKE, Feralas cam be snrplied fh0m 10 [06 every day exeopt Bacieyn.
5 . Tene
MARSHALS 7K, i. oF | lovited to tospece the Estalll ‘ores sopplied on the promises, The public

In the Supreme fount of Rh aRre te J, F, @ BURKS, 40, Frederick

Ex S.S ‘‘ Qeamo”’

No Suey 7 [sidicuce—Port-of Spas,
FROM HALIFAX. ; . Latter Palau
200 Barrels POTATOES Novices hevty ene oa sat ter Srna 1 Marquise RING with
Courtenay Sesto bny poi epee” | Ly RING ,
FOR SALE BY- The right tule ood lnuree of ie ——_— a
* CORNERED | sspsibe comet vasa seulop ncaa The Very thing for Your Gi
ST F p M AN A R C H ER Med LAINGH ONE ted sin eohd ow ag sang. he Wanted ! If you have no is}, the very way to Win due. ;
a e MORN CURE: ayeoreay |e hte LEMENT 3, LIGOURE, BiEVOBE Saterday, Arr 26 4,000 Mea | RII 2 WO-Very Cheap-Call quis
South Quay, ee MARSHALS RACE Jel St? Ware bus na g prince — i
24th April 1003, Get fh at LAINGW for " cents cote B mmayed spa, | Cater oad Oattiie, li Yyede N.By-ALL 81208 OF P DR BY US 38 FREDERICK


Se te


ECIAT. LINES, Sa Job Line of French Muslins.’

i Ensues | CUS Slr fr Bits as cma


STYLES, $120 EACH. . ‘Worth Double the Price d

: CRASH SKIRTS, ‘EXCEPTIONAL VALUE, “7200, EA. PRICH - - $1. 92, yp.ouean $120. RIBBON * C ORS ETS.



Wys PATENT LEATHER BELTS. BLAOK & COLOURED. 80. EA. OF THE “JUST OUT‘ BOOT FOLISH, Dress Tweeds: Plain and Fancy 24 conts Por Yard, .!

ago Hamburg | 4m America

WE: ENTIRE |! HORSE. BRUNSWICK CROCFAY |" Guarantees « Bence. | Qe barepe my, te mid to bre

i] Pansougere ere ore are , specialt ‘no ifed thate. tr tha
baggage lighter fo be despatched to this
the perfud to which welare pow refer: ateamer will leave the St. Vincent §etty at

10.& m. on the dey of aailin
rlog > but now there are rumours, | acd oaate ee ey eet ing, and nd paonen en

Pact Souernsn & Ox.
ire, Marine and Pate

—_—t—— more tha a that the Cacal NTA a n ;
99 ¢ Bere ae Insurance. market fe lated w while-the'¥ow pro- | | Frc baggage be sent down before that PARR Tent tart eo
Tess og made the Uoreramen ne @ from Vevezgelin rorta-on of
FRESH GOODS t FDGAR TRIPP ¢& Co, fowards the adaptation of more attract! ot | TRATO. AGENTS vOR due here fiom New. York an eanley
7 methoda for husbandin, 6 cosliog ey 190% vis Jamaica, Colon, C . rg, taking
CHEAP PRICES}?! vil 1 banding th Vth y 190, Se Thomas, lLarre, and Hamba Ry takly;
—THE— . Commercial Union Assarance Co, | trade ia teaching steamship Hoes to seek | thagena’ and Puerta Colombla, aud wilt | o> Pesengers and wails
. eee eed gentere ker better accommodation. Inara the Ph Chatbox Sunt}iampton via
. a ' on eo siz batches o tl a ve loa 8 4 erbourg taking pawen The Trinidad Line of
IT SIRE in the ISLAND, |FieEaglsh Hams 24 per b. riftecsiar fot wparssbrisee hat [ Tie fue i ve te, Vit oy nara
sk in the teeth of all the uscertainty wb feb Jetty at at 1 pin, with passengers for the a iad Shirpieg ond
-WiILL BE Ssnolre . wo seo around ne, something ought to be ‘att ited ATA Vane te on 1 iMareend of
dove and at osce so a8 to ensure to the vane iter te" be iieyatehel ‘that 8 M! ¢ Trinfdad Line with leave New
B E Qhold Granulated - Ping Tobacco. labouring classe means of obviate Haineward Bait will loave tie At, Vineent | VOtk On Sith Apuit aN, , (Wednmday)
L R ICE , oneat Jabonr whereby it he'| Jetty at 10au1, tn the day of sailing, and | y01y cbere, raat js, and is due to
v A rong aptly Tater itl rrntaey ba ane. Bo (tg sab [ppc op inrts cel foe | Me Hee on Pty hay ie
OF A better than th’s so fer as queatily is that of th BeSER Te ont Gown belore

concerned, and thera is no guerantee Ag ALENA.=The RMS.“ Mag: .

whatever that the favourable prices of jalena ig doe here from Sonthamp- Glasgow Direct Lin

jodey w will sgaio obtain, Aaticiys tions ion on Wolbestay, Huh May visCherbvarg bhi of Steame a
procal 4 7] OD a! 06, BD: ea v eames

my relora all very vor br the ee for New \ork, via Paerto Colombis, Care The Feanidud Shipping ad,

Jacob’s Biscuits—1 1b Tins,

r Ep NUMBER OF MARES Male Tole Ms ive Tet Dey

Miranda 360, Butter Cream 360,


tegena, Co'on and Jamaica, takin: a. Teadvag Company, 4
—AT~ . prone 308, Wiodior” Weitere doer renee oF Gate aod Pond Inaunelee of | tesners catvo and malle, © P| (YROWN OF ARRAGON=The oe
Orel Rich Tea 2¢., Ginger Note FO ee en oe ae ioe weazent |, 2be Lender. will leave the St. Vincent | (J “Crovaot Arragoa™ ls dao to anive >
Crea Cracker 3 Ib tins 60 e sort itis known how the Jetty at pms whb pascangers for the | bere fiom G'a'gow vie Barbedoa on of
ou NT ESTATE 30c., Cream Crocker, tins 606. gas roe te etd fe tne a obange te * Magdalen’. tat fed th shout Livbe May, 2003 and vil proceed
* - Passengers are epecialiy notifed that a pafterwasds lo Uemersara takicg car,
MAYARO, All Excellent Quality. | Unclimbable’x Fencing, | is incumbent that, as fiddlers, we seply Legeopelighter te be desnsiched to thie | pawengers aod sauile & owge
. . — IRON BUILDINGS, BRIDGES. | more than s aingle string to our bow; | steamer will leave the Bt, Vincent jerty at
‘ . . ° the population of the,country, while i if] 10 a.m. on the day of aalling, and “pascen- .
27th APRIL to 10th MAY, | McLaren's Cream Cheese Tho Lochrin ‘Iron Works: | refurea to decrease fn’ cucabers, is Jése | pers are therefore requested to see thas all Compagnie Generale Pa
, > Pott " content with the little which satiaGied | thele baggage Ly seat down before that | Teansztiantqee,
ec . Tn Pots—24 cents each, EDGAR TRIPP & Con their forefathers 5 3 aa they Brow in intel: hour, 0. Lectand & fon, —Agtate
-—- AND AT THE — SLIGHTLY CORNED ROUNDS BEDE | ems | lectuel enlighteriment 20 do they grow 10 T. DUMINGUE.—The-¥reoch Mail
” ” UES THE taste: for better homes and better envi- Ronantilite MW. Wail S Bteamer “Br, Dominene “ia duetere

ronments, and it is the daty cf the state
to foster aud encourage avy sach ten-

A JUANITA KSTATE—MATURA. nok Hes toNoves ‘| Porl- of Spain Gazelle The outlooks ta traly, gloomy

411 from 0 « few weets it is feared tha,

12TH TO 23RD MAY. ee thlnge wall neat a0 even arker phase, ry ° x Wl EROUW= The Freren Malt Misumer
. £ a OF owe rer, dt “Peroa,” {com Europa «4%
+| Me We GOODING, _|~___fomrorenain ~~ [ARIE sh eg Sort fee 0 |e ims Mer Soe et noma A

loupe sad Martiniques | fe due hore onur
care etH aetath eentied nny | Havre eed Auris tiog ergs pox | wurde Caapano, Savane, Gan, aed
-w. ave frequen eon maby wren ms ora ta 1K cargo, pac: G .
PRTHER PARTICULARS SERINDAD 430, TODAGD, CLOOMY GUTLEGK AT BARBADOS. | T Whiner to succees! fully tide over a | ccngersand mall Port Limoo, taking passengers, mals and
“e The Registry at Fort-of Spain. storia Pabich a shorg P NS WILLEM trae Dutch Mail | eareo.

Io the matior of the Estate of Thomas | , TUX outlock at : the present moment t ooied the complete annibilation of nee * Prias Willem 1” ia due here T. DOMINGUE. — Tbe French, Mall
: ply. to the HST ATE MANA GERS. Alexander Hosein late ef Wiliams fsomy, mc thas Gish ol thesia fragile erat @ are veverthelees de | Dertecera on of mt iia Mite and | Wit Guadeloupe, Mortinigveaod St, Lucie, *

Mint the Ng cltrae Grande, | oocsee At o_o to clear moacbe | NOUS of esing thet te local exepsrie | proceaion, siterwends to Gargpano, | Indus ere oa, about the rd of May

— abeed cf the neazen when the labour | thes, towards this vaperabuadent popu. Cabella’ oun i doers, Puerts aod will proseed. itera ards | ° Dems Tare,

UBLIC NOTICE is bereby gives that taarket ia usually expested to fell yet the | ition, and that they are not losing acy pabelia Poet gerne Ny Aaz- “Cayen, paula ed carro: yeane, ig passengers,

Pe tion bes wea made e by } suger works lo ‘tre various pariahes o oft, ringity for tnsaring to it the very Xe fork, taking EROU.—The Fierch Mall Steamec

Wat tera chaetaant et the Solend are fosk completing thelr bat. Labour, sdvaniages posaltie, Its (puike FMeUERIe I WENDRIK—The | L- “ Perou” is dae Lore frees Venesne-

’ , vaees Pe 4 “

TOITOUITBAT YOUR af lOTOGRArHIC & Orant of Probate of tbe will beaniog date | bourry fe already rent adrift for te e bio parse 8 one thet bas a Hemdeiie = te gag eaner ale erode | aod Tents jhoee she Zo
SUCCEES DEPENDS ON see eas oe erhomae Ate iice Moots tote of Wie of todo. Theesne! caver reaponsibilty restiog on tho | ports or or aboutibs 16 b May 10, pre Haigaes Gusdel- apes Bio'ander, Bndeses
News eerie in tbe Ward ch evens Uramde, Hy ebert we are SRoalders of local statesmen bhat they | cerdiog afterword to Tersmariho, Havre, | and Hovee, teblog paseengess, coals mad

BMENT & TMPLIMENTS YOU USR, | pirisvsrs tara et trae h is | bron 4 ae ate tart data | gwen, mace Gangioupor (tb ann ben en | Tem shipping Intorigenos,

time of bis desth a fired {abode at | of all this ja tbe short rainfall experi- thea § . pring “MAURITS—The Dstch Mall ®
Fea eae rile within the cell Ward of | enced daring the growlog period of last way fall “ ithla thats powers our poor at | P''sieatmer* Price Marita” iv due bere ARIIVA ALS
o04MO, Brit. je Burbanan, 3,172 tons,

Ceast, from Demwerarn 09 the 7th May end will
Tha Royal Dutsh Mait— | leave the oamedey for bt, Laria, Martl-

nique, Guadeloupe and Bt Nasaise, tubing
prRins WILLEM 111 —The Botch Malt paseengern Malle and ¢:
atesmer * Prins Willen, JIL* ts due

sx shont the

a hrowa yte eh, -
‘be Vert -of Spain.
Ya the master pf Ine Kotte of Pil

late of tbe Tose tf Baa Fer.
Deady jo the Jelaad of Trisided Mer:
obent— Deovased.

Ba’ Greode the sald Robert Niamuth and what taekes the outicuk the from Amsterdam via Paramaribo and
bein ole executor named in the eald will. | more gloomy is the fact that the preeeat —_—_—_—_— ecpadiog of aboch the o Mey 1908,
And notice la'n'na given that if'no Caveat | growing crepe bave not been any belle The Barbados Volunteers. fe 5 Laante, F ad fee Be Deroerare, 2 bosses, 700 begs
telle, Coracso, Jace), Aax: i ‘s we spolascul, nid paseens
179 (ores the dete of the publication | Happily for the euce growers the prices | The We: hy Recorder of Barbados sayst—=| Cages’ Portaa-Ti Ik sre clon Grate de On
efile dotice the Court will proceed to | «nis sone ba Ile Sctnsured viet the Foot of Comuand- nating carga Panseogers sad mala, aya stenee
Dated the 1dth, dey of 4 nici we tact ie" ene b J Chit of ld THE 2 ae hh Corhao'd 2,920 tos,
, THOM Perea some da to | Bisek wood. ‘As this "0 ise fn “1d bears, Butiedua, $19 {tac use pened
iatrbr, the eultivativo of cotton heave met with ensge for THulded, & 2 xeneral cxrgo
RECCUE Bat sme, ULer, Is
t op od for ved those oi Mere bound | Comaenting Officer of the Voluntes a, fandom Koweteanee $3 bidre acu 43 javecte
grop & loweé 6 something must have ovcurred to 9 cause & S! s = To Ev he Orelh & Guy,
jo jqare TY

h lodged before the sspiration of twenty: | served io (Lia then they were ia th manos, Gasnts, Pampa: tary Le Gessre,
fasue Probate of the said will eccordiogty. of the Volantewe fe tobe alten vovER QUERTIER, Dalse, 728 Una, 3
dissprolatment owisg the out-put of vA ie roleouie 4 ernie’ zi en, shenoga Birvel Line. {a Bolivar ant OT pwergere-To RM
& cheaper, ss frose cleeysbere which the inopestor General of T'pling would be am Colenbal Oovaye
to sell to do a0 st 2 Madleal elenge as to the pervon to be OWS, Deniah wlune. Hanseo,

then wos astlolpated. b ceope are 7 rtp to kbebL® ac tor oun Seat ane
wores evile than cheap prket, sed a of opal ma thet the toarstary of Beale for proceeding sogernent m Bemerers, King gatte ont 44 (pausctgerenTe Gen Ie

ament should te fer more exet- | the Coloales must have objected to the ) cargu, passengers, Alewa & Coy,
Sued with the one thao with tbe other, sppciatavent of malta sees one aed & waet a posers BAN Ava "Vek. Che heats Mlandes, 6 tour,
ries fanisted a OT! e
Weary ar Pout .D ADVISABLE TO UALL The rain which oben by ike | os KominWghe Wort 1 Wostln-| pansaper. oue


New 4 Baildon

0 G RAP , BMS, 7 Payal Malt Ls tise The Royo! Detch “Mee Si BAR SMAQCA, ce andie’ Rot,
W PLATES, ims Ps al WA TERIATS. “isebare ron Now’ ork pe sendey due bere from pecans cepa et pg ea fot see

i malls ond Piatt Davee Mea Mebw,
OWYNE-The ae, OM iy Nate >
. Mr fadea bere frome New York dinae'ee © sonal mvpid @ | one x a
The Tonder will leavethe EL Viteont the ee Mey 1008, proceeding | Comet 6 bd
i Tlpm, with pasdenpers fer the te Pasgmaribe takleg sargo, pas- a enone ree
Prteare. ase specially notified thet s Don ‘ Bayes eek ice

cee a

id ton en the aay ot

ate on.
Peoria caren maces ia | eeleend neem, Ste rp tats


1 000 Barreis

i. nn i Ud.—The MK, Togas’ ba dee ® a .
Max's Famous Wiener Beer TEETH, a | Mee
yo TN Powye; ann “Qoaars, tae: D EI . Mais | Sead, wild soe ive hem = mae Sieme anees Oe re oes ree Bis eing of Malte.
4 4 8 J Sager will leare the” wards to La Malle for Deaierssa « dup
KEN ” SR If por pet Miele es aseeupr ior tee Silie Rtaeees 5 os. as w





one" nes
ven fren
$0 compete



PRIL_90_ 1%




* tim OE
oh bet RS +
v t
a . a
» ys {
d Sy:
« 1
, te > £
pW: Ne
Py e

_ 0 Bage.U, Dhall.




= é

een ¢
‘The gicl Clenasa Boyve who wai teported
bead tf Tasmday to have the

i nacident at on
se tgheg bo bee Colemienl




ms br! a
evening about
body was
deceased te



% oe

Whrot ite tes)
he par who lets bere
the New. York.


My. ot
were t
yerterday by

dt Star Lodge, 4,128, Three


, ——aw i¢ ‘ are rejnerted to attend @ the ocean steamer arritteg here yer-
a %0-Cases Ghee, 1/2/and 11 Tins, 3 Experienced Clerks, resting wt Cuiiove Hall AE 7.90 Pm ieee » IT beaee and 1
= “1 pplication so be mate ab che blaria | motaflerbert, Useazen Cet cuted the | _ While Mr, E. & Scare Sieber, of

Fe a . ' eroan: . ’
EX RECENT ARRIV. ALS. [Art Baccrc otic application of Mr. Hl, Kirahynn Vesteoon | beclosss yesterday” aftersoce “in the

offices of tbe Bopreme Court, he felated

: ~ THA - Hi tee ea on behalf of th 4 deter a away, De, J. E Dickson wae pron ptly
50 BALES TASSO. ( & ' 6 { Beare tot, the proprietor ctibe Mus. | called in and with the aid of restoratlres
forge 4) ort-ol-. pain Axe le trated” Newspaper of Barbados. he voon recorsred. dgsps then remored

750 Bxs Fairbank Soap sxo-2 LASTABLISHBD shop.) ‘At the Iarterar Master's Court on Toes: “ raf :

Pad shed Dany, Moodays and Publis Hor
Cage ancepted, at the Offics a6 St, Vincent 2
Fort of Rpsia

tenet ann amare enone Ls moon

The Becretary of the QP.OC. received
neéwe yesterday from the Darbedos Ath«
le'te Amoctaticn tbat two of the beat
cyclists will be rent to represent Larbados
avibe Cycle Bfecting tee on Eupire

re Capt. J. B Haanders, Harbour

Netbealed Dancan and Danlel
were ef ively 10/- aud 5/-
ad saitors without having been

day befo:
for workln;

- 200 16388
100 Cascs Victoria Milk—50/18,150/96
500 Bas

et —James:Plagniol |.7— duly loenved:~ Benjamin Bayne and
Reg “ager kets Swe oil J esse AAnsgemente of Birite, Deaths, ood Mer lyst ennite were ln fina op. exeb Day, Ar. Hoad the Sseretary of the
Bae ‘ claimers (which must be autbgaticated | for bering employed the foregolng defen: rbados Awociation haa pom to give

the names of the representatives selected,

by the next opportunity.


dante knowing them at the tims to be
nnhcensed sailors For charging more
than the prescribed fare while plying for
bire, Chas. Henry and Adolphus Gilson
were fined 1¢/- each with the alternative
of sever dase in jails dames Alexia,
Pamuel Emplage, Albert Laverack, Adol-
phus James and Johuey Rolens were
charged with baving on the Jet inst. gone
alongnide the K.MS. Oringoo”™ before
thatateamerhad got patiqne Fines of
S{ each were imposed on the first four de-
fendanta, ‘while the 6fth defendant was
discharged with a caution,

TheC M. & CG Woodhouss’s Prices
Corrent of April 2nd says 1—- the firm tose
in sugar noticed on the 26th ultimo ron-
tinued for some days and as farther advance
was paid for 83 gef ornt. Beet, the price of
May delivery having touched lla 61d and
Angnst Hs td per owt. The Cuban ve:
celp s 29,00) tone against 40,000 tons in


the elgnature of some respoorible

ee & be charged for at Ge vach


Casual Advertisements of evay descrip.
thon —af6 pes week ; 9/6 per fortaight,
s/ per month per inch—ta be prepsid.

wants, &c.‘=0/6 per week each, to be

5 To ComngsronDaxt §

we’ to aol bold ourscives fespousivis lor, go:
d we pecetsanly endorse ibe opits.o7
ttpreved al fur Correspoodeots fo ou
coluaies, Setters must be acsompacied
by the ceal Signature ofthe we 27, 208 necel
sarily oF ublicalins, 03 18 @ guacanies Of
qood fai Rejected maonectipts cannot
be roturped,

We Eave received the proepectes of the
Imperial Colonist Club and Oversone
Union, which fata be opesed is London,
with propored = prewiers ia. Piccadilly,
Seeing the Green Park and nest the Ritz
Hotel; The subecription will by five
guineas yearly aod five galooss entrance
er, butas regards the first members
eleced aceriain nomber of (he entrances
feev will not bo exacted, The intention
1 to foster corditi relations between Great
Dilton and ber colon'es wad the Eng ish
speaking proples o meas; thelr enter.
tsfamwent while la England, and the re-
ception of foreign Ambassedors &e. on
tolrefons affecting the Colonies Ae, The
Ciab into be well equipped with reception,
dining and other rooms, and receptions
will be held once « year ia the interest of
the Colosics The addiesu for applica(lona

Advertsing Sesie on Appiication.

« ———

Suvecription - vy per pat

Payable tu sdvoncam Postage exira

; sae = -— y ton k arc 60,000 tone in the | for mewberabip isthe Imperial CcJonial
T ANT ALUM ELECTRIC BU LBS | to our agents ana subsoribers. | Ordiroading week lant year were heariet | Club, 3 Dolton” Street, » Piccadilly
° Oar agente aal sabeecibers ere waraod than be oe et bad expected, and on the Hondon W.
e : G news bacony! nown ther 1s ——
‘ Which will roluc$ your Eloctrio Lizht Pill by nearly 50c, that ther popes will te stopped, if al are heavy polling fowutting tn adechnsof3dto] An examioajiin io Elementary

raare sbgll act have been settled by the
30.b fostant, The Cary te it mart be re-
membered is pot belong ron exclusively on
pbilantbrople Hoes, anditls just as well
thas our agents aod sabscribers no‘e, that
hole setticmants ore of immediate coocern
ln the daily issue of this payor,

Current kvonts ~~

Hyglere for persons deehocs of becoming
Assistant Senttary Inspesto-s was beld
Jeatorday at the Victoria Toétitate when
abousthirty candidetes prevented them"
selves to be examined. Of this somber
five are already quajiied but were com-
pelled 10 ait. fee the purpose uf obtaining
Cortifcates under the new Jiublic Health
Ordinance. Theexemioatioa which was

gop at jy c'o'ock lasted exectly two
boure and was condected by Dis.” Dick.
sou and Lassalle, The p-sctical part of
the exain‘nation will be “concluded on
Saturday nest.

Tocladed ta the cargo which the Datch
stevoer "'Coppernsineâ„¢ took away for
New York on Monday evening, were
about 3,000 bunches if bacanse from
Surinsme, .


id per cat. Latterly ander the ‘fnfluence
a furtlier American buying there has beéo
some recorery and the market closes with
a quict tong at about His 4d April ls 43d
May 1a 8fd Auanst aod [ts per ewt,
‘for Septeinber delivery. the mean:
whils eatinatra of the Cuban crop etill,
range from S004 1 p09 ore as ines
seneratly expected that op Hates
Siitbas te draw considerate quantitios
of Beet from Ea ope to meet their require
mente Yory little busingss has been re-
ported in Cane descriptions and quotations
show no materialalteration At tbe pottio
aalon fully lete rate; have-been paid for
Crystalined Went Indis, but the boyfe
wat principally for the Government an
the trade demand is alow,

For attendance ét = ment stall in the
Fastern Market while not dressed in c’ean
clothes, a sendot, on the complaint of the
Chief Clerk of (betnetitation, Mr. Vincent,
was yesterday fined 10/- by the Acting
City” Magutrate

You enjoy a lb ter white light of the samo candlopowor




* set A1EO =e

A few Special Prism Shades

+" To be had only from SCHERER,


Neve Moon




Solidas the Continent

Towa Board, 8 a.m, "
bupreme Coait—10.30 a.m.

Trelant Cioematograph performance at
thod FP. Oval—8 pm,

Ly the Local Haywond at

2 Q? Verfarm ane Emplra Day Match,
Ban fernando? ~~ Emplra Day Match

The following spares wore made in prec

The ws. ‘dt, Thomas’ "leaves for Deut

: \ we tice for the atove on Tuesday last:
erareantPariuaribo Mailacloe at3pan. | When asked at the City Pallce Coart MacGilliviay 4, wes BT
_ Bale of 31 baga of fiam Rice by BM seterey d deter up posemian otarcom | if Gy ita 2 Ons
Tue Ricitest Paorosition in. Lipa Insceance EvER Berone | p.d, geod bou-lowme 2 Moore | fo at end deliver Up pomenion oer] ie kee om BS
OFFERED IN QT Rinivan, 1s A —— an ejectment summons, said with all 1. M, Legendre . . 64
. N nictloa Bale uf household furniture. at | seriousnenst—“‘fhe gave me @ notive on ‘The neat practice will be at 3 o'clcek th's
Booth & bonel pase by Nowre, F, J. a Jools ae ont ae sot arcept Bh aftersoou,
THE 7 PER CENY GUARANTEED WNCOMELBINDIOF THE -— foul dey of not, you must leave ~Erea-
High Water Mora £12 E: 133 U defendant
eee pci om Fm gaz [ye sees Sed 6%) PRETTY CREOLE IL STOWAWAY
Korth American Life ‘Assurance Company) = = SPE | a, or gas ee in ve
: See f Registrar ond Marshal's Odice, hes ten

Dats our OF PoRT-oF-sPiln

(Special 6 New York World.

eppofoted 6th clerk, (6 poss which bas
recently been create’ in tast deparimect)
aud Mr, A, Clarke (:upersumerary}, has
been epjointed copyist on sis mcnibs’


Ihe Largest Cl ‘
World, nrgest Clock in the



. -—~
**,Mnstration of Boud for $10,000 at age $0, Investment Period 20 years. | Gloomy outlook at Barbados ;| | There ezived Uy the mall from, Lagland ateenray sete the rin ety Creole
: - . a @ Barbados Volun. | (rercer enor g the rawergen, Mr. ET. 1 utscetion Straite with the Pacis float,
a Drea = «teers, . appolatment de Sab-Inepector of the Real Eimer B Dey, # marine enginser, of
. ae a SEE PACE G FoR: Constebolary, Mr, Cars bea heen for Horton, © @ wes s civilac paaseoger on
fhonatl Verio i+ tne iaventient jsrlol, ibeJll faes valaastee Oe 7 ha Colonial Banks and City | someting aiteched to tbe Royal Irish | Sittiyg uP Drakes begs tbe atry to
it Ores tin 0 * 4,
ithe dood wth beimmed a'ely ralimasinely 6 of 10,000) . Police Court News de. &e, Conatabalery at Dubie | fe. ity Alesece ep x8 she glutinetfoa
Khoold hilder survive luvestment port e¢can take ——t: 7 of beingébe only weman who mads the fam.
Optio Ne. Te A fall setulement falcant mounting to ea 80,150 OTT for llems of Kens weet araetlat fot Apt 4 Inf ous trip, oatd Me, Dey, ** Ts was bot urgil
Option are: aansel {rong for life of ‘yoo mos Ingen, or mo (St Jobn'e Callene Usiord)'ea baetoe tke the aul Bie reas eere out of
* ep, amoustio see ase wee ok a
+ opine noite React tet nwinay, EBS “| teshgrepme ang to |i none te on | Eek eaat i
A wal jorome for tife o . ae a wen . rs ;. : ¢ a e etors room of tLe ea: hs
. Avda Valdop Povey foramonds of oad Mo eww) inteadeatd chee a” oes, Soper | Eocetly Led Annan (sie Laiearaliy srkrd forwcetag tak Ted appesranes
= ° ton of Reve Cavon Dearly, rector cl hen | cetted conetereation. | The nearest lind
. —— lita Zed yetclay tare wus | Kansas tHoertots esa | ieee meet Seg weed
e 6 4 os abourera, and deckers ing lnidad eebolar, ** bbe enjoyed all th a
DO XT Now! {bruh hare frm Harbados en penta for —— he told ibeeee anes Wer bone att
—_— foc etal Zoe aos li ung Sun «ey | Et in Ue at steteteme
. nk mel "
Apply quickly to . gat ened Teles fh Bicenvar i Toyer Mle y. | Toe boy sare that be fei | bad lost ber parents she ert
‘ RP AUN DERS, Varimaribo yesterday morning, rm Fao allowed tolsder Dewsrtte bY va ‘trees ot the Tieldat met af ja abe
. . istelut Manager, —— at oo {he Sure etroro" be
D, MORALFIO & CO—General Agents. co esaCtery Beat Hosignof the foma of | Lack to Suriname Pe Sesoent | watlanded ia Bera.”
. ” ra. ene Ss
SS a eee doa, wae married 2iul instant at Ft t
. Micbacl» Ca'bedral, Lvidgeloway tn Mina | arrived Gere ite Satine Tren Doce Sporting News,
“THORNE’S WHISKY eee rae ee atmernc eerie
eals and 37 passenjern~Meears,, E paration of the ¢ pre.
bs le for the ¢
m | toes, Earamecce® lat for Taraue | eatoumar ied ta tbe eitorsoee with | ee HG MEE, Ltarday mening,
Maememememomim ribe a Tere ane tl eee Py {be fallewtn Prsengere. For Burbador Uorers} nade biadebal ob the weal (ne
4 Fe 00 trans | miler and Mire M &,i . rar
t . { ° t d W ha t / t . / / t D siupaneat, cargo and Cire paneongere Mz, | Ktoute, Meoue grt ut Ino, Ey hett re ith Besturt, Lady Genevieve, acd
dat IL 1S Nol, an Will not Do.) srtenine, one Te ao i SEMEL -
The Barbadus II. I Hoard Las agaln | Math’ For We er vd V sbert Mil, asd Doasld ¢
T doce not ;retend to Lestow wpa the polls ibe worm ont ieyead of a twenty your refused, cays the igi 10 tehe over the Preven and Be ele hte Joba EB pelirctarned bere yeoterday owning tron
tranquil repose of ihe 3 us of Pirfection, ond ib will nob have te bios when Adssant arters Jor couversion into an wer we . sbamer Ce yY The Wektord aad Black
aehed fora isth certsGoate, Itie nova White Horse or a Mlack and White, or a i ° tak ib Tongection with the General { Mr, Wo Meaden, Mana; of the | Dally, why! sii the Wetter with Prop
Agree of basther culsur, nellber doca it fire kicks whes you tonch & of somaambalate estes t 7 negeee that the refusal G-Sorsment bara, will it © expected iacer Flee. Mice, rarren Greve a
the roe! + - plod retire [row t b . or
7 et due aot clas to wooke zou nse Stara in dezlighh, felther will 2 ueilom ot It! a4, Cseap Roarnare wall bnows resident | Ut Ieateol ateenee, tn shih Le iebonis | oie te caperegbe rer that hos ea
thi mnuer, ft Oe . @ ent
wa Te noe jecommanded by the entire medical profession as the euly wholesone My Barbados died tu that colony ou the 27th & * oe Ieyene forthcoming event, provided ered
Whiskey, neltber is 12 an lalalith'e care for Butouie Fiague or soy ether plaguey thing favtant and was interted ua the following [~The latest news with regard to Bir Menry | the voye i red te ove of ber lege on
Lncladipg Yau Lege, lwproved Corna and Polioe Urart Semmore, “ys Jechenn’s illnen, as acnounced in seater. | vent thee ie Dewerars, dors not prey
Te fe net m Bprey Beowerilating a Ten Dollar Machine to apply it, nor le ib sequisits Dutch N. Vries a . day's patiic telegrams, atate-{ that he ls | preaess onder 46, lone, The animal Ja at
to use Bordeaux Miatere, ordivary pur? Sota Water willda, It le cot a telephone y tht, utch Mail §eawer "I'rins Willem fiimisg strength slowly, but thereare vee Pore ett Of Dr. Belntere,
fostrument * boli, bello” for it sever wails Miep you waitlag once you coll the right Gare salted on Tatelay for Carupano tahlag | Lopes that he ruay Le alle to leave the FY Bargeor,
aad aember, which ie enh taatelen 9 Sacre neptht cure | nursing howe in week. 7
’ commen! oases (Lani . we
OL.P?P VAT, NO. «, Japon [8 cases teudrisa, 25 cases Witter, | The sa,“ Nesrus” airiead frum Ouacose
% ‘ eae uy packages transhipinent cargo and the | yesterday morning with 25 bides aad the land, He NS on rota for Lis wative
MUGO HOFFMANN, + | following Pesrengarere Mosre CG, iseun! lla lug padsericel g~Renor,Besnenio Layo Ling, bevia, trys bore Fazaos with
' Abe” Ge peat, M, Cabrera, (Vii Esteren aad J Mecobar, Feuor’ 8." i, Truxillo, Me, : wleves ee ee + Faelne as Vewerste,
é Lt dekere Bhorey, Miss tong King, and 39 dockets,” fldicect usr, oat hCR4 she will sail by a
4 - ve ° ’ ’ , tytn


g °° ef

Marin Myeare ad Ohio


A ‘Latge and Varied
of Gent's ,





Straw Nats from a6e,’ ¥
Felt Hats from 40c,

, 4



John Hoadley %


BOLAND’S Country Custof


where you can get everytbing fresh snd cb ‘ea
promptly dispatched to aly part of the Island. eee

Wo. G, HANEY sexes,





The Marvellous Food:





2 ate




what The ‘Wet Say
OT Oana .

RGV.8, Ketterlag writess-- *
"have used your Molawize Meal for "the pave two
thres yere a9 aa adjanet to the food of all elacses of horses, 1%
aad bave fonnd it of very considerable value fn cases of on: i
thriftiness or lose of flesh and condition, resoltiog frou indt 14
gestion or parasitic favation of the bowel, Is lea fice piel

tne up for horses recovering from debilitat ng diseases, *
for colts which have been badly grazed. Le my experience Rd

{tfethe only food of ite kind wh! y
the claas of Zanes reteried to" teh eof any real valae s i bad

Booklet of Testimonialsfand other in:
formation can be had on application to

Geo. R. Alston


¥. ¥. Spencer, Sf.

& Co. i


W. C. ROSS & Co.

Colonial Dispensary,
PORT -OF.- Sear,

Aaron’s “El Gusto”


A Large Shi

Cigars from ¥


1061, FLO




| Half-a-Million ft:

(500,000 ft, '




253,275 ft. Scaniling 2x 2to8x 8
62,404 ,, Boards T and It x lo.
86,494 ,, Planks 13, 2, and 3 x 19,

30,578 » Flooring Boards 1 and 1} x8,

27,619 , Jalousie Flaps, .

10,080 ,, Mouldings,

5C0,540 feet,

We offer the above asusull CHEAP,



» * One mile Cham,


N.B.—Thie rece tart be covered withia


NplioThe rece must be covered within


¢ ~ °

be Hatte be

+ AT on
On Empire Day, 1908
women eames ~
aero eee Bas
4 Tadee of Feb #98,
es one ee te Secretary OP CG
eettei sk) NOTICE,
0 Oh MAT RACE One, Fa. Biss datad the 33rd day of ‘Apel

soe fee
valne of—let $6, Dod Ht, Sri $2, nd if(now held by Jir. EB,
ONE MILE BICYCLE HACE Open Achew, Ball jor) the: business tben ears

1 heer eebetiog bee hare cet tiedon by Henry Leonchiog sx this

inners of the Iaurry | etfand became vested In the said Heory
Bene oot eedy Bettanoe fresdoe Leonching and myself as partoers in
Trinve of the value of—~let, 12 dole) |¢gcal shares. As sole surviving partner
2od. 6 dole. 4 3rd, 3 dole, of the pald basioers 1 am advised that T
N.B.—Those who have entered for Hace|alone and po other perroa can leguly
No. Uwill be allowed te compete to | pledge the crodit of the firm.
trie event alao, ‘The pablis are bereby notified that I
&ONE DULE BICYCLE RACE. Open will repudiate any debt contracted by
te boys bexwnen the Aimee feo, Gos | Ee gnehing of any otber nerssa
are after the 20th da: ‘ebrnar 6
+ Prisca of she valve otmist, 10 dole [a5 ce the d wie of my Tested

Sad, & dols. 3 3rd, 3 dole, pertner, .
CHRONICLE.—{ Dated thia stb day of Anci) 1908.

trai 1007 and wade between Henry


. Cetus Cop silver). presented by [0 ——————
sted NOTICE.
‘twice sqoceastvely or three

N B= No rect will be allowed,
ip. Upet, Ea: (Sgd) JOHN HENRY APACK,
Sporting Chronicle." -To be-
wioal ee m—ae
winaing ‘ .
He ee alooer) toed pri of te A Steamer will Load
event must be tovered withla

borne © srOR
& odittioge, lea, Prise, Matara & Matelot.
ety of the competitor
velue of $101 ard prise rela
three and a helf minates,

owe Qe

At Cnlioutta,

trance fea Scents, Prizes of the value
of—ist, 910 4 Zad, 853 ard, $3.
& Open. Entrance fee 5/. Vrires of the
valac of—deb, 20 52nd. $105 Sed, 3.




Last Week in May,

one and a hall minutes. e-Opent OR THE 18T WEEK IN JUNE.
OP tare of eg Pee aly wbo| For particulars, apply to

haye never woo & fret prise ot any

meeting hetdewoder the acepices of THE TRINIDAD SHIPPING AND

tha Cfoh dering the three A :

Ti Fatrence re aiueof-loty TRADING COY. LTD.

Todd pnd, B dele, Tth April 1908.

PRAGA 200, is

Biuyeny at Tap ot the valae of Reading Lainps 38.

200 ate. presen by y beeen ae ~

pea peita of the valoe of 24s 3 32] Parlour Lamps 4s.

prise value dois. e


SAUOERS 6/- doz,


Na, 12, Bt. Vincent Street,

re URR For xtemti-
“ «prise wieners af this
wate t nubnee foe 40s. I’sizes of

the valao+Lst, § dol, } 2ad 3 dols,

For *pnle-

+7 brat d —8/6 ened.

of the Compuiitor, aod Bo solry
Vin’ be wore} unless sccompenied by ihe

pen! y ry" O10. vse
entry fee. {Eatry forms cae be obiained af the

competitora who have raced in at least
~ foa 00 osots.” Prizes o' value of— Suporior bone handle atoel, table
Handiesp, Katravce fee } dolar,
13-ONE MILI BOVA' BICYOLE RACE. | 4 pplendia line of Gents ts wera ate
Entrance fee 6) coats Prise of the
No racing eyciew will be allc wed.
Nit, Oren, to two repre (MARINE SQUARE
Tet I’rize t Go'd Medal of the
{andicap) Entrance fee f dollar, E ffer § 1 ,
srr dole 1rd priga value OG doles lap} you become acquainted with
Abbey’s Salt conquers head-
pecTusse proce willbe rus, as far as pract-| that come from 8 disordered
brea an and bowels, oe % avy sharhand ...
+ lo acquire it,” ..
ou will probably be sorry you .
catloe}. ¥ Pp y try y

tix minutes and will be opened only to
hoo of the preceding Cycle evente.
— . Kotrance
1,—LONG ot = i
1 he DICrCLE RACE kulvos 8/- doz,
(the value of--Let, 19 dole. —o9
Pe dole, iy 4 dole
to boys between v
{its eet Bu ote rears lnclusivel BShirte for B/e,
value ofelet, 10dols, 5 2od, 5 dots, 3
Bed, 3 dels.
" TAS PIONSULY. == Eotracce foe
from ie limits 9 & ball miputes,
25dolaz fad prisyof the value of 30 .
dolare. > “Tae Sur or Sats” 4:
Paes bey
i! r thie even
of the valae ofmlat, 12 dellare
Pes Sollare Sra, I doliers. a
Entrance fee 5/. *
Pee Bie res ttad prize o| You will be thankful when
10,5 d0m oe covered withis 1a| Abbey's Salt, for you will find"
. °
Y SCURRY—Ooe mille, Open | Ht pleasant and effective.
ache,constipation, indigestion,
biliousness, and all troubles
be Laws of the Amateur Aublatie ve tomach, liver | mrssines et «per copy.
catia, under tbe Peiomiont ai wos: condition of the stomach, mainee WL GS OE COPE er
When you do become ac-
quainted with Abbey's Salt,
Secretary's OGive, Treasury Buldisgs, on app’
vjqitemiat ofgte ORCS, wit pay ents did'nt know about it sooner.
a trance foe apecified for the various Sold la two slace by all Chemate ond Stores,

in Race No. 9}

eo! the day of whe Spots no ove will be | ant by W, C, Ross & Co., Post of dpaia,
allowed om the track of grousd except the Ine Al bout Saline Co. Led.

officiada. (Thu rule will be sirictly adhere | to 444 Queen Vatoria Buvet, London, KE

cme | FOR SALE!

pusctually af the Lime stated in tbe programme
Pun wibaut relesence to abssalres,
gwd bell will ta rung three minutes before

each event, when eon, avat Bt once take —__
x third peinge will be pwarded unless

there eight tore to start.
See re derision ofthe jeree will be Aval

a oo Sheed Conmmutien reserve the right Je ATO
waking ‘al ney tine easy sieraiion io tbe prop
thal sey be found necessary,

20. Lvery competitor sill receive A th kat
Deering & Lumter corresponding with bis pum,
ber on the programme, which [uched seus be
ware by hist either os bis chest (or le the case
of cyclists) om bly back, aad
duuscive solours,

parcharleg at least

* te me One Headrd U
Stones giv of Beblb Wi


Cycling Worttaess, | slsctopporite the Loval Trals Setloa, the cave way be.




DIRECT FOR THE WEST INDIES} Views of Roand the Globe, |:

np bate Japanese & Russian War

» Life on Board Ocean Liner,



Reasonable Offer Accepted.


Sole Agont

Shorlhond & Typewriting,

Rasteck, Remington, Yout, Oliver and
Willlome® Typewriing mectioos

** Kemt » Band iter
ray "models), eee "Practica

Bock suwbers of various shothaod
y bo

*€ The Mission of Margaret”
“Bho thaod Exeme; How to pass

them,’ oon
**Itlgh Bored fp Shorthand « How
“© The Getden of be Bont": Cathol: *

Syoktaaxd QUaceratina Lisearrela | me of
course of Sormation. s'ereons dedoas ot » Brapee Cape
leg members sre reque tet te esod 4 Perrat afores:
Wedr arta dogg fon pioes Ng tii | PinSt bo tates
iz ora a wm wv t .
Modiatas eee Rnome NG M6 for | mG

A TWO ACRE BLOCK |"s2se-euanc com.

WOets CAR —riaciVomp'elettort. | Wenty eght dass frow the dete of
band Dietionsy | 0) te ‘persona Prrored fo iesee a grant wt be Coat ot
worth of uC tall James Hw en secordingly,

Dated this 10th dey of April, 4 D., 1608,

mageate baok
BT, AUGUSTINE, | teotae or Toler weenie sinc
wr boats (8g4) 7. 4, THOMSON,

tih Gulena ard other
Color inn, No Bagieb or Auerioaa bree)

mv the Eastern Maind Joa ade ett aeitcr nets Se TALE AOR

Thee mp thor


a .

too. Itisan


To thove desirous of securing thelt families agaloct want, and to yousg mea
desirous of socamatating money ia an easy manner and {aa short per!

RTANT GONSIDEHATION FOR ALL| Sizcsesceersser te | a tooo ey

ie, eo *

WW dw -
(04Ly FoR wy
tenic vo ty

TRinrwAL. na

da Sepreme Cont at Printed wad Tobege,
* Sumnney i eiatistenm-Pyrt-ol Spain,
Me 8:8 oF IQ 6 *

BS teen
andrew Oliver RegiePtaiattt teed ti ho fritid :
a te, 19'd, regis oret agi
Jomph ateares= Defend th Sede Sat a Must Me

— William Ree

PUBLIC NOTICE ate roy atere thee Wy on | Willem soe Whee

sedee pf Hw Hi gree ‘entice Russell F there wid be pot uo her
mete faseie om ste seth dey “Of Fe! pear Sy the witersigned, ged
there wilt hsp 1 hp fer male be we the darts Ney 14s St. Vincwt,
the Court Howe as om Welssdey, ike 7
ph day of May terg Veiwe he hours 0” ane teiween tbe bones of
end wonm All a1 of po'ar thesg
prece of paras! of lend gina the 8-06 theee! shengn aM
the Werd of MMareracin ibs Es'qert of Tr}: h6ed Fp rat, comprising tee

: 4 ‘ " nore ewo pre: 7 F

- Dyspepsia Medel ee oon rena ae seo ST sehecauen saron hades | oem eek
if, encther profener says ancther thing, and all the time people keep
on sullering terribly. Now, what's the use of wasting words
the matter? Why don't you get some Hatch Tobets aad try them?
Taka one ster each mesl, Plenty of peeple have qured themselves
in this way, and that ought to be proof eneugh that ic will eure you,
veumuel medicine and wil do unusual tbhings. fis a doc-
tor for 10 ceate! 200 sent for $1.00. One geves relief.


oA the South upon lente 3 Ig nacto Clem on ibe f ta of the Crow:
Bast a the Maracas River até tn the West on, bale. te a
oe ee of Merch 1008 mine Ward ore

this #4 ‘ae Ld Mt ‘ard of Ch

ERNE T D. CLARKE, North on land och

“ Lepaty Registrar, “wah aod Weston lanl

—enevnemaparamomens | COCR, and op the fel

TRINLOAD, Warner Ard the TH

Ja the Supreme Court of, Trinitad and Tobago, | St teres, share je the
Sarsmary Jorwdiciion, Portol-Spala, Rretnas and atating of Oe
No, 785 of 1907, * ‘ ov late y of the Lecwa Om
‘ Betwers Mosse stcLean, on the
Ted fy orend = Piainll Mone q wie, and on the

yin Defendant

Baby, with the apprertey
in ‘The tape: Dated this 8th duy of
po SC NOTICK ts berets given tbat by eS
an order of His Iivecue Myr, Justice Swan
madebereia on the gb dey af March 198 .
there wilt be put up bor sala before the dnorn of ..
Ie Gedey of bay og 8 tereuen the, hone ef ;
a a’ jay * warn t! S a
feeand wwe pm Tivead trguiae these four | FAINIDAD asp TOM
several ow pareela of land held ange thé Is the sup.



ceclaatiadliatel anes Sneed

Jess deliceated and with the ahutals and honed
artes thareo! shown tn the pine drawn on Crown
Grant pntored in Volume CLAXIS folie 66 af
tha Register Rook and bonded on the North pustutc NOTICE is
aod South by Crown lena cn the East by Ien4g plea ion hes been aa
of Henry Butter and by Crown lendigand on | Ne'som Larval of Nog

Ward Unies, to tha
Coos proprietor, «i on

of years

: the West by lands of Janes Thempson and by { Marsanitia io the [sland 9m
' ibe lands of Prince A. Stanley The Secood preter ta Granta P
thereof situate ia the Ward of Morugs com. | fog sue


offers orery Inelllty. The * PREWIUMS ARE LOW." * CLAIMG ARF PROMPTLY | wes


tlt advance ze premium if yng are unnble or neg ect te rar ts, aud your I fands ef P. A Stenioe nnd intersected by @ reed
00 long aa any avrrende: value remalos, ALL THE PROBITS f reserved 59 tirke wide The Third thereat alte ¢ deve fromthe dale of tha}
Uw FUCIETY belongto the POLICY HUL! ER’.

prising four pcres three roods and teenty-nee | “hub of tha Masoeg
be the ma mare of lest de inented | who died ug the 6 h day off

and wlth the shuttsls and boundsries theract | at the time of his ceath a
shawn in ihe plan drawn en Crown Gra: tons | at Nanes wf bin the Wadi
tered fa Votuine CXULV folia Gre ef the Regis | Bid Joseph Netw Leamorel
ter Book and Urpnded om the North Fest and | Hamed te thasall Wik.
Crown landsand en the Sowh by And Natice ts a'se gives sl

Yndged telwre the expla

ate inthe Ward of Motuea romprotiag elaht | Wit we ann will pe cre

» ItpaysCUMPUUND HONUBES, be anzltcence of which is ortlandel by the | acres aa) seven perches tm he sme a tie move | the rai

WAR | fertrbat at the boas 1) vieon of Hof s (1903) Ibe Bonus derlared, CALCUL NTEDLON

‘ot kas delineated ond wth the abuttala ard Daved vis pat day of Ape

TIE ORIGINAL IN U ANCE ALONE, renged from 22 per cont, perannomoa = @ boundaries jhereaf shows In th plan frien on (Set) 7.

+m Caso pay) INTERMEOIATE BONUSEC, oc thit oven after the davth elcin h
8 aloo peye v ea that oven after the desth elsim has
© been paid the heird of the deccawal share fa tbe profite up to the dste of hu death, by lends of James Thommen ang ty erat ot

FL. BROWNV—Agent, Port-of-Spain.
LW, SONYUN & Co—Agents, San Fernando,

Marne Square,
Oth March, 1103.

Assurance Company


and Life Insurance Coy

Fiatablished 1624,


SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL...£ 500,000 | the estate of Remoel Prince late af the

(Over) soe ee 1,600,000
Head Oiice:—York, Bland.
HE undersigned having 2 8
pointed Ageat and Attorney for he
Fire Department is prepared to accept
Risks at Curreot Rates,
50 per cont, off oouctry risks occupied
by residences only,


OF MAY 198, ire DAY

UBLI" NOTICE le berby given that | TRINTDAD asv 1UBAvU,

in exerobe of the power of sile eons
tafrod fa a certeis memoreudim of mw: rtg-
oge deted the lit day of Murch 1908 Inte
Rattan to Robert bfo gin, theie wilt be
patep forssia by pablo auction by the
underdzoed at High street Priccea Town

on Thuredsy the 7h day cf Mey 1008 | Phipts of the Mausenllla Ward Union im the

betwee: the hoore ofl sad 2 pm, All

thet corvala paro-] of laad situste ia tie | Probate of the Wil bearing dave the soth

Ward of Nevena Greode, Noth, conten:
fog four scres, three rods aud tweaty>
thea porobee and boaoded oo the North
a tend of Nojera, on the Bouh by
rowo land, on tbe Eut by Crows land
andon the West by Riverside Road,
Datel the 9b of Apiil 1f0¢,

In the Saprawa Court,
The District Registry
In the Matter of the Eetate of

Jeremish Smith, late of Bramo t
“the Word of Monteerrs, in te" Ieleod

of Trinidad, Planter—Dece:

UBLIO NOTICK ls hereby given the

P spplicstlon Les been meee me by

amee Sween of Umaga Piedro, in the

fo Prayer book} fa shoribend $0c, Word of | Meolnerret for a Grane of Probate
ee) ee 6 Willa: ectarmons heering date | 'sgothg an of the Ward of Blanch

tha Lath day of Dorember, [907, of 1 soeu'e Planter

Typewritlrg and Pritate Reporting | tes.tétp day of December, 1907, of he Kar | for a Grant of Laure ol Advaiairation of tbe

ertaken. who died on the | of

oh dey ef December, 1097, having at the | coated who died on the tah day of F

death a Bred place of abode os

roy witb the Ward of Mont-

jp tde eakd Jerse Sween

being the.sole azecutor named in the sald

Caparo alorerald, deces

peblication of this notice the


the Yorkshire Fire eee penton bas been mee tome by

Caveat ta lodged before the exgrauon of

Hae aOR MAY 100K. ay

Crown Grart entered 14 Volume 98 fo!

of a
the Register Book ard tuunded on th Gad TRINIDAD —

Supra -0 Cours of Tr
Of tg 7 ‘

Henry Butter 00 tha South by aroad on ibe | fo
East by qrord and on the ve w lends of Ne,
Prisca Stanley an nds amen mp pet won]
fon And the Fourth thereor artuale in the Ward Willtam Arora.
Of Caure comprising seven aries cnarond sui aad 4
iret en perches ba thé sume alitie moe cr James Ted Ro
tess and Founded on the North bya Kavine woe
“4 7 on the South Eas ond West by the ** El Dora pustic NOTICE ts b
do” Estate Subj ct as regards the parcea pyrsuent to he decree.
Gcatly secondip end Fourthly described to a | dav of Nusember 1977 A
morigage ia tavour o' Urorge David flat | Hon ur Mis Justice Swen
dated tha 16h ay of August 1997 # securing | mater onthe sgth day of R
Ube pryroer cof the sums a 6 0 dullara, welt ie put up for sale t
Dated this 20ch dey of March tg 8, Coon Hons Port of Sp is
ERNE Tlee Lake, artdap el May tg 8 hove
Deputy Regrutrar, sodiwopte All and sine

eral owreea of land the &
© Chon Hi" Estate cong
© Tne Sau op Sars” J 2041 Ieee acres of tang
a “ 4
ee eae
vescent «DER sed Bipactg
Doyou get upwith a“ borne | sre a4 ty Crowa tind of)

of Guapo ta ths tslvacs of F

ed on the Narin by the G
: * ~~ baad on the Eact by ang
tired feeling mornings? bad | cod pe it. pest tor bw ta
tasfe in your mouth 2 dull | 6ruly descrited sut pettra’

To the hapeon.e Conca,
Inthe ma'ter cf
The Estate of S:muel P ince, lite of Frve
port Village ie tha W. rt of Chaguas
has inthe Island of Trinidad. —De


PUBLIC NOTICE te hereby given tbat

ia Privoe ant Fes Frisre both of tbe
Villagesf Freeport la the Ward of Che
eusorn decessed in the [sland of Tricided
for a Grant of Probate cf the Will beeriag
dete the llth day ef Perember 1907, of

tha West fy lard of _
wheresf com paatwe ly
three percivs g tate 10 ify

Villege of Freepore in theWerd of Chaigua.
nag dereered whadied on the ith day ef
December 1007, haying at theiime of bis
death q Bred place of abode ab the Village
of Treeport sfores:id lathe Ward of Cta-

jaras the eid Enelis Prince and Feliz
Pricce belong the solecxecatrix and exe

Seoh be Crown bands off
land and on the Wrat by
s&h Coy of Fetruay 134

parcel herelpatier ycons"
headache? wabbling stomach? | sr si;¢ and ma

cubor 5 ed Jo jhe anid wil, i tit wr isa aed me
joe fe al t .
po taveatis lotzed botorathe erpnacion | Unpleasant but familiar, is'nt | the saved ‘part

it ? Joha Dundas and Spencer

a & thethud mn tor sronrto
. 1. od ne ret ou

It is proof that you need talrdtin st hanvel Fer

Abbey's Salt, the stomach [ote carice ‘ow per

regulator, and need it badly, | .'Sy'gubstaect ine vo tof

A dose of Abboy’s Salt bew | ihased sstecdeol teed
fore breakfast’ will quickly-| nevsd moss ane ung
drive these ill feelings away | Det satire,
and set you right within an ,
hour. @

Sold Ja cao elses by all Chemists
ind by Woes tone Co Put ol Sone
Ibe Abbey brut Saline Co., Lid.,
144, Queen Victoria Street, Londea be | No. 130 of 1997, ti
a AL TS wo
TRINIDAD Axp TOBAGG: - Allert Hermitian 9
tha Kapre t
Io the meatier of the Eatala of A'erander | George Altar sod 8
Volrnaa lator Hl the Ward of Careyd. ao”
chairs to the I land of Trloidad purtoxonc®
— Warsment te ble ¢
puntic NOTICE fe heredy given that | the ¢ hddey of Nesnnub
application haa been wadetone by fonier cf the Hoave
one! Taras! Valman aod Eomun. | matein ¢ @ above m

of pweniy olghs deye from the date of the
pabhoation uf thls notiaethe Coart wil
preevred 1% daane probsle of the said will
Dated this 0 bh day of Jarusry 19°98,
Repl po.

Ja the Supreme ¢ ourt,

Ia the Matter of the tata'a of Jeremiah Phipps
late of the Manganilla Ward Union in he
Island of Trinidad Cocoa planter deceased,

pubic NOTICE is bereby given that
acp ication bas been made to me by Uruad

lu the Suprece Coat 6

te and of Trinidad CG coe planter for a Grant of

day of January ALD, 1408 of Jeeniah Pt
late of the Mass ila Ward Union is the
Island of Tilnidad Cocoa p anter decease] who
died on the gib day of March 1908 heaving at ibe
time ol hie death @ fized place of ebxte at
a saic0 Tae n tbe ord of Manganiila
the A ID log the Executor
named in the paid wae &

And Notice is aso given that Ino Caveat |e
lodged bwlore the expiration of twenty eigbt
Gays from ihe cae of the pebtieation of this
potice tl will proceed to issue Probate
of the seid Will,

Dated this First day of April. rect,

(Sa4.) T. A, THOMPSON.

farer, fuel Volmin of St, Mary's Villara tn | cf Apslt 1103, there oi

1Ohavw * the Ward of Carapich«ima (a the J land } (re tha duors of the ®
fp the Supreme” Court, of Trheided for a grant of Probatecf the | oF-Rp-in on Thor-dag)
Ja the Mateez of Will bensing daca tha f0th dav of Decem. | Mey 908 b tween the

The Estate of Cathy lng Moligan tate of a
Ward or Blaochlesease Marna’ woman

Tecra ed,
iG pleetlon bar ieen mate bed fs that ap.

ter 105 ard ofthe endiolt bearing the | twep to, al thet
25th May ofoJane 1906 of Alexander Vale pommnoaiy knowas
tuan late of the Wad ef © taptchalma fu} in Lhe town of Boo I
theraid islaed of Tr nifad whadieden she | by aimesurewest
loch day of daly 19:7 as 8e, Mary's Vil | abonte, and atutiieg 2
leuela the Ward of Gsrapichalena | land fe the inn
baving at tha timect bie death = @red | 00 the ah nyos lead
plece uf abode of Ga Mery's Vitlege afore. | bolts of Fobert Jobeg
setd the ald Llenel ‘ersel Vo'men ond | pos (rewa Land,
Emmaceel Yolman telog the Erecutora Hulntee Plerve Bred
waed io the eald Will of thedeoesced. | far that +

And voice ts ala given thatil ba Caveat | Paradi-a
Is lodged before the expiration of twenty: | Forne +o se
elght deys from the data of the pablieaton | and twesiy f ur)
of the the Court wil) proce d tofasag | butting en t ,
PAIN Of Probie to the sald Liunel Comino, 0 the Boa!

Volman and Brmenael Vet po. onde aut anon ti
Deted this 19h day of 1008 acd on the Wist 0
. Bad) Ta. THOM PsuN, lacie Money a ue
tegwtrar. M

* weir (Sa) ERN

Ine Motigan lete ot the Wi
Blancbisseuse sforesuid Married ‘woman oe

' basing at the tine of ber death « Beek
ace of abodela the Ward of Blanchisseuse

aforesaid the said Taomay Molligan belag the

lawful husband of the ssid deceased.

dod nctice {5 alsa given that if no caveat Is
a bfere the seme ol twenty sight

eee tanec
et De THE

Ke. tetrar,

a 1,
Ne “sol sgon Court of Trinidad and Tobago,
‘Thomes Nathaniel Sampeon—Plalout a

Matilde De B,
UBLIC NOTCH A esty tie ast,

le the Supreme Cowt of , Trinidad and

_ Tatag
Na ee oer Jurssictloe— Punt-of-Spaio,

iN Ja the 8

octine Af} ana, t
Foe tbe wand oT}

ane ie Jo G1 te the seven tmuntog ICNOTICE is } ven 29 ordcr Of Fis Hows Mr, Juvica Rurcall fa the omate
— peat ltrs mut ride githou reps] A WP a US CS worddof this #208 t= puaiigne TICE, fs ruby, elven, thas le | made here on the Gb day of Masch sgol, Saiedeg o ULI NOTICE
Tescept ie aire hacer) You may writaby thle plan so emas. | a certain memorandum of tmorlgrre dated the wre But up tor sale @ the doors of versus ‘prcatinn has boom
‘Lar Fach cone petitor (provided be bas entered | Ye surroanded with & besutifal bedye $ fect 4 Gna'y quick | tin day of February 19°6 vegurered to Volume | inte t'ang of Thaldetoe Soret or Spvin, Ramgoolam Mellgno af 1! 0 said Wi
for mote ibas fe events) stall be alioved one (high. The Laud is levelled, Av though iy were done by ‘kime [410 f0 se, fr m Toog tale bevaneah La | tay of May aguh between the boursed ob 78 \OTICE fe here's ¢ Sirens of Pretend o a
sieait incerta wi Bmw] we Fra Trams PANU e | Asversaledesiea doatefncs ce! | te eheagned trie Brat Prue | MER metet | NODE a segede fi tas thre nn | meg aed te
aa wAvtentants @beo pushing off onmpetitors With it 1668 {aq i. (be, yow eae Towa ep Tursday the studay of May 1908 shaate nt me ne ele parcel of auction at Bum-Som Hull ia the Ward 2 Rane pies aed who el ey
irish feast mee Ae ea NY eres ay ug [mene oy Decemeearet tael | seiesPiney Dat eyo Mapaye iat
‘The wala waterpipe rane witbine few | W.g.—The p Le will be avorded to the | sitcarele the Ward of Bavena Crane Nota | 34 # M7 b100 Woaheial bot and aluttinnnn | Te right thle, and (gieery! of tha alorg. | thavad | he’ Deleme

Dos of the best sites f ee is
(Govtaleg loaslay. Wi be volt 1" | peteon svirlzlon the Mes
1 aacaber

iis fun foe oan to «| Cheap for Cash

al the donor sbelt te Guat,

teat word:

+, oF Prog ota Ns, spnd ¢ aed hounded on the
So mesient ia thowemiiied, The decision | Nova by the Bide de L Ext voud oe ibe Souk
te L'fat Road and ty
Wot No, b-—together wih the busldings thereoa,

by Crowa and on the bast by a sund
the Wom by the Head ,

the Notth op0e @ ad on the

wpe liad sow oF lay iyo} Atdew 8 Geet

tid on tha East upos a reyivbich sad pare}
ae beows asnuasher elev-e attorf base

toge’ wih the Duldiogs theca »

tained deledant in 9 worden tesement eryare | Domed tber ia, 7
wht gelvan gd ata a tasiah use And ance ie a's OF

cormed wih tisit toh wanding ad tinde of Jvigdtel resha of

& Mabaradge at Sum Suu Lilt af reeal’, dave bom the date

HP o0g Cort and barwes, 2 mitch nm be Cu
‘a clear machine's be atruy To J.T. CUMMINGS, . | Dated caus ath way of Aged ogo. Pade . Shier seat tecala dhol, then bh weet, : sid
aig rod reat a a PEIOB OF aly __ By Tregarete Revd. FA. DEXA, en La tour | ein eros coe wea Se be
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e:\Gent’s Wear.|“==

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\) rayay MUSLING. snd’ 2 ERA as, to 44, 1m@wW ado.

“Tee Wo have about the beet assortment possible, including: spgouseeda att lis i tre a ARVELLOUS V. ALUE: ee - i

D GINGER... 480
! effected atlowest rates of premiums,
and Bic far. ONE STUD WHITE DREAS oe leNtron Sniggs, Bl BUSINESS SHIRTS, Trleonial Dividends pte Jared every year



| Neatsfoot Oi, ° .


BLASTING” "yveel "

—AT— twa Pe ae do, WHITE SOFT tninrs with Linen | io favour of {Policy holdera Linen D ods . ——fop—— .
‘Stores; AERTEX DRESS emit i Day tx | Lines: SH aoe Two Kpeelal] ALEX. F, MATHIESON, ress Go . te NEW ee You'll Buy Things Cheap at {
Port-of 8 . 24 cents E.

’ |Celeured Print and Zephyr SHIRTS, Pelt Black & White Chock Sophy. . ARNOTE LAMBIE & Ca. 3
PH i N S, Pliln and pleated Froote~4/5,37 6h Trinidad Building.” and| FancysWhite, Muslins}Cut Price 12c. 4

A large assorcment. of Coloured TUNIO SHIRTS, at Bf 26 & 3 ech} [an Association, Marine S ‘%
GERHA HW Ee , arine uare, y
z HOR RENT Pp OFFICE: NO, 18, CHACON STREET, BARD Br #02), v4 quare, 4

Nn I x la S l ] HE Board of Directors of che Tria FANOY WHITE MUSLINS—& GCemtss, elepbons 13%,
. ge an er mnie. I YJ ja its bas fad Dallding org ee of 4a per ant for Aa : . . M li AG 4
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Beccmnger| «ost rer ninieatiag sauce ert oot ame |UU. Fancy Prints and Muslins OU./vioropia INSTITUTE. * 3
cht loxtlied throzeh: | HEAVY CEYLON FLANNEL PYJAMA SUITS at 10)- 12/6 & 15/- | Membere who have recelved she pald up . 2
sian aorlyge tderold very suitable tor pLANNI travellers to cold 1S at 10h sf ! fated may ara toe, Ac Phetanen, 6 CENTS & 8 CENTS WHITE COTTONS AFE KROCK OUTS, By THEGHORALANDONCIESTRAL
Qaay 63. LIGHT ORYLON OLOTH sUITS at #200. ecretary, atthe nota of the Assoeiation ; SECTION > 4
FF Thad comfortable Awalling | ZEPHYR SUITS at 4s, 5s. 6d. 6s. ard 2 dollars. cor ee ea tree coco Feuorteeges }

On Saturday, Sth May, 1608,
at 890 pw

a 98 Deore Btrest, Sewerage » .
By inated a sfeset ‘poste COLD, & WHITE CELLULAR CLOTH PYJ AMA 8 SUITS at $200, Ferd sbees ny snip to gle fo B ARG AINS IN EVERY DEP ARTMENT.
yr—Richnond tes White Mercerised Cotton Suits, tneahany telesce nanding ab credit of
atte NTT tee at 6/--Very Cool Wear, ‘ae

d.. Por partiostara apply ALEX F, MATHISON, ‘ .
art, Coloulal Secretary’s ‘ . .
, Teod alty cifces and aso CEYLON chovd DRESSIKG COWNS’ AT $6.00 EAH,” Febytosth 1908 * Pressures SKE OCH SE Co.

y plas bedromms at No, 68
Apply on the premises—

2 NION EY ; “qv

“ cia {ibe Vinarat souk Rtreet. ‘ C [FE i D i N Ni N G & 6 0. Aare erae ar or, large sams on 12, FREDERICK STREET.

Ree Sianntchs Foe far DAD 1x. | price Makers & Bargain Givers,
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“Coronation March" pqinyes Nerorbeer)
sohen 1B.
“Comedy Overtare™ ..e0 {Keler-B sis}
"Bridal Choris” from Reve COrchestrnes
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(Cowen) Ghoras int
“The Winco iat piel Oiebeatrat *
Good Night, Goat ‘Niet Neloved....nns
(Plosatti}.... Chon,
Tuossoay, Atnte 1.b—Drehe Lal, Secs

Tusspay, May Stu—Comblued Rebearas). s

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ret fasteled. For far Fredenck Strech,
plesseornly to Messrs,

ta Hijos 08 sere:

y ] YOR SALE Perseyerarce Katate of . a .

: ET pallens on Repos Road containing 32 or T
eK The delight(p! revidence 9 3° Vien fs land—havleg 6) 000 be . 8s RONG Ss “COAT HES :
Me Betmost Cireulsr Rosd, oon- toooe trees and 1,000 young, trees. mnne af .
7 feons for a large faroily trees in sbundacce. Good eart road, *
Al per month—powevsion frere abort3 miles from town, For farther aa
Bavply oa the premises ta Il. particalars apply to ANTONIO DA COSTA

" Oircnlar Boed. Belmonty-April =

A reooth ta the’ delight | “y tho Board of al Mi
\ ‘peer Booretary oft the Beard may be seen,
businvas conaected with the

Apna, at a Sew minster

he Tramway Terminon, Tm- The Leading Pipe Tobacco SAS ae a ys Call wncdl see our ‘stock of

a iPr ta Joles Andaze of America. Wis indy oF gaailemen to board weed ; ‘) 1 M = . Board. on 2 Mondera, Wedereday fod eels
BA Hoas NG 0 aaanaire be, olan peta oe PHONOGRAPHS AND GRAMAPHONES| | eftetetctts ypteertssectires:,
Bere on nding eons AFtor Smoking Qboid no othor GQacotte Oo Apr Peed ae We will sell you one on the HIRE’ PURCHASE BYSTEM. J, 1, COLLENS, |
Bed sonst ahh oihcen Pore. ‘Tobacco willappeal to you.’ LOST. S-__ | Jual,to hand the Largest and most Varied Aesortment of RECORDS Noe

. Apply 6 Brosdway. Lip wheter last bel ween Tana; which tneluds:
pee as : Gold Curb OUAH and Land T t
Pe SALE FREE SAMPLES TO PIPE SMOKERS |iitgekncettatatheee AN APMC EL eccron | EAE ROPEY IG aad, | FIs Eat

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Te the d i - or Will be Isberslly rewarded by retarolog | Toa Bier B BELLS (Bell Selection
umral icontalontes wnt _at—°* tiie to the, Caledepisa House, Good: | Wig ty YOU TARE (iepors80ng) WHOW ME ee Boog) |S stay toh, Fellay Jens 17th
with ered asbosten vielen Gthere teo numercus to mention, rade Suse Gud. From 10 am to 4
a oe "egreesiog - .The Pure'Food Store FOR 3) ENT. ee etd Co Ling, 6%
fout verands, ‘ i ‘ . . ° #208.
ou Gatto mga Warden's Office,
of bout, alo the mei — AND — The Exquisloly Situated Cottege Pianos, Or g ans, Harmoniums, wotiee, 1008.


a a r, ‘ '[ “BR48S & STRINGED INSTRUMENIS in great Variety,
| eae res ‘The Brunswick. Grocery. |\P45R VIEW: # great Variety

of a Yologram from the
a ny wine, Oaracas.,

ina flower garden end ONTAINING rr Bedrooms, 1 Drawing

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to ruprly teo “os . . toow, 1 Dining reom, san usual Out . . ~ .

EN Yours faithfully, cia kirmasiemierias| Tunings and Repairs by “Competent Men}. oecrras ame! MiNtt
Dg 1 comdaraWle Toa . . ' “ELBOTRIO, se USGTALLED ‘ FE cosmenis uelor cet
ROGERS & HUNT, paral ero raga fas THE PLANO WAREHOUSES _ |fasised'rtactitie gre

iy reo,” . "Zhe Pure Food Store.” Fousession Aat May) Ating Onlotel Seretsty.
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Thursday, G00 Apeil, 1906 regitee Fable Wet Beaman th

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We are now reediving Ex, * Hihal Clarke"
370;986 ft. ALL HEART

This is of the beet quality and of the chea ate,
Is your tme to buy from 7 pest rate, Now

GEO. FR. ALSTON. & co.,

“Lown, HARDWARE & sAWiIit Daa RTA,
“et “44 & 92,South aves! feet

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Coleotat | 7 ~ Le cr 3}

+ Gh April, .




or teva, Beat oT "GASES FINEST DANISH TABLE BUTTER,—J, Prreneey. ~ NOTICEr —

AT Weasels Bros. & Vow. Gentard,| pce oa Ets

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Sew tee, ie gga ms
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Jeagver, Weely mal wey ‘ ' Seats will be for sale Mi Ye Aneticn
t ed to prov oP Marrls Promestés
“ REN Oh oeeeke eee . ; treet #t Re oi Mart of Recent Louis Sefee & « at No, te 3:

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; . ‘ a f petal ome LBccheile Servet, tn sia town of Fort: | iween the hours of
q . 4 telees 10 be up to ibe | ¢, tho cheery f eta of the | Ele eduvede aarnoog toe 40 thvoer
¥ ' Sereteners dif eevee Une t 1 iad, Belasoat, of Boot wa the ‘ Warrior, ia on W Lats oh wer ot Su isae wane
Gdloates « vhat, "of toes withoas | ADAH 1008, a Cadiz Lines. Belmonts of Beer ile ea Ney 2008, between the howre of ¢ derana Griae Neeee
( wee at m ene! - . v
wu gl . £ aA Senile tke, prévenel sugar thous | the property of Darah Yousg The beaches while Lord Roberts ‘wae } "20 Sed slegelac thet certale parcel ire perches Sala ae
BAORNTLY RECEIVED AND.OOMPRIGING ALLTHE —, — °) let save, "With tagard to icon, on the | atnet 7 I eel ther Sir bal ne Ones | Oat ce waar" supine Be/oh, Dewees ress, cue ‘re | rogsues eet cere
_ » , wh hate helrman 6 ted eh peceh atated thet om exceation of a mare * Whei do we want this Afmy pf 19g, | ee ol Reside a! oe | aad bousdéd ov tbe N
"ae 7 ZT | were then ‘retiog bare ‘bet boon wale] Warreot at cefendant’s plac for the mea fot { Avkrd Mr Byles in the | Mt, North pree let Na. 66 Dessay Sheost one Pa by Crows
NE W E S : I * FA B R | © taleed, but the iproneat Trice of BB+ pee subject metter of thie eberge, the pro, et the Army rjeectea fa tbe Seses: oc'the ‘hens ‘op Whe Birer of Roath aed free
. . a owt, le one whteh Wi temuaerative io the te bateewies wore i Howse « mone, ner res Wot ecan Binet, + 14 wide, ‘
OOL AND ‘SILK & WOOL Glanery ani emery a’ aces of Siteractsberges be need. for span, | 4netioon peogte sroatl bara’ tore 10 | “Td shore merghge we wow reer tn | er none med ie costes
3 IN SILK, WOOL AND: eraily the propery for both thoes ofope Ponewent —'l prisoner waa remanded spend ted" pds Boas.” he Lt iin an day of Marah } tbe teetod tothe gr
4 . apes w dice aed British | tl the Tea 3 ball beleg allow: . aloniete LEWI]8 JOHN & fo. sy
f . deted taourstie. ‘Teeusinerela hea | bi fe B80 with « grey, cid “Oh ob" "40d Iaberslerried canna hoilonarn | Ba Be by Mere Tre
Ke, fo a " . ! feduatsy of, cotton erowing. In spite of |, ALLzO#O Wovuisa te Serat, Heary weakly. . . | TRINIDAD. = oh Naveat"ea ree
4 { lower prices the cultivation sf Bea luiand | Tollerd charged Ernest Blackoan wii In the course of repiice, Mr, Hatdece | BALE FOR WEDNESDAY THE 137u | James B. Millikas-and 00 the
ie. x © | Cotten fn ue Wert ldtes has farther de Zonndiog, coatroct be Apr ages red shat the Atmy was cow more effl- DAY OF MAY 1908, Ine ee Teee ted by
ve’ aring the pat 1, and ie the . ’ “ t A — dyree .
‘ IN BLACK, WHITE, OREAM, NAVY, BROWN, smaller isu tation rove’ haa proved |catet ta. de bar qrovons Orduy harm. | Cont Chan evet ayatera was, be | PUBLIC NOTICEs hereby. given than | Stes res re ned wiry one
, be MRE ted the, pri '
avalaab'e subsidisry Indastry. Ione ia: | Mr, . B * said, that there waa money into which In exercise of Lhe Powers! Wale 000-1 tect shewn in the pie
formed that_the Sea Island colton pro: | rover. Dr. Tepis to having ‘ ferred on Morigegeea by the Conreyan-| (0 ‘Boguiisg to Vol
cing sod Law of Vroperty Ordinance | Loaded on ibe Nomih bj

1884 and contataddin a cortain Deed of {tbe South by Crowe Lea
Mortgage besring date (he sixteenth ay | Francis Mitchell aud en the
Maroh in (he pear 19°S registered as Nom- | Ramaauih and by
ber 087 Of the Protovel of Deada for the | Mucbell, and on the Wee
sbbt poor and meds between Oatiedrs Barde | Cariabocus sad by lands
of the Bret party Bmery Mulaget of the | Goordin and intersected by
second part and Francets Agoetial of the | feserved 2 joke wide,
third part there will be put up for- este by | SooPrinad nice acres thres
Pablo Auetion at the Auction Mars of thal ji 4! peuuioned for by §,
uodersiqued at Numbee-14 Bt. Vieeent | Crows Land on the Rant toe
Steet ia the Town of Port-of-Spain, on | and onthe West by red
Wednesday the 13h day of May 1004 be- | Karimbecus and intersected by
tween the bouts of one and twop.m, =f fly: Hoke wide, the fifth
Allacd Siogalar that certain piece ‘or | fifteen acres two roods and |
parcel of land and Cocoa Plantation situs | Gelincated and with the
ete in the Ward of Uppor Caroot fn the | thereof sbewn Jo the plaa
Island of Trinidad. comprising thirty-two jo Sebestion Fatven Ja Vol x
acres origiaslly granted by the Crowa ta ta o ah tbe by lade {
ous Francis Stephen Blondel afd abuttlog ‘Crowe Land apd ‘co the _
ogthe North ppon lande formerley of | tycq and by lands oa
M, A. Seza but nowol FE. IL Rapeey onthe | intersected by Lengua Trace 4p
Ssuth opon lands formecly of the Crown J sisth thereof comprising four ela
bat now 4 Road and Iands of Emery Main- | and twenty seven penhes d
got, on the Exss uponlands formerly of the | the abuttals and boundaries
Crown bat now of the Crown aod Emery | the pian annexed to the :
Malogot and on the West upon lende for. | Vol. LXIL to, 197 and boundel
erly of the Crowa bat now of Kmory bya Crowe Reserve on the Soe
Malogob aad of the Crows, and ow the Ween by lands
Dated this 23 day vf 4prif 1908. mS

° T Y daced IntheTsland of St Vinceatl ined abdtye Volosral Hospital about | 827 bodycould-dip bis baud. (Cheers),
. SAN oO 5 (SILK AND WOOL the fess rrodatel “Ther Tutte, econ 6 Dm. ‘ow the Tech ‘oatact “ona hea he thongtt of the fortiGestlons
talnly an en: act, Ou oot) Hayoes who.was sg@eriog from a corn- ° 1 ot the

. ° indnstry can te mades thorough'y d {racturé of the Jower Jaw oa the | West Indies and cleewhere, and o
oa Lig Material in Slack and Colours. fea : und fructuré of the Jower Je $ atic and leew nd of the
AF atifully ight new Ma'erial ier large and paylog ove It wi'l be manifest] 1 pkdg } & gontoeion on the left check, money tt saat been wasted t Gite a.

to the adventage of alf concerned, Jy
aled iofectsting to Soo thet In Decwerere | 2 wen detatiod ta hesoiet tbe head. -emotion,bat it made bim almost weep,

* . © ° * 1
ps we a V7: sion the euluvation “of ‘ree’ it nas | daynnad le now an ourpatient. ‘tho | (Lavgtter). If be bed that mosey to
ws, oer 4° oy + { always scomed totonto be sathercurioas | frecture is a serions one, but uo pers could do better for the ordinary soldier,
. ‘ D § | Lbat rice sbontd have to be Imported from | manect injury will result therefrom.— | F would baild achools for the training

Indsa fa a low-lying district Nike ¢h + | The priscner was remanded tilt the’ 18th .
rXGuURED} . land of Bilitsh’ Galaaa, “Lut sow eociies | prentaoy bail with a euesty ie, £90, of cficers sad he woald de a mattitede
f ‘ Tel the sonar ntact radentiuers and hove qq bronzuonay asp Coruna Augue been done, iteoly tbe Ian syetem had
1 — . Hi 6 Leginoiy 4 . .,

AN EXCEEDINGLY RICIL FABRIQ-- MAKE LOVELY SKIRTS cultivate rice. Accordiay to ‘3 moat ia. Bourne with stesliae foray e schooner steerer body hid boca ubleto eased

Yoresting paper on Duitieh Guiens, read by | Ketawce while in the Gulf 6f Paria oo | #78tem overybody pe
x Ble Daveon a6 the Hoyai Colontal Lust: Apni 19:b, the sum cf $3082 acd a few | 82 uch mocey as he wanted, and now
> FIQUNED & HTRIPED IN BLACK | tate ooly a tew duyeage if they could pet my “of ¢lothio th tty of | the ba ios, ia the persoa of bis boo
CRYSTALLINE AND VAINOUS.COLOUNS .... {rome system of Irrigation, puralbly uader {Sides of slotbiog, the property of | rie og had een up’ agaist. them, and
3 . ~ [Gorersment aasjloce acd with Covern. {| 2homae Wilsoo, The prisoner admitted rald'they must Jaaufy tbe expenditure
ment sid, the cuitivat oa, of aes would { bis guilt. Iteppearsihet Mackieworked of erery peany they asked for There

. . oo: oy . largely develop, G ova veil with another man whore
- COSTUME: DUCK-—A Fine Material for Wash: | sey, There an) (blow more toss tocoe ft | mosey aad clorbeabe ste, Whoa rece, | were a few frareseuis ofthe Irans remela

° Shi . ball be Yeoozd fod by th table on ehore, be w der | 10g, aud out of that source they were
ranOs or. obLounS. ar soe ubacn: [RSet atts ome | te ee ieee tee | bey atten”
MELTONS—LARGE RANGE OF COLOURS-—-AT 2¢c, BLACK] ™ af ave sneweved theni J abali shove | the stolen clothes j and on elogsearcheds | trciay sold soy of the empry bartgcks
AND NAVY—2o, 090, 30¢,AND UP, it Cle Theta a jut twa pofats fo Treen ners ooreted sgeloas he built under the old system? (Chora),
Ke thatatrike me, Bir, 1a these eceonate— | rrisoner whose imprisonment with herd
_ FON Xs RCE DS Of TT ° bra ae Sanne eek oaty batt Ktour for six months thet Court now | erinipAD avo TOBAGO,

i pro: “the cat” Co
a S eharebolder for the shore perlud of three | ordered, with & promise of “the Ia the fapreme Court,
. . Th nest time, In tho matter of the Eslate of Marle
WL L Ti To “EG “RR | Patten te clreernt tt (be xteat amoast | ee er teeD sroLes Tosacca.—A Louse Jeavey Ista of the Town cf

of noces ia cirentation,
mechen eer emer ther iat ta your emet aired e Veorzueho youth called Ernesto Evoker To of! Speta fa the Is'sad of Trinl-
Th ‘Colontal Bank BLU] we hava govill of thet £50,000 e986] thet there ie ao itoca 6 of £74,000 as com. | WAG charced by Constable Ford with edad, Wi
@ Colonia’ : heperate item 4 we wantto ses it restored | parcd with aytatage, From thefint se | coaveying at Heory Siz.eton April 98 h, 4 =
The ove handrety and Fortieth Metf. | 224" roserrg tnd, | Nows teers ara two | ort I bad tures yeas age J Gnd that there | a quaatity of tebacea suspected to hare | PULLIC NOTICE is herghy given thet
Yearly Generat, meeting of ghia Corpora. » ** aie " le scan one. One te L isan imcrease ef only £3,000, theamoant | been ato! eomMr, Re MT. Prizgar th apple jon, rast a = le to me 7
thon was beld og Wednevay” the Sth dey [87 te fa the Pe bat which wetec hose | thea bung? £4770; ao thet on other | represented the pri-ouer who plasded poarles | Jnia the Ielectl Ts Tded to
of Anil, 120, ut the Disk louse, No. tory but Lam boaed to aay thate foukieg wotde the notes ia cireulstion cometo not guilty, The constable’ suspicions aGrent of Probate of the Wit Geante :
13, Bubonegate Strecy Withle, Londen atthe enurmous atoucte of borrowing quout five-ainthy of the oupital paid up, ‘were aroused when he saw Eroker at | Gate the 12 h day of Marcty 1908 of Mere
EO, B, Brodie Moare Ey. (the Chalie | coinz'on almned day by dayy when sou } fo bot heow whether thee ae al ‘hing go'clock at night with a big buadie of Loulse Jenvey lave of the Town of Port ot,
maen) presiding, haveGermany bargwicg 50 millions ster for f aos, ty ie tan, t ree pe i, tobacco leaves wrapped in bis Jicket—— Sowin ja the Toland of Trinidad widow
The Chairman t Gestlenen, T will ask | ling, when you bare the Loaden Conaty fopit! sazety are ‘lable to a lercer ont ‘The pr@ouer who aonounced himself ae | deswecd: who dinwuoe the Stdeday of
the Beoretary to read tbe edrertisemess | Council borrowing two of three millloue | pone ite e taney tate, cepltat on thele % tobsccrplstand cigarette makert swore | April 1908 having ab the Uince cf hou dean
convesnlog the Meeting. . slediag, and other Bret tae eccorities | sisieg Tilo nob pat fe acaae ton of that thé tobicco was givea by Martio abred place of wbode at the Town of Vort-
The Secretary (Air, Uordos War. Tatnex) | being perpatually offered—it acems, to me law, bat probably the point be coturred Brucd, a Venewelan politician bere bat | of Spais aforesaid the ssid Charles Edward
read the advertisement accugdingly, thas the ¢ ance of any rapid 1lse fo ordin. to you asl you 2a. alle to telt we the Brasé denied hiving done 20.—The | Watuon being the execator named in the
The Chalimass Mey I take the report | O17 8 That there heck Ono adearce yay | Conclusion you kare come to in regardto magistrate asid be was bps | sald will, i i
acreadt (Voloent * Yeo.”) 1 atm vara | 08% 7 ae ae bea ae bene dar. | 't, The otber point, alr, isthe amallness lieve the boy's atery, and therefors | Atd notice i also given that if no
eutlemen, you will all feet whh me very | $i krow-an ‘The other way leb0 meet | Ol ttereerte Icnd compound vp with adjourned the case for a week for the { caveat i lodge belore the expiration 2
Seep regres ab the amsonecesend of Mr, by degrees that advance ai moderate | tb¢ paid upeapltel Tqatteunderstacd that police to wake inguisirs. The prisoner Hy yerighe jays Trom tbe ate of tl ‘
Dobdrea's retirement from (he Chsir, (Heir, mente ont of oar profs end lose ac. | tbe Freres fund le property £150,000 and was allowed hie own bail fo #3. Pavdoation of this notion the Qourt wi
pay Pl not £100,000, Lut that fs only a gu wterol — Kroxep : ~Lionel Jobostoa summoned proce to lasne Probate of the ssid will

5 Sy-three yesreaa ver
pea) od ln anybody’ ‘ite-hle, Dobres Sount, so that we may write dowm out se: | iy) cap'tal pald op. Dalnaye think thet rdiagly,

corities to onch a fizaens will enable us

. low » Deceased,

a Crows
leads of Sovpaul Sevecta
BCOTT & ¥ON, tee anes bel.
: Government Auctioneers, bee ty and wits ibe noun ,
, WEDNBSDAY TIE memorandum, of tres ety
SALE ¥YUR WEONES Szp } me jum transfer
: Chanthi ja Vol, LXY iahe bog gj
DAY OF JUNK 1098. the North Crone Lande ;
UNLIC NOTICE {a hereby given that Senna. and tg nthe, Ba
P in oxorcise af the Power ol tale. con: Deenab, the eighih tives i
ferred on Mortgagess by the Conveyan acres three roods and twenty new
clog aod Lew of Property Ordinance 1884, | aod with the ebuttals and boul
aqd oonteined la a mecrorandum of Mort+|shewa in she plan annexed "
co No, Ii dated the Zist day of June | Dabee ia VoL. XVIL, tobe
Inve, from Moortee ta Joseph Wallace,
and ina Deed of Mortgage dated the sald | Sora
2lat dey of Jane and registered ag No, 9517 | Pelivoved for by Mahablr and ty
for the year 1904 and made between the and oa the West by lands of Siig
grid Moorte of the oe part aod the aald | tbe ciath thereat ieeprisiog
Joneph Wallace of the other part, there | with the abut y three arches
will bo put for sale by the nodersigned ab lathe plan annexed to ;
bis Auction Mart No 9c Harris Promensde | ig Vol. X, folio 353 and boundell
San Fernsado, on Wednesday the 3rd bythe Baade TES Road,. on

day of June 1904, between the hours of one | East by Crown Lad, and
and two Pw, Crown Reserve subject asta
Firstly All thet elof land situate | thirdly, fourtbly, Althty, wad
In the Ward of Uropoache comprising | tightbly and minihly above d
nine’ eea acres three roods and thirty-nine | ‘U5 memorandum of mortgs
perches regutered ia Vol. XVI folio 203) Nt Mitikea aad Flora ai

thatdest reserve faud fore Baak je such Atihue Meetis for sssanttiog and beat- Sepenisr teers ee a

il bounded ou the North partly by lands

shas been what J ‘may call, perbaps, the i ‘ Dated thie 24¢h day of April 8908, an September 1903 1a secure
saptaia of the ships abd s very, adantr. to rentoll the £50 (00 te eerie ata {Ramoust as ie equal to the pald-xp oap- ie iat at George Streeton A peal 18the (xd) TA. Tost SUN, peas priy by landeol Gidhary. ‘and thowtiod sight Buda dl ’
ableceptaln be bas bees throng to sllecata to that amount wil bo pub Le TT Aronia ke ante ng tire ook way fioae BMITATs Tandon the East by Crown Land eod on lollars <

aiarance f . alr, 0 @ plérx of not gulty—They bad af o—--
thet weahtll have awe locteaze’ot ihe! duspate aboot a pen knife which John. ( © tte re ee

Mpostole, Thee his been noiscresse etun accused Marti ofstill haviug ia ORRALE A housé sitea‘e on tands of
duilag the time £ have been o Slisreboider bis posseasion, bat which Martin avoued F Bt Teale D Avadie, Bengre Urende.
and Lebisk it is unfortucate that thatie he hed returned to bigs, This dicussion | 4 i usloess stant, AS pre ent ceea-
so. { dare say the gootleman who wate eoded in Marlia dealing Johnston a | Std byd.J Alexester, Apply to G. J}.
that eourteons letter had ia biemindthe a kick in the abdomen -Oa proof of Acost int, ae Paria Ili], Vort-of-Spala,—
feet thas Me Dob es, on the fast occasion Gunvigtions ngaleas the defendant being | 4PtiL29-8 tm.


the West by lands of Baro, Nestasee Corienge rae
And Bocondly—Allibas Measaage and | Mil ikea by deed dated
lot of land aitaate ay St. Mary's Village La | 19046
the said Ward of Oropache measuring ity | Dated this z1th day of M
feet in frontage and ono bandsed feet io » P
sree are bok
of Hamotar, on the Sou the Pa RIN
load. on the Ene Tande of Bartlett and sae oe WRDNESD:
on the Wes jacds of Bartle hy
with the Bppartenancey thereta belong: DAY OV MAY,

Nee were! Lite brea 8 1 meet con? we redaction of tha Bgure of £947,000, and it

* verstroatles iu the Woet Jadies owing yu not HW added to the apecist roserve foe
only to seasone and prices, bus ty | SfPreciation, We wantto cer of the
palatal catenttophen, which have neces. | Stele reserve for depreciation by writing
sarily affected ihe isenk We all owe | Sown the fovestmenia to thelr actaal aale-
himadeep debs of gratitade, My eo! aie dane Oar bls riegivable are

= leagues have brew Kind eocuyh tazae me | fh eye pcre seo £189,000. Dae
the comp iment ef electiog me to ail bis Late i oD! < on arteas Accounts,
pies during the woerpized term for which Theale OF ae tae ulate ees to acy

9 wae elected, namely, tothe end of the couated abd adeausae ou’ exceniferia tly

or cn Ube oreisles bel re, sald be hed t ~~ =
crthooming, waa fired £3, of ove
Pg kanes fom combo At a fal PRIVATE SALE

r B i CE bs hovel
Trea r,andieaa only sey tbat I viously, I should lhe to i Assault AND AT TERY :—Piggy —Or— be UBL OTI ber
Sill do ty Vest, (feat, heer,) L feel tery Senet Oe Fite OM, showing “so ane | A8d, think eomarct my iellow aberes Fergusson wae summoned by’ Lone FURNITURE Batok tata 29rd of frei one, pein etersiey of thee
strongly my own deticiencien {nthe mosis | Hin Of 23, Th a teem onl 0 tte boldete wi') agree wih me, that you Marebell for assmult acd batiery at ? 4 P. Py PICKERING, ferred on Mortgagece by tig)
tra Knowledge of tha West Indies | Bink premises, That ltem been told meng | ebco'd atick do @ perest, aud soyihog, “batlotte Street co Apil 937d, The T NO. 22 ALBION STREET. Cin Anetioner, and Liw of Serer 7
and of the Weet ledian people which | thins Jse the Kinguren trimiose nie faite sbuveihit you abould put to theleyeve’ defendant whapleaded sot galty, was bsecen from4 togpm. fem let | Thi end contalned fa & cortele J
Mr, Dolree | had to auch # Very Ie | covered by out owe losutance fund: vacy | fondit you can, and au lecis increne inns reptewented by Me. Laatalie. Tip | MAY. ~April 20h. 1, SALE FOR THESDAY THE SGTH DAY | gage dated the lath Marg
markeblesatent, My krowledge of oll) tioorh the prémlsea are not there the | it becomer, certelaly, very much larser women, it appaare have not brea on OF BAY, Los, Eeeean dames Parkes

those eubjecte te pecsesarlly recoad hand,
my experience having been coufiaed to thie
ouuntry, bot am fosfunate'y blessed with
tolleagade whe do koow thoroughly aod
and are most kindly assisting me ia all
boca! matters when 1 pequire aneistance,
Now I will turn to the Gguresof the Hank,
aod compere them with thoseol the sore

spoeding feriod of tha previous year,

cause io I laude like the Weat Indies the
trade ja necurarily a scasonal ope, sad ibe
Bgeress of Jane do got accore'diy and
well oompare with tho e of Desember, I


pustito NUTICE iahereby gives that {o| partand Bawaol Pereat

exerclee of the power of asle contained { Clher pait and Tegistered apy
in a deed of mortgage dated the Lach day of { the Protocol of Theda fe @
January 1008 reg'atered as No. 163 of 1008 there will be fut ap Jor salem
avd made betwoen Hose Batilla Bertete | elgned as bts Anctios Mart
the wile of Joho Albert Bertete, Maoager | Promeaade, Sen Fernsado, aan
of Hermitage estate, San Fernanda in the | the 20. day of May 1908,7)
Waed of South Napaiime fa the fs jeod of | boars of pae ad two om a
Tdaided of the one pact and Solomon) All thas parcel of land
beep ine aod te Anazaten Pavia both towa io the fsland of Till
ol ‘own o} s0f; ln the said eet on the Norihesa b
Aslaod werohants trading Proaether ander

MAY. ~Apriizayh aye, TO
thom itfast bepe somethie ates ‘ A i
the £00000 Waldap capi T might buted Mente, eet eh, ag (pale at Auction

sugges", sir, thry 1 ace i :
renurk itor any UaulUeb poineat signs contioued to beat her. Dr, Damsaoire \ —FoR—

make ft swbo examiced Marshal] found two con»

Hmabalt tem 6 purely site nist of fusions on. the avslp, and tho. right oy THURSDAY, 307u APRIL, 1908,

were ‘occcaved the market ‘ealng Wt pontysed —Cunvictions were proved

stone Auares would’ focrease. Tthink iy Meelnet ihe defendant wha wag sent-to AT

Figald increase to stuck greater extent Jul with bard Jabowr for three | NEW COLONIAL COMPANY'S

ne : .
weteed teat fere.nt of Sivkdecd which | woaths,

Tho Charset f always weloome any | THE NEW Amy, ‘ * BEEAMEBS’ WARREOUMB.

mopey isto replacetham. Webave been
seblrg says tecently to yeplace thoes
premues, We sent oud on arebitect, «
gentleman who hes done some good work
ja Bank bealdleg da thie eouatry, and who
be very well Pponen of by those wbo ave
@rnployed blunon thle alde. We also ja:
atrutied Bir Hosking, cue General Sepere
Iniemient to mecs bis th Jamaios} ani,
after Joubing at cur awa alte and othere
avsilatle, they de ided ta rebel don our
site, The plane are ic of comple

oa the Zouthern boundary,
~ | Honend wenare w be mamliie of the | beggeetions or ericleem; ¢ tal rr, the style or firm of Solomea Dre fae & Co, | Kesiern boentery, aad f
wll shevetars Cupupare December with Deel Court who are sontlerlog them la cone | #7 a7e made in euch a kin! and Ilencis | PASSING AWAY OF BRirisy vot. | [AYOUBRD, by imirue tons received | cf the othor part, there, wid be put ty for | Weiter teense not ea
much td comment’ spon, ‘The palday | foucvion with the arcbicectac ton are aTitts An regaide fie boee ia tiroabatton, UNTEBR SYSTEM, We wadersigned mill offer Tor sale t— se be Pablig aueticn the asdersigned North bY, Bitvor, Bizee’,
FI a — qd io
espital, resarve, wed speclat reserva ie sare bere, we mere toes before soother Tete lato iab hy on ste wind nd u Leases Bt AGL : : aod Beck ville Bice to the ‘Tove of Pors Wesleyan Churet, and aa’
See ee quesiton of depreciation of Zomuovloas and aly butdiog, bus ic wilt | C2eePt Ie ordinary Uebtltieeyaet. mare mula eee O PROJECT. W,F, ags anh 1c ¥paia. on Tusedey the 2th day of May |laudsof Joba Mortoo,
Latastaaled poupord 10 Waal With Dates | Ros be miwe woewss LaT7 boed owing ta | UB itaL The total wears aiouel ye ‘ : rome: (eet Metvee the haure of 1 and 2 pe, Alt] appastens ces thereto
” pny ‘Ibe nutes la eirentatioa here ia: f the diteaty of getuax tows’ sijatateg f ite ark Rava alt, bo (50, aid tag | SATA BR POF ete PYRE TPH | Toc rrdawaged or 04 Aube? epedewn. | aod slogular the right title and interest of| Dated this Oth dey vf &
ererssd by an ranch aa £7610 We bare| sites. Woe eve ecuced one sasatifitjolar Agerite fot pba, rooted, besit sae Corea . —“—— si by survey, and sold for ibe benesy of her the beid Hose Laliida Lortete of and ta (83.) Py BP, PRA
* had a very active dewaed for notes, ex | loz sileca which temporary premiece will orm (Br Dinser W, 1. Cance Coy whom {t may concer, Cents Patt Or parcel of land situate :

Â¥ onus
be erected pending tha rebulWiugy they | Of the notes fa circulation, os te thay ‘
wil delorg to ua aud gi aie banett | SEESCLUSIY eyu-od by secure fa the dap, March 31> At mldej, .
ol light ant al? wbea, cur ows balidice ts Taulas vorertecivs banee tothe es Gest Britslo's Volusteor Atay tenee |" STATS AS 20 rans,
completed, Le owe Prott aod Lous Ace Coeds thatthe rearral puted with My, fa thiog of the past after na ewttence of | Terms btrfctly Cash.

ab Chathans lo the Ward ef Codey J f
eakd Intend comprising 31 Sore fscctees

eches nod boaaded on the Norih apon PU BHIG- Na

ands of O'Connell Fitagerald, on the S hereby gives thas

dally ig Teioidad, aod in ie a catia
jactory fcatare iba: our sotesarela good
credit, We are told thet (hoy are very
Yargely akon actors the Changele to

a Deposityat fasereat and on| count we carried forward £26,000 frew the Bol oa heal ous, erent a Testitoiy ; ¥.9, 8C0TT && South on leads of F. Benaitia and. u
weet ea a chow th small Ausvestion |'lant bait-yoat, end one prc te £80,008), alt Bs tee eed te 1b tanger, pats Me. Hadden tro ee vi Govt ween Org laps rat by canoe # pablle road re there wa kes — “ai
Hille goyetce snd other Nelsintog, B007,G00 | ia Linaua ped ab the. teasabee'ecs recit. tant “gokart suck to 0 pet eeat, Totunttce tere . No} bapa eres. £0 8 deed of mortgage the eee iy 7
Geared ein witnloeg, doe at [cu once “rhe ttenatat tens (St ihe See iataa Tice MONA | Coty mies foe Pred. J th peor gency ea apogee :
s ow ‘ * a lan {eto da whit we etedong tele Vheie reapective headyn inten * . la the ward of an ia
£207,000 2 0 eam, bet whbh" our | #4, is now batter than it wer the | Kia te te tie \ 6 ? | eed other orien the . he’ iad Aves Loide | f, oo
Vinkdhties spread oo weny dierent | 5 9ar at bubanse, we proposcd as | 8 tla got Om ar anne (otertareate, When tens celebrations, * URS, Wa , of the one i comprning. 1
fone shy, mocey farang | Ue Fh.00 tering "sown tbe’ atint.| wintae onal do niet "bat feaes | oehefio ibe digrmeceser ee) ws meray raped oie oe | Sarisy ees 8 ot Oa

r ring ae: :
tee ae aa ee seth octh ae tested poe e Pine “ued 7th Lave hocreesed tbe catiy raed. ihish in’ roel ot ie artherloge were atiended eens of §70° A ieanit of the peineipal aver 7 yaarv of ati
Ser beare sarge opertion tu pur] yesrul 3 per cent, ebeorblug £18,0uy | fore of tevarve fund, from like | by votersma nad frisaded {lhe volanteer the isten -Pirg lnewranes Oe. Dalida et of Apell BW coateactors wha Lega @
Eatiintes,, From, tee ‘poletrot view ef | leaving, Saf stay ED Oar ey (oso | Eil0u0 bey ne Ms w'l be le ee te bo es 4 1 “on Uentomery ¥, LOUIE JOHN a Gu, ° | 1008 20d ba thete gardens tha
profs and lose it e199 J Sut Mut ly a[ fatenrd: 1 have bal lanier fom t Seusill thereat she Je om tes |” Ae midnight strdck thore wore stirring | $0 per cout of cocatey reba’ coonpied orANctia ore eet Plante j tbere are 3 ;

mation we cennot help. It “tho phage dares soces aad courteoce Ih tetbe shanbaldere tudes toned, ecenes asta who would te the Grat to oa rvaidenoa only, Wp oii Overseas’ ,
on ihe pale side yatber to tua muy slik. | lottecmie which be rather popes wa isy | 2+ lichte met cele hee ong ary ted Ht le | selist ia the cow body, many hundreds . Q ' Driver's bosse and 3

cre oo dluinatin of £8is0mt | Waly ponlacens ln Tarvuates af utp: | aurea Ut for onjihing cea hat’ wit | blog Uwe tcrated, The: Marine Tasuramee 2, Lid HR. HF. MARQUE prepery fy ca enya
at lo malnly due te ibe peying oif of | licy (heb thie Mask Euealvaye reuss, | Lenece siry, [uo ve cle hes eagthing | , 10 tm0 tonne practically the whole neem . MM aSTON Agent, Valuater of | 008 on application to the

pocug tereslvaiie da! antares bud orcuriuien | Lido wasbould te lowite tm this acca | t0187 oF questi netanek, L imove That jtelmeot tenk the Rew regimental title CORE RNMENT A O'rrerenta Cotiestor’ of Renta (use .
mpitet oraibentdo celta fue | beak rien tek reese, | Meh fhe Deen reed | eee a ae ot Levde MCTIOWEER3, | frre oil etre toed veins “F380

o * on x . mere (a t coer eceepiemne, 2 .
ples piesa ie that aceount, The] that ve suoald write dows oar laveccuente GITY POLICE GouRT. . fro tae oey pita Roberts salt the Ewmabliencd 1e66. Tessona be ty. hex Gort, 7
cones for « ea Se fy Oe tie fe aueold hare a tee ee 7" on Ite Tertltoral Are sere wade Awentn tants wil, be daly ie My T
other Uetrecrdmary strong and | Der ewa prchetson tbls uccesion (op) AB fore lhe Weribop dB As Farfan tog. | great b Never In ty, (e'My. Haldane had “Bet 8 prationaa redving DEN is ;
oe 3s wae ransferied tof (Hur beat.) Avtoteeoury treet tT : eh (Ory Megutrete) fia the fon tathoca uta National Aimy Charles wilt od 31 preperting 1 ——
EU eT teats | Trxerd shat large. osrey Hosiwerd ay olmoes wea ab the very eaisteoce of Territorial W leads, sad many other pre
sed wo lied bed | covsotial for ttle Berk, 10 te, fe book, bhe edeseday. | Army was e practlea} admlsion of ib erties, in town aad r J. Ral h if ‘i
e t is wight. ie tis} only fued righty avalicd'e hee aay equal: CHILD Malxtasancet—The Mev, posadility of fevasion, He Invisted RE MM, —ane ‘ et D ..
or Ke pars, bare ison roioved to ite} allan of dividends | We sie tlablety aa | Father Daggan, manager of the Belmoat | strongly on the neorealty for trlolog By Royal Wi . Te in est
ET Tle pidinay bead | an ay | walace ogy cout fa, tbs] Orpbanean, tusinoned Bes tale Haat [A movieg personal oote was tredveed Rowson Wipe Me X'te ° Geadasie Cullege of
. Covel noaialg why Rot Oo ow 2 . Y
Teetoed waar as ease te feet abeclaulg oreeeuty d oe om na wriscaz anata ceprastok Dive Ward | ay tegoar aur. fecivild wis | ll Letina to ool be the dem | MBs, Moun hapa gh ft naal De, 4, Ae
p i "Toe? , ~ ff
poverbe pgo, Yai we vball Bub te coulest leeye la ately of Bigot ane sanieng 5 Wrought. fevat 'Merbedoe to this colboy by fed tute wasp aie tekanes WoO de, RN MBACIAL sie] Gabon Sd at once, @@ieon: ;
, Oo Agegaey BE MIET ESO RS i a Ne hal ge ta
KS & ey . . “8 / . , ; ae . i
aA ri ’ ve See ‘
re . +
he « 4 ~
ek -


mn tae tena srison | (600° Mare


ree j aa. “A ‘CHIP OF-THE OLD BLOOR”

No. 7, Frederick Stregt. IN TAN GLAOR KLD-DERBY LACK — Bisse} to! Bj,

Wedding Pr asents Youths’ Tweed Sulte-Alltites: mee eo

K DAY APRIL.30 16 ~: '.. eos >

A FP Mee Ane RRO mS ARN te TN agg UN


Three] Dollars” to Sinty !Dollers.

Pana Ht onthe Magnolia “Boots,

Wy rrr rrt



Gmith. Bros & Co.'s

‘Threetdoliars to Sixteen dollars>


= BONANZA. _| Men's Frock Goats } SILK. HATS, . Se eee eee
Ba ——— The Correct Out fof tha right Bhape Champag he Shoes, Hardware Department. ~

.. e
ih Electro Plated Geeds > | rox -wenoixe war, 4} FOR WEDBG WEAR The |Hard-to-Find Colour.
Bled Bowls sod § Sohne acne Raods | NEW SHAPES if GENTS INDIA RUBBAR COLLARS.

Board, Hardin tet rer Tea pone fa canon: Gives Prasad GENTS LINEN COLLAR€—sll Shaped and Sines, r x ,
Dee , Silver, Mounted Manicure Seta, dc. é a | ;
; 3

me Chains, Brooches, Ping and Charms New shipment of Gent's SHIRTS, Large Brass Buckle — very Dressy—$4,50 a pair,

Largest Stook at the Lewost Poselble Pr

Building Lim® Temper Limi

; wenioan Y rua TOF ated out New Doge”) movesch LADIES' BLACK GLACE KID Gillingham Cement;

a | AEWA MACHINES. $f] Gent’s Cold. Zephyr Drawers | Austrisn Tie Beaded Shoes, DRAGON PORTEAND CEMENT, |
a : 43 CENTS'RACH. Special Value 2.40.9 pale Swifts Tropical Cocoa & Sugar Manures,4
tacles and Eyeglasses. | gent’s FINE ALL LINEN SHIRTS ) sreouo | .. ¢ . a

Lens Mossurod and Matched with our Lens Measure Ball Cold Roots and Figure on White cone] Hoa. . BPRAYING MAQHINES, SULPHATE OF COPPER,


tan | | SMITH BROS, & CO'Y: noes
mirH BROS. &-co. |SMITH BROS. & CO. Tho Bonanza. | | PUSUEET ANhANEE apy; Sonnualnan oat


: Ce er emraeneaeanrenaee rat eet cena -smenirsaserrsnennn-snennearnsnveshtemnns ocean ty
. OUNDin I 1 ia Pemb: i 1 le
OR 'S ALE | ASKED FOR EVERYWHERE.) | Misutin’eliniay ich Apri a] WarKiog Clos toseeet only 140000 | Arrita sv oue and doe Stoner Aribe ae ‘
s 6 7

bunch of keys Owner will please come Pounds, the balance of 300,CU0 pounds | 1040 $0 1076.
eiog al
upoa the pendiog political manclurres

4 municate with thle Oftee fot farther in.
e. . —
ht sete LATEST TELECRAMS. in coonection with the opeoivg of Pars
a, : iu i“ ” Rh 1d7?B TEL 3 in connection wi pealog rs
Landing ex-Schra. ‘William H, Somner eingo COP | ay v.14 rosscz rieraph conrry base ae eng a
ng Mancel’s safety.

tar fi - ‘ London, Aprit 29th.
{NORSSHOP CAN AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT IT? Bir Henry Jackie ts gainten ancenath | FesecgRytch, froma Melbourne suye the

- * HUNDBED AND FIFTY THOUSAND FEET Get Stipptied to-day. Ask your dealer forit, Or apply to ory slowly; but borer mca ed ihe orerate of the Beate arenes

rr ew,
orbed bythe party thea in| Sates tac'ate the fo'lrwiag, vis 1~

formation. .

Teinidad.—8:0 bage at T7e. ba Sle for a
power This hasan important iqquence middling to : R :
U.eneda,3,70) bage at 752 to 80s for -
fate te fine, A
Be Lucla—1ld bigaad 75s to 78 for felr
to fina, *

Demiaioa+22 baze at 76s to 788 for
mmlddling to Hine, a
Coata Ries. 180 bags at 758 to80a for @
tate red to foe fermented, og
Simos. 2) begs at 860 Gl for fine, “te

week. | fleet, and over one hundred thousand | Venesucla —203 begaet 80a to B5e for |
(450,000 Foot) EPEESES GHEGEIEAE. 8c GO. | rice out ore, of he ied alla ate A aa muertos te
~ 2 ow —
‘ AT: HEAH'T AGENTS. . reant ‘oAltentive™ and the, destroyers Zealand wil entertsia the feet ade. badly 00 Gage a8 700 far gual fer 4
~ "Qala" ao tbble” collided; the d one .
Sere [+ Gala” sunk with Lleatenant Fletcher | feature af fi the Goremment, sod Me | Africun,—30 biga at Ths, for West Cook,

Ceylon, 800 bags, ab 73eto 77s torfate |
4a good Native 80s to S60 Gd for middling t s
fort Plantation, 033 6d to 931 61 for -*

Csayaqall 150 boge, at Me far Cam
mes aad Mechele, 1048 to 1078 2
ammer Atribe.
sTocks Iw Lownoy, LITH APRIL.
British Possens'ons, Forelgn _ Totaf? 5
1006 54.218 bgs 24,444 bgy 78,
1907...96,002 5, 19,957 oy

More than 1007. ws 22,686 bys 4

prida Pitch Pine Lumber.|Rats, Rats. |:eonsietiumee tol’ Seuarcsvamncs

ship “itaaaieg of Pertamouth, a
a i . en xX i : er to orp! an 76 Men were
> Pr. 8 CANTEING, 2x3 1012 x12, . RAT VIRUS FIRE & LIEF athe Inquest held upon the “Gledi-

.B.BOADS (Rough) 1 1h & 14 & op wow soaoxn ox enn | OF wll, he Jnr reteond ee
PP. do. Dressed), 1 & 1} x 6. . May be Excellent, _ eh that coatha were Cae to accivens | trom Paoawa by the RALS. Me;
VP, PLANKS=—all usial sizer f "| ROYau THEURANUE COMPANY, Ltd | osepose, Coptaa Pupow ofthe tut | timate Seen are coon ed
--This is an exceptionally fine cargo and is composed, of extra " Paul 4 featified thet in bis opinion there Brarils in eonnection with the tosstraction

tha, P y ‘ Sands Exceed ... £12000,009

‘long léng . .? of the road bad, beee observed, but 8 thereof arailwsy, They are belag} cused
————e court martial will settle the reapoosi-
R AP S NSUBANCRSE effected against loss | titty more defloilely, as there is’ some
ordadige by Fire on Buildings | condict of evidence regarding signals,

Bs ab the Garrisua Theatre, now the property
oe, ° . -

aaa x Landen of the “Gledtator”

@ * f COMPANY {Ki Fe oo eee aaa cass | tail be hed "eported onefdentielly to
| p tlh MARINE [NSURANG B ‘| Are mora certain and efficient, Derlutngs et teederate prices Private | the Aduinlty.

Great gatheriog of Maorle New Zsaland

Late News from Barbados,
(From the Globe)

A araxiad TABOURLEE, low b
mong the parengera arrivlog bere

Looal Forcos—Rifle Praatlios,
Tus Coorrite Tenge will be opes for *
tice at 3 p.m, on Satarday 2nd May,

all members cf the Volan
atabulary and Trinklad Rifle Association.

Gordon Bens, a young man residiog In
Mabogaoy Lare and worklog as a sbin's
Jebourer, lovt hie lifeon Saturday the 25th
fostant afiernoon rather unfortunately
ite, with a fow otbere of bie tellows, wes
boiler ‘Neoeeuey ‘when taruing ‘he’ polat te Witons Herd ware department ace tow
the Catenaga a collision’ threatened a recelp) of a ep'eidid awsortment of Oil
between the bead and the Bpelghtatown (fren iocading the well Raowa
schooner Marsarxt, which waa just Jeaving | | Delice erg are golog at ususl low
oaher voyage to Speightetown,-act the

of the Royal Mall Compisy, and will
temala here for about ten days while
awalting a aleawer to convey them to thelr
Wecan supply you with TRAFS late Bie Honey Gaupbell Benner
. OF LONDON. from the | iminutive Mouse, to! PROMPT AND EQUITABLE SETTLE- | ite, Sh Uiearâ„¢ ce eee Meal,
\ ; “$100,000. tho larger Tiger size. MENT - Ferthahlra, sad huadreds” of wreaths
tal we sn ‘ GIVE US A CALL Of Zosmmes: suis ite Hoos, of Comnane yous
oes effected on Cargo, Specie, (Gold and Silver) and . * | Aaaeera reading of tbe’ Licensing Bill and Nhatge
d 5Post, . mejority is expected on May 4th, but

y DESTROY THE RODENTS. SMITE BROTHERS & C8, the Conservatives are confident it can:


Around the Storee

= ne
. Fo wee 2 ot +

not pes the House of Lords fo apy- | Httle crate had actos shave, Beun could

APPLY . ihe pot swim yed be jamped overboard acd | SAVE YOUR Sarets row Ixow Rust
like Its preseot form. y be w=Mon!t The dey hes arrived ab baat whea
And thus ensure yourselves egainst rhe xo. = A Peking deapateh states that Eog: | 2k in the ncevence of bla terrorize l com. | Ment The day
. pate of Braces without avy
Pe inidad Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd e contagion. Port-ot-Bpatn Jena is foreetigeting spelristion bet weea pes orgue: foam Teter and Irae of Rasty Duckies spolting your Linea
' . | ~~ Trinidad regard on paa ae nogleetfal ithe Ocal held when a verdict of accidental dacth wale toy get . pal of Liygleule otis canta rene
AGENTS. . + ‘ opportunity clause of the Anglo-Japan- retarned, a Sued’ that will give you satistaction in
ats ° eso Alliance. Eogland fe aware that Ceusuep TODEATH, every score of the word. Mads of wed

INIDAD LINE OF STEAMERS. | _ 51 gouh Quy. apoa weretarrengemiente with "Cblan,
or NAVARRE ~The aa. “Crown of Navarre” &f the Trinidad Line DR. P. L. HIVE . O, M. Gittons, M-D,D.2.8. Chios will eppeal to the Magan lor thei?

on Tyessday Stet Avril 1909 at 6 pm. for New York via wooulment or other zelief, Tbelad bid beeg there for about hiteen
20h April 1908. ~ Corner of Queen and Aberoremive Steves ( lienelist th bi:
eee te eerie oe Mest rcidad Lice wil lave New] © SURGEON DENTIST, Oeeatte tha Deanery yitibe Nationalist meeting fo Dublin

News has been received here of the death ouly, they tell a stor: for themectves, We
at Colon of Osrtield Marshall, aged 20 youre | MOe AY (het Malilara . i is reality the
the roa of Jawes Metohal!, the well known | 70 ¢ 9 to-date store io the faland, Lecanse
bellows blower at the St nficbael Cithedral | 29Â¥ thlog thit $e wewis surete be foun, |

. wovths nad wes doing wrll Le wae a.
The as, “Maraval"« of the Trivjd Li crushed by atrala on i lob ioatact Sed Jobn Hoadley & Co's. motte fo business

mee in to give you absolutely the must for your
otk b 1 Wedoceday) for Trinidad “yis Grenada and O8T UP. 20. DATE Methods and | Jand conference wan rejected fo apite of | ved loom enouah to give vertaia fosirac. , Every asthe we acll bears the ©
ere bere a ee aur Boy 1 , as. Fewvedevick st. M 410 tm Dentistry, with all | jy. Healy's arent! Mr. O'Brlea’e | touebing bie peap e. TumpotHeartvaloe _™e


; Friday Sth Mey "1908. . ‘aon
ORACAS. — “Maraeaa” of the Trinidad Ling wil] leave on Wednes- remente inthe treatment | criticiem of Mre Hodmdnd’a methods ia RON
Lon May toe ae p.m, foe New, York via Grenada apd ie due to arrive Formerly cocapied by Dz, Gopsoz and Forte wa and Bridgswork sila : foond only ire tapperie wus ott mA saduasar of ——— '
- slepbooe--' 2: * ‘s tesla ja favour © A . -
ee eT a npeclaliy Mr, Redmond’ pokey cf se flan Mutirct tention |, | PRI@ES GUMREHT,
TS eS | SAE iy ne | apn
3 . ve Me *
SaW ANKONXIO Wiar, Knodaco, a Danish’ foveator, bas | lower forse ta be divided lato (wo furmeot | Fler, Headed Clears for Waet
) * OLAY. (Steen wise ar ct est
» Cecil o! of wite ae —— ee * ~
RED * CLA y sod announced bis ability to operate GOS8A, tie Meee Back re or tat
das e by aielee mcana lypecscttiog machioes y Sst nee be mY roa 5 ie wii
across the ocean. “ CM Woodhoue’s P aa sat
Pays Handsomely, |x ulegram from Mukden states | Current, 1c Apel ope votes tone here Moscoyeca wt task parib3 15-164
i indopoaciin the propern| Sr aneheris ss Seu basiee |beninrctneieanene ia] cea a,
. es 4 One * @ are
tis of of good wahrt â„¢ ele Treo teedivg postmaster has been | 00 one csenelen, vis, oa Thine, whea th Liverpest oe oe BD
—— - seeos qeartty, sentenced io a month's imprisonment, | te saaetr of 18,600 bags wae Offered. Bepeenee, Mew
° - ‘ ot 2088 olched eactien Landon A ue ow
WE HAVE NOW A SPLENDID: 8TOOK OF Warevosstes ME tA eww | ol ihe esismeet B pow cloud. | toda anna doen showed adrotia of | Rashuege, Rew York asa “a
. ™ 7 ‘And fp «hemlet ov sno to | ig ee enn rte is jhe | Hedeteagt Groeten ene Meee
Booo Cc I 1 OO V/ "By S eooo Hee been, Cocos propaved from fanteat, reportiog . thet the Rurds | Sansa" be ioe nice bem dose ia) Lowpon Apr eb.
- ‘ : moved Ur hare pilleged 3 t higbect retet. ” bee om Dewerasa Crpvals :
> Villeyes aud tmesored 3,000) persuse, Tove agate beck: he seine Pat awk, oe oe HHS
White Gloves, Geod Lres Tops we tne met ot woe : en Antania Red Clay “Adtices roa Mt Peter seeounes Tee te aioe Peete fat aed freavag: | | | Mussorado
A Bick Luce Mivow GWAC cn ewe +o . Peryvoyitartrtaciincys Seaticin§ Preety pele ates weoak lbs benaa ba Hone
, ee mm mS = Hoteber the HICH RAT MARKET ceasiets at et enetee , orion the fortaight se 7st ble, for wi | Boast Gomas best cle tae
Fee torte Vistek’ Uloves 30 Beaver Tan td OO i ot ; ¥ . \ A icbon ialogcons mage the aeonuet, dog Me seed, cod 700 bene of Gren sda ee. Baie of
Lake Gleves~# da Cage, mm ¢ ot jog looiden ones ase Todla + OLber + agat .
. East: be ee 1t ie sobd Ja bags of 900 bbs, each at be stiptions were of Oneal Lot onder ag

E200, tnyuiveriad sed 2.60 am
. pulverinad os toe oO 130 begs Cute Ries at ha, 10 804, for ’ Goove, G °

= . soba oauure Meawadiete Soren 5O © td le rnin Cong aga ra ont ma +

a ” Is LAING®S ‘phono pumter, and | tee: be és per swt. lower, but Cc Nom, por Hy 344

Conran Mousquetaise
1 Lace Gloves,—Piels Leageh
, dapat Rae Bore
i Leet pad roe. - mn
Keer Black Lisle Gleves—Lace Tops aw, on


: For GLOVES . ' - : os. vbore are sensone why you | OM verece tetog yall Tor yale breaktes
Rishardeen &Selway. *". SMITH ROG. k Ge) iter sere, ete, 109,200 | tt cered ar keutseare cuttin = BOR
WW? tn Goto Rie ay: j The, Benanea—Boldd gente, LAIXGS YURE-DRUG GTORV: | Premstucos reputed ta Gujened cig | Papeaee ee Ss ag
. ‘ ue 7 e owe oo. ae ¢
4 . , . . see, , â„¢
* , ‘ . $



er“ “/ OF THE

idad TurfClubSummer Meeting
. —TO ‘De BELD /


â„¢ Q

Qth and Saturday, 30th May,” 1908

1 ¥
‘ are
Se ene aarrerg
, EIN, Coants LLIS GRELL, Es


Stand and Gronnd Committess

TaeRs WIL Ter}, AH ,
TRIPP, Bee Ue NAHAN, Ed , Secretary and ‘Treason IAN, Eats We &

OLtotals 3

os we te A. CORY DAVIES, Ese,
Course we a me
a - we Captela E, LACK omens
“ “ OR RE rao, SALE FOR THURSDAY rns 2ist DAY
a - 1 ARNEAUD be BOISSIERE. Esq. OF MAY 1008,
7 Oo. ma «GEO. GHENT, ee. N. Bag. UBLIC NOTICE 1a hereby given tbat fo

P exercise of the power of sale contained Ia a
cortme ef morigige and memawandum of
mortgage dated the syth day of July 1906 segis-
tered in the offica of tha” Reglstrardieneral as
1o Bokt for igo6 and msde between Lochaa
F ibe one pus sod Jaggewec of the cther part


WEIGHTS.for_ age for all borses to be a follows

+§ Furlongs, 6 Furlongs, t Mile 354 Mile, | there will be put up tor sale by Public Aucion
ue se Iba, lbs, tt, Tbs. | hy the padonipaed at there Keeton Mart, No,
oe oe & ® & aSackville Strret, Port of Spain on Thursdat
~ “ s 3 8. % at ve 9 | the wat day of May 1958 between the bours of
and? ad z ° ° z So % & | tand spt all and singalar hae bertaln
® at " e \¢ a
ope sing allowed » 3 * pates! land situate al mdeav \*

ward of Chaguaracin the Inland of Trinldad
contprising two lots and abuulag on the North
upea Crowa Land oo the Soan_upoe Crow:
Land on the Ess? npon laods of Dix k-e 6nd on
the West woon a Village Street, ole all tnat
pageet sutuate ia the ward of Chtgatusy afore.
sald comprieing ten acres entered ja-t%6 Real
Propaty Reguicr Book at Vrtume XUII, folis
iz and bounded on the Nort and West by
Crown Land oa the South by lands of Ciair-
monte end en the East by a Hovd reserves
#5 links wide} also all that parcel siucte £t
as aloresaid comprsing aiz acres twa
foods ard twelve perches entared bu the Real
Propenty Register H ok at Volume XVEI, folio
78 and bounded on tha North Fy lands of
Baspeourt oa the South by fands of Dockee
and by Crown Lend on the bast by Crown
Land end on (be Wert by lands of P. Lewton
and In. xed by aR ad fity inks wide. ako
all aod Tidmola? that certain parce! situate at
Longdenville aforesaid comprising one lot
koowa as Let No. 77 0:4 abutting on the
North upon fands uced for a Tram road on 'the
Routh goon Lot No. 78 04 the East upoo &
Bireet and op the Wet upon Lot Noz76 j a6?
alt and ringwiar that cortea parcel siluscte at
Chaguanas a'orrsaid pomprising snes lot beog
Lot No, st hating a trontaga of Bry fect by
tw» hus ired fret ia depth and abditug om the
North vpom Lot No. a1 belunging 10 ona
Namtx cut qn the, Romh ton Lot No, 29
belonging to one Noopasad on the Fast upon
tbe Durbam kstate and on the West upoa the
Caroni Savannah Road 3 snd ao all ard
Singular tht certain parcel situse at Chie
gruanas atoresal' o wnpri jog (ns quarree being
| past nf m parcel compisidg Auarreet aod
sbutung ee iff¢ Nonb upun the Furia Road,
1 0 the South upon Lioen Land, 04 the Fast
ppen Lads @ sornevsiog and on the West
, pen lands of Lat hmansiog

a Seperted saicnats (bred clsewbere than In the West {ndies, Jamaica and Beituh Guiana)
Rama 34 lta. to Creole bred in West Jadies—{Jamalca excepted) or iritish Guiana,and 7 lbs.
ee 1G

animals to allow 7 Iba, to Creole horses and ponies. Thorouchbreds to allow 7

bel breds, 2
of weight for Ponlet.=The tale of weights for exe willapply to ponies 34 hwds
in beight, Ponies under 14 bands # inches will be allowed 4 lla, for every half inch or

$ at the time of starting, allowed 7 Ibe, in open thoroughbred races,

= Wioners to carry 7 tba, extra for first win and q lbs, more foe every other wia—
winners of Maiden.

e +8 horses not to be subjected to penalties ivcuried for winning Creole traces when mecuitg
‘pened thorougt breds, . t

eo weight pot to excesd ro stove ¢ lbs. .
' Geen “Is meant a hone sired aod foaled in the West Indes (except Jamaica) and
Brose buight of & pony to be hie measurement without shoes, Ponies will be measured on

16 be fixed
Tetanded Wf pon

the Stewards, Neither entrance money, subscription, or sweepstake will
fasl to pasa the standard,


L—THE MAIDEN.—Timel pm, Bfarlongs, Open to all horses maiden at the fime

a, ef ery. A prise of 150. Ketranos 810.

2—FONY. & CREOLE RACK—Time 1.20pm. GTarlonza. Opentoall Create horees

and to all ponies 14 Zand woder, A first prize of $120. A second prize of $20,

Entranre g10. Sweepatake 85.

2—SUMMER 81 AKFS.—Time 2 p.m.--1 mile and 9 distance, Open to all horses,
. A prise ¢f $250-to the fist boise and a sccond prize $5U to second horse.

ze Antrance $20
py A BREEDERS’ DTAKE.—-Time 3pm. 4 far'ones. Opent to all Creole horeea that
- srethree yearn ana under, A fist pree of 120 dollare, A second prize of $20.
: Entrance 10 dolters,
EK CLUB STAKES. Time SM pm. 6 furlonze. Open to all Lorses. A Grad
as vi 200 dollars. A seoond prose of 50 dollars to tbe second horre, Eutrance
~ ats, -
Se OOLUNY RACE, Tiredép.m. 6farlooge, Open to all horses, Creoles of Trini-
dad aod Tubego A Srvt prizaof 150 dollars A recond prize of 20 dollorr,


Fi k—10

a Entrepce 50 dolls Dated ibs saud day » fpeil +
‘9 BUPIRE KTAKES,~Tire i 30pm, J mileacd adistance, Open toasll borers, Louis YORK & co

A Sret prise of 250.4 lars, A second prize of 50 dollars, Entrance 20 dollars
Swoepatake 5 dollars,


Io the bapreme Courd of Trinided and


HANDICAP. Time 1.30 po. Gforlongs, Open to all Creole horse

A fires prizo of 120 dollara, A seoond prize of
dotlere, Entrance 10 dot are,

£-—SUMMER HANDICAY.Time 2pm. 2 mile anrt adistasce, Open to ail homes,
A First Prize 03250, A secand pilse of £0 dollars. Entrance 20 dollars,
ne Hreep. tale & dollars,

Surem-ry Jarisdiction Port of Spain,
No, 68 of 1907
Joabua Thoinas Gitteos Assignes of Pedro
Prada=—Trustee of the Extale ¢f
Csmillo Preda in Liquidation~ Plala-


that we three years and uod


—Time 3 pri—S farlooge. Open to all |
e Creole heres and ro pli ponves 14.2 aud ender. A First Price of 150 dollars,
»__A Beonnd Prine cf 20 dollars, reroe 15 dollars,
UB RANDICAP, Time $30pm_ fortunes, Open to all horses. A Firs
¥ «Prise af $200. A Becund Prize of $4, Eat-anos§!5 Sweepatake $5.
fg $- NURSERY HANDICAP, Tims 4 p.m, 5 farlongs. Open to all Cree borers
thatare thre yrsre and under, Jirat Prise of $120 =A geoond Prize of $20.—
Entr.oce 10 dollars,
EMPIRE HANDE P.—Tine 430 p.m, 1 mile and a distance, Open to all
bores, Virst Prize of 250 dotlars, A Second Prize of 60 dollars. Entrance

> and
Samuel Welsb—Defendant.

pyseic NOTICE ts hereby giyen that
ty an order of He Horonr Me, Jumtion
Swan made heeia tee 12 buay cf March
1908, there wii te pet apf vy sale, before
the stonra of tha G net House, Purt-o'-Spafo
on Thureda ihe Thdsy of May 108, be-
tween the hears of ore und twu p.nt, 00
entate for bie of the defeudantcf satia


~ Land sfogniar thet pardel of leod som
iL, - 20 dollars, Sweepstake 5 dollars, Plog gingedee toe aiusta in the ard
t 140)

of Mans-niila in tha Islen
and bounded on the North by Crown lande

“y ' van
MENT TO 1k TO14. WEP i]

w 4



+‘ Y



. TAINPOAD. " aE Ti A} 4
BALES PU Wepweenay! mA weNTAT TIT tint PAPO
DAY OF WAY joe. OR AEEPOR sega a Wary

by beeby given thet

. Cotreyascng aot tow

| tity aed costared

+. dared
Shere wil be

UVABLIC NOTICE, it hereby piven thes:
Z wy rirtag of Ube prvenot ‘sale vanes {*!
+ sport ee deed of shorter

@atod the IZ pa? al Mebraary 1904, | Prapeety
reghtered ag No, 316 for the esme yer
aud omede berween Willen Muceste | 1
Cex of the ove .pert sed Lew
Jdohoson Faith of te ouber part Ubere
wit be pak up: for sale as the Asotion
Mart of Mévera, Louia Jube & Co, at No,
ZM-chrble Horess, in the town of Forts
vtSpain, on Wedareday the Gh dey
M117 1908, between the hours of cue 8
Uwo py,
Au and singetar that certata parcel
ef land ond message heown aa Lot
No, 04 Deserve Servet, otuate ta the
tows of Purt-of Speln and abatting og
Ube North apon lot No, 66 Dunean Sireet
on the Booth lot, Ne. 98 Duncan
Smee, on the Ene upon the Dey River
end on the Wert upon Duscen Street,

The above mortesge ta pow vested fa
Torx b Jorqaim Ridelro,

Dated tots 28rd aay nf March 108°



used hy the |
Sisters of Mercy

tat day of Deo
ep for gale by
at bes off 00

a mh
Harries Proeevande

ithe arent ite Vol. SEKUL fo.
tothe to Nattal (a 3 4
and bowaded o@ the North by a Crows Ri
on the South by Crowe Land on (he East
taods of Ramaauth and on the West by it
of Hbaluck aad iuersected by 4 toed 1:
tiny Haks wide, the tevoed thereol comp
jour acres wa perches detineated
Meeabwush and Dousdaries tberect shewa
the anwexed tc Ibe grant to James Bes
Dhiltikes in Vol, CXL fo, siz aad bounded Qa
tba North ty Mayara Trace 39 Unks wide Gm
be Soulh by a read reserved id hoki wide qt
by lande of Nattai on ibe Last by bande oyy
janet B. Mulliken and on the West by oy
ye links wide and by a toad teser
koks wide, the thre theseol comprising argh
acres taree perches
1h Ranewed to the gi
AXXIX fa 149
0 the North by nade of Mobum

the Qrowa Lasd
Pe oad britdeeh sed on the Pas twee
Machel, and on Went by lade

Reeeath and bh lands
ee Patty ibe Lee irae
in and lotersects a
reserved so livks Wide, the jour b
comprising mune screa three roods and 1b
fin perches and bounded oo tbe North beg
jands petitioned for by Saroee on the Sowh ta
Crown Land oy the East by lands of Ramoaueh ¥
and onthe West Ly thods petitioned for be
Karimbecys and intersected by @ road reser
Sty hoks wide, tbe Gith thereof corapr:
Gltees acres two roods ead thirty pice per
delineated and with ihe sbattals asd bound
thereof abewn in the plan annexed ta the gri
to Sebantven Fe in Vol, XVEo fo xg
Dounded on the North by lands of Ras
aod by lands of Dabeoon the South ‘aod Wi
by Crows Land and on the East O
Lend oud by lands resetred for water adi
intersected by Lengua Trace 45 Loks wide,
Gixth Unerrof compeisiog four acres three fo ri
acd twenty seven perches delineated and wh
the abuttals and bowodarles thereof shewn &
the plan anaexed to the grant to Baghus
Vol. LXI2 fa 197 and bounded on Ibe
by aCrowa Reserve on the South by a Wi
Reserve, on the East by lands of Ramkenles
and On the Weal by a Crowa Reserve aad
nods of Scepaut, ihe Seventh thereof comp
log three acres one roodand one bd
Seated and with tbe abuitals aud bousd 5
thereof shewa in the plan annexed ta th
meniorandum of tressier by Senoumun
‘Chanthl ia Vol, LXV folio 629 and bounded of;


| DAY QF MAY 1803

pusiic NOTICE {s hereby gtren that
in exerchecf the Powerc! vals poa-
ferred on” Mortgs: by the Ocvnveyan-
cing ond Law Tieperty Ocdinanes
1884 and coataloodia a certain Deed of
Mortrage bearing ate the sisteenth dey
Moreh io the peat 3906 registered 96 Nem
b ¥ 687 of the srotocal nf Veeda for the
oaid year and made tetwoon Callasra Dorde
efthe fire part, Emery AMaisgot of the
secrnd part and Franools Ageatial of the
‘third part there will be putop for sala by
Public Acction at (he Action Mart of the
undersigred at Nomber 14 St. Vincent
Rrteet inthe Town of Port ot Spain op
Wadoenday the (3th dey of May 1908 be
tween the heurs> { one sad two p.m.

All and Binguler thet tertaia piece’ or
p-reel of land and Coooa Piantation a ein the Ward of Uj perfor} fo thy
Toland of Trla'ded compraing thirty-two
acres orlslosily grauted by the Crown to
cae Fiaccts Siepben Blondel and abattlog
osthe Noth wpon lande foraesley of
M.A Beas bot nowol 1 I. Nepary onthe
South upon lands formerly of tbe Crows
bat now a Hoad sad Inads of Pivery Mein-
got, on the Eat uposlandsformecly of the

ht nuwof the Crown and Emery
¢ andon the Wess upon lance for.
merly of the Orowa but aw of Emery
Malvgut aad of the Crown.
Dated thls 23 dey of 4 pri 1003,


Government Anctionsears,

a) :

oT gt
1908. *

Ie the Faprens Court of Trioidad and

No. 218 of 1907. .
- Retween
Pallip Francia Teslocksing—Plaiotiff goa'siced ina cettain d of mortgace
a deted the ith day nf December 1993 regie-
Jona de Ta Nova Hornandes, Estevan Iter: | tered aq No. 3107 of 1883 and mada
hhendes and Jain de Matas Horaandes © iwenn Nageersi'y of tte firtt part aod
=Defendants. T Thor Qrons Schjolerh and Aaguss Chri«
ne tiem Holler trading aa Echj Meth & Holler
UBLIC NOTICE is hereby giver that | of the ercont pare there will be pus ap
tn parenence ef a1 Orler of Hie! for este hy Public Auction by the wnier-
Honour Mr, Juatire Swan made in this | ciyngtatthele Anction Mart No, 12 &
matter baring date the Och diy of April | Vincens Mtseet, Port ot*pain on Taeaday
1d there will be pub wp for ave be | the Sthdey of May 1903 between tte boars
Putte Aoctl a befo @ the doors of the | of anh anitwop m.
Cour Houw Part-of- Spain on Thareday | Altand pin i that certala piers of
be 23h diy of May [ovS between the | parcel uf land atuate In the Ward of Cima
houra of one and two pm. wera in the Isfacd of Trinidad contain:
ing olaetera perches and abstting ut the
North upen the lands of Vincent Jean
BDaptiate aad upon lands of George Lapers
ouge, on the fcath upoa the ig Koad
lewiiag to 5a Jeih, on the Kast upon
Jandg of the sald Grorze Lapercase snd
apps the lands of the holes df Matick and
on the Weatupoa the Pabtia Road,
oeher with the buildings and sppurten-

ited this fourteenth dey of April

Government Anctioneors.


— y
UBLIN NOTICE |e hereby given that
in exercina of the power of sale


All the Bt ares, katate, Right Tith and
Tatorest of the defendants of ard inal
and slngalsr tho-e five severe) Cocos Pai.
tations nod parce's of land situate in the
Ward of Contrada the feland of Trlotded.

The fires theredf brown os ‘t Ave'ton”
@ mprleing 7 serve moore of lens (save and
exourpt 2 acres theread devised t> Maria
Herasndes anter the Witt of Philp Her
pander registered ag NO 79 of the Proto:
cule of Wille for the your 1899), and abnte
ting on the Noeh upon inods bP Jallen
Hernandes on the Routh aad West spon
tends of Baldomero Hernsodeg and on the


Ea-t upon lends of Maria Boaapoia Hor wt
nendes. ; »JFALE FOR WFDYESDAY THE 6rn OF DAY OF JUNE 1008, tha Moqnto Tisee cnahe Eauee sant
‘Ths seoond thereof eat'ed of known as MAY 1008, UBLIC NOTICE 4s hereby given that | Senoumun, asd oa the West by {ands

La Vejis compria ng 16 neves more of lesa
and abuttne on the North o;02 Crown
Landa apoo landa formerly of H. KB. Rave
be now nf Tie Villetoel aod upon Brag o
Sante onthe Bonth formely apon Crown
Lande bap roe of Manuel Afsnr0 on the
Hset np Hramd Santo and the West
wpon Crown Landa,

‘the third therecf eatled or known as
Le Peride” coniprising 8 acres 2 roods
and 18 perches, mure o¢ less and abutting
wa the North «gon lande fo merty-f the
Crown bet now of the helra of “J aeph
Lota on the Routh apen Jands formerly of
HB, Heenendesard G@ Hern ndes but now
af the heirs uf Joseph Lota on the East
wp n lade formerly of E, H, Satu. bar
now ofthe here of Joseph aad on
the Weat aron leads formerly of B. tere
saodes snd F. Henandes but now of ve
heirs of Joseph Low,

The fvarth thereof called or known at
La Soledad” comprising 4 seres move oF

fhenab, the eighch thereof conioriing atx
acres three roods and twenty ea detiaeat
god with the abuttals and odaries ther.
shewo fp the plan anpexed to the grant
Dabes fn Vol AXVIEL, folio nad b a
oa the Norib by the laade’ 'kst Road, on tae
south ty Crows Land, on the East by land
Priuoned for by Mahabu and by Crown
and on the West by lands ‘of Ramoawih, Al
\be ninth thereof comprising sixteen acraso
rood and twenty three perches delineated a
wih the abuttalt ead boundaries tbereof sh
iu the plan aenexed.{o the grant to Remn
ta Vol. X, folio peg ted bouoded of the No
Road, on ihe Sowh 5
by Crowa Land, andon the Wet bw

Crown Resea va subject as'ta the parcels of I ok

fa exorcise of the Hower of eale con.
ferred on Mortgepoes by the Conreyan
clog aan Law of Property Ordinance 138%
bad onntained in w meuorandum of Afurl«
save No, 31 dated the Ziet dey ol Jone
1904 frum Moortee to Joseph Wallace,
and ina Deed of Mortaege sated U sit


peste NOLICE ts hereby giren thet
fa pa sassow of iasructiona received
from the aweer, thera will bo wt for sale
ty Pubbe Auction hy the uadersigeed ag
bin Aus ton Mat No 2 Sachkeille Street,
Port-of-Syato, on Wolnentiy tha 6ch dav
OF May 1908 between the hours of [and 2
tam, AlCorg dwe ling house made of eva:
trace novging aod covered with galvanized
Jn messaeng twee! ytour ge by awelve
feet; a'en one cdlwe'ling hoo-e mata of
wi and covered with ealveaized trop
measuring twen'y-four lost by twealy- our
feet ¢ alva one dw filag hanee mada of
wood and covered with gslvanized iron
mena ing twenty-four feet by rwalve fest,
alt atandene oo Innde of Alfred Siegert,
knowa sa Nu 9 Gatecre Street and Ny 22
Methuen Ktrenh aeuswed ag No. 8
Qatacre Street, Woodbrook lands ia the
Dated this 16th day of Anrit 1003.

Qlat d-y of June and registered sa N be
forthe yoer 144 and made between:

ssid Moorte of the ove part and the said
Jou ph Wallaceof tha other part, there
wut bs put for ale by the undersigne! at
hla Aection Mart No Gc Hartla Peomeneds
Sen Fernsode, on Wedeesday tha 3rd
day of duce LU0d, between the hours of oce

and two pm.

Fuv'y-—Att thet reet of land situate gbIiNy aed. Wathiy elve dees fivac
fa Ube Ward of Orepeucke compris'og | tala memorandum of mortgage by James B
nine sea acretthese rooda ani thirty-nine f wett Miukea and Flora Anise Milliken
perches regutered in Vol, XVI folia 209 | Alexander Cockburn Hope dated the 1st day
end busaded on the North partly by lands | Seprember ios 49 secure the sum of five
of Baron, partly by lacds of Gidhatry end | thouraod sight hundred dotlars with interest at q
partly by lands of Jusnewoo, on the South | the rate of seven dollars for ceatum


Town of Portenf Spaia,

ras aod abatting or the North upon LOUIS JOIN & Cu. at, wbich said mortgage was transierred

Gown Lands ca tthe Bath uton Jaen Acctloncera, pod oa the Be at by (Cows 4, aod on Alen, Cocke Ho % Josh:

formerly of Jaan Pablo Heroendes, bat ‘And Becsodly—All tae, Mosseage ang | Milken by deed cated the ea

the Kost and Wortapoutents formerly of | SALE Bt Araction | stot er seace 5.81, Maty's Villars te | "Died ahs auth day of Basch 1908

Jose Gworeption Heroandes but now of the eald Ward of Or puche mosssring ity P,P, PICKERING,
tbe hers of dow ph lone sei —FOR< de, ch, and be ded on the North by lands TRINID A Ane 3
belt of 5 gence, more or “ies formerly THURSDAY, 3¢ta APALL, 1908, | of Remta’, on, te 8 sath, o( Bert tile | SALW FOR WEDNESDAY THE gore
fwmi on uu eatete called ** Ave- . ie DAY OF (M :
Wee? eo eat = ‘on ‘Ke North aves —AT— + on the West by leads of Bartlett, together ¥ MAY, 1908,

with tbe appurtenances therete belong

"ated this 23cd nf Apeit 160%,


lands formerly of Jose Conerpiioa He ‘
nandex bus vow of the bere of Jooepb
Leta on the Sonth end Esst up on bands
former y of Meuticlo Herpandes Lyt ros
of one Dewioret and oa the West npoo
lande furoxsty of Moris Bonsncle Her
naodes bat pow of tha ead Dameres toge

ther with Ube respestlve appartevacces

thereof, ~ ~
Dated this 13.b day of April 1903.

UBLIC NOTICE ia bereby gi ‘a
Pp {nt exeroise of the Tower 3 fale cone
ferred on Mortgagecs by the Conveyancing J
and Law of Property Ordinance 1804,
Fs 71:71 57.) aod contained Io ‘ cortala deed of Mert
Sabu FOR TUESDAY THE LETH DAY | by en Parker Fenton ofthe toe
unite NOTRE Ghosts piven thatis pact and Bawaol A\nad and Duals of thet
sreteles olihe power ol erie ccotained other part and reg'siered as No, 3,058 of
fo sdzed of mostyage dated the 18h d:

sy of the Protocol of Deets’ for the 1
Janasry 1908 reg stered as No. 165 of too

R r jan

VOURELR by: Jostras tons received

tle andoralgaed whl offer for gale 1

31 Bags, Siam Bice


will be pat up for sale by ihe nade ‘

? on the ronth by the foblo Road on the Registrar. bis Auction Mert No. 03, Harria 4
wo ARS J TOLES East by lands ef Johe Colliogwond and om TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. Landed demaged ezas. “Zaha! condeaus | and made between lien Aatilde Bertate San Yervacdo, on Wednesda
r 5 le 3 . x neaday J
b Bema are ran ules a epg te Teed Tart Cob ens | Oe nat at Sar Toiterenmme Coen, * | SLAZEES t sal forthe bet ot eae eae tie eres saat | the Sk dey of May TH Between toe
bath Thee este ges Are required ta pay five ¢ for the sue (she Course lor every horse they EKN DICLARKE, Io the matior of the Estate of Maty Ma- . Ward of Booth Napatlms ia the Island of | Ait that pe ad two n 1 q
Quners desirous of retaining staliain the paddock om the dsy of races will Kindly send in Deputy-Reglatrar, tilda Fergus, ite of the town of Sane FoRie at 200 0:3, Trinidad of the ove part sed S toreca | Towa fa the Ieland rT ‘nate at Prioces
mama taty male ago WP Ramee ENN ow re sorte beste oh lay Cob ier atte fete | Hecate Neihers teeny
entries to Je ani tou clock . day, 33h 2 he . wn of I “Spela fe ~
sek At the ,ofcg Of Ibe TPniaad Twf Chd, Y aher ebich bout "ead Shien pn BALE FOR WEDNEQDAY THE 13TH UBLIC NOTICE ts boreby given that Torme—StrleUy Fp 3, FCOTT & SON, teland merobante trading together cadet oa the Gouthern boundary, 122 feet on


DAY OF NAY 1908.

UBLIC NOTICE isherety given that id
‘exercise of the power of iia contained ino

tof only two horses entering in any race that race may at the discretion of the
null and veed, oc it shall be at tbeir optionto frame « pew race or not as

be Race Stand on Rece Devs t—Gratlomen's Tickets bought at the
4 dols. Go cents, Bought at the Race Stand

Ladies’ Ticket x dol. 90 cepts,
cant Membery free.



Deed of mong Ee fated ihe fin der of
Febru 2007, Fegistered 24 NO 453 0! t007,
and mae Detperd dtorlus Augu ius Aymisiet
{alsa callod Uarlus, Kyusiater) of the one part,
acd James Howard Kg of the aber port,
and sic0 in @ memorandum, of m wiguge tinder
the Real Properly Ordinance dated the some
thday of Felauaty 3977, made by the said
Duslue Scrauster kg favour of the eald James
Howard King there all te put up for sain ty
putia avedag by the gaderslgped ¢ soar
Buation mart No. a Sackville Suret in ibe towa
of Port df Spun gu-Wednesday the asth oxy
wt May fatwoon ibe bours ol | aod 9
ali thet parcel of Jand siualein
of Arios fa tteerld Island kocwo as
» @ Bereano Rireet and abuiting on the
forth o@ leod of Fernandes, of the South on
Soraar 0 Stroet, f be East oa land of Mrs
Duguel and on go Kiag Sinet, a:
aleo ail that otter parcet of land sitarte ia the
Wud of 7 rn {heights net ,Gomnnne)
_coreprielng ¥ acres the sare @ Jul!
snore or ‘a be loonie’ ent with the stutiels
and thereot showa on the play

tothe Cows Grant ia’ Volume

the new coriificaia of Utela volune

Kid feho ag acd bounded of ibe North,

» od Wy y Crowa fand and on the

hy Crown bel ood wend of Luciiog


§ dollars, Gentlemens Single
Children's Tucket 7a conta, Paddock

of lntending starters ta be posted a quaries of an hour before the bour Bxed
of each race under a penalty of § dollars for hon comphance,
least, pot beipg petty of the same persona Lo race, or no Second


lack. A bel? will be rang for saddling, after which tea

willbestaret, This rule Soll be eis enforced,

as may be appointed by the Stowards—=3 ry
on Fidel foe that and be ride:

ta be prov .

apemby elise :





mence at £4. ai, 0°
lowed und borees wi i

Seoretary & Treasurer,

Monesaux Piano & Organ Co

3 arenes ww is Cumiro
° @ | samen Snares ateretay
eo el t
JUST KECRIVED Fx, “ ATRATO“ A FINE “OTTO aes Sedleintea LP Sn Of Maneg bondres
tOLID MAHOGANY —A BARUAIN FUR CASH, Bato the £0 ay of Ant nod
(| _ > 18 JOMN & Co.



+” Wohave represent inemead & Sone for over 5) years.

My 3 of the ebay od the Bre of Jobe Ben ocusicy were ouyieatioos our prede-
—; mete bed ta bigh extort by the lete Mr. doh Rrinswosd.

2 Wa beg aod we areslewed (0 puliloly acknowledge many scte of personel

bes Life Lebtnd bios the memery of a perronallty for lodustyy and vpiibtnese


Usvow daze,
KY OFTU of Bertin and EROIMENCER of Lantoo.


= Pane ereety



TTENIIOW fy beled cated to the
peels Syered ReaWlbment a Ben
Juan Villuge te Poteo Biativp),
where thetot ¢ om be Lad af &
reasuualle pilen —. ~ ’ me

eg 4% 7 tee nt Pipe ye,
Apulsttela %
+ ifn aE iM 4



“> wet, ‘ 4

- .

Kastera tosnisry, and 179 f 7
Wasern touadery, aod pile feat oo ne
North by Silver e*, 08 the South


application has beon meade to me by
Charlee Har

o and “Abrgham Wass both ty’e or fem of hstomon Drey fue & Cu

Gove, Sactiones:
â„¢ ther part, there wil be pas up for

No, 12 At Vincent Street,


of the towa of Ban Fernando lu theWrd of h a blag auctlen by the uedersigaed 4

Napariton tn the Island of Trinidad, Care ah Act Apa ee ee Piraction Mart No, 28s Viewent Wesleyan eet ba ara by tag

Prater atd Tailor resyectively, for a gragt v \ Hackville Siscots ta the Towa of Fort] iandect Joka Mortoc, Corte ene

of Probate of the Wal tearing date the red. J no. < cots dy Sit | ousecn Tusedsy the such day ot May | Unde cf dota Morton, together with the

16 h fay of November 1906 of Mory hlerile * 1908 between the boars of Band Z pm, All “Phiteg pate Sch dep of moek ae 5

dia Forens lato ofthe Toaied an Ferneadn aod singular the right title aad fotereat of (8h) P of ricer 4

te the Idand of Tinie’ Guna? apexntes! ber Lhe said Howe Hatllde Lertate of and fa y Pek, Pry RERING,
a thst certela part or parce: of land situate fe

the ts of ber dew s Bted plore’ ad Chatham Jo the Ward of Cedros fa the

pb ide at the Town of Man Fernanda afores
@ ft the paid Larieg Hatperand Abrebsmy
Weat teing the execeiors pumed fa tle
ould Will,

Acd potice fe aloo glyee that jf po
etvest fe Jodged tel ee tha explration of

sald Toland comprising 31 scree 2 roode 96
perches aed hounded on the Norih wpa

Keosa of O'Consell Fitrgerskd, on
wath on lands ef FP, Benatite sad on
wn lente, on jhe Bast os » pabiio read
by Wrowa lands—belag

The Atlas Fire Insurances Oc,

1606.— Centeosty Year 1908
60 pet cens off ovuutry rlaks gocapied
“~s des ouiz, ar


8B hereby given that | *
L5 aby aivea bad te pores 8 of

nat s

twenty olgbt doye from the date of ite & deed of mori ge ‘
bilentiva of thre police, the Court will Marine IHNaREO anal Wge o
broveed cd ent ous ol the sed Wr | 2 Tnwaraueo Os., Ltd Debi lot ala welete 4
Dried hfe pink dey of Moroitoog, | COVERNIENT AUCT.GMEER3, | Doeetavhe (Wilt pacAn Lees | THe
(higd} T.A THOMPSON, partand Peary Theodore Augustin of the
fewer, Establisned 1866. Other pert for securing poy ment to the said | pt .
WALK YOR TURADAY QHE f9TH om Nie powon menea te? ml
DAY OF MAY 1908 ‘Vole ed day of At .
SUBLIC NOTICE fe hereby pies that | MO2® Aerexrter N & CO.
"is exarcin gf tLe powee of ne sot Charles eat,
fe ae Mom, a
rad tbe 16 bday of Je hey. deo MR. IK Q
sat wultetnate Marpeog Bsteun ol af k Gbampasee R. K, MAK UZ
the we on am 4 ole REIMY OMMIGGION Agvet, Valeator of
Sore will Lo pot op for selo by Tubs Cotiestor "of fact :
pr by the wndersgued bs ‘
medina Buel Setar giant | Be Boral aria to HM, Kg sree Fs gcOrpagow,
weiiaTeenstaebette OP Eg me a SaMtasereeteatetegt| |
end wop 1. All thet ploos of land ond? to be add: equa! to tine feos Cazes will be daly T T \
corns plantation linea ta the ward. ol uu THe cone L BALE *OANOAIA “Tora pratanca DEN Is RY,
Mouteorreiia the Jowad of Tilsided BOOMH, 14 BLY mront t, from bushnews I will sell D1 properties . .
ountaleing 9 acre 3 roads and 39 perches ————nnnemvrye | Woodbrook leads, end many other pro ‘
wa Nlmeroged “foe awit] POOR HL PRIE, | posi le town bd "peincrt, Dr. J, Ralph Carringtes
barded cathe Neth tod East by Crowe — , Y ° §
fend ws heduth Oy fens ot eet | The Motor Latioch “Swan,”| TO Invest. Gradeste Caltage ¢ ae
siden the Weet by laods of Vetsonile | Beati ny Be $3,090 sed $4,000 ard oo few amall] Bribe ke ee ‘
pelere, hinted 2 eatlog opacity Bo i reeone Terms | agus, No hug jose than §400. we Ak 4
Butod {hia 220d dev of Apeit} . i
tie be Lod, basaNTA, Ciao arent od ne Vee tru SRO ay
. AONOTIK? > - Geuneal Rat One,” gees apie Geen vue, Pag a Oppoalig
vite fy ues , “" ‘



* 4


Ren ery
Bo yy FE Arr, Sem re Arig ae at tts nee > ~



B ween eee ne

ae 3s OA Ee * TCA Te Ea;

A. G. DE SILVA & Co.,



ATH « &



Excellent Miloh Cows,

avris ta


f on tho Estate, San Juan.





awards wherever they bave beea
maga 0 The realy C ny clead gst peng cloner awarded @ pertisonte of honous
the Jam 301 April
Mac! hoy {alsrontlogal een emékers of cnltare and dlecerning
Paste, Unique in cal and sroma. :

CICARRTTES * enna be eeodlled oF equalled


LA TROPICAL!’ Bateblobed 1878
86 and 86 Herboas Street Jamaica

ee a

Rocmase we haw wa can give yuu thorough settefsetion alliof the brancass

farn, ¢ arta, &e

TIRES REN EWRD OR. REPAIRED.” Hones and Males Sbod ta
= TOs ani

auesen, 3 tig manhar and every desct!ption of Buackemith work executed,



fae range ry



Phams, Nr 46°

eter foe memeee




tho West by H. Bort, Also—Cocoa Drying House, da, do,

For particulars apply to

Park,’ Street.



eutamiisned 2Bae.

Head Office Edinburgh, Sootland


of Bobielea up to 90 per cont. of
3 on securhy =p * He ee
TESSOTIOR ss heme rates daring vloite $0 Burepe aad
sud Polleles iopued tn the Woct Judie wit

— ey eee


.* G, BRUGE Avery,

at -

Huilt ta Orders

The Littens Carrlage & Sheelng Werks



eo he ‘Ward of, Lower Caroal cand bounded on the North
” Bitusta fas Niver, bouth by Jeon Centeno, Fast by Lean Centene, ny


tos 2 i


tHe: om "



ee |High Schon! fr Gils,
8’ VicgoRrA AVENUS, |:

CRONEY & £0,, . "NRW Tahar pRaDNe

xOn meus.
Bitosasgy, seth May

1th April, 1908 ‘ 1 3eer a
THE W. J. COX, | oo crigaeany me heen


wa gence meat ms



SN =



HR a
+. TWegss Cnnak.

‘MADRIRA. is) . GEO, 4, GHENT.

ae er,
JHE 8 N.S. ° MAQBALENA,” gare Light ofrevhasents will be served.


Foeigt <
wm, iw Pf oe


CLEAN, ¢ 2
DRY nog


. Wet. 00%, aneien Aritetion foe accomadation 1a all "i
i ’ ~ & i joa
4, Marine Square, Menavieg “ elastea ahould tet tes early. “BHIPPERS UF—~ SAMP LE


First and Second Ciaes Pasvonzers and
alt Teneace landed aed embarked free
of chai;

PERMITS for steam tender for trends
eh, which

ite the Estate of the late


TO FB = Sok D Watchmaker ot No. {&, Marios Fapare Pian te charge nei moderate AGENTS FOR~ WHAT 8 YOUR
(At a Going Concern) IN YOUR Buen


boo Foathetioe incey town inthe United | THOM & CAMERON, Limited,
5 8 J. ADH F yor db forther information apply at Glasgow.

The Stock - in - Trade,


the Company's Office, GEORGE YOUNGER & SON
SINGUINEAU BROS, me. BQu AH Brewers, Alloa,

of tho businoss lately carried on by

the above mentioned Mr, Pariur

Sugar, Cocoa, Built on our 1
~Cocoanuts anc | Meroe puLoiNe

Molasses, tinei 18 ma

at tals port by the Company's

How much of it 4
attending to naling

SURANOE. Quickie: ao



Bacquier for more thea thirty |] COMMISSION 1 MEROBANTS NOTICE i

yours Tus SS, *Kr

Inventory of stock and Yat of | HO DECEPTION! WO ILLUSION {1 VV siveten eee samt otra a HS
Beck Debts can be seon Bt, and KO MY: (STERY qt MONDAY; 4TH MAY cated ree RANDOLPH Trial ded. | An Ext, asion re
offers submitted to ‘AJ3-G. Code 1688 Edition. gives you the Lua
only Tau] X’mow. | taliog Passengers, Care Cargo and Maile,

SMITH BROS. & Co Rates Port-of-Spain, frinidad, Dall 500 immedt

“RUOTION BALE a Chatucs 3 | WHERE 10 GO?1S\S ‘YANG

Reymond | Rat x a Hiri ved . ee TO HAVE Your â„¢

ateagy conttealy ails | welgha or woereremer per ~ - {S NOW ON TH
WEDNESDAY, tor MAY, 1908, your Fpocketa with gol Yor bo ia tbe Ki King . r
see a ne Clocks: ‘& Watches) oy isace -

Wholesale Dealers in American
and Canadian Foodstalfe end

Wo. & Freurw Street eB me,
Lamber, Newfoundian. and Kova

clad Pannen nger
seyclon ee


For Furtber| Partion


For farther taformation apply to
ja fi all wis
people bate reooorvate bie. ile Att is OLEANED AND ADJosTED!| Halifax and |
has dyed, taal val tives 24th April 1908,
from the Tenspaca River through CHS. J. JACELON, ome

weight or woasurement,
iret ltsymoad The Royal Mall Steam Packet Pxorerry Rerareo,

150 PARCELS RIOR LANDS | toes es and bem i etal ce ye company.

great, be transforms old fietbee iste: Dew ‘

ones to Ti yeryba uns Re Portot-Bpais. | WORK abeclately gus guaranteed. ALso~

INE above eré‘toage toaguifioenh Bice Landa, nad be ia over ready to JEWELRY IN GOL GOLD & SILVER,

T A dew ravine bas just beea complet. TRINIDAD

Raymond Joba J. Samens,

sald Rice Lands, and which canbe irrigate

. > - Trioldad Dre Works, : Sronom:
Msle"L "bed ws the Goin Grove| Ogre Dates Goon Say” (QQVETDMANG = ail ways) ss einietee eo sce
| 5 pane office, Aréura, and to commence ap} Te’epboos 15. ax an; pata tenes BSquawe. N OTI Tt
ane _ [Ss Btewime square
were es, NOTICE, $7,500 to Invest) | oo xonmio

S.S. ‘Naparima


Parties desirous of visitiog the lands be- tbe anders

ely, sod

81 be ed

Bs children from the sonal

oh oe, our A Beboct at reoderate rele of cae PRELIMINARY NOTICE. | Apply in writing stating all particulars
A. Ghent. | see pipet 7 Cksscery bees | ALTERATION OF 3 (OF TIMETABLE, et band nee One of this papee


Yee Pes ong Be CLAY

reek from Banta
Gea beta het che it


Apoit ah, ont,

T le intended to amend the ealeti
and Steamer,

Tiare Ti “* Smith, Robertson & C0, ine 1

Ut the chenges pootam plated.
acd dale ot change will be girea, and OFFER FOR jathaniel Jones lateof
Le: fil thorn oa
ae ter be Ex Recent Arrivals: HENRY Rg
Ford & Paneten 's Rest Ward Picked Briatol i

1,2, MARWOOD, — | TEMPE ra ANE se FOR

Neuvo Establicimianto

de %rewvistionen!
TTUADO ca Ja caguinn de BROA

woe al 14 dblico

! ob

——_. Cleats Hace, | | Geceral Manage und Onlel Baptacer, | BAVA ‘ ot
eS ENT . Week ah fone ce a eS Port-of Spa Hat NE on oil made, Light Railt ’

JP OE Sertcane te tema propety frome throe a ay it Bul Dr GRAHAMS BULPHURIO Ie wegloon |. 10a s4FEREG

Brocco dV eoceely SePantey,

Ap, ly to
Aweraso y. Patagan Aen oe

CLARET — * Chetman des Ormer ein :
H H BALM. a eo gocong

[oreee -
Or ot the tates of Mr, alco, Bo Keene Hacive aye ” Fe anette Masters Mac HN... “Atrwater we ruosers. 2
od tine Peat tis Pana’ ce “ in] “THE GREAT CHEST REMEDY. | 190 cay GAUTINE BRANDY-10. ee .
—_ ae es ” ~ a

Mantoqale «
Reet Mrnredeia Deneea .
Comed"— Bacalen she
Kips. Aesite er
wees *

Corus Oeashy Colde, sBroncblin, ana Rance *

A nie for , sertala ertule” Kovac And 1 orvioe next American Steamer s


as SS Es eee ge A ee ee SS

seugnun—Fiates ve ay

onder oar moh Rtas ‘ neta

MM memes RMRERS vaderake Lyperr hing at

see x



; Cauls Pharmacy,
90.6 31, Corner We tee & Neleoe te,
ot Bpeia.


Yeamcelll sz Factory,

Hie which hee Leen ressall
Tee baa ks a
fecvere ot Vanaslvelli, cal and other

white oad
ae sor Me ee ot Site net

meer PeerT(Â¥s, Mamtomtat.
le erations sede tésieoe al prepa

eae eee x eane al

maine! é
diasiewense fines Seg peed eae te

fee Bo hie 0p Verges cou bolitien
“Wife Notice.

Tare biyrtee fa berebe | cnttloned

brs wag evetie to my wite

baring left my hooes
wivhant say jnet exnse,


Apa tyacle,

Luclen’s * Chocolate Chocoales


& Jn Bardine,Â¥
| Markerel, Ki
with Tr mato

at ont Limited,

VJ. de Uisnergs, 1-0-3

7, Jaross icx fier

Medor, Bt, Juliee,, Mout
tesa & Co. Graves, 8
LU 12 Da

and Linen get et