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Title: Bonaire reporter
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Publication Date: March 18, 2005
Copyright Date: 2005
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Captain Don
Mlov ie GEala

Wy M AND jmisAni

American Eagle has announced
additional flights between
Puerto Rico and Bonaire. In March they
will offer six flights per week; in April,
daily flights, using Super ATR 72s, with
a 64 seat capacity. For May through July
there will be four flights a week. Ameri-
can Eagle leaves San Juan, Puerto Rico,
at 6:30 pm, arriving in Bonaire at 8:36
pm. Return flights are at 7 am, arriving in
Puerto Rico at 9:05 am.

A Last week the Dutch airline com-
pany, Air Exel, filed a claim of 12 mil-
lion euros against its former sister
company Dutch Eagle Express (DEE).
Harm Prince, now back as a Director of
Air Exel after being indicted on several
corruption charges, says it was a loan to
DEE. Air Exel is in severe financial diffi-
culties and many of its operations are
shut down., However, DEE rejected the
claim by AirExel. It said the participation
of the Exel Aviation Group (EAG) in
DEE was "for own account and risk."
AirExel and KLM made aircraft and ex-
pertise available.
Entrepreneur and Bonaire resident,
Niek Sandmann, who also owned part of
EAG, reportedly took over DEE from the
Bonaire Government in August 2004.
Problems surrounding Exel co-owners
Erik de Vlieger and Harm Prins, were
stated as the reasons for his breaking with
the EAG and concentrating on making

DEE a regional airline in partnership with

A Last year was the safest since
World War II for commercial air
transport, both in terms of passengers
killed and aircraft lost or irreparably
damaged, the industry's global body,
IATA, said last Monday.
IATA data showed the chances of dy-
ing in an airline accident in 2004 were
one in every 10 million people flying
against nearly three in 2002 and more
than seven in 1996. Just under eight air-
liners were destroyed or irreparably dam-
aged for every 10 million sectors flown
(industry jargon for the distance covered
between a take-off and a landing) com-
pared to more than nine in 2002 and 13 in


The first Boeing 777-200LR
Worldliner took off from Paine Field in
Everett, Washington State, last Tuesday,
on its maiden flight. It's the world's long-
est range commercial airplane capable of
flying non-stop between virtually any
two cities in the world. It's suspected that
KLM will use 777s to fly directly from
Amsterdam to Guyaquil and Lima within
a few years, thus bypassing the "technical
stop" in Bonaire.

A Bonaire will soon have its first pri-
vate high school if plans by a local par-
ents group come true. The first public
announcement was made last week and
more details will be forthcoming. Verbal
approval has been granted by the govern-

4M Am
- ~- - - -- - -

SGet ready for a cell phone free-
for-all that should benefit all custom-
ers through increased competition.
Last week we reported that the Ministry
of Communications removed minimum
rates on cellular calls. It seems that was a
precursor to the long-awaited announce-
ment that Digicel would take over Cura-
gao Telecom (CT). CT has been waging,
and winning, court battles against UTS,
the Curagao government-owned telecom
giant, similar to how BonairExel had to
fight DCA's monopoly.
Digicel was founded in 2001 and has
cell phone systems in seven Caribbean
islands: Jamaica, Barbados, Cayman Is-
lands, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada,
Aruba, and now Curagao. The company
will try to establish operations on more
islands. According to company figures it
has 60% of the market and has 1,000 em-
ployees. It is admired for its low rates,
customer service and aggressive market-
ing. Digicel will use GSM technology
and introduce Internet, picture, e-mail
and other new cell phone features. It may
also enter the Bonaire market.

A About 115,000 people will be eligi-
ble to vote in Curacao's constitutional
referendum on April 8. As was the case
in Bonaire, 16- and 17-year olds will be

Letters (Meet the Children?, Wonderful
Bonaireans, A Sad Find, "Der Prozess"
Revisited) 5
Bonaire Windows (Snake Valley) 6
Bonaire Cryptic 7
Captain Don, the Movie 8
Bonaire Accolade Award 8
Windsurf Scene
(Prokids Freestyle Worlds, 2005)) 9
Haulout Here 9
Culinary Team Readies for
Taste of the Caribbean 10
Winning Student Chefs
Work for Trip 11
Artist Willie Dijkstra Exhibit 13
Special Olympics Fashion Show 18
Flotsam & Jetsam 2
Vessel List & Tide Table 9
Pet of the Week (Fred) 11
Classifieds 12
Picture Yourself
(Noordwijk aan Zee, Holland) 13
Reporter Masthead 14
What's Happening 15
Micro Movie Review (Aviator) 15
Bonaire Cryptic answers 15
Shopping & Dining Guides 16
On the Island Since
(Fer de Wit) 17
Bonaire Sky Park
(Two Largest Planets) 19
The Stars Have It 19

allowed to vote for one of the four op-
tions. This added 4,700 names to the vot-
ers' list. Curagaoans living off-island
have no vote. All of Curagao's political
parties are recommending a vote for an
Aruba-style status aparte. However, vari-
ous pre-Referendum polls indicate that
(Continued on page 4)

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 2

2005 The Bonaire Reporter
Published weekly. For information about subscriptions, stories or
advertising in The Bonaire Reporter, phone (599) 717-8988, 791-
7252, fax 717-8988, E-mail to: Reporter@bonairenews.com The
Bonaire Reporter, George DeSalvo, Publisher. Laura DeSalvo, Edi-
tor in Chief. Address: Kaya Gob. Debrot 200-6; Bonaire, Neth. An-
tilles. Available on-line at: www.bonairereporter.com
Reporters: Captain Don, Dodo, Hilltopper, Jack Horkheimer,
Greta Kooistra, Ann Phelan, Michael Thiessen
Features Editor: Greta Kooistra Translations: Peggy Bakker,
Sue Ellen Felix
Production: Barbara Lockwood
Distribution: Yuchi Molina (Rincon), Elizabeth Silberie (Playa);
Housekeeping: Jaidy Rojas Acevedo. Printed by: DeStad Druk-
kerij Curacao

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 3

(Flotsam and Jetsam. Continued from page 2)
about half the people want closer ties
with Holland, especially for law enforce-
Just 56% of eligible voters (5,352 peo-
ple) cast their vote in Bonaire's referen-
dum, held in September 2004.

A 2004 was another record year for
the tax collection in the Netherlands
Antilles. Collections amounted to
NAf1.337.463.783 in direct and indirect,
excise, and import taxes. That was about
NAf50 million more than collected in
2003, which was the previous record
Curagao was again the 500 pound go-
rilla having just over 80% of the tax col-
lections withNAf 1,070,000,000.
St. Maarten, the second biggest island
of the Antilles as far as population goes,
collected NAf 193.6 million, NAf 10 mil-
lion more than in 2003. Bonaire col-
lected NAf62 million in 2004, same as in
2003. Statia collected NAf6.8 million in
2004 compared to NAf5.4 million in
2003. Saba almost doubled its proceeds,
from NAf2.5 million in 2003, to NAf4.8
million in 2004.

A Based on results of a survey con-
ducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics
(CBS) on all Antillean islands, Bonaire
entrepreneurs believe the island's
economy is improving. Slightly over
70% of the respondents said they experi-
enced improvements versus 60% six
months ago. Eighty companies in Bonaire
were surveyed.
However, 30.2% of those responding
said they felt there were obstacles in their
way to doing more business because of
government policy and a shortage of

qualified staff. They indicated that their
investments were positively influenced
by the availability of financial resources
and by favorable market expectations.

Valero oil refinery

A The general manager of the Valero
oil refinery in Aruba announced that pro-
duction will increase by almost 25 %
soon. Construction of two 'visbreakers'
would increase the daily production to
about 285,000 barrels. The refinery pro-
duces gasoline for cars, diesel and
kerosene for Bonaire's airport

A Spain has adopted the Netherlands
Antilles. In a recent meeting of the Inter-
national Olympic Committee it was de-
cided that there was a need to raise the
level of sports in the Caribbean region.
Larger countries which routinely win
medals at Olympic Games were asked to
help countries that had yet to produce
medal winners. Spain offered to assist the
Netherlands Antilles, St. Vincent and
The assistance program will be a four-
year-long pilot project. So far Spanish
sports officials have visited only Curagao
and Sint Maarten.

The Bonaire
Music School will be
revived under gov-
ernment and private
auspices. Deptuty
Jonchi Dortalina
recently met with
members of the board
of the Bonaire Music
School, Skol di
MHsika Boneiru,
Jackie Bemabela,
Gilbert van Arneman
and Ricardo Vos. It's
anticipated that
AMFO (Antilliaans
Organisatie -
Funds) funds Jacky Bernabela, i
would be used for Pre
the project.

A Buddy Dive Resort has a new spe-
cial for 2005 to celebrate its 25t anniver-
sary. When booking the regular Drive &
Dive Package guests will receive a com-
plimentary upgrade to unlimited Nitrox -
a savings of $99. And for those divers
who are not Nitrox-certified, Buddy Dive
is offering a Nitrox-certification course
for only $99, a savings of $76 off the
regular price. The complimentary up-
grade is valid for bookings between April
1 14, 2005, and the entire month of
May 2005. Seven-night Drive & Dive
packages are available from $715 per
person. Other conditions apply. For more
information and reservations call 1-866-
GO-BUDDY, email buddy-
dive@travelmarketing.com or visit http://

Deputy Dortalina and Gilbert van Arneman,
'sident ofthe Music School

SMichael Obersi of Dew Point N.V.
reports that they are now carrying the
very well known and reliable Robin
Brushless Generators. Kunukeros have
been using them on their kunukus for 10
to 12 years without problems, Michael
says. Dew Point also carries a full com-
plement of MAC batteries, from 40
amp. to 200 amp. They're good quality,
reasonably priced and come with warran-
ties. Dew Point is now the distributor for
Speed Queen heavy duty (commercial)
washers and dryers.

A The Jong Bonaire model in this
week's Benetton ad on page 11 is Far-
ley Mercera. O L./G.D.

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 4

9I O PI N O an daET E R 0. Uk E PAGE

Dear Editor:
After a recent trip to watch the movie
"Meet the "Fo***rs" I was once again
struck by the absolute lack of control on
screening of kids going into an adult
Although I have endured worse while
surrounded by kids, "Meet the "Fo***rs"
was by no means gentle or discreet. It was
inundated with senseless and unnecessary
actions, and meaningless, tasteless phrases
were overused.
The point is this should not be our kids'
Where is the outrage? Where is the control? Where is the guidance? Where are
the parents and civil leaders? Who will address this important issue? G. B.

Dear Editor:
I just had to write to you about my wonderful adventure in Bonaire that left me
looking forward to not only going back but also having my new friends visit Bos-
ton if they come through here.
I spent a week learning how to scuba at the young age of 60...and everyone at the
resorts was helpful and the experience was wonderful underwater. But what I truly
remember and cherish was my most difficult and uncomfortable time when I
missed my return flight to Boston. Imagine my panic and discomfort, trying to fig-
ure out how to get back while the airlines looked quite blank and were not willing
to figure out how to get information for possible future departures.
Nobody seemed to be able to know how to get info except maybe fly to Curacao,
maybe fly to Miami. But no one could quite grasp how to be helpful...when out of
the darkness a voice spoke up. "I think I could help." What? Someone willing to
extend themselves and take their time to try to plan what to do? Mr. Edward Thiel-
man and his lovely wife, Nydia, talked to me and spent their time helping me fig-
ure out what the best way to get information and what to do next. My relief was
amazing. They and their family, two gorgeous children., one who looked like the
image of a young English-speaking Barbie doll, took me in and got me settled at a
small hotel and got the info about a flight when it seemed so difficult for most.
Well, we all had a great time and went to dinner at their favorite restaurant.
My memories are not just from under the sea but of these wonderful Bonaireans
and their most gracious time with me. Thank you all.


Dear Editor:
He knew he'd seen this before. Was it a book? A movie? A play?
Sitting in the middle of a big room that resembled the island city hall where
many before him stood. Not charged with a crime, like he was though, but getting
married. He never thought that the room that he always associated with love, hap-
piness and joy could turn cold and sterile.
In front of him were people he remembers, but doesn't recognize anymore. He's
had meetings with them, happy hours. Discussions and email conversations on
how to solve certain problems. Now he was charged and had to justify his acts.
Which acts? No charges were mentioned.
"We hereby find you guilty on all charges."
"You will be sentenced to a solitary existence. We won't share any information
with you, won't finance projects together, you are not allowed to stand beside us in
public gatherings and we will avoid having contact with you."
Our price for your sentence is that we won't tell you our findings and data since
you might question it or might have better ideas, useful information you have can't
be shared with us and our budget deficit will be higher due to a lack of contribu-
tion from your side for ourjoined expenses. We hope you understand those bur-
dens hurt us a lot. We are determined to continue the path we have chosen."
"But sirs," he stumbled, "guilty for what?"
"We hereby close this court sitting." The men walked away and left him alone in
the cold and sterile room.
The lights in the garden went out. The AC didn't blow cold air anymore. The
radio stopped playing. Another power black out!
He couldn't wake up. This can't be true! The last words from the reporter on the
radio; "And the propaganda machine seems to have done its work with this result
that indicates that our island is determined to step out of the country."
Never thought that the story he imagined impossible would ever happen actually
be taking place, but luckily it was a dream.
The alarm on his cell phone went off. "BHG meeting at 2 pm" it displayed.
That's right he thought; it was just a dream right?
Bert H. Gadoed
This allegory comments on the relationship between The Bonaire Hospitality
Group and some Bonaire tourism policies. BMG members include: AB Car rental,
Buddy Dive Resort, Belmar Apartments Bonaire Lagoen Hill, Bonaire
Inn, Bonaire Seaside Apartments, Diver's Paradise, Jibe City, Sun Oceanfront
Apartments, Sun Rentals and Tropical Travel. Ed.

Dear Editor,
This week I discovered the body of a dog that had been tormented and killed
(hanged) under a tree on Seru Largu. I called the police and they came and took
photos. But with no clues I don't think the cruel people who did this deed will be
easily caught. This horrible deed is out of character for a place like Bonaire that
cares for its household pets with a beautiful Shelter and provides a Sanctuary for
its donkeys.
If a reader has information about the people who did the killing, please pass on
the names to the police. If they are brought to justice there may be an opportunity
for them to get treatment to cure them of acts like this.

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 5



"T ook out! It's loaded!" Wan-
cho danced away from the
bar and cried out again, "Be careful! It
could explode!"
"Let me see that thing," a strong voice
shouted. "I'm NRA, and there's not a
gun made I don't know." He picked up
the old flintlock pistol from the top of
the bar.
I rounded the counter and took a chair
opposite Wancho who was laughing as
Mr. NRA moved over to the table.
"Very funny!" said Mr. NRA as he
rudely dropped the pistol on the table in
front of us.
"Very funny!" I mimicked and picked
up the pistol to examine it. A flintlock,
cocked, and in pretty good condition,
considering the remnants of coral still
clinging to the butt.
"Deep?" I queried. Wancho stopped
laughing, looked me directly in the
eyes, and replied, "Two hundred plus."
He waited for my reaction and then
asked, "Want to go?"
"Weather side?" I asked.
"No," he said.
"Willemstoren?" I tried again. I
thought for a moment, then growled,
"You ba#*@*t. You got the Sirene."
The Sirene is an old Dutch Man o' War,
lusted after by more of us than I care to
"Don, if I found that one, would I be
here talking with you?"
Insulted, I asked, "Is that so? Where
would you be?"
Wancho thought about that and


A Trojan Dive Marker (see story)

added, "I'd be right here drinking whis-
key with my old friend Captain Don,
except I'd own this place, and you
would be working for me."
I never coaxed him, but finally, Wan-
cho did leak a clue. "The new Trans
World Radio tower... straight out to the
second drop off." I cleared my throat,
tried to relax and appear nonchalant.
Wancho chuckled; he knew that I
coveted that pistol. "Now where was
I?" he questioned.
"At 250 feet!" I exclaimed.
"Awwww yeah, 250 plus feet," he
said. Then he picked up the pistol,

knocked back the
rest of the whiskey
and headed for the
door. "Ciao!" and he
was gone.
The NRA fellow
came over to the ta-
ble and said,
"Sounds to me like
that fella's setting
you up...maybe." I
could see he was
thinking about the
pistol too.
It was several days
before I got free for a
private little dive. I
loaded the old '57
VW van, topped off
my tank to a full
2,300 psi, tested my
J' valve, bought a
pack of Trojans at
the gift shop and fi-
nally, cut myself a 10-inch piece of red
The route south could scarcely be
called a road, but I reached the tower
and pulled close to the water's edge.
There, almost unseen, was a motor
bike, leaning against a rock. I saw the
NRA sticker on its fender.
"What the hell," I thought," he's
probably fooling around in the shal-
lows. Forget him and get on with the
dive." It wasn't too long before I was
over the drop off and looking for refer-
ence points. Then I saw my guy, down
in the corals, resting like a lizardfish,

Garden Eels

legs spread for balance. He had a spear
gun, about six feet long, and his breath-
ing was deep and slow. I knew I was
watching a hunter.
I shoved my regulator in my mouth,
exhaled deeply, and started to drop. At
40 feet I touched down in a sand clear-
ingjust 10 feet behind him. The spear
gun was an SMG with a balanced grip.
Its stainless steel shaft had an NRA
sticker wrapped around it and was
armed with a power head big enough to
take out a young whale.

(Continued on page 14)

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 6

By popular demand of puzzle fans we present the:
Bonaire Cryptic by The lilltopper
English, Dutch and Papiamentu words from our island

3 Put on the access code, you ass! (6)
5 Our Island (7)
6 Take a non-ecclesiastical taxi to quiet water (3,3)
11 Bail a gas: difficult spot to be in (7)
12 Plant reverse on Dutch meets with French approval (4)
13 Backward relations and I have crazy item to read in this place (8)
14 Shift self without the last for swimmers (4)
17 A fish opposite opposite the wind.(3)
18 Eighth mon. in a confused creature (6)
19 Incomplete alias mixed up here (7)
21 Hear a kind of piano on the beach (5)
22 If I was not there, running child with insect, you would see a lovely tree. (10)
24 Location is mixed in lora tin (7)
25 News again: dark beer (8)
28 Somewhere in the farandol Phineas heard the French heir in English. (7)
30 Does Cuba conceal swimming surprises?
32 Mix him lora hoke for his low boat (5,6)
33 Contained in this alternative (4)
34 To get here, just continue stealing (7)
36 Little Hawaiian necklace between 11th and 14th place (5)
37 Mixed up African country with a lake (4)
38 Arrange roman robe for animal (4)
39 Jet propelled creature from British coins (4)
40 Farewell gestures first with Latin birds (5)
41 Harold reverses without Lawrence Bird (4)


20 Place water in concentrate for French rinse (6)
22 Beach enjoyment with Greek letter (6)
23 Golf game for the birds, not the birdies (6)



0 0 MEMO 0B


0 0 0 0 0 0 ME

0 MNNN E1ME 0 0 1

22 Bec enomn wihGeklte06
23 GolfME M gam NONE brs ottebrde 6

Down 26 Flags omni- present confusion to a birdbrain (8)
1 Throw around a club with 14A: to get a surprising creature (6,4) 27 A small pig lacking hours, but first with French garlic inside, is pleasant on the
2 Lamp confused tree (4) water (8)
4 A Tibetan ox goes down the street in reverse (4) 29 Bad rate okra here (4,4)
5 Welcome, Bob, in and within (3,4) 30 Contained in this each time (3)
7 Ship Tom's makeup? (6,5) 31 Antic act usually follows sitting on such plants (6)
8 Area is complicit in rebel nemesis (6) 33 Contained in this unusual feature (3)
9 Backwards manilas almost envelop this briny pond (6) 34 Contained in this and everything else (4)
10 Sounds like beans and bed wear makes a wreck (10) 35 Place in hat or socks (4) 1
15 Last of the waves sounds dull and sick inside (9) Answers on page 15.
16 Backwards but rejuvenated lady lives in quiet bay (6)

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 7

SCaptain Don, the Movie

A n affectionate, insightful
and graphically spec-
tacular account of the story of
Captain Don's love affair with
Bonaire was presented Saturday
at an invitation-only gala at
Movieland. The almost hour-
long film was made entirely on
Bonaire by documentary film-
maker Hendrik Wuyts, assisted
by Donna DeSalvo. The film
relates how aspiring actor, Don
Stewart, bought a 70-foot-long
schooner and, with almost no
sailing experience, set out on a
voyage that ended in Bonaire
and marked the beginning of a
new era for the island. It fol-
lows Captain Don as his aware-
ness of nature evolved from ex-
ploitation to protection as he
recognized the potential for Bonaire's
unique underwater environment.
Titled "Island Adrift" the film con-
nects Captain Don's life with the
course of Bonaire's development. With
his innovations to protect Bonaire's
reefs he began the era of dive tourism
that sustains the island today.
It lets the viewer understand why the
Captain, rather than becoming rich
from the founding of an industry and
several dive operations, is rich in
friends and a legacy of a healthy under-
sea environment.
Astounding images of Bonaire's cor-
als and sea creatures are woven with
recollections of individuals whose lives
were affected by their contact with the
man. Captain Don turns 80 this year.
He continues to work to promote Bon-
aire as a leader in the conservation of
the environment and to expand world
awareness of the environment through
his Accolade Foundation.
Production of "Island Adrift" was
made possible by emotional and finan-
cial support from Phil and Laraine
Now everyone can share the experi-
ence. A DVD of "Island Adrift" is
available for $25 (NAf45). Proceeds
help support the Accolade Foundation,
to further the recognition of persons
who have devoted themselves to pro-
tection of the environment. Copies of
the DVD are available from ScubaVi-
sion, Kaya Grandi #6, 717-2844 or

Ihe onMae Acco1d4 Award

F ollowing the
big-screen de-
but of the movie,
"Island Adrift," Cap-
tain Don Stewart pre-
sented the first award
of his Accolade Foun-
dation. The award,
quoting from its char-
ter, is an "...inter-
national salutation, an
award to recognize,
acclaim and honor the
ocean environmental
pioneers of Earth's
last frontier..."

The first Accolade Award is presented to a surprised
Laura and George DeSalvo by Captain Don.

It was given to Laura
and George DeSalvo of The Bonaire
Reporter for their sustained efforts to
preserve Bonaire's environment.

Quoting from the Award text:

"First order environmentalist and dy-
namic newspaper editors, George and
Laura DeSalvo are people who have
relocated on terra firma to carry on a
firmer allegiance to the environment.
For more than ten years, they have
kept readers up to date on major Bon-
aire issues through the 'still free' Bon-
aire Reporter.
On the front lines as well as behind
the scenes, George and Laura have
worked to keep Bonaire's environ-
mental issues on the 'front burner.'
They helped to spearhead efforts to
save Klein Bonaire from development
and were instrumental in the making of
the award winning film, 'Saving Klein

The Accolade Medal is designed by
Bonaire's own Luty DePalm.

Bonaire.' For all this and more, it is fit-
ting that George and Laura DeSalvo are
the first recipients of the "Bonaire Acco-
lade Award."
Future recipients of the Accolade
award can be drawn from on-island and
off-island candidates. 1

Captain Don, sporting his new peg
leg, was the host for the evening.

786-2844. Email info@scubsvision.
info. O G.D.


%- it

Visit our shop:
In town at Kaya Grandi #6
Phone 717-2844 or 786-2844

Have Bonaire's professional
underwater filmmaker, Hendrik
Wuyts ("World of Ocean Films" and
"Eye On" Series -most recently in
Peru and Kenya), custom produce
an underwater video of your dive
on DVD or tape for only $85

Digital stock footage
TV productions
Documentary films, DVDs
Weddings, Video art
Diving-windsurf films

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 8

indsur Scene at SorobonPro KidsFreestyleWorlds Hlt H r
2005 Haulout Here

Kids of all ages love windsurfing

T he playground and training
ground of the world famous
Bonaire Sailing Team will be the site
for the premier Pro Kids Freestyle
Worlds, May 20-22.
Talented young freestyle sailors are
invited to attend this event being held
following the 3rd Bonaire PWA King
of the Caribbean Competition. The best
young sailors from the region and the
world will compete in the most daz-
zling windsurf discipline, freestyle. In
the years to come some of these top
talents will soon be on the PWA
Tour. Starboard windsurfing equip-
ment will sponsor this premier event.
With moves bearing zany names like
the Flaka and Grubby, freestyle is one
of the hottest water sports. Freestyle is
fun and exciting and can be affordable,

requiring only one board and a few
sails. More than 12 riders from Bonaire
have international sponsorship. It is
fitting that Bonaire will host the first
Junior World Freestyle Champion-
Contact Elvis Martinus at the-
place@telbonet.an in Bonaire or Tinho
Dornellas at Tinho@tcalema.com in the
US for details. Registration and infor-
mation for this event are at www.
bonaireworldfreestyle.com. For flight,
car, gear and accommodation informa-
tion contact :
ann@bonaireworldfreestyle.com. 1
Ann Phelan
Ann Phelan, owner Caribbean Wind &
Sun Vacations, a windsurfand eco tour spe-
cialty travel service, is the Event Coordina-
tor of the Annual Bonaire PWA King of the
Caribbean. ann@tbonairewindsurfing.com

ne of Bonaire's best kept secrets is that boats sail and power up to 15 tons
and 40 ft. + can be safely and expertly hauled out for maintenance. Jon
Blonk's boatyard, just north of WEB, does this and more for Bonaire boat owners
and yachts passing through. In this photo a 15-ton Ferro cement yacht is being
launched following comprehensive maintenance. An interesting fact is that it is
less expensive to store a boat on land at the Blonk boatyard (NAf 10/day) than
afloat ($10/day). O G.D.



KRALENDIJK TIDES (Heights in feet, FT)
Remember: Winds and weather can further influence the local tides
3-18 8:00 1.9FT. 16:50 0.8FT. 35
3-19 8:36 1.9FT. 17:26 0.8FT. 32
3-20 9:18 1.9FT. 17:54 0.8FT. 36
3-21 9:52 1.8FT. 18:16 0.9FT. 43
3-21 9:52 1.8FT. 18:16 0.9FT. 43
3-22 1:27 1.2FT. 10:25 1.8FT. 18:37 0.9FT. 52
3-23 3:35 1.2FT. 11:07 1.7FT. 18:51 1.0FT. 61
3-24 0:22 1.4FT. 4:50 1.2FT. 11:47 1.6FT. 18:48 1.1FT. 71
3-25 0:45 1.5FT. 6:22 1.2FT. 12:28 1.4FT. 18:22 1.2FT. 79

Adesso Jan Gerardus Sapphire
Alessa Jasokinbah Sarah
Amante Jel-jok France Santa Maria
Antigone Laetitja Sandpiper, USA
Argus, USA L'Aquila, BVI Sea-iesta
Bright Sea Lisa Light Seute Deem
Camissa, Chan Is. Luna C. USA Simplicity
Cape Kathryn La Escotilla, Caymans Significant Other
CCD 65 Maebelle Sirius
Flying Cloud, USA Maki, France Solvig of Lorn
Gabrielle Meruva Sylvia K
Galandriel Miz Mae Tagora
Goeie Mie Moana Ti Amo, USA
Gerda Mulloka II Ulu Ulu, USA
Glad Neliandrah Unicorn, Norway
Guaicamar I, Ven. Pearl Varedhuni, Germany
Honalee Sabbatical Ya-T, BVI
Infinity Sanuk Zahi, Malta

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

* I -


Page 9

B onaire's Culinary Team of pro-
fessional chefs is continuing its
practices in preparation for the "Taste of
the Caribbean" competition in Miami in
June when the teams of the finest chefs
in the Caribbean come together to com-
G et your tickets now for the pete. It takes a lot of work and dedica-
bg Wine and Cheese tion on the part of these professionals
n big W nd C hs who already put in long hours in their
Fundraiser to send our team to r
Miami. It's Saturday, March 19 at
There have been a series of "tastings"
the Fountain Plaza of Harbour by the committee, gourmets, and fine
local wine purveyors are Village, chefs from the community. Patrice from
from 6:30 to 9 pm. Participating Bistro de Paris, Martin Bouwmeester of
ALCON, Antillean Wine Company Blue Moon and Douwe Dooper from Mona Lisa, have
(AWC), Bonaire Gift Shop and The given their advice and recommendations. Each of the three
Island Supplier (TIS). Sumptuous courses is critiqued based on the same criteria the judges
appetizers and cheeses will be sup- will use in Miami: presentation, culinary techniques, por-
plied by Bonaire's leading restau- tion size, team work, taste, color, Caribbean feel, balance,
rants. Donation is NAf50. For tick- etc. etc.
ets call Sara Matera at 786-9299 or Bartenders practicing are Brad Conner of Rum Runners
Laura DeSalvo at 717-8988 or 791- and Andrew Gabrielse, Plaza. They're being coached by
7252. These culinary events are Liz Rijna who's won six gold medals and was Best Bar-
always highlights of the year! tender in the Caribbean once at "Taste of the Caribbean."
OL.D. The team is doing its part by practicing hard, but it takes
money to send our team to Miami. It's estimated that hotel
and air, even with discounts, will come to NAf17.000. So
to raise funds there will be the Wine and Cheese event this
Saturday (see left). And to raise funds and let the team
practice there
will be a series
of lunches
where the pub-
lic is invited to
enjoy the team's
meal. Two glasses of
wine are included.
Only 30 seats will be

Floris van Loo (right) gets advice from top chefs Martin Bouwmeester
(Blue Moon) and Douwe Dooper (Mona Lisa)

Team Captain Floris van Loo flames the roast

sold each time. They'll be at La Flamboyant Restaurant at 1 pm
on Sundays, March 20, April 10 and 17. Tickets are NAf30. Call
Sara Matera at 786-9299. 1 L.D.

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 10

Qaor g T h n v o Q ending a culinary team to the Taste of
S the Caribbean could never happen with-
out the support from the Bonairean community and businesses. A big thank you
to the very generous wine purveyors and restaurants who will be supplying all
the culinary delights at the Wine and Cheese Fundraiser this Saturday, March 19
at Harbour Village. They couldn't have done it without you!
ALCON, Antillean Wine Company (AWC), Bonaire Gift Shop, The Island
Supplier (TIS), Airport Restaurant, Antriol Catering, Bella Vista, Bistro de
Paris, Blue Moon, Bongo's, Capriccio, Chez Lucille, Chez Nous, Chibi
Chibi, China Nobo, City Cafe, Croccantino, Den Laman, Donna & Georgio,
Eddy's Goumandaise, Eden Garden (Great Escape), Garden Cafe, Goddard
Catering, It Rains Fishes, KFC, Kon Tiki, La Guernica, La Luna, Le Flam-
boyant, Lion's Den, Mango's, Mona Lisa, Nadia's Snack, Nonchie's, Pasa
Bon Pizza, Plaza Resort, Rendez-Vous, Ribs Factory, Rose Inn, Rum Run-
ners, Wil's Tropical Grill, ZeeZicht 1 L.D.

Winning Student Chefs Work for Trip

W inning is only part of it; the
team has to get there and pay
for a place to stay as well.
Last Sunday in Wilhelmina Park, Bon-
aire's SGB (high school) student chefs
who won the ABC-Sint. Maarten culi-
nary competition rolled up their sleeves
and worked the barbeque at the Park dur-
ing the Brass Band, Dutch Dixies and
Glen and Su Gang performances pro-
moted by Bonaire's Rotary Club in cele-
bration of their 100 years.
As a result of their winning the students
were awarded a week's free instruction at
the Culinary Institute in Ft. Lauderdale in
June. However, they need money to pay
for their air fare and hotel while they're
in the US. So the industrious team,

helped out by teachers Vernon "Nonchi"
Martijn and Liz Rijna and coordinator
Sara Matera, made a delicious barbeque
with salad and rice to sell to the audience.
Team members shown above: Bram
Smit, Samantha Statie, Andres Cicilia
and Wendy Heredia.
Phil and Laraine Katzev, who produced
the Hendrik Wuyts Documentary on the
ABC-Sint Maarten Student Chef Compe-
tition, were so impressed with the team's
spirit that they said they'd sponsor an
evening for the team at one of their fa-
vorite restaurants in Ft. Lauderdale, The
Cheesecake Factory.
The Rotary Club ran the beverage con-
cession which benefited their Breakfast
in School Program. OL.D

a 04->I -a" a arP I

H ere's "Fred," a very good
looking Dalmatian mix. It's
not just his looks that are interesting;
it's his personality. He's full of spirit
and energy and has a very positive
view of life. He's playful and has a
nice character and is very friendly.
He'd be a willing student for someone
who can take the time to train him.
Not only would the final result be
worth it but you'd have a friend for
life. Fred is about a year and a half.
His adoption fee includes his medical
exams, tests, worming, shots and ster-
ilization. And you may be sure that
Fred, like the other adoptees at the
Bonaire Animal Shelter is healthy and
social. You may see him for yourself
at the Shelter on the Lagoen Road,
open Monday through Friday, 10 am
to 2 pm; Saturdays until 1. Tel. 717-
Congratulations to the new owners
of "Charlotte," who came into the
Shelter after seeing her photo in the
Pet of the Week last week. May you all have a wonderful
life together.

Are you a pet lover and maybe you don't have a pet of I I
your own but you like to be around them? Think about vol-
unteering at the Shelter. Right now they can use some
help because some are leaving or returning to their home
countries. If you have time you can't give it to a more appreciative group. Wag-
ging tails, kisses, barks and meows are your "pay," and some say that's worth a
million. You may set up your own hours. Give Shelter Manager Jurrie Mellema a
call at 717-4989. You can make a difference towards keeping the Shelter pets
"social." OL.D.

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 11

Commercial ads are only NAf0.70 perword, perweek Free ads run for 2weeks.

JanArt Gallery, Kaya Gloria 7, Bon-
aire Local Art, Art Supplies, Framing,
and Art Classes. Open Tu-We-Th &
Sat 10 am- 5 pm Friday 1- 7 pm; or
phone 717-5246 for appt.

BonaireNet is the leading consumer
and business information source on
Bonaire. Telephone (599) 717-7160.
For on-line yellow pages directory in-
formation go to http://www.

sultation, Supervision, Hypnotherapy,
Psychotherapy Drs. Johan de Korte,
Psychologist, Phone: 717-6919

Trees and Plants, Bonaire grown.
8000m2 of plants and nursery. Spe-
cializing in garden/septic pumps and
irrigation. Kaminda Lagoen 103, Is-
land Growers NV (Capt. Don and
Janet). Phone: 786-0956 or 787-0956

LUNCH TO GO- Starting from
NAf5 per meal. Call CHINA
NOBO 717-8981

Bonaire Images
Elegant greeting cards and beautiful
boxed note cards are now available at
Chat-N-Browse next to
Lovers Ice-Cream and Sand Dollar.
Photography by Shelly Craig

Visit Gallery "MyArt"
Marjolein Fonseca-Verhoef
Call: 785-3988



Restaurant Terrace Take away
NAf35.OO $ 20.00
OPEN: 11.30 a.m. -02.00 p.m.
DINNER 06.00p.m. 09.30p.m.
Sunday and Monday closed
Kaya Grandi 26 F/G, TEL/FAX:



Make it more livable from the start
Interior or exterior design advice, clear-
ings, blessings, energy healing
China trained, Experienced. Inexpensive.
Call Donna at 785-9013

Cal orfax 7he BonaireReporterat717-

Compressor block 3 stage 100 200
Itr per minute. German build Max 225
bar. Complete with coolers and water
separators. Just add motor and filter
system. Call 786-1465

For Sale:-stroller as good as new.
From 175Naf for 100Naf -Sony prof.
surround system VAC5 with war-
ranty (a.g.a.n), 7500 Watt, MP3, mic,
c.d., double tape deck etc from
1 100Naf for 700Naf -Asahi Pentax
K2 DMD prof. photo camera set:
Pentax lenses, tripod motor drive,
prof. case, filters remote etc. Absolute
bargain: Was 7500Naf, now 700Naf!
For information call 717-7977 or e-
mail alexanderl37 @telbonet.an

HP Notebook Computer model:
ze5400. P4(2.4Ghz), 40GB, 512mb,
Wireless e-card. Almost brand new,
carrying case included, $1,400 (US).
Info 791-6009 after 3pm

Logan compact mat cutter- 100
Nafl; LG Studioworks 17 com-
puter monitor almost new- 100 Nafl;
Daewoo large microwave with
transformer- 200 Nafl.; George
Foreman grill- 50 Nafl.; white stu-
dent desk- 30 Nafl; Black and
Decker electric leaf blower- 40 Nafl;
dark wood sofa table 50 Nafl; Call
717-3976 or 786-0076

FOR SALE:Men's (Large) Scubapro
Finseal BC-$50, Women's (Xtra
Small) Dacor BC-$25. CALL 717-

1- Ipod MP3- 10 GB all included
with world adaptor ... $185.00
1- Laptop: Averatec 8 months old
256mg-Ram/ 30 gig / wireless card
internet / CD RW/ DVD slim
5.21bs -XP. Perfect cond... $850.00
1- PDA 800 Toshiba/SD card 512mb/
navigation program loaded/wireless
internet/VGA screen USB sync
base. Was $600 for $300. can sell
GPS separately for $130.
1- Sony Ericson P900 smart phone/
Unlocked. Works any where in the
world / sync USB with computer/blue
tooth. Was $900.00 Sell for $500.
1- Wireless router server-Dlink
DL714/ 4 ports and printer port. Was
$120 Sell for $60.00
1- Repeater or extend range D-Link
DWL 800 Was $90 Sell for $50.
1- 120 Gig Hard drive USB and Fire
Wire $140.00
1- Blue tooth PCMCIA USB blue
tooth CF wireless card 4 in 1 pc
card Sell $25.00 each.
1- Digital Pentax Camera option
4meg pixel / small like new / 512mb
SD card. Sell $275.00

1- Canon 35mm underwater Sure
Shot Camera like new. Sell for $150.
2- Bicycles 24 speed / light / like new.
Were $450 Sell for $200 each
Kite surf North (11) with board -
harness- bar etc. all brand new Got in
$2,000.00 Sell for $1,500.00
You can contact me at Bonaire Antil-
les (599) 786-4260 OR 786-4083
captain@lagace.us (All data's)
cptmichel @hotmail.com

Gaastra Force, Stealth & Phoenix
kites -assorted sizes 4.0 to 17.5 me-
ter. Nearly new. Call for more info.
$300-$600 obo. Call 717-6862 or 791-

FOR SALE: 2002 BMW 525i Ex-
cellent condition, 30,000 km / fully
equipped / aspen grey will sacrifice
for 55,000 fls Serious offers only.
Contact 791-6533

Grease monkey special..'83 Honda
Jazz NAf2.000 call 785-9760

I am still look-
ing for my dog,
Betsy, lost since
December 26.
Red short hair,
lost in the area
of Nikiboko
South. Call

"Koncha", NB-123, fast-sailing 14ft
FRG centerboard sloop, Naf 1,400.
Trailer available. Also stowable din-
ghies cheap: 12 ft "Banana" and 2 Avon
inflatables. Call Mac 786-1580.

Classic Sailor
Make an Offer. Tradi-
tional Bonairean Sailing
sloop. Wood, traditional
construction, about 21'
long. Fiberglassed in and
out for minimal mainte-
nance. Two time winner
of Bonaire Regatta, Class
A. A dream to sail. One
of the last of its kind. Call
717-8988 or 785-6125.

For Rent:-fully furnished 1 bedr.
apt. with large porch, beautiful yard,
washing machine, alarm, TV., tel.,
airco, very quiet area for NAf900
incl. Please call 717-7977 or e-mail

For Sale: Special Offer: Chalet in
Valencia, Venezuela, in private zone.
1,000 sq. meters property, 1,000 sq.
meters green zone. Chalet is 215 sq.
meters. Built in 1999. Downstairs:
living area with open, built-in
kitchen, office, guest toilet, laundry.
Upstairs: master bedroom with bath,
terrace; 2 additional bedrooms, 1
bath. Many trees. Documents in or-
der. Tel 717-4111

For Rent: Comfortable 2-bedroom
beach villa-weekly or monthly-
choice location-privacy & security-
May 1st until Dec. 15th. Brochure
available. Phone (Bon) (599) 717
3293; (US) (570) 586 0098. Email
larjaytee @aol.com-May 1st until
Dec. 15th.

Owners of Robin RGD-5000 Diesel
Our motor is OK. Contact Captain
Don and Janet: 786-0956

Captain Don and Janet are seeking a
massage table or waist -high pad-
ded exercise bench. Call 786-0956

Wanted full time employment
opportunity. Experienced in man-
agement and administration. Many
years on the island and no work per-
mit needed. Please call Marion Wil-
son at 717-5571

WANTED: Experienced waiter or
waitress for dinner service. Call
Croccantino at 785-0581.

Business license for sale. BV for
photo/video business above and be-
low the water surface. Including web
design and whole sale. Comes with
URL and website. Great potential.
Selling because I am leaving the is-
land. Call 786-1465.

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 12



Willie Dijkstra (3rd from right) with fellow artists Nina Ledezma, Linda Rich-
ter, Avy Benhamron, Renate van der Byl, Catherine Salisbury

L ast Saturday evening the
doors of the Cinnamon Art
Gallery were thrown open to the
public for Willie Dijkstra's one-
woman show. Well wishers came
to congratulate Willie and to see
her work, many of whom are her
fellow artists who've had shows at
the gallery.
The show was opened officially
by Willie's friend and colleague,
Nolly Oleana, who spoke in
Duth. .Nina Ledezma and her daughter, Taddie
Toe tapping music was pro-
ded the jazz grup of Guus Aruelo, admire the work of Willie Dijkstra
vided by the jazz group of Guus
Gerritsen, Lando Tjin-a-Sjoe and
Bentje. As is what's become a tradition at the gallery openings, the party spilled
over into the street. The exhibit will run until April 14. Cinnamon Art Gallery is at
Kaya A.P.L. Brion #1, just off Kaya Grandi, behind Banco di Caribe. It's open
weekdays 9 to 12, 2 to 5. Tel. 717-7103. For examples of Willie's work visit
www.cinnamonartgallery.org/willie-dijkstra-mar2005.html. DL.D.

Picture Yourself
With the R.eporter

Noordwiik aan Zee, Holland


H ere are Helma van Gelsdorp-Beekman and Hilde Bos-Hagens with The Bon-
aire Reporter in Noordwijk aan Zee in Holland, in front of the statue of
Queen Wilhelmina, inspecting the Dutch troops. They add, "Recently we came back
from a marvellous stay in Bonaire. The cold in Holland makes us 'Bonaire-sick.' It
was not a good idea at all to return to Holland. We miss especially the outdoor
breakfast with fresh fruits at the Caribbean Club Bonaire and the lunches at Jibe
City, but we are already making plans for coming back next year."

WIN GREAT PRIZES! Take a copy of The Bonaire Reporter with you on your next
trip or when you return to your home. Then take a photo of yourself with the newspaper
Bonaire Reporter, Kaya Gob. Debrot 200-6, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles (AN). E-mail
to: picture @bonairereporter.com. (All 2004 photos are eligible.) D

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 13

(Bonaire Windows. Continuedfrom page 6)

With my hammer, I smacked the bot-
tom of my tank. The sharp ring
brought him springing off the bottom.
His body swung and he aimed that gun
directly at my solar plexus. At that mo-
ment I thanked God that Mr. NRA was
a conscientious hunter who never
pulled the trigger until the quarry was
Once my breathing got back to nor-
mal, I pried out a Trojan, fingered out a
single rubber, carefully inflated it to
about two feet in diameter and secured
it to a soft coral where it shimmered
like an inverted teardrop. Then I stared
down that underwater mountainside,
wondering if the Sirene was really
down there or if Wancho had set me

We left the spear gun and a Trojan
standing sentinel on the edge of that
precipice, started down that steep slope,
coasting just above the reef. Soon, we
came to a flat sand channel. I pulled
my red ribbon away from the mask to
study it (Red ribbons turn blacker as
the red light is absorbed at deeper
depths-a primitive depth gauge. Ed.).
Hundred, hundred-ten, maybe. The sec-
ond Trojan inflated and took station
there. Visibility was incredible. I won-
dered how far the sand flat went,
maybe to Curaqao. There was nothing
out there at all. Except for the snakes -
sand eels, actually by the thousands.
The sand flat was alive with 'em.
We lifted from the sand and swam
out perpendicular to the reef, only three
feet above the sea floor. I was exhila-
rated by the snakes. I stared at them as
they glided tail first into their holes.
Five minutes into the crossing, I
sensed company: two eight-foot sharks,
coming in like gangbusters. I looked at
Mr. NRA, no fear in his eyes but lots of
hostility because I'd made him leave his
gun behind. But he was all hunter; a
gleaming knife, the size of a small
sword, jumped into his hand. The
sharks were now closing in, and I be-
gan to understand his anger. I was de-
fenseless with only my hammer, but
then thought, "and my buddy."
Those damned sharks had us spinning
about like tops. Then as quickly as
they arrived, they were gone. It had
been a fine show, but it had cost us
time, and more than that, our sense of
direction. Then I remembered the cur-
rent ripples in the sand. We had moved
perpendicularly across them before we
met the sharks. Re-oriented again, we
moved out. As the ripples came and
went, I knew we were getting closer to
the pistols.
I had become fascinated by the

snakes again, their tails deep in their
burrows. I watched the back of their
heads turn as we approached, and then,
all of a sudden, the penny dropped. It
had been their faces we had watched as
we crossed before, not their backs. We
were 180 degrees off course. As I
turned around, Mr. NRA kept swim-
ming furiously toward his gun and the
shore. I bid his departing bubbles fare-
well, turned, and regained my course
out across the wet Sahara.
Wancho had been right. I did find a
second reef. I swam up and over it to
the far side drop-off. At that point I set
my third and final Trojan and pointed
my nose down at the Sirene and Wan-
cho's pistols. My ribbon was growing
darker by the moment, and I knew that
I had entered the forbidden zone be-
yond 250 feet when my red ribbon
went coal black. No pistols, but time to
go up.
The trip back was uneventful. A slow
vertical ascent to 20 feet, watching for
the reflected beacons from my Trojans
and enjoying what I could see of the
reef far below. The snakes in the valley
were too deep below me to see, but I
thanked them anyway for their help.

As it turned out, Mr. NRA beat me to
the pistol, hustling back and buying it
from Wancho before I could. No pistol
for me but a new "window," Snake
Valley. 1
Story and photos by Captain Don

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 14


Cal to make sure: Usually9:00 pr
(Jennifer Garner)

Early Show (usually 7pm)

Kaya Prinses Marie
Behind Exito Bakery
Tel. 717-2400
Tickets NAf10,50 (incl. Tax)
High Schoolers NAf 7,75
Fat Albert

Saturday, March 19 Wine and Chee
Fundraiser for Bonaire's Culinary

Team Fountain Plaza of Harbour Vil-
lage, 6:30-9 pm. Donation NAf50. For
tickets call Sara Matera -786-9299 or
Laura DeSalvo 717-8988, 791-7252. See
page 10
Until April 14 Willie Dijkstra Art Ex-
hibit Cinnamon Art Gallery is at Kaya
A.P.L. Brion #1, just off Kaya Grandi,
behind Banco di Caribe.
Sunday, March 20-Palm Sunday
March 21-26"' Singles Week in Bonaire-
Membership is open to all. Email
annO@bonairewindsurfmg.com or call 011-
5999-786-3134 to join in the fun
Friday, March 25-Good Friday-Banks
and shops closed.
Sunday, March 27- Easter Sunday
Sunday, March 28- Easter Monday.
Banks and shops closed.
Arts and Crafts Markets at Wilhelmina
Park on Cruise Ship Visiting Days:
Tues., Mar. 22-Aida Vita

Friday, April I -Simadan (Harvest)
Festival in Rincon
Saturday, April 2 Big Rincon Mar-
she-gifts, food, drinks, music, friendli-
est people on the island.-6 am to 4
Sunday, April 3 Contest di Fli, (Kite
Contest) at the Juventus Field, the big
ballpark behind Kooymans, near the
Pauw gas station. Entry fee for ages 7
to 15 years is NAf3,50. 16 and up it's
NAf7,50. Sign up at the Flamingo
Book Shop on Kaya Grandi #21 be-
fore March 28 or 29.

axmrnmn a ambiance at the Chibi Chibi Restaurant
& Bar. Open daily 5 to 10 pm. Live Fla-
Bingo with great prizes, starts 7 pm, Divi
Monday -Soldachi Tour of Rincon, the
Seen recently in heart of Bonaire, 9 am-noon. $20-Call
Movieland Cinema: Maria 717-6435
The Aviator by Martin Tuesday -Harbour Village Tennis, Social
Scorsese, starring Leonardo di Round Robin 7 to 10 pm. $10 per person.
Caprio. I was really looking forward to Cash bar. All invited. Call Elisabeth Vos at
seeing this movie after all the press and 565-5225 /717-7500, ext. 14.
favorable ratings. And this film abso- Wednesday -Meditation at Donkey
lutely delivers. It did just what the Hol- Beach from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Open to all.
lywood filmmakers can be very good at: Call S.H.Y. 790-9450
take you away into another world, for- Wednesday -Sand Dollar Manager's
get you're in a chilly theatre on Bonaire. Cocktail Party, Mangos Bar and Restaurant
I was totally mesmerized by the beauti- Friday -Manager's Rum Punch Party,
ful shooting and the flying scenes are Buddy Dive Resort, 5:30-6:30 pm
every boy's wet dream. The flickering Friday- Open House with Happy Hour
St at the JanArt Gallery at Kaya Gloria #7,
of Alan Alda's eyes when he looks up to from 5-7 pm.
the picture was such excellent acting it Daily- The Divi Flamingo Casino is open
makes almost the whole movie worth
makes almost the whole movie worth daily for hot slot machines, roulette and
watching. I certainly wouldn't recom- blackjack, Monday to Saturday 8 pm- 4
mend it for the younger viewers (it is a am; Sunday 7 pm- 3 am.
bit long) but for the rest of us, go and Every day by appointment -Rooi
see it. O Dodo Lamoenchi Kunuku Park Tours Bo-
ese nairean kunuku. $12 (NAf12 for resi-
Saturday, April 16-Padrino Fashion dents). Tel 717-8489, 540-9800.

Show at Croccantino Restaurant-to
raise funds for Bonaire's Special Olym-
pics Team. 7:30 pm. NAf125 donation
includes multi-course Tuscan dinner. Well-
known singer Monica Millar will perform.
Tickets at Croccantino Restaurant. Tel.
April 15- 22 Dive into Earth
Week check with your hotel or dive
shop for activities including beach and
underwater cleanups
Arts and Crafts Markets at Wilhelmina
Park on Cruise Ship Visiting Days: Sun.
Apr. 24-Endeavor
Saturday, April 30-Rincon Day, Queen's
Saturday, April 30- COMCABON MCB
5 km / 17.5 km run with prizes. 7 am.
Call Richard Pietersz at 717-8629, 780-
Saturday, April 30 Windsurfing
MAY 2005
May 15th to the 22nd King of the Carib-
bean at Lac Bay. The event will kick off
the 2005 PWA Freestyle Tour. For info,
see www.pwaworldtour.com or
May 19 to 22-Bonaire-Harbourtown

Saturday Rincon Marsh6 opens at 6 am -
2 pm. Enjoy a Bonairean breakfast while
you shop: fresh fruits and vegetables, gifts,
local sweets and snacks, arts and handi-
crafts, candles, incense, drinks and music.
Sunday -Live music 6 to 9 pm while en-
joying a great dinner in colorful tropical

Saturday- Discover Our Diversity Slide
Show, pool bar Buddy Dive, 7 pm 717-
Sunday Bonaire Holiday -Multi-media
dual-projector production by Albert Bian-
culli, 8.30 pm, Capt. Don's Habitat.
Monday Dee Scarr's Touch the Sea slide
experience cancelled until March 28th.
(Then at the Aquarius Conference Center,
Capt. Don's Habitat, 8:30-9:30pm.)

Bonaire Cryptic Answers
(for puzzle on page 7)

6 LAC BAY (anagram of LAY CAB)
11 SLAGBAAI(anagram of BAIL A GAS)
12 POUI (OP rev., OUI)
13 NIKIBOKO(KIN rev., anagram of BOOK)
14 FISH (anagram of SHIF[t])
17 EEL (LEE rev.)
18 IGUANA (anagram of AUG IN A)
19 KARPATA (anagram of PART AKA)
21 PLAYA (player piano)

24 ANTRIOL (anagram of LORA TIN)
28 DOLPHIN (faranDOL PHINeas,
30 SCUBA (doeS CUBA)
32 HILMA HOOKER (anagram of him
33 SALT (thiS ALTemative)
36 KLEIN (K [LEI] N)
37 GOTO (anagram of TOGO)
38 GOAT (anagram of TOGA)

Turtle STCB slide show is can-
celed for March.... It restarts
Friday- Week in Review Video
Presentation by the Toucan Dive
Shop at Plaza's Tipsy Seagull, 5 pm.
International Bible Church of Bon-
aire- Kaya Amsterdam 3 (near the traf-
fic circle) Sunday Servicesat9 am;
Sunday Prayer Meeting at 7:00 pm in
English. Tel. 717-8332
Protestant Congregation of Bon-
aire. Wilhelminaplein. Services in
Papiamentu, Dutch and English on
Sundays at 10 am. Thursday
Prayer Meeting and Bible Study at 8
pm. Rev. Jonkman. 717-2006
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints, Kaya Sabana #26 Sundays
8:30 11:30 am. Services in Papiamentu,
Spanish and English.
Catholic San Bernardus in Kralendijk -
Services on Sunday at 8 am and 7 pm in
Papiamentu 717-8304 Saturday at 6 pm
at Our Lady of Coromoto in Antriol, in
English. Mass in Papiamentu on Sunday at
9 am and 6 pm. 717-4211.
Assembly of God (Asemblea di Dios),
Kaya Triton (Den Cheffi). In English,
Dutch & Papiamentu on Sunday at 10
am. Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:30
pm. 717-2194
New Apostolic Church, Meets at
Kaminda Santa Barbara #1, Sundays, 9:30
am. Services in Dutch. 717-7116.

Send events to The Bonaire Reporter
Email reporter(bonairenews.com

39 SQUID (shilling S, pound QUID)
40 WAVES (W[ith] AVES)
41 LORA ([h]AROL[d] rev.)

2 PALM (anagram of LAMP)
4 KAYA (A YAK rev.)
5 BON BINI (anagram of BOB IN IN)
7 CRUISE LINER ([tom] CRUISE [eye]
8 BELNEM (reBEL NEMesis)
9 SALINA ([m]ANILAS rev.)
15 SAILBOARD (wave[S] AIL bored)
16 LAGOEN (NEO GAL rev.)
20 RINCON (water IN CONcentrate)
26 FLAMINGOS (anagram of FLAG
29 TERA KORA (anagram of RATE OKRA)

30 SEA (thiS EAch)
31 CACTUS (antiC ACT USually)
33 SUN (thiS UNusual)
34 SAND (thiS AND)
35 HATO (HAT Or)

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 15


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m m

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 16

Bella Vista Restaurant Moderate. Breakfast and Lunch Magnificent Theme Nights: Saturday: Beach Grill; Wednesday: Mexican
Sea Side Restaurant at Buddy Dive Resort Dinner during Theme nights only. Night; Friday: Manager's Rum Punch Party
717-5080, ext. 525 Open every day and All-You-Can-Eat B.B.Q

Bistro de Paris Moderate Real French Cooking in an informal setting
Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 46 Lunch and Dinner Superb dishes prepared with care and love by a French chef
(half-way between hotel row and town) 717-7070 Closed Sunday Owner-operated Eat in or Take away

Caribbean Club Bonaire Inexpensive-moderate Quiet country setting, lovely landscaping, friendly staff
On the Tourist Road 2 mi. north of Town Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Happy Hour from 5-7 pm
717-7901 Closed Sunday Inexpensive Bar Hap dinner plus regular menu
Calabas Restaurant & Moderate-Expensive Get a view of the beach and turquoise sea while enjoying a breakfast buffet
At hibi Chibi Restaurant and Bar Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or a la carte lunch and dinner at the 'Chibi Chibi' restaurant & bar. Inspiring
At the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort. Waterfront Open 7 days vistas and the highest standard of cuisine.
Croccantino Italian Restaurant Moderate-Expensive Tuscan chef s prepare exquisite dishes. Authentic ingredients and romantic
Downtown at Kaya Grandi 48 Dinner setting make dining a delight. Be served in a garden setting under floating
717-5025 Closed Monday umbrellas or in air-conditioned comfort. Take outtoo.
Garden Cafe Moderate Finely prepared Middle Eastern cuisine plus Venezuelan specialties.
Kaya Grandi 59 Monday-Friday, Lunch & Dinner Excellent vegetarian selections.
717-3410 Saturday, Dinner. Closed Sunday Pizza and Latin Parilla
The Great Escape Moderate Bar-Restaurant poolside -under the thatched roof. Cuban Chef prepares
EEG Blvd #97-across from Belmar Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Caribbean cuisine. Champagne brunch on Sundays 10 am to noon.
717-7488 Open 7 days Happyhours 5 to 7 every day.
The Last Bite Bakery Low-Moderate Enjoy a delicious dessert or savory baked meal in the comfort of your home
Home Delivery or Take Out Orders taken 8 am-4 pm; Deliveries 6-7:30 or resort. This unique bakery offers gourmet class items -always from
717-3293 pm, Closed Sunday scratch- for take out or delivery only.

The Lost Penguin Low-Moderate Watch the bustle of downtown from this street side Caribbean-style bistro
Across from MCB Bank in downtown Kralendijk Breakfast, Lunch, Early Dinner owned and run by a European educated Master Chef
Call 717-8003. Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays and his wife.
Pasa Bon Pizza Bonaire's best. The Real Thing! Freshly prepared pizzas made with the finest in-
On Kaya Gob. Debrot Low-Moderate gredients. Salads, desserts.Eat ortake awaNicebar too.
2 mile north of town center. 790-1111 Open from 5-11 pm Wednesday-Sunday gredients. Sally heads, desserts. Eat in or take away. Nice bar too.
Call ahead to eat-in or take out 790-1111

_ +,,-,.., dr r.Q, A

, +Sr2-li N-, rISQ2 r -^-



........................... ..,. .. . . .. . . ........................... .. .........................................., : . .. .

44W elcome to 'Casablanca,' the
VV real 'Casablanca!' When I
was about 40, I was sitting on a bus in
Amsterdam and I heard two girls saying,
'Look...! It's Humphrey Bogart!' I al-
ways wear a hat and there must have
been something else in my appearance
that resembled the great actor. Ever
since that time it became a thing be-
tween my wife and me. When the house
was ready in 1995 we named it
'Casablanca,' not only because of my
resemblance' to Bogart, but also be-
cause the house was white and my
name, de Wit, means white as well I
like to play with words! Come on in and
make yourself comfortable." Fer de Wit
gently pushes a giant German shepherd
aside and we sit at the table.
"In Amsterdam I studied construction
engineering and education. I worked at
architect offices, was teaching at night
schools and three years at a day school.
All my life I'd suffered from asthmatic
bronchitis, and it became so serious that
the doctor advised me to go and live in a
warm, dry climate. A week later I saw
an ad in the paper looking for a teacher
in construction engineering for a school
in Aruba. Nobody knew anything about
the island and neither did I, but I
thought, 'I'll make it somehow.' I guess
I'm a bit of an adventurer. It was 1963, I
was 28.
I took the train from Amsterdam to
Lisbon, from there a cruise ship, the
Santa Maria, to Willemstad, Curagao;
then I flew to Aruba.
For 14 years I taught in Aruba, the last
five years as the assistant school direc-
tor. I was the only Dutchman active in a
political party, the P.P.A. As I love
dancing, I founded a dance school and
for eight years it was a big success.
When I arrived in Aruba I was married.
Son Ed was born in 1964, Rob in 1966.
They were great kids. From the time
Rob was very young he was fascinated
by the sea. At four or five he went snor-
keling all the way out to the reef with a
teacher. They picked up Papiamentu,
Spanish and English in no time and they
mixed all the words until they'd sorted
out what word belonged to which lan-
guage. Children, especially the very
young ones, are capable of learning
every language they're surrounded by.
My wife and I were divorced when the
boys were 12 and 10. They left with
their mother for Holland. I'd met Elly,
my second wife, on one of my trips to
Holland, and we were married in Aruba
in 1976. When I was offered a job as the
director of Lower Professional Educa-
tion School on Bonaire, Elly and I went
first to have a look. There were two su-
permarkets, Henderson and Cultimara,
9,000 inhabitants. It was quiet indeed.

When I arrived in Aruba in 1963 it also
was very tranquil. We liked Bonaire. We
looked around a bit and the first impres-
sion was okay. So, we moved here in
After I'd been working for three
months I got ill and had to go to Holland
where I was diagnosed with a rare form
of bone cancer. I gave up the idea of
ever returning to Bonaire and felt very
homesick. From my hospital window in
Amsterdam I could see the planes taking
off, I thinking, 'Which one is going
home?' Miraculously, I was cured. The
disease disappeared without any treat-
ment. They couldn't find a trace of it
anymore, and after four months I was
allowed to return to Bonaire.
I went back to school. However, two
years later I had problems with the
teachers, and after consultations with the
school board and the local authorities, I
was offered a job with the government
as a municipal architect. Amongst other
projects, I designed the slaughterhouse
and the L.V.V. office. I retired in 1992
when I was 57.

"From my hospital
window in Amsterdam I
could see the planes taking
off, I thinking, 'Which one
is going home?"'

Life has never been only about work; I
have too many hobbies! Since I was 18
I've been interested in photography -
taking pictures all my life. Dick Eisley,
an American who was sent to Bonaire
by the United Nations to map out and
conduct tourism together with Nicky
Tromp, became a good friend of mine.
He was the one who told me I should
make postcards of my pictures! Except
for some from Karl Mayer, there were
hardly any postcards for sale on the is-
We started in 1989 and Elly ran the
business. The first six had pictures of
birds. They went extremely well, and in
the end we had between 55 and 65 dif-
ferent images. My son Rob, who's a
master at it, did the underwater photog-
raphy. My great friend, the late Jim
Brandon, used to say, 'There's nobody
on the island who can do what Rob is
doing!' We had the business for 11
years, then I sold it to my daughter-in-
law, Marion. She's German, married to
my son Ed, who's living on Bonaire and
working with Radio Nederland Werel-
domroep. Rob lives in Holland. He's an
airbrush artist working for advertising

companies. He's also a rock artist, a gui-
tarist in his own band; they just brought
out their first CD.
Well... jeez, let me get you something
to drink, I completely forgot... sorry...
don't tell Elly, she's very particular in
those things, she's a great hostess!
Okay, we're settled, where were we?
Making postcards is not the only thing
I've done with my pictures. Over the
years I've had several exhibitions, not
only on Bonaire, but also in the Antil-
lean House in The Hague and other
places in Holland.
Another thing I started doing when I
arrived here was giving dance classes
for adults and children. We started with
the quickstep, the waltz, the tango and
meringue and my favorite, the calypso!
For the Antillean dances we had two
local teachers Nochi Willem's wife
and Lilian de Geus because we thought
it wouldn't be appreciated if a Dutch-
man was going to teach Antillean dances
to the Antilleans! We also organized a
Christmas ball, a Kamaval ball, intera-
tional ballroom dancing at the Hotel
Bonaire and the weekly Beach Hut
dance party at Hotel Bonaire. With too
few people it didn't work out, but as
long as it lasted it was really fun!
We started giving bridge classes and
when the lessons were finished people
said, 'But now we want to play!' So, I
founded bridge club, 'Ups & Downs,'
on Abraham Boulevard. We had lots of
American players; they were the perfect
guests. It lasted 11 years. I still play oc-
casionally and if people are interested
I'm still willing to teach them. I also
love to play billiards and whenever pos-
sible I go out fishing.
I like so many things and I feel I've
made the best out of my life I never
stood on the side lines. I got very in-
volved when they were talking of setting
up an oil refinery on the island. Together
with Amigoe di Tera, people like Jack
Chalk and especially Edith Strauss and

the support of environmental groups all
over the world, we managed to stop the
project. It was a hectic time.
I've never been bored nor felt home-
sick for Holland. When I go to Amster-
dam, I get lost! Bonaire is just unique;
there are no words to describe what I
feel for Bonaire. I hope my pictures ex-
press my feelings; I hope they speak for
themselves. We feel we belong to the
island, and I presume I'll die here. When
you're here for so many years, there's a
risk of becoming lonely. There have
been many goodbyes and tears shed.
Luckily we're still capable of making
new friends, but the old well-known
names, the old dear friends... they're all
gone. We've been through so many eco-
nomic ups and downs. The way I see it,
the foreign companies made their
money, but for the Bonaireans every-
thing is more or less the same; they've
hardly improved.
I am a humanist and I've learned to
accept that nothing can be changed. All
the misery in the world is because peo-
ple are naive..." "I found a real good
man," Elly says from the kitchen. "A
man like him is hard to find. He has a
heart of gold and he's a gentleman; I
saw it right from the beginning, that's 28
years ago!" "It has been a good life, a
very happy life," Fer responds, "and I
never could have done it without my
wife; she's always been a great support
in every way.
We're very
satisfied in
our little haci-
enda on this
unique island,
and the way I
see it: we're
all here be-
cause we love
1 photo and
story by Greta
Kooistra Greta Kooistra

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

1 1977 1

Page 17

Special Olympics Fashion Show

n 2004 we said that Bonaire is not
exactly a Mecca of fashion shows,
but that's before Juan Carlos Padrino
came with his creations last April to
put on a fantastic and exciting show to
benefit Special Olympics Bonaire.
This year, on Saturday, April 16, at
Croccantino Restaurant, the rising star
of fashion, Juan Carlos Padrino, will
show his haute couture clothing, mod-
eled by local models from the island.
Padrino, a young and very talented de-
signer, is now the major influence in
Venezuelan theatre as lead costume
designer for all performances in that
country. His clothing is beautiful, ro-
mantic and is designed for a "real"
woman, not a thin, thin super

The Saturday, April 16 eve-
ning at Croccantino Restaurant starts at
7:30 pm and includes a three-course
Tuscan dinner by Chef David with
wine. This year's theme is "Broadway
of the 50s." Singing star Monica Millar
from Curacao will be performing jazz
and show tunes. Your ticket donation is
NAf125, and all proceeds go to Special
Olympics Bonaire. Seating is limited,
so get your tickets now. Last year,
there were many disappointed latecom-
ers. Get your tickets at Croccantino.
Tel. 717-5025. OL.D.

Designer Padrino

Bonaire Reporter March 18 to 25, 2005

Page 18

*to find it, just look up

Use the Moon to
Find the Two
Largest Planets the
Next Two Weekends

If you're one of
those who has dif-
ficulty identifying the
planets, every once in a
while the Moon pays a
visit to some of them,
thus enabling you to use
the Moon as a finder.
And such is the case this
weekend and next when
our Moon will visit the
two largest planets in
our solar system. Even with just a 200mm. lens the rings of
This week, around 8 Saturn are visible
pm, Sky Park time, face
southwest where you'll see some of the brightest stars in the heavens all gathered
together. That's because winter's skies have the brightest stars, and they are all
relatively close to each other. Directly in front of you you'll see the wonderful stars
that make up Orion the Giant Hunter, his dog Canis Major, Taurus the Bull,
Auriga the Charioteer and Gemini the Twins with its two brightest stars, Castor
and Pollux. And this year there's an object close to them which usually isn't
there the wonderful ringed world, 75,000-mile-wide Saturn which is currently
almost at its closest and brightest it gets. It's super for viewing, even through a
cheap department store telescope.
But if you still have trouble telling a planet from a star, then wait until this Fri-
day the 18th, when an exquisite gibbous Moon will be parked underneath Castor
and Pollux and to the side of Saturn. Now one little hint if you're still not sure
which of these three is Saturn. Just remember that only stars twinkle; planets never
do. So if the air is rather turbulent this Friday you may see Castor and Pollux twin-
kling like mad and Saturn glowing with a steady light. Now if it's cloudy on Fri-
day, then go out the next night, Saturday the 19th, and the Moon will be smack dab
on a line with Pollux and Castor and even closer to Saturn, only 6 degrees away.
Once again: This Friday the 18th the Moon below and to the right of Saturn and
Pollux and Castor and then Saturday the Moon on a line with Pollux and Castor
and just above Saturn.
So what about the other bright planet, the biggest of them all? Well simply wait
until the following weekend and go outside at the same time, 8 pm, on Friday the
25th and look east instead of southwest and just above the horizon you'll see a bril-
liant full Moon only 6 degrees above 88,000-mile-wide Jupiter. And if you've got
a small telescope handy believe me not only will the Moon look wonderful but
you'll actually be able to see several bands of atmosphere circling Jupiter's equator
and one, two, three or four of its largest moons. And if it's cloudy on the 25th go
out the next night, Saturday the 26th, and you'll see just how fast the Moon moves
in a 24-hour period because now a just-past-full Moon will be almost the same dis-
tance below Jupiter as it was above it on Friday.

Once again: Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th. So if you happen to be out
with friends the next couple of weekends and want to impress them, around 8 pm
point out Saturn and Jupiter. And it won't count against you if you don't tell any-
one that you used the Moon as a finder. O JackHorkheimer


D/WE^ 0 D
For the week:
March 18 to 25, 2005
By Astrologer Michael Thiessen

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Your home may be in an uproar and you are best to
stay out of the line of fire if at all possible. Relatives may not be telling you the
whole truth about a family situation. You will be misinterpreted if you get involved
in other people's problems. Residential moves should be considered carefully. Your
lucky day this week will be Saturday.
TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Someone you least expect may not have your best
interests at heart. Take some time to change your house around. You may have a
hard time relating to children this week. Try to convince a good friend to take a holi-
day with you. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You may want to get involved in some kind of crea-
tive group. Relatives may not be telling you the whole truth about a family situation.
You should visit a friend or relative who hasn't been feeling up to par. Cutbacks at
work will be a cause for worry. Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22) Your creative talent will prove to be lucrative if put
to proper use. You can accomplish a great deal. Pleasure trips will induce exciting
and passionate encounters with those of foreign extraction. Travel should be on your
agenda. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Discord may arise with someone you're close to. Put your
efforts into job advancement. You can make money through your own creative ef-
forts. You can expect to feel confused about your personal prospects. Your lucky
day this week will be Wednesday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Financial limitations are likely if you take risks.
Your need to get away could lead you into greater debt. Most partner problems are a
result of both people not living up to their promises. Use discretion in your dealings
and refrain from making verbal promises of any kind. Your lucky day this week will
be Sunday.
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You can help other people with their financial prob-
lems by setting up a budget for them. Finish up any correspondence by early after-
noon. Be honest in your communication and don't lose your cool. Don't give in too
quickly. Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22) You may be frustrated by the way situations are
being handled in your personal life. Your honesty will not only win you points but
also respect. Love and romance are evident. Be cautious while traveling; minor acci-
dents are evident. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Much can be accomplished if you compro-
mise. Based on your excitement, serious-minded individuals will be more than inter-
ested in backing your ideas. A quiet restful day just staying in bed or catching up on
reading will be your best bet. Romance will unfold if you take trips or get together
with friends. Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Your health may have suffered due to neglect
or abuse. You should put a little extra effort in at work. Your intellectual charm will
win hearts and bring opportunities that you least expect. Someone you least expect
may not have your best interests at heart. Your lucky day this week is Thursday.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Make sure that you have covered yourself legally
and try not to let your temper get out of hand. A romantic infatuation from your past
may surface if you frequent places that you both used to go. You're in the mood to
party. You need to spend time with friends and family. Your lucky day this week
will be Tuesday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You may find that others do not do things the way
you want; however, if the job gets done, let it pass. You can meet interesting new
friends if you join worthwhile groups. Try spending the day catching up on any re-
sponsibilities that need to be taken care of. You may be tired of working for some-
one else Your hlckv day this week will be Tuesday. n

Bonaire Keporter Iviarcn hl to z2, Zuu

Page 19

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