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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: October 11, 2009
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B~ntwOak P*Uit~er
L'C, General Contractin.


S"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"


Cayo, Monday, October 5,
A school burglar, caught in
the act of committing the crime,
today pleaded not guilty to a
single burglary charge and was
released on an eight hundred
dollar bail with instructions to
return to court on Thursday,
November 26.
At around 11:00 a.m. on
Sunday, October 4, an alert
construction worker at St.
Andrews Anglican Primary
School located at the end of
Burs Avenue, near the Santa
Rita Cemetery, in San Ignacio
Town, observed a hole in one
of the aluminum louvered
back windows of an Infant 1
The discovery was
immediately reported to the
school's principal, Ms.
Kathleen Staine, who rushed
to the school. She found the

door unlocked and entered the
classroom thereby confirming
that it was indeed burglarized.
She contacted the classroom
teacher, Ms. Saidy Hob and
instructed her to come to the
school to make a determination
of missing items.
"I was having lunch when I
got the call from the principal"
said Ms. Hob. "I immediately
pushed away the food, and
asked my brother to
accompany me to the school.
When I arrived the Principal
had already left. The door was
unlocked and as I was
entering the classroom, I came
face to face with a man
walking out. Atfirst I thought
that he was someone the
principal had left to guard the
classroom to await my arrival.
However, as he was walking
out I saw that he was in
possession of some exercise

The Accused, Pedro Anastacio Bermudez
also known as "Tachin"

Mex icans Capture Beli man Fug I I' e

John Doe Buried On The Spot

Cayo, Monday, October 5,
Benque Viejo Police were
alerted today of the presence of
a dead body floating face
downwards in the Mopan River
in the Area of Garbutt Falls near
the western border with

When police arrived on the
scene they found the body
of a male Hispanic person
in an advanced state of
decomposition. The individual
was dressed in a white T-shirt
and long blue jeans pants. He

Wednesday, October 7, 2009:
He is the prime suspect in the
October 2, 2009 murder of his
girlfriend and after evading the
long arms of the law for five
days, he was captured by
Mexican authorities on

October 7 as he made his way
north of the border.
The alleged murderer, Carlos
Keme, was promptly returned to
Belize and handed over the
Corozal Town Police. He was
immediately transported to

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h e People Deserve Nothing Less
The death of a loved one, regardless of color, creed, race,
nationality, religious or political persuasion, economic or
social status or any other consideration, is a tragedy.
The loss of a loved one is exacerbated when the deceased is
a family's sole breadwinner.
It therefore goes without saying that we express deepest
sympathy to the family of the Guatemalan man who, earlier
this week, slipped and fell to a tragic death whilst working on
the site of the construction of the hydro electric dam at Vaca
It is unfortunate however that, in the absence of official
monitoring or maybe even negligence or downright
corruption, this tragedy, jerked us to the realization that
foreigners and maybe even illegal and undocumented
individuals are gainfully employed on a construction site of
this magnitude when the national and local rate of
unemployment remains alarmingly high.
While we are in the process of constructing a third hydro
electric dam on the Macal River, it somehow seems like we
have not learnt a lesson as we continue to turn a blind eye on
the potential for employment in the community that these
projects present.
The situation was the same with the construction of the first
dam at Mollejon. It continued with the large influx of
Nepalese laborers, imported from abroad for the construction
of the dam at Chalillo who, not by official action, eventually
abandoned the worksite on their own accord primarily due to
low wages and inhumane treatment.
The presence of the Nepalese workforce on the dam at
Chalillo was shamelessly obvious in the community as they
flooded the banks on Bums Avenue in San Ignacio Town on
paydays while local constituents remained jobless.
This therefore begs the question: What is it that is keeping
the powers that be from taking affirmative action to address
this obvious deprivation of employment opportunities for
local and national constituents while, as rate payers all, we
will eventually be required to repay the cost of these capital
While standard construction contracts routinely stipulate that
contractors must endeavor to give Belizeans first preference
in employment opportunities and to incorporate foreign labor
only in those instances where local expertise is unavailable
and only after exhausting the process of seeking local talent.
We must admit that it is only natural for contractors to
gravitate towards the temptation of increasing profits by
reducing costs, the first among which is labor costs, we must
therefore be able to rely on public institutions to guard us
against this natural tendency.
It is therefore in light of this revelation that the opportunity
was seized this past Wednesday to bring this concern to the
attention of the Minister of Transportation and National
Emergency, Hon. Melvin Hulse Jr., as he appeared on Wave
Radio's morning radio talk show. It is somewhat comforting
to note that Minister Hulse has committed to bringing this
concern to the attention of the Ministers with responsibility
for labor and immigration matters. It is now left to us to
monitor this situation because the people deserve nothing less.

"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"

42A Western Highway, Santa
Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788

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John Doe Buried On The Spot

was medium built and about 5
feet 7 inches in height.
No personal identification
document was found on his
In attempting to identify the
body, and suspecting that it
might be that of a Guatemalan
from across the border, Benque
Viejo Police contacted their
counterpart in the neighboring
Guatemalan community of
Melchor De Mencos.
Police Forensic Specialist Dr.

Mario Estradabran arrived on
the scene on Tuesday, October
6 where the legally required
post mortem examination was
conducted on the unidentified
In his report on the matter,
Dr. Estradabran informed that
he was unable to conclusively
certify the cause of death due
to the advanced state of
decomposition. It was therefore
recorded as John Doe and was
buried a short distance from the
site of the initial discovery.

Wishing all Readers and Advertiser
a Truly Happy and Safe
all of us at the

STAR Newspaper

w'fBBBBKB-. .^^fc^

Orange Walk Town where the
murder was committed.
Orange Walk Town police
reports that the accused, Carlos
Keme, was wanted in the
jurisdiction for the death by
strangulation of his girlfriend,
Karina Daniels.
The dead body of the victim
was found in the nude in Orange
Walk Town. A post mortem
concluded the cause of death as
The accused was subsequently
arrested and charged for murder.
He appeared before Orange
Walk Town's Magistrate Tracy

Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez

Carlos Keme
Sosa on Thursday, October 8
where the single murder charge
was read to him.
He was consequently
remanded to the central prison
in Hattieville to reappear in
court on Thursday, November
12, 2009.

Sunday, October 11, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper~igmail.com Page 3

Apart from the police, who are saying otherwise in their recently
released statistics on crime, many of us will readily agree to an
apparent increase in crime and violence across the nation.
The topic was obviously the subject of recent discussions among
students attending Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio Town and
hence this week we received quite a large number of group letters
to the editor from students on the topic of crime and violence. The
letters were submitted on the students' behalf by their new
Integrated English Teacher, Mr. Kenrick Francisco who is
originally from Dangriga Town.
We are therefore proceeding this week with publishing two such
letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,
There is an increasing number
of Belizeans who are becoming
fearful of being a victim of
criminal acts.
Shouldn't our constitution
provide the protection to enable
us to have a secure mindset, one
free from the fear of crime and
violence that stalks us all?
A mindset that allows
everyone to bask in a
productive, safe and honest
lifestyle. What then could be
the breach for this phobia in
our daily lives?
Well firstly, poverty has lent
its hand to cradling crime to
its present state.
Desperate times calls for
desperate measures, and
desperate times are well among
us, hence, people resort to
stealing and assaulting others
for whatever they feel they
There are those who live
honest, hard-working lives and
yet, have to live with the fear
of being subjected to the
insecurity that the evolving
crime rate brings. There is a
great lack of love within and
among families today.
Families are supposed to
nurture a good, positive
foundation that is strong enough
to withstand the many test of life
in today's real world.
Unfortunately, there has been
an obvious erosion of the
moral fibre of families and by
extension society.
Now, if there is no love within
family it tend to become divided
for trivial reasons. These
problems ought to serve as
reference points rather than a
wall of separation.
There is segregation within
our society. As Belizeans, we
should face our problems
together, and find solutions

together, so that we may all
prosper. Where is the unity? Our
differences are to make us
stronger, not to sever our desire
for cooperation.
Crime affects everyone, no
one is immune to it. No one

enjoys admitting their flaws, but rate in our society is by
how can we correct them if we working together, let's start now.
are in denial? Ricardo Galvez, Hector Guerra
The simplest, most effective Students Sacred Heart
way of bring down the crime College

Dear Editor,
"He, who does not prevent a
crime when he can, encourages
it. "
Belize is a country with
wealth untold. During the last
few years our country has been
plagued with crime and
violence. This is a concern for
many Belizeans.
Crime is a problem that must
be tackled by the community
and not only by government.
The Police Department
recently released mid-year
crime statistics for the year of
2008-2009, whereas, the police
claim a reduction in the crime

rate, there appears to be a
significant increase when
comparing the statistics of
serious crimes for the same
period last year.
As of April 12th, 2008, there
have been 31 murders in a
single district. If this continues
to escalate we run the risk of
becoming an endangered
Where are the values and the
respect for human life? What
are we as citizens or community
as a whole doing in assisting to
curb the situation?
As we read through the

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I Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Tragedy Strikes At The Vaca Falls Dam

Cayo, Tuesday, October 6,
Police do not suspect any
foul play in the death of a
Guatemalan labourer who
accidentally fell from a
wall whilst working on the
construction site for the dam at
Vaca Falls, Cayo.
The deceased was identified
as Emiliano Borrallos, 49,
Guatemalan labourer residing in
the neighboring Guatemalan
community of Melchor De
Mencos, Peten.
Police reports that on Sunday,
October 4, 2009 Ge Hong Qi,
Chinese supervisor for
Sinohydro, the contracting firm
engaged in the construction of
the dam at Vaca Falls, visited the

San Ignacio police station and
reported that on Sunday,
October 4, 2009, the deceased
Borrallos climbed the dam wall
to turn off the engine of a
generator and whilst descending
he accidentally slipped and fell
to the ground.
When fellow workers rushed
to assist him, he was found
bleeding from the nose, mouth
and ears.
He was immediately rushed to the
La Loma Luz Hospital but no
doctor was available and so he was
transported to the San Ignacio Town
Hospital where he was officially
pronounced dead on arrival.
The post mortem examination
conducted by Police Forensic
Specialist, Dr. Mario
Estradabran concluded that the

cause of Emiliano Borrallos'
death was as a result of
subarachid ventricular bilateral
haemorrhage as a consequence
of a head trauma due to a laboral

statistics, it makes us realize that
we have lost the unity that we
once had.
Our laws need to be revised,
this should serve tol alleviate the
The sense of lawlessness is
visible in some sectors of the
community, especially among
the wealthy; we get the feeling
that corruption is taking over
our judicial system. Until this

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The Belize Electric Company
Limited (BECOL) was among
the first to publicly extend
condolences to the family of the

situation is rectified, the fear of
reporting crimes will remain.
We are therefore calling on the
government to carefully analyze
this situation because if the
police and the community is
unable work tin partnership in
the fight against crime then the
situation will only get worse
instead of improving.
Sacred Heart College Students:
Naionni Valdez, Zayda Guerra,
Agnes Itza, Luvia Pech, Heidi
Ayala, Genaro Martinez, Leroy


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Clean Up Carib Courts: Jurists Privy Council

Fed Up With Caribbean Cases

British weary of
Adaptedfrom the Caribbean Life
Newspaper, Published:
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
BY: Bert Wilkinson
British Law Lords have made
their clearest statement yet
that they have grown tired of
presiding over appeals from the
Caribbean and other former
colonies, suggesting that the time
has come for the region to get its
own appeals court system up and
The incoming head of the Privy
Council which is still the court of
last resort for nearly a dozen
independent Caribbean nations
and others with republican
status like Trinidad, says British
judges are being forced to spend
nearly half of their time listening
to arguments from Caribbean
lawyers on cases that the
Trinidad-based Caribbean Court
of Justice (CCJ) can itself do,
rather than being sent to London.
They also contend that
British people have little interest
in the cases. The renewed focus

hearing appeals
on the Court's role and links to
the region also clearly stems from
the current financial crisis.
Lord Nicholas Phillips
complained to British media
including the Financial Times in
the past week that British
taxpayers are also being forced to
carry the load and subsidize court
costs for Caribbean people while
the CCJ sits in Port of Spain with
very little for its high paying
judges to do at the criminal
appeals level.
Only such appeals from
Guyana and Barbados are heard
by the CCJ because other bloc
member states have not been able
to stage referenda or muster the
two-thirds parliamentary support
to replace the British. "It's a huge
amount of time. I personally
would like to see it reduced. It's
disproportionate," Lord Phillips
said of the high caseload from the
Caribbean and the time judges
must spend to attend and dispose
of cases.
His rather timely remarks
provided just the opportunity

proponents of the CCJ needed to
press home their arguments for
more Caribbean countries to
abandon the Privy Council as
most litigants realistically can't
afford to hire a lawyer, pay his
air fare, boarding, lodging and
fees and send him to England to
argue a case that they could very
well lose.
Former Jamaican Justice
Minister A. J. Nicholson was
among the first to react and
support Lord Phillips, basically
calling his remarks a timely
insult that should serve to wake
up Caribbean people to growing
disdain developing among
British justices in still being
forced to hear cases from the
"It is unflattering for us as a
people of an independent
country to haveplaced ourselves
in a situation to be told in
quite measured but certainly
unambiguous terms that surely
the time has come for the
imperial apron strings to be
finally cut," said Nicholson
whose opposition People's
National Party (PNP) failed in its

bid to abandonthe Privy Council
despite nearly 20 consecutive
years in office.
In light of such developments,
Nicholson argued, government
cannotargue that a referendum is
necessary any longer as the Brits
want todump the region.
All this is happening as Prime
Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St.
Vincent is planning his own
referendum to change the
constitution including replacing
the Privy Council. He is the first
of the bloc of Eastern Caribbean
nations to do so and might well
be the lone one for sometime to
come if he in fact loses in a
matter of months.
The Trinidad Guardian
editorialized on the issue at the
weekend, basically taking the
same line as Nicholson by
suggesting that "those in favor of
retention of the Privy Council
should also consider, very
carefully, the implications of
the statement by Lord Phillips
that in an ideal world -
Caribbean countries, both those
that are independent and those
tied to Britain in some
arrangement, would stop using
the Privy Council and set up
their own final courts of appeal
instead," the paper said.


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I Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Demonstrating Qualities Of A Good Corporate Citizen

One New Semi-Furnished Wooden House Handed Over To
Needy Family Promises The Same Annually

October 6, 2009:
Today, the Atlantic Group of
Companies which includes
Atlantic Bank Ltd., Atlantic
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during a brief ceremony on
October 6, 2009.

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Fatal Traffic Accident In San Ignacio Town

Front view of the Mitsubishi Mini-Van

The police Izuzu D-Max pickup truck

Cayo, Monday, October 5,
Oran Gonzalez, 20, Belizean,
labourer of a Cahal Pech Area
address in San Ignacio Town
today appeared in court
where a total of one dozen
charges were recited to him in
connection with a weekend
fatal traffic accident in San
Ignacio Town.
Reports reaching us indicate
that a group of police
personnel, attached to
the Benque Viejo Police
Sub-Formation, including
Woman Police Sergeant #408
Azenette Pook, Sergeant #57
Jimmy Flowers and Constable
#1037 Allan Woods were
returning in the Izuzu D-Max to
their base station in Benque
Viejo Town after attending a
Saturday morning meeting with
Police Commissioner, Crispin
Jefferies, in Belmopan.
The driver of the police
blue Izuzu D-Max, Special
Constable Delfido Monroy,
23, of a Border Road address in
Benque Viejo Town, reported
that shortly after crossing the
speed bump on the Western
Highway in front of the San
Ignacio Texaco gas station he
was confronted with a driver's
worst nightmare: a speeding
vehicle travelling in the
opposite direction, on the
wrong side of the road and
directly in his path.
Monroy informed that as he
saw the mini van heading
straight into the vehicle he was
driving, he brought the D-Max
to a stop and braced himself for
the impact. The vehicle, a
Mitsubishi Mini- van with Cayo
license plates C-26984 collided

head-on into the police D-Max
At the time of the collision,
Oran Gonzalez was the driver
of the maroon Mitsubishi
mini-van, heading eastward
from the direction of Benque
Viejo towards San Ignacio
Upon arrival at the scene
police came upon the D-Max,
bearing Belize City license
plates B-1592 parked on the
right side of the Highway
facing Benque Viejo Town
while the maroon mini-van was
found almost 30 feet away
pointing in the opposite
In addition to the driver, Oran
Gonzalez, other occupants
of the maroon mini-van, were
identified as Ireno Magafia, 23,
Moises Magafia, 19 and
Jovanni Mena, also 19, all
residing in San Ignacio Town.
Police reports that Ireno
Magana later passed away from
severe head and body injuries
resulting from the impact,
additionally W/Sergeant #408
Azenette Pook, Sergeant #57
Jimmy Flowers, PC1037 Allan
Woods, Special Constable
Delfido Monroy, Jovencio
Mena and Moises Magafia
emerged from the accident with
various wounds.
Oran Gonzalez was
subsequently arrested and
served with one dozen charges
as follows: 1) Manslaughter by
negligence, 2) Causing death by
careless conduct, 3) Driving a
motor vehicle not covered by
third party risk insurance, 4)
Driving a motor vehicle whilst
not being the holder of a valid
driving License, 5) Driving a
motor vehicle without due care
and attention, 6) Without

reasonable excuse, failure to
provide specimen when
required to do so. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
& 12) ) six counts of negligent
wounding for injuries caused to
Azenette Pook, Jimmy
Flowers, Allan Woods, Delfido
Monroy, Moises Magafia, and

Jovanni Mena.
Gonzalez was offered and met
bail in the sum of ten thousand
dollars with one surety signing
on his behalf.
He is slated to return to court
on Thursday, November 26,

Back In Court Again

Submitted by Belize Institute of
Environmental Law and Policy
Cayo, Thursday, October 8,
Macal and Belize Rivers
Polluted with Silt; Fortis/
BECOL continues to keep
residents in the dark
The Belize Institute of
Environmental Law and Policy
(BELPO) is back in court over
the muddy discharges from the
Chalillo dam into the Macal and
Belize rivers.
More than a year ago, on June
30, 2008, the Supreme Court
ordered the Department of the
Environment (DOE) to monitor
and enforce BECOL's compli-
ance with the Chalillo dam
environmental plan. Last week,
BELPO filed papers in the
Court saying that DOE has still
not followed the Court's order.
In early August, photos taken
at the Chalillo Dam site showed
that the changes in the Macal's
water color started at the dam.
Monitoring the water quality is
just one of the steps that BECOL
was supposed to take in order
to reduce the damage to public
health and the environment that
is caused by the dam.
In its June 2008 decision, the
Court ordered DOE specifically
to enforce sections of the

Environmental Compliance
Plan that require a dam
break system, an emergency
preparedness plan, testing of
mercury levels in the fish, a
system for public input, and
water quality testing. None of
these have taken place, accord-
ing to BELPO's latest filing.
The concerns and cries of the
people seem to be falling on
deaf ears and blind eyes. It
seems that BECOL, and its
Canadian parent, Fortis, are
being protected and not the
Belizean people.
DOE stated in a cabinet brief
last month that they began to
notice problems with water
quality in May; yet they have
presented no information on
the water tests they claim to
have done. Nor has the Public
Utilities Commission, Belize
Water Services or the Health
At an August 21 press
conference, DOE's representa-
tive Jeavon Hulse assured the
pubic that "the results of
testing conducted are available
to the public." Stephen Usher
from BECOL said, in a
Channel 5 interview that his
company "has taken water
samples and sent them to
the Government of Belize -
regulatory/relevant authorities

I Sunday, October 11, 2009

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iy: wellington c. Kamos
Tuesday, October 6, 2009:
Several months ago the
Honduran military along
with Congressman Roberto
Micheletti the unlawful
President of Honduras
overthrew the President of
Honduras Manuel Zelaya who
was duly elected by the people in
a presidential election.
Since the overthrow of
President Zelaya, this unlawful
MIcheletti government has
declared several curfews and
marshal laws restricting the free
movement of their citizens
and denying them of their basic
fundamental and constitutional

In one instance the illegal
government had the nerves to
close down a hospital that was
established by the Garifuna
people one of the largest African
indigenous people living in
Honduras numbering about six
hundred thousand people.
The Garifuna people were
originally deported from their
native homeland of St Vincent on
March 11th, 1797 as Prisoners of
War by the British after losing the
long war against them. They
were shipped off to Roatan,
The Garifuna people landed in
Honduras one month later on
April the 12th of that same year.
They have been living in all parts
of Honduras and other Central
American countries since then.
In the mid 1800's there
was an uprising in Honduras
resulting in the massacre of a
large number of Garinagu
causing them to leave Honduras
and many of them fled to
Nicaragua, Guatemala and
Today, the Garifuna people live

Back In Court Again

to analyze and make their
decision on how to move
Before going back to the
Supreme Court, BELPO sought

the critical health information
under Belize's Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA) and
filed a Notice of Application
with the Ombudsman to
demand the public be provided
with this health information.
Concern for the people did not
even warrant DOE attending a
"Speak Out" attended by over
100 people in San Ignacio, or
respond to the request for
information or abide by the
original Supreme Court order
that directed DOE to comply
with the ECP.
That is why BELPO is once
again taking action, and calls on
both the government and
Fortis/BECOL to come clean
about the muddy water in
Belize's rivers and to do their job
to enforce the law.
We encourage you to
show good civic pride.
Keep Your Community
Clean & Beautiful
A message from your
San Ignacio/Santa Elena
Town Council

in all these countries and
maintain constant relations and
contact with all their relatives in
these respective countries. The
also continue to practice and
maintain their Garinagu culture.
When Manuel Zelaya became
President of Honduras, he
introduced several policy
initiatives to improve the
quality of life for the Garifuna
people and he was liked by many
of them. Since the military and
this defacto President Roberto
Micheletti came to power, they
have revoked and cancelled all
those initiatives that is now
affecting these people. The
United States and many other
countries in the world have
condemned the overthrow of the
President and some countries
have severed all diplomatic
relations with this country.
Yet, this unlawful government
continues to act as if the
government belongs to them and
that they will not bow or listen to
the democratic nations of the
The Organization of American
States (OAS) Caribbean Commu-
nity (CARICOM) and other
regional organizations have also
plead to this unlawful regime to
restore power back to the lawful
President Manuel Zelaya but all
those appeals have fell on deaf
Under the United Nations
Charter, it is unlawful for other
nations to interfere in the
internal affairs of another
country. However, when a
democratically elected President
or government is overthrown
by the military or any other
organized group against the
aspirations of the citizens of
that country, then it is the
responsibility of the United
Nations along with the other
democratic governments of the
world to take action and intervene
to restore that government back
into power.
Failure for the United Nations
to act will set a bad precedent for
other countries and could lead to
the declining of confidence in
the United Nations as a
reputable institution.
The whole world is watching
how the United Nations is going
to deal with this crisis at hand.
The United Nations is not
moving fast enough to rectify
this problem and in my opinion
they possess the means to end this
crisis immediately.
I am now calling on the United

Nations to convene an urgent
meeting of the Security Council
and the members of that body, to
submit a resolution to this
body that a United Nations
multinational force be assembled
to go to Honduras and restore
President Manuel Zelaya back in
Why should the United Nations
and the Democratic Nations of
the world be afraid to act
lawfully? When, the defacto
regime had no fear to act
unlawfully. President Manuel
Zelaya has made it much easier
for them because he has risked his
life to go back to his country and
serve his people as the duly
elected President of the country.
The Honduran government has
its military surrounding the
Brazilian Embassy trying to await
his exit from the embassy to
arrest, detain and probably cause
harm to him.
This is now the appropriate
time for the United Nations to
intervene to avoid bloodshed.
It is clear that this defacto
government has no respect for
international laws, national laws
and the constitution of their
country because they have
already violated it and continue
to do so everyday by denying
and refusing to reinstate their
constitutionally elected President
Manuel Zelaya.
If the United Nations and the
democratic Nations of the world
want to regain their credibility in
the politics of world opinion, then
this is the appropriate action to
take and the time is now. To
allow this conflict to drag on
indefinitely is not to the benefit
of the Honduran citizens, the
democratic nations of the world
or anyone but it will continue to
cause further suffering on the
people of this country and give
rogues in other countries to do the
same thing to other existing
democracies in the world today.
Ed Note:
Mr. Wellington Ramos is
a Belizean Columnist for
Caribbean Net News. He was
born in Dangriga (formerly
Stann Creek Town) in 1955 to
Belizean Garifuna Parents. He
is a former Corporal of the
Belize Police Force and a US
Army Veteran. He is currently
living in New York where he
works as an Adjunct Professor
of History and Political Science
at Boricua College. His hobbies
include sports, politics and
community upliftment.



BELIZE CITY, Belize. October 02, 2009:

BWS submits Full Tariff Review Proceedings (FTRP) application

On October 1, 2009, Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) submitted its Full Five-Year Business Plan (FFBP)
report for the period April 1, 2010 through to March 31, 2015 to the national regulator, the Public Utilities
Commission (PUC) for their review. This submission is in accordance with the provisions of the statutory
regulations, which stipulates BWS should submit an FFBP review report to the PUC. This officially commences
the proceeding for the company's second Full Tariff Review Proceeding.

Over the last 5 2 years, BWS has invested in excess of $30 Million in expanding and refurbishing assets,
especially its eleven water supply and distribution systems country-wide, in order to ensure security and
continuity of supply. Investments have also included major improvements to some of our treatment plants,
storage tanks, pumping stations and water distribution systems. As a result of these investments, the company has
been able to improve pressure and supply in all service areas. BWS supplies water to 45,000 customers or
approximately 200,000 consumers country-wide approximately 70% of the population of Belize.

Along with the Public Utilities Commission, we have implemented a Customer Codes of Practice to ensure
transparent and fair treatment to you, our customers. We have invested in computer technology to ensure accurate
reading and billing and prompt response to customers' requests. In a recent survey of over 2500 customers, BWS
received top ranking, from among all the utilities, in quality, continuity, customer service and affordability.

At the same time, we have controlled operating costs despite accumulated inflation of over 17% and major cost
surges due to oil prices. BWS has increased its efficiency in every operational area, included reducing water
losses from 43.5% in 2004 to 30% in 2009. This level is far better than those in many water systems in even the
most developed countries.

We have put great effort into keeping costs down to ensure that your water bill remains affordable. As most of you
are aware, the amount you pay for your full month's water consumption is far lower than the other utilities
providers and we intend to keep it that way. It is also far lower than is paid in most countries in the region and
even in most parts of the U.S.

However, we have now reached a point where the sustainability of the Company is in jeopardy due to economic
factors outside of our control. The company just does not earn enough to continue to provide the level of services
to our growing nation without some assistance. In the past, we have managed to perform limited infrastructure
investments with contributions from the Government and private developers; the Government has also had to
make contributions to help the company meet its loan repayments. Unless remedied, this shortfall in cash will
make it extremely difficult to maintain the operations. BWS, out of necessity, has therefore submitted a business
plan requesting a tariff increase which averages 25% overall, but averages 14% to residential customers. The new
tariffs are to be effective 1st April 2010.

The proposed tariffs have been specifically designed to minimise the impact on lower income and lower
consumption residential customers. For the 5,000 households (11% of the customer base) who use 500 gallons or
less of water monthly, their bill will actually REDUCE by an average of 20%. For an additional 21,500 customers
(52%) who use between 500 and 3000 gallons monthly, the average increase would be around $3 per month.
Also, recognizing the cries from San Pedro where the tariffs are higher than on the mainland, the percentage
increase in San Pedro has been kept much lower.

For more information regarding this or any other BWS Release, please contact Mr. Haydon Brown at
telephone #222-4757 Ext. 234 or via e-mail at haydon.brown@bwsl.com.bz

Belize Water Services Ltd. Delivering water and more...

I Sunday, October 11, 2009

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=__ -LIBRA: September 22 to October 23

ARIES: March 22 to April 20
There are certain long term goals that acquire increased
importance for you. You will have to be wary of
developing conceitedness in the process. It will be good
for you to help a needy person and not necessarily in
terms of financial help. Do this as selflessly as possible.
Lucky Numbers: 09, 24, 44.

TAURUS: April 21 to May 21
There is a very conscious attempt at working on the
relationships that you have not been able to do justice to
in the recent past. It turns out that it comes pretty
effortlessly to you. Your accomplishment gives a boost
to your confidence and this further facilitates peace at
home. Lucky Numbers: 06, 18, 42.

GEMINI: May 22 to June 21
This week sees you intent on maintaining the focus,
clarity and intensity that you seem to have suddenly
discovered in life. You should be mindful that your good
efforts are not marred by the irritation caused by slack
pace of other people or due to certain delays. Lucky
Numbers: 05, 31, 54.

CANCER: June 22 to July 23
You have been striving to gain a lot of insight into what
works for you towards becoming a better person. There
will be adoption of healthy lifestyle, spreading good
cheer around, doing things to make people around you
happy. Your innate kindness begets you a good name
and joy. Lucky Numbers: 02, 26, 47.

LEO: July 24 to August 21
This week can be a good phase for you as you juggle
pressures of work and demands of relationships equally
well. There will be opportunities for socialising. But you
will be looking at networking through meeting people.
There will be some very tangible gains. Lucky
Numbers: 01, 23, 56.

VIRGO: August 22 to September 21
There will be onus on you to arrange finances for some
recreational purpose. Apart from this, you could have to
look after a number of relatives and members of extended
family. On a more professional note you could be
dealing with business deals of a very complicated
nature, and you will find the challenges stimulating.
Lucky Numbers: 07, 32, 67.

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You receive a lot of positive feedback about yourself and
this provides a much required boost for your self-esteem.
You are also able to see the grace that flows into your life
in the form of support of family and the willingness to
help offered by a number of people. Lucky Numbers: 12,
49, 88.

SCORPIO: October 24 to November 21
You make significant leaps in your spiritual life. People
around you also benefit from your growth and get inspired
in positive ways. If you have commitments in the
material world, they will continue to be unaffected and
you will carry on with your duties in a regular manner.
Lucky Numbers: 15, 36, 78.

November 22 to December 21
There will be a resurfacing of certain issues from the past.
However, what will also come up will be a lot of mental
clarity and focus about what you do want to achieve. If
you are engaged in a business, chances are that you will
be going ahead to make a significant kill. Lucky
Numbers: 03, 37, 91.

CAPRICORN: December 22 to January 20
You are likely to focus most of their attention on the
S repairs and renovations around the house. A major chunk
of money could be spent on adding objects of material
comfort to your dwelling place. You may feel a pinch
financially with added responsibilities but you will be able
to manage. Lucky Numbers: 11, 60, 97.

AQUARIUS: January 21 to February 19
You could have some difficult encounters in everyday life
that make you realise how important practical skills are
for dealing with mundane affairs. Despite the routine
hum-drum, you will intensify your search for mentors/
methods that can take you beyond the ordinary. Lucky
Numbers: 14, 35, 69.

PISCES: February 20 to March 21
You could be triggering a whole new series of events that
lead to increased inflow of money. Remember that you
Have to play your game well, enough not to make loved
( ones resentful that you are not giving them time and
astute enough to maintain the pace of work that you have
created. Lucky Numbers : 16, 43, 76.

I3 IRbbank
The Belize Bank Ltd.
hereby informs its customers that our
branches countrywide will be closed for
business on Saturday, October 10, 2009 and
Monday, October 12th, 2009.

For everyday banking transactions,
please use ourATM machines
available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

The Belize Bank Ltd. takes this
opportunity to wish its customers a safe and
Happy Pan American Day.





Il ~

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Next Year's Public & Bank Holidays

For all those early planners,
those involved in the calendar
making business, and indeed the
public in general, please note the
list of public and bank holidays
2010 specified in the First and
Second Schedules to the
Holidays Act, Chapter 289 of
the Laws of Belize Revised
Edition 2003.
Holidays will be observed on

The United

the following days during the
year 2010 in accordance with
section 3 of the said Act:-
1) Friday, January 1 New
Year's Day.
2) Monday, March 8 -
National Heroes and Benefac-
tors Day (in lieu of Tuesday 9
March 9).
3) Friday, April 2 Good

- 2010

4) Saturday, April 3rd Holy
5) Monday, April 5 Easter
6) Saturday, May 1 Labour

7) Monday,
eign's Day.
8) Friday,
National Day

May 24 Sover-

September 10 -

9) Tuesday, September 21-
Independence Day
10) Monday, October 11 Pan
American Day (in lieu of
Tuesday, October 12)
11) Friday, November 19 -
Garifuna Settlement Day
12) Saturday, December 25 -
Christmas Day
13) Monday, December 27 -
Boxing Day (in lieu of Sunday,
December 26)


Democratic Party Comments On The

Matter With Belize City Mayor Zenaida Moya-Flowers

BELIZE CITY, Saturday,
October 3, 2009:
On Saturday, October 3, the
National Party Council of the
UDP met and unanimously
voted to reconfirm the Party's
commitment to its platform
against corruption and its
resolve to promote accountabil-
ity, transparency, high ethical
standards and dedicated and
efficient service in public
The Party holds dear, as
specified in its Constitution,
the objective to promote respect
for the courts, ensuring the
absolute independence and
integrity of the judiciary and
the system of justice and in
particular to insulate the
judiciary from any form
of political or economic
influence, intimidation or
interference. The decision to
charge Mayor Moya-Flowers
and others was a decision
made by the constitutional,
independent, professional office
of the DPP after review of the
The UDP cannot and has no
wish to comment on the guilt or
innocence of anyone charged.
The Party has, from the point of
view of proper administration,
custody and use of public funds,
a responsibility to take a
position on the conduct of its
elected officials.
Instead of, without prejudice
to her presumption of
innocence, accepting responsi-
bility and giving proper
explanation and justification for
her political conduct, the Mayor
has sought to divert attention
from the central issue by
attacking the Party Leader and
Prime Minister, fellow
councilors, and by extension
the United Democratic Party.
The UDP finds this behavior

unacceptable and inconsistent
with Mayor Moya-Flower's
obligations and duties as a
member and official of the
United Democratic Party.
The National Party Council

has therefore taken the
following positions:
(a) pursuant to Article 7
Sections 11 and 12(b) of
the Party's Constitution, to
remove Zenaida Moya-Flowers

from the National Party
(b) refer the issue of her
conduct to the Central
Executive of the Party for
further consideration



San Vicente Primary School Extension
Project, Toledo District

The Government of Belize has received funding through, the Basic Needs Trust Fund Fifth Programme, towards
the cost of Education projects and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the contract
for San Vicente Primary School Extension Project, Toledo District.

The Social Investment Fund, a Statutory Corporation, established under the Social Investment Fund Act No. 3 of
1996 and located at Constitution Drive, Belmopan City, Cayo District, hereby invites tenders from suitably
qualified contractors for the construction of the following:

San Vicente Primary School Extension Project, Toledo District
The works consist of the construction of a new 120'x 25' reinforced concrete structure and completion of
an existing building also measuring 120'x 25' both at ground level. Works on the new construction include
the provision of male and female bathrooms, office, library and two classrooms measuring 25'x30' each.
The new construction is to be of reinforced concrete with masonry blockwalls and a timber frame/galvalum
roof A verandah is to be constructed on the front and back of both the new construction and the existing
building. The new construction is an extension to the existing structure. The existing structure requires
plastering, painting, and installation of windows, doors and electricity to four classrooms measuring 25'x30'

Tender documents can be obtained from the Social Investment Fund at the address below during the hours of
9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. as of Tuesday September 22nd, 2009 for a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of BZE$100.00
per package.

Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked "Quotation for San Vicente Primary School Extension
Project, Toledo District


The Project Manager
Constitution Drive
P.O. Box 459
Belmopan City, Cayo District

Tenders will be received at the above address no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday, October 16, 2009. A Public
Opening will be held at the SIF Office in Belmopan at 2:15 p.m. on Friday, October 16, 2009.

The Basic Needs Trust Fund will conduct onsite meetings on the dates and times specified in the bidding
documents with interested eligible bidders to explain the tender documents and address any queries from
interested eligible bidders.

The Basic Needs Trust Fund reserves the right to reject any or all tenders.

I Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Henry Jones, the towns top
auto mechanic, enters the
popular restaurant on Burns
Avenue in San Ignacio and
placing his order he says "I
want three flat tires, a pair of
headlights and a pair of
running boards."
The waitress, not wanting to
appear stupid, goes to the
kitchen and asks the cook,
"This guy out there just
ordered three flat tires, a pair
of headlights and pair of
running boards. What's going
through his mind, does he
think that this is an auto parts

"No" the cook says, "three
flat tires means three pancakes
and a pair of headlights is two
eggs sunny side up and a pair
of running boards is two long
slices of crisp bacon."
"Oh," says the waitress. She
thinks about this for a while, and
then she spoons up a bowl of
beans and gives it to Jones
"What are the beans
for? "asked Jones.
The waitress replies, "I
thought while you were
waiting for the flat tires,
headlights and running
boards, you might want to gas
up as well."

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Mr. Garcia wanted a new suit,
so he bought a nice piece of
cloth and then tried to locate a
The first tailor he visited
looked at the cloth and
measured Abraham, then told
him the cloth was not enough
to make a suit.
Abraham was unhappy with
this opinion and sought another
tailor. The new tailor measured
Abraham, then measured the
cloth, and then smiled and
said, "There is enough cloth to

As senior lecturer at Yale
University, Professor Thomas
McArthur, taught during the
day and did research at night. He
would usually take a break
around eight and for relaxation
he would play the strategy game
Warcraft online with a teammate.
One night he was paired off
with a veteran of the game who
was a master strategist. With the
veteran of the game as the
leader, their troops crushed one

Is Belize
BY: Leo A. Obando Ph.D./
Is Belize in Crisis ? In a
capitalist society like ours, there
seems to be a prevalent divorce
between the three pillars that
sustain the very Belizean
society: the Government of
Belize, the Business Sector and
the Intelectual community.
For a capitalist society like
ours to prosper regardless of
hard times these three pillars
need to work together at all
times, discovering new areas of
consensus to deal with the
present crisis.
If for any reasonss, any of
these pillars are left out, the risk
for underdevelopment, political
instability, economic stagnation
is much greater.
For one moment compare the
Government of Belize to a ship
carrying a lot of people; the
Business Sector, the machinery
needed to move the ship
and people forward and the
Intellectuals, the vision needed
to reach the final destination.
In my opinion, I foresee a
sizeable divorce between these
three pillars which jeopradizes
the socio-economic and
political stability of the country.
Politicians need to understand
their true role within the
Equilateral Triangle (become

make a pair of trousers, a coat
and a vest, please come back
in a week for your suit."
After a week Abraham came
for his new suit, and saw the
tailor's son wearing trousers
made of the same cloth.
Perplexed, he asked, "Just
how could you make afull suit
for me and trousers for your
son, when the other tailor could
not make a suit only?"
"It's very simple," replied
the tailor, "The other tailor has
two sons."

opponent after another, and
after six whole games they were
undefeated. Suddenly, his
fearless leader informed the
senior professor that his mom
wanted him to go to bed.
"How old are you?" the
professor typed.
"Twelve," came the reply. "
And how old are you?"
Feeling his face redden the
senior University professor,
answered, "Ten."

n Crisis?
inclusive) ...the same will apply
to the Business Sector and
Intelectual Community. The
Government by itself nor the
Business Sector or Intellectual
Community will not move
Belize forward The approach
must be inclusive together ,
One Voice ...otherwise we'll
lose the Jewel Part ONE !!!
Part Two -coming next week !!!!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper~igmail.com Page 13

Cholesterol is a waxy, fatlike
substance that your body needs
to function normally.
Cholesterol is naturally
present in cell walls or
membranes everywhere in the
body, including the brain,
nerves, muscles, skin, liver,
intestines, and heart.
Your body uses cholesterol
to produce many hormones,
vitamin D, and the bile acids
that help to digest fat. It takes
only a small amount of
cholesterol in the blood to meet
these needs.
If you have too much
cholesterol in your bloodstream,
the excess may be deposited in
arteries, including the coronary
(heart) arteries, where it
contributes to the narrowing and
blockages that cause the signs
and symptoms of heart disease.
Coronary heart disease (CHD)
is caused by cholesterol and fat
being deposited in the walls of
the arteries that supply nutrients
and oxygen to your heart.
Like any muscle, the heart
needs a constant supply of
oxygen and nutrients, which are
carried to it by the blood in the
coronary arteries. Fixed
narrowing that is often calcified
(hardened) usually cause angina
(chest pain). Less severe
narrowing may contain unstable
blockages called atherosclerotic
or fatty plaque. Unstable
atherosclerotic plaque can
rupture, resulting in clot
formation, no blood flow, and a
heart attack.
If enough oxygen-
carrying blood is blocked from

reaching your heart, you may
experience a type of chest pain
called angina.
If the blood supply to
a portion of the heart is
completely cut off by total
blockage of a coronary artery,
the result is a heart attack. This
is usually due to a sudden
closure of the artery from a
blood clot forming on top of
unstable plaque.
A simple blood test checks
for high cholesterol. Simply
knowing your total cholesterol
level is not enough. A complete
lipid profile measures your LDL
(low-density lipoprotein
[the bad cholesterol]), total
cholesterol, HDL (high-density
lipoprotein [the good choles-
terol]), and triglycerides-
another fatty substance in the
blood. Government guidelines
say healthy adults should have
this analysis every 5 years.
Updated cholesterol guidelines
from the National Institutes of
Health (National Cholesterol
Education Program) are
designed to help people become
more aware of their lipoprotein
profile (that is your LDL,
HDL, triglycerides, and total
cholesterol and their relation-
ship to each other) and perhaps
to help at-risk people make
lifestyle changes to improve
their profile.
A desirable total
cholesterol level is 200 mg/dL
or lower. A desirable LDL is 100
mg/dL (130-159 is borderline
high; 160 is high; 190 is very
high). HDL, the "good choles-
terol," should be around 40 mg/

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dL or greater. With HDL, the
higher the number, the better,
and 60 mg/dL is protective
against heart disease.
Too many people have high
levels of total cholesterol and
LDL (the bad cholesterol). A
diet high in saturated fat (a type
of fat found mostly in foods that
come from animals and certain
oils) raises LDL levels more
than anything else in your diet.
You also eat cholesterol in your
diet, although the effect of
saturated fat in the diet is greater
than the effect of dietary
cholesterol. Trans-fatty acids
(seen in processed foods and
many "fast foods") can also
increase LDL levels. Dietary
cholesterol is found only in
foods from animal products.
Genetic factors combined with
eating too much saturated fat
and cholesterol are the main
reasons for high levels of
cholesterol that lead to heart
attacks. Reducing the amount of

saturated fat and cholesterol you
eat is an important step in
reducing your blood cholesterol
levels. The government has
reset the standard for LDL lev-
els so that more Americans are
included in the risk group.
Research confirms the
dangers when your cholesterol
levels are too high.
The Framingham Heart Study
established that high blood
cholesterol is a risk factor for
coronary heart disease (CHD).
Results of the Framingham
study showed that the higher
your cholesterol level, the
greater your risk.
Several studies have
confirmed a direct link between
high blood cholesterol and
CHD. The Lipid Research
Clinics-Coronary Primary
Prevention Trial (LRC-CPPT)
first showed that lowering total
and LDL (bad) cholesterol
levels significantly reduces
coronary heart disease.
A series of more recent trials
of cholesterol-lowering using
station drugs have conclusively
demonstrated that lowering
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I Sunday, October 11, 2009

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I Page 14 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(igmail.com Sunday, October 11, 2009 1

The Maya Green Growers Project Inaugurated
SAN ANTONIO VILLAGE, instrumental in rendering such gainfully employed throughout
Cayo District, October 8, assistance and financial support the year. This will have the
2009: for the project. effect of reducing or minimiz-
Inauguration ceremonies The Group's primary focus ing the migration of youths to
for the project: "Efficient is on vegetable production urban areas in search of
Technology toproduce Quality utilizing improved technology employment, will alleviate
Vegetables and Fruits for the which will go a long way in poverty, will encourage rural
Belizean market" took place alleviating sporadic shortages of development and will
today in San Antonio, Cayo vegetables throughout the year. effectively address the issue of
District. Minister of Agriculture and food security.
The Project was taken up by Fisheries, Hon. Rene Montero, Minister Montero concluded
the Maya Green Growers said that his Ministry, by pointing out that affordable
Association, a group of twenty through the Extension Service credit, technological transfer,
farmers who decided to come Department and the Taiwanese feeder roads and accessible
together and grow vegetables Technical Mission will continue markets are key elements that
for local consumption and monitoring the project and there need to be held as top priority.
export. are plans to construct a packing
They requested technical shed to help the farmers in NUS
assistance from the Ministry of the marketing of their fresh VS P
Agriculture Extension Service produce.
to develop a project proposal The Ministry will continue #6 Hudson Street, San Ignaci
to produce quality vegetable working hand in hand with the
seedlings to sell to farmers farmers to encourage the Offering A W
within the village, farm-family-participation Music CD's, bV
The Taiwanese Agricultural which has the aim of having
Technical Mission was every member of the family SPECIA

I IlFl ~1 ~ (T~~3Jr~

total cholesterol and LDL
cholesterol reduces your chance
of having a heart attack, need-
ing bypass surgery or
angioplasty, and dying of
CHD-related causes.
Recent studies have shown
that lowering cholesterol in
people without heart disease
greatly reduces their risk for
developing heart disease in the
first place. This is true for those
with high cholesterol levels
and for those with average
cholesterol levels.
In 1994, the Scandinavian
Simvastatin Survival Study (4S)
was the first study to show
that people who took the
cholesterol-lowering class of
drugs called stations (in this case,
simvastatin) reduced their risk
for major CHD events (such as
a heart attack) by 34%, CHD
deaths by 42%, and all deaths
by 30% in people with known
coronary heart disease and
high blood cholesterol levels,
compared with people who
were given a placebo (a dummy
pill that looks exactly like the
medication being tested). This
has been called "secondary
prevention," or prevention of a
second heart attack, because the
study involved people with

known heart disease, many of
whom had already had at least
one heart attack.
A 1995 study called the
West of Scotland Coronary
Prevention Study (WOSCOPS)
found that lowering cholesterol
reduced the number of heart
attacks and deaths from
cardiovascular causes in men
with high blood cholesterol
levels who had not had a heart
attack. For 5 years, more than
6,500 men with total cholesterol
levels of 249-295 mg/dL were
given either a cholesterol-
lowering drug or a placebo
along with a cholesterol-
lowering diet. The drug that was
given is known as a station
(pravastatin), and it reduced
total cholesterol levels by 20%
and LDL (bad) cholesterol
levels by 26%. The study found
that the overall risk of having a
nonfatal heart attack or dying
from CHD was reduced by 31%
in those who received the station.
The need for bypass surgery or
angioplasty was reduced by
37%, and deaths from all
cardiovascular causes were
reduced by 32%. A very
important finding was that
deaths from causes other than
heart disease were not
increased, and overall deaths

from all causes were reduced by
22%. This is called primary
prevention because the study
subjects had not previously had
a heart attack.
In 1998, the results of the
Air Force/Texas Coronary
Atherosclerosis Prevention
showed that lowering choles-
terol in generally healthy men
and women (no previous
heart disease) with average
cholesterol levels reduced
their risk for a first-time major
coronary event (such as a heart
attack) by 37%. Lovastatin was
the drug used in this study.
In the 1998 LIPID study, men
and women with known
CHD and mild-to-moderate
elevations of LDL lowered their
risk of death by 22%, CHD
deaths by 24%, and death by
CHD or nonfatal heart attack by
24%. Pravastatin was the drug
used in this study.
The Heart Protection Study,
published in 2002, examined
men and women of all ages at
high risk for heart disease
irrespective of their cholesterol
levels. Simvastatin treatment
reduced CHD events by 24%.
This study has caused some

The main objectives of the
Maya Green Growers Farmers
Group include: the establish-
ment of a commercial seedling
nursery to generate income for
its members; to produce organic
fertilizer for commercial
purposes for revenue generation
and to construct a covered
structure for the production of
vegetables all year round.
All three projects were
inaugurated today. For more
details please contact: Mr.
MiguelBalan, Extension Officer,
Ministry of Agriculture &
Fisheries, Belmopan. Tels: 501-
822-2241 or 501-822-2242 or
e-mailbalan miguel@yahoo.com


o Town Telephone #824-2101

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experts to suggest that everyone
at high risk for CHD would
benefit from station therapy,
regardless of their blood
cholesterol levels.
The National Health and
Nutrition Examination Survey
III (NHANES III), carried out
from 1988-1991, discovered
that 26% of American adults
had high blood cholesterol
concentrations, and 49% had
desirable values.
Who has high cholesterol?
Throughout the world, choles-
terol levels (measured in the
blood) vary widely. Generally,
people who live in countries
where blood cholesterol levels
are lower, such as Japan, have
lower rates of heart disease.
Countries with very high
cholesterol levels, such as
Finland, have very high rates of
coronary heart disease.
However, some populations
with similar total cholesterol
levels have very different heart
disease rates, suggesting that
other factors also influence risk
for coronary heart disease.
High cholesterol is more
common in men younger than
55 years and in women older
than 55 years.

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Update On The Commission Of Inquiry

At The Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital
BELMOPAN CITY, Cayo, Heusner Memorial Hospital that the Auditor General's order for the Inquiry to
Thursday, October 8, 2009: has not yet commenced because Report will constitute an impor- begin.
A release from the Office of the Auditor General's Report on tant part of the material The Commission appointed
the Prime Minister today the operations of the KHMH evidence to be examined and by the Prime Minister is
informs that the Commission will not be completed until the further investigated by the therefore expected to
of Inquiry into alleged end of October. Commission of Inquiry, and commence its inquiry in early
improprieties at the Karl The release further informs must therefore be completed in November.


books and pencils. I asked him
where he was going with the
items and he told me that he
was going home, I told him that
those are my children's books
but he continued walking
towards the gate I told him that
I was going to call the police,
but he continued walking
toward the gate. I handed the
phone to my brother and told
him to call the police. The man
dropped the exercise books and
pencils near the gate and
walked up the street.
The police arrived shortly
thereafter and they told me to
leave the exercise books and
pencils where the accused had
thrown them. I boarded the
police vehicle and we began
searching for the man. After
about ten minutes of searching
I spotted the man sitting near
the cultural center in San
Ignacio Town. He was walking
towards the Coronation Park
when the police got a hold of
him. I told them that this was
the man and they arrested him.
Then Monday evening I was
going home from school and I
saw the man sitting on a bench
in the Coronation Park, the
same place where the police
picked him up the day before.
He was already out! He was
looking hard at me."
The police reports that when
he was detained and searched,
the accused was found in
possession of two pairs of
scissors and a plastic bag
containing an assortment of
candy which were identified by
the teacher.
The accused was transported
to the police station and the
police returned with the teacher
to the school. The books and
pencils were picked up from the
area where they were disposed
by the burglar. A porcelain
drinking water dispenser was
found in the yard near the
classroom door. The teacher
informed that the dispenser was
actually inside the classroom.
Police observed that entry into

the classroom was gained by the
removal of two aluminum
louvers and the twisting of a
third one from a back window
of the building.
Having found the water
dispenser outside the classroom,
the teacher noted that the 5
gallon Crystal water bottle
valued at $25, that was sitting
on top of the dispenser, was also
missing. The empty water
bottle was never found.
The accused was arrested and
charged under the name
Manuel Rodriguez, 45,
Belizean, laborer of a Joseph
Andrews Drive address in San
Ignacio Town.
Our investigation revealed
that the name Manuel
Rodiguez is acutally the name
of an elder brother who is
currently a senior Government
official. While the date of birth
he gave the police was found to
be correct, the accused was
actually registered at birth as
Anastacio Rodriguez. His
voters registration card however
carries the name Pedro
Anastacio Bermudez. He is
also known as "Tachin".
Police are of the opinion that,
in the absence of nowhere to
hide inside the classroom, the
burglar might have first entered
the building through the
window and exited through the
door by the time the principal
arrived. They believe that he
returned a second time, entered
through the door and this was
when he was found inside the
building by the teacher.
We are tempted to suggest
that justice in these instances
should be swift because this
man was obviously not inside
the classroom on a Sunday
morning waiting for the children
to arrive so that he could begin
teaching them.
He was obviously not inside
the classroom preparing lesson
plans for the week.
He was obviously in the
classroom with intention to steal
and therefore the teacher's
expression of surprise at seeing

The suspected point of entry into the infant 1 classroom
him out on the street so quickly somewhat humorous, is
after the arrest, although justified.


I Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Page 16 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper(&rgmail.com Sunday, October 11, 2009


BELIZE WATER SERVICES LIMITED (BWSL) HEREBY SERVES NOTICE this day, October 1, 2009 that. in accordance with
the Water und Seweruge (TunilTs) Byelaws (Stitutory Instrument 67 of 2002) us amended by Staulotar Instrument 102 of 2004 and
Statutory Instrument 89 of 2008, it has made its submission to the PUC for a Full Tariff Review Proceeding (FTRP) for die
determinulion of Riles amd TarilTs and a Business Plan to be approved for he Full Tariff Period (FTP), which nins from April 1, 2010
through March 31,2015.

Suaninarv of Issues
The Business Plan submitted by BWSL provides for some $92 5 million in investments for the provision of water services over the Full Tariff
Period (FTP) and for some $8.6 million in investments for the provision of sewer services in its authorized areas of supply, and some $14.9
million in other investments, for a total of $116.1 million. BWSL expects some $20.8 million of this total to be funded by Developers and
some $44.3 million to be funded by debt.

The Business Plan also projects operational expenditures and other costs related to thie provision of services ranging from $33.6 million for the
first Annual Tariff Period (ATP) of the Full Tariff Period (FTP) to S3.3 million for the last Annual Tariff Period (ATP).

As a consequence of the proposed investments and expected expenditures and costs contained in the Business Plan, HWSI has proposed
adjustments to the approved Rates and Tariffs that would result in an overall average increase of 25.0-' in order for the company to generate
enough revenues to support the proposed Husiness Plan.

The Process
a) The PUC will hold a meeting on Tuesday, October 13 at the Princess Hotel and Casino at 7 pm, at which the Licensee and all interested
parties may participate.
b) Interested parties may submit written comments and information on the Licensee's proposals by November 2, 2609.
c) The PUC will deliver its Initial Decision no later than November 17, 200'.
d) The Licensee and interested parties who represent 10% of the annual amount of water supplied may submit written comments on the
decision within fifteen days of the delivery of the Initial Iecision.
e) Where there is no objection, the PUC will deliver a Final Decision adopting its Initial Decision.
f) Where there is objection by the Licensee or interested parties representing 10% of the annual amount of water supplied, the PUC will
appoint an Independent Expert within 15 days of such objection, to review the Schedules and Tariffs approved in the Initial Decision.
g) Where the I icensee objects in writing to the Independent Expert proposed by the PUC1, and if the PI IC and the I.icensee cannot agree on an
Independent Expert, the International Chamber of Commerce shall appoint one within 14 days of the receipt of the Licensee's objection.
h) The Independent Expert will issue a written report within 30 days of his appointment.
i) The Licensee and interested parties who represent 10% of the annual amount of water supplied have 20 days to submit comments on the
j) Where the comments challenge the conclusions of the report, the PUC shall within 15 days afford the licensee and other interested parties an
opportunity to be heard.
k) The PUC will deliver a Final Decision no later than 50 days after the delivery of the Indepenenet Exper's report.

a) Comments in wiitina may be sent to the Public Utilities Commission. P.O. Box 306, 41 Gabourel Lane, Belize City, or emailed to
b) Co:,nentsl i 'infl lintin. filed with the PUC on the Initial Decision shall be accompanied by a sworn affidavit on statements or information
purported to be factual.
c) BWSL and interested parties may request confidential treatment for any commercially sensitive information submitted to the PUC in
accordance with the Byelaws.

Dc-Uver of Final kDeciion
The PLJC is expected to deliver its Final I)ecision on November 17; 2009, if there are objections to the Initial Iecision; on March 10, 201), if
there is agreement between BWSL and the PUC on the appointment of an Independent Expert if required; or on March 23, 2010 if an
Indepenedent Expert has to be appointed 1, the International Chamber of Commerce.

a) Throughouil Ihe FTRP, the PUC and BWSL shall mainluin an updu ed Schedule of events which is to be made available to the public.
b) The Schedules and Tariff. approved by the PUC shall become effective on April 1, 2010, regardless of the date on which the PUC's Final
Decision is issued.

Public Access to Information
Members of the public may obtain up-to-date information on the schedule of the FTRP at the offices of the PUC and BWSL.
The proposed Business Plan is available at BWSL's headquarters, 7 Central American Boulevard, Belize City and at branches countrywide,
and may be viewed at the office of the Public Utilities Commission. 41 Gabourel Lane, Belize City.

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