Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Title: [Letter to Walter Crawbuck]
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Title: Letter to Walter Crawbuck
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Newton, Earle W.
Publication Date: 1963
Copyright Date: Public Domain
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Box: 4
Divider: Block 12 Lot 20
Folder: Properties Restored (Others) Museum of Yesterday's Toys - Avero, Rodriguez, Sanchez House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
52 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez House
Toy Museum
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 52 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896151 x -81.313211
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Javary 31y, 1963

se ~rs.Uatr S. crawbrunk
le650 Arapshoe AvemeI
Jaokeenvrils 10, Florida

Dear Peg s

I am always glad to land a sympathetic3 ear when people are troubled,
and yea kowe I u Lmaderta the problem here and its Fimact On yea, and sa re-
grrethl that things worked out the way they have for you. We are ranxos for
people likes you -and yes- to get deeply interested in the dEevelproent here.
I think perhaps they can do that through this Commislsion andi its related anti-
rities. even if they feel1 the Hisatorical Societly will not be syngapthetie4 to
thett efforts.

However, since you hav e ly one channel at informati~o from St. Augue
Sin*, I. thinkr you need to vieYw ith moare skepticise the wreorts yes gt. And
yes shold ruderstand that it is not in any way you who are being rejeObed here,
but your representative I sa not in a position to rat in. to the a trugle over
Bill's position in St. Augutine. I like BL1, but recognise also his highly
comboreversal chuarase here. It is often what he say sabout other people that
eases them to respond with rash sperity. I knew you are foni of his and
Pigthttal so, but you must recognris the d~ifficulties which stem foMa the feet
that he is your reptuenhabiv I sap speakingp rankly ad aocnfidentially, be*
oesus I thinkt you ans ealise the ebber aspects of the situation which Jyes
may not have, tIaken sufifiettly inte sooonart. Ind**4, only yesterday aban I
was with Crarver Harris, he volastenred the sktatemen that he had asked tbeir
librriarise $*ead youa opy of the cuwrrent Eneiribs vikh the dat a yon er
house is it. He an~tioned the fae5 that he was ansh tapressed with abat yee
had dam, and he thought this was a erfot nampl of the kind of privae nres
tarabian wrhich we ought to have here. He also aid that in view of this he
weald likes to submib your name for memberab~ip in the Historiosa Society. I had
$*3,4 his that I intended to do so, but I thought it wunld com with most gBrace
free hi, sand I would be please to join in seconading his motion. Bill, I know,
is agsaint this because of his bitter satipathy to Calrvr and the Historical
Society. But I thinkl it would be a eray good move. I: hope you will sooep6.

Jamary 31 1963

nes Walse 8., Ccr~beata

page $we

I o aset think that the Nation Trast weald Sarrn evr sq~ property of
theire to the Eist~orcl. See~iety for mintunane, The has bee Cbe msh nat~iail
skepl~tela sek~ the Histrffffffffffffffffff IsaelSetaby ad its peat olaims for! th Oldet Hekrs
tw them to do) this TheyJ wul~d eare ;ikely turs it evr to Us fo~r maintenance,
if they were Uunable to manageQ it t~hemelves

If yoou ar geninely interested in placinga this takre non-profit ednea~t~ian
hands, I[ wold dray yolur attent~iona to the new Qcorporation St. Alyugustin Reekerration
las, uhiah has a board drawnl fom throughout the~ state of Floarid, and whbich is4 so$
leellywinte. he Fpoperty would becomea State his~eric site, therey sa
weald join the other haildings of $be Aro Compax $.n which it b~akae. ..4.
So this serpershion ar tax. exeapt, nan year alght very Irell find that sesh a
denstes spred if ye desirel over several yearsI could Asreorr acua inaetrl
valps to yea.

Doing thist would turn them property from a private commrerchl attl~anato
to the publis mind--o a offical sate~ hist~orcl site. The Histoirica Soetabyj
ha so rela whatsoevsr in t~his carparation.

With respect to the listin in the State Dewtoapment Ga*==<**** folerr--
which i~old# a eemesial as all as non-profuth eduaetional sl~II shad
wrthe the Develepnnt ComissionJ~ anld bel IIre tat6 the~y have yeaO on reeert. I isl
possibe that nobodyg has ever drawn their atte~ntion to the house.


ixesa~tive Direterr

b: Mr Wolfe

Janay 31, 1963

)Is. Mattr s. Cravbunk

JaockrillsL lo, Florida

Dear Pag

I sa always gLad to lead a sympathetio ear ube~n people ar Steabled,
and yea know I andrY~stad the problems here and its impsobt on yea, and sa re-
grettl Mart thing aclrkd out the way they have for yes. We are aanous fo
peopr like our -sad yes- to get deepl~l intersted in the develoqpmnt here.
I cbiak perhp they can do that broughth this Coanission aind its reltekd canti-
ities, eve if tbmy feel the Historical Societyr wIl not be synpathebia to
their *ferts.

However, shoe yenQF have Conly eas chnel of informa~tion from St. Aegas*
Simw, I 6hink you n**4 to view with ares rshpdinism the sports yaes ge. And
yes sheeld undersltad that it is not in any way you who eae being rejectd her,
but year representative I: a nob in a positIFon to geSt in to theb struggleC eer
R5Il s peition in SI. Augusine I lik EtL1, but recaognise also his hiralr
oebowert etsl chareeke base It is eftcen what he sas about ether people bha
easses thm to repond with sash sperity. I kne you are foold of him and
righttally so, but your sa5 reeegise the diffiev~ti~se hich stem from the fae
bhst he is year repkiresnhbie I sa speaking flreaky an~d aonfidentially, be*
esuse I think ye ost 1realise the etbbr apeets of the situation which yes
may aeb bwre t4ake sat~ietentlyP inbesoont InOPPkded, only yerstrd~ay aban I
was with Carreru Haris, he lrele$*Fe the srtratema Shat he had asked their
libraruise $ aend yes oa ep of the eProret &Beaiba with the data an yer
heese is it. Heo ~akio sed the fae4 tht he ws ameh imprese vikh uha ye
had dme, a~d he lought, this was a pari~teer**=l e of the kind of private lree-
tSarties whic we ought to have here. He aIse said that in view of this he
vaald Ilike to embmLSt yeuara nam foair eship ;in the Hiisterisal Society. I had
Sold hir that I: intended two do so, but I thought it runld coms vith most gtrac
from hia, uad I voaild be pleased to join in osooanding his motion. BIll, I know,
is o~agant this beoauna o his hitter sabipathy. to Ca~nr er a the Historica~l
Sootety Bu~t~ I tnhia it would be a very good move I hope yea will saoeep6

ws. Yaltw a. Orawbesk Pes to mar 1,16

I do mt think that thrY~e Ntin Trust weald Sara eves sq property at
theirs to the IisbeLrtoal Seeiety foin tenaunce. There a beenu too meh saCioal
skephtelsa about the Hi~stersa Seeisy ad its past oldaim ter? the O1dlds Hea
far $bes be de this. They wea~ld mrea lklb4 turs it wer to us r ma inbmlaner,
iit th ule* unable to anuag it theslasw.

If yo u ar geoninelY interreted in placing this into rrann*pr~ofi dnertarie
b~ands, I unald draw your absetoion to the aew earpoa~tion St. Augustw iasRsorati
las., wrhich ha s aboard draw ~~n fro trouhout the state of Florida, and whrich is not
localy isaed.The prroperty scald becom a 8tate historicr sit, therby at
would foin the other buildings of the Ae~ro Camphas in whbich it behea3ge.
So this owperstio te re tax exeapt, and you might werry wel find Shat sesh a
donattem spread if yea desreu ever sevel years ocalPd hawr actalp finbanat
valas to yes.

Doing this would turn ther property from a private opemmaoia atteme~ianr-
to the public mind-to anoficiai state historic site. The Historical Seeotat
has so reab whattsoevr in this carparatica.

With irespet to the leishin in the State Development Cn-..a ndi olde~r...
rrvb sh incldes someretaas wel as nOn-profth educational jkol L sies*ya hel
writS the Develorpnmen Comrissies ad to sur that they hav yePa on rreed. 1i is
pesetble that nobody bes ever drawn thirr attention to the honee.

Cor ,Ug

Aesrle hf. Newton
Exesacati Dil~reet

b: Mr Wolfe

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