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Port of Spain Gazette
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Stephans, pt
¡Mitts, Bejts,
Trinidad Building and
r -Loai-Association. â– 
Absolutely Név/.Goods.
:osiíb sr;
Just Reseii/ed.
Wholesale Trade JEf
KcguLrljt ».Ui lha m«i utbbcuiy RESULTS. Il '» really and
sTlitT'pi'S l’OUUKvi'íid FSSif f0' <,ATTtE’ Iluli3ES'
Geo. K Alston: & Co;»
• 'sole agents.
|?§?ip|p§ “
- aar-rl
itwi ton aw Dura sis.,
N.ite Umroi!’ il.ll.B
vl£S££& ‘
18 *sLisiii*'

Tn'wilWlMÍilf- t .
^ !, TOYS,
ust tiésold off this Week.
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Jewellery & Silver Goods,
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sspS^sal ^“írr- 3
' ^ i ..jk he ’ ‘
* » * 1 . It, , ■ Ai
, BOYD & CO.
tWf •
VifW ‘ ' Agf*®' '»'oltDEMk
Pine St. Julien.1
iSSWiras a
-g ... t,„_
“ía», JMJ& -A

eSFJio Bona-asua
moiNQ3, insertions, and Monpra.
Sili- Dress Girrips,
S*j¿¿g mw ¡5É IT itxdui*** ■■«»»
loft Department.
Engliih and American
Fwhiuiro Dept.
Infatns, Gi.rls, Boya
Ladies and Gentlemen.
.Col’d'Lacj Inserted ^Chiffons,
Special Values in firldiicjal Flowers.
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whitfsr r« nw« Ucm. 4* N*.'
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Fairbanks Soap,
Him Utf i!«l :-nJl ¿mTÍ^ÍOV »'• u»l.!«'*
SC I JOliN Eii 6 CO.
sox: tjbc' x XTA
Hardware Sj Cmmiuion Merchantt.
_ ísíaafM*.rtí
3B0 Kegaand liases Paiia PointMusm'd sizes
leases Bengal & Bengal Star Matche
v :
lt, iljHtALEJO a CO.,1
hire .Food Products
«are Pood Productoil^^pl
¡§¡¡¡¡ Jq!i!i Hoadley k
a . i
Good Value in Gent’i
¡Ready - to - Woar Glotliii
|the don

cash ^>7inB,aB;-A SEiH,s
' m Ediitiujio contort twuuxaiMsmo mnoifiT* in
.£*Sh\ ,
House, ,-ij

[a&m CALED OKI AM HOUSE. [ft&wj
|$ «%&

Descana s*s redaoienados y
amigek felloes pascuas y
Wish fluir many Patrons & Friends
.A-Very Happy Xmas
A aw amia «i partieuliar, at ¡V
tons nos -dliente an géiáral más
souhaitons une KoM^joyouie^ot
únb nouvelle anafre héuróuae et*
■ prósprae. ^ .
3 T7 TTHR:
Es; ss. ‘Dominique’ and “La Plata’
Where to Go?
C . Marine Square.
NOS. 82 * 84-, QUEEN #T.
Jl K Í1MW»»«(-.
\**«*ÑJ5* VO

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= - ‘ Bots

pay uk rea oon

1 FO ih = “TRINIDAD FRIDAY, JANUARY 3 ‘to0kvs.

ED re. py | CARA FE MEIC :
‘RIES vl i ee th (nora a ge betari) SKEOCH Sol


+ SEoces wares ° a mT 3
M 8: “6 “Tagus. , ee _ FoR f ° ” head
EE Wie Up: -to-Date Dry Goods & Big Valuoi, TL

@ sniive

i SANTS. _ SROUSE, P ato
with" pucR’ cop isu, RICE currineé:« oe Bg


’ . to 4 a
‘ ; q fe fe tts She: ' emt §
»> YARMOUTH BLOATFRS, . a Counsel,

hota y
See the:Wonderfu! Value it in New Goods on our £SCrs,

PORT DF SALUT CHEESE, ROURANGIR apinat dpa ty Gre | and T2c. Counters. Never before have we offer
OAMEMBERT CHEESE, 9 Tees Dividends declared bvery yeat
& in fapear ot Policy bolders

“Frosh * Butter, i, * 5 k ALEX: F, MATHISON, :

* Fone OM osieee | MEE . rattan ~~” {Absolut New Goods, ct" ex
Mitts, Bel Ss, | inidad Balding” and . ely ood ie Taam >

- Stephens, Lint br cnt Load Association, ~ HAVE JUST OPENED: ibs. 3 see aay Pr
THE STORES. | j Combs, OFFICE: NO.218, CHACON STREET. - or arine Syyoewriters
————— — . ‘|New White Muslins, New Piques, New(|&

HOODIE & yuLsia| | : |

INTERESTS: Fancy Musli L
| y Muslins, New Laces, etc, etc, etc, VICTORIA
Limit. OstI x ER SZ |S HE ERE °F setae

* FS the half yoar ended on the |S. London Chamber of Oo: Le
— = 9
: Ses) Wholesale Trad :
FOR RENT. niw payable on opplention tte | Olesaie Lrade Braniuatoas

TION RENT —Nkolault, readence, do. | Association 8 Utfics. *

Â¥ $ creet, coutalaing four rooma! WILL BE HELD win MAY 4xb
Fi othcee nod ail modora « iavenreuces, “ALEX #, MATHISON, HAVE MANY STARTLING LINES FOR You. |#
t Socretary & Treasurer,
: sond tu thoir ns Sagal.

Lit with Electric light. Bituar jon fa enue
est oil ie _
‘aye ia 1B Yoos befWt osadeyny 29th to th
any. lst, 1908. oabday Ay 2
a Se
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— aan

Just Regeived.




aS Pavers

fF vteNDING Te Cancklates m







Secrota Re cami »
==> |SKEOCH & Co., him aiie
ASANER copes rt ?
TRINIDAD LOAN On, 3 Fe daria

Btreod Ly

FublicBenefactors and Fries of the Poor,

rns enn seneennneenennneenen
FOR RENT FOR BALE,—1 House contains
‘4 rooms nituated at Woodbrook
PUK RENT =~ Cottage No, 201 Belmont 6 Aveues aod 35 Galina St.
* r a8 2 | Circular Road, contaluing ‘three hy ‘abe phen For cs Bp
- : wa dreesiay rooms pelea wae ‘ —
‘ [Sees and out otlics. Rens }: Bi dre Bes. 10= 1m ~ : tary


OR SALE.—Hausg @hd LandANo, 4t
ah St Vincent Surects very comfortable
wee contalping every poralble eoorcal:
Adappiy to lene gedwile
ther particolare app, Ny t

dW lisoa Lede ce
E.—Pilantativa fo Tobaco

, BR eas Les Cotesnz.” 600 sexes of
fertile land cart cultjvatad fn cocos and
Coounats al: roa aboat 3
tuiles from Kin, Bebe For: “partis

gulars alars apriy v2 Wo te god wile aan WwW: alec Ltd,

EMBRUKE Vi Se po Aes
im Avenoe, 88 Anv's~Land scm!

month, whey B4"Quogn Btrech—= Dear,” be delightla Ten tab Decewm bet 1007,

FO ener . , the Governmans t Bt Lucie
a= DOG
pn n 36 serving p 7 Lead
( ) I a S Ss OR BENTS Organs Bowe “ cc 3 Siar ie
' baien vl otal okawes | ° s ra Boateatte C - y ma
ua ao genrenienes a sens for = = . none
8 acres bounding on the property of of Bid ;

o allowance-whes a 7
p, and a free" page: from ea
oho A. Gorcou. Hoase containing Dre’ u ucla

‘ : 14 Road (78 Me Sang! toc'ee 1# nak the ntand will be tong a
s 6 bedroowe, bor ‘ . Ba .. a im tnd noe now! investment} r Applicants Yoou | ke
e - recto ceas, lay carriag. bo A, “By Pe eratNar its Avemese? Byde Sew Si Thiab oad -& Londen we
7 sia ait— / , * peg ee uaig Aaah | teraceta s RE
fart patent oly to ABON, / ‘oN ge and cate family residence, Foa S ALE OR REA T. Be ‘|

eeeet at H. PA Ltd. recently thorenghly, Touovated. New tow wy
ere, ‘al Dg, ‘oes on ano
40 Moun, Vooiniie Gee . A a I 7. m8 . «| WodtApply tS Bedro Prada bees 302 OHSALE OR RENT Cottage antar-! aay JOU Sus -
es . Ime - feaonate tone LG Moreomn), cogtaln aya Sigctaty EY elves tecort
FOR. SALE son RENT *® - Hundreds of Stock owncrs: sail, ‘over tho Femi Na arte (Verner of ra oe Hel ah oo ar on ap ee the Oe of of Bef Di

le Btreet), IL
a wae Island are now using’ drawing rooy dinisy rede pen "dais of Beane Westy Des is tw "The Hoa pa Cabrel

bedrooms, ous additional i fs a to Mn 3, Motxn marked" 7
199 Belmont - Ciccular yard, servants’ rooms, », kitchen, | Anges sprig te ao 9M bth to

’ fs arden, sewarsee, electri in Pow SS . Garcia”
a 00 00 Je wh AN T EI b ON Oo @xperen:
Captela 8D, Bt James's as
0 LAS SI Ei Hgts cream Jee ae ister "AESf8
House 4 ae a *
t above Government Gardens, Be, figures and here ae at bol N OTOL

finaetares chen” ai nkeat Haig, APRY be M¥Z, 1, TRAFFIO REGOLATIGNES™

dresaing-rooma, arawing, try,

Regularly with th Fest satisfactory RESULTS. Tt %s feally and And vertndab all rouade” Pleott of wats | CqITUATION WANTED Yaueg mat | URDINANCBS 1 ie
uly The ndorful Food for CATTLE, HORSES, Mie GannrenDeee #42 Ua.” bint Sere ate Peet Lightlog up “hours ® 3
SHEEP, PL&Sj POULTRY, and all Stock. cublers Gaick abd necurate et Aguree:| 4 C7S
No. pther Frod has. attained ‘such popularity as HI" Beret no Baveonab. With nbn ood rtegacee, addres Vell, 8 thi

Int Uctober. Apply to Goodwille
weet Wy Usoa Ltd, Caledouiea House,

f OK SALE, — “Chaiuwpe
‘lang Baa iz a? Gras, roceotly ocenpled

containing Dicing
Cee het, threa Bedrooma,

pal Uuv
three Dressing: nroomme, | 08 ms, an!

tasted ba coon
ted fn cocoa,
ee and a ropades have recently beea
rouehly overhauled ‘aad
order, F

cose hones, elactsio Light and sewerage, | osice.
Ponsession fet dan ie Apply wo Cass.

' rrr eee}
re VSrouaEr aN Office, 8, Richmond | 7 Merry Xmas 0 aud @
MOLASSIN E MEAL, |. |e tecrera| ath Nee ver lee


ery sitet oa Ae A ae CLAMENS! eae
, Witte COTTONS - One reason is, \at it is the only food‘ vhidh Keeps Horses in qomreDee! duh-at a "Taintba "

Porfect Hoath without Doctor or Drug and FOR RENT Lasksow Cottage Ee any Be Trinioan Dye Works,




t Jon Pvioesn.

} Goon * LINES 4 FOR SALE, >
The regular use 0 Molassine mei as such health Peete Stes Ong til
_ syon~ internal conditions that Ibrses obtain the full nutritive value of their entire food, Hatate, sitveted te tod distiich of

rico Contaloing 7,200 full bearing usoee{

Sendtfor booklét of ijtimonials and all other particulars, to ‘ heated tet, tee * al ¢

Country _ Dealers,
i es ere thnenaee Bae |
vont - bath,
*e * a ae

. i . roe. BALE—1
oO ot ade OYE wie
Bin, se 89% . @) Oo. Ay de Uolaelere
2610, 1 Che. " . i 09
oom, beck and front Callerles, Pao
a :s VA iret ei m
: “y ,baynach supine ie .

OR b BALE “Tocepane. Com fortable
as isa “a

Are ve" Sw oreey Gary ard
‘ an a


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‘a . IR booms: /
ER ~ we Be gee een fess yr is OS NN, ass ak, Ong & Line ~ ey y \ . Ly+m cece & eo © me +. eel
Hig Mineral Water 4) ever % tere PRECAST RY meen men Vf os ive tudxoeldasm, * “+
: ay Ne. * hk fhe soralved frown ‘Memon, Peal y sAo%, Fentle aay onl rate | oe 1 ‘
peace ares Dee regezs 16 com 94 set! VAMIAICA eBIQARS | tetris es Monte celia eats | SAVE AL OUR, DISCOUNT
en me , Ae re mone. See Nefert uractn, eens AND THUB' CAN SE). FOR
rons bee dt fa
BRANDY ox ° | BY mn“ Seiya gta

auies a LON Mets omiegers, Toh mando nasvle Peper \ ,
F hh wee they HA, for 7 : .
A few: doses only of the fllowing het

5 - v

ie a = CREDIT.

Persea ots eamegae ns « ol GAS] versus, Nad;
vesidente of (he district’ for td ae ue
had een kepriiy ‘berenized w tale

IAL- me. \ a + 4

% * antty tines ote vere ta be reco eerwiags CREDIT ay} CASH PRICES

atins be any Invert theres
‘rte Speclal Aruma Cigars.


ww 4 ‘ \
Renta Vietc lentes oldest inbabitants 4
- 7 Fe va Vio rag i ’ FI) 2, Wimendene wore mes le erp GOODS . “LA MIDAD” sud HIDALGUIA n ‘avoritos Flor. ered some rhare wore roveral bonche ¢ LY (
mh le LÂ¥GITI au Av the Cag: Poti. on the ait. | the Rerannah edjereas a the Yeser wir o 3

‘ . ee Onn mmme . i jo.
WI LSONS, Ltd. altine, Janes rt by Cimetae Lar ee : 1’
"~ 7oees tussoatees, | Eevelrh Lechuo apt al Jenn, inl | Risin retin btu, wee to (AT THE CALEDONIAN HOUS

~ roagh!y well represente’, Bat it te evi.
tofies valnot ively at $256 and a te” mith

CUUESCRIGERS tn the ~ Fott-of-Gpeia LOLI AR Cok: anpencel for | feat thet “Saew Talle™ are iN mom

ernaode ed

Ker Thorouchnessa.


popalar, fortae with tra ereeme) a gord

Garetea” in Bon Fe a5 cee Peltor, _ Same evtleace for the presen: trade ara done in that slmnle preparation,

tled, 2 Shor} e sport -
fi carb ptions for I) a be Ull the 7th inst 3 bail with aeurety iar £3) mrenced and the grectect Interest and ca:
paid ad’ ance. 998 mae ench, thoelaem was esiored in tha programe, .
stellt dain Om Tuentay Janis the’ City Magatrata snd to {he great redit of the people thers
Se .

Current & Events. ered the detention at the Tovey the attention ofthe Corporal and crnstable
wot! .

Fairbanks: Soap,

n— 90's 25's and ,168's,

Blue Mottled Sand] Brow
Asylum of the boy named George. who werelo attendances, The eveats were
oe + « . .
Â¥ he had a] thet his yrand mother ba ar
wor Sate by 7 To-nay «i te Live blot dusmbocelled for | keenly contested, and tbe Heek Races ee.

ly were eetatod all that
horse racing parpones, He pecially prey Taree hed to weet opto

Hopreme Court 10.30 a.m. nt ‘
o “ apt. Rerveant 1 the | *rect i de. Tt ‘al!
reed S psilaring en found wm len mticfy popular demon. je. Tt wae generally

Sale of a Loftand in the ward of
Hontaerrat Mowrs F, J, bout & Son,
pay ‘


fan of the most successfal
¢ proper guardians! day's wporta held tna cenntry district for


~~ many 8 aay 3% meet oo ime to, please —FOR—
mat * ~ i Kale of the Semuage known as 64 Henry the people who were inthe best cf m .
Ys SOou ras vwaAL. Street Vy Moora, F, J. Beott & Kom, p.m, I 2 aE ra eaie cenudk place st ¢ 1 - re ‘
: = Toye at Leper Miny! . b Mitine’ Frikinoe wee | Good Value in Gent's
¥ Distnbaton of Toyn at Vis | temper Tire, 1 case hardware, pkesee driekeon’s Band discarsed euatble masie
Pm, sandrien, 9 cane tobacoo and the ollowang which greatly enlivened the pioveedings.

es For Bartaio Mts, J,
SEE PACE 2 FGR dian, Mine Alice opford, Ste (eold-on, Se, | Meme. Papin acted ae starter, wily

ion; and Ir. Val Schaefer Yor and Mees Ditzen. Renees, ant Libard
Board, of Hdueation ; a Mr. Wim. Mitchel, Mint | ated aa jad zen of tha several eventa, At
ClydesTa! ¢ Annual Dince, Forth Henville, Stra, Turpin, Mra Mitch the clone of the eontests and jaat before

33 deckora. the diatrihation tank place, tha Recretary

—— 1, Fiteritllan, thanked aif why bad
The sm ‘Grenada’ of the Trinidad | Mo Mimred fomcke ine diya’ ane

ms of News f
items orn line, under command of Capt. MeGrath, grand success it undonb'ediy war, j
Tn another column will be found, a fall | depouted her anchor in ine gulton Tucwls fiom tha enthusisem which grecied the
acroant of the fire which broke vat at | last after a pleasant anil’ from New York | wang events, It wre ‘he first of what was
La India” establishment yesterday morn | Vis Grenada with 12,202 packages general hoped would ho an aspual fiatare, Be
Ing. We wnderstand that the hotel and | merchandine, 4,000 cance cronine ot, ort thanked especially Mr, Rapeey fur his Sind
spirtt hop areinaarel with the Lancashire | pieces lumber, 233 galvanized sheets, 1 ferminion yranted for baring the sports

% dion of enrriage wood work, 33 sheep, I 1
in ae Kora archon, "rose aber 1 | Mytaeire aa, ies, aodee they
ived the calendar of the [ boiler and 53 packs, mere! meres, and Wilaens (1) 4&1) Lid, for .
se ee Insurance Com} ny, | 220 pactensven mereban ine fot Tolaso, aod thet } a.

Hardware § Conimission Merchants,

Ready = to Wear Clothit


fusite the attoution of Chooa proprietors bt?

2 . a fino lot o! - F

G80 Kegs and vases Paris Point Nails assrt'd sizes

68 South Quay,


of Toronto, Canwla, for 1008, with » map | 1,243 packages merchandise for San net the Iocor the fatlee or Ban dee ie net
of the world (in colonre). « nando, and Oe ono eee eer. ‘ire, sootribated a pre fr hie tery were
From the Chairmen and Diretom of | ¥ Prescott Sr F Golder. Mr W Mor: | Tinneg « port *hish eonctivated on large
th Toyal Mail Seam Packet Company { gan, Mr halenkampff, 3fr, and Mra. Oer, Wy tathete oplendal day’ enjrymeat be
we have reorived the fartumsry Christmas Dr. Hive and dynes E f Pin Gees r cd to sesceinte ur P ketinea, the
tli a ‘a! et for 1908, Ts : “ 2 » orlglAator aq deserving ever ‘ible
Breeting an ~“-- 7 . Marrybow, and ebild and 21 deckers, praise and thanka fur tis real Fata and
We have tu nchnuyleize the receipt of hand work in tbe fateestot the eporta,
the Phealx Annrance pany's Pocket Me. P Roblosonend Mr. Ditzen also epoke
Almanac and Discy for ts, Cassava Polsoning. in Falngtetic terme, aed Men. C. Bonbonoe
oe —_— and Mr. A. U, J, Renres s ly -
The adjourned Port-of Spain Licenala: tributed the prizes in money and kind to
Bessions te intozlesting liquor and cocoa The following fe baken froin the Weelly the followtog enecesta ont Uitore to the
licenses, vers Framed ty the City one year and nine months, ate camara on | 2erompanlent vf deafening spplace,
Maghtrate teat marred gad - wy olicn. | thedoch at ite t's plece at Rives, ened
y Wanaary 3). Beveral applica | at Philir, and dyed after, Dr, | C@eerpeds

It be bed been tacking ia the
charecteriatica, the emall sume of &
at first collected mightatill Le dys
the tank {ikethe “talent fn thena;
tot Alr, Smith felt confident the
sonerrzation rent false the 2

Tonsark the bigh esteem and kindly |: © enccer w at bllende
fa whieh Rew Withsm Edward Ferpect nad een eee is

1» Carate of the Anglican Chureb, Si be Ateldescon of Trinidad fs

fcllowed by cheera foe thoes immediately | meeting, Nofloeatielly opener tunate in obtaining atch a val

well atuended, was beldia the &t. Joseph acdition to bie steff of clergymen.

Presentation to Rev. W. E. Smith!
at St. Joseph,


Telephone 58, -


fons were gran’ morte! Donkey Reco, Mr Tamby's “Mamond” ‘ love in ba gain, avd ! feel eute tba
ten ~—— Beret te De to Caner ceclare Uack ‘hacen (? faite) we Calendan'e tte ctl on sd © Smith teels keenly tha separation
Of, The number of pamengers who arrived |“ jrutert Battin, aged 6 Youre, was ef: .. “ Plestwine," 2 Mr, Leonard's * Billy" rete Ailthe etre of, an bie veGrep love ;* tat we 311 bop
‘ - in Port-of Spaln by railon the days of the | nitted at the General Howpital on Monday | Uist Reoe~(100 yas) 2. 3Bfe, C. Fortnne, pe at Holy Tripity Pot en of pre: in doe conse of time, he will haves
5 . ‘ tevently held Part Ctob races, have been | just suffering from cassava powoning Ie 2 Me, J, Simpeon, senting him with w puree ands valedicwory | ‘barge ¢f a Parleh of bis own—an
, ’ sstlaated at 6,083, a odgsbortly afte. admission. An fuquiry Flat fuare—(40 yee) 8, C Fortune, 2B, | address. The meeting which wes opened titi eR fr poker a

¢ > Mr E_snith, Custouw Dauhing Waiter wae opane! by Coroner Brlage Oto after 8 o'clock, was presided over ty the

lant, when it wes adjourne:

Pps {

Tuerlay Bebo 2 ops Bat Haco=(100 yd0) 1. Cawp Rev, W T, ites, Heetor of the Pacish ef eae each as Holy Trinity, Po
7 vane ackei the Good Shepherd, Tavapans, t+ which i

Heck it le: Mr. " * 1 deeply regret (ha¢ I am oss!

eck Daneel mile) Lenusrd’s SaaS the church at Bt. Joreph ie attached, be with Mn this eventog to ula

at La Brea, has, through iliness, been
nted Jeave, Mr A. O'Brien, Asaatant


. janding Waiter who has relieved Mr,

The Cratsmsn explained the par,
‘ort of Mpain yeaterda Throwing Cricket Ball—1, 1. Gand eet ted yeuln webiog Mr. Umiih every b
‘Dan Youtervayy Today's Court Liat. Donkey Recomij tlle) Bir, Pabkiza’s | thro"t Todipoultian eRe Be bea for the new year, and success ‘|
é Ae ermment nati eae lished in AUMMARY SCRIBD! Three Leg ee 1, Messra B, Cal; mba bad promised ta ‘take tbe ebaie, He | Sew Wa Yonte very sincerely
. , another solumo Ing that the Govern CTION, ce Leg, ee, 2 Lord! sho} 0 ve
. 4 e 4 ment of bt. Lockie requivea the services of a Peneo, " oper” Lo ship tbe Bishop of the Epwarp & Sata!

The reeding of the jetter wan gi

—_— and E. . 1
competent Land Sarveyor from Trinidad | First Cover parades Cumberbaich, Brus Hack Rrce~(p mile) 1. Me, Taro- Diocese, the following letter which was
Sellier ¥ 2

loudly applauded a its cosclusion
a 7 a for one year at least, at a liberal salary, Picou v Raez, ere, Ramdaoy b's “Diamond *, BN, Joneph with, punetuated by, and concluded’ s
aa 1 y C € . mn M ——- ¥ Hoodooosing, Prada ¥ Coaner, Jeanings, | Flat Rece (} mile}—Me. C. Fortune, 2. Me Treedsa Sppleaee,
‘ ‘ . Joba MoE: Figaerdo H. David. 0 be Chairman then formally call
. T Hit NI K OF TI Ri} cba, Wr mtoctioe ke shor etl tires, Bedat'v Ghsoe | Male Race Ste, Rahoal's # foheey! Deoerter, 31-1007, | ais CH, Downes to read the aldrew
‘ de Last q

Gentlewen,—I waemach obliged for
Ube iovitation ta be preeqns af Lo-night's
Presentation. Iwill sek yoa kindly to
mites | Eatveted ia basgeont the lee ezeti

ve vin
oP, Rabloy To this nase, the Tibteatlon of one ey

* “ . oad Wid 7
- FOR THE- HOLIDAYS. Lyset re epics] set Halo Sdn” ala | FE ie Gre a

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The flay Mallia, Packt Company | Piacda 6” nnn OH & Oe | Gonine wograaitne oe ie daca | Mynticeenttt tet Covet vert, [se enteie By Oreaid sae
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Cases Benga & enga tar Ma C es eye) are prevented by he Immigration he Venezuelan Conaul. u toa R. proof of the matual yood underntacdion | ' “The addrece-was read as follows 1
mo, m= Ewe of ihe Valted Staten out landing ut Ellas, Toro, the newly sppolnted tm tees Pites and People?” 1° C26 Eaters | ay tatded St, Jeo pb,
Casot Frosh French Prunes——&b Tins; Spocial Malage Raisin Colon, for Venesuela, who nerived ty the Jamaios, Tanugry dad. Tem foiber aled that toy present B1o1, Dece. 1%

Smperial Clusters, Cases Freneh Medco, Cases

U, oRaLezo & CO.

bine Wine, To the Rad. wW, E. Emith.

Reverend and Dear Sy,—-We,
mewlere ef the St, Saviuas's cong
(ium, bave beard with deep regret of 3
reworal shortly to tebe on similar ds
fo the Harbh of Holy “Yrinlts,

Wa wosld feln ask you to remale
eou'igue yout goud work fo Ubin pa
Gon's vieeyard, bet we know (heb)
declelon bes been arztred at, afiee ¥
fat and thought/ol sensderation,

Taking up your duties here two ¥
869, frob from studiea aod a er mipare
eicanger, you bare ¢ndesied jonreel
all of vs, and fa tabing leave if yuo
svish Lo say bow tunch we have op
ciated, and beneGtted by, your ot

—w Royal Mail Steamer “Trent” on Sund. The following sre the ressfta of tbe

warn foe ete fu | acer monic | Mer, Yo eg ot toma | DMS De ate Sate
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Femploton Galt and tr. Willlam Erling | of stedicine’ act Feu held apontion | New Your's DeyiWelrome Hardiesps 6 | gpl Teportect. work aa ake ter of
+ amgng the teaching etal of the {' f & Zod, Ky tame from the Dean quite unexpeciedty
at to Mp Bmith who decided the metioe
rotirely eplofaenced by myself {ibough
the contrary bee been sald) Walle we
san area hie 2 ed Speed ces mod
en all wie: fr
dealth ia Port-ol-Bpaia, € Baw fire

Mr. H. E Varker, sub-editor of * The
Mirror,” left bere on Tuesday by the aa
“Yanariva,” for Demerara, to take op
an appointment on the Demerara Daily
* Argoey.”


“ale { to Jaguery Fouy Handicap, 2 mileRicherd A 4
A, rush Swae tale at the office happy New Year to all,
of Me tint rel 98° Tunelayy Uy mee aa eee cfeais Kretaloed Part Heseiea oe eis, 2 Youre forte

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es. See 2 ° ines { and presented hie ‘Ger q 1, Indy, Bird lst, Waele Call Sud, The Chalroan seo ORE He Tamra,
2 ? Joby Pria
r re n , tbe ‘enesuelag Bialen, Gforlon ee, pes, Galloway very sorry thas they eould not have the
1k ’ x . . ® * pedey might. hopes the dries ‘ ‘

thops will | 204, Battle Royal id, Tine VO Wer oe Cee ue who bad done


90 truch for the Charol 4: & of tb fai ib os, +

yapececerecuceces Anau bye Town Sandi Btoles 5 furloage=Doralicn lat, Parieh, and who, te vee tore Pe , were ibe Duty dernesh séal and antir

R te raion ey iron ty rune Seslee al Dr, Pilido, te Sud, Tine 1.07, always glad tosce stany time He bed, | devoilon displayed by you is eve

of an article wbies apposral in the Reening Biandant i conmny ia aod Around Tri "hoon eye —_— however, senta letter which be (the thiag towards Ube. advapocement oft

Ye Bt, James Gasedd, Loudon, La0cfSptomber 71h, 1007, took place on New Year's dag, Tha Fire Bug at Work. Pbalrmuen) would then proceed tovead iw | ebarch=fot lustance, the erection of

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Ovineidental with the pawlog of tha

The Veuesovlan steamer ear 1907 and saifatibe same tipoe to re. tbe epee tnd Bardens “i
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WASLINGTON, Ssterdey meshes ta th ony te | et mentee ofnetg® piawering | Hevea Penta’ e semers daprsated that T au nas] See cansbutsivoeny av doef
for tioned canta for the Britlsh Asmy hae bees ase with i 6 few bog renewed operations og ght te ba presen tile erenieg, te wiah and ict
ve elt i Lehn (abby Interests, throagh the Director of Ropplice wast | ty TE, MM, f Fleet at sgialens the th of ohete eb ea Tyagarete, toed, it the Paria, ase tour able thee Tem lenorer. zine &
Cables from LOddoe Maly that tbe Britlsh Government te bighly sutleted Wdeckors brat ous Work wile be bas ate in Talat: | bope Une the atc ae lastiog: |

the eappliad ty the Cofcaag packers, . nom .
wha wa: thes vibeial peloted lo a sem} aga t= wees . Wht on etneday lena ' fice, ben 4} thusbe bas been with 30) Cates one et piling, Usk you te accent
Wo bed to. gp te for our eunpiies sreanee wt, hess Cae Me Dav = IER al by ane, flnrered thay Beat be, patlhlonere 3 can csrtataty ceatlly oe 04 pena}
i. ‘o wpte! i.
tas to pack our ‘a: pew uf ree tarde sand Bg Wesecee oy fore the arrival of ab: beetion from ¢) :

4 Bid | cectrel £19 station which wes tneher a dittguuce which bas mathed erary step
" hale | Jeepestor C, HL. Greig ibe A B of ble work, at
oe Teels, # * Jott bere Toes cam ned fect will by | we ar by the wen alike ewan
, " Tha teception Me, Buelth will mses :
rg ; sick dial tininn: | erence PPran ten ete priatad Briere pouch d been 4 with tonight te one mors proc! thas Swart, Misty Alete
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. . « f oy . oe masa 9 cadte | Lasurases for 60 | od by the Re ppl! ‘ '
ry . “ 7 } iUnene wae nna! ae’ forces, tram r Setiuging Boek for 400) with the Pau tale toeur mgd er nd
Pare Food Produ ts ; rade teeta) | mee ponies Beth teed [Es us ae hd Be
3 are oe ¥ " ILS, Ser STARE LacIQA AMT We Oyen ai ie
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- we
SS — a aa — ee =< —_ we = =
Te of kk nt up to warn people, aa thera waa af sould servanoilce onthe scented fo pro ne
FIRE AT LA IKBIA, Eenrt donon of oF Siigulee Pres | sgn since, be ue® WH aml Kero Fant wera eon, ther, waa, | gould erva lle. EVENISH’S STABLBS
ed the accused. Nergeant Janey snbne- { Tho Megistrate. Isthat hore t Rpsolard was gring towards a batroom | Me. Alcazar t If they are fn our custody. s . a
PROPRIETOR AND MANAGERCHARGED quently told ine, In theic presence— The Inspector Ceverat ; Sept, Sergt. | where Thed come from, tasked Ia the we will prodara them te-moricw. wih 3 ir #. EN. rR y 5 y, “ Ze EE T *
WITH ARSON, 1 Dell, I think. has it. The fire, the Inspec | wey to the ram shop, end be sald he want: | Your Worship admit dem to ball ‘ . afte yg
‘ _ Mr. Alcazar : That was after the arrest?) tor General resumed, + ine “ 1 enn inde, et to yo terbie fear, T fold b ite mont pane Megietrate? Dogs the palice oppeso 3
3 Y . sed, and | show me the wa. 100 ‘shop, he .
aif Slegteta pte, Berke, eal F The Inspector General yee that -_ mae Ulsan pavnralabed ry ‘soca turned and. fork we R a steirouse thas pans, Tos tae Generel 1 think the F or the Host Up-to-date Torn
Cons serund aern fterlte iw, Thave not setteken pos | leaticg to the fac 20 our way to should be substase . 3
Mabaiecys chaceh Ne” fobin Fereire and that he bad met the s net dt he and as peatlon of HK dlebrie ns T popes sektog | atnircane, they: mes the ercaond accused, The Magistrste sald, be did not kaow 2M UE orxs,
Mr, Menry Nodrigaez with baving ‘at [ gor rig and he sail, there was no key 4] Profenor Cormedy ta examine | before | Thad not seen bint Minty I asked tim for the | waateridence would be forthcoming, bas
# Dinke Street. on Thureda » January Ynd, f and that Shorwarde he went with Jouex | removiog ft, The fires aecased acemed heya Hehad a Uundte of clothes ta his hand | tbe evidence up to now bhowed (ho fad


Mer | Just you'riug up PHONE 65. Ina “jifl) ” you caa have tho

Jous! k Int datthe charge, and, and! asked him to take we downstairs | ence of the defendants to the fire, ° . * ee : Hy

6 fos contain any, te a eae fate ster some ite tote rors van uid Beate teats nea bead wae aiddy, | Ile potated to the back steircasi=tat 1] The Yoxrector General sald, there wera OARRIAGES—DOUBLE OR SINGLE, ‘

* tes donble going with me. Hetook | otber things be would rove, such an the

extablshment, with intent to defraud: | found The first accused told me thet the | [permitted him to bavea faw cigarettes | inelate zs u . . sre + wy
ared not toad. | bai iro, | an bo raw be felt shaken. He alsa bad, I | matoa room in the back, downstairs FOR WEDDINGS, CHRIATENINGS, ETC,—Yuu can get the most

Aco were cantioned top Pailding was the property of Mr Ribeiro, Torn cut in Rabber-tyred Victorias or otber Pasitonable Vebicdles 3

Tyee poem ia the. ar stock, ete, jpieeoatd not give evidence of

M heli & glass ol whinky and waten where cand the firet accused who was | the details himee

Henry Josten eee Inetracted sien tts and eked tat erly arte’ wits thought be might have Tatated, and Tal. | aittiog inachalg with his hand ander hel The Magiatrate . Isuppose they will get
The Inspector General aaidi—On the fin his bedroom, the Gret accused said | lowad him toritdownin a char They | few. Idid nov then know that he is the

bail in C200 ese FP" Tce enforced UY the macegemere Joe ae BET ea aad
= ~ ence caforced by the management. Just giv ENISh'S STA
+ morning of Jansary 2nd 30, w little | ifthe placa had been bunt, I would | both asked to be allowed to drere them. | owner, He did’act know anythic aboud wet Alenzar Fut is somewhat high, a trial and be convicecd of ats thorough up to daltn
before & o'clork, 1 received 8 tein £200

cas, That's sare.

ine outside se we were t:

hie’ roceed wt been inenred with Smith Bro-{ were ladressed jackets, trousers and | was no

ols pees ot nth Ebro Duke we I did not ash Iam how mach, | boots when I fret saw Huem. Hg vee in break wan jie door of the shop,

Street, lort-of Kpain, and found the Fire | [have eommunicated with Smith Brothers, | Which the Gret pegused,_ rest ees i pert ti playlaz 0 preniise

rigade with Bub-Inspector deo Vass and ] and bave since acon their egent Whilsé ia | the sbop down Moe th seco tend be

Sergeant Jones in charge, at work. 1 | the back part of tbe abop, just bebind | 2 underst 2 te soe ngete and be

entered the bukling and found that there | where the fire waa, I saw Rut Tuspector | rerides ope alee “ a iat : pomjon

had boone tre bebind the counter axainst | Warcer tabieg charge of the monies in an | the key of the beck floor w oh he band

the wall where something, apparently | open safe, The firet accused volnatarity | over to Supt. Sergt a st my a ot

brown paper, bad been burnt, and also | stated that Usere was some more money in |. The Magistrste wTbat is not the hey n wee

under the shelves adjoimng where were | histoom in bis Jacket pocket, IF weot | that wes found? . erponnt Jovee The firet accnsad

atorel whisky and wine, some of the | there and took cut of the pocket, $00. | | The Tarpector General ~-2 do not quite | turned to the eeccnd and asked for the —————

bottles af which were broken, Supt, Bergt. Bell took charge of ths | know shat transpired. ie said to ines tote see replied fbes it wes rere {point- City Pol:os Court
i ¥ imuupt. | sent for Mr, Norman, the | Furaued the Ins; ector General, ne. had re- . n of tha reom) jost now. .

te Memrotrate «Was an eee the Bapervisor of Excise, and be came andex: | ceived the alarm from a policeman who | Togethor the
sholvps and partitions were burnt. There | ardined thaebop. All the ram caske were

ing to
fod the

report, int have lows 600” Heuleo anid the place | telver decently, which I permitted, They | what was going on cutale, bu

The Magistrate: Thatis, one surety fa
L200, Ol course, Tdo not know what the
the eviderce fe, and araop, yon kaow, la a
The Magistrates To bi W "are here eappo ,
¢ Bagistrates To bis room could you fr. Meszar soppore one «uret
hear the noine, y would do for both, Pree Y
Novyeant Jones: Yea hie, rhe Magistrate : Ob, yes, if he is worth

Tha Toepector Geueral. Well whit | £i .
parsed between you’ Mr. Joseph Gregorto Vernandez stood
sarety for both the arcnief,

Davenisb’s Kiables, ,
31, Menary Street
Tacue 5


officer on beounw og the Ooleay, was done
hecaves i rival mighd tring some
infectious diera-+ tla. the place, suck as
ellow fever. A y person who esrumitiod .
he cifsoee of witch he wae found gality,
wieliable to a fine vod exceeding £100,
Tho taw made any boat that could flat, a
ship for the yurposes of that Ordinance,

ond explan d theta vintt from & els ting | x, “PRICES CURRENT,

New v0 nk Janauy
Flour, Bio id Clears for West *
Tad» jer barrel 1 $3 2~,
Meal, iX1'n tried per barrel=3.28—.
New Sranon's Pork pee bel,
art Meas Pork bri, 14,4
on 2

gotupand together lhey Crvatale per I

(Before ie Worehin Ar J. Berleey Esq.
f B52.) wot

There was none idea that he bad com. | Sager ’
sake time ; tecrhone message te pent & roel Took for itdn of same sore The aaltted a wander ia Veurrasla pad bad ee Neen Per m 3
ith the exception of o: hich 0 Sire Brigade fon, an ash ut ande to me. I have po ~—, run away, but no stepe had been taken in Ne
ms qe} [rector Gee ead tT = ym h We ence et at me “Ineby doneso, {asked Sr. Normar, anda roan { idea where it wan found, ‘They were And . Toceday. the matter, and as eo adjcason ens hed Cotton Midi Uniana,
cere the owner and shortly after xaw | There appeared to be no stock in the backs | whees newe f underatand to beFetnander, | one minute in Jocklog for ite eae sent] PANawa Hats Excttanoxn,—Cosatable | not been ashes for for thar purpoa, he ad Liverpool perlb. wo. 8
the two accused at the back door, store (i meag stock in bulk) except afew | to take stork. and [asked the first accuse: | more towards the wall where ¥thiok | Wiiham Haynes charged Samoel Fiatte, | would deal~with that case as it war. He i
+ ‘The Magistrate :—Are they the owners {| bottles on abe eheiver, In the back store, | tt ihe wished tobe repreventod.and bossid | there wane tab'e, 1 told bim i¢ wae co

7 there were a c-nple of casks of wina sod | bewasqui'eest efied with him. [bare since
the gunet! net of the beakins, iar ‘of is 4 few barrels of beer in the yard, He aluo paderatood fiat fs o pe connectlos.
shop—at Teast, ho told me ao. 2 poin produced rome gold ‘pleroa,—2 did not sea | Books tor vuked for and found by hapt.
Ort to the fret sorused, continued the | what they were, I thick they are medals | Beret. Bell.

Exch: New ¥
an ex-coliceman,—an appellation with | floeibim £5 or one tonth, javiead of eee ear york and

London 60 daya os eee
usolomenst didnot haow which d 7 . :
it belonged ta, Tha vecrnd accused thes Pellet ae eee ele fa Paani ye [for weet iltig, aad "dori ‘is

Exebavge, New York and
velf—with bariog etolen a Panama hat [for a mooth awalting, and duriug ble London sight

Went with me, the first followiirg the Jf -

from the shop Into the beck thagiel. jnta | Suite ct thee (eee re Me Gordon | tle

« Enytbing taclens be dente na (ott Grad sceused poloted outtome aa being
toik him to the spot, and hesakl ‘=, | tled withetrlogs, were bangitg fiom the

counter, There wah alson tumbler shown

He salt that

A think I wahted avout an hour, while he
searched Jn an out of (he shop, im bis roum | fire wae ati | buroing,

ve Loxpoy
. t Smith, at the Queen's Pack Sevannah ov
Toxpector General, that there was a fire | which beeald bad been tekea from the} The Mogisteate Dound whore? froom which wase'ored. Ho toch ah Y | December 26 b, Vefendaut pleaded not | Daa — Demerara Cryttals 185
and that t thoaght it only right to telf | klassease. They werealeo taken charge Abe Inepectoe General : Ta various sum 4 pucckeoa, opened. the door and we gatity, It was addaced in evwence for WANT D Muveovado
mire tin anicaberah exnua We fo pd ot cuties noel ho voto vn | trordce fect af Rng sunt | ore nde hore ea pesos |S fret ata ae 5 " Fioeting terms ta Dond
1 3 . FO, he ‘ 2 -
arrest hint unlees he coukl explain it to Ploce of cundig.on one ct t force Ltn ‘the | make annctice evarch about the build g, | place a» T did not know {, i ont Trea toe, Fert Club races, ‘

jee ue and wan” ottenaed by 38". Gordon Smith Sagar Gowan Beet 8S pfo Late
ard the wate’ play: proaeh Having fa ag ee asin ee per sence 38 0/3, i
ad spstalre 1 bat. e te the, time, we lett, eon {be bailding. Teculd nob get bim | money, “Me Smith placed bie Panama bet 5 0 Jara Crean ee os ~
6 was unable to find It, lle oa! +0 a went t i Ta
one time that be bad been in the abop yes. | asked him to tarnou the light and heck cloner ed we eRe, tails of the en: 3 00 or ore

the door wes open and bold

Gannot account for it "> In consequence of,

terme per cwtis we 10
lonare, and wi. be,
torday (Wednesday), I understood him to | 8 I jomped on the sovseaueniye found thee” a Panes nee Ge a
witb some other person, therawsbop, Th dad G ,
. aay. person, Pe ere of very lofetior quality, bad been autati- ‘ —-Middilng Hed per ewt, 100
. be Maglatrate: Je jt withia your | slacesrd I ooald not see, tated forble, Hin was theonly het shore, Cott Medium Fine See “ :
Knowledges tha the hotel was Jababiied— | door in Frederick street. Y and no ong bat the three of the attendants laland old pool Th 17h
a that there were boardera these ? back Aes Dake street, end found that | waa allowed in the enclosure. 15 could Bank of ngland ratea ct ma
. The Toepector General i—Yeous I saw | throogh the door et,which I hed left a car | have been reached from outalde trough ° Diconat per cent 6 pes
' one alttiog in the gellery. I went, resume Feater, en entrance bed been effected by anopen wiadow, Theloan was reported to Conso =
ed the Inopector General, fate the Love, | © Fe attog of & hole, the polics + aad St was only on SMouday laut Three pee cent. Restos ta
; ' and late the doom of une of the reen ees ia anawer to the Bench, Sergeant Jones f that detectives Haynee ‘aud Watts met G d P ° P: id Paria
' tlespa ca the premises. 1 went intatbree | tuhl2~Nelber of the accused wont with | atta ta: Prace, Beier atect ete et Ood Frice Laid, a
rooms and they appeared to be nota | 2° ote t eshon Idilnos sek the first | wearing the lost hat, Hewaa stoppedand ars . TRINID. %
. . ” nie, except one, The bad beds in them, | Sormsed who ee tothe doar, but did rracedn Delendaat’s Nacorroborated et . Io the Seprome Court‘ of Trinldedy
. @ Megistrates Have you formed an . wasthat havingteea on a spree on the £, i hago :
6 {donot how the premises were closed pre 4 The n4pector General t~-Where wan the f dey of the races, he drank somewhat For particulars “pply ote Summary Tarlsdictics,
. “tbe . vious tothe Gre} PB bat ort of fre was et heavily, He remembered puttiog down No Spans q
. ‘ 3 . . The Inspector General's Only from f het Tones tm en Tfoond that the] bis bat on the enclosgre, and retorning % 625 of 100%, 1
e AS bay. t i nootont, E hed the water pas sabsequently and takiog una bat. ile JOUN McEWEN, Between i
s : spon aaa how ad ase ey | tee te goed eather nt | pan than kneel ean, “Re aaa Caletonien Charnbere, | NM Cure pele Pala
ron fo 0 vt tha counter, ome by friends, ai ‘ . = . ‘
t. re been pret : w had ‘sevoss to the | sowetbing which looked like elotfi, Wear big’ Posen, Saving had occa
~ . The lospector Vecerat

aa ‘
Fellcite Merrett, Theodore Nicboleggl
Allen Fitz Toy Coward, Doleudsd

BLIC NOTICE te hershy given

elon to wear bis Fanainy bat before on. 1 y

ae bot! found that tarniog againes the wall te pobelres “a ar not Sicover bla thistake before, TR NIDA AND FORT.

@ fit if been ,bdrn!, an @ was coming tp ta t!

eat autficieas to allow'a son te ret in, | the bottles thereou truken é vilis’ dbcorery Shee nen,
The Mgistrate p J

Y * . i
WM J J { J (Ee R? S + The place wag | make known ible di-cor; sa eae oe
fe yan a oe

have eecn | {atl of smoke. The fire was in Date

ery when he mes

Haynes, Watia end lowe? Ul ree oe Panter anata ete, ot the Poy ae Une et Wie Ji f

: aynea, Watis ani wen. . own of Portofl Spa! le eder a ionoue

. it preglt paliroaah i access wee got. et Ptrenans taiires noe it jog bo Watte whee had Keppened, whe pustic Nouce ts becely given that applica. | Mlzar Agositat iC Acting (hist
othe Taos: of Der: sl FER Olu: outthat, 4;

. sey thet, I om oatlfed that: alt the gat There was tod very much stolen hate The oper Pras me hae the

doors were closed except two doors, f
fhe inside, Alarge window bead * een

toa bas ben tmadeto me by Lowsa Slarrs | MMs berein on the 14h dey of liom
a ? ue Post of Span, &; : 1907, there will ba pusup f, Sale by
Zhere wes no povlhility of access errept [identified sabis own, The Medians oe ete or ihe will bearing ear Ae the doors of the Codee Tene, Port-ol
papa the catslde, There weie iron clamps | sentenced Marte three montha' hard | 13th Gay of Deceraber 1905 of the above named | 0" Tharedey the J3ih dey’ of Feta
sia ke bled each sone dened Igbour, Ana Maria Hae la whe a cued oa the. ah doy of | 1098, betwein the hoarse of One god
ti epore: ’ ing @ nee

re ae! atraiet : vuppove you are not | daty thie orca {Tuneeday | Srotry Cocoa Jo Rt Faure, fined piece of alacle at Fort-ol-Spaln ‘vlorssaide

Have much pleasure in
wishing their '

Twas on

i” Frederick,
THe Lloapectar General ¢ The only other | Pts Whee alot 445 he .

cpntractor, wie charged by Me itare

. All aod Singuler thet certalo pare
kek mwa frie Sask ‘th { . ‘the satie Lodisa Harris bang Woe to's execuirin | and situate in the Wi lorogl
- . viteuce I will pot before you ia thes of | [ehein Tia ghee of the "Le India” | veylng at’ Thaker Nile eatin on Be f aed poute’ ‘salto gives tha f po cavest is the Island of dna ot i or :
CUSTOMERS & FRIENDS |, [552k oa Ecarrin acran ce | ratte taco fee nae | aa ra ag
, [gloat the Benes, ate, Aleany old, m tiiicg wotk in Predaick [adiied. biergeneesprolete Delcadaat | deve irom edule ft pubtcatoe ifs | Noten upon bands et Bite Grae,
¢ aoked 59 questions ei workin Fredeick | admitted ble gallnHis Impriscament | sotice the Court will pecoosd to issue Probate | Roath poe lands of pees yess OL
~ Bergeand Jonen of the Fire Biloade ecg die oy ‘ard went ta | wiily hard labour for three monthe wag | Acvordingty. eh f wore nad ot
, tan ’ alary sald tT recelved [ telephoned to Ube Bove Bt aie plere lf ordered, Dated bis bath day of De moron, * i Dece: ‘
, } ve 4 . t ¥ tho O'oonks the Magletzate 1 At thet tine 4s dla Conerapciany TESTINONIAL mm The ™ Repitrer v, ntti
, a al Bh { s\ tat et ther st ireéy ainnt the streets~ cel. Bylvestey for thet eee mole ~ | esty 7
bety endaniet ive bre fog ‘the an al elon ofa | TRINIDAD TRI —_—
c Constatze brs . een yofcotos te pods as weil ae | In the Sapcewe Court of Titeldal and | TRINIDAD axp TOBAGO, 5
chon s Xo one atall, Whoo | 808 PE pots os Bt Anos, was condlada l= Tole ‘
he I blew my whistle he maationedjend gave | ME Fe 8, Lachayolle sald thant

go Io the 12, 88 Bus teme Court,
men look out frome ) Otlng with Mr O, Lb. Vari who tae summary Jentedia i Porbol Bpsia a

ememmrenyecereery ow Mamma Met wren a 7 Ae


(erences arene epee mes

or of the Estate of May,
bo fa} No, baa of} Sle Thomas, dste of Glace!
window of the hotel aire, tracted bin fn the . : . ese is
Tied Matst [shee se all dowel aa utenti | on men | oy npn Panaarigg Halae chistes, cheese 234
- = the p . replied | whether ewes ap ee Udon ow be tmposalbile owe ‘ be Arh ade at P Mpuic a a dpta bersby given Sh
[Sieice o ARS Ehsttrasrins osygore [peuscafstiararigse ponies gow |e At aN tty ae etl nore, sory Rie dodanie
s uy * M, zion of elther of i I Lith’, Adminiatratar General on The UBLIO NOTICE fabersby gives that anthe Intend del
rs ee hace ft W Aly the hed He if daloistrator tiwsal sageested ihe b deo of Ble Nom. for p Great of Laterte cf, Tobag s wi
ps Fi lag. de bé police shoukt sede. iii aban thas 7 ba older oo wer Louie the teraul Adminigratioull
Agolut KC, Acting Ohba Jwetion eohate of Star
; ‘ . telephone wal ut oe ii waite, t on the pt wheat late of 1 dogs alors
“. “ aroused ano and wee 4 firg | WOuld waist bim in preservion the comet | eevigeees ayes Bete vont bs
acs Cool Uhek trans adie | feet ise agacse ee} | Mea ae nena ee Sop Poe
& Ed he ' phocad, because wheg toeg epand eos the care, * tha ieotme erweed He bows or eee gad
* "yy “Sav . paired at the station, J td that the: ‘BEVESTION DeTTAR TiHtaN CrkimTog | Alleod lac that osrtele parool or
dateady revel t bearing wes od of i
ore _* Fhe Be bar Greig sn reamed o ting ob pet fot of lead ‘situate in the wand of Obs. .
r tap ae . : in thee gesloot Jaen Medina for tan ing grea Islacd of Trinkdad being lot Walto given thad/it uo es
' : without bel by om November 2orh 1907, | No.47 of the Wootlord Lodge Villag. 18 the-expitation of oe
th sade abe eq seen vi & vieitlay offoyr | aadal ating onthe North upoa lend of iy 2 from the date of sls pablo
jones svete Growl pea tet gyeviven Gi Unfair tte | aad essere aa i esa
as - Oarawent, chase Laer ard
{ ' , Ty the bearing wen sdjoaea BU tonday at ieee. : sepa Sone et wn ay be ae _ ;
i : “ aot 'y } COgry——The Mezlstrate commented ‘camber 1007, §
: ‘ W Fespestor Cuoeral fetated that ty (be epitouneas degrgis commented “ag Tyas THOM PRON
. f Pr ay 6 of * 2." ave offences Rogitise,
aay ® i * “ '
i? ‘


th A ny 54198

Hall et Lik TEMS. oe Thy ti a CILLIES| Maus tone ine and ways 0

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_ GRO Le a | eoeoe ta e- ‘ 4B m
. RY peainones ,Reacams a a phe} Hollew @onciete ot Qa eat sci, row the DEST CURED i
ae. vad. Chile i Mae-2 oot ae iw Wionecite tare por "vot delicous and neti
men â„¢ gtd a so EE FE | BODINE ROMS. |: Sp ree Gk | SUL WL cose
: ee | a ~ under Potente, » Batre sed Ucn Bee dee BOLD Ata
ok Bg zh RETAIL from all Grovers Bf. "oan =e fy Aenea and Controlled, nits Geeky Conae apt Coapets | *ALDERT LUCIEN & Oo


Pst fa Fancy Love
“tt a =e hese Bagiehtend Ase ete see Sesages | NOL, Coarlntte Be,

rare Froach ad Spanieh' Olives, Oapers and

Vos PERCE Ringe A008 iia cea Flam THE


pate ¢ news iH a .


. arena interests aS fro! . *;
— THIS GUIMATE, Tickles, Male and VPickHog rea and
‘ ‘pe SILVA & co, ‘ | eerenjéngens serie : ZEEE |r. MARSHA
# AL G. DE . I A y 2 ew : wes" Btalce Hated Houta Suape acd. Asparngte 3
: ' Proprietors, BOERBOYS OF HOLLANG 1] MaNDALENA’ — ... Jax. oth 1b08 2 Fresh B aad ¥ Rotomraphor,
Tus December, 1907 ” CATRATU” ee San. Bod » a Wines *e CHAMPAGNE —e Speciality, Of the “EOREKA ARP
: OMETHING sew, detletons, exten fos, | First end Bocond Olas ane A ‘DURABLE Call to day~ Buy the Beat, 20, FREDERICK St
— = - . to make vee wile, girls or or ore their part by te Cony hese of MARQUES | QRGSERY ESIRES thoes i
THE PEASANT PROPRIETOR we hite t Vicars Grocery a Pol Me 3s 3: feocke, tHe Port by . CLEAN, COOL &} paown ss0/ ‘oe. Oxford & Frederick te ¥ son i, te, kao ne
‘ ee El Durede Orovery Uherlztea St. . The Boral Mail Company's fine Pas - samy can be had from him
ditt Views,
the backbone of the Conatry, that le le tat vouched for by His Exeolleoey the the w PIT LELY, for Vers Crus dete (aOR, DRY HO USE COCOA ° PRICES of Ills, Excellencle's Te reception’
Te oO yee ean d ate the both of wie Bee as kAnt Rieter fat austarine perineal or treat. kn RGO Bteam CHERPER { SOLID CONCKETE You weet them high and you , Post onarad
feang ot y Peasant Pr ropriotr ad u good ant ir Is Bie a grostestfrignd We sore Bt FAR OO Oe gow hay : *| cam adeantareouly do some of the FLOATING DOCK ta tug
eo Bachac ow 03 ." ,
Pn feo att cents pot ines bottle at thd Creole Pharmacy DYSPBPCURA—Cures Dyspopels eta Colealal Bervies. ' : as verise aloo VIES EWS hand TYP
foe O1eea! at var . . 1
The Company's Tateroolonul Steamers Use Krauths
Iv ls the aly sure ody for Habivnal Gome anda 8
INNISS & SOG ee cc ene in [MBB uecer sa On SAMPLE W “- DENTISTR
5 (chew'eala and Patent Medicloce at mostireasoaable prices for Cash | OVSDEDCRS Yatretines snd. read (1). Detnerara, rearing ma tre MPLE ALL T GOA
“Fo Danian amtinest entrain | EE earn” | act RINIDAD COCOA. |OrJ al Gani
“ wiow—T), min cota Built on our Premises * oo
‘OGaveat Emptor! xem a sox, aati Nevis abd St Kitts : . The Quality 4s Unequalled, | * etter ore Deatal
. rare Pharmacy from Bt, Lacia, BEFORE BUILDING YOUR HOME, . | ees eed
Balmoat, Sonne nn tL, Tin 22 cents, $ Ib. Tin] omaoes 4

PERMITS for steam team teader for triends
to nee passengers of =2/6 esch, which

peers tt wbat one of wy Jearned friends called {t, in the case of the Police, vs.
can be obtained at the Company's

an for wring 18 Kt. Gold Banglos which were 10 kt, inmda . Trans
lated these Salis words meen


bey JEWELLERY you need to have ‘confidence that you are not
Teg oa a ander aie Chis ca for first-clase goods,

Will Soon be Known, go cect | MRL Shita cto


Fi cane e a Cha)
‘or rag

Cruz, Walrerised and reat
Can be had in bagu of 160

Now weall cao Keep out ¢ our Carriages Io
Repair acd bnght condition,
Send them to

Collie’s Carriage Factory


Valuable Properties

CARGO, will be 2 booked through by
tbe aa ee ateamers to all porte

PARCELS are ‘conveyed at moderate

epresented and sold aa low as consistent,
ratat tbe eee Ftowa isthe United AND TYRE WORKS, ‘rom BORDE BROTAR
8. DREY RW ah Kis :
(3B Prederlok Strest dowoller & Opticten. TUESDAY, 14th lanvary, 1908 For ali further informstion apply at Woere you sas rely that they will be oroperly Apwit atb, tnt Bn, Vincent :
== PRIDAY 17th h Jandary 1908, the Company's Office, nted and Bttet with tbe best errr

° - 4 NDER fosteuctions recelved from Port-of-Spain: eal Mand ee ee alas Mained

Joues ANDvEZ, Esq, Executor ; Sed fepairing Harness, Shoeiig of salnaals,
under the Will of ‘the ae Josephine Couniry order sotto thu Factory rulage ul jhe Kontak W West » {9
Laguerande the andersigned will offer for be paid wen ade far monthly payments Matidisns, =

sale ad their office, No. 12,80, Viccent
Street. Forvot Spas i 3
1, On TUESDAY, Mth Jaa 1
between the hoars of Land 2a 0%
PROPERTY No, oe Maries Square.

ie & (0

“Ro, B. 8, COLLIE,
Manager & Sroprietor.




pur. Office of the above

of Steamera will be


let January, 1908, where {

Aleas HOUS 4 a) — a 0 ot , 7
eatin at auePsts ore The largest and Most Popular S odeflons No ee a

to na eh ene , in Trinidad F E.GRANSAULL, ] THe ROYAL DUTCH
| rROPEET Ha, tie rine Square Sugar, Cocoa, Koopa only Rather Tyr “Tyred Carriages and] No. 12, Bt Vinorot Bureets an
nore Reon Cocoanuts and | cisternae ia antl SINGUINEA UB
ated ab Por! 7 Wrovision, Coe

of November, 1907, 3 Cl a) ba i 6 e

rig g soy, | Molasses, wea Scouse, . {ba Uaptal Tehaceo Coy ~a=

~— FFER fine Asso
AGENTS FOR~ BUCY FOR ; O'crout Ba oon Sc, brant La | COMMISSION 1 ME
THOM & CAMERON, Limited, a SALE Totecco in ios of 4and torn Silver |

pond Totes ta tics of 4 ond ozs, F' R Ss
above Tobaccos € )
QEOROE. "YOUNGER “ SON | with new fall leather top end io fue! my other me pire more ttes


delicious, wholecome strength-

eh ee i . ° 4
bs f ening and pure is Brewers, Alloa, good order. so & good, Piano. | Cigers are made of the Beat ores iq b ; { :
" X $5 cODO 10m
' ee me KRAUTH'S cach Topband Dolls Suto 3a, each, | AFTER SUPPER cuREROOTS :
— . 8 8) ws ~
.VEWANT , NORWICR THO FIRE | ambien aod pedonta3e ope YOUNG LADIES |g. S 8 Casks CHOICE HAR
“OUR: PATRONAGE. TRINIDAD CHOUOLATE) pase waxes scons |Groat Barseine | iit Eee | soda
. erville, Ontario. | in Palote, Enamels, aod Glassware
Becarse we know we oan give roa sboroua, » eauisfectios all of the brancasa Ratall from al Groeers 240 Jb BARBADOS Mt URUAL LIFE ABSUR- -ar= AT WHOLESALE PRIOES. 800 Boxes Here
Carriages, Vans, Carts, &u, Builé to Ordere| wroesale FROM THE Wholesale Dealers tn Americen 9 LA CAPITAL TOBACCO 0 00, 109 BOXES BLOATRR
punsea TIRE RENEW RB REPAIRED.—Horsee snd Mules Bhod fa eT ae Horeee, Bt Melee &o Se 6 , ZEPHYR P.
rellable manner Meer Cieecription of Blackenits. work executed. 8 NRLSON af. 46, Marl 8 55 Bgs SUPENFINE
Sh ~ Catle npn RANDOLEY Ta rine Square,
che Qittens Carriage & Shoeing Works Notice. BSS'O. Code, 1088 Edition. DAD. FOR THE NEW 83 Bris Canadian FO
Phenia, No, 159 « @k TRAGARRT R ROAD Ms REVEL begeto announce to ber Port-of-Spain, frinidad, BALE ISP ENB T THE Ie DAY 0 YEAR 20 oe REET i 53 Brle
“HAVE YOU HEARI HEARD? | wmmwa7 _ filends pnd the public, thatshe has two | mn nn Oar t
WENRY “SERONVILLE, FOR SALE! scale reine aie GQ FF JACELON pEverey ee cone og al EX BS. BAYAN FROM SBR
she cenaleo attend ladion at theircea OF . eek Law of 72 BAGS CANADIAN 0.
CERTIFICATED WATCHAKEE, | Rat tists Mroroile ie ot ke sponser eel aoa hae ta 44, HARIME SQUARE, ite ui erature earn «| YORK cur HAM e
Ati rere 88 scrotal | Coocrpodtloe, nodpromiare sto atten: Watch and Clock Aatr, | ah ik ose rie 1: PER LE T. GEDDES &
walon treee. 7ODNE | tion to thele requirments fore tody eto ate, | bas just received a acuall Gad well "| Ine fret pert, Edward Charles Sasa genre of BROADWAY.
ty lan foe property, and will | APP REVELCOT, osteoted assortment of Ghats pale’ Oltea Roots chine tek pene ALPRED RICHARDS ne
to may pernn ote a wat Vainited,Buldoot [GOLD & SILVER p, seen which mld Morange isnoe rated a borat L. H. EMAN
et a lapeced tt tey at nm bse png Braces, Bats Bracelets, tease, feng wil Be Pat bp foc male b by abla ST. PAUL'S PHARMACY, Dutch Export & Man
or particle For Cheap and Reliable | sss Sect te. ice Ries ee | Be Rw, int Sm, Fore pan | 7° 91 Couraf Quen and Neon Sa Aamns;|
‘Apply to, * Mpsonie Mot te te bai Zeng, Nickel caray. ss a day ol January, 198, between b
10 Boath ter HOWARD I} PEAN.OS |! Bi 0 te ta, fren Altra Links, Al sod Sout Cat ein mesageunt{ No 90.Frederick,
Dee. ier i aay a i asa ringed sat ese oh, Das Barret ieee eet No TRINIDAD. ve nore
a ‘ ‘ trontage ft feted caer eee MME STNALE FOI FRIDAY, THE aap y ;
: — THE H. MONCEAUX You canwat do Better {eben "snd stoning oo ie Neri upon ibe DAY OF JANUARY, 1008. You Cannot J
WO TIO, | pisno & Organ Company 1 canned do Better |i veer | Pucci gvinars| 4 tewecocoumed
at pasaon NEOMAY-CORD ' bat Gow fecuuabered and haova ba tot Nabe we Cooper aad Lay a
Trinidad Tort Club. | Peer eee ORD pct ayenisis thle Colony forthe] = - BRAUTA'S =| RES SRR eo maerieams| AO BER
NOTICE to gtiead Wale, bemee or mts mer famous reakes t rraeabared dd tows as lt Na #5, De Rasta ot the Frolcel of ‘beech for ube | aul prised by mo a ef
pe é Horie a bee tiem, | |, @tto” f Rerll TRINIDAD CHOCOLATE __ Dated thle gand day Of Nowealer, pop” ihe bos "part toe Chien Joba Rocks kod een childre
Sagan mane @ A . ¥. J, SCOTT & SON, whie tld iorigage cage one ventee oor Speneet
with feslinn ap ; Goveroment Auctioneers, | J8se# Kirton ad Henry Ferdinand Ganteaume COCOAT!
Feiusas a a Stes of eae | SURPASORS THEM ALL. By tog meget Aacuen Sarat | A fry dolicicus af
: “Donen” OF Leen, ACARD, |/cishi words tate | * ase Bere

Beta fio all O12. pond and Lodging depeie mamta Sold by all

CANT Pie LE. OR LODGING o elon cote prising sixtess acres, and [*
NLY, sbuitlog ea the North upos lands of J, titers, 4ALY ¥, TIN
anisrd, Tol phone WHOL RSA LD] ira et ee ze | sees nae id taney, andes the Wan | 9a Boos oe-apaie Ga
Cure. : AN Deied the wNototer et wl ye Galig by J. 6a
EAT. sed from Nanifarturert, GLO- AMERICAN HOTEL, ey eliereeie, ver” | St Yorn toh oD

othalon 3 from y
pearm Ape Ka py pa BYNT etme werent, | pdbnee hos, Streot Wf BCOTR & BOM, SR

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“~ Tt om 4 . r
sof , OF te a * + é 7 “ , os ; . soo 48 e.

a . Ccpthee. x deg ' a ; . . . \ . , ‘ S92 re,

WAREH oper ;





“ro | Caley’s Craikers in RANCY, B

9 T Jewellery & Silver Goodg,
t besold off this Week.| Ist MET ED. “



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op Rd

— = se — Se en a =
Dee r achereia Llementary achoole other fae paid by the Gownmat lnve been at példes Tho Sccintary of S* ein a reegt XEcz1 . “
~ SS b here i le bp y ¥
+R ; Board of Education. ee ngtiools in this colony | the same rate, deapachanis st, Splnion the 4 ‘ . hk
t . ~ . peaylay that pension rights ‘bs sanferret Aranniiog the corietney of tha views |Ue timehal tas shen tf wae expedient Y ad Elect 2 f}
iF: ap Ata meeting of the Board of Education | So them as las secsatly baga dond fa.) expressed aloveta tyatd to the Tenwh | te add hy aes ota he ayliaban of the whi Q;
ie oped held on Taesdey aftacnoon tu the ( mnell Dritwsh Galapa ere in Goverontant Sqoole,\ am inolinad | tenehora evi auuu AB Ye Ttoatd mai tect.
aa Chamber thera wern prevent Eon 1. G, | 2-1 adler the Demerara Ordinance No. | to'think that No, lof th Legulationn | was not vey! rye and the ulbect bew i 1 ¢@ ‘ a
Rasbe (inthe Chair, Lt, Colonel J, It | sg of 1003.4 eperiat seale of pensions ie ]|tander the Ponsions Ordindce may be fasery imp: a ov, he thougl qi riggs css bat
Collens (tonpector of Dchoals) un Warship | providot for prmncipat teachers only, {9 | applicable to tha Dachers\n Assisted { that the Pepera he printet and elrentaad —
J. , Ur , {

MeaM, J. Berkeley s ssested of fn Government Elementary { Seboots and I shall baziat if he qaestion,] 80 as to be teal by membere, He wight
Leuteace, thea Very Rev. Father Neville, | sohools. Jn Trigidad all teachere in Gov- | ts anbadtted for ths gision ¢ the Law nipntion that in Sarbalos bygone bed
Principal of 8+, Maty's Coltege, Mr © C. | scoment Hlementary achoole are regarded Oficers, beeu wade sn optional sabyact forteachera,
; a Booden and fir, G@ EF. Bowon becrétary, aa ehzib'e for pensione under ordinance (Say RG. kee, 2s UN HeTTIONNS

om ™ The Hou. 8. W Kanges (Colonial Socre- | Nog? af the Eonsione Heszalations, but Auditor’ veral, The rep) «f th Lonpo recht Salma


Tabia Lamps!

Haney chtlegex4 Fan

tary)took Lit seat durtog the progress of | teachers in Asmated Ele tary nchools | = 14/7/07 O71 the exam: mein for Baul exhaisd ivos,

the meeting . hoveny penalon sights under theortinanc’. | MENUTS OF ACTING sTTORNEY ONPRAL.
A PUPILS EXPULSION, 3.~The petidon was comidered In Hon Calunial Serewry

-Atthe Inet meeting s minate from the | py ecauve Uounctt, when a difference of The qnestion raivedappesi« to \ whe”

Tospector of Rchols asking tha Dard to Opinion wasexprenmel, the A idilo- Cienorsl ther a teacher {nan jeisted Kolb who

approve or confirm the expulmon of « considering thet Rtecalation No, 22 might | has setved under the eaditions eet At fa

was submit. Bs ty toree (2) Candid
wer exanncet in the y enteriled
etbjecte ani uf those 14 tad obtained
fel wentin keto rutitte thor pames to

Appese on 4 hin onder ut inert, | Te '

Bee SS; popilirom the Hagtbargain School for | pe applied ta tenchers in \oniatad Schools, | paragraph Zul BIA ie ta be consi fn] reemomen let fe C+ swing bape’ (the Gra A largan nk barn can jant be

on a ” 4.3 TER, . reas mice m net, was referred back tothe | whileshe other qn-nihars of ‘Vou cil held [+ offer (1a tha eeasa ta which thes vena [four on the ty for oa stintiouep--Cleve oneced andisn sy. ue Bh

yen 2 Out es cl thi & Outfitter local man yer Sir um to, deat swith ove that thesa teache aco ald not be teeated aa is usadia No 22 of the Penstons Redin. [Telfer 480 11s (Pra guilty, Goowera fReomfeorper ise ack as Park Ste

FRreprasc| matter ouder rute St, an repo lenvionabe galer ct Q-taance, sigce | tions)! who han served theenlony * ment Rohuo nail Uh re 7
> icr ‘ u 3 action to the NRoard. The manauer ac- | they ‘are. rob “pablo cil-eeas® and are | fw tha Ordinence fteelf. the ' {Trpaquiliity 2

Governnmem ) Atsates Drahaus 426
Weleoa dtres nC 4 contp aad AL Moore
M3-4>', Cleat bt Nelvol).

as follows —** Noted

cordu gly reported
and acted upon.”
A few members were of opini thet the
maneger’s report waa somewhal” vase,
and did pet couvey whet aciion be bed
taken fa the matter.
Mr, Berkeley in referring to rule 32 was
of opiniun that the manager bad no alter-

> 0° Hat ping
Sten Gene. Manage


—_— +
AP ort-of Spain, ths Lad Jecy,’t9

Menace «ofthe henools, pendion thls office, whi'atin the warda

4 Tie matte: appeats to hava been | the Renretary of Sate adespatch No. 73
already referred to tha Secretary nf State | the 2lad March 41003, “© Regolanon
and tedealt with in gour Lord-hip'a pre- 3 noder the Pensions Ordinance 1900 w
deceavor sdespaten No, 490 af thie 27rh { 4 intented to apply to minor (fri Js,
* whether In the wefvico At tae meol the
porns of the Ur hasnce of suba-quant-

epprated and auty ci to diainiesal by the | ** offiger’ Is eat torignify the holder o

‘The foltowi., documents were fald on
tle tale

M PON. «197, notifying the
November 1839 bot no action has been Aspointmedr aff) B, I’ ada asa Member

taken uader section 17 of Urdinance Na, | ¢ Fthe Based for a tecniof tw

uatire bat to expel the pupil, and although | 147 towards the eaatitehwent ala _aper | appoiuted, whose offieas have pot he Io Novanihae 19 ftwo years from
bia report was not av clesr anit imeht | soonation Fund for the becelit of Tesch: |'+been declared nensinmabla. ” Letver from lis Lurdabip ths Bishop of
have been,.{t aust be presuined thathe bad | ors 4, Elemegtary tchools, by contributions | The despatch No, 290 of 27th November “rlaldad, thankiog the Board for granting [FE HE Undersigned begs to info
done ao from tha ealartes of pach teachers, 1as9, the Secretary of Btates replying ta } ig Cppliration that tha E, GC, Kehool ad Veoeznelana residing fa this¢

‘The manager'a report was then adopted | 5 _ The salaries of she teachere area all [the Governor saye 1a paragraph 29 2] bce be dectared @ becessary Schoo! and the ‘public ta general that cor
05 the motlon of tha Teepestor of Schools | sou fn Mary cases only eotficieas for thelr }** cannot agrea lo your view that teschere “eters from Loadhers thesking | anens upoo bis appoiutment as Cos
seconded hy Mr. Berkeley. tasiniesance, apd this ty probably the [in Assieted bchoule (or even fo Govern- | Bira for Corsilicates iesuedtothew ~ Jar Venez tla ty Tinitad bap!
DA LACEANCE AND TRAINING ELILOOLS. | sousun why the pchemerpravided far aoder | ment Ssbeoly) should be treated as pablio Q) Me Q, szutinl, Piccadilly f 2. uy ed bis eftice dutics ost,
“Tbs follow qxeotivas standing is thé | the Ordintece chore Svat ba nos beea | “servante for peasion purposee, barrie ine (ft. . f a + etice {cB os ror}
hame ot Dr Laurence, were held over trou | put in force by tho Board o} cation, “to approve Me Lamb's Scheme for a Super- an. G. I ony ,
fant reeling, for ibe gecessary replies: — ¥ 6 —The question was agela conudered | *annastionFand to he formed, by deduction Lose R ci decBachole, New Towa |f, ELIAS TOR!

1, How wasy Training Schools bavebeen | by the Exacutive Cyuneil oa the 8h | from setaries. * Pa : ‘Office hours 164.m to 4 um,
evtablished aaver the Educatica Oxdize 7, Vegas from Ienerlal Commisslonbe


: . {natant and the following extrect fromthe) RegulationsforaRopersonvatlon Pundfor Stculare for the Wert losties Charlotte Strest, No, 7. ‘
OLICEySt by fai hat by efit f Fig | uo" What le the total paruter of btadents J MDUles deatagat 1 We of ce taton tubes | years ag Mhod conablgied by ane Teac? Peg Hes Yom” Vol. Vy No CONSULADO DE £08 BB, 0. 0
OTICE YI here gives Athat by effluzion of time, ‘the? -> athe uber of bte “The Concer of ,opinton Wiad #950 a0 y the Board o . BU. 0.

2 xe nt from town and couctry) that have” bea rs de 1 featlue, Got were eventa ally abendoned Wy A ., Ve. wow, *
jpattnership of Wartson,SBoyp & Co » Cocoa and Genéral Hii n each 7 Teachers in Asswle: e y { ta leniteral News,’ Vol, ¥. No.

fer & report them bad been obtaloed
G Tssion M 4 hants wv “dtssol dat 3lsx Dec snp. 7 3, How many erudants ia eath Behdol “Ofcers under the Pettbions trem an ectaaty, an the aroued that tke
miss! ag ere of « ve st ECEMDET, | have obtai: ed bertigont we bow isany * Ordinance, but dvincs, that the | Scheme woald iovolva an expenditure thao
Lo f ¥ of each cian® a * queetion be ceforred to the Secres | the Board was une ble ta meet.
4 - t ‘ . 4 Whavis the Subsbar fot Cortificatad Stary of State fer ¢ nakleration I Gad some ditficutey to advisiog on this 0
moot having rotifed the business will be contir ned: Teachesr— tained ig: t thease Schanle ‘as lo wheiher a (sop raguustion) | gestion, It eppeara'to me, Lowever, thab Thee wea no far

“eannud be recaided as Pablis

List of a6 Haeatonal publication from

G. Philp & on Ped L

} andor, PL auscrito, Consul de Venezuela
Linc'ot Book frou Alloso & 80a Ltd, EK Trinidad, Participa a todos

thee bustoeag andthe | “fet enos resideates en yest’

" < a9 W CC —employ ed u der the Beard, what position **Fand might nos ve formed b: exchore la Awistod Schoole donot come | meeting termi tid. al publico em Geveral, que'd €
’ -of BOYD CO » who will liquidate all | do they oceupy iu tte School, and at “ibe Teachers ts be awlated y withia the provisions of the Peneluos' & vated fecha ha entrado ea ejercicia de ded
what selary” es Governmeutcontribations,” Ordlosoce Bot fa view of the fact that ees funcioues consulares, .
ie . Beh Whee wate cotre pene es 7 —Should your Lardebin coadd: that jhe, Orsionace wa lotroduced as the Clydosda’ aa der, ELIAS FORE
ote no M pes s) he ep ahiabmest of a yennustion nee, of the Secretary o! €, on los ‘ore Tl.
a Yuirtew b hold Pow er of Attorney and ‘ The eee Manieper tdi nail Faod to ba auld to the extaub of one thet {here enidgutly loteation to r ¥ ve Annual Dance, Hen de SeNee™ st pon
. 3 r iW 5 ba bestiona coy ry June tf or one third by Govorames contrbu- | Make provision for some form of retirloy be sonqa; dan » . ‘ 5
ir abso. , ’ sh th firme Franc & Co,, of London and sroay vie ear ap yusalble C kev all ine in dosrrable, [ woul f nuggest thatthe allowances for Assisted bchool Teachers, I ke pleen én “Nee rar ees. , “A
SRE VEE remalBÂ¥ agybeforat - > geveis Wh ogard tote db geome, | Melee eee com Caney oft | oul entara wo eee: te winlubiny | Qroede hat host afte et at
r x, . oi n
gg TT ¥ Trasley Schtola had twen eaablabed | acer bien tee rocereh Lan ek | of Bent ead, gts ofthe Secretary ita predecesnrs? @ibedandard of any of “
‘ BOYD co ad the Edveation Ordinance Qacetione ap val before belog submitted to’ the (Sed) vciten Wanna, {uo ding the euppe wee entrneted’ tothe Ce , Ouse
& * | Legislative Council’, silag Attoroey Vener: cara of tht Maun, f th
. Daring the past Gve years io the Govern. % T hare ete.” aa 29, % 07, treat of uta wer atthe hotel, The “a
5 . ' tdE .
; > brea brane eth n oa fut bed gained bed (Bigned) ad ‘ ARTE, . Downing Street, off with aries furne Pete ee eae —

3, Uctuose 1007. Lard thetatrspersisy of fart ch -
Birs-T Lave the honour to acknowledge Japveete fanteina = j p saheente and Ki PPpors
the receipt of your despatch No. 297 of the ig effet. waved, cohanced “tha 5
20h Aagass frets on the sabject of a ped. testy fabee im, Gguetag ball wae ‘a

Mon received from the Teachers tn Ele- flay wor io giueat enddonseat natonal Hacidiocl

tiflcatea-16 second and 7 thled clase, Ia +
the Government Training School for fe- The Rt. Hon, tho Raut, or Liuty £.G,

tuales 39, were traced, 2d of whour had MINUTE OF AUDLLOR GENERAL
gained Fed ola a nnd 10 cbird elas pers \ Asa Saperaond wion Vand far Teachore
cates. Ia t "reobyterian CM IL, -for [ia Elomentar pele hae not been gata. t h .

males, 16 were grained, 4 Lad obialned “nd Shahed ander seo AZ ot Ordivance Noy Rebool. la THetted praviae tener wile athens « over atlthe doorways,

jase, sod 7 third clase certifcates, Inthe | 17 ef 1890 (now o dina ce No. 147) It be to tg! : ‘me eu Of Lhe room, atoud Cod Fish
: ’ AY eg 'scho or fewnlen dD pare ylzod | bape camel fit, int Taactere a te saaictttn ‘the coneurrecee of ite 1. | MAE eyekct nos aude games ‘the | STILTON, Castual 3
al - . O
; ‘ Uboatess for maler, 18 were tralced, 11 | og ia regard to penriove om their retire: | acres tere oft fetnra to the colony, b | for wae iirc, ‘ ‘ eMLEUT A
. ®


towhalle from a dance's 1 a
“having ge‘oed Zod elase and bth he mand from the service on actount gf in your doupatch weer ee marca eed et eaten whe tupper table was GROVFRE Gn SSE,
tertifiestes, making & total‘df 115 t: city from th health, ssother Given inferred 10 @ Committee of the Board of Y deonsted

ith Je
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Ejucetion to sabut a Seheme fora Roper. secoloue er fonether with rome 0

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66 of whom bad obtained second clas went emplosece havicg coutinuone service

solvuis, che whol ;
B3 third eiace oertilicatee, Seventy: oad dinwing thale salaries from block annustion Fund, givlog an estimate of th eso eo Che whole being heightened
certideated teacheta were euployed ‘o- | voteacoie + ee cele of the Leeee bree tee of fairy lights which glite
follows t- 23 as becdbonchersy Pad tale i Gat to she Gorerament on the besis of the fared fruta stery do ee

davs Créam,

‘ Goveroment contributing & portiva of the Lovey'e stel pvenient table space,
shea from €47 102, to £78 with sapitacion i Mtb ker Ye strlose ‘tan! as watrength of f
" grant, 37 an aasintant teachers a from | encithed to an allo ¢ fof fang, ied) Ei; ‘ Dakians wes jg atiendstes ond Pheasants.
. ¢ 685 W £4, and 18 a4 purl teachersatels | regulasme wader Sir 0. T, Cane. KC. 3 Gd) , Fuaiy, doused & china selection of muale The A
5 i 93 » With regard ta qnesiiua 6, be could omy | (11) Ox retirement a Aloinistering tha Goverument.” Racager of the Qasen's Park hotel le dee pplos
rohit ST, ‘UNO M ] N GU E eele Buares fut fear yoare ea the reer t 2 § lee 2, re i ape ererument, foe a eee aletiog for the onenessfat > ema
. eer bed vot Guite beeo comp a BF Sppola ted pring in the date Kaloment 5 .
. re Goverament Treisng Rad tor males oun nf The Vershun Ordinauees toe may barn erie tat Heoretary sald 1. wea th fmyortant item of which wae i Jesse CRONEY
wad . che suas wae COOH In AUS | CAG in D0, | wich the apprural of he Pecreuaty «fbtale | wreeet ees f the Education Hos geet | mbich te apiended, D ucing woe bept up & Co
OM BORDEAUX, £583 bu (908 und £829 iw 1.605 for feriaien | ang & rote af ile Lepwlative: Govnell wider the nee be Biveation Hoard so corf Ull the early hours of the mornings and
Gain Vind ane £0 tes iooe "ates | taserhe CHenevon ths eae rte | End achat re ved iat teeta alltel tony perdarigst ae! | 27th Deck 104.
= on . : Unte they may be printed and ci Of Che eotertaloment, nee
Mr organ GALL, she amount ae chioalate " .
PET Y CASES [EERE Sot cout rien fe) Semi corr Non pine orem?
, ‘ +. PARTON ten cS tatoos ceo eeat | #0 ote oe ata Tee aE | ional eat otanateR byaieve tot seer platy
‘ ym | £38) fo 1008 ned £900 be 196 § toe mo ne gf reenreanatine sth the Teachers! certiéca

SOF Fetes ustencined betweea the
EWP to LyuS £23! ta 1004, £318 in) t o t
oud £30 in 106; orebing a titel val te mele meee treat

64,03 on 108, 21.706 th Dad, £198 fg

OF Nchoola wn iwentesed te
aa? fos wr ad Rehoole said bp Haute’ Mey gn anateg Dit en au la Priceand Quatit

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stamination — tvpossd by tbe Jnnpeee Tews thee de aie Piet Loly § Cigar:


% e ‘he moar.
. . \ is stant Clears
? 4 a. 1906, and £180 Im 1008 To wepeting | wine pres ia the susubey ef an ca the bate, thet 1 enuald be ee toutre let en golée ed since the discovery of Tiluldeds PY
- “tL tl the abore the lu yrotor si & boule esllbel Props January 180, iby howe "beet | oe thie ig gf MOF total sabe ty, Sembon d'Vork Cartifeate of Nasgrable distleet:
At e iq bad alvo got orme farvber tefurmatiow (4 | pati arate tl Gotererene ay CMST YOY shat “ie wil take the place _, Leal Baldy * pwarded at the Ac seus (Greece) Intefa:
â„¢ 2 t ) bes be bad ouly answered Ur, ier adory abecta to thus in u forthe pombe orienta vnly taben bye seat vaio oe sre te ancien Cc
. ’ Gaverpment Schoale, 9 a 9 at the Central
pee, ° Rr os accatag by tbe Basagne of You bray abgce | uteye af aueees Speed, thay May Cakes * | eee aiaed ay UM
. Mawertaay Thacutas ayn Paxuioy, | Peboulaoe beter vib Ooretonent wig thought thas every teather ahuald knw Mooeduiaee de trutte Pai's Pharruecy, ‘alaoay )
a : . ae Petey sped the followtug duca. | le wicbbeld if the persoa proposed. by the | for thet hep ema: He would pe + Glaée 4 le vantllg dtudlo aud elaawnere.
' ‘iat OD. 2 ESSE Ey See cir |Seauoeateecran'a || Sau al 4 ing Sed, arb
x 7 £ Sorular Ob tee pellttn free | Cicetion Ordinsnces aud Halas, and the} The Inspector of Bebools oatd =e, wy
. Hoant a ould be we 4
OUI «| teckhera da te rmucdtey soamalt uct fs the clemuoatel avy tealber ie Tacs | pellet eoment to Father Nests
by Gorersmeut schoule, p18 thst peasicn | fe, tae Catonisl Secretary vaid re LET —18 Queca’s Park Fan—pou a
tighte may conferred pm iboing « The eslaien pald ty the Gov: Fite that betre jtesion 13.8 dan

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SoD tdeure Taiz, LSDMEN Ne aNch,Neaphare) toma dea: | Geaaurieee weet dee ietes toatasclna| Helneanaed dancer y Ara ov the | Ae 8. TC) N AN 7 CO

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. = twat. By Lorde Yhova he beso toe | RATE, WON te Matth “101, "ware et f errangransute tig tit, wien ty at SE ern FP BAVELLING ocd gecers Commis
‘ d Dp vents thab on tbe #8 8 NA bree ore a Hees of salarton | wmedical department Ge giving leoiure be WASTEO — Qae Firat Clas Field tion agents cuavas a oe
j ‘ i; see ee ee ae 8 Ser T raid ve the nae een! Teneds ae, | deachore by Ur. Dichwa and lets: histones and une Faorury Out! | turers and ceregacrassere. for mosuafes
‘ Sm - wee addrenucd ty bis We oe rom thc tou AytH 161, the aaleriog | suntstanta quylided vo re | Apuly watis sty, Velastors of coco
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bald ctaarca vf Bckouly U would be Wiwested Yr weit iene apres in salt fe dtc Gi, [easter co nate
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athe Bonanza Wh ;
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Sink- Dress Gimps,

*Â¥pom 5 to 60 Conts Yards


2 ido Combs and 1 Back Comb with Gilt Tops...48c.
2 Sida Combe, 1 Back Comb and 1 Hair Slide with Gil, tops
© * in-Saflatined provntation case fe ou $180,
2'Bido Combs, 1. Back Comb, aud 1 Haiz Slide, with Gilt and
Jowelled tops, 19 Batin Hned Prosi 1n Satin linod Prosaqtation case $2.00.


Blas aod White aod Kegs plates All sizes} 3 Oblong {Round Square and

i330 val. Japavese Waiter: love Bore, Handkerchist joxes, Card
Boscs, jewel Boxes and Coen, '

Col’d Lace Inserted Chitfons,


BURA ATW, | — cofmctons 2-1e ‘imac:
From 12 Dollars. We alm | to give ie jou the Lowcat sweat Possible ‘Prieesl

r “y 7 te
IN istont with Good Materials and’ Woekmansi
mee OOH |

Gyp, Cadar or Mahogany Ironmongery,



W- A R DR 0 BE S§ & P. R E, 5 SE. S Ship Lhandlorg. Trae Supplies, Glasswiro, Earthenware,

. . Carrisgo Matoriale,, American Buzgies, Cocoa Bags,,
From 18 Dollars. Coment, White Lima, Turpentine, Manure Lime,



From $55.00-3 Picces. | Sole Agon

. -_ . Cong ing, Underwood Typewriters,
| FO

VATEST TELECRAMS, Port-of Spain, that in, by friendliness, yood «ton which bas been cabled to Wael
—— conduct and exchange of coarterles, {tea lacouched tm the friendilest’ te
(8y,%.%. Panama Telegraph Company.) The New York * Herald” in a sluilar h acoopts them partislly, makes so ?
ere cern rennermanrenene een are rane

attide especially complimwenta the | Love aurgeetiones adaaita the mistakes of

Eaglith and American




infatns, Girls, Bovs:.


Ladies and Gentlemen.

Latest Styles,


fo r—The Yost lypewriters,

landon Von, Sist. ernor upon bie recognition of the good tration, ead expresses notice:
ED OO eee 1. por of th is ad 8.
‘Lhe heclas begn laid of the © Saint haviour of the satlora ashore, and says the | thes the remedies will prove vatistactsay?”
bee cordial horpitality shown fa a happy itd American revidents tn Japan nee ‘

} ong balf penny per onvee. whe daring 1007, The silirtgbted inmates g
Wisin Tur ig ‘war Gellow’ ot charpentively tne] A.deepateh from Zome reporte that | fled, the Major friog ab ever by a ad
FIRE & LIFF Llemished , the eyes had tL Popeatively ane bomb exploded at the Stock Exchange,» aghsin the Provence of bie young daughter, »,’ :

the aquiline nose * eup; to have been thrown to stop the f and believing he had wounded bis mmothes. 2
the sqailines ra mas uniocayed gad te settiomentst the month’s end. Eighteen ial law "ne Solicitor, he then turoed the
examination was made by physiolans Peas wore wounded, the roof collapsed, spon himself after killiog his
aloue and many photographs tanders were thrownadown, aod Sree wile the baving faloted as @ abot grased
taken, The shares of Denes Lindeed men, polloemen and troops barely succeed. | ber

45 tam | Wide- sod,
i gut. KR EMBROLDr is c LHFON, 22ins wide, $1%-In Blackand
BWartg; BLACK L.\C 1° SILKE AGGUTING, 1 o8 wid , $1.20
|Special Valu-s in Artitinal _Howers.
; ire ~ en
| E, ‘Se le.
Vinoent,” the fires buttloshi, of the Dread.
tion of tl fi conf. fo J
18, 100 Jons Best 0, C, B, Pocahontas mete iteal Teport of the exbuinavion of “ene '*Yondon, Janaary 1, The, Valiel Water Zo Tor ped. X10 Piotth
4 , Druce’s coflia states that it was A telegram from Dublin ennounces thyt | arrived at Para on Taeadey, after a”
. Cc L _ found to contain the body of an aged Yucouns Powerscourt will resign hie ough voy! vege from Trivided, heavy besd
an ; ‘ C > LX Leandet man and the platen ‘upon it, bore a puiatment na Sone lee of the Loud gue g delayed it ove day, thas pking
. tensnt weholl nence a od the ale, Lew
ag EX To arrive per 8S: “NANETIE’’ now dua. Can be tandod coastwise Henan perjury ie therelve Druce. Tus | his totention to eoquire faterests to. tbe | for Poruaebuico on Friday.
if early application bo made to from Hertert Lruce to those who swore | Urited State necessitating a prolonged 7 Ternsloal, January dad.
they placed toad in the cotha, and nothing | *4Y thera with bis wifa, A very severe shotk of earthquate
TL ~a L THE TRINIDAD AD »CO ALING co. but criminal ings can apparently | .,2helate Lord Kelwin bequeathed all ) occurred at &11 this muruing, coasltered
) a oy A 5 A’ survive the Broroeding The pursat of hie property to bis wife, the valce of jo be the most severe alooe 34th January
Set a a tie and extaten bes now Shiton socgie” panounced e4 under one London, January Zod,
. South Quay, Sth Veer., 1007, claimant llowlultiinghindieerotnemee The vear closed auapiclously, The | Major Coaces I'alilops one of the barces
, 0 B | P rtl d Cé t ——SS=— Sara | refuses to sdut that the body sehmned ia | Ulied States demand for gold bas ep: of Sploa Kop, bas committed sntcide, ‘
arre S 0 an men THE e that of his grandfather, andlete ‘also dis- Tareatty been satiated, 0s thera was no |} efter making en attempt te force an
) F,A, SKEETE € 6G, og | aecuinctacrcnth wane wate | de Seca ea ie ntaae | titeiewree he ant
e rf Li ° *
Gillingham” - . Lancashire Insurance uo}. marieiangiy litle alectod by” ihe | the Bask of Ragland at « reduction of | promise tothe Cours not ve molet, bie ,' edly
‘ a
O Tons Patent Fuel ‘Cr i
ons Patent Fuel ‘Crown Friends and Customers Xow wxBaXD 1x rma
Brand . A PROSREROUS » Lid.
' U in restraialog = aie peor Je even ia the |. ‘The Attorneys for the Droce ctalmant
Yonds Kxccod ... £12000,009 Rluch ware recently at «prenunmars now Fermoteat voctions of Toe ety belng ten loses walamend joes They ne ee
cause t nA ‘
NEW % YEAR ! [RSUBANCES S effected agalnat lous nik, area Peet nt rings ‘A Parle telezrom states that dariog the’| vanie wes not Stee ae thelr represens

as latter can be landed coastwise if early application

‘e | Beesion of the Sauate, M, Coyot Deel; batlves demanded infurmats thas
c snd maint of Warton, ‘Oinee | evanse oyna monte [ne nar te, Son |e at ear
‘ Bhop and Stors Premises and Private tek een os te tere Vr {poem Charla De efforts to nish the Dadget, before tbe | Compan ; ry will feare Liverpool for New
Dwellings at moderaté prices, Schwann get aleg introduced Count Malton New Year, © difficult new Polak, belox York, bath on V Wedoeudays and Satare
« e . divorced Tile to tlere Ianlen believing her the valuation of facomes from land, pres | days, and the * Lantenia® and “ Maug r
6 6 $9 xa Sounas ITABLE SETTLE sane and verscious, and Hard the |] Hmloazy tashe coactment of an Income retas! tanta * will startean hour earlier thang
oe ms angZes. : { Z t PROM Py AKO EGU M pee fein atelier sources In TWrealdent Fallieres hea cancelled the “deer!” Dooth hee cosribed the
~ : Ces clients epl amis, MENT animus bu poe introdog are Eines: New Year reception at the operatiuns i daring fwolve ie
~ , alvati
" ; —roN— _ @f Kommen. mony ee from vee x 2taltie’s Advices trom Berlin report that tbe f Uarese, Ie Locdon 1105 men aud e
ule] to sail from Cateutta oo tho 3st January 1908 for Trini- Aazar wuflered much. Count Moltke costed sat preaments to the Harden-Molike cave | women pplled, and .an eqaa! norlor Bs
Sue ~ : 5 Dey ; trom ather ar C t
ee ey oto naneira bore spout the middle of March. | reureuse Nouvel An: Prined Za Eeleabenpe busdkerctist tavece { aewerted chet Here Lerden ‘Red attacked | middie ise the majerty; oa astone’ ot =
fo9 of freight and other partic ars apply \ C0 whether thle would provoke her jealousy, | Prince Za Evlenberg end Conant Moltke | fnazcisl troubles, aad 75 percent wae és
, a SMITH . BROTHERS & 6] _ Adespatoh from Pretoria statos that t! ¢ | Bpom-charges made hy & hysterical woman.'} diverted frou thelr purpose anc sasisted ta

Transvaal Government has commenced the | Hesdmitted that Herr Harden's motives | reteieve themselves j clergymen, naval

> Trinidad Shipping & Trading ! fhe Bonanan, Eerrie fhe tmmlgration Hestriction | vere te disperse the group naar ne and bitary officers, doctere ad
COMPA, UXBC'TCMD, ‘ DESEAN A 508 Portol Spain tthe

tuclading | ciclal ta the Fatherland, nevertheless 0 satlefa that the Baresu bas
: Trinsdad an to negli upon thelr, Fe dusrvedpanitiect Aa arm had Petalad mite, Kuler addcenisg tbs Gane'g

e 1 0,
Clients y Amigos, te tate ‘the Guat Within” fry eatingly therecelpt of an taney =a avtoadion bls New Veara . Lael
IRINIDAy LINE OF STEAMERS. ‘ sibttted toucther with werabors of Ch were convicted, Count Moltke, sappi Harden ial, set, wrvel tha , 4
RINTD. . UA PROSPERO ANO HEOVO. 1G MM, Gittens, M.D. DDS, ideo riheaglazel Cit | need Cucmoe\ cal uct Li'l | lever tiple ta ae
4 ;

° fae ielucand he reine | ee eae acl |Party
mp je ase.
AVAL- The © Maraval” of the “Tyléidad Liao” will teave on | 92 Eouth Quay, Hurgebin Dem hope of lndubng the Imperial Goveramevt speed the Hales a the Imperial farol cain Ses, te eit
arday, 28th Hrecerabce, 10075 ate pans for New York via Grenade and is ; Corner of oth ay Sarai ve laler tervens \ sb Pulanbuty stat coronas the only group fa the Kalser's goasequates of yite plereas Anarchig 4
in sateday, apner: e ma
q Sth eR" Kean * ef tho Trialdad Line will leave New York on ‘Set. Dr M A, Sifontes PUP. 70. DATE st ATE sMethods and that the Preident of the Court, ty ng the and gr Pal x Hebaater, Mr. Herbert Tat Tritton sxploded withla the pact
3 4 Wodacuary 1m, fo for Trivldad via Greaada, aud t¢ due to arrive here " eth all nosed Doumaltios, read th ahaa ti we natielyeted tb be New yen ta ters wie Youre alght rellcea
vp Lath danmety, 1008, SURGEON PENTIST, taps crosate ye ta us" “erastment agin te them in the form of qa arn ab trade will be prea- | Killed by an explosion, aul several
seth Je be Bos gareneda® cf the the ¢Trlaldad Lice, will 1sara.on Westen, Pte nt Counsel for Cane wl ase Hie rhe) Phir Mubely, Anglo-American Teles | “A's ‘Paterebar deapaich 0 sista the 7, aa
6 aout, hb 6 pam for New Yor a Gren an Be | tot eves Byltgeweri b i red that ¢ 1 a
9 oa, but ay, 3OUn January,< L008, 4, + Rae” Be, Dulce Btveat. nd had not sootalned top all of eonatlanl nt ireleet Talephony, ard the Goreraeeat” Te alee “i Giese ee ies yee
= mere sneered of th renemalaalon of pletures by Cable will be of the. tle sion then
sana 1 wae, 8 #7 regard the
A Went End fem if munenlihe bay
ley ttl aad che Conrt a Vet & | received a letter from Mie ilar M Meat tenn, tease eens aa

Counee}-then dumanded the whic can only . Ferlstoa o

. ~~ | preted intlostiog ble expectation of release,
SMITH: BROS, k KI soi Aen dthashtaye io “nowiden arial ad Tangier wiybld thee oF four
. Manifes “p 4
’ telegtarm atates, thet Bf. Fare | the el al
ave, @ preductionof evidence, eetblog! tritictslog | adn, aluer complete a elector
ae olrele kilomet:
the prosecution for Jes 7 lew tal with hle flying machine, deylered. thet Boveral froosen wpnrer, Jeamacy 2

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. i in P kat, don awe Mok) ths “te heat io oe com Hlosles ih ee eee
, Too Late ror Christmas. oney IR: ig rt terview deutaeaty eyntiience te _ z ieee commtnded ‘the gobs
ee _ uso ol Sad hig rer] Sigs taggers | wee “sete MoO SR
‘50 PIEORS COLD CASHMERE, Use Aigtent sachet pelen 5or pecs | x anal tine Coerout le for, | Daman
. 4 "| Coopa m
NICE PATIZANS AND PLAIN. Nold +t the Bonansa, thoseuede of 6 as feato nner &

.. SPECIAL PRIOK=t0. A YARD, withdraw fr

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| oy s2.0n Pensa oF ane Poones | se a Sata, Tatty
. a. & \ ° 1 findlogs scoceding tbe, eoltteigna fore “ae the
RICHARDSON & SELWAY;).. . Nastnee pea Pousde ' ibe carkeig | "Goeat teu driccaied i

New reais
. The New Yer wn ve Yor a Na, oie tal Metal ds sae in

SMITH eh & Go ler cus es Segoe ty Panne a NR a
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at BE .

aldiags en Mondiy, Ove ao Papas ot fronplandiag at Colon.
boon, Anuered te the, Agoute of | vAtter thts dete the Immigration Laws am, 16 WL nob to svosad 16 fort,
ry t t , baa | heeo fece Of pinta, wooed
fircr andes set dows be Orders ofthe | gaateding thoes persone eniferiog with | Pipe ap Pinte,
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ma from the fsubm i be
mrtcily eoforced ™m ©

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- # : t Mall CG: bh é preeen
POP : Ten vil bao meow ofthe ewe: q Chenat wit mgrore a | hemi teecrd Fuss ates
* / if bitlen Of fersany suffering from | Oran aat, Boat HAch=Time 1190



ungat tet, File Hourtel

ORDERS OF THE DAY. “All cabla and steerage passengers wit |, Fiennewen’a Sarina Rack-Time
¢ooco te clowly examined and those found éufters {11-30 8m. | Firut prise § dols, second
,ORUINANCES. Ang with trachoma, even sf a tery mild forms 20 3 dole

pai . ‘ ; : ‘
Ordieeecs to amend the loter® f will not be allowed to land Compenmation 1/1, Fulkland tnd, . o t=
ped Ordioc ace, Nox istm(22 Attor- ft Tule sppiien iso to pee & Contract % Founosse Ractxa Grog Te 12.90} | 5 . aos # “
Renersd sahourera and menbers cf thelr fem’ pita, it Reepree tor by Pred J “fl ! i 7 oy

"De oriiranen to aciend the Irrmplere- | Faseengere fa transit for parte fe, the Hers

» a,

IG6L.~{Attorney-Geo, | Un.'ed States of Ra dependencies wHIT nos ceow of -Spals bo a
\ woe rae elerted to Beleet } ba allowed to land, and must be retersed vs that of San Fernanda, Distance , . 5
ADOT, +e. | to the port of embarkation from Coton.” Rralle, Splate prises, ° : §

5 2:An Gridinaoce to amend the Sale of | All “persona deportrd on acoount of » PORT-OF-SPAEN * BAN TERNANDO. tae

t : Prodace Ordiancce, Na 140(22 Attots | Trachoma mest be retarned to port ot em. | F, Brierly Horeke TL, Herbert ay : q

. hey Geeeral. \ " | bacation ab the expense of the Stescehip L. Gioannetth = 3 He Gideon foe

i a 7 Aa Ordtoance to amend the law | Company them to the Isthmus Q, Brierly 2 A. faodernon =
t relatlog to Bolicitore (1% AttorscyGen- J Medical niust ba prodaced by § 2s Houchet Bow K+ Thatcher


ral, all parsougere arriving at Colon by direo- |] HI, Patterson «Oox Lewis + -
‘ & An Ordinance to smend the Explo- | tion of the chef quareatine ‘ofhce. Winner Nan Fernandd Crew. T e@ Luckly u m er to osseéss
alves Urditianee, 1007, No 15—1907—{3¢ By direction of the Chlef Quarantine | & Focr-oarry Racina Gice—Time 1

~Throrney. General.) Office, Colon and Cristobal. pn. 2nd Representative Amateur ‘

. Prieo — llera Distance 4 mile. To be ‘ : :
HENNESSEY’S *** BRANDY, j tiers 82 2-22 Rime dee! Supreme Court. Ucad tor ky cond eprereniatire MAIL.LARD’S .
ots DUBORS™ARANDY—ALL’ SIZES; - ovale Drdaseoe ko we" Attorney | (Bifore the detly Chi Juste mearrarais oaeke ape , XMAS BOX |
r ch B. Aa Ordinase to sctad the low re: Thoreday. HR. Legge 3 : ‘ol oo a
ROVAL CLUB GIN, 15 Pliksto Case | tutiog toctintsu" rrocedare (28 Attor- |, Doster of Dacia fmt ihe] 4, Veh 2 I ' .
‘ . ney Genecal.) eurble the Keglstras to cdycg mecting off HT. Laughlin Uox ‘

9 Ad Ordinance to amend the Fire
Ordloances, Nov. 17Jand 282-423 At


t Whitemam=Mn Tharevot Wianors +~-lort-of Spain crew,

OLD TOM GIN--12 FLASKS TO OASF, . a, inners paPort-o nts
i. —_
10..An Ordisasce to ralify aud conten | ald the debtor Ladesttled aud he now Time 130 pm, Dutence § mile

“KEY GIN IN 12s, 24s, AND 48s,
the Supplemental Estimates foe the eervice axked for on order for paymeot of coats, Prize . A watches.

“wren I \ I ! N | H} f the fuanclel 1096-7, and the iaue | His Honour eald this was an ex parte efpll- | Winners:—F. Halladie, (stroke) A.
[ SS | 4 A WI oie cetala eee aid tee the Service of eatton. He wenld adjoara the matter for | Staingot, (tow) and A. Rodrigues (ens),
a 4 @ | the Governmans of the Colony of Trinidad | ® fortnight andthe other side would bave| io AwiretR SINGLE SCULLA~Time 2

aud Tobago dating the same year (2 | D°tice Pa | Duntance j mile “eprerenta-

IN HALF CASKS, KEGS AND § KEGS. Colonial Secretary.) raved eae Co yh Tome Mr

ve of Portof Spain va San Fer.
Nanda, Prizec Silver Cupa pre.

aw . . _ . , debtor offered ¢ th, “which : :
ALOANTE WINE—IN HALF CASES ; CLARET SIN TILE OASKS. debtor oftered fopay, $38 month, which peated. by Ills Excellency the Gov. ae
GILBEY’S PORT WINE~Quarts snd Pints; ) 4 joutned to the 1th jast. Pon pars AAN FERNANDO: *
2Qrarts and Pints, TENNENTS BEER & STOUT—io Quarts Harbour Master's Court. - en T Groene jeltebet % w 3
aa Taam |e geanteaanno nears | eae oom om | MICHAEL P.;MAILLARD*
. ’ 0. B. 8a 5 os je c INT. - Time ™m, 20 x va
KINGHAN'S * PICNIC * HAMS. Bifore Coph o B “ am Fon the pan sore of eae andfmore, | | Duck and #24). r Po ;°
- uw y: eholdiog of a regatta on New Year's e! . w!
. Re 3 S . e bi bt i IR Swoeutva RaceeOpen. Time 23
CONFECTIONERS a Tanks & Cus, KAIBINS fo Doser, CHEST 80,45) 4 musyupy Deum llagy Wi | Eyelet eameiaaie |" prebwremse Hawes] EL Popular. =¢ - 8
Wil Kecned an Dee La: afforded opportucity of entertelament to dole, 2nd 1 dollar ‘and W cont, Pp e %
operat sro sith hi Re ty along. leasure seekers frota the four corners of the J, Evans Ist, 0 Dreseod 2nd. ‘Th Cc h St . 3
’ ' Goporal Drown with paste gone eg land. Thus it was that a fow montbe ago, Mu Amatnue Docate SccLts—Time 2,4) » * 6 Vas ore
! . ’ © FT received péatiqne, Defendants pleaded | Whea the prospects of the snoual function im, nce § i 9 be con: lecember 24th, 1907. i> UR
== = guilty and a tine of 10s, or ppven daya was looked distinetly gloom a Goch, interest . Ueted for tne eon first Reprevenatlves —— = Z

vn +e,


Impowed on cach. and wallitg eitlxoos vet to work vith the poreeens prizey is PERV
% s ol ject of essa etacother year's jeace PA AN FERVANDO
No Licks - Molcg Constable Lind: or? hife to the’ dime Lonmarel fanction, 1. Groannetti. Stroke Ly Horbert
nay charged James Villiers sith vs DS | Voremost amongst the energetic workers| F. Brierly Tow A. Sanderson
for hire on the Za instant aa Det ata was Mr Martin who, determined to brook | Jf-Taughlin Cox C. Lewis
pithout being daly heense fen lant | ng defeat, planged “head syd shonders” Owing tothe San Fernando gig haring
having ples ity a fine or 10s ot 7 | toto the matter with the re: had ‘clr. | gotout of order this event was not con:
ays Wan inp ¢urmetances 00 materialized 9 render | tested.
the holding of a regratta ander the ditins | 16 AMAYECR Dousie SctLis—Timea 3,)5

W.C. ROSS & Co.

Colonial Dispensary,

Beg to thank their customers and frignds {Or past patronage,

. Witnoct a Lichscr.—Fite Bullen was | paished patronage of Hie Excel tb m. Distance # mile, To be oon: . %
and wish them arged by LanceCorporal Brown for | Eoeernoe end “the Mayor and ‘THe bout Fented for between 2nd Representatives 4 ‘4 .
Very H aP faced “Berea to" append | Nr ottee renin on amet foc | gitool spn end att Fernanda Onsigniments
sfarea nuombers wers concerned, pers © prizes, °
A ery appy an rosperous the cave was tried ex parte, lie was Lined | fiavathe general attendance was never yet PORT-OF-SPALY | SAN FERNANDO:
£1 or fourteen days, exceoded on any simlter occasion and in| G.Brierly Stroke G, Nooth

. . thatiparticnlar, the regatta wat high! Agge Dow H. Gibbon
Catt ron Drvctact,—King Simon | guccersfah Both ordinary aa well aa eperis Ve Laughia Cox Cy Lewis, pwrwrwewrmwon

. 19 © S. eReret a clatin for droghage by the Hat | trains ateamed into San Fernando well Winners ——Port-of Spain crew. The

—_ —————— © Hindustan” against nndad Ship- | Jaden with human frefabt while the | San Fernandg boat oapeued alortly after

Ta aud pleasure that be etcod there that } help of the lady eolloctore, with Mr Downes, | its and Trading Company, Judgment | earrying ceprcity of the Gulf ateamer from | the start 7 N
Lat te r ly to the verygkind words The rerentation came satitely from the | ¥@* siren for plaintitf for €15 00. al Port of-Spain was heavily teased with a (16. Frsnenses’s SCULLS—Time $30 pm
which hadbern weld of blu ard of bis! people, and not ibe clergy. and that showed ° crowd of excursloniate—ali booked for the Dutance $ mils, lat prize $2.50, 2od
werk, {4 the addsens which weqas beantia| ibat there must be good feeling existiag area scene of the regatts, Is turn the com prize $1,50
faliy done, nul ty acceys the yore which | between the clergy and the people, ‘ . mitteee bad prepared » programme which Let me pass Int, Falkland 2nd.
ecoum panied is Me amust thaak ‘hem all | (sp; tanec) He wae sorry fo lose Mr, Ph teal Soolat would aftorded pleasurable entertain | 37. Swimming Race—For Amateurs only,
ronch from the batom of His beart Buleb ea lscollesgae, The spiritas! work armaceutical Saoloty. ment to all and yaadey of the ‘vast ,gutber- Time 4 pm Distance 80 yar - 9

) for all they bad done fur bina ia the pact, | of St. Saviou’s bed really continued to go -—— dog. if the exention tbéreof had not been Plate prise.
band for tha hovone they had done hia tbat | ahead under Mr Saith, acd the Tus leatregalar meetiog of the Phartes | accompanied wish a combination ofetream. | _D, Gill Me
piabt, butbethesked especially thoes who ! nomber of candidates for confirmation mi ceaticat Society was held atthe Victoria | stances, which might falely be qualfed | 28. Greasy Porr—Prize; Ham and one
had got up that teetimocial because Le! an focressleg number of communicants, | [eattute on Moaday eveniog the 30th | as regrettable, orally the events dollar and fifty cents,
knew whet trouble thora things took to wet | testified 10 that fact. Id -congratalated | Uitlne The members nrevent (nciuded=-- } which evnked greeter popular fatacest| Winners E, Headley, My" Sy,
pan he hisd collected in (and he thoagbt | Str, Suith on belng-asked to tate up sach | MtJobaG Fenier FC, (President), Mr | were those contested between the Port-ol- SPORTS OX LAXD. ©
@had drained) St. Suseph, & great deal ot | an important work an that of aa Assistant | Lewis’. Lonisa, (Vice President), McQ. | Spata and Ban Fernando represents- | 9 Friar’ Racr—(O a) Time 1.80
noney for the building of the chancel, He | Holy Trinity Cathedral; and, at | Cruden Dieffenthaller (Hon. Secretary | tives, Jathe ‘four osred rackog pige” Dutance 200 ydu Nee ae et pm
Ltaay It, was a great satisfaction 10° | the sane time, be coogratalated the people | 80d Trevsurerl, MrJ, H. Hart (Govern | between the second tepreseutailves of prise 1 dot Prize SHiole,
Ju to frol that ble work had been appre. | of StJoreph very heartily on hariog train: | Went, Botaniet) Hun. Member, Monr.. | Kortof-Spaia and San Fernando, the| "Brathwaite, D, Johnstone, U Mail
‘e, and he was really | ed bim [a auch » way as te call forth from thar Jae, Tattt, Walter li, Milla, H. 8, | judges nofortunately decided the contest to| jard, MeD. Bailey, A i D T, I :
s uot goleg to | the Archdeacon, kn expression thatba woald | Adems, Auntia R, Lopies. have been a * jostle’ and gue forth the{ chan. % wiyede
becasee ho boped | ike him to-be one of ‘his asslatent Carates | After the readiog and confirmation of | fas thatthe evend should be ranavert | Johnstone tet, 8. FE. Daly tnd.
eboreh that night. (epplanse), the milautes of the Jass menting several | —With this roling the Portof-Spala | 4 Gneasy Porx—Time’'@ ps Pri
two things he wanted HL. BM, Alston (throagh whose muni: | â„¢sttare uf correspondence with the Cul: | yeprenentatives refused to comply, on Pig. @ 2 pm. zee
lector of Customs re the daty on Concen: | the ground that a jostle according to the Winner j—Soe,

, V. A,, P. Y:; H. Cc.


ay to then erpectaliy, Aed | ficence a vesiry-room has been edded to tne
au, was aboot lis aceptation of the | oburch, od ober weloome improvements trated Medicated Watere” werg also read | etrictest rules, could not be ranjover and! g Dorxey ACE. —Time 2.18 pattem Last

ppointment at Holy Trivity Cathedral. | made thereto} entered the meeting at this by the Becretary, suuet bedecided one way or snother, bat douk . A °
¢ fitet matter on the, nda, viz, th jonkey towin. Riders to declare col.
be Bishop did nut cumpet him to ge, as | janctare, and in thecouree of a fewremarke Belloune for Sfeuborttiya Me aioe’ IL ta tbe detriment of the offending party, oare—Donkeys to be exchanged — . 0

le peemed tothink “he did, hub | referred to Mr Smith 1 friend It may also be mentioned that th isto:
i Rent coly to hisown free will,’ Ie, | whom he would miss. wy "iseb, ie Speoph, Licensed Dragget (Colonial Diss saqrequent] » ebrange to sey, ‘eovnated Winner? R. Th
erefore, decided ta accept it because be | formelly moved a vote of thanks to the | Peasery) was proceeded with and reenited | fiom the judger, that botbfthe visiting and | 6. Frat Ra foe ech
ked apon jt ae ble ducyy es God'aeatl, | Rev, W. T, Allen for presiding, and to Mr | #4 the aosnimaue electloa of the candidate | the home crews were equally guilty 1a thet Temeseutatine fron oq! Phat ich ue
a {oun a pee oe a A Te ead pownes for having got ep the presentation “Sr Dietentballer then sead ble Avausl ewes pa reetine ate i et tao Timea 30 m.—-Distence 100 yards— 48 Mar in 8; 8 War
oe Peeauln fo. bl a ase Reportmile referred to the Commlttes | cudon thet ground she cape atentd eee: Jet prize, Watch and hela, aad prize, , +! ¢ 6.

favalesble fo bia fa (he fctnre, aa |) Mr, Downes thanked the varlone
Trattecbed to any great charch like | speakers for their hind remar ! Moatioge of the Boeiet with the S cretsty | over, Thinge at this. s(aze looked vaiy Fre nttuds and links, preven nt ‘
¢ Cathedral Parish, rant te very, valoee thanked the repreveatative Fatnertog for. ets om me leat Board and Gravel whea much a ts deadlock would ensue, but nie Stver sae s & | Zanele to, 8 ‘
og TAD Ww waa clr presence, 01 eventual e ort-ols . *
err The knew the work would Le oonhet of Ais anseclaten, “™ the exstration of Draggiate and Ams | tives wera declared the w apera aad they Kee teariton Sains E oy Toy en %

reat apd ditdeo{e fur him, and theres | ‘The Chairman having sokoowleded the | tnt Drugalets was discussed, Meference | in the laterest of apors decided ta contese | of 224,(Ne lege), U. Lyneh Srd 7 ’ rs . .

7 g asked thet their prayers shou'd T vote. the National Miche wan anog, | Wee also made to the proposed * Ravision | weir farther cage emente: Ta Ubis cons (Naparima Ecllege) RE Ni E M B E R ! !

low bien, an be wag qure they would. | Cheere were lustily accorded Mr. Smith, | Of tbe Castowe Tariff re Medicines” and | nestionit may be well thet othar and better | 7 FLAT Race, a handicap—Time 2,43 -

eatcond bio, he thanked one Ube revision of the “Polson Schedule” by rrapgements sbould be made in fatureso Parseitance 220 yarda—Lat prise

ht service in the ebarch | thé Medical Coageil, all of which matters | seto avoid the like again, As totbe ree 2ad prize $t,

fpvocluck, Tov, Sat vere fally, comtary ope the Soolety aud resentatives of Portof-Spain sod San | 5 D, Johnetane Jet y ft Larisden and
Yarge consrepgation, a Oped. would soo! erpando opinions wers freely entertained | 8.—-UREASY PoLk Faw} ris

art for tba very great trouble be bad iiniog farewell d' heats talog oa big | Settled. lee os to their Teepective aria, As aresit of Han wt . aap *

en ia ancertatending {te erection (ep- | text, the Jith versa of the $9. chapter of |“ 7bE illegal eala of Patent and Prop the four events contested between the, | Wlanere Babootal, . - .%

pi 14 ont: 1o conclusion, | Corlotbis: fie Ftoall brethe: tary Medicioes by retail, by several Orme | 4h, d d Worship thea M. a YOU'D HEAR A STILL VOLOR IN YOUR,
a tee sonny Too lodeed, but | farwell, Be partes ie at Bood vrowlere, | and shopkeepers ta the City which was wine cach to thelz credit” The eaten Johastone eaid he Ae eae te eee POCKET CRYING OUT TO,YouU - . « a
jag ked Dpoo Was 1° daty. Jt eas only be plone sited, live a pence end the, G wie Panckred by, the Saciety. 1 Subjece sente vee of the Sy wer dluttectly pte Myer of Ban ined to gre rey the s = Ad
Jour since be came there, ove and peace aball be with you clanned when plited against the S.uthern 0} ey a 4 7
folt chat bi leneleg beblod, life gead and discassed durlag the seer. ia | breth be asst feat Yery good time, He thought q x 3 n 2
Gta stetcr | Cisomaeasatee. | fegrachtere ymin | a cane Soa psa pt eae teseetatee dn, | NOT TO TORN A DEAT EAR 50 %
w , ag a committes w ‘ 4
very much fot The presentation and & Toe deaths of one Town and 8 Country apeiase the elty counpetitor. Toe candace only by hard work oe ‘oil, a be laid Te OBA AND NEW-uoOT ox
merybere, and the election of § cew mem: thejargegethesing was exeaplery andthe fmphas on the word toil. ‘hey bad

in{prolonged applanse, ‘ Lust : ,
them au revoir(prolonged applanse.) | The Voice of St, Lucla of December 10th tere: apd, above sil the, faances of tbe | Doliee echasrsernse eee erty and tbe ale a the word toll | Th yb 4 Bo . a .
Soclety ehick ae ona soen fouls, With “Uleegector tdtajar | could vee, th hat'done remarkably i x< - M A S “BO gos .
those trems the Recietary brought biess- | t mpsoa were deairal'e frou every point of | [sear Acar), Ste. Martin was o portman, ” lhe - s: "a
+ ae


Chelrmen asked whether any of the | says )—The unex intenoe of the
oll ike tos bat ae the ree | demand for oaks det the lat ¢
wes not eee te the Ghalrman | imonthe has been the ol conuileraiia port toa cloee ; N thew he
Mr Lewis . Inolss thanked the Beore-. Hisdmancee Biltoe seliveoed te wrens, feiiees Sune, SLIPPERS,
ey for the goud work done daring the | fags with w ebsice ohedcal programe,

he helleved he was quite right Im says leet eur stock should ran out
hee Ar, waniths wuald be missed Lefore It could be replenished. The inst . a
4 soando” ” '
exr, ont sored that ibe repors be | 1h - | come too, emt he hoped , ,
tio pe which resoleliou wes uaselucusly ‘Luvre, anteg from tie large attend going on contineatye Side G EN TS AN D LADIES HATS, ..
Tha slection of Ofice-besrera for 1008 aby, whi'e from s ptrlodly pportiag stand. | tein Lbem because he knew that the Port-of: oA

thea Cook plaoe with the following re- | Luprovement la’ eramy, dire eteeae aoe | be hoped Ther een cae the train, bas GENTS READS MADEYTWEEED BUTS,

jh by She ladies, eepectwly those fo the tonson thé wharves will be taken
Paddaheas who were duing eveh scp! tomorrow by tha Gatioa, Bul early in
fn the Williag Workers’ Bucivt the morning We should have a cargo of
oe wiih the Chairms: 4,000 tone in from the States . This
lewa uf any geotlemas.—— arrivaltotime wil save the altuation,.
Peter {sor} in a humorous | as there are four or five atearpere on the

1, Geo, F.
1 f thanke tw hartered which will bi onlte res . ,
tale ot felt byeeenes, aud ‘atber work wp 40,33, 000 tons by the ent the een iF arier renee’ Hceatdent) pesded | sre i varlouy vente and | take vw boats aot Als ii L t f I di T 4
t +“ Dowoes, the pronio current mon’ ° ole joa Pres: . * . ugaie.
sping ef the moved wor hin effures —— dul and Me G. Caden Dietfenthsller * ry ee or acd scm et te tht, ci thet soos wile ad ons NA Ine 0 0 ‘B 88 D ta data Corsets, %
¢ at personal Loconrealence sad amid want of eee hive sttached to reelected Honorary Becretiry and Tree- okie Piste and *, vecand prize $4, ary happy and prosperous new year } proowids, - Y'y sot, Bos, Kitty, Acm
t C G ited ve . ’ cy uae 8899,
re Ke Bove fo 0 Gtting speced, | for coals thie week sths Glacier, which te | 1De Offsials reapentively thacked the |\Q, Frat Lice Tio {0.20 ecm, Open to | ait: Philip (Seoretary) thanked bls wor: = Oa BLOW AR gt nos BEDS, Wonder, he, a
the Rer, gentieman God speed, | ahuge refrigerator filled with hundreds | membere for thelr cunfidence,- OU Hite 3) feat aod epward, Fices | ship and Mrs Johnstone for prevents, tees
and pr 'y {na hie paw office. of tout of freak meat, reqotables, batter | Dir Hers then gava an interesting pst, Flue and 05, second prise $5, for having distrita prices,
" ape Paather, which le a vast work: | acsosot of the properties of « native pleot uty Pinivh Jot, dary Ree Jud. he farther than’ hie” wore
s which mozey had tpen relied ot . ted with every appliance for] betoetrg tothe netarel onder “[ridaesa” | 3 FLAT Kack— Timp l0.4)e.m, Opento | ship f having ke such an
ph during the past two yeern, eald the ting carrant repairs and the Gukoa, | which be bad pubmitte! for farther aciea: atl date 40 feet bad epward, YY sosstal regéite of 4
My Feng ethet thabnry oop | rod sunny fr te sao af tin wanes | Re Breiee iter Suhes Ee Suatae| BEaorn neg TER | ebay ware tho h Mone i °
og 8 ‘esideot then wished the members so Venue bet Malgratoute Zod. were ven fot the Port-of-
of the pariabloners, and in regard 19 | now vousing et TrialWdad on their | a prosperoas Now Y. d thi 4 Race ron Maty-p: d San Feqnaado ere your Buys
proantsilon, wihvet the ec-eperatlve } way round the Horn. «| sedtvoontttomelostet io pms A] KACUTE=Tia Jhl0 etn, LL bot | Slaper ond the fearon ietwleaicleee ernanr, the Most. .


a Sar 7 B <
3 S

Grocery, |ouR CHRISTMAS GIFTS 1.

D OALADONIAN HOUSE.| ~ 'p..E5sh} 240 DOLLAR®. { Beet



* i
Ae, 4
. ae . 1
tte ae Loca . . + Nba ds i at ols ‘ .

Aad a " . Se


lake. aeoy

BOT AR Be ati Be pee
we: ? Le TY 4 2 a ‘ in ti Si ¥
1 oe daft, 7 Bhat oath 2 THE ~ POST. “o am ae

a _ > \

— ee
‘ » *



‘THE STORES, - oo,

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AX 7908 Jabourers the opportunity of improving our

ee ee ee ES NET
rating charm of drinkables and other Jetty abipm., with passengers for the ; f ; The Trinidad Line of

A Se aoa

“ ; =

C ORDEN GRAN } ‘ own Jabour supplies’ The cry bas Jong delectable, The ‘race in which the | % Atrate.” Steamer
7 -

ie | frum the plant that they | donkey that caught tle judge's eyes last | fassen Hy notifed that
& OO. BRUNSWICK GROGERY | seers eats i et | Sensz eke see tt | femmpear areal sete Spiga
t .

work thelr plantations ‘properly dad ipro- | deal of ploasure and enjoyment, ‘There » outward Mall Steamer will lesye the # Trading ComnA genta,
Meallyt ea ee desea eT the Punt were two oventein which there was nofinal | Vincent Jetty 26.10 .a.m., 02 the sey ht ARAVALWThe 0a, **Maraval” of

v 4 the Trinidad Lise will leave for
+ - : ——emene of view of the greatest coud of the whole | issue RA One wae phe 22 de flat race | asiling* aod passengers are therefore re: York on the 981h D ber 1907 aud

4 it H . ; colony of ensunng ito the planters, both ) open to ‘all-comere in which # dispute | quested to sea that all thele baggage is mn *
OF FER FOR SALK . Machado S Cigars. puget and coone, pleaters every facility for | arme, and the tace was ordered to be mim | ont dowa before that hour. , AT NAD taney ae ed

° - Flor de Machado Governors the extension and improvement of “gheir | over, some bf the contestants complaining AGUS—Thé BM.8. * Tague” is dae the Tulidad ih ® iti yen N
« Galt, a cultivati fs, we assanie, sifiiciently | tnt they were not quite familine with the hers from New York on Sanday the | York on the Bih Janeen 1 a a ‘ton
B tr a ryt Et — Londres Ueres nnderstood mort peuple hereto stand in coune. Tha other was ip Fenpect a the 26th Jazonry, ips git jamaice, Color, Bo | thers 16th ja, ery Te 903 ead fe dae

io no} lempnatration at our hands tulle Hat race iu which a was an aayra aod w ‘pave - €

ral - Boquet Coschasy Ko that the introduction of as large a num- oa against the winner on We greand | the next dey for Southampton via Barbe. Fie % om Baran” of the

. Pavetellas Young Ladies bor of immigrants as can reasonably. sbe | of son-romdenod im the ward anion” ‘The | ane and Cherbourg, takiog passengers, D Trinidad Line wil leave Now York ou
E <¢ Sant ’ ‘T, P t » After Bappers. brought over every year scemy to us iets matter fo under the vousilerstion of the | cargo, and mails, Be vane Sha tn vty 1903 and ie, dge here 141d
ws ss. D onlnique and a la aX At Lowest © ricem, | for some years more to come at any rate, | connuttes of “fentlemens controlling the ‘tbe
. Or,

Tender will leave the St, Vincent

moire O the surest way of securing the vontinuance | arrangements for, and the management of | Jetty ad] o'clock with passengers for the ecto
© GRUYERE,CHEDD hm aoupa,EDAM of the agricultnral prosperity which harcer: | the sport, With.the exception of these | Tapes.” m ve
100 FIRKINS}V.A. BRAND - talnly, ety what the orponeate: of sthe | incidents, nothing untoward oveurred | Passengers ae specially ootlied thet a Shipping Intelligerce,
KINs&Vv.0. BRAN CS H E E Ss E S$ : syatemn will, beou® remarkable featare of ‘to mar the harmony of the day's { haggage lighter to be deapstehed to the _-

100 FIR ogVv.u, AND ———— the colonios that have maintained Esst sports, which may inetly be considered | Homeward Mall will leave St vincens ARRIVALS,

Li Fi h Li + Fi h Indian Immigration sa compared with I wucensisly and for ‘the do! thang of ubich, | Jetty et 10 a.m. on the day of sailing, avd 310.
. ne ish, Ing ISH | thoes who did wot : and af thesame time ,expoclally after late «und hae 18 | passenger are specially requested to eee | MIKADO, Venes sloop, Joseph, 42 tons,
. . ne BACOr, aleo it is te best way of encouraging the ' tions, the comunttee of whic Sut C,H. Uthat all thelr baggage ie sent down before} f day Cristobal Colog—21,000 ftoccanate,
- hy i Ww ° , extension of fhe tanal ct indowtries to which i Morris waa the oie tic /Secrulary, ‘le. bes dese will be ea] G panies cocoa and 2 paseengers, .

. . . the Indian after, and even sometimes dur- * serves the congra ation 6 he cominunity Slaae pamsengers Roce: DA,

. ~ ° BEST QUALITY BY RETAIL ing, his tern: of indentare, secs naturally in and about anepune, The prizes | by ene Tages” a a Pt Brit etme, MeGrath, 1,304

tons, 12 howe Grecada, 12,292 phat
geveral mdse, 4,000 cases keroaine’ ost
4,477 pieces of Inober, 238 galvanized
sheets 124 bdle carriage fwood work, 33
abeep, 1 bores, (far Briahton), £09 pieces
oflamber, & boi'er, 83 pkze genorst
rades, 210 pigs tadse, foe Tobsgo. 1,243

=o to gravitate towards, in the shape of rice which were alt inm {except that of the eat ‘onvaallike” a
â„¢ = Sel; .? P VY, BUTTER colture and other enterprines, it course Rreasy pole~in ham) were obtained thrgugh Konnbiljke W, Mail-
258 Barrels ‘Knickerbocker ° ® 9 | from the planters’ point of view, there Is public eubveription, were distributed yea font
== os Mb tios—Three Cow: w Ba eonieting not very ‘satisfactory in the terday morning between 7 and 10 o'clock, The Royal Dutch Ma—
, tloa—Three Cuws & One Cow Butter, 7?
236 Bacs Sunbright. a , constant yearly lows of tried and ttained { at ‘The Caminercial Ageucy,” Tunspuna, 5 4
> ~ BUTTER FCOTCH The Littié Oner” De: | voolies, for the places of which they reveive by Mr. Morrine PRINS WILLEM Vim'thea.s, Prine
‘ Hgbt, NOUGAT—The Little One's Delight | only new men j int that ina matter that | “11,5 resnlts te an follows p= dam Ve rat ¥” We dee bere trom Amater- | pige tadeej for Ban Veroands and 5
we do not propos to consider here > am vie Paramaribo and Demerara on or wengeraeTo Trinktsd Shippin
Quaker Parffrds Riog, | aiecisestamcncia nt, | wii: Rempuigbatn #8: Moen | aati Leia ne pening tha | Beaters "eine
. - 6 that time als van " ‘ampatar, Mana,
BU SAE = TEE YOOD FOR prefartice. * Ton the veph ity of the dugmentation of DUE 100 Yarps Heat Hact, (open to boys] Gaante, La aayra, arto Cabello, Aaa Cranes, rgeps, Lare Sage one
— * Be

Kroon under 12 years of age).
QUAKER CORNMEAL IN PACKAGES, | foptlation by immigration of all kinds, | Peo nor ” | Prince aod “New York tak oar nals YO, Vener boat, Stone 1 dey,
od 9


9 mm

Tocese, ‘s
400}BOXES CUBE SUGAR. ieee Caestee hate Delicacy, then the supply of labour of’ the estates |. Hiomt JoMP mAs M. Procops Jat, IL. Cristobal Colon balieet

one and malls
I beconstant, irreepective of the attrac. | P&mphile 2nd. RINS WILLEM IIL.—The Datch Mail er passene
75{4ALF.~BRLS CRUSHED SUGAR. ; . aman reer of te ates | oS reat Mace fopen to bos | PReAieeeM UE The Doteh atl] | Cee
° Apples, Grapos. fo rah upp lant oben i the te ny need adar 1 Joarsp-Nethantel Sobers lit, {rom ,Venerusan, Porta ou er About the meaty vee, piilacho, | Saray, 2
° ote bid ‘ate t , as we d 5 ng alter . f -
. " a . : peat all along unied, that the bact course ACIOARETT Race—John Mazeang Ist, | to Paramaribo, ifarre tnd Ameterdams ° ae eee. 108
M. W. GOODING. for the colony isa large yearly supply of eee i zn “ad 1} taking cargo, Te oad wsile, yictony, sit sloop, Glontea 18 too, #
U1 + Brunswick Grocery, |isctrncte tittsrart | aricecanrigttteâ„¢ Yermmir ts) DRE GHEE Eas bea wu | VECLUNE Uo Gente, ty
' 9 | ovapatlone cl fee tale ate on the | au Vanps Feat Ract=To bs i a ne ta, 51 Lege vegetables, 6° bags
thons of free Indians afte tare, 7 rewe # 9 be run over, | bere from Amsteniam via Paramaribo aod ea, gs Lula,
100SCASES CHIOCE SARDINES—'Souza 34 Frodctiek Street, Til bec ently there was come growed or] AME Ab Deacte tac Laane emarare on ont” the 20h Janbary 5 Pampkinn 3 bape cone, 2 bnsee er,
+ i (3 . OR Twi ls * ie
saeratlon oniitene he ene age Wiiskny AND Sova Hack.—Laorle | Cumans, Casote, Im Guasra Pours BALYBIA, nse aa toon 18 hee

Cabello, Cur: J 1

Fortat-Prison ae iNew York taking oaig,
and ms:


Dutch Mail Steamer" Prins Frederik.

Varbdadoe}800 teas Patan el end td

ously allect the creole workinan by pre- Bell" lat, JG Fuller's “Alves” dud. passengers ‘oNew Colon) “Company

venting the estate owners from paying M . ;
him than they would hare to, jan } 2 MILE Fuat RacewA dipute,—ru-
ntare % the new ccbivence ferred to Counntteu,

The Empire Typewriter | trate | evi th tae
aeetee "| cate we


- 4
We call attention toa few facts regard- indentared aan,

Janaary 2a:
coenemeneeegene, satel ene irons 2 MARIA, Von buat, rd
=. tho EMPIRE Standard Typewnitor, | now before the Jeyislature, however-tan | SACK RAck.—Andrew Hernandes lt, | Heodrik™ fa due here from Veoezvelan te + Mate, 7 tons, (0 days,
ae ~ : Hamuel Williem od, no Colcrado— ballast,
“8 oe oe wether Standard Typewriters cost ontiganee belie rouemyvered the Jie ‘OusTaciy Rack Laute Lewia let, A. porta on or soak, the 26th January 1068, EMNIDO, Veus soo Theyes, 18 tong t
. i us «> 100 DOLLARS (to thelr credit be it anid), this reproach ta | Pareh 2nd. favre and Amsterdam taking cargs, | “A! Certlaquite~ ballast, -
! $@ | rhs EUPIRE complate cous PTS eeea ee ae Mt he T Lakban'e muacesas’ SonkFy, wine): Reet + Dootubae ee 3
Toasunable ar ent Dp- we > ate
, ‘SO - DOT.L.Awe. Foneate, of the systera on that vcore ‘Pushy Boy" 2nd. BM. Rrocope tnt Free egpent & Gs, "barton ata Gorboutd, 3.076, fons,
“ re 0 oA, Toco; ~~ 1, % £
—FOR— You Save 40 Dollars sent news a2 to the overtioving supply Atthur Jones, 2nd, Hou Goloniat Ce, Liam | bags Sopra, 16 bene Pat Sacer

niin | GREASY PoLE.George Birdwood, gents

‘ ; Pascoms cot omrertenele cate Goheres | | TEG-Or WaicDollos tn Chilles—won | 4 LMERIAN=THy 42m Almertan te
‘ * ~ the planters toa body to consider whether | by ci se AL due here from Liverpool via Barbados
’ 5 { ry on! they are amply justified in making & 00 ce’abocs the 4b January, 1008, pro.
{ . 5 7 not ceodlog afterwards to La Gus buerto
x "4 determined efort now to secure a larger , se yt,
| % j ee indent of famigrante thes they’ mighs
+ : ; calise 0

bello, Curensg and Cartagena, takiog

ol OW i SArZ0, paasen and mali, - z
cre it they vil be apiranig TeinldadiRitio A o lon, » ha Ustece: Kerlgasions oben ca) Nie, "Yonen, dort,
w 3 nm ~ .
x 1 d thout inteade{ The Cacorite Raves will not Naliana A Vapors. |" pack . s baBiTy
, AMAS POST CARDS, * 4 a. watt ea opposites bal waco a anol preotice tomorow (uenuyy Oe Pee for Ske: The Colontal Con uk vAton a te sloop: Mansel, f

1 ns ma A gents, tons,
siveree views, ‘we think ve acalgis, ADE MILANG—The Italien Mall chandlses TH PONGEY Pacuegee teers
taki bein steamer "Citta di Millano” is due | GALGO, Vanex sloop,

HI§-MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT Baby te wuering trom ed Was row | __ MOVEMENTS. OF .OMAMERS.


5, .
here from Genoa via es, Cristobal Colon, oof rages ar, 65°% ny
TEN Ay ERE packages ove a
ro we unly where the u 7 (Spal), and Tenerife on or about 18h abd Upeaengers,
1he Governnont of Trinidad, | Wtvete tens Bei sotilay’ tone B MAB.E, «The me eu TaGeaten Pawte Coase cateny fare Cartiagehey susie? page ee
. . * ‘ thone + I . a," mon, and Colon takdag targa, ls
‘ / oo AND—— ‘ a J/EDGAR TRIPP & Co, > aici pe lw Salat M Weleeuee eet wae jou oon | Riseenaery and malle, ‘ a10A, Brit. atoam yacht, Lobe re,
¢ a th ng EL o , , aeonre ¢ 3 , ; . f 7 *
anes , ° F ibe) Oo a es Goad, commence: || 78) RS re hd partion and will |, heneen Girect Lia, Bau stmr, Bate, 1.549 008,
PIGTORALPOST CARDS OF TRIKIDAD,| <=———ere ===) “tone snsietr soe. [ote see a "rbanayne™ | dataset! ng fre
7a si ae ow ; ’ ‘ day bide, 1 belg
: walta eile Vinoss ABA—The on, *Sahs * here begs, 10. casge.
' sPorteol-Byain Cazete si thaarae a per kr Iza apes Tie, Pine Yor ie | Se ietan'vg Rate cd St Bariatn iremroet tara fa i ie
4 * Warner, | M “ tebeoca nd. Sopot
a naamemnend eens ee Lamazre. Youle] _ Passeogers are specially notifled that after to Mertloigee # By Geedey
PORT-OF-BPAIN, waa ths sstansedralone etal Begrege Sigh v0 be dey tehed 40, this t Hing cag. pases and mails, ALieah ted Os. ad .
aad of ander'8 sieamet 091 leave the Be deity at AS EERANO—The ae. “Serranu des tune, Bol Venes vtmr,, Hermoe, 16
10 tre thereleg nent and 2 SY bore from Loadeo via Berta beget Needed 17
ase thereforg $0 senthat a1) | Gresada on or shout the

MUIR, MARSHALL & 00,| vsrornmn, |Suztemners
» WME a} wien sence eon se Bee as tna

iy Jaueary MANZ INA wae & Oty
4 is g
ora: t longege veut dows befery thay 1s proveudion odvervards Ho De “a 648 tone, toe sont pair, Stwomaa,
talepaceroentiy St fetaence "oie | gee nuogavermn, Md the Greve (7A PLATA. the fan Yaron Estny amburg Ameriogn | Som rani oe
. o ie weather very ni ae ‘ork 06 7 SDGsry Jet, 1006,
olodition of the ladian laLour market thereat, I 9h . RESCUE. V; " ’
A ene See eeeree ates ee ae Ree an MQM, 2 (Mae ew
Yo * ~— ; ir with” the youly fumigration season in | contested with the proverblat Vesthienssad hed J reer tekieg passion UNGARIAL.—The nn \Buogarla” of ere hy bin at " :
; ' Hse t was mald that in conne. petition. snd the corruspundingly | gers cargo acd mails, the Cooder leaven A We Mawterr-Avericss Line will be
VALUABL , Cake ot ie the proce ras ee Bene fal elects uf fondly recroati tlt, toe Bt Vincent fey wl P'olooke with ve here Yow Vasernslan ports on or sonm—mewcniamm
¢ . hu ¥ . a t
. Unoussute of talenrar sho woul be wileg and ¥ emteemient arty ar del. are ‘ sepbed inate warts re a Hamburg vie Se Sosiag ot
ta eunigrato to avoid the prevatling | events, notably amen the the | bagenas' to to the | Thowas taking cargo, pewengera aad ot Malte,
- . " 4 fre € reer that ben or sone sete tare fener rece eee Abe tines “l Femara Mall will ease og tHe, Vincent 1 ana dahl Mails for + Comana,
‘NOS. 82 &’ 84, OUEREN ST. peau eper{ in thcoloay hat fomine in| pal fame. 2a the otiwar bat oen Eercapi te sorely tognend aad East dviate Lee of Gurnee’ ak a 4
sag | aigring ciaats there nd tymipashy ia | Ewice eld. guneral notlatetion’ ain "oe tome Liam beaeege eset down tafere hi: Gua Fidente ca | eiey, Seales
OMPRISING three lots uf on which send isnge Awelling | cus form or anpther bas not ben * {| babey sugury: we fear, of the poteotiali- | 4 THATO.—The RWS, + Aurats” ty ° ab BON o'oleek, fm ,
C: d xo large stone Warchousen, one of whigh, is a gerner | Su lore Lat lt prolably nares csvurped | tle of out preservare of Law abd Order, | AA dua bere rom Seothampton on Wel: | OT, JAN—The vt, Bp Jen” ta -dug eA gt
house a2 . ‘ SENAY, Beole tet, sa the old yrorerb | Ferliaps, however, the deleat might be January Did, $068, va Ci here from Copesbagea Sls Rettes ir Vieeat and
wore Wil be aold for any readenable ‘sath offer, For partioulore Mas i sit wait atten cag second as nwo fetes tan fone pig Morea ires ye rua bos re fron Copenh Sty, Doma PrN Greate wi te eee
apply wo KENNETH * a a eeeatenoee been on all day, ¢hough ta New York via Gaarre, Poerto Co | acd Bar On bP about Jaouatg teh, te. ' f at 8
1 x ‘SKINNER * Sint tilende at ree: yet ins Colea Waklog pea: | leaving Situe wards for Venera oad Feu Ei ibe lowes ea aed
. g oa, “villas “ a 1 | ates, Gores 08 8 38 Dm, Honey
av ® Bee pee whiik tone ladlea [oumdgeon preg 1 * cane theft, areny sanity, teklog cargo, pawegers aad Tei art ed cael et ‘
Atay rN

% . . t
FER oy SEs 7

Stephans, pt
¡Mitts, Bejts,
Trinidad Building and
r -Loai-Association. â– 
Absolutely Név/.Goods.
:osiíb sr;
Just Reseii/ed.
Wholesale Trade JEf
KcguLrljt ».Ui lha m«i utbbcuiy RESULTS. Il '» really and
sTlitT'pi'S l’OUUKvi'íid FSSif f0' <,ATTtE’ Iluli3ES'
Geo. K Alston: & Co;»
• 'sole agents.
|?§?ip|p§ “
- aar-rl
itwi ton aw Dura sis.,
N.ite Umroi!’ il.ll.B
vl£S££& ‘
18 *sLisiii*'

Tn'wilWlMÍilf- t .
^ !, TOYS,
ust tiésold off this Week.
■i v «
srs in FANCY „ Bote*
Caley’s Craikers
• ':a fewlefV-at cost prices. *
Jewellery & Silver Goods,
.Suitable for Wedding Presents’, j
_ ¡Waterman
¿W'WjjjjSfri* I “'oTnit V
I TÍWañ KlEoif’i t
sspS^sal ^“írr- 3
' ^ i ..jk he ’ ‘
* » * 1 . It, , ■ Ai
, BOYD & CO.
tWf •
VifW ‘ ' Agf*®' '»'oltDEMk
Pine St. Julien.1
iSSWiras a
-g ... t,„_
“ía», JMJ& -A

eSFJio Bona-asua
moiNQ3, insertions, and Monpra.
Sili- Dress Girrips,
S*j¿¿g mw ¡5É IT itxdui*** ■■«»»
loft Department.
Engliih and American
Fwhiuiro Dept.
Infatns, Gi.rls, Boya
Ladies and Gentlemen.
.Col’d'Lacj Inserted ^Chiffons,
Special Values in firldiicjal Flowers.
Latest Styles,
T ie Bonanza.
onaor.x majdxi
From 12 Dolían.
”■i- ss.sft.M'ssa—'"
m *• SCHUZI • HAROWi .
cwfnuctoss W.TO»'iwTW«nj. <
Ojp, Ceiar or Mahogany Ironmongery*
SMITH irnos. & CO. I SMITH BROS. A: CO^‘3
-áÉS-Ss J

whitfsr r« nw« Ucm. 4* N*.'
|save*Kll our. discount:
Fairbanks Soap,
Him Utf i!«l :-nJl ¿mTÍ^ÍOV »'• u»l.!«'*
SC I JOliN Eii 6 CO.
sox: tjbc' x XTA
Hardware Sj Cmmiuion Merchantt.
_ ísíaafM*.rtí
3B0 Kegaand liases Paiia PointMusm'd sizes
leases Bengal & Bengal Star Matche
v :
lt, iljHtALEJO a CO.,1
hire .Food Products
«are Pood Productoil^^pl
¡§¡¡¡¡ Jq!i!i Hoadley k
a . i
Good Value in Gent’i
¡Ready - to - Woar Glotliii
|the don

cash ^>7inB,aB;-A SEiH,s
' m Ediitiujio contort twuuxaiMsmo mnoifiT* in
.£*Sh\ ,
House, ,-ij

[a&m CALED OKI AM HOUSE. [ft&wj
|$ «%&

Descana s*s redaoienados y
amigek felloes pascuas y
Wish fluir many Patrons & Friends
.A-Very Happy Xmas
A aw amia «i partieuliar, at ¡V
tons nos -dliente an géiáral más
souhaitons une KoM^joyouie^ot
únb nouvelle anafre héuróuae et*
■ prósprae. ^ .
3 T7 TTHR:
Es; ss. ‘Dominique’ and “La Plata’
Where to Go?
C . Marine Square.
NOS. 82 * 84-, QUEEN #T.
Jl K Í1MW»»«(-.
\**«*ÑJ5* VO