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.. .t.... ii. U L ...Lm
/I t I Kmotitri &-ca'i oi'


Relax...it's just like home!
Now serving freshly baked bagels by the dozen
5 calle poniente #2 La Antigua Guatemala


SATURDAY: Every Saturday "Live Music" at Blends Tea Bar, 7 pm.
THURSDAY, APRIL 2: Jacobo Nitsch, trumpet and piano, 6 pm.
SUNDAY, APRIL 5 AND 19: Pablo Collado, flute and band, 3 pm.
SUNDAY, APRIL 12: Accordionist Luis Gonzalez Arocha and singer
Svetlana Sizoff, 3 pm.
FRIDAY, APRIL 17: Caffeine Jazz Quarter, 6 pm.
THURSDAY APRIL 23: Jacobo Nitsch, trumpet and piano, 6 pm.
SUNDAY, APRIL 26: Accordionist Luis Gonzalez Arocha and
singer Eric Malbrun, 3 pm.

THURSDAY, APRIL 30: "Brazilian Night", 6 pm.
THURSDAY, APRIL 16: Basic GPS course at Big Mountain,
6.30 pm.
FRIDAY, APRIL 3: Special telescopes activity at 7 pm.
Telescopes provided by Big Mountain.

OUTDOOR YOGA: Starting Thursday, April 21,
6-7.15am at Plaza Fontabella.

Tuesday and Thursdays 6 7.15 am.
Saturday, 7 8.15 am.


SUNDAY, APRIL 5 AND 6: "Circus
Time", 3 pm.
SUNDAY, APRIL 22: Alexis Story
Teller and his entertainment A P R I L 2 0 0 9
team, 2.30 pm.

For more information
wvw plazalonlabella com 1502)662-886-00 Ext.20200512 Calle 4la

El uar qu simr so' en Panjahe

4 revuemag.com

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trust in us
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EE[ design and the classic environment
[ -- of La Antigua Guatemala
5 minutes from Central Park
E* Big gardens with gorgeous colonial
Total privacy and security
Beautiful views of the volcanoes
C enterio h ia Ciudad Veja
General -

s,-t,,, Barrio de AVAILABLE
B-cm" Antonelli Visit us daily from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Consulta rr
Ave. Las Ambricas 7-30, Zona 13 Edificio Los Arcos, Nivel 3 of. 4D Ciudad de Guatemala.
ventas@consultainmobiliaria.com Tels: (502)5906-6425, 2360-6046, 5370-3980, 2425-0348

--C ~






10 Springtime for Chicharra and
Chiquirin Lovesick cicadas electrify
the air by Dwight Wayne Coop

12 Sensuous Guatemala:
Semana Santa byKen Veronda

14 Semana Santa on the Lake:
San Pedro la Laguna
by Ana Flinder photos: Victoria Stone

16 Aconcagua Expedition 2009
by Kathy Nunez Tipke

17 People and Projects:

18 Lake Views by Dwight Wayne Coop
3Q and the Tomato Paste War

19 People and Projects:

20 Museo de Santiago
by raLewis

22 Book Alert byloy Houston
Lent and Holy Week in La Antigua

23 Book Alert
Nazarenos de Guatemala

Guide to culture and upcoming events

38 Culture Unshocked II
Toys and Play byAnaFlinder

68 Passion Where Art Thou?
by Dr. Karmen Guevara

74 Semana Santa on the Lake:
Santiago Atitlan byAnaFlinder

122 Tax Time for U.S. Cititzens
by Steven Pittser

Dain l Ma) il 6,

33 Guatemala City
52 La Antigua
99 Lake Atitlan
104 Quetzaltenango
106 Monterrico/Pacific Coast
111 Coban /Tecpn
112 Rio Dulce
113 El Peten
113 Retalhuleu

I 1 -1 : I 1
8 From the Publishers
33 Services/Shopping
36 Dining
43 Lodging
52 Services/Shopping
58 Spanish Schools
62 Dining
82 Lodging
410 Top Picks in DVDs
47 Health
94 Travel
117 Vet Q&A
118 Real Estate

123 El Salvador

126 Advertiser Index
S]lll-l [ Sq4f

Holy Week in La Antigua
by Byron Ortiz/byronortiz.blogspot.com

c te n

8 >revuemag.com




As the spectacular photograph by
Byron Ortiz on our cover this month
demonstrates, La Antigua is a great
place to be for Holy Week. But Semana
Santa celebrations take place throughout
Guatemala with beautiful processions and
intricate alfombras (carpets) to be found
from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango
to the Lake region. This year in the Revue
we highlight some of these celebrations in
pictures and words.
We spotlight two towns on Lake Atitlin,
San Pedro la Laguna and Santiago Atitlin,
with some lovely photography by Victoria
Stone. Harry Diaz has captured some great
shots from Xela, and throughout the maga-
zine you will spot some excellent photos of
last year's celebrations by one of our favorite
contributors, Leonel Mijangos.
While it's true Holy Week is a big part
of what's happening in April, there are
a number of other events that merit your
attention. Our DateBook section start-
ing on page 24 will guide you through the
art exhibits, theatre presentations, music
nights, workshops and conferences so you
can have as much fun as possible.
Also in these pages you can read about
a couple of books that are hitting the stores
this month: Elizabeth Bell's third edition
of ent and HIoly Week in (a < Antigua and
7tazarenos de Guatemala by Jos6 Carlos
Flores L. Check your local bookstore.
Other topics included in this issue:
People and Projects, cicadas, Guatemalan
mountain climbers, the Museo de San-
tiago, children's toys and the size of tomato
paste cans in the stores. And, of course, as
always, we can help you on where to dine,
shop, rest, relax and get around in this
beautiful country.
May your April be full of joy and cele-
bration, and thanks for reading the Revue.

-John & Terry Kovick 'Biskovich
10) revuemag.com

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Proofreader/Translations: Michael Hopkins
Contributing Photographers: Harris/Goller, Smith/Riegel,
Club Fotografico de Guatemala: www.clubfotografico.org
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Production Coordinator: Mercedes Mejicanos
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as wells locations in El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize.

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Springtime for


and Chiquirin

by Dwight Wayne Coop

Lovesick cicadas electrify the air with an amorous
din as they hurdle from puberty to old age

I n the spring," wrote Tennyson in his
poem Locksley Hall, "a young man's
fancy lightly turns to thoughts of
love." The same could be said of old cicadas
in Central America.
Every spring, millions of them emerge
from the ground to molt, unfurl their new
wings, mate-and sing. The ensuing swarm
can be a pelting, deafening tempest of bugs
so intense that wedding planners try to
schedule around them. Most cicadas are
otherwise not considered pests, although
too many larvae in an orchard may kill a
few trees, from whose roots they suck sap.
The last five or so weeks of a cicada's
life packs in adolescence, adulthood and
old age, following a larval "childhood" of
one or several years, although no species
among dozens of Central American genera
can match the longevity of the notorious
"17-year locusts" in the United States.

In Guatemala, the term for cicadas is
chicharra, a word of K'ekchi origin used as
far away as Nicaragua and often bastardized
into cigarra. That may sound like something
to smoke, but there are no records that cica-
das are ever smoked like tobacco. They are,
however, roasted and eaten; for guerillas in
all three of Central America's recent civil
wars, they were practically a seasonal fruit.
Cicadas are somewhat richer in protein than
fruit, however, and the females are preferred
because they are meatier than their mates.
The reason for this is that much of the
female's abdomen is an ovary that produces
up to 600 eggs, which she deposits into slits
that she chisels into tree roots. The male's
abdomen, contrarily, has a large, empty
"echo" chamber that amplifies his sing-
ing organs. For guerillas, then, the females
were the "deep-dish" variety and the males
the "extra-crispy." Both have a crunch.

12 revuemag.com



4Nb A M


WW w.]u ll H I -O Lt I I u PD. -11


.l, r ,.i[ l i,- F'p .r, rl,.ii ,pI l _i_' l-,.l[ ,_
p ii ; ., r I I ..j r. I -I r I ,r,. ,l rlll ll I I
,:'ro J-- rl',r, -k.U,' rl',. L..-r,. -, 1. .1-1

.I cr i.i Lr.li "Il I in r, In'.u ii "L i. r n- . i .-r,.
in. ., rh Li 'i L i ii nrt : I. I i L l..u itn LI i l irli ir
,. .l, i. i "Li rr L,.i i "Ln '[.Yi i-..,_|.- .. -r p' ,iF..i. .'i. ,i'I.
I nIri I' r L'. I I . ir I .r n l I..r h. 1
Iii it ir p H IrI 1 i 1. .r t ci r .1 .I
1 .... F-.: i, I .. I t lF 'lt l I',, _t I- t ..i [Ft -

_. ", p .i;.,_, ...n- rli I r.. I. I,: i .i..r rl l.1 ,, .l n _'i..r-
. I,.. ri ,i 1,,, ,. rl,,. r,,.,.r-. n.J.,. l p,. p,.,,i-
[,_,. r- ", ,, ; ,n n r,-, r. ..1. I, [I;,_ .rr, _.>
i. [i r l-. iin r i i" .l..r .1, rih, .n i' rl ..I
t irli i .l i I r l'i 'rl.. I. itr I- i In. li.-.
IrI.,hll h .,_l i .-. -. 1, ,rIll 1,_ ,- ll.I

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Fli', .' r l .. I ..r 1. .tl II t . rr
11 r i .,. Ir, r .. tr .. r rlI.- . ... 'l.r
_.- lir -1 I,.n r,. , [ i, r l. .-_
pr, ,,. it r, [,itr i L. id .l i.j i .i rni l I. I- .
.1. I. I. ; I;-I,_ ,r I-i.,.. *\ rl,. ,t ii ;r, E n. Ln_
L n r I- t .I n I , ,r ......II- r... Ili t ,,nr. "! F- r.

I. n r.I r[ .1 1 III R i,.. i- Ir rI _' I i re I,.
-Gr *i,- l..,. H ,rr I.... -. ..1 rl'k. ,. 1.I, r...,

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.iii ir *iiii.i iii t[ L iii. iih :.11 Ii' 'li t u
r i 14, i

b\ Ken \~conda
-' ..,, 111C Ill 1. t -* I. rl I. p lc J'l ..l ll.,
rlh,,I .. ,:l,, .n .d ,, ,I rI..,. r,, 1,. in.ll rl-i,. pr,,-

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TI ,i rF : rI r i , I III 1,11 i. e r L.,.

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.II,. I II. i F. i .11 1 , I,,r lI. ,Fr l .:r .: -j
1- r ha rk.- --III III. IIc FLr. its
-I rv r ir li .- Lr .; -1 -inr -I-L F. ', I r

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r I, r. i..r oi L rI i II p l ; i-; rl
r' '.L I P -pL p L. r .I r l I>i r
*iL . rl'. .p1 -. I .111 r .i.lr>. ,11-L ri 111L

.li .l i, rl., 1 ill.. *i .. .' rl. l n l... -
*.k . i .. l c', rl' i. 1 i i l i r p r. 1.-..
I. .I -,E h p,,: i p ..l. hrC I"_. -,.11 ..,.
,I -I',[ .1.1 i .:d -_ ll r I[_ L t. I 11 ,. 'L r-
r -i L i" L i.. i iI L 11 rli> -L -. i L vI r t1
s1 1 Ilr i LrL *r >_ I II co mll i

Procesi6n Catedral Ouetzaltenango 2008
-Harry Diaz www flickr com photos harrydiaz

S"' I

'I !-N

C ,..II rt.l i. ,i..,-
.! ii II pi'. *I- l.i I*i 1

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n Ii ii ll r .r I.i i I, I,

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r dK ,l, ,i.I..k r t t, I 'I I '
I ,. F l .r + -r.. ,J 1", II, 1"
I1 1 1 r]- ,I ,. .. .. R I.-
1 .. 1 1i-r, n -, r l...t if iLr _.
,rI' [ i- tirpI r, I '., 1.i

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, .,r ,* lh ,,l rh p r .,, ,,,*

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ehl ,I|.,,l l ehK .I1 r II

n- ..;

Semana Santa on the Lake:

San Pedro la Laguna

by Ana Flinder photos: Victoria Stone

Semana Santa is undoubtedly the most
festive week of the year in Guatema-
la, celebrated with the most pomp and
grandeur in La Antigua, and with deeply
traditional ceremonies and indigenous style
in Santiago Atitlin. Both of these destina-
tions require advanced bookings for lodg-
ing but are not the only places to experience
a Guatemalan Semana Santa.

San Pedro la Laguna, at the base of Volcin
San Pedro, has a surprisingly authentic and
reverent Semana Santa celebration, as well as
a plethora of hotels. In recent years, San Pe-
dro has attracted only a smattering of tour-
ists who attend the celebrations, while many,
both Guatemalan and foreign, stay downhill
from town in the tourist zone, vacationing
16)) revuemag.com

among the many bars and restaurants, and
perhaps kayaking and horseback riding.
There are processions all through the
week in San Pedro, featuring a children's
procession and a Judas procession on
Ash Wednesday, processions of Christ on
the cross and Maria on Good Friday, the
women's daytime processions with Maria
on Saturday, and a procession of the resur-
rected Christ on Easter morning.
Although San Pedro is a relatively mod-
ernized town-for example, almost none of
the women still wear handwoven huipiles,
prefering polyester "blusas"-the Semana
Santa celebrations are bien traditional. It is
immediately evident that days and weeks
of work have gone into the elaborate prepa-
rations of the processions and alfombras.

Devotions by candlelight all through the night in
the hidden frankincense-filled cofradia house.

Young women of San Pedro carry the statue of
theVirgin Mary.

Here, the alfombras-carpets laid out on the streets for the processions to walk over as
they carry statues of Jesus and Mary- are nearly all made of organic materials: flowers,
leaves, seedpods and seeds, which have been gathered from the woods ...contnued n page 110
- '"1

Hundreds of women line the streets and participate in their colorful shawls; young women,
little girls, and grandmothers wear the white lacy veils that mark their devotion.

revuemag.com ((17

Vinicio and Manuelvarezfly Guatemala's colors on the summit of Monte Aconcagua To
Vinicio and Manuel Alvarez fly Guatemala's colors on the summit of Monte Aconcagua

Team of four Antigiiefios and one
Quetzalteco recently embarked on
J journey to climb Aconcagua (Ar-
gentina), the highest mountain peak in the
Americas, at 6,962 meters above sea level.
The team members were: Manuela Rosa-
les, Omar Salom6n Soto, Manuel Alvarez,
Vinicio Alvarez (guide) all from La Antigua,
and Manuel Mejia from Quetzaltenango.
On Wednesday, January 7, they ap-
proached the peak from Puente del Inca
(2,720m) and traveled to Laguna de Hor-
cones, Aconcagua National Park. They ar-
rived Thursday afternoon at base camp,
Plaza de Mulas (4,200m), after enduring the
first storms that afternoon.
On Friday, the climbers rested to get ac-
climated and for a medical checkup. Unfor-

Guatemalan Aconcagua climbing team
18) revuemag.com

tunately, Manuel Mejia had a cough, and
wasn't cleared by the medical team. He had
to stay behind.
On Sunday, they headed from base camp
to the first altitude camp, Nido de C6ndores
(5,200m) but had to return because of bad
weather. Manuela returned to base camp
and waited for them.
On Tuesday the 13th, the three remain-
ing climbers tried again and succeeded.
From that point, Omar returned to base
camp. Another storm on Wednesday forced
the group to remain in camp.
At this point, only two of the five team
members, Vinicio and Manuel Alvarez, (fa-
ther and son) headed for the next camp, Col-
era (5,900m), where they spent the night. At
noon Friday the 16th, they finally reached the
peak ofMonte Aconcagua (6,962m). They de-
scended a few hours later to the base camp.
It was Vinicio Alvarez's fourth expedition
as a guide to this peak, and the first time that
his son, Manuel, joined his team.
Congratulations to all the Aconcagua-
Antirtica team members! We are so proud
of you! 4

FOTOKIDS: Meeting the Dalai Lama and working with some new camera equipment

otokids breaks the cycle of poverty
afflicting Guatemalan youth using
photography, graphic design and
media technology as a voice for disenfran-
chised youth to examine their lives, fami-
lies, communities and environment. Par-
ticipants from some of the poorest barrios
learn employable skills opening new oppor-
tunities, promoting self-esteem; leadership;
critical thinking; and desire for continued
education. Students receive traditional edu-
cational scholarships and our older students
teach classes to younger ones.
The project currently has 103 youths
aged 11 to 18 in Guatemala City and San-
tiago Atitlin, and 50 youths in Las Man-
gas, Honduras.

To help young people from poor barrios de-
velop employable skills while encouraging
self-exploration, expression and discovery,
based on long-term intensive relationships
between youth, teachers and mentors.

2008 Achievements
S5 Fotokids travelled to 3 U.S. cities
speaking at schools, meeting the Dalai
Lama, working with Tibetan and South
African youths.

* Exhibited their photographs in Paris,
Estonia, Portland, Seattle, San Paolo
* Won photo competitions; PIEA and
BBC young nature photographers, U.S.
professional training workshops in design
and video
* Creation of student-run design studio
Jakaramba and stock agency

Current Projects
* 3-year project training teen girls in
information technology
* Expansion Jakaramba design studio
in Santiago Atitlin and City with
professional mentors
* Jakaramba serves commercial clients
* Giving photographic workshops for
public, NGO's and businesses.

Wish List
* Local businesses and NGOs who can
use our youth publicity agency services
* Sponsors to support scholastic or
photographic education scholarships
* Digital cameras

Contact info: Tel: (502) 2470-1332,
email: info@fotokids.org also,
please visit us at www.fotokids.org

revuemag.com <(17


- Lake Views
by Dwight Wayne Coop

3Q and the Tomato Paste War

Dealing with Lilliputian cans ofsauce and questionable
quantification quirkiness on our retail shelves

Tomato paste is mentioned in Gua-
temala's Constitution. I have yet
to find the paragraph, section, and
clause, but I'm certain it is there.
The law in question requires all cans of
tomato paste sold here to be the 6-ounce va-
riety. You may occasionally find tomato paste
in larger cans, such as at Jim's Pana Meats in
Panajachel, but these were smuggled in.
When I moved to Guatemala as a single
person, this was no big deal. But now, with
a family of five, these Lilliputian cans make
cooking a chore: endless spooning that
yields a pile of trash big enough to cover
Staten Island. Once, in the desperate search
for expedience, I tried to vacuum the paste
from the cans with a turkey baster inherited
from my grandmother. You can imagine
how well that worked.
The law applies to every retailer, from
the mammoth Pais Hiper all the way down
to Doia Pepa's phonebooth-sized tienda in
the remotest hamlet. It applies to all three
suppliers; none departs from the rule.
It may be rooted in centuries of hand-
to-mouth culture, which conditions folks
of sparse means to buy everything in the

smallest available quantity. This is why
Doia Pepa sells many items sueltecito (one-
by-one) instead of in bulk. Instead of boxes
of matchbooks, she sells individual books,
to say nothing of sueltecito cigarettes and
gumballs. She also sells Fab (detergent) in
packets whose contents wouldn't fill a salt
shaker, and tiny toothpaste tubes that Mr.
Bean wouldn't have to squeeze half-empty
when packing light for a trip.
All this is much costlier for the end-user,
but it keeps Doia Pepa afloat. Yet surely
Hiper Paiz, which buys and sells candy and
Fab by the containerload, could sell bigger
cans of tomato paste.
The absence of such a commodity, i.e.,
reasonably sized cans of a major food staple
(for which there is no doubt a latent de-
mand) reminds me of the Chicken War be-
tween Germany and the United States in the
1960s. This war was less spectacular than
the war these powers fought in the 1940s.
For this reason alone, you will never see the
Chicken War on the History Channel.
Up to 1963, U.S. automakers monopo-
lized the domestic pickup market. But then
Volkswagen introduced contuednpage

You need another conversion factor to determine which
package is the better deal. Before you can do the math, you
must know the density of yogurt. Who is going to know that?

18)) revuemag.com

T ry to imagine schools without
books. Then imagine an organization
that works with schools and families
not only to provide books, but learning op-
portunities for children and parents. Open
Windows (Ventanas Abiertas) operates a
much-needed library and educational en-
richment center with a computer lab in San
Miguel Dueias, Guatemala. In less than sev-
en years Open Windows has grown from 20
registered children to over 1,300, with more
than 150 children visiting daily.

Our goal is to open windows of opportunity
and improve literacy rates for the children of
San Miguel Dueias through access to a free
library, educational enrichment center with
computer lab and a scholarship program.

Past Achievements
Open Windows library began with 300
books; it was a place that encouraged chil-
dren to come do their homework and par-
ticipate in educational activities. Since
opening, the library has expanded to more
than 7,000 books for children and young
adults. Schools in San Miguel Dueias do
not have textbooks for all students. The
Open Windows library contains textbooks
for all grades. The educational enrichment
center provides homework help as well as

programs for children to improve their
reading, math and academic skills. Open
Windows' professional staff of five full-time
teachers reinforces the basics while simulta-
neously supporting academic needs. A spe-
cial program offers support for children with
learning disabilities and their parents. A
free 20-terminal computer lab has over 275
students enrolled in computer training. The
computer center provides internet access as
well as programs to reinforce academics.

Current Projects
At the end of last year, Open Windows com-
pleted a new teen center. Teens will have their
own space to do homework, socialize, partici-
pate in special programs and learn new skills
to help them prepare for their future.

Wish List
* Funds for scholarships and to support
general operations
* Microphones and speakers
* Craft materials: colored paper, markers,
pens, crayons, scissors, stickers, glue, paints
* Backpacks & school supplies
* Reams of copy paper
* Educational DVDs in Spanish for teens
To learn more about what we do and who we are,
please visit us: www.openwindowsfoundation.org
or contact Open Windows'Director Teresa
Quinonez: openwindowsteresa@yahoo.com

revuemag.com (19

Original sculpture of the"Sirens of the Fountain,"
by Mayor Diego de Porras, damaged in the 1773

The Museo de Santiago de los Ca-
balleros in La Antigua Guatemala
is a must see. It's among several
museums and many churches and ruins in
La Antigua, but most people miss it, even
though it is located right on the fringe of
Central Park. Although under-funded and
in need of some upkeep, the museum re-
ally has some of the best exhibits tracing
the history of Guatemala. A half hour there
gives you an idea of Guatemalan history
from conquest to the 19th century.
The museum has a very interesting col-
lection of antique weapons dating from
the conquest to the beginning of the 20th
century. Almost all changes in history have
been tied to advances in weaponry-from
tying a rock on a stick to make a better
club, to the atomic bomb.
The fact that the weapons exhibited
are not pristine, shiny examples of "hung-
on-a-wall" display arms makes them even
more interesting. Many are real weapons,

20> revuemag.com

A visitor is admiring me original swora or rearo ae
Alvarado, which is in the case below his portrait.
Surrounding it are other Guatemalan dignitaries.

which were used, and continued to be
used and modified and upgraded and used
up. This history traces what happened in
Guatemala. Some of the displays are re-
productions, including spikes and clubs
from the conquest-the bows and arrows
are real. But with a little imagination one
can follow what happened from the time
of Pedro de Alvarado to the beginning of
the 20th century.
The antique arms collection, unfortunate-
ly, had never been properly identified. A new
resident of La Antigua noticed erroneous de-
scriptions or none at all. When he mentioned
this to Museum Director Maria Antonieta
Godoy Mufioz, she replied, "Yes, we get so
many questions that we really cannot answer
because we just don't know what they are."
The newcomer offered to help. Even with
an extensive knowledge of antique arms, he
still needed a year of research, calling on
experts from two continents, and then an-
other year of writing and translating-the

Descriptive labels identifying antique muskets,
prepared and donated to the museum by a new
resident to La Antigua.

rntry nail or me iviuseo ae sanuago, a large Dust
of Pedro de Alvarado looks down on two 18th
century howitzers; behind are six-gauge wall guns.

The Museum de Santiago de los Caballeros improves its exhibits

text and photos Director of the museum, Maria Antonieta Godoy Mufioz points to a new label
by Ira Lewis describing two heavy wall guns, which could have been used at the Castillo San
Felipe to defend the entrance to Lake Isabel against pirates.

many little-used technical terms were especially
difficult-before the new resident could donate
a definitive set of descriptions for the historically
significant arms. Sr. Gustavo Azmitia of La Copia
Fiel collaborated by providing a great deal of free
art work and printing at cost.
Now, museum visitors can understand what
they are looking at. As the new descriptions were
being hung, a large group of students on a field trip
arrived. They were avidly reading the descriptions
and making notes, especially interested in the
dates, instead of just wandering by and glancing
at the "old guns."
Don't miss the Museo de Santiago de los Ca-
balleros, it's an important one in La Antigua. 0O)
S, visit by the newcomer, Directora Godoy
mentioned that several paintings needed cleaning and
restoration. There are restoration experts working on
paintings from other museums who could do thepaint-
ings in Museo de Santiago, but there's no funds. A small
donation, either in the form of materials or cash would
help preserve some important history of Guatemala.
Your contact is Directora Godoy,fax (502) 7832-2860
or email museosantiago@enantigua.net

revuemag.com ((21



by Joy Houston

The third edition of Elizabeth Bell's
Lent and Holy Week in La Antigua
hits the shops just in time for the
crowds that hit the town for this year's cele-
brations. When first approached in the early
1990s with, "You should do a book on Holy
Week," her response was, "What? We go
into hiding during Holy Week!" But it did,
in fact, seem like a good idea. Elizabeth's
greatest joy is researching La Antigua, so she
began to compile information and her own
observations of the previous two decades
and published the first edition in 1995.

It captivated her, grew on her and now even
Elizabeth Bell, from whom flows volumes
of historical facts during her cultural tours
and presentations, admits difficulty in find-
ing words for the traditions of Holy Week
in La Antigua. "I want to bring it to life on
paper, and that's very hard to do."
Still fishing, she says, "There's a Semana
Santa moment. It's a feeling, and it's memo-
rable. You never know when it's going to
hit you, when you'll have it. It's just like...
wow! That's what I'm looking for."

Continuing to look and learn, she pub-
lished the second edition of the book in
2001, repeating the compact pocket size.
The latest edition is larger, matching Bell's
Antigua Guatemala: The City and Its Heri-
tage. "Bigger is better for the photos," she
explains, which, excluding those of the
vigils, are all hers. "Wonderful postcards of
the vigils are available after 11 a.m. at each
church of a vigil. Why compete with that?
I took photos of those!" A vigil is held at
the church to display its image the day be-
fore it is taken in procession. "The artistic
quality of scenery and lighting is amazing,
with fruits and vegetables representing the
garden of Gethsemane."

The traditions have grown over the past
four and a half centuries, ...contnuedonpage 60

22)) revuemag.com




S- (S S -

his beautifully-crafted collector's
book features a 180 page, full-color
photographic collection of Guate-
malan figures of Jesus Christ.
Measuring 13x13, it is cloth bound and
printed in Guatemala City by Print Studio.

"This book attempts through the various
photographs to carry our faith to the hearts of
Guatemalans who live here as well as those
who presently reside abroad. The most im-
portant ingredient of this work is the love of
God, faith and devotion."
Jose Carlos Flores L., March 2009

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W Ti-1 = rI-T-I

3Fri., llam-3pm- WOMEN CELEBRAT-
ING WOMEN: Reception & art gallery
featuring artistic accomplishments and hobbies
of foreign women living in Guatemala, includes
paintings, dolls, quilting, sculpture; sponsored
by the Antigua Guatemala American Legion
Unit #2 Womens Auxiliary. AnEcho (Antigua's
Educational, Cultural Home Office), Convento
Concepci6n (tel: 7882-4600) 4a calle oriented
#41, LaAntigua.
3Fri., 5pm DANCE: Nuevo amanecer,
Mayan dances performed by indigenous
children from the charity K'a k'a' Saqarik
(Nuevo Amenecer). Come and see the show
and learn more about Mayan culture. Donation
Q25. Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur
#8, LaAntigua.
Fri., and Sat., 4th 7pm LIVE ON
STAGE: Vaudeville comes to La Antigua, fea-
turing talented local stars singing, dancing and
acting out birth and death and everything that
happens in between. Q50, benefit produced by
Dorothea to promote the professional develop-
ment of ART (Antigua's Repertory Theatre) El
Sitio (tel: 7832-3037), LaAntigua.
24)> revuemag.com

4 Sat., 8pm MUSIC: In concert with Chil-
ean group Illapu performing a fusion of An-
dean Latin music with a touch of jazz, classic
and Afro-Caribbean music and the strength of
rock. (www.illapu.cl/) More info: 4427-8200.
4 Gran Sala, Centro Cultural Miguel Angel
Asturias, 24 calle 3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City.
4 Sat., 9am-4pm TEXTILE WORK-
SHOP: Opening of Textile Gallery Show of
Ixcaco, the beautiful natural brown cotton of
Guatemala; demonstrations of hand spinning
by indigenous master weavers from Solold and
Comalapa. Indigo Artes Textiles (tel: 7888-7487)
inside Centro Cultural La Azotea, LaAntigua.
SSun., & Mon., 6th, 3pm SHOW: Circus
Time, bring your kids, lots of fun guaranteed.
Plaza Fontabella (tel: 6628-8600 ext. 202005) 12
calle y 4a av., z. 10, Guatemala City.
7Tues., 9:30am-1:30pm TEXTILE
/WORKSHOP: NaturalPalette, paintingwith
natural pigments on all types of backgrounds,
cotton, silk, linen canvas & wood, using plant
extracts made into watercolors, temperas, oils, &
pastels. Indigo Artes Textiles (tel: 7888-7487) in-
side Centro Cultural La Azotea, LaAntigua.
St Sun., 3pm MUSIC: Accordionist Luis
.,l.Gonzdlez Arocha and vocalist Sveltana Si-
zoff. Plaza Fontabella (tel: 6628-8600 ext. 202005)
12 calle y 4a av., z. 10, Guatemala City.
1 Mon., through Sat., 18th, 9am-4pm
Sewing and Finishing, learn how to adjust your
machine properly for the fabric, different types
of seams, trims, zippers, bias; how to place and
cut your patterns on the fabric. Indigo Artes
Textiles (tel: 7888-7487) inside Centro Cultural
La Azotea, LaAntigua.


La Resena, La Merced Church, La Antigua 2008 -Leonel Mijangos / enantigua.com

Semana Santa Holy Vigils and Procesions in La Antigua Guatemala

6 Mon. Holy Monday: Holy ofJests Nazareno de La Merced, La Merced Church,
between la calle poniente & 6a av. norte.
7 Tues., Holy Tuesday: Holy (ests Nazareno delPerddn, San Francisco El Grande
Church, between la av. sur & 7a calle oriented.
8 Wed., 10am Holy Wednesday: Holy -' (Senor Sepultado, Escuela de Cristo Church,
between calle de los Pasos & calle de Belen; 2pm Children's procession, under 10 years old,
from La Merced Church.
9 Thurs., noon Maundy Thursday: Procession ofJests Nazareno de la Humildad, de
Dolores and Saints from San Cristobal El Bajo Church; 1pm Processions ofjests Nazareno del
Perddn, San Francisco El Grande Church.
10 Fri., 5am Good Friday: Procession ofjests Nazareno, La Merced Church; 2pm Procession
of the Burial of Christ, from Escuela de Cristo Church; 3pm Procession of the Burial of Christ,
from San Felipe de Jesus Church.
11 Sat., 3pm Processions of' de Soledad from various churches.
12 Sun., 1pm Easter Sunday: Procession ofJests Resucitado from Obras Sociales del Hermano
Pedro, Templo San Pedro Church.

To learn more about Easter Week (Semana Santa) in La Antigua Guatemala, pick up your copy
of "Lent and Easter Week in Antigua" by Elizabeth Bell; also, in this edition, see "Holy Week
Handbook" on page 22.

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DATOii :

7Tues., 5:30pm (English) COMMU-
Rainwater Catchment Tanks Construction
Program is intended to improve domestic
water supplies for rural Ill I1.. in Guate-
mala, where besides the lack of clean drinking
water, water for bathing is greatly restricted,
especially in the dry season, causing skin and
other health problems. Each tank can hold
5,000 liters of water or more, which gives a
family a store of clean water for 8-9 months a
year. This technology can improve the water
shortage situation of many underprivileged
families. Rory Healy, CasaSito water project
coordinator, will share his volunteer experi-
ence building water tanks in rural area of
Guatemala. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe
(tel: 7832-1919)
a av. sur #8,
La Antigua.
HBY l^^H 1tl __.-11

1 /through Thurs., 30th PHOTOG-
jI RAPHY: La Luna by Spanish artist Ro-
drigo. El Attico (tel: 2368-0853) 4a av. 15-45, z.
14, Guatemala City.

1 /Tues., 5:30pm (English) COMMU-
IXNITY SERVICE: Guatemalans generating
their own opportunities through modern communi-
ty libraries, The Riecken Foundation's mission is
to promote democracy and prosperity in Central
America through libraries that spark a spirit of
discovery and foster social participation. In Gua-
temala, we support and coordinate with 11 lend-
ing libraries. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel:
7832-1919) 7a av. sur#8, LaAntigua.

26,, revuemag.com

1 Tues., and Tues., 21st, 6:30pm (Span-
.Tish) WORKSHOP: ElArte en el Cemente-
rio General by Dr. Anibal Chaj6n, culminating
with a guided visit to the cemetery on Sat., 25th
at 1pm. Q375/Q250 students and tourism guides
w/carnet. Museo Popol Vuh (tel: 2338-7896) 6a
calle final, z. 10, Guatemala City.

1 Wed., 5pm
-- ART:
Opening of Nash
MD, by Nathalie
Galeria Panza
Verde (tel:
5a av. sur #19,
La Antigua.

"7Fri., 6pm MUSIC: Jazz concert per-
/formed by Caffeine Jazz Quarter. Plaza
Fontabella (tel: 6628-8600 ext. 202005) 12
calle v 4a av., z. 10, Guatemala City. V

1 OSat., llam (Spanish) DISCUSSION:
I En recuerdo de Augusto Cazali Avila,
with the participation of Lic. Alfredo Bonatti,
Felix Catillo, historian Ediliberto Cifuentes
and moderator Roberto Diaz Castillo. Colegio
Mayor de Santo Tomis de Aquino, la av. norte
#23, LaAntigua.
1 Sat., 4pm (Spanish) BOOK PRESEN-
I.OTATION: Amadeo Branas, historidgrafo
by Guatemalan writer Eduardo N\ 11 .ii' Free.
El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037), LaAntigua.


Primitive Contemporary
Guatemalan Art
Gallery & Museum
4a calle oriented #10
Interior Casa Antigua, El Jaul6n
La Antigua Tel: 7832-6634/35

SDigonol 6, 14-83. Zono 10 +- Cudrod de Gualemrda ---


mexican handicrafts
S Tel (502 23682178 a, w ww .lacoic gt

18Sat., 7pm ART: Arte en Concreto,
1 Sculpture exposition with more than 10
artists from Guatemala, Germany, Turkey and
Nicaragua. Free. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037) 5a
calle Doniente #15, LaAntiPua.


Learn about the fascinating
history of the Maya's clothing
and weaving.
Buy Guatemalan handicrafts at
our shop. Shop on line at
Centro Cultural UFM
6ta. Calle Final, Zona 10
Ciudad de Guatemala
Telefaxes: (502) 2361 8081/82
Monday Friday 9:00 to 17:00
Saturday 9:00 to 13:00

Wagner's music is better than it sounds.
-Edgar Wilson Nye

Ae Actuol

The oldest Guatemalan Art Gallery.
Featuring more than 100 artists.
*NEW ADDRESS: Plaza Obelisco 16 calle 1-01, zona 10
Tels:2367-3266,5779-0000 galeriaeltunel@yahoo.com

1 Sat., 7:30am-6pm WORKSHOP:
OuPeruvian artist Claudia Gamarra presents
her extensive knowledge of Therapeutic Use of
Art, Q250 per person; all tools provided. Sign up
by April 10 and receive a Q50 discount. Holistic
Center (tel: 5741-2905) Callej6n del Burrito, El
Injertal condominium, #7A, LaAntigua.
1 'Sun., 3pm- MUSIC: Flute performance
,1 by Pablo Collado and his back-up band.
Plaza Fontabella (tel: 6628-8600 ext. 202005) 12
calle y 4a av., z. 10, Guatemala City.

A good painting to me has always been like
a friend. It keeps me company, comforts
and inspires. -HedyLamarr

revuemag.com (( 27




La Cueria d Panza \trdt ir..I ','- .* -l
: ,.,, =1"' Lii-irign.,
Monday, 8 to 10pm: Blues Night. Q35.
Tuesday and Saturdays, 8 to 10pm-Esta-
sis, Trio, Sal6n Latino & Tango. Q35.
Wednesday, 8-10pm
- Latino Jazz Trio.
entrance: Q25.
Thursday and Fridays,
8 to 10pm Cuban
jazz performed by Buena
Vista de Coraz6n.
entrance Q35. D

La P nia de Sol Latino I r.. -". I *--4 ," I
:., : ll. p..., r.. = l'[. -I L, Alutiguai
Monday, 7:30pm Kenny Molina hosts
Open Mike. Free.
Tuesday, 7:30pm Ramiro plays trova
Cubana. Free.
Wednesdays-Saturdays, 7:30pm-Sundays,
7pm Sol Latino plays Andean music (pan
flutes). Free. V



Rainbon Cafe ir..I .i -l',-',
-i ..= =--. La.i-rigna
Monday, 7:30pm Don Ramiro will serenade
you with some beautiful Latin folk music. Free.
Tuesday, 7:30pm Cesar, a home-grown
talent plays a mixture of Western and Latino
tunes. Free.
Wednesday, 7:30pm Open Mike," 1.. r...
by Juan-Jo and friends. A complimentary drink for
all performers. Free.
Thursday, 7:30pm Giiicho will astound
you with his guitar skills and improvisation of
Latino and pop classics.
Friday, 7:30pm Get in the groove with Ser-
gio playing great Reggae tracks.
Saturday, 7:30pm La Casa de Kello gets the
party going with a mixture of original music, La-
rinn heatr hlues an nonnilir Western mlsic V

Sunday, 7:30pm La Raiz-Luis, Juan-Jo
& Choko, great improvised classics. Free.

I .a Casbah D iortr ca ,r..I '.,- ..,ii,

Wednesday 9pm-lam PARTY: Dance to
the music of the 80s at the hottest discotheque
in town. No cover.

4 Sat., 8pm MUSIC: In concert with Chil-
ean group Illapu performing a fusion of An-
Lays, 1pm Ramiro plays Trova Cubana dean Latin music with a touch of jazz, classic
ig the Sunday Buffet. No cover. and Afro-Caribbean music and the strength of
-rock. (www.illapu.cl/) More info: 4427-8200.
Gran Sala, Centro Cultural Miguel Angel
Asturias, 24 calle 3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City.

28) >revuemag.com

DATOii :



Circus Bar ir..I i.2-2'1
k ... .dA Jd... I... .1. .. .. Piityu'chel
Monday the fabulous piano master Chris
Jarnach plays jazz and favorite tunes
Circus Bar Latin Ensemble plays boleros, salsa,
son Cubano and other Latin rhythms
Tuesday Nayno Flamenco and Rumba and
Latin Ensemble, Trova del Lago
Wednesday Nayno, Latin Ensemble
Thursday Nayno, Trova del lago
Friday Los Vagabundos, hot rhythms in
a fusion of rumba flamenco and Guatemalan
traditional elements
Saturday a fascinating show of Circus Bar
Sunday Latin Ensemble

Fontabella Plaza ir,.I .... 2'-' .. .1 .... i n, r
1 c. .1ll. a w i ...ala I II eitil Cit.'

Thursday, 6pm Trumpet & piano music
by Jacobo Nitsch.

2 Sat., 7pm MUSIC: La Redde la Vida,
JEtno-Fusion featuring Magda Ai. .. i
and guest musicians Lenin Fernindez, Fernan-
do Scheel, Ana Lucia Orozco and Coqui Arrio-
la. Q60/Q30 children. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037)
5a calle poniente #15, LaAntigua. V

La Compaiia de Teatro para Nos BRAVO

"El Nago de Oz"

1 Sun., 11am (Spanish) THEATER: El
MMago de Oz, inspired by the movie "The
Wizard of Oz," presented by Compafia de Te-
atro Bravo. Q40. Teatro de Cimara Hugo Car-
rillo, Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias (tel:
2232-4041) 24 calle 3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City.
21 Tues., 5:30pm (English) TALK: Life
1in Guatemala: Brief History and Current
Conditions with Sue Patterson, a retired U.S.
Foreign Service officer now living in La Antigua
Guatemala. She is a former U.S. Consul Gen-
eral in Guatemala and has served in Chile, Iran
and Italy. She is also the founder of WINGS, a
non-profit dedicated to reproductive health and
family planning. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe
(tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur#8, LaAntigua.
1 Tues., 8am-5pm TOUR TO
I. COMALAPA: Visit this indigenous vil-
lage, famous for its folk painters and textiles,
includes transportation in minivan, demon-
strations of backstrap and floor-loom weaving,
visits to painters' galleries, tour of market, and
a delicious home-made lunch in private home.
Proceeds benefit the women's cooperative, Maya-
Works. Indigo Artes Textiles (tel: 7888-7487) in-
side Centro Cultural La Azotea, LaAntigua.
2 Sun., 2:30pm- (Spanish) SHOW:Alexis
L2 the Storyteller and his entertainment team.
Plaza Fontabella (tel: 6628-8600 ext. 202005) 12
calle y 4a av., z. 10, Guatemala City.
A writer should write with his eyes and a
painter paint with his ears. -Gertrude Stein

revuemag.com (29


T2 Thurs., 6pm- MUSIC: Trumpet and pi-
3Jano concert performed by Jacobo Nitsch.
Plaza Fontabella (tel: 6628-8600 ext. 202005) 12
calle y 4a av., z. 10, Guatemala City.
2 Thurs., and Thurs., 30th, 9am-4pm -
provement, with practical experiences, analysis
and discussion, this workshop introduces weav-
ers to several ways to improve the quality of their
textiles. A special focus will be given to innova-
tive processes in the creation and improvement of
those textiles, to promote market success. Indigo
Artes Textiles (tel: 7888-7487) inside Centro
Cultural La Azotea, LaAntigua.
2 Thurs., 7pm FASHION SHOW: Fea-
2 L turing summer fashion, fun for the whole
family. Plaza Fontabella (tel: 6628-8600 ext.
202005) 12 calle y 4a av., z. 10, Guatemala City.
SFri., and Sat., 25th, 8pm (English)
24 THEATER: All I Ever Really Need to
Know I Learned in Kindergarten, the comedy/
drama based on books by Robert Fulghum;
conceived and adapted for the stage by Ernest
Zulia; produced and performed by a new com-
munity theater for adults in Guatemala City.
Q50. Dr. Sherry Miller Theater, Colegio Maya
(tel: 4011-1530) Carretera a El Salvador, Km
12.5, Guatemala City. V

"t I'r I I'.fLD

-TEr i N -IftT

IrTLs n A I-, l 1E.I

2 Sat., 11am MUSIC (DVD PRESEN-
TATION): Beethoven, concerto para
violin, violocelloy piano Op. 56performed by the
Berlin philharmonic orchestra, presented by Ing.
Jose Angel Lee. Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomis
de Aquino, la av. norte #23, LaAntigua.

30 revuemag.com

6 Sun., 3pm MUSIC: Performance by
accordionist Luis Gonzilez Arocha and
singer Erick Malbrun. Plaza Fontabella (tel:
6628-8600 ext. 202005) 12 calle y 4a av., z. 10,
Guatemala City.
S8Tues., 5:30pm (English) COMMU-
ONITY SERVICE: Microloans: Myths and
Management by "As Green As It Gets," a non-
profit organization supporting coffee farmers,
artisans and other small producers from disad-
vantaged communities in Guatemala. Donation
Q25. Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur
#8, LaAntigua.
3 Thurs., 7pm ART: Inauguration of
J Proyecto Inconcluso, with work by sev-
eral national and international artists. Centro
de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n Espanola (tel:
7832-1276) 6a av. norte, between 3a & 4a calle,
LaAntigua. V


La Antigua

"The finest in Latin American
and Caribbean works of art."
SReview from New York Times

We represent over 100 artists from all
of Latin America, as well as featured
artists from around the world.
We also handle estate sales, auctions
and give qualified appraisals.

Make La Antigua a preferred stop on
your Guatemala itinerary, and stay up
to date with us by logging on.

4a calle oriented #15, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: (502) 7832-2124 Fax: (502) 7832-2866

r4I' I I I

La I. .,. de I o Lat l no

12 calle 4-65, zona 14 Guatemala, C.A.
Tels: 2368-1659, 2363-0649, Fax: 2363-0603
E-mail: coleccion21@intelnet.net.gt

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose
ourselves at the same time. -Thomas Merton


Unlversldad Francisco Marroquin UF

MON- FRI: 9:00 to 17:00
SAT: 9:00 to 13:00
Closed Sunday
6 Calle final zona 10
Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Guatemala Ciudad

Tel: (502) 2338 7836,2338 7837

An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.
-Charles Horton Cooley

j PREVUE available Paye-by-Pa e online > www.revuemay.com
revuemag.com <(31



M on., through Fri., 9-10am (Spanish)
RADIO PROGRAM: Voces de Madre-
selva, eco-cultural radio program, tune in to
106.9 FM.
M ondays, 10:30am-12:30pm & 3pm-
5pm ART WORKSHOP: Art classes
for teenagers and adults, all levels. Teaching dif-
ferent techniques as oil, acrilic, watercolors, dry
pastel crayon and drawing. Galeria Rios (tel:
7882-4552) 4a calle oriented #41, local P, Casa
Convento Concepci6n, LaAntigua. V
I |A

ART: ,! copper-
wire images and oil, in
the latest works by Co-
lombian artist Ricardo
Castillo who is one of
the gallery's newest art-
ists. La Antigua Galeria
de Arte (tel: 7832-2124)
4a calle Oriente # 15,

32) >revuemag.com

T uesdays, 6pm (English) SLIDE SHOW
SAntigua: Behind the '\ I.- Elizabeth Bell.
Q30 benefits educational programs. El Sitio, 5a
calle poniente #15, LaAntigua.
Wjednesdays, 6:30pm (Spanish) MItR-
V COLES DE CINE: A new movie every
week. Free. Centro de Formaci6n de la Coop-
eraci6n Espanola (tel: 7832-1276) 6a av. norte,
between 3a & 4a calle, LaAntigua.
T hursdays, 6pm (English w/Spanish ST)
FILM: Charlie Chaplan: 2nd-City Lights;
16th-Modern Times; 23rd-7he Gold Rush;
30th-Limelight. Q15. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037)
5a calle poniente #15, LaAntigua.
Saturday, 11am (Spanish) CINE IN-
FANTIL: A new movie for children every
week. Centro de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n
Espanola (tel: 7832-1276) 6a av. norte between
3a & 4a calle, LaAntigua.

Art begins with resistance at the point where
resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece
has ever been created without great labor.
-Andre Gide

REU1aeok nie v'rvea~o

A nursery with the most extensive variety of plants
and accessories for your home and garden

km 14.5 Centro Comercial Escala
Carrtra a El Salvador Botanik
Telephone 6637 5763 64
Monday ti lday 8 30 am to 7 00 pm
Saturday 8 30 am to 6 00 pm
Sunday 9 30 am to 6 00 pm

.t Carretera al Atlantico 0-80, z.17
Teletax 2256 4564 Un Jarn
S l~'Monday Satulday fhom 8 30 am to 5 30 pm a g
Sunday ftom 9 00 am to 4 30 pm todo

Calle Mariscal 18-40, z.11 across the
street from Pro-ciegos
Telephone 2473 1941 2474 5194 Fax 2474 5254
Monday F day fom 7 30 am to 5 30 pm
Saturday daom 7 00 am to 6 00 pm
Sunday t om 8 30 am to 4 30 pm


....J.....E. l. .U Z Yi z,

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GUTML CITY)) Servic)Shpi

's Executive/Survival

PrFlexible Schedule
Certified professional staff *
Legal Translation services *
Quiet neighborhood, easy parking .

................ ................
114:ay-.13 .8. 0. A.2 0. aklaftk.33 n Mala City
....................... 0 O n uppe
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ah: 527N.2020:361F.ax 22.69 1187
............................... ..................................... .................
.............. ..... ............. I .................................................
atmall.com W.W f ilgt.com
........................... .......... w easy ac


Union Church of Guatemala
You've heard about us.
Now come try us out.
12 calle 7-37, zona 9, Guatemala City (close to Plazuela Espafia)
2361-2027& 2331-6904 unionchurchguatemala@gmail.com

Fabrics by the yard
Ceramic Jewelry
Wood Leather
& more

18 calle 21-31, z.10 Blvd Los Prdceres www.in-nola.com
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SA IA The best rates, with the
lowest deductibles and
full coverage insurance
4a calle"A"16-57, zona 1, Guatemala City
Tels: 2220-2180, (502) 5293-7856, 5511-8250
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u-In ,, ,

Ej *il S S ji STT S ~ pn

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1TiL^~iTP g
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Rrjr *'frrf~r *

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El Punto de los Repuestos

12 Locations PBX: 2429-3030
39Yearsexperience mail@figuepartes.com


ServieeseShop g ( I(TEM IT

DII Tel: 2366-1031 Fax:2366-1034
Ci^ nMon-Fri:9-1&3-6 Sat:9-1
All the latest books in English
3a av. 17-05, z.14 Edif. Casa Alta

a .4.

t i$U

-Oiscos nuros
-Memoris RAM


~Y' FC39

Leadership involves finding a parade
and getting in front of it. -John Naisbitt

The only specialists in Bedding Mfr... We handle all types of Beds.
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jedS & Fu Custom-made Beds & Furniture. Will deliver.
7a Av. 2-28. Zona 9 Guatemala City Tel: 2332-4951 TelFax: 2332-7788

Language is the source of misunderstandings. I like long walks, especially when they are taken
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery by people who annoy me. -Noel Coward

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E I'

36)) revuemag.com


~ac ;i~


L u

revuemag.com (37

Culture Unshocked II

by Ana Flinder photos: Victoria Stone

Toys and Play

Not long ago, while perusing the
endless tables piled high with
used North American clothes at
the Saturday paca market in La Antigua, I
found a little T-shirt that caught my eye.
It was about the right size for a 5 year old,
and on it read "I want it/ You buy it for me/
Got it?" Now, why anyone would manufac-
ture such a thing, or who would buy it, is
a complete mystery to me, but it certainly
was thought-provoking.
It brought to mind being in a giant Toys
R Us-type mega-toy store, the pungent smell
of plastic reaching toxic levels, and hearing
tiny voices demanding, insisting, badgering
and whining for the toys they wanted. I don't
frequent stores like that in the States, but on
my last visit there, one could witness the
same kind of whining insistence in grocery
stores, on the street, in malls. It's the attitude
that comes through with the voice.
I saw that shirt, and I thought, "What a
North American thing." But for all I know
38)) revuemag.com

that kind of dissatisfied, entitled insistence
among children is also a European and
Canadian thing. I rather suspect so. It cer-
tainly isn't a Guatemalan thing. Not in the
least. Gracias a Dios!
Whenever I return from a trip north,
I appreciate anew how incredibly well-be-
haved and cheerful the children here are.
And I am astounded or delighted, nearly
every day, by the random sight of children
playing-in the markets, on the streets, in
the tiendas-fully engaged in play, with an
innocence that I had rarely seen before and
which certainly wasn't part of my Ameri-
can childhood long ago.
I look around the vast used-clothing
market and see four Guatemalan children
playingfttbolwith an old empty juice bottle
for a ball. And others, who laughingly com-
pete to see who can yell the loudest as they
imitate their parents calling out "barata, ba-
rata!!Meta la mano!, solo un billete." (It must
be said that the whole continued on page40

I. i No tragedy, no comedy

C just good times

1 13 calle y la av., Zona 10, local 5,
Torre Santa Clara II, Tel: 2331-2641

The English Pub in Guatemala City

Ingredientes para panaderias, reposterias, heladerias, IActeos,
restaurants, hotels, banquetes e industries de alimentos.
TELS: 5338-1690, 5338-2201, 5182-0721

He that speaks much, is much mistaken.
-Benjamin Franklin
Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure
of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy
of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to that
arrogant oligarchy who merely happen to be
walking around. -GilbertK. Chesterton

Tamales finos
Tamales negros y colorados
elaborados con recetas familiares
que datan desde 1873
Para events o pedidos mayores
de 10, avisar con anticipaci6n
: ne tamales made with old family
recipes that date from 1873
.. events or orders larger than 10,
please let us know in advance.
5201-4138, 5702-9950

The 8est in Fresh
Fruits f Vegetables
produced and packaged
with ynur health in mind
M-F 8:5O-7p Sat 8:30-2pm
1 calle 4-44. Z.10
Guatemala City TelCFax:2936-2682

revuemag.com ((39

Best Buffalo Wings in Guatemala
60's & 70's Rock
Big Screen TV
C BA R aW3 Pool Tables
SPORTS BAR Darts Cold Beer
Mon-Sat 9am-lam and Sun Ipm-midnightish
13 calle 0-40,Z.10 T/F: 2368-2089
We accept AMEX, VISA, MC, Diners, Credomatic

Din^^^^^^^^^^^^*u~ftin((UTEMALA CISTY^

Culture Unshoked cont.frompage 38
issue of working children in Guatemala is
another matter, beyond the scope of this
writing, and that there exist some horren-
dous conditions in some places. But I have
seen working children who take every op-
portunity to play at work, and who seem
happier than many privileged "Western"
children I have known. And, having not
spent time in the poorest parts of Guate-
mala City, I cannot say if my observations
apply to those places.)
And as I go on in the next days I keep
my eyes open, and I remember. I remember
seeing children playing in the markets on
many occasions: boys using the shoes that
their family is selling at the paca to play
catch with; a boy and his little sister at the
bustling wholesale vegetable market in Zu-
nil flying the kite that he had made from
a leftover string attached to an old plastic
bag; and the 10-year-old fish seller, finally
offwork, filling a plastic bottle with marbles
with a huge grin on his face. Yes, they are
working children, but there always seems to
be time for play. And I have certainly never
overheard any one of those market children
whining that they want a toy or whining to
get off work so they can go and play.
As I walk through the main streets and

the neighborhood side streets of Pana-
jachel and other small towns, I always see
children playing in groups. Morning, af-
ternoon, and in the safe dark of evening,
little groups of boys and girls play fdtbol,
race, play hide and seek.
It seems to me that most of the children
I see here in Guatemala live with a level of
freedom that hardly exists any more in the
U.S. And it seems that this is made possible
by a number of factors: one, the streets and
markets are safe, safe because, for them,
they are full of aunts, uncles, grandpar-
ents and family friends. The sense of safety
that most children here have is due to the
fact that there are always relatives around
-and they come in all ages.
There are always playmates, too. And I
mean always. Many children have big ex-
tended families with many siblings and cous-
ins to play, all living in the same town. Not
only that, but sharing seems to come natu-
rally. After all, if there are any toys, they're a
lot more fun with someone to play with.
What do they need toys for anyway?
They've got sisters, brothers, cousins, grand-
parents, uncles, aunts. And if a child has an
imagination, there's hardly ever a lack of
toys. Walking along the contued on page 42



L, L"S T\U RA 1

cheese Fondues, Lobster, Meat,
inmpfondues, chocolate fondues'

I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, Since there will be no one left to talk peace after
"Where's the self-help section?" the next war, it makes good sense to break with
She said if she told me, it would defeat tradition and hold the peace conference first.
the purpose. -George Carlin -William Glasser

IR- iD ...l- r.

i:. .

revuemag.com (41

A "Classic" in the center of
Guatemala City & now in Zone 10

Specializing in Spanish and Basque
Cuisine, Seafood and Paella
5a av. 12-31, Zona 1
Tels: 2251-7185, 2253-6743
10 calle 0-45, Zona 10 Tels: 2332-6576,
2331-7200 www.restaurantealtuna.com


Culture Unshoked cont. frompage 38
shore of Lake Atitlin, I see that the local
children have no qualms about turning the
plentiful flotsam into toys. On one stroll
I noticed a group building a little house
together. They framed it in with popsicle
sticks, used a styrofoam plate for a roof,
plastic detergent bags for rugs inside, and
were having a great time planting twigs for
the garden outside, and watering the gar-
den with a styrofoam cup. A bit farther on,
their big sister had filled a small plastic wa-
ter bottle and a piece of broken hose with
sand to make a play torch-and was hap-
pily holding it up and proclaiming herself
the winner of the antorcha race.
Then again, when there's no garbage avail-
able to make toys out of, there are always the
tools of work, as when children on the shore
have joined their father who has brought
down a pile of plastic costal bags to fill up as
he harvests sand and pebbles from the shore.
These, it turns out, are perfect for climb-
ing into to have a jumping race with your
cousins. Or when several little cousins crawl
through the "tunnel" made by boards drying
in the sun outside the carpenter's taller.
But there are only materials to make

dase C'II Is

toys from all over the place for some chil-
dren. Apparently, those North American
children who have been mesmerized into
believing that everything has to be bought
do not realize that there are toys to be in-
vented and games to play at any given mo-
ment. I have a friend in California-not
even wealthy by U.S. standards-and in
her backyard, for her two children, is a
large trampoline. Guatemalan children in
larger pueblos may see something like this
once a year at the feria, and pay a quetzal
or two to play on it for a few minutes. The
first time I visited my friend, her children
were playing on the trampoline in the hot
sun-with the lawn sprinkler cooling them
down and adding an extra element of fun.
The next time, the trampoline was idle, the
children inside, not only playing with com-
puter games, but whining, "Mom! Why
can't we get the new X-box game?"

Once while traveling through the back-
woods of Chiapas, Mexico, I walked through
tiny encampments of indigenous people
who were the poorest I'd ever seen, living
in little dirt-yard shacks amid sparse vegeta-
tion. I noticed that the slack-eyed children
had not a toy in the world. Tin cans in the
garbage piles had not even become wheels
to pull on a string, neither had rags become
dolls. And I remembered the saying, "Of
the many kinds of poverty in the world, the
most tragic is poverty of the imagination."
This may be a type of poverty shared by
"Western" children, but thankfully here in
Guatemala, imagination, inventiveness and
play are alive and well. 0

Remnants of Semana Santa decorations become
the perfect vehicle for sledding down the church
steps with friends

42) revuemag.com

Lodgin ((GUTE A CIT



1as torres
gucst housc
Main Hotel area
Studio & Bdrm Apartments, Fully Furnished,
Cable TV, Parking, 24 hr. Security, Family Atmosphere
We have prices by the night, month.
Single Room: 10% Discount with this ad --
"At Las Torres you don't just get a room,
you get a family."
13 calle 0-43, Zone 10 PBX: 2334-2747, 2362-5030
Fax: 2331-4628 apartamentos_lastorres@yahoo.com

Traditions are group efforts to keep the
unexpected from happening. -Barbara Tober

Feel u-warm i & rehi-xel.
on "ouIr arrival!

I /.tt ; h t ,,/ d W J U
S i , ',' ,.in
1 ....ll C., 3. A, r,, 1 .
I:., /.. 6'.2... / 1... 2 6, .

aCa BaN(^

revuemag.com ((43

Hotae ejI ai nonnj
G ACTmodaA Cb)c Lode

A four star hotel in the Historic Center I TV bl* lnbV Wabn q i
4 Avenida 3-25, Zona 1, Guatemala City 15 av"A"5-30na 1Uemal, C..
Tel. (502) 2362-5-50
PBX: 2285-3434 Fax: 2232-7759 2331-0082
www.hostadedon ped ro.com

I r, l i / , blocks from Central Park, something that mostpeople cannot do by the
Af right in the Historic Center
6 comfortable rooms (single: $30) uttermost exertion oftheir abilities.
Hot water, cable TV, internet, parking, -Robertson Davies
security, cafeteria, family ambience Nowadays you never meet anyone whobecomes
5a calle 3-36, zona 1, Guatemala City ity (i 2 c n s A ec
Tel:5510-8392 www.casadelosnazarenos.com exhausted fom wrestling with his conscience.

rudygiron.corm L. :

SREVUE tiene la 1irulacin mal granie: 20,000 ejemplare impreh mesiualen

44 revuemag.com

Lodgin ((GUTE A CIT

S n71 1 minfromairport 1
Free transportation
SPrivate bath
Cable TV
.,fk& "Ft..i frr Breakfast included
SWireless internet
16 calle 8-20 zona 13 Aurora I, Guatemala City Lovely garden
Tels: (502) 2261-2854 2261-3044 5550-2664
hostalvillatoscana@yahoo.com www.hostalvillatoscana.com

* Dorms starting at $15 per person
* Transportation airport/hostelairport
* Highly recommended by Lonely Planet
* Breakfast included
* Credit Cards accepted yo Ur a oLHo tal VOLCANES

Contact us:
16calle 8-00zona 13,Aurra I
Guatemala City, Guatemala, CA.
Tels (502) 2261-3040,

Apailmenis from IJ.535I daily
A vml ad i 11 Specal Monlhly Rales hiom. .5575
Ap ct Hotel Free u"relessinternel aCess (able TV. Gym
/t Sr. ,t. ,'T.- l Underground parking i 9) Maid service
S3aav 10-21 zona9 GualemalaCity Tel (502 2332-2907 reserva. iarmadillosuiles com
IjEW Armadillo Suites 5 blls from airport. Diagonal 2o oboO z 13 Aurora I

Hotel Residencia Del Sol


Tels: 2360-4823, 2360-4843 Fax: 2360-4793
email: residenciadelsol@gmail.com
website: www.residenciadelsol.com
3 calle 6-42, zona 9, Guatemala City

13 calle 6-20, zona 9, Guatemala City
Tel: 2332-3955/6 Fax: 2332-1336
14 equipped apartments* 1 to 4 occupancy
Housekeeping/laundry service Secure parking
Cable TV & Internet available Credit cards o.k.
Near airport & zona viva. Rates from $40

For happiness one needs security,
but joy can spring like a flower even from the
cliffs of despair. -Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Bed & Breakfast
t yn4 g#t 'a, HOTEL
Bar/Room Service Private Bath Free Internet & Cable TV
Credit Cards accepted reservaciones@marianaspetithotel.com
Free Airport Transport www.marianaspetithotel.com
20 calle 10-17 Aurora II, zona 13 Guatemala City
Tels: 2261-4144,2261-4105 Fax: 2261-4266

As sure as the spring will follow the winter,
prosperity and economic growth will
follow recession. -Bo Bennett

EVE le ofrece el costo mdi bajoFor ejemplar ara romoconar S evuemagocio.
revuemag.com ((45

G ATi ALA gITY)oging

Cicada springtime cont.from page 10
Unlike crickets or locusts, male cicadas
sing by pulsating membranes called tim-
bals, rather than by violin-like rubbing.
And although the females are mute, they
are not deaf; in fact, the whole musical hub-
bub is the male's way of setting the mood.
The female recognizes the call of her spe-
cies with "ears" called tympana. In larger
species, like Proarna champion, which can
approach 4 cm in length and rival a hum-
mingbird for impact, the mating song can,
at close range, approach 120 decibels.
The song of one common species is ono-
matopoeically called chiquirin, because
its series of sharp chirps climax in a sono-
rous, motor-like hum. Cheek-cheek-cheek-
cheek-cheek-cheek-areeeeeeeeeennn. Many
people find this tune to be soothing, and
moviemakers record it and other cicada
music to enhance their sets with creepiness
and other ambiences.
Over a century ago, while British ento-
mologist W.L. Distant began cataloging Cen-
tral American cicadas, he noticed that some

cicadas have a repertoire of three or even four
songs. Aside from the deafening mating call,
there is a softer "honeymoon croon" that a
male serenades his mate with after she ac-
cepts his advances; the pair separates after an
hour (more or less) of coitus. Males also emit
a distress screech when snagged by predators,
and some species have a "fight song" that tells
other males to back off.

Though cicadas are associated with rural
areas, where they are prized by collecting
children, they do well in any urban locale
with enough of the right kind of trees. The
verdant quarter of San Salvador, which in-
cludes the National Zoo and the presiden-
tial compound, is abuzz with love-struck
cicadas in April and May.
Because they are wont to sing loudly and
endlessly, their nickname, chicharra, is often
applied to human chatterboxes. That cicadas
are so honored is probably of little impor-
tance to them, as they hum away in eternal
their cacophony with delightful abandon. 0

In larger cicada species, which can approach 4 cm in length,
the mating song can, at close range, approach 120 decibels.

46) >revuemag.com

Shiatsu, Reiki

Swedish Massage

Olgo Goit6n Antiguo Guatemalo, Telefono: 57412905


.-Dr-. ggs6 R. Gcer

-AnmteiorSement, Catar
^^^^K~fiR33= andiRefractgiveSurgeon^^

hno 4a av. su flS. #1


Dra. Victoria Recinos de Molina USAC / UB English spoken
ooniente #28, La Antiqua Tels: 7832-7945, 5096-6694 info@soldent.com

r Dr. Manuel Antonio Samayoa o
11lI|I,, \Ill i.lllI \l..la Il lin .i l, D lI".. 1 li.ili
ill \lkil, RI %l l.t I I... Ik 1 I4,II .,, .I11.1 kll( .i't l
Cn..ill.l.|i C ( lkiki D n i .l..i.l..- ChemicalPeeling.
Mon-Frl l0am-2pm & 3pm-7pm, Wed 11i i11 ....
li :Ni j ,:,: Tel:7832-4854 3a Calle P.13 Antigua

How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence Informed decision-making comes from a long
of one's senses! How reluctantly the mind tradition of guessing and then blaming others
consents to reality. -Norman Douglas for inadequate results. -Scott Adams

j REVUE offers web site updates by RUS www revuemag corn

revuemag.com ((47

Dra. Lotty Marie Meza Rezzio
Cirujana Dentista UFM
Monday Friday 8am-12pm & 2-6pm
Saturday 8am to 12pm
5a calle poniente final #27B, La Antigua
Tel:7821-5741 Email: lotty@ufm.edu.gt

I ".Jh,

You don't really need modernity in order to
exist totally and fully. You need a mixture of
modernity and tradition. -Theodore Bikel

Holistic Psychotherapy
Psycho-Emotional Balancing
with Traditional Acupuncture
(Dr. (nnrmen Guevara
7832-3655 5132-1839 kg@conexion.com

A new approach to finding solutions!
"Brief Sihitii',-Fi1 ,ail Thuriy "
"" Adults, teens, families and children
Call for your free trial session
Family Therapist from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Calle del Arco, La Antigua Tels: 7832-0066, 5892-2527

Graduate of New York Uniersily Medical (enler Bellevue Hospilal.
(olumbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons S1 Lukes
Hospital New YorkCily Face & Body Resculpluring
Carrelera a El Salvador Km 8. Guatemala City Appls 236541611 12
H '.P AL-A rossellmd.-holmall com www quale nel plasltisurgeons

Ifa race has no history, if it has no worthwhile
tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the
thought of the world, and it stands in danger
of being exterminated. -Carter G. Woodson

Youth is that period when a youngboy knows That most dangerous of opponents: the one
everything but how to make a living, who took pains to comprehend the position
-Carey Williams ofhisadversary. -PiersAnthony

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time,
for that is the stuff life is made of.
-Benjamin Franklin

48)) revuemag.com

If man evolved from monkeys and apes,
why do we still have monkeys and apes?
-George Carlin
%LlW II you need to get the word out,
Revue is the most effective
promotional tool around.

Dr. Milton Solis, Plastic Surgeon
Breast Enhancement or Reduction
Liposuction Face Lift
Rhinoplasty / Aesthetic
Surgery in General
Appointments: 5511-4163
Blvd. Vista Hermosa 25-19
Multim6dica Of. #1101, Z.15

Tradition does not mean that the living are dead,
it means that the dead are living.
-Harold MacMillan

\iEI5 Dra. Carmen Leticia Hernandez F.
*miT M Dr. J. Roberto HemBndez-
Pineda childrenn s Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, U S A)
English spoken ---- 24 hour emergency assistance
Mon-Fr 10am-1pm & 4pm-7pm Sat 9am-lpm
Edificio Broceta 11 calle 1-25, Zona 1 Guatemala City
Tels: 2221-2195 196. 5899-4340. 5412-7994 Home: 2434-6647


i- r i-im ARAS~"- PE

Visit us
Edificio Muftim&dica, Vista Hermosa,
2a.calle 25-19 zona 15. oficina 1402.Ciudad de Guatemala.
TelIfonos:2385-7531/7761 Fax:2385-7532
"""_'""'" "' """ '" "

revuemag.com ((49

We would like you to know about Hound Heights

and why we need your help

Perhaps it's a stretch to be asking for donations in order to care
for injured and abandoned animals when there are so many human
needs, yet suffering is suffering, and we're all called to action in one
way or another.
Hound Heights, AWARE'S no-kill animal refuge, is currently shel-
tering 250 dogs and 80 cats. Many puppies and kittens were adopted
this year, some older dogs and cats were lucky enough to be placed
in loving homes too, but the number of adult animals not suitable
for adoption continues to rise. It's easy to rescue an animal ... next
comes the hard part. These dogs and cats need medical attention,
they need to be housed and comforted, fed and walked, brushed ...
many will live out their lives at Hound Heights, cared for by human
kindness. They deserve no less.

If you would like to adopt a pet, Hound Heights is open to
the public every Sunday from 10am to 3pm. You may not be
able to adopt a cat or dog --- but why not sponsor one?
Q150 per month will provide general medical care,
flea control and food.
A one-time donation is also very much appreciated.
AWARE is a registered non-profit organization
in Guatemala, and a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit
corporation in the U.S. Donations in the U.S. are
100% tax deductible.

Wish List Includes:
CAT FOOD! specifically
dry mix for dogs and
canned cat food.
(Unopened containers
and bags only please)

* metal food/water bowls
* blankets, towels,
and bedding
* dog and cat toys
* cat boxes and litter
* grounds-keeping equip-
ment: shovels, rakes, etc.
* large plastic garbage pails
with lids
* building materials
* 12-hp generator
* veterinary products
including flea control,
anti-parasite medications
* humane animal traps

With connections to Humane Societies in California and Florida, AWARE has been able
to send puppies to the U.S. for almost immediate adoption. Travelers to California and Flori-
da willing to accompany puppies (AWARE does all paperwork) airport-to-airport, please call
us seven days prior to your flight. Your help we be so very much appreciated.

Hound Heights, Aldea Pachaj, Interamericana km 40, Sumpango Guatemala
Xenii Nielsen: 7833-1639, 5401-3148 xenii-2@usa.net
For donations, correspondence and shopping with proceeds that
support AWARE, please visit 4a calle oriented #23, La Antigua Guatemala

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living
things, man will not find peace. -Albert Schweitzer


Ilr.11.. lll illl, rellr l ..lr,) r,
[ F il lr.. .. ,,r i .l ., r,,

Sl. i lll nlr .rlr. l lr, iI I,, ,.

. Ilrllr ,.l i ,

* I lill. l lllli lll
Ph i.] j rf .i.y ,
nl'h .ll r l.r ll. l. .. l .]i ,
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- Fl-iri-,. -r.11 1I'
~l r. i ii,,, il l
i 'H r,r l. l.hr ]hl..)[r l

!'///(///(' o f /'( .
- II rlj Iln llr i i lllllr

SIll lll4 i ,jll .r)[|l. ,-i
24-hour Emergency Service
Av. de La Recoleclon #4, La Antigua
(in Iront of the bus station) Tels 7832 0420,
7832 1197, 7832 1190, Fax 7832 8752.

TecniScan .
Centro de Diagn6stico d-ai.... ...-- ,i

Se pone a sus 6rdenes con el servicio de

Visitenos en: 7a calle poniente #15, Centro Comercial Casa del Bicaro, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7882-4449 Lunes a viernes de 7:30 am a 5:00 pm Sibado: 7:30am a 12:00pm
Su salud es nuestro principal compromise

Life is a continuous process of learning
new ways to make the same old mistakes.

Centro de Equinoterapia
y Psicologia Kej
Lic Maria Eugenia Diaz
(alle An(th3 riJ LjAniigu3
Iels 832 i 40' SUNOO SJ-48
Bia, ,w, equinoleraplagualemala (om

lcdbtrct^ izpeilirgioA inaic-Eatoidl^yleaeowI
Trained an4 practice in The US, Europe, Isael & Guatemla
Certled 'Amanare & 'Frequencies O Brilliance' Practtonter
Rldk Ma~ter & Teacher ours a ilale
Certfied Massage TherapIst


1 cwfnWlotminlIcom +52549 0099* LiAnt[llU, Gbute*r

A man's high opinion of himself is usually
increased by everyone except the rest of the world.

De La

Jorge E. De la Cruz DDS, P.C.
Eastman Dental Center I Univ. of Rochester N.Y.
Implants Laser Bleaching
Cosmetic dentistry Custom dentures
Root canals Crowns and bridges
(502) 7832-0125 (502) 6637-0234/5
3a avenida norte # 11A Blvrd. Los Pr6ceres 18 calle,
La Antigua Guatemala 24-69 zona 10, Torre 1 Of. 10-07
Empresarial Zona Pradera

revuemag.com ((51

:~I ?

I. -





4n "drnars
Jocqi 'n u s .q
I U M IJIaI.IrS -^ .-

S omdal o f a nia m dea 1 Colonia

Ial lwte lMa
-la Saflld--J FT-

Calle de los Nazarenos Ca l M Car teros Cdefi -o I
alI del ca idncialel

.La E L",d
a ,l- a r l C iea Cadea Gri las

a m o |i "-
3acallede iCC d a en

r a mn. Cammm

SCalle d l t 7a calle.p ient.z *aa calle 'or
7 7 l r. d a
Loal= L 5
l 3acallepa


p Cahristian
Called gorL n IeA r Oriente-
--a -


Map Spansohd by:

I SuitiI I sJaba
/l 1^ i de

Nesft CSA _Ii|
Christian Endt der' k- j
Spanish S\aSft^ I a&
Academy ,U
Sat Iao

ANTIU) Srie1 Shppn g

Glass &
Frame Shop

"The only professional frame shop in Antigua"
5" calle oriented #11, La Antigua Tel:7832-3033
6a av. 1-65, z. 1, Chimaltenango Tel: 5953-6653

Club Ecuestre La Ronda
I Show Jumping
Pony Club
SNatural Horsemanship
Finca La Azotea, Jocotenango
Tels: 5863-6434,5937-4952

a Arreglos florales / Flower Arrangements
Decoraci6n para events especiales
S--- Tels: 7832-4151
4 ores 7832-0073
6a calle poniente
itAnY gutaiMla #34, La Antigua
www.va Iledeflores.com Servicio a domicilio

Formerly people used to wonder where the
world was going, now they just wonder when.

Prices from $7 to $150
4a. Avenida Norte Casa #7 La anligue guatemala
Telefono- (502) 7882 4452 ......
rlineconte gmall.com

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Libreria Bookstore
Latest Titles Books on C.A. & Mexico
+ Large selection of Maps & Art
Spanish Textbooks
5a av norte #4, Antigua
Central Park TelFax: 7832-3322

Wisdom is what's left after we've run out of
personal opinions. -Cullen Hightower

haircuts coloring highlights
perm manicure pedicure...
NEW ADDRESS! 5a calle poniente #23-A, La Antigua
(opposite La Bodegona)Tels: 5211-2285,5672-7596

Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty
to the government when it deserves it.
-Mark Twain

Get rW Best price
a W,, in Guatemala!

- 125 Channels-
Eastern Networks; General
and Educational Channels;
40+ Movie Channels;
Total Sports Packages...
(Anywhere in Central Amer
Giovanni Motta Tel: 5806-2
Hugo Cerezo
Tels:7832-8520, 5314-990

2.4mt antennas available



Museum "House of the Old Weaving"
Exhibition and Sale ofMaya Textiles
& Production of Exclusive Handicrafts
.. "The only place in La Antigua managed
Sby Indigenous People"

la calle poniente #51, La Antigua
Tel: 7832-3169 alida@casadeltejido.org

Sal6n de Belleza
Beauty Salon

's 110p


} !

Services- ((Shopp.ing(ATIU

Ritu a
Antique urumiture &
Architectural Accents .

7a. calle ponience No. 30
a Anugu Guarmula (502)7832-4767

For every person who has ever lived there has
come, at last, a spring he will never see.
Glory then in the springs that are yours.
-Pam Brown

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first
spring day is another. The difference between
them is sometimes as greatas a month.
-Henry Van Dyke


-'Bc nlik
BeLily and Per0on l Cr4i

*Prices from $3.50 to $29
Guatemala Telfono: (502) 7882 4452

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2a 3v norte H3 Antigu3 7832 0275
Sp3nish English Germ3n spoken

Our goal is to serve our patients with the best possible dental care in a friendly atmosphere.
ESTHETICS FUNCTION COMFORT Wireless Internet available for our patients
We handle all denial specializes including: DENTAL IMPLANTS & PORCELAIN CROWNS


ANTIU) Srie1 Shop in



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eoriente#14, La Antigua
-7pm Tel: 7882-4315
Spanish, English,
French spoken

Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
countrv wide distribution

I 4a call
I t 5 moy
I 2
I leoxiusie lewelrI


~o -u:e ~pic 4j ~.gUri iSubemWi 783r76601

pulI .H.I.a..lrll ,II .. ,mi.. 1

S i ((hp n (

FRnfqua Coohinp Scho

Classes in Troditionol Quotemolon Cuisine

Slatiquo CooElinQ School

Visit us at www.antlguacookingschool.com
or In person at 5a. Avenlda Norte #25B, by the Arch. Tel.: 5944 8568

JennyStar NGO is sponsoring poor children with your rentals of
ORIGINAL DVD's. My shop is a unique source of over 2,500 movies,
most of which cannot be found anywhere else in Guatemala
JennyStar DVD Rentals
Alameda Santa Lucia Norte #12 acrs from La curcao 7832-0813
Search for movies: www.jennystardvd.com
Tuesday-Sunday 11 am 8 pm Home delivery and pick-up

All men are idiots... I married their king.
-Phyllis Diller
Every improvement in communication makes the
bore more terrible. -Frank Moore Colby

The two most common elements in the universe
are Hydrogen and stupidity. -Harlan Ellison
I have bad reflexes. I was once run over by a car
being pushed by two guys. -Woody Allen

= I -1 V333Si -F'

AVe. PETAPA ;2-29 Z.-1
FAX (e02) 2329-0001
PBX 2329-9000

TEL (5021 2329-9041

uur uantemaaentaemtrom
FAX (a402 232r-011
TEL (502) 2329-9010
c.c. pLAZA h5e@oAuo
FAX (50o1 232021G
TEL (502) 2329-9020
TEL (502) 2329-9030

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ANIGU ) Sevc1) Shopi ng)) Spais Scol'66s'

of artisans that do

la avenida note 9A, La Antigua
Telephone: 5780-4475
rn --nr mr m

Enjoy our relaxing and medicinal MAYAN SAUNA...
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SMASSAGES: relaxing. deep tissue. volcanic stones. chiropractic special packages
f li r.. %.Alli ill l== i -l| i r l-l |n illh ir.ir.- rli-h i ll Ih h I d d .- .

1.-l '- 1% i .r i, ll I I A I-i fl rilnh nri i ji l di iii-r I ,I'r'I ,

I r ir'( TnFIN I Inv

Q REVUE welcome your feedback and comment www revueiag corn

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if 0 Unlike many Spanish schools in
Antigua that photocopy or steal existing
programs from other distinguished
schools, we at SLC have spent more than
PA N ISH two years developing our program. Come
S A NIO anc check us out, we are one of the besi
LANGUAGE CENTER schools at one of the best values in town
OriiSm www.Bestspanishlesson.com
$10 0'-" -" info121speech@yahoo.com
6a avenida norte No. 16-A +(502) 7832-6608

Servi e ms ((hpig(NIU

- wwM

B"eio Cpello
so96D y Spa
4a calle onente #10, El Jaulon #6
La Antigua Tels: 7832.5693, 5120-6574

SlSkin Deep
day spa
la av. sur #1 La Aliigt u.i i, ,i[i 1,,
(at the end of 6 calle)
Tel: ',11'i .:32-5836

If at first you do succe
try not to look astonis

w. /

Smanicure & pedicure ILIIL dU
" massage & facials
1: baths
sauna & jacuzzi
Foot reflexology Endless Possibilities...


Where are we going? And why
are we in this hand basket?

1 1e'onme to C(asa .w M deleine, Spa!
\\ 11111111 i Il i| 't l l ll l ". i 'lli jl 1.1 1.1 ll ll lli".i J i 1 11ii il l 'in Ir

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Holy Week Handbook cont.from page22

Images from Lent and Holy Week in La Antigua
I~YS liP~ 5~~;~~-~ ec ~~ I_-

but not much has changed in the past eight
years. Chapters of Lent and Holy Week in
Antigua include history, carpets, vigils, pro-
cessions, sculptures and, new in this edition,
funeral marches. "Most of them were written
here in Guatemala. The composition is very
basic. It's the instruments that give them
their oomph." The edition also expands in-
formation about the images. "The real hair
and glass eyes create an emotion in you.
Guatemala has the finest Spanish sculpture
in Latin America, the most expressive."
The sculptures are town treasures, with
hermandad groups responsible for their
care and keeping and the activities of Holy
Week, although virtually everyone partici-
pates. That's part of the beauty of it. Co-
lonial hermandades were social, religious
and civic groups all rolled into one. Even
today, religious celebrations such as vigils
become festive with foods and fun outsi-
de the church. Carpet making is a family
or group affair, following months of plan-
ning the production. From the simple to
the elaborate, "The creativity comes from
the heart. And the interaction is wonder-
ful, with kids and grandparents enjoying
together," says Elizabeth excitedly, a new
grandma herself.

At the back of the book are calendars for
Lent and Holy Week for the next four
years, a handy reference. Now a Holy Week
enthusiast, Elizabeth wears a purple blouse
weeks ahead and, with a sweep of her arm
she dons "...matching purple i.n-, i .1''
Will there be a fourth edition of the
book? She already has a notebook for it.
"There's always more to put in." 0

In addition to the book, Elizabeth Bell offers a
Holy Week slidepresentation on T I
7at 6p.m. at El Sitio, 5a calleponiente #15,
anda carpet tour on Good Friday at 6 a.m.
Info: 7832-5821

60)) revuemag.com

Services- ((Shopp.ing(ATIU

If a parsley farmer is sued, can they
garnish his wages? -George Carlin

What if there were no hypothetical questions?
-George Carlin



^Sf~fH3~s& HoSmSeu DecorS^

Books, Magazines & Calendars
Revistas Hamlin yWhite Current Best Sellers
4a. calle oriented No. 12-A Spanish Text Books
La Antigua Guatemala Hardback & Paperback Guide Books
78-7075 Credit Cards & Special Orders
Hours: 9-6:30 daily hamlnywh75teconexon.com.gt
Hours: 9-6:30 daily hamlinywhite@conexion.com.gt

SRKEVUE offer web site uPate by e-mail www.revuema.com
revuemag.com ((61

ATGA Dminn

62) revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((63


Cookies, Etc.
18 Varieties of Cookies
Fine "Pastries
breakfastt & Cafeteria Service
Cakes made to order
FPree coffee Iefills
Open Daily from 7am-7pm
Corner 3a av. & 4a calle T:7832-7652



~3- &

. Trv nur Ir 1h inll sjadlr and Ihi hewl C 'ichL mn rown.
S Alamila 'anl.I ucia N-.~I No .I y ? 3 It is the mark of an educated mind to be able
S L.Ia Arillg,. I ,iulr.ildl ra5.lj2j 32 9 to entertain a thought without accepting it.
.w. p'n.li Lcomni inroppenjicio com -Aristotle

Procesi6n San Bartolo, La Antigua 2008 -Leonel Mijangos / enantigua.com
64 revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA


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Lake Views cont.from page 18

a pickup that shared the chassis of the ven-
erable VW bus. The VW pickups were al-
most bulletproof, had hearse-sized beds and
ran on fumes. Consequently, Detroit lob-
bied Congress, which imposed protection-
ist duties against VW pickups; overnight,
their price shot up 70%. Germany retaliat-
ed with crushing duties on frozen chickens,
of which the United States was the main
supplier. Hence, the Chicken War.
All producers of tomato paste sold here
are multinationals, so perhaps a "Tomato-
paste War" has been going on without our
knowledge, with big cans excluded through
Some other foodstuffs of the liquid-or-
sauce persuasion are subject to another bi-
zarrity which I call "questionable quantifi-
cation quirkiness" or "3Q." This is the prac-
tice of labeling, say, a small cup of yogurt as
containing 200 grams, but labeling a bigger
one as containing a liter. One quantity is
given by weight, and the other by volume,
even though we are not only talking about
the same item, but the same brand.
Think about this. When some quantities
are given by volume and some by weight
(3Q), then you need another conversion
factor to determine which package, big or
small, is the better deal. Before you can do
the math, you must know the density of yo-
gurt. Who is going to know that?
3Q may be a response to the increasing
awareness that frugality lies not in buying
the smallest quantity, but in buying larger
quantities that are (usually) cheaper per
unit of measure. That big bag of Fab may
wipe out your daily tortilla budget, but
you'll not have to buy more until the rains
stop. In the black-and-white commercials
from my childhood, they called such pack-
ages "economy size." Central Americans
66)) revuemag.com

are now on to this; more and more you see
them in stores savvily dividing prices of
bottles of oil by their quantity.
Unlike the phenomenon of chintzy to-
mato paste cans, 3Q is relatively new. You
can't blame suppliers for the same reason
that you can't blame the airlines for intro-
ducing frequent-flyer programs. They have
to compete with the airline that invented
frequent-flyer programs in the first place;
not boarding the bandwagon is market-
place suicide. So I'm not accusing yogurt
and oil producers of collusion, even though
3Q has yet to be codified in Guatemala's
Constitution, so to speak.
Another expression of 3Q is found in
farmacias. When you buy a bottle of pills,
for instance, you buy a pill count. But when
you buy four or six pills sueltecitos (accord-
ing to the prescription), you are buying
pill strengths. Are there 250 microgams of
Widgetol in those pills? Or 400? Or 750?
With this form of 3Q, at least, the "den-
sity" (the pill strength) is indicated. So you
can do the math.
But I have noticed that wherever you
can buy pills either by bulk or sueltecitos,
the latter is far costlier, even up to a fac-
tor of eight. For this reason, I always just
buy a whole bottle. The second time I need
that particular medicine for someone, the
savings are realized. On every subsequent
occasion, the medicine is free.
As for tomato paste, my wife and I
just bought what might be our solution:
a 38-gallon cooking pot. Next time that
fresh tomatoes are cheap, we will fill the pot
and simmer a gob of tomatoes into paste (it
takes four hours at low heat) and freeze the
result. We will save money and not dishon-
or Guatemala's Constitution. And besides,
homemade always tastes better. O

i L atino 0 W a *g S u

C'a-.n I
.4 -^"^

*. C
E[ restaurant be
Las Mil Flores c

I6/oA QTljs4{erranesrn (nJflrenme

Located inside Boutique-Hotel Vista Real La Antigua
3a. Calle Oriente No. 16 "A" La Antigua Guatemala. 300 mt. from the main
entrance to the city Tel (502) 7832-9715,7832-9716 www.vistarealcom/antigua

revuemag.com ((67

Din^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ing ((ANCTIGUA

Passion Where Art Thou?
by Dr. Karmen Guevara

T ere has passion gone? Unfortu-
nately, the misconceptions sur-
rounding passion have relegated
it to one of the "deadly emotions." It's not
surprising considering the definition: emo-
tions as distinguished from reason: intense,
driving or overmastering feeling or convic-
tion. We all want to be civilized, well-bal-
anced and rational beings. So we try to steer
clear of those ungainly emotions that drag
us into undesirable territory.

Instead, we position ourselves from the
neck upwards where the ego runs the show.
Even though intellectual passion is allowed
to creep in, it's carefully regulated because
the ego cannot bear to be diminished. En-
thusiasm, on the other hand, is highly com-
mended. We like people who are enthusias-
tic. Although it can be contagious, it's safe
and can be contained, unlike passion, which
Kahlil Gibran described as "... a flame that
burns to its own destruction."

Set aside the dictionary definition and
pre-conceived beliefs to consider the oth-
er face of passion, because passion lies at
the core of all great works. There can be
68)) revuemag.com

no doubt that Chopin's concertos or Mo-
zart's operas arose from a well of passion.
Likewise, passion is splashed all over the
canvases of Monet and Picasso. Have you
ever watched a splendid tango or flamenco
performance void of passion? As Martha
Graham said, "Great dancers are not great
because of their technique; they are great
because of their passion." To create anything
truly magnificent requires going far beyond
the intellect.

Mother Nature orchestrates a symphony
of passion for us every day. Sunsets, sunris-
es, flowers, waterfalls, volcanoes burst forth
with drama and vibrancy. Seeds don't push
through the soil without an announcement!
Have you ever stared into the face of a pas-
sionflower? The seeds of passion lie within
us, so let your mind off duty and bring
forth the watering can. Your spirit awaits
a chance to ignite a fire to fill the hollow
spaces with dreams and what truly matters
to you. However, take heed of the proverb,
"Our passions are the winds that propel our
vessel. Our reason is the pilot that steers her.
Without winds the vessel would not move
and without a pilot she would be lost."

Dining ((ANTIGUA

presentation. a
4a 0al. 0re o 1 a niu utml

T 73 03, 82 97,73 097 Fa 0 083 0335
Sunday to Thrdy fo nont1 0 p-m.

Frdy and Sauray utl1pm. Coed on Tusdy

revuemag.com ((69

ATGA Dminn

Dona Luai




Fresli Birel ~& Rolls )aill'
\\hole \\heat. Raisin. R\e.
All-Grain. Potato & Onion
-Banana Bread & Cookies

Home-cookled .lleuils
CGeat Breakfasts
Sand\\ iches & Burgers
Soups & Salads
Stuffed Potatoes
Delicious Pies & Cakes
Da.il 111mil toi '' I: I 3 1n
-la calle onente No 12
Tel "S'-7'"~8 Fax "'832-1332
La .A,1ntihi. (GItemL ala


Antigua's Gourmet
Choose from our selection of
imported products including:

C..I. I Cut. ,\ Cht-, -
B, -.: l W in; ,. Li,!.i ,
, .:1?t. C hl.:-l,: nl ,: Fi-h ..:ut.
, P.:1,t. li _a, 81.- & atil.: ,
* Ci'cutui n-: t DI:I;"

Pi -I :'.- F.....:1 & Sn.:,:,-.s
F t-:-h \'t ,j t.a:lel ,: F .uit-
L H ..l h I.:1 P l. d:ll.l:t
3a calle poniente No. 2
Antigua Guatemala
(2 blocks north of central park)
Tel: 7832-6500 TelFax: 7832-0713
M .atur Say S-

70o revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

UThteelegonceo andintrrntoaol
gourmet flavor accompanied
with an excellent selection of
winesond personalized
service will provide an

Sand world cuisine with
an incredible view of
*.*".AguaVolcno' .
77., .. . .


While in Filadelio enjoy variety of fun and exacting
activities surrounded byasoothingand elegantambiance.
Weofferour famouscoffeetour, coffee cupping and
fasting, mountaintour. mountain biking, muleriding.
canopy, birdwtching, tenniscourtsandmanyothers
Lamand enjoycoffeefrom

SFinca Fildelfia, 50 melrosnore de I Iglesiade FrontDesk: 77280800 USA. (646)257-4957
Son Felipe de Jesu. Lo Antiguo Guaemrlo. C.A. toursa@rdhoncol~ee.on tournrv valions@lrdltncoRee corn
SToursRaservations: 52034768 www rdahoncoffee.com

revuemag.com (71

-AL. 1


l 1Daniel Chlang
3 .. .I p id tijh .i.

: i. -r

I 7a av. norte #2, local 5, La Antigua

I "The Best Korean
Cuisine in Town"

A Thomtas Lamrothe original

MmL ua seaboe Que a rentasioner

Don't let schooling interfere with your education.
-Mark Twain

72) >revuemag.com

Too TLRRitBL(Y crrecff vC "
You can't take it with you,
but just try to travel without it.
-Dave Kendell

tA___ N-

(ITfflaIijo 1 Snacks,
sIniHturaue Dinner

"A Restaurant

Open from 7am to 10pm

foSrving rom 8 am to Idn.ghe Happy Hour 6ad i Tuedto to Frildy

Golfisn'ta game, it's a choice that one No act ofkindness, no matter how small,
makes with one's life. -Charles Rosin is ever wasted. -Aesop

revuemag.com (73

The men's traje of Santiago features rows and rows of hand-embroidered birds.

Semana Santa on the Lake:

Santiago Atitlin
by Ana Flinder photos: Victoria Stone

Those of you who have your place
to stay in La Antigua Guatemala
for Semana Santa are sure to enjoy
what is known as the second-biggest and
most spectacular Semana Santa celebra-
tion in the world. (Second only to Sevilla,
Spain, so they say.) And you know who you
are. Because they also say that if you didn't
book a hotel in La Antigua a few months in
advance, there will be no rooms available
- or you'd better find one now.
But for those of you who are considering
other destinations for witnessing some of
the best and most authentic of Guatema-
lan culture, consider a trip to Lake Atitlin.
Oddly, Panajachel, one of the largest and
most tourism-oriented towns on the lake,
only had a tiny community procession
74 ) revuemag.com

when last we checked. Rather, it is one of
the favorite vacation spots of Guatemalan
families, as well as of young people from
Guatemala City who want to party the
week away.
Santiago Atitlin, across the lake, has
a truly spectacular and authentic Sem-
ana Santa celebration, which is at times
a breathtaking show of faith and sacri-
fice. Here you will see cultural traditions
that have their roots in pre-conquest times
and which have been evolving, blended
with Catholicism, for centuries, while re-
maining deeply indigenous.
Here in Santiago, one of the lake towns
that has most thoroughly preserved its in-
digenous traditions, both Holy Wednesday
and Good Friday offer ...contnued on ollowng page

Dining ((ANTIGUA

Conva 4oLIrmwet I ttewr LoviIA L


OPEN DAILY Lunch: 12:30 15 00 Dinner: 19 00 2300
40 colle orienle # 20 Lo Antigua. Guolemolo. Reservociones. (502)7832-0471

Steak House ., j g MA
Salad Bar SCh1

every Sunday ouR m Er
Delivery GOURMET
I,,r, I.ri ~,.ii11 *1.: available Calle Ancha #27, La Antigua Tel: 7832-2732

e is never wasted when you're wasted The trouble with most of us is that we are
Ithe time. -Catherine Zandonella livingin the present-tense.
A bartender is just a pharmacist My mother never breast fed me, she told me she
with a limited inventory, only liked me as a friend. -Rodney Dangerfield

'. 1 > \ \ ". ', .

4,, .- !, 1 4:| -
:: o:. t ,... ..,- ..-- C. ,.,.r

revuemag.com ((75


LEFT: The cofradia shrine in the pilgrim's yard of the church is a hidden haven with walls of fresh cut reeds
and a pine needle carpeted floor. RIGHT: One of several drummers who accompany the procession.
.continued from previous page.. spectacular processions. On Wednesday, Maxim6n's procession goes
from his house to his chapel in the churchyard. On Good Friday the venerated statue of
Christ is taken down from his cross, put in a flower-decked coffin and, around mid-day,
leaves the church, first to meet up with Maxim6n, then to begin the long procession all
through the night. Easter Sunday is celebrated with a Mass in the church. 0

LEFT: Maxim6n and friends RIGHT: Admirers look in on Maxim6n from the side window of his chapel in
the churchyard, which he occupies for only a few days per year.Volcan San Pedro towers in the distance
across the bay of Santiago.

76)) revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

I c E a j .1 It


Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.
-W. Somerset Maugham


6a 'va c

- I Iete#1

It takes an endless amount of history to make
even a little tradition. -Henry James

LA < Veggie & International Cuisine
thur: ladies night
happy hour j\
8:30- 10:30pmtn

Cuban Ceos
us Cielos
E 0 a exclusive

4a avenida norte #4, La Antigua
Tel: 7832-1327

revuemag.com (77

International Menu and Exquisite Steaks
Lovely setting in a Colonial Atmosphere!
Open daily.
3a avenida sur #1,La Antigua
Tel: 7832-0806 www.lasantorchas.com

E ~L l Ii qi"4 n I I

I. S I 1

ai 0

Pa ~nevita be to0 blqunzs

Excellent "Tipica" Meals
Buffet-style Breakfast,
Lunch and Dinner.
"IF you haven't eaten at La
Cuevita de los Urquiz6, it's like
you haven't been to Antigua."
2a calle oriented a9-D, La Antigua
Tels. 7832-2495. 5656-6157

Procesi6n SantaAna, LaAntigua2008 -Leonel Mijangos / enantigua.com
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Dining ((ANTIGU

revuemag.com ((79


El Sabor
G-'~ del -S

En la esquina mrs popular de Antigua

Variety of special
Guatemalan Coffees
Calle del Arco y 3a. Calle esquina
Tel. (502) 7832-0516 La Antigua Guatemala

S ; .1,


Ce-00 O La Antigua
6a calleponiente#6-A Tel:7832-7180 (closedTue)

JOSCCnan a
^^1&M3 ^svra
'cstaurantc Ita[iano
la av. sur #17-A, La Antigua Tels: 7832-9864, 5125-6752

80 >revuemag.com

rull Menu Great food
Daily Drink Specials Great Music
Daily: 8am-11pm
Corner of 6a calle& la avenida, La Antigua 7832-7300

Restaurant Hindu



4 Ave Norte # 42 Antigua, Guatemala
Reservations 7832 0547

Cunre, BiryaniL Chitne
ai mo..

I say it is indispensable to look ahead of and
behind oneself in the present. If there is such
a thing as tradition, and I believe there is, it
can only exist in the sense of the mostprofound
movements of culture. -Robert Delaunay
The artist doesn't have time to listen to the
critics. The ones who want to be writers read the
reviews, the ones who want to write don't have
the time to read reviews. -William Faulkner


of Antigua

Dining ((ANTIGUA

R staurantes
a La findadla*
& CaealeR

Ddndole sabor a
a tradicidn antigiaefa

Cal/l del t.col ".-r a I t' la "
?n 'it l/aodadt it l ltrev mag.co m rn
revuemag.com (81



I Our Hotel is located where
the second monastery was
founded by the Augus-
tinian's order in 1613, in
honor of "Santa Catalina"
Virgin and Martyr from Ale-

In the walls of the hotel,
the time has passed by for
almost 400 years.

You are welcome to be
part of our tradition and
add another line to his-
tory with us in La Antigua


Large selection

of jewelry

for the most '

discerning taste.

5a avenida norte #28
Calle del Arco, La Antigua
PBX: 7832-3080 Fax: 7832-3610

LodgingT (T7IGUA

Pedicure .
Luxury Youth Facial Cleansing 490

U kinder A
Full Leg
.Bikini S. 28.00

is Maria

Confortaffe Rooms
Qyality Service
'Free Internet
'Bre a faiSt ilCuCl lk
(jalt a Sn Barnolo
L aa unanda No
Tdls: 553 01476.3 69147.

AL RATES .. iP i 1i i,.

Single. 30
Double. 547
Triple: S68
Private bath and hot
water. 1 2 blk from park
Sa av sur 28 La Antigua
lnTel 8h2 i0O8m
i13slnvenlur3',y3hoouu(umrn mn

I ,jr -I'1 I[II j1' j, 11 1 1. rlh I.jl h. jll
S... I,, *..i iio. rl The Finest Family Hotelin Antigua
H otel Breakfast Service Wireless Internet Cable TV
SSingle, Double & Triple Rooms Private Parking
SAurora Res .les I5,2,)s32si51 7s327.965 732.966 TelFa, I5,2,i7S32,217
Si Ja (alleorienle ulo haurora.j'onexon com gl vIww holelauroraanligua (om

He is a writer for the ages-the ages
of four to eight. -Dorothy Parker

No scientist knows where the center of the
universe is, but every man in love does.

SREVUE le ofrece ma; valor agregado Su anuncio en Internet v revuemag corn
revuemag.com ((83

AN^TTIGUA)) Lodging

1 l-

Comforable. inendiv atmnophere, per~naibl
dedicauon oourguemsu
*. .

h > dined lor you o nioy ite auLherndcii
ofa colonial le"wL
Prirgcd bedrcc. prol'esionJa braT.
Ilbie Bed & Breakfast mo'
ue.Iu~Ae m La Anu~ ua Gualemal.
We have. ft re w. FI' ith cble and pnmci- bath

,,, (60 /,, 2MM. '/,./

Alfombra details, LaAntigua 2008 -Leonel Mijangos / enantigua.com

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Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA


,' 1 (-\ 1(-1- I .llOIUt lUl I I1011i I 1a\
Roomll (i ice Indool Iai king Fool'
Deatltiflul Ciaiden lixate Bath Hot \\atel
Cable T\ Fiicplacc Cicdit Caids FIce
Continental DicalIfast H:iseback Riding'
4a av. sur # 13, Antiqua
TcIFa\: 7832 3132 5390 4-' 35
-l1a.IA i,,i,, .1 ,n .- i. .-,I .,

revuemag.com (s85

B ED & B' R k A 1k F T

The Cloister originally a I 'th century cloister.
later converted to a lirn ate residence,
provides a rate opportunity' to visit a colonial home.
Built in the classic Spanish stale i ith rooms
arranged oaund a central gamn courtyard.
k* it is conilortabliv urnished nt ith private
baths and fireplaces in all seven bedrooms.

'll :it'.lil clrl'" L'I ll. nlllll
\ u>\>. Ihnr-( lii.il'l r. illl
j i.1...r. llll.l Illiill.r #d2 I.I \lIIII II.I
c v 'r1:. ii,.2 s <;2-iri12

Bed & Breakfast
Dorm Beds
Private Rooms
la avenrida sur No H. La Anrngl. (,ll.rrtrm la:i
Tel. (O) l IB 443 l- llioalalannrgua(g.liaila irn

- *(lean& omforlablerooms
'! P 'A C ,',,' ePrivate blh hol w3ler
C ) eShared kitchen
-.. e*o blodk rrom (enlral Par,
H E I wireless internal for laplops
laav.norte 22-A TelFax.1502 7832-2549
inlo.-.lacasademaco.com wwu.Iacasademaco.com

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
-Robin Williams

COMFORT & ELEGANCE Near San Sebastian Park
Private Bath 2 Lovely Gardens 24 Dbl Rooms
Convention Room Credit Cards accepted
Av. EL DESENGANO #26 (502)7832-2312,7832-7316
La Antigua email: casadelasfuentes@hotmail.com

Tels: 7832-8448, 7882-4426
Callej6n del Espiritu Santo #16, La Antigua

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
-Hal Borland

CONUISADOR TELS. (+502) 7832-9195 / 96

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AN^TTcl IGA)) Ldging


* /

I.. ,.. a .

I~ ~

e "Pi~X

JL _P .1


It *i..l IB
jamiai togrvi-ocm i o i aiiro
-TwNwdM m we ritms -cl ldHo crc



Comfort and Quality Service
Bed and Breakfast
2a avenida norle S 1.1 I ..... ..,,, .,,r ,rL La AnIiqua
Reservallions i83. 3031 TelFax: 7832-0275
,aea, hulelasaovalle (om cauaovalle. yahoo (om

4a avenida sur #24A, La Antigua
Tels: (502) 7832-5303, 7832-5244
EL GEL www.posadadelangel.com
pos ada DEL ANGEL

j-t4 tncantada
Sa casa tncantada
... ... First Class Service
9a calle y 4 av sur esquina #1, Antigua Fax 7832-7908
Tels 7832-7905 /06

*EVUE le ofrece el costo mdi bajo Fpor ejemp lar para p romocionar Su negocio.
revuemag.com ((87

AN^TTci IGA)) Ldging

Luxury Boutique Hotel
Luxury Suites, Apartments,
Gardens and a spectacular view
from the terrace and Cafe Antatio.

5a Avenida Sur #31, La Antigua Guatemala
Telfax: 7832-9539 wwwvilladeantano.com

Las Camelias Inn

19 Rooms with private bath and Cable TV Parking
Very affordable Near Santo Domingo & Central Park
i., ll_ ~nrh,] *
I.- I

S .: _. .

Boutique Hotel

W1/'0oI/-1 LIIXIII.V I. CIO5c" to
tile J i tlIllh(-i1 of 'HOil0 '
, ] ,: i ],, ':,rn i l [I. J I I_.1 l i il I l-, r i l] ,

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin

S88 revuemag.com
88)) revuemag.com

Yes and No are the oldest and simplest words, but
they require the most thought. -Pythagoras

Dejar de anunciarse para ahorrar dinero
es como parar el reloj para ahorrar tiempo.
PBX: 7832-4619


( Callejon del Hermano Pedro #2
CASA La Antiqua Guatemala
CONCEP N Tel: 7832-060

Reservations: Antigua Tours by Elizabeth Bell
7832 5821,7832-2046
www.holelcasaconcepion com

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA





-iV^H"" M --

Where travelers
will find in a garden
14 Luxury Rooms
with cable TV,
phone & mini-bar,
some w/ fireplace.
Pool. Sauna.
Free Internet access.
Spectacular Vie s.
Personalized Sernice.
Breakfast included
4a avenida norte #5,
La Antigua Guatemala

/ f,'.t Irr.rI/./ fi c .S;
Casa Madeleine I'.,'1.liI [11. : I" iii'l]li- H ul[-
an.I 1i, 1 ii l,i Ai.iiiJ'i ;,i I i,i[ l,',i l 6 Beautiful
decorated and furnished rooms
alleye dcl Esplllli l Saul.l t4'). La Anlliyua
lel I5(J217 32 -318 Fax 7832 9358
Ironidre L.a.im.aliadeleilr imin www as (a.imadeleine on,,



Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
country-wide distribution

revuemag.com ((89

aftir the (wae( of tk% cthi elot I"A i um ptih.,
AiMbel and dilier arn dleglktei to inet o0i At
tke firit hoi/del ieAar e, MtimH mnat

Ujtso Aid fxto Ak W dHel | N
Is ack I yetnH, i((rbel V4 iltr tinmi tl gi(to
L'OCCITANE 4e AMC lIo emdIa AT rr f1 r lode elrdme a.Mw ImtI g ImI
-C --Y1 u

90)) revuemag.com

LodgingT (T7IGUA

. Ian antigiieio

(Calle dcl. Arcj No. I -,
Hotel La Antigua Guatemala
jpo aba ob n obriSo 1t PBX (5o2) 7832-0387 (5o2) 7832-9858
S www.posadadedonrodrigo.com
La Antigua Guatemala reservas@posadadedonrodrigo.com

26)/lere emerf c,-xer ,lw s L _ecrei -,i^ qe a tr

The ideal Boutique Hotel for those who look for cozy, private spaces and Grand Class Service.
Located in a beautiful early XVIII century colonial house.

3a. Calle Oriente No. 16 "A", La Antigua Guatemala. 300 mt. from the main entrance to the city
Tel: (502) 7832- 9715, 7832- 9716 www.vistareal.comlantigua

revuemag.com (91

.. -' t, ^"''
-^II K- t^^faS"3^^-'.46 "

l-lnfpl Infomesy reidoneLr
Hotel fY a> w=
Restaurant & Bar OfWi00 52 962 626s
Caret0 NuevaAklAntlm39
Spa Tapichlas
Actividades wIo0

When you're in love you never really know
whether your elation comes from the qualities
of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her;
whether the light which surrounds her like a halo
comes from you, from her, or from the meeting
ofyour sparks. -Natalie Clifford Barney

Overview, La Antigua 2008 -Leonel Mijangos / enantigua.com
92 revuemag.com

^^^uvTRAVEL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

LodgingT (T7IGUA

Iolocksfrom Central Park

21 Equipped Rooms by the Day, Week
or Month. CableTV, Safe Box, Mini-Bar.
Tels: (502) 5201-7468, 2369-6484,
(502) 7832-1020, 7832-0937
1' avenida norte 5-A, La Antigua Guatemala
hpanchoy@itelgua.com ~ www.hotelpanchoy.com

lIffl'tifftlir HOTEL, CAFE & BAR -private bath,
hot water, cableTV, wireless internet,
laundry, shared kitchen, bag storage.
6a av. norte #8, La Antigua (1 block
from central park) Tel: 7832-3709

Poada El iP Tafi place foryou
El Rinr(flI to o feel at home."
11 Comfortable Rooms w/ fireplace, private bath, TV.
1 Suite w/jacuzzi, fireplace, volcano view.
Restaurant, Terrace, Internet, Parking, SpecialRates
6a av. norte #36, Antigua TelFax: 7832-7351,
7832-0134 www.Dosadaelantano.com

Cozy Rooms with Prlvate Bath
Lovely Garden -
E cell enl Service
Calle de Lo j
Tel 7832 2015 hosLi9
Fa. 7832-9751 wu vuhosl

C ii% il, l r I ,-,:i r i ,-.i, l i
7a av.sur #3 La Antigua
Tel: 7832-1223
latatuana@hotmail.com www. atatuana.com

revuemag.com ((93

7a Ave 19-44, zona 1 IAN$ GAiGOS IjfS Renta de Buses, iltimo modelo,
Tels: 2232-3661, 2220-6018 Fax: (502) 2220-4902 dentro y fuera del Pais.
www.transgalgosinter.com A TAPACHULA EN PRIMERA( 1. \,., 1 I ,** -5058
7:30, 13:30 & 15:00 14:30, 19:30 & 20:00 6:00, 9:30 & 14:30 1:00, 15:30 & 19:30
Estrella Blanca, Greyhound. Via aerea: Reservacion y venta de Boletos a traves de Exytur. Tel: 2253-9131

TL RAAN SA Tours, Transportation, Shuttles, Hotels & more.
PERADORA DE TURISMO Worldwide Air-tickets, Professional Staff,
Antigua:5a calle oriented #10-ATels:(502) 7832-2928, 7832-4691 Fax: 7832-4692 High quality service, Individuals or Groups
Guatemala City: Km.15 Carr. Roosevelt, SuperCentroMolino Locales 68-69 Tels:(502)2433-6080/81 Fax: 2433-6452
New Branch: Calz. Aguilar Batres 34-77, z.12 local 201 Tels: (502) 2470-1296/ 97, 2442-3034
www.turansa.com info@turansa.com 24 HOUR ASSISTANCE (502) 5651-2284

TRANSPORTES TURiSTIcos Shuttle Service Organized Tours. J
STIRANPOT ( Packages and more... 24l
I ATtfTV IV 7832-3371, 7831-0184, 5935-8233 -HOUR
TOUR OP RATOR 6a av. sur #8, La Antigua ASSISTANCE
/ info@atitrans.com www.atitrans.com Antigua. Rio Dule. Copin Panajachel Guatemala
l 'ventas@atitrans.com Serving with the Best Quality,Safety and Insurance since 1992

Blessed is the man who is too busy to worry I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.
by day, and too sleepy to worry at night. -Mitch Hedberg

94 revuemag.com

* International courier
* Local courier and money transfer
* Passenger transportation to Guatemala City Central location
for CLASS, PLUS and SPECIAL travel service
__ ~rsa7isasaza7rl'l

Track your P3sKage 31

Lax TravelAntigua
j7-, Tels: 7832-1621, 7832-2674
3a calle poniente #12 Esquina
You won't find better airfares than ours!!!

We specialize in Adventure Tour
Shuttle, trekking, kayaking, canopy,
paragliding, hiking, mountain biking,
L~u#n;J8 are bilingualguideservice&more

JRAv. Santander, Panajachel



Book On Line
your shuttles inside

Reserver en ligne vos
d6placements a 1 inttreur
du Guatemala

sus tranla!b|intermps
. en GuateminMa e forma


Recommended b

lysseCenitral America Hanidboo.


5a Avenida Norte #15A, Antigua
Tel: 502-77204400 Fax: 502-77204444

revuemag.com ((95


].. .




~Ix~. iFi3

revuemag.com (97


Rods & Reels Sport Fishing Adventures
for info on daily rates or packages
5251 4809 or 5502 5353


Guaemala 5 00 A AM. 900 A.M
rugua Guatemala 4 00 AM

(op:n Rumas 10 00 AM 1:30PM.
San Pearo Suia 1 30 PM 5.00 PM ED
AeropuertoSAP 40 PM 6 50PM UNI
Teia 3 30PM 800PM
legucialpa 6 00 PM 10 00 PM
La (eiba 5 45 PM 9 30PM

Copan RundS 1 30 PM 6 00 PM
San Pedro Sula 9 50 A.M i 30 PM
Aeropuerto SAP800A M 1:30PM
Tea 7 15AM 1245PM
Teguci ala 5 45 A M 10 0 AM
LaCeida 15AM 1000AM.
GuaLemala 6 30 PM 10 30 PM.
Antigua Guatemala 8 00 P M

98) revuemag.com

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