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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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to Id
psr X O ILL T • 3D XL 33 S'SS 3í! S I
Knickers, Camisoles, Combinations,
BOaiSiETS ja.3srx5
Silk Lacc Bonnets, Gasliiiiepe & 1
s: o o i»'s.
Dollars, Ties & Bows,
•HE MWÜI. Jims U5CIS1 tt'.CUii.
Exciyiliinj; put is I:ashic;ub!s
WATERMAN : ••¿8^.-U!r¿iU<
I, Arc Wholesale Agci
ij' “Royal Scottish" Liqueur Whisky
t “Pour Crown”
i Retail-all Dealers.
sEx s.s. “SPHEROID’
°'inil0LEUM~" ahoya.
Rally Crean tito,
mu muiomw uses».
r„ aiis&sr-
To Ersfira Sa&fscticn
> =3=M
San Lorenzo
â„¢j. Sim MB ODDOI.
Swifts Animal Manures1!
UK- "Li jptUHUXCM."
Iiizof Cocoa ¡
5 jpHir. 'i; 'v: r:~:m;
rjsZzSs&xSÉh’- r“
' SSLi = n Hi'
SUFI & Í0IP11I, Jersey Bilí, I.J„ HS.i
A Fresh lot of Goodeeur
CompUmentpry Gif
dins: Prmnta, and C
72 Marin* tqoi

&&’££'% ¿¡¡i&iÉ oíkÍw’bSmis, "ar-ñ-v :

m jrow-oiitfij»-Oiwm --froiteWT xakow ...
Par S.fei. ' A»a*3rx>^a'
8 A.DX1BH,
Cocoa Bags.
ElXObll AKD DOU 111,11 SEWN.
E-Sp. la, L'uo.ailoti. lot l^ililh.
Pedro Prada.
~~vi'H-r. nr
00UIE8 6TÍBIE3 i
Molassine Meal.
Tto 4 udqoi hcJ.
4» » «tea w.>.cJ[a»Mj la !nfl
White Pine, S p ruí
Wo Offer the abowo as usual <
RING with 9 Di»
It ISO 13 Di»
'ho Vory thine -for Your
«j. »C-nFr'ruam^aFw'r”H

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Essat&s: x¿r ¿r
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■ un > nía; runmt amt a at
to Id
psr X O ILL T • 3D XL 33 S'SS 3í! S I
Knickers, Camisoles, Combinations,
BOaiSiETS ja.3srx5
Silk Lacc Bonnets, Gasliiiiepe & 1
s: o o i»'s.
Dollars, Ties & Bows,
•HE MWÜI. Jims U5CIS1 tt'.CUii.
Exciyiliinj; put is I:ashic;ub!s
WATERMAN : ••¿8^.-U!r¿iU<
I, Arc Wholesale Agci
ij' “Royal Scottish" Liqueur Whisky
t “Pour Crown”
i Retail-all Dealers.
sEx s.s. “SPHEROID’
°'inil0LEUM~" ahoya.
Rally Crean tito,
mu muiomw uses».
r„ aiis&sr-
To Ersfira Sa&fscticn
> =3=M
San Lorenzo
â„¢j. Sim MB ODDOI.
Swifts Animal Manures1!
UK- "Li jptUHUXCM."
Iiizof Cocoa ¡
5 jpHir. 'i; 'v: r:~:m;
rjsZzSs&xSÉh’- r“
' SSLi = n Hi'
SUFI & Í0IP11I, Jersey Bilí, I.J„ HS.i
A Fresh lot of Goodeeur
CompUmentpry Gif
dins: Prmnta, and C
72 Marin* tqoi

&&’££'% ¿¡¡i&iÉ oíkÍw’bSmis, "ar-ñ-v :

m jrow-oiitfij»-Oiwm --froiteWT xakow ...
Par S.fei. ' A»a*3rx>^a'
8 A.DX1BH,
Cocoa Bags.
ElXObll AKD DOU 111,11 SEWN.
E-Sp. la, L'uo.ailoti. lot l^ililh.
Pedro Prada.
~~vi'H-r. nr
00UIE8 6TÍBIE3 i
Molassine Meal.
Tto 4 udqoi hcJ.
4» » «tea w.>.cJ[a»Mj la !nfl
White Pine, S p ruí
Wo Offer the abowo as usual <
RING with 9 Di»
It ISO 13 Di»
'ho Vory thine -for Your
«j. »C-nFr'ruam^aFw'r”H

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â– :
Essat&s: x¿r ¿r
•ips ««aswfc









‘Recommend our Customers to Tnspéet


mag te
i Fa ae .

- OHREBMIsgEHSs — | :
Knickers, Camisoles, Combinations, |


| way (Collars, Tes & Bows,

90003050 3000 £0000 9000 000300000000:

vant we


_Bulssa, Bad Even as a Boy.




ae io Junetro Tool = ane
maces, | THENEWEST, STYLES DESIGNS & COLOURS, | |, Blo Jenelro—the life story of Tale ABE ean
“WO | Everything that is Fashignable, | Rebcrmemrininn ies Really Cream sds.
. who wav a nchooliate of the reglelde, Acd oro plainly marked 00

He savs the avessin’s fall rama was
Mennel Rea Silva Bairsa, and that be
wanborn ia the Vinhaes dictrict, proe
vinta ct Beopenze, TrazeeMantes, Pars
tagal. Asa bov be went to the Lyceuns
at Bragaree fe hed nine beethera and
visters, and one of Lia aistere, named
Hetmirs, lived until a short time ago ia
this city, Manael wasnot the first crt
pred in the family. Ore ff his aunts
led a servant io her employ “hen she se ge

found thet her hushand was making love

to the weman She wan erreated and T9 Ensitre Satisfaction
teotenced ta a long term of imnrisnns
ment in Africa As a boy, Nanvel

Can be seen this, week in our Show lindo,
: our prices ton J iid

They aro admitiodly, a very,


than the o!d fishioned American
ordinary soda biscuits

Ties end "ows.

Rerce from 6 centa fo $1.90
fo A erecial line of
eo PARIS TIES at B20, thet
nay s eennat he rereated,
Atyecin: date ef WANT KERCHIFF TIES at vda,
ech, Freeda prices ice & OBevavew, fr malo to
Ricerte och
We we Clating a Bpeeal Line of Fourlold


Bee that evory Liscuit you eat Se
A‘eo a Hae at 6 for

RTAN} ING & DOULTR, COL 1 ARR at Poste it dureos ' Bolens wes quarreleome, hangh! ond marked Hasittona Ceram topas.
7 fi ED e etpts parr, andacious, towardly, * ‘ . sae
’ We tare Jone cyened apother kt of HO dortn Tuys' Dovrte COLLARG— eum with the ventitlon ‘of

Lyceum with the reputation of a bad ee
stndept, ard a8 having & vicious charace
ter. Thalife be ted in Braganzs made
lt receasery for bis falber to put bim
into the army, and be was enn-
sequently envolied Jo the Seventh

alscricd shapes ond sites, ab Zo,


boy 1a Triotd t

tach, Every map and boyis Triofdad cas ge Wholesale only By .

OUTEITTER, 15, Frederick Strret 7 GEDDES GR ANT

EE ————— SC Cavalry Regiment, of Besgaczs. But
7 7 to contrat but Ty opie of ettreveated rie

. control, but in “bepeate ve °

. uolehments be managed to gein the
BO D OZ CO. prade of sergeant. fie contioued a Trinidad Electric (0.,

. 3 dissina’ed | rode of Tile, and was soon LiAzmited.

tapsferred from Bregenza tn the re-
6, BROADWAY. gimsnt on duty at Alvar, op tbe fron- e_———

tier, Here be had a serione brawl
with six noldiers, For thie offence be
wae court: mertiailed, condemned to
servea term in prison, after which he
wan expelled from the srmy.

_Nuisss then returned to bis native
village cf Vinbaes, Thanks to the {s-
fluenced of hia father, he wee gives ap
oppertuvity to beoome schon] teacher
and iteeemed to bis friends that he

Are Wholesale Agents


i “Royal Scottish” Liquéur Whisky

Ov the two days of Carnival,

Marchi 2ud and 3id. Coco-
rite and Belmont cars will only
ruc as faras J'atk Btroet betwoen
the houra cl oneand 6pm. Trans.

Q .

¢ “Four Crown”

gg jeld” 99 Tit tolog to reform and pettle dor a. | ters will bo {eijod from these lines
@ ato ard, aod after a ye H .
a Shie . 39 weot Op to Betase whee inl to the Frederick Stroot Hoes as
i —ALE0—— dosted trom the district achool, Buigea'] USUal. 8 D. HARDIN
$. Tiel to hl’ studies "he woe te Aang "Gesnat Meneee
is " e's 7 ;
JEFFREY’S” STOUT = ig aihchn das

taloed bin diplomas. After thiabe way
sent to the National College at Lis.
bon as a prefessor, a pest which be
filled ap to the tine of his death.
Darieg the Jast few yeara Baises
waen Repablicen in politics, and he
bad frleadly relations with ‘men.bere
of that pariy. Us became a fr thinker,
and ft way bis eustom todefend. ble poll!
tical fdeas in open discussion fo the
streete and io ihe cates of Lisbon,
Bulesa’s frlead, who supplicd the
foregcing loformation, does “not thin
that be accepted money for the oom-
tission of his crime. “Manuel DBulssa
was viclousand wicked {9 meoy wa
buthe waa above taking movey

Duissa’s family {9 well of, not to say
wealtby, and still live at Vinbaes

+ heres |

Sale of ValUable Houses

B hereby given thet there will be offered

for sale by the wudersigned at thelr

Suction Mart, No. 12 St Vincent Street in
the town of Port-of Spalo,

ve OF

Friday, 20th March *08

fand 2 p.m,

0, 134 HENRY STREET—Poar °
rate family dwellings, each te
ig of drawing, and dining roous,.3 bed-
fooms, pantry, bitches, be! serves’
room, aad sewerare, private yard. Anoual
Rent 720.0 for the shole, _ .
Large family two sary Yoldence, newly
buily consisting of & ledroome, drawing
and dining rooms, pantry, bsual oof-o
stables, cartlage hoase, new pewersge
sloetris Jight installed r'ghe through,
Nice flower gardos ; measurement of {lant
120 = 167 feet, cool aud bealiby locality
near the Havanaah,
Datod this 22nd dey of Februaty 2008,
Â¥. J. bQUTT & KON,
Gott, Auctioneers,

. ~ AND— .

Retail—all Dealers.


—— jot

Ex s.s; ““SPHEROID”’

>t # ey -
Brace -Yourself Up,

WINE ¢ tegiveastEesoTH, Lorg
bottle Zée. etter then favey pi
2 at

foported Tonle Wires Cen x

N.B =Prirate offers aan be made before
yotes'e, And forall loforms-


12, Ha Vincent Etreed.


OGUSTRY Realdeoce, quite pew at
Varsdiee Fajate, Lac urigne Sve minutes

PIE x s.s. ‘Ss SAVAN” from New York,

50 Bags CORN, « ° .
250 Cases PELROLEUM—" Chester"—150 ©

Pow RLS. (AROS A.”


water on premilees, Lerge twee gerden,

« Andrew Usher's Special Reserye—O,V.G.
This iqg.e gued 0 portunity of a pice hone

AW. STEDIVIAN ARCHER, | oscars sos, [wre
. opply te
v ”

Poradise” 7,

Martan Bguae, Forbel Apaldy

N tbe pall y~of Blareeas, altaated ra fom ralvay riaitou, sitaation beaut)
ly cool and boskthy, ¢ nleiniog drawly,
ften bree wise from Nh, Joreph | supa, diving roour, Stelecons, wee pa

io res Siatleu, About 14,00 fall beer fry apd store room, weual out-offices, with


§ ca eee


Gtk Laee- Bonnets, Cashmere & :

abet ae



ean m=”







» +


0.9 PS:


mw oat a ee



~ wey eed ies BRANCHES
#200,0057600.00, 200 TO ofa

Swift's Animal'Manuresif
Profitablo Manuring of Cocoa, i%

Cocoa planters all over the world recognize the aouruineas in scien Ife princ{ple and snregay
in profitable results from the neg of auy kind of organic manare, Expoolally all forms of ari
tanaré are preferred which not only supply chemical plant feed in a natural form, Lut alo Hoge
aan physical need in preserving the physical properties of the soll and enabling the plat to slag
constant, profitable, and lating geaal'a, 3

7 Y

BWIET'S ANIMAT, MANURES are pore, concentrated, nataral, hamas manures, They 4

free fram Chenucal, acid or added etinulating matter, Ove ton oqoals in natural plant Me
elements 10 to 15 tons of sheep manure, but without added weight of water and ga:t re 7

At an average cont.of BLOTTO 010 U0 per acre B year, they bare proven without exception wil
Jawjligently used, resulta of to Slbaof dry coros per'troe tach your or an aversgo Gf $908

profit to eath $100 00 spent on ¢.Lf. price cost of manure plas cost of application,

Apply one ton to 4 or 5 acres or’ 1,000 to 1.000 trees Just before or right after alight fork
weeding th seirele3to 8 feet wide around cach trea, varying anount and ares of appl:
peo onling to tho age and size of trees, If Hore fs added apply iC 50 dayd before application 9

nd of manure,


The profit returps per acre In Grenada on private ontates fia 1071006 trlale, from tbe wi
Swift's Animal Menures in comparison with sever other clawes of manures somprising Pen Matt
15 tons per acre, Sheep Manure, 4 tone rare, Basigtlar, Potash Salta, dulphae of Anupas
and other Chemicals as Well an mix ‘hemical and, Ciuane prepare! ions al} applied at the
salue per acre bhow a retnra of 300 per cent pruht un expense of manuring within six moathe
Aime of application, with Swifts Animal Manuces stiiL-suking the lead over all other manares
trial giving 15 to 30 per cent, better renalta, x

t The results of coroa manure experiments” prosented at the, West Indies 4
erence in Darlaclos, Jann ae in confirm the superior advan a roi
concentrated Blood and Bone imanares over the ase 6f Chemical Fertilizers " The experbs
vondocted in the Leeward Islands, show a profit of $30.20 peracre as compared with so mall
and surpassing in results {be tse of Chemical manures in 12 experinienta, ‘
Yrom the mally trialy we have made in the West Indles and the peneral experience &

cores planters with the various Animal Manare Abalyees we have produced we submit the fomem
ing av Lest eulfed to average ronditiona'’: , _


rigoltaral |
tw from

os Aalmal Ammonls . . Ton 5 per coat. « 2
Animal Phosphate oo? mn an 2 oor cont. 9

Potaph Kaltes we - a a. & per cent, a

. Animal OrganioMatler ., wooo on AG per cent. iy

300 per cent. ;

Wholesale catalogue sent free on request containing-a variety of other analyses with pric 7 a"
a ~ i -
Swifts Animal Mennras are shipped in new double Lurlap Bewt bags, and eachoutshia}
stamped with mioimun gudranted analysia in acourdance with Gorerament and Otticlal stan

and our name and trade mark,

Orders may de went us direct of through any wholesale lmpo:ter at our catalogue prices



Cheadet & Teobaleal Expert, Who'esale Agint, Weat J

Queen's Park Hote. ry Trinidad, BWR sv

we we a a. ae “AG


= =
A Fresh lot.ot Goods sui
Complimentary Gf
ding Presents, and C ’
Ings, Just opened at G


Beware of Worthless Imitations
and Fraud.

DP skoxssr Persons make thelr ap-
+Peatanes from time to time, snd call
theme! ves Cleaners snd|Dyerg and Iovarle,
bly spoil people's clother, Sume use their
own bane oaty, bat olbers go farther,
aed pawe Clemens, AS
berrouate me, aod say J taugby
others vay they are my agent, acd
fo sree farther aud psy fet :
Sead, ta fect bey adopt various means te
deceive the patio Now, why be decelved?
it bes been a Jovy, catabliabed fact, thea |
om the only trus Chawr and 7 ts the
West Indica, Ihave no Agent or .
anes, I wever slicite petronage in ap
Gommumecta diet eine Be ames
rect ty the
secure entive satisfaction, He Works ond

tt ye
Corner Dake ras Su,


° a


Including—Jewellery, Sterling Silvor Goods sad
Nora—We give you fair prices, and assem
ponally, oy i


a see va ire pow Or Pain Ol zerrs | DESAY DARKO Vd ee 5 Og
FIRST SHIPMENT | Tho Bonanza Cents, Departm't,| | Furniture Department, | | INFANTE ROOT wean

EDAM PRESSES Coder Thoogheut’| A fine Assoriment of Injants Preity and,

BB aciap (lone, |No-7 Broderick Str, | 2R% (& ae"| “Pema ee

a 3 Piece™ “feb at Bele Boots and mhon, le whi tah tn, fn a He
re — BUT — Salente? Botoes Kids 1 ber shoes ot 600, aed 990, a pale.d ‘

\ . . * 80, wad
sy. . , i 6 Jofents* op Boots, sees 910 @, to heels, Tia abstr,
B ¢__ ABENOW, OPENED UP: |, Youcan get Into it 4 da Inlnt Ten og ck: Kid ation oe Lee Bain av 8126, Bo beat
Kk \ from eithor ‘oy ; . ( ar lll 8 Totals Patten White Beck Shennan tog, 790. a pate ang vie
, Tafants whe Back Button Boots, sizes # to 6, 780. a pale, sesTand

: The Bonanza. CHACON-STR. OR MARINE SQUARE . . 55 DOLLARS,’ . Teh ButE le Paton or Lee Da ptet tne le Ste.

. - Te! ait
i! es ae ' : : New Khaki Coatings 67 inch wide ... g1,80 per yard Wardrobe, Bureau and Washatand. INFANTS Patent Yd laps ¢
BSatin and Mouseline Millinery Ribbon | New Khaki Coatings, Ulive shade, eo, - ‘ Rl k | Kid [ a) “pieme-stek te 3
B.the new fashionable colours, gz inches wideat wwe 1.80 per yard We have Just besn ac ace ace . BIZRBE eb 5 4
tin and Mousseline Ribbons In all widths | Navy Blue Serges, fins make at+ .. 1,207! igppeinted A te ‘ 0 ‘ay
me yoalities, a Fine Biack Serges 58 inch wide at.. 2.40 - ’ Fe wen . ~ OR == a4. Cents |
bed Coloured {ep Sills Ribbon, r . B tt B t “6

becy Stripe Millinery Ribbon, utton boots APAIR




2 J
. ' . eye
Hat & Ready-Made Clothing . Switts Cocoa Fertilizer fofents Tan Gliee Kid Lees or Ratton Boote, sizes 8 to 8, 84% & pale,
given wonderful results lofanta’ White Canvas Derby Tie Shoes, 20 heel alees 2 to 6, 72,
FValenciennoLaces — ~ | PANAMA HATS cleaned and blocked on shortest Swifts Animal Humus Fertilizer Trai Te Uae ie ater Form 1 Dar Bh, low Lely *
your yield,
White Hoods and Hats, In Men’s Tweed Suits—g1,60, 1.80

TR / i M E D H A 7S . . ofacta’ Tan or Diack Glace Rid Lace ry Ratton Boots, natural foot,
, PwBPYVARITMENT. * Which has bare, low spring beeln, elees 3 to 8, 81 08a pal
& For Ladies and Misses. mo in the island of Grenada, a iatr, ; .
ee PANAMA HATS from 1.80 to 420.00. ttc Mah Tag Hick Vid Meares 1 Dat Bhry®
‘ fe
- : possible notice, Produces } Infante’ Breck’ Vici Kid Ackle Strap Shoes, low heels, sizes 3 to 7,
" a nd Insertions in White & Ecru, ler ooata of predictions oriches! rerceea erere betta har , fzotte Infants Waite Buck Sandalettes, sizes § to 6, Sic a pale. ‘
iF . * aa : ® ‘ , :
frbrio Embroldery Bagiogs 9 cents up SPECIAL JOB LINES Bild at Ste Bonanss Tardvary Depertmat. | WO can ait you in Infants’ Footwoar,
eof Hospital Sheeting 86 and 72 inch wide, 2,00, 240, 3,00,4 50. SMITH BROTHE RS & GO.

The Bonanza Boot Dept.

IOR SALE ] NOW BEING LANDED, |5: m the Safe Side, gave capris fet) Gitte cetera Rr

Be. Petersburg advicr a state thet seven | Morsing, for the. male defendant who is
E ‘MARAVAL ORDER YOUR CARRIAGE AT ONCE) tthe terroriats receatly. atreated Lave | e=Pleyel oe the Kennet to be sum.
: X ss AL c moned,
been hanged joolgding, two girls. One
‘ ~ FROM Catvion with an fralian passport probab ALLRORD Lancenxy.< Elisabeth Tanles
‘| Ss Ss. 6 P AT AGONI A ' ANOTHER SHIPMENT oF xiv onxrssx'es VF stole, sald jlet be siveaded tbe reaamproned atthe inolanee, of, é tare
e 8 8 v =x ama witha boro be thrown at | He Joseph road. fomplainant ssid he had

m0 KEGS MISTELLA—ANCHOR BRAND, ‘Rh = ld’ B . . M.Btot rpin when he inede hie Micistert Haty three tents tn Lin posressiog oot af
Eola CASKS ALICANTE do. do. ecimms Oo eer STABLES al dere, bak A, thea latended | cover hs had jooe Seat’ eben deteatant

(31 HENRY 82, ‘1 ITONE 65) vo throw the bomb two days ef er but ! who wae prewnt snatched the sarcantepes

2CASKS CLARET do. do, . . ‘ cited in the ebarge fro bin, 2

_ ,____YARRRIA OF SRVEN IAZEN PINTS And Bae no Peat, of Molestation. | "Ai desco ers, te ultra [orrtenraaau, eens
By ° 4 % xi « ' 1 ‘OU. > nN .
[Hx STORE, ELLIS (GRELLIS (CO.-AGLNTS. | mere Bitccer asia Ur theOpe Dis | ee eewanibee minty
. 30th January 1908 you drive jn ieee earciago you cen} in Mancbaris, elther slone oe through the | v4) oranted till today, to site withewsee
7 _. amore yoor friends inthe orthodox | United Stat a nas

4 CASKS CLARET— ANCHOR BRAND, nn ee style daring the A Bhorgial telegram states there te a | NBQSOGH gtve evidence in wapport of ace
i ‘ 1 + COCOA rHE warnival %* Reason growing Gisteust among Beith mer NIX MOKTHS POR A PANAML=The hears
4 q ! = @]} cheats regerdicg Japau’s oommerelal | ing of the hajodred charge of Franele,
j Yj ® n Everything with on te up-to date and foe policy and there are mary onon-dalots re lteharry for stealing s
d * . e Laneas p arance ul the two Carnival days we are completely tdieg ber discrimination in Menchasls tht

. - , - 4 , . filled with order, If you don’s care to Isod It be deelered eboild negotiate had Leen adjon fi ft
“ eccaronl and Lasagne. H { SE BR ILS 4 be shatene thie week also for nightly regerding Japaneses neglect of trede elte two witnesses nether of whom, how:
OK, BUTTER IN CASES AND KEGS ay AICS.) pring aire [pone ete Ee rtrke is ioltion of alt commercial | ir co ee ainar Tae tae

‘ . 5 | Ra ”,
ROW MBRGEO IW THs pate te ta nemtaty iviatecieee y From Lisboo It Is rtated thet King lainant’s case vad thet thedefendant and
. For Christenings, Weddivgs, Dances, | Menvel’s decrees convoking the Cortes Queen's Park Ravannah, there they bath

is eta, eto. indicate bis lotention fo ra'e se acons't De'eodant waa wearing an

g t . D Q art ent NOW BEING LANDED — | ROYAL THSUBUHOR COMPAS}. LA} Consult DSVENISH'S STABLRS. | (races, Monereb, Was terclog, Senor ‘Ming tom Kis slerbers be
a : ee | cl bee'a reign, a on”

br NLOrage partment, - y Funda Excced _.. £12000,009 | === ———— | sosate arg fhe ey | cmd lk a Meng coin,

— SUBANCHB effected against foes mate tok pictonee, faenliy seen wealing the hat fa quevtioa

bs US YOURPERISHAB LE GOO DS, C () (} OA Jit Gamage by Fire 03 a (Sy a Porama Tuegraph Company.) A despatch Jrom Teboran reported that | soyaently seen wearing the hat fa questioa

another bomb has exploded, killing two | 4+ Tenapuna, Kix buetlons ‘sonricdlos 6
, The Bost place to keep your overateck of

re i tor larcen, ed 8
Bhop and Store Promise and Private Tondon, March, god, ther OO ee ee ana tireateaed | defendants tha last of which wie
Pic-Nics, Butter, Lard, Milk, Beans,
. Peas, Fish, etc, ete.
@O2 Losses. bomber of deathe from allied disorders 4, Complstuen’ gave evilence to the

i be, aod bed only terminate
Dwellings at moderate prices, dutiog the tase foar ween ina “been, to blow then Waorblontese Merch, god, fata month, ile was erat 10 zu for ‘a
* { hucceuively thirty two, thirty-foar, | 4 despatch f Port-au Prince saya | Aregen lances are Gon.
HO USE PROMPT AXD AGL SETTLE eighty four and ove busdiad and wenty aA tl olfers a civil trial for the refugees scpbyaen Lancexy, OV ile ty nant
" —_?
bs . —— " . d in > e ATES: Acuurs} fuch “ Feeumoble, bronchitle eta, is far 1 NE Kanno, the ex-Micleter of Foreign sifert font on, Fridey i ® qeport “a
i sbive the pommel, Affatcs, boa left the French Legation, acd | made tu by Mr. Kinga etek be
re : idad Shipping oe, ra & Bir Heary Campbell Baaverman bes the Hiaytian Government 10 willing to Pe nede te the place ef. wen Gay au Chere

oe ‘ ‘OR BALELBY fered a releper, and Ie going to the .
f, GOMranxy, KABTITAD. F mR SMITH BROTHERS & (a. Continent, an i's lukely fo roappear permit is de ar tre for Klogston lotta Brreet where he fuasd the goods

six, and on Satardey two verdicta of aractess of fairness, but will ic iH ub fet t i

suicide duriog temporsry Ioaauity, the wits aS uctblen forther, Reorctary Root | sovaral ae eet of ae er the wales

result of Influcaze, were rendered. The | peiieves that France would ask cothiog 294. | koode, and chattels of Wilsove

a fa the present Session of Parliamen mentioned fn ibe charge Gay eald theyhed
i FA, SKEETES!CD,| , cme somemmm [eC c Bult at it ety, |i ear acungenen | vane aac ae
aa N IDAD LINE OF STEAMERS: ans. e Fort ot pala, capital ot nine willtien voueds hove Bordo, what reviewed it, ie thousaoda ft zivea we bias a a Hae
‘ - Teint averaged lesa thas ale per cen ©. :
. Proposed! sailing Dates. 62 Fouth Quay, | fhe new Licensing Dill deatrose every | foavelescing waste, commend: |The ich the request to rice 4
Leave Arrive Leave ane 10th January 1908, j hope of fature dividends, and aa fodas- | gays ghoad of time, andy due at Para: i to keep two for hiravelf,
wie Fot! tls toate: xen" Fe {0M Gittans, MD D0.8; | eeecoeeaie tie ast at Ais cee tera aint cae ak
. . ea le a \* 7
oe Jeny. 15 = Japy, 24 Feby. 1 Feby. 9 —_———_———*— | _Burmeon Dentist =| lite years tts lou, 10 ba wourd USB. “ Tacoma" eK ne Eee eens ae atreintrate le

any, 26 Feby. 4 Fety. 12 Feby, 29 Corner of Queen and Aberoromhe Siret urped tb: bab iht lag ot t

Cee eee ee ey. Sifontes ee ene ee ae eee rk ane | eeu atasee tease
Feby. 10 Feby. 28 Heb. 7 son 36 Dr . Iron OST UP STO. DATE Methods and | population which sbasee the Mauer} prrish achaooer Loch A. Walddeo,” | oe tekee ta the shop to ien'ify the porsos
Feby, $9 Mth, 10 Mch. 16 o — ate etna la Dentistry, with all | privileges A qreat camraiga to protest } trom Jabla for St. Juho's, Newfound. Shige wee clon sored acaiant

Neb, 14 Meh. 24 April 1 Ap SURGEON PENTIST, eee {a tho treatment | pgainst the measure ie belug pepealeed, land, arrived here today with loss of ey for reselriag goods Kkaeuieg chon tp
oo #

. : i ‘Testh. deatba ere ancounced of the Mars
ow Meh. 25 0 April 3 Apr I April 29 Orthodontia and Orows and Bridgework agi ‘Llshibqow 20d Si Dowlais | © *PArs rigging and salle, do, 208, Ue itolany and was adjourned
wt etnies

oogbl, “Tagas® arrived 12.10 pm.

oe April 4 April 14 Apel 28 am ute Mtreet. a rid ———
Bioamert call attthetfalend of Grenada both says. . =. TT ¥ Seotland sod parts of Eoglaed and] pysscneers for Trivided Mrs. Panta, PRIBES CURRENT.
erent 2 = Woles bave experienced a mew blirasrd, Mr. and Mra. Storey, Mr, Packard, Uolo- *
, aoow drifta are fit oor . {
Sat awxroOnre Tea feat Veeprand comeauaicalicns are pel Collinge, Dr. Gomez, Mr, aud Mra wed eas foe Visit fod,
ioterronted, Between Uteegow and —-—— Salen pee barrel .. $6 15—8420
*oity Police Court. New'bewge Fat pect

RED * CLAY, | stiatetttag Beets garies
ne eee eee

pee tL
Heavy Move Pork per tL iynle

FASHIONABLE hich the passengeg werp ‘without —
fads staadearen aaa UByfrs Bie Workin A, J. Berry Het} gegen (ONTO porte, DTH
)/ nicutta tele teperta ene ra Baroy, test %
FNS Obra ED Paya Uandsomety, [el Willsocke's pucitive expedition a te —_— Poetob tenet Molawed —_
AVENS GOTFLTTIRG. : * [toring after ite racerss agsloet the Auuzorp purtossurce ene eneye Ph veka erin Vrisa
It is fodiepentable fn the warufac- Aire aot a viteo beds forte: coptae wards aod Frederick C kutow, were | ab Liverpool pre Itt oso 6

pee It.
ture of cocoa of goud qianty. | ¢4, and eaffering mary casualties heel, Brchesce, Now Yurk and
Werewerxte MLitetewe | 4 Visous deepatch sys the Austrisa | coo) ‘Quay
. Ocvernment snncunces thet congratule: | rh, cecnad db
Aad leperts » beaelifel eves colour to! lory visiteol Koyal Personages nypom the | its name was called and the charge
the beas, Cocca prepared from

ween 483;
Exchange, New Voek ond t
against Loenoe Ya iTareaed
wernal of the Emperor Froncle | b5 t arte, Comp) *.
Jey b's fabiler, erent vron the sd erblence ee Laing intermnd ths ores Oryvate = 17/318f .


We receive Goods by evry Incoming Steamer. Our

Merchandiso is always ; ‘ Fee eee ae detkebin avd ote | prilenca of baving balng informa ot
wim ir {SEERA AMD SMART San Antoslo Rod Clay) eietsccersct'te iver On| Shia Serpcsftte ae eheetta| | File verona Do
im . e . ny; am = ao
ieee “= Fetches the RIGHEYT WA ° dria fern Teklog otete that | directlon of the bt Vincent Whert, ent Ruger Gerwaw Bost 83 afd in “
r etches PRICE. RKET Cbine bas ylelded to Jepat's demand | eventually boarded the “ Kennet ewe. 4
, ' that (Bins epologlzn acd pay an ja | We lying slowgede the jouy He d Save Hagar 08 aie Oikrahar
ItJe sold fn bags of 200 lia. onch at | demerity for the selavre of the Tetsu Dot purenq bin, doctber hoon a Hilt of Charwel tormonles Secting

torens per ews, ae UD
while sho-latter | Demorsre Ram bar gal” 2 10)~ HH

$4.00, unpuiverizod sod 2.10 wees diateon tosrchuate st Maceo bat

Piven, OR, ‘TRBFLE FLORLWVE, KOSIRIG, EPO, ET ri ulverited. Tieged. by Chica to Dave been devi Pacer re | Trlelad Core, Corl
Sie Lee gecd netrnes deseo ‘Loo Chunn Tyee Pies, Hat, Plat Site Crelts iS | Lengeatork kept om the peeanaca | for oe Chores tevolatotis, Chines ’ pou gto TH
Pine, Oririos reat a Platstand Tipe New niyles) New Beshloge 1 bo 2a to or sure ie delivery, | wersbire tock the“ Tetea Mara ”to Islands, ot Liseepool gar 1b, 1/48
: O0ULe o pair , Mrag Polley prelty 2h sega.» yard. - KLWAY? wr petch from Mere reports , Bask of Raatand rose .
‘ RICHARDSON is Se chy Prhen SMITH BROS. & Ce vest an arelooche Go Phene 421, vers an sa Cpe sent
vastcss ONEAT PHINCENTOWNATSS ) iM Bonantembriedpenin, [Pianta ss aie JOAN'S BE BEATEN, |"isre"2"S" = yn
7 rd .

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ern bie - THY PORTOP ARAN -OASwete ACMEDAY- 1 ne _

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oar »

‘ The Yoon + Dalts * ayil> A .
Jj ad “a ta sews
' 4 foes preerel tee, following |. Metwnen twelve ned one aiclert: on fers

ne ae eae Pear eels
a : xy . f ‘

i : Fras en ‘i,. a. oe “ . ni * ‘To Mr. urdey night, an slain of fre wae reesived
a ; ° pa RCL ber of en with a hve vecl wed other” be-
Ses os dglemen conggry tqulpmenta hactened to the petne
‘ af r ‘1 opatect its gern Wralnen rier wee

\ oon 8 e wal, i

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FA a

3 & bodes,
. os ~z, a ‘ * wes soe eee 16.39 Coase ; ‘vee
PFIRE “INSURANCE oo’y,. |ffani < Siit] See aires ee oe
| MAGDEBURG, Aloe in Boob some Welt-hnewn |i br rs tend


“ gma x ;
2 oener QA S50., HENRY GFAY
. . ;


—Forw: t%

Gents Wa


tal, Matthe ete
ig ta account


teas ZR eet STE fi eel
Health waa ta be ain a
Oe te fret oo th Tetonteat Room at the Governmet Duildinge yesters
Fareia Graton Coe Bet | Eatintier eat Gye be eve
ta feletrts fa thig eal. it be “
aled ‘e eer, That among ihe coretatal aad ble Oweo, ‘wlth Mr Brathwalte[ 4
canddaten, te breationed ithe, patie. of Mr, | Pecretery.)
Newtons Davis, the Trieidad diocesan | Commander Combr arid phe ordisence
scholar, who is reported anhering pened & | directed shat the next senlnr cffictel member
very beliaat exemioition, trike Leptlative Gonvell shelf take the


os | Wilsons, ; Ltd.

IN.HOXES OF 50 Lo, NET | Yorl-of-Syain Gayelte

Bee, . * (BSTABLISHED thre.j
FOARSE SALT. 0 oj. |. [noah teeth

Bort. of|

The examiners 08 tha Usiversity of

tanga “ chals, tn the abeonce of the Covernor ar the

The Veteruelan aeame: a Al Gener, aed be propo-ed to do so, We ef
ved hi hrocning icon : , t me "|
Craed Tse th ie oxen 8 onbere Rameestniensane saad | | JOHN HOADLEY
@ meeth « ©

sess i

rae omanremmnmemened wn mun i. mien fand the following pasengers-—Mr. t Teperts.. Thoee reports bad ” . a
OFPFEE . wean -f PRE: ONE PERN, F ighalas, Mr. Rodolfo Eequivar, Mr. prdatiaad ati vale, been tying ov the iy = . :
wt , ° "Advertisements of Binht, Daatha, sod Mar | Hafesl Pardo Mz. Oronzo Lennersdo, | tahte for seversl boura, “There was oo* . TAILORS & OUTFITTERS
. . tages, Scoewttiaee teed dis | Geveral Jose A. Paes, Mr lenrign thing ha wanted to belhg forwarded, .1* ERG
we FE 8s = le b ys clamers twhick caeat be notbenticater Almedo, Mr. M. Martines Jordan, Mr. | wold be remembered that ad leat meen? °
ig or Sale v. ty, fe dieeatare of soma reeponsibi and Sra Nicholas Meya and “child, Mr. | tog ther pated areguls ken with regard te- ; ——< ;
forse) will be charged for at e/6 eack. | 3% "1 , contatts In sellow fever carer, it —-BHOR —s
. tolw prepald, Dias and Mr, Joan F Perey. prest regres Ee had heard of the death of THE TE

nate, 200 bags Trisidad encos, 10000 baa | a4 was nos prepared to my tbat it conaiiia- . DE PT. °

i a
7 Casual Advertisements of every descrip: —— Russell, and that herdeath had been
4 ton Sma pol week} F sortalght, | The Canadl mail er Dahomeâ„¢ | Mra Rassell, and tha : ay
N / 4 4 N Y per month per tach ac be prepaid. | which batted yerterda a orsleg from thle tetareed it might Se eet thet slows GROCE RY -
& M4 ‘ went As,-a6 per week each, 10. | port to-k away M50 bags Trinidad cocoa: a huedred pereona went lato the bovre;— t :
‘ ’
4 ~ BS

— dar, 93 wet hides, 3 drv hides, ed y De Koagge thonght ft did
To Connssrdnpgirts Atala shine '6 packages furaivare, 32 ted corre te Chelerea) wan
8 packages furnitare, Slerstes | noe, Ie (ihe Chairman) was sorry the :
‘ South Quay, 76. WSS we neceuarlly sadorte tne “options | ODDS Z cares muse and the following pas | Rorgeon General way not dgereots Lernase tes AVbuile, Sandi Tr at
. ‘sapreseed by tax Corres odeats in ca prererts. Foe Barbadov—Me A. B. Rt] te might hethat the boaer ought to’ have eae on nile res an cpt, Bar ees Fance Pip
ae tolumna Ad letters ous be accompaciet | HL}, MreJeonines and Me Gen Glonrest | teen rut in quarantine or laclited. A ta Fomate, Fileis de Thon Mering, Thon Fauce Cayenne

nne, Reyare & Is Driilot-Ravaslp, Loyarinece Savce ou
anneer—Sprate, Seomen A Tboile, Acverser, Chem K-Ac

For St Lacie-Mra_ Alice James. For :
French Gilve Ol, reach Vinegsr, ste. BEXD YOUN ORDERS 47} al

be real si {ihe wrder,
samen | faerie ea

. 7) oe 7
= ie. a
aa Mae ust } fai Relected wacuscripts cannot | deckers, — on,
3 ce J AUG — ag bint ce the gliest liriog Haman eres [ne Chairmen sald ha wan spanking to

’ 67
ie Adeertaing Lexa on Appheation, | York City Hall on decaury 20.fora license | the lnterentef the heatth of ibe Colony, BO LAN D S P H AR MACY, dtl
a FOR THE a to be toarrled and obtained it, , Ho anid he | He thorght Mre Raseell was getting be’ ler . .
! vf Bupsctiption | we mm | anh pop peer | was the Ree. Withers Dreoks Macon, 8 and | be Anew ncthing = abont her | = SS ——
née Postage 5 - *
Ht GOREN Gt ferete in adve * re at Na, lig E such ceo Pole fwarateet Mr Owen thoneht the question might '
q | 8 © Current kventr, hia ege was 336 years, The young womar| stand over: until there, was «fal .
B | R Taped ota ieee 4 ree oe ate Board. Chatrman sald be thought they
a . ICY C 8 av BS, Cerainal—Becent Day, 80 carn ld, lle wae bore $n Tis should make a nole of i, ‘The quenion
1 ~ 1 ow ® contact, o
ER ADE NAIC. Shrove Tuesdey, ane rSoneg to the United States ns . hat i Beene on living next

dmeoeeene door might be a contact. .
The Board of Directore of the Tiintdad | Mt. Owen sald ft strack hin ae.beiog
Balldiog and Loas Association has declared | rather strange.

adlyidend of 4§ per cent for the helf yasr The Chairman sallanamter cf noa-
ended 3ict December last thas completing | fmmune contiets and other persous pam:
the csasl 8 per cent per annom oa the | bering over « bundred went into tha honae,
valoe uf matoriog shares. Members who It wes agreed fo postpone the discasslon

WE HAVE RECEIVED Appeal Court 1430 sm,
y ° Matla for Caiupeno, Pampatar, Cama:

€ 9, | na, Gusnta, Le G Puerto Cabell
Wer TS. | AMY WMA | Cece Poms tues eran eile

Willem IV ” elese at 12 noon,

Molassine Meal.

ee FF ee eee #

: . - — hate received the paid up value of thels G Ite notified,
, 8 A DDIER: To-nay, matured shares darieg thet perlod may aatil the Burgeon saera i) ‘
.o aprly to Mr, A. F, Mathison, Secretary, at | SCMMARY OF MORTALITY IN JANUARY. The Wonderfal & Ua qué Fcod
te High Water Morn~6.54, Ever 5.16 p.w. the office of the Association for the cash | Deathe 193} death rate 29,4 per 1,000 ‘. ’
Ran ries 1 ete G18 a.m, | dividends correspooding to sald shares. | desth pitain Jan. 1997 37.8 Caneene ‘
Pon sete a ae ane 6.07 p.m. | Members whose mortgages are now esher}- | geith ¢ Taubercular diseases 31; diseases TT.
Moon sete i. ose + tee 7.22 p.m | led by, mere of shale watared shores may | of allmeatary sysiem 423 giisery dle. .
. es | aptly to the efiice for it respective re. 13 devel tal diseases 22 Sane 0. <
st GHA SEE PACE 2 FOR’ . jesse aod will receive 1a cash any balacce Strumuaicatte acd reptia Tieenven ia, Ages eo ara. teoe frame ort ne patented ee a
A LE D RACE R Rutssa Rad Keven ae a Boy~—= | standicg at credit of thelr sald aheres, of dexth: Under one yeor 46; 20 to 40, any hind. Iabay be glega with teneSciel nesutelte af q
| ADLER. ROA Futhor Ormpelled to put Ho) aug roy A, HT Uarron, Sectecy off Maia! sett geae the qeieepa Bids of antalya ovate saying tem 2 Bi
pa aware, in the Arniy, from which He |ahe Pongas Misen, waa the preacher at | cance Veleg diarrbira sl 25, mareamus a. per day, ° te ”

was Aftervurds Hxpelled,

‘ _ | SEE PACE 7 FoR: .

The ADLER hes been ridilon before in Trinidad by Mfr Catl Von Our Hditorial on.“ The Post
Albrecht, clampion’ of the West Indies avd bas sustained 2 namo tf Government” Botanist in

All Baints, Church on @unday evening Hioltary sunny Jor Tebroary~ five
There was & Jarge-~congrecation, Inthe | canea of Typhoid tever from Tagerete Roal
course of hiq addrean, the Nev. gentleman | Kubert Street, Cadiz Road, Feedericke
made strong appeal to his hearers to re | Street, and Abercromby Street were re-
memter their brothers in Africa, wha were | ported... The premines were invprcted ant
not sa privileged as themselves and also | distnfected ard (he asasd precautionary

Owieg to {te avprecented success, many other combing
Hons of Molasses and otbet materisla have tees plioed
upon the Merbet, some of them with almllar vanerall of

which, however, ars singly sxgar Foods, and to which
same objection applies as to ordinary Mosaesce. ‘

unequalled Jy any other machine, it being the fastest and strongest, Jeneraram, and To~lays . -
® Unly a Jow ‘left. trou this shipment. Call carly, or you Will be Appeal Court. of Triulded hast your ee the axing for | ae ee ee ee reeset Aten e2iglannine Diont ts the onsy
Veh out, ~ a a | Vropagation of the (ioupel 1 That no diocese | Tha romber of retail shops inspected was Coa that han any unique

famed. distinot Lenutures,
Fecres of its succove io ite wonderfut antiseptic properties ft

Itome of Nena can revolve on ita own ate, It was the
rachern strong conviction, that Afnieg

: of _ ~The Ton. tha Sargerm 0 t . | ia Lound ta be a great nation, rennndin:
G ER O i. D & S Ra H tC. 3 veated by indispée'tion, frou presided as bis bearers of thet pananye : “Many shail

the meeting of the Boafd of Mealth Yenter. | come from the east and frou the west and

Tha water sappty in Tort of Spain and
Ban Fernendo was satisfactory io quality.

so LEO AGE NTS day, — rhall ait fo the kingdom of God.”
—— _— s
! We ere informed that Mr Just! ~1 A emerara Coftemporary says
68 South Quay. Cee eer ee settee Fee Teta ern yetvet | The Demerara Hospital Inquiry ; .
—flephone 5S. Trarqality, team of foothalere front the Clydes | The report of the Comatsslonere ay patot- rere

coe sleF O,, of Trinidad to visit Demerara i

The Dutch steamer * Atweteldem * Lav. | will leave the {sland for ible orlony by ed to loantra tute the admloistration of the
ing been relies ed of her cargo, was towed | the Tirect Line e'paqer * Statia” oo
ty the tng Blith” to Cbaenaremes March 13, aod will, in ofl probublinty, end | sayy”

ay yovterdsy mornlog, and docked. Meee cere te Meee Our recommendations ares

Wa are informed that Mr. ¥ Margaes | dey following or oa the 17, Whether the Ist, ~Thatthe Jetrine dnd bath arrange:
ond Mr, dydrey bmith have been aj point. { mstch will he agalnat the (i ¥.0 or not | men’s thould be altered as som as the
ed on fu eee to award the prisa to be given | haa not yet been settled. The local men | tooney orn be proved.
by Meoara Wilson, Limited, for the best | continue still te practice ja preparation for | ond —Thit there should te & resident
dieaved bend in the Carnival now colog on, | the Trintdediags, avd some of the players | ari it of aix Modacal Ofticers, exclodiog tha

-_— >” [bre getting foto rere form. The lestpra | Yeaident Sorgeon, hone of whont shonld be

The telowlne, pessenvere are booked to i 2 Remve peru a heeearch ie prmeaeree t henaway ty act Inotber appolal mente,
eall by the * . * to: ‘6 el ws aan 7
For (ton -—MrR A Gade (Commercial atier ao interesting came, io which rowe aeons sea theait be employ an
traveler) and Mr, Tong Loy, Lor | protty and desperate foothell was witness rr he laun try of th pas be
Jamatea=Me lt A. Barelsy, ed, Wended ina draw, Another practices | 4 h.—That the an the harses
ow one mateh will be arranged for (o morrow af. | provided for by the Ine'itation as well se
Kade ary len nthe tan [eas a8" ply fin Soin of | mannan he bby Bee
rele ihe $ i aft fee promiuent fortosllere, ie ptsin
montha’ caplivity, aall, alter he tea taken pot Vvioo-Captatn Of G.F.C. aus abe Cap» | "het extended to the niglt atail }


Publis I{rsottel. Georgetown, hie been
patlished. The followlog f5 tha rocapiiyta-





A Gargo of Spccially Sel



All 12 inches wide Nough and Dressod in longit s of 12





‘ hart test to Rybe in of the Artillery F.Q, iderl SheThat the ameunt pub down fee .
t J resume hie sitleeeae entcael of the bode tbesetection of metmblncd (eam, [etothine, ew be incceaned by $3220, wa ALEOmee ‘
0 f ST PRICES IN TOWN guetds cf Bullen Abdel Ante, (ede Appendie D3) sat EX SCHONER ROSIGNOL’ FROM NOVA SCOTIA—A G
" 2 P| Eh Rongt sat ame Tanne ay The Carnival, | tafe ited ie remtos Paes | OF VERY CHEAP "
. . wrhados josterday wiih the ~— (breagbout the hospital, . : -
Bm : . . f Mowog pascenze a fa Traded eM Tha Cirnival of 1008 comme: lh as P
N.B.—Special Quotations for Qualities. Pantin, Str ut Sire Petey, Mire Pacts | the break cf av6u Senterdey tadasunal pout mortem pork suewld gett entra pan Wh ite ime, S pru

ard, Colona Col (igs, 11, Gomez and Mr, | wee the ocoulin af great excitement B.b~That soma provision be made
throaghour the hot aud dasty dey, The feotating lunatics sbdoitere poder cbeoreas

on} Mis, Roberteou, rete stat oer.

sie ot dey’s extilition w ee to
The Dutch’ steamer “Prine Wilfear wopringaecy oo any ot “its pedrceso’s, ‘“ awey oe ordinary patients.

IV “arrived yeterday worning from | acd bus for a few ar proeisbleand attraciive th ~That the former pamber of bed.

Veraerara with #0 lime giorral sage rand rep eenvatls blot plend, end ia bell gS. weed ce fon znd behearlout aboutd
en te hr x! linn ET ul eumber

Heute, ie N. ce vyak ate uk feurgalGoant tenacless roetomen, the | Whole stot to compete fyrihem, ~

Varp and Mr, H. Faoteia, fete from a pictarenque point ut view wae 10 b.~That the Resident Sargeon
We ae oe as low walpr-oruk, Amonges the few f should be empowered to dispemes vith the

wederstaud thet oll reer ovary oltractive foataces, bes! (es tbe confeftiand | services of Ody servant who be considers

corm 5 ‘ receatlons woe tak ith o vie serpentine, the cern: Meo, Grell, ft, nabj
SULPHATE OF COPPER, ae Sasa Relea Seis siniatc! | We Offer the above as usual Che
, : % :
and to thee ciresmmsrees the reoekt weut je well as the verrosontetia af iith ‘Thar the whole cf the Fine Food

re treme {0 pein enemermeemen
made by Commander the Hon, Coomte af | ludia” with [sjab aud sabjects, The | La distributed anonally among thora rer . f
the teeing of the Board of ileates seer device was Vesentstignt ° ne Tanjer Who discharge thele dgties antiefec. J CG Ni =W BO L. D & ul
JUST RECEIVED! tardsy are very mach to be regretted, peose by ladies and gentleven of Slaotee . | rly - . .
7 . —om yet, putielpet'ng that psites wogld bave te That, J ousitio, ihe tervines of
Shortly efter her arrival from Dewerara | teen fortocoming at the Oval ae previously | Mise Cowle shoald be retained by tbe (ior.

HIPMENT OF 98 99 PER CE a Katuntay leet the CME, Dahome © | ongested, bat which, however, fell throvya | srament for @ farther perlod af three yeers.
. N ae | was on rr | with 303 tougofcoalby the | fur waot of searpork As regards Weel brie,
: . Titolded Coal ne 4 . Ube “De. ihe general bebsrivar fh 3 oo r00 cue to bring te Your Exosilen
be tomrany. ay ne ne hom tla yllea Sune tik ey'e notice theratisfactory csabaerin which

7” bome * proceed: \ Me. Catplel! b
oy Ferneods, where she took loa of | wes No sertona’ ofences we & Pp’ 69 performed the datles of
HOR, SAT J. tone of anger far the Canadian ‘wer | commited @ faut which ‘le principally | Seelary and shorthand wiler,
c . + | Ber, tetaraing to urs of bpale yeateidey | due tothe very tactfal mauner ia wht

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| 1 Marquise RING with 9 Diamam
14 )CORING , 13 Diams

OTS-TO SUIT PURCHASERS AT 8CENTS Pa LBI Le"vislerveg tree arteclar'dapm | 7 /
L “ R (a the apy lication of Ramkalewan ope. | mlopling aa it wore the weil ef seclding Tho Very thin r Your @
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be age ni: Hwee wee “reg rade, indies, spervenia room do
1 regret Jearnt Thal the state Lew rental le oppruesd Tecaal, Apoly ta ,
nm Broetloncy's health bad compalted him to] M. Rasdir, Saws Crazee tod, Acton,


farther advil ¢ la Bagland, 36 Ut arivice biregs— Le, . Ne. 14 ST VINCE
ett keaw ondrewes relvesance | Wass Trane nanny ‘ ft tga! . NORR Joservet
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SADDLES nein ae ie Atel e , . wean che
“ Yencement an of Lhe Codony, we APT ERE , ‘ ‘ seat Jotenseb
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Fe ORDINARY SHALE ther al Uowed that the Tiree ot the Hand bet . tahe' } Teryna uf 5
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| SEMI MILITARY, REMOVABLE PANEL —_| hlsleewefely eetoiser per wegens (fettonne Ne cect ERs YOU'RE | ue “| ae
EXERCISING. vs “| Sarery wontd'be rap ad o-vegh oo the)” boemetewneereeeren ree Nor 78k Fiacet a
: en OLO, : . Js rebare to the eelony would be sesured. ‘ OLD VAT eby, len,
\ . ? DONKEY,. e ‘oe 2. ; WARS es lb Eat, ae eted r Cons| Hees Wanted, AS GUPPLIED To THE HOVee OF COMMONS, . 0 Breedsra and j
a! atid” LADIES SADDLES. ta, din tataareneay (eoeeey cuore and q . . class
¢ ie A ES IAT EY SE MB — Drown ‘& Black, ae aa FF totammace we
R ‘ . GENERAL GIPRIANT GASTRO Pau ” . 4 of raare ved and
° PONY, RFATAURATOR. orient vey Ex 8, 36: GANGES. Bole Agent. . “The bese ree .
_ BUGGY; DRNTE OOWITUTION AL DE LAREPUBLICA. ee . BUGO HOFFMANN—§4 St. Vincent Whirt commaletg sith me o
CARRIAGE, Ea nso datas atribaclones ¢ — TS | wWootbrocke “ARTE ig
c etas atribuctones de que etoy Sh 50 BAGS RICE. Dot
BREASTSTRAPS, tate 19 iy conte etal te ete IN THE TREATMENT OF Fav a
calo 16 Que al ser a. 08 i 7
BRIDLES.. Na cae dt eee ml” TST Shas agi | Asmat, Roms Bev ater eam carmen [AEE ED nr nly
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a ei saci ante nai ——t Aneel. "The Physidan of many Yers’ Experience Divers els i
’ oN . run A ix Jamsmedinte results, ale vested in Feargug
: HEAD COLLARS. ns “ee Srnpetmnie dal fpar donde beac at THE TRINIOAD SHIPPING AND fee na heed tint poate vee ba lvordered functions, ike | fagse ander acd by vig
* “1 al * ¥ no docnmentos proveniente! ae
Pl - , MARTINGALES, isangcitden decaate, ogowina| TRADING C0, LUD. SERRAVALLO’S TONIC. = [acti ct
& STIRRUP LEATHERS, pulantes ning ‘ loa individuos gue 0 NOT ICE TRY IT, AND PROVE ee FACTS loule trom Frangole agonal t Res
4 . ncrediten como ta tee enol donmmente ind s This Preparation may be obtained at all Drng Stores, ri be Pat ap for sae


Mert No, 12, Bt. Vinowg

poTasus sequierres feats aia at

town of Port-of Speia,
TERS acd Exporters are res 41, PARK STREET. on Taeeday, the 0th 4
Ses narerpecte do arureat | T goes tone ter ceenet ne “TRINIDAD | ire tina
+ -CURRY COMBS, . fatahrg rely conforme & documentos | {a tho Customs form, and have thelt TRINIDAD. t Tiloldad acd | SALE FOR TAURSDAY THE sr DAY | land aed oreon pete -s
MANE OoMBS, logalmente vutfclentes aparearan como de gates jpileee accordingly from st} to the Supreme Curt ‘OF MARCEL 1908, Werd of Montesrrat
+ tvloio permanente a MATE) e ow Tilatdad, Ki
. . BRUSHES, hrtlents Qo Que lov Coaeukis de la The To the matter of the state ot ee at | POUBLICNOTICE is hereby given thas and thirty bios perch ,
. * WHIPS, LAMPS, ies te 5 engan de antorizar. 4 Joe Spsclmens tf {hese Forms faopreGrands— Decested. P in exercise $f the Power of Sale con-} the North wpen tand
‘ BITS, STRRUPS, SPURS rude, roles ru} mmenta'ion que po estén oa ‘ aogr — ferred on Mortgages by the Conveyancing | the Crown, on the Soy
be ' ’ ° lento oe b ie Han 7) soaos ’ UBLIC NOTICE be herety giveo that | aod Lew of Property Ordioance No. 72 aad [ Izuacio Hoepedales anda
E perfedta finer ards Tn ruatchecla del bree bare beeo distributed “amongst the Pp application bay been made to me by | contained in wesrtain deed cf Mortgage [ or formerly of tha
a. . nalvo en aquelian alteraciones gue en ‘ellos inting establishments ia Port-of- Neeewilah of Bargre Grande in the istaod | besring date tha binetcenth dey of March | spon land now of fer

| . x id epon the West mpag
i facre menesterintrodaciré canna desepara. | P#2 - of Tridided, clerk, for a graos of Pro- | OneThousand Nice Huvdred and Seven and | an
Tho Value ig uncomparable at MILLERS. elén temporal 6 ateoluta del vinta R H. McOARTHY, bate of the tees will and sTontament Pes yegiatored aie: 2 of the Protocol Lo Area ea aoe land
they specially invite comparigon, confident that the result tripalante absteniéndose por Jo tanto de ~ ‘ . log dete the 16th dey of May eods th dey


. ~ Gonodr fate of Sangre | Fravels Jatics of the one part and Armand j
* gannat fell to epnvince you thac tor PRICE, and|“ymeymeamemmiarant a, Coeser | Grate Vga Cea be se | yl eae futher be oe
y QUALITY they are absolutely uncqualled, ay prieuee any eoand apareseen ore Customs Hoare, Bano Oa ae ie ot bis, dents a | nodersiged a4 thelr Auction. Mart Na M4 TRINIDAD. vita
neem enpeeteaerNrar Are rreSeeTS Rain, bode fa the aald Village o: 0 cet Port nf-Spain on There: | Io preroe Court
; hellored by the Authority 12 they got the» the proportion of the salary to be pald Fanaa Cente ea epulaciin del be jas 20th Februsry, 1908, Beene coal Sn the oad jeland of | dey the Sth dey of March 3008, between N Summary Jurlscietio
P Council e approval of the amendwent, tore Y when the Governor was ater on leave. | Antoridades Venezolanast Trinidad the esld Naseulleh being the | the hours of lend 2 p.m ' lov 613 Of sge7, be
people weal fla theecheme ufd,the reve: » There was no addl fon to the aslary in Say | Atticlo do Tos buqnes que prenentarea Executor = named fa the said will All that yicce or pata t ef land situate Jesehn aereal
Bie would be thereby improved, He boped | way, and therefore it Involved Ho addi: | gt tiempo de Ja vinita roles que no sean loa | TRINIDAD ‘Aod notice ic also givea that if 0 jo the town of PurtcfSpsia formerly PI ou
the Council wonld siynify ile approval by | tlonal expenditure, Formerly the ataif of | de} lager dean ma'ticula dain las condi: | To the Supreme Court of Trinkdad and | cpveat Sslodged before the expiration of, firming pert of lob No S of Albon Charles Barromes 2%
Yoting for the muntion, the Governor was ped by the colony, tt | clones eatablicidas por el presente Decreto, Tobago, 24 daye from the date of the publication of] etreet bot row tenumbered aod known oe
‘be © lonial - ecretary seconded and the | would now be paid by the Corernor, twat paragén uoa multa de doa mil tolivares | In the matter of the estate of Kenrick y

his potice the Court will proceed to {esue}as lob No. 3 of Albion street and eate aad

fb — Wotlon was adoptet, a thew hole {t was quite # non controver: | Gon destino al Erario Nacional : Monroe late of Belmont Town of Port> | probate of the sald will, abatting on the Noth en Albion etree


‘ \. of-Spain— Deceased... oa the South on lot No, #2 vf Pitst East UBLIC NOTICE & &
‘The Pictestor of Immigranta moved that | ‘The Saheitor-Ceneral neoondod, and the white fo Th Breee caer tomer Pe —— Dated this Rit ex reo 1008, aticet dow Dundonald atreet on the Fast P suast to oT; ICE i J
With reference tothe lists of applications | ordinance passed throngh the remaioing | dos desde hoy y los Cénsules de Venezuela PUslicrortics je hereby given thes (Sgd) T, Registrar. | #9 Jot No. tof Albion strees now in the! ice Swag made fo ths a
for immigrants to arrive from India during } eteges and Teoetoe lave. tan luepo lo reciban procederda & fJstlo en application bas been mate to me by Occupation of Ann Cumming on the Ween | aah day of November 199
the coming season, which were Inidon the GOVERNMENT LOANS

table on the 17th Felruary, 3908, (Coancil

a ,
Vie M and Francois Monroe of . AGO, onthe remaining portion of the sald lot No. | His Hoocur the acts,
The Auditor General moved the second Tagay visiblede wu oficina & fin de quote Tre Monroe rancols TRINIDAD AND TOB.
1 Paper No, 20 of 1008) thet oanoil approves | reads

1 Belmont {3 the town ef Port-cf Bpain F ‘Court. 5 of Albion atreet but sow known as No. | berela om the grd day off
az of the ordinance to declare the tmpo ‘ pon dee | Jos Intereand de Hacienda y | Peoptietory for a grant of Probate athe gee Opiate Port of Spela. Sand belongiog to W, Uordon Gordon,

will be put up for sale b
House in the tow:
«the Jotroduetion of 2,400, The total aum: | termsand conditions applicalle to loans} Cred cagrad lest Witland Testament dated the l6rh tba matter of tbe ectate of Massa McLean | Dated this 23rd day of January 1908
° ber len rents applied for war 3234, | authorized to be raleed iP ihe Government eiecucibn de cute Dicret ode Te dsy of Juse 1906 of the above named ke late of Free Port Vu'sge Io the Ward of F J,tCOTT &GON Sereda the aot ig
of which 2,277 were Terengar, 926 for cocoa | uf Trinklad and Tobapey and to provide jada, irmade, pellado con el Rello del | Keorick Monroe late of Belmont Towns of Chaguanas la the Is'and of ‘Trinida Govt. Auctionsers, All the one und) ‘a
and 43 for'cona net plantatlona, On the | for the creation of dad inscribed | Fjecatiso Federal rel-endadd por el ] Poiteof-fpain in Island of Trinidad De Proprietor-—Deceased, TS the defeadants Charles B
Gatimates 2,400 were provited fur, and }atuck The ordinance he, nald, re-enacted | x nlutro-detfaciends : Crédito Publico, } ceased who died at Belmont aforesaid op SL heety gives tbat} SALE FOR WEDNESDAY, ert ip all aod slngutet ton:
that number was also bed on the | the oxi ting ous for the purpose of eecar- | ert Caracas, & 19 de ferero de 1008,— | Ibe 2ad day ef October 1907 having at the pusuic NOTICE, ie erety s me by MARCH 1903. of land sitrase in the Ya
Awount of ex pork tax, and was the num | ing aniiormity in that lus of ordinances | Ata G7 2 de la Independencia y 49° dela | tlhe of bie dealb a Sued plate of abode ia aeeecatice bas eee re tillage fe tbe —— the seid (sland calkd 4
Eat authonts = 10 La introduced by the Later on bs proposed oe move an ament. Federncién. {hewwald Town, of Port Foaia Ja he Ward cf Chaguaces tu tbe Island of Teo UB: OTICE te béreby given that Pring 3s acres 3 per fr
ret. oa ale, ah ior fhe pw ‘@ of enablin; 6 bink- . ‘aforees: @ GA! Ww a
* sine Fenwick in veoondlog sald that with [ ing fund to leate higher rate than one (hse. i of 7 t Prepretor fcr g grant of Probete of the in exercive of the Power of Sale con.

regard tothe number of immigrants pro-
od tobe Introduced that year, some
fears bad been axpromed by employers of

yer cent should it Le desirable at avy tine
hat the rate should be increased

Cipmiano Casta, | Pierre Monroe and Francols Monroe beiog ° bearing date the seib day of April 2907 of tbe | tained in a certain decd pf mortgage dated Partlyacon laods of the
Refrendada red
‘The Receiver General seconded and the

the Execators named in the said Wilt, 1d Marsa McLean lace of the Ward of Chagas: | the 12th April 3903 and registered as No, iron on the South wi
Fl MMinuwtro de Maciends y Crédito | And notice ts also hereby given that if pes, Deceand who died on thergth da of Api 215 ot iods and made beiween Thotoss eat rea at

lan on the
ablice, . bo Caveat ie lodged before the expiratios 1907 baviog at tbe time of bis death « Gised | and Poul La Fortuna cf'the ore part and asd ale ail and sie, a
Tabour, that the contemplated extension | ordinance haying been read a second t me, S { twenty eight days from the date of the! place of abode at Free Pert Villege within the Joha Blai t t.4 ru oe
a railways, was ltkely To baune Kreat acar. | was conmmitteed, ben the amendment Gasp ARVALDO MORALEC pablioat 2 Of thie notice the Court will Ward of Chaguanas, the 1214 Willian: Rainey, | 2980 Blair of the other yart, (hare will be | parcel of land liuate

tity inthe nearfutare, and it had Leen | suggested by the mover was adopted The

i 1h being the sole executor named ja tbe said Will, | P&t Op forsale by Puttio auction by the} compritog es.acres a0
voted that the current applicationa from | ordionncé was then road «@ third time and su Court. Prieto (ais ‘Sih day Febraate 19080 with ‘Atd potice ia also given tbat if po Caveat iy Be iraigecd at their Anction Mart No. 12 Yeon Segoe leeds 9 ibe
the various employers had been cohsider- | pasvod = Preme our (ad), 2. A. THOMYSON, lodged before | ib grpiration of tweoty eet Spain ‘ou Weduceéay. the fourth dey “at Crown lacds ond cpay
ably larger than thowe of last year, Jt was LOAN FOR PUBLIC WoRKS, Before the Acting Chief Juctke the Ion. Regvstrar poree the Court will preceed to Issue Probate to | March 1008 between tha hcure of one and | Lucieo Dias, a

+ alsoln contemplation amongst many flee u The Auditor | yieneral in moving Edgar Agostin’ K.0, the said Witham Raney sccordigly, two p.m. Dated this 1b da: os f

x tera, to move asthe direction of oftaloin, r bacon t in, an © iY — of February 1908, ° N

te saprt rials year, tat he thooght ance to make provision for tablng e Monda Dated the ugth Hay 0 SOMESON, rate Three following, rercela of land ;

“dae prota batt ft would take reveral | loan for the construction of certain public THE DEATHUOF MRS RUESELL, 3} aRINIDAD, Registrar, Vard Union the first theres! oontelo a
4 months te complele the surveys and other | works, eald the Ordinance repealed ordin. The Acting Chief adtweYaldresning the} 1) the Supreme Court of Trinidad and 20 scree 2 rooda ard 6 perches abalting os
Va relininary arrangeinents, od shat there | aloe 18 of 1907, anil pratically the reea cting Attorney General) gard Pane Tobego. the North upon lands of D Lapiiste and «
k re not Tibety to any various dietary famel followed frum the Ordinance just sitting to ay mn place of Mr. Justice | oy ante Matter of ua TRINIDAD, trace 60 feet wide oa the Bouth acd Fast | TRINIDAD
nee ba @ tabour twarket during the nee eds. eo Estate ih ara! raj eome- . ¥ ”
‘ genly rear bl he eau therefore onde Revetrer Lienoral pecondal, and the est a I announced last W ‘et: ines Pampa darat Maherej | SALE KOR MONDAY, THE 30m DAY , on Crown Iand and onthe West op «| SALE FOR WED.

quarry teeerva and Koad. The seoont DAY OF

“puazic NOTICE
tn exercise of ¢
piled in seertalo de
the 26h day of Fi
sistered Ja the o
Gevesel as No 415 9G
between Charlee Boregame

> SRCH, 1908,
unable to be here by region cf itluess at tate of Tonapane ia the Ward of Taca OF M —- coutalniog tea acres atotting on the North
hin bome, Thitle dreamt that he was to iigua— Deceased. pusLto NOTICE {e hereby given that

hi wie ; ; : a Crown land and lands of Jaa it BI,
ve rer . — > .
@ rereived the aryall ing shock he re: pustraxorice ia hereby given that in exorcise of the Power of Salo con

ved yeutedeee i hoe ° fe peer ca the South aod West os Crown
ceive aionay in the ty i sotlorel appiication haa been made tq, me by tained in a édertaln deod of mortgace bear. ja aud on the East on fsads uf La For:

ing date the 1lth day of Joly, 3905, and | tune ard W, Rives. ‘The Third costalaing

Qa teaof Tunspuna in the Ward of

deep runainy with the lected” eager | Teceryun foe fend of rladad fra | tegutered na No 1037 fer the year 1s, | Paces Tvoods "eed BH orcber stating

ble ailletion My Urother Jadye ee Grant of Probate of the Wl bearing date the one pare ad Benoy George of the |] on the South oo lands of Joveph isceta

deaf mel sels Brn neh aur cate of este [aarp ke ta api by | Se ato edt Meg Wiha ee

ee, oe her wing fnzeset, ‘ res re Me late of Tuospnne sforeesid Pablic Auctlun, by the undersigned, at e oa oo ands of J N. Le Morelle to-

Preach af sympathy Wee ett °F | Gecensed who died On the ith day ef theis Avotion Mart, Corner of Et Vincent | elber with ihe sppuitecaaces terete be-

twore than fa the enwes to he towrd this Getober 1907 ae Tunepane setyngat the of bpaio, on Mondsy, the 30 dey of | Voted the seronth day of Febrasry 1008
‘She Hon A. Warner, K.C (Acting | Tuospace ia the aid Waid of Tacaigus March 1 between the hours of one Mode ‘Gove Auctioneers

Attorney General) replied to the following | atoresald the sald Gorjeatea being the acle ‘All ned ingnlar that certain pareel of on

effect. Tam ureT but express the Teel” krecutriz pamed la the said Wi lend ait te A the Ward of Toco, in the

Ings of the Dar wien I assy that we ong | And notice te alao given thatif bo caveat Istand wn Trield a ritog $0 acres |BALE For WEDNETDAY TOE éTH

and all feel with extreme regret the Mow | fy lotged teforetbe expiretian cf twenty - I sailed * Pore Mane Coulbie * DAY OF MARCH i ‘

which bas hefalien Sir, Jasues Knsve!], | eight dsys from the date of the pubtication sad abeitiogse the North, East and West Mal 1908.

Ha has been here only a short time and | ol thie cotice the Court will -proceed to UBLIC NOTICE is borchy given that

pon lands sow or formerly of the Crown,
de almoet a stronger amongst us but we {lawe Probate of the aald will acoord. | 2PO8 1 A
have learned to typert ata’ iin amt we and oa the South wpon lands of ove Robers 8 exercise of the Power of Neale con-

all protabutity suitics forthe wante of eu
players, until next season dint when the
dunetraction of rallway extensions teal
tonmenced, he quite agreed with thoe
‘ho had expresed feare on the subject
that thers would ba a sareity of labour,
if no otepa were taken by the Government
* toodteina larger nunber He wae not
Proposing that the Gosesnment should
enter into any achemea of Imolgration, but
» he thrught a erent deal might be done by
Pe fally advertising In. the’ whole Wee
Andion the fact thatfralluay cunstraction
would be shortly oummenced in the ent uy
> Buch*not co he waa sure would be availed
of ly the many colonies, and the thousanita
of labourers who would not perhopa arok
einploy ment in thea Canal Zone ar other
Femoter places, Once it was fully Lnown,
that lebour of a certain destrigtion was
ulred and that taaé lavour would te
ifor at a ceitain sates, be felt eure

and pasecd,


Mis Excellency adreming the Council
sald that that couctuded their business and
be had to releana the Coaneil ecrher than
be had snllcipated. Indolng 20 he whe
sorry to say thet Le would not have the
privilege to be with Chev for some time to
qome During the past year, it bad Leen
aw very great disappulntuient to him tohave
had for a short time to ley down the work
to which he bad given morethan waslo bia
(aLetber at wae Hor had) and when he
returned Le had huped tohare continued
the rest uf that work, Lut if bad been
o dered otherwise and he was compelled
fo gghume by the next mail, bat was
very glad to Know that the publie Interest
Boukd woh sufier in bie abeence, In the
shut bewdon which was held, they had

¢ through aw amount of wiak which he

acction M.rt, Co
Sackville atreete i
Rpain, on Weds
bierel: 1904, Loleces

7A ad Sige I ie
roel of land sll osteay
faraval fo ihe t¢ 7
abutting en the Nor ¥
¢ o
of the Helis of Marte


logly, jerred on Mf the Eeat npoo the Pag
bat volantary Irumigration would fully | foped wuld Le of lastieg kee b bh day of February 1905 one sree oetgeRees by the Conveyance’! Wee apen the
is benefit tothe [sympathies with him daimendely in his ated this Ob day . i dl Ww pt
ii ict alle suet, ste | Merk eka sna or tear) grat rete” Waar auth i BA, THOMSON: | Dated ein sek dey strat oe | ee nenes Na ia aod contained fe | wit unearned
ent ti . ur His Isle fe _
7 agaunet the tnotion, but did not think neat ucheine ua & ich ha ted sry sauch set with wach a terrible low anthe one. which Avetioneers. a os SPE IONS, Meglatered as No. ten woe
jr enecommary to fo tuto the reawne for b hie heart, had not Loendelayed on hispart | las befallen him, een Cayetano Babero


doing 00, a8 he very frequently laid *

hia Nine com the, qnotions Tstor the | sce ty vry*cartaloneaee one ees
Council. Thereof a had te id mind to ! pacese, It was ble mong at g the
'- «content binnelt with plaply revording his | ie wight be spared to resuine bic duties


TRINIDAD, Tethe Court.
In the Bepreme Coutt of Tricidad and The Regutr rat Portal Spay
3 is

of the ots 4 and Jovey bine Skerritt
the other ae which vad Powee of Bale tg
now vested jn Sawel! Foster Willams the
pyty.ner entitled tathe Mortgege secant:

Allard v Tom Chun March 2%,
Vip ¥ Atilo + March 25 and 21,
Archibald + ILMB I Co. March 2



Tobsgo. tas of deed of Sob canty | TRINIDAD, a
Kmonjat a l@ who treat Smith v Cowl =3! . The Fatate of Anne Leutes follibola tate of mortgage det :
The motion was then adopted with Me. | witht crenteet osenttie geaere ty UT | Rewpouy Valentines Beck ho. noemery Jeradlollon, Pars of Brale, * Radisin the Word of Blayoro, ie the iiaad the aes day of December 1908 TReglater- S4LE FOR ay
k David dlwent ei ron's OfDINAKCE. fr whos te aa hte Sroatest desire to do Delinas ¥ Atrindell os another, Mareh 16, Between Of Trinidsd, single woman,—Deceased, Petwoca ove watt 27 tt aed made '
‘ : is utmost, es is!
cots Attorney Ap sabato of the fche return tolalwurt atheros Frewott " ‘Adwinieteatoe General— Manne~Plaintla UBLIC NOTICE is bereby rivee that ape eee ay tod ewell Foster Willies of UBLIO NOTICE ;
ernel, as a1 Char a! O
4 of the cevund reading of an, ordinance to es oe cates the wt et sone, aft Horch 2 ¥ Commercial L I Mogarslog, Kyrates, Gofory Lallee and | Casetie, of tbe Town of Arian, in the lsiacd of | Sale by Pa lig Asetion by the cndere goed talned fo acertala D
' aiend the law relating to Bolicitors, colony thear hear.) ‘Ve ald nos think surance Company Lid —Slareh a * Ovkool—Defeadante, ded tee ap ee ee b woot oe ‘Acta bent F Asctlog Mart Ne. 12 bts Vincest the Ae isa
. r. ” a
t FSTATE DUTIES, Ihre wae austhing farther which hecould | bbudalocus y Dukes A day to be puptto NOTICE te boreby given that | Louse fotiindu Lie ol Racin irene Ward ar Tolecd’on weer ot horget Spain ba thie | Charice Pioon of tbe ea
kL. Anordinance providing forthe collee | tell thou, as they werp all aware he had | Sacd before Mr. Justice Hussell, by an order of iis Honour Mr. Justice | Mayaro alccesald decaused who died 0 tbe 9th 1908, between th LZ i jay of March etts Hinde of tke othatj
» Seetionof certain Estate dotios was held aways eudoaron: to keep the Council ———— == Ruvell made berets on ibe 9b dey of | day of April 1907 baving at ihe me of bor death pm ait ie a aie of one and two Mortgege security be
Peres, analting she reiit of the Belart | well Informed with whateves the Govera- Around the Stores. Janeary 19C@, there wilt be put wp for sale | @ Sxed place of atode ai Radix within the Ward memuages tbeeece teat ts be with the | yore by fl
>» Commitice to whoa jt wan previowly meat At dolng, Hey had noticed the pans before the doors of the Court House ta the | % Mayaro, the said Charles Cadette being the Port-of Spain te inate, at @ town Off Gated The 1fth day of Mi
2 péferred. west, jay in the pallic thatthe pom { Ketth Bron & Ca have ast tecelved { Town of lort-of Rpainy on Thureday the tole executor in Abe aaid will sutationed. a 3 Beason bene is sie j known as No, tered as No 3322 of Wt
t WILD AEDS OUDINANCES, + rae ¢apressed Tint he could have f asojher shipmend of sayiah ead cheap | )2th day of March 190s, between the hours | 5.5 ed talore vay oan i Y bo cave » | otthe ena peingt ! ra portlaa pee ton cule by F 2
i teu ‘te. 0 eet “Unlinaiee Ne 1 he “realy “St pag tes eee Nn American baggies, of b aed 3 pon. days from toe duit of tbe pubheation of thre | Division B* of leads Loowo on™ Greed undersigned ab thelr #7
jah bh
i. an, Le having foal tlt Mr. boule s have done” ta They knew very | Wilson's Centre wares wre veiling rewark- wit that stlece of Jand lt uate ie the notice 04 the Count ea proceed $0 issue procate ta puidia’ aopasaring 20 feab oa Reseda Street of Be Vincent at ion
E oyster a ete ene an gly with mt « nn mabers Mood, As be | elle ralce tn teduecd tilots at de. aca Gs, | prising ols ecres be tbe same little more} Liuted the 7th day of February 4 0 1908, ‘by 100 Tectia Gepleanty gt King Btrest Mafeh 1908 Letwces
dies Cunanne Ser xerwringly ad feta tutored, we? une vitae Sradeerieg ha mgs mH eBreat ol portualry | OF lee delinested ard tees Go ae ath MESON North ppoe tandehernes Pkaowtes Noy | 2 hott tar
a mMeeri¢g o bargain am andaries rect abewa “io _ getraz, ead J¢ iston “BS ‘Alt’ aod Singuler
f eee ie cecal ntalecd Sith Prepeet tothe Agricaltaral Departinent ~~ — duagrate attached to the Crown Graat to aa ae vision "15 of the ald Lands bub ;
b penta theomedive of roi | that het hen poston vant foareel | ihe, ALA etre Geng Lovked, by | the ators reed Haine and euler fa WIFE NOTICE. fen“ dhe’Boath forse ftilel Riven Lace |e o Tuco ooo
post pon * esate, Beith Lroe & Co for Swilt’s (occa Property giecer as x 3 Bice. a doco oa
oe, | t bev et teen | he did not knew anythi te : a ing treed but pow Pears
t te Oe deternine "ont e alters {| “hich he could inforse te riper oe Ferhlisers Je rot that ibe glentera sp- | Volume CLVE folio 241 sad brusded on I 2 btrcet on the

a lands formerly Ma
bab sow of Jean Hey

1b ve ‘* Jo
Graclen,’eo the East
ately of Deais @
vpoa lands of '
Dated thie Ob day Re


presiate s good thing wheacnce coavinccd | the North by lands of Fresenth 00 the HERERY antify the Public in gens.

ab opon lands formerly knows aa lob No.
of ta Gus value.

South by a Hoad 80 Hoke wid he Ks fal that L wii! not kold myself respon. | 5 9! Division 18" of ike eald lands but
SASS SSIS STORE, | ty ned tp bnberide nou ga thn West] Ul foreny det or detecdetruted ay | Bow emeaared ae Na east
Wangs Tomedistely. A” Cotholie | by Crowa Lant aud by lands petitioned [ wy wife Liza Daniel, she having telt Wee ene 7 ibert Bouiz snd on ibe
Meaduaster for the La Luse IC, fag by W oudhar, my beuswe aod protection stace 20th | me kyoeonas Tee Re Portion of the sane
Belo Cy 4 yeaa aad | aus tous ms Dated tbie rant gay os as Fiore December, LIT OAS DANI Dated thy sa dey oe Heseon ae
yo Lane ° ‘. e
Dohok, Shorvgn me yyy Beste, Deyaty Kegiios, PL. Vineoed Direct, Sane; pea, FL. _% + pork a ton,”

(dn peggeeted by Mi Sobeitor helliuot

The Atterpay General la mavieg the
vaccoml senting of an evinanee to
amend the Cortina Drdinanse De 164,
aakl it dealt wth Whe guy of the
fpalary of the Gaverues. aut oot wes ebeatly

fouving the administration of the govern:
woat ta the berg able handeof hls Louoar.
able (riend on his left (the Colualal becre
tary), who he knew, would carry lt ont
exactly on the hace Initiated by “bimealf,
He Legge! to thank thera for the bipeness
and aobtance whith they Vol ealentoed by



o wm ws .
"ory e * RT Eee Eee tape


seven Rape “ef te


__- BOATILD? ah, BeseeL,


ane Dg pam eeR Bs
' .
Donon Sune, Roos aa ie wt, gee acrobat
Baespoetedly oe meredeg aleer , ’ :
{hie peper bed owe bo prow aed perepera! rs AEL-P MM. |
T! 7 low of the geserel peblle were “ei Per mck ‘
Wiletewate | | Seckinine hte Popular.
elesale ted ‘ vie
e, eet Gerla rk Moot eat tee eee af z far. _.
. Ohob, aud the facerel on Seeday efteraceo a “ne ,
er aXDa= wae lareey and toflesptially atsended, the , a
Be Fotos Seen Sto |
, .
Retall] Dr Dickeee snd “Dr Ulete

General), and the certificate’ of


Gee! | Americanckady,


the grave, The bewers were s—Dir Jeatice | tories are not under oar control, aad

Swen, DrJ W, Eatin, the Hoa, H. A. | Progress as the population . Teeel M4
FOODSTUFFS Aleassr, KC, ite Lovie Aleton’ My i ver shown a eel tnereate, of e-a08 ter ee ae The tecreeead oo its é ‘y at docen’s Gt well, or fy bad
& Vicentint, ond Me HL Haveock, The] Which {6 more than balanced eta out pot fall, tonay great extent at When you weeen boot nr shos fat gwell, or is batty
of eyery coseription fi peiectpel wonrrerswere Mr Jastica Hae- Teast, on general revenee, aa the agiical- ohe att og end baninnay your teas lap ene over the
q Y act puon from rel And Mr ty ‘ Berkeley (8.5.P.) The i te tnd Rridges { turiete of the colony, to fer as they are “of a4 an mh fret oe ill shaped. «When “ went AD Amat
eral wow Bp t ‘ i ean Lady” Boot or Shor at ty: wlog owe!
all parts cf the world, aded if the sad news hed teen reve ts Tethe Baia "toed a | Save’ wonolectesty ft ee : Petine Tontent Shoe Aa Amarian

acquire eben wearing fi

generally known, but orf large comber | Shich had suffered from the lack of fands & gecerens ard tathe “BOOT of the HOUR*~ there ina big deaevé foe

wee were peat “u 6 shonee any required for thelr Proper rententers u public-spirited act, this” Duraile aod Stylish clase if feotrar just, fom. Only
reet test s ‘Oann oN i Cre * —~ i

pathy was expressed Ly porous of eoery Works ‘and. Roads and Bridges Extraor. whieh &: edict ote aber, Mab arg geetiog them ‘ “ ms :

> elastin the pity.: The late Mrv, | divary ‘mm bh
CEO, P,, ALSTON & CO!| | Rewsil who seme tere ‘wish ber hestacd | looked spon dean inetatment only. "Ware |

i. +
about evestern months oge, bed e) it ten thie as large it would aot be who contitoass ‘ re Nn
Sdentihed herself with loca? entiation and than coald be usefully int, and wontd teal ° a i ] lericd a
a upto ber death abe wae Secretary of the | even then be too ame 'To'thect the de the Deps: o - . ‘

Home | Industries Association, in which | Manda presented to the Government year | and I propose that the Director sball be
a a

t foterest, Khe bas left | Miter soar, It is impomible to receive the | ansisted hy a Moard of Agricuiture a . ,

‘ benides ter fe tand two cbidreo, one of | many deputations Toth wait upon the ated by the Governor en the Mew AMRRICAN LADY BHORS— With the famous Gibson The,
Shipping, whom ‘s only afew monthacld, Ste had } Governor, and to luten to thelr wante, fee of the Agrienttnre Bociety. =TDorabla, atylish, and well fished, fa Gua Metal and Bleck
Estat orked Ieeward to meeilog her Totber at wrthout feeling, in beaty armpathy with ' 26, Thie general ontline is afl ahas ara Vici= All size = 83,00,

a the next few weeke, nd without realizin hat the [ina poattion at mt to give of the
States AGENTS. means at proeent at the duporal of the | propaeed new Desartment, ao tiator the AMERICAN LADY ROOTS = daloty fToem well Bolabed
AND Government Js ineufficlent to provide for | purposes of the Eatimatea the Govermment heels , go'ea well newn and gparantecd to stand bard wearmJn
LEQISLATIVE COUNCIL, the reasonable requiremente’of ¢h: Paturatory, the Motantcal ttment Derby and Lace.. 83.69
Insurance = Especially is this the ease in a y mast appeat under their former legs, AMERICAN LADY SHOES ~—Jast the klnd that look excep:
8 IMPORTANT. MESSAGE FROM TILE | the present when the Uolony ta prospering | Lut a resolution will be pro to you tlooally well when syne taka s-walk around the pitch on Saoday
: GOVERNOR, «| and that all-n ise fndividaal, “tha man in | authorizing the Government to procesd sfterngans Laced, alcrly flatsbed in Ten ..€988 >
-—— ahe street,” pot snnaturally expecta (iat | with the reorganization, reappropriatin, Whrn you call ask for “Ac Ametican Lady" Shoe, and see that
UIs EXCKLLENCY's ENFORCED DEPARTING | the public exchequer will be overflowing, aa may be necossary the sume dow voted, you get one.
MARINE & FIRE —— AL auch times realdents in districts, ] lamp aum representing the masimant which
Ata meeting of the Legidative Coun | Sich need a liberal expenditure {3 { the Agriculturtate could fairly he aaked to emnataenlcearELEn °
ae gilbeld at noon yeetentay in the Couneit | provide, for Jong felt, wants, fomo for. | contribute will be inserted 14, the, Hall
eam tober under the presideucy o! a Ex. a in ¢ontidence a t thele | mates of Revenve under Palit ree
TABU ARO eellency Sir Honey Moors aackuon, | wishes are to be met, but in moat fostancee mnenteda-ald” and sou will be asked to MICHAEL P, MAl LLARD we THE BUSY CORNER
K.C.31.G , ahere were present, Hon, 8. W, | this fe rot posst ble, vote a aimilar amount, under the Dotaai- 3

Accepted at Lowest Knaggs (Colonial Secre‘ary), Hon. It. 8 | This {s doe in my oplnion to two ehelf | eal Department fowanda the cont of organt-
Rates, Aucher Warner K.C, {acting Altorney | causen, one that the crowth of the revenue | zation of the new Agricuitaral Depart. ¢ emeeermees trv
General) ion L, A. Wharton KU, acts [ hen not Kept pace wit that of the popala: | ment, J siifverely trust that the new
{ng (Solicitor General), Hon. R. (2. Bnshe | tlon, and with the needs of the rapidly ex ment will” rendee very va vable

(Auditor General), Hon Lieut,-Colonel f tending inhabited ares of cultivation, I | assistance in the protection and devel
G@ D.Mwain (Maepectur General of Con | have alrealy Pointed out thé weane of | ment ofthe Agricaltural interest of the
; 7 oT stabulary); Hon. A. G Mell (Durentor of } tneeting this will be nulmitted to you later | Cotony, aed wi'l work band in hand with
- Cc OMMENCING Public Worke)® Hon I, 1, Cla @ (Surgeon | fu the year, The second caure I inust [the Agricaltural Poclety the scoops of
Me Generel), Hon, W. HL. Coomba (Protector | gain point out, even af the rink of woarl; | whose usefalnesa ia capable of wide exten.
of Immigrazite), Hon Denis Slyre (Kece.e. | gos iteration, is the wrong systora under | sioncin many directions with proper expert

G 1p Hon H, it, McCarthy GMLG, | hich local taxation da paul nto general inte
Protec le eo u * revente, and Jocal needs are left” to be bares ‘March, 1908,

’ iS
Collector of Cuetomal, Hons, G. nd
Ca Nn enwick Cows Roberteon, Eagene satisfied with anch doles ascaa be spared At,
9 Cipriani, Coorge ical ilte, Samuel Hens | efter general requirements ate The Colonial Secretary laid on the tacle

. 8
demon, HEL. Thornton, CY Navid, { for, In the maorily of instances the re- j of revenue and etpenfitare :
; Carl deVerteull, W.G. kay anl Adam | queste put forward by the dintricts are ne fae band movel that the came be re "
: 5th MARCH, Smith, and Mr, Alfred Tarte (acting Clerk | such ascould have Leen met from local | ferred for the cousideratjon of the Finance
a of the Council). tunds, had Uhene been carefully husbanded | Commitiea He pave notice of a resoin a
and spent tothe bust advantage, Jo some ¢ . ®

THE GOVERNOR'S SEA IGE fon to be bronght forward at next meeting.
Mis Excellency delivered the folowing | casen it right be necessary to adda little eh a npeet to the “po-organization of the

to the loral rates, bat In questioning the icnltural Departmentitn the terns set . ‘
fsricn tural Departments just read Milkmaid—t Iba, and 4 lbs,

| SHOW FOR THE PEOPLE, colonic he Tegiatiee | Sever beard any obi ‘ia aud ba eve tothe Connell. 11¢ alsa laid on the table Nest! 1 Ib d $ Ib
,. * . 10 the wonne > Nesties =] 108, an Se

Council—I ans glad that the Estimates | ™ ver beard any objection 1
for 1908 9, which are laid on the Table to- ] topaying a litle more out of theirthem | the following doosmuentss Amended rules


Ex Recent Arrivals.

—AT— day, are bared on & wore satisfactory re | pockets, if only ¢hey could get their own | made by the Doard of Edocation toan
i . . view of the financial postion of tbe Cheay ing wants wipplien, indexed the prees- Trade by fntroluction of hygiene ad an Es TT "x \ E33 EV, — “Y, fh.
‘ “iars H al 1 i re di erick S t, iban it was powailile to present ta you last quently offer to contribute ty thy fre. optional subject in the ‘Elementary Teach: ‘ ’
eus? ’ * year, Itistrue that we have ‘not beea | VW hat they de object to, and with » cote | art ExaminatiGh Report of the Commie. SIAM RICE — B.C. , .
he rot ceases. | ds to make In them as hkeral provision is continuing to pay bonse and ln reason, | sion of Enquiry into the working of the 4 = ehage Hey -
hab vow want these ho av for Roads and Extraordinary Pablie Works | yest after sear, and seeing them ad taxes | Tolephond Hystema in the ‘colony, Addition. BEST FRENCIE PAPER - ww
aed a We should deal e, or ay (he rapid deretop: | el up in the general fund witha wallow. | al Rules made by the Chief Justice with .
~ nient of the Colony really demauda, bus | they consider a fair proportion rot what | the ooncerrence of the Yuisne Jadges of ~ALSO— ‘
UR COOLEST PLACE IN TOWN AND BER THE MAR | there seams every fiketshood, indeed almost to their district. etnroing | the Supreme Court, under the Judicature

& certainty, that workall be ableto submit 1% When I bad ihe honovr of address:

‘ irdinance 34 made by the Governor-ir- eo:
LLOUS MOUNTED, MERBY, MELODIOUS, to joa, at the Leglaning of the next Bee ting you at the opening of the Sewion fu | ExeentiveCounell authorizing the pay> , CUDAHY PACKING co. J et
sion, 0 Supplementary katimate for theee | December fat, {t seemed likely that & | ment of fees to medical ofbeere with re- - . aa
ie * serv which Will make up for the tem: [ schema forthe Letter provision for local | epect to lanacy.
\ t porary deficiency and willenable work t9 | peods, which for want of a better term I | The Recelver Generel alsa laid on the ta- ‘*
- d carried on at the moet favourable reason. | was forced Lo refer to as @ local Goren | bla report of the Kelect Comwmittes on the . °
a - ‘ .
4 . Y ——
pH it Ever bo e tent year wan £80,712, but the rie in | foruo very simple a measures would Le | of the moving of Its adoption at next meet
4 P ular Prices to Su y y price of cur mont Important staple product, snbmitted-to you be‘are the close of this f fog of Connell.
aes ond the conseqaent improvement in trades peslon. Iregret toaay that the detate PETITION. ition from

2 The estimated Revenue far the cur | ment acheme, ® far too ambitions a title | Halates’ Duties Ordinance, and gave notice
2 hase led to that octinate belog exceeded | have tak h ime to work | Mr Cipriant presented @ pel
" OF-SPAI N. ON SH Olw. by 84 amount, which at thin late period we out, than at fitat, stypeared ely Od “te certain proprietors of Princes Town pt

Black’ Pepper, Cloves’and Cinnamon,
Gilbey’s Port and Old Tom Gin,

can caloutate with falr certainty at nol less | necemary, that {¢ will not'bo powib'e to | ing for an increased water supply, the sat’ ¢ Stra Pure Malt Whisk
thas £25,000, revised ertinele lelog | complete them by the Slet of Sfarch It | being read by the Clerk of tie Connell orl Denis ‘Stounié & Co.'s “Brandy,
z given ee £837,720, would ba mach to be regretted if » mea ] lald on the table. '.
Mr afternoon 2.39 to 5. 3. For reasons, which no socdt are | anre, which If well thought oat, will prove RAILWAY EXTERSION.

even'ng exeept Wednesday, 7,30 to 10,

sound, my Financial Officers have not | 1 hope, af the grostest value tothe futnre | ‘The Colonial Rorretary in moving the
i soats Gd, — |iehetamed™LCting optnae on the elanse!"y' nent ant l edeel | Paranda eine and om Tobe 0

: oe. . overnent keepin, a t ler ‘ern -
wion—front seats 1/6 and 1/—Back seats 6d, impr ee wt qe eat the te ena angered by, Peey an any deotde Pornanda, ral horiaag thaedyance feom the :
i Dable revenue for 10089 at £835,105, of Erte teare {eto be introduced at the be: Colmlal Treasury of the funds nebeasary’

slightly lene than thabef the correat yes. | ginning of the next Session and to take | to meet the oust of the preliminary survey



223, Miarinoe Uqunre.

ge & Uo, First Leaders

Fredenck Sucetr FOUR FACTS ABOUT US,

‘ : Thave judged it bost 10 accept that e-ti: | sdvantage uf the recess to obtain farther | of those lines, sald, the resolation was ins _ “
- mate, end to rate the expenditure to mect tilled “areletance in framing it With | troduced as indicated tn Hle Excelloncy’s | ommens cemmerene— reese eeese-ceener numeric eet eS

sound provisd o for meostin -al needs | message to Counciton the 2lst January
Deing exceeded. from Total funds, by mensite enibod fog pt, and the fatrodaction alo afforded WE WANT
ee eee winch Eiave ho cautt | tofabalt be nent te ths Coa a eee her gunlacatiea ey sieht
" @ WO dou * | ask for any fu:
A Te ewrenlel ty “you apresee of the wontews aie the jent re rerenne foquire out he sublect $a addition bo that OUR’ PATRONAG E,
tall y Extensions, | available, and kept for geueral purposes | furnished in the minute, referred ta.

it, though there seen good pronpect of ita =



h will outail the ex are of large? wily, weny of the dificulties which pow re M? Fenwick in seotnading the motion, use we know we can give you thorough satlefeciion “ot bhe be .
rele a ee dee ei dere yegnyqvtmmt ofthe ean | ed i rao ao" ck | adh rma ecules | Dee we Maer re ane earn Me ee se,
a iv ee 1 i io . ir o
ra Iabtaenb will fecresne io name durlog the comlag years, dlslarod Extensions themeels es will on. “i There n ay one nore wetjocts approved Ly a Betert Commies arf Carriages, Pans, Carta, ee, Rutlt to Orders ss

i not raise prices yet bat deal honestly.
i Fare Dror ad Cheaicels, Themen or woman vho
und le ls

{| Honoutable Ueatiemen, which ja properly | adopted ky the Council, He thd much REPAIRS OF ALL KINDS UNDERTAKEN,

faveste to sourage the purchase end dovelupment o! on 4 . . ft .
Jand {n the districts rendered more acces: | included in ourrevioew of the funat leasare [a sevonding. TYRES RENEWED OR REPAIRED,.-Horos Bhod
sible by thers, ali ta the aleantayeof trade | with which T nob now detalu Jon, ant P5ie Hobertann concurred tn the seslor RUBBER mannet aad every deecilptios Of Bacteeae fon enone ad


F A Winner, avd revenue’ At the legioning of the | chat Se the orgaulsetion of the Agricultaral [ ueofficial member's remarks, It was bis |
P t Based if be. eubraittat } Pe helt Leddresad yoa at | Intention to have secunded the resnlutton, |» .
WT, ©. ROSS d Co. |iezeirtsnimes in tn, fa we al a see Ea | nee ose cane | Me Gittens Carriage & Stroslag Warkg,
- . iy 1 Oo a ~ i. ¥
' a fee EU ee eren ete mamanry foetheTtaltway | Petre ‘deed of ottalica {i te dunce wih heb. wae" set Phona No, 459 #6. IRAGARE1R ROAD.

- Committes, and he persone
Extension bat abso for s moderate in | wich abould always be imumedistely | ont) by ine eet Ills Excellency ia nari

crease of revenue availclle for general put | available for our Agricultural Indestries.
which the growth of the Go'any and | The cvonte cf the rae year have but em | Leon a to pet the matter wo far initia
a Ite conseqvent increased charges for ¥ta- | phasised sbls, and fariter etady Of eleitar | Lefore ble departae on leave from the
t BW [aation, Medical Aid, Yolloes many other | depsrtments elsewhere bas sbowa (he dc+ | colony,
services demand. :

See ee eT

atradiitty of a somewhat nic re extecaive re- wee resolution was wnanimouly

% Tehad town my Inteathm to aubvult | o-gatization Ubea wea formerly oon'en

peeseeee | eee enc." [BOOT AND SHOE STORE

5 e a
Fa “ hebment of reciprocal trade telations “With Timea ef soucd practical esrerlesce, ee ’
e Reductions Gocpir and Hecate be deal ha | te alongs taferarfaste ripe [eortlotinsratricearermonertts,| = (hero your Money Buys the Most,


to tao part, sue alteration of omr Tart bave been endorsed by tbe Cien: | Water Authority for the year 3089

would be inevitable. Jt seems therefore ea ofthe Agrieatiazal Boclsty, {Goanell Paper No 19 of 108) whieb were «
i Jea' aention of revision J, saad > bine under one | laid onthe table en thel7th Febraary, .
IN ALR DEPARTMENTS. write ceheme, wilh le ae get ba tts noel si riieerameee Laboratory, aed | 10a ‘|Get your Boots & §$hee.

« a” . General ded aud th , .
MERE SELLING AT COST rt ee atta anpediaty uuat| Usernmant Puck Fara’ oad eng of | wotlon wes atopiads ove ° . FROM THK WILCOX BUOT and SHOE STORE ,
s ‘ ° fm Sot oad far tie ehereDt Foarcs | Ay eee DoS eeten Moatd be sthoncagh |The Director of Pulile Worke in meving | G@E YOUR Hate and Cans

inary Hxpenditare shows a net Ln: | by good organizer in addition to hte soben- | the approval of the amendwent a6 p FROM THER WIL! OX BOOT and BHOK STORE
B-roxunrmourormies | rdigie tiara (rere |aet your Randy Made Suite
crease of £15,: bur Ons p! earn ef ae ng ;

MMOUS « SHIPMENTS [iiiiincs overseas | ius pet cea it uemae lined ice atic |Get your Working Shirts
Low ane LATEST + parmanceta the principe) theme blog the | fows Corowa. ee sie with the uce’s | the St loceta and Tanapany Water FROM TUE WILCOX HOOT and BHOK STORE
— Dp Ss I" Chances ou accoust of Sulile Leet £0 | Iter! College 00 (oe ie eeliec eed [ar A ie pret Delis nunyen| Get your Shirts and Collars
; Y GOO _ £12 Tinmigration ag Lovreney sf 497 susetatendenoe of the shore Des areaieaty Cy 1 pe oe Senerel ate ant FROM THE WILCOX 800s aod SHOK STOKE
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stories an lacrease of 1,314 | witch wae proved cuccresfal elsewhere, of the water ee bation serv loos Ja} FROM THE WILCOX OOF and SHOE STORE

a oo
a Cle Raley ow ow 2,225 [the Head of what is probably the Roost | on thels premises, ard itt was conbenthy Get your Ladies’ Up-to-Date Corsets and Undervesa® %
P Personally selected and Bought for Cash T Hoole and Brlizes oe ag ans | ARW an RAL Darariment be ihe worlds | peace : At B In Prices, «| zbuserumratrinas irae] ais samerennt Casta I GOLLIE'S STABLES | Set your Leather and Carper Slippors

argain “5 oo ical, bat never yet raised, a0 the | c tices wader the Coversment «A selpat bas, FROM. THE \ AO OOT aud SHUK MORE

F NDERSON NOW IN RDROPR—WATOH HERE Das not been favoeruLle mnttl very | I em fulormed, gives nalversal setiebection, - Mat and Boot Pollshes, &, &e, &c.

7 he FOR REAL EYE-OPENERS. rec A ieee : 2 aided hates es 'Phone 481, ‘Jet your er OM THK WILOUX C. AND mOR & .
ns eterna) 0 CO remrnn Bpeots bare been advancing vide for the teecl work, en a 0 SHO FORK


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is m ‘ he’ . , ‘ LD

ae Now SHOWING - 7
Latest Novelties For. Evéning Wear!







a = *

pig Tablets, 100 Sheets at 150 & 20




BY V.RIGAUD—Camle, £0.) BY ED. PINAUD—Dauphine, Genet D'Or. Lor.
tensta Bleu, Peau d Fapagno ; AY MOUBIGANT Ideal, ota; BY VIVILLE
=Charmo Secret, La Pavanl, Ponsod Rose, Opera Violettes,


BY ROGER & GALLET—Fleurt d’Amour; Ry BOURJOIS & CO— Bnon Vem
cant} Br L, T. PIVER—ae'ris Oreado, Floramyo; By PALWER—Ca vata.
Rose Leaves, Rod Clover,








FRESH GOODS.| rez:pay, ance 3:


“ FORK (Assorted Cuts} 120 pe 1b
FERRIS AMS . 200 per Ib.
FRESH SALMON STEAK inting, tte tle.

Tho Post of Government Botaniat
in Demerara, -

The followiog will be read with Jo-
terest, In vidwecf the remarks 0 thd

ju {nereasing to £000 a year, by
ounuel lncremeate to £25 with @ free house,
Whather this will Jaduea an experleoos
man with the requisite attaloments to ace
cept the appotatment te by no mesns cer:
talo. If It fa not, Professor Harileon would
favour the eppolatment of * a trained
hotanlet without the desired experienced.”
Thiq is pot an aliernatire to be honiedly
syented to, The man we waat,.as bas a!

teady been posted out, leone with experi-
ence ia rubber cu'tivaien and that nfid
we phould bare, ag Professor Harrison
bimeelf suggests, If wetannot get bin ab
£500 a year, tot urace what we ora ges bis

Tavseogers are specte'ly notified that s
baggage lighter to he despatched to the
Homeverd Mail Steamer will leeve the Br,
Viroent jetty at 10 am.on the dey of
palling, aod passengers are therefore re
quested to ree that all thelr baygsge Ls
sent dows before that bour,

% Romatiijte W. Mail.

Tu Royal Ditch Mat

RINS WILLEM J—The Doteh Moll
Reeamer "' Prins Willeas I‘ fp due bere
from Vororuatam ports on or sbost she 7b

Loweon Dirnat Line.
bedihe i
Lid. A penta

i A = Thean Ratan” in dnohe oe
re Londoa via Rartados and Grenes
da on or about March Lith proceeding
ellerwards tq Demerara tekirg avg
pansengerss and mails,
VALYBIA.~The 0,0 Salshia® is dee
bere frem om view Herbedes and
Grenada en or aboot March 25 & preeveding
afterwards to Demerara tehing cargo
pacocogera, aed wails,

- 132 & 20 tins, for gbutievus bere blm Practical know: . Koninllijle West
% xxx y t - § bac Jet us be ch proceedi ferwarda t
a Ported to meet HUNTERS’ SLICED HAM. d0a: tin | cee gptdset conteleed to, the Govere | redeem thia question is of ritrlee foo | ramartin tlevre eee eee hlee © Iudvecke Sarl-
. Enotisu wotrLee sy Po lin. | eal yesterday — portance for theauegers cf the’ induntry, | earpo, passearera and mails, ddienst
LENTEN TRADE. aS Le Mee UP bottle. he ter ation in October next of Mr seeped oe cree reeatthe thmorgh: PENS WILLEM HT The Patek Mail The Repat Dutch Meit— Agente
WHITE & PINK SUGAR CANDY, A. W. Barilett’s appoiniwent as Govera {oy goahGed man ao argently herded some Kteamer ** Prise Willers III" fe dos} QURINAMB => The new Dureb Syh.

tment Botanist rendere neces ary the con

2to, ‘.
WALNUT & ALMONDS. Fresband "| *heration of the selection of hie successu.

hide over this poight vel ba af rdot,

here from Armsterdem vis Peremariho and
Demerara on or about the

fe mer! Suripstie “fe due bere trem

16h Mecth | New Yuk duect te of abeet the Oh

Oibeewiee we are colugto bela nearb ibe
© ince the Gime Mr Lartlett was apport koe 1903 proceeding efierwards ta Caropanc, ta Fer.
. ans (Quite tound, .120 perth, | aay, a PPS | same poniion we erate now, and mar | oy o o's * cn March 1908 proctedirg same oa
sé sy | FRESE DATES related) at fe er Ib, Mee the port aod the | ricatedvantege woald eceare from the] pumire Cuenta, Jasyra, Purrto Os: | neribo, reearrieg on the 16h idem , ard
. tw bedone bave seme- belte, Curseso Joereel Ana Cayee, Port: 1 for New Yorke
8.3. DD AMO RE! ‘ RLoDodaaic=a what cha vi ibs “potk hae develop. cone te aa ae competent te Prisee and New York, taking es Tit tekennen cate wn energie
. is pay + core . < ° 4, cane
s LARGE N:S. COD. Mixed Vegetables | sad cowjriensive et aracter” Uner the | prepay te rood es sey whe sonld eter | Hyung MANAITB The Petgh Malt eee ue! hm dan hore. fn ra-
¢ MEDIUM N.S; COD venti tesadabecinn | Seana wera ener ur (oemchhe teased bitrate | ewmen eee eg re | Peuite taue that OM

iss OILMEAL—Cow Brand.

, * Alan Goodridge & SON,’

OLIVE PARTIES,—The best quality Ja] of Scene and Agriculture, 1s of ihe opla-
Dotwes, 1/6. foo that the time bas arrived when wwe
DR. TIBBLES’ Tecoumitution could advantag¢uusly be

made fn the nature amd dnties of the

ment’ Accordiogty, he ecansot revo
meendthe estevaoa of

agreement It mey be recaiied that 10
142 2, whe a suecereor had t+ be sp
pvipted te thelate Mr, Jennan, thetovers
mnent Jktavist was fhe bead of a separate
department directly responable to the

436 tin.
SILVER DITAGEES for Cakes, Sc. cance.

These pris shoald rat you, bindly


experience neceresry ‘ia the growth of
rubber, nadtbe chief reason that saa be
ofmrelia onppertets cheege be that we
should gee anctirer whe bae this keow-

Kher v, 8-lktWee.
Beebe Hashe; Viiee v Hendervos.

~" & SNEEZE _

Merch 1998. prarerding efterwarda to Per
wmeribs, sere ant Auncordons toking

osron peawarersen I ma

Compagnie Conerale
hk: Trensetlentique.
SG Levtawt & Son. - Apert.

1008 proceeciog Ue o-med y to

ves dies. tokwy Creo, p orenger red

st MAQCA. = The Tha ch Mail ane

. >
VW € > lecige I tals be rotibeene the heoedt ert Gren a vel inte bere fisew Be-
-= S$ oO SQ g | office, Ine con % Datch MoH Steamer * Priaa Frederik A 1
” Alan Goodridge & Son.” 1 © ’ fesned he ve cvattined ot anit ete Lesh asgcdacmeat perme doaltfel | resank® te des here free Aveiedam via amaribs om pear the 6 vn ak
= 3 Thos, 220 Tid, blr Alexander Swettenbun’s for | Th* duestion will be among (bore prevents |b ramariba ond Demerara on ot atwa' the | PVT ae menvers and nsel
ls CHOICE SPLIC HERRING. PLAIMON POWDER (Nerve Food), | the emyploymwentof a yoong » tsaical Fas the Goatont Genre bat sone Deh Merch 1MA, proevediog afterwards to | — ae.
: 24 cents Tro, otheer for a Lmited mumber of yearn | info che caemberee wcome 10 a decisiec on, Pompetar, Comaw, Geavta JA Le Feloce Mavigex cre
; eerie . CRAWFORDS—K'el Fiogere,—3/t, and | in practical wosking be pot proved 8 | og ooe ie ocmcome ° Levys, Peete Carvt'o, Caracon Jecmal, Kaliana A Vepore
S- eo. ° et i « Fo! Ginger Tiscusts - 0c tn. asccess Therefore he sare “lt bef “PO ———_.. ges Cryer, Poet-se-Prisee gud ew Terk, ‘The New °Colenel Coos
. =. a6 MWirarnwal 5 59 | MACKENZIES (Chuwe Short Bresd}-- [ clearly nut desiretle to repost thy exper To-days Ap; Appeal Cou Court. taking cargo, pessewgers ard ws:

seen — df gral, '
IITA DE MILANO -The Hatten wait
steamer ** Citta de Mla o” fe deebew -
from Geace via Marecilse, [.roekeay
Spais)ead Tenerife oa of abou 18%
Lareh 1008, proverd ng afterwends to da
Gacyro 804, Cate}, Conga, & venll .
Fast Linon and Coun, taking cargo pes

T DOMINQUE—The Frereh mall

M. W GOODING, | pore eta pelo At] 7S a warning signal to maken tee-liog | 8) steamer *tt Livmurged ia, dee hore | eengore sad salt
en a he Dey 1 for LAUNG’d, tbete frons Demevara cx or abest U Bhioping intel gero®
. tog . E the Department of beievee and A rice! L > aod will proceed sitatwisde teh? Lacia, poping x .
FOR SALE, ture under the ance and control & | Ome Daw Cold Ore) venisigns Guadaloope ant 8: Nezaize, ——
aqfendied souvenir of Trinidad) | Yoestirs won the work taling-on-tim | wudtarketera? ‘Gee naa LAINGS'| WAEHODET ye Brock ell > Saree
a. 3 -

y 8 | (4 eptendid souvenir of Prinidud) | Si Tiderably weal in eope and, | Sreyece “ soe erence tha Goade: | JORGE, Veu boat, Kirera, 9 268, 2 days,
pre Writing Desk of Ble Ralph Wood. fates Profewor Harrie, * the Govers CS SYIMING? OF ATEAMURE loape aed Martinigue, ia ane bere om or CUTE vem he, Garele, Uday

= 2: Blt eare’ ad- nist, eno! 0 hout the 10m Mareb and wi oceed ‘ * .
t. Vincent Building. enoitration af, the ‘Sorerement, inthe ments and to the important nature of OVEMENTS OF STEAMEED. xierwerde te Carapayo, Ja Geaira, | Celscobal Col 9,450 begs cocce, aod

early dayscf Brith cccapation, Jald oa8 we

BMS P. The Royal Matt Line

Sevanitls, Co’oa and Port Limon, teklng

23 engers
JUSEFA SACINTA, Von tlsop, Trasille,

. Boterie Gasdeve meat In iny opinion be should _maile ond caren. t
y, 1908. tie vaste fudulasy Quenya Terk, |” Mluliy Uethaeoond ta charge of she | (PIAGUE The RMS. % Togne® te dae | PHO MIN GUE Tos Preach well] 21 tons Laer, Crcabeh oe Wt
= —_ — and other pices of public utihty. Ite |), 7 aod should Tee ecent fa bere from t ipa bis Cb be a) etesmer ** Ss ingee® from otareb, cocoanut, 2 Lege g' ant
an artuticplece of farmitare, quite likes | ,, te Assistant Director thereol Jocenl | dey ihe 4 h Bere via Cherbourg 0nd | vis Gesdelowpe, Mertivique and Bi

anoto appearance. Fabitited at the
ictoria losttute, desiog the Centensry
celebrations fo ¢ Jao, Romxsox

Govt Bebaul, Quees's Vark East, | ‘Seontinaes tolocresse as it has done

lence during
* from this eutooy frou Auguct,"[uns to
4+ July, 1007, bas shown the desusbihty—
+ which, If the work of the Department


Harbsdes and will leave tbe seme day for
New York vis La Goeyra, Savapille,
Colon, and Jemilas, taking pesssogess,

rea and malls. n
The Ténder will Idave the Bt Vincent

bs due here
od will proceed sflarwards te D-merera,
Baricaus sod Cayence, taking pascongere,
mails 04

Dobe hemmoete

PRINS WILLEM 1V, Dotch sime, Vane
dir Borden, 16S tons. 40 brs. Dee.
Tera—S cages al earge, ond 10 pes.
erngera ‘Vo awyal Datel it

JAVUNESA, Vea vlocp, Veluro, 40 loos,

on of atous the Zt Mareb,


- bb i at
\ Feb, 25-20. “dering Uo bet fer years wal ity a 3 pw, with passengers for the Peis ad ne cg trom Veseranas dey, Gli | Coles —367 tege ences
ee EE TET TY | “teing in. thd Department an of ore operielly notified thab a | PErts On oF ebont ae eee Gaede: [INE®, Vea step, (0 21 tous, 9 dara,
‘ Fountatn Pens oe Heine ta the, Department a hier te be depetched to thie | proreed slterwards to Martinigae, Guede « Noe eters | irelte a oda
DE. P. L. HIVE, « olthe L nrectoe wha would saben Teeaege will leave fees Vincent loaye, Ban Tender, Fordeens eed Herre, ose wa Saye, meaner o

“touch with and thus alle to control ite

tally of Hevea rubber, under ehwale and
tious resetabling

OF a
“these of thle colony, As far as my

Guarantee « Bonde.

erclal Unton Avetrauce Co. Lad, moa to 00¢ some
—_—_— en meres ee ater buiont ry,

end not!
~ | thing car be more important then the pe

jotty 06 10.0.0, on the dey pf sailirg, and

and will leave the nextday for, Southemp
badoe and

tos via Barbados Cherbourg tokiog

ONWAYe= The RMS, * Conway” ie
due here from Lonioa vis Darbados
and Grenadé oa of about Slarch sth, pre:


takleg pessengers, mails ood

Glagow vis Barbados,

Hamburg American
Pavt Scussara & Co,

ALIANZA, tan eiae, H@m-sr, 126 tose,

ten me .

A + 2 SURGEON DENTIST, * work in ite yarvous divielous,- Chewlcal, ngere ara therefore Tequesied to see _ ~_ Ba biea, Coaded Beliwar tse louse, 0
- S an Pen, tog: | Hotanical and ‘Ag ieulveral": And the Pesta thele baggage is reat dows Leflore . gerkes®. 129 ne for Royal Hell, 366
B88, Frederick tat. [net paragraph of the Director's letter calle | thas boor Glasgow Direct Line pegs for Dateb? Mall sud 14 pawece
far special attention, Ue wrisa to it bs 7. KENT—Ths Royal Mall Btoomer ¥ of Steamers. ges, To Cie do Veyores del onsen.
Formerly occa nied by D2, C2;8C2, of importance that the cificer selected * Trert® le due dere from New York New Cot, Lor. Lr. VIOLA. Brits! Decksuw, 3 tone &
. “ Telephone —73$ § for Ubis post should have practical know. | on Spaday Barch the ih 102, vie Jom: ° ‘Accut . day, Oreneds. pe. aLeep, fh
PRICES €2.50, 83.50, $4.25. ° jedge of tha caltivesloa of rubber, expect. | ales, Calo, Fto. Colombia and La Guayre OREN OF NAVARBE—The 04] beceaplce, Tbeyseloves and 8 parecn-


Crown of Navarie” Je due bere frou | ECT

» owporaboat March DEPARTURES.

pomengere cargo and malis, ah, proceedlag siterwards te Demerara Moreh Zoi.

b * Kpowled thee are oalytolel The tender will leave the Bt. Vincent 5 we , :
ee inthe wane on Tad aa | Jetty’at b pee. vith paseogere for tLe tables carne, Benes eod mile a DELTA. Veneresion sleawer, Gomes, 30
— Senta the | * Trent.” E ‘sate | CHOWN” OF GRANADA. The tons, J} Jivar— 157 toes gecora! meeban,
, Fire, Marine and endeavour mate bo cbieln " gers ase 2 ** Crown of Grounds” je doe bere from | Cave vad 3) pascoger—By Cla del Va-

Â¥ r ee! Env nde: nervices of ya whe bes Ureined | Ged thas baggage lighter tobe tebe | Gtargow vis Barbedos om ot stost Maceh 0 del Chiraca,
° Ateident Invurance. i the, Butaate. of that ed babe Homeward Hall Hinaaes will leave P5ih, proceeding sfterwarde te Demerara, | BAUSTOON, British, stermer, Cempbel',
+ colony,’ wadon' e Vincoot . ts cargo, passengers, aie, Bir tome $3 r Srasett,
EDGAR TRIPP & Co, — |izerertepetatl cos Raretste [sched isfostte aloe tance 38 | grt Ne pencocosciy New Colealst Cx
Sa uare. ACENTO POR pa. ‘Ibe time bee ourived whea eene dawn hefura tbat hows, J. 1 AMEEDS, Bittsh schooner Alesaa-

jor, ZF tons, Bt Visceatsundry pkge

wiles ppd 7 pasarngert,
ORIENTAL, Vencspelan scheoter, fale.

. ‘of an olficer wth 4 thorough kuow- | ceeding afterwards to Demerara, BRYRIAKTbe 99, ‘Aaspristal the N “
MALAN'S IDEAL FO UN PAIN ledge of this vabject | Un him, 19 po small | carga ot EA The RMR. © Magds ATililoraceicce jise will be dee weit tom oie Co'on—enudry pkgs
darren, would depend Wie inot Le auiniited | VJ “lena” le due here frou» Goathacapein | bife from Venenne'an porte, oe es stunt | DaTlOME Inlwh sermer, Cont 1 Bot

hat tbe p ogress made has wot besa very
dosidere Of ecarve, Ib be an tedudtry
that ripena slowly, bes sre degrees of
slowness, and that is vogue now srome to
be the buitommost Ja thie r- the
new eficer ought Lf he be the .
to bea man with yr hoow:
° ecee of the sabyert, to ¢s a gread stima:
as to theinias ry amlit le pusential ia
Sra bo fai ie pasa of engemicn
Ins the meautlme, at the erax of the whole

on Watnenisy 1b dlarch; vie Cherloorg,

and Dartadas aod will leave the same day

for Dew York sis La Gearra, Fre, Colom

arco ned matin ne Pevemmeyr

The Tender “il leave the St Vincent

aL sae Te Pemenerre

10 ane on the day selling, “

tengece oad wy:

yon, Barhadas 353 bys Tilablat eo-
Cow ste, 20 begs T leaded even Ht OU)
Shp Geted Taw ease purer, KS wee
bhea, Sere bid a 2 tardion shone, 5
pochage fe'ni we, 32 sratera unt, 2
eases merchandise ast 36 passeag e~e
Hs (inden, Groat & Gs
ona UNIQUE, Nerwes (sn ore moe, Marnkjarr,
BLCIAN—Trese, * Belsian® fa dae] 1,208 ore Cleefargue, Cubs- Ny qargo,
Leve fom Liverrrol via Dartadia. on] 10 Pp mengets.
$04, pereseding after | BAN VILENTP, Veo sche. Hodriguse, of
wards to Le Geayte, Pre, Cobelle, Cusegoa | tune, Cie Cla~ sen pigr, mise,”

March Sth, peccerding slterwards to
Earepe vie Sr, Themen, talleg carge, pas

~ 2 - -—

Five hoyieve 8 Co
(7800) Ltd
Xw Feeelal fo, Li,-

foand the question of therefore ont Carthogess lalleg carga pemenge e name
seers de Goverment | fos Ueggeae nat down infor Uat | eadesien OTS Closing of Mails,
WF walon | hour, wee

‘ wel £00 per anette and a boasa ROYA.—The R M.B, “Oseye” Jadu Last Anata Lae ef] stats for Carvpane, Pampatar, Cumans,
s - $ at in £10 year lower tle O bere from New York ca Bendey, Homers. Gusste, La Gaayra, Ito Caletlc, Curscos,
sHamou Wiener Aer rer mx. ; wes pald*to the Ile Mr. Jeiman | Merch 220d, via Jemales, Calas. Farts Cee B. Aleem Co Lana Suck ou Vince by the Pruae Wittens

Daniel orrts, joahoe esyre . . -e 1 i H
S Unclimbable * Fencing, Ha Heap, 804 vibes, 076 Vauons of Leng ihe pets a fee Sat} on vis Bate T. CHOTX _— The va, © He, Crain” fede Mareh, at 12 Orehorke muod, ‘eed

.- In F; For Saux at JRON BUILDINGS, BRIDGES, siletoctisde gnycpe WIR the pecewery b dos aed Chertourg, tablog pssorngeis, 1b) tere ra Essope via %. Thomas, An | Regleiration cloves at 11,°O a.m
mW Pita any Quarts, For . : Works. | gectbosreus shady to voerps these ome a t eorae oéd waits, bhewe, Lim aesond Heledsorn of shat] Mails for Barsaocess, 8 & Fine ond Bob
EN: D KURTON — [TH Lae Tatts ony | satatsstttetogy pence tatn'ens | pty ak} vik somes foe's etnearee he Bulisoa thing” igo | Wettsy wih G19 ote, aS

fal ure aco: wg pe yo at» Wi ors lov te as . Ved. e- 1 feluek,
KA, TE AND. Age. eheald cary 2 oumensseg” salary of rors no . . posse gers and mela, m serge peecteely 2, ‘ston clunee e200 ne
> ; . ' .

1. ae

0 ge meee

~ a ° + . ‘f : nk
ra PoRRorer aD: gamers TOMEDAY MANOR DMS Ue
oF a ol aah CET peputirt vor RMSE. Peman OR ae

PEOPLE OF CUBA PRTITION PRNOIDENT ia SHUUSES A Deyet Serer Sad ah, Day 20g + mance Gn

| por eae TRADE IN , t ma] :
god Pree, TE ia HAT abd commodt + Posewremrur Hananos or Paserirene
~ Vino Tonico de Wistérsinith P44) T eee a ay the, late RIGHARD ? Bruun 70 ane Peau Beorecurron Hollow 7Cona
peoaves For 5aLg OR Rent, | x07 Hd ARIE snort néw being Tapia eels Kew Fore. ;
COBRTTER THAN QUININE FOR FEVERS," DouEE NA Ear tim Wen 1) dion, Sen sod WA make ake feibe | Wicateencaip eer "| MALT LITE HE BRRYIOR : BULDING Bi
Om SAL ,Doeibourg 4
BIX AOKAR, purtty, pleated ln, Coces Vsomeunatag ay doesn ful oes Colombia
" SESS S a eee ieee |main|
ay reed Peete ad and Ce fe Tame im- a esa divcedere lating froma ha TREN’ ee ws ae ae “a
F eels tos ¢ " ien! ‘a " a
hn Tye | tet | Me ter veneer, [EERE iar a "BEAT MTRULLY 9
hy tu De Sone: row shts ar THE Next Baillngs fer fer Ta Goayra, Pho.
MASKS a —— | ot. Pauts Pharmacy.) Oelemba, Oelen, Jaimalea and 70 Tus outa
‘ Cocoa Estate for Sale.| acrazp ricuanns, Manger. fev tat They Afalce

ee Nike March 4tb.
â„¢ NGGbite vee March 18th
mS “ “tegee" fin hot take second-clasz

“ Hermitage” Estate.

A MOST heathy reser}, well watered, five ene © "Tia Mail Gomp Company's fins Pas

miutes walk fromthe Blue Bana. In: er sieves leave Havana (Cabs) CLEAN, Ut :
portant water embte Cocos wees strong a CUSTOMERS. | for for cra Crnz (Heston) tor Mexico City, DRY TOUS
fout wee! .

brah (steno well, Promising crop on iba et
Entry lity of eveageae fog, es * YP walt. Fine Bervien of OAROO Steamer
vi 7.

Jumfrecelved atstlect nssortenont
to be sold cheap.


he “* be

vg stehof stand of Cuba have seat a huge petition yo ae .

1 fromLenden Holl, Cardiff and Gls go
wa Ge, seking that Vigo Tonico de Wintersmith be Siren eesti the state, J HN ADHEMAR PEREZ, Intar- Colonial Servioe: ) CHEAPER {hay SOLi0g
‘ frogs + tla fstand becauze it has proven so ranch 4s TAI BLE LAMTS FOR “h Ogre. Port u Epla, Watchmater, a No 49 Marine Fquers
ko Aaxtga vethage’ of the Island, _ February agth tye tm, rm,’ and not ab No. 44 his late place of buel | rhe Company's Iatereolonial Steamers
S ae : ~ ARIES - E. J. ADHEMAR PEREZ, | leaves Barbados every alternate Tuesday ———? mn
Tee, ESS Ae MEST ae OER 100 Dosen (sed “ARLE: KNIVES = NoTiC . ae | Proceecing tO t=

a) Demerara. retaralsg via Gre- Come anda ‘

Joall Whorn it way Concern, "HORIOE 10 COCOA PROPRIETORS. eat Vineet

we undersigned makes It known that THE REST RED CLAY ®. Hace Domlsin Agate SA MP LY we
frepthie201n dey of February, 1908, | For claying Oncos, direct from Santa Antigua, Nevis. and 5!
iI be no longer coliecttng for Mre * Geet. Palverised and ready for use returning to Bat a Et Kitts
He Biealee, He wants tt known thathe | Can be had {in bags of 160 Ibe, sot from St, Lu
will eontince with all hie other agencies, { from

going at O,dceen TUMBLERS 36 aad
48 conte deg,

at Ross’:

Built on our Pra

. fs alro prepared to accep more BORDE RROTARRS, PERMITS for steam tender’ for trievde
- Mow Landing a Very Fino Assortment Of} 4c MARINE SQUARE. ae oe Ae ath, roctasanm Det Beets Saar ea Si creer BEFORE BUILONG Ye

; PRIME! OU: mei ________ |SINGUINEAU BROS.| carco « wt | DENTIST
UNBEED AND PRINE QUALT™Y —_|save AT AUCTION (Smith, Robertson & Co. SINGDINESU, BROS. cag rl a stort Dn J, Ralph 6 Care

. at, ;
PIT Ch DI N FE LY Nv B FR Y FRIDAY, ra TMARCH 1008, OFFER -FOR SALE aie - PARCELS are vonvered at moderate | Oradgste Cnilers of Thali
vat AYOURED with fostractions received COMMISSION 1 MEROHANTS [| rstes, the charge own isthe Untied gery of New Yoru, UPA ae

from Wiltian Hadden Raq claus. RI 8.8. “ SERBANA’ @ @ OARDIFR. . destination ia sng town fa the oor to Dr. A, E, E87!

° tor, La Brea Eporee Aephale ~ Kingdon,
EX BOTNE ‘SIRDAR;,’ Litatted, the wederrloned wit offer fee 295 Poon “FORD & CANNING'N? Tract [pene me | For all forther information apply at] OfHoest

. sale at their Avetion Mart, No, 12 8OVin- ‘and Thel PERLIME, the Company's Offic ~ a
| FROM FE RN NANDINA, FLORIDA, U-S-Aw. fone eee between the bours cf one aod Head P hed Beistol tol TEMPER LIN FORS SALE [F OR RENT MARIBTS an amen barNe 4 q Beckritle Street Btrees

The twa Jo's of land Satbe Villaze of Ex Steamers Maravaly Grenada and Port-of-Spain:


LeBrea, in the W k oe
As per S pecitonticn below, Long Iengths and Cheap we Eats ee re tO aie Beech ( 628 Rates FINEST CAN 7 CANADIAN nay. [GL ARGE "STORE -— : La Uapital To ohag
os toauitthe Himes © sss dred aod ciphty ieeltatont, by ove ban: | and EX RECENT ARRIVALS
red and elghty feet in front, by one ban- an : FFER a ve tne Asx 9
dred and feet in depth, abutti . —AMUATE ON ry
PLEAS APELE TO onthe, Nevth pos King: geréet om tee | ab Ghee RAPIST WINES AS RROWRR Ut t (( Oe Od ea
Hos of dand Salm

lade el ike New Hiclacd inte dayank | 7 CGUAENESS — Tioet London) The Wharf, Nan Femmendo

Company, Limited, and ibe Wert by | GAUTIER BRANDY—ali +i
Queen tect ' "pen 7 OLEOMARG, RANOY- Oakdale No, 1— Saltable for’ storage of Sager tand other

w eblpment - all alzes Produce.--Apply to .
Tho Factory srestad on on the above lands | 5, oo ° "GA SCUBE” FIRE BRICKS.



Tenge *ribecus ta tics of
GENERAL MERCHANTS {AND The above Tobaccos give
BUIFE ING AGENTS. | than acy otber Ree
Cigars aro made of the Best

. with the Plant aod aprartenances for the | ‘300 Barrele PORTLAND CEMENT. THE TRINIDAD SHIPPING! satprers oF ' [AFTER SUPPER | COREG
— — f “ + .
SPEOIBICATION, sivin venting soir’ cod gon to] “hed and etamtine, | AND TRADING CO,LTD. | C ravarecas | he
STLIN NARHA ULPIIURIO ACTD in 5b l0ewt, . . : Ne
SCANTLING. Fert. ° *novan, P*Dated this Poh dey iioiranon CLARET Chateaa dee Ormes” =~ is MWenry Seronvrilte. cugar, ocoa, 3891 C1OARS te *
Pao. . _ Bd 1 Watch & Clockmaber a= a0, Frederick Steet, LONDILES f
za7 38 co _ Ser nf peeetntTACON STREET, | cesT ae tivatedgecr Cocoanuts and Ar woouieoata
x4 . QU59 . . . NOTICE. 2b Toteeiry 1008. Governor, A rapdly advancing colony ~- :
Â¥ rt 3,67 Xr 1863 * eee Deabog wih pure mathematics, as well as the Molasses . pre
23G-. —— A008 lx 3 —— TRINIDAD, i inte’ Tigent ccemopoltan communay of Troi 5 LA CAPITAL TOBAGS
. —~~—~p.5)b4 lx favd E 1 Abe Sapreme Court of Tel dad aud Tobe dad, every propoytion must be a tel{erident
fi ise Ewe eee | Tiassa tte ead] nea oT ea cr auton | 408978 oD Ieee to, 3
3x6 97 bx 8 and np 32.099 teerrat t . "
336 8,008 2% gee op. 13,204 Kewarchit, and that I will not be ree Louisa de Werael—Piaouf Waltbek, Glockns laste tree hen ta genail THOM & CAMERON, Limited, W. ANTI | :
a.368 1,200 a 238 > 4,874 pevaible for any debts contracted by | The Administrator “General and “en barge mnstJovanatiy ba made, lasgow
3 x 9 raed . 413” 2358 pines wy mother Snbersla is now | Salvary—Defendants Ebi E ‘an, SON . 4
z Da Roe 2 ia be wors, Alloa
4x5 103s Total... 94877 ft UBLIC NOTICE Ie hereby given shat pur. Tt C| FE Hi 0 Uj OF rowors, Alloa,
bx8 7008 - (34d) SUBRRBIA fer X Spesscomn| Pee ea Of Tia Honees —— Ke the Felicity:
6x6 835 v £0/2/08,—1 mn. J be Jones Swan mle herein oo st op for sale . NORWICH UNION FIRE
618 . oes DRESSED, 98 | em BOX | etre iors of be Cou ree ‘te EX GRENADA INSURANOE. . IN CHAGUS
o xt2 4,082 ° ‘own 0} y jay
8x8 Dest Siem, "Feet, ASHBOX Si March t908 belwesa the burt of One and HIRAM WALKER & BONS, NTR
10 218 BRD gx or0.a7. ride, uae | WW7IEE sted fueron oan] teu rare AMERICAN BEEF. | nis, waterine,ostana| 200 COCOA CO
lgjx12 . 1,048 it x 6. ditto 10,87 Febfvery daring which time be eet ed of Tris aad formerly inowe ee BARBADOS MUTUAT. LIFR ASSUR- There are also 800 8 S
Ted fingomise A up ode, mT Bred’mesene re ean GS) Eve thorough | Soe Deke Renee ROAST & STEAK ANCE BOCIETY & CO. rented to CANE Fall
cbs atx Up oq. jt : Xoo S& Guinens Sureet_ ard abutting on the No 1 : e ;
‘ — Wholesale rata American Liberal Adve
Tot, 84,000 ft, Arply to foroeity Na 690 Duke ures bat pow re d Canadian Foodstuth wbera i
TIGHTEAS KEELS ,.6 10," 00f. kup Cosix only, , © UIPRIANL, rds recone Se taba act | 1S CENTS Lembe, ‘Newfoundland aod Nova og
Ban Ferpareie . Woodbrook. ba pew y fenumberet 2nd knomy ae Ni No. st Hornes, Mules & & wilt be made to the rab
tah February, 1068. or mcerrerrrstneremer ees wa mn et bu bored wn » bel* crcpa, Arrangerscnls
— — | ema AD TonWaNNG| REE eaes| CA BBAGES! [ou fiers SRANDOLT I, Tete acai
(Toten oR signT) Dated this ance dev of Jo C. Code, 1983 Edition,


F t ee,
Eine sited
eatate. App’'yto | iy

Queso Ge Man F) penge epee] WORE, | cannons. | fect
at CARL ome Malis a coasted | ESERIES |
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OT tJ Dm DK MANO. ‘ue foriber yertientars apoly te Me, G, f
‘ ° Noten laser TURNIPS, APLLES.
pee onthe “ Felicity”

Bancroft, late Iostryctor, Sic'orla Inatl-
vey 4

Pare Taroaahe WHA «= [)).J. de Cisneros, ).D.s omer emer acetaa CRONEY&CO.|

27, Frepenicx Stpst the wit Fu up ler taletwore a oor ———~—ITAMmrTaAr
THE ABOVE GAN BE HAD AT a arene HO Reve || the our tite De Bea om Thy NOTICE. Best Known] Best Liked {| FRIDAY, én uh

One sad Tye pm, Al) aed Singular that tot of .

Grown sad Brklge Week, Davie & 4 situate inthe Ward of Upper Care oanm EING mechanically Prepared’ witboot
. 7 HE ARANJUEZ I AR M weal Ontene Taste ean PIM | hed nei, tha ward of oer Carat con, FIT O AM Grn ore seats tbeadaisin of suy Tortgemuiteret| 40-14 8%, ey
Lt vu riuwanigi~ Gale} Corea Platlouss | the Guacon Village lots ba the sare a it's more J tloa Anand, We are separated for the preservatlvers Isile easy of digestine, na AVOURED Wy iivetr i

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. wen tay contract. Signed ; tepale cf live ihe fowl: g p=
wo bat at th TRICKS VERY VOrR of the Reglater Hock end bounded oo ibe North competiterr, add afl le the flo
Phe MILK from Arangues Farm can be bad nowhere else el the Depot, fn RIOVS VERY VOreRATA JAN ABNAUD, fr art for tothe net fannat Bite, Heed € ‘clare, a, Oli

ez, Beary Btroet. ead fron the Van which delivers to the ho wed Fant by d Steet teoenrel otereite slog
— the Guer apo Mare Road, pod on the West by

. tou No, oa And also that parcel of bot of ls:
¢ Comematint ba paar

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For Rent.

sop Leatl ors, Legsinge, ©

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Crnvar, Lo-tLep Tuchess
muy rhee ne will appear.

will convince you, Ooce trled alwaya used,
Jusiat om mucien’ 7s.

situate la (he Werd of Turure comprising vine
acres three roods ard thirty seren pers,

be latte q Retailed by all Grocers andt Shoy k
Gistudaae cr tcaistieesaes | TUMINED £26 mote oo tu | lt tc 0 | eet
avanv se yeeune oie ee eit wecrowe Grant onirred to Residence 117 Woodlard Btress tow tence ALBERT LUCIEN & CO, ‘Trtug—Castt.
SAVES SROOINE A | Hock and bounded om the Nevihand Eanby [Lid ty Mi Justice Uosseli, beantfatly] J, Charlotte street, a
Ge 2 Crowe laeds, on tha South by lands of JoLa biostel in the bealthieat part of the town, Telephone No, 69." £J. acoTt &
Durgeis_aod'ou the West Ly laads of Lawiace | ' the centre of one of the lovilest garden, Gon
iL a OE A.D & = Alben Pierre 1 betew above fut anes Lietge ae, Gas minute from Be. nectarines te
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oul be sald aul ject tee Judgeat ie eed lastatled, * Possession Lat of Apr wae No. 12 Bt, Vincent Burceh Ss
x ! aut) Pad aly dese bed wil be wold JOSEPH: MITCHELT, WIFE NO a
mol ety be aed nett of datonio Aran} on Qu Tne Curren Scuooner
f Slave secured COLD MEDALS of th the a highest grads phererer thay bere been Judgment she ei ricinus Lame tum or ©). DOLE ss "og be beroy ‘
s ETIIS awardod a certificate of hone 4 104 046 oe 2 AU 2
a ee cr clastiogal Esbibition, Lui ” sued tbls Zink day Of Jadoury 1908, 18 King Set, || AM WO" ERs Ag stealer wt

aciMbedee Care and Cigarettos ore for smokers of eultere and discern
is quality and as:
rimsuaip’ ead Blending ot MACILADOA CIGAM =AND

Jepuly Regiatrar

63 TONS REGigtEn;” < ~ “i HENRY
Queen Btreet. No, 2

School & Board.

ELL svited forthe Y. iw,
‘ € shines cennul bo cai of cal Monoy — Backt OYE tntora Siem, the,eanir, | VY Wes lade Sdn fa tortgh | mae
. : TOR ever ‘bottle WHITE PINE e te eaent ot end general sepervi order, M S feet Leen cverbsnied The Pouro Frain U
B & J. B. MAQHADO . . YE GRANSADLL ER ye ed eid ioe Ret eal tis Othe oP Ite ed lena aud Taekhoge ‘ od pallet da y dy 4.
wiDAZTROPL | Le Bateb Bole Agent . : Me, Joarra Uurcusut, Quesa| Vor farther particutare apply to Finny Siete Port of
ond,¢8, laibena Bteoed Do Tomas, : No, 18, Bt Vincent Btsoet, s wt ae whe WE aa arene fa BBuoet eh, 25-2, ' BMITI BROS. & CO, BAW.L, where

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Sisal a and Tarted

PeRies| GLENDINNIN G's. a mT WWThite Goods.

18, Ohacom Street,
; ‘ety otal the Beat worettonesvorrrve TRLEPHONE No 08. x Galvd. Corrd, Iron,
e 43,6, 7, 8,9, 10 feet Bbeets,

Guiva. Hidwsing,, -

No other Store‘: er VARIED AS SORTMENT
DAY IN DAY OUT SO REASONABLE AS. - - - WA LUeSs ELUG:A - o Brel sched gla fer

Bee ID, .
GLENDINNING | CAN DO! iwakeame Ee || ANI s INE’, AE TEDW | Horse Hides, |
wrerermemsmen Hoa A War KG cee *t RIBBONS, LACES: & EMBROIDERIES, Dash Hides,
Carn ival Goods! . [rsunaNced saint iu br Oo! India,. Linens, Swiss Muslins, | Tsuixa mpgs,
Carnival Goods time ise tn" | VICLORIA & PONGER LAWNS. HARNESS LEATHER,

revit, ” ‘tPlain and Fancy Piques, Chiffonette eto,| voww.zev rings cheap at

Trinidad Building and ABNOTELAMBIE & Co.
rreom, servente room, i Ke { | &F 09 OFFICE: NO.,18, CHACON ernest, We are giving Groat Big” Values in 74> Marine Square,

| ire apaceso Materials Fa — LACES & EMBROIDERIES, Telephone t33


THE ASSOUIATION, White Cottons, tton and all

And CHIFFON FoR the half year ondod on the Woot FLAINN HYG

er SET



; ITO,

gerones. ||/EANCY PRINTS;

go No, 64 Norfolk Street, And Crapo,
tatnlog 3 Bedrooma,



London chenber of Commerc3

3 Kindly apply on the
nuarye~1 in.
Fhat fine Store known aa

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Beit oe 1 || sownatson sentation be] COOLIE & MADRAS HANDKERG'FS,| . Eximicalion,
pe ent, covoe’ sfores tn Acsociation’s Cflics. COATINGS _& TWERDS! PANOY & PLAIN, SATEENG,
V 8001 d ta Teas ter AN
_ GOLD & SILVER-BRAIDS,&c. =e satya, _ ARMY KHAKI] FAST DYE 14¢,) “s##toitioxs'to sin,




Pilated forme of apy piicarhous ean be bad
from the Rerretery, him N. L. INNIS,
atthe Toetitere, +.

Seer Ist, 1908.

weeee| SKEOCH & GO.

"TRINIDAD LOAN CO, 2 Fr dart Publte Benefactors and a Frityle of the Poor,

iain part ia FOR CARNIVAL——-A Great Time for Lovers of Beal Value.


valnatie timber, pach as
1 Alvo a house, new'y

Cuvosrat Sacerranr,
yoolonlsl Brerstery, eA
Jith February, 1968,
“Tbe Chairman of the Caronl Leow Koad
Doard will move thefoliowlng Reeolution
atthe neat meeting Sf the Central Roed

Beerctury, Cent cana Road Boerd,

Resowven 1— “That at the portion of Yead
eangiog im a sont direction
* for a distance of 37,(60 $5 Toot thieegh
“the lands of the Cuowy te Yorm, and
““termlcatiag the Jersicgbam
Janction Kulteey Bratton Le declare
ed a Pab'is [tcoa7}

COLONUAL emeerhere Orric:

8b February,

HE, Chatrman of the Mosteerray Local

' PEE ove = RE N DE ZVOUS Clocks % Watehes

Fp toe Font, “Curess™ Property RepaiRen.
cs _cneently, rercourered ——-006%—-— OLBANED AND ARJUBTED!

i oon Bip from 20th to
WORK ateolately —Trarankeed, A LO

Beer even We are Open * JEWELRY IN GOLD & SILVER.

Pree) nvr. NIGET. CHS: J IACELON T test Musi always in Stank.

. palfsn, wih tae DUR ef Be Y Toner “By AroiNtNeNt

on same lan wer Se - w - TP
ris wih endvot deliver MAKE OUR lH.’ S H. STRON HH Sir Henry Moore Jacks, | iNT

Matermediate station, No * Twitty’ 5 BAY BUM

Franca tate to, U, t| The Piano Warchouse. sy EOE

aan - Transwick Grocers

Bites en bole, 5 iene : i : : ; nat Beoretary ete Cant bee Rou
ties, carss aod bandcert Ox 3 rd ban eotibed the Reeretary of
Boy el, ea d Sarath md cis
; she ee as 3 At all Stores, aco penis “sutborny of Ta Eseeleacy the
ap * 3 xe ae Thre’ bees opened ta wheol
i Tai Bagatelle, 8 cents, 15 cents, of “cents & ae Carool Bevanna Road
eailent ine ° Your ‘and 49 cents, Be * Hers fed

X en NN 7 Lavgdeavilie Road
‘RS eer WHERE 10 GO? eS * pyooamanatne Hemd



xo sacy of UOUUGY int TE |B


= faa for Si Trans

“Belmont, wedi:

gaor's to Me T.Gepors Yours faithfully, NOTICE.

V7 aA

SS _ the 1Sih day of Telephone No. 446. Port-of: Spiin.” Road Boerd bes gives wetice of the
peep” _. § ROGERS °& HUNT: Ng od ai ans ofiee of | see of tie Gfotal Hood Boonde nn
AF QHOE-—A good woman ’ the Menufscturers Life Insutance - FOR RE RELIABLE J, MW. FARFAN,

ready tee 3 “ The Pare Food Store” | Company will be at No, 5, Marine
Eqyare on thé same prewieos the
SF Meaizoruie | SB" Next t Tagen Staton * Bank of Nova &cotla occup od re

oF he pep | geen cently, ani next doo to f i

are} See
vente Tor 6 V Kirton Feqr. bENJ. BROOKER,
i tie ie) A] NOT Abs | spew roost

Cratedl Road
rani TT the f
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* Roady a d dlatence of ove be belt of a

th Guieklaad Arens Trase-tbe postion
the tevminas of

2S Tes

Hi. Monceanx Piano & Organ Co,

peste a ‘ NOTICE, is Obed Pe
wiivete WIE N SOLÂ¥ AGENTS IN THIS COLONY > jertsinen ef tee One 4 .
hoe aaa Droggist — ff ill be at PE, pall publie ba, ante that toh TOR THE FAMOUS MAKES, . 4 6 distance of one and 8 quarter
By ieternational Vt From March 1s) our oe saint sei jel my'hase | ‘OTTO! OF BERLIN, & & ‘BRINSMEAD’ OF LONDON. NUTIOE
permanant post . Y tte oe
’ fy., Abriy persona ik ot 4 BROAD WW A aed ijueoue i ILLOWALLING, | 28 Chincousttrest, Telephone su, HK Goverasaeat Ballin * wit
fe "Wy thnsiy orate fs. AND vou GONTARD, Nonel Nobo TUNING & REPAIRISG BY RELIABLE WORKMEN, chastened fot sorviog 8 Sea
croc ceis| WESSELS bE REMOVAL, Pe tated ear era pe
or 6 w Ld

eed, mart Salraman as EPRESENTATLVES OF “ss ‘ ”
Beet R Tie oyvan ties kale NON PLUS ULTRA.

aa eal h of th Rulenkamp ff & Co 60 QacanStieeh where ae aac) car petrons —
; Apply: wu Wessels the mcey artistic and re | R
poeen st. Fety, S1b—1w. Commission’ Merchants, New York. Table fone D.O. BART, Pl E I LE LLY’ S CG IG A S
res =" . {loa fo Price acd Quallty The vet ARUMATIO CIGARS ¢
ir ontenitied dorff Merger’ & Ce.|- _ cman hata Antiad | PY EEY coe wince the discovery of Trinkiad. _

ge te be epaki to Pr 4
Bapros, Ren Yervsnde, and tot ie 1
ange, Conatsbulary, Depces Towg.

The G it Bie Dos mend
for certlog ef feb oak wit

P - Btatlon, from th “Tih teotgas
ye ier ol fiuder Benchene osion Merchants, London NOTICE, veaeE aries ot ioe Blea eooutable Disllectlon, pwarded at ibe Athens (Creece} wards Uavel on to Sint ve the hee et:
verley Murray— : restios nol oF.
ed 1o be obtained at the Conlral Rter Bar, Royal Gtaaderd Jotel, Le Lucitana (Park
Libby MeNeill & Libby. "Pie rites dapat | na Prd erpeny Uaieg ey sp aes del verte iileay | wets esse ta Genie eee
Gratioa}, America Ho! ale and Quree » Urochlpn the Btatlons,
New York, chest cae 506 of ime) | bare nm bar Belmont}, 3% olde . ** Leaperial Tier,” Priore aod Meary Btseots: ‘
‘4 ee and ce Bt Johns NF, goked the Tee iat tev oyeeu'te Koya tandard {New Tove) tabi ob and iy a Uvmes No, 70 Kioy aed Gert. Farm, OW MEDAN, t
aout ot 6 naoderate - t 0 .
mia comtcs of gentle: Job Bro auf sinae, amar te ‘ Hater oveee HUBERT THOMAS, Aaa, eco ee Street ow Erine Rees | ch Fulroary, $008, a
‘. tader conotent super. e - .
one of Peper, . se
“ Wie - / 7 2 eet » A * - ; . ee
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we .. we o* et : “ “ - . oa s .. . ' 2