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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"



BENQUE VIEJO TOWN, Benque Viejo came upon an
Cayo District, Friday, January elderly man carrying a sack
15, 2010: containing marijuana.
It was at around mid afternoon Benque Viejo police reports
today when a team of policemen that at around 2:50 p.m. on
on an anti-drug operation in Wednesday, January 13, a team
Haiti Earthquabe Death Toll
'May Be 50,000"

One of the many graphic realizations of the extent of the
devastating loss of life in the sister Caribbean island nation of
Haiti in the wake of Tuesday's catastrophic earthquake
Please ui.rnTPage 1

of alert police
officers on anti drugs
operation in the
Lomas Del Rodeo
Area near the
Belizean village of
Arenal encountered
an elderly man,
acting suspiciously
as he was walking in
the area with a white
plastic sack on his
The man was
stopped and when
the bag was opened
it was found
to contain suspected
marijuana. The man
and the merchandise
were transported to
the Benque Viejo
Town police station
where he was
identified as Manuel
Tut, 68, Belizean
shoe repair man
residing in the
southern village of
Steadfast on the
Plas Tur To


Manuel Tut, 68
S . i i

The marijuana


email: bart l844@gmi
ke checks payable to Rotai



ry, San Ignacio,
Box 81



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A Painful Remainder Of The
Vulnerability Of Human Life w g 4 c T I

International compassion is
with the Haitian people as this
impoverished Caribbean
nation is experiencing the
devastation and loss of life
unseen in the region.
As time passes, the death toll
will inevitably increase. The
lives of over 30 percent of the
nation's population have been
changed forever.
While we would not wish for
such devastation to befall even
our worst enemy, the silver
lining behind this dark cloud is
the coming together of nations
of the world in a massive
mobilization of international
assistance to a sister nation in
a time of dire need.
Granted that our national and
personal resources are not
where we might want them to
be at this time, we should
squeeze as much as we
comfortably can to extend a
The Earthquake

helping hand to our Haitian
brothers and sisters.
We trust that the international
assistance will not cease soon
after the rescue mission is
called off as the reconstruction
effort will take many, many
years. The reconstruction will
hopefully create much needed
employment with the potential
of improving the standard of
living for this neglected nation.
This natural catastrophe is
a painful reminder of the
vulnerability of humankind to
the forces of nature. It should
serve as a lesson for every
human being. We must
therefore endeavor to be kind
to each other. We should show
love and respect to fellow
human being as life is a gift to
each of us.
Our hearts goes out all those
persons affected by last
Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti.
In Haiti Requires

The World Human Response

By: Wellington C. Ramos
Ever since the Haitian people
of this Caribbean country fought
and defeated the French to gain
their independence in 1804, this
nation has been left by most
European countries to just go
For those who have no
knowledge of the Haitian
Revolution some time should be
taken to study it.
During the era of colonialism
England, France, Holland,
Portugal, Spain and other
European countries roamed the
planet earth landed on different
continents slaughtered the
indigenous people of most lands,
made them slaves and extracted
and repatriated all of their wealth
and natural resources.
The landing of Christopher
Columbus in this part of the
world in 1492 set the pace for
this exploitation to begin with
the approval of the Catholic
Spanish Pope Alexander V1 in
the Treaty of Tordesillas signed
by Spain and Portugal in 1494.
With the exception of Brazil,
Spain was given all the land and

people in the Americas and the
Caribbean while Portugal had
the continent of Africa for
England, France and Holland
protested this bold move by the
Catholic Pope and pledge to
fight against this unlawful treaty.
The British formed a group
called Pirates who were highly
trained to navigate the high seas
and look for non-British vessels
capture them, take their cargoes
and kill everyone on board. In
addition, they signed agreements
with Spain to temporarily
occupy some of their illegal
territories with the intention to
stay on them permanently. The
French did this on the Spanish
island of Hispanola in the
early 1600's which eventually
developed into two countries one
by the name of Haiti and the
other the Dominican Republic.
Today these two countries are
divided and their relationship
remains strain up to this day
because of their cultural and
historical differences.
The British did the same thing
Please urn To Pge 8

Venus Photos & Records
#6 Hudson Street, San Ignacio
Telephone: 824-2101
We have a wide assortment
of Electronieg, including
Play station 2, P9P and Wii.
Also available, Games, Cell Phone
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We Fantastic Gift Sets, Male & Female Watches,
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Hummingbird Highway in the
Stann Creek District.
When placed on the scale, the
suspected marijuana registered
5,443 grams (11.9 lbs). Tut was
subsequently arrested and
charged for Drug Trafficking. He
appeared before Magistrate
Anna Rachel Montejo, in
Benque Viejo's Magistrate Court
on Thursday, January 14, where
he pled guilty to the charge. He

wasted no time in accepting the
facts as presented by the police
prosecutor. He was fined
$10,000 to be paid by March 30,
2010 in default of paying the fine
he would serve three years in
Although Tut told the court that
he resides in Arenal Village, the
investigation revealed that he is
actually living in Steadfast
Village and that he has relatives
living in Arenal.

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103W ]

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Another Infant Dies "Isn't Negligenc

This cannot continue to happen!

Dr. Roxanna Alvarez VM.
January 10th, 2010
On this cold Sunday morning,
we buried my nephew. He did
not have to die.
His mother, my best friend, is
a hard working woman who was
excitedly awaiting the birth of
her second son. She was
surprised by his unexpected
arrival on the 22nd December
2009, 2 months ahead of his due
As a premature baby, one
would expect that he would be
kept in the hospital for a few
days at the least. Twenty six
hours later, he was released and
they were told to go home.
The doctor informed my
sister that she would have to
be a "Kangaroo mother", which
according to him, simply meant
that she had to keep the baby
warm and fed. According to
them, he was fine.
My brother-in-law, the baby's

dad was concerned about the
baby's health because of the
bad reputation that hospitals
in Belize have. Seeking reassur-
ance, he once again asked if they
were sure the baby was healthy
enough to leave the San Ignacio
hospital. They were told to take
him home.
As good parents, upon their de-
parture from the hospital they
tried to find a pediatrician to
give Kanan a general check-up.
After visiting several clinics,
they found out that this was not
possible since most doctors in
Cayo were on holiday and not
available to the public.
On the 28th December, my
sister noted that Kanan's skin
was changing color and that he
was not feeding as he previously
did. They returned to the
hospital only to be insulted by
the attending doctor who told
them that maybe the baby was
sick because he didn't have a

Rest In Eternal Peace

Papa Chuc

Eugenio Chuc, 76
SUNRISE: January 1, 1934
SUNSET: January 8, 2010
It's only been a week since we said our Good Byes
The tears have hardly dried away from our eyes.

We know that you have gone to rest
In the arm of the Almighty who knows best.

as you reunite with our mother along the way,
our unending love for her we want you to say

As you hold her hands with that gentle touch
please tell her that we all miss her so very much

We take comfort that you are reunited for sure
up yonder above where pain and suffering are no more.

Sadly missed by sons, daughters and the entire family.


e A Crime Also?"
name yet. At this time, a name
hadn't been chosen since each
child's name is chosen with
great care and must be very
To make a long story short,
Kanan was admitted to the Karl
Heusner Memorial Hospital
(KHMH) in Belize City on
Monday, 28th December 2009
in a very critical condition.
The diagnosis revealed that he
had a blood infection. To many,
sepsis, is dangerous but to
premature low-weight infants,
sepsis is life threatening.
In the days that followed, the
jaundice eventually cleared up,
a blood transfusion was
performed, his lungs became
infected and hemorrhaged, he
had to be put on the ventilator,
his stomach was in bad
condition due to the infection
and many of his other organs
were affected.
On Wednesday, 6th January
2010, I visited him at KHMH
and came to the conclusion that
my nephew was a fighter. He
was lying quietly in the
incubator when I arrived. I
spoke to him and he lifted his
right hand, as in salutation. This
moment will forever stay with
me. He had a great desire to live.
He had an IV hooked up to his
artery, was breathing with the
help of a ventilator and had tubes
coming out of different parts of
his body. I knew then that he
was even more special than we
had originally thought.
After fighting to survive for so
long, on Friday, 8th January
2010, Kanan passed away. Brain
hemorrhaging caused by the
infection was what finally
caused his demise.
To many, it is simple: THE
AGAIN! To his mother and
father, friends and family, it is
more than just that. We know
that he cannot come back but we
feel that the public must be made
aware of what happens to those
that trust the system and its
Kanan's death could have been
avoided. If he had been properly
examined after he was born, the
infection could have been
detected and controlled at an
early stage. As it was, by the time
he was admitted to the KHMH,
he was already in grave danger.
Doctors and nurses at the

KHMH worked unreservedly
hard at trying to save him and
must be commended for this.
They tried everything within
their power to give him a chance
at life.
Doctors at the San Ignacio
hospital are another matter
altogether. I hope that they
don't sleep at night thinking
about what they have done. Their
carelessness, negligence or
simple ignorance has devastated
a family, a community and even
worse yet, a little boy who was
expecting to be an older brother
to Kanan.
What happens now? How long
will we continue to grieve and
cry for our loss? How will we
get to the point of accepting that
our little angel, Kanan, was to
some just another statistic? How
do we recover from this?
Everyday we hear of murders,
burglaries, robberies, rapes and
other such heinous crimes. Isn't
negligence a crime also? Don't
our doctors know that when they
decided to study medicine and
to practice medicine, they
relegated their lives to serving
The Modern Version of the
Hippocratic Oath (this is the
oath that doctors take upon
completion of their studies)
states that "Into whatever
patient setting I enter, I will
go for the benefit of the sick
and will abstain from every
voluntary act of mischief or
corruption...". The final clause
in the oath states that "WHILE
I CONTINUE to keep this Oath
inviolate may it be granted
to me to enjoy life and the
practice of the art and science
of medicine with the blessing of
the Almighty and respected by
my peers and society, but should
I trespass and violate this Oath,
may the reverse be my lot."
Have our doctors forgotten this?
Are our doctors so dumb
that they do not know that a
premature infant needs special
attention and care? This cannot
continue to happen! What must
we do to stop it? Do we need to
become violent to be heard?
What happens to those that
depend solely on public
hospitals and clinics because
they cannot afford to go to a
private doctor or clinic? What
happens to those that trust our
system simply because they trust
that our doctors will do their job
properly? Who will answer these

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010:
Emerging from his longest
undertaking in the production of
a new album, Belizean song
writer/musical artist, David Obi
"Ras Indio" Smith, was in
town promoting his 4th album
entitled "Jah Bless Us ".
We caught up with him on
Wednesday evening near Eva's
Restaurant on Bums Avenue in
San Ignacio where he told us
about his latest production.
The impressively packaged
"Jah Bless Us" -2009 album
features prominent Jamaican
artists like Lutan Fyah,
Luciano, Turbulence, Chezidek,
Ras Attitude and Dynasty Crew.
All songs on the 23 track
album, except collaboration
tracks, were written by Ras Indio
himself with Daniel Grossman,
Byron Couch and Robert
"Bobby Hustla" Spencer on
acoustic and electric guitars;
Daniel Grossman and Donald
Dennis of Fire House Band on
Base Guitar; Daniel Grossman

again along with Spencer Green
and David Obi on Keyboards
and Synchs.
All background vocals
were provided by Elaine "LilBit"
Shepherd and the man himself
Ras Indio on Kete Drums.
All interludes were provided
by Ital-Ion.
The authenticity of the album
can be determined by the
presence of an "Eco Green
Friendly" sticker on the
package. Ras Indio advises fans
and supporters to purchase only

"Jah Bless Us"
Ras Indio's Latest Release

those with this sticker as its
absence is indicative of a
bootlegged edition thereby
depriving the artist of the fruits
of his labor over the past 4 years.
Ras Indio attributes his
inspiration to the "Most High"
whom he said "has blessed me
with the motivation to bring
forth my positive vibrations."
He said that he has also drawn
heavily from now
deceased Reggae ll
Legend, Lucky Dube.
The album is
recorded, mixed and --r.-
produced by Daniel
Grossman at Dynasty
Studios in Seattle,
Washington, USA.
In San Ignacio
Town, the album is
available, for only
$25 each, at Back To
My Roots on Bums
Avenue and at Venus
Photos & Records -
on Hudson Street
and, of course, an
autographed copy of
the album can also
be obtained from Ras
Indio himself.
His other three

[iliJI II


The Liquor Licensing Board for San Ignacio/ Santa Elena
and surrounding communities informs all applicants for
Intoxicating Liquor Licenses for the year 2010, that the first
meeting of the Board for the new year will be held at the
Cultural Center in San Ignacio commencing at 9:00 am on the
following two days.

1) Tuesday, January 19, 2010 for establishments within San Ignacio and Santa Elena

2) Wednesday, January 20, 2010 for ALL those establishments located in surrounding
villages and communities.

All persons objecting to the issuance of a license to any establishment are advised to do so
either in writing, before the above dates, to the Chairman, Liquor Licensing Board, Town
Hall, San Ignacio Town, Cayo or in person at the meeting.

albums are: "Stay Positive" -
2005; "Push Up The Fire" -
2004 and "Free Up Mi Nation!"
- 2003.
Ras Indio's next project
takes him back to Seattle,
Washington this year for the
February 7, 2010 "REGGAE
Tribute to the late great Bob

allfflo I

Three New Ambassadors Present Credentials

January 11, 2010:
Three Ambassadors today
presented their credentials to
the Governor General of Belize,
Sir Colville Young at the
Office of the Governor General
in Belmopan.
The new Ambassadors hail
from Egypt in Africa, the Czech
Republic in Europe and its
neighour in the south, the
Republic of Austria, Europe.
In presenting his credentials,
the Egyptian Ambassador, His
Excellency Ibrahim Ahdy
Khairat told the Governor
General that his main task is to
strengthen the relations between
the two nations and develop even
more the exchanges in the fields
of culture, tourism, commerce,
education, health and any other
field that the countries would
find of mutual interest and
For his part the Czech
Ambassador, His Excellency
Pavel Prochazka said that he
is deeply conscious of the
responsibility that had been
placed upon him and the
importance of the mission with
which he had been entrusted. "I
can assure Your Excellency that
I shall strive at all times to
maintain good relations
between our two governments
and our respective people and
to strengthen those relations
with all means that lie within

Egyptian Ambassador,
His Excellency Ibrahim Ahdy Khairat (L),
Governor General Sir Colville Young (R)

my power".
The Austrian Ambassador, His Excellency
Alfred Langle, spoke of his satisfaction for the
good bilateral cooperation of the past in so many
areas. "I have no doubt that this cooperation will

I ne iustrian Ainassauor,
His Excellency Alfred Langle (L),
Governor General Sir Colville Young (R)

B:f M ay aW ij gJ r u

A hater is someone who is
jealous and envious and spends
all their time trying to make you
look small so they can look tall.
They are very negative people
to say the least. Nothing is ever
good enough!
When you make your mark,
you will always attract some

That's why you have to be careful with whom
you share your blessings and your dreams,
because some folk can't handle seeing you blessed.
It's dangerous to be like somebody else. If God
wanted you to be like somebody else. He would
have given you what He gave them! Right?
You never know what people have gone through
to get what they have.
The problem I have with haters is that they see
my glory, but they don't know my story.
If the grass looks greener on the other side of
the fence, you can rest assured that the water bill
is higher there too!
We've all got some haters among us! Some
people envy you because you can:
a) Have a relationship with God
b) Light up a room when you walk in
c) Start your own business
d) Tell a man/woman to hit the curb (if he/she
isn't about the right thing)
e) you are a strong person and don't let people
run you over
f) you have a strong and loving marriage and
they can't get in-between spouses to spoil it

His Excellency
Pavel Prochazka from the Czech Republic (L),
Governor General Sir Colville Young (R)
continue", affirmed H.E. Langle.
Following the presentation of credentials at
the Belize House in Belmopan, all three
Ambassadors visited Prime Minister, Hon. Dean
Barrow, at the Office of the Prime Minister, Sir
Edney Cain Building, Belmopan.

His Excellency
Pavel Prochazka from the Czech Republic (L),
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow (R)
Haters can't stand to see you happy.
Haters will never want to see you succeed.
Most of our haters are people who are supposed
to be on our side (like some family and friends).
How do you handle those undercover haters?
You can handle them by:
1. Knowing who you are & who your true
friends are *(VERYIMPORTANT!!)
2. Having a purpose to your life: Purpose does
not mean having a job. You can have a job and
still be unfulfilled.
A purpose is having a clear sense of what God
has called you to be.
Your purpose is not defined by what others think
about you.
3. By remembering that what you have is by
divine prerogative and not human manipulation.
Fulfill your dreams! You only have one life to
live...when its your time to leave this earth, you
want to be able to say, 'I've lived my life and
fulfilled my dreams, Now I'm ready to go HOME!
When God gives you favor, you can tell your
haters, 'Don't look at me...Look at who is in
charge of me.'

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ISunday, January 17, 2010 -

The Exchange Between George And A.L. Continues

Dear A.L.
In response to your letter and
question, I am writing this.
I was baptized Catholic and
raised Pentecostal. I went to
church 9 times a week every
day and three times on Sunday,
until I was 12 years old. Then I
realized I had enough and
stopped attending church. So,
I am not a practicing Christian; I
practiced enough.
I believe I know right from
wrong, good and evil. It is my
understanding there is nowhere
in the Bible that describes the
Israeli flag or that it represents
the Biblical promised land.
The Hassidic Jews are the ones
that study and read the Torah
everyday of their lives, from
beginning to end, and are
considered the experts by
many. They say that Israel is not
the "promised land" because
only the Messiah can lead the
Jews to the "promised land"
and the Zionists are not
messiahs. They call them false

Because you are unaware of
the significance of the Israeli
flag, you fail to realize it
represents the slaughter and
massacre of hundred of
thousands of Palestinians,
Christian and Muslim, men,
women and children.
If you are interested in
knowing more about the history
of the struggle of the
Palestinians in the West Bank
and Gaza, I am going to try to
show a documentary at the
movie theater. KREM may be
airing it next week on channel
12. It is called Occupation 101
and it is done by American and
Palestinian Christians and
others, as well as American and
Israeli Jews.
Although there may not be a
law against flying any flag above
the Belize flag, it is against the
International Code of Conduct.
From One of Those In
George Gonzalez, San Ignacio

Ignacio Town, Cayo, Thursday,
January 14, 2010:
Certificates were today
presented to 31 young persons at
the Red Cross Building in San
Ignacio after having completed
4 days of skills training.
The skills training, in areas of
business plan and micro
enterprise development was
facilitated by Youth For the
Future in collaboration with
Graceland University and
Pro Belize.
The trainees were guided step
by step by Graceland University
and Pro Belize professors as
they completed their individual
business plans.
The objective of the session
was to provide trainees with the
necessary skills to access micro
credit from agencies such as
Belize Enterprize for Sustainable
Technology (BEST)., Belize
Rural Development Program,
Belize Youth Trust among
Graceland University is in
Belize at the invitation and with

support from Pro Belize.
The recruitment of all trainees
were conducted by Youth For
the Future.
Youth For the Future extends
its appreciation to Graceland
University and Pro Belize for
making this training a reality for
the young people of the Cayo
Further information on the
program can be obtained by
contacting Mrs. Marleni
Hernandez, Manager, Enter-
prise & Job Creation Unit, Youth
For the Future, telephone
number 227-6282 or 6647807.
12.^ T F 1;- r s rri w ..-..m .

:: Oigl L

I- JADI. X 0. -:

Skills Training For Cayo Youth

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Two New Units Formed Within The Ministry Of Agriculture

January 11, 2010:
The Ministry of Agriculture
today launched the Project
Execution Unit (PEU) and the
National Coordinating Commit-
tee for the Agriculture Research
and Development (NCCARD).
The Earthquake

The World Hu

in 1638 by getting permission to
cut logwood and mahogany from
the Spanish crown in one of their
occupied territories in Central
America that was under the
Captaincy General of Granados
the capital of which was in
Guatemala City and New Spain
with it's capital in Mexico City.
The Mexican government in a
treaty with England later
denounce their claim to Belize.
While the Guatemalan govern-
ment kept hanging on to their
unlawful claim.
Like the French, the British
had no intention of leaving
because they said from the
beginning that they will never
honor the treaty that was signed
between Spain and Portugal
giving them both titles to the
entire Americas, Caribbean and
Africa. Today that settlement has
led to the emergence of a nation
called Belize that is struggling to
maintain its independence, while
still haunted by a Guatemalan
claim because of Europeans
unlawful actions.
The Haitians were able to
defeat France with the help of
their ancestors and their
powerful war God "Ogun" one
of the most powerful God in the
religion of the Yoruba people
who mostly live in the country
of Nigeria on the African
Most Haitians are descendants
of various African cultures that
were brought from Africa during
Many Europeans look down on
African people with disdain as
if they are uncivilized, backward
and stupid even up to this
day. Yet they know that the
first people on planet earth
were black people and great
civilizations existed on the
continent of Africa long before
the Europeans set foot on the
African continent.
In fact many African Kings and
Queens sponsored expeditions

These units are charged with
assisting in the implementation
of Government's national goals
in Food Security.
The launching now ensures
that projects are implemented on
time and that monitoring and
evaluation are carried out on a
In Haiti Requires

iman Response
and invasions of several
territories in Europe, Asia and
elsewhere. The Empires of Mali
like; King Askia Mohammad,
Songhay and Ghana are typical
The Haitians are still looked
upon by many Europeans and
some Caribbean people as evil
people but this assertion is far
from the truth. They are entitled
to practice whatever religion
they chose to practice like
everybody else to save their own
For me it is laughable for
anyone to believe that the
Europeans are interested in
saving the souls of other people
after all the atrocities they have
committed upon the people of
this planet. Europeans must
accept the fact that Christianity
is not the only religion on earth.
Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and
several other religions are
common on this planet earth.
As a Garifuna person it took
me some time to accept and
understand my own culture
religion which is also based on
African Ancestral Rites called
"Dugu". I have accepted it and
will not depart from my religion
just to remain a christian. This
religion has provided me with
solace and healing over the
Haiti needs the entire world to
be on its side at this current
moment because a natural
disaster can occur anywhere at
If there are any people in this
world who have suffered and
punished enough it is the
Haitian people and enough is
Several people have died in
Haiti and the structural damages
and human suffering done
nationwide is severe.
Looking at the news has
brought tears to my eyes because
as a human being, I have
feelings and these people are all
God's children like me. There is

regular basis to ensure that
proper procedures are followed
for procurement and tendering
for projects.
At the Launching of the
Project, Minister of Agriculture
Fisheries and Cooperatives,
Hon. Rene Montero introduced
the official staff of the Project
Execution Unit for the Ministry
of Agriculture and Fisheries.
In his address Minister
Montero informed that research
and development has to be a top

BY: Jorge David Aguallo

2 TIMOTEO 3:1-9 nos dice:
(1) Tambi6n debes saber que
en los tiempos filtimos vendrdin
dias dificiles.
(2) Los hombres serain
egoistas, amantes del dinero,
orgullosos y vanidosos.
Hablaran en contra de Dios,
desobedecerin a sus padres,
serin ingratos y no respetaran la
(3) No tendrin carifio ni
compasi6n, serin chismosos, no
podrdn dominar sus pasiones,
serin crueles y enemigos de todo
lo bueno.
(4) Serin traidores y atrevidos,
estarin llenos de vanidad y

priority, in order for Belize to
continue moving forward in the
pursuit of its national policy of
food security.
The assigned Project Director
is Dr. Carlos Itza who will be
responsible for the day to day
functions of the PEU.
Other personnel include
Mr. Neville McAndrew, newly
appointed Director for National
Coordinating Committee for the
Agriculture Research and
Development; as well as three
Project Officers; a Procurement
Officer and a Secretary.

buscaran sus propios placeres en
vez de buscar a Dios.
(5) Aparentaran ser muy
religiosos, pero con sus hechos
negaran el verdadero poder de la
religion. No tengas nada que ver
con esa clase de gente.
(6) Porque a ellos pertenecen
esos que se meten en las casas y
engafian a d6biles mujeres
cargadas de pecado que,
arrastradas por toda clase de
(7) Estin siempre aprendiendo
pero jamais llegan a comprender
la verdad.
(8) Y asi como los brujos
Janes y Jambres se opusieron a
Mois6s, tambi6n esa gente se
opone a la verdad. Son hombres
de mente pervertida, fracasados
en la fe.
(9) Pero no avezaran much,
porque todo mundo se dardi
cuenta de que son unos tontos,
igual que les paso a aquellos dos
que se opusieron a Mois6s.
ISAIAS 42:8-9 nos dice:
Yo soy el Sefior, ese es mi
nombre, y no permitir6 que den
Please -.T--r, TlPgell1

Hode's Place
Savannah Area, San Iqnacio Town, Cayo Tel: 804-2522
Bring Your Family and Friends to
Hode's Place and let them enjoy our
Game Room, Playground and Ice Cream
Shop. We have something for everyone.
Bring out the entire family and enjoy a
clean, friendly and secure environment.
We Also deliver
Call Us At: 804-2522
enough in this world to give selfishness and just give. We all
every human being in this world shall die one day and everything
who is in need of something but we possess will remain here
we have got to rid ourselves after we have departed this
from this culture of greed and planet earth.
Como Seran Las Gentes
En Los Ultimos Dias

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Sunday, January 17, 2010 1

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ISunday, January 17, 2010 -

Coming Up, The 3rd
BY: Jerry Wilken from the
Grumpy Old Men Team
SATURDAY, January 9,2010;
It's time to dust off the canoes
and dig out the paddles as we
kick off the 2010 Canoe Season
with the 3rd Annual Boom to
Manatee Lookout Canoe
It will be held an January 23
and is scheduled to commence
at 10:00am sharp so registration
begins at 9-00 am on the river
bank in Burrell Boom.
We want to use the procees
of this race to help sponsor the
Belize team to go to Texas for

Annual Boom To Manatee Canoe Race

the Water Safari, but in order to
be eligible to receive the funds,
we expect the recipients to help
support these fun races. In that
regards, we are requesting top
teams and sponsors to assist by
providing support and interest to
these interim races. If we can get
20 canoes, we will have fun and
generate funds to support.
We have 4 generous sponsors
for the race, Belize Global
Travel Services, SkyLighters
Unlimited, Joseph & Taylor and
Architectural Accents.
We are also looking for
organiser and sponsors for the

other races to be held this year.
So far we have Joe Fuzy for the
June race from Boom to
Bayview Oasis and we are
waithig for confirmation on the
February Boom to the Belize
City race.
I would like a Cayo group to
take on the Agricultural race as
it is in their back yard.
Anyone else who wishes to
organise a race, please feel free
to email me at wilken@btl.net
and I can give you all the
formats needed to hold a canoe
See you on the water.

Art's Mobile Service
#54 George Price Avenue,
Santa Elena Town, Cayo.
Tel: 804-2659
630-3019 Tr
Guaranteed Services
We AMS To Please










Vacancy Notice

Petroleum Accounting Assistant

Geology and Petroleum Department

Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment

)plications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of Petroleum Accounting Assistant in the Geology and
troleum Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. The qualifications required for appointment to the
ist and its associated duties and responsibilities are listed hereunder:-

>sition: Petroleum Accounting Assistant

qualification: Associates Degree in Accounting or Business Administration


1) Experience in auditing.
2) Must be systematic, analytical and adept in bookkeeping.
3) Must be computer literate with good working knowledge of Excel.
4) Can effectively work under pressure, is keen to detail and result-oriented.

duties/ Responsibilities:
(1) Conduct verification of daily petroleum production and sales reports of petroleum contractors and prepare and
maintain database of petroleum production, sales and inventory.
(2) Conduct monthly and annual reconciliation of petroleum production, sales and inventory of petroleum contractors.
(3) Conduct regular verification of gross revenues of petroleum contractors.
(4) Conduct regular verification of costs and expenditures of petroleum contractors.
(5) Prepare reports on verification of petroleum production and sales, gross revenues and expenditures of petroleum
contractors including findings and recommendations.
(6) Prepare and maintain financial database of revenues and expenditures of petroleum contractors.
(7) Verify compliance of petroleum contractors with accounting obligations consistent with generally accepted procedures
and standards in the international petroleum industry.
(8) Assist in preparing annual audit plan for auditing of petroleum contractors.
(9) Maintain departmental petroleum accounting files for petroleum contractors.

ust be willing to travel locally, regionally and internationally for training and in the fulfilment of duties.

Salary: NPS 10 of $17,292 x 828 $33,024

Age: 18 45 years old

deadline for applications:

Interested persons in possession of the requisite qualifications are to submit this application to the Chief Executive Officer,
Ministry of the Public Service, Governance Improvement and Elections and Boundaries, Sir Edney Cain Building, Belmopan no
later than 15th February 2010.


. '03:


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Your Ho Iroz ~iscopeh &Q' Luckyva N!umbe~rs

v~ J

March 22 to April 20
The coming week is likely to see you all worked up. You
will be eager to set your plans in motion, in professional
and personal life. Take care that you do not steamroll over
other people's desires in the process. Also, you will need
to keep a tight hold over finances. Lucky Numbers : 06,
33, 78.
April 21 to May 21

You are likely to have a good run in the coming days so
J try and make the best use of it. Self-confidence will be
high. There will be emotional rewards too. Make sure
that you are convinced of your own objectives before
trying to convince others. There will be some profitable
ventures in times to come.Lucky Numbers: 02, 64, 85.

May 22 to June 21
You will find things getting quite demanding at work. In
addition, you will have to devote extra time and resources
to fulfill your responsibilities. However, you will discover
an interesting side to things and possibly develop it as a
("f[\ hobby or use it to expand your knowledge. Lucky
Numbers: 08, 37, 61.
June 22 to July 23
You will receive as many differing opinions as the number
of people you share your ideas with. Instead, use your
.. :, own judgment. You will feel burdened due to some
/ -*'. responsibility but will not be able to do away with it.
Take a small break if that helps and engage yourself in
constructive activities.Lucky Numbers: 05, 23, 55.




July 24 to August 21
You will be raring to go and display your prowess as the
week starts. Many work issues need to be addressed but
do not interfere in established processes. You do not want
to rub anyone the wrong way right in the beginning. Travel
is likely and will prove to be expensive.Lucky
Numbers: 09, 14, 92.

August 22 to September 21
The coming week is going to be somewhat of an extension
of the way things have been moving in the past. It may
seem frustrating, but you have to exercise patience. It will
prevent you from making any mistakes through off-hand
reactions. Keep your finances in good shape. Lucky
Numbers: 04, 42, 70.

September 22 to October 23
You are likely to set very high standards for yourself and
work towards their achievement. There is a likelihood of
some uncomfortable discussion popping up among family
members. Resolve it without getting agitated or annoyed.
Lucky Numbers: 03, 67, 82.

SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21
Be careful while carrying out some deals and negotiations
this week. Make sure that you get your message across
clearly as people could lay the blame squarely on you for
any mistakes. Things improve as the week ends and some
mechanical/gadget problem affecting you will get resolved.
Lucky Numbers: 12, 49, 76.

November 22 to December 21
The coming week brings some amount of uncertainty where
work is concerned. You may face sudden roadblocks
hindering projects you worked hard for. There could also
be money constraints, felt quite acutely. You need to do
away with all extra and necessary expenses. Lucky
Numbers: 18, 45, 72.

December 22 to January 20
Your week ahead will provide you with lots of action. You
will have a number of social gatherings to attend and are
likely to be your charming best. Situation at work will be
quite demanding with additional responsibilities being
dumped on you at the very last minute. Lucky Numbers:
17, 28, 88.

AQUARIUS: January 21 to February 19
Reminders of unfulfilled tasks might send you into a
depressive mode this week. However, do not dwell on it.
Learn from the same. Delays are likely in terms of any
plans or an awaited response for an application for higher
studies or immigration. Lucky Numbers: 07, 22, 58.

PISCES: February 20 to March 21
You could meet some really well-placed people this week
who can help you in your professional life. Also, it will be
absolutely necessary to straighten out financial matters.
You will also need to take a stand on the amount of risk
you are willing to take in your professional life.Lucky
Numbers: 16, 47, 96.


We can introduce your
property to buyers
in Belize
and in America
and the world.


contactijohn on 678 -2000
j ohjnwdBi~lizePropertvCenter.com

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San Ignacio. Check out
824 0550 our website at:


0 rA
f /,M

A rAk om

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ISunday, January 17, 2010 -

Como Seran Las Gentes
En Los Ultimos Dias

New Teeth

Pastor James had all of his
remaining teeth removed and
new dentures made a few weeks
The first Sunday, his sermon
lasted 10 minutes. The second
Sunday, he preached for a full
20 minutes. But, on the third
Sunday, he preached for an hour
and a half.

I asked him about this and he
said "well, my friend, that first
Sunday, my gums were so sore
it hurt to talk. The second
Sunday, my dentures were still
hurting a bit. Now the third
Sunday, I accidentally grabbed
my wife's dentures AND I

mi gloria a ningun otro ni que
honren a los idolos en vez de a
Miren como se cumpli6 todo
lo que antes anuncie, y ahora voy
a anunciar cosas nuevas; se las
hago saber a ustedes antes que

TITO 3:1-2:
Recu6rdate que se someta el
gobierno y a las autoridades, que
sean obedientes y que siempre
est6n dispuestos a hacer lo
Que no hablen mal de nadie,
que sean pacificos y bondadosos,
y que se muestren humildes de
coraz6n: en su trato con todos.

The Best Part Of Waking Up...

Granny Jane was surprised by
her 7 year old grandson one
morning when he made her
She drank what was the worst
cup of coffee in her life. When
she got to the bottom there were
three of those little green army
Some Final LAST
a) I'll get a world record for this.
b) It's fireproof
c) This bear is probably
d) I'm making a citizen's arrest.
e) So, you're a cannibal.
f) Are you sure the power is
g) Yeah, I made the deciding
vote on the jury, so what?
h) I've seen this done on TV.
i) These are the good kind of
j) Rat poison only kills rats.
k) It's strong enough to hold both
of us.
1) This doesn't taste right.
m) Nice doggie.



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men in the cup. She said,
"Honey, what are the army men
doing in my coffee?"
Her grandson said,
"Grandma, I saw it on TV and
it says: -'The best part of
waking up is soldiers in your

Car Detailing
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Car Polishing
Our Home Services Include:

Tile Cleaning 6t Polishing , I
Sofa Cleaning,- -
We are located off Joseph Andrews Drive,
near the Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town.
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Befize Tourism Board isa statutory bociy withinu the Ministry of Toursm and CivilIAviation and h~as as one of its mandates 10 promote Beli~ze as a
prme dsiato f coie-Asa result, the Maret~eing& Public ei~tion.:i Eepari.Tenl cof the Eorurd -ra a~k.i radth aggri~inve~y m~r-aoin-g hnd
',4): utrq same. Key to the Success of fij fidlin-i this mandate, ii Tie alrjil to acequately anid positively ri~a,~ei. pmm 1.7anrnaroge~e Eliz.3
presncis with the D~n-line community. Consequently, it is seeking the services of a responsible, reputable on-line ma~rIkeling commI~unications
agency that can .suc~oessftuily reptrnsi hmarktding intorrest ofBelize thoroty comnplementing tthe ck--irig Structure t tMw HBI 1:'sMarketing
D-.iparnent in fulfibiIr-9is jbJiiictijs..
Services required, but not fikioIed to;
I .Hostingj of all 3TO's websites (8 wc6te5ibm
2. anaerndit fall 3Er s tAo1siej , c-rseDj.[c-jwIscor.1o~~ri ~o~
4, Mar agenI Qr of T$mi~iiriguibat~
5 Nl.,rv.qwi-uni of lIa:Ai nd international Commun~ications btween$T$ id NI.4'iorfitrrs and partnrs dila~1bas~s
obligations aEnd POe ponsdbIicties of INe On 4i no Marktcing Communications Agency
I -vn.i rrwi! ..ru, [ro? [i. of ',a-k6,r.:j 3ri-1Put Iic R i,. r.r, ri- cn.u1r mJ eal lft tMarketing Work Plan for Bfie
3. P.1o.iir ppa.Ja BEeiui so5i. Ir~eric.rs -C rc,'L..e'y i'nfu-r-cE tedeli~natice
4. provide reav nbe and e.ri,-yr,clI;, wi .lii ybriE anfl.1pur-ii ~.I hyi narontI3r greater Belize cc average in cmnside-xalion of flew
5. FA i A let Ir; t7.-'!riiiA i u t :* !.Ft r n vjx lsl~iinrm jnd Oicrr 641 jimignIN rw idF),r nn.lItil trw
E. Poyakip cfi-Ivi pjgroqnn j lf rIna inicerxiinal IN1 t10 :Il :ncI oruffrS;n d 4 r~b

V. wnr* r. iim L orh~I.3 s '-* P 5 ~e- Fr Fnh -I ,rig Ce.~:a .n.Il,r-? Vesiin.-.-.a-
11, Davelop and distribute monthly newsletter far interraojcrisI trade
13. Provide a3oana- e LEI Is 5 rolirary
15. F-tailish aninvi FIUIanid payrnm ecrni r,31 t..)[if-. pved by the 15TO,
115, Pftoide, Iho Rh15Bvh other rnond m as hn V ber~oeWby rho IR t~ri frum I to I11"l
1. Al requestE lcr erwzA will be male in mntung to thea On-Wh Marketing Cor'murnicalonsAgency- Any iiierbial agreement e" be confirmiedIn
wribrq prior toexcuio
2. The 0a..-..-L.,I1rwu".. n -1 Aih1-1 t13 flUrk with marjP ol STS' mYIbkia9flg~iiltit. .All corre~ d~nt1-s should bfe
mpiQdto he i ~Drodcicer 1bunrismi~irectir o iriietii &P.R, As stridW nfo;0-Ar y de~isn taken v.iit be rmade bythe Petite Tourism~

on-kno mairltiflg *oftsIderaoinfs:
2. Bc able to iovidqt recnnfura1iaun5 UinumprIkIImxIinto the inlinert markeiirwng r~uteg

On-line Ma rkeing Corn~imunictions Agen~cy:
The On-line Marketing CoflrnunicaTions. Agency shall be a weII-milabliIhed arid rapullable busirims oiiganizallon hinBeli~ze aria provide
the necessary credentlialstreports Indicatng sarret. Prior tourism marketing working experence In the Belize tourism in inustry is
considereda i wiset
Gh~arfcieristIcis and dduratigi, af1he Aqreene ntdC ntracL
The On .1 ine Ma rkerthig Comrnmun Icalllin~s Agerney will work~ closetIy With the Director of Marketing &. Pt blic Re lotions of the Belize Tourism
Board. It Will IArNO he requi red 10W011woitwlh the BTB'V. Markel ing Ccrim rijnu!cation % Agency In the Unriited States, w-id any other IoL~a1IAnid
International parhlers- working with ~thea BelizeQ Tourism Board. Invoicin~g shall b done on a quarterly basis. The Agreee-rinIise~peted
to cwiimerwe In April of 2010 for a period o(orie year, at which time thie contract Is revisited for possible renewal,
Submissions for Proposal complete with budget allocations
I interested com pa nie 3 should send their proposalIs in Nri ting under confidential note to:
Shakira Ts~ai
Ag. Director of Tourism
Belize Tourism Board
#64 Regent Street, Belize City
Thesesholdbesent o or efor Friay,6 ebrury 1, 20 0.


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Police News

Berrisford Bowen, 44,
residing in Ladyville Village,
Belize District reported that on
Friday, January 8, 2010, he was
standing outside an apartment on
Raccoon Street along with his
brother, when he was
approached by two male
persons, one of whom took
out what appeared to be a
firearm from his pants waist
and pointed it at him demanding
that he hand over his
Fearing for his life, Bowen
reportedly handed over a gold
chain, with a gold Masonic
Lodge logo medal along with 2
gold rings and his wallet
containing BZ$1,800 in cash,
and personal documents, all to a
total value of $5,950.00Bcy.

Police have since detained a 16
year old minor of Belize City
and are looking for another in
connection to this report.

In keeping with the Police
Department's effort in equipping
and training its officers, on
Saturday November 9, 2010, a
training session was held at the
Police Training Academy in
Forty two Community
Policing Officers from across
the country received training in
the Management of Intelligence.
The session was facilitated by
Intelligence Officers from the
Police Special Branch.
The training is the first of
many similar sessions scheduled
for the current year. It is


In an effort to show appreciation to our customers for their
continued support in 2009, BWS is offering a

i-i rbv


Raffle Prizes

1S Prize: One $2,000 Gift Certificate from BRODIES
2nd Prize: One 26 inch Toshiba Flat Screen Television plus $250.00
3rd Prize : One Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook Laptop plus $100.00

Eligibility to participate

V Your Bill has to be paid in full by the due date
V BWS employees' accounts are not eligible to participate.

Raffle will be drawn on January 29't, 2010.

Tickets for all customers who pays online or at any of our collection
agencies will be automatically entered into the raffle.

"Pay your Bill and you can win"
Belize Water Services Ltd. Delivering water and more...


QC Customer Appreciation Raffle

a manifestation of the coordina-
tion between two of the most
crucial branches of the
The training was timely as
the Department moves to a
higher level through Community
and Intelligence-Led Policing.

San Ignacio police are
looking for four persons
following separated reports of
counterfeit currency in
circulation in the community.
In the first report, on Friday,
January 8, 2010, Hui Yun TAN,
45, Belizean businessman of
Santa Elena Town reported that
about 7:00 pm, whilst inside his
store, two male persons entered
and ordered 2 cigarettes paying
with a BZ$20.00 bill for which
they received $19.25 in change.
Tan later found out that the
money, with serial number
DF641445, was not a legal
tender but actually but

In the second report, Ken
HUANG, 33, Belizean
businessman also of Santa
Elena Town reported that it was
shortly after 7:00 pm also on
Friday, January 8, 2010, when a
male person entered his Alwin's
Superstore on the Western
Highway and paid for groceries
with a BZ$20.00 bearing serial
number DF558581 which
was later discovered to be

In the third incident, Lizette
GONGORA, 29, Belizean
manager of Santa Elena Town
reported that about 7:20 pm also
on Friday, January 8, 2010,
whilst at her work place in Santa
Elena Town, two male persons
entered the bar and ordered 2
beers. One of them paid with a
BZ$20.00 bearing serial number
DF467652, which was later
discovered to be counterfeit.

In the fourth incident, Eduardo
Luis Waight, 47, residing at
#1039 Coconut Street, Santa
Elena Town, reported that at
around 7:50 pm on, Sunday,
January 10, 2010 a hispanic male
person entered his mini-shop lo-
cated at the same address a paid
for $1. worth of cigarettes with
a $20. bill and left with $19 in
change. The money with serial
number DF641445, was later

found to be counterfeit.
Police are seeking 4 persons
whom they believe could assist
them in the investigation.
The police advises the public
in general, and members of the
business community in
particular in the San Ignacio/
Sana Elena Area, to be on the
lookout for bogus bills in
circulation within the

On Saturday, January, 9, 2010,
Rosalie Matute, 31, Belizean
housewife residing in Hattieville
Village, reported that about 2:00
pm, on Saturday whilst working
at Marla's Children Home
situated on Intelco Road,
Belmopan, KeidyAcevedo, 14,
a resident of the institution, left
and has not returned since.
She is of Hispanic descent, fair
skin, black hair, weighing
approximately 90 pounds.
She was last seen wearing a
mauve skirt with matching
Anyone knowing the wherea-
bouts of this child is asked to call
the nearest police station or
Crimes Stoppers at 0800-922-

At about 5:15 a.m. on Monday,
January 11, 2010, Belize City
Police responded to a reported
explosion on Caesar Ridge Road
in the City.
Upon arrival at #4 Ceasar
Ridge Road police observed a
hole approximately 8 inches in
diameter on the street, with
scattered pellets and debris
located on the street and zinc
Initial investigation revealed
that about 5:00 a.m. a grenade
was thrown and exploded on the
The damage extended to two
shattered glass louvers from a
nearby house and dents to two
vehicles parked in the area.
Fortunately, no one was injured.
Police investigation into the
explosion incident continues.
The Police appeals to anyone
with information concerning this
incident or the source of these
grenades, to call the nearest
police station or Crimes Stoppers
at 0800-922-TIPS.

STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperf(gmail.com Page 13 l

ISunday, January 17, 2010 -

Belize Assisting Earthquake Victims In Haiti

day, January 14, 2010:
The Government Press Office
today informed that hours
after a powerful earthquake
measuring 7.0 on the Richter
scale devastated the Caribbean
island nation of Haiti, Belize
prepares to join in the worldwide
humanitarian effort.
Experts say this is the
strongest earthquake to hit Haiti

in more than two hundred years.
Millions of people affected,
hundreds of thousands feared
dead, medical facilities,
thousands of homes, government
buildings, hotels including
the National Palace and the
Headquarters of the United
Nations Peacekeepers, have
been destroyed.
Belize's National Emergency
Management Organization

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(NEMO) is making preparations
to assist the people of Haiti as
they endure the catastrophic
devastation brought on by the
Search, rescue, medical and
other skilled personnel to assist
Haiti will be coordinated
by NEMO and channeled
through CARICOM's Caribbean
Disaster Emergency Manage-
ment Agency (CDEMA)
NEMO, on behalf of the
Government and people of
Belize, appeal to the public for
help for the millions of people
suffering in Haiti due to the
Cash assistance can be sent
to: NEMO Scotia Bank Relief
Account # 193-48-10
At this stage, CASH is the
quickest means of initial
assistance due to the logistics
and costs associated with
transporting bulky relief items.
NEMO Belize is in constant
communication with Belize's
Hon. Consul in Haiti, Didier
Gardere who along with
CDEMA will conduct the initial

assessment and then inform on
the best manner in which Belize
will be able to asst the people of
Our efforts, however, will
not be limited to financial
contributions but to whatever
CDEMA advises us to

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IUS Cter.rled AtMuagav -ga insmuctor
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Gentle voqa. Best for beginners and/
or those looking for mild, stress
relieving, breathe filled practice.

Moderate voqa. For an invigorating
and youthfully rejuvenating work out.
Breathe, open and stretch into your
beautiful self
Vigorous voqa best for those with a
regular yoga practice or in excellent
physical condition. Lots of Strength
and stamina building.
Belly Dance: A traditional Middle
Eastern dance. Primary movements
will be covered. No previous
experience necessary.
Kids Yoga: ages 6-12 years. a fun
way for kids to loosen up and stretch.
Build strength and physical confidence.
Dance Yoqa : Move, stretch and
open to the grove of reggae, hip hop
music, a fun flowing form of yoga
accented by a wide variety of good
tunes to keep the body moving.
Moderate energy level.
Meditation: Open to anyone with or
without experience. By donation.
Massage With US trained and
certified Therapist Jude Luca. Call or
e-mail us for an appointment

930( 11100
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Gentle Jhide

modcmite- Judc

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Moderate- Juu

Moderate- Kate

Mcil sU.im- k ate

9:30 -1l 10
Moderate Kale

12- 1:00
(Jenie- Jude

moderate Jude

9:30 -11:00N
Gecnrk- Kite

5 :30-7pmo
Dana yiygi-

9:30 -10:30


C/assesS are $12. Dcount for students andyout. Discounts on class cards.
*Weekend classes run on asi/g up basis ony. Call the studio orstop byto sign up.
OAll weekday classes a open toanyone on a 'walk-in"'ass.
*wearcofmfortable flex/Ole clothing mats nd waerare provided
* Studio will be closed on all Belizean and American holidays. Specific dates
will be posted on the door.

Studio PH# 804 4770
Jude's cell # 630-1954. Kate's cell # 665-1972
Enmail us at enlightenupyogabelize@gmail.com

Located 3rd floor JNC Mall, on Bums avenue, Down town San Ignacio Town Cayo

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Rotary's 8th Annual Elocution Contest

BY: Cynthia Reece: Youth Today. Our Leaders Of support high school students
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Tomorrow", on Thursday, from the Cayo District as they
Thursday, January 14, 2010: January 21, at Hode's Place in participate in the public
The Rotary Club of San San Ignacio Town. speaking and poetry reading
Ignacio presents its 8th Annual Admission is absolutely free. competition.
Voice of the West Elocution The Rotary Club is inviting the As the contest continues to
Contest, under the theme: "Our general public to come out and pick up momentum, organizers

U! D) (

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that EBONY L.
JENKINS is applying for the renewal of
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
PUERTO BRIANAV located at Mile 72,
San Jose Succotz Village in the Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that JUDITH
DuPLOOY is applying for the renewal
the year 2010 to operate DuPLOOY
JUNGLE LODGE located on the Chial
Road in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that JAVIER
SILVA is applying for the renewal of
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
located on Buena Vista Street, San Ignacio
Town in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that LOIDA
CONTRERAS is applying for the
renewal of her PUBLICAN SPECIAL
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2010
to operate JOE'S COOL SPOT located
on the Western Highway, Santa Elena
Town in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that BERTILIA
SANDOVAL is applying for the renewal
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
EL MANGITO located on the Western
Highway, Santa Elena Town in the Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that ESTELLA
ARMSTRONG is applying for the
renewal of her PUBLICAN SPECIAL
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2010
located at Mile 62, Western Highway
(between Central Farm and Georgeville
Village), in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the In-
toxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that AMINI
HABET is applying for the renewal of
year 2010 to operate SHELL SAN
IGNACIO located at the foot of the
Hawksworth Bridge, San Ignacio Town
in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that GUI CHEN
is applying for the renewal of his
for the year 2010 to operate TING TING
RESTAURANT located on George
Street, Benque Viejo Town in the Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that ELON
GONGORA is applying for the renewal
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
his bar located in the village of Unitedville
in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that DA YING
LIU is applying for the renewal of his
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
on Riverside Street, Benque Viejo Town
in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that EDGAR
GARRIDO is applying for the renewal
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
BENQUE ROCK located at #7
Elizabeth Street, Benque Viejo Town in
the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that LI CAN
GUANG is applying for the renewal of
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
Churchill Street, Benque Viejo Town in
the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that
GURMINDER SINGH is applying for
for the year 2010 to operate NICK'S
NIGHT CLUB & GRILL located inside
the Blue Angel's Building on Hudson
Street, San Ignacio Town in the Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that FLAVIEN
DAGUISE is applying for the renewal
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
HIDDEN VALLEY INN located in the
Mountain Pine Ridge Range in the Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that MORRISON
BANNER is applying for the renewal of
for the year 2010 to operate PLANET
LEGENDS 2000 located on Bullet Tree
Road, San Ignacio Town Town in the
Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that CARLA
IRELAND is applying for the renewal
the year 2010 to operate IRELAND
GROCERY located in Blackman Eddy
Village in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that JOHN &
MARTHA AUGUST are applying for
the renewal of their RESTAURANT
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2010
located at #10 West Street, San Ignacio
Town Town in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that JULIAN
SHERRARD is applying for the
renewal of his PUBLICAN SPECIAL
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2010
to operate CAESAR'S PLACE located
at Mile 60 on the Western Highway in
the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that MIRIAM
ROBERSON is applying for the renewal
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
located on Buena Vista Street, San Ignacio
Town in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that EMILIO
CASTILLO is applying for the
renewal of his PUBLICAN SPECIAL
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2010
to operate DIANE'S POOL TABLE,
BAR & GRILL located on Carmen
Street, Santa Elena Town in the Cayo

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that MARIA
BOITON is applying for the renewal of
for the year 2010 to operate BEL-CHI
SHOP located on La Loma Luz
Boulevard, Santa Elena Town in the Cayo

inform that this year's event
promises to be much bigger and
better than previous years.



"The Newspaper that cares
and dares to bring out the
42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Tel: 626-8822
626- 3788
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Visit us online at:
belizenews.com/ thestar
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Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that AARON
JUAN is applying for the renewal of his
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
FAYA WATA located on Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that YINGYI LEI
is applying for the renewal of her SHOP
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2010
to operate LEI'S SUPERSTORE located
in Esperanza Village in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that LEONOR
MANZANERO is applying for a
LICENSE for the year 2010 to operate
her bar located in San Jose Succotz
Village in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under the
Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance
Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize,
Revised Edition 2000, that LUIS
MARTINEZ is applying for the
renewal of his PUBLICAN SPECIAL
LIQUOR LICENSE for the year 2010
to operate TRY IT located in Esperanza
Village in the Cayo District

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Sunday, January 17, 2010 1

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ISunday, January 17, 2010 -

Haiti Earthquake Death Toll

'May Be 50,000"

Adapted from BBC News. Corn
Last Updated at 01:41 GMT,
Friday, 15 January 2010:
The Red Cross estimates
45,000-50,000 people have
died in Haiti's devastating
earthquake, as rescue teams
race against time to find
The US is sending up to 3,500
troops and 2,200 Marines but
correspondents say aid is so far
only trickling in.
President Barack Obama
pledged one of the biggest relief
efforts in recent US history
and said Haiti would "not be
forgotten in its hour of need.
President Obama and French
President Nicolas Sarkozy,
working with Brazil, Canada and
other countries, will organise a
conference on reconstruction in
Haiti, the French presidency has
The Red Cross estimates that
up to three million people in
Haiti have been affected by
Tuesday's earthquake.
Many are spending another
night without shelter or in
makeshift camps in the ruined
capital, Port-au-Prince.
Correspondents there say
bodies are piling up in the streets
and there is still no sign of a
co-ordinated relief effort.
Speaking in Washington on
Thursday, Mr Obama said some
US rescuers were already on the
ground in Haiti and more were
on their way.
He promised the country
"every element of our national
capacity, our diplomacy, and
development assistance, the
power of our military and most
importantly, the compassion of
our country" following the
"To the people of Haiti, we
say clearly and with conviction,
you will not be forsaken, you
will not be forgotten," he said.
However he warned it would
take time for much needed help
to reach people.
Mr Obama also promised an
immediate $100m for Haiti's
relief effort and said that
investment would grow over the
coming year to aid long-term
The first 100-strong contingent
from the US Army's 82nd
Airborne Division was expected

to arrive in Haiti by the end of
Thursday, with several hundred
more due by Friday.
General Douglas Fraser,
head of the US Southern
Command, told reporters that
logistics would be the key to
providing relief and that US
forces would strive to make
Port-au-Prince's port functional
The US Federal Aviation
Authority earlier temporarily
stopped civilian relief flights to
Haiti at the Haitian government's
request because there was not
enough space on the ground for
more planes.
UN emergency relief
co-ordinator John Holmes said
search and rescue teams were
the first priority and had begun
to arrive in Haiti.
"They're now beginning, I
hope, to make a difference.
Every hour counts for this, as
you know," he said.
"And of course we're trying to
get the medical aid in as fast as
possible but it's clear that
the local facilities are
overwhelmed. We need to get
more doctors, field hospitals
and supplies on the ground."
The BBC's Matthew Price in
Port-au-Prince says Haiti is in
massive need of food, water and
medicine, as well as bulldozers
and heavy lifting equipment.
But perhaps more than
anything it needs someone
to take charge here, our
correspondent says. The
government is fragile at the best
of times and there is no sense it
is able to do anything for now.
The director of Port-au-

Prince's general hospital said
that by 1100 (1600 GMT) at
least 1,500 bodies were already
stacked inside and outside the
mortuary, with police continuing
to bring more corpses on
pick-up trucks, Reuters reports.
A United Nations spokesman
in Haiti, David Wimhurst, said
188 UN staff remained
unaccounted for following the
collapse of the organisation's
HQ in Port-au-Prince and that
36 UN military and police
personnel were confirmed dead.
UN Secretary General Ban
Ki-moon said it could be days
before even an estimate of the
overall death toll from the
earthquake could be made, but
said he feared it would be "very
On a note of hope, he
recounted the survival of an
Estonian UN official who was
detected under 4m (13ft) of
rubble after scratching noises

were heard. He was dug out and
is now in hospital.
A British rescue team with
heavy lifting gear and dogs has
reached Haiti. Other plane-loads
of rescuers and relief supplies
are being sent from China,
the European Union, Canada,
Russia and Latin American
Cuba had more than 300
doctors in Haiti before the
earthquake and they have been
treating the injured in field
US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton, who cancelled a trip to
Asia to deal with the crisis, said
Haiti's recovery was "going to
be a long-term effort".
The World Bank is funding
$100m of emergency aid.
The World Food Programme is
working on supplying 15,000
tonnes of food and the Red Cross
has begun a $10m appeal.

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