Two Restoration Project Reconstructed Structures in Final Stages of Building

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Two Restoration Project Reconstructed Structures in Final Stages of Building
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Historic St. Augustine: Block 12 – Lot 18
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Public Domain
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Block 12 Lot 18
Sanchez de Ortigosa B12-L18


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Saint Augustine (Fla.)
60 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Sanchez de Ortigosa House
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 60 Saint George Street
29.895848 x -81.313221

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Two Restoration Project Reconstructed,,

Structures In Final Stages Of Building/o--

STwo new buildings-the latest
additions to the restoration
:area-are in final stages of
construction on Cuna Street at
St. George Street.
A one-story pink house on the
corner is called the Sanchez-
Artigossa House, and one across
a court to the west of it is a
:two-story white building that is
,a reproduction of what was once
an old warehouse.
The Sanchez-Artigossa House
-will be used by a carpenter to

demonstrate the skills and tools
of the Spanish period in St. Au-
gustine. This function will be
moved from a small shop just
north of the Pan-American
Building, which was recently
closed. The building was too
small for both work and display.
Restoration Commission Director
Earle Newton said. The items
made there will be both for use
in the restoration area and for
The larger new building is be-

ing used by Earl Shugart, who
makes woodwork and some fur-
nishings for the restoration area.
A contract has been signed with
the Southern Bell Telephone
Company to construct furniture
for the building the restoration
corporation will build for the
company on Charlotte Street,
Newton said.
The Sanchez House is a repro-
duction of a first Spanish period
home that existed at that spot
when maps of the city were
made in 1763 and 1765, Newton

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The Sanchez-Artigossa House at Cuna and St. George streets is just about finished, Res-
toration Commission Director Earle W. Newton. said. Mrs. Virginia Tilden,. a commis-
sion staff member is shown with a palm frond broom in the doorway of the pink, first '
Spanish period home. The reconstructed Ihilding will house a demonstration carpenter
shop, Newton said.

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IL'L.. ~.. -._iL-~ b~

said. The root i coninircted
with tile laid across ceiling raft-
ers and cement across the top;
of the tiles to seal them. Drains
from the flat roof protrude from
top of the building.
None of the original houses
of this type have remained in-
tact to date, Newton said, be-
cause the English found them
unsuitable. They were replaced
by wooden houses and torn: down
by the English for the materials
in them.
The two-story white building
with a steep, .sloped roof. cov-
ered with shingles is a repro-
duction of one put on maps of
the city in the late 1800's. The
original was probably built early
in the American occupation,
when the town was still *in a
part of a territory, not yet a
state, according to the restora-
tion agency. One map calls it
the "old warehouse," Newton
The buildings were constructed
by the St. Augustine Restoration
Corporation with funds donated
by Ed Ball of Jacksonville. Each
building cost an estimated $10,-
000, Newton said. Archaeology
on the buildings was done by
Bob Steinbach and construction
drawings made by Bill Jordan.