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IT.Da die foSr Octoer)-I

10 Sensuous Guatemala:
Independence Celebrations!
by Ken Veronda

11 One More Time Tunnel: El Capitol
byDwight WayneCoop

12 Last but not least:
La Recolecci6n is among the most impressive
ruins in town.
by oy Houston, photos by Jack Houston

15 Who is Latin America's finest
scribe? Author Maria del Carmen Escobar is
certainly one of them.

16 The Transformation of the
Compafia de Jesus

Guide to culture and upcoming events
compiled by Mercedes Mejicanos

38 Freedom and Independence
byDr. Karmen Guevara

52 Bridging the Divide
The literacy campaign of Cooperative
for Education byLizWu

60 Bikeloads of Smiles
by Ken Veronda

62 Where am I? And what day
is it? Another informative historical quiz
by Carlisle Johnson

96 Just call me Indio
One of Panajachel's most colorful and asked-about
personages byDwightWayneCoop

112 What the Future Brings
Some questions we need to face are
raised by the Panchoy 50 Foundation

*.suepe.sues.a unay
Ib U w Gip uu r IIL5 Jdy
Celebration, 2007
Sby Rudy Gir6n/www.rudygiron.com

8) revuemag.com

c n t le n

26 Guatemala City
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CAwKA t u. lka pd5lrLtOz
\AY. 15 4 zok4
M M U.

On September 15, 1821, the Captain-
cy-general of Guatemala (formed by
Chiapas, Guatemala, El Salvador,
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras) of-
ficially proclaimed its independence from
Spain and its incorporation into the Mexican
Empire, which was dissolved two years later.
This month, 187 years later, Guatemala
and most of Central America celebrates that
independence in many forms. Ken Veronda
describes many of them in his latest install-
ment of the Sensuous Guatemala series. The
stunning cover photo by Rudy Gir6n is
from last year's celebration on the 15th.
Our dynamic duo of Jack and Joy Hous-
ton have once again made the past come
alive with the story of La Recolecci6n, one
of the last built and most impressive ruins
in La Antigua.
Dwight Wayne Coop offers up a few
articles including One more time tunnel:
El Capitol. After reading some books by
Maria del Carmen Escobar, Mr. Coop pos-
es a question in Who is Latin America's finest
scribe? He then goes on to introduce us to
one of Panajachel's colorful personages in
Just call me Indio.
Throughout the magazine the quotations
that we normally scatter about have a com-
mon thread in this issue. We're sure you won't
have any problem figuring out the theme.
The Transformation of the Compania de
Jesis is an inspiring story of beautiful res-
toration work and increasing educational
resources in the new home of the Centro
Iberoamericano de Formaci6n.
We also have an historical quiz from
Carlisle Johnson, and questions about the
future from the Panchoy 50 Foundation.
As always we have a complete cultural
guide via DateBook as well as more infor-
mation and facts to help you enjoy your
September. -JBT
I am sometimes asked, "Why do you spend
so much ofyour time and money talking
about kindness to animals when
there is so much cruelty to men?"
I answer: "I am working at the roots."
-George T Angell
10) revuemag.com

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he steady beat of the marching drum,
the somewhat-less-steady march of
student footsteps along the cobble-
stone, the sudden thump of a mortar, a shell
climbing to burst into multicolors of celebra-
tion. Any good excuse is a good time for cel-
ebration, of course, but September holds a
special one: Independence Day on the 15th,
and the sounds, smells, tastes and sights are
to be enjoyed all month.
School classes take weeks to practice:
thum ... thum ... thumthumthum of the
drummers, sharp notes from marching
bands, chatter in the ranks from children
not taking everything quite as seriously as
they might. Meanwhile, older students pick
their royalty to ride atop decorated trucks
in the many parades, to dance along the
routes, to party and enjoy.
Church bells, fireworks, auto horns, a
few sirens echo along the streets and bounce
off the white walls-days of practice, the
day of independence, then days remember-
ing if not continuing the celebrations. In
dusty fields, carnivals are set up with wheels
climbing to the skies and whirling plat-
forms enticing kids and lovers alike. Blue-
and-white colors break out, deep blue on
new flags of governmental buildings, faded
to almost blue-white on flags bleached by
the bright September sun. The odor of the
month is pungent punk, from the firecrack-
ers and fireworks of celebration.
12 > revuemag.com

On the holiday night, globos add special
color to the skies. Spheres of tissue paper in
many colors, filled with hot air from burn-
ing wicks of cotton at the base, globos can
float several blocks-or suddenly burst into
golden flame if the flame gets close to the
paper. So what if there's a moment of dan-
ger wherever the globos fall? They're beau-
tiful when they float right, and they're all
part of the celebration.
There's the president, the governor, the
mayors, decked with their blue-and-white
sashes of their mandate, making speeches
from the balconies, the municipal band
ready with trumpets and drums when
speech are done. Classrooms are decorated
with drawings of heroes and flags, teaching
the next generation about the rich heritage.
There are the costumed dancers, the Span-
ish fighting the Moors, the dances of the
animals. If you're lucky, the toritos may be
out, young men bent into frames of styl-
ized bulls strung with firecrackers, chasing
gleeful kids in the central squares. Sounds,
sights, noise, music of celebration.
And there's the happiest music of all,
the marimba, a single player or a band,
or sometimes many bands at the same
time. Drink it all in, colors and noises
and marchers and speechmakers, blended
into happy celebration in the music of the
marimba, this month and every month in
sensuous Guatemala. 0


by D% i ghtr \\ ne ( T hirty years ago irr..p. I.lr in
Guatemala had fewer than halt
its current 3.6 million people
Today's well-heeled suburbs in its souther
quadrant were separated from El Centro I.,
receding pastures and gardens. Zone On,
had long gone to seed, but in the late 197,
an attempt to return it to respectability vw
launched on Downtown's main drag, Sex r
avenida, between calls 12 and 13.
If you believe in ghosts, you might think
that the people who lived on this block a
century ago had a hand in this. Back then,
there was a convent that was eventually
abandoned and replaced by liquor markets
and clothiers. It is rumored that the nuns
are buried there because in 1977 workmen
laying the foundation for a building on
nearby 7a avenida encountered a Catholic


A Predecessor of Edificio Capitol right circa 1930;
the long gone former Cine Capitol is on the
left across the street. ( .... : .,:,... ,,zi r.,-.)
V Edificio Capitol. right; modern Cine Capitol is in
its top floor. ( -..r...: ,c. ir *I. r ......

catacomb. The other building became
Incredible Hulk, an electronics retailer.
When the Hulk went belly-up in 2001, its
shell was absorbed by the Capitol Building
that fronts 6a avenida.
So it is that today the Centro Comercio
Capitol, or simply continued on page 40

revuemag.com ((13

La Recoleccidn is off the beaten track but worth the extra,
dusty walk, being among the most impressive ruins in town.

R religious reformers punctuate history
as far back as anyone wants to go.
Constantine, Luther, even Henry
VIII, the Wesley brothers. The past century
knew Billy Sunday and Billy Graham. An-
tonio Margil de Jesis is hardly a household
name, but Jesds Maria Garcia Anoveros said
he left an indelible memory in the Kingdom
of Guatemala and called him one of the most
celebrated missionaries in America. (Historia
General de Guatemala, Vol. III) His legacy
lies in the grand ruins of La Recolecci6n in
La Antigua Guatemala, on the western edge
of la calle poniente.
La Recolecci6n is off the beaten track
but worth the extra, dusty walk, being
one of the most impressive ruins in town.
Massive hunks of masonry lie high in the
church nave, on a heap of centuries-old
rubble, unlike the convent ruins of Santa
Clara and Las Capuchinas, cleaned up and
planted with gardens; or San Francisco, the
Cathedral and La Merced, now rebuilt or
14)) revuemag.com

restored functioning churches. The word
for La Recolecci6n is 'huge'; it rivaled as the
largest religious facility in colonial Santia-
go de los Caballeros, now La Antigua. Fray
Antonio Margil was its first director.
He arrived from Spain at the port ofVe-
racruz, Mexico in 1683 with 24 other Fran-
ciscan Recollect evangelists. They dispersed
throughout the territory of New Spain to
preach the Gospel. News of the traveling
evangelists spread, and by the time two of
them, one Fray Margil, arrived in Santiago
in 1685, they were received enthusiastically
by important families of the nobility, who
expected the "conversion of a multitude of
sinners-of whom there was no scarcity
in the city," wrote Pardo, Castellanos and
Muioz in the Gula de Antigua Guatemala.
The humble Recollects established a home
base at the Calvario church while they con-
tinued their itinerant missions. "The Fran-
ciscan Recollects entered non-conquered
regions accompanied by a small group ofsol-

LEFT: Ruins of monastery and church of La Recoleccion, the last and largest religious facility in colonial
Santiago de los Caballeros ABOVE: Massive hunks of massonry piled high in the church nave
by Joy Houston photos by Jack Houston

diers, not with a mission of attacking the na-
tives, but to avoid to the extent possible any
violent reaction. After the missionaries were
seated peacefully, the soldiers withdrew;
the missionaries organized the people into
groups and evangelized them. The groups
became parishes and were entrusted to the
secular clergy." (Anoveros)
The Recollects requested royal permis-
sion to establish a missionary training school
in Santiago, like one already established in
Mexico. As it had before and after, the town
council opposed adding another religious
order to the 16 in the town, given economic
and space limitations. According to Aiove-
ros, in 1687 the Crown itself, concerned
with the extent of possessions of the religious
orders, had "issued the first of a series of de-
crees expressly prohibiting the acquisition
of new real estate by the convents." Church
entities had become the largest bank and fi-
nance company and held the most property.
They made loans, guaranteed mortgages and

invested new donations, increasingly adding
wealth-at a time when the monarchy was
relatively impoverished.
Impoverished or not, freedom from the
Hapburgs and alliance with the French in
1700 brought new strength to the Spanish
monarchy, giving the throne unquestioned
divine right and responsibility that over-
ruled civil authority. When royal approval
came, the town council pitched right in to
help the Recollects build a simple, thatched
convent and church in a field just outside
town. Within months supporters put up
funds, and the cornerstone was laid for a
new church as well as the school, called
Colegio de Cristo Crucificado. In 1702 Fray
Margil returned from his evangelist jour-
neys, crisscrossing back and forth through
Guatemala from Chiapas to Costa Rica, to
oversee the school.
And maybe none too soon. Although
the whole territory was considered evan-
gelized by the 18th century, some mis-

sionaries concentrated on revival among
Christians. Religious life had deteriorated
to decadence. Sixty years earlier Thomas
Gage wrote, "Great plenty and wealth hath
made the inhabitants as proud and vicious
as those of Mexico...fearing neither a vol-
cano nor mountain of water on one side;
neither a volcano of fire or mouth of hell on
the other side, soaring within and threaten-
ing to rain upon them Sodom's ruin and
destruction..." Gage may have overdrama-
tized. But some clergy "showed scandalous
public behavior," and the bishop "made a
fortune" taking advantage of priests' weak-
nesses by blackmailing them. True, he
spent great sums on convents. "But these
activities were blemished by his excessive
greed." (Anoveros)
In contrast, the Recollects were charac-
terized by their strict practices. Fray Margil
was austere and simple, always going bare-

foot. He left Santiago in 1706, evangelizing
in Mexico and the Texas territory until his
death in 1726.
Meanwhile in Guatemala, construc-
tion of the monastery continued, and the
church and school of the Recollects was in-
augurated in May 1717, four months before
the hard-hitting earthquake. Repairs were
carried out, only to be bashed and broken
again in 1751. Reconstruction built a big-
ger and better church, among the largest in
Santiago, and comfortable cloisters to ac-
commodate perhaps 100 Franciscan Recol-
lects; the 35 in 1740 needed help to carry-
out the mission of the monastery. The two
simple Recollects in 1685 would have been
amazed at the sheer size of it.
The facade with three entrances looked
east to the edge of the plaza of the Domini-
can church on the northeast corner of town,
with properties of San ...contnuedonpage70

Silent spaces of the second cloister, devoid of the second story

16 revuemag.com

liked it better than 100 Years ofSolitude.
So does Garcia Mirquez live in Fool's
Paradise? There are, it seems, a few folks
who prefer the tiny proprietress of a now-
shuttered bridle shop in Pasaje Rubio. In
fairness to Garcia Mdrquez, my senora is,
like her new favorite author, Guatemalan.
So patriotic bias may figure, to say nothing
of the familiarity-shared by author and
reader-with Guatemala City's places
and habits. But who, really, is Maria del
Carmen Escobar?
She grew up in a house without books
and, therefore, according to empirical
studies, unlikely to become a recreational
reader. In fact, she not only became a reader
in a bookless environment; as a child she
grasped her bootstraps and began to write.
"I was such a reading nut," she says, "that

Who is Latin America's finest scribe?

by Dwight Wayne Coop

C olombia's Gabriel Garcia Mirquez
is the most read. Chile's Isabel
Allende is a top female contender.
And so, in 2002, I borrowed a book by
each for my wife, thinking that some
august literature might quell her post-natal
depression. I also bought a book by Maria
del Carmen Escobar.

Maria del Carmen Who?

Good question. But the first question-
the identity of Latin America's finest-was
quickly settled. My wife dropped the
Garcia Mirquez and Allende books before
finishing the first chapter. But her eyes
became riveted to 49 Cents of Happiness, by
"Who?" She almost finished it in a single
sitting. When I read it myself, I frankly

as soon as I had minimal literacy, I started
writing stories-in order to read them."
Nearly a lifetime later, this most
approachable of Latin American literati still
toiled at her day job but could look back on
a steady thread of production, punctuated
by local, if modest, successes.
The 1944 Liberal Revolution was, by the
summer of 1954, living on borrowed time.
Butwhatwas then the MinistryofEducation
and Agriculture announced a short-story
writing contest among secondary students.
Escobar, then 20, took first place, and saw
the words of My Faithful Friend inked onto
the pages of Nuestro Diario-next to her
It was an auspicious start. But Garcia
Mirquez claims on artistic (if not moral)
grounds a readership in the hundreds of
millions; Escobar's books have sold only a
few thousand, and her plays, ..continued on page78
revuemag.com ((17


The Transformation of the

Compania de Jesus

Offering a wide variety of classes and events under its roof this
restored gem receives some 30,000 visitors annually, by Mariola Alvarez

In May 1992 Spain and Guatemala
signed an agreement that launched the
restoration of the historic Compafiia de
Jestis complex, paving the way for the even-
tual home of the Centro Iberoamericano de
Formaci6n (CIF).
Located at 3a calle and 6a avenida in La
Antigua Guatemala, CIF houses numerous
offices that help develop public policy for
Latin America. Health, justice, education,
fiscal, infrastructure, communications, eco-
nomic and environmental policies are some
of the topics that are studied and debated
behind its imposing walls.
The goal is to strengthen Latin Ameri-
can institutions by training civil servants
and exchanging knowledge and experience
18)) revuemag.com

among government staff and officials of the
various countries.
Approximately 250 classes, workshops,
seminars and symposiums take place every
year, with an average of 35 participants
each. In all, more than 8,000 people from
throughout Latin America come to La An-
tigua every year to attend public policy dis-
cussions at CIF.
In addition to the policy-oriented ac-
tivities, cultural activities have increased at
CIF. About 80 events a year, including con-
certs, dance performances, exhibitions and
book presentations, attract approximately
20,000 patrons.
CIF also houses a documentation center
and a book-lending library. Besides volumes

of books, the center stores all the informa-
tion generated in the courses, seminars and
meetings. This warehouse of information
is used annually by approximately 6,000
people searching for data, theories, docu-
mentation and background in the various
policy topics that have been discussed and
then catalogued here.
The extensive restoration making all this
activity possible goes back to the vision of
the Programa de Preservaci6n del Patrimo-
nio Cultural de Iberoam&rica de la Agen-
cia Espanola de Cooperaci6n Internacional
(AECI), with approval of the Consejo
Nacional para la Protecci6n de la Antigua
After the initial agreement of 1992, the
next step was in December 1994, when
AECI signed an agreement with the Mu-
nicipalidad de Antigua, owner of the build-
ing, to transfer use of the Church and the
Colegio de la Compafia de Jesds for a
25-year term as the Centro Iberoamericano
de Formaci6n.
In 1995 activities began in the northeast-
ern cloister. On October 16, 1997, Centro
Iberoamericano de Formaci6n de la AECI,
was dedicated by Queen Sofia of Spain.
With the royal inauguration, the importance
of the building was heightened again.
The church is now the Escuela Taller,
which trains young men and women of
scant resources living in La Antigua and
surrounding communities such trades as
carpentry, masonry, metallurgy, electricity
and plumbing. Students also learned about
and worked on the restoration itself.
As more and more portions of the build-
ing have been restored and reopened, so
have the educational and cultural activities
occurring there, drawing more internation-
al visitors to La Antigua and more prestige
to CIF and Cooperaci6n Espaiola. 0

Concerts and other cultural events all year round

A modern reading library with multiple medias

Various classes are given in the children's library
revuemag.com <(17

Tues.,7pm -ART: .
2junkabal colectiva de ,;
arte 2008, a tribute to the [
artist Danny Schaffer, ex- '* 0 ,
position and sale through j .
Thurs., 4th. Anacaf6 (tel:
5550-5103) 5a calle 0-50, .
z. 14, Guatemala City. *g
2Tues., 5:30pm (English) TALK: Red
Kuchub al-A fairer economy in and for Gua-
temala. Red Kuchub'al works to create a fairer
economy through coordination, solidarity and
mutual cooperation by bringing together many
small producers in the southwest of Guatemala.
Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel: 7832-1919)
7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
3 Wed., 10am (English) DISCUSSION:
HM Ambassador Mr. Ian Hughes will give
a talk on The Commonwealth. Auditorio Milton
Friedman, 3rd floor ofEscuela de Negocios, Uni-
versidad Francisco Marroquin (tel: 2366-7291)
6a calle final, z. 10, Guatemala City.
4Ihurs., through Sat. 27th PHOTOG-
RAPHY: Exhibition of extraordinary work
by the Club Fotogrifico de Guatemala. Free.
Casa del Aguila (tel: 2361-6456) ruta 3, via 5,
esquina, z. 4, al sur de 4 grades norte, Guate-
mala City.

4Thurs., through
4Sun., 28th -
Hotel Pasabien by Al-
berto Rodriguez Collia.
Galeria el Attico
(tel: 2368-0853)
4a av. 15-45, z. 14,
Guatemala City.

Thurs., 6pm PHOTOGRAPHY: Inau-
guration of Italia y Guatemala en la mirada de
Ricardo Mata. Institute Italiano de Cultura (tel:
2263-0394) 16 calle 2-55, z. 10, Guatemala City.
6Sat., 11am PHOTOGRAPHY: La Ha-
bana vieja y la nueva danza by Guatemalan
artist Christian Kummerfeldt. Free. Colegio
Mayor de Santo Tomis de Aquino, la av. norte
#23, LaAntigua.
7Sun., 10:30am LECTURE: The Path of a
/ Buddha, A Way oflnspiration. Mes6n PanzaVerde
(tel: 7832-2925) 5a av. sur #19, LaAntigua.
8Mon., 9am CELEBRATION: Dia del
Cooperante will be celebrated with an expo-
sition and workshop Objetivos del milenio. Cen-
tro de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n Espanola
(7832-1276) 6a av. norte (between 3a y 4a calle
poniente), LaAntigua.
Mon., through Sat., 13th, 9am to 4pm -
(Spanish/English) WORKSHOP: Journey to
Design through Foot-Loom a I, taught by
textile designer Maddalena Celilia Forcella (Italy).
Inside Finca la Azotea (7888-7487) Jocotenango.
Tues., 4 to 7pm (English/Spanish)
NETWORKING: For NGOs and projects
in the area; a place for people who have or are
working on projects to present and share ideas.
Everyone is welcome; tea, coffee and snacks.
Stuardo's place (tel: 7832-3160) Calle Chipilapa
#9-A, LaAntigua.
Tues., 6pm (Spanish) CONFERENCE:
Ricardol' 1./ .r.-, .c -..i).M ata.
Institute Italiano de Cultura (tel: 2263-0394) 16
calle 2-55, z. 10, Guatemala City.

18 >revuemag.com

*r=i = -T-Is


9Tues., 5:30pm TALK: Microloans:
Myths and Management with "As Green As
It Gets," a non-profit organization supporting
coffee farmers, artisans and other small pro-
ducers from disadvantaged communities in
Guatemala. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel:
7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
10Wed., 5pm ART: Tender Mercies by
1iartist Kristine McCallister. Galeria Pan-
za Verde (tel: 7832-2925) LaAntigua V

1 hurs., 6:30pm -(Spanish) CONFER-
ENCE: El complejo escenico de Chinkultik
with Carlos Navarrete. Q20/Q10 students with
carnet. Museo Popol Vuh (tel: 2338-7896) 6a
calle final z.10, Guatemala City.
11Thurs., 8pm MUSIC: Concierto de
Independencia by the Orquesta Sinf6nica
Nacional. Free, tickets available Sept. 9th-11th.
Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias (tel:
2253-9023) 24 calle 3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City
1 Thurs., lpm-12am through Sat 13th &
Sun. 14 & Sat 15th, lpm-6pm MU-
SIC: Live Garifuna music. Free. El Pelicano
Dorado (7832-7242) final calzada Santa Lucia
sur #7, LaAntigua.
Through Fri., 12th ART: Las Majas, un-
published works by Magda Eunice Sinchez.
Galeria El Tdnel (tel: 2367-3266) Plaza Obelis-
co 16 calle 1-01, z. 10, Guatemala City. V


1 Sat., 11am (Spanish) DVD PRE-
I. SENTATION: El nuevo tango del siglo
XX, presented by Jorge Sarmientos. Free. Cole-
gio Mayor de Santo Tomis de Aquino, la av.
norte #23, LaAntigua.
1 Sat., 5pm FESTIVAL FOTO 30:
Inauguration of the festival celebrating
the Month / i in Guatemala. Cen-
tro de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n Espanola
(7832-1276) 6a av. norte (between 3a y 4a calle
poniente), LaAntigua.
15Guatemala declared independence from
Spain in 1821. School parades and bands, fire-
works, concerts & marathons carrying torches
are characteristic of this holiday that is cel-
ebrated throughout the country. Many banks &
businesses are closed.
1 Mon., through 20th, 9am to 4pm-
(Spanish/English) WORKSHOP:
Journey to Design through Foot-Loom A
II taught by textile designer Maddalena Ceci-
lia Forcella (Italy). Inside Finca la Azotea (tel:
7888-7487) Jocotenango.
. Presentation of an authentic Mayan cer-
emony. La Pena de Sol Latino (7882-4468) 5a
calle poniente #15-C, LaAntigua.
S Mon., through Fri., 19th, 2-5pm -
SHOP: Taller de expresidn fotografica para
adolescents y adults by Elsa Medina (Mexico).
Centro de Formaci6n de la Cooperaci6n Espa-
fola (7832-1276) 6a av. norte (between 3a y 4a
calle poniente) LaAntigua.
Tues.,5:30pm (English) TALK: Com-
16Jmunity Enterprise Solutions (CES), a Gua-
temalan social business that works to improve
people's lives in rural communities. They employ
over 60 women who sell their products, (such as
reading glasses, water filters, improved stoves),
all over the country with the profits generated
to improve the education, health and nutrition
of their families. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe
(tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.

revuemag.com ((19

DATOii :

1 Thurs., 8pm MUSIC: Concierto de
1. gala de la orquesta sinfdnica de Xalapa
(Mexico), directed by Fernando Lozano. Q150,
Q350 & Q450. Centro Cultural Miguel Angel
24 calle
3-81, z. 1,
la City.
2 Sat., llam (Spanish) MOVIE: Pre-
ULsenting the Cuban comedy Las doce si-
llas. Free. Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomis de
Aquino, la av. norte #23, LaAntigua.
2 Sat., 9am-5pm HEALTHY PETS
OJEVENT: Healthy Pets is sponsoring a
free (for those who qualify) and low-cost ster-
ilization clinic in Solold. Site to be announced.
Please call for information: 7762-1704 and pass
the word, Solold, LakeAtitldn.
2 Sat., 8am & Sun., 21st, 9am FES-
20TIVAL: Festival titiriteco, organized by
the Asociaci6n de Titeres Chdmbala Cachdm-
bala, with the participation of national and
puppet groups, -ir +
inaugurating this _
event with musi-
cal performances J t
throughout town;
activities will be Pa ..s
presented in the
main square and
in front of the
Catholic church. 20 o00o

1 Sun., 4pm MUSIC: Gran concerto de
2 marimba Paiz. Q50, Q30 & Q10. Centro
Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias (tel: 2485-9920)
24 calle 3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City.
SMon., through Sat., 27th, 9am to
224pm-(Spanish/English) WORKSHOP:
The Magic of Color, experiment with techniques
to dye cotton and hard fibers using 100% natural
processes with native plants of Guatemala. Inside
Finca la Azotea (tel: 7888-7487) Jocotenango.

eCS DateBook online vvwwv revuemag com
20)) revuemag.com

3Tues., through Thurs., 25th-10am -
J DANCE: Guatemaladesiempreperformed
by the Ballet Moderno y Folkl6rico. Centro Cul-
tural Miguel Angel Asturias (tel: 2251-1598) 24
calle 3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City. V

Through Sun., 21st ART: Un mar de
cristales Murano 1915-2000, an exposition
glass art. Museo del Vidrio, Casa Santo Do-
mingo (tel: 7820-1220, ext. 579) 3a calle oriented
#28, LaAntigua.
2 3Tues., 5:30pm TALK: Pedal Power
J Technology: As an alternate source of
energy in Guatemala,
Carlos Marroquin has
worked for 9 years with
Mayan Pedal Power,
encouraging rural de-
velopment by introduc-
ing bicycle/machines to
facilitate daily life and
economic development
in these communities. This technology also
greatly benefits the environment. Donation
Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur
#8, LaAntigua.
23 Tues., through Oct. llth PHO-
3TOGRAPHY: Retrato(s) de Mujer(es),
with the participation of 26 talented Central
American photographers. Free. Alianza Fran-
cesa (tel: 2440-2101) 5a calle 10-55, z. 13, Gua-
temala City.
TIhurs., 7pm DANCE: Mirando al
.5sur by Escuela Nacional de danza from
El Salvador. Centro de Formaci6n de la Coo-
peraci6n Espanola (7832-1276) 6a av. norte (be-
tween 3a y 4a calle poniente) LaAntigua.

I~$ I- OM


Primitive Contemporary
Guatemalan Art
Gallery & Museum
4a calle oriented #10
Interior Casa Antigua, El Jaul6n
La Antigua Tel: 7832-6634 /35

pintura manualidades
escultura tcnicas mixtas
.motricidad final
S4-1 ailos incluye materials
14av 13-70, z. 10, Oakland, Guatemala City
Tels. 5704-0047, 2368-1286 artkids.at#, mail.com
Set aside half an hour every day to do all your
worrying-then take a nap during this period.

M U S E 0 Learn about
I CH E L the fascinating history
IX CH E Lof the Maya's
DEL TRAJE INDIGENA clothing &weaving
F7' 777 rbuy Guatemalan
1 13 *handicrafts at our shop
r nCentro Cultural UFM
6a. calle final, zona 10
Telefax: 2331 3638
Turansa shuttle from Antigua
call 7832 2928, 5651 2284

The oldest Guatemalan Art Gallery.
Featuring more than 100 artists.
*NEW ADDRESS: Plaza Obelisco 16 calle 1-01, zona 10
Tels: 2367-3266,5779-0000 galeriaeltunel@yahoo.com

i U at:

revuemag.com ( 21

DATOii :

2 Thurs., 7pm -EXHIBITION: Inaugu-
Sration of Colores de Guatemala, featuring
Guatemalan textiles and handicrafts. Institute
Italiano de Cultura (tel: 2263-0394) 16 calle
2-55, z. 10, Guatemala City.
27 Sat., 11am (Spanish) DVD PRESEN-
/ TATION: Mozart: Sinfonias 40 y 41 by
Orquesta Filarm6nica de Vienna, presented by
Ing. Jos6 Angel Lee. Free. Colegio Mayor de Santo
Tomis de Aquino, la av. norte #23, LaAntigua.
27Sat., 9:30-1:30pm (Spanish/Eng-
/lish) WORKSHOP: The NaturalPalette,
painting with natural pigments on all types of
back grounds. Plant extracts made into water-
colors, temperas, oils and pastels for painting
on cotton, silk, linen, canvas and wood. Inside
Finca la Azotea (tel: 7888-7487) Jocotenango.
OIn recognition of World Rabies Day,
Healthy Pets and Centro de Salud will hold a
free and low-cost vaccination clinic open to the
public. Please call for information: 7762-1704,
30 Tues., 5:30pm TALK: Exploring
IJInternational Community Development
with members from Probigua, a Spanish lan-
guage academy, with proceeds going to building
libraries and computer centers in rural commu-
nities, and its partner organization, Child Aid,
an NGO committed to promoting library lit-
eracy training with local librarians and teachers.
Donation Q25. Rainbow Caf6 (tel: 7832-1919)
7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.

M ondays, 7pm DHARMA FLICKS:
1st-Life ofBuddha; 8th-Travelers and
l agicians; 15th-Ti-
t: A Buddhist Trilo-
S,; 22nd-Milarepa;
29th-Words Of My
Perect Teacher. Free.
Mes6n Panza Verde
(tel: 7832-2925)
5a av. sur #19,

M onday through Friday, 9am to 4pm-
V (Spanish/English) WORKSHOP: Reviv-
ing and Innovating Traditions: Learn backstrap-
loom weaving taught by a master weaver from
San Antonio Aguas Calientes. Inside Finca la
Azotea (tel: 7888-7487) Jocotenango.
ondays, 7:30pm MUSIC: Kenny Mo-
lina hosts Open Mike. Free. La Pena de
Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle poniente
#15-C, LaAntigua.
uondays-7:30pm MUSIC: Don
oRamiro will serenade you with some
beautiful Latin folk music. Free. Rainbow Caf6
(tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
ondays, 8-10p LIVE MUSIC:
Blues ,- Free. La Cueva Panza Verde
(7832-2925) 5a av. sur #19, LaAntigua.

uesdays, 6pm (English) BENEFIT
I SLIDE SHOW: Antigua: Behind the '1
with a one-hour slide show by Elizabeth Bell.
Q30, benefits educational program. Fusion Res-
taurant & Bar (tel: 4144-0171) la calle poniente
#9), LaAntigua.

2Ihurs., through Tues., 28th ART: Del
arte al nino, exhibition and sale of contem-
porary art pieces by more than 100 national and
international artists to benefit FUNSILEC, a non-
profit organization working to improve the qual-
ity of life for children afflicted with brain inju-
ries. Hotel Real Intercontinental (tel: 7831-2488)
14 calle 2-51, z. 10, Guatemala City.

22)) revuemag.com



T uesdays, 6:30pm (Spanish) FILM: Pan-
talla abierta. Free. La Catapena, inside Casa
del Aguila (tel: 2361-6456) ruta 3, via 5, esquina,
z. 4, al sur de 4 grades norte, Guatemala City.
T uesdays, 7:30pm- MUSIC: Ramiro plays
trova Cubana. Free. La Pena de Sol Latino
(tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle poniente #15-C, La
Tuesdays, 7:30pm- MUSIC:1/ -.11
Iblow you away with some classics and his
infamous tequila song. Free. Rainbow Cafe (tel.
7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
T uesdays & Wednesdays 6:30pm -
TATION. Free. Bodhi (tel: 7832-5111) 4a av.
norte #2, LaAntigua.
Jednesdays, 7:30pm MUSIC: Open
W Mike 1' ,.. rI.. by Juan-Jo and friends.
A complimentary drink for all performers. Free.
Rainbow Cafe (tel. 7832-1919) LaAntigua.
W ednesdays-Sundays, 7:30pm -MUSIC:
SSol Latino plays Andean music (pan flutes).
Free. La Pena de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a
calle poniente #15-C, LaAntigua. V

Wednesdays, 6:30pm MUSIC: Opera
with the Asociaci6n Dante Alighieri.
Free. Casa del Aguila (tel: 2361-6456) ruta 3,
via 5, esquina, z. 4, al sur de 4 grades norte,
Guatemala City.
hursdays, 8:30pm MUSIC: Live mu-
sic, 2 Much Blues. Free. La Catapena, inside
Casa del Aguila (tel: 2361-6456) Ruta 3, via 5,
esquina, z. 4, al sur de 4 grades norte, Guate-
mala City.

Plesesumi yurDAEBOKenryfo te ct

T hursdays, 7:30pm MUSIC: Wilfredo,
Sthe Cuban maestro, will charm you with
his beautiful piano playing and improvisation.
Free. Rainbow Cafe (tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur
#8, LaAntigua.
T hursdays and
Friday, 8 to
10pm MUSIC:
Cuban jazz performed
by Buena Vista de
Coraz6n. Q35. La
Cueva de Panza Verde
(tel: 7832-2925)
5a av. sur #19,

aturdays, 7:30pm MUSIC: La Casa de
Kello, this great Guatemalan band gets the
party going with a mixture of their own music,
latino beats, blues and popular western music.
Come join the fun and dance the night away.
Free. Rainbow Cafe (tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur
#8, LaAntigua.

T throughout the month, 4 hours per day, am
Sor pm-Spanish/English) WORKSHOP: A
Taste of.T- learn ancient Mayan techniques
with a master indigenous weaver. Inside Finca la
Azotea (tel: 7888-7487) Jocotenango.


the latest
works by
-- Ai ,, i .
I n l'i. .I
ir;'.r 'llam

L k1 ,r, i.,,

ir.. I -.3 866)
S 1c ll .... ente
=I La.I-ltigua

revuemag.com ((23


Saturday, 11am ART: Exhibition and
sale of clay pieces from Chinautla, ceramic
from Patzin and textiles from San Antonio
Aguas Calientes. Free. Casa del Aguila (tel:
2361-6456) Ruta 3, via 5, esquina, z. 4, al sur
de 4 Grados Norte, Guatemala City.

Sunday MUSIC: Live Jazz during a la
carta brunch. Galeria Panza Verde (tel:
7832-2925) 5a av. sur #19, LaAntigua.
Sunday, 6:30pm (English) SUNDAY
ART FLICKS: 7th-Art21, season 1;
14th-Art 21,
season 1; 21st--
Art 21, season 1;
gio: Genius on the
Run. Q15. Mes6n
I Panza Verde
art" 1 (tel: 7832-2925)
5a av. sur #19,

24-- revuemag.com

24 revuemag.com

Reaching out for actors,
actresses, singers, dancers!
Leave name and contact at El Sitio
5a calle poniente #15, La Antigua
tel: 7832-3037, for Nov./Dec. 08 play
productions. Your interest will be returned.

If I had to give young writers advice,
I'd say don't listen to writers
talking about writing or themselves.
-Lillian Hellman
Nature, not content with denying him
the ability to think, has endowed him
with the ability to write.
-A.E. Housman

C 'j The entire magazine at www revuemag cor


La Antigua
ma/e awe & Cte

"The finest in Latin American
and Caribbean works of art."
SReview from New York Times

We represent over 100 artists from all
of Latin America, as well as featured
artists from around the world.
We also handle estate sales, auctions
and give qualified appraisals.
Make La Antigua a preferred stop on
your Guatemala itinerary, and stay up
to date with us by logging on.

4a calle oriented #15, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: (502) 7832-2124 Fax: (502) 7832-2866

^^ '^^^^^^^,' La '. ,S,.oI l ILaHt=vinIo


12 calle 4-65, zona 14 Guatemala, C.A.
Tels: 2368-1659, 2363-0649, Fax: 2363-0603
E-mail: coleccion21@intelnet.net.gt

The best armor is to keep out of gunshot.
-Francis Bacon

f#Revue ene a dscrbucin )l l

M U S E 0

Unlversldad Francisco Marroquin U
MON FRI: 9:00 to 17:00
SAT: 9:00 to 13:00
Closed Sunday
6 Calle final zona 10
Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Tel: (502) 2338 7836,2338 7837


Wives are people who feel that they
don't dance enough. -Groucho Marx

j lus ell 'em "Lo vi en la revisca Revue"
revuemag.com ((25

GIATM CITY)) Servce)Shpi


El Punto de los Repuestos
11 Locations PBX: 2429-3030
38 Years experience mail@figuepartes.com
"?Mm-' RM



S Executive/Survival

Flexible Schedule *
Certified professional staff
Legal Translation services
Quiet neighborhood, easy parking

The greatness ofa nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the
more entitled it is to protection by people from
the cruelty of human kind. -Mahatma Gandhi

Animals have done us no harm and they have
no power of resistance. There is something
so very dreadful in tormenting those who
have never harmed us, who cannot defend
themselves, who are utterly in our power.
-Cardinal John Henry Newman


Enviar CV a:
o contactar a John al 7832-4619

aII you need to get the word out,
go Revue is the most effective
promotional tool around.

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A nursery with the most extensive variety of plants
and accessories for your home and garden

km 14.5 Centro Comercial Escala
Carr ra a El Salvador Botanik
Telephone 6637.5763 64
Monday tliday 8 30 am to 7 00 pm
Saturday 8 30 am to 6 00 pm
S Sunday 9 30 am to 6 00 pm

Carretera al Atlantico 0-80, z.17
Teletax 2256 4564 Un Jarn
Monday Satuiday hfom 8 30 am to 5 30 pm ag,
Sunday ftom 9 00 am to 4 30 pm todo

Calle Mariscal 18-40, z.11 across the
street from Pro-ciegos
Telephone 2473 1941 2474 5194 Fax 2474 5254
Monday Flday fiom 7 30 am to 5 30 pm
Saturday tiom 7 00 am to 6 00 pm
Sunday hom 8 30 am to 4 30 pm


The only specialists in Bedding Mfr... We handle all types of Beds.
American know-how, with 40 years in the market.
All sizes of Beds: Inner Spring Mattresses, Box Springs or hard bases.
S.A. Beautiful Fabrics. We follow A.B.A. standards and norms.
Beds Funiture Headboards, Night Tables, Wood Chests, Dining & Living room Furniture.
BedsS & Custom-made Beds & Furniture. Will deliver.
7a Av. 2-28, Zona 9 Guatemala City Tel: 2332-4951 TelFax: 2332-7788
Cats are smarter than dogs. You can't get eight I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members
cats to pull a sled through snow. -Jeff Valdez of a weird religious cult. -Rita Rudner


Union Church of Guatemal

Come experience the Love ofJesus

12 calle 7-37, zona 9, Guatemala City I
close to Plazuela Espaia
2361-2037 & 2331-6904

( ) Revue le ofrece: el costo mas bajo por ejemplar para promocionar su negocio.
revuemag.com ( 27

Fabrics by the yard
Ceramic Jewelry
Il yWood Leather & more
18 calle 21-31, zona 10 Blvd Los Prdceres www.in-nola.com ~ Telephones: 2367-2424, 2337-4488
r ,A i .'& I....

28)) revuemag.com

ems e SeveASh in(GUTEMA CTY

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in
their affections, predictable in their actions,
grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for
people to live up to. -Alfred A. Montapert


wgmkNu KS]US

C. .. .sa ar lSavdrKn1.
U 2368 11 E315iI / 6634i1338


revuemag.com (29


Somos su mejor opd6n, deje todo en nuestras manos.
Garantizamos un Servicio de Carga Consolidada
semanal, puerta a puerta desde Miami y Panama.
Contactenos y compruebe porque somos su mejor opci6n.
- *J.LIllI*.. l.m - 0



IA *
2 3 6m

1--C LLE m1mZONA

Nmepo iefeesutesrie r ma dt n

hoe nG atm l iN



~i-~:::- L


w(. g s- Fe f. m Now that it's behind you, what did you do
yesterday that you're proud of today?
Youths fire up their torches to participate in the Independence Day Run (RUDY GIRON/RUDYGIRON.COM)


13 calle 7-98 zon 10 / Resraciones 2337-4029


i.i ic.'c' i c''i k ColI',, Ow oeif
i I ,ill :..- ,, .. Ti :2332-5176
: Demayuno a(nlones Dim Sum 10am- 3 pm
w^1I^t., o

yf Zh Jo Fan

Montufar: 2331-6507
San Sebastian: 6685-3800/18*
Puerta Parada: 6637-2644/45*
SRoosevelt: 2475-0827/28*
Unicentro: 2366-6350/90"
W Sixtino: 2379-8377/78*

Never doubt that a small group of concerned
citizens can change the world. Indeed,
it's the only thing that ever has.
-Margaret Mead, American anthropologist


(ol eq a ,m Bar ,-
S1'., ,~i' 1,1 -I.. PI, 1 ,1,1 I i'T'
I have developed a deep respect for animals. I con-
sider them fellow living creatures with certain
rights that should not be violated any more than
those of humans. -Jimmy Stewart actor

@aea^we Ydul

No tragedy, no comedy
just good times
13 calle y la av., Zona 10, local 5,
Torre Santa Clara II, Tel: 2331-2641
The English Pub in Guatemala City

revuemag.com (33

I -


pi ct q^
***.* jLa~ii.,. / e 3


&, ir Har ll n.1. 1,,1,

Gran (enlro (omercall 24 ia av 0601 zona4 local 107
Gualemala(ity lels 2335-2334 2335 1729

Iam in favor of animal rights as well as
human rights. That is the way of a
whole human being. -Abraham Lincoln

34> revuemag.com

Best Buffalo Wings in Guatemala
60's & 70's Rock
Big Screen TV
5 B A R a3 PoolTables
SPORTS BAR Darts Cold Beer
Mon-Sat 9am-lam and Sun Ipm-midnightish
13 calle 0-40, Z.10 T/F: 2368-2089
We accept AMEX, VISA, MC, Diners, Credomatic

Ingredientes para panaderias, reposterias, heladerias, lIcteos,
restaurants, hotels, banquetes e industries de alimentos.
TELS: 5338-1690, 5338-2201, 5182-0721

The soul is the same in all living creatures,
although the body of each is different.


Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
countrywide distribution


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A "Classic" in the center of
Guatemala City & now in Zone 10

Specializing in Spanish and Basque
Cuisine, Seafood and Paella
5a av. 12-31, Zona 1
Tels: 2251-7185, 2253-6743
10 calle 0-45, Zona 10 Tels: 2332-6576,
2331-7200 www.restaurantealtuna.com


iFJI. dl 711

Los niii nrpresenldl;\iv d'i border nuesiro pals, preparado per manm expert, y con much *1 '*U? ArssE rT!ftos
coraon Nu plarllIaiic laaese nario~e loale sihal SogIalardnhIdbn rinaodu A rrin
por Inullerow conIcursoI gaslronomnicos delrro ) tuera de nuestras Iro verai.

. .... .- /l c u a n

Reviva o strA

Hoap1deen ael Ce i Hilricode laC audud de Guimala y permianm aenderls ienlm
.viha nuesra hi tri; musoa arquilectura impreaionante, tadiid6n garon6mica, etc.
--Jhcabhdo an una caa centenara. erte heromo hotel le ofrace
Cdmodas habitaciones dpo familiar,
can hvkcable, tldfrina, agua caliente.
Servicio de restaurant
Transporte hoel.aerapuerto
Paqueras familiarms de alimencd6n ..,
Servirio de lavando
."a 3.34 3Zonl De70 aO 24Ol10 l T.l 2236.0754 f0 Fmc 2232.8676

36) revuemag.com

Lodgin ((GUTE A CIT



las torres
gucst housc
Main Hotel area
Studio & Bdrm Apartments, Fully Furnished,
Cable TV, Parking, 24 hr. Security, Family Atmosphere
We have prices by the night, month.
Single Room: 10% Discount with this ad --
"At Las Torres you don't just get a room,
you get a family."
13 calle 0-43, Zone 10 PBX: 2334-2747, 2362-5030
SFax: 2331-4628 apartamentos_lastorres@yahoo.com
-------------------------- -

It is true that whenever a person loves a dog he
derives great power from it. -Old Seneca Chief

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation,
and have treated our distant cousins in fur
and feathers so badly that beyond doubt,
if they were able to formulate a religion,
they would depict the devil in human form.
-William Ralph Inge

l Highest circulation/Lowest price per unit

Feel warm & relaxed
on your arrival!


S .. "$ 30
S Rate includes:
Aee transportation airport/hotel/airport,
Pr ate Bath, CableTI:, Ilireless Internet access,
Bar, Maid service, U Continental Breakfast

15 calle"C"7-3
Telso(502o 22611-3
revuemag.com ((37


Aoerm cw c/ ?nc1ciw ew
by Dr. Karmen Guevara

Freedom is the absence of constraints
and dependence. In the personal
realm this can be confusing. For
example, does being without constraints
mean a solitary life? Or, how does a person
reconcile freedom with the responsibility of
a family? Independence holds admiration
and aspiration for some, while others turn
away in fear. We can be free, yet also be
connected to others-freedom and connec-
tiveness are not mutually exclusive.
Our search for personal freedom tends
to focus on external areas like employment
and finances, while often overlooking the
inner dimension. One can strive to be free
in his or her outer life but inwardly can be
tied up with a lasso.
The ego continuously tightens the knots
between fear and desire, while in between
the tortuous mind weaves endless thoughts.
They drag us over the bumpy territory of
the past and future where freedom can't

possibly survive! The litmus test is to ask
of every decision, "Does this take me closer
to freedom or further away?" True freedom
lies in the balance between the two.
No matter how independent we may
be, however, it is an illusion that we are
separate. In reality we are interconnected
to all living beings. A simple reminder of
this is when we sit down to a meal. If we
are mindful of all the hands and earth's
resources that went into putting the food
before us, there is a keen awareness of how
we are part of one another and are all in-
volved in one another. As John Muir said,
"When we try to pick out anything by it-
self, we find it hitched to everything else
in the universe."
There is no cash value to freedom-it
only serves to connect us to ourselves and to
others. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi,
"Interdependence is and ought to be as much
the ideal of man as self-sufficiency." o

lon redo

A four star hotel in the Historic Center
4 Avenida 3-25, Zona 1, Guatemala City
PBX: 2285-3434 Fax: 2232-7759
www.hosta Idedonpedro.com

"Allow us the pleasure of serving you.
In the heart of the Historical Center
21 luxury suites bar restaurant
cafe parking business center
12 calle 8-42 Z 1, Guatemala City Tels 2238-2484/5
Fax 2220-5998 wwwhotelfortunarovalcom
4 2007 Independence Day Run (RUDY GIR6N/RUDYGIRON.coM)
O AD The entire magazine al www revuemag com

38 revuemag.com

eeLo S Adg g( TEM LIT

4Vn I minfromairport 1
Free transportation
SPrivate bath
Cable TV
'ff& "F.tkf.r Breakfast included
Wireless internet
16 calle 8-20 zona 13 Aurora I, Guatemala City Lovely garden
Tels: (502) 2261-2854 2261-3044 5550-2664
hostalvillatoscana@yahoo.com www.hostalvilatoscana.com

* Dorms starting at $15 per person
* Transportation airport/hostelairport
* Highly recommended by Lonely Planet
* Breakfast included
* Credit Cards accepted yo U otHo lal VOLCANES

Contact us:
16calle 8-00zona13,Aurora I
Guatemala City, Guatemala, CA.
Tels (502) 2261-3040,

Aprtm f di

Special Moh R f F1

hostal HERMANO
bed & breakfast PEDRO
1 minute from airport. $10 p/p +tax
FREE TRANSPORT: Airport/Hostal/Airport
6a av. 20-53, z. 13, Aurora II Tels: 2261-4181, 2261-4419,
4212-5896 infogt@hhpedro.com www.hhpedro.com

2 blocks from Central Park,
right in the Historic Center
6 comfortable rooms (single: $30)
Hot water, cable TV, internet, parking,
security, cafeteria, family ambience
5a calle 3-36, zona 1, Guatemala City
Tel: 5510-8392 www.casadelosnazarenos.com

13 calle 6-20, zona 9, Guatemala City
Tel: 2332-3955/6 Fax: 2332-1336
14 equipped apartments 1 to 4 occupancy
Housekeeping/laundry service Secure parking
Cable TV & Internet available Credit cards o.k.
Near airport and zona viva,

! Highest circulation/Lowest price per unit )

nOST'aL e0ua...,
* Comfortable Private Rooms w/Cable TV & Bath (hot/cold
water) Continental Breakfast Garden w/hammocks
SParking Internet & WiFi Credit cards accepted
8aAv. "A" 17-58 zone 13 Aurora I
/;-,,,. Phone (502) 2261-2937

RBed rr Breakfast
Sf/Iff -f)f t HOTEL
Bar/Room Service Private Bath Free Internet & Cable TV
Credit Cardsaccepted reservaciones@marianaspetithotel.com
Free Airport Transport www.marianaspetithotel.com
20 calle 10-17 Aurora II, zona 13 Guatemala City
STels: 2261-4144, 2261-4105 Fax: 2261-4266

l just tell em "Lo vi en la revista Revue"
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One More Time Tunnel cont. from page 11

Los Cipitol, fills the block across from
the Hotel Royal Palace. At its 1979
inauguration, it was anchored by what was
still a new concept for the U.S., but bristling
futurism for Guatemala-a Cineplex.
All of Guatemala's better retailers
responded by renting space on levels 2 and 3.
Decades before Sears opened a department
store in remote zone 11, they occupied
most of level 4. Level 1, underground, was
a retro-style movie house (the Cine Real)
boasting carved wooden seating. To ensure
the Capitol's longevity as a draw for the
affluent, it was built more sturdily than the
spot's previous edifices, condemned after
the 1976 earthquake. Additionally, and
consequently, the building not only has its
own generators but its own well.
Except out of curiosity-and even
then only once-the moneyed folk never
came. The nicer stores quickly fled south
to zone 10's Zona Viva and elsewhere-
just as they had deserted Pasaje Rubio
farther up the Sexta decades earlier. The
few holdouts were hair salons, but these
soon had competition and, today, level 3
is a Guiness-book concentration of clip
joints. But it merits a look, even by the
freshly clipped.
Level 3 is a corridor ofstriking mezzanines
tiled with glass mosaics. It resembles
gargantuan Star Trek transporters-in
pleasant, sensory juxtaposition with
the bouquet of shampoos. From the
"transporter" rims you can spy the traffic
of level 2, which has evolved or-if the
nuns are still listening-degenerated into a
hall of video arcades, pool halls, smoking,
and general idleness. The arcades yield a
deafening cacophony that leaks onto the
street. The three upper levels, by contrast,
40)) revuema corn

are the Capitol's engines of renaissance.
Level 4, formerly Sears, now houses
the largest downtown branch of the Pais
department-store chain, and some smaller
shops that remain.
Level 5 was originally intended for
parking. But few people who shop and play
downtown have cars, so today it is a poor-
man's food court with bumper-cars in back
and internet cafes in front.
The food court, the largest room anywhere
in Zone One, has molded fiberglass seating
in primary colors, as if kindergarten teachers
had been consulted for the d6cor. Near the
elevator landing, the walkway to the food
court and arcade begins; from it, you can
look out a huge window at a fine vista of
Downtown Guatemala. Level 5 is, overall,
assuring and eclectic, and soothing despite
its noise. It is Zone One's most public place
under a roof.
Downtown web surfing, which began on
level 5, now abounds in Zone One. Though
many customers come to play games,
students are lured by hourly rates that are
half those of the Zona Viva.
Movies are cheaper, too; on Wednesdays,
at the cines upstairs on level 6, tickets are half-
off, so one can catch the big screen for about
a dollar-with the "v irt' ll' next to the
escalator thrown in. An irony of the Capitol's
evolution is that parking was at first atop
the building, with the cinema in its bowels.
Today, the parking is in the basement, and the
eight chambers of the Cine Capitol roost up
on level 6. A further irony is that the elegant
carved pews of the old Cine Real have given
way to utilitarian buckets.
People who visit Downtown are
uncovering other signs of life: new
museums, restored parks, art galleries and
the occasional nice store. But no exploration
is complete without a stop at the Sexta's
own time tunnel, Los Cipitol. 0

I Optical & Ophthalmologic Office
V lo# R Golcher M.D.& Dalia G. de Golcher M.D.
Specialized Ophthalmologists
Complete and Computerized
Examination (Adults/Children) Englishspoken
www.centrovisua Igyg.com
4a av. sur #1 (lotificaci6n Lo de L6pez) La Antigua
TelFax: 7832-6554 Open Mon Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm
EMERGENCIES: 5519-0303, 5206-7752
r Dr. Manuel Antonio Samayoa ~

\ mI l, \lli tll,.I \%.1l'%l\ 11 I 0 11 ,,11 ,11. ,,' 1 l, l II
III \ l 'lk RI.II.lII,. kill l ) .1 l .ll lll( ll l l
Cryotherapy.C..liii, 111iD iii.i..I...' ChemicalPeeling.
Mon-Fr 10am-2pm & 3pm-7pm, Wed i,,, ..
i: : ,:.: Tel:7832-4854 3a Calle P.13 Antigua

Dra. Lotty Marie Meza Rezzio
Cirujana Dentista UFM
Monday Friday 8am-12pm & 2-6pm
Saturday 8am to 12pm
5a calle poniente final #27B, La Antigua
Tel:7821-5741 Email: lotty@ufm.edu.gt

Dra.Victoria Recinos de Molina USAC / UB English spoken
ooniente #28, La Antiqua Tels: 7832-7945, 4221-1555 info@soldent.com

Sal6n Bella Spa
Hair Styling & Dye, Facials, Manicure,
Pedicure, Waxing, Eyelash Curling,
Acrylic Nails, European Products

Sauna, Massages, Relaxing Massages,
Oriental Massages, Hot-rock Massages,
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Exfoliation,
Reduction Clinic with Nutritionist

VI 7

Our lives begin to end the day we become People are more violently opposed to fur
silent about things that matter, than leather because it's safer to
-Martin Luther King, Jr. harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.

( ) Revue le ofrece: el costo mas bajo por ejemplar para promocionar su negocio.
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B IF 4 c r R!#3 La


Jorge E. De la Cruz DDS, PC.
Eastman Dental Center I Univ. of Rochester N.Y.
Implants Laser Bleaching
Cosmetic dentistry Custom dentures
Root canals Crowns and bridges

3aAve.Norte# 11A
La Antigua Guatemala

Car. a El Salvador Km 15 local 9
Cnd. Concepci6n, Guatemala City

There is no psychiatrist in the world like
a puppy licking your face. -Bern Williams

Dr. Milton Solis, Plastlic Sturgeon
Breast Einhaincrmiinl or Rtduclioi
Lipos.iiclion / Face Lif
Rhinopllasli /. Avs1lctic
Surtivrr in Genmiral

Appointments: 5511-4163
Blvd. Vista Hermosa 25.19
Multimedia Of. I 1101, Z. 15

ie a i ren s ospita

Dr. J. Roberto Hemandez-
,Philadelphia, PA, US A)

English spoken ---- 24 hour emergency assistance
Mon-Fr 10am-1pm & 4pm-7pm Sat 9am-lpm
Edificio Broceta 11 calle 1-25, Zona 1 Guatemala City
Tels: 2221-2195 196, 5899-4340, 5412-7994 Home: 2434-6647


S Harmonize
Holistic Psychotherapy
Traditional Acupuncture (withoutneedles)
Dr. Karmen guevara
7832-3655 5132-1839 kg@conexion.com

Everything I know I learned from my cat:
When you're hungry, eat. When you're tired,
nap in a sunbeam. When you go to the vet's,
pee on your owner. -Gary Smith
Nothing living should ever be treated with
contempt. Whatever it is that lives, a man,
a tree, or a bird, should be touchedgently,
because the time is short. Civilization
is another word for respect for life.
-Elizabeth Goudge

42)) revuemag.com

3.jj ajcDra. Carmen Leticia Hernndez F.f


,0 .rFF pIREUSS s'GE A

Hot Spring Thermal Spa

{ Clay acial Mask }
{ team Bath}
{ Thermal Pools } -0 L S E.
{ Restaurant I }... .,. .. .I -..-
Visit us
Edificio Multimrdica, Vista Hermosa,
WuW s5antateritad com g 2a calle 25-19zona 15. ofcina 1402.Ciudad de Guatemala.
interior Banos Termales Santa Teresita, ifmattlan TelIfonos:2385-7531/7761 Fax:2385-7532
Just 10 minutes from La fIntigua Cuatemala | __-d..in, m In* ahn.. *_*__



Dentro del Hotel Soleil La Antigua
Inside of Soleil La Antigua Hotel
Te invitamos a conocer nuestras tdcnicas 100% Thai
con products naturales Reservaciones / Appointments
9a. Calle Poniente, La Antigua,
Guatemala, C.A.
Come with us and try our 100% Thai techniques Spa: (502) 7879-4449
with natural products Hotel: (502) 7879-4444
Fax: (502) 7879-4418

revuemag.com ((43

Counseling Psychologist
Karen McGrath, M.Ed, ccc

Licensed Therapist
By appaontment
in La Antigua
Cel. 5395-1337
and 7934-6401
.ln rrcgrath@giail.com

A Professional
Drugstore Experience

Centro de Equinoterapia
y Psicologia Kej
Lic Maria Eugenia Diaz

!A i.i.ii equinoleraplagua3emal (rom

Spitters, Scratchers
and Snappers
P et Q's & A's by Cynthia Burski,DVM

PROBLEM: Pulling on a leash

Question: I have a 1-year-old Boston
Terrier who pulls so hard on his leash
when he sees another dog or person
that he starts coughing and gagging.
What do I do?

Answer: The collar is pressing against your
dog's airway when he pulls on the leash,
making breathing difficult and potentially
causing physical damage. Head halters
can guide a dog with leverage without
putting pressure on the airway and can
be used instead of collars with most dogs.
However, they are harder to fit on short-
faced dogs like Boston Terriers. Another
alternative is the body harness with a front

chest attachment point for the leash, both
the head halter (especially useful on larger
dogs) or the body harness (especially
useful on smaller dogs) allow you to steer
your dog away from distractions without
putting any pressure on his throat.
But the bottom line is that your dog
needs to be trained so he doesn't hurt
himself or intimidate people. He needs
to learn to listen to you even when he is
excited. So please find a training class,
invite a trainer to work with you in your
home or buy a training guide book so
you and your dog will enjoy many years
of good, well-behaved companionship

C1 Revue le ofrece mas valor agregado. Su anuncio en Internet.
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* F


" Medicine and General Surgery
" Pediatrics
" Maternity& Gynecology
" Traumatology, Orthopedics & Artroscopy
" Plastic& Reconstructive Surgery
" Laparoscopic Videosurgery
" Otorhinolaringology
" Urology

" Clinic Laboratory
" Pharmacy
" Videoendoscopy
" Videocolonoscopy
" X-rays
" Electrocardiogram
" Ultrasound
" Electroencephalogram

" Osseus Densitometry
" Computerized Axial Tomograpr,
" Mammography
" Ambulance Service
24-hour Emergency Service
Av. de La Recolecci6n #4, La Antigua
(in front of the bus station) Tels: 7832-0420,
7832-1197, 7832-1190, Fax: 7832-8752.

TecmiScan "
Centro de Diagn6stico d,.. ..... ,d
Se pone a sus 6rdenes con el servicio de

Visitenos en: 7a calle poniente #15, Centro Comercial Casa del Bicaro, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7882-4449 Lunes a viernes de 7:30 am a 5:00 pm Sibado: 7:30am a 12:00pm
Su salud es nuestro principal compromise

SWelcome to Casa Madeleine Spa!
W h1 ;, ll, .l -l .' l , l h., i u 1--. ,14 Li ,,11. I.'l,- ;. 1' lh .101. .111. .1 11... .
4 CCasa Madeleine offers a pampering array of Spa services.
Calle del espiritu santo No. 69, La Antigua.
Tel (502) 7832-9348 Fax. (502) 7832-9358
casamadeleine@aol.com www.casamadeleine.com

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's
soul remains unawakened. Anatole France


Trained and p rcticad hI The L' Europ.. Ire&l & Guatemrla
Certified 'Amnme' & 'F~sruenies Of Brlllnce Pracftloner
Rekl Master Teacher couss available
Certified Massage Tbherpist


"Dvet,~,er t 6ol .m 502'.m59? I L AntiJua.GuAtemal,
IotaheHy9f*ofrjiuilr 502 600 M? Li Antiqui. Giiternalj

The average dog has one request to all
humankind. Love me. -Helen Exley

Smart Water Sotlouns
BaKseo Nobel Prie aware d ilverles:n bmroed
STIRWAND'" The Origlial Wand r -
Increases Hydranon levels by 28.5%
Increases Blood Oxygen letls by 10.33
Reduces Cellular Toxi levels by 18.2%
Gtel YOITrfirwsaii M Toby Frraweidomuwarlol.apot a
NOw Avaable hn uaeala coo"Palmt lM
Only $79.01 / 590.00 +52 4549 m eiairn IM.eLmm
Gm(ill a a) www.qaninagewaleir.co
revuemag.com ((45

id S

46)) revuemag.com

4n "drnars
Jocqi 'n u s .q
.... J-.AA;_-iB 'p.t T^ 'ai c "'"
Col onia ?R C deaI P C olonia
di ,~I~l Manch n I" "Hunap,'N
1 ]EI ManaUaill'

FC a Candelaria
lo C._L enterss C pn- -

Calle de los Nazarenos Calle s Crlnteros Ir'i Ca d L I--

de-r La Meced...
e la re e Callede Ga vlas

.1 _. F 'f _S a

3acalleCaeld.-wnn C leds

1CalKm d la P L ,flleU
ilL _" 3 ; ,,.<...

Plonl .
Si- F rU
Calle dsl aIcalle r en iie ae 7a calle

SMap Sponsored by: 'i I
it aCristian i-
cni,.,,L A.
CCadede a cal da r

Map Sponsohd by:
I I S u it. Is abra

Nest rC A _i.
Christian Enrdt der' k- j
Spanish ^\^S^'^ I t&
Sat Iao

ANTIU) Srie1 Shppn g

Glass & A A
Frame Shop Libreria Bookstore
SA i. Latest Titles Books on C.A. & Mexico
Large selection of Maps & Art
"The only professional frame shop in Antigua" Spanish Textbooks
5" calle oriented #11, La Antigua Tel:7832-3033 5a av norte #4, Antigua
61 av. 1-65, z. 1, Chimaltenango Tel: 5953-6653 Central Park TelFax: 7832-3322

Club Ecuestre La Ronda
SShow Jumping
Pony Club
SNatural Horsemanship
Finca La Azotea, Jocotenango
Tels: 5863-6434, 5937-4952

ANTIGUA. Hair Salon!
SCAFFE' M.asae
Body Treatment
Full Body Wax
Tel : 7882 4635

Museum "House of the Old Weaving"
V Exhibition and Sale ofMaya Textiles
& Production of Exclusive Handicrafts
S' "The only place in La Antigua managed
S .by Indigenous People"
Sla calle poniente #51, La Antigua
Tel: 7832-3169 alida@casadeltejido.org

i t Arreglos florales / Flower Arrangements
S Decoraci6n para events especiales
a toe r 7832-0073
V 6a calle poniente
,a nta puat9 e G #34, La Antigua
www.valledeflores.com Servicio a domicilio

Thomas A. Edison was once reluctantly
persuaded by his wife to attend one of the big
social functions of the season in New York. At
last the inventor managed to escape the crowd
of people vying for his attention, and sat alone
unnoticed in a corner. Edison kept lookingat his
watch with a resigned expression on his face. A
friend edged near to him unnoticed and heard the
inventor mutter to himself with a sigh, "If there
were only a doghere!" -EdmundFuller

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is
the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming
all other living beings, we are still savages.
-Thomas A. Edison


48) >revuemag.com

n t TALLfE Mon-Sat7:30am-6:30pm
It ILLES Sun8:00am-4:00pm
SAVANDERIA 6aav.norte#3B, LaAntigua
AUNDRY Tels: 7832-5973,5502-3303
LaundryService Lavanderia
Laundromat Maquinasmonederas
Dry Cleaning Lavado en seco
Repairs: hems, zippers, etc. Ruedos, zippers, etc.

Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
countrywide distribution

Services- ((Shopp.ing(ATIU

Our goal is to serve our patients with the best possible denial care in a friendly atmosphere.
ESTHETICS FUNCTION COMFORT Wireless Internet available for our patients
We handle all denial specializes including: DENTAL IMPLANTS & PORCELAIN CROWNS

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons.
more than you love yourself. -Josh Billings -Will Rogers

Revue tiene la circulation mas grande: 20,000 ejemplares y 60,000 lectores mensuales.
revuemag.com ((49

Antiaue Furniture & Architectural Accents

/a Latll. pU11'3-1in U. Ju, Ja L0miua
Tel. 7832-4767 10am-6pm

23 3v nore #3 Antigua 7832 0275
Mon-Fr18.12& 2.30.6 30
Sp3nish English German spoken


ANTG )Sri Ae1 Shopin e

Hair Stylist
English. Spanish,
German Spoken

Ia 31 1 n .Ii i ur #15
Ia .-ri la ,iir #15

We call them dumb animals, and so they are,
for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they
do not suffer less because they have no words.
-Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty

Karla te invit a celebrar eldio de la
(9 independencia de l mejor mnera...
Todo elmes deseptiembre
Cortes de cabello con 50o de descuento!

La ntiU T-I Sea3 Annive'-58rb

La nrICiLuJ. Trl; -:332-5P8lF? 511.i-l-:453

Congratulations KARLA
on your lt Anniversary!!

50) revuemag.com

lnliqua Coobinq School

fintiqua CooIoinq School
Classes in Tradilional Quotemolon Cuisine
Visit us at www.antiguacookingsdcool.com
or in person at 5a. Avenida Norte #25B, by the Arch. TelU 5944 8568

JennyStar NGO is sponsoring poor children with your rentals of
ORIGINAL DVD's. My DVD shop is a unique source of 2,400 movies,
most of which cannot be found anywhere else in Guatemala
JennyStar DVD Rentals
Alameda Santa Lucia Norte #12 acro rom L cur.ac 7832-0813
Search for movies: Www .jennystardvd.com
Tuesday-Sunday 11 am 8 pm Home delivery and pick-up

Respect the old and cherish the young. Even
insects, grass and trees you must not hurt.
-T'ai-shangkan-yingp'ien, a Confucian-Taoist
treatise. Attributed to Ko Hung

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the
dog willgive you this look that says, "My God,
you're right! I never would've thought of that!"
-Dave Barry


SERVICE IN ENGLISH: (502) 2329-9040

Guatemala City
19 calle 16-91, zona 12 Avenida Petapa
Phone: (502) 2329-9000,2329-9001
Mon to Fri 08:00 to 18:00 Sat 08:00 to 14:00
Sun Closed Skype user: rentautos

La Aurora International Airport
Airport Office 14, Guatemala City
Phone: (502) 2329-9010 Fax: 2329-9011
Mon thru Sun 05:30 to 21:30
Skype user: aeropuertogt

La Antigua Guatemala
4a avenida norte # 6
Phone: (502) 2329-9030
Mon thru Sun 08:00 to 17:00
Skype user: antiguagt

12 calle 5-54 zona 9
Oficina 15 c.c. Plaza Montufar
Mon thru Sun 08:00 to 18:00
Phone: (502) 2329-9020 Fax: 2329-9021

revuemag.com ((51

Bridging the Divide

In their literacy campaign, Cooperativefor Education has
established 172 textbook programs, 30 computer centers,
39 mini-libraries and 284 scholarships by Liz Wu

Country of extremes, Guatemala is
a land where breathtaking beauty
s inseparable from its harsh real-
ity-53 percent of the population makes
less than $2 a day. Especially at risk are the
indigenous citizens, who make up 60 per-
cent of the population but account for less
than 25 percent of the nation's income and
consumption; these are the people whom
the Cooperative for Education (CoEd) es-
pecially works to serve.
Cooperative for Education is a nonprofit
organization that provides self-sustaining
textbook, computer, library and scholarship
programs to schoolchildren in Guatemala.
Its mission is to help Guatemalan school-
children break the cycle of poverty through
education. CoEd sees building literacy, the
cornerstone of economic development, as
the key to bridging the great economic di-
vide. They seek to accomplish this through
textbook and computer projects in schools.
In 12 years of existence, CoEd has estab-
lished 172 textbook programs, 30 computer
52)) revuemag.com

centers, 39 mini-libraries and 284 scholarships.
There are nearly 32,000 children using CoEd
textbooks, 12,300 students being trained at
CoEd computer centers and approximately
150,000 textbooks in circulation.
Impressive as those statistics are, the real
impact is seen in the stories of individuals.
Hilda Bucti, a 17-year-old CoEd scholar-
ship recipient, was recently acknowledged
as a "young leader" in a short documentary
by filmmaker George Moffly.
One of her contemporaries, Rosemery
Tun Coj, 15, is using her CoEd scholarship
to study pedagogy. She is currently serving
an internship as well as finishing her first
year of education in primary school teach-
ing in Pedro Molina, Chimaltenango. "I
want to study, work and help my parents
and siblings," she says, "but above all, I
want to improve my country. I can't do it
alone, but I can put in my grain of flour."
Mario Yac, who serves as new projects
manager in the Guatemala office, has a dou-
ble view of the program: continued on owng page

S-ervcs (BSopinB(TIG

Bello Capello
sol6D y Spa
4a calle ornente No. 57.
La Antigua Guatemala Tel.. 7832.2612

* manicure & pedicure
4 massage
4 facials
* exfoliations
I baths
4 sauna & jacuzzi
. products for purchase

Endless Possibilities...
revuemag.com ((53

S I Skin Deep
day spa
la av. sur #15, La Antigua Guatemala
(at the end of 6' calle)
Tel: (502) 7832-5836

Now introducing hair by Karla

Skin Deep knows how you want to be treated...
come and fulfill your desires.
10% discount with this ad.


Photos from recent Project Tours to various
schools throughout Guatemala. The schoolchil-
dren received textbooks and computers delivered
by Cooperative for Education staff and volunteers.
54> revuemag.com

Bridging the Divide from previous page
the perspective of a trained professional as
well as that of a child growing up with ac-
cess to few educational resources. "Grow-
ing up as a rural indigenous student myself,
I know first-hand the many struggles the
Guatemalan children face," he says. "I truly
believe that CoEd's programs are the best
way to help these young people thrive."
Besides offering education to children,
CoEd has also begun a teacher-training
program, which gives in-depth training to
instructors at schools with CoEd projects,
to ensure that they can make the best use
of their materials. Each instructor receives
over 50 hours of training in modern teach-
ing methods, with an emphasis on interac-
tive learning and critical thinking.
Perhaps one of CoEd's most engaging pro-
grams, however, is its yearly series of tours to
Guatemala. This allows individuals to see the
projects in action and to meet some of the stu-
dents. In February, CoEd conducts a 10-day
Delivery Tour, featuring visits to all the new
schools entering the textbook program and
participation in the inauguration ceremonies.
In August is the Snapshot Tour, a five-day
introduction to the CoEd projects, designed
for busy professionals who have difficulty
scheduling time off work. Both tours take
participants to rural schools in need of help,
as well as beautiful locations, such as Lake
Atitlin and La Antigua Guatemala.
In the seven years since beginning the
tours, CoEd has taken 373 people to Gua-
temala. Many were so touched by what
they saw, that they have returned for a sec-
ond tour. Diane Damico, a 2007 tour par-
ticipant from Illinios, says, "If I tell people
one thing about the Delivery Tour, it will
be that it was the best trip of my life." o
CoEd changes many lives, both the lives of
students who receive educational materials
and the lives of those who help to provide them.
To learn more visit www. coeduc. org.

Services- ((Shopp.ing(ATIU

Kindness and compassion toward all living things
is the mark ofa civilized society. -Cesar Chavez

Every animal knows more than you do.
-Native American Proverb

( 1 Revue le ofrece: el costo mas bajo por ejemplar para promocionar su negocio.
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Books, Magazines & Calendars
Revistas Hamlin yWhite Current Best Sellers
4a. calle oriented No. 12-A Spanish Text Books
La Antigua Guatemala Hardback & Paperback Guide Books
7832-7075 Credit Cards & Special Orders
Hours: 9-6:30 daily hamlinywhite@conexion.com.gt

ATGA Dminn

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Dining ((ANTIGUA

revuemag.com ((57


'a tigt a Tel 43 "

La Antiglua Tel 4356-2170

Cats always know whether people like or dislike
them. They do not always care enough to do
anything about it. -Winifred Carriere


"The Best Korean
Cuisine in Town"

Home-made Italian Food

12am- 11pm
5a calle poniente #4, Antigua Tel: 7832-2832


Cats seem togo on the principle that it never
does any harm to ask for what you want.
-Joseph Wood Krutch

II you need to get the word out,
L4L: Revue is the most effective
promotional tool around.

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SBACCHUS *-ne, ar and C ,artinij
3a calle poniente #12, La Antigua 7832-9420

Dining ((ANTIGUA

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C E N M)

Minia Rex Roman and Carlos Guldris in front of Jenny Star Video Rental in La Antigua (TomasCemikovsky)


Two years' work in Ireland proved
fun for a couple from Madrid, but
with the New Year 2008 they de-
cided it was time for something different:
a seven month, 7,000 mile bike trip from
Buenos Aires to Guatemala, ending with
lots of smiles in La Antigua when the bikes
gave out before the Spaniards did.
Minia Rex Roman and Carlos Guldris
decided to follow the path of The Motorcycle
Diaries, but by pedal instead of motor-pow-
er. They flew to Buenos Aires and bought
two bikes, solid ones but nothing special.
Then came the first, long leg, over the An-
des to Sucre, Bolivia, and along some of
the highest paths possible on Earth. They
enjoyed rides to Cuzco and Machu Pic-
chu, around Lima, and through Bogota to
Cartagena, Colombia, where they learned
the Darien jungle wouldn't let them bike all
the way to North America.
Tying the bikes to a strut on deck, Minia
and Carlos delighted in a few days of sailing
around the Darien and into Panama, stop-
ping frequently to dive into the warm Ca-
ribbean waters. The bikes didn't fare quite
as well, sprayed as they were with salt water
60) ,revuemag.com

by Ken Veronda
breaking over them regularly. Minia and
Carlos made it on their bikes up the Isthmus
and Chiriqui, across Costa Rica, through
Nicaragua and Honduras, into Guatemala
by late July. Barely. Seven months from the
bike shop in Argentina, rust was eating at
bike parts, and the brakes were going as they
cruised down into Antigua.
Smiles had greeted the intrepid cyclists
all the way north, people in each town grin-
ning as they heard of the Spaniards' adven-
ture. The smiles seemed even brighter in
Guatemala, Minia and Carlos decided, es-
pecially smiles from Jennifer Cernikovsky
along the Alameda in Antigua. Jenny man-
ages a not-for-profit video store there, with
the proceeds helping children in need. Her
smile is a big, warm one, as is her story. Yes,
Enrique at Jenny Star can fix up the bikes,
and yes, kids can use them with joy.
And that's where the bike trip ends, with
7,000 miles and seven months of smiles,
and two happy children at the Familias de
Esperanza school program, winners of two
slightly worn but spruced-up bikes, while
Minia and Carlos flew home with so many
stories of their own. fo

Dining ((ANTIGUA

*- '-P"

*. C
E[ restaurant be
Las Mil Flores c

Iv/i. 'T LelerrAdfienwn, influ;em

Located inside Boutique-Hotel Vista Real La Antigua
3a. Calle Oriente No. 16 "A" La Antigua Guatemala. 300 mt. from the main
entrance to the city Tel (502) 7832-9715,7832-9716 www.vistarealcom/antigua

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Where Am I?

And What Day Is It?

Another informative historical quiz by Carlisle Johnson

ere's a clue: If it hadn't been for
this event, the colonial gem of
La Antigua Guatemala arguably
might not exist. Here's an almost contem-
porary account of the event, and to keep
you guessing the place and, more interest-
ingly, the date, the anwers are far below.
This has been a year of much rain, and hav-
ing been raining Thursday, Friday and Satur-
day, with strong winds and not much water,
the mentioned "lavada" (wash, means heavy
rain or debris flow) happened two hours into
the night. A great storm of water came from
atop the volcano 1* which is above the city,
it was so sudden that (we) did not ... pre-
vent the deaths and damages that happened;
the stone storm was so huge that it swallowed
the water in front ofit, and much wood and
trees, those who saw it were impressed, it en-
tered through the house of the 'Adelantado"
don Pedro Alvarado, and it took away all the
walls and the roof.
The well-remembered (event) of2** that
totally destroyed old Guatemala City (this
first capital is now named3**) lasting many
days. Were it not for the noisy uproar under-
neath the earth that the earthquakes caused,
many more deaths would have taken place
than those that happened there, a number
greater than 600 people. The meetings and
functions of the town council state this tribu-
lation, since during each meeting they had
to achieve the move of the City, they say, the
earth was constantly trembling.
The account, written some 40 years after
the fact by Bishop Francisco Marroquin, de-
scribes the cataclysmic event that led to the
decision to move the colony of the country
IANSWERS: efa!Apepin)***f LtSL'qlLL' das~*. enBy v*

of Guatemala to La Antigua Guatemala aka
Santiago de Guatemala. It is now generally
accepted by volcanologists that the notion of
Agua's crater filling up with water and then
bursting is a myth. In fact, what happened
was that a huge accumulation of lahar was
so soaked by the incessant rain that it slid
down the slopes. (Lahar is the volcanolo-
gists' word for a mudflow or subsequent de-
posit of mud after a flow.)
Could it happen again without warning?
Almost certainly it could not. The crater
and the slopes of Agua are heavily moni-
tored with sensors in the crater and frequent
over flights and inspections during periods
of heavy rainfall. 0

Interestingly, cartographers disagree on the lo-
cation of the former Ciudad Vieja, with some
placing it where it is today and others placing
it farther across the valley nearer to San Miguel
Escobar. A couple of aspects of this narrative by
the Bishop have always puzzled me. How do
you lose a capital city, San Miguel or Ciudad
Vieja, which are not exactly right next to one
another? And was the iconic Bishop Marro-
quin engaged in a little rewriting of history of
his own, when he refers to the old Guatemala
City/Ciudad Vieja as "this first capital?"
Guatemala's first capital was a good 50 ki-
lometers away at the ancient Kaqchiquel site of
Iximch6 in modern Tecpin. It was abandoned
in the face of continuing hostility from the not-
completely subjugated Kaqchiquel, who were
presumably also not particularly happy with the
presence of the perhaps thousands of Tlaxcalte-
ca ......... ." who accompanied the Spaniards
in their march from Mexico and subsequent
campaigns in Guatemala. How convenient of
Bishop Marroquin to overlook the unpleasant-
ness at Iximch6. But that's another story.

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6 E6

Our pecaltes re taken from a
6he bes trdtoa cuiine
wolwd an seve withI *

6 n aethtcal pleasing0

n ~-0--
-itro -aroo del

ma y~ de -a motfi

E-Mail:~evemg~o ((63eelerstuan~o

ATGA Dminn

D/0 ZeOe~ui '1w i Zc tiJaf 1
(' & w /10 'Offaz Ou

(sweet cinnamon- i. i, d nachos)
5a av. sur #6, interior 5
Quesos y Vinos
la calle poniente #1
Cafe Condesa
West side of Central Park, inside
La Casa del Conde

Capt. Bry's
El Pescador Italiano
3a av. norte #1-B *Cot

5a av. norte #29, Calle del Arco
(a fabulous Egyptian dessert)
5a av. norte #36-A
La Fonda de la Calle Real
La Calle del Arco y a la "Vuelta"

Restaurant las mil Flores
3a calle oriented #16-A

4a calle oriented #20
4a calle oriented #21

Another Fabulous Fruit

Ni pEro
Known in other countries by the names sapodilla and nase-
Sberry, these little orange fruits come from a tree that is a
distant member of the rosebush family. In China, Japan
and India, nispero trees were used ornamentally as well as
Sfor the fruit. For millennia only Asia knew of the nispero,
but in the 1800s the tree was introduced to Spain and then
J .transplanted to the New World, where its sap became a
L prime source of chicle (gum). The nispero is usually eaten
fresh but is also cooked and eaten as preserves.

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ea daelicioufs lit lnevt montAl

Dining ((ANTIGUA


revuemag.com (65

ATGA Dminn

Daniel Chang
Pli'ie ee I |[ r l ..I !(Jip l'h I.~ I :.J :

N I a 4 A S

I IAN II (, [ It.1M1\ 1 \I

International Menu and Exquisite Steaks
Lovely setting in a Colonial Atmosphere!
Open daily.
3a avenida sur #1,La Antigua
Tel: 7832-0806 www.lasantorchas.com

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures;
they give unconditional love. For me they are the
role model for beingalive. -Gilda Radner

When I play with my cat, how do I know
that she is not passing time with me
rather than I with her? -Montaigne

Parar3 Ract* a crona frnm blat uonr'e Indrnandonro nau rnairlhratinne (IDlnv c ln/allnvcIn-l rmnl


(ITfflaIijo 1 Snacks,
sIniHturaue Dinner

"A Restaurant
for You, with a
Traditional Recipes with Family Atmosphere
Authentic Antiguan Flavor Reservations &
Special Events: Tel: 7832-1249

S ; :. .:. . . .1 .. . I.. .. .

"New Internet Service"
Serving from 8 00 am to Midnight Happy Hour 6.10 Tuesday to Friday
6a av norle a 6 nlltgua Tel 7832-3758 personajesres.i hotmail com

No amount of time can erase the memory of The worst sin towards our fellow creatures
a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can is not to hate them, but to be indifferent
ever totally remove his fur from your couch, to them, that's the essence of inhumanity.
-Leo Dworken -George Bernard Shaw

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Antigua's Gourmet
Choose from our selection of
imported products including:

H.. i'cilli -:e B t-,:i.3. PstIl-s

o Pvi,-: I .,I F.... I SIII- _.:1 s
; Flcsh \'.. -. t.a lle. FlIItI

Tel: 7832-6500 TelFax: 7832-0713
SH ,i.i i. .,1 Pl. :I u.:t
FiI6n: G. l t
3a calle ponlente No. 2
Antigua Guatemala
(2 blocks north of central park)
Tel: 7832-6500 TelFax: 7832-0713

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Doa Luisa



Fresh Brein & Rolls htily
\\ hole \\heat. Raisin. Re.
All-Grain. Potato & Onion
-Banana Bread & Cookies

Homie-cooked Meals
Great Breakfasts
Sand\\ inches & Burners
Soups & Salads
Smtufed Potatoes
Delicious Pies & Cakes
Dail\ -7" (0am to c 30pipm
4a calle onente No 12
Tel "'832-27S Fax "7S2-- 42
L. Antiiua Guatemnala


Coo la golUrwYet Itterwnclonil

OPEN DAILY Lunch: 12:30 15 00 Dinner: 19 00 2300
40 colle orienle # 20 Lo Antiguo. Guolemolo. Reservociones. [502)7832-0471

5a avenida norte #29, Calle del Arco

The smallest feline is a masterpiece. One reason a dogs such a lovable creature
revemagTel: 7832-1296 .coma Antigua Guatemala

Steak SIn -4

I i n lOURME T
Calle Ancha #27, La Antigua Tel: 7832-2732
The smallest feline is a masterpiece. One reason a dog is such a lovable creature
-Leonardo da Vinci is his tail wags instead of his tongue.
Revue hiene la circulacion mas grande: 20,000 ejemplares y 60,000 lectores mensuales.
revuemag.com ((69

LaRecoleccin cont.from pge14
Jer6nimo, La Merced, Santa Teresa and Las
Capuchinas along the way.
Numbers of clergy declined in the sec-
ond half of the 18th century, the Recollects
being the final monastic order to be estab-
lished in Santiago. The Escuela de Cristo
group received Papal confirmation later,
in 1704, but had been founded in 1683. A
half-century earlier they had occupied the
simple, temporary structures vacated by
the Franciscans. They never achieved ex-
pected support but quietly carried on their
work of evangelization, prayer and medi-
tation. Their church on Calle de los Pasos
was completely rebuilt in 1730 by master
architect Diego de Porres after he finished
La Recolecci6n.
The magnificent walls and columns of
La Recolecci6n tumbled in the earthquake
of 1773, although the much-photographed
60-foot arch that spanned the sanctuary

defied nature for another 200 years before it
succumbed to the quake of 1976. The Casa
of the Recolectos, to the south of the mon-
astery and no longer open to the public, was
restored in the 1980s by the Council for the
Protection of La Antigua Guatemala and
the Organization of American States.
Much of the great ruins of La Recolec-
ci6n remain where they fell, but not all that
remained has been left to rest in peace. To
nature's force was added unconscionable
pillage. Materials were scavenged and the
cloisters used for sports events, fairs and a
race track. The sacristy became a soap fac-
tory and the dining hall a stable and wagon
shed. The original kitchen can still be seen,
when the office now occupying it is open.
Almost nothing is left of the second floor.
In the early 1900s a swimming pool was
dug in the main cloister. The vaulted, col-
umned cloister ...contnuedonollownqpaqe

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Dining ((ANTIGUA

Wine Prosciutto Pasta
Salami Cheeses
The best Italian Pizza in Antigua
Mon-Thur 6pm-lam, Fri-Sunlpm-lam (closedTues)
5a av. sur #34-A, Antigua (next to Hotel Antigua)
TelFax: 7832-7370 Iavineria@conexion.com.gt
unwww laanliquavineria comrn

I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent
devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source. -Doris Day

Cookies, Etc.
18 Viieties of Cookfes
Fine 'Psttres
Treakfast &- eCaeteria Service
Cakes made to order
Free Coffee RleFills
Open Daily from 7am-7pm
Corner 3a av. & 4a calle T:7832-7652

mnjoy te Dest rtuu m our t k t~ I UiAKUJlN
restaurant jardfn
Delicatessen Chocolateria
restaurant closed tuesday
6 avenida sur #7 entire 5ta y 6ta calle
La Antigua Guatemala. Tel. 78320648
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La Recolecion cont.from previous page
corridors-gone. Stairways-gone. Domes
Silent spaces and vestiges of the vaulted,
sculpted ceiling of the long dining hall taunt
the imagination. Who were these Recollects?
Despite the lamentable moral state of the
Church, the egoism, vice of drink and cruel
treatment of natives, "The Franciscan Recol-
lects offered a more optimistic vision of Gua-
temalan society," wrote Aioveros. "Dozens of
missionaries went from the school to found Detailofsculptedceilingofthemonastery
Detail of sculpted ceiling of the monastery
missions in Nicaragua and Costa Rica," and dining hall
Fray Antonio Margil de Jesis has been cred-
ited with thousands of converts.

While the Recollects
preached in Latin
America, the Salem
witch trials were held
in Massachusetts in
1692. Older folk hoped
the First Great Awak-
ening in the 1730s
would effect young
folks' morality as well
as stir religious revival
in the American colo-
nies. Isaac Newton was
buried in Westminster
Abbey in 1727. 0

Open 9-5 daily. Q30;
foreign students, Q15;
locals, Q2.

The main cloister,
robbed long ago
of its columns
and corridors, site
of a swimming pool
in the early 1900s

72) revuemag.com

Dining ((ANTIGUA


revuemag.com (73


El Sabor
G-'~ del -S
En la esquina mrs popular de Antigua

Variety of special
Guatemalan Coffees
Calle del Arco y 3a. Calle esquina
Tel. (502) 7832-0516 La Antigua Guatemala


of Antigua


Full Menu Great Food ESCLA
Daily Drink5pecials GreatMusic LA ESCM ILLA
Daily:8am-11pm Under New Management Restaurante Caf- Bar
Corner of 6a calle & la avenida, La Antigua 7832-7300 C R
~~____~_____Cielos Riki's pAu^
CUCINA ITALIANA, 4a av norte #4, La Antigua
e ^ ~ iJ ajfii------

S- La Antigua uJsL111s
6a calle poniente#6-A Tel:7832-7180 (dosedTue) C1.i.vn Ta1rru
es____taurainte Itafiano
9tine 90uAm u t An ocdat l. la aav. sur #17-A, La Antigua Tels: 7832-9864,5125-6752
(HO1 OTIENANGg My name is Oprah Winfrey. I have a talk show.
ufgled., 9iled )cna. .1 ,, .. ....f .,, > I'm single. I have eight dogs-five golden retriev-
uwate e& Aedoe" ).. 1,.l. r ... ..,.. ..... ers, two black labs, and a mongrel. I have four
Wand-made pueMi vi e~uoat/ years of college. -Oprah Winfrey, when asked
Deicioaa, 3a cai piwente& #2, Ta A~liqua 3l: 5500-2457 to describe herself duringjury selection


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Dining ((ANTIGUA

Sdc la4
5a avenida sur final, La Antigua (50 metros de
Rest. Panza Verde) Tel: 7832-7074 Fax: 7832-6997

3 0 years servifi

your Z attenakai


Calle del Arco V
& "Around the Corner"
Tel.: +(502) 7832 0507

revuemag.com ((75

26Aere eme carter lw v cre;,ladif awl e t S',a

The ideal Boutique Hotel for those who look for cozy, private spaces and Grand Class Service.
Located in a beautiful early XVIII century colonial house.

3a. Calle Oriente No. 16 "A", La Antigua Guatemala. 300 mt. from the main entrance to the city
Tel: (502) 7832- 9715, 7832- 9716 www.vistareal.comlantigua

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Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA

Huyr SPA

<..':,- ,' ,../ ,,;

I P k

Calle del Arco #31, La Antigua AL RATES k..i,,..cnri
Tel.: 7832-2670 b.y eie a rked

r nApR A M ofaLoAndait
I Single. 530
j Single for two-S 38
if l n 0 \LU *I Double. S47
Triple: 568
Private bath and hot
water. 1 2 blk from park
0t' *0 Saav sur n8 LaAnligua
T OR O slnvenlu R,,,,yhoo (omr m .

.r jr'., i r.. r r r The Finest Family Hotel n Antigua

H otel Breakfast Service Wireless Internet Cable TV
Single, Double & Triple Rooms Private Parking
SAurora Resrls ,50,2,is' 32i5155 S32~7965 7832.966 TelFa i,5, 172,1S320,121
S- Ja (alleorienle ilo haurora.-jonexon (om gl vwww holelauroraanligua (om

Life is as dear to the mute creature as it is to a man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain,
just as one wants to live and not to die, so do other creatures. -His Holiness The Dalai Lama
SRevue le ofrece mas valor agregado. Su anuncio en Internet.
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ANTIGUA))Lodg ingS11

Latin America's finest scribe?cont.from page15
as good as any that I have seen, have not
been produced abroad.
Her talent notwithstanding, this is no
complete mystery. The energy that drove
her to write for herself as a child may have
driven her to self-publish as a woman.
Until recently, self-published fiction was
a marketing anathema. And even though
Thoreau argued that "all fiction is biography,"
many critics disdain fiction that is narrowly
biographical-which most of her work is.
Escobar is also captive to generosity and
expectations of scale. She only orders small
printings of her books, and is quick to share
or even waive proceeds from her plays.
The take from her La Fuente de
Palomar, which runs at downtown's Teatro
Universitario Popular ("UP") each summer,
benefited the Fundabiem telethon. This was
the decision of director Fernando Erazo, but
the playwright did not object. "Sometimes
I get 10 percent of the proceeds. Sometimes
just five. I really don't know if I will get
I .-'' rl.i tim e."
Escobar's indifference to lucre helps
keep admissions as low as Q30, so she is
comforted knowing that she has put high
culture within everyone's reach. She retired
from her Pasaje Rubio nook in 2005,
"because they were raising the rent." But
she is writing more, and her books now
number eight.
Maria del Carmen Escobar may
never, like Garcia Marquez, hobnob with
presidents. Her ship came in decades ago,
but her passage was in a dormitory, not a
first-class stateroom. But she welcomes an
upgrade, if it ever comes.
"And it may yet," she says. o
49 Centavos de Felicidad and other books
by Escobar should be available atyourfavorite
bookshop in Guatemala C .,. La Antigua,
Panajachel or Quetzaltenango.

78)) revuemag.com

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA


,' 1 (-\ 1(-1- I .llOIUt lUl I I1011i I 1a\
Roomll (i ice Indool Iai king Fool'
Deatltiflul Ciaiden lixate Bath Hot \\atel
Cable T\ Fiicplacc Cicdit Caids FIce
Continental DicalIfast H:isebackl Riding'
4a av. sur # 13, Antiqua
TcIFa\: 7832 3132 5390 4-' 35
-l1a.IA i,,i,, .1 ,n .- i. .-,I .,

revuemag.com <(79

AN^TTci IGA)) Ldging

L t B D & B' E AK F T

hh" / "/^

' t"I


The Cloister, originally a I 'h century cloister.
later converted to a phi ate residence,
provides a rare opportunity to visit a colonial home.
Built in the classic Spanish sn'le iith/ rooms
Arranged around a central garden courtyard.
it is comlortablv Iurnished nt ith private
b ths and fireplaces in all seven bedrooms.
, \ \

tillt-l i.Itler1 L'" iall.l. llll
> r >. It. n ( uI -ll'ri.r. 11111
.m .~iiiilld. niirlV #2 l. I..i InAliul.h
'Jul: i 1i ; '.S' -ir 12

COMFORT & ELEGANCE Near San Sebastian Park
Private Bath 2 Lovely Gardens 24 Dbl Rooms
Convention Room Credit Cards accepted
Av. EL DESENGANO #26 (502)7832-2312,7832-7316
La Antiaua email: casadelasfuentes@hotmail.com


La Jovn Americ
Breakfast included
Nice environment
5a calle poniente #11 B, La Antigua
(1 blkfrom central park) Tel: 7832-4703 /4

Hostal Las Marias cionihirableRoo
. hotel ,oiaed with IeeIng 10i ot, Pri awR Ball
<.l J j .11i B.I .. I... l I. 1 I .I. ar. .11 N Frre Intl irnet
R, -r'Iin -'. -il.i II I55 -1 "% Rr Br.akflasr include-d
4545 51 =11ll.bll. l ln1.1I 1 a I ll

My dog does have his failings, of course. He's
afraid of firecrackers and hides in the clothes
closet whenever we run the vacuum cleaner, but,
unlike me, he's not afraid of what other people
think of him or anxious about his public image.
-Gary Kowalski

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The assumption that animals are without rights
and the illusion that our treatment of them has
no moral significance is a positively outrageous
example of Western crudity and barbarity.
Universal compassion is the only guarantee of
morality. -Arthur Shopenhauer
al II you need to get the word out,
Revue is the most effective
promotional tool around.
g8-1= f.ll.IJJM.Jim TH

111111, .

: "-A,-l. 1. ,'*'

Comfort and Quality Service
Bed and Breakfast
.a avenida nore LS 1K.1. ii........rs ... al. Aniu i
,V ALLE Reservalions 832l3031 TelFax: 7832-0275
BED& BRE. KF.ST a hulelkOuovalle (om casaovalle. ,yahuu (om r

A new colonial experience
Restaurant Spa Special Events
9a calla pta. #40, Salida a Ciudad Vi ja #25 Tel: 7832 2240
Fax: 7832 3810 info@hotalrealplaza.com www.hotalraalplaza.com

. irdos Plc mao

( ) Revue le ofrece: el costo mis bajo por ejemplar para promocionar su negocio.
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Be a part of the Colonial
Aristocracy, stay with us at
j Iote[ Casa qoble
at your convenience we offer:
. sgls/dbls, junior & master suites.
2a av sur No. 29, Antigua TelFax: 7832-0864/66/68
reservationes(hotelcasanoble.com www.hotelcasanoble.com

AN^TTci IGA)) Ldging

Luxury Boutique Hotel
Luxury Suites, Apartments,
Gardens and a spectacular view
from the terrace and Cafe Antanto.

5a Avenida Sur #31, La Antigua Guatemala
Telfax: 7832-9539 wwwvilladeantano.com

Las Camelias Inn

19 Rooms with private bath and Cable TV Parking
Very affordable Near Santo Domingo & Central Park

-. : .

.. "e J-- Clean & comfortable rooms
SiL.i_ Casa *Private bath/hot water
D)e OVaco ieShared kitchen
So T E L 6 blocksfrom Central Park
*Wireless internet for laptops
la av. norte #22-A TelFax: (502) 7832-2549
info@lacasademaco.com www.lacasademaco.com

I have studied many philosophers and many cats,
the wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.
-Hippolyte Taine

82)) revuemag.com

When a man has pity on all living
creatures then only is he noble.
-Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)

Lm Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
countrywide distribution


( Callejon del Hermano Pedro #2
CASA La Antiqua Guatemala
CONCEP ON Tel: 7832-060

Reservations: Antigua Tours by Elizabeth Bell
7832 5821,7832-2046
www.holelkasaconcepcion com


Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA


Where travelers
will find in a garden
14 Luxury Rooms
with cable TV,
phone & mini-bar,
some w/ fireplace.
Pool. Sauna.
Free Internet access.
Spectacular Views.
Personalized Sertice.
Breakfast included

4a avenida norte 45,
La Antigua Guatemala

revuemag.com ((83

Casa Madeleine I\.i hrh D I" II i,,iHil]t- Hi-I
ilI ',,3 i 1i. Ai iI ,]j, in,i[iii,ii,i 6 Beautiful deco-
rated and furnished rooms Spectacular views
I 'iiiti [,ii ,I, I n i.i.ji, u Beautiful garden
i. llih rii ii, l Ij,. I y.irI ii jili is Casa Madeleine
mn ,r rr.i plai[Jrtl -iij rll r, tif .Iji j ir l II tia l tr uljr in
Iuiiijie l'[is, e ,,llu [iul[ilie ii[trs Delicious
a la carte breakfast served l wvry vlay Every eve-
ning the whole property is illuminated with
candles for your enjoynlent and ulnrmai reldaxalion
Casa Madeleine is the perfect place for
an anniversary, honeymoon or just to relax.

84)) revuemag.com

ANTIGUA))Lodg ingS11



Wl,, ei-'l .i .',
BVir .C Hf.-ir ./i./ 'I;'l .s

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA

blocks from Central Park

21 Equipped Rooms by the Day, Week
or Month. CableTV, Safe Box, Mini-Bar.
Tels: (502) 5201-7468, 2369-6484,
(502) 7832-1020, 7832-0937
1' avenida norte 5-A, La Antigua Guatemala
hpanchoy@itelgua.com ~ www.hotelpanchoycom

"I! ftlftf llll HOTEL, CAFE & BAR private bath,
hot water, cable TV, wireless internet,
laundry, shared kitchen, bag storage.
6a av. norte #8, La Antigua (1 block
from central park) Tel: 7832-3709

Po0adda El 'ntaf A place for you
El Rinrta o to feel at home."
11 Comfortable Rooms w/fireplace, private bath, TV.
1 Suite w/jacuzzi, fireplace, volcano view.
Restaurant, Terrace, Internet, Parking, Special Rates
6a av. norte #36, Antigua TelFax: 7832-7351,
7832-0134 www.posadaelantano.com

There is no religion without love, and people
may talk as much as they like about their
religion, but if it does not teach them to be good
and kind to beasts as well as man itis all a sham.
-Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty

J lust tell em "Lo vi en la revista Revue"

7a av. sur #3 LaAntigua
Tel: 7832-1223
latatuana@hotmail.com www.atatuana.com

C Highest circulanon/Lowesi price per unit
revuemag.com (s85


14 Standard Rooms t 2 Colonial Suites
in a Convent founded Since 1613
Wireless Connection, Parking lot,
"EL Reino del Jade, S.A" Jewelry Store and
International Bar Ft Restaurant "EL Arco"

5". Avenida Norte # 28. Calle del Arco
PBX (502) 7832 3080 FAX (502) 7832 3610

86) revuemag.com

0"a Ceaklwta,&

LodgingT (T7IGUA


"M 'W

&NVENTO Tel. 502-7720-7272
o t que Hot l 2. Aenida nore # 11
tt AAnigu~ Guatemala

posada DEL ANGEL
4a avenida sur #24A, La Antigua Guatemala Reservations: (502) 7832-5303, 7832-5244
Telfax: (502) 7832-0260 infoposadadelangel@gmail.com www.posadadelangel.com

revuemag.com ((87

Shulle Services to:

Fr... Us SI
1-43 p ...u ... U 40.00

Airline Tickets to all over the world.
llus,.JI, I.1m1B or a'coImh s tIun'ala l Mn :"
Call us for more ad.slnaltonsl
24h.Ta lt(11Cl1211MW14

Anqua Half Day S28 O
Surrou:t igTocns
o Anlgua ~$8.00
Guatemala City
SFuDa $5000



Europa Unica e Inolvidable
10paises en25dias
TourConductor: Bruno Mertins, cel: 5651-2298
Salida: 1 de noviembre de 2008
desde $246 mensuales
Email: info@turansa.com Antigua: *5a calle oriented #10-A
Guatemala City: *Km 15 Carr. Roosevelt
*Zona 11 Super Centro Molino
Tels: (502) 7832-2928, 7832-4691 Fax:(502) 7832-4692

7a Ave 19-44, zona 1 = g GAGO$ IytS Renta de Buses, iltimo modelo,
Tels: 2232-3661, 2220-6018 Fax: (502) 2220-4902 dentro y fuera del Pais.
www.transgalgosinter.com A TAPACHULA EN PRIMERA ( I. % I, 1.1 m4.2** 1 1*, '-5058
7:30, 13:30 & 15:00 14:30, 19:30 & 20:00 6:00, 9:30 & 14:30 1:00, 15:30 & 19:30
Estrella Blanca, Greyhound. Via aerea: Reservacion y venta de Boletos a traves de Exytur. Tel: 2253-9131

Stravelpremier@hotmail.com Shuttle Service

S.- Buses for Rent p/day
ToursToT lal
ll ~ 6a calle oriented #10, La Antigua
Tels. (502) 7832-9032

TRANSPORTES TURiSTICOS Shuttle Service Organized Tours. l
ATST URSN Packages and more...
P Ti r 7832-3371, 7831-0184, 5935-8233 HOUR
TOUR OPERATE 6a av. sur #8, La Antigua ASSISTANCE
S info@atitrans.com www.atitrans.com Antigua. Rio Dulce. Copan. Panajachel Guatemala
ventas@atitrans.com Serving with the Best Quality,Safety and Insurance since 1992

A 1uloE Eil /AEin
r a v I Antigua half day $2800 Chichicastenangoand
re, r' Antigua full day $4800 LakeAtitlin (Thur&sun) $5800

i[:i A( L 0]Bei1 GO i MIN. 2 PAS. Guatemala City half day $4000 Tikal (one day) $30500
ANTIGUA D-GUATEMALA GUATEMALA -ANTIGUA GuatemalaCityfullday $5500 PacayaVolcano $5000
Departure times: Departure times:
04:05, 05:05, 09:05, 07:30,10:15,12:30,
11:05,15:00,17:05,19:00 14:00,18:00, 20:00
Tels: 7879-4442,78794434 24-hourTel:5559-7058 info@atravel.com.gt
Hotel Soleil Antigua 9a calle poniente (road to Ciudad Vieja) La Antigua t ilo iirai

88) revuemag.com

^^^uvTRAVEL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

4I' _*E Ei NMAC_ O N'A L,
* International courier
* Local courier and money transfer
* Passenger transportation to Guatemala City Central location
for CLASS, PLUS and SPECIAL travel service

__ ~rsa7isasaza7rl'l

TracK your P 3Kage 31

Guatemala t

Lax TravelAntiyua
j7-, Tels: 7832-1621, 7832-2674
3a calle poniente #12 Esquina
You won't find better airfares than ours!!!

We specialize in Adventure Tours
Shuttle, trekking, kayaking, canopy,
paragliding, hiking, mountain biking,
S.ERS IiU bilingualguideservie&more
Hunabu Travel & Advur
Tels: 7762-6060,7762-1740 Av. Santander, Panajachel
www.roqerstours.com www.hunabkutours.com

l' justi ell em "Lo vi en la revista Revue"


Travel Agency of Choice!

Ask for our different Promotions,
Packages & Special Airfares
All of our services come with a
smile. We hope to see you soon.

Anywhere you want to go,
we can arrange it.
Low and high budget,
we have it all. 1ATq

I Tikal, Hotels, Intl. plane tickets
SLuxury 8 1st class buses
SPrivate 8 Collective Shuttle Services
Horseback riding 8 Rafting
Rent-A-Car Maps Volcano Tours
Reservations 8 Confirmations
Bus Service throughout Central America
Bus to San Crlstobal de las Casas
Recommended by:
Le Guide du Routard, Lonely Planet,
Ulysses, Central America Handbook

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70. Av. Surw #
Antigu, uantm
Tel I Fx: (502) 7832 4202

Tour Operador & Travel Agency
Mr_ 0

Peace Corps 5%

Complete Travel Services

Transports, tours,
hotel reservations
and information
for GROUPS and

International and
Domestic flights at
competitivete prices.

cher and student discounts

*Bilingual staff *



Xocomil water park
Xetulul theme park
Takalik Abaj Olmec & maya site
Pacaya Volcano
Chichicastenango & Lake Atitlan
Rio Dulce. Cob6n v Tikal

Transfer / shuttles
Tour Packages
Bus rental
with bilingual driver per day
Adventure tours
Birdwatching tours
Kayak & Mountain bike tours

Now you can learn Spanish .Spanish
and Travel at the same t e h .
timewith..... ra eling
Come and discover a new method of learning
Spanish while traveling in Guatemala
www.spanishtraveling.org 5acallepon.#15-B La Antigua
Tels: 5559-7223,5403-4415 st@spanishtraveling.org

I won't leave Sweden without Ted.
The dog is the closest thing in the world to me.
-Lars Karlstrand, who turned down a lucrative
contract to play for a Scottish soccer team due to
the six month quarantine laws in the UK.


All that breathes is precious. Who is to say that
the suffering of an animal is less worthy of solace
than the pain of man? The spark of life is no dim-
mer simply because it is encased in fur or leather.

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Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
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I -

While.n Filadelfia enjoy ovariely of fun and exciting
activitiessurrounded bya soothing and elegantambiance.
Weofferour famouscoffeetour.coffeecuppingand
testing, mountain tour, mountainbiking, mule riding,
canopy, birdwatching,tennis courts. swimmingpool
and manyothers.
Learnand enjoy coffee from the plantation to the cup,
daily coffeeourstars al 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM

^ '1

Finc Fildelaofa,150 meltrosnortedellglesiode toursrdaltoncoffee orn venas@f;ladelfiresort corn
San Felipe de Jesus. La Anligua Guatemala. CA. o
l ,ww.F il delifreso rT.com

revuemag.com ((91


Rods & Reels Sport Fishing Adventures
for info on daily rates or packages
5251 4809 or 5502 5353


Guaemala 5 00 A AM. 900 A.M
rugua Guatemala 4 00 AM

(op:n Rumas 10 00 AM 1:30PM.
San Pearo Suia 1 30 PM 5.00 P ED
AeropuertoSAP 40 PM 6 50PM UNI
Teia 3 30PM 800PM
legucialpa 6 00 PM 10 00 PM
La (eiba 5 45 PM 9 30PM

Copan RundS 1 30 PM 6 00 PM
San Pedro Sula 9 50 A.M i 30 PM
Aeropuerto SAP800A M 1:30PM
Tea 7 15AM 1245PM
Teguci ala 5 45 A M 10 0 AM
LaCeida 15AM 1000AM.
GuaLemala 6 30 PM 10 30 PM.
Antigua Guatemala 8 00 P M

92 revuemag.com

^^^uvTRAVEL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

f bsada e Santiao
Seen Slone Cottages n/ fireplaces
3 Luxunous Suites & a fe" Budget Rooms
conferencee Room
* .11111 i r' L'.i I ,l [ -.i i 1. I r 1 1.r
..i i,,n i !.. ... i. d n 1 !.
H ir,- d 11 n !'... .n H ..r I-.

'e11b IJ f e e
O~r" Iie

l .Y.. 1-i.1 .... .... .,

3-56 Calle Principal, Panaachel
artian ix;orr.lenrias hT i lerinapana@grial corn
5458-1984 5486-6905

iteo'dI,.e Your Bridge To Communication
e/ N- San Pedro La Laquna
SAN PEDRO Lake Attltln. Guatemala
5457 9244
Au.lhgII b1y M ILy llr CEdIM L INGUAT
nmt I1rlnpOlpISp~ BIS.cill .E >D wi, ErrpllCPlreMrtiinthoo, im


revuemag.com (93


.-i" A ^

The only >T'il|r ra i ]crir i.I 1.li[ InI'I Pjinalid 'il
(i (J'- ) l tofupanfalafel
S, pitasandwiches
burritos lasagna pad thai curry
gado-gado vegetarian hlet
S miso soup homemade ginger ale
l firing n .l l i i: ..r t, r. : i. T-I ."2-U'-. 1

From Antigua P3ana3(hel San Pedro San M(rcos (ela
To: San Cristobal las Casas EveryDay

Eternal Sprikng
Av. Santander, Panajachel, Guatemala.
(502) 7762-6043,7762-6094. 24 hrs: 5464-6601
i. l If, ''1 i ii4-4 4 'll It1 ll r If, ii4 1 I4 41111.114 ,-H TII.H I --1 MI


S.Antigua .Quiriguja. Lake Atitlin
)Tikal Rio Dulce -Chi Chi
Panajachel: Calle Santander (next to Hotel Regis)
Tel: 7762-0146, 7762-0152 www.atitrans.com


Los ARbolES
Luxury Rooms & Apartments with equipped
kitchen. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates.
In the heart of the zona viva of Pana
3a av. 0-42, Zona 2 Panajachel
Tels: 7762-0544, 7762-0548

People who keep dogs live longer on average
than those who do not. This is not some kind of
pro-canine campaigning fantasy. It is a simple
medical fact that the calming influence of the
company ofa friendly pet animal reduces blood
pressure and therefore the risk of heart attack.
-Desmond Morris

-- ElAguacatal

ElRosarloDon Mollss
Bungalows familiares Cable TV
Cel. 5204-9333 Telefax: 7762-1482
atiltlandonmoises.,-hotmall corn


SNational& International Tickets
Tikal Chichi Antigua San Crist6bal de las Casas
Av. Santander 1-61, zona 2, Panajachel
Tel:7762-2023 santander_travel@hotmail.com

- Rooms w/ private bath & hot water
CableTV, Phone in every room
Parking Laundry Breakfast
Calle Principal salida a Godinez
Panajachel- Tels 7762-2176, 2630/31/33
posadasans mon@ltelgua com

,i:- H -,, i ,l ,)1^
^,1 11,. \,,,,r,,,..,.,
-Comfortable rooms CableTV
Private bath w/ hot water
SParking Laundry
3a av 3-45 Z 2, Calle Santander,
SPanajachel Tels 7762-2915/17
Fax 7762-1117 -emall necos@itelgua com

Estefan Colbert says:

C iut Sterilize Your Pets!
* Please donate to Healthy Pets
*to reduce overpopulation
& suffering of dogs & cats /
* A program of Mayan Famiies, a U.S. registered 501(c)3 &
S Guatemalan Foundation; 7762 1704 for information
SDonations accepted at www.mayanfamilies.org/pets.htm *
****** ***** **************

SNow it's even easier to
read REVUE online:

94 revuemag.com

I OLdl r an no-1 :li-v
ua d .1i1i

hotel www.primaveraatitlan.com
Understated Elegance
In the heart of Panajachel Calle Santander
Tel 7762-2052-Fax 7762-0171

revuemag.com ((95

[ Fonda del Sol
0 h_fondadelsol@yahoo.com
15 Confortables habitaciones Parqueo
Lavanderia Jardin Tarjeta de Credito
Calle Principal 1-74, Z.2 Tel: 7762-1162 Panajachel


roo, Bune ; ie ;
Tel: 7762-2255 7762-1554 Fax: 7762-2247

wvwpanachemLiouhabC~I Tel (50o) 77e220 iW

Just call me Indio

One ofPanajachel's most colorful and asked-about personages, tourists
and locals know him as a master craftsman who sells his own handiwork.
by Dwight Wayne Coop

Self-promoter, religious huckster, icon-
oclast, "loco"-Francisco Quiej has
been called all these things; none is
anywhere near the truth. "Indio" is what he
calls himself, even though his fellow Mayas
consider the term an insult.
This renaming took place in 1994 on
a mountaintop. Francisco saw no burning
bush on the slope, but "in my heart there
was a burning conviction that I should wear
this name." Indio has since climbed sum-
mits throughout Central America, seeking
prime meditation venues.
"That name carries 500 years of bag-
gage," he says. "Being pejorative, it's also
purifying, because as a bad name it obli-
gates me to better myself, by doing right

by others. Then I can wear it as a badge
of shame and pride, at the same time." It
may be working; Indio is well spoken of by
those who actually know him.
He is native to Zunil, a K'ich6 town near
Quetzaltenango, where his parents were
members of the "agricultural caste." Even
so, his father completed school and became
a teacher; Indio and his five siblings there-
fore grew up in a literate household.
Indio is today one of Panajachel's most
colorful and asked-about personages. Tour-
ists and expats know him as a master crafts-
man who sells his own handiwork: spheri-
cal lampshades by the cluster that waft,
cloudlike, up and down the Santander
Strip, turning heads.
His long hair sets him apart as well,
since modern Mayan men rarely let their
locks grow. Indio counts no connection
with the hippies of nearby San Pedro la
Laguna, as some observers think. His hir-
suteness instead recalls the Nazarite vow
of his first-century heroes such as John the
Baptist and Simon the Zealot. Since most
scholars believe that Jesus of Nazareth was
also a Nazarite, medieval artists and Hol-
lywood alike portray him with a haircut
eerily like Indio's.
Since Indio seeks to imitate his mes-
siah in all things, he sees evangelism as his
primary calling. This makes him one of
among thousands of itinerant preachers in
Central America; unlike most, however, he
employs handiwork as a vehicle. He does
not judge those who preach on buses and
then request money, but he says that they

96)) revuemag.com

need to "discover their trade and enter it as
a step of faith." Paul of Tarsus, he recalls,
was a tentmaker. Indio sees his own craft as
a divine gift along this line, and therefore
nothing to boast about, even as he plies it
and wins admiration.
He discovered the gift in the same way
he discovered the name: on a mountain-
top, this time in Costa Rica in 1997 while
a member of an artisan commune. "While
meditating, I was suddenly aware of the
plants growing around where I sat. I be-
gan examining them and imagining uses
for them." Since he was at a high altitude,
many of them were alpine ferns; today, fern
fronds are a staple in his designs.

The dream's significance, he says, was
that "foreigners were the door. Guatema-
lans had no interest in my lampshades, at
first." Most still do not, he thinks, because
they see them as something non-ladino and,
he adds with an ironic smile, "non-indio."
Outsiders, consequently, were his first
market. No capital was needed, just an eye
for materials, plenty of experimentation,
and Indio's own abundant charisma, which
infects everyone he meets. Most of the
materials grow wild but not necessarily at
lake-level, meaning he must harvest often
in the nearby mountains. This is no incon-
venience, since harvesting and meditation
mix well in the cold solitude of the rarified,

"That night, after coming down pine-scented heights.
from the mountain and turning in, I Foreigners remain the bulk of In-
dreamed of two blonde women t / ..I. s clientele, so it helps to hang his
don't remember any details, br at in cosmopolitan Panajachel.
when I awoke, I knew I had a JAi Yet Guatemalans are warming
direction to launch a craft." B up to his work. continued on page 104
revuemag.com ((97

Casa San Bartolome
Bed & Breakfast
A different option in XeCa
2a av7-17, z.1, Barrio San Bartolome
Quetzaltenengo Tels: 7761-9511, 5574-9049, 5859-3985
casasanbartolome@yahoo.com www.casasanbartolome.com

S-.:"., Cai si Ponf Mercedes
'..,, I ...I a.le rooms-Clean, safe and
...... ......I ''sphere and Full Kitchen
S "-r...y 14av13-42, zona 1
t i i-', ..1-, Tels: 5209-0545,5687-3305
;,r.n: I. www.geocities.com/
lu:. ur House mercedes

13 av. 6-16 z. 1 Quetzaltenango Tels. 7761-2014,5557-8313
villadedonandres@gmail.com www.villadedonandres.com
private business with private bath & hot watrconscience
*Cable TV Breakfast, snacks
*Wireless Internet Parking
Laundry Artesan Sales, events
13 av. 6-16 z.1 Quetzaltenango Tels. 7761-2014, 5557-8313
villadedonandres@gmail.com www.villadedonandres.com

A private business with a social conscience

H 9a calle 15-05, zona 3 Quetzaltenango
Tels: 7763-6895, 4085-0533
nfoalademocracia.net www.lademocraca.net

Spanish Immersion with Homestay
Whole language methodology.
Volunteer work. Free unlimited Internet access.
We also offer Apartments For Rent.
Callejon 15, D13-02, zona 1 7761-5954

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