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Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 9 – Lot 3
Title: Charlotte to Hypolita The west side of Charlotte Street, which is the east side of Bl. - K
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Title: Charlotte to Hypolita The west side of Charlotte Street, which is the east side of Bl. - K
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 9 – Lot 3
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Creator: Barnes, Eleanor P.
Publication Date: 1963
Copyright Date: Public Domain
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Box: 4
Divider: Block 9 - Lot 3, 5, 6
Folder: Block 9 - Lot 3
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894171 x -81.312675
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IhVc_ ?2 /4 )
f7 Klr

1763-Sq. "K*---PNente
east side..

Charlotte to Hypolita
The west side of Charlotte
Street, which is the east side
of Bl. -K.


Sq. tKs, 1763
Vest side of Charlotte from Treasur to Hypolita.

No. 156: Don Juan de Salas.
He had 34 varas in north-west dimensions which this
property continued to have even in 1788.
Fish has a "no entry" for him.
Mornrief shows Henderson in this location, 1765.
This was the Orenville Block during British days.
Bscrituras: No. 112, 1785 gives recitation.
Briefly we see Henderson in this place and after him
James Pedman(Penman) in 1772. He later sold to John
Bethune and William McLeod.
Their agents sold in 1785 to Francisco I. Sanches.
Rocque 1788 shows Sanchez still there. No. 107, Bl. 14
Quesada, 1790. Bl. 9. Sanches still there. No. 70.

Don Juan de Salas owned other properties as well.
290-h, 297-i, 176-M, 156-K.
Don Juan de Salas appears to have wed Dec. 30, 1754, Juana
Sanches de la Rosa. He was native of Santiago.
She was daughter of Don Francisco Sanchez de la Rosa and Tomasa Cordero.
During 2nd Spanish period Don Juan de Salas returned to his Hospital
Street home and is listed there on the 1793 Census, No. 83.
Had his son, Clemente, and the 3 month old child of Clemente with him.

James Henderson was an InnKeeper.
James Pedman was a Planter and Principal Storekeeper.
John Bethune was from Georgia
William McLeod was son in law of William Alexander, Esq.
Alexander had another house in this same block, facing Hypolita.
He was partner of John Leslie and Co.
Frai4stco anches was the son of Jose Sanches de Ortiosa, Sr.
and Juana Theodora Peres. One of the early families. Maternal
1602, paternal 1714.
You have his background in the 'SANCHEZ CCOPLEI" in one of the early

K-176 Puentc,
157- Cristobal Centroras, let.

This was partly taken in with Sanchez' property and the next one
north. Contreras was married to the Anaya-Ponce do Leon daughter
and their basic was covered in ASSIGNMENT, "AVILES STREET*..
Contreras owned on Avilos(Hospital Street) the corner new occupied
by today's Facie House.
This was just an added let in his possessions. Since it seems to
*eo'j into the area of Ne. 158, this will be considered here.
No. 158: Antonia Dueaas.
On TuesdayA the 14th of January in 1744 she married Juan Sanchos.
He was of tan Lucar do Barrapeda in Seville. She was the native,
daughter of Juan Duenas and francesca Hernandez.
Juan Sanches died and was buried in 1755.
The Duenas and Hernandes families were also native.
Jtan Duenas married the Hernandez girl in 1725.
He was the son of Juan Lopez Duenas and Antonie Contreras de Rivas.
Juan was born in 1670, his parents married in 1667.
The father of No. 158, Dona Antonia, the widow, died in 1746.
Two years after she married.
These properties (157, 158, ) passed to a Mr. Williams who was
there on the Mencrief map in 1765. This could have been Richard
Williams who owned right in back en Treasury Street.
John Hewitt was owner later in boundary recitations, and he was
the InnKeeper, the Centracter and Principal carpenter.
John Hudsen 3rd husband of Maria Evans-Fenwick-Peavett, owned it
iL 1788 en ieeque. He was the young Irishman who came during 2nd. Spanish.
Escrituras -499v-1790 shows that this property by auctien(in settlement
of the affairs of Maria and John Hudson) went to Matee Guadaeama.
Guasarana was from Tenerife, Canaries, married May 28, 1791
Brigida Genes native of Havana but descended freo Florida bern
)endes-Gones families. She later married the prominent Fernando
de la Masa Arredendo..(Lindsley House of today)
DIn Matee was 50 years old in 1793 and was listed en the Census
1M. 28, that year.
Me held other properties in town as well.


17o3 Puente, Sq. "K".

159. Dona Mariana Horruytiner...stone..

On the 6th of October, 1738 she married Don Pablo de Hita y Salasar.
He was the son of Don Tomas de Hita Salazar and Lorensa de la Vera.
And by virtue of this he was grandson of ex-Governor Salazar, for
whom he was named.
She was the daughter of Don Miguel Horruytiner and Manuela Pueyo.
Mariana was born 1715 in St. Augustine and her grandparents were
the Contador Juan del Pueyo and Don Lorenso de Horruytiner.
By virtue of this her greati-grandfathers were Don Lorenzo Josef
de Leon, Sr., and ex-Governor Don Pedro Benedict Horrpytiner.
This was quite a background.
Her mother, Manuela Pueyo, died April 15, 1727 in the epidemic
which took so many of the families in town and her husband,
Don Pahlo de Hita, died June 29 1759. Hence she was widowed
and in her home at 159-K in 1763.
Her daughter, Clara de Hita y Horruytiner married 1756 Don Jose
Elixio de la Puente, brother of the map maker. These were among
the top official families in town.

Fish occupies this place on Moncrief, 1765.
There is a no entry in his account list.
Joachin Escalona was known to be living there-in 1788 Roeque,
presumably still belonging to Fish. His wife, Felipa Llanes,
(Mrs. Escalona) was there in boundary recitations later(house
of Jesse Fish) then the Escrituras supplies the answer.
No. 27 -1791
No. 32 1791
No. 731v, 1792
Pablo Cortinas bought it in Oct. 1791 and sold to Francisco I.
Sanches that same year. Sanchez sold it to Mateo Guadarama who
owned next door.
Escalona was son of Thomas and Juana Baes native Florida families.
He had returned during 2nd Spanish days. Ais wife is listed on the
Census of 1793 with their children.

1'.o3 Puente, Sq. "K"..

No. 160. Juan de Muros(This could be Munoz, too)
This is an odd one.-The marriage record, Ph. 326, 1755
states Juan de Maro, place of birth illegible on translation
(not a native ofSt. Aug.) June 9, 1755 to Maria de Loreta of
the nation Sues?, daughter legitimate of an English father
ar..d Maria Root ?
Witnesses were: luan Montes de oca
Simon de Hita
Jose Reseo
Sponsors: Capt. Pedro Alcantar
Antonia Dorotea de la Cruz

On Moncrief Mr. Wilson owned this area in 1765.
Fish has nothing in his accounts.
Mr. Wilson was a Planter and StoreKeeper on DeBrahm's 1771.
This was the Grenville Block and sometime prior to 1771 this
area passed to Maria Phenix(Fenwick?) ......This was the mistress
of the Oldest House during British days. She married its English owner,
Joseph Peavitt and this house known today as Oldest was one of his
properties. Later Maria Fenwick Peavitt married John Hudson, the
gay Irishman who ran thru most of her inheritance.
But in 1771 she had this area. Then in 1773 with her new husband,
Peavitt,she sold it to James Scotland, the Wine merchant.
After the Spaniards returned Scotland's agents sold this section to
one of old Florldano families, Luciana de Herrera..(Another of the
men who stayed on or came back early in the British Regime)
1785. (His name appears as sponsor in 1773-Camps Baptisms.6 times)
Then in 1789 the heirs of this Herrera sold to Miguel Isnardy.
Escrituras: No. 3717, 1785
No. 351, 1789
Isnard was a Spaniard a Merchant ....according to the 1786 Census,
No. 8 tof the Spanish iist)

A>^ .: ': ^,,

a763 Puente,

No. 161-"K'..

Antonio Lopez de Toledo.

er. Henderson is seen here in 1765 Moncrief.
Eserituras No. 9v 1784
No. 116v, 1788
These two listings show that George Lindaley was the last
British owner when the property again passed to Toledo thru
his agent, Francisco X. Sanches.
Evidently Toledo did not pay Sanches who eventually got this

Antonio Lopes de Toledo was born in 1731, the son of Alvaro Lopes
de Toledo and Francesca Romo de Urisa. 'hey were married 1730.
This was Alvaro's 2nd marriage having been wed to Francesca Maria
Garcia in 1722.

Alvaro was the son of Don Sebastian Lopes de Toledo and Francesca
Ascencio de Florencia. They were married May 15, 1685, veiled
the same day. Alvaro was born April 6, 1699.
Don Sebastian was the man who owned the jot at No. 1, l702 ruined
house list. His son Alvaro owned the lot just inside the City
Gates on the "uma side inlt3Z Puente:
Don Sebastian died July 20, 1746, Ph. 62.

Don Antonio, Sebastian's grandson, married into the Puente family,
the sister of the map maker, Juan Elixio de la Puente. Her name
was Maria Theresa.
There were children born to this couple in 1758, 1760 and 1762.
Their marriage evidently took place after our records stop 1756,
and prior to the month in 1758 when the 1st legitimate child
was baptised.

,4 -. .

1763 Puente: Sq. "K"

No. 162, Josepha Escalona.

In several places this appears as Jpseph Escalona once in
Fish account list. Since there was a Joseph Escalona and
since this may be a poor translation on the part of whoever
did Fish or Puente.....then I suggest a good translation
from the photostat of the original.
14 either case she may be the aunt or sister of Don Jose
scalona so I will put what I have on both.
This was Bl. 14, 1788
It is Quesada No. 9.
British times it was the Grenville Block.

Moncrief shows Fish here on the corner of Hypolita and Charlotte.
The Fish Account list: No. 82, May 18, 1765 shows under(lst)
Josepha Escalona in the Index, amd (2nd) Joseph Escalona'in the
list, transfer of this property to Eleanor McGee.
There was a Mr. McGrie(Gri) here on the Moncrief map in another area.

Eserituras No. 87 1784
No. 21i, 1785
No. 675, 1792
All these gives recitations of this area.
In 1771 it belonged to George Simpson, who is listed DeBrahm's 1771
Then the Provost Marshal sold to Pedro Cosifacio in 1784.
Part of it went to Angel Baqueri prior to this.(presumably
a part owned prior by Cosifacio)
Then Manuel Almansa buys up all of it in 1784 from both.
Finally the King seems to own it as Government property in 1788
with Antonio Romero staying in the house.
Quesda list, 1790 seems to give a note by which Juan de los Rios
owns it.

And then Martin Hernandes seems to have it in 1792.



A very thorough search of the records brings to light no
JOSEPHA Zscalona as such. But several places where she
may be.
One was Don Manuel Escalona's daughter of 1715. This was listed
as Joseph but there have been wrong translations prior.
Then another in 1709. Same parent, same name.
However there is a bigger clue to her identity.
She was on this corner in 1763.
In 1792, Esc. No. 675. The last line(inherited by Domingo Jose
Beealona) In recitation of property.
Domingo Jose Escalona was born in 1709, married in 1745 to Juana Quinoaes.
Juana Sepulveda. and Don Jose Escalona were his parents;
He was the son of Don Jose Escalona and on FISH ACCOUNT LIST
this place was listed once as JOSEPH Escalona.
If Domingo, as son, inherited this property, then perhaps it is
in reality Joseph who owns it in 1763 and not JOSEPHA.


Matrimonial licenses No. 9, June 2, 1786 gives name of
Manuel Almansa, uncle of the groom, Mariano de Almansa.
Think they were from Spain. Manuel was Royal Guard of
the Fortification, storehouse...?? Should be read properly.

Martin Hernandes was a Minorcan.
He married 5/6/1780(Camps-Marr. Minorcan Register)
Dorotea Gomila.
He was the father of General Jose Mariano Hernandes who was
born May 26, 1788.

Baqueri was a Greek. No. 42, 1786 Census.
He was a mariner. 34 years old.
Wife was Josepha Castell, Minorcan.

Cosifacio was Greek but listed from Corsica.
No. 56 on 1786 Census.
Ines Cavedo of Minorca was his wife.
He had total of 10, with slaves, in his family.


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