Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 10 – Lot 1
Title: Old Spanish Treasury or Burt House
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Title: Old Spanish Treasury or Burt House
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 10 – Lot 1
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Creator: Wilson, Emily L.
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Divider: B10 L1 - Dr. Peck History
Folder: Block 10 Charlotte St.
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
143 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Dr. Peck House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Peña-Peck House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 143 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.893507 x -81.312774
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Old Spanih Treasurvy: or Burt House.

1622 .r:;lcisCO I.enendez Yarques born in Florida 160I Treasurer 162*-1643
Lowery Coll. ,anu.Div.T'.C. Vol.VII I1CI-1657 June 16,1642 Don Frdne
ciuco "'., .nd'L ,~Iarques te.lls.-that he wa.s a grandson of Gen.Pedro
enendeaz '. h rques who cwam a neph w of Pedro ,enendez de Aviles ,IHJ has
served for twenty years as treasurer and asks to be relieved as
steward of provisions.
1686 Don Joseph de Prado was treasurer. ,'To.48 Index of Spanish cedulas.
1687 jubilation 0 "

1689 From report of Don Diego de r;,uiroja, Governor and. Captain General of
this City and its Provinces,6th day of the month of. December 1689----
/ Position of Juan Antonio de Hillescas,iaster-joiner states in part
tl"havinj been sunrmoned w'ith other worlc:en and officials to examine the
s;-id houtseh: of hii Lordships residence ,they have looked at and exaXin-
ed it and found that it to have replaced all the principal
timiberu on which thit founjd.aions are laid, because all there arc in it
are rotten iand. with no strength at all --- and it is in danger of fall-
inr in and killing the pe that dijilt be in it --- it, is .necessary
to put in, on the main story s-pporting bams eds b of stone, to
.Cake tiiue first story of coquina and, the second of partition walls and
the roof of v;o :od,--- And the Roya.l house of the accountant and
treasurer being in the sa'.ne condition, t Ce Vare work is also necessary
becauseC they are very old anid made'of ,.wood. which decays in time."
Juani d(e Sotta in hi s deposition mentions tie house of the Treasurer,
Don Juan fecrnandez d(e v.vila." From translation by i'iss 2)offo rd of
iphotos tat copies of Sp ani.i d ocumipents, from Arcnicve~ in Scville, )Sain
made for tihe Historical Society of St.Aujiustine.

1702 Attack by IT'oore on St.Au justine. ,an.6,1703kon Joseph de Zunija y Zerda
if- his report of the attack states" ti.e enemy prepared to raise the
siebe, stting fire to tne city,a:nd t1e fire of our suns,they
made an end oi the .irinj and several (or some) houses 'were saved..---
It w-ould be w oell for your ',ajesty to send some dra.'ft payable .in
i-exico to build a. parish C.iurch a convent and church for the monks
of 't.7rancis,houses for the royal governorjs a..nd royal officers; and
especially I iiould be pleased before God to receive some alrms to aid
those. poor vaseals t -he Jreater part of wnoim are left on the street in
deep poverty .owing to tle burning, of their houses by the Enemy; and.
more forty other houses to. which I ~et fire because they conlrn.nd.ed
the ca.tle." F.'ron translation by Dr.',Tendle of a letter in the collecti-
on of iuoin jih-, Soith ,?;etv Yorik Historical Society, made for the
Hist.,oc.of St.Au-ustine.
1705 Indlix of Cedulas No.22 -reft'r to :209 pesos for rebuilding churches and
houses ruined by the Enj;:ich.
1714 Index a- ,ovw that there were seven royal cedulas thaL treat about the
400 pe os for repairing the Onurch,Convent and Houses that burned, one
of 17,: tell of. inishing the convent of St.'rancis. From theee one
concludes that in 1702 only the wood-work was destroyod,and tie houses
were th "n rebuilt on the coquina walls put in in 1690-1695.

175I The treasurer was Don Juan Estevan de Pena and his salary 1470 peso-. .
rror hotostat t copy o, Sfpanish document ,Arrhives,Seville made for
St. Au.,. i st. Soce entitles "Officials in t.,Augustine 1751" translated
,by i.:L-, JW;iJily L../il, on.
1763 'Don Juan 'istevan de Pena Treasurer Officer of the Royal Revenues for
hi Catolic ajesty certifies with the Governor Don ~el].hor Felui
to tiu; transfer of tie Qii).teen lar e ;,states of ;' to Joihn
CGordon a:.nd Jessee Pish..?rom notes made from transcripts Colonial

1785 From brief by I iss Spofford of Escrituras 1784-I787. Manu.Div.L.C.
Briefs in EnglisiL made for St.AuS.Hiot.SdCc.
Page 306 Sal'. housee July 2. John Leslie ajdinistrator for Rev .John
Forbos sells to .JuXnIa Iutlber 2 atory nous~3 of stone ancd wood .on St,
Georje SCt. i',ct boundary l-tast Charlea ilo;Vard,'S utn t Phe Plaza and
North louse and lot of the o.ld Treasury. (Howard certifies the lot
vwa graJ.nted to Jo~n Dunett Feb.I776 nown as No.I Hualifax Bloc.k on
St.C-eo.::e St.and Paradre Ground.Afte.r Dunnett's death bought by Rev.
John Forbes at public auction, 1783 Panton Leslie authorized to sell
to pay, debts of Fojrbos.
1788 Ma'a o .;. ariano ( Roc"ue Bloo:ic 18 Lot Toa.'I41.. shows cround-floor
I79I Escrj.ituras J'ast Florida I79I-I79S2 brief by Miss- Spofford. (plan.
P'e II Charles Hovard navinL bid in house' and lot by Old Treasury
plJdjgs thet property for hi annub l payl".nts.
179Z 3z-'rituras brief 179'5&I74 P-ca 51. Trinsfer'of 'lte .cathedral lot
b ~Id.;; it north by "lot afid bI'lflingE of the old Tj'casury now Royal
AccountaiAt's Office. Ti.-i lot sold for 'the pur'oe ,f'buildind a
church w/as ini orae jrove with a house onil St. eo 2e St.
1791 ELcrituras pa ,e 532 ov.2 Do.iin,ro Rodrijuez d-e .Leon -\Snchez
co.ULi:;a house & lot on St. Georje St v.-.,c is wmst bourdary ,Juana
Perpa;ll South,land from thne Jlarin.a :orthl ,lots ofj Lhe rchaser and
of Jose PesEo de B2ur o Eata 53 yards Eat- t 43 yards.

1804 Escritura 180(3-I804 Page 422-424 four .f i'bi iss Emily L..'
V'ilson from original 2scriturcs in office of Coluty,':-ud.e St.Augustine.
Confii r-attion of title by Governor itl':ite to Don Fran insco aavier Suamnchez
.lou:,c ..nd lot No.89 Block 10 by deed frona Don Domrino. Rodriquez de
Leon 2 N'ov.I79I House and lot mcasurcs 7.S 53 vara~t. 'ide E.-YWi 43 var-
as ,bounded South by house oi' the I-in used ai a Ec.i'toci.
1804 \
Spa,.ni eh Assessor's Inventory Vranu.Div.L.CL. Tanslat n b1 iLcspofford
for St.Aujustine -i t.Soc.
Block 10 Lot No.89 !Iouse of Coquina and lot be;,6n in to \tne King;,
occupied by Joaquin Sanchez and several othiers,hi'd is caied the
old Treaury ,bounded in front by the street leaUd.n- A. o the Puierto de
Tierra( Country Ga.te,)on the iTorth by cross btre6t,yn th~ loutL by .
the lot of Juana,'. Perpa.lland on tone I`,at bw Don Fr.nci', o SIncheZ;its
me:t~ure~ent in front Torthi South fifty tree ,icdb,aWn^'dcpth R.ast 1;ett
forty three ditto ,which at tIe rate of one ri:l,incre\.je included
--------------------------------------- ..-------------------------2279
Coquinu of front and back,bein- foLty-tw'o yorde'. in i len,. arnd
five in heijthi ,an;c half a yard titick,';lhicn at the. rate tf~ two
rev.l; yard,,wliounts to ------------------------------ -------- 58?
Item tree sections of wall 'sixteen yards in lengtih and iour in
heipj.tht a1nd one and a h alf in thicness,'hich at the: rate\ of
.a real and o half a yard amount to ------------------------- 96
Item... ... yards of co'uina ... ... ... .., which at the
said rate,and (ite increase60 amounts to----- ----------- ----, 280
Iten '.:.ll of the patio with thirty two yards in length ant'ifive
Sin h:i -th which at the rate of (wo?)reals. and a half amounts to-240
Item four other partition walls with twenty ?rwo .. yards)in
length ,one third of a yard thick, axd four in heigt.' at the tax
,. of a roal., and a half a square yard Eaounts to --------------- .
S Item- Another wall of the Dcatio nineteen yards in length,one third
ol a y.rd tnich,ia.nd four in height,.:hich at thle reat of a real
and a Lialf aumiounts to -------- ----------------I-------------- II4
Item Two sections (oi ;,all) of tLib itc-ene ten yards long and
four hi;i onne third of a yardx t'hiok ,4iicih at the rate of a
rea;,>.nd half the sc,.uare ;: countsts to ------------------- 5

Itera To t;ei value of four chimrney------- --------------. .
Item To ne value' of nine(Canos.'idriados.)drain tiles of the fiat
roof s------------- ------ --------------- -- --------- 5
Item To h:. t rela'te6 to Woodwork, doors,windov's, foors and roof 656
Total inuludin2 increase 41-9

That Dox Carlofs' H'oward tooic .thy house ... at a public sale of the
(Royal) poperties -------
Pno other

T Tuat ona the 10 day, ol' fZ 1T791' '('deed) n v issued in favor of
0,on Doi.iiino Rodr'i uez de Leon.
AnIo thier
T oat Do2) Domringo Rodri-juez de Leon ( recorded) diecd of sale on the
2 of Nov. 17~ in favor of .... S-nches.

In the u .ricanl Stte P:.pers Public I rxid o 7T..4 rpae 496 in testimony
(about I83i) \taie -.,.rdens of the Tl: -,n Catholic Cnurcia vs the Unitcd
States ~t...,". fo. confiJaaL.tio oI title to a "lot of land situated in the
city of' St..Augutine and u)on which tahe cur 'c and school-house now stand
the lot oc bounded on thie orth i'y the lots of Joseph I.He rnande2 &: heirs
of Peso c, Bxur4o.0 .rancioco Xavier 3~;nchez di.ed about 1807 ind since
th'at the 1.d Trasur:y nuist hIavtv been& tr;:<.nsferred to Josep)i I1.iTernan-
dez.. idn cords ini the Court 1House could j.'oba -bly -ive the chain of title
to hia. '

1i h:v iicn unable to find any Jre.fer(e' to thi i1t,, -ueir, the Engliah

period,ab yet. .. ,

ff ,e dEnil L.aTilon


/' !, *. ,










S.Illustration used on page one copyrighted by P. A. Wolfe Studio.







iU11 I

purchased in 1832 (after Change of Flags), by Dr. Seth
S. Peek, and presented to the City of St. Augus-
tine by his granddaughter, Miss Anna G.
Burt, in 1931, as an Ante Bellum Home


SHE GIFT of Miss Anna G. Burt of her
residence on St. George Street to the
City of St. Augustine, and the coopera-
:;of the Woman's Exchange in offering to
manage the house, has made it possible for the
people of this oldest city in the United States
to preserve for posterity one of the most inter-
esting and attractive buildings in the city.
This fine old building, formerly the old
Spanish Treasury, dates back several hundred
years. The stone work was put in between
1690 and 1695, according to a letter of the
governor, Don Diego de Quiroga y Losada,
now on file in the library of the St. Augustine
Historical Society, with translations by Miss
SSpofford. In 1702 the building was mentioned
as needing repairs, due to damage done by the
fire set by Governor Moore, of South Carolina.
The upper part of wood was added about
1702. The wood for doors and floors was
brought from New England by sailing vessels.
The Indian Wars raging at that time made it
impossible to procure building materials here.
In the Spanish assessor's list, 1803, block
10, lot 89, is a long account of "The house of
coquina and lot belonging to the King *
which is called the Old Treasury." This ac-

couni amount of stone in the building,
chimneys, etc. The old map of 1788 gives the
ground-floor plan, block 18, lot N. 141. In the
Escrituras, 1793-94, page 51, the Cathedral
property, (then Juana Humber) is bounded
north by the house and lot of the old Treasury.
In the Escrituras 1803-04, now in the office of
the County Judge, of St. Johns County, page
422, April 1804, is the confirmation of title to
this house by Governor White, to Don Fran-
cisco Xavier Sanchez.

The Woman's Exchange, of St. Augustine,
will manage this historical landmark of Span-
ish days, that was once known as one of the
Royal houses belonging to the Crown of Spain,
and the Board of Managers hope that many
visitors will be interested in visiting this splen-
did example of early Spanish building with its
ante bellum furnishings.

The patio and gardens are especially attrac-
tive. An old myrtle tree and two tall date
palms were growing in the garden when Dr.
Seth S. Peck acquired the place in 1832.
There are fine examples of colonial furniture,
particularly notable is a high boy and bed,
brought from Connecticut. There are also
portraits and copies of old Spanish paintings.

- u u~irrrrsrrs~r~ul- --- --. -- ---~I------ r --- -~ -- -- .- -- - - -- ---~-;-I--- -- -r ~i--~--i~--L~i~*

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