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Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 1 Howe Gets Two Months ForAndrew Kevin Howe, 22SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, Monday, August 6, 2012: As the police nocturnal mobile patrol continues to turn a blind eye on those establishments, especially Chinese restaurants, selling liquor through those common holes in the front window channel, far beyond closing time, the excess consumption of alcoholic beverage is again at the center of yet another violent confrontation. It took exactly three weeks for the long arms of the law to finally pull in a San Antonio man accused of beating up his admittedly drunk father-in-law. Leonard Guerra, 49, Belizean watchman from San Antonio village reported to the community policeman that during the first few minutes of the new day on Saturday, July 14, he was “under the influence” and heading home from a bar in the village, when at around 12:10 am he met Andrew Howe who has a child with his daughter. There was a reported exchange of words between Guerra and Howe resulting in Howe first punching Guerra in the face and knocking him to the ground. Guerra told the police that the blow sent him face down on the road. He alleges that while he was on the ground Howe kicked him in the face, back and head and that when he tried to get up the other three male persons who were with Howe reportedly joined in and began beating him as well. One of those persons was identified as Roni Estrada Belizean laborer of a Thornley Street address in San Ignacio. Guerra told the police that he was left on the ground with blood all over the face and on the clothes he was wearing. Guerra reportedly emerged from the attack with injuries to the face, head, shoulders, and to the back portion of the body. He was reportedly treated at home by his wife. Twenty days later, on Saturday, Jorge Choc, 19 Please Turn To Page 16No Helmet, No License, No Insurance...BOOM!!! Bullets! Ten Of Them SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, Monday, August 6, 2012: We frequently hear the police speaking about the “Broken Window Theory” approach to policing. They say that the concept is intended to address small offences as, if left unattended, often leads to the commission of more serious crimes. This was specifically the case at around midnight on Saturday, August 4, when a team of policemen on patrol in downtown San Ignacio pulled over a Please Turn To Page 2Beating Father-In-Law No. 151 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2008 Price $1.00 No. 321 Sunday, August 12, 2012 Price $1.00 STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*S TAR* *STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR8*8TAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR* STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR*STAR Starting at 9:00 pm every Starting at 9:00 pm every Starting at 9:00 pm every Starting at 9:00 pm every Starting at 9:00 pm every Thursday Night Thursday Night Thursday Night Thursday Night Thursday Night Dance follows with DJ Diamond. Dance follows with DJ Diamond. Dance follows with DJ Diamond. Dance follows with DJ Diamond. Dance follows with DJ Diamond.Inside Princess International San Ignacio motorcyclist who was seen not wearing the legally required helmet. The motorcycle was found to be unlicensed and uninsured thereby producing traffic related offences. A search of the


Page 2 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 12, 2012 The Jasmine Alert The Jasmine Alert The Jasmine Alert The Jasmine Alert The Jasmine Alert The Smart Girl And The The Smart Girl And The The Smart Girl And The The Smart Girl And The The Smart Girl And The Not So Smart Woman Not So Smart Woman Not So Smart Woman Not So Smart Woman Not So Smart Woman August 4, probably believing that he was off the hook, Howe let down his guard and that was when the community policeman came upon him in the village. The accused was immediately detained and later transported to the police station in San Ignacio where he was formally arrested and charged for harm. Interestingly, while the report speaks about blood being all over the complainant’s face and clothes, the accused was never charged for the more serious charge of wounding which would seem to be the more appropriate charge. The accused, A ndrew Kevin Howe 22, Belizean laborer from San Antonio Village appeared in the San Ignacio Town courtroom of Magistrate Narda Morgan where he pled guilty to the charge and accepted the statement of facts as read by the prosecution. He was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment. Police continues the search for the other accused, Roni Estrada with all intention to likewise arrest and charge him for causing harm to Leonardo Guerra. From Front Page Our children are indeed the future and so it is incumbent upon all of us to protect them. Last week we heard of the launching of the Jasmine Alert A well intentioned undertaking designed to provide a certain level of protection for our children. Any initiative aimed at protecting our children must be applauded and supported. As with most things in life however, the things we do must be REAL. The things we do must R-realistic, E-enforceable A-affordable and L-legal. The absence of any of these ingredients renders the initiative a waste of time and maybe even criminal. On cursory analysis, the mechanism for the setting into motion of the seemingly cumbersome alert, fails the first test of being REALISTIC As was the case with Jasmine Lowe and the majority of missing murdered girls, their going missing was not known until several hours after their disappearance and by that time, in almost every instance, like Jasmine Lowe, they were already murdered. The objective of the alert seems to be aimed therefore at finding the killers instead of saving our children’s lives. Furthermore, as the policy now stands, the police do not take seriously, missing persons reports until the passage of 24 hours. As the trend has shown, and some of us do not like to hear the truth, but in most cases, missing persons reports work themselves out, as within a few hours the missing person returns home and if that person is a minor, especially a female, they will come with some excuse or the other in the attempt to get off the hook. If the 24 hour wait period was to be abolished, the police would be required to drop everything and be in perpetual pursuit of missing persons reports. This would be taking place at a time when there is talk about decriminalizing the use of marijuana in order to free up the police, “for more important tasks”, they say. If there is anyone out there who thinks that pursuing marijuana users is taking up too much of the police time, you just try getting them to immediately follow up every single missing person report and you will see that there will hardly be any policeman doing anything other than looking for someone gone missing. While US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s pronouncement about the taking of a village to raise a child, is widely accepted; as parents we must take first charge for the safety and well being of our children. We must teach them ways to avoid falling into the traps of those predators and beasts in our midst. It is an established fact that a vehicle is the predator’s means of transporting our children to abuse or even death. We must therefore teach our children to NEVER-EVER get into a vehicle with a stranger or someone they barely know. If they are getting into a vehicle with someone they KNOW, before entering they must call their parents, in the presence of the person they know who is driving the vehicle, and give their parents the name of that person If they do not have a telephone, they must not get into the vehicle until they are certain that the driver is aware of their telling someone that they boarded the vehicle being the last person they were seen with. In the Jasmine Lowe case, the girl who refused to enter Bert Vasquez’ car and instead reported the encounter to her mother and subsequently to the police, is a smart child. This child should be recognized and awarded for being smart. We would venture to go one step further and say that she quite possibly saved the life of that “Not-So-Smart” other girl who was found in a compromising position in Vasquez’ car when the police caught up with him in the Branch Mouth area of the community. Then, in refraining from calling her “foolish” as it would certainly not be nice to do so, there is the report last week of the “NOT-SOSMART” 25 year old WOMAN from Belmopan who boarded, not once but two times, the vehicle of a drunken man she hardly knows, for a ride home. A man who, on the first diversion from the way home, stopped at a night club and began making aggressive advances towards her. Notwithstanding, this “NOTSOSMART” woman boarded the vehicle, a second time, from the safety of the night club where she could have sought assistance, again for the ride home which never materialized as the driver and an equally drunk accomplice headed in the opposite direction and the attempt was made to strangle her in the vehicle as it ventured further and further from her home. Had it not been for the speed bump in the village, this “NOT-SOSMART” woman would probably not be alive today. She should therefore be forever grateful to that speed bump in Roaring Creek Village which saved her life because of the “NOT-SO-SMART decision she made. Bottom line, as parents, the safety and well being of our children is primarily our responsibility, while assistance from the village in this primary parental responsibility is a plus, we must never drop our guards as there will always be predators and beasts lurking around. Howe Gets Two MonthsFor Beating Father-In-Law Editorial Editorial Editorial Editorial Editorial


Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 3 PUBLIC AUCTION PROPERTIES IN THE CAYO DISTRICT BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE, DEVELOPMENT FINANCE CORPORATION (DFC), CERTIFIED AND LICENSED AUCTIONEER M.E.ELLIS WILL SELL THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES on Tuesday 21st August 2012 at 10:30 am at the DFC office in Belmopan.SELVENA TERESITA VASQUEZParcel No. 1881 (464.698 S.M.), Block 23 in the San Ignacio South Registration Section, dated April 23, 2009, held under Land Certificate being the freehold property of SELVENA TERESITA VASQUEZ. One -2-Bedroom bungalow house containing 1Bathroom, 1Living room, 1Dining room, 1-Kitchen, and 1 Porch. Size: 555.55 Sq.Yds. (T&D Housing Site, San Ignacio Town, Cayo) EPHRIAM LOUIS USHER JR.Parcel No. 399, containing 433.33 Sq.Yds., Block 20 in the Belmopan Registration Section, Cayo District, held under Land Certificate, being the freehold property of EPHRAIM LOUIS USHER JR. One -3-bedroom Bungalow house containing 1-Kichen,1-Dining room & 1-Living room, with 1-Bathroom with a porch. Size: 433.33 Sq.Yds. Dimensions: 50 feet X 78 feet. (#6 Kiskade Street, Belmopan) PATRICK BRADLEYAll that piece or parcel of land being Parcel No. 1249, Block No.23 in the San Ignacio South Registration Section, held under Land Certificate being the Freehold property of PATRICK MECKELER BRADLEY. One2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom concrete bungalow house. Size: 473.25 Sq.Ft.) (Habet Housing Site Mosquitoville T&D Housing Site, San Ignacio Town, Cayo) JACOB MARTINEZAll that piece or parcel of land being Parcel No. 1259, Block No. 23 in the San Ignacio South Registration Section, together with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon, held under Land Certificate, being the Freehold property of JACOB MARTINEZ. One 2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom concrete bungalow house (451 Sq. Ft.) Site dimensions: Approx. 55X98. Property is situated in the Carlos Habet Housing Area, San Ignacio Town, Cayo). VINCENT BERNARD KERRParcel No. 2580, Block 23 in the San Ignacio South Registration section being the freehold title of VINCENT BERNARD KERR. (previously Lot No. 116 (422.932 sq.m.) situated south in the vicinity of San Ignacio Town, held under deed of Conveyance dated 7th day of November 2008. One2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom prefrabricated bungalow house 50 feet x 89 feet being approx 505.83 Sq. Yds. (Shawville Site; T&D Housing Site, San Ignacio Town, Cayo)ELVINA GARCIAAll that piece or parcel of land being Parcel No. 1934, Block No. 23 in the San Ignacio South Registration Section, together with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon, held under Land Certificate, being the Freehold property of ELVINA ROSANA GARCIA. One concrete bungalow house measuring 65 x 90 in dimension. Area Size: 722.52 Sq. Yds. GUALBERTO BOLParcel No. 1236, Block 23 in the San Ignacio South Registration Section, Cayo District, held under Land Certificate, being the freehold property of GUALBERTO BOL.One 2-Bedroom bungalow house containing 1Dining & Living room combined, 1-Kitchen with 1-Bathroom with an entrance porch. Size: 622.47 Sq.Yds. Dimensions: 56 X 100. (Carlos Habet Housing Area, San Ignacio Town, Cayo). ANTONIO TZIB DIRK JASON LAINFIESTA All that lot piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 341, situate in Bullet Tree Falls Village Expansion, Cayo District, together with all developments and erections standing and being thereon, held under MinisterÂ’s Fiat Lease dated the 7th day of November, 2000, being the leasehold property of ANTONIO TZIB. Parcel No. 3268, Block 23 in the Santa Elena/ Cayo Registration Section, Belize dated December 2, 2010, held under Land Certificate being the freehold property of BASILIO MES. Parcel No. 8009 ,containing 708.614 square meters, Block 20 in the Belmopan Registration Section, Cayo District, held by Land Certificate dated September 16, 2010, being the freehold property of CAMESHA BORLAND surety for DIRK JASON LAINFIESTA. One empty parcel of land. Size: 708.614 Sq. M. One-2-bedroom bungalow house containing 1-Bathroom, 1Living room 1Dining room, 1Kitchen, and 1Front Porch. Size: 501.27 Sq .Yds. Dimensions: Apporximately 60 ft X 80 ft. One3-Bedroom bungalow house containing 1Dining room, 1Living room, 1-Kitchen with 1-Bathroom. Size: 555.556 Sq.Yds.BASILIO MES Development No. Name Description Pictures1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


Page 4 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 12, 2012 Public Consultation Public Consultation Public Consultation Public Consultation Public ConsultationThe Department of The Enviroment (DOE) will be conducting public consultation on Tuesday August 14 at 7:00 pm at the San Ignacio Resort and Hotel, Caracol Rooom on the matter of Boiton’s Mineral Ltd. conducting mining activity in the Ceibo Chico Area, Chiquibul Forest. Notice is hereby be given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that James Craig is applying for a BEER LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2012 to operate Global Village Of Friends located at #1Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District. Notice is hereby be given that under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that Silvia Reyes is applying for a Malt & Cider LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2012 to operate Hot Taco located on Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District. LIQUOR LICENSE NOTICE Two weeks ago we published an article regarding the manhunt in Spanish Lookout for Samuel August. We reported that the manhunt was conducted by foot, motorcycle, vehicle and plane. Well shortly after that edition of the newspaper hit the newsstands, August called us and refuted some of the information contained in the article. We promised to publish his version of the incident if he would put it in writing. He brought the six-page hand written article for publication last week but missed the deadline by several hours. In fulfilling our commitment to him, his version of the incident follows. While his version was written in a format intended to reflect as if it was written by us, we reverted it to his account of what transpired and this is what he wrote. My name is Samuel August. I am a resident of Esperanza Village. I am 29 years old not 28 years old as reported in the STAR article. I am a former heavy equipment operator who has been working for the past 10 years countrywide, as an excavator operator, with several companies including Cisco Construction, Collet Maheia Construction Supplies and Synohydro Corporation, an International Chinese based company that was building the dams in the country, just to name a few. I did not work at all these places for nothing. With all my labor I was able to comfortably repair my home and purchase vehicles and, since “These Are The Facts” Writes Samuel August March of this year, I have established my own business. I am a businessperson. I have never been in trouble with the law except for one time where I was charged $355.00 for washing my F-250 Super Duty pickup truck in the Macal River for which I was taken to court and fined and paid immediately. I did not spend a second in the holding cell. In the Spanish Lookout incident, I was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time which could have happened to anyone. A burglary of a restaurant in the area was recently committed so who would blame the residents of the area to be concerned about crime reaching their community. Upon seeing a strange black SUV with Stann Creek license plates, they felt sure that it’s a possibility this was the culprit. My vehicle has Stann Creek plates because I bought it from my brother who lives in Stann Creek. On Tuesday July 17th at about 4 am, I was driving along with a worker/friend peacefully through the main street of Spanish Lookout community. I never exited my vehicle in the community so this could not have placed me at any crime scene. I saw three large vehicles were coming at me at maximum speeds followed by gunshots. Not knowing who was after me or why, I sped away to save my life and that of my worker/friend. I realized that I couldn’t escape the pursuit of the three large vehicles so I didn’t take chance. I parked my vehicle on the main road, left the keys and the title in the glove box and I decided to surrender. I was never questioned or charged on any trespassing or stealing of any fuel substance as there was no evidence of any such activity. Seeing there was no grounds to make me a criminal element they only alleged that my intentions was stealing fuel no other stolen or illegal matter was found in my possession nor was any tools to suggest such allegation was found. This is purely allegation which is false and which would seek to tarnish my reputation. A few empty buckets were inside my vehicle but, as I revealed in court, I use these buckets to buy cheap fuel in Corozal. I was planning to go to Corozal that same day after meeting with a business associate in Los Tambos which was where I was headed at the time of the said pursuit. I am not afraid to die but would not like to leave my two young children one of 7 years and the other of 3 years. I was also worried about my worker who is only 22 years old. In the pursuit I did not even know that a San Ignacio police officer had joined the villagers as I would have surrendered immediately at all cost. I was under the impression it was all mad Mennonites personnel from getting a glimpse of them after dashing into the cornfield. Still before dashing into the cornfield surrendering was an option that’s why I stop my SUV but I was startled by four loud gunshots which made me flee into the nearby cornfield being unarmed and harmless. This cornfield saved my life. I Samuel August, 29 navigated inside the cornfield looking for an exit that could lead me towards the police station to report the matter, but in the dark it was almost hopeless. I started to hear angry villagers yelling words to the effect that “There is no way out” “There is no where you can hide so you must come out or it will be rougher for you”. This motivated me to try and vacate the area as soon as possible. I never rested. I moved up and down in the field. Every road entrance was blocked with big vehicles lights and men with guns. I thought for a moment this is it, I’m dead. I hid in a really dark area and started sending text messages to my loved ones in case I didn’t manage to make it. Coming close to daylight I managed to slip one of the vehicles and hit the main road and crossed to the other side. I felt much better as the search was concentrated on the other side of the said road that leads to Los Tambos. As daylight approached I saw an airplane flying low in the area this was when I realized that there was no way out. I came upon a home with a garage with two vehicles one being a black Isuzu pickup and not a Mazda pickup as indicated in the STAR article. A GMC Suburban was also there. This suburban I thought was God-Send as the keys were in the ignition. I drove this vehicle with the intension of reaching San Ignacio Please Turn To Page 14


Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 5 BELMOPAN, Cayo, Monday, August 6, 2012: An official ceremony was held this morning to mark the start of a street project for Belmopan under the Belize Municipal Development Project (BMDP), which is a $30 million dollar Government venture aimed at providing much needed infrastructure in seven major municipalities in the country. The street project in Belmopan calls for the enhancement of the one-way street and parking area on the north and east sides of the bus terminal. The works will include the realignment of street side drains, provision of concrete curbs, provision of pick up/drop off bays for private vehicular traffic and taxi services, provision of street markings for vehicular and pedestrian lanes and permanent traffic signs, Resurfacing of the street with hot mix, including parking areas. Taxi drivers occupying the area will be temporarily relocated to the main parking lot in front of the wooden market building in Belmopan. This project will cost approximately $278,382.00 and will be carried out by the local firm, Belize Roadway Construction The bus terminal area is one of the busiest and most trafficked areas of Belmopan due mainly to the scheduled, daily movements of buses to and from the terminal. The presence of a taxi stand located adjacent to the terminal further contributes to traffic congestion that seems to have become almost a daily feature in this general area bordering the bus terminal. Under this package, Nim Li Punit Street, Racoon Street and a portion of Hummingbird Drive will be paved in Belmopan. The street project for Belmopan will satisfy a number of important objectives for the City Council including: alleviating the perennial traffic congestion problems in the bus terminal and Nim Li Punit areas; to put in place proper traffic safety measures that can be monitored and enforced by the municipal traffic department; to address health issues that normally affects street users during the dry and rainy seasons; Minister of National Security and Area Representative for Belmopan, Hon. John SaldivarStreet Project Launched In The NationÂ’s Capital The Mayor of Belmopan His Worship Simeon LopezPress Release No. 16 2012 to improve the general aesthetics and attractiveness of the areas to residents and visitors to the city and to upgrade and ensure unimpeded accessibility for one of the four main entry and departure points by road for the City of Belmopan. The project is financed by the Government of Belize through a loan from the World Bank. It aims to improve access to basic municipal infrastructure and to enhance municipal management. Speakers at the official ceremony included Hon. John Saldivar Minister of National Security and Area Representative for Belmopan, His Worship Simeon Lopez, Mayor of Belmopan and Daniel Cano, Executive Director, SIF among others. The Cutting Of The Ceremonial Ribbon (L-R) His Worship Mayor Simeon Lopez, Hon. John Saldivar, SIFÂ’s Executive Director Daniel Cano


Page 6 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 12, 2012 BY: Luis Pea PR Officer BELIZE CITY, Friday, August 10, 2012: The Football Federation of Belize on Monday headed a delegation to Guatemala City to attend a two day workshop on August 7th & 8th, facilitated by FIFA INTERPOL on ‘Tackling Match Fixing and Corruption in Football’ held at the Hotel Vista Real. Belize was represented at the workshop by President Ruperto Vicente Secretary General Michael Blease Chairman of the Referees Committee of the FFB Marlon Kuylen Head of the Legal Committee of the FFB Lionel Welch PLB (League) representative Onan McLean Andres Makin and Solomon Marin from the Belize Police Department. The INTERPOL-FIFA workshop was established in partnership with the Central American Zone (UNCAF) and the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) to raise awareness of the key contemporary match-fixing issues and threats in football, and to identify good practice and areas for development. The series of training workshops was to also show Federation and Associations how to bring together players, referees, betting regulators and law enforcement to improve individual awareness and understanding of corruption in football, and of the strategies used by its perpetrators and of the methods to recognize, resist and report them. Match fixing has already been detected in countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Seven Member Belize Delegation Attends Football Workshop in Guatemala Salvador. Participants attending the workshop were from the Mexican Football Federation, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize and Guatemala (UCAF\ CONCACAF). The delegation returned to Belize at 4:00 pm. on Thursday, August 9, 2012. FFB President Ruperto Vicente Chairman of the FFB Referees Committee, Marlon KuylenTHURSDAY, August 9, 2012: The Committee commissioned by the Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar, to evaluate the issue of Decriminalization of Marijuana thanks those who submitted their opinions regarding a proposal to remove the current criminal penalties incurred for possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) for personal use. Your responses have been respectfully evaluated and taken into consideration, including, many requests to extend the deadline. In this regards the committee has extended the period for submitting your comments to August 31, 2012. For the purpose of this discussion we invite your continued input and ask that you respond to us with your thoughts on the following: 1. Should an amount of Marijuana be decriminalized? If yes, how much? ( one gram of marijuana is equivalent to one standard size unfiltered cigarette) 2. What penalties, in monetary fines and/or community service, should be levied upon first time offenders? Should these penalties remain the same for Decriminalization of The Use Of Marijuana multiple offenses? 3. Should mandatory drug education be required? 4. Should the penalties for youths and adults be treated differently and if so, how and what age would you use to distinguish between the two? 5. Do you believe that “decriminalization” of marijuana will increase, remain the same, or decrease the usage of marijuana both for adults and youths? Please submit data and references to support your position. 6. Do you believe “decriminalization” will encourage minors to smoke marijuana? Why? Please submit data or references to support your position? 7. Do you believe that marijuana is more or less harmful than alcohol and tobacco? Why? 8. Do you believe that marijuana is the “gateway drug” ? Why? What evidence do you have to support either position? 9. What is your opinion on using for medicinal home remedies? What other constraints, concerns or suggestions do you have with this proposal? Please email your comments to HODE’S PLACEHode’s Place, where Taste, Quality and Comfort makes the difference!! We Are Located In The Savannah Area of San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District. We Cater For Large & Small Groups as Well as for private functions, parties and meetings. For more Information and for deliveries within Town Please Call us at 8042522


Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 7 John Lawrence Remand Again On Another Robbery ChargeSAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo, Monday, August 6, 2012: From the time the police received the report of the assault upon a tourist, they knew that they would be looking for someone from out of town as there is hardly anyone within the community who would want to commit such an act acting against a tourist in a community that cherishes its growing tourism industry. It had to be an outsider and within minutes the accused was detained near a crack cocaine dispensing premises on 2nd Street in San Ignacio Town. The alleged robber was identified as John Lawrence, 32, Belizean unemployed of a San Andres Village address in the northern district of Corozal. Two days later, on Wednesday, August 8, Lawrence was positively identified, in a police line up, by the victim and a Burns Avenue businessman who witnessed the attack. The accused was consequently administered the Miranda Rights and he chose to remain silent after which he was arrested and formally charged for robbery. The accused appeared in the San Ignacio Town courtroom of Magistrate Narda Morgan on Thursday, August 9 where he pled not guilty to the charge. He was remanded to jail for two months and will be reappearing in court on Tuesday October 9, 2012. The police investigation revealed that the victim, Sheldon Patnett 25, American Tourist visiting from Arizona USA and residing in town, was on Burns Avenue at around 3:30 pm on Monday, August 6, when he was approached by the accused who begged him for two dollars. He gave the money to the man, whom he described as being of dark complexion, with curly hair, wide nose, muscular built and almost 6 feet in height, wearing a light color 3/4 length pants and a white under shirt. Patnett informed that after giving the man the two dollars, he proceeded to walk down Burns Avenue and that upon reaching the area between CelinaÂ’s Superstore and Western Hardware store, he was approached by the same man who had followed him. Patnett informed that as he turned around the accused fired a punch at him hitting him in the right eye landing him on the street. While still on the ground, the assailant reportedly stood over him demanding all he had. The frightened victim proceed to hand over the two fifty dollar bills he had in his possession after which the robber fled the scene. Lawrence is no stranger to San Ignacio police. Court records reveal that he is currently out on bail in connection with an October 11, 2011 incident in which he stands accused of robbing a blue Samsung cellular telephone, valued at eighty dollars, from Eligio Morales. The incident reportedly occurred at around 1:20 on the morning of Tuesday, October 11, 2011 on Eduardo Luna Street in San Ignacio. The trial date for this incident is set for Friday October 19, 2012. He has been out on bail on this charge since January 31, 2012. The Accused John Lawrence, 32 CAYO RENTALS


Page 8 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 12, 2012 What Causes Obesity in Children? Children become overweight and obese for a variety of reasons. The most common causes are genetic factors, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, or a combination of these factors. Only in rare cases is being overweight caused by a medical condition such as a hormonal problem. A physical exam and some blood tests can rule out the possibility of a medical condition as the cause for obesity. Although weight problems run in families, not all children with a family history of obesity will be overweight. Children whose parents or brothers or sisters are overweight may be at an increased risk of becoming overweight themselves, but this can be linked to shared family behaviors such as eating and activity habits. A child’s total diet and activity level play an important role in determining a child’s weight. Today, many children spend a lot time being inactive. For example, the average child spends approximately four hours each day watching television. As computers and video games become increasingly popular, the number of hours of inactivity may increase. What Diseases Ar e Obese Children at Risk For? Obese children are at risk for a number of conditions, including: Obesity In Children High cholesterol High blood pressure Early heart disease Diabetes Bone problems Skin conditions such as heat rash, fungal infections, and acne How Do I Know if My Child Is Overweight? The best person to determine whether or not your child is overweight is your child’s doctor. In determining whether or not your child is overweight, the doctor will measure your child’s weight and height and compute his ‘’BMI,’’ or body mass index, to compare this value to standard values. The doctor will also consider your child’s age and growth patterns. Assessing obesity in children can be difficult, because children can grow in unpredictable spurts. How Can I Help My Overweight Child? If you have an overweight child, it is very important that you allow him or her to know that you will be supportive. Children’s feelings about themselves often are based on their parents’ feelings about them, and if you accept your children at any weight, they will be more likely to feel good about themselves. It is also important to talk to your children about their weight, allowing them to share their concerns with you. It is not recommended that parents set children apart because of their weight. Instead, parents should focus on gradually changing their family’s physical activity and eating habits. By involving the entire family, everyone is taught healthful habits and the overweight child does not feel singled out. How Can I Involve My Family in Healthful Habits? There are many ways to involve the entire family in healthy habits, but increasing the family’s physical activity is especially important. Some ways to accomplish this include: Lead by example. If your children see that you are physically active and having fun, they are more likely to be active and stay active for the rest of their lives. Plan family activities that provide everyone with exercise, like walking, biking, or swimming. Be sensitive to your child’s needs. Overweight children may feel uncomfortable about participating in certain activities. It is important to help your child find physical activities that they enjoy and that aren’t embarrassing or too difficult. Make an effort to reduce the amount of time you and your family spend in sedentary activities, such as watching TV or playing video games. Whatever approach parents choose to take regarding an overweight child, the purpose is not to make physical activity and following a healthy diet a chore, but to make the most of the opportunities you and your family have to be active and healthy. Monday: Draft Beer $3.00 Tuesday: Local Rum $3.00 Wednesday: Panty Ripper $3.95 Monday thru Friday Mondays To Fridays: Regular Margaritas: $6.95 Straberry Margaritas: $7.95 Blue Margaritas: $8.95 24 Crenshaw St. San Ignacio, Cayo Tel: 824 -2730Mexican and Belizean Menu HAPPY HOURThe Home Of MARGARITAS SPECIALS Western Hardware has all your Plumbing, Electrical & Construction supplies under one roof at reasonable prices. Ask for what you do not see, we can find those hard to get items. Why travel out of town to buy your supplies when Western Hardware can satisfy all your Plumbing, Electircal & Construction needs.“Your One Stop Construction & Home Improvement Shop”Phone: 824-2572/3494 Fax: 8243240 E-mail: 54 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio, Cayo istrict, Belize C.A Now offering Professional Building Maintenance Services New Tires For Sale We are your best choice for Plumbing & Electrical Building Maintenance Services. Visit us today!!!! Taxi Operators Buying Tires Will be Offered A Special Discounted Rate


Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 9 ARIES: March 22 to April 20 Are you waiting to hear some important news? Significant career matters may be involved. This isn't a good week to sit around waiting. Your call will probably come when you least expect it. Be ready, otherwise you could well drive yourself crazy hoping for the news. Lucky numbers: 09, 54, 97. TAURUS: April 21 to May 21 This isn't a good week to travel, especially by land. This may not even be a good week to plan a trip, although you can consider your options. If you must drive, hit the road early, travel light, and take some good music along. That will make it bearable. Lucky numbers: 25, 42, 79. GEMINI: May 22 to June 21 A friend or colleague involved in an enterprise with you could be inhibited in some way by lack of money. It's a pain, but you and your colleagues will manage, and your friend should have it together in time. Find a way to work around the situation. Lucky numbers: 20, 35, 61. CANCER: June 22 to July 23 Career responsibilities may require a temporary separation from a love partner this week. This is apt to be upsetting and rather disheartening, but there is likely nothing you can do about it except work as quickly as you can so that you can finish and get back to your partner. Make sure your partner knows what's going on. You don't want to cause any more upset. Lucky numbers: 04, 50, 83. LEO: July 24 to August 21 Travel arrangements may have to be put off because of unexpected developments that keep you where you are. You may be worried about the consequences. You will be able to make the necessary trip, and accomplish whatever you are hoping to do. Worry will only stress you out. The only productive way to deal with this is to keep moving. Lucky numbers: 14, 29, 66. VIRGO: August 22 to September 21 You may feel especially lonely, overworked, and passionate this week, therefore longing for the company of your romantic partner. 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Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 11 “The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth”Publisher: Nyani K. August Editor: Albert Nigel August #42 Western Highway, Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize, CA Office Tel: 804-4900 Cell: 626-8822 and 626-8841starnewspaper@gmail.comBy Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times MEXICO CITY, Wednesday, August 8, 2012 It must have seemed like a good idea at the time: a memorial to the thousands of victims of the drug violence that has convulsed Mexico for most of the last decade. Washington, after all, has its Vietnam War memorial. New York has its monument at the site of the World Trade Center. But even as the winning design was being announced, Mexico’s tribute was stricken by the conflicting visions and bitter disputes that have driven wedges into Mexican society. Innocent civilians, police officers on duty and soldiers fighting drug cartels are among the more than 50,000 dead in the government’s crackdown on the cartels. But there are also huge numbers of bad guys: traffickers, their thuggish gunmen, their corrupt politician accomplices. Does the memorial speak for all of them? And if not, how do you winnow the memorialized? And how do you pay homage to the unknown? Most of the drug war’s dead are nameless, bodies unidentified, survivors in hiding. Then there’s the issue of who’s footing the $2-million bill: the same government that many peace activists blame, at least in part, for the violence. The selected design, by architect Ricardo Lopez, is a stand of 15 steel walls arrayed around a reflecting pool off Mexico City’s iconic Reforma Boulevard. According to artists’ renderings, the walls resemble rust-colored billboards, some with mirrors that will reflect the trees in the surrounding park. The idea of erecting a memorial came from activists protesting the violence, which has also left 10,000 missing and thousands more survivors of kidnappings and rapes. Chief among the activists is Isabel Miranda de Wallace an uppermiddle-class matron who became involved when her son was kidnapped and killed. “This is to have a space where we all can pass by … to remember the pain we have lived, the people we have lost,” Miranda de Wallace, who was the unsuccessful mayoral candidate in Mexico City this year for the ruling conservative National Action Party, said in an interview. But another prominent activist, poet Javier Sicilia, whose son was killed by presumed drug traffickers when he was out one night with friends, is having none of it. “This is not a memorial; it is an insult … a barbarity,” said Sicilia, whose followers lean mostly to the left. “A true memorial must be part of a process, a process of identifying the dead, of acknowledging the truth, of reconciliation,” he said. Angering some activists, the government announced that the memorial would be situated alongside a military field near the presidential compound, not inside the universally admired historic Chapultepec Park as originally proposed. The army and navy have been the bulwarks of the fight against the cartels, but they have also been increasingly mired in human rights abuses, including torture and murder. The erection of memorials is often controversial. Citizens, survivors and families of the dead argued passionately over the design, scope and placement of the memorials marking the Vietnam War and the Sept. 11 attacks. But in those cases, the commemorations came long after the bloodshed was over. Mexico, by contrast, remains gripped by the violence that this monument will mark. It is an achingly inconclusive phenomenon. Alvaro Vazquez Mantecon, who produced one of Mexico’s most important memorials, one paying homage to students massacred by government troops in 1968, said the drug war monument could play the important role of “giving dignity to victims who were often criminalized by authorities.” (Because so many dead were not identified, the authorities often lumped them all together as villains.) But Vazquez added in comments to the Reforma newspaper that he wasn’t sure the memorial furthered the kind of understanding that was needed. Miranda de Wallace said discussions of whether the monument would be engraved with names — and how to choose them — would be held this month by a 10-member committee from citizen organizations. “That is the most complicated part,” she said, acknowledging that she would not want her son’s name alongside that of a cartel hit man. Mauricio Rivero Borrell, an architect who headed the committee that selected the winning design, said loved ones would be allowed to place candles and flowers to honor specific victims but that listing names seemed unrealistic. “Who is the jury that decides that?” he said by telephone. “Who decides who deserves to be included and who doesn’t deserve? ” The government of President Felipe Calderon also came under criticism for appearing to rush the design process, which played out in record time. Critics said it seemed more important to the government to build the monument before Calderon leaves office Dec. 1 than to construct the proper tribute. Some warned against another fiasco like the monument saluting Mexico’s bicentennial. The Pillar of Light was finished nearly a year and a half after the anniversary, with a price tag three times the original projected cost. It is now a widely lampooned tower of quartz plates, a lightning rod for criticism of the Calderon administration. Calderon was also attacked by Sicilia and others for approving the war-victims memorial at the same time he was vetoing a law that would have provided economic, legal and medical assistance to the same community. The administration said the law failed to spell out the responsibilities of local governments; a challenge to the veto has been lodged in the Supreme Court. The government said it was standing by its plan to build the memorial alongside the military field, Campo Marte, squeezed up against a busy highway. It said the selection process involved many civil-society groups (though it didn’t mention the dissenters). “In a democracy, we respect the opinions of various actors,” Interior Secretary Alejandro Poire said at a news conference last week. Sicilia, at his own news conference, said a memorial that did not incorporate the necessary soul-searching would end up hiding “this national tragedy … as in so many mass graves.” He and his followers said they would build their own monument. “The memorial,” Sicilia said, “is a process of examining what happened, how they died and why … a process that has not even begun.” A Memorial In Mexico City For Victims Of Drug Violence


Page 12 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 12, 2012 Dear Editor; My grandmother always told me that in order to succeed in life I must never spend my money on things that I do not need because, if I do, I will have a hard time handling the necessities in life such as food, electricity, water and rent. I am amazed however, by the knowledge of that person in uniform, now known as the “Sleeping Policeman” who racked up a massive $500 gambling bill at the game shop near the market in San Ignacio and, to make matters worse, he is refusing to pay the gambling bill. My understanding is that he could be facing or might have already faced disciplinary charges on this matter. This however should not be taken lightly. It is a serious matter because policemen with this kind of addiction will do anything, illegal or otherwise, to get money to satisfy this bad habit. These kind of people should have absolutely no place in law enforcement. Given the event of his recent past, this now makes me wonder: a) Did this policeman deliberately fall asleep to conveniently allow that private soldier to steal the gun belonging to Anchor Security? b) Was the soldier intent on selling the gun to give the “sleeping policeman” his cut so that the he could deposit the money in these slot machines to satisfy his gambling addiction? and c) Did they underestimate or forget about the presence of the surveillance camera in the police station? He is known as a “Sleeping”, and now, “Gambling ” policeman, what other adjective must next be prefixed before someone in authority comes to the realization that this character is a time bomb in a department that can ill afford another explosion? R. A. Requena, Santa Elena That Sleeping/Gambling Policeman We give all Customer the possibility to get the perfect Car. NOW NEW We can assist you with financing any New and used Cars we offer. Visit our Website www to find your Dream Car. You can also apply directly for a financing Plan on our Website under “Financing Service” or go directly to our Partner the Heritage Bank of Belize. Dear Editor; I read two articles in the last edition of your newspaper on which, with your permission, I would like to comment. First: I loved the article from Benque regarding senior policemen visiting and chatting with the people in their community. This is indeed a wonderful initiative. While I understand that, being a smaller community, it is easier to do this in Benque than in San Ignacio/Santa Elena, at the very least, the senior ranks here should listen to the complaints of citizens, who come to them with their complaints without them going out to the people as is done in Benque. Unfortunately, given that the irregular behavior continues, despite citizens’ complaints, it looks like the senior command is either incompetent in getting subordinates to do the right thing or are outrightly condoning irregular behavior on the part of those under their command. This brings me to the second article and my second point; and that is the allegation about the policeman who refused to record a statement from the sister of an injured man, you are right to say that he acted like a judge, jury and executioner. This is the kind of thing that leads some of us take the law into our own hands as we consider it a waste of time to try to seek assistance from those we pay to assist us. Every policeman should be trained to record statements from every single person wishing to give one. The policeman has the authority to take action against anyone who, is later found to have given them false or misleading statements. I think, in law, it is called “committing a “mischievous act.” Any policeman who refuses to record a statement from a citizen is not worthy of wearing that uniform and should be sent home. Sarita G, San IgnacioPolicemen MUST Record Statements Let Us Keep Our Environment CleanDear Editor; The infrastructure works on Burns Avenue in downtown San Ignacio looks good. It certainly adds value to the various businesses and properties along the corridor. As individual business owners in the area, we must now do our part to keep it clean and not wait for the Town Council to come along and sweep the area in front of our business places. How quick we are to extend our businesses out onto the street as we refuse to keep that very same area clean. What on earth will it take for us to ask the employee in our stores/restaurants/hotels/tour agencies/ real estate agencies and cream stands, to get a broom and keep our new pavement clean instead of waiting for town council employees to do it for us? It is high time that we begin to take pride in our environment and keep it clean. Let us not be like the heavy cigarette smoker on the Burns Avenue corridor who without civic pride shamelessly flicks his cigarette butt on the pavement right in front of his workplace. J. Argualles, San Ignacio VW-Belize +501 668 5904


Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 13 Visit us today for the best in music cd’s and dvd’s. We have a wide assortment of gift items, watches, fashion jewelry, games and game accessories. Our prices are unbeatable!Our sales assistants are always ready and willing to help. Passport Photos Or Drivers License PhotosGo Back To School With Go Back To School With Go Back To School With Go Back To School With Go Back To School With Fatigue is generally defined as a feeling of lack of energy and motivation that can be physical, mental or both. Fatigue is not the same as drowsiness, but the desire to sleep may accompany fatigue. Apathy is a feeling of indifference that may accompany fatigue or exist independently. In addition, individuals often describe fatigue using a variety of terms including weary, tired, exhausted, malaise, listless, lack of energy and feeling run down. Fatigue is common. About 20% of Americans claim to have fatigue intense enough to interfere with living a normal life. A physical cause has been estimated to be responsible 20% to 60% of the time, while emotional or mental causes comprise the other 40% to 80% of cases of fatigue. Unfortunately, fatigue can also occur in normal individuals that experience intense physical or mental activity (or both). However, in contrast to fatigue that occurs with some diseases and syndromes, normal fatigue in healthy individuals is quickly relieved in a few hours to about a day when the physical or mental activity is reduced. Also, people occasionally experience fatigue after eating (sometimes termed postprandial depression) which can be a normal response to food, especially after large meals and this may last about 30 minutes to several hours. In addition to the many terms attributed to “fatigue” there are further problems with the terminology used to describe fatigue. There are several “fatigue syndromes” that occasionally appear in the medical literature. For example, Epstein-Barr chronic fatigue syndrome, post viral infection fatigue syndrome, and adrenal fatigue syndrome are among the most commonly seen. However, many physicians do not recognize these as syndromes because the criteria used to define them as syndromes are too diffuse and many consider the associated fatigue (sometimes chronic fatigue) as either a symptom or complication of the underlying associated diseases. However, there is a well-defined chronic fatigue syndrome recognized by specific criteria. Basically, two sets of criteria need to be met to establish a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome: 1. Have severe chronic fatigue for at least six months or longer with other known medical conditions (whose manifestation includes fatigue) excluded by clinical diagnosis; and 2. Concurrently have four or more of the following symptoms: post-exertional malaise impaired memory or concentration unrefreshing sleep muscle pain multi-joint pain without redness or swelling tender cervical or axillary lymph nodes sore throat headache Consequently, people and their health care practitioners need to spend some time together to clearly determine whether or not the problem or symptom is truly fatigue, and if it is, any associated symptoms that may accompany the fatigue should be explored. Fatigue Causes The potential causes of fatigue are numerous. The majority of diseases known to man often list fatigue or malaise as possible associated symptoms. This is complicated by the fact that fatigue can occur in normal healthy individuals as a normal response to physical and mental exertion. However, normal fatigue may begin to become abnormal if it becomes chronic, extreme or prolonged fatigue; usually this occurs when a person experiences chronic or prolonged physical or mental exertion. For example, unusually hard physical or mental exertion for one day can result in normal fatigue that may last about a day or sometimes more, depending on the exertion level, while daily unusually hard physical or mental exertion may result in prolonged fatigue (usually greater than 24 to 48 hours) This latter situation may develop into abnormal fatigue. The causes of fatigue can be classified under several broad disease entities or lifestyle problems that have fatigue as an associated symptom. The following table categorizes numerous causes of fatigue. This table is not meant to be all inclusive. Fatigue Symptoms Fatigue, either mental or physical, is a symptom that usually has some underlying cause. Fatigue may be described by people in different ways, and may include some combination of the following (both mental and physical): weakness, lack of energy, constantly tired or exhausted, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating, and/or difficulty starting and completing tasks. Other symptoms such as fainting or loss of consciousness (syncope) near-syncope, rapid heartbeat (palpitations), dizziness or vertigomay also be described as part of the fatigue experienced by the affected individual. The presence of these symptoms may actually help lead a health care practitioner to discover the underlying cause(s) of the fatigue. When to Seek Medical Care Generally, people need to seek medical care if they experience any of the following: fatigue that comes on suddenly (not due to normal short-term physical or mental stress), fatigue that is not relieved by adequate rest, adequate sleep, or removal of stressful factors, fatigue that becomes chronic or extreme, fatigue that is accompanied by unexplained symptoms, and/or fatigue and weakness associated with fainting or nearly fainting. If a person experiences any of the following with or without associated fatigue, they should go to a hospital’s Emergency Department: fainting, chest pain, shortness of breath, bleeding (for example, rectal bleeding or vomiting blood), severe abdominal, pelvic, or back pain, severe headache, irregular or fast heartbeat, and/or other people or pets in same household have similar symptoms, including fatigue (possible carbon monoxide poisoning). Some additional symptoms, often associated with fatigue, should prompt an urgent visit to their doctor: unexplained weight loss, new masses or lumps anywhere in the body, fever, especially greater than 101 F (38.3 C), abnormal vaginal bleeding, and/or unexplained pain anywhere in the body. FATIGUE Ask About The Affordable Apartments We Offer For RentSTERLINGS $ MEATS D-BEST


Page 14 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 12, 2012 The New York Times is reporting that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has selected Congressman PaulWellington C. Ramos Columnist New York City Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney To Announce Running Mate Ryan a staunch Conservative Republican from Wisconsin as his Running-Mate. This selection is believed to have resulted from pressures on the part of members of the Tea Party and the Neo-Conservatives in the Republican Party. This columnist is of the view that a) this is the worst decision Romney could have adapted and b) He has just given the election to President Barack Obama I have monitored Congressman Ryan since he was first elected and, in my view, he is more Conservative than Newt Gingrich He would like to eliminate all the programs that currently exist for the poor, working class and senior citizens in the United States of America. It is anticipated that the Democrats will be having a field day as of today when Romney makes this announcement in Virginia the home of Governor McDonald who was on his list and was rejected. Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan (R)


Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 15 We AMS To Pleasepolice station. I quickly realized that people were tailing me also a surveillance airplane was flying low. There were two reasons why I did not reach San Ignacio with the vehicle: 1) It was low on gas and 2) I reconsidered facing a grand theft auto charge given that I left my own SUV on the main street in Spanish Lookout with the keys in it and the title in the glove box. My vehicle was left open as well. Upon reaching Santa Familia village, in the GMC Suburban, I turned unto a road and safely parked the vehicle under a tree in a school yard where children were present. The intention was to call a taxi to take me to San Ignacio. I was only fleeing the search party which was arriving. I cross under a culvert, getting to the other side of the village. I got into the river by way of a dory that I paddled to the other side. I safely tied the dory so it could be reasonably reclaimed. I emerged on the other side in a bamboo patch and obtained one scrape to my left arm and not several scratches as indicated by the STAR article. I determined that the search party had given up by not hearing the dogs any more or any vehicle or gunshots. I wanted to go back across the river but by this time the villagers had reclaimed the dory and took it back across. I swam back across the river resulting in my wallet and documents being soaked and ruined. I was trying to reserve my Blackberry cellular phone by swimming with one hand and floating it with the other but the water was too deep and the current was strong, making my blackberry phone get filled with water and ruined. Without the phone I could not call a cab or anyone. I gave up running; running for what? I did not do any crime. I took a Humes bus, I was not hiding anymore as I felt safer in these territories. Upon reaching the first gas station after the Bullet Tree Road check point I saw a police vehicle parked with several officers who seemed to not even be paying attention to the bus. I said to myself, well I will reach town by the time I said that we were almost beside Juan Chuc’s Store when a police vehicle coming from the direction of San Ignacio town swerved in front of the bus and ordered it to stop. A corporal who I know well came into the bus and professionally handcuffed me. I freely walked and got into the police vehicle. I was not pulled out of the bus as the STAR article said. I was taken to my intended destination anyway. I have to admit it was embarrassing to be riding in the back of a police truck as this, for me, was a first. I was informed at the police station that I was detained pending the investigation of an auto theft and this alone. I was not worried at all as I did no damage to this vehicle and left it in perfect condition in front of witnesses. I was brought to the CIB room where they questioned me only about the stolen vehicle. I did not lie, I admitted to taking it with good reason. The officers were really friendly and courteous and seemed to believe me 100%. They said, “August we do not have anything on you except for this vehicle, but if you make a sworn statement signed by a Justice of the Peace that you were taking conveyance of a motor vehicle, meaning you had a good reason to take this vehicle being to save your life, you did not damage it or hide it or anything suggesting vehicle theft intentionally.” They said the most the magistrate would do is dismiss the case or fine you a fine not exceeding $800 which I was OK with. I agreed to sign the statement and Justice of the Peace Eddy Cano also signed it. In terms of the theft of tires for which I was charged, I was in the CIB room when a bus operator came inside the room and said he came to explain about some tires the police picked up from his yard in a village on the Western Highway. Be aware that this is not three small vehicle tires. These are three heavy duty semi truck and trailer tires mounted on rims and inflated which would take at least two persons to load. The week prior to that I remember receiving a call from the bus operator asking how much I would charge him to under wash some buses. He claims he got my number from the sign at my business place. I returned a call to him to confirm if I would get the business and this was how he acquired my other business number as I called him on another phone which was cheaper to call on at the time. All my phones are registered so I can be traced by my number. CIB personnel began questioning the bus operator while I was present. He made it clear that he does not know me to talk to, he said that he may have passed by and saw me at my place but that’s about it. He did say however that he received a call and that the person told him that he has some tires to sell him. He told the police that the call was from me. I was in shock and did not say anything. However the bus operator claimed that he was not at home when the person or persons left the tires at his place. He told the police that he does not know who left the tires at his place. Before I was taken back to the holding cell, I heard the officers threatening to lock him up for handling stolen goods. I understand that in fear of being placed behind bars for handling the three tires which was found at his compound, he decided to change his story and the tires were pinned on me. I also remember one of the officers telling the bus operator that when they went to investigate the stolen tires one of his employee was already taking off one of the tires from the rim. The employee explained to the police that his boss had left direct orders for him to take off the tire from the rim. I was amazed when, after being detained for almost 48 hours in the cell to be handed two charge sheets one for theft of three tires valued at $750 and another for handling stolen goods being for the same three tires not specifying if they were small tires or heavy duty tires leaving people under the impression that they were small vehicle tires which one individual can be capable of easily stealing and loading into an SUV. As for me, I drive an SUV which seats five people and has little space in the back. I was taken up to magistrate court but while inside I was summoned by an officer who is a customer at my business whom I know to be my friend according to him, he gave me a charge sheet for one count of theft of a vehicle valued at $20,000. I wondered what became of the taking conveyance of a motor vehicle deal which was signed before JP Eddy Cano the day before which was my only statement which was the truth. It was then that the said PC explained to me that he had joined forces with the angry villagers in the pursuit of me and he identified it was me by way of my vehicle and also said he is my friend and does not know me to be a criminal element in anyway but he said he was just doing his job which I understood but I wasn’t done with him I was angry because he should have identified himself as police and I would have surrendered in Spanish Lookout without going through such an ordeal. I went back to court after he himself advised me on what to say in court to free myself. I pled guilty with an explanation to the theft of the said vehicle. I was not going to lie but I had him summoned to court and the magistrate asked him if I was in any premises in Spanish Lookout he said no. Did you find any fuel or anything illegal in Mr. August’s vehicle? To which he also replied no. I was freed of this criminal charge of theft of a GMC Suburban truck. It comes to the charges of theft and handling stolen goods with regards to the tires. I pled not guilty to both charges immediately the theft charge was dropped and bail was set at $3,000 only for the handling of stolen goods charge. I was relieved, really fair case. My brother was right on hand to bail me and the case was adjourned until October 18 and not the 10thas reported in the STAR article. Also I pled guilty to one charge as I did the offence with a valid excuse I am not guilty of the others and I will prove it. These are the facts. “These Are The Facts” Writes Samuel August Continued From Page 4


Page 16 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Sunday, August 12, 2012 From Front PageN N N N N o Helme o Helme o Helme o Helme o Helme t, N t, N t, N t, N t, N o License, o License, o License, o License, o License,N N N N N o Insur o Insur o Insur o Insur o Insur ance.. Bulle ance.. Bulle ance.. Bulle ance.. Bulle ance.. Bulle ts!? ts!? ts!? ts!? ts!?The Ten Live Round Of .38 AmmunitionJamaica’s Usain Bolt Wins 200m And Makes Olympic Athletics HistoryOlympic Staduim, London, Thursday, August 9, 2012: Usain Bolt became the first man to retain both Olympic sprint titles as he led home a gold and green Jamaica clean sweep in the 200m. Bolt matched Michael Johnson’s then world-record time from the Atlanta Games of 19.32 seconds as he held off training partner Yohan Blake in silver and Warren Weir in bronze. Esain Bolt held his form to cross the line with a finger to his lips Esain Bolt (Gold 19.32 seconds) flanked Yohan Blake (Silver 19.44 seconds) and Warren Weir (Bronze 19.84 seconds) Blake had beaten Bolt at the Jamaican trials, his last race over the distance before London, but the double 100m champion ran a brilliant bend from lane seven to lead by a metre coming into the straight. Glancing to his left he was aware of Blake closing in a fraction at 150m, but held his form to cross the line with a finger to his lips. “This is what I wanted and I got it. I’m very proud of myself,” the 25-year-old told BBC Sport. “After a rough season I came out here and did it. I thought the world record was possible. I guess I was fast but not fit enough. I could feel my back strain a little bit, so all I did was to keep my form. I’m very dedicated to my work and London meant so much to me.” Blake’s 19.44 seconds was a season’s best, while 22-year-old Weir set a new personal best with 19.84 seconds to complete the Jamaican party. But this was Bolt’s race, and these have once again been Bolt’s Games. A month ago, his form questionable and his hamstrings and back giving him serious problems, there was genuine doubt whether the 25-year-old could retain one Olympic title here in London, let alone two. Bolt has made those misgivings seem laughable. He now has five Olympic gold medals, the most decorated Jamaican Olympian of all time, and with the 4x100m still to come can make it six before he heads home to the embrace of an ecstatic nation. On a warm, still summer evening perfect for sprinting, Bolt had clowned around as he waited to be called to his blocks, as ever a study in easy relaxation despite the magnitude of the occasion. He flirted with the girl looking after his kit and then gave a regal wave before taking his rivals apart from the moment the gun sounded. While there was no new mark on Thursday evening, this was the joint fourth fastest 200m in history a display to rank among the best the event Bolt calls his own has ever seen. BY: Tom Fordyce, BBC’s Chief Sports Writer motorcyclist however led to the discovery of 10 live rounds of ammunition in his possession and consequently to his arrest on the serious possession of unlicensed ammunition charge. At around midnight on Saturday, August 4, 2012 a team of policemen on patrol in the downtown area of San Ignacio saw a male Hispanic person, wearing a dark hooded sweater, on a red motorcycle in front of Courts Store. The police’s attention was drawn to the motorcycle rider as he was not wearing the legally required helmet. The motorcyclist was pulled over and identified as J orge Ignacio Choc 19 Belizean laborer of a Cotton Tree Village address. He was ordered to produce the license and insurance documents for the motorcycle. Upon inspection both documents were found to be expired. Choc was detained and when searched, was found in possession of 10 point 38 special bullets retrieved from inside a red case he carried in the right pocket of the black hooded sweater he was wearing. The bullets were described as being five hollow point RP brand bullets, one regular RP brand bullet, three Winchester brand and the tenth one being of Aguilar brand. Choc was escorted to the nearby police station where he was cautioned and chose to remain silent. He was later arrested and charged with the following offences 1) Kept ammunition without a gun license 2) Drove motor vehicle not covered by a third party risk insurance 3) Drove unlicensed motor vehicle. The accused appeared in the San Ignacio Town courtroom of Magistrate Narda Morgan on Monday, August 6, where he pled guilty to the two traffic offences. On the non-insurance charge, he was fined four hundred dollars to be paid forthwith and in default of payment, he would spend three months in jail. On the unlicensed motor vehicle matter he was fined fifty dollars also to be paid forthwith and in default he would spend one month in jail. On the ammunition charge, Choc pled not guilty and was remanded to jail with the next court date set for Monday, October 29, 2012. Choc is represented by attorney Oswald Twist.


Sunday, August 12, 2012 STAR Tels: 626-8822 & 626-8841 & 804-4900 Page 17