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Port of Spain Gazette
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Tin; port Of 3PAra gaziuth ayppsksday .nír.y r
STEPHENS, Limited,
From ÍC. per Yd.
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ill h WilHiom and Mi Bills,
OaEuaP*’ Ljo Beat'
\ FOI; ' BATIS ESS. quality & PUB
* wsass*1 w»«wat

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7LQ SRUW 2I 3$UD JD]LXWK D\SSVNVGD\ Q¯U\ U 67(3+(16 /LPLWHG 7+8 672% 6+2: )URP & SHU 21n6 /$',(6n 8175,00(' $1' 5($'<72:($5 +$76 /DGLHVf¬ .LPRQR HOW ,& (/$67,& %(/76 6,;7< &(176 -* (V V V f¯,QGXV _ 3URP &DOFXWWD %DJV 1$*5$ 5,&(rr1 n %DJV 85+85 '+2// rf¯ZRf¯ ,f¬5,.6 1('(8,n$1'(1 8 %$*6 f¬2/,6+(' 5$1*221 5,&( &$6(6 3/$1 $76 %5$1'< &$6(6 6 &$%,1(7 3KRWR )UDPHV cU (; 66 &+$1&(//25 7KH %UXQVZLFN *URFHU\ ,,, mSLOH 7SMLLOHU MSJDVVVV `7< DXQEn 3URSHUWLHV IRUn6DLH 126 t 28((1 67 )nO+OV66UL¯67A¯6 B .%+1,L7,, 6,&,10 PP

ro wm orety
te 4

hy -

OF AUQUST }944 *

UBLIC NOTI ber: ven that
in exercise clive peverst le con,

P ferred upon Mo: by the Uopreya

BLIC'NOTICE ‘te qiven that in.
exercise of tbe Power of Sale contained fn

Qcertsia Memorandum of Mortfage No a1! 4; ance pumber 73 and egutained in
f dated the 7th day of August yyorqfrom Joseph ) adestel Martcege bearing date the 1375
f Mathieu to BS one there will be pur F dhy of April 1004 registered a1 satober
pp ice bale by the undersigaed at bis Auction 101i bor 1904 and ois between Joraph
On ay the xth Oay Aug Sev Feraan- Primm_of the ont, pat and Francis
tween the Bours cl one and pee Kenmasael Cranesull of the other pary and
ia & deed of Karther Charge bearing ‘date

Firstip—All that parcel of tand stuate ia the re
IP Ward cf Savana Grande North comprising five | the 14th dey of April 1903 snd made
f] acres 4 roods and thirty eight perches regislered | between the said Joreph Priam of the one
yan and the ssid Fravcie Emmanuel

R is volumes LXXXIV folie 441, “Gnd bounded
Non the North by Crown tard outhe Sout by } Gransaull of the other part there will be




f lacds of Lego Torres oa the Kast by ® | pat ep for sale by the unders! attber
land on the West by lands OL foseph [atthe : aetioa Mart fember 16 BE Vincent
ae ard of arc te North gore atrest on Thursday the let day of August

1907 betwéen the hours of poe aud two
o'elock p.m. .
Allend Binguler post bertala parcel of
land siteate fa the! sald Ward of Mans->
tallla comprising eight acres aad abutting
on the North on the La Branche River on
the South on the Manzanlila High Road on
the Hast on lands sow of lately of Past
leith and on the Weat oo lands of one

Hi 6 sisteen = acres apd one re

y akald IRL se LXXYI1 tulio oy tel tous
retion the North by Crown land on the South
5 y lends of Isaac Fonrose 6a the East by lands
fof Diego Torres and Crown land and oa
the West_ by lands of Catherine Clement,
lands of Christophe Fermin, end by Crown lan.
and Interesected by m road reserved fifty links
wide, together with ths appurtenances thoreta

Ie befonging. VHigrim,
g Dated jhls o6ch day of June 2907. Wived this 20th day of Joe 1907.
a UOT . loveroment Aucdonesrs | -
SALE FOR THURSDAY THE sgtn DAY Ft eeewrner een minions *
i ln eee wvnpyrspay THE att
e — a
UBLIC Nories is hereby Civen that a DAY OF J ULY ior
exercies er ‘oon! on ee ey
i Morigagees by the provisions of the Real Pro- | 1 UBLIC NOTICE jahereby given that HURSDAY, max 287m DAY | SALE FOR TUESDAY THE 13m DAY
erty Ordinance 1895 and under and by virtua P iverercive of the power of tale oon-, SALE FOR THURSDAY, rae 2ern DAY erUreay 1907. T
Ch aiventon te James Withee arren James tained jo a cortalu Memorandum of Mort- -—— ——
he rgtt da; if December roc, there will be | fare No, 64, dated the 8th day of October UBLIC NOTICE ts bereby given that ia UBLIC Notice is hereby given that in
but ip for sale by Public Auction at the office | 3908, from Moonia to Marion FitsSimoce, Pp exercise of the Power of ab under, and exercise of the Power of Bale contained
Lithe undersigned, No 34 St Vincent Street, | there will be put up foresle by the under: | by virtue of a certain Deed bearing date tbe | ina cettala memorandum of mortgagedated
ort-ef Spain, on Thursday the sth day of | signed at ther OlGce No. 4 High Street, | agh day of December 1904, and cegiatored in | the 26th October 1903 made by Juan Mar.
july zguz7 biweeen the hours of one and fan Fernando, on Wednesday the 24th the office of the Keghtrat General as a 465 cano ia fevour of Daniel George Aqui,
o a .&
; apr plece of laod situate 10 the Waed of day of July 1997, between the hours of O eae es Welkngine of tbecne part, thers will be pat np for saleby Public

ons and two p,ts. Anevton by the andersigned at their Aas-

wanapo ia tha (stand of Traded comprise | alt that parcel of and situate in the | sed James Wiltiam\Warren of the other part | tign 34 ’ of Bt. Vi
Dve acres, t rood and thirty ¢ hes bb th there wil for Sale by Pubhe Auction | tion Mart No. 2 Corner of St. Vincent and
rae were or Pe Snead and arth the eta, | Ward of Oropouche in the Island Sf Trini- by the ra besened at thele Acetion "Man, ‘No, | Backville Btreote, Purt-of Spain, on Tues-

dad comprising five acres, one rood and
twebty-four perches be the sania more or
loon (being portion of the land delwested
in the diegram drawn on the Crown Graat
to Moonia registered in Vot. XIV. follo
101) and bounded on the North by Crowa
aod and by innds of Hhatoo on the South
by lands of Joctoo Ly lands of Greea

day the 83th day of Augast 1907, between
the houta of one and two of the clock,


° Alland Sisgaler that certain paroel of
Jand situate ia the Ward of Tarure, io the
Taland of Triardéd, compriasg 20 acres,
2 roods and 19 ea, bo the same more
or leas, delincated and described and with

ag, St. Viocest Street, Port-of-Span, on
Thursday, the este Gay of July, 1907, between

the bows ot One and

First.—All aod Suogular that certain Cocoa
plantation sitttats in the Ward of Guasapo, in
the Isiand of Trinidad, compriung aoimeteco
acres, and abutting en the North upon laods
formerly of the Crown bat now of ons Arthur

Hala and boundaries thereof shown in the Plan
be Diagram cefetred to iv the Royal Graot
jated the york fey of December 2890 entered
in Volume V, folle 605 and bounded on the
orth by lands of antes Wethegton, on the
Bouth by a large Ravine, on the Fast by Crown
nd and by the said Ratiaa, aad on the West
by lands of G Joaquin

1 an
Dated thus a7th day of fuge + by lunde of Seetul on the Eaat by inf Wallington, on the South formerly upd | the abuttela aud bocoderits thersol shown
5 BJ scorr’s SON, ol tthateo bby lands of Seotul aod by herds ftewoa land wat fh Soon in pikaeol a S\ lon the plan drawn on the Royal Grant

of Geean and on the Weet by Crows laod

and by lends ot Jeetoo and intersdcted by »

peth reverved forty lake while, together

with the appurtenances thereto belonging.
Dated this hth dey of June 1907

ed to the said Juan Maroano, éntered
ja Vol XL folio 286, and bounded on the
North by the Coriat Extension Road, aad
by Jande of Didier Nool, on the Soath b:
wh Lands, on the Kast by the

the Crown but now in the oocupatioa of George
White, and on the Weet partly upon lands
formerty of one Dundas but sow of Arthur
Weilimgton, and pardy upou lands of Michal
da Leon

PUBLIC NUTICF 4s berehy given that W.8 ROBERTSON & CO. Secondly —Ali that certain other Coons | Oorial Lxtension Koad, by lande of
tm pnrsusnce of tte Power of Sale Avetlonéers, | plantation siuate tthe Ward of Atima, iD | the paid Didter Noel, by Isudsof Etaile
onferred upon murtegess by the Convey. | Saree TOR FRIDAW THE rw DAV | Ufa leant parcel ot rain contietiee | Dancla aad by Crown Lands end on the

Property Ordnance Weat by Crown Lhode and by tho Corial

OF ALGUS1 1907 of land sixteen «
nd contained in a.deed bearing date the 2 euch petcels corspriusiag sixteen acres,
eth day of January vee thousand nine buo- UBLIC NOTICE w giver tbat in and aba uring on the None ups Grow 2 tends, Satie t> Rew tod wens aa of Mort:
dred aad ert aod mate botweea Joha Joseph exereise of the poner of sale conferred neat heresnaliee described, oa the South | gage dated the wth dey of Ortober 1906,

bteele of the one and Armaud Drey-
fase of che other part, there will be put op
lot sale by the undersigned, abthey Auc-
jon Mart, No. 14 5t, Vincent Street, ia
the Town of Port of Spain, oa Thupsdey
Rehe 28th day of July i0u7, between the
hoarse of one and two o'clock p.m,

on Mortgages by the Conveyancing aod Law
of Preperty Ordinance No 7a and contained
in a@ certan Memorandum of Morigage
from Momkgue Edorond to Kobert Fauptheroy
Clark, there will Le put op ier sale by tbe
undersigned at Ins Auction Mart, No, 82 High
Street, Sa Feraando, on Friday the pth day of

from ths sed Juan Maresoo to Corina
Eliza Norman and Alice Hortense Norman,
and the principal sem of $1000 00 and 1n-
toreet thereby secured,

Dated this Llth day of July 1907.

upon lands now or laisly in the cooupatioo of
Modest Molluck , on the East upon lasds now
of lately intthe occupation of Gopaul McDand

and on the West partly wv, lands of ib

Crown, and partly upoa Ia now or lately of
Nigbolas Hodeboprg , and the seoood ct suctr
parcels of land comprising six acres, aod

August 1907 bei ween the hours of 2 aad 2 p m.

f Allein mentee end leet focmety | | Ailhezpcalo tod coca ns gry | sow ora chute Cows ontbeSeaeogn | (= OU JUiauchoeet
Town of Port-of Spain but now renumbered, | ward of Savana Grande North in the Island of purest oF Oe a eter et and ce aT? eg eg eA
ad koown ss No 23and abutting on the | Trnédad and bounded un the North by lands ol | the West upos lands fornierly of Naundad Washine and Cleaning of

jecth open Charla Street un tbe Suath | Piulip Beptate by Crown reserve wad by laads | sionso, but now of the plantation bereimaiier

a fot fornierly 21 Prinea Street but | of Richard Dunlop, ou the Sow by Tae pes descr bed.
bow known as No. 64 of Sackville Street [tioned for oy ed Noel and a i “a ary =i that cersin, other Cocos CLOTHES:
bn the East on Erancis Street and on the rest mation stoma aad Wi mwa, orp Ny oe
3 . Crowa land, and on the West by a road reserved | Catied be oa,‘ pogauting of three weverai | U(JABLILNG and Gienelmp-of SuitsZaod
Piston orb in Bil aww Set | Seat sh tek ed | cay ofa Bare me poet | WV Brewe, rvate Roe, Pech
Dg ten aores, & on

B Dated this third day of Jane 1907. Vol, XVII fobo 93 together with the eppur- North upon ody pow oT lately cocupied | la done in tho mos

temances thereto belongicg.

Dated this gtb day ot Ju! parly by Dorlah aod

ly by Choborjah
We upon lands now or ately the Crown and
tog¢.} J. W. CORSHIE upou the Wright Kavine , on tbe South spon
ee Aetloncert. |g” Ride of Hills, upon Lauds pow or laiely of
SALE FOR WEDNESUAY THE 2é7u Sant tonne oo ie Raat pari upon
DAY OF JULY 10m. 'y, B, ON. Maracheon, so ‘op tbs Wesl partly
the Ridge of Hills and partiy apoa the


Govt. Auctroncers, Up-to.Date IiMethod

Dry process “Parisian Style” a aby.
Ifyou want youf garments to fast long, and
always look well, don't have them weabed
in the ordioary way, it generally apoils the



UST 1907. UBLIO Notice fe hereby givea thab in | P09 colour, bregks’ all ing whi
~ B soi of the Lower of Kale contain. |! Tg hese sneaky rales and ‘Chohoriah || the ars bronke all siatisatog wise ceuee
UBLIC NOTICE ts hereby given that | ad ina.deed of mortgage dated the 8th day | Pusine by ihe Crown. The swoud of guch | destroys the gloss of the sui All this
, 10 exercise of & power of ssie contain | of Mey 1883 and made detween Joles | parcels land comprising sevag acres, and | is avoided if evot to
odin a deed of mortyaga dated the 18th { Suyer of the first part, Beaumaoior Dorn: } abutturg ou the North formerly upon lands of R. J.J CLAMENS,”
Bday of Blarch 1896.aod cegietered in the} nique of the ecooad part, end Eliza Driggs | Nauvidad Alfonso beg tbe pre ot land Expert Cloaoe aud Dyer,
office of the Regietrat General of this Je | of the third part. ere will be put up | vext bereinafter descr .on South upon corner of Dake and George Bua.
laod and made between Prince Andrews | for asie by Pablic Auction by the under- {lands now of lately if Ube occupation of Port-of-Spain, Trintdad—Thono 15.

Francois Jean Louis, on the East upon lands
tormerly of Mahabil tut row of tbe said plaota-
twa "La Nina , and on the West upoo
thd of such paras of land compriing ea
parcels fan’ ig tea
actes, mod abutting on the North, East aad
‘West upon lands now or lately of the Crown t
aod oo the South apon lands formesly of the
Crown, and ypon lands formerly of France
Modina belog the parcel of land next herola-
before described , and
Fourthly —All that certain measuage sod
Jand known as No. 19, Soran Street, io
the Towa of Acima, and abutting on the

of the ane part aod Merguret Ehizebeth
Rawhina of the other part there will be
papup for sale by public auction by the
undersigned at No 482 High street San
B Fernando on Friday the Otb duy of Augand
R 10U7 between the hours uf one and two
Bp im. All chas piece or parcel of land situate
5 fa the ward of Ssvana Grande South Is the

Island of Trinidad containing ten acres
: and abutttog on the North upon lands of

the hetrs of bunny Cooper* on the South
ud West npon other lands of Prince An-
MW drews and on the Eest upon Crown land

signed at their Anction Mary No, 24 St.
Vincent Street, Hort of Bpalaon Wedpes-
day the 24th day of Jaly 1007 betwoeu the
hours of J and 2 o'cluck pu.

Alb and siugulac that parcel of lend and
mosnaage Biluate in the Lown of Port-of-
Spain formerly known as portion
No. 12 and No, 124 of Prince
Street Weat bot cow numbered and
known as No. 53 Sackville btreet and
abutting on the North on Priace Street
Weat (now Sackville Street) on the South
‘9. Lf London Street on the East

Rock Lita Assurance co
‘“LGWDON: ~*~
‘ Established 1806.

Lock Funds 6,


on lot

B together with tbe sppurtengsoes thereto | On the other portion of lot 12 of Prince | North upon lot No 33, Sanches Suess, cow Annual Income ,
Eeloagine Biyeot Weet, (cow 51 Sackville Street) and | lately ot oe oa lane ee a lot Policiesin force 25,468,898

on the West ua No, 13 Prince Brreet Woey
bistros Jase 3007.
pe F. J. SCOTT & BON,
Govt. Auctioneers,

OF JULY 1907.


No a0, Sorsaoo Street, now or lately of
Fugene Helese; aod on the West upoa loi
No, 38 of Sorsany Strect,—together wiih the

a} purtenances thereof,
ated this a7ib day of June, t907.

bis Ob day of July 1007,

Auctioneer, HE ROOK’S poate of Premiame

T compares favourably with those of
uy first classcompany doing businesy
{n the Island and persons who fatend
to effect {naurances on their lives are
lavitedtoapply for a Prospectus of this
Co: before doing 80.

g —-—~ ———


; Inthe bapreme Peart of Trinjdad and F. J, SCOTT & BON,

Govt. Auctionsors


i. td Jurletieciva Port-of-Bpain.
No. 263 nf 1907

LIO NOTICE fs hereby given thad One special feature of the Ruck 15
,_ Betwaen Maloelee, P vB exercise of the power ale con. NX that haying « local Directorate pro:
Nama Nathaoiel—Dlain: tauned io & memorandum of mort AN OVERPLUS OF a can be accepted at once, without
- datat the 19th day of January 1900 made delay lavolved in rafering to head
: Nome Micheel—-Defepdant, hy Elias Nunes io favoarof Marie Emma PLAN 'S FOR SALE quattere
BUBLIO NOTICE is hereby Figs Lynch see ee Peb up for sale T Prospoctas and sllothér faformation
P thad puteasot to the decree of His | P vo fon mart Na. 14 St. Vincent Strees| fall varieties suitable for making or can be bad on appliret’os to

renovating Uardens, _

Cut Flowers Sold.

Orders recelved aud promptly
executed fog 2. we a

Honan Me, tusves Rwen bearing date
B uhe $0bb day ft April 1907 acd ty ao order
Tot His Hosur Alr, Jativd Swan dated the
B ROan ley of Jane 100; there will be pat
Rup fur sule Lolora the fears of the Court

tm the Town of Port-of Spele o5 Thuredey

Posyol-Spaln on Tuesday the 23rd day of
Joly 1907 between the hours oc Land 2
o'ciuck pm All and singular that cer-
tala parcel of fand situate {a the Ward of
‘Turare comprisiog six acres bathe mame an
Jittle more og lene dolinsated aod with the




the 2h day of July 1QU7 between the 2 deries thereuf eho: * 9
boure ot 1 end 2 pom. Hearne saceaed to tbe Crown Uraue .| Bougnel, Crowns & Crosses TunSud SS.
All end cingular = Ghoee Unree | geud under tbe provisions of the Resl (esices MoDEBAtE) ¥,
st ead Wiog a as et oh ea
o Keke 1
miata of corm um the” old | North; Soatuy Bassaod Wa ty Crova| Ab G4, ABEROROMBY SEBERR. *

laode with the appurtenances.
« We frat dey of Jaly 1907.
Gove Auctloosers.

Jelaad of Trinidad The Bret thereof com:
prising two jote of leed more of lees mes-
wearing one hundred feet ta front by one
b hundred fegtin depth abutting on the

a Dated

fer . t
Efreent a
TRINIDAD, Asp TOBAGO, No more Constipation ! No

North by ths Confa’ Masa Road oo the ee :
. Mat .

Bourbon, landsof A, Fiaseron te Bur) = NATIONAL ‘*iknel"iwusee Da, ia the Ward afee: | MOF Dyspepsia! No more
Vande of James Che ' « Isnan but now of A guranco com an gvaramai, ln the Island of Bilious attacks { No. mora
webbed sbereef npisiog, one it 8 PANY) mw Qi Headache! No more Kidney
wrcgad thereol apie r ate tase. is OF IRELAND PUBLIS NOTICE a serey van shat

foot by aixey. seven Yeub io. depth ; sghenia hat been made to me ty Ase | and Liver trouble!

abarniag i Ue Noh open Inada of Guaranteat iy the Forkshere Fire | Marl Saris and Alasadrice Peal. bathe} 7 can be as certain that

Wrenner ont ¢ a eure . «

Ghesaiibires ou tho Yast “0, lands of $ -— ¥ dad, fer brane of ela be Lanaiog Abbey’s Sait will conquer any
Biedecirs jee faves che West “pea Destabliniecd 16824, dinged Kevlar, weed Tetron v Bay athe Ward disorder ing from the

earn) SOF and fi . ae aris:

. ; dnd hoy ol Tonrescy. 1907, .

Pri one aot inireor, Uy ang haadred | SUBSCRIBED CAPTTAL. 4 6000 ite a Ke wf i dea hod tai | Stomach, Liver c Bowels,
foot an rw Tae Heed ga ‘the Seeth (Over) awe rer_ 14600,000 } Chaguaremnan ede hace Minencier | as you Gre that the sun rises
wb in rarely of Bee Compbell | Head Oflee:—Tork, England. Anpanding [ul beleg the exoruirens eared | in tho Hast.

Tasty Laing ot pas pe | PPE aadermdeed, MASE 0S | ade eace pet Gomis y Tecra | Costa but litte to convince
Sig Ava uur ade tthe Baga Aare | Flee Depetanvest ss beypered tenet oles acd fee rie ba Pyiase yourself, buy 2 bottle {f in
wae “ hae ‘ed preent mee feopsetively fs] - ovat. off eouatry, ruks eceupled tbe sat Mare Darter need. 8

belosgrey as residences (ED. Bu. BCO Bates AW day of. Jere, 1907, Self fa two sles by all Chemists and Stores,

Dried in tey Dteate EL ViowstBiret L Sie Gt oe

AwligDephhy Bogus, Kangol epee , ee So De hae pas ela Cisel, Leads by

Judge my ce ae H, HARRAGIN,
\ Clerty ef tke Cowes 7. ROMNEY. Rened. AMOROSO, irq,
ed & Yi fer Ooo D. BY MISTER: Ba ms
Clerks of tha Sontes,. ar ae iL ROBINSOD, Eaq, M. TUNG, Enq.
Clerk of the Paddock... “ A, KNOX WIGHT, ee
i and Meaewrere J. H. WADE, Eg, W. E. BECKLES, Freq.
: . Reference Comxuitteea,
. r Lonri, Unda, Crxav én, G, F. Wiont, J, 3, Waters, W, B. Beostta, J. 1 Wap
. y. ee oe ela bao pene, “ Me
. 6 > nitty - £ wa
‘ ' ye
ee wey, a off hs
TRINIDAD pond 1 mile WEIGHTS FOR AGE.=Crovle horses.
Yo the Supreme Court of Trinidad and 2 yoara to carry ” - we 102 Thy
Tobago, Sy to cary ‘ we tee oe ae 116 Abs,
No, 1s30f 1906, 44, tocary : : . ws 128 Ibe,
Soondarbasee =e Marntilf 5 and overio : - . w» 133 Tbe.
‘ood Mares and goldings allowed “ os @ . we 3 Ibe.
Mahudes, an infant wader the ageof at years. Age Imported thoroughbred horses, 7 torlooge, 1 mile
Sete HOD: ” orion:
PUBLIC Notice wa bersby given wast by da |, 2 yours to carry ww 10S te OR te BE TDR
sorter of tila Hones coe, { Juatice made : 1° carry on « 123 Jou. W18 Yhe. 114 Boe.
bo Tei y of M f riot het a 2 5, &S yearsto carry . . wo 190 ta 185 fbe, = 120 Ihe,
howe, Spain, on Thereday, WEIGHTS FOR NEIGHT for pooies.
on July, tg07, between the hours of 2 amd ‘The tealon of weights for age will ateo apply to poy taces to Qnimale 14 bands
Alt aod Sropuier Yhose tve parcels of land five ep ta height Animals under 14 banda 2 inches will be allowed 4 lbs. for every
sivaate i tthe Wasd , in the Laland | [Aen oF pare the a7, »
of Trimdad. The firs} thereot at PE. np >t
geres, and abutting "ou tha Norte on the lst win to carry 4 Ibs, extre, and 3 1ba, wore for évery other wis, winner of maiden

o °70 BR AELD AT

| ON : .
Friday *& Saturday, August 30 & 31, 1807,

“Vader the patronage of His Excellency Sit Gruneet T, Canta, K.O3LG,
. (Acting Governeg.))




sot ingluded. Creal horses not to be subjected to, Sf inal
Creole'races when mectiag importel thorcugeoreds. -pesaltion incarred for winning

SCALE OF WEIGHTS for common-bred ponies,

Road , on the East Sa the Adela’ euials, and
on the West upon the suid Feliche escate, Ana
Sara es, fag ke Me

one ans ing on ort!
epee lah of the’ beirs of Atairdach

on the 14 baoda 2 inches to carry (93 Ibe. dec 14 ha
Seen ha unis Roed oe ibe van oe be at band Beare ay at ao es jer 14 bande 2 faoches fn height will
une and on ‘est Creole in meaot horses sited and, fosted in the West Indies and British Goiana

fand of James Morns, at ihe upect price (Jawaica excluded)

1,200 dollars
sated day of Jue, By common-bred Creole fe meact ponies aret aod foaled ia the Wert fadi
og!) ERNEST Di CLARKE, (inner ae bed pootes that hav. "sod i ah iat a . A : wing
_ Acting Registrar. wil been y acepind an bit ede pa half. race at aay previons meeting
j@ thorou horses
TRINIDAD J ; Creole th abbr allowed 1 Hoe when meeting imported thoroughbreds,
Creole half bred horses ry 38 lbs, " do,
Creole do, ” 14 fou ” imported ponies,
Jamaloan ponies ” 7 Iba, ” do,
Creole balf-bred ” 7 lbs, ” Croola thoroughbred,


A Kindergarien Department


ues been added to this Scohol,
Prospectus on application.


1, THE MAIDEN,—Time 1 pin, fof a mileand « distance. Prize: $1
all Creole horves and all poures 14 banile 2 inches and under that bats coresaan’s
race above $50. Entrance $10. Weight for age,

2 THE SAN BAFAEL STAKES,—Tine 1.30pm, Sfarloags Prise: $73, of which *
eecond horse to receive $15. Open to all Creole commod-bred ponies 14 hands 3
inchea and under, Entrance 67.50. Weight for height,

3% THE ARIMA STAKES,—Time 2pm. Steriooge. Priter $10),



and a pweepetake

dents gan jom at half term, which be- of 610, Upen to ali Creole horse 2 td,
ginon Zed Joly, me 4 THE GOVERNOR'S CUP. —Time are Uda tanto ond « diteeoe” Pitve
——~ 9100 and « swoepatake of #10. Open to all Crovie bores aud all ponips 14 bands 2
M SUMME inches and uoder, Entrance $10. Weighs for age, ‘
Iss MMBRS, | 5, THE CARON STAKES.—Tine3 pa, foflmunle and a dutance, Prise 85 dole,
' Heak Mistress. of which seoond horse to receive WO dols pea to all Creole commen-bred panier {
14 bands inchesand under. Butrance $8.50, Welght for height.
. @ THE BONANZA CUP.—Time 230 pm — # mile and a dista A Cap ,
presented by Messrs. bnith Brow, & Ca, with 140 dols, edded Hom th ands of
CHRONOMEBTER, WATCH which second) horse to recelve 20 dols, Open Co ail Creole horses and ali povies 14 1
aired bands 2 inches acd under, Entracce 14 dols, Sweepatake 10 dollars, Weight
OLOOE TAIL EE. § THE SANTA ROSA STAKES.—Tine 4 pm, : fof a mile ands distance. Priset 4
. 100 dols, Open taal creole posies 16 baa * ,
CHS. BE JACELON, doles Welght for beigke fe pooled de Zinches and under, Hotrance 10
of the fern of J. M. Sargent & Co, . Tr Cc
Watches, Clocks, and all sorts of com SECO ¥
phoasted Machines, cleaned aod | 1 THE PLANTERS’ STAKES.—Tine lm—A bandicep, Sof a mile and a distance. ‘

Prive fios 2 ing and nader,

adjusted, a8 works sbgolutely guarantead
jooks wound and hept in order by
Noxp door to Cha, J, Dicle, 44, Mence

Square Premise of J. APHEMAR

$100, Upen ta all Croote horses and all ponies 1

> owTime 130p.m. A baodi
which 10 receive $20. 9 no to all Greole pelea Pri 8 of
ende2ioeand ander. Latrance $7 Bweepetake 5, » it
& THE STEWARDS’ HANDIOAP.—Time Spm. S furlongs, Prize $120, of

Booond borse to receive 620, which

TRINIDAD, a sonia ans raape, | THERM ANDIOADTuvae tutentoneséeernie nt

Na BERT Jorwditon, Porto Spal seep bores ta reoelte 820, Open ta aif Grace Boreas and al poate 14 Nanda Ye
a. Goose Pant * Mbich escobd borse torelre ean “Gees oh nineaed.® distance, Prise $120, of -

Booyea Floyd—Defenduat 6 Tn ATW aa atce S12, Swoupatane si da 3 inches

@ 3.30 fm,
of which asoond hi rece!
2 rete nana ence
p jm Time @ pm A handicap, fof a mile
Prize (100, of which second horse to recs! aad a distance,
Zoe, end ‘under, Eutraace $10. Sweapersin we to all Crecte boreee 14 heads


3, Owners of horses ove required to pay one dollar for the wre foe‘

teri heer aes ST ey go
wit Y Gt tha Arima Hace

Saturday, August £71b 1907, at 9 gog'elock pov, alter which date and tine no cowie wit ee

pom Zool a mille sods disses Prisg
UBLIC NOTICE is bereby given that 0 all Creole commoa-bred’

P 80 order of Hus Honour oe Coes janes “re . Pontes
mnade In the above matter on the sob day of
June, 1907, trere will be pul up for sale jore.
the doors of the House, Port-of-Span,
on Tharsday tbe saad day of August, 2907,
Detween the bours of one and two p.m.

All that piece of land situate in the Ward of
Savang Grand io this laland comprising nive
acres, tworoods and twenty-two perches, be
Ube same a little more of fess delineated and
with the abutlals aod boundaries thereof shewn
$a the plan of diagram attached to ibe Crowa
Gragg cotered in the Rea) Property Reguter
Book st Volume XXXVIII, olla 567, aod

bounded oa tbe North aad kart by Crows land, | > Celourd of ridere tobe declared at tims entry,

oa tba Boat tbe w Hoad rmarved 106 whe anh owe of svery bores entered avant auvsaribe § dollacs to the race fund, area though

Senay tds Wat ya Moras | yb ager t Tete ne ANY I SRL um aierves tbe ae
eee! od Unks w a

by the Floyd Road tveerved ‘ety tour vise and (hres borses at least ta start or no second prise foul ba given, abet fall to the raga fuods


‘The seces ta commence at 2 O'alock

Ly t of . m, Abdali wul
wie ietgat thereon antes a morgage ooh ded for horses to proceed ta tiré Martibg | post, after which Bre cae es tallog anda bugle
Lath day of July, 1903 (Na 36.) dorses ten at the post will toe Marteds Alter the bugla pounds all. paras igi slowed, aad
Dated thus * day af uly, 1907, “ couee Sod afte tbe race snd the riders have retusoed to va are waroed to hes
} F. COLLINS, face sland at least on08 defore each race, ‘under a penalty od Pahl Purpors, bad ridden pest the

pg Deputy Regus, ‘Tbe Jockey Club rules wu) be followed as ter as prac!

&c., will be allowed of the

ich suspension, of enter ibe enclosures © ue COM FESR Nourse Will be allowed te

overweight of reders ta be pasted up previous 10 Surting for the race,


oe Stand $3 each, — Supeces

FOR = fands will receive one gentlemus 4, one indy 200d O50 enild’s ticket for bees of $$ ta the race
“HOTEL AMERICA." |cataseetcutones minal tate sumrbes atau masts
. 1p. Balle for tbe convensneee ot a Under Re yearean Paddock ache’
@1 Gwaste of horses at g 4 £0€ atatl fog book da ehocy ge

ALIS HOTEL We ont sae htaent Banaurecent of panies Wu take place ai tbe Ariisa Siaad Paddock by A
T management, is fuel oik tke beat | Pocies not beought joc measure oo Tee aboreunned ius wiil have to run ag geanton
and moad comfortable roQms. Gay will Bot be allowed ta start tu aay


5§ No borse will be allowed 09 enter as « half-brad of elaim allowsnes of balf-nred
unless the Qwoer satiofies the bocretary at the ti pester of
ig eh cal nl bcd eg acuanred at Bt oak

* ie ey We TgRt to demand @ declaration os to plece of

An Up-to-Date Buliard Saloon, Piang,
« Public Bar

Well equ’, with oli cb
Auta eon rince “tee Liquors,

‘ou. Ta will j
Rin relate, Uredtccscl: | gadle Resa iLinemk saree PadP AG an howe Dee hn
a A
Besley domly wx very | ced uch in Re Ae ne oe of can
Med. pe BILVA, ene Wil Le fortaind ta! the casa bua, or H otherwun wit be relates Ae
Nopricior. 19 Two grooms’ Uichets only, w!

Stunt be wee by the hat, to be
stiag Oa ol uAGt4 Cooneclad Whe ome Te by

81, All Jovkeys ridicg im chase rages wilt (bs regelred ba pay & lea of a” Georonen Jockeys

B= Knurasce te ibe on the daye aco me

aod bit wade paddies Mocetheapioe teonnad e~Gabseribers’ can

His Of aayerting. ‘Suuwetdafeony arMaike hie thait Deroes wader nadie 44, as tly


. fa, The devition of the Releraace

SRY fas, Begs, ego! and alcy Bede
Na ati,









otted “Meats

Goods for our


We have Just Opened «Up

: WEDNESDAY JULY 17 1907 17 1907"

wUTUAL 1 bab €0 cooPEnt TIVE.

The following “SPECIALS ” amongst heaps of other| 4). okt yy 18, js, Cuacon Srazer

Roard of. “Management.

Sale of ’ Ladies’ Belts.


SKEOCH & & CO, |The Hay We Oo tt


HERE are different waysoft dving
businers. Use way ia to make o@

mech out of customers white in the ators
possible Another is tu give them


the bes dest value for theie money. The Giret

aye fs sboat ag sensible as the mes wha
goed that Joid the golden exge,
i ateehane closely to the other wey,
Il pot ooe of our customers, try os aad
tee If we can't please each otber,


‘Bar Tron!

~—AND— ; Hoa. G. game
Ex e oem es
Eres ’ Gent’sD epart ment. 3 WN iret OUR ANTING sSTOCGIE Ox
RY AND TINS (oll kinds} ° ene ,
16 OFS. ANTEX OELLULAR SUIRTS—Small Cufts & Bosom—The a | 9 0.0. 1D a | Gunpowder, Shot, G Caps, Ox sidge
wall! Do Da —sll Callas Lita Gale fey Anan ee, REDUCED from 20c., 240. 38¢. and 480.) -
‘osse & Blackwell S, Do, Do. Toonis and Day Shirts ‘
Peck Do. Do. Undershirts atid Pants, begat nn 1 80th si, 970,00 —TO—
arry Pecks , tad
“ane A SMALL CHOICE ASSORTMENT sat af Guarantee ae BET 80 12 Cents.

OF —

de Cheine Ties
Ina Gea Art Shades,


for Children,



Bost-Assortud and Newest Steck in Towa,

J. Seeding & Co.



The Stores.
pANtEo TU BRENT—A_ house fas
tig Uhe Savannah—Gnedwille &

ton Lak,

ULE BALK ~ Haves ** Northoute” situ.

ated rj posite Bavannab, St Clelr,
and ‘quice—-Pivperty ecomprieing 32,-
*quare twet—large btables,jcoschiouss,
three servants’ toows, two belhs, cue
a warble awhnming tath, en one
ther ove inabie hoase—\Water |

atghout Iwas, Large garde
i Ppemmes boo faa


For " Gent's.

ice aii oa GoubwituE & Wizsom,

Nililene Nee Basan

H REND—iouse No. 9 Stan

venar, quite near iv the Bevencal,

ning deel am) diplog rooms, 6
freind dieselog room, eustable for a
ly p vewcrayenan! ehctrio light fo-
an Aryy te Gouls

yuve tren iat
Urnpsan i Talnoral Boy.
dy te PAUL UkaNaavur, { Charlotte
ot, orto Beatike & bTxWwART. Tele
ne No Oe, ~0th Me 1907,


SIBROKE ¥. thbAssituateed Bt Ane’s
Avenue, ds Aan's—Land comprising
- bsodiog ow the property of Mr
A. Uur’ou. Honze containiag Draw:
wlth groom, & rooms, box

pe serveute ruom ith, carriage house
whab bes. KB octis light thioughout~

P's fober prtteelars spply to, 0
0° to Mesara, Unodwil’e & Wile Led, "td,

Tvery 6 aarp and comm
l Aree Fnidence.’ No. 10, Tega


Buyers can still secure supplies of

.-[Balaam, Nagra, Chittagung, Hewada & Nathatl

mes Pron aee cet houses and QU A LI'TI E 8
— FKON —


4th July, 1907. a R


PHONE 378, 375.


ior Euneralm.

— to




Onveat Elm ptor {

tq the case of the

HATS what oot of tp JeaPnad Feirads called
T sere o10 k*, foaide,

Hisg 18 kt Uvld Hacg'es Chub
ce rin eaen goo ais




oa bay BWELLERY you ated to beve re coufidence the thet goo? are bot

Oasrantecd Reserva Fond §0,000 00

Trinidad Building and|Come BARLY for FIRST CHOICE
Loan Association,

Office —18, Chacon '8t,, JUST RECEIVED:

rou The aLEAR Largs Shipment of New Goods

Ended on the s0th of Jung last, *

Are payable on application at
the Office of the Association.

Secretary & Treasurer,

_ coxsistiNu or—

Faney Musline, Lawns, Corsets,
Piques, Khaki, &e, &c.

ist July 1907,

A.B. Estebrooke,

No. 4, Sackville Street, Price Makers & Bargain Glvers.
Oppunite, the Pile Barak. [Le FREDERIOR STROOT,

LE—Tbres quarrees tf lacd |b
tOR RENT Pune ot Tirere a boariog NOT! Es
OSes srsiaaing Tour indoor | te er tere oe mek con | 2. Pont. OTSPAIN,
dramiog und i dining roott. end the tanlog§ § regen o8 asks Ferrie | N& eruty stved, tian the pert
eaal OXt ofticee. Gewese to oeclon Bec awey. saly Athenee Nima fa erst had Bitharta beew car
Oi ta Brencer J. Kirtoo, 0 Liroadway, FOLEALE = DWELLE DWELLING Donk | Ges mans Davidion Arnott acd
qn im a hamten Noe: Princes ‘Tumor yw ocd: £,0r, tthe, Towa, of Porto
UK at ft, man oe Nov 38, Log | Mea by aie, J-D, Leaegea of the Warden's [otis Dat thie dey been disso!
Uialer Yeon “ Brice. laces Tuwar No ressouable |” Ag With arb nde
Drawing and Dining Rowns, ¢ Holroort | oer will ba relaved. Apply tod. IL oon ouF be
Uneslug uae and ed nanal ont Ofee Cort, Toomatgration Otto, Goars, of ax} 0, LAMBIE A4RNort,
| sts TNeneettlog lat Avguals= Apply Hicanado AciaM, Boilie, Porat 5
ou the Fiewises 21, BN ner “Forts OF. SPAIN,
1, OR RENT. — Large, wry, dwelling BR BALE —COTTAGE (uralabod ot 0%,

daty. 1
[oR feratated with Jon of jaed THOMAS DAVIOSON * ARSOrT, of


Houos, ovroer of Sackville, and Edwar

the Tuwn of Port-of § Morchant,

eusel, assed hea ee wet: Bloopen "Drevin oe reien, cloiag raom, | hereby atlly the bate “a alse
eee tumtalled. Tunmedieta two bedrooms bath roo, aeael o me Laroble outer tie tyle or few of Arnott
ae to gear, HuaEntsox 6 Ca, rater, slat Norte Bourh 1 and West. Laabe & Cu, aii Le Eee Aro otte

so 8 4 feria Colony. Ferther particulars ‘roy by me eotely noder the eld i syle cr arm

OR RENT, —touse, No. (2 2 Tregarste Arnott, Lanble and The sald
pouee K Koad, Elecite Light, * sont als . rey aoe Gere Lanbdle having retired trom the
troothly, Immediate puses Apply 1G tveloak treat ‘testog theorad).
lo Citas, F. ETOLLMCYAR Utioe, 5 -“ Au Witoess my lend

wood Biewt—len Conta Bed eotse, bislaproons | At T. DAVIDSON ARNOTT,

J, UR KENT—House No, at St Vincent
Is Buewt—Klecisio Hyht and sewerege

alee a extensive front and side
tostelied. Torspt om lsu Augtst, Appiy

12 owusl out-houses 5 Someraze
and Electric Haht 8 Btable (one sala! a)

(nos Tm uate Used,

Toleptune tw, June Mba ia,

tudes with racing
rota, romlog dpnce & (oy ter.ter aes
i. dadiag cant and and ag ities 7) mas

Breet fe be tulialiy Tewitdne

y ret

rooun, sng Awe
rooms, gulleras al] roaud, Sewer:

frie Lint and. Staliva beverage Ei |b
Breeewedune Tide,

tae tre Mtottaee for paarrivd covplee

ee te ee ee


FS. bw
RYONE owlog tei thondy to tlotel Apt! y
A tl tal vay tase betty 6 a esily ’ Re ite, Cincagh Suter

Ald otorrien ua ei!
tT! deze

k 48 abd 43 Prince Street) foe partion: ate
Tortie—tertouy watt

en w (lew apply w BK. Berosnd Achat,

Dr W. DL Nightingale

a|SKEOCH & CO, meget a

oF particaiare cant be ovtal

Dk SEREA's Union, Cormer Fioderkit aud and carrisye ¥ bowee . Appin f rs go tay
7. wre
eae on ienbats fe asetta—3 aly Melo,
~ Glaghs
poe ae quae Nu OIG Ei ort nt SALA Bargala fot a cas or 8 taal par par. POPULAR & PML thogouates
Light. Meus $37.00 mwutuly. pasealon f gee ee oe a be O cents per pound,
lee augue, a a ee hee ol fersile sodewell watered lead, and cans | Made ro ne BEST CURB OCA,
METER 6 UtSce ie tatniug 60U0 full beuring heathy trees, dblivtous gud Dour!
K OR KENT. aguas Xo Jo Brvoine Good oar curlage rad ee oriale, ae a trom
wows, drewang aul tlulog rvume, pantry of ee paat land avaliable tr Pitan? A Tau WiLL coats YoU
Wd, With eiectrhs Itgut suds were ge Ap sag ae Bosch Hut Post = 6oLD AT~>
belated. apyiy to br Bernard Acham, | OY pect tpaln. 150 ine my = ALBERT LUCIEN & CO,

- ‘ - erg,
ate is ce “4 Pn sae | FY por Lael oe io Jonaph I ‘But uit Neat Hale Not, Chutsits &, ee 8 paid.
veGiaw Se ea tot, Fey loe ig . are pe ‘5 ty ;
sine a Uda see Mule ned ine ve fet 0 Rvatspacs AUOLION SALE
A peared auiy meted y Lit : bar Ue Bxeday ater Bern ay Tra WEDNESDAY, a SULY 1007,

RO, t4 81 Vinge STREET,
U* DERtnwtraction os 7 {tee elyed the sbder.



LAWN « ‘Mowers,

Garden, Shears, Trowels, Forks, Spades
Lady's G. Gurdea Tool Reta, Orbanene '‘
tal Fiower Pot Btanda.

” yews Duy Things Cheap at~ .

ARNOT, uAMBTe & 00;

14 Mark ld Bank Building
Teles mbes

Ribbons, By te

Choral & Orchestral Séotlons
ON SATURDAY, 2, avaust 10h,

Principat Werks ‘

“Surprise Sympbany “,

Harden Orche rte thy
ward tager. “Tbe Banoer uf BG aarcge


EpbsOrcbestra § 4 gothm Chorus and;
bests 5 ofa Rebeareub.
Merce who both tons are Pareslarty ree



George Late ttader the Arm of fraott, DE tp te whieh Tender vill be

roceired, August For, 1007, Fel
Bed Ou applica’ .
6d the Uioce of she set jd epetoanan
Crown Landa, Tenders to be addressed
to vibe Hus, Uvioulal Geretsry” sad
‘hed a eines for vast ‘Royal
Gavetse deved 4

(see Notice
atti § dain, A007 Dey RUUS,

der tay toaveaial Oecrematy,

Colonial Secretariat,
ene 5ek Jory, 1007,


I HEREBY appalny the Watdeou Use
os Aforagea ty Bye doling sratiun toe
tue annual eleazion of the berena rand
AL 10 bw held on Sbaceley

the toeites Lie
Fromm“ W. G@ NOCK,
Ravernieg Udiont

Warden's Oftes, :
Faluces Duss,
Rice dhag, LUT.

Orichs i ratiog wa the eds
N be bed irish Aiea potest ins
veg ule aud fur Puyll Survey die wilt be
pa tebe ta Mae Dede reaug ot sue “ih opas

Cilonal I Seateaty eV ant eraretery,

I weuue fas be Mt pleas
Woe sioeiuy of care Wattle uf ‘ies p porn


Gnend iit rth ive Sun daly

Ciny Devtinvets \ wu were tliat”

oy we GOR
et Cot wala BOON: .
WANA a oningt ata ver Virive,

ebeu wgaties

" ” od we te
“ ‘ar,

ooh we lait curt pydad’

Seattle Oa to YONA Tiewt

ane OS -8s ae geiice
is EXOELUENGY the Anon ory.

the ‘Lavaysite Meyers ives Letwecn 1 sha

LAvb ~{a) Avy setarance sold os fir

Cos fot of Lie nog wane

avy adibixt tre of uthet fas oF Uf sztrencuee
wi vball ountain pot hivte they






aoe will ofter iw the full EFERRIN to Vorname
arr a Dosen Tet Wats _ h vane 168 ol Fon eae ee a
FCR SALE. A Rare Opportunity, me Teataageec’ toa, pete for te
OR SALE —Lt @, Queen Bisset, Neo Bie wip Action ‘asi bavceure Uverall ty
1 fit've relucede” Hall LADY wisbas U6 treet with JO Heltote A dey Bred, ibe iwlvting Grandeids
reawoali oer © o apa to able party to shore peaes oes pt 100 Pel wise Cuttots gare der Becttus ¥ ut Us Fast ead
Bae rea Oe mete Mtimeat ae at ak, | Dore rooms elegant! y,tarnbber near the OD Paite Fate a rege ate ws
NTCHELL, G2, Quoc Hiroe, or at 46, Bavacuat, Tish wes lthos board. Piano, Gross ton Fies, and &
derpingbam Avecua + sieattle tM aaa a bea St Lug fier Poole wa , UORDON,
OH SALB—Preales bnen os Now Views apply Gate Cock dala Avera ph

cid Avy svbautata

a eu io or ot IUcle at ibe jaice ebérged Sty, e : notes trea (han BO ger vce of tay wine
. BUROEON DENTIET, aa at Hew Moher Aicouste of aH

_[Mesiissetieloreninint ee at q | w WOH eTater ey eee SndPANG | 4 WeuNeat neste geen |S he Bey Sider te
29) Frederick Gitwt EEG an, Ben Feud, = |" sia Anenint tinal tr Vash A, rial WANG 4 Tivterics | Baw Gene ss “oi ita 7c See
‘ / ~~ .

x ° ( 3
bbb pendent ey = —— SSS ST Ty a
Oo : ° 4 , . , * Vite. \ \
“ + = a ‘ ‘ Q 4 © : ‘=
i _ ° opel \ \
“ ° , « , “. . . , { * 4
TOT Corner Store. . . Y |
ery . \ ’ { . ,
WATS MADE UP | °° | PROMPJULY 15th-FoR TWO WEEKS, _*““ Saiiseaction IN
i _bio- an . Grand Midsummer Display a eu : THE MAKING
‘= BY— \ * my 7
t . Novelties in Dress Goods, . . ,
_ " WILSONS, LTD.—Oorver Srory,: ’ . >!
«é + - - AS -
4 ; ; .
SE Ty) Greary dewollery, | THISIDADS TOUAGG, | THIS as] Rock Lil Assura

Katablishel 1
Hock Funds

HE AME SEONG THE PAGE | jeter sroncm olga Pict " RENE A Tiida Flechig. Coy

UBLIC NOTICE fe bereby given that | PUBLIC NOTICE a hereby given tbat ap-
P applicstinn hus been nar to ie Pheotion bes been made to se by Jeanne TNE eID

Andrew La¥ortune of the Ward of Man. | 2% . Erg Bree of the Tows of Port: —
santile Plaoter for aGeast of Probate of | ways of Spine Ser a testament, Come and gee cur New Let of
1915 of Elward Ls Fortacs late of tbe | Philipch Antvor Bructe late of the sald foom of

Ward of Manszsolla fo the Island of | Port-of-Spain Proprietor deorased who died on ff F §

Trinidad whe died on the 26uk day of the gia day of June 190% having at the time of erman allcy 4 88,
Jace 1906 having at the time of his death | hls death a Sxed place of abode at Hear: Street


The London “Daly Express”
writes that a epirit of daring bes 10-
fected the lecn woman. She still
abrioks from a caterpillar vr an carwig,
but ber jewellery ranst be made to
imitate them, though they are among
ber deadliest foe, The moat upto
date broach issach a clever replica of
amoth that a careful housewife might
be escused for peppering ber furs, sod





me ME,
Anwalinom .. @
Polciesin force . 4,
HE ROCK'S acale
somparca favourably
acy firat claas company dois

the Will dated the 19th dey of November | teted the sist day of Oct
Sx05 place vt fein the eald Ward | i= the sad town of Port-of-Spas, 1
of Stemsanitia the said Andrew LaFortane Jemane Marie Eva Lrwere being the sole execu- SSST RECEIVED

fiannels. Lace pine, which aed to the sole tol ed in the said wo the rad will, . ‘in the Island and net
: vet with poarle And diamonds, ate cow | WiFAmd notice wats given thot foo | , Amd neucem alee mien thar feocareat le TELS. Prine Wdlem 11, taclodiog some | to effect ineurancte ou. the
GENTS NICKEL WATGHES, at 3s EAGH, | dacorated with 0 fearsome warp of © | oavoet i lodged Uetore the expiration ot | auton ihe deretitne suchottes of dine | Of He moat exquisite yet imported by ws, | invitedto apply for a Prowpe

otic daddy long-lear.
ae py” sets are offered by some of
the West iiadjenellerry They comprise
a spider's web pi cklet made of five gold

twenty eight days from the date of tbs | couce, the Court will proceed te msue probate A complete stock of

Prorcad to inoue Probete of the. nant | “stnea nis ne ayer neces ALL ELECIRIGAL MATERIAL

to inue Probate of the sand 3 #7th day of June F
° Dated thie eh da ef March 1007 A

Company befors doing 60.§
Ono spocial foature oft
that haviog = local Direc
¢ can be acceptad at or

GENT White METAL CH AINS—Warrantod to Weer White at 1s.
Rs ewcheay Lt Ba VWs Rene & Cucumber Soap at 500, neaal price 60,

z 7 t22_ Men's White Dritl Suite, Tunre and Paste 40, | wire, ta the ceatee of which a buogey 1907 ctg. Heglecrar. Always oa haud at our Show-Noom, | the delay Involved I
Usoal price 7 = -" spider waite {or the tly hovering oo the THOMVSON. TRINIDID AND TOBAGO, Gorner Park and Frederick Strecte. | queitre, ‘ ureter
F tawawwclay 1B tha— Men's Dancits Stoo 4s & Se, usual price Bs & 10s. outekiste. A spider brooch and a fy we el ne In the Swpreme Cart . Prospectus and allothort
Ew ayy 16a —Freoch Serzes and Viouose ab balt Lhe usual price. banele open ete, the este are very. effec TRISIDAD Om - too a : nd Is the matter of the Eataie at Somiie 8. D. HARDING, ean be on appliret’or $
. ‘ ‘ . rpiller ” ha! 7 day ere 1 eupis aAhety. , RTE
Saturday 2oOtm ~Hienta Fashionable Collars at de Thee for 30.1 ive joa bat tom wth Howere and in the Papreme Tobae. none e Was of Chaguanas, Proprietor, oe er ere SMITH RORERTX

t su urtedatiog<- Pocvot-S Deceased, .
* ° (oer cemnplifiel fo the “eoctfoach” No Myo! lyon > ae pane Notice is bereby given that aa AUG HON SALE Washiny and*Clea
THE HATTER, CLOTHIER, | safety pin, The cockroach ranks a8 the 6 Beyeeen i splpinatwon bes been made to me by op . ‘
WATERMAN, © axp outerrren "| Sei secerermmm tits oe ae re on [areas tars cre | HUREDAT, 18h, JOLY; 180% CLOTHES
~ . . and the jewel r pbs! so ubes Treare —De |e! — % —AT= ‘ < ~~

168 Frederick Street, aconiate that even iivawner is ealeatat. | VE J er Jala Gravt of Probate of the fast Will aod Vy Agtiixa aod Cronving

Lostament dated the seveoth dey of March No, 14, St. Vancent Street,

: ~ 6
od to mistake ber latest purchase for PUuLtg Nata ee that by a0 oF. 3907 of the said Rorehe Pierre Labia of


the original aad seresia. Cunupie afo jeceared who died on NDER Insterections received from the | is the moss
cde ee ee eed ef eee | the fourth day of fave’ 1997 having at Lhe Honourable the Director of Peblic
a oon there will be for sah before the | time of his death a fized place of abode at | Workd, the undersigted will offer for sale (| Ux t0.Date

doors of the Qourt Fone Spase on Thursday Gasee’s ploressid within ine peid, Ielsud the following 1 , .

al 1 day of Avgust : between the hours 9 a! eorge Thomas Regis e

wore aod we met Ai ha parecl of land | executor named in the sald Will. 3 Knives, Carvers, Chairs, Glass
niuate sq the ward of St Annsio the wsiand of | And nvtice is alec given that ifno carest Dishes, Fruit Stands

Trindad know 86° Cubay cuniprising (wa | jg fedged before the expiyation of twenty , J ’

quarross aad ataweg on the Nuh upon & | eight daya (rom tke date oi the publication | let T#S, TABLE CLOTHS, dc, be,
ridge of bide Op the Bouth aud f4+t upoo lands | of thie notices the Court will ‘ced to 3s eo mt 2 o termos
ct the heks of Antal proc: a 2. zx

° Buried In Cement.

The first bumeo brick fo history was
reeqeotfaily buried on 0th Juaeia Kox-
bary Cemetery, near Rosteo, The brick



- dust Received and for Sale,



ne Hxaud aod oo the the garmect to hare No

BAGS woo pital aber “The sate ee the | eentiryis Sen aa dey | Ragen gn i gon, | suoelltearn
ye 2 be . wd.
. _ mortal remains of Herman Unyer, who | hofPenuatean iba said ward of ot fuse knowa | Dated thie Int day of Jaly, 1 7 & 50N, BIJ
* took bis own life 10 « Bostoa hotet 2 Perertranod @uuprising wo | iuees and (Sgd.) ERNEST L, CLARKE, Tach Jaly, 1907. Gort, Auctioneers. Es
. - Vressed into the face of the brick were | abutqwgeutbe North upov sands o Auguatus | Acting Registrar. No. 17 Bt, Viocent St. Vorder of Duke and Gog
these words “Hermag Unger. Le ules oe the Souts upon land fine bers of | oN Dah & TOBAGO. Fort-of Spato, Trinidad’
Balos—SECOND: HAND- BAGS: — |Siessi. Teac Coer'cta) RSs setae Samson onUOle ot
: Me sos Unger wana travelling salesmag from paseo Angel DMeAVidiiaur sod alsa all teat | 10 the matter of the Estate of Edward Pretre SAUSAG tS | LU Ols g
Pittabueg. Life did pot go well with | otber parcel of land suuauetn the suid ward of late of the Ward of Aricagua— Deceased, s - ror Sl

three | tarrees and abutting .
the North poo lands ot Jean P eye Lbomas UBLIC NOTICE is bereby green tbat ap-
oe ie ech anon lands jean (onfcu and a Pectin has teu aiade to me by Mary .

Ravine pod upon ands ot Widow Jean Vasso | Jane Faward Pierre of Pout Bourg jn the Ward

on the East 8 Rative and upon fande of | Of Aricague for @ grant of proiate of the will s
An Lace Geetha, aid on the West upon @ date the roth day of Jo peel Ed-
ridge of tulle Giding, thr Maravai ward from Pwerd fate of the aid Aricag
dt Apas alee all Bal pice! of and siiuate so | WHO died on the rath day ot sy bai

the ward of Carenage 1 the IMand of Trinidad | at tbe time of bis death a fx of abode :

comprising Bre aeits te tbe same a lutte more |S Aneagua aforesaid ibe wud Mary Jane | DDCCIG Xr ausages
or legs debmeated and with the abuttais aod Pars ig the sok execuyia pamod 1 the . 5
bousdaries Uhersof shewoo1 the Crown Great | aaid \ViEL °

him, and bis astaral pessimism was only
increased by hardship, [He believed that
the human body after death would be
revived ia the form of a flowering growth
which woasd spriog from his foortal
fleah, This thought was repalave to
him. {te desired some disposition of
his bedy which would preclude any auch
reearrection Tie left’ a will in which
be duected bia corpse to be cremated,

. wy, COPRA, &c. -@

Bales 9 Porter COCOA BAGS,


MP UlS HOTEL ws cots
tmanspemcnt, 3 Stied|
and incest comforiatie
dn Up te Data bdhard
& Pubiio®



Wall equipped with all he6

4 W TU ‘ aod that ashes mixed with io Vokume 1X foi of tbe Keg | Aad botws ig aba given that wo caveat In LIb. Tins. trial wi b convince you.
ESSELS BRO 5. & V. GONTARD cement to form a sulid rock. “Thee teint og mich it appears as Coanded on toe s red before dba mepravon of twenty oight . . yea to pay uss ee on
. quest wasoarried out, the brick bein orth by @ tnad on the South by lands of ys trom te one pubcatien of . oe wacky and

woulded io a amall square box, an

moderates pri
when it had nearly set the epiteph was a

20, Henry Street.

Lows aud by lauds of Lo ate potve the Court will to iteue t
Shuraradtncs ity |Stsleem atime, {WTA
land of Sivette Jukes nd yr ands, Louie ERNEST D, CLARKE, 1 .

of Bay 1383 and wade between Jales
Soyer of the frat part, Bosuraaior Dori

eut into it by lacds : M.S a
' . ener nen od loletrets the by os ™ juuroe, Catherine Acting Registrar. me ‘ AN OvERPEUS
; , I ) X & 1 I | } D | save yor Weonesvay THE iri | “Dates wean day June 1907. tothe Nipvene Court of Trinidast aod Tobego. Ask bein Grocer for them, PLANTS iy
i . S S ¥ iN . DAY OF JULY 1907, No Senmatty Juriedition, Potol-Spaa. and he in turn will ask us, :
â„¢ Nene of the Romer ure bata ing Dept Kage, Angus her Panu va ee crating
‘ ‘” FROM" SOULTUANPION. 04 faa deed of mortgage dated the bth dey | TRINIDAD as0 TOLAGU. odast

lo the Hupreme Court, DUBLIC NONE becey
os | 7 hat -
Io the Batter of the Eutate of George I an order of Lis Hopour Mr fate ee T GEDDES GR
Jcha sometines ca}ied Goorge | rosde herein oo tbe 21st day of Jume, 1907 8
‘exander Jobo, late af Trois | there will be put up for sale Lelare the doors of - a

a hes {a tbe Ward of Toca in the { 8¢ Court louse, Portof Spalo, on ‘Thurs
ided, Plea day, the gand day of August, 1907, bet
eet, Port-of Spala on Wednes: | eat Saeeniate. , ter, De | ine hours of ove aad two p os. 97. beween 9; Broadway.
day the 24 of Jaly (907 betwees the | . ADS tbat parcel of and astuate ie the Ward of

Orders received 0x4
executed for .
Bouquet, Crowns


10 s ASES SARDINES, wvesrue 4

Ser rta

bh di
hours of 3 and do'cluck

re Upper Cusool, is the Islacd of Trinidad, com- ¢
. sag ae Pl UBLICNotice (s hereby given that spi. . be the tutte nic re
f. . x ss, ‘Patag nia’ at Chittagong | Alms se tars ottedaoa | P casos ben ben ade ome by Lovtals | fac Satund “ant is Tha etal Government Railways | xcerorsa.wsoar
“ . gpala | focmeriy. brown oe Portion + Pesdencies of the tun of Grenade ine the eae ae lane 10 om tigeuol Lisada GULE STEAM SER VICE or AUGUST, ‘s
i? ~ ‘ Wy A (.. H_ | surest West bat gow ounbersd und! Eten ot ive aboveuemied Oeorge dehy | Volume XXXL, folie Grand ween es is UBLIC NOTICE is be
; 880 BAGS CHITTAGONG RICK.) fe, ws. 'a cst ti Eid de omeriiene ite |emeemea yenemaies| © ems
+ ~ Went (now Backuilis Btreet) om the Bours | Weeder Tet cho deed cethe LO dee | Dated ioe gu sey] ’ a "Pe BINWEEN , | lng Ordinance: saver
é . WN OF GR. AN AD A’ oo ie weber tended of tes IS of Pent z a ’ eat rae ot ee Tee snore ‘Aeuog Drpaty teeta q an Fernando and Cedros depot Apel
Hireet Waet, (aow St Reckville Street) and | Noches elycewa, the said Leviale fRgibAD SOL 1Olz tor WW auu made b
‘ EX.s8 CRO T GLASGOW pike Atha hth ties Biever West { dove Ualagine inet whee and rellot of ALE WR VE UeRDAY, TUE Ire xoaco Yelm ot ths oa. P
° A ow, Dered tbe Mth day of Jane 1907. Mad notice is al 4 vest if BT fa07, ° ss) joa deed of Fur sr Chay
. FS SOUTT & SUS ‘ sioethe * ‘ot wer a the lath day April
* Fi Old Scotch Whisk Glove. Agcttoseers | tnenny-shrerisercnore the oxpicotice off PU SIC M TICE bereby gtoea tbat te | THE STEAMER HAPARIMA'’ | tetwece we cia, op2 il
) 153 Gases née u 8 y. we an oot eee he | a bicelles ‘ad thon Coert will | 6 certais Mens idem c Mur N and the aco fF
CH ONOMETE proved ty asee Letter raustretion | detad the gh ds of August nak Tom Bhar’ ILL undergo ber perledical Grcoeael of (be o.ner pag
AUTD R B ‘ WATCH $0 the weld Lav: 4 lola. tan Fermin iv Manon PusSemeus there bealie trem WED, oe Sap forsale Oy (oe
? . Ws Shas : ~A Dated whe Bauh dey of Jane, 1007. wit te pat wp tor sale by the umdmsigned at | L7TH JUL Teeumiog mB Ay. the Kos a Mare humvee Bg
. wo FLASKS (54) \ OCLOOCE marzcwx. fos Perma ae se rammed, service oa Saturday morning, the ah, wee Tharsis) ey "
Amlrow Usbors poclal lterorve, Gleolives O.VG: CLs. & JACE ON (ugd) LBN&ST UD. CLARKE, Auras 1907, betwove the bows of ¢ Sad ¢ hon , 1007. 100] bevwees me ;
of Aa hem of J. 3 CELLO: " ] __Aating Ragintcor | saan ede Norah commun tne Wid of “ PATIAS will Oy (eae Paniod, the | ° “ati ata Bingutar thes é

ares and thurty 1: wee Ban Fer | aod siete ww we sadly
1 spe | eae y two perches registered in f Dando and Cedros (Ii
Wah, cy al gt ge of ene | BOARDING HOUSE | SURES i ietais cea | Eee Tanker necdetty oe oma | ite Retatct ots
pice’ Myson tater, ened sad | (7 RWY tao, rye caak and cy Bot_| Srinnest Kod cote UN oy lands my meee posted at fhe" rarlove Italw


ar ay [ the South o: the Messen
riot Gon d Beae tes | ey Widen Angst Tague Sako, esis | “tions apd Galt Depot ie Het os ade wr.
[i i
yee OAM Nags, ee avuEA oe ane =o | re Nt ey eal ARMEENGON, | RNa au a doy
Rh Ja iy Y ‘ . POL bigs . rie ao Wh Jey, iter weer Macegee, he

‘ \

apr Oe eT emery wr wg

. . om


‘Oveso dle Hiamo |) HUSIESS NOTICE) A sn, & Sm. JTAYLOR & GILLES R.M.SP. Ss sr HUST TRORER aT

agents 1 ated 2
OUH-O DE MANO. the Atlas Piro Insurance Up. Féarmantty Sattixas oF anon orn


IN CONSEQUENCE OF wmanvracroness or

| BMEDEbn on OURS Aaa Pa aan a Sees eeSiGat Gs | | Frodh shaun Dad
OREAM CHEESE, CREAM CHEESE, Mr. ¥. Kally ‘Miller, satrendencer say risks oczapled Hollow Concrete ™ ™ New Yo Your. B: ‘“ .
‘ Fure Eresh. Wilk: Iste managor of Tho Eng- : F ve AllH LIER SERTIOR : Revolvel » .

At , — lin Pbaretacydeasie Ate | GOVERMENT AUCTIONEERS, | BUILDING BLOCKS. . Seater olomble ‘

THE ABOVE CAN BE HAD AT 5 pale cited Proprietress Katabliened 1866! Monet sander Pateite ei ato sta ier S toul

' : _— a ‘ontrotled. | vw o al

THE ARANJUEZ FARM Jor sone tame, th6.t| -or0, awronen Fe EL a maparoeene
we Araneae Farm ean bo bad pombere eao but at the he management of her | Sailings for La Gnayra, Pte

' seta opdrne er cater ent a pt a es Hes Uhanpega BEAUTIPOLLY SUITED | fs get tan, da td Liberty 3

" accounts dye to, and will pay
allaums Gwingby the firm,

ALEX. 8, LAING & Co:
Pharsaceutioal Chamiste and
Acruted Water Manufacturers,
46, Frederick St.


‘whey hiaixe


“LA PLATA® .., so duly 24th
*“TAGUS” - Arg. Te

No passencert or cargo y will be taken vy
above steamers,

and Second Class passengers and

thelr baggago landed and embarked free ot
charge Ab tals port Ly the Company's atowns

By Royal Warrant to H. M. King
Evwazp YI, In Cases of 3 dosen Pinta,

a drums, 10 els

All Lettora to be addrensed to the firm
ROOMS, 14 Bt Vincent Street,


~~ PACTS. ~


z CLEAN, COOL & The Royal Mail Company's fas Pas. }BANKIN ar A LT ia rolls, ;
. : FOR _SALE. awtokm re emer carer vee aba) EADO HAY— 9
CIGARS AN D CIGARETT ES 6 AMERICAN MU MULES,—in goo THURSDAY. Unit JULY 1907 DRY IOUSE ence ents janes scab 0 a - ae ?

s Nerul c Bervice of CARGO Steamers

Have secared GOLD NEDAIS of the hie hest awards wherever they have been from

exbibited, The only CIOABS and clual RETIES awardod a certificate of honour
FH the Jamaica Internationa) Exhibition, 1801

h Machado's Cigars and Cygarettcs ace for smokers of culture and discernin
Rasta. Unique tn quality nd arom:
+ Tbe Workmansip acd “Tending ot, S{ACHADOS CIGARS} AND
CIGARETTES canmt be excelled or equal! B

La. TOPICAL Entabiehed 1875,
86 and 88 Hashone Atreet Jamaion

sf/EWANT ~ .

Because wo know we can‘give you thorough satisfaction [a all of the branches
of oar trade,


USBER iestractione toceived from the

Hooble, the “Inapector General of
Constabulary tbe undersigned will offer for
aale the following 3

Raddles, Sadie clothe, Stirraps, Collars,
Relor, Iron safe, Gaicvera, Iron Drans,
etc, eto,

Baie at 1» =m.

Terms=BStrictly Cash,

“Wort Auctioneers,
ho. 12 St Vincent Street,
Toth July 41907

3! PAIRS Creole Draft OXEN,-ia
very good order 3


Inter-Colonlal Service. F. Loves and F.

menelng with the connection st Batbados
ofthe RALS. “Magdalesa” on the sth
June 1907,

Come and Heo

Built on our Premises

For particulars, apply on Mon
Pratste Estate per 0

40, South Quay,

Ice House

The ss. “Yare” = will contloue ranaicg | Meunle and Co.'s"
as follows :—
Thes.8. # YARE' will leare Dom-

jobne ete et
inica for Bt, Lucia aad Barbados every

PERMITS for ateam tender for friends
to see passcogers off 2/6 cach, which
ean be be obtuned at the Coupany's

tarriages, Vane, Carts, &, Built to Orders.

RUBBER TY yrs" RENEWED OR REPAIRED,—Horses and Mules Shod fo


NtAnng Local Road Board

CARGO will be bool booked through by
the Gompany'e ateamers to \ll por

~Or -



40 Ibs, each in :
don Hall, Uardulf dnd Ulasgow. oN AWD “asia nian

. c ’
waite, Hateredlonial Coatract Service| Canadian Oph qt

feaks—' Highland “Blend,” Ptove


BEFORE BUILDING YOUR HOME, |Suafimgeemece * * Home | Sitn Robertson at
Ofer for Bale Ex Stores

Fresh SC


reliatle manner and erery description au Bisckenith work executed, AMERICAN ew QLEOMARGSRINE—all sizes,
, rn eer . , valt PARCELS are coavered at moderate | OAUTLEN BRANDY —all was.
Tho Gittens Garrlago & Shoolng Works. RO AST: AND STEAK An Olection, of the above Board dentuatia ister tora ihe Ustad SAINT RAPHAEL AR INE Ine
¢ 18 i
hone, a £5, TRAGARETE ROAD, 4
B No # ? ' For all further Taformstion apply at SADDLE on aad HARNESS <
15 CENTS PER POUND, Warden's Office, the Company's Olle, ouISSES enor - otc



of 46, George Street,
Bis to inform the public that be ie


On Thorsday July 181k °07,


To fill the vacancy of two mem-
bors going out ot office,
Candidates for clection must
wive their namesin writing t> the
Chairman at Irast seven days be-
fore the day of el ecion.


ix Recent Arrivals,






Costivaness, Indigestion, Billous Headache, Torpld Liver aud {n all cases
where an Antibilfous Medicine 1s réquired.




Sangre Grande
JUL Gist, 14907,

management of Trev, H, As

Under the
MELVILLE and the Vestry of St
Margaret's 9 Church,

Bole Agect,
Na, 12, Bt. Vincent Street.

Bvorything open to Inspection.

OME malicious person or persons having
spread a ramour to the effecs that ibe
men employed directly ta

were eufferlog from some conte: Ad

SPECIAL * TRAIN Givoase, the msnagement subsmai

meo co for modical examination with the
followiog result which speaks for iteelLi~—

150 Dales CaNavlaN Hay.

a SPECLALIXT for the cure of the
lowing ailmeats:—

Neuralgie, Paralysed Jimba Bpraiaed

Timbs, Iihetmatian, BUR joicts, Broo
chitis, Asthass, ‘Siete Fitts, Bad
Eyes, Abscesses, MM.
Fevers, Tamours, Stoppage of Water,
Rapture, &e., &c, xperisace f twelve
years. No droge used. leceptioa
Erte Many itaoriate from aul:
erers who have been beoefitted,

Port of Spsin,
13uh dane,” 1907'

_, wosn } § CHILDREN so Lae AS

. Porsons suffering from Habitual Coanipatios " should take ons of those

~ Pills at night twico woekly, and a draught aomposod of Mpsom and
Glauber Salts; a toaspoon ul of osch in alta tumbler of water, the
moruing following the Pill,


Xow Sale only (mt


itougte va Jit} GOO. ”) sPEULAL ined ined Mesers Henry Lewis, Wiliam Grant and

Bmperoe Friedrick Spring Water

JARHLAGE retain tokels $1.00. ‘To be 4 Thom of the 4 Bakery, N eléction of tho abova Board Int
, Ch tment
bad from Rev, ILA. Molril, and ieee dase ct ist ae nd bealls In Quarts and Pints, AN Siitbe hel thy Wardon's | WEAIt can aieaye be obeelo
if o
ee NOTION |S Reet SATE | aun as mone ve [OB Mucampe te tP'amton” |S ON Gye yay

Exhibitions, Toronto and Halifax, 1907,

anent Exhibition Comuilttes a: ated by Lis Lxosllency the Governor

RAE Perea state thet it his beea bev eateny ‘lie? Colony will particloate ta the

Exhibitions to be beld at Toronto, oommenciog August 6-h. aud Halifax consmencing

September 2ith. Exhibits will be curred from Trluided to Toroate and theuce to
Halifex free of expwase ta the extibétor, but neue of tha exhibits will be reter

Princes Town,
Those remaibieg in Rood condition after the two Extibithess will be disusibuted to For jclazing Cocee, direct from Banta
Boards of Trade ia Canada for tort and oximination by thse joterested.

creer neath
rized and ready for 1
1 specimens are required to be bows Ade commercial samples for veatiag, and Ge be a io bege of 18) Ib ibe et Northern Assurance U0.
aooot ject i by pectiealsrs acto origin, abipplog mike, quantities available and, | rom =xe a ORtce: .

uber possible, the fol. pree Tiluidad
Mooagarz, Brazrt, London and

1 . (Sgd.) R. CG Bennent, MB,CM,
Lo Cocua Proprictore, | ,, sty be bet, beanie of Floor are aved
Bread as can be proved avy day by soyons

THE BEST RED GLAY|““Sittsravoseo cacean,

Mhusay th etd,

For the purpose sot al ailing the soats
of two membors whose term of
office expires,

Candidates for eloction must
give at least eoven clour daya’

Genulye RAlge &-Mosal Wigs:



Ia order that exible may be proporly put up, lat labetiel and packed, they shouldbe

delivete 1 to the Committee pot later than the Au BORDE BROTHERS, 1

BSpechat arrangemouta will be inade for the vilpmeat ot Fresh Vruls and Vegotaltes _April ath, 1907-62 Bt Vincent Btrect} 1, Untow Trazace, Astepgny; the Road Ordinances Now, 300

—6a. 258, the Anunal Election of the abore A, M, IL Built for this climate
at a later date, Board will take place oo Thursda atte ‘ kS, Udercd chesp tor cash.
, uf Fursber partlealars to be obtalaed oa -applieation to the undersigned members § i Success | In Life, I ife Accumulated Funds jer ”) doch aly beat the Warden's Ua 1 Chairman 2 ‘A ! ; 0
ri uospuna, al am ¢ tae por 8 01 £ sf
, \ oe an pro ten. 2 Nearly 000,990 nea i, eam for barpos nzelus
1 CaKA ae ols ora! ree mer

Candidates for election must give at
least seven clear days’ notice in writing


TT Rawapoves “naomi ieMee dts Seevtea see, | BEREADY fronmocuticosog | iw on srourrsy [See eneene men ts ta | SAVANA GRANDE “Oh
ty Ns = | eprom hal beutuodig | “Satnalitend ay | MS {Local Road Boara.|*°% , “ASH 08
—_— ————- nnn § something that would be of use to you. &
“A th be bad waa Fernando Sub-Ageot } GEO, HUGGINS £0 RELIABLE paltidd
rey A SEAT time, EGR ack a0 will goed oppor, ee te HOPE, mio,

18th June, 1907.

a abe Su;

jpreme Court,
bp Ni Matter Bi tas Folate of
ated Joon McKean: i. it Boutg
jn tbe Ward of Asicagua, io the Isiacd of
Trntiadeineseed i

men Qen
puptic NOTICE is hereby glrea

that io accordance with
of Ordionace 288, iwh Beaton 4

. Annual Eleotlon

Important portioe of the human body acd bas important Inactions to The typewriter is need In every office, | Pr>ol-Spein Agente,
‘ k performs thee forg e ongut to be earcfully atteaded to and kept in a proper | and 00 thould koow bow ta operate iw SMITH, ROBERTSUN & Co
Poi erlne lesen ete toi ae mening | aay he ation dana pus |
working order ° spare eveniogs,
eee quality of theoap ou use ive very {inportaat consideration niece reat "Yea can bow teat any of the follow- BURUOYNE'S

vowinion, Cad
“harm can be dive tothe etia by bad Spay bo sare you ask for MACHEL | log machines at a reduced ratei—Bar-

YAP th fem Pare Bosp and esp olally preparod for the cleaceing and | lock, Hemingtoo, Yost, Willi 0
ee eee the silo, removing Pimple, Stains aod Blotches and giving it the ned Hammond. Tho ther ie cpea Lill

= AND oo
‘pustic NOTICE ist is hereby given that ap»

bees made to ma

by Labas-
softness and fresbuees of youth. the ead of the correat mouth, L | se ads ai Bourn inthe "wera | of the above Hoard wilt be held at the COMMISSION MERCH
we tokdad, Jor @ | Warden's Offices st Princes Town and
wwioce sim Pence per Calce. J. R UUMMIN Gram 4 brotate of tbe will bewing datethe | Morogs va eto. & Eten ny
: mAT THE= "38 Tragaete Ioad, HE. shades aced are perfect Kenun, Lave of Bsus ou staves

Telepbone $76, natara}, con not wash of, a

Creole Pharmacy and all Druggists.| DENTISTRY. |ofinegyggoum wan ae

aay of Bay Thurkday, 18th July, 07,

' priate ae rei ie ‘at 11 am veel rai art sag Sth
r » ? w laTn' ™ And wotion is ale) given that if pe 1. | For the parpose of filliog th: Fubber tee fray from
F ——_Guroer of Prinovand Headalok Siret INNISS & SON. | Pe caeNGror, tr to, «| Tho Cold Medal Prise Awarded | Sates Sree get | raarein show water dts | ngiote Fivane St
i omee io Seo Freoando from High Street . ‘bese the Court witl 62 leave Probate of the didates for Blection mustigive at ty A
: wD ‘to ¢ y). }. NOTICE Hosa SOMONTH on Folate a-Lierre | Hairdressera’ Echibition, 1905, | “STi sin aay of ful, nop. leash eaven cleat da notice fa ae pope, 4
+4, 10 Gisnaros, 1. . “|, J. RALPH CaRRINGTON, pow |” London, Aaiog thpae Kung. | Becton a besos the day Bree te tileldad ;
’ HE vadentgeed lag to votity, the | 31, Frederick Street, Port of Spal . , , ed) A. 3.61
ee ee te Ar crane a ae a] wmone ews, | Tice dirty Centeper ba. | Wire NOOK, | eA RR
4 Bridge Work, Dyrte & Sieh are indebied mest’ Ele , ' ea Talephona No 4a
Fee Oe enor | OE MA, Sifontes or ee wesuece, | beeeeeeseamesae| BOARD AND LODGING, | eee
F .. Mi Le BURGEON DENTIST, . 8 21, cor, Qovea & Nelo Se? whee ent 8 Te a Oui Birees, thie aad pe abe aly J. mle,
lead VF ag, myer BA LWO BG CTT na We Beaty i arrnep jupiteans, CiPetaS i atiestona, Ka Bizet Uno ary | fafa Iss elias ty
GM SUE VOURRATY Re, Wise Koren Bae tt A ae ae i ie fe is abet perme

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” Bean
BASS Lil ALES ‘Sete sbeated “ Bua

And ta Arriva Bx Beans
25/3 ontks, CLARET“ Chateau ¥

4 Darrela BURGUNDY ports é


Shirts, Callara, 1

ti ting to the Ch
N accordance with the provisions of before he doy of election sitman 3 dolld atogaty

Freellent for Charch of “S





A’ tho cheapest rate pusubly,

A %Gno Jot cf SLIPPEILS for the seat
Will leave Portot Spaia at 8.13 am. PRINCES TOWN, “Bis “ * cam now be bed,
ura at 6 90 Hetara tickets (if Mav agin, R260 Casen :
rel weet fo pe mal “yaiy) Ie é fatato coctty thave thie en Diego Martto Local Road Board



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RINIDAD GOVERNMENT SAVINGS BANK] t= owmut tim” tent gs .
CE ls boreby elven that, the voderinbationed a regidh Si Aeeenenneae toe Kapeens tie
eredy given tha . , — ee en ween
TN aon ln dora tbe tater intioned enmms wjbich have beek Ip 86 Gatmapa or Utmabs27:168.-Labetror wLothtaad estate | 20 Rhmklacca” Ve . : Tobego.
ona, Will In sccorda wie, Bection 3 of Ordibance 12 of 1906, be 301 Joroph Pantor rode nDroggie |... Paradies lade “Sg oh y 8.810 Raagverd «Labourer ..Camden estate a 8 [Noy 88
@ td the Prost snd Account ot the Dank ueless claims thereto are sik Serpe ‘Gould --Cogoa plant’r. Rembert~yillage 3 71302 Jose Rate aJeweller ..,Alexander villare "4409 ——
exta! to the satlafaction of the Chief Manager on or before the 31 345, Thomas D ing ‘Ty coustable ...San Ferdasdo ~ Fo 4 yoneph Bt kemar oo Writing ChkaBrohangs - 10° 166 7)
Sarvaxy, 1908, ~ fe ster ' yess . MMaot —.Broadway,San Ido 1. 5 6 10d. Booty Mengen » Cocod Eater nD renal Hw 68 0 CD. Mora! pee rata
gy Re ES ' R. BALAZAT, . —- 107 Goorge Caffy eT abo joxandertiad by ~ «=6«21CB orate: —Plalotiife
Seb + & ose rer ,.,Camd: 4 . 1
1 stat dane, 1907 Actiog Chiel Mavager, Government Savings Deck. if og ta / £1715 4 108 Thomas Dowleea eae "Galoutea Bottlamentt oa a 4 Joba Fouls Blosdel end Charlee B. Fran
wt os i , RIM SAVINGS BANK. Total . \ . Tina coie—Defendante,
; we . ©
' PORT.OF-BPAIN 1143 Joseph Lewis «Planter Arlo ‘ a . OTICE ts hereby given that there will
a SAVINGS BANE i Bee, ite AER ate 2d Y MONTSERRAT SAVINGS BANE, — | Natentehaasastitisataves
. . . Bante Rove " . ladent Street on
§ 4 Name Oosipetien addres Ameen, | 2 603 Jelians David “Ooatiaotor “Lande Fore eatates ar 8 ote Mcrae tones Tree ‘ Rarariay, aR dey of July 1907 et 32
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290 HJ. Grant mallee Bt, Jevopl Road mae} Frederik Moapolalos ‘Shor beeper “Saogra Grande" 3 ons eenart, [iemtee for 1 yberea re, 2 Bh Let airs, Mlrrury Violin, Clock neet
, C. Fouoe + Plantee . Be Ann's w = 0 283 Heginaald Herragia “Oreneer > 2s Thowaa Richardson aes ayo ‘ % it Waggon, Diaing Table,” Wastatand
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” 193 Barcel Jone Cooper ST barenage, 15 7h 310 Alesender UIP meaux ; -Plantet . 20, Sorsano st, Arima . 1a 392 Leoncio Aggilers --Labouret . Gearatarite ~ 3 a one
eee Oe 63 . Laborer Exchange estate ~ a 18 $ HH Clement | Crastord . P. constable ~Toltos station Arima | t 3 Total . ~Uspare ~ 8 0 | “Nothiog fe 00 expentive as something
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ts Seas Care seen ae vimanas 2 | ae "Labourer Bent me Ane a8 TACARIGUA SAVINGS BANK, HHee eer aly ytplek up for Dearly
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Eleanor Dara one oA, Cambridge atrest ... 98 61 James Liama we raporond, rine . 16 9 4 3 yw upations «> 1A! [deers ‘Amoun! (di cr article that
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" ‘Relay Corrs 64 Chriatad "ws cebabgarerVerdaot Val, Aria 3 3 i ont Loule Seliza Propeletor Laie 1 Ee de [ayer istics Sort te yout Thin ire
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193 Crosby Jackson Labourer Cedros gg 133 Mene La: . Labourer. .Maturite, Arima Fat] 2 890 S14 Samuel Arkaas Pilyeim Tailor na ” RQ | Yenbthe headache 1 to remore the cause,
199 Rebese Smith " Codroe | aceroed at 13) Nahe oureoele . Beamatress ..Tanans “Sole B23 Janos Nath. Boodhoo. A. mt -Tanapens 1 0 | Have the eyes fitted with glansea that will
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246 Robert Harrie ‘Bath ja mB AT ig Georre Waith * Railway street, Ari bY 3. 603 857 Joseph Paut Nl citunspove 1g P Yolo read and work with ease to
2x0 Robark Harrie, wofotier | Age House “3 On| 18 Diunee Cater Raliwey sureet, Aiuie 2 8 ph Faw “Labourer as 1 0 } eyes. Remember thet each ¢ tes’
449 Shitlal, 84.579 “Rboemalyer -Phccadity street bat 100 Fmacce Balterles \ atone ..Malater,Anae 7" 4 =o P Total , cea | NO Line co tee tre boo two yee
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we Pantisedosech Behl Teacher cae River = } ‘ oo Withess Alexander ° ) Labourer Mevecias. » Arms . i Xs et Nawe. 0. A CEO D. FITZWILLIAM, O.D.
im ol Me a we rane jande 1 ow we coount . jeou pation. Add mount, - Sa
pol ee ete "Ons years - og 20 Wil ta Gully .laker Woodford we Avion one 14 Eugeste ~ ™ 2° SALE FOR WLDNESDAY THE aot DAY
0 2 George. Munroe “aloe . Laventille 8 i 231 Anella Joveph re ~- Labourer 14, Ques sats Arima 3.1 % 453, Lavinia Hicbunloon” . St. Joseph vil, Mayaro, 3 a OF JULY s907
AT Sue Shai BL teste” Corfnige Htgtt Aton OY Sak Sete «Semmes ile eA] Dien tng Per of Sle Santana
4 301 Joan 0. Moore Mesos. 13 Lower Prince street... 2 0 | 204 Ntepall et nunape 40 W. Nethen A tow a oataig Deed ot Mor de baneen
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317 William U, Buolth ~- Carpenter .AWoodbrock lands 3 314 Joss Looantan Leearaa “Planter. Gmeure read, 10} 461 Simeon Halder " Bits Joseph vil., btayara, 2 Ok | and tepwtered We the Steg of the Reghirat
333 BE, Hatchipsoa “ ae . an ter yrtoer . 3, i 4 gu Joseph ¥ rancis .. Labourer ee Ee ao 1 ! 487 Nicholas Ferdinand =. : ihayars mee 1 Generals Now m3. oe the pean age gthers
340 Rev, J-@. Wolsey * . ' TRG. Preab: .* 330 Rayo a warue Labourer . .Cunapo, Turure 1 - ” 2 | will be put ap for saleby the undersigoed at
438 W. BL. Wheatland, Paloter “ig North yiery ~» 3310 3 yond Pictoa i 2 Total we , . ow | their office, No. oc Harts Promenade, § _
. t, Esai William Springer Contes: Oo Thre” it . ~ veo EE 10 2h | A240, 00 Wednesday th ban Pee
5 Rivor . 15 333 Witham MeAcd ~ Conteactar . Cumuto, Tarure ww =«21COO tL Letween the b y the grat day of July 19078
516 Charlie Chai! s i 4 y «Labor i . be boure of ove aad 1
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42 34 Heory Mitchell Clerk Picton street "Oy 3 258 Leola oe! rn ‘Guanapoatrest, Arima. 1 ot 1 30 Gilbert J, M. Jacob tbrey acres and thirty (wo p Newt comprising
ab J, By Charles Jolnet 35, Charios street my 304 Joseph Wilt Proprietor ...Muado Nuevo “43 1 37 Rovatla Joseph . Baker wPerseverance village ... 4 2 | athe North upon landh of Boberan sbattiog
196 Aoguste Hajnee .. Waabee Do Barack uot 4 z 378 Leone sae «Labourer = .Cusyoo, Tarere “oR 1, $3 Whtitm Lalgos + Lelourer — . Loogdeaville 2 6 | Dom} wpon the parcel of land ondin de
we Chee Beckers ” Pelater "aid K street ~ $a Bat pechee om, ‘Woodford strect, Armas 1 0 1°47 Alludeen “want - Perseverance village 1 3 scribed, on the Kast upon the Public Koad, and
«eS Wai larne, - Seamstress 78 Upper Brisee street... 1 9 BI Matilde Laguorre oo Arua Keotacstate, Arima 4 9 1 By Apansivs Waltera cite Otte Oot PY 8d est upoa lands of G. KR, Almoa
3.0’ Anthony Dlivier ‘"Mesenger . Leper Aeyla treet. 398 Semael - on ilway ateect, Arims 1 68 Jopgaliee ” . village oO Secoudly All haf parcel of land situate in
iw Meet Yaner “Washer se "Vicon otreeb t i 3 a2 Edward Hock’ ® jena , a ii i 4 I 3 Nathns ial Beavebuy Lieeree , Longddovila oe et bi compre es more ox los pd entig
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ti Sache Cobban Beker at Heard street x 2 3 ‘n Mary Alesandrice Salandy’ “Propuetar “a nae tna oe a 3 s i Greats dane iatwceer Smpdenvitie village ; 3 ected! ‘onite South poe lands of Nobu
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4a Bonne Overlonker Bonet sue oe 1s a Simon Charlee . Labourer. Poros stzeet, Ariure Au 1 108 yehe Elwarda «Groom ‘Poreaverance village : 1s wae Fast y od. tbe Publrc Road, and 08 the
63 3 Walter Shaw wow = 1S 'yerinth Joba Beptiste ‘ oe om «6 otha Ethehang Koland..Neamstrons ...St. Th + 20 pon lands of GR, Alston aod Ca,
aye Weigh . Bteward —.. 8. ** Pioneer” 4 Bf 499 Ferdi aod Alexander “eo » Cogprite road . sl (UNS 1106 Mungo Ceurpboll Patel: wt, Thomes village ga | Sogether was the appurtenances thereto ‘be
ee right “Watchman | St, Ana's 10 34 500 Jean P, J, Frangaia rT? veMaturita, ie "40 U 107 Harry Simos vl yer ...Rallway Extensica Cap’ro 115 A MERE cs tat da ot
30 Franoes Casar ““Wectater Dingepertig, == BL Bon Soweyna Alor cade? “Conthutor wtwsepo”? " EY Total "=e "oe ° Pb PICKERING
ove . we ose! roel ~ o_ .
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; 399 ¥. 4. Mcleod “GOR Guten ane ie , ee 10 PRINCES TOWN SAVINGS BANK, - | saiBecr Tne abrve Mortgage as bean (rans:
568 Alexander Forde : “Aranguesestata v1 Total 7 * o—————— | 62 461 Witham Gandoer ‘ Ue beh Toop and togetered as Na. top4, fot
44°21 Alexander Wiltshire 6 Sly suees 7” ! 8 oe £10 1 25433 16 Charles Edward Bt. Joba . -Litoarer » . -4th Compasy village . . BO the year bgc7, ,
i’ Oo: a erdeon Barracks ta oad TOBAGO SAVIAGS BANK 514 Sameel Daly \Carpenter “Cedar Ei tate "9 3 3 TRINIDAD, Barsbat'e Om
. 171 Egbert McKay ‘Sloop “Carmalita” .. 21M] 177 Renjawia L, Cupid Total anh ath daly 1907.
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ais Gall, Car ‘“Eaboarer | Mon Pieter "ei ate ” 3 il 28 uw i Mpiechrace PORT beri the Val = os]? ROS SAVINGS BANK, Bammary Jurisdietion Port of Spaia,
fal heed Ha) “knee” Ghtetane aR) Ba Wearing + “Be eee 10 Jae Thealore Plait
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3% HooryiKing = * se 5 wo 4S Wh 33 ie ty. enter ieood rp ————————_—_—Se ;
32 Here, eeneamter yp Pareaeet Dg th] a heed ets Groog’ Weleneetl HH THE BARBADOS eer be WIN of the ate "Teens
Beate ee ek BE deed tere” TS MUYUAL LIE »_ Wea any SS
ecm, eke ee ~ a LIFE “ASSURANCE + SOCIETY | yonpes, sez ee
{4 Parke, 0133 .Lalouree —. Arseguet entate as 8 cou . NORTE pereey, given that, there
4399 Jouepd Dexter * Calpanter wv : brook "42 3 OUVA SAVINGS BANK. » lintabiivehod Luao. phar Anetion Mart No, 28, bt. Vio
: my or oes ye“. * )e2 an phegsns - “utente CHIEF OFFICE:—Beckwith Placo, Bridgetown arbad Saterday the plltday of Jolpasee na on
8b Odis'Bing, 33,938 | abhi ‘enesugla we 8 4b] | 863 Christisns” we Gamdent oe BOT Bonrd of Directors. Os O'eicek noon. £
HL TF + table, oneemipre ak Batt] aC Beslamiemcate iste Enobangevlge = 7) 1 HL FT. BACKER, Eats Chairman, tbe ‘Defendant coursing ol. Shoe’ bok
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ren . aa. Maraval od 18 JamesD. A. Hamlets... Blacksmith ae & 8. BRYDEN, Esq. AMES E. INCE, Hog. stand, elocks, water ou taps, Lower
(Eee tee) RR carr efaereiaes OT “Et aunexce iolgoni tenet ts [ERA EE Te eed eh
rther “Te'lcit'r’e CUC.32A, Bt. Vinoeus atrect... lia Allan " ree. . Waterlou estate ag . Jed LL, 9 Secrelary. and pkk ax ctapo boards, nals
Steet hea tees ES opie Cebep SEB] petummmnndtanections to 0th Fane,iee. Ts weatremue
Sut Mes. Edith K: * “Oe o- 10 Total Honuses dec ie “ ae 6: vied open in the abo
a 325 Mubabul, wu “Labourer. Liege Marto wo «= «SB 3S Jewbode Qn Sums assured and Bona fin Decemtar, 3905) oe eet he sLEMENT FeLIGOURE,
oa Kily Ours ehunutroen eae aa atroas $8) St Belriog aaberey Ate ieee mt Tie amutane? range nod Motaal Eadowneus “Sata Deputy Marat,
. Kedmetrees ...46, Deke street vi tmond - â„¢ svAlexander: 9 we oO Investment Reser: : on st
66 43 Thomas Phlill 2 Ooatrector : 10 BO George BM tae ‘Caracas estate veFund a “ ve 88738 SALE FOR FRIDAY &
Mi jemm E, Biahop +, Botler ; Stas Bersex atreet ¢ ‘ in Usorge Seutboroegh +vCarpeater “.Calitorata 2: 7 ™ 1 9 Nes Surplus {gist December, 1305)", oe ws syonor AUGUST Wr DAY OF
baa Diary t Josep oicitontt Cipriant Boulevard == & | 19 Goobania « alah tes ett "1 MODERATE PREMIUMS, LARGE PROFITS, SUB we 35.69 UBLIC NOTICE ta b
a Poet Os Eolas we Feddeah Bebarty ~Alerand ar village we 1 Vd he EOuOUND BONUSES are declared, the roault Derg tent te eR ES. P ia exercize of Htebret 2 Riven thas
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: we ot 5, cone “ose date ete AE] Letom wee ’ ot if we eibERAL ue RENDER VALUES aor TWO YEARS oad wo ale THREE | of Hire 16 itera Sennen dey
Thomas Crooks Aer tated ste maahale a _ wSeyllia estate a LOANS are granted . gistrar General of thi
510 B.D, Grane Gopuractor =.Ameriong Hearce =f ey 187 Qatar vy n+ Ganon oa gf chaims POMEL EY Bete eee, a8 £0 90 per cent, of the purrender value, made betweea Eugene Melb of the one
BR ei ee ee POH. = LE [MER cn aorrne ware ce reer marty nm Fra type an ert ts
“s f relee “ A Bares vill oe TIURTEEN Tre! jon by the usderal; A
0 nis Sedowse Port-of Bpala ~ a 4 fy . ai ee w-Laboarer wrens ar ra ve i 9 five Juatoren aah fee tes erin a Polley that has been fo force depot Ana Fermande.| re $2 High
se . on : oe le . ‘ tween the b
yo sewer! HR Jeckme |.M » forged Spate a | 203 Balwarden 1 OMbeetLpan'htate “ad K purely Mbtual boolaty ALL THE PROFITS bel Land 2 p.m. All thas piece or peroal of
Rom! . 14] - wen : i) a 1 RANDUL' ve jong to the Polley-holders, | land eed or parcel of
‘s 3 Romsa Donardy tos ““Hucketer 1.39, Phocadilly etree oo 8 207 Badye Bla “stot pasta setate nO Ba pany EYL RUST Lageny PortolSpainen bward siicate as Tutth Company in the
1 tender Alesis O E Tye 1212, Dart treet nie 2 a3 ree e euLabourer mVerdaney a ae te } 4 a Neat Ban Feroandoy ~ island of Trhakied Grande, ou fo the
200 Joseph Etiecss, ave «4, Neloon street a ward Headley = wBerille gat - me Uth 4 —— thirty-two and ree acres
OS Lawrence PbUips “Carpenter U. Belmont mw 2G £22 Elisabeth Leacock gear w Alexander village ceo) S [the North upot lands of Pe cece oo
BER ESe Cao See ER ER SEER tele = {Y|STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY |faitesitaists ie ree
1 ” fe are . \ ood wee « (0:
5g gat Bar Levieek Ball “BR Wosdtord atrook At ie gt] a3 fossdena tener Stile “Rschesgenthgs 72 ES _, Swomnlianea asus, with ete erate rbreed equi
t bed Marta. Jose 2 AN tree dL] Be eae Thence “Domenio, “Malminttates 10 Hoad Office Edinburgh, 8 Datod thle Oar deen prereto belonging.
st D8 3 | Ze Charlee - (Pupil T'cber Cat ~ 191B 8 cotland 7 of July 1908,
+ nai stile, Benol ~-Soamatreas ~.elmood ~ 83 Fe phere A Maynard ‘Labonce Gillon vilege = ws LO RANC ( OFFICE FOR WEST INDIES, B dW. Obnsure
TUG fame ENUM waste | onekere StL WY Baar et Barile tad” + 22] anges devenyy Excrrps’ » BARBADOS | saison sagiae eet
"rot 1 2] Bt Thomas P, Ready wMechanio .Brechte Gate OL luvensy Howe Excnay - o£ 1473,000 Day Gp UHEDAY. Tus Sora
" “ ~ CAT Sa] Ma Rawal we cetacra falforala tate mb ot Y | Gummans Decuanto = = = 31,750,000 Pusuic ve ~
‘ + [> S18 Heceep? Beamastrens —-Etcheoge yas o 352 Tw FATD see ~ - = 7,000,000 exarehoe cr ine atereey Riven that ia
SAN FERNANDO SAVINGS BANK. $20 Remehall rita Terereinge 28 MODERATE KATE. ABS LU ee 284000,000 imptled ta's Deal of Bona ay ot Sele
93) gt Flardwood Tewari Labourer Bun Lemond eatate ees ala Ablack Deivee woHirecbia Cartle estate os } 4 Ubaral gurr: Mder yaluse, ° OLUTE SEOUKITY rue Ceetae ‘904. Tale ewes Sait
ty : 7 “ ae Mt oa Deiver wbleBeas oe db A . ‘owe :
Hi Giriatiann donee Mannie "yoo Faradoc — 1 0 | a nifesbets iene "Beametress “BL Abdnweetiege “. Ghig] YeOdtE Ne ADVANCED on teoarity of Polistes up to 90 per ca ted Jens Duchavan’ Tedd of us edie sot
ass a Gilelles ambers |.Drepewer Ek are ee whee Bi9 Jahalee on wflabouree " Algrender OEY en IMMEDIATE wont por cent, of the | too, whee ete Sumber 3 048 of tbe aa
3 sao Hey Hes Nunes «ble clerk. Ghiaron sures ] 10 | 0 Recbye” “ocdemth 1G Hen | 1 ap] ener tomperate ctimates ON to home rates daring visite to Earope and Auction a he Austog Mar of the wader Jaeeds
Be ge foe ratbophenpee « Maaleles ot to] - Sea beam” nt eet ey bt | oot Mlorence ty Hes EBD and Tolleios fsaued in the West Ind! tbe bk of soe day ay vot Seale, od
g one aw Labourer. jedele * “ wae 8 : ap g
het pal puld Foeph ooHafuver 6 ciate LSurre voad now ti (at Won Fetuole Others oon OM Mage. i 3 ay CLAIM PAID immediately on proot of death : we with Gaara ne #adaton fa ibe Woe of
49 Wi Derege Yevaber Aree w= binageape » sire an 46328 ‘ Gi deoals Ba f oo & ~~ gies one 3 0 ao to epmpany . Agoncion, leath and settlement made ican on te Nerik ase vas by tba
5 8 vee i “ tae
FMLA KCI Coy Ee rica | Ut obe Ts die ary ansballngbt ate Two Youn | Sear geese Me Ta Be
ve . : F ‘8 : , toute, b 4
ie ous corn : Q, BRVOB AUSTIN sha Scie ety eesti
. . se L JOHN’ aw Co,

urther. a



ro Now Clearing fr

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er ne mer







wo SS
5 « et Ppresent, If the: could eave money in] Profesor Carmody said thatin reepopse } March” and Vesta Victoria's Walslog
tte Thy ie ere ad oe ee that way It would be good, to letters seng in by Messrs, Smith, | at the Church.”
metry for whet they Lad heard at Me Hart ashi that thera was coe objec- | Hobertson & Co. sod Mr Marray arracge { At lect the nuolster arrived, amid deat
meetin; tien to thejournal of the size of the. meats had beea made to visit the onoua j enisg applruse, aod, after a Yew fancy
Hb Hecetleney sald itcertainty minim | 4‘ Reyot Gazetie, and that was, ite in- | distriete, and thea aftecwarda (f they floansbes, Mr, Dalton Jed the bridal party
json the value of thelr work «if feonvenience, He thought the journal | foand the ‘blight in some other district | to the altarat «good clip on his skates,
menbea hud to (rst to their memory | shonk! reoain'ia the ot form. they would go and visit thet distriet, but, As heswayed and ewept and gigeon-wiuged

or JULY, 1907,

~~ 2
—— , +
UBLIC NOTICE 1s ber ven that in . *
exercise of the Power of f under, and ‘

by virtue of a certain Deed Learnng date the
13h day of December 1904, and registered in

+ tbe affice of the Kegiswar Goneral as No 3, 96: .

. Mr Rernstein moved that the journal | bs faras he koow the enous dustriet was | along the floor all the buys sant le cat a | of Protocol of Deeds for the year ¥ oa and a
108 rental Galicae sat something } be printed the same size as before. « | the only one affected, They could net do handsome figure, and the girls said he wae | madsbetween James Wellingtos of the ane eat, AVERAGE ANA LYSIS,
shenkt be done to stop what appeared to BLIGAT Diszass two things at present, and they had better | % Just too sweet for words,® an American | and James William Warren of the other part ,
be aleakage, There wasan idea aniongat The Secretary read oo letter from | payatrection to one and Jet Me. Barrett ' phrase, frequently employed by Awericaa { there wilt be put up for Sale by Public Auction ——
members whodid not know what wes] MessraGmith, Robertson & Coy, report- | do eoite biv convenlence and report to the ' ladies After bimcame, Mr Barrett and | by the undersigned at thest Auction Man, No. | SUCROSE and GLUCOSE... ese wes . was 5
being done ot those meetings, that nothing | ing the occurrence of frog-hoppera in the | Committee. = Misa Pierce, on their akates, and the best ) 14. 3* Viocent Servet, ER of Soule oc {FINE MEGASS MEAL. ... ver? nae 7 wk
atall waa polog on, aod that phe Scciety | cane [stoula, and sizusof blight on the MB.URABRET'S UROCRESS REPORT. wan, Mr, William Posner, aud the tasid- Tourrday, the ash ome meen MOISTURE . r
doo Mr. "Toorsson bad said.) was in af Waterloo block of estaten, and asking if Mr, Barrett said tbat po pres a brief | of honour, Miss Hattie Monroe, on theta | & 3 PB ae one “ ave |


Fust.—Al aod Singylar that certain Cocos
plantation situate In Ward of Guavapo, in

wu, and shutapes tie Neon oor nee | HIGhly Recommended for Feading St

enod ‘wo thioge to af Mr Parrett could visit the estates end | account of what had beeot done, the line | Without as moch as once falling afl over
mortar on ae erence that? fool. | suggest some means of eradicating it or | of procedure had been marked out as fac himeelf, Mr Dalton persouaily condueved
Ing. One was, that the mectings were | stopping ita epcead , and another from Mr | ag pouitle without asarvey ofthe island | the whoe rivkfal of roller skaters
entirely copfined to the committees, and | HE. Marray reparting the appearance | and the work of determining all the pri-|to # canopy ab the end of the rou,
the other was (aa Dr, Morton bad sald} | of blight at Conva. mary fungokl diseases and insect pesta | where, without removing his skates, he
there was no record of proceedings pab, | Mr Adam Smith sald, he waa nota | sffecting cocos bad been entered apon. preananced the solemn words that made
Jished at all, and na literature inened as | planter, and, therefore, not an expert | Some of the work would take ‘a few | Mr. Derrett aml Mis* Pierce man and wife.
formerly Ulethought that if copies of tyear, the wedium measures did not | months to check off, 09 that no milatake | There wasa big epread, at which nobody.
she ininates cf the proceediuys (if nothing | acem toave any quod amouut of saccess, f ahonk! bo made in their decerrucation. | touk their skates off, aod after {tthe bappy
else,) were out regularly it might tend to | and the diseasn appeared to stop of itself, | For sustance, he found there were ap | couple skated out to a carriage anil aa
an exlert to stop those resignations whieh | sa it were. A many of the canes prrently vix or pouubly emht primary | their wedding journey to Atlantic Chy.
were constantly coming in. origioalty affected, appeared to epring | fungi alfecting covos, but of thoes six or
Mr Tri sald that for about fourteen | #e4l2- but he did not think as far ae there | eight, frobably only three wero what ve
TF hie was editing all the pabheations | SAcehaii value was ooncered, that they | wonld catl really important ,—the others
ithout any. complaint, sod if it was | Were really worth anytbing whea they | hethonght, could be beter, left, for, tie

formerly of the Crown but now of one Arthur
Wellegion ov the South formerly upon
Crowe lan®s but now of ihe said james we.
lt Crowe but now ithe occupation be Genre YOR PRICE AND QTHER PARTICULARS APPLY 4
White and on tre West partly upon lands
formerly of one Doda, but oow of Arthur

Welbagton, and pafly upon lands of Micbel N j
de Leon ° . i

Sevoudiy —Ail that certian other Cocoa +
Dilaalation eituale inthe Ward of Arima, in — — ————— ee een aes
the sali Island called * La Niaa consimung -

of two several parcels of Jand The first of : « 4
{twas a very impor taothat ifhe had tice later on, The New Triple Alliance. such 1s of band com prising sixteen acres, ”
possible that It wasto bedone for a few | Went to the mi ' 'y impor | present, ’ ; "
peu fonget be might be abla todo it ® pos tle ta ir x y later mation wikehe things ae work nila “ S\ PRESS” CORRECPONDENT. pranted Mo eae Mahatoct trop the pares raed ae a z Z
even without apy assistance s ee h £ re any, jorruation withthe way things wera wor ne oat, we . eaa sexi borenatter d canbe’ ob tbe Soutb een ae Z
{yn Mo to jnted ont that it was te wae “are ne would te a woreat but of lochoteal aa toatl "ey king ve Varia, Monday, Jane, 17 upon lands pow oF intely in the oorupatio of The celebrated Doctor DUJARDIN REAUMETZ, Paris, concluded th;
lon a Vy Q ky i
threagh bo feeling of dissatisfaction with | !on to all the sugar Flanters in | and he would not Ihe to say anything! The Madnd oorreapnndent of the Modest Molluck , on tbe East opon lands now | has its seat in the Gastric Organs, aod thet tho preventive aad curatl

the becre ary that made him saggent that | the onloay, if the disease cou
he sheghl Xe assisted; but rather | cated. -
thought there might be important docu: His Excellency sail that perbape Me.
ments, and some of the membere of the | Barret could eal!

be eral ee mater, ce Ne olwaye “Pott Parisien SJearns that ene of the
leave all of that until he nag had a mach | 0st essentisl -polats of the Ans ie
hten them with regard | better chance of verifying his investiga | Spanish agreement is a clause w

lately witha ocewpation of Gopaul Me David : iat ion,
god on the Weat partly upon lands of 1 | consists chiefly iu judicious Laxative Medication,

Nats aie ate eee es | IDLERS MANDRAKE PI

ret y gusraotees ta Ureat Britain tne main orca of tand aes ning it acres, wed Have beeo before the pabli¢ for toed juny years, and have won
to that point 2 f th ° 7 abut bow forth a toprietary article. 9 coaviacing fact is, tha! a
commuter might prefer to see them “Mr ‘Barrett who wasvery fnaadible at Hone. Tacit she Toa het wewething tensoce of, the status quo at Gibraltar. — now or lately of the Crows , on the Souib pon sale of any Proprietary @ tact ia, t MA

hy the reporters’ table) was understood to say } abonld be determwe I Lo vet into this eom The “Jvarnal des Debate” says
otter Carmody fla ike te make le Usethe did not think he should leave [ wanity quantity ot spy log apparatus, | Toe aereemente between Great Britaia
fore they started the [pew journal, and phst | Cocoa work as yet. There should be 00 | —that was the firet divappotntment ire bed | and Spare, and France aed Spain guar-

recommend themselves for all Bilioas aud Nervous disorders, sach
pres ar | of the stig, Manabew Looe ‘> | Constipation, Iopatred Digestion, Disordered Liver, and Female Ai!
the West upon lands formerty of Nauvidad RPRIGH OW SEXLILING.

fifonso, but ndw of the plantation heremaiter a
. in order to save the cost of printing A | breek in tbe matter. met with .—it new Unat there had | antec tho atatua quo,and ouly those | deserted r XN 2 ae, [oe
Rood meng of thelr reproductions (n Mine | be tart said he thoaght examination | never boon nny concentrated action | who thiak that they might beoeht by ite | Thirdly —AN that certain. other Cocoa At the CITY DRUG STORE

ncil papers, and if they | shoukl pot be costined to the coos ‘is ] among cocoa oters to make spraying
Fee oa eeantance with the Gor, triets alone—he held the opinion that ope ex tinenta, it dit nob know? ay with disfavour.”
ernment Pifoting Office to run off’ s {of the cacess of the blight was not the ‘be question was how to supply planters Hele. Monday, June 17
tosny of Lbens and adopt the alse of (same astbe other, and he thought that | with s spraying Spparatascapable of bend Ther 439 of ¥e ta the
the * Hoy al Gazette ', they would get tbe | Mr Barret should sce the Orange Grove | fing solution in mouerale quantities He tithe oeaniry ih teen ia I
priouing done much cheaper than ‘ata estate, did not expect planters to expend hundred | Press uf this country that the new trp
——== of dollars (n au outfit on a large scale, bas | Mereement 16 “ppibles bat favouruble
pe thought it was rose. to their ewa } to Germeny. @ oewstypers ,deelare

=—= Se ———===
A ia a | ioterest ia accordan h all common } that it is another attempt to isolate that
1 5 sense to pet as soon as posallle preper | country.
epryers ;—whether it be a eucar or cucos :
planter, be shoald have aknapesck sprayer
realy at a moment's notice, because be did eet
e Hot kegw when blight « uid attack .

caltlvation. Thousands of dull ld
in that wy be save! a the expense of The Nude In Art.

tively few ceuts.

STORES, LIMITED, [nde A! sreotan

ft. Bernstela apoke of the difficalty of
taking the move off the trees, Is reply to

. Mr, Barrett, be sald they bad to fh
boys to bills with verablang trust Ly
“uh rm bing lt of,
: 1 ay Me. Barrett sald there wasn galvanized
fron and @ prepared solntioa bali

plant be sald Ware of Ari , 8 se

tabon situate wt nea, wf

talled Esperanza copjiming of Ibrea sevies) ee =
is of land. The fret of such paresis of | SALE FUR TUESDAY THE 23nd DAY [ SALE FOR THURSDAY

feed com pein ten aeres. and abuttleg on ibe OF JULY 497 o OF JULY soy,

penly. by Dorlsh and paniy “ty” Choboyah | ry UBLIC NOTICE Is hereh thas | DUBLIC NOTICE 1s bere

i 2N 1ven
Spon’ ands paw of iatdy of the Crown ond in exercise of the wor sale coo: exercise of the Power of Sale

upou the Wri: Ravine , on the South Mortgagees by tbe provisions of
a Ridge of Hills, upoa lands now or lately of teloed fo & memorandam of morte

Ordinance 1895 and under

dated the 19th day of January 1906 made | Pely 5

. iN. Marachean , on the Fast partly upoa * of a Memorandum of Mort:

Loe ghi Ranoe and pertly upon lands of | by Elise Nunes ia favour of Marie Emme Wellington to James Wiljana W

}. 8 N Maracheon apd on tbe West partly | Lyoob there will be pat up for sale by [ine 33th day cf December 39344

upos the Ridge of Hills and partly upon the | public acctloa by the nadersizoed at their | put sp foe sale by Push Aucuon

sard lands occuped by Dorlah and Chohorjab | auction mart No 14 St. Vinoant Street [ of the undorigned No 4 Se Vi
leet being tesorved on each bank of Wright | Port-of Spain oo Tuesdsy the 23rd day of | Port-ofSpac, on Thursday the

Keavina {be Crows, The second of mich Jaly 19) batwoen the hours ol sad 2 July smn, btweees ibe bours

arcels ©: comprising seven acres, and | o'clock pm. and eiogular thed cer- wo
tbat ou the Nora formerty upon lands of | tain pereel stud vitaate fn the Ward of | _ All that place of land situate i

Natividad Alfonso being the parcel of 4 Guanapa in the Island of Trinidad
Beat bereinaiter described +00 South upoa Tarure comprising slx scree be the same & five acres, 1 rood acd th ry two p

lately io tbe little more or less delinested aad with the | Jno 6
Fae tas eae, on the East upon lands | #battals acd bouadaries thereut shows oa | ti end Decades aineated sods
formerly of Mababll but vow of tbe sald planta- | the plan sanexed to the Crown Urant fs.
ton “La Nina’ on the Weat upon | coud under the provisions of the Real
lands pow or iataly of the Crowa | aod the | Property Ordioance aod registered in
third of such parcels of iand comprising 40 | Volame V folio 421 and _bowaded on the
seres, and aduaing on the Norio, East acd | North, South, East aod West by Crown
‘et Ow OF ol ‘owas
aad on toe Bout pan a ormetiy of the lands with the apparteaances,
wo, 9 orm rence
Medina, bring the parcel of and peat berslte Dated this first day of July 1907.
oe Soya that certain messuage and
re i °
lecd howe as No tg, Sorsana Suset, jo F. J. SCOTT & SON,
the Town of Arima, uod abuluing o0 the Govt Auctizocers,
North upoo jot No 33, Sanches Sueet, pow
or lately of one Casidleno, on the Sauth
g; Sorsano Street , on the East upon lot
Eugene Ielsoe vad oa the Wark ‘upos ie BR TUESDAY THY, 1atu DAY
gene De, ie Weal vpoa ¥ ’,
No 58 of Sorsano Sisect,—togeiber with the BALE FO OF AUGUST 197. Stu DA
cry Pirtepapoee thereol,

diaturbance can segard the agreemeate

The vexed problem of the propriety of
the nade io art, which has arrs€a oat of
the exbibition of liviog statuary and the
chmiog appearance of Ls Milo an Lady
Godiva ia the Covestry procession, is
ng nosed, | Cstricd @ step farther by Sir deard
There wes a company meuafacturing | Lee,
vapellty of different spraya,
wate eorpor weld is would be justas

get the % One. Any thi
recommended by bir. Herrett. By the ous

Ke A, Dx Ba] Ss . wt, Bernavele~Each man according to

The meetlog then rose, after which Ale,
L! Noraagarey Eliceches exbiblted a num-

Swiss Boots and Shoes. > ====

Wedding on Skates.

Writing to the “ Express” from Porth-
caw! Glamorganebire, bie Edward Lee
seodathe following extracts from eri-
tent writers, whe, hessys, “have never

és self-elected guardians o
sation’s morals, but whoss opfalonsto
the subject are nevertheless, clear, un-
Perjaticed, and locisive :—
athor, atheist, esssyiat, novelist realist,
pez master play wot a ‘
‘aint the mortal shame of Nature with
Ufe ving hoes of Art

OF Al GUST ase

pusuc NOTICE | ia bereby ;



' Rip your brother's rie open, etrlp B Gay of June, 3907. UBLIO Nott he by given thas s ae as bie wate
. AMERICA'S LATEST NOVEL ‘om at co ven
A FOLL RANGE OF . —— 7 $ Dowt ‘ wie etioenoe, down vk r. J, BCOTT a BON, exerciog ofthe Power of Ste sontatned August ioe? between the boura af
Adtomolule weddings fa Amerlea, with Reverence=forwird, xsked, lot thea , Gort, Auctioneers ice certain memoranda oer dated that parcel of land com

@ pastor th Vie k
machloes are duatlog lop g vocttry roae

~All the Wellknown and Favourlle Kinds, |iZsiwiteres ors

pleaslog (npavalon was acreenalsl|
; . ciara furthe Pak eet
o crase
y HAVE jUST BEEN OPENED. pow exists on tbat ade of the, ee
: rinks, with thouranda of fashionably

be bel
very becuse ted everywhere, Fis
? Hr. Raymond Barve aad Misa Suse
’ i 4 Fiaroe tae t # cledection of betog the
res COUP tal
ibe Ret. George Daltons of Brosslpe, a

FOR DADINS Be ieee eects wes aso on skates

taco fe favour of Daniel George Aqul,
Riction by ghar uuderaigned af tiie aes
eG) a al Os°
BALE YOR THURSDAY lt DAY OF | tlos Sart No. B Corner Of Bt. Vinoebt end
SULY 1907, Backville Streets, Port-of- Spaic, on Tues
ony day the 18th day of Augush 100}, between
UBLIO NOTICE ls hereby riven thet oe of one and two of clock,
1p Perse. ive ower of Sale 1” Ail and Singoiet thet certain parcel
ecoferr nat Tol Bove by the Ooavey | yang vituate {othe Ward of Ture, sa i!
pacing a Sroverty Oulinsoce | rind of Trinidad, comprising 20
Be ee eae ait Sed apg date the 2 roods aad 19 peccbes, : zc acres,
seer of Jai vary ose Hiwatand nine bun. | or eey delineated and descelbed aed oie
dredend vena aan Joho Joeaph | the abattals ead boundaries thereof shewe
fase of the other part, there will be por op pa the plan drewe on the Royal Grant
for sale by Lbs undersigned, at they Ane: saved to thesaid Juag

Yeut the budding rove of boybood with
the ot your sewor |
Send tho drala {ato tbe fountela, leat the
stream abould fasue pare.
word Tsxxreoy
The ficet ston towards vivilisation ta
to Uap © pale nf breeches 00 tho negro 5
whee {hat hee Leen done we a will thea
a * bawlees’ a: Se
Thames Carlyle in w fetter to the late
i$ of the Royal Academ
* The bitorical school of pelaters ju
Bogtand ts Prectically extinct. In its
pice websve ‘the nade.’ Art ie the
fipdenatd ot bitory."—Lord Deacons:

mm ;
teserved thirty ke wigs, 08)
Crown laod, and on the West by
shirty inks wide wn said p
lsscribed ia the: jfkate af
Vot XVi1 tubo 5 togeiber

(enances there. 26g
Dated this gta a. 7 ot) ly 39

pang, eugineer, “The pretence thes exhibitions of | toa Mert No. 16 Se. Vieooos Street, in | {8 Vol XL folio 226, wad bounded on the

fret met Mise Picross Paradive Park, | nakedoces'errre the par of palue Towa ut | r-ofBpain, om Tharsdsy | North by the Corts) Extension Rosd, aod

Ob De Bee towr, | mie gs Seyi] lege scptars, land iowa the | Be ltee dey o, July AB, bevwocn oe | Clore Leader on tea Bey gee gt
Canmno se Soe ead deny tnnet | Erm tice repeat cee reed | PATOL Peantre CMPLD aay | als hy” etd

Al that messuaye and jaod 1 by fends
knows as No. 9 of Charles Beret eae the S td Didieg ieee ¥ lands of Emile
Town ot Port-of Spais bat sow renembered Weat b Ceo iY wo end on the
and keows «No. 38 aod abuttlsg on the ¥ ato wo Laode and by the Corisl
uth upyo Charies Street on tbe Bouth | ~ 2%" Road, with the sppervennoes

8 VloTOKia AVE
A Ktndergarieu

. sathusjactic about each other futh bad artes ona ie bot « disiagenuone pre-

FOK SEATNESS: QUALITY & PRIOK, | Evtsiteetit eat ot aatliie) Sika chat, infeed sy cs
Uf oh bed be bis f bs Hemly pervert yuod

etre ine re Regine ere tre irra, sald she gladly noald thee aad ea she | taste, and lattaetly waeira ty. —



Troderleh 6:

poe lot erly 21 Peinoe Stre p | Subdect to « certete Memorandam of More. | FQ CHILDREN ¢
Pe skates om de nalt be would not “LE those wis D0 £8 a. bow kaows ag Na" tueit gage dated the 6th day of Oc: 7
. . ‘ them ofl for anyieleg, tnd ania eee TUE aedrebllty of arcane any | 20 the Baas on Fraaele Bizeat "eed cxvtee | from the sald Joss BMareace to Gone | Has been addod 10
fs 3 they were married wlth (helt kates tbomselven 19 Lis Tepreceutanien of tke | Veet oa Ne Pol Chation Bisvet sow No, tise Normasand Alice Hortsoe Norman, Prospectua on applica
bk 4; on, Beked hewan ferns oly heew & ttle | 7: sod the principal sem of §1000 00 aad in:
: . ' 0 | | Abast £20 Irvatied ectlorshaters.gitded MY tbe depmeaitee je tarest thereby secured, dente van foie ab hell
iets Perotice Parl to iO) fermen iho seedy stra tas Darved vhia tuttd dey of June 190%. Dated this (ith day of July 1992, glo ou fod daly -
. wy pla ofy Ming, ¢ her vee ow §=6§
nb lle wiatpg t¢ erstiy atte huld thede i woe et 83 . f
aqeacune ¢ 0 we 1a. , ROOT 2 FON, f 1 D
MABE, a a fepenchny Wg Calla nua, KS. ai dada, WIS FOUN & Ca: Miss Sv

enreagy *
. > , we Ty. . Pp ome * -

| os a 9 , EP an en ae |
he Bonanza. SMITH BROS. & Co, The Bonanza,

Large Shipment of madies’ Gheap Eoots amd Shoes Just Opehed Up. ‘



Just opened upand marked off Cheaper At 24 cents, 30 cents, 36 conte. 40 conte, 45 cents d 00 cents each.
° e and ee Mattrensom, a gives and at com ver

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Trimmed =at £1.20, $1 44, $1.60, 82.00, 91.40, $2.00 each. wwe ster Tot of OUR WALNUT OVERMANTLES — Pian «
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WHAT-NOTS—§3.60 to $4.90 tr,
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EMBROIDERED PERSIAN LAWN—Ia White oaly Ready-Made Department.
ab 06 ents, $1.80, #1,44 aod #1 80 cach. Mens ASSAMETTE SUI .

TS ts . at $300
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arbolated Creosote. Rough on ‘Ants. GrEsAASED SHUSTER, [CLEMENT'S “CLEMAK™ SAFETY RAZOR with seven extra | Uy, Hevea SURAW HATS a0 om 1 ous white and ital
: : Imperishable and untesrable. Cuaranteos, in Black, Whice, Pink, 8k $0.00 j Gente & Ladin’ Reat PANAMA HATS ab 88, $4, 95, 24 .& 0
GILLINGHAM GEMENT. and Navy, at 48 centa, 60 centa, 72 ceats and 80 cents yard. biades—only $1.20, ‘| Yor WAMPOCKS, RUGS, IVJAMA SUITS AND FITSeD BAUS,

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anything wrong. about your transaction, we stand in readiness at any and-all ‘times to cheerfully rectify same. We want your I'rade solely ..
upon the merits of our Goods, SMITE BROTHERS « Co.

Clty Police Court.

Before ilu Worship J FF A. Farfan

200 CASES JOHN BULL MILK | pie peti wi

é 3 WILE commence loading at Caleutta about 1 POUND TINS. Mr Denis Cogan, andit is probable that
IS. Mutlah’ is: July, wod sail about Ist August for Me~ Joseph Chamberlan’s brother,

called, "but no explanation is given.
The Japavese bourse ia strooget, atte!
tion being diverted to Korea, and Ameri:
can relatisos are quieter. .
France, it is etated, is arranging zoict
feativities io cogaection with the arnval
of Japanese and American Warships at
Brest. .
During target. practice of the North


A Peontar—Detective Robia charged
Wiibam Sccttt with having allowed 61
Iba of lead tobe removed from hie pre-

" - . Atlantic Squadron cf Cape Cod a | mises before the expuration of 15 du;
20 Casos * JOHN BULL” MILK—4 Ib. Tins, Arthur, may bes candidate, being pre- ms
idad and Domerara 8 10 Cases Each 60 Gross “Peacock” MATCHES, * | pated to tae pledge to suport bao | Sarre of the battleobip Gemrgie # kal | Aut ard scale Datei eee dealer
: 50 Cases CANDLES—"Wilton Brand’ tule, Me Arthur Chamberlaia la | ing eight acd woundiog thirteen, of } promistog’ not to commit the oflence
‘'G 3 WILL commence loading at Calcutta . Chaumaa of Kynochs, who havo large | whom it le feared seven fatally, Lieo fagaio, lie was fined 10s ‘ds
0. ANGES about’ sth Ausust and sail about 20th! gry» Wale By ELLIS GRELLU& CO ammurition works employing hua: | tenent Goodrich, the Admiral’s son, was | lepour, a o¢ 14 days bard
st for Trinidad and any cther ports in Wost Indies for which sufli- ‘ 4 , eds of tlouse ot at Arklow.s, esterday | *mong the killed, Thoexplosion wuo- | ADistunsa x ce—Thomas Alene
t iaaucement offors, - Portiot Bosin . Mr Dalfour supported.sie tenzy: ‘Camp explained, perhaps caused by ® spark | charged Milken Abreham, Geo, Habbit,
aly .

through the veatilation.

Ralsh George, Antonid Chacles, Philip
Gecrge and Amio Abrabain, Syrians,
with having assacited aod beaten him
at Doncan street on July Sud. Mx, Ay
K. Cook represented defendants who
pleaded not guilty. The prosecation
alleged that tho defendants goeve him a
pound mauling. The defence showed

bell Bannerman’s, motion which was

— ———

. a | adopted by the House, for taking Lord
Rates of fieight aud other particulars from THE Robert Cecil's motion to place Ble Lea
| - . Lancashire Insnrance (Go| nets Sentences
e Trinidad Shipping and Trading Co, Ltd. J alcas TPADGE WO | avtntatioa ‘ot hocours, by the preeest
‘ . i and preceding governments, tho latest

AGENTS, ~ On ‘

BERE & LIEF specita case being the bestowal of the

An imaginary Burglar.

AN incident not devoid of @ condiment
of humour oocurred at about aloe o'etuck.

5 that Amin Abraham who is the owner of
, : Victorian Order upon digaor Caruso | OF Monday ni he ta which tbe office of aabop at Duncan. atree o
Messrs, JAMES NOURSE, Ltp,,— 4 Lloyd's Avonue,—Leadon, E£.0| S A F F S | NOW MERGED I TUE tbe well Known | tenor eg ee rerently the scans of operationn, From ‘de to tie mith and beaten br ‘loti tntettered
i ° . . . servere! of the w je some of the other Syriacs attempted a
\ ep for 1mproper conduct towards a atrange Hof the building have bee: i P
es , eee TRANCE COMPARE | waettcete eas ete ai | emt em, gree eny a | MlncaRbwiyandt Gere SEO
~ x 201 it au o Bi: joud report >
ij RINIDAD LINE OFS TEAMIERS., funds Excoad ... £12000,009 | responsible ‘to Farliament regarding bis wan beard to coma trot, the pullding. A rire, cach toed WO or neven days’ bard
} Exoposed Sailing Dates, 1907 WE OFFER FOR SALE NSURANCES effected inet I prerogative. bore serioud allegations pamber of persons 1 the ress riciulty injeil while the other eet bt
; : . elise againat loag | are made tha the party ips tofiuence {| thinking thats or,thioves gain
; nt . [ : dmission to the oti tai . | bus thesa orders were made after the
Aleangr. yin mn = tide jlerws A R ll ql d Art 1 Ao damage py fire on Buildings | the votes of the mom pert eubported or | sired, hastened toahe scene. with cason- | beating of the following casa, though
AG , en Apel 23 Triiided, New. York od, y 00 1C 8 coal of Warelibuses, Offices, | ore sold “to rich contributors to. the | cealed vigilacce tovcaptare the sappdeed | the coovictions were.aunouaced - at the
B. Guana’ ape a AP a 4. i r+ May, 2 Shop aad Store Promisos and Private party funda. SMe Marcham soufed | UPwelcomed visitor or Vidtors, Mam bora Closacfthe sridence, Amio Abraham
Maat, AR AE SHS SHEA [by cetible makers | Proilngeatimoinats prom” | eth tit sete te auc | tn tate Conta tne | ard anne Ue
Miamwene: due "dude Sang ah rage atamoderate cost. | PROMPT AND EQUITABLE SETTLE: | enquiry ‘into’ veorrap: sgreemeate to ier of ab Heer wie was a | asder nibh anne! Say AE
A Mamaval” Jung de. June 2L Sucg 29. July 7 = recommend candidates to be poets, Poptified, A diligent search wae made im] vot, aving disturbed the
' daly “ And wvite the attentvon of our froends in ' 6 went seare! ace by throwing ato
Psion Saye cgay sO INE [ni rt te thas, MEN wate sburtons‘Seoreary to the Soidlametee of tis sath Ratt bt | Detendaat picid got guy. ir
BY MM ABRAVAL" aly Jay 2d. Aug, BO Aug. At Of Louseam. dmuraity, reply f tiles, which decided th Spyearod tor complalaaut Tbe
BUsexava” .. duly 47. Aug 6 4. Aug 14 |. Aug, 22 PREVENTION 1S BETTER THAN CURE, a DS eee eee, to an eaquiry by apon a aap ft led tenet ‘waa bothiog prosscution showed that Foueb atoce
E . a . . AGENYS : cruisers were to be pecmaoeotly sta | else but the falling of the Ules. Some one throwing waa todalged in by the detend:
AU alove Stasiners call us the Lelant of GRENADA beth ways.t Money necensitates safe keeping. ° i tioned 19 the West Indies, while, tha van declared thet & man was s008 scallng pateou sommplsinaate pou The de-
fourth Crumsee Squadron would viat |** eRort to eacape, oo ak there Was stoces
§ T BR throwing, but denied that defendants
| : F, A. Skeete & Co, laid ba bare bed puta Thy ta
- AAR ELNS ED, South Africana aod Surrey, the former ye decd labour, exceps
- 62 South Quay, : completed thelr second inaitge for 917 A Fugitive Criminal Alexis who wes mulcted in the sun of
£ dort-afBpata 5 thus bel ugitive Criminal, Edcr Wdaye in jail, the magistrate
VEERING KsEWEAA—(Fresh hand picked) for T Trintdsd rie ie peated, thet “Boglaed e To remarkiog that the woole disturb
‘sapertng parposes, dy is mated thet Englaod will no arbaues
WEEPEIE XKNEEI—For Manarist porporoe longer oppose. Sir Ilobert. ond’ pro, | 20 SU SENT Back To rakycu octane. had beea caused by big
PLEA ITe eK DGCEI—All of the Less quality, aud the cheapest on W seh to arbitrate the Newfoundland | ‘Tur Acting Chy Magistrate yostercey | Gardier wes charged by ‘Cone wee
Se a ace ee or GM. Gittens, M.D, .D.8, Jesse sus ssioauett ac ase | stmt tet chien Get | ue wlth ry em td ba
PEK wall Les bees utoved by lealing Analyste ta the Wert lndiertto be FAR Used by she King avd the Royal o dike UU Ue diary moduspuavends a, to aw errant ofthederen | Dudiey James at Poot Cumena oa
RIOR to the best Bristol Line, Family, Pexsige CAuLe WATER Husrgeon Demtin io The Kicg’s buthday becoure were Gale for he wenerondee ta me, reoch | 9026 29rd. Defendant plesdes guilty,
PHICES ON APPLICATION, Be ata ee ae Corner of Queen and Absrorombse Sireate | beutowed yesterday at Backtogbem | Anthorities, sene® | It appeare thet Uardier was giviog hie
entirmoninis £7023, ail Quarters, you will bere tse say other, opposite the * | Palace, Me William Cremer, SUP. for] 26 might’ be remembered that Victor | wile & drubbing whea she broke trom
OST DE 10. DATE ae Haggerston,sadSecretary of the Laterna- | strived Inthe Colony sometime fa April | his hold and ren into James's bouig
SOLE AGENTS t M ‘A prea a PATE othods and tonal Arbitration League was knighted | 6t- On Muy 2ud hewse brought belore | where Gardier followed ber, bu. iberd

be turoed his attention to Ji

be Etabbed PB he throat wed. dealt a

ye ea Deed OC waa Sood 1g of ts

in a frock coat and srousors, as his cop:
science Yorbade bim weatia & sword,
and the remalader of the Court coos:

the court charged with bela, suspected,

fagitlve serial fom Feeoeh (oes.
e Dex 2 the magistrate

detention io the Hoyal Goal, * me


the latest in)

oe Tenet ig the treatment
Ortbodontis and Crowa aod Dridgework

Trinidad Shipping & Trading

Calodonian Grocerv.”

“9 .

LV 3

ching SSP., ’


Bspeciality, tame was dispensed wi
; *Phone 390, . bir Arthge Consa Doyle has offered con matned wih te etd —
. dN serviods”us a detective in connection | French Gulaca who requested Victor's PRICES CURKERI,
————————_===_4 pithy, ths thett ot the Regahe from surrender, palnspectos George Larbart de Naw x ~_
wi charge of the papers, aw Xone
THE STAXDARD HOTEL _cueveglven, have been employed to | sf is format Bearag, dtc rom the Tous, Dlsaded (leara for wed ret,
oe 1. ly Naylor ad’etwo. sons | R a Krone barrel 44.00 =5
JOAQUIM LIBEIRO—Propnetor wha aresiudente at Eton, the sliee ie Gaiana, giving particulars of | Victor) | Meal, Kiladrid per barrel.. 43) 2.0
° Kiag Edward's god-son. Thele cousin | #28 crime for which be waa committed and New Bosson's Pork per bei
FRANK Daocogst wes kidaapped in 1009, aod something the sentence passed The extract which | Hear: Meera Fork par bet, ibm pRy
A slanting Ie te through was authenticated, bore the seal aod al OCryorela be .
General Manavor. conneetion ered thet coral, obeoa TS | are_of the Governor of French Guieus, | Sse Mascorany Sire peri 5]
aie rie abreast ay acd sastee te | Pend Mae
Ab Wimbledon in the ovntest tor the | De. Loc! ; vee, Middling Orta
Fink 0 To- Day, Davie Jnieroatwael Lawa Teonie, Tre. re Vico Tove eridcasa ceaege Covet verpoal at ‘
A BIG LOT oF Bul Bewy Bat andes enteenmeytet | ateweeccenes mesurvawats are ta | xedtcqesecr vork and 7 12)
. ane, Team en!
. . Ox Teil Soup champions for ull Eogland, in w bellies sister tated hag there, was A iatter Eacengs New Vert and” (me
: Hered Gasper A Pane tele ram ata! General of 4 apch Gulace by whie Tanios sight —" ares
d ~ Ploh Outlets Malle fa uadoubtedly « lusatin throega | the Jodielal | satbur re gavel Lozpow dal
one » Hem Delis, trou ga Y by facility to panes 16ch
— , etna trodes — [Sor'estaielintiodanatyiat it] witebagaied lore loot, tg) (Duara OF
‘ ° L Veo! Getinia ibe al. mewiy Bie 10 work toen be war treed er bad wnt ee
—AT— . A Tapgier despatch states that Sir thipe He da 00 celine, he pest fori ts bons
. . Trips asd Volo ietry MacLean upbraided Nawutl as a | bad doce no barn to anytody, ie bad | SUE 4 german Begy chain Berio
. a / tuaitor, and refused to leave tbe apot | completed his term of elx Pmontha {i wth ole tot,
Hwowed Bel sad Petatoss wpea which the Sultan's troops ue jana, end it was stated ia the JenBen os i
MANUYL A CTURERS' PRICES Matien Chaps euocentrating, The Triteeman are ax. | citital lt that he was trans lor ry Chana we rele
“ Ly ’ _ Pork Chesa sspeested over the sppreheaeiog of a | lie. He asked the to be allowed to terms par owt fa, fontung
. i Cee eee |e tite te a toa [ARES in
memmneneeneee semmrmenaemees voy . Rump Keak ’ vhld bin that het ao de
oo. , + Cold York Ham and Sted, aa Y, Oe York, duly 7 ia whalever bea beea gatered | Cottos, g Bed ber ew Na 1a,
. . Me etae , Gab east Beet . 6 sate tes lave bat ween tae Datah Gov at Liverpacd
RICHARDSON &SELWAY. °° 7]? unanns Ker Oneada,“Reealegd yee areaed | ettheretsinccrtiaeiss belated | Bankct agusd any of '* WHE tom
a dat, Chater ead Uetee © Gaiturala a Sienna yy, Jager. | os Cp them’ agreed with (oe tedlen Dia wud vere ~ os) erat
‘ — * ot ‘ agents ‘ 1 bs wea bowed Ve Beaten :
2 Wee Gress & Wises (ates, Wires woe tame bee. Cd wat hae Hae’ “i « Fae

Davidson &



EDITOR gyutoxnD FoR cnt.


1, Apologies having beea tendered to Mics
aM. P. Galbraith by the editor of Penny
Outs, Me. N,N. Blnde, and the sathor of

& recent article which appeared quite
iy bo thas Paradies she case of
Genre ¥ Ifindaor Ubel, waa, by maateal




. Fett cut al tei base “henane of the | APOLOGIES ACCEPTED FAOM A . ,
. \ » ixoour 1004, . seas nf 2,014,402 gottespondeat, we learn, is Arnott Hen- AND CORRESTONDENT, IV F N ES 9

\ oe Lae \ q q Ale ASBETS ( vreoe, - TLOSQ21T | The Ticklord and Black steamer ‘Qcamo? {| BTRICTURES BY THR ACTING CITY

German - Beer!) tetas coe tycces| men [0

‘. " INSURANGE EFFECTED | —For Barbatos— tars, Wilbelutoe Heck: CHARGE WITHDRAWE.


ott, Mtr, N, Muilsh, Mr. Cherles 4. Sealey,
Me. Johu Geoffroy, Mrv. Beaabrao, Mr
Silva Cova, Mr. and Mra Zephyren, Mere.
Paredes, Mizece Paredes (3) end Mr.
Rebecca Leon, Ate, Angus

Tun Cacez of Mise Mabel Phillipa Gal.
braith » Mr. Nathaniel N, Ifinds, editor of
Penny Ovte for libel, came on for bearing
atthe City Police Cours yesterday, Mr,

Claims Settled Prombtly,


Paredes, Min.
, " tloe Watkee, Mins G. Witltsme aud Master | J.Â¥. A. Farfan presiding, bom | W ofler you bette FURNITURE VALUES than any storo}
. y ww The chargeafter stating before w 6 you Tv He a any storely
. { ip. BR A U onte Ve Oy Heckausry Sin D. Ve the complaint had been made contnies We i that emphatically, wo lay stress on tho stateath
. o . Miss B, King, | thus 2— s absolutely true '
EAU Uases : ,|WILSONS foros hig Seadoe, i. | oe tta ta eons feataS , al
5 , ' Glasgow & . Cramp. For Dominica—Mr, Cory * >
¥ ’ " a) injure, villify and udice’ tha complain
- ' (Trinidad Davlon [For St daha ot alitex eit tojare tite epeive her of het good Bame, OUR NATIVE HARDWOOD FURNIT

fame, credit and reputation and to bring
D. K.G, Grant and Master G. Grant. bet teto pubtle contempt. veandal, fiotuny

“CG ao agrace.on the 2th day of Janeio
” Oe a cadet ethene " ihe as the Year of Gur Lord One Thousand, N lne
He te accotpacied ss Mr. Gerold Grant, | Nuadred and Seven, unlawfally, wie edly,
his prandeon MeC.C Mavgalof Adhar's | and maliciousty did print, and pablieb,
Stadio took several photographs of the | £0d cause ta be printed and published, @
Rev gectienan when Reere ‘ag the ateana | false, ecandalous, defamatory and maticions
lannch “Banshee” (which waa epectally | Hbel on Saiurday tho 20th of June 1907,
chartered for the ocanion) and also on hfe | at pege Zin tts second column, from the
arrival at thesblp’s side. nuraber of gentlemen sasembled on the | tala periodical, to wit, Senny Cute, pab-
jetty to bid bon vo: to him, anionget | lished in thie colony containing divers
ee were: Rev. st sTbomeon, Messrs false, scandalous, malicious and defame-
T. Geddes Grant, GB. Franko, W. H, | Wry matters and things of, and concern-
Brathwaite, D. Achaw, A. As Bammy, | ing the sald complainant according to the
Mark Mahatir, J. Cassiram, L, mith, | tenor avd effect following, that {s to say 1
Mark Ramklawao, Uso Abcaham &o., Then followed a recital of the offeiisive

— article,
Oo Monday night at the Home Hotel,


Sub Agent
SuAgeot—Arnws and Manzsnilla

Port-of-Spain Gazelle

@utlehed .Valty, Mondays and Publle Hof.
days excepted, at the Offine 96 St, Vincent St

Fort of Spalaf .

Is made on our own premises undor the ‘mneliate suport
Fiem, tis farced for ’
Stylo, Durability és: mowness of ¥

Nowhere else oan you got anything to compare with it forey
in construction and néat ross and clozance in tiuish


Cyp Bedroom Sa

of Dhree Pieces,
You bave only trace the SUITE to be convinced it isthe ORE

FURNITURE BARGAIN ever offered in Trinidad, v
Suitesare ALL NB. There is 07 uld stock to cleat our we

Dinner Waggons, Safes, Sidebo

IVCYP and CARAP~a good tr’ alu iys vn sige








Advertisements of Births, Deaths, and Mar
riages, acknowledgments and dis
chaimers (which must be authenticated
by tbe sigsature of sone responsible
pervon) will be charged for at a/6 each,

va be pre
Canml Advertisoments of every deserip-
von —a/6 per week, 96 per fortnight,
¥ per month per inch—to be prepaid.
Waar, ae. —a/6 pur week cach, to be


R, J. Nauco instracted by Mr.
Broad way, a meeting of Phonographere Hear peters appeared for the pro-
Fp Null, Oe ese Sartinean, Mr, Gaston Johnstow who represented
Cl A. Petiom, Fred. Peter, 1 Barker, 8, | defendant, stated that it was not necessary
Green, §. Pierre, Jas. Fraser, A. Tarney, | to have the charge read aa there was @ pro-
H Chance, R. BicDowell, J. (inrkes and to be made that Js would be with.
Ulrich Docava. After Ste Si} the con. J drawn. In the Penay Oxts of a certain
vener [iad explained the objects of the | date there peared a certain article that
smeetlog which wax prine(pally tg form an | tended to bring thy complainant iate dis-
‘Association, Mr-Martioeaa was ashed to | Fepate and ridicule, and, at the same time,
act as Chairmec, and Mr. Petioni as to affect her reputation among her friende,
Secretary, protem. A general discursioa and generally Hemightasy, om defend.

wr'ds not bold ourselves responsible for, 008

t’a bebalf, that he (?efendant) thought it | [ts
. Ip NOT, YOU WANT TO STEP LIVELY— “do we necessarily aadorsa the opinions then rote 4 een A eoseenias would be a proper ‘nea to Nee and ope Hinin Room af d flr {

THEY ARE MOVING VERY FAST, crpenmed cut Carapondeatt 1a Out | Botaag CZ anabiael and « vemporary | which couowelthougU adviaable cad. ve } aWiNg 00m ii!
t CON ARD CONDIALGY IvvirapD by the real sigaature ox the writer, not neces committee waa appointed to frame rules | laudable on bis part, to come forward an , °

tender an apology to thet parties. He

fee tee nih Tey published an spolory in hls paper and at
Piero for their ederts t6 bring about the {shegame Hine, sent a writtery apology to
meeting and to the Chairmen for tha , those who hed veen aifected by the pablio
suocesefa) manver in which hecondected it. i madiostal iO deletes ithe wav olla,
i Ma " ander | publisher, and he telaved, proprietor o!

thaeommand ot ‘Teptaia Kintey arrived | the paper, by some aspiraat to htersry
yonverday aflernoon fo the gulg with the | feme; but coanesl thought defendant

sarily lor wolication, but asa quarantes of
ee faith, Reyeted manuscripts cannot

Designs and Estimates will be sent to any address on a


These aro quickly aad rightly disglaing tho impora


Choice, Elegant and Artistic MOSAIC TYLES.

by Thero is an irr y 1) attraction in an elogantly Tylea floor—it's
f . anexpensive luxury, if

Advsetising Sexte on Applieation.

5 Portege axtva, ns! me

ee ; — | ook the wrong subject and over at a
Current tvonts. allowing eargo viz For Port of Spain | ee oa ae ieee en etait oot They ara moro suited to the climate ‘They lout bitte:
- a —_— 13,112 Packages peneral cargo, 520 buadles believe defendant, at thetime he published | longor. We bara soveral stylos and # tl pot batto- ant
s WT WS) CLEAN, HYGuENIC ANDSDELIGHTFULLY REFRESHING. To-vay, frome ao ntaven, 1,600 eases oft, 6,523 | the article, intended, In anyway, to ofter 8 y ad eizes ott hud, but you a

desirablo to have ono byilt for your spaci 1 roqutromouts

Prices from sacl



Auction Sale of Tats, ‘Carpet, Tweeds
&e by F. J, Seott & Son, lpm, .

High Water. Morn, $40 Even. 201 p.m.
Saa riees see we SO
San sets oo tee ae 62pm,
Moon sete 6. ase « s2am,

. Creepy Jeuxlry} and Buried
tn Cement

items of Naws

Stephens Limited arg now offering some
very choice White Wiaoes vis : Gravee at
ie pottle and Sauternes at 40c. and 48c,


ffence inaalt to, or to aggrieve any-
jeces lamber and 3cratesfowle. For San | 2°Y © 6 Be 7
Fernando —1,849 packages ceneral cargo bol ba thes ublicatlon. .
and 4,195 pieces Jamber, For Brightoo— Eo lsh, orebip: I presume be understands
. a. .
ante: yee oited Bot par Ps ur Johnston said that defendant came
packages geceral cargo, 160 cases keroseue fro Barludos, and all Bartadiaos knew
oi] ard ‘he following passengers. From the language of the Mother country,
New York—Mine Haatick, Me, Uf, Kirkby, ] beceuse, aa His Worship knew, it was a
Mise Doras, Master Hogygios, Captain place called “Little England,” and the
Tonnlog, Mr. Noonan, Mr. erat, Mtr, de | Oy language spoke was English. Defend
Creoy, Mr Carr, Mre, Care, maid and two | 45t thought the pare in the article, a
children, MrGanteaame. From Greaade— | Sctitious one. The article was entitled
Mc. and Mrs, Alexander, Mise M. Hestick, | ‘A Moonhght sight” To defendaot it
Mrs. Anthony aod fofent, Miss J. Moore, older then inepreneiog hes of Betion, and
Mr, and Misa R. Petar and 13 dechers. was oaly later on, on Pecelng that fe
assumed a different phase to what be had
anticipated, he came to understand that
the party agutieved was really the arty
ag the nace, apd would be right in
High-Class Talloring. fnlerring that the article had some relation:
. — her. Defendant bed communicated
To the Bator of the Port of-Spain Gazette, | the hame of the author to counsel and the
Sir,—As you have published two letters, | Solicitor on the other side, and also to
the lattera urely pereonal one—dealing | tbe parties, Ho was ae young tan, 15
with the position 1 have taken ep in regard we of age, aod of respectable parents,
tojocal talloriag, will you grant me the } He was in Court and, throagh counsel, re.
opportunity of replying through your | gretted baving written the article bedid and
columns ? to state that he never intended thore
Tam delighted that ‘Several Workmen | iaferences or deductions ta be draws
at the Caledonian House” have Leen arone- { from it. Now, be admitted that it wee
aod; led them agitate the others .We will | capable of those inferences, and assured
have a jolly good time sod thresh this | the parties that he was sincerely sorry for
matcer out, I amentirely at their servieg at | what be did, and he had done so with do
avy time and in any place, outside pf basi. | Tee! fotention of offending the partles eon-,
ness hours, for the purpose of talking with | cersed. The young lady on the other side
ractical tailors about the Industria! | wae prepared to accept the apologies,
Troera io relation to our trade, Un'il we | the defence, atthe same time, desired ta


, ~ Murine Square
A Always in the Market for Cocua and other Produce at Top Market Rates.

: Life Assurance Society, utd,


Uasctcabplished Sixty [= axa.

Chains PAID fase nee nee nt #11.000.000
AS3 teense wee tte wee ee 50,000,
INCOME Sythe nnn nee ane 41,330,000



ee =


‘Tse Dow.’
Boys and Gents Tailors, Hatters & Out

. ql

rE at SS crease

Just Opened


Also The'Sit Well COLLAR L

“A Perfect Adjuster for Soft Double Collars, at Ide, 24>, & 3 om

JOHN HOADLEY & CO.— Manuve $9

Carriages for SB




Agont for thefwall-known Buggies and Garaget Bg

Tho Golumbus$larriage and Haraess |

Two Latest FASHIONABLE Surrey, Rubber T:

The cases on for hearlag at the Hathon?
Masters Court were anevoldably postponed
yeeterdey morning, consequent on Captala
JB, Seunders’s iadlapositien from na at:
tack of influenza,

The Coastal Steamer Aennet sailed on
Monday lant with 2193 packages mer-
chandise and the fullowiog passeogers :—~
Mrs, MoArstney, Mra, Lianos and Mr. P.

Hie Excellency Sie Gilbert Carter's
private nectetaries Merare Otho Carter and
Alfred Tarte proceeded yesterday afternoon
about 315 by the Marbour Master's lanach
for Gaspaies,

The attention of our readers ly oalled to
an adverticement appesring tleewhere in
this lesne fo which vB. Poretra of Arima
janffering severa! le ni
Hore hoe Bar.” emaries at the

Liberal Policies free (rom vexatious restrictions.

For full particulars apply to , .

Sole 'Agrats ter Trinidao,

meet let {Several Workmen” and waster | Gay thet they knew aleolutely nothing
tallors think ever the followtrg:—Why did ! agalact ber so faree her moral reputation
tha Induetrial Board at one of ite | first } Wee concerned, and if there wae any sug:
meetings register Good wille & Wilson Ltd, festicn speicet thas repatation, the
for teaching apprentions, Ack the Secre g her to scoept the withdrawal of sue
tary of the Amalgamated Soclety of Jour. | a uageestion, cud asked the Court also, to
neymen Tailors to Londoo,what bis Boclety } do the same. She had aocepted that
thiake of large firms trying to latroduce | through her counsel,
apprentices * Hie Worvhip Part of what you suggest
ft the firme Gl) their workroome with oa futuro,
apprentices in ‘various atages of develop Mp, Jchoston : What ie that, Ste °
mnent, who will benefit ? His Wornbip, That laa publie apology.
Our workmen neod not then be classified | Mi. Johnston: That bas been dove,
as A.B, or C with the work for the beat | Srpeared in the Peary Cuts of a later date,
class, arcordiog tothe pablicstatewentafs | ills Worship (to Mr. Nexto): De you
former employee of the Caledonian cose, | Cousent to that course®
now oceapying & reaponsitle puition in Mr. Nanoo replied that he did, ja view
Trinidad. Like angole' visite, few and far | Of the ample apology which had been
detween. made. It must be very bumwilistlug to the
Yours, traly, parties, end as it would be of no ase to
PY. Gaver "Hog a dead horse” they would not prose
Practical Tallor, cute tha matter, especiatly ae'hils client
Port-of Spain, . god ber mother ware out satlohed with
a vex pressed, not only in Cuart
Trinkded, 16th s July "Ur. + sod out of Court, eepeclally anit the
Tothe Kdwor of The Port-of- Spain Gaze wore appeared in the pu
Sintadmie your wolteed tite play. | Pint Aad be bad only this to tey, and
fo giving vectilation to different views on | netors, ib eni{rely tented switee ‘tle pablle
{2Y xiveo question.— which prompted you | ubip to epprove of any course they,

to publish in yesterday's insu
wigded by “Beveral Worken at Coledins | fotnwal tb the Bar, bad choses to adopt

the matter, He thought that under’
faa House,” but I equally deplore the au th ‘. noder
meu aati at Ly yout grctclntre (Lavaeâ„¢ tare ogee ach AED
ow Mr. P. }, Gardiner than whom, a more patations haviog* bhen witbdree, ty
THeaad’ ‘MME existe nowbere 1 | couneal oe behalf of writer and patlisher
Ia electlog to write on tafloring, Me. | dren the eet oreblD sew fe to with:
Gardiner wrote cua subject which be is Hla, Worsblp 1 Dud
thorodg bly eurapatent to tackle and every. sv orebip : Under

A girl named Henrietta Greaves, was
knocked down by @ cyolist named JSomeph
Beard yesterday aftervoun, She scenes to
bave suffered slight Infuries, and was
taken bome by Constable No, 763,

Captain Tooning of the Asphalt ‘Com.
pany returned here yesterday hy the sa,
Maracas,” after a farlough in New York.



72, Dtarine Square,

We have just opened up ct large assortment of

Sterling Silver Goods, Plated Ware & Gold,Jowallerg



od the quailty of the Goods! and we sre certalo
Jase pompare our prices a! r beg alley of i :



New York on the 7th July tostesd of the
Oth os Arst scheduled, tarda:
salled from Grenada at 5 a 7 she

The attention of those who are Im.
mediately concerned, is directed to the
stagnant state of the drain on the reclalia.
ed lends near the Railway Prodace export
shed, and nest which a lage vember of
Ruockeons of molasses area at present

amped, Yesterday the odour that was
sent off from thie filthy place, was us.

The Royal Mall Steamer Sacy anlled
Mooday last for Tobago with 1131 pack
ages general cur and the following
pamengers Mr, G. You Welter, Mr- J, D,
Atkinson, Rev. and Mra, Weira, Me. A,
Monsegue, ise Mt, bc Leod, Mr, Leegue
Mr A. P. Hoford, Mrs, D. ¥. Btorege,
Mise Ford, Mrs. Miosero, Mrs, Demeina


Drink no Other


the eli tances,
¥ who knows hint, (eave! Severat | 7°% ask leare to withdraws reams


Workmen ") muat adalt that his opinion Mr. Nenoo replied affirmatively. TH
files Thomas, Mina Borle wad Mr. Mt. OC, thereca rite teed by olasrions consdderation Fle Worship ssid that in all those E COT-UNDER RUNABOU

et's koowledge of tailoring | mette
reales no commendation sk mm bende ished brondenat-roeee tee he were pe
tye ages cor st gen | tat Sh nanan ey a wl
“ Baveral Workmen® shelter themselres pe very canary easton

n Deity” Brass BUGGY LAMPS,


Elisabeth Fdwards, was terd:
relerced for trisl op the next Ablsen Wy
the action Chy Magistrate, on tha ¢

Uliara Meary, a Chisaman ef Tato, under cover of & local extabllebesent, ba wives careful how the attacked the
ein eerie erste | rt it tut ante |Mamany t ar armcmm ¢ setae
tbs presente leeegwvsks cus Miehany | eriieace cd weataned ees are eataling | Louw eraryiesiy ae, Ace ttt es Tattrnonn No. 67,
¢ , ference depousd Ca toe petted oem ean le atgowesh aaa Weal more har teeters ft
Fresh Shipments by every Steamer. ere cari vn Atom (orestime ame ered COLLINS CARRIAGK BAG
Bold by wll Grooers anal LAquer Dealers Wd fot bea sung ib apie Our Corrupondens U4, Dod gratin thy ‘ ds Sia. one tohgbA Be ft a sae d
. tea eae Mian [Remar At apne [aed etter tesen, op] | OARRGES.OF EVERY BESCAPTION AUiL 10
Ay - APPLY TO , » voned penis, Ball 0 bas Bbbeed Nabbe Leeie noe aenen be Soderstored b tations Wiel & certain amount o Repaus executtd I best st -
eee runatDitesnay aqau, egciavakrea teeta |B tty aude | anata aati Sat ge, Rowse
* o H PLUMOLEL vere TH BRE Wi reg aid PSR owe (vere wopntited Tom Wiegithys coral, Boatman xiad By & Malinpie z

» a . '
‘ee «




ould not exit, ‘ ( ot 1ETY.
should sot Iie hoped thes. that tangreeteen, Durlan and Chrietce! = AGRICULTURAL 80¢

one — ee a
WCROP ESxeabe| WS wove .|“BIG “CHEAP SALE.’
vertelniy, be would pot allow it for the —_—
: aecood ‘time, It the editor conld hot IMPERIAL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES e


waderatand what he got, snd printed in — bi 1

hie paper, be should ‘get somebody who | A novel and lotereating exhibition of {phe manage “ Ta.
i tand to read Colonial-grown fruits was recently |, There wane meeting of jhe manag: 0

ft the peene cspirach o"Sitensey tHelea, opened at the Hortleultars! Hall, Weat- ‘mene Commlttes a the ofarteaitural ENORMOUS REDU YTIONS.

thonght the test way to bring ‘bionself | minster Boclety beld a¢ t ane! yee.

. ord: ‘ernoon, there belog present,
: bofora the public wea by attacklog the fair | It ie m plearant little exhibition of | tentey afternoon, there belt preseut 66 P "”
‘ T fame of those who had theright to the t scents and colours that soothe the | Excellency Bir Rav. Dre
N ERIFRE S RINGED protection of the lew the sone rhe fearnt senees end totke ‘one wish tot ome s Acting Gaversot (inthe chair Rae. Dr. S$ ECIAL BARGAINS.

hat thet would not be allowed, the | Morton, Lt..Onl. J. If, Onilena, Prof.
for him, and be should torn hte vegetarian onthe spot, Not ie it unin: | Carmody, Hoo. RS. Aucher Wareer K.G,

labours | tereating for here are gathered strange | Momre 3A. Nareoy, b J. Mernateln, V. ‘
Tetosome more heoeatcoten People hed fruita with odd sbapeaand ualmapined | Xode Wereel aE Charts, Adan | 66 4:
and’ thow Kinds it cleadercn ttteci, | Havours. Trae, these particular froite | roith, Sales Andase, O.\W. Meaden, J. f
could not '}y tolotated, Howerer, be | 8F@ B08 meant for oor markets, but they | JI. Hart, Che. Cleaver, Ht. Caragciolo, F. .
wonld allow ¥{ to be withdtawh thie time, | Dring to one's mid theexteht and the | J. 1a Biang 0. W. vite Fd. Morris,

Mach interest waa centred in the case, | Atrangeness of the great Empire over } li. ae anay, emi Edger Tripp be &e. &e
‘ Bean, i ° e

Thos there lathe darian, a weird oval | ,, Mt le Notesearsy. Eileeches, Concal
trait, with the body of a cocoanat and { for Colambia, a om

Death of Mra Doorly, the, ace of & piaeapple. Cat the bard PeMtonteaot a former meeting ware reed | Such age tho greetings that assail ono’s hoaring on every sido at the
— i¢ an ou creany onreg pu y
Ws regret to bave to record the death in which Yoree seed, the seize of cheat | 82% confirmed, | WévaTION, present time, But as

after w Hogering illness of Mrs Doorly, nuts, are buried. 6 flavour of the] ate. © Stollmerer wrote tendering bis WE I Ls Ls RR D> 9 Ss
0, fe A ‘

wife of the Rev.
Stock only UP-TU-D‘TE and SALEABLE GOODS they canact


5 ee esi ott | pulp has bea described by. Alfred | resignation, Mr, Il. L’Thornton of To
Bector of Bt Paul's; Ban Fernande, which eee Walece as ees Oia red | resignation, Mr; I L Thoraton of Tot
soe at tne’ Rectorye The hee took “Ficb, butter-lke custard, highly flavoured 4 and tendered hie Tesigaatton, o a thegroand
placeta the afternoon trom the Rectory with almonds, acd carrying with it tbat the Boclety appes mor

&t Sau Fernando, to 8b Paol’s Churet, | tastes which call to mind cream cheese, | and useless,

cerem oplon sauce,and brown sherry “The CORBESTUNDENCE, hav 3
Vooerabla Archdeacon Built ‘The corpee more you ext of It,” be adda, the teas ope gacretary read & teiteg (ram ee i 6 CHEAP SALES,
Porter Sra tartare The reat? | Ton rank to stop. ag | attend the meeting, Me. J. A. Rapsey, AS THEY ALWAYS MARR abt THEIR aooDs AT THE
| rons Conant 1 our nesttave'e UW Theo, there fs the Tiangosteen, 8 frait wrote accepting the Board's favitstios tu

appear an extended obituary notice and a
detailed account of the feoeral ceremony.


with a chocolate-coloured rind, the siz€ | heoo, her of the Agricaitaral 4

of an apple. It contains six white Boclety, tnd to elt 00 the general caltiva. [ WEST POSSIBLE MARGIN OF PROF T
divisions, shaped hike thequaster of aa T tion committee. A parliamentary paper \ :
orange. Eat one, and itmeltsia your | wae received from the Culoniel Secretary i

mouth, leaving an elusive flavour of | onthe West Indian Sugat Trade, giving They sell theme FAST and ny eonnot spank of “ Enemnus

lemon tee cream. the total export of sugar from the different Reductiuae” aor of aay ' 8x cial Heduced Lines,
A NEW VEUETABLE felands from 1900 to date. A letter was

into. Mr. Hagh ding mola : 7
on iSite, boiled in Teeided with stewed | cuit anal fram Jameka ia eoeoritea | AS 6V*TY day is BARGAIN DAY at tha “Cash Store”
“ ii syee,” t , with the extinction of mongooer, er .
the ue Beh tre tt oe erdanabitant of ae ela ee wan received from Heaters Agent, stating There escnot he nny Tartientts day set spart tor the offering
fn ao. extraordinary caso ehich came] a alice of it raw tastes like cocoanut | et the Society's telegram {in comnerthon of any “SPECIAL BARGAIN .
weely before,the Supreme Court, New| Nor must one omit to mention the | With the LDrnssele’ Conventiva, ie


na od fies | Truth th : ; "
* mamee apple,” the arze of @ amail'foot Haan Uttted Reemmtne bie eos Prath ty til yon wnt een eat PASHIONA &LKE GOODS

Misa Vanderbilt, the daughter of Me. | ball, apricot-hke io coloar and flavour, | of Wright's bouk on Ovroa had anivede 1

ward Vanderbilt, asmillionaire luma- | wit) hard seed in thé centre Ae for | Six books on rabber by the awe author,
The Store where NO FANCY PRICES reigtt,

Milllonalre Senas Cheques to a

we te te

ber merchant, bas applied for an inquiry | th fruit, of which a sample is on | had not arrived, the London edition bav-
by the Lunacy Commiesionera into the tee re eae oulsance, pectase it | ing been sold out, but the books were to
sacity of her father, ppose recent marri- | jy g, sticky. Shaped like along.marrow, | arrive here straight from Ceylon.
egeto Mrs May Lepper, a notorious | the inside Ebre, or the pips, or any part BANANA FRIGHT,
vpiritualise medium, she avka shall be | of it ia sup] tobe good. Buttouch | The Secretary réported = Ut a
wede invalid, itand itseema to exuda gun, which | deputation had waited on the Royal Mail
The daughter alleges that her father's only boiliog water will take off your Breamera! aponte With regard to the exces.
sanity bas been impaired by bis studies :
of aplritualian, and that he ta completely “The Wont [ndis Prodace Association | ,1Li¢,Hucellency sald it was impowthle to

under tha control of * Little Bright Eyes,’ | showa pickled limes, which are more ship the fruit at any (profit, with freightat .
raya pluie which See Pepper alleges con- | agreeable, it is said, than olives, and Mo Clarke ald thet Lacks were * e .
‘Afidavits made by Miss Vanderbilt branches of the “egg-whisk tree,” the | charged for by the ton just as other .

twigs of which form natural egg-whisks ; [ frelght, and the rate of 16,8 per ton was
state that her father sent cheques to the | South Australia sends dried currants, ] lower than what was charged for other
order of “ Little Bright eyes’ the pro waltavas, nectarines, aod Victoria has | freight by the Company. Moet otber
ceeds of which were secured by Mrs. | magaificent show of pears, apples, and | thiogs were carried at a mach tigher rate.
Pepper. uinces. Capa Colony has pinespples | The reason why the freight came eo high,
Is was alec alleged that Me Vanderbilt | from which tha viloos are larted to | Waedue tothe very lerge packages. La or:
sent candy and clothes to “ Little Bright | out “tasters,” and der to give room for the alr to pass over the
Eyer," and that theeo also found their ss fruit On the whole t¢ did not work ont
way lato the possession of Mrs Pepper. more then Is, a bunch, The charge of 23s,
The judge reserved hia decision. be London, tncladed dock and railway
Tile Excellency sald a good deal depended
TT ppon oe ee the vessels had
f jor conveying frult,
Women’s Honesty. Mr. Gbtke Tepid that all the Royal
cold sto



July, 1007

Leen ane



—= =

Cough Specific.






Tasmania ! =well,
Tasmacis hasits apples loading a loog
table, which alone are worth walking
miles to gaze at,


Prices D0c, $1.00 $108 $1.20, wud i 3d .
ral REDUCED LINES 3am Alto sere

Offered Cheap to Olear.

Edison's Prophecy.

TA. Edison, the g great lventor, who, AN AMERICAN TRIBUTE, Mail Steamers be

» Tage.
’ 6. HENRY Mr. Adam Smith said the Royal Mall
+ despite bis sixty one years, hav a boyish _—
D STR EET face and ardent hopes of ieiog acothor | Despite the weather, which is atro- ween Bad promived ta be bed dour eo.
5 3 . forty years, was interviewed recently {a | ciously wintry for the tlue of the year, | They had drawo shia attention to the fect
his New Jersey Iaboratory, wheres he { America bas siready unearthed a ailly
works twelve bouradaily, Withinthe next | season discassica of more than national
ten years, he thioks, the world will ese

importance, This discussing, which Is
as mnaay marvellous developmenta as | austaiced with great animation, is due
during the last fifty, Before Jong, he

to the pobliication fa New York of ata-
predicts, ecience willenable the farmer

that ic would be better to have their cold
storage space Alled with bansnas at a
lower rate of frefght, than for toele
veesela to go over with that space
empty, The agent seemed to

ih his leede b he tistles compiled by the, guarentee and pppreciated thes end promised
to encic lands by méans of nitrogen | fidelity associations of Ameri vin .
from the sir. The element Decessery conelucleely that women te pegurds poerone (THose RisioNarioxe?

for meking land fertil», be seid, is nitro { hovesty, beat men bands down, Ia a oon cfton | ald that erie they were
fies which existafa almost jnezbanst! { country where amasing revelationa con- general Ovsiness, he opporta

; ‘ ity toesy thatit was tnfortonate thes ao ns ° . ee
. le quantities ia the atmosphere, Uatil | nected with railway floanciog, {osarance | 7 .
recently, however, the utilisation nf at- | societies, embalmed meat, and Wall Seon mate vege ere a, Bforte bed
moepheric .nitrogen was segarded ag | atreet juggling have beea the chleftoplca { of those who Jeft woald be felt, [swaa'| vor ae, PRAM NNT RTTnemm
merely a laboratory domonstretian : b

nts of conversation for the lest two years, | thought that one reason for members’ 9
business men said it could never be ob- | people were rapidly oomiog to the con: resignstion was because they gob nothing.
tained. cheap enongh to ecll to the far-| clusion that men, genersily speaking, The Soclety ecomed ta have bos quicecent {
mer as 8 fertiliser, were not such angels as they would have | and month after month, rothing of their a
Sarena inden

Batthedey i iat about % deva the word ima jae, And oom come ofl wenpactlpee wu ppabliahed, hence they
when the air wi made to ve ita] cia utes, Which com te ele Hume “”
nitroges to the earth, and to Fake it ihation , So arrangements made for pablication

4 4 e a
e eo yield more abundant harrests and fatter | Women fo Amertcaare employed to | *though there was a large amoups ra For Purifying the Air in your Rooms,
ISiki ec am erds of cattle. “In Norway a factory
bas been established which bas bee

business asextensively as men, and st Ioformation | whi
o] y)
conducted with euch resulta that I | shows that almost every eabersler and | cules to, foetraet, ths Becretary or foe


the record for 1903, published’ recen pablished from month to month, They | IT DRIVES AWAY ALE DAP SMELT AND LEAVES A PLEASANT PenvuREe
others with hits, to adit the papers which AT tw Books at Ten Cents each)

expect to ees atmnapheric fertilleer on | defaulter wae gown. There ete more lying f
womee AT mmm the matket lo Amertes withly the pext | women cashiers tha men, The uolver | thox, Redhat woatd serveta tell themes We. ©. ETO ARRITID So.
ten sore Toe poh a product vill bal ot ores and shore of bicivat every Hod bera ia the country the they yee getting . . «
50) perstive jeceana ere ie} empuy women tece: something from the ty, wet
R ALS 0) N & C0 no ab TOTy 8 iplosd ol mhett ard aod Fake change for tht cobtrmers eereel ee Te id aot sey ahead . Colonial D 1p cilsary:
i whieh goes abroad leaves the | yet thete wers a hu: Gases ‘of mea ot pabliebin:
a u a Brates 49 muck the poorer, not in gold, Tiablere atealiog 10 on Cass where 4 A tlegis paper, bat miersly Jaying them tn Cownes of Queen a Sxcdeviaic Hts.’

but ip nitrogen.” women oashler took ber employer's | * A connection with the re.
Mr Eduoa declares that electricity is | money. r Watarions that bad bean spoken of,

still ia Ste fofeocy. Although be bas} Whyare women more honest? iathe| 28 ,, moved theb arrangements be

SS aera meee ereeewneneeneereenamenrnea
e oe :
made for publishiag
heen working contingourly, he adeaite } question we are askiog. They are paid
that ha tnowe very little mere about it ies than me0, ad they are ‘more rab reas) Mole st the Crervtary wee That iS Ri ht
now then at the start. He expects to | ject tothe vanities of dress and personal | ate, Ceracololo seconded. I¢ wa Yer ®
ose at an early date the direct gooeration | ad: rnimont thet mea, Lt {a also eaaler for | good move, aa very often people ‘bed
of elect? ey acon taal bys 6 aD a Pro: | them to steal, rises the shocks mi ch seked bir mbat the, Society was dolog? omen b-nPindnns omen

e. “Imagine,” oa ew Oa | surround the jooumerable treosacttons easor C
thosiatialy what will be the oon. ola bik store canaot beau mlante athe | thet thare was a “itoreoee of trlntos GET THE HABIT OF GOING TO


ardware Department:

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— but there will t aute bling of lade, of ba iteme im sapneciion with tke vest
eetablicued "atthe, eouthe cd Giaes | fg cepoeetle terra ey eh ee tee | foo *Sawbleh would laterest people
PERSONS. Tha Bxeh create outer iors: Suan teil wap oot} th 7&7 log u aint ;
§, Tha Exchange ss

ted eqtiré | Sara. Ia ose case oaly did a man steal | bothlog was douse on thar occasion,
—————aae ly by electricit » fae ie, willbe so cheap | for the sakn of a wom, €0 the statis. | agreed with whas, be Mortow net salds You will gee the best that money cag pradure- In BOOTS, SHOR SLIPPERS
Por 8,8, “ CHANCELLOR.” thee ul, Surg wl abba he Sater een A | Sages at cag i | UAT Ut CpuLaiS TRESS OS aes ga Ce
. for their husbaoda, sweet! o1 . ro i ’ ;
or 90 . be driven by steam. Pielecteletty will ren, Moo tesla, ‘bowerer, on S obler official matter, they would not reach ite POWDER, SOAPS of the best moan froce BaeTs, Java ANU VIOLET

J a ceata up, Crowa acd ©

; be thelr motire power, and thea it will | acalethin womes, He prefere moaey, | mse which they hoped for, However PERFUMBKY from 6 cents to 1.44 e Rad’ Gulgate
7 a) be possible to erans the Atlantic la three ellery.or bonds money for preference. | 26 ¥8# alte neutral on the polut bicnelt A our new artivale per | “SSAVAN®

NEND OUS 5 HIPMEN' OF GOODS ot The pomereb iiped frou colic wee th wainen, oa the contrary’ money ty nd a elnely ee other publication, atteatina to anew toon BB SBAVAN® we beg tngrai your epeelal

the last thing they ateal. They take | editor, ond heed nae aint iets an
ure of boilers, wheels, and LADIES’ GLACE LACE SHOES.

Ba of which are 1—our famous 24 Ic. wht, Nalneook at Ge, gold filled ares .. With the direct asneration at aan
Glaoo ous and two Bar SHOES at i. 4/4 aad SiS por pur.

loves of silk etock: ngs of e ouatly Puree | tecrecary wun'd be able ta du that along
5 la. at 6c. Laces from le, apy Lidles balta, @ Ave assortment aleon elect emreeot, teeretore, the From the same aalapeschable figures

peregardiog tha caab to fill it. with bis other duties,
of Fancy dreas Masling, Pujuce ete, ate, world will have tea tines tiore eoergy | we leara that dishonesty ia Acerica te woffa Excetieney —May 1 Gok, Where (nade
' He paver ents $ mariday meal biciself, | increased 39 per cent Ip Dre rene ab 8 abillings ter pate,
ne to tha Xe

a Tnmepect this maw shipment thea pow: socreasing ut of all preportion to the
bod thiuks euch A mos{ generally caf Statisia tus over 1405, Dslaloations "ze orto
0 FRED K STREET, workers ~ London Daily Tidegra, thea dowd oath mien cat sy ts water THE WILCOX BOOT & SHOR STORE
—— owen gt reanlgeaeraerese caeeepeegiorymytaapeee tees’ |: Q

Palue is represented {0 cach line af goods rocelved, and the prices are well-word coaner! ont toest tov mach. compaoles sompuatiogs, Seabpasleprente De, Grant

Mr. Elson consiaded ble chat by ble | populatha. Aooording to the gauraates | A Tuuber—We have @ grass,
> ’ pecestary, Rat lenq artak .
POO AWD, | iierttnd ty th Sct pila alec) Cuniates gebesuemeaie ucts | sibel SaRz tee ed Bouag ala
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are kept regularly : upplied by one of the leading establishments In New York t . .
refore better able to eater for those ellents who prefer Atneslean styles than vay other fost fine ferian models, and bave In vur Cmploy some werkited who have been épeslaliy irstned InzAresled methodg


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eas , . THEE STORES.

SHOW [From iC. per Ya.) SHOW



' . —IN— .

So. = ee i ~ HATS. |

ag ane . | SEE OUR — ;

SEEOUR /DPon’t Miss this Chance. laadies’ Kimono Belts.
WINDOWS. mun vatue is manventous, = | WINDOWS Jone mastre seins, sixer onwns stom
Gloves, Gloves, in Kid, Suede, Silk and Lisle, “2.4°327....'

5 | SP CLAE MThe Fmpiie Typewtiler | Sas eee

Ex s.s. “Indus

From Calcutta, .

- Komnkijke WI, wal

Tho Solicitors Ordinance

—— clonst.
‘ Ir is announced trom the Oolomal The New Colonsal Comoany
more free the course of‘ trade,” | Secretary's Office that an Ordinance

te ee because the process involves that
hiog—a ditfereatiating duty

Th ' . prs WILLEM We Bath Mal ~
ine Brunswick Groceyy,| sessewsiee seaien scm Re tia ere te

leaner “Pring Wiiem LV” ie dng.
here frou: Atnsterdsm via Paramariboand =

will be introduced in the Legulative
Goansil to amend the law relating to
solicitors, as follows :—

Deinerara on or about the Aad Joely 19u7
—_— * Any person who, either before or after , S
—— f ir © Standard Typewriters cost by our devotion to principle | 442 ra ecing of tie ‘Oplioance, shall for the pope sesling aiverwanis tg Cerapeno, tame aa
—_———— 100 DOLLARS a we should soppoes. He has uot for- | tera of tea yours have teen @ boxu kde Cabelt re ‘' Jaomel a es ome
N AGR A RICE “NEW onda} : —] gotten how Cobden tried. to persuade | oleck ta a hetrister, sdvonate, attowey or | Pocreu Priane aid New 'Yore. cevien
2 ags ” Fshigatly Corned OX TONGUBS—200. tb, The EMPIRE complete cote he world that free trade was a bleased | solicitor practiring in thie Colony, acd | or, passengers and maile co
: ' . : 7" » PIGB da lke lad, ° thing at a moment wheo free trade was | shall prodace ta the Conrt satisfactory Shing v Fiber L—The Duth Maal
. “NEW OROP.” FEET = —thie. Ih varticularly Jucrative to Bnntiwh manu- | evidence thet he bas faithfally hovestly P Sleumer * Pr ® ?
‘ ry o y eco DOLLARS a mer “* Vrise Willen 1” isdue here
ags . ' ” ROUNDS BEEF 189 1 acturera, “lle may be inclined to smile | art diligently served a+ such clerk, amt | fiom: Venexuelan porte oa or about the 3
7 cut toany woig hs} 19 You save 40 Dollars. over Chis last proceeding as another | Sle after the expiration uf the ssid term of 1 Zu July (007, proceeding afterwarde to
EDRRIS. Ass AB ae abae. ie instance of our ineuratle hypocrisy. coddea couttert ia wilting woe pedctinve Paratnarito Havre aod Aweterdam taking ‘
rr’ ’ a “ g i yy 7 a ear; PRacengers at 4)
1X S S ‘ PRIN S N EDERLANDEN HUNTERS YORK CUT HAMS 9%, ih, ot The porornme ns bare ae ree! the Attorney or solicitor in this Colony for the P REN WILLEM TIL -The Duteb Mad «
ad We IKISH NAMB ow. ue ate th A tutercata of consumers and augar using | Tt of two years, shall be oapableol being steamer ** Prna Willem TIL" je due *
“ DIAUEM HAMB ow, ab I8a Ie manufacturers, Iu it theee interests, or | CzAmived admitted and enruiled as eq {here from Amsterdam via Baramsribo,
100 BA GS . ’ e thee at orthodoxy, that ts the governing attorney ani volfelior, tog, Demerara oe eke about the Sih Angast
FRESH LOBSIERS}] | considerativa! HE beoal consstency 1 | Death of an ex-Polloe Sergeants | i%, PF eeing Mfperwatds to, Carapan, +
the tree plea, why should anything so — - ° bello, Curacas, Jamel, Agx Cayes, Yort
In Tuns—@S Conte. . Squalid as the 1otereste of mere cou We have tochrowicle the death ofex | au tnuce aad New York. taking carga,
FRR@I GRAPE NUT iv wufiers or producers be taken intu [| Sergesut Paal Wilkinoo, whith ovcutred passengers aad tnaile . é
~ NTN i . 2 = Aceoust st ail? Lf the soteresta men | a0 the Colonial Hospital yeeterday at 11 Stine MAUHLIN—The Dutch Mail
250 CASES FRESIC ZRVAVRETTE’s BISCUITS aF : " tioned are the real thing, why abould { %.™, after al ag tines. Donsased kL steamer “Pring Maarite” ia due here
« . FRESIL SULTANA do. a . ve ys in 43 years old, was 2 native of Bar- | fron Vene:
; Fite to thee, interest be ne ia preference bados, and Lelore vomiug ta this onlony fantve eauelan ports un or sboue ihe tab
r T’ Y sayy to all others sagar using mapa- as 3 ang afterwa: to a
PLANA s BRAND . Dutch Butter, . HIS MAJL31¥ > GOVERNMENT facturets, when ull posable importance | Any tone M jpigbehth by nena ner Paramariba, Havre, aod “Amaterdam tak

. ABD 10 has Leen given to their industries, are
- Dutch Butter, The Gurerninent of Trunulat, | not the only producers concerned. We
. \ EDGAR TRIPP & Co. have art beet! so garefal, for example,

" a interests © e sugar refiners.

A Chowe Butter, gorny at 40¢. Tin, Wharf. Typ Sole sents, Nor, soee by ea act of part a viearious

SILKSTGNE » SOAP, | ====See == | Se eter ncaa te
4o. TWIN TABLET. Q otteol- 5 pain Enzelte sapat indody cayoyed a deserved revival
Drs rere ee)

solued the Conatabutar ills superior
uthicers soun distoveral the qualtwe which
deoeased » abdia ibe ovurss of

eveoin be was promoted w the rank of | p,
eergeuct. Ile wea ntationed tor some tine Paramaribo and Demeraca on or about the

at San Feruando as steff clerk, when sub- eae 1007s P Camena tesete 1.
eequently an unpleasant event—too well Guayra, Puerto Caballo, Curseso, Jaemel,
Krowu to poed recapitulation—cauenl | Aux Cayes, lort-au Prince, aod New ‘ork,

him to lose its place of tru The baly
Wan yeoterdsy fmoved fromthe hospital (DUNS Delt NEDER AN TEN The

tag cargo, fees aod mala,

Duteh Mail steamer * Prins Fredenk

Ilendrik’ is due here fruia Amsterdeu ri

109 CASES 198
3h) 04’ x3


™ ~ ” ~
10 ” s

4 7
90 4 9658



uader the Convention. There remains,


ten” Messra W. T. King & Bon’s, under. Dutch Stal steamer © Urine der Nod.
. A nize Sosp—spepially od for the | however, the cae of tho Hntish con takers, by his friends, The funeral takes “ Vense
7 a Gan Lasse’ light Texture " PORT-OF-BPAIN. sumer, which iw always trumpbaotly - 3 erlanden” iy due here from Venezeclan
0 Bags P OLISIL Ran G OON JUICE Pint Arvieles, Fivael, ang sil such epparel, WEDNESDAY, JULY iru 1907, | quoted by oppone ata of the Convention revcity. eterno at Lares ne ee ou . about the 24-b Auguee Ait,
. . enn 4 ad ivstance of its ¥ re | Cemotery Li od Awsterda fe p
Cases ° Eckels’? CHAMPAGNE—Pinta Sawer | to suppose, however, that they would eet | eugene —_— owe tr 4
Q t ases Ki J Just to Hand, all Fresh and Mlev, The Sugar Convention. dime ot ta Ste Gladatone's verdict oo M OF STEANERS, Se aL we 4
-s py . this side of the bounty systen BOE ne od, Leyian ee
wow Halo ) M. W. GOODING. suet follawiag Pano ber esti oe the ing the argumat ito it mould bo 21 R MLS.B, The Aoyal Mall Lins. did: (1900) ktd
ave 31, Fredetlek Stzeot, Londog “T}twet” of June 746 , « question | geod Larmatn for the, Bitah cosa |r °A PLATA —The RALS La Plata” New Colomiah Ory Lah—
j - — | which ie ef great importance to the Weat | Sir Gladstece repl fe due hero from South i : y
UI, . 8 . that aoy benefit founded on inequality | Co toarg amd Barbados ou Welverder | NICARAGUAN —The 8. 8, + Nicarse

-F Lodies t= “ ; x \

" f Sie Edward Grey's lot [And injustioe can bring good even tu

A GREAT BOON | 20 ag sans sorta sila i oS
-TO- remarkable illustration of the fiscal sa bard saying to ge

pol Go ueestion of principle is tu decide the

l bil Been aterded Tbe o overaaieat day. Bu: ar Cindetoue'y, slic tuin hed

2 the as of sul..ential facts aa well,

The Ar ma Pu c. Pave fatcated to the other erates who The reason why the Uritish Goversment

ry was right ia adtiering to the Convention.
Convention hat rey cae weenie aod tye yt ia ulumately the beat bargain

yuan” is due bere tram Liv. vie
Barbastoe on or about the 6th Jap tone
proceeding sterwards to La Gasyra, Por-
te Lebuilu, Cura au and Carthagena, tak.
ing cargo, passeagers and tuails.

UCALAN,—Lhe 4. & Yocatan” Ip

due hese from Liverpool vig Barbados
ob of about the 17th August, 1907, pr
coating afterwards to La Gueyra, Pucto
Cavell, Cursovs aud Carthageoa, takiog

July tho 24th aod will leave the sane day
forNew Yok via Le Guayra, Puerto
Colomija, Colon and Jameica, taking

TRATO.—The ILM8 “* Atrato” is
due here from New York, via
damaica, Colon, Cartagena, ‘uerte
Colombia and La Guayra oa Banday the
Bw July, and will leave the next day

B ST VINCENT WllaAh¥.—itth July 07

roto Frames.


that st gives | for Bouthamptou via Marbados Cherbourg, | car, ery and malle,
bouaty-fed sugar, on the ground that it { for the Biitish oonsamer, wa B, passong:
THB HORSE SHOE BAR. uw Dy ocaleteat’ wath their deolared j Usareater security to supply. But for “ones carey patie er ee nial inken for

I t aigae thust have crneh-
: . “policy acd .Juabmpatuble with the | Uoavention bee!
J. AL. Pereiva to the Front, « eeresta of Brith oonmumers pod ed ont cane a5 er, tod the beet , ager
ANY sugar nsing manufacturers of su oe amited bounty fed area. Practically it
LONG TEUT WANT hea been | any limitation on ¢ orn PP e, | would have meant a mooopoly for Ger-
eviablished by the jroprietor in} We debar ourseleer, in ot et wor it, many and Austria, Lt ie obsioua that
having a beautifal SALOUN altsched to from taking any action to en eat ne the estsblubmeat of such a monopoly
hla Grocery, where the reapectable people f objects of tha Convention Butif t te itia the power of the monopsliet
of the dutrictas well as vistture can have other countries are content with our Be vices dale likes, and atthe best
ULemsel veg refrostod in all sorte of refrezb- | purely platonic sesent to the Convention, alse g jc o ae he ker, at the beat
Jog Denks. A fall stock cfall WINES as] thea ‘we shall be glad enough to stay. leaves | e oe uaer nee iy more
well as TINNED MEATS aud UON- | For the Government, atrange as it may | dependent on fluctuations {a the outpu

St Lucia, Doluinica, Montserrat, Acti
Nevis and St Kitten. 7

The Tooder will leave the Bt Vincent
Jetey atl p.m, with passengers for the
* Alratoa,

VPasseogera sre apeclally notified that 9
baggage lighter to ve eepatched to the
boweward mail steamer will leave the St
Vineent Jotty at 10am.,0n Blondey the
2th Jaly, the day of saliing, and paseen-
gers are theretore requested to neg that all

The London & Glass
gow Direa Line of

New Colonsat..Oo,
AVARRE sites % tn Grows ot Nes
varre” 34 due bere from U tL
Barbados ou of about the let daly 1907.
proceeding afterwards to Demerara teakivg
Cargo, passengers and maila,

honcen Uirect Line,

Now Colonial Company
. . . . : . je sent down to the St

A xtime Anszortrment’ of FECTIONANLES are kept for the oanve | poi after their decision, have no desire | The Continental drought of 1004, for | their logzsge hone e Lth— Agente

- ti ace of she peblic, either togive suger bovaties or to see | Ozample, so reduced supply that prices Vincene ia x, be fore rs het Catalina ”

Give us acall and vee for yourself becaare for some months raed very high, aad
there ‘e ‘potuing like seeing for one’s sell. Fee a eertaber tte Daneen bad we then been solely 7 al ib, aad
EF Prompt Attention & Civility | caderatood that the Government dis. {the beet-sugar countries, there must

GTATIA ~The 5.8 Statle” te due
bere from London vh
Grenada on or sbout te Tih aueaee won

k \s dae bere, page about be ie of
ety wi! © oar; lor
Lonlon and Cuatlsental he, avis


proceeding afterwards to Demorarn takin
ties, but would do | beve been an acthal defciency, Thanks to AGUS.—The K. AM. 8.1 Tagas” fe doe | cargo, pavecd, a
Le etretly adhered ta. spproved of boar thon “che Foresga the Convention, however, the cane sugar 1 from Southamptun vis Chee eure and ™ Sarg and malle, nella,
TO BE WaD AT J. M. PEREIRA, Secretary’ reply wes that tr, Dancag seer wan svailable to meet our watit, | Herbedos on Augast 7th, and saily the Shipplog tntelttgence
nd jetor, | cust draw bia own foference from the ] Tue Government seem now prepare ia satue dey for New York via La Gaayrs, ~— *
Corner of Queen & Green Sis, Arima, statement just gives, The inference {a ° Jeopardize this security, aad narrow the | Porto Colombia, Carteena, Colon and ARRIVAL,

Jamaleay, taking mails only,

(MRENT. —The KR. M. 8, * Trenv” ieSdas
bere from New York, Ith Auzaet, vig

Jewsloa, Colon, Carragens, Porto Ovlom-

bis aod La Gusyre and salle nextday for

Boarhampton vie Barbados aad hes,

voare, taklog passeogera, cargo acd mails

whole area of supply, on & most abort:

TRINIDAD meat oan told ina at ‘age de siabted new a ihe leet of the ca
‘ f boustie ey woald oo hi 5

BALE FO AY OFIULY lou aire hive tbe faintest right to the thile af a] creat sacrilice to Cobdeatry bat they

~—— . free trade Goveroneat if they did me esa hare rap courter tito tae wis ee 9

‘OTICE b at thelr disapproval does pot exten colon *

v dere of tbe power “ot bale coe | to Ukiog any proctical sey to ops | fereeos. Tee West lodiao colunies are

July 26h,

FUREMO3T Brie stvop, Yrankdin, 17
out, 2 days Carlacoy 6 goat, 8 buzey
rae 2 dos fowls, and § parsongers,

ALVANCE, Brig a! Roberts, 31 tom,

1 dey Grounds. 12 pkystralt, 2 wheels,

ae peas, ¥ bagecrabs and 6 pussque



tender will leave the Bs Vincent

—_ tuat lo fat, Jt te now to be offered up on the same altar, | Jorwat dom.” with
. gage No, OL detod the seh dey af otter | triode uf cuopiete patalzaicall reused | {0 obedisoseta sbet cag only De called | Uatt7,e% 1 Pm. with pamengers for the BSPINA, Vanes dup tordors, 20. ton
; - : . 900, from Bloools to Masion FitsSimons, | There la ou sigxestivl ia the statement, | & piece of fecal prudury. Pasesogers are specially notided that al 12 boars Cristobal 88 bege cows
’ IGTUR . FR AM N — L there will Le pes wp feels Oo ate sae: for saatance, that unperial fstereata are oer baggage Halter to be Gespatebad to the | 3 tagedividivi, acd 10 gerne,
| [Re eee Pen cameras | in any ‘wey concecnd, Yoh the due Heat ar si matte singe Be Dera Rtunda,
} ~ — day of Saly 167, betwvea the boars of ae eee tcloues wre. die y tote Weddings. - {ith Angus, tne day ct sally, ‘ uur | INDICATOR, Vagte stp, Gocacler,
C. : ~~ ofore 2
. r ‘ ove aad ty ne laod te tw the | ested, ls wwitiiasely a “ 4 thelr longa te sent down to Aan 31 sos, Cano ames wacdry ptge
' | | fo or As or sa 6 Ward of : fa the Leland of Trend, | {ature sol the Gone eae ward | Wo thik at, ji h tae, ur ibe tb Jetty befure what bour, Kiss ME QUICK, Vous boat, Lewis,
le . ee! Rete eneninpeee
ahi ul ! y 8 D , K © | ewenty-losr & ae the seus muae e ie Fyueetion beyond the practice of tarshng w into faccy Compagnia enerais 1 La Gallas, eucdry pkgs wade,
p : portion of the laud d thet we hase mu desire * to diderestia- | dress peslormentes and ratechows Trensatientigue | BAN JOSE, Veron’ boat, Ni
; tu the-dlegrem drawe op the Crowe Great | “ate uxaiost bert or engere.” | ehould be wed by authority Pedefoales, sundry pany axle @ tous,
; + . te Moats regatored Fe wai XLV, folle Our pee indusity, a shah, mest tke We joatiowaly yetd of MR prercnty VALVADOR & tonenl 4 nad gent. scans ype andes, ve pan
“ . t bouaded iy we lite chance mgett which sre q wok arolig’ ues renal Meme’) 2B GEEK Veues boat, Vacdi
land awd sof Whatoo oa the Seath i , . 4) “Salvador® (rota Karope via Guadelespe, Bediveoa, 1
NOS. 82 & 84, OUEEN ST. by ands fends lande of Ozeoat ond aetna assed ae eas 8 aie "ae panda hareb, bat perbape thebairbt Daruaigte, aps 8 Lasle ted here on pe too, | Fanta de VPhedra, vandry “phge
; . by lauds of Seotal on the ‘Ean by laody glaring wcvnateteney ¢ geseral | at Mester the other dey, if the para- | Svout ty Joly, aud will press eeereentemees
Rows 1 LNG three ote .f land, oo which gtand a lige dwelling a aaron by, faads of festel ond by lands postion We bare ut Fotis are} grapb that has the ‘round of the | Aierwar sete are, apd Cay Closing of Malta,
D tua wid two large stone Warehouses, one of whieh i # Gorner sad by laade ot Jeetso tees pd a bed thing We went to bare all the | psrers can bef It we sald | 28%

RG i be soll foxany reasonable oath offer Fer partleularg

° we ot ihe ir apes. Malle tor Grenada aad Mew ¥;
i | ane Sees |e erat ea oh Orme Bes Tp
Pe KENNETH SKINNER, |” ORIG sai tey | eecteatea Liaient ay | aloe het, Marke eee howe aa ta Be
E otg St Vagcont Strest. Weottoge med be 1ef1 8 biiry {roma the ‘ _ pisengen, onege. Sosa Roe ee tal taval
j “wey ~
. t '
he he ae ee y. ‘ :

. . of tae at