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Title: Bonaire reporter
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Publisher: George DeSalvo
Place of Publication: Port-au-Prince
Publication Date: October 22, 2010
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#St 80WHM Oct.22-N~OK5010 Year17 Issue20

F~; he REP A ER

~~Eni alli~

he ti es are h sanging.N Anloange do Bonairen
l~~~~~~~~~anguage surveycicltdothisadsdtoperv

Some ideas B . g.
1.~~~~~~~~~~~~Bi A ae prsfclt we ylclpraps soe1-

3.~~i Ar Gllr
4. A bo sardw calksoevng the elderly ado hoanicapedans
e hnjo the beaadth use frbacfo ppet lx
5.A Krtesh and fac 0 pagoun whe re p eople t can lepaven
thn aei chilrven to play e nea the isean -ai -rsev .~EF
6.se A roeacted n swimming f a ore an liegar ds forthel eudn-
Whntir e beachh tcnsupr bec utue c
8.ite tA t bech oullebl and games ardinoea t oaras

9. Kee wthe shae reas f aci oned bylocal s tr esf r a pici armea.i
10. What re' yodurfn ideas? Meore Sunset Beatch o age3.

S ~S ~ia~~~RVI CES ~


*Transport of Money *Vehicle patrols
and Valuables *Burglar Alarms
*Private Investigations *Fire Alarm Systems

Kaya Nikiboko Nord 37A, PO Box 225 Tel: (599) 717- 8125
Fax (599) 717- 6125 E-mail sss@bonairelive.com I

Last week the BOPEC oil
terminal was been given
the green light by the Bonaire
Government to resume operation.
All normal work was suspended
since the fire of September 8 for
safety reasons following a three-
day-long fire in a naphtha storage
However, according to unofficial
reports, some of the critical items
still remain to be corrected and
there have been as many as five oil
spills Some were contained before
oil leaked into the marine environ-
ment. There are eight salt pans,
salinjas, that are critical to the
marine environment near or adja-
cent to BOPEC. In the coming
months the effects of the fire on
the environment will be studied by
independent observers. Recently
some mortality of lichens was
observed near the top of Wecua
According to a press release
PDVSA, the national oil company
of Venezuela, the owner of
BOPEC, intends to invest in addi-
tional safety and security. Products
with a higher risk, such as crude
oil, will be removed from the site.
Only works with refined products,
like fuel oil, will be stored. In ad-
dition, agreements on joint exer-
cises and training for firefighters
between BOPEC and the island
have been made.

,Rafael Damascus' Heavy
Equipment Rentals NV at Kaya

pany, SELIBON. Any company
with large quantities of used oil
should contact Damascus for col-
lection. It will be picked up within
two working days. The oil is
trucked to BOPEC for storage and
later disposal off island along with
the "slops" from visiting tankers.
Used motor oil is very harmful to
the environment. There was an
accident recently that released this
type of oil into Salinia Vligt. Its
proper disposal is essential to a
healthy Bonaire environment.

,WILLEMSTAD- -The Nether-
lands Antilles no longer exists,
but the bonds between families
on the various islands still do.
However, there is as yet no coop-
eration arrangement between the
new entities that allows easy pas-
sage between neighboring IDutch
islands using only a sechela (ID
card). The Reporter was informed
that this is recognized as a problem
and is being reviewed by the ap-
propriate authorities.

,DEN BOSCH--Local authori-
ties in The Netherlands should
not charge people for identifica-
tion cards (sedulas) because it is
in the government's interest that
people use them, a Court of Justice
in Den Bosch ruled on Thursday.
People are increasingly required to
show an ID card to comply with
government r quir ments ouc i
security benefits or open a bank
account, the Court said. Does the
ruling now apply to Bonaire where
the charge for a sechela has been
NAf 15? The decision is not appli-
cable to driver' s licenses and pass-

Re aion Di-
rector Hans
Gerritsen of
the Dutch Min-
istry of Home -'
Affairs and
Kingdom Rela-
tions will serve
as Representa-Has
tive of the Grisn
Internet photo
Crown in the
Caribbean Netherlands.
Queen's Commissioner Henk
Kamp has returned to The Nether-

Table of Contents
This Week's Stories
Bonaire Now The Caribbean Netherlands
10/10/10 Commentary 2
Sunset Beach For Bonaireans 3
Natre's Way & Go Green Health Food
Stores 6
Rotary"Vitamins In Schools "Project 6
Congratulations Wanna Dive (10 years) 6
Business Expectations Down 7
New GovemmentsHolland/Bonaire 8
Kunuku Kids (gardens) 8
St James Health Fair 8
First Fair Price Aviard 8
Eco Foundation Formed 10
10th Swimto Klein Bonaire 10
Sunfishers To Worlds 10
Pelikaan Schoot-Dream Fulfilled 11
Hans Faassen Concert 15
BES Tax Legislation 16
Bonaire Regatta 17
Kas Kriyoyo Closed 17
Three Turtles Being Tracked 18
Special Shelter Announcements 18

Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Bomn on Bonaire (Gacha Keller) 4
Picture Yourself-Arapaho ho Basin, Colo
rdo 6
Saudoku Puzzle 7
Bon Quk #39 (Tick Seed) 7
Latin Music Classics-Harry Belafonte 7
Body Talk-Knowledge Is Power 9
What's Happening Cruise Ships 12
Reporter Masthead 12
Classiieds 13
Tide Table, Sunrise & Sunset Times,
Moon Phase 13
Shopping & Service Directory 14
Bnaire On Wh l~els -Land Rover 1
Sudoku Solution 17
Pet of the Wek (Karel) 18
Did You Know(Upside-Down Jelly) 18
Sky Park(Moming Star Moon, Satur
Astrology Wiard 19
Ni htmare Crib- Halloween 20

How to contact us

Reo terbhoenai noes.com
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The Publisher*
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PNheth. nt I l.8
Phone 790-6518 / 786-6518
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Printed Every Fortni ht,
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Storo enmed Ad dedine-
Octob r 30, 2010, 12 noon

"Pabien, Congrats, Gefeliciteerd. Nos ta den an
Reino ku a renase. We live in a reborn Kingdom.
We leven in een herboren Koninkrijk! With our
will in the right direction, we will reap new for-
tunes..." Bonaire Governor Glenn Thode on 10 10 10.

St was Saturday night.
Bands were playing mu-
sic. Some pole {vere
dancin Oh pole were
having a cold beverage.
Important people were
speaking on the stage. ,
Well, it is now almost 12 o
clock at rmdnight. Almost
everybody was curious to
knork what was going to
happen when the children, d
the islands of the Dutch
Antilles, separated and The 4ntillems flag is ceremoniously
Bonaire became a public lowered for the last time the Bonaire
entity of Holland. Government Building.
A local singer sang a very Bonaire government photo
sad song in which he said
goodbye to the Antilles. It was a covered song of Eva Peron. The
original song is: "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina." The Antillean
flag went down. Many people were dressed in black. Were they
really aware of this or was it just a coincidence'?
In a way we could say that there was a certain feeling of funeral.
It is not that there was never a fight between the islands. However,
there was still a feeling of "we." Now it feels as if the family has
been torn apart. Everyone could see the beautiful fireworks in the
sky. But one really could feel the nostalgia among the people.
One guy tried to congratulate two other guys who were passing by.
But they really did not appreciate this and they said that according
to them there was no reason at all for congratulations. They even
were ready to fight. In general, during the day of Rincon or other
cultural events, the faces are happy. Unfortunately, on this day
many people were looking very sad. There were even some people
who could not hold their tears. I am one of those people to be hon-
est. I feel that I have lost my brothers and sisters. In other words:
the other islands. .
The politicians have their reason to do what they are doing. But
the most important thing that s affecting the local people is "fear."
They are afraid because they say that they are not well informed.
One can hear them talking in the local bars. Most of them do not
have any idea of what this transition really means. Some think that
the Dutch are taking over the place. Others think that they are
about to lose their identity. Well, in general, one feels comfortable
when a situation is predictable. Despite this we do not know what
changes this transition will bring. It might bring positive things.
So I guess that the best thing is to try to live in harmony with
each other, give our contribution each day to Bonaire, and to-
gether we can help Bonaire to progress. If it progresses, all of
us will pick the fruits. God bless our Flamingo Island.
-Special to The Bonaire Reporter by Norwin E. Leito
Norwin Leito is a journalist for Papiantentu language media.

presents Rafael Damascrs
with the permit.
His son mad grandson look on .
Korona 100 is the only Bonaire
company authorized to collect
used oil in a vacuum tank truck
(V1349) in collaboration with the
island' s waste management com-

lands where he has the position
of Minister of Social and Labor
Affairs in the Mark Rutte cabi-

net. Other members of the Rutte
Cabinet have connections with
(Continued on page 1 )

freewie le rflarningotv. net

Page 2

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

~a~L9~h~~T1 ~F8~ eZPORTER


~--- ~~1$38any brand scooter or bike
~a' Bike Clothes for Everyone

ag$ Kaya Grandi #61
V An Across from INPO

/. Ilel Open: 8:3e~0-12:30, :053

Development of the Sunset
Beach property can be
done in a way that will provide
jobs and business opportunities
for Bonaireans -- without erect-
ing a new large hotel.
Business for Bonaireans
"It would be really positive if the
area could be developed so that
Bonaireans could afford to open
businesses there to serve the locals
and tourists who would come to a
public beach as we did in the past,"
said Sherwin Pourier, manager of a
local bank.
From an economic point of view,
Pourier continued, "such a small-
business-oriented development
would provide far more opportu-
nity for our people than another
hotel where many of the best of
any new jobs would go to foreign-
ers. '
"Of course building a new hotel
would create construction jobs,"
said Sidney Manuel, a local con-
tractor and president of AKIB.
"But would that contract go to a
Bonairean company? I doubt it.
And with the current tight market
for construction labor, where
would the workers come from? If
the area was developed for small
businesses there is a much greater
chance that the work would go to
local people and we would not
have to import more workers."

Another Hotel Unnecessary
Currently the average Bo-
nairean hotel is running at ap-
proximately 60% occupancy,"
said Bous Scholts, former Market-
ing manager of Plaza Resort and
past president of BONHATA. "At
that rate, the introduction of a new
block of rooms could cause one or
more of the local hotels to fail.
Just to fill a hotel of 300 rooms
would require another two flights
per week to Bonaire at a time when
airlines are severely reducing
f lights" Scholts added.
"I truly hope that the Sunset
Beach area will be developed in a
way that benefits our local entre-
preneurs and workers rather than
some foreign company," added
A recent survey among both
residents and visitors showed
overwhelming support for pre-
serving the beach as a public
amenity. More than 88% of all
respondents and 80% of all An-
tilleans chose preservation of the
beach as opposed to a large hotel
or luxury housing.
One resident commented in the
survey, "Most of the money earned
by large hotels on Caribbean is-
lands goes to foreigners. Combine
that with the fact that they pay very
little in taxes and pay below mini-
mum salaries to the maj ority of
their employees and the result is
that big hotels do not contribute

substantially to the financial health
or to the prosperity of the islands."
'3flavoria di sdn ku hothlnan
grand ta gana riba islanan di
Karibe ta bai pa ESTR4A7IERO.
.4nto huntu ku e echo ku nan ta
paga tiki impuesto i ku nan ta
paga salarionan bou di minimo
na mayoria di nan trahaddnan
lokal, e resultado ta ku hothbran
grand no ta kontribui nada sup-
stansial na e salid inansiero ni
na e prosperidat di e islwran di
Karibe. "
Relief from Environmental
Another respondent to the survey
said, "This is a unique opportu-
nity for the government to dem-
onstrate that it has the interest of
the Bonairean people in mind.
There are few beaches on Bon-
aire that are adequate for fami-
lies and tourists. Sorobon beach is
an area that is fragile and receives
more people than it can sustain
during cruise season. This causes
permanent damage to our environ-
ment and, at the same time, dam-
ages the place for our own people.
If we can develop Sunset as a pub-
lic beach we can provide a location
for many people to enjoy and, at
the same time, reduce the pressure
on other sites and protect our is-
Esaki ta un oportunidat uniko
pa demostra ku gobierno si tin
interest pa e hende di Boneiru.

Tin tiki bichnan na Boneiru ade-
kna pa familianan i turistanan.
.4reanan hopi sensibel manera
Sorobon ta risibi mas hende ku e
por sostene (turista di krusero)
Esei ta kousa danio permanent
den nos naturalesa i ta dania e
luga pa nos hende me ora. Si
esaki lo bin komo bich publiko e
ta bai duna mas luga pa hende
por bai mes ora ku ta kita estres
di otro luganzan, ta vuda proteha
nos isla
Elsmarie Beukenboom, Director
of STINAPA, agrees. "During
cruise season, the pressure on the
beaches at Sorobon is intense. We
are concerned about the impact of
so many people and the expansion
of the bathing areas there. A well-
planned and managed beach at the
Sunset site would reduce this threat
to the sea grass beds and man-
"We Used to be Able to Chose
Between Many Beaches"

"The Bonairean community
needs a substantial beach to pro-
vide the people with a place to
enjoy the ocean. We used to have
many beaches but most of them
have been blocked by development
and even though the government
requires hotels and developers to
permit public access to the sea,
most of these traditional beaches
are no longer welcoming to Bo-
naireans," said Manuel.

"Think about it. We used to be
able to chose between many
beaches along the coast but now all
we have is ChaCha beach and Pal
'i Mangel. ChaCha is very small
and Pal 'i Mangel can be danger-
ous for children with the fast traffic
going past. We need to have a real
beach with adequate facilities and
safe parking where local people
and tourists can all enjoy our natu-
ral blessing together," he contin-
ued. Jane Townsend

Page 3

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

1''~ c~ o

W~'saQviiC~Y lu -


sustainable building products


woNEri SKG

phone: (+599) 701 7011 showroom: above caribbean homes + yachts

"My hobby was dancing I love to d
but now t ere s no more discothbq

nig htclu b "


ii X IIIII 11 X

V Vwas only nw moteh w br thr
and father, one older sister and
one older handicapped brother
and me. Three of nw brothers
had left the house already. I grew
up at the kunuku. We did have a
house in Nikiboko, made of mud
and straw, but we only spent the
weekends there. So, after school,
nw sister and I walked from St.
Bemnardus School in Plava to our
kunuku which was located in the
neighborhood of Maiky's Snack.
Several years ago it was called
'Jos', a place where many Dutch
people would hang out on the
weekend but I don't go there
am more.

As we had no running water,
we had to get it at the well. We
would put the empty drums on
the donkey cart and drive to the
well to fill them up. Later on the
government truck would come
and we could buy water but we
had to be careful because once it
was finished, we had to go to the
well again and that was far away.

We had goats and chickens and
donkeys. The donkeys we used
for transport. We also went with
the donkey cart to Lac to buy
fish. Nowadays it's prohibited to
catch certain types of fish or
karko (conch) and I find that
wrong because for us it was our
food our life. Where else is
there to go and buy things?
Starting from when I was about
10 I had to work after school. On
Monday, Wednesdays and Sat-
urdays I went to clean houses -
and the money I made I had to
give to nw mother. You know
how much money? I was work-
ing in the house which later be-
came 'Blue Moon' restaurant and
in the house at the back of it
which is now 'Casa Blanca' res-
taurant. I know that house from
the front to the back, from the
back to the front. I worked there
from 3 in the afternoon until 10
at night. Then the owners would
take me home and I would get
NAf 2,50 ... which I had to give
to nw mother in her hand. I
wasn't allowed to buy candy: if I

did I would get a
The cleaning
then was very dif-
ferent from now; I
had to scrub the
floors on nw hands
and knees with a
brush and clean it
up with a floor
cloth. I had to use
four buckets of
water, clean and
dry and clean and
dry. Now every-
body has a mop
and a broom, but it
was different for
me. But... I am
happy because I
know how to clean


a house!
On Sunday I had to wash nw
father's, brother's and nw clothes
and scrub them on the
washboard. My mother would
wash her own clothes. My sister
had moved out. She went to live
with an aunt in a house in Niki-
boko which was called 'Mi
Poron. '
I went to school
until the fifth
lance grade because
then I didn't
lue or havetim to
leamn anymore.
The moment

school was out I had to work and
I could never ask nw mom anv-
thing about the lessons, because
then she would say: 'Why am I
sending you to school? What
good does it do for you?' My
mom was very strict! So, after
the fifth grade I started cleaning
houses fulltime.
My mother ironed for other
people for many people on the
island and that's how she found
jobs for me. I've worked for
many people, also for Stanley
Beudeker and his wife Elba, very
fine people who ve taught me a

lot. I worked for them when their
children were bomn. They've
grown up now, but still, when
they see me they are delighted
and they say, 'There's Mama
Pretu!' (Black Mama) They re-
spect me. The Beudeker family
paid me NAf 100 a month -
which was for nw mother's hand
- and in December they would
give me a big package with all
kinds of goodies.
When I was 16 we moved to
Nikiboko. My father went to the
kunuku every day to feed the
(Continued on page 5)




L_ Z"

Kaya Indusfia.12,Kralendijk- Bonai N~.A
717-8922 FAX 717-579*1 Email:info@rocacgo.com

Amcar Freight, Inc.

The ON LY company
offering direct weekly con-
solidation services from
Mliami, USA
.to Bonaire

7860 N.W. 80th Street
Medley, Florida 33166
Tel. (305) 599-8866
Fax (305) 599-2808

Th~e World On ITime

Offering DAILY
Express Services from
and to Bonaire

For shipment tracking

Full service door to door by air
and by sea.
Customs clearance, transportation,
warehousing .

Intemational and local relocation.
Packing material in stock.
Qualified and professional personnel.
Timely, accurate and reliable
ISO 9001: 2000 Certified

International Freight (Car) BV
The ONLY company offering
direct weekly consolidation
services from Europe/Holland
to Bonaire

Jupitenrweg 1A (Ecopark)
4761 RW Moerdijk, Holland
Tel 31-(0) 168-40-94 94
Fax 31-(0) 168-40 94 70

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Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

kn u ~Y-"1II(Pl~l(a ~bb~tl~L~S~ 11ISI~Y 1~ICl~lti~k~

*;-'"~ .

Gacha with her sleeping grand daughter Edriviene (she didn 't want to wake her up

Services N.V RCAG

For AII Ypfour Shipplng Needs



Table ~i~i~iPOLilOl
Y' m~y
Exii -\'~LL g r~

~ ------------ -----

Born on Bonaire (Contlnued frompg. 4) days I started getting bored.

up and make
an effort to
keep Sunset
Beach for the
local people il-.
to keep some-
thing from
Bonaire for
My fantasy
has been al-
ways to work
on a cruise
ship and to
see all the
countries, but
I couldn't
make it come
Maybe... if
I'd learned to
work at an Gacha's 'fa
office it would
have been a better life." She
smiles: "But...I can still walk
and help people and when I don't
work I am always at home and
then I rvork there. My children
ask me 'Mami, come with us to
Sorobon and I answer 'yeah,
yeah, you go, I'll come later!'
But I never go I don't have the
My hobby was dancing I love
to dance but now there's no
more discotheque or nightclub
like in the old days. I used to go
every weekend, but ever since I
got married I am not going any-
where anymore. I go and see my
brothers though. One is at the

animals, but they were stolen,
one by one, and we ended up
with nothing. On the land where
the mud house was \ve built a
brick house and then we went to
live there.
I always stayed with nw par-
ents and nw brother Pito. Mr
father died 32 years ago and then
nw mom passed array 15 years
ago. Pito is still alive and he lives
with relatives. After nw mother
passed array I rvent to live in a
house of the Fundashon. I al-
ready had five children: four
daughters and one son. My
daughter Helene was bomn in
1972, Denice in 1976, Faniska
in 1977, nw son Raul in 1980
and daughter Rika in 1982. Three
of nw daughters are married. I
have 17 grandchildren and one
great grandchild. All nw children
live on Bonaire and I don't want
them to go far away I rvant
them to stay close to me!
Bisoen Djoegan is nw husband.
We got married in Surinam in
1997. He is an electro technician.
I only Trent to Surinam once, to
get married.
This year in July I rvent on a
cruise, for the first time!i My
daughter Faniska lvas getting
married and she paid for nw
ticket. I also saved money for the
trip. It was great, really great.
First we went to Miami and from
there to the Bahamas and Turks
and Caicos. But... after three

There was nothing to do, just
sit and sit and walk to the buffet
and eat and sit. I would get up
and collect other people's plates,
you know, to do something!" She
laughs. "People would tell me
'No, you don't have to do that! '
Gacha is a lovely, hard work-
ing lady. She petitee and pretty
and open minded. You can count
on her: she sticks to her word
and she 's extremely punctual.
"I am still working. I've
worked for CBS (Central Bureau
for Statistics) for 26 years and for
more than five years I've worked
for Pasa Bon Pizza. It's a real
good job and the team is just
great \ve are like family. Since
I started working for Pasa Bon
Pizza I don't clean so many
houses anymore. The only per-
son's house I clean is Barbara's,
every Saturday for 20 years
now! By working for all these
different people private houses,
restaurants and offices I've
learned to speak and understand
English and Dutch. I do under-
stand Spanish, but I cannot speak
it very well.
I love Bonaire and I rvouldn't
want to live somewhere else, but
it has changed a lot. There are
very few beaches where we have
access to the sea. I've heard that
people want to keep Sunset
Beach for the local people and I
really want that to happen! More
Bonairean people should stand

mily' at Pasa Bon Pizza: Lisa, Juliana, Gacha, Blanca and Joe

Kas di Sosiego (the nursing
home) and the other one lives in
my parental home. This brother
can do everything himself but if
he needs any help, I'll do it. I
also go and visit him.

I do pray a lot and I love to
pray. I thank God every night
before I go to sleep and every
morning when I get up. And I
thank Him for the food. I always
tell my children to pray and
thank God. That's what I always
tell my children." She smiles.

"I do have some wishes, actu-
ally two wishes. I rvould like to

have a little car. It may be old
and beat up but just a car of my
own. I do have my driver's li-
cense, but I rvalk everywhere
because I don't have a car.
And... I rvould love to have nw
own house, nw own place. Those
are nw wishes, but I am happy
with what I have now."

SStory &
photos by
G~reta Kools-~""" .~

File Cabinet,

Page 5

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010



Laura DeSalvo

Joe Woodley, Tina Woodley, Akim Exner and Marion Lammers at Go Green

OnSunday, 10-10-10 Tina Woodley opened her new shop, Go Green, in the building
in front of the church in Playa, next to Bonaire Sunshine Homes. Tina, a Certified
Personal Trainer, was the 1985 international Female Body Building Champion and the
first woman to become a champion in both sports-power lifting and body building at the
same time mn the same year.
With her background as a nutrition coach Tina decided to open her shop to offer health-
ful and tasty products, many of them from Tree of Life. On the shelves are products
-without nulk:- soya yogurt and cheeses, a rice cheese, "Swiss Cheddar," that's soya
free. There's Vegan mozzarella, many flours and cereals, organic soups, teas, protein
powder, organic dressings and Kosher products. In the takeaway section, she offers cold
salads of barley, corn and quinoa (Quinoa, "the gold," is an old grain that the Incas used.
It's high in protein and nutrition and can be used like rice.), healthy sandwiches with
lactose free breads, and an assortment ofjuices and smoothies.
Go Green is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 to 1 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9 to 1.
The address is Kaya Lib. Simon Bolivar #26. Tel. 717-2222. Laura DeSalvo

Since 2005 the Rotar Club of Bonaire ...E-
Shas organized the Breakfast in Schools .
(BIS) program for those children who do not --- ,
get, for whatever reason, a breakfast at -.c n..
home .*
Important issues in the development of *:
young children, next to a good breakfast,
exercise, playing and learning well, are, in
some cases, adding some vitamins and min-
erals as a supplement to their daily nutrition.

Beginning this new school year the Rotary
Club Bonaire will start up and manage a
long-term fostered plan, thanks to an idea of Pieter Groenendal, Rotary Bonaire's
member Larry Gerharts. President, with a basket of vitamins.
Rotary Club Bonaire will be able to give
all the children in the BIS program for this school year a good nutritional supplement,
thanks to the generous donation of Larry's good friend, Henri Henrichs, general man-
ager of TEVA Nederland, a producer of medicines, vitamins and supplements. Every
school day the children will be offered a tablet containing vitamins and minerals.
Youngsters from eight to 12 years will be given a chewable tablet, making them easier
to swallow. For those students over 12 there's a red coated tablet to be taken with wa-
ter, milk or juice.
The brand name by TEVA Nederland is "Phital Multi." Information about safety, use
and storage can be found on www.phital.n1
Distribution to participating creches and schools will take place on a monthly basis
and the supply will be more than sufficient to serve all children within the BIS pro-

The Breakfast in Schools (BIS) pro-
gram was made possible in a great part
by financial support from AMFO. The
BIS program supplies breakfasts to 350
children, ages three to 18 at the partici-
pating creches and elementary and sec-
ondary schools.
Unfortunately, this school year will be
the last year AMFO will be able to sup-
port the program and the financial future
for the BIS program has not yet been
guaranteed or safeguarded by the Dutch
or the Bonairean Government.
Ruud Vermeulen, pharmacist, is Chair-
man of the project. He can be contacted
at ruudi~faaro.com HPress release

Very affordable rates
* Choose foro 5 different sizes

fEach unit hars galvatnized sterel
wvaits arid poured conrete floors


Page 6

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

Nature's Way [

Health Sitore

With the opening of Tina Woodley's-
W new shop, Go Green, it's interest- ..
ing to note that Bonaire can support more
than one health food store. Glenda Pourier
opened her Nature's Way in December
2009 on the second floor of La Terassa,
up the stairs from the Botika Bonaire on
the main street, Kaya Grandi, and it's
been thriving. Both she and her daughter
in Curagao opened health food stores at
the same time and order and import prod-
ucts together. Glenda says, "We wanted
to have a store that provides people who
care about health with products that are
uudl chard tofi '. Wit thte preval enc
main goal is to provide products for peo--
ple to live healthy.
How lucky we are to have a choice and
not have to travel to Curagao, Holland or
the US to find healthy and delicious products. 5

Go Green -

- ANew Naturaland Organic Shop in Playa

Saley-Af~oe anrd Glenda Ponder~ of
Natu'lrel''s Wayi~

The Tick Seed

Despite the opportunities afforded by
SBonaire's integration with Holland
fewer Bonaire companies are optimistic
about the future and their hope to show a
profit in 2010.
The initial results of the economic
survey done by the Central Bureau of
Statistics (CBS) in June 2010 showed
that fewer companies than previously
expected to show a profit in 2010.
The business survey is conducted
twice a year among all finns with 10 or

0 0 UDHU

To solve the puzzle, enter the
numbers 1 through 9 to the par-
tially filled in puzzle without
repeating a number in any row,
column or 3 x 3 region. An-
swer on page 17.

9 8
6 3

8 21
71 5 3
2 9
4 5 8

more em-
Finns with
fewer than 10
are sampled.
ally 13% of
businesses in
Bonaire said
there were
significant investment barriers. This is
the worst showing ever recorded by the
survey. Obtaining the necessary pennits
is seen as the most important investment
barrier. Barriers such as the functioning
(Conbnued on page 9)

Bonan-c natumt aolrgarrk shop

Fitness Champion
Tina Woodley welcomes you to
her new healthy food shop

Find the best in organic and
biotic cereals, oils, yogurt, cheeses,
grains and diet products.
Also home made sandwiches, sal-
ads and fresh juices

Kaya Lib. Simon Bolivar 26
Across from Catholic Church
Phone: 717-2222

Mata di Karpata, Ricinus coiniunis
is a species of plant that usually
thrives on the shore front and can be seen
on the southwest and the northwest shores
of Bonaire.
If allowed to grow it becomes a full, tall
tree. This is not common in Bonaire.
While harvesting substances from this
species, allergic reactions can occur, caus-
ing pennanent damage to the nervous sys-
The seed is crushed and the oil is cooked.
Plantation Karpata on the North west
coast of Bonaire was named after this
species due to its abundance at this loca-
Karpata in Papiamentu means "tick."
When the brown hull is removed from the
seed of this tree, it truly looks like a tick.

Q) What is the oil extracted from this
seed called?
Answer on page 17

BonQuiz appears regularly in The
Reporter. It's prepared by Christie
Dovale of Island Tours. To arrange a
tour, contact her via
her website:
IslandToursBo- aI)
naire.com Phone 717-
4435 or 795-3456
Email: christie-

Health & Fitness Center Bonaire
The Only Real Les Mills Health Center
in the Caribbean -www.Iesmills.com
Kaya Grandi 381 Entrance Kaya Gerharts



fonte (born mn
1927 as Harold
Belafonete) is
one of the most
successful sing-
ers in history ..
and was dubbed
the "King of
Calypso" for
this Caribbean
music style.
Belafonte is perhaps best known for singing
the "Banana Boat Song," but throughout his
career he's been an advocate for civil rights
and he also worked as an actor.
His first released single was "Matilda" in
1953, and the breakthrough album,
"Calypso," became the first LP to sell over
1 million copies. (The Bel in the Belnem
neighborhood is named for him as he was a
frequent visitor and investor in Bonaire.-
The album introduced American audiences
to Caly aso music which had originated in
Trinidad and Tobano.
Other famous songs are "Jump in the Line"
and "Jamaica Farewell."
In 2000 Belafonte won a Grammy Lifetime
Achievement Award. Due to his age he
gave his last concert in 2003. Since then he
has retired from perforrmi
Jody's Music Quiz
Last week's winner is Marc Sieverding!
He can pick up his free CD at Jodv's on
Lagoen Hill #18.
This week's question:
Which song of Harry Belafonte has a
relationship to Klein-Bonaire?
Please send your answer to:
inforajodysbonaire.com and be entered in a
drawing to win a CD of your own choice in
Jody's shop at Lagoen Hill #18.
The wimler of this week' s contest will be
amlounced in the next edition.


Column sponsor: Jody s Fashion & Music
Jody's is the well-known Fashion-shop for
men and women at Lagoen Hill.
In the collection they have 100% original
brands like:
Nike, G-Star, Replay, Lacoste, Zucchero,
A Prioro and Zulu.
At the cruise market Jody's Music is one of
the stakeholders and always tries to bring in
the best music for young and old at the right
moment. Jo Bux

Pa rad ise


Les Gale ies Shoppin Center

s 717-5890 Open Hours:
M-F 8:30-12, 2-5:30 pm, Sat. 9-12

Terence de Haseth sent us this when he was with his brother in Colorado for two
weeks for some snowboarding. He took a Reporter with him from Bonaire
where he lives.
"The picture was taken in the Arapahoe Basin area which is a high ski area with lots
of snow for some good snowboarding. The height where the pictures were taken is
about 13,000 feet and it was pretty bad weather actually," Terence reported. 5

WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next trip
or when you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper in
Bonaire Reporter, Box 407, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (AN). E-mail to:

Business Expectations Down

3 4 8


4 --1


Page 7

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado, USA

Yenrhagen.~ Hans Hillen, h~o DL~prfteIen H~ark Kamp and Gent lers
The Netherlands- After four months of coalition negotiations, the Dutch govem-
ment was sworn in last Thursday. As Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands led the new
cabinet onto the balcony of the Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague for a formal
group photo, there was a conspicuous absence from the ceremony: Geert Wilders,
the strident anti-Islamic politician who holds the balance of power in the country. As
the government begins ruling, however, there's no doubt Wilders' influence will be
felt. And that has many citizens in The Netherlands worried that the era of famous
Dutch tolerance is coming to a close.B

>HEAL TH F=AI[R 2010
Sunday October 31"t
9 AM 1 PM
Pinam Juliana #4, K~ayo Sabann


Information on: Scre~eninogs for*
D~idstes, Blod Pressur
Chaolsrerol, Blood Sugar, '
Obesity, Urinao Analysis,
Hypertension,. Body Fat.
tartrition. R1ise.

Respiratcry Rate,
AII tests are FREE! Er yRfe et.
And enjoy a free hot dog
and drink too!


The~~~" rainy ~L sesnhsbeu n eescnb sw.Yugter nti pooae

Edhel Marthsa.o Lets hoeteu rain keeps fallngb s. This is a rojc in collabortion a

with Foundation KibraHacha Jong Bonaire. IJan Jaap van Almenkerk

On September 7 the greenhouse with
Sthe apt name of "Paradise" opened.
Now the young people of Bonaire can
grow their own vegetables- like sweet
comn, tomatoes and herbs- without the
hassle of lizards, iguanas and birds that
eat the plants and fruits.
The "Youth on the Kunuku" project
draws on the experience of older people,
kunukeros and other professional grow-
ers. The work experience project "Youth
on the Kunuku" is a project of Kibra-
Hacha Foundation in cooperation with

Jong Bonaire and SGB, made possible by
funding from AMFO. Two groups of
youngsters from Jong Bonaire go one
afternoon a week to work under the su-
pervision of kunukero Edshel Martha or
visit other planting spots.
On November 6 there will be an open
house at Kunuku Mata di Fruta. The
young people will give explanations
about their nursery and greenhouse and
you may enjoy juice and healthy Bo-
nairean snacks. Senaida Janga

E. E. J. Tjin 4sjoe

4.T.C. Nicholas A. C. Emerenciana

P. J. Kroon

Bonaire- The Commissioners/Deputadonan who form the Bonaire Executive Council
(BC) were sworn in last week. Together with the Governor, Glenn Thod6, who is respon-
sible for Elections, Disasters and the Fire Brigade, and Nerida Gonzalez, Island Secretary,
responsible for the government work force, they form the Bonaire Island Government.
Commissioner (A. C. Emerenciana)
- Traffic and Transportation (including seaport and airport)
- Information and Protocol
- nternal Affairs
-Central security service (SSV)
Commissioner (P. J. Kroon)
-Health and Hygiene
- Housing, including Fundashon Cas Bonaireano
- Post & Archive
-Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
-Registry and Population
Commissioner (mr. A. T. C. Nicholas)
- General and Legal Affairs including political structure
- DROB including Environment & Nature
- Fundashon Wega di Kumber Bonaire (FWNB)-Lottery
-Education & Sports
-Social Welfare & Business
Commissioner (ing. E. E. J. Tjin Asjoe)
-Economic and Labor Affairs
- Finance
-Public Companies I Press releases
Honorifics note: The Dutch title" ing." roughly translates into a Bachelor' s degree, "mr."
into a Law degree and "dr." into a Doctorate.

Be at the Saint James School of
SMedicine Health Fair on October
31 at the School from 9 am to 1 pm. It
is totally free for all members of the
public. They will be providing screen-
ing tests for a wide range of medical
conditions. The senior medical stu-
dents will be carrying out the tests and
they will be supervised by the clini-
cally qualified faculty. Release

First Fair Price Award

O~O n October 6 the Fair Pricing Committee of Bonaire (Komishon di
., Preisnan Hustu) presented the first window sticker indicating the
Merchant has pledged to adhere to correct prices and procedures ( Fair
SPricing Code) during the transition from the Antillean guilder to the US
Dollar to owner Charles Pikeur, owner of the Antriol Barbershop Kapsalon
& Multiservices N.V.
The stickers are to serve aas a guide for consumers during the upcoming
If as a businessman you will pledge to adhere to the Fair Pricing Code,
Fair Price Conanittee presents the first apply to the Komishon di Preisnan Hustu, Kgmara di Kbmersio and
sticker to Charles Pikeur (center) Industria, Kaya Korona 3, Kralendijk for a sticker. a Press Release

Page 8

Conanittee neembers Rudrt Gonsez, Roosje van der
Hoek, Jose Cieremans, Raynsundo Saleh with Charles

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

~P~ M~i~ ~i~I~i~

~1~7 ~~b~"I i~

JAMIE MaclYER 700-7016. DAVID RAY 788-6750,

1 1

A scene from previous fair

-r-hgh Blood presiurer
a lnble tu losea 7lg

*Always tired, cannot cope?
..t~t u Pe ctoO Udigestianr making~ you misEald1*l)
Nlrtl'iruhl ~ ~ SE yoPrpre .i~~ ur body have a problem
These are just some of i he rnany sym Cm ofst r e ;rens l chemistry
of your body being out of balancel
Bio-Lmnk is a non-invasive data glatheri ng proess of mea~suremnts
which wtil establish the exact cause of these symptomns"and how
they can be corrected without medication
You can't manage what you can't treasure

I I ______I_

Water Taxi*eua


Plants, Trees,

Tou rs an d More

"Almost a solid hectare of growing
potted plants and trees. Thirty minute
tours. B0naire born and raised,
strong plants for beauti-
ful Bonaire gardens.
Reasonable prices starting from NAf
5. Landscaping designs, graphically
assisted." C4Dtain Don

Open from Friday thru Sunday and all
holidays. 10 am till 4 pm nonstop

Captain Don's Island Grower NV
103 Kaminda Lagun (road to Lagun)
(Look for the blue rock and dive flag)
Phone: 786-0956
A part of Plantation Guatemala

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

no idea that all processed foods Are yo
contain salt (as a preservative), and regularly
only cut out their table salt. and would
How could you even begin to results m
manage this problem, let alone your phy
permanently solve the problem if although
you do not know what is the cause time to c
of the problem? This applies to previous
any health issue, not just high not expla
blood pressure. of range'
The number of blood tests that I When i
see from clients when they have profession
been told by their physician mushroo
"everything is good" or "there are fed on b"
no problems" is staggering, when stand ex~
it is very clear from just the BUN function
(Blood Urea Nitrogen) test that NEVEI
protein utilization is an issue. TIONS!

authorr Stephanie Bennett was bomn in Cape
Town, South A4frica, where she studied herbs,
minerals and nutrition. Before moving to Bon-
aire she continued her studies in UK, and now
researches Bonaire health issues. She is the
owner of the Essence Nutritional Center

u one of those people who
have blood tests done,
ld like to know what your
lean, or do you rely on
sician' s educated opinion
he/she has not taken the
ompare the results with
tests, or even worse, does
tin to you what those 'out
readings actually mean?
it comes to the medical
,n we are all treated like a
ms kept in the dark, and
*****! Begin to under-
actly how your body is
ng and why!
SStephanie Bennett

Yes, a very old cliche, but
Very true indeed. How
unfortunate, that where it concerns
the health of people, they are kept
in total darkness in regard to their
particular health problem or prob-
lems.! Most have no idea what is
causing their high blood pressure,
or why they have kidney problems,
or why they have a potassium defi-
ciency, or why they cannot lose
weight, or why they have choles-

Has our medical profession be-
come so arrogant that to share ba-
sic knowledge would empower the
patient to ask more questions,
therefore taking up more of the
physician's time? Why do patients
not question their physician or

(Business Expectations
Continued fomn page 7
of the market and interest rates
play a much less prominent role.

The percentage of companies that
indicate their confidence in the
future is slightly decreased from
57% to 55%. The percentage of
companies having no confidence
in the future is virtually un-
changed, from nearly 18% to
over 17%. A slightly higher per-
centage, over 27%, over the prior

their medication? I have seen cli-
ents taking high blood medication
for years, without knowing what
exactly is causing the problem.
Most people with high blood pres-
sure do not realize that with a few
blood pressure measurements, a
urea test and a specific gravity test
the cause of their high blood pres-
sure can very easily be determined.
In most cases it is the eating of
protein that is the actual culprit.
Improper digestion leads to the
production of amino acids that
cannot be used, and the liver con-
verts these unusable proteins to
non-toxic insoluble urea, that could
later turn into soluble urea salts of
nitrate and ammonia nitrogen and
will affect your blood pressure.
This process is heavily depend-

period indicated no opinion about
the question (almost 26%).

The view on the investment cli-
mate has become slightly less
positive. This was already low:
over 19% of the companies in
December indicated that the cli-
mate is good. In June this figure
dropped to less than 18%, the
lowest rate ever recorded. The
percentage of companies indicat-
ing that the investment climate is
poor increased from 17% to 21%.


ent on potassium levels. Potas-
sium is dependent on having
proper levels of nitrogen in the
body which in turn is derived from
protein in the diet. Signs of poor
potassium uptake are headaches or
migraines, sudden drop in mental
activity, depression, mood swings,
seizures and thyroid function re-
lated to weight gain problems.
Out comes the blood pressure
medication, and at no stage is the
individual's mineral imbalance
addressed. Sometimes they are
told to cut out or avoid salt
(rightly so!) but most people have

This is the first time that "bad"
scored higher than "good."
The investigation further re-
vealed that only 57% of compa-
nies expect 2010 to achieve an
operating profit (profit before
payment of taxes). This is a muc
smaller proportion than the previ
ous period (69%). By compari-
son, in Curagao this percentage ic
Over 43% of firms expect an
operating loss. (Previously 31%)
SG.D. press release

Telephone 788 0030
Stophr~rnlt Bcnncr In :.;o...
learany a Cwrce. co..

Opening Hours
Monday Frklay


k,'I1 L PICKUP IIIBonaire's Largest and Best Stocked supermarket

A SEVICEAlways: Freshr Fruit, Vegetables,
TRIPS Dairy, Bread and Mreat

Catamaran Kantika diAmor ~Ci?L
Up to 27 people and supported by .".*
a brand new l arger sister" J E-a-
Catamaran Kantika Tboo*
Up to 50people
Daily trips via resorts 10 am, 12 2
pm Except Sundays at 10 am only~ h~~~Y~;
Also available for group trips

YAC HTS M EN!iSlra~~~nra
Tie up dockside @ 0RQEUSE
for rnin. $10O/day+Mx uhyampnn3Pl
(max 1.90 meter draft),
Water and 115/220 v. A E O S
Dinghy tie up at north-inside
dock at US$10 weekly up from ONA l RE urc
Monday till Mon ay.
At It Rains Fishes Restaurant
Call Henk at 560-7254 / Bob 786-5399 111Kaya industrial 24. Kralendllk, Bonaire
www.bonairenauticomarina /1HF 68
info@bonairenauticomarina.com tel (+599) 717- 8700 www.warehousebo~naire.com

Page 9




There were 316 participants this year in the Jong Bonaire 10t annual swim to Klein
Bonaire. They had to swim against the west current and wind due to a wind reversal.
First to finish was Barracuda Swim Club champ Samson Everts, 2nd place, pharmacist
Pieter Zweers: 3re: Tirz~a Richards The youngest swimmers were five-year old Elena
Werdath and Enzo Bougie. The oldest swimmers were all women age 71: Meta v/d
Zwaag-Karpes, Aukje Stokmann, and Laura De Salvo. At the end of the swim partici-
pants were treated to a delicious breakfast snack, juice and fruit. About 340 tickets were
sold to benefit the Jong Bonaire Youth Center. L,.D. Press release

Located in B~einem at KayaP R7 Statlus van Eps 17., on the Roa~d to Soroon
Web: www~ichte~r.com E-~Mai: rnro@RchrerArt com Phone 71--1;112

Regular Open Hounr: Tuesdays-Fridays from 2*00pm to 5:30pm

Grad Tger& Lnd mn p

Plc k-up SJUU

The Rlchrer d~ Grlary
fur~nng ~n b~ L irr~ R*inrsr rnj Sw~ RK m~r


Echo is a new conservation foundation
working with Bonaire's endangered
Lora. This new foundation will build on the
parrot research and conservation work devel-
oped by Dr Sam Williams, Dr Rowan Mar-
tin and Ms Rhian Evans over the past seven
The parrot team may be better known for
their "ParrotWatch" and "Ask Olivia" arti-
cles. The core of their work involves studying
the Loras' breeding biology. This will con-
tinue and they have developed management
strategies based on their findings. In addition
to studying parrots and their ecosystem
Echo's goals include developing creative
conservation techniques and stimulating sus-
tainable use of nature.
The foundation's name, "Echo," was inspired
by Sam's long involvement with the world' s
most successful parrot conservation proj ect in
Mauritius. Through hands-on conservation
management the echo parakeet recovered
from a population of only 8 individuals in the
1990s to over 500 today. Evans adds "An
echo is also something that comes back and
Echo will be working to bring back the bal-
ance of nature on Bonaire."
Sam first visited Bonaire's Loras in 2003, but
the parrot project really took off when he and
his colleague, Rowan Martin, returned in
2006. In their doctorate studies they looked at
parrot behaviour and the threats to Bonaire's
Lora population. Their work has become well
respected, leading to invitations to talk about
the project and Bonaire in places such as
Brazil, Canada, USA and South Africa. The
World Parrot Trust supported the research
work and continue to support the parrot work
on Bonaire.

"Bonaire provides
great opportunities
to develop world-
class conservation
work that benefits
Bonaire's Loras, l
but also other en-
dangered parrots."
explained Wi
liams. "This year
Jose Antonio Diaz,
who is working
with another endan-
gered parrot joined
our team. His spon- 1I an. .1
sors wanted him to f
come to Bonaire so
he could learn from
our project and take those skills back home."
In 2010 the Parrot Project hosted two masters
students and will continue providing training
like Jose experienced but also to work with
research students too. In 2010 Echo hosted
two Masters students from England. One of
these students, Danielle Parks, looked at
fruit eating Loras and whether Cara Cara
shaped kites could keep the Loras away. The
results of Danielle's great study will be pre-
sented soon. Echo is an independent organi-
sation, but the parrot team have worked
closely with Salba Nos Lora and STINAPA
previously and hope there will be more op-
portunities to do so in the future. The founda-
tion also intends to join and be active in Ali-
ansa, but Williams admits "It's such a busy,
exciting and scary time. If people want to
help us get started we'd love to have their
support through: www.parrotwatch.orn."H
Press release

f you are a Sunfish sailor the Sunfish
World Championships are the Holy
Grail. So who among Bonairean sailing
talents will be going to the Sunfish
Youth Championships in Curagao in
June next year?
Bonaireans have shown enormous tal-
ent for windsurfing, but now it has a
new group of athletes: young Sunfish
sailors .
Five boys between the age of 13 and 17
have been practicing fanatically during
the last months in order to qualify for
the Sunfish Worlds to be held in Cura-
Three of the five boys will represent
Bonaire in Curagao in 2011.

The selection will be among :
Jason Carter
Shair Theodora
Juan Alvarez
Santiago Alvarez
Ruben van Eldik
In Regatta the three boys named above
in bold did best, but all sailed well.

Please support our boys on their long
journey to the Worlds. The Bonaire
Sailing School Association has opened
a special account for donations. Contact
Treasurer Rosalie Bierings at email:
bssa.bestuur @ gmail.com for details.
Press release/ G.D.


+-; .Lil~LL-(
~s .Ir
,. s u_3p.

Page 10

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010


I~RD~LL~ ~L-~

Suni-er -o -ol

rjreen La~er earaen Genrer Wooden sheds, Fencing
IKaya industtda28 BehhIIS.
Tek 7178310. g8naeDbwa Iboeta Pinic tables, and morel

"TIt all started with one child whose
parents were not sure which ele-
mentary school would be the best for her.
The language was never an issue as the
child was going to a creche where the in-
struction language was Papiamentu and the
parents were satisfied with the creche ex-
cept for a few to them essential issues,"
says Wilma Biihm-Sandig, principal of
the Pelikaan School. "So, they came to
me for advice. At the time I was an educa-
tional counselor at SEK (the government's
educational and cultural service). I told
them that every school had something spe-
cial and positive, but when it came to the
point there wasn't one single school that
would meet the expectations of the par-
ents. It became vegr clear to me that the
parents were looking for a school which
didn't exist on Bonaire.
We wanted a school with a safe educa-
tional climate in which a child can un-
fold its own specific talents and the line
of development is supported by the
teacher. The pillars of this type of edu-
cation are relationship, competence and
autonomy. In the Netherlands this specific
type of education is called 'development
addressed education,' and on Bonaire it's
called 'foundation based education with
cross age learning' the children leam
from each other, also socially, so each
child will feel safe.
The most important issue was there
should be a mutual confidence between
the children and between the children
and the teachers. No power over, but
power with... Like a co-ownership when it
comes to agreements.
We did a survey to see if more people
would be interested as it is impossible to
start a school for only one child, and sur-
prisingly half of the leaflets came back!
Inge Berben said it was just great!"

I'm talking to two very passionate la-
dies: Simone Sweers, chairman of the
board of the Pelikaan School, and W71ma
Bohm-Sandig, principal of the Pelikaan
School. Together with Margon Muller they
were the founders of the school.

Simone: "Margon got us a classroom in
the TWR building and we had a sponsor
who guaranteed Wilma's salary. There had

been several other initiatives to found a
new school, but without any result as peo-
ple would say: 'We need so many sub-
scriptions and then we will start...' We
said: 'We need a classroom and a teacher
and we will begin.
August 1st, 2004 we started with 25
children in the ages between four and
nine. The starting point was to be a regular
elementary school with Dutch as the in-
struction language but that was because
Wilma was Dutch. If she would have had
another nationality it could have been Eng-
lish or Spanish. Wilma, who had been the
principal of a school in Holland and who
was working for the Bonairean govem-
ment at the time, gave up her pension and
all her financial securities to start this up.
One year of salary that was all she had,
and.... a dream to fulfill..."
W71ma: "I didn't come to Bonaire to start
a school, but I do get very inspired when I
believe in something and then I go for it!
February 14th, 2005, we started a second
group and there was the possibility of
enrolling children, aged nine to 12 as
Every six months we hired a new
teacher until we had six groups; then we
had to put it on hold We had children on
the waiting list but no location, no facili-
ties. We were already working from two
different locations. It's been hectic!
In August 2010 we allowed ourselves
to grow to eight groups, because now
we've got a better location... our own
building! And again there's a waiting list!
As of August 1st, 2009, we finally got
subsidized by the government which
means that the parents don't have to
pay the school for the children any more
(we'd started at NAf 1. 250. per month
and it went to NAf 1. 425. per month). At
last we are equal to all the other elemen-
tary schools on Bonaire.
When in June 2009 Nolly Oleana be-
came the deputy things finally started
moving and for the first time in five years
we became an item on the agenda. Nolly
really bent over backwards to make it hap-
pen and one of our most important objec-
tives was reached: This school is for eve-
Now we are part of the island's educa-
tional department and we're no longer

Wibna BSihmlandiig, principal of the Pelikaan Schrool, acnd
Simone Sweers, Chairman of the B1oard of the school

subsidized by the Foundation for Dutch
Education Abroad. It was this foundation
which ordered the Dutch school inspection
to evaluate us. You can't just mess around.
The foundation gives you a little money,
but their help is great.
The Pelikaan School doesn't have a spe-
cific religion. We do discuss all spiritual
movements, but we want children to make
their own choices.
I am lucky to have a fantastic board;
they're all volunteers: Jan Gielen, who's
the treasurer, Esther van Blerk is the secre-
tary and Simone the chairman these three
people have moved a mountain to make
this all come true."
Simone: "We are the board, but every-
thing you see here and the realization of
the idea that's Wilma. She created some-
thing that didn't exist. The building we're
in now was paid for by a loan we got from
the bank. We've tried to accomplish some-
thing like this for years but we never had a
building as a security. So, we are very
grateful to Trans World Radio who has
helped us always throughout the years and
who has given us all their support.
They've been vegr accommodating and
lenient when they sold this building to us.
And the parents have also been fantastic in
helping us to renovate this building com-
pletely in four months' time."
W71ma: "In the future it's the govem-
ment's plan to realize a multi-functional

accommodation where the Pelikaan School
and the Papa Comes School will be sitting
under one roof each with their own ad-
ministration and identity but with the
possibility of sharing certain facilities.
That's for later...
Right now I feel very lucky and grateful
because so many people have accompa-
nied me in realizing this dream. We are
167 children and 10 teachers a very
good team throughout all these years. The
way we communicate with the children
and with the teachers is a fantastic expert
ence. We are all equal and there's a mutual
respect and space for everyone's feelings
and needs whether big or small. For us
it's all about non-violent communication.

Our mission has always been as fol-
lows: The Pelikaan School guides chil-
dren in their development to become
independent and responsible people who
are capable of living with their own po-
tential and in harmony with their envi-
And believe me... working with children
is so beautiful and in-
spiring. It gives you all
the strength and motiva-
tion to offer them the
best education possi-
SStory & photo by
Greta Kooistra ~~~1l~

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Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

And like The Reporter- It's Free

Every SunFrmow
day truh Scientology ship Arrives 0630 10
through Srn201 Freewinds Departs 2200
Tue Nov-02 Emerald Princess Arrives 0700 3100
Departs 1400
Crafts Markets at Wilhelmina Park on Fridays and Cruise Ship Visiting
Days--usually 10 am until ship departure.



Page 12



*Rooi Lamoenchi Kunuku Park
Tours $21 (includes tax). Discounts
for residents and local people. Tel. 717
-8489, 540-9800.
*Parke Publico children's play-
ground open every day into the cooler
evening hours.
*Rincon Marshi--6 am-2 pm.
Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while you
shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets, snacks, arts, handicrafts,
candles, incense, drinks, music. Big
MarchC first Saturday of the
month-www. infobonaire. com/rincon.
*Wine Tasting at Antillean Wine
Company's warehouse on Kaya In-
dustria, second Saturday of the
month, 7-9 pm. Snacks and tasting of
six wines for $10 (NAf 17,50) per per-
son. Tel. 560-7539.
*Soldachi Tours--See the real
Bonaire and be transported back in
time. Learn about the history, culture
and nature by Bonaireans from Rincon.
Call Maria Koeks for more informa-
*Soldachi Tours of Rincon, the
heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Maria, 717-6435-best island tour value
*Meet the Captain Night at Cap-
tain Don's Habitat Bar- Get up close
and personal with Bonaire's dive plo-
neer. The Captain will autograph your
copy of his newest book Reef Win-

*Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Round Robin 7-10 pm. $10 per person.
Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos
at 565-5225

Sunday- Creature Feature- John and
Suzie Wall of Buddy's Digital photo
center present a multimedia slide pres-
entation about Buddy's House Reef -
pool bar Buddy Dive, 6:30-7 pm, 717-
Wednesday Sea Turtle Conserva-
tion Bonaire (STCB) presents an infor-
mative slide show: Sea Turtles ofBon-
aire, at 7pm, every 2nd and 4th
Wednesday in the conference room at
Captain Don's Habitat (717-8290)


Mangasina diRei, Rincon. Enjoy the
view from "The King's Storehouse." Learn
about Bonaile's culture. Visit homes from

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the 17th cent~uy. Daily. Call 717-4060 / 790
Bonaire Museum onKaya J. v.d. Ree, be-
hind the Catholic Church in town. Open
weekdays from 8am-noon, 1:30-5 pm.Tel.
Washington-Slagbaai National Park,
Museum and Visitors' Center. Open
daily 8 am-5 pm. Closed on December
25th. and January 1st. Call 788 9015
or 796 5681

AA meetings every Wednesday at
7pm. Phone: 786-4651 or 786-7971
Al-Anon meetings every Monday
evening at 7 pm. Call 790-7272
Bridge Club Wednesdays, 7:15
pm- All levels, NAf2,50, call Renata
at 796-5591 to find out the evening's
Darts Club plays every other Sunday
at City Caf6. Registration at 4, games at
5. Tel. 717-2950, 560-7539.
The Hash House Harriers running and
walking club meets every second
Wednesday for a one hour walk
throughout Bonaire. The location
changes each week. The contact num-
ber is 700-4361
JCI First Wednesday of the Month-
Junior Chamber International Bonaire
(JCI Bonaire, formerly known as Bon-
aire Jaycees) meets at the ABVO build-
ing, Kaminda Jato Baco 36 from 7:30
to 9:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Con-
tact Renata Domacass6 516-4252.
Kiwanis Club meets at APNA Plaza,
Kaya International, every other Tues-
day, 7 pm. Tel. 717-5595, Jeannette

Lions Club meets every 2~" and 4.
Thursday of the month at 8 pm at
Kaya Sabana #1. All Lions welcome.
For more information call 510-0710.

Rotary lunch meetings Wednesdays,
12:15-2 pm Divi Flamingo Beach
Resort in Peter Hughes meeting room
upstairs above the dive shop. All Ro-
tarians welcome. Tel. 701-1100.

Toastmasters Club meets every two
weeks. For more information call Cru-
sita de Palm at 786-3 827 or Lucia Mar-
tinez Beck, at 786-2953.

Protestant Congregation of Bonaire:
Kralendifk, Wilhelminaplein. In Papia-
mentu, Dutch, English, Sundays, 10
Rincon, Kaya C.D. Crestian, in Papia-
mentu, Sundays, 8:30 am.
Children's club, Saturdays, 5 pm, in
Sunday School, Sundays, 4 pm, in Rin-
con. Bible Study and Prayer meetings,
Thursday, at 8 pm, Kralendijk.
New Apostolic Church: Centro di
Bario Nord Salifia, Sundays, 10 am.
Services in Dutch. 700-0379 .
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire, at SGB High School auditorium
(Kaya Frater Odulfmnus, off Kaya
Korona.) Sunday services in English at
9 am; Sunday evening prayer meeting
at Por's home, 7 pm. Friday, 6 to 8
pm, Light & Life Club, children 5 to 12
yrs. Tel. 717-8332.
Catholic: San Bernard'us in Kralendifk
- Services, Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu, 717-8304.
Our Lady ofCoromoto in Antriol, Sat-
urday at 6 pm in English. Mass in
Papiamentu on Sunday at 9 am and 6
pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios):
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at
7:30 pm. 717-2194
Ministerio di Kristu Hesus Services
Sunday mornings at 10 am at Jong Bon-
aire Youth Center in English, Dutch and
Papiamentu. Preaching the full gospel.
Contact: 786-2557.
Prayer and Intercession Church, in
English. A full Gospel Church located
temporarily at Kaya Alexandrit # 20,
Santa Barbara, Republiek. Services are
held on Sunday mornings from 10am
until 11:30am. Bible studies in English
are on Monday nights from 7 to 8 pm.
Contact: 717-3322
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
-day Saints: Kaya Sabana #26, Sun-
days: 9 am Sacrament Ser-
vices (Translation to English and
Papiamentu upon request) 10:20
Sunday School, 11:15 RS/YM/YW/PH
Primary held from 10:20-12 noon Visi-
tors welcome: Call 701-9522 for Infor-
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The Bonaire Reporter
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Sn24 0.5 t -.08 ft 0:26 AST 18:12 AST
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Mon 25 1.00 ft -.12 ft 0:26 AST 18:12 AST
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Wd03 -002 ft 101 ft .10 ft 036 ft 0:29 AST 18:09 AST
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Tu04 0.4 ft 1.11ft -001 ft 0.26 ft 0:29 AST 18:09 AST
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Fri 05 010P f 118 ft -011 ft 0:29 AST 18:08 AST
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16 Flights a day
Bonaire and

()(qj I)Iyj

Dive Dive Air
24 hours a day

(5999 839-1515)
Or (5999

BORRIre-Sun Rise/Set, Moon Phase and Tides


Re porters


B.. ., rmard~ grup dl
Ka rnave I ubenil pa rekouda
fondo pa Karnaval ao Lj

6 november 2010

lup Patriotilko
Bor di Knocht

Divi Divi Air. Bonaire's "on time airline" with 16
flights a day between Bonaire and Curagao. Your
first choice for inter-island travel. Now flying to


C~~~Lc ~

City Shop, the mega store, has the island's widest
selection of large and small home appliances, fumi-
ture, TV, computers, cell phones and more. F service
and in-store financing too.

The Richter Art Gallery, located in Belnem, is
Bonaire's only fine art gallery, and features original
paintings, limited edition archival art prints, and
hand made jewelry created by long-time residents
Linda, Jake, and Krystrana Richter.


Hair Affair. Expert hair cutting, styling, facials and
facial waxing.


Reef Windows is Captain Don's latest book and
features the true stories of the naming of many Bon-
aire dive sites. A great souvenir as well.


BoCar sells several top brands of cars and provides
maintenance and mechanical and body repair for
your car no matter what brand.

De Freewieler sells bikes and all kinds of bike ac-
cessories. They do professional repairs on almost
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Call 701-7011, above Caribbean Homes Realty


All Denture Lab--for the best denture care by an
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Pasa Bon Pizza is Bonaire's best. Freshly prepared
Eat ino tk awa.N btt too lb 111 Cadj ah
toe t-in or tae out Nett ito (aove
Lunchroom de Bonairiaan-Breakfast & lunch
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'_::` (Mangazina in Papiamentu)
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'AM ~~rlASIW A Diving And S ortmn Gear,
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Across from the northern hotel row.

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t Caribbean Homes, "the Re-
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ment. And now Yachts!

Page 14



result of the very heavy rain- rrr~m
We tried to find our way to the direction of Yatu
Baku, Bara di Karta, Malpais, Bricat--locations a lot
of people have never heard of. No road indicators, no
signs, no traffic lights, no roundabouts, no nothing-
just the always changing spider web of unpaved
roads connecting kunukus and mondis and nothing to
nothing leading to nowhere. Somewhere I stopped
and climbed a water mill to find out our position and
Our direction. Maps are not very useful in this area
and although the global positioning system works,
the island of Bonaire is not really on the digital maps
yet so a GPS is able to show you the latitude and the
altitude but then it only shows numbers. There is no
back up map developed yet.
The plan was to drive over the cliffs of the former
reefs in the direction of the Washikemba area. Some-
times we really had to drive land inwards to get to
the coast. Weird but true. We did not really get lost
but every now and then a path just stopped or just
was blocked because of the very fast growing plants
and trees. The Land-Rover is a very multi functional
vehicle. However it still cannot swim, float or fly. So
every now and then we had to put it in reverse and
drive it back for several hundreds of meters. No
space to tumn the vehicle...
Then, low revving, second gear, we climbed the
cliffs and my wide and beloved ocean became visi-
ble, the eastern rocky terrace and the huge 10-ton
boulders, positioned on the terrace forever by one of
the three big tsunamis we had in history.
Low speed, low revs, third gear, we followed a
kind of a track or something. Then a weird sound
exposed itself. Exhaust, muffler? I stopped the Land-
Rover and crept underneath it. Some parts of the

a ,-

A~ntillean Wi~ne Company
(599) 09-660-7539
F ax (59 9) 11 7- 29150


Thanks to lh Friends of the Classical Music Board Baonire bo aantirming tosponsor this faninstic pgrogrm!

Kaya Grandi 291, Kr~alendijk-Bonaire N.A. tel: 717 5107
Store hours Tue sdayrthrough Saturdays
from 9a~m.-12:30p.m. andl 2:00p.m.-6:30 p.mn.

Page 15

C i

LandRver Dfene 12L d

The 78th Of a series of Bonaire Reporter articles by Jen Brourwer, featurring
some ofsonaire's interesting vehicles that are "on wheels." On courrse for 100+

were on
the vehi-
trying to
be mde-
and live
own life.
Rob decided to walk to the coastline to
try to find some floating iron wire to
re-attach the pipe system to the vehi-
cle. Of course there was a lot of wood
and plastic spread over the coastline,
distributed by the waves from the
continent. No metal, however, no use-
ful material to splint the exhaust pipes.
The first aid kit did not deliver any
relief either. So I crept under the chas-
sis again and with a lot of "elbow
grease" I removed some hanging parts
of the exhaust system.
We restarted the engine. The sound
of a Second World War Spitfire
fighter airplane! (The first Land-
Rovers were produced in the former
Gloster Meteor aero plane factories/

jb.) All donkeys and goats immedi-
ately escaped from the wide eastern
plains! Apparently the ignition of the
V8 was set correctly because the now
completely open two manifolds did
not produce any backfire. Low revs,
low noise. We enjoyed the sound of a
big boat-like engine for almost an
hour. That was sufficient. In the end
you really get tired and fed up because
of the high volume. Slowly we drove
home and showed the owner the pipe
that fell off. The Land-Rover could
not help it. She did a very good job
and gave us the impression of being
very reliable.
Later that day the exhaust system
was repaired. The pipe was replaced
but a complete muffler was missing.
The next day we did the same trip
with the silent smooth runner but we
never found he missing part... Ashes
to ashes, dust to dust. Earth had taken
back the iron and the rust to produce
bog again.

Kralendijk-Flamingo Airport area/Bonaire -
Inthe beginning of the month of October of the
year twenty ten my friend Rob and I were in-
vited by John and Jennifer to test their British made
3500 cc V8 Land-Rover all terrain vehicle. The car
had suffered from some small technical problems
and the late September mud in the remote Bonairian
areas, caused by the very heavy rainfall, was a little
bit too much for this traditional British made state of
the art. It got stuck! Shame on... We could not
blame the vehicle, nor the driver...
So this time the car was very well checked and
prepared. Five brand new Maxxis Bravo A/T sixteen
inch tires, an impressive tow rope of some twenty
meters, two big shackles, a special high jack to lift
the vehicle, water, a first aid kit, plenty of super
gasoline and all oils and other liquids controlled and
topped up.
This type of Land-Rover is one out of two on the
island of Bonaire. Both vehicles are built in 1992 and
served as people carrier. Their color is of white now
but underneath there is still some olive drab visible.
These vehicles might have served in Germany those
days for the British army as crew carriers. A detail
like the screw-on-screw-off lenses on the front and
on the rear expose their military heritage to the con-
noisseur. For a Land-Rover this one is quite modern.
The vehicle is equipped with power brakes and
power steering and comfortable coil springs. Of
course there is no air conditioning, seats are square
and primitive, not adjustable. Windows are sliding
windows, not electric. The fuse box is slightly bigger
than a matchbox...
So we were well prepared and I pulled out the two
knobs to engage the choke of the two huge SU vac-
uum carburetors, controlled by two separate cables
and damped by springs and oil. I pressed the throttle
a few times, put the gearbox in neutral and turned the
ignition key. (This car is produced in Sollihull, Eng-
land, so everything is on the "wrong" side of the
steering wheel. To the English left is right and right
is left. It takes some time to get used to it. Inexperi-
enced drivers start the wipers when they intend to go
left or right and the other time indicator lights are
engaged when they have the intention to wipe the
raindrops from the windshield. Let's suppose this is
part of the character of the vehicle.)
So I turned the ignition key and the engine got
cranked around. The sound of a lovely and smooth
running V8. I put it in reverse and we moved back-
wards. We drove in the direction of Nikiboko South
to get off the paved roads somewhere more or less in
the area of Maiky Snack. (One of the very best local
restaurants, serving delicious goat stew prepared on
wood fire!/jb) The unpaved roads were still muddy
here and there and deep tracks showed us that a lot
of vehicles had got st c sme two weeks ago as a

Health Store

High Q~uality, He~althy,
Natural Produits

Story & pho-
tos by J~n
Brouwer at the
wheel of the big

i l ...I1. i' ...I~ i* I
SB~ ..HL I- I.,al"

*. 11. .1 I . ,
S~i ..~Il I. .. I.,d

La Ter~assa Ka\-a Grandi 23N
( Floo r abo te Bor iia Bo na i re I
W 717-3353, 510-2318
Open luonda!-- Saturday
10 am-3 pm nonstop

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

Ne# arri 07790


As an integral part of The
ANetherlands taxes in
Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba
will yield about US$50 million
annually which is more or less
the same as it was under the An-
tillean tax laws. The islands have
about 10,000 tax payers, most on
On the 6th of October 2010,
the tax legislation for Bonaire,
St. Eustatius and Saba was
approved by the Dutch Second
Chamber while the First
Chamber has yet to consider
and comment on the draft leg-
islation, passage of the law as
described below is considered

What will change for
private individuals?
Lots of taxes... but under a
greatly simplified system and at a
lower rate for most people. Indi-
viduals may face !... -? Is;, it ..
(payroll withholding tax), pre
michecrringc (premium contribu-

(income tax) and vastgoedbelast-
.', (prloper ts! tax). This article
will use the Dutch nomenclature
for better accuracy.

For Income tax and Pay-
roll Withholding, tax the
most important changes:

The adjustment of the income
tax rates. Currently tax rates
range from 12.5 to 47.5%, in-
cluding a 25% surtax. This will
change to a single rate most peo-
ple: 30.4%, including retirement
and health levies ( AOV/ AWW
and the zorguerzekering). Mort-
gage interest is deductible for
these people.
Incomes over $250,000 will be
taxed at 35.4% but for them
mortgage interest is deductible at
a different rate.
Income fromAanmerkelifk
Belang (Substantial Interest in a
business) is taxed at 5% and does
not fall within the general tax.

Exemptions and Deductions
Income up to $9,750 (N~Af.
17,453.-) is exempt from taxa-
tion. This sum can be increased

when spending their income.

What will change for
those in business?
Those in business may face
taxation on profit (benefits) and
other business related taxes:

Profit Tax
Depending on whether the
business is run in the form of a
sole proprietorship (EZ) or a
limited liability company (BV,
NV), those who run businesses
will be subject to inkomstenbe-

;T,,r; ri .. Le v i (P~rofit Tax) will
be abolished next year.
If the business is run as a sole
proprietorship, the rules for de-
termining profit remain in force
under the new tax rates.
As a rule, it can be assumed
that running a normal, active
business within the Caribisch
Nederland will fall within the
Dutch corporate income tax pro-
In the event that the business is
run other than in the form of a
sole proprietorship, it may be
that the Nederlandse ven-

t i;. is, at is or provisions un-
der the new 1-I; ..,, rl;?.. e i,,r ,
(Dutch dividend and corporate
income taxes) will be applicable.
Details will be supplied in a
forthcoming brochure on op-

If the business falls within the

the dividend payments to share-
holders and others who are enti-
tled will be taxed.
The tax rate for I- ;,.apr?.,-
An Itests is 5% At the end of the
calendar year, the company is
required to submit financial
statements to the tax authority.

Other taxes which are of
importance to those in
Irrespective of which form the
business takes, the following
taxes are of importance to those
in business: the vastgoedbelast-
ing, the algemenebestedingsbe-
As sing~ (ABB- sales/general use

and the !.. ,,I. is, s, is
Vastgoedbelasting (business)
This tax is exactly the same for
both corporations and private
The Algemene bestedingsbe-
lastingAlgemene bestedingsbe-
is st, is (ABB) replaces the

and the ';7 / lr,, op
r;7.~r...,,;;<. ,,: ,, ( Company
turnover tax on Saba and St.

ABB- "Sales Tax"
This new legislation for the
ABB specifies three points where

charges occur:
1. Charge on importation
The tax chargeable on import
applies to business and private
individuals. There will be no
import duties on Bonaire ex-
cept for normal vehicles which
will be 25%. Energy efficient
vehicles will be exempt from this
25% tax. The definition of En-
ergy efficient and zero pollution
vehicles has yet to be provided.
However, for the import of
gasoline and diesel fuel, excis-
able goods like liquor and ciga-
rettes for example, excise taxes
will be levied. Rates have not
been specified on these items as
2. Charge on the supply by
local producers
The charge when goods are
supplied by local producers is
important so that the local pro-
duction is taxed in the same way
as the importing of products.
Supply by those others than pro-
ducers is therefore not taxed.
3. Charge on the provision of
In this context (for instance),
one must think of the profes-
sional services and performance
of lawyers, architects but also
providing, for instance, a car

The algemenebestedingsbe-
lasting (ABB) has exemptions
for necessities like bread, grain,
potatoes, rice, public transport on
roadways, non-commercial edu-
cation, hospital services etc.
It will be controlled similarly to
the present OB tax. At the end of
this year, all tax payers of ABB
will receive a handbook which
contains the most important as-
pects of this tax.

The overdrachtsbelasting
(Transfer Tax) There is a levy

there is a transfer of property or
The notary plays an important
role in respect of this tax. He/She
ensures that the taxpayer makes
the correct payment to the tax
authority. It is the buyer of the
property or ship who is required
to pay the .,, b .7, eninr~; J.i.,ltr,,,
From 1st January 2011, the
tariff will be 5%.

The loonbelasting
(withholding agent) must ob-
serve the tax adjustments from
the tax tables at a flat rate of
30.4%. This tax of 30.4% con-
sists of !....,d .. ia str e e, AOV/
AWW and employee's contribu-
tion to zorguerzekering (health

SVB Replaced
The tax authority has taken
over the job of collecting medical
insurance premiums from the
SVB (Social Insurance Bank). It
will levy and collect the premi-
ums for ziekte- en ongevallenver-
zekering (health and accident
insurance), premiums for "de
Cessantia" and the employers'
contribution to zorguerzekering
(health insurance).

There will be a "regular wage"
for the employee who has a sub-
stantial interest in a company.
This standard wage is based on
an assumed "salary" of $20,000.
a year, but it may also be deter-
mined to behigher or lower. This
will apply, in any event, to start-
ups with a commercial profit of
less than $20,000.-

At the end of this year, all the
withholding agents will receive a
handbook on !. ...;, .lasr,,, and
premiums, which contains the
most important aspects of this tax
and premium contributions.
The Tax Legislation becomes
effective January 1st 2011. The
three laws are the fiscal system
(Wet E.. is,l rt, is t. Is. BES), the
Implementation Law
(Invoeringswet BES) and the
Customs and Excise Law
(Douane en Accijnswet BES).

This text, transcribed fr~om
RCN releases, is not a~rtitcial By
law only the Dutch version can
be considered official. Beginning
next week, the Belastingdienst/
Caribisch Nederland (hereafter
referred to as B/CN) will provide
brochures containing a more
comprehensive explanation of the
new A.go Jilr. ,te, and any amend-
ments to i. o str,,, !..gilr. J.,te,

by: $1,250.- (NAf. 2,238) per
child, up to two children.

Also a deduction of $200. -
(NAf. 358) is allowed for those
who are 60 years of age or

Deductions like mortgage
interest allowances, home
maintenance, various personal
expenses and extraordinary
expenses remain.

Income from rented proper-
ties will no longer be taxed as
income but as 1 at 25% of the estimated rent pro-
ceeds. The Island Government is
permitted to charge a surtax on
this rate.
Note: The estimated rent pro-
ceeds are automatically deter-
mined to be 4% of the fair value
of the property. Once every five
years, a valuation from B/CN
will be issued. If vastgoedbelast-
ing is payable for a property,
then no g s. ;. t.7.i ertra will be

Income from interest and
dividends will be tax-free up to
$5,000 (NAf.8,950.-).
The scheme for pensioners
(penshonados) will disappear
over a transition period of four
years. In 2015 current pensionna-
dos will have to pay at the nor-
mal tax rates.
One's own home (that is the
home which serves as the main
residence) does not fall under

Additionally, a sole proprie-
tor's business assets do not fall

remain within the businesses
income tax.

Also, for properties of resi-
dents of the Caribisch Neder-
land which are valued at less
than $50,000.- no vastgoedbe-
lasting will be due. This is par-
ticularly intended as relief for
"kunuku" houses.

Individuals may also be the
subject of other taxes, but not as
a taxe on their income. They may
well be the subject of other taxes

Page 16

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

Hig hlig hts of the Ta x Legislation for the Caribisch Nederland

TRX Rate Summar y

Specific Tax Item Bonaire Saba and St. Eustatius
Sales Tax 8% 6%
Insurance 9% 7%
Private cars 25% 25%
Low emission cars 0% 0%
Income Tax 30.4 30.4 -
Tax rate for hi gh earners 35. 4 35. 4
Transfer Tax 5% 5%
Corporate Tax 5% 5%
Normal Imports 0% 0%
0 or low emission cars 0% 0%

Wind was elsewhere during this year' s Bonaire Regatta. But there was enough to have races daily,
albeit on shortened courses. Regatta is changing. Spectacular performances in the light air by
featherweight multihulls (which didn't even exist when the Regatta began) and the lack of the Bonairean
Fishing Boat class, the boats that started the tradition, prove it. In fact the only Fishing Boat that sailed
was the newly restored Girema (formerly Laurita) sailed by British owner Edward Leask. The competi-
tors and winners of the Regatta are too numerous to list in this edition but can be found at
wayw.bonaireregatta.orK under "results."
The Regatta festival was spectacular with a dramatic stage, 'jumbotron" video and famous groups as
well as the popular local bands all performing. Fuelled by school holiday weeks in Bonaire and Curagao,
in the evening the waterfront streets were filled with enthusiastic people having a great time.
The Regatta tipped its hat to the I k- Bonaire" with an impressive flag dropping ceremony at the close.

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Sudoku Solution
Puzzle on page 7

9 8 7 1 2 5 3 4 6

4 2 16 8315 97

5 3 6 7 9 4 8 2 1

8 14127 96 5 3

2 95136 14 7 8

6 7 3 4 5 8 9 1 2 (
1 6 9 5 3 2 7 8 4

3 4 8 9 1 7 2 6 5

7 5 2 8 4 6 1 3 9

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

DNB will also take over the responsibility
of monetary transactions and money trans-
fers from the Bank of the Netherlands Antil-
les. The three islands have agreed with The
Netherlands to have the US dollar as their
currency on January 1, 2011.
The euro was rejected because 65% of all
payments on Bonaire already take place in
US dollars.
DNB will monitor the transfer from the
Antillean Guilder to the US dollar.
The website is in Dutch, but there is also
information in English, Papiamentu and

,Have you a question on the integration
of Bonaire into The Netherlands? You
can dial a special RCN phone number 08
008 101010, free of charge for 717 ex-
change numbers. The RXN is working to
make dialing from UT S and Digicel cell
phones toll-free too.

) KLMhas launched anew mobile Web-
site invw.KLM.com for mobile phones.
You can perform most of the same ticket-
ing and scheduling tasks as you can on a
regular computer... but from your

) At the recent Curaqao Youth tennis
games Bonaire fielded eight players in
two different tournaments. The kids
played well against the best young players
from South America, the Caribbean, US,
Netherlands and Italy. They returned with
two Champion titles and one second place
a very good performance by Bonaire chil-
dren. Bonaire was represented by; Merry
Lomp, Jerry Lomp, Rutshainia Holder,
Yannick Finies, Kaile
Finies, Denzel elHage,
Arnd Chirino
and Asdrubal Mar-

SHans Faassen
(right) loves Bonaire.
And this coming Sat-

urday, October
23, he will share
that love and his
love for music at a
unique concert at
the Plaza Resort.
Unique because
Faassen will ex-
hibit his skill in
Classical Instant
Composing, a mu-
sical art form per-
formed by only a
few musicians.
Although he has
long experience in
this form of com-
position, he contin-
ues to find it chal-
lenging and excit-
ing. Much depends
on the inspiration
of the moment and
interaction with the
audience, so be a
part of it!
Faassen' s style is
diverse, ranging
from classical ro-
mantic/ impression-
istic, realistic 19th
and 20th century
and jazz He mixes

Flotsam and Jetsam (Conbnued fomn page 2)
the islands as well.
Gerritsen will take over Kamp's job until a
permanent Representative has been found.
Gerritsen, as Director of Kingdom Rela-
tions, was closely involved in the constitu-
tional change process in the Kingdom and in
the negotiations between The Netherlands
and the island governments.

,Last week Bonaire finally had some
wind, and the wind turbines
were able to supply a peak
power of 4 MW (about 1/4 of
the typical need). This value is
not as high as can be expected
because the turbines are still -
limited by EcoPower and not -I
allowed to generate full power
because they are still in test.
A spokesman for EcoPower
said that Bonaire's recent .
power outages were unrelated to wind
power and the EcoPower operation.

)The detention of former Bonaire Com-
missioner Jeffrey Levenstone has been
lifted, confirmed his lawyer. The suspect in
the "Zambezi" investigation into money
laundering, fraud and corruption had been
hospitalized with health complaints for a
Another suspect, Albert de Groot, has been
locked up at Bon Futuro prison in Curagao
for 13 months and is still a suspect in the
related "Fiji" investigation into drug traf-
ficking and gold smuggling.
At the end of this month the Bonaire
prosecution must formalize its case
against two other suspects: UPB-leader
Ramonsito Booi and Burney El Hage, a
former UPB commissioner.

)THE HAGUE--The Dutch Central
Bank, DNB, this week launched a sepa-
rate website for its involvement on Bon-
aire, St. Eustatius and Saba,
will.bes.dnb.nl. With the new constitu-
tional status the Dutch Central Bank will
supervise the financial markets on the is-

,We are sad to report that museum 'Kas Krioyo Rincon' has
been closed. "It 's really a pity but we could not handle it any-
more. The finance has been an obstacle," Maritza Juan Pedro told
The Reporter on behalf of the 'Fundashon Desaroyo Rincon'.
The old home is an authentic cultural experience, not a Disney-
ized version of a past way of life. Perhaps that's why it didn't
attract sufficient financial support. Certainly there must be an
organization somewhere else in The Netherlands (yes, Bonaire
is now in the (Caribbean) Netherlands) that can support this
genuine, grassroots effort of the people of Rincon to support
their cultural heritage. Contact The Reporter at re-
porteriibonairenews.com or Maritza Juan Pedro at juan-
pedromriiatelbonet.an if you want to help.

styles to create special character. For more
details on the evening' s program, schedule
and prices see the poster on page 15.

) Bonaire has always been hotbed for
radio amateurs. To mark the occasion of
Bonaire's integration into Holland a
group of radio amateurs from several
countries joined forces to make special
transmissions from Bonaire between Oc-
tober 10-24. The primary focus is on all HF
("shortwave") bands. Various locations on
the island are being used, but the primary
location is the Radio Netherlands shortwave
transmitter site. Its impressive antenna park
provides up to 20 times improvement in
signal strength. The radio amateurs have

been granted use of the antennas during
their "dead hours" on the HF bands, be-
tween 1230 and 1830 UTC.

,In preparation for the arrival of Sani-
kolas and Zwartpiet Foundation SEBIKI
is selling t-shirts for children. They're
only NAf 8,50 with a choice of two designs.
Sizes 2 to 16. Proceeds will go to SEBIKI,
the organization for early childhood educa-
tion. Call 717-2436 or stop by SEBIKI.

) If you like the content of this edition
and want The Reporter to be "Still Free"
remember to remind storeowrners to place
their ads here. G. L. D.

Bon Quiz (from page 7)
Q) What is the oil extracted from this
seed called?

A) Castor oil

Page 17



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at Boulder. I have always loved the ocean and studv-

Y Q marin filing here in Bonaire with CIEE has opened my eyes to future plans in the field of

YOH KnOW?...
here is a jellyfish here in the
Caribbean that lives most of -
its life upside down. It lives in the
mangrove swamps and is called the
upside-down jellyfish. Its bell is on
the bottom and its tentacles point
upwards. There is a reason for this
silly behavior: symbiotic algae live -l
within the tentacles. The jellyfish
needs to be upside-down for the al-
gae to get sunlight and produce food.
The jellyfish gets food from the algae and the algae,
called zooxanthellae, get a place to live and protection.
The jellyfish have stinging cells on their tentacles
called nematocysts, so next time you are snorkeling in
the mangroves, don t get stung! Look for upside jelly-
fish in an ocean near you. 411vson Crowe

4arel" is a Doberman lookalike,
otherwise known as a Bo-
nairean Doberman. He's spent a lot of his
one year of life at the Bonaire Animal
Shelter, impressing the staff with his intel-
ligence. Karel is what you would call,
"pack savvy." He knows how to get along
with the other dogs in his kennel and he
loves to play, not only with the other dogs
but with people as well.
Nothing bad has ever happened to him
and this shows in his gentle demeanor.
He' sa quick learner and can be a fine'
loyal companion for the right loving
owner. And of course he is in perfect, ro-
bust health. The dog adoption fee of NAf
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sterilization. You may meet Karel and the
other pets up for adoption at the Shelter on
the Lagoen Road, open Monday through
Saturday, 9 to 1 and 3 to 5. Tel. 717-4989.
SLaura DeSalvo


Pet of the Week 00 0% ~e

Hawkshill Piffle with transmitter

they nest. We expect Valley to return to
shore and lay her next nest on the night of
Saturday, the 16th of October, followed
by Piffie on Wednesday, the 20th
Female sea turtles typically lay multiple
nests during one nesting season. The in-
terval time between nests is 14 days for
hawksbill turtles. This is a behavior that
helps to ensure the survival of the species
by producing enough numbers of eggs to
assure that some young turtles will make
it to maturity and reproduce.

This year 's tracking volunteers are
Zsuzsana, Suz for short, and her husband,
Leo Hoogenhooin, They are producing
the tracking inaps and stories about the
journey of those turtles being tracked
forn Bonaire this year.

O Novembern audy
6, 11am 5pm,
the Bonaire Ami-
mal Shelter will
present a Second- ,..-==- .
hand Book Fair .
and Flea Market ='
at the Shelter on
the Lagoen Road.
Hundreds of books
will be for sale
with a price of
only NA f 2 per r ,- /
book. iii'

All the funds raised
will benefit the Bon-
aireAnial heler. An earlier Shelter flea market with
enjoying the boc

Mona, the Shelter cat,

Food, snacks and drinks will also be available.. Please drop by and bring all your friends!

There will be an Animal Shelter Fundraising Auction at Eddy's at Sand Dollar Resort
on Saturday, December 11 at 7 pm. With the auction the Shelter wants to raise money
for the renovation of the kennels and fences.

One of the auctioned specials will be for the winner to have his or her own pet featured
in The Bonaire Reporter's "Pet of the Week" column, with a story and photo. The Shel-
ter staff says, "We hope that the Bonaire Reporter 's Featured Pet of the Week story will
raise a few hundred dollars!" Laura DeSalvo

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Call For An Appointment 717-2248 or 786-3714

tan~drmhaed...advm~l.ded.;adam~ res
pspuldte....Ima In.,isheduromino..
redr~bondephpuponhandyboolanuLLome whboa
mal alens de nn ubn~rraies Inthahbemr fBns l a u

Bonj~re nome nl

Page 18

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

erm h

ea Turtle Conservation Bonaire is
very busy. There are three sea tur-
tles transmitting their position in
nearby waters
First there is Caric. Of the 21 satellite-
tracked journeys of Bonaire's sea turtles,
green turtle Caric is the second to travel
to the Los Roques archipelago. It's too
early to tell if she has arrived at the end
of her nesting migration; sometimes tur-
tles stop on the way to their foraging
home to replenish energy after nesting
season is over. We'll wait and watch her
movements, and in the meantime we'd
like to share information about her cur-
rent stop and Bonaire's links to Los
Interestingly, the first turtle tracked
from Bonaire to Los Roques was a fe-
male hawksbill named Heit. Her jour-
ney was made in the 2006 nesting sea-
son. Heit had been first flipper-tagged
on Bonaire during the year 2004, and
her transmitter was deployed in 2006.

Valley and Pifie
The two tracked female hawksbills, Val-
ley and Piffie, are resting off the shore of
Klein Bonaire close to the area where


Aries March 20 April 19 Much of the Libra Septe
planetary action this month implicates other jority of the i
people. Whether on a business or personal and encourage
level it's those you're involved with closest features a re~
who figure most prominently. There are still least a close
some issues that you'll need to address. to ensure yo~
Though cosmic influences lie behind this it correctly. Yo
doesn't need to be a random process. There but not if tha
never was a more suitable occasion for re- material or e:
viewing your relationship interactions. lonely and is
Taurus April 20 May 20 By now, you are Scorpio Ocl
more than aware of what is wrong with your tionships are
circumstances. You have thought extensively ous feelings
about this downside, so as the celestial condi- if you kept y
tions lighten gradually, it s good to know the need to be in
chance to improve these areas of dissatisfac- cut yourself (
tion soon becomes easier to grasp. Clearly it's tively. The p:
going to take plenty of dedication and deter- nerability ant
nmination on your part, but perhaps this is not a of human ex]
stniggle that you need to deal with all by your- the rapture, a
self. Sagittarius
Gemini May 21 June 20 The emphasis You are kno~
remains on your working life, which might not depth is ofter
sound very exciting, only that's far from the in the face of
tnith. If you love your job and it fulfils you finding the sj
personally, prepare for improving prospects by natural talent
looking at the detail of what you do and mak- and get away
ing certain systems are in place to support the emerge unhu
achievement of your wider ambitions. The circumstance
same applies if you're busy with other things it's the press
that don't always comit as employment, but tually gets to
that still require the same degree of dedication, Capricorn
like rnuning a home and coping with your view the prec
family. comes clear,
Cancer June 21 July 22 The residue of you'd ever h;
problematic relationships can't influence your ing and otheI
outlook forever. Sooner or later you have to totally unsuil
move forward, carrying what you've learned But the conse
with you, while not allowing guilt or blame to ready been t
prejudice the success of your associations in the criteria b:
future. It's a fine line, because although you prospects bel
can't ignore what has gone down, neither can most accurate
you allow it to damage your self-image per- Aquarius J
manently. You don't have room for associa- pursuing you
tions characterized by control issues, jealousy, harmonizing
power stniggles and an unhealthy complexity. essarily impl
Leo July 23 August 22 The importance of ventional poi
the lion's den is legendary. Lion cubs are vul- financial trend
nerable, so the female rears them in seclusion, these everyd;
hidden from predators and other threats. You lighted. Inno
nmimic this when the world seem too harsh and go amiss, so
dangerous a place, withdrawing into a safe and and meclude t
private environment away from proving eyes, you can.
to lick your wotuds and get ready for another Pisces Febr
try. it's smart to
Virgo August 23 September 22 Love is tried the diff~
accented, but the progress of events is depend- n't pinpointe
ent on how things stand already. If you're from your we
single, your lonely days could soon be over. If location help
you're committed already but your relation- digest the de
ship lacks a little something, maybe you'd be tied you and
right considering a family or a more meaning- tive on it all.
ful interaction with your existing offspring'? the added ad

mber 23 October 22 The ma-
planets highlight your inner life
ge some deep introspection. This
assessment of your priorities, or at
look at what matters most to you,
u have these factors figured out
,ur personal security is important,
t makes you terrified to take any
motional risk, so you finish up
elated in consequence.
tober 23 November 21 Rela-
complicated and stir up numer-
you wouldn't expect to deal with
ourself isolated. This doesn't
a physical sense; it is possible to
off emotionally even more effec-
rice for maintaining vour invul-
d avoiding the peaks and troughs
perience is that you miss out on
nd not only the misery.
November 22 December 21
wn for your optimism, but your
n underestimated. It's tnue smiling
f adversity is your specialty, while
ilver lining in every cloud is a
t. You'll take outrageous gambles
With them, come a cropper and
rt. But this doesn't mean adverse
:s have no real impact, only that
ure of minor incidents that even-
you, rather than one big event.
December 22 January 19 Re-
ceding few years and it soon be-
there are more possibilities than
ave considered. Some are appeal-
rs less so, while a number seem
table, at least on initial inspection.
sequences of what you have al-
hrough serve as a reminder, that
y which you have assessed your
forehand are not necessarily the
e measure of what is achievable.
anuary 20 February 18 By
Ir professional interests you are
with the stars. This doesn't nec-
y work or business from a con-
int of view, but with favorable
Ids happening simultaneously,
ay concerns are particularly high-
vative ideas and techniques never
be sure to explore every angle
hese in your routines whenever

uary 19 March 19 Sometimes
get some distance, when you've
rent permutations and still have-
d a solution. A few days away
orries works wonders. A faraway
Ensure the space you need, to
luge of events that has so unset-
to gain some emotional perspec-
This intellectual decampment has
vantage of being almost entirely
Paul Wade

Anold crescent Moon and the
prettiest planet Saturn will
put on quite a show in the pre-
dawn skies next week plus the
morning star will reappear.
On Wednesday November 3rd
before dawn face east in the Sky
Park. And if you can drag vour
lazy bones out of bed you'll be
able to see a beautiful, very thm
crescent Moon low in the eastem
sky. Down to its left you'll find the
ringed planet Saturn which not
that long ago was in the western
sky at sunset. The next day,
Thursday the 4th, the Moon will
be even thinner and down to the
right of Saturn. The light from the Moon
will take a little over one second to get
here but the light from Satumn will take
almost an hour and a half!
Satumn is an amazing object in even a
small telescope. Many professional as-
tronomers will tell you they can still re-
member the first time they saw the rings
of Satumn when they were kids. Saturn is
the second largest planet in our Sun's
fairly, measuring about 75,000 miles
across its middle. It's one of four planets
that astronomers call gas giants. Satumn is
not a solid rocky planet like our Earth
but has a rocky core surrounded by tens
of thousands of miles of gas. In fact Sat-
umn's density is so low that if you could
find a big enough tub of water Satum
would float in it. Its rings are about as
wide as two Jupiters.
The rings are mostly water ice and reflect
a lot of light from the Sun. Recent space
probes have sent back so many images of
Satumn and the rings that it is sometimes
hard to remember that it wasn't that long
ago that we knew very little about them.
When Galileo first saw Satumn through
his small telescope he thought Satum
might be a triple planet. We now know
Satumn is mostly hydrogen and like Jupiter
it radiates more energy into space than it
gets from the Sun. The view of Saturn
will actually get better over the next few
years as its rings will appear to get wider
through 2017.
There will probably be a flood of UFO


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~Fax: 717-7854

reports starting next week as the morning
star makes its appearance in the pre-dawn
sky. Now you may remember that we had
an evening star that was seen in the eve-
ning sky all summer long. Now we have a
morning star and could it be that the eve-
ning star and the morning star are the
same object. Well, yes, such is the case.
Indeed the name we now give to the
morning star and the evening star is the
name the Romans gave it, Venus. And
although our ancestors thought Venus was
a star we now know that it is an 8,000-
mile-wide Earth-sized planet.
All summer long Venus was to the east of
the Sun as seen from Earth and was visi-
ble as the evening star in the west after
sunset. It sank lower each night through-
out September and finally disappeared
below the horizon. Then on October 27th
it passed directly between our Earth and
Sun and then it rapidly moved to the west
of the Sun and is now visible as the momn-
ing star rising in the east before sunrise.
Venus is the brightest planet because Ve-
nus reflects the most light of any planet in
our solar system. Why? Well Venus is
completely enshrouded by a brilliant
cloud cover, which acts like a giant 8,000-
mile-wide mirror that reflects much more
sunlight back to Earth than say Mercury
or Mars.
So, see the crescent Moon and Satumn in
the morning sky on November 3rd and
4th and watch Venus reappear and dormi-
nate the morning sky throughout Novem-
ber. ( 0, Trigg

MC~ Hair Affair

We do our best to

make your hair and make-

up wishes come true!!
You can also come in for facials and
facial waxing.
We use and sell L'Oreal products
Is your plan to marry on the island?
We can make you beautiful and stay
beautiful for your happiest day.

Personal attention by Janneke
Appointment by tel: 717-5990
or just walk in.

Downtown, near the waterfront
next to Little Havana
Tues-Fri: 9-12, 2-6 Sat: 9-2 non stop

Page 19

Bonaire Reporter- Oct. 22- N~ov. 5, 2010

8 h A E

*kto find it... just look up

The Mornin~ Star Returns and
the Moon shows You Saturn

O cto be r

Haclenad style villa on se font lot with sandy beach.

Beinem, E.E.G. IBlvd. 2!
This property is unique In many ways. I
has a sandy heads. The covered seaside
pac is one of the widest an Island. This
hac~~iend style villa is perhdfec fa uli
purposes due to the perfec locationr at
=...... ? te aystal clear sea, Lay out: entiarnee
,_111i; ;; via walk way Into maln home, Blvng room
wlith sliding dor to nrmou covr
parch seaside, kitchen witlh bar to the?
coee porch, pantry area wit storage
rooms, conierge room with bathroom.
;r~~~~~ MasterI--~--~9"""";;;';~ bedroom with walk-in closet and
en suite bathroom. 3 bedrooms with Wlalk-
IIthrough cloets and an suite bathrooms.
., Separate studio apartment with private
hathroom, strage. Laundry area with
I -- -bathroom and outdor showers, ICar
..- -part at roadside. Lvng3 area: 5,918 18'
(550 m3. Toa lot se 23,995 ft"
rp~ ,iF~F 9k (2,2M 30 hr

Sunbelt Realty Kaya LD.GerhartrS 3 & Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles T +599 717 65 60 F +5~9717 6570 inFogsunbelt.an www.sunbelthonaire-com

Halloween On Bonaire
Be sure to head for the great Halloween Party on Saturday night at Hotel
SRoomer in Belnem. Think up a special costume and scare your friends. There
will be great music, a free drink and scary candv. Be there and be scared!

And the Haunted Homies are doing it again, I don't know holy those ghouls at Habitat
and their creepy friends do it, but they've gotten together to put on another the 5th-
the Nightmare Crib Haunted House. They apparently really like doing it and as al-
ways all the proceeds go to charity. They say it's going to be even more scary this
year. They do this to raise money for charities close to our hearts to help the chil-
dren of Bonaire. Last year thev used the funds to buy car seats for every child whose
family cannot afford one. If you would like to donate funds, time, and/or frightful
items that can be used for props, contact either Karen Chalk or Margaret Romiin at
Habitat. 717-8290 or email Karen
There will also be an underwater pumpkin carving contest on the 31"t Prizes will be
awarded. Entrance fee goes to charity. Divers must be certified. Preregister to
Kareni~ihabitatbonaire.com- Karen needs to know holy many pumpkins to buy.
Karen Chalk Laura DeSalvo

Asking price


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