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P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Phone 786 P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Phone 786 P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Phone 786 6518, 786 6518, 786 6518, 786 6125, 6125, 6125, email: email: email: Since 1994 Since 1994 Since 1994 R incon gloriously celebrated th e 25th edition of its “day” on Tuesday, May 29. The historic vill age never looked better with freshly painted signs, sparkling buildi ngs, and swept yards and streets. It started extra early because of th e 4 am special viewing of the inauguration of the first Dutch king in 123 years. At 46, King WillemAlexander became the youngest monarch in Europe. The Playa-Rincon road race was next then the stands opened and the streets began to fill with people. The weather was perfect. There was even a brief rain shower to cool things off. There were even games played in the streets. The crowds persisted until after dark. We missed Rinconero Miguel Pourier, three time s Prime Minister of the Antilles, who passed away recently. More photos on pages 10 and 11. Malvina and her son Rulan served some of Rincon Day’s best food at the Rose Inn restaurant Laura DeSalvo photo


Page 2 Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 P eople on Bonaire say they are afraid for their safety. There have been 19 armed robberies on the island since the start of the year. The latest was on Monday, April 15, around 10 pm. Police received a report that home invasion had taken place in a house on Kaminda Lagoen. The residents, an elderly couple, were beaten. Three men, dressed in dark clothes and with covered faces invaded the home According to an interview obtained by The Reporter there was a struggle, the man beaten. The woman, screaming, was hurled to the floor, stomped and repeatedly hit. Her screams alerted a neighbor who raised an alarm, startling the robbers, who then fled. Reportedly a shot was fired at the neighbor, but missed. The victims were transported to the hospital by ambulance. After treatment, the man went home and his wife was admitted for further treatment. If you know something that could help the police to find the intruders, contact the general police number 717-8000 or anonymously call the police tip line 717-7251. Following this violence and others which have occurred in recent weeks on Bonaire, Governor Lydia Emerencia and the Police Chief of the Caribbean Netherlands, Jan Rooij Akker, held a press conference. They said that in addition to the additional teams that already are in place there would be patrols in the neighborhoods 24/7 to get a sense of security back. Additional support from Aruba Police Force were brought in too. Cuts in health care for Bonaireans, set for July 1, will not be restored. Minister Edith Schippers of Health, in a letter to the Lower House, says an analysis by her ministry shows that the costs in almost all medical care areas were higher than estimated, although some details were not also available. In 2012 it was 30% more than budgeted, an amount of about €20 million, she stated. There was no mention that BES Island tax collection revenues were much higher than anticipated, as documented by the Bonaire Consumers Union, Unkobon. In January 2013 Unkobon provided Parliament and Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Plasterk a handout which includes information about taxes. Unkobon took the figures of the purchasing power of an economics report* that appeared in May 2012. These figures showed that the new tax system (in which the health care premiums are part), received $35 million in 2011 (44%) more than the old system. Unkobon proposes tax cuts through a broadening of the ABB exemption to ALL basic necessities. *Published by Ecorys, an international company specializing in economic and social development. The 80-year-old institution has offices in the Netherlands and numerous other countries WILLEMSTAD--THE HAGUE--Dutch State Secretary of Economic Affairs Sharon Dijksma has sent the much anticipated nature policy plan 20132017 for the Caribbean Netherlands to the Dutch Parliament. The Hague is making €7.5 million available to clear the backlog where it comes to preserving nature on the islands. The nature policy plan, which by law must be updated every five years, serves as the framework for solid management and sustainable use of nature in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. The annual cost of nature management for the islands is estimated to be €800,000 In addition the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) receives €1 million per year from the Dutch Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK), of which €750,000 is used to build up the Caribbean Netherlands nature management fund. The remaining €250,000 is for direct support of the preservation of nature. THE HAGUE-The Dutch Government is willing to amend some laws and regulations in the BES Islands, as requested by some islanders, prior to the 2015 general evaluation if there is a need for it, agreed Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Plasterk. WILLEMSTAD--Curaao’s Dutch Antilles Express airline (DAE) wants to expand its destinations in the US to Tampa, Houston and Atlanta, said a press release. DAE received a permit to fly to Miami and Orlando last week DAE is allowed to operate “wet lease” flights to the destinations through August. US flights originating in Bonaire were not in the plan but DAE provides a Bonaire connection. GOT BATS? STINAPA Bonaire is looking for them As part of its Bat Research and Conservation Program, they are aiming to find all the species that compose the bat fauna of the island of Bonaire. You can help to do this by giving STINAPA information of bat day roosts that you may know or heard of. These roosts can include among others caves, trees, crevices in rocks, old and new houses, abandoned vehicles and boats and any other human made structure in which you know bats rest during the day hours. Call 787-0984 or 788-6778 or e-mail to or The Executive Councils of Bonaire, Curaao and Aruba have been asked to jointly investigate whether April 30 (Rincon Day/Dia di Rincon) can be declared an official holiday. Rincon Day has been celebrated jointly with the Dutch Queen’s Day so was automatically a holiday. Since the announcement of the abdication of Queen Beatrix the Dutch government decided, beginning next year, to celebrate King's Day on April 27. The Koninklijke Marechaussee (Royal Military police) on Bonaire is investigating two suspects who are suspected of trying to smuggle marijuana They were caught at Flamingo Airport, where the Marechaussee is, among others, in charge of border control and investigation tasks. Four people were checked after the suspicion had arisen that they were possibly carrying drugs. Investigation showed that of the four detained suspects, ranging in age from 19 to 38, two of them had narcotic drugs with them, of which a suspect had 317 grams of cannabis and the other 32 balls with presumably cannabis in his body. The two arrested suspects who didn’t have drugs on them were immediately released. More than 1,750 children took part in the April 26 King Games at Bonaire’s stadium. The sports program included a "decathlon" with 10 different games, football, skyloop, golf and "fish,” dodge ball, hockey and netball, a sack race, football penalty shoot and finally a relay race. The program ended with a hot meal prepared by Bonaire’s chefs in training. The games are made possible by the efforts of hundreds of volunteers from the schools, the Public Body of Bonaire, Ministry of Education and the RCN. In the Dutch kingdom 1.3 million children participated in the King Games. None of the top Bonaire candidates for the €50,000 Oranje Fonds Crown Apple Awards made it to the finals. The three winners, all in the European Netherlands were: Best Buddies Nederland from Goeree-Overflakkee Best Buddies is a non-profit organization promoting friendship beHow to contact us Find Bonaire Reporter on Facebook. Press “Like” Letters to the Editor: Story tip or idea: The Publisher: Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Phone 786-6125, 786-6518 Available on-line at: Printed Every Fortnight, On-line every day, 24/7 Next edition printing on Sunday, May 12 Story and Ad deadline: Friday, May 10 tween mentally-challenged youths, young adults and student volunteers. Foundation Stadstuin Emma’s Hof in The Hague founded in 2009 to improve the quality of life in the city district. Foundation Manteling in Middelburg an organization for aid and health care volunteers on Walcheren Island in Zeeland province, in the southwest. There were over 4,000 entries in the competition. On Friday, May 3, at 8pm there will be a Classical concert featuring Johnny Kleinmoedig and Combo performing classical traditional Antillean music. Following the concert at Cacique Hall, Plaza (Continued on page 5) According to a government press release the Mijnmaatschappij Curaao (Cur aao Mining Company) has received permission from Bonaire’s Executive Council to dig out building material from two locations on Bonaire. The process will involve blasting to extract rock to provide building material for the production of concrete and fill. The Curacao company believes getting the rock from Bonaire will be cheaper for them. The designated sites, which ac cording to the mining company have the optimum rock type, are at Sabana Piedra Kruis off the Rincon road and Ser'i Bentana in Washington Park! This Week’s Stories Rock Mining in the Park 2 Sit In-Mamita Fox 3 Cleaner and Cleaner (Reef Cleanup) 5 Kura Hulanda Lodge 6 Outdoor Education Center 7 Goat Cheese Recipe –Spinach Salad 7 Tourism History #5-The 60s, part 2 8 Donkey Rescue 9 Simidan and Rincon Day 10 Rincon Day 11 Letters to the Editor-Road Safety, Food Shopping Worries 12 BONHATA 16th Award Party 12 Chef Team Named 15 Bon Recycling Raffle Winners 15 “Miss Anna’s” Benefit Carwash 15 VWO 5 Goes to Holland 17 Guest Editorial—No Official Body For Bonaire 17 Kriabon Farmers’ Market 18 Departments Flotsam & Jetsam 2 On the Island Since (Francis Da Costa Gomez) 4 Bonaire On Wheels (Gijs and 4 Stroke Mouse) 5 Picture Yourself– Boca Raton, Florida, USA 12 Bonairean Humor 12 Sudoku, Sudoku Answer 13 Classifieds 13 Tide Table, Sunrise & Sunset Times, Moon Phase 13 Shopping & Dining Guides 14 What’s Happening, Masthead, 16 Pet of the Week (Humphrey) 18 Shelter News (Adoptions, Kittens, Holiday Volunteers) 18 Did You Know? Turtle Sex Determination 18 Bonaire Sky Park (Meteors, Eclipse and Overcast) 19 The Stars Have It (Astrology) FLY19


Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 3 Spectacular setting for lunch and dinner Try torch-lit dining on the beach Bonaire’s most enchanting location Harbour Village Beach Club Reservations 717-7500 Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot 71 Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean The Harbour Village seaside La Bala ndra restaurant is open for Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week—Call for a reservation 717-7500 EQUAL HEALTH CARE RIGHTS FOR ALL O n Thursday, April 18th, activist and radio personality Mamita Fox (70) tied herself up in front of the office of the Caribbean Netherlands Tax Office in Kralendijk to demonstrate her frustration with the system as well as discrimination in the administration of ZVK (government provided health insurance) health care. She declared: “I am doing this for all people on Bonaire, for everybody. What we I say ‘we’ because this is for us – want is that everybody be treated equally. If we have the same taxes as in Holland and if we are charged similarly, then the benefits should be similar too.” She was displeased because her family doctor had informed her that her application for treatment was rejected. She vowed to remain until Crown Representative Wilbert Stolte would meet with her. And that’s how Mamita’s “battle” for freedom and equal rights in health care started. During the seven plus7 days she was waiting for a meeting from crown representative Stolte, an overwhelming amount of people came along to confirm their support. In a couple of days Mamita and her team Roosje Winklaar, Jan van der List and James Finies collected more than 2,000 signatures in support of their action. Even in the evenings people stopped by to chat and discuss matters. However, Mamita kept the situation under control and was firm in her statement: “No alcohol and no dominos!” Betty Engelhardt was one of people who spent all eight days and nights with Mamita, and many others spontaneously came to sleep over, and on Tuesday the 23rd, Dr. Hermelijn passed by to check on Mamita’s health. Then, on April 25th, a joint statement by the state representative, the head of the health insurance office and Mrs. Fox and her team released a statement: “On Thursday April 18th the state representative had invited Mrs. Fox for an interview following the action she had started that day to achieve that improvements in the healthcare system would be made. This interview with Mrs. Fox finally took place on April 25th at the tax office. All participants in the conversation found the atmosphere positive and constructive. Discussed was the functioning of the indication commission, the rights of the insured (patients), the continuity of medical care, the procedure of medical treatment abroad and the complaints procedure. It was agreed to get together again in a month. The head of the health insurance office (ZVK) has agreed to monitor personally that the indication committee functions as it should be: namely a commission existing of three persons which shall verify if the medical referral meets the agreed rules. Only the patient decides on his or her treatment, in consultation with the doctor, specialist, physiotherapist etc. The insurance office (ZVK) decides on the compensation in accordance with the Care Decision BES. The practitioner (doctor etc) explains and advises the patient about the treatment and may also refer the patient – through a referral letter to another practitioner who also has a contract with ZVK. The ZVK determines whether this treatment is eligible for compensation. He does that according to the Care Decision BES and the opinion of the indication committee. Also ZVK arranges the logistics like hotels, tickets and spending money for medical treatment abroad Agreed is that the patient, the practitioner and the health insurance office (ZVK) must work together to achieve good care. Also discussed was the patient’s freedom of choice, according to Article 10, paragraph 4, of the Care Decision BES. This article is about the referrals (the ZVK must give permission to do so) to health care providers who don’t have a contract with ZVK. In these cases only the medical costs will be covered and ZVK will check what the treatment costs with a contractual partner, like for instance, Colombia. This amount will be reimbursed. The insured/patient has to pay the costs first and can declare these costs later on. However, the expenses paid for a ticket, a hotel, a companion and spending money will not be covered by ZVK in such a case. This arrangement according to Article 10, paragraph 4, counts for every insured person on Bonaire, Statia and Saba. Finally, it is stated in the discussion that the threshold to file a complaint should be reduced. Mrs. Fox and her team have indicated they want to help to accomplish this and along with them a more detailed proposal will be devel oped. ZVK is happy with the offer.” The next morning, April 26th, Mamita Fox declared that sh e is happy with the achievements and that it is the first step to improve health care on the BES islands. She thanks everyone for their support and calls on all people to put emotion aside and to take responsibility and to continue to build positively on the solid foundation of improvement that has been achieved. Story & photo by Greta Kooistra Sitting InAnneline Adoptie-Beukenboom, Betty Engelhardt, with Mamita Fox


Page 4 Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 “I was born on Curacao in 1957 where my father was chief clerk of customs. My mom was a homemaker and when we grew up she always kept a strict but loving eye on us, so we did well and we prospered at school and at home. It’s a pity that nowadays life has become so expensive that parents can’t find the time to be with their children anymore, but nevertheless they should always look for a reliable and good alternative… I find. All of us children – five boys and two girls – have accomplished something in life. We've all studied and followed a thorough education and five of us – including me – went to Holland to do so. First I went to Polytechnic school and then I started working at E. Moreno Brandao and Sons, a Chevrolet dealer (now Auto City) on Curacao. I was 18 and became an apprentice mechanic.” He laughs, “You see, I was one of those children who was crazy for tinkering, for taking apart and putting together technical stuff, engines. I started with bikes, then mopeds and motorcycles and then cars and I got involved in drag racing when I was 18. I was the only one at home who was born like this! But it had a lot of advantages and one of them was that I never doubted what I wanted to become. I worked with E. Moreno till 1985, then I worked for Lovers Ice Factory as head mechanic of the vehicle fleet. That year I also got married. We are not together anymore. We got divorced in 2003, but from that marriage I have one son, Francis Jr. who is 28 and father of a little girl and his second child, a boy, is due by the end of May! I also have a daughter, Mychenne. I have another daughter, Jessica (30). All my children are living in the Netherlands. In August 1988, we my wife at the time, me, my son and my daughter who was only five months left for the Netherlands. It was during those years that the first computer controlled cars with fuel injection arrived on Curacao and it didn't take me long to understand that if I’d stay where I was, the time would come – and soon – that I wouldn't have any knowledge whatsoever about the new cars, and in the end I wouldn't be able to repair cars anymore. I needed upgrading, schooling, knowledge. My wife who was working as a sales person, agreed and she fully supported me when I told her I wanted to go to the Netherlands to continue studying car technology. So the whole family went. I had arranged everything up front. A cousin of mine got us an apartment in Weert, a town in the south of the Netherlands and through Stichting Innovam (vocational training for automotive and motorcycle companies) I got a counselor, Tijn Schalken. Because my diplomas from Curacao were not recognized in the Netherlands and to prove that I really knew my profession I had to go to the center for vocational training for adults in Eindhoven (another town in the south of the Netherlands) for one year so they could see at what level I was. After three weeks my teacher asked me, ‘Why did they send you here? You're way too good to waste your time!’ But those were the Dutch rules, before I could really start a professional training I had to finish that year. There I followed the vehicle assembly training during 1988/1989. After that year I could finally start with a professional training at RIVB Eindhoven. In order to follow the training I needed a job and I found one with Obers, a Ford dealer in a town called Helmond. It was a tough time; I worked five days a week and went to school two evenings. The first Christmas and New Year in the Netherlands were hard We didn't have any family and we felt lonely but after that it went better; we began to like it! From 1989 through 1991 I studied at RIVB Second Mechanic Passenger Cars and then I went on to get my First Mechanic diploma, a four-year education, and I got that one as well. Those exams were really hard because you get different practical exam assignments of various car brands and you may only get satisfactory grades. In 1996 I graduated for my APK (overall periodic inspection) inspector's diploma. In the Netherlands you can only accomplish that when you're a first mechanic. Later they made the requirements a little bit more flexible because there was a shortage of people with an overall periodic inspector’s diploma, but I went the whole way. In the early 90s I also completed my studies Car Electrician 1 and 2. The children were going to school and their mother was working and for me it was a very busy life too. However, I do realize that because of my work and studies I neglected my family during those years. Only on weekends did I have a little bit of time for them. We did go out and my son played soccer and baseball, I played tennis (something I love and I'm still playing) and my little daughter,” he smiles, “tried all sports but in the end she preferred to play with her girlfriends. In 1998 I left my job at Obers, the Ford dealer, and started working for a large Nissan dealer where I followed all courses and trainings because that's mandatory at every dealership you work for. There I also got the certificate Technical Specialist from the importer. In 2001 my previous boss, Obers, made me a great offer to get me back and I agreed and so I went back working for them. With every dealership you work for in the Netherlands you have to follow an internal training at the importer's in order to reach the required level and to stay at that level. You have to upgrade yourself with all new courses and training. At Ford I got my highest award: Master Technician. It's a difficult exam because they put a derangement in the car and you have to make a diagnosis and then you have to get the car running! I worked for Obers till 2003. Some time before, my marriage had gone down hill. My wife had found another church, a different kind of religion and I'd stayed a Catholic and we couldn't work it out anymore. In 2002 I went to Curacao to baptize my godchild and during that event I met the godmother of the baby and yes, there was a sparkle of love. I was not looking for it; it just happened. Her name was Elia and she was from Bonaire. I only knew Bonaire from when I was a teenager and we would come with a speedboat for the Regattas, great fun! Well, when I got an offer from Akkermans Auto Supplies on Bonaire it seemed like a good idea... They brought me over and in the beginning it wasn't bad. It’s a very good business, but… there were some colleagues who couldn't accept that I knew more than they did. They couldn't and they wouldn't… and in 2009 I suffered a terrible burn-out. You can only swallow so much for so long and I'd swallowed too much for too long and then I couldn't do it anymore. And I needed help professional help from a psychologist and a psychiatrist. It was very bad; I stayed home for nine months. In 2010 I got help to start again at Toyota but I felt I couldn't do it anymore. You see, when I moved to Holland I had to change my whole life and my way of thinking to be able to integrate into the Dutch society. Never ever have I experienced in the Netherlands what I've experienced here on Bonair e; not with one colleague or co-student. Never. I went back to work at Akkermans, but when you leave the house against your will to go to work, something is definitely wrong. I talked to Edwin, the director, and we parted as good friends. I resigned. And so I ended up with Jimmy at Tropical Car Care garage since June 1st, 2012. I’m the service manager and I'm happy to go to work every day! It's just like when I was working in Holland. In 2006 Elia and I got married. She's a sweet and quiet person and a great support. Next to her I have three friends: Arthur Domacass, who passed away and whom I miss every day, and Sylvio and Ibi. Friendship is a great word but Sylvio and Ibi are true friends, real buddies. We do everything for each other. Bonaire is good. I like it here. My wife and my friends are my family and life is beautiful again. I got my life back on track and I love it.” Story & photos by Greta Kooistra “...when I moved to Holland I had to change my whole life and my way of th inking to be able to integrate into the Dutch society..” Francis with his APK diploma and the rest of his diplomas, certificates and licenses Francis at work at Tropical Car Care.


Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 5 € Transport of Money and Valuables € Private Investigations € Vehicle patrols € Burglar Alarms € Fire Alarm Systems In Business Over 29 years Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 7178125 Fax (599) 7176125 E-mail Web: Email: Parts and accessories for all brands of bikes and scooters Beautiful Bike Clothes All type of house and car keys duplicated Kaya Grandi #61 “The blue building” Call 717-8545 Featuring Giant, Bikkel and Golden Lion bikes GIJS AND HIS ROARING FOUR STROKE MOUSE This is the 126th of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by J@n –wear a he lmetBrouwer, featuring some of Bonaire’s interesting vehicles and persons that are “on wheels.” Up to at least 200 articles! Bonaire/Republiek – B eyond the horizon there is the increasing and expanding sound of an immense super single four-stroke motorcycle. It’s not me because I am at home. It is Gijs with his 125 cc roaring mouse, an Apollo blue Loncin pitbike, producing some 10 horse powers at 8500 revs. Gijs visits me because he is on Bonaire for a holiday and he wants to borrow one of my helmets. Fine with me. He goes for the flat black one. Another protected skull on our island. Gijs has always been in wheels and machines. Mountain bikes, off road motorcycles, buggies, you name it. And yes, he has a helmet but that helmet is at home, which is the Netherlands now. The screaming machine he rides is a Chinese made Loncin. Those Chinese make more motorcycles than you have ants in your house and garden. The Loncin factory was only founded in 1993. Since then they have produced millions of motorized two-, threeand four-wheelers. This cute little handsome bike is fitted with the CG125 engine. To me it looks like a copy of a Honda power plant. The all-aluminum engine produces 10.1 horse power at 8500 revs per minute. One piston and two valves control the compression of the mixture of gasoline and fresh Bonairean air. The wet sump engine has a five-speed gearbox and finally a chain delivers the power from the plant to the light alloy blue anodized 12inch rear wheel, fitted with wide rubber. In the front a 2.50 X14 inch wheel is fitted. All around fancy and brisk braking disks. An upside down fork in the front and an aluminum bridge in the rear. Gas assisted mono shock between the frame and the rear fork. Aluminum handle bars, aluminum foldable foot pegs. Electric start and kick start. Then it is time to go again. Gijs is in a hurry. Just two weeks out of four are left. Time flies when you are having fun. And Gijs has fun with his bike and his little girl friend Gigi. Those young ones seem to be invincible and in certain ways they are. Unfortunately the super mouse is for sale. One day, probably, Gijs will be back on his beloved island but now he has to spend his energy in the old world. Good luck Gijs. And be careful. Story & photo by J@n Brouwer Bonaire/Kralendijk – D ive Friends Bonaire organized their quarterly clean up dive on Saturday April 13th. Clean up location was the South Pier. Goal was all kinds of trash and fishing line. Volunteers were also asked to bring their alfs to chase Lionfish. 89 volunteers joined the successful clean up dive, assisted by 15 members of the Dive Friends Bonaire crew. After the dive all treasures were collected, described and listed. Among the debris there was: a lot of fishing line (359 pieces), a real goat skull, a full can of Spam (not made from the goat), 345 glass bottles, a 55-gallon metal drum and four sunglasses. This time no re-usable underwear was found. After the clean up most divers enjoyed a nap and paid attention to a personal clean up and the preparation of some side orders as the organization prepared the main course (a barbecue) and supplied some free drinks at the Hamlet Oasis location. Dinner was more than excellent. It is always so nice to meet people underwater, not knowing who they are and then later find out about their life and their stories and their specialties, talking about the Lucullus part of life. Thumbs up for Dive Friends Bonaire. Let’s make our world as clean and as happy as possible! Story & photo by J@n Brouwer Another Successful Clean Up Dive Or ganized by Dive Friends Bonaire Resort, there will be dancing and canaps. The bar will be open in the Cacique Hall. See Happenings on page 16 for more. Aim to get fit fast? Lose weight? According to Chapman University, Bon Bida Spa’s Body Pump classes can help you. The Les Mills Body Pump workout is a barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program that incinerates calories to give you a tight, toned, lean body. Quite simply, it’s the world’s fastest way to get in shape. If you want flat abs, lean legs, sculpted arms, and tight buns, then it is for you. Classes are held morning and evenings at Bob Bida Spa, Bulevar Gob. N. Debrot 74, across from Sand Dollar. Tel.717-7224. Is stiffness and tightness in neck, shoulders and back a problem for you? There will be a workshop on how to manage these conditions in your daily life. Workshops offering practical tools and tips will be held on May 11 at Yoga Bonaire at Bonaire Basics, Kaya Korona 47, Email: phone 786 6416 for more details or to enroll. Cost:$75 for one 2-hour workshop, $125 for both. Want to be a Bonaire Reporter reporter?, a career website, ranked 200 jobs from best to worst based on five criteria: physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook. To compile its list, the firm primarily used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government agencies. On the top of the list for best job was actuary At the very bottom was newspaper reporter To see the complete list go to:. SB100014241278873248742045784391540 95008558.html? dsk=y&mod=igoogle_wsj_gadgv1 The ninth edition of the Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival will take place on the beach of Plaza Resort on August 2, 3 and 4. Several important changes include moving the date from late May to the summer. The duration of the festival was reduced to three days and a broader audience is being targeted with wider interpretation of the term “jazz.” A record number of 1,200 people visited the festival in 2012, making it the bestattended (paid) event on the island last year. The Bonaire Jazz Foundation hopes to do the same this time around. G./L.D. Flotsam and Jetsam (Continued from page 2)


Page 6 Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 AUTOCITY B.V. Kaya Finlandia 8A Em ail: bonaire@autocity AUTOCITY B.V. Kaya Finlandia 8A Em ail: bonaire@autocity AUTOCITY B.V. Kaya Finlandia 8A Em ail: bonaire@autocity Tel 717 Tel 717 Tel 717 7800 Fax 717 7800 Fax 717 7800 Fax 717 5254 5254 5254 TUNG FONG STORE N.V. “The Store With Almost Everything” Great Service Too Kaya Korona 52 Tel. 599 717 4224 FAX. 599 717 5224 Opening hours: 8.30 am 12. 30 pm, 2.30 pm 6.30 pm Open from Monday till Saturday. Sundays closed. Some key staff members Shirley, Ruthmila, Lala, Henk, Ruth, Laurette, Milushka, Shen, Humphrey, Andy, Delno. Front: Rima & Ruben AWAY FROM IT ALL, BUT ONLY AN ISLAND AWAY – KURA HULANDA LODGE CURACAO I t’s only about a 15 to 30 minute flight from Bonaire, then about a 45 minute drive north to Westpunt and you’re at Kura Hulanda Lodge. From the moment you arrive you feel as though it’s familiar: trade winds, lush foliage, a beautiful sea, snatches of Papiamentu conversation. You’re greeted by the front desk staff and offered a cold tropical fruit drink and a welcoming smile. You are guided through a lush garden to your private living quarters. Dramatically set on the chalk (kalki) cliffs above an emerald-colored bay, the Kura Hulanda Lodge is a top resort, a member of the Leading Small Hotels of the World with more than four stars. The white sand beach fronts onto the sheltered bay with excellent snorkeling just off the beach. The natural gardens with local trees and shrubs invite you to stroll, giving a feeling of being in a native jungle. Occasionally you’ll come upon one of the many sculptures that mingle with the natural plants Accommodations are luxurious. The spacious waterfront suites have terraces that face onto the sea. Original art adorns the rooms. The garden rooms are comfortable with terraces and look out onto the gorgeous foliage. You feel you might be the only guest as the way the accommodations are laid out you have a view of only the sea or the nearby gardens, not other buildings CNN and Cable and free WiFi in rooms, pool and bar. We even had an outdoor shower. For Europeans and Americans it’s a perfect stop off before or after visiting Bonaire. An American repeat guest explains why he loves it. “It’s quiet and not busy like Aruba. The people are friendly, the culture is diverse and there are beautiful beaches.” Visitors from Bonaire appreciate its tranquility and luxury. The quiet pool with its tinkling waterfall is ringed by palm covered huts, a place to totally relax out of the sun. The glass walled exercise room with a broad array of equipment overlooks the pool. There is another hut nearby where you may receive a massage. How sumptuous. Descending on stone steps to the quiet, sandy beach you have a choice of lying in the sun or under umbrellas while a serene blue sea laps at the shore. Just a few swimming strokes out and you are at one of the most prolific coral reefs in the Caribbean. The coral off the resort is in good condition because the developed part of the island and the frequently-visited dive sites are a long boat ride away. The three restaurants are overseen by master chef Shurandy Carolie winner of a gold medal at the Taste of the Caribbean Culinary competition in Miami last (Continued on page 7) Shurandy Carolie


Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 7 T he Outdoor Education Center -on the road to Lac Bayis a social enterprise, consisting of the Butterfly Garden, a restaurant and an outdoor center People can do archery and participate in GPS tours. The center also organizes parties for children and adults and it houses the Surf Hostel – six beds at $17 per night per bed, including breakfast, towels and clean sheets – and apartments on the premises which OEC is renting out for $35 per night. All profits are reinvested into the community where they were earned and it doesn’t take government money for support. OEC is self-sufficient and gets the remainder of its support from donors who believe in this social mission. Additionally, OEC is a training center which offers specialized training in team building to companies and to institutions which are working with children. The whole purpose of OEC is to give youngsters – who are, for whatever reason, not able to get any work experience the regular way – practical, guided and individual training on the job The method used for instruction is the Forsa method, initiated by Mick Schmit and it stands for: “Acceptance of youngsters as they are A way to learn, live and work and to build a new future with self-esteem, responsibility, confidence, solidarity, perseverance and motivation.” Mick Schmit explains. “When people come here to have a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner or they are visiting the butterfly garden – all they spend is invested in the youngsters who are helping here. It’s as simple as that. The permanent staff consists of four people. We are renting this complex and through the revenues from the hostel, the restaurant and the butterfly garden we have to be self supporting. Next week we’re starting to build a big playground because people need to have a reason to come here as it’s far out. We’re going to close the shop. It’s being converted into a movie theatre open for children three times a week, and on the other days it will be a cinema with movies and documentaries about Bonaire. We are offering people a range of opportunities to entertain themselves and their family and for that they pay a very reasonable amount of money. Because if we do the job well, the youngsters get a much wider range in all sorts of experiences. The majority of the children we get here are very practical and they are also eager to learn. The only thing that’s missing is the work experience and training, and many of these children have a very low sense of self-esteem. An intermediate phase, as we offer here, doesn’t exist on Bonaire and I feel it would be good if companies invest in us because we all benefit if youngsters find a job and do not end up on the streets. You can be negative, but it’s better to do something about it! ‘Wings of Support’ of KLM is doing our T-shirts and any hotel, resort, restaurant or garden center could be sponsoring clothing or materials – because later on those same kids could find a job at their place. We’re doing the windsurf hostel and laundry together with Jibe City and ‘Stichting Doen’ will install electrical facilities on solar power here on the terrain. We’re only going public now because we finally got the long-term contract with the new owner of the complex. We also have an agreement with Forma to place youngsters at OEC. And then we have our ‘own’ kids from the long stay home, who are going to school on a regular basis but who can get training on the job here during weekends and vacations. Also, we have the Rebound youngsters who can make a choice whether they want to go on with the diving or work at the restaurant, the garden or the hostel – to get some different work experience so it’s easier to make a choice after they graduate from school. It’s very well possible that a child will get here in other ways and that doesn’t matter – if it fits in, it’s welcome! The meaning of all this is that we want the kids to learn something here and move on. We make a phased plan for each child with individual goals and we have do child labor! And in case a boy or a girl really likes it here, there’s always a chance that they end up on the payroll with a contract. I’ve been doing this ‘thing’ on Bonaire for 10 years now and I am still driven by the youngsters. They are my motivation and so is our team, because I get a lot of feedback and energy from the people I work with. Because it’s all about the fact that we – the staff, the parents and the youngsters themselves – do not impose these rules and regulations on the kids. They have to make them their own, so it comes naturally. The only way to accomplish that is to give them responsibility and of course they are allowed to make mistakes, but they have to stay on track and, in the end, they will go the extra mile… just like our personnel, who do it all the time. It’s an outreach event. We have a very clear structure and we’re trying to keep everything as simple as possible, because it’s the children we’re talking about and we’re doing it for them. The more bureaucracy, the farther away you get from your original intent. If you’re quick at it and you can work preventively with these youngsters, you might avert a lot of misery, not only for the child but also for society. In certain cases learning to do things practically is much more effective than education. I find this a very beautiful project, we have to get going – independent of subsidies – not too easy; we are on Bonaire! Everybody is welcome tourists and localsand it’s affordable for everyone! And my goal is to mix and mingle all people into an international company surfers and the kids who are learning here and locals and tourists, families and singles so that the world for our youngsters becomes bigger and bigger and they will realize that the sky is the limit – for everyone!” Story & photos by Greta Kooistra Two-students--Josafat and Jean-Pierre Mick Schmit year. Lodge guests have written to compliment the Chef for his fine cuisine – including one from a guest who brought him lionfish to prepare. Shurandy made it five different ways. The largest restaurant, Watamula, overlooks the sea and is covered with a circular thatched roof. You dine nearly al fresco, but dry. The brief rain shower during our dinner was hardly noticeable. The restaurant offers a diverse and delicious breakfast with emphasis on the tropical taste and a more sophisticated lunch and dinner menu. Down a few steps there’s a smaller restaurant under the trees and adjacent to the Christoffel Sunset Lounge. The Kalki Beach Bar and Grill serves drinks and lunches while you loll on the beach and five nights a week they offer a Brazilian “Pincho” Barbeque – tender meats served on long skewers that hang above your table while Tiki torches light the scene. Go West Dive Shop is at the edge of the beach. It offers full dive services and one and two-tank boat dives to nearby sites. A favorite of the guests is Watamula, where the currents converging at the tip of the island provide an exciting drift dive Want to explore? The Christoffel National Park, with unspoiled w ilderness, even rare miniature deer, is a few minutes’ drive away. You may rent a car at the hotel to explore the area, and there are very friendly and knowledgeable taxi drivers readily available. There is a free daily shuttle into Willemstad, the capital, every day. Willemstad is a shopper’s paradise. We found prices there noticeably lower than in Bonaire in both restaurants and shops. Social activist and entrepreneur Jacob Gelt Dekker opened this luxury hotel about eight years ago after having so much success with his Kura Hulanda hotel in Otrabanda, Willemstad. That hotel, its shops, spa, museum and casino grew out of once proud antique buildings that were in near total collapse. It remains a World Heritage class showplace today. Several months ago management of the resorts was taken over by the European Sandton chain. They had no Caribbean experience up until then. But they put an experienced Curacao and Caribbean resort manager, Claire Groeneveld, in charge and brought former Lodge manager Delno Tromp on board to assist with the transition. Between the two hotels – the away from it all one of the Lodge – and the one in the city it’s a complete island experience. L./G.D. Contact information: Kura Hulanda Lodge (Continued from page 6) Group General manager Claire Groeneveld


Page 8 Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 ROCARGO SERVICES, N.V. International Freight (Car) BV The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Europe/Holland to Bonaire Jupiterweg 1A (Ecopark) 4761 RW Moerdijk, Holland Tel 31-(0) 168-40-94 94 Offering DAILY Express Services from and to Bonaire For shipment tracking The World On Time Kaya Industria 12, KralendijkBonaire—N.A. 717-8922 FAX 717-5791 For All Your Shipping Needs Full service door to door by air and by sea. Customs clearance, transportation, warehousing. International and local relocation. Packing material in stock. Qualified and professional personnel. Timely, accurate and reliable ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Amcar Freight, Inc. The ONLY company offering direct weekly consolidation services from Miami, USA to Bonaire Amcar Freight 12600 NW 25 Street Suite 107 Miami, Fl 33182 THE 60s – Continued: Growing Pains E vents in the 60s significantly shaped today’s tourism on Bonaire. In 1965 famous singer and actor Harry Belafonte introduced a project which entailed the construction of luxury villas in the Punt Vierkant area, south of the airport. The Island Government and Belafonte came to an agreement to grant a pretty large parcel on the seaside to realize this ambitious housing project. But first, the construction of an asphalt road to Salia had to be built, which would be of use both for tourists and for the Antilles Salt Company, which would produce 500,000 tons of salt per year. STINAPA, the National Parks Foundation, showed interest in restoring the old slave huts at Salia, which they considered to be of historic-cultural value. In August of 1966, the contract was signed for the construction of the road. The restoration of the slave huts would be supervised by restoration architect, Alexeenko, reknowned for his restoration of plantation houses in the Netherlands Antilles. Another tourist project that started in 1965 was the Yacht Harbour, south of Hotel Bonaire, financed by the Dutch Government. The Island Government decided to get a new US promotion agency: Howard Chase Associates was replaced by Sontheimer and Company, which was very interested in actively promoting the island. It brought a large delegation from Seventeen magazine to Bonaire with models for a photo shoot. The publication of the pictures, shot at the island’s most beautiful spots, meant an enormous promotion for Bonaire. In April 1966, Dutch Prime Minister Cals laid the first stone for a new tourist project: Hotel Sorobon. A project, however, that was never to be completed. In June, construction began for the innovative Bel-Nem project, a name that was formed using the first three letters of the family names of its initiators: Harry Belafonte and Maurice Neme, son of an Aruban hotel owner. Thirty tropical luxury homes were completed, each measuring at least 100 square meters, on the waterfront. They were rented or sold to affluent tourists, boosting the development of tourism. One of the first buyers of a house at Belnem was famous actor and James Bond movie star Roger Moore. Another important development in 1967: Hotel Bonaire got a new owner. That is to say, the Nash Group bought the shares of the Miller Group and by doing this, they completely owned the hotel. The Nash Group already had big plans for the hotel: they wanted to build 40 additional rooms but that never happened. Instead, both groups had accumulated huge debts, to the extent that the hotel was in serious danger of going bankrupt. In spite of the fierce competition between the islands in the field of tourism, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaao decided in 1967 to coordinate promotion abroad for each of them. For this purpose, a foundation was created, called “ABC Promotion Stichting.” The respective Lt. Governors of the islands served as presidents for one year at a time. In the late 60s, the government of Bonaire got an important partner in the field of tourism: Hugo Gerharts, who had taken over the companies which his father, L.D. Gerharts, had founded. Many of Gerharts’ companies had to do with tourism. For instance: since 1953, Handelmij. Bonaire N.V. had been in charge of the supervision of the airport, locally known as ‘Flt’. This meant supplying service to airplanes and services to the public. In December of 1967 there was another important achievement in the upgrading of the tourist product of Bonaire: the road around the south tip of the island was completed. It opened another interesting part of Bonaire’s attractions: Pink Beach, the flamingo sanctuary, the salt pans at Salia, the Pickle Lake, the slave huts with the obelisks and the Willemstoren light house. The project had been financed with the help of the European Economic Community (EEG) and consequently was given the name of EEG Boulevard. The head of the EEG Develop-(Continued on page 9) Part 5 The 60S: Building An Island For Tourism Roger Moore, Maurice Neme, Harry Belafonte Bel-Nem entrepreneurs and construction workers Photo: Neme family


Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 9 Open Nonstop Mon.Friday. 8:00-19:00 Sat.Sunday8:00-18:00 ment Fund officially opened the road in January 1968. Another road project was the one leading from Lima to Sorobon, the current Kaya Ir. Statius van Eps. It was not part of the project of the EEG Boulevard, but it had to be built in connection with the Hotel Sorobon project, the financing of which had not yet been finalized. But the Dutch government wanted to grant a $2.5 million loan for the project. Another project that was being developed was that of the Yacht Harbor. As an initiative of the Dutch Government, two experts in this field, Stumeyer and Klosinki, came to the island in 1967 to study the possibility of exploitation of this project. The arrival of the first cruise ship to Bonaire, the Bergenfjord from the Norwegian American Line in November 1967, opened a new type of tourism to the island. In 1968 two former boarding houses, Helmund and Rijna, joined together to become Hotel Rochaline. North of Hotel Bonaire there was a bungalow hotel that had been built in 1962: Hotel Debonair. The construction of Hotel Sorobon was surrounded by a lot of problems: the company which started the project turned out not to have enough funds to continue construction which had already started in 1965. Political adversaries blamed Toon Abraham, head of the Tourist Office, and accused him of having a personal stake in the project, which they referred to as “Soroton.” In December of 1967, the Dutch Government, which had initially granted a loan, declared it was even willing to give a financial guarantee to the project. In August of 1968 a contract for the financing of the project was signed after which the work, which had been halted, could be continued. With the new financial aid, the second floor of the hotel could be completed. There was even a company that was willing to operate the hotel, Executive House. But there were a lot of problems regarding Hotel Sorobon. There was a sinkhole in the middle of the terrain which no one was able to fill. Serious problems arose between the companies involved in the project. This led to financial problems and work halted again. Construction would never be resumed and Hotel Sorobon ended up as a ruin. Many years later, with funds made available by the Dutch Government, the ruins were removed. Sorobon is now the center of local and international windsurfing events. A small hotel and two windsurfing schools overlook the pristine blue waters. Beside Hotel Sorobon, there were also problems with Hotel Bonaire. The Island Government was not happy with the way the hotel was managed, which worsened by the day. The debts of the owners were growing and the employees became worried. On Curaao meanwhile, political and social tensions led to labor problems and finally to an uprising of workers on strike which brought about the devastation of part of the capital Willemstad on May 30, 1969. This of course had a big repercussion on tourism of both Curaao and Bonaire. Tourism figures were down that year by 23.9%, from 8,563 to 6,540 visitors. In this politically turbulent year, however, the Island Government decided to put the promotion of Bonaire in the US in the hands of Grant Advertising, which also promoted Curaao. Their office in Miami was called the “Curaao and Bonaire Tourist Boards.” In May of 1969, Governor Debrot officially opened National Park Washington, another project of great value to the tourist product of Bonaire. Elections, both for Central and Island Governments, shook up the political landscape both in Curaao and Bonaire in 1969. Toon Abraham lost his position both as a politician and as head of the Tourist Office. His successor was Rudy Ellis, but the mover and shaker of Bonaire’s tourism was Niki Tromp, who became the new face of the Tourist Office in 1970, where he remained very active until his sudden death in 1992. At the end of the decade the hotels in operation were Hotel Bonaire with 57 rooms, Flamingo Beach Club with 21 bungalows, Debonair with 10 bungalows and Hotel Rochaline with 10 rooms, a total of 100 rooms. There were two car rental companies with a total of 41 cars and two tour buses. The Dutch Government agreed to finance the extension of the airport, the terminal and a lighting system that allows planes to land safely. In the 70s the history of Bonaire’s tourist and hotel industry continued: the Flamingo Beach Hotel changed hands in 1972 and closed for renovation: the bungalows, many of which dated back to the days of the WWII internment camp, were rebuilt in concrete. The new Flamingo Beach Club Hotel opened in June 1973. Hotel Bonaire became Bonaire Beach Hotel, later Sunset Beach Hotel. The ailing Hotel Debonair was sold in 1972 and Don Stewart took it over in 1976 to rebuild and expand it as Captain Don's Habitat. Evert Bongers (source: research by Bi Antoin) Still to come: The Regatta, Airport/ Airlift and the National Parks Evert Bongers lives in Aruba where he works at Colegio Arubano School. He knows Bonaire well where he has been Regatta MC and race announcer since 1996. Tourism History (Continued from page 8) Scale model of Hotel So robon, 1966 (Photo Heit) The bungalow hotel built in 1962: Hotel Debonair Photo Heit S ometimes you can make a difference, being in the right place at the right moment. At that moment it makes no difference whether you are a human being or a little animal, in this case a baby donkey, fighting for her life! Being on the island again with a good friend who has never been on Bonaire, I went to show him my favorite spot of the island. So we headed up to Boka Washikemba where I used to go for the amazing view and my search for driftwood (and of course to take some photos). Walking towards a group of donkeys, all standing near the beautiful flattened tree, my attention was drawn by some noise from the rock formation. A little baby donkey was lying on its side. It had probably fallen off the little cliff, and it was in such a position that it was impossible for it to get on its feet again on its own. Help was needed. As I did not know how long this donkey had been in this situation first I gave her some water from my bottle, to be sure that she wouldn’t die from dehydration after our rescue. She was a little afraid, but when I started slowly dripping the water from my bottle onto her lip it was ok, and she accepted it gratefully. It was quite difficult for us to get her on her feet again because of her limp body and the way she was wedged in between the rocks, legs pointing upward. She accepted our helprelaxed, without fightingso we finally managed to get her upright. For many minutes she stood at the same place, looking at us. After a quick check we only saw some bald spots on her leg. Eventually she started slowly walking toward the rest of the herd in in the distance. Wilna Groenenboom Wilna Groenenboom photos


Page 10 Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 On The Waterfront at The Harbour Village Marina — Air-conditioning Owned and operated by a French Master Chef Reservations: Tel: 717-7070 email: Zazu Bar at the Harbour Village Marina Open:: Mon-Fri 3-10 pm, Sat: 5-10 pm Bar menu available Tel: 717-7070 From Bonaire Nautico Marina BONAIRE NAUTICO MARINA At It Rains Fishes Restaurant Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399 www.bonairenauticomarina /VHF 68 THE ONLY WALKON / WALKOFF Catamaran Kantika di Amor Up to 27 people and supported by a brand new larger sister Catamaran Kantika Too TRIPS Every Day (max 1.90 meter draft), Dinghy tie up at north-inside dock at US$10 weekly up from Monday till Monday. Water and 115/220 v. Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12 2 pm Except Sundays at 10 am only Also available for group trips Doei and Chana Diaz and grandchildren hold their own Simidan Matching outfits! Nazario Alberto, again the fastest walker in the Rincon Day Road Race Dilan and Ava marched in the Children's’ Simidan Parade on Monday Walked 50m. on his hands Beautiful Dancing Demonstration of “old-fashioned games During Rincon Day (in black outlines above) marbles Stilt walking Spinning tops


Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 11 Choose your size from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’. Prices from $29 to $147 per month. Call 700-1753 O u t o f S p a c e ? Historical photo display at the Protestant Congregation Church in Rincon Music everywhere– Ludo and Pa pachi in the foreground Some celebrated the inauguration of the Dutch king too Fancy dress Rocky Emers and family having a great time Singer Marivi and Cliften John Milton Koeks, retired Telbo technician, tries a more basic communication system


Page 12 Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Bonairean Humor From the Papiamentu language newspaper xtra We Would Love to Print Your PHOTO! For Picture Yourself With The Bonaire Reporter WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip or when you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in hand. THE BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR WILL WIN A PRIZE. Mail photos to Bonaire Reporter Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. E-mail to: B last from the past. Paul and Karen Si egel and Alice and Peter Hughes, past Bonaire residents catching up with Bonaire news with a copy of The Reporter. The two couples helped build Bonaire into the tourism destination it is today. Peter Hughes started work on Bonaire the day after Christmas in 1975 at the Flamingo Beach Club. "From our start in 1975, we were handling four to six divers a day," Hughes said. He continued to run Divi’s Bonaire dive operation for many more years and remains involved in the industry to this day. Paul Siegel is a pioneer in hotel management and he helped build the Divi brand into the largest resort and timeshare operation in the Caribbean This photo was taken by Delno Tromp during a recent visit to the US. A child arrives home from school, very upset. “Mama, Mama, at school the other children are teasing me, they call me “planet head.. Mama says: “Don’t worry, child, af ter a time they are going to forget about it. The next day the child comes home and tells mama that she has a headache. Mama says: “On which continent does it hurt?” H usband arrives home very enthusiastic and tells his wife: Teresa, come see, pack your suitcase! His wife asks him: What’s going on? Husband yells: I won a million dollars in the grand prize drawing! Wife says: That’s great! Where are we going? Do I need to pack clothes for cold weather or other clothes? Husband answers: It doesn’t matter, pack enough for you to move out of here forever! B uchi, will you lend me your shampoo? Your own is right there, Yonchi, use yours. I can’t, mine says it’s for dry hair and I already got mine wet! “Y esterday morning I was so sick I decided to kill myself by taking a thousand Tylenol.” “So what happened?” “After I took two I felt fine.” A kid comes home in tears. Mama, at school they are always saying that I am crazy. Who is saying that, child? All the ants! A plane had to land in the ocean. The captain announced: All those who can swim, please stand to the right, and those who cannot swim please stand on the left. Those of you on the right, you can all swim to that island over there. All of you on the left, the airline appreciates your business, thank you for flying with us! T wo friends were walking and passed by a political meeting and heard very clearly what was being said: “Burglar, embezzler, drug trafficker, thief, etc.” One friend said to the other: Look how they fight with each other. The friend answered: They’re not fighting, they’re reading the list of people present at the meeting. T wo guys talking: Tell me what you have in that bag? If you can guess what’s in this bag I’ll give one of the mangoes. Translated by Jane Madden-Disko ROAD SAFETY Dear Editor: Can someone inform the new people coming to Bonaire and even those who have lived here quite some time that the rules of the road also apply to bicycles and motor scooters? Driving down a one-way road the wrong direction is not legal. Riding on a sidewalk the wrong way down a one-way street does not make it legal. Passing on the right is not only illegal but dangerous and perhaps deadly, especially at intersections. Riding at night with only a tail light or only a front light or worse, no lights at all, is not legal and again potentially deadly. Pulling out of an intersection without checking or caring about any other traffic is illegal and potentially deadly. Riding two or three abreast in a lane is not only irritating for faster moving traffic it is again dangerous. Cars don’t ride two abreast so why should two-wheeled vehicles. It is all common se nse and more importantly, safer for all drivers and riders. Concerned driver FOOD SHOPPING WORRIES Dear Editor: I have a concern that one company owning two of the three supermarkets on the island would be considered as a monopoly and not benefit consumers. With only one other large supermarket on Bonaire, (Van den Tweel) which is seen by some to be a high end alternative, the public fears more price rises. Worried Shopper The Reporter has been trying to set up interviews with key people in the markets. Look for a story in the next edition.Editor Opinions expressed are those of the writer, not necessarily those of The Reporter B onaire Hotel and Tourism Association, BONHATA, celebrated its 16th Annual Awards party at the Divi Garden on Sunday April 21. During this evening the Employee and Supervisor of the Year 2012 were announced. Denise van der Ree from Telbo is the winner of Employee of the Year 2012. Denise has been on Bonaire for 18 years now and has worked for Telbo for the last seven. She works in the customer services department and was nominated by a client for this award. Selsio De Palm won the award for best supervisor of the year. Selsio has been with Divi most of his working life and has worked his way to chef. He attributes his success to hard work, a genuine desire to do a job well and to learn by not being afraid to make mistakes. Three BONHATA awards were given to: Miriam and Martin van Bekkum for doing a tremendous job as general managers of KonTiki Beach; Nicole Roomer and Martin Franken for exceptional social responsibility in taking care of people in need. Eddy Thielman and Frans de Jong from Club Roomer accepted the award on behalf of Nicole and Martin; Sara Matera for inspiring youngsters and being a motivator for Bonaire’ participation in the Taste of the Caribbean competition As every year BONHATA uses this evening for a fundraising event for a local charity. This year about $1,300 was raised for Fundashon Kuido Pa Bista i Oido (Care Foundation for the Seeing and Hearing). This foundation helps visually and hearing impaired people on Bonaire. They currently have 200 clients and know there are more people that they would like to help should they receive a request. It isn’t known how many people on Bonaire are currently visually and or hearing impaired. Donations for the fundraising raffle were made by Addo’s Bookstore, Benetton, Bonaire Gift Shop, Kiteboarding Bonaire, L ittman’s Jewelers, Rum Runners, The Touch, Bonaire Guided Motorcycle Tours, Budget rent a car, Divi Dive, Divi Resorts, J.C. Herrera, L’Amuse, MCB and KLM. Entertainment was provided by Andrina and her band Cancon Duet & Friends, SGB’s Chez Nous chef team prepared and served delicious canaps and a delicious rum cocktail was served as a welcome drink by Bonaire’s by bartender of the year Tarimar Thom. A lovely evening was nearly rounded off with some much needed rain but in the end only a few drops fell. Carla Hay/press release Craig Dewey, BONHATA President, with Denise van der Ree


Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 13 Bonaire Reporter Classifieds— Really Work! Got something to buy or sell? Non-Business Classified Ads (up to 4 lines/ 20 words are still FREE Commercial Ads only $0. 77 per word, for each two-week issue. Call 786-6518 or 786-6125 or email MISCELLANEOUS The Lexus of Pickups -2001 Toyota Pickup, 4 x 4, Double cabin. With top luxury features, deluxe seats, Airco, variable speed wipers, keyless entry, alloy wheels, and more. 110,600 km. Gas (petrol) engine. First $7,000 takes it. Call 717-7800 ask for Rafael or email ——————————————— LOSTGoPro Hero 3 with head strap at the Aquarius dive site on April 9th 2013. The last photos on the camera were taken at the Salt Pier, some of the pictures include squid & a sea turtle. If found please take to any of the Dive Friends locations or Bedazzle Adaliz Bonaire. ————————————————— The Parrot Team need furniture at Echo's growing field camp. If you have a table, chairs or other furniture you could pass along for these hard working conservationists please contact Sam: 701 1188. They'll collect! ————————————————— UNFURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT at Belnem, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, large kitchen, back porch and front porch, 220 and 110 volt in all rooms, corner house with big garden, drip system, lots of privacy, with hot water, airco and ceiling fans. Rent-price includes garden maintenance. Rent Price: $850, House-phone: 717-2698 Mobile phone: 785-9900 ————————————————— 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4d Double Cab 4x4 + Bed Cap (removable) ONLY 6,650 miles-excellent condition, utomatic, airco, c/d, more extras. Royal Blue $22,450 Call 717-6813 ————————————————— For sale: Screaming 125 cc four stroke pitbike Asking $800. Leaving the island. Call: 795-1642 or e mail: (see story on page 5) Tel (599) 791-6272 / 785-6272 For Quality House and Office Cleaning and Maintenance .. CALL JRA Serving Bonaire for more than 15 years Honest, Reliable, Efficient, Thorough, Low rates, References. One time or many. Phone 785-9041 … and relax. ———————————— LUNCH TO GO Starting from $4 per meal. Call CHINA NOBO 717-8981. Web site: Make Your Home More Comfortable FENG SHUI CONSULTATIONS Also interior or exterior design advice China-trained. Experienced. Inexpensive. Call Donna at 795-9332 Bring serenity Into your home With “Feng Shui” Ad Space Available Free for non-commercial use Cheap for business use. 16 Flights a day between Bonaire and Curaao Divi Divi Air Reservations 24 hours a day Call (5999 839-1515) Bonaire-Sun Rise/Set, Moon Phase and Tides Day High Low High Low High Sunrise Sunset Fri 03 01:53 0.09 ft 07:05 0.71 ft 14:42 0.31 ft 20:40 0.61 ft 6:15 18:50 Sat 04 03:07 0.07 ft 08:00 0.57 ft 15:17 0.24 ft 21:23 0.69 ft 6:14 18:50 Sun 05 04:24 0.04 ft 08:59 0.42 ft 15:50 0.15 ft 22:07 0.75 ft 6:14 18:50 Mon 06 05:44 0.00 ft 10:06 0.28 ft 16:19 0.07 ft 22:51 0.79 ft 6:14 18:50 Tue 07 07:04 0.06 ft 11:29 0.18 ft 16:43 0.01 ft 23:35 0.81 ft 6:13 18:50 Wed 08 08:19 0.12 ft 13:17 0.12 ft 16:57 0.08 ft 6:13 18:51 Thu 09 00:17 0.82 ft 09:24 0.18 ft New Moon 6:13 18:51 Fri 10 00:59 0.82 ft 10:18 0.22 ft 6:12 18:51 Sat 11 01:41 0.81 ft 11:02 0.25 ft 6:12 18:51 Sun 12 02:21 0.79 ft 11:39 0.26 ft 6:12 18:52 Mon 13 03:00 0.77 ft 12:11 0.26 ft 6:12 18:52 Tue 14 03:38 0.75 ft 12:38 0.25 ft 19:54 0.29 ft 21:29 0.29 ft 6:11 18:52 Wed 15 04:15 0.72 ft 13:01 0.24 ft 19:37 0.32 ft 23:05 0.29 ft 6:11 18:52 Thu 16 04:53 0.68 ft 13:23 0.22 ft 19:43 0.38 ft 6:11 18:53 Fri 17 00:18 0.28 ft 05:31 0.62 ft 13:42 0.20 ft 19:58 0.45 ft 6:11 18:53 See Bonaire from the air! 1 hour Sightseeing Flight with up to 3 passengers. Also photo and special flights. 7 days a week. Information: 786-7720 Sudoku Solution Sudoku Puzzle REAL ESTATE, RENTALS, ETC… Bonaire Del Sol Apartment for Rent Furnished Long term rentals This apartment is located in HATO 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Living room & Kitchen $ 750, p/m 2 person Excl. Utilities $ 700, p/m 1 person Excl. Utilities Inclusive T.V. & internet Deposit $ 1.000,Close to Saint James School of Medicine School bus stops in front of the apartment 100m from the sea. Easy walking distance of supermarkets and restaurants, Dive shops and fitness facilities and Bank ATM. Cell +599 785 0918 ————————————————— Studio Apartments for rent in Hato This apartment has been completely renovated and repainted, located on a large lot in Hato. Includes new refrigerator, stove, hot water and A/C’s. Fully Furnished. Rent is $575, including Water and Internet. Electricity is excluded. Available Now. No smoking. No pets. If interested call Bob at 786-7362. Sudoku Solution 16 ft. 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Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 15 O p e n N o n S t o p M o n S a t 7 3 0 a m 8 p m S u n 8 a m Downtown Kralendijk at the old Cultimara Topsupermarket D o w n t o w n l o c a t i o n G r e a t s e r v i c e L o t s o f v a r i e t y L o w e r p r i c e s L o ts o f F r e e p a rk i n g S u p e r S p e c i a l s o n F r u i t s a n d S u p e r S p e c i a l s o n F r u i t s a n d S u p e r S p e c i a l s o n F r u i t s a n d V e g e t a b l e s o n t h e L a s t a n d F i r s t V e g e t a b l e s o n t h e L a s t a n d F i r s t V e g e t a b l e s o n t h e L a s t a n d F i r s t S u n d a y s o f E v e r y M o n t h S u n d a y s o f E v e r y M o n t h S u n d a y s o f E v e r y M o n t h Inge van Eps Caretaker Inspection, cleaning and management of your house on Bonaire Call: 00 599 700 11 39 J aney Alberto and family were the winners of the Bon Recycling Cycling raffle. Together with aunt, cousins and nieces they collected enough garbage to claim the grand prize. They choose two bicycles for the kids instead of the mountain bike. Pabien to the winners and keep up the effort for a cleaner Bonaire. In the picture, Janey Alberto and family, Christian Zuniga from Bon Recycling and Kristen Cranston from SELIBON Press release C arwash at MCB HQ in Hato was for the benefit of the Colita y Muecon (“Miss Anna’s”) crche to cover expenses of the harvest festival (see pg. 10) In the photo: Sheri, Donna, Myra, Bas, Daniella Bon Recycling photo CHEFS FOR “TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN” TEAM COMPETITION NAMED T hey are practicing their techniques already. A fundraising cookout for the team was held last Sunday at the Chez Nous restaurant at the high school. Bartender Tarimar Thiom, made his cocktails while chefs prepared a three-course meal. Next cookout is May 26, 12:30pm at SGB Chez Nous. Reservations a must. Contact team manager Floris van Loo at or Sara Matera at Sponsors present : Streefkerk Architect, Bonaire Food Group, Caribbean Bakery, Bonhata, Divi Flamingo. Team Members (not in order) Restaurant Floris van Loo Rumrunners Manager Jesus Churcho Galan It Rains Fishes Rest. Giovannie Veld It Rains Fishes Rest. Junior Janga Bonaire Food Group Rhashinda Donge Rumrunners / Plaza Robertico Bernabela Divi Flamingo Tarimar Thom Donna and Georgio Press release


Page 16 Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 REGULAR EVENTS € Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours $21 (includes tax). Discounts for residents and local people. Tel. 7178489, 540-9800. We Dare to Care Park children’s playground closed due to lack of financing. Saturdays € Open House at Semper Kontentu milk goat farm. Second Saturday of the month, 8 am to 12 noon. 786-6950 € Marshe di Kunukeru (Farmers’ Market ) 1st Saturday of the month at Kriabon, Kaminda Jatu Baco #55, next to Aquamarin School, 8 am to 1 pm. € Bonaire Animal Shelter’s “Garage Sale” Pakus di Pruga—every Saturday 8am-5pm. At Kaminda Liberador Simon Bolivar, across from Brandaris Caf. Tel. 717-4989. Drop off cast offs at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road. 7174989 € Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine Company’s warehouse on Kaya Industria, Second Saturday of the month 7-9 pm. ( Always call to make sure it’s on: Tel. 560-7539 ) Snacks and tasting of six wines for $10 per person. € Soldachi Tours—See the real Bonaire and be transported back in time. Learn about the history, culture and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon. Call Maria Koeks for more information—796-7870. €PetanqueJeu de Boules, Saturdays 2:30 pm Tera Cora ranch. info: 786-0150 Sundays €Kunuku Arawak Music, drinks, local food, dancing, 10 am—6 pm. Live music starts at 4 pm. Tel.7867210 Mondays € Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call Maria, 717-6435-best island tour value € Meet the Captain Night at Captain Don’s Habitat Bar– Get up close and personal with Bonaire’s dive pioneer. The Captain will autograph your copy of his newest book Reef Windows .. Wednesdays Divemaster’s Night at Bistro de Paris Restaurant at Harbour Village Marina. Free rum with coke. 30-minute Meditation at Yoga Bonaire 12 noon, Bonaire Basics. 7866416 or Fridays Happy Hour Crafts Market at Wilhelmina Park, sponsored by Bonaire Arts and Crafts As sociation. 5-9 pm. Happy Hour party at Bistro Di Paris Ricky Thomas performs Reggae, Soul, Latin and more 6 9pm. FREE SLIDE/VIDEO SHOWS Monday -Touch the Sea -Dee Scarr, honored as a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, conducts Bonaire's Touch the Sea programs of personalized dive guiding. She presents a unique perspective on critters and corals, plus an updated Bonaire lionfish report, every Monday when she's onisland at 8:30 pm in the Aquarius Conference Center at Captain Don's Habitat, Call 717-8290. Wednesday Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) presents an informative slide show: Sea Turtles of Bonaire, at 8pm, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the conference room at Captain Don's Habitat (717-8290) BONAIRE’S TRADITIONS Mangasina di Rei, Rincon Enjoy the view from “The King’s Storehouse.” Learn about Bonaire’s culture. Visit homes from the 17th century. Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790 -2018 Museo Sentro Chichi’Tan historical home, behind Rose Inn, Rincon, open 10am-4pm daily. Tel. 786-6420 Washington-Slagbaai National Park Museum and Visitors’ Center. Open daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December 25th and January 1st. Call 788 9015 or 796 5681 CLUBS and MEETINGS AA meetings every Wednesday at 7pm. Phone: 786-4931 Al-Anon meetings every Thursday evening at 7.30pm. Call 700-7751 or 701-8728 Bridge Club Every Wednesday, Bridge Club on Bonaire. 19:15, contact Jeroen Seegers for information tel. 7174200 or788-2819 or Darts Club plays every other Sunday at City Caf. Registration at 4, games at 5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539. Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 8 pm at Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome. For more information call 510-0710. Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays 12:15-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach Resort in Peter Hughes meeting room upstairs above the dive shop. All Rotarians welcome. Call Gregory Obersi 785-9446. Toastmasters Club meets every two weeks. For more information call Crusita de Palm at 786-3827 or Lucia Martinez Beck, at 786-2953. CHURCH SERVICES Protestant Congregation of Bonaire: ( VPGB ), Kralendijk, Plaza Wilhelmina; Sunday service-10 am in Dutch. Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian; Sunday service-8:30 am in Papiamentu/Dutch. Children’s club-every Saturday from 4:30-6 pm in Kralendijk, (annex of the church.) Contact; or International Bible Church, Kaya Papago 104, Hato, behind Bon Fysio/ Bon Bida Spa & Gym on Kaya Gob. N. Debrot. Sunday 9am-Worship service in English; 10:45am-Sunday school for all ages. Tuesday 7:30 pm-Adult Bible study class. 717-8377 for more info or ride Catholic: San Bernardus in Kralendijk – Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in Papiamentu, 717-8304. Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol Saturday at 6 pm in English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6 pm. 717-4211. Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios): Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English, Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10 am. Wed. Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm. 717-2194 Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bonaire Youth Center in English, Dutch and Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel. Contact: 786-2557. Prayer and Intercession Church, in English. A full Gospel Church located temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20, Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are held Sunday mornings10am-11:30am. Bible studies in English on Monday nights from 7-8 pm. Contact: 717-3322 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints : Kaya Sabana #26, Sundays: 9 am Sacrament Services (Translation to English and Papiamentu upon request) 10:20amSunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visitors welcome: Information: Call 701-9522 Foundation Fountain of Living Waters, Centro Fuente, Service Sunday at Kaya Aruaco 4 at 6 pm, in Papiamentu and Spanish. For Marriage Counseling, contact 717-2161. Who’s Who on The Bonaire Reporter Take The Reporter Home—1-year subscription: By mail to US $75; By mail to Europe $170. By Internet, Free (asking a $35 donation.) For information about subscriptions, stories or advertising in The Bonaire Reporter PO Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean; phone (599) 786-6518, 786-6125, E-mail: The Bonaire Reporter, George DeSalvo ( G.D.), Publisher; Laura DeSalvo ( L.D.), Editor-in-Chief Address: P. O. Box 407, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Available on-line at: Published every two weeks Reporters: Bob Berman, Keval Bissessar, Evert Bongers, J@n Brouwer, Guus Gerritsen, Wilna Gronenboom, Carla Hay, Greta Kooistra, Jane Madden-Disko, Michael Thiessen, Hannah Wear Unattributed photos are by the editor or publisher. Distribution: Marlene & Co. (Playa), Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Divi-Divi Airline, Ava Rose Wuyts (mailing) Housekeeping: JRA. Printed by: DeStad Drukkerij, Curaao 2013 The Bonaire Reporter CLOSE-IN EVENTS Thursday May 2 —Bonaire Business & Employers Association (BBE) will organize an information evening. 7:30-9 pm at The Pirate House, above Zeezicht Restaurant Friday May 3 –Well-known Curaao pianist and composer Johnny Kleinmoedig and his band Conhunto, will conduct a “promenade” concert at Plaza Resort Bonaire. Sponsored by the Classical Music Board Bonaire, 8 pm until midnight. Tickets $35 Saturday, May 4 – Farmers Market at Kriabon, Kaminda Jatu Baco #55, next to Aquamarin School, 8am-1pm. Locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, homemade jams, chutneys, fruit drinks, cakes and more. Special children’s flea market—Sign up to sell: Kriabon 717-4587 (2-6pm) Sunday, May 5 – Exhibit of local artists at Chich’iTan home in Rincon, sponsored by Foundation for Art and Culture. Chich’iTan is behind the Rose Inn. 10am-4pm. Drinks and local snacks too. Sunday, May 12 Mother's Day May 17 to 23 “Kite Ride Bonaire.” The first international wakestyle kite-boarding event in the Caribbean will be held. May 31– June 2 —9th edition ProKids Windsurfing, Sorobon. Warm April 7, May 5 and June 2


Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 17 No Official Body For Bonaire E very year since 2008, the VWO Class 5 of the SGB high school has organized a school excursion to Holland where students can visit universities. This is done because Bonairean students usually study abroad, mainly in Holland. During this excursion students can narrow down to which university they will continue their studies. This big trip to Holland is very important, especially for Bonairean students because for some it’s their first time in such a big and different country like Holland. It’s also a good way for students to get an idea of student life in Holland. In European Dutch high schools it’s also a norm for the VWO 5 to make school trips around Holland to visit universities. This year there were 11 Bonaire students taking the trip, accompanied by two teacher/ chaperones. The students were: Aygeron ‘Pito’ Chirino, Rudina Gomez, Diomira Janga, JeanCarl Frans, Kelly Ferreira, Keval Bissessar, Meir Noordemeer, Johan ‘John’ Scheurs, Jemul Richards, Eliana Makaai and Marijn van Erp. The teachers were Mary-Ann Koops and Heidi van den Tilaar. On Sunday March 17th, VWO 5 was scheduled to leave for Holland but because of a technical difficulty the flight had to be delayed until the March 19. Of course some of us got a bit upset but, like my parents told me, “That’s part of growing up.” Finally we left Bonaire for Amsterdam. After nine hours of traveling we finally arrived at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Most of us students ended up watching movies and TV shows during the flight. My first impression of Holland was that it’s a relatively big country which is always cold and everything somehow works correctly. One of the first things I noticed was how good the roads were and I was really surprised at the fact that the speed limit on some highways was 130 km per hour. Most of us students didn’t really have many concerns, but some of us were worried about getting accepted by a university because the Dutch government is making budget cuts in education which means fewer students will get accepted. In 2013 and onward, most universities in Holland would have you take part in lottery system ( numerous fixus ) to get accepted, but of course in this lottery they look keenly at your grades. One of the most important concerns is the living accommodations in Holland. We understood that in Holland you normally live in a studenten-huis (student house) which you tend to share with other students. We visited a studenten -huis and it was horrible compared to our expectations. So most of us made up our minds to rent a single apartment. “I honestly felt sick in there, just standing around.” said one student. After visiting the universities and talking to students and professors we believe that we can actually go to Holland and succeed with our studies. We know that the road ahead of us is rocky and hard to overcome but we can and will make it! The trip was well organized by our teachers which we are very thankful for. But we students didn’t manage to generate all the necessary funds from fundraising activities like previous classes did, so a lot of the necessary travel expenses had to be paid personally. Below is the list of the universities visited: University of Twente University of Utrecht University of Rotterdam University of Amsterdam University of Maastricht University of Leiden University of Nijmegen Technical University of Delft Keval Bissessar O ur chief executive, Ronald Plasterk, has spoken: There is not going to be a governmental organ for Papiamentu in the Public Corporation of Bonaire. In other words, the wish of many people on the island to give Papiamentu the same status as Frisian in the Netherlands is out of the question. Though it goes without saying that in the official bodies, English, Papiamentu and Dutch can be used as the official language. And they can also be used in the administration of justice for defendants and witnesses, but the verdict will always be pronounced in Dutch. It is just the fact that we use the Dutch judicial system with its underlying laws on our island The responsible coordinating minister for the BES islands has hereby annulled a promise of his predecessors who often used to scatter beautiful promises. No official body for Papiamentu. Neither for English, the language from Zeeland, Twente, Groningen and Limburg. They are not accepted as official languages either. Frisian is accepted because that was once promised at European treaty agreements and according to the minister, Frisian can boast of a long history and tradition. Yes, one promise is not the same as another, it seems. The administrators of Fundashon Akademia Papiamentu will not be very happy with this announcement. They will see it as the umpteenth misunderstanding of the language and culture of our island and as the breaking of a promise. Because of this, it will not be easy for them to qualify for interesting subsidy funds from the European Community and the Netherlands Fundashon Akademia Papiamentu should have no complaints about the use of Papiamentu on Bonaire. Eighty percent of our islanders speak Papiamentu. It is terribly poorly written though, I was informed by a lady teacher of Papiamentu. All radio stations except one use Papiamentu as the spoken language. The biggest newspaper of the island is written in Papiamentu, and in the official bodies, three languages are used and in the court of justice as well (except for the verdict). Furthermore, the sermon in the Catholic Church is given in Papiamentu, just as in most elementary schools, classes are given in Papiamentu. In the advanced education there is still some commotion about Papiamentu and it seems that the parents have little say in this discussion. It might be an idea to question the parents who are responsible for their child's schooling. And then of course the majority counts. I think the problem will easily be solved. Just make Papiamentu a free subject of choice. Fundashon Akademia Papiamentu wants to do everything to protect Papiamentu and to spread the language and therefore they get a small subsidy from the Island Council. Recently they organized a dictation in Papiamentu. There is no money for a website and there are no free lessons in Papiamentu. The Venezuelan Consulate, the place where free Spanish lessons are given, is regarded with jealousy. So who is going to cry over Plasterk's decision? The 700,000 Frisians, of whom half speak and write the Frisian language, will be walking taller and be a lot prouder of themselves. The people from Zeeland, Drente, Groningen and Limburg will just continue using their own language. They publish books and newspapers in their dialect, have a regional radio and television station and make successful TV series in their everyday language which are viewed in all of Holland. Just let Plasterk talk! We will continue the way we want to. And how bad is all this for Bonaire? Trix van Bennekom writes in her book, Tragiek van Bonaire, that the discussion about the speaking or not speaking Papiamentu can be compared to digging in an open nerve. According to some Antilleans, a person who only speaks Dutch creates feelings of someone trying to be boss, a know-it-all and shows colonial behavior. There you have it! It must be mentioned that centuries ago the first officials who were dropped on the islands coming from Holland spoke perfect Papiamentu. Yes, those were the wise guys! At least they understood what it was all about when they happened to pick up something to eat at a snack. The Dutch part of the Public Entity could learn something from that. We should not exaggerate the situation with words like "an open nerve." They just cause unnecessary integration problems for a small group. The majority of the islanders, the newcomers as well as the inhabitants of former days, are already used to the fact that they are living in a multilanguage and multicultural island and feel good this way. The service in the restaurants, the salesladies at the cash register and the people behind the counter of the government can see at a distance in what language they should address the customer. And they are doing a great job, in contrast to about 15 years ago. And the newcomers, who behave like polite guests, are soon used to wishing everyone a "Bon Siman" on Monday mornings. "No official body for the use of Papiamentu in the "Public Entity of Bonaire." It is Dutch of the worst kind. It makes me lose my appetite completely. But the announcement by Plasterk is absolutely no catastrophe for our island. I would say, "Just let Plasterk be!" We are going to keep on using Papiamentu here, with or without the support of the Netherlands. Actually, we have very little to complain about. Except that I would like to hear the important and petty news of our island in Dutch and English a few times a day. Then the non-Papiamentu speakers can also know exactly what is happening on Bonaire. But that is another issue to think about. Something for Mega FM or Bon FM maybe? Papiamentu is a beautiful and lively language, spoken by about 250,000 people on the ABC islands including those friends and relatives living in Holland. And in Papiamentu there are also, to keep the humor in, word jokes and jokes with a double meaning. An example is a song by Denise Jannah, a Dutch singer of Surinamese descent. The song is called: Mi tin gana di mirabu ", at least that is what it says on the CD, Gedicht gezongen. What is the real meaning of the words? Many of you will say, it means, "I would like to see you." And then you write it like this: Mi tin gana di mira bo ". Exactly, but you can read it in a different way. Mi tin gana di mi rabu and there comes the double meaning. Mi rabu means my tail and not only the tail of an animal but also, for someone with a dirty mind, the tail of all men. So what do you think of this: "I feel like playing with my tail" A beautiful and funny language that Papiamentu! We should really cherish it! Guus Gerritsen High School Class VWO 5 preparing to depart for Holland. Author Keval Bissessar circled


Page 18 Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 T all, handsome “Humphrey” is one of the nicest dogs at the Bonaire Animal Shelter. He just gets along with everyone, be they other dogs or people. He was found in the drop off cage outside the Shelter with his siblings when they were all only puppies. His siblings have since been adopted. Humphrey is a medium sized dog with short, easy-tocare-for fur. Since he has been in the Shelter he’s developed into a smart, clever boy. Even with out a lot of formal training he’s learned to “sit.” He’s about 10 months old; he’s been neutered, has had his shots and is totally healthy and ready to go. You may see Humphrey at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road, open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 5 pm. Tel. 717-4989. See them on Facebook too. L.D. T hat temperature affects the gender of a sea turtle? Unlike in genetic sex determination where an X or Y chromosome determines the sex of the offspring, in environmental sex determination the sex of the offspring is determined by environmental factors such as incubation period or temperature. In marine turtles, the temperature during the middle third of incubation determines the gender: males are produced at lower temperatures and females at higher temperatures. Since fluctuations in temperature create variations in the ratio of females to males, scientists have been studying the sex of sea turtles as a bio indicator of rising sea surface temperatures. If the ratio of females to males is higher, that indicates a warmer temperature and vice versa. Recent studies in the Caribbean have shown female to male ratios of about five females per one male, supporting this trend in rising sea surface temperatures. Hannah Wear Wear is a third year student at the University of Washington studying aquatic and fishery sciences. She is studying in Bonaire at CIEE Research Station for the 2013 spring semester. Klein Bonaire turtles Becky Starkweather photo Kriabon Farmers Market this Saturday D on’t miss this month’s Farmers’ Market, Saturday, May 4, from 8 am to 1 pm at Kriabon, Kaminda Jatu Baco #55, next to Aquamarin School. There are locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, homemade jams, chutneys, fruit drinks, cakes and more. This month there will be a special flea market for children’s clothes, toys, etc Children or their parents can man their stands. Sign up at Kriabon. It’s free. Call 717-4587 between 2 and 6 pm. L.D. G ood news: Last issue’s Pet of the W eek, “Eppo” the cat has been adopted Also, another mature cat, “Otis ” has gone to a new home. Congratulations to all. Life is always beautiful with animals in it! R ight now at the Shelter there are a lot of kittens up for adoption. Now’s a perfect time to pick one as there’s a lot of choice. W hile many of us played and enjoyed Rincon Day-Kings Day on Tuesday, May 30, some hard working volunteers came into work at the Shelter along with staff member Regina. Even though it was a holiday and the Shelter closed to the public, the animals still had to be fed, socialized with” and the cages cleaned. Thank you, very special people! L.D. Eppo Maik, Jonathan and Chajo show off their bunnies for sale at last month’s Farmers’ Market. Sara de Groot and her mom talk vegetables with Kees Jan de Kruijf of Krusada Otis Jane, Regina, Marijan and Cor-“holiday” volunteers


Bonaire ReporterMay 3-17, 2013 Page 19 *to find it... just look up ARIES (Mar. 21April 20) Your doubt could lead to inse curity. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings. Children may pose a problem if they don't like suggestions. Your confidence is growing and advancement is apparent. Your lucky day this week will be Monday. TAURUS (Apr. 21May 21) Residential moves will also be advantageous for all concerned. Educational courses will be stimulating and successful. Make creative changes to your living quarters. Get involved in creative projects that could turn into moneymaking ventures. Your lucky day this week will be Monday. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Don't spend too much on products that promise amazing cosmetic results. Be sure to think twice before you say something that might hurt your partner's feelings. Take precautions while traveling; you don't have to get anywhere that fast. Control your emotions and ev erything will fall into place. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday. CANCER (June 22-July 22) You may have more people on your domestic scene than anticipated. You will find your vitality is lowered. Your determination and sheer desire to do your own thing will be successful. Your flair for dramatic appeal will unleash itself at social functions. Your lucky day this week will be Friday. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Problems with skin, bones, or teeth may mess up your schedule. Your need to put great detail into everything you do may cause you to miss the overall picture. You can expect insincere gestures of friendliness this week. You will enjoy physical activities more than you think. Your lucky day this week will be Friday. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You can prosper if you in vest in property or mutual funds. Someone you care about may not be too pleased with you. Try to satisfy both of your needs. You may find that female colleagues will be more help than you anticipated. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You may find that female colleagues will be more help than you anticipated. Romance may be better than you ever thought possible. You will reach the most people if you speak out at an organizational function. You may have a tendency to put on weight. Your lucky day this week will be Monday. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) Digestive disorders will be a result of family squabbles. Be considerate and avoid being overly opinionated, or arguments will ensue. You have made an accurate assessment of the situation and have come up with ideas that will save money. You should channel your ef forts into getting rid of bad habits. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You can come up with ways of earning extra cash. Regardless of your first reaction, the outcome will be favorable. Your partner may push buttons that infuriate you. Pursue outdoor activities or any physical exertion. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.Jan. 20) Uncertainty regarding your mate may emerge; reevaluate what you see in each other. You may not be that popular at home but you should be able to shine at social gatherings. Limitation could set in if you've been spending too much. Curb the impulse to make lavish purchases and maybe spend some time with good friends. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You don't want to give anyone fuel for the fire. Secret enemies will be eager to spread rumors about you. Your partner's a little jumpy. Your involvement in interest groups may bring y ou popularity. Your lucky day this week will be Monday. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Arguments with relatives may lead to a split in the family. You can't make things better if you don't know what to fix. Deep discussions may only lead to friction. You may need to make a choice. Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday. METEORS, ECLIPSE AND OVERCAST By Astrologer Michael Thiessen May 2013 M ay will be a month with interesting night skies beginning with the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower The Eta Aquarids are a light shower, usually producing about 10 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower's peak usually occurs on May 5 and 6, however, viewing should be good on any morning from May 4 to 7. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Aquarius. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight. Towards the end of the month around May 25 there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse visible throughout most of North America, the Caribbean, South America, western Europe, and western Africa. (NASA Eclipse Information) Keen-eyed observers might notice some shading along one side of the Moon as it dips into Earth’ s outer shadow called the penumbra Eclipse starts at 11:43 pm Sky Park Time, May 24 and ends at 12:37 am May 25. And look for an attractive planet grouping low in the northwestern sky during early twilight on May 26. You will be able to spot Venus, Mercury and Jupiter clustered together low in the western sky after sunset. Close conjunctions of Venus and Mercury (24th), Mercury and Jupiter (26th) and Venus and Jupiter (27th-28th). Low but a potentially great show. On the evening of May 26, the three planets will form a tight equilateral triangle, about 2 degrees on each side. You easily can hide the trio of planets behind your thumb held at arm’s length. The show actually begins May 24, when Venus and Mercury pass only 1.4 degrees from each other. Then, Mercury and Jupiter appear only 2 degrees apart May 27, and Venus and Jupiter are closest May 28 at only 1 degree apart. When the two brightest planets appear that close together, it’s always a “wow” moment. Of course, the planets aren’t really as close together as they seem; they just happen to lie along the same line of sight from Earth, so there is no danger of a collision. Watch for this parade of planets very low in the northwestern sky from 9 to 9:30 pm each evening in late May. It has been overcast recently cutting the usual bright Bonaire sunshine back a bit. Have you ever noticed that even on an overcast day the Sun will often break through the clouds close to midday? Sometimes it may not actually break through, but it tries hard and the atmosphere brightens (photo above). On such days, if you observe the cloud cover above, you will get a brief glimpse of the Sun's upper limb and then the lower limb as it crosses the top of the sky (meridian ). There are simple reasons for this phenomenon: At noon the Sun is 4,000 miles closer to an Earth observer than at dawn. (Since the Sun is 93 million miles from earth, this might be considered a small point.) More importantly, at noon the sun penetrates less cloud cover and contends with less atmospheric pollutants, because it is directly above and not at an oblique angle. All observations were taken in the temperate zone and may not apply to an observer in the extreme northern or southern latitudes where the Sun follows a different pattern. Bob Berman AFFORDABLE NetTech Tel:717-6773 Fax:717-7854Domain Registrations E-mail Hosting Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Web Site Design Web Site Hosting Marketing Consulting Internet Consulting Photographic Services Graphic Design Hair Affair We do our best to make your hair and make-up wishes come true!! You can also come in for facials and facial waxing We use and sell L’Oreal products Is your plan to marry on the island? We can make you beautiful and stay beautiful for your happiest day. Personal attention by Janneke Appointment by tel: 717-5990 or just walk in. Check CARIB INN First. Great Prices Scuba Sales Repair Replacement New Gear Accessories Always Great Values Dive gear specials CARIB INN Since 1980 PADI 5 STAR GOLD PALM 717-8819 8 am to 5 pm daily (next to Divi Flamingo Hotel) The sun through overcast


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