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Issue 13 Sept-Oct 2011 LOOKING FOR WATER? WITH THE ARRIVAL OF OUR NEW RIG, WE CAN OFFER YOU:A FAST RELIABLE SERVICE, MODERN EQUIPMENT, VERY COMPETITIVE RATES AND 60+ YEARS EXPERIENCE WORLDWIDE Whether your needs are for Farming, Industrial, Private house lots or Community Based Projects Call us now for a FREE quote. Government and NGO work also undertaken MARANCO Ltd. A division of PR MARRIOTT DRILLING Contact us on Tel:823 0501 Email:chherrerac28@gmail.com The Largest Farming Population of BelizeBy Greg ClarkWhen we think of the scale of farming in Belize, we think of We can visually see the organization, scale and precision are carried out through the thousands of farmers in Belize interaction with each other creates the agriculture industry leaf cutter ant that farm due to collecting leaves and cultivating a fungus that subsequently grows on the leaf particles Continued on Page 6


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 2Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Riverfront/Farmland Luxury Rural SpecialistsThe lush hill and river valley region of the Cayo District Belize, Western Caribbean Beth Roberson Sandra Roberson Court Roberson 662-5263/663-6777/664-7272 www.holdfastbelize.com Land is our language TM HOLDFASTLTD.


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 3Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Belize Forest Fires 2011 By Derrith RobersonOverview: areas were the grasslands and pine due to Hurricane Richard, a large portion of broadleaf forests in the central area of Belize was also slash-and-burn milpa, hunters, and in rare cases lightning also th, 2011 Provisional Report on the Belize category 1 hurricane, the damage to forest was extensive with a total approximate damaged area of 2,391,000 acres (968,000 in the broadleaf forest is that the canopy was taken away so the moist conditions of soil and organic matter that are normally Yalbac Ranch: February, but worsened as the year went on, reaching a peak did not receive much national attention, private landowners and 12thth, when simultaneously they pine forests, bulldozers and graders were used to reopen and open Looking into the future: Commenting on the effects of the that are dying and at the same time, hopefully, more trees are was affected by the hurricane in various degrees from broken next year this will be in jeopardy of burning again along with the


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 4Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize The Belize Ag Report Printed by BRC Printing, Benque Viejo, Cayo District, Belize Submissions as follows: N publication without permission from The Belize Ag Report.Subscription Information: Mission Statement: T he Belize Ag Report is an independent bimonthly agriculture newsletter. Our purpose is to collect, edit and disseminate information useful to the Belizean producer, large or small. We invite opinions on issues, which are not necessarily our own. Belize Ag neither solicits nor accepts political ads. TO THE EDITOR Within the framework of supplying energy by using solar and ultimately turns into heat at locations often quite distant want to use more devices of whatever type for whatever inventing, designing and producing all power-using devices) do not invest enough effort and resources to does however place an energy-cost at the grid-tied solar and the heat otherwise released into the environment at the So if we want to be truly effective in global climate change, itself naturally as much as possible--of course within decent roof instead above it of light-colored material, with a good air gap between the 2 roofs to let the roof cool itself by outside acts as a chimney to draw outside air past the inner wall extensive ones, but there are many possibilities that are less mention the cooling effect of tree shade? Shame on me! Continued on page 20 FOR SALE722 ac on Macal RiverINCL UDES: 1560 ft of Riverfrontage 10 Min from San IgnacioCONTACT: 663-6777 / 662-5263


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 5Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize MADE IN U.S.A. EXHIBIT Agriculture Presentation by John CarrAugust 19th,2011 to speak to this gathering this morning on behalf of myself and Beth Roberson representing the entire life around livestock and AGRICULTURE IMPORTS FROM THE U.S. all farm tractors, trucks, plows, combines, caterpillars, planters, harvest our crops we usually import scales, dryers and storage BELIZE EXPORTS TO THE U .S. FARM PROFILES same because they are so differentGroup # 1 TRADITIONAL FARMERS and global marketing requirements of which there seems to be Group #2 COMMERCIAL FARMERSusually independent tractors, combines, aerial spraying and other often times skill consumer base he must export his products or instead of expansion important for balance of trade, creating jobs and earning foreign tens of thousands of working capital and sometimes more than a Group #3 SUSTAINABLE FARMERSthis farmer usually together growing what they eat and selling some surpluses to raise to raise product for export and he has little knowledge of farming farmers make up the majority of the farm population in Belize is also a lot of improvement that can be made by learning about new seeds, fertilizers and other products that will increase their Group #4 NICHE FARMINGsome of the niche crops are papaya, onions, potatoes, carrots, pitaya, peanuts and several an estimate a few days ago that we export 20 million dollars worth U.S. AG. RESEARCH to continually work on new and better seed germ plasm, including CATTLE MY FUTURE PROJECTIONSat 30 cents average reduce costs and the price may stay the same or even lower a bit to be able to compete on the export market CLOSING


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 6Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize The Largest Farming Population of Belize Continued from Page 1By Greg Clark taking leaves deep into the soil which break down and create times how to control the ants utilization of a garlic water spray on the trail masks the scent markers applied by the foodmethod also works as a spray on the leaves or the base of a time, the workers in the nest report the resulting fungal destruction and seek to stop all deliveries of the affected a copper sulfate spray blended with 2 tablespoons of liquid requires quantities of a fungicide liquid to be poured onto the nest and flushed with water and a dish soap mixture to particularly selective of the plant leaves that are collected nest and creates an undesired result, that variety will not with an application spray, educates the ants to steer clear can be utilized to occupy the ants and protect the species Approved for use in organic farming! Recommended by CGA and BGA BELIZE MINERALS LTD. Tel. 722 2477 email: bzdolomite@hotmail.com Supplying dolomite to the agricultural industry of Belize since 1992! PUNTA GORDA DOLOMITE The only liming material in Beli ze with guaranteed specs, will: NB. It is best to lime before applying NPK fertilizers! Private Labeling and Bulk Packaging for Resorts, Restaurants and Retailers is Available. Mile 52.1 Western Highway, Teakettle Village, Cayo, Belize www.Solfarmsltd.com 501-628-9040 Our New Extended Line of Products:


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 7Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Planting the seeds for a better tomorrow! We will have on display: Fruits vegetables fruit trees Locally made chocolate Timber trees Local chickens Local chicken eggs Tilapia Fish Piglets PesticidesInsecticides and FungicidesA variety of teas:Moringa tea Lemon grass tea Ginger tea Exotic chocolate tea Just to name a few...And all organically grown !!! SUSTAINABLE HARVEST INTERNATIONAL BELIZEPresents3rd Annual Organic Fair Friday Oct. 28th & Sat. Oct. 29th, 2011 PG Central Park Presentations: Also Featuring:Entertainment night with Live Drumming and Marimba Players SHI Drama Club Performances Children Games Face painting Sidewalk Drawing Pinecone Birdfeeders CEDAR BLUFFOnly 4 Riverfront & 4 Garden Homesites left 10 mins from San Ignacio, off the Cristo Rey Rd. From .5 to .7 acs. Starting $ 45K USD AVAILABLE 5,8,9,10 12,13,14,15


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 8Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize BEYOND THE BACKYARDLITTLE PICKLE plant not only grows but grows faster than bears edible fruits in astoundingly record eating this vegetable but once, lightly fried and accompanying a chicken masala curry, not even knowing into growing this cooked it is somewhat bland and improves with a bit prefers a sunny location and sandy soil, it can be started from taking over the light and stealing nutrients from other plants that it is the vine from hell, enveloping whole areas at amazing way and lovingly refer to it as my little pickle, a British term of Gentlemans Toes this era of the British Raj, a long time occupation which taught many important international lessons and left streams of gentlemen returning to the motherland with diverse vocabularies and a taste for the aromatic spices of exotic lands, new fruits and strange vegetables, differing customs this naughty invasive vine has been proven to dramatically boiled leaves and it becomes a tonic for the immune system, Since other places happily eat the ripened fruit, which actually pick the ripe fruit though without squashing and always best to suggested uses of this vegetable you may wish to consider information you would like to share to


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 9Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize BEEKEEPING AND INTEGRATED FARMING SYSTEMS IN THE VACA FOREST RESERVE forest reserve is a protected area that provides for multiple nature such as logging, non-timber forest harvest including xate, population pressures upon the resources on these protected areas, there is a need for identifying means to sustain the ecological processes yet provide for human utilization and Vaca Forest Reserve as the most threatened protected area due to multiple interests in the area ranging from logging and farming to aggravated by logging concessions that lack sustainable long using and managing the Vaca Forest Reserve began with the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), a leading environmental organization, took the initiative of partnering strategy was developed and a pilot bee-keeping initiative received overall suits, veils, hats, gloves, smokers, tools, concession agreement with the Cayo Honey Quality Producers Presently farmers have increased the number of hives and FCD to help the bee-keeping cooperative purchase the honey follow the guidelines provided in the landscape management have resulted in the development of a plan on how farmers in the Vaca Forest Reserve is to build a long term stewardship for the ongoing protection of the forest reserve, and to reduce land degradation in the short and medium term 76 Western Highway, Santa Elena, Cayo District, Belize 011.501.824.4050 011.501.610.4458 US Fax: 1-831-854-5983 ceibarealty@gmail.com www.ceibarealtybelize.com / www.4belizerealestate.com The one stop for all your real estate needs.Featuring beautiful properties along the shores of the Caribbean Sea to pristine jungle hideaways in the Maya Mountains. We have this and so much more at a price you can afford. Let Ceiba Realty help get you your piece of paradise today. We have buyers looking for riverfront, farmland, high end homes and investment properties. Listing is free.


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 10Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Banana Bank Corn Loss from Tropical Storm Harvey August 20th, 2011 Field 100# Per Cent # Bags lost Damage 1 120 2 60 3 60 0 3380 1100 6 8 60 900 9 60 10 100 6000 6000 180,000 11 120 2200 12 160 6160 13 2200 110 General Statistics stalks went over easythey seldom brokewe have some,but very little hope that older horizontal corn will rise to a Citrus Growers Association (CGA) Presently agricultural industries face many challenges, from of production, low productivity and citrus industry is no exception and quite recently in 2009 the very spp. and is spread by a Psyllid vector, Diaphorina citri. one major indispensable management strategy to combat and manage many of the most devastating diseases is the use of clean, disease-free citrus plants grown under screen and passed formerly citrus greening) disease has created many changes to to the program, such as growing plants under screen, were about when citrus nursery plants grown in the open were screenhouses have been constructed and are well on their way


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 11Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Regional Pink Hibiscus Mealybug Project (PHMB)T to be an important pest due to its wide range of host plants and its severity in damage to more than 200 genera plants in more than Fase 1, Belize district, the dissemination of the pest has been hastily attacking plants severe deformation, hence destroying its host areas until the full status of the pest was known, and hence the beetle) were imported to drastically bring down the population Furthermore, a residential house was furnished to serve as a temporary insectary to reproduce the parasitic wasps up to 2003 With this new facility thousands of parasitoids were produced and released in the entire infested areas in Belize and in the year control of this pest and is covering all the cost incurred from salaries, maintenance of the they pay us to control it here in Belize and avoid its entrance to be effective in maintaining the pest under control causing no not reached any agricultural-related farm as to affect production effective since its inauguration in 2003, producing thousands of Geographical Distribution of PHMB in Belize, 2010. A. Kamali 822-3753 or 822-0521 CAMPAIGN FOR THE PROPER DISPOSAL OF EMPTY PESTICIDE


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 12Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize DRCOG wanted to plant was corn and we found that we had two was quite inconsistent, ranging from small to medium size when examined, were large, well-formed and pleasing to the seeds certainly defeated this purpose as it would mean buying seeds each time we needed to start a corn crop to ensure a is where we would like to share with you a system of seed selection which helps improve quality, size and yield of crop, procedure is that you will eventually grow a crop which has adapted perfectly to the soil, environment and climate of your used as the crop, there is no reason why you cannot apply due attention, a new strain or variety can arise and these heirloom seeds ensure that you will never need to rely on outside sources of seeds and put up with the can of worms 1) well-rounded at both ends and pleasing to the eye and 2) 3) Before shelling the grain, pick 10-20 kernels from various group of kernels from each cob separate and perform a critical germination test (see below) to observe which has the highest germination rate and grows the quickest and Produce the most multiple-ear plants and the Cut down the individual plants from each row which 6) number of ears from the best exhibit the criteria that you have chosen (in this case, multiple ear plants, highest germination rate and large, With the cobs from the best row, repeat the same from the other rows and use the grain from these ears for The Critical Germination Test: 1) 2) 3) Weakness suggests that plants may not grow on open Select the best batches for planting under the system for maturation times for plants which allows harvesting at the With this selection procedure, you should start seeing four times per year and you will start getting better seed by the the time to tweak your seed to perfection and use the system CASA MASCIA LA BELLA DEL SAPONE COPAL MEDICINAL OIL COPAL OINTMENT COPAL SOAP DR MANDY TSANG DR ALESSANDRO MASCIA DRA.TSANG@GMAIL.COM TEL: (501) 660-6431 CASA MASCIA, TOLEDO, BELIZE.


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 13Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize THE OYSTER MUSHROOMS come back with feedback and comments regarding this column promise we will come back to them) for a while and move onto and describe some mushrooms which are eminently edible and Pleorotus ostreatus commercial oyster mushrooms before, while true fungophiles mushroom is adaptable to fruit on a variety of substrates but in up on dried coconuts that have subsequently become wet with only a fungophile or scientist would appreciate the neurotic average reader more information than any number of words from it is always worthwhile taking a spore print of any mushroom oyster mushroom you have picked is white is reassuring and fried, stir fried in little slices, sauted in butter, et cetera, et cetera Pleorotus ostreatus and other closely related species naturally produce been shown to have tumour inhibiting effects in animal control translates into a useful effect in human treatment is, as of yet, regular basis would be a bad thing!! Dr. Alessandro Mascia is a practicing medical doctor with his wife, Dr. Mandy Tsang. They have a farm in Toledo where they specialize in growing coconuts and guinea pig husbandry. They make coconut oil soap, copal oil and other medicinal and beauty products.


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 14Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 15Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Agriculture Prices at a Glance$$$$$SeptemberOctober 2011 A-B denotes the difference between 1st preference & second preference and sometimes between wh olesale & retail and bulk or small amounts Trend (H) means Higher over last 30 to 60 day (L) Lower (S) Steady Prices intend on being farm gate in Belize dollars usua lly price per lbBelize CattleTABGrains, Beans & RiceTAB Young strs. & bulls7501100 lbs H1.15 -1.251.10 1.15 Belize yellow corn H.39 .41.37 .39 Cows & Heifers for Butcher H.90 1.00(thin).80 .90 White Corn H.44 .46.43 .44 Heifers for breeding 500-800 lbs H1.30 1.351.20 1.30 Corn/ Local retail (Low volume) H.45 .50.43 .45 Young grass cattle350650 lbs H1.25 1.351.15 1.25 U.S. corn @ 7.60-per 56 lb bushel H$27. 50/ BZ 100#-12 frt. to BZ U.S. price -corn fed10001200 lbs H 1.10-US=2.20-B z Guatemala corn price/Peten H.45 .55.43 .45 U.S. price feeders 600800 lbs H 1.30-US=2.60-B z Belize Milo H.33 .35.31.33 U.S. pricecalves 450600 lbs H 1.40-US=2.80-B z R-K's, little reds & blacks (beans) H 1.40-1.60 farm pric e U.S. priceaged butcher cows H .85-US=1.70-B z Black eyed peas H .85.90 farm price Belize HogsMilled retail rice per pound S .88.94 farm pric e Weiner pigs25 -30 lbsby the head S $95.00 $100.00Citrus Butcher pigs 160 230 lbs S1.80 1.851.70 1.80 Oranges per 90 lb box-lb.solid basis H $12.50 Est. 2011 priceBelize SheepGrapefruitper 90 lb box S $ 6.00 Est. 2011 price Butcher lambs S2.00 2.501.752.00SugarMature ewes S1.70 1.751.60 1.70 Cane per tonest. 2011 price H $65. 00 (130 was an error)Belize ChickensWhite Sugar112 lbscontrolled S$45/ bag + 3-5 cent mark up Broilerslive per lb H1.21 1.231.19 1.21 Brown Sugar112 lbscontrolled S$39/ bag + 3-5 cent mark up Spent hens S .75 .76 .73 .75Fruits & Vegetables Special farm itemsTomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers Swhsl/.75-1.75; ret-$1.00-$2.50 Eggs-tray of 30 eggs H 5.75 farmretail .25 per egg Bananaretail S 8 for $1.00 ***These prices are best estimates only from our best sources and simply provide a range to assist buyers and sellers in negotiations. *** Dear Ag Reader s : "Wow" For the first time in a long time, cattle have seen a 25 cent increase on a 1,000 lb. #1 quality steer/bull. This amoun ts to $ 25 0 per head more. This will cause grass plantings to increase, buying better bulls and an expansion in the national cattle herd. T his increase is because of cattle exports. Our neighbors have shortages and are seeking us outTGPlease note the U.S. price compared to ours$1.25 /lb. to $2.60 BZ per lb. Northern Guatemala and Middle Mexico are "probably" getting $1.75 per lb. Corn is also at a high price because of shortages, ba d weather and exports. High prices cause leaders to want to stop exports and or put on price controlsboth will stifle expansion. I heard a speaker s ay "If we put price controls on agriculture, maybe we should put price controls on hotel rooms (ex. Nothing above $75). We want to expand agriculture, promo te jobs and bring home foreign exchange. Prices will level out and come down at harvest time. Agriculture has risk (Harvey) and farmers are facing hig her inputs on nearly every crop. Thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture, BAHA and others for moving forward on the Cattle Sweep. I see it as the most impor tant cattle event in my life. Cattle producersStake holders-Let us all jump on this trainGod BlessJohn Carr


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 16Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize LIGHT REINBy Marjie OlsonOctober 1st 20 miles November 5th 25 miles December 10th 30 miles and before a race as we want the events and trails to be safe for their best to assist you in having a safe race as we have done in Lower Entry Fees Rules: bpm to meet criteria as well as soundness, respiration and over are mandatory for any one under the age of 18 and strongly keeping you and your horse out in front of the competition and Points will be accumulated through all three races and there will be three champions awarded December 10th Champion and Champion Team a rider does not have to be on the same horse for all three events, but each rider and horse will have to have been entered in all three races and the champion team must have been the same team all three. the week before and no horses will be allowed on trail 2 days Stalls will be available the night before the races for those hauling Final rules will be available on line or in print and available at Continued on Page 17


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 17Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Light Rein, Continued from Page 16 Please Note Preparation For the Race: breed of horse can do this event, but those with decent feet, good if you or your horse are not at a health level that is conducive to conditioning now and continue through each week and through you can not have to win each race to win the championship! Points add Disclaimer: owners, workers, sponsors or volunteers, will in no way be held Continued on Page 19


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 18Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize NONI was used throughout the medicine as far back as 2000 about the use of noni fruit as food and noted that the roots importantly, noni has been traditionally used as a medicine to pharmacopoeias, noni was recorded as a key ingredient in lower back pain, and to treat everything from asthma, to head skin diseases, abscesses, constipation, eye conditions, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal, menstrual and urinary problems, as well as venereal diseases, and the extracted juice from the unripe crushed green fruit was used as a remedy for the smell and taste of noni, it has been successfully used to treat hyperactivity, addictions, allergies, arthritis, asthma, brain disorders, burns, and cardiovascular disease and is from diabetes, digestive problems, hypertension, immune propagating from seed can take from 6-12 months or more before any leaves appear on the plant, while it takes only1-2 months for noni to be sprouting new leaves through the stem growing bags or deep pots, where they will have room to develop a longer taproot over 9 -12 months, before being conditions, so they need to be watered regularly, or planted nurseries prefer to start seeds in a sterile medium, but treating the soil and the plant with neem should go far in avoiding any is evident where the cutting was removed, there is a better into a clean growth medium and give partial shade, watering yield up to 18 pounds of fruit per month throughout the year it has been used as food in times of famine and in some places as a staple where it is salted and eaten raw or cooked and to simply sit in a clean glass jar, preferably in the sun, where on how to make noni juice can be viewed on the internet at Windsors Electrical Services, San Ignacio, has just installed a new voltage regulator; Doug Barber Florida phone # 941-870-5637 1 GENTRAC 4056 GENERATOR 75 KVA, 60KW, 3 PHASE $8000 USD


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 19Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize REIMER FEED MILL Center Road Spanish Lookout Tel. 823-0105 Poultry and Livestock Equipment and Health Products ...were growing belize BELMOPAN 1903 Constitution Drive Tel:822-2088 BELIZE CITY 1615 Moho Bay ORANGE WALK 42 Lovers Lane Tel: 322-1170Light Rein, Continued from Page 17 responsible for any accident, injury, damage or loss of value to owners who have an entry with a rider other than themselves enter to have our face painting and balloon art again for the kids, horse rides for the little ones and of course our ever popular TCER Open Horse Show New this year for free!!! Ribbons Sponsors: We give a huge thanks to all of our sponsors as we time please thank our repeatsBelize Natural Energy Uckele Welcome our new sponsors-Running W and Recinos Imports. Never sell your saddle, cause lifes a long, long ride." Wholesale and Retail Gasoline & Diesel We Deliver Tel:824-2199 Cell:610-1970


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 20Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Organic Horticulture in Belize with Brazilian AssistanceBy Fay Garnett visits to organic producing and family farms, farmers markets and crop production techniques, crop nutrition, pest management, the Brazilian farmers are currently using are towards promoting environmental preservation, low cost production and practicality Considering the numerous challenges involved in organic crop production, farmers in Belize must consider some practical alternatives that will reduce organic production cost, enhance crop quality and protect the environment in which they grow and to the farmers will allow farmers to analyze and determine what mean sustainable farming techniques, healthy foods and income expertise through their research activities that are undoubtedly With regards to the adaptability of the skills and knowledge and they are interested in applying some of the lessons learned in Brazil as it relates to soil nutrition, production, marketing, training, a workshop was conducted with the farmers on related topics and they are anxious and determined to strengthen the embassy has provided and we hope that it will not be a last of its To the Editor, Continued from page 4 reduce sun-heating of the roof even more, thus helping to where PV panels are not used, is to use the heat from the roof to power a heat engine like the Stirling motor, which directly powers a water pump, lifting water from the often-used large water tank to a holding tank placed above ceiling level to get heat (waste from the Stirling motor) can be used to heat are used, thus need not be produced, thus influence the slapped by the heat, start sweating profusely, and generally harder, spend more for food to power yourself for that extra work, thus need to work even more, and have less time to Cooling the house via natural methods will indeed never get acclimatized, you can work less, eat less, have more time to Regards, Scott Land is our language TM HOLDFASTLTD. 380 Acre Creekside Farm 200+ fruit trees, timber, pasture US$ 380 K 57 Acre Farm San Antonio Home of 2 apartments, Pool US$ 330 K 663-6777 662-2263 664-7272 Do you have some knowledge or opinion that you would like to have printed in The Belize Ag Report? We welcome contributed articles, as well as letters to the editor and ideas for articles. Your contributions will improve the paper. Kindly send to or call Beth at 663-6777. Thank you.


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 21Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize BEL-CAR Continues Expansion grand opening to demonstrate their new equipment for processing corn into grits and them again to get an update Friesen reported that since last year they have expanded and installed new equipment from rotomill for the corn and a deequipment their quantity and demonstrated last year used a belt to transport the corn from equipment also increased the quality by retrieving more of the Corn is used by the feed mills and farmers for feeding mainly poultry (broilers and layers) with a lesser amount for dairy expert, Paul Penner, estimates that 120 million pounds of corn will be grown countrywide in 2011, exceeding the 90 million this year than last but some farmers had to replant due to the Production costs are up in 2011 because of adverse weather still not planted the corn that is normally harvested September corn, they had to decide to either do corn and skip the beans or tortilla market, when the preferred white corn is not available, th remaining portion of black eye peas is shipped to Portugal, the BEL-CAR's First PLANT LOCATION: Route 20 East Spanish Lookout, Cayo District, Belize Currently Bel-Cars main exporting products are corn meal, corn grits, and dry edible beans. It has Black Eye Beans, Light Red Kidney Beans, Black Beans, and Small Red Beans available at most times. MAILING ADDRESS: BEL-CAR EXPORT & IMPORT COMPANY LTD. Box 578, Spanish Lookout, Belize, Central America CONTACTS: Tel:501-823-0318 / 501-823-0271 Fax:501-823-0136 E-mail:bel-car@btl.net


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 22Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Ever hear of a plant that loves Limestone???? Well, here it is ...... Leucaena leucocephalaBy Maruja Vargas are more versatile than Leucaena leucocephala. insecticidal properties of mimosine, a non-protein amino mm and up to 3,000 mm annual rainfall, and they tolerate up (cattle and goats), as a source of fuel wood and charcoal, pulp for paper and rayon, leaves for fodder and green manure, shade for trees like coffee and cacao, timber for buildings, furniture, poles and crafts, and its seeds for crafts, and its gum Forage: forage, leucaena has the highest quality feed of any tropical Steers can gain 300 kg of live weight in a year with adequate leucaena, and irrigated leuceana has produced over 1000 kg Foliage of L. leucocephala has one of the highest digestibilities ruminant animals among tropical legumes and forage yields are very high under good management, ranging over 20 tons Range grazing is the most economic management, with leucaenas intercropped in fully prepared seed beds in extremely tolerant of regular defoliation by cutting or grazing that is acutely toxic to animals but is normally converted in a ruminant shade in new plantings, due to its rapid growth and canopy closure, its suitability to the local soils, and the future nitrogen capacity for the farmer, especially those desiring to grow and it can be used to support vine crops such as pepper and Instant Forests: 3 when Fuel: Green Manure: Grow Your Own Nitrogen that deserves wide application in the tropics, as soils become How blessed is Belize to have another native as versatile and productive as Leucaena leucocephala.


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 23Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize want dry posts for the fence we cut the trees when the moon is full and dig post holes during the new moon to prevent the dry that plantains should be planted during the last quarter of the moon or the plant will grow too fast and the fruit split before above ground plants and annual crops that produce their seeds outside the fruit, such as yams, cassava, vine crops to avoid the plants growing too fast and producing most other vegetables are best harvested during an ascending experience, if corn and beans are not harvested at the right time weeding crops because there is more activity underground in Continued on Page 26The Effect of the Moon on AgricultureBy Dottie Feucht his father, Rudolfo, started passing down his farming methods He says it is one of the important lessons that he learned from they catch beetles and worms and other insects that destroy (start growing again after being put into the ground for fencing) then we cut the trees for the fence during the new First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon September 2011 First Quarter Full Moon New Moon Last Quarter October 2011


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 24Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Dear Rubber Boots,I have heard that there is a difference between Dutch processed chocolate and other chocolate? Can you tell me what that difference is and how it affects the use of either one? Sincerely, D.F., Chocolate Lover Dutched or Dutch-processed cocoa powder, takes this name because the process was invented by a Dutchman, Coenraad van Houten, shortly after his father, Casparus van Houten developed a hydraulic press for extracting the greater part of the fat (cocoa butter) from the crushed beans (chocolate increased digestibility and also paved the way for the creation of dry were responsible for the tremendous growth and mass production adding alkaline salts (potassium or sodium carbonates) to the Cooks in the know realize one should not substitute one type for Dutch-processed cocoa should be used in recipes calling for baking cacao, (20 times that of blueberries) that either way cacao is still an 3 tablespoons (18 grams) natural cocoa powder plus pinch teaspoon) baking soda San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize (501)824-3101 www.belizebotanic.orgOpen 7 Days A Week 7am-5pmNew Savanna Trail! Tropical Fruit Orchard Native Orchid House Native Plants of Belize Sundays Free For Belizeans!Directions: Take Western Highway from San Ignacio towards the border, 1/10 mile after Clarissa Falls, turn left and follow the signs.


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 25Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Making a Simple Rain Gauge By Hugh Leyton the bottom off, just below the bottom, so that you still have that ridge, but the opening is the same diameter as the main garden to hold it upside down, where the rain can fall into it, without being screened by a between three concrete blocks, is a simple direct reading Rainfall a piece of cardboard that just touches both inside sides, the diameter of the collector bottle, say 6, by the diameter of the bottle to be calibrated, say 2, to get 3, then multiply this number by itself, in this the measuring bottle, just mark measuring lines every 9 mm for 1 mm rain measurement, or


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 26Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize Local and Regional Fuel Prices Belmopan, Belize Quintana Roo, Mexico Peten, Guatemala REGULAR $10.90 Bz/Gal $6.24 Bz/Gal $9.86 Bz/Gal PREMIUM $11.29 Bz/Gal $6.92 Bz/Gal $10.14 Bz/Gal DIESEL $10.19 Bz/Gal $6.48 Bz/Gal $8.90 Bz/Gal 501-662-5263 501-662-5700 Moon Effects, Continued from Page 23 over a ten-year period, keeping meticulous records of his time of the full moon. experiments in a laboratory without direct contact from the which explains how tides are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon sun because, even though the sun is larger, the moon is closer sun pull from the opposite sides of the earth, at the full moon phase, although it also creates high tides when they are on affect the water content of the soil, creating more moisture He also found out the hard way when he lost 3 calves in the chute that they should not be worked in corral during a full increase in insect activity, particularly slugs and snails, and So if you are not getting satisfactory results from your gardening or crops maybe you should consult the calendar and schedule your planting and harvesting according the WORLD EGG DAY other countries in the region and around of fact we will celebrate Egg Week from will be You Need to Eat Well In Order to Do Well Every Day! Since there is no limit to the number of eggs a person can eat on reducing nutritional poverty in Belize to encourage others to eat eggs at any meal in order to increase nutrition and the Belize Poultry Association San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize Western Dairies, the largest dairy in Belize, currently packaging approx packaging, for white, chocolate, low fat and skim milk, will be in liter and expanded shelf life over the current Dairies projects that approximately half of their milk will receive the law that payments for cess on all cattle sold for local slaughter is now mandatory and must be paid cattle slaughtered AG BRIEFS FOR SALEBenches 662-5263/5700


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 27Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize


Sept-Oct 2011, #13 BelizeAgReport.com 28Harvesting Ag News from All of Belize