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Port of Spain Gazette
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Port of Spain Trinidad
Port of Spain Gazette
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Ex Schr ’Valkyrie' from Sí Vincont ^rey.ysargry
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: i?URG FR6SH (WIlsK
The Milk can OSl.Y bo bad
.lEtiKY rt'KBKL'
A-nH From Our VA1T9
■1 »n
I ’SíríSSíárJuj

jwri’Oig’-og-BPAra cazkiir boítoat may i m |
Wilsons (GIr&da«t) Limited;
ODDS & ENDS—Just to Hand. j
• -
| Kiíi SS nit
1 -™ i es® s' ssa

^Emperor Frederick Water
Mmcsral Water
msmt i.]»dos
Patisserie Swiss..
UTo. 29 Fi-etiorfolc St
Victoria Institute.
. Monday Blh and Wednesday 8lh May 1907,
Prices of Admission 5s, & 3s,
uvt nü^ier in gained iiv u
i Sc BOllNK’S
SiSt Thomas Bay Rum,j||
Mi, UntWnTinf tut l»m lal
A Cocoa Estate of about 60 Acres,

W.rt«plic« jsgoujll
rr. w. h. » ,w. **
111 Witalou « {«

/THE ifOmr-OMPAnf oazette HUNDAY MAY S 190» •
Goodwill© & Wilson, Lmtdg
Aortex Cellular Shirts
msmz, -m
¡V SB..,
Girls’ CfiifFonette C
Finest Cigars made in Jamaica

Radies Jmmnery Dept
B-ents DepartmezL-t.
“l"1“ “lls-"!.F*7-. »■ ““‘“"Si *«
Wearable Glace and Foaa do Sole, in all Shades.
Ph. tito.™., STEPHENS LI IMI ITED ««oros
Tae fm-Te TipEirlte:j
foaling Co. Iitd.
Vo«> s-ipc jo DcL
BLLls (jfiiil.L A- CO.
impoitors and Ocalcrs In
f^difT& American Coal
f- UlIAIj|ji:.\(ii; OFFER
NOS. 82 & 84, OUEEN ST.
k‘. ’ _
«&*'■ '*M~-A 3.~',
Z: l'-y-r-
;wC_ .. ....
â–  4 i

sssxs ¡
Stale Ms. WbJmBuIibj. '
JThe Food forthe Tropics
â– ...HW.iy.ia,
mp* -
gIElootrlo & Massogo Treatment
IE C'oconiTB Tr.AM Passes tub Uoon.
fc ÍH ill
ilji W^:i|i if
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VVV[V c 6WDOH 0V :E-P%X,LEM n 6Sf¯ 6( -7KH )RRG IRUWKH 7URSLFV 72 ,W. +$' $7 $// *OW2&(%6 ‘+:L\LD PSr J,(ORRWUOR t 0DVVRJR 7UHDWPHQW m 7.$*$OL(7% +2$' ,( &nRFRQL7% 7U$0 3DVVHV WXE 8RRQ IF + LOO LOML :AL_L LI i m% O , c , LI c LI I 8UQ PE" D , ,6

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. 4% oo
Sy (Yarpem’s Land.) SAN ERN i Feet MW Let ey ae 4
pidilttren Ce. 1 N AUTHORITY." error teraz | Jowallery, Jowellery. )WEISH THIS WELLI
. - eirsol J. Ianies 8 3 a . cen
: 1035 1a eokeed wtrect : aha
1 Euabab hile % Sale of P . 188) a1 wd otrect Jameel Daa -» £9) & 3 OF MESSRS DICAPUA & ZARELOITO ° :

HLM. on treet oseph Rtank . ~
3 eM Ht m= NMC OF Lroperties in the Town of San Fer- (i i Eocien ices dimeetemee’ 1. | Uettgterhpiwaret intrmlag yon] | Should youre tbe mms Inder apres
# IL Bi, tee ~ nando {pr Arrears of Water Rates for the |W % esi, Maselstecdes | O&M Sle, og oh stret, fan Fernand ip renigenaly staan pe
4 Gate Fee ow gitemn”| Yeats 1900-1906, Hee ser ete BB gy opm dope ommend | Saupe tol uo te ra
* (Stone's Land.} 1133 34 Lexendree ti eutiee 3 eat — worded ad. appearing day by day. i
esstian eran |” ——— Hee, Geetha EB ie] seley SR eA tes rs | Stale Ads, bi :

+i |, ne a abel Aaro 280 8-3 gy] Galtding, Plating and Kopatri all
x (Fernem’s Lava.) 2 UNSUANT 98 retign @ of “The District Water Works Ordinance,” No, t of ig iis Reding ees . Mex Aston +> 168 17 183 classes ol Jewelled Bates Pater Bye 06, aig 5, ning n0 Business.
Tro, D. O'Birady ea 60 ander teen toby given that uoder and by virtue ofa Warract of Sale| y19 ‘ entrees =. MLL. Rowala , €M 42 dap eta, ete, ae good ae can be bad in eoy
\ KINGS LAND" fog d pee nd of ae Cha rine of the Ban Fernando Weler Works Autberity beer: Wa i uo Soden Road James eck 38 06 e2 etka Clooke This important bdeasch vf your trade
ve, til, 1907, the following properties described fa the fol- | 119s uphenta te, 04 62] Waith a Repairing—A | deeds precial care,
12 Masdari a 00 | lowing list will be sold by Public Auction before ibe doors a Mt. Sloriah road ALK, D, Astou oo DW 7 Your eds. shoald
; . ( th ter Works | 1201 shoald arrest tbe attention
i Cocilia Bolborde we % pone wets ee Nae nt) dart hee gemees tbe boareol coe fod tes celork iz m Ee Done met , Aree y 3 & % Spenality of parchasers and draw them irresistibly
. . anloss t 1203 32 Me. Mori , :
*” FONG CIRCULAR RUAD. Rates ad eee Aner with tea bee eat op | the amouct, ouch Watet is 4 dy Norah road jaene ut 23 3 3 & Terme Prtrodkerate cplireet ao thet neatly every ne '
mn . such aalo 43 t. Moriah road ’ eof the same ci ta
% (Yarvan’s Land} San Fernando Water Worke Authority, before auch meet te he Becretary of the 1a von Me Moriah toed Joie Philip ed others... 1 3 tt 1 u fast Ere enton ood emt reo. You epecialize, you save themt-the

j ER Tate ~ 1e . 1387 8 Muearapo street” ML. A. Brathwaite ors’. S04 505 Bt me WOR Sots reonbie! bunting al over the toma.

* A. K. Connel: ove erth Hoa, M Alexi. ae 18, concire, descriptive ad, does
WALK Coane! mE ___ ARTHUR H, DASENT, It Ha Tance Lane joqiinetiere ot TTP AW AN-BR OK EB § | tte toscess—-and with this 1 am ready
a} Henry Forde + 4] a verand , Secretary, Sun Kornundo Water Works Aufherity. it ria as panes fare Darla Alexander + 8 a2 ESTABLISHMENT to supply you, .

LUCKNOW STREET. . - 18th Aprit 1907. _ - 1S 8 Penitence street frome Secpotin 4 2 a ‘ a ‘ JOS, R, CUMMINGS,
Fam hee. 90 Hide ata Emme sce YR SL S| thre ee war taba yee ant Tene td |
ose nero! o * ; TT mn te Te Naabeth 24 2 attioies on v °, %

t Pode va yo | Fol Neo. Let. Vo. Street. Uner or Ucouper Woter Dereon: TW.) thag n Pointe aVierre road Jane Rober’ re bi * 3 = dation. / ery se eee Telephone Noga

gAngunton Holford hd Rate tae 100 $0. | Exe ea Tierre road Mary Edwards am 8 3} NIOOLA DICAYUA, SALE FOR WEDNESDAY iSTu DAY

Yaliola ss lw 1lDoCO. 85 Voteten-Pierre road Hire of Valerine Joseph. 70 G7 7 GUISLPPE ZANELUTTOU. OF MAY 1907,
k MADRAS STREET, a1 oe Mlorander Road Robo se om fs ta Potele a Terres Toad Franels A. Varesit 1% 08 dz | Telepooe No tAR 1.
. ’ wR. J. be up . ' ee . erre r moe Ae ~~ | tUILIC N

Grau Land HSE ESN atte oues Se R TUE RECTAN rol Eonar 2 Bak] BURUOYNES [Teoma neeeaee
rdi ws ave loses : vl a8 SS ‘i eireof M, Fra we oot ferred upon Mort hy .

Malvian Garavet “ay gos. Hed may ante a Wheere road Charlotte Charles sm A tnciny Ordinsuce Ko Hack oomtemeiia
Lotchmee ” ler 1a rate a f jerre road Obarlotte Charles 2” Bw 38 a deed bearlog dato the 6th day of March
fockmooie sud Ramdiwy «TRS we. Mount Moriah Hoad Joba Phitipand others. £10 21 EM | ILM ioe Polpten tierra ford Chenlorte Ghavtos iy oe ge une thouse irl pine bondred sed els rents:

. MARY STREET, Iia0 ite ere pyette soud Charlotte Chacies 30 3S Iu a | tered aa No, 704 for 1906 and made
‘a tande} . ap02. . Mis 8 Tries Atl woe ne, Lrereton Ye 7 _ tween Fawene Hamilton Boisiere and
Chinon of 438 4+ Ohpero Street Bagente 15 Hat 14 Phinee Aller Nuc Trapsoes 3B oR GS ~ ina an uyere Doleione ani Caveat i
‘ ; .
Kinima i] Be aes Gyro birest——_.. Bateole [verre “9% R Php igs» vines Alfred, S. George header | 28H ERT ene shades produced an yi sfectly | ths Art dart, “Adolphing Miter? debe
Macon OI EET eae Heated | Te OR Til Skea ieee «=p etectign ye wha! “A "5" | and Alphoneine Chiisode of ibe somed
on . it an . es ‘ .
MIDDLE stRExT. 1900 Gn Sivent Mowale toad “Jobu Philip and ether’. 810 Eat [ HRMS ZY Princo ol Walewat | N Joga titaut bio TRY Theme SINGLE SOLUTION AU | ver snd Araaad Dresive of the third
F ‘ . . . 3 te . 4 48 E are uorivalled, ° act there wi pub up for saleby .

beans amt mgd 1005, - He 3.. fimaeame peg ns Re Fete oe Ae Ee
“MOONERAM STREET, ot Grower Rand Artal be uw ul A Heat tiee dopant | The Gold Medal Prize Awarded | srw ste tore of iurttspata on
vee melee” gl ge Be Becton “Gah RR Eater REN ome eaey Ft AY rintamer’ Behshivon, 1903, | fare oe net one snk oe Peek

+ Roornar a lh] DAS Gs Mowe Moria Hand. Saba PMip amd others Zdy FL BSL] IGS GZ RL Jamescirera Rune Ls Heculan a3 og 8 yan TB

Dowlets “oP Te Te North Read Mary Axes 167 8 ' Joe ee At se Bea me Aland pingular that cortsin, piece oF

Jagerouuth : 60} 108 3a Teint a-Dierce Road | Tend lipbort am of 2G [tel oso ot Jumesute Sy Noe ga Bd a Wiiymla to tee east eeed oe ees kee

eS RUE STREET. 1890 7s i James Birect J. 1k Frac gee Be aso SPN uimametrest, Mary A Raymond. $b 83. 17] Priog Sixty Conte per chial. | Nieteroveminiog It aod perches of tnd

: Faroumn's Land.) ivo«a ie Py vies etreet {ene DB. Proncols i eo 2h bevieg 334 feet feoataye oa Mark Streak,
ve . ‘atolice Las . the Wi .

E tr — ‘ 6 iL Black Street 1. Rose Papin we He Ud we WT HAS bt Viuceat atreet Janes "Alston 2 8 z 3 3 ST. PAUL'S PHARMACY, feet athe Eartero te oder}, line taow

NEPAUL STREET. 3B 8k Cipero btreet o' Tostios ie coe B 06 & Hi we bt. Vincent street Leon Marteil 8 oo sai‘ * known as No. 4 Park Street) sud abuttin

tk (Paroaa's Land), 0 ay ae Onere Btreet Tetre of ‘nnies gh 7 231 178 Ma gt fount street : Samael batwtok 1 & Rn iad O £31, oor Queen & Neleso Sta ca the jterth 00 Handa a tthe heirs of
aoe se BA jexander 2 . . jam TERDO, the %

7 Metta 0! ‘al we =~ OO] 587 Ton Grealer Tinad . Gan Tees : 3 g 5 5 & Viel a! an Fernando street Heirs of A. Campe ” . Bt a 4 ALFRED RICHARDS, ' Bteeet,, ou the Rest on Tanda formerly ¢ of
“19 Henry Hackshaw wee 790 387 Coffee Street «Deira of N. Faille a TIE HM 947 wi xu o Feruando street Fret I. Cherles oe 400 f° 488 nh ‘ , Louie Hath wow of Josephine W barto
2 Chas. Hinds ee 1O419 10 Londen Street a WJames Sucen = wT 7 he ts Ehort street Heirs of Jack Lacy se B88 | rn and on the Weet on lands of Angel Riv:
"NIZAM STREET. 190 wm Meant Moria Road “John Vp endothere af 2S Y Le oy ition street Barely Doreot “8 4 #8 NOTICE lacbal tordved suuterSeoet 100) nae
(Faroumm’s Land), 1513 Oe Toint-s Pierre Road “Jace ltobe me ore Upper Hillede Tooeyth Darron ey 3 . Dated this 4th dayoof April 2907.

‘3 Hostan 8 fe Medamesgatet Sts Frabpone mg QF SPF io zy Upper Illeide —. Henrietta Lewte .3a@ 8 237| 20 Cocua Proprietors. F, J) BLOTT & SON,

15 Vietorla street . Jobn C. Lew Pp 77 Govt. Auctioneers,

tea J & ANNS ROAD, awo08 oO * ae Joak 1m Vista Bella road E. Sumons ant others. 1H 14 15 - — = oo

74 J. Vincent : 1 . tata * . Joe tLambioA C. Lew . 208 B 277

- ” los F ‘ i
33 Aboe Chase ~ 79 73 Mertrand Brent, =. Holrvol J. Nertrand = 196098 fiow at Rreedeet mn gh THE BEST RD GLAY Valuable Property
224 Biache- Wilson ue Be) ba Bleek treet Hravels Thode .. «6B OO ag} 1948 18 Freeling street Moban, G A. Daseut (4m 4 482 | For claying ( d f . FOR SALE,
BT JAMES ROAD. Ha we Geer Ruroet Mews goles ELAS 208 Gunlanntrotsiouth J Geraint Wage 18 WEIR Giggs “Daleerond wad ready fr Ueo —
(North. a3 4 Gireular Road 1B. Arrandell ($3 3s Ses foes Granmnul ste, Melee parce 318 M3481 GE be had in bags of 189 Ibe, net NDEL jtnatructivos from he owner
ies Rev, Hembersley on 120] 53 73s Carcular Road Y gs Grant i at 4 3 92} 2082 fa Harrie gureets 8. . no Oia enaléat. é 3 ¥ tg frou ad ta bags of 189 Iba, net teed the westoragned wii er for ral eu
ne al of wis oN, . : . thei- ott o “2 corner jacks
Minueatemey etme dete, ieee ee, et bonny norms, Ai Chome sr oe, a
is ¥ Hughes ae te Yan Lower Hilde street. .A Jesn Baptiste = 1” i 154) 2287 18 Lewns treet,’ North ft. Sn abort Brooks 2 2 a 2 8 April 4th, 1907 a Vincent Street eee toe tonne yous Letweon
8 ve 8 “+ 220/123 42 Mount Moriah Rowd "Jaren Pleo 38 2 Sas 2188 16&18 Lewlvatrect, South Arthur A, Gray 8 Oe eee aeown ian No 31 Woodford Stross lo the
T JAMES ROAD. | wo Rount Mori Jobe Philip amd others .. at 231 ‘ CONTINENTAL ‘ town of Port of Spain, cootaininy a rottage
(South. 127 North Road Mary Alesie. (1g 8 8 |= Se , . sith drawing room, J botrooms, 1 dreming
Vietoria J. 8. Fi oe . * : 4 ~~ room ead dieing » out!
vices & foros co Dati) gs Retatineioe! Janeiatectâ„¢ = OOM a ' Insuranco Company, retiy suciea tests sad servente rons
obs Wiilhects (Faroum’s 1643 jue Bt Jame Street J, B. Fravgols ‘2h we a be . Es fa nod warringe plage--sery coarenient for
oe we wid 24 Irving Street Fred Mam pateard “16 OTs - . MALE IEIN 2. The said property ia.oaly two talaates!
AZAR STREET, a70e t * walk from the All Naiot’s Tram Terminus,
ice (Stone's Laod.) ia Amtent Btevet Mary A. dorda . 8 } ~—ee Dated thle 1646 day of Apat 1907.
soy ea Amberd btroe ary A. Jordan ge U7 7 i ;,
at” BIMLA BTREET. 4s frolard Sireot fury Athenee lm oie Q [ } A K Ee Lusuvances Ejected on LOLs JOUN & CO.
<. SKTW amen” Pho igi CE EAbeR Rg al CSplecdid Onnortonity
, e i. Baw shasta . us oz .
se zi eee Gaeta oH Garg bg Stanes and Gang A Spec Opportoniey.
mnie . Mz 34 Broadway stroet . } : , —

‘ BYDENHAM AVENUE, 109 oy Broadnay street { thefine Maton . x g , at Morning Noon and Night Ships. THe, eames situated) | tuaders__

be ton ae 9 ach trea . obrua a2 ow 46 . 4 mt ty Willa knowa aa
TERRE BRULEE LANDS, "| 183 J} Blackatieet, —« Eanale Hos ow. wl SCHJOLSETH & HOLLER, | kusot bed Seo tlt Avecte te tor eae
Coe 203 12a Carib atreed [ Gal y Lacoste “10 16 1 2 Ayents This luvely, cul, and conmodione dwell-
(Sends Lact a a re 3m maw Cie caeatiet goat trate hay se
(Btone’s Land.) a 4 oti eet 1 Lucey Asthenaise « 105 lo 113 : . mn ny one

‘ 4 uv whabfal of ting tb hase of
D Meary Siepbeoe B18 4 Carib Sree, =. Morty Thesapwon =. 210 BL 2 BL » | Washing and Cleaning of | sesh tusty retdoote fuses of the
YALLEY ROAD os a8 Gerib sur “i Fuel ” uM. CLOTHES. nwet fesblonable quarters of the clty will

. ect L Fite Roy Gorrie. 23 — do well tu i WAvood Cat"

{Laveatilla West) 234 WOmGd Cipero Bireet I, FiteRoy Core dore.. 140 0 14 156 ‘YASHING aod Cleaning of Bute and o well te uepeot Cut” at once,

2 foun Smart (on George's ay u Chacon sirees Heire u ¥ Cernwo ‘% aa 402 W Drewes, Tweals, Berges, Manoel, APH IOs, MITCHELL,

3 a o jerre . yo q .

Meimot Wo. Fraoktie 4, 0. Gg Dee av Chaoon atreet . Nich ew Lenere » 210 iy er Buk, Belin, Ceshenore, or any otber atady, | G2, Queen Atrcet__ enna

34 Georgians Patty ce (BOR Y RO TH Chacon street « Here of Thos. Ch{ten 6 30 35 AUCTION S ALE

2a Ervest Duocan we COD AGG SIT 87033 = Chacon street «Marte Franoota » 10 14 ba comers DO Ota Up-to. Dato Method ° ae

20 Barriet Vrancis . 310 6 Cipero Street Johasthan Norse ~ g 7 ~ Or
ht Cecilia Alley ne : 31137 Cipero atroct Peluso 350 38 Dry process *' Martelaa Stylo" a speclality, Stock Oarriages, Poul ry & Plants

Lap fetarmy BLS Be Gherorirest, © Werectdames Ieein or nT . Maye lock’ wall deus iavathes eaves | 7 TULSDAY. tru

Bice, SR Be USE Re LET. TO BRAD AT ALL GROCERS —[atamnardieipe Siig | * TPA feaNax et —
WESTERN 39 Jip Cipero street « Miers of Jowph Brown Iw oat mt} J colour, Lreake all ‘stitfeain, ‘wlich causes ° +

N MAIN {ROAD. WE Bie Qrpere stroet Hiere of Joseph Brown. 6d) 12) 88 SS — the tb to have N .

& (bundonald's Land.) 49k ty Cipero street P"Tuaso Alonander “ap a 4a a eee a Vaesutys the glow of ihe Stare eet sa fAN OURED with iat apne tbe under:

Jo Ral ames a | qi ? Cipero street Agues Daniel woo 158 Electric & Massago Treatment R {s avonied if vent vo Tarads Trl lost at U p.m. the following t=
WESTERN MAIN ROAD, (2k ba’ Gigero treet Rune deekaon wb Gd ooms, Fe A SLAMENS, | | Hare Bred Holand Chine Vgey Plymouth

. (Wome’s Land.) 40-74 Giperoatevet . Rose SL Vidal su on ofp 5, TRA © Commer of Deeart Figsne god Dyer, | Hacks, Buggies, Dox Carta, I Geluing, f

40 Dyranle wa Dg | 404 Be Cipero street, ' GO, Davettenod orm. OOF n _ 8b, GARETE ROAD, Vort of pals, Trusidad—-Pbooe 13, small Bread Veo, ace

: WESTERNS MAIN ROAD, - st i, Gcutet floed Hicgs of V. Boneh Ree a Tne Cocorire Tram Pa ;D Fieutlogs ac cottons fn A acta aod

t 0 , o Hiers . fern moe, wax ple
12, Hardey e ) BIS 3g.98 — Gucutar Road nt Peckering ae oo 38 + 8SES THE OOR, i tur pleat aid wiudriea as wih appear. .

WESTERN MAIN ROAD, im n eu Road ww cher 210 sl 133 { Aa Tre. cae GHENT, * «,

i ‘en ore Land.) wf 22 je Crear Froud, mace Orant , wiht wt ag Tis {reatment isalmost a specific for obesity, The “too You will thiok that yoo ere driviaytia Auctionesrs,

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KANDAHAR STREET. _ B+ Lereodreetipds WA Tk 38 a an mess Growery.) Just 00 eopte feel wbo
* (Yernem's Land.) Pursyart to Section ¢ of “The Ductri Hoe oh Kouendres landa wit beitie “ 3h BZ 24 Ata Jewotiy Btop where all/clames of worded appear ng dey rane “me
1 6, D, O'Brady os ub der ot gation is hereby grea that eget Water Works Ordinance,” No} of yi8) Ne Medine street Mabel Asrea 2H 8 33 Gelktion, va roas to order, and for tbe ’
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LUCKNOW STREET. Bao Forma ry San Fernanda Water Works Aufarity 12M 36 & 34 Vance tane fore ine Lierre gy a a P A W N B R A nice, conciee deorintien aa does
(Faroum's Land ) loth Apri 1907. 10 4Re Wanco Lane carta eet MoO “BROKE B & [tte tesicess aod with this Lata ready
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Sie DRAB STHHET, ~ rete . . 120°. . Tale 6a,¢ 10 of 8 ¢. 00 w ivénte a Herre me Mee epee 3 & % 8 dation, lea_on very cheap m+ Telepince No. 31, Tragarete Trad,
. sos 1 Alexander Road Hits BS Wolnte-n Ferre road Heirs of Valerine Joweyds. » 33 NIOULA DICATUA SALE FOR WEDNESDAY lite DAY
x. (Faroum's Land. 1242 Us M oad HJ Le Guppy MI ‘olnte s Pierre road Francis A. 1 cote Tt GUISEPPE ZANELC LE FOR WEDNESDAY Lr
Kisaivie Genius ) . Es S Mount MMeriah Road dale sain Tt others 8 ‘s 2 ae we = Velete a Herre toad Mary Allen Sereell is wo" a2 |! _Telepone Na ty ELUTTU, OF MAY 197, DA
AssieB, Worn . aches Joseph . «ou is vas “ Veinte s Pierre rowel Featele Vureadl 2 8 3 ae BURUOYNE'S — pouiic NOTICE is hereby given that
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ci (Stone's Lands} col as 1902 . Wig) ite ftotee Piers font Charlotte Charles A: 8 as ae Nee TES, aia, the Gth day of Merch
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DLE STREET, Lae a Lower Hleide ottint | Joseph Aveta hy BPH Tao ty Bice Alfred Ro Goute Aten BR MR erie chades produced tog a Loyece Belmiecre end Goupany of
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1 Charles Henry " ‘908. i003 Prince of alee st” Robert, Chas tie ott La|, thew SINGLE 8 sed Alphoosios, (ittoaden of the secoed
* “MOUNERAM STREET, Az Bek teres Venus awa eb 3 Renin ret Ewa ere EH Dee SINGLE SOLUTION taut | yrs at Arid Dreint ot thea
» (Stone's Laud), Me gan Gymuar Reed H Arriodell 24 1 1h | 1588 Ha Howein eteeet Marte E. Corabry ” a setts cian pe Gat up, for sale by
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MULT BTREET, 1690 70a st Damen Btrect It Preece orm Te eSB tl ain St Stmesette | Uhm hii. 30) bad Loudon," here
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(Paroum’s Land). oe Clpero Street Merten fu ~ bb od a id HAd6 de Vinceot street Saree ee 1h 31ST. P. yt a beving 384 {ons fron on Parke Sirests
ek a Sh SSeS ite 8g SR RIS eB Bel PAUL'S PITARMACY, | Reset tama fn
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Hinds on iuy 19 London Birest vedere, of N. Faulle Joie om oa fis San Fernamla vireet” Fred Bh & Compa oe Bk Gy i , Heauel Boresno, on the South oa Fark
NIZAM STREET, . Gon Meunt Morlab Road “John Uhilip a 524 2 mht i Bhort street Helve ol hock t 4 4900 42s ALFRED RICHARDS, Street, on the East on lands formerly of
: (Faroum’s Land). 1e99 1p North Hew! gota Thulin andothers ., 21) 212 31 1) Nun Sutton street Heise uf deck Lacy =... SRL MB OR 8S Drugaist. Losi sth pow of Jouephine Whaito
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Fr BT JaMles noap! 330 we Gloero bureet — Hewra of Tod (Ra 3 Vous 1 Freling atest) Mahar, (A Dh tae Roa KD CLAY; Valuable _ fr oper ty
¥ rth. . ree . Anne Jack e rah tod (ord 1, s ~ Duseut . 42) * * “
34, Ree, Homborey 120 S33 Gan Greuler Rost 0a Arvind “$8 & $8) a8 3 {rondo reo Bout TuseGen Harte, "2348 “1h Croa Paufreneed and ready fr wos FOR SALE,
Peh-A Windeor ve —:1:20 7 1038 19 Loatand Bireet. || Mery Dagtet + 8 Og gz | 2052 I (ianeau] street. Molaa, P. Daewansingh.. 2 #1 BL 34a] EOE, Em yeriged aod ready fir we] 7 TNDEI retwoe
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; 8T JAMES ROAD. 1s 008 M a . Jamen Elcoh eee ‘ & Lewis mtieet, North M.Jd. A Brooks 42 4 aes Ens, ft, Vinosnt Street, Vurt-of 8
, (South.) , Wt 7 Nevet Road eenenteteiad Tes 30s) BUS IORI Lewivatreet, Mouth Anbura. Gry =, 20 ab es April a, 1907 met Street ‘arming he day of ay 10 btn
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Wile (Famous Pat) sre as Pe ints Tere Road Hlasbeth Tierre * 140 i 1 it wo 7 = = ° ENTAL ‘ town oH Fort of Spain, containinga cottage
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« BYDENHAM AVENU 12 34 Broadway treet =. N ae 7h woe a Ww “ : :
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Ame Were canine | Ma aks dees =. 8 @ of! Morning Noon and Night Ships — °
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(son's Lad) Re it Garba DankiSce moe SCHJOLSETH & WOLLET, [RMU S teks Guan of Heres
Hotty Saphocs waa IS 3A Ceribatons «ney Anthadaiog ig i is yet io’ cus ad comnedinae dwell
VALLEY ROAD, : la Carib street * Jane Char'es ad oO tt 231 . 7 : we stamde miuddet Leds of flowers
(Lavontille West.) Fe Wasi Gyate Vive Ur FiteloyQurie “Stas o e :Washiny and Cleaning of Wwisbitl of securiog. the parchese of ©
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WESTERN MAIN [BOAD, mt dup Cipero otreet . Piateth Mortons - 2% 2 231 TO BR ll AD AT AL I1you want yout geraowota to last eee tT! gos, Foul Ty & Plants
‘s (bundoaala’s Land.) we ue Gipere stress “_Mlers of Juveph Browa., te i} ! 3 t d L GROCERS fo the ordinary Me dowe Lave how wasled TUESDAY. Tru MAY 07,
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eH AIN ROAD, 9A Cipero street G Begwacel mo 1g 186 eo eer on! ve No Sarg aud also | PIAVOURE
io tyraatvnet tas 24 Sa" Gyere aet Koa Seeten Boa lk Electric & Massage Treatment. Rooms [ede of be atu ail ae | IS cach at fostructians the under.
ow Bie] 4 4 Ciera ate . a / 3H 34 7 * . , K. J.J CLAME. ore nat as tp m. the followis
WESTERN MAIN ROAD, 2S] ft | Gaertn Arig "ay ‘i 66, TRAGARETE : vate ge SLAMENS, | Pore Ural ‘island chias by Tiymourk
‘tects it In Great Hig Miers of V, oweyh ao 3S], ROAD, | Peta ee Tee yor | teal bueed' ves, Oo ari EGelaing, 4
ay ~~ — 38 Ciroular Koad "C, Picherin oa 6 08 ws ° ’ ; r Pho be
WESTERN MAIN ROAD, |B Giver Rood =A Hytameds Pon gt fue Coconire Tram Passes tue Door, | , Mr S| Resor fae clestan ja 6, for trae
"RR tones Hand.) oat 73h Geer Reed a WiHawa a o1n ’ Pigntlegs faroa, pelny wer plants and
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: Girceter Row callers of, : 4 HT] as trom tack of exercise. Rh ie nai upation as well trlago when you hire
i JOSEPH ARNOLD LAMY, 8 Lievoles Hood S 3, Creve afroane a ut ie run‘down condition are speedily relisved: and lassitude from a . rater ue trap from
~ Ssetelary Water Authority bi Bry Lireulss Ties ; * i £$!/the same us given at the great Sanato rg ue eents are Collie’s Livery Stahl BALE, FOR THURSDAY THE Brit
on Coffee strces pe era “atom aie “Michigan, aid ata greatly reduced cust. Ph t Battle Creek, bg. v eMAY Lun,
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Pata Laodsey Node, latvot ibe Vulogs | 9 for ve atreee aE Bulevane and ova,” ts % The treatments are strictly accordi W. COLLIE, [siya Ut Teaveedl eieDeets for tig
bests Tae Weed of Tow Got Te NG, creed one Ms Yar s 5% | mended by high medloal authorlties, e tmathode recom SENATOR Da Vis (gnc Veeoroa) of tha ove far 0
; oo Mable L. Hoek ” ‘ ' : ‘ the one park aud”
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iitelae aged Daa boe Tons | $68 194 & LBOodce ret AesieMatte’ — ER 34s MRS. C.W. ENOCH, =, CMMISSION MzRUHANTS wep en Bangles tad
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Sckmoctiaing fies) Mt HE Hine Premade” fered That ; 2 pawn WO. Hoes,’ syunlane of he weed Marte Medalaton,
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Per, 4 ” Keng 4 Se tern. aos jor nui we gARket FILLINGS ond, Porce ork, formerly belen alien Bi! nde
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ro ‘ ! Teepe a, TRENIDAD OTL Ww Palnivee Extract agltae said late Castle, toge
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NTS BOOTS—* Tha Tornst: r
OUTB—" The O «tea —N ow shapes, G
» LADIRS Yr BOOTS =" Lhe lattls —Terlect Fittiog— Black

BATH and BEDROOM SLIPPENS —froa 10 cents pais,

lant reagetol sizes & shapes


TARTAN DRESS MATERIALS—Double width, very fasblonable —36 cente yard
LUST aus int ALPACAB Tangle wide re goat yard,
LOURED VOILES — 48 {ne witke—Speeral, a een!

SPLENDID LINES EN BLACK VOILES—72 cents, 84 cently and $10 yard

‘AN RIBBON — Now much jo vogue ~varions witha,
STRAW TRIMMING—All the Fashiouable Shade:

“asblonable— ise. yard

od if cente yard
480, to $3.00 each,
. Shadow Embroidered
—1f cents to 84 cents each. +
WILITE EMBROIDEDED. NUSLIN ROD.» New Lioes— 88 00, $900, 810.00 Gallet's_ Colo
BERVANTS' APRONS aod CATS—Sypectsl- The Geisha Cap, 24 ceats each.



‘DK ERCIIEFS—Lace edged

le Agent



Lake g Sue vest

Amd Retail Prices.


16, Erederilois Htreot.




Solicits Orders for Execution through

Weséels,. Kulenkampff and Co.
_ Both Commission Merchants

Ginsigementa’ofall kinds of produce for sales and returne by“their above, New
York aod Londen firma The forwarding will be attended to
actual out-of pocket expenses,

Ex ‘Ingrid Horn’


tee of obarge except


Pocahontas Coals.


South Quay
qu dy. 190F

& Trinidad ,


- oT EE Re agen eer =


té Canvas



GILETTE BAFETY RAZORS—The most popular Safety Razor mado, $5 cach
WHITE TROPICAL HELMETS —Largo range, from $1.00 to $3.00

FANQY VESTINGS—Tho most fashionablo dosigna & shides-—gt to ¢3 yard
LINEN CRASILES~Striped and Plain--24e, aud 36c.


TOOTH BRUSHFS, at all prices Spoetal —" Twice a day,” 2 in castes
60c¢, caso. Dr. Picrrepont’s Patent, 2 in a box, 84c. box

DRESSING COMBS—Ladies and Gent’s—12 cents to 36 conts oath

HONEYCOMB SPONGES—Vanod Assortment—24 conta to 1,20 each
ESSENCE SPRAYS—All Glass & Motal—no rubber attachmont, 1.20 cach

FULL ASSORTMENT of Pivoe# Lotions, Essences, Powders and Soaps,

Pioatid’s Toilet Waters, Britliantines,-Perfumes and Colognes, Roger aud
nos. Perfumea and Lotions, Dr, Pierro’s Dentrifico, Créme
Simon, Eau do Quinino. ‘




Butchers of Bacteria.


The saviogat bie life of Mit Curtis |

Guild, wife ot the Governor of Mauer.
chusetta, by“ opsonio” treatment alter
typhoid and other tozic énmplications
had followed an operation {or éppendi
citis, emphasizes the value of p very
tecent discovesy of icedical stience,
asye the Now York “Times.” The
Freoeh ctora heBed by jetcboikoit
ol the Past ar Lastitute, had taught that
tho defence of the blood against tnvadiog
armies of microbes 1s the white cor
purer, which ase seen to attack and
devour the baeteria Sie Alaroth E
Wright aod Cop'ain Douglas of St Mary's
Hosjata),, London, and later the Germane
Neuleld and Kimpay, hvve demonatrated
that the white bloud corpuscles are
werely scavengers, tot slayer, the germe
they awallow being kilied hy components
of the bluod serum called “'opsoatns,”
roughly tranesated " butchers,’

ben the microbe buteberiog, oon
stinente of the eeram lack potency
nothing can resist the onslaught of an
lofectiuus disvane., But if the gern are
sanquiebed the opsoric poset iu
belgbteced> the patieot 1s immuor, and
the digrace seldom ifever recurs, Cac
this resistive power be strengthened
bifore. the duweure makes besd way!
Anti (pains derived from the immunized
serum of animals alerady cure diptheria
and tetanue = Lately carefully graduated
doves of sterilised bacill such aa pro
duce typboid, cousumption and pocu-
uwoola bave bien injected duectly into
buwan veios, thus tucreasiug the * reo
tance” of the subject. This treatmeat in
for persons with “weak constitutions,”
samples of thetr bloud belog fofected
beforeband with living gerdis to aaccrtaia
ita precise opsonic weakness,

Mre. Guild, acccrdiog to the! Herald's
Boston dispateh on Aprit 3rd, was

treated witha typboud toxin prepared
by Professor Ross of Toronto. The re
rt of this case wae meade by Dr,
imoatby Leary, l'rofessor of Dathotogy

aod Hactertulugy 10 Tults Medieal School

together with reports of cowplete cures
by the “opsonig method” of fore cases
° fairly developed pulwooary tubercu-

DAY OF MAY 3907.

ULLIC Notive is bereby given that
in @2eroise of the power of sale con-
taloed ia « certain Deed of mortgage dated
the 84h day of Maroh 1904 (registered in
the oifice of the Keglstrar Usuersl as
No 841 of 1004) aud muds between
Joasph Nicome of the tires part Leonard
fleny al the second part acd Jalice
deary Archer of the third part there will
be put fur sale by publie Auction “4 the
wodorsiyoed ot their Auction Mart No. 14
bt_Vircent Streetiy the Towa of Por
of Opin on Teuradey the Uh day of Alsy
1907 beaweea the buurs of ove aod po
wf. All that parosl uf land efpuate ta (be
Wata of Turure ia the Leland of Tristdad
eemprieiuy IÂ¥ scree i rood sud 35 porebes
ead sbatting oo the North on lands of
the sald Levuard Aesey vu Lhe Synch part
ly gu leads of Fraucio Muthow avd partly
ca Orewa lands on the Bast ov the Ceuspe
Rover sud ve the ‘Vest un Crowa Laad,
8. AU thet parcel uf land mtuale to
Waidof Torure bu the Ielasd of Trinida
oom peining 15 Brovds sad 6 perches
sod abutnyg vo North patty oo lead
Â¥ ava partly en lands
now of the said L Mawy on the uth on
lands of Ube said Joseph Nigome on the
Kan os the Cuseye ner ood on the
‘estan Cen deus, oF
wise the same toay vely be butted
we beaded baewa dedysated or descritud

‘ | Schrier and apparter


lawevever utber. | 04 the eat by


The Brunsitck Gur Tt

4 Nue Lot of well nwude

Ladies’ Packall Baskets,

at Sic. & Fc. cach, nioving quickly,
Rot one as they are rcarce, and of
excellent quality.


H. Peek & Co.'s Nicelies

In glase ant tins.
ASPARAGUS fa buttlos
ROY ANS « ba Botdelaise in tres,
Spauieh Olives ta bottles; Pate ue ei Gras
5 tte,
Lonel Tougues in bat Use, Camp Pie in tive,

CUBLSES~ Hequefort, Biilton, Gorgon ?

solar iu glase

| POTTED MEATS, +23...

In glesa and tine


HRAWN—ine bhredded Wheat

Fussell’s Golden Buttery Brand {,

weirg at 16c, per lb,
aivunamters Ikn2.1m.

Naples Mecaroni—gommy at Ido per lb,

American Ranusages
To tin foll—20e, per I
Drink Avbert¢ Coovs Morntoy, Noon
. . tins f aod Nigse,
Pure, Kefreahiay, Invigorating — the
beat feature? Cheap,
To be had from
pth April, toag.,
{a the Supreme Court of Trisadad aad Tobago.
No. 975 of 1906,
Bagllis Vidal~Peinud
Leon Goda aad Levacine Gods Defeadants,


Notice bereby given that there wi te’

petup ior sale at the Sas, Pe
live stated ou Monday, the iph day ot May,
190? ol te ockéck ogo

Ouse undoithed house covervd with galvanised
iro, Maudieg oa lands of Matikla Goda at
Upper Sangre Gesede.
vied poe In tbe above matter,
puty Marabal.


pubnic Notice ts bereby. alven that te
ezerciss of aatalutery power of Sale
veeted in Albere Adolphe Boucaud under
tod fy virvue of a certaln niemorandam of
Uurtyege brering dete the lash day of
lay, 1903, from vce Goolvie ta the sald
Alter, Adolphe ioagaud, tere will be
ye Gp tor valeon Tusedsy the 7th day of
*Y, 11N7, between the hours of one and
(wo pu at the seotion mart of the under
sigved ja High Sizest, Mriocew Town, op-
pott.e Vulcs siaajon, all that certein cscse
Usation situate ia the Ward pf Bavang
reads porth in the lslaad of Triekiad,
cmp primey evvegtoca acted, three roods
aml twouty two be the sume s hit
Ue more or ees delinvated 10 the diagram
auneael to the Ceowa grant tothe sald
Goolvie registered Ja volume XU Mtulio 248
aod buvuded om the nurth by Crowa land,
On the south by Brothers BotUewent road,
i. Toad of Juwmee sad by the

tutbere Settlement road and om the weet
A B lacd and by lead of Thomas
\ vite, ond lutereected by the old Ceri

Set a A

aed fo ee vw"


ae ee


ICE PITCHERS—with romovable Porcelain Linings—14.00 end 1hg
JEWEL BOXES—Pretty Novelties in Uilt & Eloctro Plate—best

TEA SETS—Electro Plate —4

locos=-=Wear guatantecd—24 dols, & 39


24 cents to $1.00 yard,


Writing Pads—100 sheets, 12¢, to 36c on,

NDS—vust to Hand.


In Great Varioty. 5



723,, Maxine Hqurmare,
| meenen tn ce ih on eed


J. Haynes-Clark,


We have gust opened up a large assortment of

Senin Silver Goods,“Plated Ware & Gold Jovan



Plows osmpare our] pricesJand the auality fof the Goods and we av arta
of your patronage. |


7 “SLARIME SQuaAake.

MISORY NOTES duo to tho
ostato of Joseph Chonglo:
Bankruptey. A list of the Debts
und the Pro, Nutes oan be seen at
tho offices of the Trusteo,


dad Electric Co,


Shades & slectric Irons,

FANCY SHADES just received. Also
be without s-me of these very con-
venieng Novelties, To avoid disappoint

AMl sorta 6f Electrical Sopplies can
alwaya be seen at our Show com,

8, 1). HARDING,

Acuioy General Manayer,



Tho Trinidad Aros/le,
8% Frederick Street,

Fred. Jno, Scott & Son.

The Atlas Fire Ingarance Co.
Tha Marine Insaranca Oo, Ltd.

50 pet cent. off country risks ocoupied

Eatoblisned 1866. ~

We Pay High Prices


Sound, Well Squared Legs

Bole Agenta

Charles Hefdsefck Uhampagae

By Royal Warrant to H. M. Ku,
ml Enwaxo VII, ‘



AlldLetters to ba addressed
Er 88 “ORURO” from Canada.

ROOMA, 14 Bt Vincent Street

Rock Lite Assurance co

Established 1806.

Rock Funds ws

\ ~ 000
Policies in force 45,468,898

HE ROCK'S scaie of Premisms
compares favourably with those of
any first class company doing business
in the Jaland and persons who {atead
fovorances on thelr Ily
apply fore Prospectue

Se oO UATE Moar

67 Bags SPLIT PEAS~s1G Ibs, .
8 Re Panacea!
25 Bely Bakers’ FLOUR—Kent

whe do. = 450 Ibs
Towh POLLOUK--450ibs
96 Cone SALMON=Griffla,


_ 80th April, 1907.

fs hereby notliad}ibat I

Werlek Siseot are showlng sow
fa quite o new lise which
dame would do well to inspec

woth Lanka buleg VNey

Rirabiave meat my ome No § on | lend, ss day of ApeD IIA |
pala. Dated the weld? aN ay

9 dollars and 10 Sollee

All Novelti


India Rubbor Dolls—Ite tos



JUNLIC Notue Deveby. given thet wal
nod wiriue of the

1906, segtetered In tbe oltive of the egal
General of this Island a3 No 0439 of Bete
tocol of Deods for 1 year 1906 ted
Letwoes Raleci Silsa ct the ove part aed
Trane Sentor of the opner ; art 924 also eadea |
certain Meraucands in ol Mi 2ttgage dated thesd
stb day of May vx Irora the wad Rafael Soa |
fo the aatd Jacob [ssac Semior there wil be
for seta by the uncter.igned at thet '
jart No, acorrer ot St \ cent and Sect |






Streets Port of Span +1 Thursday te glay
Jom 1go7 Leiweca the hours of bit}

ocbock p a
AN aod Singul st ut crtwa Coon ‘
gon aud lands in tbe Ward of Sane Cad
the said island ony: sip three parcels el
aad worked torrie as, EI Retiro’ med
thereof containing 26 0 abutting ai
North oo land ui \1 ie Leonarde and caked
AE Jobclere ov vc South aad East vee al
and wow or lately 0 tbe posseasion al sand
ALE Joliclere and 7 Went oye as
Che Morau and upot
Fre Soreans the sad thereat coshisa
6 acses, 3 Foods and § perches esd eb in
the North v n tanis,of one Casini,
South and Esat upoa lands
anden ibe West upoa land



jervaia but now of sbe Reverend Asgh Rw
Is the 3rd thereof sontarning 5 erway
chee and abulrng ibe orth ve
formerly of J. Sou) 4 pow OF oni
said Revercod Avge) Rivat oa the Land
land of Bartolo Mu sod on the Wa
lands now or lately posecssion of


"Alle all and slogu us that plow of od
in phe Ward of Santa Crus is
Trinkdad cootaining 6 acres be the mut
or less delinested ano with the 8!
Doundaries thereof sbewa ia sha Puag

rare annexed to the ‘.rowa Grant
Rivas registered at Volume LVE balla 495
patel eet Sr ty

nds nem
South by crows land gad by lends
Sktva ao a
Rafael bilve and © Rivaa and a Conte

and 00 the West by lands of the bert
de Lornie and ar aan land. a
And else all and singular that

duege and laod ia the sows of
fortecly koown as Nos. 63 804 6
tinuation of Park Street and weet

be Norihera side thereof, $0
boutbere side foereo! 100 font upon the
side thervo! and 109 feet upon ue W at
(hereof and pouting. oa the North â„¢
upoo ooe Manuel Sorss.nd, oul
Se te ee oe ane,
aud on
Hor of Park Suet toga with whe ype
W 3 ging.
Dated this séub day of March 199% 0.

ee =

UBLIC NOTICE ts bectby

in exeres « af che Power ol oat
od in a gore. is dood of mortgoge £3444 °
ub dey of Pyvruery, 1003 (hegtenere
Na dlu fos tvud and ml al
Willing: Stewart of the O08
Caroline Peter Lee of the other per
will be put ap for sate by Poblt
by the undergoes, ot thes AS

m hed Dachville Teeth
town of bob Spain,
1c cay bay a between 08 .

08 us
pelea str set sr

ot etas

gustes in the sland of Trialded ‘
sug Len acres Oe wre

2 ‘ . ~ ee . tories w


ae Sat ene
—w me a
mica & Fi Sea thats

me ont ee eure gunna == = a a a es
vos : t,o wer | [ wnihantece & Taney the Thorp Tragedy. ‘ a, . a
P Emperor I éderick Water GIVBREDOL & UOHTON | serene at baie orn Pane wae eo et Day i dso nN AY Todi |

Rpale Gasette” there a ateportel Me FOR _
x a THE— The Coastal steamer ™ Kennet” arrivet | Sregeidepor take at Re teqeces on the

\ Ni ? 2 aa th of Bir Therp,
i. c FIRE INSURANCE Cu. coe Hay renin late mitt + or wet Alte en Ie rere one ted 9 varying
fi umd

wi ye . \ 1yg0 TE 1904, £ 2,014,408 81 lege coder, $8 bane oil meal, he onfled at my reailenes and in
— at ay Als ARBKIM (a5 por
; < i Halanre 6 08081
w j POTAL CualMs paid . « 44,206,075
, :

hoes vegétalies and ¥ parcel speote, canrea of conversation [ oad, “Good Ged,
Atont 94 pteoes ot cedar logs. the pre nil kat aboot a matter of 60 dollore to 80

perty of one Jacko from Manzanille dollars "I fatly deny ever baring sald
, ' MrT 1 > Q
OF THE TROPICS. | Claims Seftled Promptly.

= ee > Tee

,, Dus Tdo remember hia saying to me, k
whieh arrived on Friday eveoing by the tat t may be called upon to tn alg the oH

Fed een eee aeaay crorning | PUrvOre of lett@e fount apon the se Ey ary thin g fo r Shoem ake

and offered for aale.

Messrs, Wilsons, Glasgow and Trisidad,
+p ATE HOw ehowlng an excellent aeenrt-

date, and it would tre well to ony that
this letter wae intended for me, and that it
Leare reference t the aménat dae to bim
for balance of vopaid premium:

Shoo Threads, Neodloy, Leittlos, Tacks, Lasts, B t
f Ott lnites for ladies and : , 08, | , rass aad Iron.
, . Amontas Pe eee eee tenel waves are belog | cit, Alliage, knows May ee et I) Awls, Awl Handles, Buttons, Eyelets, Boot Protectors, Shoe aaa
: ' BREICOMMLeEN_ PEW otfered ina new line of leather goods wihiet tereigned by himeelf, for the amoent of Shoe Nasps “ me
. , WILSO N Ss have jast coma to hand. Suit cases, cabiA | ihe premlani—the awe suns for which the .
Glangow & ii ano weer beefy Gladstone note was originally given, Me Aullaghans Bl k c | 'd d Cc h x
slangow 9 aleo aware that he cannot obtain a judg- ‘ty
wlth nickel ant sterling allver stoppers. t ayal for that 1b K
bY THE prot asin we for tinteamas teers | DIQCK, VOI G an ampagne Kick

Intending travellera would do well to psy
theus a visit,

Weare asked to mention that in accord:
acce with the wishes of thoee who attended
Mr. Goudridge’s lectara at the KR. © School

. . LI Vi j TE D. AL thiy monent [ baves bil! ageinet thea
wa wanes eames do cclaaneetis
e -

Therefure this quaversation epoken to

Spanish and Creole Sole Leathar

Silka Livings, Webs, Brown, Black and Whits Flastic Ink Po



Farrell ts agent, fer ths san of $5,000.

oo Wedneway tast, be will deliver ano ber 1 : <
R VIGNALES, isctore ac ths Ovura b G, Schock oo Hon | Py AeAllinahann which bere suppusnd te | Mforl Balle, Shoe Tools, Box Calf. Katin Sides, London Calf of &
Sub-Agent—Atime und Meozanilla | day Och iostant, at 890 pio, Ailmission | estion and could nut maible ia the . =
_ . ~~ Distriete. Free, Suver collection will be taken ap % | tacgaf the above facts Ry allow me, Bl k B ’ d & a4
POoot— —_—— ee | defray expeasen, Ale Editor, tu tell you the seasou why bir ac } rown an 1 e 0 ishes
THR 1p ts unders thatthe late Mr JON Allin ham jaa to sso. Oa the very a
e towl next day of Mr Thorp’s death, I was as!
. Thorp, egentol the Sau Life Assurance > 7
FOR SALE BY Sort of- Spain Gajelte Coy. Mas neared in the [operial Guarantee Tee aca re bome dog:
(ESTABLISHED shag.) Aochleut lavuracce Ovy. of whish Mr. K. | Solicitor for the Company aud alse hie pri:


py order to clear them out we have reduced many odd lines
ridiqulouely low prices. Thieisa neique opportanity for yoa
Get good, sound; using articles at bargain prices.

Publ shed Daicy, Moodays aad Pubtie Hor.
days excepted st the © fire 04 St, Vincent St
Fert of-Spala

ene ee

Advertisements of Liriha, Deaths, and Mar

tages, acknowledgments and dis-

chaimers (which must be auihenticate!

vate papers, Lrefusedtoiduso He too!

oHouce at my refusal Bubveqarntly ho
eatue aod asked me if I wonld coma dowa
with lint aod explain to the Coroner hs
teasoas for Mr Thorp ev writing. | mba-
toned to hins that [ wonki ant volantacily
lo vo, bat if officially ashed I would have
Bo objectioa. Accordingly I was asked

The subsets of to day's diwourves In
Greyfriar'a Chateh will be -—Storning sor
vice —" Our Safeguards.” Evening service
—"* The Immortality of Character.”



eo aS

We call attention toan advertisement
in aacther columa uf Mornn's 3a Thorns

the mgoature of poreibte . .
~ easoah hal fraser ateergsei Bay Ran Ths we tratod sallet me and as te. statement which appeared White Covered Venetahie Dishee .. ae a ae 186, 24,
sun, of wot le ae oe
Capgual Advertisenests o every deserip- | favour in Trinidad, and at this line Shen T leave the matter now to the jadgment White Blade,

af the pablic to place whichever talerpre-
tation they fool disposed tu come to, feel-
jee eure “that bh lias bee saul to

how that Mr Alllighaps wee not jesiitiod
tn giving thas evidence which be bee.

ruuld nut aliow thie to gu unanswered

asthe evidence bears suggestions oalou-
lated to lajare me,

Thankiog you, Mr Editor, for alloving
tne epace in your colanins,

Uremain, Sis,

influenza is raging aod the bites of wos
ane ace be! ‘th warned Agalnsts the use
ot ‘Ha's St, a8 Bay joa ehyu
tried. Mr IL Rua is 4
agent aud it be algonold at tle leuting Dry
Gourds, Gravwry dad Drag Stores ia Port-ot-
Spalu aod country districta,

os ey o wn Ue BO, :
White Rowlr, 7} incho: 8 vente, vs lorhes . . 1 taste
White Meat Disnes, 10} inn 120, Lid fea. 18e, 13 ine

tom :—s/6 pes week , 46 pet sorvnight,
W r
hite and Gol id Toa Piates oe 408, per dou

- . Patisserié Swiss, | Tess

at, —a/6 per week each, to Le

The undersigned is removing to
Rro. 29 F'vedericks St.


eto n have, as weil. as Fancy Cakes, Ive Creams, ete, Bread
wee Bauer Tread, end all creole made cuken alan Tei, Coffee, and Milk, Bott
Drinks, Cigais god Cigerettes, The place 1s being veatly fitted vp and belong further

- down in thecity, be hopes the site will be appreciated by his large cheatels,


Thomas George against whom a warrant
wan issued on & charge of hones breasing
at Roxboro’, Tobage, on tha Bab ultimo,
wae ar at South Quay oa the Sed
lustant, on information reseive!l by acting
Serwenat-Major Eversiey of Headquarters
from bir, Archibald of Tobage on the 23rd
instant Yesterday at the City Doheo
Court, application was mate fur the de
fendant’s trisi at Tobage ; where be was
remanded till the Sth inetent,

The case was resumed at the City Putice
Cuurt yesterday, ia whieh tr, J. BR. Dick:
sun, institaied «a charge againat Mrs,
Bixoss, fur having feilod to comply with an

Butchers of Bacterva
unter of tho Sanitary Inepeetoe un the 13ch
ultamu, to wit. ths clearing of a cosepit

Bank of Nova . Scotia. |i tests once ig

Hs RANK it withdrawing | defonse, (Str Gastoa Jobna oa) the dela.


Yours traly.
Avuuatis ¢ Laown,
ath May 1007.00 0. ~

Efpire Day at Princes Town,

May 2ith prunes tobe « galt day in
the “tows of the l'riaces ” jadutog From
the tatwns being male. The achot
ara of tha varkets schools of Princes Town
along with '* ds ley stot” frou other sclonts
{otha Ward Union will muster together
inthe Warden's ofhue ant march ap to
take partia the yrocecli goat Koolly’s
Heermation (sound, beter houwn a0
Murten UE Pasture. We append the
provistunal prograrsue,


by the real siqeatare ov the writer, not neces

tanily for , betas a guaranties of

food fark, Rojectad manuscripts cannot
rettood, .

Advertising Seale on. Application.

SupacatrTion so per your When you buy a Carriags yoa done want ons th will‘Fequire wy
ing in three or four months Oue CREOLE BUILT BUGGIES
liko one CREOLE BUILT FURNITURE Chey ve you the mi
that cau be vot ia STYL® AND WAR at thy SMALLEST OOst

Wo havo several on show now. Have a lo + at them


a extra

seth Apnil, 1907

from ‘Trinidad, and its office | Went Has ordered to fey a fine of £1. 2, Sarcl Past the Flag vw Fours, Sehoot ~~ AT — .
has boen removed from 55 Marine | The Dutch Steamer * Prins der Neder- , + Sompan| te
s . . Square, to _the office of the Union laden” aniled yesterday. vfcetnoo tor |= Soug “ The OL Apple Tree” ‘School 1 1 al
Bank of Hatifix whore all bills | dutinsm with the following carga : 2.750 {2 Address WG, Nove Euq . ,
bag conta, 18 casks oll metal, U box oucus + Bong" Engtand ” R. G. Behuel
. are now payee GORDON torte fad to tons Trinklad epures lake (5 pig —" Layaity w the Flag”
ode sephalt. 2 a) Se ee 3
- ° Managor, Tl & Orure” arrived | {a Boa" Vietortd tbe Goods Aisverns |
Was 8 cure” arrived here on Fri- , nent School


~~ a day evening Jest from: Demerara with 47 (2 A ddeont . haw. Dr. Jamiess:
current Eventa. 5 packages hides and leather snd 2deokers, [ i° Hetlemattc Dill aod the Piaating o



— Thess “ Crown of Arragon” sailed last Trees, ‘
—ON — To-pay, wight for Montiea! via Harbados with | & Semg—" Hail Klay of Nene Matlous 'T mn
Rugation Sunday #2 O11 bags sugar, 410 pancheons molanses, lu. Soug—"* Rule Brittesala'. Wesleyan EL ku D O N,

9 bes evilee, 40 empty bogsheats and une
Cunstebulery Band plays fa the Botanic | 4#o fF

oan TL. Nativast Anthem and Cheers ir the
ardene o pnt The many | Urleuds of Mis Joruth

Aftera brief respite daring which the

Monday th and Wednesday lh May 1907,

Boys’ and Gent’s Tailors, Hatters and Qatiiia

Distriet Quurd 9 a.m re frou Carepano with 5 horees, % able prise On the whula the eonmulttes
is wae roulea, 135 bags Uren, Wbayscorn, 72 hndes, | otra everything Pomatla to afford tbe
Meeting of the Beant of Health at the [39 packages sandnes sod the fullowing hod the» iron eae ally a r, ua time
Couneit Chamber 2 pn, petsonyers —From Passio Cabello tr en eee ens oe eee ee trate A
——— and Mrs. Masimillan Jatondes agd tofsst, the cae 7 made for entrance to
“Teithy® ab the Viewuris Inetitate 8.15 | Mire. Juan de Jeane Henriques, daughter | Me Brouars on the voce
Pm. prompt, and 3 servanta, Mr Vergitio Meroband.- Forest io.
— Yrow La Goayra —Mr. Max Braukemp, i restric.
Th Water Morn, 1108 Even. 1149 "pin, | Bir Daauingo N. Ortago, Mr. Estevan | The Avoual Sports, Aaniversiry, etc,
ne rles we aes” 44 ata, f Leon, Mfr. Anselarme Nobles, From Cau fin onauectioa with the Javeolle Hraoch
San eels. eee 608 pm me tm dire, Bensrd Salassr, Mer, 8. fof Cuart Lily of lere, No. 89u1, AO F,
Moon Bete mee 1,99 p.m, ‘avera Dacosts, Mr. Domingo Luciani, | will take place duriog the moath. The
Mr. Manuel Russien aod sun, Sir Pedso | Sports will be held on Saturday the 11th
Marrled N. Meadut, sife, aud sun, inatsat the Wood brook Square at noon,
{7 nasean: Members ara as! to netual jo
MoKenztn-Magayr—At Holy | The followias passengers ere tulad to | attending, "
Trinity Cathedral at 2 pm. on Saturday Kew York: —3tre sod Mrs. Borkerg, | Oo Sunday 12th there will be « special

Vhe éthof May, Rowlaud Hoynts Mackeoas, For Mis, aod Miss Mollineyer, Mr. Cl service and evening demonatratiog at

son of the fate“, Poynts Mackenrie, to | Ait, ib B Lial @ F Tranquility Chapel at ¢ pm. The sar-
Fe fit Men, deat of leas | utes Mia & Wangs S00ANe | oe Te be rach y the Rar 20
oh y ayo! js fala Bonyau aod 2 eblldien. Jobnson, Members are arked to gather

a . -—-— ar the Court room at 2 p.m. The dis- - .

items of News, ndks general meeting beld on Frida rd felbution of prigee ° eooneetion with S p KOOL A I

— 0 following were elected officere | ¢ acd the readio, . ~
btephens Limited Lave just received a | of the “ Cambridge Nod imT. B, Kenny Aaditore te + ete. for the nd ye 4 °

large whipweat of Gente’ Panama JIits, | 31.D Freswent, GM. Gittens 8.09, | will take place at the Church Houee

ranging 10 price from #1 10 850 steh, Boo DDA&, Viee-tresbdeot, "R. 3. De Biiva | on Wednesday the 10th det a¢ 7.30 pros

our Shaw Window thle wook Lar heve | Cups, Goo. W. Taylor Vhe Captain, IL | Pyreate and fileods are cordial! ‘tovted

aleg received a few pinoan of Lingu, Mer. | Mose Seory aad Tress, W. Johneun Jones to att bi d thed y :

cori ed Dress l'uphiu in White aad’ Bera, | aovetant Mery , and Slesre, D. De Liw: attead the eervice aod the distribution

selling at Ju vente per yard. Gee Dances and 1b 0, Crsy meublereo of prizes.

—-es- —
The Mutoh sleawer I'rine der Noter- (Wwe Uoeumittes of stansgement, Board of Industelal Tralning,
landlen, broaght ¢ horses and 3 mules from At the firat meeting of the Board of
Venesuela for Mesara, J. Anduze oe Cu, Tedustrial Tealaiog beid in the Counell

—— amber at @ pos on” Fridey the aed

& large selection of Ladies _
od latte selection of | Le prbonty vd _. That Dance for the Churoh, fotaat, Qed, i Cut dempector, of

Vrada od? Marlue Bquaie, othe Biduor of Tha Port-of-Spain Gaesetie.- the Generel Sienaser ot Haleays ce,
ope . Sir, -Â¥. . Alarwood), Shp pa abo, Mr
osetia Harve. Mona = |p tas ee detatctein, UM LaY [HA Mane GB. Fraety ie
Naw Urlesue with 8,438 tone Triekded | ihtlel dence whieh came offen Batunley [Jackeoo, Mr 1B. Itice. The Charman
dried Jake asphalt. Before leariug tbe | LiKAS lest ab the Princes Towa Coart | Kave a brie! resumé of thectroumstasoes
captale reported to the thae one of | Hoste tw ahd af “Grace (Apglicen} whieh bal led tothe sppointment of
bl sallors had deserted Lis ebip, and ovuld Chanh” Why did't your correspood: | the Duard. Applications for the post of
pot be found, eat give a complete report by iaforwing | Seeretary te the Hoard were pressated
5 bit, TOA the ile Vest jas itaoe deed tit 8 Us br Met. B Jackeos, Culopial Seere-
be, rece! an wi ie Rev. | tary's Oddlce ,
tree ipa oe spend haber Melvithe and Rev. H. A, Ansel!Mespectally, Other, Net w saoy, Education

High Water if “0.53 Even °10.00 p. Sutherland of High Street, San Fernando,
Lo, Gedtgn Move 208 Boon S16 La | wil acy wo eara that abe le auidaa’ | Suu ots snl oe tottaed near | TAG LUGE ONapes | = ee Newest 8
P : f Ad 5 & 3 “ua sote we, eae GOH pam | Berouny whieh some goul prizes will be preseated
. rices 0 mission os, Sy Moowriee cr ae ow 000 The Gerwan steamer * Prine der Ne | (2 ths stocesalul boye sod yurle compet. iN eae
. MONDAY, detlanden" under the command of eta re reserved. Tl he Mf sare oR : ‘ - °
: , . 2) . * If .
MEMBERS AND ASSOCIATES HALF PRICE, Supreme Court 10.90 a.m Caprals Vander Hae cent aaahor iuthe pull | Hast ia bent ouder will toawatded asa | Bach Silke | YW SA bb PaNail

Doors open at 7,45. PLAY COMMENCES 8.16 PROMPT,
Wleaw of EXsllh amd Boolting of Soates

AtThe STORES, Stephens Limited, trom SATURDAY 27x inst,
at Daan. and at the Instiiala trom 7 pin, (No charge fur booking)

AND CLIKCAL | GA , Fue Brazilians
HATE. 4 vane Cline H TS:

SEE OUR Special Live of STRAW HATS- vow oponedat’é

John. Ekoadiye dt




‘ EMBENS AND ASSUCLATES whose eubsripso's are ia arrears will not
" tied pate in the above reduction of I’rloes iste their subscriptions are peid.
‘or eat te of Viny wo advertisement ou page t






i war, BORNN'S ais




ie 34

At No. y, Broadway,


Ever, seen in Trinidad,


E\st Thomas Bay Rum, Gea

gy lasury tor the Toilet aud Dath- aud for use after
Piebavirg Invigorates the scalp sad cutee dandrall — foe
Atblutes exoel y ite nee, by massaging An oxcel &
leot tooth wash Tofaats thelee when werd im their
bath Mumguitoes obyect to bile pessuus who use it f

iad SolD in soc, boc 006 & 720 Si/ ts. Pd
rom Dry Coeds, Srecertes, and Drog Steroe fell it.




EVOM. TIE WL wwow7wt

Golumbus Carriage and Harness Oo, of 4 i

Fastionableas welt 0 Latest Developmen on the Carevage reat

” ON ——


: aie ace Tas | Yan inn [Buea bae aieeatie| “HIE OULUNDER ROUND AvOMf
jot Canaries and other Birds, sTancr. stoma Departusent, Alter considers | &" 5 Te f :
A Cocoa Estate of about 60 Acres, |= _ .

8 OG Tes Cage Binds and atlon of theao lt was resolved

Poakry wilt be lorwarded 00 Spplleation. Ses Fegueede, TB Fackson beep a ated Sette
We acderstand thatthe Harbour Mac | the Uuerd, provided bis daties cao be

ws tace Gace of ee srellable wheg required, The Chairrana a1 Latest £ ' led.

‘ we Mille rate o posed . . * .

nieamuere other aa te i shortly, Cricket. thus for the Tloeteteg “of gaat af orth te , len By adley Cony

— edith ; : ica, 8
The Dactens Holly & Ob, le petits go, F theta 64 sane and the opegnes of eeperal ivnees | EP” Osher Traps recently exhibited in Ameri


while be
‘vate Miae.ry Inek wen 1a 8 vietory, ter the | decided that these should be priated and
0 pata.
Taleoyphenea Wo. aay,


LACT ITH Deyrag Howe, Sweat House, and Hartesk Weems Hail an boars

drive from Usteprcbelpa Hailway 8 otiup, well watered by the
nr, 694 Gasroca fel by wasy anal yon « Logly to by tha Carepletela

City Deug Store, Park Street,

Hedeese cr Heay tanks §! | r by we fou ocd a wicket, tod amoogat Gembers for conaj
43 ated £43) pur gels, aloe Noi bath wi i ise a
ead Sain i tt aly ectere Sure ea oratlon at tbe bext meetlo

R The Board ad
wWedavedey the (ty ase a Re i
7 r . . all » . ben. _W U


| : The 4

sate. STEPHENS, ) eg Stores, }


ndies Millinery Dept |L.ADIES DRMSS DEPT. Cst- eons - Department.

NEW ASSORTMENT { FLOWERS | =«rcnr,corces,cnenmeren,voties, vores WEEDS.--A FEW J. INES SPECIALLY SELECTED,

“Fibbons in Plaid and Self colours. Chiffon Plaiting and Rushing ; Straw ;


New Bhipmeat Jast Landed.

IWEEDS,—A FEW EXTRA QUDLITY—Suit Lengths —Seo These.

READY MADE VEILS. IN CILIFFON AND NET. PIQUES SPOTTED MUSLINS, Fedadartes—White, Cecketing and Ceyloms SH{RTS To New Liges just landed ||
%. SPOTTOD 2 PLAIN VerLina. READY NADES la Aleos Youths 04. Toye SUITS Beveral new lives, See Ove Boyd’


= ' 1 7 latea, Noro! :
Ae HER NEW LOT OF LADIES UNTRIMMED Sitres aND soror cars. | UDtearable Glace and Pean de Soie, in all Shades. | warceeroors ne eee Gees POR THE COMING WET SEASON f



[The Stores, STM PHHNS, DIMITHD The stores J
- re ge _ Ze Best Fince . to Bay Rwerything. . . oe

of oftige here, Sir Gilbert will have prac fof the deceased. Oa the 90th April) Vincent Jetty at [0 am. on Monday the. - ~ Loncon Direct Line.
after haviog removed a tia ef boiling [13h May, the day of salling and sen Newe Colonsal om:
water frou the tire, she went outside the | kere ate therefore requested to soe that all oe Ud—dgenat

Pi THE TRINIDAD The Empire Typewriter | iets tin eet

E, e 1 during his atay in Englaad be cova house and soon alter heard the child ! thelr fe sent down to the St a
iG lin Co CCL | — by ibe Colonial Ofteson any feoealied cry out iI rushing in whe found that Vincent euy tore ee eo 4 ’ ra ices” la due
. 2 a — 1 TInECO | a!
OR s e Vy a | We call attention to « few facts regard | matter needing such reference. One ie bed pulled oa ibe i” from ‘box ( ROC. Tran Monthanapteg ne net ante one? ndoa v ie Dar “ ny nt

bourg and Barbados oa Wednewlay May | proceeding afverwanle to Dmerara taking

i PINE Stand ter, | CODsequeroe of the new Governor's
['° the FACILE Stapsard Typewriter the child to a neighboar's house, and

Jther Standard Typewriters -cost spmiog may, probably be that our-

B2ad and will leave the seme day for New | C4rv0 passengers and miils.
. about . Harbade tienda will no longer | after applying sweet oil to the injured | }- > 1 ERRANA — .
Li Ryst cd Ofbes Nos 0b 9 St 1Vracent} Street. 200 DOLLARS play their favourite rile of Doubt rta, tauk the child to the Oolosial cue Tal Jawan “king pamcowert S here freae Loutten vie Gieante one
. ‘Thomaa with respect to the or: Loepital, where she slept two nights, | cargo and mails, about the 5th Jane, 1Wu7, proceadiag af
: , te cote health of the Colony. Hitherto it hae ] She identified the child alter it had 4 tender will leave the Bt, Viccent | terwards to Demerara tak fee
Tha EMPIRE complete cost been thei i t | died taking oarge, pas.
FINANCIAL AGENTS Yo Go DOLLARS. nakiod Thabee about Telsidad. A few “Tolen Meyers said eho tived at Basilon WF ttle Dem with iors for the | soogers and mails,

Bs ‘ l cases of yellow fever have been magni | street Oo the guth April she heard Pavaogers mie especialy notibed that a
) ou save 40 Dol ATS. | fied into forty odd and the indelicate, | the dec-ased crying aud knowing it baggage lighter wo be despatched to the
CORDON, GRANT & GO mais | nian hee br :
pumragpretyty phic suspicion that thee i smallpox Were
j i AChE? ge Nees 6 has beea published and citcatated 19
my .

be troublesome did not gota see. The | outward mail eteamer will leave the bt. Trnidad-New York tine
mother afterward came to her with the | Virtoent Jetty at 10a 0, on, Weduesday Trinidad Shipping and

Poy ate
nathan he EMP eo

May 22nd, the iny of sailing and pansen- Trad a
hilt, god she saw tbat tt bad fot barat. were are therefore requested Lo pve fiat all rading Coy. Lid. Agents,

i, i *
every newspaper in “ Little Englaod, bespteal iach che dol. their luggage is sent down to the dt RENAD \.—The os. *Crensde" of

the evident rotention beiag todo what

~ Viscent Jecty before Laat hour. tha Trlatdad Line will leave for N.

* ; . they could to rua the telends repute he curoner returned « verdict in av- APLATA.— BO «TS , t or ew
4 SEL ING AGENTS AND GENERAL MANAGERS tion as a healthy place. Theee Sorry cordstre with the nedical testimony. te ne Moree tron New Ha tlate’ sere eounentas apoyo ante
‘ tricks hase beeu done 1a the teeth of Jamatea, Colgn, Puerta Colombia and La ARACAS—The as ‘tMaracaa" of

Officasl assurances from here, aa though Gaeyra on Suqday the 26u May, and the Trinidad Line will leave for New

our bigh poblic othutals were ao many
Anavians. The Barbadisas bave con
fidence 1a Sie Gilbert Carter and will

: will lonve the neze day for Cherbourg and | York oa Wednesday May 15th I
‘Man with tho Twisted tip’ In Southampion via Barbados, taking pase. | due thereon Thu y Baca. 007, and is
Real Life. engers, cage and mails, _


bee a sO tat Aas es fins

“ag SUIILILD TO probably eootiauc to give hem that whieh —— 3 The tender will leave the St Vincent “The Glasge - “Direct '
c Bsi\’s G . 6 1 p.w, with passengers fur the H gow Direct

: Hls MAJEs1\’'s GOVLENMENT | they soesgerly dened to Sir Heory | A curious parallel in reat life to the | Wt) pride Line of St ,

. importers and Dealers In Moore Jeckann | The new Governor will Sherlock tohues episode of ‘The Man Vavveayer are specially notified thats The Now Colonsal Cory

The Government of Trinidad.

Cardiff & American Goal jr" =--—2

With the Twisted Lip,’ which attracted | baggage lighter to be ilespatehed to the A
much attectiva a oouple of years ago, | hontoward sual toamer mh leave the St, ROWN UE NAVAL The ae
wae recalled at Penge Letty Seassione { Viovent Jetty a6,10 ain. on Monday Zui | SJ “Crown of Navarre” fs duo hets from 7
whea Cevtl Browne do Sanith waa sum | May, the day of sailog aod passengers | “langow via Barbados end Mardatqes on 4
toned by bis wile oa the ground that {are therefore requested to seo thae all | Of Sbout the 8h May 1907) prucoe ting ‘
be had “deserted ber and neglected to { their bafaaze is eend down to the pe } Afterwaide to Demerara takiog cargo,
pay for her maintenance fo 1904, said | Vincent Jetty betore that hour. Paswongera and Maile,

fa de Bmith’s solicitor, the defeodant
hved ta Norwood with his wife aad child
aod weat ‘to the city” daily. It was


that there are om tore cases of yellow
fever aud thatthe (Quarantine restne
tiong should now be rawed We bope
the clean bills of health that «il shortly

issued under the authority of the
Quarantine Joard and Bir Gilbert Car-

as“ bogus"~a term they used a few
weeka ago, although the provisions of


a Porteof-Spain Eayelte

a7 - AND —

} the new Ordinance enabled such buls | eseatually discovered by the police that Koninklijke WI, Mail. .
+ 4% SS | of health to be issued at the time. Hat 1 poe 7 . Hamburg-Amerizan
. PORT-OF-BPAIN, a truce to our island itteada and their oa arrival at London Bridge he would clenst, hii

chacge bis good clothes for rags, and The Nevo Colonsal Company

uncharitable couduet towards ‘Trinidsd | preteaded to be paralyzed obtaia con-

a ParEnwr Fur, SUNDAY, MAY S31, 1907,


Paul H. Scherer & Co—n
Let us rather extend a hearty welcome | siderable sums from the chantablé vader Ag

eh « oar , VERNOR. - 7 a OLIVIA,—The es. * Bolivta®
M@vaniets Bunkored at Shortest Notice, Kither EX ITULKS THE NEW CO to the i eabanwiitts Bartados and conte, OF acting matches. He was ar | PRINS WILLEMS I1.—Tho Datch Ball Hambarg-Ametican hele dag es
e ERS OR WHAREK. Sip Gilbert ibomaa Carter KCMG, | stay in this Uolooy As no ar { d Hieamer “ Prine Willen IL" ig dug { from Veuezue An porta on of about May
— LIGHT ane PZB, F8.4. I. Eat. Boc, to givebim Jdent natgralist he will tod” far - + | here from Amsterdam via Peraniaribo and {oth 1207) ros ing afverwarda to Havre
ho bis fall titles, willarrive 19 the colony | more oppportualtiea ut tadalgiog ia Tonerare, on or About fhe fh Sta aa Han rg vie St. Thomas, taking ea:
&t Vincent Woarl, 30 Wednesday to assume the reins of | bia favourite pastime here thao ia Caware Guante, Le Gusy Carapand, ron TAs dees. “g 5
Rh Part-of-Spain, 28th April,,1907 adainistration, Ho bas hed & dur [the ilacd be ls about to leare Our Cabello,” Curacao, Jecmel, Ang Cayes, uf the Hamtarg-- Avena bine
Ry Spain, 2 pri, toguished career, having seen pervice on forests abounding at m rariety ot Impoverishing the Sea, Port aa Prisce and New York takiog | due here trom Biiupe vied Thomes
(eerie, ST —

be Gold Coast, in Gambia and Lagos , —— carpes pamengere aud musta. ba oF aluat May l7thy 1907," pros
teat 5 LE .— ach Mail | cveding afiwewards ty Carapauy,
aaa eecaeaet the leeal Govérament | P Sewusr. wire, Wiles IV" rove | Gesyre, Fura Catala, ‘aud eufaate
fiehiog reserves ia other oouvtries, which bers from Venezuelan ports on or about the | taking carg., paswogure and twatis,
are apphoable bere as well as in. thoue | W2t8 May 1007, proceeding afterwards to
refetted to in the fullswieg Paramaribo, Havre ood Ansterdam taking

tract, - Skins. Wl eM Voth D

Ia ' Blackwood’s Magazine ‘ for March p btéacier © Pring Witeo yh dyatt Fred. teytend & Ce,
A writer telle ua that experizace has { bere fiom Amsterdam via Paramaribo and (1900) Lez
showa that the opioion prevalent a gea- | Demerara on or about the 27th May 1907, Vee Votoms Ory Lite
eration ago, that the Pusoatory resources Pr gente | to Carupany, Faw: — dyin
founded, ‘There is nor new a, single | Cabello, Curcces, datme Aux Cayees 1-7 UAT ANeToe ne &
maritime country 10 Europe to which | Port au-Prince sad New York taking cargo, ie due here” fret “Liver ones
uarestricted liberty of fishing 16 permit- | Peweusers aod malls, Las bades on oF ebuat eee Ve
ted, and tbe tendency overswbereis to | PRINS WILLEM Itf:-—The Dateh Matt | provasdiag alterwonda tr Lec end, The
Locreabe the atriogeacy of the regatations Fs Brosmuer noe tine Witlem LIL’ iadue | Cabelio, Unreous, Sante Meahe a
wodtoexteod thea farther from the sie May 1907, provelding cleans bo aia Waking carga, passengers
cout, Iviein the North Bea, where | pyreurite, Havre acd Austerdam table —
trawling bas been -coiety developed, cargo, passengers and mails é ———ae
that thy effects of over Haniog arg suose —*
marked, Experts buve computed that po shipping Intelltgsros
the aggregate tishiog capacity of the ARAIVALS,

modern fect is spprosimately equal to
10,000 vf the old salltog smacks, aod Compagnie Generale Mey 3cd.
thatthe area uf the xea bottom daily Transetlantique ORURO. Drit atinr, dostey, 1,413 toas, 23
awopt by their trawl-pets exceeds 1,5UU 0. Leotand & Bom. bre ‘ere, 49 phyee ides sud
equere niles, With soch an enoruscus ‘ Agen 3 tbee and % ueckers,—Ty Vordoa
sucrease 19 the menos of catching feb it | C ALY ADOR, ''Balvador "|
onde ere clea er of tabte old onthe 7th May add will leave the same PRINS DER NEVERLANDEN, Dateb
‘or UNbY yeete trawler here oom » f day for Bt. Lacia, Mertanique, Gaudeloupe | sthur, Vou der Ket, 1.903 was, 12 bre
ed of vy a s we a aod SL Nazaire, taklug oaly mae, Carupsno, & borers, 2 wales, 135 aye
od of & aruwiug aout ty of valuable [PRANCE atAsbee, which they attribute to the “ Frapog™ from Lurops vis Guade | suvdrise aud 24 payeeeers— ie Nee
wholesale destruction of the small aod loupe and Martluique, ie due hore on or | Celvotal Company Lid
immatare forms ia the neighborhood cf { about tha 11th Mey aod will proceed after. OFELIA, Veues sobr, Nerval, 49 tos, 1

as traosterred from the Babanas

. \ oy my gcc S t 8
we (17 INCL CERI R [etic mas totensatiacae
‘ t JI I ovosidering his travels and bis age—be
a 2 waa bora iu 1648—warrants the assump-

tion that hae ex rence bas ripened into

Cc u rt ie also & Cice
— AB witeee of " ature, bis hobbies beiog
naturel history pursujts aod gardening,

AN ADVERTISEMENT apd this faci will help to condi tne

bam, and be will fod that Tnuidad ts
not (we put it modestly) a bad place to
hrein spiteot all he has heard about
it —It ss pot «0 easy a Coluny to Gov-
ern as Barbados where there is repre:
sentative Government founded oo a
very high and oligarchically desigoed
franchise. Here there is Ceown Colosy
Government aod people buve sequired
the babit of depeadiog on the Govern
ment foreverything aod of meking all
Mancerof representations to the Guy-
eromeat upon the slightest pretext
The local Goverament 1s indeed « very
wuch worried one—the worry, of course,
comiog from without rather thao with
to, To Bir Gubert thie wils te a very
different experience frum what obtatcs
ta Barbados and it aieans naturally that
de will have to consider sundry details
that may cause bin embarrassment aod
trouble, Sit Heary Jackeoa lately tuld
bie hearers that bis duties took bia
from early moroiog fer fata the night
and white we do not anticipate for the
new Governor such @ busy aod trytog
experience because the Jate Governor
bas disposed of some of the tmpogtant
matters that recently awaited comple
hop, at the same time Sle Guibert
wal) pot fod this eeut of Goveroment a
bed of roses. On the ccutrary there are
macy thorns about ia the “bed” aod
be must expcot them in whatever tuove
weut be may make. That the people

thing without due attention nd care.
it ae been rumoured that Sur Yeory

Jackaon isnot likely tocevuro ;
» Hloote J lederstand that ebould the

Â¥ ch b teavelliog
. S| craig wehbe ton tetas
5 < ! B | wbole colony bopes at will, be will ces-

, tain!

ly come back to Trvidad to_con-

tious bis work. In the meantime Trins-

womens | dad istobare the Govercor of Barbados
holding the reins of administration.

FAULTLESS FOR Tharp bat ook enalveneas leat the Dew

man sheuld triog with bim someof the
Barbadian antipathy for or jealousy of

. Barbados, it ts but too well
Yountain ee oon eraloiog every nerve up to

bursting piot io order that abe wsy

retain the beadquarters of the Royal
* Mail Stesa, Packet Company, Sir
Gilbert Carter a8 Govervor of Baabados
e B | se pledged to support that desire by

every meaue in bis power, acd a4 darlog
hie Period of « fice fe” Trinidad the ques

tlon of beadqoarters will probably be | of thisUulooy will satead bim a oor ; dey,
—FITTED — petted there 16 -ome show of reason for diel welcome: is acenaigty end we e2- the coast, he ene ee a cee ee is secoagent Colou, 65 bays coous and
prity fare tne Barbudoe sate (rom | Vege en’ "yacnure’ oY alee aad | <=————eeeeememtme | EA pens all ae | Of Haces Miata halansgen 3, tone
7 pe ’ —The Fre e. mer 4), a ion, B ques balata
. ere, Le will at the sae time do nothiog | ruled. ‘Salvador” from Europe via Gued aia 168 bile aura, 12 200d, f
Tt A 14-CARAT GOLD NIB to back ay Tronkad's eat. eae ne ow — MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. Keep "Maria oe ted Lala ede Fides, sures and 7 pcan gure e 3
a we Gu i. Res,
= beatles The new Governor is Grit 0 Inquest, B.ULS.P, The Reyal Mall Line | pressed akerwarde to Dernerata, Garlaaia

. ay tb,
—— _ Mail Steams | O24 Cayenne, taklog passengers nals aod | MERCEORS, Venus slouy, Peres, 2) toss =
para rw averse {TS Fags da ie frm Boog TRANCE.—The Fiesoh Mail ripen Pkjee isles q
Aa inyuest the death of « 0 ve Cee: aed will teave ue * Frenoe “lades bere from Veues | EO NUWATT, Awer Barque, bo ‘|

i wala 90 or abegt the 3b May aad , 1.026 tons, New 0. :
Rect’ Ala ‘Se nate cae, Se | ia ge ps | oe te ay i

T, 7 bie servant Mivcondea it ote
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Infants Long Christening Robes and full Frocks


White Dress Shirte—1 and @ studs—loog fronts,

Blachers and Brute Tamers et


$1.08 to §.80 per pale



Theme nre the

=, from. mam ue ea Oe, 10 96 00 each large cule, $1200, 18.00, and BOO per d Hand Sewn Blochers at n 2.40 to 3.00 per palr
* Téfante Christening Mall Frocks from... ow 48ta 30 White Dress Bhinte, 1 otod, short front, balf cuffs, per detin Gente Bpht Bala 1.20 per pair
Iofants Christeniog Cloaks from... , tse ae 60e. to 8.0 each Anstrian make, $12 00, 15.00 and ... vs 18.00 per dozen n W (airstitch at .. «> 1,44 per paic
Jofeats Cream Cashmere Cloak, suitable for travel- White Negtige Shirt, corded front, at... se 18.00 per dozen Gents, Batia Call Bats, ae soo 1.32 to 2.40 per peir
Ung, selling at actual coet, ‘ White Neglige Shirts, pleated front, $12.00, 150 .. 18.00 per dozen Heavy Calf Derby-Boote-— oar ~ ar -* 4. 100 perpalr °
. ; ~ Fancy Coloured Test Neplige Shirts, 61.00, 18.80 18.00 per dozen Heavy Derb Foo ene ed sole at jean thapes 218 pet ele PERF ECTOS
‘ane ted Neglige Shirts, plain fron «. 18.00 eck Viel Der atest American shapes .. ec pale
Girls’ Chiffonette Dresses—| "7°" Seletir perdonen | Bit Veone Gat Baie at gen te" Bu prt IDHALES
Neatly trimmed, well made, in colors white } . tack Viel ved Ki ab) 1. 240 per pal GOVERNORS
AAU SErSrianids aren Aertex Cellular, Shirts: | Syeksmrat Ralph Sere LONDRES
Girls White Nainsook Dreenes from on a» 480, to 1.90 eeeh wr Collar and Band, 780. tid 56c, excly Blac Amerloan Lasts at " ies . ane .- 300 per pair
Girls Browa Linen Dresses THe ; Wc . 1,80 each , Gets Black and Tas, Glace Kid, Hox Call
Girls White Dotted Mueho Dreesesat . 1.08 each | Faney Coloured Zephyr Shirts with cuffs, special and Willow Calf, Derby &'Lace Boots... 3 6C per pair
girls Coloured Cambric Dreewes from 48c , ule 7ae, to O86 each . Hine A a see ws ~ Wd eseh Gent. Tan Willow Calf Dats, Tanithess ae e+ 4.60 per peit
irls Fine White Mastin Dresees from... Lasto 8.00 eech F Unloared Shirts, stuff front aod euffe «+ UOME eaek - Gents. Ulack Glacé Kid Blala, fine make +» 8.00 ped pale
Girls Coloured Zephyr Dresses, self colors, one ed ts 180 Fave: Cerio Shirts with soft collar at Slatand . 1A each Gents. Patent Leather wud Kid Topa... 460 to 5.00 per paie
Girls White and Coloured Silk Dreesea_from we 190 to 6.00 Ceylon Shirts, collars and band¢at $5.76, 1800... 18.00 per dosea Vjaotere Boots ta Black and Tan eo 6.00 per pale
Girls Uol'd Deleine Dresses, eky aod piek stripea— 1.68 exch . Planters ; 1a] Waterproo { Boots aoe se 600 per ale
Girls Cold Cashmere Dresees, cream, ced, aky, pink, lroto 3@) Cents. White Matte $ hirts Gents White Ceuvas,Teonin sod Walking Boots #00 Per Pelt
— oe on eee ve 120 to : 5 " ose ove .
Boys tows Liven bhooee from ... We. to O72 PRICE—1 DOLLAR 44 CENTS EACH. White attend 1 Tan Willow Calf at ws ‘oo te B00 per pale
" 5
Approntice, The Citizen, accompanying the gifts with a | which be useth by the best Meane that | the Nelurmatory aot) he should ‘pave wer, 6 eet triote, i
Ppront 60, th ® Citlze few Ktediy ned well choten words ot ad he san peal teach ' and ratruct, or renehod the age of 18 years. . in which the tact that me ara. an i and. "The _——
Wet. i vice to # the precepts ccotar canae to ught aud iustruct ind. Tony | revaine—The caselo which , sea aurrow ua, the itis! a, 7 .
doa vote ib 2 foltonigg jew jibs Le at therein an being coaduerve to hie wel- | ing to bis said Apprentice Meat, brink, Sergeaot 8 Jt d charged a young i Protects our shores —we are vale BR ven OXs TrGoivetat Lean Gone so Fiedler
will be read with Anterest — ] fare in this world and the next The | Apparel, Lodging and all other Neoes- | man named {) sid Barnes for obtaining } a atroug nary, amply because we are | ick Street, of the undermentioned Articles,

aarice, according to the c stom of the
City of Loadon, dyrog the sald tern.
And for the trae pertermance of all aod

indentures heving been signed nod ex
changed, the new apprentice withdrew,
and the ceremony was over

from one Ts reuce Raggett, the aum of
$26 50 by tale pretences, was resumed.
Asoa the vrevions oecasion Mr. J A.

anisland' Wut how much less of an

Are t th J eurioua
ongst the ima and curio island would Butaio be if a steel tube

*cartoma which atilt obtein 10 that strong:

of ancient traditions, the City of conoected her with ber riend —

Landon, perhaps ope of the most intereat The rodenture sa suftictontly interest | every the end covenants and Agres- | Lassallo aypearcd for defendant } and ally in all but pame—the French Re

jog is (bat of binding spprentices to | log 10 its absolute ‘nid wotldliness’ to be ynente, either of the ward parives boodeth | who bid = pleaded = not guilty. | pablic 1 This waa all talked over years
inise 6 others

these resents.
IN WITNESS whereof the Parties above
nanied t6 these indentures interchange-
ably fave put their Hands aod Seale
the ficst day of January in the Sixth
Year of the Reign ot var Liege Lord
aflG d, King of the United * Kingdom
fender ofthe faith, Emperor of india,
and to the yeacof one Lord One Thou-
watd Nine tluadred and Sevea,

Sealed and Dehved in the presence
of GH Asat. Clerk Waberdasbers Hall

A note at the side of the Todenture
states that

‘This indenture must be earolled at
the Chamberlain's Office, Guiidball
Withia the First Yearut the Term. On
the death oc change of the Master, the
Apprentice must attend at Haberdash-
era’ Lal, to be turned over to the new
Muner , and within fosty days alter
the expiration of his time, attend at
the Hallto take up bis Freedom Every
Indenture must bear the date it 1s exe
cuted , aod what money or other thiogs
19 given or contracted for, with the Ap

rentice, muyt be soserted in words at

ote oH tbevord; thea

worth reproducing It runs as follows
This tndentare Witneseeth, That A,
B. eon of C D. of (such and euch an
address and occupation) doth pat him-
eelf Apprentice to EF, Crtizen and
in this soatence the Haberdsshers | Haberdasher, uf London, to learn his
Sompany, a certificate of bis birth, | Art , aod with him, after the manner
atating at the eaine time the nate of bia lof an Apprentice to serve from the
parent or whomavever atond tn loco | date heruof until the fullend aod Term
parentie, oo that the parchment of the in | of Seven Years from theoce next fol-
deoturea wight be prepared ia readiness | lowing, to be fully completa and ended ;
At twelve o'clock a Court of the Master | during which Term, the said Apprentice
and Wardens was held, und st the | tis ssid Master faithfully shall serve,
appointed time the youthful pepir ant for} his Recrets keep, his lawfally commaods
esyotfal civic honours was ueherd with | everynhere gladly do He shill do no
bis parsot into the Ifall, where the Mas | damage to his seid Master, nor sce it
ter¢aod bie wardens sat in their far- | to be done of othera bat that he to bis
bonod robes of office. The name of the | power aball Let or forthwith give Warn
satdidate waethen read out by one of ] ing to Lis said Master of thesame, Ie
the offetals of the Company, who inquir } shall not waste the Goods of his said
ed whether the Mester wae willing that | Master, nor Jead them unlawfully to
the boy should be bouad ao. apprentice fany., He shall not commit Forniwatioa
of the Gompany ; bis assent having been | or contract Matrimony withia the ssid
cbtsjoed, that of tbe proposed apprentice | term. Ile shall not play at Uarda, Dice,
and bis father were ssk€d and given, and { or Tebles, or auy other uolawfnl Games,
finally that of the Warden, who in thie whereby is aad Master may have soy
particular case was atacdiog ag the fu ) Lora With hisown Goods o¢ others,
ture Master of the boy, who was next ( during the sud Term, without Licease
taken up to the Master of the Company | of bie said Master he sball gether Muy
aod formally introduced to him. The ] or Sell. He shall not haunt Taverne
Master then precented him wath a small } of Playhouses, aor absent hee!

Some evid nce which wis taked oa the
previons uccastun appeared in our issue
at the 3rd instant. Mr Lassalle who
was not reidy with bis defence on the
first bearing, argued at some length,
teferriag tow regel Authority in support-
of bis contention, The defendant
neged ta the cuuree of his evidence that
behad accumpsoied the complainant to
Me Deeyfus's Pawn shop oa Tuesaday the
goth ultimo and obtained the sum of S10
from complainant, the smount received
of'a lady's gold watch which complata-
aot had pledged. Ie bad also received
1) dollara from complainaot’s brother,
and idol & dicts from another person.
Altee some talk by the defendant
which occupied the attention of the
court for eome hours, Mr. Lassalle asked
that a aubpeeoa be tasued- for Mr. Drey
fusio order to testify to the evidence
of his client with regard to the pledging
ofthe watch, Mr. Dreyfasoa being
patiathe bor, aod alter satisfying the
court and Me. Lassalie by referring to
his books, (produced) that no entry had
been mado with regerd to loaning of the
aum of 10 fora tady’a gold wateb, add-
edthat that was iwpossble, that @10
*as Bot iD proportion to the pled of

members uf the City Companies On
New Year's Day tbe ceremonies were
sluly carried out. Previously to this
date the youth or his legal guardian had
to prodace tn the Clerk of the Company,

and yearsago, aod a special mihtary
commitiee, under Sir Avebibald Alison
decided that six courses would be opea
tous at the first suspicion of any
atteupt uponthe tuanel by a hostile
force These alteroatives would be :

First—To ®proteos the mouth of the
tunoel by aheaty acoa barrier or port

Secood—To stop the ventilation, rea
dering the air io the tunnel uobreath-

‘lbird—To close that portion af the
tunnel extending inland trom Dover by
pouriag shiogle in it at one of more


Fourth—Ty demolieh the {aod por-
toa of the tnocel, for the time being,
by means of mioes.

Filth—1o partially flood
by openiog atuice valves,

Sixth—to render the tunnel wholly
sopassable by adaitting the sea.

nd, after all, whit would be the
miatter with a fow bandfals of dyos
mite judicionsly applied at the erucial
moment! Dynamite is a borrible en-
gine of destruction, but in wartiave
terrible thiogs must be expected, Qoa-

the tunnel

f from

of the explosives and their maopu

‘ atch. clear caso bein

~ book entitled “A preeent for an Arpren bis eaid Master's seesioes, Day nor Night | | se bie freedom, and the Maater forfeit | madd gut against the detendant, thie lation, who can doubt that an armed

s\.. thea , or, ® Sure Quide to gain both Ex J uolawfully But io ail thioge, oe af PFT) rouNps and aootber Penalty. Worsbip un posed a fine of £30 with a | force advancing upon us via the Chaa-
teem and Estate, with Mules for bis | faithful Apprentice be shall behave him Jue document te seuled With the Com | surety io a similar, amount in defaute | nel, or a Butts! force, travelling aader
conduct to bis Master aod a the World,’ | self towarda bis sald Master, and dur- | pany’s ‘ othve seal four woaths ig yu Notice of | seato France, ay the case might be,
and a Bible, eash bearing am inscrip: | ing the said Term. And the seid Mas And thus are ettizens of the great | appeal was givea, “A previous ooa- | onuld be blown to emitbereens by the

Cuy of Loodon made. A small tee is
bow payubie, and on teking up the
Freedom a further fee, varying so
amount according to the particuiar Coin-
pany joined,

luc tudeotures are printed on one
ukia of the parchweot, each part facieg
the otber and then severed ta two pects,
this ue.d to be done by a serpentine cut
bence the origia of the word tadeatures
but 10 these more probhic daya ao
atralgbt cut acroas suttices.

Ibe little bouk 18 full of most excel
lent advice to the new apprentice aod
sod though manifestly writtea at @
srtiod when this custom of bindiog
apprenticua was really soite tallest use,
It nevertheless coutaios plenty of most
seseible and *pphosble advice, When
the sppreatice bas takeo up his freedom

thea ee a freeman of the City
of Londeu, can if mo toclined take his

eto City affairs, and bas takea tho

tet step on the ruad to the timehon

uted diguity cf Lurd Mayor of Loodon
Tn addition, he becomes entitied to a
vote for the City under certain restrio-
tloos. How long be usy be entitied to
itin these daya of Piura! Vottog Bille
and aceb like abominations the future
alone oan Cell,

City Poflce Court.
(Bifera Hu Worship Mr. H. 0, Prancou
Actwy SSP.)

. tion and the arms of the Worsbip | ter, 19 consideration of the Fuithful
fal Company of Haberdashers 10 | Services of the said Apnreotice, bis eaid
gold oa the sides of the volumes, ? Apprentice ic*the said Art and Mystery

Have just Receawed


viction dirclosod that the defendsot on
the aed March 1906-was imprisoned for
the larceny of a Cotonial Bank note, at
Ssogre Grande,

mere turning of an electrio switch. But

hese dsypof the good understanding
the eotente cordialet —“ Answers.”

By Tube to Calais,


Wo have all heard of the Chunnel tun-
net scheme and of the great fuesit caus:
ed in the early eighties but how many | beat Shon Melatyre'’s, She'll no bend
of the readers of “Answers” remember} s candle to het, nor keep up to ber
that the construction of the submayine forbye.” A heated discussion essued on
teack from Dover to Calata was actually | the ‘respective merits of the two boate,
comm io 1881, and thatthe eogi: {and wards werefaat comiog to blows,
neers of the Channel Tuacel Company | when a third eon of the heather arrived
bad burrowed their way pearly @ mile | on the soene, and the matter was re’
acd a half beneath the bed of the rea, | ferred to him for decision. * Weel, says
wheo, like « bolt from the blue, came | Donald, with a took of wisdom that
the order from the Board of Trade that | would have done credit to Solomon bim-
the work must immediately cease! The | self, if there'll be any difference, they'se
uillitary adglaers of the Government at | both the same’; theo, aftera pause, ‘és-
that time tabooed the enterprisy fron pecially Mactavish’s.’—Glargow “News,’
censtderations of patioual safety, and
feom tbat day to this the Channel tuonel
hae beea remembered only asa acheme
that foiled,

But bes {t permavently failed! The
Chancel Tuonel,OCompsoy is stil) in exis.
fateace: it bolds meetings of its snare
holders and sympsthicers at regular fo-
and iq the present feellog of sia-

Donald's Decision. /

Two Highlanders were standing on
Turbet Pier watching the boats eettio
out forthe fshtog ground, when Hamu
temarked—-' Shell be « graq’ fast boat
that skill o’ Mactavigsh’s,' ‘Ay, she'll be
as anawered Dugald, ‘but stte'll oot


‘Boots, Shoes & Sandals.

BLACK GLACE BUTTON BOOTS, from 61.00 to 2.00

Business Notes.

Besure eod meke your purchases on
Monday 6th at Hendersun’s, The Exchange.
There are pumberiess bargaios {fo all the
departments beside wplendid value in the
latest arrivals, Puy a viele to The Ea

. : ’ 108 to 192 Baturday, telendahip between F d Hog. | CMR
». Nf BURTON SS ewig: pipaertaraOnrroaa ea ete | ed cent oe Lene —=
P a 1)
aK TAN » LACE . « COeto 1.56 t, James, wae barged byao Haat a cution Me aime being carried foto exe

{an named Heeteramn of the sane dis-
trict with the Isiceny of @ dollars, pro-
ay ot complainant on the 8:d iastact,

teodant admitted his guilt ‘The
evidence whith justified a cunvictloa,
disslosed that the defcodact nati re
cently lad teea co eyed by cumpletn-
sot,aod cH oo picked ocensnuls with
sompleinaat’s soos Qa the date above

Tho argumente (o favour of the Chan:
ef tuaoel are legion, Calais, Houen,
arle would beoome practivally as atces
ible tothe Kogtuahmas as Margate or
lackpool, That streak of seasickness
koowo a8 the Boglsh Channel would
have ov terrors fur the bolidey maker for
he would whics sloog Leneath the waves
etthirty toforty miles an hour sublimely

Cachle & Stewart

AVING several years’ experience ia

the Town Bullitt and Town Asses

‘sors Oftce, 0g Collectora, aod Visiting
Assistants to Arsesors, beg to notufy the
public in genesal that they bave opened



heoed detecdaos sede bimecil i “ . °
CHAMPAGNE COLOUK LACE BOUTS at 1.20 sear and tnceeataly complaint ‘ov | fron ut the abu! gun would” be 19 A GEN’ RAL COMMISSION AGENCY
OLOUH LACE BOUTS 1 og 10 bus Jee et recovered thatthe | the business community. Goods coald | and are prepared to undertake the ool:
, HOX 0 ALF LAG a la monty Ww be previously put in} be despatched throug sance aod, | lecting cf House aod Laod Renta

CALF LACE BOOTR—1.08 to 144 ee of tbe pockets bad disappeared. | through France, to ai) parts of the Coa: | Also the securing of Loss oa ‘Town

e ° LA oRs— 5 Saepiel n immediately rested 00 defead | scot, without th tb ez. id Cocoa }
BLACK GLACE LCE RS From oe rr . . Abt, aed feporte were forthwith wade to pease ot sbipment at'ourawa sorta and | Ade aah dropertion Weare . *
. at tom the Coos! abulary stat att. Jamee 4 traoshipments ot the porte of dostina. Custom’ Wark, and Cietical f
TAN GLACE STRAP SHOES, frum 3@u te 1.80 eed Beimout ‘The defeodant was taken tho » Bt te obvieus that there would | description at maderate oes, ore of all
> TAN WILIOW . . from 1.08 to 2.16 by his fatdor (to wom the complaiot was | be on enormous saying anoually in tine, Address , â„¢

Gade) to ihe atativa at St James weer

CALF LACE blIOES, from s4o to 1.20 trouble and movey, aod the dittoalties

RANDALS, 486 to Bio : S.ovit of ew clatbes and boots for | thes pow beset the Brith sxporteria { CACHIE & STEWART,
INFANTS STHAP SHOES, in Black, Red, Tan, Ohsanpague aud White | defesdest orced that duriog th tine | Soule tg eaten Linpare, datles 20 Chaooo Btreet,
fromd6e to 138, he wea employed by ermplaicant be | by this new mode of translt.

ved @y pa’, aed 1a tb

bed taken 7 dole oot 9 dle. The de:
foudcat’s fother uppeared nnd testified ta
‘a way wa adding that be

bad tlt bts bome ul Das
fondant wes crdered ve"be teaed at

Such are the advantages, Whet are
¢ drawback the feneied draw

ka, to the Calale-Dover tube?

OST, Strayed -
tre Rttrtsas
There ls oaly one serious objection | white thot: A sartable mnnrd sees
the dager of fovasion. “(ar greatest ' given to aayone evaralng vena we
bevtectlon ie ting of way or threatened owner Apply to A Lary go pepers


6x32 Prod necklace,

Marcu 120d.
Velver bangles,

913-1 jrold bracele


043 —2



rales sifver bangles,
fasting watch,

Z15—I1 pare ativer baugles, 2 gobi chale-

225—2 pair orlver bangles.
d1—1 pele allver—tanglea, 1 gold neck-

Arrit 100d,

TDIS—2 nleor bangles,


7332—1 wilver




AL} gold bri 5
chala, 2 pair gold links,
May 19u6,

‘GOE—1 pate gold earrings,
G47—1 wold ring.
‘bbU—1 gold chalo,
€87—} gold chain,
Dee. 10ud.


10302 —1 gold wateh, 1 gold loog cha:n.
1Wdi2—3 gold watches, 9 gold rings, 3 al.

ver watches, 8 gold pins, 1 gold
necklace, 4 pairs fi Toke 2
gold charms, 2 gold scarf pins, 2
gold studs, 2 pairs silver bungles,
2wilver purses, J gold eurnaga, |
pale gold earriogs, 1 gold chan,
2 pairs gold bracelets,


10744=—1 gold bracelet,
30803 —1 gold ring.
to#23—1 pale gold bracelota.


pala, incessant weariore:.
is war possibiel Is it even thinkable 10 | Wakelul nights,

Parties paying Interest up to date, be-
re the sale, can renew the Tosa, ,


—+_ ”
SHALL never forget the agonies of dyn-
pepea, jLodegestion neaos tor-uring
Wretched days
Tt means being done
** 4¢ played out” * bowled over” "good

for nothing" all day and every day. It

“aitarved blood, starved muscles, &

starved bouy and « etarved brain, id short.

Te moans shattered hea!
»] constitution —noless rooted out vithout

order, Chroaic indigestion dys

th and a broken

Dr, Ayanie’s Special aod practical
icives have an "orivalled reputation as
sure pertnenent cace for all stomach dis-
pera, kid-

ney disease and nervous bieskdowa per-
maceotly cured by Ur. Ayanie’s Casearioi
touic 4/

Fiorcest Rheumatiam yields to the puri-
ng effect of Dr, Ayanie's Rheumatic

Care ae

uotil the use of Dr. Ayanie’s

sore or magic for kilipg
Froderick Strest, Ueo,

4 be li ay a

$l rr oan the liver

s Bheterict Dead Shove a pure

The liver was never ¢o tlcely

aod reliable cure for Selsrial and al? such

nicious fevere 2,6, De, A anie's Palo

os 1/3,
Creole ee. i
, Brown — Britis
mers San Fernaado, the Japanese

Agents—lanise & Son,







+ One Micy Bicrcus Hack—Open to
those who have never woa ‘a bret prise
Stany recogoized meeting Entrance
tos Ba. Jet prize of the valuect 9103

2 Ove Sine Bors Uneruts Raca—Dpen

to boys between the ages of IZ and 18
cere (loclasive), Kotrance fe6 60c.
lo reciog cycles allowed, 168 prize of

the value of 63 ; 2dd prize, $4.

& 100 Yps Fiat Racz— Open, Entrance

foe 3s, ist prize ol the valueo! @3;

4. Have Mite Bavecz B.




Ave*Open, Ea
trance fee 3a, Lut prize of tbe veloe of

018 5 od $6,
an i“ Pete e—open mew
bere of the Ghcc, valy who have
Dever woo 4 Hired prise abgny tmootio:
held under the sasploss of the Glue
daring the last three inks Entrance
fea G00. Jat prise of the value of $10;
dad 6.
UIT#G THE DHOT.—Opes, Entrance
{ee da, Ist prise of the value of $10;
m ce,
Ova Mine aed sot i
no foe ese 5 “
pool ale Gag rely




—nnlOhin. hed
PUBLIC AUCTION SALE, » % Dro, Bi cre Races





members of the WP OZ
8 never won @ firt
weoting beld under the prise
Clab during tho inst three
trance fée $1. 1st prise of
$234 2nd prize. S10, :
Lona Sumy Open. Eni
at prize of the value 4
feb tis mon
wo Mite Bri ig Race.
trance fee $! +t p mt
$15; 2nd prize, dole, N 2x:
rage must be covered with elraienn,
40) Yoa Pat Ra : Open. lee
foe 3a, let: prize-of 7
od prize, & Woe retae n
trance fee Wc ut
af $10; 2oud prize $5
Three stump. a
line 35 yer is debind the wickets Lack
competitor allowed ax resods, Beite
be placed on ground tq bebied 5
line, to be picked up throws on 32
a short rua were beiug attenpel®
Peco of throw, ¢ « , to be to the mand
faction ot the Judges, _
12. CHavrio’ Bit ce Race~Three niles
—Open, Entrance fee & in
A Bieycle presented by Moser.
Uros & Cu . 2ad prize of the valerd,
$15, A prize of the value of $5 willake
Le awarded to the wiever of the grew
ext number of lays, Thin race meat
covered withia ten minates, and vf
ouly be open to competitors whe hes
taken part ia at least two of the po:
coding Cycle eventa


wap, Eo

value of $10 2nd prize, 5a:

ASH. y Livers Races 6
mile, Open tg all thone whe hevesd
woo any pr tea ab chis meetisg.2 Be &
traoce fee 2s, Int prize of the raked *
5; 2ad prize, SL

1 —No one will be allowed oa the
ground escept the officals, (Thu rae wll
trictly adhered ( d
* ip! martioe cath creat wilh
ectually at the ( re stated u
toa wubout refurence to alseoters,
-—A bell will be rung three miattes
wach event, #hen cunspetitors must af eae at
if positions ‘a
vee Pond | teewit he awarded wi
there are at least lous competitors to ‘a
§—The decision of the Referee will be bi
on all points. a
6 —The Sports Cars ittee reserve ibe
la makiog any alter 100 jn the programed
may be found ne essary
gz —~kvery cor pet lot will recens 6 80
beanng a number « arresponding
Ler on the pro;
nla orks ast
ofc: ts) On dis wa
bncuve chioure whib wus be mated &

B.eeom peor rust cide without staph CZ
cept in Race No 4) +
Bad competitor (pt vided be bas extend
for more than Gueever! thal ba wowed
Attendants to whom ‘ chet will be give
admission to the group: SS
Altendants whea pushing of cope
mast keep both feet Bebiog the mwe
which competitor actually starts s
endant cross such ruark with tbat
staring, the compeutor shall Le habia bo

pass oa the outs

icathon, 4
taking sacther
S30 ie eatade oranteas te oe
passed be dismounted o¢ bis relired ie
contest) aod niust te 0 clear seachioes a
abead before takiog ground In ircot
Petters goad Om
jor o nea!
guilty of foul ena uote riding shal be
G OF Ox] a
Wir the erent uf po corn
lance wiltia ¢! ry ;
Commitee shall decide whetber the 00 TERY
te tun agalo at the same or any abet
within is yeat god thelr

—! 1a be reoel ved af the Werle
Ody Porat Son eter sey S-
iy atst May, AS BOWEN

OLD * SP818" 4

HE tallow candle


method of “ selectiog beak
go hand io haod. bh are ,
Buwmbera—both araprinitirs 2
The man whd “aplects bu ge
froma trayful, knowing that

takiog desperate ¢!
yep to the next ahop
low candle tu go wi
It ie twposuble abaclate 4
obtain “correct” glassge way
aecientifc examination tas 4


My methods of eye a1aa
acd fete ustment are the
modern aod movt oclantise/i Mi
glasace are perfect ta every @

Veo, FrrewInLiad 0B
+ te * ase
. . .

ne sy

So Planters. | MHQUEE | ESE RT roe LO


ge buarlng cate the Gfth dey of March one | t#trd in a cortaln deed of moatuaze dated a

UBI . eee
Pv crercio oG te Fovgr of tale covered | PUBLIC NOTIOM is hereby gleon tat
ch OFFER FOR BALE won mortrsged by tbe Govveranciog Orda: | Hin eereise of the yower-el scle_ eon:

_ bea the 1 4 dey of Moreh 1905 and made be-

, \ ipusand ind # bumaved aed Be ree ners tween Henry Frank Sprenger of the first
oneece PAL ol the cae pant Lasceties 4¢ Mer- | part Rarwespar of the pats, and Kas H | |
+. cade & Ca. of the other part there will be put wp ( ale of the third part and ales to's certata OHOW one
' ’ for sal

“ Auction by the undersigned | Memoranda of Mortgage dated the sald
66 ¥ at en yfeteat hea oe Vincent Street ? let day of March from the sshd Ramesssr
evo ver on Wednesday, the sgih day of May one thour | to the asi Kassie, there will be put ap fer


é \ ‘
rons “ENNANTS’ AGENOY, Yan Fornaral havo just received and] = Frosh Shipments Bottled

offer for sala tho following MANURES of high quality in double
bagy two owt,-pact: vis —Baale Slag, Sulphsto Ammonia and BSul-
phate} t h they cfter cheap as usual.

Dow lawled po 8S Olenda {com Halifax twp handsome, well a ibe Bours § 2s |
built and light ti ung OANADIAN BUGGIES, mutable for tho . =e SFone and two, eock Bi ne | Mart Nore Tigh Bee gee netion BUILDING Biot
county sletricee, AGENCY k falt k ot Estates Supplte S t out” / plaglaton called S'Sen Vinewnta” atuate ia | Wedmesday the Sch day of May 1107 ber

is . y a full stock ot Eata upplies
Lumber, Building Materisla of orery deseription, Paints, Oil, Harness,

Saddlory, Guns, etatlonery and Hardware of every description, Orders
promptly attended to,

fo Barrels of 7 dozen pinte
. 4 dozen Quart,
April, 26th 1907, Kings Wharf, San Fomando

find seventesra perches and abutting oo | comprising Bveacree and abutting on the
Toe North oe ihe bata aed Arouca Rawnes, x
00 the South upon Lands now or lately of tbe
Crown, end npoa lands now of lately of Nicho

LIB BER Y . . jas Patino, on the bast upon a ravine and upoa

Bow of jately of the Crown, and ou ibe

‘ ’ Fe eard of Caura in tle Island of Tri. | bween the bours of ote and two pm, Manufactured under &
1 parcels of | Firstly; All that parcel of land situate -
ORO i & CO. hee the Tan cnerect coating igacres af ia the Ware ot Savanna Grande North + Oroned and!09,
] N , :
i soe ' North epon Crows lead on the South upon

lands of James Wadeon the Fast upoa i
Crown land aod upn janda nt R Bacton BE AU TFULLY §
and on the Wess upon Crown nod, ‘

Se ee


And Heocondly ~All those two ravers]

West upon lauds cow or lately cf the Crowe reels of land situate in the sald Ward of I

WE WANT LAGER « BEERI - dnd sy possand clue She Nerbapas | Bavent “Grande North ‘the ‘ars theest | TO THIS CLIMAT
lands pow ot lately belooging to one Edward | comprialng elx arrde delineated in the die-

YOUR PATRONAG E. - (94) nla . Thoma, on tbe Stith opos jeods Bow or lately To 88 ee ee orant in Volume XV., They Maire

In Casce of 7 dosen plate 0 belongieg to < Patino, on the alt od bounded on the North by @

‘ Tiegh stele alt he bana Silt, Robertson 8 Co, | gee that icoe- te | aera ore mato teal ‘

Because we know we can give yout borosg ch uae ection ta all of the bra aera cach GENE in cased af . latelp belonging ta Seovadio Manines | The tyhemon on the Fast by lande”patitioued A DURABL}

?, Cart ro) Raitt ta Order incatect caiks 60 ale enh * OFFER FOR SALE OMS None Sod Some "apou land now ei athe By Rengaton aoa tends : a

Carriages, Vane, Carte, &e. Bui a Oriera BROWN én PATTING FELT ia rolls B's « of Navarre” tate eee ee ee oa te ee ond thereof compricing teo-scres delinsa- CLEAN, COl

vn a rolls, ‘ ted 1a the dyagram deawa on the Grsot fi 3

qusarn Tynsd SuMNG OS QUKINDE UNDERTAKEN, W HAY=in bxlos 90 to ane = Bale" Ketter coMer mae cteaine | EEN mesa ieweitcatee | DRY QA at

le —— t b DT bereof conta or' an reser vi

reliable manner and every description of Blacksmith work execateds conte ate cates containing 20 } 2? Druuaten. 5 owte, SULPHURIC ACID, | stacres stood wed titty thes perches aad | tbe Roach by leote Or aie ee Vee

Ibs. & €0 Ibe. io 2 os, pkts
GUNZOWDER—. esting in 101b, ke, 2x Aitore.

abutting on the North partly upon the Matura | the Euat by lands petitioned tor by Béw-
FF, Loose and F.F, io 3 Ib, ‘dasa FORD & CANNING'S Rest aud Picked

ide wy al Seca Ware at | Rerfau age wen poy oy Conn | CHEAPER (an SOLO Go

/ Tho Gittons Carriage & Shoolng Works:

Phone, No, 459 £6 TIRAGARRTK ROAD.

Sout y he AM Ri if
1 OR SE GANNING'S Hews Haud Ticked the A rll re ei wets were to ther with the bppurtonances thereto belong:
* qu ou } owen
— = 6 Canadian Glob’ Whisky OARDALE No 1 OLEOSLATUARINE | Maza on he East partion the | ES tod thle doch day of Slash toy7. ™~
in all uses. lately belonging to tbe said Seocadia Martloes 8. ROBERTSON £00, Some a
PRENUH WRAPPING PAPER, aud on the West upon tbe Matura River Also \ Auctioneers and, s
HO SE G SCOTCH WIISKIES—In bottles & . Alaa ean rae Coal carta other coun plan SAMPLE oy
e : © | fisske—' Highland Blead”” Pioneee and And ty Arrivee: STEAMER : SL SOCORO ¢> aurea 3 roods and 6 ” SW,
sAtra” FRENCH BRANDY —" Donte we perches ad atvtiog, of ie Noss upee ina
oe minh

how of lately beongiog to che Juan de Pras | SALE FoR | MONDAY, THE etry
Bravo ou the South upoo laods nuw or lately DA .
belonging to one Leon Pedro on the Last

Â¥ OF MAY, 1907, a
See dad Geter | Eee gegen | BEFORE BUILONG YOR

or wer of sale Lonferred om
latsty Levonging to one Lous ft artao Alvo All mortgages by the veyanring aod Law of
aad Proper

ty Ordinauve Number 72 aad contained ~ ee

Bul on our Prd


Jobna eta cto 5 CHACON STREET
Boarding Mouse, ‘

PLENDIDLY “situated, with large | Port of-Spaio,




be sad Ward of Caure ina certain wemorandna of dated
. 4 . 2th Mares, 1907 MATURA. 23 acres one rood and | ube ath day of Se ber Sto vin
AZCOMMENDED FOK THE REUILL AND CURE OF . Coal qavees Cuneta oP LEg Te oo sir persbee sed abuittog on the Novin aod_Weat | Pope to fogenay:foere eit 2 ton Nama FOR SALE
Freach, German, and Engleb spoken, THE FOLLOWING partly bane TN eee ee ruc ong | BY the uodersigeed at tus avetion net number
Destivonees, Indigestion, Bilions Headache, Torpld Liver and in all cases ““GereruRr” — c/a thie Othe, — Ean party opeo lunds ‘now oe. ietely of the

8a Uligh Street in the town of San Ferosndo. VALUABLE
East partly upon lauds now or lately of the | on the 27th day of May, syo7 between ihe _PROPR
Crown and partly upon the Arouca Ravine | hours of one and two pat, tI1 there two sey A_CARWFINA im
Also All aud Sangular that certain other cocoa t oral parcels of land the first thereof «cniprs 18g Ward of Mien A.
tation situate inthe ward of Canra called | five acres three roods and pix percbe: uate 16 KD Te UUaeETAS blogg
NUEVA VKOSPED 4 containing a4 ates aod | the wid of Savana Grande south in the lind ‘ eveninli at ree, Lrood, is i
97 perches aud abutting oa the North and West | of Trinidad aad oounded on the north by the fF OPETAKG Of | op SOU baggs tees
Upon the Arouca Ravine aud on the South wpoo | Manticool road filty hoks wide, on the Jouth North To Pastors Eat "hee
ST. KO3E No 1—A parcel of § quarroe of | tte Araoquita Ravine und oa the Last opon Crowa land, oa the wast’ by lands of Part utee | Gloria Letat, Kaa isdn
” Royal Uharte dated 26th Sept, 183; land’ planted tn cocon, + Lands now ha the Grow AN all and Siege. aad ty Crowe fancy oad on ste yest by Mant ew, EH Salvador Fe
« “ PANZE” Se that certain .2cea ,lantation sl foal & ty link. wide and ds of joseph oD Cue net Mararey,
_—_ . ' 9 TREMUANZE"—A parcel of 10 acres of the said Waid of Cawa containing nine acres | Od'e wiih Barcel of fand as bfilau wd » ' Goaras ayeu ney Mara al Bes
(wo rouds and mxtcen perules agd abutiog 00 | Crown graat tegutered in volume (Nil fabo
(be Nore upon a ravine va the S wth upou | 4g, The thareot comprising Use sctes F - —
lands vow of lately of one Andred Bargo aod | three soods aud dweaty six perches stuans iu

where an Antibilious Madiome fg required.
VY ADULTB nee ee sd 0 2 PILLS,
fering tron Habituil Constipation should take ons of these
Peet ‘ni at aie woukly, and a draught comporol-af Epsom and
Glauber Salis; a teaspoontul of evch anhalt a tumbler of watar, the
morning tollowing tho Lill.

Â¥or Galo only at


RAMLS.P, BLAH a ue toed

. land pisnted ta cocon with @ cocos
Fortuiaur.y balunad or Patsenarge drying house and small dwelling,
Brsauers To axp prom Soutuanrroy, | BELL VIEW —A parcel of 11) acres of

Cugepovra, THe Weer ixpres aNp tend plate! ia cocoa,

4 » upoa a ravine oa ihe East upun lands now of | gait ward of Savana Grande wuh in tbe | TRINED AD ,
aw Youu, PROSPECT—A parcel of 2 quarreen of ely of the Crown upon late now of lately Of | wland of Trindid aod bounded on the arte | SALE Bi, THURSDAY tH
nN N — land tented 1a Cocos, Bones, and upon lauds now of lately of the said | by Manctwool road fity like wide oy the MAY 1901
MAIN LINK SRRY . ST. ROSE No. 2-04 parcel of 22 acres | Andred Hargo and on ibe West pully upd | south and east by Crown laud and on ibe west by 4
- . (OE: of .tand planted fn cocoa. landa now or lately of the Crown aad part | \faatn 201 road Ally laks wide and ty lauds of Lbun 4 =-
‘4 ~ Fortnightly sailings to Barbados, Uberbourg — wpou & ravine, Also All aad Singular thar | Wiliam Pope which sald parcel ol inod is de OTIE is bes
— enn anna sod Bouthanipo. Inthe Dugo Martin Ward: certara other cocoa plantation situ ue sa Ike $2: | goritied 19 the Crows grant regutered 1g volume 19 Cerise of the Powar al t
4 aT 1 aa TAU Cc MPANY Tortunghity singe to Veoenuela, Colombia “gy , . Word of Canes. comialuaug two acres three CIX tolbo 244 together with ‘ks sppurienances tanned 3 Paap ot Anite
‘ ) r S j Juoa, Jameios aud New bork, ST. SUPHIE —A purcel of 2 quarrces of pet bes abutting op the North, on. thereto betoaging no 2 uh day of Ape
, . ind on the Weet upon iaidsnow oc lately of | “Dated the ath day of April, 1 terod as No 9. of 1901, sede
STAN DARD LAk I AS OR ANCE 0) Next Sailings to Eutope. LA wil noted tn eceos. the Crown and on the South upoo ten te bow oF = pw: CKOSHIE, * | eween Anu Mews the ite a
‘ . n . A parcel of 16 acres of land | lately im ibe occupation of one fuac Uresia Avot lvucer, Mewa ol the finn part She ob
ontablinhed 10265. 0 ETA on on jay 13th A panied in cocoa. upoa lands now of lately pt the crows Also all Seve ot ne one B he ot
ase eee ay 27th QUSE, Cocos Drying Mouse sud 4 | sod Sugular that ceriaim other coves planlation _ Secor
‘Head Office Edinburgh, Scotiand part

Next Sailings for la Quayra, Pts acres of fand at Saut d Bou Road, | situate is the said Ward of Caura containing of the thiet pact sod Broce be


1 od Charles Williaa &
Maraval Village, suitable for a buat. | !* acres and twenty one perches and one half TRINIDAD, pheus a .
5 , perch . the North a * [chante trading together ay Ce
L Ravexurn Exoeeps ~ oe =£ 1450,000 Colombia, Colon. Jamaica and Three Land and 2 Houses in the yoo * avine caltea’ Hands Nuevo on tha SALE FOR FRIDAY THE 2414 DAY | adder the &t fang tum of By
luvesttp Funpa Excncp = ~ = — 11,306,000 “TAGUB" New Tork. kh Maraval Village on the Maia Koad, South vent Row or lately of the gee or MAY, 1007, oeiet cue ee a party ther a
wee oy - 7,000,000 ” oe ove Ma: at! — ees Salp’ of . . — ul uate by Lobia A
Gm Pan eo “ 24,375,000 [“orINoco* ned gteg Town Fropertiae : Serato Mora tnd upoe lana ow or ety Py UULIO« NOTIGE Ie beroly geo | Semcned 26 tour Ast at


° MD OANS, ADVANCED on security of Polistes up to 90 per cont, of the
alue at 5 per cent interost
TUMEDIATIE debueriON to home rates daring vinta to Europe and
te cilmatos “, .

Jat ROPOSALS ACCEPTED and Policies lesued In the West Indios with

ont reference to Head Office.
CLAIMS PAID imudiately on prool of death and scttlemect made

of th any e Anencies, w

wey LICIES on which ore is admitted are nncbatlengable after Two Yours

" ---- @, BRUCE AUSTIN:

that fa ezerclea of the power of | corer of St Vincent aod Seekvil
sale contalned ia ® certain hueiforen thot dey of ae
cocoa Wi um of ortgago 0. 78, dat the M ,
Caure eens sti ca art aa peaches co 28th dey of February 1104, from Nattar | bours of / sod + pas. |
abutuog on the North upon @ ratwe upon | to Joho James McLoud there will be All that pareet uf laod asf B
lauds vow or lately of Maurcio Castillo and | put up for sale by the understyned at their | situate (1 the lows of Bsa few
upoa lauds naw of lately of Jokeph Peuca | auction mart No.4 High Stroet iu the { the lsiaud of Tsiaidad ond bores
on tbe South upon lands now of laicly Of | Towo of Sun Feroando on Veday the uib | No 4 of San Fernando Strent le

Kaltan Wilson and the Aranquita Kavine the North upos Bun Feroseds
ke ian Wt a an 1 poo hana sous dey oe Mey 1907, between the hours of ove

bow or lately of the said Jossph Penca and PB
upon lands now or lately Of the sad Kastan | Ali thes
190 Subject tos mortgage on all the said

First asd Second Clave passeoyers and HOUSE snd Land, No. 61, WV Road
theie landed and osiberhel from of | HOUSE nod Laad. No. 82) Paces gee
ubarge at thls port by the Company's atoamd | Parco! of LAND, No 108, Edward be,

. Yor farther particulars ploase epply to

lately belonging to ove Mara Bernarda Seller

The Royal Mail Company's fing Pas-
pooer Swamere teave Havana (Cuba)
for Vera Cruz (Mextoo) fur Mexioo Cay,
every four weeks,

Regular Service of CARGO Steansers
from Londo Huil, Varditf aod Glasgow.


Tho ss, “Yare” will continue running
as follows .m-


Wo, $8, Qusen Street the Bouth v
. pou dt. Jemes Bret

April Tub, 1007, fetcal of land situate 1a. the | Hast wpoaleods of exe Wikee ce
ward of Bavaoa Gi anda Bonth comprising W ‘gk ppon Sones Bureet,
‘coves ten acres one rr aud thirty-Gve perchos ud also
tiple wl tented by dood tonnog dale bethesame more or lest deliwoatad acd | at Tunapuas io the Wore a Ts
the Glth day of January 100, number 316 of | with the abuttals and bouodacies ehereuf | the suid Intend having 88 feet we!
Tao and made {avert oue Lows Ptulip Ro | shown inthe plan drewa on she Crown



Road by 14 feet fn depuh tad ote

AD . wehard M' $ UXX - | the North ppon a on the Bot

Ne The 8 3. “YARE” will leave Dom: AU Putol the secoull pat and aoe Gilat Taye | Einee tbe north by Cros aoe ee ee | eer Bigyoo and spa’

— ens | ities for Nt, Luca aod Barbados every | UNDER THE QUARANTINE ‘ORDIN. Wilsoo and Edwin Connell Wilson of the third | road reserved 60 Linke wide, on the south: eli co'tbe East upow a

Northern Assurance Go. Valuable Properties | lta Sicisect "t+ Mose ANSE OF Tog | Ri states FA ie a rp | OY andl Sagi by ode of elo aed [pase oie Nes fe,
mer, ~_— ate of Ackaransing, ou theeast by « foal aD

a : — fe win Connell Wilson of the piia+ va ved fifty links wide sed AN And alo all tbat parca! of}

—_ FOR SALE PERMITS foe steam tender for frignds | “[ aipacce of voce fr end sees | Set ne tyr ene bod and bu: | Tad revered Spunk ide and.on tbe Mesvaage saute Ia the Tora

ead Off10e: ~ * tO ace passengers Of —2/6 each, which | provisions of suction 17 ot abedale so Dated this oth day of April 1907, with the sppurtenavces thereto Lelonging: naudo tlor ald aod koows “
Loxvon aad UNDE tnatrieuons from Sr Eman | $18 be obtained at the Company's | the Wost Lndian Loter-Colorial Beoitary 1°. BCOTFuson Dated W. 8 ROBES ISON a Ge. Nort uponten’ Fernende
} tino ‘Trxaon, Apeapeen’ Ueeitesre Kaseethe vodere 4 vat wat vie ~ — (osvention 190% aud to the requirement Bove, Auctioneers: _ . Auctioneers, | South uy om lands formerty of Ma
* 7 ‘ . ”
for sale avtbelr oltice, No Seorver of se. | CARGO will be booked through by

4 that every person taking passage on a | SALE FO LLESDAY THE Zea Day
«. fhip leaving the Port aball be exawioed O¥ MAY 1007
by the Health Oficer immediately pvstic NOTICE is hereby giveo that ir
= "Braneee cal arene tha atel | angle eerocnae ete
PARCELS are conveyod at moderate Ofscer of sinnyey es bythe Health Fropeny Ordisavce number 73 and cuntained
Fatea, the charge including delivery at | of moequiws” on board, yo as toon 10 Aéertain memorandum of morgage dated

the aud day of March x: from Alexander
Kea 10 apy town tn the United | him to issue the requued certificate, Stephenson to Peter Ren naran there will be


but now ur iitety of Mra,
Kant of May LA’ Clark sodaet
upon laude ot the sud Ano Movs
And also all thove (wo vere

of Assurance under the hande

the Directors of the
Lile Assurance Society dated rep
the S0ch day of September Ju}

Vincewt aud sackville Stiveta, Put of:

000, Byelu, on Thuredsy the au h day cf Bf
}er 000 1907, “between the Yhcure oft and 2 pu,

the fotluwing va walle coos p antativus
: FIRE RISKS OF ALL KINDS nineieie Ciea of Grp Gaal

rising 3 val pars ele, =
Tr m ced Cinins wed PRUMETLY Breed a austen eb pe se tt

Accumulated Funds

tbe a mPany’s steamers to all ports

DAY OF MAY, 907"


prbuc Notice ia boreby Rives that jo
exercise of the power of sale conferred

1° , upfuc sale by the undersigned at bis auc. | 09 mortgayece by the Conveyanciag Ue- | spoctively nucibered 0670 and HH
ad Liberal Bea's, de ae oe Eis crem dee oalied —, Ee etl be Reoetsary ther gore that the Fon art oppoute the Police Station at Iie | dinanos No. 72 aod contained ta wosrtain ty tbe sump of $000 je severed vi
amd ona wee Cruel of “Bolle atauin. 13006 | For all further intormetion spply at | the intoudat Peg be notitied of | street, Princes Town oo the 28th day of May | deed of mortgage dated the Mth dey of | to the executors administescor
tye . i i Theced spore Bsa! /(Cuetatniog the Company's Office, { e@ inten epactaro uf every vessel 1907 between the hours of one and two pm, | February {06 (regiatered as No, 72) of | of the sald Francis Mews iy st
. Bao For udu Sth Agent 5 rte , pen oatele cw being: . tom thie port, which may be Proceeding | Ali that parcel of land com prising sixteen acres | 1906) and made becweea Natilde Heory of | such of the sald Policien, — * ’
HOPE. vs fo eit nee ry & troee SQuAry, | soy colooy adherriog to the Conven- | stuate in the ward of Saraboa Grande North the ove part and Henrietta Hiods of ‘the f Dated chs 208 wert Apa
AO, lo do Port-of-Spai tion, ta the sland of Trinided and bounded oa the | other part, there will be putup for eale b LOULS JORN &
wih a gund doling Louse, 28 oot by 12 —_— J; De NOLE, | tue tast by binds of Pedra Frpda ud iursece | BabHG auctfon by the aoderuigued at helt sea
Porbof-pun Ayeats : feet, 2 ovcoa houses 33 feet by 45 Toet, ee Chairman Quarantine Authority, wroad reserved Afty links wide whKd DAD.
aad | two roomed barrack, all covered with Sed April, 1997. sald parcel of land ts described in the Certitt ‘ :DNESDA
4 ans \ galvscized tron Che all Covored wit - Late Of Title registered ia Volume X*XE fulio SALE tye YEP it
- 4M01 & RODIRESUN & Co dn BUENA VISTA" comprislog 2 493 logeiber with the appurtenances btmseta be- ‘

‘atcols, let vontaigmyg 14 acres, 1 rood, and
a Wyevetion aud the fad ovatainlug b acre,

2 3
—— a



: Dated the 25ul day of April 1007, adoand land situate [a the town of Porvol | L incxercse of the Pow H
\ 5 gate sed 14 perches, | This SAVEE 6700 IN CORK OR ONS Wu. ARTHUH BULSTOÂ¥, | Spaimintheuslend of Traded Kuowa as | talood io w certain piswiorsnden
AUCTION SALE par - at Somer: 3%, PARK STREET - A Lote 10a and 190 East Dry Hives sow num | gaye No. 18 dated tbe iaaye
aM Tvhelf do é do ne ‘ TRINIDAD. bored 7 Obecrvatory trent and 12 Harpe | from Jerenwiab Hervert io J
: ; 10 supplies CAN SUPPLY ANT STYLE BALE FOR THURSDAY THE orn DAY | Place and Lounded’oa the porth by laude | Leod there will be pls wp ioe
a - with & dwelling house 30 fost ly 14 feet, OF MAY 1007, 'y of Joweph Harpe, oo the south Ly {derelcuod at weir Age “
ASG undies (askevetions from the | These wopertiea are within five paloutes"

puntic Notes hereby ‘given that ney | !sods of Maurice Douost, on the oust by

High burect San Fernadda, 08
eceun of the power taode of Berthilde Borzano and 00 the west

Cheng day ot Mt y AIM7 botwene ds


ot | wad frou the han lefael Vol

Bar sk oteed SB by rutile Avalon gb the wal wavered by ue Caroai ee and are


corte of mort, dated the gih day of
in the ‘ofhce of icy

, bite, | ’
‘ . besiege. wmieraned al naeeg ') ot oor praxcent,

Shirts, Collars, iZées,
ee Torme—CASEs only, CHS. EK, JAOELON '

Tat 7. ?
WEAR ce beortment of GENTLENEN'S

bekdge and 00 the west by a ravine ; Third.
ly alt and sloguley that certain pleoe or
of land situate ia Bi Bart's Valley

by lends of Elena Lauren ; Sooondly ful of on ardin ry leod a
a moyguler % cortaln 1 ui “el
- ‘ Dated this ae dete Ty or. Ab the cheapest rate possible, Regicirar Ge ial ae No 203 of 3901) aod | Cana sltunte wm the ane oe Mille fu | Ward Ot bevanne* rande Bont °
~ Tueeday Wh day of May, atllam Auctionvers . Starm Lone uu eee Of the eae pant acd | this island comprising one and three-Sfths | ing twunty (i.e acres sad beer
a yeaedy ' GiRON eee ORO ORE A Bae Ww of SLIPPERS tor the seasoa partthere uit ee op ie eo aroha acre and bounded oa the north by laods of | tLe same inore or tess ¢

jarious artietes of Badilery ec, ‘emapste tan bow : Aucloa by the undersigned at their 2:
4 ing 1==(18) vaddies, bridles, reins, «1 RONOMBTE! R WATCH uctian

ou Thursday, the yin ds
May, 1907, between the bours a coe aod

baht wee
oud Sraguler that certain messua id

Teand boundaries thereal
the \yue drawn a the eid
James Hocvert 19 Werth

ae ee wile
ted by reser’

(#8, Manis bquazs, Poat or Beaix) |, oma Suv

1118 Uotel 19 cvaducted on thoroaghly | baste ee

, be
aun ly huown ag Ni
Cprodate sad saullary prisclpies, | beruad Sureet ¥, a No, sag) de

M. cadalw be obtaloed [: land eluate sn ibe eid Town of Port ay a ies eqns trad towated 2 vibe
wok ati ore mo Ton! pac arten Oy we vom we formerly knows as Lot No. 14 of Crates port hy locke el fans ls. Fue, oa int the
. 9o atebes, Olveka, and’ all sorte of FE, GRANSAULL cnn | STL Ut DO Kacwa as Lot No. 116, St Vine | south by lands of the heirs of Leroux. on
Apel a, I et Pitan, ty tS RSAULL See pay fame aati ee |e en ont of Els lato 25
. works abecta! . . t ‘ ", e wes af Jose, atk) an
Eis ound got ape le ender by | Nath &eViwwntfieret, |< Colonial Hotel, “Sarotipen Heown ts Lou Nester | Fourtuly ais
, 1 . arige > >
. NOTICE. Hyg Froaiee tS thitts | GEO, E McLEAN,

comprising four Mlths of an acre being part

: * boredly van fy the pubte op | een nensataternenepeaay Wuatolh Noeypatrer, Of Las Rowrve stp and bosded on
Day gS col Dr MA, Sifontes | er

kuowa as No, 105, AL. aorth by lauds We G. Charles, og
‘will wot Teepoust stombie Burest a on the WW alors .
PRED. St. EXCELLENT CUISINE ayo LARG sat tonwwerly | th by lands of Jechglah Dreact,
, hy debts cocksated by say Fotos ot PRED. ST. (AT THE EARLE CUY,) | EXCELLENT OUISINE ax LARUR aes Biren but bow ox. Vincwat | the east by lands of Adam Sharp aed on
: e tgred ” we BURGEON DENTIst ASyabetear Weskunaa, 18 yoory! ' _ All ear care pase by the Entrance, ag, ced | abe wens
t ' yoane neh. ‘ ‘ i Wott woverty san 34 Tem Hodase Dated this e715 day of March, ages,

iH Brea 48, Pulses Hireus, is Tutte peal saan.” One teal | NM O90 ree fi dormant & BON,

a Gb .


The Bonanza, SMITH BROS. & Co. The Bonanza.



Dull Kids, Arabian Horschides, Patent Box Caf.

my ~w . .

ae © Dry Goods Department, Boot Department; Hardware Department. {Ready-Made Department,

pa —. RE 2)
es OF LADIES’ FOOTWEAR. j ange stock of Coisels Quakes 2
S g GENTS TWEED TROUSERS, Ladies’ Tan Dual Bar Shoes, Peak Toe Uap... . Sis SHOE ” MAKERS SUPPLIES. meek i Ae Woreeas , x -
Ga | Assorted Pattoria & Sizes at 48 vents. Ladies Ten Glace orty Ter Bhors Hrooee Graaméat ied . . (Koyal Worces -
ey Men's Assorted Tweed Trousers, better quelity at padses! Chrome Glace Lace Shoes, Banart Shape ie | WW ILLOW, POUnAN. BOX and IMITATION BOX -
FE | say 20% 12a ng | nine Be tc Har hoeeh airy Use 7 gp J | OAS. Bish aml trot shen of Brown °

mes n'a Blac Coating Trousers at 80 cente $1.08 : ‘ ” In Tan SHOE LINIXGS, GLACE KIDS, SPLIT KIPS, RUSSIA SIDES,

tes © Men's Bhaake Vleuua. Suen a penare a 1:20 1.80 P THE. aE HYLEIS' we HOE fiat 2.16 1

just opened, £2.75
Boys Fanoy Huites-Leteshable Facey Vest
and Collar, at $3 00, #4 50, and $4.00.

Boys’ Diill and Tweed K B Suita for School and Sanday
Wear—from €1 20 ap.

Boys’ ALPINE HATS—at 24 cents, 26 cents, 46 cente, 60d,
Men's ALPINE HATS-- 5c, 48, 60v. aad up.
» TERAT NATS~ 00, woe 21 90 and op

Our well known IMITATION PANAMA HATS, opened

’, all one price— 6/
Une more lot of our GRASS HAMMOCKS at 72 cests—


Agentala Polish 18c.,

THE “GIBSON” SHOE circ") 2.40

Qubbon Tie, Plain Toe, ack Ornament

Ladies’ Fioa Black Glace Beadet Uourt Shoes,. 9... BB 40
Ladies’ Fine Black or Tan Glacé 1 Bar Shoes ... $40

Champagne Colour 1 Bar Shoes $2.40
Champagne Colovr Lace Shoes 4.50

Ladies’ Black Glace Beaded libbou Tie Shoes... we $240
Ladies’ Light Ten Vici Lace Shoes—Louia XV Heels 3200

Knives, Buttons, Silks, Webe, Sprigs, | = + i.
FOR GENTLUMEN —The leteet shaper in COL. A08 ftom

3 6 cents to 20 ceote—fram Englaad, France and Anierica
baste AWLS, PINCERS, PUNCHERS, Sce the latest thing in RUBBER COLLAR, updistingnisbadle

from hoep, will last for mouthe and not change onluue,

ubbreakable- price Itc. each any shape. Gentlemen's White
aod Coloured Soft Collats—te, and 15¢. each,

Bwaeniturve Departzmmeonts
TUILET MIRRORS & TOILET SETS—a« large ebtyaient

ssadryg WY snjOg fle
Saly susyg ap adaig s.uawajjuey

Come oe ated at once Carriage Top Hides, pet oreo tote a a ol CRROLE SADE
Fyjama Suits, Rugs & Travelling Bags | LADIES’ BEDROOM SLIPPERS, | a. rite, trimming ides, Two enly Hook and | Seeee eacceeet ue i: Mis ite

fecetved tuo of our famous Cable Make Pianos, EBONY.

In Felt & Light Leather frum 100, pair to 96c. Praene and Organe Tuned int Repavred

Eyelet Machines with extra Dies—$5.00 cash.


& New Sliprment.




. EOE. SALE , ’ ( 3 : NOT! CR. we er ae hundred, besuk» } Small —Leavo granted to re insue defaul.
Now Landing ex RMS, ‘La Plata we jevlhog the City, wall Several Hua: | summons ©’ "nnn Te base SS
* f q f Ara on’ from Cardiff ao. RDERS booked for 22 | dred persons were ioyured and twenty conten camel igner v Thomas Hass Ex:
0 Arrive 0x 8, §. fowl 0 p . | — FRESH SHIPMENT OF — obtaned trom tea years old one kt He, the bodies being shoe! sogly Leon Aguatiat au Cov Cyrae Timothy.
. mavwaA gid. —Leecution atayed ior one week. Re


(CAN BE LANDED COASTWISE IF REQUIRED.) . A tew hundred y PLANTS | reports, avd thirty oiné have been ex- | Gregoire. — Claim fur £7 10+, the funeral
—sLso— Retail of all Dealers and Grocers , — {in ’tamboos tor safe now. peated sce 3. Stolyva'a order sak: |expeiaey of, ain CCeetor, wits of tha

CGrown. Patent F'uel
ae ‘ EX WHARE.
(And 200 Tons American Steam Coal,

Yo arrivo ex SS.“ MARAVAL'
(Can be landed Coastwisa if required.)

Rae ‘
[thesPrinidad Shipping and Trading Co, Ltd.

9 a: —_—_—X—XSXa



232t a BI LION SIS
Rubber trees growmy at Ravine
table Crop oxpecied to begin
deptember ost,


wrholesimle tx0:.


CEVEINDO | Lancashire Insurance Co
TEA! .


ITYENDERS will be receited by the
. undersigeed up to 3 p.m. oclosk oa
Moaday the 13h Spatant for the hire of
the eotrance of the Savannab, the
Havancab, and uader the Grand Stand
for the sale of Mefreabmenta on Lhe two
daya of the Mices (18th and 20th May),

Iweaty percent. of the tender ta be
paid on acceptacce.





drum bead courtemartial hive automat-
tcally ceased under tbe fundamental law,
During eeven nionths 1,141 persona
have been executed scourdiog to partial

peading the law upon the assembliog of
the Douma.

A teleger:
com that ae
has acoepted the iovitstion of the Bea
ailian Govecomeat for Kiog Carlos to
visit Rio Janiero oext Aprit upoo the
conteaary of the opeai
commerce of the world,
will be the first Euro:
cross the Atlantic.
Queen Amelia will oooompary bim or

ceived jofurmation that Professor Ram
aay of Cambridge, England, will sbortly

the ground “od wreck:

St. Petersburg advices report that | fired vo Mr Justice Swan

Leave to depend praniet

‘rleadiy Swioty
areltusiess 3

from Rio Jaceiro announ- for the planttf amd Me,

Poctuguese Goveromen’s

under Lhe rules of tha Sue

bai beon dispuset of b;

Judganeut for the def:
Acchitald Dare vy,

of Brazil to phe

Hie dojesty
a Sovereign to
t sa uncertain if


be wall vist other

New York, May ath,
The Joho Hopkins University basre


Joarned for two weeks
Remdloliog 9,

Tteserved, 7
Loaisa Arthur ¥. J.C

Good witle and Wilson Led v Thon”

Nenry Kinest Arhibaid y¥ I. Thomas.

Charles Crawford « 1. Anestia and 8,

uf which the detvudeate
FS Mainyot appasred

orpearel fur the defeadantes.

dun HH sour yeve jad giment, boldiag that

tty the islier
the Caimaitties,

ante, with cuuts,

raont —Ad)o trned for two weeks. plalnalf
to give particulars of articles alleged ta
have bea abetracted from a trank
Freterick Lookbart vy. John Yarry,—
Ja tgmeat for delendsat with ooate
SL. Soyer vo Vargloia C.anes,-~ Ad.

A. Mularthy

nce lates

Mallua.—~ Jadgnent


© funds Excoed ... £12000,009 | ‘Ibe Comuuttee do not biod them |annoudce the’ discovery of & ws t

Fropowed Hailing Dates, 1907 . t —_—— selven to aoorpt the highest, lowest cr] method for maklo artBcial cop jotieve Corben Tot, Molder. —Pard
1 vines trrere Have you tried Cey- | [RSURANCES effected against loss | soy tender. ~ per syntbelioully, Ey treatiog the | beard—adjauraed for two weeks
_ eave ead Tre Noe’ York ‘ or damage by Fire va Buildings W SCOTT KERNAHAN, elemeots xciug, lithiom and po | Juha Kudaov, John Viein——Judgmeat © +
Neo Fort Te oe My 9 lindo Tea ? aud contents of Warehouses, Office Buretary & irossurer LTC, | tasstam with radia vapour, Lt } reserved,
Aprit 12 Apel 2s Mo i . aay 2 ab, d Btore Preni - 1 god Say 1007, latoo espeonive for proatat commercial | G.R Alstea & Co. ¥, Feanels Farr
Api a Mey 12 Mel ge done 2 Dwellis, tore Premises and Private | ferret | nae, but toa startliug suientitc discovery, | Jadgmeus by confewion for £3 18 dan
May 18 My "duty 9g dace 4-1-1 -NOT=WHY NOT. wollinge at moderate prices LATEST TELEGRAMS. rane ante Domtogea Copgrens ney | isi onder to yay 93.4 mua w teva sey
Junot une 1 Je «1 JRRO . __ S . “Ts 8 a Alex. 8. Laing & Oo. v. ©. Timarhy,—
Jane 12 fuse 4 + Jase » yay i ity second ton PROMPT AKO EQUITABLE SETTLE (By Wily Panama Telegraph Company.) Bletoe Ia hae apologised to Mexico | Defendant not appeariaz, jaugueay'ty
ue 8 Jay a Juha ‘Augh 4 Qua ity second to none MENT Loudon, Slay ath, | pointes! Po ete oatilitiee | defeats fer £1 7, Band oueus,
jy uy 28 au ST Aug at : The race forthe Abousand Guineas | Mbich lesvensthe prospeets of hostilities | Goodwille d& Wilson Lud. v. Davi St.
wre Aug 8 aah a7 ‘Avg. ae in the Market Stakes at New Market yesterday, re between the two countries, Btowart. —Vefendabt pot sppessing, | lg
July a7 ug. . Aag : , Of Kounes. sulted. a4 lollows With Elo tty] The “Pras Au Tamsin, May, (tb ment for plain’ by defautt, Pipers
. R9 2 riq omy. ene: . - jeaed,
= Mae Sel oie eT BENS DA th ma — dann: ian me te gre | ee ae tnd | naradae os ea cl
. . Rawal Pindi, duriog which the Hindus eer ’ Idew v. K Ja mAs
y . For tale vy SuITH BROTHERS e C0, barved several bungalows ppilteed the that ee ae aa obe te lightened abo will toto pagent Dl Adjourned
oy: . ~
. , fhe Bonann ed the plact of tbe Livotris Power ‘ 8t Thomas 4th, Leave to amend granted ou a eer f
1 ; aad House, aud did otber demage, ‘Lhe Tenth Brazilian squadron lefe for Norfolk, cotte pey °
Teas ked) for T, F, A.Skeete & Co, Fort-of-Bpatn Hussars are sow patrolling the City, The Vurgiow, 6 a.m, peat, Nagle Thoraas— Adjourned
Xe XIWTE—(Freeh band lor Tempering purposes, . ’ inida siLustion resemndiee that at Lahore, ae at fur two weeks

= {ree picked) Perieg P “ Trinldad * | Sir, Batiour at a meeting of the Confirmation at Tunapuna, Lem vy He TbomeneAdjourned by

WMA WIOVEI—For Manarial purposes

KIT Gt E.LKLEI—All of the bev quality, aad the cheapest 00


7 CceOmtizmornials from wll Qiarters.

GOODWILLE & WILSON, Ltp., | “Orthodéatie ned Grown and Bridgework | (hey wore rapidly d for one avvk.
. y diwiobebio; en's
the Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd. Ouledonian Grocery. Oy 00, Toe Colvitel Prewiate Visited Portes APPLICATIONS, Batusdsy. on ae Yes ths cours sijuucned to
Crepe etnren EY Ye ha nre e a | WOU yeaterday, lusprvted the Navy, Millers Stores Lid. ¥_ Mandougel De ouday neoruioy. _
on ee thing eles eenty fault eveowous fur ban Fernsuto, .
cruers, & screo - .
Lo THE STAMOARD HOTEL | Ya'dimsang he fotos the “Gaye | mee Napanee” waa 8 PRICES CURRENT.
oom “ ja jab tue” Deeadooughs ” b Gerold snd eke: Sylvester O'C
~~! JOAQUIM HIBEIRO—Propnietor | fuldiled every expectation, oe bor -Delauls summons for Tubaqelie. rr ueetad Cleats for weet ay ith

58 South Quay, Primrose League yeslerusy said, that

Le bud absodvned uls previous a titude

oyponte the Deanery.
h O8T UP.TO. DATE sdetbods and
Arphances io Deutivry, with all
tho latest improvenents in the treatment
and hiling of Teeth.

cepiog tbe Voluu al protices of & pre-
teeuve policy wittta the Empire be-
fulwst te drwtued Of ts yitar utrength,
aud be Loped tne diifereuces of toe
Uaionuts would speedily vaouh a8


Low Lora Coeuderleia bes reported
the productive uf tho Mlikade at Sbef-


cousant fortwo weets,

His Grace thd Arobbishop wilt admlale

eneeans nana :
We mas ket, . wis . MG MD. 00S t :
i enpee Line maadtstarel by ast oar Lime Kiln at Levectiile fe MUCH A. KEW TABLE WATER. G. ‘ ittens, ag Vatvele ot tadecision, gua eed int d for ie Charles Ghurol, Tusspune, mike caadl dane 19 ies eountersianm '
even snd haa been oroval by boeing Aaalyers la che Wert Celiortto be TAR Used by the King sad the Hoyal Burgeon Dertiamt, [iy redily Htauetatiug a raterel dates of the district, after High Mas ovle- |, Tilebled Elecwto Company Lei. v Mes,
OR to the best Belstol Lins aemuiy, Punnite TAdCe WaATéE, Corner of Uneen and Absroromine Streats tr into. practical aciiva by nee | brated at 9 cfeoek, G de Outits. -Veleadaut wa appesnazy

“Distrlat Gourt,

Before Mr, Justia Eusult, ‘| Fela Avyuare

Idem v WT.
mone for Mayaro,

Wiebett—Defsuls ova Indice yer terre!

hones Crovell vy. Natheilel Swith,
Au} arsed for two aenke we eueuly. ue-ea:

o abe proved, Jadgmeut for plait wih

Agosine de otive v. bP Pallerdes
Langu (sleiwant)—
Geli Glomied wih costs, Bite atsyed

Vous, Kilutried por barre .. §3 ~.PS

old 10-490

. d wah w . AM Cuystani v Bb Yees de Vorteull= | xy, 1" te
General Manager re Urey bea agahtar ae Se | Diets sumone fot Tonapig Niyites torn ree ati
= ASHIONABLE 2, J \ . D bob aud Holler wd. J. Chrywe- Ca ystaie per th
pr F eh ORADE, MENT uedy’ssatirio questiva io the Houes of : yeuale per -
eer. RS ES foo Defaale eumawas lo: Meyare, Burer ( vi sscuved
CNN ppp, UL, Moxnay, | Usmuiuos regaruing the prodacnta of | "Ges Hood 6 JB Qealen—De. ey arseees perth 3
. cia, LAR, - oon S Fresh 0) ‘ Hamlet, and bes tulused to reconsider fault senmons lor Chayuanas. Ba Hono. vines
thee) Ton os : veer the ouppreasiog of the Mikedo, Toe jem v Jultvn Orveco—Defaalt oum- ee a lodduad Gene
EAL J Quaker Oate Porridge ouppresnion of the latter evokes some | mons for Morsye, Oas rerpecl b,
Vegetable Soup protests, but there le n> Japaness re- | Idea ¥ Joes Degalve-Delaale sues bs New’ York = 638
0 PIECES stowed Fu write Giberica ike the? Gpes | Mite ct aayea—Dele ves yeaetee MeUt H
ie wore oO t pore, VW. Sys van. Farha low Vork and
: weoo% eels. ’ prose fee J unapucs. :
4,00 Cc ; OO . ruta oI rie te Voq, Avbrenthal, tbe Austro- adit A Dove—Delsule samueas for - b ~ wit
Katy Oma | Hames Str ot torats date | Ss nokaie—Detale wwe | aes crmis
. : ? Hem sed Bug with the Kaleer aod Herr Vuo Teobira | DOM fut Cane Co. v Luis Modest) ate te HC
; , we “ chiy, te German Mivieter of Foreign | gate on lee
Bewt Cudets ta uaanene for Se Kepheel. Flossing terms {9 bond
Wi. “ou, . Sutton Vetina- Afar, have ris eiitactory the Bul k . bY ole Modest. —Delaak tues | neue Pet owe Pr)
: . 4 . Sehewpeed (1s Tunges aed Masbroum | fur ectabledisg 8 separate Ssaletry uve Bast ¥ psa! Beojeute 1 wy ven oe + — Mole Lot,
° * Mewed Kidneys sod Patatoee for the Cetonies, The defeat of this ‘ for Jara Reyer ve of9 Gibveia
. — Cc] 6c Veal ’ Bul last your was the cause of the Hany ti. Jardlee v Ernest A. Plam el for onters, Boake
OCG. an ae . Pork Mulchetag’e jation. ner oe foe a. terme perews a
. , cos ~ lator Bieta teen: A tolegraw (tom Milag report that | | le Mice Fercandesy suemens teen: | Denes Ram per gal a 1/0=I/1 1
- : Remy Hest eed aad kat his votes by the Baa | , cusstunce Mawert ¥ Genego Carhe~ Midlag Red perewtn 905 i
fae re, Culd Meets Boot caribquake, bas eocpwitied | Sulgment, tommnens fo Buses Ue Cotton, Fius Bea
. : . Pepper Pot by emtusg ot bia tongue with | Sf na granted, sabe seaty | glist Leyerool pee Ib 14 noc,
N & SDLWA t ’ ot wears. wo s » oe © poyment Bagh o lead rads
RICHARDSON & SHLWAY,_ Jue, Chelan, 00d Ootlen bron Hong ‘Kang site stepidiarn Hel (ue, mens frees
ae - 4 ; * vbty 5 migtnies at was directed Vo give “or cent, Retin ta '
. Pert-cfdipain and Prined Jowe, , | Joe Uarera dua laos (Bait, pee copied’ ng + bar 8 ane trtab ‘Yew “we

1. ‘

r Linporor Frederick Wator'|vanpon. & tomonleare ste ass
‘ AND GLOBE: | Sreerersioete, vere aslo te they


: Wincral Water







?atisserie Swiss,



The undersigned is removing to
NMWo.29 Fredericikx St.


rt can have, as well as Fancy Cakes, Ive Creams, otc, Brea
poe Bae Dreads avd all crenle made caker’ aleo Tea, Coffee, and Mlk, ‘Soft

nd Cigarettes, Theplace in being peatly fittedoup aod being further
aoen ee be hopes the site will be appreciated by his large clieatele,

goth, April, 10u7


Victoria Institute.

— ON —

Monday 6th and Wednesday Olh May 1907

Prices of Admission 5s, & 8s,

e .

, Stephens Limited, toou SATURDAY 275 inet,
r at Gam. adtat tho Instiute tron 7 pin, (No charge jor booking)

ticipate in the alove reduction of I’rices unless their subscriptions are paid.

‘ot caate of May oy advertisement ou pege f

' NEMBERS AND ASSUCIATES whose subscriptic"s ate in arreate will not

ver BORNNUS fete


St Thomas Bay

Larory tor the Toilet and Dath- aud for

at after
p reece erigorates the seal ated cave dendres ; ye ii
. erry J 5
. lent tooth wav, olagte th re when ined in abe ss se

bath Muhijuitoes object ty bite peruse who use it


Salvin soc, doc, 000 Jiu Sizks.



INCOME Ie, < 9,913,402
TOTAL ASSETS (ne por * A
Ta wee 1000
TOTAL CUAIMS paid . o>. $4,206,878


Claims Settled Promptly.

A covritat


Glaagow &



Suab-Agent—Atina aod Maosanilla


fJort-of- Spain Gayelte

Publ shed Daily, Mondays and Public Hoi
days exeepied st the () fee 96 St, Vinceat St
ton of-Spala
a Trem an meena
Advertisements of Bertha, Ceaths, and Mat
Re, acknow! 4 and «dis.
chaimers (which tsust be authenticate
by the signature of same responsible
persona} will be charged for at 9/6 exch.
wi a,

Casual Advertisements o every descrip.
WOR -ea/6 per week, 3/6 per tortaight,
month per inch—to be prepaid.

To GosrperonDENts;,

our Correspoaden:
All letters must Le accompanied
the whiter, not necet
, bul as ® guarantes of

Rejected wacripte cannet

by the real

teter ted,

Advortsing Seals aa Appieation.

SunaceiPtion ogi: per year

a antra

Butchers of Bucterut

Bank of Nova Scotia.

ys BANK is withdrawing
from ‘Trinidad, and its oflice
haa been removed from 55 Marine
Square, to the oflico of the Union
Bank of Ha'jfax whoro all bills
are now payable.
lf, J. GORDON,


Constabulary Band plays {othe Dutaole
Gardeus § p.m.

[igh Water Mora” 935 Even 310.30
an rises ” oe ae 848
“ua aste on ne on

Supreme Conrt 10.50 a.m,

Distrlet Gourt 9 a.m

Meeting of the Board of Health at the
Couneil Obamber 2 pint.

* Trilby* ab the Viewsls Tovtitate 8.15 prompt.

aod pu

Vinh Water Morn, 13 6d Even, 1 ‘pe.
§ ween 44 a.m,
6.08 pm
1,89 p.m.

we ro


McKenzixn-MassvimAt Holy
Trinity Cathedral at 2 pra, oo Baturdsy

be ach of May, Rowland Poyats Mackeozis,
eon of the late HK. DPoyots Machouzie, to
Trene Violet Massy, deughter of dhogo
Joha Massy. Sarveyor of this fsland.

Items of News,

dtephena Limited have just received a
large ehipment of Gente’ Pansms Mats,
fenying 10 price {row $3 to 830 each. dee
our Show Window thie week They have
thea received a faw of Linen, Mer:
cert-od Drees Foptiu in White aod Esra,
seliley at 30 cents per yard.

The Dotch steamer Prine dor Neder-
laden, brought 4 horece and 3 tules from
Venesuele for Messrs, J, Andaze & Ou

& large selection of Ladion qotrjmmed
hateare tu be suld at coduced :
Pradawd2 Merle quar privea at edo

Ths American Barque " E. C. Mowat *
Captain MeDunald ‘Yalted eulerdey tor
Now Urleaue with 0,433 tone Trinidad
dried Jake asphalt, iefore Ieeving the
oats re r te the Police thet a ot

re lever al
bot be foand, Pe and ovald

Â¥ pt
Waste, de. ~-a/6 pur wrek each, to be | 9


= —
A a S- ehnthshehr

The Coastal steamer * Kennet” arrivel
here on Friday oventag lant with 095 bigs
onume, 1 bag selfs, 2 eacks oll, 196 here
eopen, 3 logs cedar, BB hage ctl meal, 115
bags regécables and ¥ parcel apedie.

About 84 pte@a of cedar logs, the pro
porty of one Jackeon from Mangaagilia
which arrived on Kekday evealog by the
as, Keonet” from Manzsaitla was
lamted on the wharf yeaterday morning
and offered for sete.

Messrs, Witeons, Glasgow aost Trinklad,
1, Are how showing as excellent aveort

bnens of travelling veqeinites for ladies and
gentlemen. Exceptional valces are teing,
offered ina new line of leather goods whie
have jnet coma to hand. Salt cases, cabin
pod Grerlant trunks, brief, Uladstons aud

with olekel ant sterling silver stoppers,
Intending travellere would do well to pay
thew a visit,

We are asked to mention that in accord.
ance with the wishes uf those who attended
Mr, Goodrindge’s lec Lara at the BR. G dSchuut
on Wedoenley teat, be will deliver ano ber
leetare at the Qucva E C, School oa bon
day Gob ivetant, ot 8:30 pw, Admission

Free, Silver collection will be taken up to,

defray expenses,

Ie isunlertool that the late Mr J ON
Therp, ageatof tha Sno Life Agsurance
Coy. was inenred in the Imperial Guarantee
Aocklent Insurance Ooy. of whish Mr. I.
Farrell is agent, fer tha sans of $5,000.

The subjects of today’s discourses in
Greylriac'e Cherch witl be .—Morning ser
vice —"* Our Safeguards” Eveniog secvice
—"* Lhe Immortality of Character.”

Weeall attention toan advertisement
in another columa, of Dorna’s Se Thoms
Bay Raw Tha ce'ebrated tollet pre

ration, of work! renown, le galuing great

avout iu Urinidad, aud at this time when
fntluenga ii ragtog acd ihe bites of nos
attoos are beit@ watoel against, the ues
of Burns's St, Thoaas Day Kua should be
Mr IL $.Bomagis the whotess!
ent gard it be aloo solt“At Lis leading Dr:
Coole, Grocery and Drag Stores in Dore-of-
Spatu and conatry dhetricte,

Thonas George against whom a warrant
was issued on a charge of hones treauing
at Roxboro’, To! y ou tne Bu ultio
wae arrested at th Qasy on the 3
(natant, on information recvivot by acting
Sergesot- Major Eversiey of Headquarters,
from Mr. Archi) of Tobago on the 2nd
Instant Yesterday) at the City Potioe
Couit, application wee made for the de-
fendants trist at Tobage ; wlere he was
rowagded till the Sth instant,

The case was reasmed at the City Putice
Court yeateniay, fo whe tr. J. K. Diack.
sou, instilated a charge against Mrs,
Bizess, fur having failed to comply with an
ordee of Lhe Sanitery Inspector on the Lit
ullimy, to wit. tls clearing of 4 cesspit
After o lengthy contention by counsel for
defones, (Sir Gaston Jolins ou) the delia.
quent was ordered to pay a five of al,

The Dutch Btoswner Prins der Naler-
lenden” saved jay afcertioon for
Sutinam with the followlog cara..2,75!

js onena, 18 casks okt metal, t box oucon
pole and 50 loa Triakiad epuces lake

Thes «6, " Oraro” arrived here oo Fri-

tos er oar meeranainemanm-maereeenear day evening Last from Demerara with 47
Curront Events. packages oan 1 teat ee aad 2 deckers.

— 9 The sxe “Crown of Arrsgon” salled last

To-pay, night for Montieal vis Testtusdoe with
Rogatien Sunday HULL bays sugar, 40 puncheons molansen, .

94 bags eullee, 40 ewply bogeheads and
oe fs . ply bogebeats and voe

The pany {frieude of Misa Jadith
Butherland of High Sutet, San Fernando,
will be sorry to leara that she is atill dan-
gerously ith,

The Gerwan steamer “ Prins der Ne-
detlanden” under the conimacd of
Captain Vander Bet cast anchor iu the gulf

eeterday morning after a voyage of J2

rs fru Catupano with $ liorses, 2
twulea, 135 bags bran, 24 bage corn, 72hides,
19 packages suudiries aod the fulluwiug
paseongere —From Puerto Cabell —Mer.
and dire. Matimillan Latondes and infant,
Mra. Juan de Jesus Henriques, daughter
and 2 servanta, Mr Vergita Metohand,
From La Guayra —Mr Mex Urankemp,
Me = Deauingo N. Urtago, Mr. Estevan

» Mir, Ansolame Notles, From Cara
paagt—dire, Benard Salazar, Mr, 3B,
Wvera Deacoera, Mr. Domingo Lauciani,
Mr. Manuel Russisn and evn, Mr. Pedro
N. Mendal, wife, aad eon,

The fotlowieg pusengerdare tucked to
sail per we * Merscas "on the 13d inet ¢
Yor New York :—MMer, aod Mca, Borbery,
Sir, ors, mod Ming Sroltmeyer, Mr. Clyde

Hiller, Mr, U. B Litdepaye, Mfr and Mra,

orden, Mr Norman, Mr. L, W.

Bopyun and 2 ebikhes,

At a genera! meetlog beld va Friday Srl
Instant, the fullowlag ware elected otfivera
of the * Combriys "OC, 1—T. B.

MD, .

Db. ba, Vieo-t'eskient, “R8,
pe, Gen, W. Tay’ we Captaio, He

Mose Seery and Treas, W. Joknsoadunes

Aoulstant Peery , and Messrs, D Do Liws

Geo Duncan and 1. 0. Cray meubereo

We Ovaruittes of slsuagement,

That Danoe for the Churoh,

Toth Bluse of The Lert-ef- Spain Gerite.
Sir You gave a report fram your
Poses Towa Correspondent of thade-
lightlel dance which came offen Balucd

ulghd lew at the Princes Towa Court
Houve in ald af â„¢ Grace (Anglican)
Cush” Why didn's your correspond
Gat give a complete repors by inforintn
What the dance lasted till 34

omen the paldig
BOR: SALE, Suephane Lid, hare rvceived another | Sentty Moclent | AVRed wil, the Ry
apd bird Sens tucludiog somone myppilet . ane ,
” te eee Gane teas rie, Yours SA ruersver.
F A Cocoa Estate of about 60 Acres, ts forwarded arpicadan | 8s Yernendo,
f ") . tu FRUVAPYONT, CANHABKLIONMAIMA., . er a Giese Bila ttlente i i
p* Agymin Hoses, Sweet Youn, and Herresk Teoma, eevee “ol vellon fon! Cricket.
pe nytag House, Sweat Hoan, a rt HaM a0 bourse cane of yellow fever, —
tive fi plobsins way @ wise, well watered b: ‘
, | yaR turwaalel bfaoay ead wepaee’ dapip we 7 oe cena Tha raion gene Thiele nd “har
be GkU. VERSKULES, Seed watad swine “Thepe
| Olty Drug Stora, Park Street, anh Be butts tT ba DS
SY _— 7 -
‘ ee

Spain Gaget(y" there appears a report ef
the erbtence taken at {iS tequert on the
dgalh of Bir Ther,

«Mr Allaghan te
that om the evening of the death of Me
Thorp he
conrag of conversation [sakt, © Coot God,
oll thas abust a matter of 60 dollwe to 80
dollars” [flatly deny over haviog said
ao, Nut Ido remember his anying to ne,
vhat Ceuay be ealled aponto explain the
purport of a letter fount upon the de
cedeod and addretsed to [me, beslng po
date, sud it would be well toeay thet
thie letter was intended for me, and that it

for balence of unpaid

also eevera, fitted tage and caces | 4,


TT the “Thorp Tragedy,



t v a Pe a
Tae Mer os cecel Hore of

Ble, —In te

roprasented a1 euylag

ealled at my residence and In

bears reference to the awonnt dug to bim

Mr Allingharm kaows fatty well that I
hold a receipt dated 30th Mey 1006, offua-
tersigoedl by himself, for the amonat of
the premlun —the sane suns for which the
tole wan originally givea. Mr Allingham

salou aware that he canovt obtain a judg:

mest against me fur that eum as I bave
been fur years the Company's Sollortor and
at this nioment [ bave a bill agefoet them
for upwards of 300 dollars and one againet
the decessed (yr his personal mattere w bich
would easily be set vif

Therefore Chie ouuversation spoken to
by Mr Allingham which be 1s supposed to
have had with Mr Thorp isa pure fabel
ealion and could aut bo sible ia the
faceof the above facts But allow me,
Mr Editor, to tell you the reason why Br
Alliugham has ey acted. On the very
nextday of Me Thorp’s death, Iwas asked
by bins (afr Alllegham) to hand eome dod
umeote whieh I baa fa my pomemion ae
Soliclvor for the Company and also his pil-
vata papers. I refasni to do so.
offeuce at my refusal Subseqaentl
@ume and asked me if I wonld come dowa
with him acd expisin to the Coroner the
teapoos for Mr Thorp ev writiag, I men
tioned to him that I wonld net volootarily
to WS, Unt ff ofticiatly ssked I would have
Bo objsction, Accordingly [ waa asked
aod made the atatement which appeared
in this day's isane.

E leave the meatier now to the judgment
of the public to placa whichever interpre-
tation Uiey feel diepused tu cine to, feel-
tng sure that eanugh hw een seid to
show that Mr Allioghans wae not jestifed

ie in giving that evidence which he has

coukd nut aliow bis to go unanswered
asthe evidence heirs saggestions calow-
lated to Injare tee,
Thanksog you, ble Editor, fur allowing
tne epacg in your colons,
1 remain, Sr,
Yours ivaly.
Avovstus Taown,
4th May $907. e

~Empifo Day at Princes Town.

May 2ith procises to be a ela day in
the "tows of the F'rince: ” jedulag from
the preparations eing mate The schol
are of the various sohoolsof Princes Towa
along with * doteg ites” trou uther
in the Wand Lowa will muster together
in the Wardeu's offvs an! mary ap to
take partia the procenli ysat KagHy's
Keersdtion Grow, beter known a@
Uirten Util Pastare. (be append the
Provisional programme,


1, March Past the Flag in Fours = Sehoot
{ « Jompanies

2% Song The Ol Apple Tree” , School

Address W. C, Nock Eoq
bE eta feo
—** Loyalty to the Flag

(All I children
6. Soa—"' Vietorla the’Gool” | Govern.

«tent Schuol

Address Hey, Dr, Jériceon
8 Em blewathe Urilt andthe Plaating of
9 Song—" Hail Kiag of Many Nations

( aigaish EB. C. School
lu, BSoug—"* Rale Brittanaia’, .. Wesleyan

UL, National Anthem sod Cheers te the.


Altera brief respite daring which the
chfldcea will be servel with refreshments
Athletle spoite will be istuigel in for
which some good prizes will be presented
to the stovessful buys and girle compet
tors, ag woll ae the alults fur whoma few
eventa are reserved, The school *marebiag
t” ia Lest oder will be awarded « auit-
able prize, Oa the whole the conmilties
ts doing everything posable to afford the
aclwol childreo, especially a “flue time"
and the epectatore an enjoyable day. A
stuall charge will be made fur entrance to

the grounds on the occasion,


The Anoual Sports, Anolversiry, et,
fa opanection with Juavenite Hraook
of Conct Lily of ere, No 8901, AOF.
will take place during the moath. The
Sports will be beld on Saturday the 11th
fost, at the Woodbrook Square at noon,

fembers are asked to be punctual fo

Oa Sunday 32th there will be « special
service and eveoiog demonstration at
Tranquility Chapel atépm. The ser
mon will be preeched by the Rev JG
Joknson Members are apked to gather
ar the Court room) at $ pm. The dis.
tribution of prizes in coonectlon with
the Sports aod the readiog of the
Anditors report etc, forthe past year
will take place at the Church House
ou Wednesday the 15th Jost at 7.30 p.m,
Pareats and faends are cordially invited
{ attead the service snd the distribution
of prises.

——2 ap
Board of Industrial Tralning,
At the first mesting of the Board of
Indastriat Traloing beld in the Counell
Chamber at 2 pao on ridey the ard
otant, preseat — The Inapector o}
Bebools (Me. J if. Collene) Chairman,
the General Stacager of Railways (Mr,
HL. 1k Marwood), Me DN Hebo. itr
J.H Museo, Mr C OB. Franklin, Me, T.
Jackeoo, Me 1. Tice The Cheirmas
gave a brief resumé of the ciroumstances
whieh bad led to the sppoistment of
the Buard. Applications for tbe post of
fecretary. ta the Board were prosssted
by de, FB Jeckeoo Loloojal Beers.
rye oe, bie. W. Kenn ucat
Office, Mr. A. M. Basiloo, "boreromrat

Lrboretory and Me. A.V Koow!
Custome Department, After oonaider.
ation of these it was resolved thet Mr.
Jackson be appointed Seoretary to
the Busrd, provided bis daties can be
Otellable wheareqaired, The Ubairmag
teed @ rough dratt of pro; tegala.
thoas for the Moensiag of qualified arth
bana aod the ovodues of genoral busioess
4c, whiobe bad prepsred, and it was
Gecided that these thould be priated ang
ulated amaosgat cembers for conalds
ware sits bert eeitog

@ ad\eur Ot S18 no,
Wedaewtiy We Liv lumange 2 Bt 8

Sn someneetntnah... a eileen areata NTR

LL nega

Everything for Shoomakin

Shoo Threads, NooJlo:, Lristlos, Tuoks, Lasts, Urass aod trot
Awls, Awl Haucles, Buttons, Eyelets, Boot Protectors Shoe Kitk,
. Shoo Rasps

Black, Col’d and Champagne t
Spanish and Creole Sole Leather

Silka Linings, Webs, Brown. Black and White Kiastlo, Ink
Heel Balls, Shoe Tools, Box Calf. Satin Sidos,

London outlay

Black, Brown and White Pol


it order to clear thea: out we have reduced many odd lines
vidioulourly low prices, This is a usique opportanit '
get good, round, deg articles at Beeget ech Por Salty or you ty

White Covered Vegetable Dishes .. te 120,
White B sine, 13 incbes ... wea tee
White Salads. oe ses . on Ue Be, 1
White Roa lr, 7) inches8 ceats, uv} joches ... 10, -
White Seat Dishes, 10}

ins 320, 711 ins The, IDins .
White and Gold Tex Piates oe


When you buy a Carriags sos dime want ous ths will eeguice
ingin three orfour monhs Our CREOLE BULLT WO0grES a
liko our CREOLE BUILT FURNTLURE — finy the ma
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We havo several on show now. Lavo a lo o* at them,



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TH® DON, ¢
Boys’ aud Gant’s Tailors, Hatters and Outils

TheLatest stapes] Ap Newest

IN ie - ~i

Black Silk Ap | Pana
ano cuNCAL| og CO” URG | Brazilian
< | ow)
HATE. |"{ amet Cwires| HATS!
SEE OUR Special Live of STRAW HATS~ uow opened sl de

John. Eoadlye d&zce

At No. y, Broadway,


Ever, seen in Trinidad, a


Columbus Carriage and Haruess Oo. of Au

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A NEW rtatune iN TRINIDAD,

The Latest Bradley Coupled.
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awsou’s Perfection Whisky,




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For Porityine Drinking Water,

G, Henry Btrvor!)


GEO. R. ALSTON & 60.
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WHITE, * »



“Saw Mill Work


r : aa South Quay...

BAW MILL, 32 South Quay,



‘The Exchange’—9 Frederick Stroot




Brown Holland, Morcerisod Piques, White Piques, Now Mus:
+ hog, Ladies’ Roady Made Skiris—Assorted Colours aud Prices


BEAUTIFUL NAINSOOKRS,— 3¢ins, wido at-Go yard.
“ABEAUTIFUL COTTONS,— Séing wide at @ conte yard —


’ ed “the eatire Hucioess formerly carried on See Huxpzagon,
ee Havisa iGo. I beg to aolielt from my friends, customer, aod ibe gectral
‘ public, a coatiouance of ibedr former patronage.



Rheumatic Compound


Price 4°. per bottle at the CREOLE PHARMACY.

ee eee



Whe has net read Triby, the famoas
wevel of French life a be wees monde with
tte demedy and tragedy mixed ap aa it
were in one ghastly dish. Welrd, roman
the. With lncidenta ridiealoas and
satis, It js an ever varying contrast of
the tiltiag ewd the | senons phases
ef heaman tory. Fall of pas
elon it sl im places and brinifal
of those Inckients to whiel flenh fs aocus-
tomed acd seeing these thingsacted before
ones eyes is to live, to niove and te hare
one's being ae natare apparently (ntevided
itto be. Thore who will go tothe Victo-
ria Loatitate to morcow night have pome-
thlog la store which'they will appreciate
from beginuing to ende There is not a dall
moment throughout the play. Ae Trinkdad
plagqoers wall know, the moving spirit
of thindrama ie Srengall The part ts
takea by Me HH. V. Laughlin: and he
ighly anderstande ite interpretation
The, get up te perfect, simply perfect ; the
1 black ccatume, with facial expression
eightened by artistle tonvhes here aod
there adds effect to the pourtrayal of #
demoniscal character and Sif, Laugh
In, yodging feom the rehearsal Inet night
will net disappoint bis many admirers.
jaacting Is, we say anhesitatingly, in-
comparabld gosture,pose, facial axpreasion,
digital action, fixity of gate are irre.
proachable, Fault may perhaps be foand
with the accent which is not quite ea
foreign as it should be ; but every t! hing ele
ie magnetio to a degree which is anrprising
fn one who hae mm adcnatomed ty the
noanic happeainge of Socal mediocrity
rengall, asthe rdle was played on Satur
day night, scored a hage success and we
rentare to predict thatihere will le bo
bwo opinions vo that score tu morrow
night. Nextto this mesmeric character,
muust be placed Tiilby Mre. Chartie
Smith bas thle difheult part entrasted to
her aad he ie by no means insensible
to the grave responeibility Aitaching
to heracting. THeaatifal, fall of emotion,
aod capable of retkoting a wealth of paseion
ta both look and utterance «he tiny ly hokis
heraudlencespel! bownd in thesercralacenes
io which ebe appears, And whatof ttle
Billy aod Taily (Messrs R.A Swan and
Jeha Wharton) and what again of Sand
Use Laird of Cockpen (Mir J Sneddon},
These wre the faithfut presentations of
the Britieher — strong, sincere, and
Lrmfat of trapepurent henesty, There
tano mistaking these characteristics aa
they ateskewn up bytheenateur actors
named, The consictiou forces iteelf on
the audience that thee are men ia whow
there into gris, ten tine ae steel and
pore asgold. The otter parte are under.
otudtes and although on Saturday olght
they evemed to try to give themeelree up
to alandon ia reprceenting their severs|

| parts, yet in places there were traces of

woahuees aad uvcerlaiaty of action which
somewhat marsed the dressed rehearsal,
Bat the principal characters very ably sus:
tained their parte anu the whole piece

wont with a ewing that augure
well for Jtamorruw night’ perfor.
irauce. full howe fe asa

wesey more it is deservod, if une may
come sto apy conclusion from whet one
saw at last uight’s rehearsal. See Trilb:
tho beautiful aud the tine; ree Svengals
the myaterious, the cynical and the byp-
notice “and thea ace the genuine heart
of the BritisLer aa it is rtrayed
by the aitlate Tally, Sandy and Little
Milly, The ecenery we may mention
bas been fmwperted from Iichard Douglas,
scenic galuter of London, and suine of the
costumes have been seat out to order by
French & Co. of the Strand, London.

St, Andrew's Colf Club,

The Vice-Tresident’s Prize Gentlemen's
Foursume—score play a balls, beat tall to
count waswon by Br. J. © McLellaad
aod Mr. K. dkinuer yetterday afternoon

Mr. J. R. Wileoa

with «nett score of 3
anid Nr, J. Lockhart Were secord with 40

Britain and Her Colonies,

Me W.T Stead, the English journalist
haa addreesed the following letter to the
London correspoudent of the “New York
American,” in acawer tu a statement
which appeared in that paper, io which
he was made to sppear aa predictiog the
duaruption of the Empire

* | wagamazed and cor founded to read
ia the “New York American” of Febra
ary 2uth, that I bad been making last
mooth 1n London a series of predictions
which 1 vever made, aod which if I hed
made woubd qualify mo for « Junatic
arylum. Cooasnter oe the kindly per:
sonal relations which havo always exist-
ed between the “New York American”

good as to
cable me repadiation of the imputation
thus thrown upon my sanity,

“No one ia this country—Jeast of all
@yrel(—drearms of keeping tied liberty
loving colonies ta the mother coustey,
if totercat dic'ated separation, but so far
from predicting dismemberment on that
acceuut, Kerejoice to koow thet the ab-
solute freedom of our colonies to atay or
to go, be the best of at] secur} yes thet in
the future, as fo the present, the:
will remaia paited with us ia a free en
equal brotherhood dictsted ooly by in-
tereet and coovecrated by sentiment,
Having been all my life a pssnonate
advocate for tbeunity of the Eoghab
speaking peoples; it is absolutely locon-
eeivabls to me bow apy one sould
impute tome a desire to diemuwber
aod disrupt ova of the two great politi
cal organications within which the Kn-

lieb speaking world Gods shelter to

“{fon English paper were to des-
cribe Mr. Heart’ se predicting aod
gluatiog over the joevitable break up
of the Americen reyublic, be could pot
serent toch a malicious calumny snore
stropgly than L resent this abomloa
bie imputation apon wy devotivn to
bosd ‘of Tree well gorertiog repel

o reg be overotog republics
ia all bat ta bane whieh for £ ent of
a better came we call the Brith

acd auyself, will you be 0

XY teul
wae erent (


OME of
mut if tbat fe 2a eee Wy

tepresepled to be apd fet ev:

to@ur wetboda, A

me dofind will take Yee plelng
Sin of « {U8 RED MORTAR" in Evederisk Steel


Shamrock CC.

VURRUANT (6 anmegacemnent, (he ahove.
clal Lek an At Home” un thetr ground
yesterday afternout, entertaining a lar,
aml fashicnable gathering ot ftienle
to witness Icendly game of erisket
Vetween Oleil Serv members aad
the ‘Rest’ of the Clab. Great interest

was evinced In Lbe proceatings consequent
wpon the vocation being aa Jt ieloped, the
firet of a series of * At Homes.* The

‘* Rest” won the tose and on going to the
wieket ran up @ totel of 133 rane; the
jecipal acorere being O Camming, W.
ray N. Betancoust, kh. McFarlane, who
made 24, 23, 27, aod 16 respectively. The
Civil Service only managed to reallee 75.
The only bateman who seemed to ae;
tate the bowliog wae J, Urithth w


Me Branch’s string band was present,
aod enlivened the proceedings with sweet



The “*Casnaln FC, engagn a team of
footballers dru Suu bersendo on the
Ciydentale ground yesterdsy afteruoun
io'the presencecf a rather tieagre gather
ing of spectaters, During the firet balf,
play was somewhat uf even (quality, Mat-
tera however, assumed a different aspect
during the latter half, ptay being wuels
livelier; in the result (he Lomesters secared
the only goal of the cuntest—oue to oil-
Consilering the victore are etitl fo chele
embrio atage, they shoald be cnngratulat-
ed oa the enccese, F. Dilerly and Jackeoo
fer the homestere shone brightest, and
Torrence ant R Jobneon for the San Fer-
nandian’s pldyed a hand and stabborngame,

The following were the teams. a.
sale FO, T. Jackson (goal), G. Owen, 1
Brierly (kahs), A. McCracken, J. Moad-
fey, and R. Swan (half backs). D. Ander.
won, VV. Harragtn, J. Rochford, H. Bowen,
BS. Uilerly (lorwants),.

San Fernamta FO,—A. Ro Turnbull
igen, M Johnetone, J, Binpeon (backs),

. IL Seott, R. A. Torrence, McCalman |
half backe}, T. Camptell ¥, de Ganves,
tomer Sohnatone, Robert Juhustene, E.
Sanderson (forwards).

Cramophone for Savages.

Colonel Hayes Sadler, the Governor
of the British t African Protectorate,
has made acertes of journeys among
wild tnbes in a coustry which*had bi-
therto not been visited by whites. LHe
was accompapied by bis wife, who bad
always travelled with him oo bie tours,
not only io East Africa, but in Somali.
nad, 0 anda aod India He had en
e of Kiog’s African Rufles, The
natives, some of whom bad been bither-
to regarded as boatile, mantigated a keen
doaire to core into elcece touch with the


The London ‘Express,’ telling of his
trips, cays a gramophone wae found
wonder(ully useful ia promoting a good
upderstan ing On one occasion, ia the
trans-Tana district, twenty thousand
natives visited the Uovernore camp,
The march past lasted four hours, The
roultstude of natives formed up in a hol.
low equare, the warriors in jines four
or five deep, brabdishing their ebield
pile behind, the women were placed

the Governor, who, together with Mrs.
Hayes Badier and balf a dozen
wasia the middle of the syuare, wont
forward and asluted each chief in his
own tongue, When the formal! part of
the ceremony wae concluded a gramo-
phoow concert was given. This caused
the wildest excitement among the na-
tives, who degcribed the machioe as the
4 great big medicine,’ The proceedings
were concluded by Colonel Hayes Sedier
explalniog to the head men and chiefe
their poaition with regard to the govera-
mest. Thedisplay of friendiinces was
the more remarkable aa theas tribeemen
had only letely been brought under con:
trol, They form the chief labour supply
of the protectorate, and the natives
even warch asfar aa the cosat to get
work on their own acoouut,

Women In Parilament.

Protests by women iu Parliament were
not okoona during the Middle Ages,
Btow tells os approvingly ofs ‘crow of
stout dames’ who bad the couraye in 1433
"to checke agreat Duke sa opeo Paria:
meot’ ‘There was one Mistris Stokes,
be proceed ‘with divers other stout
women of London, of good reckoning,
well apparrelled, came 0 aly to the
opper parliament aad delivered lettera
to the Duke of Gluucester aod to the
Arebblaboppes aud to otber Lordes there
present, coutatolog twatter of rebuke and
sharp reprehension of the Duke of
Gloucestés, va account of ble treatment
of hie wife Jaquiliene, ‘Bat what good
puccesse their labours tooke, wy Author
reposteth not,’ Loodon CAéranicle,

peace heat naeenneaeny

Lady's Love Cake.

Among the Jost property taken to
Henley # poco seation, Fioadon, mye
the News of 044 Werbd, on Back Holids
wate lady's purse, which coutained,
wuiunget other things, the followiog
strange secipe ja the owacrs owo
weitlog —

For Love Cake -4 ounces kisses, 4
sweet fips, preased well together, 8
ources love, q-ounce teasing, § ounce
equoeting. Bake well together ja young
man's ars, and serve bot in the dark,


“Conductor,” raid the geapicg passed:
, vali trysog to tejse & win
there ae at feast a billiba microbes ta

tis vat onghtto be able to stand that

can,” growled tha street
IE the eoactor” “ Wedon't gets blamed
cent for carrying ‘eta,”


to wfer that our low

position. After the formal greetings 7 Son,


, ices are due to inferior goods, t's to

St Nargaret’s Church.

— 1
Govszqurnt spon the wish of the
parishioners and others of St Margaret's
atrict, of a repetition, a “Parcels Eve-
ning, a novi
came off om Friday last {a the schooirnom
of 8 Margaiete Charch, Belmont, De-
apite the somewhat disappoioting attend.
a, the entertalument wag
jena amasing. The centre of at.
traction wae the anctionseriog platfona
on which various alzed parools were ptaced,
Me O NeKinoery on whom the once of
the euetloncering fell, performed hie task
with a apirit bearing on the comic alde,
and cansed @ roar of laughter by the Site
‘uae’, Mr Waterman's gramophove ren
dered several lively pieces, aad together
with recitations an: none greatly enfiv-
eved the function, which oawe to a
eiose near ppon midalght.

There will be an exension on Whit Mon-
day, when the pariqttoners of the Fiat
Dry River District, wnder the Kev. B. E
Ince, joining those of 3t Margaret's perab
will oarney ,to Tabeqaite. Tickets will
to sold at de, the ' 4 te be divkled
between the tea parishes, There te aleo
to be a steamet excarsion ¢o Lares on the
Dh tortant

cm True, Every Day is







And See the Display ot

Nore eee * Can't by BRAT oat hell
ONDAY - m.—JAluehel ai .
crite for’ members detailed. 8 tomy aS ins PRICE, from oouts anak
Reetulial Drill - D upwards
TUBSOAY Gtil=3 pm.—Masketry as on .
> donday. . Anda Speoint Lane g
Wavemucy, 871-3 th —Muskouy a9 | 32 Sa ase@en deca cea 18 cents to 12 conta. 3

oday—7 pm.~Recruite’ Drill,
S pw. Semaphore Chase
Tuceaoay Ort SN p.w Marin Sections

Faivvy lorit-3 pm Artillery Seotion's


Assortment of

Barunpay Lita- 3p m—aAll Gonpantes
parade ‘* fufantry Training.”
ee Hs, 4, 41, 100, 12 and 113 will be

Mondays Court List.


At Sin Cents. x

Bankruptey of Sebierbols,


Mitcbell vy Guardiao Insurance Uo,
aod Hamburg Insurance Co. Lal bares,
v, Poolbassiah, Narabao v Salemia,
Williams and another v Charles, Bris-
tol v Uristol, Cayer v Hammond, Ger-
maiov Admioistrator Generaf, Oon-
nor y Admivistrater General Roberts
v Roberts and another, Lee Lum and
Compacy ¥ Johason, Vignale v_ Dick.
eon and others, Kangaloo v Administra
tor General, Grell aud apother v Fran:
cois, Pena vy Pens, Lee Lum y Aqul,
Hora ¥ Boueo.

WHITE COTTONS from 4 conts—Unboaten Valuos, LACKS frony
1 cont and EMBROIDERIES from 2 vents.

Special Lines in Boots & Shoes, 3

W.C. ROSS & CO.,





Corner of Queen and Frederick Streets,



Constabulary Band,

Tue followiog programme will be played
under Acting Baudmaster Elliot, ibis al.
ternoon at the Botanic Gardens :-
Mareb, (from the Oratorio).....David.ccoe

‘aod Absalom......Loogburt.
Overture sLusteplel. . Keler Béla,
Sacred Soug

Suite de Dallet....Lee Deux Pi
A Soldfer's Toast. t

Nearer wy Ciod to thee...

DS creme


Life Assurance Society, Ltd,

Astabliahoecl: (Misty! Kaenwe.


Ix the Distrieb Court on Batarday His
Honour Mr. Justice Kussell gave {adiwent

case beard two weeka sgn in which
& dectal surgeoa was accused of slapplog

& patients (© washer woman} ‘ _
extracting @ tooth —His Honour said . 2 (eeeereaarersesae a
he bed. carefully considered thie CLAIMS PAID aoe oe ass £21,000,000 @
case and he had come tu the conclu. ASS _ “e ea and! 7
sion that it woald not be safe for bim to sat on aad ae ane nee tn vse 8,000,000

ward asy danages to the plantia, INCOME oe . bee on fe oe oâ„¢%,-71,980,000 &

There waa a very warked contlict of testi.
mony between the Plstatiit and hor cow
paoion, aod Dr. Estebrooke and his
aeistant, who was present on the occasion,
Iv was a case of two oaths agalast two

oaths, and the ouus belngon the pisies}
bedid not sce any elrcametties which
would justify bim in accepting the story
put forward for the plaiotitt and entire!
disclaiming thet put forward br
Hatebrouke, He (the judge) wae the
morg yocltned ta take tbls view, as be
could not help thinking that the plafotitt's
own story Was very much exaggerated, He
could couceive that a haatyiuea ofa musy
who aflected any rougbuess of wauper
malght have given (he women # slap, bat he
¢o uot possibly croditthe story that he
ttrack ber & serlous blow such as to cuuse
bet serigua injury and thea advise ber to
gu sod poultice it, Me might say that
wee au exeggersied story, aod |) when
people exaggerated the truth they must
ke the risk of the whole story being
discredited thereby, Dr. Estalaqote’s re-
putatiua was of course lavolved io this
matter, It was not merely — matter of
money, and it must strengthes the fostioy
wbtoli be hag that it would nut be ste to
fury jodgwentfuethe platutit, He (the
of oplalun that thle meter



Liberal Policies free from vexatlous réstrictions.


For full particulars apply to

Sole dyunte vee Trinwdud


The Sign of the Times 4




toy to bave teen” brooght elore. tie D emand your attentron. Zs
btipeadiary Juste of the Peace. Wi

this matter was in Court before, bls atteae
tlon was celled to a certain sectiua of a
Weal ordinanve and be read it hurriedly,
as one had to do ia that Court when there
was a lung roll to be got through j—be re.
ferred to Lue Gret sub seotiv, and tle buy.
prowsion created in bi talad (whetber
there wae ag intention ta oreste thas im.
presslua or uot) wee that that was the
whule ouppensation thas could be giveo.
Ia the peat subsection, however, be gee
cbould bavg been wade to the Btipend
duction aod then application cunld ben
besa meade for sock ocrapensation, je
pirejee meat for the elendeot bat he
ound neither party dss ind to costa.


Exporioncs and Wisdom go hand-in-hand, 4

Ihave the one and you'the other, t
TEE Wwin0ox



Whore vour money Buys the moat

bonever, by trading bere occasionsily, That's the h a. ' .
’ re gf OUP Bod s : place you ought to buy trom.” ‘That's the
perier #9 ers it 2 i Teop pos ib ape rales st, toy as largely as to BUppurt, Place you ought :


Remsmnber the Wileox Boot und Show $t6re f ‘
Boots, the Watshonan of your jarernaterston ‘1G Prawn ep





Bole Agents.

E a ee
eid FOR RENT -
OTTAGE FO RENT. —No, 7 Marli
F Coarees, contatolog Drawiog, Dining
M. sad 3 Bedruoms, Dressing rovm aod froat
vlerys usual out bouses, Bewessge and
teetric fight instatlet. Mossoasion 1st

k Pov 03 Pieaduty
pS Drawing, Ding au
naa! outhouses,

Dureet ovotaining
edroume aud

B No Ot Goarge Street, guntaining Draw.
P log, Duing, 3 roows and usual ont-
Pas, buwsos, suitable for as uall fauily.—Apply
to Henry § Vieira, No, 1 Ubacon Bintel,
vt my May 3rd 1007

: yee REN L314 Woutford street, vue
: minote » walk trum the Savangal—
ately occupiod by J A, Gordon, Manager
a Sova Scots Bank, It bas drawing and
5 puome, 3 bod ryoms and dressing rooms, front
Band side gallovies. Sewersze and electric
ie Apply 3 Keate Stree. —May lst.

70 LET =Car tiage ovroer uf Dundonald
\,. and New btieet, near the Savannah
pol aad healch Jocaluty. Accommods-
bewer laid on—

wih ey Sire, ae Fredene bereets

B eacrs to Sesss Lima & Co, No

e telus {at gant on the hres Rent moderate,
to batocit & So.>

ee T.—No. 108 Fr Teri treaty

+A laqeand comfortable house cuatain-

» gees, and dining joon:s, with four

abian, dressing rooms, frout gallery,

weworege and electric light,

Foret Soonyiod the by Albert Maugot

are. 2 Koate Btreet.—April

Kt OR RENT --House 92 Tragerete Ruad.
poe U Bdectie liut icatalied, $15 pee month,
Mi Possession tat May. Apply to Charles ¥.
Biollae: yore Biter, 5 ibmood Street.--

{ha 3) Dere treet
Bloc Lig ght pees Be voranes tables
ped toval ont houses, reat $3) perf wooth,
poromioa, Avply tu CHARLES
Dromet ‘woitioa, 5 tlichmond street.
f“4 pril 16th.-—Inou,
0 Y BENT 3 ~Two jerge Dedroows, far-
ot » vod ty potarnelt with of with.
nerd. —l.ease apply, Anglo Amer
fin ta Hota, 13, Koox Streot,
uk KENT —a comfortable Coptage
Neo. 201 Belmont Circular Road, oo9-
ing $ bedrooms, dialog, and drawing
ethane % drewing rovms, usual and oud

ger ferment Apply ta No. 64 Queen Sirect.

BEV VAOR RENT.— House No 43, Tragarate
er River Coatalning we diakog, two
i two drssing rooms, froot
ce tod stud lectrio Nghe in-
ae om fend ms neual cotottons
ltunsadiate eee
; at Messre, scbjolsate Me Hollez,—
ad on

jarge two atorey
residence Na iz Frederick treet,
ce Dow secu pied by en, rete. Posaea.
alow ten Alay. partion culara
b, ee tebe 3 eet Beigers & Mijos
i CoN f.—ifou No [Ol Woodlara
Wiiwet cuntaluiuy drawing aud dining
bedroums with out ofices,

St. AT Rukaand su ei
yy. Possession Jat Ma:
Bolen. F. weollmeyer’s othos, 5 Ticunlt |

° Tae fe Btrect, nen
ova temas Park Eavanoab, furuiabe

. ig ng ao Tew rude, «4
pero O06 ulbose front aud alde gal
ectrio Light and sew

- ie Ist June MM

@ ja-

drmsiog rooms, gruileriea front d
be” te! slvcutie onthe Arey 3 Keate

Oe contfortabl
ee ee. aeebersteriat iS ana 13 Vievorla Avoane,
oadlue Prenion! vee vor fur rian “ Vartoalars
dims ivan W Gece ‘Nureeth nA


Possenoa L5ch April, Only $12 | -


Novelties fn
Novelties in
Novelties in
Novelties n
Novelties in
Novelties in
Novelties in





Orrice : vee Is, U Uuacon Sraxrr

Roard of “Managemont.

Fon. d, ee Chelem an
irs rf.

BIL. Sternexs, E
iaes. Ex
QC Srottmerze,
Nog, A. Waaner, Counsel,

” TRIMMINGS. AF Marntsox, Secretary

ae one toes LACE LACE GOODS Amount insured to 80th
aioe) we) EMBROIDERIES. Inna 1908 — $580,970, 00
wee RIBBONS. Anu of Guarantead

eases FANCY GOODs. — 119,587 50

Wear Well, Fit Well Look Well.




Newest Shapes & Styles—all Sizes.


5, Frederick street,




Ex Schr ‘Valkyrie’ from St Vincent

50 lierves
6 Do.

Ex RMS,‘LaPlata’ from South’'mpton



ee eee

200 Saw» CONDENSED MILK—1 1h ting


50 HU-Firkos

—}lb tins — Milkmaid




200 Cases VERMOUTH—Fints—Noily Prat & Co,

400 Boxes

25th April 1907,

Which we Have decided ave decided to Gloar out




PRICES CANDLES—50/4s, 200/88, 130, 12s.

Materluls, aud in the latest desigua,

4ft Qing by Zit for - ,.


Glendinning’s Dress Fabrics;

Do. —Zwicker's

‘San wratoom”


We have au ovorstock of theso High Class CARPETS all of tho best

Guaranteed bed Reserve Food 60,000 00

Trinidad Building and and |:
Loan Association,
Office —18, , Chacon .8t.,

FIVE two half peney disideods of 4%
TL euch, doc} wed bythe Board of Directors
for Nuh of Tune aod 31ut of December last,
having Loon eanctioued by tho Shareholders
at the Aouual General Moeting beld on
the 19th lostauty embers sybeee Shares
ave matured aod whose Mortgages are
pow released by yoann oa hate nnared
cov, are hereby invi a to
undersigned, at the Ottice of the Teetotstion
for any cash balances to which they may
be entitled in virtue of the aforesaid

tary & Treasurer,
hr ert-ot-Spala,
+ MMaroh Zot, 1907.

Us Regiatra Lineal

Great Reduetion Sale. |oyiq . Mm





Consisting of

Cashmeres, Poplins, Grepolines, Urepa-de-Chines,




Selling at front 48¢, to $8c, yard—-ALL AT



JAB Etro, DS. |SEEOCH & Co.



Have secured GOLD MEDALS of the highoet awarda wherever they have been
exhibited. The only CIGABS and CiG

Ey! No, 4, Sackville Street,
Opposite the Police Barracks.

OR BALE. ~A Fiee cocus

1 sixteen acres, with about
trees more or Jess, Dwelling ale eel
cova house, driviog road from Prin,
way Station to the apot.
Situated just about 3 bundred feet from
Tarib Trace Juoction on the Bao de lest
pe For farthe particulars apply to F,

| A. Pex, Princes Towne
ious dwelling
KY house ituated at vibe entrance] to St.
Augustine estete, Tunspuoa, The house
is substantially built and conveniently er-
fen ed for « large family, There is &
losal trula station opposite the house and
oe Be. Augustine Kecreation grounds,
The site ie very healthy the sanitary
aud water eopply excellent. 2 sores of
land. The buusé is at present let to «
dstrabie tenaut Price moderata—For
rticulare please ory, to O.W.M. The
Pert of b Gasette Office, April rd.<


fo NT, FitzGerald Lane.
roe House and Land, 26) ft. frontage, and
96 tt, depth. Appl. 'Â¥ to the office of this
rapt =24tb April, 1907.

SALE OR RENT,—Luacknow Cot
Ii one Bu Jaues, the reskdenoe of ve
Farnutu, possession tet May 1007. It ts
besuuifally stu eltuated facing tho Varrison
Avenue, Coutains naval rooms for large
family t Le. Diawing room, dining room, 4
‘a with dressing-rooms attached,
stobling for 4 horses, Can be
rented with or gil out guince grass plece
at back, od ean be bad on « lov,
lease Gyinrebent, Appt ny at Post otiice nea
door fur keys and to fr, Gambal, Crown
Lands Department for all particalars,
OR SALE OR RENT. “tikes Manor*
4107 Bt Vincent Stree A family residence
with every convenience, Croquet lawa and
beautifal” dower eerien adjvining house.
Sencieze aod elutne Hybt, lerge yard
wud stalling accoumodstlen tue fuur anol
wale, Verriage bouse & , &6. Possession
Luk duue For further parcionlare 8 ppl:
to Mahal BP, Maillard
Store.” April 24th Joy

Apbly bs

JRO BALE.—A Hine coous property “of

Out roftices

Commission Agent
M4, Heasy St, Port-ol- Spain,


LIM Board offcred io a large hous,
W Bhiuation buct part la lortettpels,
Apply Gussie Ufa

Redsdal 24th -lan



cED | a

AS if be large russ by
TAD LOAN OO. as Frederieh

Ir ¥. A. Nightingale

Ban Ferzando,




the 0 sanalce 2 Interoatioaal
ate, Ua Beige in quality nd aroma,

ETIES awarded a

Exhibition, 1891
ttew are for smokers of culture and discernia

certificate of honour

manahi' dBi “Hlecdi of M
cla Work manship ent es en eg o ot aor CIGARS! AND

Be&J B


ILA Py DEA Estabished 1878,
86 and #8 Harbons tenes Jamalcs,



The Milk can ONLY be bad

&P Owe

Al EE oO


And Brom Onr VANS



Neither cant my prices for Goid Chains Watchos, ‘Gold Banyt d
re dog Rings, if you take quality inte consideration: “an

aoe to Made, Gold,

gits/..uieed as fopresented,


38 ¥raderick Stroot.
pet Aa aa wife. Soonte

-_ | TAKE



Gpod 4


house apt
sits dom te Titer encaps atte Be
. 8
Bid Apts ele, VA aie Rae

— .






16, Chacun Stet.


1 First Glass Rage Wood

“BLEVEU' =O heap at #300
Vere died Se ond Hand


eam SW tu Soa. and


HE yadersiy ed begs to
public ia agaist ha popula

vodertake cess at Commision,
Shipping and "once Agent, also Tallying

Teowpt wettiowent and general satles
faction yusrautesd,
Orbce i—No, 56, Chacon Btsy
Sao sa Fernando,


Dramatic Performance.

By Gor Du Seurer, Diamatued
by Lotter,

te MA
Svancaly we mn Mn i ny igcgnls
aff , othe
cane So et
~ for
Reverend Bags % Cother *
Jou Zou “ue = jobn Sneddan ,
jor ote ase ag Perretra
Manager Kaw Patttipe Coss, Sm ch
Avibeay a. wwe ae Oe Stale
Lenmar one « oo =O Cumming,
Tarer Mra. Coas, Sauth
phan wews Hal Gost
Angele = “ i Pataloes
Prices of Admiston 1A5e, and aay Mem
Bnd Associates. half-price,

Play commences at 8 15 promp Plan
Too opes at Stapbens id, 1 and the
Victers Lostiture from 7 pm.



£ Warden will attend at the Tebs
ite Branch Otfice og the vedermec
eee fer the purpose of rece:

Ls From, 10am."
6 uingRs,

Yridey, May ith, in
un «dane

» 8 in .

Waidews V:
ud Vcr


HH Larelleucy t tbe Governor has besa
leased to spprove the losin
wheel Feral for coe mouth, from fou:
DAY, the 2ad justant, co BATURVAS,

the Sich Ste {both days inclusive) ‘of the
Depts { Road Usion,

po the Carua!
roa: ite juoctton wet tbe Ub -
tet Hele tetromarn aa
ce eet, ine
culvert may be buus, ‘ “ ‘

By Goi
aes” “oll i“onDon,
Coleaial 1 Seatac Utes, tecraiargy
19d April, 1907.





HK attention of ts 4
Tireechtpene Os: 4
Feira Later Colonial Basliary
Yon veatioa 1004 and to to the requirement

“anip Irtlag the ghutts ra eprretent
“by the cot Imaediately
“before se‘dep departore ol the veare},

Measurce will be taken byt the Health
Ontcer of Shipping lo wocare destruction
of moaquitos vo ourdy 00 a2 to enabig
Bim to dente the req rad cortitieate.

Ut whli be e: to
Heaith Odor, ori ae cee thas thy

of the
from erpete si ich may

wer ooony nan . toe Caaver

soi gui ive 4 rau