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October 2005

Announcing Pharos

By Jay Malone, Executive Director

Members will find inside this Newsletter a new
publication: Pharos: Stories in History of
Science. Pharos, a title suggested by Bruce Hunt,
chair of our Committee on Publications, draws on
the imagery of the lighthouse in ancient Alexan-
dria. Conceived as a way to reach beyond our pro-
fessional community, to introduce corporations,
foundations, and the intelligent reader to the histo-
ry of science, Pharos contains interviews that
address a wide range of issues in our field from
I..- .f...i to Einstein. Therefore, it was designed to
stand as a separate publication that can be sent to
those who might be interested in supporting the
history of science. The need for such a publication
became apparent as we approached foundations
and individuals in support of our NEH Challenge
Grant. Those who were unaware of the History of
Science Society and our work, wanted something
that explained what we do. Indeed, Pharos can be
seen as a fundamental attempt to fulfill our mis-
sion: to foster interest in the history of science.
Of course, we believe that professional histori-
ans of science will also enjoy these stories. All of the
articles were crafted by Michal Meyer, a history of
science graduate student at the University of Florida
whose journalistic expertise has improved the
Newsletter beyond measure. Pharos was her idea, a
byproduct of her interviews with HSS members that
plumbed a dimension in our field not covered in
other HSS publications, a conversational dimension
that added a layer of meaning to how practitioners
think about their subjects, thus revealing f i,:iI, Iii.-
insights into individuals who populate the history of
science. Her vision and the need to produce a publi-
cation that could introduce potential supporters to
our field are joined in Pharos.




If you enjoy Pharos and would like to see (and
contribute to) future issues, or if you believe it is
not the best use of HSS resources, I hope that you
will contact me i 1. .. i *....11I.. ..i-I It is my hope
that we can create a venue that en-courages the
wider public to learn more about the history of sci-
ence, a venue in which our members can share
their research in a less formal context than is avail-
able through Osiris and Isi. The only way that such
a publication can succeed is if our members con-
tribute to its contents.

The Bakken Beckons

O u r l..... I.. II... _.. ... ,,, ...1 .I .... 1l .... .. I I1,, h l, l......7 p a n a t th e el. i i,,, t I 1.. -.... 11.. . I .
of Electricity in Life on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Located in a recently expanded Tudor mansion surrounded by
medicinal gardens, The Bakken holds the'. -1. I. 1 ... .1.111 ..II..i.... 11. books and scientific instruments on the his
tory of electricity and its role in medicine and the life sciences. The exhibits combine historywith hands-on displays, and
feature themes from electric fish to the cardiac pacemaker to Frankenstein. Be sure to visit the "Electricity Party" exhib
itwhere you can charge up aLeyden jar and shock .i...1. II ..... It promises to be an i.. iii .... i ..... II., ..
reception, attendees are invited to the Committee on Education workshop, I ... i..... the Past: I i. ...i...1..I..
Historical Simulation," which will also be at The Bakken. Tickets for the reception are required ($7 each) and trans-
portation will be provided to and from the I i 1 i- ...... our conference hotel.

News and Inquiries 3
Jobs 4
Awards, Honors, and Appointments 5
Future Meetings 6
Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes 7
Isis Books Received 8
HSS Employment Survey 12
Dissertations 14
NEH Donors 15
Suzanne J. Levinson Prize 16

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

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IiONVA II iIhi pIuI'I ITA Jo N R I 2r.M
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*lls rc~ ..zn wrnn~ rni-ll a rlir Itaiirr ~ ~~ .ilnd I intircl rn iAl-
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inro mmrin r4 ILI I. ~lll lqrl lllvlllr~~x~r 1rl~Ir~ lM

History of Science Society Executive Office

Postal Address
PO Box 117360
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7360

Physical Address
3310 Turlington Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: 352-392-1677
Fax: 352-392-2795
E-m ail: iiif.,- l i..... il ,i. ..P;-
W eb site: li, 1. I d.,. 1 i..... l, .../

Subscription Inquiries: ISIS and HSS Newsletter
Please contact the University of Chicago Press directly, at:
,,.,1:,lI ,,1,.1. 1" ...i I: .....i I, 877-705-1878/877-705-1879
p1.1l,,1. fi toll free for U.S. and Canada.
Or write University of Chicago Press, Subscription
Fulfillment Manager, PO Box 37005, Chicago, IL


Please notify both the HSS Executive Office and the
University of Chicago Press at the above addresses.

HSS Newsletter

Editorial Policies, Advertising, and Submissions

The History of Science Society Newsletter is published in January, April,
July, and October, and sent to all individual members of the Society; those
who reside outside of North America pay an additional $5 annually to cover
a portion of airmail charges. The Newsletter is available to nonmembers
and institutions for $25 a year.
The Newsletter is edited and desktop published in the Executive Office on an
Apple system using Microsoft Word and Quark. The format and editorial policies
are determined by the Executive Director in consultation with the Committee on
Publications and the Society Editor. All 1il,. i .nr.-, copy must be submitted in
electronic form. Advertisements are accepted on a space- ii, i ..I i .,,i I 1i
the Society reserves the right not to accept a submission. The rates are as follows:
Full page (9 x 7.5"), $400; Horizontal or Vertical Half page (4.5 x 7.5"), $220;
Quarter page (3 x 5"), $110. The deadline for insertion orders and camera-ready
copy is six weeks prior to the month of publication (e.g., 20 November for the
January Newsletter) and should be sent to the attention of the HSS Executive
Office at the above address. The deadline for news, announcements, and job/fel-
lowship/ prize listings is firm: The first of the month prior to the month of pub-
11,: iii 111.i i,,i. ii..i, (feature stories) should be submitted six weeks prior to the
month of publication as e-mail file attachments or on a 3.5" disk 1i, ,.. : ,,i i a
hard copy). Please send all material to the attention of Michal Meyer at the HSS
address above (e-mail or disk appreciated).

2005 by the History of Science Society

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

News and Inquiries

CD-ROM: 21st International Congress of History of Science
Proceedings of the 21st International Congress of History of Science (Mexico
City) are now available on CD-ROM. Science and Cultural Diversity was the
general theme of the 21st ICHS in 2001. In this framework 1,000 specialists
from more than 50 countries discussed the relationship among science, medi-
cine, technology, and cultures throughout the world, from ancient times to the
present. Anyone interested in acquiring this CD-ROM should go to:

New Web Partnership Brings Nuclear Information to
Citizens, Educators
Launched as a nuclear information clearing house, "Nuclear Pathways" has
four sites providing access to information covering issues from the scientific to
the philosophical, from the historical to the ethical. For more information visit

Women's Studies Resources
A listserv about Women's Studies resources at the University of \I. i,,: i, I .i ni i i.,
and it includes information on women and science and technology. The home page
of the UW System Women's Studies Librarian is http /www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/

Changes to NSF Science and Society Program
The NSF Science and Technology Studies Program and the NSF Societal
Dimensions of Engineering, Science, and Technology (SDEST) Program no

Lone Star Historians of Science
By Bruce Hunt

The Lone Star History of Science Group held its 18th annual meeting on 8 April
2005 at the University of Texas in Austin. Hosted by Bruce Hunt, the speaker was
Professor Matthias Disries of the Universite Louis Pasteur ii ir, di '..i.i,- Ti l ii:.'.
Professor D6rries spoke on "Laboratory Earth: Volcanism, Climate, and the
Origins of Global Science." Taking the eruption of the volcano Krakatau in the
Dutch East Indies in 1883 as his starting point, he traced how this massive explo-
sion had truly -1. d1 il I,,pII : ii i..Ii staging a natural 'experiment' that in effect
turned the entire earth into a vast laboratory. As it happened, the catastrophe
occurred just as the growth of colonial bureaucracies, the establishment of
transoceanic telegraphic communications, the standardization of measure-
ments, and the world-wide diffusion of science made it possible for such an event
to become a global subject.
After Professor Dirries's talk and some spirited discussion, the group headed
.t i, ip .,, dinner and further :.. ,..i n.. i i,., -those at this year's meeting
were Jose Bach, Ludy Benjamin, Jorge Canizares-Esguerra, Elizabeth Hedrick
Bruce Hunt, Steve Kirkpatrick, Abigail Lustig, Rub6n Martinez, Elizabeth Green
Musselman, loanna Semendeferi, Karl Stephan, and Anthony Stranges.
Each spring, the Lone Star Group draws together historians of science, tech-
nology, and medicine from around Texas and the Southwest to discuss their
shared interests and enjoy a friendly dinner. The group's next meeting will be
hosted in April 2006 by Professor Elizabeth Green Musselman of Southwestern
University in i.....1_-....I .1i Texas. Anyone interested in attending should contact
her at greenmue@southwestem.edu.

longer exist under those titles. The new, consolidated program title is Science and
Society (S&S), which can be found on the NSF Web site i l1irp .-. v/
funding/pgmsumm.jsp?pims_i1= i- i.4... : = I...,l. .11 =1...

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online
A major three-year grant by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
has been awarded to James Secord (Department of History and Philosophy of
Science, University of Cambridge) and Janet Browne (Wellcome Trust Centre for
the History of Medicine, University College London) to create a comprehensive
scholarly collection of Charles Darwin's published and unpublished writings
(barring correspondence), on the World Wide Web. For more information, please
visit http://darwin-online.org.uk/.

Royal College of Science and Technology in Nigeria
Welcomes Book Donations
The Royal College of Science and T,.,:h,, 1.. ii Lagos, Nigeria, would be grateful
to receive donations in the form of books and/or journals from the following
fields: Statistics, Psychology, -..,.: d. ..-. Political Science, Petroleum Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Physics, ,i..-: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology,
Environmental Sciences, i..,.1..-: Mineral Sciences, Medicines, Anatomy, Surgery,
i i ii i. :, II,,:..,i,,.: Emergency Medicines, Dictionaries, Pediatrics, I 1 1, ..1
Pb, ii iI, 1, .: ,,,.l i., ... .,,i ,plh other vocational/trade books, general
reading books, and encyclopedias. Kindly direct all boxes to: Dr McNally Chibuzor,
Dean, Royal College of Science and Technology, College Park, PO Box 74961,
Victoria Island, Lagos 101007-74961, Nigeria. E-mail: royalcollegest@yahoo.com.

In the First Person Database
In the First Person is a new library index that lets users perform in-depth field
and keyword searches across all letters, diaries, oral histories, memoirs, and
autobiographies within scholarly materials that are freely available on the
Web and Alexander Street databases. Updated quarterly, it is available at:

College of Physicians of Philadelphia Section on
Medical History Events
The schedule of events is available on the HSS Web site at: http://www.hssonline.org/

Grant for Wellcome Trust Centre Extended
The Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at University College
London is pleased to announce that the Governors of the Wellcome Trust
recently voted to extend its core grant for another five years, beginning October
2005. For more information, please visit: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/histmed/.

History of Medicine and Public Health in Latin America
The Web site "Observat6rio Hist6ria e Saide," organized by the Casa Oswaldo
Cruz Fiocruz, has useful information in Portuguese and Spanish on the History
of Medicine and Public Health in Latin America. The Web site is available at:

Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies Seeks Articles
The Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies in Toronto is developing an off-print

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005
collection for off-prints, lectures, and other pamphlets dealing with the history of the
European Middle Ages in all its aspects. Members of HSS are invited to deposit copies
of their articles and similar material for the use of future scholars, particularly mate-
rial from publications not normally associated with the Middle Ages. Send to Ron B.
Thomson, PIMS, 59 Queen's Park Crescent East, Toronto ON, Canada M5S 2C4.

New Nuncius
Nuncius Journal of the History y. ..... i appearing with a renewed editorial
board, a new layout and a new structure: httpA/wwv.imss.fi.it/ istituto/nuncius/.
(See special offer to HSS members on page 2)

National Library of Medicine: Online Syllabus Archive
In the next few months, all contributors to the Web site whose syllabi are dated
2003 and older will be approached for updates. Current contributors and scholars
interested in making new contributions may send updated syllabi in any format
to Ameenah Shakir via e-mail at syllabus@nlm.nih.gov For more information,
please visit: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/collections/digital/syllabi/index.htm.

New Web Site: Biogeographers, Evolutionists and Ecologists
A new Web site, "Some I.,... :,..,I i pli..I Evolutionists and Ecologists: Chrono-
1.i,, 1 pl,.i: 11 Sketches," provides about 250 profiles of leading naturalists of the
past. It can be accessed at: http://www.wku.edu/-smithch/chronob/homelist.htm.

"Science et Empires" Conference Held in Beijing
A symposium co-hosted by Sciences et Empires was held in Beijing. A printed ver-
sion of the report will appear in the next issue of the Bulletin of the Pacific
The next International Congress for the History of Science will meet in Budapest,
Hungary. The tentative dates for this meeting are 26-31 July 2009.

Seeking Panelists for 2006 WHA Conference
The theme is Gender, Identity, and T,. 1 n.. .1 .: i i the West, 1850-1905. Respond by
July 21, 2006 to Mark S. Anderson, 234 UCB, Hellems, Room 204, Department of
History, University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO 80309. E-mail: marksander-

History of Psychiatry Special Issue on Emil
Kraepelin's 20th-Century Legacy
History of Psychiatry plans to publish a special issue on the legacy of Emil Kraepelin's
work. Although Kraepelin decidedly shaped 20th-century psychiatry, his legacy has
rarely been studied. For further information contact EricJ. Engstrom at

In Memoriam
Leroy Earl "Roy" Page died June 15, 2005. Born in 1930, Roy had been a
long-time member of the History Department at Kansas State University. He
earned the BS degree in geology at the University of Arkansas (1951), then
another BS and a Master's in Chemical Engineering at the University of
Oklahoma (1958), and then the PhD in history of science at the University
of Oklahoma in 1963 under Duane Roller. He taught at OU and at Monteith
College (of Wayne State University) before taking a position at KSU in 1969
in the history of science. The family has designated the Leroy E. and Mary
Sullivan Page Fund in the KSU History Department to support graduate
student study and travel for memorial contributions.


The .. announcements have been edited for space. For full descrip-
tions and for the latest announcements, please visit http://hsson-
line.org. :-. .. does . . .. .. i ... ... i' of any item ,
and interested persons should. 1-..' details. Those who wish to publish a job
announcement should send an electronic version of the to

The Department of History at Case Western Reserve University invites
applications for a tenure-track position in history of science, technology, environ-
ment, or medicine, to begin August 2006. Rank is open, although beginning assistant
professor is preferred. Ph.D. should be in hand by August 2006. Send c.v, four letters
of reference, and a cover letter by 15 November to: Professor Alan Rocke, Chair of the
Department of History, CWRU, Cleveland, OH 44106. E-mail: alan.rocke@case.edu.

Iowa State University seeks history department chair. (see ad on page 2)

The University of Pennsylvania Department of the History and
Sociology of Science seeks to appoint an Assistant Professor in the social, cultur-
al, and/or historical dimensions of health and illness, to begin 1July 2006. Ph.D. in
IilhiI..1l...l,- ,sociology, history, or related discipline required. Send c.v, cover letter
and three letters of recommendation to the chair of the search committee, Professor
Steven Feierman, History a;l,1 -..': "o 1.- of Science, University of Pennsylvania, 249 S.
36th Street, Suite -.11. Philadelphia PA 19104. The search committee will begin read-
ing files on October 1, 2005 and will continue reading until a candidate is chosen.

Drew University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship in
history of science, to ....;, iiill I I, Desirable sub-fields include modem science
and technology. Please send a letter of application, c.v, and at least three reference
letters to:Jonathan Rose, Chair, History of Science Search, Department of History,
Drew University, 1 I 1i,.. I J 07940. Applications should be received by 15 October
2005 in time for preliminary interviews at the HSS annual meeting, 3-6 November
in Minneapolis. For more information, please visit: http//depts.drew.edu/hist/ and

The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science announces the position of
Head of Junior Research Group for the term 1 March 2006 to 28 February 2011. The
position is ranked at the W2 level in the German system, corresponding to associate pro-
fessor in the U.S. Submit c.v, research proposal (750 words maximum), and three letters
of recommendation by 15 October 2005 to: Max-Planck-Institut fiir Wissenschafts-
geschichte, Abt. Personal / NWG, Wilhelmstrale 44,10117 Berlin, Germany

The Hixon Forum of Harvey Mudd College announces a search for Hi,. .i ,-T 1---
i rn, i I, i If,..l i for 2006-2007 and for 2007-2008. They seek scholars currently in
tenure track positions at any rank and in any discipline associated with Science,
Technology and Society. The Professorship resides in the Department of Humanities
and Social Sciences. The Hixon Forum Web Site is at http//www.hixon.hmc.edu/.
Please address inquiries or nominations to: Professor Richard Olson, The Hixon
Forum, Harvey Mudd College, 301 East Platt Blvd., Claremont, CA 91711. E-mail:

University of Puget Sound seeks to appoint full-time, tenure-line Assistant
Professor position; begins Fall Term 2006. For complete job description and applica-
tion procedures, visit www.ups.edu/humanresources. Applications must be received
by October 21, 2005. The University of Puget Sound is an equal '1'1"* ,. affir-
mative action educator/employer.

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

Awards, Honors, and Appointments

The recipients of the Stannard Award 2005, sponsored by the University of Kansas, Fran W
Francis C Wood Institute
are Anne van Ardsall, for her article, "Reading Medieval Texts with an Open ncs t Winnes
Announces the winners
Mind," and Tanja Pommerening, for her article, "Altagyptische Rezepturen
metrologisch neu interpretiert." Foundation Fellosh
Foundation Fellowships
Ronald Calinger has received the James E. Doman Memorial Teacher of the Year KimberlyJensen, Hi
Susan Rishworth, Art
Award at the Catholic University of America for 2005. Wom s Commiee Fel
Women s Committee Fell
Frangois Charette has been awarded the DHS Prize for 1 'ung Schi ,lu\ in the Phy
Paul Berman, Physici
category Islamic Civilization for a dissertation entitled "Mathematical A
Anna Narissa Dhody
Instrumentation in Fourteenth-Century F-: il .111 III Na Bra iso
Nancy Bercaw, Historq
Stephanie Patterson
Jim Fleming, Colby College, has been named the Charles A. Lindbergh Chair in Sph ie so
Aerospace History at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum Wo ello
for 200506. Sally Carraher, Anthr
-John Carson, History,
Annemarie E. Hamli
Yves Gingras is the recipient of the Gerard-Parizeau Prize 2005, which recognizes eean enne E
his .. 1,:,..r,, 11i 1, ,i- ,iil1, ..: li engagement in the development of the field of his-
Marni Kessler, Art Hi
tory of science in Quebec." Yves Gingras has also been named, in November 2004,
Sarah Knott, History, I
Canada Research Chair in History I1 C.,r i:,,le L .:.- of Science.
Christopher Lawren
Peter Mitchell, Englis
The winner of the 2005 Krumbhaar Award, a medical history essay contest
Carroll Ferguson Na
for medical students attending school in Eastern Pennsylvania or NewJersey, Carroll Frg n
is Adam Lipworth, for his essay, "The Waksman Campaign: Dr. Selman
Waksman's Struggle to Preserve His Heroic Image through a Bitter Credit Helena Pycior, Histor
Dispute over Streptomycin." Casey Halpern was awarded an honorable mmanuel Raymu
Nina Reid-Maroney,
mention for his essay, "Rhetoric and Medicine in Antiquity."na Red-Maoney
Ronald Suarez, Psych
Steven J. Livesey has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to do research at Holly Tucker, French
the Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes and Laboratoire de Midi6vistique
Occidentale de Paris, l'Universitl de Paris I during the 2005-2006 academic year.
Andrew W.
Gregg Mitman has been named the William Coleman Professor of the History of Fel
Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. FelOwship

At the XXII International I .....1 -I i II ,i of Science, which met in Beijing in University
July, Ronald L. Numbers was elected president of the International Union of Augmented by a recent $3
History and Philosophy of Science/Division of History of Science and Technology, Mellon Travel Fello
2005-2009. Oklahoma region to mal
from scholars at both pre
Maria Portuondo has joined the University of Florida as an Assistant Professor in for applications are Octo
history. She is currently working on a book tentatively titled "Secret Science: June 30) and Februar
I ui'- I tp.i and the New World." December 30), with decisi

Londa Schiebinger has been awarded the 2005 Alf Andrew Heggoy Book Prize For informant
from the French Colonial Historical Society for her Plants and Empire: Colonial The Universil
Bioprospecting in the Atlantic World and the 2005J. Worth Estes Prize for the The Andrew '
History of III 1ii ,: .. ..-d fi li 1 the American Association for the History of Medicine Bizzell Librai
for her "Feminist History of Colonial Science." 401 West Bro
Norman, OK
Pamela H. Smith has accepted a history professorship at Columbia University. E-mail: kmal

Martha H. Verbrugge delivered the John R. Betts Distinguished Lecture at the Application materials
2005 annual meeting of the North American Society for Sport History. The title of her our Web site: www.
address was "Active Bodies: Where the History of Science and Sport History Meet."

for the History ofMedicine of ;. ,' ..Physicians
2005 2006 Resident Research FellowshVs:

(Foundation for the History of Women in Medicine)
tory, Western Oregon University
chivist and Librarian, American College if Surgei inb
owships (Women's Committee of the College of

an in private practice, Amherst, Massachusetts
, I ,,ii,.u,. ,,I Ih ,,:, n,,
, University of Mississippi
Gilbert, American Studies, Penn State Harrisburg

opology, Louisiana State University
University ' iih:l- IIn
n, English, La Sierra University
iglish, Florida State University
story, University of Kansas
ndiana University
ce, History of Medicine, University College London
h, University of Wales Lampeter
irdone, English, Sam Houston State University
University .f iilil. II,
y, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
lo, American Studies, Yale University
History, University of Windsor
iatry resident, Albert Einstein Hospital, Philadelphia
& Italian, Vanderbilt University

Mellon Travel


f Oklahoma
00,000 endowment by the Foundation, the Andrew W.
ship Program assists scholars outside the central
ke use of the History of Science Collections. Proposals
doctoral and postdoctoral levels are welcome. Deadlines
ber 15 (for research conducted betweenJanuary 1 and
y 15 (for research conducted between July 1 and
ions announced within one month.

ion, please contact:
y of Oklahoma
W. Mellon Travel Fellowship Program
oks, Room 521
gruder@ ou.edu ,, ,.. l_. i.. ..i.i ...ii., i.

ad additional information can also be obtained at

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

Future Meetings

The *. announcements have been edited for space. For, descriptions and the latest announcements, please visit our Web site ( .
The .... does not assume ', - ,for the accuracy of any item; interested persons should 1-..' details. Those who wish to publish a future
announcement should send an electronic version of the, to newsletter@hssonline.org.

Calls for Papers
Philosophy of Science Association's Biennial Meeting, 2006: Proposals deadline: 1
Decem ber 2005. Proposals: ,, i i .1 i ,i..11 i, 1 11 !. i 1 1 ......11 i1 I i. 1. /,

Empire, Borderlands and Border Cultures. California State University Stanislaus, 16
18 March 2006. Deadline 1 November 2005. .." .. ii i .. 11.. 1 ,..1 11 .. , .
Betsy Eudey (BEudey@csustan.edu), or Arnold Schmidt (ASchmidt@csustan.edu).

Philosophy and Historiography. Robinson, I .II. ., Cambridge, U.K., 3-5 April
2006. Send abstract (max. 500 words) to Cristina Chimisso or Michael Beaney by 31
October 2005; http://www.open.ac.uk/Arts/bshp/confs/ historio/historio.htm.

Remaking Boston: The City and Environmental Change Over the Centuries.
The Massachusetts Historical Society invites proposals for a conference on the environ
mental history of Boston to be held 4-6 May 2006. Deadline is 15 January 2006. For
questions please contact Conrad E. -i .1 i . 1 1 1 ,, ..

The Society for Ancient Medicine invites submissions for a panel proposed for the 79th
annual meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine, to be held in Halifax,
Nova Scotia, Canada, 47 May 21 ... 1 ,11 .. In 1 i 1 .. 1 .1 1 I, 11, 1,.l

Philosophies of Technology: Bacon and his Contemporaries. Frankfurt am Main,
7- July 2006. Send title, abstract, ,,i i1..1.1i.. .in. i ...... i.. by 1 November 2005 to one
.1 II i, .11 ..... ( i., I i I i . i ........ frankfurt.de; Nicole C. Karafyllis,
karafyllis@em.uni frankfurt.de; Claus Zittel, c.zittel@em.uni frankfurt.de.

Health and Medicine in History: East-West Exchange. Jawaharlal Nehru
11 .1 i New Delhi, 2-4 November 2006. Abstract deadline: 30 November 2005. E-mail:

Upcoming Conferences
Who needs scientific instruments? Museum Boerhaave, Leiden, The
Netherlands, 19-22 October 2005.

Global Health Histories. National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, 2-4
November 2005.

Technology of the Ships of Trafalgar. Madrid and Cadiz, Spain 3-5 November
2005; http://www.etsin.upm.es/trafalgar/.

Society for the History of Technology Annual Meeting will be held in
Minneapolis, MN 3-6 November 2005; 'i,! .. !, i! '... -. -

HSS Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 3-6 November 2005; 'il i1. - ...I

The 16th Novembertagung on the History of Mathematics, 4 6 November 2005,
Ecole Normale Superieur, 45 rue d'Ulm, Paris; 'i! .l i i ii 1 ii -1 v2005/.

Medicalisation of Spaces, Spaces of Medicalisation. University of Kent, 12
November 2005.

Nursing History Profession and Practice, 18 November 2005;

First Meeting for Postgraduate Students in History of Science, Valencia, 18
20 November 2005; http://www.uves/jihc/.

The Role of Women in the History of Geology, 28 November 2005 1 11. .. 1 1
Soc I 11 l I l l l 1 1. I . .... .. ..

The Mind Project: Intersections of Philosophy, Human Science, and
Humanities in the journal Mind, 1876-1920. Virginia Tech, 2 4 December
2005; http://www.mse.vt.edu/ faculty/staley/ MIND/MINDconfweb.htm.

Biomedicine in the Twentieth Century: Practices, Policies, and Politics. Lister
Hill Auditorium, NIH campus, Bethesda, Maryland, 5-6 December 2005.

Between Workshop and Laboratory: Research and Innovation in the Electrical
Industry since the Mid-Nineteenth Century. Mulhouse, 8-9 December 2005.

Women in Medicine and Medicine for Women from Antiquity to Early
Modern Times. Haifa, Israel, 3-5 January 2006.

First Conference on History of Medicine in Southeast Asia. Siem Reap,
Cambodia, 9-10 January 2006; :i11, inii ... i ....

Eighth Annual Meeting: Southern Association for History of Medicine
and Science. San Antonio, 24-25 February 2006.

APS: History of Physics and Astronomy, 13-17 March 2006, Baltimore, MD; 25
April 2006, Dallas, TX; :I, .. ..' meet/MAR06/ and :,.| .... '

The European Social Science History Association Conference will be held in
Amsterdam, 2225 March 2006; 'ii, ... ... i, i

Race, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Ttnllol i i 1 ... II. Institute of
I, h,, ..1i. Boston, Massachusetts, 7-8 April 2006.

Con/texts of Invention: A Working Conference of the Society for Critical
Exchange. Case Western Reserve i... .. I Cleveland, Ohio, 20-22 April 2006.

American Association for the History of Medicine Annual Meeting. Halifax.
Nova Scotia, Canada, 47 May 21"., ii!, 1 1 n 1i....

Second Plenary Conference of the Tensions of Europe Network will be held in
Lappeenranta, Finland, 25-28 May 2006; http://www.histech.nl/tensions/.

Historical Perspectives on "Erkliiren" and "Verstehen." Max Planck Institute
for the History of Science, Berlin, 9-11 June 2006.

ISHPS. Ecole normal superieure, Paris, France, 14-18 June 2006; http://wwwsps.ens.fr/

The Society for the Social History of Medicine: "Practices and Representations of
Health: Historical Perspectives." University of Warwick, 28-30 June 2006.

International Conference on the History of Alchemy and Chymistry.
Philadelphia, 19-22July 2006. :i 11, . .. .. i .i.ii i . . . . . , i .. i 11,i

Society for the History of Natural History. 21-24 September, 2006, McGill
I ... . i i ,, i i ], 1 C an ad a; .I . . .... l ...- I l.

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes

r space. For, r the
latest announcements, please visit our Web site ',7, /, ...'. ..,''. I', does not
S' .. of I andpotential applicants should
S closing dates, with or foundation of interest. Those
who wish to publish a grant, fellowship, or prize announcement shouldsend an electron-

Bakken Library
The Bakken Library and Museum offers '. ,11, I ... 1..,:1 i 11. .. Ilii. 11 I. Research
Travel Grants fi- i ... .. i .: I ii .:..l..II... .... I ..I i to the history of electricity and magnet-
ism with a focus on their roles in the life sciences and medicine. Travel Grants up to a
maximum of $500 (domestic) and $750 1 i...... : are to help defray the expenses of trav-
el, subsistence, and other direct costs of :.. .1ii.:: ... i i.. 1.:1 at The Bakken. Minimum
period of residence is one week. For further information: 1i i il.i, ,11 : I i m, i i, The
Bakken Library and Museum, 3537 Zenith Avenue So., Minneapolis, MN., 55416, tel (612)
926-3878 ext. 227, fax (612) 927-7265, e-mail i.:- 1., il, li.. .. Web site:
iii. .. ii.i- i i ..i.1 : click on "Library" or "Research."

The Victor and Joy Wouk Grant-in-Aid Program
California Institute of Technology Grants-in-Aid offers research assistance of up
to $2000 for work in the Papers of Victor Wouk in the Caltech Archives. The Maurice A.
Biot Archives Fund and .il .. 1.. 1 :, ii...1 funds offer research assistance up to $1500 to
use the collections of the ( ili...:1, ...:1 ... ii.ppl: ..... Il be accepted from students-
working towards a graduate degree or from established scholars. Please consult the
Archives' -;.lI- i. :.. http://archives.-caltech.edu. Applications are reviewed quarterly: on
January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year

The University of Oklahoma Travel Fellowship Program
The Andrew W Mellon Travel Fellowship ..i 1 I, i,.i .;visitors to make use of the
University's History of Science Collections. Proposals from scholars at both predoctoral and
po [ i.l.: i 1 1. I. I l .... I .. .. i i .:... i in 1...1. I upon receipt, and funds awarded shortly
after the decision is made. For information, please contact: University of Oklahoma, The
AndrewW Mellon Travel Fellowship P,..-i , I .1 1.i 11. i, -. 401 West Brooks, Room 521,
Norman, OK 73019-0528, e-mail: kmagruder@ou.edu ..I ..I, 1 .. -i I.......i Web site:
http://libraries.ou.edu/etc/histsci/mellon.asp. (I .. .. i -... I. 1 5.)

BSHS Singer and Slade Prizes
The Singer Prize, of up to 300, is awarded by the BSHS every two years to the writer of
an unpublished essay based on original research into any aspect of the history of science,
technology or medicine. The Prize is intended for younger scholars or recent entrants into
the profession. Essays on offer or in press are i..r 1. :1i1i.. Candidates must be registered for
a postgraduate degree or have been awarded such in the two years prior to 1. .1...... I ,
date. Essays must not exceed 8,000 words i.i.: 1.1111.: r....in I..I. .. ..: ... I r.li.' guide-
lines in the British Journal for the i. ., ofScience), must be fully documented, type-
written with double-i .... :i"' and submitted in English. Deadline 15 December 2005.
The Slade Prize of 300 is I I. ....i. ... i 1,. the writer of an essay (published or
unpublished) that makes the best critical study of an episode in the history of science
focused on conceptual innovation :i.., i,: .. i,.. i..i.. ..- Entry is open to people of
any i.. .. 11 ii ....i ir. Entries should have been published or written in the two years
prior to 15 December 2005. Essays should not exceed ' ." . ii I, l..,:i (excluding
footnotes) and must be accompanied by an abstract of 500 words. Three copies of the
essay and abstract should be sent to arrive not later than 15 December 2005. Essays
should not bear any reference to the author, either by name or department. Submissions
by e-mail will not be accepted. Entries for both prizes should be sent to: i ...:..r ,,
Dr Sally Horrocks, School of Historical Studies, Leicester II .i .. r. T...:.. 1.. i I 7RH.
Enquiries only by e-mail to smh4@le.ac.uk For more information, please visit


I.'hemirl Hrritaie Fr'mindatinn

Ill. I tsIL REI1i (I ll4 iF.MI
32146-24107 F''llinIships

.Acadrnmii Year 214 --2W00-7 Opiurlunilie,
I )-ibtIrllIne IiiJa rIIIIr3 MlKi

.l.arditm ( ain E-dlm.I-hllp
Ill i l 'ir .III p i i r..' 11 .l.. i lI' l.Ir% IL. I :. i cdii

Tl'" 111k'1111" i I 1 l ,.-,';ir l r 'h 'l, 'uI llir p.itih ic lill, -:3 ",: li "
I'Kh. lrlhl r -Iil II'I ':.' .lh',..1 -,.WN. I'N A Wii : r .'.'1 ..J
I r :.. 11:.11.CII I I "d e *11 '" 1 111 .r = K R II-nila l-k*. .
L.tl ,,.; .t l 'i ltr. ; | l -,;.i h hli ,.it. 111 t.m l.: :1l,<..-l. ilit'.-'il ri
1: .. 1 ..i ll -t. I, .I..ll .. I.lll r. I Il (. I I l L lr'', 1 II L -.I r..llll. .

JIhn I llan ]FeI.lloAiw ip
ThL I'W i,-. '111 .' ii i- 'i1L.r 1i, Ph II 'Il;ilhr' .i h ,t' p 'itir l mv ill
i'lthil.[ e' >I.',IIL nltd r'i.hJ.hjiii %I lilh 'xF.-ri'..Id i .i ll.i .0 h r.'.,Al...ill I..-
I;I L'l L Il- llIllli.'lIl;Bl. L:lll ;111 1 ) 1.-i ', 1-" 1t1 ,' *. **'. **. '
I ,11 I i.

('hurk* ('. 1rin. Yelhku ih ip
Jil' I n I "- .*. 1 i II. -. h |11A i,, i. 1 II.L r,.- .-i m 11 Il.r

I. A *.jl'lt. '% 1 1t1i I'. j- l l' I lair Il .W 1 If I 4 1. 4II 'i .: "11 1 L'I l
Ij 1 ill V ?lll I I I'llr
-.lIiJ.Iir. i Tr.:rceii..i ill 1l-r1 : 's 7- 1i r rci --,iL-:.1 I i-ipl% rlir
. he',.': (' Irl L .-.ln,, .l p j- -- .i-'i '.ia I|i\ I 1."l, i,-- .1111 ,.l.I ..i .r, .di
T', I.,',, .- Pr. "

Siimmeir 2NN IOpcw ian iieM
I -dl lll: IS- 15V I ti 2har b

Kit, (I. v-, ilk FvI'rll.iliip
TIhr Ki I. "rA il.- Il:-Ihn \. i, s |- Ir ": l 11s' [h n *., i1. 1 ,. '.Il Ir
I..T.llll- *. ., :. l l .:11 'l li.hill l i 11 I- I, i., . i -, I'N -1, i !
I.l.'.l I i111 -i l r.. 1 ,.-, phl r.. Ji:. IIlt',lar : .. l, h .1 I.*IAe .: ,I lle
R .n I re I l. Ii -.i.r :-.iI : 'li.llm :l I il-<:,r 1 W .- \ .- II .r.l ..-. i..r
L.m .iin.i l:ii '4 ... i.. KK1r. .I ni I r.:.li Ir..ni IlA I1 1h in U. K I' A r.
il :.111111 1- ll ... i ..I ii .11 .I I l.- ', 1 I I ': ..q''I I 1.i. -I i .IF

'. k-t( d li'im.. Iliultrrlclk-
i &rrrirun SrrlitiIl Ir'llowhip
h : 1 ,. . '.." I',:l i.ii,..u.r !N ,. j.- ...I :.. J iN Ji 01 ii 1dh ii., -I h *.N
iAf :I .'iI: ..i l Ihlu,.i:r- ',, '.1 i ll ., 1 ,r .. 1,r: *. 11h .ill" I '111l !iI ll Ir .

- I.iil I I .II. ll...I1. .ill -Ir.. l d lihr : i I-., in r:-.ik r Ji ( 11
il.,- :. A I h1.. lin."11 A 'ir,

(;ernn IF. mid Barhlrn Ikidsdim I'llyot Scholur4ip
Th. I ,. l: q .m .r. II slur r,.'-..'r 'h 1 1haIl l I'r.lIr.,'.:
Pi .:'I l illhlI l.-r-l, i' ill1 Il I II' iI.' i' al A :IL.-, |I l'I .I lI l. a rL
I. 1.': ". 11 "ll Ila- 'l h :11 J' ; .l .,hI,'lll'.- A 11h'l A- .
S..irr.iI %i- I h:- 1..* .I .. Ill *-.ri.Il I iii".. ni .'r r.i .. Ili. 'ih, i -
Ir. h1- 1 :1 .l t f'IlIl 1111 il 1 1 1111 I *k- 21A if%
Rev-arcL 'I ra'l ( Iranis
T R Ik' i ki.,ii L. n'. r 1 r I r Ik lii-... ..I A 'li in'c rs i .fi [r rrrf: =r r -,
I 'r t i Jr." .- rI Il I t i.-I.;i r I .iI:rh .il I. "iT, ..Ii r i Il Hkr incA
f "I' I ", hiiJi ..n .l J ll. .I I .nA i- 111Il'C It l r-..' ;Ir' .i ll.;. In.-I %L.': A..I
S .1 '. I .' I. I.r.kl Iitn cr rr. r 'mirllllllr ;i ir- I. r :k-i.nIh

%4 NJ it.lquui Ir ar-Li adiJjtWjifnfJI rr J Ite- lln IJllip i m'irdlinM4r.,
Chemical I frituLai' h niLiNlslin. .115 ."htnt Strtel.
PhIld1dailhtil. P.4 lWn.il02 PFnlne: S1-_ .5_
I'ux: 2 iLS-U11?.l'5 -rumil: IlIm ir hipl,'w h'l-i~acrirth.r.i r
hl3p:.' vfi %x b. rfftll I i rI L' re,*t c urrhC'n-4t-rLc hlIi J

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

Grants in Aid for History of Modern Physics
The Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics has a
program of grants-in-aid for research in the history of modern physics and allied sciences
and their social interactions. Grants can be up to $2,000 each I I il be given only to
reimburse expenses for travel and subsistence to use the resources of the Center's Niels
Bohr Library in' ..II. -.. Park, Maryland, or expenses including travel and subsistence to
tape-record oral history interviews or microfilm archival materials, with a copy for deposit
in the Library Applicants should ., l ,., 1 . ...1 111,: toward a graduate degree in the history
of science (please include a letter of reference from a thesis adviser), or show a record of
publication in the field .. i l. ..i.. i vitae, a letter of no more than two pages describ-
ing your research project, i,,i1 1-. ii. b.. l-.l 1,..., ..: l .. forwhich support is
requested to: Spencer Weart, Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics,
One Physics Ellipse,'. I.. I.. Park, MD 20740. E-mail: sweart@aip.org. Phone: (301) 209-
3174. Fax: -. !1 209-0882. The deadlines for receipt of applications are 15 April and 15
November of each year 'ii. I '. i!'. i': i, iI..,-

INA Grant-in-Aid Program
The International Neuropsychopharmacology Archives (INA) announces the
availability of grants of up to $1,500 to support research at the INA at the Vanderbilt
University Medical Center Archives, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. Applications must include
a hard copy of: a one-i i .. 1. .:, i! ir i.. of the project, with specific reference to the
archival collections to be consulted; i. l ,i..i 'i-1l..i.:.i applicant's c.v; one letter of recom-
mendation from a scholar familiar with the applicant's work. Grants will be given four
times a year. Deadlines are:l March, 1 June, 1 September, 1 December. Completed appli-
cations should be sent by the deadline to: INA Grant-in-Aid i ... : i c/o CINP Central.
Office, 1608 17th Avenue South, Nashville, TN, 37212, U.S.

The Marc-Auguste Pictet Prize
This Prize, principally intended for a .111: i-. .. I.. .:1... I ilI .. i I I :I i I ; ,: I I ,I ... !.i--
lished or recent contribution to the history of science. The Prize is endowed with an
amount of Sfr. 12,000, and may be shared. Application is open to both Swiss and foreign
candidates at university level. Notification of candidature should be sent by 31 December
2005 to the -.II .. I... address: President de la SPHN, Museum d'Histoire naturelle, Case
postal 6434, CH-1211 GENEVE 6, Switzerland. Two full copies of the work, accompanied
by a summary and a c.v should be submitted. The texts may be written in French,
German, Italian or English. In the last three instances, the summary should be translated
into French and be approximately 12 pages ii 1..,1, il .. 4,000 words or about 20,000
characters. Theme for the 2006 Prize: "History of the relationships of mathematics with
other sciences and techniques." The work submitted must deal with the history of mathe-
matics from the perspective of its applications to 111 .... :1 ,,,I :. 1i other disciplines.

Student Essay Prize in the History of Medicine and Public Health
The New York Academy of Medicine invites entries for the second annual New
York Academy of Medicine Student Essay Prize for the best unpublished essay by a gradu-
ate student in a medical, public health, or nursing program in the U.S. TIl ......... ill
receive $500, and -1. .........,. 1, .ill be reviewed for possible publication in the
Journal of Urban Health. Essays should be approximately 2,000 to -. i .....1i long,
and should ..II11.. i i .i '.ii...... in the journal's instructions for authors at
http://www3.oup.co.uk/jurban/instauth. The postmark deadline is 4 April 2006. For more
information, please visit iiii . I ......I :/grants/studentessay.shtml.

Jerry Stannard Memorial Award Competition for 2006
The Department of History at the University of Kansas announces the 2006
competition for the annual award in honor of the late Professor Jerry Stannard. Each
year a cash i iI, I 1, 1i be made to the author of an .i. i iii .i i...i-1, i ...i ..r unpub-
lished scholarly study. In 2006 the i i.ii Il be $1,000. The competition is open to
graduate students and to recent recipients of a doctoral degree (the Ph.D. degree or an
equivalent), conferred not more than five years before the competition deadline. Entries
must be received no later than 15 February 2006. The i, 1 wI ,ill be announced on or
about 15 May 2006. All correspondence should be addressed to: The Stannard Award
Committee, Att: Professor Victor ii... departmentt of History University of Kansas,
Wescoe Hall, 1445 Jayhawk Blvd. Room 3001, Lawrence, KS 66045-7590 USA.

2006 Cheiron Book Prize
ii:ii .. .. .. .......r I .I, ll, : .. ......:1. !.i,; in the history of the social/
behavioral/human sciences, published during the period 1 January 2002 through 31
December 2005. Two copies of each entry must be received by the committee chair by 31
October 2005. Final page proofs may be used for books to be published after 31 October
and before 1 January 2006. The author of -I ........: I- ....I II l.. i.:. ,. $500 plus up to
$300 in travel expenses to attend the 2006 /....... 11 i I.. ii ',: of Cheiron, where the prize will
be awarded. Two copies, clearly labeled "2006 Cheiron Book Prize," must be mailed direct-
ly to: John Carson (Committee Chair), Cheiron Book Prize, :'.. "'i i ..i i....[ ..f 1 1029
TischHall, 1 i,, i.. f li ii ii .i ...i 1148109-1003.

Society for the Social History of Medicine 2005 Roy Porter Student
Essay Prize Competition
This prize will be awarded to the best original, unpublished essay in the social history of
medicine submitted to the competition as .I.,1 :-...11-, l,. -if I assessment panel. The
competition is open to undergraduate and post-graduate students in full or part-time
education. TI I.. ... ......I. be awarded 500.00, and his or her entry may be published
in the journal Sociali. ., ofMedicine. Further details at ,ir!. .,. i l.....


Prior to the publication of each Newsletter, the HSS Executive Office receives from the Isi Editorial Office a list of books received by that office for potential review. This list appears here
quarterly; it is not compiled from the annual Current i. -. You may also view this list and prior lists online at ii.11 ... iI. ... ...i. i... .. I. .. I isis.html.

Adams,Vincanne; Pigg, Stacy Leigh (Editors). Sex in
Development: Science, i. and Morality in Global
Perspective. x+342 pp. illus., index. Durham NC: Duke
University Press. $23.95 (paper). 0822334917.

Averroes (Ibn Rushd). Averroes (Ibn Rushd).
Commentaire moyen a la Rhetorique dAristote. edition cri
tique du texte arabe et traduction fran(aise. Volume III:
Commentaire du commenatire. Edited by Maroun Aouad.
Textes et Traditions x+501pp., tables, bibl., index. Paris:
Librairie Philosophique J Vrin, 2002. Edited by Maroun
Aouad. Textes et Traditions. 352 pp., bibl. Paris: Librairie
PhilosophiqueJ. Vrin, 2002.

Ayres, Peter. Harry Marshall Ward and the

. rDeath. Saint Paul, MN: APS Press, 2005. $79 (cloth).

Baker, H. Kent; Powell, Gary E.
Financial A Practical Guide. xiv+481 pp.
figs., tables, index. Vermont: Blackwell Iii i 1.... 2005.
$44.95 (paper). 0631231005.

Barnes, Ethne. Diseases andHuman Evolution. xii + 484
pp., bibl., index. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press,
2005. $29 (cloth). 0826330657.

Barth, Fredrik Gingrich, Andre; Parkin, Robert;
Silverman, Sydel. One Disciline, Four Ways: British,
German, French, andAmerican Anthropology. xx+ 360 pp.

index. '-11. 1... University of 1. .1 ... Press, 2005. $52.50. 0

Beretta, Marco (Editor). Lavoisier in Persective
Sof the International Symposium.
1.ii...... ....... und Berichte, Neue ..i.. Band 21.) 213 pp.,
figs., tables, index. Munchen: Deutsches Museum, 2005.

Bok, Chip. The Recent History of the United States in
Political Cartoons. vii + 291 pp., Ohio: The University of Akron
Press, 2005. $26 (paper). 1931968128.

Bonnet, Charles. Systemtheorie und Philosophie organ
isierter Korper Ostwalds Klassiker der Exakten Wissenschaften,

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

Band 297. 161 pp. illus., figs., bibl., index. .1 i i-1 ,. ,i ,
Harr Deutsch, 2005. C 17.80 (paper). 3817132972.

Bosch, Mineke. Aletta Jacobs 1854-1929: Een onwrik-
baargeloofin 819 pp., illus., bibl., index.
i l i ~ I ,ii . I ,i 0i '")5. C37 (cloth). 9050186572.

Bowerbank, Sylvia. for Nature: Women and
of Early Modern xii + 287 pp., illus.,
notes, index. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press,
2004. ',', (cloth). 0801878721.

Biichel, Jochen. I, : der Materie.
undBildmuster von derAssimilation von. 17.
und l8.Jh. .. .
sismis. 284 pp., figs., app., bibl. i... I1. Konigshausen &
Neumann, 2005. C 39.80 (cloth). 3826028457.

Calaprice, Alice. The Einstein Almanac. xvii + 174 pp.,
illus., bibl., index. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University
Press, 2005. _- '', (cloth). 0801880211.

Chang, IH.-ok Temperature: Measurement and
xviii + 286;! 1p bibl., index. NewYork:
Oxford University Press, 200/ ,'' (cloth). 0195171276.

Cartwright, John A.; Baker, Brian. Literature in
Science: Social Impact and Interaction. Science and Society
Series. Xxi+471pp.illus., apps., bibls., index. Calfornia: ABC
CLIO, 2005. $75 (cloth). 185109458x.

Cody, Lisa Foreman., the Nation: Sex, Science,
and the Conception of . ry Britons. xx+
353pp. Figs., bibl., index. New York: Oxford University Press,
2005. $99.00 (cloth). 0199268649.

Cohen, Martin. I Beetle and Other Classic
SExperiments. ix + 135 pp., figs., index. Malden:
Blackwell Publishers, 2004. $40 (cloth). 1405121912.

Collini, Silvia; Vannoni, Antonella. Les Instructions
Pour Les ", 344 pp. figs., bibl. Paris:
L'Harmattan, 2005. 30 (paper). 9782747586504.

Conway, Erik M. *.. Dreams: NASA and the
Technopolitics of Supersonic Transportation, 1945-1999.
xvii + 369 pp., index. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University
Press, : -'', (cloth). 080188067X.

Cooley, Ronald W. 'Full of all knowledge: George
Herberts Country Parson and Early Modern Social
Discourse (Mental and Cultural I fTudor and Stuart
S 238 pp., index, bibl. Toronto: University of Toronto
Press, 2003. $53 (cloth). 0802037232.

Cornack, Bradin; Mazzio, Carla. Book Use, Book
Theory 1500-1700. xi + 124 pp. illus. Chicago: University of
Il ,. ....Press, 2005. $15 (paper). 0943056349.

Craig, Patricia. Centennial History of the Carnegie
Institution of I Volume NI The Department of
Plant i x + 281 pp. illus., bibl., index. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2005. $81 (cloth). 0521830818.

Cuddington, Kim; Beisner, Beatrix (Editors).

I 1 I Lost: Routes of Theory .
Theoretical ... .. Series. xxiv + 435 .! i apps., index.
SnI1,,,.1, I. I i I ... ..1 . : Press, 2005. $79.95 (cloth).

Daly, Jeanne. Evidence Based Medicine and the Search for
a Science of Clinical Care. xi+275 pp. Berkeley: University of
California Press, 2005. $65 (cloth). 0-520-24316-1.

Darby, Ro l. ri I 'Temptation: The Demonization
of Foreskin and the Rise of Circumcision in Britain.
xi+374pp. Index. 1i .... University of 1' .... Press, 2005.
$35.00 (cloth). 0226136450.

Debus, Allen G. (Editor). Alchemy and Early Modern
Chemistry: Papers from Ambix. Society for the History of
Alchemy and Chemistry. xv + 543 pp., app. Huddersfield:
Jeremy Mills ,,I.h I .... Limited, 2004. 33 (paper).

Delone, B. N. TheSt.,. Number Theory.
Translated by Robert Burns. History of Mathematics, Volume
26.xv+278 ,! ll, 1i I .11 .1.. I ,.vidence:American
Mathematical ..- 1. -'. $59 (cloth). 0821834576.

di Palo, Lucia. Le '. '. '. sur lavie et
lamortdeFrancoisXavierBichat. 224
pp. apps., biblio., index. Italy: Cacucci Editore, 2005. 25
(paper). 884223989.

Dobson, Geoffrey P. A F ', Science,
and I', II+ . p. ix+ 478pp.,
figs., bibl., index. London: Equinox I. i .... 2005. $27.95,
15.99 (cloth). 1845530195.

Duftin, Jacalyn (Editor). Clio in the Clinic: Doctors'
Stories of Using History in Medical Practice. xxii + 334 pp.,
illus., bibls., index. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004.
$35 (paper). 0802037984.

Duftin, Jacalyn. Lovers and Livers: Disease Concepts in
History. 229 pp., illus., 1.1. 11. app., bibl., index. Toronto:
University of Toronto Press, 2005. $55 (cloth). 0-8020-8748-5.

Edson, E.; Savage-Smith, E. (Editors). Medieval Views
of the Cosmos. Forewordby 1'. I ..... 128pp. illus. Chicago:
University of 1',,, .... Press, 2004. $28. 1-85124-184-1.

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Evans, Chris; Ryd6n, GOran (Editors). The Industrial
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Nineteenth-Century Europe. ix + 200 pp., figs., tables, bibl.,
i,.I. I., I. I .. .. -. ,,. 1,,15. 075463390.

t. 'm


The Francis Bacon

Award in the History and

Philosophy of Science

and Technology

The California Institute of Technology
and the Francis Bacon Foundation are
pleased to request nominations for the
Francis Bacon Award in the history of
science, the history of technology, or his-
torically-engaged philosophy of science.

The Francis Bacon Prize

Offered biennially in the amount of
$20,000, the Prize will be awarded to
an outstanding scholar whose work
continues to have a substantial impact
on any of the three fields.

Please send nominations by
December 1, 2005 to:
Sanja Ilic
Secretary to the Bacon Committee
M/C 101-40
California Institute I...:illniii.i
Pasadena, CA 91125
Email: sanja@hss.caltech.edu

Please include:
A letter of nomination, one page
maximum per nominee, which
addresses the candidate's qualifica-
tions and potential. Please include
the nominee's contact information
and a copy of the nominee's c. v.



History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

Falah, Ghazi-Walid; Nagel, Caroline. Geographies of
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History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

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Beginning in 2006, the History of Science
Society will add a new benefit to all member-
ships: the latest volume of Osiris. Founded in
1936 by George Sarton, and re-launched by the
HSS in 1985, this annual thematic journal
highlights recent research on significant themes
in the history of science. The paper edition of
Osiris, Volume 21, "Historical Perspectives on
Science, Technology, and International Affairs,"
will mail late summer 2006.

Science: Science

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

HSS Employment Survey Report, 2004-2005

Cornelia C. Lambert, University of Oklahoma

This is a report on the results of the 2004-2005 HSS Employment Survey.
The information provided concerns searches for positions beginning in or
around Autumn 2005. While we received 41 surveys, only 36 were filled out to
completion. Since some of the surveys indicated multiple hires, we have a total
of 42 hires from which to calculate trends in hiring in HP/STM.
The results are usually divided into four categories: 1) HP/STM was the
primary area of expertise; 2) HP/STM was a supporting or secondary area of
expertise; 3) HP/STM was one of several possible areas of expertise; or 4)
HP/STM did not factor at all in the job search. The job searches featured this
year fall into Categories I and III only. It is important to note that the HSS
office tries to post only those jobs where HP/STM is an expressed area of inter-
est, which helps explain the absence of Category IV positions.
Of the 20 job searches in Category I, there were 28 hires, taking into
account one search which is still open and multiple hires for three searches.
Of these, 7 were permanent and 21 were temporary positions. Females were
awarded 3 of the 7 permanent positions, or 43%. Of the 21 temporary posi-
tions, females were awarded 8 ( -.".. and males 13 (62%).
Of the 14 hires in Category III jobs (in which HP/STM was one of several
possible areas of expertise), 3 were permanent and 11 were temporary. All three
permanent positions in this category were awarded to female candidates. Six
out of the 11 temporary positions were given to and accepted by female appli-
cants, for a percentage of 55%. Two positions in this category were left open,
and one was filled though the gender of the successful candidate is unknown.
Overall, 20 of the 42 positions were filled (for which gender is known) by
female applicants, or 48%. This is a more equitable showing compared to the
last two years, in which females consistently received only 37-37.5% of job
offers. In a brief overview of permanent, Category I jobs, it appears that
women are maintaining a healthy presence in tenure-track positions.
Only two hires were described as having minority status as defined by their
respective hiring institutions. Both of these were female.
As most surveys indicated searches for permanent, Category I positions,
most comments came from the directors of these searches as well. Complaints
about the difficulty f I.'" ,iii ;to the HSS Web site, and for calls for an online
survey, far outweighed instructive comments about the status of gender equity
in our field. Nevertheless, useful comments fell into two general categories:
strength of candidate pools and range of competence. First, to one respondent,
the field of candidates from HP/STM programs was "well-prepared," but "not
very diverse." Another wrote that he or she has "seen more and more success-
ful candidates with training in : i,,1, .-: and iiili 1,....l..-: of science and
medicine. Need more candidates with rigorous training in intellectual history
of recent science."
The comments from those for whom HP/STM training was less important

Historians of Chemistry
Dinner for Historians of Chemistry and the Chemical Industries
Thursday, November 3, 8:30pm at Brit's Pub, 1110 Nicollet Mall
(If you have not paid in advance @ $40 -' I for graduate students), contact
Mary Ellen Bowden, Arthur Daemmrich, or Gabriella Petrick").

were perhaps the most helpful. One had "some difficulty in locating a scholar
with sufficient range to teach in a history department at a liberal arts college."
He or she added: "Many of the candidates emerging from History of Science
programs did not seem comfortable teaching in a history department. Their
training was too narrow.... [P]rograms should train graduate students to
work from a history department. This must be kept in mind when preparing
job letters, selecting research topics, etc." Another stated, "We weren't really
looking for a history of science candidate she was our only one, and was a
happy surprise."
Despite the call for historians of science to be prepared to teach in history
departments, applicants are finding this transfer difficult. Wrote one, "I asked
the chairs of search committees whether, given my qualifications, my applica-
tion would be taken seriously. I received a few most helpful responses, about
50% of which suggested I submit. There were also a pair of very rude answers.
I think it is fair for a historian of science to request such information from
search committees that are seeking an assistant professor of 1,i,"i.,
Applicants are reportedly facing other discriminatory situations. One
voiced her opinion that "search committee members are not trained to elimi-
nate bias against independent scholars, women," and those trained in foreign
countries. ...iiiil Il another applicant felt as though she were being over-
looked on account of her gender and race (white). She wrote, "It is discourag-
ing to not even be considered for a 1,. i.:1iii.. p.. iir." unless you are a minority
or male, especially in 1II, .1
Applicants report, as they did last year, that many candidate searches are
simply "set ups"; mock searches for which an insider had already been cho-
sen. One candidate even reported that during his/her interview "members of
the search committee could be overheard wondering why someone interviews
for a job which belongs to an insider." Even when searches are legitimate,
they are described as unfair: "No cattle-call job interviewing at tables. Even a
cafe is better," wrote one. "It is unnecessary for every search committee to
request letters of recommendation from all applicants," opined another. Yet
another applicant wrote that during his/her campus interview "the director of
the hiring unit admitted not recalling my CV and talked instead about his
recent bypass." Clearly, interview practices, nerve-wracking to begin with,
should be treated with more care.
Look for improvements to the survey in the coming year. Please send rec-
ommendations and comments about the survey to Cornelia Lambert,
Department of the History of Science, Physical Sciences 628, The University of
Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019-0315; or by email to clambert@ou.edu.
Thanks to the Women's Caucus for its continued support of this project.

Early Science Interest Group Informal Dinner

The Early Science Interest Group will meet informally for dinner on
Thursday 3 November at 8:30 p.m. at Brit's Pub, 1110 Nicollet Mall. If you
would like to join us, please email Liba Taub (lctl001@cam.ac.uk) by
Monday 31 October, putting 'Early Science' in the subject line, so that we
can let Brit's know how many places to set. Everyone is welcome to join us.

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

HSS Employment Survey Tables, 2004-2005


Job Description
Permanent: Back-

University' II... London
Haverford ,II, .
University of California Davis
Chemical I. i, 1 ... t Foundation
University of Florida
Wichita State University
University of Alberta

S, P, D
S, T, P, D
S, T, PH, D
S, D
S, P, D
M, D

Rice University
University, of Wisconsin -Madison
University of King's, .II. ..
King's' ..II, ..- Institute Of Psychiatry
Johns Hopkins University
Dartmouth' II.,
Dartmouth' II.,
Dartmouth' II.,
Dartmouth' II.,
National Institute of Health
National Institute of Health
National Institute of Health
National Maritime Museum
University of Queensland
Max Planck Institute
Haifa University/ Max Planck Institute
Medical Museion, Copenhagen
Medical Museion, Copenhagen
Medical Museion, Copenhagen
Medical Museion, Copenhagen
M assachusetts i 11i,,1, ,I i. ,, I ...

M, D
S, T, P, D
M, A, D
S, P
S, P
S, P
S, P
S, T, or M; P; D
S, T, or M; P; D
S, T, or M; P; D
S, D
S, D
S, P
S, T, M, MU, D
S, T, M, MU, D
S, T, M, MU, D
S, T, M, MU, D
M, D


2,4, 5, 6, 8


2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7
4,5,6, 8
4,5,6, 8

Total # of Applicants
Rank Offered Male/Female

45: 38, 7
81: 65, 16
8: 6, 2
58: 30, 28

20: 6, 14

Total # of Applicants
Rank Offered Male/Female

6: 2,4
12: 4,8

24: 4+, 15+
13: 9, 4
25: 15, 10
25: 15, 10
25: 15, 10
25: 15, 10
5: 2, 3
5: 2, 3
5: 2, 3
5:3, 2
27: 13, 14
61: 50, 11
8:6, 2
11: 7,4
11: 7,4
11: 7,4
11: 7,4

Successful Candidate
Gender, Minority,
Degree, Date, Field

F, no, PhD, 2002, HP/STM
M, no, PhD, 2004, HP/STM
M, no, PhD, 1995, HP/STM
M, no, PhD, 2004, HP/STM
F, yes, PhD, 2005, HPSTM
M, no, PhD, HP/STM
F, no, no, HP/STM

Successful Candidate
Gender, Minority,
Degree, Date, Field

M, no, PhD, 1999, HP/STM
F, no, no, History
M, no, PhD, 2003, HP/STM
F no, 2004, E
M, no, PhD, 2004, HP/STM
M, no, PhD, HP/STM
M, no, PhD, HP/STM
F, no, PhD, HP/STM
F, no, PhD, HP/STM
M, no, PhD, 1988, HP/STM
F, no, PhD, 2005, HP/STM
F, no, no, HP/STM
M, no, PhD,
M, no, PhD,
M, no, PhD, 2005,
M, no, PhD, PHI
M, no, PhD,
M, no, PhD,
F, no, PhD,
F, no, PhD,
M, no, PhD, 2000, H


Job Description
Permanent: Back-

California State -Fullerton
University of Wisconsin -Eau Claire
University of Minnesota Law School


Total # of Applicants
Rank Offered Male/Female

3,4, 5, 6

62: 42, 20
20: 13, 7
44: 19. 15

Successful Candidate
Gender, Minority,
Degree, Date, Field

F, no, PhD, 2003, HP/STM
F, yes, no, HP/STM
F, no, J.D., 2003, Law

Job Description
Temporary Back-

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

Job Description
Temporary: Back-

York University
Harvey Mudd .II. ...
Montana State University
Max Planck Institute
Max Planck Institute
Max Planck Institute
Max Planck Institute
Max Planck Institute
Max Planck Institute
Ii.,n Ii i i...i and Archaeology

University of Cl... i ..

S, T, P D
S, D
S, D
S, D
S, D
S, D
S, D
S, D
T, W, PH, D


2,4, 5, 6, 8

Total # of Applicants
Rank Offered Male/Female

29: 22,7
40: 15, 25
17: 10, 7
42: 30, 12
80: 39,41
80: 39,41
80: 39,41
80: 39,41
80: 39,41
8:6, 2

45: 25, 20

Successful Candidate
Gender, Minority,
Degree, Date, Field

M, no, no, HP/STM
F, no, PhD, 1995, Physics
M, no, PhD, 2003, Geog.
F no, PhD, 2003, Art Hist.
F, no, PhD,
F, no, PhD,
F, no, PhD,
M, no, PhD,
M, no, PhD,
M, no, PhD, 2005,

F, no, PhD, 2003, H


A Archival i ......... Experience
B BA only
D Ph.D. or equivwl. ni 1 1 -.1 1 ii ,, ..1 ..I .. position
E European Culture
H History
MU Museum ........i Experience
M Ii ........... I i .. i of M medicine
M D ..h. 1 i . I ...
0 Other specific training
P I1 ........ 1.. Philosophy of Science
PH Public History
PHI Philosophy
S i .......I. 1 IIi. ..i of Science
STS 1i ........ on Sci, Tech, and Society
W Ability to teach American or Western History Survey
T I, II, I I 1. -, 7 .1 1.. 1 ,,I ,

ASC Associate Professor
AST Assistant Professor
FP Full Professor
L Lecturer
LIB Librarian
0 Other
PD Post Doctorate
TF Temporary Faculty
1 AHA Perspectives
2 SHOT Newsletter
3 Chronicle cf 11 1 .. I Education
4 HSS Newsletter
5 HSS Web site
6 H-Net, or other electronic media
7 AAHM Newsletter
8 Other
No (clear) reply

Dissertations List

send any missing titles

,' \Dr . ,i DissertationAbstracts are included) and others and was currents of June 2005. Please
SDue to sace considerations we are unable to run the complete list this month.

Allender-Hagedorn, Susan. ........ the Genome: A
I I 1 of the i.........1. i behind the Construction of the
Human Genome Project." ....... Polytechnic Institute and State
..... ,,,i i 3157769.

Bleecker, Julian C. "The Reality Effect of Technoscience."
University of California, Santa Cruz, 2004, i !.... 3157631.

Buckley, Michael George. "Green ,.. Literary
Natural History in Pre-Darwinian America." The Pennsylvania
State ... 1. 2004, *' .... 3147592.

Carlisle, Linda V. "Elizabeth Packard and Boundaries of Gender,
. i and Sanity in Nineteenth-Century America." Southern
Illinois University at Carbondale, 2004, 5 ....- 3147118.

Carlson, Laurie Winn. 'William J. Spillman: Scientific
...1i. h,.. in the i ,.. . Era." Washington State
.1. 1 ii _",i 277pages 3147842.

Collier, James H. "The Structure of Metascientific Claims:
Toward a Philosophy of Science and I. i, i Studies."
S....... Polytechnic Institute and State .... i 1998, 148
pages. 3158405.

Danneskiod-Samsoe, Jakob Frederik "Muses and Patrons:
Cultures of Natural Philosophy in Seventeenth-Century
Scandinavia." Lunds Universitet, 2004, I" i...' C818187

Dawson, Paul Louis. "Luis de Florez and the Special
Devices Division." The George Washington _.. .1 ii -", 15,331
pages 3158505.

Duwell, Armond. "How to Teach an Old .. New Tricks:
Quantum Information, Quantum Computation, and the Philosophy
of Physics." 1, .1 i i I I., .i, -" ,i 1 7 pages. 3159049.

Eslava, Edgar. "Quantum Measurement and Time Metaphysics:
Towards a Temporal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics."

,,i..... ill ... ... .. 1 , ,,I. .. I. _, ... .. ..... 3 147 117 .

Gomez, Leila G. "On Naturalists and Archeologists in South
America (1880-1940) William Henry Hudson and Hiram
i 111, ,,i Imperial Encounters and National Canon Formation."
TheJohns Hopkins -.1 i1. -" 15,337 pages. 3155619.

Grandi, Giovanni Battista. "Thomas Reid's Theory of Vision."
The University of Western Ontario (Canada), 2004, 199 pages.

Grund, Peter Jonas. "MisticallWordes and Names Infinite": An
Edition of Humfrey Lock's Treatise on 1. 1..i. with an
Introduction, Explanatory Notes and Glossary" Uppsala Universitet,
2004, '. .... C817812.

Hartimo, Mirja. "Edmund Husserls i ......... and the
Development of Mathematics in the Late Nineteenth Century"
Boston ..., ,1 -0' 5,: 1 ...- 3157377.

History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

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History of Science Society Newsletter October 2005

The Suzanne J. Levinson Prize

uzanne Levinson brought enthusiasm to whatever she did, and she delved into a
ide range of things over the years. I '. i i, p.. i ,...1i.. yi..yo I-.i ..', asks her
husband, I. taught both university students and four year olds and was equal-
ly enthusiastic about both."
Suzanne was bor on 26 June 1928 and died 3 May 2003. To honor the memory
of his wife, Mark Levinson has established the Suzanne J.
Levinson Prize for a book in the history of the life sciences
and natural history The biennial prize, worth $1,000, will
be awarded for the first time in 2006. Levinson previously
endowed a prize with SHOT in memory of his parents, the
Samuel Eleazar and Rose Tartakow Levinson Prize intended
for a student paper which is to be submitted for publication
and concerns a technological matter examined within the
context of intellectual or social history
Apart from the general biology focus, Levinson would
especially like 1,. .I. I.. l:, 1,. li,. 1111. the theory of evolu- I
tion. "Suzanne" he says, "had a strong lifelong interest in
that. He has no preferences as to whether the book should
speak to a scholarly or popular audience. A popular book, .
though, should not be trivial. "Good popular books on sci-
ence are hard to come by; nonsense is easy to come by I'd Suzanne Levinson stan
like to see something sufficiently sophisticated to interest the
academic who doesn't know anything about the subject."
Suzanne Levinson had wide reading tastes i Ai ilil, ii of 8,000 volumes to satisfy
that taste. "Both she and I," says Levinson, "thought that if you have an interest in
something and you see a book on it then you pick it up." In addition to books found in
garage sales, in library fund raisers, and bookshops, Suzanne had her professional
library f 1. ,. 1-.1 ,, -ii. 1. ./ and early childhood education.
Suzanne's interest in biology came late. Her education was disrupted by ill
health, and she dropped out of her undergraduate education at age 20, three quarters



of the way through a degree in history In 1957, she returned to Brooklyn College and
earned a degree ), 1h i. ..- which included a history-of-science course taught by Carl
Boyer, and then went on to graduate study after encouragement by two of her pmfes-
sors. More than a decade and two children later, the biology department at McMaster
University, where Mark was a professor, faced a shortage of graduate students who
could teach biology. Suzanne was hired as a demonstrator
and three years later became the senior demonstrator. Later
she earned qualifications in early childhood education and
switched to teaching children.
Suzanne and Mark met during the Korean War, when
Mark was at home on a weekend pass. "I went to a dance
and concert with a friend. I wasn't much of a dancer, nor
was Suzanne, but we met." The two discussed an obscure
novel they had both read, a terrible one, says Levinson. "Both
Sof us decided that evening that the other one was the one we
were going to mary. We didn't tell each other that, of course,
until much later, but we'd fallen in love ti i i 1,, -.
In 1990, when Levinson retired from the University
of Maine, the couple moved to .: r I, h,.-., "We had
decided long before that we would retire to the Pacific
ng by the family library. Northwest, where it never gets hot and humid, a pleasant
discovery made during our time at Oregon State
University in 1960 and 1961," says Levinson. There
Suzanne put her botanical knowledge and enthusiasm to use in their garden,
which still flourishes, while her husband focused on the history of aeronautics,
writing book reviews, both scholarly and popular. In addition Mark has organized
archival collections for the University of 7 ili .;ijl .ii and, especially, for the
Museum of Flight in Seattle.
A formal announcement of the Suzanne J. Levinson Prize will be made at the
2005 HSS Meeting in Minneapolis.

The University of Chicago Press
P.O. Box 37005
Chicago, IL 60637
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