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Title: Research Block 9, Lot 3
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P. Box 484 46 St. orge St.


1. 176i Pasate amp mao:

#W69 Cmsa do piedre de Fran too Ch rist6rtoao 19 x 6 v.

2. 1765 (?) tenorief Map ohow: kr. Fish.

3. Mr. Fish aooaat book did not record his sam.

b. 1788 sooqum ap showe:

Square 1, #101

Two-story bowre of walls of tabby and som wood, in bad
condition, owned by Dieop Carreras, thM .asw that his brothQ
Juan wGarre left him which it is said was a gift from the
1kgIle h CGvernovr with ito lot.

5. 1790 QwMda's List.

(MAd 666 1/2 rr.)

RAIble work mamry house with lot of the Kir bhld by Diego
Carreree, bosndd: S. by Forrester, I. by Ki g'a lot uAed as
stables, i. by the heirs of Fish, W. by eth street called
Ornavewu St. 21 (N-8) x 62 v. at 1/2 rr. per eq. Vara.... 666 1/2 rr.

Rubble work ,asoary rall ad ohimqr 2o0
Weed work wrtoles

6. 1?91 Eaoriteres, 12 Jamary 1791
20 Di4ewar 1792

p. 126 Mortfgage Nqy k. M. Heranads Mon for Dbskago Correres
eequiaa houe St. George St. No. sO which Corw r mortgage
teo msindes.

look 9, Asseseor's Invetory 80.

7. 1793 Oamm

#115--iego Carreras soon of Juan and MIria Trsy of 50 years.
Clara Paseti his wife, daughter of And S and Gartrudir Peas of
20 years. Iria daughter of te said of 5 years.
e rt.rwde's ister of 2 years.
A sleav CGase&map .
Anrtes Paeti son of Toaml and of Sa a ote of 47 years.
Maria Castell hi wife, daugher of Bartoleas and of Apnmea
Sof 33 years.
An son of the said of 7 years.
BaFrolem brotbsr of 2 years.
Thoms oso of the aaid Andrw and his first wife Qortrudia Ponse,
spinater of 17 years.

__ _~__I~I___

Research, Block 9, Lot 3 -- P. ?

Magdalena sister of the said of 15 years.
Gertrudis sister of 12 years.
Agueda Seirui daughter of said Costel and her former husband
Juan Segul of 10 years.
4 slaves, 1 of these Baptised.

B 9

Escrituras 9 January 1793
20 December 1794.

p. 113 v. Sale. July 27, Diego Carreras and Juan Hernandes
owning with Gaspar Hernandez a schoo? sell to Pedro de Cala and
one of the Hernandez brothers.

Block 9.

8. 1800 Tax 01800

#80. House of coquina and lot belonging to the King occupied by
Diego Carreras, bounded front by street called street of the
Hornwork, b. by Forrester, N. by the King's lot used as a stable,
E. by heirs of Fish. N. 21 x E. 62 ... . . . . .... 1333

Note: The above house and lot were knocked down to Diego Carreras
at the sale of these and other properties returned to the Royal
domain, which was held by the Government on the 8 of April 1799 (?)
and he assumed obligation and bond on the h May of said year.

Note: This day was issued title of ownership and possession in
perpetuity of the above house and lot by the Government in favor
of the aforesaid Diego Carreras, in virtue of the Royal esdula of
17 June 1801 remitting to those in debt for quitrents the payment of
principal and rents of the houses and lots they acquired when returned
to the Royal domain. --St. Augustine, Florida, 13 August 1802.

9. 1802 Esorituras, 2 January 1801
30 December 1802.

n. 320 v. Aug. 13. White confirms title to Diego Carreras of
coquina house and lot No. 80, block 9. Bought at auction May 4, 1791.
Measures NS 21 1/2 EW 62. Bounded N. by F. 1. Sainhes, S. by
Gerard Forrester, E. by Mateo Ouadarrama, W. by St. George Mtreet.

Block 9, Assessor's Inventory 80.

East Florida Papers
Esorituras 1815-1816
3 pages 268, 268 v and 269.

March 10, 181b
Francisco (?) Sanohez and wife to Maria Antonia Hue house on
St. George St., etc.
Libra-y of Congress.

Reear", Block 9, Lot 3 P. 3.

10. 183s Clement.s survey' ahms:

Lot N. 13 Gortrudin Pont. sentet claimant)
Diego Caraes (arigiaal laimuant)

-::"" M~''i$"l ~ IO5~15'4

,. Sx 484 46 St. Gho9r St.


1. 176 eangt amp show:

#1U9 Cas de piedra dA Francisao Chriaisttomo 19 x 64 v.

2. 1765 (?) Monoief PNp shows: Ir. Fish.

3. Xr. Fish aoocant book did mot record hisa am.

h. 1788 mooqus mp shows

&Sqare 14, O#10

Twosatory houoe a walls of tabby and uoss wood, in bad
condition, aund by Diego 0arreras, the ears that his brother
Juan Garrer lft him whioh it is said was a gift from the
3B lish Owernor; with ita lot.

5. 1790 Q teat's List.

(Add 666 1/2 rr.)

bAbble work umayrr hoMse with lot of the King held by Diego
Canrera, boksedd: 8. by Forrester, 5. by Kiag's lot eed as
stables, i by the heirs of Fisk, W. by the street called
Ornaweva St. 21 (M-8) x 62 v. at 1/2 rr. pWr sq. vara.... 666 1/2 rr.

Rubble wcrk niasnry wall and ohiaey 20
971 V2 rr.
kWeed work worthless

6. 1791 saritares, 12 Jauary 1791
20 Desube 1792

p. 126 Mortgag M& i M. Hirn;des sae for Daoage Comerea
csqaina house St. George St. No. 80 vkich Corremas etgages
to AMnfdtes.

look 9, Asseesor s Invetory 80.

7. 1793 Omaaes

l115--Diego Carreras oon of Jumnand Maria l Tray of 50 yeams.
Clara Paseti his wife, daughter of Andis and Grtiadia Pons of
20 years. Iaril daughter of the said of 5 years.
QOrtread's sister of 2 years
A slave Gataeemm.n
AnArea PastwU soa of Tome and of SaBrtto of 47 yeare.
MAria Catell hiM wift, d4 iAt4er of BSrtoleA sand of Agpeia
a30 of 33 years.
ato n acm of the said of 7 year.
Bkrbols brother of 2 years.
Thumis o of the said Andrea and his first wife Grtrvdia Poe,
spinster of 17 yeara.


1763-Sq3. "K---Puente
east aide~.

Charlotte to Hypolita
The west side of Charlotte
Street, which is the east side
of Bl. -K.


Sq. r g, 1763

West side of Charlotte from Treasury to Hypolita.

No. 156: Don Juan de Salas.
He had 34 varas in north-west dimensions which this
property continued to have even in 1788.
Fish has a "no entry" for him.
Noncrief shows Henderson in this location, 1765.
This was the Orenville Block during British days.
Escrituras: No. 112, 1785 gives recitation.
Briefly we see Henderson in this place and after him
James Pedman(Penman) in 1772. He later sold to John
Bethune and William McLeod.
Their agents sold in 1785 to Francisco 1. Sanches.

Rocque 1788 shows Sanches still there. No. 107, Bl. 14
Quesada, 1790. Bl. 9. Sanchez still there. No. 70.

Don Juan de Salas owned other properties as well.
290-h, 297-i, 176-M, 156-K.
Don Juan de Salas appears to have wed Dec. 30, 1754, Juana
Sanches de la Rosa. He was native of Santiago.
She was daughter of Don Francisco Sanches de la Rosa and Tomasa Cordero.
During 2nd Spanish period Don Juan de Salas returned to his Hospital
Street home and is listed there on the 1793 Census, No. 83.
Had his son, Clemente, and the 3 month old child of Clemente with him.

James Henderson was an InnKeeper.
James Pedman was a Planter and Principal Storekeeper.
John Bethune was from Georgia
William McLeod was son in law of William Alexander, Esq.
Alexander had another house in this same block, facing Hypolita.
He was partner of John Leslie and Co.
Francisco Sanches was the son of Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa, Sr.
and Juana Theodora Peres. One of the early families. Maternal
1602, paternal 1714.
You have his background in the "SANCHES CCIMPLE' in one of the early

[-176:, Pueatc,
157- Cristebal Centreras, let.

This was partly taken in with Sanchez' property and the next ene
north. Centreras was married to the Anaya-Pence de Leon daughter
and their basic was covered in ASSIOQN4NT, "AVILES STREET"..
Centreras owned on Aviles(Hespital Street) the eerner new occupied
by today's Facie House.
This was just an added let in his possessions. Since it seems to
aeea into the area of Me. 158, this will be considered here.
Me. 158: Antonia Duenas.
On Tuesday. the 14th of January in 1744 she married Juan Sanches.
Re was ef tan Lucar de Barrapeda in Seville. She was the native,
daughter ef Juan Duenas and Trancesca Hernandez.
Juan Sanchez died and was buried in 1755.
The Duenas and Hernandez families were alse native.
Juan Duenas married the Hernandez girl in 1725.
He was the son of Juan Lepez Duenas and Antenie Centreras de Rivas.
Juan was born in 1670, his parents married in 1667.
The father of Me. 158, Dona Antonia, the widow, died in 1746.
Two years after she married.
These properties (157, 158 ) passed to a Mr. Williams who was
there on the Mencrief map in 1765. This could have been Richard
Williams who wned right in back en Treasury Street.
John Hewitt was ewner later in boundary recitations, and he was
the InnKeeper, the Centracter and Principal carpenter.
John Hudson 3rd husband of Maria Evans-Fenwick-Peavett, owned it
id 1788 en Lecque. He was the young Irishman who came during 2nd. Spanish.
Zscrtturas -499v-1790 shows that this property by auctien(in settlement
of the affairs ef Maria and John Hudson) went to Matee Onadamana.
Oua*arama was freo Tenerife, Canaries, married May 28, 1791
Brigida Gees, native ef Havana but descended froe Florida bern
Mendes-Gemes families. She later married the prominent Ferande
do la Masa Arredendo..(Lindsley House of today)
Den Matee was 50 years old in 1793 and was listed on the Census
No. 28, that year.
Re held other properties in town as well.


17A3 Puente, Sq. "K".

159. Dona Mariana Horruytiner... stone..

On the 6th of October, 1738 she married Don Pablo de Hita y Salasar.
He was the son of Don Tomas de Hita Salasar and Lorensa de la Vera.
And by virtue of this he was grandson of ex-Governor Salazar, for
whom he was named.
She was the daughter of Don Miguel Horruytiner and Manuela Pueyo.
Xariana was born 1715 in St. Augustine and her grandparents were
the Contador Juan del Pueyo and Don Lorenso de Horruytiner.
By virtue of this her greaio-grandfathers were Don Lorenzo Josef
de Leon, Sr., and ex-Governor Don Pedro Benedict Horryytiner.
This was quite a background.
Her mother, Manuela Pueyo, died April 15, 1727 in the epidemic
which took so many of the families in town and her husband,
Don Pahlo de Hita, died June 29 1759. Hence she was widowed
and in her home at 159-K in 1763.
Her daughter, Clara de Hita y Horruytiner married 1756 Don Jose
Elixio de la Puente, brother of the map maker. These were among
the top official families in town.

Fish occupies this place on Moncrief, 1765.
There is a no entry in his account list.
Joachin Escalona was known to be living there in 1788 Rocque,
presumably still belonging to Fish. His wife, Felipa Llanes,
(Mrs. Kscalona) was there in boundary recitations later(house
of Jesse Fish) then the Escrituras supplies the answer.
No. 27 1791
No. 326, 1791
No. 731v, 1792
Pablo Cortinas bought it in Oct. 1791 and sold to Francisco I.
Sanches that same year. Sanchez sold it to Mateo Guadarama who
owned next door.
Iscalona was son of Thomas and Juana Baes native Florida families.
He had returned during 2nd Spanish days. His wife is listed on the
Census of 1793 with their children.

1' o3 Puente, Sq. "K"..

No. 160. Juan de Muros(This could be Munos, too)
This is an odd one. The marriage record, Ph. 326, 1755
states Juan de MKro, place of birth illegible on translation
(not a native of St. Aug.) June 9, 1755 to Maria de Loreta of
the nation Sues?, daughter legitimate of an English father
and Maria Root ?
Witnesses were: Juan Montes de oca
Simon de Hita
Jose Reseo
Sponsors: Capt. Pedro Alcantar
Antonia Dorotea de la Cruz

On Moncrief Mr. Wilson owned this area in 1765.
Fish has nothing in his accounts.
Mr. Wilson was a Planter and StoreKeeper on DeBrahm's 1771.
This was the Grenville Block and sometime prior to 1771 this
area passed to Maria Phenix(Fenwick?) ...... This was the mistress
of the Oldest House during British days. She married its English owner,
Joseph Peavitt and this house known today as Oldest was one of his
properties. Later Maria Fenwick Peavitt married John Hudson, the
gay Irishman who ran thru most of her inheritance.
But in 1771 she had this area. Then in 1773 with her new husband,
Peavitt,she sold it to James Scotland, the Wine merchant.
After the Spaniards returned Scotland's agents sold this section to
one of old Flordlano families, Luciana de Herrera..(Another of the
men who stayed on or came back early in the British Regime)
1785. (His name appears as sponsor in 1773-Camps Baptisms.6 times)
Then in 1789 the heirs of this Herrera sold to Miguel Isnardy.
Escr4turas: No. 371v, 1785
No. 351, 1789
Isnardy was a Spaniard a Merchant ....according to the 1786 Census,
No. a of the Spanish istt)

1763 Puente,

No. 161-*K*..
Antonio Lopes de Toledo.

Mr. Henderson is seen here in 1765 Moncrief.
Escrituras No. 9. 1784
No. 116v, 1788
These two listings show that George Lindsley was the last
British owner when the property again passed to Toledo thru
his agent, Francisco I. Sanches.
Evidently Toledo did not pay Sanchez who eventually got this

Antonio Lopes de Toledo was born in 1731, the son of Alvaro Lopes
de Toledo and Francesca Romo de Urisa. 'hey were married 1730.
This was Alvaro's 2nd marriage having been wed to Francesca Maria
Garcia in 1722.
Alvaro was the son of Don Sebastian Lopes de Toledo and Francesca
Ascencio de Florencia. They were married May 15, 1685, veiled
the same day. Alvaro was born April 6, 1690.
Don Sebastian was the man who owned the lot at No. 1, 1702 ruined
house list. His son Alvaro owned the jot just inside the City
Gates on the iMSt side inl7_3 Puente:
Don Sebastian died July 20, 1746, Ph. 62.

Don Antonio, Sebastian's grandson, married into the Puente family,
the sister of the map maker, Juan Elixio de la Puente. Her name
was Maria Theresa.
There were children born to this couple in 1758, 1760 and 1762.
Their marriage evidently took place after our records stop 1756,
and prior to the month in 1758 when the 1st legitimate child
was baptised.

1763 Puente: Sq. "K"

No. 162, Josepha Escalona.

In several places this appears as Jpseph Escalona once in
Fish account list. Since there was a Joseph Escalona and
since this may be a poor translation on the part of whoever
did Fish or Puente.....then I suggest a good translation
from the photostat of the original.
14 either case she may be the aunt or sister of Don Jose
Escalona so I will put what I have on both.
This was Bl. 14, 1788
It is Quesada No. 9.

British times it was the Grenville Block.

Moncrief shows Fish here on the corner of Hypolita and Charlotte.
The Fish Account list: No. 82, May 18, 1765 shows under(lst)
Josepha Escalona in the Index, amd (2nd) Joseph Escalona'in the
list, transfer of this property to Eleanor McGee.
There was a Mr. McGrie(Gri) here on the Moncrief map in another area.

Escrituras No. 87 1784
No. 211, 1785
No. 675, 1792
All these gives recitations of this area.
In 1771 it belonged to George Simpson, who is listed DeBraha's 1771
Then the Provost Marshal sold to Pedro Cosifacio in 1784.
Part of it went to Angel Baqueri prior to this.(presumably
a part owned prior by Cosifacio)
Then Manuel Almansa buys up all of it in 1784 from both.
Finally the King seems to own it as Government property in 1788
with Antonio Romero staying in the house.
Quesda list, 1790 seems to give a note by which Juan de los Rios
owns it.

And then Martin Hernandez seems to have it in 1792.



A very thorough search of the records brings to light no
JOSEPHA Escalona as such. But several places where she
may be.

One was Don Manuel Escalona's daughter of 1715. This was listed
as Joseph but there have been wrong translations prior.
Then another in 1709. Same parent, same name.

However there is a bigger clue to her identity.

She was on this corner in 1763.

In 1792, Eac. No. 675. The last line(inherited by Domingo Jose
5ecalona) In recitation of property.
Domingo Jose Kscalona was born in 1709, married in 1745 to Juana Quinones.
Juana Sepulveda. and Don Jose Escalona were his parents.
He was the sgn of Don Jose Escalona and on FISH ACCOUNT LIST
this place was listed once as JOSEPH Escalona.

If Domingo, as son, inherited this property, then perhaps it is
in reality Joseph who owns it in 1763 and not JOSEPHA.



Matrimonial licenses No. 9, June 2, 1786 gives name of
Manuel Almanza, uncle of the groom, Mariano de Almansa.
Think they were from Spain. Manuel was Royal Guard of
the Fortification, storehouse...?? Should be read properly.

Martin Hernandez was a Minorcan.
He married 5/6/1780(Camps-Marr. Minorcan Register)
Dorotea Gomila.

He was the father of General Jose Mariano Hernandez who was
born May 26, 1788.

Baqueri was a Greek. No. 42, 1786 Census.
He was a mariner. 34 years old.
Wife was Josepha Castell, Minorcan.

Cosifacio was Greek but listed from Corsica.
No. 56 on 1786 Census.
Ines Cavedo of Minorca was his wife.
He had total of 10, with slaves, in his family.


K-152- 1763 Puente:

Diego Mexia

Here again it was Mrs. Mexia who is responsible for the
native family connections. Diego Mexia was from Seville.
December 11, 1733 he married Maria Rosario Fromista,
daughter of Don Cayetano Fromista and Agustina Arguelles.
Mrs. Mexia was Mrs. Isquidero's sister..186-N..1763 Puente.

Capt. Fromista and 'iiss Arguelles were married May 3, 1711
and she was born in 16A1. Index.

She was the daughter of Capt. Diego de Arguelles and Maria
Mendoza Canisares, married here May, 21, 1674, Ph. 110

Don Diego was born 1652, the son of Capt. Jose Antonio Arguelles
and Augustina Crespo y Rodriguez, No. 48 Ruined House list. 1702.
Diego was brother of the senior irs. Lorenzo Josef de Leon.

Diego Mexia was listed as No. 52 in Fish Account list, 9/8/1768
property bought by David Yeats, gentleman, British Subject,
married to Governor Tonyn's niece. Registrar at one time,
Mate at the Military Hospital.

Fish held it on Moncrief until he sold it above..1768.

Escrithras No. 7A, 1784....No. 175y,1785 ....234v..1785
tell the whole story.

Yeats was given a slice of the Grenville Block(formerly -K- in 1763)
and in 1783 he sold the corner of Treasury and St. George to
William Clark, Planter, British period, then in 1784 Clark thru
agents sells to a Menendez-Horruytiner descendant but deal must
have fallen thru...Next he sells to Dimas Cotez(Cortes)
1785 who in turn sold it to Col. Antonio Fernandez. He is still
holding it on Rocque, 1788, No. 103.

This Fernandez was the husband of Victoriana Guillen, daughter of
the Averos. He was Commander at one time of the Fort of jan Carlos
in Havana. See Castilla marriage: Dec. 27, 1795, p 25 Canova
transcripts. Gives whole story. (The Fernandez daughter married
Manuel Castelle)


153-"K" 1763 Puente

Francisco Aguilar y Puerto(Pueyo)

This wasa-native boy, descendant of the prominent de Leon

He was born in 1746 the son of Francisco Jose Aguilar and
Theresa del Pueyo. Ae was born on the 15th of September and
baptised Francisco Cornelio on the 22 of the same month.
Capt. Don Francisco Aguilar was of Seville married 5/3/1733
Theresa del Pueyo. Aguilar died 1755 suicide.

Theresa was born to Juan Lorenzo Pueyo and Alfonsa de los Rios,
who were married July 7, 1706, Ph. 245.
Don Juan was born 1683, died 1754. He was son of Contador
Juan del Pueyo and Maria de Leon. They were married here in 1678
after a 1675 betrothal. He was No. 44 Ruined House list. 1702
Maria de Leon was the daughter of Don Lorenzo Josef de Leon, St.
and Luisa de Arguelles. (Covered in Assignment No. 1)

Francisco Aguilar y Pueyo was but 17 years old.
On Moncrief Fish had his land.
In Fish Accounts he was No. 97. Property sold to
David Yeats Sept. 8, 1768.
This was part of the property Antonio Fernandez got in 1785.
He was still there on Rocque 1788.


1763, Puente:

154-"K" Thomas Cordero

Thomas Francisco Cordero was a native of St. Augustine,
born Oct. 2 1723, son of Juan Cordero and wife No. 4, Andrea
Rodriguez. Juan Cordero was No. 110 on the Ruined House list
of 1702.

He married his 4th wife in 1721.

On Wednesday Dec. 13, 1752, Tomas Francisco Cordero married
Lenora Gonzales. They were veiled 3/9/1753.

Lenora was a daughter of the present day"Oldest House*
She was born Anril 11, 1725, Ph. 111. The daughter of
the owner of the house known by that name today, Thomas Hernandez
Gonzales and his wife, Francesca de Guevara. They were married
March 1, 1723 Gonzales being from Facaronte on Tenerif in the
Canaries and Francesca being a native.
Francesca de Guevara was born Nov. 15, 1704, daughter of
Juan Manuel Ladron de Guevara and Josepha Dominguez, they
being married here December 1693, Ph. 200. Guevara was native
of Los Angeles, Josepha was a native.

She was born 1672, the daughter of the Ensign Juan Dominguez, No.
100 on the Ruined House list of 1702 and his wife, Dominga de
Chavarria. They were married Sept. 1661, Ph. 63

Mrs Cordero, then, was related to both 156-"K" and to several of
the other houses nearby.

Thomas Cordero had a number in Fish Accounts. No. 91
His property was sold thusly: Part of the lot to William
Alexander 11/16/1777(1 judge this to be the one connecting
with Alexander's Hypolita Street property and extending inblock to
connect with Cordero's) David Yeats part of the lot, 2/3/1777,
(1 judge this to be connecting with the other properties in this
area bought by Yeats) and Colin McKenzie the Butcher, the house
and rest of the lot on Treasury, 1/1/177 ...
Altho Fish held a part of thid in 1765 on Moncrief, he it was
who made the sales for Cordero later(dates above)
Antonio Fernandez bought up all this property when he bought
the St. Geo. Treasury corner in 1785. He was there in 1788 on
Rocque. This is the Col. Fernandez mixed with the Avero descendant.
In 1786 on the Census Tomas Cordero was back home for a time.
He was 63 years old. Lenora was with him, her brother Hypolita
Gonzales and Hypolito's two children. No, 10 of th- Floridians


155-"K" 1763 Puente

Gertrude Villaverde (La Dora Gertrude)

Born possibly in 1729 as Gertrude or Geronima, she
was the daughter of Andres Villaverde of Galicia
and Luisa de Leon. They were married August 8, 1725.

Andres died in 1740 in New Georgia according to the Burial
records of that year.

His wife, Luisa de Leon daughter of Juan Jose de Leon and
the grand-daughter of TAE Lorenzo Josef de teon, died May 17, 1738.

Gertrude was probably just 9 years old when her mother died
and 11 years old when her absent father died in Georgia.

Her marriage is not listed as our records stop in 1756 for
marriages but her husband's death record supplies some information.

He was Don Antonio de Hita Salazar, died May 1, 1761, killed
by the Indians, Ph, 278. He was the son of Don Pedro de Hita
and Maria Rosalia Rodriguez. Her name was listed as his wife.
Antonio was born July 15, 1733 so he was but 28 at death.

His father, Don Pedro de Hita was born 1697, married 1731
to Miss Rodriguez, died 1759. He was the son of Don :edro de
Hita y Salazar and Catalina de Leon. He had two prominent
grandfathers; Don Lor-nzo Josef de "eon and The Sgt. Major,
ex-Governor Don Fablo Hita y Salazar.

Pedro's parents were married 1689 and his father, Don Pedro, Sr.
died in 1725.

So Gertrude Villaverde mother and Antonio's grand-nother were
sisters. They were 2nd cousins. Marriage can be established after
our records stopped in 1756 and prior to 1761 when he died and she
listed as his widow.

There was a "no entry" on Fish for her.
Richard Williams was holding her area on Aoncrief, 1765/
Or a Mr. Williams who later shows in Escrituras as Richard.
He is not on DeBrahm but George Williams, the Innkeeper was
listed. This may be a relative of his.

Geogre Hinsman has it in 1788. See Esc: 112, 1705, 175v, 1785.

156-"K", 1763 Puente

Don Juan de Salas

(Don Juan Arturo de Salas)

Monday, December 30, 1754 Juan Artur de Salas married Juana
Sanchez de la Rosa, native.
They had two known children before our records end in '63.
Josef, 1756 and Miguel in 1761.

Mrs. de Salas was descended from the Corderos. Don Tomas
Cordero, No. 154-"K", was Mrs. Salas' uncle.

Juana "anchez de la Rosa de Salas was born Feb. 3, 1733
daughter of Tomasa Cordero and Francisco Sanchez de la Rosa of
Cadiz. They were married here 11/19/1731 and Uon Francisco
died in 1762, 70 years of age.

Tomasa Cordero was daughter of Don Juan Cordero by his 2nd
wife, Beatrice Aguilar. They were married 1697.

Don Juan de Salas had a "no entry" in Fish Accounts.
On Moncrief 1765, Mr. James Henderson occupied the spot
which was on the corner of Charlotte and Treasury, the
northwest corner.

Block "K" in 1763, was Grenville Block during British Days
and Block 9 on Quesada.

The Escrituras Nc. 112, 1785 gives the answers to the
change of owners. James Penman had the Henderson place granted
to him in 1772, he deeded it to John Bethune and William McLeod
who sold to Francisco Xavier Sanches in 1785. Sanchez was still
there in 1788. Rocque.

James Penman was listed on DeBrahm in 1771 Principal Storekeeper,
Planter. In his Memorial it stated he arrived in 1767.

William McLeod married the daughter of William Alexander who
was associated with Pantori-Leslie(or at least Leslie) of the
well known Firm. A;exander lived in this block, had a Store
as well, and his house listed to Mary Alexander was on HyTolita
extending southward in the block. John Bethune was from Georgia,
arrived 1777.

Francisco X. Sanchez was the son of Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa, Sr.
and a native born Floridian, b. 1736. Married the prominent
Maria del Carmen Hill of South Carolina. Had property all over
town, was in Florida during most of British occupation.



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