Title: The Scoop : Florida 4-H dairy youth program update
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Title: The Scoop : Florida 4-H dairy youth program update
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Publication Date: August 2010
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* Southeast Milk.
Inc. Dairy Check
-Off, without
Dairy Check-Off
the Florida Dairy
Youth Program
would not be

To the dairymen
who donate their
time and animals
to allow the
dairy judging
youth to practice
at their farms.

The parents and
volunteers who
donate their
time to help the
youth in this

1'or int'in1,ilion jhoult Lh"
S),i u-N 'i OLLIh r'Fi i2rain
I).'O T ll'1 1l111.I dIdU llh
pl'iiio Lonta dt

BIlrt,,vv, IL~ ^S;l- n.?
so,;3-51l)-Na 77l itt.

tiri 'phll h-lll ia ull LdL
Animnl Sciences

%ljjla 1-11 Iaiiri %Imihn
The 63rd Annual State 4-H Dairy Show was held Sat February 20. 2010 in Kissimmee. FL at the
Osceola County Fairgrounds It was a great show and a wonderful turnout for our youth exhibitors The
show was judged by Dave Fisher of Illinois We would like to thank ALL the volunteers, parents and spon-
sors that showed support to this year's State 4-H Dairy Show Without these individuals the State
4-H Dairy Show would not be possible
In addition to the show. youth participated in many events, including showmanship. judging com-
petition. Quiz Bowl Competition. State Dairy Record Books. and Herdsman Competition Below we rec-
ognize the Champions from this year's past show

Ayrshire Grand & Reserve Grand Champions- sponsored by Kinney-Johnson Fabricators
Grand Lemola Kind Vera exhibited by Shiloh Anuez
Reserve Grand SL Cornelius's Anastasia exhibited by Sarah Luther
Brown Swiss Grand & Reserve Grand Champions-sponsored by Florida Brown Swiss Cattle Club
Grand FTE Dallas Dafadil exhibited by Kelsey Ahern
Reserve Grand R Bay Dans 448 exhibited by Kelley Jorgensen
Guernsey Grand & Reserve Grand Champions-sponsored by Gene & Jody Holcomb
Grand Lisa exhibited by Fallon Curren
Reserve Grand Turnpike Moondance Java exhibited by John McGehee
Holstein Grand & Reserve Grand Champions-sponsored by The Graham Farms
Grand Vermouth exhibited by Fallon Current
Reserve Grand Wild Rose Exclusive Lucy exhibited by Austin Carey
Jersey Grand & Reserve Grand Champions-sponsored by Novartis
Grand IOF Goldenboy Kilo So Sweet exhibited by Mariah Shelton
Reserve Grand Deerview Count Arlinda Two exhibited by Ross Laskey

Next year's State 4-H Dairy Show will be held Feb 10-13. 2011 & we hope to see everyone there'
For more information please contact Chris Holcomb or visit the Osceola County Fair webpage at
www osceolacountyfair com/index html

1-11 Iiair Programin I'lidihlle
For those of you that I have not already met. I would like to introduce myself My name is Chris Holcomb
and I am proud to be the Regional Specialized Extension Agent in charge of the Florida 4-H Dairy Program.
I graduated from the University of Florida in 2000 with my Masters Degree in Dairy Nutrition After
graduating college. I moved to New York and began a dairy operation and produced ice cream made from
our own dairy herd I have recently returned to Florida. and am excited to be involved in the Florida 4-H
Dairy Program As a youth. I participated in the Florida 4-H Dairy program. and have a strong passion for
the dairy industry Many dates and events are already planned for the remainder of this year and for the
upcoming year and we are looking forward to one of the best years in the program The focus of the dairy
program will shift slightly from where it was. to a more practical dairy farm-based program Those youth
that participate in the program will be more prepared to enter the industry and be-
come leaders of the future Many of the traditional events will continue, as will as the
return of some of the older events, and the implementation of new programs. If you
have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you would like more informa-
tion on becoming a volunteer in the dairy program, please let me know. Again I look
forward to working with the program and to meet each and everyone of you!

The University of Florida. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research,
educational information and other services only to Individuals and Institutions that function without regard to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital
status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations.

W m- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - -- -

National Guernsey Convention- June 2010
Quiz Bowl Competition

In mid-June a group of youth involved in the Florida 4-H Dairy program traveled to Lan-
caster, PA to compete at the National Guernsey Jr. Quiz Bowl Competition. The week
was full of events, including farm visits to many local dairy farms, a trip to a producer
making and marketing Golden Guernsey Dairy Products and trip with the other Junior
participants to Hershey Park. The Junior Quiz Bowl team, consisting of Shelbi McCall,
Chandler Ash, Alex Pluskot, and Ross Laskey, did extremely well and had the opportu-
nity to interact with other youth involved in the dairy program throughout the country.
The Senior Quiz Bowl team, consisting of Fallon Curren, Raychel Rabon, Kaley Brooks
and Austin Pluskot, competed very well in the quiz bowl competition and participated in
many educational events throughout the week. As always, we would like to thank the
gracious volunteers that accompanied the youth, Dianne Spann, Robin Laskey, Sharon
McCall & Kim Pluskot. Congratulations to these youth on a great job!

Florida 4-11 Quiz Bowl Trivia

I) How much feed can 30 sparrows eat in one month?
2) What cow now holds the world record for milk production?
3) At what length should alfalfa stubble be cut?
4) What hormone is released by the corpus luteum ("CL")? (Hint: maintains pregnancy)
5) DFI was the previous name of the Dairy Products Promotion organization in Florida...What
is their new name?

THINK YOU KNOW THE ANSWERS..come to the State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl contest on
August I I, 2010! For more information, contact Chris Holcomb.

Answers will be given in the next issue of The Scoop!
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State 4-H Dairy Judging Program

Well, it is that time of year again...Judging, Judging & Judging! With many practices sched-
uled throughout the summer and fall months, the State 4-H Judging Team has been travel-
ing throughout Florida and Georgia preparing for the fall judging competitions. The State
4-H DairyJudging Team will compete at 3 National Judging competitions at the All-
American Dairy Show, World Dairy Expo and the North American International Live-
stock Expo. This year's state team consists of the following youth: Fallon Curren, Holly
Whetsell, Mariah Shelton, Pamela Mayo, Trent Johnson, Glenn Snowberger, Shiloh Anuez,
Jessica Turgeon & Cassidy DeLong. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank the
volunteers that work with the program and the many dairy farms throughout the state
which give the team the opportunity to visit and judge at their farm.
For those of you interested in learning more about dairy cattle judging, the State
4-H Dairy Judging program teaches evaluation of dairy cattle and preparation of oral and
written reasons. Participation in the program develops skills such as decision-marking,
oral and written communication, and team-building. Being involved in the program, takes
dedication and the willingness to "PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!" The program is a
very rewarding experience, allowing youth to travel, make great contacts in the dairy in-
dustry and develop life-long friendships.

,-- -----------------------

P A rF


--- - - - -- --------- ------ ------------------------- -----------

/ National Holstein Convention June 2010 -

Quiz Bowl Competition
By Change Huggins

I Summer time is the time of year to put up the pitch forks and feed pales and open up the quiz bowl books
and prepare for several competitive events. This past June I had the opportunity along with five other Florida
Juniors to compete at the National Holstein Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota in Dairy Quiz Bowl and Dairy Jeopardy con-
test, where we had to test our knowledge of all aspects of the dairy industry. For those of you who are unaware of what Quiz
Bowl is, it is an excellent opportunity for you to gain an immense amount of knowledge about your dairy project. At the Na-
tional Breed Conventions each state can send a team of four in each age division where you will take a written test, be asked a
set of individual questions and then answer a series of toss up questions competing against another team to answer the ques-
tion first and correctly.
I The National Holstein Convention plays host to a variety of other
events where state Holstein Associations can showcase their accomplish-
ments throughout the year in traditional scrapbooks, digital scrapbooks and
state banners. In addition, Holstein youth can take the next step to further
Their self and the Holstein breed by serving on the Junior Advisory Commit-
tee or as a Distinguished Junior Member, this allows the voice of the youth I
to be heard and appreciated. This year I will reach my 21st birthday which
Swill terminate my time as a junior to compete in dairy quiz bowl. I reflect
back on the many miles traveled and the knowledge I have gained from at-
tending and competing in quiz bowl competitions. I left this year's convention
enthusiastic about the years to come as I hope to take the excitement of
other states and bring it back to Florida to share with the rest of our juniors.
As the theme was "Get Hooked on Minnesota," I hope to get each of you
hooked on junior activities and experience the many priceless moments that
I did as a dairy youth.
I Bonnie Mohr Studio-Glenmark Genetics, Inc.
The youth competing on the Senior Holstein Quiz Bowl Team consisted of, Pictured: Chris Holcomb, Austin Pluskot, Shane Gearhart,
Alex Pluskot, Bonnie Mohr, Fallon Curren, Holly Whetsell, Chanse
Shane Gearhart, Fallon Curren, Holly Whetsell, & Chanse Huggins. Alex Huggins
Pluskot represented the group at the Junior Holstein Jeopardy Quiz Bowl
competition, & Austin Pluskot participated as the Senior Holstein Jeopardy Quiz Bowl contestant.
% -

The inaugural Fuel Up to Play 60 program, promoted by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, took place
throughout the nation. Fuel Up to Play 60 is a student-led school wellness program that empowers youth to get healthy and be
active, by fueling up on foods such as low-fat or fat-free dairy, fruits, vegetables and whole grains in order to be able to exercise for
at least 60 minutes per day.
Bay Point Middle School in St. Petersburg was honored in May for earning the State's top honors in the program, and Ac-
cel Castillo from Palm Springs Middle School was the top individual in national competition. For a full article please visit the Florida
Dairy Farms & Florida Dairy Council website at www.floridamilk.com and click on the "FUEL UP TO PLAY" tab. More information
I can also be found at FuelUptoPlay.com.


- ---------------------------- --

IUpcoming Dairy
UNIVERSITY of Upoming Dairy
UF FLORIDA Youth Events...
I IFAS Extension

State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest Gainesville, FL August I I, 2010
State 4-H Dairy Judging Team Workout North Florida Region August 12-14, 2010
Dairy Leaders/Volunteer Training Seffner, FL August 20-2 2010
UF Dairy Science Club Clinic Bushnell, FL August 28, 2010
IAll-American Dairy Show Harrisburg, PA Sept. 18-23, 2010
IWorld Dairy Expo Madison, WI Sept.. 24-30, 2010
For more information on any of these upcoming events, please contact christophersholc@ufl.edu

g VISIT US ON FACEBOOK!! Yes that is right...Florida 4-H Dairy has a facebook page dedicated to keep-
ing the youth and volunteers updated on current events in the Florida 4-H Youth Program. It can also be
used as a forum for youth and volunteers to share ideas and helpful information!
The webpage can be found under FLORIDA 4-H DAIRY!!


Southeastern Youth Dairy Retreat- July 2010
I By Pamela Mayo

The eight-hour drive to South Carolina was truly worth it. Upon arrival to the South Eastern Youth Dairy
IRetreat, Florida students unloaded for a fun filled week that would encompass opportunities to learn
about the dairy industry itself, and skills, to later take home and apply while in the show ring or at judging
competitions. Within the first day, Florida students visited the first dairy of many to come, Riley's Dairy.
As a kickoff, the basic aspects of a dairy were covered. This included the technicalities of what it takes to
own and run a dairy on a daily basis. Riley's was a smaller farm that emphasized the importance of sanitation. Which was
due to having a smaller herd size. From this point on, the dairy's that were visited ranged in size with the majority being
smaller and family owned. A personal favorite was definitely Bush River Jersey Dairy, which was a registered jersey dairy
that excelled on genetics and bottled their own milk for local consumers.
As a kid growing up the thought of a merry-go-round was just as a playground and not a style of dairy parlor.
Bush River Jersey's milking parlor incorporated a rotary system that rotated, allowing each cow to load and continue
rotating during the process of milking. A tour of the bottling area was given and a vending machine called the Vend -A-
Moo sat outside for anyone who wanted to enjoy a cold bottle of jersey milk right there.
In addition to the numerous dairies that were visited during the retreat, background tours at a local zoo were
given along with a tour and hands on activity at the University of Clemson's lab/ state vet office. Students were able to
practice the skill of artificial insemination on cow repro tracts from harvested animals, as well as gaining experience with
an ultrasound.
Wrapping up the retreat were clinics that gave advice on grooming and showmanship. As the retreat came to an
end, Florida students returned home with new friends and long lasting memories.
Youth enjoying a day at Bush River Jer-
sey Farm in Newberry, SC. Youth partici-
pated in judging, showmanship clinic,
fitting and grooming, and hoof trimming
clinic. Youth also had the opportunity to
tour their rotary parlor.


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