Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 10 – Lot 1
Title: Collier's Encyclopedia. Volume 17, page 461
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Title: Collier's Encyclopedia. Volume 17, page 461
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 10 – Lot 1
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
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Box: 4
Divider: B10 L1 - Dr. Peck History
Folder: Block 10 Charlotte St.
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
143 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Dr. Peck House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Peña-Peck House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 143 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.893507 x -81.312774
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(oLlen f6ncyclopedia. Volume /7, page 46/.

SeminoLe Wanu, t.o confLiLci, one in /i81 Yhe otern in /835, between
he lUnied Staesj and he Seminole Jndiana in FLonida. The /LfA waLm both
rauled and compLlicaLed b.y e fact A6af Spain, while technical i-Lhe
Aovenign power in FRoAida, W.a incapabe QeiJen of p/re0ervinr onden in Ui on
of defeending i. Seminolej and {i.iive Negwo lave made ,nai ino
AmenLcan -e/ziU.Louy, and in 1818 gene/zal Andrew uackIon invaded Flonida to
punLiAh Ahe 7ndian4. WheAhenI Ahi inLvauLon uni auwAoli-zed by P/teiden2
\ oe oon wAe-tihe action undeni ook i on AiA own iniwia.t-ve, .
S ubeQuenfiLy became a ma-ttel oj disdpufe. Iackzon deA;inoyed Ahe panincLpai IgfL .
SeminoLe iownj, jummanily executed 0wo 6/ti.dih AubjecLi tonl aiding. ie 7ndianj,
and in )May /8/8 took con(oL of lPeniacola. Soon aieenwnd Spain ceded
\ \.. FLonida to i.ze Uni~ded S&ates, aJi provided in he Adamn-On i, Tneaiy of /8/9.
t I 7n /832, by ie Trea 4f of Payne'z Landing, he SeminoLez aneed &o removal
we1 / thee Ti Lmi4 Lppi RiLven. The tyoungenr ndian,, Led b Ocsala, rnepudia ed
Ihe 1nea t and began Aoziti6LUZez by he Maliaacze of Majonr F L. Dade and hAii
o/tce I aboui /00 men on Decemben 28, 1835. on 18j7 Ozceola wav akhen
pnrionen, and on Decemben 25, /837, 9enenal Zacharaz Tayion and Ahi command
defeated Ie indiand ai Lake OAeecwobee. IUn~d /842, when hAoAziiiie.4 inaLL y
ceased az a nezuLt of I Le removal of many of ie Indian a o ie weAz of he
AiaL6.4aippi., a lange pan2 of i&e regular amun uwas engaged in guenLlUa uanfanre
Aiak made and bnoke many miLtian/ nepula.uionr and caused much dcizen.Lon in
military and poLitical citiclej.

Web4ten" Jnennaiional Diciionanj.

Lim.Ued LiabiiL4y company:

A company in w4ich the Liabili,4 of each. Aanehaollden Lim t ed to
the amount of ALd j;tock oRz hAane (caLLed Limi.ed by 4Ahaned, on. to an amount
fixed by a guaniantee (caLLed Limited by quainaree). 9enewuzaU L L 4 nzequiLaed
(a0 b. Act 18 & /9 Vic;. c. 133, 4. i) that Limi;ed AhaLl be the Lat, wond
in Ae company name; but tAerne ane exceptions, a4 thaa made by Act of 1867
d. 23 in favoR of ee4ain cvmpnies not ongani-ped foz individual gain.

A. I. 3nnes. A Hi titony of the BiLtA Nahtion fAo tkn e ad.Let ;imes to ,ke
Present Day. London: 7 C. S& C. ach, /9/2.

p. 95/
it uac adminted, 6ten, by the OppoiLZon thMat Ate counrtay had fon tAe
momen- pronounced deciively again fLt cal naefo1m, but only because Lt had
not become thwou9ALy accuaoaned to the idea. it auv not admLZted thai the
counany had intended to auLthonije any posaltve item in tAe Libetna p/ognarnne.
Th7iA view uan nautalU y not accepted by Ihe LibenlaLs, who /onz pnlecidely twenty
yearz had had pnactically no voice in Legi4.latiron, 4ince in tAeiL La&t bni.ef
pe/lod in office all tAei. meaulre4 wi. te exception of the budget had
been eiuAe/n evidcenated on. Aownu out by tie House of Loads. Almost at once
tAey enbanked upon an extensive pnognanvne of n.efo/ms. They began by accepting
a bill fnjAm the Laboun panty on. the pnowection of tnade unions. 7t will be
.enremben.ed atha the Act of 1874 wa supposed to have pnzoteced tnade unions
fnua being. sued as conpoaote bodiLe; but in /903 a iud4ment of the iw counts
known as t/e 7aff Vale Decision had haittened thLd imp.e4 ion. TAe Act of
/906 ua4 intended simply to e4tablidh as law wuAat te wou d at Lange had
supposed to be te Law ,on. nearly Mhi. y yeans.

1AtAur Bivuie. An Iconomi.c fistofu of awpe 1760-1939. London: Univesiity
Paperbachk, /957.

p. /38
With. te opening of tle twentieth century Br tidh trade unionitn
again came into conflict wLd the Law coa&ht. an 190/, the Taff Vale RaiLua
Company brouqAt an action against the 2ailwuynen's Union for damages carmtted
duing a 4triAe. qt wu. confidently anticipated thia, in tem, of the Act of
1871, the action would be dimni.~ ed az incompetent. But the jubeoe anrtived
at a wholly unexpected diciLion. They he/ld to quote the won'z of Lon.d /aLbuAy
;that if the Legidalatue han created a thian wuich can oun pnopeutd, wAich can
71plouy jelvantA and which can inflict inoUAy, it muit be taken to have impliedly
given te powen to make it juable in a court of law'. The action uwa allowed and
tAe union ut~ mulcted in heavy damage. The Taff Vale decision created coneter-
nation among tnade unioni.4t, who aw th emrelved deprived at one tnokhe of
te piivieged position conferned upon ten by the Act of 187/. An agittion
and at once conAenced fonr egiLjlation to undo the nedults of the deciAion, and
in the couane of it the modern Labour Pardt uxA bonn. In /906 the bill presented
by the representatives of the new pardy in Parliament mwa accepted by the
government and pa/ ed into Law a.s te Trades Disputet Act. 9t declared in
unmistakable Language that btade unions were not nuable in counts of law.
Thtee years late the battle between btade unions and the Law cowvtd
an nreamned. an the Osbonme (a-e of /909 fte wountd refused to sanction a
political Levy imposed by a union on itd members, on te ground that poLiticaL
action uan not one of the objects of trade unioniLm mentioned in the Act of
187/. The fact that ducA neasoning would have ruled out Ate friendly 4aociety
activities of union a4 a ell ,uxi conveniently io. ed. Oce re ,-Ae
leailatuz e had to & .tep in and give. '..if. S. /'3 t] .l '( .'s. ..
i,.;.''l :. ed, provision being made for the 'contriacting out' of conrcienti.ou,

C4i Comrnijjion Aeef'in& A.gLntei. Page 750.
May 2, 1887.

Aid. O~ivezw4 an~ed /oiz peranwLjon &o Itad a /le9uexL ./Wfl
Lz.. /ohn PecI anAing, Council pelmzni&"on ;o buiild a uxde/
clo4et. lani and ipecL bicaiioa expia ined.

On mot6on o/ Aid. 9Lbbj pe/lnijjion aut g landed.


Ponce de Leon at Bernard

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Phone VA 9-3478

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51 d. A, /X67

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i~s~ b~j I~ca~LR

October 13, 1968

Two major fires in the late nineteenth and
early twentieth centuries have come to light.
These were those of 1887 and 1914. In both cases,
extensive damage was done to the area immediately
surrounding the Burt House, but the Burt House
itself was not mentioned in the list of buildings
burned or partially damaged. Since the lists
are presented as specific listings, the Burt House
should have been listed if there were any damages.
The fire of 1887 damaged two blocks of the
downtown section. The fire began in the St.
Augustine Hotel on the corner of Cathedral Place
and Charlotte Street. The hotel was burned to
the ground and the cathedral next to it was gutted.
But the Burt House, as the Peck house, Spanish
Treasury, or as an address, was not mentioned in
the damage list.
A second fire on which we have information
is that.of 1914. This fire started in the Florida
House Hotel located on the northwest corner of
St. George and Treasury Streets (diagonally
across the street from the Burt House). Here
the area from Treasury Street to Hypolita Street
east to the bay was "leveled". Again, the
Burt House was not mentioned as having sustained
any damage. In fact, there is a picture taken
from the garden of the Burt House showing the
ruins of the Florida House Hotel on the next
morning. So evidently the Treasury was not
damaged at all.
There are two other fires which have yet
to be checked. These are those of 1895 and of
1929. As the Burt House was given to the city
without any mention of fire damage in 1931,
the latter fire probably did not affect it.

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Spjan.A Land 9watne &A TLenidea. ?'mpoasd by Ait fltodo cal -'econd Swtvey
i.LvTLswo of aWf44eaiL w 2nd Sevwice ?P4c4i, 144d4e .wmUa
'mifnut'atisa. 7a^, Fa.; Saite Liivay Pyw-et, 1/4o.

Volume / ilcon/Lu.ed (ltai.d..

pp. ,67-/C8

j enande;, eep %/. / ; # S V //13

/ ,f cairv a eu e and Lot In St. Auuwti crw St. eo, ge .iftne
whio& LL o fe tade o9 f. te ciLy. re iLet C boundWed ont e ton&t by a
ceaw dlr-e -' Leauj to Ae a ztbo1, o an Ake aLt by a eot d'E ined foi a
public I eot b, t i. Ai, 44 of FrancL& X JaSiLCdta irad FIanctA fedici.,, and o &- e ,ete io
e :epk .:'e do Puio. TLL.,6e i4 i.dcive. d (a. c bWLL of 4ale, 3/12/1f 2, Ito
afeep& A, 'ie -naMr W e iaip "P wee, hd wife nee '. i e (atmwanr Sanckej,
and w7t4as S'witon %n.ceIj, ulic& "e en (tie in& Ae aitnesA4 haep by WlLiamt
'epwldc. *

*T~~e Aniea SLt*Ie j-e p.cee b Ae ocal.on of tie Lo. as
rAnandina. ^.7bia, V/, o1.

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