Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 19
Title: [Letter to the editor of The Pathfinder]
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Title: Letter to the editor of The Pathfinder
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 19
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Wilson, Emily L.
Publication Date: 1929
Copyright Date: Public Domain
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Box: 4
Divider: Parades-Dedge House, Lot 19 Block 12
Folder: Parades-Dodge House
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
54 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Parades-Dodge House
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 54 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896092 x -81.313202
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To the editor

Der 8rlr.W.J.Hrri seat m a oepy o the page In your Magasin etf August 84th,
with an artiale on 8t.Augustine ,with the request that I should send yeo the true data
aboqt Dqdgel'Old Ouriosity Shop on Stoeorgo Bt,whioh you show in a out as the Oldest
House. I A t also mailing you a mall booklet of :Thl Oldest ouseo and Fort Marion"'
and hope in your next publication you will oorreot your mistake.

L otres' Old Curiosit Shop, was built after 1860,and i en on several houses of the
eaae type all buIlt about t tianaaely the house known as the Prine MIart Rouase on
the corner of 8t.George and Bridge 8t* #a house on Treasury Bl o belonging to the Miss Muirs,
two burned in the fire of 1914 on old Oharlottoe St It you wish to look into the old naps
and data on the subjeoetWashington is a convenient place for you to d6 soe In the Depart-
ment of the InterioroGeneral Land Offieoo sewn site Map Roam ,in I volume of maps of St8
Augustineoyou will find the original map of Mariano do la Roque of 1788.A copy of the key
of this nap that I found in Tallahassee Plorida,is in the Manusoript Division Library of
Oongress,and a blue print of the map in the Map DivistionsL*O In this nap of 1788 you
will find the lot on which Dodgest House is now built squaree No.7 Lot 4a.This lot runs frm:
8t.0oorge fttoe 8panilshbSt. 42 Oasa do Mamposteria y Asotea an omdiaho stadogboia Cosina
de Madora en mal estadooornl Solar quo oorroo Loeto,0o*to*doel quo esta oshe barei Bon
Antoniao ernandoes*,ouso of oooquit and palm in modiun eotatowith the kitchen of wood
in bad condition ,with the lot that runs IastWeet under the eare of Don Antonio Pernandeoa
No 41 the corner property "Oasa do madera on mediano estadoede la propriodad del Jaymo
Parassou Solar de Josef de Burgosoon asoriptura*. House of wood in medium condition bf the
ownership of James Parapothe lot of Josoo de Butgoo with deed*
s t snap of I88,n8qar No.59 L 2 ot. l id the r d floor jaxn of The
od th01 kHouisre Jnusa t P I.Olftaa It ito-'y,eop.ttsng ,or tho a o r o tower a rooa
added on the west by Dr.0arvor after he bought the house in 1688 cOasa do amposteria yla
mayor part de hostion y madoe oon ia 8 anenos in al estate doe a prepkLaed doe)c f
Jarseooon rsoriptura y Torreno quo oita*. House of coquina and a large part of hostiou'
and woodwith the lot annexed in bad condition owned by Mjares n.(his name was Hudson)
with deed end land as oited .
In the 8t.Augustine records 8t.John's Oounty, eed Book 2 Pago 197 April 11,1900 filed
April 1, 1900 George L.astaan and Maggie lastman his wife sold to Jameo P.Dedgo a certain
lot St.Augustine beginning on StB.Qorgo 8. 181 ft. from the North west oorner of the
junction of Ouna and 8t.eoorge St. thenoo along 8B4i*orgo 8t*onth 1)1 (01 fti. in*-
West 57 ft 9 in* along the Oolumbia Hotel then North 27ft.6in. --* thence follOwing the
coquina wall of the Watkins house eta, You will see by this the Dodge property times
in the lot on the north side Of Lot.42,whseh hesold a shert time before he dioedor built
That long lot from St.Goorge to Bpanish StBNo.42 in a lit~6r Andes is listed as No.*14 in
*look 12 This Assessors list is in the Library of Oongress and Miss Spofford translated it,
' (feCg A small house of ooquins and lot belonging to the ing with a useless kitchen of

ded at the front by the Oalle Real.on the' est by Spanish Strtet ,on the lerth by jOe .A
se and lot of the heirs of Don RaLmando and on the South by the let of Saetiage trades
ts measurement in front North South twenty three yardsand depth last West seventy s.
yards etc Me Item eighteen yard* of ooquina in certain walls of the house ,tfr yards high
which at the rate of a reel and a half a yard amounts to 108.* --Nete That this day' e.r..
was issued by the Government title of, perpetual ownership of the above lot in baye' i,. "-
hells of Don Juan Sanohes deceased etc* On this list No,10S is the wooden hease, t" -
Santiago Pradoo with its lot and deod

In St.Augustine in the one Esorituras there ,that of 1860 in Feb. 18#180) page 50 I ts ,L
confirmation of Governor White to the heirs of Juan Sanches of this house and let iri.J
lock 12 bought at sale April 1791 .Ndth South 2) Varaessido kast esot 7t varaspbes%,,' J'- rt
he and lot of Don Raymundo de Arrivas South house and lot of Franoiso Arasuaolast ,j'4 lej
oIe City GatesWeost by Spanish Stret*

an page 352V of the same Isorituras Psa Maria Castinadaiidow of oea Juan Sanehosa sll a.te
Don Juan Paredes a lot on the street to the City Gatese one half of the let her deoeasied hus '.
band bought at the sale 1791,givei to his heirs June t,1801s,eonftired pob t1i the same
year,and the foregoing lot was a judged to her with a house built by the deceased the 21it .
of last May. Lot measures on front N..I 11 varason side from StOGeorge to 8pagi s trooeet
Bounded soutH lots of Franoisco Aroau,, heirs of Sebastian olln oollrJanere ,pran" Ol.l an
Pedro Lull* (These were the lots on Ouna Spanish st.),
In the Isorituresbf 181.-14 in the Manasoript Division Libpary of Oong&.a r ,py 11V Maroh
4A181) trane.brief ." Francisoo Marin for Juana Parodes (absent).sold t-r Padt. Poeha
ooquina house Calle Real,which is I. boundary,Spanish Street Westje l par Arnatl ,lOets,
of Franoisco Arnau & the heirs of Sebastian Coll and fanamMhernimo i Iranuci eto Olmaed
and Pedro Llul to the 8. House built by Juan Paredes father of Juajlst from Maria
CastenedaDeo)0, 180o."

In this same Xhorituras 29V March 26 Maria dasteneda Pedro Puoha wooden house ,oeCleloRe!l
leading to Puerta de Tierra ,one half of the lot her deceased husband bought at t~ auotlos,
Title confined to heirs Fob 18,180t & approved in tax list May ;21,180 N.8,' 1ydn.deptL.
from Calle Real to Spanish St.West boundary.Iounded ENby Tadeo ds Arribas,5sby the othOer'
half,whioh has been sold with the house on it,

The map of 1788 shows the small house on the south side of the lot as back fro~h thie Ltrc t
with its narrow end to the street,length on the dideothe house on the north side o(f tOe lot
was a wooden house. The Dodge house may have been the one built by Pareder or of later
construction, The materials in the one back from the street aay have been used to build the
present Dodge house. Tou o'n see the Esorituras in Washingtonalso the Olemento ullsarrys
of lots ,transfers eto.aot about 1835 are in the same book in the Town *tte map rooa ., t the
map of 1788. At the New Tork Hiatorical Bociety are copies of the Spanish maps ot;1765
We have collected everything possible 4* on the subject of the ages of the houses ar .soa
trace the houses and lots back to the deeds of 176~. Romans said the oldest house had the
date 1571 upon itLand front a study of the map of Drake's attack on the city ,which was those,
in the location of StPranois Street,and the English map we know that there is no lloubt
that the Oldest House was in that locality. You ean see this auLp also in the Collection
of StAugustine maps in the Map Division Library of Congreosa

I have mueh more data on the Dodge house as I took the trouble to go all over the
records I could find about it* All the really old houses have the second floor d'f wood
like The Oldest Rouse eand the old Treasury building now Miss Burts houses

Roping that I have given you the information needed .1 remain

Tours Truly -

Librarian and Historian.

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