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Title: STAR Newspaper
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Language: English
Publisher: Alberto Orlando August
Place of Publication: Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize
Publication Date: December 23, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
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i "The Newspaper That Cares And Dares To Bring Out The Truth"
No. 141
Sunday, December 23, 2007
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SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo District, Thursday, December 20, 2007:
San Ignacio police are today reporting the arrest of one person and the search for two more individuals believed to be responsible for the Tuesday evening gang raping and robbery of an American female Peace Corp volunteer.
In a report to the police, the victim informed that during the afternoon hours on Tuesday, December 18, accompanied by a male acquaintance, she went down to the area where the Macal and Mopan Rivers meet to form the Belize Old River at Branch Mouth. The couple reportedly spent a few hours swimming in the river after which they were walking back
Screw Lino Lands In Cayo
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo District, Thursday, December 20, 2007:
Lino "Screw" Herrera, 29,
Belizean taxi driver of a Benguche Area address in Dangriga Town, is the man believed to be the mastermind behind the countrywide string of bogus government cheques used to effect fraudulent transaction reaching, according to police estimates, in the region of over three hundred thousand dollars.
Herrera is tonight cooling his heals inside a holding cell at the San Ignacio police station after having been similarly accommodated in Dangriga, Belize City and Belmopan.
As the series of revelation are coming to light, Herrera's presence in this jurisdiction is in connection with another bogus government cheque used to obtain a riding lawn mower, valued at $5,000. from Western Tractor Supplies in Spanish Lookout. The mower has since been recovered in Dangriga where it was
Lino "Screw" Herrera, 29
reportedly personally pawned by Lino.
Police informed that as the investigation widens, they have also arrested brothers Kenton and Leslie Serrano, both government employees with Leslie Serrano employed by with the Labor Department in Dangriga.
When Lino Herrera and Leslie Serrano appeared in Belize City's magistrate court on Thursday morning. They both pleaded not guilty Please Turn To Page 2
to San Ignacio Town, when, about 100 yards from the bathing spot, they were attacked by three male persons.
The male acquaintance was reportedly tied up and the female was pulled a short distance away where all three male persons, one after the other, proceeded to have sex with her against her will. The female additionally alleged that she was robbed of a cannon camera, a pink IPod, a flash card and a multi-color cloth bag. The assailants reportedly also took an LG Smart cellular flip phone belonging to the male companion after which they fled the scene.
Marlon Smith, 24, one of three accused
The female victim informed that when she was sure that the assailants were Please Turn To Page 2
The Fence That Chim Dismantled A Farming Family Crying Foul
SAN IGNACIO TOWN, Cayo District, Thursday, December 20, 2007:
Nations have gone to war because ofland.
People have died because ofland disputes. Just as we were putting the finishing touches on this weekend's edition of the newspaper, we received word of a long standing land dispute between a farming family and a popular San Ignacio businessman.
Since time was not on our side to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, we will confine our comments merely to say that the dispute is between the family of Juan
Albeno Perez and Nazim "Chim"
Juan from Maya Walk Tours.
While Juan Albeno is claiming ownership of the land in dispute, Nazim Juan is contending that he is in possession of freehold title to the land in question.
The dispute reached a boiling point on Wednesday, December 19, when according to Juan Albeno, Chim showed up on the property, located on the right side of the road after passing the Fiesta Chicken factory on the Iguana Creek/Spanish Lookout Road, with a crew of about ten workmen and two persons dressed Please Turn To Page 2
Located Directly Next To La Loma Luz Hospital In Santa Elena Ca

Page 2 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 -Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, December 23, 2007
From Front Page
gone, she proceed to untie the male companion after which they rushed to the San Ignacio Police station to report the incident. Swift police investigation resulted in the apprehension of Marlon Smith, 24, Belizean of a 2nd Street address in San Ignacio Town address whom police informed will be charged with handling stolen goods for being in proximity with some of the stolen items recovered. The Police further informed that they came upon a male
person sporting a bag fitting the description of the one taken from the victim but before they could get a hold of the suspect he reportedly dropped the bag and escaped. The bag was found to contain an LG flip cellular phone which was later identified as being the property of the male companion. While the search continues for the other two suspects, police will be proceeding with presenting Marlon Smith in court on a handling charge with the possibility of additional charges.
Screw Lino Lands In Cayo
From Front Page
to the charge of conspiracy to obtain property by deception. They were offered bail in the sum of fifty thousand dollars each to reappear in court on Monday, January 21, 2008. They have so far been unable to meet bail.
In addressing the court before bail was set, Leslie told the presiding magistrate that he gave Lino access to his computer at work which could be the reason why the trail is leading to the computer terminal at his desk in the Labor Department in Dangriga.
The fraudulent action has so far surfaced in Dangriga Town, Belize City, Belmopan City and the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District. Police have so far recovered three outboard boat engines, two laptop computers, and a riding lawn mower.
Some of the business places which have fell victim to the fraud include several merchants in Dangriga and Orange Walk Town as well as Marelco and Lindsay Garbutt's Marine Imports in Belize City, PC Com in Belmopan and Western Tractor Supplies in Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District. Investigators are of the opinion that as the investigation intensifies more business places might come forward as victims of the scam.
Lino "Screw" Herrera is a former police constable who, whilst posted in Dangriga in 2003, was dismissed from the department after he was arrested and criminally charged with fraudulently using several police fuel order books to illegally draw a large quantity of fuel from a service station in that municipality.
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The Fence That Chim Dismantled A Farming Family Crying Foul
From Front Page
in black clothes whom he suspected to be members of the Police Anti Drug Unit or Police Special Patrol Unit. The work crew, according to Juan Albeno, underthe supervision of Nazim Juan and the two suspected policemen, proceeded to dismantle the entire barbed wire fence enclosing the property in dispute leaving all four strands of barbed wire and posts on the ground.
Armed with only Juan Albeno's version of the dispute and with Nazim Juan promising to share his version
Don Juan, Ms. Irma and seven of their twelve children
Juan Albeno Perez and his wife, Irma Menendez on the Cattle Ranch
with us, we will not venture any further into the matter in the absence of Nazim Juan's side of the dispute. Suffice to say that the situation is one of a serious nature deserving of the immediate attention on the part of the relevant authorities towards finding a lasting solution to this volatile condition.
A portion of the entire fence and the barbed wire laying flat
on the ground
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I Sunday, December 23, 2007 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 3
BELIZE CITY, Thursday, December 20,2007:
Belize City's Channel 7News is today confirming the sacking of former Commissioner of Police, Jose Carmen Zetina from the post of Deputy Chief Security Officer at the Hattieville Prison a position he held for less than a month ago.
7News informed that they were unable to get a comment from the Chief Executive Officer of the Prison, Marlon Skeen as he did not return their calls.
For his part however, Zetina confirmed to 7News that he was terminated. He said that the dismissal came as no surprise to him and that it was something he expected as, in his words "when you standfirm, you mash a lotta toes."
7news informed that Zetina elected not to go into details as to the
Jose Carmen Zetina
specific reason for the sudden termination. He merely said: "i'm a disciplinarian and i live by the books; i do not tolerate and will not condone nonsense."
It was no secret within the prison community that Zetina was facing serious differences with the prison administration which began to surface a mere few days after taking up the
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post. The situation reached the point where, on Thursday morning, when he reported for work he was denied access into the prison on instructions, reportedly from the "prison chief.
Zetina was brought on board as Deputy Chief Security Officer at the prison hot on the heels of the dishonorable dismissal of his predecessor, Oscar Puga, a former Inspector of Police. Puga was terminated after he was detained at the 4 miles police check point on the Western Highway when he was found in the company of three inmates of the Prison.
On that occasion the police informed that Puga was found sitting in the front passenger seat of his green Chevrolet Jimmy Truck, which was being driven at the time by, Taejon Bennett along with Joseph Kee and Harry Trapp sitting in the back seat all three of whom were inmates of the Hattieville prison. Taedron Bennett
and Joseph Kee are on remand for the double murder of the Brannon brothers while Harry Trapp serving a 25 year jail sentence for manslaughter.
As in the case with the non-renewal of his contract as Immigration Director, amidst a cloud of uncertainty created by the lost of a large quantity of passports, Zetina is expected to simply disappear off the radar.
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Former Police Commissioner, Carmen Zetina Released From Prison

Page 4 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 -Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Sunday, December 23, 2007
All Price Gone Up Salaries Stay Down The Public Outcry For An Elected Senate Was Born Out Of The Nation's Feeling Of
The longer the general election is Christmas delayed, the deeper the leadership of the ruling People's United Party is burying itself into a hole.
The nation is, at this time, witnessing a drastic increase in all basic consumer goods such as butane, corn, corn tortilla, flour, flour tortilla, bread, beans, rice, sugar, eggs, chicken, lard, baby formula, pampers and even dog food. The price of everything has gone up while salaries and wages remain stagnant. With a salary increase only now being promised to take effect way down in April 2008.
Consumers are now publicly complaining that their purchasing power has been reduced. The dollar has in effect been devalued and this is measured by the shrinking size of the bags with which we walk out of our favorite supermarkets and neighborhood grocery stores.
The full effect of this increase in the cost of living is momentarily cushioned by the availability of a little extras cash in hand with the payment of a full month's salary for public officers, policemen, teachers, nurses and soldiers and the end of year
bonus that other employees are getting.
The full brunt of the reality will come crashing down on our heads with the beginning of the New Year and the inevitable evaporation of that extra Christmas cash.
Some merchants have become brazen with these increases to the point where they mark up their prices at the counter by striking out old prices and replacing them with new higher ones.
The government seems helpless in the face of this reality as this is hardly a situation in which they would want to find themselves with only a few weeks left before a general election. On another note, this Wednesday, during a special sitting of the House of Representatives, the nation was treated to government craftily rushing a resolution through the House for a referendum on an elected senate.
The public outcry for an elected senate was born out of the nation's feeling of helplessness in the face of unprecedented levels of mismanagement, abuse, corruption and downright stealing from the national purse, the likes of which this country
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has never seen since the preceding almost ten years of the current PUP administration.
The assessment of the threat to any individual, organization or nation must, by necessity, be under constant review in order that necessary mechanisms be implemented to provide protection from whatever angle that threat may present itself.
The threat to the nation's finances, patrimony and natural resources under the outgoing administration are TANGIBLE and REAL. The checks and balances of an impartial elected senate were therefore desperately needed to minimize the rampant abuse and corrupt dealings of the outgoing administration.
The departure of the current corrupt administration and the arrival of a new one might render non-existent the threat to the national purse therefore leaving little or no need for the checks and balances that is proclaimed to accompany an elected senate.
At the risk of sounding idealistic we ask, what if we should have a twelve member elected senate (two senators from each of the six districts) each collecting a monthly salary of $5,000 sitting alongside and a new government that proves to be serious about stomping out corruption whilst conducting the affairs of government in a truly transparent and accountable manner? The elected senators will therefore have very little or nothing to do. The nation will therefore remain saddled with another set of highly paid politicians bleeding the national treasury while collecting thousands of taxpayer's dollars to attend one, and on rare occasions, two meetings each month. While these public funds could be put to address more pressing needs of the masses.
Let us not fool ourselves; politics is present in every instance where elections are held. It is present in elections for executive positions in trade unions. It is present in the elections of executive members of the Audubon Society. It is present in the elections of members to the various sugar cane and citrus associations. Politics is involved in village council elections. And it will sure as hell be at the very center of every election of senators.
What will happen then when the government and the opposition begin
"The Newspaper that cares and dares to bring out the truth" 42A Western Highway, Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, Belize, Central America
Publisher: Alberto August Editor: Nyani Azueta-August Circulation: Errol Gonzalez
belizenorth. com/ thestar. htm belizenews.com/thestar Tel: 667-STAR(7827) 626-3788 starnewspaper@gmail.com
to jostle for control of the senate? If the government gains majority control of the senate then the rubber stamping will continue. The only difference will be that the rubber stamp will be more expensive as elected senators will inevitably demand much higher salaries and perks than the stipend currently being paid to non-elected senators.
On the flip side, if the opposition gains control of the elected senate, it could be transformed into an obstruction instead of a useful arm of government as they venture to fulfill the role of opposition and in the process making it difficult for the government to function effectively.
While we are not opposed to an elected senate, we believe that the new administration must first be given the opportunity to prove its worth before being saddled with the inevitable expense that will accompany another set of elected politicians.
If the new prime minister is serious about tackling corruption and ridding the nation of this scourge, then all that might probably be needed is a set of straightforward anti-corruption laws and a leadership that will not flinch from the responsibility of taking swift and decisive action against those corrupt elements within its ranks.
No, we are not asking the new leadership to take action against a minister of government who might jump the line in a bank and influence the dismissal of the teller who dared to put him in place as was the case recently in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. But we would sure as hell demand that action be taken against a minister of government who, in violation of the audit act, proceeds to sign a twelve million dollar government guarantee for a private institution when the law clearly prohibits the signing of any such guarantee in excess of ten million dollars without first getting approval from the national assembly.
Changing the Constitution to accommodate an elected senate is an undertaking that requires thorough and serious consultation, discussion and debate. How can we trust this major undertaking to a set of politicians who, as recent as last month, went to the same House of Representatives and rammed through a set of laws against the tinting of vehicle windows which was to have taken effect on December 1. When the date of implementation came around, they shamelessly instructed law enforcement agencies to back off while admitting that they cannot proceed with implementing the new law because it was not properly thought out as the necessary mechanisms are yet to be put in place.
If they are unable to handle such a simple matter that needs no constitutional amendment, how on earth can we trust them with altering the Supreme Law of the land to accommodate an obvious attempt at gaining cheap political mileage?

I Sunday, December 23, 2007 STAR Tel:- 667-7827 & 626-3788 Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 5
BY: Hipolito Bautista General Secretary National Belizean Alliance COROZAL TOWN, Thursday, December 20. 2007:
The National Belizean Alliance, NBA, expresses its pleasure at the approval today by the House of Representatives to conduct a national referendum on the issue of an elected Senate for Belize.
The NBA describes this development as historic and long overdue. The NBA through its affiliate, the Reform Movement, We the People, has been lobbying for an elected Senate since 2001, which it made the center of its general election campaign in 2003.
The NBAs elected Senate proposal which already has wide Civil Society support was presented to the House Constitutional and Foreign Affairs Committee by the Reform Movement, We the People, in 2001 and a copy sent to all political parties, including the Opposition United Democratic Party.
The NBA noted the tacit support of the Opposition for the referendum when it proposed amendments to the motion introduced to the House by Government. The Alliance expressed the hope that the UDP will eventually come around to appreciate the immense value of the elected Senate
for good governance, and it said the NBA will take full advantage of the opportunity to air this view in the ensuing discussions and debate before the referendum vote.
The Alliance awaits the release of the Government's promised "elected Senate Model", but is pleased to see that the few details released so far coincide with its own elected Senate proposal presented six years ago.
The NBA wants a Senate that will be elected by proportional representation and that will represent the people by district. It also calls for a Senate that will exercise strong oversight over Goverment activities, in addition to carrying out increased legislative functions.
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The NBA Is Pleased With The Move Towards An Elected Senate For Belize

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etten& ta t&e Sditwi
Agreeing With
Dear Editor;
I must wholeheartedly agree with former Minister Daniel Silva Jr. on
the matter of the poor quality of works that is being passed on us as paving the Bullet Tree road.
The proj ect i s y et to b e compl eted and some sections of the "paved" surfaces area already falling apart and sinking.
Like Mr. Silva said the people should get at least 15 to 20 years usage out of any paved road surface and anything less is unacceptable.
I wonder if I will ever live to see the day when contractors and corrupt politicians go to jail for providing substandard services and products while expending large sums of taxpayers' money.
The irony of the situation with the Bullet Tree road is that as soon as it
Daniel Silva Jr.
begins to fall apart with a few months of usage, the new government will be accused of not keeping up with its maintenance. Little will they realize that there should be no need to begin patching a paved road surface a mere few months after it has been built.
Providing substandard road paving appears to be a trademark of the present government as all of us are witnessing the Mnistry of Works frequently patching holes in the area of Liberty Street in Santa Elena as well as in the area of that section of street in front of the Town Hall, Police Station and Columbus Park in San Igancio. These two streets are the newest pavements in our twin towns as they were paved a mere few months ago. E. Cano,
San Ignacio Town
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Lawsuit Threatends To Silence The Messenger
BY: Ivan Roberts
San Ignacio, Monday, December
17, 2007:
I have been fighting against injustices to our people for years now, so I was happy when oil Geologist Jim Cavanaugh started to speak out against abuses in our new Belizean oil business. His experience and knowledge as a petroleum geologist has helped to show us all that greed and corruption are heaping more injustice on us by destroying the big advantages we Belizeans should have from our oil revenues. Now we hear that threats of law suits are being used to try to silence Cavanaugh and the STAR Newspaper in their attempts to educate and inform us of these abuses that are stealing our resources and robbing our children of their rightful benefits. Atactic the power brokers often use is "when you don't like the message, attack the messenger!" It is pretty clear that the threat of lawsuits are an attempt to silence Cavanaugh, our Oil Messenger.
In my last interview with Jim Cavanaugh, I commented about what he had to say always opens more questions, and the threatened lawsuits now open even more, so I set up another interview to find out what is happening.
Roberts: Jim, what's this about the oil companies threatening to sue you? What's going on here?
Cavanaugh: It's not just "oil companies" that are upset with the articles I have been writing... well not directly anyway. It is one of the principals, associated with Belize Natural Energy and West Bay Exploration who has taken issue, and claims I have libeled him. Most Belizeans have the balls to speak out and defend ourselves when we think someone has said something wrong about us, but Americans like this individual seem to think that whenever you don't like what someone says, the first thing to do is sue the bastard!. If the Guardian and Times were ever to subscribe to such a practice, there would be new lawsuits after every issue... obviously we don't have enough courts for such silliness.
Roberts: What is libel anyway? Cavanaugh: Libel is when you write something false about a person or company with the intent to damage their reputation. Of course people write damaging things all the time
Western Highway, Santa Elena Town, Cayo
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about other people, but it is not libel if it is true, or is clearly your opinion or is a logical conclusion from the known facts. Your intention is important too, like it is not libel if you write something in good faith and reasonably believe it to be true. And you can write about things of public interest that you believe to be true, such as what is happening in the oil business, anditisnotlibel. Ifwe could not do these things there is no way newspapers and magazines could ever survive.
Roberts: So what's the complaint?
Cavanaugh: I wrote about two oil companies and their contractors trespassing on private land, and they refused to pay for permission or use of private property for seismic surveys. I referred to these contractors as this individual's companies, however he claims "categorically... he is not a shareholder of the oil companies named, Belize Natural Energy and West Bay Exploration; I suspect that this is
Jim Cavanaugh
only a technicality because in the past he has negotiated for both companies and presented himself as a principal, because press releases about Belize oil discovery have reported:-
"She (Susan Morrice) is the wildcatter behind Belize Natural Energy, a venture she formed with the backing of her husband who is a Colorado oil executive, and more than 70 small investors from Ireland, her native country", "...the small companies behind the discovery, Belize Natural
Energy and CHx Energy, which is based in Denver, are reveling in their good fortune."
There was certainly no intention to libel this individual because I was only trying to let Belizeans know about the abuses of the oil contractors.
The companies that he is associated with refused to pay landowners for permission to enter or use their land, even though the law requires that oil contractors MUST negotiate compensation, and naturally every landowner has the right to charge for the use of his land. I pointed out that the oil contractors have ignored the law and are operating by their own rules.
When a landowner doesn't agree to the contractor's demands, the landowner is threatened that the contractor will have the Minister order the landowner to comply. Of course GOB and the oil contractors are essentially partners sharing the oil revenues, so it is logical that the Mnister will promote GOB interests, and as we have seen at least four times
Please Turn To Page 15
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Lawsuit Threatends To Silence The Messenger
From Page 13 This exploration will result in more
already, the Minister has done what the contractors ask.
Roberts: So what does this mean? Are you going to quit writing about the oil problems?
Cavanaugh: I am supposed to apologize and promise to quit writing such things. But it was never my intention to defame anyone, and of course I would apologize for anything I wrote that may have been wrong. However, I try to deal only with the issues and the facts. Everything I have written is supported by facts or logical conclusions based upon the words or actions of the people or company's involved. I absolutely will keep writing articles until the abuses and mistakes are corrected. Belizeans need to know what i s going on. And as Alberto August of the STAR Newspaper pointed out, "truth is an absolute defense."
Roberts: In your UBAD talk on December 6, you showed a chart projecting that Belize would be producing 10,000 barrels of oil a day by 2010. In a recent article Ralph Fonseca talked about the new discovery at Never Delay, and said that the 10,000 barrels a day "will be sooner than later." Was he talking about just the new Never Delay discovery or all of Belize?
Cavanaugh: I imagine that Fonseca meant for all of Belize, because it will require a huge investment of funds, equipment, storage facility, transportating and the like to produce and ship such a volume of oil. This will take time. And there are already huge legal, logistical and accountability problems which must be resolved before Belize should move ahead with any production expansion. However the discovery and development programs must proceed.
Roberts: From way before the oil exploration you predicted discoveries at Spanish Lookout, Never Delay and Calla Creek, and that the wells at San Marcos and Georgeville would be dry holes. So far you have been right on 10 of the 10 wells drilled and the 11th at Calla Creek is still drilling. Why would your predictions be twice as accurate as the oil companies?
Cavanaugh: There was no magic in those predictions, Ivan, it was a simple logical process. There are oil seeps at Never Delay and Calla Creek, so you don't have to be too smart to predict that if you drill a well where you have oil seeping out of the ground, you will find oil. The prediction for Spanish Lookout was based upon earlier geology studies, and the four dry holes did not make good geologic sense to me, or most exploration geologist, I imagine. You have to understand, that oil exploration is a very high technology business and requires highly trained people using very sophisticated techniques to find potential reservoirs.
discoveries and Belize will eventually become a small but important oil producer.
Roberts: So 10,000 barrels a day is really possible then?
Cavanaugh: If we can control corruption so that it does not discourage companies from exploring for oil, I believe there will be five or more maj or oil discoveries that will produce as much as 25,000 barrels a day before the year 2020.
Roberts: Is this the reason why you claim that Belizeans can have the highest standard of living in Central and South America?
Cavanaugh: Absolutely. But I also assume that the oil revenues will be used for the benefit of the Belizean people like they are supposed to be. For example, consider that GOB has recently increased the annual budget for the University of Belize to $10 million, and we can all see the results of that investment in the hundreds of students who study and graduate and help Belize grow and prosper. On the other hand GOB has reported they havereceived $12.3 millionjustinoil royalty payments alone, considerably more than the total budget of UB, and yet we see no benefits at all. In fact, to date about $300 million worth of Belizean oil has been produced and sold, of which GOB is reported to receive nearly half of the proceeds. That money has gone somewhere, but we have seen absolutely no benefits trickling down to the Belizean people. Right now the situation with the handling of our share of the oil money does not look too good and there is no promise that it will get better. We are on our way to being another Nigeria or Chad if we don't stop the theft and corruption.
Roberts: If the oil money was used honestly for the benefit of Belizeans, what sort of benefits could we expect?
Cavanaugh: Well let's just take a look at Fonseca's claim of 10,000 barrels a day production by 2010. Belize will realize close to BZ$ 1 billion in annual revenues, which is more than the total cost to run our country. This means that we can pay off our national debt and eliminate or greatly reduce all taxes; supply free schools for every Belizean child and require that every child go to school; create scholarships for advanced university studies; eliminate unemployment; establish high quality medical care for everyone; build quality roads and bridges; pay competitive salaries for professionals, and create good wages for every worker. We could properly protect our borders and effectively fight the drug traffic. With full employment, crime would be dramatically reduced. We could create high quality theater, arts and sports programs. And that is justthe beginning. Few countries have ever had such a fantastic opportunity,
and it looks like we are already letting it slip away.
Roberts:Prime Mnister Musa has recently announced that the oil funds will be used for scholarships so this is a real benefit, right?
Cavanaugh: Big deal, Mon! The oil royalty payments alone are already more than 25% greater than the total annual university budget so what is the effect of adding a few more pennies in scholarships. This is just throwing pennies to the peasants while pounds are squandered for the powerful.
Roberts: So what is the answer?
Cavanaugh: The answer is THE BELIZEAN PEOPLE MUST COME FIRST. Right now the needs of the government and foreign oil companies get top priority and our Belizean people get the last consideration. Belizeans must stand up and demand their rights as free people:
1. Our government must exist for the benefit of the Belizean people, not as it is now where the people are used and abused for the benefit of GOB.
2. All petroleum production should be accurately and verifiably measured and fully accounted for from the production at the well head to the delivery point of sale at the refinery.
3. Our Belizean people should stand up and demand that control of our petroleum funds be removed from
political decisions, influence and pressures.
4. An Belize Oil Fund should be created, to be professionally administered by an independent management company, and should received all of the proceeds from the government's share of royalty, production sharing and their ownership of the oil companies.
5. GOB should receive tax revenues for use in the General Fund.
6. No secret agreements should be allowed.
7. The Constitution and the Laws of Belize should be observed at all times by all parties including GOB, and rigidly enforced with violations persecuted.
8. A Belize Oil Commission that is independent of any political control should be created to monitor and guide the development of the Belize petroleum industry consistent with established international practices.
9. All and every elected official and every direct or indirect employee of the government should be stripped of any oil related interest acquired in Belizean petroleum production, as required by the law.
If and when Belizeans stand up and demand these points of fair treatment, we will be on a road to prosperity and quickly achieve the highest standard of living in Central and South America.
-I have more questions-
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Sunday, December 2, 2007 STAR Tel:-667-7827 & 626-3788- Email: starnewspaper@gmail.com Page 21
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