Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 9 – Lot 3
Title: K-152- 1763 Puente
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Title: K-152- 1763 Puente
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 9 – Lot 3
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Publication Date: 1963
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Box: 4
Divider: Block 9 - Lot 3, 5, 6
Folder: Block 9 - Lot 3
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
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K-152- 1763 Puente:

Diego Mexia

Here again it was Mrs. Mexia who is responsible for the
native family connections. Diego Mexia was from Seville.

December 11, 1733 he married Maria Rosario Fromista,
daughter of Don Cayetano Fromista and Agustina Arguelles.
Mrs. Mexia was Mrs. Isquidero's sister..186-N..1763 Puente.

Capt. Fromista and Miss Arguelles were married May 3, 1711
and she was born in 1681. Index.

She was the daughter of Capt. Diego de Arguelles and Maria
Mendoza Canisares, married here May, 21, 1674, Ph. 110

Don Diego was born 1652, the son of Capt. Jose Antonio Arguelles
and Augustina Crespo y Rodriguez, No. 48 Ruined House list. 1702.
Diego was brother of the senior Irs. Lorenzo Josef de Leon.

^^ ^.. ----_- .---- ------

Diego Mexia was listed as No. 52 in Fish Account list, 9/8/1768
property bought by David Yeats, gentleman, British Subject,
married to Governor Tonyn's niece. Registrar at one time,
Mate at the Military Hospital.

Fish held it on Moncrief until he sold it above..1768.

Escrithras No. 78, 1784....No. 175y,1785 ....234v..1785
tell the whole story.

Yeats was given a slice of the Grenville Block(formerly -K- in 1763)-
and in 1783 he sold the corner of Treasury and St. George to
William Clark, Planter, British period, then in 1784 Clark thru
agents sells to a Menendez-Horruytiner descendant but deal must
have fallen thru...Next he sells to Dimas Cotez(Cortes)
1785 who in turn sold it to Col. Antonio Fernandez. He is still
holding it on Rocque, 1788, No. 103.

This Fernandez was the husband of Victoriana Guillen, daughter of
the Averos. He was Commander at one time of the Fort of an Carlos
in Havana. See Castilla marriage: Dec. 27, 1795, p 25 Canova
transcripts. Gives whole story. (The Fernandez daughter married
Manuel CastellaJ


153-"K" 1763 Puente

Francisco Aguilar y Puerto(Pueyo)

This wasa.native boy, descendant of the prominent de Leon

He was born in 1746, the son of Francisco Jose Aguilar and
Theresa del Pueyo. He was born on the 15th of September and
baptised Francisco Cornelio on the 22 of the same month.
Capt. Don Francisco Aguilar was of Seville married 5/3/1733
Theresa del Pueyo. Aguilar died 1755 suicide.

Theresa was born to Juan Lorenzo Pueyo and Alfonsa de los Rios,
who were married July 7, 1706, Ph. 245.
Don Juan was born 1683, died 1754. He was son of Contador
Juan del Pueyo and Maria de Leon. They were married here in 1678
after a 1675 betrothal. He was No. 44 Ruined House list. 1702
Maria de Leon was the daughter of Don Lorenso Josef de Leon, St.
and Luisa de Arguelles. (Covered in Assignment No. 1)

Francisco Aguilar y Pueyo was but 17 years old.
On Moncrief Fish had his land.
In Fish Accounts he was No. 97. Property sold to
David Yeats Sept. 8, 1768.
This was part of the property Antonio Fernandez got in 1785.
He was still there on Rocque 1788.


1763, Puente:

154-"K" Thomas Cordero

Thomas Francisco Cordero was a native of St. Augustine,
born Oct. 2 1723, son of Juan Cordero and wife No. 4, Andrea
Rodriguez. Juan Cordero was No. 110 on the Ruined House list
of 1702.

He married his 4th wife in 1721.

On Wednesday Dec. 13, 1752, Tomas Francisco Cordero married
Lenora Gonzales. They were veiled 3/9/1753.

Lenora was a daughter of the present day"Oldest House*
She was born ATril 11, 1725, Ph, 111. The daughter of
the owner of the house known by that name today, Thomas Hernandez
Gonzales and his wife, Francesca de Guevara. They were married
March 1, 1723 Gonzales being from Facaronte on Tenerif in the
Canaries and Francesca being a native.
Francesca de Guevara was born Nov. 15, 1704, daughter of
Juan Manuel Ladron de Guevara and Josepha Dominguez, they
being married here December 1693, Ph. 200. Guevara was native
of Los Angeles, Josepha was a native.

She was born 1672, the daughter of the Ensign Juan Dominguez, No.
100 on the Ruined House list of 1702 and his wife, Dominga de
Chavarria. They were married Sept. 161, Ph. 63
Mrs Cordero, then, was related to both 156-"K" and to several of
the other houses nearby.

Thomas Cordero had a number in Fish Accounts. No. 91
His property was sold thusly: Part of the lot to William
Alexander 11/16/1777(1 judge this to be the one connecting
with Alexander's Hypolita Street property and extending inblock to
connect with Cordero's) David Yeats part of the lot, 2/3/1777,
(1 judge this to be connecting with the other properties in this
area bought by Yeats) and Colin McKenzie the Butcher, the house
and rest of the lot on Treasury, 1//1/779...
Altho Fish held a part of third in 1765 on Moncrief, he it was
who made the sales for Cordero later(dates above)
Antonio Fernandez bought up all this property when he bought
the St. Geo. Treasury corner in 1785. He was there in 1788 on
Rocque. This is the Col. Fernandez mixed with the Avero descendant.
In 1786 on the Census Tomas Cordero was back home for a time.
He was 63 years old. Lenora was with him, her brother Hypolita
Gonzales and Hypolito's two children. No. 10 of the Floridians

155-"K" 1763 Puente

Gertrude Villaverde (La DoTfa Gertrude)

Born possibly in 1729 as Gertrude or Geronima, she
was the daughter of Andres Villaverde of Galicia
and Luisa de Leon. They were married August 8, 1725.

Andres died in 1740 in New Georgia according to the Burial
records of that year.

His wife, Luisa de Leon daughter of Juan Jose de Leon and
the grand-daughter of THE Lorenzo Josef de teon, died May 17, 1738.

Gertrude was probably just 9 years old when her mother died
and 11 years old when her absent father died in Georgia.

Her marriage is not listed as our records stop in 1756 for
marriages but her husband's death record supplies some information.

He was Don Antonio de Hita Salazar, died May 1, 1761, killed
by the Indians, Ph. 278. He was the son of Don Pedro de Hita
and Maria Rosalia Rodriguez. Her name was listed as his wife.

Antonio was born July 15, 1733 so he was but 28 at death.

His father, Don Pedro de Hita was born 1697, married 1731
to Miss Rodriguez, died 1759. He was the son of Don 7edro de
Hita y Salazar and Catalina de Leon. He had two prominent
grandfathers; Don Lorenzo Josef de 'eon and The Sgt. Major,
ex-Governor Don Fablo Hita y Salazar.

Pedro's parents were married 1689 and his father, Don Pedro, Sr.
died in 1725.

So Gertrude Villaverde mother and Antonio's grandmother were
sisters. They were 2nd cousins. Marriage can be established after
our records stopped in 1756 and prior to 1761 when he died and she
listed as his widow.

There was a "no entry" on Fish for her.
Richard Williams was holding her area on Moncrief, 1765/
Or a Mr. Williams who later shows in Escrituras as Richard.
He is not on DeBrahm but George Williams, the Innkeeper was
listed. This may be a relative of his.

Geogre Hinsman has it in 1788. See Esc: 112, 1785, 175v, 1785.

-'* *' T

it j vi-;

156-"K", 1763 Puente

Don Juan de Salas

(Don Juan Arturo de Salas)

Monday, December 30, 1754 Juan Artur de Salas married Juana
Sanchez de la Rosa, native.

They had two known children before our records end in '63.
Josef, 1756 and Miguel in 1761.

Mrs. de Salas was descended from the Corderos. Don Tomas
Cordero, No. 154-"K", was Mrs. Salas' uncle.

Juana )anchez de la Rosa de Salas was born Feb. 3, 1733
daughter of Tomasa Cordero and Francisco Sanchez de la Rosa of
Cadiz. They were married here 11/19/1731 and Uon Francisco
died in 1762, 70 years of age.

Tomasa Cordero was daughter of Don Juan Cordero by his 2nd
wife, Beatrice Aguilar. They were married 1697.

Don Juan de Salas had a "no entry" in Fish Accounts.
On Moncrief 1765, Mr. James Henderson occupied the spot
which was on the corner of Charlotte and Treasury, the
northwest corner.

Block "K" in 1763, was Grenville Block during British Days
and Block 9 on Quesada.

The Escrituras Nc. 112, 1785 gives the answers to the
change of owners. James Penman had the Henderson place granted
to him in 1772, he deeded it to John Bethune and William McLeod
who sold to Francisco Xavier Sanches in 1785. Sanchez was still
there in 1788. Rocque.

James Penman was listed on DeBrahm in 1771, Principal Storekeeper,
Planter. In his Memorial it stated he arrived in 1767.

William McLeod married the daughter of William Alexander who
was associated with Pantor-Leslie(or at least Leslie) of the
well known Firm. A;exander lived in this block, had a Store
as well, and his house listed to Mary Alexander was on Hynolita
extending southward in the block. John Bethune was from eorgia,
arrived 1777.

Francisco X. Sanchez was the son of Jose Sanchez de Ortigosa, Sr.
and a native born Floridian, b. 1736. Married the prominent
Maria del Carmen Hill of South Carolina. Had property all over
town, was in Florida during most of British occupation.

1763: PUEMTE


/205- Juan de la Mata Perez, 1744 married Josepha Casteneda
206- Domingo Perez 1736 Trmasa Ronouillo
207- Fernando Villegas 1721 Maria de los Reyes
208- Manuel Serrano 1743 Geronima ?arcia
209- Salvador Porras 1745 Juana Navarro
210- Capt. Francisco del Castilla, 1747 Barbara Garcia Villegas
J211- FRANCISCO ESPIN3SA 1751 francesca Solana


198-Juan Esteban de Pena (Treasurer in 1763) obscure now.
199-Juan Pescador....1743 Estefania Ruis
200-Josepha de Torres...1727 Diego de Espinosa(parents of 211-P)
201-Antonio Fernandez 1752..Luisa de Pueyo
202-Fernando Laguna, 744..Nicolasa Llanes
203-Rosalia Ponce de Leon..1749..Juan de la Toro
204-Matia Paniagua............. obscure yet


156-Don Juan de Salas 1754 Juana Sanchez de la Rosa
155-Dona Gertrude Viliaverde, after 1756, Antonio de Hita Salasar
From burial record
1761: Ph. 278.
Note: Marriages end at 176

154-Thomas Cordero, 1752 Lenora Gonsales (returned and on 1786 S-;.e
Census, No. 10-Floridahs)
153-Francisco Aguilar y Pueyo, b. 1746
son of Francisco Aguilar
and Theresa Pueyo.
NOTE: Not "Puerto"

152-Diego Mexia, 1733 Maria Fromista
184-Barbara de Pena(losa) 1731 Francisco Antonio Salgado
186: Heirs of Jose Isauidero..married 1734 Rita Fromista
2nd wife was Bernarda Rodrigues

138-Don Miguel Lppez, 1744 Antonia Grajales
10-Juana Baes, 1746 Manuel Barrasi
129- Francisco de Ortega, 1743 Francesca Hernandez


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