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Bonaire reporter
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Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
George DeSalvo
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July 8, 2013
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P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Phone 786 P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Phone 786 P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Phone 786 6518, 786 6518, 786 6518, 786 6125, 6125, 6125, email: email: email: Since 1994 Since 1994 Since 1994


Page 2 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 How to contact us Find Bonaire Reporter on Facebook. Press “Like” The Publisher: George DeSalvo Phone 786-6125 The Editor: Laura DeSalvo Phone 786-6125 Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Story tip or idea: Phone 786-6518 Available on-line at: Printed Every Fortnight, On-line every day, 24/7 Next edition printing on Sunday, January 10, 2014 Story and Ad deadline: Friday, January7, 2014 I t seems $10 million is missing in Bonaire. As a result the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp has informed the Bonaire Public Prosecutor’s Office about the irregularities that were discovered during the corporate governance audit of the island’s water and energy company, WEB. The audit carried out by SEO Economisch Onderzoek from Amsterdam gives the minister reasons to assume that there was improper governance at WEB. An investment of $10 million could not be accounted for. Where it went is a puzzle. Kamp mentioned a series of irregularities and ambiguous decisions that were taken during the activities to modernize WEB, an exercise which should have resulted in lower water and electricity rates. The influence of local politicians had a lot to do with the irregularities at WEB, the researchers of SEO concluded. “The room for political influence to arrange things informally is big.” The audit had been ordered by the Bonaire Island Governor and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Objective of the audit was to get a picture on the mechanisms of decision-taking and responsibility from 2005 to 2012. The results of the audit were shared with Bonaire’s Executive Council, the Island Council and WEB’s management and Board of Directors on December 16. Lydia Emerencia, Bonaire’s Governor, is not able perform some of her statutory duties because a majority of the Island Council and the Executive Council does not want her as the Council’s President as prescribed by law. "It's up to The Netherlands to act since the island is ungovernable," said Governor Emerencia. The coalition parties UPB/Santana and the Executive Council want to first make agreements with Emerencia before they sit down with her at the table. The agreements must be about how she is going to pursue her resignation on March 1, 2014. She informed Rijksvertegenwoordiger (Crown representative) Wilbert Stolte about the situation, hoping that this will not last until the 1st of March. She sincerely hopes that the members of the Island Council and the Commissioners will realize that governing is necessary. According to a Facebook comment by reporter Trix Bennekom following the December monthly press conference Governor Lydia Emerencia is determined – as agreed with Plasterk – to remain in her job until the 1st of March and not to be forced out early by the UPB/Santana Council coalition majority. The outcome of the WEB investigation (see above) and the fact that Minister Kamp has given the report to the prosecutor (Ministry of Justice) may be one of the considerations for the coalition’s concern. The Governor, despite massive opposition, succeeded in having these investigations on the governance of WEB completed. Bonaire Island Governor Lydia Emerencia received a hearty welcome at Flamingo Airport upon her return from The Netherlands via Curaao. The waiting public sang the national anthem “Tera di Solo” when she came out of the arrival hall. She also received a plaque with a text praising her honesty and efforts to combat irregularities within the government administration, which eventually led to a vote of no -confidence against her in the Island Council. “It was not my wish to resign but I had to,” Emerencia told the public. Several days after a majority in the Council adopted the motion against her, she flew to The Netherlands to present her notice of resignation to Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk. He accepted the resignation and they agreed that she would stay on until March next year. The judge in Bonaire dismissed an appeal by fuel distributor Curoil against the emergency measures taken by Island Governor Lydia Emerencia in October. The judge considered the Governor’s demands reasonable under the circumstances. Emerencia had instructed the Curaao-based company to place an additional mobile pump with a capacity of at least 10,000 liters per minute on the seaside at the fuel tank farm at Hato. There was also a requirement for a 24-hour watch for the early detection of any fires. It all started when a leak spilled 30 cubic meters (7,500 gallons) of gasoline onto the ground – 20 of which were vacuumed up while the rest evaporated. The polluted soil was dug up and taken to the landfill. A report by environmental agency DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond was commissioned and indicated the lack of a mobile water pump for fires, while the foam extinguisher did not function and there was no supervision at night. Emerencia first ordered a stop to all fuel deliveries and the placement of the pump. When Curoil did not comply, she had the Fire Department place a pump so the depot could reopen to prevent a fuel shortage on the island. The company’s damage claim of US $650,000 for lost revenues was also rejected by the court. On Bonaire “fever” refers to more than just body temperature. It also means tire smoking and street motorcycle and auto racing. But that kind of fever is illegal. On December 17, Bonaire’s Court of First Instance issued a judgment in the criminal proceedings against participants in road races along Kaya van Eps (the straight road to Sorobon from the west coast of Bonaire) on August 10, 2013. Five drivers were found guilty and fined $500. The prosecutor had demanded the confiscation of vehicles as an additional punishment, but the judge thought it was too severe especially since racing had been tolerated for some time. But two vehicles were not returned to the owners scooters where the vehicle identification letters (VIN) had been removed. Having a vehicle without a VIN frame or chassis number is in conflict with the law so the scooters were confiscated. The Prosecutor and the Police made it clear that the seizure of vehicles is now justified in road races. Having a vehicle (car or scooter) without VIN / frame / chassis number is in conflict with the law (Continued on page 3) This Week’s Stories Minimum Wages 3 Protecting Eyes-Firegoogs 5 Letters: Seeking Dolphin Info, Locals thoughts on Cruise Ships 6 Retirement Tourism-Contest Winner 7 Annual Christmas Concert 8 “Tavio” Takes The Prize 8 Driving Into The Future 9 The Sodfather—Green Label 10 City Shop Celebrates 20 Years 12 Papa Pasku in Rincon 15 New Bug-Chikungunya 15 Designated Tern Nesting Area 17 Christmas Golfing 17 Departments Flotsam & Jetsam 2 On the Island SinceJan Kees den Hartog 4 Word On The Street 5 Picture Yourself– Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA 12 Sudoku, Sudoku Answer 13 Classifieds 13 Tide Table, Sunrise & Sunset Times, Moon Phase 13 Shopping & Dining Guides 14 What’s Happening, Cruise Ships 16 Mast head, 17 Pet of the Week (Puppies) 18 Shelter News– Fireworks Warning, Dog law Enforcement 18 Bonaire Sky Park (January Night Sky and Shower Forecast) 19 Astro Guide ( Astrology) 19 ? ? 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Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Page 3 and in cases where such a vehicle with a criminal offense is committed, these vehicles will be confiscated and not returned. This may have implications for owning scooters or other vehicles on Bonaire without VIN / frame / chassis number in the future. This also means that it is clear that seized scooters without VIN / frame / chassis number will not go back to the owner, even if the police cannot establish that they were stolen. THE HAGUE-The period it takes for foreigners in the Dutch Kingdom to attain the Dutch nationality will be extended from five to seven years. The Kingdom Council of Ministers approved a proposal of Dutch State Secretary of Safety and Justice Fred Teeven to amend the Kingdom Law on the Dutch nationality ( Rijkswet op het Nederlanderschap ). The law proposal, which is part of the governing accord of the current VVD/PvdA coalition, will go into effect after it has been approved by the Second and First Chamber of the Dutch Parliament sometime next year. The law will apply not only to foreigners living in the European Netherlands but also to those residing on all six Dutch Caribbean islands. WILLEMSTAD-Half a million guilders was paid to assassinate Curacao political leader Helmin Wiels last May 5, said prosecutor Gert Rip during the preparatory court session in Curaao last week, and suspect Elvis “Monster” K pulled the trigger. According to Rip, suspect Dangelo D. drove the vehicle that was used for the crime. Suspect Burney “Nini” F., also known as “The Godfather” in his Koraal Specht neighborhood, had allegedly received NAf. 500.000 for the job together with Luigi “Pretu” Florentina who committed suicide while in custody. There were no words on who ordered the hit and made the payment, but Rip assured the person or persons in question will also be brought to trial when the case resumes in four months. The weapon used in the Wiels hit has still not been found. The BES Islands’ new postal service is ready to go. Flamingo Express Dutch Caribbean (FXDC) is the new concessionaire for our postal services as of January 1st, 2014. The transition won’t affect the customers, according to the managing director Bart Bergman of FXDC. “We have been negotiating with the current postal service for weeks and it has not been easy to have everything in place but we are confident we will be fully operational on all the three BES islands by January 1st, 2014.” “The post offices will open their doors on January 2nd, 2014 at their regular opening hours and Punto will continue normally.” Before the end of this year the public will receive further information through the press about the delivery days (three per week), the opening hours and the new prices of the stamps. “There will be some start up challenges in the first weeks, but one must not forget our business principles that imply our commitment to be the trendsetter in delivering excellent service, communication and happiness. Our customers are number 1.” Have a safe holiday time G.D./L.D. Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 2) Spectacular setting for lunch and dinner Try torch-lit dining on the beach The Harbour Village seaside La Bala ndra restaurant is open for Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week—Call for a reservation 717-7500 Think of Harbour Village for your sp ecial events, weddings, engagement parties & corporate events. Meeting rooms and catering available. For special arrangements and quotes, please call or email Harbour Village Beach Club Phone # 717-7500 Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot 71 Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Bonaire’s most enchanting location ISLAND BBQ EVERY SATURDAY EVENING WITH LIVE MUSIC ISLAND BBQ EVERY SATURDAY EVENING WITH LIVE MUSIC ISLAND BBQ EVERY SATURDAY EVENING WITH LIVE MUSIC N ext month the minimum wage in Saba will be increased by 7.5% to $4.96 per hour. Social benefits such as the unemployment “ onderstand ” and pension AOV allowances on the island will also go up by 6.1%. The increase doesn’t apply to St. Eustatius or Bonaire. Employers and governments in St. Eustatius and Bonaire, which the State Secretary visited in July, indicated that at this point in time there is no room to increase the minimum wage on these islands. See table below for a comp arison of minimum wages elsewhere. The data have been compiled from Wikipedia and information from the law firm “Van Eps Kunneman vanD oorne” who added the local data. G.D. Minimum wage in US dollars Country Hour Week Month 1 France $12.09 $483.60 $2,095.60 2 Netherlands $10.93 $437.20 $1,894.53 ** USA $7.25-$9.25 3 Sint Maarten $4.78 $191.20 $828.53 4 Bonaire $4.45 $178.00 $771.33 4 Saba $4.45 now $4.96 $198.40 $858.90 4 Statia $4.45 $178.00 $771.33 7 Curacao $4.29 $171.60 $743.60 8 The Bahamas $4.00 $160.00 $693.33 9 Barbados $3.13 $125.20 $542.53 10 St. Kitts & Nevis $2.96 $118.40 $513.07 11 Antigua & Barbuda $2.78 $111.20 $481.87 12 Trinidad & Tobago $1.94 $77.60 $336.27 13 Dominica $1.48 $59.20 $256.53 14 Jamaica $1.41 $56.40 $244.40 15 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines $1.16 $46.40 $201.07 16 Guyana $0.99 $39.60 $171.60 17 Saint Lucia $0.64 $25.60 $110.93 18 Haiti $0.60 $24.00 $104.00 19 Dominican Republic $0.41 $16.40 $71.07 20 Cuba $0.05 $2.00 $8.67


Page 4 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 “T he reason we came here was that we ran away from the climate and all the rules and regulations in Holland. I owned a company and was more than fed up with government regulations and why Bonaire? Well, my dad travelled the world extensively and he thought the weather in the Caribbean was the best of all places. We – my wife Petra and I – did a lot of travelling ourselves. Belize was our first introduction to the Caribbean and when we came to the ABC islands we immediately fell for Bonaire: a little village with a lovely mixed population. It was well balanced and everybody lived harmoniously together – you can say it’s a bit different now. When we came back from the trip, I stepped out of the company, took some money to start up my own business here and we moved to Bonaire where we found out that the economy was brutally down, so Petra began to work as an assistant pharmacists. I started writing. In fact it was then that I wrote the first concept of my novel/thriller Mandaat (Mandate ). Earlier in Holland, I worked in the music business; I wrote lyrics and I did everything one can possibly do in show business. I even had a big hit, ‘s Nachts na tween… (dan komt het dak hier altijd naar beneeen).’ It’s still in the carnival’s top 10. I also wrote for a popular radio show called the Dik Voormekaar Show. Anyway, the first year on Bonaire I worked all kinds of odd jobs. I designed our garden, I helped friends, I worked in restaurants but also as an economics teacher at SGB high school and I was the manager of the movie theatre which I took over later on, together with Ron Gijzen, Vincent Hoogland and Ben Becker. I only did fun things. At the end of that year I started working half days at Plaza as the assistant financial manager and by the end of 2001 when Martien van der Valk stepped out and started Buddy Dive, I became the financial manager of Plaza Resort. So, the first concept of the book I finished in 2000, then I left it there because I got busy. In 2001 I started my own company, Den Hartog Administration and Management – advice in general. Amongst other things I helped Martien with Buddy Dive. All that time Petra was working at the pharmacy. In fact, that was all we did: work. It wasn’t what we had in mind when we came here. Nevertheless in that same year – 2001we took over the movie theatre and in 2002 we also started Gameland at the same location. Most of the time I worked till 11 at night but then I slowed down and started writing again. I rewrote my book which at that time was called The Einstein Connection and in 2003 I had people read it for the first time. I got many positive reactions, but the one thing people didn’t like was that I was mixing SF with ‘real’ adventures in my thriller. Not that I could think about it too long, because I was ‘forced’ to put it aside again when I started working full-time for Plaza. In 2006 I picked up the book once more. I had 20 copies printed and I sent the manuscript to the publishers, mainly to get some feed-back. It was rejected because there were already too many English-language books in the same genre which had already proven themselves and were less of a risk. However, they thought my book was good; it was frustrating. I wanted it out in the shops. That’s how it felt. It didn’t work out – not then – because Petra and I bought Valerie’s Airport Shop and the Kadushi shop at Plaza and we got very busy getting familiar with the businesses. Together we worked at least 50-60 hours per week. There were more than 100 suppliers (now 150). It was hard work, but it had been Petra’s wish for a long time. I was done with the Plaza and with Radio Netherlands where I’d also worked. I was going nuts with all the numbers. I’m good at it, but it doesn’t mean it’s always fun. My real profession is business administration – I like that. It’s Petra who decides what we’re selling at the shops. So, I was busy, but in 2010 everything went smoothly and I took it easy – slow and easy and it felt sweet for a change. The next year a girlfriend of mine came over. She’d read the early version of Mandaat when it was still called The Einstein Connection years before and she asked me what I was planning on doing with it and when was I going to rewrite it, especially the linguistic part. And, because I’d written it during so many different periods there were several different styles that all had to come out on one level. Well, I changed some 50, 60 pages and added some more romance, cut out some of the duller parts or removed them all together or rewrote them completely. My friend said, ‘If you don’t do it now, you will never do it again.’ We made a bet: the book had to be ready before the 1st of April 2012 and… it worked out! My friend had about 40 people read it and the outcome was that 80% thought it was great, 10% thought it was totally awesome and 10% thought it totally sucked ha, ha, ha.” He grins. “The first opinion she got was so depressing that she never told me! In response to the people’s comments I added the last small corrections and then we sent it to the publishers. Eventually I ended up at a small publishing house which had taken over part of the activities of Kosmos Publishers in Holland. They accepted and Koninklijke Whrmann printed it. When I saw it lying in the shop next to the latest thriller of Dan Brown, when it was handed over to me for the very first time, all glossy and shiny… yeah… that rocks. Mandaat was presented in November in Uden, Holland, and on December 20th at Addo’s Bookstore and so far more than a thousand copies have been printed. I wrote the book – without knowing – in a very visual way, auctorial. I have an overview; I am hovering above the story. The first chapter of Mandaat takes place on Bonaire. The bad guy is hiding at Harbor Village. I think I am an adventurous person. If you look at my CV you notice I like variation and adventures and I’m also not a beach vacation person. Ha! My favorite writers? Frederick Forsyth, Ludlum, Ian Fleming and Dan Brown. It was a bit of a personal joke for me to sign as Den (pronounced as: Dan) Hartog. The writing in itself is all about discipline and creativity. Coming up with the story in your mind before the actual writing is exciting and putting everything together like a puzzle in the end that’s even more fun. I am always very creative in my head and part of it I can put into my work, but I also need another way to express myself. When I was 16 I already wanted to write a book.” He laughs. “It took a while! Now – after the book – I feel exactly the same as before, but the way people approach me has changed. I do get a little bit of a VIP treatment and I can’t say I don’t like it. I always liked to chat with everybody at the supermarket and now I get all these comments and it’s even more fun. I’ve started with my second book – 50 pages per month is what I promised myselfand by the end of 2014 it should come out. The work title is Incognito – the new Tom Grant thriller. Tom Grant is my leading person but not my alter ego ha ha! However, we do have some things in common. We both love adventures and small islands and we are interested in archeology. In fact, Petra and I did visit all those places: Egypt, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. After almost 14 years I still like it here although many things have changed, some for the better and some for the worst. I feel Bonaire’s identity has been affected, the amiability is largely gone and when I walk in Playa I hardly see familiar faces. Many people stay home nowadays because they feel most of the newcomers are people with a lot of ado and fuss. But… we still haven’t found a better place than Bonaire. My dream? That Mandaat will become a best seller. That they will make the movie! Ha ha! Live your dreams! What I would do if it happened? Not much – I would travel more and I would continue to write and keep my base on Bonaire – definitely.” Story & photos by Greta Kooistra “After almost 14 years I still like it here although many things have changed... But... we still haven’t found a better place than Bonaire… Den Hartog at the presentation of his book at Addo's Petra and Jan Kees den Hartog at home


Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Page 5 Open Nonstop Monday– Saturday8:00-19:00 Voordeelmarkt Bonaire Bargain Mart Bonaire Bonaire’s Low Cost, High Quality Supermarket Web: Email: Parts and accessories for all brands of bikes and scooters Beautiful Bike Clothes All type of house and car keys duplicated Kaya Grandi #61 “The blue building” Call 717-8545 Open: 8:30-12:30, 2:00-5:30 Owner Operated Featuring Giant, Bikkel and Golden Lion bikes T he following press release from Jong Bonaire marks a new high in the transparent governing of nonprofit foundations on Bonaire. “ The governing board of Stichting Jeugdwerk Jong Bonaire is sad to announce that they have had to put a manager on non-active status and start legal proceedings against her. This action started because this person took part in a ‘fundraising scam’ along with an outside organization. The manager has been charging people and businesses for performances by the young members of the Jong Bonaire Multicolor Brass Band and also their Jong Bonaire Zwarte Pieten and then putting the income into an organization which is not part of Jong Bonaire. ‘It is a very sad thing to have happen,’ said Rene Hakkenberg, Board president of Jong Bonaire. ‘But we want all of our donors and the parents of the young members of Jong Bonaire to know that this is not a problem with the financial management of Jong Bonaire. This is a situation where two or more people were running a fundraising scam on donors. They have been working outside of Jong Bonaire procedures and outside of our financial system.’ This activity seems to have occurred between October and December of this year and was done without the knowledge of Jong Bonaire management or the Board. The manager was using the Jong Bonaire staff, materials and the kids of Jong Bonaire as well as the good name of Jong Bonaire, to raise funds which did not go to Jong Bonaire. The people hiring the Brass Band and Zwarte Pieten thought they were supporting Jong Bonaire and the kids, but they were not. Stichting Jeugdwerk Jong Bonaire will not go in to more details at this time because the case is under investigation by Openbaar Ministerie (Prosecutor) and the police. Jong Bonaire is doing its best to make sure that the people responsible for this will not be able to repeat this behavior and that the children will not be the victims of this scam.” € Discussion of the Jong Bonaire scam started a conservation among observers about other scams that are experienced on Bonaire A favorite is for someone who is in a position of authority to issue a license or permit to request of the petitioner a “donation” for some charitable organization or sports activity. The petitioner, anxious not to offend, is quick to comply. But the funds never reach the organization. Even when the donor is aware of the scam he/she is reluctant to report it fearing retribution. € Even when unethical or fraudulent practices are reported, as did the Kas di Arte administrator to her governing board, the people in charge, and even the judiciary are reluctant to prosecute. This attitude of denial helps create a self-perpetuating culture of fraud. € It's been reported that Elvis TjinAsjoe, ex-deputy and ex-minister for the UPB party, officially launched his own new political party on December 15. Guess this officially cuts his ties with UPB. The name of the new party is Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano (MPB) (Movement of the Bonairean People) and it will participate in the next Island Council election in 2015. After the new year, Tjin-Asjoe and his team will have more information on the party platform. Sour ces from a local newspaper indicate that key players from both UPB and Demokrat parties have already pledged themselves to support the new party. € KPCN (Dutch Caribbean Police Force) announced last week that they are putting more uniformed patrols on foot in the city center during cruise ship season. The purpose is to increase the feeling of security among the island visitors and give them a positive experience. € MEANWHILE, word from shopkeepers on Kaya Grandi is that prior to disembarking, the passengers aboard Aida (in port on Christmas Day) were told by ship personnel that Bonaire was dangerous and that they should not take a lot of money with them and that they should stay in groups. TCB, did you hear that? € Chinatown Restaurant on Nikkiboko North was victim of an armed robbery Thursday 26 December about 10:30 pm. Police interviewed neighbors the next morning to gather more information. The restaurant has security cameras, two outside and two inside so perhaps the identity of the armed robbers can be determined. € Well-known Bonaire resident, Punk Rock" Steve, has taken over a new venture, Bonaire Boat Rental His fleet includes two sport boats and two day cruisers. Half day is $130, full day $210. Price excludes gas but includes on request the following items for free: cooler with ice, wakeboard, tow tube, knee board and snorkel gear. And of course, Steve being the "rocker" that he is, all boats are fitted with stereo including audio jack, SDcard and memory stick connections. Located at Harbour Village Marina, call or whatsapp at 7019999. Bula Bonchi M ore than 800 children in Bonaire received a free pair of “Firegoogs” safety glasses at their school in the past days. This is the second year that “Fundashon Bon Kousa” (Good Cause Foundation) brought the special firewo rks goggles to the island. The Firegoogs can prevent injury to the eyes when lighting fireworks. The children of the Watapana School in Rincon recently received theirs. The action is to prevent accidents, especia lly among children, said Bart Landheer of Bon Kousa. Press release


Page 6 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 SEEKING DOLPHIN INFO Dear Editor: The Southern Caribbean Cetacean Network.(SCCN) knows that the economic value of the ecosystem is very important for Bonaire, as it is for Curacao, Aruba, Venezuela and the surrounding waters. The SCCN wants to investigate what the ecosystem needs to remain healthy. One way is by understanding the behavior and tracking the abundance of the whales and dolphins in and around Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba and Venezuela. For 25 years, we have gathered information in Bonaire about the Bottlenose Dolphins, while in Curacao for 10 years the SCCN has collected data on three main species of cetaceans in their waters: the offshore bottlenose dolphin, the pan tropical spotted dolphin, and the spinner dolphin. In Aruba, considerable data has been amassed about whale species in particular but not excluding dolphins, especially the rough toothed species. Through our focus on these cetaceans’ species, we want to understand how to preserve our beautiful marine ecosystem in general. Through our research, we seek to assess these species’ population sizes and structures, and to deepen the knowledge of their distribution and habitat preference. This information will help us to understand the health of the cetacean population at this moment and, in turn to develop conservation plans to protect the biodiversity in the Southern Caribbean in the future. Our local cetacean populations are vulnerable to habitat disruption from coastal development and tourism, heavy resort development and boat traffic. The information gathered will support our ultimate goal: the establishment of a Marine Protected Area for cetaceans. Preservations of the beauty and health of marine ecosystem in Bonaire, Curacao and Venezuela, including local dolphin and whale population, will continue to attract tourists and generate income for the local and national populations. The SCCN Bonaire Branch The SCCN would very much like to recruit more spotters to feed information into our database and provide them with comprehensive training in recognizing the different species, where to look for them, how to photograph them and how to train others. Any interested parties please contact Ron Sewell on 717-2458 or 795-3368 On The Waterfront at The Harbour Village Marina — Air-conditioning Owned and operated by a French Master Chef Reservations: Tel: 717-7070 email: Zazu Bar at the Harbour Village Marina Open:: Mon-Fri 3-10 pm, Sat: 5-10 pm Bar menu available Tel: 717-7070 email: TUNG FONG STORE N.V. “The Store With Almost Everything” Great Service Too Kaya Korona 52 Tel. 599 717 4224 FAX. 599 717 5224 Opening hours: 8.30 am 12. 30 pm, 2.30 pm 6.30 pm Open from Monday till Saturday. Sundays closed. From Bonaire Nautico Marina in front of It Rains Fishes Restaurant BONAIRE NAUTICO MARINA At It Rains Fishes Restaurant Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399 /VHF 68 THE ONLY WALKON / WALKOFF Catamaran KANTIKA DI AMOR up to 27 adults or larger catamaran KANTIKA TOO up to 50 adults Also available for group trips Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12, 2 pm YACHTSMEN! Tie up dockside for min. $10/day+ tax (max 1.90 meter draft), LOCAL OPINIONS ABOUT CRUISE SHIPS Dear Editor: In the last issue of The Reporter the TCB wrote a glowing report on how much cruise ship passengers like Bonaire. They can take tours, and they can also walk to beaches, snorkeling sites, and shopping. Plus, people on Bonaire are very nice! Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything about the TCB surveying how people on Bonaire feel about cruise ships here. We freely share with them the results of our own informal survey: 1. Shipping : Our respondents are frustrated to hear, all too frequently from grocery stores, that out-of-stock items can’t arrive until the freighters work their deliveries around cruise ship schedules, and they don’t know when that will be. 2. Traffic : Our respondents do not like being caught behind slow-moving tour vehicles, or behind even more slowly-moving cruise ship passengers strolling down the middle of the street as if Bonaire had never seen a car. 3. Disrespect : Our respondents feel disrespected when ship passengers explore Playa wearing only bathing suits, no shirts, no coverups (okay, some of those people are worth looking at, but – let’s face it -most of them are no treat). Of course, only a small percentage of ship passengers and tour operators behave rudely, but someday soon drivers will start blasting their horns at slow-moving tour groups, and passing them recklessly. B onaire is losing its smiles. A few obvious solutions: 1. The freighter companies, maybe with the help of the Harbour Master’s Office, could schedule their deliveries around cruise ship visits. Many of the ships depart at dusk; couldn’t the freighters arrive after that and leave early the next morning? 2. Traffic congestion would be lessened if dr ivers of tour vehicles would pull over every so often to allow traffic behind them to pa ss safely. (Achie Tours already does this.) 3. As I write this, I realize cruise ship pass engers treat Bonaire like an extension of their ship. There are no cars on the ship, maybe that’s why they assume there are no cars on our roads! There are dress codes on the ships, though; once passengers know what appropriate attire on Bonaire is, they are likely to cooperate. How do we educate them? Perhaps the TCB could create a video for that purpose, and work with the ships to ensure that passengers visiting Bonaire will have seen the video. Let’s make sure that “cruise ship” doesn’t turn into “cursed ship” on Bonaire! C. David Batalsky New Location! Kaya Grandi 38B (Next to Addo’s Books) 9:30 am -1 pm. 2 pm -6 pm Bulevar Gob. N. Debrot 74 (Across from Sand Dollar) Phone For appointment 717-7330, Ask for Inge Inge Bruijn Certified Therapist Top Quality Affordable Congenial


Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Page 7 ROCARGO SERVICES, N.V. International Freight (Car) BV The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Europe/Holland to Bonaire Jupiterweg 1A (Ecopark) 4761 RW Moerdijk, Holland Tel 31-(0) 168-40-94 94 Offering DAILY Express Services from and to Bonaire For shipment tracking The World On Time Kaya Industria 12, KralendijkBonaire—N.A. 717-8922 FAX 717-5791 For All Your Shipping Needs Full service door to door by air and by sea. Customs clearance, transportation, warehousing. International and local relocation. Packing material in stock. Qualified and professional personnel. Timely, accurate and reliable ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Amcar Freight, Inc. The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Miami, USA to Bonaire Amcar Freight 12600 NW 25 Street Suite 107 Miami, Fl 33182 Retirement Tourism For BonaireA Natural Fit B onaire needs a new direction to avoid slipping into stagnation, a proven pitfall of many vacation destinations. With fewer of the common attractions like wide beaches, sprawling hotels and contrived entertainment, that are a magnet for mainstream tourists, it must focus on the aspects that nature has bestowed on the island that include a benign climate, clean air, low population density, and a measured pace of life. Years of promoting dive tourism, ecotourism, adventure tourism, bird watching, cruise tourism and related activities have built a robust visitor-based industry on our island, but there are signs that growth in those areas will be minimal. That approach was a success because it built on the existing qualities of the island. Retirement Tourism would follow the same path. It would exploit the trend towards tourism-induced seasonal retirement migration by making Bonaire especially attractive to European and American retireesthe fastest growing segment of “First World” populations. Retirement Tourism is a specific form of long-stay tourism, where people remain in foreign destinations for long periods of time in order to experience living abroad. Reasons to extend staying in a foreign country include language study, adventure, economic benefit and just living as well or better than they can “at home.” There is a segment of the European and American population who do want to live better. The segment is growing, affluent and looking for an interesting way to spend their lives following a lifetime of employment. They are the 60 plussers. According to the United Nations, in 2012 the number of persons worldwide aged 60 and over totaled 900 million, and in 2050 this number will more than double to 2 billion people, largely as a result of increased life expectancy. These growing populations of retirees who are living longer; demanding services that maintain health and a highquality of life at an affordable cost have significant economic power. Their prime desire, according to survey after survey, is to live in a warm climate to obtain this life. Bonaire can deliv er all of this with minimal effort. For starters, the age of the stay-over Bonaire visitor is already increasing. Older, multi-visit tourists, make up a big share of our dive visitors. Just check the number of TCB Bonaire Ambassadors. They have been around to other dive destinations, some better, some worse, but they return to Bonaire because they find things here that are important to them: clean air, safe street s, low density, moderate climate, adequate medical care, physical comforts, familiar foods and most importantly, a not-hectic pace of life. These are elements Bonaire already has. Now is the time to tell it to the world. There is a problem, however. Bonaire’s prime obstacle to long-term tourism is Immigration rules that limit visitors to no more than 90 days a year, complex and painstaking procedures and a confusing bureaucracy. Dutch legislators and ministries should be motivated to come up with a streamlined procedure perhaps a Retirement Visa, which many countries already offer, since Bonaire’s economy would improve considerably with little government expenditure. One new approach to make living on Bonaire more affordable and attractive to the grey generation would be to encourage retirement villages, a concept that is popular in the US, Spain, and more recently, around the Caribbean region. These resort-like communities cater specifically to retirees, and feature amenities and services such as tennis courts, swimming pools, theaters and restaurants. But most importantly get the island on the “map” of the retirement world as soon as possible. Scenario Just imagine that it is 2020 and it has been six years since Bonaire decided to market itself as a retirement destination.... Bonaire has been successful in attracting over a thousand retirees to its shores. Many Americans, Dutch and Germans are enjoying the island's quality of life, in part due to eased visa requirements, the parity established with the European Netherlands and the near-ideal hurricane-free climate. The reasonable cost of living compared to Europe and America has also been demonstrated by the affordability of real estate especially in “retirement villages.” Diversification of the island’s tourism product and improvement in Bonaire's economic performance are not the only ways in which it has benefited. The communities in which “retirement villages” have been established have reaped numerous benefits, including increased direct employment, as well as those created in spinoff industries such as health tour-ism. The stagnant economy has been replaced by a double digit growth rate. Most of the profits remain in the local economy rather than flowing to outside investors. Many retirees, keen to share the benefits of their years of experience and stay active at the same time, have also been actively involved in social and community work. They have also been an invaluable source of leadership to young people through their participation in the numerous mentorship and training programs that have been introduced. An even brighter future lies ahead for Bonaire. G.D. Beginning in September 2013 MCB Bonaire held a competition among the members of Bonaire’s media offering their concepts for "New Idea for the Future of Bonaire's Economy" The Bonaire Reporter was the winner.


Page 8 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Business Owners : Are you setting up your 2014 advertising budget? Include The Bonaire Reporter Serving Bonaire for over 20 years because its ads WORK. Why The Reporter? €€ Big format– Your ad is never “lost in the clutter.” € Real Bonaire stories, news and letters € Balanced views and topics what people want to read, not just press releases € Low ad cost per copy. € Aimed at Locals and Tourists in hotels and markets, shops and restaurants € Your ads go Worldwide on the Internet … free In English – The language of bargains and business. (Check for yourself how many advertisements in Dutch and Papiamentu publications use English) € Free Directory listings for regular advertisers €Call Donna at 795 -9332 or Laura at 786-6518 or email Your ads placed in The Reporter will find customers for your shop or restaurant. Try it and see At over 80 Bonaire locations You can even combine your Reporter ad with a spot on Tourist TV! O n Saturday 14 December the Classical Music Board Bonaire organized its annual Chri stmas concert at the Plaza Resort Bonaire. A large variety of pieces were performed by talented musicians on the island to a full house in a beautifully decorated Cacique Hall. Sylvia Ploos (Saxophone and Flute) and Anne Hoemakers (Piano) started with Jesus Joy of Man's desiring. Anne is a student of Hans Faassen and has been inspired by his instant composing. The ladies had altered the piece and it made for an interesting and varied combination. We hope that they will continue to work together. The children's choir of the San Bernardo Church, Flornan di Futuro, under musical directorship of Violetta Rosario sang a selection of well known local and international pieces. The audience showed their appreciation by singing along to some of the songs. Hans Faassen, now fast becoming a tradition, delivered a short musical quiz and played his variation of Jingle Bells followed by a piece composed by Wilhem Statius Muller called “Desperdida” and his own composition called “Wals for Wil.” He finished his recital with "I Remember Roger." After the interval Annemarie Koors sang with Hans who accompanied her on the piano: “I'll be home for Christmas” and “All The Things You Are.” The evening closed with a very contrasting style of music by the Stingrays a hard rock band, followed by Creme de la Creme which played during the after show party. The next concert will be on 1st February 2014 where Marco Bakker (baritone) and Tica Giel (mezzo soprano) will be accompanied by Johnny Kleinmoedig on the piano. Please visit website for more information. Carla Hay O limpio Eustacio Sint Jago Tavio, nicknamed “Tavio,” is the first Bonairean to receive the Prince Bernhard Cu lture Prize. In the presence of family members and friends he received the award and accompanying “envelope with content” from Island Governor Lydia Emerencia and Michelle Russel-Capriles, chairwoman of the Prince Be rnhard Culture Fund Caribbean Area, who flew to Bonaire especially for this occasion. Journalist/historian Boi Antoin made a compilation of the many activities of the 91 -year-old Tavio during the activ e years of his life, which led to this recognition. Sint Jago was born in Rincon on April 15, 1914. Rincon is also considered as the cradle of Bonairean culture and it’s therefore no surprise that culture played such a huge role in Tavio’s life as a singer, songwriter, poet and author. He wrote his first song at the age of 14. In the following years Tavio produced numerous songs, both “krioyo” (local) and romantic. His first poem was published on March 17, 1932, in the weekly paper La Union Part of the national anthem of Curaao is derived from this poem. Tavio also wrote the popular children’s story about the spider, “Kompa Nanzi.” This story was published and Aart Broek wrote an article about it in the Dutch Volkscultuur magazine. Broek came to the conclusion that Tavio’s story about Kompa Nanzi is a protest against th e powerful social ties in society. He was also an actor, owner of the first pension in Rincon and leader of several sports organizations in the district, as well as politician and Antillean parliamentarian for Bonaire. Press release/G.D. Island Governor Lydia Emerencia, Tavi o, Emma St Jago and Fund Chairwoman Michelle Russel-Capriles


Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Page 9 Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement A dvertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advert isement Advertisement Advertisemen t Advertisement Advertisement T oyota is the world's largest auto maker and Akkermans is Bonaire’s largest dealer. They offer lots of amazing vehicles. They sell the world's most durable small pickup, the Hilux, and from the other side of the automotive world, the Lexus. But the Prius Liftback, introduced 10 years ago, is Toyota's productdesign masterpiece: a dead steady, massively functional, safe, flexible and affordable five-seater with fuel economy that makes it among the most fuel-efficient automobiles of any size sold on Bonaire, around 50 miles per gallon (4.7 liters per 100 kilometers), city and highway combined. For most people it would cut their fuel cost in half or more! That would save you thousands per year. And it is about time it is available in Bonaire. Three million Pr iuses have been sold world-wide. It’s tried and true. The Prius offers a rewarding driving experience—in terms of ac celeration, handling, cornering, ride—with good fuel economy and reasonable initial cost. These cars are fun to drive. So mehow the Prius feels uniquely apart from othe r cars, a separateness underscored by the casually futuristic interior, and contrasting lightweight, ecoplastics, with a unique texture. The Pr ius feels like what comes next in automobiles. Test drive o ne at Akkermans today. For more information visit or contact: Akkermans Auto Supplies B.V., Kaya Amsterdam 21 Tel.: (599) 7178667 Fax.: (599) 717-5034, Email: Large house with two rental studios in the desirable Hato neighborhood. 800m2 long lease land, steps from the sea 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, big porch, 5m. x 5m. green house and much more Asking Price: $300,000. Contact: Monique Reekers Kaya Utrecht 25, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands Phone 599 796-2529 Email:


Page 10 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 “You gotta be a little crazy to work with plants on a desert island!” I f you have a “green thumb” it’s unlikely that you haven’t graced the establishment that is Green Label, the largest garden center and the only one like it on Bonaire. Here the team is employed in every aspect of gardening, from taking cuttings, growing plants and selling gardening equipment to installing gardens and maintaining them. It’s a full-scale operation as owner Ap Van Eldik states, “ Not one business in Holland offers that range. But here you have no choice. ” Ap is the director and driving force behind Green Label. You could say he is the Godfather or should a better name be Sodfather of the gardening business on Bonaire in the sense that he is widely known on the island, pioneered a business with no predecessor and rose from rags to riches. To be clear though, if he gives you an offer you can’t refuse it’ll be a quote for a lush garden and not two blocks of concrete for new shoes. Ap arrived on Bonaire from Curacao with his partner Agnes to manage the gardens at Plaza Resort where he quickly enjoyed suc-(Continued on the facing page, page 11) The family: Ruben, Niels, Agnes, Ap, Lianne


Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Page 11 cess. He came from a well known nursery family in Holland and in his words has always been, “a plant man. I was raised in green.” His plan was to travel South America with Agnes and then return to Holland to work in the family business. But on Bonaire came, “the surprise of the year” – little Ruben, his first child. So Ap decided he better grow up a little and thought, “This place must be like heaven to raise a child. It is. It surely is.” After showcasing his knowledge at Plaza people started to approach Ap for gardens. He soon saw a demand and was convinced he would be successful. Ap started with different business partners but eventually ended up going solo and had a shop (opposite the Napa store) and grew plants from his nursery at home. He has always been focused on the landscaping aspect of the business and to manage the shop was landscape designer and gardener Johan Van Blerk who worked at Green Label for nine years. Ap is proud of the exploration and creativity they used in discovering how to grow on Bonaire. They started with 100 plant varieties and now have well over 400. As the business grew it moved from the shop to a warehouse next to Lucky Imports and then Green Label bought a plot behind there and built their own warehouse where they are currently located. As well as this they now have a flashy new fleet of vehicles, a Bobcat and a digger. After living on Curacao and seeing Aruba and the States Ap had an idea of what he wanted. He didn’t want to create another Florida; he wanted to include as much drought tolerant, semi-local and local plants that belonged to Bonaire as possible. Some he thinks are overrated like the Qui but some he thinks are very useful like Wayaka, Watakeli, Oleifi, Oliba, Saddlewood, Karawara and Green Buttonwood. Although he works with what is in fashion he also likes to promote the use of fruit trees (which he actually wrote articles about in the past for The Reporter ). For local he recommends Shimaruku, Hoba and Kenepa and his other favourites are Suriname Cherry and Sugar Apple. His number one flowering plant? Icy Pink Oleander. It doesn’t need much water, grows compact for an Oleander, has dark green leaves which don’t get eaten and has very light pink flowers all year round. His number one palm? Thrinax radiata It has no diseases, is drought resistant and has no problem with heavy soil. He also loves the Green Malayan Coconut and has worked many years to find the best strains. Nowadays he is at 65-70% of where he’d like to be in terms of growing and propagation results, water saving and trying out new plants for propagation. He works closely with Green Label’s trained grower Andres Bermudez to get the best results. Andres is very proud of what he calls his “babies.” Ap brings him cuttings which he then neatly processes into either water or into trays with special American potting soil. Depending on the plant they get dipped in rooting hormone powder. The plants eventually get potted up into a mix of 50% local “diabaas” soil, 50% coco mix (shredded coconut byproduct which Ap actually buys from a company his brother works for based in Sri Lanka) and, depending on the plant, additions of potting soil, goat manure or osmocote fertilizer. He says, “In Holland every plant has a different kind of soil. Here there is very little variation. We need them to be strong on Bonaire. 98% survive after being planted.” As some may know, sadly, Ap, Agnes and their children Ruben, Nils and Lianne are moving back to Holland. He comments, “After 15 years it’s time for another adventure.” Ruben is old enough to study in Holland and Nils will shortly follow so the story feels full circle. Ap is trying to sell Green Label but he would like to keep something on Bonaire. Possibly grow vegetables with a business partner using all his expertise. He really values all the efforts from growers on the island and would love to have a few acres near the sewage plant of LVV. “Imagine what you could do with all that water!” he exclaims. I ask about the fact that despite all this he still maintains a small nursery at his home to which he laughs and replies, “It’s my hobby. It’s the only thing I know! Luckily this Sinterklaas season they gave me a headlamp so now I never have to go back inside!” It’s quite a story but I think you could summarize ‘the Sodfather’ by the motto hanging on his office wall: “There are two types of people, the one who talks about it and the one who does it.” Story & photos by Clark Heijbroek – Freelance web designer and landscape architect ( The Sodfather Continued from page 10) Herbs, veggies and spices The plant nursery


Page 12 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 C ity Shop, Bonaire’s appliance, electronics and computer store which celebrated its 20th anniversary this month, is a success story few are aware of. City Shop N.V. started as Muebleria Antilliana in 1993 with a goal to provide the best furniture at the best possible prices for its customers on Bonaire. Hamoudy Dabboussi, the owner, was 18 years old. At that time, it was located at Kaya Nikiboko Nord #52 with a 60-square-meter showroom. In the year 2000, to meet the growing needs of its customers, it moved to the current location at Kaya International #36, Kralendijk expanding to a 375-square -meter showroom. In 2003, City Shop once again found the need to expand, and additional space was added to their showroom to become 550 square meters, and again in 2007, to 700 square meters. In November, 2012, a gala opening launched the new store, which now features a state-of-the-art retail facility offering everything for the home, office, including electronics and computers. It now has a retail showroom of 1,500 square meters, a large warehouse and more than 35 employees. In fact it may be Bonaire’s largest direct importer (rather than through Curacao). The 20th anniversary was celebrated at Ingridients restaurant last week during the annual employees Christmas party. Invitees and employees were joined by Commissioner James Kroon who helped celebrate the occasion. At the event Mauricio Cabral, City Shop’s computer and electronics guru, was named employee of the year. Over the years City Shop has weathered economic crises, government changes and more recently drastic modifications to the rules for banking and consumer credit. It prides itself on handling major brands like Whirlpool and LG and giving excellent service. Additionally in 2014 the mother company of City Shop, Dabboussi Holding, will take over the island’s AVIS rent-a-car franchise. New cars are already in service and more are on the way. G.D. R ita and Norbert Svatos have a condo in Bonaire where they live over the winter. They write, “In the summer we live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA, the home of the EAA International Air Convention with over a half million visitors from around the world. It lasts one week and is the largest air show in the world. EAA stands for Experimental Aircraft Association. If you would like any other information you can look up EAA on the web or email We enjoy hearing the news about the island when we are gone so thank you very much for the paper!” We Would Love to Print Your PHOTO! Send to For Picture Yourself With The Bonaire Reporter WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when you return to your home. We Need More Photos! Take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN A PRIZE. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. E-mail to: Councilman Nolly Wilsoe joined Miriam Ayubi and Rouba and Hamoudy Dabboussi along with other guests. The celebration was a time to party for everybody Employee of the year, Mauricio Cabral


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Nonbusiness ads are free Winter Solstice Mon 30 03:09 0.06 ft 10:34 1.18 ft 19:31 0.12 ft 23:29 0.08 ft 6:55 18:21 Tue 31 03:55 0.03 ft 11:24 1.19 ft 20:19 0.18 ft 6:56 18:21 Jan-14 Wed 01 00:58 0.12 ft 04:58 0.04 ft 12:17 1.16 ft 21:07 0.23 ft New Moon 6:56 18:22 Thu 02 02:20 0.19 ft 06:12 0.12 ft 13:13 1.11 ft 21:53 0.27 ft 6:57 18:22 Fri 03 03:30 0.30 ft 07:45 0.19 ft 14:10 1.02 ft 22:36 0.29 ft 6:57 18:23 Sat 04 04:27 0.43 ft 09:24 0.23 ft 15:10 0.92 ft 23:17 0.29 ft 6:57 18:23 Sun 05 05:17 0.57 ft 10:59 0.23 ft 16:10 0.79 ft 23:57 0.28 ft 6:58 18:24 Mon 06 06:04 0.70 ft 12:26 0.19 ft 17:10 0.66 ft 6:58 18:25 Tue 07 First Quarter 00:36 0.25 ft 06:49 0.82 ft 13:45 0.13 ft 18:11 0.53 ft 6:58 18:25 Wed 08 01:12 0.20 ft 07:33 0.92 ft 14:57 0.06 ft 19:11 0.41 ft 6:59 18:26 Thu 09 01:47 0.15 ft 08:16 0.98 ft 16:05 0.01 ft 20:12 0.31 ft 6:59 18:26 Fri 10 02:19 0.09 ft 08:58 1.01 ft 17:09 0.04 ft 21:14 0.22 ft 6:59 18:27 Sat 11 02:48 0.04 ft 09:39 1.01 ft 18:12 0.07 ft 22:20 0.15 ft 6:59 18:27 Sun 12 03:11 0.02 ft 10:20 1.00 ft 19:14 0.09 ft 23:38 0.11 ft 7:00 18:28 Mon 13 03:25 0.06 ft 10:59 0.96 ft 20:13 0.10 ft 7:00 18:28


Page 14 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 AIRLINES Divi Divi AirBonaire’s “on time airline” with 16 flights a day between Bonaire and Curaao. Your first choice fo r inter-island travel. Now flying to Aruba. APPLIANCES /TV/ ELECTRONICS/ COMPUTERS City Shop the mega store, has the island’s widest selection of large and small home appliances, furniture, TV, computers, cell phones and more. In-store financing too. AUTOMOBILE DEALER Check out Auto City Bonaire for the widest selection of new car brands on Bonaire including Chevrolet, Honda, Isuz u, Suzuki, Subaru. Used cars too. Complete service department. Hertz rentals. BANK ORCO Bank offers one-on-one attention, personal banking. Each client is a person, not a number. Their office is in the historic building at Kaya Grandi 48. BARS Zazu Bar at the Harbour Village Marina is all you expect in a great bar. Super bartender, quality drinks and friendly service. Plus Bonaire’s only Rum Bar– over 50 types! Great hangout spot for divers and sailors. BEAUTY Bon Bida Spa Therapeutic Massage — Certified masseuse offers the best conventional massages, sports massage, after-dive massage and more. Ask for Inge Bruijn Face Clinic of Bonaire offers anti aging treatments under the care of a medical professional. Injectibles like Botox and Hyaluronic Acid available. Call or email for a free consultation. 7950827, Hair Affair Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and facial waxing. Great new shop on Kaya Grandi. Walk-in service too. CARS AND BIKES De Freewieler sells bikes and all kinds of bike accessories. They do professional repairs on almost anything on two wheels. Have your keys made here too. DENTURE REPAIR All Denture Lab —for the best denture care by an experienced professional. Repairs while you wait. Next to Botika Korona on Kaya J. G. Hernandez. ON and IN the WATER Budget Marine has what anyone with a boat needs, and if it’s not in stock they can order it quickly. You can also find special hardware for general use and components for solar and wind electric systems. Dive Friends has four dive schools and three retail shops so you always get the best deals and can be assured of top notch training. Remodeled shop, Dushi Shoes on Kaya Grandi, open now. GARDEN SUPPLIES AND SERVICES Green Label has everything you need to start or maintain your garden. They can design, install and maintain it and offer plants, irrigation supplies and garden chemicals. Off Kaya Industria, behind Lucky Supermarket. HOME CARE VanEps Property Management B.V./Bonaire Second Home Care can handle all the needs of second home owners on Bonaire including inspection, management and cleaning. INSURANCE MCB’s BSure insurance department can help no matter what kind of Insurance you need You can do it all by In ternet or visit their new downtown office next to the Playa branch OPTICIAN Buena Vista Optics is Bonaire’s most up-to-date place to get eyeglasses or contact lenses. The combination of experienced personnel and advanced equipment and technology make it a top value PHOTOGRAPHER Bonaire’s creative above or underwater video and still photographer for the wedding or other important events in your life. ScubaVision, Kaya Grandi 6. See website scubavi or ScubaVision on YouTube REAL ESTATE /RENTAL AGENTS Harbourtown Real Estate for your real estate buying or selling needs. Listings of homes, land, businesses, apartments and commercial property. Sunbelt Realty offers full real estate, rental, and insurance services. If you want a home or to invest in Bonaire, stop in and visit. RESTAURANTS Bistro de Paris— Waterfront location at the Harbour Village Marina. Superb menu, ge nuine French dishes in a waterfront ambiance. Airco if you want it. Its Zazu Bar is a very popular hangout for divers too. La Balandra at The Harbour Village Resort offers Bonaire’s most spectacular setting. Superb cuisine, top notch service. Eat on the deck or with your feet in the sand. Pasa Bon Pizza —Bonaire’s quality pizza-Best ingredients, best baking and best taste. Great salads and lasagna too. Eat in or take away. RETAIL Benetton, world famous designer clothes available now in Bonaire at prices less than those in US. For men, women and children. Bona Dea is Bonaire’s newest Caribbean lifestyle shop featuring good taste gifts, apparel, shoes, accessories and home dcor SECURITY Special Security Services will provide that extra measure of protection when you need it. Always reliable. STORAGE The Storehouse ( Mangazina in Papiamentu ) offers Secure Storage for Vehicles, Household Items, Diving and Sporting Gear, Business Files or Inventory. Across from the northern hotel row. SHIPPING Rocargo Freight Air and sea shipments in/out of Bonaire. Customs agents. Professional and efficient. FedEx agent. What would we do without their superb services? SPAS/GYM/HEALTH Bon Bida Spa & Gym World Class fitness and health facilityClasses, top notch machines, trainers. Day, monthly or annual rates. Massages by Certified Therapist Inge Bruijn, SUPERMARKETS TOP Supermarket— Conveniently located downtown at the old Cultimara location. Featuring a complete selection including liquors, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. Warehouse Supermarket on Kaya Industria— Big air conditioned market with a friendly staff, the largest selection and lowest prices on the island. They stock what you need. MADE ON BONAIRE Semper Kontentu goat cheese. Ask for it at restaurants and look for it in the markets. Lovingly handmade. Souvenir mugs available. VARIETY STORE The Tung Fong Store is a great asset to everyone on Bonaire because it stocks so many thing we want: cloth es, hardware, food, auto and bike supplies. If you don’t see it… ask for it. They probably have it. WATER TAXI Get to Klein Bonaire by Ferry. Ride the Kantika di Amor. Hotel or downtown pickup The only water taxi to Klein Bonaire with an easy on/off built-in ramp at Bonaire Nautic o (It Rains Fishes Restaurant) Sunbelt Realty Mon-Fri8:0019:00


Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Page 15 O p e n N o n S t o p M o n S a t 7 3 0 a m 8 p m S u n 8 a m 8 p m Downtown Kralendijk at the old Cultimara Topsupermarket Y o u r F r i e n d l y L o c a l S u p e r m a r k e t L o ts o f F r e e p a rk i n g Be e r Al c o h o l i c Dr i n k s S o d a s Be e r Al c o h o l i c Dr i n k s S o d a s Be e r Al c o h o l i c Dr i n k s S o d a s Ch i p s Co o k i e s Ce r ea l s Ch i p s Co o k i e s Ce r e a l s Ch i p s Co o k i e s Ce r e a l s a n d a n d a n d F r u i t s a n d V e g e t a b l e s F r u i t s a n d V e g e t a bl e s F r u i t s a n d V e g e t a b l e s F r e s h B r e a d s F r e s h B r e a d s F r e s h B r e a d s a n d M e a t e v er y d a y a n d M e a t e v er y d a y. a n d M e a t e v er y d a y Co l d Co l d Co l d Be e r a n d S o d a s Be e r a n d S o d a s Be e r a n d S o d a s T he Caribbean’s coolest Santa, Papa Pasku, made his annual appearance for Christmas at the Rose Inn on Sunday, December 15th riding into the Rose Inn on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Lots of kids were on hand to have their picture taken with Santa, and then after their picture was taken, each one of the children got to pick a toy and a treat from Santa to take home. Santa and his elves want to especially thank Malvina and the rest of the staff at the Rose Inn for hosting the party. Papa Pasku and his elves would like to thank all of their generous sponsors including: T he WHO (World Health organization) has reported on the first chikungunya cases in western hemisphere and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health travel advisory for people travelling to St Martin. Before the current outbreak in the Caribbean, chikungunya was found only in parts of subSaharan Africa, Asia and southern Europe. Since scientists first discovered chikungunya in Tanzania in 1955, the virus has hung out primarily in sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia. But in 2006, a giant outbreak in India sickened more than a million people. One infected man hopped on a plan e and brought the virus to Italy. The CDC said it was “closely following” new reports of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus among residents of French St. Martin. It is expected to spread to other islands and mainland America. The CDC said infection with chikungunya virus was rarely fatal, but the joint pain seen with chikungunya often could be severe and debilitating. It said the virus, like Dengue fever, was not spread person to person and there were no vaccine and no specific treatment for the infection. The chikungunya virus is transmi tted by the same mosquitoes that spread dengue virus ( Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus ). The CDC said patients recover in about a week, “although long-term joint pain occurs in some people.” “Infection is thought to confer lifelong immunity,” it added. Press release/ G.D. Gijs and Hanny Hoogerkamp Outlet Mol van den Tweel Supermarket RE/MAX Paradise Homes Tung Fong Store Addo's Books and Toys Tom and Becky Starkweather Herman and Augusta Amelink Billy Martin and Dee Maltese Story & photos from Bob Bartikoski


Page 16 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 REGULAR EVENTS Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21 (includes tax). Discounts for residents and local people. Tel. 717-8489, 540-9800. Saturdays €Last Saturday of the month – donate foods and household items to Food Bank ( Stichting voedselbank Bonaire) from 10 am-4 pm, in front of Van den Tweel Supermarket €Open House at Semper Kontentu milk goat farm. Second Saturday of the month, 8 am to 12 noon. 786-6950 €Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) 1st Saturday of the month at Kriabon, Kaminda Jatu Baco #55, next to Aquamarin School, 8 am to 1 pm. €Bonaire Animal Shelter’s “Garage Sale” Pakus di Pruga—every Saturday 8am-5pm. At Kaminda Liberador Simon Bolivar, across from Brandaris Caf. Tel. 717-4989. Drop off cast offs on Saturdays or at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road weekdays. 717-4989 € Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine Company’s warehouse on Kaya Industria, Second Saturday of the month 7-9 pm. ( Always call to make sure it’s on: Tel. +5999-560-7539 ) Snacks and tasting of six wines for $10 per person. € Soldachi Tours—See the real Bonaire and be transported back in time. Learn about the history, culture and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call Maria Koeks for more information—7967870. €PetanqueJeu de Boules, Saturdays 2:30 pm Tera Cora Ranch. Info: 786-0150 Sundays €Kunuku Arawak Music, drinks, local food, dancing, 10 am—6 pm. Live music starts at 4 pm. Tel.786-7210 Mondays € Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria, 717-6435 € Bonaire Goat Cheese Farm Tour—9 am. Meet the goats, see milking, cheese making and more. $10 includes cheese tasting and tea, Kids $5. 786-6950 € Meet the Captain Night at Captain Don’s Habitat Bar– Get up close and personal with Bonaire’s dive pioneer. The Captain will autograph your copy of his newest book Reef Windows .. Wednesdays €Divemaster’s Night at Bistro de Paris Restaurant at Harbour Village Marina. Free house rum when you buy a coke. €Bonaire Goat Cheese Farm Tour—9 am. See Monday for more information € 30-minute Meditation at Yoga Bonaire, 12 noon, Bonaire Basics. Donation. Call 786-6416 email: info@bonaireyoga.coim Fridays €Happy Hour party at Bistro Di Paris Ricky Thomas performs Reggae, Soul, Latin and more 69 pm €Bonaire Goat Cheese Farm Tour—9 am. See Monday for more information FREE SLIDE/VIDEO SHOWS Monday Touch the Sea Dee Scarr, honored as a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, conducts Bonaire's Touch the Sea programs of personalized dive guiding. She presents a unique perspective on critters and corals, plus an updated Bonaire lionfish report, every Monday when she's on-island at 8:30 pm in the Aquarius Conference Center at Captain Don's Habitat, Call 717 -8290. Wednesday Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) presents an informative slide show: Sea Turtles of Bonaire, at 8pm, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the conference room at Captain Don's Habitat (717-8290) BONAIRE’S TRADITIONS Mangasina di Rei, Rincon Enjoy the view from “The King’s Storehouse.” Learn about Bonaire’s culture. Visit homes from the 17th century. Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790-2018 Museo Sentro Chichi’Tan historical home, behind Rose Inn, Rincon, open 10am-4pm daily. Tel. 786-6420 Washington-Slagbaai National Park Museum and Visitors’ Center. Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December 25th and January 1st. Call 788 9015 or 796 5681 CLUBS and MEETINGS Bridge Club Every Wednesday, Bridge Club on Bonaire. 19:15, contact Jeroen Seegers for information tel. 7174200 or788-2819 or Darts Club plays every other Sunday at City Caf. Registration at 4, games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539. Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For more information call 510-0710. Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays 12:15-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach Resort in Peter Hughes meeting room upstairs above the dive shop. All Rotarians welcome. Call Gregory Obersi 785-9446. Toastmasters Club meets every two weeks. For more information call Crusita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Martinez Beck, at 786-2953. CHURCH SERVICES Protestant Congregation of Bonaire: ( VPGB ), Kralendijk, Plaza Wilhelmina; Sunday service-10 am in Dutch. Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian; Sunday service-8:30 am in Papiamentu/Dutch. Children’s club-every Saturday from 4:30-6 pm in Kralendijk, (annex of the church.) Contact; or International Bible Church, Kaya Papago 104, Hato, behind Bon Fysio/Bon Bida Spa & Gym on Kaya Gob. N. Debrot. Sunday 9am-Worship service in English; 10:45am-Sunday school for all ages. Tuesday 7:30 pm-Adult Bible study class. 717-8377 for more info or ride Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk – Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in Papiamentu, 717-8304. Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 7174211. Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10 am. Wed. Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm. 717-2194 Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact: 786-2557. Prayer and Intercession Church, in English. A full Gospel Church located temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20, Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are held Sunday mornings10am-11:30am. Bible studies in English on Monday nights from 7-8 pm. Contact: 717-3322 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints : Kaya Sabana #26, Sundays: 9 am Sacrament Services (Translation to English and Papiamentu upon request) 10:20amSunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visitors welcome: Information: Call 701-9522 Foundation Fountain of Living Waters, Centro Fuente, Service Sunday at Kaya Aruaco 4 at 6 pm, in Papiamentu and Spanish. For Marriage Counseling, contact 717-2161. Iglesia di Cristo (Church of Christ) Sunday: 10:30am & 7pm; Wednesday: 7pm. Services in Papiamentu (English also if needed) Address: Kaya Msgr. Nieuwindt 25 (same street as Dr. Dorvil) Cell: 796-0721. email: iglesiadicristobonaire Call The Reporter at 786-6518 if you have something HAPPENING CLOSE-IN EVENTS Tuesday, Dec. 31 Fireworks show in the streets of Bonaire. Big show at midnight. 2014 Wednesday, Jan. 1New Year's Day & Maskarada (legal holiday) Saturday, Jan. 4 Kriabon's Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market) 8 am-1pm, Kaminda Yatu Baco #55. Locally grown plants, veg, fruit, more... Saturday, Jan. 11 Dive Friends Bonaire's Underwater Cleanup Sign up as soon as possible for the “Musika Konta ta” on January 17 100 children between 8 and 14 can now register for the music project, “ Musika Konta ta ” ("Children Making Music"). During the project children learn krioyo and brass band instruments. Classes start with a joint kick-off on January 17, in Wilhelmina Park. You can sign up at Jong Bonaire. Participation is free. Musika Konta ta is an initiative of Fundashon Plataforma Kultural, Jong Bonaire and Skol di Musika. The children may choose between krioyo instruments and brass band instruments and learn to make music together. After the kickoff, the children receive weekly group music lessons at Jong Bonaire and Skol di Musika. The children will give a concert together in June 2014 Music is an important part of culture on Bonaire. With this project, the partners hope to contribute to musical traditions. Moreover, a study by UNICEF says that there is a need for meaningful leisure activities for children on Bonaire. With "Children Making Music" in the first year, 100 children can spend their free time in a good way. They learn to make music together and play a musical instrument. Children Making Music is a unique partnership between the Orange Fund and the Fund for Prince Bernhard Culture Funds. The Skanfonds and the SNS REAAL Fonds also provide funding. Thursday, January 23-25 26th Annual Bonaire International and Local Fishing Tournement. Boats of any size welcome. More than $15,000 in prizes. A catch and release billfish competition and local catch for consumption. Plus fun and entertainment. DAY DATE NAME ARR/DEP PAX Cruise Line Tuesday 31---Dec-13 Vision of the Seas 0800--1800 2446 Celebrity/RCCL Tuesday 31---Dec-13 Ventura 0800--3080 P&O Cruises Thursday 02---Jan-14 Emerald Princess 0700--1400 3200 Princess Cruises Saturday 04---Jan-14 Seabourn Pride 0800--1800 208 Seabourn/HAL Tuesday 07---Jan-14 Vision of the 0800--2446 Celebrity/RCCL Tuesday 07---Jan-14 Thompson Dream 0800--1500 1132 Thompson Dream CL Wednesday 08---Jan-14 Aida Luna 0800--2194 Aida Cruises Tuesday 14---Jan-14 Vision of the Seas 0800--1800 2446 Celebrity/RCCL Celebrity/RCCL Cruise Ship Tentative Schedule


Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Page 17 Who’s Who on The Bonaire Reporter Take The Reporter Home—1-year subscription: By mail to US $75; By mail to Europe $170. By Internet, Free (asking a $35 donation.) For information about subscriptions, stories or advertising in The Bonaire Reporter PO Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean; phone (599) 786-6518, 786-6125, E-mail: The Bonaire Reporter, George DeSalvo ( G.D.), Publisher; Laura DeSalvo ( L.D.), Editor Address: P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Available online at: Published every two weeks Reporters: C. David Batalsky, Bob Bartikoski, Bob Berman, Bula Bonchi, Tom Bergh, Carla Hay, Clark Heijbroek, Greta Kooistra Unattributed photos are by the editor or publisher. Distribution: Marlene & Co. (Playa), Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Divi-Divi Airline, Ava Rose Wuyts (mailing) Housekeeping: JRA. Printed by: DeStad Drukkerij, Curaao 2013, 2014 The Bonaire Reporter AFFORDABLE NetTech Tel:717-6773 Fax:717-7854Domain Registrations E-mail Hosting Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Web Site Design Web Site Hosting Marketing Consulting Internet Consulting Photographic Services Graphic Design € Transport of Money and Valuables € Private Investigations € Vehicle patrols € Burglar Alarms € Fire Alarm Systems In Business Over 30 Years Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 7178125 Fax (599) 7176125 E-mail T he only golf club on Bonaire, Piedra So, with 39 enthusiastic members organized a special Christmas tournament on Sunday, December 22. An almost record breaking number of 20 members and guest players subscribed for the match. For this event the Washikemba Clubhouse was decorated in Christmas style. In this cozy atmosphere the tournament started at eight o'clock in the morning with a special Christmas breakfast. The goodies on the nicely decorated tables found their way eagerly to the stomachs of the 20 players who needed to fill up their energy level in order to perform well in the tournament. This time the game committee chose a special format, the so called “Green Some.” The number of 20 players suited well to form couples of two players in five flights of four. The tournament was held over nine holes to be played on the back nine. The Green Some format allows every player to tee off and after that alternate until the ball is holed out. At nine o'clock the game started by a "gunshot." All players, some of them fanatics, played for the best score and most importantly, the eternal honor. Every now and then they were refreshed by some rain showers and around noon everybody was back in the clubhouse. The board of Piedra So asked all the members and guest players to bring with them a specialty for the buffet to be served after the match. An overwhelming assortment of specialties came to the tables: Pizzas from Rumba cafe, meatballs in garlic sauce, Brazilian salad pie, green salads, pasta salads, fruit salads, cookies, chocolates and even schnitzels were served along with a variety of drinks and other snacks. An almost unbeatable success and enjoyment which made it almost too easy to forget to announce the winners of the tournament. Welmoed van der Wal with partner Job from the Netherlands ended ex equo with Henk Schrijver and partner Martin from Aruba as respectilvely first and second decided by handicap ruling. The game committee and the Board of Golf club Piedra So thanks every player for their presence and all the delicious courses served. For further info please go to Tom Bergh I n an effort to improve nesting conditions for the different species of Terns that use the salt harvesting areas as a nesting site, Cargill N.V. has kicked off a pilot project to create a protected area which aims to increase the nesting success of these birds during the next nesting season starting April 2014. The tern nesting situation on Cargill’s harvest roads and pans causes concern for nesting success of the migratory species of Terns that visit Bonaire during their breeding season from April to August. Consequently, staff at Cargill Salt are currently working to provide an alternative tern nesting site in the area of the north crystallizer s. The selected location for this experiment is a small island which will be elevated and increased in area. It will be unconnected to the mainland, surrounded by water, which will discourage predators such as rats and cats from predating on the eggs and the chicks. Gary Rimmey, Manager Cargill Bonaire, explains: “This plan is not as grand as we had originally envisioned. But, it is a solid start and one upon which we can build an on-going Tern nesting improvement plan. We do not intend for this to be a one-time effort, but in stead, an on-going effort to increase the tern population on Bonaire.” All nesting sites on Bonaire are threatened by one or more of the following elements: trampling by donkeys and goats, predation by feral cats, dogs and rats, flooding, disturbance and trampling of the areas by humans and pet dogs, off road vehicles, illegal mining and natural predators like Caracaras and Laughing gulls. By means of national ordinances in 1926 and 1931 all species in question are legally protected in the Dutch Caribbean (former Netherlands Antilles). The Cayenne Tern was added to the list of protected species in 1955 while all other terns breedi ng on these islands were added in 1960. In 2002 Debrot et al. reported the following es timates for nesting pairs of seabirds on the island of Bonaire: Least Tern 792 pairs, Common Tern 39 pairs, Royal Tern 85 pairs, Cayenne Tern 180 pairs. For the creation of this protected area, Ca rgill provides the on-site labor, materials and equipment, and covers all costs of rental trucks and excavators needed in the process. Cargill will also provide vegetation and decoys in order to attract the terns to this nesting site and away from the harvest roads. The work will be completed during the non-harvest season extending until the middle of January. The nesting island project is implemented in collaboration with STINAPA Bonaire and the nature department of the local government. It will serve as a pilot project in order to determine the success of encouraging the terns to pick the Tern island over the harvest roads in future. Follow progress of the project on Stinapa Press release Mother Tern and chick Bonaire Piedra So photo


Page 18 Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Choose your size from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’. Prices from $29 to $147 per month. Call 700-1753 O u t o f S p a c e ? W hat could have been a tragedy has turned out to have a happy ending. Recently four tiny puppies, maybe three or four weeks old, were dropped off at the Shelter. Nearly dead, they were so dehydrated that their skin was hanging off their bones. Their paws and tails were hairless because they had been sucking on them, looking for nourishment. Taken into the Shelter two of them went home with Anneke, two with Shelter Co-Manager Hanny. The first day or two they were fed white rice, then baby food with meat every few hours. With lots of love, food, and sleep these pups have become nearly normal, just like puppies are supposed to be. It’s taking just a little more time for the hair to grow back on their paws and tails, however, but that won’t be much longer. The pups, one male and three females, should grow up to be medium sized dogs. And with all the love and attention they’re getting now they will be perfect companions to a deserving master or mistress. All the pets up for adoption at the Bonaire Animal Shelter are in excellent health, having been checked out by the vet, been wormed, received their shots, and have an ID chip. The adoption fee included sterilization when they are old enough. The Shelter on the Lagoen Road is open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989. WWW.BonaireAnimal Laura DeSalvo Jenna I t’s nearly New Years and the island will be exploding with fireworks – fun for people, terrorizing for animals. Prepare your pets for the onslaught. Many pet owners give Rescue Remedy to their pets to tranquilize them naturally. (It’s available at the Shelter and at shops around town. All proceeds go to the Shelter.) Keep your pets indoors during New Years and give them some “chewies” to relieve their stress. The Bonaire Animal Shelter will act as a “clearing house” for lost and found pets. If you find a lost dog or cat try to bring it into a safe place for the night and in the morning, bring it to the Shelter. If you’ve lost an animal, give the Shelter a call at 717-4989. If your animal hasn’t received one already it would be a good idea to have an ID chip inserted under its skin. This is free of charge at the Shelter. Stray/Dangerous Dog Law Enforcement: In connection with an increase in major incidents from stray dogs in the past few months, the Driehoek Bonaire, (consisting of the Governor, Chief Justice, and Chief of Police) have called for every dog owner, or person who has a dog under his or her supervision to know that a dog should not cause any inconvenience, damage or injury. The owner is responsible and liable for the conduct of his or her dog and therefore the cost of any damage or injury caused. Below are the main rules of the Dog Regulation Bonaire: • It is forbidden for a dog to be unattended on a public road or public property. Dogs cannot roam the streets. It is prohibited and punishable. Stray dogs on the street may be captured by the BC and kept up to 3 days in custody. The holder/owner of the dog is liable for the cost of the stay. Dogs that are dangerous, in the opinion of a qualified vet. may be destroyed immediately. Dogs not deemed to be dangerous that are not collected after 3 days will be destroyed. If a dog is impossible to catch due to it being dangerous, police will have the power to destroy the animal on the spot. • It is forbidden to leave a dog unattended where other animals are kept, if it is assumed that these animals could come to harm (livestock etc). The dogs must be kept in a closed area. • It is forbidden to allow a dog to be a nuisance or annoyance in the form of noise, odor or pollution. Eg persistent nuisance, fouling or barking is prohibited. Violation of these prohibitions is punishable from Dog Regulation and may lead to the imposition of a high fine and, as indicated above, to seize the dog or even destroy it. To avoid all of this, dog owners must make sure that their dog stays in the yard of the house, cannot escape and is not straying on the streets. Bonaire Animal Shelter Manager Marlies Tiepel comments on the law: “There has been a lot of trouble with dangerous dogs, lots of incidents: goats that were bitten to death, people who are bitten, etc. But also there are problems with dogs that bark all night, who fight with each other. Most of these incidents are not sent to the press and are not reported to the police. However, the Shelter receives about five to six phone calls a day about these problems. Unfortunately at this moment the Shelter cannot help to solve the problems. We don't have the mandate or permission to do anything outside the fences of the Shelter. And we don't have the time and money to take care of these aggressive dogs. Actually it is the job of the dogcatcher of the LVV. There used to be a dogcatcher on the island, and he was (and actually still is) employed by the LVV, but for the last few years he hasn’t been working. The Shelter in 2010 offered the local government help to solve the problem of the aggressive and dangerous dogs. We offered to do the dog catching job in a more dog friendly manner. We don't want to do it a repressive way, and we don't want to take the dogs from the streets. Of course the dangerous and sick dogs we have to take off the streets, but the dogs that have a home are the responsibility of the owner. We want to make these owners aware of the fact that they have to take care of their animals: to spay/neuter them (the Shelter has a free spay neuter program), that the dogs should be vaccinated, that the dog needs attention, food, etc.” Laura DeSalvo Volunteer Anneke with two of the pups


Bonaire ReporterDec. 30, 2013Jan. 13, 2014 Page 19 *to find it... just look up JANUARY NIGHT SKY AND A SHOWER FORECAST A s the evening sky grows dark in the Sky Park this month the first star-like object you will see is in the southwestern sky is the planet Venus Just before 8 pm the largest planet Jupiter will rise in the east. Wait a few hours and Jupiter will climb higher in the sky and you will easily spot this bright star-like object in the northeastern sky. The red planet Mars rises in the east around 1am. Again, wait a few hours for Mars to climb higher in the sky and it will be easy to locate. On January 2, 3 Quadrantids Meteor Shower is in action. The Quadrantids is an above average shower, with up to 40 meteors per hour at its peak. It is thought to be produced by dust grains left behind by an extinct comet known as 2003 EH1, which was discovered in 2003. The shower runs annually from January 1-5. It peaks this year on the night of the 2nd and morning of the 3rd. The thin crescent Moon will set early in the evening leaving dark skies for what could be an excellent show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Bootes but can appear anywhere in the sky. NASA provided this forecast for 2014: Two different meteor showers will become active in April. First up are the Lyrids which are active from April 16-25 and will peak on April 21-22. They will be followed by the Eta Aquariids, which will first become visible on April 19 but will not peak until May 5-6. The Lyrids contain few bright meteors, and NASA said light from the gibbous moon will make them difficult to see, while dark skies should allow the Eta Aquariids to put on a good show the more south you are, The Southern Delta Aquariids will be visible from July 12-August 23, with a peak activity of 20 meteors per hour on July 2829. NASA said 2014 “should be a good year” for this particular meteor shower, as it occurs during a new Moon. It will be best viewed from a dark location sometime after midnight, they added. The Perseids which NASA calls “one of the best meteor showers to observe, producing fast and bright meteors that frequently leave trains,” will be active from July 17August 24 and will peak on August 12-13. Sadly, despite its reputation, the space agency said it will be less visible in 2014 due to a nearly full moon. The Orionids are active from October 2November 7, peaking on October 21-22, and NASA said this should be “a favorable year” for this particular meteor shower as there will be no interference from the moon. These “bright” and “quick” meteors were formed from the debris of Halley’s comet and will be most radiant just north of the star Betelgeuse. The Leonids follow from November 6-30, peaking in November 17-18. Typically a “modest shower” that peaks “in the dark hours before dawn,” a waning crescent moon should allow for the Leonids to put on a decent performance, NASA said. Rounding out the year will be the Geminids, which are active from December 4-17. “The Geminids are typically one of the best and most reliable of the annual meteor showers,” the space agency said. “This shower is considered one of the best opportunities for younger viewers who don’t stay up late, because it gets going around 9 or 10 pm local time. This year, the last quarter moon will rise around midnight, making the prime time for viewing the first half of the night.” Bob Berman AUTOCITY B.V. Kaya Finlandi a 9 Email: bonaire@autocity AUTOCITY B.V. Kaya Finlandi a 9 Email: bonaire@autocity AUTOCITY B.V. Kaya Finlandi a 9 Email: bonaire@autocity Tel 717 Tel 717 Tel 717 7800 Fax 717 7800 Fax 717 7800 Fax 717 5254 5254 5254 ARIES: MAR. 21 to APR. 20 : Freedom at the expense of others is not true freedom. Expressions of independence will come under attack. This is a good month to stay invisible and under the radar. The more attention you demand, the more people will interfere with your life. If you have something you have to do, just do it without talking about it. TAURUS: APR. 20: to MAY 21 : January will be a calm receptive month for Taureans. Patience and charm will bring modest benefits your way. Make a point of listening to others. Don’t get involved in heated debates or arguments. Just listen well and smile. A positive outlook will have a good effect on others around you. GEMINI: MAY 21 to JUNE 21 : While the world is preoccupied with fears and power struggles, you will be able to sidestep the hassles if you simply act for yourself, and by yourself. It will seem as if you are working on a different frequency than most of the people around you. This will be to your advantage. Let it be! Good humor will prove to be contagious. CANCER: JUNE 21 to JULY 23: Opportunities will surround Cancereans this month. They will be abundant and come easily. You will need to ascertain whether each opportunity is right or wrong. This may not mean much to others, but it will make the difference between success and failure for you. If you embrace a wrong perspective you will run into great opposition and harassment! If it is real, you won’t have to rush or force it! LEO: JULY 23 to AUG. 23: Take care of your responsibilities and then relax! Actions will speak louder than words. In fact words could get you in trouble this month. Just mind your own business and you will not have to eat your words. Don’t talk about worries and you will be welcome everywhere! There will be no need for you to change things. VIRGO: AUG. 23 to SEP. 23: It will be smooth sailing for most Virgos this January. There will be little or no obstacles in front of you. As long as you maintain self reliance you will be fine. You will be productive and your efforts will be appreciated. Times like this don’t come around that often. Relax and enjoy yourself! Go at your own speed! LIBRA: SEPT. 23 to OCT. 23 : If a quick solution to your problems appears to arise this month, do not trust it. This is a time to protect what you have and to let go of whatever no longer belongs. The Force will be with you but if it is used foolishly it will backfire. Keep busy with the things that you can do and the bigger issues will take care of themselves. SCORPIO: OCT. 23 to NOV. 22 : Make an effort to stay productive this month. Many of your future accomplishments will be based on your attitude to responsibility and authority. You need to keep busy and work hard. Short term pain for long term gain. If you can whistle or smile while you work you will magnify the rewards. Respect cannot be given, it must be won. SAGITTARIUS: NOV. 22 to DEC. 22: The pressure will lift off of most Sagittarians this month making it much easier for you to do the things you set out to do. Leave the irritations and arrogance behind you! You will now be able to smile a lot better as you go forward. This month you should simply go with the flow and move out of the way of people who carry a lot of baggage with them. CAPRICORN: DEC. 22 to JAN. 20: Stress will build up between what you want others around you want. This will be a month of potential arguments and confrontations. The main challenge will be for you to maintain patience, listen well, and then do what you were going to do anyways without drawing attention to yourself. Strive for silent efficiency! AQUARIUS: JAN. 20 to FEB. 19: This will be a good month for most Aquarians. Yes there will be some time demands made of you, but your mental approach will be good and the results will also be good. Communications will be highlighted, so this is good for talking, writing and making decisions. When you need to get something done, you will be able to find someone to do it with you. PISCES: FEB. 19 to MAR. 20 : This will be a month of smooth sailing for most Pisces. You will be in the right place at the right time. Opportunities will open up for you without forcing them. If you can alleviate the tensions around others, you will be regarded highly and deemed essential. There will be no need to lose your cool this month, so don’t! By Robin Armstrong for January 2014


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