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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: August 2, 2009
Copyright Date: 2008
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"The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"


District, Thursday, July 30,

Funeral service was held
today for Gilbert "Gilly"
Novelo, 16, the latest victim of
a fatal stabbing incident which
occurred shortly after 2:00 a.m.
on Sunday, July 26, 2009.
It was exactly 2:05 a.m. when
San Ignacio Police responded to
the report of a stabbing incident
at the Faya Wata Nightclub
located in the heart of San
Ignacio Town on Burs Avenue.
By the time police arrived, the
victim had already been
transported to the San Ignacio
Town Hospital.
Upon arrival at the hospital,
the victim was found
undergoing medical treatment
in the emergency ward at the
hospital, for a single stab wound

r111e Victim r111e Accused
Gilbert "Gilly" Novelo, 16 Fredy Jeovany "Shaggy" Fernandez, 19
SUNRISE: April 14, 1993
9 'Gilbert Novelo, 16, Belizean Hospital where, despite th(
SUNSET: July 26, 2009 ] oo nOmtrlnAoiot fh tociom

to the left side of the abdomen.
The victim was identified as

Recording The Sudden Passing Of
Ambassador Oscar Miguel Ayuso Jr.
BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, which occurred on Saturday,
July 29, 2009: July 25, 2009 at his home in
It is with profound sadness that Bella Vista, Belize City.
we record the sudden passing of The news of HE Oscar Ayuso's
His Excellency Ambassador sudden death swept across the
Oscar Miguel Ayuso Jr., 51, --P-

address in Santa Elena Town.
The nature of the injury was
deemed too grave to handle for
the medical team at the San
Ignacio Town Hospital, and so
the victim was prepped and
rushed to the Western Regional

e best
'e ical

staff, he passed away shortly
4:00 a.m.
While the owner of the
building housing the nightclub,
which is on rent to the actual
operator, is contending that the
Please Turn To Page 15] _J p--

The Knife, Suspected To Be The Murder Weapon

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The Time Has Come For Affirmative Action
Another weekend is gone; the life of another boy is
senselessly gone with it. Another wave of helpless feeling
shakes the hearts and souls of those who truly care about the
preservation of human life. How many more of our children
must die before this arm of the corruption octopus is
Corruption rears its tentacles in many forms. It does not
only come in the form of dishonest politicians enriching
themselves and their cronies at the expense of the nation and
its patrimony.
Corruption is not just about the dishonest public officer who
steals from government coffers or the crooked employee who
embezzles from the employer.
Corruption also comes in many other forms. It comes in the
form of that individual who either by him or herself or by his
or her agents either through actions or omissions allows a child
access to those mind altering substances we have come to know
as drugs and alcohol.
Corruption also comes in the form of those law enforcement
officials who take food, drinks and even a bribe in exchange
for turning a blind eye on those who violate the law. It also
comes in the form of those conflict of interest situations where
policemen are allowed to moonshine as security guards for
those liquor establishments that violate the law.
Corruption comes in the form of those law enforcement agents
who for whatever reason, truncates the full extent of an
investigation in the face of apparent infractions of the law of
the land.
Corruption comes in the form of those individuals who for
obvious greed appears to have no regards for the law. Much
like the restaurant which by law must close at midnight but
remains open until 2:00 a.m and when the police cracks down,
the individual applies for and, despite the absence of relevant
infrastructural characteristics, is upgraded to a nightclub with
permission to open until 2:00 a.m. but them remains open well
past the 3:00 a.m. hour. Greed Greed and just simply more
GREED with total disregard for the preservation of life and
property and the maintenance of law and order.
For the second time in recent months a boy is killed as he
roams the town illegally patronizing liquor dispensing
establishments and the investigation seems concentrated solely
on the act itself and not on the circumstances contributing to
the loss of life. In these instances, a blood sample is normally
extracted from the deceased for examination purposes. But
by the time the result is received, the incident quite possibly
would have been overshadowed by other occurrences, and
interest lost in advancing the investigation to that next vital
level being the contributing cause for the loss of human life
and so those who played a role in the death, apart from the
murderer, continues business as usual while another victim
lurks in the horizon and another family is destined to grieve
the loss of a loved one.
The time has come, Mr. Political leader from all sides -
when it is not enough to donate the food for the wake, the
coffin for the deceased, the vehicle to transport the dead to the
church and eventually to the cemetery or even attending the
wake or the funeral. The time has come for affirmative action
geared towards getting to the very bottom of this senseless
loss of human life thereby sparing relatives and friends the
agony of having to grieve the loss of a loved one.


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824-. 272
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"The Newspaper that cares and
dares to bring out the truth"
42A Western Highway,
Santa Elena, Cayo,
Belize, Central America
Publisher: Alberto August
Editor: Nyani Azueta-August
Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
Tel: 626-8822 or 626- 3788

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Minister Rene Montero Meets

With SICA Sub-Committee

Wednesday, July, 29, 2009.
Agriculture and Fisheries
Minister, Hon Rene Montero
today met, in his Belmopan
Office, with a delegation from
the Regional Agro-Environmen-
tal and Health Strategy (ERAS).
The meeting was focused on

possible assistance for Belize in
the areas of Rural Development,
Nutrition and Health.
The ERAS delegation, headed
by Dr. Dilger, RUTA Director,
will also be meeting with
other stakeholders and farmers
in an effort to ignite meaningful
conversations to allow for the

Hon Rene Montero,
Agriculture and Fisheries
preparation of Belize's Plan of
Action for inter-related strategic
planning and possible funding.
ERAS is a regional initiative
led by the Councils of Ministers

Thursday, July 30, 2009:
Just as the Hon. John
Saldivar, Minister of the
Public Service, Governance
Improvement and Elections &
Boundaries, is winding up his
10-week tour of all government
offices countrywide, the news
surfaced of the commencement
of a nation wide tour by the
Hon. Gabriel Martinez,
Minister of Labour, Local
Government and Rural Develop-

Hon. Gabriel Martinez,
Minister of Labour, Local
Government and Rural
Minister Martinez' three-week
tour begins on Thursday July 30
and is scheduled to end on
Friday, August 21, 2009.
The Ministry informs that the
tour will afford Minister
Martinez the opportunity to
meet with staff of the Ministry
The Minister will also
be meeting with key sector
stakeholders connected to the
ministry whereby he will
provide updates on the
Ministry's activities and
Minister Martinez will also be
getting a firsthand appreciation
of the concerns and issues as
he dialogues with staff
and stakeholders countrywide.

Meetings will be held at
Rural Development offices
countrywide. Minister Martinez
Pleae Trn T Pae 1

of Agriculture, Environment
and Health, representing the
economic, environmental and
social sub-sectors of the Central
American Integration System
ERAS was born out of the
Second Joint Meeting of the
Councils of Ministers of
Agriculture, Environment and
Health held in Panama City
on June 6, 2006.
The delegation leaves Belize
on Saturday, August 1, 2009.
Further information on
this undertaking can be obtained
by contacting Angel Tzec,
Belize's Coordinator for the
National Food and Nutrition
Security Commission at
telepone numbers: 822-2241 or

114 LlqlIJl lii l iS,

The Ministry of Health reminds all members of the public, especially in the Cayo and
Belize Districts, of the danger of Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. It is very important
that you visit your nearest health centre for testing and treatment of dengue if you present with the

Dengue Fever begins with sudden onset of high fever (104 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit). Other signs
and symptoms include:

Eye Pain or eyeball pain
Joint pain
Muscle pain
Nausea and or lack of appetite
Hemorrhagic manifestations (unusual bleeding from the gums/heavy menstrual bleeding/
unexplained bruises).
General Weakness

In an effort to assist us in our fight in the prevention and further transmission of Dengue, the
Government of Mexico will be providing a medical team to assist with our daily testing in our
health centers. The teams will be located as follows:

San Ignacio Hospital
Benque Viejo Health Center
San Antonio Health Center
Cleopatra White Polyclinic
San Pedro Town Polyclinic
Northern Regional Hospital
Corozal Community Hospital

Thursday July 30 and Friday July 31, 2009
Saturday August 1, 2009
Sunday August 2, 2009
Monday August 3, 2009
Tuesday August 4, 2009
Wednesday August 5, 2009
Thursday August 6, 2009

Dengue Fever is a disease that must be taken very seriously in particular if you have had these
symptoms in the past. Every effort should be made to keep yourself, your family and your
community safe by maintaining a clean environment. Activities that should be done to prevent
Dengue include: washing water storage containers such as drums at least once a week, changing
the water in flower pots every 4 or 5 days, avoid having containers that can collect water in your
yard (e.g. empty cans, tires), and keep vats, drums, buckets and all other containers that can
collect water properly covered. These are ideal breeding sites for the mosquito that transmits
Dengue. With the elimination of breeding sites in and around the yard, Dengue can be avoided.
You are once again reminded to visit your nearest health centre at the onset of signs and symptoms
of Dengue Fever or Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

Labour Local Government and

Rural Development Ministerial

Countrywide Tour Begins

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Responding To Wellington Ramos' Article

Dear Editor;
Please permit me space in your
newspaper to respond to Mr.
Wellington C. Ramos on the
issue of Belizean-Americans
(dual citizens) holding political
office in Belize, and on the
issue of the death penalty.
In a survey where participants
are given the choice to select
from 1 to 7, to express one's
opinion, with 1 being completely
for ,4 being neutral, and 7being
completely against. I wish to
register a 5 on the issue of
Belizean-American holding
office, and a 7 on the death
penalty issue. I will briefly give
my reasons.
While I will appreciate that
Mr. Ramos presented many valid
points on the matter of dual
citizens holding elected office in
The point I wish to bring across
is that Belize has enough
competent candidates at home
and there's no need to use those
living abroad.
While I know without a doubt
that those living abroad want
only what is best for Belize and
may be completely competent to
serve, in the final analysis, it
can be said that they are not as
impacted by decisions that may
go awry, when they can readily
return to their adopted homes.
These folks, though, should be
given an input forum to express
their opinions as it relates to the
development of Belize since in
some instances, they may be
able to assess issues in a more

impartial manner, and they do
provide significant philantropic
With regards to the death
penalty, no one, not even the
United States ofAmerica, should
willfully kill!
More killings occur in Belize
today than yesteryears, because
more guns exist; greater
exposure to violence and gangs
exists; education, family values
and morality, have been
deemphasized; meaningful job
creation is not keeping up. The
social fabric is unraveling, and
the Jewel runs the risk of being
irreparably tarnished.
Please note that I did not blame
poverty even though it is a
potential contributing factor,
since more poverty existed
during my time growing up in
Belize the 40s and 50s than
exist today.
Execution is not the answer
since it does not eliminate nor
diminish the root causes of our
troubled youths. It rarely serves
as a deterrent to reduce murders
since most murderers at the time
expect to get away with it, and
regret only being caught. Also
there is the possibility that
innocent people might be
executed; additionally, those
with more money invariably
escape it.
Let's join our neighbors who
have abolished the death
penalty-Mexico, Honduras,
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama.
Let us not use as example the
main executioners in today's

All Specials include:
Breakfast, Dinner,
Guided visits to our
Natural History Centre,
Butterfly Farm,
Rainforest Medicine Trail,
Canoeing on the Macal
River, Swimming
in Chaa Greeks new
Swimming Pool and
Guided Hikes through
jungle trails.

Special Rates Per Person:
4 adults based on double occupancy $200 Bz
6 adults based on double occupancy $175 Bz
8 adults based on double occupancy $150 Bz
$50 Bz per adult for Luxury upgrade

reality-China, Iran, Pakistan,
Saudi Arabia, and, yes, the
United States of America.
Even the Catholic Church
today has moved away from the
death penalty, expressing the

Dear STAR;
I write in response to last
week's letter to the editor
regarding dishonesty in the
From a personal point of view,
as a businessperson, I must
admit that the views expressed
by the writer is unfortunately
As a matter of fact, recent
revelations in the media over the
past weeks have shown that
dishonesty in the workplace is
not only confined to private
sector businesses but it also
appears to be deep rooted in the
Public Service.

Dear Editor:
As a Dual citizen born in
Belize, I want to voice my
opinion in support of the new
movement in Belize to change
the constitution.
If I commit a crime in the US,
the US news media will say, she
is a naturalized citizen from
Belize and, depending on the
nature of the crime, I might very
well be deported back to Belize.
I will lose all priviledges as a US
If I were to die in military
combat, the news will say, she
was a member of the US
military. So there advantages and
Why is it then that I should not
have the right to go back to my

fwOsAFami4 union S pOclafs

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BELIZEAN FUN SUMMERTIME Jul 18th, Aug 1st, Aug 15th, Oct 17th
walk on the wild side with naturalist guides, and join in arts & crafts.
wine, cheese & topas reception, gallery display & sale of original paintings, and live entertainment.
i 7 _

These special rates are being offered
only to Belizean Nationals, Residents,
and persons working in Belize.
Taxes are not included.

$50 Bz per child 12 -18 sharing parents room
$25 Bz per child 6- 11 sharing parents room
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sanctity and preservation of all
human lives, no matter how
wretched some may appear to
R. A. Bowman

In my case, as I am sure it is
with others, the constant turnoff
of staff places a heavy toll on
business operations, as it is of-
ten after having gone through the
pains of training a new
employee, that they turn out to
be dishonest and must be
parted ways with. Enters the
replacement employee unending
training cycle is again put into
I am gradually coming to the
realization that this is just one of
the many challenges in the world
of business.
Andre G,
San Ignacio Town

native country and be a member
of the Government?
Why should naturalized
Belizeans from other countries
have more rights than an
individual, who has a long an-
cestry in Belize?
The constitution has to be
changed and it needs to happen
now! More Dual citizens are
returning home to Belize and I
think it is a positive thing for
Belize and Belizeans. The
Status Quo must change in
Belize. Belizeans must have a
more vocal and legal say in Belize.
We need to emulate and
follow the US constitution that
says a person must be a US born
citizen to run for President of the
US. Belize needs to have the
same thing.
As it stands, Dual citizens of
Belizeans have less rights than
people from other countries.
Through the years that I have
gone home to visit family
members, I realized that
Americans ( the non Belizean
ones) have more leverage
than me. When it comes to
purchasing property in Belize,
etc...Why is it that as a Belizean,
I can't get the prime location of
the beachfront??? Do we, as
native Belizeans, realize that we
are losing our country? We won't
have the freedom and access to
our natural resources because we
are selling it. Where is the money
going?? Where are the benefits

Dishonesty In The Workplace

On The Subject Of Dual Citizenship



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"Copyrighted Material
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Mexico Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places

In The World For Journalists And Drug Investigators
A Police Commander and his family as well as an Investigator are killed
at their homes as Mexico's drug trafficking crackdown continues.

BY: Tracy Wilkinson
The lead investigator in the
slaying of a prominent Mexican
journalist was killed when
gunmen intercepted him as he
arrived home, authorities said
In a separate incident, gunmen
also killed a police commander
and his family, including four
Reports indicate that the at-
tackers opened fire on the police
commander's house as the
family slept, then pummeled it
with grenades, setting it on fire.
The latest killings come amid
a fierce government crackdown
on major drug traffickers.
President Felipe Calderon has
launched tens of thousands of
troops throughout the country,
but the violence continues to
In Ciudad Juarez, an especially
volatile city across Mexico's
northern border from El Paso,
Texas, federal investigator Jose
Ibarra was shot to death late
Tuesday night as he arrived
home from work, the attorney
general's office said.
Ibarra was the lead detective
investigating the November
2008 slaying of Armando

Rodriguez, a well-respected
veteran crime reporter for the
city's El Diario newspaper, the
largest daily on the border.
Rodriguez, who covered local
bursts of the drug war, was shot
to death in front of his home.
Authorities said they were
investigating whether the two
killings were connected.
Also on Wednesday, police
in Acapulco announced the
discovery of the body of
another journalist, Juan Daniel
Martinez Gil, who had been
badly beaten and buried alive,
his head wrapped in plastic.
Martinez worked for two radio
stations but was not known to
cover drug trafficking.
Mexico is one of the most
dangerous places in the world
for journalists. At least 27 have
been killed in Mexico since
2000, according to the New
York-based Committee to
Protect Journalists. The
organization recently reported
that state investigators had
identified drug cartel members
as suspects in Rodriguez's
killing, but that federal officials
had not acted on the information.
The death of police
commander Jesus Romero and
his family occurred before dawn
Wednesday in the Gulf of

Mexico port city of Veracruz.
Investigators told reporters that
Romero and his wife apparently
died of multiple gunshot
wounds, and the children the
youngest 7, the eldest 15 died
of smoke inhalation.
More than 11,000 people have
been killed in Mexico's
drug- related violence in the last
2 1/2 years, most of them
traffickers or law-enforcement
agents. It is rare for an entire
family to be targeted.
In the western state
of Michoacan, meanwhile,
government troops pressed
ahead in a major offensive
against one of the newest and

most violent cartels, known as
La Familia.
Authorities said that six
suspected members of the group
were arrested on Wednesday,
including a woman believed to
be the girlfriend of purported
drug boss Servando Gomez
Martinez and La Familia's
alleged chief financial operator,
Armando Quintero Guerra.
Authorities said Quintero Guerra
also managed La Familia's
contacts with associates in Los
Angeles, California, USA.

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ISunday, August 2, 2009

Hen Hands
Cayo, Monday, July 27, 2009:
It was one week ago, during
the first hours on Monday, July
20, 2009, when the watchman at
Chuc's Esso Service Station on
Bullet Tree Road in San Ignacio
Town was reportedly attacked
with a gun, tied up, and the
service station was burglarized.
One of the three suspects in
the incident was Steven "Hen"
Gentle, a resident from the

In Himself
Shawville Area, San Ignacio,
who accompanied by Attorney,
Linsbert Willis, handed himself
in to San Ignacio Police during
the evening hours on Monday
July 20, he was promptly
arrested and formally charged
for the crimes of robbery and
aggravated assault.
He appeared in court on
Tuesday, July 21 and was
remanded to the Hattieville
Central Prison to return to court

Steven "Hen" Gentle
on Thursday, August 27, 2009.
The other two suspects, Jovian
"Grease" Urbina and Raul
Eduardo Gonzalez were

arrested shortly after the
incident. They had their day in
court on Monday, July 20, 2009
and were remanded to prison
returning to court also on August
While magistrates are legally
barred from granting bail in
cases where a firearm is alleged
to have been used in the
commission of a crime, as is
normal, these suspects were
advised that at the expiration of
a week in jail, their attorneys can
proceed to seek bail by way of
application to the Supreme court.

Prequalifications of Contractor For the construction I
of a building for the Punta Gorda Branch Office
Toledo District

1. The Social Security Board proposes to invite Bids in the latter part of August 2009 for the construction of its Punta
Gorda Branch Office, from its register of prequalified contractors whose firms belong to the country of Belize. It is expected that
construction will commence in October 2009.

2. Joint ventures and partnerships including those between local firms will be considered.


3. The works consist of the construction of a two storey reinforced concrete and blocks structure as offices for the Punta
Gorda Branch of the Social Security Board. It will include offices, conferences room, lavatories, security fence, mechanical and
electrical services and other facilities, for a total area of 7300 sq. ft.

4. Firms applying to be prequalified for carrying out the works will be evaluated, inter alia, on the basis of experience,
availability of equipment and machinery, financial position, bank credit, previous performance and organizational capability.

5. Pre qualification Application forms and questionnaires can be obtained at the SSB Head Office in Belmopan as (of 13 July
2009 at 8:30 am) at the following address.

Mrs. Irene Cruz
Social Security Board, Belize
Bliss Parade
Belmopan, Cayo District
Belize, Central America
Tel: 501-822-2163 Fax: 822-3331
Email: icruz(socialsecurity.org.bz

6. If the contractor has been prequalified, all documents that are provided by the Social Security Board will be given for the
non-refundable fee of $500.00.

7. Prequalification Form and Questionnaire must be completed and enclosed in a sealed envelope and clearly marked
4:00 p.m. local time on 7 August 2009.

Any tender received after this deadline will not be considered.

The Social Security Board will not defray any cost incurred by any tenderer. The Social Security Board does not bind itself to
accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept or reject any tender, and to annul the process and reject all tenders,
at any time prior to award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected prospective contractor or any
obligation to assign any reason for the rejection of any tender. Prospective tenderers must be in compliance with the
requirements of Social Security Act. especially with respect to the payment of contributions, in order to be

Chief Executive Officer
Social Security Board
Bliss Parade, P.O. Box 18
Belmopan, Belize

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The Proper Thing To Do
Tom and Joe entered a After a tense silence, Tom
restaurant on West Street, San said, "Joe, if you had offered
Ignacio and ordered fish. me the first choice, I would
The waiter brought a dish with have taken the smaller fish!"
two fish, one larger than the Joe replied,"I know that you
other, would have taken the smaller
Tom said to Joe, "Please help fish, that is why I left it for you,
yourself" so what are you complaining
"Okay", Joe said and he about; you have the smaller
helped himself to the larger fish. fish, don't you?"
Buying Horses & Mommy

Little Johnny was attending a
horse auction with his father.
He watched as his father
moved from horse to horse,
running his hands up and down
the horses' legs, rump and
After a few minutes, Johnny
asked, "Pop, why are you
doing that?"
"Because I'm buying horses

and I have to make sure they
are healthy, and in good shape
before I buy. "responded his fa-
Johnny looked worried,
"Then I think we'd better
hurry home right away."
"Why?", said his father.
"Because the mailman
stopped by yesterday, and I
think he wants to buy mom!"

Count Not Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched
John entered the New York passed him.
City Marathon last year. After several miles, John
From the very beginning of the realized that he was the last
race one by one the runners runner.


Tour Guide Certificate Course

The Belize Tourism Board wishes to inform all interested
Belizeans, of a Tour Guide Training Course tentatively
scheduled to start in September. The course, being offered by
the Belize Tourism Board, is designed to train participants in
both theoretical and practical techniques of the profession.
Classes will include basic swimming, snorkeling and boating
Upon completion of the course, the Belize Tourism Board will
certify each successful participant, making you eligible to
apply for a tour guide license.
All prospective trainees are ask to register their interest at:

REGISTER AT: Galeria Hicaco
CONTACT NUMBER: 226-0178/668-3232
E-mail: siwaban@gmail.com

(Ask for Ellen McRae or Morgan Carasco)

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It was very embarrassing
for him but he kept on.
The guy who was in front of
him, the one coming in second
to last, was making fun of John
as they were approaching the
finish line.

Yaf6erf broatrer
* Vacuum
* Under wash
SEngine wash
SAuto detailing
- Waxing
* Carpet shampoo
- Window tinting

He said, "Hey buddy, how
does it feel to be last?"
John replied: "Are you
serious, do You really want
to know how it feels?, and
John dropped out of the

Inn & Out
o*o aHH^iH^

Phone: 667-8629
Open: Monday to Sunday

Located left hand side before turning into the wooden
BRIDGE, Santa Elena Cayo, Belize, Central America



* m ~r--


We can introduce your
property to buyers
in Belize
and in America

- and the world.


RE/MAX 1 r'a


Contact John on 678 2000

or stop by our office at:
30, Bums Avenue,
San Ignacio.


Check out
our website at:
vw.BelizePropertyCenter. cor

#6 Hudson Street, San Ignacio Town Telephone #824-2101
Offering A Wide Variety of
Music CD's, DVb's and Gift Items.

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We have name brand perfumes, the VENUS
watches, jewelry and gift sets. Quality & Prices


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SSunday, August 2, 2009

Ministry of Education

To Educate! To Transform! To Liberate!


Submit to:
Ms. Javiola Aragon
Ministry of Education
Mahogany Street Ext.
Belize City



BELIZE DISTRICT Mile 14 Western HighwaylBelize Vista/Pomona 43( Placencia/Malacate (Boat) 51 Golden Stream/Indian
1(a) Ladyville/Airport/Lords Bank City 31 Long Bank/Hope Creek/Alta Vista/ 46(a) Farm 1/Farm 2/Farm Creek/Big Falls/
New Site/Clover Reef Farm 18(c) Mahogany Heights/Belize City/ Pomona 3/Farm 4/San Dump/San Marcos/
1 (aa) Ladyville/Airport/Lords Bank Mahogany Heights 32 Canada Hill Road/Hope Creek/Old Juan Machaca/Forestry/
New Site/Clover Reef Farm 18(d)Price Barracks/Belize City Mullings Road/Pomona 46(b) Farm 1/Farm 2/Farm 3/Farm 4/San Yemerigrove/
1 (b) LadyvilleVista Del Mar/Mitchell 18(e) Belize City/Rockville/Belize City 33(a) Maya Center/Sittee River/ Juan Jacintoville/Forest
Estate Ext./Marage Rd. 18(f) Maskall/St. Ana's/Santana/Lucky Hopkins/Silk Grass/Dangriga57 Sarawee/Pomona ForestfTCC
including Japan Area/Lords Strike/Boston/Sandhill 33(b) Hopkins/Silk Grass/Dangiga58 Bladen/Swasey/Bella 51(c) Punta Gorda/San
Bank Ext. 18(g)Rancho Dolores/St. Paul'sWillows 33( c) Sittee River/Hopkins/Silk Grass/ Vista/Independence Marcos/Laguna/
1(bb) Ladyville/Vista Del Mar/Mitchell Bank/Double Head Cabbage/ Dangriga 59 Hopkins/Silk Grass/DangrigaC.E.T./Julian Cho
,Estate Ext./Marage Rd. including Bermudian Landing/Belize City 34(a) Maya Mopan/George Town/60 Pomona/Dangriga Technical
Japan Area/Lords Bank Ext. Westlake/Mile 8/Sunset Park/Belize Independence 61 Seine Bight (Boat Run) 52(a) San Jose/Na Luum
2 Bomba/Maskall City 34(b) Red Bank/San Juan62 Placencia/ndependence Ca/Crique Jute/
3(a) Hattieville/Belize City COROZAL DISTRICT oscollndependence 63 Maya Center/SCITVET Mafredi/Elridgeville/
3(b) Hattieville/Belize City 25 Consejo/Adventure Inn Area/Corozal 34(bb) Red Bank/Garage/San 64 Boat Run-Seine Bight/Malacate Forest Home/Julian Cho
4(a) Muscle Creek/Burrel Boom/ Town/Adventure nn/Consejo Juan/Independence 65 Dangriga/Hopkins Junction/ Technical/CET/TCC
Muscle Creek ORANGE WALK DISTRICT 34 (c) Riversdale/Santa Cruz/Maya Placencia Junction/ 52(b) Crique Sarco/Sunday
4(b) Cabbage 27 Richmond Hill/Tower Hill Junction/ King/Santa Rosa/San United Comm./Georgetown Wood/Conejo/Baranco
5 Lucky Strike/Rockstone Pond St. Peter's Anglican Roman/Independence Jun.ISan Juan Bosco/Bella Vista Midway/Santa Ana/
6 Corozalito/Chicago/ 28 Trial Farm/Kiskedee St./La 34(cc) Belize Aquaculture/Maya King/ TOLEDO DISTRICT TCC
Lucky Strike Inmaculada School/Trial Farm United Community 44(a) Cerro Hill/End of Poppy Show 52(c) Columbia Branch/San
7(a) Mile 24/Boston/Sand Hill CAYO DISTRICT 35 (a) TrioSwasey/Bella Vista Rd./Eridgeville/Fairview Jose/San Vicente/
7(b) Mile 24/Sand Hill/Salt Creek 18(a) Belmopan/Roaring Creek/Armenia/ 35(b) Bladen/Swasey/Bella Vista 44(b) MachacaYemergrove/Jacintovi 53 Jalacte/Pueble
8(a) Ranchito Dolores/St. Paul's Caves Brand/Santa Martha 36(a) Independence/Bella Vista/Trio Ile/Fairview Viejo/Santa Elena
Bank/Willows Bank/Bermudian 18(b) Rivera Community/Roaring Creek 36(b) Georgetown/United Community / 44(c) Fairview/Forest Home/Jacintoville Santa Cruz/San
Landing/Flowers 18 ( c Camalote/Roaing Creek San Juan Bosco/lndependence/ Laguna Junction/Toledo Christian Antonio/Crique Jute
Bank/Double HeadCabbage 19 Cool Shade (Mountain Pine Ridge San Juan Bosco Academy Junction/Mafredl/
8(b) Flowers Bank/Bermudian Road/Georgeville 36(c) Monkey River/Mango Walk/Monkey 44(e) Extension Cuxlin Ha/Poppy Show/ Columbia
Landing/Isabella/Bank 20 Seven Miles Village (Mt. Pine Ridge River Estate Junction/Bella Vista Forest Home/Little Flower 54(a) Dolores/Otoxha/
Lemonal/Double Head Cabbage Road/San Antonio 37 San Pablo/Lindis Farm/Bella Vista/ 45 WaterholefBig Hill/Forest Home ConsejolSunday Woodl
9 Mile 24(Gardenia)Sand Hill/Mile 21 Duffy Bank/Chial/Succotz Monkey River Estate Junction/ 46 Laguna Junction/San Felipe/Santa Santa Theresa/Corazon/
161/2 22 La Lima/Gray Gal/Teakettle Independence Ana/Forest Home/Wilson Rd./Toledo Mabilha/Aguate/San
10 Mile 24/New/Cowhead/Lucky 22(b)Roaring Creek/Teakettle 38 Mile 36/MiddlesexValley Community College Benito/Blue Creek
Strike 23 Mile 32 Western Highway/Gulf 39 Alta Vista/New Site/SteadfastValleyl 47(a) San Marcos Junction/Dump/San Punta Gorda
11(a) Moody Bank/May Pen/Black American/St. Matthews(Mile 39, Middlesex Valley Isidro/Big Falls R.C. School 54(c) San Benito Poite/Ext.
Creek (Boat Run)/Black Creek/ Western Highway 40 Middlesex Valley/Steadfast Valley/ 47(b) Hicate/Farmers Rd./Big Falls R.C. Santa Teresa/Blue Creek
May Pen Junction 24 Billy White/Santa FamilialBullet Middlesex Valley 48(a) San Antonio/Mafredi/Elridgeville 55(a) Machahilka/Graham
11(b) Lemonal (Boat Run) Tree/San Ignacio/Santa Elena 41(a) Mile 30/Middlesex Valley/Steadfast/ Toledo Community College/San Creek/Crique
12(a) Rhabum Ridge/Biscayne/Mile 24(a) Cristo Rey/Santa Elena/San Alta Vista/Pomona/Hope Creek/ Marcos Sarco/Sunday
18/(Sand Hill) Ignacio (High School Run) Dangriga 48(b) Pueblo Viejo/Santa Wood/Conejo Creek/
12(b) Biscayne/Gardenia/Sand Hil/ 24(b) Cut off Pine Ridge, 41(b) Ata Vista/Pomona/Hope Creek/ Elena/Santa Cruz/ Baranco, Punta
Edgwater/Maskal Road/Salt San Antonio Rd./Santa Sarawee/Dangriga San Antonio/Mafredi/C.E.T./Julian Gorda(Boat Run)
Water/Maxboro/Belize City Antonio/Cristo Rey/Santa41(c) Alta Vista/Pomona/Hope Creek/ __ Cho Technical 55(b) MafrediBlue
12(c) Crooked Tree/Biscayne/ Elena/San Ignacio(High Sarawee/Dangriga 49(a) San Pedro Columbia/Elridgeville/ Creek/Quarry/Mafredi/
Ladyville/Belize City School Run) 41(d) Old Mullings River Rd./Hope Creek/ Toledo Community College/C.E.T. Crique Cocoa/Mafredi
12(d) Crooked Tree/Biscaynel STANN CREEK DISTRICT Long Bank/Dangriga Julian Cho Technical 55 (c) Stream
Maxboro/Sandhill/Ladyville/ 29(a) Dangriga/Hope Creek/Pomona/ 41 (e Gales Point/Mullings River/Canada 49(b) San Vincente/Jalacte/Pueble 55(d) Moody Hill/Indian Creek
Belize City Middle Sex Hill Rd./ Highway Junction/ Viejo/Santa Elena/Santa Cruz/ 55(e) Moody Hill/Indian Creek
13 Burrel Boom/Belize City/Burrel 29(b) Dangriga/Mullings River/Gales Point Sarawee/Dangriga San Antonio/CET/TCC/ 56 Punta Gorda/Julian Cho
Boom 29 c) Dangriga/Silk Grass/Hopkins/Sittee 42(a) Santa Cruz/Maya King/Santa Rosa/ Julian Cho Technical Technical
14 13 Miles Northern Highway/Lords River/Maya Centre/Silk Grass San Roman/Georgetown 49@ San Marcos/TCC/ 61 Dolores/Otoxha/Machakilha/
Bank/BDF/Belize City 29(d) Dangriga/Sarawee/Southem 42(b) Blair Arholl/Santa Cruz/Maya King/ Santa Elena/San Antonio/CET Corazon/San Lucas/Mabilha/
15(a) Bella Vista/Belama/Belize City Highway Junction/Anri Santa Rosa/United Community 50 San Miguel/Silver Creek/ Santa Teresa/Blue Creek
15(b) Bella Vista/Belama/Belize City 29(e) Dangriga/Sarawee/Southem 43(a) Malacate/Independence Big Falls/Dump/CET/TCC MafrediJulian Cho Technical
16(a) Lords Bank/Ladyville/Belize City Highway Junction/Anri43(b Placencia/Malacate (Boat)50(b) San Pedro Columbia
17(a) Rockville Junction/Hattieville 29(f) Dangrigall1 miles/Anri 43(c) Placencia/Malacate (Boat) Riversdale/Requenas
17(b) Westlake/Sunset Park/Mile 8/ 30(a) Sarawee/Hope Creek/Pomona/Alta 43d) Seine BightMalacate(Boat) Farm/San Miguel/Silver
Belize City Vista/Pomona 43(e) Seine Bight/Malacate(Boat) Creek/Big Falls/CET/
18 Belize American Housing Areal 30b) Mile 10/Hope Creek/Pomona/Alta 43(f) Seine Bight/Malacate Julian Cho Technical

Mahogany Heights/Democracia
Maskall/St. Ann's/Santana/Lucky Strike/Boston/Sandhill/Ladyville
Progresso/Copper Bank/Chunox

Page 10 STAR -Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, August 2, 2009

March 22 to April 20
Because you've
put so much
work into current
endeavours, don't
be surprised when
you reach a special goal. Social
life could be active but you may
not be keen to join in everything.
Lucky Numbers: 04, 32,67.

April 21 to May 21
Nothing seems to
Sgo as expected.
Go with the flow
and you're likely
to enjoy the little
surprises coming
your way. If you are a parent, a
child is out of sorts but will
respond to love and affection.
Lucky Numbers: 14, 59, 93.

May 22 to June 21
Sharing ideas about
i naking improve-
Snents in either your
S10\iome or career
environment may
bring a few objections your way.
In the end, you might decide to
put your thoughts into action
anyway. Lucky Numbers: 19,
45, 87.

June 22 to July 23
Although you
have time to
1,; ^,, spare, you aren't
.. going out of your
way to search for
ways to fill
it. You're enjoying personal
interests and hobbies too much
and time whizzes by. An online
friend gives you a useful tip.
Lucky Numbers: 21, 73, 84.

July 24 to August 21
You have a knack of
4 spotting unexpected
opportunities from a
I mile off. This isn't
Just because you're
observant but it's because you're
constantly considering how
you might utilise the things
happening around you in a
positive way. Lucky Number:

39, 54, 88.

August 22 to
September 21
You're going
Through a pleas-
ingly harmonious
i phase now. At
work, you make
great progress.
Your social life goes into orbit
and some surprising romantic
developments make you feel for-
tunate and happy. Lucky Num-
bers: 16, 25, 33.

September 22 to
October 23
A colleague helps you
overcome a stumbling
block through injecting
fresh ideas into an old
project. You have no objections
about new ideas and plans sug-

gested as the week comes to an
end. Lucky Numbers: 09, 41,

October 24 to
November 21
You get your
V v chance to put new
plans into action.
These may be
ideas you've
worked on for some time. The
best part of the week is when you
see how well they work. Lucky
Numbers: 02, 40, 77.

November 22 to
December 21
Although you're
Surprised by how
S much there is to
do the mood of
harmony and even
fun that surrounds

Y[o Horsp&uy me

Vacancy Notice
Electronic Technician
Department of Meteorology
Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of
Electronic Technician in the Department of Meteorology, Ministry of
Natural Resources and the Environment. The qualifications required for
appointment to the post and its associated duties and responsibilities are
incinerated hereunder:-

Position: Electronic Technician
Oualifications: Minimum Requirements

1. Bachelor's Degree in Electronics or Electrical Engineering/

1. Electrical repairs and maintenance.
2. Computer programming and information technology.
3. Analytical, troubleshooting and diagnostic skills, oral/written
4. Fluency in Spanish would be an asset.
5. Valid Driver's License

1. Review, recommend and install equipment to be utilized within the
Department of Meteorology.
2. Maintain weather radar, rawindsonde station, telecommunication
equipment, standby generator, meteorological and hydrological
equipment and instruments.
3. Maintain computers and other office equipment.
4. Maintain website.

Salary: NPS 16 of $25,584 x $1,104 $46,560
Age: 18 45 years old

Deadline for applications:
Interested persons in possession of the requisite qualifications are to
submit this application to the Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of the Public
Service, Governance Improvement and Elections and Boundaries, Sir Edney
Cain Building, City of Belmopan no later than 15th August, 2009.

Art's Mobile Service

#54 George Price Avenue,
Santa Elena, Cayo
Tel: 804-2659 & 6756179

Guaranteed Services




We AMS To Please

you, makes even the most
tedious chore seem like a
pleasure. Lucky Numbers: 01,
53, 64.

December 22 to
January 20
You're in tune
with your partner's
thoughts and
feeling. It's strange
to have so much power and
control over your relationships.
Romance thrives when you
respond positively to your
lover's needs and desires. Lucky
Numbers: 12, 37, 68.

January 21 to
February 19
Trends offer you the
chance to mix busi-
ness with pleasure. A
lot is happening; it's
not easy to keep up
with everything but you will. An
influential person will help you
in a current aim. Lucky Num-
bers: 20, 43, 81.

February 20 to
March 21
SDon't be reluctant to
spill out your feelings
for you can't expect
people to understand you if
you aren't telling it all! A
confidential matter needs some
attention. God Day for Luck:
Lucky Numbers: 10, 48, 96.

Sunday, August 2, 2009 STAR Tel:- 626-8822 & 626-3788 Email:starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 11


Belinpan. Juy 29, 2009. The Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin met with the Secretary of Health of Quintana Roo, Lie.
Juan Carlos Azueta Cardenas and the Mexican Ambassador to Belize Lie. Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno to discuss the Health
Secretariat of Quintana Roo's offer to assist the Government and People of Belize in the control and prevention of further
transmission of Dengue in Belize on Monday July 27,2009 in the Corozal Free Zone.

Today, July 29, 2009 an official handing over ceremony was held at the Belize-Mexico Border between Minister of Health,
Hon. Pablo Marin and the Secretary of Health of Quintana Roo, Lie. Juan Carlos Azueta Cardenas.

In his address, Minister Marin thanked the Mexican authorities for their interest in the welfare of Belize and their prompt
response in assisting the Ministry of Health in controlling further transmission of dengue through activities including case
detection and spraying of the vector.

Under this three week agreement, the Health Secretariat of Quintana Roo is providing assistance to Belize in the areas of
epidemiological survey, entomological activities, ULV spraying and laboratory support.

A total of 17 Mexican medical and vector control personnel and a fleet ofULV machines crossed our border today and have
commenced working activities in the Cayo District, after which, they will be working in the Belize, Corozal and Orange Walk
Districts. The Mexican team is headed by Dr. Julio Cesar Gonzales Aguilar, Sr. Epidemiologist of Quintana Roo.

Emphasis will be placed in entomological survey that will provide the Ministry of Health withnecessary information on areas
of infestation ofthe vector the Aedes aegypti andAedes albopictus mosquitoes whichtransmit Dengue to humans. With this
information, the Ministry of Health will then utilize a more efficient use ofinsecticide for the spraying ofthe vector population
to order to reduce the transmission of the disease. The time is crucial for activities of this nature to be executed given the fact
that the country's rainy season is imminent.

In related news, the Ministry of Health reports that to date fifty one (51) persons have tested positive for Dengue. There has
been an upsurge in suspected dengue cases in Belize since May 241h, 2009, with the largest spike occurring since July 5th.
To date there have been 240 clinically diagnosed cases reported this year, with 198 reported from May 24th to present,
representing 82.5% of total reported cases. All suspected cases during that period were reported from two districts, the Cayo
district, with 169 cases and the Belize district with 29 cases. Since the 24th of May, 186 persons were tested at the Central
Medical Laboratory in Belize Cityby serology.

The Mimnistry of Health reminds the general public of the danger of Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. All citizens are
asked to keep their surrounding environment clean to eliminate the breeding site of the mosquito.

Activities that should be done to prevent Dengue include: washing water storage containers such as drums at least once a
week, changing the water in flower pots every 4 or 5 days, avoid having containers that can collect water in your yard (e.g.
empty cans, tires), and keep vats, drums, buckets and all other containers that can collect water properly covered. These are
ideal breeding sites for the mosquito that transmits Dengue. With the elimination of breeding sites in and around the yard,
Dengue can be avoided.

Dengue Feverbegins with sudden onset ofhigh fever (104 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit), and other signs and symptoms include:


Eye Pain or eyeball pain
Nausea and or lack of appetite
General Weakness

Joint pain

Muscle pain

Haemorrhagic manifestations (unusual bleeding from the gums/heavy menstrual bleeding/unexplained bruises).

There are 23 laboratory confirmed cases ofH1N1 in Belize to date. They are predominantly located in the Corozal District.
However, a few cases have been identified in Orange Walk, Belize, and Cayo Districts. We expect H1N1 transmission to
become widespread in Belize, as that is the situation throughout the rest of the world. However, we remind the public that
H1N1 influenza virus causes mostly mild illness. There are no deaths from H1N1 in Belize.

We continue to submit specimens to the Caribbean Epidemiology Center in Port of Spain Trindad for testing. This is being
done in an effort to make surveillance for H1N1 a routine process so as to monitor the spread of the virus in Belize, with the
aim to contribute to the global surveillance of IIN1. Surveillance efforts at this time focus on monitoring the virus for any
signs of change. This is an ongoing and continuous process and is in line with the recommendations of the World Health

The general public is again reminded to practice respiratory and hand washing etiquette to prevent contracting Influenza A

RF&G Insurance
Taking Over
Life & Health From
CLICO (Bahamas)
Wednesday, July 29, 2009:
The public and general, and
the holders of Life & Health
Insurance Policies with CLICO
(Bahamas) Limited Belize
Branch in particular are
hereby informed that the
Supervisor of Insurance & the
Judicial Manager for CLICO
(Bahamas) Limited, Ms. Alma,
have applied to the Supreme
Court of Belize for approval
to transfer the Life &
Health Insurance Portfolio of
CLICO (Bahamas) Limited -
Belize Branch to RF&G Life
Insurance Company.
The Court will consider this
application on 10 August 2009
at 9:00 a.m.
Policyholders of CLICO
(Bahamas) Limited Belize
Branch who object to this
undertaking are advised to lodge
such objection with the
Registrar of the General
Registry prior to August 10,
Additional information on this
matter can be obtained from the
Supervisor of Insurance, Ms.
Alma Gomez, Ministry of
Finance, Belmopan, Tels:

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Almost 15% of adults
experience painful vascular
headaches (where the pain is
caused by blood vessel swelling
or disturbance) this condition is
known as migraine headache.
Women are two times at higher
risk of being affected which
further increased with the
presence of a family history of
What is a
Migraine Headache?
A migraine is a persistent,
throbbing headache typically
affecting one side of the head. It
can last from anywhere between
4 and 72 hours.
Migraines are thought to be
caused by a sudden widening of
the blood vessels that supply the
brain, which in turn irritates the
nerves surrounding these blood
What are the symptoms?
Migraine headaches can be
accompanied by symptoms that
have a significant impact on
daily life. As well as the
headache, people may also
experience symptoms such
as nausea, vomiting and visual

disturbances. Occasionally,
symptoms can be more
severe including partial
paralysis, difficulty in speaking,
confusion and/or fainting.
What causes
Migraine Headaches?
The exact causes of migraine
headaches are not completely
understood, but you may find
that certain triggers can start or
worsen a migraine.
Avoiding these migraine
triggers can become an effective
means of reducing the number
of attacks.
Changes in the trigeminal
nerve pathway (the main
sensory nerve of the face and
motor nerve for the muscles
used in chewing) are believed
to result in the release of
chemicals that dilate the blood
vessels in the outer covering of
the brain (called meninges).
This causes a headache.
Imbalances in other chemicals,
such as serotonin, may also
contribute to a migraine
Diagnosis of
Migraine Headache

A migraine can be diagnosed
based on the family history,
medical history, and physical
examination. A computerized
tomography (CT), Magnetic
Resonance Imaging (MRI), or a
spinal tap may be recommended
to rule out other causes.
Common treatments for
Migraine Headache
Although there is no cure for
a migraine, with the right
balance of medical and
non-medical management, you
can reduce the frequency and
severity of attacks. There are
numerous migraine headache
treatments that may provide
relief, but your first step should
be to talk to your doctor.
Treatment for migraines are
divided into two groups: Pain
relief and preventative.
The most common pain relief
treatments are painkillers such
as paracetamol (eg Panadol),
aspirin and non-steroidal
anti-inflammatories such as
ibuprofen. Some painkillers
come combined with an
anti-sickness medicine, for
example Paramax, Migramax
and Domperamol.
Doctors may prescribe
Triptans like sumatriptan

(Imigran), rizatriptan (Maxalt)
and zolmitriptan (Zomig) or
Ergots or Anti-emetics.
You may also be prescribed the
following as preventatives;
Beta blockers, Anti-depressants,
Calcium channel blockers,
Anti-epileptics and Anti-
serotonin drugs.
Often you will need to try a
range of migraine treatments to
find the one most suitable to you.
Your doctor or specialist will
help you with this process.
One of the keys to tackling a
migraine is to treat it at the very
first signs and symptoms.
* Take your pain relef
medication as soon as you feel the
migraine 'coming on'.
*Lie down in a dark room. Close
your eyes and try to relax. Deep
breathing can help.
* Use an ice pack wrapped in a
small towel on your head and
* A warm bath or shower can
help you to relax. If you can
manage it, take a walk to help ease
* Massage the back of your neck
or ask a friend or relative to
massageyour neck andshoulders.
Apply gentle pressure to the
painful area using your thumb
and forefingers. Push for about
10 seconds and then release.



Lumber Yard
Corner Carillo Puerto Avenue & Western Highway
Santa Elena, Cayo

Tel: 824-4050 624.5378s

IN STOCK: Hardwood, Figured Wood, Mahogany & Cedar

Custom Milling Available To Suit

Your Special Requirements

< '%

I Sunday, August 2, 2009

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- C4IUCO "
^I^^^^ -ow ^II^ *weIHI^


"Copyrighted Material
-p n ** | ^

S- Syndicated Content. ..

Available from Commercial News Providers"

Invitations to Tender for the Construction and Expansion of the Existing Parking
Lot at the SSB Headquarters Office
1. The Social Security Board proposes to invite Bids at the end of July 2009 for the contract package for the construction and
expansion of the parking lot for its Headquarters Office in Belmopan.
2. Joint ventures and partnerships including those between local firms will be considered.
3. Interested persons can pick up the plan and drawings along with the Bill of Quantities at the Headquarters Office in
Belmopan from the Chief Executive Officer's office or from the General Manager, Finance.
4. All documents that are provided by the Social Security Board will be given for the non-refundable fee of $250.00.
5. Deadline for the submission of tenders is Friday 7 August 2009, at 4:00 pm.
Any tender received after this deadline will not be considered.
The Social Security Board will not defray any cost incurred by any tenderer. The Social Security Board does not bind itself to
accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept or reject any tender, and to annul the process and reject all tenders,
at any time prior to award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected prospective contractor or any
obligation to assign any reason for the rejection of any tender. Prospective tenderers must be in compliance with the
requirements of Social Security Act, especially with respect to the payment of contributions, in order to be considered.
Chief Executive Officer
Social Security Board Bliss Parade,
P.O. Box 18

TR T W" .....

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StrenshteninI The revention
Mother Tc Child Transmissicn
HIV and Syphilis
BELMOPAM CITY, Cayo, was launched in Belize. A
Thursday, July 30, 2009: between Belize and Bah
The Pan American Health after which Belize launche
Organization and the Ministries response from the exper
of Health from Suriname sharing gained from
and Belize had a sharing of Bahamas.
knowledge, experiences and Today marks the close o
technology to ensure the right of TCC between Suriname
every child to be born free of Belize, where both count
HIV and Syphilis when adequate shared knowledge
evidence based interventions experiences with the obje
are implemented. to strengthen the PM
This is another Technical Program in both countries
Cooperation among Countries The Caribbean
(TCC) supported by the established a goal of redi
Pan American Health Organiza- to less than 2% the ver
tion among the Caribbean transmission of HIV -
Community (CARICOM) mem- mother to child. Evid
ber countries. has shown that this is po,
In 2000 the PMTCT program through public health inte


cd its'

f this


Labour, Local Government and
Rural Development Ministerial
Countrywide Tour Begins

will also be meeting specifically
with all District Association of
Village Councils, National
Association of Village Councils,
the Toledo Alcalde Association,
the Mayors'Association as well
as City/Town Councils.
The Ministerial entourage

will include Minister of State,
Hon. Michael Hutchinson;
Chief Executive Officer,
Marion Macnab; Director
Local Government, Eugene
Palacio; Coordinator Rural
Development, Ernest Banner;
and Labour Commissioner,
Ivan Williams.

tions. Since the introduction of
this programme in 2001, Belize
has reduced the vertical
transmission rate of HIV
from 19% in 2007 to 3.2% in
A team of six experts from
Suriname visited Belize from
July 28th 30th 2009 to review
the implementation of the
PMTCT program at all levels to
learn about factors leading to
Belize's success in this area.
The Suriname team visited
both public and private sector
health facilities in both
urban and rural health facilities
providing services for the

prevention of vertical transmis-
sion of HIV.
The main lessons learnt from
the Belize experience is the
evident political will to provide
PMTCT services as a public
good, the ongoing advocacy for
improvement of the health
services, the application of ex-
isting guidelines and protocols,
the existing support services for
women and children affected by
HIV, among others.
A Belize health team will have
the opportunity to learn from the
Suriname experience. The visit
is scheduled for the last quarter
of 2009.

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Completion of Construction of Benque Viejo Del Carmen Library Building
The Belize National Library Service and Information System, a body corporate,
established under the Belize National Library Service and Information System Act
No.7 of 2006 and located at Princess Margaret Drive, Belize City, hereby invites
tenders from suitably qualified contractors for the completion of a library building
in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District.
Work to be done:
The works consist of Block works, Form work, Bending and Placing of Steelwork,
Concrete works, Metal Roof work, Electrical, Plumbing, and other associated works
as per drawings and specifications.
Tender documents can be obtained from the Benque Viejo del Carmen Library
Branch as of July 27. 2009 at the address below during the hours of 9.00 a.m. and
4.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday for a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of BZ$100.00
per package.
Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked "Ouotation for Benque Viejo
Del Carmen Library Building. Cavo District".
ADDRESSED TO:The Chief Librarian
Belize National Library Service and Information System
C/o Benque Viejo Del Carmen Library Branch
George Street
Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District.
Tenders will be received at the above address no later than 2.00 p.m. on Friday.
August 7. 2009.
The Belize National Library Service and Information System reserve the right to
reject any or all tenders.

are located on Burns Avenue,
San Ignacio, Cayo.

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing
Act, Chapter 150 of the laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
ROENI REQUENA are applying
for a Restaurant Liquor License
for the year 2009 to operate INN
THE BUSH located in Maca Bank
in the Cayo District.

Notice is hereby given that under
the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing
Act, Chapter 150 of the laws of
Belize, Revised Edition 2000, that
applying for a Shop Liquor
License for the year 2009 to
operate SUSY'S STORE located
in the Village of San Jose Succotz
in the Cayo District.

* Professional & Young Professional Compettitons
* Bartending Competition
* Cake Decorating Competition
* Buffet Dinner/ Cash Bar
* Live Musical Entertainment
Registration starts now at
Deadline for registration is August 14th, 2009.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009



incident did not occur in the
nightclub but instead near the
Coronation Park, located behind
the nightclub, witness statements
are saying that the incident
actually occurred inside the
When confronted with the
question of the boy's presence
inside the club, the owner
contends that he was refused

entry on two attempts, due to his
young age. He informed that on
the third occasion, the police
allowed him to enter as he was
injured and was in need of
Our investigation revealed
however, that the boy was
actually inside the club and that
the accused murderer, identified
as Fredy Jeovany "Shaggy"
Fernandez, 19, who was along

with five friends moved up to
one of the them and said "da whe
di go on wid denh Santa Elena
bways, Iwa du denh tings right
One of his friends reportedly
told him to cool off but it is
alleged that he rushed towards
the victim and the next thing the
witness reportedly saw was
when the boy fell to the floor
inside the nightclub.
The accused then reportedly
passed a small steak knife to one
of his friends who, like handling
a hot potato, passed it on to
another friend who in turn
pushed it through an opening in
the wooden wall at the back of
the nightclub.
The knife fell to the street in
front of Idelmar Store, located
on the ground floor of the
nightclub, from where it was
retrieved by the police.
The investigation led to the
initial detention of six male
persons all from San Ignacio
After the recording and

nation like wild fire last
Saturday night.
According to Belize City
Police, it was shortly after 7:30
p.m., on Saturday July 25, 2009,
when they visited the Ayuso
residence at #81 Bella Vista,
Belize City, where they
encountered his lifeless body in
a seated position inside his
home. In close proximity to the
body, the police reportedly
found his licensed .380 Beretta
pistol fitted with a magazine
containing eight live rounds,
along with one expended shell
on the floor nearby thus leading
police to suspect that it was a
case of suicide.
Ambassador Oscar Miguel
Ayuso was many things: first and
foremost he was a devoted
family man, a humble man, a
businessman, a diplomat, a
politician and a genuine friend.
He first entered the diplomatic
circles in 1998 when he was
appointed as the Honorary
Consul of Sweden. He became
actively involved in politics
in 1998 when he took up
the position as the United
Democratic Party (UDP)
Standard Bearer for the
Caribbean Shores Constituency
on the heals of the retirement,
from elected politics, of the Rt.
Hon Manuel Esquivel, in the
wake of the People's United
Party victory at the polls on
August 27, 1998.
Between 1999 and 2005 he
served as Deputy Leader of the
United Democratic Party (UDP).
He contested the 2003 general
election as the UDP candidate
for Caribbean Shores. Although
he was unsuccessful in his first
attempt at election, he continued
as a steadfast standard bearer in

His Excellency Ambassador
Oscar Miguel Ayuso Jr., 51
SUNRISE: December 22, 1957
SUNSET: July 25, 2009

the constituency.
Five months after the UDP's
February 2008 general election
victory, he was appointed as
Belize's Ambassador to the Holy
See in July 2008.
Oscar also served in senior
position on several statutory
boards including that as
Chairman of the Belize Ports
Authority, Vice Chairman of the
Social Security Board and Vice
President of the Belize Chamber
of Commerce.
Up to the time of his
sudden passing, Oscar was the
Managing Director of the
Family owned business, G.
Ayuso and Son Limited and G.
Ayuso and Son Travel Agency.
We join with the United
Democratic Party family, the
business community and indeed
the nation of Belize, in
expressing deepest sympathy to
the wife, Halima; daughter,
Yasmin; son, Oscar Jose and
the entire Ayuso family at the
sudden passing of a loved one.
We also join in praying for the
eternal resting of his soul.

analysis of statements, and based
on the advice of an attorney from
the Office of the Director of
Public Prosecutions, five of the
six detainees were released.
The sixth detainee, identified
as Fredy Jeovany "Shaggy"
Fernandez, 19, Belizean, 6th
form student of Sacred Heart
Junior College, residing at #2
Tulip Street in San Ignacio Town
was formally arrested and
charged for murder.
On Monday, July 27, the
accused appeared before San
Ignacio Town's Magistrate
Kathleen Lewis. He was
remanded to the Central Prison
in Hattieville and is due back in
court on Thursday, August 20,
Funeral service for Gilbert "Gilly"
Novelo was held at 3:00 p.m. on
Thursday, July 30, at St. Ignatius
Church in Santa Elena Town.
He was laid to rest in the
Carmen Memorial Cemetery,
just across the street from where
he once lived on Cemetery Road
in Santa Elena Town. And thus
ends the sad story of the passing
of yet another boy whose young
life came to an abrupt end in the
very prime of his life.

Recording The Sudden Passing Of
Ambassador Oscar Miguel Avuso Jr.

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