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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: October 18, 2009
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B~ntwOak P*Uit~er
L'C, General Contractin.

d- W a m -W *

S"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"
N o 2SryOctober 18,2 0T9oPri' $ ,00



District, Wednesday, October
14, 2009:
A team of police personnel
attached to Belmopan's Joint
Intelligence Coordinating
Center, on anti-drug operations
in the community this weekend,
in two adjacent maneuvers,
pulled in over 260 grams of
marijuana resulting in the arrest
of three male persons.
A member of the team
reported that, acting upon
information received, at about
6:00 pm on Tuesday, October
13, the team rushed to the road
leading from San Ignacio to the
Branch Mouth community
when a short distance up the
road they encountered the
suspected light brown Ford
Explorer heading towards them

David Simpson, 50, aka "Bantan" Alfredo August, 48, aka "Devil /Diablo"

at a high speed. The vehicle was
intercepted and, according to the

police, they observed a male
person on the passenger side

Cruz Sentenced To Six Years Imprisonment

District, Tuesday, October 13,
A moment of lawlessness this
past weekend resulted in a life
changing experience for an
otherwise law abiding resident
of Santa Elena Town, Cayo.

San Ignacio police reports that
in responding to a call for
assistance from an off duty
policeman attached to
Belmopan's Joint Intelligence
Coordinating Center (JICC), a
team of police officers, under
the command of the Sergeant on

duty, visited the Santa Cruz
Community in Santa Elena
Town where the JICC officer
handed over a man along with a
12 gauge shotgun and a single
cartridge of matching caliber.
The JICC officer reported that

throwing out a black plastic bag
through the window and into
nearby bushes.
A search was conducted in
the area in the presence of both
the driver and passenger of the
Ford Explorer where a short
distance from the vehicle near a
light pole the black, tightly tied,
plastic bag was found and when
opened in their presence the
police found what appeared to

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I Page 2 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(&gmail.com Sunday, October 18, 2009 1

Any System Is Only As Good As Those Who Enforce It
While the issue of crime and violence continues to dominate
the national debate, taking second place only to the state of the
national economy resulting from the nation's huge foreign debt,
many are the suggestions and recommendations coming forward
to assist in curbing this national scourge of crime and violence.
Some of the suggestions include reinstatement of the death
penalty, amending the laws to provide for stiffer penalties,
revisiting the system of parole, employing more law
enforcement officers, increasing the number of soldiers on the
streets especially in Belize City, changing the system to slow
down the revolving door of prisoners through the prison,
placing policemen in schools, creating new employment,
implementing mandatory conscription laws, strengthening
truancy enforcement, making education more affordable and the
list goes on and on.
For our part however, we continue to maintain that existing
laws are adequate to address the crime situation. What we are
lacking is the monitoring and enforcement capability stemming
from negligence, incompetence, don't-give-a-damn attitude,
downright corruption or a combination of any or all of the above.
How for example, can anyone explain the situation of NO
CASE FILE for a whopping 80 to 85 percent of the cases on the
calendar before a magistrate?
The nature of our business requires that we spend a
considerable amount of time in court every day and it is with
this knowledge that we say: SHAMEFUL is the number of cases
that are thrown out of court every single day "for want of
prosecution" simply because they reach the stage of "Very
Final Adjournment" and arresting officers consistently fail to
either produce mandatory case files or, although summoned,
they fail to appear in court to give evidence. And no one seems
to give a damn.
While we appreciate the notion that "Justice delayed is justice
denied", magistrates cannot be faulted for dismissing charges
against accused persons as they run the risk of being accused of
delaying justice.
We will never profess to be the ones to tell the emperor that he
is naked, but there comes a time when a spade must be called a
spade and, serious as it may seem, we are somehow getting the
impression that some form of underhandedness is taking place
to allow this major discrepancy to persist.
It is encouraging however to have learnt this week that a Police
Commander has taken the bold initiative to stem this
discrepancy in the police district he commands. We are told
that this Commander is taking disciplinary action against those
responsible for cases dismissed for want of prosecution in those
instances when those under his command either fail to present a
case file or fail to make an appearance in court to give evidence.
We are told that those convicted disciplinarily for "Prejudice to
good order and discipline" can be fined as much as 250 to 300
dollars. In this regard we offer three suggestions as follows:
1) That this initiative be immediately adapted in all six police
districts across the nation and 2) that the disciplinary fine be
made commensurate with the seriousness of the case since a 250
to 300 dollars disciplinary fine can be regarded as peanuts to
pay for collecting one, two or even more thousands of dollars
for a case to go down the drain and 3) that repeat offenders should
be dishonorably discharged.
Let us make a start by cleaning up and clearing out those
negligent and/or corrupt elements who are paid as guardians of
national law and order.
As a point of departure, let us be forever mindful of the basic
concept of life that any system is only as good as those who
enforce it.

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Cruz Sentenced To Six Years Imprisonment
Coninue.IImI rnI. ae1, 6a

he was in the Santa Cruz area
when shortly after 11:00 p.m. on
Sunday, October 11, 2009 the
sound of a single gunshot
resounded against the silence of
the night. Upon rushing outside
to investigate the matter, he saw
a man staggering away with a
shotgun. He reportedly pursued
the man, caught up with him,
detained him, and called San
Ignacio Police for assistance.
A team of police officers arrived
shortly thereafter and took
control of the situation.
The man was detained and
transported to the San Ignacio
police station where he was
identified as Calix Cruz, 24,
Belizean Mason of # 26 Perez
Street, Santa Elena Town, Cayo
Cruz was subsequently
arrested and formally issued
with three charges, being:
1) Keeping a firearm without
a gun license; 2) Keeping
unlicensed ammunition and
3) Discharging a firearm in
Police investigation revealed
that the man was drinking
earlier in the night when he took
possession of the shotgun and
walked to the home of female
acquaintance in the area. The
female reportedly opened the
door to her house whereby the
accused reportedly asked her if
she wanted to hear him fire a
shot. He reportedly pointed the
shotgun into the air, squeezed
the trigger, the shot went off and
the silence of the night in Santa
Cruz was instantly shattered.
The accused appeared before
San Ignacio's Magistrate
Rachel Montejo on Tuesday,

Calix Cruz, 24
October 13, where he pleaded
guilty to all three charges. He
accepted the facts as presented
by prosecutor George Gomez
after which Magistrate Montejo
proceeded to sentence him with
2 years imprisonment for each
of the three counts. The shocker
came when Magistrate Montejo
ordered for the sentences to run
consecutively. In effect, Cruz
was sentenced to six years
The magistrate additionally
ordered for the serving of the
sentence to begin with effect
from October 13, 2009 being
the date when she issued the

"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"
42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez

Sunday, October 18, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperfrgmail.com Page 3

Belizean Soldier Hit By Vehicle
Driven By Mexican Ambassador

District, Thursday, October
15, 2009:
A media release from the
Embassy of Mexico in
Belmopan, Belize today
confirmed the occurrence of a
traffic accident on the Boom/
Hattieville Road in the Belize
The release informed that at
about 4:40 p.m. on Wednesday,
October 14, on the Burrell
Boom-Hattieville Road, a
vehicle driven by Mexican
Ambassador. H.E. Luis

Manuel Lopez-Moreno was
involved in "an unfortunate
accident" resulting in injuries
sustained by Belize Defence
Force Lance Corporal Glenston
According to the Mexican
Embassy release "upon passing
a military vehicle that was
stationery on the road, Lance
Corporal, Glenston Bermudez
of the Belize Defense Force
(BDF) suddenly jumped away
to avoid a gush of steam and
water from the truck and
stepped onto the highway

directly in front of the vehicle
being driven at the time by H.E.
Luis Manuel Lopez-Moreno."
The release further informed
that "The injured soldier was
taken to the Universal hospital
where he received medical
care and Dr. Joel Cervantes
personally informedAmbassa-
dor Lopez-Moreno that Lands
(sic) Corporal Bermudez had
suffered a cut to his head and
dislocation of a finger."
The release ends by informing
that "After the police took the
corresponding statements and
reviewed the scene of the
accident, Ambassador Lopez-
Moreno visited the soldier at

the hospital and they had a
private conversation."

Ed. Note: Although it
contained six items of news,
today's daily police bulletin,
issued almost 3 hours after
the above release from the
Mexican Embassy, made
ZERO mention of the traffic
accident involving a public
figure as is a foreign diplomat
resident in Belize.
Whilst, by its very wording,
the Mexican Embassy might
have been nudged to confirm
the occurrence, we neverthe-
less thank them for issuing
this public statement.





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I Sunday, October 18, 2009

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I Page 4 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper~igmail.com Sunday, October 18, 2009 I

Southern High School Students Now Have Potable Water

District, Wednesday, October
14, 2009:
A new water system,
benefitting over 500 students
and teachers of Julian Cho High
School in the Toledo District,
will be officially inaugurated at
the school campus on Saturday,
October 17.
The Social Investment
Fund implemented project was
constructed at a total cost of
It was financed through a grant
from the Basic Needs Trust
Fund (BNTF), a program
promoting poverty reduction
through socio-economic
initiatives and community
BNTF is jointly financed by
the Caribbean Development
Bank (CDB), the Canadian
International Development
Agency (CIDA) and nine
beneficiary governments,
including Belize.
The project entailed the
extension of the Big Falls
Village Water System to Julian
Cho High School thereby
providing potable water to the
students, staff and faculty as
well as to over 50 families along
the Southern Highway.
Also included in the project
was the installation of a
submersible water pump to an
existing well on the school's
compound and the installation
of a 2,000 gallon Rotoplast
water tank, which will be used
for agricultural purposes and to
supply the school's bathroom
Students attending Julian Cho
High School assisted in making
the project a reality by digging
trenches on campus as well as
constructing the base on which
the 2,000 gallon water storage
tank sits.
The school's principal, Mr.
Simeon Coc commented that
"The Board of Directors of
Julian Cho Technical High
School has over the years
lobbied the Government of
Belize for safe potable
drinking water. However, it is
only now that it has become a
reality. This is therefore a most
important milestone in the
development of Julian Cho
Technical High School and we
are most sincerely proud of this
development. The Board,

students and staff of Julian
Cho Technical High School
are most grateful for this
contribution for we are the
direct beneficiaries of the new
water system. This water
system will positively impact
the school's agricultural
production capacity." con-
cluded principal Coc.
Julian Cho Technical High
School is situated in the Dump
Area, a village along the
Southern Highway in the Toledo
The high school was
established in 2000 with the
sole prupose of providing the
indigenous people in the south
with an opportunity to obtain a
secondary school education.

The School provide instructions
in the fields of Construction,
Auto Mechanics, Basic
Academy, Technical Drawing,
Electrical, Information Technol-
ogy, Principles of Accounting,
Integrated Science and
Agriculture among others.
The community's Area
Representative, Hon. Juan Coy
is slated to be the guest speaker
at Saturday's official inaugura-
tion of the new water system.
Other speakers scheduled to
address the gathering include
Mr. Bonifacio Tut, Chairman
of the High School Board of
Directors as well as representa-
tives from the Big Falls Water
Board and officials from the
Social Investment Fund.

Art's Mobile Service
#54 George Price Avenue,
Santa Elena, Cayo
Tel: 8042659
& 675-6179
Guaranteed Services
We AMS To Please

For further information on this
project or any other SIF project
please feel free to contact Mr
Mike Hernandez Jr. J.P., Direc-
tor Public Relations, Social In-
vestment Fund, Tel: 822-0239/
0508 or by email at:
mike .hemandez(isifbelize.org



(he C0%a

The Government of Belize has received funding through the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)
towards the cost of Economic Infrastructure Projects and intends to apply part of the funds to cover
eligible payments under the contracts for Trial Farm Drainage Project, Orange Walk District.

The Social Investment Fund, a Statutory Corporation, established under the Social Investment Fund
Act No. 3 of 1996 and located at Constitution Drive, Belmopan City, Cayo District, hereby invites
tenders from suitably qualified contractors for the construction of the following:

CONTRACT #003.0026 of 2009: Trial Farm Drainage Project, Orange Walk District
The project consists of the construction of an improved drainage system within the community of
Trial Farm in order to alleviate flooding of the black water creek area situated on the west of this
This project consists of the following components:
i) Construction of approx. 3,300 linear meters of earthen trapezoidal channels an average of
1.5 meters wide at the base and 2 meters wide at the top with 2 meters average depth,
ii) Installation of pre-cast reinforced concrete culverts (30 units) being of 1.5 meters square
in average size complete with inlets and outlets and reinforced concrete apron walls to
the culverts,
iii) Construction of 35 (4 feet wide by 7 feet long) reinforced concrete pedestrian access
ramps as required across the new drains.

Tender documents can be obtained from the Social Investment Fund at the address below during the
hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday for a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of
BZE$150.00 per package starting on October 20, 2009.

Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked "Trial Farm Drainage Project, Orange Walk
District." addressed TO: The Executive Director, Social Investment Fund Constitution Drive
P.O. Box 459, Belmopan City, Cayo District

Tenders will be received at the above address no later than 2:00pm Friday, November 13, 2009. A
Public Opening will be held at the SIF Office in Belmopan at 2:15pm Friday, November 13, 2009.
Onsite meetings with interested eligible bidders will be held at 2:00pm Wednesday, November 4,
2009 in Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk District to address any queries that the contractors might
have about the bidding documents. Contractors who have bought packages are urged to attend.

The Social Investment Fund reserves the right to reject any or all tenders.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009 1

Sunday, October 18, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaperfrgmail.com Page 5

Zero Tolerance For Violence Against Women

7-WN elzeAsk:"fgu utiessemral
'is d ingit prttoenue omn'Isfey.

October 13, 2009:
As the escalating incidence of
violence has shown us, Belizean
women continue to be terror-
ized, injured and killed at the
hands of Belizean men.
As violence on the streets
and in our homes increases, it is
imperative that we examine the
true causes for this violence.
Women do not prompt,
deserve or cause the violence
inflicted upon them by men.
Our constitution, laws and

policies as well as interna-
tional conventions we have
ratified commit Belize to
punishing the perpetrators of
these crimes. However we must
ask ourselves if our justice
system is really doing its part
to ensure women's safety.
Offering bail to repeat
offenders, who continuously
commit violent acts against
women, surely contradicts any
claim that the system protects
We must also ask ourselves

why we, as a society, sit idly
by and allow the violence to
continue. It is unacceptable for
persons convicted of violence
against women to be offered
bail and allowed to be out on
the streets to attack more
The Women's Issues Network
of Belize (WIN- Belize) calls
upon our justice system and our
society to adopt a zero tolerance
stance in opposition to violence
against women
"This complex social and
public health problem affects
women at all levels ofsociety,"

said Haven House Executive
Director, Dorla Rosado, "We
must take measures to protect
our women."
The Women's Issues Network
of Belize is committed to
advocating for improving the
quality of life of women and
their families in Belize.
WIN-Belize continues in its
commitment to be an agent of
change working with the
community, as well as with
members and partner agencies
to create a Belizean society that
is safe for women, men and
children. For further
information, contact WIN-
Belize Secretariat at 227-1069.


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I ?I tR~b

I Sunday, October 18, 2009

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I Page 6 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper~igmail.com Sunday, October 18, 2009 I

Gallstones are small, pebble-
like substances that develop in
the gallbladder.
The gallbladder is a small,
pear-shaped sac located below
your liver in the right upper
Gallstones form when liquid
stored in the gallbladder
hardens into pieces of stone-like
material. The liquid, called bile,
helps the body digest fats. Bile
is made in the liver, then stored
in the gallbladder until the body
needs it.
The gallbladder contracts and
pushes the bile into a tube called
the common bile duct that
carries it to the small intestine,
where it helps with digestion.
Bile contains water, choles-
terol, fats, bile salts, proteins,
and bilirubin-a waste product.
Bile salts break up fat, and
bilirubin gives bile and stool a
yellowish-brown color.
If the liquid bile contains too
much cholesterol, bile salts, or
bilirubin, it can harden into
The two types of gallstones
are cholesterol stones and
pigment stones.
Cholesterol stones are usually
yellow-green and are made
primarily of hardened choles-
terol. They account for about 80
percent of gallstones.
Pigment stones are small, dark
stones made of bilirubin.
Gallstones can be as small as
a grain of sand or as large as a
golf ball.
The gallbladder can develop

tiny stones, or a combination of
the two.
The gallbladder and the ducts
that carry bile and other
digestive enzymes from the
liver, gallbladder, and pancreas
to the small intestine are called
the biliary system.
Gallstones can block the nor-
mal flow of bile if they move
from the gallbladder and lodge
in any of the ducts that carry bile
from the liver to the small
intestine. The ducts include
a) the hepatic ducts, which carry
bile out of the liver.
b) cystic duct, which takes bile
to and from the gallbladder.
c) common bile duct, which
takes bile from the cystic and
hepatic ducts to the small
Bile trapped in these ducts can
cause inflammation in the
gallbladder, the ducts, or in rare
cases, the liver.
Sometimes gallstones passing
through the common bile duct
provoke inflammation in the
pancreas, called gallstone
pancreatitis, an extremely
painful and potentially danger-
ous condition.
If any of the bile ducts remain
blocked for a significant period
of time, severe damage or
infection can occur in the
gallbladder, liver, or pancreas.
Left untreated, the condition can
be fatal. Warning signs of a
serious problem are fever,
jaundice, and persistent pain.
What causes gallstones?
Scientists believe cholesterol

too much cholesterol, too much
bilirubin, or not enough bile
salts, or when the gallbladder
does not empty completely or
often enough. The reason these
imbalances occur is not known.
The cause of pigment stones
is not fully understood. The
stones tend to develop in
people who have liver cirrhosis,
biliary tract infections, or
hereditary blood disorders, such
as sickle cell anemia, in which
the liver makes too much
The mere presence of
gallstones may cause more
gallstones to develop.
Other factors that contribute
to the formation of gallstones,
particularly cholesterol stones,
a) Sex: Women are twice
as likely as men to develop
gallstones. Excess estrogen
from pregnancy, hormone
replacement therapy, and birth
control pills appears to increase

cholesterol levels in bile and
decrease gallbladder movement,
which can lead to gallstones.
b) Family history:
Gallstones often run in families,
pointing to a possible genetic
c) Weight: A large
clinical study showed that
being even moderately
overweight increases the risk
for developing gallstones. The
most likely reason is that the
amount of bile salts in bile is
reduced, resulting in more
cholesterol. Increased choles-
terol reduces gallbladder
emptying. Obesity is a major
risk factor for gallstones,
especially in women.
d) Diet: Diets high in fat
and cholesterol and low in fiber
increase the risk of gallstones
due to increased cholesterol in
the bile and reduced gallbladder
e) Rapid weight loss: As
the body metabolizes fat during
prolonged fasting and rapid
weight loss-such as "crash
diets"-the liver secretes extra
cholesterol into bile, which can
cause gallstones. In addition, the
gallbladder does not empty

Ministry of Health

Public Service Announcement
The Ministry of Health informs the general public that the
seasonal Flu vaccine for 2009/2010 is available for the
following groups of people:

* Health Care Workers in contact with patients

* Infants 6 months 23 months

* Elderly age 65 years and over

* Persons aged 6 months 64 years suffering from
chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular
disease, pulmonary disease, HIV, and renal

All persons who fall under these categories are
asked to go to their nearest Health Center to be
vaccinated with the seasonal Flu vaccine. Kindly
note that the seasonal flu vaccine does not prevent
Influenza A HIN1.

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BELIZE WATER SERVICES LIMITED (BWSL) HEREBY SERVES NOTICE this day, October 1, 2009 that, in accordance with
the Water and Sewerage (Tariffs) Byela]xs (Swtutory Instrument 67 of 2002) as amended by Statutory Instrument 102 of 2004 and
Statutory Instnrment 89 of 2008, it has made its submission to the PUC for a Full Tariff Review Proceeding (FTRP) for the
determination of Rates and Tariffs and a Business Plan to be approved for the Full Tariff Period (FTP), which runs from April 1, 2010
through March 31, 2015

Summuar of Issues
The Business Plan submitted by BWSL provides for somii $92.5 :nilliion in iinicsImclenit :I:I the plot iion of water services over the Full Tariff
Period (FTP) and for some S8.6 million in investments tbr the provision of sewer services in its authorized areas of supply, and some $14 9
million in other investments, for a total of $ 116.1 million. BWSL expects some $20.8 million of this total to be funded by Developers and
some $44.3 million to be funded by debt.

The Business Plan also projects operational expenditures and other costs related to the provision of services ranging from $33.6 million for the
first Annual Tariff Period (ATP) of the Full Tariff Period (FTP) to $38.3 million for the last Annual Tariff Period (ATP).

As a consequence of the proposed investments and expected expenditures and costs contained in the Business Plan, HWSI. has proposed
adjustminit to the approt d Rates and Tariffs that would result in an overall a crage increase of 25.0'. in order for the company to generate
enough revenues to support the proposed Business Plan.

The Process
a) The PUC held a meeting on Tuesday, October 13 at the Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City at 7 pm, the Licensee and other interested
parties attended and participated in the discussion.
b) Interested parties may submit wrilten comments and information on the Licensee's proposals by November 2, 2009.
c) The PUC will deliver its Initial Decision no later than November 17, 2009.
d) The Licensee and interested parties who represent 10% of the annual amount of water supplied may submit written comments on the
decision within fifteen days of the delivery of the Initial Decision.
e) Where there is no objection, the PUC will deliver a Final Decision adopting its Initial Decision.
f) Where there is objection by the Licensee or interested parties representing 10% of the annual amount of water supplied, the PUC will
appoint an Independent Expert within 15 days of such objection, to review the Schedules and Tariffs appro ced in the Initial Decision.
g) Where the Licensee objects in writing to the Independent Expert proposed by the PUC, and if the PLIC and the Licensee cannot agree on an
Independent Expert, the International Chamber of Commerce shall "appoint one within 14 days of the receipt of the Likensee's objection.
h) The Independent Expert will issue a written report within 30 days of his appointment.
i) The Licensee and interested parties who represent 10"' of the annual amount of water supplied have 20 days to submit comments on the
j) Where the comments challenge the conclusions of the report, the PUC shall within 15 days afford the licensee and olher interested parties an
opportunity Lo be heard.
k) The PUC will deliver a Final Decision no later than 50 days after the delivery of the Independent Expert's report,

a) Comments in writing may be sent to the Public Utilities Conintission. P.O. Box 300, 41 Gabourel Lane. Belize City; or emailed to
in foirpuc bz
b) Comments/information filed with the PUC on the Initial Decision shall be accompanied by a sworn affidai it on statements or information
purported to be factual.
c) BWSL and interested parties may request c-:rfidential treatment for any commercially sensitive information submitted to the PUC in
accordance with the Byel a s.

Delih er- of Final Decision
The PUC is expected to deliver its Final Decision on November 17, 2009, if there are objections to the Initial Decision; on March 10, 2010, if
there is agreement between BWSL and the PUC on the appointment of an Independent Expert if required; or on March 23, 2010 if an
Independent Expert has to be appointed by the International Chamber of Commerce.

a) Throughout the FTRP, the PUC and BWSL shall maintain an updated Schedule of events which is to be made available to the public.
b) The Schedules and Tariffs approved by the PUC shall become effective on April 1, 2010, regardless of the date on which the PUC's Final
Decision is issued,

Public Access to Information
Members of the public muy obluin up-to-date information on Ihe schedule of the FTRP at the ollices of the PUC and BWSL.
The proposed Bui.iness Plan is available at BWSL's hendq'uarlers. 7 Central American Boulevard, Belize City and at branches count:airyide.
and may be viewed at the office of the Public Utilities Commi asion. 41 Gabourcl Lane, Belize City.

I Sunday, October 18, 2009

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British Privy Council Judges Are Tired Of Dealing

With Cased From Belize And Caribbean Countries

By: Wellington C. Ramos
The headlines for the
Caribbean Life newspaper
which is published in New York
City dated September 30th, 2009
article stated that British Judges
who sit on the Privy Council
Court in London has expressed
their frustrations in presiding
over cases that come from the
Caribbean countries and
colonies. One of the Judges on
the court Lord Nicholas Phillips
went further by telling the
Financial Times of London that
these cases are creating a
financial burden for British
Taxpayers and it consumes most
of their time on the bench. This
Lord must have forgotten that it
was not the people from
these Caribbean countries and
colonies that voluntary opted for
the Privy Council Court but it

was a court that was imposed on
them by the British for being
their Colonial master when they
were British colonies.
For the countries that are
now independent, they have the
option adapting the Caribbean
Court of Justice as their court of
last appeal and to submit cases
to the Caribbean Court of
Justice (C.C.J.) for final
determination. Countries that
are still colonies to Britain will
have no choice but to allow their
cases to continue going to the
Privy Council in London.
Over the years Belize and
other Caribbean countries have
been experiencing a significant
rise in the amount of senseless
murders committed in their
respective countries. In all these
countries, the punishment for
the crime of murder is Death by
Hanging. However, before a
person could be hanged that
person must face trial before the
courts in their country and a
final appeal be made before the
Privy Council Court in London.
Many of these cases that have
been taken to the Privy
Council, have resulted in the
death sentences be commuted to
life imprisonment or to lesser
Caribbean nation states have
made several complaints
about the rulings of the Privy
Council but have made no
serious efforts to resolve this
problem. Many Caribbean
nation states have failed to
amend their constitutions to
adapt the ICJ as their nations'
final appellant court
While these countries
remain complacent, their
citizens are being murdered
senselessly everyday in Belize
and the Caribbean. The
government of Belize is at the
brink of completing its
constitutional consultations to
refer all their cases to the
Caribbean Court of Justice
(C.C.J.) in Port of Spain
Trinidad. After this process is
finalized, they will go back to
the National Assembly to seek
and approval to the amendment
and implement the change to the
constitution. Two of the major
political parties in Belize; the
reigning United Democratic
Party (UDP) and the People's
United Party (PUP), are both in
support of this constitutional

amendment. Only two Guyana
and Barbados have thus far
adapted the Caribbean Court of
Justice their court of final
I now call on all Caribbean
citizens to urge their
governments to halt the
complacency and make a
decision on this matter that now
requires some prompt action.
The seat of the court is
in Trinidad which is also a
Republic and the government of
Trinidad where the court is
seated, should lead the charge
in making the Caribbean Court
of Justice the court for all
Trinidad is also facing a huge
increase in the number of
murders and violent crimes.
The countries of the
Caribbean will have to share the
burden of the cost to ensure that
this court prevail for their
As a Belizeans, it is hard for
me to look at the internet every
morning and see the faces of
our young children being
murdered viciously. Some will

say that changing the court
arrangements will have no
impact on reducing the rate of
murders that are taking place in
these countries today. The
countries of the Caribbean can
also look at forming a
Commission of Inquiry with
some experienced criminal and
social experts to examine the
root causes or murders and
violent crimes in their countries.
The wave of crime and violence
sweeping across the Caribbean
is deplorable and totally
unacceptable to the citizens of
the region and something must
be done now.
Ed Note:
Mr. Wellington Ramos is
a Belizean Columnist for
Caribbean Net News.
He was born in Dangriga
(formerly Stann Creek Town) in
1955 to Belizean Garifuna
Parents. He is a former
Corporal of the Belize Police
Force and a US Army Veteran.
He is currently living in New
York where he works as an
Adjunct Professor of History
and Political Science at Boricua
His hobbies include
sports, politics and community

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In accordance ,w ith Section 13 of the Registered Land Act Chapter 194,
Revised Edition 2000, 1, PATRICIA ROBATEAU PEREZ, for Registrar
of Lands, hereby serve notice that within one month from the date hereof, 1
intend to register the olloving parcels of land listed below for which
application for first registration have been received.

The attention ofthe general public is herebc drawn to this notice. Any person
whose rights and interest may be affected by the registering ofthese parcels
must get in touch V ith me before expiry date or'this notice between Mondays
to Friday at the Land Registry, Belmopan.


This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE WA L K
TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 3743.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 1191 of 1998 dated 2nd
January. 1999 in favour ofILITA GRAJALEZ.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PORT
LOYOLAVILLE, Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 34.

This parcels of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 247 of 2003 dated 10th
April, 2003 in favour of EMORY PERRERA.

This parcel ofland is situated inthe Registration Section, B' RDON CANAL.
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 109.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 1679/1993
dated 16h August. 1W3 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 20 of 1993 at
folios 37-48 in favour of MICHAEL BOI-N 4HRA.

This parcel of land is situated in the Regisration Section, SAN IGNACIO
NO)R H, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 1791.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 79 of 1988 dated 15th June,
1988 in favour of ORLANDO TESl(NlM.

This parcel of land is situated in the Regisiration Section, PUNTA GORDA,
Block No. 42 and beinL Parcel No. 94.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 65 of 1979 dated 14th
February, l107; in Iavotur of NOEL L. RAMCLLAM.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, FORT GEORGE/
PICKSTOCK, Block No 45 and being Parcel No. 625.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Gift No. 1474 '1992 dated 20th
July, 1992 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 17 of 1992 at Folios 64f- 6tli in

APPI ICATION NO. LR-2(00908219
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 2.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 3702/2002
dated 27th December, 2002 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 43 of 2002 at
folios 175-180 in favour of ESTHER MATUS.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, C ARME LITA, Block
No. 4 and being Parcel No. 678.

This parcel of land is lth subject of a Grant Fiat No. 140 of 2004 dated 16th
March, 2004 in favour of HAROLD E. 1 O'NG.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, BURDON CANAL,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 133.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 268 of 1995 dated 3rd
November, 1995 in favour ol DAVID MEDINA.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, PLACENTIA
NORI H, Block No. 36 and being Parcel No. 1907.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Deed of Con % e ance No. "708 2002 dated
19th February, 2001 and recorded in deeds book Volume 9 of 2002 at folios
1307-1314 in favour of ERWIN DOUGLAS WESTBY and GAIL

This parcel of land is situated in the Regiirration Section. MI LL ER'S BIGHT,
Block No. 4 and being Parcel No. 53.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Vesting Assent No. 333/1994 dated 4irh
February, 1994 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 4 of 1994 at Folios
1192 1199 in far our of JOVITA CONCEPCION PREN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, BELIZE RURAL
NORTH II, Block No. 11 and being Parcel No. 907.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 670 of 1999 dated 20th
July, 1999 in favour of JULIA GONZALEZ.

These parcels of land are situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNA(IO
SOUTH, Block No. 23 and being Parosels No. 2220 & 2221,

These parcels of land are the subject of a Con. ey ance No. 2236/2002 dated
30th July, 2002 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 27 of 21n2 at
Folios 279-284 in favour of GEORGE GONZALEZ and CANDY

This parcel of land is situated in the Registralion Section, FORT GEORGE/
PICKSTOC(K, Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 876.

This parcel of land is the subject of an Indenture dated 17th February, 905 and
recorded in Deeds Book Volume 17 of 1905 at Folios 26 to 28 in favour of
HERBERT WATKIN PANTON as Executor and Personal
Representative of the Estate of Glads Alice Louise Panton and Maria

%PPI IC \TION NO. I.RS-200908384
This parcel of land is situated in the Registrarion Section, BELIZE RURAL
NORTH I, Block No. 11 and being Parcel No. 881.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 189 ).2000 dated 5th
January, 2000 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 3 of 2000 at folioi
1190-1199 in favour of GILBERT CANTON.

These parcels of land are situated in ihe Registralion Section, UEI.Il.
RURAL NORTH I, Block No. II and being Parcels No. 875 & 876.

These parcels of land are the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 577. 2002
dated 21st Febrnar. 2002 and recorded in deeds book Volune 7 ot'2002 at
folios 1277-1284 in favour of GILBERT CANTON.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. BELIZE lR H 1R A
NORIH I, Block No. II and being Parcel No. 879.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 171 ,2000 dated
7th January, ?0Tili and recorded in deeds book Volume, 3 of 2000 at folios
821-828 in favour of GILBERT CANTON.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, BELIZE RURAL
NORTH I, Block No. 11 and being Parcel No. 87 I.

This parcel of land is the subject of an Indenture dated 25th Ocluber. 1972 and
recorded in Deeds Book Volume 10 of 1972 at Folios 81 to 86 in favour of
IRENE ELIZABETH CANTON as Executrix of the will of Gilbert
William Canton.

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will be able to handle things fairly. It could be a trying
-*1 time for you but you must be strong. Do not travel
leaving urgent matters undecided.
S' Lucky Numbers: 02, 14, 53.

ARIES: March 22 to April 20
This week sees you turn into a more relationship-oriented
Person. There is a tremendous sense of responsibility that
overtakes you. Children and dependents need to be
indulged and entertained. In doing so, you realise that
there is much joy coming your way. Lucky Numbers:
09, 35, 67.

TAURUS: April 21 to May 21
There will be added focus in restoring harmony in per-
sonal relationships. You are likely to be travelling to dis-
tant places and this will be more for recreation than for
work. Increased income also allows you to extend your
generosity to the lesser privileged ones. Lucky Numbers:
06, 46, 74.

GEMINI: May 22 to June 21
You gain in terms of self confidence as you do fairly well
in the professional sphere. There will be inner strength
That you derive from spiritual pursuits that further
strengthens your belief in yourself. The only factor that
Could possibly put you on a back foot is your health.
Lucky Numbers: 05, 27, 84.

CANCER: June 22 to July 23
There could be strife disturbing the peace at home. The
comforting fact is that there will be a resolution and you


March 23, 2007
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authenticity of essays.
Essays must be no longer than one thousand (1000) words.
Participants will be required to maintain excellent academic
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Essays can be submitted by email at essaycontestabwsl.com.bz .
The original essay can be submitted to any of our Belize Water
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official letter from your respective school.

DEADLINE FOR ESSAYS: October 30th, 2009

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For more information regarding this or any other BWS Release,
please contact
Mr. Haydon Brown at Tel: 222-4757 Ext. 234 or via e-mail at
essaycontes1(~bwsl. co. bz

- di

'I "I'


LEO: July 24 to August 21
Your mood could be more upbeat as opportunities for
expanding work, moving to a better job are foreseen.
Another thing that will take up your attention will be
improvements at home. One sure beneficiary of your good
mood and good money will be family. Old people will
require care and attention. Lucky Numbers: 01, 23, 98.

VIRGO: August 22 to September 21
There will be things you want to do for the people you
love, and try to achieve perfection in each of them. You
may even put your work on the backburner to achieve the
same. Whatever the task you undertake remember to be
kind to your own self. You realise how the different
people in your life go on to aid your growth. Lucky
Numbers: 07, 44, 89.

LIBRA: September 22 to October 23
You work hard pushing yourself to the limits. Apart from
work, there are expectations to achieve a certain level of
lifestyle and you could acquire some gadgets, arty
objects to complete the look. The marvellous part about
this phase is that whatever you desire, you will be able to
achieve it. Lucky Numbers: 04, 37, 70.

SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21
This week forces you to assess your position with respect
to finances. There is increased inflow of money, making
things more comfortable. However, you are more careful
about investing extra money. There will be increased
enthusiasm with which you approach work. Lucky
Numbers: 16, 72, 94.

November 22 to December 21
There could be travel to your native place or a pilgrimage
undertaken. You also work towards strengthening the bond
you have with your family. A desire to provide them with
comforts pushes you to pursue extra work. Avoid any
unethical practices. Lucky Numbers: 03, 47, 88.

CAPRICORN: December 22 to January 20
You are in quite a relaxed state of mind. You are focused
on not letting trivial issues disturb your peace. There are
demands on you from work but you try to handle them
without getting hassled. Avoid confrontation at any cost.
Lucky Numbers: 12, 41, 73.

AQUARIUS: January 21 to February 19
Much of the dilemma of the week gone by stands resolved
as you prove to yourself that you can maintain inner
peaceful and alongside, have appropriate dealings in the
practical world. You could be making significant
monetary gains. You experience a lot of kindness and
compassion for the lesser privileged. Lucky Numbers:
08, 17, 61.

PISCES: February 20 to March 21
This week brings increased social interaction and
subsequently increased dimensions of relationships are
exposed. You will find some bonds very enriching and
some to be important yet too strenuous. You discover ways
of utilising your talents and creativity in the best manner
possible. Take care not to antagonise the elderly. Lucky
Numbers: 10, 32, 59.

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Uganda MP
BBC NEWS, Thursday,
October 15, 2009:
A Ugandan MP has
proposed creating an offence of
"aggravated homosexuality" to
be punishable by death.
Ruling party MP David
Bahati wants the death penalty
for those having gay sex with
disabled people, under-18s or
when the accused is
Homosexual acts are
already illegal, but the Anti
-Homosexuality Bill proposes
new offences and urges the
toughening of existing penalties.
Earlier versions of the bill
were widely criticised by rights
The BBC's Joshua Mmali, in
the capital Kampala, says the
bill has a good chance of being
passed as senior figures from the
ruling National Resistance
Movement are likely to back
President Yoweri Museveni
has made several speeches
outlining his own anti-gay
There are estimated to be
500,000 gay people in Uganda,
from a population of about 31
million, according to gay rights

Urges Death For Gay Sex

Ugandan gay people have long alleged persecution

Gay activists have long alleged
persecution and existing laws
already allow large fines and life
imprisonment for some
homosexual acts.
Mr Bahati's bill proposes
widening the definition of
homosexual acts and wants to
fine or imprison anyone found
to be promoting homosexuality.
The bill states that its
provisions are intended to

"protect the traditional family
by prohibiting any form of
sexual relations between
persons of the same sex".
The International Gay and
Lesbian Human Rights
Commission has urged the bill
to be dismissed.
They say it violates several

international agreements
Uganda has signed up to as
well as contradicting the
country's own constitution.
But John Otekat Emile, an
independent MP, said he
believed the bill had a "99%
chance" of being passed.
"Members of parliament
are overwhelmingly supporting
this bill because homosexual-
ity is illegal in Uganda, and we
have that clearly in the penal
code," he told the BBC.
Emmanuel Dombo, an MP
with the ruling party, agreed and
said it was an important issue to
"What we need to look at are
the sentences what kind of
sentences or punishment
should beprescribedfor sexual
offenders in this respect that
is the big question," he said.
But our correspondent says
the authorities already find it
difficult to prove cases under
current laws because evidence
is difficult to obtain.
Some people who have
openly declared that they are
gay have not been prosecuted
because declaring sexual
orientation is not a crime, our
correspondent adds.

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Brutal Force An
Did you hear about the
bushman who went into the
hardware store to buy a chain
He said "I want one that will
cut down at least 10 trees a
A couple days later he was
back at the hardware store with
Although many service
personnel view the Widows and
Orphans Benefit Scheme as
useless, Captain Andy Smith
was able to successfully
convince many of them to pay
into the scheme.
While reviewing the record,
the Commanding General was
impressed that Captain Smith
had almost 95 of them paying
into the scheme.
Rather than ordering Smith to
explain how he did it, the
Commanding General decided
to find out on his own.
One day the General stood at

The owner of the company
hired a new Manager to shake
things up in order to increase
This new Manager was
determined to cut the work
force by getting rid of
slackers and excess workers.
On a tour of the facilities, the
new manager noticed a guy
leaning on a wall.

N(Ytiferi &oa-ster

* Vacuum
* Under wash
* Engine wash
* Auto detailing
* Waxing
* Carpet shampoo
* Window tinting

d Ignorance
the saw complaining that it only
cut one tree and that took all
The clerk at the hardware
store started the saw to see what
the problem was.
The bushman jumped back
and said "what the hell is that
The Troops
the back of the classroom as
Smith explained the scheme to
a group of recruits.
Smith said "If you join the
Widows and Orphans Scheme
and you go into war and are
killed, the government has to
pay $200,000 to your Widow
and Orphans.
Ifyou do notjoin the Scheme
and you go to war and get
killed, the government only has
to pay $6,000. to your Widow
and Orphan. Now" he asked
"Which bunch do you think
they are going to send into war

The room was full of workers
and he wanted to let them
know that he meant business!
The new Manager walked up
to the guy "How much money
do you make a week? "
A little surprised, the young
fellow looked at him and
replied, "I make $300.00 a
week. Why?"
The Manager dug into his

Inn Out
0 w

a e 0

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pocket, pulled out a roll of
money and counted out $1,200
in cash and screamed, "Here's
four weeks'pay, notice and all.
Now GET OUT and don't come
Feeling pretty good about
himself, the Manager looked

f) Age: People older than
age 60 are more likely to
develop gallstones than
younger people. As we age, our
bodies tend to secrete more
cholesterol into bile.
g) Cholesterol-lowering
drugs: Drugs that lower
cholesterol levels in the blood
actually increase the amount of
cholesterol secreted into bile.
In turn, the risk of gallstones
h) Diabetes: People with
diabetes generally have high
levels of fatty acids called
triglycerides. These fatty acids
may increase the risk of
Who is at risk for gallstones?
People at risk for gallstones
i) Women: specially women
who are pregnant, use hormone
replacement therapy, or take
birth control pills.
ii) People over age 60
iii) Overweight or obese men
and women
iv) People who fast or lose a
lot of weight quickly
v) People with a family
history of gallstones
vi) People with diabetes
vi) People who take choles-
terol-lowering drugs

What are the symptoms of
As gallstones move into the
bile ducts and create blockage,
pressure increases in the
gallbladder and one or more
symptoms may occur.
Symptoms of blocked bile
ducts are often called a
gallbladder "attack" because
they occur suddenly.
Gallbladder attacks often
follow fatty meals, and they
may occur during the night. A
typical attack can cause
a) Steady pain in the right
upper abdomen that increases
rapidly and lasts from 30
minutes to several hours

around the room and asked,
"Does anyone want to tell me
what that goof-off did here?"
From across the room came a
voice, "He was here to take
our lunch orders. He's the
pizza delivery guy from Mr.
Greedy's Pizzeria."

b) Pain in the back between
the shoulder blades and
c) Pain under the right
Notify your doctor if you
think you have experienced a
gallbladder attack.
Although these attacks often
pass as gallstones move, your
gallbladder can become
infected and rupture if a
blockage remains.
People with any of the
following symptoms should see
a doctor immediately:
i) Prolonged pain-more than
5 hours
ii) Nausea and vomiting
iii) fever-even low-grade-
or chills
iv) Yellowish color of the skin
or whites of the eyes and
v) Clay-colored stools
Many people with gallstones
have no symptoms; these
gallstones are called "silent
stones." They do not interfere
with gallbladder, liver, or
pancreas function and do not
need treatment.
Ed Note: This is an extremely
interesting and important
article, but rather lenghty.
Next week we will publish

i ill 1"i 1 r


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This parcelofland is situ:lFd in the Repitra Lion Section. DANGRIGA SOUTH,
Block No. 31 and being Parcel No. 1945.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No, 823 of 1999 dated 2-.th
September, 1999 in four of DOROTHY DAWN LONGSWORTH.

This parcel ofland is situated in Uhe Reistrlilion S-lion, MILLLERS BIGHT,
Block No. 4 and being Par.el No. 960.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Co:wr ev:iii.e No. 827 21102 dated 5th
M. tat ch. y2i2 iand recorded ii Deeds Book blurne 11 of201' ,i_ Folios 663-674
in ravour of NORMAN NRAL.

This parcel of land is situated in die Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
NORTH, Block No. 23 and beuig Parcel No. 2816.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conveyance No. 2271/1998 dated 25th
August. 1998 and recorded in Doeds Book Volume 27 of 1998 at Foli:ri 414-44

This parcel of land is situated in the RegiitraiiLn St4liud ALBERTiIESOP.
Block No. 45 and being Pared No. 779.

This parcel of land is the subject of an Indenture dated 28th March, 1949 and
recorded in Deeds Book Volume 37 of 1949 at Folios 512 to 513 in fvour of

This parcel of land is situated in the Registratin Section BLRDON CANAL,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 113,

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 206 of 1998 dated 23rd
February, 1998 in favour of DORITA. RAMNSE and HERLANDO

This parcel of land is situated in the Rei' Iration Section, BI-RDON CANAL,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 117.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 517 of 1999 dated 13th
June, 1999 in favour of DORITA RAMSEY and HERLANDO RAMSEY.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registrarion Seclior- ALBERTAIESOP,
Block No. 45 and being Parcel No. 1421.

This parcel of land is the subject ofa Conveyance No, 853 1982 dated 31st
August, 1982 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 9 of 1982 at Folios 263-276
in favour of ADDY CASTILLO.

This parcel f land is situated in the Reistratiun Section, BELIZE RURAL
NORTH I, Block No. 11 and being Parcel No. 135.

This parcel of land is the unbji:ct of a Grant Fiat No. 1299 of 1998 dated 21st
ai dch 1998 in favour of GR F).ORY GABOITRFL.

APPI IC ATTON NO. I.RS-21090i1183
This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
SOUTH. Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 830.

This parcel of land is die subject of a Conveyance No. 431 2004 dated 27th
February, 2004 and recorded in Deeds Beok Volume 6 of 2004 at Folios 350-
357 in favour of IRENE McKOY.

This parcel of land is situated in the Regisiral ion Section. ANN GABOLR EL,
Block No. 4 and being Parcel No, 253.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 30 of 1978 dated 6th
March. 1978 in favour of PATRICIO ALPUCHE.

This pareelof land is sin'uatd in the Registralion Secikm. DANGRICA SOLII,

Block No. 31 and being Parcel No. 1 :i3

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of Conveyance No. 358 19' da dated
2nd February, 1998 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 5 of 1998 at folios
379-384 in favour of WI LHEM HAMILTON.

This parcel of land is situated in he Registration Section. D.NGRIG A SOUTH,
This pared of land is the subject of a Doed of Gift No. 2507 001 I dated 3rd
July, 2f"17 and recorded in Deeds Book Volunie 3' Iof T07 at Foli:' 5847- : 54 in

These parcels of land are situated in Llh Registratimi Section, DANGRIGA
SOUTHM, RhAck No. 31 and heing Parels N-. 1918, 1920 and 1921.

These parcels of land are the subject ofa Grant Fiat No. 33 of 1984 dited 14th
February, 1984 in favour of HUBERT USHER.

This parcl of land is situated in the Registration Section, VISTA DEL MAR,
Block No. 16 and being Parcel No. 1194.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Conmeyan.e No. 415/1994 dated 24th
February. 1994 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 5 of 1994 at Folios
1271-1288 in favour of CHEN CHANG, SHUN-LAN.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, CARMELITA,
Block No. 4 and bcing Parcel No. 1380.

lThis parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 543 of 1998 dated 20th
May. 1998 in favour of GASPER VEGA.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, TOWER HALL,
Block No. 4 and beini Parcel No. 749.

This parcel of land is the ,ubjecl of a Deed of Gift No. 576 1992 dated 30Uh
March, 19 2 anrd recorded in Deeds Book Volume 7of 1992 at Folios 239- 2-14
in favour of RAUL TILLETT.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcels No. 612.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 1106 of 2C04 dated 27th
February, 2005 in favour of CARLOS DEPAZ.

This parcel of land is situated in the Regisuation Section, SAN IGNACIO
NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 1746.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 55 of 20'.I-1 dated 15th
March, 2004 in favour of GLORIA TAYLOR

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, ORANGE WALK
TOWN, Block No. 4 and being Pardel No. 3283.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Deed of CAnveyance No. 3090/2005
dated 10th Noemiber, 200 5 and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 37 of 2005 at
folios 529-536 in talui of JAVIER L. LINO.

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section. SAN IGNACIO
NORTH, Block No. 23 and being Parcel No. 1036.

This parel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 1)95 ut 200(C dated 14th
October. 2003 in favour at ELSA MLAS

This parcel of land is situated in the Registration Section, SAN IGNACIO
NORTH. Block No, 23 and being Parcel No. 313.

This parcel of land is the subject of a Grant Fiat No. 1079 1f 2006 dated 4th
October. 2006 in favour of NELDA LOEWEN.

I Sunday, October 18, 2009

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I Page 14 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(igmail.com Sunday, October 18, 2009 1

Belize Celebrates World Food Day '09
CENTRAL FARM, Cayo Agriculture and Fisheries. The Vocational School, cultural food
District, Friday, October 16, welcome address was delivered preparation and competition,
2009: by Melanio Pech. agricultural booth display by
Belize is this year celebrating Other addresses were private and public institutions
World Food Day under the delivered by Ricardo related to agriculture and food
theme "Achieving FoodSecurity Thompson of the FOA as well production.
in Times of Crisis" as Agriculture and Fisheries The objective of this
In commemorating the day, CEO, Gabino Canto. celebration is to promote the
the National Food and Nutrition A highlight of the event was a Belizean Food Cultures with a
Security Commission and the signing of a Memorandum of commitment to highlight the
World Food Day Committee Understanding between the importance of consuming more
today held a National Food Ministry of Agriculture and of what we produce locally.
Fair in Central Farm, Cayo. Fisheries, the University of The event promoted the
The program of events was Belize, and the Belize Chamber production of various fruits,
officially declared open at of Commerce and Industry. vegetables, root crops, as well
9:30 a.m. by the Hon. Other highlights include a as preparation methods of
Rene Montero, Minister of presentation by the Tumulkin indigenous dishes for building

Adapted from the BBC framework", a decree signed by state, includes more than 450

NEWS, Wednesday, October
16, 2009:
Venezuelan President Hugo
Chavez has ordered the
obligatory acquisition of a
Hilton-run hotel on the resort
island of Margarita.
The move was ordered
just weeks after the hotel
housed Libyan leader
Muammar Gaddafi and
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe
during the Africa-South
America Summit.
The hotel would help develop
tourism projects in a "socialist

Mr. Chavez said.
Hilton Worldwide, which
manages the hotel, said it was
analyzing the move.
The hotel "remains a
member of the Hilton system of
hotels, and welcomes guests
with the same level of service
they have come to enjoy,"
spokeswoman Karla Visconti
said in a statement from Miami,
Nationalisation drive
The hotel complex, on the
Caribbean resort island of
Margarita in Nueva Esparta

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Car Detailing
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning y
Car Polishing

Our Home Services Include:
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rooms and suites, a casino,
restaurants, shops and offices,
as well as an adjoining marina.
It is owned by two local
companies who are facing
problems with the government's
financial regulator, the Dow
Jones news service reported.
The presidential decree said
the forced acquisition of the
Margarita Hilton & Suites
Hotel Complex would be
carried out without assuming
existing liabilities, and the
assets would be held by the
tourism ministry.
It is President Chavez' second
takeover of a Hilton-run hotel.
In 2007, the government
assumed control of the Caracas
Hilton, renaming it the Alba
In the past four years, Mr.
Chavez' government has
nationalized industries it
considers strategic to the state,
including electrical utilities,
cement, steel, oil services and

We encourage you to
show good civic pride.

Keep Your Community

Clean & Beautiful

A message from your
San Ignacio/Santa Elena
Town Council

healthier diets.
Additionally, it sought the
promotion of new technologies
utilized in Central Farm for
food production.
The Ministry of Agriculture
intendsfor the event to provide
much-needed motivation for
stakeholders to realize the
importance of food protection
and sustainability.
World Food Day aims at
creating public awareness on the
food problems worldwide and
uniting all people to fight
hunger, malnutrition and
It provides an opportunity
to acknowledge the real
difficulties that confronts us in
these times, especially when
14% of the world's population
does not have an adequate
supply of food.
The recent increase in food
prices and the related cost of
agricultural inputs stemming
from worldwide increases in
fuel prices and the overall
global financial meltdown
has pushed governments to
reconsider their agricultural
policies and in particular that of
food security.
Belize is no exception and
some of the major activities
which the Ministry of
Agriculture and Fisheries is
addressing are the concern of
food security and greater
farm efficiency by identifying
priorities such as Integrated
Farming System, the production
grain, corn and beans for the
export market.

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Guatemalan Congress Approves Partial Scope Agreement
From The Embassy of the "The Embassy of Guatemala
Republic of Guatemala in Belize wishes to inform with great
DATED: BELIZE, October 15, satisfaction that, in the context of
2009: good, fruitful and strong bilateral
A press release from the relations between Guatemala and
Embassy of Guatemala in Belize Belize, the Honourable Congress
states: of the Republic of Guatemala had

be suspected marijuana.
Both persons were detained
and transported to the San
Ignacio Police Station where the
substance was weighed tipping
the scale at 246 grams.
The driver of the vehicle was
identified as David Simpson,
50, Belizean Tour Guide who
gave his address as Macaw
Bank Area while the passenger
was identified as Alfredo
August, 48, Belizean Laborer
who gave his address as Santa
Familia Village.
Both Simpson and August
were formally arrested and
charged for drug trafficking.
They appeared before
Magistrate Rachel Montejo on
Wednesday, October 14 where
the single charge was read to
August initially pled guilty to
the charge but had an instant

change of heart when the
Magistrate indicated the
imposition of a $10,000 fine.
Both accused consequently pled
not guilty and were offered bail
in the sum of $5,000. They were
ordered to return to court on
Monday, November 23, 2009.
In the second adjacent
incident, police reports that
whilst dealing with the
occupants of the brown Ford
Explorer on the Branch Mouth
Road in San Ignacio Town, they
observed a grey Nissan pickup,
driven by a female with a
male person sitting in the pan
of vehicle on the driver's
The Nissan was heading in the
same direction as the Ford
Explorer. The police reported
that when the vehicle drove up
to the scene of the police
operation, they saw the male
person in the back of the Nissan

approve the Partial Scope
Agreement subscribed by the
Government of the Republic of
Guatemala and the Government
of Belize on June 26, 2006,
through the Decree No. 31-2009
published in the Guatemala's
official newspaper on October
13th 2009.
This important instrument

reaching into his shirt pocket
with his left hand and
disposing of a black object into
nearby bushes.
The driver was instructed to
stop and the male person was
ordered out of the vehicle. He
was taken to the spot where he
allegedly disposed of the black
object. When it was retrieved it
was found to be a knotted piece
of black plastic bag containing
suspected marijuana.
The accused was detained and
teamed up with the other two
persons All three detainees
were transported to the San
Ignacio Police Station.
The third detainee identified
himself as Luis Enrique De
La Fuente, 44, Belizean
construction worker of a
Mariana Gonzalez Street
address in Santa Elena Town,
The substance, weighed in his
presence, tipped the scale at
15.5 grams. De La Fuente was

will assist both countries to
consolidate a new environment in
commercial trade, stimulating the
economies of both countries
through the increase of
investment, the sustained increase
ofproduction and the generation
of employment opportunities.
This decree will come into effect
on October 21, 2009."

Luis Enrique De La Fuente,
44, aka "Cheesey"
subsequently formally arrested
and charged for possession of a
controlled drug.
Like Simpson and August, De
La Fuente appeared before San
Ignacio's Magistrate Rachel
Montejo on Wednesday, October
14, where he pled not guilty to
the charge. He was offered bail
in the sum of $2,000 and
ordered to return to court also
on Monday, November 23, 2009.


Pursuant to Section 37(3) of the Registered Land Act, Chapter 194, Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, notice is
hereby given of the loss of the following Land and Le.ise Certificates -


OSCAR D. ROM ERO I.RS-200907369 CAR MF.I.ITA 1047






It is proposed to cancel (he above Land/Lease Certificates after the expiration of twenty-one (21) days from the
appearaincL of this notice. Any person in possession of the abo\% -mentioned certificltes is required to return it to the
Belize Land Registry, Ministry of Natural Resources & the Environment, Belmopan.


I Sunday, October 18, 2009

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lBWS submits Full Tariff Review
B 4Proceedings (FTRP) application BJS

BELIZE CITY, Belize. October 02, 2009:

On October 1, 2009, Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) submitted its Full Five-Year Business Plan
(FFBP) report for the period April 1, 2010 through to March 31, 2015 to the national regulator, the Public
Utilities Commission (PUC) for their review. This submission is in accordance with the provisions of the
statutory regulations, which stipulates BWS should submit an FFBP review report to the PUC. This
officially commences the proceeding for the company's second Full Tariff Review Proceeding.

Over the last 5V2 years, BWS has invested in excess of $30 Million in expanding and refurbishing assets,
especially its eleven water supply and distribution systems country-wide, in order to ensure security and
continuity of supply. Investments have also included major improvements to some of our treatment plants,
storage tanks, pumping stations and water distribution systems. As a result of these investments, the
company has been able to improve pressure and supply in all service areas. BWS supplies water to
45,000 customers or approximately 200,000 consumers country-wide approximately 70% of the
population of Belize.

Along with the Public Utilities Commission, we have implemented a Customer Codes of Practice to
ensure transparent and fair treatment to you, our customers. We have invested in computer technology to
ensure accurate reading and billing and prompt response to customers' requests. In a recent survey of
over 2500 customers, BWS received top ranking, from among all the utilities, in quality, continuity,
customer service and affordability.

At the same time, we have controlled operating costs despite accumulated inflation of over 17% and
major cost surges due to oil prices. BWS has increased its efficiency in every operational area, included
reducing water losses from 43.5% in 2004 to 30% in 2009. This level is far better than those in many
water systems in even the most developed countries.

We have put great effort into keeping costs down to ensure that your water bill remains affordable. As
most of you are aware, the amount you pay for your full month's water consumption is far lower than the
other utilities providers and we intend to keep it that way. It is also far lower than is paid in most
countries in the region and even in most parts of the U.S.

However, we have now reached a point where the sustainability of the Company is in jeopardy due to
economic factors outside of our control. The company just does not earn enough to continue to provide
the level of services to our growing nation without some assistance. In the past, we have managed to
perform limited infrastructure investments with contributions from the Government and private
developers; the Government has also had to make contributions to help the company meet its loan
repayments. Unless remedied, this shortfall in cash will make it extremely difficult to maintain the
operations. BWS, out of necessity, has therefore submitted a business plan requesting a tariff increase
which averages 25% overall, but averages 14% to residential customers. The new tariffs are to be
effective 1st April 2010.

The proposed tariffs have been specifically designed to minimise the impact on lower income and lower
consumption residential customers. For the 5,000 households (11% of the customer base) who use 500
gallons or less of water monthly, their bill will actually REDUCE by an average of 20%. For an
additional 21,500 customers (52%) who use between 500 and 3000 gallons monthly, the average increase
would be around $3 per month. Also, recognizing the cries from San Pedro where the tariffs are higher
than on the mainland, the percentage increase in San Pedro has been kept much lower.

For more information regarding this or any other BWS Release, please contact

Mr. Haydon Brown at Tel: 222-4757 Ext. 234 or via e-mail at haydon.brown@bwsl.com.bz
Belize Water Services Ltd. Delivering water and more...

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