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Title: In the Tropics
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Title: In the Tropics
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Carleton
Publication Date: 1863
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Full Text

Uflltd ltfltlie I"-, WJ IMS h1il
in djr' oC New Vdrk. 1 S-uiilt Lc-cr; 6r,
'1'41- ThvvqW (if Li% N. York-, 12mo. R-p0i, from
Ot, tlii yv eti- lv-t.,re in Four vtmrt, at le,'fA t,p alileared
Ift Eav Ind, anfl it[ txt's T.11115. ]IV Tat!hnirz I-(
1,61,Ao, It wn-'; vevimved 1,,v Prof, Tzi)-lut L-kwi-, III Tlie
lwmr Lfv, &c '2. Lcterz roru C!j -- CtO'a aEd Cho
Cuburn5, R. Y,rk, ISbO, 12ujo. 4.'Rowaace. of
L i fe A r,,;id, 12wc ; Ath ed., Fri- inro Gt-r-
ainc. ;. Liw Lcut. befure Ow Uiw Trijitwe ul'
Loctg. and Orafiows 1,06re ilitftr,,,m hreni" a (I ri,4
Wts Qrj !-fltur (n L;;Ir4l
r. Uri**Ijid, 00, P. MOI`Til, *114 J. W. Lk 'ItLM) ",
Kilcki.rbtwker G:Cllcry. 4" It" Fq,?,n tt )argre uwli fw'For
10 Ott KniAerboAct, AKjtnf*im' iLd
Wwr P06"ARWix StQ luwwmow *V'g" IA- 1r,


S..." KiIm .b ll. R;Tin.\r; Bti.rr.rEIn, LL. D. : author b. in
t iinfie],l, N. Ii.. O t 11, i l t;1 ; tiili, la.w., a r ..,eivel
? .'c.EltI,-n in Pli -1 ; telrt :trw l prfai ti.-ing hi. i ,t-,: i.l,,l III
A l \.at,,rftrrl N. Y., and liI New Y.,rk ,.'ty; f,,under l th n. t.n
.:t K irn l ,il. T : niil ,,-, 1 .i tr r te,.1 tl he firie t IaI ili-road in tIh t
St 1t1 tr IIm '. ,II t,. I;\ .-.il il r t D. lrtr].- uth ,:.ii-
flrrd .lon him th .,,:.gree Of LL. D. in l s; His priin,.ipil
w..rks ar,. I .I .,s 1 1 m l -h ,, nd a 'i .' : St. LeqEr.vr 1,z
TIt7r. d ,r t La t;: l~,1 .'. ; 'II ,h (' l t l, / t. ',, i.V i LVt-
ter.- (roum Cii.j 5(.; Id'oR oi 'ce or S't.1edeal Lit6 .1,r.ad
esr...Gt,M W r (nd i 3 ill lr/ I f t .5'ml,'u,' L7 r. lluruhou

\I'l:/,.red, Fertr! iir n dl N[,orr, 1,,t(l To-lny in a. ./"
S:,rh 1.a i; a hl 1 Sl oW it ,r'E ...,1, in lLi l.587;. in in,

New Y\-t k city, De. D 'e 15:.'.

KIMIl l. .IL. Rinlaril ur il na ihl:r. b. in

ai D ir l i:,th in 1.'--1 -tiulire, l hlaw. .tinl in 1:.-3
\wl. tI illi-. ",, 1iitiiiLtin Il itut lile. In tile .1111i-
v>r-ity th rl..e. O:'n hi. tettnn h, i-, ,.detri-ed hi< pro-
tii?~l .'In Iii \V.telt ir lo .l.
N. Y .. arll afterwairl

,n.i u.l the t.,o ,in 1I
Sl{ i ib: Txas : cin
S II.11 OU I eI l l li' i- .iit'u l-.

\l;-- i, iiitnli.-tIl
iiri t1 at -tile. i'ntilllihl

-h. -b 'ii .II lT. I. \.r.1 il l [i
"l-,ilwhich h-. wal prey, i

1 0. I :n hI :. pil h

i ,,l. rtt .,:'lt ,l tl. iii .i p- lz ili
111,111Y, thd ''I'O' (-

~il.dui li (M~ X~t. 1 t 12 SL.D. He ul, r- phin

i ii.lk tThe n 1l in Let iron

Sn ( I <. : ul;.. i.Lii l Irt t l. -i l Al i tt\ i \l
,,n ,,:,_ .! h ,' I, .

tISrial, and l hitn- i t. ij ;t., i.: t his itii. ks ,ot
,Enca ld" (Ne Y,-rk. $4-'2 : "" a*t. heglr, ,: or ne
T i8| :le s it li l u if K ;i inf l t IhaId pre\ iiap-
pearol,, ill th.: "" I ,tl:,.r .. I.: er M agazi; e (15.5.. 1
"t la .aLttl thit* 1it ll,. h i l 1 'iu r .- I,:lttei5 i ro1h
t'tul., "(l,.St1t.i: "" lim.=,,:,' ,, 1Stulent Life Abroad
1i,,V ; wh A lii.tr Il i For the iii w i n.l -ti t t, N
York Cil \" 1 b ;" Un,.erurrentso \ :ll Street'
(1561)1: In the Trl'" -. bIy :a Suttler in S anto Dr,
In i n, -.. t ., l 1 6 ." \ h e S nh ., a n v
,01 (1 Po,,., : "- The Prine:.,, KaI shna." a W\,1 India!
-to r ,'. .d I d,:,j I 1. I "" llet I V P ,-) .v ,. r1 11 .1 L :u ; I ,
,-,w h,' kchiev.,-d U lort no wn,.1 Married (116.)
"To-,-.v in Ne V Y.,r.:" ( 70i) anld "Storis I
-- ..- r .- .... .1. ,- di it


1I rt,:'c', j' 'e. ih t.1 .\,:t ..f C t.r i ._ in tl" .m'o 'r ]iit.'Y', t.

C.O. -L 'A. 1LLi 'kN,

Ih tI, :'l.ak'i ',lL... I t rh.: [.i:rr.'r. t J .. rr ..I thI UI.t,-.i liat.-s, I'... the
.u'il>bein Tli, l' l *.':I' K;e ',I",.:.ik.


Oib j
,lll lilIl iiii,,"'' ii ii:.,.'i


IlY TIE AU iiltR Or -. I.E'EF.

WV-E 'innot ;1i:tdi,(i' ;i I::]re nirln or wom;in 11 f
i'asliion, youn'. or old, to take: up this voliule.
Neither tli.- ''nie niir th]e :.tlier will be iiiterc-.etcd
in it, fl:r neithlt_. will have the t-.ste t.o appreciate
it- c,:ii tents, unless p ercli hnce Qome such person,
in a Illmomenit 'Iof / ,, sli .i. AlttrIL-t : l.bv the
f'reshlness.. .f the ,lescril'ti,:,is and the no:velt:y :fI tie
s,?-e:f.i2 t,: riin tir:i'ugl its pages; as a r .iesning dhelle
.i'i,:,tii ,-. St:ip.- to r,'-" rtl, w itl, a 111ixtile o' jilivy
mid Ji,:lir:,tii:(l, tlhe iniitiral I. > ,,iiii which man1 tles
tle chleek :f a tine, uiins.:'p1,liisticated I c Uinltry L-irl:
.iit tliis is ex,:'eptiinal.
Th:re ,ut',: tll,::e wINI:, will perlie this ,:ok with
pliasuI and saItisf,:ation. W\hii.,orvei 1'ves rdlii,
and glove, and sh W1 ine, tillliglj.:,vllnt in
all the ,, ifts. ot't. r kin'llv iiot'iir i-eartil, will lvy hiol:,l
of it with avidity. Suchl will be pleased t, learn



what N iture--n .t the .tern old parent .of our North,
but NatLure young an'.l pro..ligal.l and Edlen-iike,
bring, tlirtli in the harmedd e ir-le :,t' I her trolpic.al
home. These have taste andim n fine l:I>ppreeci:Lriion,
and, we nmay hI.ope, the olPPl:.p:rtunity to :gratify b.,cth.
aTo another .-la.s still, this work will l.e,-ially
c.imiiendiil itself' to tlhat ,l:iss--ilts! its iniemnbers
ar'e nulierll'us-w\li' yea'rn ;alter the liappiii:.s llif a
h.,ilne w without l .in .. l' t liohl:,e: .t' ;n? t: :-qu ire
one; w Ii h-ive L :I. e(t- i'ne w, :. i. :l aninl i :I.-'iiur :- b v
Year otfll inei.-it eft..rt iiind1 vi-rwt'rk, witlmolut
any pro.lspect of l1rea:kiln.: th ferr:-r which bind
them to:. their .l-:stiny, n] which ale Lforgel but
too sec'urely. Tlev will in l a waY of es.' by
pel .lling this rn iiti,:, but truthful, narr-ative.
"In the Tropies" is the twelve-mnonth reCor1 :'l
a yUll.ng man wli-i fr a number of Y'<:-lrS3 Was 3.
clerk in a large uer-e-antile e-tabllimieint in this
eity. Findini' that without friend. or ca':Iitl1 it
was nearly, or. as it seemed to him, quit,: impIlossi-
ble ever to ai.on]:lishl any thing on his o-wn
ac-:uunt, nnd that hlie was bc--omning, '. aily more


unfitted for any other occupation ; warned to,:,
by the mistort unes of an elder brother, lie resolved
to quit the city, while health and, vigor still re-
mained to him, and seek a ho:.inem elsewhere. He
give, his reasons for deo:iding to ,-o to Santo
Domingo, and.l this volume is the historv o,:f his
tirst twelve moth's expeirielne in that island,
being brIought down to the 1st ':tof Ja.nu:il y of the
present year.
The work is writteii with a simpli-itv ab-
solntely la-cinating, ren.iiidin, one of the tiner

p:asz-ages tof Defoe. Tlh re-.o1 of 1 hi daily
routine on hi; little .st..'i-i'i of forty acre-
is so minute in detail, andt so: interi'tirg by its
freshne-s, t]:hat we filad o0r.elves IIunT1o01,ioi0ly
sharing all the hl:.pes and fears of thie \voiung
Americani farmer. VWe are anxions al:)o0-ut tlie
success :t every experiment and rejoice at every
turn Qtf o:]d fortune which befalls hlim.
The descriptions of the persons our," hero en-
counters are so vividly ,drawn that tlie reader
at once feels at home with them. Don Julio

I NTI r DI C T Yr No. T 7 ICE.

Perez b eome I our ftTienl a 1 well a- the friend
of Seolr VYe,.:in,,." We elmbrl:a' Di n D-elino:
again ,nd a.-iuin as \we, ex:iritce i.- t'i fre-li
ricts- oft kinHIlnes, alo,:- t daily rei,,:att..e. Thu
trieindlvy eri,.-i;:. i:,"f J I. n ai n :i .- triai '1it t,.
ouIr heart, espi:.:iall.- it' \e t;ik: into ..iccount the
active l:ienev<,:-lnu-e of I- "I lily .of a wife'" IblLk
tl,,,u,,l, sh l h-, thi>- otic-i',, 1,u tlin.,', andl y:,.> il-
ing. Anita. Tlhe.e worthy :,,:,p-l, .. e iCil t-: hav,
taken tlhe inn:i.ent lanl of a; .-t'raiior" *nuler
lh:.ir se,:i: l prote,'ti,:,n, and w l\v l ,io the,-y p:erfI:LrmL
their truI.-t.
To us, i.. weaver, Tio .-TIuni(,, is theit pirettlrs'--lue
charaetr of the s-ene. Ie i thus :es:il:':l
SH i.s .1l1rk Indiial flace, with its ;-entltl' in:Itilli
ancl -adlv earne.-t eye.s, wa, i:t liihnely, anndl hi,
sh apely head, with it. mia.-t t ) :7 It'jetty hair, was real-
ly noti.-alale in it, fin.:e pr:1.:irtion; ; but both his
iark and 1r'ea.-t ha:l a pe.-culiar an'd unga:inly ,roni-
i len,..e, ; iiouiintir,,-r to d:f, iirnity. A .i,.ie from this
he was a Iiuseular, Ire ll-li abed mnan, in the
strength of his age, and, as Is.on saw, ai ready as


lie wa capable f:r lhar d 'Iwrk. HIi.s voice was
strikingly clear and tl i iucal, but it had tihe aline
e.xpressio t' patient San:lii..- whii;li l.:'k,':d :i o t ol
lids eyes.
*Juaniic'' e-,:,' me.'i the se-rvanit, fri',-.1ii, and faitli-
'nil iulai-FriT.la- 'f tile New Yoirker, ainl ilnake'
ione :of thle nost ,- harnninin points. in ti,:- volunm.. To:
tiniIh thle picture, we lhav nairrl'atel it h almin.st
i'licl-r'cis tfidclity thle st':)Vry I'f tile pertidio,,u native
(c:lpl:l'er w iho stole :-ll our t'rie:- :l'. s tiii-wood.l;
tlh arn a 'n :.:u.nft of tiet? 111an Andlir" ani'] hi
.hl'ewd j.i"11(?C, W1iO) WeI'r? 0 : Sx all r ill tl( illaitt'?l"
ot coc.oe-Inut vlora.uts: w; ii? thie filT.ir 'it the swilnd-
lin Iallson, wio:, attempt., tio ot: e a:dva:tante of thin
"Sef:or's'" necessities, :-,e.s to coiinmn the :'h.l ad age,
thatt Iml ,an natll itr ik pretty m111Lel tihe alte tile
world over."
Dut we iintit letae tlies, teS ciii'tiir. scene that
tlhe r',4pder ma v thie nlore spelilY enOter orl thiem.
Before we do, howeverr. we earnestly ..',licit the, at-
tentiouln of every reflect ng per',,n to this single

paragraph. Write-' tlhe y'uig. "' ettler :"


Tthe mo.-lt mnly -work, I h /1(. .S', h i ti;s
Cr'?lfittdP L?/C witrH. : it. Umdr'r /it' n.'( I// .I.1 ( It
/t .. ;.>i,'..*', a'i/&c iirii'i;?t/ ilr, vini m ,.a': /tin'l, .",/
wi 7' d ,', 7."

weigh th'ai ,.vill.
It is proper to observev, that we! re.eivel the
iUainuL ri(pt f:or thliis volume from .1an e-teerinel
friend in Sa nto Doming:'- City. To us has
belonged o~, nly the aL-reealble t'ask of Ima-king so-me
triflin. revisions for the press, which the absencL
of thi .Althor prLe ventedI: leiug ido:ne in person.

NEW Y'ORK, J**I'V. 1i'3.



I !; r r. c D LU c T R Y.

11.w I ..inc I.o I ar, Newr Y,.rk -%i-hy I icrnt 1.' iDnt... D..ini,_.-Thb.
S. e A. rr;ival t1 th.. Et..,'Vc -A,\L inir.1.u.r--'1 ,-. I' .r L-. Iur. .. D'.. Ii. .nl- -
A li.:.:.it a..k, r. pti... -.- l> .i* .. .to -tli k,. i'..r ih, in .ri...r \r, ur.'esp, ..Ltl
grtingi -.'n -...I. :-tllr --\tWhat h.. :ri. -Sn -rri ..n i..- l..r Il' .inliir -
,is it i. Ir.--. .lol.:. P I'.re \\ 1li:at c,..Lu, .. it 1 [.irch'i,- a ,ruAll im n ailh.J
tuli e .. i .. .... Pa:. 13


J A U A .r T

lir-t nii'rt or my 'armr -H-pllpy surpr-ie in the tr,. rrring -.A ;ngriulr arri-
-1 -r:.. tr l I ai .. i ct.- II-i Lj :.:-' the ', ...- *f Ju in .n Aiir.ti
Gir,.a3- 1i .rl-in -kil,:.-- Ju in i;] -, art.lr.js, l ..r s5r[.l r L-.- Anita
-My rn iLot air.. --'h.- Zulr, limLi] CI'r,,V'- -At. urut-.A '-Iy ii i:tI -
F'hlLiir-lni -.1 .tl in- The EiI iJr; ,r..v, --M'. :tr.l.n M hi.it e ...ilIain,.
-II.-. ie l\h :.:l 1t n,-rI. i', .l..'u;-hl i tr b.l r ,-r ,iii .rl.'rin: -A.L\-to iL
m..nit ..f the rnatiiv -Thbe *..1d *t.-n.-\ huat I did in ..... ,.-nli 3'2


F E DI r U A R Y.

A cull frL tr lh..n T.li. Pere.r -Trai.-i,la.ntinr urei .ble..--lu's uii cri.:.sity.-
C. l ,riz i nt.,-,.dJ.- .11 :u,'cce- n Larin.: An..trhir viit fr.ri F -.ri -.Jul,:..
-.Agr.ailric reiiull -Washin.liit..'S t lirthd'l --Iu' I tl.rirtie it.-Ariti~'
rkre-.kf.ai t ..-r Drn .. lill; r.il m 1i -.l.-M y Pl n i V til:,.-M yst..ri,-.a co.fr.-r-
enc- hc:iren JorD Anrd .Arila.-Pr:-paratliuns for no n..,r'n gruv- --luan's
aio3ltn i nrltii.-'-iu.. i, of my gnrlrIr .. .. .. -


M A P. C I .
F ruit- .ianl t],.,i ri:]' .-- Ij.hsrtn- ,.,I' ltr,, i..: lil .-- i- ilt {,',,uJ J u il' r,,n-,rs.-
11iti.. r ,.1 -A t -tar... L..ti-n"-- -'r,.[arali..,n: [r -;rai'ltir ,.-
lu ll..J. L,- ti. 'jl'" irfi ,':, i ,.r.,...l -..i l y tu .-nt T hi "', ..-r tj."
Mi r.. .'hl.-r: arj i II*. v :.r- -ti lij p..r..r'rn. i .r. :... I .1
l.,ru. I.l..by -- 'r..Lr..uJ:. .J ulh r'i.l. ."- th- i r-.'t lr.a.it.-.My jLl ai]r-i -
1..... r.. l!..Lu.I I. t,, I, :.. iE., j \ ri .. r I. u.IL. r....I P.. I. ulij .
I-.,r'. ll..l '~ Iirpr.iT .--I p.l. i];.:_-. _-rIlj-. r 'I.., .j i i... jll htIE -
I.n...r., i. ui.t LlJuA Lr., .. L : ..... .. .. ... P..:

t" iApr'rE: v
F. I L .

I'I.u' n;h. rr.t.r., h at -.,In .- .li.' tl i, i]r ....- Tority ..-.n.- AL iiti

t',r.l[r Iin -nl- a-I I i *..li,.r ,lj t,.,,I .-- lrL t. .. Ih.- I: V L1 t;i.- Inip..r l.nt
.h L -- .b LI 1 vjl. it ll it. '- A u.l. I-.- ht. i.ht -Ft- [.r,-..p .
I.. renuira l..ri r mji ,.,,. L. : .i ,....1 l, in t-.i-r.; -- .-,,n t ;i h h.r.
I -l r r..-- li -L r jit n l l.-. rtlii li:. u.ain I dr ,,-- ri,..nt |iril ,li|.[ r.n,. -E
,1 l.u .*:'r _'. i i. .t 1,,1-, nnt 'v. .li' -.. r l.rint Ll .. M -,rr .-- r ll.
lri t ,h ..l ry i.' .. .

ril ; 1h .TE I; i.
1A: 1 .

Fr, iIh .r 'n ur'.: rn.r. n.-,-'t r I r.v'r hbi.- Th- lt n;..- Art r-u.--.
trl h,_ u.,1. 1i "-A. riti. .it,.-A- i.. rr,. l i> L J :..i l-. r l- Wi .Ir i ...,ri b

.u 'i:'. *l -ti..'. .A i rl.-l l"r ni .- r.-:ftI.-..- Dl r .iilO..- Aiit.jlli.'.
[,r ,ji. t_ I'll tur .:i ue. _.,. -. T- .[ill .tl ,., ]-.. r L : ,.,I' h ll r, b i. h,, ,'-
.ti.d.- llr tr.- it- i .. i.[ r lu.-rtt .1.inlr.ri n .y Vrit-i.l -I
hire .:. nt ri > -*-....iw.u.n -Th- "N.. F ,.lJ."--ir.it. 1 l'fl i.kn,-,ri l.-J
ui t. ....... .. ..... ... ... ... .. 1 '-

J : E .
1 i ]l gr.,.'lh .i, 1 U- tati...T u WN_ l.-. r 1. al t... ;.' hi ,l: l.... r.- W halt m n.l hijry
.ll i. In lth Iri,., -.- N.a ,.. il t.r-,l -.i liih Ilarid.- rD. rirpt;.rn -f
[h.- CA,. I .ni, th, ai.ii' i -I niban i.a'h;,,n ,f ,akinr:.--Yl.. -a nil .a.LUiu.-


C : NT E r F. 11

DtligtIfuIl i-i r fr.m I'. In.. l[ ..i,,l v.r, r, ew trcsu.' A .irl..]
.;lCu: ..n .-I:.. nle i.. n.linitain mi "humbin : il r, IJ.lcpdnIJrcr."-Dl rlno
Fp -.. [ .. ,[ I:i,.I: lt.t,.r l..1r-ai lh, r.- l .'-.ni -.0 Am rn jil.i urpn,-..l -
V i t 1,, Ill,. .<-1-,:uzh:r LDelfir-..'., .ij r.- .\n trih:i|.p' ll- ,..:, ,.ri .- lIi..
trh>c ,II1. ,,1[. i Is :. rir >.l. -- l:L..: .su -- 5 .'.i -n .....I .\ ,, ,trie.-
r.,:.lv,..l .:.n.- ll.., t j. [,lj ,', -l ..... .... .. ..... p g, 43

(I1 .1'P [T'H VIII.
.1 i. L .
M\l p. [j. :lr'' [.rt ira[i'.i- Kin.izI is of ID,.l n.. n.1 [t..n .lul.I -
M 'alluvl It) c ar|,..r-lln r li ,. cri l i D., i.. ,,3 .l..t e --A S.tiu... n .[p .J rl-
ir.., Tir' Iu' u. l.' thc I," r,.., i rE-r I U ..- L t i -h ,En_:',.
I,,,, I., .-.rl f'..r m ,-- H- m y-st. rr,-'.,j h :i.[..;arjr... --1- t.: f.,lil,. '?-
1 ,ru[,[ r.I. lrr.--.Iu lru 'u '...il -l.-I l ~ l r -- .-- h, lj. 1 .'. i..1 bLiI.-
0 .t I ..1i' L li.; r -- 1 he i u-i-. ri ..-. F".:.riL o ,f ,l h:iv i. we ril.l.ra..ii .- i -
'TLe -_,i n.1 l; r ..- Yu,': e ar, l \ 1iul[ 1 .1J) c.,in ,..:.I.- .\t..u '1ij, g nc.-ahii
%1 I .bl.. ... ..... :;.


A Irarn l.r. Lk r-t i'. -l.,' r iur[pri'irig, .A rw., in. r .. n It'-i- .ji.r r,- lin'. I
I' -d f..r niy ';r .n-n.' --Plir. i t ,Ik..- itf.-r r. nt varin.l. I t.n:r.,n s -
1. fr i t: / '. [In,,u- t ,t .t Int.ru:. Hi-{ tbr, lli.i' t Lrail,.: .-r.-- ..ix Tisa,.1a
-1.- liil.i- l mr fi'[ i ..1 .i r.. r -i.\ i:r i..ri- T ..I't EiL .:r-.' anr .\ i.:.lr.i l
I l. atl, nri ..1' I t.-- n..rut:r. f[ur .l'. .\wak- I, .. .r h ia .l in fp.ain
ri.''. ,.i; iiL .m .I': 'i.L.J -i.iic* a n.l Fn Ii' u il t. *,'aim |iA i-
.'iat[.- E l., In- n- v. .,rtnv .,, .,r..- TI J 'id r..-- Lti: .-. [I.:. r ni
nt.. ih.-r.- i.ia.l. rnc.- .ry --\' lua L.b luni .. .. .1 '

'H.A[I ER X.
S E P'T L M : E R
F.jm'.it yil, 1.1r i-f wv, t ip-. at.'.- ;.- -. .ntr.in, i1,h C:iptl.iin i'.ar iri ..-- Il,
(r.'apujr ..:.ni' i laru.di.- li.i f r..r .*lui I. .- .\riLi' t lia at'n..ua tih I h..
n.lir., -C..:-[a-nit e.:v Its irr.m[..rt: c.-.- .\ i, in .r at j' r[ it. -
Ju'inie..:. la'.' the dilti I .- -Fjlls c: 1. rit, r..Ii. fI A n i ii iiiii
eri:n.--.\ fri'n-rlly c-Ol.-.-. -S-'. if the "*c .III...r "--lih ilt F.,.l undl.r-
utk.,'.- IIw ]e itll.1 -M.- il. ,.inr.-.A fr' :b c..i r in the .Crnet.
--.Ati .:l ,... 1. [a t1lim. '.l -H ..r tri::-[. If-,w w,' ...rrjnri'- itat r -
l,.l'e t-. tl l.-i ..... ...... .... ..1 ,



i r'1 I1. P.

T 'iun bh *:i 1 Fi .I'.-- Au: ..i..u- r.:trn .1 .lI:iri.o. -I ii L uLJw..i trilt r.jl ,- -
I[-.,w u, .A:c'..Liit. bJ -1 L .:,r- li,-ilir,,'. [,'[,,.p itf .7 ; L !um p .i .r. .: .r.- l. .al

ri:..ruih s.- '[h, [,..., ,: :_: ..I :tiiri| ir'.cl'" rl -'.-- .\tila : ,,.,ll it...i.- l-r; .,i c
d. rin.-r itr. fri.- N..rih Ar-rt .- LI... .Tui ..i p- r :i nmir.- Fr.-hl .,it.,. uD the
,?[D :.U y.-- 'l,.-.. r.f [th; ,:,,iti _t Th- I.. rI.L rt ,. ..i..t,.r..u_ --lielHi ,-':
;u .ti .-r- I i. .'. II t I- : .pl._t t..in.-Wht .. .i -. t .. ....P.. L. .


N n v i: .I 1. E r. .

Firsli n v r'i ..- '-I n r. .- ...h r- i turn t... P l rI.-i r.- Ex-
IL..tc,1 | I.-[ ri.,ir iar' s l- A l.it i Fi:h t r,-,'.. -- Y :iri; -- li; :-I.. ,, ..i"
Ialti,.ir.t "--I-I. hi .rinry -.\ri.r nr. r.-r-r. ...!- -Ti-h "Stuli.zs iht '
All paint: ,i y F:, r...t I. .- .ur .--Ium r vi:. ;- ., i..hi, --.riil ...f
:.:'riiii rur l lluj.i[.I.-ln.nt_ All .-'1.'- u, :l.> u :l. : ,r...nt.-l- I hii,:..tr: .. I thc
"h _:'i "r" i, N '-. YI l.- .\- A .i n-r. r[. l: .I .-- .IT ul.j. tjI l! .irl,-
1t.-,.---\; i- t-. i M .I .I,ru tih.. .iri it..r riu rijilurr I,-l.m Diy -- n.i iii-
r.lr a r-.. ... .... ................... ...... .....


r E C 0 E [M E P..
'I h. rip..ni i : .....r .- II- : L.bul. rr.Jr y -t r,.n ,,.r;, i .i( c,-i...r. -' .- -..-, Pln-
l..,r ]- l'utur',:.--Alf,'ti'.rnai .- Il-lt ,-i. Ji. i .ir- .,.--.irt i .u i.ni ti. n'
,..tr ge.i-- li -_l,'.rn. t Iujm ,"i l.nl,'.,, l-d l',r I irJ :,,I vnt' .t.r 'l. ,'l:t I
rt ...lv, t.. ,. ...- Tu irn i. ," r .. : .[[, lti,.-r F r]ix ..,.n e-_ l.. tr.' i,] l'.--'lhb.
]iriic-h lrrrT i ,.,ttj.',: "Hi'0 :,l.-- L.. lLL.. .. ,l :u.iM .rly -- \ th l tb, in-
e-i. t.: ,... .- P r, l,' "!']ri'*.c- l_:f r .1 I'hl'i-.r.,u trt,-.-- E v.. i i..' t, l Ir,. it..,J.-
'.it.: :,l.. (t,. T-[h, .. it ,I, y i ._- m l I..- W ,- .*I, .r.t.: C h, i i.tua: j.y-
o ui ly ] ...... .. .. ......... .......... I1


3y way of -splnati.n .............................................. .. 302






I .:' Ro LiD [' F:) 1 Y

How I cnmr to leave Newv York -Whyr I went to: Santra Domingo.
The' vo,:ag A rr nvjl nt ihe t:,.n A.u njtr'o.lui:'.. I t' D.on
Leooardu elinhnorIt.-A I:srpirJ.. r,,:,:r.ti;or -E:-solre to
strike ror the intl:r;jr.- An urn:.xp,:':tc*d grc.:tino.-- An old
tettler.- W lI:It ie? -ii]io.'s -S.tart O f, ot I or P.'DerIJue.- Vi.'
t, 'on Julio Pe':..- : bA.l *?':ines f i r.-I p.ur:h:': a mainly
rI.rnm r.ad tak.,? ,,s-.-S ,.

I wAs born and renre.1 o0 a large f:ir.n in tlhe heartt

of the State of New Y,'rk, an1 :ill my triste- arc for

the inldel-nc'ii. d t life :iinl tir:niiltil ioieculI'ationl oft the

country. Nevertheless, it was niy destiny to tru1-1-

glu ftor livelihood several Vears within tihe crowde.l

walls of a city estlab liiishet, :nmil- thnt \ itli so little

suec.Cs, that the cun.l of eacl season found ime no

u.ntrer an indepe-ndtence than the beginning.


14 LIFE I N ST. Do I N O.

I ha'd iut v,-mntir-id to marry on suoh prosp-,_:,ts ;
.lit mly only l'r:'tlic-Nr li.i.l L:e1 i' l tter, or miure sui:-
Rs-t.l'ull, pe'rh:i'-, :inl taken tc.: himi ielf i wilt. 1ie
li:'.l ti, initl'.r i; .- tE:.' ] : lj-"r -I':,nu tw-o \Y :'rs
- n go, a u1, w -'.irii l .f ?..:ri:s of ( 1isC al':' I1 i; uu ciOr-
Cllinst.'i ll. n.., \ h i ..*:e. lii e. to'., ro t'it w itlli :v ry
eilbrt to injr' ro e his c_'iiditio:n, :nlvy f-tter thc.
iilore, lie r piii,-.. ,1 to e) ek a nl\ew inori11e iI tho F;r
II'_ I.s thr::ee W.oy, W 1oi 10e desirCS to t.'lIIe;te in
,h11il :-Il:a ilier trlilt thli i' ailly 11'onlli: iii',1lS.l'sil .,
-el]fhelin'.;g, ani ilil-'.1.:'ile, lin t imeil, eiiually rein v-ed'l
fromiI 1,:o.ris.i i';g ':'r:la i :ili, l : .l._.,lit illii,:.i]itr\. A s

:i p '.'r ma:n, I.- ,:1i.1 n't see hi., way clear to a':-.':m)n
pli h thin in a IrE.': city. Am,:rnJL_ th .i :he: lands
amt ;,'ri.i |i,,rlriolln ,of tr:l- W e-t it Wjs Ill rc-
.:asil,!r, ;iil lek \\W a inly s-i- i,'itel 1110 to Ilmove with
himn i, t ti-e dir-cti,-n :' the setring' sun.
I \W; inore rtli:n wilylit" 1,:' ,'St ltieliril W i. the lust
uf tile city ; liut it.r v rio' ,iii 'e sonl I plre:tre l --eek-
ig a h"ie ioo ii s',iU" liighi, hj-althy, and recesiible
region otf t rplicl An:mrien, to beginning' anew in th;

STF E IN ST. D oM I o.

eqlIIlly ,li ltnnit, more trying, andI le s |Irtitfi le .efie l;
of Min neota.
After wCighIing all the- f-.lt:s liet're us, to the
l-est of oir a1.iility, w.. d.:ci t:'l to ea' t our future
lot in S:nto Diing.,, .a it. I1ad the ad'lv:.1 ta.. Lt ,
nilinha'l.ilv leniCl. to hle :Spnni-hl American relubllie-:.
of a st.ible- gov,.r menut, at (peae: wCithi :1ll other

I volultii r I cI.rd to l.i t hle io in.er in tlie work of
tinlinig .and making rea'1y our new home, inu I set
.Albout my :':. r:-ttfions witlhlut de.l-y.
I left N.ew Y.:ork o:n a b.,itin,1. iusty nvIIirniilng, iea:rly
in, DeIeuml'cr, :iI1 nfd tr iplens.annt i:ls.-ge ft ft;.urten
lda;v, lan1.e1 at Santo Domiirng' City.nimni.1 tIle lilmrny
nir anl bright verdlure of ''i Nortiern June. All na-

ture revelleol in nn overtllwing' we. lth of fruits and
flowers anid loliage. The Iwt'Po,.,le were mniving about
in light suiieiimr idresse, iand tlmhe store floors :ind
house widiows were wide open to iadmit tie fi'.1 .
Thel li novUlt, and, 1-'rlihals still more, the b1rigiht
contrast of this I ellcionmii cliniate with thli wintry


rigor, of our northirii latitudes, prei o,'esse:l me at

onceu, anl1 strn-gly, in tLivor of this new country.
I remn-in:-c1, IJowverL, uit one day in thle city ViOf
Sant,: DoIoinii'o. An Americn: tfirin tler hal pjro-
viled :usome native i,'ttra.es Oni the heights 'verh-lok-
ingl the town, l tr trne t ranient acuonllnmodtli:tli t' iln-

Inig'rniil t'amilie* coilolinii. oovr ill their vesl:.ls. In
on:, oft these I ol.t:dine'. ;i coreiir if r:It fu .:l lo r i mylelt
and nly .lt11 effectt., whil.C I e :ast :;i1.ia ine tlr the

choice of i i,. al :il'i.liing.l-lac-.

A Cutil.ain .Ieitleinma, resilingi in N Ye '' York, wlho
has trav,'lled] exten-ively in Mexi.oi and untril

Ameri, asi- well as in the West Inlia Isl and., hal

reco,,mmn di. ],.1 8al:ii,: Doilin o ;S of rii., or1 tlhe
w lio'le, ii ,' i i,\ r'llllr '- ;I ~i fir ,-i r o nlleh llli,.',
reig'rating f',,inl thie Unite.l S.ttes, than ainyu other

country of tro:iie:-ild Amnric..

This :n-'\ ice ;o:'ntirme,.1 mne in my own opinion ; so
I followed it the m. re read-ily.

Besiid.:s :nlvicc.e, my tfrit'ndl )a'vored mei with a let-

ter of introduction to a gentleman of the inme of

Delinminto, who, I soon leirneo.1, w:iv a mieml.er of

..::.. "q

LIrF: 1 N T. D 0 oM IN i 17

one of the old patricial tflmilies ot' the islnnd. Hie
is a notnry pil,:Ilic-, in office .of trust and distinction
under Spaunih law ; and at thl: s:,ecial re:nc.q t of the
official :an1 commercial rlepresentaliv of t" i he "States"
in this coun:.itr, lie keeps a li-t ot thie mii t desirable
1l c1 ded pro]'erties i:i:btre t;f:l r s, h.l for tlic bc1.ni-Lt of
Aierie.,u imu iigrl.r ts iln i.lu,:-sotof honliiete.ad .
I prc selited iy letter, req.,'-s-tedl hs advice.
Don Leonal'r,1o DelinHnte receivedLt ii\' with the
obliginii', S.ia ity otf ;a igili-bred gent lenin n. :ind f'reelv
laid bef:'re- meJUt thie details of tile IiI fl'OU ro i:' -i, p" .r-
tis h. had in charge ; but non1 of them came witlliii
tile secOpe of my lalrr iw lill lS.?.
They were cliiefly s.u-iar estat.e-, o:r large tracts of
mnahlioigany anii low\oo1' forests, a!lt',-.ether beyond
the l po.,ilility of my mieal., of ;.urichas:. but it occur-
red to mv that some one of them might b., o:it:Lin bible
olln a long lease.. I stated inIl situlatio.li ftrn1ill '.-, nid
aske.l Dbn Leoniar .l: h liit he tlonlight of thl.e chan-ces
of hiring n thrin.
"There would be In dlifficulty ii 'eliti n place,"

he answered, after hearing ine out witli kiun!%v atten-


ti.:.,. DBut Wdiy :iot Stri kt- t 'once intol. thi int.riir,
and bivy a minall tfrm o:r tii lic ? With tlhej fl;"rmii
imipleinm nts in yo:illr l.:e:.i,:nii, ai.1 v.iir ipIl, :.rii aci,
ij n_.F'ic lli lri., v'i, l :-Ill p. y for ev oulr ;I ll. il : 1 f:l W
ye:ir-, :inl1 i.tiiii wlilW i Ih : L,:. sbiCit I .~IDIir iI 'm in_ sr.-iId to
<:IiI' t 't'."
"Th is w.is m in l:in in i',iiiin.. here, ijit tLc prief;

c' land .l ,l l.. ririii>l:-i.y l igIi ," I -:ai.1, .1.:il. tinly.
Yes, iin, l nliate-ly ir.,u.id tlhe c:ity land /. ligl ;
lut a lshioiL .litaictce back it i ;il:u:ost a:s chtfip :,s tihe

p1'iiili t llii1.- od f the U ;ite.1 l St.its."
D ,.,n LeoiiLarili, lidas stlli:,l *:tur i :i .a l:l. gul -tge, :ni'.1
iustituti ons, i.:,il i ni:ler-t:iii:ls.1 thl 1m. ll 1 .1 rlativ -.
\h" ih::, p*i,'itcil:rl .toll -.i'.:'i ,'f tlie -il,,try wouiild yon
al\visD- mn. to settle in, DI.in LI.eoiiair.i'D ?" I asked, ;it'ter

'" T.,t dejcl.nt.l-. ,.,n whait y.,u 1.rop,.; to, make thi-
priiiiipal featur imn.st retfle.t a: little on what-all tlhi us considerecd-
is likely to uit you i,1-Dt."
We stood. a long time before a nima of the Islani
of Hayti, and, with Don LefotarDlo's lcp oiouH. cites of


Iescripticon in hin'1, li l en iise.l tie sever.:l speialtis
anil various 2ift .:t S.n ('rito.ial, Bani, and Azua to
the wet-, nU'.l of 3t Maori anRolnia, nild Sntmna tl : the
e:ist ; but not oiic o(tf th- i lllny tine corn,1 cottonI, 0ott'l e,
nl snnir :est:ut..s V,,a within imy rc-tch, hr lnoine on
Ii li.t, 1wver : ofl'trei in m1I-a.ll lot, anil I letft the office
of tile polite notnry in perplexity nud irre;olotioiln.
I h. t tOI i\\':-: st towa my tempornry qu: -ar-
teor, to think over il quiet nill I hain hear.., and coime
to somie ettlet' resolution as to the d.iruction I hlunl,.1
pufsllsu in lny seieli h for a home, wihen a trilling inli-
d-'.nt c( lleCIlu lel Im heit:-itioli ;1illl dleterimined miy
ftlt cl'n e o e.
I waN- wal.kiI' d--wily along a side street, artJlixiolls
revolving mny inixt ilroee l:lig, wli,.n lorsenlllll
ro.de I.'y at a bri-k .ace, an d .l dis ii'onut'.l at the d..uor
of a tidy cottage, .a .\w pnejcs aleaul. As I came up
I hear the joyoun; weic.,nome of wile, aind.l children
poireh f,'rthl in s.ci, a ti,.,l o'f heart y, ioinelyv Elg-
lish that it arre cited miy "tttnition, and half n11:11 on-
sciouNly I 'paured for :t mIoi entI to look in on the
happy scene.


Thil wide door ,o:penu.d into a neat, well-frini ihed
room .,n ~a level with the street, nud ;i lively pnrty If
friends ain1 kindire-:d w-ere groupled ar:,md.1 the newly\
arive.1, witlt the warmest ex.pressio' ns of :tfiectionante
we.Come. They wer t-ll c.lore'd l cople, yet heir
L'tes- li'l -.very item LOf their sii urro ,illd'l 1.i :.SpokL
:it FL 'gliio. .iVy cir l illil't:ni1c-e aldl .-olue hat of cul-
Recllectiiig my.-.elf, I was il'.tout ].';-s oin imy
way, with ;i 1.bow' of mute apolo.y f. lur my ibrultl pal::.-
at the lopenl du'r, 1 when thle master of the hu.is': sLW
me, and inute'runptedi hLi. a.'coiit :'f the state of friends
at Bani a ni1 PaIenilue-vihi :h, fr,.n I Mly recent con-
ve'rs-:tion with Don Le-..!iardo, I cal'_Ilit iil.' with ai
thrill of pleculi:ar interet'-t-to stulp I'urw.tird and ask
me if thiLe *\;as any thing in which he e...uld .se-r'\
me. 1 ex:u ed m y 1l.reaC ii of dleeuruii I y fraiiIkly
stat ing tIat I v: as a str.ing'r jo.s-t landed, a nd that,
the grateful :n'.d nue:-.pc i.ed accents of my native
land had lor an iii.stliat arresIted nme- at lii door.
"Ah .sir," ~aid the itinm, in the lmo--t ie-pectfil tones,
the Amerien lan gage is always like ,weet mus.lic


to me, too. I have lived here near on to thirty year-.
and with G 's hell., have dIone very well in Santo
Domiin_,:; but there is no treat tfr int,- like Seeintf
Sgenitlemnan from the Statec, .,m:dl e:rini'; :tof tleir
great. .loiiilg iln ria : Iilr ':,.I 1 i1i tele-

.g''t;I] hs."
I shal! 1.ie gl1ai.l to exI',Iarni.e intormnationi with

you," I r-pli'led'.-"Thie late it IIL\ N t'from thieL Uuite,
State-' a.,aint your old experience in the naturt e a:ni1
c.ap:'lilitie?; of thik country."
"' I unil :1 la ilii, hl:i-r l '<'-rkin_. ninrsi, without muIc'lh

educationo" -aidl Bit ook'-th:t :\\-i th,- nmiite of ilm
unew ne'lU-aintauce-- l.but I have hadl plenty of' r:Igh
experieinc:-e here, and it' ny thing I kno-,w :i:bout this
(',uutry'V c i a1,u L of uNe tN, you, ,ir. I shiall b)e .o1,'t1l
to do you a ,rx ice."

Hlre \v-:i.C thle v'ry Iuan I needed.
Thif s::-IS'il:) oll ttl]er, with bi- thirty years of

practicl-' or, Ca-, he callte.l it, roi 'Ii worki.-mani's
-expertielnce .Af soil, sea'sonil, .-id lo:-alitie&, wrs
worth more to me, a poor t,:*iling' l'ugi:,i.'r, thanl vX-:l-
umnes of sciOetific discer:ati:., fit :oly ftor rich irneU


who wN:1re alble to C:irry out larglo plans with full
h11:il.. Moreover. hl hIt jlI I.t returned from n long
viiit to B i-!)i :n. Paln u| b-. ot, inviting pl,1:-.0us,
thirty ann. tl:.ly mile to: thle w\:..-t\w:arl of S:nr:to Do-
i:iligil', to:' wl hi,:. fi'rImi amon. other poinilt'., rich in
O:'i:rttn :,ii'l -ua':r landi-, D,) Leonair'lo D-)lol'nut-e Jhaj
c( llel my att-itiin,. :, ,i-itini gui .h.i;: .'r pure air a'n l
hle:allty water.
No,:, ilesiriing tm:, t reslas *n Birook:-'' 'i,;:ooil-nature
nt tt 1i 1 m eit of re-i.nion witi his a tnily, I <,lu-
(cli.et Jhe a rii-chair his wife Iia.stene'l to p Ires on my
:ic :'l il:ii '. 1 ii.l cOiLltiiHiu. ti i .jlU tin:,i; I w:is ea t,:r
to tflioil hiii with to or two ail:iouti the pl.ies ihe
11i:l just. \isitel. Hi a.-.rn swers were extrielel v suo-
SPa:klu'llue," Lu -,:il.l, wbithb animlation, is tLh lI:.e-
liest s.i.uationi, !n-Il Lhas the (h,-est larino1:1r to be found
Iinywh,:re on the .:oiiuth coast of Santo Dominii., l.1-
t1ween this ..ity :;.ni. Azui.::."
"You ought to knuow this coast by heart," I said,
with :i -.utile at his tarrestness.
You Iay well believe it, -ir. I hLive learned it,


LiI: IN F -1. D.. INci ( .

like A >, C, by e:uttlijg :w,.l .lid.-;i m :l-.._,,:i:ui a;n.1
other wooxls, to- shi1P at very inlet anid lIand1inj from
liere to the I-I;,Vtiii liiie.'"
Ai.1 'lat is y :,O r opinil.l, FBro:..ok-, o.f tlii di.-
trit lfor l i l 'tlh ? '
.As to tli:at, I cal] :;-i'surc you, sir, that all :.long.
lth c(ou s- : ,il:;'' ii[ 'ilenqi-', ]:aij, :iilil A\ziil, i' :L
i'.:tltilt l l'-\e[ i.iu t \y, 'lt lL ,i ': c' iilll;iS l. |1 itiir'_'
backL toward th: iills. It is I athl r Iry 1 oni e .-(i.eonii,
lut \'-ry lvi:ilthliv.
A'1d ho,- ail.hot the tliuits "' I iin.luirted with in-
F'lentyv ,.t'fruits, sir-twvo or three kinds, for every
LUcinth in thle y-..r, tl'r the iroplh: \\' v will take tihe
trouble to- plant theii. [uit that, you know, is tilt
ease e\''rywh,-r'- in tlii 1Le2i* II "'
-)Only on, ,uesti,,li more, Brouk, nd.l rlheii I \ill
]enve you to njy li, e,.ui|lny of vo-,ur lilvy, \winll
Um:nn th:alm"s br your oi bli._.i,,_ ii!or;:i:ti..n."
Please don't ipeak of it, -ir. It is iuc:h a p.,le:.:.-le
to us :ill to have :a fe\w wor'ls with an Aun:ri(;inl."
"W.Xell, my rie.m:ini:g question is aboutk the Irice

24- LIFE IN ST. Do M I N co.

of flrmling- land. Do yoVu know hlow it ranges in
tl'at direction ?"
No.:t exac-tly, ir'. It must 1:'e chie:ap]. enough,
lhouishl, for nmo-t of it lies wa te, :i'verg' '.viwn with
;.,od,. thickett"
For want of inhabita.nt', perhaps ?"' I suncgeeted.
Not that :lone, b1y i ;ny me:s," r;u- '!ied Drook.
"T'." b:-e Sui'r, the po'' le :Ire not v'ry i tlii.-k there-
al.iout, libut there i enough :ft t lemn to .1do SoI nlini.g,
if they 1:new itt,,t to' do, and ihowr to do it, for
theinielves ind their liea.tiflf lani-. [But thU'y don't."
SYe., I :im tol'.l tih Doiimiii-an, ar-v not. very
SAYi:-ntill.:- frn rme."
SAcutili,, sir! Why, Iles the ioor wouls, there
is- lnot one in Iilundired w:ounl'1 know : ii loirgh fromi a
wheell:.arrow, if vyou Wer'e to pilt then icovwn togiethLor
on tl:iir dliTiner- table. Thlt is," a.dd1e.l BIrook., in a
more iubdued'.l tomn if theW e n n-/ o. ievcr used
su'h tixiinS-r" a :i rucgIl"r 'linier-talI.'"
!hy;, 1Brook., I cannot iiit ifJge thlu possibility
of ftlrnil.ng. wiihout plougli, anld wheelbarrows too,
for that matter."



'"Thit is 1ie.nii.-e y:'n :are fin Allierlica-), sir; but

you will s.:.'n see lor your-elf that the whole of this

ibeutiitiil country is in : I.1e:l1 kh.cp, f1or want if these

,plounlghi an~. 1 likde hL'lps, to:' lirei'.k iu tlh:e h:iran
crust, ii:l l.et out the life that re:Aly is in the Inn.l."
"' Well, I think I ca:-i plromli-i to ;.-hiW- yV:.-l, s ,i.Ce

day or othir-, :- n A :-meriic n h, Ilo, hl in ,ll '.ti,'n, \ itli

iln Al\r eric:':li ilo h'l: rn:iin :it the, bh nu.lle, tr. ili" hii

best to-w:i r1s w.:kiug u11 s :nie little ,orn:er :f tihi-

w~antel to leiv-e sev-er:v Ilrn'i oll ".: ljire," .' r illt

nominu:il reI t, i 1fi : terll of ye.:-rs, to A nieri,::tit iliirn-
er. I II hl:l o,..rrei.l to h Iim that possibly y this gen-

tiefl :in wouill sell nte ;- !:-1 l ti':,.t of ft ifty or .ixty

,r' o l \ 'V Rl' ;"r y te.i-r :s lie Wx:l bent on gettinll.
oinm people ~ aloh t him who really u ier.too.i thrm--


I took t.hown the :..l'lres of ti-s proprietor, anl in

the muorniiiig went with it to Don Le. .ur.lo, the no-


tary, to l-nIn whether thi property. wis -nu his list
of :niils fo-r alih. It w:i-. not, but the owner, Dln
,Jlir Pi'ez, was 1iis pur.oi:'nil friend, nl hi f otfl're'
to 'ive iu- a-i letter tI. hiiin if I lchosei tc-. .o mi-l su.:
th- plI.- 1e. I ;'r :t1-ilnly a IcC:: ltil tlh- o!i- ; tihe lt-.-
t-r w:n-; writti:-n on the spot ; a;ii I veit ihal; to
my tel-ml orary li.mini v.ih :i. li hlit ",l., ti. pl r.:tre Or
thei trip.
Arraningi. with Bro.:oks to: iorwar1d my elhi-t' to
PaleninIe y ,:a.tin.' ve.s:El, in c:.'se I e-ideil to

Ireinlin, I took; my Mt-tfl an1 srili, :nii.l ,-d t oit on
thC:at for ith laii'l Y iof primni.ne, the tlird mI..riing atmfr
miy 1 irrivNl iin Sanito Domii.,:
It' wao ni li:,ong dljay's w:ilk to I PItlel-ipe, hut the
g*r _enii :in'1 Siiliiirn .l.ani :.i e begl ile'.1 tlie h:o rs, :ainl
the "n w:-iIs yet :in Imir li hen n :li .1 eI at the
<.-1,r of DDn .jlulio'3- ,iiiinti hi.-e. I Stnt in the
letter by a s'rvint, andl 'imrly had the time ne-
cssvry to r.:i it i:s.-el, w n : n, l a r:mr, r'.il.
,ri-'i t-eve.l umian pr'.-e->uti.1 hiimi1,l:-f with a coarlial
wel-nme. I ran.,l imany signs of hopL ii his clear
1:.r-iw, well-shaped head, an inmellow voic'. (G'u-

LrI F F IN ST. ID) I N., :. 27

H tlmfait. w. t' written on evvry lint' of li iS,-.c < lane
inll eveTry miov'-.mr t 'of his lilt l.,at w, :-ll-.tuirie,.l

The letter it' lii friien., Don L_,eon:Iirlo D>:l)n:,nte,
hI1.1 l.,riclny '.x l,:iin l tl, o 1.-je t oft' : y i-it, :i-, .l hei-
:nter: l into j th-e .k .1 Atiil~ ,:t1' l'.ir ing ll t:1 in ithe U niti:e.l

S_;utt: with :n <.: neor anl int.':!line-it intrer:-' r. I
t:it':.l to: hii.i mty x:- e:'t itunlion ant ili1l not
ntieni.it to:, 'n:' .:l t t :e..rr,:i wntoi' o:f th>:1 h inc.1i. o:u

wh7liii I t:iiiu'l:e I- liy lrin s i.m it luo!u, i l:i of e:i.cre l

t:,ir 111ii:0 "iil n l ,-. ii i in,.h tiln i l'. 1 Iiltlt': .':il. D o:e i,
. Julio w a. ; in t wv-illing t.:, .,: ii -i, I :n.1 ; lit l: .t :i? l

tlere wN: a ear tri srrip ,t' o ie hin.-! like: f:,rty

;, 'r, .., V.it!, :, ~. all :clh -rinr,, inl, t!<; ruin o1 :in hld
,--a l ,i -'.oii it, W li vlI I '- x 'w,,nli co''n:. i. t TO p1- art w ith

te: an An -nie.in thrmer wh, v,-:,nil eo.d"-:',t: (t:* ttl:
ul o ill t :1 t z lit 've.
TIn; next ni*m:ruin I ;ir':se: will th:. 1sun. I sptuit.
at. bliw ly -ni.l :lnUxin' ui .l:v ri nin I-,'-. er trI i,; lai,.1.
It wa rather well t 1ii rl.,,r l:, wiiih i;rch,- it' hf.-ivy
uiili. ie l'ro lwth lii r L ,l ith le- illt ni-I:il O|jD
nidl z',:ve-lik. The' lIe-t p.,:inrt was that ,.lire terly


aroiiil tli1 ol, cabin-a plerftt-.ly fr'te -:ac' no'
1e'- tl1i'in two :a';ir I-. in t.-t nt, i.'oi.1.:. .1 by l -o vW ry
airge t'' ir-t '-,-;.
Donl li: h u' naie'.1 hisi. lri'.-e--O:'e 1un d eil:n'1
fifty lI,:,ii:t", l:iy;:uilt. i I.'line y ir. After this l'ritf

bilt v' Oi f tlu. 2"l',o iillU 1, I W liit l,:'; k ill tile tveniiii to
s.iy to hIjil that I ac'eiitp.l the tIilrm- ;iand would
like- to -in r iito '.ss. sion, in tori.1der t: .!2:' ') wX :iArk
BDut this ik tI (-ry d er o," snid Doll Julio.
" Fr''i thle 'iid.dle of D e,?),i).iir. t'' ;soiit. tili'n, in
April y'n -,ao;iuiiot rcly uiion r;luii, enoli-.'i to: 1.ri,-._ out.
aniy cr'oi \wi:;tver tha it i; not pui ill ;s ea.irly
No'vein1 ier."
L" hit tlile roiuiiId is to I.. e li- ea''," I aiI1.
SFn'". are to' 1.. maul, :intld ,o: kin,'l f th-l-

ter ulilIt l.e llt ill :,i' 'o ir iiiill.,' n: ii ll.n-. inil ii -
pilteit.!its, ain1d tlili Sereie e un t'l] -' l iii'e1; to alitor'd Ilh
very best 6;_atl-r 1'r that kinid o' wirk."
"' V.ry tiue, thi.?r it p'lihty of w\:i k 1 Iiitbl:hIe t1or

each Se;iori of dtite yij':-, wIs. in iUl'":lC"ice Dor.
Julio',s r.plly, lint few in ti.-s country r-either care


orL' ku,.w h Lw to r'-'gl,:te their li;iinii's so .fs to idi
the right. hii ; .it the right. time.
EveryvIliere in this worl.l, tle only iway to win
i,.il i uttiiiniS fir yo:ulr i ll:'r is t,: Work with 5Vwti:.
;i1 : .1 f::rt--thlll .h 11- 1 1 Lnil sr try t,) le l'.u in' th i: bust

:a I':\ : rv;iuts, ,.a l L_,ilh.l V, rsc' "1 yo.u rt .s.f aC .' i.r
\,ou c.:,l : l, l -S iM- ll ,'-*t.l,. ,:' vO ,cn .tf.'( t.f ''l "

I sihall p I.h iii tile .11l .- l.'in foir :t shelter, anil
be inyv ,:,,vn servi-Vnt ilitil I fte.! imy W:imy to somlithinii],

better," I amii-\cre., rcealutily.
WVell," r_.tiuine
l,:i|'pji turn ot expr.is-ion w\hlich c:ouverts into a:
col:uil nliln t e hat laui i11-l.'.Cel im inii woi ilI1i treat :1 a ;i

Ilis -I l!r. liIJ l-:,l i lII.:'l,, ; \ I W ,lll, i tl y :u ir r.,olv.-.1
O:ln thl t C':ilrSe, I :ail *ily H: i n, lo t i it tlie m In wh: l 1. i1
tih1 CAMh'-', C tO, wvilk froul S ilol.o 1-o iii,,:o hiere, in
oue; d-ty, to .ind li fiu'rin, :nii.1 wh'o ex:-mnies the _'-lmiti.1
ai.l cominplcetes the iri'thusis? on the next, is not likely
to f'ail in .in tilingl he uitic-rt:lak-s."

30 LI F E IN S r. D i N oo.

I thank y u fr.ir thle ,:l.-inlii-it, Doti Julio:,. :niIl
w ill i:-e it ai t .1 ,t, -i.ll :-iic ia- :>.l i>. :l.L i tip l .1 r? cl' in
i I-Iy elLtli:L! lt- ,I SI 11 -,ili t l t. liilii 2."
O u this 1Wt1 r'e 1tir_<1. tir the l iii'lit, :i" ..1 lit.>:,'i>: m y
list \:laS : lke :'1 fl t: I.llh';.I'il .i', I w1 S ,,Ii tl :. If'oiltI

t1o1 mv /-* t\l.MY CAM I ;i fi.ii. .WI: ;N.'.O illm i11em-;i\" miI 1yV
s],li.d er, to nr lir a; .. st I mi'_.It, with lh.-..e b ':r-
r. -w cid iU l g rr;)~ -pl,] :i ",:, i l, r .: ,i:, ti,, -e :r,, nl, ir Lc-,',]h .
A w ek liter I li..:I j li ',.l iiiy.ye]lf in lie *:.1,.1 cal il.n

tlhe i:i'rll -Tl' I:1,i1l. y .tl' ir i hl lt r- l thl t li:a l I
li.l liar :in:'1 tI,'fr, a .1 lri.1] w it.t.II 1i Ii 'liy :x"-,s

.ll thtrini'2' tliiil_-- to:, 1c t:bI tit i.C. ie .y -, 'l -I" th,1
little craft. i I :il ng' tle e- i.st.
T lii r'lil t :1 a :i ill, tlie t\\- :;tArt 'Of :. -laired

ii:ltive eV\-t.r,_l '>-il ftVll,'.LO f '> f.1.//i alI',: 'lllo tbi ( _'ll. ;\i eft'
:ill the iiitr:v-nifent h l'[etl ly 'i ll i.I:>n- t hit task ,: t' c;ivt-'ii- rti ig tis bit of1
wih frl tSn int,: ;i ; wll- Iti v.ltvti l Ii' ii-uIste:l,.
Paiitly an Don Jiili'. is ,-.'.4tin, :i -!n1 partly t'
.ail liy lin .Vry, wVh Ie I wl h-led to recall hol\\ ul y

Li FE IN S D. IN G u.

work ist.ee'edel in its sea.un, but lioiS of iall to
havi :ine n:: record which iiight serve a little to 1ubile
the tir-r -telp of other n.w Sittlet s, I l_,e'iiIn from
tle first to al.e uott:-.' of w lhat w ;ilttteIlll- tedl, :i11.l
wlihat 'li~ti .3R .e Il ii' ,iith cii) n iil n, \.iunt i in its

Alter itni ,.enig the thatChedI roof of the e:abin, ind
cuiitti: aw-;,- tlc str:i-'.ling lirtuh :arounil it, I was
iready to ree,-ive miy fa'lring itiileninits an'. the
rnmall sro,:k; -f provi-ions wviich I hali left to l.ie :ut
on 1- wIater. Until tihey :rrlv-i.l I sle'lt Iur-ler theb
h,--.i --il. '.. ro:,of of Don .1 ulio.
At tIe clos-- of the last wee-k of Dec':.-1u.er, the
Ceo-ali-it. -l,:,-p Alice laui:-:l imy c,'olds at rt Pa-
lreinje, t,:.'gether with Ua small Lart. It V'As ; ini.re
:i]ld-rmrt, i:i ticet, which I lhid littedl with shafts on
tle h oyage, liut it. was my '" .-iiele.t tr'.a-'iure," and ]
lo,:1'Al on it. lhe I .l:uee- of my woridillv ge.ni, ani walk-
ing ,1y the side of the donkey I l.ro.edI:-l with humble
:-'joi,.i rto ny houie. I slept tlihr : lIr the first time
New Year'" Eve, anil that night I ,coIlimmeuce>d my
new lile, an'l lhii-', its (liint, im perfect record.

32 Li F E IN ST. D o I N G (I.


J .\ N A R .

F t nij, t I, :.li Li, aru -- H -ijy -:ur'i.i in tl, m11 .. ,o IiirjZ.- A
-i ,~j- ir "r,'i'i l t.-] :,*, t i i t r.:. i.:u:.' nti .. "i:ico -he
".: r' : .:.[ JII.*lu ;*Ii .\ttiir., Cnia it. .i -- .:" it-..i. ll- ".- .Jil tn ;. .-
i:ri- pi.tj. +ri,.11: ji, tl.,- r I.y Al iiti.- M -- u .--
Or i all). 11 i '.. A ijijn:..--- 1 '1 i'V t -F .l.l fl ,: Ijr.
:.t i t 1. :|.1 m ..11 -t'- ,*(:..j t ir it 0.1. ill -
H OW --. t- |I: I .. it.--II ktu- j.:.:.i. 1 1 ,l t:.rb ,-r Uu[-i ; ltt iitE -

I TIIMEll liNSltV 1 ill ill 'l iiiu n:mo;--k t'.lr miy filit f-igiht's

rest in m y ni?Wi- lii:e, with i nt i l c iie :rill.il1 :lt? ris 'f

respou il-iility, yet wvith aI keen scn.i,:tiii :t' ,. li. 'it in

the lI :-h n.l si:ll reli:int (- i-x 1t. ?u C: I b ,t il,..'...i. Fii ut

the fltion_,e otf liriuuin'_ ho ... in-,n1l p:irti:ily ii 'i:'ek-

i 1 mi.1 p. ir tin gI in i ,l::., '-v? c Wi my limit.r.1 st.irt.-m ,

w:-L ztii ieflit (t O*v .-t'l:,wer. tl,? eXCittille itt, of 11i,

liovel pF,. hitioll, aill. I was' s._i-: bIl., iel in plr',1 if" ii.l


:dillillilk:: .i W

SI F E IN ST. 1)M IN .

Th>"'-o w.fl no ,i'r ltit. 411 tih:l c:1ii ., ainl ns I open-

o(..I ,"-, in t!, e r ornivii,', I l.i..k:e-,l ,.I,.,, n Ia -. ,:
l]~o] -I. ;illI1 tlr_.i.i. 'll ;ILu :Ircl "i,:(. ,';f w r:l .if, l.il':ill ii.; 1 ii

:a c.i.lt r .I linim -tr t:'s, 1i:.t t-. w ith -La.r f '. l. .n
fruit. l Ti.,er tL- -h:l.',. ,1' t( h .o.- lirie-, .:n l cdii r,-l,-.1

w ith trt:-e -. of lhir,'g:-r :g r,:,w th,, l.,n il,-'i:- piljr ,t" (-f ,.,!,
W .lit i':ll. wI-ter.

Iii thi,- !',n Iit-, ljalf-Ivi:y l.en-twc:inl the ]ri!i

ni l t1 thin ...1 -:-il..in, I lo:-i.1-. t,.' pitch m -y Ileel' ing-

It v:as New iYefr'.c 'ly, I 1y ':It' f -iti\A'l tllrl., 21I

all C(Ihilrt:ii,1,liin vet it eeme l tn i:. i thiIt I cmul'.i nt

(- iy it 1ntil I \ha- t st up il y f; eni anil int+er:>ld f:,'r-
imaliy itit., ,ie','llp:tti:!n.

I iiale nl my c.: l.-, :ii.1 1L.1i my truly bi.ilv N.ew
Year' 1lre:kf1-ct in tin liixiiri<'iiis ,',up:ly .', ny own

tlj:''uIt, projects. ani anti;:-ipati: on t'r thei ln ''
7lo.nii''l of t w.:l c-Mi irth,- nI'_'v ,..]l.:.niini with tLkii bri'Iht

:mn.l zeninl ni,:,rni;)'..

Aftcr 1're:Ih-ik ft .**ni- the lIuinie s itf .ettin,' iii,

the tent. In bring 1 zing2 it with mer frmin N,:,w York, I

tli.inliht to ue.- it for :I tetmimtr:ury dwellint o,'n myv


hct,;l1o iur lvle, hul,1 there h11l..en, t,:, l1 e t thin.A

sist,: ''iu r,, :iii'.l-. ,t, l,:, i.l :',l t ,r il .,l Zr[. d mo :i cl.. slii\.L'
Ijett v.r to 1.,: 11 .. ItII ii, th : i I:I l' oI -A, -l II t01. It on III in

:oo'l stl...", ', lir it .. v tet till- v- nl.i"n froo f.'-.r kittch l,

ansI :1cc IIt:sl si : r I't i o. i'tr IN 1st- ot I fI t I a 1s;I
re l :, t,:i ii.

C 'ou.'l';.!n il;.tin'_:' I y.-'-lt on ,,y ,ointrt-ibtl ],r,:,

Iiolidlav t- eijovmilnt, aniil -' t :-ibjout it with A ze:.'t..

W ilhiI I wN.i I.Ilittil ,_' su n:e t'forked -ti,.k-, t,.o I Iren ItlII.-n

it z,toutly, I llVl,|"- : t,: ,, lo.:k r'iAm 1, aIl, :alw vry,

lblack :-,l ,t ry t:ill im,:- m llii .,' Ili.. ,:iv tlhr,:.n' lh tllh
.I iio ith:' .pip r a.i.:-hil w ii th .A iiilin' f :'.,, na.1 a

it. \\":mr ill.o t O'l l ls o -l i:,f flOhinlly ,ior,'.li a_ In? m :l
Il1V Oflll f ill of l:.ll, lw.l

IH liroui.lt ..i'l 11P l..'i-.k a i t,n {/f-tI-i-onI of t he

\\ ,v \n a.,-l,-.-. ,_,If ct.he i ry-1r-illc, w ith ,r:in _s,
plan: t..ins, l:iij:in :is-, :'i'1, linse., whiel lie tlJiil-fler l to
il' w itth ;il u l i" ,.ir "i oIii'aty .-IX s ti.-t;i"-ti'_'i,- oU thE p'jart of
I h ith .i 1'..

I hall to aik my viito,,r his nainc-, f't-r the.s'e Dniin5-


ic:i.ns li rely iii: ant-y firm of intro ui action,: either in
Jirsenfing' the-mnsl.-: or any one c-.:e- lbr Je:,uinIit-
:;:'-c, aul IlIrfliel tlint ii wa. Jun1i G:irei, my untar-
est nit.iglilor on the ro:ind top Ba:i, ai'd.l that hb hald

conme to ofiAr hi :orvic i.- :,and those- of his tlmlilv, if
there wris ,any thing' in \whch he: could usftill
to LIt:-.
DI.oi) ,11li Pe-rez :li,:l I imitl thiS mAU to iMe as the
lmoSt willii i- and;ii inui tr'i.tI I:tl)t or inv Il vicin ity ;
aiiii1 li e hai hoii;'vei1, fr ::r h: bh worked. with and
lor in.': the aio tit the month, in a truly faithful aitl
tloro' lly l heIlpftul in nMiir.
In L retlrMi for his f.l-.t:i ll. if't of fti-sh fruits, I
co!'l. only otfer Joan a portion, of tli l[oor lun.chelion
o.f cr.ackers nd dried tish wliel I hadl hitid out tor
inuvov."n fr';,_.nIl me-ti. So fi \rwas miy niew tfriend anil
.i-4c i;'hi:or from s li'hir tli hi'i< Ii1,.1r than .*i"rtli bjn-
(qtit, t h:it h-e arke-l l-,rmi' ionu to t.ike v;.hat I had
,"ivcIUi bhim to hi.- wit": ; ai1d when.-u I thLir,.v a b:iun'lful
of sea-biscuit into the m,'.:'.c t br his ,l:hillrten, he be-

(ine ]ieril:-e'tly riIplen'lent in ivory iLiand eloijuelnc:e.
lie minrci'l me that his Anita was a superior cook

n."> LIFE IN ST. D I' M I N ;c.

andl aiin uine.-liule.l e V' wasber o0 fine linen, ann1 in either

ealpacity ;wa- wli-illy ait my ,-ervice, '.:v.Clnteering:' t2
liMi:g 1er :ver in tlle :-tfiteruo-:on t':,' c.'init:.: inc <', h:er
abilities: : in tl -. lin' ,:,t'f utility.
The.o e ;-v lo:, -ly ,.t-tiil- : lut :ill the ib:ilv wanits 'f

lif"- ]re.-.s h dll .11,y neIl settl.Yrs, IuI.1 the re.:ly hellI,
of J' a.T :n ii d. Anit i h!a I .,e ;i a oi,':'rtil' t ail tr. mny
rest nrict efl.ort.-
TJ 1:11 si,.i l ':.1ll Iiiilll i ail ialert, w illiin', nill sevvi:e-
-imle itlI"il, ,i thl is rlt e very ti''.t in.llr*ni ; .li t" l cHr 9c: -

,jluri Itnn"l:e. Ile it 'm.1 :i r1 y ,l 1 h .1 t, fr t,-very thljllg.
H e nlt': -t:e i,:- iome in trieti ..n l ,nit tie :l the vl:f the
in'l.,le t ret-s -kirtin ng th.- :.-l,:arei1 s.1i: -- while he i: ed
the ,,nn.t./: 'inrne them,. His timely aNistwince o1n-
ali]e.1 me it.o. settle the poits a n, '1nickly rear i"uy tent
in the selectedl spot, unier thie hae :..f thos.-e im-
mense -11 lii uit-trees, i viletrly tihe relies of ai :rmner
The RolT d .ii glju'- gently ,lown fi'rom the c.ialin to
this gr-.oup of trees at rth ee .the clearing', where
they enciircle the spring in a sViyniietric:l ,:ro've.
Whcn the te-nt was up, JulanI proceledA to cut


L IFE IN ST. D ( I N -. T7

S m, l e i :av. .,to ti.- lfr l-it:tilll, trll i.,oIlll iht.i111 into :1
broom withl :, s.ioni;, c:.or:l-lik:e x irn e, wliihi hie I :Iiic.
1t,/ h o.',. i with 5 t i- ...-'.*, lie cswepit u thle 'ni t hi I .fl':

OL tli tent ,f ,i.lily a win an:, while I ri. in'"
inm l-: :'x< .:r se.it an:il .s.tretched I i-v hli:ninoitk int A

conun, : .li':is sleeiInJ.'-.e't. This ,.loiie, I surr:nit.er,..l

m y,1 l.-If t.-- "A cL:-u l,-, of 1.01ur"s ,--f uL,,..utit.le ,,: ost., an,1
Juan wt-nlt i,',iuie.

It. wris a 'l:et lerS, hilhliiji I W:iS to'o 1illi' 111 i -.1'r-

esi.te to slee, '; f.it1 with i.le:- thi-kfllaluos.i to ,oi
Father in Hev'-en tfr the 1.'rli:iLct 1et':,re Inlc, I
lo.k,..k out ,of the r ci-e,1 :.urtain of tny ,..,ol, iiry tI.nt
t.lir:i' h thei a1 rc ,, IC j,:, il't rote:ti li,_ t reei al,.l i'lllan[ n ,lI
lu y I.nx wo:rlc.
It wrns a bo.ll invni;ion into nmv shlinl'w p]rlii to
eu e:-'LG : Il i. so :ui. vl]"y in ll y cire. 'r ; lilt tlat
StrrI r-lin a7 nd I.2 irokeu .i :(I 1i-t t"of J ,/'it/ li, .'1, re-
(qi eiii : a native br: ld to in:in. '.- it, andii I .1l'i.:ieil t.)
ibar'ii i with .JuTan o:r a week' .-:]ssi.;tanLi:c' in fencisg
in a l.n-:e-lt.
He h:ad:l g-._le oiUn,. to r;lIrry lly li iliii.e-nti "its tI
dre.:. L b:rni ng anil sea-l:is-enit to hi.. wife and chill rin,

"S. LIFE IN S1. DO I N 0.

but he 1i.l l t t'il tJ return tiwar.sl evi:niug with
lii- A.\ it:;. CSl is a hliu lhiii., 1.,x';:'iu b::l y, full of
talk a;nIl te riu.,sity, 1.iir -trictly r_''pt.-.ltul, nu.d t illy :.a
,nxi,,i x :l her huii 1..iLl i .l i':> lr,:,v' h:r ,lt :ll; n 'blli'iu.1
neibljl.'or. TYIheii' little girl, T:r':.-.-a, is a bright a nd
restless child -:t' tenl, ll -lk ,nt cil-, ,v- an.l sle n:1.tt-
r:!li:..l le Ithet'.l- i lily pr:mii.i'-s flrila th:,it 'Liy tl'rwar.1.
F,.w iI:','o1 pla With i :'u Terl'iea s lting i:.r r:uindu.
lien I et--We, ill the i .,rt:1. f it' j 11N ( i- 1:111 'i ? lutii S-
s;i.ei' trnii her ilpar1nt::.t, 0'1r tO 7-'k ,:0ne trirlin tv,.,r
I I itli r i ;i .-i11 'ii'llu1 ; i t thil o I, s iev r u i.he wa\\' T le

their r .:.-il., a y, v:younger thau Telo:i:-, I .-: little
:1d; a.l as Ih- is :a 1.uiy lintl imip i:'F" uichLief', I al,
Uiot surte thi:t. I wv':ull l' !: i'rrv w,. rc I U.IrI t'.) s'_e l1im
a it aill.
Aniita 1br,:,ulhit itl h,:,r : "ak:I.. of .ass lia ljbre:
anu. .'..in chlioc': l..t, \hic" l she asked i-ermiiss-lon to)
P'reli'r' alt 110 fir ie I hali kin.dll.. It w.as evident
they c rm1n': t'' ) eut rea.' I y uiy solit ry suI ier1. I of
c' Se ,c'-,i'C .',1,.l, l ii :, .-. ort tiln e i l.The lt.lrg -'1 l
from hlichind thle old cal.iin, where' I have cta.bliished
imy kiteuhen, CaL:l'yilllg 1'fet.fi lierl, tr liy-WISe, a; piece :if

.................. ..iiiiiiii :l ili


a b.:,x cover, o:, Whii.Ih rect,:,l s,.mlle unknown artMel-s

hi1liden )il ...l 1t 1v : ei:in v. hire cl i,th.
I haL c aIrriannged my brea.l-l.harrel in my tent, where
it '1,e. duli y ;i,- :. r-:--tliil ll tab.l: 1, an11 on tlhi Anita

l.l.lt:ed er bo'i'':ri.l ti-.y, ;aul, .l1ri\ ir.in g t l ie vl hitre
,)ovOriiinz', ,.isply. 1.iled ,egg' a b.ilie.l ig :'on, aniil a t'l'rhiu ..n p ..f

ch':,l:oodlate.. 1 SheI ..: I-.1' t.,' < llne -;i her 1 iM .-s in
reu-li n-srii- in- to:, -tt? thltese thiiy.s '" fo the -rite? of

thie Ne-w Yl:ea, n111.1 the I-.r.'r ,leithl..:rll who l',veIr l
i1'tf!,.oi a. "
I ,cce:pte,.1 the simiI.,'le-heI rt',.l ,.,tiL-rirnz_ with since

tLanL:lkilesi fo :r it w;. illas.int to: begin the year
wirlh such t.ikeu:.-n '.t ,:":,l-will from:I thI ,li se al.,t me.
Beiles, I'however lowlv tLheir za.ti'.'n, it w\a ii; their

lpotwer to t-re1 I oi inrI me1 iln 11i sm:tll ileCgt-e, just.
as tilthe ,aprie to like or dislike should ha1p:pen to sei.e

While tl.i:e lihtl iml:itter- were oceu.Ipying illy p,-ir-
tieulLr attention, Anita jiuu.le her huLsband.i and child

out..idle the tent, bt. in su:.-i a position tl:t the could

watch and serve lin with a finishing glass of water,

40 L I v IN S. D M I N .

aIn.1 t:lkNO away thi- rIenrniiit when bre' l mri rtenl Iw\-;

ud.:.e..l 3L./,i i. Tlis A y-ay i la rii lil t ever. reen aind

d1i ini1 e lic,_lh in. Iiiite-i..il :in'.1 tll r':. \ -\s ll.11 ll_ i.t' it.
t,., I ':'- I : ,-' nc thii m :e timi s :-it l'ari the- p,'-r ..-'nt
cle:.ariii.', if it ( i :1,.l1 I, traun l~alnit-: :in.l s,-t out ill

.iu:-fn r,:.I '1,il ui,.1:d-rt.:,:,k to rC 1 :,. ,:ve. the v I;n "I- t. the
]-l, ,:-ie I :-._,ul,] mu ri k ,_,ul r.,r it, ,_itl,.'r this lu, .nrh ,,r :i

little, l t>-: r in tl,: -.., "., .', l-,i n i ., .,'i.. _,1 t! e. la .li,.: t

1 'air t I- If1 l 1 a t 1:I: rear t Il lInt : t- tIne I .1 i. Yt
of lI-Irn t n.l w ill live iv\i-, t 'hl : .' tle,_w ,.,wr 0:1 t, _p
oI"f : r,1 ; ',t it t.k,: ro'.t _k I:r j.rd .s
l I: l,..r if ta: itl] it,-1 :f, er :1 lfiill. .Tlln t ln l. I11.111
w:-s n:t ],re|"iliotl to- 1n1:,k :ny I" -'ini'"'- ;,b ,t w, W rk:

hu. ;iil \\is *,o:nk -, hi t .- ,.1. W ,N ..*re ;,"_-:U'.' it hIaul-
in .- 1 fu stil t, the ,ayv of Pfle-cine f:.r s]ipmn"; t,
1but that h._u,111 [,.,t pr v..Knt Ilii a.si Iti I ) ,Lu to re-
pAnir the 1,1 hedg:l'e, or (:Wa.r tlhe line; f:r the new' one,
S.' ..o: n a:s I ,ihil ,.1e:i'i,.l ,: on which plan I shIull

L I F I ST. ) O M I N I :.

Brtijt I slptI I hslet I 'l cum:i t,:il leei.ln. I wvolld
el:tr:' thil:- spi.'ce :irouni' l the c:i.in :. o flr no .:11 ul\- to
iucluin : a:ll the l ..Ir kein liue :of bcile,::-, al liriLi in tl,--
groiii. ri f t'triit tre-I'. c attrei ;. ll along th.e wih.h l:
circuit, but also to tal:e -within it the gentle rise ,O-n
I hle il.p c'ite i.l uft tln springg.
This piece of groun-l I h:id no:ti.-1 t i-, ;I .1-a rk, ri_.-L
lo:inm, free firon stonlc nil full of .sinall opien pltch:-:,
inlicative oft' flriii-r c:'ultiv:ition. T is will ; i\ t me a
Io,:, e loht of sevetln o:,r C-ig'lit acres to I-lit in c(nl.i-ittion
withl the ..arly ..pring' i raini. an..l with tLin pl.1n fotr a
starting lpoiut fairly fixel in iy miiiun, I coiinu itteid
inv-elf to the care' of my iniV tveuly Fthli>c r and siulk

to r St.
I :i woke with the .Iawnt, nid li atily -,praung froi'
my c.t to: I,-.ii the il.a'ors .,f the 1.siy. As my flooit
toucliei.l the g'roiul1 I re':mile..1 with di.ilsma, for I hai1
s.tumlule.l ulpon a hulain 1 :l rm. stret.hel.1 t fiL .- l.ngthi
anro.- tile entianuce of the tent. The tu e ro'lei. oft
the 1Mlanket, andl, rising, 1ire-elteml tlhe c(iurtuanee
of J.Taun l;arci-a.
SWhy, how canine you hdee-anl a-l

4'2 L IFE IN S r. 1D) IM N o.

lian:ldeil in :lstolnishinent. How blon ha:-'vc you
')'n Ih- er ?"

-All nighlit, i r. I I ,_-l AX it-i with tLh children,
Winl e :'L;:.: r:,' ]:ke..p tt,- Se6nr ,:,,mparny. I t houolIt
the Sei. or w i.n I Ie s, :i and ni. li ti ry lby hilms lf, le

lie \v fn S flt ,._'!" rl .
It w:t-, kinli iii Y.;,II, .Jil:ai int I -vt.i he r'. y,-,iu
at all."
N:, Se-:r, you wr ie a Oleil.. : I o:nly sai., Ml3.y

(G :.,I Jr teci Imn,,' :n1 l l .iy l,:n\\- sLoftly on the l,-,i1gro l
b.y yo:r l Iuminol:ck, :ii1l S!'-lt until thii n'iiWmeut."
Think u l .tr y,:r c.::d-will, ,T :in ;lin but I ;an

not afraid, 'a#n,1 woul rlathr iot take : l'L' from our"
flinily to s.'p here.'"
T hle i,.:,;r .:-.li,: ., l. in IIi l .l:fr .a11.:, lt.ud Mnt ;s his
own, aiil wNithlI:ut ever >Ce:.0; ingi' t':' :e ol.-.-'luiei t and
r lpiec'tfi'l in his .':r\- i hu assuIes I a :unus In 1g1 Vly
parental ton'. anIl sdtyl- v.-en watchingg arnd waiting
on ii v wants. II': i' withal aIn exceilleLt h:ld in the
work li-i:tnliar to the cotLiil1ry, a~ I ]earI'id 1.)to my sat-
isl.n':tiou whil, iw \wi wre triLuLfliniU :iU ti u lt tngI' ;iWlnyV
the wild -vines and rl inlrgiowlih un'ler th,- nio,:)le

LIvE I N Sr. 1D) .: m I : ,:; ..,. 4:3

group of .t rc-iS :iroundiii.1 t priic. T iey are ill
fl I -Mir :-.-.,riii,, t 'r,,.., ,-ii,.al 1ow l.lilt I. i,..V :1 1 c.'.r ', llv
Ip iIedl, :inid tlit ~_'io iinl caIInji-ii, i hy tlht-ir wi,.l.-
l|w.c;lin; f.,r ui:hI--, well n: lo:ire I:'1d of tevc- thin' liia
it 'Li't..' l ( ir)J t' vt' lvtr r' "-. t t S
G( ovE,"' ; I .lam r I u.iI'i tLo all it, i .1 nu,,].i!-: t;_,:itiir.- '
in my liirne l.!il-.il]-. I dli.1 inot know the v;lue ofit
thLri I.i1iii ,;icni ,r,.,il, of tri'- Until Jiiir l intorinl.ld
LDC- th:l 11. illo i' ll. V. i:it ;liov fll W\V re. IHeI l'i'il< l:ir-
lv called i1\ ai'.tt'lntii tI ltWV ,f tilhem, i,:'l with
r'..iIal gr.'i 'fr iit, \\li.:-ih i,- to l nl \\i the mi llns
r',.ii .i/:. ThIi- ruir. ripen i :i rly in F -1l..i :rlu iiAnd
In-ll 1. rl roii'u ]*i -h[hll M arch, ii,.l mi.LncLtiniv. dul,Io into
AprL]. It. i iiL, i.plicus .i ull, h:ni 1.:.iin Lippily coin-
p i- reI to: i ch lic-'r, l in e..ll ii ." Fromi tilt
t ;W or t(ir:i-' vi'jirhi I hlvre *irc:i]y eiijoY.c-d:, 1ti.r iuJinl,
:iar Ui i: -t r i-pnini I t"iil]k thi-. .. liic.t l: fruit '1 -se vL s
11 tlhe pr.ii~ L:i i hLe.l iL,-0In it.
Stimuti.ltel 'by ti,. Lipl.y i.-.:sc:.ver that it w ,; a
. nl.i-r) ruit-'ril-- .'v.-, instead. of a clii -'er of 4A il i;.1 t -r'e r
treet vwhichi i:,'lI ty tlit :in.l tlhei -ilitfhiil spring

s ipe 1.e:for: it, I could.i harKl'yv k.ee the rule I hald

44 i. I F L I N S 'r. D1 3m1 N ; c .

Iii.1: 1 d,,wn, tL: ,:ilit harl1 'uII-'.:,,.'r w.oirk :;t I.leven.
JTuiin- worku,' wi.h mie t ;ilcl:irini with .1tW- ., I 'oid-
will, eutl.ring awi the I.ruI-Ih, l.:'l iug o:t' til'e dlea'
lim l,--, :niij1 I'ilinii;' p h t i- tra <;h r lt 1, 'i iiM '._; :111 I.o.-
t\\ eei us. w\ Ii 1l given :a *litt'iri t ias.-iit to t.he
S ',rii -." 4r1,Ve, u i. .l II t]

itself, Lb.:t:fre Wvc* let). tlieim.
,JU-NiI llTrri T. l ih,,le li. slhm'r' Of Dmy .l:-iu i,] ,ier,
ai.il :ll;t .?lr ii;' .i.lirtlei I -N .,' li_ t Illy ]I; liii lo.iii Io. f: iln
l<_ r oft rO .,-t 'n- r1 eth:.,- :t i I \ N I ,-te,1 t:o _o.:,nsid.1-,r
w hlit I hi.. M..l ..dIo f1r-.t ,,f :ill in the w ,:,t" lOrf ,:.ilVin..:
ol:Ir Illy ii.lp rt X1.v.l i Ih .htu -,l: k ot_' ] .>\ i -il<..i -l:i'lil,
be exliha ti- ... It is tli,' iry 1 e1' :n, :i-nl ,.i6- 1, lthit
iS ti' ,ny r.'JIut.1I s i '.[1i;ll 111itit.1 iiitu.,led tL 'r :le,
c'i.nl1 nt b1.,e .-- .t:rl:.i it tlhiIs time of: yV'ar'. WhI, te ver
i,- tilrev .lS .Ii nolinth iin lthe iro:iu d, :;in1 well uniler
wyn, s,: thit tile r:'t.- 'il tiu l : little m]i.-ture 1w-

lo:w thle sltn.:uee, woul.li kl_,;-', -_,'n gro iu-' an.1 rilpei-

Oil, tihat I hIal i::'tle olit iln Octllober," I thutii'ht.

II:id I Iben here with} tl. l fill ruin.ii, I miglht have
hadl, a-t luent, a veg'ectal.'le I 'ardeun 'very nv.l ll a.lniice'1."

Li E IN Sr. I)' i:; .

'Ti;e.tn :ros' : ?i the lII.tiio11i :-" BUllt 1m. I nl. e\.in n1ow
1tel'are nn.l on- a, l.,,:. with : [,:,rt otf the .oee.l-, I

,.ui I no,)t ,.:..i-in a Ili:,llli Io tw o r-1i tile ,- drv : l. -.io i, ; nln,
1)1Cl 1.I~t \itil nil: '.int c'ta aiM Wflte1111i TIll,

raii:, :1 fi:-\j o et-t-tl.lv '. ir imiy o\-n t:ibll? A\.. I
::slk':ld ilv-t-lft t!,e:-e tliiiit1-, I WV:Is :-lliweredl in my
.i\tin min .l th:rat it W :l, w ell w i th thi: eXlc. riiftint.

Yes, I \v'oui'.l d tr:rt a st:e.llin. 1.l .1 itilout d.lc.lasy.
;ill'.1 l.ic'lfor? ic0 s? 'l w: t1i. oui t of nhie:- grotnil, .Tl:in
:tl'.l I ini.lit ive the o1.1 !i:n so. ts;i r,':l.icA l thliat I
inec.l i ::r no lin fr iny yo, ii i'l:lit.. I co. il.l not

le'10,:. 1 w o'l- I.,,:' .- rtially i til .:.- .h l,-, and pl:asaut
for I ,ol k *.-:irl ill tiue :at[e iool-,l i.

fo'u'l' tw o o'l-lo':-,', Illy i o:i" tor oi nlliin'l[il. tlhe
nfie oon I b. I MIr I,l m' ot muy tool, ri:i.ly and hI:-.l
iiirlkedl ot'-i ':eh 1 t-i t i.:-t lo1:ui.1 n .l t'4o.1 ur wi. id:, on the
en-t .sid.e oif tihe? 11 .l t.,1iii. O)n :he weIt i.l: i.,: my
kitchen, and the :-o0ith look to:wrd. my tent. I
cLhose the enat to .ive it thte 'lnefdit ot tile l orniniig
Mnn, Mid yet welur<- it some shelterr troiii the sc.oreL

403 LIFE IN ST. DC I NG :.

ii.2 at:rnoout. W ith nmy l .i.:-:x .-, h .:., anu:l r:ik I
had.1 man: ied to e,:it tljhi ri,:l bit ,,f *'rnAl i pr,:.- v

th,:,r,:,,i-h tiltl, w hen .TIu],rI ai,,:l his w il\ ,l\ ,,-,l.,,_.,:1 in
,l,:,n 1 t il, tl ,,., tl i\-i ? i,-'. -l,.: Iin the l'te lr-,,:,o i. leirl

;ili Ze:illit. ll Wa :iln .t ]:,e\,:ii1 \vi-,l:w -. To v ii;

in t1he ,iry .t'a ,-d on! T V i l,,k :O 1ittle,11 ,- n i l itt::?
bit ot' zr.un'd. T,:- w.:'rk wi\''i o.:, rinnv tI.. ''" Tlh,:v
b::lh t,,.. 1 :i d rii.' t :.. ..,I..i ,i : ,n : .ie.,, .. in, 'ul "r
i ni'i 1iov sllou II..,:.n t el1ir illoi.:,, .*l:'f iillh : ,l.i unt11 tln.\

W(.->': "nl of l"re th.

.Tunn took y \inot i.-f p'i:r'ien:e in *rl'lli?, c n-

i*.:l^..iol, .
D:, y,.n kn.,w, cT,:i1'," l he 'ike11. imlpr,-sively,
Stli;i. in ,ui' ,: ln:11It : II,.'tlirl*- oAlu 1 lnt(. ilI ti. I dlry

h,-~'-1 n ,,l s-i. f iruit uLn l t iie i:rn t i :,'in ,o.i IIlees- yoI

wn:ter it mainy. i, vi tn, ,i "'1 "

But I itnterl t'o wat-r what I svw in thi.-s lied a-

often and :as unm-h : i ect.- arvy to l.'rini thle 1,lant.ii
t:rwar.l. I wvnnt to ear of' these e,.;etal.'I-.s t'o
mIonthl s O l-'n-r Thinr I ':.111 l:.1 tlhen) if I vw.it f.,r til
settll'ed rains."

u;t dlo they ike -o siiliel tri*ubl Al in oi:r conil-


' t : tt. y.a11 u ga be.inci :inl tuiait oe.s R 11 M :tirll
when yoiu 'an I,"ve themL without any tr 1:,le in
May ?" asked J.:an, in unli,:-ui'ed wuer at, -lw.h
alicurd j'rsotioen.
Why inot, Jilin ? We- alin h:ive nothing in thi.-
worl, w without tr -iIl> in l ,:nd -rili"-, ."
iJu n ani A nit", wer-t l.iy no ni(:? ; o.i,,ini 1 4.11,:
the wi.d:loin..f my i ..,ur.-.,s, hit they \ery h!.i.:r.tllv
irought water fi'rnm the l..*rj'g anil .:ve the -:-.1ling
l.-e1 a IlIntili l.,.-t w h il-, I piut. in, the ie little ri.''- Of

u-ri:T r.nijin, to-rncito, anid ,*.r--i':,nt destiedl t.r i', i r>:
transjl.an::rtii:n, ;ilterinat:d by like row- f letwie a:in.1
rai.ih:, v hil:-h :ir to: r'm,:in! iu fi':,l po-'-'sssi'n oft
the L'i'rolill-I trhey i" w .0'l py until :al{e:d t,: t.e t.bl,.
By ithe time :ill the seed was ,.-ul.y ere, in the
little row-, and; I ,:had finkihel oil' the be:. with i row
of eaIrly 1.i-h .':in :it the outside '.lge, it w:,-

lu.-k, and Anita '"i.lled nme to a pleh.iLnt i'Il.. t' her
own arr:, -emernt. While tli,. sul.per a.n the .,-,-
ling bued were iumilt iii:iu l rui,:eivhii, the last to:e1,ri-
e.- ot' 1_,rl.,arati.-.n, Anita, wh\\ h, dl beei:omr intensely
interested in Iuthi,, ke.;t ritii lg t'- froin one to the

48 LIFE IN SI I .M I N ;.

othIer in n1 alut Isil"' flurry ol inst.' :in.i excitc-

Di ti It.

IT, M.Iari;a Piu'issiinii whAit n variety oft .~e..'l,

anti all mar k:.1 -out iln s':A.i i.'rtr. Will it please th-,
Si4eF'r t.o 'iomie to sil il. 'ilk i- lprf, ',tly ri:a.,1y. i.ut t' tilink of .-.v,.u kiui.s
,:,t" vejet:il lt.S, -,ll si t in l.'.:e:utitil l ri:,w' like- t ; s~- -viin
,::tr,;ii;l virtues, an l tlie: \\li'-l,! h' lot,, f ld -w ithi w\ ter

tliroil:ih the dry s'a-:i on. WVi:oi1:.erf,'i w..nh.dur'fi '"
i it d':listrlil.in ,ti'' li,- '" .I,.'\u :.ar,.liu l A irtilv-"
w : n., ins:*;'nir,.ln:h,'u il l,- t.:- m1 y ,l e,_',Tt lil as m yI 1

.li .li. ,i I :i f rle I e' ,.' vcl '.etal.cte-'l :m c-':l t:, h -ors;

lni1l not (.,,.i'o iIll to Xi I:. I5 l ly ll, f in,'r :nc-, I wel.!it
into .i, l-ler ,w itlihilt in kiii- a, y .jil..' ti.-ns.

At.'r.r J.Iun onal A itn l:.i l ;atteni1,-l to tleir, we
hl-l co: eii;lcil o*n thct coidlition ':,f llhe fellce.', anl the

],r.ipritiry ,:." irln,:,littelily e.]airi_'l few innre n;ices
of l,1l, f tr tilt liile 'lJl*],..-,'; ofi eIl:"ar 'iin. m y
]illltil-. l, "c.z ; :'l ot f i ,l.,tnini r- : \ sUi] ly of w ,ool t,.,

onf l':iel it.
In o nl.i'tllol, ..rian al-.rY-eil to woork. for mie f 1l
dLvy in the w'l.k fi:or the i-next six or igIht. weeks, at

L IFL IN S r DI.. I N G O.

lhail'f dollar ai drA. ITe rei rvedl two d-days in thll
w\ eek f.'r hi; own cloearin' aii'l Ilantiing, whi.'h l1. sail

le 1hon1tll conLiNct partly O:n the n 1.ti\e l,;n and alrt-

ly on milnl, tlr he watnite"l to learn l Aiilricai(t Wi 's,"

ai'n lliost of all, the uv-i; of tlih Y:LJ kei'." ,ple. I h, I-If
which he li.had hear'l surprisingi things- from p on.
Ir haI.,l 'Isee it teariug up thi- groul'ndl in Ciba I an '.l
Porto Ri,:-o.

Finally, :eiurig mu that I codul1 d-pcndi upon hii;

conin'lL to ilm with the sun the next.L d Juln ani
hi; wiflt wentit to th_',ir home, and left inel to iny sol'-

trary ~llli.ier~.
Juan was f.iitlhful to his word, lnnl the work of
t iit.iiing in thite pi:ce iU]tt:-in 'l tl fri' thlt.I Ionitte Field wfi's

1.eilin in :all 'it->t. T\o i,.let-- th- Io 's tl'rn ilnl the liini
of my iproiperty on the north and W e-t-:iate t.o e,
guiardle.1d 1-v a 3M.ya he;lge rul were left flr the last.
Thle other two sides: will be' partition fenceS., if I ami
ftrtunat,..nouszlt to (cirry out my presnc t 1p1nns. .iian
th_.jt- we have cl.sel l in with a jpls,,tr or stake feuce.

A Doominic-nij ialisnr it .t very simI lj, yet, if well

made, a very efe-ttive oiflir. Stout st:ikv.- are driven

i L I F I N ST. 0 M I N .

i1111y iIt,-, til- e r--; tl itt I iOl t iliit :';ilus, :iii.l C,''osb.l i'nrs
;l I' l-O I ill ,I I,.1 L.,,ill".l n I t i *ki? \ l % t ll strong nil
diura:"i]b line-stemn, whi,'h :'re called b(i,.h,_'e.
As list as Juaiin andl I cleared the -ro:>iiiii wl hti'.i
uip tile li":i'. :i!d l iars, and ll ihl iil :ll:ctil1
all the 1 'rtl? wlhiih w\a ttoo si;!l for service, il
lIvap ,. e o1," Luriiin.-.
The last w eeLk of thc:, il'',nth, Ju.ii, an.d halt ; a ,loZ.en
1 oys, w\vlii:in lie hal coll.li.tei from I iiiov. noit \ here,
nmal1e a ue-rt'c:t hl: lidlav of .,onir'es of it, aind my til -
fielld stiiiils ili':st ready fr 'ilantii.'. Tioher still
rmalin-. a stripi of t:iii'l'l', iiu .1t_'ro'\w ti wh r i-'e thet-
old fence I:iu, blit it ik. a 1.erfect nursery ..f .vi.ln;
friuit-tr. e.-:., \wlii l, I wisli to: triii out anli tralllc' iiLnt
when the ''i oi m'eriuits. .TJiinua is tihe month of
imonithis tfor cuttiln' timl.ier ;ii:1 ;lariii ii'w -oi
Af r cri:l.is, and it li:is be--n fully .:occ'. ii..l wvitl it.s ap-
'ipriiat e work.
There were.: tlhr .c very iv i-eavy rahiij in tlhe early
;part ,of thn, ii,:liithl, :iid:l nLnler their i \ivor I ml.d.le ;
nielon-patcl.i lnck of the ol-,l, ca.h'in, andl ai ilmu'i m lir.,ger
one by the spring', of the a',nvory DominiicaLn calitab.:pas.


They are all thlriviniii and :o is a triple row of pole
lbo:ius ou eachn sidle ot" the il:th t to the spring.
Anitia co,:-mes over every .1:iny or two to al1ml ire flhe
progress of tile sui-elliilln i b.1, wljhi.ch is uow WL ellI .d-
vfnlic..1, .iiid to count 1up wlinrt varv'ities of Ve.etabliet?
I have u Iler way. Slhe I1: hler- elt'f snlnug :l i.rsley.

th\lnc-. ;and':1 WCoindIei.hr seeds< nmocug my lim:.sn?, anii
r'ekoun- tlhei ull w i the liiilousti ;iuuoug the't /v//t-
lte. y. Si Jpruoposes to Iiimke n superli Soulp" tor
En.tter I':iMnlay, in which they are all to tjgrire, I lie-
lieve,--inelons, cuieinil.ers, and corinnler inclltluded.
Now, nt th,:' -loe of' tli:' iimonith, I c-nn flly realize
liow i-frtuilnte it has 1'ecll fol' in tlhat I 1.,'c't-n iMy
ir:Iliinig t\ile'riLlli- in S.uit.IIo D)oiinil in tlt ? ?tretnl -
1ont0li of J.lnnnrvlty. It i really thli fiist mlllltll O:f
the '' ry s:t ason," l l.,:,u4h that is reckoi).>.-d to Ile.-lin
with DI)eceiiilr. Tli--ese ic the two l.?est months tfor
boell'e innl foiin thei Norti. At thiI se>:i.,n i. h e :vy
r.iti- oft tilt ,iimtll r a tin t:urly fill -enS .ilolk .i i1i.it.sh
in ftor.e, aml .'l'ctert F.1, ru:ir t'll i_ iin Ihey ceasc

nliimost eniiire ly, O':i. i.' ll ni inti:',rvl of f'lrum seven to-
nine. w.e-ks uf l rigliht weather, s-;arcely interrupted

52 LIFE IN ST. D ) I N .

'ly :;a .i-Sin< Ili..l'wcVr, wlh'tlih tlle settler Sihounld not

fail to take o:.lv:nt:rLe : f.
This -c.- i:ire :eri.,'I1 tf 0:ili1n ;i'.1 el.ci'.u lesl s-kv has

CieiVen lm- time to Itnrii my lplus, to .cklect nI cIcar
my 1pl: tiniiir.-'r,:In.d., :ii.l It' stren.L:tIi-ni my fjen,.es

arrnrii t my l .i'li:,,L "- :aittile ; I l 11ive W' C t i: :,t y ownL
:15 yct, i 1-in e in ,:,r oI.



F E ; r. u A r. Y .

A :.lJ I'ul.:.m D,:Q .Tuii.:' P.-r.-. Tr:at-il.-itii. V .:-t-til'i:3.-- Jiiaii'
'tLirii::ity '.-- .'u tlt I:.- 'v' ,..,.:..L.- IMy ue,':-_5. lu ,l t.irt .\Ln..rhl,. i'
t 'it I'r..-m 11.,r ,J' lh,, A ...r ...: :.. Y '.. ,ilt ,.i" hi- ti ,'r.:.i' l.,irtlh-
,1 -- I.,v.v I ., !-.! .i, .: ] -_\ tu t":" l:.i .1-l'.it 1. ., I ..,., ..tlub :. ,-iud,
hay-_er-I [y 1.,Tu.I V i:t. -- [-vste-rius ,.' rt:.-r,:-ui.o:' ,.'v ,w "-z/j
.TJu n a nI Aii i .-- F'r.i..cri.:.n; f.r au orl a.'iir.'. '.....:.- Jilfu ''l
UL' lii' irLit.--' ,.,.... I'.,1 inu -.i lt-tU.

\',- W I.* l'Icsse.,1 wi lti a iiinv week hl the early

,:,rr u,,f the minitli, .n,. IaId 11 dI',hI" f ',, rof thiQ nu.i.ual

retfrest1hm.111ut thle e fith, in the henI-I't of the dry

L;as'Un, I m.I..IL- kind of wintlcr g:irdeln at tl-he low,

m irit irargiin of tht:- Criung. In tihe rainy st-?."I"lI

this bit of low g*'ronii, :It thj- outlet of thi : preci..-us,

nitailinc to'nvitaiin, liigliL be:-lto,.i:thelr too wtet for

sat isla.tory Cnltiv:t iou ; l.'nt in tile pe'uri'..1 of .lroiuhlit

it oflt'rs the uinly -lit on my little liohiU;ti--ea.1 onn

dwhii:h I cnu a1-cu"i!Ily re-ly i' r a fr'eshI secession of the

"-I L I 1E IN Sr. I) M I N O.

in.a'e eleliclate Vc-'etnbles tIroul:,gh almost of' Janaitry,
FebrlIui:II vr, :in.l Ma:-.r.l
Thri. Iirill'i.g after ithe hi'.,t fill of. ra-in I waI; up1
with tlie diwn' atnd t work in liy ipr-ijectel wiiter
gardenn" Ire:ikiin' Illu tihe ri'und an': layin. ofil the
\lts -i reL'il:ir o'.rde .r thei vario:llts p.];litiiNs.
"Y'-i are at wN-r-k e:irly, sir," s:iid i: voice :it lily

elbow, :tis I wla; wiel-i;ng thI e pnick-aiec with all thlc
\vi'- -'r f- rlte rosh m-rllll inii ,'. I loouke-I uijl in -l'lrprise,

iinld lime:t ti'lt kij,.1lv smile and ext:-n'de.ld .] ut' D-),
Juli'' Pe:n tz.
I u',lct OVo*r t see ft oll'nr iri ii.,r,'veientDS, .eftito

'i.)," sid.1 Don Julic., "'.and imrl't p1:ritinlirly to
\\;ru v,,i that it is IAt salti for aln iunl:ai'climiite-1 per-
son, like yi-ur.'self, to, continue your 1:Il .,Ors tlironugl
thile heat of tle .lay."
"Tliank yin, Don Julio, f.r your consideration,
bu)t thlait is Irl'ei,.Ly what I an cali'tl nlit t'-I (d',' I
;iiisV -,:. I :u -tai i fil'-in :ill S.-vere otit-tloor lilbor
at'ter terl-i',, att the lzatevt, elev-ienmrl rie inornliic!,
:-;i:l do 1Jot rt.'SLlne it. a'aiui iultil two or three hl the
a tr ur'nuiin.

L IF IE IN S T. ) M IN o.

And yet, thli lf-ie weeks you bhve lbeenc here have
left their nmark," said D)ou J.ulio l)olitely, as he led
his. horse a few stepl up the spring lopvl, anld ; welpt
the cleari, of whicLh it was th:- e.tret', with a look
of mingle'l aI ,ri':ityv .l n ,utifhicetion. "Thi- large
cleariLg speleaks istrlougly of an Americ-au axe in
Americ:an handl-."
I have a fathitfuil elp in Ju.an Garc ia," I ol.,erv-

ed, ani in thel liouri I dcldicate to labor I fel aldle
to work to ~oni.lp- plirpCoPe."
Pe.rhtI-apl- it woil:)l I.": better fbr us all, natives as
well az fr,'*-il-rnerS, not to ..xLhauit. our energies at
uin.l.-dla-," rc'nmeil Don .ulio, after a moment of

thou, gbhtiful silenc.e.
"I final it well, at lenat, I assure Vyou, an.l I
woul ext et.n tlie rule in some 'degree to:. Jan1,
but he cannot be k1-pt to the early morning hours
of labor whi:h I pre scrilbe to muiyel'."
Of course not," sai-d Don Julio ; none of those
people will g.i\ve you a fiir dl:ay's work, except in
their ownI old wv. 1ut the >.oi:'l morning, is running
::w-ay, and I am detaining you: Adios."

50 LIFE IN S T. I I N G ,I'.

Springing on his liorse, )Dou Julio: grallpeil off
allmnost as abruptly as Le c ame lut. not w itholiut.
pressiig upon [IC the te fr (f a yoke or two of oxen
to plough up my corn-Iland in its season.
To return to my Fe.lbruarvy r:iii, IanId tLeir results.
Tlhe sc-edlling .bed .l of Jai 'lnary, unrse'.1 witl many cu-

pliuIu wvaterini.s, becliamne so thick set that. it wa;i neces-
.:uir too tr:ans:lant freely to give room,.n fobr 'ro wrtl.
.Ji:uai wIent n -alonte with the May: Iledg.:, ;*etLiu.
that in its [.lac wiith his native bulsh-bok, while I
set 1ut ;l amiidane of to inittoes, eg'g-'lnait, oeai, :-anl
other vegc-tables iln my winter IgarI,.le. We both
made the most of our pl.n-i ts while the earth was
moi-t with rec-.ent l-hOwets. Th,-.y have taken v'ry
well, and Juan I.'rings over his friends every n.ow
nnd then to see n,1 wonder at the extra ',inarry
troublile I have taken to have thinL's r-,ow iu spite
of the .eo.-drv season."
Nevertheless, .Juinn amid I are visibly rr'-,gressing
with our (-leariiin and fencing arramigaement-., and our
enlarged lot is now, at. the last of the mouth, ready
for tlhe plougb, where the stumps- will perm it. it to


Il ss. Bilurniigii the brush hi- kilkl,- them o-ifl anid
will ipreeut .lroiutinig," nu. I L:ve plricmise'l .Tu:u
(tli:t liy thle l0:o e of th.e i:iiiiy t.Iol-n--'" \ Il-Uel Vert?
the c.lre of tihe cropl will bl.est allow it-w' out : st ninl-lluller with our l :,,:-(:l:Iiu, min,.l ake : .leii

work of liot of tLhe .rouiiii.. lie is will \ith
vill'ioii ity to sec. tl(l c t-ro t.' ot i.i1' :Winll oIl rootl,
;is I lh:ite co-llliarel l it to ,:extrac-tiuL teeth.
Felbrular y, with its :- lmo It uiillrokn skucc-ession of

':tnlui, ,IIn.ineriI-lhke k'-iv, is exactly lithte to the btlni-
Iled S of :l]e;:rill :i llu'1 M ore c:i u I. i ii l c- i'i le .isHii

week, ththn in two w lheu he rating' set iu; b:e-Side.s,
the time I :' of r s should le emllIcye,1 i]n ]'allntinlg

the 4.roenl
e e c.:-n be io'ue.
Fel'r ilr'y is :llo a. <,oi montil for liruiiing aoil,
graft ing, except for such trees as aru then in tlhe
lii.'t. of their fruit-bearing.

In thlle mlorljinj, :lter d:levotiu:- :iu hour to my
veget:1bhles and. fl uit-trees, .Juan would pire-s:nt hiinm-
self' fIr work ian] lIki bire:ikth-t-a enmlii l rcakthfst,
of the ronuqhet, but perfectly acceptable to a healthy

i k


flppetite. Then tO: ou'r 11.lill w:ar on tin- woo:.lanids-1
I witli my ki..,-,, .smooth hel\--d Aiii.i-ri.iii :Ixe, to till

the tr:e:s duringg my ,ippointvi l]:iurs of toil, mnd
Juan to trimn oi' thi- Ir:-nii:.lce with hlis lni,-lla1'ded
native ,,i/ ,.l/:--al~\ways, t.,king i:-ire ~s we went iion
to pile :id tlhe kneeli --staikes, and. heal;' u1 thie n:ele-s
l.,rusih fi,r Iiiirniili, as wi lihal e,_n doiin-g though

J.-ni unry.
Tlh.re \1-\;s :A 1.',e;n tif'll ,;-uli.,,inn.,--.- n rk-,noiil klnoll,
crowned with a dei-'::. 'ro' of lo:oo, slopiiing
ii 'ward'l fromi thle falrtlher Ii:l il' :i 1. .,i: rii.l'-
wlhich giv us no little toil ind: ttrolltle. It was ai
thiorlmN'i tlli-'ilenlint ofi tindI.-r'_ r\ tl terrille t :o m attack,
but 1e 1perseveri-.j with I-,e, in. l,,.t'. and brlush-
Loo-, unt-il it wa. nil boi'.1 uht to the ground, and1
the Io,'v'od triiiin 'edl for ir:i'rket.
Onr luriu'lit aftc-rinoi:on Don Julio h'ropp:jmed down
upon us iii lii si.i lid..n w:my, just as w. were l. iiing up
thel last :'of our lo, wi,-,,l, mnl inquirTd wlh:t I intemnl-
9f.1 doing. with it. I knew it ws a niarkeal.,ile cCom-
Uoldity, and': thlit Don .Julio was a lar\et exporter of
niahognauy anld other woonld; so I replied, Ihii in just.,


half in earliest, that I proposed to sell it to li'in in
p:art pL ifyleflt of my Ian'0.
"1;ut yoN a ri not call. ll uipon to p:-v me any tl ingi
before tihe end of the year," 'said Do., .Juli:o.
Nevertheles.-., I would glai ll dis|,,:.se of this log-
w.: i as it lit, here, nId cacel 'o inlcuch of nly i,-
d:el..tedJ:ess a, it will eOer. I leave the price to

yolLr.-elf, Don Juili,:., as you are expel ience,.d in woods,
if vou eli.oe to take it."
I)D::J .lulo i,.iaoli iou t.i.I witi a si lile, ,and x:lIiin,:'l
rtle lo' .l- (ttjd- '.,q ,c it ; called iere-\\itli atten-
"This ik ta tin lt, and col nvenient to the latinling,
ami. at ten d ,:llars a ton miy lie fairly worth one
1,nu'lrel' dollar," he slil, a:1 he- rem:unted his hor.e.
wI will allow yVu I hat. s., as it lies ; or, if you
prefer, you mtay take it to the S cales at P.,rt Palenlue
l.Inditin, aind I will ipay you l.y its weight ten dollars
the tou.
4 I aecept the hubindred.l dollars, Don Julio. The

lo wi-,o.-li is yviirs, a:nd," I adidedl to myself, with a
Io:mniin'gl heart, two-thlir:ds of the .ipuireli:at.e price

60 LIFE IN S T. D M I N .

of this thir bouwesteadl ha-i bee on won from it, in less.
than two months.' oi,'i.atlioii."I
This was the *1stt of Fubruary, and on the '22.1 I
ke pt holiday, in memory of the birth iof Wash-
It was a day .iof twocold.l iuterest,--J]ear in mc.lm-
ori of thei Fatlher of hii i.-onutry, nou.1 e.ar ljei-:icse
it s :W mu I veLry e lfYe the ,oWviu.r -of my h o, .tO- -n'l.
At my ruLijlueIt Auita c:1me early, to pr-epaire a c1amI
br'eada',t, for Dou Julio:i had promise' to ri-le over in
the morning w ith tht- pnapler. tbr my lan.1, :n.l tike a
cill, of c(ff.6e \with lme. Of o'lure-. iliere waI-, uo CI:I.
of bilutl. vd a:w l : xii ct" j lirep ir:tio-ni from .i.hrise to
al:nout teu, when our gul'-t prieentilted hit-elf, atwl the
t:illu was s.crved with fre-h li-t.ti:.-, rosy r'.li.-h s,
uri-p cuinumbers, andl gri.'.ii 1. aus. The-ce first-truit-
of l my illill.try 11f-'iire1, ill this m :'.lei _;e af U ll inc:ls,
with the f're-h ea.ls:iv:, ,iice ,i:,lib..tZt, swect potattics,
and other vgetabIles fr.-.in Juiin's i patch of gair,-ln,
blci.id S a brace of broiled pigeoiis andl a 'ourdilhell
of boilel eggs' as ce.nt;il ornaments. Not the leaatL
luhxuiry, in my e.-st'atimatio, was a aplaite of peacliy-

*j 'ifi;


pidpied c,.inietes, arid an otler of tih ro.y, -sl.-a i.l

',oie.*riiiiate, 11ihl_-,l with cI'reamliy cisi:ilr"1 a.lple-,
0ll frim 1mv ownII t ree-. The oiral ie:, Were f'roil

Juanu11 cottagl: .': dl:or-I IhaLe U'.l., asi yet--ll-t all t1he

.,t li.r f ri.lt- were floti (the gra inl lI trie- :iroi.',l

the Sp'ri'ig.
It \v .i -ll ; ,,.'.1l, 111l :il.tlnuiltll][, ;iill lot Il5o.8:iV(' ,
mlI2eal. \cl thl.r1: wn, i1(ot :al nrti,>ile lponl (,IL' r'l.I ic

t.ble thint -.;LiLte- tfrAii tie I' ite.1 Stat', txc'e; t tlhe
ta:,ste:l se't-l,ii-,llit J.L the Or(:nge C'ounty .limttter

that dre-se'l it.
The co~- ru .nd the en--a.a It b ireial wei't the I'roeluc.t
of .TJinu' l:or, l..ut thle c't:,i,-e and u-. il'ir ine on1
Don Ili..:'s ilatiilt.ati:'n. FHi kind and i1 i.ihl.orly
olM n.i,,',rl.d--la-I l nt. iard-Lhal r<:"['. e.,1 .'in ; cx-

cah a,_e Itof t ll: arI 'tich -s tb or so4e i f Imn sIalte.d '.tores,
:ui-1 b,:ih cof LIs hIi V fo: it il th I ,' Itr;LIi lem lnl. :-itim -

t"a:t or0 Y.

T'his l rifl 'll littlter il -All1N w:VOrti V' it iote l.'eItati
oi T hir tew -uttlc'r i- my Hfi l it coihi e-lin t to b1l'e in-
structed .y it. 31y ti' -t enItert:[i Imlei t u1nlCer the
siheter ,,of Ily om n, tC-nr wIa;, thlerati: re, in !IWi eI0 iln

O2 LIFE IN ST-. Do IN o .

Amierican ilTiir. It ,:a-: Do)inian-thorouglly anlI
;Vini gly D),nini,_:n-1 in i ll it.1 1 -.1 ettil-. ThI riling
i,: q wa:s ,iantity. Eery avi aiilal.,le nook aniidl l elt
wa pulit in re' liisitioin to Iiol'.l .i n Irti,:iion .fAnit.a's
Ll:ilboraile .1il-play; but the coflt- wns g,:l', tlie oumelet
ies iectaile, the i.,li. ex-'lliit., and the Iigeon de-
lic.i'us-, .' thlit :iin le justice \a';i d.lei to, the extra;-
rdin r'y e~.ir t.i s ot' .Ii:tI f'.l W hi' e.
After cotl'ee, \we took ouir o'rani'teS and ou iir "eiars
u1.Iler t he i ha.le (i t thi .SUjlierbl trees : rl:inging
tlhe springs sl'j.pe, ;In'1 left the t-nlt .andil their shlju- .c
tof he l.'re:tkfst to these willing s-.rv'iant.i lor a quiet
hiou'r f enjoy ifme it ini tih. i way.
M-iiianwiilie. Do:n T ulo :l,:i\ere:1 t me the title-
de.-1- Mf loy pl:tc, duly fl.tl.stel in legal form.
Tlhe hadl been mad-': out mls if the moiny were :ill
p1i.i1, :iii-l lie i toM-st refii'uc t': take the note I hlit:l
written :r tihe Lhla:llce diue him.
Li lis ,leo.ire It: .-erve me, he sug.este,1 the nule-
rior prolitz t: le g b.ie l by itntling i)ioginy, satin-
wood:,, (',.ntaj+ e ,/t.:, ship-tiiinber, et liljer:al -oIni'litioins if I fi'lt disj.-,.e'1 to pirocure a good

L I F I N ST. I) M I N,,,. (I'13

force' of .;xeilleu tiiil teill-ter- fro'Ill the Uilite'1
Stacute, ;Iin.l t:ake 'i harg'- of a V;llui:1.ble tt'r.Lt ,O. lr: .-t
owtne'l by Ili I In ia:i"r tI II:tytieion froilti.r. I tlie._'linii,
'::.rly -:in thle pjle.a f ilmy iii.-sutllriceit c..l it:Il ;ild x-
o'rieit-ce for -nch iiu in ierltaking; lt tie ztroun'ger
're .ol, ;-i I t-riol;ly i] ni'r i,,.l hiimi, %\\ % m y uin" ..on-
trollal.,i- ile l.-ire to olt:lill :. ettll , lOIti.i: oi' 111' :cn- 1 in lini .
e'*' Iei .ap_ )ou nn i': I iglit. Y-_s, I 111i0' ilo doublt of

it, miy frie'i,," .-lsaid Don Julio, after one 0 of lii
tlloi btfi ul pln~-es _IH .ltl,: tri'alin lnillity, ":nil' i U.le-
j-lin'i.lence :.", tile ;grete t. of earthly 1,lcli:ngs, andi
Vi ll':1 .' W nIoI tlle SUtl'Ct r'O tilo t l-o tli,1n.
ThrowVinr \i:ly tirh.. 'tlcili of Lihis c.:ir, he airl''e
In.ril s: luiIltvi e;. tihrou. h my (: heri'fLiel :.iAin thlrivini
winlt.'r r 'ardlen, coiIilJ I rliii..:i,; the iiirrl'igemenrit of the
l-'le.1, andl piroliniil.n tio fnile i Ielit of giilgeir Ari
arrow-root to e'lg tithe borders, nilud ailo l)c-i: 1 ipakl'u
a sUl'']l)' of tomato-'., a ndl Tor.l for bhi ownl table.
Thse l:iants aei'- sttin~i ill fruit a.ni I.Ilo..Somi, an I
there will .ibe an over sul.ply- for Ius all, if they yield
as well as they proirlise.

04 LIrE IN ST. D ., Im o.

RI turuingi fi. on this circuit, IDun Julio calleA- for
hi hli.r'e, l.bit, with the bridle '.ver ]hi-i r lie lin-
trLeil .:iinI eli:itt _ei. '.i\ f Lar 1in 1 m :tIl-'rs -i." e .' .,lowl :,
.:set-iled.l, thL kn.nill where h: hli:1d ftlunl ui piliLng
logw,:,od the pire%-\ io us1,y. I was wjlkini, heibluli himji
'iljen hI stoIllltlle.1 al.iul'ptly, aiind exclaim-il\ witl en-
thu.iam in:
What a: l:,\-'ely i.r,-si'e':-t How is it ti:it I never
su.w it lbetfore ?"
I glinci:, round in SuIll'ri.. Th :ii, lfw thle lir-t
timlle, fl'r:il tihe s-IUnliiit O:,' the Lkno.ll lately c.uepie.l by
the CI '. 'e /f, ,:'/, -,0'rV.., I emII It an i! ,:h:u iing'ij ew ,:, the lne :mi Illl-,ing .,.. It w\,s
?een in brl:,ken ? liihi. e tl lhri t gh the i it erv ulTinug-
trunks o.,f lfo-rest-trrre', and.1 .uly a narr,..w belt 'it'
I'.lin:-ge, easily we't :iway, Imirrel thie widi:- pr-jsp1iect.
The .lene elitlii'ippral h:l bit hertr'- cmil.telvy obl..emur
the bei-llitit'ul reI:-li of l.iwer h.i'.l ;:il,.1 the swelling
\ v,'-v bIeyoud it ; biut tle l;I-st Ibl.n s .111:111 thle 1ay
before hald.1 rent awa y tile veil. Until that miaunent I
ha:d n-o 'l(' t I1at. t his mioiidernte ele\'a:tion lcoiImidleil
such an exten-sive view. I oberved.1 to Don Jul'..,


after w\e h:id :1 .-zed iawlile in si] uuete on its illex[pet-
ed b)ealtieht-
"But it l-uirprli-es me tlbat you, the cvier of thib
estate, sh.io: ild. not h:ive knul,.\w it I..t 're."
I w :is are," lit. replied, "t',at in oli.l t imett.
other: was a resie1c-' liere called F;uelL Vi' l-Fine
View-vt it never occurred'] to me t., n.,k wliy. But
Il.ark i uI n.,t tlh-it the mn 111i111 ofI the su1rf'.'"
t Yes. uLud'.Iil:tclly it i.," I s-lid, ;after li-teniiig
a mo.rneut, il. di-tirict c.no.uiib, tnC,. It is singu'iar
th:it in :ill the l:i-t week, while: .TJuni andl I were
cuittijl this timbel.r, neitler of us n,:,ticel tHi: s. oiunii
of thle nrt.''
N',_t It ll. The windl did not Il;apiien t,-, ist this
w:i, anii.l t.h rustle of the falling tre-, would 'lc:Inde1on
the s.illl.u."
TIhen thelI-,., mai nit'icorit ,.,I1 friit-trI.fes, which I
am takin:- ucii :i ,.l,:dli.lit in pruning'. were p:rihamps
planted. .J:r tlhe ad rriiiient of -Ii llnl Vistau.?" I

ITnio.ltl.t soly,"e relfiie Don C .ulil I An n.wt I
recollect that some c.f the ul. men ab,-nt here have

o-; LIFE IN Sr. DoIM INriI.

told. i that i: the 1 ;iys of its spllendorI tlii, estate
hal I stirai;]t .:venue-, with a l',i.Ill liLne of ori'n ge-
t R'v. O :,n l ,(,: i i si ie -f, it, froill tic' mt ian-i-'n to Port
Palenquli,. Tle, o: ,r ic.-t l'es we.r' c-lih ked t,- c: d ath
long no, but my people mI y 1'1i ] tin. liint of the '.-.1
ro1,: 1 w\\hli thel)u tike tLi. I: lo w-\ .:.d lo lwn to: the laijnl-
I too will lo-,k out or it, Don Julio, a nd I, I:;--
sured. I -hall exirt mysetllf tuo .lo all that JTuiii's labor

:ind ini can I'lp toard':is -eniniig a direct roind1 to
theI l.iilincllj. TIl-e wIii lln in t m lle-pl tli we are ii ng

nlOW i -' :i o .1.h 1Ifi 'ir."
,o so, 4',.I,,, m i,.," r',.ili':,: Don .Tulio, w ith a fh.re-

wi-ll gr'a2i of,-1 the hna l, nL.1 we will also talk 'bo, ut
what u.Il. I.i, helo- in tlh-, w:Y of .xtlllilg.r your
ioundiinhri'i:s in that ilirection if y-ii rf'eq ir' more
At't-r iis 'lc'p'ru'rtIiuri I threw myself onl tlie 'grounl:,i
ullr tler thl' I' ithei t inter'l:'.i'.ng l rn c:IShe of the

noble fruit-tri-es--\vlhiih I now felt were. so really
lily own-n-lll tlhlll-.lit over tI o ci Il'iecri snell.C S iof
nmv sin ,il- iiii,.,idel ~er-.-iiivh -for a 1 hom1 .



I wma., still lbirie:' iIn thliC.1t pilt;i;.it rv.criies when

n:,kiiir_. I ;au-nwrl'l li.,y piilnting; to thle cniatcli us
rdf 1i.n1: sea vi-ible throne ib tihe tree. HII throw a
i:iCrole, .I:'lnce in that dire:-ti-in -inl .-skedl ile if I
thliilli''t tine Se:i ni b allitiflll ;iis tlhe siVa:inllri.
S -. :in'1 s:iV:iill: :l' oi'r :flll Ilte:lltifll, .Ti'lill,
'.i' ill itn zc wa; l.iut this :iil thlic fr'-lh aii'l .bri.ili.' air whiilh they will scniUl
t.: In' :v'i'ry Lounr of o:llr li'e.- arile: ailoui wort al il I
hi:\oe l.ii,.l ftir thi :..s./*,,..t. I hop, toi bui.ild my
ow\vn idwe:lli i -n11 thi 01-1 -:,ite :f Jtneni 1'i-tn, if it
shall ].loIe ,ur IIH.iiveinly F;ithel'r to ..iiile ,oi iny
ethrl.,rts in S:nto D..ringil ."
Juan wal ;:' a-til jcliedl at th- v vlle I se;-t oun a sea
view, qinl issurEI.'d ii that he hadl it hIn ri::ancho
alf inot :as wxide a iir>,-,l0,-t, but that a ftw lmutshes,
whih lihe hIi:1 iii-vr thought of tIaking tlihe troul.'de

to cut nW:iy, h :l grown niI an'd hid it trom sight.

CS LIFE IN ST. D) i- M I N G i).

lie ceoilll :partly aplpreciate the care I W.s I.best:wi\\ n
on the fruit-tr,-es; ,ie liked fruit hiims-elf, if it wavn
to. beI hal1 witllhout 1mun1 h roul.die ; nu,1 t1iO- shades was
rather alu.gr.e'iabl. e inl th:' lazy nooi:ll-ti'hl ; but ti:he su-
r,-nluIity of g.rn:a.i:tul :trrII:lr iI elnet ,-1' the clharms
of ;I, .:-xtensiive pro,.Splect were below, or 1ieyo:in'], his

WVIL we returni- t. tin-- tenlt he shli:ird i. sur-
prise with iis. \\iifc., IniI.1 1 1,. m ,n,.h, lh,- coil llti:lt ion in
his o,-wn 0 h11' iohun wx-en thi e st:ate'l t-I ir ,-' Ow I' lii,,ligly
thie Sefior vmined his set:i rospect. He hald l '-ist-
oed in c'i.tting ',:'own the : logwvool tl.t co\'re':l lthu
oldl situ., anl was pr-.uenl ~lei, I sol it ito D:in .luliio,
a:il lie Sl:k-, iser, I:herotor' s : oe l:avil :tticial inlir-
Anita, miy lily, wiV:-nl1 youv n believe it," lie .-.id
to her ciniil'le!lti:-lly, while I ws l'-. it .o shit, but
]not ouit o:,f lien'aiin;', ilixini.-' :-i la.s :,of t''roii -en' monai-de
within th' >ll-ut:liti., of Ily I t-lt, 't wouIld \' :,' 1 e-
li eve it, SFilor Ve,1in: i0 s-y-, vr y p' o sitivt-ly, that
tlhe siglt of the s-.'i, when it is. right blile, it worth
ten, ti-n' oAf '("t, .q ."


LIF E I N Sr. Do I N v.

Is it p,:..-ille!" e,-xl:iin l \A nita, in a troi(. :,f'
profl.:rld .at":,;)iI-IhmeI n,(c eLut of c illloli -:..r:ltion, .I1S Silo: ;i'l.l el l:ll tile
1'(CilI inni'cent l.illi f a 0tr1 itc ge lo:l'n't ilko thie]
val ni? of t Ct 1it,.I,.i.' t.."

Nti,:'rthecls-..- I I,.,AJl still1:riiily tC: ty I ovIw eSli-

IllIatV tile coil:l'ait'ie v. lIe Ic f I l' y ft:I \1 V\ell5,
thIO'IIl] it 11.1 nli:t i:'c urrtC l t Mo ni. tI:i wc- 1i it -I':rili .st
l',:gw,':,,:,l, .betf':re .Tuan hit o:n the l.:11ipy i-len.
H -Il, I r'.ilire,-l :.thlitio:ntl .-I t tin li.i.- to st..tly, til -
Si. iIii. 1 ex.'?i tiCon, I Illi 1 t a.ve IL bul ilt iI the (in-
I.,u'' a.' ,in. -, ircuLuii]st:iiC'lle 's o Ily 1 l, \v '.l ,:Uttill;.' Ltut
I di\l not ni.-l it. T:,o orlk with .,n aim i.- to work
with ilut,..c-i.t, :ian to: work W\ithi inter.-kt i4 s.: healtlifiil
foI,, inirIIl .il Io.Nly, l lhat t r,,r -T is no d '],.I,"e ti- ,r Iili-eir-
n .il ,l]-pl'.piti; i or tfor i'1l.1ol::.nt rel.iuini 4,-. M y v .l..ior.s
I 1'u :li:,: "rtal vle .11 Iny intel-rv;ils f (,1t e L hli-_!itfill.
I tin.1 it the wno,'t .i^reeil-iel ot relaxI. tion, to .' ,];nl l
ulit ti ini .rove -inllt 11, t o l r fit. in,:1 t.'lji t :,11: :i'-

iil.:Itil:, r w irh .ii l .IIu Ir, *s' .-iS ti:- bl 'iiriiiL v.I ithl ij tile
cornpas -if each sueces-ive w-k the i1- .roeo]r t ies
of its time and useasou. I w\int to' fie niil see that


ti, Il:.1ors of every month lhavo ben, to tio lhe ]-.t if
imy a ility, Vsch I s most. i ri.l.erly belong t tliit.

par'ticula]lr lpo" li-n of t1.. y.N en'r.
):v cele:-ing' ;il i-ni .ing : are over .tr the ij're'-elt.
M VIy II m. Fi.-l1 li iin iu .er t.1r till.' 1,: g-ii_-I], 1 ,Ii'n-
ever the '-L'irl' r;lills set in. IV len that ti11C 'I come.
I shall le b al.,1: to :i excOh.ii-ngi y *V -wn labla, with my
htnIavy A llleric:tini l nli i, 1 )o tll:- n, s i ,-: I:'\' lr'li:
Juli.: rfic-l meI, 1'T1'tis, the tul'e 1' tw' yoke:- ot'l si' l,
though rait.lr il, 1 ox-n, :in1 :i d'lriver with thi'i,

it, orl-r to lI: -. thoni ll ini truct..d inl tI1-tr ver
unkni.:,vn imyi t.ryv to. l)) ilaici :i.-iculturists, the
art f ji .ii n2-llili ,.
T le .'- 'al, l:is n- t yet a;rr'iv-l tflr trli:t ; I lt I
h.-ve ]Jl1ntl Of ot' (i1jat.in \Witl,:ia1 t it. t'r tl(- i x11 t six
weoks in the cal;ir oif ily filliit-trlees, :uii,, t- 'r-t, ,
in putting i1). :1 i,:oiltiy-.;tr,1.
I must tdiink .'f w'i,'t trees I le lnire, of Ir/lre I
am t-. ol'tain the.mi, h'.(;n tlhey sli,-l. be lliatel1,
iln1, ieilailer l:ust i,-ir least, ,,w,' I lam to ],l:l" them
to thlie 1ost :advinti:ge, both vwithl referenci: to th.ir
res'pLetiv-': dein:-n ls on soil, :and their symmu.triC.al

H..iil~l~'llli~";i~ j

L i F IN ST. ) (0 MI NG .

..'latious %% ith dhie S'.itu.tion of a future dwe1lliu' -in
my ch,..'eu sit,- ,f 11u1.-ii V iSt..
T lj-re .l l>- iIi:1i1V l..-::lrili,." f r lit-tre.-<* T ,:':j y ir .v Ihi. t -
-tLea.1, eight ,,r hili, v. 'i,-tit S at I ist ; I.iilX tl v':-. is :Ui
Sei'iils I:i'-k ,.,t w .et t.'li,-e-tlices. T liere .i r. l]iles
.i'i.l ..oil.i" ,':ili.je-,. ] ilnt.y t;:ir ml y 1-rt-, al],.l :-il \\ .s iIn
1.,,-:^ ill,2', i( *,.*,ul,] -<:,eln ; b.i L l, ti '(.-e s l,,."ir ill.2" lh :.

Il*r'r., j11IN'_ W, \ to:r I.. i:.i _-'u wlr 1 il..b S:ilI I D I).j ill

li :;i ,:l .111'i.l W\ ell- I Wnii il oi:iilUL' 2,fVVC i' i t :I OiijVIiiilli .if its
w IoIle tin.l,'I ,h- li ..'i.,.i l' fruit, .I il, for t :he lr'l ,n nti'in
of tL.it li',r.,t .lliC-.it- :f ,t ni[' s. "or'.ii.an w i _'." I
li.nve tr 't, l it at D l l il. '. h,-lital.le la.l. '1 anu l
mll inii;i tii' llt to., '- e it t II Vy 'W II.
S Iir. ; a fti- r l .iiilii :-ii t i.1ii.1 in .1 v il1, I:ha .IL.-
.:IWl iiurse.-lry of year oM' ...-,'lliiihg,, liK l''tli Jit)n

jin l )in .1J ili' 1ii1i 1: l il- .'ill l,;'-ir i- t1 il ve yoir-,

if' left wit eri tilev siand. BP i I lit? l- n il: of
Icttiiilt' 4.,iii stand, f.'r tli'-y havLe Ilell'Y eCvery 'lie
ji!:iiitet th. .iil.t-i s-. i n thi'-- w rol' i,4 I ]- ic'-. I i11.1ist
t.ia.h tflihu lihow t.ij 1' -.:,r :iut where ti:, i.row' 1or 1

hanre my own 1il.in i.s tao_ \hat I shall i1,' with them.

~iijlllli lllL1 Iiidl~idhii~hhdir:li

72 L I F IN S T ) M I N .

Enrly in Ja.llui:i y I Inolti,.'l, tihe-se eliitle-rP of y-oiii
,i0- 11!es stiii''L:'lin' t-, r lit;.? ntilli -r Si tl-'.:> tii .j; il 1
of \ill viri~, ;ilo:g 1 ihe hlie of thi old l-i.le. I
irc-f'illv Tr:eliev c them :t lth,?h tite fI',_,m theLir iI-
er,:olelill.il enleili e ;i111l I:1Irtrlll triiinel : ffl the
cr v'::'k':Ie i;nl .siipe:-rfli i s s lin -ts. .IT iU I wtas l g-r t,:i
1'ri.n his tir.: it,: tIo y :idl, buti his slasbig i -
tivity 1 iv .- im -h t-CII %?-lvt,:rtic' t0'1r the health ,of' my
Teli:-r y;ea"rlirigs. I r<'l'1 iimi t liht I must Ie-srve
theii iior nIy I wn m,.,n ini.is' re.cre:ntioii until tli. rains
eau .i, vliwhen I w\viu!'l h1.- gladl to ihve Lhil help me
to tra: i lh:iut such ail I slu.ill,. sulec:t :alu,_n' thel- spiingr
.t.i:'i liea ,D.1 tie I.-lai of tlan'iiishl'l i i'.nig with aimlaz,-
me-ut. -T, Ti ;I[,lni these.'e tlingis, S r!" Ie ex-
c! ai u -.1 ; l [ jy, t l-ii .f e I ii1t.1i.li bi t. SO'l'iV _lli,'ge.s.
Al, yes, I.ere ar'? two 6-tir?'-i- .ur sw\e-t -onlies, lint.
thiey are v-ry well ji ie. All lhe rest will !..i\xe y-ou
fruit ;.- s.-uir ns lines, 'ily lit to mnake r(n;ll-e:,de for
si,.ck ipeople.. Thi, niny live ':r clie any where, as God

But, .Jiin1n, I must pllu:eP tleiln where they will



i:1",- ]':li, to g'row ;ii(l illn tilie I nke a pl.::ilnt
ShiL':t., to .prot'il. 11t. I 'rom tiL-t SiI :L .l ;'rain ;z 1 wi: g' o

to the .s riL;g nn.l b.c-k. 1'esi,'is that, I int':i.'.1 in

dilu. tilime that every ,.li e ot' f lihes:. trees slftilI be:ir
plenty ,'f thtl- Iiniest. sweet .g like those in you.'r

g.ir,],: n.."
Hi."w is it p,'-'ssil.,!1, Ste:n r, t,., turn n 'l s .-N ir

lrai.',_..S into ir'-'.., blc;italtnil sweet ..nt es, lile th,,:'S

A nita i.,rin.i.', y ou "' lie.i i'.l .Ti uaIn. .-.iini ev a'in ilo t-


rft:-:-iy il.,e, J. n;iil. I will engageii t tO:' clii1-ng,'
tl.. i: ti1re of tlhTir le:'irl o. ,iS to I .) :, every

o i? : I t:. C. i l. v .-.' d .r I.,Y I.r O 1 --tl ret yi l Il Irc. lilt

the .sw.t .-t f1r it--X::tirly likev yi:ouir own, in Iiet-

rovi,.lh. you will give m, so0me cutting l(. fOr,,m tiI:f

tree ,-l'or- yur ldo'r."
Oli. Se.i.r, yv.- know that til:- \hi::Ole t're, bIly

;ai'.1 bri:.icl:li-, i :t yoiur si rv ice. But whl:n 'ill v,',i,

[iertn ri l ii'- l lilirn ,:'l :. '?

Al.out the tir-.t f Al:tr' h wev will try to:, 1..:-'-in ii,

but in tile mean timn-, wm: li-ve our Febrnrarv plirniing
to finish. Every tling in it. season, .Jiiin."


74 LIFE IN ST. 1) M1 NG *.

The last o'f or February work wa\: the- up''ening of
a small trench in the winter t .;arit-iiJ to' let. in \:ilrr
f'r-in tihe l-.rini' The l Iry we lther ttell molure severe-
ly tha.ni I exI .tmt.d ,.'n my vegetal.e,'I and 'a'rdLn rl.I-
ishlns. The t m t:o,,s 1,.,l iil, tl.,-ir hicad.l, and nr,,
WU-:ll s:-t with youni. g f uit. :as largi: a.n. i les, anll] the
.bu-l:I viel l n,:' :i ."ret-i ml1 s..' every day -, luy rlill-
iiL ', iM t ,111 t l.f :thle o r t1 hiri --; s e]I 1 rt_ l., tie:-l:,ly.
They ;re r:t\ i firii'y in st.i i :ai 1 i.It, but the
t'it '.,in s no1' t sati -ty v y eXlu-.ct:zti.-it.s.
I li:ire Ic l\ Il :out with thin ii' ].:ilx and lh e a
;'::,t-widt-e trec h, wlicl, ,:,lji-iing its trunk iat the

!nnr2'ii ,_f" thie sl'rin;l r;1t1 -_,- its Wn cr:.-.s iug ;,ng l a x--
[,:IuI. l in..i i.' -:111t,.hI s s. ;a t,:. c': .nhli-t tlhirt: of :t w ter
tlihir'ii ih in..r o the lbe.1.-. It I]:t- .o it im ds.r l lays
hard toil, with ,111.nr half dlays iiti hiir.d w'rk frolii
J.uan, but it hai s.,'w re-di the Voll-l:,eing ofi:' ily pliaut..,
mal I l;have a strong' t':lith that t.i,: aliun.l:nt and
vaureil pr 'Inluce of this iit of 'rou,.id will w\ll rep:-.y
the tr:iulll'c.
I ha vwork-.dl a.l watchel their pr'o re;g'-ss with
too inuch interest, not t :. lie sensible of the frebh.


anld iml.rov: \:l 'i an[lln--lrlnle of my pilani ts sin'e I sent
the trickling ,ovrplus of thie 1.pring mc.an'lerinr
inoug ithem, and, for every holut' I hat:. given thelim,
they will return nie *.lays :an1 weels of increaL-t-ed
eOillfort lnd hic-nlth. Tiis; inuh nf !cast I in:v.
leai-,l'i : .L1 cnl ri).'l ii tle firt't lwo monutLh of
wAlkinS ext'erilii'eu in mty unew iliotry.

76 L I F I N S ) 1 M I N I; P.


M A R H.

F, n t :,i l :. : : .-- "r .:.t tt. :' Ii ; .- vi it I' m .Ju. ''
., l.iL i ..- '.'' I't l .'.utl,.- .. : i i .t t "- p'. : .i .-
tion. r', .i r it'ti '1 r..ti ,:,i i ,- lv i,- .. :, :. .. r..vd a I i
, i.: r.- Thi.. "....u. l.."--. u, -i, .... i l-', r i ."-
l ,i't liin' Pi 1.:ir'u..|l n u 'll.:- t,; : l, tt Il.,_,t .- Pr -
rli:i .n di .i i .t'.aL o .' n -: ii' ,- li.-- ,' l, Ho.w
- ',. ..,,L r :,t I ..--..]-'..:-,+ -..,';',:1..-. .-' .- .I7,? i,:, t..'ik .,' ;i l.-..'rl t,:

PI'- ,I l,] ,,|| --L ,,- r,, iU;,.' ,,, ,-,..-- l ..-i ;-. ,- i ,?,-.- T :.

A PE1P'ETTUAL -i1e;-"00i,],n of 'rli- ;il
-,f thi- P ;,i,:. li t r s t'f tropi:.-al lit'.--, nhi- l M : 'ri,'l,

lik,:+ F ,/l.,'iiiry, 1.,.e:,l<:i;) '. eri tl o -,lic lly t:, tofriit c-.i tiire.

T hel ]i'i in -ki..ll. ;,i l -:"1\', li.'i.y t." .<:u d niVo, Ir t ly

in j'liiil\ ii r.d fi't-clv in Fel..riuiiv, liu t :-imrc-li is thb

i01onlth i l tihe tinail triiitJ ni tg, ainl i s rc-li: le gra:ti-

ing of ill :i ds of : frui'iit-t'te.-, tt.iexcept those nbsolrutely

in the lihe.-irt. om' their bearing stoin.

LIFE IN S r. D. i .. 7

Jui:- hal talkt-eI all throuiLlh Fe.,.ruairy: o thi g afL-

intg exploit? we wvcre to 1pertonr iu M3;ir:.h. Some of
the ucil..r-l-. h"a.ll' a dim 1e..L : of )the process, 1. ut uoin:e
iad ev-r wx itu,;.,:-'l, it, aua.i tL-her'e \;ai q:uire ;a ttii of

exicEt:1ti( u aroio : 'l ;ni,. l ;I.,i : t me, tlIIou I,' I wI .
ait,'',ettl,?r ileiou?,kU iou., oIf it ti til tb( 'lay ,of aeti,,, i

On til: i t. .he l.vi ing of F-1.bral \. I wai 1Ier. ling" over

thle lo iilr t:io' tt:- Of the monthh, si Liltairy, wli uU the
hani of vo-ies oiutile II'1 the tut a ',roI,.i>.ld nmy attc-IntioIn.
It. was Ju11.11, aIttendled by i lr:fice f -ou.ijin-, w lio hat
'oime t., *i-k formal periLi-'iioii t,., be r'er,.ut at '" the

I.'..i't H ,nt of I .y yo lli t? OrIl'.ii -Lrec." l oL ; L I n.lo Icn t,
I w:, at a luhi l'.r cthe meali,.. ofi thir ,:, pilhl irae ;

but .Ju:111 eX l.iilne'l iL lty I ftf r'eue' to tLi ? :ol l ,:'i:lnge-
trees whiJi.h I was t ri" onverr iinto be' lcr. of :"-weet
orang-e, o'f the fi-,t cla, l by snjoe i.nliar process
whicl, hi- friicntl- wV.'.rr an; .:iouu to be1hol.l.

"Oh, certainly," sai- I. Ju:n and hii- frieirn,' are
heaztily' welcome to all I e:Un hbow th'mi. WVe will
name next MIon'l:r:y iiimorninig t'for our graIf'tinig expCeri-

menit. But I Imuut firat, prepare my gral.ing salvoe,

a ,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiim:.

78 LIFE IN ST. D M I N .

an.1, to lauke it lpr,.,i-rly, I imii.t 1 eg Anit.i t tLhvor
il (. Witli a lt 1111, Iier nice w nx.
4" 1 /,., f'i .im ," exclaim el. J:T tn,, &i,,V,,t,1ly. "'In

at y'ool ln'iir. My lily uf a wi "-J-.u ai, a:'.l the
habit lo'f ca:'lling Li.i ol.uny .sI e Lai.M "i rs C" niil his
'" lily" wlh:.n his spiritss were el-atd-'- my Anita s:.i.l
Only to'-,lav tblt lite ,mii'Iit ta 1lirill' y-ill sonli. j ULt\
ll'llcy, ti-.l \vln':i the W.-mNuke iS g'iuL', a.0 and iny 'linds
i',r anii!' t hivt: i\ie-, I will see that yE.,il hav:e i.lnty

of wax. Never tear fr that, SefiAOr."
A jilcie the size if' a ien'. e-g'_ will t.-. iil'flii:-iit.
l:i.r all the tree I lr opos:e t-o ra.)fit. Don' troubl.le
<'_ir.elf Ior An.ita t-o h rIieli im,,r : than tlMt."
'lit '.l is iut tih 0 0 .i,.,ir v,:i.nt l nt.tiLiiL'-" tl i'll till

al.potlhecary at 10inti mOr this tni.ons F;ive- "" inqjii*ireil
Wile of thu routi'il.-., in an illXiolis tulLe. It' h,6 A>,,
I will w-alk over tllere to-ni- lit, ain.1 bring' it to, hint
bet fre oi' t- t ,,-iO'i Wi.' "
'" No, thI.nk yon. Exe:.Fpt the wax, I have all I re-
:leir> ili that tin cup on the sijlf. I take a bit. of
CAlnI'le auil as itii..* 'i,:in, ur, as I lih ve noi. rosin, :is
much ta'r :is the tallo.w :nr'l wax togectlen-, an'd I have

I IF IN ST. ) M I N 1.i. I7

:ll I want. Thecs-e there i nireilien ts well mixeil mnii
nim.:teil, anl siprvan on stril..s o: ri.in ,, any kin,'i,
is tlh whole story of i' f: thl i r tin s-,lv-. I hol,: fyou
will all remminluer n.1 prcti-.e it."
WIi. and ,i' rnil /I/t,', n" sai,:l J:u's other

cousini, iu i [tonC of s. qrlrits.e nearly t -tllied1 t. uIbelierf

Sit',l n('i A t. wax, tlrt, 21l t:llIow to' i):ilrizO :- Sailil
orange into i s-'.v -eI one- Why, S heior, rliar stuff' is

wh:it we use to il.'t're ;I or1 ui irrto wlicnl lie .lts

na lbaI ct
Nothig el'e is n '.:, I assuri.e you':. Fruit-
I're'' are as eiffljy i rI-itt, as o:,en -in-l] tdonlikerys.

Only re nem:niber my ,'iiction,-, ;inl ]'and prtis< c-irt;fully
the ] iro'i:,r muthl:.o of ui iintiri 1. ti:he yoli slips of

swen? t oi "ni't3 irl t th he it ell- Io tl I' o ll le_ st "-il1

wilil t Df:it"l.l a .ti1 oII mliy :have '.is lniny fi' iti-
trcee of tihe best quality as you wihli. o'r have g*r.:mudti

to plant in."
With this recorinienl nation, which they promise-.l

not t, fi,'.et, nily visitor e.1op.:irtle1l in ligsh '.'good'
humor, ani] lef'fr me to mIy So]it-iry bit il vL-er l 0110nly
repose. I n-U too ftiJi i:]f ocenpaition for lI" ne oi0uitess

t HHii.

SO L I F IN ST. )OM I N G 0.

-which iw the ppl '-'si' 'ijilis otf mUtn without :,n
SI!I .

w itlI hl ...oIII ; i;. :i'l ',,;.i 'r wviv ?-, 1.,t1 :l t l::l -'t :t
ro hul ti i ':'.,t' tLbi ir frioli.ls, lm :h1 i .:'111.1 t'uli.'il, Wilrt?
:ni tle 'unii1. A'lt:r anu Iearly .up o:f colli-, I L:Tl
'I :" t ,.'r:'" to' .T1 ;11ii'- c-'lttl:t'e t io ut ,i ':l'lt II''ro I tlilt
lpj-'li..r i'tlit-trt? .it Illii ,1 :ir. W li l I r'ttiii'.:. 1 I1
w ,i, a *.o:Il leall st-ii'tlfl at -:,-tinL a rOW" *liaiL '.-'.l
:trol lll.l luy t:i111. I 1".-ll ',?.-_.-.-i.tred, ].',\ v,?r, W !,.ll
J.I'iu's c,:'Ouin Ans-.Ilmo itach:-le, himself f'rom tlhe
,r,-i111p, ; ,.1 l iul'1o_,r .1 i i,. m e tli t I.h.P .-I w et,: .i ll y1,,.
'" eii_. h0ljl,' ors .ail w.ll-\\wi-her', w ,,\\: l l c'OmWI to ,'e-
with Inl I:-rtfi-i'n, :ij,'l i' I t .in1 n,:thin_' in r-, per
ill their lircsein.:--hi:,w I prt:fo'rniel tiher mli.-acle ,.,1
Ab--.i ing the ni:turit u _t';- 1Ie 'ro' l,., t,- ":")-"1..'"
A u.ehllno l :-..l tlh i,.1..; o',,:,lu.l in hi-, l in.l1 ti'at
tljer wLor s _,in' e w. O I ult, i.ll'-I11 li 1 l.t i,.- ,:--iiru ini hIi:.
p.,rop, :: ,-1 op rI.--Iti,:ii. In his -Iiipilple I 'itucy, it h,.I,1 _1
kinl1 -fia imilation t: th. s.acre.l rite which h:illo.s'
tho iutlut brow, andI l.rin,..s it within the fol:, of

LIFE IN ST. D-) I N t .

There %a ii not the r-imot..-i't tinge t' f irrleveren.:-' in
their tn"-,Qphistia:it..l li] 'rts, ;anil I felt tihat tile sho'rt-
,St.L W;a;y ot exi.il:iimniLug the .siLiiple .ailJ i:matrial nature
: th.: chan-i .:' toi ie n\\ r uil lt in the f'r il. yet to I.,'
bitne i'y the- l har.lv o.,l.:,,, v.,iluil ,:- to sh iw the
ex:lc-t (li:irfi':t'(r f tlhe i .[ .'.i ).i .
W ith a fe\\ lI ief wir'.. -,f it'-lc:-,'in I invite'] tlli:m
toi the scitene of l.bu-iLe-. The thanked me witu h im-
l'r*' iv,. ,niit-ity, and mvl in ia-- m I. the point
i :1ini'::tt l, \he:.re thli y t':":k th_-ir :-s ilgne!d il-t:es with
tl rave *l"i,:l 'I:r'ir l ,i:1 ;' C ,:'inill t0irre' ,.f )l.sit;l r tiutj,
ly :i.1tl orizt?.l tI. -a I Irfill \at,:-h 11 : 1in1 X eX .,:tlv

rt_.,:O [ rt \'>.' y Step- ,t' tie illi} :,rra :t r11 : J:- .
I couii.l hl:r'llmy irt....s a smile :i I .TtL:ls Jan teCllied
abmt, his Io iintinun: e .LA':iir'ed'2'l. with the delt.iP t ex-
.'pressioln f rte :jic iil.,ility, ra:il ingi li LItnj in :1 -t.:man.l-
i.g -,.llicircl' ,_ t : ,i j 411P 1 tile:, _. t o iell
under A nita' c-.jit:dstii .ip O:i n lthe .gi'; ,:>.l i,:,ite
their lieMe lords, I alt a litlh ft':rtltrt 'ni,,noted Alnna
the -'tr of opi rviwl.ii
I asked twvu o'f them tI. come flrwvarl and n-.tiee
the yuiUng trees Ietlr: I 1.elh'led.1 them ; that. they

82 LIFE IN ST. D o I N 3o.

night. see ior themnislves that. they were thenu but
-apl.lings of the c':,mno .'ii So. orann e, a.ltrliou-l tlicy
welre un:.\I Ir t *: be erai' ilte,.l to 1.>ea-ir other Ihan
large., w\-et fruit, exactly like tlLhat. :,f th..ir neigh-
lbor Jua:n's. \\hilhL, be it sai.1, is the a:.l:mirat.i: n of all
that circle.
"Tlhere are three lHine-, here l.Iei'sles the seveunteen
orangi'es,' 1obseIrve'.l Jiuan Se.-1,tl:iely, Irot. t;:'r miij ]eilntit
-f:,r we had counteil them ha:lfa i l:1:zten times over---
but for ;i: little stacr efl'et OI: his o'Vn Lnea'.ount.
I think we will mnke swe-et. oran es of the li~iesi
also, while we are ab.,.'out it, J11I:1n." A sI,|lpr':rscd:l
llllt i I ''f aiuzel delilhit wan tl only rply, as I
a',.l\ InIe-'.l to :l en the l'laiy.
Thle nsale n'.1' l 1.:inida 'ge., were re:ialy, a- well :iA
the scions, whi:hb, a; I b.ive .lre:n.ly notedl, Ji..T:n a;d
I hall cnit early iu the morniing'. A.s I successi\ely
hun-:.l' i'.1 wt 11iii cleft tIlle .telil of el,:ih y i I, ti'.:.e,
Juan, I:r vi,:'iily iiitrncte:l in his l irt., with tw.'
smuootli .'trok..s of this. kuile, .I'nt. tie scion bittL into a
l:,In--, true wedgee, and lhalidei. it to, me to insert iln
the st.-,ck. Thie instant, my knile parted the cleft,


Anita., a111n aile-lce-cam1p cousin, Ionor-Eci tfor the
day \ Vith the ehar'ge 0,of the t 'wi U., delivered t he
b-h'lage, to I'e w undl well and firmly over tl,e ui.:>n
of sciou and stock, ani.1 a ;-isted in tying it Aill in
plIace. Ini this 1orll:.r t :, w,.,it trIm tr to tr.ce, till
ctery o'nc ha1d rec-ivedr the erowv ning g-rafi't, IL' thell
for the fir.-t tuomnent di,1 the anxiou- company un-
beind from it- riLgid iattitude O f attnclti:ii, anl break
fL:rthl iiito the wa-niest eXpl:rsc-ionls of ;pplal-use.
More -riimerou l l ld distil is e, 1 pect'tors iiiv
have:, chleetre' the e.xperimeintal laors if a Fr:nlklin,
\while .d:iicini the liihitnigr from its wil. path in
the liheaven or Jenner, wvhil-. sl.reailiir,,2 the mli.1
glories f vanc':ination, but neither iof them ever had
an a:idiienc.e more tr lstfi.i .l al.lrrec:iative, thaj th,
brIeatlless cir-cEit wvio-'e eve. tfllowed. with revren-
tial faith every motion ':f the two jiak knives anld of
th.- ancient tin cup, whi1 eLimphloved. inl doing the
honors I lhve tno:, d.ullit that. ue:-Irl every m:n then pres-
cut will try his hland .1 t grafting fruit-trees in sointe
tashiou, and without muieli regard to time and season,

St L I F F IN ST. D) 0 I N i

but, I -li;hll i:el well s-utitfie'l if :any i e of tllI,:. ri.aliv

I ,:i^ c.ir,: I .l o i ,-Xiliin t t i- I hem r0S. tti_ r0 kost
suitai hl:, tiu e is- toward -. th ,l,;s, ..tl thel ..- l t 'l .-e:lj ,

w h,-n th.:- .,tI, is *:,:,-,:'entrt,.,1, ;un .l ,i. l ,,:p,.eil t,:, ni-.lh

into iP- ..rous l ir ul ltio:.i \ i it ll'I- C: 'rlyV 1':1t-; !i.ift tl'vi"

of that cl:iss -. ill ri.inlenrlll'er it. Yet it will lie wI vll
t boi ne-c-',i n-l in thls -niiu: .l a V ll.-M lllllir hi:la1d t,0

i\-e ,m hli-e:i to ti:-,, le.'lls .

TrI' .s miay t-, -:,tl fu-li-e\ L -e :1 tof :it I1Xlli:ilut .lnr'-
l.II. ;i.."' I io l,'f ,ri';lnv;, ,:, notice Il., tle i i mIo t ti'ollii '.l

c'-outl 1'-, .It :illndsv t ;,l''y :Io~ r ,:,t' 1ie i lL-;I ;il.iii tihu

tine L ft l" r- ll._' l:r ail, c'oniil.te IrIhrini ika I 1.I:itW i.t

D), eli.l.,ier ;-',.l Mn:y, W\ i:n the :i'cir l;iltioll k i vsl,giid.1,

nid, nI t i,,re l- -ilr e_ l,5 x .iI.itlI;g' hler lo'-,, -l~ ill 11i 1.. t-iI-

*:ix etfli'rt o t sroullt 10w V- hl:.,ots w\i er, tlie :ill] ji,-

a.re l-,pe.1.

ieIn of pii.ilaict icl expi'liie]r- have a'-1snr i-il l l1i;hi ;t:11
jnliciou.? Irillmiurg in .:ii'n:ir or F',lr.il Litrv .-': :ii1
ahv-:;int:,: ii.le:il t,: :- Y'.ti .- (: u w bh iiin Ior lI.t' i, In:l ljO,

1l:1flliy, hi,] otlJier Yoll'0_" t'ruLit-tre1e,-zih'-;t of tlhiI..;

blIing lnrg.er, more bea;utitiul, nid 1)ering better :it

.....i ...........

LIFE IN ST. D)oA I N :c'.

tljree ,c.l'.s, tri.r otheC r? ill the 1:-ln.. t'ol lurJ'lt, w\llii.
W -e-r left to. tl rnsttl.-1 1t a '":,l'r, a:1'l e&V. i fi ', t- r'

Thi:rie i ._.en: rally in thl-, Antill.- a peri:od:l of

"tortv d.ry .L' Iy'," 6o,,t t111v' l.iI. ,ten ir;, hi'1r t o,'t

F'-lr.iryv :indl tthe l:ut of M3:ar.L, a;ul this is the ':-'os'-t

p -ri,:,,:l tf:."ir lt iiii l. :,iI,1 ilrn ft'rin '.z.

i\x' itl'iil : f rt' the Ci-' li ell t \(.ir \" ta bol ill, i31i.I

in ll I rt tob'lJI. it y w:1 niii-.h *.l, oni l the i bilj;iir:'.Ilc fil.L

M31:, l.i y ,:,t I :-.':li. \\il i ich I :11n 1n1w \\ :ll i .li llr : it

thi e :,tix tic, l l ien dtl. In .truth, in Lii. l nuiigh-

l.,:,'.s rin le if. :! ;i ple ,- u t di:ty tha :t I lI:,% --- t.... d w ,.-ll

onlI :t.

It 1! i i r l t : C '.1 e.tnll t ,I l a~i : t <11:'- I 'w iil ._l ...iln

ri:,.,iv il li tie f al ki' *t -.II its lI':i .il:, t-, ,in.l I : :i-s o t

lM"it V to I: ne- ] ,i \ it i it, mfl:-i ,. t rn11 t1. I t I: 1 .,:, :,l tli;ti.1
of luy et!ilbu'W t'- .l telit )'.' iii l I':I. ie ,e -.
A-. I dre. bl.:i.k tlhe cii tl in t: en.jter 1 di (.n\ ere

Anitat l td .' h r lile.t Iltiuhlit' Te rI'r:-n !.,,z:iiuj :il.o''ut.
lil;k tn o l.1 ,-tmt tedl '.ee. in tLe \a.,:in t-in.l:t:i r to ii. -
,o''Se in eii'it orl'ITder L:'u iilep.iilent helaps of Ntrits
andi] vcgetallec, antteried on the o in A nr, on thin tuble,

illSm ,


,- t. n I1..xt.- that d,, duty lti.r soMths olad chairs, on
*:-.,erv itiril, in l1Irief, :ind in every cornicr that woul.1
Lold th!.-in.
"Wl\ t in tle InIlne o1f w. :,jdler is :ill thii, Anitn ?"

OSh, nothing, Sefi'.ir. The ,,:,'/,./' (thl j:irtyf
1invitel ',ll--t.) kue tlle Sefiu'r vn' :I '.-itr.liiJl-r ill our
IoLjUtryV, nl *el."i] ot them f lirtnhlit ;h virn, or s'iluM
_:is.:s\-; -i, ,:,r :a lan fdlul of, o, ntO,:-<, or ,:];' u ,'l. it.i (little
no lithili'j) tfri thellir O:\'l :ijinudls, .,o :cis n,-t t.:' 'ive
tlie S>:.fi-:r thli l.:i.St tri:,ul.e :l.:ut their 1ire:ikti.st."
"Thlen w e nr:.< t:o _i\e nll these people n regular
l.re:"il-i.'t ?" I *le, .ml .l'l iii .-,itst,:IrnI tion, ;s my s. iant
store **' e.inli ci'ps :,ind j'late, n't' to lle.Litionl \\wiore-
wTitlh t, till theil,, tL -,:-d 1 lC ro-. s my n inI .
I" I),.n't I.*e c"u.C-,rneol, Sefior." aidl Aniit:t, with the
tri ll iianiit I oIntpit Iure !i' at n : l.'le gei,,:.ral, serenely
e,'ic-i',:' is hat his \sell-i.,l:rn lied a:rrnugetuenits iia e
se'icrel victory t:' his l.,auners. Juan aund I have
].re'pare-1 eVery teiinir '."
Is tlhis splendidly 1.reakthst to Ie laid ..,ut here,

Auita?' I injjuire'd, iu helpless ldespair, glane-,iug
rountil t thlie i:'rrow limit's ,'f the teut.

LIFE IN ST. N (; (.M

Gotd tl'l id, Sefnor," ,ii,1 tljhe woman, liih.tily.
" We know better than tI.: take s.iich a. li liberty wvitlli

tbc.: Sofior's i.'riv\ t. ;ip:irtiieiit."
Whll.rt' then is tilic a'l'iilr to '.corne of '?"' I :sk.i.d,
greatly relieved l.'y thi, dleciar:itioii.
I will s-i.: tI Slel'or, it he will please to w:ilk

tliis wny," -lie jusw,'re,.1, radi:int withI the tlimiinre
d.h-liglt of hl\h ilgl; in:ira.d a su.trles.
I followi-., her dJc:ilely to the ,Joor of the A:'ld ,.aliln.
Tlhs ais l lb.i eei cleared nuJ] rel'p:iiri-d, to eIrve a., a
kitc-li. iu inl StO'e rooil ill, w li:ti. w itl II. iels, ,ilrl,
PIl''lg.li, Letc., it w:is rIe sn:ilily till of ;a poor hriiit"-r's
working gea:ir ; built while I wa.; bIus in the t-arl

iilor1 11inii getting.- Inly Sciin :;ini.1 at-t'n,.ll:1g', to ile 1111-
uiinti- 'of the gra"ttiii pjirL irtiloiis, two of A.\iita's
'cji-ti.eriti-l i'rien.id had i quietly siis pe,.1 ilto p,.S-
I will not anttnipt to d:lesribl) the jirocess _,by whlicl
three lirrelk an..l a couple of pl-anks we're ciivert iul
into a t'able .; thi plouh.'l li "c:lti;ator" miadu tihe
Orru-iLiteItil silpplIortS Of ai r',Iric ,t':i ; whilt the c:'rt
:iud whv..ellarro:\ loIo. ne 1 into thi,- dgrnity of side-


S L i i I. IN S T. D M I N ,.

1.o0:"ri-i. L ij., 'ni t o s.iy t!aj;it thlioie who p.lanuu.1 the
tf :i.-t :ilr. shb-i._.1i i11 it, I;tiilll i t. t ir ertfect. s r lis-

Th.- :in01p:l.ny we're nHit lrf-etit \\ili-ii I vWlit to. ;sl',-
v.C tLhe. h l: l -t' e.ituert:ii11111 tit ; .11] 11i ].i1.J C':,l ile;--
ately I -1 themi *'rt Iti' 11,e .,ite ,_,t 1.hieii:3 V'ist:-, to. s ".w
tb111i :W\ tlirit'tv nil.l -y ll ijc'tric il tli:O' ( treett \\er
* r.I\\ i ` \I li-ll v-.'. l)1: .1 tlill liii el iU .Ti :llui:ry. .li
ll -..-v IettlU 1 -1, 1 it w ,.- ib,,it. loi, _ll, -u'l h,-. l.r;.all:-i .
Wras r,'a.lV f'ir t h-mi.
A- I to e t:ie't, I >1:-in 'ily chr'ni'i:l that, Iau li, r-
ini'n. l. ':ik-ltk d iL:h cL-ait:l fr I kl..ll .' li t 1. li lre, n:it]
v:A t khi_ tt r ,,t' st..vel ki.1, t-,ijiii-l-l:il-e to, the t y<, b tl
,,' ftr:i,_, itiit ,': ,,1': O-. + ; i 'ii l iiil l ir ,,rI t I I -: t .lT ; U
t li.1.ii''. yL, !i.'-r r i''.iiu ,i' tl r n iiLi.,..iww i tP i n .' lI .
T l.ise, w irth :a S inii-li "h e' .- ." c'.ii.,'i '.l f pi[,'
*ici' al_ a:i p1liiit rill- t L-: rii i.:- thlie lll't r ti,-l- w ?prc.
the slllr 1 .- .ks A il i.limite.- ,-ly 1 .1 :or -' k
-inll, l'il o,-',+t ilt Wv i., kep't Il I l.y nliI ol]. eo,,,i*e il
ch:r'.'. o tlir-e or ,lir tii't.lS- ba.- ;'k if .lh ci ..iin, 'n. l
Wviute*eer lily bis.uici t l:irrltl l -C.l .t 1inn:-ill ,>liJ.--i i,,JSt
ctolit l:nt. .hI:l be namrl'ie. ,s-conlk i.1 in tlhe w:aVy 'f


helping cut tlhii wil.l\wo-i i1 '~ihepr, was frankly cn-

tl ilbite.1.

My ,:,wn sinl. .11 n,:,,u nLeill XW';s Se'rvei to m 111L :t'

ill myI tclut. .lllt w\\h.ell. that. .l tl.iiS wr.'; W e well over,

I went to the :'.l. ,in .and circiul;irt.'1 a 1.,uII.l oft u-lti\ e

,'i,'-rs .i ,-on.. m y u:-li\-e .-' e'l.'. N ,,t. b,.inr,_ ,-o. ,m n:l-

le.1 t:o SWmiok,: them nmyselt, I w:is *lite r:i.ault!e.-< of

thte eX~en whichh, tor tll:- 1l.,n0-fit of future: imn.11i-
,,rilnts, Lw ( Si sloIlC l *,If,.'" 1 I N l, .ve. SoiC, I on l.- 1 11t to

ol' 1'r to tiLitr V I11 \i-itor' I \ ii lle lln lti-,L is 1:illn:-

tliini-' le' s th:-k in ccli ea--hb.

A.l'tur C-atinLg, drinking, lounivinwi, ni,.l stIioknhii. un-

til :iboutli two, tlte X\vbole ili'arty, heale.-d1 l.-y .Jaiin,

til-1 l up I tl.l'-r tie t-ent, to ofit'e i :ir iii. f-or tihe :lt r-

noon. in o'i)im iletii ,iy th-uec. That X\:i' a ]iiec-. t

:usitiies at wlin:lch sO n:n.y h:11 ,'b ecoul.l nol lie -im-

'ploy.el tO, ail\vint:1 e, ;I.1 I iroIl.1 :i-'S:Id, in it-- -ie a.l. t"

n- ne something w which I s.aiil :'in .-.it to intIre t all

ithe neiklors.

A qulict little f Xllow, naied:l J-c:- R6 Haveia, pronii:mptly

answere-!, in the .:IUle of hi.i- coii'mllanion-, that tihe.

hall eoni;e t.i offer cIe their:l' ,iie-, ilu Wli:tev'er \.e ay


'0 LI IE IN S'T. D i 1 11 0 i .

woNu'11.1 be, inr,:t :neleptalPle, and I hadI only t.o siLuiiy
mily wisle-..
I p.-int,.l :,iunt, in a lbw1 world,, that the neich.l:,Ir-
Lh.Il wa:; nULterlyv .ltitutc- :'t a art ra.il to the lprt,
thi..l-,l it wan bu1't a in.ih di.-tant fr:,om thItir -centre
-:,f t:ltle "Mini t. i:- the -lge of tlhe prairie.
"Doe.:s Sei:or Veciuo (Sior nei-hlibor) :y wke
oii-bt to i ik.: thibis r:i "" ;al-:ke J.Ti-', evidlettly taken
ly suriirise.
Y'e-," I I,,ldly re.1lie.l, "' ani. w'e ouk'Iht to m:it-,
iL now while the -e:t;:u hl'Irs us. If we unite our
,ill'rts t'r one- l.ay iln a we-lk, \\C- ei ocn :r o;r-
At,:l\Ie line, firmI itrai lit rr;,.1 in a :,tnpll: of m :onths.
It will hari1ell eiall inli'r.'ve wliie ,our :rop: T ow-
i11-, :ii1 W li-e they alr, *_.lthered il We Ca tale 1th1em
tl:, Pnlti-1ie in _":rts, at half the cxple-nte and, tro:nule--
it noW co: ti to eIrry them is iyou jIo, on tble- blacks
of n111111s ;Ini1 iriiktey .'"
SEi-o_. W re .ill ready to foilJ:,w you in the
workk" 'vais thle colinl re'siOnju.el of tie inos iifil uen-
til a, voices present.
T!I- roal h,,l o':-.i10ie1 my thoiuhit.s tor _ome

L i ir IN S D N ; o.

tiLelic, -intl I i: 'l :crel tlly :.x niiiI.':i l the l.ty of tthe
l ii.1. In r.le:-:.t, the line: l of tle r:'j,1 was sCo fesy an;1
ob\ion.', tlit I hl:A in .1 i .-,as.uir' tra'ic-.l it ouit in :'-
1'..I : I.. T lis i ol :ilit,.er t.:,eti- e-1 .1 ine tbo Lo-'ginll it
v-1ll, :lul, 0:11(e l.it-gui, I ,:',inlil tf;re:c :-e n wany to haL v.
it ,, nllilL, t, l.
T,.e great co:,.'t Ii'.'l\hway fro"n S.A-nt, Do,:ii'_-:- to:
Az!i:1 skirts 'ir -:' i\n:> t'l i- severity:! miles, leaving'
i.,ll :of w,,l l:nudl, be:i t \\ e if.t :anl th, .nC:- t l.uL t gl,[,r-sely
\wa;y liibetw' t.e tbh- pi ,irie elI1dg :nrid t.he Iy of IPlern-
-liu, but I l:l no tmore interest than the poo'e-t :f my
t'i l li l.ll* ,,1",il i i ;'( .'ill i0 ll _:'l tli. t ,':,.: ro;rl lt.' iro il
tie l ii_'lil\\:ly .'l II' lilt 1V;1111n:1 tO O:'111i 'i o Oi l:.ii -0 i-
,port t Paln:ue,:.,, au.l Zll of u. to'.etlh r .s;arl y ;is
muc.'h a.n ai .y ,mu; of thv lrg.* l nm' .1o\\ i,' lilk, Du,:,
Julio Perez, who re wee,-kly .lshippiiug their .s'p_.,r
a.-I tite w1oo0.1-, from thi- point.
A riTI ,<1 Wi-ir] t i e taiii] I:a- het:, my iei-i1i1a."'' a r il I
lost II: tiltc in -ollti lenl'i[l rlIe w iork at thi: lnt;tir st
]ichi-, nectorling',' to my plan; an, taking the dlirtetion
Of rIPa]-iqju, \\e cnt :'e '.\ With 'FiIthL ii!.'rg'y, that l.iy

92 LIFE IN ST. D M N 0.

u..I.set l V l ll" ':,peue,.l L, l,:':J'.," I it.1_i 1 -_,tw e Ui tlhe w calls

ti,-i :fl'l thli -ILJ .:ii y-. T ljere l- t LiI lir'l e true-. to:
li '.1: -. i:, .tiil h l I iiti ire -f the ,r.- 111 is extil emit I-

v1 ftv\'.:rnl le r -, :iir ** ,rl.'i.p \54 ..il. SOl0i, 1], .in l .1r ill.

The) il.a od f r:,a,: ,f ,;, our own," whi.re il. was s,
1111chli n -.,1.1'e ', 1 i l.r e. .ily :I1le, i:.lt'liv\. ltet all,
Min.d ,lic '':1, \v i i.1 -. r-. ,. l it w ni;., iiin! i,:,i -. :-y, r:eel
thliit tlih il.'ll b:,:rs h,' l illl n;_- iii unit. lj tliri l' ur .- ian.1
e'cLUtinlil i.he w: rk l':' r tlh ee I t iie esf ivte Satn ii'.v at.
O)n this I ti,:,.l rthl c ampaiiyv that If.li tLhat vwe ha.-l
alrulc'i.l I lh ri.:hli toi ',aill ',n l '. i i .l uli Pe.rez aiinl tih
l e :,rlCi''-ti w i -, u ,e._ 'll- ,i.:i- in ti shipipii
p .-rt for" rtheir i i',_, u.l,'.r, in'l lr,-.-I i:,u, w .....,l t1 1. do.
their 1r': :ri I li:' t >-ris i openin '-1 r,.to l .-.,;' i.it- .f l t'o
their Mlviliiin :,ljei-t :t" L_, .iu.-... M[y liarer, ,er-:
p r'L.,tiy ''tirhililte,.l \N ith the l.r illiaiIt nii'ln-ity of .u

ll:,ieal to the ri,:Vl plr:lrii|i r, 'i-, an' l :,le' lge.:1 the om-
SL'lVlU_ u_'"L ;u. ,t(.I .0or ;T.';."HI1, W\ itl l':i' ll .-i tl't esS, to

I I F I N ST. D M I N G O.

unldi-rt:tke with m- tI h halt' tlh r:,al :n ou'ir ]r':-irie
-hil1i-, if Do:n -.Tli:o w:ou,1l ingi: e lt r hf limn-.-lt' arnd
fii,-n,1 to make the: portion that tr.vur. ed th:ir own
wildl l:1'.1.S around P-lle:n'nejl.-.
Whjni I lir'o:\:bh1e the. ma:Itt:r to hint I f.l-,. tli at
Doin J.i: lio w :I; lighly i-stroniii l.l-'1 at the I:.1.1 1r-
S'.i- ,V i:t :1 i":, ril .-A lln t I l.rl1t I inti t-r:ed- nuqo hiis nt-
t,:.uti,:on ti:, its l.,-.*II'lr .- ,? U o 1ii1: A i:,\ iII-u,.ro ,'r., -il, w on
firomI liin ', ]iroiiliie tl,.it i h I thi fri'.l]v wvniil.dl ,ied
tlit1il pli:r, nftir ;n111 i ,,,/ 1 Ii l.llil f t'li n'1 l ( whi:' \VCW l r
s,:, inu.':hi le'-.- l_,1t, al .1 s ms:u h lm:c .-; to 1.,: i;i';,i;.i]
1.y it) 11:-.l ltilleI.1 I::. ii ] iroi:I: ti<:'n cf th,: inl'lc.--
I:-eC.L:l\w 1 niot tlo .sp ae :aI' Y own full ; itr.1 ie o:f i':,rt,
I 'I*nt nmoq: ct t .-he w:-k in; chliopl.i:,ug i1 l: enie iv-:,
ingu ti one, sie h: ,of the lane the lirushl which r\ er'iine'l
in thie way. MIvy nw teni-e wIs Mined with it. ami to
tHlii .Ju.i;i andl I put tIh: iufi-'lhirng. lbar il ;stake:s as
we wtvit nihon.z'. It wna lorn.: C- Tbhr.a';ly, .m n1l rnV
[li.ll w:is now not :,]l ii .o.ml,!'tt':.v encl. h ,1, l.it v"ury
tr et. in it c:- r fully trinin,.:,l ,ol f ,el:al ;n1, sifll r-**lus
liinbs. All I of Friday was given to marking out the

LIv E IN ST. D) 0 MIN *. .

-wor k fitr my iie'i'_ho'lirs, when tihy houlid collect in
lbi-:,e t'r ro',al-iakirn. the next 1:yv.
They were true t,- their word1, andl the d yv's
work tol' w,' losee chI':-l11'i ].r.al, lbut 1.ey:,on.Il tWli;t s;tr>-tchelde1 a 1InI:,g
gr:syv stri[ oft plain g:roundii, wlicih .. 11, :i'-; v
inad':., near three ]hini'r'e y:rdl ot"' ex.ellIent road
t':'!t 1-I nnturi e' '\\' l Iiha l. F rirtlir :ii, 011' r l:n (n1[
thr'ulgh .the l.:r.ler of:l' :II :ll,:l.lu-ledl ti,.1ll, lenai\i. ,_,n
tillh:r h il I1 jList e oll lugl 'i:Io ing tr'es to c-Ii.-. :i,
,:hat'lii i._. .-. ;I:l,] .
Pi-icti -, .1Tu111 with two ai-..'it t -it : ,one, c.en.d of

thLi.- troulilc..', i' itc.ti, chil ,ii.'.,"ril, o:in,1 .l,', Pr I 'tvel:.
OcuC the -l'hi,-ite ?i1., I .lire-t'i thml to lt towards
'each 'ltlier until they met, wIhile I er- sedl the opi-en
.ialde with the main ti'r-e rindl oiit:liItne'1 the Klno on-
ward. By so doing tlhe two sectioi:s laid o:il' I'or tlie
florini ooni 'I '.re l.r th well ,o'en,:'1 :at h:il-t'-pas el,'.en.
wh ,oIt Wvu ,:: a1..a r C''t.
W: h.1i1 ur luin':heol on il'otler sm:till :i aol : lopen _l'Me,

at the t.erminrti:on ot' the' second section of thei: morn-
ing's work. From thence we looked I1. hack with de-

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