Title: The Scoop : Florida 4-H dairy youth program update
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Title: The Scoop : Florida 4-H dairy youth program update
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Publication Date: April 2008
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* Southeast Milk,
Inc. Dairy
without Dairy
Check-Off the
Florida Dairy
Youth Program
would not be

To the dairymen
who donate their
time and animals
to allow the
dairy judging
youth to practice
at their farms.

The parents and
volunteers who
donate their
time to help the
youth in this
For information about the
Dairy Youth Program
please contact:

Tell Your Story...

The Florida Dairv oulli .iIAmassa1Ior Prograii

I want to announce the beginning of a new program that is going to be offered for senior level 4-H
members and graduates that have a desire to continue
to hone their leadership, communication, public
speaking skills and. more importantly share their passion
and love for the dairy project and industry This
program's goal will be to iake a group of highly
motivated young people that have a desire to spread the
message about the dairy project and industry, whenever
a situation presents itself, to educate the public on what
the dairy project and industry is all about and why it
means so much to all of us The young people that
desire to join this group will have a series of workshops
and training that will enhance their leadership skills.
media abilities and agriculture advocacy. This program
will also help them to thinly< "outside of the box" to harness their natural passion for the dairy
project and industry to educate their fellow youth and public

If this adventure sounds interesting to you then please send me a letter of interest and tell me what
the dairy program and/or industry means or has done for you Please. do not thinly< you have to
come from a dairy farm to join in this program If you have a passion for the dairy project and a
desire to learn how to tell your story to those that want to hear it, then I highly encourage you to
send me a letter of interest I would lil letters by May 19. 2008. so we can start the workshops this summer

ai ll'y 1011111 H itif llig hl... 1.11;111,I, 1111, 111. 1'1;111 1.11, 1111-,11;

In thi ,ue ..e hi~2hli2ht 3 ,.':'un?2 mn n .h.h;:. h t C'ue p i",:.'n I.:.r the d ,ir, induLEr, Y:u cn i.nd hm 1t .n, "h.:.w,
e.e,' ludi n pircticce ;,nd tci" n.eln. c' 7 cr.: h ch : .:untr., f.:.r quiz b.:...l c.:.nce c Chn'e Hu n:' ,n..:l. ement ,n the
... .. v. ..

T>:l I r1-' -rl Lh- ii. I :ucnri ri .:..21 -itll ut.-in 1iC me Eit -*I t ,ndi 7ilcEl Ln ell ne r iE l>- -'pli .n u ,7 C.1L Uell
Breni Broaddus r r / u r I l n- ,lp rJ I c J I
LUiivcrsitv ofFlorida h,:,.'.m nhip IItle:. diir, ud'in. ,nd qui: bo:-l ci:inte:L: ind hi: eL:tblhed in impre:i .e herd .:.i Br.:...n S.
Department of nlimnal Science ;nd H:,l:tein ninmil: Chin'e. m:,i recenti. ..,: i member ,-1 he teh m thit repreented Fl.:.,,id, it he Nit,
5339 Count Road 579 4-H Da.,, Judging C.:.nce;e .i3 che W.:.rld Da.r, Exp.:. I ; i: e :. C :ee th;-t Chin'e [rul, hi: 3 .:..e i.:-r the Ch.:
SCffilnr, FL33584 . lr'ing'a. .heherh he i; c.:.mpeting ,n 3 h.:..'.m.nrhip c.:.n[e:[ .:.r helping .:unger 4-H
813-744-5519 O f'fie m I.. MI member One .;: [he iche.ement[ Chin'e .: m.:.: pr..ud .:u .: plci.n 5" ,n [he All-
813-744-5776 Fax l -- --- Amer.cn Jr Sh.;... Sh;:....mAn:hip cc:.nCe:t[ n H,'r.:bur.. PA. ..heie he .:.mlpeted i
' broaddus rull.edu nri L .
broaddus.ull ed, 0 100 .:rher -eni:r member: fr.: m acr:: rEhe c-:.unur,. A: Chin-e griduade- In i
UF FT jjj looks forward to staying involved in the program by helping youth interested dairy
IFAS D judging. Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors Chanse!
Animal Sciences
The University of Florida. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research,
educational information and other services only to Individuals and Institutions that function without regard to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital
status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations.

O *m

May, he

PA rF 7

A Whirlwind of Dairy Shows...

This year February was a blur. Just ask any parent or youth that showed at The South Florida Fair, the State 4-H
Dairy Show and the Florida State Fair. All three dairy shows were back to back for three weeks. It was a month
filled with youth exhibiting their dairy projects, competing in dairy judging, quiz bowl contests, spending time with
their friends from across the state and having a lot of fun. When it was all over and the cow trailers got to rest
for more than a day or two, I looked back at the month and just had to smile and think, this is the best time of
the year. As I said February was a blur, but it was a great blur and I can't wait until next year when the whirlwind
will start all over again.

And the Results Are...

The South Florida Fair
Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest: Junior Division I st Place Alex Pluskot, 2nd Place Raychel Rabon, 3rd Place Kalya
Burlingame. Senior Division Ist Place Austin Pluskot, 2nd Place Chanse Huggins, 3rd Place Shane Gearhart.
Dairy Judging Contest: Junior Division I st Place Alex Pluskot, 2nd Place Kelsey Ahern, 3rd Place John McGehee.
Senior Division I st Place Ty Kosack, 2nd Place Samath Fryer, 3rd Place Andrew Hunt.
State 4-H Dairy Show
Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest: Junior Division I st Place Alex Pluskot, 2nd Place Dakota Harsing, 3rd Place Caitlyn
Albers. Intermediate Division- Ist Place Chandler Ash, 2nd Place Kaley Brooks, 3rd Place Kalya Burlingame. Senior
Division I st Place Tineke Swart, 2nd Place Austin Pluskot, 3rd Place Shane Gearhart.
4-H Record Book Contest: Junior Division I st Place Leeanna Shelton, 2nd Place Alex Pluskot, 3rd Place Caitlyn
Albers. Intermediate Division Ist Place Raychel Rabon, 2nd Place Amanda Goggens, 3rd Place Christian Keen. Senior
Division Ist Place Lindsey Rucks, 2nd Place Jamie Burnham, 3rd Place Mariah Shelton.
Dairy Showmanship: Junior Master Showman Kacee Langford. Intermediate Master Showman Kalya Chandler.
Senior Master Showman Kelly Buchannan. Challenger Class Master Showman Sarah Bishop.
Dairy Herdsmanship Awards: Large County Division I st Place Marion County, 2nd Place Okeechobee County,
3rd Place Manatee County. Small County Division I st Place Gilchrist County, 2nd Place Suwannee County, 3rd Place
Madison County.
Dairy Judging Contest: Junior Division Ist Place Caitlyn Albers, 2nd Place Kacee Langford, 3rd Place Ross Lasky.
High junior Reason Kacee Langford. Intermediate Division I st Place Shiloh Anuez, 2nd Place Christian Keen, 3rd
Place Zach Quattlebaum. High Intermediate Reasons Shiloh Anuez. Senior Division I st Place Kelly Buchannan, 2nd
Place Fallon Curren, 3rd Place Lindsey Rucks. High Senior Reasons Kelly Buchannan.
K&J 4-H Dairy Scholarship Winners: Kelly Buchannan and Lindsey Rucks
Barney Harris Jr., Outstanding Dairy Youth Award Winner: Kelly Buchannan
Florida State Fair
Dairy Showmanship: Junior Master Showman Leeanna Shelton. Intermediate Master Showman Cameron Salter.
Senior Master Showman Chanse Huggins.
Dairy Pride Award: I st Place Manatee County, 2nd Place Okeechobee County.
Dairy Judging Contest: Junior Division I st Place Kacee Langford, 2nd Place Leeanne Shelton, 3rd Place Cady
McGehee. High junior Reason Kacee LangFord. Intermediate Division Ist Place Christian Keen, 2nd Place Kalya
Burlingame, 3rd Place Cassidy Delong. High Intermediate Reasons Kalya Burlingame. Senior Division Ist Place
Lindsey Rucks, 2nd Place Brittany Watts, 3rd Place Kaitlyn Watts. High Senior Reasons Lindsey Rucks.
Bill Carey Sportsmanship Award Winner: Sarah Luther
Dairy Champion of Champions Winners: Junior Alex Pluskot, Intermediate Jeffrey Reale, Senior I st place
Kelsey Burnham, 2nd place Kelley Jorgensen, 3rd Place Sarah Luther, 4th Place Joy Burnham.
Overall Champion of Champions: Sarah Luther tied for 3rd Place



Cryptosporidium Wow, What a Big Word!... By Kaley Brooks

I love animals and I am very involved in raising youth dairy calves for 4-H. I would like to tell
you a little bit about my experience with the importance of cleanliness and washing your
hands when around animals.

You know how you hear about kids, or adults for that matter, getting really sick from animals, and you just
blow it off as if to say "Oh, that would never happen to me". Well, here's the thing, it can happen to you. This
past September, I got sick and when I say sick, I don't just mean sick like one day you
have a stomach ache and the next day you're fine. No, I mean sick as in very sick for
I got Cryptosporidium WEEKS.
probably by being out
It started with just a stomach ache and of course my mom said "Oh you're fine, just
in my calf pen petting take some Pepto-Bismol". Now, I can't really blame my mom for thinking I was just fine,
I am one of those kids who never get sick, however, I wasn't fine and after about 2
one of them and then
weeks of laying around saying my stomach hurts and other things, I won't go into detail
coming in to eat about, but if you have any kind of imagination at all, I think you'll know what I mean, she
dinner without finally took me to the doctor.
dinner without

washing my hands, The doctor did various tests but we had to wait about a week to get the results. Finally,
after three more doctor visits and one trip to the hospital for I-V fluids, the doctor
which obviously isn't found out what was wrong. He told me I had Cryptosporidium. When the doctor told
my mom and me this, I thought "Oh, geeze, I'm gonna die." Believe it or not Crypto is
a smart thing to do
actually a parasite that is passed by the stool of the infected animal or human. It can be
spread by touching infected animals and then putting your hands in your mouth or
accidentally swallowing something that has come into contact with the stool of an infected human or animal. It
can also be spread by swimming in the same pool, lake, hot tub, river, etc., that has been contaminated with the
parasite. However, there is a very simple way of preventing this awful infection from happening to you. All you
need to do is wash your hands thoroughly and frequently when coming into contact with animals.

I got Cryptosporidium probably by being out in my calf pen petting one of them and then coming in to eat
dinner without washing my hands, which obviously isn't a smart thing to do. I had done it a thousand times and
always thought nothing was going to happen. Wow, did I find out or what! I am much more cautious about
eating and being around cattle now, much more than ever. I also wash my hands quite frequently when I am
around the animals. So, here is the lesson for all you kids out there who come in from feeding or just being
outside at the barn with your animals: You should listen to your parents when they tell you to wash your hands
before eating. Otherwise, you might just be spending the next few weeks in bed and very, very sick.

*0- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

SReflections from the State Fair... by Sarah Luther Eve

I though I had I
Another year has passed and I had a lot of fun this year. Even though I had to wake to wake up I
up way too early every day, State Fair was a blast!! I did fairly well with my cows and wae
left with a newly painted wheelbarrow! I was excited to receive the Bill Carey way too
ISportsman Award and the Champion of Champion's contest was definitely an early every
experience worth having. I had a lot of fun going from station to station with the dairy team and I day, State
think that our team cheer before every station helped. Even though all four seniors would have rather Fair was a
had Alex's cool junior trophy, he wouldn't trade for anything. I ended up tying for third and hope to blast!!"
compete again next year.
0% -


4----------------------------- -

U UNIVERSITY Upcoming Dairy
IFASExtension Youth Events...

41 2/08 Dairy Quiz Bowl Breed Tryouts Hillsborough Extension Office Seffner, FL
4/19/08 Dairy Judging Workout UF- DRU Gainesville, FL
5/17/08 Dairy Judging Summer Tryouts Okeechobee, FL
S6/16-18/08 Florida Dairy Camp Gainesville, FL
S7/14-18/08 Southeast DairyYouth Retreat Madison, GA

Beyond the Project... A Dairy Industry Update

Wal-Mart has requested that milk sold under the private label of Great Value, will
be from cows that have not been treated with rBST hormone. The Great Value
label is sold in Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores. Wal-Mart said it has asked
suppliers not to use rBST in response to consumer demand. Wal-Mart has not
stated whether the milk will be labeled as rBST free or not.

USDA's NASS Milk Production Report for February 2008.
50 State report: milk production is up 5.5%, with an increase of I 12,000 more cows and milk per cow up 67
Ibs per cow. After adjusting for the extra day in leap year, milk production is up 1.9% and milk per cow is up
only II Ibs per day.
SMI milk production is down 1.1% from year ago. After adjusting for the extra day in leap year, milk
production is down 4.5%.
After making the adjustments for leap year, milk production is still not as strong as what it had been. Cow
numbers continue to grow and get larger, but the milk per cow growth is slowing down. Two contributing
factors occurring are restricted Posilac use across larger sections of the country and very high feed prices.

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