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h.~ ij ?


Relax...it's just like home!
5 calle poniente #2 La Antigua Guatemala



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A4 1 T-.

10 Guatemala's Olympic Athletes
12 remarkable athletes will be representing
Guatemala at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Our
best wishes and hopes for success go out them.

13 Sensuous Guatemala:
Sunday feast in the Historical Center
by Ken Veronda

14 The Time Tunnels of Zone One
Time travel in Guatemala's historic center
by Dwight WayneCoop

16 Mysterious Monument
Diego de Porres builds his finest convent
byloy Houston, photos by Jack Houston

Guide to culture and upcoming events
compiled by Mercedes Mejicanos

32 Balance and Harmony
by Dr. Karmen Guevara

40 DateBook Highlight
Bach Ensemble Leipzig and the
Millennium Orchestra

56 Portal to the Past
Guatemala City's oldest restaurant never forgets
by Dwight WayneCoop

64 The Zen of Fin & Fondo
byDwightWayne Coop

100 Flashback: 1937
Where am I? Follow the clues.
by Carlisle Johnson

116 Constru Casa
Building to improve lives in Guatemala

120 Celebrating Corn in Suchitoto
Many in El Salvador will gather to give thanks at
the annual Festival of Corn on August 17.

)m mmi. .......

30 Guatemala City
50 La Antigua
97 Lake Atitlan
102 Quetzaltenango
104 Monterrico/Pacific Coast
106 Rio Dulce
106 El Peten
108 Coban

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S SI ll~:

2008 Olympic Athletes
design by Rudy A. Gir6n

8) revuemag.com

c o n t e n t s


4 norte
Pedestrian Streets in Cultural
Via 5 ruta 2 zona 4. Tel: 2379


We salute Guatemala's olympic

athletes on our cover this month,
designed by Rudy Gir6n. These
12 talented and committed men and women
will be competing at the Beijing2008 Olym-
pics; stay tuned to local media for more about
their achievements.
August is traditionally dedicated to
Guatemala City's downtown Historical
Center. Starting with Sensuous Guatemala,
a feast for the senses in the great square
that is flanked by the National Palace and
the Metropolitan Cathedral. Next up, The
Time Tunnels of Zone One, a trip through
four fascinating 'pasajes', along with a sen-
timental journey to those golden bygone
days. The final homage to zone 1 is Portal
to the Past, featuring El Portal, Guatemala
City's oldest and continuously-operating
restaurant. If those walls could talk.
Within the 'Ruins of La Antigua' series
is the not to be missed Mysterious Monu-
ment, the story of the Nuestra Sefiora del
Pilar de Zaragoza de Religiosa Capuchinas.
Flashback: 1937 offers you a chance to guess
which town the author is writing about ...
"real estate sells from $2.50 an acre to $8.50
an acre.
The Zen ofFin and Fondo is aptly named
for we have come to the end of this popular
column-at least for now. Our thanks and
appreciation to writer Dwight Wayne Coop
who, after some 55 The Zen of... articles,
would like to shift gears and introduce a
new subject, beginning next month.
The August DateBook is jam-packed
with events all month long; in El Salvador
the Festival de Maiz (Celebrating Corn in
Suchitoto) will be held on August 17.
Thank you for reading the Revue; with
20,000 in print monthly, the magazine is
also available in Flash Paper or PDF format
online at www.revuemag.com -JBT

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Se- g .s


^mas cerca!^^

encuentr^^*aDIna ganY

called poniente 4 calle oriented

n n e- n mele orn

6 poninte calle oriented


Hush Puppies '

Come and visit us at
4ta. Calle poniente 11-4 local C, Antigua Guatemala




bt Guatemala's

1 2 remarkable athletes will be representing Guatemala at the 2008 Beijing
Olympics. Our best wishes and hopes for success go out to Evelyn Nuiez in
Sthe 20 kilometer race walk, Jos6 Amado Garcia and Alfredo Arevalo in the 42
kilometer marathon and veteran Luis Bechinie in the 50 kilometer race walk.
Also deserving of medals are Eddie Valenzuela in boxing; Kevin Cord6n in badminton;
Juan Andrds Rodriguez in equestrian obstacles; Christian L6pez in weightlifting; Gisela

Luis Fernando Garcia Bechinie

Evelin Rosmeri Nufiez Fuentes

Juan Ignacio Maegli Agiero
Sport: Sailing (Laser class)
12 revuemag.com

Rita Maria Sanz-Agero Luna
Sport: Modern Pentathlon

Olympic Athletes

Morales in swimming (100 and 200 meters); Rita Sanz-Agero in modern pentathlon; Juan
Carlos Romero in shooting (skeet test); and Juan Ignacio Maegli in sailing (Laser class test).
President of the COG Fernando Beltranena said they will send 45 delegates to China
including officials, trainers, doctors and journalists.
The Guatemalan delegation will travel to Beijing on August 5. Good luck to all.
(Thanks to Claudia Gonzalez, Alma Diaz Castillo, and People's D '

Christian Alberto L6pez Bobadilla Juan Andr4s Rodriguez Silva
Snnrt:Weinhtliftinn (1 On kni rnnrt- Fnnioctrin nhcltrloc

Kevin Haroldo Cord6n Buezo Gisela Maria MoralesValentin
Sport: Badminton Sport: Swimming (100 and 200 meters)
revuemag.com (13


-.;200s Olympic Athletes

Jose Amado Garcia Gabriel
Sport: Marathon (42 km)

EddieValenzuela Barillas
Sport: Boxing

Alfredo Ardvalo Reyes Juan Carlos Romero Arribas
Sport: Marathon (42 km) Sport: Skeet shooting

14 revuemag.com



Guatemala is always a feast for all
the senses, but sensatory overload
comes each Sunday right in the
center of everything as hundreds stroll that
great square in downtown Guatemala City.
Zone One, the zero milepost, the historic
center, is alive with family groups wearing
their Sunday best, hearing the happy mu-
sic groups, eating the colorful fruits, shucos,
sausages and candies on sale. Flanked by
the former National Palace, now a muse-
um, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and office
buildings, the square is always lively, but
never more than on any given Sunday.
One fresh rose, placed each morning be-
tween two stylized hands in the center of
the plaza, is an especially symbolic touch of
color, commemorating the end of years of
civil war. Standing there, you can hear the
music in several directions around you, in-
dividual performers and groups playing for
a few coins and then there are the steaming
carts of hot sandwiches for sale with rich
colors of cut fruits and jewel-like blended
drinks; foods to please eyes and stomachs.
The bright colors of the country's ter-
rain are proudly on display in the huipiles,
beautiful blouses worn by many of the la-
dies strolling downtown. The facades of
the buildings around the great square are
muted tones, the tans of the Metropolitan
Cathedral, the grays of the former National

Palace, now a museum with tours of the
elegant ceremonial rooms opened by dicta-
tor-president Ubico in 1944.
Follow that older man from the High-
lands as he climbs slowly into the place
where he did his military service back when
General Ubico ran Guatemala with a firm
hand. The farmer hasn't returned to the
Big City since he completed his military
duties 60 years ago, but watch where he
touches: He remembers exactly where to
touch panels to open secret doors, openings
for quick escapes should the general need
them. Watch the pride in the old fellow's
eyes in admiring the gilt and marble and
crystal symbols of power he once guarded,
now just a museum of memories.
Back outside, the numbers grow as the
shadows begin to lengthen, worshippers
and shoppers and visitors from the coun-
tryside blending together, always strolling
on Sunday, never rushing, never hustling.
This is not a business day, though the
stalls of fabrics and foods in the central
market are full of colors and tastes their
proprietors hope to exchange for quetzals.
It's a day for all senses, every Sunday, for
all the Guatemalan shades and smells and
sounds and tactile sensations that make a
sensuous treat for all to enjoy. Come for a
Sunday stroll in the center of it all! 4

revuemag.com (l15

The newly restored Pasaje Aycinena

The Time Tunnels of Zone One

Read-or walk -your way through 22 minutes

of time travel in Guatemala's historic center
by Dwight Wayne Coop photos courtesy: Sergio Cruz Arteaga

T e yen to envision a familiar place in
an earlier era is universal. In the six-
ties, it found expression in the campy
sci-fi serial The Time Tunnel, in which two
scientists are sparked through historical
crossings in which the supporting roles-
from Alexander the Great onward-conve-
niently speak English.
A more credible time trek can be taken
in downtown Guatemala in only 22 min-
utes. Long before climate-controlled malls
in Minneapolis, there were, and still are,
Zone One's pasajes. Exploring them affords
a cobwebby peek at el Centro as it was
when the pasajes were echo-chambers for
dawn reveilles of machine-gun rat-tatting,
martial doggerel and coups d'etat.
Four fascinating pasajes abut the Plaza
de Armas, that square enclosed by the Na-
tional Palace, National Library and Na-
tional Cathedral. The fourth edge is home
to banks, a vegetarian diner, camera and
shoe shops, an arched colonnade, and two
of these time tunnels.
Begin on 7thAvenida, a half block south
of the plaza. Facing the entrance to Edificio
16 ,revuemag.com

del Centro (downtown's tallest building) is
the aperture of Tunnel 1, the rust-red Real
del Parque. Go in.
This least historical tunnel is included as
a foil to the others and as a glimpse, not
of what downtown was, but what it aspires
to. Elsewhere in the city are new, sprawling
counterpoints to this mall, though none
has its garish, high-density charm.
Real del Parque dates from the still-
cooling surface of the past century. When
the 1996 Peace Accords were signed, it was
just another drab commercial box. But to-
day you can take in three floors of artsy-
tartsy commercialism. Scarf some caramel
corn, window shop, buy a knick-knack. Go
up to the third floor to look down on the
traffic. Time becomes a dimension that will
stretch as you tour the other tunnels.
This tunnel leads outside, to bustling
8th Calle. Turn right, go two-and-a-half
blocks. When you reach Telas Lider, a cav-
ernous old yardage mart, cross the street.
With all the clutter, you could almost
miss Pasaje Savoy-Tunnel 2. But once
in, you are standing before a big-screen

Pasaje Aycinena circa 1924

Real del Parque newly restored

clunker Motorola broadcasting The Time
Tunnel. Its regression of fluorescent lights
recalls the shiny ribs of the old TV prop.
All that is missing is for the two time travel-
ers to corporealize.
Actually, much more is amiss. This ad-
dress, once prestigious, has fallen on digital
times. The fine wooden wainscots remain,
but only as unpolished veneers of the past. On
the second floor you find more faded elegance
and empty locales (storefronts) and, surpris-
ingly, window seats. These merely overlook
the building's cruddy hollow airshafts, but
they are refugios for lunching clerks and
lovestruck novios. The third floor is filled by
Savoy's current landlord, a clothing manufac-
turer. Even he may soon jump ship, competi-
tion from China is killing him.
Return to the present by exiting Savoy on
7th Calle. Go left for half a block, then right
for 10 meters, then left again at the La Tira-
da building. To your left, as you walk, is the
Mercado Central, an underground comb of
tunnels on five split levels-all "dug" after
the 1976 earthquake. On its above-ground
parking lot, there once stood the spectacular
neo-classic pre-quake mercado.
Walk another block toward the loom-
ing National Palace. Cut across the Plaza
de Armas, just to the left of the huge foun-
tain, toward the colonnade opposite the
Palace. Cross the street and seek out the
jail-cell door that looks locked. It is not
-push through it. You have just sneaked
in through the back of Tunnel 3, Pasaje

Aycinena, which was once, incredibly, a
mansion belonging to one of the repub-
lic's founding families. By the 1930s it was
what some historians call Guatemala's first
centro commercial-an honor claimed by
another Time Tunnel that is a literal stone's
throw away.
When you re-emerge into the light-
this tunnel has no roof-look back. You see
the door you came through and the outline
of two others, one arched and wide enough
for a carriage. The space between them is
now filled by a cubby-hole enterprise.
Before you exit Pasaje Aycinena through
the arch on 9th calle, look up and marvel
at the contrast of the Pasaje's ornamented
vaults with Edificio del Centro's utilitarian
angles. Back on the sidewalk outside, you
are again in the 21st century. But turn right
and walk 25 meters to Tunnel 4, to sample
yet another slice of the past.
The aperture to Pasaje Rubio is a worm-
hole flagged by glass-walled galaxies of
jewelry. Now enter what other historians
call Guatemala's first centro commercial. Its
founder, Sefior Rubio-no one recalls his
first name-built it as a place for the elite to
shop and dine. Until 2008, its liver-spotted
complexion and patchy floor made it seem
old for its 80 years; today, the well-to-do (ex-
cepting coin hounds) rarely shop here. But
despite the wrinkles in its original ambience,
it remains a time-strolling venue. Except for
an appliance dealer, every store retains some
of its original character ...contnued n page 76
revuemag.com ((17

Real del Parque circa 1928


Master architect Diego de Porres builds his finest convent:
Nuestra Seiora del Pilar de Zaragoza de Religiosas Capuchinas
by Joy Houston photos by Jack Houston
S even monasteries, four convents, sixteen orders and three dozen churches to support.
Earthquake destruction of private, public and church buildings in 1717. Cloistered
Clarisian and Barefoot Carmelite nuns scared out of their convents. On top of that,
worldwide economic troubles. Civil authorities of Santiago de Caballeros, now La Antigua
Guatemala, had their hands full and put a freeze on establishment of religious orders.
Still, with faith flourishing in Spain, the Mother Superior in Madrid approached King
Philip V to request founding of the Capuchin order in Santiago, and he ordered a feasibil-
ity study in November 1720. Upon taking up the matter in August 1721 (no cell phones
or e-mail in the 18th century), the town council was dumbfounded. The request read that
the people of Guatemala had asked for the Capuchin nuns. The council responded, "No
way!" and tabled the matter.
According to J. Joaquin Pardo, Pedro Zamora Castellanos and Luis Lujan Muioz in the
Gula de Antigua Guatemala, "The truth was that the request for the Capuchin nuns was
made by the bishop of Guatemala, Alvarez de Toledo." Maybe he went ahead on his own,
knowing a request through usual channels wouldn't stand a chance. Some justification
may have been found in the fact that the Capuchinas did not require a dowry for entrance,
as did other convents, offering opportunity for the religious life for the less-than-rich.
Although royal permission was not granted until May 1725 to found the convent of
18) revuemag.com

LEFT: Squat columns and arches of Capuchin cloister were designed for earthquake resistance
ABOVE: Capuchin convent and gardens from above

Nuestra Sefiora del Pilar de Zaragoza de Religiosas Capuchinas, whose title comes from
the style of their head cover, it seems that arrangements had already been made in April for
the Madrid nuns' travel to Guatemala. The bishop died in July of that year and perhaps
had felt some urgency to accomplish what he wanted to do, so he did it his own way.
Travel was tough in those days, and the nuns didn't arrive until January 1726. "For-
tunately there were only five," according to the Gula. One had died en route. Per the
royal edict, the convent would be established in the Church of El Carmen, on 3a avenida
between 3a and 2a calls, and its conventual facilities. That church had been almost en-
tirely destroyed by the earthquake, and repairs were not complete until 1728. Originally a
simple hermitage to shelter an image of the Virgin Mary, the eventual church was consid-
erably more elaborate, among the finest in town, and "...was very special in its epoch for
the sacred music played in it," wrote Rafael Alvarez Polanco in Antigua. Today its skillfully
sculpted facade is among the most photographed sites of La Antigua Guatemala.
But when the Capuchinas arrived in 1726, that facility was deemed unsuitable; and a
new site was purchased by the new bishop, Cervantes. The five nuns stayed with the Bare-
foot Carmelites of the Santa Teresa convent, maybe out in their orchard huts (talk about
unsuitable), where they awaited post-earthquake reconstruction of their own convent. In
March the Capuchinas were ushered in grand protocol to their new home, even though
royal approval for the switch from El Carmen didn't come until July 1727. Records are not
clear about the location of that new home.
In 1728 the order requested permission to expand from the limit of 25 to 33 nuns; that
revuemag.com ((17

Water supply channel above the nuns'cells,
part of a complicated hydraulic system

ABOVE: Niches in exterior of circular tower
BELOW: Two sunken bath tubs with hot water supply

was never granted. Nonetheless, in 1730
yet another bishop was in place, who pur-
chased yet another site, which he believed
better for the Capuchinas and on which he
would build a church and spacious convent
with his own funds. He chose the Niiado,
on 2a avenida at 2a calle, literally around
the corner from El Carmen and a couple of
blocks from Santa Teresa.
The Niiado, or the school of the Ni-
ias Doncellas, a fine school for girls, had
a prestigious history dating back to 1553.
But its purpose had deteriorated along the
way, and it became a detention center until
1643, when the king ordered its return to
the original purpose. The property includ-
ed a formal church and buildings in good
condition, and architect Diego de Porres
was commissioned to adapt and expand the
facility for the Capuchinas.
The Capuchin Convent, with thick
walls, squat columns and unique iron re-
inforcement, is perhaps the best conserved
colonial construction, being among the lat-
est and most earthquake resistant. Archi-
tecture in Santiago flourished in the period
from 1717 to 1773, and Diego de Porres
was on the cutting edge. He had learned
from his father, working together with him
from the age of six on projects such as the
churches of Santa Teresa, Compafia de
Jesis, Santa Clara, Escuela de Cristo and
Recolecci6n, which Diego finished after his
father, Jose, died. He was a busy man when
he took up the job for the Capuchinas, hav-
ing just finished reconstruction for the Ca-
thedral and the convent and Church of La
Concepci6n, incorporating new decorative
elements in the domes, vaults and arches
and decorated pilasters, which became one
of his distinctive styles.
Luis Lujin Muioz said, "Porres marks
the link between the Baroque and the be-
ginning of Classicism." In contrast to the

18 revuemag.com

abundant adornment of Santa
Clara, the Capuchin Church is
simple and sober. Diego had his
own ideas, but all religious or-
ders had rules for their monas-
tery and convent designs as well.
For nuns, these included absence
of columns, which could ob-
struct visual connection with the
clergy, and private worship space
in the nave, usually opposite the
altar. The facades of convent
churches are typically inside the
convent wall, with side doors for
public entrance. But there are al-
ways exceptions.
While the door mistakenly
built in the facade of the Church
of Santa Clara caused such a fuss
and had to be blocked up to pro-
tect the cloistered nuns' space at
that end of the nave, the churches
of Santa Teresa and Capuchinas
do have doors in their fagades-
their orders being exceptions to
the rule. The Capuchin nuns'
choirs were above the front door
and at the front, next to the al-
tar, off the side of the nave, be-
hind an iron grill.
Sadly, the impressive facility
seen today, completed in 1736,
was to have a short life. The
earthquake of 1751 battered the
upper story, and that of 1773 sig-
naled the end, as it did that of
the entire town as the colonial
capital. But the curious history
and mystery of the Capuchin
Convent doesn't stop there.
The three-story, round tower
at the north of the convent has
been discussed and debated.

Simple and sober facade of the small Capuchin church

ABOVE: Nuns'cells surrounding round patio
.cl n r n.rhin rannlnt rlnictar

revuemag.com ((19

5Tues., 5:30pm (English) LECTURE:
Tuesday evening lecture series: Partnering
the Poor: Inequality, Education and Opportunity
in Guatemala with Jeff Barns, also an overview
of Families de Esperanza whose work assists over
2,300 nearby students and families to break the
cycle of poverty. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe
(tel. 7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
7Thurs., 9:30am, Fri., 8th-lpm & Sat., 9th,
/3pm (Spanish) WORKSHOP: Clay, use
the wheel, molds and paint your creation. Mu-
seo Miraflores (tel: 2470-3415) 7a calle 21-55, z.
11, Guatemala City.
-7hurs., 4:30-6pm (English) GET TO-
/ GETHER: Antigua Network, welcoming
individuals/organizations who work to improve
livingconditions, health, education and econom-
ics of others in Guatemala. Q50 incls. beverage,
boquitas; additional info., Judy, 7832-9871. La
Pena de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle po-
niente # 15-C, LaAntigua.
hurs., through Sun., 31st ART: Medi-
/terrdneo griego, an exhibition of a beautiful
collection of mixed medium drawings by Gua-
temalan artist Omar Calvillo. Vestibulo del Te-
atro Dick Smith IGA (tel: 2422-5566) ruta 1,
4-05, z. 4, Guatemala City. V

8Fri., 8pm (Spanish) THEATER: Ana-
tomia de una escoba, winner of the Central
American Bellas Artes 'Quince de Septiembre'
2004 contest. Q40. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037) 5a
calle poniente #15, LaAntifua. V

9Sat., through Sept. 7, 6pm -ART: Contan-
do histories featuring a collection of oil paint-
ings by Guatemalan artist Mario Sagastume.
Sala Marco Augusto Quiroa, Paseo de los Mu-
seos Hotel Casa Santo Domingo (tel: 7820-1220,
ext. 579) 3a calle oriented #28, LaAntigua.
SSat., 6:30pm (Spanish) CONFER-
ENCE: Artes e histories de Venecia by Ar-
chitect Luis Salazar. Institute Italiano de
Cultura (tel: 5988-5485) 16 calle 2-55, z. 10,
Guatemala City.
9Sat., through Sun., Sept. 21, 7:30pm -
ART: Un mar de cristales murano 1915-2000,
Museo del Vidrio, Hotel Casa Santo Domingo
(tel: 7820-1220, ext. 579) 3a calle oriented #28,
9Sat., 11am (Spanish) FILM: Presenta-
tion of the Cuban movie drama Memorias
del subdesarrollo, directed by Tomis Gutikrrez.
Free. Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomis de Aqui-
no, la av. norte #23, LaAntigua.

20)) revuemag.com

*= Ei =Y-0i T


Tues., 7pm, through Thurs., Sept. 4 PHOTOGRAPHY: Work by award-winning photog-
rapher Roberto Quesada Arathoon titled Reflejos venecianos. Congratulations Roberto. Institute
Italiano de Cultura (tel: 5988-5485) 16 calle 2-55, z. 10, Guatemala City.

9Sat., 7pm PHOTOGRAPHY: El andar 1 ) Tues., 5:30pm (English) LECTURE:
de nuestra gente by photographer Ricardo il .Tuesday evening lecture series: Sur-
Ramirez. Free. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037) 5a calle vival in the City Slums, Chris Rice talks about
poniente #15, LaAntigua. life on the fringes in Guatemala City and the
10 Sun., through Sat., 16th- CELEBRA- work being done to keep children from a life on
ITTION: La Pena de Sol Latino celebrates the streets. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel.
its 2nd anniversary with door prizes every night, 7832-1919) 7a av. Sur #8, LaAntigua.
great music by Grupo Sol Latino and other in- 1 jWed., 5pm PHOTOGRAPHY: Al
vited musical guests; 16th-Anniversary Party! 1 descubierto featuring work by Nathalie
La Pena de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle Beard. Galeria Panza Verde (tel: 7832-2925) 5a
poniente # 15-C, LaAntigua. av. sur#19, LaAntigua. V
11Mon., through Fri., 15th, 9am-4pm
-(Spanish/English) WORKSHOP: The
Magic of Color, working with natural color, tech-
niques to dye cotton and hard fibers in a 100%
natural process using native plants of Guatemala.
Q1,500 includes all dye material, manual of reci-
pes and sample book. Minimum class size. In-
digo Artes Textiles (7888-7487), inside Finca la
Azotea, Jocotenango, Sacatepiquez.
11 Mon., 5pm MAYAN CEREMONY:
Presentation of an authentic Mayan cer-
emony. La Pena de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468),
revuemag.com ((21


1 Wed., 7:30pm MUSIC: A joint
1.. concert of two renowned chamber or-
chestras, one from Europe and the other from
Guatemala, featuring classical music from both
cultures. Juan Bautista Gutidrrez Auditorium,
Universidad Francisco Marroquin, 6a calle fi-
nal, zone 10, Guatemala City. See highlight on
page 40. V

Picando cebolla by the group Ellatu,
presenting combination of dance, poetry and
music. Q40. El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037) 5a calle
poniente #15, LaAntigua. V

1 Sat., 3pmn
Children per- .... i
folkloric danc.
and a benedict ....
to celebrate t- ..
restaurant's 2,.1
anniversary. L
Pena de Sol L ar, ..
(tel: 7882-44 .- I
5a calle p. #15-C,

eS 0DateBook online vvwwwv revuemag corn
22)) revuemag.com

1 Tues., 5:30pm -(English) LECTURE:
1 Tuesday evening lecture series: Combat-
ing Poverty -. Education, the staff of Safe
Passage/Camino Seguro talk about their mis-
sion to empower the poorest, at-risk children of
families working in the community of the Gua-
temala City garbage dump by creating opportu-
nities and fostering dignity through the power
of education. Donation Q25. Rainbow Cafe
(tel. 7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
1 Fri., 6pm MUSIC: An evening con-
15cert presented by the Orquesta de Cimara
de Bach (Germany). Q100. Ruinas de San Jos6 el
Viejo, 5a av. sur y 8a calle final, LaAntigua.
2 Wed., 7:30pm FASHION: NEO-
0JPUNK 2008, presenting the newest col-
lection from internationally known high-couture
designer Mauricio Samayoa. Museo Ixchel del
Traje Indigena (tel. 2331-3638) 6a calle final, z.10
Centro Cultural UFM, Guatemala City. V

21Thurs., 6:30pm (Spanish) LEC-
2 TURE: El mito del colibri en el arte Maya
by Dr. Oswaldo Chinchilla, curator at Museo
Popol Vuh. Q20/Q10 students w/carnet. Museo
Popol Vuh (tel: 2338-7896) 6a calle final, z. 10,
Guatemala City.
2 Fri., 8pm (Spanish) THEATER:
.Cuerno en Panza, students from the
Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad de
San Carlos de Guatemala, present the comedy
Cuatro corazones con frenoy march atrds. Q40.
El Sitio (tel: 7832-3037) 5a calle poniente #15,

SHighest circulation/Lowest price per unit


Fri., 9:30am-1:30pm (Spanish/Eng-
,2lish) WORKSHOP: The NaturalPalette,
painting with natural pigments on all types of
backgrounds (cotton, silk, linen, canvas and
paper); plant extracts made into watercolors,
temperas, oils and paste. Q250. Note: With a
minimum of 4 students, this class can be re-
scheduled for any day of the week. Indigo Artes
Textiles (7888-7487), inside Finca la Azotea,
Jocotenango, Sacatepiquez.
2 Sat., 2pm PRESENTATION: La
J Profecia Maya 2012/The Mayan Prophecy
of 2012 with astronomer John Major Jenkins,
author of the book 'Cosomogenesis 2012'; spon-
sored by Jades S.A. Auditorio Casa Santo Do-
mingo, 3a calle oriented no. 28, LaAntigua.
2 Sat., 7pm ART: Sustancias intransferi-
J bles que acttian a nivelsubliminal, an exhi-
bition of oil paintings by Javier Azurdia. Free. El
Sitio (tel: 7832-3037), LaAntigua.
2 3Sat., through Mon., Sept. 22 ART:
2J William Kalwick, 6th annual exhibition.
La Antigua Galeria de Arte (tel: 7832-2124) 4a
calle oriented #15, LaAntigua. V

/ Sat., 4pm MUSIC: Ensamble Amarilis,
"-soprano vocalist, violins, flutes, violas and
a clavecin. Q80. Centro de convenciones, Hotel
museo Casa Santo Domingo. (tel: 7820-1220 ext.
579) 3a calle oriented #28, LaAntigua.
STues., 5:30pm- (English) LECTURE:
IUWTuesday evening lecture series: Life in
Guatemala-A brief history and current condi-
tions by Sue Patterson, a U.S. foreign service of-
ficer, former U.S. consul, founder and executive
director of WINGS, a non-profit dedicated to
reproductive health and family planning. Do-
nation Q25. Rainbow Cafe (tel. 7832-1919) 7a
av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
SQThurs., 2:30pm-CARD & TABLE
2L GAMES: Come and support the Museo
Ixchel, meet your friends and make new friends
playing bridge, canasta, dominoes and orga-
nized duplicate bridge. Q100 includes parking,
coffee, tea, cookies and a great door prize! Note:
there is an elevator to the entrance level from
the parking lot. Museo Ixchel (tel: 2331-3622,
2331-3634) 6a calle final, z. 10, Campus UFM,
Guatemala City.
3 Sat., 7:30pm MUSIC: La casa de
V Kello, this popular Guatemalan band
will play a mixture of Latino, blues, pop and a
lot of their own music. Free. Rainbow Cafe (tel.
7832-1919) 7a av. Sur #8, LaAntigua.

3 Sat., 11am MUSIC: A DVD pre-
V sentation, Concierto para clarinete de
Mozart performed by the Orquesta Filarm6nica
de Viena, presented and commented on by Ing.
Jos6 Angel Lee. Colegio Mayor de Santo Tomis
de Aquino, la av. norte #23, LaAntigua.
3 Sat., noon to 4pm PICNIC/U.S.
temala: Democrats Abroad Guatemala is spon-
soring a picnic to celebrate U.S. Labor Day. All
United States citizens residing in Guatemala are
cordially invited. Q50. Casa Convento Con-
cepci6n, 4a calle oriente/calle Concepci6n #41,
(Info: John Chudy, 7832-4581; democratsa-
broad_guate@yahoo.com), LaAntigua.

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There are three things I have always loved
but never understood: art, music and women.
Young men are apt to think themselves wise
enough, as drunken men are apt to think
themselves sober enough. -Chesterfield.
The people most difficult to get along with are
those who object to our having our own way.

Plae umi ou ATBOKetr orte et

V U.S. Citizen in Guatemala?
You can vote absentee for president in 2008

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
(1) By September 1st: register in your home town/state.
Register online at: www.votefromabroad.org
Mail: Federal Post Card Application signed form (providedwith
the www.votefromabroad.org registration process) to your voting precinct in the U.S.
(2) By October 10th: receive and return your ballot. If not received
by October 10th, use the Federal Write In Absentee Ballot provided with
the www.votefromabroad.org online registration process.
(3) If you need more help: call your Democrats Abroad Executive
Committee. John Chudy, Chair: 7832-4581 or email:
24)) revuemag.com


Primitive- Contemporary
Guatemalan Art
Gallery & Museum
4a calle oriented #10
Interior Casa Antigua, El Jaul6n
La Antigua Tel: 7832-6634 /35
The man who never tried has no sympathy
for the man who has tried and failed.

pintura manualidades
escultura Mcnicas mixtas
.otricidad final
4-11 amlos inckuye materiales
14av 13-70, z.10, Oakland, Guatemala City
Tels: 5704-8047, 2368-1286 artkids.at4mail.com

M U S E 0 Learn about
I CH E L the fascinating history
IX CH E Lof the Maya's
DEL TRAJE INDIGENA clothing &weaving
F7' 777 rbuy Guatemalan
1 J3 handicrafts at our shop
r nCentro Cultural UFM
6a. calle final, zona 10
Telefax: 2331 3638
Turansa shuttle from Antigua
call 7832 2928, 5651 2284

The oldest Guatemalan Art Gallery.
Featuring more than 100 artists.
*NEW ADDRESS: Plaza Obelisco 16 calle 1-01, zona 10
Tels: 2367-3266, 5779-0000 galeriaeltunel@yahoo.com

Voin inomto fo U.S ciien t

revuemag.com <25

DATOii :

3fSat., 8pm MUSIC: Noche de ronda,
If enjoy an evening listening to yesterday's
boleros performed by Luis Gonzilez Arocha
and vocalist Manuel Garcia. Q50. El Sitio (tel:
7832-3037), LaAntigua. V

Tues., 5:30pm (English) LECTURE:
Tuesday evening lecture series: Red Kuchub'al,
bringing together many small producers in the
southwest sector of Guatemala, works to create a
fairer economy through coordination, solidarity
and mutual cooperation. Donation Q25. Rainbow
Cafe (tel. 7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.

M ondays, 7pm (English) DHARMA
FLICKS: 4th-What the Bleep Do We
Know?; 11th- What the Bleep: Down the Rab-
bit Hole; 18th- Tenzin Palomo; 25th-Art
Mind: The Healing Power of SacredArt. Free.
Mes6n Panza Verde (tel: 7832-2925) 5a av. sur
#19, La Antigua.
Monday, 7:30pm MUSIC: Kenny Mo-
lina hosts Open Mike. Free. La Pena de
Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle poniente
#15-C, LaAntigua.
M ondays-7:30pm MUSIC: Don
Ramiro will serenade you with some
beautiful Latin folk music. Free. Rainbow Caf6
(tel: 7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.

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ondays, 8-10pm LIVE MUSIC:
Blues Free. La Cueva Panza Verde
(7832-2925) 5a av. sur #19, LaAntigua.
T uesdays 4 to 7pm (English/Spanish)
SNETWORKING: For NGOs and projects
in the area; a place for people who have or are
working on projects to present and share ideas.
Everyone is welcome; tea, coffee and snacks.
Stuardo's place (tel: 7832-3160) Calle Chipilapa
#9-A, LaAntigua.
uesdays, 6pm (English) BENEFIT
SSLIDE SHOW: Antigua: Behind the 'I
with a one-hour slide show by Elizabeth Bell.
Q30, benefits educational program. Fusi6n Res-
taurant & Bar (tel: 4144-0171) la calle poniente
#9), LaAntigua.
uesdays, 7:30pm MUSIC: Ramiro
performs trova Cubana. Free. La Pena de
Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle poniente
#15-C, LaAntigua.
T uesdays, 7:30pm- MUSIC: -.II
Slow you away with some classics and his
infamous tequila song. Free. Rainbow Cafe (tel.
7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8, LaAntigua.
-uesdays & Wednesdays 6:30pm -
TATION. Free. Bodhi (tel: 7832-5111) 4a av.
norte #2 LaAntigua.
W ednesdays, 7:30pm MUSIC: Open
Mike M hosted by Juan-Jo and
friends. A complimentary drink for all per-
formers. Free. Rainbow Cafe (tel. 7832-1919)
7a av. Sur #8, LaAntigua.
Jednesdays-Sundays, 7:30pm MU-
SIC: Sol Latino plays Andean music
(pan flutes). Free. La Pena de Sol Latino (tel:
7882-4468) 5a calle p. #15-C, LaAntigua. V

No one is ever old enough to know better.
-Holbrook Jackson

SRevue tiene la distribuci6n m6s efectiva



Jednesday-Saturday, 7:30pm MUSIC:
SGuitar: classical, tango and flamenco. La
Pena de Sol Latino (tel: 7882-4468) 5a calle po-
niente #15-C, LaAntigua.
Thursday, 7:30pm MUSIC: Son de
La Antigua will light up your night. Free.
Rainbow Caf6 (tel. 7832-1919) 7a av. sur #8,
La Antigua.
hursdays and
Friday, 8 to 10pm
- MUSIC: Cuban jazz

Vista de Coraz6n. Q35.
La Cueva de Panza Verde
(tel: 7832-2925) 5a av. sur
#19, LaAntigua.

Thursdays, 8:30pm MUSIC: Live mu-
sic, 2 Much Blues. Free. La Catapeia, inside
Casa del Aguila (tel: 2361-6456) Ruta 3, via 5,
esquina, z. 4, al sur de 4 Grados Norte, Guate-
mala City.
Saturday, 11am ART: Exhibition and
sale of clay pieces from Chinautla, ceramic
from Patzdin and textiles from San Antonio
Aguas Calientes. Free. Casa del Aguila (tel:
2361-6456) Ruta 3, via 5, esquina, z. 4, al sur
de 4 Grados Norte, Guatemala City.
Monday through Friday, 4 hrs., am or pm
WORKSHOP: A Taste of A.
learn backstrap-loom weaving from a master in-
digenous weaver. Q280 includes use of thread-
ed loom and instruction manual. Indigo Artes
Textiles (7888-7487), inside Finca la Azotea,
Jocotenango, Sacatepiquez.
Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm -
WORKSHOP: Reviving and Innovating
Traditions with master weaver from San An-
tonio Aguas Calientes, beginning with simple
techniques and proceeding to more complex
designs. Q650 includes use of backstrap loom
and instruction manual. Group rates with a
minimum of 5 students. Indigo Artes Textiles
(7888-7487), inside Finca la Azotea, Jocote-
nango, Sacatepiquez.

eDO The entire magazine at www revuemag com


Indigo Artes Textiles announces its new
class curriculum this month. Designed to
accommodate every level of artistic expres-
sion and expertise, students are offered
the following courses: 7he Magic of Color,
Aug. 11 to 15; The NaturalPalette, Aug. 22;
Reviving and Innovating Traditions, Monday
through Fridays ; and A Taste of .1
mornings or afternoons.
All of the classes are taught by master
Maya backstrap-loom weavers, all materials
and manuals are provided.
Indigo Artes Textiles is located inside
Finca la Azotea, Jocotenango, Sacatepequez.
Contact information: tel: 7888-7487,
i,.J I _.. .. r . r.. l i '. l :. .1--

revuemag.com < 27

a* A


Saturday, 4pm (Spanish) THEATER:
El ladrdn de palabras, family entertainment
presented by Rompecabezas from Universidad
Rafael Landivar. Q30. Teatro Manuel Galich
de la Universidad Popular (tel: 2221-1565) 10
calle 10-32, z. 1, Guatemala City.
Saturday, 7pm DANCE: Ballet Guate-
mala presents La Silfidesy Kinoch in honor of
the original version, 'Les Silphides'. Q30-Q100.
Gran Sala Teatro Nacional (tel. 2232 404) 24
calle 3-81, z. 1, Guatemala City.
Sunday MUSIC: Live Jazz during a la
carte brunch. Galeria Panza Verde (tel:
7832-2925) 5a av. sur#19, LaAntigua.
Sundays, 1pm MUSIC: Ramiro plays
Trova Cubana. Free La Pena de Sol Latino
(tel: 7882-4468), LaAntigua.
undays, 6:30pm (English) SUNDAY
ART FLICKS: 3rd-Frida Kahlo: The Rib-
bon that Ties the Bomb; 10th-Lust for Life (Van
Gogh); 17th-Magritte (by Adrian Maben);
24th-Michelangelo: SelfPortrait (4 hrs.); 31st-
Three Colors, Cezzane. Mes6n Panza Verde (tel:
7832-2925) 5a av. sur #19, LaAntigua.
28)) revuemag.com

aily ART: Fragmentos y Multitudes, an
exhibition of paintings, watercolor, acrylic
and mixed techniques by artist Ricardo Silva
Cordero. Galeria El Tunel (tel: 2367-3266) 16
calle 1-01, z. 10, Guatemala City. V

Through Sun., 31st-4pm ART: Exhibi-
tion of oil paintings by the Guatemalan
artist Leonel del Cid. Galeria del Artista, Paseo
de los Museos Hotel Casa Santo Domingo (tel:
7820-1220, ext. 579) 3a calle oriented #28, La
't The entire magazine at www revuemag cor


^K II tiiIf iTHl*p(i [Ii:.T:ropi [ i
ll, ~ ~ ~ La, Pe'. de So. lll l Lat~linollff~l~g'

Lead us not into temptation-just tell us
where it is and we'll find it.

12 calle 4-65, zona 14 Guatemala, C.A.
Tels: 2368-1659, 2363-0649, Fax: 2363-0603
E-mail: coleccion21@intelnet.net.gt

Revue ene la dstribucn .l. fjif a

Few people admit that they lack sense, and
even fewer that they lack a sense of humor.

M U S E 0

Unlversldad Francsco Marroquin U
MON FRI: 9:00 to 17:00
SAT: 9:00 to 13:00
Closed Sunday
6 Calle final zona 10
Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Tel: (502) 2338 7836,2338 7837

May'a A1r heoI.1logy 0 2 lon6 7 I At

l just tell 'em "Lo vi en la revise a Revue"

revuemag.com (<29

GUTML CITY)) Servic)Shpi

_rDaniel Chang
-"l C -L I ^ian'

There isn't anything anybody can say about
you that hasn't already been thought.

El Punto de los Repuestas
11 Locations PBX: 2429-3030
38 Years experience mail@figuepartes.com

SFAr A The best rates, with the

lowest deductibles and
.- full coverage insurance
Calzada Aguilar Batres 8-12, zona 11. Guatemala
Tels:(502) 5293-7856,2472-1122, 5511-8250
www.adaesa.com / adaesa@itelqua.com
30)) revuemag.com

Too many people mistake connected words
for connected thought.

Fabrics by the yard
Ceramic Jewelry
Wood Leather & more

18 calle 21-31, z.10 Blvd Los Prdceres www.in-nola.com
Telephones: 2367-2424, 2337-4488


Private Classes .
Flexible Schedule *
Certified professional staff *
Legal Translation services
Quiet neighborhood, easy parking .

SA nursery with the most extensive variety of plants
and accessories for your home and garden

km 14.5 Centro Comerclal Escala
Carretera a El Salvador
Telephone 6637 5763 64
Monday Iday 8 30 am to 7 00 pm
Saturday 8 30 am to 6 00 pm
Sunday 9 30 am to 6 00 pm

Carretera al Atlantico 0-80, z.17
S- Teletax 2256 4564
-Monday Satuiday horm 8 30 am to 5 30 pm
SSunday hrom 9 00 am to 4 30 pm


Un Jar qtodo
Pe~10 -po;~

Calle Mariscal 18-40, z.11 across the
street from Pro-ciegos
Telephone 2473 1941 2474 5194 Fax 24745254
Monday Filday hom 7 30 am to 5 30 pm
S Satuiday hom 7 00 am to 6 00 pm
j Sunday fom 8 30 am to 4 30 pm

*4* 'L

The only specialists in Bedding Mfr... We handle all types of Beds.
American know-how, with 40 years in the market.
All sizes of Beds: Inner Spring Mattresses, Box Springs or hard bases.
S.A. Beautiful Fabrics. We follow A.B.A. standards and norms.
Beds & Funiture Headboards, Night Tables, Wood Chests, Dining & Living room Furniture.
BedsS & Custom-made Beds & Furniture. Will deliver.
7a Av. 2-28, Zona 9 Guatemala City Tel: 2332-4951 TelFax: 2332-7788


Union Church of Guatemal

Come experience the Love ofJesus -

12 calle 7-37, zona 9, Guatemala City '
close to Plazuela Espaiia
2361-2037 & 2331-6904

n you need to get the word out,
Revue is the most effective
promotional tool around.

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- T-

IATE ALA CITY))Sesic ) Sh pi


by Dr. Karmen Guevara
Balance and harmony are the founda-
tions of wisdom, yet they are sorely
neglected in our lives-it wasn't
part of our everyday life curriculum. Con-
sequently, we often live in a state of "too
much" or "too little." In today's world,
these gross imbalances are reflected in the
financial, socio-economic and environmen-
tal arenas. Although we cannot take on
the planet, we are the stones that cause the
ripples in a pond. Mahatma Gandhi was
quoted as saying, "You must be the change
you wish to see in the world."
We are three-dimensional creatures with
a mind, body and a spirit. The biggest im-
balance lies with the mind because it's ruled
by the ego, which makes it top heavy. Our
thinking, feelings and behaviors all happen
from the neck up. How can you tell if your
mind is imbalanced? Simply observe how
often you can be without thoughts.
When our spirit isn't connected with
our outer lives, we experience an increasing
sense of loss of balance and harmony. How
can we tell if the spirit is not balanced?
When we forget: to feel, to express grati-
tude, to love without expectations, to listen
to the inner voice and to be fully present.
Our bodies hold everything. Like a giant
garbage pail, it is forced to deal with junk
food and other excesses plus all the negative
memories and emotions that we mentally
shove aside. Eventually the body becomes
imbalanced and falls into "dis-ease."
Moderation in everything is the key to
achieving balance and harmony with our
32)) revuemag.com


a ll.supi for

SeingLv -' Weavn -] Embroidery'


Enviar CV a:
o contactar a John al 7832-4619

spirit and the inner peace that lies within.
When we are in this natural state, we are in
tune with the universal principle of balance
and adjustment.
Remember, it is not about never doing
this or that. Sometimes you do and some-
times you don't-but you always come back
to the middle ground. As Albert Einstein
said, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep
your balance you must keep moving." I)

emseServicsS i ((GUATEMALCT

Silence is the college yell
of the school of experience.
When marriage is outlawed,
Only outlaws will have in-laws.


wgmkNu KS]US

C. .. .sa ar lSavdrKn1.
Ues. 236810 WOS3 157 / 6634[-SE 1338C~U
ww Isotrpc~e

- ?'o U ''
V -^dj e^s^

-t0- S-4fla& WAMAcA

revuemag.com ((33


Somos su mejor opd6n, deje todo en nuestras manos.
Garantizamos un Servicio de Carga Consolidada
semanal, puerta a puerta desde Miami y Panama.
Contactenos y compruebe porque somos su mejor opci6n.
- *JJ.LI 'l*lI.. m - 0


iFJI. dl 711

Los niii nrpresenldl;\iv d'i border nuesiro pals, preparado per manm expert, y con mucho *1 '*U? ArssE rT!ftos
coraon NuTm plarIIl I irlalernario~ewloale shal 1ogdnalanrdab in aria un A rrin
por Inullerow conIcursoI gaslronomnicos delrro ) tuera de nuestras Iro verai.

. .... .- /l c u a n

Reviva o strA

Hoapiden el Coa Hi6dricode laCiudaid de Guimaa y permaianm abenders ientras
.viaha nuesra hstoria; museca, aquilectura impresaonante, tadiid6n pstrown ica, etc.
--Jhcabhdo an una caa centenara. erte heromo hotel le ofrace
Cdmodas habitaciones dpo familiar,
can hvkcable, tldfrina, agua caliente.
Servicio de restaurant
Transporte hoel.aerapuerto
Paqueras familiarms de alimencd6n ..,
Servirio de lavando
."a 3.34 3Zonl De70 aO 24Ol10 l T.l 2236.0754 f0 Fmc 2232.8676

34> revuemag.com


-whI. .L

J -

K1 o( ip Aez ii,3)a b Bar o11I
S' l l l I l| l | .lll' I II I l ll l l ll l I



Life has taught me to think, but thinking has
not taught me to live. -Alfred Korzybski

iilliam T hakespeare r b

No Tragedy, No Comedy
JustGood Times W

13 calle y la av., Zona 10, local 5, Thk Inolish pub
I Torre Santa Clara II, Guatemala City Tel: 2331-2641
36 >revuemag.com


d s Fdpmee
French wines and ome made cuisine
13 call 7-98 zona 10 / Reservaciones 2337-4029

GUATEMAByT~LACITY) ining^^^^^^^^^^^^^


i k L.C Ci :i 3i 3-i. 4C' '
Il: ,ll.- I:--:,,,, -r I :2332-5176

Montufar: 2331-6507
San Sebastian: 6685-3800/18*
Puerta Parada: 6637-2644/45*
SRoosevelt: 2475-0827/28*
Unicentro: 2366-6350/90*
k W Sixtino:- 379-8377/78*

M oo1-- M---.-,
wth, zhe
stea Hothuse

revuemag.com (37


I1"r -*lll : .--"\f --_
pi~b~tt q^^t,
7Th*. oja~..-\/e_ ^^3


"" :'ir H" l a."-i r"i, 1 "r j

Some people with great virtues are disagreeable,
while others with great vices are delightful.
-La Rochefoucauld

Best Buffalo Wings in Guatemala
60's & 70's Rock
Big Screen TV
5 B A R a3 PoolTables
SPORTS BAR Darts Cold Beer
Mon-Sat 9am-lam and Sun Ipm-midnightish
13 calle 0-40, Z.10 T/F: 2368-2089
We accept AMEX, VISA, MC, Diners, Credomatic

Ingredientes para panaderias, reposterias, heladerias, lIcteos,
restaurants, hotels, banquetes e industries de alimentos.
TELS: 5338-1690, 5338-2201, 5182-0721

I wish I could stand on a busy street corner,
hat in hand, and begpeople to throw me all
their wasted hours. -Bernard Berenson


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Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
countrywide distribution


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A "Classic" in the center of
Guatemala City & now in Zone 10

Specializing in Spanish and Basque
Cuisine, Seafood and Paella
5a av. 12-31, Zona 1
Tels: 2251-7185, 2253-6743
10 calle 0-45, Zona 10 Tels: 2332-6576,
2331-7200 www.restaurantealtuna.com

A then tic
brick oven
Italian Pizza

OMANO 2366-4200


www.pizzaromano.com Boulevard Los Proceres 12 Ave Esquina zona 10

Bach Ensemble Leipzig and the Millennium Orchestra
U A joint concert of two a Guatemalan classical composer, Jose Eulalio Sa-
renowned chamber mayoa (1781-1866). This earliest work in that
orchestras, one from form written by the recently discovered com-
Europe and the oth- poser is also the earliest symphony known to
er from Guatemala, will have been composed in the New World.
take place on Wednes- Virtuoso pianist Sergio Sandi, flown in from
day August 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the Juan Bautista New York for the event, will be the soloist for the
Gutidrrez Auditorium at the Universidad Fran- world premiere of composer Dieter Lehnhoffs Pi-
cisco Marroquin in Guatemala City. ano Concerto No. 2. The pianist and the orchestra
Sharing the music of both cultures, the engage in an animated and sometimes mysteri-
Bach Ensemble Leipzig and the Millennium ous dialogue with frequent reminiscences of jazz,
Orchestra will perform a program of European tango and other contemporary idioms, allowing
and Guatemalan work. The concert opens with the soloist to display his brilliant virtuosity.
the Leipzig orchestra's rendering of Felix Men- Closing the program is Lehnhoffs Tardes
delssohn's Ruy Blas Overture, op. 95, followed by de feria, a danz6n of nostalgic old-time flavor,
the Violin Concerto in A-minor by Bach. Four which also has become a favorite of audiences in
Maya musicians from Comalapa, Chimaltenan- La Antigua and Quetzaltenango.
go join the ensemble for the performance of a The proceeds from the concert will benefit
new work evoking the pre-Columbian past. CENSI, a therapy center for children with men-
Next in the program the Millennium Orches- tal and physical handicaps. Tickets: Q200 are
tra and the Leipzig Bach Ensemble, under the available at the door the night of the concert.
direction of Maestro Dieter Lehnhoff, will play For additional information, tel: 2364-6700.
the charming Symphony No. written in 1834 by
40 revuemag.com

Lodgin ((GUTE A CIT

www otelito, cor


las torr
gucst houa
Main Hotel are
Studio & Bdrm Apartments, F
Cable TV, Parking, 24 hr. Security, I
We have prices by the nig
Single Room: 10% Discount
"At Las Torres you don't just
you get a family.'
13 calle 0-43, Zone 10 PBX: 2334
Fax: 2331-4628 apartamentoslas

There are two periods in
when he doesn't understa;
before marriage and afte

A four star hotel in the Hi
4 Avenida 3-25, Zona 1, Gu
PBX: 2285-3434 Fax: 2


season hoLel 8 lounge

12 Calle 4-51, zona 10 Guatemala, Guatemala
stay@otelito.com / T. (502) 2339-1811

el Feel warm & relaxed
Sron our ival

ully Furnished,
Family Atmosphere
ht, month.
with this ad----
get a room,
-2747, 2362-5030
torres@yahoo.com R

a man's life a
nd a woman: at . a$30
r marriage. Rate indudes:
ee transportation airport/hotel/arrporl,
Pnri te Bat, CableTIt Wireless Internet access,
L "1 Bar, laid service, Continental Breahfait

historic Center
atemala City
232-7759 15 calle"7-
ied ro.com Tells.5O02 2261- 31

revuemag.com ((41


* Dorms starting at $15 per person
* Transportation airport/hostelairport
* Highly recommended by Lonely Planet
* Breakfast included tl y I" Hosal
* Credit Cards accepted y U i S VOLCANES

Contact us:
16calle 8-00zona 13, Aurora I
Guatemala City, Guatemala, CA.
Tels (502) 2261-3040,

hostal HERMANO M
bed breakfast PEg R O
1 minute from airport. $10 p/p +tax
FREE TRANSPORT: Airport/Hostal/Airport
6a av. 20-53, z. 13, Aurora II Tels: 2261-4181, 2261-4419,
4212-5896 infogt@hhpedro.com www.hhpedro.com

2 blocks from Central Park
right in the Historic Center
6 comfortable rooms (single: $30)
Hot water, cable TV, internet, parking,
security, cafeteria, family ambience
5a calle 3-36, zona 1, Guatemala City
Tel: 5510-8392 www.casadelosnazarenos.com

13 calle 6-20, zona 9, Guatemala City
Tel: 2332-3955/6 Fax: 2332-1336
14 equipped apartments 1 to 4 occupancy
Housekeeping/laundry service Secure parking
Cable TV & Internet available Credit cards o.k.
Near airport and zona viva

"Allow us the pleasure of serving you."
In the heart of the Historical Center
21 luxury suites bar restaurant
cafe parking business center
12 calle 8-42 Z 1, Guatemala City Tels 2238-2484/5
Fax 2220-5998 www hotelfortunaroval com


* Comfortable Private Rooms w/Cable TV & Bath (hot/cold
water) Continental Breakfast Garden w/hammocks
SParking Internet & WiFi Credit cards accepted
S, 8Av. "A" 17-58 zone 13 Aurora I
' /_ y.,,,,,,. Phone_(502) 2261-2937

essential effective
economical everywhere
Promueva efectivamente
su negocio en...

Tel.: 7832-4619

Just tell 'em "Lo vi n la revista Revue"

ID The enulre magazine at www revuemag corn
42 revuemag.com

Lodgin (UATE A CIT

Rooms starting at $10 p/p
Cable TV
Private Rooms available
Free Internet Hot Water
Garden Terrace
Private Parking
Weekly Rates of $100
15 calle "A" 7-52, zona 13 Aurora 1 (n front ofthe Airport)
Guatemala City Tel: 2261-3180

Telling all you know is as bad
as believing all you hear.

It always takes a person much longer to tell
you what he thinks than what he knows.

g7.,/ 1 min from airport
f Private bath
SCable TV
fk& "Fakfrfr Breakfast included
S* Wireless internet
16 calle 8-20 zona 13 Aurora I, Guatemala City Lovely garden
Tels: (502) 2261-2854 2261-3044 5550-2664
hostalvllatoscana@yahoo.com www.hostalvillatoscana.com

S; All rooms wlprivate bath Bar & Room Service Breakfast
Credit Cards accepted FREE Internet & Cable TV
FREE airport transport Near Airport & Zona Viva
PETIT HOTEL 20 calle 10-17 Aurora II, zona 13 Guatemala City
Bed & Brea kfast Tels: 2261-4144, 2261-4105 Fax: 2261-4266
reservaciones@marianaspetithotel.com www.marianaspetithotel.com

SpcilMotlyRte ro s$7

revuemag.com ((43

. WAr


Jorge E. De la Cruz DDS, RC,
Eastman Dental Center I Univ. of Rochester N.Y.
Implants Laser Bleaching
Cosmetic dentistry Custom dentures
Root canals Crowns and bridges
(502) 7832-0125
3aAve. Norte # 11A Car. a El Salvador Km 15 local I
La Antigua Guatemala Cpd. Concepcion, Guatemala City

When a man has no reason to trust himself,
he trusts in luck. -Ed Howe

licensed Acupuncturista Herbalist in the U.S.
2a Calle34-15,Zona7 2439-3252,5105-4317
2a CaIle34-15,Zona 7 2439-3252, 5105-43171

Spitters, Scratchers
and Snappers
Pet Q's & A's by Cynthia Burski, DVM

CHALLENGE: Introducing a new kitten to an older cat

Question: We recently adopted a 3-month-
old cat that we are trying to introduce to
our older cat Tommy, who is neutered and
declawed. When Tommy sees the new cat
he becomes quite upset and snarly. What
are we to do?

Answer: Whether or not these two cats
get along in the future depends a lot on
what type of "snarly" behavior Tommy
has been doing. Hissing and growling
(by either cat) are normal behaviors when
a new cat is introduced. This can be
eased by separating the cats by a door for
a week or so, exchanging odors by taking

turns allowing the cats to roam, rotating
food bowls and litter boxes, etc. An inter-
im step before getting these two together,
nose to nose, could be placing one cat in a
carrier in the middle of the other's room,
for increasing periods of time.
Mild growling and hissing should di-
minish with time. Stalking, caterwauling
(screaming) and chasing (with vocaliza-
tions) are bad signs, as is urine marking
(spraying). The cats may call a truce and
forever avoid each other or they may mu-
tually groom and sleep together. As long
as there is no overt aggression (fighting),
they should be fine.

44 revuemag.com

I 9

I Optical & Ophthalmologic Office
WVs# R Golcher M.D.& Dalia G. de Gocher M.D.
Specialized Ophthalmologists
Complete and Computerized
Examination (Adults/Children) Englishspoken
www.centrovisua Igyg.com
4a av. sur #1 (lotificaci6n Lo de L6pez) La Antigua
TelFax: 7832-6554 Open Mon Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm
EMERGENCIES: 5519-0303, 5206-7752
r Dr. Manuel Antonio Samayoa ~
\ mI l, \lli tll,.I \%.1l'%l\ 11 I 0 11 ,,11 ,11. ,,' 1 l, l II
III \ l 'lk R II.lII,. Ikill l ) 1 .Il .ll llll( Hill l I
Cryotherapy.C..liii, 111iD iii.i..I...' ChemicalPeeling.
Mon-Fr 10am-2pm & 3pm-7pm, Wed i,,, ..
i: : ,:.: Tel:7832-4854 3a Calle P.13 Antigua

Dra. Lotty Marie Meza Rezzio
Cirujana Dentista UFM
Monday Friday 8am-12pm & 2-6pm
Saturday 8am to 12pm
5a calle poniente final #27B, La Antigua
Tel:7821-5741 Email: lotty@ufm.edu.gt

Dra.Victoria Recinos de Molina USAC / UB English spoken
ooniente #28, La Antiqua Tels: 7832-7945, 4221-1555 info@soldent.com

Sal6n Bella Spa
Hair Styling & Dye, Facials, Manicure,
Pedicure, Waxing, Eyelash Curling,
Acrylic Nails, European Products

Sauna, Massages, Relaxing Massages,
Oriental Massages, Hot-rock Massages,
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Exfoliation,
Reduction Clinic with Nutritionist

VI 7

History is strewn thick with evidence that Parents always want their children to tell the
a truth is not hard to kill, but that a lie, truth, the whole truth, and nothingbut the
well told, is immortal. -Mark Twain truth-unless there are visitors present.

( 1 Revue le ofrece: el costo mas bajo por ejemplar para promocionar su negocio.
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B IF 4 c r R!#3 La

Graduate of New York University Medical Center Bellevue Hospital.
(olumbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons S1 Lukes
Hospital New York Cily Face & Body Resculpturing
Carretera a El Salvador Km 8, Guatemala City Appts 2365-1611 12
' Hi'IITA[-SPA P i[ rossellmd..iholmail com www guate net plasticsurgeons

[c Harmonize
Dr. liltoI Solis, Plaslic Sitr~o, Holistic Psychotherapy
Traditional Acupuncture withoutu needles)
Brvast Enhaiicnicm ln or r tirdclionii D K
Lilposrction / Face Lillt Dr. .K(armen guevara
D.: .....I..I... I ....:. A 7832-3655.5132-1839 kq@conexion.com

nIIIIullJ 11 I -I.lC t IICI
Siirumvr% in Geneiral
Appointments: 5511-4163
Blvd. Vista Hermosa 25-19
Multimedica Of.u 1101, Z.15 -

The right angle from which to approach
any problem is the try angle.
The truth is more important than the facts.
-Frank Lloyd Wright



Dentro del Hotel Soleil La Antigua
Inside of Soleil La Antigua Hotel
Te invitamos a conocer nuestras ticnicas 100% Thai
con products naturales Reservaciones / Appointments
9a. Calle Poniente, La Antigua,
Guatemala, C.A.
Come with us and try our 100% Thai techniques Spa: (502) 7879-4449
with natural products Hotel: (502) 7879-4444
Fax: (502) 7879-4418

46) revuemag.com


Thermage' LRAM

Visit us
Edficio MutlimLdica, Vista Hermosa,
2a.calle 25-19 zona 15.oficina 1402.Ciudad de Guatemala.
Telkfonos: 2385-7531/7761 Fax: 2385-7532
m.H]antatlh infoamn dlalo*


: : S* Spcate
09 Csmei Denistr .5.rmndblrDsunt AM
W e Retrtv etsr P editric
S.] .. ( o st
NO 0 rlMdcn Pthlg)*Otootc

00 eidntcIGmTetmn)IIxlofca ugr

Centro Dental
de Especialistas

iLe convene!

* Blvd. Vista Hermosa I 25-19
Zona 15 Edificio Multimedica,
PBX: (502) 2385-7777
* 20 Calle 11-17 Zona 10
PBX: (502) 2285-6767
* C.C. Plaza Palmeras
Local R-6,Escuinta,
PBX: (502) 7889-9421
* Emergencies 24 Hrs:.
Cellular: (502) 5504-4557,
Telephone: (502) 2384-7000
Guatemala, Centroamerica.

revuemag.com (47

Counseling Psychologist
Karen McGrath, M.Ed, ccc

Licensed Therapist
By appointment
n La Antigua
Cel. 5395-1337
and 7934-6401

| jjj LDra. Carmen Leticia Hernandez F.

ined a i enns ospita

Dr. J. Roberto Hemandez-
,Philadelphia, PA US A)

English spoken ---- 24 hour emergency assistance
Mon-Fr 10am-1pm & 4pm-7pm Sat 9am-lpm
Edificio Broceta 11 calle 1-25, Zona 1 Guatemala City
Tels: 2221-2195 196, 5899-4340, 5412-7994 Home: 2434-6647

Stem Cells (Celulas Madre)

Revitalize your body cells from the inside out,
slowing down your aging process.

Im n Sy e and
Revitalize the immune system and regener-
ate cells and tissue where needed, helpful
for patients with Cardiovascular diseases,
Alzheimer, Cancer, Parkinson, Arthritis,
Depresion, Insomnia, Diabetes, Smokers, etc.
Made in USA Price $1,500.00 USD.
Phones: 5390-8383 4197-9766

^TD w-ilall a p

Hot Spring Thermal Sp

{ Clay Facial Mask
{ team Bath
{ Thermal Pools
{ Restaurant

Centro de Equinoterapia
l y Psicologia Kej
Lic Maria Eugenia Diaz
- ((3alleAn(th3aN 27 LaAntigua
Tels i832.57ri 0 l00elU 5 (mio 8
!A i a mmm,a equinoleraplagu3lemala (rom

1( Revue le ofrece mas valor agregado. Su anuncio en Internet.
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" Medicine and General Surgery
" Pediatrics
" Maternity& Gynecology
" Traumatology, Orthopedics & Artroscopy
" Plastic& Reconstructive Surgery
" Laparoscopic Videosurgery
" Otorhinolaringology
" Urology

" Clinic Laboratory
" Pharmacy
" Videoendoscopy
" Videocolonoscopy
" X-rays
" Electrocardiogram
" Ultrasound
" Electroencephalogram

" Osseus Densitometry
" Computerized Axial Tomograpr,
" Mammography
" Ambulance Service
24-hour Emergency Service
Av. de La Recoleccion #4, La Antigua
(in front of the bus station) Tels: 7832-0420,
7832-1197, 7832-1190, Fax: 7832-8752.

TecniScan "
Centro de Diagn6stico ,.. .....,d
Se pone a sus 6rdenes con el servicio de
Visitenos en: 7a calle poniente #15, Centro Comercial Casa del BOcaro, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7882-4449 Lunes a viernes de 7:30 am a 5:00 pm Sibado: 7:30am a 12:00pm
Su salud es nuestro principal compromise

SWelcome to Casa Madeleine Spa!
W h1 ;,Ill, .l lo a s l, .. 11. s. 1.,., lh. Li ,,11. I.'l,- ;. 1' lh .101. .1111 l. . ..11 h h.-
4 CCasa Madeleine offers a pampering array of Spa services.
Calle del espiritu santo No. 69, La Antigua.
Tel (502) 7832-9348 Fax. (502) 7832-9358
casamadeleine@aol.com www.casamadeleine.com

A person who fishes in troubled waters
always gets a good catch.

The man who always laughs at his trouble will
never have trouble finding things to laugh at.

revuemag.com ((49

WEDNESDAYS 33 ek ~c ITY rl t i g cXa
Holistic Therapist a n ,Multi-di;s;plinarv Spiritual Teacher
Trained and practiced trn The US, EuroIpe, 1srael & Cuatemala
Certifiet 'Amanae' & 'Frequencies Of 5nllance' PrIctitioner
Certified Massage Therapist
S Refkt Master & Teacher
PrihlH%. The Bet Massage Irn The A net-ri_ .o ,,i10 : ..
JulyT 26-27 Ieiki [evef I course (s0o--en) "
Lovetherap)93hotmatl cor +502 4549 0099 La Antigua, Guatemala


*S S~l~

S* S
S e afo


50)) revuemag.com

4n "drnars
Jocqi 'n u s .q
I U M IJIaI.IrS -^ .-

S omdal o f a nia m dea 1 Colonia

Ial lwte lMa
-la Saflld--J FT-

Calle de los Nazarenos Ca l M Car teros Cdefi -o I
alI del ca idncialel

.La E L",d
a ,l- a r l C iea Cadea Gri las

a m o |i "-
3acallede iCC d a en

r a mn. Cammm

SCalle d l t 7a calle.p ient.z *aa calle 'or
7 7 l r. d a
Loal= L 5
l 3acallepa


p Cahristian
Called gorL n IeA r Oriente-
--a -


Map Spansohd by:

I SuitiI I sJaba
/l 1^ i de

Nesft CSA _Ii|
Christian Endt der' k- j
Spanish S\aSft^ I a&
Academy ,U
Sat Iao

ANTIU) Srie1 Shppn g

Glass & i AuAAD
Frame Shop Libreria Bookstore
r m Latest Titles Books on C.A. & Mexico
Large selection of Maps & Art
"The only professional frame shop in Antigua" Spanish Textbooks
5" calle oriented #11, La Antigua Tel:7832-3033 5a av norte #4, Antigua
6a av. 1-65, z. 1, Chimaltenango Tel: 5953-6653 Central Park TelFax: 7832-3322

Club Ecuestre La Ronda
SShow Jumping
Pony Club
SNatural Horsemanship
Finca La Azotea, Jocotenango
Tels: 5863-6434, 5937-4952

S Reciba 100b DE DESCUENTO sobre el alquiler
de autos en Guatemala al mencionar este anuncio.

Para informs y reservaciones: j|
el.: (502) 2339-3249 1/2385-8781 ir riom

Half the trouble in the world is caused by
what some people have done, and the other
half by what others have failed to do.

4A Arreglos florales / Flower Arrangements
S Decoraci6n para events especiales
Materiales para floristeria
a*fJ^ de Tfores Tels: 4353-2097
is, tAn uante 6 5863-4675
www.va Iledeflo res.com Servicio a domicilio

Don't bore your friends with your troubles;
tell them to your enemies who will
enjoy hearing about them.

% Revue tiene la circulation m.s grande: 20,000 ejemplares y 60,000 lectores mensuales.
52 revuemag.com

n t TALLfE Mon-Sat7:30am-6:30pm
r LL n ES Sun8:00am-4:00pm
SAVANDERIA 6aav.norte#3B, LaAntigua
AUNDRY Tels: 7832-5973,5502-3303
LaundryService Lavanderia
Laundromat Maquinasmonederas
Dry Cleaning Lavado en seco
Repairs: hems, zippers, etc. Ruedos, zippers, etc.

Museum "House of the Old Weaving"
, Exhibition and Sale ofMaya Textiles
{" & Production of Exclusive Handicrafts
S $. "The only place in La Antigua managed
| ," by Indigenous People"
bI la calle poniente #51, La Antigua
S. Tel: 7832-3169 alida@casadeltejido.org

Services((ho peing(ATIGUA

Our goal is to serve our patients with the best possible denial care in a friendly atmosphere.
ESTHETICS FUNCTION COMFORT Wireless Internet available for our patients
We handle all denial specializes including: DENTAL IMPLANTS & PORCELAIN CROWNS

The way out of trouble is never Nobody ever grew despondent
as simple as the way in. -Ed Howe looking for trouble. -Kin Hubbard

r( Lectores en todo el mundo a traves de www.revuemag.com

revuemag.com ((53

Antiaue Furniture & Architectural Accents

/a Lall-. 7pu11'-1i- -U. -u, Ja 1 -m It6Ua
Tel. 7832-4767 10am-6pm

23 3v norte 3 Antigu3 7832 0275
Mon-Fr18.12& 2.30.6 30
Sp3nish English German spoken


-- 3
*^ i- i _,' -

ANTG )Sri Ae1 Shopin e


Hair Stylist

Haircuts Blow Dry & Style Highlights
Coloring Perm Dreadlocks
English, Spanish, German Spoken
la av. sur #15, La Antigua Tels: 7832-5836, 5104-5739
150% discount for volunteer workers -

.ANTIGUA Hair Salon!
' .'. CAFFE MassagC
Body Treatment
Full Body Wax
S-Tel 7 1 I 63
Tel 7882 4635

S Revue: 20,000 magazines
t monthly with extensive
ountrywide distribution

54) revuemag cor


|nliqua Coobinq School

fintiqua CooIoinq School
Classes in Tradilional Quotemolon Cuisine
Visit us at wwwantiguacookingschool.com
or in person at 5a. Avenida Norte #25B, by the Arch. TelU 5944 8568

sMuce of over 2,300 movies, from old classics up to the latest films,
most of which cannot be found anywhere else in Guatemala
JennyStar DVD Rentals
Alameda Santa Lucia Norte #121~ro from m currco 7832-0813
Search for movies: www.jennystardvd.com
Tuesday-Sunday 11 am 8 pm Home delivery and pick-up
Asociaci6n JernnyStar is an NGO helping poor kids ... see website for details

Truth: Something somehow discreditable
to someone. -Mencken
Teach your child always to tell the truth;
but not always to be telling it.

All men are born truthful and die liars.
When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.
-Bernard Berenson


SERVICE IN ENGLISH: (502) 5305-2178

Guatemala City
19 calle 16-91, zona 12 Avenida Petapa
Phone: (502) 2473-1330 FAX: (502) 2473-1620
Mon to Fri 08:00 to 18:00 Sat 08:00 to 14:00
Sun Closed Skype user: rentautos

La Aurora International Airport
Airport Office 14, Guatemala City
Phone: (502) 2269-6060, 5992-4101, 2261-3564,
2261-3247 Mon thru Sun 05:30 to 21:30
Skype user: aeropuertogt

La Antigua Guatemala
4a avenida norte # 6
Phone: (502) 5523-9393 (502) 7832-9270
Mon thru Sun 08:00 to 17:00
Skype user: antiguagt

12 calle 5-54 zona 9
Oficina 15 c.c. Plaza Montufar
Mon thru Sun 08:00 to 18:00
Phone: (502) 2331-8824, 5202-3681

revuemag.com ((55

Looking south through Pasaje Rubio

Portal to the Past

Hidden within the Pasaje Rubio, Guatemala City's
oldest restaurant never forgets Text and photos by Dwight Wayne Coop

E Portal, Guatemala City's oldest operat-
ing restaurant-and the core of today's
asaje Rubio-could have inspired
Hemingway's A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.
This short story explores the question of
whether good is possible in an impersonal
universe. The proprietor (of the coffee house
described by the title) tries to answer by nur-
turing his customers, although he is an athe-
ist. To his poorest regulars, those with no-
where to go, he offers refuge, free coffee and
a whiff of bohemian leisure. Life, for him, is
the sole chance to practice good. Believers
would cheer his goodness but assert that it
comes of his creation in a Divine image.
Such questions have been debated at El
Portal for decades, even among enemies
who checked their aggression at the door
but unsheathed fighting words at the tables.
The place is aptly named: portals, says Noah
Webster, are "doorways, particularly large
and impressive ones." Yet this portal to the
past-in Zone One's scrawled-over Time
56 revuemag.com

Tunnel-is called El Portalito because it
excites more affection than awe.
The big room started life in 1928 as a typ-
ing academy, whose tap-tapping and ring-
dinging ceased its thousand-footed march
through the Rubio's corridors after four
years. Carlos Brolo and Marcos Chivez,
two waiters from the (still-standing) Hotel
Royal Palace down the Sexta, pooled their
tips to start their own restaurant here. The
latter's grandsons, Willy and Rodolfo, are
the current proprietors.
Immortality was conferred on the Por-
talito one night in 1936, the first year of
the notorious Huelga de Dolores-an
outgrowth of a Lenten parade originating
from a medical school then located a dozen
blocks southeast of the Rubio. Today the
"strike" has become a demonstration by
hooded universitarios, but even from the
start it had a ribald grand marshal-el Rey
Feo-who is born on a litter. David Pinto,
the first "king," decreed .continued on ollowng page

Interior view of El Portalito

-i e l

Bello Capello
sol6D y Spa
4a calle ornente No. 57.
La Antigua Guatemala Tel.. 7832.2612

* manicure & pedicure
4 massage
4 facials
* exfoliations
I baths
4 sauna & jacuzzi
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LEFT: Strike minstrel Jose Barnoya, MD, (left) and King David Pinto reunite at the Portalito decades later.
RIGHT: The Pasaje Rubio after remodeling

that the huelga would end at El Portalito
with a boozing session and recitals of the
huelga's "drinking anthem," composed by
future medical doctor Jos6 Barnoya. Today
the huelga begins elsewhere, but it still ends
here. A Portalito "invention" still enjoyed
by the marchers is the mixed-beer shot;
it was the first Guatemalan institution to
blend local and imported brews into special
formulas that claim followings.
Every Guatemalan president since the
1930s has been a customer-though rarely
while in power, since the room is an invit-
ing setting for assassins. Col. Carlos Cas-
tillo Armas was especially fond of El Por-
talito; but once in power (1955-57), only his
valet came over-to retrieve take-out for
the boss. Nobel laureate Miguel Angel As-
turias was another regular, and today you
can sit at his favorite table. Countless lesser
luminaries, politicos and enforcers were,
and still are, among the clientele. But it
was also a place for families, which explains
why it remains a bar for people who do not
like bars. Folks who were children during
World War II now bring their grandchil-
dren for sips of lemonade and nostalgia.
During the early years of the 35-year
Civil Conflict that began in 1961, El Por-
talito was considered a relatively safe place
to vent dissent. It lost this honor one night
in 1972 when a student named Oliverio said
too much. Later, when it was time to call it
58 revuemag.com

a night, he and a friend sauntered out into
Pasaje Rubio-the rest of which was dark af-
ter 7. While exiting onto 6th Avenue, he was
gunned down on the spot now commemo-
rated by three brass plaques. His friend was
"disappeared" and never seen again. Did
Oliverio die in vain? It seemed so then. But
today, you can say anything in El Portalito.
The restaurant's history is colored not
only by its guests, but its employees. Waiter
"Chepe" Contreras, now deceased, was
for 40 years the "bartender to Presidents"
and the probable repository of state secrets.
From 1933 to 1953, the musicians on the
dais overlooking the restaurant were four
blind men playing harp, violin, piano and
flute. Their name? Armonia en Tinieblas-
Harmony in the Darkness. They were fol-
lowed for 25 years by an organist who, in
1978, was replaced by a marimba band.
While the world around it becomes more
globally uniform, El Portalito abides in all
things Guatemalan.
This is what we find most endearing
about it. The menu and recipes have not
changed in a lifetime, because they were
"authentic" long before food was ever called
such. Nor do the d6cor and ambience
change; the photos on the wall date from
the 1940s and, except for two cable moni-
tors behind the bar, nothing is different. El
Portalito is a social black box, a constant in
time, a portal to the past. O4

Services- ((Shopp.ing(ATIU

An honest person tells the truth,
a tackless person tells the whole truth.

The reason truth is stranger than fiction
is that there is less of it.

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Books, Magazines & Calendars
Revistas Hamlin yWhite Current Best Sellers
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La Antigua Guatemala Hardback & Paperback Guide Books
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^0(oiiaMexi aiar Bar eM
5a avenida norte #29, Calle del Arco
Tel: 7832-1296 La Antigua Guatemala

Without question, the greatest invention in the
history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grantyou that
the wheel was also a fine invention, but the
wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.
-Dave Barry

With Epcot Center the Disney corporation has ac-
complished somethingI didn't think possible
in today's world. They have created a land of
make-believe that's worse than regular life.
-PJ O'Rourke

Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals If the auto industry had done what the
such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, computer industry has done in the past 30
there would be no way to make water, a years, a Rolls Royce would cost $2.50 and
vital ingredient in beer. -Dave Barry would get 2,000,000 miles per gallon.

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Dining ((ANTIGUA

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ATGA Dminn

,pa cWtV i tdU (ntantt feaninotema
A fun place to enjoy exquisite 100% Italian meals, with delicious cocktails and
fine wines, while listening to all kinds of cool music and meeting new friends.
Delivery Servicel
5a calle ponlente #3E, La Antigua. Reservation tels: 5088-1181, 4159-9545.

Cl .-! c,.r Mor.ela,

7a av. norte #2, local 5, La Antiqua Tel: 4356-2170

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CAmA e CO~A $,

"The Best Korean
Cuisine in Town"

Home-made Italian Food

12am- 11pm
5a calle poniente #4, Antigua Tel: 7832-2832


M: BACCHUS ii ne, Jyaran crtinia
3a calle poniente #12, La Antigua 7832-9420

Dining ((ANTIGUA

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C E N M)

Fin sr Fondo

by Dwight Wayne Coop

H ere comes another cluster of
words-fin, fondo and extremo-
that combine to express a key
English word (end). Methinks it would be
nice if we could just hybridize them into
a something like "findo." However, there's
the danger that such a word could jump
out of a skinny phrasebook and into pidgin
Spanish as a noun: "el findo." Can't you just
imagine someone calling a worthy pizzeria
a goodo findo"?
Back when folks spoke Latin, finals
meant final and funds meant bottom.
Let's go to the funds of fin/fondo by first
getting out of the way some equivalents
of these English words. Final in Spanish
is usually iltimo (meaning not "ultimate"
but "last"). The Spanish word final exists,
but with little life of its own. You see it in
phrases like poner punto final a ("to put an
end to"). This is what my wife wants to do
to my trips to Becky's Bar in Panajachel,
even though I never "drink" there. Bottom,
in Spanish, becomes base for many physi-
cal and metaphorical foundations, whereas
trasero is the word used in mixed company
for that, um, part of the anatomy the wife
must think I go to Becky's to look at (quick
note: I don't).
Aside from fondo and fin, extremo often
translates end, mainly in the sense of "tip"
64)) revuemag.com


for anything ideological (as in English) or
tubular (candles, pipes, pencils, caterpillars,
etc.). Trotsky burnt the candle at both extre-
mos while writing down his opinions extre-
mas. All in all, extreme is not too zenny.
Fin is straightforward, especially for
movie buffs who recall that movies made in
the 40s and 50s concluded with the uppity
Frenchfin at thefin of the final scene. And
the common phrase por fin means finally.
Fin is also the word for end in geometry
and for time periods, lives, events, and civi-
lizations. Admiral Nelson found two fines
in the battle of Trafalgar: the fin of his life
(he was fatally wounded), and thefin of the
combined French-Spanish fleet (Nelson's
costly victory could also be called a meta,
the proper word for goal).
Fin means purpose or aim in the phrases
afin de and con elfin de. Before a verb, they
mean, "with the goal of" or "in order" or
simply "so." The wife could tell her knitting
circle, "I went to Becky's Bar afin deponer
punto final alas visits que mi esposo hace."

Fondo is zennier than fin. For abstrac-
tions, you need fin. For physical things, es-
pecially things big enough to enter-caves,
buildings, railcars, peninsulas, fuselages,
attics, cul-de-sacs, and the wardrobe in
C.S. Lewis' Narnia continednnaae70

Dining ((ANTIGUA

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ATGA Dminn

Auguit Anniversaries

Established in 1996
celebrating its 12th year

Caffe Mediterraneo
Cucina Italiana
6a calle poniente #6-A, La Antigua
Closed Tuesdays
Specializing in exquisite Italian cuisine,
Caff6 Mediterraneo has been serving
delicious food since opening at their fir
location in 1996.
Featuring a daily menu, an all-time
favorite is 'three pastas', accompanied 1
mouthwatering sauces.
An immediate hit 12 years ago, locals
and visitors alike continue to list this
restaurant as one of their Antigua

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Established in 2006
celebrating its 2nd year

La Pen)a de Sol Latino
Restaurant and Bar
5a calle poniente #15-C, La Antigua
Open daily, noon to 11lpm

A full-service restaurant featuring an
international menu, offering a wide
st range of selections, is only half the story
of the success of La Peia del Sol Latino.
Most evenings the colonial setting is
y filled with the sound of either fabulous
live Andean music or various other
talented musicians. Whether you're in
the mood for a night on the town, or
a mid-day meal, La Peia fans say you
won't be disappointed.

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6 E6

Our pecaltes re taken from a
6he bes trdtoa cuiine
wolwd an seve withI *

6 n aethtcal pleasing0

n ~-0--
-itro -aroo del

ma y~ de -a motfi

E-Mail:~evemg~o ((67eelerstuan~o

ATGA Dminn

/0 S0e&lou& Z(tj &t
& no pOaffadiw ouz/e)

La Antigua Vineria
5a av. sur #34-A

3a calle poniente #2 (Deliciosa/

Las Palmas 6a av. norte # 14

Dofla Luisa Xicotencatl
4a calle oriented # 12

La Peila de Sol Latino
5a calle poniente # 15-C

Mesin Panza Verde
Hotel and Restaurant
5 av. sur #19

Sitz' Restaurant (Inside El
Convento Boutique Hotel)
2 av. norte # 11

Bistrot Cinq
4a calle oriented #7

Rainbow Cafe
7a av. sur #8

Sabe Rico
6a av. sur #7

*cO otAet /0 daelciouis daeiaoeti nexvt m ontA

One Fabulous Fruit

Zapote This abundant fruit was a prime element in
the ancient Aztec diet. It's known also as the mamey or
*' mamey sapote, and there are approximately 700 species,
including a white zapote, a black zapote and pretty much
"every color in between. The Guatemalan zapote is oval
With a brown skin and has an interior that looks like a
sweet potato. Sometimes the skin can look blemished but
R that's normal. In the West Indies the zapote is used in all
Sorts of clever ways, including in ice creams and shakes.
Guate-style it's usually eaten fresh.

68)) revuemag.com

C0/1 fuf


sINtzuraHue Dinner

"A Restaurant
for You, with a
Traditional Recipes with Family Atmosphere
Authentic Antiguan Flavor Reservations &
Special Events: Tel: 7832-1249
Open from 7am to 10pm


I"New Internet Service"
Serving from 8 00 am to Midnight Happy Hour 6 10 Tuesday to Friday
6a av norle a 6 Anligua Tel 7832-3758 personajesres.i hotmail com

I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor
want 2000 of something. -Mitch Hedberg without holding on. -Dean Martin

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It I, 4 1 11 1 International Menu and Exquisite Steaks
LAS Lovely setting in a Colonial Atmosphere!
'A --Tn--O -TA 0 Open daily.
ORCHA 3a avenida sur #1, La Antigua
SJ.ANTI I(. (.1 \ [lAI \1 Tel: 7832-0806 www.lasantorchas.com

Calle Ancha #27, La Antigua Tel: 7832-2732


The Zen of.,. cont.from page 64
universe-you need fondo. Boats may be an exception, because the Spaniards were seafar-
ers who thought up nautical synomyms. "All right, boys," Columbus might have told his
crew, "it's a long way to India, especially since we're going the wrong way. So let's think
up some good words for stern and bow, so we can quit saying fondo-this, fondo that. It's
something to do!" They already had a word for deep-profundo-and depths-las hon-
duras. This word went on to become the name of a country, perhaps because the coastal
waters are deep enough to drown in if you have had enough rum.
The first zenniness of fondo is that it means both end and bottom. If your movement
is lateral, it means the former; if you're descending, it means the latter. The second zenni-
ness is that for lateral movement, fondo is relative. The fondo of, say, a row of offices in a
government ministry is the end where the speaker is not. When you arrive at the recep-
tion desk and ask whom you need to see, you might be sent all the way to the licenciada
at the fondo. And so, after you go there and stand in line (ideally with a copy of Revue),
the licenciada might explain that you're in the wrong place, and that you need to return
to reception for redirection (perhaps to thefondo of another floor). Where is the reception
desk? Alfondo, "at the back."
Reader, maybe I have not reached the fondo, but I have reached the fin. 0
And so I have. This is the fin of "Zen of..."I want to thank all those readers who have,
over the years, followed this column ..i i especially those who sent compliments, ideas for
future columns, and the occasional correction or barb. There is talk of compiling the columns
into a book. But for now, from one student of Spanish to many others, iQue les vaya bien!
PS: Look for my new column, starting next month.

R70 evue m ene la dlso rbucmin r .s icu
70)) revuemag.com

just tell 'em "Lo vi en la revista Revue" I

5OSCama n
Up- aSCLjn O3-rra
Re'tauran t Itafiano
la av. sur #17-A, La Antigua Tels: 7832-9864, 5125-6752

Dining ((ANTIGUA


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Antigua's Gourmet
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of imported products
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0 P-&tai N' ;.iii'

0 u 'j ix- l. N' r lt D ip ii Iit
o Pi '.-;.:.-:Iv F..... :1 n. _Ill .:l-.
0 Fl s-h \'.- rat._:a le_ ,' Fllt
0 H .u-, h. .l:1 Pi ,:lu.:t, s
3a calle poniente No. 2
Antigua Guatemala
(2 blocks north of central park)
Tel: 7832-6500 TelFax: 7832-0713

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Doa Luisa



Freshl Brein & Rolls Ihily
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Dining ((ANTIGUA

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OPEN DAILY Lunch: 12:30 15 00 Dinner: 19 00 2300
40 colle orienle # 20 Lo Antigua. Guolemolo. Reservociones. [502)7832-0471

I tS AU A V V7,,F

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Optical illusion
Victory or defeat? Look closer to see both.

Fair weather fiance
One mid-afternoon on a sunny day, a golfer
teed up his ball. After a few practice swings,
he steps up to his ball and gets ready to drive
the first hole. Just before he swings, a woman
in a wedding gown comes running up from
the parking lot. She's got tears streaming
down her face. Just as she reaches the raised
tee, she screams out, "I can't believe it! How
could you do that?" The golfer calmly takes
a swing and drives the ball straight down the
fairway. He looks at the woman, as he puts
his driver back in his bag and says, "Hey...I
said 'only if it's raining'."

Less than bright
As two NBA basketball referees walked
through the countryside, they noticed some
tracks. First said, 'Deer tracks?' Second said
'No, bear tracks.' However, the conversation
ended abruptly when a train hit them.

An airline captain was training a new,
blonde stewardess. The route they were flying
had a stay-over in another city, so upon their
arrival, the captain showed the stewardess the
best place for airline personnel to eat, shop
and stay overnight.
The next morning as the pilot was preparing
the crew for the day's route, he noticed the
new stewardess was missing.
He knew which room she was in at the hotel
and called her up wondering what happened
to her. She answered the phone, sobbing, and
said she couldn't get out of her room.
"You can't get out of your room?" the cap-
tain asked, "Why not?"
The stewardess replied, "There are only three
doors in here," she cried, "one is the bathroom,
one is the closet, and one has a sign on it that
says, 'Do Not Disturb'!"

Spreading the news
A man came down with the flu and was
forced to stay home one day. He was glad for
the interlude because it taught him how much
his wife loved him.
She was so thrilled to have him around that
when a delivery man or the mailman arrived,
she ran out and yelled,
"My husband's home! My husband's home!"

A doctor vacationing on the Riviera met an
old lawyer friend and asked him what he was
doing there.
The lawyer replied, "Remember that lousy
real estate I bought? Well, it caught fire, so
here I am with the fire insurance proceeds.
What are you doing here?"
The doctor replied, "Remember that lousy
real estate I had in Mississippi? Well, the river
overflowed, and here I am with the flood in-
surance proceeds."
The lawyer looked puzzled. "Gee," he asked,
"how did you start a flood?"

First impression
It was their first date, and she'd shown the
patience of a saint as he babbled on and on
about his hobbies, his pet peeves, his driving
techniques, and even the standards he used
to choose his barber. Finally, he came up for
air and said, "But enough about me. Let's talk
about you." She breathed a sigh of relief. He
went on, "What do you think about me?"

Art imitating life
John's dad picked him up from school to
take him to a dental appointment. Knowing
the parts for the school play were supposed
to be posted today, he asked his son if he got
a part.
John enthusiastically announced that he'd
gotten a part. "I play a man who's been mar-
ried for twenty years."
"That's great, son. Keep up the good work
and before you know it they'll be giving you
a speaking part."

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Dining ((ANTIGUA

Of two evils, it isn't always po
the lesser-sometimes the

anjoy te Dest ruuu m our tI
restaurant jard
Delicatessen Chocolate
6 avenida sur #7 entire 5ta
La Antigua Guatemala. -~


ille a =a al r2L i 51V
el. 48 784.4I Tel. 5iB 78 i3M70

Munysic *3i T'ADICION
7 Wine Prosciutto Pasta
Salami Cheeses
The best Italian Pizza in Antigua
Mon-Thur 6pm-lam, Fri-Sunlpm-lam (closedTues)
5a av. sur #34-A, Antigua (nextto Hotel Antigua)
SI TelFax: 7832-7370 lavineria@conexion.com.gt
n ywww laantiquavineria3 omr

ssible to choose I never drink water-that's the stuff
y are twins, that rusts pipes. -W.C. Fields

Srench Restaurant
Live Music: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
RET GARDEN Beef, Salmon, Jumbo Prawns,
in Quail, Salads, Soups, Pasta
ND DINNER Hearty French Dishes
aurant dosed tuesday 5a av. sur #14, La Antigua
y 6ta calle
1el. 78320648 Reasonable prices. 7882-4075
revuemag.com (75

TimeTunnels ofZoneOne cont.from page15
A coin-and-stamp store is a miniature
museum and one of only three numismatic
retailers in town. It is one of a dozen locales
exhibiting everything from taxidermy to
antique knives and dolls. Almost next door
is where the late Policarpio Mejia, "King of
Luck," once reigned. Owing to self-promo-
tion and customer superstition, Policarpio
and his heirs are periodically celebrated in
newspapers as a source of winning lottery
tickets. For years, people from the prov-
inces went out of their way to visit the king.
There is a belief that Pasaje Rubio itself is
lucky, so the lottery in every permutation
has become its chief commodity.
A certain Frenchman visited 45 years
ago-but not to see Policarpio. He had
read a mention of Pasaje Rubio in a yellow-
ing pre-World-War-II architectural journal
and-as a photographer-was intrigued.
But Rubio was already in decay, and the
man left in a huff without taking a single
photo. Why was he blind to its charms?
Perhaps from his jading acquaintance with
early malls in rundown parts of Paris. But
in Guatemala, nothing compares with Ru-
bio, then or now.
Betancourt, a dimly-lit stationer near
the asymmetric fork in Rubio's middle,
resembles an outside storefront; nobody
knew, when it opened, how centro com-
mercial stores were supposed to look. The
place is layered with the strata of time and
the ghosts of Guatemalan intellectuals who
once browsed the shelves.
"Rubio," explains Betancourt's propri-
etress, "was a living ruin for decades be-
cause Mr. Rubio sold out to the individual
shopkeepers. We couldn't agree on any-
thing. When the place needed painting, we
couldn't agree on the color. The floors and
windows needed fixing, too. But when we
passed the hat, some merchants didn't chip
in. Others squabbled over what their share
should be."

Next to Betancourt, you could buy a
book from Edgar Jahnig. His hole-in-the-
wall nook was a pasaje within a pasaje, wide
enough for just one person at a time. His
family immigrated from Germany when
he was a boy, and Jacobo Arbenz was Presi-
dent when Edgar opened for business in
1951. Over the years, he became a beacon
for Germanic bibliophiles, and every third
bargain book on his sagging shelves was in
German. A steel portdn now seals Don Ed-
gar's memory; he died last year.
There is more to Rubio than its ossified
locales. As you stroll through, look not just
left and right, but up at the dilapidated
grandeur of its second and third floors,
and you will feel you are in another era.
Take a stairway to the upper levels, which
are mostly small apartments. From behind
the spindled railings you can look down on
Rubio's movie-set vibrancy and wonder: "if
these walls could talk ..."
And so they can-to mice. On the
other tine of Rubio's fork was a wedding
accessory shop, Novias Camelia. Over the
decades, for a few hours each day, a gifted
raconteuse showed up to work her day job.
The Rubio owes its private literary heritage
to the fertile imagination of Maria del Car-
men Escobar, most famously in 49 Cents of
Happiness, a novel narrated by a mouse. The
joys and heartbreaks it chronicles are thinly
fictionalized, giving us a snapshot that is
gossipy and whimsical on the one hand, but
instructive on the other.
In Rubio's core, near the fork, is its
most time-proof artifact: Guatemala's old-
est continuously operated restaurant, El
Portal, which-like Maria Escobar-is a
whole other story.
In 2008, Rubio was remodeled and re-
painted for the first time that anyone remem-
bers. But it is only a makeover; the place is
still timeless, still bathed in gold, somewhere
you can touch the city's soul. 0

76)) revuemag.com


Dining ((ANTIGUA


revuemag.com (77


El Sabor
G-'~ del -S
En la esquina mrs popular de Antigua

Variety of special
Guatemalan Coffees
Calle del Arco y 3a. Calle esquina
Tel. (502) 7832-0516 La Antigua Guatemala

of Antigua


Full Menu Great Food ESCL/
Daily Drink specials Great Music L E C M ILLA
Daily:8am-11pm Under New Management Restaurante Caf6 Bar
Corner of 6a calle & la avenida, La Antigua 7832-7300 R s
Cielos Riki's Pamu
CUCINA ITALIANA f i 4a av norte #4, La Antigua

fdterrake g
Sed1 e r e brochettes
6r LaAntigua salads
6a calleponiente#6-A Tel:78327180 (closedTue) crepes
5a av surfinal #31
3'ne ouAmw u Q oaf.d i La Antigua Tel:7832-9539
~uthta t ieeowed me .. ,.i -*r .....t ,
Vand-made b* Mumatiehahczc t
Decisa, 3a cpane te. #2, ha Arntqua e 5500-2457 Cookies, Etc.
18 Varieties of Cookies

If more of us vae f astr ieserd o

earn that you're getting what you deserve
Cakes made to order
Free Coffee IRefills
Open Daily from 7am-7pm
Corner 3a av. & 4a calle T:7832-7652
*If more of us valued food and cheer and song
above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
--J.R.R. Tolkien
Hot water is my native element: I was in it
as a baby, and I have never seemed to
get out ofit ever since. --Edith Sitwell
When you tell people your troubles, half of them
are not interested, and the other half are glad to
learn that you're getting what you deserve.

" Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
countrywide distribution

78)) revuemag.com


Dining ((ANTIGUA

^ Vivero
V Cald
da In
5a avenida sur final, La Antigua (50 metros de
Rest. Panza Verde) Tel: 7832-7074 Fax: 7832-6997

C CaleRal

30 afios
da nIdotu Gusto

a sujafadar!

En la Calle del Arco
y "A la Vuelta"
Tel.: +(50o) 7832 0507

revuemag.com (79
revuemag.com ((79

Cauhinas cont. from page 19
"Nothing similar was known in a con-
vent of this order nor in any other for wom-
en or men..." (Historia General de Guate-
mala, Vol. III). A column in the vaulted
basement, 10 feet in diameter, supports a
round patio above, surrounded by 18 cells.
Suggested uses of the basement, with ex-
ceptional acoustics, include food storage,
clothes drying and weaving.
The cells of the second level raise fur-
ther speculation. Each is supplied with wa-
ter channeled from a higher level. Recesses
inside each cell, each with a drain and ven-
tilation holes above, suggest toilets. Were
these cells used for the nuns' private retreat?
Were they for novices...or sick or aged nuns?
Could they have been used for detention...
or a public bath predating the convent? Any
of the suggested uses can be refuted.
The tower's complicated hydraulic system
included two bathtubs with connections to
heated water. "For an order that was oper-
ating with extreme poverty, existing on the
alms of the people and professing an austere
life, the luxuries of this tower are entirely
inconsistent," wrote Verle Annis (The Archi-
tecture of Antigua Guatemala: 1543-1773).
Luis Lujin Muioz assured that the tower
was built at the same time as the rest of the
convent, while Annis concluded that the
convent was complete without the tower.

El Carmen
Church in 1900,
deemed unsuit-
ablefor the
in 1726

ElEdificio Circular del Convento de Capu-
chinas (University of San Carlos, 1994) goes
one further: "There is evidence that Porres
built the church but not that he built the
tower." They agree with Annis that "There
is no record of its construction date." This
opens possibilities for its uses before and/or
after its inclusion in the convent. It is known
that, after 1773, the round patio's uses in-
cluded drying coffee, growing corn, dying
and making fireworks or gunpowder. In any
case, it was unique "with no counterpart in
the Americas or Spain."
A tour through the tower today raises more
questions than answers. "Despite the various
explanations assigned to the circular build-
ing...there is no single satisfactory explana-
tion for its construction or use." (Annis)
Diego de Porres, named master archi-
tect of the city of Santiago, was also named
principal plumber because of his experience
in running water works. His work in the
Capuchin Church and convent, the fifth
and final convent founded in the town, re-
mains to his tribute.
The Anthropological and History Insti-
tute of Guatemala began restoration in 1950,
and in 1972 the National Council for the
Protection of La Antigua Guatemala (Con-
sejo) located its offices in the convent. Cur-
rently the government of Taiwan is working
with the Consejo to implement a museum
on the site, scheduled to open in August.
While Porres built in Guatemala, the
Peter and Paul Cathedral was built in Rus-
sia. While music rang in the Church of El
Carmen, J. S. Bach served as music direc-
tor and choirmaster of St. Thomas Church
in Leipzig, Germany; and the Vienna Boys'
Choir was more than 200 years old. Thomas
Jefferson wasn't born yet.

Located at 2a avenida at 2a calle; open 9-5
Q30, foreign visitors; Q15, students; Q2, w/cedu-
la. F-5 on the Revue La Antigua Map.

80 revuemag.com

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA

Huyr SPA

<_':* ,, ,../ .,;

I P k

Calle del Arco #31, La Antigua AL RATES k..i,,..cnri
Tel.: 7832-2670 J t mn gked

r nAiga ofpaLondarfAt
I Single. 530
S Single for two-S 38
if l n 0 \LU *I Double. S47
Triple: 568
Private bath and hot
water. 1 2 blk from park
0t' *0 Saav sur n8 LaAnligua
T OR O slnvenlurx ,,,,yhoo (or ms.

ar '.1 I ,..1j, i r"r The Finest Family Hotel n Antigua

H otel Breakfast Service Wireless Internet Cable TV
Single, Double & Triple Rooms Private Parking
SAurora Resrles ,50,2, 1is32.5155 732S.965 s 32.i966 TelFa, i502, 1iS320,217
S- Ja (alleorienle ilo haurora.-jonexon (om gl vwww holelauroraanligua (om

Don't mind the lies people tell about A lie can travel halfway round the world
you-be thankful they don't tell the truth, while truth is putting its pants on.

SRevue le ofrece mas valor agregado. Su anuncio en Internet.
revuemag.com ((81

AN^TTIGUA)) Lodging

82) revuemag.com

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA


,' 1 (-\ 1(-1- I .llOIUt lUl I I1011i I 1a\
Roomll (i ice Indool Iai king Fool'
Deatltiflul Ciaiden lixate Bath Hot \\atel
Cable T\ Fiicplacc Cicdit Caids FIce
Continental DicalIfast H:isebackl Riding'
4a av. sur # 13, Antiqua
TcIFa\: 7832 3132 5390 4-' 35
-l1a.IA i,,i,, .1 ,n .- i. .-,I .,

revuemag.com <(83

AN^TTci IGA)) Ldging

L B E D & B' E AK F T

hh"/ "/^



The Cloister, originally a I 'h century cloister.
later converted to a lh'n ate residence,
provides a rare opportunity to visit a colonial home.
Built in the classic Spanish st'le nt ith rooms
Arranged arnond a central gaArdn courtard.
it is comlortablv /urnished nt ith private
b ths and fireplaces in all seven bedrooms.
f \

tll'".i l1l '(l u 'll l lli.tl 11111
' : i l n .. li I2. i llI liri.m
"l'*t.'| It- I.i2 r.' 2-| 1

E ':' --. 'A*'
:. :,, k . .


Men don't understand women because
COMFthey c an't; wom en don't understand Park

men because they don't have to.
Private Bath judge and jurLovely are against a man,s
Conventhirteen Roomis an unlucky numberardsaccepted
Av. ErDESENGA.com#26 (502)7832-2312,7832-7316
La Antigua e-mail: casadelasfuentes@hotmail.com

Men don't understand women because
they can't; women don't understand
men because they don't have to.
When both judge andjury are against a man,
thirteen is an unlucky number

84) revuemag.com

I tell the truth, not as much as I'd like to but
as much as I dare, and I dare more and more
as Igrow older. -Montaigne
I must be getting old because nowadays I find
I'm more interested in the food I eat than in
the girl who serves it. -John Steinbeck
I judge how much a man cares fora woman
by the space he allots her under a jointly
shared umbrella. -Jimmy Cannon
Though I can always make my extravaganzas
appear credible, I cannot make the
truth appear so. -Bernard Shaw

L II you need to get the word out,
IRevue is the most effective
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; M -a flll!IJJ 'ff.OH-

11111, .

Comfort and Quality Service
Bed and Breakfast
.a avenida nore LS 1K.1. ii......... rs .. al. Aniu ir
,V ALLE Reservalions 832l3031 TelFax: 7832-0275
BED& BRE. KF.ST a hulelkOuovalle (om casaovalle. ,yahuu (om r

A new colonial experience
Restaurant Spa Special Events
9a calla pta. #40, Salida a Ciudad Vi ja #25 Tel: 7832 2240
Fax: 7832 3810 info@hotalrealplaza.com www.hotalraalplaza.com

Motl oia
.66ado Plc mao

Revue iene la distribuci6n nmas cz a D just tell em "Lo vi en la revista Revue"
revuemag.com ((85

Be a part of the Colonial
Aristocracy, stay with us at
j Iote[ Casa qoble
at your convenience we offer:
. sgls/dbls, junior & master suites.
2a av sur No. 29, Antigua TelFax: 7832-0864/66/68
reservaciones(hotelcasanoble.com www.hotelcasanoble.com

AN^TTcj IGUA))Loging

Luxury Boutique Hotel
Luxury Suites, Apartments,
Gardens and a spectacular view
from the terrace and Cafe Antario.

5a Avenida Sur #31, La Antigua Guatemala
Telfax: 7832-9539 wwwvilladeantano.com

Las Camelias Inn

19 Rooms with private bath and Cable TV Parking
Very affordable Near Santo Domingo & Central Park


, ,, ,,
* 1l 1

... J- eClean & comfortable rooms
S i.i1 Casa Private bath/hot water
lDe lvaco ieShared kitchen
So T E L 6 blocksfrom Central Park
*Wireless internet for laptops
1a av. norte #22-A TelFax: (502) 7832-2549
info@lacasademaco.com www.lacasademaco.com

It's a lucky thing that water is a liquid: if it
were a solid like coal or marble, how could
we get it to run through faucets?

86)) revuemag.com

La Jovn America
Breakfast included
Nice environment
5a calle poniente #1 B, La Antigua
(1 blkfrom central park) Tel: 7832-4703 /4

A woman may be as wicked as she likes, but if
she isn'tpretty it won't do her much good.
-Somerset Maugham



Revue: 20,000 magazines
monthly with extensive
country-wide distribution


( Callejon del Hermano Pedro #2
CASA La Antiqua Guatemala
CONCEP ON Tel: 7832-060

Reservations: Antigua Tours by Elizabeth Bell
7832 5821,7832-2046
www.holelcasaconcepcion com

e I M[a. a i.[j ."

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA


Where travellers
will find in a garden
14 Luxury Rooms
with cable TV,
phone & mini-bar,
some w/ fireplace.
Pool. Sauna.
Free Internet access.
Spectacular Views.
Personalized Seriice.
Breakfast included

4a avenida norte 45,
La Antigua

revuemag.com ((87

ANTIGUA))Lodg ingS11



Casa Madeleine .i, hrII ., r [ni I',iiinili.- Hu[-I
,, i illin l i 1. III AiiAl ,ll l. ,[i],tIiiii 6 Beautiful deco-
rated and furnished rooms Spectacular views
I.it l i ii il[,i ,till I , ,n l i, t I, Beautiful garden
[h I ,i i iiiii Ij. yiril tiii jillis Casa Madeleine
BBarsa i panip rii iijarroy t i Ipa st r vi ts fr Iiur iil
Iiijul luj [ i ,t- w ,, l.l uiji le isiitrs Delicious
A la carte breakfast ervied v.-lryvla y Every eve-
ning the whole property is illuminated with
candles for your enjoynment anId ulrnaite reldaxalion
Casa Madeleine is the perfect place for
an anniversary, honeymoon or just to relax.
Pacaya Volcano trek (.HRISTOPHER HIRR!RA)

Pacaya Volcano trek (CHRISTOPHER HERRERA)

88a revuemag.com

Wl,, ei-'l .i .',
BVir .C Hf.-ir ./i./ 'I;'l .s

Lodging. ((ANT7IGUA

blocks from Central Park

21 Equipped Rooms by the Day, Week
or Month. CableTV, Safe Box, Mini-Bar.
Tels: (502) 5201-7468, 2369-6484,
(502) 7832-1020, 7832-0937
1' avenida norte 5-A, La Antigua Guatemala
hpanchoy@itelgua.com ~ www.hotelpanchoycom

Il!fltlflf lll HOTEL, CAFE & BAR private bath,
hot water, cable TV, wireless internet,
laundry, shared kitchen, bag storage.
6a av. norte #8, La Antigua (1 block
from central park) Tel: 7832-3709

Po0adda El 'ntaf A place for you
El Rinrta o to feel at home."
11 Comfortable Rooms w/fireplace, private bath, TV.
1 Suite w/jacuzzi, fireplace, volcano view.
Restaurant, Terrace, Internet, Parking, Special Rates
6a av. norte #36, Antigua TelFax: 7832-7351,
7832-0134 www.posadaelantano.com

The most disappointing period of a man's life
is when his wife begins to trust him.
A man is getting old when he no longer
cares where his wife goes provided he
doesn't have to go along.

F,:,:,. I,: i.,:_

7a av. sur #3 La Antigua
Tel: 7832-1223
latatuana@hotmail.com www.latatuan

%- Revue tiene la circulation mas grande: 20,000 ejemplares y 60,000 lectores mensuales.
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14 Standard Rooms t 2 Colonial Suites
in a Convent founded Since 1613
Wireless Connection, Parking lot,
"EL Reino del Jade, S.A" Jewelry Store and
International Bar Ft Restaurant "EL Arco"

5. Avenida Norte # 28. Calle del Arco
PBX (502) 7832 3080 FAX (502) 7832 3610

90)) revuemag.com

0"a Ceaklwta,&

LodgingT (T7IGUA


"M 'W

&NVENTO Tel. 502-7720-7272
o t que Hot l 2. Aenida nore # 11
tt AAnigu~ Guatemala

posada DEL ANGEL
4a avenida sur #24A, La Antigua Guatemala Reservations: (502) 7832-5303, 7832-5244
Telfax: (502) 7832-0260 infoposadadelangel@gmail.com www.posadadelangel.com

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Shulle Services to:

Fr... Us SI
1-43 p ...u ... U 40.00

Airline Tickets to all over the world.
llus,.JI, I.1m1B or a'coImh s tIun'ala l Mn :"
Call us for more ad.slnaltonsl
24h.Ta lt(11Cl1211MW14

Anqua Half Day S28 O
Surrou:t igTocns
o Anlgua ~$8.00
Guatemala City
SFuDa $5000



Europa Unica e Inolvidable
10paises en25dias
TourConductor: Bruno Mertins, cel: 5651-2298
Salida: 1 de noviembre de 2008
desde $246 mensuales
Email: info@turansa.com Antigua: *5a calle oriented #10-A
Guatemala City: *Km 15 Carr. Roosevelt
*Zona 11 Super Centro Molino
Tels: (502) 7832-2928, 7832-4691 Fax:(502) 7832-4692

7a Ave 19-44, zona 1 = g GAGO$ IytS Renta de Buses, iltimo modelo,
Tels: 2232-3661, 2220-6018 Fax: (502) 2220-4902 dentro y fuera del Pais.
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7:30, 13:30 & 15:00 14:30, 19:30 & 20:00 6:00, 9:30 & 14:30 1:00, 15:30 & 19:30
Estrella Blanca, Greyhound. Via aerea: Reservacion y venta de Boletos a traves de Exytur. Tel: 2253-9131

Stravelpremier@hotmail.com Shuttle Service

S.- Buses for Rent p/day
ToursToT lal
ll ~ 6a calle oriented #10, La Antigua
Tels. (502) 7832-9032

TRANSPORTES TURiSTICOS Shuttle Service Organized Tours. l
ATST URSN Packages and more...
P Ti r 7832-3371, 7831-0184, 5935-8233 HOUR
TOUR OPERATE 6a av. sur #8, La Antigua ASSISTANCE
S info@atitrans.com www.atitrans.com Antigua. Rio Dulce. Copan. Panajachel Guatemala
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A 1uloE Eil /AEin
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04:05, 05:05, 09:05, 07:30,10:15,12:30,
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Hotel Soleil Antigua 9a calle poniente (road to Ciudad Vieja) La Antigua t ilo iirai

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* International courier
* Local courier and money transfer
* Passenger transportation to Guatemala City Central location
for CLASS, PLUS and SPECIAL travel service

__ mrsaisasaz

TracK your P 3Kage 31

Lax TravelAntigua
Tels: 7832-1621, 7832-2674
3a calle poniente #12 Esquina
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Complete Travel Services

Transports, tours,
hotel reservations
and information
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International and
Domestic flights at
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Teacher and student discounts

Bilingual staff *


Shuttle service every day and
tours throughout Guatemala.
aor or Special service to adopting families.
18Av. 9-25, Z. 12, Colonia La Reformita, Guatemala City
Tel: 5720-5268,5008-3030 (24 hrs.)
Tel/Fax: 2471-4487 atitoursihotmail.com


7a. Ave. Sur #8
Antigu, Guatemala
/ Fax: (502) 7832 4202

Pc Corps % off
Peace Corps 5% off

Now you can learn Spanish Sp n ish
andTravel at the same e
timewith....... 1 ra ing
Come and discover a new method of learning
Spanish while traveling in Guatemala
www.spanishtraveling.org 5a calle pon. #15-B La Antigua
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While in Filadelfia enloy variety of fun and excilng
activiiessurrounded bya soothing and elegant ambiance
We offerour famous coffee tour, coffee cupping and
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canopy (under construction), birdwatching, tennis
courts, swimming pool and manyothers.
Learnand enjoycoffee from the plantation to the cup.
daily coffeetour slansal 10.00AM and 2 00PM.

W ; *n ..A nature... ..



5 'i

.(502)7728-0800- USA (646) 257-4957
n FinFdlps4 t150 mintram nort de laI 1gle e fiiarort.com lade lfi o m
SanF i e4 LoAntiguaGuatrnala.CA. www.foddrort.

revuemag.com (95


Rods & Reels Sportfishing Adventures
for info on daily rates or packages
5251 4809 or 5502 5353


Guarmala 5 00 A AM. 900 A.M
Anugua Guatemala 4 00 AM

(opan Rumas 10 00 AM 1:30 PM
San Pearo Suia 1 30 PM 5.00 P ED
AeropuertoSAP 40 PM 6 50PM UNI
Tea 3 30 PM 800PM
feguci4lDa 6 00 PM 10 00 PM
La (eiba 5 45 PM 9 30PM

Copdn RundS 1 30 PM 6 00 PM
San Pedro Sula 9 50 A.M i 30 PM
Aeropuerto SAP800A M 1:30PM
Tea 7 15AM 1245PM
Tegucigala 5 &5AM -M 10 0 AM
L Ced 5 15 AM 1000AM.
GuaLemala 6 30 PM 10 30 PM.
Antigua Guatemala 8 00 PM

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EnFoy our exotic Aoter&gar d
on Cake J4titdn 's
waterfont T

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Pbsada e Santirgo
Seen Stone Cottages I/ fireplaces
3 Luxunous Suites & a feIl Budget Rooms
Conference Room

I.. Lr 1 !.. H .. .- id,11 1 l,! i 1 .-
H ,eir,.j i... !' .. ii. i H ..r !i.1

!, 1 - 1 --- , i - 1 - , ;

e"I.,,,,, ._

The only >ti|rr li,r ul i r-tiI. u .li'[ I'n Pin,3aidcl'i
'- I J ) i l tofupan* alafel
S, pitasandwiches
burritos lasagna pad thai curry
gado-gado vegetarian filet
Smiso soup homemade ginger ale
Il i n liri r lc .' r t, r.: II ..- .i T-I '" -u,'-. 1

From Antigua P3na33(hel San Pedro San M(rcos Kela
To: San Cristobal las Casas EveryDay

Eternal Sprirng
Av. Santander, Panajachel, Guatemala.
(502) 7762-6043,7762-6094. 24 hrs: 5464-6601
1 I,-i F I' -14.f -4 ii4i, t llIlr I iii,4 1 i4 41111.114 ,-H TIIH I I HII


S.Antigua -Quiriguja. Lake Atitlin
).Tikal Rio Dulce ).Chi Chi
Panajachel: Calle Santander (next to Hotel Regis)
Tel: 7762-0146, 7762-0152 www.atitrans.com

Z EAguacatal 1

ElRosarlo-Don Mollss
Bungalows familiares Cable TV
Cel. 5204-9333 Telefax: 7762-1482
atitlandonmoises.,-hotmall corn


SNational& International Tickets
Tikal Chichi Antigua San Crist6bal de las Casas
Av. Santander 1-61, zona 2, Panajachel
Tel:7762-2023 santander_travel@hotmail.com

- Rooms w/ private bath & hot water
CableTV, Phone in every room
Parking Laundry Breakfast
Calle Principal salida a Godinez
Panajachel- Tels 7762-2176, 2630/31/33
posadasans mon@ltelgua com

Handcrafted Indian Jewelry From
The Kaqchlquel Mayan Tribe
11-adho0yl p ~a am

Tours Operator and Travel Agency
Specialist in the art of travel
www.,anseba tiantourngt.comr
... 1. 11 -. .... . .. ....

Conforible room, private bath, hot water,
cable TV, parking, wireless internal.
www san sebastalnholeI com
warn '. lhallpha l Ima irn

I Picia0-22m. Guatem a Tel/Fax (502) 7 4 Tl

Despite jets, missiles and electronic devices,
man has still not invented anything that
goes faster than a vacation.
Giving every man a vote has no more
made men wise and free than Christianity
has made them good. -Mencken

Another way to solve the unemployment problem
is to invent a machine that does the work of one
man and takes a dozen men to operate.
Men are the only animals who devote themselves
assiduously to making one another unhappy.

Now it's even easier to
read REVUE online:
MEN 15, = I I I

98)) revuemag.com

": au r H,, l,, I H.-t IiI to
,|,i h 1, \,,,,r,, ,.,
1- O Comfortable rooms CableTV
Private bath w/ hot water
SParking Laundry
S3a av 3-45 Z 2, Calle Santander,
..Panajachel Tels 7762-2915/17
.Ja ae Fax 7762-1117 -email necos@telgua com




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