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Port of Spain Gazette
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vr . +a . ‘ ? ‘4

ny . ~t fy
‘\ ”
Guectae, teeter, fone | BAER sumpay Tazo tO FRRO GE ERA M. MD



*- AROHBISHOP Of PORT-OF-SPAIN. = [A BOR Pat auatetane: | ryuDLic NOTICE i bry lee ths "* ov tue

‘ , | Arpeaed de olaters, A.B. tomes A. 1. | twoea Ann Blew the wife Pen TU BE HELD


enuy, sloupé, J of tbe third part and Broce Harvey bte-
Carthy, E & Skianer, J, By Beusdere, H ¥
L Keaggy, D A. Habo, ©, A. Pollosais, thnate Ceding ether ‘aa GoTartoers
je Oni

A_ E © Row,H, Caracolelo, A.V. Mf aeder the Bt Fem of Stephepy and SHCoO ND < DAY. -
t art, there witty rab

Tbarenot, Robert Kernaban, J. Hamel tof the fourth p oe
Bolth, TT. Sorzna a Moye Htptor usle by Public Auction by the un. 4}. PREMIER HANDICAP—Time Tm —j mile 7 ap opens vo sll horses
tet avd =D. Betancourt. Tie ! derstyoed at thelr Auction Nart No 2 maldeu at thea time ofentry, Entrasce HO. Sleepetake @S. A price of $180.

foperel arrangenients were carried | coraer of St. Viocent and Sackvills Btreeta | Air. Excone Dorde’s bo. Cormpensatina, 3 yeare—winte body, diag alcoves, red cap. \
out by Messra A. G. Do Siite Co un | in the Town of Portol Spaia on Friday | Mr Alvis’ bo, Vide, $ youre —erimega and gold epute. :
dertakers, of the etty Among {the Slat day of May 1007 between the | Mr. LJ Nernsteta's th Bf Regy, 3 years —dark bine bedy, gold cuffs, collar and rep.
other constabulary officers grt were | hours of Zand 3m 2 CREOLE HANDICAY—Jime 1 J) —3 wil, Oped to all horegs sitet and fosied
Acting Inspector General G. 1) Swaine} All that parcel of land and Mossusye in the Want Intice ener Jaméves) and Biltwh Guiana, Latracce $10, Swery-
Acting Penaty derpector General 7, N’ [ situate io the Town of San Fernando in atake 93. A prize of #1

Brierly Inspector H. Greig and Sub. | the Jeland of Trinidad and known ee Lov | Mr. A. 8. Kernahan‘’s bb o8,f, Corese, ¢ yeare—groen and white jacket and orp

Laspector Browne On arrival at the | No, 1 of San Feroando Street abutting on | Ne. A. 8. Kernaban's hb.he rer Rebbit, 4 yeara—green acd white jacket and cap
Cathedral, veapers for the dead were sung | the North upon Kan Fernando Street on | Mr, Vincent's na.bls bf. Hetty Dall , Syrare = noarlet feehet and gobi cap,

uy the Very Rev, Father Dowling, 9 | the South spon St James Street on the | % SUMNER HANDICAP—Tune 2 pm —1 mile sot 6 distance, A handicap opeo
visted by Rev. Father J. Smyth The | keet upoa lands of one Wilson and oa the to all horees. Entrance $20 Sweepetahe $A prire of $33)

body lies In state awaiting faverment this | West upon Quenca Btreet. Mr. A, & Kernahan’s g, Weet Ineien, § yoare—greon aed white jictet aad cap,
moroivy at 10 0 clock, And aloo ali that parcel of land atucte | Mle Eugene Borde’s be. Com tion, 3 yeate—whito budy, blue sleeves, red cap.




bishop is desd, This was, Cathedral of the Itamaculate Concep | which be bad at that time, of having re
‘gneboly tidogs that ran hike | tion. Hra Grace was in bis sisty third | covered his health in such @ remarkable
tbroagh the city early yesterday | year and tn the twentieth of his Archie. way owlag to a change of eir had the rest
witwasailleosudden and un | piscopry The boty lies io State in] Which he obtained in Barbados. J uader-
Moat the entire coumunity was | the Cathedral where bis rich musical | Stand that bie death has ovcusred from the
tfbeyoud expression, All felt | voice was x0 often heard, but where it | Tetultof chill ocurred in the performance
aqrat loss hid been sustain. | will be raisad no more, and the re- | Of Mme of bis duties on the north side of

rpailed on Monday even- | mine will be interred in the land which the lelsod—at Toco. 1 sltell myself mise

io the FLM.B “Spey” for Toco | he loved so truly and ao well. re eae te ere fens wre

be sdmivisterod the rites of con- The following facte i etand that his lose will cast a gloom u

bs tly felt cy soncerning bis 5 po!

eS His Grace sind Ly theszedi. | 8 which will be read with melancholy | the entire community here, 1 ant oom

eed and oan vis : w Wend to intereat, are taken from the Feet fudia paratively & stranges stilt in, this Colony

a idtended, ° but tO come taamaltee Cireatay of December 18th pond many occas coon can uederetant the

Spain. He atnved in . soflueave which he must have had, acd bow

teata Font of pain. Iie “Kea: | .,2he Mont Reverend Patrick Vinceot | mach tify Klodiy and genial ways must

evening and at once Floud, Archbishop of Port of-Spato, was | have endeared him to all sections of the

* § y Peleree at ‘St. Clair jor in [refand, aed mady bis prelimioary (community I readily accede to the re

Hovasmet by tha Itev, Fatbet | ted he tueologioal etrarer ta? the Dest | Beer ae Zou have made, Mr Alosesr

1. aa ir

mPP, of Bt Ann's, Odas | can College of ike Minerva, Rome, where Court for tl he day. That je a pustouary

ithe stairs, Ults Grace who was | ho was ordained priest 10 1867, After his | and vory Hitting token of respect to the

but who had pot com: | ordination, he served for twenty years on | inemory of thievery much reepected and

acy pacticulac dlodsa, felt | che Mission tn lrelaod in Churches of the | very eminent yersun I will uut adjewrss

bMealty of respiration and it is | Demnican Order, to which he belongs In | it to any defisre date but that ine

sratic of bis gevial temperanent dye7 he Se at ae p Goad jator timation is tae Inter on, through the

ere then x cularly remarked to u ry etry, ns tot ay Spon ¥ lap.
OByrone that be was gettiog | Loeth of lis predeoemor in March, 1880,” yourned cases will be heard.

to the AicHhiahopric uf the Sea Not ‘The Qourt then adjourned,
succeeded 10 getuog apstetcd | coiy is ArchUlehop Flood & churchman of | 1/” Court then eifoured.

mained chatting with Father
bearer ati ouuck Shen, on bis che hngfiest ability but a congenial oom The Practitioners of the District Court

Se eet 7 Mr L. J. Bernatoln’s tht Rage, 3 yeara—dark b'ng body, culls, collar aod
« ab Tapenaoa ta the Ww ard of Tanariyes 0 Saburtan Btable's bc Aahbuox, 3 woul asiiver, dark blue Folds oop. “~P
Tre Sav or Sars? zat % Clement’ a
. or, J Road by 147 feet ia depth end abuttlog oa | Me Clement's b wm Sunburst, 3 youre light bine j chet and onp, ,
the North upon « on the Bouth upon | S& Clair Stable’s bo, Bull Rua, 3 pester eilver, tod belt, culfe aad oop,
. lands of one Rea: and upon lands of | 4 CREOLE HANDICAP Timedpm - Pelle, A handioap penn to all homes sired
Joha Wella ou the Beat upon the Tuoe and toaled in tho Wert Indien (except Jnmetea) and Hntiah Galana, Ketraves 10
~~ Pua road on the Weep upou, landa of tole, Nworgetabe Scola A pre of 150 dole,
Effer-. .Gn'o* Pounesh aod upon lands off Joha Welle. Hr J 1h de Gaones bs bn Saypbe, 3 yonre—slato and orange hoor white, sop
s f. . Noroahan's cbf. Corme, € yoars—green aad while freket tad ws: +
vescent a pydnd sise all that pbnrcel of land ard Mr AS Kernaban's hb ch. f Hrer Rabbit, 4 years—green and white Jacket ved ve.
rftage artuate in the Towa of San Fer | THE LAUD NANDICAL—Time $9) pur} mile, A handicap. open to borees
. lat Ne aa a — -_ at a a
Do you get up with a born. efien Fernando Rureot abusting on tbe Me ans ersehaa'e sta Nett erie ia eeearseoahd aod white jacked and
. ” * : s S ‘ » AL x ech ge . —|
tired feeling mornings ? bad gout eton ae balares art Paley Me Eogene Bowes be Con pensation, 7 years white bly, blue sleeves, relep
i * . S bo. Vidus, —~ nh .
taste in your mouth ? dull bot a OF say te tely aM Mm a oeats on vibe bobarben ptablee be acbbor, 3 yeare--clivencdar blue crossand cep,
headache? wabbling stomach? } vpoo lands of the said Ann Mews. Mr. Clement's tn: Sunburet, 3 years liwht blue jacket aad cap,
aye og ‘Aud also all those two aeveral Fohoree | St- Clate Siablea bo, Bull Ran, 3 yerra—eilver, red Let, cufte aud cap.
Unpleasant but familiar, is'nt | of Asserance under the hands of three of | 6 PONY & CREOLE RACE--Tinee 4 yea. — { tale. A hacdroap open te borees sirel aed
it? the Direc ors of the Barbados Mutual foaled jn the West ladies (Jawaiog excepted aad Britieh Garsca and to all poales
Life Aveatance Soclety dated reepectively 14.2 and under, Entravoe 10 dole. Gwesprtake 5 dole, A prise of 280 dois,
It i f that eed the 2uth dey of beptember 1868 and re Me. A. 8. Kernaban’a bb. ch £ Corus, 4 ycara—groea nad white jeehet Sad cap,
\ 18 Proo! at you n spectively numbered 8670 aod 6671 where Mr. i: 3. Kernehen’s he be pire Rabbit, 4 yeare “green andes bive Jokes acd oop.
7 $540 14 aseu! if. ach’ 5 . ie as, 5 yoare—o acket, al pur;
‘ bbey 8 Salt, the stomacl: | by the sam of ‘s red to be pel Me Vivoent's ne hh bf r Weuty oly, 3 Sesre—oee wttet Jackes, axed oi mak oot “~~

. to the executors admmisttaters of avs
regulator, and need it badly, {of Fraoc 7. BSIPIRE HANDICAP—Time 4.30 poo. —L mile. A haadiesp open te all horses, Ea.
& ; a eri ald mle bow ta reepout of trance 15 dole Sweepetate 1G de A prise of 290 dole. °

wong si) classes and sects Hle Et Sr Juetice
uveaduce, he retired to reat for | fs extremely popular, aad be isa highly | pret a renuest to Hie Honour Sis Ju A dase of Abbey’s Salt bee | "Dated this 29th day of Apeit Me. A. 8, Kernaben’s th. ch. ¢ West Jadeaa, 5 peers gree ard white jacket and
ity It was bis feet oa oe At | osteemed fieruber of the Weet India o Reaeseli, stating that @ "he iikep Foal fore breakfast af uickl ‘ Louis ih N £00 “y Mr. Bogene Borde lc. Uompensation, 3 youre white ly, dive sleeves, iodo
popes a er id inne mittee —Com, . (whose faterment takes place this mein q y Auctioneers, Mr. Alvis’ bc. Vidua, 3 years—ortiuson aud go “Et
v800 .

iug), as a mark of respect of hia memory,

drive these ill feelings away
and set. you right within an
hour. 6

Sold fn two sises by all Chemuats and St
ant hy WC. Re & Co., Port of Speln

Mr, L. J. Berastono’s th. bf Rage, 3 yeare—dark . caffe, collar ead es;
buburbaa Stables be, Ashbur, TP vearenelver daz k blue See cap. m
NI Mr. Clements’ bia. bunburat, 3 yeara—liyht blae jacket aud oap-

TRINIDAD St Clair Stables bo. Dull Kua, 3 yeers—red belt culte aad cap.

WILLIAM BERMUDE2 —Dacoasadx . ee
JURSLANT to the ordinagce in that betulf ATI TOLIUES. - - ‘4

wat feeliog uiich better thio AT THE SUPRSME COURT
wen during the oyght, bat proar been ell thin morning), should steod
the-woald send for his medical] The dapreme Court presided over by | adjourned, Mr Justice Russell replied.

E s Uretsiot Court (which was to have
EUe. Koox sas accordingly | bir EB. A. Nocthoote Kt. LL.B, - Tequest, and adjourned

xd for and Father O Byrnovse j Justice, was adjourned yesterday as 4 | to dey'gyist till Wedoesday mormog next
tyMassatot Auo’a AltBough | mark of reepect to the memory of the | {the 22ad) at ten o'clock.

a deceased, As tbe Court eat at 10.30 * lie Abbe Notice ts hereby givds that all creditors ty These races are run undet the rules and regulations of the Trinsded Tart Clubs
nt wee arked to, poms it caer “AS AY THE CITY POLICE couRt. ts, Qoeen Ti fialt Saline Co Tide and otber persone having aay. debts claims or 2, Owners of horass are required to pay for the nse of the Course tor every herve tee? Saver as
ame ore reakfas rt The Hon B.'S, Aucher Warner K.C., Soll | Yesterday morning, before tatiog lila | i Stee treat, aoe St, | demands agua the estate of Willan Berriu. | follows —if entered fot one Race oaly $5 11 entered for more than ope Race 19 dole.
gy Onex a ss pts " citor General rose and said -—May if please | set at the Lit Holice Court, the ¢ AU CLION SA LE dez late of Bisessar Vil ia the Ward of 3. Owners denrous of alls ty the paddock on the dey @ races will Kindly send in
sdut; yByyane bed ms when i uur Honour, this morning the inela y Wark u rece alee Fag. sub aie + Fe te tees Mel oo eee “tay ho hagen W90. thet app nea to be one and paid “0 Fae xe tetary before: o'clak pm, on Wednesday
Y, g mass, Btelliqenve spread throuybout (he cons } y — FOR — and whose will was ptoved by Leonicia Bel. | ne Muy tgo7 at the office of the Trimdad Tuif Cluty after which bow apd date ng egircs

titer 7, he received a telephone | munity uf the death of His Grace Areh- | 802d Archbtehop whove death we ail de

TUESDAY, 2lst MAY, 1907,

Montes the Laccutrix therein camed) are heref | willbe taken One dollar and tweoty ceats to tse paid at time of entey for Saddle Cloib.

+ telliog bind to come immedi * bishop Hood. [a the absence of m, lore, Lwball, Mr. Hendrickson, after tak: by A ulers 2 he of only two h et that race ee discru
athe Archbishop's Palace. Ho learred filend tha Attorney General, the ng the charge cases, adjoura the Court. — ATA tein a ewes or aeecuods towe ail ion Steet ve Geclared ull Jad void, or it shall be i cit option rv ‘reas 8. new Tae ee ots
ddown, but st was allover, His | task falls upon me to wove the adjourn. | , Around the birtable bovides Mr. Hea) = 0, > Queen Str det sgoed as tbe Solicitor for tha Executrix enor | tbey think At, ,
Msdalready passed away, Arch | went of the Court as an exprosenion, of duickson it Mowre D, de Buva? A. . ‘ : 5 before ihe 27th day of May tg07 after which & Bntrense to Nace Stand on Nave Day —CGevilemen's Tickets bought at tbe Sreretery’s
Ywod bad endeared hitnself to | respect in which the head of the Church p “amy Sud th. Al. Lies. . eT . dates be wil prpcoed to distribute the awets of } office for a days ¢ dois. So cents, Bough! at the Race dtaud § dole Guetinmeu's Style
pe {a so unmistakable manner, | of Rome in Archbishop Hlvad, was held OTHER TRIBUTES, UNDER instructions teeeived the j the said T among tne parties entitled | Takes 3 dollar. Ladies Ticket 6 dot, ab yoru, Caridreas Ticket 7a guts, Paddock
vet'he weot, whetber it was in | tathiscoluvy by all classes, Ivtse matter { Among other tributes of respect to the ubdersighed will offer for sale the | thereto baving regard oaly to the debts claras Tickets @ dois. 40 cents, Members’ free to be posted of aa bour befor
’ of cenimon Kaowledge, that for sors time, memory of the deceased prelate waa the | follomog Household Furoiture and | 493 demands of which tbe shall theu bave bad 7: The number of intending * to be posted 3 of ag '@ the hour fixed for the
4Tobago, bt Laci, or Grenada, ge, v pr Yt ind thet she will pot be liable for tbe of omb under a penalty of $5 for noa
Vall heerte by. bh invariably | [tt tbe enuoent prolate bad been in ill | bulf wasting of the tligs at sowe of the | Etfects, couweting of -Side aad ocom- | Sot or any part tberwol 00 disuribated to say } 8 “Ibe cane: of eraty horte must 2) 10. dous, for each roves onieced at thls meskag Horses
‘ud i“ 8 bY ti is a BeBe, Fealtly, but chayacteristically of him, he | government uthces, the various Consulates, | sional tables, chaire, rockers, whutnote, | person or pernces of whove debt claim or dee | the dvwu Ade property of a meniier, batl-ptioe
nation acta ao i y Mt refused to adopt the mivice that was given j as well usat several cowmercisl houses, | sideboard, screens, bedeteada, presece, | mand she shall aot thee have bad notices, 5. Three hotees at least, not Laing the property of the same person to race (6 race, oF ae
Ueet runiadelatigables hin ogo | lity Ws us fiends of gomng wo Europe to | Nantoow place, vod private, renidenoes | eheat-of rawr towel rache, wad ong: | Dud iis oun tar of dpa sor.) | Sati Tn wil tag sam oclck A blll ba ang for wd, eg
wrk eobounded, ana bis euergy ie tthe re ‘ol “ivane Uy The colony, in mark of respect, fi furtherance of the dries as will ALE AT u . Botreltor. paces will be allowed and arses et the post will be starte! Tht fete wt arn ae wa
1, * : > . aforced,
avaccfaggiog This ie by no] connection with the receat outbreak of | respectful tribute the firma of Meessra, SALE AT 1 Pat. No. 14, Saskvilie Street. tiv Maaches to be run at such time as uriy be appotuted by tke Dtewards—$5 to be paid ta
sats, bivpiscopal Bee to | fever. And eo ho thought it bis duty to { Wileuo’s (Glayow and Trowed) Ltd. 2 on Cael, . Port-of Spain, the Clerk of the Course for each borse to rin in the matca.
Hud Wadaiaivier ite affairs ine { suck to ble post te athe leet, He wae Stephene wie Sillers Lid." Gaglalls Terms; on fi all of Hammer me post ha bce ant edi ne gucioure Provide for tha purpove nad brea
' bout to visit Tovo, aod was again adv a a Lid. lendiniog Wf iP _ i. a Stand, e-runder « ponsit
npitidaous labours as would that is health wae auch tate ible | have wgoifigt thee intention of closing iF. J. ECOTT & SON, _ eg Alltoreremght of the riders to tn Posted up Peaees a at the rece, .
Mreng hrfa much more he shoukl not go. “But agsid thé esme | their establiehmente pom tee o'clock -tor | — Govt. Auctionsess, , is Easrence “ and. offovals ‘wba ia tn erties Py pehetirsieadal vaddie at
peice than Archbishop characteristic caus vnt—the desire to do | day while Messrs. brmith Bros, & Oo. of No. 14, St Viooent bt. SALTS OR ay THE agit DAY be te eee arene themual yve the Cgb{ to deaaod deolaratiua as t0 birth and ace of
tthe lovarsably mavaged t | 7S daty,—and he wad he bed prowised | the “ Homauss” aad M.P, Maillard will | 17h May, 1907. INE, 1907, . orses entered a aay Rack, ¢
& i doties fauthfully, a0 faith | 9 0, aod must go, sithough le quite | be cloved for the whole day. The City TP 1, Op Doe t.) | TQUBLIC NOTICE 1s dereby given that 0 16. 10 the event of « walk ever, only belfol the first money will be paki
is streogth {requeotly gave | reafieed that bis health was such ae tol Pultoe Court will uot sit” until eleven Arrears for Works & Repairs Pe ibe Bowes ot bell contented Forms for Entrios to bo had from te socreiary,
Wenatating “occasiuual visits to F make the expedition very dengerous one / o'clock, sod tu day's sitting of the Dretrict p upon morigegees by the Conveyancing Ordia- Copies of the Itulos can bo had from thedocrowiry at 24
Mia wcoperation and at tines | co hinuself, We way all feel that be dial | Court stands adjourned to Wednesday soos and ogres tn a deed beuriog date tha pl res 2a, yr copy.
reatment His) Grace's | iu harness, doing bie work in a way in | neat. * ONDER SECTION 18 OF ORDIN- atst day of October, one thousand mime bundred W, SCOT? KERNAHAN,
dag iter st 10 the colony wes too © whieh Lam eure it will Le como catisfaction a ~~ and thres and made betweca Lewis Johnson Secretary & Treasures
lorZ tle indentified himself J to hum to restiae that be had met hie end. | “The oewe of the death of the Most Nev. ANGE Ne. 33 of 1905, Seah of tbe first part, Vector Fersi Bernard ~~ *
Uegle movement which bad { In the circunastances it fale ww tue to muve | Dr Fivod. Arcitaebup of Fort of Span, —- Yeon, Coeur al tie hed patibecaia (oe
he Church's welfare, By | the sdyournment i" is Courts out of Cecde a alia k ty ihe peopie of Savane To all Whom ut may Cone rn, yet up for sale by the undersigaed, at ther
Mi to the poor, charitable 19. | reepert to the fate Ar » the Lely Gress cecuhed the ogee ae uction Wart, No. 14, St Vincent Street, 10 the ef
tjaed functions of every. kind nee ences Spuuded the Tuouraful en: town of Pert-of Spain, on Tuesday the axth day

Siiet Justice replying sald. Mr, | nuuncewent much sympathy and regrets OTICE is hereby giveo that the
sunstor General aut Mead on, it is | were expressed, av Here Stores ‘Ltd, N Port-of Spain Towa Hoard 1atead
with sorrow deep and true, that wo | a fine photograph of HisGrece ia Rochet | to exercise the power of sale couferred
have beard this turcing that the Arch- | aud Capps by Chaveellur of Dublia (takea | by section 21 of Ordioaace No 33 of
bishop bas parsed away He wae a man [8 short Une ago) was placed in one of the } 1900 for the reoovery of the sums due to
of large mind and noble aims, a wen of | show-windows and, draped ib mauve, drew | the Board, sud more than three wooths
vigorous resolution, though a man of peace, | forth man spettatars. in arrear, for works and repairs executed

l this I may say that those who THE FUNERAL “PRUCESSION 8
Lruetalned, sod was shewo teow bint best, seal Daow, be wae always At four ooiock the funerst procession ad ee ee valoes ee ahove vamed

6 miover «te never opportu:
v' joftieat principles, sod al- | started oo the march from Archbusbopes 4
we, Ad a dix iptioarlan His Leet oy ated ty ssinyle-tinded desire | House, St Clair ta the Cathedral of too srtoel Be ped on or before the lst
caliticr, juat aod twpartial, and toy todobisduly He was profoundly | Inntaculale Conception, where the body 9 1 t th . ince { + of
Ayu xuptly evteemed by those | tascuet to the inteesia of lis people, | cf the deceased prelate will lis 10 stete | A list of the premises in respect 0
‘chrry who were placed under | ang deeply scosible of whatever sppertala- | until thle morntog gt teu o'elock, when | which auch sums are 20 due and in srrear
latpervates life ibe Archbishop | ed tu their welfare, Speaking as @ wmem- | the faterment will take place withia the ney be econ on application at the Town
anaes soclab'e. Ho never re] ber of the Anglican Chureb, nay say at previncta ot the acre oa iss ats ronts i eee ee the hours of 20am. aod
ence to as wa pat wea usr aud 10Â¥1 was ol aTAYE: ' oc. Ly
Pady to cnvogel ead to belp peers eee ateed ble great and noble } Park Weed aloog Dundyuald Sireet and JOSEPH ABNOLD LAMY,
the nesded his nid Ae a boat be aalitice E aim coniideat thatour own | Richmond Stiest, thence by Manae Tows Clerk & ‘Treasure
proachable and bis guests were | Brrhop who ie away, aud who ie Ubueelf ta | Synaro ou to the Cathedral ‘he proces- The Town Hail .
at bore then’ wheo ee | trouble, will feel sivcere aympathy with all | evo wae beaded by ei,be woanted men of Port £8 ,
@ bls hospitality H ae ‘a | Troidad, fo the loss—the severe love it | the Constabulary under der eant-arrier Ms ne ai0,
vit member’ it » Che Clab | hes sustained, Mr Solicitor General snd | Paxton, next came iifty foot men with ay Nt
Cea'tok “an active pare inthe | eemlenen Wa won TS veto ted acd | Herrapiey the and sanveractog bane: | ONLY TWO SHILLINGS EACH DAY
5 . 14 Bort *
sen's, His interest sa the pro- token from ot ant news of hie death, 1 | master Elion followed neat dy alps ‘

af June, 1907 Letween the bours of one and two
o'clock p ra.

ea °
All that 1 of land aod messuage formerly
hkaown as No, 10m, of Upper Prince Sireet, io
the said Towa of Port-ol-ypain, bu now kaown ,
aa Lumber 30 of laure Steet and abuttieg on
toe Nort: oa let umber s7 of Prince Street,

28 the Nouth on Facre Street, formerly Market
Street, on tha bam on lot No. § of Faure Street,
and on the Weston ket Number 12 of Faure

Dated rhs 3th day of Ma:
18 7 ETE sow,
. Avetioncers,

Â¥arengods aod valuable eupport.
of the Uburch in thiscolony and
ude, St Lucia, and Bt Viocent,

nee dolly realised the magoitude
Repopsibilitues, aod bis fotereat in
telure of bie See waa con-

Morning Noon and Night -

The Food for the Tropics

a NO tne

DAY OF MAY, 1007

pt BLIU Notice is hereby grven that in
exeroine of the powor of ele conferred
on mortgagees by the Cuoveyeacizg Or-
dinaoce No. 72 and oontainsd ia « certain
deed of mortgage dated the léth ey of
Yebrusry 196 (registered aa No. 725 of

cee re nt TN eb enerai hath

T the Victorla Tostitute was fa | Go not feel able to ppeak of him fo terme} A, 8. Bowen (T.L.H,) and 8, D. Wood To SEL reese bere and Hensvetts Lede of Ase TO BR HAD AT ALL GROCERS
2 marked and be never missed a such as Laloold wieh, or such as hie wer: t LLv |: +Lieutenanta F. W. . 1E H oluer part, thers will be pat up for sale b
there which be, was able to at- ory devetves. I sheltsey no more 20 1 | rich and He a, ean (EEL va TE ORSE RACES ee ea ae ey tka act cee eng OY 9 teem res
rac ‘ con: ' ‘ +. 4
pane “people of the ( ony Shale 7 vee tieusare to Te, to look | axe, ile Blatsra of Charity, Sisters of St yeom THE suction mart No Z Hack ville Birest, Port. THE BARBADOS

of Bpais, oa Wedoesdasy the 2lad day of
dley 1907, between the hours uf one aod
three pw. Ali the undivided one-third

rt or share of the said Mattide Heary in
Firat alland singular that eortala meseu-
adeand laud situate is the tows of Hort uf
bpainsie the wlaad of Trinidad known ag
Lote 19a sod 190 Kast Dry Kiva: vow sum
bered 7 Observatory Street and iz Harpe
Place and bounded onthe north by Jeods
lately of Joveph Harpe, on the south dy
laods uf Maurice Doucet, on the east by
Jands of J: ctbilde Sorgano aod on the wost
by lauds of Evens Lavrent; Secondly Al}
Bod singular tbat certain plece or parcel of
lena stuate wm the ward of Laveotille tu
thie Islaod coumprieing ose and three Bfths

Bachelor sranpD
Un Ssuturday und Monday.
Covered aud protested from the rsia and

“aleve anys 1 ©) Improve the | wpon the years past wit bias fo the ols ] Jusepl de Cluny, crusebearere, acolytes,
Jfactlities which lay at thei¢ oor in periewt vedsdil and dm aftectiooate | priesta, and the hearse, the boaters being
a'preacher be was cleer, eur. | regerd. 2b will always bs a sorrow to feel | Hoa, Wo M Uordon, acting Coloalal Beo-

Weloqnent and bis utterances at: | thad by his death, Ihave dost s mort dear | retary, Hon Waish Wrightson OMG,

Hr atientios of bis congte and valved friend, Oue thing surely we | Director of Publis Works, Hon Deals | sun, aod at ao sittode that the entire
Baa qeoeral speaker His | $82 ait of us do, aod thst de while cherish. | Slyoe, Hecelver-Gencraly Hon, H. A Al] treck cao be seen.


Matablished 1540. '
CHIEF OFFICE:—Beckwith Placo, Bridgetown Barbados

een ne Direaostorss.
’ zr, T. R, eg Chairman.
J, BANCROYT, By, BEE eat! Pa Chelrman,
. : . W, GHONBY, eq.
ae 1 Ee
* . . * 2 583, '

Transactions to SOK June, 1908,

bog th {biw who hes gons,— | cer KC, Dr C, ¥, Koox, snd MeM, | Tickets oa sale at HK. HL.
dig’! Gilt of oratory to & tolook with reepect apd gratitadeon bls | Leutaud. Al ng the route the and | Supply Store, Only 2 saul AC aR ee Hea
be eit Indeed it muy be eid | career, aod f we cannot hope to stteln to | played alternetely The Dead March in
Wi Unpage which aastpiced ti | foe Sk eetuphe Ths Gait vilsow [te tere big tee oe ITM PORTANT
ic w exaw) Youre Ww etervale «
sab preteages both of wit and | tise ae wank a Teopect a bla memory, se soleus ebentiog of fonerel ir; es
ag tae Eebes a ree | Iw rite SzooxD Cover, serous Si | Sowde fitlowel tha” processlua’ from —T0~
Ny Qtae BAD MERE), aicatr Gy on he guury of He | ee aeatiechauatemeeigwesgckareny | DBALERS AND CONSUMERS
r “ —_—
fry i ak es, 1 th Hanon , rosy sud vald—= May by please yout slowly wended its way ue following brands uf choavlates are

an the
, The sad news bas just reach on the funeral march. The pricata ia atten: ler sere aad bounded on the porth by leads of

ty, hag tes acamaelty feet Howe The sudden tua of His Urace the | ance were ithe Very Kev. Father Dowllog, eonninare ls i Te packages of 5 tab Faemee Davis, oe the south by tonde of the
lh i o eG oted in pay Anbblabyp his le vot the place for we 1 VG., Very Rev. Father Neville, Prioelpal Jota each tid ¢ aud on tha went a reset The Teta) Assareaies moved
We the myer any der to may Bey log Oita Uneee, aaslicine | of Be Marys, Calleres Very Her, Munslg: | pearbania Lf 1b packages uf s¥ otieke each | Iy afi cad slogaler Viet certain. piece OF Total Bonuses deviazed (60 y1yt BeremLar, 1909) os heads

a ‘ Sat 199; e ?, 7 Sams Bamaes cy +f,
a Stapnvaty cesdences and we great Vielaie Uut also see wan, Lat Cul eos, Casey, Desmond, Nee! aa, ant Peta b soe aoe " parva] of land sltaate ia St Herve Valley T Gils by Daw and Ragowneuts m
Vk puree aud while soother | Pibiok Leap sey shir, that bis dail will | deryeken, Juads, Alvins, O'ivilty.Devasté, he yoobiates are made from the best | prising ove qua:ree and bouadod on tbe ike Anuragee Fuad os to “

‘ place " due course ot le severely fol wt auly by Han Ghureh of Fosrelly, Lynde. Mebooell, Lacey. Patrick ured couca, a Urlal will eonvice you, beet by | ode of [esas Huggiaa, 00 the larviment eave Fuad =. a “ a

we ue tie bead, we! ed I b Ba A, . aaual lancome age

pees d aid cheslebed by welch Usiy ln ceucce! The Praetitioware | Leas, Mckiary aod Mare Jonph’ south by laods of the beire of Lerous. 90 ae

the east oy lands of Eis Staflurd und oo
the weet by laods of Joseph Marks sad
Fourshly A avd Slogular tbat certain

or | sitaste ia the La Pax Val-
Vey he ward of Laventille sloressit

Whow tee tas come io conteot, | fu this Court feel shut as a mek of Auwog where wo followed ia

Nat Surphae (ist Becomter, 2 -
es Mt creat, viess or aoy other | foliis Groce, tlie Court should be wore Lila Lucelleuey Sir Gilber Carter, Bont iL te

oon SES are declared, emeuet
the death of roany members has boon THE ULE tees al t Sack AeareengP a

urhitit ter cisyouiâ„¢ va alter TWO YEAHS, and aot aher THREE
are GA S00UT: Fettelee
CLAIMS FEDMITLY FALD ao paout of dents 0 Fos wert RA esrreader valng
THE FOLIO’ 16 ABLOLUTELY NONJORTEITABLE po loog na tay serreaiey
THINTERN (33) MONTHS allowed to sorive beca
five yours, oven sihaurh oll i sash valve aa on tear bes in late

pecely a Motus A a Pay abas, chobled
“ Aye Tee ve
Qo wAreey Sy orebade,

teed, aud they | ated ne t ak | K CM G., and Mz, Otho Carter, Privat few ia Ne | Charbus &,
. des yy sve Wal oy fl 7%. ir, vate ie

' Trenduin ey pe re, our Tocuat to be yaw suvugh Ww do 90. | teoretary, fir E, A. Northoova Kt, Chalet

mals fet ooeand ts | Lambe ae ana le Coot Ket Loa gp aout
ai eu Fe westant Bubop | TRAM Uy adjostus, te GM.G, Hoo. KU MeGanhy CLG,

Father Sh lato | atacirent Gauthier Sate dae tant | LOAN ON GOON TOK PROPERTY.
boas! uh seco the Ap

Welat wher ist aknougl fol vu 4 Aieh “te , Warser &-0. Hea, onsen {ou ‘“ .
tbedral tolled out to aympa | tebot ve weuy deys feivee 1 bed be ahi $2 wars Md. BLYAW Re
mange wih ihe ArshUbere | anredtacay hip lisbaajon elaned Hugh Eq, SIE Vet eae or
Toertap-ttitsen : Frias Bestvgen £84 be dugout | ial Nedocs, Dr. Lana Be Rogan’ Be ec

Portof Spele

Vhs sab


WE CATERIn#t matrniaii in


, AND 9 ] q

read, Meat,
Ice and Vegetables

We are always stovked with the latest in everything
- ‘ i aed -Paggith neon; » wm


Really high-class Goods at Moderate prices.



All sizes 10 Tenuis and Day “Aertex ’ CELLULAR SHIRTS,

ézA Complete


White Bristles, in Solid Leather Case Lhgh-class Gouds at
10. 126, aul 155 each,


Abey are absolatol new.

Atso a Splendid Assortment of TIES, RAZORS, Suavine SOAPS, &e.

~~ °


R KENEF—House No 9 Stanmore
‘Avenue, quite pear tv the Savagnsh,
ontaiming dsawivg aod dining rooms, 3
edrouteand dhensing room, suitable for «
anily , sewerage and electro light bu-
walled, Apply tod. A. Gowuunient, In
areof Gakuip .& ScHRERER, South
may. ee
OR KENT —Uottage, No. it. Have
i Juck Biieet (St Cla), seweraze and
lectrus ligne installed Apply to Bodical
fall. May 2tth,—2 whe, ‘

MOK RENE >" Shady Nook,’ Circular
q Road, tua Fernando. Arpy toh, 3,
fobwon, Han Fernando, May 7tn.

we a
WO LET —At Mono. from bet Sune 1907
y Grausauli Bay aod Laimoral Day

ipoly to PALL GRANSALIT, 7 Charlotte

eet Telephone Nu Ue) — sus May 1907


Of Interont To Tailors 1

We have juat received a govt variety of 4 Hole Self & Faney Coloured BUNE
BUTTONS $ Al oa compte Asortmeat of TRIIMINGS Suitable to the Trade

J. Glendinning & Go.




Ex Schr ‘Valkyrie’ from St Vincent

6 Do Do, LUNENBURG Do. ~Zwicker's


Mereet, containing Drewiay, Diaiog
tad 3 Bedruviue, Dressing tovas aol front
, Uabal CUbboUses, Hewerszo and
leer Light iuetatled. Wossesson Jeb

68 BPicadul, ireet containing
Wing, Piuing aud 3 Bedrovuse and

Rona! obihunede,

Xo'91 George Sureet, containing Liaw:
Dining, 3 Bedrvoma and teual out.
faves, suilabie furs ewall family.—Apply
Beary! Vieira, No. 20 Chacen bireet,
oMay qa 1907

5 ee
Hee KEN L—fid Woodtuid Street, one

‘pinute s walk from the Savanoali—
y occupied by J A. Gordon, Manager
Npva Neue Dann. it haw drawng aud
Ddedranusacd diessby roca, front
ad widg galleries bewerage wd electric
RUL Apply d Keate Street. —May, let. —
WWLET—Consge corer of Dunduoald
and New Stiegi, near (be Savsupah—
amt and healthy iovality — Acoommords-
jon for wmaulifiamly dever jaxl oo—
vercuson on Ie, June, of svoner by
amengement, Appl WW. Luv aLack
art tuuse, or Jv New Btreet.

‘T. . Ad, Frederick street,
| had L&T. store, 14, ot ete
ser pend on ahe street. Heat wnoderate.
wApply tabKEOU & vo),
pes RENT —No 108 Frodertek Btrevt,

A large aud comfyriable Louse evotalo-

* 900 Causes CONDENSED MILK—1 Ib tias
Ib ting — Milknasid


80» . =
60 HIf-Firkns

Deatto Mess s, Ve Live &

” "

bax ss. Sarstoom ”


200 Cases VERNOUTH—Vints—Noily Prat & Co.
400 Pusey PRICES CANDLES =50/40, 200j8s, 160/12.


og drawing and dining rooms, with four

edrooms, dresslog tuoms, frome yallery,

tables, seweregs aud electric light.

“ormerly oocupted the by Albert Muogot

sq. tres 3 Keate Bureet.—Apr

ne IY
OK RENT. - Mouse 03 Tragarote Road,
Hiectaig iiybt tustelied. 419 pec month,
ceseosion iat Mey. Ayely to Uharlea F.

seiaton Let Bee. At ted puree 25th Apnil 1007.
ipelt Tabs + Las,

Tuose 5. BILIOUS




® -eelfou we, 4 ere Biroet
i Biootrig Lizhs aud Beverage, stables
ad usuel vut Luutes, reok $3) per miuath,
wwediate lus | Apply ARLES
CPdvollmeyer’s uit», S Miclwond Strege,
April loth. —lu

"PORENT —Two lorge bedrooms, fur-

alshed oy wulain lied “iatbor with>
ab board.—Vieass apply, —Angto Amerl-
tan Hotel, 17, Kuga o11c0t __
fi NY = Hous 4 Lie Sucet, nea
Queen's Park bas asuah,—fasnbod
taulog disiug end drawing suse, 4
ue, oot vliices, front and side gel
blectrio Light aud sorwsege ia:
Malled« Pussesstuu ist Juze— Moderate
otal Apply ou prewen
OR” Ban i.—Keov House — do.
Yombroks Btrees—a large cool aod
somlortable house with 3 large bedsouuas
tad -dressin; aad

tooam, galleries
backd, slectsio ligees Apply 3 Kee
April 20th-- bn,


where an Antibilicus Medleine ts nog ‘red.

ae poss} ginignn 1 1p ¢ rina
Ww — was ee id so + iP
cvmtortable Louse with every eave | Porsous sulbering trum Habitual Constipation should take ons of these
picoee, elachria light tod vawerage, sila Bille at night twice weekly, aol a dmaght composed of Epeom aad
Bel iiend belavoe 2 Te Glaubor Salts, « 1 ofeach in bali a tumbler of water, the

morning following the Pill
rere terrae ee


K BALE.—Ne. 17, TizGerahd Lase,
Howse aud Land, 25) ft. fsontagé, aad
to the office of tis
er, LOT. f

For tale only at



Ex RMSj‘LaPlata’ from South’mpton Tr:


; | Gostivensss, Indigestion, Billous Headaohe, Torpld 2 var and In all ogeeg | Cerpet—Gcod valyesat ts yd. now 180.

19 1907




Mont useful and donveoient—
Preveats Tole gesting lost.

pades, Hos, Forks


Bargains | Bargains?


Orrict: , . . 18, CUACON STREET
m .
Roard of Management.

Hon. G, Goonwit!


k $ Winsox mu ingetog
J. A. Raresy, Esq. 8 ® WHLS, MATCHETS,


J. We McCarry, Haq, B
BAH. Sterngys, laa . °
A. Vasconcetion, Beq 9


A. F. Marunsos, Secretary i Crmepiin ian: eat et ee é = \, ; 6 Soke! weed
Amount insured to 30th B ws, Wier of Minto
a nt ou MLOCK LAKIN’ BAPL'ALNS | oes
aint Guaranteed 118,587 50 The greatert_ known reviver of wood.
Guaranteed Reserve Fatd 60,000 00 SKEOCH AND CO. _ atk loore and furciters

Juul Buy Thoaye Cheap at—


47 Marine Square.
Telephone 133,

dud Term 1907 Commencing May a2,
Monday Hogi-iing 37th. ~Limenck Lace at
4pm. Spanivh (Cegianers) 7 p.m. Types

writing (advanced) 7 pm,
Tyseley — Hegipuing ait —Dress-meking at

Trinidad Building and
Loan Association,
Office — 18, Chacon St.

FI\UE two balf yoarly dividends of 4%

each, declared by the Board of Directors
for Webs of Juve aod 31let of December lest,
baving Leow aanctioned by the Shareholders
at the Annual Gederal Moctwg beld on
the 10h instant, Membera whowe Shares
have matared aod whose Mortgages are
ow released by meana of ther matared
Shares, vee bereby tovited to apply to the
underaigned, at the Ottice of the Association
for any cash balances to which they msy
be entitied jo, virtue of tbe aforesaid





ALEX, F. MATEISON wat istefoneduate) at 7epn The
Souretary Treasurer, Sen { eemerhet a's a PS ortho
Port-of Spain, (beginner Nu tClassat6om Sort

March Zotb, 1907, band (uegiiners) No 2 Clase at 7 pm
Choral sevtiog af 8 65 pn,

Wedoesday. Beginuidg vaod.—Book keeplog
‘beganers} at 7p 0. Shorthand {advanced}
atG pa Saurhaud (:ntermedisis) a


Price Utkers and Bargain Givere,


Have secured GOLD MEDAIS of the highest awards wherever they have been

A. E. Estebrooke, D.D.S8.

No. 4, Sackville Street,
Oppésita the Police Barracks. -

UR SALE OR RENT,—Lucknow Cot-

tage, St. Janes, the resulence of Dr.
Farnum, posession let Say 1007, It ts
beautifully situated faciog the Gasrizon
Avenne, Contains asual rooms for large
family 16 Drawing room, dining room, 4
bedrvoms with dressing roome attached.
Cut vtlices, stabliog for ¢ horses, Uaa ba
tented with or without guinea . grane piece
at back, The Jand can be had on a lon;
Tease by purchaser. Apply at Post office vex
duor fur keys and to Mr, Gambal, Crown
Landa Department for all particulars.

Prous LE OR RENT --"Mikes Manor
107 Bt Vincent Btree A family residence

7PM, Preach (advauced) at 7 pun,
Thursday, Beginning egrd —=Art Necdiewse §
at gand gpm breach (beginoess) ate
Pm. Spentli(advanced}at 7am Type
whiting (begioners) at 7p = Orchestral
Friday. Depiraleg sist Englth Compoust,
Js jomlog 31d ~—! poutlo,,
at 7 pm Sk keeping (a ivanced) at

Saturday, Begiaulny ath. <= Agricultural
Sisoce at § pms


Gulf Steamare Arrangements —


ith fence, Croquet lawn and F exhibited, Theooly CIGABN and CIGARETIES awarded a curti * Af,
besutifal Gower gurdea edtoniog house. | at the Jamaica Loternatiooal Exbibition, 3891 “we . foate of honour WAlt Monday 20th May L007—Tha deaal
Sewerage and electric liy'it, large yard Machado’s Crgara and Cigarettes are for smokers of caltare and discernin | Mosdey servic will not be carried ont,

and stabliog accotumodation fur four aal- butaapecial Excursion trip will be reas

taste. Unique in quelity tad aroma.
mals, Carriagehours &c, &c Possession The orkmanabip. and Blending of MACHADO 8 CIGARS esme tines aud stations as ou Wednesleya
hid farth icut : 1 AND f cfpreseng iticerary, Toe steamer will |
sin rihaal Be Maillard ee’ Tbe Cosy | CIGARETTES caan.t be ercalled or equalled av 9.80 eam, aud will return etatonte

Store." April 24th Im.

B.& 2B
‘ SAL,’ Estabtab: 5
86 and 68 Tee at Btroay pi tare.


po. convectlog with Sen Ferasndo and
Arima Using both ways.

Return Tickets both classes insned at
eiogie fares available for the dey only,

diuceday aiet Muy 1W07.-A special
steamer will ve tua lvsving town at 4 @ By
aod retaroing at aout 8 SY an, calling ay
tang stations and tines a ou Moudey
moraings service of the present itloerary,

Aridty JAA May UTA special

am _ Disaster.


en OLL Been ener
IN CHARLOTTE ST: aot Tul el satiate ath way

Opposite the Risiku BLT Dar
Many killed and a Lot Injured)

Y Deer Meader, all the killed aod io
Jered ja phils ditaster were ovly—

Ladies Heady to Wear Hats= Prices ley

Heuro inkets, Cain sad Steer
fasved for this

trip at slogle fares, evall-
able for thy day ouly.

The stoames will leave at @ p.ta* the
same afternvon (24th) fur Chsschacarg
peraruing to towa co Hatarday With ag
[5 ac,



t0GJ, now 13c . Wt SAUNDERS.
Tals tess Mettons—Glood valucat te The Milk can ONLY bo bad Merbour Masts Ofeq Arbon Masia,
BOOTS & SHOES |& 3 OW DEIPwrwasr

(Swin make at Factory peony 98 sLENRY 3TREET NUTICK,
Hermceniee gims| And Brom Our VANS [pt teins anes wee
1 oe ind Se ice du and an no ST ADM Dhiliwtn NNN eta wheel on co eed : ve

w ents Tf fy iw q a Lt e wolusive

Alligator Villsge Streve ta th
Howl Union, tn order that « bridge puay

ad Com M Guxpos,
Aviiag Colonial Beueury

Felt Late, pce on. to 104, Dow only ts, !

Neithor can my prices for Goid Chaics Watches, Gold Banglea and
Wodding Rings, if yod take quality into consideration,

Cot Pants or Salis




Palo Glesace at 2c. 5 Fancy ove at 8c, LE
THis GREAT BALE 18 FOR ANE cntae ws "Wag HerkmlSp Sb God 8 NOTE Js berks gives tan Roadee,
ONE WELK ONLY: gusan oa represen bearetery's Uttiog wovs of Batarday

hath, Mey ldv7, lar #44 Coder loge, wore
Of Let, measer: Sppronina ates
eable feat. The alerts eipected tsar

Sale wuvie on Monday the 19th at 8. DREYFUS

28 Fredenck Street,

rive at Port of Byala deri .
No. 20 Chartotte St, re = pi west hs taba” ca the whart oe ne
Trt Dasoan Srexes| GOCOANUTS!I COCOANUTS! Tenet, Cadas gee” ary ER
Al tl ile la cl dt Gee Bee ‘ton tee le

Money WE are buyers of all sors of Uoousuu:s at BEST HARKRDPRICES | treet tee bigboot oe any tender, '

A Nera ot fovea ret oun 68 SPECIAL FULL WIVES for nuts beluw “ otpudard” grade, WML GORDON
TRINIDAD LOA OO ta Fredesed | Tueybane bap TRINIDAD OL WORKS Oral eecac Coealel Searviargy

Decees. Nhe Grreehy e a ‘ re Qilker,

& a ee

lasgow aa) Limite

~ BOD, ORR exc. 52,40.

- . * a

: . . . ( wae OS to $1.50 Yard Baack SERGES we 48 conte t
jAn excellent Atsortment of Latest Styles in GEN'I’S FINE FOOTWEAR. Buscx casnitene seus to $1.50 Ye Seni to A100 Ye
‘TRE COMMONWEALTH, CREAM UF ALL, HIGH LIFE TONEY, SNOW, METROPOLITAN & TOP ROUND,“ |. Brack WOOL VOILES ... 20 cents tov 100 Yard Brack ALPAOAS... 24 # cons to 84 nl

Buick SILK VOILES ... 48 centsto 1.80 Yard Buacx NUNS’ VEILING 2 20 cents to 86 ¢9
BLACK FIGURED MAEERIALS—2% cents to 1.80 per yard,

Crepes, Bright and Dull Finish—all. Prices,

- GENES Boots AND SEOortrsS

' All prices, from 96 cente to $500 Pair.

Gibson Tie Shoe laces,

7 ~ Sugar Industry In the teeward , TRINIDAD.

Is! lands, 1a the Supreme Oourt of Trinkled
gnegaontx, | oaturday, May 18th,

An 2.
Tre following 1" “eatracted from the Latter IL No, 7 of No. 190%.
xX Writ 8EIT.xX.

“Aaoual Colonial Report" onthe Lee- | Aties Maud Mary tier Ilerrieg and Joba


This constitules the rineipal ijndus- | The Brewery Company, J Ltd.—Defendants,
try of Actigna and St Kitta; in Nevia
pub: Notice is hereby wives that by
AE $4.00.
Call and See them in’ my Window.

and Monteerrat the industry 3 isina de
an order of His Mouour Mr. Justice


39D AR, | 728, Dfarine Bqumare,

We have pust opened up a large mee of

cadent condition. In Antigua, owing to
drovght,.the crop was emeil + Bt Rats bwan mado hereia on the Gth day of May,

was put, however, #0 severely affected, ; 1007, there will be pat for sate before t <
Tbe aversge annual export of sugar of a doors pl tbe Court bx ure in the orl
Antigua and St Kitts is about the same, : fe, LOT) between thy how y



- Please compare our prices and the quality of the Goods and we wn on
Sound, Wall Square Lega of your patronage.

— AND = - VW

FOR SALE established ssac.

Head Office Edinburgh, Scotland

“In Antigua the central factories at | %J8N¢ 197, between the hours of I and


Roued operations, ‘Thee institutions | pafet ig Sr euas eth yee ot
My Bt

are bound by the ec ntract ander which ing the Northera portion of the land

they received Imperial grants to assist ' conveyed by Royal Grant, dated the 6th

1a their conatruction, to purchase, if , day Totti? Is74, (No, 1,205 of 1873)

tendered, peasants’ canes tothe amount , having 227 feet and 10 inches on the

of 1,500 tous per dnourm in the case of | ota boundary line ; 223 feet on the
Bouthern boundar: ine; 163 feet ab

Beoda’s, and 4,000 tons per annum in hecn boundary 1 S feet and 2

the case of Guothorpe's, The prices { inches on the Eastern boundary Nae. aed

Paid vary on a shding scale with the boundry line, aad abutting on the Nutth
market price of grey crystal eugaf, aad upoa ands, bow or latelg of the Town
inno caso cac it fall below 7s Gd per Commissioners, on the South upon s parcel
ton of cane. ‘The effect of thishas been | of juod sold to Her Jate Majesty the
considerably to increase the area culti: | Queen for the purpose of @ Rabe atreet, on
vated by pessant farmers, the East on the prolongation of Piccadilly
Experimental cultivation of sugar: | Street, and on the West onthe baok af
cave bas been continued under the aus | the 8t. Ann's River,
pices cf the Imperial Department of | 2 All and Siogular the several chattels



wat ATERMAN â„¢"siituesig"â„¢

Xwoederiolk: Strect. Agneculture in Antigua and St Kitt's, | aod things epecitoslly dencribed in the ° ANuuAL Revenvg Excerps_, ~ we £1 475,000,
ante ee ee The otyect of there experiments 1a to | Schedule to = Deed, dated the 2st Nov- 7 Invesizp Funos Excerp ~ ~ weno
sscertain, by enltivation of a number of | ember, 1905. (registered in theothes of the 3100 Boxee HERRINGS Bunvsss DECLARED 400,000
varieties of seedling canes, which caces | Meolstrer verso, ge No.8, Ar4 of Deedes | "18 Cases C, BODAS—3 Ibe. Craps Pup ” we 93,000,039
BROS, & V. GONTARD. [ies Scio ss sii | ef Seto sa sa bacre it | Ge GSOURSE Phone oe Fa a
1 @ | the yield of sugar per acre, and at the | staud Mery Harriss, Sno ot” the above. | 35 Ba, TS ERATE KATE. ABSOLUTE secinity
: sat bet Thc panna | a ly Str | EE ARB nwa t oa op no pr
¢ effect of theea experiment: e on securit: to iF on!
L0SHENRY STREE1, PORT-OF-SPAIN to eradicate cae du hte) Inthe Leeward inthe ecedin se eqratheteol mat STOR * sender valae at 5 per cont interes 7 Of Pouotet OP Pe
slands to a large exten anuri this Oth day of May, 67 Bags SPLIT PEAS-—210 Ibe. +
é mye : 1 h experiments are Rlso condueted with ‘ [> (Sad i ERNEST L eke, se Bags SE Lit PE AS = 210 Ibe, suatintty ipcorics to home rates daring visita to Baws cy
€ Solicits Orders for Execution t 1roug view tu aevertain the maourial require Deputy Hegutrar. % Baga FASHION FLOUR , PROPOSALS ACCEPTED tndies ra
ments of the sugar cane Ja wl thera | DEPUTY MARSHALS'S OFFICE, ~ 2% Bele Bakers’ ¥. LOUR— Kent on€ reference to Head Ofice. and Policies [asued in the West
Rar experiment vtations 19 lich May 1g07. 34/2 Boxes ~ .
Antigua, and nioe in St Kitts, th : =] 28 1 CLAIMS PAID immediately on proot of death and retthar
: - Wessels, Kulenkampff and Co. rela chtsoed are followed with keen oer wy Juris ico San Fotanata #0 Kens Me tend tone fa any of the Company a Asencio. tes Yas
. oterest by planters. Of 2905 aaks POLLOUK—4s0lbs, on which age is adtaltted aro unchallongable after
pene STATE | hem DSpiane | RATAN Ton G. BROCE AUSTIN
ext door to. to Mesers. Sith Bro & Matadeen and Sytla—Delondaats ‘an Q nen .
q Co, Hi ey Priaces Town, lately a
BENEKENDOREF: BERGER AND C0. ogee p! Gr Donave and ‘ined as z Noarice ta hereby y given Chat there will_be ° WE WANT ‘
* ww. iat 0 He W etore. ious moderate, For \ potep for sale balere the dooce ot this Offioa T GEADES GRANT
wD > ee particula: a
mo ° Clean, noes Towne ay Neth tuhe Ot anda, on Gay of Blay. 1507 Wen, . g YOUR PATRONAGE.
Both Commission Merchants — jiswoyp as tomy | srnmetetigante, Stlevacd | 8) BROADWAY, | wie
0 aes The Regutry at torvol Speier Woo ties and sandioyoa acds ct JSrdco Hil | 30th April, 1907. ave we Kaow we can give yoa thorough satisfaction la al ofthe
latry at Vort-of Spais, taate inthe Ward of Savanna Urande; One
- ALSO —- Tn the Sha t the Ea °
. Wieistte de Verte late at the Masia by Gur Wheels and ‘aed ed ooo Cart A wor ‘we TRINIDAD car riages, Vans, Carts, Re. Built to orden
11 kinds of produce for svles and returoa by their above Now Ted aaa, (he Toland of vied upod in tLe above : —
Gersiaarnente ot eae, The forwarding mill bo attended to free of charge except Chie Nore 1s Vere given that ne ee ta BALE FOI OF MAY, TRE séru DAY RUBBER rynee RENEWED aul REPAIRER eae aad Mules Bhod fs
actual out of pocket expeases. eaten bas beoo made to ee STARSHIAL'S OFFICL, reliable manner and every description of Hlsckamith work executed. a2
& ie ride Vertout tot Jone? Abad both MARSHAL! bee Gite p BLIC NOTICE is pereby givea NNER
———s o ward o Leer, ¥ . te
Geant of Pesta or tes mar emess | Inthe Supreme Courh baamaty” |inig Sates ions coat ace |Tho Gittens Carrlage & Shoolng

Tevtamond dated the ?2nd March 1007 of dum of Mortgage No. 23, detet the a

Ex ss. “Orinoco”

No. 337 ot out ‘ tf
a pet Goan ical late ot the & 937 of Lavy tween a Fumeadteteod there wil Mal hone. No. No ee £5. TRAGARETR RosDES 3
od who died on Oth day of Apri A. 1907 ee Bios & Oo, —Plaintitle put up for sale b 7 the nodersigned at thelr s TOE
ieee Geist | Gop uietiny pum, |Hootraerercase rasaean tA Charming Residencg,| NO2LOH. .3
FROM HALIFAX, DrAbediebeteg the Exeoutorssea Trertoe stupor wis by patio auction [asitwopin nen 8 eC iog rolenoe k A SEASIDE & “HEALTH ok
named in tbe Will of the ssid Marcle atthe oe, arehal s ‘Auction Mart, No 3¢ St Allthas parcel of land situate In the T ** Woodoot” siuuate in one of the facet

‘letoure da Verteuil. Vincent Street, Sort-of Spain, on Saturday
the lstdsy of Jace 1007 at 32 o'clock,

inlodged voore ihesrpravon of veastgs | Boas Abt ib tite. and Lateret of he
eight ee from the dats of the publication defendast on 4 Wooden Tenement covered

ward of Savana Grande South compriein of St. Clai M RS, WARBY “VINCENT in .
{an acres ove rond and thirty-five porch be Ueorye Grell it to walpe Piekee arate to ploased to received tare as beort
bethe same moreor Jess delineated and | JOS. ELL, Commission and House | 818 8G ber residence, ) te
with the abuttals and boundaries thereul Ageet, a Queee street. Gesparee, (opposite the Fint ai)


25 Drums Extra Large CODFISH—" Halifax!"

2 "4 ke ” ht f with galvanized iron together with a ebed | shewn Inthe plan d tb, 08
” ° Los port — Probate oct at tuatd © it} proceed bo isan Covered with jeivaniaed” fron, stsndin grant in volnbe LXEV Totfopr and boa bound. NA Casa Uermecn se Ere Man flag, bowls og ua oe
6 Ti M dtu y ; 80 ofrece Ba venta
exces ” edium , " Joseph” ba lands of Mandal Peters a Succes ed on the north by rome land and by a le Hermosa casa, ismeda .Woodcot* . Special arrangements can
10 Boxes ” Large » ~ » . Dated mAbs ey ot ert AD. 3907. loge in 6 Nard Ob Laver ul Ie ar food Tonerved bet ke wide, on the wath situeds on tna de Jaa mag Dellaslonatidsdes femilies, or children daring ser
8 Small Drums » etta Ibs. “Kentuhe CURMENTP LIGOURE, [| tf lente a teenie ta | as srge Gell ahora ccapade por el etfor | ay Foe [etentr ee odenck Bday 8
4 Tierces HADDOCK Deputy Marebel. wot pce Atty links wide end on du the NTOHELL, Agents Nov of Oeted enone, | letter to Bir. ViNCEST. i
8 Tierces PO LOCK. —nnnncomns 1 TRINIDAD ANI TOBAQQ. rtenadons thereto a in ‘
1 Tieree CUSK HIN AP beserranatout ta the matttbtSaprens Coon \ "Dated bide day of Apel, toohke © | TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.
y Barrels SPLIE HERQING. Towne mete, RIMS Pervaipain |e Welding ite ot ihe Lewd ot foe a W 8 RUBEPTION & ta the matter ofaae Been Soae Fol af
8/2 Barrels ,, " Beas t Trnkdad~= Dens Port of-Spals, ia in inthe Laland of Trinidad, deceased. Ue Oe de de Leon late of Blanchisseuse io the le. , | tg
pone sgtict case ae ae teed fit tty Oana in ay Ell (Ic
—_ ALLO. ~ a CE 1 busty give that Toland ae i > Dart iv Manetar'e Orns BLIC Notice is he hereby Even Uhataa
Fugecy Permaté ot the town of 7a woe Port ot-Shale in the Isla of Trinidad for Osh May, 1907 fon. 1p ree ea bas bon mad de to me by
r aie Dovenieh of tha Ward of Mostesrrat sed | a Grant of Probate of ‘the Will beating | lathe Bopreme Geert of Trinidad and chiesense in the teland of Til t sient Blane
ARRELS PO PATOES, | peters titan Mean Sad sch | pay stg Sek OL Sena Tete a Yarannde, | Uiehg Hrobale of th «|Band * 1 x Concert
Bonin taro firaat of wrobate of the eat ill Hosrmine na gia of she eeld Towa Pe ae resent For the Mth day of Febs beet esc oy tia an ti
in, wi on Un
eee eee are dts eG | Matty wy, [Ean eeind| | FOUR ROADEL,
. qu; oi a ovenber
Se mat bed raid Seng Hart atrcdn « Use whe Hirest is eee eee eee Alexander Coakbura flops oe) fs death a fired place ot abole’ ia the asit DLAYD Aalst, ’
maerors rd Leu Deveoi se ar Jee Gases i { Gorey ying tbe vale Executor named ta Tomes Oorble—Letendant, Adem staing the Eeecuttig named ia the
Cue tut
W, STEDMAN ARGHER, 'SeeS3eseee ne! ces once, one | Nominate oatanes Me Mont poet
j hes ais tee Ma's “ee at twenty ight en ain da: eye reese aaa ot areal Yell me Beran gto eee e vara Aa gee < ath us ‘eb °° teh
F were., procesd ta ‘one late Pecceed ls Botloe the Ay tue eal lication of th’ 41
South Quay. Eid erg ies Lado Co | Peeing] wet vate etal WH | 7s Oo Tha ed oo | Eve re prota othe wld Wil | to nctaenta te tos em 4
\"" Heued os ae ae day of Para bare Intad nih giv pl Mes OAM, TY evenany Dated tite Heb day of {Mey yee people who wll Mettend toe NG,
. . .
; tgth May, 1yo7. Mighoa ifSyraon, epaly Ms nha, (By) T. Hee 4 p HAR
f C


SMITH BROS: & Co. The Bonanza, SMITH BROS, & C

Just Opéned a large stock of GENT'S UMBRELLAS, with Tubo or Wooden Poles in Zanilla and Silk, from 60 cents to $3.00 each.
Gent's Kangaroo Calf Lace Boots, WEDDING DRESSES. JUST OPINED. — |-Paterproof Cloaks, Waterprouf Cloaks.

Medium~Toe, Good Strong Soles, saitable for wet weather




8c to $1.20

to $1.68.

“ wearing—"OUR MOTOR"—10/- per peir. Always buy New W.P. Cloaks. Wi to e
GENTS ENGLISH HOX CALE tace'er' Deroy Doors | Faralt, Ceratiom=tt tec wide. ate regan | FANCY PRINTS, 4 conts é& 5 conts. stipasatsjout da time for the Ttuley Wersta, Dont delay.
; Leather Lined, Welted Soles, fivs ficish, tuitacle for acy White Bilk Volliene 20 Tacrataches wide Bs Por gerd INpIOO BLUE Prl sein, widthote & 60 Come of write at once, alt, rces are as usual withia
LADIES cHAMAGNE COLOUR GIB30N TIESHOE3— Woiee Su Bitipe French Vols 0 inches. 7 ance par vard FANCY PONGER PRINTS—B conte vt cat MORE, TRHAKI BUITS for Boys and Sea, New Makes

a pait, ce White edd neh ete. GAMBHIC PRINTS ~40. & Se. Splend to en aden,
i" Laples Sitsragne, COLOUR GIDSON TE BLOES— Fine White Fiza Alpaca ache vite Sega Forder PINK PRINT. for Darvieg DiesecO crete onre ,| MENS STRIPED CRASH 8B. SACS end TROUSERS—
. ecla — . +. ints— 0

8 White BUk Crepe de Chine 44 aches wide, bie per ard Black & Grey Pinte Go, | Chocolate & Yellow Trintese, *{ eng NAVY SERGE S DB SAQ8 asd TROUSERS—at

GINGA" & MISSES Champagne Calour Gibeon “fle BROES—

Cream 811k Crepe de Chine—44 inches wide s+» 400, por yard giiats Eriota and many others oe Gaabre.
Cream Silke Crepe de Chine—44 inches wide .. . 480, per yard
A¥hite Bilk Bpot Point ds Eepere—42 iochea wide .. 900 per yard
1.60 per yard

Shictiogs, Mourniogs, Furniture & Cambrio~Priats 8 cents $216, $3 00 and up,
Pongres ort Painted Delaioes & Muslin at Scente ° buy oun PYJAMA BUITS at 72 cents,

Purple Printe— Big assortment from 6 centa to & cents

ig avd 6/6 Ne pale /
LADIES' & GENTS Whole RUBBER HEELS—t%e per pair


Ge1§-01 sjuom of Moy SLYIHS LAN ALIA


Bal White Embd, Spot Polos de Ei
4 a a pot otas de Espere—104 iachea wide $ ¥ ; .
White Figured Uhifioa—44 Inches wide ” $1.60 per yard Fancy Printed Musiios, 4 cente to 10 cents G P ALL
7 C9 7 1 White Bile seers ber y' Uoloured Piqué Prints avd Brocsdes, 6 ceate enuine anama AUS, az
id a] GENTS DEPARTMENT. Waite Balin a2 inches wide wide soy Me pervard See our REDUCED PRINTS—tman 13 centa to 8 cente el
‘4 Fatin— aches wide . , . a» 400, por yard SE SNE ON —————————————————
On Gent's Striped Ceylon Shirts, | orentalssiamsiede wi ve 7 ce 8 Par Far —_———— 3
. Jatin Morve—20iochee wide.” |.) 7. Gee per yard «« ereek of ; r@ | OUR BENTWOOD FURNITURE NOW OPERED
(SAPMOXCAX,,) White Figured Fongee Silk—20 inchee wide -. <". ang peryatd | For this week oily—Five Hole BONANZA COOKING ' uP
8 With hable Durable Collars = White Figared Glace Sitk20 incbeawide = :. — .. 600, per yaed STOVES—$7.95. Cons‘ating of Ka kert, Couches, Sofis, Tables d Chairs, , P
Detac’ ja Collara—$1.00 to $1,548. White Bille Ta ffetation—20 inches wile. Ac, por t y
Py ow . White Jap. Silk—Embroidered 8pote—24 im. wid 0” 600, ber Sand | A Complete Assortment of KITCHEN UTENSILS always ia | CURTAIN POLES and FITTINGS—all Lengths, n
fa fq | CENTS’ WHITE MERCERISED TWILL SUIRTS with and | Pain Wolte Gteco Suk-2i laches wide” io" giap her teu stock BROOMS, BRUSHES and MOUS, FOUR MORE of our AMERICAN WALNUT WARDROBES. | "OD
HO QENTST NDERWEA Rol eveey donrlotlon Cotton, Silk & Wool White Silk Fosse OR ee roche wide = «= «+ 968, por yard sé ” Rafe bipmest of STRAW. BLINDS © doe x 4Sina, x 601 g
Gd co | Nesrsclingsteettend pone te pc w Dnton, ail: & Wool ° jouncing—32 facbes wide... | «= $1.00 per yard TeV El Ee A. A Nice Atsortmant PICTURE BRACKETS, Glas & Moadiga: ” =.
. ab 72 ceote per yard. : .
pd { ed WASHABLE WATER PAINT—AN Rianos!t Fianos!! Fiannowmw!!?
vad A yun erock oF White China Silk—Embroldered., Anh "DISINFECTANT —Detroys, Vermin, ‘without eel MUSIC. MUSIC. MUSIC. 3
: and Dries quickly, various s\ 0 ae! rom.
a a . . : S NZ NGS i i .
© © | Gent's 1183, COLLARS, CUPFS SOOKS, BRADES & BELTS, | 24 ins. wide, from $1.00 to $2.00 peryard. | SRIRAM MS actors SN} OANATARY FITTINGS | Repairing and Tustoe deni ta Bpproved Paria, renee Sold | &




RDERS booked for epps
obtained from ton years old


Rubber trees growing at ‘Ravine
Sable. Crop expectad to bogin
September next.

A few hundred young PLANTS


contended thet Russia waa ruled by | anoually, a i
tmenty mion Cears aha cpaipalsonly : i + Aloo, presuming that la the
taught thea Mussulmecs the Russian; plantations of Para Tub!
language, thus bindering the Mussul | cent. and that the Belicg Pare ee

— ———_—_——
Douma by patting up a spokesman who | will produce £5,000 tons of Para rubber

aneduacation. Aftera quarter of aa | coatiaues to iacrease at th: {
four's pandemomium several Doumattes | cent, per aonum, thera will be ee |

future there ia a yearly increase of



cer ate tence ere | ELLIS GRELL AND CO.

were auspended and ejected and the ses- ¢ increase in the product:
sion ended peading the consideration at | of only about 5 per weet Papg imbber
futher puoishment on Monday, duction of Ceara rabber may be greatly
Ottawa, May 1Atb. increased 19 Brazil aod the plantations
Canada will entertain Prisce Fusbimt | of thia rubber ia East Africa may be
the eame asa British Prince,and ba will | much extended. The Production of

' Allow wwe Ip Give *Oe eee Berta Aree in bamboos for sale now. be the guest of the Domioion from his | Castillon rubber in Mexico and Central
TD IREPARE YOUR PLANS. ‘ J. N. HARRIMAN & CO. arrival at Quebec on June 7th until big | America can only be {ocreased alow!

b aexns Cax. ELOISE . , ———_— = espe ti Maia Motion Glo, sme, The ent of the tabout

ISBtIz2H THOrtr 23. == = = | ral,the Hon, William Mortimer Clar ifficulties, Th .

Lg ao — LATEST TELEGRAMS. Lieut, Governor of Ontarin, Sir Louis f Production of Fut

ona rubber io Africa may well be grea
extended, whilst tbat ot the wild area
can hardly increase much on account of
the destruction of moat wild rubber
vines and trees, dleepite ordera to tha = “4
contrary. Asia aad Africa, especially

the former, bave & great advantage over

America in the production of rubber by a
reason of their cheap and good Jabour 4

Jette, Lieut Governor of Quebec, and
Bir Daniet MeMillan, Taeut, Governor
of Manitoba will be his hosts succes

if .
Befors purcaasimg property inst on fuving the entire Sewerage
b r J "System SMOKE 7ESTED, ee


Hour work is under the direct supervision of a Registered
Retary Plumber from Eutopo. - ¢ CEDEAP.

(Bv WL, h Panama Tirgraph Company,

London, May 18tb,
Ata meeting of the Dublin Corpora:
tion a resolution was adopted that Me
Birrel’s Irish Bill {is obooxious, as it io

dea the power of British representa-
tives ia Ireland, contains many pitfalls,
aod 15 adopted to icreate dissensions
sDuniog the debate much disorder pre-
vailed, and some persons were ejected
for declaring the meeting to be fr xdu-


Lancashire Insurance Co



sively, besides other eminent citizens and
the ceremooial observed with guaids,
ete., will be the ssmeas when Prince
Arthur of Connaught was hers. Canada's
desire for Onental trade and the chance
that Proce Fushimi may-sometiae be-
come Mikado makes the tour an hupor-
tact one

supply. So wa may etpect t
instead of ‘America. leading the tuna
World's snarket fa rubber uction G}
tds! rita wi
Mee probably retala the
weco! ————-. 4

The Trinidad Shipping and Trading Co, Ltd.} sO =pomes Baseterre, Gusdeloupe 16th
ee ren} Ktalien cruiser Freramosca arrived

‘A. Bimla telegram reports tbat in | &49 pm 17th,

37, 7 Vos 7 see y ————=—_—_—_—
RINIDAD LINE OF STEAMERS. funds Excood ... £12000,009 | 4 Simla telegram reports that ia Grevada, 18th. Constabulary Band.
. ——I—_—_- anure . weeks have numbered 451,892 ILM.S. Iodefatigable arrived here 6 —
Yroponred Sailing Dates, 2907 NSURANCES effected against lous Sad, pm, 16th, ‘Tnx following Progra
a i p Adeapatch from (Calcutta states that wore rogramme wll be plays
‘Leave Arriwe orn Ares awa oc damage by Fi oh on Buildings the Hindus are boycotting British ———SSe od 90 Sunday Y the Copstabulacy Bact
- Stesiner, New York Trevlad Tr aa eh, New Yor . contents of Warehouses, Offices, | roots, but the Mohammedans {refuse to | World® Production of Rubber, | titer sctiog Bandmaster Ettiot, — a
* nesawa” Aprl 13 Apol re] My ob ., Bay 9 (OF EXTRA QUALITY) Bhop and Btore Premises and Private co-operate, hence there ie much bitter- — Orertuze The Cossack. o- Rimmer
Pee w ears? Apel mi Mey i Ma, 3 ws aay 3 Dwellings at moderate prices esa between them. Trade aod fermion To the Trehenpfanser, for February Busg The chy at Leki o“ Hosstal
* MARSVAL” ay : 7” ‘ oo ye bindered, an 6 jute crop is endaa- | 1907, Professor Warburg discusses the | Selectbu . .. Nelly Neil. | ~
* Unevapa” May = 13 Moy 2 dane 5 a June 13 ded © | gere: ruduction of rubber througbout the | Noct Sloclea da} te
fe 0 AB tCag, quae i dane iu ” Sane Ww ae wane " Now boing Lan PROMPT AND ee & BAiibe Ceatal Criminal Court one of wots vibe following is a rot rene + Lea Clochea da vo weig .
& . “ ° ” . . = v . the West Ham guerdiaos and ao official eo total production of ru t bes ‘avlasia . fi 7
ha PERNADAT Jue aH ie “ ay 4H a Aus " : Ex Schn. “Antonta” at \ of the Workhouse flafinnery bave been | risen fairly steadily from about 43,400 4 Meroe coneuan
wp eaoas ay a Jay, aul 30 aoe nL M . Of Lonmen, acquitted, but ol ite pther accused tous io 1860 00 to 68,000 tons ia t % 6 =
“on ” 6 . . ue . Be argarita. AYO o conric of bribery ac the coneamption bas more than kept ae tee
Geesava” Duly as Aug Ave Afargarit sentenced to various terms of imprison: pac with the au oo ae Band Gonoert at Four Roads, -

Aggntar Mach more these half of the total

world’s production of 1906 G was due to
Awerica, namely about 42,800 tous,
Nearly all of this originated in Bean,
which produced 41,000 tone, including
rubber exported aloog the Amazon from
Dolivia eed Pera. Other South Ameri.
can States totel aboat 1,200 tons of

meot renging from 6 months to 3 years:
doatice bir Arthur Jelf characterized
auch practices as a curse to the Bounty

aod he feared the poople were losing
their bold upon what was best in cine

"The pew battleships “ Temersize” aod
“ Delleropuoo" will bave « battery of

eee eevee

_ rman nO RENADA . TE following programme will be played

both say 'y the Constabulary Band at Fuur Roads

ould] on Tuesday night i— .

March ¢ -Dalhousle a Cook
Lancers .. . Arry and’ Arrist |. Crook
Valse, 4... Amy + 4 Waldtenfel 4
Selection... TheChieftaln... Sullivan 4
Two Step . ..The Giggler. aices

- Apmiy te | SUITE. BROTHERS & C0,
LIME F. A.Skeete.&Co, fhe Bonanktn,
3 i Dort-of Bpatn®

WEIN EEIEL V.XIKLEI—(Frosh haod pickod) for Tempertag parposcs. .
x 62 South Quay, d-tveh quick firers for torpedo repulee | rubber, Bolivia producing 1,100 tous, | Serensde .. “Andal .
WDM TXDLE—For Maourisl purposes — ___52 South Q J inetead of the “Dreadnought” twelve- | the greater part of whic, Bowaree ae Caprice The Whistler and hie Deg eye
ESWAAIOKING KE DEEI—All of the best quality, aud the chespmt_on A HEW TABLE WATER ‘ erie ner. euported through Brat! Central ee
therearkets | e f} i Gittens MD 7 7. Mr Gladstone, the Lome ecretar America exported about 400 tons, of Victoria Institute.
The Teapor Lina msoalectared by uyad ot Liana Kilo at Lavogtdle is MUCIT |, Used. by the .Kiog and the Royal o sete ’ og oo | adviacd Sis Mojesty to pardon MeKdagfi | which Nicaragua produced 250 font,
CHEAVER aul baa desu vrovel by losliag Analysts ia the Wee Lotertva bo FAK]. «= Fessliy. Puneite faoce Wate. Mur eon Dentist the Burmiogbam lawyer, who was sea- | Costa Hica 70 toon, Guatemala 60 toos| In view of the approachlag Concert,

SUPERIOR to the best Bristol Lio ‘The test Table Water to beyhad, It

PRICES ON APPLICATION, arava Mawr Tt | Corer 7 Quan and Aberromhe Sirot

tenced to penal aecvitude for mutilating

Papama 16 tons, and Hlonduray § to
Nenoed to prnal se pritude for murilueg a na, } ras oe. | menbers of the Choral Hection are reqaasi-

Mexico's rubber prodaction amounted | ed

Testimonials From nll Quarters. chere and Sir Conan Doyle, bave ijater- | to more than 150 to 200 tone. Qlet Lnatant at ¥15
oux AGENTS, OST UP Tu BATE sfethuds snd ested themselves, Mr. Eashi, demands | The export of rubber fromthe Awa: | 8'so8 Tebearaal of the Orohentnad Section
OODWILIE & WILSON Lap,’} ibe test improvementa ntlotr dy with wl an apology nod remucerstion contend: | son region increased regularly trom | 8 Thareey g3cd,
. 9 Trinid d Shi In & Tradin Go Ltd G a. * | and filling of Teeth, log that ais pardon hag been commuoi- | £3,218 toce in 1896-7 to 34,852 tons fo —a
| a pping & ey ‘ll Galedontan Grocerv: Orthodentla and Crown and Bridgework | cated in terms which oouatitute an ed- | 19086, of which lest amount 20,167 PRICES CURRENT,
A opeciahty, ditional grisvance. tona went to Europe and 14,689 tons to _
= <= SSS *Phone 300, A Thacksginog Service has been held | America, Besides thie, Brazil azported New your May 18h
at Batat James Homan Catholic Church | Jo the year last: mentioned ¢,800 tous of Moan, Blended Clears foe Wee
Get 2 ae for the bath of eo ber to the Spanish (eare arabbery and about p03 tons wey eutatee arse SP hTO,
‘Throne, which was atten repre- apgabeira, gepecta of Guayule r ne oa
sentatives of the royal family "ad ip- | rubber in Mexico seem puor, sud 1 Now Bessoa’s Pork per bri

of the mistletoe rubber of’ Veoezuela { Ueary Mas Pork pee bel, ves

body, chbish
dm the oro Te Bete ven lees provperous. The Pera robber | Sever Bdacovatet sp beei per 373

occupied the tbrove,


. _~ At Lods Poland Cossacks have shot | production of Brasil isincreasing at the ish Jeland Molasses ;
Ba ABLE RAD, = ff, 45 officials, and ecoployes of the Kittzer | rate of about 5 ter cent, yarn. while Roa pea en a
E . V5 OG 777, € er- . a bpinoisg Mills, A puwber of Terrorits | the prodaction of Ceara aod Mengebeira | Qo'20n, Midaitag Upland, is
TIERS, vescent titacked & mail wagdn escorted by | rubbers bas more thea doubled ia the} sa Liverpoot peri, om 6 19.2%
‘ Ce, Heatl aches, if your | s¥#(ds oud excaped with two busde leat five yéars, The Costillog rubber | guchange, New York and *
: — rae eecented. and Tour | teuath dad ebacateioteiss | Nttin dod ‘notre sen tote ia'| mideerasatVateag ¢8 7
" vor re minal lo ie o O° 7
tongue 1s coated and your wore ed tae y ocdee sighs nett seo:

Of the 23,400 tons of rubber juced

E. WE SHALL CONTINUE . ore tastes bed, if you foe

At Warsaw abody of Texroriats at-

od ws if you tacked the Nustale talway office ed ig Attics, iM e4 come roan the -__~
in 1 t thousa go Fr » 1, O08
° nauseat von nm Bs y seonves ganrds beso; kuled, pounds, French Guinea, 1,360 tons from ‘Avaois. Loucen ;
/ ' are constipated, it means | “si 'petersbarg ccyicos’ otete that the | 1,000 tons from ihe Cold Unast, while een o May ith
& tomach is” wrong | Jedse investigating the pe | aithe other coloviesexported wogether erare Chyttals :
’ ” that your stomac * 3 of ola Chae Seana’ D re eerne taal” peodstlo I rubber 4 Masorade ” ~ eld
. eed bbe . . a Of tu
to A FEW DAYS LONGER at ey re Say Rial wae lelded sere cua | Aula (nd Fotyoe) fo the pete 10068 | aaa] oterarine ae ao—lY
. wm © reas | Was 00. r a a Wee ree- German val .
agd o t y ey Grand Dakes desiriog a regency Foguible for about 800 Yona of thie; obey .

hee Bogte 56 ofo Gibrus
ave Sagar

or Cusnnel for ardere “healing
Demaérea Race real a A104
‘Taek ad Coven, Goad - Wey

Nething 10 bad for yout

THOUSANDS OF HATS neclthanediordered stomach,

nothing 80 good for a dis-

ove distatorsbip, and the selsure of a
beudsed bombs proves there are
ande still ic posssssioa of the revolutions

Frewch culovies and the Maley
‘Phe Miplater of Education bas intro-

archipelago, Ceylon exported only 84

ALM Wew and Yashtionuhle. ordered stomach as Abbey's desed a Bill spproved b tbe ‘Crar to- | tons of plantatloa Yarn rubber, bat next ot Cate vy ithe. Bae

AT 26 : RICES:—THIS JS ABSOLUTE | ’ creation, the educational credit seven. | year, je amount w “ at Livecpoab th una,
ofo OFF REGULAR P Bay LY Salt. 18 | fold an ltussia peods two baadved aod gorming, and the production will go 00 | newer Boplaad teal une
GENUINE—1s, OFEJN E is, . < Gold in two slees by 42) Chemints and Stores, saulae veo taniead gf 90,000, i parently bh may be catlnated that in ten years | Oncente SY Ser eett =‘ “ie

{ta general approval earaged the glue the preseat piantations of Pare rebber

| RIOHARDSON & SELWAY execs royaHate wha pated a peme ie tbe l ic Ceyloo, Malaya, acd other regions

Port-atspaiaiand *riness Zaw7 Wife rae Visieie Guin, &


Thé Yellow Fever Outbreak. io a ace with tho mndera theory of » Ldeut, Oslonel JH. Oofens, Actg, Depaiy

-—— Hlow fevee prppigssion would reeult in | Inepeetor General Brietly, Ceptaia BU.
Tem aan dn ms oe etree teee te (one eee VE AT AR
. a . Greig, .
thas: “Doctors differ; oteellent ean tary Grrceution bow berg. G Thorns and F. RL A Bown

qittente die.” | taken would be rendered woree thaa une. | Or# WV IL




Â¥ That it laa tro myiog doce not admit | Jong if a case of fever, attended by the | S%t Bir. Jokn Wharton (Agent. for
c * ot te aed white it me perhaps be | shghtest suspicious aymptom, were bot ie se rin. ttenmablp Eimpanp
a, ~ se! ee certainly bo octors them immedistely notiGed , aud every inhabit- | attendance, severe! Bietereof Be. Joveph de

z vom, it ip certainly not po to the rela- | ant of Portol-8paia professional or Claoy, Sisters of the Domlinicaa Order aad a

— oe

EF iesh Supplies of this Celebrated Feed for
F.. Stock just received,

FOVER 100,000 TONS )


tires and friends of the patienta who are | otherwise—is earnestly erjoroed to corm | Bisters of Charity Chikiren from the Bel
. the official medicos with regard to the rapidly into w pestilence. Bisters of the Ronary Convent, Hon and
x Experts have found that the best way to introduce MOLASSINE MEAL

at the of the profession. The { nip wi “
ly with the regulations that have boen | mont Orphanage and boys of Hr, Mary’
toeal cratbreak of yellow fever wastrom | framed with care and thougbt to the | Goilege, the latter, in Tihare et ter
b rset tas “Oc not, mistaken beatth of the commanity,—for immedi. | Father 0 Donoghue with Revs Masers
\ | tgeon General and other off | ate notification of any suspicious case | Butter and Uaft, occapied special seata,
1a] medicelwuthorities, and although the and for keepiug premises clean and free |. loreal tritutes were seut t Hon
firat twn cases were deemed eporadic by | from stagnant weter. Hy ahion after | Denis and Mrs, Bizre, The Trinload t
nature of the disease itself. and the Qos { S1rs, Barone! Headerson Teinldad Bblpp.

te abwintrly ‘po anceralady fale oy | Sagare that will otherwise develop | Corion Gordons Tis Chinered Dersless | ARE THE TALK OF THE DAY.

give tho animal a stall handful mixed with the evening meal,
Rand to gradually increase ju a fow days to full allowance, (for instance,
fm Sastead of feeding « horeo with 34 Sls. of Oats daily, give 11 lhs, of
: Osta and 3 lbs, of MOLASSINE,, MEAL), according te following
Atable, say — re) o~
“= HORSES sper day... 4. ase from 2 to 4
OATTLE —por day .. 0... we mw) «683 OB Ibs
: MILCH COWS—per day... ae . 5
® OaLVES —per day ... “s «oy DL todpth
MS OPIGS, per 100 Ibs of their own weight ... | 1 to if Ye
» POCULTRY—MOLASSINE MEAL tay be added to any ordinary
Poultry food mature, xbout 1-3rd to 1-4th being Molasemo Meal.

reason of the apparcat want of ti Elcetrie Co through Mr. & 1, Hardlog,

remot sea scraret want cotetog | Wiest dieu fun ofSpald| Hern thea Si uo,

urgent necessity for taking steps for ite . | pe and Trading io Jad, The ENGLISH. »}

safeties ctiee pontine | URTAL OF THE UATE ARCH: | ccreneiaeets Mess en ALL, MAKES "Use, Sihen and
ISHOP FLOOD. Lady Northecte, Mre and Me C. Btell-

cordingly the machicery of the existip, '
—— meyer, De and Mre Eakin, and eeveral .
IMPRESSIVE CEREMON) fereone whone canis did abt acomrery ALLL SHAPES Lona ann Suort walstTep.

law was immediately set in motion an
Uthetr tributes Aa the day wore on, the

certala regulations ‘were put, force,
among them being compuleory” botiica
. LRumber of tri utes increased—the whole
AT THE CATHEDRAL OF THE IMMA- | Dee Siranged onthe three of the Ache

tion of any suspicious symptoms, Now

Unless all the practitioners are agreed as
Aw annonnoced yesterday the solemn

to the character of the disease, aad if
@ven oue ouly of them were to stick out
funeral service of His Grace the Most Kev, MIDSUMMER RACE MEETING
Dr, Pateich Vincent Flood, of tha Order _

® -
f Preachers, Archblehap of Port-of Spaii Inst DAY
a ferry Aone tat tra vt Ribbon Corsets—s-
Tmmaculate Conception yesterday ings. The Atideummer race meeting of the |

against the opinion of the reat of the
Medical Board, it must be apparent that
io such a grave crisis very serious results
will ensue, ead asingls doctor, impreg-
bated with his own negative conviction
and hide bound to hisown pet concert
will in all probability neglect ta give
eatly notvication of any case of
yellow fever which he may be called to
eee Aga reeult of this couduct—com
tible na, duubt with obstinate
nef; but fraught with terrible
danger to the rest of the onmmupity
—the disease am Irkely to apread
in the vicioity, because the pre
caution which could have been takea
by the-anthorities were omitted and the
mosynitos, haviog fed on the patients
blood, are free to trapamitthe infection
toresidents around. Quite recently an
lnterview with Dr Helmoute was publiab
ed 10 the sery hospitable columus of our
esteemed contemporary, the Demerara
* Argosy” and ia that totervew the
dehpite statement was made that
De. Relwonte dissented from the
general opiniun held by medical meo
with regard tothe nature of the fever
which haa brought on the uapositio
of qyzsrantiog regulations agains
Trinidad Dr Belmonte haa not-“up to
vow afiersome lapeeof time repudited
the opiotons attributed to bim although
they bave been reproduced — focally
Therefore, for all practical purposes it
may fairly be assumed tbat be accépts
them as bis owas and it ie on that aeeuaip-
tion that anything which wa bare to
aay ta the course of this article will be
based It muat be kept foremost ia
uv miod that this Co'oay 19 now
passing through a crista in ite history
Cantion of adouble kind 1s absolutely
exwotis] in the circumatances aod in
ibis questwa of yellow fever or not, the
profession cannot be too guarded, lest
greater iis that we know got of overtake
the whole communtiy. Inthe presence
gt so dreaded a foe ta mankind
tia incumbent upuo any professional
geotleman to sink bia own pereonal
viens for the geoeral welfare and
whether or not Ur Belmonte, or ao
other medical man admitted to the roll
of the Board, adberes to bie opiaion
thet there 1a 50 yellow fever inthe
Colony, we think at ie his solemn and
imperative duty to combine with the
great bulk of the professica so that sll
tojght work together in harmony and
with one reselute purpose,—the speedy
eradication of the dreaded disease. We
aceadvised thatthe whole profession,
barriog one, is uoited in it opinion and
10 the face of that practioal uaanimity
it te inconceivable that soy single
individual should sot ba prepared to
aide with the great majority for the
generad g. aod to jota 1a the
active cawpetgo that i beiag waged
agatost a common aad a terrible for. As
aa example of the positive character of
the disease whuh leaves no room for
doubt, 38 may be mestioned thatan
Jjataa geotlemen residiog io Bollvae
weatoasvisitto bis native Jend acd
go, bie retura receotly passed through
Teloidad. He developed the disease
threa dasa after srelving at Lolivar acd
Dr Ochoa who attended him at once
deolared it to he a save of yellow fevor.
The patient, we are glad to say, recov-
ered. Uther jastances of the certain
character of the fever are thoee of Mr.
Curtin who died at Greoads after oon-
tracting the fever here aod of Miss
Summers whose case wes diagoosed at
Barbadvs ana auld type of yellow fever.
These cad-s all show tbat the othcia!
medical authorities to Trictded and the
Jorge pumber of private practitioners
who egree with them ure perfectly right
and koow what they are taltiag about
Afthere ip avy neglect to oouly suepicl
ous fodicativna, ong may be sure —espe
cully now that the reisy eessoo
bas cummenced~that the disease will
quickly esume epidenic form, which
bupvlly it bue aot yet taken. Ia vritiog
asvebavedone, we desire to bold nv
man, tp to censure or blame, Everyone
is eertaloly entitled to es joy bis own
opinion ; but no ote sheald act upon es
solitary end jsulw'a concert when todo
oo may be the yosana of eadangeriog

ing Solemn Uther of the Dead was sang | Troidad Lurf Club was opeaed yeaterds 2ta, 400,, 480, 60a
by the Rev Cergy in Choir, the Very Rev | onthe Queen's Park Rayannab in wen,

the Vicar General, Lather Pins Dowhug, | ther which must bave delighted the

siding. ff + Bol u e " 4
Ue frcgmecs ti, cemm cee, [te Suro Rat teat eeaties (CIR LS AND MAIDS ‘CO |

Wah and without Suspendor

Apply for Pamphlets and full particulars

{600. R. ALSTON & 00,


The Murdérer




The Cheapest and Best for

WHITE, , a




: Saw Mill Work

i i “atl eoder his banper, to upbolding the tia

oer rit Rev satice ¥.,, Bouienand bonoured cause ot the “sport of kings.” 2820 Cents to Go Centnm.
Farther Jorepl Smyth U.P4 ae Snbdea | Beautiful aa was the weatbee however,

con, Father J 2 Reill 2 P., perlorming there wae the nbsenoe of the eoneom 4 .
the duties uf Master 01 remomwes, Mev | tanie, which gu to makean ideal race «

Fathers Jones U.E., acd MeAiliney UT, meeting There was the lack of that hap A BIG VARIETY OF

were the Cenlors, The tuusic wae Grevu | py tater: sand rvalry which bricge addt-
rlanand withoat organ accompaniment. | tional zeut to aport merely attendant on
The etiect waa inuet imposing aud greatly the sunpiog of eo waoy horeer anc oo .
added'to the sulemnity of the occasion and 1a the circumstances, both victors. e
{atalalyue surrounded by lighted candela. and vanquished were ooptined yeater:
a wee placed iu the sanctuary end ou | aay to bomacters from one camp or an: | VELVET RIDBONS—3-sth m., in, 1 yin, Zins, wide—all shades,
MILLINERY STRAW TRIMMING= leading shades only

which were laid many lovely fioral wrosths

aud crowes etc , sent by sympathisers ang J Other. The gatheriug va the grounds
We will offer como special Luus in

fiends, The wiournlog arrangements were | W88 Got up to’ its wontedpess, and even
Muslins and Prints:

exceediogly umple, the pulpitand archie. | io the frend staod thero were vacanciee

piscopal Lhrone being tastily droped in white | with which local race meetings are uo- ,
and Ulack, while the candlestivks on the | familiar The racing ia itself, however
High Altar were decked with black eblelis | went off with the air of the proverbial
sith while crosses, After Mass, the re- | wedding bella, [His Lxcellency the Act
miainyeu bib, enclored in simetal colhn, | ing Wovercor Sir Gilbert Carter
were Lid atthe back of the High Altar | kG: 31G. and Mr Otho Carter, bis Pri-
were broagbt to thé front snd 1 laced on | vate Secretary were 10 atteadanoe, The
the catafalyne when the appointed prayers Constabu! my od under acting Bard
being recited the Libera waa auog dod the, ©0D3! t kurt aad un t a ne td:
Alwotutiun pronounced ; after which the | Master Eilott waa present acd enlivened
coftia wan conveyed Wa its Iaat reeting place the vent with 4 bos programme of popu:
in the erypt. uu the Gospel sida of the | lar airs sad selections Tha stewards
High Altar, just unwediately east of the | and haodicappers were }oo. Edgar Agos-
Archepi were said, as the clergy touk their iaatesd | P Stevens Eq Ell Grell Eeq and
Jouk at the cothu which was to be clused Edgar Tripp Ex; aod spart from their
from stew Mr. George Long playing | ordinary duties, no complaints cropped
the ** Dead Marth in Saul,” upfor decision, The officials were A.

The usfier clergy jin the Sanctuary in- Cory Dance fieq. Wadge) A. PLT. Am-

eladed —The Very Rev, Father J. Neville lerk of the Scales), Cape
J. A:

% Esq. (1
Unoacipal of St. Mary's Coll: Monai; -
a fe Martini, ana quer mee ty Ree, tun EW. Lack (Starter), while

Father NM Farrell: + Fathe: RF, | Cumming Esq. James Wilson Kaq, (ter)
Cantwell, Rev, Feher R. Calill, Rev, | Edgar opp he aod W Soott Reon.
Father SM, Qeenda, Kev. Father J, Mo- | bao Fisq Secretary] formed the Stand
Donnell, Rev, Father J. M. Pardomo, | and Grouad Vommittee, Perbape the
Rev, bather P, Alvarez, Jlev, Father & | post of Starter a pre eminently the one
Hetferman, Rev, Father Maris Joseph, around which centres the ibility of
Rev, Father B, McAlhocy, Kev. Father | djscord or unpleasant at it might
M. Vanderyches, Hoy ¥ather Patrick | be wentioned that the dutics ot that
Smyth, Mev. Father P. E Desmond, Rev. | oftoe were catriedout fa @ manner thet
Father Lpigumons, Ree, Father 0. Mug: avalded the least semblance of uotow:
kien, Hev Fether H Jones, ie Father | sriness. Of the deren events three
Bugnan, Kev Father M O Reilly Rev. Fa were won by Mr, Kernahaa with Corie
er M, U Byrnae, Nev, FatherP J, Bres- 1 West Ted
nan, Rev Father Isidoro Mositu, Rev Father | (3) an oot Indian (1) while the re:
Collins, Kew, Father Nichol Ber. Fauher maloing four wee x ae ° ay
. y. Father H, ¥y
rather Lacey, Rey Father heal, Rey, | freab Inatre to bis racing uttalomente,
fithes pen, Mev. Father Dermondy, | ta recordiog three victories, and doing
v. Wether Dooley, Rev. Father Alvin, }a second at yesterday's proceedings,
per. Father Paagan Her, 1 voter A yaa, Appended are the results =
A hee Lieman, iv, Faber ouke, .
jtev, Father Branigen, Kev, Father Heagy, THE MAIDEN—Time I p.m.~z Mule.


W.C. ROSS & CO...





Corner of, Queen and Frederick Streets.

ee ee

Life Assurance Society, Lid,

LONDON. eo, 4
_ Open to a!) horses maiden at time of |,

ane sthor Bevase, and Nev, Mrovhorg wees. Entrance $10: Sueeyatese 8. Matmralasted sist ‘Yours.
i 4 @ pecrod edifice ‘wes filled to overflow M Arie ot a Com ul .— - 9nane encorers
jog. Tu0n; One exeut were not! t Lugere eaba pensation, 006
His Excellency the Acting Governor, Sir Syoars, 118 Ibe, white Lody, blve CLAIMS PAID one “ “ oe one ve EAL,
Githert Carter K.C MG, with Mr. Oubn | slacves, red cap—Headiey s. 1) ASSH see tee nee ate nee aa ane 8,000;
Carter, I'rivate beuretery wud the Hon. W. | MeL Bernstein's th bf Kays, 3 years INCOME ane des see soe ove ee —:1,830,000
M, Gorden (Acting Colonial Secretary), 115 Ie, dark bloe body, “gold . .
{for hom abclel seats were provided), | | cuifa, cullar and cop—Hulert |. d ANNUAL PAYMENTS TO POLICY HOLDERS OR

tus Hovocr Mr, Jautico Ro A Me Mr Alvis' be Mold epdatans tha,

Honvur Ste {yatice A. D, Rasrell L, crimson and gol VOY one



Met en we




44 South Qu
SAW MILL, 32 Soath Quay.



No, 52. Piccadilly St,

Large Comfortable Roums,


Or may be divided into appartments.
Yard, Rooms und Out-ollices, ac.

mh, Purchaser would meet with a Bargaio,

wee CE a

Hon. Ealeat Avestial Ko fee. ae 8. | Thue 418, elt

tcher Warner 3, Hon Denke Slyne, ‘Tbree entranta start 3 thle event
Lon. Lieut,-Oul. UG, D. Bwain, Hon. KH. | Rage perbsps belag the most popular fa:
McCarthy C.MG., Hon Zugene Cipriani, | vourite, Vidue was somewhat onlacky io
Hoo. © David, Hua, Carl de Verteail, | baving got a bad start, but despite this
Hoa, San Hendeseon, Professor Car. piece of il luck, he svon jolned company
mody, Dr. Coupes Dr & Prada, De. T. | with bis coutestante and on reachlug the
Kenny, Dr GH. Masson, craA Peres, Café corner, the animals were wel) Loyetber
Dr. Norman, Dr, W. H. Meyer, Rev C D, | tn the proverbial “ bunch” and fo splendid
Image, Rev W. BtoO, Thompeso, Rev, | Gtness to allow of the proverbial * sheet”
Mare Richard, Rev. KE J. Meath, Chevalier | beng thrown over them Vidue however
Aogut Holler (Coosul for Austro Hua: | oun parted company with the reat of the
xarlen Eto, irep Monsieur M, Grailliet | Held. and vocopyiag the more humble
{vs Coueul for Franye) De GT. Villeges | position of the backyroand, left the race
Patido (Consul for Veveane's) Dr, D, A de | to Compensativa and Rags, Toeroasftor a
Montbruca (Consul fur Portugal and Vive: | tice race fu ita troest jsouse was witnenwed,
Ounanl for rast), Mr, A.M. Buoie (lon [| The two anijuaip reced head and bead
sal for Reasdor) a Worslip Bf J Berks. from the etrsighs ro, sud hey op the
iy ~ BP, Mensis. J, FA Farfat, uatal withio o few feet of tbe Judge's
W. Gordon Gordns, Ladesio de Verteuil, ton when Headley by a suprewe efort
VOX de Verteuil, L. BP. Plesre, FA, ot Compensstion Ta @ nose bo frout of
Bheete, He P.Uanteaumes, FP. E Soult, | Rage. bo keen wae the ruonlog, that it
F, Ganteaume, 1. de Lapeyrouse J, FP. | must have been a tax on the eyesight of
Lopero, frasclece Graneauil, francis the Jadge to declare the wioaer.
Giaveoanll, Frau fepesull. Ani

na, WH, Kernshaa, Rubert Keruaban, PONY AND CREOLE RACE—Time 1.20
T ALN tanga, AD. Q'douuar G1 Be gad fosled: ba the Woab Ladies
blewart, poate . ne, * (Jamalca excepted) and British Uniana

Phoayer ay A Moot oe Wellies, pod to all pooies 14 Zend under. Ka.

trance $10. A prise of $12U,
de Gasues, Juice Aaduse, N. Hetty Nl ys) SST atachaue hbeb( Uotlee, 4


Liberal Policies free from vexations vestvictions,
For {ll particulars apply to


Sole Agents tor Teinidse,



The Sign of the Times
C emand your attention.



Fre esta eweey weoge [na ear hen sachin nia |” om SOREN
“i , * - 7s eo Coluny 14 at ptake, $ ee Me V Bether, GG Wat. | Mr Boyack’s th by He 7 Meo, 6 cars, co > E OU BUY 1! .
ae , G, W.. HE NDERSO N ’ Tee visit hae almacht gone, teade aul . ae Lauaathles Sobeuit t, Tabltts, oh d yold Jeokae, royal pure

FA. fo degwure, NM, P, Maillard, je sash a oe oe
vhaktedy footy afew up fst) bave torn | Ax Mallard.) CEs ‘Biadsbaw, “de | Time 101 901b,
lot Tit thed y of t to plead, | Guppy uel, F Marque, J. Bavans | Dror Rabtit not having eps to his ea
ite a “ae {i sai? 8 3 ed ta, 8 A Alests, W. A’ Bland, WW. | gagement, the battle waa Jel wo Coles
a CR ae ae . ei at ormaty Towsant, J dexuse, UT Rete, Leo D, Happy Neo, 1s is generally ackuow-
action among the wedicel pr Jetica FicsWalleam G Uncen, & Lacchsluapé, lodged hust tur a race bet wern two solmals
(even though unsul ity of conviction | a) Aluonc, J Laforest, J. A. Fleming, F | to deserve the attribste = hme” 13 muat he
may be impossible), ind to reflect the | Guassles, L. Hoapedales, MM. LL. ‘Lint, | bowly contested andiwel) -ustaloed trons
etsoog volume of pul.ic opioioa that our! Lovie Herver!, Joseph Bernard, J. D. / stertto Bolsb, aud even they it loses mach
wedies! mea ehould do notblog whieh, Htegie, JW Dumascire, H. L. Sith, | of the beaaty from peveity of dorapelitiog,



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Macings Compactums—_—Compliete, 50 Dollars.

ree ae
Well, thie event was to exception tothe | oration was aceoniet eg a

rule, Cerive took the lead from the | inined to the pr iduck wether f anenviable ** bud start” Ball Rua took
jer p, and yunsg 2Campbeti after keep | jewel in hiscrown of victories the lead hotly pnreved by Wert Indiso,
ng in nesr compaay with—tes competi | aginthiabD BKKEDERS STARRS — | Po failen to keep it np, ineypite of the
tor for a short ppace of time, shuved Time 3p m.—4 furlongs. Upea to all fice application ¢f Conpbell’s whip Vidus
his pineal mertte= and inodentally hie horees sired aml foaled in the Went 8 supreme sttout cay tured ihe aceon
own—by Hog abmast, a place ala.oet at (he pudges x, Bul un
another link to the chain of victories and Indies (except Jamaica) and ritish tasintaloing bis lead to a successlal

tvaeol Cuéer and Stepomigs, unless
the precaution was taken keep it

covered with kecosene , 10 fact, these

could be obtained fron, st at any time +
ofthe year by amply neglecting that
precaution for a short while Soon alter
the introduction of the ‘millones,


Guiana that are three youre old and bi td be foucd, and @ °
winmog ly several wticois . finteh. oweres, DOtaria COU . me
THE SUNMER STARES—Time 2 pm, | ratte Eatrance $10." A prive of) Cotte sace—Time 4 pm—S fur, | tbis bas bea the caso for three months, tint,
1 mie and a dutasce. Open ta all ty, Vincent nahh bf Pretty Dolly longa, Open to all horses sired and | the most careful examication fathog tu qua”
horsen Entrance $2). ASweepatake 3 yours, 203ihe, ecartet jacket fonlaim the Weet Indies (excops | disclose them at aay time during thia ,
&. A prize of $280, and gold cap—Casy Il | Jamaroa) and Hritieh Guiana, En. | pered. This speaks well for the etticacy i
Gubarban Stables be Aphbnx, 3 years, MrJ Ide Gaeves Lib lu Sappho, 3 trance $10, Aweepstake 85. A prise | of tbe fieh io regard to the destruction of a
133 Tbe eilver dark blue crus and rs, 10¢be, slate and orange of $190, . the lana uf Culee Stcqomyts, atany ed at
cap, Lavy i re white esp— Dennett . gp | Me AS Kernalao’s hich £ “Cera, 4 rate, Those of dAnopéeire lave never aJSEC 2 j/ ec .
Mr. Eagene Bede's be cum pensation, Bubarhan Stablee, b 1 Tiptus, 8 year, ears, L1idiba., green mind white before beea found in tbe tayche, so that
arcane te ee White tnalys Une 1t2ibe, silver, dark blne cross aud M jacket ail cap. wae pbeld Rab 1 } putbiog di boite can be saud in coonezion
=> hy pahan se fils
Wr Clenent'a bin Faahared, 3 years, wip —Hutert 3 ef wa ier Ka vith them fe wsery uslkely, bow

tat. d yenrs, 2EGlha, green anid
white packet andcup. Denis 2
Ooly Lirer Rablay ind Cerise eh ected wiry
the eveot and aa both aniwals belonged to
the same vwnety the race was devon of
any serionsnesa. Mr. Kernahan declared
to win with Cerise,

EMPIRE STAKES—lins 450) p.m—t
mile, Opeu to alt horses, Entrance
$0) Rweepatake 33 A pilan of $250.

Mr, A. 8, Kerpabana th ch yg Weet
Indian, & sears, M12 toe, geeeu aod
white jacketand cap. Deuls 1

Mr. Clement's bunburet, 3 yeapa, 100
Whe, Spht blue jacket «aud cap
Campuell 2

Suburban Stabler be Ashbox, 3 years
149 Iba, ativer dark blue eros an

; Me Feed Gordon'a ht ch fGladuess 3
Cay jab blue jacket and cup a years, I14lble, vlive green and
sb 3 ~
Time 147 3th, pel eee Os cone. . 4
Ths was a fine race, und it ia generally A yooll ptart was effectel, Sappho and
in fine races, that disappolutmeuts ae | Tipive touk the lead, with Pretty Dully
rife All Che entrnate four favour in the | yu the third pusttion, ‘This order vas ent
eyes of their respective partisans, bot | tamed fur a conetderalte distance ronad,
strictly speaking the preponderence ef | Unt un pearing the youl, ' Hoily's” apeed
(favonrable opinion waa centered iu Sun bran tn che increase, aul ehe succeeded in
burst aventiment sbich was accentuated | Keeping it up to 6 apleqdnl tufell when
by the presence of the reloultable young ] Canpbell rerorded hie se@ond win of the
tap lett antride of the feet hittle mare | day by a narrow margia over Saprhe who
But it was jost the nnexpected that hap was furcid ta share Lhe second place
pened, Atterafewfalee minute were ex .
perienced, the animale got away under | TH CLUB STAKES—Trne 3.30 p m,.—
W) ihe Starter’s they. ies Opes wall horses Entrance
Sanburst ‘and Achtox quickly took the 15 Swenpetakee3 A prise of $200.

ever, that any discrimination betweea
the different kinda of larce it exercised
certainly, thuse of iLe two brat mention-
edxenera appear to be deseured with
(qual avidily. -Obeeevatiora showed
thet when ‘millivoa’ ara placed sa
water already contatotng lare.e, tid avail
ones ate attacked and eaten feat Io atl
cases, the whola of the larva iadevoured,
being gradoaily taken into the south +
while the fish resonating btats mery.

+ The fact that water fe shiek thie fob
is living *zeathine free from mosquito
lave ig due mostly, if not eatirly, to the
wiéy tn which it feeds, aod not to what
itfeedson It vigorously attacke small

S/ISECrS Of Mepey


ven guard leaving Compensation in the | dt Cleir'a Stables be Bull Ran, 3 yearn, cap, levy 3 | inacets that are drowning or resting on ceca — “ =
reat kefeolace blaveelf with & survey uf isthe, allver, red felt, cutls aa Time £.16 2 Sh, the surface, so thet, although it hes TRINIDAD adadT TRINIDAD. . TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO,
thoirfleetnena. > The position wan evcoly cap— Herbert : L | Ture event was uarkel hy a series of | oever been actually sbberved, it must | ta “ee Court of Tanda Vad otago {In the Supreme Court of Trinidad snd Inthe Supreme Uoart
maAntainet until neanng the straight | Mr Alvi! bo Vidas, dyyents, L11]bs, {alae aturte due itis fair to’ aay as ornch | ioevitably ba concluded that mosquitos ne aod jens rehion —Port of Spa Totazo--Summary Juriediction—Port- In the matter of the Eatete of
when it wae noticed that Sanbaret's erjuwen and gold ofnte—Tevy . 2 | ta the bosyperneios of riders us to the | attempting tolay eggs on ths Water are Retweeo of Spain, . Dharamdas Maraj—lata of Calforals TE
staying powers were Bagging despite | Mr A 8. Kermahans th clig. West fu sagurien of Use huraea, Roya and Ball Raa | distur to such an exteatas to pre- Morrie Pewoor=Paull No. 239 of 1906, laze fa the ward of Couva ia the telsod,
the horsemausbip cof inptetl. On dian, Syesra, 117ibe., green sad did not taro out at ihe ptarter‘etleg. Sua- | vest them fron domg ao where ‘ ril- aad Between Trinidad, Deceased.
the foatrary, jAthlew’s rowan whice jacket add cap —Camp- 3 pea e enone vlighel , w head, and the ons’ ere beveot ,tbos, no law can Simoou S. NcEacbrane—Deleadant Cipriane & Co —Plantlfs UBLIC NOTICE 1, i +2

came evklently jotensihed, with the . ee ° ‘i A en He | pontibly develop. . obo Gr NOTICE is hereby gives
Tenult that the pace became altogether tau | Tinie-L min 1625 hw arc, Cemetery wae reached wheu Sunbucst bu. ‘cul URLIC NOTICE is hereby given that by Jobn Gratien—Defendant, ep lication hes to weir!
warm for ‘Sanuaret who was treatually Comprnaation and Sandburet dropped | trayed a diepositiun to aly brittle iu the The explanation given in the dyricud P an order of Ilis Hlenour Mr. Justicy Swan Pi on hes beea os uy

hambled in the eyes of Sher supporters, | out-of Lhe event which Lowesver atill main-
when even Compensation fiom the far dis | tained a deal of interest owing UW the prea-
tent background, rode op and wrested the | ence of the unbeaten Bull Raw among the
second place, to the alter astomLinent of | contestanta, Vo Newess seemed lo base
even bia wostpersletent detractors An! fullowed Vidus woo 01 bis second appear
SS aS Re,

: “Ww, tural News sata why Caler ard Stevo- | ade ber the end day of M. t DUBLIC NOTICE tahereby given that by an , Sntvatine Mare of Californis V
bvaad Sorgen competitors ow aaerine ihe myia ace found in Barbados, wlile Ar | will be gut up for sue belore the doae “oF the De cries of Hind toswer Nie Justice Reseel Sha ware ot Cours, inthe letand oie
Talus, Sunharar agein wonght the way to | PAs te not, namely, that ofthe eboice | Court House in tha Town of Port of Spain on made he rin on the a2ad Gay of Apnit 1907, hea ine x grant on rote May, 42s
the fore but the gall wut West Indian «tuck | uf breeding places, Js supported by the sarees wre aac pa etd ae ibe Court House, Potot Spa oe Thee 1000, a Dharamnactan Bare}, lated Os
ta hw guns apd tan to vie ory, Int net [| experience of the writer To Autigua, | oy piece or parcel of land suuate in the parish | the 27th day of June t907 between the hours of | vin Villege aforesaid deconasd, whe Od

without s tine tace having been ran by | thelerww of the two first meotion of St’ Gee Iu the island of Toba % one end Iwo pm on the 2ist day of M bavi irl
Campbell who svecesded 10 lainging life | genera ars commonly found io tanks, | on tbe plaitof that ‘sland Lat No, oe All aa Singular that certain parcel of (and time of is teath ane lace of a
tuount to Ube seount place. cisterns, aod other reoeptacks, where | ing soo acres and abuttiag oo tbe North upon | Kn0wn 8s "Savonette comprising one quarree | Oalifornia Village in the said ward of (ot®,

a water will remain for time, while those | lotysof theparishof St Mliry on the South upon quiet Fonds gimands | in the ward of St. | the sald Sstnerine Mare) being the sit
Arrival of the Demorara Cyollats. | of Asoptdes have ouly brea ubserved in Lot 32 of the Parish of St ge sold to one ad and abutting oa the North | ecutor named io the said will

ve 4 on a ridge of bills, on the Sou
—-— shaded streams and ponds. This fact, pes ee earre oe the kan “opon or iaaye of &, Luce an P a Soot
The ss “Orlnocu” which arrived at | coupled with the koowledge of (he pow- | the Hilsborough East River—saver and except | © Faviue, and oo the West upon lands now or
(ain port yesterday morning from Demers. [er of Aauphe'es to transuit wialeria, | ag acres conveyed to the plaintill herein by deed | formerly of Joho Peru together with tbe appur-
Bn ‘nought nung ite sree were, Meesre | goes fae ta explain the unmunity from Hate a ely 290s and reghtered ss No. 1890 aa tiie thereto belon io jay 1907,
. Pr . ve wl e r . & . :
wtvadon w Meusell, the | that disease of any teland where the | forth erage a Joseph Neibaaiel Lecrense EnSesT Dy CLARKE,

And notice is also given thet ¥
Rea teTore Use ax pices
twenty-eight days from the a
publication of this notice the Cout th:
proceed ¢o {ssue Probate of tbe sald


Dewerara cyclista for the fortbeuming d . accordingly.
r > rey TUES = atreams, etc, awarta with larva devour- | oa ty, ithal by deod bearing Deputy Regintar, Dated tl
Y oO U TC ARB rr GET W EL Put wud At Novice ond oie helton jog bab. ' Apel 19 sed opal as No. 457 o ql : ARINIDAD, : ae . . # bth day of Apel, A.Dy
\ Fark Oval, Great, kntersat te centred ia ‘ — 7 Paha ed aad subject oa ngbtof way im fey: | ta the Supreme Court of Trinidad and (Sgd.) T, A. THOMPSON
\ the arrival of Uhe visitors, as evinced fron Taxes on Millions. Dated this 8th day of May 1 Tobago—Sumuary J uriediction—Port- Regist
If You Wear one of Our Famous |tivccsto waite shat’ core == rao RMS Coawwe, |, Sein TRINIDAD ave Tosaue.”
~ on at the 0 a Yeater tay a(ternoon to} The New York City tax booke, which _ Doputy Requires jo, Baz ot tgos Ta the Suprense Courh
At all events, Sahat ene ween | seterday uf were closed recently show tbat Mrs. 7 Henry Joba Views—-Plaotit In the Matter ot the Estate of Joab 0m,
f bb] the visitors ~altbough they at show Russell Sage eu ja Mr Carnegie a8 Bank of Nova Scotia. and late of Fyxabad Sottlewent ts i:
, any sctusl sprinting, —we would advles | tb0 largest texnayer forthe year. She I) Lewson, W Thonras Patterson and ward of Gropouche in the a
_ our “boye” to louk to their laariele | i# assessed at £1,567,000, while Me Uar- ‘oat . Ubu e Novag Defendants, | Trinidad Proprietor,
i. Menes, a bocal sprinter who wasonecfthe | hegie payé npon an sseessmeut of HIS DANK is withdrawing order of Hi tonour B justice Site
ao . Dewerare representatives at the last Cycle | £1,400,000, Mr Hockfeller is the next from Trinidad, and ita office | jnane herein oa the sud day of b

UBEIC NOTIUE [s hereby gies
of May 3907, there application bas bean ee pa ws &|

Sports heres bat who remained iathe | Jarseet contribytor to the municipal | has been removod from 55 Marine FPR Havent set beanehaaran wt

before the doors of the
colons, reyuires sume watching, he appears | funds, bia aseeasment coming out at

will be
Court House, Port-of Spais, on Thursday the


to be in thee *'siuk uf condition, " b . Square, to the office of the Union | rin day of , between the ours ef Department ia the town of Port-ot Spit
table ceperahtetive ufthe “Geacca® | ____ Bank of” Halifax whero all bills | t4dewe clock pin’ "TN SU O° | in thle Inland Constable, for 8 fre
9 io a0 o wh 3
ajelisie who were expected tocmmeformeed . Business Notes, are now payable Singular those two several parcels of land i day of April 1907 of tie abore sus
- om i . wo evupete in the forthcomp ; -— H, J. GORDON, tuale et Tusapuna in the ward of Tacarigua ia | Jonah Ores, late of Fssahed Se! o_
The most reliable make Opole and Athlete Sparta, have beck d cae eee ne tes the Exchange, Mauager ee ed tbe Publier toed ad oe fen an . saree ies demnened, wo died one a
ol a poutlieivan r
in existence while Maveell, prefers “he oe aA Sbewls an Capes, Ladies Travelling Costs | oinry ap, Pape ond te Arimar‘ce tbe Sone eee tee his death 9 Gred place of bode of by
_ . (Virwloghaw Struog Arm) bleysle, * flu, Vaud Dette, Biesthy Bare aod SUK Bavkraptey Ordioence t871. of Joseph 1 liane, on the East upoe lands of fad Bettlement i opie abe wd
y ee a aud onthe West upon laods of Peter
Belte—aavorted colours, Callacd see them | [athe SepremeCourt of Trinide’ and | eee ne ee ener aa ot ett | named in the said wilh
WE STOCK Millions andl Mosquito Larvae, (qq | tg he mitered Juling He archer & Co, | Mri by. 100 fect in length abuts’ Sn the And Notios also given that Ut 92)
ay on TRINIDAD of Port-ol-Bpain—bankrept. orth wu ea JD. Lewiaon, on the | 4 before the pple
t ur Austle, i. Kieyy 1 Bay Agricul Te the Supreme Court of Trinidad aad ° — meat Railway sod Tally upon ade trot Lalice, poblineee "of ttle ante te Goud
WAT ER R bas pond Belence folate at Antigas, Tobago. A DIVIDEND is Intended te be declared | ind on tbs West upon lapds of Pater La lane: } Procend te lace probuce of the osid 90
f folios $ WW] No. 11208 1007. end wih be peyableat the ottice ifthe | subject to a mortgage in favour of Robert kecles D i of Mey 1907,
Oty the dercattaal News Woe AV, da the Meteer of daar tlier Therndey died current Pn | “Unnsiti sd aap at Meroe eee ste the Ui aay odPeas
ay aé sNews, Vo! ‘ ter Thursday i rr ted « q ‘
WITH REGULATION CAPES, pp. 187, 198 140, acd 266, information | TtgebPligation uf Thomas Natbealel | on ss ties tet ibe abure pemed Julen (eg) ERNEST 2. CLARKE, =
wes given reepretion tho eruall Burbedos and [ut Archer & Co. who have Bot elready Deputy Registrar, | TRINIDAD. ornict,
e * (desor as Civardinus In the Matter of prot ry debte are requlred on or before X TLS
WATERPROOF CAPES verueuur or a closely related species), The Real Property Ordinance No, 0. the Plod eu reat po sond their neroce and | TRINIDAD anD TOBAGO fARS 6th Me: 1a
eapeotally io regard Noite habit ef feed _— addresses a I Che partioulaze of thelr debts Ia the Suprema Court * Te the Sapr. me Court of .
FOR RIDING OR CYCLING, fag on the larvae of mosquito, and {t is Prue NOTICE te hereby given thas | tothe unde signed or ie defautt thereof | In the Meter of the Eptate of Felipe Mata late Tobege,
In all sizes and all prices, there ested that swe hed been sant by |, unlee neal axsenio the contrary, be | nel vuleed | wooded toadecaress | fdand'ef Tosdad Ganon Pasuey-De | NO 108 081002, ;
ALS oO ‘ tbe Impectel C mo wistoper it Agrical ot tbe pabiloatiog “ it, notice 8 Dated thle 17¢h dey of Mey, 1007. eo Arthur V. Moviserd—
8 . As those {eirodace in thie wsy Lato | Hao ee riety pe cgralenn Gr UBLIC NOTICE is bereby given thu “ =
. Antigas thaved w sod nee, thelr ate of lle wl shan plese weed “ ADAM SMITH, P ~lphicasion bs been made oy Faso FSH ae a Areas gas |
oun motes: suttiolent itwate é Yort-of Spain so this} ——— _. ‘4... Mt
A full range of Gants. Umbrellas from 23, [steht lncues, utelen'y | staal ta we ire of eve Sain wie Tay | Eee ttc Teds fa et | AupaPah ey 1 SMO at

the telead, sere cunditiooe were | Upper Prince street now Koown as lot No. ONLY Two SHILLINGS FACH DAY have saped » Meu “Gecmoed iste ‘ol fa the he town a Si orvotae 4
SPLENDID VALUE writ farang te pba, 1 ana George: desea it et To scx pa Wn ido Groped tu | Setar, th ac ayo May. I

y we or, & = w the je jaavary a ving al o' ‘

ve lodge in regard to ibete behaviour te at Volume 1x), baie 113 ead bovoded co THE ‘HORSE RATES ume of bee th a fixed Toco ofa wt The rete title and interest of Ue

bi . aforesaid, the sald Escolastics en
~ wart maeauuno aves, whisk, would | ttm sow No. dO ct Gorgas strevn, 90 8 Fu THE Ingibs Lowhl widow a Ratt ofthe saa | (3) se Bejan Tenis Nor
tatemente. prevtouniy mede” a’ ible Regi by lot formerly No 41a of Upper) ASmodelor KITE | Tea Houce is ale given that (fo caveat is | OREIg, corpred tyith yulvasion’ Poy

wh s ter t Dated tole Hora. of May t trags ene be seen. Deied “Type of Ma Me Wed oe tdentore
00] thi I. ‘ ' Ng, . im thes! red,’
frei eh eel tee Ack | saan ta ita De a a ae cL Ty

_ lace sireed pow No. 86 of (deorge street t ered
s 5 “ oie fe Foe thas Prk, a lee | oaths eantby ios tqroanty Np Bat Upver | ot ented ed Mentiy doyh tome dai are, putter! atin ira, Sandiog oe nas ota,
. ala a uf coubee out, io a tayshe fs ood on the West George attest. tun, aod at a slebude thas oa Randley ua ica Ticcleatea finn Guy atreat Der Rives
t J * ‘ a



a Bay Gelding, re

ORAL gee ABSETS (ae per.
POT OesINe paid waits
Qne Set English’ Harness.



Cains Settled Promblly

ARneouts 8


Glaagow &





The property of Mrs. WM SCHOENER.

Bub-Agent—Anims aod Staoganilla

For particulars apply to



he Patisserie Swiss

EGS to notify the Public in general that
h is now prepared to Execute orders of

all-kinds for

Porl-of- Spain Gazelte

Publ shed DAIL, Mondays and Publie Hot
dare axcepied, at ibe Qihes * Se, Vinceat St


Adverhigements of Bitihs, Leaths, aod Mar
riages, acknowledgments and dis
oe (whch mat Le nuthostecated

ature of sone responsible
ah ve charged for at nf each,

“Lie ements ol evry descrip:

tron —a/S pre week, 3/6 per fortmgtt,
B perwonth per inch—to be prepaid,

Wants, ae —~afe per week each, 0 be


To ‘Comnsrox DENTS
wa do o0t bold ourselves responsible for, 20%
do we necesaniy sndorse the. opinions

caprocent PT OC ormeepondenta in ow

raust be Accompaared


be the real igure oy he writer, pot neoet,
Ice Cream, Buns &v,, faith Rejected niasmeriprs saanct

pe teterned,

Adsartsing Scale on Apptoation.

And beg that—his—customers will continue
their patronage,



Posteg? ¢siva


(fio. MORROW being, a public holiday
T here will be no issue of the | Gaselte”
oa ¥ edcenday.

jeaday . publication will Teoumed

Current & kvents.


29 Frederick Btreet


——<———— ~

Electric’ & Massage Treatment Rooms, |:

Top Coconits Trasw Passes THE Door,



. To-p! DAY
"wait Bunday, * _

High Water Sora ow Even, ou pm.
2 rlees ‘ 54

HIS treatment isalmost a specific for obesity. The “too

me am.

much flesh’ is apt to occur ina sedentary occupation as well fea ote a oe 6 tine

astrom lack vf exercise. Rheumatic pains and lassitude from a | Movorte ne Hore.
nin down condition are speedily relieved. The treatinents are MowoAy, o

the same as given at the great Sanatorium at Battle Creek,
Michigan, andata greatly reduced cost’ Physicians of the
city are sending patignts with gratifying results.

No medicine used, but when medical aid is requisite the
applicant is so informed.

The treatments are strictly according to methods recom:
mended by high medical authorities.
—Letters.and applicants received by


Amerioan Graduate.

Whit Monday~Pabils Mheliday.

2nd day of Summer x lieors tn the Queen's
Park Savoonah,

Exeursion to Tabagaite
Miah Water Mor, 038 8 » Even. oot pm pm.
7 all ne

e : -
- we -

of Cheeses fectond Term) at the

v fetorta whcticate

Sale of pr thes for | for arrears of Water
Rates, 1906-7 at Town Mall, 1-2 pm.

Bale of Household Fi Furaitere by F J,
Seott & Son, Tp

Band Concert, at Four Roads, § 30 p.m,
Appeal Court 10.300 1.30 & oi,
High Water + Morn. #40 Even, toa p.m

83 Tragarete Road,



~“ Mad Bi + at
mr 6 BORNN’S iste bua e va tes ait pm.


St Thomas Bay Rumé

Luxury for the Toilet and Batb—and for use after i
shew & Invigorates the sualp and cares dandraf 6
sexcel Wy ite nse, by maasuging Ap excel her
iwoh Totanta thrive when used io thee
“Eng tors olyget to bite persone who use it.

Sorp wn 2a, boc, Goo. K 72e SIZES.

Sugar Industry in the Lee-
ward Talands,


Owthu to the extra 0 domaod for yeoter:
day's tue of the * Port of Spars (aaouteâ„¢
exory copy wasseld by an early hour, and
in order to weet the contin neal d demand i
Was lecided to reproduce io this morning's
inoue qhe matter relauag to the Daath of
Bis Grace the Archbishop together with
the further particulars of yesterday's fune-
ral obeequies,

ems or News,

We have anpouoce that the Ve
Ree, Father J.P. Lowling O15, Vicor
General, will admtateter the cats of the
Archiepleenpal oft! ¥, Ue nue

cessor to the late Moet “fee, BP.

‘atrlek Vio-
cent cent, Flood Arch idshe f
orp? p of Pyrb-ef Spala,

On Jane 17th, a seleme Regehon 1H},
Blase will be sung at the Caktdnnt of

OF wi tn Ses


catgolng in iecmec tee Tedte cla Bag.
Reduced to 72 cents per pair,

Fin tpn al ie
fiso scmo LADIES’ STRAW HATS, welled yesterdey. morning fer New are
"Assorted Shapes and Colours selling at cost price, Bate Tia mere
and a select lot of Owtes xis ia endey te ai ee

eerie ef Tore we
vs pe dentate Wyeataan ot


Gren.-t's Umbrelins ¢


ate Pont-or. SPAIN GaverTh SUNDAY SAY. 19,1904

mae Stee phate | one a

Janes Bte

wart did aot é

tho arfeae he ha was recta ion ty aN
ig tens cage! ct bedore the oy Lave

Redy, aud a ive of de
arinss each case, of seven days ia

ches Coake: wae placed
lelere tke a Magiatrate Neatorday onan
of inflteting grievous bodily herm <
wh lomeph TV’ slate on the Sth Instant,
ia wan an indictable offence The de
fendant was remanded to the 27th instant,
bail being aliowed in £15 with a sarety.

at the motning » pervice in Greytriar
(hare tn slay, the wabjece of Rev, ‘
‘esermon vill te “Childhood ”
Ite heat Pteach on | Revereace” at the
evening evrvicg,

The Ceban anger mp receipts to date
ate sald ta be the larygent on record. The

*} total received at the six ia 245,000
toes mere than fast year, 1M, 160,000 om rene re
Sagar Jour

henry in 1906, (international


We understand thar Mr. R. Ryner,
one of tbe | fecent scholarship wianere o!
the ‘a College sail also
rusdaliet, will act as a maser of the Col-
lege cwing 40 the alsence on leave of Mr
RA lowe |

The British steamer " * Driaooe,” Capiasia
‘le 1580 tons borthen artived here yes:
Uarday morniog from Demerara with 23

tons general catgo and the followin pat
sengere=Mranl Mrs Harlacd .
Balvader, Mere Yap She, Mr he it. Blaa-

eel, Mr A. J. Walter, Sire Virginia R.
Fiorenee, Miss Maile Evaliog ant 10

Attenton is directed to Lhe announce
tment on pare Bthata nuwber of proper-
tea will be pat wp fer sale at the Towa
Hall ou Tuesday next, lat instant, for
arrears of water rates, unless the amounts
due are previuusly p pail, .

Ostuns continue t ta 0 form as atticle of
export frum Autigua, In 1908, 1 07%
Crates were exportel, valeet at C23719
10 Inthe other telende their calt{ration
fe boing vradailly extended, — (40n
Colon! Aeport oa Un Leeward Lalaods,

) _

The Datch mail veaamer “Prine Willen
IV” eatied yesterday foe Havrefand Ani-
we Gi age Teltled coor 2 sheen

c, a! copra, 2,000
Potdad cocud, 13 balee ba mark k, 148 alow
rabber, 497 barrels balata, 5 casee feathers
and 20 pkgs sundries, +

We regret’very nuuch to learn that Mr Ei
{A Hitebios Dratrict Otfeer cf Pablle Works
in Tobago, ia seffering there from typhoid
fever, ivery one wha hnows Sr Wtebine
pail be anxtous $0 huar sven that he is

A grand dance will | ba givea by the
Courts of etioert a ja Port-ef-Spain
towards aiding the Te ia Jamaica, on
Monday, the Jrd Jaue next, ab ee Princes
Buihli ge ‘Lickete to te had at the Sek
os! Hall, from members of the Dance Com-
niletee, répresenjing tie four Courte 10
Burt of Spain,

Queens Royal @ lest will reopen on
Tues, Sixt natant, at 10 am, Me

Heys the © Cuctrotte News" Re
Father ti. V. Sathevlaad, or Pr.
Ceara, and the Rev, Father Joa, ‘Seiyth,
UP, of the Cathedral will leave ther
for England oa the itih Jone by
Royal Mail steamer ‘ Tagus.”


Tuesday's Appeal Courts

MoLean v Carter, Hobartsoe & Co,
Cooper, Carruthers + Mule,


Emplro Day at Prinoss Town,

Hits Expellency 4 ‘Sut Gilbert Carter,
KuMG, Acting Governar, bas very
kiodly comseaoted to the “Arbor Da
Excetciees” and Athletic Sports—-whiea | 2
form toe celebration of Empire Day at
Prioces Towa will take-—beiog bell
under bis distioguisbed patropage. Sir
Gilbert bas aleo gecerously subscribed
to the fund ia aid, As we have previous-
ly announced, the weather permitting, a
foe day’s fua is expected as with gocd
prizes to offer the coamittes is dotog
everything possible to make the occasion
(the tirat celebgation in the district) ae
grand success, The schools of Savana
Grande eroall practisiog Tor the occa
swan aod the greatest cothusaen pre
valle among the pupilsof the various
schools, she folluwing is the pro-
gramme t—~


2 Mareh Jat the Flags ta Fuura—Com-

panies of Schoo!
2 Sony “The old Apple Tice” Hohuols

& Address 2 W. Ce Nock
4 Vatsiotie we te eR

& Pied f Loyalty to the Flag=
e 4! h. =
is a YY Mea Cons
6 Soon o * Vict the Uood"—( Govern

7 Emab en oats io Dailh—dariag which three
got n ut i planted.
8 Melt eK of pan Nations”
Craigoish E.G be 1
0 Addrene —Kev. Dr, Juurianos.
10 Boug * Kale Brlesouim'—Ad prese:
IL Choere of the King ond “* Nevivaat
Asthew”—All present.
INTERMIONON, during which refresl-
fuente will M. saved wo foment ebildzen.

11 rend Thar Hees etlpag to schon).
2 Bred” aed Treacle Race—-Opes te
3100 ot Fiat Race—Opes to sebool-

4 Bact nace—Upen to sehool
8 bec lag Coupee ton Oren ce school.

g Bay wad Bpoun K ice—Upen ba sareul-
Toate Leaeed Reoe—Upen te schon:
‘ High it pte cores & te sebasiboys

19 Fung ibe Mog Oyen te AR Gomare|

13 10) Fist Rase—Open to Alls

Ub High J to AU.Camtes
ia Tog hare t v Gerorament

7. | Werle ow a sot lie a 2 ue la of the

om ice mat

gore re aa shee |

hee weiner






Davidson & Todt


"| We offer you this week an opportu

supply your present needs at pric a4]
below market values.



\ em
THe wore,
The folio: are the entries fer the

above sports which teke
2 Ragtaton Pray atih May f

1 One
thone Oxe Mis Bro rrr nee wou a ~q Erize
nN teongefned meeting
/ ne any in of the Tiuo a! N04
, Oliver Matr, Frederick

ad prices,
Tn Wire teewad, A. t+ uM Mant,
Hales ev rds, A, Pildain, FC A, Sealy, ,



we Ming Deva’ Dee vcis Racu——Oper

to baye between the ages of 12 acd "5

obra (idolani ve). Ectrance fee B00,

eee eyoles allowed, Ist ve of

valet 18 ited prize, $4.
Domawa, ur etd

Biovies Mowme Burna, Ald

Remy de Freitas, i, V.

Lage, A, Lameden, Layer Melllard.

2 10) Yon Frat Rv x—- Opon, Rotracce
fee Be. tt wieo ot the value ol #3)
3 ‘ed prive Tria, #8 John, Stafford 20 Sot Black Harness, Pony siza, 18 inch dan
ry ‘allace, Geor, n, ee
Alene 8 dney Day, eorne Cen Tesh with Nickol mounts—~olfered ak 15 dols por set q

, George R, Gregoire,
Julweon (San Fernando), Roleod Batre
(Demerara), Dr Dr G M Giutene
» Tate Mice Beevers Race—O,
trance feo 3s, tet prise of the Frain ret
#12, 2od prize, & This event mast
Le covered within one aml a hall ap

E, Wells (San Pernanno), Oliver Mair,
Fielerick Thomas, J. A, Menezes. A.
Maillard, Ueliy Laughlin, Rufae Ureaven,
AY Puldats, FA Sealy, bre ferick Toouse
EB WN taneell {Demerara M F, Salvador
(Demerara), W.

% Porting tak E snore —O; on, Entrance
feo 3s. 1st prize of the value of 8103

2nd prize, $6.
Pullip Tlonty, Tegloald Roberts; Roland
Helgrave (Demerara),
6. Ovg Mite Brorcra Rack—O; >pen
trance fee ore dollar, Ist price ot the
value of $15; 2ad prise #3. This
eren€ must be covered withla three
and a half mingtes,
EL Wells (San Petnando), Oliver Muir,


A choice selection of NEW SETS, at prices th
peal to all horee owners—Wonderful valuee from DO tol a 4
per sot, » ‘kx

Black and Brown Collars, Driving 114133 Bina
Breast. Plates, Breechinga, Traces, Day ia
Reins, False ‘Collars, Saddle Pads.



Frieke} "thew a Meneses ie Serge and Basil lmned, from $7.00 and up each, ,

B Te jan Fernando), A A L Mail. ae ‘
ofrederek Tonge, Fe 1k Meavll SINGLE & bounLE HEADS & REINS, SPARE REL

‘omer eat Ria, yon LEATHERS, GIRTHS, STINRUPS, BITS. grange See

Salvador (Demerara), WE. V
7. Lona Jumy—Open, \ aeiuree. fee 000
ttle of the valde of $8 ; 2ad prise,

Richard A, Beeele, A. Trocope, C. 3,
Tonnett, Rosina Archer, Josep Hubert,
George Uilgrim, F , Ligayre
a. Teo Sick Busunx Rack -Opes. Ea

traoce fee @1. lvt prize te the value of
$13; 2ad prize, ¥ dots, D.— This
rave must (y covered withlu six and a
half minutes,

E. Wells* (San Yernando), WilKam
Jones Olwer Suir, Frederick J Thomas, I

» A Menezes, 1. Maillard, Holly

lia, Balu” ‘Greues, A bitdain,

eriek Tongs, Henry Watth (Colres),
E ft. Mansell (Dengerar FV, Wiltinena,
M, F. Sdlvador (Defnerira), WOE Waud.
®. Tunowiss AL tie whe abr —-Opcn tot
+ mgiubers of the POC only + bae
tianes fea dite lst prize of the value
ol #8, 2ad prize ~~ Conditions .—
Three stumps. Throw ta be ina h
hhns 35 yards tebiod the wick:
itor allowed ala wounds ‘walt i
ion Rround twa yards behind
hes, to be picked yp and thrown oe if
a short rua were belog atumipted,


Diving Whips from
Ridiog Whips from


rse Brushes, dandy brushes, curry comb
~—jnane combs, gall cure, ictlock bots; keg

caps, saddle soup, black & brawn Dubbia
Harness dressing.



Pace of throw, ote , tu be to the satis
eae of tthe odees === eee
Gay De Learmoml,
Jonipho thth, . Rochford JL Marre:
a. Tlenry Fut.




TH &. DON,

—_ FOK —

Gents STRAW & FELT HATS, in the Latest Sty
Zod prise, $3,

en ene oe,_(Gent’s Sporting Tes and Soft Caller

E Dante, Reglaatd” Asker! Geog te | Gents FLANNEL SUITS—(Very Conty—and

HAE faageBatetin Cory
John ELoadley & Ge
Marine Square and Chacon Street ¥

P igrim, FL, Ligoure.

%, Ctamrton Hicyure Race —Threa miles
Open, Entraroe fee Ss, et ptr,
aA Theycle Presented by Mesara. soih
Co , 2od prise of the value of
$15, A prise of the value of $5 willeteo
beawarded to the winner of the great.
eet number of lays, ‘Thin race must be
covered witbia tea tmigutes, aod will
oaly be open td dompetitors who havg
taken pert ia at leat two of the pe
coding Cycle events.
E Welle (San Fernando), William
Joveeh, Oliver Mure, Froterick J. Thor vw,
Mouezes, C. (San Ver. |”

nando), AL Maalhsnt, ‘Hoty Lavghiin,
Rufus Gieaver, A, Pildaia, FA, deal:

Frodenck Tonge, Eu, Margot (Vem: z
Taray, ul

Matty MF. Salvador
rate a WE

VE. 20 You Fuat an Open Entrance
foots istpriae of the value of $10;



H. One Maur Bier cer (Handicap). Open
to those who have taken part In at
least three of the preording Cycle
events. Entrance feo 3/ 3 Jet prize of
the valaec! $12; Jad prise of the value

of 8%

E. Wells (Suc Fernando), William
Joseph, Oliver Muir, Frederick 1, Thomas,
JA Menzes,C B. Peesonl, (Sen Fernaa

do), A. 1. : Maillard, Holl pongeie,
Kufes Greaves, A. Pildain,
Frederick Tonga, Henry Wi aithe
E. Hi. Mansel} (Demersra), J. A.



BM. F. Salvador (Demerara), W. E Wood

13, Quartex Mins Foust eave etltoodl

esp). Kutrance fee Se let prize of

ne value of $104 2od prize of tae
value of #5

s : Be " eet doey Daly ieee

italia: jez je a Heginal

Archer, Geurge R. Gregor tf
sou (Demerara), Geo 1 iigria, FL ta


18 Five -Nitx Dicvote Race. —Oper

Foutance fee O/- ist prize cf the valye

of gs ad prise of The salue of #10

NB bis rece must be covered within

x teats Fernacdo) Oliver Mui

‘ernando! ver Muir,

Hrederh Thomer. J A. Menses, 0. BD

Agent for the well-known Buggios and Carriages

The Columbus Carriage and Harness 00


arett t Mallard, IAB IN STOCK THE FOLLOWING i=] a
ie taonarl | ay, Ui Meee es Two Latest FASHION ABLE Sunney, Rubber Tyte4.g
MF. Balveda (Demerus}, WE Wood | LHE CUT-UNDER RUNABOUT. 4

18 Hivaay pxcuay Buycuk B Raus~ Oo }A TWO WHEELED CREOLE BUILT
ora apy prise et the ee neve ao | A WO SECOND HAND TRAPS.
tsaoce fee ds. lot prise of the value! |. Deity” Brass BUGGY LAMPS,

#5 Bod puss, G2 “Teet Baury,
The numbers sind colours uf the rasdous SYUBNOE J, «ra
vores TeLepnoxe No. 637.

par ane witl Vet felilaked

wrounde ou the day a a

Repairs executed in best style Rubber Tyres Fil
* Itenewed by an Expert.

Merses Bhod by «a Moliamia


Passengers | for Trinidad
Grsceds, tle lees “ Tiedeg
Kereta Tilted ctout @ ‘ sca
Meare, een

Tasty be eps

We “
LA Belen, Ra

i on *




Stock just received,


Ezperts havo found that tho best way

is to givo tho animal a small handful tized with the evening meal

B Oats and

Poultry food mixture, ebout 1-3rd to 1-4th being Molassino Meal, ,


The Murderer





G&G. Menry Atreot

[RR KE Sele


The Cheapest and Best tor

WHITE, , ”



Saw Mill Work

Oe hhh hdd ahah


i 44% South Quay.
ke, SAW MILL, 32 South Quay. .
errr ce TT,


= ~ Large Comfortable Itvoms. .

Or may be divided into ap ditments.
ard, Rooms and Out-ollices, &ec.

Hk, Purchaser. would moat with a Bargain,

P Yor paritculars please apply to


‘J he Exchange.
9, Frederick Street -


Rheumatic Compo

#.Price 48. per bottletat the} CREOLE PHARMACY.

. 3

’ Ss


sa. /
[Fresh Supplies of this Celebrated Feed for

FOVER 100,000 ‘TONS

to introduce MOLASSINE MEAL
‘and to gradually incroave in a fow days to full allowance, (for instance,
Binstoad of feeding a horeo with 24 Ibs. of Outs daily, give 11 ths, of
Ibs, of MOLASSINE MEAL), according to following

table, say ~~ :)

E LIOKSES ampere day... tn wee from 2 to 4 Tha
OATTLE —por day... ves oe wm = 8B Ibs
MILCH COWS—perday o.oo... 3 lbs;
OaLVES amp day 2.00. 0) tog TA

* PIGS, per 100 Ibs of thoir own weight ... . | 1 to 1} 1b.
- POULTRY—MOLASSINE MEAL mnay be added to any ordinary


The Yellow Fever Outhroak.

tients die,

Posters differ ;
& trae saying

a igible matter for (he doctors them
selves, it

tires and friends of the
at the mercy of the

by the Sargeon General and other oft.

eot means of jutroduction, ze

the official medicos with regard
bature of the discase jteelf aud the
urgent neceasity for taking steps for ite
eradication as speedily aa sole. Ae
cordingly the machicery of the ezistin,
law was immediately set in motion an:
certain regulations were put fa force,
among them being compuleory notifica-
tion of avy suspicitus symptoms Now
nolese al} the practitioners aro agreed as
to the character of the disease, and if
even one oaly of them were to etick out
against the opinion of the reat of the
Medieal ,1¢ must be apparent that
fo such a grave crisis very serious results
will ensue, and a singls doctor, impreg-
vated with hie own negative conviction
aod hide bound to bisown pet conceit
will ta all probability neglect to give
early notification of any case of
yellow fever which he may be called to
ace Ana result of this couduct—com
tible po doubt with obstinate
sef, but fraught with terrible
danger to the reet of the commucity
—the disease 1s likely to apread
io =the vicinity, because the pre
caution which could hare been takea
by the autborities were omitted and the
moeqintos, haviog fed on the patients
blood, are free to teanemitthe infection
toreaidents around. Quite recently an
loterview with Dr. Belmonte was publieh
ed 10 the sery hospitable columns of our
esteemed contemporary, the Demerara
‘ Atgosy” and in that {oterview the
dehnita statement wae wade that
De. Belmonte dissented from the
general opinion held by medical mean
with raaard tothe nature of the fever
which has broughton the snpesition
quarantine regalations — agaiogt
Trinidad De Belmonte has not upto
bow aftersome lapseof time repudited
the opioions altributed to bim although
they have Oo 6reproduced focally
Tbesefore, for all practical purposes it
nay fairly Le assumed that be accepts
them ashisuwn andit ison that assump-
lion that anythiog which we bare to
say Jo the course of this article will be
based. It must bo kept foremost fo
one’a mind that this Co’ony 39 now
passiog through a criswa in ite history.
Caution of adouble kind is absolutely
esontisl in the circumstances and io
1a queativa of yellow fever or not, the
rofewton cannot be toa guarded, lest
greater ills that we know not of overtaxa
the whole commuatty Inthe presence
of so dreaded a foe to maokind
itis tocumbeat upuo any professional
gectieman to aiok his own personal
views for the general welfare and
whether or not Dr V-lmonte, or ac
other medical man admitted to the roll
of tbe Board, adheres to bis opinion
that there 1 00 yellow fever in.the
Colony, se thick it is bie solemn and
imperative duty to combine with the
great buik of the profeeaica so that sll
aight work together 19 harmony and
wilh ave resulute purpose,—the specdy
eradication of the dreaded disease, We
areadvised thatthe whole profession,
barrlog one, ts united in tt opinion and
in the face of that practical unaaimit:
tt 18 iscooceirable that soy siogle
individual should not be prepared to
sida with the great majority for the
general good sod to jun jg the
active campalgo that ts being waged
against a common aod a terrible for. As
aa exatople of the positive character of
the disease which Jeaves no roon for
doubt, it may be mentioned thet aa
Itatian gentleman residing io Bollvar
went oa 4 Wisitto bis natite Jeod and
gp bis retura receotly passed through
Trlaidad. He developed the disease
threo days alter arriving at Dolivar aad
Dy. Ochoa who attended bim at once
declared it to he a cass of yellawfesgr.
The patient, we are glad to any, rect
ered. (tber sostacces ot the certain
character of the fevee are those of Mr.
Curtia who died at Greaada after ona-
tracting the fover here aod of Miss
Summers whose cave was digoored at
Barbados asa anid type of yellow fever.
These cau-s all shaw tbat the olfctat
medical authorities io Trinidad and the
Jorge umber of private practitioners
who agree with them are pérfeetty right
eod kouw wuat they are telkiog about
I{there is any vegtect to pouly suspics
ous dadicativas, one may be eure —vepe
cally now that the feioy eesson
has commenced—that the disease will
quukly assume epideniic form, which
bupyily it bas not yet taken. la writing
aawebavedone, we devise to bold no
man vp to cenaure or blame. Everyone
iu certainly entitled to e joy bie own
opioion , but no une sheuld act cpooe
solitary and isulate concert when to do
oo may botba meine of eadangeriog
the lives of ad’ inbabitents of a
thiekiy popa!
cf the Colupy te at atake, ite
reputation as a safe place to the
stranger to vieit has almost goac, trade
ia greatly bawpered and hives (lor
Ceeately oaly «few wg ban) have teen
leat Tt be the da’s uf the preas tu plead
io the ciccumetacu-, for uniformity ot
sotion among the uedicel profession
(even though ucnulaty of eonriction
may be impossible) ind ta reflect the
strong volume of pub ic opinion tbat our
vedios! men should do nathlog which,

V ra ent. ‘et t

ted ‘hucieds
che "



adage which roos

joes not admit
te aed while it may perhaps be

ie certainty not a0 to the rela:
Rrureate ho are

rofeasion, e
tooal outbteak of yellow fever was from
the earhest instance of it not, mistaken

moedjcot Ruthorities, and altbough the
rat nc cance core deethed tporadie by

teason of the appatcat want of covnection
oe ot between them and avy appr:
t there

was absnlutely no uncertsiaty felt by
to the

Hietancvart, F.
a AT!
h | Diane A. Le Drewes Andree Lamy, M

E beve just recegved another essurtnce ‘ a I L GARE
Guser + dont Bands,

ve fii aes,
cp es
Sign of \1H5 RED HORTAR* in Frederick Mreet

Baekets of Flowers, 8:
dF i
fies oa wl, Syroye an ft ties


he apread of t

taken wou!
heen uf a

(mmediately notifed , and every inbabit-
ant of Portol-Spaia professional or
otherwise—is earnestly engoloed to com

ly with the regulations tbat bave been
tamed with care and thougbt to the
health of the community, —for immedi-
ate notification of any suspicions case
and for keepiug premises clean and free

from stagnant wster Ly lookidg after
these mi 7 of- Spain
will we are assured, be' soon rid ofthe

disease that wilt otherwise develop
tapidly into a pestilence.
i )




Ae announced yertenisy the solemn
funeral service of His Grace the Most Rev,
Ur, Patrick Vincent Feud, of the Onder
of Pipachers, Archblahop of Port-of Spaia
took place at the Cathedral Church of the
Inimaculate Conception yesterday inorp-
ing. Solewsd Uthes cf the Dead was sung
by the Rev Clergy in Choir, the Very Rev

he Vices Geneial, Father bina Dowling,
fremding The oftice over, Solemn’ High

ase for the repose of the sunl of the de
coased relate was cetebrated by the Vicar
General, with Rev Father Vo Kntuerleod
UB. (PP Caurapaa Deacup, and Rev
Farther Jorephi Smyth O.P.. as Sub-dea
con, Father J OReilly OF., performing
the duties uf Master of Ceremonies, Mov
Fathers Jones U.P., and McAlliney 0.1,
were the Cantora, The masic wae Grevo
rian and without organ accompaniment,
The effect was most imporng aud 1
added to the solemnity of the oocasion
Catafalque surrounded by lighted candela
bra was placed iu the sanctnary and ou
which were laid many Jovety floral wreaths
and crosses etc , sent by sympathisers and
frends, The weurving arrangenents
exceedingly simple, Lhe pulpit and archie-
piscopalthrove being
and black, while th
High Altar were decked with black ahields
with wlite erpsses, After Mass, the re-
mains which, enclored ins metal cothn,
were labd at the hack of the Nigh Altar
were brought to the front and placed on
tha catafalyne when the appoloted prayers
being recited the Liters was sung aod the
Alwolution pronounced ; after which the


Ja aceordance with the modern theory of ¢ Ident, Gohemel J 1
low fever brppersiton would reeult in | t
es ie ig. dreaded disease, ba

etoellent aanitar: utioa now being

reodered woree than use-
ao of fever, attended by the
slightest suspicious aymptom, were not | ong oe

papeeter General Litter!

Worl, Caps A "
G. MN. May and C,H. Ureie,
ora W OH. G. Thorne and F
ami bir, Jomn Wharton (Agen
the Urtnorvo — Bteamahip Gi
veral ladies,

pay bk Bepat

There were a

Clony, Sisters of the Dominican Urder

Sisters of Charity ( bihiren from the Bel

mont Orphanage and boye of St,

Ooliege, the latter, ia charge of Rev.

Father O Donoghue with Reva, Mosers

Batler and Galt, nceapied special orate.
Floral (ributes were seut

Uo through ion,

the Acting General Mavaper, Mra Rene do
Vertenll and family, Mr and Mre Win J

Gordon Gordob, The Cloistered
Sisters of the Rosary Convent, Hon an
Mra, Sanmnel Heoderson, Trinkdad Ship
fog and Trating [Co Std, The Are
dewoon of Trioidad, The Uttwera Trinidad
Ovostalalary, The Chief Jectice emi
Lady Nottheote, Mra aad MeO CU. Btoll
meyer, De and Mra Eakin, and eeveral
persone whose canis dit not accompany
their tributes As the day wore on, the
nomber of tri utes Increased—the whole
befvg Arranged on the theose of the Arch:



Tbe Midsummer race meetin, of the
Trinidad Luef Club wae opened yraterday
onthe Queen's Park Savannah io soa
ther which must hase delighted the
heart of the war god as be amited on the
little army of bourse flesh assembled
under bis banner, ta upholding the tiate
doocured cause of the © sport of kings.”
Beaatiful as was the weather however,
there wasthe absence of the concoml
tanie, which go tomnkeun ideal race
meetiog There wae the lack of that hap
py toter pand rivalry whieh brings addi
tonal zeat to sport merely attendant on
the sunoing of eo many horere,
and in the ciroumstances, both victors
and vanquished Wel confined, jester:
day to bomseters from one camp or an-
other. The gatheriwg on the grounds
was not up to its wontedpess, and eveo
ia the grand stand there were, vacancies

teatily dreped in white { with which Jocal race meetings are ua-
@ candlesticke oo the jf familiar The racing in iteelf, however

went off with the sir of the proverbial
wedding belle, {lis Excelleacy the Act
ing Governor Sie Gilbert Carter
K.O.M.G,, and Mer Otho Carter, bia Pri-
vate Secretaty were in attendance. The
Constabulary Band uoder acting Bard

taster Etott wae present aod enlivened

coflla was woveyeil ta its tast reatiog place | the event with 4 hae programme of popu:
in the crypt, ou the Gospelaide of the | lar airs sod selections, Tbe stewards
Aligh Alvar, jast mnmeuiately east of the | and handicappers were Hon. Edgar Agos-

Archepiscupal thiong. The final
were waid, oa the clergy tovk their
be closed


luok at the cothn which wae to
from view Mr
the “Dead Marth fa Saul,

The other clergy in the Sanctuary
cluded —The Very Rev, Father J. Neville
(Vrincipal of St. Mary’s College), Monsig
nor de Slartini, Monignor Maingot, Rev,
Father M_ Farrelly, Kev Fathe:
Cantwell, Kev. Fasher R. Cahille Kev,
Father Ml. Quenda, ev. Father J, Alice
Donnell, Rev, Father J. M, Perdomo,
Ker, Father PY, Alvarez, Rev, Father 2.
fleffermao, Mev, Father Merle
Rev, Father V, Mos iliney, Rev.
M. Vanderychen, Kev Father Patrick
myth, Mer Father P. EB Desmond, Rey.
Father kitgolmons, Ree Fauupr D. Mus
kian. Hew tather H Jones, Hey Father
Bugnun, lev Father M O'Reilly Hev Fa-
ther M, U Byrnoe, Rev, Father? J, Bree

jastaad | P

RF, | Comming Esy. James Wilson

Yavher | discord or unpleasantoe:

tin KC, Hoo. R.8. Aucher Warner, K.C,
Stevens Esq. Ella Grell Eaq and
Edgar Tripp Kay and apart from their

George Tone playing | ordinary duties, 00 complaints cropped

ap for decision, The officials were A.
Cory Davies aq. Jadge) A. P.T. Am-
Esq. (Clerk of the Scales), Cap-
tain EW. Lack (Starter), whila J. r
Jaq, (ter)
Edgar Tnpp Bey aod W soe
hao Raq. (eocretary} formed the ftand
and Ground Committee, Perhapa the
pastol Starter is pre eminently the one
around which centres the Qoulbihty of
abit might

be mentioned that the duties ot that
offfce were carried out fa & tanner thet
srofded the least semblance of untow-
srdoess. Of the seven eventa three
ware won by Air. Kernahan with Cerise

nao, Rev Father Iaidoro Masito, Rey Father | (2) and Weet Indian (1) while the re-

Collins, Kev, Father Nicholas, Rev. Fatber
Lasebe, Rev. Father H. Caney Rey.
Father Lacey, Rev. Father Noel, Rey.
Father Bent » Kev. Father Dermondy,
ev. Vethue Doolgy, Revsbather Alvio,
Rev. Father Duggan, Nev. Father Zyadb,
Kev, Father Lienen, Rev, Yaher O’Kouke,
Key, pale Branizen, Kev, Father Heagy,
Rev. Fethar Devaste, and Her, Hrothyrs
Ange and Jansed.

The sacred edifice wes tiled to overflow
tng. Apnong Chose present were not!
Huw kxcelleocy the Acting Gorermor, Sir
Gilbert Carter K.C MM G., with Mr. Otbo

Carter, Vrivate deuretary and the Hon. W. | MeL Bernstein's

M, Gorden (Actiog Colonial Necretary),
{{er whom special seats were prov

1a Hovocr Sie, Justice K, A. Sweo, Mig | Mr

Honour Mr Justice A. D, Hoasell LLB '
Hoa. Edgar Agosuni KC. flop, RS,
Archer Warner KC, Hon Desis Blyne,
Hon, Lieut Oul. G, D. bwaio, Hon KH.
peCart OMG., Hon Eugene Cipriani,
up. ©
foo, Bam Heodereon, Professor P Car.
mody, De. Compe, De E. Prada, Dr. T.
Kenny, Dr. U HL. BL
De. Norman, Dr. W. H.
Image, Rev W, BfoC.
Aogos Holler (Consul for Austra

sper Rev © D,
Thonmypaoa, Kev.


wuilan Hea,ire) Monsieur M, Ciralliles fields and
Vice Coowuf for Franve) De UT. Villegas position of the
*athlo (Coosal fur Veoezoe's) De, D. A de} to Compensation and Rag

eswo, Cr J, A Heres, | Cafécorver, the animals were well

maining four went reo tively to bods
vidual owners, Young Campbell added
reab lustre to his raciog attaloments,
B recordiog three vigtorles, and doing
& seound at youterday's proceedings,
Apponded are the results :--

THE? MAIDEN—Tiwe 3 pim—~j-Mile-
Opes to all horses malden at time of
eutry. Entrance $10, Sweepateks €5,
A prize of $150,

Mr Eugene Borde's bo Compensation,

S yours, 114 tbe, white Lody, bine
alec eu, red cap—Headley ... oo
bf Kage, 3 years

US Noe, dark blue bu gokd

cutfa, collar and cap—Hubert a 2

Alvis’ be Vidus, 3 years, 116 ibe,

crimson and goid spotewlevey 4. 3

ime 4.18,

‘Tbree entrants started fo thie event,
ee perhepe being the must pepalar fe-
vourite, Vidus was sowewhat snlacky io

P Wavid, Hou. Carl de Verte, | having got a bad atart, bus despite this

pions of ul Juck, he sucn joined quspan

With ble cootettante aad /on Feachloy the
inthe proverblal © booch” and in epleudid
fitness to allow of the proverbial “ sheet”

Itichard, Hev. E J. Meath, Chevaller | being thrown over them Vidas however

Ved ocompacy with the reat of the
toca py lo tbe more humble

Kkyroaad, jeft the rece

i, tore

Montbram (Consul fur Vurtagel and Vice | toe rece to ite traest jeunes Was witocesed.

Mr. A. M. Bucte (Oun
ool for Kcundur) a Worelup J. Berks.
ley Beg. BUR, Messin, J, F AL Farfas,
Ww (iordon Gurdon, Ludovio de Verteuil,
VX. de Verteuil, L. P. Pierre, yA
Bheete, H §. Ganteaume, F. E. dovtt,
F. Osntgaune, 1. de Lapeyrous J.P.
depea, Fra
Giawueall, Fravk Gransaoll, Andrp Go-
mes, ) oS. Kerneban, Robert Kernahen,
TRON Davybila, AU. U'Coauor, GU,
W. Kenny, H. Ke. Colling, A de
Bue, A v. Thareoot, E GU. Peos
C A Fe'lonals, G. You Weiller, J.

de Hart, x.

Consat for Brawl

Jules Adu. N,
seoatt, Pr Matugue, tar) J.

Hegel Sant, tte

V Bother, GG. Wat. | MF

The two anise raced head and hoad
from the straight rua, aod kepe up the
until within a few fest of tbe Judze's
ny whor Headley by a suprewe efurt
Fei Compensation Naat & pose fn frout of
sgt. bo keen waa the roouiog, that it
must have beea & tax on the eyesight of

Graneanll, Francia | the Jadge to declare the winaer,

p.m —5 ferloogs, Opes to all horses
aired avd foaled in the Weat lodice
(Jamaica excepted) and Uritish Ugiana
aod to all ponies 14 Zand soder, Bae
trance 810. A prae ol 12u

MrAS Keruahan's bbebt Gatles, 4

ears, Teen and wi

Jerket sod eae on “

th bp Happy Man, 4 years

1 “


w Maeingot aok'a
Aan de. havasthde, @, Bebeult O, be old gold Jace, rupal pore
FA, L. Liagvuce, MM, B, Maillard, le sash and ca m on
Mailer’, CC." EB, Beadbaw, Lf Time b.u7 3 6b,
Guppy quel FF Marqnes, J. tac- | Deer Raltit not having hope to bieen-
ta, k A Alesis Wo A Blan gegewent, the battle was elt to Cealse

T int, J defuse, G. T Reale, Leo D,
Flu Wallan G Uysoss, Ko le shales
M Alonso, J Latorest, d. A. &
pedales, AL

Gooasles, LH
usept Derased, J. D

Lows Bervayi,
Kea, JW Demanoire, H. L. Smith,

Deetettetchertetanet naeeaninineet

bent ras theo
Uosmests if all of Cakes,



Happy Man, Ib ta Qgenesally ackuow-
Jedged TED, tue a rece Let wert two animale
ceverve the attribute ote” be moet he
hotly contested andiwe!l -ustalned from
plarlto Bole, aud even Liou ib bees,
of the besuty from pacity vf compe

hich #8 bare
Chios tédiels]

uly ata 8. 1S,
Ten, bepeetors
heb Isepoet.
RA Brewn
rat toe
attemdance, several Bisters of Bt. Joseph tte


by. Hon
Denia aod Mr, Biyne, The ‘rcintaad
Rieeurio Uo" Kr B.D, Hardt



ALL SHAPES (one ann snort WAISTED,

FROM 26 Cents to 43.80,
Ribbon Corsets

With and without Suspender |


2G Cents to do Cents, ~Y

Fancy Goods. .

VELVET RIBBONS—j-sth in, Lin, Tpin, 2ins, wide—all shades,
MILLINERY STRAW TRIMMING leading shades only.


We will offer soma special Lines ia

Muslins and Prints. —

W:C, ROSS & CO.,



Corner of Queen and Frederick Streets,


Life Assurance Society, Ltd, .

Hatavlished Sisztty ‘xoars.


2ie, Htc, 480, 60. 3

CLAIMS PAID oe RY an eae an vas £21,000, '

ASSETS vos ta ous te tee a ves peootoo }

INCOME Ab ane o Bae aoe oon ate use 1,830,


Liberal Policies free from vexatious restrictions,
For full partoulars apply to


Sole dgusts tor Trintdsa,


The Sign of the Times

C emand your attention,



Exporionce and Wisdom go hand in- hand, -
Ihave the one.aiud you the other.

= 50,COME TO:


. “here your money Buve the moat
That's the place you ought to buy trom, ‘hat s the place fyou ought
to support,
OU... 2D. UO, EE

member the Witerx Boot and Shoo Store for th
Bs Bao ts, the Watcbaaag of your lutereater Ra 13 fratanck Se




Be me coe

a matte

, . w



g|| The Stores. /[ DRESS FABRICS

ies Fancy Muslin Bl
, Blouses Wiis ype Muslin Blouses § 0,96 FOR THE HOLIDAYS Dress Voile shutet Detens Latest Novelties or OR CENTS

Afternoon Gowns, all shades

Blouses Lace Yoke end Fone ot 1.44. : ——
» e Yoke and Front, very protty . . . .
asf in Jap Sil Washi aunts. P Satin Jap Silk Waeergee! 72 ous
Blouses Nowe pa” ashing Blouses 2,00 ANAMA p White and Black CENTS.

Blouses HMM. 500 |. HATS Glace Silk trrepet Gotten 60 cevzs,
} Belts gps Hzozn colour tontor 015 To clear at $3.00, 4.00, 500 Embd. Dress Muslin scsieat”™* 36 cms
: Belts from 60 Canton . 1.20 WORTH DOUBLE THE PRICE. Dress Muslins ‘paeLize:, oe 12 cue peeyent,
THE VERY FINEST LAVAVORITA’ [Ty Fr, | aglet sa he rept Gi LE


auogular 10 this Tespect. From almost larceay of eight agarettes value 4 cente,

The Empire Typewriter |Z: ecko. wa pein ease

0% me, and it exists fo many parts of } to justify « conviction, and defendant
(—~ that neice to dey. By a pivele fran ordered tc be Kept at hard labour
We call attention toa few facte rd. | Wor appreavuoesbip tystem, however, | for aterm of one month.

mg the EMPIRE Stan tard. Type weiter the ditculty haa beea almoet eliminated “TL.

, io «many parts of Indis, Some
avgiber Btandsrd Typewriters cost Tadian railway worshops even produce

Grocery & Refreshment 0 CTE


bore oa or about the diuh May 1907,

tating cargo f

tata ¢ ve og Havre, London act Qva-


Adjoning the offios of the Trinidad Elec their own locomotives, aod in maoy | FIXTURES FOR THE WREK By BING 2 ott, Fred. Leyi .
.. IS THE tre Light Company, Ltd. 100 DOLLARS reduatrial trades skilled craftamen ~ May 1007, kaa: (1900), ted & Os ‘
Es Phe BUPIRE ole cnet al tie of Pein 19] euday a bam A> and soe ES, tat

You save 4o Dollars.

‘renee 5

4 » poe. |M. W. GOODING,
dE Pauli Breweries, FLUE shore Establishment bas been

started solely { r the convenience

of the public so as to avoid the journey

‘ . dows town, and 8 revt opea fom 8
ats, until 9 pm. daily and on Sunda

GrEnE. BEA Int ID moroicgs till 9 a.m. Great care has been
takeo to Jay in a Fresh end complete as-
nortment of everything in the he of

Bread, and pure Cow's Milk, and cao

{ GC { assure the public that their hotrsebold

—— mee J 7, requirements can always be obtained
3 from this up to-date Establishment,

fa connection with the abora a


EN i Y % order BS a opened an

CONTAINING 7, DOZEN; PINTS. already the public show Pibew *
° reciation in this direction for the
Renowoed * Ta Favorita}” Ice Create,

state cf industry bas uot beea without bn practical “init Teta drill ta
its disadvantages, acd there is a tea f z &

38, 4) awk 41, special attention
dency to depend more and more on the teing paid to the latter.
apprenticeship systen which a few years | Wednesday 2énd 7 p.m. —! ies Drill —
ago tt was thought the trade schools and 8 p.m, —Semaplore ae
evening classes would supersede, They | Thursday /Sed 3 p m. ~ lass firing ab Co
bave nov douse so however, and this feeling curits for mewbers who have been de
1s cordially eadorsed by the great Labour talled.—7,—Staxime Section’s Drill
Unions. “They are akilled workmen § pm.—Drill for © Cand DD Com:
themeel vee aad is pot to tbele, unterest to Panive as o Taceday.

ave half-equip and ill tr. young an ——
meo_ atepjing forward to lower the Prevention of Crime.
standard of ctheieacy and the rates of, —
By; For meny years America haa
eid out agalost the appreaticeship
system, and depended nolely oa trade

. A gente
BXICAN_Thes a's ;
Mt te trom Liverpool vial Sarteeenete
wovat Cle 24th Slay 1907 procesding alver

Maris to Lan ug *
ahd Carth wens incall Cabolie, Vareeoty
{ d PP —The ss. & Witham
\\ Cail ie due here frou Liverpeut
vis wails ios op of about the léith Juss
de pe neodiog atierwaids to LsGaayra .

q 5 x
bio Cabelly, Curacoa and Carthigesa. ‘

Tralded-New York Line “
Wendad bh!
Gi; Trading Coy. Lin Agee j

ARALAY—The ae « .
K thu dituidad Lice will alaraas Ne

Yue ou Wedouday M.
due thereon Lbareday gare 107, aul ta 4

Lonaon Direct Line, :
Now Colonwust Compan,
dhs Lin—Ageury a

WE ANA.—The 8.8, © Be; “ "
here {runs Loudon via Greneda aise


“ Wo are on the threshold of an sge
whea the old ideas of punishing cfime
with retahatory ponalties are on the

sttigip ta

HIS MAJES 1.5 GOVERNMENT [Ff factory, of might schools, bat | Wane,’ aan Major Arthur Grifithe, ia


The Government of Trinadad,

th t uaveiling a memorial to ths great prisoa
even she 16 yielding on nen 9 aad reformer, Joho iloward, at Warrington,

many of the States of thé Union have Lagland:

and ace legislating in favour of a com
pulsory sppreaticeship system. For want
of it, says the Asgixecring Jlayasine.

“Our wish is ratber to prevent crime
thaa to puoish ft. {¢ is now an estab-

. ’ oD tr lished fact that there is a criminal age
hich are ready from an early | Wharf. Bole Agents, The Ameticao born skilled workman is ze
Cl H | | d A { { Bour daily ; f - — Banzare T Co, ltd. 1g to be all but wok: d the | aod if we take boys just enteriog it, we
ly ; ag weil as numerous other | -— ypewrter Co, coming all but unkoown, an ¢ b . .
. Refreshments, such k Sf enna freputation of the American workman | Way Wesa thea from theie evil courses, | Swut thy 3ch Jase, 1007, proceoding ane -
KI its a5 0 e § al ES aUfal &i ee and Larkers EearenWarcrs for turntog out superior products te im | 800 thus appreciably diminish the whote | terwarda to Vemsrare takung cath pas.

volume of crime.” seugets aod mails

plan H. Scherer & Cg on

Gitenata. in The amy Georgla *

of tue 20 vary Am.

ts due bere fron Karuee tweak tbasee 4
on of suloat Mey arh, 1907, pro;
ceeding afiecwarda to Varupauy, La .
Gasyra, Porto Cabelio, aad Carasen, .
tating cargo, passengers and joulis, , 5

La Veloce Mavigazione
fahana A vapure,
’ Th Nee Uoionns Core

Pony ponte,
ENLCURLARTbO as. * Veaesuels”

fe die bee from Uvdos rie stare
seilles, Barceloas (dpa), aud Peueitie on .
veabout the Zick alsy 17, prvorssiag
sfierwerds to La Gusytee Fu. Cauaion :
Gaeta Savagilla, York Limoy aad @°

LA Ley *

Compagnie Seneraie .
. Lactaud & oun, 50m & -!

JALYAUUR, ue Eteach, Math Svesvet—— *
“Salvador” from Karope via U "
loupe, Marusique. sad SP uclas a due
bere on of about the 2éth Shey aud wil

tealitya reputation belougiog io large
part to the foreign-born mechanic wor
ing 10 American abops uoder American
methods.” If this uw ths coodition of
afaurs ro Eogtsod aod America where
there are trade, factory, and night schools
working alcngude the apprenticeahip dae bere from Southampton vie Cher
system, how much more must the evr be } bourg and Barbados oa Wedosaday May
here where there are nuas of these | 220d and will losve the seme day for New
things? The revival of the apprentice: Xork vie la Gaayre, Huerta Colomta,
ship systera b peng, puabs gilors GColou and Jenisice, taking carga and
very rigorously in io the States, VAY. “ .
where, once they feel the need of ONWAY- mabe Bie ear” is
dotog things they do then sery vigor- | on the 220d Mar, proceeding tha same day
ously and aackly. The movement 8 | to Demerars, takiug sod maile,
weicomed py the Labour Federation end A PLATA. The K Md. Le Plate *
doubly welcomed by the employers and is due hore from New York vis
the public, The National Metal Trades ) Jausica, Coton, Puerto Cuiombia and La
Association has formulated a set of con | Gasyre on duoday the uch Sey, and
ditions which ite wembore are sdrised | Will lesve the next dey for Cherbourg aod
to incorporate 10 their appreaticabip Suathampwoo via Barbados, taking pare
agreements, or regulations, According The ten ° an mall the 8 Vin
to these aa apprentice must be over 15| seicy ant pans with peusengey Yorane
years of age 5 four yeare te the period of | Spd prsrg ht Wie Paseongere for the
spprenticoybip suggested j a duly cigaed | Passaagere are specially notified theta
certificate is to be given ta the boy sut- | tagzega fighter to be despaxuel to the
crest ally completing bie »ppreaticeanp homeward mail steanier will leave the Se,
~ fA asa us 20 given on the iacent Jetty 53,10 a0, on Sondsy 27th
eee canter ot tied aeraeeioe Satisfactory completion of the contract. | May, the day of sailing aod passeugete
Ie carpenters and other urtizans and | {¢seems trom the report of the last | ere therefore requested to see thar ati
mechanlca were employed on them, or|mectiog of the Board of Todusirial | thelr bazusye ia seat dowe to the Ho
, ‘Iratalog that they propose, amongat | Viorent Jetty before that hour.

—(The best obtainabl Ie)—are consumed
in great quantities, ~
AND WILOLESALS FROM articular attention is drawn to the

fact that when referriag to Smokers’

x :
CORDON, GRANT & GO.)-ca"rsvortra:



* CABINET — — |The Holidays,

oto Frames.| =...

YORK coun

B.HLS.P, The Royal Mall Line.
ORS oe ths RM.&, * Oringoo” is

Port-of- Spain Eazette
BUNDAY, MAY torn, 1007

The Modern Adaptation of the
Apprenticeship System,

Now that the newly, appointed Board
of Iodustrial Traising 13 beginning its
very smportant work, it may not be with-
out ioterest to glance at what is proposed
to be done herein the Jight of what is
being done ta other countries on the
seme matter. Ons ofthe chief objects
of the local Industrial Board ia to create
and work a properly orgsuized appreo-
ticesbip system, the need for which bas
become obviousto all who kuow apy-
thiog of industrial conditions tn the
Colony: Trisided is primariy ao egri-
ealtural colooy it ia true, but 1¢ bas
never been able to do without a fairly
Jarge class of artizane and mechacices,
por will itever be able todos Wheo


- rather 10 the milla and factories oo them, NWA = brocead afterwards to Veerara, suclnau
oe. ALSO 34 cents Ib. Hern tot mea Keceired very dat vraaes others, Just these ees a ithe local OA The se, beet ey Uayoune, tating passpagers tails und
ascompared with theuneki jabourer. boar G4 Juve, taking cargo for GUreasda, 1K
, A CAme Assortment oF th lity of thei: kk wag | Workiog oo right hoes, It ts to hoped | jy. v4
Boneless Cooked As far aa they tight te “decribed shut its efforts will receive adequate and oeALERA Sie es inag k Srowe “te dus bete trou Veucs

Uelag porte va or abut the dou aley aud

whl prucend alverwetie ty alerusique,

Udadvivups, Haotagder, = Uviiceua

Maree, taking pesssugers, mais sud
go .

very necessary support, both trom the elena” is dai ° .
Goverament Sod ¢ public, Without |awpion vis Mchesboute® gd Boas.
this their task will be uphul, if cot 1m: | dos, on Wednesday, Jans tbe oth,
possible, work, As there te Do com: {and will leave @ same day for
pulsioa in the Trinidad scheme, it ts to | New York, via Le Gaayra, Paerto Uutews

without offeace as iadifereot Jouroey-
roeo, It wae not their teult, but the
fault of local ooaditions, that they were
sot mre capable and highly trained
Many of them bave been throwa out of


ANCE maths Freach Mall Qteamer




longer to be described as cfsftamen, Ua | bothing to lose by doing so,
the other band eeveral cew soduetries —
sprung Up a0 arliz.o8 Of o! F

setatt cont ta, have found 1s ontist city Follce Court
for their ecergies io otber dis a. i Meds
bost-buildiog industty bas been started, (Balers itm Woe BS Meds Herbein
whieb, vader more favourable auspices, —
might — " ° ope of foe inde magat Saturday. th
tude, A large fuucdry bas been esta Lamuany or Mancooar .—Joweph | i
Habed whee numbers of artisans of difler- | Greeaid, g@ ioetituted ebacge against eat Jee steamer will fers, a
wot clases are eioployed, and thls is to be | Jaues txsanuel sod Alexabder Joseph | Luth Jane, the day of ssiling, :
followed by the catubishment ifa float: [with the laroeoy of three mongoose | gers are therefore requested to ecg thet
jog duck, which should give ewployment | value 7,6 the property of T. Werner. | sil thelr baggage ts tut Gown to the Bt,
oa large pumber ot Pd abvarere The prossontion showed thet deleadaat | Vigceot Jetty tmore wat buas,

th rea8 © 0 a there tb
rte Cee imopojus to the ba hed stolen the animals from the

oa Bundsy the Oth Jace, and will faavy | CBINOCU, Brie time, Bale, 1,680 tons

TO BE HAD aT : se ment durlog the last decade or ao | Deboped also that the workers will not | dia, Certhagena, Colog and Jamaice, tek- Shipping inieuigerca
. . are Sizes so couts ib. by ibe lal falltee of the suger iodas- | bettate to come forward and Ideatify | 10g car o aud malle, Me “Tages” —=
} Jolf ow ae 42 con try, and some bave begaken themselves | (Otmselves with the movement They dug bere from New York wea de sate’ o ARRIVALS,
ly R MARS HALL Nv 60 Packed in patent covers, to agricultarel ovcupations, acd are no | have everything to gaia and absolutely Puerto Gulomie eed ‘Ly Gases, Mey 1th.
- “Aya a
. 3

8S dis, Duueem-d wee yoser
eatye, aud iy y
Ak Ge Paasoogersy, = To Uvidea

the next da bouths la .

toe next Chirtop plod via Barbe eae

GA MELIA, Venez, Rebar, Garcia, 40 tons,
ous aud

rg, tak
oargo and maile, & MAG besnengere,

‘The tender will Joave the Si Vi
Jouy atl pon with pusseogers tur the

Passongers are speclaity noliged thats

Fey waeive sovzes STEPHENS, LMI,


ne rs | |sours AND TOBACCO
Valuable Properties for Sale| vxmmst in a»

uaya, Gulile, 222 age ib

oe, .
Lik, iat, aloup, Samersos
Uieuada bal eat, 87 pasesbyer hain
Ore ih UIECEMHA, Veoes Boat,

Ble, lu wea, euudey ~
SEU OLILA, Veins. sloop, Bowpart, 2b
Wins, Uiiaelsld seed

nw Cueaaiee ond 6 at ages, panes i
dismay Vowes, sip, Se Weule, 49 tops,

baggege lighter ta be

ee ote ses en *..


Konatijie wt, Mail.

* | Warden's office, Tuospuoa on the 17:8 avae *
log trade, ond this advence le Ukelyto | iostant, The magistrate ordered the sleatt, poseegere 3
at 1.30 Ft gnatiaus once i Kulooy gets oree deleadsat's, remsed to the Tanepune Ta New Onionsad Oompany weet Rue. "
5 PTeEMOD WIC belie folios Court og the s3ad tasteat. ‘ tr -
e 4 a ieite tit peta radars Frond is purely tamporery The Kiwotrie Light |” Aiisosp LancsmY on Zinc .—tleary pus ee Wars yet, all HATS DUAN, Aut, dussved oelsets .
aod Power Company wud otiser local Srme | Carcee appeared w answer @ charge ca | bere fio ue Naw, TOD tour, Pamigreibia, -
OSs. 82 & B84. OU EE N ST. ere vay Soul Bey U7 the ander | 44 jndivduels are ewiploylog a great | toy od. agatost bum by Uovstabia Me pote fom See ete arene Sun aad | BY os Beeld & kan
~ § 4s onvenon Ud, Brae Seal of etilled labour, aod these sre} tals, for the leroewy of two pisces of | proveding afterwards to Uarupanw. pwr 2 & Inala We Amey 4

casas EDS julimesce, *
PRISING chroe lote vf land, on whiok atand # lerge dwelling, | 49 ceees, elem chowder, 7 cases moiton | Tomeure of other loval cuterprizes for | rine, value 64 tbe property of Clareace | pater, Ueuses, Gusyts, Le Gaayea, Pasrus

i 1, 35 cases | wich a supply of traived labour wall | Uuivierre at Edward street oa the 213th | Uetello, Ceraces, Jaewel, ; Teh sles meayjon My nt
peshouie and two large stone Warehouses, oue of which de a Ooreer | abies geusbe, St canes raed ‘eae, be required Ceteily the Burd losteot, Home evidence was taken, aud | Fort av Hriaveund New York leutug econ tatcia se BY kee F. atite *
SMeae- Will be sold for any reasonable cash offer. For partiquiare ~slio— Todustra! Training bes Lo are SPPOIMI- | defecdant remanded to the let vestaat , | Pesngers vod malle, _Tue Dosen a olan e,
AM yit0 Jobibe, Caperal Tobeceo to packages in | £4 004 whil au nave tur howe reasons | bail ve £10 with w warety tau mult | YUE St Tue Dc saad shag of malta,
ps i Waar

hore {rosa Veossuaian 5a: 1s 09 oF she

KENNETH SKINNER. [tent ica ct oper tained moshatis ood ber Maia | an Satan und Comasive ty thy
GHENT, erieaos th ge ality a thal; ow May 1907, proceeding alterwarde wD | an < Hesue wii une! Ww
Fi. By! Ylncent Strect, vent aveiocears Giheslty locally, But Triovded te not eyelet he br Meaual writs or he ae peoregervnd biter wing Regen back cares ie i
er Fs }

Xu wae

4 “Soke” — Bir

Rg ep yee Tp SY

rer mrnareraoaas




“TRINIDAD " BURGO: 8 | J owellery, J awellery, DAY OF JONE, 1007. NOTIO“K Ip the AI TOW RRING: DAY OF dunt
ocemane . “eb HE podertlgaed bega ta notily ,UBLIC a
" MESSRS DI CAPUA & ZANELOITO ) P'vress, SPkceorrszatrsanes & | T peut ra eer he le groverel bate eR
° peortgagene by the Coreyancing and Law of } uadertake any kasloess_&: 5 OPPEIL FOR SALE morgagees by the Cooven . |, HE shad ved are perfect! Have much pleasere ia ieforming yoo Tre} Lied SF ce, number hand reped In Bbippiog and House Agent, allgjog : Propecty Qrdioance Nee
Coalrmas of the Roard of Management 7; natural “ri Dos wash a, Lod |. tbat they have opened BUSINESS at | LTT, Senne woe ten day of . #906, | Prompt settlement and general satls- Fresh Shipments Bottled ee dated the aa fare
Hon, Gro, Goons | defy detection | Ho, 89 High Street, fan Fernando | trom t'trpaie Gonssins to the cord Emly | fection guaranteed. | a so : Fourier tothe wd ee
He Seormey.. | Mt 2, ML Kevatalt. pine BINGLE BOLUTION HAIR (Oppoests to Bonyun's Grocery.) ware General. sie Colony, there will teput | ftice:—No. 66, Chacén &t., a 6 \ of tens Colony Berea
—— _—_— t “ oth
et a ce, tee at sear teenies alge geremeeee| mene | “Revolver [emai
cand bares Shin adunson, ick. | The Gold Medal Prize Awarded /Gsiaog, Wsticg” snd Rorulug ot ‘nl | eva dey cium tr_ tore te bows | HELLO—O! THIS JUST SUITS . Leet al ce
claseos one Al th, . Parcel
Assistant: Mutrees Mus Lease. » a) 908, | ctor Staves geal wae te bad any All thet peece br parted of Uapd situate in (be MY CASE. Cc 93 Turue fa the Ieland ef Tr
Kindergarten Mistress Mee M Re] Haintresvers’ Ewhibilvon, 1905, } ctver place. Ward of Maveavila, ia the Lsland of Triaided, —_— nine acres, two foods ‘and
a London. containing ten acres and teo perches and BHALL never forget tha agonios of dys, Same more or less delineaied
Buhiceots, . Vateh and abutuog Pen pee bands 4 Dow fol tarely of I yeh, Todegestion manna foes og te ~Ttali e ule feat boundanes thereof
Engieh Language aod Literasure, History, Wate a Clocks Reparring—A ‘ourseint . * 3 wow oF talely, | Palo, locesnant wearlace, Wretched days ‘a Barrels of 7 dozen pints Teed hazed 80 tha Chewy
Beograpty, French, Late. ator, Necdcwert Price Sixty fents per rhial. Spe siality | of the ark 1 nsw cr upea eads wey or yore aaa ah bewtod ora aot 4 dozen Quart, tnt Caton 2 Votoos Lk
Class Singing, Dri,” tay Epes ~~ for vothing” all day aod every day. It ead upon lands
shitaarrrtt momo iont | ST, PAULIS PHARMAGY,| pe srexenmntodnente |G Nin tmn ren » onl meataredeaediaeeee| DIBERTY — |ieitteshas
dotlars the term, of in tbe caav of «cor Queen & pvelson ay Kuaractes X. 3 's jor by Buddul ang
Suter to diary foreach ove ate te fet ALFRED RICHARDS, dating Work ste Died this ssh dav of Merger. 4 | Coantitation sales rooted out, witbot LAGER * BEER ltey ef tna ere Pam oe
cima arteon. Drugelat. Gort, Auctcoeers. " [deley Dr, Ayanie’s Special and gractical Likbraucbe River," “4
Sein a Me - YW 7 P A W N-B R 0 K E R s 4 TER AY THE Oath DAY Medicines have an ear walled reputation a¢ . Dated tha ash day of My
‘The Kindergarten will bs om Mon : ’ ‘ . SALE FOR TUESDAY THE 28111 DAY | 4 sure permanent eure for all atomach dis- In Casea of 7 Yt Ry te
eT for chikiren beiwees (he ages a ld e (Opel eS ESTABLISHMENT OF MAY 1907, order Chrdaio tndizention dye Sepa kid. 0 Cases of 7 dozen pints, Gog RATT
. ~— rm a °
Poca y dollars yo ezata the tern, or m casa of Whaze loans may be had oa Jewellery apd, BLIG NOTICE n bereby giveo that i= | BO) Cotiy'cured by Dr Ayenw’s Cueuini | BENGEE” TURPENTINE ta casce of


other atticles on very cheap acoumme

Telopune No a

UR ALS.D, dear Packer 60.
Coastal Sorviso.

N ONDAY, 3 11 fostant leiog a Pubtio
dN Holiday, carga will be roveived on


St Slueent Jetty fn gipeent, per
HIS fall boariag Cocos Trese BNNEâ„¢ awl OS? on suce-
617 hall Leariog Qooon Trove dag Slat, frm 2 ew,

to3 pw,
ANT . NEL” wift louse at
81 Valuable large CLUAR TREES with wid on Tuesday, guteg North reand
aconun Dryieg howe and one lwel- Laamed,
Nag tronse,

several members of ine seme family, ¢ dollars
for wa hone viter the frat


NDER instructions from Mr Jtas

Camrs Cameiva, executor of the

will of the Iste Cipriano Pujadas, the un-

dersigued will offer for sale at their uthce,
12 Be Vincent Sireet, Tort of Spalo un


between the hoursof one and 2 p.m, the
following valaable Cuca Estates
a CANUREIAL ESTATE, tituate at
Nenta Cuur about 2milesfrom San Juaad
Railway Station, comprising
{8 eores of Land and contaomy

Next tern begins on Monday May 2176

Fors epplientiom for 1 adnussion ol
pupils may be obtained frum the tlead Mistress
or the flow Secretary


2,000 Tons Bamboo,

Delivered at Tacarigua Factory Yard,

between October and Deoeurber veat,

payable oash agatnet delivery Tender
will be received by the wader

to Saturday_25tb instant,


Attorneys for |. Bert def amatre,

ath Mey, lout. °

Cocoa Rstaty & House at Quarry St.

WEDNESDAY, ganu MA‘, 1007,

mart up

in the island of 7

493 togetber wu



The RMS “HPEY” will leave at6

-—~ aw on Wedaewlsy with Bagh Mails
<3. FILLET E8STATB— io the Wird-of we Heurbora, yume Weet rvuad
Bh nohimeue, Digits, comprising 36 actos For further jaggicularn apply to

af Fand, wed ruantaining . 4
ae ae carrie ona Tce Th Royal Sul Steam Pucket Cumpany

+ WU Halt Leanne Cons Trees
3) Full boacing Cocoanut TREES May Leb, 1907,

<3. TEN (19) sores of Laud or there-
— about, in the ward of Caura, on the Caura
AAVUUNED with sostructions the | Roed, only about tweety minutes drive

undersigeed will well Ly putlie auo- | from tbe Tunapune Rullway tasioa, con-



— +. | On


at thew Auction

— of
1E tatlow candle and the old ora

tron vo Wedaénday the S8od May ‘07, c method of " selecting ’
ned ; *, Uo) fall b cr trees, selecting ce
he underny olicne Speer aes Tara ° 20 hall beartag coco wees ;aed | gohand in band, Both ara Back
aad Nourdet’ as "totewe =North, Le Vdwething house by the reer aede. payabers— beth are cutive Title dated the aust
being river; South, The Cuare river, @ Bee ee tan ® ts” hiv glasses

froma trayfal, knowing thas be is
taking derperate chances, suould
step to the next slop and buy a tal:
low eandle to go wid then,

It 43 imposerble—abselately — to
obtuin “correct” glasses without

ravine and lands of Philpot ; East, La
heins river sil Lands tormerly of Are
Wilham Wont; Weet, Jouquins Ups or
Eroove, Cuare river and a ravine audinter
eected hy the Cusre river; alvo

1 House—No. 78, Quatry Street

Juth May, 1907.

mortgages by Uae uvar

strect, I'rieces Town

ib the appur

the 23th de

Dated tbe 8th da:

of Savai

fon sale by Pulls Aw ta by tbe

» Mart No, 3 Vorner
cent and Sackville sirevis, Poct-of Spain
Wednesday thé rath Cay of June 1907,
two aed

tree p.m.

exetuse of Ube power uf sale conferred 00
OYA awl Law of
Hroperty Ordinance nuaiter 72 aed contamed
te scertaig memorandum of mort
tee end day of March igué

we Peter Kamahari

putupfor sale by the wonders;

Tow Alexander
an tbere will be
gned at bie auc-
the Pale Stauoa at High
ou the atth day
1g07 Letewasu the foes uf one ated ted 9.8,
Fivanet parcel of fund cout pring sialecn acres
mtuate we the wand alvGrande North
aod bounded ou the
North South sed Wied by Crown lnod wad og
the Lact by lands of Pedro Prada aud tatersecs-
od by atundresersed fifty hoks wide whub
sand percel of land 1s described 1 the Cert
cate of Title registered in Volume XX XE folo
tenaoces Lberelo be-
subject to a mortgage to Langford
Bonyun for aight huocred dollars,

of April 1907.
{UR huLstoy,


UBLIC Notice ts bere’ y ghertarta exer.
ore of m Statutery Power of Sale vested in
Ruageet under and by wriue of & certain 31
orandem of Morigage beaciag date tbe st!
mbt: 1,0, aad wade by one
to the sud Kujo, there will be pit

a dated

of May

1 jer
Se. Vi


Afb tnatccitan peece of laud situate io the
Nard: an

Dt Trmidad camn-

primog 10 wurea, & rood gad 6 porches be the
more of less set out io the Certificate of
day of Tune 1898 =

tered in Volume XLI folio 507 and

and ca-

adutling ou

lucdbarcy and
ow the Last by as; ue for
al joc]

Terus Casi, | HE SUGGESTIVE Aj arcieolific examination ina dark-
St fmethods of SALE FOR Fiibay
SOEAT methods of eye examination > Saas =
VINCENT & GHENT. oO - aad feos ad uateneny are the ios DaY OF May 197

Monty, ngbtly toveated, brings a fair
return, Are you aure yok ure getting full
value for what you aspen oo your Ads

Thie much neglected Ugpartment of
your business requires special attention,

The moment a would urchesce
seca your ad, the style showd arrest
attention, the words should poytray ta

medlern aud moet acientibs, My
glosses ara perfect io every detail

Optowetr at.

“Valuable Properties

TL AyOPRMELITA peTaTe in the

ard of Monteerrst belonging to Mra,
B. Devenish 6Sacres, L rood, and ¢ perches,

the ove

UBLIS Notne whereby
exero ee uf the Power o
in acertain Desd of Muttgage dated the
Bib day of November 1900
George Bevjamia Warner
Jul Willem M
of theother pact aud fegistered
vlbee of the Regitrer General of cubis

wit aut


Gbarry aud on the West by Crown lauds,
of May 1907
THE dist

given that io }.
bale CULLeluod


wile between
Kochardsun of

in the

A 6 of crop 30 lags, Boundaries— | brief, the quality of the articles you are . . Ssland as number 3382 for the year 15
North? Lea Peswore Facte, South, La cfferiog for wale, sume cateby \word FOR SALE, there will be put up for wle by Puble
Glotia Estale, East, Le Gloria Estate, | ehould remato io the mind's eye of the -— Auction by the undersdgodd at ther Auo-
Weet, El Salvator Estate. For particu: { reader until the article 19 seco, NDERYastrustions from Mr. Emman- | 00 Mary number 40 (Jocen etrect, Port.

U wel Lasirc, oavoutur of the late
Boorlacts Luces, the ugderagued will offer
tor sale ultbelr uthee, No. 2 corner of bt.
Vingeut sud Sackville ttrects, Port-ol-
Spain, oo kridey tho

lars apply to oweer Mersiave) Eatate, Gran
Couva,—April lth—has-


Such is the Power of Suggegitin

Lhe words uf yoner ad, mueal eaclte and
control the wilh of the realer 5 thek must

—— operate un the mind vf tha indiaAtual , on Lhe dlst dey of May .
HE public be hetedy cautioned syainet they unl bring Sayers foe to 1907, betwen the hue of Latd 2pm, Vort.ot S|
ving apy eredit sy wife Joules | ys roge, the fotluwing vatuatie coous p'antations | formerly
So benten pho bering lef, wy Louse aud } can write such ads. mituste ia che ward of Upps: Carvai . - now know a No
protection gace per 1005 wa twill notte | op, convinced, thug “up [vl 1—" LA LUONCELCIUN BOYLE? ovum.
Tesponsilie for any debp or debts eu trene. | 4, yer odobtuint B Pelepnone ) prising 4 reveral parcels, bet cellid Ly
acted by her. No, 378 sod obtain fur particulars. crow" containing 21 acrws, ded ealbed
ISRAEL THUS AS JOS, 1 CUMMINGS, * Le Crue” of Balle” Cmbempng 15 sored,
Manzsniits, nn aan . 3, arete Kuad. and the Sid oul wd ** Loperanga” containing
May 9ub 100%, 16 acres, The send ovate cunteing ;
10,768 Ful beariwy come tenes
_. ae oa ow9 belf do do do
7~7-_—_-_ 833 eupphies

with a good dwelling bine, 22 feet hy 12
feet, 2 cucos hovers 53 feet Ly 43 leet,
and J Lwo roomed larreck, sll covered with
gelvanized irga, 7


$ bereby givwo tbat in

pr eictcae Of the power Of sale conferred on | MEME respotaille for sey debt contracted 2.—" BUENA VISTA’ comprising 2 P
fort qagees by the Conveyancing and Law of my wife, Therese Stoute, she having ) parcets;-tst cuntaluiag 14 acres, 1 rood, aad
Property Ordinance Nuniter 79 aud voutaiped | le/t my house and protection withoat any JX perobas, aod the Zu! coutuning 1 acre,
lo ceritaa mamoandna of ‘Siortgege datod | just couse. 3 1ouls ‘sod 14 perches, This estate fs | year 2005) aud
the 4tb day of Seplember $906 from Withaw ALBERT STOUTE, / | partly planted aod contains.
Pope te Jogeusar, Wbete will be putug for sale | Arvoca, full beariog covvs trees
by the ubdereigoed at his auctiun mart oumber | 4th May, 1007 lévbalf do do

Be High Strect to the town of San Percamdy,
on the aytb oy ol May, nyop Letwoen tbe
ere ae laod the fat thereof cammpneang
eral per Uve Brel com

five re wee t and na perches sliuate is
the ward of Savasa Graude south, ip the wlsud

110 supplies
with a uvelling louse 30 fest by M4 feet,
These propertica are withiu lve mioutes’
walk frvin the Saq Kafael Vilage and are
well watored by





of Byain, ou the Slot day of Alay 107
betacen che buurs ut one end two of the
cluck ia the afternoon

Alband Biwgulacthat c rtaia wersuege
or parcel of and situate iu the Tornil
in ig tbe Islaad of Trinided
uowa as No, 10 Kew Place but
Mt Fraser treet and
abutting ua the Norlb wpoa Fraser atreet
va the South opvn iute kuvfo av Nos, 16
aod 1s how Place aud ou the Eust and
Weet upou lute Nous. 9 und 13) Fraser

Dated ths Yeb day of Mey 1997.


THE é4tu DAY
UBLIC NOTICE 1s bereby given that in ex:

ercise Of Lae power ol sale coouiued
certaw dood of mastgacge dated ine ayrd day of

August 1405 (tegusered as No. 2840 for the
made buween Mana Gumbe of
the oat past aud Late wicrsaie iy a she oiber

Libere w up for sal uc
too by tbe ‘under goed at thee cetow Mari,

y Ube yh day of June, +

Detween Ube bours cf om aud 2 ue “
All and singala: tbe leasebold preneiges sutue

ated ja the town of Ion of Spain aod koown ag

7 the Curvos river, meas
Bf Triokded And hounded va the warth by the AND 0, 8- “NAPARINA.” Dated thie 161) dey of April 1902, tne adibera Uaeduy, tgotter asta sete
Mantwoul road my a vy ad hy ae oe LOUIS JOHN & CU, boundary, 529 fect on ibe western Loundary aod
Crows tang oands and ou the Sse by Artie ARKANGIMENTS FOR WIITSUNTIDE Adctloneers, a lees at the rear bowaded on ths north by
wad ey hu ron gusty atest Jou HOLIDAS 8, BPI DAY AD ete Uy Lett No Speed ee Et
Odle whicd 1 and t6 described { 5 I bi t Quar: ‘
Crows arent teglered 2 ecoume EX11 foto DUNPUS CHHINTL Va Wa 6 Proper y ee ose 2, ‘toe uneepred tetas
Tee roods aod twenty bts percbey Mluale imine KOAT AND TRAIN BKKVICE. FOR SALE. Agus compuned rom the sun“day
d ward of Sevaua Grsode south, lu the . -- ‘ bak trent day of May, t
Shaueval rad oh loks ot oa abe Ay ‘aod SJocal Vaeek? cet ma ni NDEK lostevctions from the owner ‘ Louis 3 BN
ey trelp 3
and watt b Goss Mid and ou (be west by f ron, X sollte train will ‘also bs Tob om U the undersigned will olfer for sale at OBN & Co.
janticood Ae bake pod by lands of the Caparo Valley Line connecting with | thelr ettice Na 4 corner of deck ville aad
cribrd ia the Crows grant fogislered Ja volun | “eetuwe ond up wala ling trelus, Bee Vincent street, Purtotspaim, oo | TRINIDAD .
X follo sah yeiber with te apatite oig tows Tickets will pot be Leaued on Friday the 31st dey of Mey 1007 between [HALE Futt TUESDAY, THE 6x

Oy ford Streei te the
town of Port of Spaia, cootainis
with drawing sovin, 3 bedrooms,

ate. the buure of one two hi
Toe ws a Nepartue” will sag. Sor Hh Woovtort rest

‘ Tuind toe Bsus day of April, sy07 eal
ms) Goods Traine will be ron on White

}. W. CkOsuze,

Adctioucer. ir Tewieg

dcomipyg LP


DAY OF JUNE, 1007.

UBLIC NOTICE 4 becoty gives thet fo

(be power of sale coptaced ja

— oe opday, Toum sad dining and sitting rucns |) eleo
Ox Erinn Tay, Friday, Mey 2éth alt | Pema, Alichen, bers and oeevants rooms Abin age registered tang ae ee ie ye
TRINIDAD. ordinary sud local week day ‘traine will | Aud carriage plsce-very couvenent for a | wer alas Ne tapeud sgog and made
pus NOTICK ts bersby given that io | TOU A middey tiaia wil ele be run on | mall femny. fovea Cepoiauo butare of the one part and
exeigiee Of Lhe Hower of coursived inn | the Copsro Valley Line, counecting with The sald propety is only two minutes! | Jovepbloe dorsi of the oiler past, Where will be
eertaia deed of age Galnd the fiat day of | the down aod ap main Ice trelas. walk from the All Saot'e Tram Terniinas, | Put Up foe me dy Dubw suction Uy Ibe under.
ened noeg (and reguatared as Nay 9534 of eeeiathiren's Tiekete wil wot be issued on | Dated vole 10ch day of Api! 1007, bbe ak their auction Bart NO. ¢ ie a
wees te, ‘ LUULS JOUN & CO, :
Hasbiey of the st part, Edward Reyoold Pash ‘ oN, . * Gib duy of Jubs 1907, Leiweee we boure of
ley Of of the 30d pall ned James Buchasan alee & “Neparhwa” will aoa as Auctioneers. Heats All thet eoessuage of dwelling

Tods of the grd part thee will Le put up for
foe sale by ‘Rotile et uouon by 1b wetersinwed
Bt their Auction Mant No 14. & Vinca!

No Goods Tralay
Me ty a at a sill be ine oe Prides,
May sack, S17 Mets ond on Uatarday,

DAL,UF JUNE tw? san

hoe with the cuttiuldiogs aud yard belong:

ing theree Lelog No, & Liessoe pirest, tt

being we Eastore

ao tone Lomrus Cuniot!, Thurday, Mey auth , sualog 20 (ost
Lrofergattuns Wyodterd tog | Tho iditeeey ad PAVUL RED with ieoteuct ous frow the K. aud teat
aN ae ES See a i | wats suaag, "ay amt ea | AE Teen the, ote f aauet | anna cbs Nach oe ens
Brows by it te gatas Wodtond fggeat * S Mavarinn’ will rue anf soit by ‘Pubic Auaiun at thetr® Asceiou | agibioges our bow \s poruce thereat called
Skeeet, wouth vo lor hu 3 cant on IAN. a 9 veda Tra H Mat Nu. 2 daeke ile bieet, Musbol 5 Lave ou ibe Souih Besson siseet tos
Treaquluy Uoulevard aus weet +. Woodland oy, aay duh, poy se L ‘Tears | un Nuudey the Wea day ue Joue {epee math the praimogeuon ow Kiog bares 29 Ua
ormarly iawn ee
Sahat vogrtnens ed agra oot ye 7 way Ned diy eset ee tery oi ie tanre ie All and ol Divewe B ot i ae Linde wat now rt
mortgage dale ~ Apt tes afer me sonal? wad puctation alse tu ive falanu | Sumvered 3 Bese 8 ver
SEIS ag halng ate Leer sontae | adele Relirey nt Hata a bon ea og cated “HNgeon Pulutr” | Soe crihe sad im hoowe ob fu 8 Daseg
Rion of jhe 6! Gnd regieiered 4s Au , . ol tbe sawe wit be gives r
agate HR a o Bry Ke Perouse vga of Temple | Betsatou na day of May 1907.
eyed ue ru day of May, sat. Meaeger cad a wy sali. ve
eee eed, BOUTT & GUN pee D we He ny loo “
. xe Pada yy ane Wh Ou cu. LOVIS JOHN & 00,
Atetie ln Avitouects,


tonle $/-

a> | Manufactured uader Palents,

Fiercest Kheumatism yields to the puri
fying “neee of Dr Ayau'e’s Kheuwatic
Cure 2/ -4

The livér was never 90 vicely haodied
dotil the use uf Dr. Ayauie's ilious
Charms, a eure grip on the liver 1/3.
Dr. Ayaole’s Malaria! Dead Shota « care
apd reliable cate for Malecial aud all wach
pernicious fevers 2,6. Dr. Ayaaic's Vain
Sere or magle for kilhog all pales 1/3.

Ageuts—Inniss & Son, Creole Tharmacy
Frofenck Street, Geo. 2, Brown ~Drltls
Phermacy, San Fernaodo, the Japancee

ae eee



Hollow Concrete

Owned and Controlled,



Thoy Dfale



——- oe

Come and See

Built on our Premwwes

insurance Company,


Insurances Efected on
Gargo by Steamers and Salllag


Dr MA. Sifontes

Be, Dule Htrect.


Provimion, Cocoon,
mwAND a

No. 4 Erenry treet


Fred. Jno; Scott & Son,


The Atlas Fire Insurance Oo,
the Hariog Insurance 00, LL

&) pet cent.
us residences +


Estnblisnod 1866.
— ”
sole Agmenta

Charles Heldseick Uhampagua

By Royal Warrant to
Eowano Vite Xne

“e country rlaks ocoupled

AS] Lettere to ba addressed

at TH fo
» SOQMB, 14 Bt Vlace:


68 gals. each ; in drunia, 10 gale, each &
in teal casks, 50 gala, each,
BARKING FELT in rolls,
MEADOW HAY—in balog 90 to

100 Ibs,
CORNFLCUR—Ier cases containing 30

Tha. & 40 Ibs, each in $ oz, pkta
GUNCOWDEL-—Blesting in 101

FF, Loose and FF. in 2 1b, fsaks

“Canadian Club’ Whisky

Siaks—' Highland Blend,” Pioneer and
“Apes"— FRENCH BRANDY—' Deals
Mounie and Ca’s"——

French WINE VINEGAR in Demi.

johna ete eto
Tos Royal Mall

Steam Packet Oo.

— ae

— Svar es r
Goyal Chort dated anth Sept, Lasy

Smith, Roberteify
OFFER For aig
*8 ont al

NV Draws eu 8 owte, BULPECBay
AIIE to:

Bristol TUM FER Gna Dm
And Amu os STL




Fort of Spaia,
_ deh Slaset, 1007

3%, PARK Stearn *

fn Sate



FortTsiuiTLy Satttnus o¥ Passznuen


Cnrrgpotrs, 18 West Inpid anv
New York.


Fortoightty sailings to Barbados, Cherbourg
and Siutbempwa,

Fortaigliuly saitiagato Venezuela, Colombia
Colon, Jamaice aad New lork,

“La Next Salllngs to Barope. , AQ the chepet nts pn,
*TAGUB" 1. 7 June doth | fine Tob of LIPPER for i
one sling from Southamptoa of ths cannow be bed, 3
+ uoe bas been tothe 12t
June and theace fortaigutly. ° Sh irts, Callara, 1
Hert Ssllings ‘for La Guayra, P st
ext pgs for wayra, tO, ] 29 fact, an assortmentol GENTLE
Colombia, Calon, damalea-éad SHAN can elreye be aie
ork. -
“ORINOCO” ML d ‘ i
“MAGDALENA* "7. Juce “oth Colonial st
ak, baveengere will bo tabea by above | (43, (Maning Squasey, Por
First and Becond Class passe d inched ot Gat
their baggage landed and eiberke frer of ' Mereronny as saaltay,
charge at Ls port by the Compaoy’s etm | pyCELLENT CUISINE AL
tepder, — — av ALRY BEDMWM)
The Royal Mail Company's fina Pas- | Al) tans, cara pase by
seager Steamers leave’ Havany (Caba} Tera Moderate. iu Lowes
for Vera Cruz (exieo) for Mexica City, Phage
er Hgules ‘Serctce of CARGO Ste aching and Dan
: sice o' ; ae
irom Loodon Hall, Cardiff and Glasgow. Washine and Casali
wna Yao” will continue ruaniog CLOTHES: 4
Tho 8.8. “YARE” will leave Dom- | (i ASHANG and Ciosat #)
inica for Bt. Lucia aad "Barbadon every Ww rest heer” aes
TeOl, conn -
werd Mail Steamer. mith the Home we ous in thy moss ‘1
PERMITS for scam tender for fdands Up-to.Date? rm
eee yussengers Of —2/6 each, which erisian Biyls’ it
can be obtaiced at the Cowpasy’s Dey proce Pei ube


CARGO will be booked through by
telted aeany's steamers to ports

always look’ well, don's bar 6
io i> ordinary way, it county
colour, breaks all suSssing © :
the yermout to have He nent
destroy® the gluse of Ube Wat)

ia avoided if svat w
hy J, 3. Cane

Corner of Duks and Leone
Vorvol Spain, Srauiad~ Ca

Cop molep 4

_ & Jaci
OH 1S anise or

Watches Clocks, and a =

PARCELS are conveyed at moderate
tates, the charge tacludiog delivery at
destination ia avy town in the United

For all furtber jatormation apply at
tho Company's Office,


ty PUES THe H1E68 L108 WATS
bY eee
' se


1 First Glass vi
“ PLEYE *--Choep #!


N ae GRANSAUEL New an! a
o 18, noentsStreet,
Notion {PIANOS el
Lo Cocua Proprietors. FOR CASH 0B *t
TRE BEST BED GhAY) so nsuanerity
For syle, Goo dat for Sania | ESET
Gan be buds tu bege of 85 ‘om RESIDENG
. BORDE BROTHERS, Wintunse ecpnah
Apetl chy potesteg Rt ee A ele
- —


pefoamnannpner ge rap ERT EE penny Say rere ews ee ————

“raion PP BURUOYNES | "| Towoliery, Jewellery, }""aarsereia wt NOTICE

Gi So COL a HN Unt SLUT HAIR INE MESSRS DI CAPUA & ZANELOTTO unui neue mrtg el Tee ara abl 8

undertake ang busizess av Commissich
ert. OFS poeniza, —o—— merigagees by the Coveyacing and of .

qt mn {BALE TOR Wipers



; amber 75 aod vested in | Shipping and House Agent, also Talying Property Ordisance Na greet
ene *TVHE sbades aced are perfectly - Have mach plpasure in /jeforming you Property Orde nce oumbe opted te Ge f j Proper agent
Coaitman of the Toard of Management I aturdly wih pot wash ‘of, aod { , tbabthey bere opened BUSINESS ot | ETT Aaa 2 sor aay of Octobe, ryoh, | Frovept settlenient and.geoeral aatle- | Fresh Yhipmenta Bottled ge dated the od uy eee
Hea Treasure, .. . Mr De ttexaronn, | defy detection | Ko, 39 High street, Fan Fernando | trom: vampaile Goneaice to the sod ‘Entty | faction guaranteed, . elle 10 the said ean ne
Hoo, Secretary...) Mr 3, St RELaHALL be SINGLE ; SOLUTION HAIR (Opponte’d Bonywh's Grocery.) Heri cody yet tbh pete there ad be pt Ofice No. £6, GELIX v. LACKY. is otith Go Sct ote Re
— are aariy: —_ . * — ep bie » there a
Mead Mistress, ‘riod ear. ee) | . Ass Jewelry Shop where al} lapoen of os wel, at Mew Anco Mart, ha 4 St _San Fernanda. wee Rew olver Rectoediat Rah Ste
5 mork Can Is al jor the t Sei Port-ol e Fe . We
Becond satrea’ Shen Aoamom, ECA, ( The Gold Medal Prize Awarded /ositian Rtg? sta”ieratring ox ‘ail | mesean See's jects tye ttcenece toe bows | HELLO—O1 THIS JUST SUITS Vien ihe way i tat aga
Asastant Mutrres Osta Deo classes Ui sesrellary, Kiron Fore: pean | OT Ait oat prece or parcel of laad stuate {a the MY CASE. S 99 | rAutatpael of ese tra Pe
Kindergarten Mistress Mas M. Rei. | Hairdressers’ Exhibition, 1906, ses, Meee 8 as cao be bad in soy Ward of eee iat fg (sland of Trinidad BEALL mre. lewot d tout aloo etren, two foots seqe fai
— t perches ao never ror; ea: sd
Ih mulieots: mn . Boating ie en ands now ot lately of I pepeia, Indegesou mene, tore pg : . tals ad Gowran tora as
{| od tory, ‘' ‘oussamnt . show or late! t ci » WwW ~ rawe Or
Eo Re Taneuace a and Literacure, Histor. Price Sixty Ceuts per Phial. Watch and Cldcks Heparring-A Bea Roney La upon ts ere Fein, jocensen i weariaeer, a niet te done Io Barrele of 7 dozen pinta tered tu the tine os, ibe Creer 4
Siero, Bat”) Den: Meesewm Reena Ice Arne Maan tasted pve sR oka tage waste aan | tate ¢ Naveen ties
$ Sioging, ~ . ing” d. . multe g North wy;
“Tons are prepared for the Cambridge Lol 1ST PAULIS PHARMACY, | peor Ftc ow sates | Parcel ot lead ts also derribed ia tbe Re-prant 1 Rd he ered ocecoa, LIBE tu'ning end. upon the Aad baton 8
ce ctlare the term, or in the easeot | 00 de 31, vor Queen & Nelsoo Ste And they guarsutee good end GLX, talie a * reretered fp starved bod and i astarved brain, in short. BERTY toned fee by beset an wm
. 3 . » rosane shal and « broken
Susterd 10 duttars for cach one after the first, ALFIRED HIGHARDS, Ysating work. 2 6 +e Dated this asth dav ot May 1907 SON, Te a ee real Lb and eee

Govt, Aucticoeers. [delay Dr, Ayacie’s Special aod practical


The Ki arien will be e@pened os Moa: “VW a 1 SALE FOR TUBSDAY THE fn DAY Medicines have an uarivalled reputation as ted (bis 15th day of Ma 2
Say Mar Enh, for chibdren Dreween the apes Valuable Py 0) erties ESTABLISHMENT OF MAY 1907. “oeder PUprects badieetiondynepae. gy In Cases of 7 dozen plats, ti. me
Hows 8 15 tots t5 am : . ney disease and nervous tacekdown per: retest
B Fees 7 dollars conts thetmarcrin case of Whee loans may be bad on Jewellery and

perc NOTICE is hereby gives that in
exerise of be power of sale vonferred of
tuortgagee by ibe vonseyaming and Law of

tip cured by Dr Ayanie’s Casesrini | BENGE” TURPENTINE fa cases of | - .
manently cured by Dr Ayanie’s Casearin a eal pact ja drarme, 10 gale each & Smith, Robértset

several members of tue sattie family ¢ dollars tonic 4/-

for vauh one after the brat

m ) R SA TT "ey ' gitter articles on very cheap sovcommo-

: ed contained Biercest Rheumatism yfelds to the pari
= NICOLA DICATLA, pee reat oe i meeigane dated | fying effect of Dr, Ayanies Rheumatlo | BROWN BHEATHING FELT In rolls
a > Y : 2. ying ir. Ayanie oun
Next term Lege oo Mouday May 27h | LJ NBER ineiructiond oo ot the Telopone NO UISEETE ZANELOTIU: | ie end “day of March igu6 trom “Areannder | Cure 2/ BARKING FELT in rolls.

may be oltamed from the Head Mistress

pupds Stepheneda to Fiter Ranwharan there will be
or the Jion Souwetary

putupfus saleby the undernigned ut hes auc
ton msart opposite the Pabve Stutoo at High

The liver was never so nicely Landled
until the use of Dr Ayaoie's Bilious
Charus, @ sure grp on the liver 1/3

will of the fate Cipriano Pujadas, the un- caneaaees

_Telepone __ MEADOW HAY—in balos 90 to OFFER FOR suit
dersigued will offer for sate at their utfice, Rh M S I THE ROYAL MAIL ba,
fe ‘ .

100 ke SS »
TEN DERS WANTED 12% Vincent Street, Vorv-f Speta vn STEAM PACKET CO. } jercet, Princes Towe ow the auth day of May | Dr, Ayaole’s Malaru! Dead Shotea sure | CORNFLOUR—In casos containing 30 “ ind at
. y 7, yr 7 tetwmees the ones UF bie nel tee BR [ and reliable care for Matarial aud all such Ibe 40 Ibe. each in 9 oxf-pkts — 3
—_— THURSDAY, THE 20TH JUNE ‘07 Coastal Service. fll that parced of land cau Wising sataen acres | nexnicious fevers 26, Dr. Avauie’s Vain GUNEON DEH~ Blasting in 101 koge | 0 Drouseu. § cwle, SULPELE
FOR THE SUPPLY OF | ges te hase and 2m th -- ii teeta tenn | Uae otal dog Ang al fen 1, | Leeo and i 1 te me eat
. ~ . rm 7. by le . ¢. ’ =
2,000 Tons Bamboo, | erneriatisdne tates 0° | SPLOLL NOTIOE. | urbe bad oli hasan sees! eclase ent, Gab rove Bh | ¢ Canadian Club’ Whiske | rere « CANRINOS »
RN ORETAL EB . 7- ty lb Q
md : ‘ , Senta tue stout f aii foun" evan es N ONDAY, 211) fostant leiog a Public ob Pre of land 1s dercited 0 ttn Corte Specialist. ‘ ¥ — y Bristel TEMPER Line’
Dehvered at Troungua Factory Yard, Hailway Station, oonprisity I Holiday, cargu will be revered on | vate of Lule registered in Volums X\XL foto ~ «ae eee GAUTIER BRANDY ta aie
between October und December vext, i m the St. Vinvent Jetty fur «lspuicat per | 493 togetber with the appuriesaaces thereto be- BCOTCH WHISKIES—Ia bottles & | OAKDALE No, | ULEowan
fayatisouahaasicdeivery Temfers | ShaSmnvbatyeterttae® | BS RRND and Shiva nut | Gogeg see, serene See TAYLOR Qe GILLIES | setta teers Bess Poses and | ater,
; ‘ B 4 a) , NCH W: .
roseuriey stb occ ee O17 halt boating Ooove Trove vfoe IMS, “RENREE® will leave at | Da'ed the 25th day of April 1001, svoote aed Gore OY NCH’ WRAPPING timp

c —AS— .
Bl Valuable large CEDAR TREES with ehtelghe ow Toeday, goleg North round
hog touee” eg house and one Hwels | aS TS RKPEY" will leave at


Attorneys for 1. Bert de Lamatre.

poneer French WINE VINEGAR in‘ Demi- And& Arrveses STRANI!



TYVLE tallow candle and the old

ith May, 1007, __ wm, on Wednesday with English Maite ‘The Ro JO0 BALES CAN, ‘a
5 + ” . - wa | 922, FILLET ESTATE. to the Wand of vert vo bearbory, yom Weet ruuad DAY OF JUNE 1907} fn R. M.S. p « Steam Packet U2 5 CH orm
“ AU Or O N SA L Kk. eee een ee acres For furtber particulars apply to peste Notice ts bere’ y gi cn that ia exer? H ollow Vv on Cc rete x “ N ST a9
“not Petata bon Vaan tal bo rilg Crum Teore | Pi opal Saud Stuam Fecket Company ) ingen ander und by ria of « tala Sem Moyat Crier dated aoth [Sepe, txsy ] Vowot Sai, —
Cocoa Betate & House at Quarry St. oasee MAWUsh SQUARE, sreadom of Murigage basting date tbe sth coy BOILDING BLO CKS ~_ \ _ __fvth March, 1697 a
1a)) Poll boating Cucuanv1 TRAE _ May 13th, 1907. of Seprember 1753 and made by ope rap . FoRtNicutty Sarings oy Passenutr ~ a

to the, suid Kuoj at there will be pot
nd tale ty Plubliy Au a by the undersea 1 i , t
asl uction Mart No, 2 Corner . Vins . ,
ovnt and Sackville siresta, Port-of Spain on Manufacture ved ae Cette tad
Wednesday the rath day of June 1907, between waed on vont .
the hours of two aad three p.m, 4e
Ali that certaia peece of laud situate in the

WEDNESDAY, zest MAY. 1007, ———-
AT 1 Pal. <3. TLN (10) acres of Land or there
about, In the ward of Caars, on the Caura
Road, ouly nbout iwenty foinutee drive
from the Tupapuna Railway Gtatioa, con-


Sreamuns 1 AND tuum SuUTHAMPTON | >
CurnuovLe, ine Wear Inpiss AND HE BEE HIVE;
New York. boat:
JAVOURED with instructions the

4 undessigoed will sell by pablic aue-

3%, PARK intte,
° 4
. tron un Wedoenlay the @fnd May '07,


aod bounded ag follows - orth,
Beinasiver; South, Thes Cuare river, @
ravine and lende of Phitpot, East, Le
Seine river and lends tormerly of Mra
Withans Woet s Weat, Joaquim Upa or
‘ Eresed, Cuaro river and a rasioe audinter

. : : CAN KUPPLY 487 imma
. tre) Call boars; trees, metbod of “selecting ’ glasses | Ward of Turure in the Island of Trimdad com. Fortulghtly satingsto Barbados, Cherbe es
. heu oderin ntroned Seinen in Taruve 20 hall bearing, cocom trees; acd | go band io hand, Both are back — | prising +0 aures, 1 food aad oF Prtches be the BE AUTIFUL ] Y SUITED aad boutbsmpten, ’ re *
D eeectted ey falta t dwelling house by the river erde, a= buth are primitive ae Ee ane setae a!

Government \uctioncers,
lyvh May, 19u?, .

The man ho“ selects” his glasses
froma teayful, knowing that he te
taking deeperate chunce¢, should
step te the next shop und buy a tal-
Jow esndle to go wish then,

"Gaiety Jumueetnd Now oe | BOOL OR SHOF
Noxt Sailings to Rurope. At the ch posctia
“LA PLATA’... one Ay 2ith he chee nie “

tered ta Yelume XLU se tr7 and sngiuag ou

the Nort nig whith on {! th

tends Sunasoan by lauds of Pollucdharry we TO THIS CLIMATE.
by Crown lands 04 the bast by as, fors

toad 50 licks wide aud by laods Polluck-

1 “TAQUS” w» June 10th | A foe lot of SLIPPERS for tyes
“eected hy the Guste oe also . it is !mposarble~ absolutely — to Bale the ih dag a My Crow lauds, They Male The eniling from Southampiog of tha can now be bad, 4
ouse-No. 7 warty Stree! obtain “correct” glasses without OUIS JOHN * CO, fr

‘een Co THE SUGKESTIVE AD,| sisesscesetieries"en | ancien! | A DURABLE, — | ?ereenttteecstoretty 0 | Sint Collars, I
VINCLAT & GUENT, My methods of eye examination SALE FOR FRIDAY ‘JHE 3tsr Next Ssilin: To fact, an aseortmes bol GENTLE a
Â¥e vetioncers, O-eme and fone adjustinent are the moat DaY OF MAY loz CLEAN, COOL & te Satine doe Ta Guayra, Plo WEAK can slags be Obkaseed fom
~ - — ~= Moxey, rightly invested, brings a fate medern and most scieotibe. My UBLI) N. Tbe by tf . " ' al

. FOR SALE return, Are you aure you aro getting full| glessaara perfect in every detail UBLI) Noto ty Lereby girea that in | DI Y E . New York. -
KE PROP TY, vain much aoglected ‘cet retreat ot ina certain Deod of Mortgage dated te i HO US o ORIN AS eee May 320d Colonial H An

ol LN rity > o
VALUABLE PROPERTY. your business requires special atteution, | LEO. D FITZWILLIAM OD, Bth day of Nuvember 1003 “made between -» Jugs Sth

The moment a svould be-purcheser
aves your ad, the style should arrest
attention , the words should portray io

Ward of Mouteerrat belonging to Mes.
B. Devenish acres, trol, and 4 perches,


No passcozers will be takea Ly above | (48, (Maging Squase, Porc ets
First and Second Class passengers aud 4 IPIILS Hotel {a concectedee be

= aE | The cide Jota Walhese SieCuredy | OMEAPED (4d SOLID CONCRETE.
Valuable Properties |siirefsuisiet reste i

30) bage,” Bound brief, the quality of the articl SHEE, Muemage landed and cubarkod free of | J. uptodate and ssckey, omy
Average of ero nj UT re —— rief, the quality o e@ articles you are . dland as pumber 3382 for th US —— port by the Company's stem ‘
Nor ie La Tectora Pattee bouth, Lu | offering fur esle, aume catchy word FOR SALE, there wilhibe-pat up for sule oe tender, Y ao Ey
Gluila Eotate, East, Ls Gloria Eatate, J ehould remata ta the uitod’s eye of the ~~ Auction by the wade rsigned at their uc Gomme a Sew aa All trem cers by phe
Weat, Ei balvador Latate. For patticy’ | reader aatil she artichets-rcen NONTATATON Tron Br tomas. | toa Mert uumber 49 tucen etrect, Puce a= The Noyal Mail C wpany's Gne Pas: | ans Modentae =
lars apply to owoer Muraraval Estate, Gran § H 18 th P { § ti uel Lasare, eavcutor of the late | Of Salo, ow the Slat day of May Itsy _— - sooget Bteamers leave Havans (Cuba} ” Bes, Acres Loscauld
Couva.—A prit 18th—Lu- uC. 8 LOWEE OL SORE D | vonitscre Juces, the undersigaed will offer bet eon the huare of one snd two of the - for era Croz (Mexico) for Mexico City, pie
PT ISE® NCAT the hd ad, ft eac due wale ub their uthee, No. 2 rot ciuck 10 the aftersooa . > every four weeks,

WIFE NOTICE. cuntial Gee wall Of the realer, ogteond Vinorut wud Packwilie Surecte, ortot: Alland bingular that ¢ rtaia weeauage SA ME LE WALL R

ee ee
tegular Service of CARGO Bte: 3 anit b
eg eee yey | PUES it heal beat tom Londoy Halk Cid ad Giger: | Washine and Caz

oe . q 5 a sland o a 4 y « ” ¢
the * fetlowing vate ee en ees formerly huowu us No, lu Kew Place but Built on our Vremues aa ihe os. © Yare will contigue ruoolog CLOTHES: ‘
Miuatein the ward of Upper Caroni - pow know a» No If fraser street aod

eTLA“CUNCELUION DOTA" um | abutting on tin Noh spon Frost att | BEFORE BUILDING YOUR HOME. 3 TheS.8. “YARE” will leave Dom- \ * ASHLING and Clausiag f 25

operate on the nuiml of he indivrtual ,
they net bring onmyers cuvect to Your
dSruug ‘

$ can write puch ads.

‘bu Le conweaced, nog up [olephooe

iving any credit lu iy wife Touiea

2 Dhorwas, she having left my Louse aud
protectiou slace October 1003 wal will but Le
reaponsihle for any dele or debis eu trans

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ialog 3 i “ n the bouth opu tute k N nice for bt. Lucia aod Barbados every Dresses, Tweets, tet
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teacasit! ISRAEL THUMAS. JOS. i CUS WINGS. “ea Ure” of" Bolle" subasuiint 14 wored Wert apou lute Now 9 aod 13, Fraser CONTINENTAL ward Mail Steamer, ls done
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. N ies Mae own. , Tragarete I. Te vores. ‘The satd Egharanes” centarnlog Dated tiie Yeh day uf May-t907-—— Tnsu rance Com an PERMITS tor eteam tender for friends UWp-to.Date 5
10.76! fail beating oma trees sas PANY, | 0 ee purrengers od—2/6 each, which | Dey provees “ Parislas Siyk"t
__ i. wa ball do do do LEWSEY a MAYNARD, ; on be obtained at the Company's M you want yoar garment te Mitt
— > bupplies . uctioncers, ce. bare 7
BALE FOR MONDAY, THE z7rn WIFE NOTICE, with a yuat dwells henee, 22 feat hy 12 ALE ~ TBehaw aul MATIN, . -—-— AT ae ear ae
DAY OF MAY, 1007, — feel, 2 cvove houss—53 feet by 43 feet, | 5 E FUR TUESDAY, THE 4ru DAY --—o—— CARGO will be booked through by | colour, breaks all wid
a THE UNDERSIGNED, do hereby | 60d 1 two roomed Lurruck, oll covered with UF JUDE, 1907, the Company's steamers to all ports | tue garment to bare Ne pastel
tp UBLIC NOTICE [9 bereby giveg that fa nolily the public thae I will not hold J galvanized iron, . -— —__- Lusurauces Effected on called at, por destinye the gloes of the eh a
p exercise of ibe oc of eate cosferred on | MJOME teapousible fur avy debt contracted 2—"BUENA VI8TA" compristog 2 PUBLIC NOTICE 18 bereby gives that |o ex- wav RTT eeab
qmortqagees by the reyancing aod Law of by my wife, Therese dStoace, she Laving ] parcels, Ist cunteiniag ldwores, 1 rood, ea eruse of the puwer ol aie coolsiued ig & “re

gperty Ordinance Number 72 aud voutained
memocaudnm of mortgage dated

leit, my house and protection wilhoat acy
tbe ah day of beptember bo06 from Wilhaar
put up for sais

PARCE convey cd, 9, Cae
just cause A perobes, aod the Zul coutaioing L were, certain dood Of imamidags Gated the sand day of ARCELS are conveyed at moderate k alls

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3 fami s0t ps tek coving Are | Ragu es eure ete eer | GQUGO Di SLeAMETS ANC Salling | seentSoctaree ctadies ashvery at | cou ptafeelornte

avy town in the United
sire wall partly planted sod oontelae: ibe ove part aud Lote le fardien uf the otber Kingdon, Vort-of-Spaia, Trinidad
Fore ee eaaaed Ml his avers matt paket Arouee. 1907 oud tatt bearing cuvos (rees part Ubere will be put up for sale by public auc ips e gdon, —. —- , .
Be ftigh Street im the town of San Fernando % livball do do do boo by the undersigued at thes action mart, For all furtb ¥ ;
Cane ieee ae ot oye yap bees 110 supplive No aSichville Suet inthe town of Poot | SCHJOLSETH & HOLLER, or al furtoer information apply at CHRONOMBTER .
hours of Toe and two pam, All those two nese ae with w dwetheg Luuse 30 Jest by 14 feet. Spaio on J ussday we ee aay of Jue, 1907 Agents 9 Company's Office, mae TS
ral pergola of land the fiat thereof comprising Tbwwe peopertica are within tive miautes’ | “Ai aud suculat tbe learebold prermues stu: | er Qua o10c0x > Oi
Reda bciecetccacttes tug | TRINIDAD COVERMENT natuwaye | ruhicusiis ren late Vile sede | wtiitsiena icorgen taverns | Dr WA. Sifontes | Patetsmain B, JACsLA
gitaeed cod oid wi ree MAPARINAT Duathlon, | Gtediadatay foea tame |e MI Hs SITONTSS — | OHS item
wide, . ee On 8 JOMN & CU d. feet on th of the frm ofa: 2
Croweland, 00 th et 7 aateat Peruatice | ARRANGEMENTS FOR WINTSUNTIDE ‘Auctloneere, | Sa leet abe reat and bounded oa the eeanos SURGEON DENTIST, 4 London DE
. wot road ti ty hunks wide aad by lauds of Jose MOLIDAYS, BMPIRE DAY aND due

ry Street ob ibe south by Mabomet Hill,

Valuable Froperty muss aimee, | So Sore Bees

voxsaue, ERs SPOR |SINGUINEDU BIOS, | Gegeeornmns

Watches, Clocks, and a3, se
lee orca abcluba §
arene y wound aod kept a
Nexe door to Cos, & Leaf
Gquare; Promion of sh 2,

Odie which parce! of land is deactited ia the
Crowy grant cegistered tu volume CXIUL folio
nti. The sevond thereof comprising nve acres
three roods mod twenty ux 4 lula 1D the
gaid ward of Savana Uragde south, 1a the

Of Trinidad acd bounded on the north


OX Wiitmokvay, May goth, al! entin.

. Dated this grd day of day, 1907,

Maathvol road fily linke-wide, on ibe ary aud Jocal week day trai iit NDE inatructivvs frow the ow Provimion, Gooon, Fike.
and cast by Crowe laud and on the weet by | rom, A mlddey train wil alco ‘bs too’ be undersigned will oller for sale st LOUIS JOHN & Co, > a ANDeoo er
eetoot red Bi links wide {og by lands of | the Caparo Valley Ling connecting with (helt otbcs No. © corner. of oF ice tale at Auctionnecrs MONOHAUX

the duwa and up tals line trains, bn Vincent Street, Portol-Npain, on


gid {a the Crowe gtant registered io volume

X (olla o4s together with the epputenaoces ‘Vorkmen’s Tickets will not be lesaed on | Hriday the Slet dey of Moy 1007 betwean TRINIDAD

wo belonging. thie date the buuse of one ‘two th BALE EUR TUESDAY, THE Ot] ore, .2xenry Mtree i
ied he age ay of toc. osue, ote G& & “Nepartue* will ras as kaowu ee No.7 Woutfard Biest i tbe DAY U¥ JUNE, 1907, a ronry atreet *
_ " Ww wa of Furt of-Spain, containinys cottage 'BLIC lat .
— wr Reelioes, | Ne, Goode Traian wit eran on Wut, | Se drawing yom, 9 oinmwon {droning | PULL NOTICE a tenlz cea | EpeG. dno, Scott & Son, tis Can Sid
a ‘* oy s00n.8 | also hh
rrniNibab. oc Qu Enring Tay, Frilay, May 24uh alt | peutty, bitchen, etl aod servanta Toons | Api tyes raisiee te otice of be Region 4
. aty oud local week day tialsewtll | Suu sarriage place=very couvanient for a | war General os No tapsud tg0$ aad made be. agentes:
purse NOTICE je betely given that in |UD A midday trale will elec be rua on | emall emily. ieeeu Cayetano Sulere of ine one sod .
exerciog of the Power of Sale coutained tag | the Caparo Valley Line, coanecting with | The said proje-ty le only two minutes’ | Jovepbiie dterri: of iby otber part, dere whl be

ln deed of Wwortgogs Gyind tbe fist day of | the down and up maia Hoe treine,

1 Firat class Bat

walk from the All Heiat's Tram Terminus, | pet Up (or sale by putric auction by tbe under. The Atlas Fire Insurance 0,
aber ered *
ey a ro ri sss oan of wh gkren s Tickets will not be eued on | ated sbi eau gon ro. ene en ent Spale’ Ga Toeeday. tet The Marine Insurance Co, Ltd, YE "ee Chesp at
ey wt part, Edward Reynold Pash | The 8 a, 'N, * . Gib day of june 1907, between tbe hous of ¢ 4 PLE -
et ote rp oae lta Bycpenan teuel, Nepariaa” will tun os Auctionces. aud yyw, All that aymuage of dweiling P 4

. oe . C) Sper cent of country risks occupled FE, GRANSAULL
TRINIDAD, house wb tbe auituiidons aud yard Ualong: |, te noes P ara aed Seoored
SALE FUR MONDAY TUB sara | eke Porr of Spam beg tbe Eastere,portioa ¥ Bole Agent. Ne

EPOPIONE Ian [eect Get teres | COVERNMEAT AUCTIONEERS, | "n= es——-— | PIANOS and “3

for wale by Auction by the untersigecd
Qt thelr Auction Mart Not¢ 3. Vincent
Birest, Port-ol-dpais, on I Lurmtey tbe aed dap
pf Bay 1907, betwee the bu feof bods pm.

Ald thal percal cf land bb Port-ot Span tors

No Goods Traine witt be rat
Mey Bish tpt ti Hues will be age eds

pitredey, 6y Vbrd, und co Beturday,
harus Chulers, Thurelay, Mey seb.


in colina oe t ; AN UL RAD with iustrootions suring a tevt ou Uieence surest, bormerly . NO 4 .
ony A en a tea Th nee cae, ortluaey and tocol | H“diustwce uf ibe Batata of foun ile pees a ae patent, aad 00 ist satablisnod 1866. TICE s¥rom $0 to
be frentby 3 tom kth th tad up the eu * Nepatine’ will rae oe jonite

bite ratte the oaleeaiaued wll fe iy Ne? med 1 Drones | te wole Agents To Cocoa Proprietors. FOR CASH OB wo

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1b yu jut} Last at lot 2 Besson ar
; Se ulevasd aise! y Wonders | g No Segede Tretus wilt be ews ou 7 the Sours oot

Mart No. 2 Backsule mowet, I Riva t
o sy of estou Spain avn of King street oo the

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sy, Shey RUD bel ai There on Neudep the dui dey uf Jape | early We Fi savy | '
? Pe aenstelns (04 extath ed of Ha a ion se RR Rend Kristen tere wed dpa Alb and Kat upto lads Toraurly Maas, a8 lot Nog Charles Heldselck Uhampagne THE BEST RED OLAY TO RELIABLE f. ‘Se
\ morigage dated the = ag ot Ape ewan ead | Pe percenlals of a hati Segpent vinotallon siiaate Lo the laland | Petleed as No. ¢ Bowen bifeet, the property . REIMY, re1ephon? =
: bade berwoun Revert ey cf the Oe part hs anes Teailw s y of retare ‘ub yo kngwe ur catled "iyeon Puletit | of Alert Boul aud oo tbe Weat the giber por. For claying Covos, direct from Banta ww: relerh A
‘ od ine Muitding asd Loan dorms i sy ii, wll postigaiare of tLe eaiwe Sill be given | Loe Hes baid lot Baowa o2 lot Na 8 Beteog By Boye] Warrant to BM. King | Gros Pafrerised and ready fce tae! INC.
— Jag oF Ty. . ri “ LR NARWoOD, Moan barca ana of Yeuyle Pokes this sin day of May $907, Epwaap VII, fan be bed io bege of 185 Iba net RESIDEN =
Sandi trot tn ae, | yitmnal mann cod id Bagtne, | DIAS Te of ey jot . All Letters to beaddremed to thettrm | =S«é@ORDEE BROTAR ITH Board ores
Goreroueus Auctiversi Lith Mey. S007 Lubfs sULN @ co, LOUIS JUN & CO. at THE COMMENCLAL TALE Ms, | WV eisason eee
Avctle ce Auatleness, ROOMBA 14 Gt Viseens AL EALK Apeil dah, 1907 ot, Viareas Etreat ae Haat ‘
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rt met pvoxepauE STREET. BANDIU@RAT. : WRIGH Naf n Se teenie eenttntaaeinate
g Aratia Mensish . x @ Ansrab Melts ry * Berk TSON ROAD. *e
‘ as . 10 Francie Noisette moh, SCHULLER (StnBET. $8 Alert Orawlord x Bice House Cachie & toa
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‘ FOR ARREARS @ MONTROSE LANE Beethewand Tn “fureene awd) Tn 3
7 Vredertek Wilson ve a of vara RIA HILL 3 , Ni »” -, the Town Bart and e
' fi “ - wore _
WATER RATES r90g7 ft smsoxammase 7°] AER eamiss 0B) fee —— RES
: . [28 Alberta ado 124 Seoeph Eesten te vagy : Public fa general chat th yt
Ant ge ean $00) dle Sergsenghe™™ aa] mee "5 Ml OREAMINJARA — [A GENERAL comtsaene
OR ANT te ee, of the, Vortof-Spain Water Works (amendment 3 Ag Unlisted Bas | TOA Tesla Gibeos “.. 3 DAY STREET, PHE and gre tei
a Wasnat for Sue under the band of th y given that under acd by virtue of f 94 La 3 20 SMANT PLACE. (Dandonstd's Land. {EASANTS } ‘ie, Hrepared tc undertake ihe {
Anthorhy, bearing date the nn Hand ofthe, Charman home end eee i inter nonrot Imes IR 4 Joseph Brathwaite . o Bownateab } i) : ut ove oe ‘ t ty land Ben sh
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borat taernd e guld By able Auctng bone rhe dors of the Tome] ay Riba eee 3 THIOGPRIAN PEACE f- BENARDS at REET. HADDUOKS ancttetberyurieg "Logan rect
Bead ile laa of Water Ratea dueia respect of such houes iy ok . oe «= 691] 13) Seem Ausin (Holmes Land) 60 5 Margeret Aan Seema ’ Ad. and dy pe writes we ng vat
iets peid to focrenae of ten et ero sad the coat of, and incidental te anch O'BRIEN PLACE. SOUTH Quay. 6 Amands Keltnsa ae) KIPPERS sant Wakewcan ‘or tate reve
ABHRGROD ater Authority before such sale t— 33 Rone Annd Besson ‘ w| ” Allea Beales (Genith’s amd) 1 03, BENGAL STREET. \ : fon at maderate priors wkde
Y , & { ri B oo 8 4 - + ee .
CROMBY STREET. 1 ERTHIG ROAD. 5 Hebert Barndeld = Bl Pet eo - o tied _irarneats Lita) PRESH BUTTER _OACHIE & STEWAR
is Ona Eel Raymond .. 4 & WH Besjamla Hayling ~~ («1 7 geoph Lsoure owe 0 3 Hubert Mazweil ae & ib Ari hDe Sad oo : 200 Chace ee
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sominte Dee eo] fumoul Lmoret RMILL =| _OMSERVATORY STREET. 3 Jove cht CRBSCEST. at Be ae = 8 — Rock Lite ASSUrance(a
ANGELINE SUREET. Boxul m ool 7) Matilde Henr. . js Inaisa Norville 64] 3S Edward F, .
. ry aod others 18 T . Hewos vl “ks
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jit Dattide Howard 9 wt Baptiste 00} 47 Eel Tete OAD ~ TBAGARETE ROAD. ay Berafgiomee 7 EY & CO, sal, SKOURITY, Taba
By Genel Micheel =. FRASER STREET. Bt Marpeee Within ggg] uv Menagert GGebost “Dy S| eM May: Hock Ponds mow 3,76
3) Gabriel Biche ms ML 8 Mary Pot for Hemmenuct OXFORD STREET. ab See ate Betlate : $8 66 Samael Springer - tm) - C LEAN naval Intome se
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ARIAPITA AVENUE, 7 “PROMAGER STREET, it Folie Devs ~ Ba wath Ctogtn 0 Bere ead 8 | GONE melicioas person or persons having fone nnd end ny, ooiae Dan
35 Nathaniel Niler . at 8 Joven Watley a %3 ilter ; ¥ Lack ™ 3 wt Sz Benjepte | Evorsley (Bar: Cu Ray ce Mary {Dele 2 mea Peete erect ios effect that tho p sock fovarances gn their ice
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2 Virginie I'eknete wo GLOSTER LODGE 16 Freee Dkeve 8 aa | 3S James Aco ® Appewpollais (ita a} 16 | disease, the mensgsment submitted the | ‘Dat having s loval Dice the kat
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13" Jobin Weekes 2h | 3 Girdine Gasiee (or AU 192] 6 Klchard Rudder | a Wilfred E P Tanaphrey 3 PRINCES TOWN Prospectus and allother informag
BASILON STREET, fred Griffith's booze)“. 89 PALL MALL STREET. mend " H we Toles WO | | Thin to cority that t bape the dey xem, | bobad onapplivet oe byt
2 Adem Salicn re) GORDON STREEL ‘ . WARNER STREBT. CALCUTTA STREET. ined Metre, Hoary Lewis, William Grant ang | | AMITH H_RORERTS
Me et dettwiae =e of Bary Bein sae] d Nilterte' ttt pan sa} 17 Mr Kiog & Others ool pewia fazgus’s land) Tistes Towa, and fad a gheta we rood bech 5 ON’ ON a
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BATH BTREET, NAMLYN PLACE. PICOADILLY STREET, 1 POODFORD STREET. ree iSan srnper. ( eqay xc beahby te all dues: Tit Book DEBTS
® Richerd Totd we «2 8 JehaM de Sass els Rarsy - . 288 (Pacuom’s La (Sed) RC Bensesi, MB,C M. MISO. and PRO
12 Eeale R. Soreph 43] § debe Dewbwate ot PICTON WERE R 812] 38 Emehoe B Erotmea = 3 8k 10 G Corn od) 00 | fq Only the bast brews of Flour are used | omcato NOt Jone Segaune a
BELOR. Gorge Wm, Forde - Ty . . 36) Blesbeth Wi oe U8 98 - fo manufectera of * The Staedara” Se onylop,
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BELLE Bat ROAD. n tos MENRY STREET.” 5s Par Jobnotone S| WoopzsRoor. 1 Dawracto 8} a JOUN BLYTH,
30 Auguete Hernavdpe ws 3 HH is Clementine Gay oens ~~ =8 8 ‘ pud Marto Felleion 5 ALBERTO STRUET. __KANDAHAR-STREET. New Goods l The Trudad Arcade, ruen
BELMONT CIRCULAR ROAD vee =._—9.00 | 6a aettous Pure mr 3 rf 83 Jamon Dorgan (Feroum's Land - 8 Frodurih Street,
48a Tarren Allon at HERMITAGE ROAD, M10 Marisn Healey and oss 21 2 56 Lncretia Boyce ae & lop. ea adj - wo LC OR
47 Joho Harton Hatton = 6. 7 20} JE Ernest Field . PIERRE LANE. 35 Nathnovel sloock wo be KINGS LAND: . ‘New IN VESINENE ‘i.
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106 Amelia Telford CG]. Bt George Was, Fords wm LOR] 8 Rove Auale se «© 3:36) G2 Toha A Lawreace 77 REY 2 Mandari wo 0% Good town troperty ¢
BLACKETT HILL. ‘PITMAN LANE. ALFRE ; Cecilfa Belborde » . B00, #2 ost gud Bho
\EDO STREET. * wu JUST ARRIVED AT also | 0 aud $00 ew
1A George Thomes a xu“ IRVING LANE. 5 Edwerd G. Seahouss 13° Arthur A. Ch - ‘ Or mae bese of duwo Proyerua se
3 Later Fromch | BL Beateel Young a PLAISANCE ROAD- ai| 12 Arius A. Cipriaal . w LONG CIRCULAR RUAD. h . Cocoa Hataten
BOOKER HILL . _ 8 Mn J 22 Lala i. © Siegert ag (Paroum’s Land su,
a NermaeGii ok JACKSON HILL. een are ey Oe a Bor vane Eag 12] 9 ALE Geen tat The Gity Drug Store, | oem, ow MIR pacad
5 Lady Lsbriel ~ ase a 3 Hrojant > Bdwerd Tho ALLEY, & Adele jane tegall ey | 2 George C. Winthed 7 Fes} a7 Paris st — E Putrts Barn to atlas, No 88
BORDE STREET. Jonstnes joe =, | 15 Maria Worrell ~ @ Peerage 1 LUCKNOW STRUuET Vincent Struct,
9 Fevdinned Jos, Malays. 15 BS 1 Honchetts Tram «= 238 PREN " a “ 43° Gacdi ANA STREET. {Faroum’sLaad} —_—- ——yal
Een ton ~ RB) m 200 4, ,, PUNCH STREET, deed vw Baa] 2 foverth A Mest }).J. de Uisneras, D
JERNING fanuel D’Abno Macedo... 3 84 acis CHeokia : w 3 Ramawod & , 9 Bele
: JMIATIWAITE PLACE. BUNINGHAM AVENUE % Angel Rivne th oe Os * hens Giles i wy a2 Vallole ie mt is French, English & American 27, Frrprrick Srxxt,
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sone oe mn” | 15 Geo o Withte 286 | 22 Madeline Crovel 1207 ADEN POWELL , STREET, MADRAS STREET. PERFUMES - semnoranecius
_4¢ [htoume Monegue bee mn moet es ree CARRY STREET. 48 Arthur V. Mostrichard |, ha 2 Mat {Faroun’s Laag ) § AND SOAPS, Crown sod Bridge Work, Davie
5 5 Bes Damal and Delphos 4 RESSOURKCL STREET, 8 Rebooes Alberta Court... 336) | | BRABANT STREET, 12 Tuvclnee net »» gt | TOILET WATERS;POWDENS, 4c +| pusanTS A SSE ree Elite ‘rae
GAMTBELL LANE, 7. Elvice Mayors oe Whine Seton mY ao ame pauce ” to Tt and Remdiwy =u — ALt0 — pa Comenh
UR Gans’ et adie mH) SAVERS ty ae ieatone tow Ferooms Lead. © ANEW SHIPMENT OF TONG WIKES| “"Pice vey w a
1a Bamuel Oviley . 1 LAVENTILLE ROAD QUEEN STREET, 4 Jaw Woudrotle a Ik Charles Heory . # Jost opened up, {VERY WOreRaty,
CHAPEL STREET. 23 boney Pierre a 30 Heary Cherry 4801 95 3 BULLER STREET. NEPAUL STREET. ‘ fe~ A Fresh Stock of French, Eogheb rE OR SALE;
2 Wm. Kelly (Quorch Lands} 80 Bt eich Bechet? HL aoe LANE. . FRENCH ST 1% $l (Perouse Land), | ee nn .
one COR VOY: « .
° plodentine Tivurce - ‘3 i Featiotte Bimou 3: 6 Glemexce Mitchell ™ a 23 Joho Gonsalves REET. 60 {leary Bealy es PRPateme Modicinoes, HSperanz3 Hocea isla
a oo ARLES ETHEL, His Kester Geasel Teptors asa) bh] g RICHARDSON LANE ao 24 Cid a) soto Ua. ouanare,:
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fa icceser amon seg. 58 60 is arb aberta w 2 2B wont Acle w 44 GALLUS STREET 84 NIZAM STREET. Particular Attention. Paul to In the Ward a of Arima,
58 ie ales = 400) Hoary Watame = 4] sRIGAULT-#TREET, nL gg HmaeuTayer eo) 7B Masten . ww __Physiciana Presoriptions Conmanixe about 733 sere Tees
16 Marie Vincent Melypeur 25g | 09 Heary Irkne oe a we : ° Gl Mehalath Flatey a wo §8T. ANNS ROAD, 0 euin & ul * {M ONTAINING about 753 sere
CHARLOTTE STRE: 2} 94 Henhiide sorsane aud Urs 3h seOUES mt ae a gay 38 Abts Chase Py peuing & losing 0 arkels | +5, Dacca use wich Sestloy bain
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ot Aveuste Low TREET. Wa Beef Sy toge (oats HP 8 Meet oe mace | a Richard Springer a BT JAMES Roap.” on a large I eee onitie
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ais (are award Bandas 120 | bon Attain Honére (leet 08] gallvoN maven |, GATACHE BTREET, 16, Her, etry gq | WHIT MONDAY & ON EMPIRE DAY, 1 Peete mil be raced ved atthe COLNE
° amnaauel Them, 10 1 i190 Canale “ 96 odestine Honoré =~ 21 ames es o» 160) 2 AW sey se Tn Ww 8 tte a
â„¢ CUINETTE ALLEY. vi) ie Seeiatatre Ta ye lhe eon ELE : or Kec UNTER STREET. 3 8. Hoabee of bo Punieagies the ax Sey find Dr W. E. Nightungad
é 8 tes oo eogalca ane, go | oo Friday, the 24h
it perietae FG LAYAN ILL ROGET STREET, #0 Deongbe 48 ST Jasug Koay,” ' >| the Marketa wil eee BURGEON DENTIST, 7
313 Carouine Uoorge 1a. 3 Zalvsha Jocdea : a 4 Jamee Ike . 60 KELLY KENNY STREET. WJ South.) and closod at ¥ a.m. ae .
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