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ith food. art, literature and of course
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A Thomas Laiiothe original

'.,I'M GE."-fIr G S1RAAJ6(L.' IJOS-AL~C ~ic reLE riKveTeRS, ."



c o n t e n t s

10 Culture Unshocked
It's not wrong,just different byAnaFlinder

12 Pat Crocker Artist & Architect...
and generally colorful character

16 Lake Views by Dwight Wayne Coop
The Heartbreak of HDD

17 People and Projects:
I The Riecken Foundation

18 A Journey through Sweet Waters
Exploring Rio Dulce Past and Present
by Gregory Kipling

19 Vegas in Antigua: RECAP

22 Theater: Panajachel Players
48 The Festival of Consciousness

24 DATEBOOK > March
Guide to culture and upcoming events

38 Out of the Blue
by Terry Kovick Biskovich

60 Top-Ranked City
La Antigua is No.1 among UK travelers

8 revuemag.com

68 Guatemalan Style by TonyPasinski
The Nahuala Table

76 The True Adventures of Taymor
Episode 2:That sinking feeling
byJohn Biskovich

84 The Winds of Change
by Dr. Karmen Guevara

122 Life in the Jungle byDennis Wheeler
The Stela and the Wasps

128 Sensuous Guatemala:
White byKen Veronda
Dealie fo April)) March10i

33 Guatemala City
52 La Antigua
99 Lake Atitlan
104 Quetzaltenango
106 Monterrico/Pacific Coast
111 Coban/Tecpn
112 Rio Dulce
113 El Peten
113 Retalhuleu

8 From the Publishers
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46 Cruci-Word Puzzle
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Antigua misteriosa
by Freddy Murphy/freddymurphy.com




-. S




T welcome to our anniversary issue.
SWe are so thankful for the
V incredible support the REVUE
has received for the past seventeen years-
from readers, advertisers and the commu-
nity in general. Six of our current sponsors
have been with us from Day One, when the
magazine consisted of 10 black and white
pages, and we would like to especially
thank them: Dofia Luisa Xicotencatl, La
Fonda de la Calle Real, Christian Span-
ish Academy, Caf6 Panchoy, Las Antorchas
and Tienda Delicio,S.A.
To the too-many-to-mention sponsors
that may not have been with us from the
beginning, but have been with us for many,
many years (and you know who you are),
we appreciate your trust and confidence.

Speaking of the past, we have dusted off
a number of previous articles that deserve
to see the light of day again. From the life
and times of artist/architect Pat Crocker to a
voyage along the beautiful Rio Dulce. From
the intricately carved Nahuala table to angry
jungle wasps. We've even included a couple
penned by our own hand, from Out of the
Blue to The True Adventures of Taymor.
Also inside this month, our current fare
of fun stuff: People and Projects, Date-
Book Highlights, an amusing Lake View
of HDD, La Antigua ranked #1 on a list
of top cities, making changes in our lives,
some excellent photographs, the color white
is discussed and, as always, a ton of cultural
events to be seen and heard.
If you missed our annual January
Photo Issue, you can still see all the strik-
ing images at www.revuemag.com, just
click on Archives. There were over 17,000
downloads of the January REVUE in PDF
format, adding the 20,000 in print monthly
our circulation has certainly increased sub-
stantially since 1992.
We hope you enjoy this issue and the
issues to come, and thanks again for reading
our pages for lo these many years.
-John & Terry yovick 'Biskovich

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by Ana Flinder photo: Victoria Stone

Culture shock is a strange phenom-
enon which most of us have ex-
perienced in one way or another.
For those of us who travel outside of our
own countries infrequently, arrival in a
new and foreign culture can be absolutely
overwhelming; every moment is filled with
so many new sights and sounds, and new
customs that we must adjust to, that we
only begin to notice specific differences and
become able to differentiate and articulate
them gradually.
On the other hand, those of us who have
lived as residents in foreign countries for long
periods of time get so accustomed to the cul-

tural differences of our adopted countries
that we hardly even notice them, and when
we return to visit our "country of origin" we
experience more culture shock than we did
when we arrived in a foreign country.
It is tempting, and often subconscious
at first, to make value judgments about
the cultural differences we experience, and
to judge things rather harshly as right or
wrong, or simply in terms of what we like
and don't like-but with a strong emo-
tional edge. Many people actually travel
frequently and are still constantly buffeted
about by their own emotional judgments of
what they see.
Personally, I strive to remind myself to
ask myself whether something which
I simply don't like is or is not morally
wrong, according to my values. Usual-
ly the answer is no. More importantly,
I remind myself to observe impartially,
to continue to observe, and to try to
find the humor in the situation. Fortu-
nately, this turns out to be extremely
easy in the majority of instances.

Not long ago I was taking an evening
Stroll down Calle Santander, the main
tourist street of Panajachel. As I passed
by a string of locally run restaurants
and tiendas, I saw a little Guatemalan
girl, about 2 years old, alone in front of
her family's shop, off the sidewalk, in
the street, playing with a little pile of
broken glass.
S Having recently returned from a
Strip to the U.S., I could easily imagine
that if that scene had contnuedonae

12)) revuemag.com

,/* 1


4Nb A M


WW w.]u ll H I -O Lt I I u PD. -11


Artist & Architect

by long

If you lived in La Antigua Guatemala
after World War II and before 1972
you would have known Pat Crocker
for his work in the restoration of
colonial houses and for his exquisite
watercolor paintings of Indian costume.
Frederick Siddartha Crocker Junior, or
as he would sometimes introduce himself
"Frederick, 'The Enlightened One,' Crocker,"
was born in Folsom, West Virginia, in 1914.
His mother, Hazel McBride Crocker got a
nickname of "Penny;" Pat got his as an infant
from his Irish nurse. He graduated from the
Carnegie Institute ofTechnology, Pittsburgh,
in fine arts in the early 1930s. Then he and
a friend went to the Philippines, where he
worked for an architectural firm in Manila.
After three years he returned to the U.S. and
set off with his mother for a round-the-world
cruise. The ship broke down in the Pacific
and they ended up in Mexico, where they
lived in Cuernavaca and Taxco.
In Taxco Pat became friendly with Bill
Spratling of Spratling Artesanias S.A., who
introduced the designing of silver and
copper jewelry. Another friend was Bud
Schlumberg, a screenwriter for Paramount
and author of the screenplay Little Orphan
Annie in 1938.
In 1940 he and his mother came to
Guatemala, where Penny became a teacher
at the American School and Pat started his
costume paintings. He was encouraged to
record indigenous textiles by an American
14) revuemag.com

lady with the surprising name of Tocsika
Townley Roach. She and her husband, Jim,
had resided in Guatemala since 1917. Her
avocation was the collection of Indian tex-
tiles, and she opened the first textile shop in
the city. She was concerned even in those
days that Indian costume was slowly disap-
pearing, and she collected some of the finest
examples during her purchasing trips-
many on foot to remote villages. Her collec-
tion was purchased eventually by the United
Fruit Company and given to the A i,1 ..1.. I
Museum in Guatemala City.
His work of several years was exhibited
in the entrance lobby of the first televi-
sion station, Canal 3, in Guatemala. Some
months after the opening of the station, fire
destroyed the entire collection. One can
imagine Pat's feelings and admire his deter-
mination when he started all over again.
After three years of labor the Frederick
Crocker Junior Collection was exhibited in
the Brooklyn Museum from 1943 to 1948,
then taken to the Cotton Carnival Museum
in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948.
These very successful exhibitions (at
which none of the paintings were for sale)
led to the lithograph reproduction in two
folios of six designs each with explanatory
notes printed by Byron Zadik S.A. of Gua-
temala City. These sets have now become
rarities to be sought after.
When the war came, Pat joined the
U.S. Navy and served for three years in the

"On examining
his watercolors
of indigenous
costume it is
impossible not
to be amazed
at the intricate
detail that he



Pacific, at sea off the coast of Japan when
the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
took place. After the war he returned to
Guatemala and continued to record textiles
and to produce paintings for sale to tourists
to bring in some money when he needed
it. But he told Dale Nichols, a fellow artist,
that his love of detail made it impossible to
put a saleable price that had any relation to
the time it took to do them. He produced
four large paintings of Indian dancers which
were exhibited in the dining room of the


16) revuemag.com

Hotel Tzanjuyd, Panajachel, and later in the
Hotel Antigua in Antigua.
He utilized not only the Tocsika Townley
Roach Collection but also made journeys to
villages where he posed and sketched Maya
men and women to get the exact reproduc-
tion he desired. His work has been criticized
because the faces of his figures were often
entirely non-Maya. His intent, we must
remember, was to record the costumes.
Several of his faces were those of friends or
enemies. His female standing figure in the
Cobin lithograph is of his mother. Another
is a topless figure of a woman at San Sebas-
tian Retalhuleu with a profile of a Guate-
mala banker he disliked. This sort of thing
was a source of great, if quiet, humor to him.
Because of the detail and the large amount of
r,.. rnlc in a costume, Pat used to say that he
p ',, red "by the yard."

During these years Pat spent most of
his time in Panajachel, where he con-
,ri .-cred a small but elegant home in which
I, I.1 an active social life. He became famous
I l, -II for his "Hat Parties." Ed Crocker, Pat's
I,, pl'cw, describes how he stumbled into one
.,n i announced. It was an all-male party in
I-,ch each guest wore headgear that was
In rended to identify someone well-known.
H recognized a Napoleon, a Marie
Antoinette with curls of blue
ribbon, and a Lindbergh with
eight helmet and goggles.
At this stage Ed became
embarrassed and left, no
doubt to Pat's relief.
I'it was a frequent customer
-t the Hotel Tzanjuyd. One
night after a prolonged
isit in the bar he came out
F the hotel and fell into a
cery deep ditch that had
been recently constructed

and whose existence he had temporarily
forgotten. He lay in the ditch and shouted
for help without avail. Eventually the night
watchman came up, stared at him for a
moment and said, "Silencio, por favor,
senior Crocker, la gente quiere dormir," and
walked away. Pat spent the rest of the night
in the ditch and was rescued the follow-
ing morning when he was found to have a
broken arm.

In 1945, allegedly in the bar of the Hotel
Palace in Guatemala City, Pat met the nov-
elist Gore Vidal. They became friends and a
year or so later Pat talked Gore into the pur-
chase of the Casa el Carmen in Antigua. The
price was $2,000. The church of El Carmen
and the house had suffered severe damage
during the great earthquake of 1773. The
earthquake precipitated the evacuation of
Antigua, the then-capital of Guatemala, and
its ultimate transfer to Nueva Guatemala de
la Asunci6n, now Guatemala City. Pat began
the slow process of restoration to convert a
colonial ruin into an attractive, livable home
with modern conveniences.
During the years that followed, Gore and
Pat did some interesting entertaining. Dor-
othy Parker, writer and poet, was a frequent
visitor to the Antigua circle. Anais Nin was
another visitor. At that time she was unbur-
dening herself into her novel A Spy in the
House of Love, finally published in 1954.
Gore Vidal himself was completing his
homo-erotic novel, The City and the Pillar.
On the final page of the typescript of the
novel Pat had entered a number of editorial
notes that changed the ending considerably
-which appeared in the first edition. Later
editions reverted to Gore's original ending.
Pat received a copy of the first edition
inscribed by Gore "To Pat, the first person
ever to read this-Gore."
Restoration proved to be a slow, almost

endless process that was continuing during
1956 when Gore sold the house to Paul
Glynn. Pat lived in the house during Paul's
absence in Persia on a diplomatic mission
and continued the restoration process.
This was to be the first of many houses he
restored in the years that followed.

However, at this time another influence
entered Pat's life. In 1956 the first
season of the Tikal Project began. This proj-
ect, under the direction of Edwin Shook,
the archeologist, included the creation of

the 576-square-kilometer Tikal National
Park and studies of the flora and fauna of
the area before the clearing of land for exca-
vation began. Pat was contracted to lay out
the paths and roadways with least destruc-
tion possible and also to design and build
the Tikal Museum, dedicated in 1964 by
Edwin Shook and J. Eric S. Thompson.
Pat must have had a busy life commut-
ing between Peten and Antigua. While still
working on Paul Glynn's house, he was
contracted to restore a house merged into
two for Louise Willauer Jackson and Helen
Trick, wife of archeologist Aubrey Trick,
which came to be know as the Jackson-Trick
House or the Casa Double. He was also
restoring the Casa del Piramide, recently
purchased by Herman Van Zonneveld, a
Dutch shipping magnate, and his American
wife Marion.
Pat's reputation as a capable architect and
an interior designer of .contnuedon page40

revuemag.com ((17


E Lake Views
by Dwight Wayne Coop

The Heartbreak of HDD

Some simple steps to avoid the dangers that
Hemispherical Discognizant Disorder can cause.

f you are a foreigner in Central Amer-
ica, some people in the home country
think that you spend Christmas in
sweltering heat and humidity.
"Oh, yeah," they say. "Down there, the
seasons are reversed and all that."
The charitable response, the one I usual-
ly give, is to commend them for what they
recall of fifth-grade geography. The sarcas-
tic response might be to ask if the Equator
has moved.
True, that the seasons are reversed-as
my Australian and South African read-
ers know. Reversed in the sense that when
Santa flies to the Southern Hemisphere, he
has to don Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt.
When it is snowy in Buffalo, it is steamy in
Buenos Aires.

But Central America is in fact north of the
Equator. Not only that, but five countries of
South America-Panama, Venezuela, Guy-
ana, Suriname and Trinidad-are entirely in
the Northern Hemisphere. Colombia is now
the second most populous country in South
America, yet 99% of Colombians live north
of the Equator. And Ecuador, the quintes-
sentially South American country, is split by

the Equator and even named after it.
When I tactfully point out such things
to the people confused over the equatorial
division, I often get blank stares. But it is
not my fault that, as the waters receded,
South America failed to move far enough
south to prevent the misunderstanding. I
call this condition "Hemispherical Discog-
nizant Disorder," or HDD (not to be con-
fused with ADD, which doesn't preclude
hemispherical knowledge, but it does pre-
clude finding a map when you need one to
shed light on the subject).

My own grandmother was stricken with
HDD after I moved to Guatemala in 1988.
She sighed with relief to discover that Gua-
temala was not only in her hemisphere, but
closer to Las Vegas (where she lived) than,
say, Leisure World in Fort Lauderdale. For-
tunately, the condition can be "managed"
(to use the parlance of psychiatry) without
drugs. Maps are often enough.
People from my own country do not
have the monopoly on HDD that you
might suspect. I have friends from other
countries who, speaking on condition of
their country's anonymity, continued on page 102

Learn the names ofany rivers and lakes on the map.
You might save yourself the heartbreak of confusing Lake
Atitldn with Lake Amatitldn and boarding the wrong bus.

18)) revuemag.com

The Riecken Foundation establishes
and supports community libraries
in Guatemala and Honduras. The
network of 11 community libraries in Gua-
temala provides dynamic programming for
people of all ages and free access to infor-
mation resources, including Internet, read-
ing programs, youth clubs, technical work-
shops and cultural events.

To promote democracy and prosperity in
Central America through community li-
braries that spark a spirit of discovery and
social participation.

2008 Achievements:
* Nine community-managed libraries re-
ceived over 180,000 visits
* Delivered over 900 dynamic story hours,
521 book club sessions and 135 early
childhood development activities, plus
1,125 other educational and social activi-
* Local volunteers totaled 1,255, offering
18,327 volunteer hours
* Locally-based fundraising provides free
Internet access to all users

Current Projects:
Completing installation of the 10th and
11th community libraries in Guatemala
made possible through generous donations



from Miracles in Action, based in Naples,
FL; in partnership with the Finnish Em-
bassy, delivering more activities in Mayan
languages and integrating local traditions
and organization into their administra-
tion; the Soros Foundation and Open Soci-
ety Institute working with the foundation
to strengthen the network of Guatemalan
youth groups engaging in formal debate
competitions. UNESCO will be publish-
ing a case study on the Riecken Founda-
tion's successful formula and experiences
in engaging local communities to generate
their own opportunities.

Wish List:
* Partner with donors who wish to support
our mission, whether a particular com-
munity or program (any amount wel-
* New or gently used computers
* New children's books in Spanish
* Expand the network to eventually blan-
ket Guatemala with modern community
libraries that leverage regional impacts
across diverse populations

For more information, visit us at: http://
www.riecken.org or call (502) 7832-9267
Please visit us for free tour of our Model
Library at 2a calleponiente #2, one block
east of the arch on Calle delArcol5a avenida
norte, La Antigua.
revuemag.com ((17

Ti1l Ih'i- i g*f *\ is **




l g. Z,.; m


_ 1. i


fN AT At V .

asS th no -s l Jud Sad in Prcie Co mo Hoe S afe.
le annonce th grn prze Passage Foois Caa io n
da' n. abu thi organization *~ s, an ho

Ile I.1 -A5 * 5


A 2


Nurse Pain is At Large

in Panajachel

The Panajachel Players bring mirth, music,
farce and Vaudeville to Lake Atitldn.

f you are Dr. Willard Dillard, the
sobriety-challenged President of the
Herbaceous Succulent Society, it may
be hard to cast someone to play you
in a skit. After Dillard emerged from the
recesses of Barbara Ramey's gauche imagi-
nation, the man tapped to play him decided
he was no actor on the eve of the play.
"By some miracle," says Barbara, "we got
word that Bill Mumford was flying back to
Guatemala that very night. I exclaimed.
'There IS a God!'"
Barbara dispatched someone to the air-
port to snag Mumford as he deplaned. He
was lassoed into the part and told that he
could not give no for an answer. His fortu-
itous return to Guatemala saved the show.
Mumfordwas not only agodsend thatnight,
but one of the original seven Panajachel Play-
ers, a troupe wrought into existence through
the labors of David and Barbara Ramey.
The Rameys' passion for the stage is an
avocation that consumes their retirement,
despite its singular lack of lucre. They do not
expect to make any money for themselves,
but they hope not to lose any during the 2009
theater season. The Panajachel troupe is, in
fact, the fourth, and the most ambitious, the-
ater group that Barbara has formed.
Without an imperative to profit, her
artistic freedom is unencumbered and self-
actualized. It means that she is free even to
write bad plays.
"Last year," Barbara recounts, "I wrote a
22)) revuemag.com

bunch of skits that, well, didn't work so
well. And the Players didn't want to do
them. So I came up with some other scripts.
And this year, we're doing a mix of skits and
Vaudeville, using local talent."
If there is any money in the till after the
bills are paid, she says, it will go to charity.
Barbara and David are perfect comple-
ments. She is a prolific creator whose thread
of ideation runs continually, day and night.
He is a versatile manager, handyman, set
director, stand-by thespian, and anything
else that is needed. Barbara is largely a di-
rector, and David, a producer.
The couple has become a veritable public
utility in Panajachel, the capital of what un-
til recently was a flyover zone for theater arts.
Like the three volcanos that dominate Pana-
jachel's vista across Lake Atitl~n, there were
Guatemala City and La Antigua to the east
and Quetzaltenango to the west-all theat-
rical pillars-and a great gulf in between.
But the Rameys and the Panajachel Players
are set to change the artistic landscape.
It was, in fact, this very vista-the lake
-that lured the Rameys to Panajachel
in the first place. After years of dividing
their time between operating an inn in a
remote part of Belize and stalking lobsters
in Maine, they came, as do so many expats
in Central America, to see what the Atitlin
Basin was all about.
"We were stricken by the lake," David
recalls. "So much so," Barbara adds, "that

we rushed back to Belize to grab our tooth-
brushes and a change of underwear and
cross back into Guatemala to move here as
fast as we could."
Life in Belize had been interesting
enough. They had met and married there
and took their guests on exotic excursions.
David will never forget his first encounter
with a manatee.
"It was huge, like a whale or something,"
he says. "I was scared to death."
The manatees, of course, were not only
harmless but docile enough to be hand-fed.
The Rameys regret that there are no mana-
tees to be found in the waters near Pana-
jachel. But a huge well of talent, they say, is
to be found in the town.
"Pana and the lake area have long been
ripe for a proper troupe," Barbara explains.
"There's huge enthusiasm here for plays,
and there are gobs of local talent, just wait-
ing to be tapped."
A Panajachel rendition of Mel Brooks'
The Producers provoked a soccer-fan stam-
pede of interest in 2008. It was sold out even
before the publicity aired, with expats, Gua-
temalans, and even tourists all adding their
names to audience waiting lists. Among
the local talent is Barbara's star understudy,
gringa masseuse Jennifer Martin, whom
she calls "brilliantly comic" in roles such as
wacky dental assistant "Nurse Pain."

Nurse Pain will be one of many draws
at the troupe's March 20-22 production,
which has become an annual extrava-
ganza. There will be Friday and Saturday
night showings, plus a Sunday matinee
for, says Barbara, "kids and older peo-
ple, and anyone else who doesn't like to
be up late." The skits and the musical
portions will be punctuated by kooky
banter between a "master of ceremonies"
and "Hilda," a cleaning woman.

Scene from last year's production, "Hippies,
Housewives and Cactus"with actors Kathy
Martin, Anna Omps and David Raney (BRYAN KING)

David calls the production a great enter-
tainment value. "Except for German musi-
cian Chris Jarnoch, everyone, including us,
is working for free. So the admissions will
be affordable to anyone. At the same time,
we want this to be a classy event, perhaps
the one thing that happens in Panajachel
that you put on a tie for. And something
people will look forward to."
The Rameys, now settled in Panajachel,
will be visiting the United States on the fol-
lowing weekend. But they are encouraging
the troupe to hold a weekend of encores if
the demand is at expected levels.
They hope that the Panajachel Players
will operate not only when the couple is
physically present to direct and produce,
but also during those months that the
Rameys are absent from the community.
"The show can go on without us," Bar-
bara says. "That it happens at all is what re-
ally matters." O
For more information about the March
production, see DateBook (dates: 20-22).
revuemag.com ((23

rThrough Fri., 6 ART: Collective pictorial
I exposition. Vanguardia Galeria de Arte (tel:
7761-4364) 3a calle 6-23, z. 2, Quetzaltenango.

I ,,

, through Sun., 8 -ART: Memoriaperci-
L bida, a collection of photos, paintings and
engravings by 16 female artists. Organized by
the Centro Cultural de Espana, presented at Mu-
seo Nacional de Arte Moderno (tel: 2385-9066)
local 6,
Finca la
Au rnri
z 1


2Mon., 6pm FILM: Ray, the life of Ray
Charles, a blind black man, famed creative
genius, singer and composer from Georgia.
Free. Offered by the U.S. Embassy as part of
the IGA Jazz Festival "Lunes Cines" series. In-
stituto Italiano de Cultura (tel: 2326-4263) 16
calle 2-55, z. 10, Guatemala City.
3Tues., 5:30pm (English) TALK: Los
Patojos, forming leaders for Guatemala with
project Director Juan Pablo Romero speaking
about the problems that affect young people in
Sacatepequez. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe
(tel: 7832-1919) 7a av sur #8, LaAntigua.
24)) revuemag.com

Tues., 7pm ART: Rotosy remiendos, pho-
tographs and paintings by Elvira M6ndez,
M6nica Salas and Lorena Espinoza. Espacio
Cultural Fridas (tel: 2367-1611 through 13) 3a
av. 14-60, z. 10, Guatemala City. V

4, 11th and 18th, Wed., 9:30-11:30am -
WORKSHOP: El Hermano Pedro, includes
2 theoretical classes, the 3rd class is a guided visit
to La Antigua Guatemala. Q375/Q250 students
w/carnet. Museo Popol Vuh (tel: 2338-7896) 6a
calle final, z. 10, Guatemala City.
SWed., through Sat.. .
128th ART: .... cr
work with colored r..-
cil and ink on pape. I.,
Ram6n Banfs. El Airr ..
(2368-0853) 4a av. I- I
z. 14, Guatemala City.

4Wed., through Sat., 7th CONGRESS:
13ero Congreso Latinoamericano del C.., ,,'
Board, organized by the Universidad del Valle
de Guatemala, inviting educators, research-
ers, counselors & principals of all educational
levels to participate. www.oprla.collegeboard.
com or contact Nicole Chevres, nchevres@col-
legeboard.org/tel: 2364-0336 to 40, ext. 393 &
394. Westin Camino Real, Guatemala City.


4 Wed., 7pm PARTY TIME: Everyone is
invited, enjoy food, drinks and fun, magic by
Josh Lozoff and more. A portion of the proceeds
will benefit Safe Passage (www.safepassage.org).
Monoloco, 5a av. sur #6, LaAntigua.
7Sat., 10am (English) LECTURE: Open
Your Eyes! Instead of Unhappiness, Awaken
to Peace & Joy with Dr. Karmen Guevara,
holistic Buddhist-centered psychotherapist.
Free. Centro de Ideas Antigua (tels: 5132-1839,
7832-3655) Carretera a San Bartolom6 Becerra,
Pasaje Rubio #12, LaAntigua.
Sat., 4pm ART: All the Pretty Horses,
paintings by Ursula Baumann. La Galeria,
(tel.:7762-2432) Calle Rancho Grande, Pana-
jachel, LakeAtitldn. V

7 Sat., 4pm DANZA CUENTOS: Elpd-
jaro del alma y La noche que se cayd la luna,
a family event directed and staged by Gigilia
Canessa and Alejandra Bolaios, performed by
the dancers of Compafia Momentum. Adults,
Q40; children Q30. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037) 5a
calle poniente #15, LaAntigua. V

8Sun., 9am-5pm EXCURSION: An-
nual excursion to Finca ElZapote, bring your
bathing suit, hat and camera, food and beverag-
es on sale. Adults, Q100; children, 3-12, Q50.
Organized by, and for more info., call the Mu-
seo Ixchel (tels: 2331-3739, 2331-3638) Centro
Cultural UFM, 6a calle final, z. 10, Guatemala
City. Finca El Zapote, Escuintla.

The Healing Power of Laughter
Patch Adams Spreading the Word
8 Sun., 5pm (English w/certified English/
Spanish translator) CONFERENCE:
LivingA Life of Joy with Dr. Patch Adams, the
man who inspired the
movie "Patch Adams,"
that starred Robin
Williams. "All over the
world, Patch shares
his powerful message
on the importance of caring it's magic. A
change agent for peace, love and justice, Patch
Adams likes to stir things up and make people
think. He infuses compassion, generosity and
humor into every audience. Patch Adams is
an in-demand and world renowned speaker
who draws crowds wherever he goes."- www.
patchadams.org Tickets Q50, Q75 and Q100.
Gran Sala Efrain Recinos, Teatro Nacional
Miguel Angel Asturias (tel: 4051-3561) 24 calle
3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City.
8Sun., all day INTERNATIONAL
WOMAN'S DAY / Dia Internacional de la
Mujer: Private and public activities commemo-
rating historical challenges and accomplish-
ments of woman in every walk of life around the
world. See local newspaper listings for further
info. Worldwide.
SSun., 9:45am MISSION'S FAIR: A
wonderful opportunity for mission or care
ministries to inform the Union Church congre-
gation about their activities and needs. Union
Church of Guatemala (tel: 2361-2037) 12 calle
7-37, z. 9, Guatemala City.
1 Tues., 5:30pm (English) TALK: Sur-
IJvival in the City Slums with Chris Rice,
life on the fringes in Guatemala City and the
work being done to reduce the number of chil-
dren living and working on the streets. Dona-
tion Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel: 7832-1919) 7a av
sur #8, LaAntigua.

revuemag.com <25

DATOii :

1 15pm -
ART: Opening
of De la S
Metamorf I.,
Peneleu. C- I....
Panza Verde
(tel: 7832-2925)
5a av. sur #19,

1 hours 4:30-6:30pm NETWORK-
ING: TheAntigua Network invites NGOs,
established and new, to exchange information
and current needs. All who are interested in the
work of improving the lives of others are welcome
to attend. Q50 includes beverage and boquitas.
For more info: contact Judy, tel: 7832-9871. La
Pena de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle po-
niente #15-C, LaAntigua.
12Thurs., 10am PUPPET/THEATER:
En sus narices, presented by Compafia
Armadillo from Xela. More info. email: te-
r..... r i -..,r ,., ,, iI c ....rtel:7832-1884.
Asociaci6n Nuestros Ahijados, road to San Felipe
de Jesis #106, LaAntigua.

JCIONAL DE JAZZ: Mexico, organized
by the Centro Cultural Luis Cardoza Arag6n,
Mexican Embassy in Guatemala. Centro de
Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n Espanola (tel:
7832-1276) 6a av. norte, between 3a y 4a calle,
LaAntizua. V

Election of 7 and ,. Y Committees,
plans for 2009 and beyond. All members are
encouraged to attend and vote. Persons with
financial, political and executive experience are
encouraged to join and volunteer for activities.
Donation of Q25 or more appreciated. La Pena
de Sol Latino, (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle poniente
#15-C, LaAntigua.

1 Sat., 10am (English) LECTURE:
". Open Your Eyes! Instead of Unhappi-
ness, Awaken to Peace '&Joy with Dr. Karmen
Guevara, holistic Buddhist-centered psycho-
therapist. Free. Centro de Ideas Antigua (tels:
5132-1839 & 7832-3655), Carretera a San Bar-
tolom6 Becerra, Pasaje Rubio #12, LaAntigua.
1 Sat., llam-10pm FESTIVAL ATI-
I TLAN: Fabulous live music, art and lots
of fun. Profits benefit Hospitalito Atitlin. See
www.festivalatitlan.com. Santiago Atitldn,
Lake Atitldn.

1 Sat., 5pm SALSA FESTIVAL: Salsa
-Festival Juvenil Guate 2009, directed by
Victor Mendia and Geovanny Santos. Q50. Te-
atro al Aire Libre, Teatro Nacional Miguel An-
gel Asturias (tel: 5090-6542) 24 calle 3-81, z. 1,
Guatemala City.
1 Sat., 7pm-
Odalisca, presented
by Oriental Soul, a
romantic work per-
formed through Ara-
bic dance. Q75/Q50
students w/carnet. El
Sitio (tel: 7832-3037)
5a calle poniente #15,

ICIONAL DE JAZZ: Espana, organized
by the Centro Cultural de Espana and the Span-
ish Embassy in Guatemala. Centro de Formaci6n
de la Cooperaci6n Espanola (tel: 7832-1276) 6a
av. norte, between 3a y 4a calle, LaAntigua.
1 /Sat., 8pm FESTIVAL: II Festival de
1-Danza Legidn de Santiago de los Caballe-
ros with the participation of more than 10 dance
academies who will present tango, jazz, ballet,
Arabic dance, flamenco, salsa and more. Q35.
Info., tel: 5403-2998. Ruinas de la Ermita de La
Santa Cruz, LaAntigua.

26)) revuemag.com


Learn about the fascinating
history of the Maya's clothing
and weaving.
Buy Guatemalan handicrafts at
our shop. Shop on line at
Centro Cultural UFM
Sta. Calle Final, Zona 10
Ciudad de Guatemala
Telefaxes: (502) 2361 8081/82
Monday Friday 9:00 to 17:00
Saturday 9:00 to 13:00

Talent hits a target no one else can hit;
Genius hits a target no one else can see.
-Arthur Schopenhauer


Guidebook Writing Boot Camp
Antigua. Guatemala March 23-27, 2009
5-day travel writing crash course. USDS350 ($250 for
Guate residents, reimbursable). Learn to travel write, get
published in VIVA's Guatemala
guoebooK and get paid
Reg'sler al www ViaTr avel Guides com;Dooicanmpt
or write for more info: bootcamp@vivatravelguides.com

an authentic Mayan ceremony,
experience and learn more
about the Mayan culture. Free.
La Pefia de Sol Latino (tel:
7882-4468) 5a calle poniente
#15-C, LaAntigua.

The oldest Guatemalan Art Gallery.
Featuring more than 100 artists.
*NEW ADDRESS: Plaza Obelisco 16 calle 1-01, zona 10
Tels: 2367-3266,5779-0000 galeriaeltunel@yahoo.com

Primitive Contemporary
Guatemalan Art
Gallery & Museum
4a calle oriented #10
Interior Casa Antigua, El Jaul6n
La Antigua Tel: 7832-6634/35

I love being writer. What I can't stand
is the paperwork. -Peter De Vries

revuemag.com (( 27


Il, . B .

DATOii :

1 Tues., 5:30pm (English) TALK: Res-
S/ cuing Guatemalan Wildlife: The Wildlife
Rescue and Conservation Association (ARCAS)
is the leading advocate for the rights of wild an-
imals in Guatemala. Donation Q25. Rainbow
Cafe (tel: 7832-1919) 7a av sur #8, LaAntigua.
1 fThurs., 7pm -JAZZ: Opening act, the
1JColegio Miguel Angel Asturias students;
8pm, Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots,
world-famous blues, R&B and zydeco group
from New Orleans. Organized by the U.S.
Embassy in collaboration with the IGA Jazz
Festival. Teatro Municipal la calle between 14
av. y 14 av. A, z. 1, Quetzaltenango.
Also: 20th, Panajachel & 21st Guatemala City.

^IbfS^^^^^^^B 'uiutftt

1 Thurs., 6pm (English) U.S. EM-
Space Program. Free. Walt Whitman Library,
IGA (tel: 2326-4263) Teatro Dick Smith/IGA,
Ruta 1, 4-05, z. 4, Guatemala City.
1 Thurs., 6:30pm (Spanish) CONFER-
19ENCE: El nacimiento del sol en Tikal by
Oswaldo G6mez y Oswaldo Chinchilla. Q20/
Q10 students w/carnet. Museo Popol Vuh (tel:
2338-7896) 6a calle final, z. 10, Guatemala City.
28 revuemag.com

2rFri., 7:30pm DANCE & JAZZ:
IV Opening act: The Sotz'il Kaqchiquel
Dance Troupe; 8:30pm-Sunpie and the Loui-
siana Sunspots, Free. This program is offered in
cooperation with the Universidad del Valle Al-
tiplano, Sololi, and the Iglesia Cat6lica de San
Francisco de Asis, in collaboration with the U.S.
Embassy, Guatemala. In front of the San Francis-
co de Asis Church, Panajachel, LakeAtitldn.
SFri., 7pm-21st Sat., 7pm-22nd Sun.,-
202pm (English) THEATER: Nurse Pain
along with skits and music. Jardines del Lago,
calle Monterrey, Panajachel, Lake Atitldn.
See highlight on page 22.
1Sat., 9am-5pm (English) WORK-
1SHOP: You Have The Choice to Create
Prisons or Palaces. Learn how to free yourself
from the core beliefs and sad life stories that
stop you from being free and living a life full of
love, peace and joy. Facilitated by Dr. Karmen
Guevara, holistic Buddhist-centered psycho-
therapist. Q650 includes lunch, tea/coffee break
and handouts. Centro de Ideas Antigua (tels:
5132-1839, 7832-3655), Carretera a San Bar-
tolom6 Becerra, Pasaje Rubio #12, LaAntigua.
1 Sat., 5pm DANCE: Los Ninos de Ben-
SJdicidn from San Antonio Aguas Calientes
present traditional folk dances. Your donations
will help to pay for their school expenses. La
Pena de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle po-
niente #15-C, LaAntigua.
2 CIONAL DE JAZZ: Italia, organized by
the Instituto Italiano de Cultura, Italian Em-
bassy in Guatemala. Centro de Formaci6n de
la Cooperaci6n Espanola (tel: 7832-1276) 6a av.
-,nrra betwen 3t- rn le -11,n nt;onfl w

1 Sat., 7pm -ART: Les Couleurs de Que-
I. bec by artist Line Desrochers, Rodrigue
Daigle and Richard Godbout. El Sitio (tel:
7832-3037) 5a calle poniente #15, LaAntigua.



La Cueia de Panza \trde ir..I 'I,-",**l
: ... =1', LI.i- tign.,a
Monday, 8 to 10pm: Blues Night. Q35.
Tuesday and Saturdays, 8 to 10pm-Esta-
sis, Trio, Sal6n Latino & Tango. Q35.
Wednesday, 8-10pm
- Latino Jazz Trio.
entrance: Q25.

Thursday and Fridays,
8 to 10pm Cuban
jazz performed by Buena
Vista de Coraz6n.
entrance Q35. D

La Penia de Sol Latino ir.. I 4 _--- ,, I
:. c : ll. p ..,I,.I ,r.. = l .-I Li A-lu igiu
Monday, 7:30pm Kenny Molina hosts
Open Mike. Free.
Tuesday, 7:30pm Ramiro plays trova
Cubana. Free.
Wednesdays-Saturdays, 7:30pm-Sundays,
7pm Sol Latino plays Andean music (pan
flutes). Free. V

Sunday, 1pm Ramiro plays Trova Cubana
during the Sunday Buffet. No cover.


Rainbon Cafe ir..i <- l',i- ,
- .., =--'. La.Iurigua
Monday, 7:30pm Don Ramiro will serenade
you with some beautiful Latin folk music. Free.
Tuesday, 7:30pm Cesar, a home-grown
talent plays a mixture of Western and Latino
tunes. Free.
Wednesday, 7:30pm Open Mike '. 1,.. r...
by Juan-Jo and friends. A complimentary drink for
all performers. Free.
Thursday, 7:30pm Giiicho will astound
you with his guitar skills and improvisation of
Latino and pop classics.
Friday, 7:30pm Get in the groove with Ser-
gio playing great Reggae tracks.
Saturday, 7:30pm La Casa de Kello gets the
party going with a mixture of original music, La-
tin- heat, hlles nd non1ilir Western mlsic V

Sunday, 7:30pm La Raiz-Luis, Juan-Jo
& Choko, great improvised classics. Free.

El Pelikano Dorado ir..I -i
,-I 1 r1 LI..I, ,. .il = LiiA_ i gulli
Thursday through Sunday Live Garifuna

21 Sat., 8pm -MUSIC within the IGAJAZZ
FESTIVAL: Sunpie and the Louisiana Sun-
spots, world-famous blues, R&B and Zydeco
group from New Orleans, in collaboration with
the U.S. Embassy, Guatemala. Free admission
but RSVP for tickets is highly recommended:
2422-5566. Teatro Dick Smith/IGA, Ruta 1,
4-05, z. 4, Guatemala City.

revuemag.com <29


Teatro Dick Smith/IGA Ruta 1, 4-05, z. 4, Guatemala City. Adm. Q50.
Tues., 3rd-8pm Quartet de Eric L6hrer Tues., 10th-8pm Caffeine Jazz Quartet.

E~xi -^

I ..I l ...

*Note additional Jazz Festival listings and other venues by date throughout DateBook.
30 revuemag.com


La Antigua

"The finest in Latin American
and Caribbean works of art."
SReview from New York Times

We represent over 100 artists from all
of Latin America, as well as featured
artists from around the world.
We also handle estate sales, auctions
and give qualified appraisals.

Make La Antigua a preferred stop on
your Guatemala itinerary, and stay up
to date with us by logging on.

4a calle oriented #15, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: (502) 7832-2124 Fax: (502) 7832-2866

L i I I

II' Iv. .,. I I I.IllllVlllf'e~l''

12 calle 4-65, zona 14 Guatemala, C.A.
Tels: 2368-1659, 2363-0649, Fax: 2363-0603
E-mail: coleccion21@intelnet.net.gt

Anybody can win, unless there happens
tobe a second entry. -George Ade


Unlversldad Francisco Marroquin LT

MON- FRI: 9:00 to 17:00
SAT: 9:00 to 13:00
Closed Sunday
6 Calle final zona 10
Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Guatemala Ciudad

Tel: (502) 2338 7836,2338 7837

An agent is a person who is sore because an actor
gets 90% of what they make. -Elton John

gj REVUE available Paye-by-Pa e online > www.revuemay.com
revuemag.com ((31


1 Sat., 8pm MUSIC within the IGA
IJAZZ FESTIVAL: Sunpie and the Loui-
siana Sunspots, world-famous blues, R&B and
Zydeco group from New Orleans, in collabora-
tion with the U.S. Embassy, Guatemala. Free
admission but RSVP for tickets is highly rec-
ommended: 2422-5566. Teatro Dick Smith/
IGA, Ruta 1, 4-05, z. 4, Guatemala City.
1 Sat., & Sun., 22 FESTIVAL: Festival
Sof Consciousness, this two-day event will
highlight a variety of activities & workshops de-
signed to encourage new, more conscious ways of
acting, thinking and being. San Marcos La La-
guna, LakeAtitldn. See highlight on page 48.
2 Sun., 3pm MUSIC: With 2Much-
23Blues, a Guatemalan blues duo; 4pm -
Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots, world-fa-
mous blues, R&B and zydeco group from New
Orleans. Q15 lawn, Q25 chairs. Event offered
in partnership with the Fundaci6n Teoxche
(tel: 2326-4263). Cerrito del Carmen, Final 12
avenida z. 1, Guatemala City.
2 Mon., Fri., 27 (English) WORK-
23SHOP: V!VA Travel Guide's Guidebook
S. Boot (,: ,,q,offci ing a 5-day travel writing
crash course. USD$350, $250 for Guatemala res-
idents, reimbursable. Register at www.VivaTrav-
elGuides.com/bootcamp or write: bootcamp@
vivatravelguides.com More info on page 108.
2 Tues., 5:30pm (English) TALK:
24 Combating Poverty through Education.
The mission of Safe Passage/Camino Seguro is
to empower the poorest at-risk children of fami-
lies working in the community of the Guate-
mala City garbage dump by creating opportuni-
ties and fostering dignity through the power of
education. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel:
7832-1919) 7a av sur #8, LaAntigua.
2 Wed., 6pm (English) SLIDE SHOW:
JLent and Holy Week in Antigua. Q30,
benefits educational programs. El Sitio, 5a calle
poniente #15, LaAntigua.
2 6Ihurs., 10am MUSIC: Encuentro
V6with musicians Pablo Collado and Arturo
Rosales. Info: t. r . r l. l.. i r. r I .... I, ,i l c. .ii
or 7832-1884. Asociaci6n Nuestros Ahijados,
road to San Felipe de Jesis #106, LaAntigua.

32 revuemag.com

2TFri., & Sat. 28th, 8pm OPERA:
/ Madama .. .. directed by Joseph
Karl Doetsch. Tickets start at Q200. Gran Sala
Efrain Recinos, Teatro Nacional Miguel Angel
Asturias (tel: 4227-8200) 24 calle 3-81, z. 1,
Guatemala City.
A iir.

a rAM Wib pM 7 u "I
C-a roiha tmlin -d -
Viemes 27 v sado 28 de Mazo 20 i

2 Fri., 6pm FUNDRAISER: The
/non-profit Robert Muller LIFE School
is holding its annual fundraiser for scholarship
students. Q100 incls. dinner, dancing, raffle &
silent auction. Info: www.lifeschoolweb.com
or 7762-2615. Socrates Place, Calle Principal,
Panajachel, LakeAtitldn.
2 Sat., 7pm MUSIC: Bolero Jazz. El
LOSitio (tel: 7832-3037) 5a calle p. #15, La
1Tues., 5:30pm (English) TALK:
. Partnering the Poor: Inequality, Education
and Opportunity in Guatemala with Jeff Barns
who will also speak on behalf of Familias de
Esperanza. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel:
7832-1919) 7a av sur #8, LaAntigua.

A nursery with the most extensive variety of plants
and accessories for your home and garden

km 14.5 Centro Comerclal Escala
Carrtra a El Salvador B otan k
Telephone 6637 5763 64
Monday t hlday 8 30 am to 7 00 pm
Saturday 8 30 am to 6 00 pm
Sunday 9 30 am to 6 00 pm

Carretera al Atlantlco 0-80, z.17
Teletax 2256 4564 Un Jarns
^ Monday Satuiday orom 8 30 am to 5 30 pm Agt
Sunday hfom 9 00 am to 4 30 pm todo

Calle Mariscal 18-40, z.11 across the
street from Pro-ciegos
Telephone 2473 1941 2474 5194 Fax 2474 5254
Monday Fllday hom 7 30 am to 5 30 pm
SdatUday hfom 7 00 am to 6 00 pm
Sunday hom 8 30 am to 4 30 pm I il'i

*4* 'L

relvuentma.com 33
or to a)Touro

revuemag.com ((33

GUTML CITY))Service)Shpi


Fabrics by the yard
Ceramic Jewelry
Wood Leather
& more

18 calle 21-31, z.10 Blvd Los Prdceres www.in-nola.com
Telephones: 2367-2424, 2337-4498

El Punto de los Repuestos
12 Locations PBX: 2429-3030
39Yearsexperience mail@figuepartes.com


S Executive/Survival
Private Classes
Flexible Schedule *
Certified professional staff *
Legal Translation services
Quiet neighborhood, easy parking .

Union Church of Guatemala
You've heard about us.
Now come try us out.
12 calle 7-37, zona 9, Guatemala City (close to Plazuela Espana)
2361-2027& 2331-6904 unionchurchguatemala@gmail.com

W vin, E r ad Se

34) revuemag.com

AThe best rates, with the
lowest deductibles and
-- full coverage insurance
4a calle"A"16-57, zona Guatemala City
Tels: 2220-2180, (502) 5293-7856, 5511-8250
www.adaesa.com adaesa@itelqua.com

Todo t/po de
0MOEss M ropa para p/aya
6av 7 69 zona 9 ludadde Gualemala para hombres,
els 2331 1129 mu/eres y nifnos

ems e Seve(Shpin(UTi ACIT

a D 1 Tel: 2366-1031 Fax:2366-1034
i iVw Mon-Fri:9-1&3-6 Sat:9-1
All the latest books in English
3a av. 17-05, z.14 Edif. Casa Alta

The best outols St
) T41 G, T
Wt.. 41 av.A Im

7a Av. 2-28 Zona 9

-Manteni m ientos
-Discos ouros
-Memoris RAM

_ C3R
_________ upon

Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke.
-Lynda Barry

The only specialists in Bedding Mfr...We handle all types of Beds.
American know-how, with 40 years in the market.
All sizes of Beds: Inner Spring Mattresses, Box Springs or hard bases.
Beautiful Fabrics. We follow A.B.A. standards and norms.
Headboards, Night Tables, Wood Chests, Dining & Living room Furniture.
Custom-made Beds & Furniture. Will deliver.
Guatemala City Tel: 2332-4951 TelFax: 2332-7788

Never let your sense of morals get in the way
ofdoing what's right. -IsaacAsimov

i i _i i

I never know how much of what I say is true.
-Bette Midler

IJ li'. r' U C-.'.,;'r

revuemag.com ((35


DATEBOi K : ont. from.page 32


ART: Latest
works by
El Tdnel,
16 calle 1-' ,I
z. 10, Plaz

ART: Antigua Impressions, a collection of oils in
an impressionistic-expressionistic style depict-
ing the colors and landmarks of La Antigua
Guatemala by renown Chilean artist Virginia
Tagle. La An-
tigua Galeria
d.- Arte (tel:
calle ori-
te #15,
I tAntigua.

Nightly, 8pm CINEMA: Classics plus a
massive selection of documentaries, including
Attenborough's work on nature, ecology, his-
tory, technology from 1962 to 2008. Thursday
- Scheduled documentaries including this
month feature: Strange Days on Planet Earth, the
latest National Geographic series on the affect
of human activity on planet Earth, presented
by Edward Norton. Free. Hotel Isla Verde (tel:
5760-2648) Santa Cruz, Lake Atitlan.
WORKSHOPS: Painting in silk w/natural dyes,
the magic of color, conserving your textile col-
lection and an overview of weaving and pattern-
ing. Call or visit for more information. Indigo
Artes Textiles (tel: 7888-7487) inside Centro
Cultural La Azotea, Jocotenango.
Mon., through Fri., 9-10am (Spanish) RA-
DIO PROGRAM: Voces de Madreselva, eco-
cultural radio program, tune in to 106.9 FM.
Tuesday, 6pm (English) SLIDE SHOW
Antigua: Behind the '\ by Elizabeth Bell.
Q30 benefits educational programs. El Sitio, 5a
calle poniente #15, LaAntigua.
Wednesday, 6:30pm (Spanish) FILMS:
Free. Centro de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n
Espanola (tel: 7832-1276) 6a av. norte, between
3a y 4a calle, LaAntigua.
::." April 8-12 (Semana
Santa) YOGA
velop your practice
with La Antigua
yoga teacher Rae
Ishee. Four days
and nights on
Lake Atitlin at the
Villa Sumaya Guest
House and Retreat
Center. All levels welcome, vinyasa flow, yin
style, restorative poses, breathwork followed
by relaxation. The trip includes two yoga
classes daily, luxurious accommodations and
three delicious meals a day; also lots of time to
swim, hike, relax ... optional Semana Santa ex-
cursion. $425 double/$580 single. More info:
raeishee@yahoo.com or tel: (502) 7832-8202.

3| "'"Il"Il'l"'l"'ll"Il

36) revuemag.com


Iif i^^

revuemag.com (37

Out of the Blue by Terry KovickBiskovich

Dateline: 1987 Northern California
Grandpa Jones, 93-year-old tribal medicine man.
From the Files of G.W. Sweetwater and B. Yates-Penny

CC I t's a matter of belief, there's nothing
else. You get what you give out or
what you're afraid of. Did you know
that everything out there is a reflection?
Let me tell you something ... if you see
someone you don't like, look inside of your-
self; the thing that you didn't like about
them, look and hunt it down inside of you. It
might be small. Take it and throw it out, and
look back at that person. Now you might
still have things there you don't like because
your energies are doing different dances, but
that other part, you won't see it again.
Anything you can believe you've al-
ready got and you hold to it, now it might
literally kill you, but you can be darn sure
it will come to pass. But the main thing is
to believe you already have it. That's the
secret. If you see it's going to happen and
really believe it, there ain't no way for it
not to happen.
38)) revuemag.com

It's just like that instant camera there. If I
got everything set, there's no way for it not
to take that picture if I press that button.
Your life is the same way. If you can believe
it and organize your thinking and your life,
it will happen.
Our whole life, our whole existence is a
pattern before us, right out to the end of the
woods. We have everything we want at all
times. Everything we need to learn is right
outside that door. But humans want every-
thing a mystery. You can step out there on
that porch of mine and you can see all those
trees hugging each other and reaching for
the sun, and they're all doing beautiful."

All healers do is to give you the power to
believe it works. They do this by loving
your spirit and when you feel this, then
you are healing yourself. 0
(Edition May 21-28, 1993)


No tragedy, no comedy
just good times
- 13 calle y la av., Zona 10, local 5,
Torre Santa Clara II, Tel: 2331-2641
The English Pub in Guatemala City

^0(Ipa3eiiif^ UBar C1




Best Buffalo Wings in Guatemala
60's & 70's Rock
R3 Pool Tables
SPORTS BAR Darts Cold Beer
Mon-Sat 9am-lam and Sun Ipm-midnightish
13 calle 0-40,Z.10 T/F: 2368-2089
We accept AMEX,VISA, MC, Diners, Credomatic

The Fest in Fresh
Fruits fr Vegetables
produced and packaged

M-F 8:0-7pn Sat 8:30-2pm
15 aelle 4-44. Z.1O
Guatemala City TelFax:2363-2682

revuemag.com ((39

Ingredientes para panaderias, reposterias, heladerias, lacteos,
restaurants, hotels, banquetes e industries de alimentos.
TELS: 5338-1690, 5338-2201, 5182-0721



PatCrocker cont.from page 15
charm and inventiveness, sensitive to the
Guatemala colonial style, brought him
more and more clients. But the work was
slow and painstaking. Renovation of the
Casa Double, for example, begun in 1956,
was not complete until 1962. Indeed, of the
many houses in Antigua that Pat worked
on, the owners, past and present, came to
realize that improvement and preservation
never comes to an end-there will always
be new furniture to design, old furniture to
restore, candelabras and fixtures to install,
cupboards to change, doors and windows
to replace, pictures to relocate and the con-
tinuous repair of plumbing and electricity
and the maintenance of walls, exterior and
interior-the war with "salitre"-that colo-
nial Spanish architecture demands.
Pat and Louise Jackson exchanged a
lengthy correspondence during the recon-
struction period. Pat mentions his continual
shortage of money-for with few excep-
tions his clients sent little or nothing to get
the work started and then only sufficient to
cover expenses that had been incurred and
for which Pat had sent a bill. There were
times when he had to borrow from friends in
Antigua who were not his clients, simply to
meet his payroll. In 1959 he writes: "These
last two weeks have found me either feeling
homicidal or suicidal. Begging money is not
my forte and I have been so embarrassed I
want to crawl into a hole"-particularly
when he was refused!
The responsibilities in conducting the
renovations in accordance with the wishes
and budgets of his clients imposed an almost
intolerable strain. In 1954 he was occupied
with the restoration of six houses at the same
time. In the early 1960s he wrote to Louise:
"I am also having labor troubles. I am trying
to get rid of some of the men who are being
a nuisance-and a great many more who are
40 revuemag.com

being alright, but they have not been
around long. The object is to reduce myself
to a crew of about twenty trustworthy
souls and keep them moving. I shall never
again have ten houses going at once." One
can imagine the size of his work force and
the challenges of management it posed.

despite all these problems and demands,
Pat found time for some social life. He
loved to relate an episode that occurred at
one of his dinner parties in Panajachel during
the cocktail hour. One of the guests, Matilda
Gray, an oil millionairess and owner and resi-
dent of a large property in Antigua, was chat-
ting. Looking down her aristocratic nose, she
referred to one of the guests, Elaine Hatch,
wife of Orrin Hatch, later U.S. senator from
Utah who was also present: "She's in Tanguy
Lipstick. That's refined. I'm in crude."
From the Casa el Carmen in 1954 to his
death in 1972 Pat renovated over 20 houses
in Antigua and several in Panajachel, at the
same time continuing to produce his exqui-
site watercolors of costume and scenery. He
was a familiar figure in Antigua as he walked
from house to house supervising his work
crews. He was a casual dresser, wearing an
Indian shirt or coat and slacks with Mayan
sandals and without a hat, and carried a
bolsa tipica slung over his shoulder in which
he carried his materials for sketching and
other essentials.
On examining his watercolors of indig-
enous costume it is impossible not to be
amazed at the intricate detail that he depicted.
His style of painting was unusual. Sitting on
a low seat he placed the water-color paper on
the floor or ground before him and, hold-
ing his brush about halfway along its length,
rested his forearm against his knee. In this way
he achieved the amazing degree of steadiness
and control essential for the intricate patters
he depicted continued d on page42


cheese Fondues, Lobster, Meat,
inmpfondues, chocolate fondues'

A blonde called her boyfriend and said, "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw
puzzle, and I can't figure it out or how to get it started."
Her boyfriend asked, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished?" The blonde said, "According
to the picture on the box, it's a tiger."
Her boyfriend decided to go over and help with the puzzle. She let him in and showed him where
she had the puzzle spread all over the table.
He studied the pieces for a moment, looked at the box, then turned to her and said, "First of
all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything
resembling a tiger."
He took her hand and said, "Second, I want you to relax. Let's have a nice cup of hot chocolate
and then...," he sighed, ..... "Let's put all of these frosted flakes back into the box."

revuemag.com ((41




A "Classic" in the center of
Guatemala City & now in Zone 10

Specializing in Spanish and Basque
Cuisine, Seafood and Paella
5a av. 12-31, Zona 1
Tels: 2251-7185, 2253-6743
10 calle 0-45, Zona 10 Tels: 2332-6576,
2331-7200 www.restaurantealtuna.com

Pat rocker cont.from page 40
In 1972 Pat became seriously ill and retired
to one of his favorite restorations, the Casa
Double. His friend Louise allowed him use
of the front bedroom and the opportunity to
enjoy the patio on sunny days. Pat died there
on December 8 and was buried on Decem-
ber 11 in the Municipal Cemetery, Antigua.

On the origins of costume, his lifelong
avocation, Pat wrote: Guatemalan cos-
tumes, like all really fine and distinctive works
in the realm of the arts can be appreciated by
the initiate. But where should one begin in the

background of i;.-.',' as fundamental as
clothing? Ifthe predecessor ofmodern architec-
ture was a cave or the lee ofa great tree; (if the
predecessor) of music, the song of the birds and
the beating of clubs on hollow logs; if (that) of
all mechanical devices, rl,' : oil. rg of blocks too
large for purely human endeavor; if (that) of
painting, the handprints on the walls of caves,
then the beginning of clothing must have been
the fig leaf
No. People have always covered their cold-
ness before their modesty. Then of all environ-
mental things that contribute to the growth of
clothing, climate is the most important."

Thus stated Frederick Siddartha
Shocker, whose lifelong artistic
.hC I,,. ,Ir, n, rt preserved for all
r!!i.. tL, p-'..t- life now disap-
p o i' r, ipidly-Toc-
I .,, ,, :.erns were well
i ,.,..-and whose
kr!. :r,.. rial achieve-
n, r rr, ir. .de possible
1 I t ri, I, that married
i.uc.. ifui.llIiv the dignity
,'p '',I colonial ruins
ir I rl-, cntemporary
I- r. ir,,:n on comfort and
C-, I.! i rice, a dexterous
C. ,rjun,:ril. n of art and
ir,-lrri ,- i ure. OL

SI '. s my pleasure
i the
S assistance
dlowing (listed
_.diward Crocker,
aul Glynn,
. tickling,
S I Don .1

This article was fJrst printed in
March 2003
(REVUE yr.11 #12)

42) >revuemag.com

Lodgin ((UATE A CIT

1as torres
gucst housc
Main Hotel area
Studio & Bdrm Apartments, Fully Furnished,
Cable TV, Parking, 24 hr. Security, Family Atmosphere
S We have prices by the night, month.
-- Single Room: 10% Discount with this ad --
"At Las Torres you don't just get a room,
you get a family."
13 calle 0-43, Zone 10 PBX: 2334-2747, 2362-5030
SFax: 2331-4628 apartamentos_lastorres@yahoo.com

Hoteleria Automatizada Ajustable en Preciosy Tiempos
Demostraciones virtuales en: www.primaverasuites.com
SCiudad de Guatemala: Blvd. Liberation
3-12,z.13 Tel: 2472-0365
* Mixco/San Cristobal: Km.19.5 Cr. Roosevelt
11 -55,z.1, LodeCoy Tel: 2484-4212

42ii~ jii~~n jini~~ii~jikj~m~

Feel -w~riu i & rela.\ed
on vOIIIr arrival!

^ 1Illt*1 [' ';

T I Rooms

in/;,,,,,, .$30

r, ... it ., /, 1 . /
I.,.... .,N.A..I .. ,


revuemag.com ((43

*A I/ Airor Shtl

J14 -W-zQ mb .

U3 Doule (prpesn
eB d Brafs A ril*(e es n

Aipr Shuttle S *Tae not inldd

24h Inere & CalT 0 IS O N i o

V~ Boo Exhnea ob
7a av W 1 17z 13A rr 17.v 1-7 .13A rr

G S Codnt s: 4 50.0 G S~ Codnt s: 14 50.0

Sfostal de

A four star hotel in the Historic Center
4 Avenida 3-25, Zona 1, Guatemala City
PBX: 2285-3434 Fax: 2232-7759
www.hosta Idedonpedro.com

S2 blocks from Central Park,
right in the Historic Center
6 comfortable rooms (single: $30)
Hot water, cable TV, internet, parking,
security, cafeteria, family ambience
5a calle 3-36, zona 1, Guatemala City
Tel: 5510-8392 www.casadelosnazarenos.com

Cofral Privt Rom rn a V ah(htcl
waer Cotiena Breafs I. Garden whammocks
FRE Inent&.. -FE rnprtto evc

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing
it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may
murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish truth. Through violence you
murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. Returning violence for violence multiplies
violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive
out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

SREVUE tiene la circulacion maf grande: 20,000 ejemplarew imprelos menualef
44 revuemag.com

Lodgin ((GUTE A CIT

4V7,1nI minfromairport 1
Free transportation
Private bath
Cable TV
Tc'ff& "tF.ikftr Breakfast included
Wireless internet
16 calle 8-20 zona 13 Aurora I, Guatemala City Lovely garden
Tels: (502) 2261-2854 2261-3044 5550-2664
hostalvillatoscana@yahoo.com www.hostalvillatoscana.com

* Dorms starting at $15 per person
* Transportation airport/hostelairport
* Highly recommended by Lonely Planet
* Breakfast included
* Credit Cards accepted yoUr ula Ho lalO VOLCANES

Contact us:
16calle 8-00zona 13,Aurra I
Guatemala City, Guatemla, CA.
Tels (502) 2261-3040,

Apatm nt fro g s3 al ( o/t

Speia Monhl Rae fro .*7 F

Hotel Residencia Del Sol


Tels: 2360-4823, 2360-4843 Fax: 2360-4793
email: residenciadelsol@gmail.com
website: www.residenciadelsol.com
3 calle 6-42, zona 9, Guatemala City

13 calle 6-20, zona 9, Guatemala City
Tel: 2332-3955/6 Fax: 2332-1336
14 equipped apartments* 1 to 4 occupancy
Housekeeping/laundry service Secure parking
Cable TV & Internet available Credit cards o.k.
Near airport & zona viva. Rates from $40

Parents are not interested in justice,
they're interested in peace and quiet.
-Bill Cosby

Bed & Breakfast
t n fr#t faft 6 HOTEL
Bar/Room Service Private Bath Free Internet & Cable TV
Credit Cards accepted reservaciones@marianaspetithotel.com
Free Airport Transport www.marianaspetithotel.com
20 calle 10-17 Aurora II, zona 13 Guatemala City
Tels: 2261-4144,2261-4105 Fax: 2261-4266

Last night I played a blank tape at full blast.
The mime next door went nuts.
-Steven Wright

EVE le ofrece el costo mdi bajo For ejemplar ara romocionar S evuemgocio
revuemag.com ((45

When we started the REVUE in 1992, we wanted to include a crossword puzzle in each
issue. Because so many of our readers are bilingual or learning Spanish/English, we came
up with the concept of a bilingual puzzle (the word for crossword in Spanish is crucigra-
ma, thus the Spanglish would be "Cruci-Word"). We hope you enjoy this one from 1993.

Translate each clue into the opposite language (Spanish/English) and fill in the
blanks. Using the dictionary is not cheating. Free answer to get started: 31 Across

1. recipients, envases
2. de peso excesivo
3. to snow
4. thunderclap
1. large land mass
11. extender sobre
12. mole, birthmark
13. thin, sparse


s 6. neptunium (abr) 15.estarcido, plantilla 26.prado
7.1 will make a mistake 16. silly, foolish 27. medicos (abr)
8. nitido; organizado 21.vehiculos militares 29.from
9."cuentos de pena" 23. correos (abr) 30. maestro de
10. ages ceremonies

17."un escritor"
18.1 know
19.o sea (abr)
20."from afar"

22. Japanese
24. la sexta letra
25. part conscience
del individuo

26. lascivo, obsceno
28. blood factor
29."tell mefor..."
31."estuches de acero"

46 revuemag.com

Solution to Cruci-Word on page 1161


Shiatsu, Reiki

Swedish Massage

Olgo Goit6n Antiguo Guatemalo, Telefono: 57412905


.-Dr-. ggs6 R. Gcer

-AnmteiorSement, Catar
^^^^K~fiR33= andiRefractgiveSurgeon^^

hno 4a av. su flS. #1


Dra. Victoria Recinos de Molina USAC / UB English spoken
ooniente #28, La Antiqua Tels: 7832-7945, 5096-6694 info@soldent.com

r Dr. Manuel Antonio Samayoa o
M11sI|I \Illlik.lll \l .ll l ,lin. D I.I ,,'l l.. 5l, .ili l
ill \iki l lt R,.IIIl.. kill I)ID .I 11,.1.. l Slk ll ( .kl i 'l
CnI .il .illi Cok.i niii D iil..l..' ChemicalPeeling.
Mon-Frl 10am-2pm & 3pm-7pm, Wed 11i i11 ....
lii :N ,.:.:. Tel:7832-4854 3a Calle P. 13 Anligua

Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. In those days he was wiser than he is now;
Act! Action will delineate and define you. he used to frequently take my advice.
-Thomas Jefferson -Winston Churchill

I g VREVUE offers web site updates b) RUS v www revuemag corn

revuemag.com ((47

Dra. Lotty Marie Meza Rezzio
Cirujana Dentista UFM
Monday Friday 8am-12pm & 2-6pm
Saturday 8am to 12pm
5a calle poniente final #27B, La Antigua
Tel:7821-5741 Email: lotty@ufm.edu.gt

I ='==j ,=

,Re lationship

Holistic Psychotherapy
Psycho-Emotional Balancing
with Traditional Acupuncture
Dr. Kazrmen Guevara
7832-3655 5132-1839 kg@conexion.com

A new approach to finding solutions!
"Brief Sihitiin',-Fi Itcl Thcur gi "
Adults, teens, families and children
Call for your free trial session
Family Therapist from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Calle del Arco, La Antigua Tels: 7832-0066, 5892-2527

ClinicaVeterinaria EL ARCA
Cynthia Burski, D.V.M. &
Hugo Sican Pelen, D.V.M.
Dogs, Cats, Birds, Exotics
Surgery Hospitalizalion Laboratory
X-Ray- General Medicine Boarding
2a calle ole. 6, AntiguaTel: 7832-0245

Everywhere I go I'm asked if I think the university
stifles writers. My opinion is that they don't stifle
enough of them. There's many a best-seller that
could have been prevented by a good teacher.
-Flannery O'Connor
Old is always fifteen years from now.
-Bill Cosby

48 > revuemag.com

by Maria Elisa Murray



Presenting new solutions
for a better world

W hat does it mean to be conscious?
How conscious are we in our lives?
How can we become more conscious as in-
dividuals, as a community, as a planet?
To answer these questions and more,
the inaugural Festival of Consciousness
will be held in San Marcos La Laguna
on March 21 and 22. This two-day event
will highlight a variety of activities and
workshops designed to encourage new,
more conscious ways of acting, thinking
and being. From yoga to holistic nutrition,
meditation to water filtration systems, al-
ternative construction methods to natural
medicine, the Festival of Consciousness
offers something for everyone.
The special two-day price of Q200
(Q100 for children) allows unlimited access
to all the workshops. Otherwise, each work-
shop costs Q50 (Q30 for children). There
will also be many free events and cultural
performances throughout the weekend.
The Festival of Consciousness wel-
comes and encourages all forms of par-
ticipation. Please contact us as soon as
possible if you have a product, service or
expertise to showcase.
In keeping with the consciousness of the
event, all donations and a percentage of the
proceeds will go to a variety of San Marcos
charities and organizations. 0

For questions or to participate, visit
www.sanmholisticcentre.com or contact:
Katherine Bird 4399-4329
Alexis Goede 5473-9489
Rosana Lagos 5206-9756

Dr. Milton Solis, Plastic Surgeon
Breast Enhancement or Reduction
Liposuction Face Lift
Rhinoplasty / Aesthetic
Surgery in General
Appointments: 5511-4163
Blvd. Vista Hermosa 25-19
Multim6dica Of. #1101, Z.15

People who want to share their religious views
with you almost never want you to share yours
with them. -Dave Barry

SESj Dra. Carmen Leticia Hernandez F.
*0lQ m iT Dr. J. Roberto Hemandez-
Pineda childrenn s Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, U S A)
English spoken ---- 24 hour emergency assistance
Mon-Fr 10am-1pm & 4pm-7pm Sat 9am-lpm
Edificio Broceta 11 calle 1-25, Zona 1 Guatemala City
Tels: 2221-2195 196. 5899-4340. 5412-7994 Home: 2434-6647


i -,r LAm z ;kjRAS-4PE*

Visit us
Edificio Muftim&dica, Vista Hermosa,
2a.calle 25-19 zona 15. oficina 1402.Ciudad de Guatemala.
TelIfonos:2385-7531/7761 Fax:2385-7532
"""_'""'" "' """ '" "

revuemag.com ((49


We would like you to know about Hound Heights

and why we need your help

Perhaps it's a stretch to be asking for donations in order to care
for injured and abandoned animals when there are so many human
needs, yet suffering is suffering, and we're all called to action in one
way or another.
Hound Heights, AWARE'S no-kill animal refuge, is currently shel-
tering 250 dogs and 80 cats. Many puppies and kittens were adopted
this year, some older dogs and cats were lucky enough to be placed
in loving homes too, but the number of adult animals not suitable
for adoption continues to rise. It's easy to rescue an animal ... next
comes the hard part. These dogs and cats need medical attention,
they need to be housed and comforted, fed and walked, brushed ...
many will live out their lives at Hound Heights, cared for by human
kindness. They deserve no less.

If you would like to adopt a pet, Hound Heights is open to
the public every Sunday from 10am to 3pm. You may not be
able to adopt a cat or dog --- but why not sponsor one?
Q150 per month will provide general medical care,
flea control and food.
A one-time donation is also very much appreciated.
AWARE is a registered non-profit organization
in Guatemala, and a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit
corporation in the U.S. Donations in the U.S. are
100% tax deductible.

Wish List Includes:
CAT FOOD! specifically
dry mix for dogs and
canned cat food.
(Unopened containers
and bags only please)

* metal food/water bowls
* blankets, towels,
and bedding
* dog and cat toys
* cat boxes and litter
* grounds-keeping equip-
ment: shovels, rakes, etc.
* large plastic garbage pails
with lids
* building materials
* 12-hp generator
* veterinary products
including flea control,
anti-parasite medications
* humane animal traps

With connections to Humane Societies in California and Florida, AWARE has been able
to send puppies to the U.S. for almost immediate adoption. Travelers to California and Flori-
da willing to accompany puppies (AWARE does all paperwork) airport-to-airport, please call
us seven days prior to your flight. Your help will be so very much appreciated.

Hound Heights, Aldea Pachaj, Interamericana km 40, Sumpango Guatemala
Xenii Nielsen: 7833-1639, 5401-3148 xenii-2@usa.net
For donations, correspondence and shopping with proceeds that
support AWARE, please visit 4a calle oriented #23, La Antigua Guatemala

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living
things, man will not find peace. -Albert Schweitzer


SIr.11.. n.l e n,1 lllrl l ..url r,
S lhlr illl ;i. ,, ,.I,.,, ,
S I r ,j i l.. .l ,, j i[r i ,in i. i u r ,n I. ,'

- Il. I h -ll l l llrlj l J. jrr,
llr..i.J ,

alim ., t I ln r i wh ,
Ph jhlrnfn i.j ,
. l' rl, rl. 1l. .. l.l,

Slhr1 i .,,, il
I r rlnl. r ..r .)[llll

!'/////(//' (f /' .
II rlj l' lrl i ihlll ll.- ll
a l..ir uli| l rn:e.1 -. i |l, |l..gr ,ph,.
A I I jlllllIll.Ji) I r,l .
24-hour Emergency Service
Av. de La Recoleccon #4, La Antigua
(in Iront of the bus station) Tels 7832 0420,
7832 1197, 7832 1190, Fax 7832 8752.

TecniScan -
m- Centro de Diagn6stico gr.-i ..e.. , i

Se pone a sus 6rdenes con el servicio de

Visitenos en: 7a calle poniente #15, Centro Comercial Casa del Bicaro, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7882-4449 Lunes a viernes de 7:30 am a 5:00 pm Sibado: 7:30am a 12:00pm
Su salud es nuestro principal compromise

Everything is a drug; it depends on the dose.

Centro de Equinoterapia
y Psicologia Kej
Lic Maria Eugenia Diaz
(alle An(th3 riJ LjAnliigu
Ieles i832 ?74' SNOO SJ14'8
mA ,mwa equinoleraplagualemala (om

lcdtc gt^ izpeiakirgi)A inai)-Eatoldl^(laou i yo
Trained an4 practiced in The US, Europe, sael & GuatenMla
Certl&'d 'Amanae' & 'Frequencies Of Brilliance' Practttoner
RCkld Master & TTocher ours a vil ble
Certfied Massage TherapIst


1loweinryPhotmfilcom +5245490099 UAntgll Guabta

You can tell the size of a man by the size of the
things that make him mad. -Adlai Stevenson

De Lo

Jorge E. De la Cruz DDS, P.C.
Eastman Dental Center I Univ. of Rochester N.Y.
Implants Laser Bleaching
Cosmetic dentistry Custom dentures
Root canals Crowns and bridges
(502) 7832-0125 (502) 2261-6875
11 A Bvrd. Los Pmceres 18 calle,
3aAve. Norte # 11 A 24-69 zona 10.
La Antigua Guatemala EmpresarialOf 10-07 Zona Pradera

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S -




6I AV. N. 4 E & A

4n "drnars
Jocqi 'n u s .q
I U M IJIaI.IrS -^ .-

S omdal o f a nia m dea 1 Colonia

Ial lwte lMa
-la Saflld--J FT-

Calle de los Nazarenos Ca l M Car teros Cdefi -o I
alI del ca idncialel

.La E L",d
a ,l- a r l C iea Cadea Gri las

a m o |i "-
3acallede iCC d a en

r a mn. Cammm

SCalle d l t 7a calle.p ient.z *aa calle 'or
7 7 l r. d a
Loal= L 5
l 3acallepa


p Cahristian
Called gorL n IeA r Oriente-
--a -


Map Spansohd by:

I SuitiI I sJaba
/l 1^ i de

Nesft CSA _Ii|
Christian Endt der' k- j
Spanish S\aSft^ I a&
Academy ,U
Sat Iao

ANTIU) Srie1 Shppn g

Glass &
V0Frame Shop

"The only professional frame shop in Antigua"
5" calle oriented #11, La Antigua Tel:7832-3033
6. av. 1-65, z. 1, Chimaltenango Tel: 5953-66533

Club Ecuestre La Ronda
SShow Jumping
Pony Club
SNatural Horsemanship
Finca La Azotea, Jocotenango
Tels: 5863-6434,5937-4952

a Arreglos florales / Flower Arrangements
S Decoraci6n para events especiales
Tels: 7832-4151
SJ[ : 1 ' 7832-0073
V 6a calle poniente
iL .alir uia ijuiamcUai #34, La Antigua
www.va Iledeflores.com Servicio a domicilio

Reality is that which, when you stop believing
in it, doesn't go away. -Philip K. Dick

Prices from $7 to $150
4a. Auenida Norte Casa #7 La anllgua gualerala
Talefono- (502) 7882 4452

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Libreia Bookstore
Latest Titles Books on C.A. & Mexico
+ Large selection of Maps & Art
Spanish Textbooks
5a av norte #4, Antigua
Central Park TelFax: 7832-3322

Museum "House of the Old Weaving"
- p Exhibition and Sale ofMaya Textiles
& Production of Exclusive Handicrafts
"The only place in La Antigua managed
S. by Indigenous People"
la calle poniente #51, La Antigua
'. Tel: 7832-3169 alida@casadeltejido.org

There are two common mistakes in life:
to play at work and to work at play.

As I grow older, I regret to say that a detestable
habit of thinking seems to be getting a hold of me.
-H. Rider Haggard

FREVUE 20,000 in print and
available page-by-page online!

www. revuemcag. corn
PBX: 7832-4619

Services- ((Shoppeing(ATIU

Ritu a
Antique F umiture &
Architectural Accents .

7a. calle ponmeme No. 30
a Anugu Guarerula (502)7832-4767

"."". .... .

Beauty and Personal Care
, : i ., i l i .. I I

Try our Exfoliating Volcanic Silica
Body Cream
*Prices from $8 to $29

4a. Avenida Norte Casa 7 La Antigua Guatemala Teldfono: (502) 7882 4452

Generally about half the citizens vote, Who is rich? He that rejoices in his portion.
and generally the wrong half. -Benjamin Franklin

SREVUE welcome your feedback and comment > www revuemnag coin
revuemag.com <<55

23 3v norte #3 Antigua 7832 0275
Mon-Frl8.12& 2.306 30
Sp3nish English German spoken

Our goal is to serve our patients with the best possible dental care in a friendly atmosphere.
ESTHETICS FUNCTION COMFORT Wireless Internet available for our patients
We handle all denial specializes including: DENTAL IMPLANTS & PORCELAIN CROWNS


ANTIU) Srie1 Shppn g

SSpanish, english, French spoLen
I + a calle oriented #14, La Antigua
J 9am-7pm Tel: 7882-+515
Sexiusvejewelry mogzes_5o@hotmail.com

Saldn de Belleza *
Beauty Salon E 0 I Yo u'll bsrIsed
haircuts coloring highlights v a
perm manicure- pedicure...
NEW ADDRESS! 5a calle poniente #23-A, La Antigua
(opposite La Bodegona) Tels: 5211-2285, 5672-7596

SGreat Q2500 Gift Idea r new vocabulary words
"- 'M (English/Spanish) while
A book of 56 bilingual crossword enjoying the challenge of
puzzles and over 1000 selected a crossword puzzle.
_. quotations from 8 years of REVUE Flip the book over and enjoy
quotes from some of the
Available only at: 4a calle oriented #23 quotes from some of the
World's great and not-so-great
p SAMPLE PUZZLE ON PAGE 46 movers and shakers.

56 revuemag.com

FRntiqua Coobing School

Classes in Trodifional Quotenm lon Cuisine

flatiqua Cooblinq School

Visit us at www.antlguacookingschool.com
or In person at 5a. Avenlda Norte #25B, by the Arch. Tel.: 5944 8568

JennyStar NGO is sponsoring poor children with your rentals of
ORIGINAL DVD's. My DVD shop is a unique source of 2,400 movies,
most of which cannot be found anywhere else in Guatemala
JennyStar DVD Rentals
Alameda Santa Lucia Norte #12 acro from La curac 7832-0813
Search for movies: Www .jennystardvd.com
Tuesday-Sunday 11 am 8 pm Home delivery and pick-up

Ifa man will begin with certainties, he shall
end in doubts; but if he will be content to
begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.
-Sir Francis Bacon

We believe that electricity exists, because the
electric company keeps sending us bills for it,
but we cannot figure out how it travels
inside wires. -Dave Barry

= 33SA F

AVI. PWTAPA ;2-239 Z-12
FAX (e02) 232-000
PBX 2329-9000

TEL (5021 2329-9044

ugumeru1uate nmalarntacr.cm
PAX (a02) 232~-Mro
TEL (502) 2329-9010
'12S CA" ,54 OnA 9 oFICINA IS
FAX (502) 2329-902
TEL (502) 2329-9020

CWUtl u -mteamr lr etar rw#.c
TEL (502) 2329-9030


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ANTIUA11 ) Services)) Shoping) Spais S'chools

True love is like ghosts, which everyone
talks about and few have seen.
-Francois de La Rochefoucauld

1 0 Unlike many Spanish schools in
Antigua that photocopy or steal existing
programs from other distinguished
schools, we at SLC have spent more than
AN IS H two years developing our program. Come
S PA N IS H anc check us out, we are one of the best
LANGUAGE CENTER schools at one of the best values in town
$ f r 2o www.Bestspanishlesson.com
S$100-- info121speech@yahoo.com
6' avenlda norte No. 16-A +(502) 7832-6608


Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the
fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for
the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test
people for drugs, we should test them for
stupidity, ignorance, greed and love ofpower.
-P.J. O'Rourke

S'Rf 7( "5 R- IC
,, V Ji.r It "1
*TR.4JI L .4GEC)' 21
E IAtLY '(t.-'77 .S..tO'S. 4PiRTNIf7L3 '
' !* FREF IT'FR'.VE .1.,ERH (CE

I!W Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive

M counrryuwide distribution
58) revuemag.com

Servi e ms ((hpig(NIU

- wwM

A man who is not a fool can rid himself
of every folly except vanity. -Rousseau

A man's wages are usually equal to about
halfof what he thinks he deserves.

Bell aespell
Osao c y Spa
4a calle ornente No. 57.
La Antigua Tels: 7832.2612. 5120-6574

kSklin Deep
day spa
la av. sur #15, La Aiinigui i ,niri.l-,i ii
(at the end of 6 calle)
Tel: r2:i -:32-5836

'manicure & pedicure
Massage & facials
sauna & ja(uzzi
Foot reflexology E

ndless Possibilities...

11ek'onm' to Cas.3w Madeletine, Spa!
\\ l '1111111,i i Ii| lu i iii.i ". | i l .l' " ll .|" Jti 'i ll]j 11111 11 in I

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La Antigua is No. 1 Destination

Among UK Travelers

La Antigua Guatemala has been
named the top city overall in the
Wanderlust Travel Awards 2009,
based on the votes of some 3,000 travelers.
Wanderlust is a leading magazine for ad-
venture travelers in the United Kingdom.
Placing second was Kyoto, Japan, followed
by Boston, USA. The previous first-place
destination, Luang Prabang, Laos, was
knocked down into seventh position, end-
ing its two-year reign as the No. 1 city.
Wanderlust readers raved about Antigua's
vibrant market, friendly people and unique
shops and cafes. The awards were based on
readers' travels from September 2007 to
November 2008.
"A town of bougainvillea-lined streets and
top-class language schools huddled by
three volcanoes, Antigua had some passion-
ate advocates," the magazine said.
60)) revuemag.com

The announcement came last month in Lon-
don at the Destinations Travel Show. Ac-
cepting the prize was Guatemala's Ambas-
sador to England, Alfonso Matta Fahsen.
For more, see www.wanderlust.co.uk

Wanderlust's Top 10 Rankings 2009
1. La Antigua Guatemala 97.78%
2. Kyoto, Japan 95.56%
3. Boston, USA 95%
4. Krak6w, Poland 94.67%
5. Havana, Cuba 94.29%
6. Damascus, Syria 93.33%
7. Luang Prabang, Laos 93%
8. Cuzco, Peru 92.73%
9. Sydney, Australia 92.06%
10. Tallinn, Estonia 91.43%


Services- ((Shopp.ing(ATIU

My definition ofa free society is a society where
it is safe to be unpopular. -Adlai Stevenson



The only person more unpopular than a
holier-than-thou is a cleverer-than-thou.

Highlights, En lih Spaih

etc. & hlde' Stye

]a~ ~ ~ av .u#5 LaAtgaTe:8253

Books, Magazines & Calendars
Revistas Hamlin yWhite Current Best Sellers
4a. calle oriented No. 12-A Spanish Text Books
La Antigua Guatemala Hardback & Paperback Guide Books
78-7075 Credit Cards & Special Orders
Hours: 9-6:30 daily hamlnywh75teconexon.com.gt
Hours: 9-6:30 daily hamlinywhite@conexion.com.gt

R KEVUE offer web site uPate by e-mail www.revuema.com
revuemag.com ((61

ATGA Dminn

62) revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((63

Cookies, Etc.
18 VrWeties of Cookies
Fine "Pstries
"reakfast & Cafeterii Service
Cekes made to order
Free Coffee Iefills
Open Daily from 7am-7pm
Corner 3a av. & 4a calle T:7832-7652

Home-made Italian Food

.'fTT O-PiZZt. R
5a calle foniente #4, La A ntigua
Pelivery: 7832-2832
12am 11fm

- 0Orw S-

Culture Unshocked cont.from page10
taken place in my country, her mother
would soon come out of the shop to find
her girl playing with broken glass, and with
great drama, whisk the girl away in a freak-
out, and tell her adamantly and theatri-
cally how dangerous it was-"Don't play
with that!! You'll hurt yourself !!" And of
course, the girl would be startled to tears.
But I have seen both the freedom and the
good sense of even the smallest of children
here-the coconut seller's 4-year-old son
practicing dehusking coconuts with a ma-
chete, the gangs of little boys setting off
firecrackers under their own noses with no
adult supervision, the children high up in
flimsy limbed trees whose branches some-
how magically support their weight. So I
simply sat on the opposite sidewalk to see
what would happen next.
There was no drama, no scolding, no vi-
olent dragging the girl away from the dan-
ger-no parental "Oh my God, get away
from that!!" Instead, the girl's father came
out of the store, saw her playing with bro-
ken glass, calmly took he hand and led her
inside. Moments later they both returned,
he with a dustpan, she toddling along with
a broom bigger than she was. Her father
showed her how to use a broom as he held
the dustpan, then he finished the job him-
self and they both went inside, holding
hands, to put the broken glass in the gar-
bage. No drama, no fuss. No big deal. Job
well done, simple as that.
OK, I must admit, I make a value judg-
ment: I like this way of responding better
than the drama and complexity that would
have ensued in such a simple situation in
my country. Not only that, but I do believe
that the response I witnessed was much
more healthy for all involved, especially the
little girl. But, yes, it also made me shake
my head with a chuckle. 0

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Dining ((ANTIGUA


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Transition tips
A new manager spends a week at his new office with the
manager he is replacing. On the last day the departing
manager tells him, "I have left three numbered envelopes in
the desk drawer. Open an envelope if you encounter a crisis
you can't solve."
Three months down the track there is major drama, every-
thing goes wrong the usual stuff- and the manager feels
very threatened by it all.
He remembers the parting words of his predecessor and
opens the first envelope. The message inside says "Blame
your predecessor!" He does this and gets off the hook.
About half a year later, the company is
experiencing a dip in sales, combined with Training for success
serious product problems. The manager A young man hired by a supermarket reported
quickly opens the second envelope. The for his first day ofwork. he manager greeted
message read, "Reorganize!" This he does, him with a warm handshake and a smile, gave
and the company quickly rebounds. him a broom and said, "Your first job will be
Three months later, at his next crisis, he opens to sweep out the store."
the third envelope. The message inside says "But I'm a college graduate," the young man
"Prepare three envelopes" replied indignantly.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that," said
the manager. "Here, give me the broom I'll
show you how."

Grave situation
A man visiting a cemetery heard a second man
One day at the office who was kneeling at a nearby grave crying out
Resolving to surprise her husband, an execu- loudly, "Why did you have to die?!!? Why did
tive's wife stopped by his office. She found him you have to die?!!?" The first man was so moved
with his secretary sitting in his lap. by the other man's obvious pain that he walked
Without hesitating, he dictated, "...and in over and lightly placed a comforting hand on
conclusion, gentlemen, shortage or no short- the distraught man's shoulder and asked him,
age, I cannot continue to operate this office "Is this your wife?" "No", replied the weeping
with just one chair." man. "Her first husband!"

Service please
A guest in a seaside hotel breakfast room called over the
head waiter one morning.
"I want two boiled eggs, one of them so undercooked it's
runny, and the other so over cooked, it's tough and hard
to eat. Also, grilled bacon that has been left on the plate
to get cold; burnt toast that crumbles away as soon as you
touch it with a knife; butter straight from the deep freeze,
so that it's impossible to spread; and a pot of very weak
coffee, lukewarm."
"That's a complicated order, sir," said the bewildered
Waiter. "It might be quite difficult."
SThe guest replied, "Oh, but that's what you gave me
7 yesterday!"
,.,. y ./..te ,.,

66)) revuemag.com

i L atino 0 W a *g S u

C'a-.n I
.4 -^"^

*. C
E[ restaurant be
Las Mil Flores c

I6/oA QTljs4{erranesrn (nJflrenme

Located inside Boutique-Hotel Vista Real La Antigua
3a. Calle Oriente No. 16 "A" La Antigua Guatemala. 300 mt. from the main
entrance to the city Tel (502) 7832-9715,7832-9716 www.vistarealcom/antigua

revuemag.com ((67

Din^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ing ((ANCTIGUA

Guatemalan Style by Tony Pasinski photo: CUsar Tiin

While textiles form one part of Guatemalan Style, another major
element is furniture. And there the Nahuala table is probably king.
No home in Guatemala is complete without one.

The Nahuala Table

How it got its name is a mystery
since in the town of Nahuali,
it's known as a mesa de cocina.
The distinctive features are carved front
legs, carved skirt orfalddn and a sometimes
seemingly endless number of carved-front
drawers, some of which are stacked on top
of one another. The legs are a combination
of a Chippendale ball-and-claw foot and
someone's idea of the legs of the Hapsburg
eagle or the legs of a lion. Whatever they
are, they are referred to as patas de ledn.
The carved skirt that supports the drawer
guides has two standard elements: the sun
and four-petal flowers. The rest of the space
is filled with whatever elements from the
animal kingdom the artist feels like adding.
68)) revuemag.com

Drawer patterns are usually just flowers.
In its oldest form the table top has square
holes through which pass four square pegs
carved into the top of the legs; drawers have
dove-tail joints and hand-made wooden nails.
In its more recent form, everything is joined
with steel nails from the hardware store.
There was a time when either table mak-
ers or table owners tried to "out do" one an-
other in decorating the unit. Many pieces
are almost covered with shiny brass tacks.
Good Nahuali tables can command a
pretty steep price these days. But just re-
member, if it's an old one, you can't export
it. Under the law it forms part of the na-
tion's patrimonio cultural. 4
This Revue article was frstprinted in February 1999

Dining ((ANTIGUA

presentation. a
4a 0al. 0re o 1 a niu utml

T 73 03, 82 97,73 097 Fa 0 083 0335
Sunday to Thrdy fo nont1 0 p-m.

Frdy and Sauray utl1pm. Coed on Tusdy

revuemag.com ((69

ATGA Dminn

Dona Luai




Fresli Birel ~& Rolls )aill'
\\hole \\heat. Raisin. R\e.
All-Grain. Potato & Onion
-Banana Bread & Cookies

Home-cookled .lleuils
CGeat Breakfasts
Sand\\ iches & Burgers
Soups & Salads
Stuffed Potatoes
Delicious Pies & Cakes
Da.il 111mil toi '' I: I 3 1n
-la calle onente No 12
Tel "S'-7'"~8 Fax "'832-1332
La .A,1ntihi. (GItemL ala


Antigua's Gourmet
Choose from our selection of
imported products including:

C..I. I Cut. ,\ Cht-, -
B, -.: l W in; ,. Li,!.i ,
, .:1?t. C hl.:-l,: nl ,: Fi-h ..:ut.
, P.:1,t. li _a, 81.- & atil.: ,
* Ci'cutui n-: t DI:I;"

Pi -I :'.- F.....:1 & Sn.:,:,-.s
F t-:-h \'t ,j t.a:lel ,: F .uit-
L H ..l h I.:1 P l. d:ll.l:t
3a calle poniente No. 2
Antigua Guatemala
(2 blocks north of central park)
Tel: 7832-6500 TelFax: 7832-0713
M .atur Say S-

70o revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

UThteelegonceo andintrrntoaol
gourmet flavor accompanied
with an excellent selection of
winesond personalized
service will provide an

Sand world cuisine with
an incredible view of
*.*".AguaVolcno' .
77., .. . .


While in Filadelio enjoy variety of fun and exacting
activities surrounded byasoothingand elegantambiance.
Weofferour famouscoffeetour, coffee cupping and
fasting, mountaintour. mountain biking, muleriding.
canopy, birdwtching, tenniscourtsandmanyothers
Lamand enjoycoffeefrom

SFinca Fildelfia, 50 melrosnore de I Iglesiade FrontDesk: 77280800 USA. (646)257-4957
Son Felipe de Jesu. Lo Antiguo Guaemrlo. C.A. toursa@rdhoncol~ee.on tournrv valions@lrdltncoRee corn
SToursRaservations: 52034768 www rdahoncoffee.com

revuemag.com (71

-AL. 1

ATGA Dminn

Daniel Chang
ll .i r-l I |- i.:l .,j (f;' ; ur.II J l. ":.


I 7a av. norte #2, local 5, La Antigua

pa uevifka be l to leqnzuis

Excellent "Tipica" Meals
Buffet-style Breakfast,
Lunch and Dinner.
"IF you haven't eaten at La
Cuevita de los Urquiz6, it's like
you haven't been to Antigua."
2a calle oriented #9-D, La Antigua
Tels. 7832-2495, 5656-6157
The older we get, the fewer things
seem worth waiting in line for.

72) revuemag.com


I "The Best Korean
Cuisine in Town"

Great Q2500 Gift Idea
A book of 56 bilingual crossword
puzzles and over 1000 selected
quotations from 8 years of REVUE
Learn new vocabulary words (English/
Spanish) while enjoying the challenge of
a crossword puzzle. Flip the book over and
read quotes from some of the world's great
and not-so-great movers and shakers.


I- Q~-

Available only at:
4a calle oriented #23
La Antigua


I am a slow walker,
but I never
walk backwards.

How much would you be worth
if you lost all your money?




sINtzuraHue Dinner

"A Restaurant
for You, with a

Traditional Recipes with Family Atmosphere
Authentic Antiguan Flavor Reservations &
Special Events: Tel: 7832-1249
Open from 7am to 10pm

.. "1 .i-- I .. .:. . . . . I I.. . . .

I"New Internet Service"
Serving from 8 00 am to Midnight Happy Hour 6 10 Tuesday to Friday
6a av norle a 6 Anligua Tel 7832-3758 personajesres.i hotmail com

The very purpose of existence is to reconcile the If you are young and you drink a great deal it
glowing opinion we have of ourselves with the will spoil your health, slow your mind, make you
appalling things that other people think about us. fat-in other words, turn you into an adult.
-Quentin Crisp -P.J. O'Rourke

revuemag.com (73

The power of reading. Zacualpa, El Quiche.
Community libraries challenge individuals to discover and develop their inner strengths and empower
communities to generate opportunities through technology and discovery, leadership development and
active social participation. -Riecken Foundation (ref: People and Projects, pg. 17)

Babyon tela Jon Wilbrecht
74 revuemag.com

Couvta 4oirw eft Iotemrcaoo4l1L

OPEN DAILY Lunch: 12:30 15 00 Dinner: 19 00 23:00
40 colle orienle # 20 Lo Antiguo. Guolemolo. Reservociones. [502)7832-0471

5a avenida norte #29, Calle del Arco
Tel: 7832-1296 La Antigua Guatemala

Steak House

live Alusic till
I every Sunday
Delivery GOURME
:...illr,,re .i ;, AII..i.. 1 i..: .l; available Calle Ancha #27, La Antigua Tel: 7832-2732
If a man could have half of his wishes, he would I have never seen a man as fond of virtue
double his troubles. -Benjamin Franklin as of women. -Confucius
SREVUE tiene la circulacion ma grande: 20,000 ejemplarei impreao meanuales
revuemag.com ((75

The Adventures of Taymor

"So this is what quicksand feels like, thought Taymor. He was
waist-deep in mud and sinking slowly. With two miles ofjungle
between him and the resort, yelling for help would waste needed
energy. His legs were completely pinned beneath the weight of the
slick gray mud, and even with his machete he couldn't reach any of
the vines or underbrush he had been hiking through all morning.
Judging his rate of descent, he figured he had another half
hour before his arms would be under. He needed a plan. His
three companions were no help so far, they just stood out of reach,
wagging their tails and barking.

Taymor had been on the island for a
couple of months now. He had been
asked down to do some consulting
work at a friend's vacation resort off the
north coast of Honduras.
So far he had re-organized the bar and
restaurant operations, setting up systems
for inventory and for ordering supplies
from the mainland. He was enjoying
the work, and he liked most of the 30
permanent staff members.
The resort was truly lovely, situated on
a hillside, overlooking the Caribbean, and
totally surrounded by tropical jungle.
Taymor had plenty of time to hike,
swim and walk along the beach. The small
island had no roads, and only two little
towns, so in the evenings the main source of
entertainment was to chat with the guests,
drink rum and watch the sunset.
This is where Taymor would one day
76)) revuemag.com

meet Gertrude, the future Mrs. Sweetwater-
Farhang, the love of his life. But that's
another adventure.
One of the island's drawbacks was its
lack of fresh water. There were underground
springs, but they were hard to locate and
dried up during part of the year. The resort
had a large cement cistern for water storage
that was fed by a pipeline from the nearest
spring, a mile away. It was hard to see the
water level inside.
Taymor decided to tackle the water
problem. First he had to determine the
current water usage. When the water
was very low in the cistern, he asked a
maintenance man to drain it and paint a
white line every foot so they could monitor
the water level.
The next day he walked up the hill only
to find the white lines painted on the outside
of the cement block cistern. continued next aae

Dining ((ANTIGUA

International Menu and Exquisite Steaks
Lovely setting in a Colonial Atmosphere!
Open daily.
3a avenida sur #1,La Antigua
Tel: 7832-0806 www.lasantorchas.com

Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you some-
thing to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

6a 'vnre a ca l


It is just as useless to worry
as it is to tell others not to.

LA <( Veggie & International Cuisine
thur: ladies night
happy hour 1'P
8:30- 10:30pmtn

Cuban Ceos
music jel



4a avenida norte #4, La Antigua
Tel: 7832-1327

revuemag.com (77

SN r I, Ia S

I IAN II (. [ t IT111\ 1 \I


a eit bitpa

Srr64- 1 D

h- ^-SE 1- A
S Iry our Irieri inl jlJiand ihc lhels % C*'ho in town.
S Almeda Santa L';ia Norle No A V 36
La A ni gud Gualaemala I 1? 3 94 2
w -.Wi peIrolel n ni o i pemrleto Lm

7ma. Ave. Norte No.2
Antigua Guatemala


Adventures f amor cont.from previous page
Making a mental note to be more specific
with his instructions in the future, Taymor
planned his day.
He would hike over the north ridge and
search for a new source of fresh water. He
knew of a small creek that he could follow
uphill. Manybe they'd name his discovery
"Taymor Springs." He took his machete, a
canteen, two mangos, a Snickers bar and the
resort dogs.
Hours later, the creek got smaller and
smaller until it was just some muddy water
bubbling up from the ground. As he bent
down to inspect it, the top soil suddenly
collapsed, and Taymor was trapped in a
miniature swamp.

The mud was up to his chest now
and Taymor knew it was time for
a desperate move. He called to the
dogs to get their attention, then he
threw his machete over their heads.
They loved to play fetch, and his plan
depended on one of them bringing
back the "stick."
Coco got to the machete first and
romped back to the mudhole with it,
but, sensing danger, stopped short of
Taymor's hand. As the dog turned to
run away, Taymor used the last of his
strength to lunge out, grab Coco's tail
and hold on for dear life. o

First printed in REVUE Dec. 30-Jan. 13, 1995

78) >revuemag.com

Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
.. . J J.~... . .

Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((79


El Sabor
G-'~ del -S

En la esquina mrs popular de Antigua

Variety of special
Guatemalan Coffees
Calle del Arco y 3a. Calle esquina
Tel. (502) 7832-0516 La Antigua Guatemala

S ; .1'


Tueddve e%
Ie -OfD La Antigua
6a calleponiente#6-A Tel:7832-7180 (closedTue)

t oscaa "i
cfstaurante hat[iano
la av. sur #17-A, La Antiqua Tels: 7832-9864, 5125-6752

ull Menu Great food
Daily Drink Specials Great Music
Daily: 8am-11pm
Corner of 6a calle& la avenida, La Antigua 7832-7300

A dog thinks, "Hey, these people I live with feed
me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry
house, pet me, and take good care of me. They
must be Gods!"
A cat thinks, "Hey, these people I live with feed
me, love me, provide me with a nice warm, dry
house, pet me, and take good care ofme. I must
be a God!"

I;. .-

rudygiron.com '- s /; ; .,*
4 4569.4419 y 5600.0493
crearividad simplemente efectiva Ecreativo@rudygiron.com W vwww.rudygiron.com

80 ,revuemag.com


of Antigua

Dining ((ANTIGUA

Traditional Guatemalan
Cuisine since 1975

JLL fondadbla
9 Calkh
La Antigua Guarcmala

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

All Guatemalan Dishes
Typical Appetizers
Cheese Fondues
Steaks and Seafood
Light and Vegetarian Dishes
Homemade Desserts
Freshly brewed Antigua Coffee

revuemag.com <81

I Our Hotel is located where
the second monastery was
founded by the Augus-
tinian's order in 1613, in
honor of "Santa Catalina"
Virgin and Martyr from Ale-

In the walls of the hotel,
the time has passed by for
almost 400 years.

You are welcome to be
part of our tradition and
add another line to his-
tory with us in La Antigua


Large selection

of jewelry

for the most '

discerning taste.

5a avenida norte #28
Calle del Arco, La Antigua
PBX: 7832-3080 Fax: 7832-3610

LodgingT (T7IGUA

Mayan Petit SPA 6a Av. norte No. 7 La Antigua Guatemala 78 32 89 87 / 78 32 89 51
Alameda Santa Lucta norte No. 20 La Antigua Guatemala 78 32 35 37 / 78 32 35 38

AL RATES I i.in ,.1

nighlsnpvaacy ndamrt
Single: $30
Single for two: $38
Double: $47
Triple: S68
Private bath and hot
water, 1 2 blk from park
Saav sur u8 La Antigua
Tel. 182 0581

.:Ijr -'1 II[II j1' )j 11 1 N 1hi r ih .jl h.jll
M. I v,.. r. ,i, I*,iio r*.f The Finest Family Hotelin Antigua

H otel Breakfast Service Wireless Internet Cable TV
SSingle, Double & Triple Rooms Private Parking
SAurora Res lers, I52,1 32iS.sIS 73296s5 32.966 TelFa,\ I,2,i32,1217
S" Ja alleorlenle lo haurora.j'onexon om gl vvvvvv holelauroraanligua (om

The truth cannot be told without words,
but lies can be told in silence.

A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead
than an ignorant one. -Benjamin Franklin

REVUE le ofrece nax valor agregado Su anuniio en Internet v revueimag corn
revuemag.com ((83

ANTIGUA)) Lod*gn1g


Confortable ~Rooms
Quality Service
tFree internet
Brtca fStncfiukia
S Lpa .J."aanda No
Tells: 55014O7 6.5I51691.7

A quotation, like a pun, should come unsought,
and then be welcomed only for some propriety
of felicity justifying the intrusion.
-Robert Chapman

Dejar de anunciarse para ahorrar dinero
es como parar el reloj para ahorrar tiempo.
www. revuemag. corn
PBX: 7832-4619

The Winds of Change

by Dr. Karmen Guevara
The only constant in the world is
change, and it's the nature of all things
to be transient and impermanent.
Cycles of change are evident everywhere-
in the seasons and climate, the changes in
society, in the rise and fall of countries and
economies and in the stages of life from birth
through death. Change is a force that clears
away the old to make way for the new. Leaves
fall in autumn because they are pushed out
by the emerging buds of spring.
Change is a universal truth-John E
Kennedy called it "the law of life." Instead
of respect and obedience, however, we do
our best to dodge it. When change knocks
on our door the ego turns coward and runs
for cover!
Our true nature is to grow and evolve.
Therefore, our spirit nudges us toward
changes that'll move us to a next stage. If we
don't pay heed, change is often forced upon
us. External events coerce us into some-
thing new against our will and before we are
ready. How true it is that if you don't create
change, change will create you!
Be still and listen. Are you being
nudged? Can you detect any changes wait-
ing to happen?
Contemplate changes you could make in
your life that would take you closer to who you
truly are. Take a step out of your comfort zone
and do things differently. Einstein described
insanity as doing the same thing over and over
again and expecting different results. Be will-
ing to surrender what you are for what you
could become. Someone once said, if nothing
ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.
When the winds of change blow circles
around you, instead of building a shelter,
build a windmill. Remember our spirit has
wings on which to soar, and it glides on the
fuel of change! O

84)) revuemag.com



,' 1 (-\ 1(-1- I .llOIUt lUl I I1011i I 1a\
Roomll (i ice Indool Iai king Fool'
Deatltiflul Ciaiden lixate Bath Hot \\atel
Cable T\ Fiicplacc Cicdit Caids FIce
Continental DicalIfast H:iseback Riding'
4a av. sur # 13, Antiqua
TcIFa\: 7832 3132 5390 4-' 35
-l1a.IA i,,i,, .1 ,n .- i. .-,I .,

revuemag.com (s85


* /

I.. -.

B ED & B' R k A XK F 1. T

The Cloister originally a I 'th century cloister.
later converted to a lirn ate residence,
provides a rate opportunity' to visit a colonial home.
Built in the classic Spanish stale i ith rooms
arranged around a central garen courtyard.
k it i s conilortabliv urnished t ith private
baths and fireplaces in all seven bedrooms.

llul.m Illrlt L'#21 I lll A ill.t iil
S\Ju\. Int' ( lIril r.l nllll
j i.1....rllll.l lliidll.r #ll. I., lllriie.r
c [v "lr.:, i,2 ".s < -ir12

"" r Vts. .

Comfortable Rooms with private bath
TV/DVD Internet Banquet Room Parking
Colonia lasVictorias seci6n M #14, Jocotenango Tels:(502) 7888-7629,7831-0375
www.hotelcuscatlan.com hotelcuscatlanbrizuela@hotmail.com

I was so ugly my mother used to feed me
with a sling shot. -Rodney Dangerfield

*(leajn&i omlfrlblerooms
*1 C? aa ePrivatebalh hol water
a Caw '
S\ Shared hitchen
*eo blocks rrom (enlral Parl,
H 1 I wireless internal for 1aplops
laav.norte n22-A TelFax.1502 7832-2549
inlo..-lacasademaco.com www.lacasademaco.com

86) revuemag.com

Bed & Breakfast
Dorm Beds
Private Rooms
la averiida sur No H. La Anniru.i (liu.ir mnla:
TIl. (IO? 0 IB11-0 47 -- ellih al ainrgua()giiaild m

When I read about the evils of drinking,
Igave up reading. -Henny Youngman

COMFORT& ELEGANCE. Near San Sebastian Park
Private Bath 2 Lovely Gardens 24 Dbl Rooms
Convention Room Credit Cards accepted
Av. EL DESENGANO #26 (502)7832-2312,7832-7316
La Antiqua email: casadelasfuentes@hotmail.com

AN^TTcl IGA)) Ldging

I~ ~

e "Pi~X


Comfort and Quality Service
Bed and Breakfast
.a avenida nore LS 1K.1. ii........rs ....a.. Andigu
,V ALLE Reservalions 832 3031 TelFax: 7832-0275
BED& BRE. KF.ST a hulelkOuovalle (om casaovalle. ,yahuu (om r

A new colonial experience
Restaurant Spa Special Events
9a calla pta. #40, Salida a Ciudad Vi ja #25 Tel: 7832 2240
Fax: 7832 3810 info@hotalrealplaza.com www.hotalraalplaza.com

. irdos Plc mao

E E le ofrece el coto mi baoor ejempar araromcorevuemag.com .87
revuemag.com ((87

Be a part of the Colonial
Aristocracy, stay with us at
j Iote[ Casa qoble
at your convenience we offer:
. sgls/dbls, junior & master suites.
2a av sur No. 29, Antigua TelFax: 7832-0864/66/68
reservationes(hotelcasanoble.com www.hotelcasanoble.com

AN^TTci IGA)) Ldging

Luxury Boutique Hotel
Luxury Suites, Apartments,
Gardens and a spectacular view
from the terrace and Cafe Antatio.

5a Avenida Sur #31, La Antigua Guatemala
Telfax: 7832-9539 -wwwvilladeantano.com

Las Camelias Inn

19 Rooms with private bath and Cable TV Parking
Very affordable Near Santo Domingo & Central Park
S, *ll. ,.r= r rnl
: .

.: n i

Boutique Hotel

l10'\von11 IIXIIIt. clo5cr to
tile Jtli tI 7( oti f :H 0)o'e
.!. .:,31l ..:ni] ,:, n I [I.: J I L.1 a lI ,_-| | I.H i l~l. hln
iT i -:. i. 1... : i: iu l : -I,

I looked up my family tree and found out
I was the sap. -Rodney Dangerfield

88 revuemag.com

Some people are in debt because they spend
what they tell their friends they earn.

p;L Casa
First Class Service
9a calle y 4 av sur esquina #1, Antigua Fax 7832-7908
Tels 7832-7905 /06


( Callejon del Hermano Pedro #2
CASA La Antiqua Guatemala
CONCEP N Tel: 7832-060

Reservations: Antigua Tours by Elizabeth Bell
7832 5821,7832-2046
www.holelcasaconcepcion com

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA





-iV^H"" M --

Where travelers
will find in a garden
14 Luxury Rooms
with cable TV,
phone & mini-bar,
some w/ fireplace.
Pool. Sauna.
Free Internet access.
Spectacular Vie s.
Personalized Sernice.
Breakfast included
4a avenida norte #5,
La Antigua Guatemala

/ f,'.t Irr.rI/./ fi c .S;
Casa Madeleine I'.,'1.liI [11. : I" iii'l]li- H ul[-
an.I 1i, 1 ii l,i Ai.iiiJ'i ;,i I i,i[ l,',i l 6 Beautiful
decorated and furnished rooms
alleye dcl Esplllli l Saul.l t4'). La Anlliyua
lel I5(J217 32 -318 Fax 7832 9358
Ironidre L.a.im.aliadeleilr imin www as (a.imadeleine on,,



Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
country-wide distribution

revuemag.com ((89


Bougainvillea Sampler -Rudy Gir6n/antiguadailyphoto.com

En camino -Cesar Tiin

90)) revuemag.com

LodgingT (T7IGUA

blocks from Central Park

21 Equipped Rooms by the Day, Week
or Month. CableTV, Safe Box, Mini-Bar.
Tels: (502) 5201-7468, 2369-6484,
(502) 7832-1020, 7832-0937
1' avenida norte 5-A, La Antigua Guatemala
hpanchoy@itelgua.com ~ www.hotelpanchoycom

If'!"Ttlftfllll HOTEL, CAFE & BAR private bath,
hot water, cable TV, wireless internet,
laundry, shared kitchen, bag storage.
6a av. norte #8, La Antigua (1 block
from central park) Tel: 7832-3709

Po0adda El 'ntaf A place for you
El Rinrt to o feel at home."
11 Comfortable Rooms w/fireplace, private bath, TV.
1 Suite w/jacuzzi, fireplace, volcano view.
Restaurant, Terrace, Internet, Parking, Special Rates
6a av. norte #36, Antigua TelFax: 7832-7351,
7832-0134 www.Dosadaelantano.com

C o li: lilai r I.'." : i- ..':I.
7a av. sur #3 La Antigua
Tel: 7832-1223
latatuana@hotmail.com www.atatuana.com

revuemag.com <<91

QoY)lere emerw corner l ac a cecre t^ ; ad eeK4 a1 t o'scrn

The ideal Boutique Hotel for those who look for cozy, private spaces and Grand Class Service.
Located in a beautiful early XVIII century colonial house.

3a. Calle Oriente No. 16 "A", La Antigua Guatemala. 300 mt. from the main entrance to the city
Tel: (502) 7832- 9715, 7832- 9716 www.vistareal.comlantigua

aftwr the (ticw( of itie emotk Y 1A \mA in tetin,
a(belai t AW (idler an dli ktut to Intt ~jo at
tke ffrit A-/elte tarHer 1i AHtIA 3j

Ihajo d Ifxrto Ad uoloe 3 5
It Iod i ck n jdfrtwiM i(frel i Aijtr tnuim il "Mto
L'OCCITANE ACe dAle Io vm (Aa oI rftwer I/ue e/me r e is Ui49MI

~ tram~a

92) revuemag.com

LodgingT (T7IGUA

. Ian antigiiefio

"Calle del. Arcj No. I -,
Hotel La Antigua Guatemala
jpoaba b On otbrlgo 1 PBX (5o2) 7832-0387 (m2) 7832-9858
a n www.posadadedonrodrigo.com
La Antigua Guatemala reservas@posadadedonrodrigo.com

posada DEL ANGEL
4a avenida sur #24A, La Antigua Guatemala Reservations: (502) 7832-5303, 7832-5244
Telfax: (502) 7832-0260 elangel@posadadelangel.com www.posadadelangel.com

revuemag.com ((93

.^II-K ,., -'jt JlaS :

7a Ave 19-44, zona 1 RN$S GAIGOS ITyS Renta de Buses, iltimo modelo,
Tels: 2232-3661, 2220-6018 Fax: (502) 2220-4902 dentro y fuera del Pais.
www.transgalgosinter.com A TAPACHULA EN PRIMERA ( I. I., 1 I **=. ,-5058
7:30, 13:30 & 15:00 14:30, 19:30 & 20:00 6:00, 9:30 & 14:30 1:00, 15:30 & 19:30
Estrella Blanca, Greyhound. Via aerea: Reservacion y venta de Boletos a traves de Exytur. Tel: 2253-9131

TL RA AN SA Tours, Transportation, Shuttles, Hotels & more.
PERADORA DE TURISMO Worldwide Air-tickets, Professional Staff,
Antigua:5a calle oriented #10-ATels:(502) 7832-2928, 7832-4691 Fax: 7832-4692 High quality service, Individuals or Groups
Guatemala City: Km.15 Carr. Roosevelt, SuperCentroMolino Locales 68-69 Tels:(502)2433-6080/81 Fax: 2433-6452
New Branch: Calz. Aguilar Batres 34-77, z.12 local 201 Tels: (502) 2470-1296/ 97, 2442-3034
www.turansa.com info@turansa.com 24 HOUR ASSISTANCE (502) 5651-2284

- .. .

94) revuemag.com

5XKorsiomes Sjrosn4
Exciting Guatemalan DestinatiOns
and Great Trips to the Belize Cayes
Tels: 2331-0427, 2361-6178

TRANSPORTES TURiSTIcos Shuttle Service Organized Tours. 2
ATTI Packages and more...
I A T I tTr7832-3371, 7831-0184, 5935-8233 HOUR
TOUR OPERATOR 6a av. sur #8, La Antigua ASSISTANCE
info@atitrans.com www.atitrans.com .Antigua. Rio Duke. Copan Panajachel* Guatemala
ventas@atitrans.com Serving with the Best Quality,Safety and Insurance since 1992

* International courier
* Local courier and money transfer
* Passenger transportation to Guatemala City Central location
for CLASS, PLUS and SPECIAL travel service
__,,,i ,' crisis' aza I

Track your sPCKage 31


Lax TravelAntigua
j7-, Tels: 7832-1621, 7832-2674
3a calle poniente #12 Esquina
You won't find better airfares than ours!!!

We specialize in Adventure Tour
Shuttle, trekking, kayaking, canopy,
paragliding, hiking, mountain biking,
3 1811 ~ bilingualguideservice&more
mwaawsB hSrvaasamir
Av. Santander, Panajachel



Book On Line
your shuttles inside

Reserver en line vos'
d6placements a 1 intAeur
du Guatemala

sus tralaAb interos
en Guatemil de forma
-rApida". *


.Recommende . ............
....i fediji:Rdutard; 9I -.,,,az .:.
Ulysses, Central Amrica Handbook


5a Avenida Norte #5a, Antigua
Tel: 502-77204400 Fax: 502-77204444

revuemag.com <(95


].. .




~Ix~. iFi3

A irA,

7a. Ae. Sur #8
Antigua, CQawtnja
Td I Fax: +(502)7102 202


Peace Corps 6% off

SComplete Travel

Transports, tours,
hotel reservations
and information
International and
Domestic flights at competitive
Teacher and student
discounts available.

Bilingual staff *

revuemag.com (97


Rods & Reels Sport Fishing Adventures
for info on daily rates or packages
5251 4809 or 5502 5353


Guaemala 5 00 A AM. 900 A.M
rugua Guatemala 4 00 AM

(op:n Rumas 10 00 AM 1:30PM.
San Pearo Suia 1 30 PM 5.00 PM ED
AeropuertoSAP 40 PM 6 50PM UNI
Teia 3 30PM 800PM
legucialpa 6 00 PM 10 00 PM
La (eiba 5 45 PM 9 30PM

Copan RundS 1 30 PM 6 00 PM
San Pedro Sula 9 50 A.M i 30 PM
Aeropuerto SAP800A M 1:30PM
Tea 7 15AM 1245PM
Teguci ala 5 45 A M 10 0 AM
LaCeida 15AM 1000AM.
GuaLemala 6 30 PM 10 30 PM.
Antigua Guatemala 8 00 P M

98) revuemag.com

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