Title: The Scoop : Florida 4-H dairy youth program update
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Title: The Scoop : Florida 4-H dairy youth program update
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Publication Date: January 2008
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* Southeast Milk,
Inc. Dairy
without Dairy
Check-Off the
Florida Dairy
Youth Program
would not be

* To the dairymen
who donate their
time and animals
to allow the
dairy judging
youth to practice
at their farms.

* The parents and
volunteers who
donate their
time to help the
youth in this

For information about
the Dairy Youth
Program please

Brent Broaddus
5339 County Road 579
Seffner. FI, 33584
813-744-5519 Office
813-744-5776 Fax

What's Your Motivation'?

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hi: competed ,:,n tem: it the Natic:nil Hc:l:tein. Bic,:..n S...i:: nd A,rhiire : ".
C.:.n.enti.:.n Quiz B.:.c.. C.:.nte:t. .ind judged .:.n temL it the Alibmni Stcte
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The University of Florida. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer authorized to provide research,
educational information and other services only to Individuals and Institutions that function without regard to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital
status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations.



An Eye for Cattle, Florida 4-H Dairy Judging

Throughout the course of a dairy cattle project numerous skills can be obtained, skills that will
serve the rest of your life. However, few skills are essential to your project as the ability to look at cattle,
evaluate them and make a selection based upon that evaluation. The Florida 4-H Dairy Judging program is an
excellent opportunity to help youth develop their eye for cattle.
Youth in the state of Florida have the opportunity to take their dairy judging skills to the next level
by competing in national contests. You may ask though, how do I make it on to a national team? It's as easy
as I, 2, 3! One, Intermediate and Senior 4-H members compete in the dairy judging contest at the State 4-H
Dairy Show. Two, they continue and then compete at the State Fair Dairy Judging Contest. Three, those
who qualify are then invited to participate in the summer workout program. Those youth who make it to
summer workouts and successfully complete the summer are placed on teams and sent to contests, ranking
in ability and prestige. The days spent at summer practices are often hot and take some perseverance and a
tremendous amount of dedication but it is worth it in the end, trust me. And, to all those up and coming
junior 4-H members, start early, compete in all the contests you can and develop your eye for cattle now!
Take a look at how the teams from Florida placed this year in the national contests...

...How They Placed

World Dairy Expo-National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest Madison, Wisconsin
Team Members: Erin Carey ( 5th in Guernsey), Kelli Hamilton, Chanse Huggins (10th in Brown Swiss),
Amanda Semrinec (5th in Jersey)
Florida Overall: 13th Overall Team, 8th in Reasons, 4th in Ayrshire, 8th in Brown Swiss & Guernsey
All American Dairy Show Dairy Judging Contest-Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Team Members: Kelly Buchanan (3rd High Individual), Jamie Burnham & Brandy McHenry
Florida Overall: 6th Overall Team, 6th in Reasons
North American International Livestock Exposition Dairy Judging Contest-Louisville, Kentucky
Team Members: Brandy McHenry, Shelby Snowberger (5th in Jersey), Brittany Watts (4th in Guernsey,
6th in Holstein & 8th in Reasons)
Florida Overall: I 2th Overall Team, 6th in Reasons
Mid-South Fair Dairy Judging Contest-Memphis, Tennessee
Team Members: Fallon Curren (Ist in Holstein, 7th in Reasons, 6th High Individual), Austin Salter (5th in Ayrshire,
4th in Brown Swiss, 2nd in Milking Shorthorn, 5th High Individual), Mariah Shelton (3rd in Brown Swiss) & Katlyn
Watts (I st in Ayrshire, 2nd in Holstein, I st in Milking Shorthorn, 2nd in Jersey, 3rd in Reasons, I st High Individual)
Florida Overall: Ist Team Overall, 3rd in Reasons, 3rd in Ayrshire, Ist in Brown Swiss, 3rd in
Guernsey, Ist in Holstein, 2nd Milking Shorthorn, Ist in Jersey

A Judging Experience... by Chanse Huggins

Thousands of cattle evaluated, hundreds of classes placed and countless hours of oral reasons all
leads to one chance to stand on the colored shavings of Madison, a dream for me that started at a very
young age. At the age of eight I stepped into the ring of my very first dairy judging contest. I was
nervous and bored like most kids at their first judging contest. To my surprise, of what I once dreaded
ended up becoming my favorite part of showing cattle. This has taken me places that I would have
otherwise never had the opportunity to see. Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Pennsylvania have all
dusted my boots as I competed in judging contests, but none of these trips can compare to the
experience of judging at the World Dairy Expo. All of the cattle viewed, all the reasons delivered and
the many miles traveled all lead to ten classes of cattle, five sets of reasons and day spent with more
than forty other teams fighting for the title of top dairy judging team. Sometimes at the end the day the
results aren't what you hoped for, but there is still one thing I walked away with, an even greater
respect for this industry and an even greater love for what I do. My judging experience was an experience
that I will never forget.



The Trip of a Lifetime...National 4-H Dairy Conference

It was my privilege to serve as a chaperone to the Florida 4-H group which traveled to
Madison, Wisconsin, to participate in the 53rd Annual National 4-H Dairy Conference Program.
This program was the single best youth program I have ever had the benefit of attending. It was
extremely well organized and professional in every aspect. More importantly it was fun and
educational for both the 4-H'ers as well as myself. Students were encouraged to participate and take
active leadership roles in almost every activity. Our 4-H kids were highly involved in what was
described as Head Table. Each student at one time or another was asked to speak from the podium
at mealtime by serving as the emcee, introducing speakers, saying grace over the meal or by making
Ij announcements.
We visited progressive dairy farms as well as dairy goat producers. We toured Nasco as well as
Hoard's Dairyman and were giving a tour of American Breeders Service where we witnessed bulls being collected and semen being
processed. We attended and actively participated in several hands-on seminars such as Roaming Through the Rumen, Artificial
Insemination of Dairy Cattle, Science Fun With Dairy Foods. Our students wrote thank-you notes to many of the sponsors after these
Our Florida 4-H'ers met kids from across the United States and witnessed technology at the World Dairy Expo which they had
never seen before. I would highly recommend anyone interested in Youth Development to attend this worthwhile conference. Our
students were especially well behaved and easy to chaperone. My strong advice to anyone considering serving as a chaperone is to be well
rested before leaving Florida. You will have a great time, learn much and come home wiped out! Lockie Gary
2007 Dairy Conference Delegates: Austin Carey, Fallon Curren, Kaci Duggan, Jessica Langford,
Sarah Luther, Austin Pluskot, Maraiah Shelton, & Katlyn Watts
Chaperones: Lockie Gary, Leland Shelton, Kim Pluskot, & Cindy Watts

--- ---------------- ----- -
SWhat the delegates had to say...

"I loved being able to meet people from other states and even other countries and I hope to be
able to see them again." Sarah Luther
"It really taught me a lot about leadership skills and getting along with others. Everyday it seemed
like you associated with at least 10 new people from different states." Katlyn Watts
"I would highly recommend this trip to every child who is eligible. Don't miss this one it is the
best!" Kim Pluskot
"The conference was put together with no time to spare-every minute was full but you couldn't
wait for the next adventure to begin." Cindy Watts


Buzzer Talk...World Dairy Expo Quiz Bowl Contest

Florida was well represented at the 2007 World Dairy Expo Quiz Bowl Contest, taking second in a
prestigious competition. Team members were Shane Gearhart, Chanse Huggins, Austin Pluskot & Lindsey
Rucks. After several rounds of toss-up, team and individual questions, Florida brought home the silver medal
for their impressive knowledge of the dairy industry. Congratulations team!
This is what team member Austin Pluskot had to say about his quiz bowl experience; The competition was
tough but I think the Florida team held our own. I enjoy Quiz Bowl in general but I especially enjoy traveling to
other places throughout the country competing. This contest was especially fun and interesting because it was
held during the World Dairy Expo. There was so much to learn and see. If you are not involved with your 4-H
Quiz Bowl I would encourage you to participate."

S "As a delegate
from Florida who
has traveled on

many 4-H
trips...I would
consider this 4-H
conference trip
S to be one of my
-Austin Pluskot


^-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -^

I IFAS Extension Upcoming Events...

1/12/08 Okeechobee Fitting & Grooming Workshop (all counties welcome)
I 1/19/08 Hillsborough County Hoof Trimming (all counties welcome)
1/30/08 2/4/08 -The South Florida Fair Dairy Show
2/7-10/08 State 4-H Dairy Show
2/14-18/08 Florida State Fair Dairy Show
4/12/08 Dairy Quiz Bowl Breed Tryouts


Beyond the Project... A Dairy Industry Update

Milk prices set new annual records

With the December Class III price now in, the Class III price will
average $18.04 for 2007. That is a new record high, topping the pre-
vious record of $15.39 set in 2004. The 2007 Class IV price also sets
a new record average of $18.36. The previous record holder was
$14.85 set in 1998.

DAIReXNET Web site launched

A new Web site filled with dairy information and educational tools recently made its de-
but. The site was developed by dairy-cattle specialists from land-grant universities across
the country. It allows users to access the latest dairy information available. To log onto
the site, go to: www.extension.org/dairy cattle.

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