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Yea 17 No 12~. .



S I *
0 X Fetia Itraioa cl Cutr Pa

0 La Camba I.ch a u A


Relax...it's just like home!
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5 calle poniente #2 La Antigua Guatemala




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dralh sby a cocmol
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igae 1 a Dioe


c te n

12 Guatemala's Unique Chachales I:R ]
The evolution covers history, economics 33 Guatemala City
and anthrk nnnln h/ fnrlilHo Inhncnn

W 14 La Cambalacha Restoring creative
Expression through a vibrant youth
-'.- arts initiative bylenniferBlock

16 Supportive Circus Troupe
Aerial Army of Love by Brooks Vanderbrush

17 People and Projects: Wells of Hope

18 Orchid Show: Orchids: The colors
of my land by BerndMartin
20 Art Exhibit: The Eyes ofVioleta
22 Music and Arts Festival (March)
Festival Atitlan
32 Cultural Festival: X Festival
International de Cultura Paiz
36 Music: Cantores Finlandeses
performs byStig Bjorkas

24 DATEBOOK ) February
Guide to culture and upcoming events

60 This is No Caribbean Island
Putting the La in Antigua byRudyGir6n

74 iCuintos Besitos? Thoughts
on Social Embracement byllong

84 Falling in Love byDr.Karmen Guevara

90 Planting with Love byJackHouston

102 Lake Views by Dwight Wayne Coop
Valentine Chocolate and Exotic Soups

112 Photo Op: Xela by HarryDiaz

123 El Salvador Panoramas
by Lena Johannessen

128 Sensuous Guatemala:
Red byKen Veronda

10o revuemag.com

p gyP y

126 Advertiser Index

Natalia Kungertseva portrays
Princesa Aurora in Sleeping Beauty as
part of the X Festival Internacional
de Cultura Paiz (see DateBook)

52 La Antigua
99 Lake Atitlan
104 Quetzaltenango
106 Monterrico/Pacific Coast
109 Coban /Tecpan
110 Rio Dulce
111 El Peten

10 From the Publishers
33 Services/Shopping
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58 Spanish Schools
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4610 Top Picks in DVDs
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123 El Salvador

ri. I.. I

a* *u PAg *w

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There is plenty to do this month in
Guatemala and we have the calen-
dars, schedules, articles and infor-
mation to help you through it. Our cover
photo is an indicator that cultural events are
a big factor in February. Every other year
the Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz
takes place in La Antigua and this year's
events look to be extremely entertaining.
You will find a complete listing of the
festival in a DateBook Highlight. Other
DateBook Highlights this month include
the Orchid Show, an art exhibit by Violeta
Marroquin, a series of concerts by Cantores
Finlandeses and a preview of next month's
Lake Atitlin Music and Arts Festival.
We are privileged to have some great sto-
ries and columns by many of our favorite
Revue regulars, including Carlisle John-
son, the Houston contingent, Dr. Guevara,
Dwight Wayne Coop and Ken Veronda. As
an extra treat JLong's incredibly amusing
Cudntos Besitos? has been reprised in honor
of Valentine's Day.
A welcome is extended to our guest writ-
ers this month; Jennifer Block, Brooks Van-
derbrush, Bernd Martin, Stig Bjorkas, as
well as our own multi-talented Rudy Gir6n.
We've also thrown in a few "Photo Ops"
with some beautiful Quetzaltenango shots
by Harry Diaz and three lovely El Salvador
panoramas by our Lena Johannessen.
And as always, scattered throughout
the magazine are dozens of amusing and
thought-provoking quotations. The theme
this month of course, Valentine's day and
words of love.
From historic Guatemalan necklaces, to
circus troupes, to falling in love, to drill-
ing for fresh water, to an impressive youth
art initiative-in print or online-we hope
you enjoy the Revue and continue to find it
fun, free and informative.
-John & Terry IKovick 'Biskovich

12)) revuemag.com

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Art Director / Graphic Design: Rudy A. Gir6n
Photography: CesarTian, Daniel Chang
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Coban, Peten, Rio Dulce, Livingston, Monterrico, Retalhuleu;
as wells locations in El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize.

,/* 1


4Nb A M


WW w.]u ll H I -O Lt I I u PD. -11

The evolution ofchachales in Guatemala is a fascinating
tale of history, economics and anthropology

have crossed over from Guate-
mala's 22 indigenous languages
into Spanish. One that has, hu-
ipil, actually comes from Nahua huipilli in
Mexico and arrived in the early 16th cen-
tury with the Nahuatl, who accompanied
the Spaniards to Guatemala. A huipil is, of
course, a woman's blouse.
A second word is chachal, Quiche for
necklace. The evolution of chachales in
Guatemala is a fascinating tale of history,
economics and anthropology. At the time
of the Conquest, Guatemala's indigenous
prized red coral as component in necklaces.
As easily recoverable near-shore coral be-
came scarce, sharp traders, chiefly in Eu-
rope, manufactured substitutes and intro-
duced them into Guatemala as trade goods.
These were almost but not always red, ap-
parently to satisfy taste here and elsewhere.
Red beads have long held a certain fasci-
nation not just here but around the world.
14)) revuemag.com

As many as 2,000 years ago in early Aleppo
in modern-day Syria, red carnelian stones
were fashioned into beads worn by don-
keys and said to protect the rider from the
evil eye. They were subsequently made of
red glass. The word morphed into cornaline
d'aleppo, and came to Guatemala as perhaps
the most famous trade bead that was once
in common use in Guatemala.
Still manufactured today, chiefly in the
Italian glass-making centers at Murano
near Venice, red glass beads with a white
center or "heart" made their way into
Guatemalan chachales in place of coral.
Hudson Bay Trading Company records in
Canada show that 1.6 of these beads, also
called white hearts, were exchangeable for a
single beaver pelt.
Since coral and then red beads were a
symbol of wealth and status, it's not sur-
prising that silver coins, epitomizing wealth
in Spanish colonial times, also formed part
of the visual display of wealth in Guate-

malan indigenous chachales. The oldest of
these are the macacos or cut pieces of silver
nipped from Spanish colonial silver coin-
age, perforated and incorporated into neck-
laces. These were followed by perforated
whole silver coins from around the actual
and former Spanish dominions of Mexico,
Chile, Peru and occasionally Bolivia and
Colombia, all sites of Spanish and subse-
quent mines and mints.
As time went on in Guatemala, different
areas of Guatemala adopted different colors
of beads. The most striking example is the
town of Patzdn in Chimaltenango, where
the indigenous prized and still wear blue
beads, the early ones of which are known to
bead collectors as "Patzdn blues." When and
how these beads were introduced into and
became standard apparel in Patzdn is not
recorded. (Fascination with blue-eyed Span-

iards?) But the earliest Patzdn beads would
appear to be-judging by their style of man-
ufacture-from the 16th to 18th century.
Another distinctive bead arrived, prob-
ably in the 19th century, from Gujarat, In-
dia. Called Coca Cola beads by collectors
by virtue of their green glass color, these
beads were hand fashioned and pierced
when hot with a nail, which accounts for
the tapered hole in each bead. When beads
began to be machine produced in Ga-
blonice in today's Czech Republic, white
beads became popular in Guatemala in the
mid to late 19th century. The Gablonice
beads, again still manufactured today, are
instantly recognizable by the distinct lines
that appear on the circle about where the
Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn would be
on the Earth.
Sharp-eyed collectors ...contnued on page 10

Diferen *ra Uf GaeUal
Uadope difeen .oor .o.
beads Th otsrkn
exml U s th *ow *f Uaz
where *h inieos prze
Un stl wea *lu beds

revuemag.com (( 15

La Cambalacha

Restoring creative expression through direct action,
Gabriela Corddn aims to transform Guatemala's
educational system via her youth arts initiative

text and photos by Jennifer Block

Y7 u'd be forgiven for thinking La
Cambalacha is just another sum-
mer camp for kids. The place spills
forth with color and laughter. On
stage, a group of children practice a clown
routine; another group makes crafts with
empty cans and paint outside; another, the
really little ones, are scampering around three
instructors, learning a song, raising arms and
turning circles together as best they can.
But La Cambalacha, which roughly
translates as "the interchange," is more than
what it seems. Nestled inland from the lake
in the village of San Marcos la Laguna, on
16)) revuemag.com

the serene Lake Atitlan, the youth arts ini-
tiative is actually doing something quite
radical. Something that its founder, Gabrie-
la Cord6n, hopes will transform Guatemala
from the inside out.
Cord6n is trying to restore creative ex-
pression to the local Mayan villages-in-
deed, to the entire country. "Children in
Guatemala learn two songs in school," she
tells me, then sings one of them, "Vuela
mariposa..."with more than a dose of deri-
sion. Even though the government passed
educational reforms that require all schools
to offer a course in expresidn artistica-and

more children than ever are attending school
-Cord6n isn't convinced: The teacher's get
a week of training to teach art, all forms.
This reflects a general sentiment toward the
arts in Guatemala, says Cord6n. The Mayan
arts traditions have been all but lost (one
dance troupe, based in Sololi, performs
the only known pre-Colonial dance theater
piece). "The arts were lost during the colo-
nial conquest but also during the religious
conquest," says Cord6n. And conquest and
conflict have left the country, still, she says,
under a blanket of silence and fear, the en-
emy of free expression. Cord6n is trying to
lift that blanket.
Not that it's been easy. She struggles for
funding and it's taken her years to gain re-
spect in the community. She's faced resistance
from parents and from the church, and after
six years still only about 5 percent of children
in San Marcos walk through La Cambala-
cha's open doors. Which begs the question,
how does Cord6n get the children who do
come? How does she win over their parents?
"We don't negotiate with the parents," she

A craft-making group working with cans and paint


tells me. Instead, La Cambalacha organizes
a street parade through the barrios, inviting
the children to join. The parade wraps up at
the basketball court. "Then we announce to
the children that every Wednesday at 3:15,
we'll be here," says Cord6n. "And they come
back." The workshops are free to young chil-
dren, and about 30 kids and teens get schol-
arships to attend part time and full time. The
children's scholarships, Q150 a month, are
for their families: "It's the equivalent of the
firewood they could collect in the time that
they're here," says Cord6n.

"We have the right to recreation,
to expression, to learn new things.
You get to know yourself through art."
-Juanita Puzul

Lorena Roff6, a volunteer from Argentina
who came for two weeks and has been there
two years, tells me with complete sincerity
that she's seen La Cambalacha change lives.
"They start not talking and they finish sing-
ing," she says of the children. Cord6n, who

Lara Paxton's Aerial Army of Love puts on a special show for some children of Safe Passage

Supportive Circus Troupe

Throughout the ages, the circus has
provided a happy escape for millions
of people of all ages and walks of
life. Whether a traditional three-ring show
under the big top or a small, specialized
act featuring a few extremely talented per-
formers, the circus always manages to bring
hushed awes, smiles and occasional gasps
to its audiences. Among the latest to enjoy
breathtaking circus feats were the children
of Safe Passage in Guatemala City.
Founded in 1999, Safe Passage (safepas-
sage.org) empowers the poorest, most at-
risk children of the families living in and
working at the Guatemala City garbage
dump through education. Safe Passage
supplies the children with all that they will
need to complete their K-12 education and
offers as much assistance as possible for
further education.
From time to time visiting support
groups from all over the world will travel
to Guatemala and assist Safe Passage and
its children. A few months ago, a Seattle-
based group known as The Aerial Army of
Love brought its unique brand of poverty
awareness to Safe Passage.

text and photos by Brooks Vanderbrush
Founded by Lara Paxton, The Aerial
Army of Love is a group of circus folk with
incredible skill. Also the founder of Circus
Contraption, Paxton is somewhat of a leg-
end within the circus community. The goal
of her Aerial Army is to spread awareness
about those who suffer the most extreme
forms of poverty.
During its week with Safe Passage, the
Aerial Army awed the children with amaz-
ing feats, including balancing acts, contor-
tion skills, out-of-this-world juggling, com-
edy skits and, of course, incredible aerial
displays, a la Cirque Du Soleil.
Paxton's history with Safe Passage is very
recent. Her troupe held a fundraiser last
April in Seattle to benefit a worthy char-
ity. After making a few calls and inquiries,
Paxton settled on Safe Passage as the ben-
eficiary. During her phone conversations
with Safe Passage, she jokingly suggested
that she could bring a circus team to Gua-
temala. Her suggestion was enthusiastically
accepted, and her Aerial Army of Love has
become one of the most successful support
teams to visit Safe Passage. O
For more information, visit www.aerialistas.com
or www.circuscontraption.com

18 revuemag.com

Wells of Hope

T Tells of Hope is a non-denomina-
tional group founded on Chris-
tian principles by Ted Vander
Zalm and his wife Miriam in 2004. It is a
team of numerous individuals with roots in
the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.
Wells of Hope is a program or offshoot of
The Warehouse of Hope. After working
from tents for a couple of years, Wells of
Hope has constructed a permanent camp
just outside of Jalapa, Guatemala.

Wells of Hope is committed to responding
to the cry of the poor and to help attain
for them the basic necessities of clean water,
education and basic healthcare.

Past Achievements
Wells of Hope has drilled several water
wells in the mountains near Jalapa and
constructed eight, three-classroom schools,
one pre-primary classroom, several school
kitchens and some school washrooms. Each
year the group hosts Canadian doctors who
provide medical clinics. Through the Ware-
house of Hope medical equipment, medi-
cal supplies, computers and thousands of

backpacks filled with school supplies have
been sent to Guatemala. Several computer
centers now operate in the mountains with
these donated computers.

Current Projects
This year Wells of Hope started construct-
ing woodstoves that reduce the amount of
firewood needed and include a chimney
to eliminate the smoke found in so many
mountain homes. Small library collections
are being purchased for schools along with
instructional material for literacy and nu-
merics. Twenty computers have been sent
for a new computer center in Jalapa, and
construction of another school could begin
in November 2009.

Wish List
Sponsorships and financial support are al-
ways needed to help provide clean water,
better education and good health. Volun-
teers with construction skills and medi-
cal professionals are among the volunteers
most eagerly sought.
For additional information visit

or e-mail .

revuemag.com ((17


s bractescen

vsis bractescens


The colors

of my land

by Bernd Martin
C colors enhance our emotions and
often warm our hearts with their
beauty. Coming in an array of
wonderful colors, orchids embrace the
whole spectrum of the rainbow. An orchid
is a special gift to ourselves and to others.

Guatemala, the land of eternal spring, has
approximately 1,000 species of orchids.
Nearly everybody in Guatemala cultivates
orchids in one way or another, either in the
garden, at the weekend farm, as a decoration
in the home or in a simple greenhouse.

In nature, we can find these beautiful flow-
ers at the hot Pacific coast and rising up the
mountain slopes, where we find the highest
density between 500 and 2,000 meters el-
evation. Even on the volcano peaks above
3,000 meters we still find some orchids. In
the eastern part of the country, where we
have clearly marked seasons, six months of
heavy rainfall followed by six months of
bone-dry weather, there are different orchids
than in the western part of Guatemala with
a much more humid environment.

Completely different species are found in
the warm, humid northern lowlands of Iza-
bal and Peten. Alta Verapaz, in the center
of the country, is well known as the cradle
of the orchid, because it is the homeland of
the Lycaste, with its pink, yellow or reddish

18) revuemag.com

Orchid Show
"Salvemos nuestras orquideas"
February 26 to March 1, 2009
Cerveceria Centroamericana (Brewery)
Finca El Zapote, zone 2, Guatemala City
Sal6n Mariano Arzi Castillo
9am to 6pm

brown flowers. The nun orchids, Lycaste
skinneri, display their graceful pink flow-
ers from December through February. In
1934, the rare and most treasured White
Nun, la Monja Blanca or Lycaste skinneri
al-:..1lba, was declared the national flower
of Guatemala.

Guatemala is a colorful country in many
ways and has enchanted millions of people,
particularly the friends of nature. Orchids
are the ambassadors for nature, because in
the wild they thrive in an intact environ-

What about the cultivation in our gardens
or greenhouses? It's easy for many species,
if we follow some basic rules. Orchids need
some shade during their growing period,
and at the end a daily bath of sunshine will
enhance the flower production. An envi-
ronment which is comfortable for humans
is ideal for orchids, too. Therefore, man and
orchids go together.

If this seems to be oversimplified, visit the
upcoming orchid show where you can ap-
preciate hundreds of orchids grown by the
members of the Guatemalan Orchid Soci-
ety. Members will be pleased to share with
you these colorful beauties and tell you
more about the little secrets to grow them
in your home. co

Lockhardia oerstedii

revuemag.com ((19



The Eyes of Violeta

Inauguration Wednesday, 4th-7:30pm;
featuring paintings on silk by Violeta
Marroquin at the Antigua Center,
7a calleponiente #11, LaAntigua

& .



VT oleta Marroquin, born in 1976 in
Guatemala City, started painting
at an early age. As a child she was
educated in the arts, but at the university
level she chose to study communications.
In November 2002, Violeta moved to Fin-
land, studied Swedish and Finnish and
started to paint more and more. There she
discovered the beauty of painting on silk-
and its appeal to art lovers. After just two
years, she was ready for her first exhibition,
at which she made the first sales of her ca-
reer-though selling art had never been her
intention when she was in Guatemala.

After 11 international expositions, Violeta
and her husband have returned to Guate-
mala, settling in Monterrico. They opened
a hotel and, naturally, adorned it with Vio-
leta's art. Hanging on exterior room walls,
her works can be enjoyed by guests and ca-
sual visitors alike.

20)) revuemag.com

Now her work comes to La Antigua, in her
first exposition in Guatemala, The Eyes of
Violeta-a subtle reference to Violeta's near
blindness-opens February 4 at the Anti-
gua Center.

Violeta has other dreams about how to
combine her art and the hotel business in
Monterrico, both for tourists and the young

people of the town and surrounding villag-
es. "For me as a painter, this is an inspiring
place, and I think many other painters can
discover the same in this tranquil environ-
ment," she says. I

rP','.,y-q,;{'! by Nicholas Hellmuth, Eduardo Sa-
caydn, andJaime Leonardo, courtesy ofFLAAR
Mesoamerica, www.FineArtGicleePrinters. org


revuemag.com ( 21


It's that time ofyear again for the
Lake Atitldn International Music and Arts Festival

ti,,:i is coming, time for Festival
Aarl rn. On March 14, from 11
Im to 11 p.m., Santiago Atitlin
will once again host this annual alternative
cultural event featuring live music and arts.
Since 2001, there have been six festivals,
each one more interesting than the last.
Proceeds from the past four festivals have
been donated to help rebuild Hospitalito
Atitlin, which was destroyed by mudslides
from Hurricane Stan in 2005.
In 2008, the eclectic show kept the crowd
dancing for 12 hours straight. The new lo-
cation and the quality of the new profes-
sional stage and sound system (run by Lenin

Fernindez and crew) inspired the bands to
play harder, and the result was remarkable.
The crowd is always very pleased with the re-
laxed ambiance that is a hallmark of Festival
Atitlin, and everyone had a great time. The
event also raised a nice amount of cash for
the Hospitalito Atitlin.
This year an even better show is planned,
and bands that have already agreed to play
include the entire Brian Howe Electric
Band (Ex-Bad Company), Lost Coast Ma-
rimbas, Crater, The LeRoy Mack Bluegrass
Band, Otis Brown and the Blu Dawgs, Per-
cush, and the Marco Trio Electric. In all,
there will be 12 bands.

22) >revuemag.com

Photos from last year's festival
(clockwise from right)
-Brian Howe (ex Bad Company,
the super group from the 70s
and 80s) and friends
-RanferiAguilar and Hacedor
de Lluvia
-A great crowd to be in with a
relaxed atmosphere
-La Trova del Lago
-Naino (Rumba)
-Iguanamanga (Reggae)

For more information
about Festival Atitldn visit
For more information about
the Hospitalito Atitldn project
visit www.puebloapueblo.org/

Additional performers will include La
Cambalacha, The Marionettes of Chum-
bala Cachumbala, and a couple of clowns,
who will keep the children entertained.
Once again, a gourmet food court will have
great food and drinks for all tastes. A splen-

did time is guaranteed for all.
This year has an added bonus: The Ken-
dida Foundation has agreed to match any
funds that are raised for the Hospitalito, so
the ticket price will go twice as far to help
this important cause. O

revuemag.com ((23

W E W_=:

3Tues., 5:30pm (English) LECTURE:
Microloans: Myths and Management by As
Green As It Gets, an NGO supporting coffee
farmers, artisans and other small producers from
disadvantaged communities in Guatemala. Do-
nation Q25. Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919) 7a
av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
Grandma's Hair-
pin, directed by
Chu Chen Hsiao;
guest audience
members include
the Ambassador
from Taiwan Adolfo
Sun and his wife;
IT Expo Arte de
Taiwan, with paint-
ings by artists from
Taiwan. Cocktail.
Free. El Sitio
(tel: 7832-3037)
5a calle pon. #15,
4Wed., 7:30pm ART: The Eyes of Violeta
'featuring paintings on silk. Antigua Center,
7a calle poniente #11, LaAntigua. See High-
light on Doae 20. V

6Fri., through Sun., 22nd X FESTI-
PAIZ: 8pm: Inauguration, Sala Quiroa. Free.La
Antigua. A unique month-long series of events
featuring national and international artists.
See full schedule of events on page 32.
6Fri., through March Sat., 21st, Fridays
and Saturdays, 8pm MUSICAL: Spray
de Pelo, inspired by the musical Hairspray, pro-
duced and performed by well-known Guatema-
lan artists Josud Morales and Daniela Morales,
directed by Erick Frias (Mexico). Teatro Dick
Smith IGA (tel: 5900-6021 ) ruta 1, 4-05, z. 4,
Guatemala City. V

7Sat., 11am ART: Tradiciones de Guate-
mala featuring oils by Sumpango artist Otto
Rend Cajb6n. Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomis
de Aquino, la av norte #23, LaAntigua.


24)) revuemag.com


7Sat., 5pm PHOTOGRAPHY: Inaugu-
ration of Viaje al Sol, Pert, a collection of
images taken on 12 trips to Peru by Juan Manu-
el Catro Prieto between 1990 and 2000. Centro
de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n Espanola (tel:
7832-1276) 6a av. norte, between 3a y 4a calle,
8Sun, lpm-5pm- NGO
BENEFIT: Vegas in Antigua
benefits 10 hard-working NGOs,
Q250 buy in, silent auction, gran
prizes and a whole lot of fun! More
info: 7832-9871. Casa Convento Concepci6n,
4a calle oriente/calle la Concepci6n #4, La
1 Tues., 5:30pm (English) LECTURE:
I Educarte, EducArte's goal is to help fami-
lies that do not have access to education, health-
care, adequate housing, and public services. Do-
nation Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel: 7832-1919) 7a
av. sur#8, LaAntigua.
1 Wed., 6pm DOCUMENTARY and
Magic, the Lantern Festival in Taiwan, directed
by Albert Wang; afterwards there will be a cele-
bration in the calls, lanterns will be provided to
every participant. Free. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037)
5a calle poniente #15, LaAntigua.
1 Wed., thru Fri., 13th-9:30-11:45am;
evening session Thurs., 6:15 to 8pm
(light dinner provided). (English) UNION
Come Closer To Your Heart by Jane Rubietta.
No pre-registration
required, free-will
offering; coffee break
and nursery provided.
Additional info.,
email: unionchurch-

com Union Church
(tel: 2361-2037) 12
calle 7-37, z. 9, close
to Plazuela Espana,
Guatemala City.

Love is a canvas furnished by nature and
embroidered by imagination. -Voltaire

1 Wed., 5pmr
Organic Pop by
Isadore Michas
Galeria Panza .. I..
(tel: 7832-2925'
5a av. sur #19,

12Thurs., 6:30pm (Spanish) CON-
,FERENCE: La Guerra Fria y el Deci-
framiento de la Escritura Maya by Dr. Michael
Coe. Q20/Q10 students w/carnet. Museo Popol
Vuh (tel: 2338-7896) 6a calle final, z. 10, Gua-
temala City.
2Thurs. & Fri., 13th BALLET: The
Dream, produced by the International
Ballet Theatre, presenting a fusion of classic bal-
let, aerial dance, classic music and opera. Gran
Sala Efrain Recinos. Teatro Nacional Miguel
Angel Asturias (tel: 2366-8394) 24 calle 3-81,
z. 1, Guatemala City.

l Fri., 9pro-
13MUSIC: with
,in ger-song writer
I --ovanni Passarelli
-,._i musicians Roberto
E rrada and Gerson
El .Iondo. Q30. Trova-
ii '(tel: 2334-1241)
', 6, 3-55, z. 4,
Guatemala City.

revuemag.com ((25

DATOii :

1 Sat., DIA DEL
Valentine's Day: Treat +ver
your special Valentines with
chocolates, flowers and hand-
made cards.

1 Z Sat., 11am TAI CHI CHUAN RE-
1tCITAL: featuring students from the
school Tai Chi Chuan J.M.Jo. Colegio Mayor
de Santo Tomis de Aquino, la av norte #23, La
1 Sat., 5pm ART: The 6th Annual
I. Erotic Art Show. La Galeria, Calle Ran-
cho Grande, Panajachel, Atitldn.

1 Sat., 5pm DANCE: Los Ninos de
.1 Bendici6n from San Antonio Aguas Cal-
ientes present traditional folk dances; your do-
nation helps to pay for school expenses. La Pena
de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468), LaAntigua.
1 Sun., 4pm (Spanish) THEATER: Ro-
1J mance a Dos Voces presented by the Com-
pania de Teatro Bravo and organized as part of
the X Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz.
Free. Plaza Mayor, Central Park, LaAntigua.

Mon., 5pm MAYAN
1. CEREMONY: Presen-
tation of an authentic Mayan
ceremony. La Pena de Sol Latino
(tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle po-
niente #15-C, LaAntigua.

1 Tues., 5:30pm (English) LECTURE:
/ Pedal Power Technology: An alternate
source of energy in Guatemala with Carlos Mar-
roquin. He has been working with Maya Pedal
Power for 9 years, encouraging rural develop-
ment by introducing bicycle/machines to facili-
tate daily life and economic development. Do-
nation Q25. Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919) 7a
av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
1 Thurs., 8pm MUSIC: Concert by the
1J7Finland chorus and the Universidad del
Valle de Guatemala chorus. Centro de Ense-
faza (auditorium), Universidad del Valle, 18
av. 11-95, z. 15, Vista Hermosa 3, Guatemala
City. See highlight on page 38.

26,, revuemag.com

1 Thurs., 6pm through Wed., March 4
J ART: Libertad y Justicia, an exposi-
tion of drawings, paintings and sculptures by
students from Academia de Arte Walter Peter
Ars Artis. Museo Ixchel (tel: 2331-3638) 6a
calle final, z.10, Universidad Francisco Marro-
quin, Guatemala City. V

1 Sat., & Sat. 28th, 4pm MUSIC:
Black Coffee, performed by Jazz Swing,
Karin Rademann and Ensamble Quijivix. Q75.
El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037) 5a calle poniente #15,
1Sat., 6pm MUSIC: Concert by the
S. Finland chorus and the Universidad del
Valle de Guatemala chorus. Centro de Formaci6n
de la Cooperaci6n Espanola (tel: 7832-1276) 6a
av. norte, 6a av. norte, between 3a & 4a calle, La
Antigua. Highlight on page 36.
1 Sat., 7pm MUSIC: Concierto de Mzsi-
Sca Coral, organized by Japanesse Embassy
and Coro Victoria with a performance by Kazuko
Oguni, Coro Nacional de J6venes and Coro Vic-
toria. Teatro de Cimara Hugo Carrillo. Teatro
Nacional Miguel Angel Asturias (tel: 2366-8394)
24 calle 3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City.

There is no disguise which can hide love for long
where it exists, or simulate it where it does not.
-Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Plas sbmt ou DTBOK nty orheMac


el S
6.tt -
Uaei eareycnr de dcma6n
4a avnd 545 oa1, utml

Primitive Contemporary
Guatemalan Art
Gallery & Museum
4a calle oriented #10
Interior Casa Antigua, El Jaul6n
La Antigua Tel: 7832-6634/35

M U S E 0
:rZ g7 a

Learn about
the fascinating history
of the Maya's
clothing & weaving
buy Guatemalan
handicrafts at our shop
Centro Cultural UFM
6a. calle final, zona 10
Guatemala, Guatemala
Telefax: 2331 3638
furansa shuttle from Antigua
call 7832 2928, 5651 2284

The oldest Guatemalan Art Gallery.
Featuring more than 100 artists.
*NEW ADDRESS: Plaza Obelisco 16 calle 1-01, zona 10
Tels: 2367-3266,5779-0000 galeriaeltunel@yahoo.com

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say
no more than because he was he, and I was I.
-Michel de Montaigne
Like everybody who is not in love, he thought
one chooses the person to be loved after endless
deliberations and on the basis ofparticular
qualities or advantages. -Marcel Proust

Love is much nicer to be in than an automobile
accident, a tight girdle, a higher tax bracket
or a holdingpattern over Philadelphia.
-Judith Viorst

Open Winow IGI oois*Cmo ~p
Safe Passag Rice onaio Anma I...RE

Dun Cate Lirr Fait in Prctc Cas Si 'I

Q20 min bu-i Siln Auto Elgn Grn Prze

revuemag.com ((27

Mondy -Friay :00to 7:0

DATOii :

2 Sun., 4pm MUSIC/DANCE: Paa-
.banc, presented by the Ballet Moderno y
Folkl6rico. The music includes tambor6n, pito,
marimba and chirimia (Mayan native instru-
ments). Centro de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n
Espanola (tel: 7832-1276) 6a av. norte, between
3a & 4a calle, LaAntigua.
42 Tues., 5:30pm- (English) LECTURE:
-Life in Guatemala: BriefHistory and Cur-
rent Conditions with Sue Patterson, former U.S.
Consul General in Guatemala. She is also the
founder of WINGS, a non-profit dedicated to
reproductive health and family planning. Do-
nation Q25. Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919) 7a
av. Sur#8, LaAntigua.

2 Tues., 6pm MUSIC: Concert by
.7Cantores Finlandeses, church of Misi6n
Silo6, Monterrico. Highlight on page 38.
S Thurs., 8pm MUSIC: Orquesta Sin-
2 Nf6nica Nacional in its first concert of the
2009 season. www.osndeguateestl.es.tl Gran
Sala Efrain Recinos. Teatro Nacional Miguel
Angel Asturias (tel: 2366-8394) 24 calle 3-81,
z. 1, Guatemala City.

SThurs., through March 1, 9am-6pm
2 -- ORCHID SHOW: Salvemos nuestras
orquideas. Cerveceria Centroamericana (Brew-
ery), Sal6n Mariano Arzd Castillo, Finca El
Zapote, z. 2, Guatemala City. See Highlight
on page 18.

S7Fri., 5pm DANCE: Kak'a Saqarik,
/ Nuevo Amanecer, Mayan dances per-
formed by indigenous children. Donation Q25.
Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8,
LaAntizua. V

2 Sat., 2pm SILENT AUCTION: As-
8sociation ChocoGuateMaya invites you
to participate in this great fund-raising event.
All money received from this auction will be
used for general operation expenses. Finca La
Azotea, Jocotenango.

TURA PAIZ: A unique month-long event
with the participation of national and interna-
tional artists. La Antigua. See full schedule
of events on page 32.

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La Cueria d Panza \trdt ir..I I. ,l
:, .,.,, =1"' Lii -irignii,
Monday, 8 to 10pm: Blues Night.
Tuesday and Saturdays, 8 to 10pm-Esta-
sis, Trio, Sal6n Latino & Tango. Q35.
Wednesday, 8-10pm
- Latino Jazz Trio.
entrance: Q25.
Thursday and Fridays,
8 to 10pm Cuban
jazz performed by Buena
Vista de Coraz6n.
entrance Q35. 1

fsrudio0 3
, dll..d...I ,,., -- la. ni guna
Thurs. through Sun., 7:30pm Son de
Antigua. Free.

La Pefia de So Laino ir.. -I --- .'.
S ill.. p. .... ir.. = 1 I' -- iL A irtigi.a
Monday, 7:30pm Kenny Molina hosts
Open Mike. Free.
Tuesday, 7:30pm Ramiro plays trova
Cubana. Free.
Wednesdays-Saturdays, 7:30pm-Sundays,
7pm Sol Latino plays Andean music (pan
flutes). Free. V

Rainbon Cafe ir..i -' i -l1-1
-i .I .. La. ill tigiin
Monday, 7:30pm Don Ramiro will serenade
you with some beautiful Latin folk music. Free.
Tuesday, 7:30pm Malcolm will blow
you away with some classics and his infamous
tequila song. Free.
Wednesday, 7:30pm Open Mike," 1... r..d
by Juan-Jo and friends. A complimentary drink for
all performers. Free.
Thursday, 7:30 Cesar; come and listen to
this up-and-coming home-grown talent play a
mixture of Latino and English songs.
Friday, 7:30pm Guest musicians.
Saturday, 7:30pm La Casa de Kello gets the
party going with a mixture of original music, La-
tino beats, blues and popular Western music. V

Sunday, 7:30pm La Raiz-Luis, Juan-Jo
& Choko, great improvised classics. Free.

El Peliano Dorado [li .-' 2- I
i, l 'ir, Lui., Lii hi l = L 1 Iln. tgunid
Thursday through Sunday Live Garifuna

Saturday, March 14, llam-llpm Lake Ati-

Sunday, 1pm Ramiro plays Trova Cubana thin International Music and Arts Festiva
during the Sunday Buffet. No cover, highlight on page 22.

I worry that the person who thought up
Muzak may be thinking up something else.
-Lily Tomlin

1. See


revuemag.com <29

DATOii :

Association ChocoGuateM aya "wwhocoguatemayax.om
invites you to participate in our silent auction fund-raising event. This will
be a fun event with live music by our famous Guatemalan musician Ranferi
Aguilar and his trio. Proceeds will be used for general operation expenses.
We are grateful to Finca La Azotea for the generous no-charge use of their facility.
Location of Silent Auction: Finca La Azotea, Jocotenango. An hourly shuttle bus for Q5 return trip
will be available from La Antigua Central Park. Date: Saturday, February 28, 2009 at 2:00pm


ART: Antigua Impressions, a collection of oils in
an impressionistic-expressionistic style depict-
ing the colors and landmarks of La Antigua
Guatemala by renown Chilean artist Virginia

tigua Galeria
.-. Arte (tel:
i calle ori-
'. ,te #15,
L aAntigua.

30 revuemag.com

WORKSHOPS: Painting in silk w/natural
dyes, the magic of color, conserving your tex-
tile collection and an overview of weaving and
patterning. Call or visit for more information.
Indigo Artes Textiles (tel: 7888-7487) inside
Centro Cultural La Azotea, Jocotenango.
Tuesday, 6pm (English) SLIDE SHOW
Antigua: Behind the '\ by Elizabeth Bell.
Q30 benefits educational programs. El Sitio, 5a
calle poniente #15, LaAntigua.


La Antigua

"The finest in Latin American
and Caribbean works of art."
SReview from New York Times

We represent over 100 artists from all
of Latin America, as well as featured
artists from around the world.
We also handle estate sales, auctions
and give qualified appraisals.

Make La Antigua a preferred stop on
your Guatemala itinerary, and stay up
to date with us by logging on.

4a calle oriented #15, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: (502) 7832-2124 Fax: (502) 7832-2866

I' LIa *iefil eiSol [I La tI1 in

0 l[I LIV MUI EVER N IGHlTllillrflEl '-

12 calle 4-65, zona 14 Guatemala, C.A.
Tels: 2368-1659, 2363-0649, Fax: 2363-0603
E-mail: coleccion21@intelnet.net.gt

Love is love's reward.
-John Dryden


Unlversldad Francisco Marroquin UF

MON- FRI: 9:00 to 17:00
SAT: 9:00 to 13:00
Closed Sunday
6 Calle final zona 10
Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Guatemala Ciudad

Tel: (502) 2338 7836,2338 7837

Take away love and our earth is a tomb.
-Robert Browning

j~ REVUE available Paye-by-Pa e online > www.revuemay.com
revuemag.com <<31


X Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz


7 Sat., 4pm (tickets Q50 and up), 8pm (tick-
ets Q100 and up) THEATER: excerpts
from Franz Lehar's operetta La Viuda Alegre
(The Merry Widow), presented by the Teatro
Lirico d'Europa. Ruinas de la Ermita de la
Santa Cruz.
7Sat., 4pm THEATER: La Granja y las
Tablas de Multiplicar, directed by Oscar Al-
varez. Plaza Mayor, in front of the cathedral,
Parque Central.
8Sun., 11am PUPPET SHOW: Los Tres Co-
chinitos Bebes performed by Compafia de Ti-
teres Armadillo, Q25. Santo Domingo del Cerro.
8Sun., 6pm THEATER: excerpts from
Franz Lehar's operetta La Viuda Alegre (The
Merry Widow), presented by the Teatro Lirico
d'Europa. Tickets Q100 and up. Ruinas de la
Ermita de la Santa Cruz.

1 Sat., 4pm (tickets Q40 and up) & 8pm
I- (tickets Q75 and up) TANGO: Forev-
er Tango. Ruinas de la Ermita de la Santa Cruz.
1 Sat., 5pm MUSIC: Viva Puccini, per-
.. formed by Luis Gir6n May (baritone) and
Herber Morales (piano). Q100. Convento Capu-
chinas, corner of 2a av. norte & 2a calle oriented.
1 Sun., 11am THEATER: Benito El
Ogrito performed by Rayuela Teatro In-
dependiente. Q25. Santo Domingo del Cerro.

Unless otherwise indicated, the events are in La Antigua.
At press time this was the correct schedule, please
check for new events, ticket information, and CONFIRM
beforehand any events you plan to attend by calling the
Festival Information Hotline: 2470-6622

32)) revuemag.com

A nursery with the most extensive variety of plants
and accessories for your home and garden

km 14.5 Centro Comerclal Escala
Carrtra a El Salvador B otan k
Telephone 6637 5763 64
Monday t hlday 8 30 am to 7 00 pm
Saturday 8 30 am to 6 00 pm
Sunday 9 30 am to 6 00 pm

Carretera al Atlantlco 0-80, z.17
Teletax 2256 4564 Un Jarns
^ Monday Satuiday orom 8 30 am to 5 30 pm Agt
Sunday hfom 9 00 am to 4 30 pm todo

Calle Mariscal 18-40, z.11 across the
street from Pro-ciegos
Telephone 2473 1941 2474 5194 Fax 2474 5254
Monday Fllday hom 7 30 am to 5 30 pm
SdatUday hfom 7 00 am to 6 00 pm
Sunday hom 8 30 am to 4 30 pm I il'i

*4* 'L

relvuentma.com 33
or to a)Touro

revuemag.com ((33


X Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz
SCHEDULE, continued

1 Sun., 11am (tickets Q40 and up), 6pm
(tickets Q75 and up)- TANGO: Forev-
er Tango. Ruinas de la Ermita de la Santa Cruz.
1 Sun., 4pm (Spanish) POETRY: Can-
ciones y Poesias en Espanol, Pilar Jurado
(soprano) and Massimiliano Damerini (piano).
Q100. Convento Capuchinas, corner of 2a av.
norte & 2a calle oriented.
2 OFri., 4pm- (Spanish) CONFERENCE:
Conferencias Voces Mayas: Tradicidn y cre-
acidn a traves de los siglos by Valentina Vapnar-
sky. Free. Artecentro cultural Graciela Andrade
de Paiz, 9a calle 8-54, z.1, Guatemala City.
21 Sat., 10am (Spanish) WORKSHOP:
Edicidny Retoque Fotografico en Dao Tono
by Edgar Monz6n. Q50. Convento Capuchinas,
corner of 2a av. norte & 2a calle oriented.

1 Sat., 5pm MUSIC: Piano and viola
I. recital by Garth Knox (violist) and Mas-
similiano Damerini (pianist). Q100. Convento
Capuchinas, corner of 2a av. & 2a calle.
21 Sat., 8pm BALLET: La Bella Dur-
miente, presented by Ballet Moiseev from
Russia. Tickets Q75 and up. Ruinas de la Er-
mita de la Santa Cruz.
22 Sun., 11am MAGIC FESTIVAL:
2Festival de Magia by the Asociaci6n de
Magos Gran Jaguar. Q25. Santo Domingo del
22 Sun., 4pm MUSIC: Piano recital
22 performed by Massimiliano Damerini.
Q100. Convento Capuchinas, corner of 2a av.
norte & 2a calle oriented.
22Sun., 6pm BALLET: La Bella Dur-
2 miente with the Russian Ballet Moiseev.
Tickets Q75 and up. Ruinas de la Ermita de la
Santa Cruz.


34> revuemag.com


- e Seve(Shpin(GUTEMA T

-Discos Duros
-Memoria RAM


A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop
speech when words become superfluous.
-Ingrid Bergman



S. Aivieida 19-80 znla 14
C.. arrE Salvador 1
Tel.: 368315 / 634133

revuemag.com (35


Cantores Finlandeses

Performs For Guatemala

Cantores Finlandeses is a mixed-
voice choir of 22 singers under the
leadership of conductor Saren Ha-
kola and accompanied by Martin Seger-
strale on the piano. Specially put together
for the trip to Guatemala, the choir repre-
sents the amateur music life of Finland's
Swedish-speaking population and belongs
to the country's largest Swedish-language
association for amateur music. All the sing-
ers belong to choirs in their own regions
and have extensive experience.
The aim of the concert tour in Guate-
mala is to give a taste of Finland-Swedish
music in a part of the world where Finland
is probably not well known. The repertoire
offers a wide range of Finnish, and especial-
ly Finland-Swedish choir music, including
both classical music from earlier periods,
folk music and music written in our own

by Stig Bjorkas
time. Light music and entertaining hit-
songs are also part of the program. Even
if the native tongue of most of the singers
is Swedish, the choir also sings in several
other languages as well.
Featured composers include Edvard Gr-
ieg, J.S. Bach and Sibelius. Other Finnish
composers featured are Juice Leskinen and
Martin Segerstrale. There is also a song from
the mediaeval song collection Piae Cantiones,
which was written in 14th century Abo.
Cantores Finlandeses will be giving three
concerts: in Guatemala City, in La Antigua,
and in Monterrico. The choir will also be
performing together with local choirs, in-
cluding the Universidad del Valle de Guate-
mala (UVG) Choir. See below for details.
Founded by Dr. Dieter Lehnhoff in the
early 1980s, the UVG Choir has performed
at educational and cultural cont. page

Concierto coral Finlandia-Guatemala by the Finnish choir Cantantes Finlandeses
and El Coro de la Universidad del Valle de Guatemala:
Guatemala City February 19, 8pm: Centro de Ensenanza (auditorium), La Universidad
del Valle, 18 av. 11-95, z. 15, Vista Hermosa 3.
LaAntigua February 21, 6:00pm: Centro de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n Espaiola
(6a av. norte between 3a and 4a calle poniente).
Monterrico; February 25, 7:30pm: Concert by Cantantes Finlandeses in the church of
Misi6n Silo6.
For more information about this concert schedule and the UVG Choir, contact the Departamento
de Musica, Lda. Maria Isabel Ciudad-Real, Directora, Departamento de Musica de la Universidad
del Valle de Guatemala, tels: 2364-0336 through 40, ext. 541; email: isablecr@uvg.edu.gt

36 >revuemag.com



~i-~:::- L

GIATM CITY))Service)Shpi


Fabrics by the yard
Ceramic Jewelry
Wood Leather
& more

18 calle 21-31, z.10 Blvd Los PrIceres www.in-nola.com
Telephones: 2367-2424, 2337-4488

a 7 Av 2-28 Zona 9

El Punto de los Repuestos
12 Locations PBX: 2429-3030
39Yearsexperience mail@figuepartes.com


S Executive/Survival
Private Classes
Flexible Schedule *
Certified professional staff *
Legal Translation services
Quiet neighborhood, easy parking .

The only specialists in Bedding Mfr...We handle all types of Beds.
American know-how, with 40 years in the market.
All sizes of Beds: Inner Spring Mattresses, Box Springs or hard bases.
Beautiful Fabrics. We follow A.B.A. standards and norms.
Headboards, Night Tables, Wood Chests, Dining & Living room Furniture.
Custom-made Beds & Furniture. Will deliver.
Guatemala Citv Tel: 2332-4951 TelFax: 2332-7788

International / Interdenominational
Union Church of Guatemala
Bible studies available for adults and youths
in a variety of times & locations.
12 calle 7-37, zona 9, Guatemala City (close to Plazuela Espafa)
2361-2037 & 2331-6904 unionchurch@quate.net.qt


38)) revuemag.com

r REVUE 20,000 in print
and fully available online!
PBX: 7832-4619

....... .. 2 2 ...... ............ .. T el 2332 -4951... ...... 23 2 78


J B rNo tragedy, no comedy
S-. just good times
13 calle y la av., Zona 10, local 5,
'' Torre Santa Clara II, Tel: 2331-2641
.-. The English Pub in Guatemala City

|, PRODUCTOS& SERVIlOS BesutBualowings in Guatemala

pIngredientes para panaderias, reposterias, heladerias, Icteos, SPORTSBAR Darts Cold Beer

TELS: 5338-1690, 5338-2201, 5182-0721 13 calle0-40,Z.lO T/F: 2368-2089

el&borados 6sn r&0tas faRchares

Ingredients a ra.n enti s pe didos mhelade r s lhcteos, P St i F s ol b
restaurants, hoteles, banquetss e i n c.ustias n FrUtS V iegeta tbl es e
TELS: 5338-1690, 5338-2201, 5182-0721 13 calle 0-40, Z. ,0 T/F: 2368-2089

lab ade i re hoai l co uatehal City a:2 -26r2

revuemag.com Frs 39
de 11-. I'~is, atici aC,1r 1 Fruits 6- Vegetables

M-F S:8O-7a n Sat S at p8 ni
OLB@TURBONi ET-Ti..Cin~ihOinia I o We accept VIpAr MCit c eI packaedj
rev (reu3

La Cambalacha cont.from page 15
left her native Guatemala City for dance
training at the University of Illinois and
had her own company at age 19, says it can
take months to get the children comfort-
able using their voices, moving their bod-
ies. This is especially true for the girls, who
grow up wearing the tight corte skirts and
huipiles, unable to run easily or move their
arms above their heads. At La Cambalacha,
everyone wears sweats and T-shirts. For the
girls, it's the first time they've worn pants.

Suanita Puzul began with La Cambalacha
in 2004 when she was 16 years old; now
she's an instructor and a natural performer.
But kicking her legs up during a perfor-
mance has meant defending her virgin-
ity afterward. "My family is like, don't you
have respect for your culture? I have friends
who tell me I can't enter the church." She's
learned to shrug off the comments. "We
have the right to recreation, to expression,
to learn new things. You get to know your-
self through art."
"We're trying to change behavior, to help
these kids communicate, be more self confi-
dent, more expressive, stronger, more free,"
says Roff6; Puzul nods, a radiant example.
We're sitting in the fire circle under an avo-
cado tree, and a large one crashes onto the
roof like a cosmic exclamation point.
Lorena tries to put this in perspective for
me. "You and I had the opportunity to play,
to be creative, to express our feelings when
we were children," she says. "That's a need
of all of us, to share that and give that op-
portunity." As I'm taking this in, children
from every direction line up nearby, and one
of the volunteers calls out numbers, hand-
ing out piles of clothing: It's 5 o'clock, time
for the girls to change out of their sweats
and back into cortes ...contnued on following page

40)) revuemag.com



, IST \U RA^ N" 1-

hieese Fondues, Lobster, Meat,
inmpfondues, chocolate fondues'

Ring Return
A girl went over to her friend and said: "I
hear you broke off your engagement to Brad?
Why?" "It's just that my feelings towards him
aren't the same any more." "Are you returning
his ring?" "No way! My feelings towards the
ring haven't changed a bit!"

mUo MvUE L sL o J nr I
n TAsrti06LO

The early years
When a woman in my office recently became
engaged, a colleague offered her some advice.
"The first ten years are the hardest," she said.
"How long have you been married?" I asked.
"Ten years," she replied.

Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
countrywide distribution

revuemag.com ((41


A "Classic" in the center of
Guatemala City & now in Zone 10

Specializing in Spanish and Basque
Cuisine, Seafood and Paella
5a av. 12-31, Zona 1
Tels: 2251-7185, 2253-6743
10 calle 0-45, Zona 10 Tels: 2332-6576,
2331-7200 www.restaurantealtuna.com


A theatre workshop group discuss their upcoming stage production

La Cambalacha cont.from previous page
They take turns using their skirts as dressing
curtains for each other, giggling.
About 70 children attend La Cambala-
cha; 15 of them are teenagers and young
adults, who, like Puzul, go out into the lo-
cal communities to teach in schools. This
is key for Cord6n: She's training a future
generation of creative ambassadors. So far
they've taught workshops to thousands of
schoolchildren. And in partnership with
Caja Lddica, an organization with direct ties

Juanita instructing a group of older girls in a game

to the Ministry of Education, La Cambala-
cha can now offer teaching certificates to
its graduates, so they can get jobs and fur-
ther arts education in Guatemala. Fifteen
will hold the certificate by the end of this
year. She also hopes her alumna will strike
out on their own and, like her, start new
community arts initiatives. Says Cord6n:
"I want places like La Cambalacha all over
the country." o
For more information: www.lacambalacha.org

Lodgin ((GUTE A CIT

1as torres
gucst housc
Main Hotel area
Studio & Bdrm Apartments, Fully Furnished,
Cable TV, Parking, 24 hr. Security, Family Atmosphere
We have prices by the night, month.
-- Single Room: 10% Discount with this ad --
"At Las Torres you don't just get a room,
you get a family."
13 calle 0-43, Zone 10 PBX: 2334-2747, 2362-5030
SFax: 2331-4628 apartamentos_lastorres@yahoo.com

Hoteleria Automatizada Ajustable en Preciosy Tiempos
Demostraciones virtuales en: www.primaverasuites.com
.Ciudad de Guatemala: Blvd. Liberation
ill 3-12,z.13 Tel:2472-0365
5'ui. Mixco/San Cristobal: Km. 19.5 Cr. Roosevelt
11-55,z.1, LodeCoy Tel: 2484-4212

No husband has ever been shot
while doing the dishes.


Feel -w~urm & rela.\ed
on vOIIIr arrival!

.1 2I l l t [ '?

/ ,in/.',,/,,, $30


15 clleC" -35 Auora1, 1, Gate alaCit

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Hostal cde
Don Petixo
A four star hotel in the Historic Center
4 Avenida 3-25, Zona 1, Guatemala City
PBX: 2285-3434 Fax: 2232-7759

Hotel Residencia Del Sol


Tels: 2360-4823, 2360-4843 Fax: 2360-4793
email: residenciadelsol@gmail.com
website: www.residenciadelsol.com
3 calle 6-42, zona 9, Guatemala City

de4 nonni

while young to hope, to love-and to put its
trust in life. Joseph Conrad

patience of a saint as he babbled on and on
about his hobbies, his pet peeves, his driving
techniques, and even the standards he used
to choose his barber. Finally, he came up for
air and said, "But enough about me. Let's talk
about you." She breathed a sigh of relief. He
went on, "What do you think about me?"

Backroads of Guatemala photo by Greg Schwendinger
The town of Cunen, note the cemetery in the foreground. If you look closely, you can see Cunen spelled
out on the hillside. Backroads homework: Find this Guatemalan town on your map. Hint: It's in the departamento of Quiche.

Lodgin ((GUTE A CIT

V,_71 1 minfromairport 1
Free transportation
SPrivate bath
Cable TV
T'& "Ftr.ikftrr Breakfast included
SWireless internet
16 calle 8-20 zona 13 Aurora I, Guatemala City Lovely garden
Tels: (502) 2261-2854 2261-3044 5550-2664
hostalvillatoscana@yahoo.com www.hostalvillatoscana.com

* Dorms starting at $15 per person
* Transportation airport/hostelairport
* Highly recommended by Lonely Planet
* Breakfast included
* Credit Cards accepted yo Ur tLH tal VOLCANES

Contact us:
16calle 8-00zona13,Aurora I
Guatemala City, Guatemala, CA.
Tels (502) 2261-3040,

i6[+,*., Ij .I I .* .II

hostal HERMANO
bed & breakfast PEDRO
1 minute from airport. $10 p/p +tax
FREE TRANSPORT: Airport/Hostal/Airport
6a av. 20-53, z. 13, Aurora II Tels: 2261-4181, 2261-4419,
4212-5896 infogt@hhpedro.com www.hhpedro.com

tawa &I /W QIciaxWMan
2 blocks from Central Park,
right in the Historic Center
6 comfortable rooms (single: $30)
Hot water, cable TV, internet, parking,
security, cafeteria, family ambience
5a calle 3-36, zona 1, Guatemala City
STel: 5510-8392 www.casadelosnazarenos.com

13 calle 6-20, zona 9, Guatemala City
Tel: 2332-3955/6 Fax: 2332-1336
14 equipped apartments 1 to 4 occupancy
Housekeeping/laundry service Secure parking
Cable TV & Internet available Credit cards o.k.
Near airport & zona viva. Rates from $40

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is
unto itself a higher law. -Boethius

RBed r, Breakfast
I/f eAuff ) H HOTEL
Bar/Room Service Private Bath Free Internet & Cable TV
Credit Cards accepted reservaciones@marianaspetithotel.com
Free Airport Transport www.marianaspetithotel.com
20 calle 10-17 Aurora II, zona 13 Guatemala City
Tels: 2261-4144. 2261-4105 Fax: 2261-4266

EVE le ofrece el costo md bajo For ejemplar ara romocionar S evuemgocom.
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Shiatsu, Reiki

Swedish Massage

Olgo Goit6n Antiguo Guatemalo, Telefono: 57412905


.-Dr-. ggs6 R. Gcer

-AnmteiorSement, Catar
^^^^K~fiR33= andiRefractgiveSurgeon^^

hno 4a av. su flS. #1


Dra. Victoria Recinos de Molina USAC / UB English spoken
ooniente #28, La Antiqua Tels: 7832-7945, 5096-6694 info@soldent.com

r Dr. Manuel Antonio Samayoa o
N11t MllI. \llkli.lll \I..l ,Di4lin D ,~ lI .i nl.l l, i.ilili
ill \Ilkl, l R,.III..II. L II ) .i, k l .1111 kII( .ii,,I
Cn1 ili .i-i C oiklll nlii Dl ili ..l..i n ChemicalPeeling.
Mon-Frl 10am-2pm & 3pm-7pm, Wed Iii ..1 ...
li 'i ,N.::., Tel:7832-4854 3a Calle P. 13 Antigua

By all means marry; if you get a good wife, Stand by your man. Give him two arms
you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, to cling to and something warm to come to.
you'llbecome a philosopher. -Socrates -Tammy Wynette

RKEVUE tiene la circulation mas grande: 20,000 ejemplare impress mensuales
revuemag.com ((47

Dra. Lotty Marie Meza Rezzio
Cirujana Dentista UFM
Monday Friday 8am-12pm & 2-6pm
Saturday 8am to 12pm
5a calle poniente final #27B, La Antigua
Tel:7821-5741 Email: lotty@ufm.edu.gt

I ='==Jh=

,Re lationship

Holistic Psychotherapy
Psycho-Emotional Balancing
with Traditional Acupuncture
Dr. Ka(rmen Guevara
7832-3655 5132-1839 kg@conexion.com

A new approach to finding solutions!
"Brief Silthii,-FI Iticl Thi'riarpyi "
Adults, teens, families and children
Call for your free trial session
Family Therapist from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Calle del Arco, La Antigua Tels: 7832-0066, 5892-2527

A man reserves his true and deepest love not
for the species of woman in whose company he
finds himself electrified and enkindled, but
for that one in whose company he may feel
tenderly drowsy. -George Jean Nathan

De La

Jorge E. De la Cruz DDS, RC,
Eastman Dental Center I Univ. of Rochester N.Y.
Implants Laser Bleaching
Cosmetic dentistry Custom dentures
Root canals Crowns and bridges
(502) 7832-0125
3a Ave. Nort # 11 A Car. a El Salvador Km 15 local #9
La Antigua Guatemala Cpd. Concepcion, Guatemala City

The moment you have in your heart this
extraordinary thing called love and feel the
depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will
discover that for you the world is transformed.
-Jiddu Krishnamurti

I was about half in love with her by the time
we sat down. That's the thing about girls.
Every time they do somethingpretty... you fall
half in love with them, and then you never know
where the hell you are. -J. D. Salinger

Sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to
somebody thatyou have nothing in common
with and still be fascinated by their presence.
-David Byrne

To enlarge or illustrate this power and effect
of love is to seta candle in the sun.
-Robert Burton

Is 7 Vii us in z a1
-~~ ~ ~ e, c.ttt 1 .pn'oaVv'n
let us1spoilyou.!
*~~~D youH deserve that extra special treatment?^^^^^^^B^^^3^J^^^^

To fear love is to fear life, and those who Lo
fear life are already three parts dead.
-Bertrand Russell

48> revi r -emag.com

48) revuemag.com

vingis not just lookingat each other,
it's looking in the same direction.
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

II you need to get the word out,
Revue is the most effective
promotional tool around.
OWE dM~f. MWF.|...=lJIJ.-J|.|I

Dr. Milton Solis, Plastic Surgeon
Breast Enhancement or Reduction
Liposuction Face Lift
Rhinoplasty / Aesthetic
Surgery in General

Appointments: 5511-4163
Blvd. Vista Hermosa 25-19
Multim6dica Of. #1101, Z.15

As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek
to quench the fire of love with words.
-William Shakespeare

\iEI5 Dra. Carmen Leticia Hernandez F.
*0ma iTi Dr. J. Roberto HemBndez-
Pineda childrenn s Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, U S A)
English spoken ---- 24 hour emergency assistance
Mon-Fr 10am-1pm & 4pm-7pm Sat 9am-lpm
Edificio Broceta 11 calle 1-25, Zona 1 Guatemala City
Tels: 2221-2195 196. 5899-4340. 5412-7994 Home: 2434-6647


i -r Am zn;^i WRAS-4PE*

Visit us
Edificio Muftim&dica, Vista Hermosa,
2a. calle 25-19 zona 15. oficina 1402,Ciudad de Guatemala.
TelIfonos:2385-7531/7761 Fax:2385-7532
"""_'""'" "' """ '" "


Te invitamos a conocer nuestras t6cnicas 100% Thai
con products naturales

Come with us and try our 100% Thai techniques
with natural products

Dentro del Hotel Soleil La Antigua
Inside of Soleil La Antigua Hotel

Reservaciones / Appointments
9a. Calle Poniente, La Antigua,
Guatemala, C.A.
Spa: (502) 7879-4449
Hotel: (502) 7879-4444
Fax: (502) 7879-4418

revuemag.com ((49


We would like you to know about Hound Heights

and why we need your help

Perhaps it's a stretch to be asking for donations in order to care
for injured and abandoned animals when there are so many human
needs, yet suffering is suffering, and we're all called to action in one
way or another.
Hound Heights, AWARE'S no-kill animal refuge, is currently shel-
tering 220 dogs and 80 cats. Many puppies and kittens were adopted
this year, some older dogs and cats were lucky enough to be placed
in loving homes too, but the number of adult animals not suitable
for adoption continues to rise. It's easy to rescue an animal ... next
comes the hard part. These dogs and cats need medical attention,
they need to be housed and comforted, fed and walked, brushed ...
many will live out their lives at Hound Heights, cared for by human
kindness. They deserve no less.

If you would like to adopt a pet, Hound Heights is open to
the public every Sunday from 10am to 3pm. You may not be
able to adopt a cat or dog --- but why not sponsor one?
Q150 per month will provide general medical care,
flea control and food.
A one-time donation is also very much appreciated.
AWARE is a registered non-profit organization
in Guatemala, and a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit
corporation in the U.S. Donations in the U.S. are
100% tax deductible.

Wish List Includes:
* metal food/water bowls
* blankets, towels,
and bedding
* dog and cat food
* dog and cat toys
* cat boxes and litter
* grounds-keeping equip-
ment: shovels, rakes, etc.
* large plastic garbage pails
with lids
* building materials
* a highway sign marker
* a sign for the main gate
* 12-hp generator
* printing of business cards
and promotional material
* veterinary products
including flea control,
anti-parasite medications
* surgical supplies
and equipment,
* humane animal traps
* and perhaps tires for our

With connections to Humane Societies in California and Florida, AWARE has been able
to send puppies to the U.S. for almost immediate adoption. US$300 covers the cost of doing
the paperwork for 4 puppies. If anyone plans to travel to California or Florida, willing to
accompany animals on the flight, your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Hound Heights, Aldea Pachaj, Interamericana km 40, Sumpango Guatemala
Xenii Nielsen: 7833-1639, 5401-3148 xenii-2@usa.net
For donations, correspondence and shopping with proceeds that
support AWARE, please visit 4a calle oriented #23, La Antigua Guatemala

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living
things, man will not find peace. -Albert Schweitzer


f I l.1l. Ij r i lll, i,r ir )I ..ijr. 1 r
,, .1 .1, 1lr1,
I ,IJ Ill [ll ". ll[rlln, l ,rll. ;. -nnll, .'ll ,'
S (' I i. I .ll I. lr r .,jir.[1r,
S l. ll llr l 'll nl'l. ,, ij r ,

i a im i 1,,r lr,
F I I rIIII, iin [r lI nn

I Ill lr) ill,
SFlH r, rn lr ]l,,, .)r l lu

''/!(/(//f .f/'( .
* II .lj l' l gl i ihl ili.l lr,,
. ul n n..ir| l rn :e.1. i, ll, II ..gr,,ts,
S Illlllj l.jlli I.. r,I.
24-hour Emergency Service
Av. de La Recoleccon #4, La Antigua
(in Iront of the bus station) Tels 7832 0420,
7832 1197, 7832 1190, Fax 7832 8752.

TecniScan -
Centro de Diagn6stico d-a.i-.. ..... s ,i
Se pone a sus 6rdenes con el servicio de
Visitenos en: 7a calle poniente #15, Centro Comercial Casa del Bicaro, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7882-4449 Lunes a viernes de 7:30 am a 5:00 pm Sibado: 7:30am a 12:00pm
Su salud es nuestro principal compromise

If you judge people, you have no time
to love them. -Mother Teresa

Centro de Equinoterapia
y Psicologia Kej
Lic Maria Eugenia Diaz
-3 (alleAn(h3arl 2. LjAnligu3
Tels I832 ?74' SUO SJ'48
,war, equinoleraplagualem ala (om

lcdbtrct^ izpeilirgioA inaic-Eatoidl^yleu owI
Trained an4 practice in The US, Europe, Isael &Guatemala
Certled 'Amanae' & 'Frequencies Of Brilliance' Practoner
RldCI Marte & Techer course qvilble
Crtified Massage Therapst

AMANAE. % "'

Slovellernyhotmilcom +50245490099 iAAnt rll, Guanmte

Life without love is like a tree without
blossoms or fruit. -Kahlil Gibran

A Professional
Drugstore Experience
"- a =oel ME KOS

revuemag.com ((51

S -




6I AV. N. 4 E & A

4n "drnars
Jocqi 'n u s .q
I U M IJIaI.IrS -^ .-

S omdal o f a nia m dea 1 Colonia

Ial lwte lMa
-la Saflld--J FT-

Calle de los Nazarenos Ca l M Car teros Cdefi -o I
alI del ca idncialel

.La E L",d
a ,l- a r l C iea Cadea Gri las

a m o |i "-
3acallede iCC d a en

r a mn. Cammm

SCalle d l t 7a calle.p ient.z *aa calle 'or
7 7 l r. d a
Loal= L 5
l 3acallepa


p Cahristian
Called gorL n IeA r Oriente-
--a -


Map Spansohd by:

I SuitiI I sJaba
/l 1^ i de

Nesft CSA _Ii|
Christian Endt der' k- j
Spanish S\aSft^ I a&
Academy ,U
Sat Iao

ANTIU) Srie1 Shppn g

Glass &
VgFrame Shop

"The only professional frame shop in Antigua"
5" calle oriented #11, La Antigua Tel:7832-3033
6. av. 1-65, z. 1, Chimaltenango Tel: 5953-66533

Club Ecuestre La Ronda
SShow Jumping
Pony Club
SNatural Horsemanship
Finca La Azotea, Jocotenango
Tels: 5863-6434,5937-4952

a Arreglos florales / Flower Arrangements
S Decoraci6n para events especiales
Tels: 7832-4151
SJ[ : ,' r- 7832-0073
V 6a calle poniente
s.L .alit na qjuatemaiU #34, La Antigua
www.va Iledeflores.com Servicio a domicilio

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine
are the same. -Emily Bronte

Libreria Bookstore
Latest Titles Books on C.A. & Mexico
+ Large selection of Maps & Art
Spanish Textbooks
5a av norte #4, Antigua
Central Park TelFax: 7832-3322

Museum "House of the Old Weaving"
- p Exhibition and Sale ofMaya Textiles
& Production of Exclusive Handicrafts
"The only place in La Antigua managed
S. by Indigenous People"
la calle poniente #51, La Antigua
'. Tel: 7832-3169 alida@casadeltejido.org

A kiss makes the heartyoungagain and
wipes out the years. -Rupert Brooke

I haven't spoken to my wife in years.
I didn't want to interrupt her.
-Rodney Dangerfield

(REVUE 20,000 in print and'
available page-by-page online!

PBX: 7832-4619

54 revuemag.com

Services- ((Shoppeing(ATIU

Ritu a
Antique urumiture &
Architectural Accents .

7a. calle ponmeme No. 30
a Anugu Guaremula (502)7832-4767

Our goal is to serve our patients with the best possible dental care in a friendly atmosphere.
ESTHETICS FUNCTION COMFORT Wireless Internet available for our patients
We handle all denial specializes including: DENTAL IMPLANTS & PORCELAIN CROWNS
Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life. It takes years of married life before a man learns
-Leo Buscaglia to understand every word his wife is not saying.

was 3 A
U S.3

REVUE welcome) our feedback and comment > www revuemnag coi
revuemag.com <<55

23 3v norte #3 Antigua 7832 0275
Mon-Frin812& 2.30.6 30
Sp3nish English German spoken


ANTIU) Srie1 Shop in


II 1 coine to Casat MItleleine Spa!
I II I P | ,I. .inni i ,, n ni n ,.j '.' lli J i ..I I| J. lj i l '. I',I' liilIl 'J .il i i II ni, r i

SSpanish, english, French spoLen
I +a calle oriented #14, La Antigua
J 9am-7pm Tel: 7882-+515
exusivejewelrt9 mogzes_-O@hotmail.com

VU Great Q250 Gift Ide Learn new vocabulary words
"- 'C (English/Spanish) while
SOM A book of 56 bilingual crossword enjoying the challenge of
W., a crossword puzzle.
-- 3.*- puzzles and over 1000 selected r r
Flip the book over and enjoy
S--- -- quotations from 8 years of REVUE te oo r d eno
--rW quotes from some of the
Volume 1, 1992-2000 world's great and not-so-great
available only at: 4a calle oriented #23 movers and shakers.

56)) revuemag.com

FRntiqua Coobing School

Classes in Trodifional Quotenm lon Cuisine

flatiqua Cooblinq School

Visit us at www.antlguacookingschool.com
or In person at 5a. Avenlda Norte #25B, by the Arch. Tel.: 5944 8568

JennyStar NGO is sponsoring poor children with your rentals of
ORIGINAL DVD's. My DVD shop is a unique source of 2,400 movies,
most of which cannot be found anywhere else in Guatemala
JennyStar DVD Rentals
Alameda Santa Lucia Norte #12 acror fom La curac 7832-0813
Search for movies: Www .jennystardvd.com
Tuesday-Sunday 11 am 8 pm Home delivery and pick-up

Absence diminishes mediocre passions
and increases great ones, as the wind
extinguishes candles and fans fires.
-Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Love is the word used to label the sexual
excitement of the young, the habituation
of the middle-aged, and the mutual
dependence of the old. -John Ciardi

= 33SA F

AVI. PWTAPA 21-39 -Z-12
FAX (e02) 232-000
PBX 2329-9000

TEL (5021 2329-9044

iugumu uatenlmar .nt.amr.nom
PAX (a02) 232~-Mro
TEL (502) 2329-9010
'12S CAI" 54 Ona 9 oFICINA IS
FAX (502) 2329-902
TEL (502) 2329-9020

TEL (50m) 2329are w.9030
TEL (502) 2329-9030


revuemag.com ((57

ANTIUA11 ) Services)) Shoping) Spais S'chools

My wife has trouble opening jars.
Apparently, that involves a different set
of muscles than slamming doors.

f if Unlike many Spanish schools in
Antigua that photocopy or steal existing
programs from other distinguished
schools, we at SLC have spent more than
PA N IS H two years developing our program. Come
anc check us out, we are one of the best
LANGUAGE CENTER schools at one of the best values in town
$95 rno www.SLCantigua.com
orf o,-one info@SLCantigua.com
6a avenida norte No. 16-A +(502) 7832-7134


Before I met my husband, I'd never fallen in love.
I'd stepped in it a few times. -Rita Rudner
Agirlphoned me the other day and said...
Come on over, there's nobody home. I went over.
Nobody was home. -Rodney Dangerfield

0? 'R SVIJ7( .5
"SP.r\ISHLLSOsrONE A ON.'.' ..,r
S*TR4JI TL .4GE CY)'- "
EIA ILYTl O.'E771lo'SE..4P\RT"~i _N ,'_
.'j FREF IT'FRi.V .I ~F'RC('E
" *LI..',NDRY 'FRI 'l

58) revuemag.com


Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
countrv wide distribution

p. ll.lllJ .I ..l II ..oJ I.

it t es 1

Bello Capello
sol6D y Spa
4a calle ornente No. 57.
La Antigua Guatemala Tel.. 7832.2612

* manicure & pedicure
4 massage
4 facials
* exfoliations
I baths
4 sauna & jacuzzi
. products for purchase

Endless Possibilities...
revuemag.com (59

S I Skin Deep
day spa
la av. sur #15, La Antigua Guatemala
(at the end of 6' calle)
Tel: (502) 7832-5836

Now introducing hair by Karla

Skin Deep knows how you want to be treated...
come and fulfill your desires.
10% discount with this ad.

. -

S,'i I i ..i no I

SClari an Is lani
-'i' ./. 1 7/i.i i .. in'i i l il

J ]n ] F I I i I 'Ii iii i ,J I Ii F.

iii nI i i il l 1 iF F i \\' i i i '.I

SJ'. A' l.., .I .F. *i i ,l. n 1. 1 i-
rlI,, !:" -"." 'n I l i. l..r I I I n. I .. i 111 n
t -i, ,,r,;1.1, i .I. I, l ., I II ll I, ,i t ,. I ,* ll ,i

v', r 'e. r, I' i 1 r -,, .. i- rl,
I ,, r1 rl ,, -, E .n i i I i .. ,-

11 *l*n i l l r i r n ; ..'r e lr l',,, ii 1 r *, r.
,LI I I 111-

S . r, l ir r. *r i *

rfi il.i., ,,.I. rl ,_ll -,. .; r .rill
KiE .. .v: -..:-.-..

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'. I I A ri i ,r L. ir iir i i r i. lk

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S -11 -k II J1 .
d-.i r.. ,,r ,,J mT,,:, i. '.tL , fit.'

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Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how
much the heart can hold. -Zelda Fitzgerald



Gravitation is not responsible for
people falling in love. -Albert Einstein

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ANIG A) Dining I'~ nl/l

I *l lI.'
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Wensdy Scot StatnJz~
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"The Best Korean
Cuisine in Town"

S/Hlome-made Italia


5a calle poniente
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12am -

I was a very fearful little kid, and I would There are two things th
always see the worst in everything. The glass than makingan after-di
was half-empty. I would see people kissing, and a wall which is leaning t,
I would think one was trying to bite the other, a girl who is leaning
-Daniel Clowes -W
Who so loves believes the impossible. Love can sometimes be
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning sometimes... just be ai

When a widow remarries and starts talking Being deeply loved by
about her first husband, her second husband strength, while lovir
should start talkingabout his next wife. gives you courage

lu .R.I r regVU om a II you ne

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7a av. norte #2
local 5
La Antigua
Tel: 4366-5849


#4, La A ntigua

hat are more difficult
nner speech: climbing
toward you and kissing
gaway from you.
inston Churchill
magic. But magic can
n illusion. -Javan

someone gives you
g someone deeply
e. -Lao Tzu

ed to get the word out,
is the most effective
urional tool around.
mrq 9 4"014

Dining ((ANTIGUA

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C E N Q)


Try to say the color of the words, instead of
actually reading them. You will find it surpris-
ingly difficult. The right half of your brain is
trying to say the colors, the left half is trying to
say the word itself. This is used by mountain-
eers to test if their concentration is ok.

Dividing responsibilities
A married couple was celebrating their 60th
wedding anniversary. At the party everybody
wanted to know how they managed to stay
married so long in this day and age.
The husband responded "When we were first
married we came to an agreement. I would
make all the major decisions and my wife
would make all the minor decisions. And in
60 years of marriage we have never needed to
make a major decision."

Field trip
Husband: Let's go out and have some fun
Wife: Okay, but if you get home before I
do, leave the hallway light on.

A man went to the Police Station wishing to
speak with the burglar who had broken into
his house the night before.
"You'll get your chance in court," said the
Desk Sergeant.
"No, no, no!" said the man. "I want to know
how he got into the house without waking my
wife. I've been trying to do that for years!"

Optical illusion
Tilt your head
45 to the right
and the face turns
into the word

Woman's Quote of the Day:
Men are like fine wine. They all start out like
grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them and
keep them in the dark until they mature into
something with which you'd like to have din-
ner with.

Men's Counter-Quote of the Day:
Women are like fine wine. They all start out
fresh, fruity and intoxicating to the mind and
then turn full-bodied with age until they go all
sour and vinegary and give you a headache.

The top 10 things men know about women:


Reverse forensics
There was once a wife so jealous that when
her husband came home one night and she
couldn't find hairs on his jackets she yelled
at him, "Great, so now you're cheating on me
with a bald woman!"

The man told his doctor that he wasn't able to
do all the things around the house that he used
to do. When the examination was complete, he
said, "Now, Doc, I can take it. Tell me in plain
English what is wrong with me."
"Well, in plain English," the doctor replied,
"You're lazy."
"Okay," said the man. "Now give me the
medical term so I can tell my wife."

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*- '-P"

*. C
E[ restaurant be
Las Mil Flores c

Iv/i. 'T LelerrAdfienwn, influ;em

Located inside Boutique-Hotel Vista Real La Antigua
3a. Calle Oriente No. 16 "A" La Antigua Guatemala. 300 mt. from the main
entrance to the city Tel (502) 7832-9715,7832-9716 www.vistarealcom/antigua

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More Fabulous Fruit

SAlso known as the lichee or litchi, this spiny red fruit
originated in China, where it has been grown for three
and a half millennia. Amazingly, scientists have found
specimens of the sturdy lichi tree that are more than
1,200 years old. In the last 20 years the fruit has caught
on beyond Asia, and is sold fresh, frozen, canned in syrup
Sor dried like dates and renamed lichi nuts. In the Antigua
"I.r ; -market prices vary depending on quality, but you should
be able to get two for a quetzal. Within the alien-looking
rind is a gray, vitamin-C rich pulp that can be sweet or tart, depending on the
individual fruit. Simply peel and eat around the large central seed and watch
out for squirting juice.

I'm at the age where food has taken the place
of sex in my life. In fact, I've just had a mirror
put over my kitchen table. -Rodney Dangerfield

He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative
philosopher.. or, as his wife would have it,
an idiot. -Douglas Adams

kEVUE welcomes our commentst feedback I revuemag con
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6 E6

Our pecaltes re taken from a
6he bes trdtoa cuisines
wolwd an seve with *I *

6 n aethtcal pleasing0

n ~-0--

-itro -aroo del

ma y~ de -a motfi

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C..I. I Cut. ,\ Cht-, -
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, P.:1,t. li _a, 81.- & atil.: ,
* Ci'cutui n-: t DI:I;"

Pi -I :'.- F.....:1 & Sn.:,:,-.s
F t-:-h \'t ,j t.a:lel ,: F .uit-
L H ..l h I.:1 P l. d:ll.l:t
3a calle poniente No. 2
Antigua Guatemala
(2 blocks north of central park)
Tel: 7832-6500 TelFax: 7832-0713
M .atur Say S-

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UThteelegonceo andintrrntoaol
gourmet flavor accompanied
with an excellent selection of
winesond personalized
service will provide an

Sand world cuisine with
an incredible view of
*.*".AguaVolcno' .
77., .. . .


While in Filadelio enjoy variety of fun and exacting
activities surrounded byasoothingand elegantambiance.
Weofferour famouscoffeetour, coffee cupping and
fasting, mountaintour. mountain biking, muleriding.
canopy, birdwtching, tenniscourtsandmanyothers
Lamand enjoycoffeefrom

SFinca Fildelfia, 50 melrosnore de I Iglesiade FrontDesk: 77280800 USA. (646)257-4957
Son Felipe de Jesu. Lo Antiguo Guaemrlo. C.A. toursa@rdhoncol~ee.on tournrv valions@lrdltncoRee corn
SToursRaservations: 52034768 www rdahoncoffee.com

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ATGA Dminn

Daniel Chang
li'Lie I i[pl, ..!g l i, IJ O l. J. :

pa uevifta be o to lequniz

Excellent "Tipica" Meals
Buffet-style Breakfast,
Lunch and Dinner.
"If you haven't eaten at La
Cuevita de los Urquiz6, it's like
you haven't been to Antigua."
2a calle orlente #9-D, La Antigua
Tels. 7832-2495, 5656-6157
Love is an irresistible desire to be
irresistibly desired. -Robert Frost

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"Breakfast & Cafeteria Serice
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There has never been a man yet who could
tell what woman was thinkingby
listening to what she was saying.
The man who says, "I may be wrongbut" does
not believe there can be any such possibility.
-Kin Hubbard
We are all born for love. It is the principle
of existence, and its only end.
-Benjamin Disraeli
For it was not into my ear you whispered,
but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed,
but my soul. -Judy Garland

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"A Restaurant
for You, with a
Traditional Recipes with Family Atmosphere
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I"New Internet Service"
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You will find as you look back upon your life Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift
that the moments when you have truly lived for those who fear, too long for those who grieve,
are the moments when you have done things too short for those who rejoice, but for those who
in the spirit of love. -Henry Drummond love, time is eternity. -Henry Van Dyke

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Cog4 (Pt La mwn
40 0 Lo 'M I

byjLong -. -l *r !i r'' cl* -- *i'

you may be surprised at the dilemma
in which I and, I suppose, other
males find themselves from time to
Time. I refer in particular to the dif-
ferent cultural patterns that determine how
many kisses a lady should be given on meet-
ing and departure.
When I was a lad the only kissing that
went on (to my knowledge) was from moth-
ers on departure to school and from aunts at
birthday parties and Christmas. Both were
to be avoided to the maximum extent pos-
sible without giving offense too visibly. The
chaste exchanges between my parents seemed
symbolic rather than expressive of profound
emotion. But things have changed.

Kissing, like handshaking, has become
frequent, conventional and anticipated.
The problem is: How many? I give my wife
Annette a handsome single most mornings.

But go to a cocktail party and the ladies expect
at least two. This can be hazardous to both
kisser and kissee, particularly if one or both
contenders wears hats, earrings, glasses, hear-
ing aids, dentures, detachable hairpieces or
other devices creating difficulty of access or
productive of an embarrassing entanglement.
Judge my surprise, then, when on a Euro-
pean trip I found I was expected to provide
no less than three kisses. The ladies continu-
ously turned their heads from side to side and
I was obliged to kiss each cheek as it flashed
past. How this asymmetrical practice devel-
oped I am unaware.
The story goes that when Keats was draft-
ing "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" he arranged
to "shut her wild, wild eyes with kisses three."
It was pointed out that this created some
technical difficulties since it required one and
a half kisses on each eyelid. He therefore shut
her eyes with kisses four, ...contnued on oowg page

Agai a quanar arie in crumtne whe a ladu exed her
hand Kiss it g A 9rong choice can b Dociy i
Of courseu, mo erto shul be exrie alau -util kisin

snffn or likn 9 h finer shul 9ls9 be avoided

Cocva jonorw~et I teracnon4l1L

OPEN DAILY Lunch: 12:30 15 00 Dinner: 19 00 23:00
40 colle orienle # 20 Lo Antiguo. Guolemolo. Reservociones. [502)7832-0471

oimaIT exi(aa a Bar
5a avenida norte #29, Calle del Arco
Tel: 7832-1296 La Antigua Guatemala

Steak House .1 :,, ,.,

A every Sunday
Delivery Calle Ancha #27, La Antigua Tel: 7832-2732
. ,-...... ri i,-i ..1.1Anr.ji.i l a -.^. available
What would it avail a man if he understood Only two kinds of men will wait for
women-he'd still fall in love. a woman-husbands and single men.
I EVUE tiene la circulation maf grande: 20,000 ejemplarew impreao meanuales
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"lCuntos BeUsitos? cont.from previous page


which neatly resolved the quandary. Obvi-
ously, he preferred symmetry to tradition.
Of course I learned years ago that social
bussing, clipping or kissing (the words are
synonymous) has nothing to do with the
hearty lip-to-lip stuff in which the partici-
pants appear to chew upon each others' lips
and perform the elaborate lingual gymnas-
tics that we have become accustomed to see
in movies and on TV and which are sup-
posed to denote heightening passion. No, in
social kissing the two contestants place their
cheeks in brief parallel alignment, and one
or both generate soft sounds of suction by
the sharp intake of breath. Does the tongue
have a role in these circumstances? I think
the response is an unequivocal negative
unless the participants wish to convey to
each other not only conventional friendli-
ness but also an anticipatory sequel.

The exchanges between adults, children
and babies pose an entirely different set of
problems. Of a largely symbolic character,
children will submit readily only if a reward
is hinted at and babies only if fed, dry and
asleep. I do not consider these as serious
social difficulties. W.C. Fields, no doubt to
his latter-day, gin-sodden condition, said
that anyone who disliked dogs and children
could not be wholly bad. I feel he must have
had some unfortunate experiences with
children, and I cannot believe that he would
kiss his dog, even in an inebriated state.


One Alfred Wolfram extended social
embracement to a bizarre extreme. In
1990 at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival
he kissed 8,001 people in eight hours, rep-
resenting an average of 16.67 persons per
minute. Some years ago the Reader's Digest
published an article in which a kiss of aver-
age intensity was quantitated in terms of
energy expenditure. It was stated that such a
kiss consumed nine calories and that to lose
one pound by this method would require
389 repetitions. Wolfram expended some
72,000 calories in the performance of his
unusual feat with a calculated loss of 185
pounds. As a method of weight control it is
not to be recommended.
Social kissing, the hazards of which I have
mentioned, does have certain advantages
over the counter-labial practice motivated by
affection. In social kissing there is less like-
lihood of transmission of illness, including
the common cold, gum disease and infec-
tive mononucleosis. Accidental biting of the
tongue, lips or buccal mucosa cannot take
place, and offense created by bad breath,
unswallowed food or eructation is avoided
entirely. It is true that certain skills are
required, and knowledge of local custom is
necessary, if social kissing is to be conducted
with aplomb. Furthermore, continued prac-
tice is essential if these learned skills are to be
retained to their full effectiveness.
To this point I have excluded mention of
hand-kissing, although this certainly quali-
fies as an authentic form of social exchange.
My impression is ...contnued on following page

9C9cktailpr I9cIanbhazr u t bh k r a9 99iI9I
9pa 9 9 rt.9 icull 9f oe or bh n9tedrwas
^^^^^^Kffi'nB33^fH glassei heaIring aids, denture detach
9te deie cratn difcut 99 99 es or 9999civ o9
an emarasn 99n9a9gl9ment.

Dining ((ANTIGUA

International Menu and Exquisite Steaks
Lovely setting in a Colonial Atmosphere!
Open daily.
3a avenida sur #1,La Antigua
Tel: 7832-0806 www.lasantorchas.com

If wives only knew what secretaries think
of their husbands, they would cease to worry.


6a 'va a

- I Iete#1

What the world really needs is more love
and less paper work. -Pearl Bailey

L.A < Veggie & International Cuisine
thur: ladies night
happy hour P L \
8:30- 10:30pmtn
'H4 Cuban Ceos
music jel

4a avenida norte #4, La Antigua
Tel: 7832-1327

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I IAN II (. [ t IT111\ 1 \I




a eit b ae a

7rr6oia r1-


. rv our Irch irnl njl J andi lhe s C cI i c o mi town.
Arimne& SAnla lniia NorIe No i A 36
La A\niiguad Guailmala In?)1 '6319442
.w perolela: o n iniro'perolelomor

7ma. Ave. Norte No.2
Antigua Guatemala


uCu ntos Besitos? *
cont. from previous page

that the practice has fallen somewhat
into disuse in the Anglo-Saxon world,
being retained principally by Europeans
of Latin origin and brazen egotists. Again
a quandary arises in circumstances when
a lady extends her hand. Kiss it or shake
it? A wrong choice can be socially irre-
deemable. Of course, moderation should
be exercised always multiple kissing
extending from finger tip to elbow is ludi-
crous. Kissing the palm, sniffing or lick-
ing the fingers should also be avoided.
The kisser's lips should be clean, dry and
leave no stains, moisture or debris on the
kissee. Hand-kissing accompanied by a
loud intake of breath, bowing, posturing,
flourishing of headgear or other articles of
clothing, clicking of the heels, stamping
of the feet-any of which might be con-
sidered extravagant in today's unimagina-
tive world-should be performed with
studied discretion.
However, I believe that a strong case
can be made for extended use of this
method of salutation. Not only is it sup-
ported by centuries of tradition among
persons of culture but also, when con-
ducted with dignity, becomes a graceful
gesture quite exempt from physical haz-
ards. Support for the revival of this prac-
tice is invited. 0

I'd luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair.
-Bette Davis
People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy.
-Bob Hope
Kisses, even to the air, are beautiful.
-Drew Barrymore

78 revuemag.coms
78) revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((79


El Sabor
G-'~ del -S

En la esquina mrs popular de Antigua

Variety of special
Guatemalan Coffees
Calle del Arco y 3a. Calle esquina
Tel. (502) 7832-0516 La Antigua Guatemala

S ; .1,


7tedde~ e
Ie -ofD La Antigua
6a calleponiente#6-A Tel:7832-7180 (closedTue)


ecstaurante Ita[iano
la av. sur #17-A, La Antigua Tels: 7832-9864, 5125-6752

80) revuemag.com

ull Menu Great Wood
Daily Drink Specials Great Music
Daily: 8am-11pm
Corner of 6a calle& la avenida, La Antigua 7832-7300

Avoiding the putdown
Aguy goes up to this girl in a bar and says,
"Would you like to dance?"
The girl says, "I don't like this song, but even
if I did, I wouldn't dance with you."
The guy says, "I'm sorry, you must have misun-
derstood me, I said you look fat in those pants."


of Antigua

Dining ((ANTIGUA


- CallRcal
La de gua C u nemal deldee u9-

revuemag.com ((81

Usla de46ii twe dw en tao IMS ecdu

Our Hotel is located where
the second monastery was
founded by the Augus-
tinian's order in 1613, in
honor of "Santa Catalina"
Virgin and Martyr from Ale-

In the walls of the hotel,
the time has passed by for
almost 400 years.

You are welcome to be
part of our tradition and
add another line to his-
tory with us in La Antigua

AcL \RCo

Large selection

of jewelry

for the most

discerning taste.

/ -

5a avenida norte #28
Calle del Arco, La Antigua
PBX: 7832-3080 Fax: 7832-3610


LodgingT (T7IGUA

Mayan Petit SPA 6a Av. norte No. 7 La Antigua Guatemala 78 32 89 87 / 78 32 89 51
Alameda Santa Lucta norte No. 20 La Antigua Guatemala 78 32 35 37 / 78 32 35 38

AL RATES I i.in ,.1

Single: $30
Single for two: $38
Double: $47
Triple: S68
Private bath and hot
water, 1 2 blk from park
Saav sur u8 La Antigua
Tel. 182 0581

.iI ,jr -'1 II[II j1' j, 11 1 1. rlh I.jl h. jI
M. I v,.. r. i, I*,iio r*.f The Finest Family Hotelin Antigua

H otel Breakfast Service Wireless Internet Cable TV
SSingle, Double & Triple Rooms Private Parking
SAurora Res eis ,l5s12,s 32si51 7s327.965 32.966 TelFa, I5,2,i7S32,21
S" Ja (alleorienle lo haurora.-'onexon om gl vvvvvv holelauroraanligua (om

A woman's work is never done,
especially the part she asks her husband to do.

I have good looking kids. Thank goodness my
wife cheats on me. -Rodney Dangerfield

SREVUE le ofrece nax valor agregado Su anuncio en Internet revueinag corn
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ANTIGUA))Lodg ingS11

by Dr. Karmen Guevara

One of the great mysteries in life is the
exhilaration that comes from falling
in love. Every cell in the body vibrates with
new love. The heart bursts with energy, the
mind swells with dreams and the physical
senses become heightened. No wonder we're
seduced by the magic of falling in love!
Try something different. Flip the cli-
che "love is life" to "life is love." Instead
of dreaming of love with another, why not
fall in love with life? Being in love with life
is a completely different experience, even
though the heart, mind and body engage in
similar ways. Being in love with life means
to be in touch with it and to be deeply
touched by all that it holds-the miracles,
mysteries, beauty and abundance. It also
includes the peaks and lows, the complex-
ity and simplicity, the profound and the
mundane, the light and the dark.
Connect with the small things, too-a
leaf falling from a tree, the sound of a hum-
mingbird and the sparkle in a child's eyes.
Smell the rain, feel the wind and let the
sun kiss your face. Thich Nhat Hanh says,
"Looking deeply at an orange, you realize it
is nothing less than a miracle."
This state of love is also a miracle. When
we spread seeds of love, we also water the
seeds within us and everything begins to
flow with a rhythm that is in tune with life.
Swimming upstream turns into a fading
memory from the past. Maya Angelou de-
scribed it well: "Love life, engage in it, give
it all you've got. Love it with a passion, be-
cause life truly does give back, many times
over, what you put into it."
Go forward this year and experiment.
Feast on your life and give back your heart
to itself. Remember, life is a lover that will
never abandon you until it's the end. 0

84)) revuemag.com



,' 1 (-\ 1(-1- I .llOIUt lUl I I1011i I 1a\
Roomll (i ice Indool Iai king Fool'
Deatltiflul Ciaiden lixate Bath Hot \\atel
Cable T\ Fiicplacc Cicdit Caids FIce
Continental DicalIfast H:iseback Riding'
4a av. sur # 13, Antiqua
TcIFa\: 7832 3132 5390 4-' 35
-l1a.IA i,,i,, .1 ,n .- i. .-,I .,

revuemag.com (s85



B ED & B' R k A 1K F 1. T

The Cloister, originally a I 'th century cloister.
laier converted to a lirn ate residence,
provides a rate opportunity' to visit a colonial home.
Built in the classic Spanish stnle ntith rooms
i arranged awund a central garenn courtyard.
k it is conilortablv furnished nt ith private
baths and fireplaces i all seven bedrooms.

V t ; 2 I 1
IliiCtl ,lrll' L'I, lll.llli iiln
\> \>\. Ihn-( llll r.l llllln
i.l.^ ... 11 ..1 "llll. l rl- #- I.I \lIIIl II.I

I. k, ,. .i

COMFORT& ELEGANCE. Near San Sebastian Park
Private Bath 2 Lovely Gardens 24 Dbl Rooms
Convention Room Credit Cards accepted
Av. EL DESENGANO #26 (502)7832-2312,7832-7316
La Antigua email: casadelasfuentes@hotmail.com

In my house I'm the boss, my wife is just
the decision maker. -Woody Allen

86 revuemag.com

Bed & Breakfast
Dorm Beds
Private Rooms
Ia avriida sur No H. La Anrirgii (j .itrmr n lai
TIl. (Is l ) I U 1 ?-014 -- elll) al anlrgua(giiai.tmr

When some husbands are wrong, they
make up for it by being the last to admit it.

Ifyour business is not worth
advertising, then advertise it for sale.
www. revuemag. com
PBX: 7832-4619

ANTIGUA)) Lod*gn1g

I~ ~


JLy -P

Comfort and Quality Service
Bed and Breakfast
.a avenida nore LS 1K.1. ii........rs ....a.. Andigu
,V ALLE Reservalions 832 3031 TelFax: 7832-0275
BED& BRE. KF.ST a hulelkOuovalle (om casaovalle. ,yahuu (om r

A new colonial experience
Restaurant Spa Special Events
9a calla pta. #40, Salida a Ciudad Vi ja #25 Tel: 7832 2240
Fax: 7832 3810 info@hotalrealplaza.com www.hotalraalplaza.com

. irdos Plc mao

E E le ofrece el coto mi baoor ejempar araromcorevuemag.com .87
revuemag.com ((87

Be a part of the Colonial
Aristocracy, stay with us at
j Iote[ Casa qoble
at your convenience we offer:
. sgls/dbls, junior & master suites.
2a av sur No. 29, Antigua TelFax: 7832-0864/66/68
reservationes(hotelcasanoble.com www.hotelcasanoble.com

ANTIGUA)) Lod*gn1g

Luxury Boutique Hotel
Luxury Suites, Apartments,
Gardens and a spectacular view
from the terrace and Cafe Antario.
5a Avenida Sur #31, La Antigua Guatemala
Telfax: 7832-9539 wwwvilladeantano.com

Las Camelias Inn BED & BREAKFAST
ll.iir- *:IT- |. '. *:l .*int, :.,in 'I ,I ,1 :-- I,:.. I r.- .
19 Rooms with private bath and Cable TV Parking (allejon del Hermano Pedro #2
Very affordable Near Santo Domingo S Central Park CASA a Anligua Gualemala
,. ll. ,. oNCE N Tel: 7832-060

.- y Reservations: Antigua Tours by Elizabeth Bell
S7832 5821, 7832-2046
,, ,, -, ,-r' ,. r cw w w .holelfasaconcepc lon com

1:.1 nj.
*= Boutique Hotel

.DI oll nIhnl II.VJI I'VllI. (l-o0 l" to

Young lady, he may be all the world to you, Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.
but you'd better see more of the world first. -Saint Thomas Aquinas
S- -- .. .
,e Clean & comfortable rooms
L.a Casa *Private bath/hot water CadSa
*Dc Maco >*Shared kitchen ncantada
So E T t *6blocksfrom Central Park Casa tncantada
*Wireless internet for laptops First Class Service
Sa av. norte #22-A TelFax: (502) 7832-2549 9a calle y 4 av sur esquina #1, Antigua Fax 7832-7908
info@lacasademaco.com www.lacasademaco.com Tels 7832-7905 /06 m

88) revuemag.com

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA





Where travelers
will find in a garden
14 Luxury Rooms
with cable TV,
phone & mini-bar,
some w/ fireplace.
Pool. Sauna.
Free Internet access.
Spectacular Vie s.
Personalized Seriice.
Breakfast included
4a avenida norte #5,
La Antigua Guatemala

Casa Madeleine I .1'i 'I i [ni I w1[i1'i1] H, I1-I
jnil ii I,1 Aiaii'.jiij ,1 1i vriii l 6 Beautiful
decorated and furnished rooms
alleye dcl Espitlll Saul.i, tPr La AinlitI a
lel I(J2j 1832- 318- Fax 7832- 358
Irolllderl... a.imatl delelle mn www l asa.iadelelinre (i

Hostal Las Marias Comiortable Rooms
.- hofel afed with Feeling F01 vot Priialt Bath
( a.ll j N J .I.RI.I I.I. I. I .1 I.I nIrJn N.. - 1 Fit Illterl i t
R- iu.. ,- n Ii-i, o-n.-I Breakfal t included
a lt Ih l. lll. llll lenar 1 '..nl

-iV^H"" M --

Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
country-wide distribution
i i EESi i ES, -


revuemag.com ((89

LEFT: Revue editor Terry Biskovich (partially hidden by sapling) admires her mother's memorial tree
as others attending the planting look on. RIGHT: Project gardener Jos4 Benigno Obando keeps the
gardens watered and maintained.

Planting with Love
text and photos by Jack Houston

Nineteen new tree and flower gar-
dens were planted in 2008 along
the Alameda Santa Lucia in La
Antigua Guatemala, among them memo-
rials for Bill and Liz Paddock, Bobbi and
Hank Duflon, Mary Sue Morris, and Edie
Kovick, mother of REVUE editor and co-
publisher Terry Kovick Biskovich.
Recently a Guatemalan couple from Sil-
ver Spring, MD donated a tree garden "in
memory" of the husband's parents. When
asked when his parents had died, the hus-
band said, "Oh, they're not dead. They're
doing just fine living in Santiago Sacate-
pequez." Local businesses also have donat-
ed gardens and sponsored their upkeep.
Tomas and Barbara Cernikovsky start-
ed the garden project in 2001, soon after
their move to La Antigua from New York's
Lower Manhattan. Whenever they stepped
outside their home on the alameda-the
divided boulevard running north and south
on the west end of town-they noticed the
trees were dying or dead from neglect.
There were 162 spaces for trees. Now
there are 193, including new trees and
flower gardens to replace the dead ones and
new holes dug into the alameda's concrete
median and sidewalks.
At the memorial planting for Edie Kovick
a week before Christmas, Tomas pointed to
the holes in the sidewalk. "Yesterday, this
was all concrete. They cut the holes, filled
90) revuemag.com

them with 30 bags of planting material, and
today we have two new gardens!"
Each garden, protected by a small metal
fence, costs a sponsor Q800. "People pay
for the garden and we do the rest-flow-
ers, trees, topsoil, watering, maintenance."
This year, once it reaches its goal of 200
gardens, the project will concentrate on
maintenance, which costs about $4,000
annually. "At least 15 gardens have been
smashed by hit-and-run drivers, so there's
plenty of upkeep. Also, we go through
three or four hoses a month. The heavy
traffic crushes them."
Tomas loves to tell the story of a New
Zealander living in La Antigua who, hav-
ing had a baby, agreed to sponsor one of the
gardens on the condition that she could do
what they do back home. "She planted the
placenta under a new tree and took photos
and sent them home to show she did the
right thing. The tree's growing very well
with its special fertilizer."
Always the optimist, Tomas hopes the
municipality will eventually take over the
maintenance. Meanwhile he's working with
Mayor Adolfo Vivar by providing supplies to
municipal workers, who paint the tree bases
and garden fences. o
For more information about Proyecto de
Jardinizacidn de la Alameda Santa Lucia,
see www.cernikovsky.com/Alameda.htm

Lodginge ((ANSrTIGUA

blocks from Central Park

21 Equipped Rooms by the Day, Week
or Month. CableTV, Safe Box, Mini-Bar.
Tels: (502) 5201-7468, 2369-6484,
(502) 7832-1020, 7832-0937
1' avenida norte 5-A, La Antigua Guatemala
hpanchoy@itelgua.com ~ www.hotelpanchoycom

If'!"Ttlftfllll HOTEL, CAFE & BAR private bath,
hot water, cable TV, wireless internet,
laundry, shared kitchen, bag storage.
6a av. norte #8, La Antigua (1 block
from central park) Tel: 7832-3709

Po0adda El 'ntaf A place for you
El Rinrt to o feel at home."
11 Comfortable Rooms w/fireplace, private bath, TV.
1 Suite w/jacuzzi, fireplace, volcano view.
Restaurant, Terrace, Internet, Parking, Special Rates
6a av. norte #36, Antigua TelFax: 7832-7351,
7832-0134 www.Dosadaelantano.com

C o li: lilai r I.'." : i- ..':I.
7a av. sur #3 La Antigua
Tel: 7832-1223
latatuana@hotmail.com www.atatuana.com

revuemag.com <<91

QoY)lere emerw corner l ac a cecre t^ ; ad eeK4 a1 t o'scrn

The ideal Boutique Hotel for those who look for cozy, private spaces and Grand Class Service.
Located in a beautiful early XVIII century colonial house.

3a. Calle Oriente No. 16 "A", La Antigua Guatemala. 300 mt. from the main entrance to the city
Tel: (502) 7832- 9715, 7832- 9716 www.vistareal.comlantigua

aftwr the (ticw( of itie emotk Y 1A \mA in tetin,
a(belai t AW (idler an dli ktut to Intt ~jo at
tke ffrit A-/elte tarHer 1i AHtIA 3j

Ihajo d Ifxrto Ad uoloe 3 5
It Iod i ck n jdfrtwiM i(frel i Aijtr tnuim il "Mto
L'OCCITANE ACe dAle Io vm (Aa oI rftwer I/ue e/me r e is Ui49MI

~ tram~a

92) revuemag.com

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA

p o s a d a EL ANGEL
4a avenida sur #24A, La Antigua Guatemala Reservations: (502) 7832-5303, 7832-5244
Telfax: (502) 7832-0260 elangel@posadadelangel.com www.posadadelangel.com

revuemag.com ((93

7a Ave 19-44, zona 1 IIN$ GAGOSg ITyS Renta de Buses, iltimo modelo,
Tels: 2232-3661, 2220-6018 Fax: (502) 2220-4902 L dentro y fuera del Pais.
www.transgalgosinter.com A TAPACHULA EN PRIMERA ( I. I., ;**- =. -5058
7:30, 13:30 & 15:00 14:30, 19:30 & 20:00 6:00, 9:30 & 14:30 1:00, 15:30 & 19:30
Estrella Blanca, Greyhound. Via aerea: Reservacion y venta de Boletos a traves de Exytur. Tel: 2253-9131

daniel@irc-travel.tom Cl
I MIL C bejarano.daniel@hotmail.com Shuttle Service
S1 Buses for Rent p/day
Sm M1 M ToursToTlkal
Yr in v l 6a calle oriented #10, La Antigua
Tels. (502) 7832-9032

TRANSPORTES TURiSTICOS Shuttle Service Organized Tours.
TANSPNT TU Packages and more... 2 4U
A T(TI r | 7832-3371, 7831-0184, 5935-8233 HOUR
TOUR OPERATO6a av. sur #8, La Antigua ASSISTANCE
/ info@atitrans.com www.atitrans.com Antigua. Rio Duke. Copan. Panajachel Guatemala
ventas@atitrans.com Serving with the Best Quality,Safety and Insurance since 1992

UR A SA Tours, Transportation, Shuttles, Hotels & more.
opERADORA DE TURISMO Worldwide Air-tickets, Professional Staff.
Antigua: 5a calle oriented #10-A Guatemala City: Km. 15 Carr. Roosevelt, Super Centro Molino
Tels: (502) 7832-2928, 7832-4691 Fax: 7832-4692 Locales 68-69 Tels: (502) 2433-6080/81 Fax: 2433-6452
www.turansa.com info@turansa.com 24 HOUR ASSISTANCE (502) 5651-2284

5^Kcursiovcs Sm y rossaL~ mf1
Exciting Guatemalan Destinatins
and Great Trips to the Belize Cayes
Tels: 2331-0427, 2361-6178

Cantores Finlandeses cont.from page36 The members of Cantores Finlandeses
institutions and festivals in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ven-
ezuela, Colombia, Spain and Ecuador. Its repertoire includes works by Bach, Handel, Men-
delssohn, Schubert, Bruckner; composers from North America and, of course, Guatemala. It
has also participated in community projects with organizations and institutions promoting
human and cultural values, education and a peaceful society through music. o

94) revuemag.com

* International courier
* Local courier and money transfer
* Passenger transportation to Guatemala City Central location
for CLASS, PLUS and SPECIAL travel service
__ ~rsa7isasaza7rl'l

TracK your P 3Kage 31


Lax TravelAntigua
-J Tels: 7832-1621, 7832-2674
3a calle poniente #12 Esquina
You won't find better airfares than ours!!!

We specialize in Adventure Tour
Shuttle, trekking, kayaking, canopy,
paragliding, hiking, mountain biking,
6u1Sv ~bilingualguideservice&more
I Av. Santander, Panajachel



Travel Agency of Choice!

Ask for our different Promotions,
Packages & Special Airfares
All of our services come with a
smile. We hope to see you soon.
Anywhere you want to go,
we can arrange it.
Low and high budget, '"
we have it all. IATA

STikal, Hotels, Intl. plane tickets
Luxury 8 1st class buses
Private 8 Collective Shuttle Services
Horseback riding 8 Rafting
Rent-A-Car Maps Volcano Tours
Reservations 8 Confirmations
SBus Service throughout Central America
Bus to San Crlstobal de las Casas
Recommended by:
Le Guide du Routard, Lonely Planet,
Ulysses, Central America Handbook

revuemag.com ((95


].. .




~Ix~. iFi3

revuemag.com (97


Rods & Reels Sport Fishing Adventures
for info on daily rates or packages
5251 4809 or 5502 5353


Guaemala 5 00 A AM. 900 A.M
rugua Guatemala 4 00 AM

(op:n Rumas 10 00 AM 1:30PM.
San Pearo Suia 1 30 PM 5.00 PM ED
AeropuertoSAP 40 PM 6 50PM UNI
Teia 3 30PM 800PM
legucialpa 6 00 PM 10 00 PM
La (eiba 5 45 PM 9 30PM

Copan RundS 1 30 PM 6 00 PM
San Pedro Sula 9 50 A.M i 30 PM
Aeropuerto SAP800A M 1:30PM
Tea 7 15AM 1245PM
Teguci ala 5 45 A M 10 0 AM
LaCeida 15AM 1000AM.
GuaLemala 6 30 PM 10 30 PM.
Antigua Guatemala 8 00 P M

98) revuemag.com

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