Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Title: [Communications re: Avero, Rodriguez, Sanchez House]
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Title: Communications re: Avero, Rodriguez, Sanchez House
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 20
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Copyright Date: Public Domain
Physical Location:
Box: 4
Divider: Block 12 Lot 20
Folder: Properties Restored (Others) Museum of Yesterday's Toys - Avero, Rodriguez, Sanchez House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
52 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Rodriguez-Avero-Sanchez House
Toy Museum
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 52 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896151 x -81.313211
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washingban, D. G,

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the desyign~ake of Bbe area was m~adertake lV %the eity in s~r~P1rie~aaltr withi
rantherittee fromP AIantsL~ abe tan~spece $Be area1 and6 agreedd Sha4 She Pea[1Ssoba a
blighTb ws such as toL qtuaity is fo Urban c-lesala. Ithren ar anorer~L3r o~ ~tttttttttttttttthan th
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haesu ggesnrted nese alfbereken to thet city, bult as9 artif'lIIslrbaP1w seie asl rye
Ben tbaban to 9the deggee abanr thre, Beadsaisn ~could tor set.\ It is myr ~ IMhsadiataani
at the present time Sheytr donB tee MrQ fr3~~Br. Ge61 ral as Speatah lan.r The9
boundarie deser~sbe by the drabuesaree usg ~ thesrr enes **4r b he inspeedar ftrom
A$1srata. The~ cityla *wor~kable program" hricasa en approved by Atlrant, ad thyisr
givesl the city the$ren Ilight to a~ppLy %er uranu Iwrnewal. Bat hew rTappl3aicalebn ha
not been mad, to hebest o~f my k~navidge.

The~ utlizatioo of aurBan rearrval in1 tis atsu sa ed Bote equivt~arrwb olen at
gift of several. h~undrds of1 thorusansI abtu dolr o the reei)BorrcatIion )(program
Obvionly, we Cifeelt that thsl would to o tre ~Pma~ndolUs assjistanc be4 as. Bab it to as
way theatens any historio streetre,~M and I use no~tthin in it asr it stands abish~
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Bathee. APtsually, hoever, Mr~.Eath t aniorus he dislposer at~ hfis properby

WeQ have been ery pleaed at the finherest of the Grambusks in reorationn to
;;L. Auguabine, and holpe Sheat She will aspend~zt Mlabber~ th~an contract their acrtiviilgsr
here. In testor1 at sappreetake for their taees ndsL D woPrk, we dii d a endus
amuahs~ et reaseveh n their propeurty, at as expenses to She. I ea2rStaste As$ She
wIorkg~ whichb went1 into she gl$Uarehaeology supervision1 of the eaterakens, andb the
doeuaassetaryp and ~arc~hitebural reasarc eeap~readeB in the report which the-iy usea
yeatt, uamouts to perhaIpe~ $1,000.c M9ea f the srepwor~t~ ws doelaaaB as personazlgl. 3it
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do tDiSa Per te Gb ratibucks.

St. Augirr:atir iBs a9119 peculi r plac la my aYsEI Iandthe things Shsrt go on
down here seemZ& to upSe~tr them conideraflbjly. I can see hg in sa eases.9999 BaL SekYI
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uxantd le a showr yesa set ronly whatlr we, ae sdoig, Bbu whatle~ Sh Gsrambeeke have done.
We areI prou1d of bo-th.

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~Otie Of jReptelettitadtity

Ilptad)(Hfgt0Nf, 3. QC.



March 1, 1963

The Restoration and Preservation Commission
Sai.nt Augustine, Florida


Enclosed is copyT of a letter which seems
to have the disturbing suggestion that a very im-
portant historical house is to be destroyed in St.
Augustine, perhaps another as well, as it is also

I hope that neither Urban R~enewaln~or any-
thing else will destroy a priceless historical her-
itage in Saint Augustine and will appreciate your
letting me know of anything yrou can do to prevent
such destruction including those mentioned.

W~i~th kinrdest regards, I am


ih e Fmag of yestrday's boy(

iEclUIoL4S 23, 1903-:
Thes H~~conomdte Chastesb BernnetAi,
311 West~ BlMorwe St.
Jodi~oonsviU~e, F~ta.
Deas~ MLti Bennett,
We botUme yo eMA 64 iinleseated is Lea~ing ~the ranoetosed Riotestoot
ani~~rd A g~icL&qts Resieasrch, oln oulL hIU)Jestyl in St. AugusO~tiXU e e4Lo
io nee 4tfAtted de ~bodique- ewSanches Houoe. So -{o~ s we ho*
been trsw ornto and 44r~ tt swinote stA~~abase to i-odn e-( St. Agust~iine wrii~ th oMea estate o-Ae4 Bedomcon sn~d P lebewedionn
Theso~Le *** molL6 Ohmending tJIoughQ St. AsqudcI e that I46@ Bsreneso
hee seen sequreed -eol 40s tas geres sectoiar tonL~ usOn, ease3 enough,
by ts newesaston and p lth~e .~ton Cnicw~cn ~erreub we
horse~ ben unobts~ to confEaiA4 Ab 4~C~n om~ th obrWdooden.i
Isr 4444 emes, Mte** ose OeAts Ivthee sub-s~tandori 4 )homes ccubtied 64
IUQeO CagCio and we useA thatd ~PR ey eaome 3been uvisied by some.-~000~~~000~~~00
oneC~~~CCC~~~ The sames (nathes E~beaside thb~o;at aidban Faar Res ct, hasn been L
out *( EAvttet and ouhbuetl ei. 13 ~to a wcgbsewdusof u th St
hequotMae oci~teemns.
Otlidouy ** owce cnc~eY nw in ~Vot at Ae Bodsiques-Asess-Senchesh hease
Sis rubosAted to be in 4Aes Uscban REsnercLt A'Les as is the Bkhanis6h ln, a
see~bolation 1Vof- Pe o-(, MS.~ Gesod Bt, stoo onr St. G~eorues St
Thbe lmenutoet wasR both ~IV6q ousek and u. BakAseeth us 4Amee4 e4I~~i~
ans ** seultd obbs~cec~iota ypoet detevainaion~ 9( the ftColroeing
Ai. Boo U46ban Essmeea oc~nady been sequetsed 4++~ ;th #aesnt 4***
Asocaiew a nda t ikncruds uitees sa. GBeosse stj. oC4ameinga t ~the-;:j
044q GOles and South about 10) -:est hot~a Ouno Sheeut and ju444e4
boundecd by Mban/ion ClcXRt intC~ Us and. Shanish S~taFset to tAe, ***
if. Has Ushanm Penersot Fieen obtwomeda 3te ~the Fedest Asee hM4AodMtio
in AUdtatl
C. In s(hot eaQ) *0ttA StiO ages<~.1 is sO oeselas Of ~Ae BoDwiques
house wtbCC is ino a shen but PAc.e 3eent 44oxoed~ 604~ in, 1958
and subbseq~uawent in 19'S~ Ls coort aen~iv eM MPe IPomtida
Resomdottio~n oad PsesevaM/ion Museum o$ Yesteadamtt~~tt Tolllo
At caond~sridbe abe takene to nvousstloe, wre home;~ ibe~esewe~d - bL aweS~ons~z one O-4 ~thPe olMdes ahoses ;n S~t. Auguso-tine. r794

Att 4Aeo 4mus 'iYes* *(1 ofC conoasn to uo adbcr w ~ eautdd
quyes -inedogoion a~d etersir Q onsoon aso ,ud
'Io7~ **~rUM,~~~w

watter :I emeduct
Maagnet & 040*6**&~

Jonarrtqll 311, 1C90s
Il4. ComestGq RoadsC~
St., Auguhis~tia B~~orhte~dc Society
S~t. Augcwtusth, FCa

We homerp noted BMtt Banlke~Ctt t contallct vjOn inL segods 4&
whliaitP~ as cni~deaL 4O seLrous hbroald ~to &)tbot (~Y ~out Moabe
caittA PL jnf ce~wPng tei -(ME~ maltofoQ to ma k~e can tnaoGeeto
o{ 44* coveral .gue 6teeesw comt gEuseenP ~and ynowL frcsheyty.
We9 hose o atoto o{J oceaBB~ {M~i~~Cces Zm Teste~adlay Toys andnnnnnnnnn~~~~~~~~
t#bFluses bu 'Ido not Z usethem asz we ~cnsbides obears -ftses toos
{tooL~ dusing thbe tcl d~ave,a arnd wMf~Bie wED~ dk)~O; no estWS$ t
den~y Abess Amst, wue be~ttIMeu soma~e ohe Raking *Aeu44 6
daotered (as, wet homer do~ne is onM kLou4On~,
8~t~As yes use $4646 ossadse, taib is a se~sqt otdi -Ruet~t and
octsucir on I~n addicon, ~h~4ae tob o{~9 Me (ae. 'tasunho
~tectd c8hoday shade~l to get ~tAtough,
I~t would ;Be a mobotr Cdotosho~tBb L- at4R AFe crr4&L in 99
+4Osakes&O L you ownB 6sLutdingI Testedc~ as Tous~ andL 44*
MAtsnc3 Honrc cbenRt tLh~ Anr oamos,
1-(~ BiOL fas Iro~t Seenr xEbe to rbcC?~ Cgou, httesse cortc~t
Avira so ahe~ c~an hravez ithe FiraevCS~ ie mea~, mob iJthe kneechton.l

to go oe seoawd Aatw we -teeC t~d r~L( { u6sed CA otr cAn stee r *4P olw eassent~O desjite 4*p juseease
the PAriOdeatj~G~ houe o$ s-t, Geory St.

Cjhiest AiSs ~hotte 3., Clcambuct

Otty CrCommisotones

F-~ :.


DATE: ~Vl~fq 9_

DO4/4 UljA4


SU BJECT: ?tt~a/ faeed iDA ~oe duty anch tt OMse

healbl6($ &eM "and :;U bou r~lld be an~tted tlP n lek had aederwe
wa~dee ;te~se id BrConzduav Proof? by Qts icbramet edsal eminaCior Mat
.te wecnd kdepawa added 1~u 89D.

OCe IMOmorandum *

TO : ft jl' #tZqid


The seqliuin northeast room of the preusen house was

builta aso aaddition be an earlier wooden house aou 1780

byg the "maaser burilder' Jean Peres for ~Paarando Redriglues,

who willed it to Aatealsr AvPero t 1762. O f he three she

owned nearby this oner reoo houe was knrown as her "little

beoase." TFhe woodea house vara remaoved about 1768-84r, and

thes tsta house Zlater eapanded by Juan ~sanhes, 1791-1801.

PThe woodea: secndI storyT was added early in- the 19th cenaterrs

Reateoration we as beun 1958-62 b~y Mr. and M9rs. Wlterr

Cravbuok cand William J. Daniell, in cooperation with the

St. Augustinse HItforical Neeteration and Preservationa


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