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PRST STD US POSTAGE PAID Permit #2438 MIAMI FL 331 Renew your subscription before the expiration date shown in the label below. The Abaconian 9945 NW 88th Ave Medley, FL 33178 Forward and Address Correction VOLUME 15, NUMBER 7, APRIL 1st, 2007 By Julian Lockhart After months of speculation as to when the general elections will be, Prime Minister Perry Christie named May 2 as the date when Bahamians will be able to cast their ballots to elect the political party that will govern the Bahamas for the next five years. Parliament was dissolved on April 4th with the new 41-seat Parliament to convene on May 23, 2007. The dissolved Parliament had 40 seats and the new seat was recommended by the Constituencies Commission and approved by Parliament. The Prime Minister said, I encourage all registered voters to cast their ballots in the forthcoming general election. I have every confidence that they will do so this time in record numbers just as they have always done so impressively in the past. The last general election, as you know, was held on May 2, 2002. The May 2, 2007, date that I have fixed for the forthcoming general election is therefore in faithful accord with the promise I made to you earlier that the general election this year would be held on or before the fifth anniversary of the last general election, the Prime Minister added.National Election Is May 2Campaigns are heating up as 41 seats are contested Please see Election Page 6 Gary Sawyer Edison Key Fritz Bootle Hubert Ingraham Cay MillsCandidates for South Abaco Candidates for North Abaco New Marsh Harbour runway is underwayWork has begun on clearing the land for a new runway at the Marsh Harbour International Airport. The work is being done on the 6100-foot runway by Bahamas Hot Mix, a Nassau-based company with a division on Abaco. This work was started after the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie announced that government will be spending $10.2 million on a runway, taxiway and terminal expansion. Mr. Christie was at the commissioning of the airstrip landing lights in Sandy Point when he made the announcement on March 19. Fire in the Mud destroys 14 housesClose to 100 persons were left homeless from the fire early in the morning of March 21. See story on page 10 By Luzena The Minister of Works and Utilities and Immigration, the Hon. Bradley Roberts, was on Abaco for the second swearingin ceremony to be held in Marsh Harbour. Eighteen individuals officially became Bahamians citizens on April 4 in a swearingin ceremony held at the Court Room. All were adults with the exception of a four-year-old little girl by the name of Mackenzie Dam. The proud mom, Kelly, stated that Mackenzie will be turning five on April 30th. The majority of persons sworn in were males. Only five were females. The Minister congratulated the new Bahamians and bade them to be model citizens.New citizens are sworn in Please see Swearing-inPage 29


Page 2 The Abaconian April 1, 2007By Julian Lockhart The 2007 general election is set for May 2nd after Prime Minister Perry Christie ended months of speculation on April 4th. Abaconians will now have a chance to step forward and vote in the two men they want as their next representatives. There will definitely be a new representative for South Abaco with incumbent Robert Sweeting stepping down after 15 years in Parliament. Edison Key is running for the Free National Movement and Gary Sawyer for the Progressive Liberal Party, which is currently in power. Both candidates were asked questions as to what they would do pertaining to some of the major issues facing South Abaco if they are elected. Below are the answers from both candidates.What would you do to expedite and improve the Marsh Harbour airport?Mr. Sawyer I will stay on it diligently and make sure it is done in the shortest possible time even if it means people working extra shifts. I have mass knowledge in quality of work being a previous builder for over 20 years, and I will make sure Abaco gets whatever it deserves that has been promised for many years. It is unfortunate that we havent gotten it yet since we have been promised it for many years, but the good part is we are getting it. I would really pay attention to the quality. Anything we saw during the building phase that would make it more user-friendly, I will petition for it to be done. I lobbied very strongly at the Prime Ministers house for him to come up and do an inspection because what I saw from the inspectors and surveyors I didnt think it was the right thing for Abaco. Through my urging the Prime Minister and Min. Glenys Hanna-Martin came to Abaco and did the assessment. It prolonged it for a while, but good things come to those who wait, The prolonging will prove to everyone it was the right decision. Mr. Key Right now Abaco is one of the fastest growing areas in the Bahamas, and we are the third revenue producing island. We have investors in here like Bakers Bay and Winding Bay, and the airport is one of the major concerns. If we are going to continue to grow here in South Abaco, we need a modern jet port with a modern terminal and all the facilities. We have been promised that here in Abaco for many years, and I think it is high time we get it. It will be a priority as far as I am concerned in short order.How would you improve the education in Abaco?Mr. Sawyer I think with all of the new developments that have come to Abaco over the last three or four years Abaconians have to be put in position to take advantage of those jobs. Abaco just doesnt need classes from the College of the Bahamas and Bahamas Technical Vocational Institute. I will push diligently that we are offered the same advantages that Grand Bahama and New Providence are offered through COB and BTVI so that our people can capitalize on all of the opportunities from these new developments. I believe that education is very important. There comes a time in every persons life, whether they want to be a carpenter, mechanic, mason or electrician, they should be trained on their own island. I would work diligently towards improving our education system so all the proper training will be right here. I will also encourage the ones who are out of school to take night classes that will be provided so they can further their education and take advantage of all the development that is taking place. Mr. Key In South Abaco we were promised in the 2002 elections, the now government, to immediately put in a high school in South Abaco. The kids from Sandy Point and Crossing Rocks are being bussed every morning which is 100 miles round trip; and they have to get up at 5 a.m. every morning to catch the bus to be at school on time. I think this is something that needs to be looked into, and I think a nice high school in South Abaco in the Sandy Point area would be a priority. Right now we have outgrown the two high schools and they need to be upgraded. We need to develop for the young people coming. Abaco is really moving forward and at this point we need a major high school.What would you do to increase the sports activities on the island?Mr. Sawyer Even before I may be elected, I have been working to push towards having a proper sporting facilities put on Abaco. It has been promised for many years and to date little has been done. Contracts have been signed to renew, expand and enlarge the Spring City basketball court to include a volleyball court so the young ones can have positive activities to do instead of sitting on the blocks. It is time for Abaco to have a major sporting facility including a gymnasium, and it has to be strategically located so all of the schools and young people can use it. We can have international teams in, some sports meets and one day have a major sporting event. It is time that the youth of Abaco can be brought into the mainstream. We used to have a sports director on Abaco, but it was done away with. Mr. Ishmael Stretch Morley is in charge now and I think he is doing an excellent job. I would support it 100 percent. As a corporate citizen we have always supported a clean environment for sports and assisted in any way we could. Mr. Key I think first of all we need to appoint a director of sports here in Abaco. Back in the 1980s we had a director, Mr. Bernis Pinder, who was very interested in sports and he did a good job. We need to really get somebody in there to follow up on and help us move forward in sports. In Nassau you have indoor basketball and all of that, and we dont have any of that on Abaco. I think a nice track has to come and we have to move in that direction as well.What programs would you start to help decrease crime in South Abaco?Mr. Sawyer No political party can lay claim to the crime that comes along with prosperity and development and that is one Please see Views Page 6South Abaco Candidates Express Their Views Mr. Edison Key Mr. Gary Sawyer BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS BAHAMAS ADDRESS P.O. Box AB 20737 Marsh Harbour Abaco, BahamasTel : 242-367-2091 242-367-2091 242-367-2091 242-367-2091 242-367-2091 / 367-3341367-3341 367-3341367-3341 367-3341 Fax : 242-367-2235 242-367-2235 242-367-2235 242-367-2235 242-367-2235 / 367-4885367-4885 367-4885367-4885 367-4885email: unitedabacoshippingco NEW U.S. DELIVERY NEW U.S. DELIVERY NEW U.S. DELIVERY NEW U.S. DELIVERY NEW U.S. DELIVERY & RECEIVING ADDRESS & RECEIVING ADDRESS & RECEIVING ADDRESS & RECEIVING ADDRESS & RECEIVING ADDRESS GULFSTREAM LINES / HEAVYLIFT SERVICES 801Avenue E Riviera Beach, Fla. 33404 Tel: 561-840-9393 561-840-9393 561-840-9393 561-840-9393 561-840-9393 Fax: 561-863-3451 561-863-3451 561-863-3451 561-863-3451 561-863-3451 Contact : Tina DiazTina Diaz Tina DiazTina Diaz Tina Diaz A Joint Venture of Marsh Harbour Shipping Co. & United Abaco Shipping Co.EXPEXP EXPEXP EXP ANDED SER ANDED SER ANDED SER ANDED SER ANDED SER VICEVICE VICEVICE VICENEW UNEW U NEW UNEW U NEW U .S..S. .S..S. .S. 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REMEMBERABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING ABACO SHIPPING


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 3Kerry Sullivan t 242.366.0163 h 242.366.0717 Jane Patterson t 242.366.0035 c 242.375.8117 Laurie Schreiner t. 242.367.5046 h. 242.366.3143 c: 242.359.6216 Stan Sawyer t 242.365.8198 c 242.577.0298BB BB B AHAMA PAHAMA P AHAMA PAHAMA P AHAMA P ALM SHORES ALM SHORES ALM SHORES ALM SHORES ALM SHORES SECTION THREE Block 14, Lot 20 $40,000. Contact Laurie Schreiner: 242.367.5046 TILLTILL TILLTILL TILL OO OO O O CAO CA O CAO CA O CA YY YY Y TILLOO BEACH SUBDIVISION #1836 Hillside interior lots with shared dock starting at $150,000. OCEANFRONT LOT #3120 Docking on the Sea of Abaco Spectacular Sunrise! 100x190. $248,000. Beachfront lot in protected cove with high elevation and community dock. $250,000 LL LL L UBBERS QUBBERS Q UBBERS QUBBERS Q UBBERS Q UU UU U ARAR ARAR AR TERSTERS TERSTERS TERS INTERIOR LOTS from $52,500. BEACHFRONT LOT #3357North end of Lubbers. 1 acre with spectacular sunsets. $299,000. UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA CTCT CTCT CT Lot 20 AOC #3164 Waterfront. $365,000. Contact Laurie Schreiner: 242.367.5046 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3760 HATCHET HOUSEBB BB BEA EA EA EA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT 2 bed 1 bath in historic Hope Town near the Hope Town Harbour Lodge. Great swimming $705, 242.366.0569 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2893 BORN AGAINSS SS SEAEA EAEA EA OFOF OFOF OF AA AA ABB BB B AA AA A COCO COCO CO in Lucayos, 2,076 sq. ft. excellent elevation, 3 bed 3 bath with apartment, shared dock. $1,175, 242.366.0163 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2989 ELBOW ROOM110 110 110 110 110 FTFT FTFT FT.. .. ONON ONON ON THETHE THETHE THE OCEANOCEAN OCEANOCEAN OCEAN, deeded dock slip in Marnies Landing, three master suites, swimming pool, absolutely turn key. $1,875, 242.366.0163 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2509 GAZEBO VILLASTT TT TWW WW W OO OO O H H H H HARBOURFR ARBOURFR ARBOURFR ARBOURFR ARBOURFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT VV VV VILLASILLAS ILLASILLAS ILLAS, each with 2 bed 2 bath, close to sandy beach, professionally decorated. $795,000. 242.366.0163 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2609 MAGNUSON HOUSeBB BB BEACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT 3 bed, 3 bath home with wrap-around deck offering great views of the oceans and privacy. $1,500, 242.366.0569 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3763 SHEREES WAYBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT E E E E ESTST STST ST AA AA A TETE TETE TE with 225 ft on white sand beach, close to White Sound public dock, 7 bed 7.5 bath. $3,900, 242.366.0163 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3824 PINK SANDSS SS SUPERBUPERB UPERBUPERB UPERB B B B B BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT L L L L LOO OO O TT TT T just south of Turtle Hill with excellent elevation in private resi dential area. Includes house plans. $1,100, 242.366.0163 CC CC CONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ININ ININ IN S S S S SECTIONECTION ECTIONECTION ECTION B, P B, P B, P B, P B, PAGEAGE AGEAGE AGE 3 3 3 3 304-01-07ELBELB ELBELB ELB OO OO O W CAW CA W CAW CA W CA YY YY Y l l l l l HOPE THOPE T HOPE THOPE T HOPE T OO OO O WNWN WNWN WN BIG POINT #2969 acre beachfront property with 90 ft. beach, 1 mile south of town. US$595,000. Contact Kerry Sullivan: 242.366.0163 NORTH END BEACHFRONT LOT #2279 120 ft. of pink sand. Build your dream home! $675,000. Contact Kerry Sullivan 242.366.0163 WHITE SOUND #2866 Oceanfront lot steps from the public dock and beach. Close to all amenities and 10 minutes from the village. $495,000. Contact Kerry Sullivan: 242.366.0163 BIG POINT LOT 19 #3574 $150,000. Contact Jane Patterson 242.366.0569 WHITE SOUND #3312 Two beachfront lots with 120 ft. on the ocean. Deeded dock access. $750,000. Contact Jane Patterson 242.366.0569 UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA CTCT CTCT CT WHITE SOUND #3450 Elevated 3.1 acres just South of Sea Spray. $1,600,000. Contact: Jane Patterson 242.366.0569 UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA UNDER CONTRA CT CT CT CT CT RUSSELL TRACT #3126 109 ft. on the Sea of Abaco $750,000. Contact: Jane Patterson 242.366.0569ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2813 BLUE HORIZONBB BB BEA EA EA EA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT on pink powder sand close to Hope Town village, 4 bed 2 bath, attached garage. $1,500, 242.366.0163 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3607 COZY CORNERWW WW WOODEDOODED OODEDOODED OODED R R R R RETREAETREA ETREAETREA ETREA TT TT T in Big Hill subdivision, 3 bed 2 bath with pool and A/C. Nicely landscaped. $695, 242.366.0569 NEW LISTING NEW PRICE ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3114 FALKSNESTCC CC COMMUNITY OMMUNITY OMMUNITY OMMUNITY OMMUNITY DOCKDOCK DOCKDOCK DOCK STEPSSTEPS STEPSSTEPS STEPS AA AA A WW WW W AA AA A YY YY Y, 2 bed 2 bath, tastefully furnished. Large lot with r oom for another house $690, 242.366.0569 PRICE REDUCED ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3125 SIROCCOOO OO OCEANFRCEANFR CEANFRCEANFR CEANFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT 4 bed, 3 bath home with central A/C, tile throughout and cypress tongue and groove. $1,500, 242.366.0569 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3674 ALWAYS SUNDAYWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT cozy 2 bed, 2 bath co ttage with private dock on the South end of Elbow Cay. Lush gardens. $2,300, 242.366.0569 BAHAMA PALM SHORES #2853 TRANQUIL BREEZESBB BB BEACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT 4 bed, 4 bath home on 1 acre+ with 100 feet of beach. Solid CBS construction. 15 KW generator. $995, 242.367.5046 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2649 SILVER PLUMECC CC CHARMINGHARMING HARMINGHARMING HARMING 2 bed, 2 bath home with cozy pine interior and tiled floor. Dock and beach access steps away. $795, 242.366.0569 NEW LISTING PRICE REDUCED UNDER CONTRACT MARSH HARBOUR #1306 REGATTAS OF ABACOUU UU UPSCPSC PSCPSC PSC ALEALE ALEALE ALE 1,150-sq. ft. 2 bed 2 bath beachfront apartment. Quality built interior, modern luxury amenities. For rent at $2,800 p/m. For rent at $2,800 p/m. For rent at $2,800 p/m. For rent at $2,800 p/m. For rent at $2,800 p/ 242.322.2305 FOR RENT ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2638 WINDOVERGG GG GORGEOUSORGEOUS ORGEOUSORGEOUS ORGEOUS S S S S SEA EA EA EA EA VV VV VIEWSIEWS IEWSIEWS IEWS with tranquil gardens, immaculately kept 3 bed, 2.5 bath home, close to beaches and dock. $975, 242.366.0569 NEW LISTING


Page 4 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 We appreciate your patronage.Don MacKay Blvd. Marsh Harbour Abaco Ph: 367-2170 Abaco Hardware Refrigerators Upright Freezers Chest Freezers Gas Stoves Electric Stoves Microwaves Airconditioners Washing Machines Clothes Dryers Dishwashers General Electric Appliances SALES, SERVICE & WARRANTYBy Julian Lockhart After 15 years of serving South Abaco as the representative for the Free National Movement, Robert Sweeting has stepped down as the Parliamentary representative. Once the elections are held on May 2nd he will no longer be representing his constituents in government. Mr. Sweeting won his first seat in 1992 when the FNM changed the face of the political landscape and was the representative for the Hope Town District. In 1997 the FNM combined Hope Town with South Abaco and for the last two terms he has been the Member of Parliament for South Abaco. Mr. Sweeting said, It was my intention to only run two terms and because of a circumstances at the last minute I was asked by my party to offer for a third term. So I decided at that point and made it known I wouldnt go more than a third term. I dont have any regrets because it gave me an opportunity to serve my constituents in government. When I became a member of Parliament, we won the government and we were able to accomplish a lot of things. I enjoyed the last term though it was a totally different ball game. I think I did well in opposition pointing out the flaws of this administration, he added. The first time Mr. Sweeting ran he was opposed by Mr. Gary Sawyer and the last two terms he was opposed by Mr. Edison Key. However, Mr. Key decided to run for the FNM this time after a disagreement with the leaders of the PLP. Mr. Sweeting said whoever wins the seat he feels they need to concentrate on the young people and especially sports so that there is more for the young people to do in Abaco. Mr. Sweeting does feel that he is leaving his constituents in great hands with Mr. Key and that everyone who voted for him should vote the same way again because they wont be disappointed with their representation. He said, There is no question about it that I am leaving the FNM party here in South Abaco in good hands. Of course, it is strange how politics go. The individual I beat the first time, Mr. Gary Sawyer, turns out to be the candidate that is running for the PLP, and between that I beat Edison Key twice. We are a world of change and sometimes in the Family Islands it is difficult for party politics. Edison knew some things under the present government he felt he couldnt support and switched parties, Mr. Sweeting added. Mr. Sweeting said he will take it easy for a bit to give his wife and family some quality time and play with his grandchil-MP Sweeting sums up his 15 years in the House CURRYS FOOD STORECustomer docking Homemade bread Complete line of groceries Frozen foods, fresh fruits & vegetables Block & crushed iceGreen Turtle Cay Ph. 242-365-4171 Fax 365-4072Located on the harbour front dren. Then he wants to continue to be involved with helping Abaco grow. When asked, a lot of Abaconians feel Mr. Sweeting has done a good job in his 15 years and South Abaco has improved under his direction. Mr. Sweeting said, If you are ready become a Member of Parliament to serve Robert Sweeting Please see Sweeting Page 29


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 5The FNM has a record of trust and a history of achievement Hubert Ingraham Is the Man for YouThe Rt. Hon. Hubert Alexander Ingraham, former Prime Minister and present Parliamentary Representative for North Abaco, Elected Leader of the Free National Movement on November 10, 2005The FNM has a record of trust and a history of achievementHubert Ingraham Is the Man for You Character above Reproach Committed, Dedicated and HardworkingHubert A. IngrahamRepresenting North Abaco since 1977


Page 6 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 As a result of the dissolution of Parliament, only the 148.055 persons who registered to vote up to April 3, will be eligible to cast their ballots on May 2. South Abaco had 2733 people register, up from the 2528 that registered in 2002. North Abaco had a total of 3467 registered, up from the 3386 that registered in 2002. Running in South Abaco will be Edison Key for the Free National Movement and Gary Sawyer for the Progressive Liberal Party. The North Abaco candidates will be Fritz Bootle for the PLP, incumbent Hubert Ingraham for the FNM and Cay Mills as the independent candidate. The Prime Minister noted that Bahamians live in one of the oldest democracies in the world and have been going to the polls to elect representatives to the House of Assembly for 276 years. He said Bahamians have always exercised their right to vote with voter turnout consistently being in the 90 plus per cent of registered voters. The Prime Minister said, We also live in one of the most vigorous democracies in the world. Bahamians cherish their hard won Election From Page 1 of the negative things. The police cannot do it all and can only do so much. I believe the police have to be provided with the necessary things to get their job done. I believe concerned citizens need to step forward and be our brothers keepers. We have to watch each other, and it needs to be an educational process and needs to start from the school, Parents need to take responsibility for the actions of their kids. A lot of kids are raised in a single family environment, mother having to work seven days a week and kids not given the family time they need. We have a break down in society. Church, concerned citizens, police it needs to be a joint effort to stamp out the crime. Abaco doesnt have as much crime as other places; but if we dont stop it now, it will get worse. Mr. Key Well, the crime situation if you look at Abaco, you have the Mud and the Pigeon Pea. You have hundreds of young men in most cases doing nothing. political rights and freedoms. Amongst these there is none more precious than the right of the Bahamian people to choose their own government in free, fair and democratic elections. This is an outstanding statistic by world standards, and one more reason why our little nation is the envy of so many other nations, large and small, all around the world, he added. Mr. Christie called on all parties and candidates to leave all the name-calling and nastiness out of the election campaign. He asked for all candidates to take the higher ground and be mature and civilized in their debates. He urged all political parties, including the governing PLP, and all candidates to conduct a campaign that is lively and spirited but at the same time peaceful and respectful of their differences. In accordance with the constitution, after the Prime Minister formally announced the dissolution of Parliament and the election date, Provost Marshall, Paul Farquharson, read from the steps of the House of Assembly the two proclamations on behalf of the Governor General. ViewsFrom Page 2The Haitian situation is a major concern of most of your constituents, What would you do to deal with the problems of the Mud and Pigeon Pea?Mr. Sawyer It is very unfortunate that consecutive governments have allowed these communities to be where they are today. I have to lay as much blame on us as citizens because we have not been proactive in working to rectify this situation. We go to meetings and talk about it, then we go away and that is the end of it. There are not only Haitians in there but also Bahamians who live in there. In a lot of cases it is circumstances and they have been in there for years. Cost of land keeps them there and they dont want to be there. The ones who are due their status as residents or citizens that will get done. I think the work permit holders should be made to provide adequate housing to those who are on work permits. Their living arrangements should be inspected before they get the work permits. I will work diligently with the government to ensure that land is made available so they can purchase land and move out of there. As that happens we have to bring a direct focus to that so it can be dealt with. As they move out, we have to demolish the houses and in three to four years the situation can be rectified. This will be on top of my list to bring to a solution so it wont be an issue anymore. Mr. Key The government needs to look seriously at relocation of the Mud and Pigeon Pea and providing land to put in a subdivision where eligible people can move to. There are hundreds of Bahamians who are living in there in deplorable conditions, and they need to be able to afford their own house. It has to be rectified soon or it will only get worse because people are multiplying. It is a serious matter and it has to be dealt with soon.Candidates comment on concerns of South Abaco voters Support the Cancer SocietyDonate Used Items to Be Sold in Their Thrift Shop Call 367-3744 for info


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 7 RHINO 660 USED DEMO $11,9002003 ELECTRIC2 SEATER $3,900 4 SEATER $4,800 NEW 6CF Was $4,395 Now $3,900 Used 9CF $4,0004Kw $1,500 $1,300 5Kw $1,800 $1,500 WAS NOW20Kw 123 $11,900 40Kw 250 $15,500 20Kw 80 $11,900 HRS PRICE 250HP 30 Pair $12,000 200HP Johnson Pair $1,800 250HP 30 10 hrs 4 Stroke YAMAHA $16,000 USEDABACO OUTBOARD ENGINESPHONE: (242) 367-2452 FAX : (242) 367-2354Store Hours: Mon Fri 8am 5pm eMail: yamahaabaco@hotmail.comCHINESE 100CC $1,200


Page 8 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Dave RalphLetters to the EditorThe Editor Says Will the landfill keep us cleaner?The AbaconianDavid & Kathleen Ralph Editors & Publishers P O Box AB 20551 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Photo credit: Tuppy Weatherford for parrot & lighthouse on page 1 Graphic Artist: Kelli-Ann Sands Reporters/Writers: Jennifer Hudson, Portia Jonsson, Mirella Santillo Contributors: Lee Pinder Phone 242-367-2677 FAX 242-367-3677 Email: Subscribe NOW Order form on Page 9Abacos most complete newspaper Inquire for advertising rates (U.S. address) 990 Old Dixie Hwy #14 Lake Park, FL 334037,500 copies Published twice monthly Free at over 100 Abaco locations from Grand Cay to Moores Is. Subscription rate $20.00 Abaco$25 other Bahamas (One Year) $45.00 USA$50 Canada airmail $95.00 UK, Europe & Caribbean surface Local input is ignoredTo the Editor For years local council boards on Abaco have complained about central government making decisions for development of local sites without any communication or dialogue at the local level. Recently this concern has come to the forefront again as a result of recent discoveries of Bahamian government waste disposal facilities being constructed locally without the knowledge of local boards, members of the public or even local departmental offices of relevant ministries. The waste disposal project from the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Health has instituted its programme without reference to local councils, local government agencies, non-governmental agencies or the public at large. The result has been the selection and construction, in progress, of two garbage transfer staging sites; one in Little Abaco two miles from the bridge and east of Cedar Harbour; the other on the road to Cherokee some three miles east of the highway to Sandy Point. Both sites have become controversial for very different reasons, but do share one common denominator, they are both sit atop very large fresh water lenses. The site in Little Abaco sits in a tract of virgin pine forest, unique in its geology, endemic flora and fauna, and geographical location; an area that by all accounts should be conserved. This same site is located approximately one mile from the ruins of the Black Point sisal plantation, a portion of its railway line, and the largest solution hole in Abaco, all subscribing to the fact that this area should be preserved. The site in the Cherokee area of mainland Abaco is located just over a mile to the west of a 200-acre well field designed to supply a present demand of up to three-quarters of a million gallons of fresh water daily. This same site borders on a free range small ruminant (goat) farm to the south and approximately 2000 aces of agricultural cooperative farmland to the west. In both cases the implications of aquifer contamination are serious. Both sites are questionable in their efficiency as temporary waste holding facilities because both Treasure Cay and Sandy Point waste collection vehicles will have to travel in excess of 30 miles to dispose of waste. While the Cherokee site is only eight miles from the central land fill (garbage dump), the Treasure Cay garbage will have to return over the same 30 mile stretch of highway on its journey to the central land fill four miles south of the Marsh Harbour airport. This simplified description of a portion of Abaco infrastructural development demonstrates failures in key areas of decision making and planning procedures within the framework of the Bahamian economic and physical landscape. Sadly, the majority of the Abaco public is unaware of this series of events, even as they unfold in front of them. Yet the potential threats to eco-tourism, to a healthy environment, to agricultural production, to historical artefacts, and to species loss and biodiversity are real and alarming. Unfortunately, the attitude of the Project Execution Unit (Environmental Health) towards the public at a recent town meeting in Marsh Harbour did nothing to soothe the individuals and their concerns over the impact of such a project. The attitude from the unit was somewhat arrogant and uncompromising in its decision to proceed regardless. The public is not attempting to stop the project; in fact, opinion is definitely supportive of the improvement of waste handling and disposal. The objection is to the way in which implementation occurred and the lack of knowledge by the decision makers of the local environment, its assets and the potential damage and harm as a result of the rapidity and lack of consultation with local wisdom. This whole scenario being presently played out before our eyes gives a definite insight into two important institutions of Bahamian civil society: central government (public service) and the heart of democracy (local councils). The Bahamian government and its attiPlease see Letters Page 9 All residents on Abaco are about to be served by a new and environmentallyfriendly trash and garbage collection system. Dates have not been given, but the landfill site is nearing completion. Residents, whether on the cays or on the mainland, will not see much different from the present collection system. Businesses in Central Abaco that take their own refuse to the dump will have to travel a farther five or six miles to the new location, then pay a tipping fee to tip or dump the load of trash. The fee is based on the weight of the refuse. Fee schedules have not been announced yet. Residential trash and garbage will be exempt from any fee if under 250 pounds. A drive-on scale is now being installed at the landfill site and obviously there will be one or more attendants to weigh vehicles in and out and collect the fee. Two transfer sites are being prepared to act as intermediate collection stations, one on the Cherokee road and one in Little Abaco near the bridge (causeway) connecting Little Abaco to Abaco. These two transfer sites are being protested although work seems to be going forward by the government contractor. It would appear that these transfer stations must also be staffed and have scales to determine the appropriate tipping fee. It is unclear how the fee is applied. Residential garbage is collected by contractors who are awarded annual contracts by local government for providing this service. It is not known if they must pay the tipping fee out of their contract. Perhaps they will be exempt from the tipping fee for the residential trash which government pays them to collect. Businesses are responsible for their own refuse disposal and will either pay the fee at the land fill or pay their trash contractor as a part of their monthly payment for the service. Any commercial refuse collection company would pay the fee as its trucks are emptied at the landfill site or the transfer stations. The cost for garbage collection is likely to increase but this is generally an acceptable cost for cleaner communities. The Central Abaco dump has been configured at the entrance so it can be locked on weekends. Persons cleaning their properties on weekends must wait until Monday to take their trash during normal business hours. However, people are now pitching their trash over the gate on weekends. How this will play out as the local dump is closed and the new land fill comes on-line eight to10 miles away remains to be seen. Since dumps rank slightly higher than septic tanks on conversation scales, a massive educational program by environmental health may convince everyone to observe these new hours to access the present dump or the new landfill. But we are afraid human nature will prevail, and our woods will become littered with garbage and other debris. Even when the dump was open on weekends, fresh trash could be found on our many side roads in the woods. Closing the dump on weekends will cause more garbage to be disposed of this way. Dumps serve a large and diverse community which does not operate within set business hours. Businesses have learned to open and close to accommodate the needs of their customers. A few government agencies have altered their hours to accommodate the needs of the community. Police, customs, immigration, clinics and ports of entry are some obvious ones. Dumps, like septic tanks, exist to serve a fundamental need of humanity by accepting our waste products. They both must function when called upon. The acceptance of trash at a dump can be mandated to specific hours and days. But human nature does not always follow the rules. The rules must be structured to accomplish the desired results without being too onerous, causing individuals to circumvent them. There is a ground swell of public opinion for a cleaner Abaco. We hope this new landfill and all it entails supports this move.Our growing responsibilitiesIn about three weeks on May 2 national elections will be held. In this short span we will be bombarded with projects starting and promises made from those wanting our vote. You can vote for a party or vote for an individual but in either case this is the one opportunity each of us has which directly impacts government for the next five years. Those who registered have an obligation to go to the polls and cast their vote. There is a lesser and neglected obligation to support and work with local government at the various levels. It has an important role to play in managing our communities. but it is not being utilized to its fullest capabilities. The rules and guidelines are vague. There is a lack of continuity as new persons are elected every three years. However, those communities which press their case and lobby for change within the local government system will eventually see the fruits of their efforts. Government understands that all facets of society in this diverse archipelagic nation cannot be governed or controlled from Nassau. While this fact is recognized, those in power are never-the-less reluctant to relinquish authority. As the needs of society get more complex, it becomes more difficult to govern from a distance. This devolution of authority will come with time. Just as we question and press our elected leaders at the national level for improvements, we should question and work at the local level to improve the system. Just as competent people are desired nationally, similar people should be considered to serve locally. Choices should be made on competence, not friendships. Abaco is not a distant backwater. It is growing and is vibrant. It needs good leaders. This is the entrance to the Central Abaco dump with a chain across and a sign reading that the dump is closed on Sunday. It is closed after normal business hours also. The garbage seen here is on the dump side of the chain. We feel that the persons responsible for it should thanked for not littering the road side. We cannot expect the public to go out of their way to dispose of their garbage.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 9Order The Abaconian Today Apr 2006Name Address Address City St. Postal code + Country E-mail (or Fax) (for renewal) 24 issues US$ or B$ Above subscription is a gift from: $45 USA via 3 rd Class $25 Bahamas via surface $20 to Abaco US$50 Canada via Airmail US$95 UK, Europe Surface Mail to: 990 Old Dixie Hwy, #14, Lake Park, FL 33403 or: P.O. Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas If you want to renew this gift next year, please give us your address below Why subscribeReceiving the Abaconian regularly will keep you informed on issues such as: Resort & hotel development Improvements to roads, airport, docks, schools, etc. Phone and electric company changes Fishing, boating & sporting activities Immigration, taxes or duty changes Changes to laws and regulations Community events New business ventures Changes in airline service Actions by local government tude to the Out Island communities is a present day reflection of a colonial rule where devolvement cannot occur because the jealous guarding of power by a central authority supercedes any notion of localised powers. The rule by decree has been gone for over 30 years, but its institution lives on regardless. We Bahamians seem to be under the impression that democracy and its responsibilities are limited to a general election once every five years or so. We are very proud of our extremely high voter turnout and our free and fair electoral process. However, we are not prepared to shoulder the responsibility of continuing supervision of our elected government. Rather, we have allowed this power to be eroded and eventually taken over by a public service who by its own naming should comprise our servants. The existence of local government allows the Bahamian public to regain that control over our public servants. If Bahamian democracy is to grow and flourish, we on the island communities must begin to support our local councils. If we dont, then central government will continue to dictate, without local dialogue, and our own voices will remain unheard. A people get the government they deserve. John HeddenTeacher dismissed unfairly?Dear Editor: Agape Christian School has been noted as a school with good academics and high standards. The teachers there are doing a wonderful job of educating children and instilling them with Christian morals and values that the world and even Bahamian society seem to be forgetting. I greatly appreciate the effort of so many of the fine teachers in the school that they are making to not only educate the kids in their classes, but to teach them right from wrong. Nothing I am about to say in this letter is to be reflected on them, as I have a great respect for what they do as individuals and are trying to accomplish in the lives of this current generation. That being said, there is a situation that it seems like everyone in the community is talking about that needs to be clarified. On March 9th the board met with and fired its first grade teacher solely on the basis that she was too strict and a few of her students and their parents were complaining. There was no discussion of her teaching methods or how she could perhaps change them to accommodate the school. She was even accused of not loving her students like she did at the beginning of her teaching career. Now anyone who knows her knows how preposterous that accusation is because she has always loved children and been involved in childrens ministries for at least 40 years. She is without a doubt one of, or perhaps the most, hardworking and dedicated teacher they had. Needless to say this has wounded her deeply as well as all of her family, myself included. It has shocked us to the core thinking that people who have known you all of their lives and whom you cared about and thought they did in return could do such a thing. The other confusing issue is that many of the parents of her present and past students and others are calling to say how much they appreciated her and what she has done over the years. So the only question we really have is why was she really fired? But sadly, it gets worse as the hurt does not end there. According to the Labour Department, she is not only entitled to the two weeks pay they already paid her, but also two weeks pay per year that she has taught at the school as well as be paid up until the end of the school term. The Labour Department has informed us that a board member has called and refused to pay her what she is owed, which has only added further insult to injury. Since I have family and friends teaching at and attending this school, I have absolutely no desire to cause any trouble for the school. As I mentioned, the curriculum they are using is providing children, our future leaders, with an excellent education. However, there are times when you must take a stand for what is right to give your own conscience peace of mind, if no one elses. I know that writing this letter will not ease the pain that has been inflicted, nor will it cause the money that is owed to her to be paid, but I feel that the community and the parents who send their children to this school have the right to be aware of this injustice, and maybe, just maybe, the Board of Agape Christian School and all those who instigated this hurtful situation will feel a little shame and remorse. A Concerned Family MemberWorking togetherDear Editor, We have been coming to Abaco for several years and finally purchased our dream Winter home in Bahama Palm Shores in early 2006. I was very pleased to see the content on the environment in the December 15, 2006, edition of The Abaconian But at the same time I was a bit dismayed to read Julian Lockharts coverage of a study revealing that 80 percent of Abacos coastal litter comes from local activities, not foreign boats or other sources as one might suspect. I guess its true that we often dont appreciate the things we have until it is too late. As a foreign second-home owner, I wouldnt dream of littering Abaco with even something so small as a tiny piece of paper or gum. I have a very deep respect for the people and beauty of Abaco and our collective responsibility to preserve it. Each time we walk the beach or roads, we make a point to pick up others trash on every trip. While it is difficult for one person to make a difference, life has shown us countless examples of what we can do when we come together for a common cause. It all adds up very quickly when people unite behind a common cause. I urge every citizen of and visitor to Abaco to model the way for others by doing their part to pick up and dispose of trash properly. If a few people in each neighborhood would model this behavior, Im sure the civic pride would quickly spread to maintain Abacos natural beauty. Thanks also for Vernique Russells Viewpoint ... We Need to Help Our Environment Please keep up these great reminders to all of us! Stories like that of Terrence McDonalds Christian behavior should be front page material across the globe. God bless and keep great stories like this coming. J W Bowers euchre@earthlink.netSuggestions for protecting our environmentDear Sir: The environment has been covered extensively in recent issues of the Abaconian by both citizens and residents, and it is with some reluctance that I as a visitor to Abaco add a few thoughts to this discussion. I cant take credit for the observations made below, as they have been stated elsewhere in both the public and academic press. Rarely have these findings been applied to island nations. One of the environmental problems confronting all communities, whether large or small, rich and not-so-rich, is that waste disposal represents a significant cost to the community. These costs may be direct or indirect. Let me give an example or two. The discarded beer, soda cans at the roadside and the old car in somebodys back yard or worse disposed of in the public domain, lowers the visual amenity of that environment. Direct costs are represented by the expenditures which the government incurs in the collection and disposal (recycling) of cans, bottles, plastic containers car wrecks, etc. Indirect costs are apparent in a number of ways. Besides the visual impact of garbage strewn along the roads, toxic garbage results in health hazards. In a country like the Bahamas with universal health care these expenditures are carried by every citizen. The disposal of plastics, bottles and the inappropriate emptying of holding tanks in coastal waters again results in visual impacts, potential health hazards and adversely affects fish and shellfish, which may be caught and consumed by citizens and visitors alike. So what is the solution to these problems? The ad hoc clean-up efforts initiated on Elbow Cay, and other cays are, of course, one way of addressing these problems. But it is fair to say that such initiatives do not really solve the problem. What needs to be done is a change in attitude among local and national decision-makers. In short, the costs described above should be included in the purchase price of the products we all buy. Society should recognize that the discarding of the plastic container, aluminum or steel can and paper product represents a cost to us all. Such costs may be referred to as a disposal charge to the buyer of the new car, soft drink, newspaper, etc. These charges (e.g. 5 cents for a soft drink container, $100 included in the cost of purchasing a new car) would provide an incentive to the owners to take the car to a wrecking yard, the can to a transfer station where the user would be reimbursed for all or a part of the deposit paid at the time of purchase. A portion of these transfer fees could pay for the cost of collecting and moving these used products to places where they can be recycled. If the purchaser decides to toss the can or bottle at the wayside, others might collect these items in expectation of being paid for their efforts. It seems obvious that a small number of goals would be reached by the introduction of such a program. Based on observations in Europe and elsewhere, the environment has become noticeably cleaner, in no small part because of the economic incentive in collecting and transporting these items to a recycling station. Of course, less carelessly discarded trash would also reduce any collective health hazards. These observations also relate to the reduced quality of the waters within the Marsh Harbour anchorage. The three or four marinas in Marsh Harbour, in addition to the boats anchored out, probably represent between 200 and 250 vessels of varying size, nearly all of which are now equipped with holding tanks containing human waste. It is my guess that a significant number of these vessels do not use the communitys only pump-out facility, not because they dont want to, but because they are not aware of the existence of the pump-out station. Also, it is not that easy to access because of shallow waters leading into the facility. Some vessels decide to move out of the harbour to dump the waste offshore, but a significant (yet unknown) number of vessels empty their holding tanks in the anchorage or within LettersFrom Page 8 Please see Letters Page 28 Dear Editor, With the support of the Friends of the Environment and the Ministry of Tourism and in recognition of April being the Environmental Awareness Month worldwide, we have decided to repeat the Marsh Harbour Shoreline Clean-up on April 14th. This year we are trying to have greater participation from the local community. This effort is spearheaded by several churches, civic organizations and the busi-Second Marsh Harbour shoreline clean-up is plannedness community. We plan to meet at the dinghy dock at the Union Jack Dock at 9 a.m. and divide into two groups. One will start in the western part by the Marsh Harbour port while the other will begin at the eastern end near the Outboard Shop. Assuming a reasonable turnout, we should be able to finish by noon or shortly thereafter. I look forward to seeing you all. Niels West More Letters to the Editor


Page 10 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Toys, Cosmetics, Housewares & more... Great new Furniture in stock... Order yours now!MORE SELECTIONS.... MORE SERVICES..... NEW SHIPMENT!Tel : 242-367-2667 By Julian Lockhart Disaster hit the Mud once again as fire blazed through the Haitian community destroying 14 homes in the early morning hours of March 21st. A fire started in one of the houses after a candle fell. Because of the heavy winds and lack of water in the vicinity, the fire spread quickly engulfing a number of homes before dying out because of the work of the Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire Department and the wind blowing the fire south into a wooded area. The fire started at 2 a.m. but the fire department was not notified promptly. The first fire truck arrived on scene at 2:30 a.m. driven by Marsh Harbour Fire Chief John Hall. Over 20 fire fighters joined Mr. Hall with some coming as far as Cherokee, Casuarina Point and Bahama Palm Shores as well as the airport fire truck with fireman Rockling Bootle. Bro. Bob Cornea from Casuarina said it is difficult fighting fires with the homes so close to each other, but he was happy with the response from all the guys down South. It proves that even though they are all separate departments, they are still willing to help each other. Mr. Hall said, I am happy with the response. We had 18 members from Marsh Harbour, five from Casuarina Point and the airport truck as well. We are not all at the station to respond in trucks, so the drivers we called first and they respond in trucks and the other volunteers responded straight to the scene. The problem was two-fold: heavy wind and lack of water. There are no hydrants in the area, so we had to keep shuttling water back and forth which was either at the Shell Station or the Anglican Hall. I had two lines out and I was on one and two other guys were on the other one. In this case we didnt have any hydrants and the water from the first truck was used up quickly, Mr. Hall added. Four trucks from the Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire Department serviced the fire, one from Casuarina Point and the airport fire truck. However, even with six trucks it was hard containing the fire because there were no fire hydrants in the area to hook up to and once they emptied their tanks the fireman had to leave to fill up at least a mile away. That coupled with how strongly the wind was blowing led to three homes being on fire when Mr. Hall arrived to about 14 burning to the ground by the time the fire was controlled. The fire department has been begging for more fire hydrants, especially close to the Mud and Pigeon Pea because of the number of fires there, but government has yet to have any additional hydrants put in. Some of the residents in the Mud felt the first truck on the scene driven by Mr. Hall did not have any water, but Mr. Hall said he definitely had water but with only 750 gallons it ran out in a few minutes. Mr. Hall said, We need fire hydrants all over the place. As I explained before there are only five on Don MacKay Boulevard, three in Murphy Town, one in Dundas Twon and there are none from the red light east. Central Pines has some. We requested some from Water Works before and we got a letter back stating they are not actually responsible for providing water for fire fighting capabilities. So that is something we need to look into. Insp. Miller is looking to get some in the areas where we have a lot of fires, but we will see how it goes, This is a scene of devastation after a 2 a.m. fire swept through a section of the Mud, a settlement of mostly immigrants. Almost 100 people were left homeless, losing all their belongings in the night-time fire. Fortunately, there were no injuries. he added. The one good thing about the night was that the volunteer fire fighters who went to the Mud were not attacked by any of the Haitian residents like they have been in the past. Mr. Hall said they have been working in the Mud and with continuous efforts the people who live there and the Pigeon Pea realize they are trying to help them and are doing their best. Mr. Hall said, We were happy there were no attacks and we normally dont have any problems in the Mud. On two occaRichs Boat RentalsAbacos Best Rental FleetAt the Head of the HarbourRental Rates March, April, May Daily3-dayWeekly 21 Boat$170$475$790 26 Boat$250$650$1200 Rental Rate June, July Daily3-dayWeekly 21 Boat$170$475$790 26 Boat$250$700$1300 Fishing & Snorkeling Gear Bait, Ice & GuidesCall 367-2742P.O. Box AB 20419, Marsh Harbour Volunteer Firemen Responded to Mud Fire Please see Fire Page 29


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 11 NIPPERSBEACH BAR & GRILLon Guana Cay Serving Lunch & DinnerPig Roast Every SundayImmigrant community suffers another devasting fireBy Mirella Santillo A fire in the Mud put close to 100 people out of their homes. Early on that morning of March 21st, a large crowd was gathered in the Mud around the smouldering remains of houses destroyed by a fire during the night. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the charred remnants of household items sinks, fridges, stoves, bits and pieces of burned furniture were scattered around the flattened area where the houses had been. People stood just watching the smoke, few of them talking, not too willingto give information on what happened. A resident commented that a candle had started the fire which then spread to the other close-by dwellings, (it had been very windy during the night). A man stated that a fire truck with very little water had come to fight the fire, but the fire extinguished itself, he said. (It was later found out that other fire trucks had been subsequently dispatched to the area.) None of the displaced people were around. It seemed that they had all left the settlement. PLP representative, Mr. Gary Sawyer, and Pastor Carlton Dorsette were already at the scene talking to residents. They were soon followed by ASP Wayne Miller accompanied by Dep. Comm. John Rolle, who was visiting Abaco from Nassau. The F NM representative, Mr. Edison Key, Radio Abaco, Red Cross officer Barbara Johnson and Social Services Salomie Gibson accompanied by other members of Social Services arrived shortly after as well as Pastor Meme. He invited the crowd in Creole to meet at Marsh Harbours Seventh Day Adventist Church that Pastor Rahming had offered as a meeting place so assessment of the disaster could be done, reassuring the people that the authorities were here to help, not to deport anyone. Mrs. Diane Turnquest and Mr. DeMario Barton, officers of the Red Cross in Nassau, who were teaching a seminar in Treasure Cay, cancelled that days session to be of assistance and were waiting at the Church. As the church slowly filled, Mrs. Memose Cornish, who is fluent in Creole, was asked to address the assembly. She told the victims to come forward and give information on which houses had burned and how many people resided there. With three other Creole-speaking people, Ms. Luzena Dumercy, Police Officer Nelson Botin and Social Services Serena Simms, they filled the reports, as a long line of claimants formed. Families with children, older people, all had lost everything they owned. An elderly woman who was by herself when the fire occurred said, Everything is gone, the house, everything. While the information was being gathered, Mr. Edison Key organized food and drinks to be delivered to the church and Mr. Silbert Mills agreed to make an appeal to the community on Radio Abaco, asking for clothing, bed linens, baby supplies and whatever people could donate. The Director of Immigration for Abaco, Mr. Spence Dorsett, and his assistant, Mr. Hutchinson, made an appearance at the church to offer their help with lost documents. The Administrators office was represented by Assistant Administrator, Mrs. Margaret Symonette. By late morning, it was assessed that 14 houses had been destroyed in the fire and 92 people were homeless. Food and drinks sent by Mr. Edison Key and Mr. Gary Sawyer and by some Marsh Harbours residents were delivered to the church where a distribution area had been set up. Mrs. Gibson later confirmed that temporary shelter had been arranged in Dundas Town, but no one came to take advantage of it, she said. However, people came for the food, blankets, sleeping bags and clothing that were distributed two days later. Mrs. Johnson said that a major distribution of goods took place late afternoon on Saturday as well at the Red Cross Office. She mentioned that someone is there Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. and donations can be brought in within these hours. According to Mrs. Johnson most people have relocated with friends and family in the Mud. Restaurant&BarOntheHopeTownWaterfront 242.366.0247orVHF16Specializing in Bahamian Foods Open Monday thru Saturday Breakfast 8:3010:00 a.m.Lunch &Dinner 11:00 a.m.9:00 p.m.Bar Open 8:30 a.m.tilHappy Hour 5:006:30 p.m. Music Wed. & Fri. 8:00 11:00 p.m. Jean Blanc, 42, with his wife, Eloinese Blanc, and two children, a boy, 8, and a girl, 7, is now without a home. He had this to say. I am disappointed and sad that I lost everything. I have to find a house now and I cant. I have my wife and children, and I have no where for us to live. I cant find a house. Everything is lost, everything. First truck come and make noise for nothing. Then the second one come but they dont help either. They put lil bit of water and house burn up. They bring some water but not enough to kill fire.


Page 12 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 family guardians calendar photo contest a celebration of nature14 winning entries will appear in Family Guardians 2008 calendar. Winning entries receive a gift certificate valued at $400 each. Entry deadline is May 31, 2007RULES1 Family Guardians Annual Calendar Photo Contest is open to all photographers. The title for the companys 2008 calendar will be A CELEBRATION OF NATURE. Photographs may be of any subject (animate or inanimate) or a scene which is a striking example of nature as f oundin The Bahama Islands. All photographs must be taken in The Bahamas. 2 DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS MAY 31, 2007. 3 All entries are to be delivered to Family Guardians Corporate Centre, Village and Eastern Road Roundabout, Nassau, between 9 :00am and 5:00pm weekdays only. Envelopes should be marked Calendar Contest. 4 All entries must be accompanied by an official entry form available at any Family Guardian office or when published in the newspapers. 5 Only colour images in horizontal format will be considered. Images must be provided as 35mm film or digital images on CD. 35mmfilm can be positive (slides) or colour negatives.Digital images must be of high quality (2700 x 2100 pixels or larger). Digital images showing any signsof photo manipulation, resolution enhancementor compr ession will be rejected. To ensure the best colour reproduction, digital images should be supplied in RAW, TIFF or high quality JPEG and in the original colour format the camera uses (LAB or RGB). All entries must be supplied with prints which will be used in the j udging process. (Note: prints submitted without 35mm slides or negatives or CDs will not be eligible). The photographers name and photo subject should bewritten on the reverse of the print. 6 Judging of entries will be based on beauty, interest, composition, colour, originality and quality of photograph. Preference wi ll be given to fauna photographed in its natural state, rather than in captivity. The photographs selected will appear in Family Guardians 2008 calendar. The decision of the judges will be final. 7 All entries are submitted at the owners risk. It is the companys intention to return all entries in their original condition. However, Family Guardian willassume no liability for any loss, damage or deterioration. 8A gift certificate valued at $400 will be presented for each of the photographs selected. More than one entry from a single photographer may be selected. Photographic credits will be given in the calendar. The number of entries per photographer is limited to a maximum of 5 photos. 9 The winning photographs, along with all publication and reproduction rights attached thereto, become the property of Family Gua rdian and the company reserves the right to use such in the future. 10 Employees of Family Guardian, its affiliated companies or family members are not eligible. 11 Previously published photos are not eligible. SALES OFFICES: NASSAU, FREEPORT, ABACO & ELEUTHERA CORPORATE CENTRE: EAST BAY STREET, NASSAU P.O. BOX SS 6232 2008 CALENDAR PHOTO CONTEST ENTRY FORMNAME .......................................................................................................................... TEL BUSINESS...............................................HOME..................................................... P.O. BOX ........................STREET ADDRESS................................................................. SIGNATURE.................................................................................................................. DATE.................................NUMBER OF PHOTOS ENTERED...................(maximum of 5)I agree that in the event that one or more of my entered photographs is selected as a winner in the 2008 Family Guardian Calendar Photo Contest it wll become the property of Family GuardianI nsurance Co. Ltd., and I assign to Family Guardian all rights pertaining to its use in any way whatsoever. I also confirm that the photos entered in this contest were taken in The Bahamas by the undersigned and have not been previously published.Return with photos to: Calendar Contest, Family Guardian Corporate Centre, Village & Eastern Road Roundabout, Nassau, Bahamas ENTRY DEADLINE: MAY 31, 2007 Photo by Tim Higgs Family Guardians 2007 Calendar Diamante Dental ClinicDr. J. Denise Archer D.D.S. Garnett Archer Mem. Blvd., Suite #6 P.O. Box AB 20579 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Website: (appointments can be made online) Tel: 242-367-4968 Fax: 242-367-3001 Emergency 242-554-8327 Email: Dr. Barry L. Russell April 27 of the Bahamas Orthodontic Center Orthodontics (Braces) Dr. Kendal Major April 18 Periodontics (gum disease) Implants Dr. J. Denise Archer Mondays Saturdays General Dentistry Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) available News of the CaysMan-O-WarSchool has new additionA large group gathered on March 24th for the dedication service and open house to view Mr. Eddies Room This resource room is an addition to the Man-O-War School that we have long dreamed about. It became a reality when a number of people expressed interest in wanting to do something to benefit Man-O-War in the memory of Mr. Eddie Albury. His son, Bill Albury of William Albury Construction, along with James and Ann Pleydell-Bouverie were the moving force behind this project. Many friends of Mr. Eddie and supporters of our school gave donations of funds or labour to see to the completion of this wonderful room. Mr. Eddie loved children so this is an appropriate way to remember him. He was a skilled carpenter who gave attention to the last detail. Some of those who remember him well encouraged the students to keep their work standards high in his memory. The room has many functions. This is now the meeting place for an after school Childrens Bible Meeting hosted by Edith and Sarah Ann Weathorford. A large walkin storage area keeps the school organized with shelves containing supplies for art projects, and there is a large area to teach classes. The science section contains supplies needed for experiments. There is now a location to teach subjects that may get a bit noisy like music and Spanish lessons. The room even includes a kitchen for cooking classes. This new teaching space is also a computer lab where six computers are hooked up to high speed internet where students can Google to find the answer to many of their Why is that? questions. The students favorite use of this room is movie night using the projector and the big screen. Students and teachers are grateful to all individuals and businesses who supported this project. The school is truly blessed.Body builder will be recognizedBody builder Arthur Elden of Man-OWar will be one of the Legendary Honourees at an Awards Banquet to be held in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Mr. Elden has been competing since 1960 when he came in third place in the Mr. Bahamas competition. Since Please see Cays Page 13 Mr. Eddies Room is a new addition to the Man-O-War Primary School. This all-purpose room contains the schools computer lab, kitchen, art supplies, science section, music and Spanish activities. It was dedicated in a ceremony on March 24.Students of the Small WorldStudents of the Small World Learning Center and Man-O-War All Age School entertained the community at New Life Bible Church on the evening of March 26th. Mrs. Deanna Stecker wrote and directed the Easter musical I Knew Jesus The evening was enjoyed by all who attended. Tears were shed during the moving songs. The community appreciates the hard work of the students to learn their dialogue and the words to the songs. Their performance was impressive. Mrs. Stecker has been practicing with the children since returning to school in January. Man-O-War appreciates the talent and enthusiasm she shares with the children and her patience in working with them.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 13 then he has consistently won awards in Nassau, Grand Bahama, the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canad and even in Spain. He has had numerous special awards over the years. Mr. Elden along with another body builder was the first to represent the Bahamas in an international competition, the first to represent the Bahamas in Caribbean competitions and the first Bahamian to be featured on the covers of U.S. muscle magazines.Hope TownJoyful noise concertBy Jennifer Hudson A concert entitled Joyful Noise was held on March 18 at the St. James Methodist Church at Hope Town and was the second major fund raiser within two weeks towards helping the young people of the church with funds towards their summer mission trip to Tennessee. People came out in full force for this delightful concert and the church was packed to capacity with several people even standing in the foyer throughout the entire concert. The evening consisted of a variety of music from hymns and spirituals to bluegrass and was the idea of Doug Berent, husband of one of the St. James Singers who decided that this would be a good way to benefit the young people. The Youth Praise Band featured three of the young people who will be going on the mission trip: Eric Albury on lead guitar, Eric Patterson on bass and Stephen Malone on drums. Bluegrass music was provided by two visitors Dane Johnson, whose family have been coming to Abaco for many years, and Brad Beachy, son of St James Church members Dr. Larry and Carol Beachy, who played guitar and banjo. The duo were joined by youth leader Ashley Yancey on guitar. Organ selections were played by Rosemary Jackson, a retired professional organist with the Church of Canada who now resides on Man-OWar Cay and who delighted the audience with selections from the Sound of Music and Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. A love offering was received and donations amounted to approximately $3,000 towards the youth mission trip.Youth auction in Hope TownBy Jennifer Hudson An auction with a difference was held at Capn Jacks in Hope Town on March 11. Instead of items to be auctioned, teenagers were auctioned. Although this may conjure up visions of former slave auctions at Vendue House in Nassau. Of course, it was nothing of the sort. Fourteen young people aged 12 to 16 years, members of the St. James Methodist Church Youth Group, were each offering themselves for four hours of work in order to raise funds for their youth mission trip to Tennessee this coming summer. Prospective bidders were given a sheet listing the name of each teenager with a description of what he or she is good at, whether it be babysitting, house work or other types of manual work. One young lady was even hired to organise a tea party for a threeor four-year-old girl. According to Youth Group leader and organiser of the auction, Ashley Yancey, Capn Jacks was packed for the occasion and auctioneer, Mr. Willie, almost lost his voice. The lowest bid of $70 came at the beginning of the evening before people really got into the swing of things but later everyone got into the mood and the highest bid was $230 resulting in a final total of $2,600. All of the young people who will be going on the mission trip participated in this event and assisted in the selling of food and grilling hotdogs and hamburgers. Altogether the grand total of $3,500 was raised towards the mission trip. According to Ms. Yancey, over half of the necessary funds have now been raised and a couple more major fund raisers have been scheduled for between now and June to raise the remainder of the money needed. Everyone had an all-round good time, stated Ms. Yancey, who was grateful to the owners of Capn Jacks for donating the use of the restaurant for the evening. They are both very active in the church and their son, who is a member of the youth group, will More News of the Cays Please see Cays Page 15 CaysFrom Page 12 Dane Johnson on the guitar and Brad Beachy on the banjo, both with a long association with Hope Town, played bluegrass music at a recent concert in Hope Town. The concert was one of the events that the youth of the community held to raise money for a summer mission trip this summer. Mrs. Rosemary Jackson was organist at the Joyful Noise Concert held in Hope Town on March 18. She is a resident of Man-O-War but willingly assisted with the fund-raising event


Page 14 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Offering the Islands Most Exclusive Listings One Purple Porpoise Place, Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas ph 242.366.0216 fax Chris Thompson, Broker Greg Roberts, Broker* Private Islands Investment Property Waterfront Homes and Land Acreage Project/Property Management ***** Exclusive Agents for Matt Lowes Cay ***** South End, Elbow Cay Oceanfront Lot 1/2+ acre, suitable for main and guest cottage, adjacent to private Dorros Cove community at south end of Elbow Cay, close to restaurant and marina $750,000 Exclusive Listings White Sound Hilltop lot adjacent to Aunt Pats Bay in White Sound. 1/3 acre with private dock slip and views of the Sea of Abaco and Atlantic $355,000 CONCH QUEST Ocean front villa, 2 bedroom, 1 bath with room to expand. Open deck overlooks excellent surfing location. Just steps from marina and restaurant, rental history available. $795,000 High Hopes, North End, Elbow Cay Oceanfront home 3 bed/3 bath, large deck overlooking the Atlantic, fully furnished and excellent rental history $1,450,000 OCEAN FRONT WHITE SOUND Lots #13 & #14 with dockage on White Sound Bay $495,000 each. DORROS COVE Lot #18 with dock slip and ocean views $362,000 and Lot #21 with dock slip and panaramic views $425,000 and Lot #43 with dock slip and ocean/sea view $365,00 LYNARD CAY 3 acres on Sea of Abaco, north of pond $730,000. 1 acre north of pond on Sea of Abaco $365,000 .TranquilityLittle Orchard, Marsh Harbour 2 bedroom/2 bath house, perfect family home or excellent rental potential. Located close to restaurants, marina and beach $236,000Chris Thompson Real EstateFAR NIENTE,North End, Elbow Cay 4 bed / 4 bath on the Sea of Abaco North End, Elbow Cay. Large open oor plan, fully furnished, beautiful beach $3,900,000 BLEST NEST,North End, Elbow Cay High on ocean dune at North End. 3 bed / 3 bath (detached guest cottage) panoramic views, excellent rental history $1,425,000MAY HOUSE,North End, Elbow Cay Ocean front North End Elbow Cay large 1.5 acre property, 2 bed / 2bath villa, generator room, can be subdivided. Reduced price $2,900,000 TOWN BREAK,Hope Town 5 bed / 4 bath oceanfront turn key home on beautiful sandy beach, located at the north of historic Hope Town settlement. Open decking, beautiful decor and exellent rental history. $2,300,000 KIWI HOUSE,White Sound, Elbow CayNewly custom built Bahamian style home, 2-story, 3 bed, 2.5 bath. Expansive decking Pool, central AC, generator. Spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean $897,000SUMBLIME, Hope Town Settlement Historic Hope Town house with dockage. Main house 4 bed 2.5 bath with detached dock house. Rental history available. $1,600,000 MARNIES LANDING Private waterfront marina community of 1/2 acre lots. Lot #2B reduced to $399,000 Lot #2 Oceanfront $895,000. SOLDSerenity, White Sound, Elbow Cay private paradise peninsular home, 667ft. of waterfront. 4 bed/2 bath, detached gazebos, pool, bbq, outdoor showers, generator, watermaker and private dock. Shown by appointment $4,600,000 SOLDph 242.366.0216 fax 242.366.022315th December 2006 UNDER CONTRACT $675,000REDUCED


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 15 White Sound, Elbow CayFULL SERVICE MARINA 60 Deepwater Slips Fuel/Oil/Bait/Ice Fresh Water Garbonzo Reef Bar WATERFRONT VILLAS One, two & three bedroom units On the ocean & harbour Full kitchen/air cond/sat TVFor local transporation to Sea Spray call VHF 16 or 366-0065email : www.seasprayresort.comBoat House Boat House Boat House Boat House Boat House RR RR R eses eses es tt tt t auraur auraur aur antant antant antBahamian Breakfast Sat. & Sun. Enjoy a delicious dinner with usSea Spray will pick up from Hope Town Live Music by the Hope Town IslandersEvery Saturday Night 7 pm untilExtended Happy Hour on Band Nights 5 pm to 7 pm Boats equipped with:VHF Bimini Top Cooler Anchor & Lines Compass Dive Ladder Life Jackets Paddle Flares Flashlight Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit30 Boats to Choose From All Meticulously MaintainedOur Customers Get Extra Attention W eekly Rates: 26 Paramount$1295 23 Albury Bros$1015 22 Boston Whaler$ 945 20 Albury/Hydra$ 910 18 Privateer$ 665 Rates do not include gas Open 7 days 8am 5pmLocated in Hope Town & Marsh Harbour Call (242) 367-2513 Fax (242) 367-2516 More News of the Caysbe a member of the mission group to Tennessee where the young people will assist in the construction of houses for the needy.Museum was given a diaramaBy Stephanie Downs While Colin and Helen Ray were cruising in The Bahamas on their M/V Cohessence they chanced to stop at the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum in the little settlement of Hope Town. There, they discovered a treasure trove of exhibits reflecting the history of not just Abaco but the whole Bahamas. Colin was so impressed and inspired that he began formulating in his mind a miniaCaysFrom Page 13 Colin and Helen Ray, cruising visitors to Abaco, contributed a detailed diorama of a sponging scene to the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum in Hope Town. The attention to fine detail is particularly apparent in the model of a typical Bahamian fishing boat ture scene in wood of early island activity. Considering sponge fishing to have been a major means of income at one time, he set to creating a diorama which, as the name suggests, portrayed a moment frozen in time of this important industry. With the help of Mr. Emerson Albury of Man-O-War Cay, who lent him a model of an early schooner, he set about copying it with remarkable exactitude. At the annual flea market on the same island he found photos depicting the era. Along with these, he added material gleaned from his birthplace, Bermuda. When the diorama was completed, he donated it in timely fashion to the Wyannie Museum. It was timely because Heritage Day, March 2-3, was fast approaching and the museums curator, Mr. Tony Bennett, was welcoming anything which portrayed not only the rich history of Abaco but the Bahamas in general. When Colin and Helen offered the diorama depicting sponge fishing in The Bahamas circa 1850, Tony and the Hope Town community were delighted. It was no mean feat for the Rays to get the diorama to Abaco from Canada. Close to Heritage Day the couple set off from Canada in a truck with three huge boxes with all the pieces of the diorama entitled Daybreak on the Mudd. They drove to West Palm Beach and then with the kind assistance of local air charter Capt. Faron Sawyer and Bahamas Immigration services, they eventually brought everything safely to Hope Town. Just a few weeks before Heritage Days they carefully unpacked the boxes and set up the scene of early island activity, of something which had been a major source of income in the nineteenth century. I considered that the children of these islands should have some idea of the nature of that enterprise. said Colin, who carved the sponging schooner out of pine-laminated layers, each three-eighths-inch thick. The vessel to scale would have been 60 feet in length. Crewmen, conch shells, starfish and other small items which made up the accurately reenacted scene were all made in special modeling clay. They were then painted in an acrylic medium. As the caption denotes, the action takes place in the shallow waters known as The Mud, areas located west of Andros Island on the Great Bahama Bank and west of Abaco on the Little Bahama Bank. Time of day is as Colin says, just after the sun has cleared the horizon when there is a promise of another beautiful day. The men have worked before sunrise and some are shown returning to the mother ship with their first load of sponges. Everything is depicted in great detail with a water jug and calabash for bailing shown in each dinghy. As the men hunt for sponges, some of which are shown drying on board the schooner, they have hauled on board the odd conch and lobster. It is apparent that the schooner has been anchored for a few days in the same location as there are discarded conch shells shown strewn on a sandy beach beneath the model of the schooner. This he has enclosed within a glass case with real Abaco sand. A school of grey snapper has gathered in the cool shade of the starboard quarters as three striped mutton snappers graze near the set anchor. The scene is realistically created with such detail. To add to the realism Please see Cays Page 29


Page 16 The Abaconian April 1, 2007The FNM Is Better for You! The Choice Is ClearElect Edison Key Elect Edison KeyThe FNM Is Better for You! The Choice Is Clear 7 reasons why the voters of the South Abaco constituency should vote for Edison Key and the Free National Movement1. Edison Key has, for over 30 years, demonstrated to the people of Abaco that he is a proven leader committed to the upliftment and betterment of all Abaconians. 2. Edison Key has proven that he is principled and trustworthy a man you can trust! 3. Edison Key has always and will continue to place personal integrity and honesty above selfish ambition. 4. Edison Key is a visionary who has been one of the early pioneers in the development of the modern day Abaco a seasoned and experienced man! 5. Edison Key and the FNM are patently aware that South Abaco has been shamefully neglected by the PLP government during the past five years. 6. Edison Key and the FNM are committed to the continued orderly development and future economic growth and expansion of South Abaco and its environment. 7. Edison Key and the Free National Movement pledge that when the FNM is once again returned to office together, they will work tirelessly to ensure that all Abaconians expect and receive honest and decent governance, and that your concerns are met with dignity and respect. VOTEFNMEdison Key and the FNM a matter of trust!The FNM Is the Party of Honesty and Integrity, Vision and Commitment, Fairness and InclusionEdison Key and the FNM a matter of trust! Mr. Edison KeyEdison Key and the FNM united and ignited! Edison Key and the FNM a matter of trust!


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 17


Page 18 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Art Workshop Produces a MuralBy Mirella Santillo The Abaco Art Guild was created two years ago by local artists not only to bring artists together but to promote art awareness among the students. Recently the group invited a well known Bahamian artist from Nassau, Mr. Antonius Roberts, to supervise an art workshop in Marsh Harbour. The first Abaco Art Guilds workshop was for students over 13, their teachers and members of the Art Guild to collectively paint a series of panels. The mural will be mounted on the wall of a local business; Standard Hardware offered to display the art work. A garden corner was the perfect location, offering the right setting and visibility for the mural. The workshop was set for the last weekend in March. Twelve panels of primed masonite, pots of paint in every possible colors and an array of paint brushes awaited the artists. As students of St. Francis de Sales, Long Bay School, Wesley College, Every Child Counts, Agape Christian School and Forest Heights Academy, some accompanied by Central Abaco News Please see Central Page 19 their teachers, and local artists gathered in the hall of New Vision Church that afternoon of March 30th, Mr. Roberts immediately took charge, communicating his idea of what the mural should look like: a colorful Abaconian landscape. He assigned a crew to sketch the design explaining that each panel would be a flowing continuation of the previous one. A few samples of birds, flowers and trees were suggested, but he invited them to use their imagination. By the end of the first session an amazing scene of palm trees, bougainvilleas, mangroves, flowers, birds, lizards with a background of the sea had emerged. Even a man dozing in his hammock entered the landscape! The second day was dedicated to painting. As early as 8 a.m. a crew was already painting the skies. As students arrived, the skies were completed, a sea crew started spreading turquoise. As the background took shape, Mr. Antonius Roberts appointed people to paint leaves, flowers, butterflies, birds, rocks and critters. Each group became responsible for painting a specific part of the mural. Adults and children became entirely absorbed in the creative process, hardly speaking, enjoying the experience, barely stopping for lunch. When work stopped, a fantastic scene was revealed, the collective efforts of people from different age groups, different ethnic and professional background, but all dedicated to the same goal: the creation of a work of art. As the workshop ended, Mr. Roberts stated how impressed he was by the amount of work that had been achieved in less than two days and by the talent of some of the local students. He is looking forward to returning to Abaco for more workshops. The unveiling of the mural decorating the exterior wall of Standard Hardware will take place later in April.Crossing Beach is being restoredBy Julian Lockhart Crossing Beach is the only public beach in Marsh Harbour and is the gateway for most visitors and Bahamians who travel to and from Marsh Harbour and the cays via a Ferry. This is why, under the direction of local government, Friends of the Environment has begun restoring Crossing Beach to be a native beach by eradicating the casuarinas on site, reshaping the beach, replanting native plants and placing picnic tables on the beach. The project is well underway and Friends is hoping that the entire project is finished by May. But they are having set backs with the use of equipment and they are having to share a lot of peoples time with all of the development going on in Abaco right now. Friends program co-ordinator Olivia Patterson said, When you look at Crossing Beach in the past there were just casuarinas and that was it. But when you look at a native beach there is a lot of diversity with different plants, so we wanted to return Crossing Beach to its natural diversity. We realize that it is an important area and a lot of people use it. We want it to remain nice so the first part of the project is to take out the casuarinas. The second part is to reArtists of all ages worked on a mural that will be displayed at Standard Hardware. They worked under the direction of Mr. Antonius Roberts from Nassau. The two-day workshop showed that the area has many talented people.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 19 2,3,4&5Bedroom BeachfrontRentalsTreasure Cay, Abaco, BahamasPhone: 242-365-8500 Fax: 242-365-8501www.BahamaBeachClub.comTollFreeReservations:800-563-0014 18HoleGolf Course,Tennis,BoatRentals, Scuba,IslandTours,Shopping&More!Best Beach in the CaribbeanCaribbean Travel &Life Magazine LUXURYCONDOMINIUMS B & V Plaza Don MacKay Blvd Tel: 367.2798Fax: 367.5098 More Central Abaco News CentralFrom Page 18 Please see Central Page 20 shape the beach, give it a little bit more sand so we can put plants in. Plants like sea grape, buttonwood, sea oats which will all help hold the sand and will trap more sand when the wind blows through the area. The native plants will also bring native birds and attract butterflies to the fruit of those plants. Once the planting stage is done we will put in picnic tables, Ms. Patterson added. The top of the list for Friends is the eradication of the casuarinas, that are an evasive species and that destroy native vegetation around them. However, when the project is finished and the trees that are being planted mature, they will provide shade. Friends is appealing for groups and businesses in the community to donate picnic tables for Crossing Beach so Abaconians can continue to take full advantage of the area by having lunch there or using the beach for events. With the casuarina trees being removed and the time it will take for the new trees to mature, the need for a pavilion or other manmade structures will be needed on the beach. Ms. Patterson said, We have been doing this with local government because local government members really want to beautify the area. They recognize it is a gateway to and from the cays and a lot of people go through there and see it. It is the only public beach in Marsh Harbour. It is pretty important to remove the casuarinas because they do not do the job that native plants do for the beach. They dont hold sand very well with a shallow root system so they can be torn up with the right conditions. They are also not good for the environment. They change the soil because their leaves are acidic and they dont provide food for any of our native animals. So they are not doing a service at all, she concluded.Red Cross offers first aid trainingBy Mirella Santillo Eighty-seven people attended the First Aid Certification training that took place on March 10th at Abaco Central High School. Red Cross training officers, Mr. Demario Barton and Mrs. Diane Turnquest, came from Nassau to teach the all-day seminar which involved the demonstration and practicing of the most important first aids technique. Red Cross members who were already certified but needed a refresher course assisted the teachers with some of the techniques and demonstrations. A manual and first aids kits were distributed to everyone and the participants were taught that the first rule is to remain safe themselves before they do anything else. The first thing to do is to check the scene of an accident, the second is to call for trained emergency medical personnel and last to care the victims, making them comfortable until the emergency services The casuarina trees at Crossing Beach in Marsh Harbour have been removed and will be replaced with native trees and sea oats. Friends of the Environment has added sand and will be making the area conducive for beach goers with structures to provide shade and picnic tables. First aid training by the Red Cross was a practical course with an emphasis on personal hygiene.


Page 20 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 More Central Abaco Newsarrive. However, in certain instances a certified first aid person can get involved such as in the case of a person choking, when a victim is not breathing or does not have a pulse. In these cases, administering the Heimlich maneuver, rescue breathing or CPR until trained medical help arrives could save a persons life. Personal hygiene was stressed. The use of gloves before handling anyone is a must and participants practiced how to remove the gloves without touching the soiled part until they could do it perfectly. They were taught how to make a temporary sling or splint and stop bleeding. Participants completed a written examination before leaving. They will subsequently receive a First Aid Certification or a Certificate of Attendance depending on whether they passed the exam or not. Ms. Barbara Johnson with the Red Cross and Mrs. Elaine Martinborough with Urban Renewal were the coordinators for the program.The Wm. H. building officially opensBy Jennifer Hudson The imposing yellow and white Wm.H. Building located next door to Sapodillys in Marsh Harbour was officially opened on March 22. A large group gathered to celebrate the occasion, enjoy refreshments and a variety of fine wines supplied by Tupps and enjoy the music of the James Niels Band. Guests also took the opportunity to visit the new offices of HG Christie and browse Monkeys Uncle, Tupps and Bahamas Outfitters boutiques located in the building. This particular date was chosen for the opening by owners Brenda Mitchell and Robert Claridge as it was the birthday of their late father after whom the building is named. Mrs. Betty Claridge, wife of the late William Claridge stated, It is very fitting for people to come together and have a good time on this occasion as Bill loved the good life. Mrs. Claridge cut the ribbon to officially declare the building open, assisted by granddaughters Cecily and Robyn.Dinner and a MovieBy Jennifer Hudson Dinner and a movie makes a pleasant evening out and can now be enjoyed in The Wm. H. building officially opened on March 22 with a reception. Mrs. Betty Claridge, mother of the brother and sister owners, cut the ribbon. The building houses several retail shops and a real estate office. Please see Central Page 21 CentralFrom Page 19 Marsh Harbour twice a month. The event is held at Snappas every other Monday evening with dinner beginning at 7 p.m. followed by a movie at 8 oclock. The cost of both dinner and a movie will be from $20 up according to the menu selection. If a person would just like to go to enjoy the movie, the cost will be $10. The first movie shown on March 12 was Lilies of the Field starring Academy awardwinning actor and native Bahamian, Sir Sidney Poitier attended by a small group of people who enjoyed their evening. A variety of both new and old movies will be shown and the next movie scheduled was Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie which was shot in Nassau. The Abaco Ferry company has begun operating a ferry between Marsh Harbour and Hope Town and White Sound. Its 42-foot boat, the Wahoo, is completely enclosed and is air conditioned. The ferry has an innovative bow access system for loading and off loading.The captain has a pilot house on the bow also. The ferry uses the government dock at Crossing Beach and the upper dock in Hope Town.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 21 THE OUTBOARD SHOPMarsh Harbour, Abaco Tel 242.367.2703 Fax 242.367.3709 E-mail: THE OUTBOARD SHOPMarsh Harbour, Abaco Tel 242.367.2703 Fax 242.367.3709 E-mail: theoutboardshop@abacoinet.comAuthorized Distributor Now In Stock Available Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Associated Dealers Throughout The Bahamas Dolphin MarineGreen Turtle Cay242.365.4262 Island MarineParrot Cay242.366.0282 Roberts MarineGreen Turtle Cay242.365.4249 Sea Horse MarineHope Town242.365.0023 Fishermans MarineLong Island242.337.6226 Minns WatersportsExuma242.336.2604 O.B.S. MarineFreeport242.352.9246 Up to three year warranty Extensive parts inventory Factory trained mechanics MY HOMEmy investment is protectedNassau Collins Ave 242 322 2341 Thompson Blvd 242 325 8776 Mall at Marathon 242 393 6286 Family Islands Freeport 242 352 7119 Abaco 242 367 2688 Exuma 242 336 STRUCTURECONTENTSFIRETHEFT its all about More Central Abaco NewsHopefully, this will catch on and become a popular biweekly event. Two American visitors stated as they left ,We love attending outdoor movies back home and we wish that there was more entertainment like this in Abaco. Marsh Harbour resident, Glenda Knowles was another who enjoyed her evening out and remarked that, I wish there was more like that for people to do on Abaco.Murphy Town Park gets a faceliftBy Samantha V. Evans If you drive past the Murphy Town Park, you will be surprised to see the actual field less all of the debris and overgrown grass that once made it an eyesore. Thanks to Mr. Kendris Hield, Principal of Abaco Central High School, the park has received a face lift. Mr. Hield stated that the park was in bad shape; and since his students use the field for physical education, he took the project on. He stated that with the help of some members of his maintenance and physical education staff, they rebuilt the shotput station. There is now a javelin station. They filled the long jump pit, cleaned up the field by removing debris, painted bleachers and are building others for the track; renovated and painted the bathrooms, replacing necessary fixtures and painting signs on each door. Mr. Heild is pleased to report that they painted and re-lined the track for races. Even though there is still some work to be done, he is pleased with what they have accomplished so far. Presently, they are working on the basketball court. To date they have repainted the court and are looking to replace the rims shortly. The Murphy Town Park looks cleaner and more attractive. More persons now use the track and field and can be seen placing garbage in the bins. The park is a safe place for young people and for families because the high bush has been cut down. People are there until late into the night and more persons are now using the park to exercise. Mr. Hield sees Abaco Central High School as a community-minded school so he saw this as a way to give the young people posiCentralFrom Page 20 tive, fun activities to take part in and in a safe place where they can hang out even into the night. The fact that the park is now useable helps to keep the youth out of mischief. More sports and leisure groups use the park for soccer and fairs. Mr. Hield plans to renovate the stage so that concerts can be staged there as well. He hopes that this effort will bring the communities together. He would like to see the residents take more pride in the park and have family activities and gatherings there. He has not received any assistance from Local Government or the town at this time but used the school budget to make the Murphy Town Park a place that residents can feel safe to visit and spend time with their loved ones.First Caribbean Bank has new managerBy Jennifer Hudson Ms. Iris Henchell took over as Manager of the First Caribbean Bank on February 19 following the posting of previous manager, Mr. Paul Bartlett, to Nassau. I am excited and looking forward to the challenge, stated Ms. Henchell. This is the first time a manager has been Ms. Iris Henchell appointed who has come up entirely through the ranks of the bank. In 1979 Ms. Henchell joined as a teller and worked her way up to the position of Customer Service Manager which she held for six years prior to becoming Branch Manager. Though born in Grand Bahama, Ms. Henchell was brought to Abaco as a baby and this has been her home ever since. She spent a short time in the Turks and Caicos Islands doing relief work for the bank. Although she will be permanently based in Marsh Harbour, she will be visiting the subagencies in Green Turtle Cay, Hope Town and Man-OWar Cay. I am very customer focused, states Ms. Henchell, and have now moved my office in order to be more easily accessible to serve my customers.


Page 22 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Check out our large selection of fine wines & spirits in downtown Marsh Harbour... conveniently close to the water front. Check out our large selection of fine wines & spirits in downtown Marsh Harbour ... conveniently close to the water front .Queen Elizabeth Dr. Marsh Harbour & Treasure Cay Shopping Centre, Treasure CayOPEN MONDAY SATURDAY : 9AM 6PM Ph : (242) 367-2180 / Fax : (242) 367-5241 By Jennifer Hudson On March 14 listeners to the morning Radio Abaco news broadcast heard Mr. Silbert Mills announce that the radio station was celebrating its 10th anniversary. Following the news broadcast listeners were given the opportunity to call in their good wishes to Mr. Mills and to say what the station has meant to them in a few brief words during its ten years of broadcasting. Among the callers were Mr. Augustine Williams, Chairman of the Dundas Town Council, and Mrs. Ester Bethel, who thanked Mr. Mills for the opportunity he has given her over the years to share her musical singing ministry with the people of Abaco. When Mr. Mills first came up with the idea of introducing a radio station to Abaco, he was scrutinized very carefully by government. Because only one license was being considered for Abaco and since Mr. Mills had no prior experience in any area of broadcasting, government wanted to make sure that it had someone who would be both competent and fair. It was two years before they approved his 14-page proposal. As soon as he received notification that his application had been approved on December 24, 1996, he immediately began construction. By January 1st. the broadcasting tower had been erected. A previously used tower was purchased from Y100 in Fort Lauderdale plus a brand-new Italian 1,000 watt transmitter. On March 14, election night, the radio station was turned on at 8 p.m. and testing calls were made to Coopers Town, Treasure Cay and Cherokee. We were calling all around asking Can you hear us? and discovered that we were being heard as far as Treasure Cay, stated Mr. Mills. Broadcasting that first night was cut short by severe thunder and lightning which caused the station to shut down but it was full steam ahead next day. People tuned in and we very quickly established a news presence. Richard Fawkes was the first news anchor but his stay was very short. From then Silbert Mills himself took over all the news and continued with the weather which he had done from the opening of the station. Mr. Mills said that he was very much indebted to the late Cay Gottlieb who greatly assisted him in setting up the station. On May 3, 2002, once again a day after the election, Radio Abaco moved into a modern 1300-squarefoot building which includes an office, production room and isolated studio but the original 360 square foot building still stands, kept ready on standby for an emergency. Everything necessary for broadcasting is there and can be turned on at a moments notice. Radio Abaco has had its share of problems but through adversity came opportunity, reminisced Mr. Mills. Although all the equipment and tower were destroyed in Hurricane Floyd, it gave the opportunity for an upgrade of the equipment. The brand new tower was reinforced by guy anchors and greater transmission power was purchased. It has also suffered a couple of direct hits by lightning which burned up studio equipment and transmitter but once again the station bounced back better and stronger. Mr. Mills praised Mr. Norwel Gordon for all the help he has given the station, often until late into the night, sorting out its technical problems. A modern day McGuiver, is how Mr. Mills gratefully describes him. Marine ElectronicsCapt. Pat and Ann McFadenFactory authorized Sales, Service and Repair of: Web: E-mail: VHF CH 16 Tues Fri 8-5 F.C.C. Licensed, Factory Trained Technician At the Jib Room. Marsh Harbour Marina Tel: 242-367-2163Fax 242-367-3388 SIMRAD Radio Abaco Celebrates 10 yearsIn addition to presenting news and weather, informative talk shows and call-in programmes in which the community has a voice, Radio Abaco maintains a strong Christian presence with a gospel hour every day, a full day of gospel on Sundays and a Christian Council Forum. Mr. Mills is excited about several new avenues Radio Abaco has recently developed. It is now into video production of news for television as part of its overall vision and is able to report to the nation on stories of interest from Abaco. It is now on live Internet at www.radioabaco Mr. Mills hopes soon to have the morning news and weather on the Internet for several hours each day and he is seeking to provide Cable 12 with weather service daily. He has made application for a local television station on Abaco that will open up additional opportunities for young Abaconians. Silbert Mills is the voice of Abaco that everyone is familiar with on Radio Abaco. He began broadcasting on March 14, 1997, just in time to announce the results of the national election held that day.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 23 Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Beautify Your Home & Garden With... Beautify Your Home & Garden With... Beautify Your Home & Garden With... Beautify Your Home & Garden With... Beautify Your Home & Garden With..... .. LOCALLY GROWN SOD Annuals Orchids Bromeliads Flowering Shrubs Silk Flowers Baskets Beautiful Gift Items Pets & Garden Supplies MondayFriday : 9-5 Saturday: 9-3 Ph (242) 367-2674 Fax (242) 367-4755Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Don MacKay Blvd. ~ near Marsh Harbour Airport Light Impressions Tile OutletNew Arrivals in Stock NOW!Keep Your House Clean, Cool & Comfortably Stylish With Todays CeramicsSouth America Mexico South America Mexico South America Mexico South America Mexico South America Mexico Spanish Italian. Spanish Italian. Spanish Italian. Spanish Italian. Spanish Italian. .We stock: Spacers Caps Trims and Accessories Thin-set Mastic Grouts Saws & Blades Free estimates Free delivery for larger orders Special pricing for builders and contractors Installation also optionalAbaco Shopping Centre Tel: 367-3242 Fax: 367-3474 Visit us and see over 200 samples on display Ceramic Granite Stone Procelain Vinyl Wood Originals byLou Lihou Anne Ray Malcolm Rae William Johnson Shula Raney Fritz Keck Kim Rody Photography by TuppyLocal ArtistsBeth Sweeting Zandrick Jones Lori Thompson Dion Lewis Colyn ReesLocated Queen Elizabeth Drive, Marsh HarbourTel: 367.0579GALLERYOriginal Art lPrints lFramingBlue Sky After the recent fire in the Mud that left many families displaced, the teachers, staff and students of Central Abaco Primary School were asked to bring in items of clothing, food and other miscellaneous items to donate to the Central Abaco Red Cross Society to bring some relief to these families. Principal Eunice Mills said that she is happy for those parents who responded so favorably to the schools request and to those staff members who also contributed. On April 2nd six students along with the senior mistress Ms. Patricia Campbell and the school counselor Ms. Samantha V. Evans took six boxes of food and several bags of clothing to the Red Cross to assist these families. Accepting the items on behalf of the Red Cross was Mrs. Christine Lightbourne. Pictured from left to right are: Mrs. Lightbourne, Selvains Dalmond, Older Pierre, TShad Cornish, Jason Adderley, Peter Dawkins, and PVaughn Bethel.Central Abaco Primary donated to fire victims By Mirella Santillo For the past two years there have been numerous sightings of lion fish around Abaco. Last year a lion fish was spotted off the coast of Great Cistern. In the fall three lion fish were found in the mangroves of Cross Harbour by Forest Heights students while fish tagging. In March one was speared in Casuarina in a canal by Mr. Edward Smith.Another fisherman familiar with these fish is Mr. Jason Albury. According to Mr. Albury, Lion fish are nothing new to the waters of Abaco. For the last seven or eight years they were fairly common in the north around Walkers Cay. What is new, said Mr. Albury, is to find so many around the central and southern part of the island. I killed about 25 of them during the past year, stated Mr. Albury, who added that about a month ago he took three fish to the Department of Fisheries. I found another five or six two weeks ago in the Lower Rock Boiling Hole off Cherokee Sound. Mr. Albury explained that he finds them in lobster traps. Mr. Wayne Cornish, local Officer for the Department of Marine Resources confirmed receiving three fish from Mr. Albury. He is not asking anyone to catch them because it could be dangerous. The fish release a potent venom from their fin spines upon contact. The venom can be active for days. Information about the fish states that it is rarely fatal, but divers are known to have drowned because of the pain and the allergic condition it causes. However, Mr. Cornish said that if anybody catches some or sees some, he needs the exact location of where the fish were found. The fish that he receives are sent to Nassau to deal with, said Mr. Cornish.More lion fish are found locally


Page 24 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Ph: 367-2222 Fax: 367-2888 Van StrattonNN NN N ASSASS ASSASS ASS AA AA A U UNDER U UNDER U UNDER U UNDER U UNDER WRITERS C WRITERS C WRITERS C WRITERS C WRITERS C OLE ALBUR OLE ALBUR OLE ALBUR OLE ALBUR OLE ALBUR Y L Y L Y L Y L Y L TD.TD. TD.TD. TD.INSURANCE AGENCY BB BB B AHAMAS FIRS AHAMAS FIRS AHAMAS FIRS AHAMAS FIRS AHAMAS FIRS TT TT TGeneral Insurance Company Limited Bahamas First General Ins. Co. Ltd.Monday Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices Serving World Famous Grilled Food and Cocktails Located in Marsh Harbour on the water OPEN 7 days 11AM until DAILY HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS!!!Tel (242) 367-2278VHF 16 SnappasFor Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great Prices For Relaxed Casual Dining at Great PricesAnn B. Patterson, October 19, 1931 February 25, 2007, was a well loved second homeowner on Scotland Cay from 1983 to 1995. She then moved to Governors Harbour, Eleuthera, where she lived until her death. She passed away peacefully after a very short illness. She is survived by her son Bob Patterson of Hollywood, Florida, her daughter Suzanne Koch, son-in-law Sam Hadley and grandchildren Chris, Jeff, Ben and Katie. Funeral service for Rosita Thervil age 66, of Marsh Harbour was held on March 3 at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Marsh Harbour. Father Rodger Madrazo officiated assisted by other ministers. Interment was in the Marsh Harbour Public Cemetery. She is survived by her sons Rosner, Nixton, Max, Luc and Alin Thervil; daughter Linda Thervil; brothers Anouse, George, Jean-Ronal and Fidner Louis; sisters Gerta Astrid, Maryange and Mimose Louis; grandchildren Mike, Rahem, Britney, Shaquille, Nic, Alicia, Antoinia, Luc Jr., Shanti, Diesha and Shuna, Aleah and, Lamont Thervil; nephews John, Jean Claude, Joseph, Sonn and Wister Thervil; nieces Franc, Carmen and Carlene Timothee; brothers-in-law Roland and Mac Antoine Thervil; sisters-in-law Alzine, Genene and Bernadette; aunts; uncles; cousins; and many other relatives and friends. The funeral service for Achille Jonassaint, 46, of Marsh Harbour was held on March 17th in Nassau and interment was in Nassau. He is survived by his son Hasthin Jonassaint; daughters Junie Geffrard and Shirley Jean Baptiste; grandsons Nerkino Geffrard, Rashadson, Wilkenson and Shelvine Jean Baptiste; sisters Quamelitha Jonassaint and Mme Theofhard Methelus; brothers Louis, Antroine, Ausilien, Edra, Edroid, Dieuceul and Luc Jonassaint; cousins; and many other relatives and friends. The funeral service for Marshall George Albury 68, of Marsh Harbour was held at the A.B. Apostolic Church in Marsh Harbour on March 24 with Bro. Andy Sawyer officiating. Burial was in the Public Cemetery in Marsh Harbour. He is survived by his wife. Christine Albury; children Dianne., Ricky, Cherylann, Kris and Maryann; grandchildren Adrian, Adam, Dale, Mitch, Drew, Carlos. and Shania; sister Karen Dam; sisters-in-law Jenny Barry, Viola Gordon, Iris Ritchie,. Gwendollyn, Nancy, Shirley, Margaret and Christine Russell; brothersin-law Johan Dam, Hartwell, Eral, Don, David, Hank and Terry Russell, Michael Barry and Norwel Gordon; daughter-in-law Marla Key; sons-in-law Jensen Pinder, Stephen Key and Alleslie Gibson; nieces and nephews Jihan, Lisa, Beth, Patricia, Rebecca, Jessica, Jordana, Hanisha, Jonathan, Johan, Ejnar, Audie, Rory, Bryce, Nevin, Jeremy, Jake, Johnnie, Stephen, Ralph, James, Joshua, Caleb, Cerdero and Eric; and many other relatives and friends. The funeral service for Clairmelie Beleau age 67, of Treasure Cay was held on March 24 in Nassau. Interment was in Nassau.. She is survived by her son Anternio Julimiste; daughters Rosilia and Dorothy; grandchildren Antonine, Yonise, Juliana, Diamond, Fedena, Fanise, Luise, Marie, Louseda, Dinna, Kemberlie, Kedeline, Guerda, Chandeline, Rosaline, Rosenica, Guerline, Andrew; Ronald, Obend, Luctene, and Fritz; brothers Choiselien, Monexample and Saenluc Bellot; uncle Verneus; aunts Meda, Merina and Exancia; sons-in-law Francius, Zien and Paul; daughter-in-law Yolette Julimiste; sisters-in-law Usia, Odette and Gladise Bellot; nephews David, Bernito; Lubernert, Gn Roles, Julbert, Gn Mark, Rodeni, Evenel and Ti Boy; nieces Soisilia, Martine, Nicole, Ernange, Saintilia and Jesline; cousins Esther, Elzard, Exalicia, Merelie, Vernelia, Juslene, Enide, Medele, Amide, Olipcide, Maricamene, Simone, Mano, Aries, Rodrigue, Lucnert, Dodo; Morile, Lanoir, Charite, Farius and Oldert; and many other relatives and friends. The funeral service for Whitney Hercules Clarke Sr. 87, of Sandy Point was held on March 25 at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Sandy Point. Rev. Napoleon Roberts, Rev. Morris Bain and Pastor Erskin Wells officiated. Interment was in the Public Cemetery in Sandy Point. He is survived by his sons Whitney Clarke Jr. and Hercules Clarke; stepdaughter Sheila Pratt; adopted son Cyril Dean; brother-in-law Capt. Ernest Dean; sisterin-law Glacie Dean; daughter-in-law Roselda Clarke; aunt Doris Bain; grandchildren Lawanda Greene, Lavada Clarke, Crisel Clarke, Gregory, Nadine, Raymond, Timothy, Charles, Eric Bain and Seneca Pratt; great-grandchildren Kanisha Murray, Giovanno, Giovante, Gregory Jr., Trae, Travez and Timothy Bain Jr.; nephews Wilfred Clarke, Jay, Marcus, John and Ernest Dean, Silbert Fox, Rudolph and Jimmy Lightbourne, Insp. Randy Lightfoot, Sgt. Danny Lightfoot, Dion and Kendrick Lightfoot; nieces Genese Armbrister, Lenora Bain, Shirley Saunders, Suzy Duncombe, Salomie Gibson, Carolyn Burrows, Sharon and Christine Dean, Leslie Rolle, Barbara Jenkins and Diane Smith; and many other relatives and friends. Friends of the EnvironmentPresents Trivia CornerHint: I'm not supposed to be here, but I sneaked in anyhow. You might think I belong on the Serengeti, but it's really too dry for me. I might be pretty, but I also pack a punch. What am I? The answer appears in the second section of the paper.Obituaries of Family and Friends Ann Patterson


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 25 P.O. Box AB-20180 Marsh Harbour, Abaco PH: 367-0020Mammograms OfferedFor Appointments Call 367-0020Dr. Duranda Ash Opthamologist April 13, 2007 Ms. Diane Davis Mammogram Radiographer Technologist April 14, 2006 Ms. Yasmine Sweeting Physiotheropist April 14, 2007 Dr. Michael Caplia Optometrist April 18, 2007 Dr. K.J.A. Rodgers Opthalmologist April 19, 2007 Dr. Edwin Demeritte, Neurologist / Neurophysiologist (Adults & Children) April 21, 2007 Dr. Hubert Minnis Ob Gyn / Ultrasound April 21, 2007 Dr. Winston Campbell, Ears, Nose & Throat Specialist, Sleep Apnea April 26, 2007 Ms. Yasmine Sweeting Physiotheropist April 28, 2007 Dr. Rosetta Ingraham, Dermatologist April 28, 2007 Ms. Sandra Watson Ultrasound Technician, Echocardiogram April 28, 2006 CongratulationsJessica & Morgan Engleon your marriage Jan 3rd, 2007 On the beach at Hope Town Harbour Lodge Abaco, Bahamas Love from your parents Combining the best of both the 2 and 4-Stroke worlds, the new 1.5 Litre OptiMax delivers low-emissions technology with 2-Stroke performance.Up to 45% better fuel economy Lighter than 4-StrokesPh : 242-367-2326 l 367-5960115 ll ll l 90 ll ll l 75The 1.5L OptiMax By Julian Lockhart Alton Lowe once again put on an art show that left his guests gasping with admiration with his array of colors, lifelike images and the enchantment of a flower garden surrounding one as you walk through his studio. Mr. Lowe held his one-man show on Green Turtle Cay for the first time in 36 years as hundreds of loyal friends and clients travelled from the United States, Canada and throughout The Bahamas to enjoy in amazement the art he has on his walls. Mr. Lowe is also helping to boost tourism on Green Turtle Cay with his show and concert with the number of overnight visitors that come for these events. The show was held February 23rd and was followed on Saturday at the Lowe Gallery with a concert, A Magical Evening of Musical Memories The cast included James Mastin, Joy Martone, T.L. Brown, Luisa Black and Mel Arnold. On Sunday night the same performers held a smaller concert when they were able to do whatever they wanted Mr. Mastin was also a part of the exhibition with his amazing sculptures which depicted a number of different pieces. Mr. Lowe said, I was very pleased with the turnout. A lot of people came from the States and Canada, clients from Nassau and the other islands as well. I am hoping to make this an annual event, so hopefully next year around the same time we will do it all over again. The following evening we did a concert and we did a lot of Broadway music as well as Elton John and Neil Diamond. The performers have performed here for many years and have done Christmas con-Abaco artist holds one-man show Renowned artist, Alton Lowe held a one-man art show at his home studio in Green Turtle Cay. His life-like images seem to come to life under the magic of his paint brush. He is posing here with a vivid painting of adancer in a Junkanoo costume. certs here as well. I did a show here once before but this is my first show on Abaco since doing my show in Nassau. I have done 36 consecutive oneman shows in Nassau. We had a sold-out performance and we could have done three or four more sold-out performances, he added. Mr. Lowes one-man show is usually held at the Nassau Beach Hotel but it is going to be demolished. At this time work is being done on the Radisson but the room wouldnt have been ready until October. To stay on schedule he brought his show back to his hometown. Despite not being able to host as many people as he could in New Providence, the show was still a success and the gallery is open between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or by appointment. Mr. Lowe will definitely go back to New Providence to continue his one-man show there because of his following there. Also he does not have the facilities in Abaco to host as many people as he can in New Providence. However, he is hoping to make an annual show in Abaco. Now that he has started he will continue from here. There were 14 definitive stamps that came out early in 2006 and then in November. Mr. Lowe added four more flowering vines from throughout the Bahamas. Mr. Lowe said, I introduced eight new Bahamian stamps. I am very proud of this and I have been doing this since the bi-centennial. I have been doing stamps since then. I have done well over a hundred over the years. The stamps are a wonderful way to get my art out to everybody. Bahamian stamps go all over the world and it is amazing how many people collect them. Many people will write and ask if I would autograph their copies, he concluded. A Unisex SalonManicures & Pedicures Ofra Cosmetics Matrix, Redkin and Paul Mitchell Products and Accessories Elaine Summerville, Manager Monday Saturday 9am 5pm In Memorial Plaza 367-3623 The public is invited to hear a free BodyTalk introductory presentation at the Moorings office above the Conch Inn Marina in Marsh Harbour on April 26 or 27 at 7 p.m. This will be followed by a one day Access class will be held on April 28 and 29 from 9 .a.m to 5:30 p.m. at Forest Heights Academy on Don MacKay Boulevard. Participants will learn five simple techniques that will change their lives. The BodyTalk Access is the compact version of the BodyTalk System. The class is a one-day long, participatory seminar that present five simple techniques that can bring about significant improvements in health. The basic theory is that the body experiences good health when all its body parts and systems are integrated, synchronized and in good communication. This noninvasive health care practice addresses the innate wisdom of the body to fine tune the body. Guest speaker Robyn Whatley Kahn, CBP, CBI, has been in the alternative health care business for over 25 years, and says that BodyTalk heals the body rapidly on all levels, physically and emotionally. Call Rachael Aberle at 242-366-0722 or register online at Special prepayment offer is $99, day of seminar will be $115. A raffle of a free session ($80 value) will be given away at the introductory presentation.Alternative health care system is explained


Page 26 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Up to 3 daily flights between Fort Lauderdale and Marsh Harbour/Treasure CayOn twin-engine Cessna 402c aircraftFort Lauderdale International Airport Ph. 954-359-0380, Fx 954-359-7944Marsh Harbour 242-367-0169 Treasure Cay bahamian cuisine on Hope Town's waterfrontBar Opens Daily 10 a.m.Closed on TuesdaysHappy Hour 5 6 p.m .Lunch & Dinner DailyLunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pmAppetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m Call 366-0087 366-0292 VHF Ch 16ICE RENTAL BIKES Replace your old countertops with locally made tops of Marble & Granite For More Information Call 242-367-4726(Abaco Ace Hardware)Marsh Harbour, AbacoBy Samantha Evans Under the theme Things Indigenous of the Bahamas coconut craft training instructor, Mr. Howard Jean Bevans from Nassau, spent one week on Abaco to teach craft professionals how to make various crafts using the coconut shell. Yes. the coconut shell we all throw away! The training program was planned by the Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation (BAIC) in conjunction with the Department of Education, Science and Technology for the week of March 26-30 at Abaco Central High School and the BAIC office. The opening ceremony was held on March 26 and the training began immediately thereafter. The first night was spent showing the 30 plus participants how to properly cut open the coconut; then the other days were spent with the students making their products including mugs, earrings, hair barrettes, necklaces and hand chains. Mr. Bevans started making crafts from the coconut back in 1978 as a hobby. He worked with BAIC and the Ministry of Tourism in Nassau. It was during this time that he was encouraged by Lady Ruby Ann Darling to pursue his trade. It was at a workshop and craft show that she hosted that his products were first displayed. He has been making them professionally ever since. He explained that there are many craft products that are made by local craft vendors, but most of their raw materials are imported from another country. He stated that coconut is something that is indigenous to the Bahamas. It was through this craft that he was asked to share his knowledge with those persons in his industry who are willing to learn. Mr. Bevans stated that in this craft industry many persons who create a particular craft to not share their techniques. But he sees this coconut craft as something to pass on. Abaco is the second place he is teaching this particular craft. He prefers the classes to be small so that he can work closely with each participant. This gives them a sense of confidence to use the heavy equipment such as the bench grinder used for sanding and craving, drills used to put holes in the piece and the jigsaw used to cut the coconut open. The handheld jigsaw can be used as well but he prefers the electric one because he mass produces his products. He was encouraged by the way the ladies on Abaco caught on to it so quickly. Some came to BAIC on their lunch break and after work to make earrings, hair clips, mugs and the like. He tells them to not rush but to take their time, especially when using the electric tools. He also encouraged them to finish one piece before beginning the next one. Mr. Bevans believes in teaching them the easiest techniques possible so that they can have more products made andThirty-Four Persons Attend Coconut Craft TrainingMr. Howard Bevans, center, was pleased with the response of Abaco women to making coconut craft. During the course that lasted one week each lady enjoyed making many items. They learned to use several basic electric tools. catch on faster. This inspires and challenges him to work harder too he said. Unlike many of his colleagues, he welcomes the challenge! This session is only the first for Abaco as persons in the North, South and the cays want to learn this craft as well. In the meanwhile, he will continue to encourage those persons who have learned the craft already to share their knowledge and designs with others. He is excited about this coconut craft class. He hopes that Bahamians will develop pride and an appreciation for things indigenous to the Bahamas and realize that products made here are just as good or even better than those made in other countries. The group of ladies learning coconut shell jewelry were enthusiastic and eager to learn. They all made many items and were creative in their approach to the work.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 27 Abaco Marine PropsPropellers Reconditioned & RehubbedPhone 367-4276 Fax 367-4259 across the street from Abaco Outboards in Marsh Harbour Brass Stainless AluminumSandblasting & Marine grade welding on Stainless and AluminumCertified Propeller Repair TechnicianThe ONLY NNPA Techncian in The Bahamas By Samantha V. Evans There are many persons on Abaco who work with legal documents on a daily basis, and in many cases these forms are not properly completed nor there is uniformity of the documents. In an attempt to correct these problems, Administrator Revis Rolle held a one-day seminar on March 17th at the courthouse in Marsh Harbour. The presenter for the seminar was attorney Vanria Lightbourne. Mr. Revis Rolle stated that he and other persons realized that legal documents were not being prepared properly so they decided upon this seminar to train persons. He sees this as a form of unification and raising the standards of persons who prepare legal documents. This seminar was to begin bringing new awareness to serving officers and to improve the services they offer to the public. It teaching them how to prepare documents properly so that documents prepared on Abaco can stand the legal scrutiny in the future. This seminar was presented to participants free of charge by Ms. Lightbourne, but future seminars will be done at a cost. Mr. Rolle looks forward to having a similar seminar at least twice each year. Ms. Lightbourne stated her excitement to be able to offer her expertise to assist those who work in the legal field in various capacities. She has been a practicing attorney on Abaco since 2000 and has had a great deal of opportunities to work with various documents. She sees it necessary to provide information on legal documents so that there is uniformity amongst persons who prepare such documents. She discussed numerous topics such as transfer of title to property and related documents such as affidavits to ensure that the purchaser gets a complete title and full rights to the land purchased. She also discussed renunciation of dowers, stamp duty, deeds of gifts, joint tenancy, life interests and others. Ms. Lightbourne stated that there is a reason for every line, every word and every sentence in a legal document. Dates must be accurate. Documents must be stamped and persons must know the type of land covered in the document. Persons whose property has been inherited must provide proper documentation of ownership (title). A search should be done to properly verify the owner. All documents must have an affidavit of citizenship. If documents are lost, an affidavit of loss must be prepared. Lost documents must be listed on the affidavit. The lawyer must ensure that property for lost documents was not sold already by verifying that the owner is not planning to sell it twice. A wealth of information was shared and explained at this one-day seminar. It is clear from all of the information that follow-up sessions will be necessary.Workshop Teaches Document PreparationPersons who assist with document preparation in any capacity on a regular basis were invited to attend this seminar. It was important for them to attend so they can know what a good, well prepared document should consist off. Present were bankers, realtors, justices of the peace, government workers and notary publics. Ms. Vanria Lightbourne, center, instructed those interested in preparing legal documents at a workshop held at the court room in Marsh Harbour. A wide variety of people took advantage of this opportunity. Some of those attending are shown above. Ms. Margaret Symonette, Mr. Neil Campbell, Mr. Revis Rolle, all administrators are on teh right. On the left are Mr. Cubel Davis and Ms. Alice Williams, both in local government. Happy Hour Daily 5-6pm


Page 28 The Abaconian April 1, 2007Area Code 242 unless listed otherwiseIsland-wide Abaco ListingsAbaco Vacations + 800-633-9197 Bahamas Vacations + 800-462-2426 Abaco Bound + 242-367-5576Casuarina PointDifferent of Abaco8 rm 20 cott366-2150CherokeeLee Pinder + 3 hse366-2053 Marina Albury Cottages5 cottages366-2075Grand CayRosies Place 352-5458Green Turtle CayCocobay Cottages6 cott365-5464 Island Properties +34 hse365-4047 New Plymouth Inn9 rm365-4161 Ocean Blue Properties +30365-4636 Roberts Cottages3 cott365-4105Guana CayDolphin Bch Resort4 rm 10 cott.365-5137 Donna Sands +12 hse365-5195 Guana Beach Resort6 units365-5133 Guana Seaside8 rm 7 cott365-5106 Harbour View Haven365-5028 Ocean Frontier 519-389-4846 Sea Shore Villas365-5028 Wards Landing4 units 904-982-2762Hope TownAbaco Inn 22 rm366-0133 Club Soleil 6 rm 1 cott366-0003 Crystal Villas 6 villas 321-783-4576 Elbow Cay Prop +53 hse366-0035 Hope T Harb Lodge 25 rm366 0095 Hope T Hideaways +63 hse366-0224 Hope T Villas + 3 hse366-0030 Lighthouse Rentals 4 cott366-0154 Sea Gull Cottages +3 hse366-0266 Sea Spray Resort5 villas366-0065 Tanny Key +43 hse366-0053 Turtle Hill 4 villas366-0557Hotels and House Rental AgentsLubbers QuartersSea Level Cottages4 hse366-3121 7 hseMan-O-WarIsland Home Rentals +8 hse365-6048 Schooners Landing 5 condos365-6072Marsh Harbour areaAbaco Beach Resort82 rms367-2158 Abaco Real Estate +6 hse367-2719 Alesias 3 rms367-4460 Ambassador Inn6 rms367-2022 Bustick Bight Resort 8 rms367-3980 Conch Inn9 rms367-4000 Ds Guest House6 rms 3367-3980 Great Abaco Club + 12 hse367-4151 Island Breezes Motel8 rms367-3776 Lofty Fig Villas6 eff367-2681 Pelican Beach Villas6 cott367-3600 Regattas (Prev. Abaco Towns) 32 effic367-0148Moores IslandMoores Is Bonefish Camp8 rm366-6334Sandy PointOeishas Resort 366-4139 Pete & Gays Resort14 rm366-4119 Rickmons Bonefishing 10 rm366-4477Spanish CaySpanish Cay Resort18 rm 6 hse365-0083Treasure CayBahama Beach Club 365-8500 Island Dreams + 45 hse365-8507 Treasure Cay Resort95 rms365-8801Wood CayTangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222Web Sites with Abaco Information http.// + agents with multiple cottages and houses Rev. Dec 06 Sids Food StoreGroceries Toiletries SouvenirsServing New plymouth and the entire Green Turtle Cay Area. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables. Frozen Meat. Dry and Canned Goods. Homemade BreadsWIDE SELECTION FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE Located Near Town Dock, New Plymouth, Green Turtle CayTel: (242) 365-4055 More Letters to the Editor LettersFrom Page 9 their respective marina. The implication of this is that the water within the harbour is unsuitable for swimming and poses a potential threat to the aquatic life. A comparison of the water clarity within the harbour and the water immediately beyond the harbour bears witness to what the harbour could look like if a pump-out boat (also referred to as a honey wagon) is available. The operation of such a vessel would be both profitable to the operator and make a significant improvement to Abacos coastal waters. On a more personal note, this year is our fourth visit to Abaco which my family and I have thoroughly enjoyed. Its people are friendly, helpful and rightfully proud of their accomplishments in building and in some respects rebuilding their community following not one but three devastating hurricanes in recent years. A quick walk down Queen Elizabeth Drive bears witness to these beautification efforts initiated by both private businesses and donors. Why despoil these efforts by the random discharge of all sorts of containers, wrappers and other contaminants along the roads and byways of Marsh Harbour? Niels WestU.S. Fisherman supports new rulesDear Editor, I have been in the commercial and sportfishing business for 45 years, 40 of them in Florida. During this time I have lived in The Bahamas for several years and visited at least once a year for extended stays. The change in the Bahamian laws seem to have been precipitated by the ugly American attitude of some visiting sport fishermen. On many occasions I have seen large coolers of tiny strawberry grouper, yellowtail and other varieties being shown off at docks and marinas by so called sportfishermen. Huge numbers of peanut dolphin have been discarded being too much trouble to fillet. Crawfish habitats used by commercial Bahamian fisherman are spotted from sport boat tuna towers and raided by these sportsmen. The Bahamas is a beautiful country populated by wonderful people. It is their country, not ours. We have no right to misuse their natural resources the way we have ours. We have catch and release laws, size limits, seasons, conservation areas and a multitude of other restrictions that we abide by on our side of the Gulf Stream. Why shouldnt we retain an attitude of a polite visitor after a 50 or 60 mile run to the east. This spoiled juvenile attitude of some American visitors has given us the title ugly American in many areas. Travel to the Bahamas, enjoy the water, beaches, fishing, sun, food, drink and especially the people. They are all lovely. But, most of all, be a good guest. This is their home, not ours, respect it. Sincerely, Capt. Kirk VanHartMuch development under PLP governmentDear Editor Please allow me a space in your letter section. Now that election time is near, Ive heard several people say that nothing has happened under this administration What a joke! Why is it that everyone is so busy? Whether it be to a restaurant, grocery shop, hardware store, buy an airline ticket, rent a car, etc. Try to have some dredging done at least a five-year wait. Try to have a dock built at least a six-month to a year wait. Try to have props fixed or other minor items, sorry too busy. Try to buy some vacant land especially on the cays, hardly any left and if you do find a piece it will cost you a fortune. Everywhere you look there are new buildings, sea walls, docks, rock walls (around peoples property), boat marinas cut in toe coral rock, jetties, etc. The buildings that are taking place at this time are unbelievable. I have never seen anything like this in my 60 years. Just five or six years ago when I was in construction, it was hard to get a $100,000 house to build. Now most of the houses that are being built cost from $200,000 to $2 million. Some say still yet nothing is happening under this administration. I say God has been good to us. But some of us are so ungrateful. Lets just refresh our memory a little bit of some of the things that have taken place in our vicinity in the past five years. Lets start at the ferry dock in Marsh Harbour. Alburys Ferry has increased their fleet, also prices; Abaco Beach Resort increased; Jamies Place increased; Fish House increased; John Bull increased; Conch Inn increased; Snappas increased; Standard Hardware (oh, my lord) increased; Liquor store increased (sorry); AID increased; Daves Tile Shop increased; Bill Swains building increased; Big Cat increased; Wood You increased; Abaco Outboard increased; Fredericks Agency increased; Pizza Hut increased and a new building; Maxwells increased; Abacays Freight increased their fleet; Arawak Agency increased; New Shopping Center in Marsh Harbour; Marsh Harbour Shipping increased; Bigger mail service boat; Guana Cay buildings; Winding Bay project; Bakers Bay project; Matt Lowes Cay project; All the building on Scotland Cay; Foots Cay has added; ManO-Was Cay $2 million project; plus all the other building on Hope Town, Lubbers, Tilloo Cay, White Sound. It will blow your mind. There is much more going ahead as I write. I say we are going ahead too fast. We need to ask Mr. Perry Christie to pull back on the throttle so we can catch our breath. Just last week I was in Nassau and tried to rent a car at the airport or downtown. There was none to rent. First time Ive been turned down in 42 years. While I was on line to be checked in, customers were turned down. No room in the inn (Crystal Palace)What more do we want in this counLettersFrom Page 30


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 29 Present was the Director of Immigration, Mr. Vernon E. L. Burrows and three of his staff along with local people family, friends and well wishers who came to witness the occasion. For those who are clueless about this process, the swearing-in ceremony is the end of a long journey that these individuals have embarked on. It is the culmination of all that these individuals have waited so long for. The majority have waited for more than 18 years to finally be able to get a Bahamian passport and be entitled to all that it Swearing-inFrom Page 1 A COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIESGreat Guana Cay, Abaco Mon Thurs 8 a.m. 5:30 p.m. Fri & Sat 8 a.m. 6 p.m. Closed Sundays & Holidays Tel: 365-5067 Fax: 365-5180 VHF ch. 16Guana Harbour Grocery 18 persons received Bahamian citizenshipentails. According to Mr. Burrows even though an individual is born here, if your parents are foreigners, that individual has to wait until he or she is 18 to apply for citizenship. That is the Constitution. If the citizenship is approved, he or she then has to renounce his or her citizenship of any other country. The fee for citizenship is $50 if applying before 19 years and $500 if applying after 19 years of age. Of the 18 sworn, in only two applied before 19; they were Mackenzie Dam and Yveneur Odeus. That meant that the other 16 persons paid $500! That individual is then ready to take the oath and be sworn in to officially become a Bahamian citizen. At the ceremony each person receives a Certificate of Citizenship which is used to apply for a first-time Bahamian passport for a fee of $30. The application for citizenship is a long and tedious process but to those individuals who were sworn in, it is a journey worth it. Congratulations to you all! The Hon. Bradley Roberts swore in 18 persons receiving Bahamian citizenship. Shown here is Mrs. Brigette Bower Carey of Tilloo Cay being congratulated by Mr. Roberts. sions gang members started spreading rumors that are not true and got the community riled up. We have been training in the Mud the last couple of years and we have some volunteer members from the Mud and they have been assisting us, he concluded. FireFrom Page 10 is the knowledge that this model was fashioned on a real schooner, the Jean T Colin describes it as a robust vessel which has nothing glitzy about it. It is purely functional. The rig was typical of the era. The Jean T was named in memory of a brave and adventurous Dutch lady, Jean Termeer, who was born in 1929. Sadly she died two years ago. She and her husband Everet visited Abaco for a quarter of a century on their 32' sailing boat Capricious Like for many, these islands became their second home. Likewise for Colin and Helen who, although not coming here as long as Jean Termeer, have grown to love Abaco. This all began in the winter of 2003 when we were visiting the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum, said Colin. It came to mind for him to use his carpenter and ex-naval CaysFrom Page 15 officer experience to construct the diorama. Certainly Colin, with his magic hands, has brought to life another era, one lost in the mists of time but now preserved for posterity in the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum in Hope Town. your people and country, you dont do it for praise or what other people are going to say. You do it because you feel good about what you do. The country was broke when we took over in 1992 and within two years we were able to spend an incredible amount of money here on Abaco. We put in highways and in the second term we paved the road into Cherokee and into Casuarina Point as well as Crossing Rocks. The water supply was virtually non-existent here in Marsh Harbour and we put in the water system that is still adequate today. We did a lot of good for a lot of people, Mr. Sweeting concluded. SweetingFrom Page 4 Advertise inThe Abaconian


Page 30 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 try? Tourism is at its highest in the Bahamas. Much thanks goes to our minister of Tourism in promoting The Bahamas. It has paid off well. Let me ask the public, why would we want to go back to where we were five years ago. As many of you know, I go to Spanish Wells a lot. They have a coffee shop where I hang out twice a day. I told them they were going to get a few tarred road on Russell Island under this administration. Some of the said, never in this world. Well, I was up there two weeks ago. Guess What? Russell Island has a new tarred road four miles. Now a few of them said the government stole National Insurance funds to do the job. It is very hard to please some people. If you dont do it, you are no good. If you do it, you stole the money. How do you please the world we live in? J & J ELECTRICBILL JOHNSTONMIKE JORGENSENELECTRICAL CONTRACTORSRESIDENTIAL/INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL SPECIALISTSCELL: 242-357-6674 (BILL) CELL: 242-477-5222 TEL: 242-367-5145 FAX: 242-367-5144 P.O. BOX AB 20413 MARSH HARBOUR ABACO BAHAMASE-mail: LettersFrom Page 28 Volunteer fire fighters participated in training on March 16th with a lecture at Central Abaco Primary School ending with a practical training session on Saturday. Conducting the session were officers from the Royal Bahamas Police Force Fire Rescue Department in Nassau and Marsh Harbour. Two trainers from the fire department in Nassau and Cpl. Johnson from the local office conducted the sessions. The focus of this training was to learn how to use self-contained breathing apparatus and to learn how to properly search for a victim in a building while staying safe.Volunteer firemen came from Man-O-War Cay, Marsh Harbour, Winding Bay, Casuarina and Bahama Palm Shore and Cherokee to attend the sessions. Cpl. Johnson stated that they have a lot more training to be done and they look forward to all fire fighters being able to train at one time. He stated that training was held earlier in March with fire chiefs on Abaco to ensure that they are all following the same guidelines. They formed an association that will meet to discuss concerns and other issues. Cpl. Colebrooke from Nassau stated that the training is very important as volunteers need to learn to contour a room, especially the point of entrance and exit. If they miss the exit. they have to go all around the room again or reverse when they realize they missed the point of exit. He stated that this mistake can cause the fireman and the victims to lose their lives.The firemen are in full turn-out gear and to add realism their face masks are taped so they have no visibility.Volunteer fire fighters train with breathing apparatus I say if, and I dont think it is necessary to use that word. But if for some reason the PLP does not win this election, it wont be because of all the good they have done. When you think of how they met his country five years ago, airports, roads, etc. were in a mess. They have come a long way with more to follow. I think I told you before I dont want to go back to the old UBP days. And as for me and my wife Arlene it does not really matter, but for my children and grandchildren, I want to see the country grow as we have experienced it in the last five years. I will, Lord willing, write more as the election gets closer. I dont have much education as you can see the way I write letters. But I can get the point across, at least I know good when I see it. Thank the Lord. Hope to be back soon. Samuel D. Albury P.S. Looking for some feedback. I like the Letter section of The Abaconian. Also I like to read letters that are signed so I do not have to wonder who you are. First Commercially Grown Turfgrass in The Bahamas ORDER ONE PALLET OR BY THE TRUCKLOAD SIXTY PALLETS PER DAY CAPABILITY Deliveries arranged to Nassau and other islandsABACO SOD FARMZOYSIA ST. AUGUSTINE SOD NATIVE PASPALUMBuy DirBuy Dir Buy DirBuy Dir Buy Dir ect &ect & ect &ect & ect & Sa Sa Sa Sa Sa vv vv v e on:e on: e on:e on: e on: F F F F F rr rr r eighteight eighteight eight Duty Duty Duty Duty Duty Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br Customs Br okok okok ok erer erer erAcclimated to our WEATHER and SOILAvoid Transplant Shock with our quickSAME-DAY DELIVERY FIELD TO YOUR ABACO HOMEAbacoAbaco AbacoAbaco Abaco GrGr GrGr Gr oo oo o wnwn wnwn wn Call 242-565-1139 242-367-2292


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 31 Dive Shops Above & Below, Marsh Harbour.................367-0350 Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harbour....367-2963 Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour............. 367-2787 Froggies, Hope Town................................. 366-0431 Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay..................365-8465 Treasure Cay Adventures.......................... 365-8111 Brendals Dive, Green T. Cay.................... 365-4411 Dive Guana............................................... 365-5178 Man-O-War Dive Shop...............................365-6013 Bikes & Scooters Boats Cars & Carts Rentals Marsh Harbour A & P Car Rentals..............................367-2655 B & B Boat Rentals............................367-7368 Bargain Car Rentals..........................367-0500 Blue Wave Boat Rentals....................367-3910 Concept Boat Rentals.......................367-5570 Laysue Boat Rentals.........................367-4414 Pier One Boat Rentals.......................367-3587 Power Cat Boat Rentals....................367-4620 Quality Star Texaco Cars...................367-2979 Rainbow Boat Rentals.......................367-4602 Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars367-4643 Richs Boat Rentals...........................367-2742 Sea Horse Boat Rentals....................367-2513 Sea Star Car Rentals.........................367-4887 Wilmac Car Rentals......367-4970 or 367-4313 Green Turtle Cay Bay Street Rentals............477-5300 365-4070 Brendals Dive Bikes & Kayak rental..365-4411 C & D Cart Rental..............................365-4084 D & P Cart Rental..............................365-4655 Donnies Boat Rentals.......................365-4119 Loggerhead Boat Rental....................365-5461 New Plymouth Cart Rentals.365-4188 or 4149 Reef Boat Rentals.............................365-4145 Sea Side Carts..................................477-5497 T & A Cart Rentals.............................375-8055 Guana Cay Donna Sands Cart Rentals................365-5195 Dive Guana Boats & bikes.................365-5178 Man-O-War Conch Pearl Boat Rentals.................365-6059 Island Treasures Cart Rentals...........365-6072 Ria-Mar Golf Cart Rentals.................365-6024 Water Ways Boat Rent..357-6540 & 365-6143 Hope Town Bike Shop Bicycle Rentals.................366-0292 Cats Paw Boat Rentals.....................366-0380 Hope Town Cart Rentals....................366-0064 Island Cart Rentals............................366-0448 Island Marine Boat Rentals...............366-0282 J Rs Cart Rental...............................366-0361 Sea Horse Boat Rentals....................366-0023 T & N Cart Rentals............................366-0069 Treasure Cay Alison Car Rent.................................365-8193 Cass Carts........................................365-8771 Claridges Cart Rentals......................365-8248 Cornish Car Rentals..........................365-8623 JIC Boat Rentals...............................365-8465 Richs Boat Rentals...........................365-8582 Triple J Car Rentals...........................365-8761 Abaco Adventures Kayaks..............365-8749 Abaco Ferry Service MH/HT One way $15 / RT $20 Children 6 12 half fare, Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:00am 8:50 10:10 12: pm 1:55 3:15 5:10 (Limited Sunday Schedule) Return 8:10 am 9:30 10:50 2:35 pm 3:55 5:50 Marsh Harbour > White Sound 7am 12pm 3:15 Return 7:40 1:10 4:25 Alburys Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:15 am 9 10:30 12:15 pm 2 4 5:45 Return 8 am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm 3 4 5 6:30 Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 10:30 am 12:15 pm 2:30*(M-Sat) 4 5:45* Return 8 am 11:30 1:30 pm 3:15* (M-Sat) 4:30 Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) from Conch Inn (6:45am Union Jack Dock) 10:301:30 pm 3:30 5:45 Return 8 am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45 6:30Same day fare Adult prepaid oneway $16 / Round Trip $22, Kids 6-11 half, Under 6 freeGreen Turtle Ferry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16Green T Cay to Treasure Cay Airpor t 8 am 9 11 12:15 1:30 3 4:30 T Cay Airport to Green T Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5New Plymouth one way adult $10 (Children $7) Round trip $15 Extra to some G T Cay docksAbaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25 call for time Pinders Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama Crown Haven, Abaco to McLeans Town, Grand Bah. Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm McLeans Town to Crown Haven return Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information Bus between Freeport and McLeans Town Rental automobiles at both terminals. Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119 or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucks Islander Express Bus M Harbour & Sandy Point -call 366-4444 or 457-9958 Enovahs Bus Service Hourly bus through Murphy Town, Dundas Town & Marsh Harbour to Ferry dock. Spring City early morning & late afternoon. The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165 Lv Marsh H. 5 am & 12:30 pm, connect with ferry to Grand Bahama & bus to Freeport Lv Crown Haven 9:30 am & 5:30 pm bringing ferry passengers to Marsh Harbour Sandy Point Patrick Roberts .... 366-4286 Nicholas Roberts Derrick Gaitor Ferdinand Burrows366-4133 Vernal Burrows Kendall White Anthony Bain ....... 366-4107 Floyd Burrows ..... 366-4175 Links Adderly ....... 366-4335 Valentino Lightbourne Ricky Burrows ..... 366-4233 Marsh Harbour Jody Albury ......... 375-8068 Terrance Davis .... 367-4464 Buddy Pinder ....... 366-2163 Justin Sands... ..... 367-3526 Danny Sawyer ..... 367-3577 Jay Sawyer ......... 367-3941 Man-O-War David Albury... ..... 365-6059 Crossing Rocks Tony Russell ......... 366-3259Bonefish GuidesCherokee Theodore Sawyer .... 366-2111 Will Sawyer ............. 366-2177 Marty Sawyer .......... 366-2115 Noel Lowe ............... 366-2107 Randy Sawyer ......... 366-2284 Casaurina Point Junior Albury ............ 366-3058 Budy Pinder ............. 366-2165 Hope Town Maitland Lowe .......... 366-0234 North Abaco ODonald McIntosh..477-5037 Pope McKenzie. ....... 477-5894 Orthnell Russell. ....... 365-0125 Alexander Rolle ....... 365-0120 Edward Rolle ........... 365-0024 Green Turtle Cay Ronnie Sawyer. ....... 365-4070 Jeff Survance ........... 365-4040 Ricky Sawyer ........... 365-4261Visitors GuideRestaurants Services Transportation Restaurant Guide Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper (Based on dinner entree range) + Picnic tables & restroom only Provides ride from town Marsh Harbour Anglers.........................$$$.............367-2158 Curly Tails.....................$$$.............367-4444 Ginos...............................$.............367-2002 Golden Grouper................$.............367-2301 Hummingbird..................$$.............367-2922 Jamies Place...................$.............367-2880 Jib Room........................$$.............367-2700 Kentucky Fried Chicken.....................367-2615 Mangoes.......................$$$.............367-2366 Pops Place.......................$.....+....367-3796 Sapodillys....................$$$.............367-3498 Sea Shells........................$.............367-4460 Snack Shack....................$.....+....367-4005 Snappas...........................$.............367-2278 Subway..............................................367-2798 Wallys...........................$$$.............367-2074 Dundas Town Mother Merles................$$ Hope Town Abaco Inn.....................$$$.............366-0133 Capn Jacks......................$.............366-0247 Harbours Edge............. $$.............366-0087 H T Harbour Lodge.......$$$.............366-0095 Munchies..........................$.....+....366-0423 Sea Spray.......................$$.........366-0065 Man-O-War Hibiscus.............................................365-6380 Island Treats Snack Bar....................365-6501 Guana Cay Blue Water Grill.............$$$.............365-5230 Grabbers......................$$$.............365-5133 Guana Seaside.............$$$.............365-5106 Nippers.........................$$$.............365-5143 Orchid Bay.........................................265-5175 Treasure Cay Florences Cafe................$ Coconuts............................ Harbour Cafe....................$.............365-8635 Hudsons Delight..............$.............365-8648 Spinnaker Restaurant...$$$.............365-8469 Touch of Class..............$$$.............365-8195 Green Turtle Cay Bluff House...................$$$.............365-4200 Jolly Roger Bistro...........$$.............365-4200 Green Turtle Club.........$$$.............365-4271 Harveys Island Grill........$$.............365-4389 Lauras Kitchen...............$$.............365-4287 McIntoshs Restaurant....$$.............365-4625 Plymouth Rock Cafe..........................365-4234 Roosters Rest................$$.............365-4066 Sundowners......................................365-4060 Wrecking Tree Restaurant Harbour Caf (ferry dock).$.....+....365-8635 Sandy Point Nancys............................... Pete & Gays.................$$$.............366-4119 Rickmon Bonefish Lodge...................366-4477Everyone reads The Abaconian Please bring errors & revisions to our attention Rev 15 Mar 07 Emergency ServicesPolice Marsh Harbour 367-2560 The following services are provided by volunteers Fire Marsh Harbour 367-2000 Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935 Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch 16 Fire Green Turtle Cay 365-4133 Fire Man-O-War 365-6911 BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16 Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbou r 367-3752 Guana Cay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749 Medical Services Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour.367-2295 Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic............367-0020 Marsh Harbour Medical Centre..............367-0049 Government Clinic Marsh Harbour........367-2510 Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay...................365-8288 Government Clinic Coopers Town.........365-0300 Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay......365-4028 Government Clinic Hope Town...............366-0108 Government Clinic Sandy Point..............366-4010 Government Clinic Fox Town..................................Compliments of The Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone Walkers Cay Walkers Cay -................................. Closed Green Turtle Cay Bluff House...............45......F....365-4200 Green Turtle Club.....32......F....365-4271 Black Sound Marina.15..............365-4531 Other Shore Club......12......F....365-4195 Abaco Yacht Service10......F....365-4033 Treasure Cay Treasure Cay Marina150......F....365-8250 Man-O-War Man-O-War Marina...26......F....365-6008 Marsh Harbour Boat Harbour Marina183......F....367-2736 Conch Inn.................75......F....367-4000 Harbour View Marina36......F....367-2182 Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700 Hope Town Hope Town Marina....16..............366-0003 Hope Town Hideaways.................366-0224 Lighthouse Marina......6......F....366-0154 Sea Spray.................50......F....366-0065 Spanish Cay Spanish Cay Marina.75......F....365-0083 Guana Cay Orchid Bay................32......F....365-5175Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour Tours & Excursions Abaco Island Tours Marsh Harbour 367-2936 Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350 Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787 Brendals Dive Green Turtle Cay 365-4411 Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0024 Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0431 Airlines Serving AbacoAbaco Air Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is ........367-2266 Air Florida Ft. Lauderdale ................................... 367-5599 Air Sunshine Ft. Lauderdale ...............................367-2800 American Eagle Miami....................................... 367-2231 Bahamasair Nassau,W. Palm B, Ft Laud...........367-2095 Continental Connection Miami Ft. Laud and W Palm Beach ........................367-3415 Fla Coastal Airlines Vero B & Ft Lauderdale......367-0179 Island Express Ft Lauderdale ..........................367-0169Majors Air Service Freeport ...............................367-4826 Southern Air Nassau.......................................... 367-2498 Twin Air Calypso Fort Lauderdale ......................367-0140 USAir Ft. Laud and W. Palm Bch .......................367-2231 Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna B. ...............367-4852 Yellow Air Taxi Ft Lauderdale ...................... 954-359-0292 Local air charters serving Bahamas & S.Florida Abaco Air .............................................................. 367-2266 Cherokee Air Charters .......................................... 367-3450 Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers Plus extra for each passengers above two Between Marsh Harbour Airport and : Ferry Dock or Murphy Town to Ammons Dr...........$12 + $3 Bristol Cellers thru A. Beach Hotel or Govt dock thru Dundas Town....................................................$10 + $3 Dove Plaza, Stop Light or Sawyers Market........... $10 + $2 Govt Clinic thru Western Auto ................................$ 6 + $2 Gov. freight dock through Dundas Town................$10 + $3 Murphy Town to Shell Sta.......................................$14 + $4 Pelican Shores to Fran kie Russel house...............$14 + $4 Eastern Shores to Peas & Rice house...................$14 + $4 Beyond Russell house or Peas & Rice house.......$16 + $5 Great Cistern ..........................................................$20 + $5 Spring City ..............................................................$15 + $5 Snake Cay ............................................................$35 + $10 Treasure Cay .......................................................$60 + $ 10 Casuarina Point ....................................................$60 + $10 Treasure Cay Airport or Bah Palm Shores..........$70 + $ 10 Little Harbour or Cherokee ...................................$80 + $10 Crossing Rocks ..................................................$100 + $10 Sandy Point ........................................................$135 + $10 Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and: Ab Beach Hotel thru Wallys & Eastern Shore .......$ 2 each Jib Room .................................................................$ 3 each Solomons Super Center ..........................................$5 + $3 Stop Light, Dove Plaza, Govt dock .........................$ 6 + $3 Government Freight Dock .......................................$ 7 + $3 Gov.Clinic, W. Auto or Nat. Insurance..................... $ 9 + $3 Mother Merle restaurant .........................................$10 + $3 Waiting time $20 per hour, $10 per half hour Children under three free Caged pets as people Luggage $1.00 each over four, Surf boards $4.00 ea. Between Treasure Cay Airport and: Effective 13 Nov 05Treasure Cay Resort ..............................................$20 + $5 Madeira Park ..........................................................$14 + $4 Green Turtle Cay ferry dock.....................................$8 + $4 Moxy .......................................................................$18 + $5 Bahamas Star farm .................................................$24 + $5 Sand Banks ............................................................$24 + $5 Joes Creek, Leisure Lee ......................................$44 + $10 Black Wood .............................................................$18 + $5 Fire Road & Coope rs Town...................................$37 + $5 Cedar Harbour ........................................................$55 + $5 Wood Cay ...............................................................$60 + $5 Mount Hope........................................................... $65 + $5 Fox Town................................................................$70 + $5 Crown Haven ..........................................................$75 + $5 Marsh Harbour Airport ..........................................$75 + $10 T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour............................. $65 + $10 T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24).......... $18 + $ 5 T C Hotel to Bonefish Marles.................................$22 + $5 T C Hotel to Joes Creek ........................................$35 + $5 T C Hotel to Moxey .................................................$16 + $5 T C Hotel to Banyan Bch Club XX............................ $6 + $3 Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport.................. $75 + $10 Points of InterestAlbert Lowe Museum...........................Green Turtle Cay Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibitsGreen Turtle Cay Memorial Sculpture Garden.............. Green Turtle Cay Wyannie Malone Historical Museum.............Hope Town Elbow Cay Light Station...............................Hope Town Walk to & swim onMermaid Reef off M Harb. Pelican Shore Drive to & swim in Blue Hole off Treasure Cay farm road H Cafe Open Nights OnlyTo Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale or CloudX ferry (866-473-3779) from West Palm Beach to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town Ferry to Crown Haven Bus to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh Harbour Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock Ferry to Hope Town, Man-O-War or Guana Cay Area code 242 unless noted otherwise* Not on Sundays Marsh Harbour to Hope Town or Man-O-War 20 minutes from Crossing Beach Marsh Harbour to Guana Cay 40 minutes Ferry Schedules Departure times shown Daily service unless noted


Page 32 The Abaconian April 1, 2007 A A P P R R I I L L 1 1 5 5 2 2 0 0 0 0 7 7 The Bahamas Telecomm-unications Company Limited, (BTC) is pleased to inform our valued customers and the general public that wireless services such as new applications, ESN changes and adding features can now be done at the following locations; BTC Mall at Marathon, BTC Fox Hill Multi Service Centre and BTC JFK. BTC encourages the public to use any of the convenient locations for their wireless needs. BTC is working hard to keep our customers connected to the world. WIRELESS SERVICES MASS DISCONNECTION AND SERVICE TERMINATIONThe Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd. (BTC) wishes to advise its valued customers and the general public that a Mass Disconnection exercise will commence on April 2 nd 2007. The exercise will affect all customers whose accounts were suspended during the last Mass Suspension exercise in November 2006 and have not yet been reactivated. This Mass Disconnection and Termination Campaign that will effect customers in New Providence, Grand Bahama and all the Family Islands with wireless, wire line, paging, mobile trunking, faxes and internet services whose accounts are currently suspended. All customers who are unable to pay their bills in full, are asked to visit BTCs Credit & Collections department located on JFK and The Mall at Marathon offices or their local BTC Family Island Office to make payment arrangements. For your convenience customers can pay their bill online via the BTC website through EZPAYor by using the EZPAYkiosk located at BTC JFK. Customers are reminded that once services have been terminated their numbers may be reassigned to new customers, and a new security deposit and installation fee will be required when requesting new service. BTC is committed to serving its customers and thank all for their cooperation during this time.


VOLUME 15, NUMBER 7, APRIL 1st, 2007By Robert Wilson One may have thought the residents of Guana Cay had a touch of Spring Fever or just having a big celebration, but it was not the case when the Barefoot Man returned for his ninth concert at Nippers Bar & Grill. The cay residents welcomed vacationers and party goers from the surrounding islands and the U.S. for what has traditionally been a funfilled weekend. To avoid the annual boat-jam many of the party goers began arriving days in advance to take advantage of the nearby anchorages at Fishers Bay or to secure dockage at Orchid Bay. According to Steve Vasilaros and his partners at Grabbers at Sunset Beach, the weekend was a huge success. We did not want Barefoot Man Concert Overflows Nippers Prime Minister Commissions Sandy Point Airstrip LightsBy Tonia Ferguson The community of Sandy Point buzzed with anticipation on March 19 as news of the arrival of the countrys leader was due in that settlement. Announcements were made the day before, posters were placed at local offices and businesses and the school staff was notified in the hopes of the students attending what some considered a historic occasion. Cars lined the roadway like lamp poles as the locals gathered near the airstrip to witness the official commissioning of the lights on the airstrip. Students of the James A. Pinder Primary School and nearby settlement, Crossing Rocks Primary School, waited patiently for the arrival of the occasions guests, waving Bahamian flags in their hands. Just minutes before 6 p.m. the silence of the sky was awakened with the roar of two planes then it was evident that the guests of honour had arrived. Disembarking Please see South Page 13 The Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, the Hon. Glenys Hannah-Martin, and the Hon. Bradley Roberts were present at the commissioning of lights on the Sandy Point airstrip on March 19.Popular Free Concert Strains Guana Cays Capacity Please see Barefoot Man Page 2 Nippers attracted a sea of people gathered for the annual concert of George Nowak, aka the Barefoot Man, with his distinctive calypso style of music. Many of his songs are about Abaco places.Box Carts Race in Marsh HarbourThe first Marsh Harbour Box Cart Derby was held on March 24 on Stede Bonnet Road. The starting blocks have just been pulled and two carts got underway. Benefits from the event will go to the Every Child Counts school. Ten Haitians, two Bahamians and one Jamaican were captured in Sandy Point around 6 p.m. on April 7. The group was made up of five females and six males along with the two suspected smugglers, Labardo Smith and Jason Miller. The men stated that they were headed to Freeport when they ran out of fuel and docked in Sandy Point to refuel. A police officer noticed the boat was bow heavy. When he investigated, he discovered the immigrants on board. It is believed that the boat was from Nassau and was heading to the United States. According to the Immigration officer dealing with the case, Mr. Jerry Hutcheson, the eleven individuals were sent to Nassau the next morning, April 8, for further processing. Meanwhile, the Mr. Smith and Mr. Miller are facing charges and are due to appear at the Magistrates Court in Marsh Harbour on April 10.Two Bahamians were found with 11 illegal immigrantsBy Julian Lockhart After a successful performance at the Hope Town Box Cart Race in November 2006 Every Child Counts school decided to host its own box cart derby in Marsh Harbour on the Stede Bonnet Road on March 24. Only four carts entered the first ECC Box Cart race, but coordinator Liann Key Kaighlin said this is only the first of many to come, and it will grow in the years to come. Winning the race was the ECC Senior cart driven by Jermey Sawyer with a winning time of 23.29 seconds. Finishing second was Marco Dubreus with the ECC Junior team in a time of 23.45 seconds, with St. Francis de Sales, driven by Steven Pedican, finishing third in 25.47 and rounding out the competition was the Jib Room, driven by Dick Cunneen, with a time of 27 second. Every Child Counts wanted to give their Please see Box Carts Page 26 By Jennifer Hudson The seventh annual Friends of the Environments Reef Ball held on March 17 at the Abaco Beach Resort was A wonderful night and a great success, according to Executive Director of Friends, Lindsey Delaplaine. We were very pleased with theReef Ball Raises Funds for Education Please see Reef Ball Page 22 Barefoot Man


Page 2 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Phone: (242) 367-0365 Cell: (242) 357-6638 Fax: (242) 367-2365 Abaco, Bahamas Bill Thorndycraft & Sandra Evans A Sandra Evans Company BEST VALUE ON THE WATER! Protected Sea of Abaco dockage, beautiful views, three bed/ 2 bath, two story home, open great room, conservatory-style dining room, wrap-around porch, large deck, shade porch. Also adjacent 1 acre with 100 of water frontage. Offered separately or as one estate. $375,000 and $98,000 respectively. NEW! BAHAMA PALM SHORES: Direct beach frontage $125,000 & $225,000 NEW! BAHAMA PALM SHORES: Atlantic Ocean view $50,000 NEW! GREAT CISTERN CAY: 105 on the Sea of Abaco $195,000 LAST ONE! TURTLE ROCKS: 1 acre beachfront $208,500 P O Box AB 21027 Marsh Harbour Abaco, Bahamas Ph. 242-367-4962 E-mail: or Leslie Pinder Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed upstairs / 2 bath, fully furnished, swimming pool, tennis courts, security. $320,000 UNDER CONTRACT Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed / 2 bath, down stairs unit, overlooking Marsh Harbour, fully furnished, swimming pool, tennis courts, security. $320,000 EXCLUSIVE Pelican Shores 2 Prestigious WATERFRONT lots on Pelican shores with deep water frontage and street frontage, already cleared with high and flat elevation. Lots can be sold individually Lot 1 approx 10,000 sq. ft. $569,000 Lot 2 approx. 12,000 sq. ft. This lot includes an in-ground swimming pool with landscaped area. $699,000 EXCLUSIVE, Call for Additional Info HIGH ROCK Beautiful waterfront home 4 bed / 4 bath on two acres of nicely landscaped property, swimming pool, fully furnished, boat house and dock, fantastic views EXCLUSIVE Price upon inquiry P O Box AB 21027 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Telephone : 242-367-4962E-mail: or leslie@landandsearealty.comIf We Dont Have It, We Will Find It!HIGH ROCK 3 bed / 3 bath home, fantastic views of Marsh Harbour, Hope Town and Lub-bers Quarters, 2 car carport, central air, beautifully landscaped lot, Exclusive 1.08 acres, 50 ft. above sea level CALL for INFO EXCLUSIVEApril 1, 2007 High Rock Beautiful home 3 bed / 2 bath, furnished, family room, central air, over 2,000 sq. ft. EXCLUSIVE $710,000 Don MacKay Blvd. Prime commercial property downtown Marsh Harbour, approx 2.5 acres $2.3 million Exclusive Treasure Cay Carleton Landing Condos on the canal Call for info. Pelican Shores Elevated Lot on the Harbour. Great views Exclusive, Call for Info Bahama Palm Shores Lot in Section I Price $41,000 Regattas Units Rentals Daily, Weekly, Monthly to detract from Johnnys annual event, but a lot of folks appreciated the changes we have made, and it just made sense for us to join in the fun. Grabbers weekend was the biggest since their May 06 opening. Nightly performances by a talented Steel Daddy from Daytona Beach, Florida, was a welcomed addition for those filling the anchorage at Fishers Bay. The concert began at noon on Sunday; however. there were some that arrived at Nippers as early as 3:30 a.m. to reserve tables. To the amazement of everyone, there were more than 50 early risers sipping coffee and taking shifts guarding the premium spots by eight oclock. Among the early risers was the crew of the M/Y Rebecca They have made the trip for several years and continue to enjoy celebrating with friends and family, and passing out Mardi Gras beads to the concert crowd. As the yacht is currently undergoing a major refit in Savannah, Georgia, everyone was staying at Orchid Bay. The Barefoot Man Concert has become a tradition with the owner, said crew member Mary Beth Johnson, and its somewhat of a vacation for us as well. Though several of the local businesses decided to close, the Art Caf adjacent to the ferry dock was enjoying a capacity crowd. We had em waiting for an hour on Saturday, reported the owner. The cooks were so overwhelmed that we limited todays menu, and it has been much better; everyone got a seat and everyone got to the concert on time. The owner of one local business expressed some frustration indicating, the Nippers crowd is being picked up at the ferry dock and never gets a chance to stop at my shop. After a couple of hours he subsequently closed his shop and joined the crowd at Nippers. Most people arrived by the special ferries provided by Alburys Ferry. The new Abaco Ferry did a single morning trip and provided a late departure to Marsh Harbour for those staying late. A dive boat from Froggies arrived in time for the opening act with a 10 or more fans from Man-O-War and Hope Town and there was a continuous flow of others arriving in personal or boats rented for the occasion. George Nowak, a.k.a. The Barefoot Man, has been performing here for nine years, said Johnny Roberts, host of the Guana Cay event. He loves vacationing here, and he has reached a lot of people with his music. Before the show started, the Foot himself added, back home in the Caymans it is a nine to five job with my publishing and recording businesses, and I also do two nights a week at the Reef Resort hotel. Even before these concerts, I have been coming here for years. I just find it less busy. My mind just sort of opens up; and there are thousands of ideas and things to write and sing about. The Nippers Barefoot Man Concert is an experience to remember. With over 1000 attendees, there was not a lot of room to dance; but for those into people watching, it was, as usual, spectacular. The crowd enjoyed the opening performance by Stone McEwan, who has been absent from local venues this winter due to a broken hand. Equally as enjoyable was the Caribbean music duo, Sea n B, who accompany the Barefoot Man in the Caymans. It does not take a lot of time to appreciate Nowaks love of the area. He creatively incorporates the best of Abaco in his music. It only takes a quick listen to one of his CD recordings to recapture the charm of these islands. A casual bystander at this years concert commented, His new CD Thong Gone Wrong is the best ones yet! Everyone at Nippers had to appreciate the crowd, although it was not quite a large Barefoot ManFrom Page 1Concert at the beach gives tropical atmosphere Abaco Glass Company Abaco Glass Company Abaco Glass Company Abaco Glass Company Abaco Glass CompanyWindow Glass and Mirrors Cut and Installed Screens Made and Repaired Commercial Store Fronts Installed and ReplacedYale WindowsIn Marsh Harbour on Don MacKay Blvd. 367-2442Crowds attending the calypso concert at Nippers overflows through the town. At the concert there is barely standing room. The Barefoot Mans songs frequently feature Abaco themes. Please see Barefoot Man Page 12


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 3 B MARSH HARBOUR #3100WW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT Ten acre peninsula perfect for a marina or small development. Deep water with a dredged canal. $2,500, 242.367.5046 TILLOO CAY #2723 TILLOO DREAMYY YY YOUOU OUOU OU CC CC C AN AN AN AN AN TT TT T DUPLICDUPLIC DUPLICDUPLIC DUPLIC AA AA A TETE TETE TE THISTHIS THISTHIS THIS AA AA A TT TT T THISTHIS THISTHIS THIS PRICEPRICE PRICEPRICE PRICE 1 bed house with dock on the Sea of Abaco and access to the Atlantic. $300, 242.367.5046 TREASURE CAY #2516 CROSSWINDSSS SS SEAEA EAEA EA VV VV VIEWSIEWS IEWSIEWS IEWS 4 bed 3 bath 2,800 sq.ft. furnished family home with apartment, central A/C, generator. $820, 242.577.0298 TREASURE CAY #1660 SERENITY HOUSEBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT E E E E ESTST STST ST AA AA A TETE TETE TE 290 ft. of sandy beach, modern 2 storey, 4 bed 4.5 bath 5,600 sq.ft. home on 2 expansive lots. $5,200, 242.577.0298 TREASURE CAY #3079WW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT prime development. 4 acres, four 2 bed 2 bath cottages, pool. Potential as a marina /fishing lodge. $640, 242.577.0298 SUGAR LOAF CAY #2817 PARROT POINTWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT unique 4.96 acres, private marina, 2 bed 2 bath plus 1 bed 1 bath cottage. Electricity from mainland. $3,500, 242.362.4211 TILLOO CAY #2724 HUNKALOOSS SS SEAEA EAEA EA TT TT T OO OO O S S S S SEAEA EAEA EA with dock on the Sea of Abaco with a 2 bed 2 bath home plus guest cottage on 2+ acres. $995, 242.367.5046 TREASURE CAY #3073 MY ISLAND RETREATBB BB BEACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT EACHFRONT 4 bed, 3 bath retreat, cathedral ceilings, wraparound screened-in verandahs. Great views. $1,300, 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.comStan Sawyer c 242.577.0298 Laurie Schreiner t 242.367.5046 Kerry Sullivan t 242.366.0163 Jane Patterson t 242.366.056904-01-07GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR GREEN TUR TLE CATLE CA TLE CATLE CA TLE CA YY YY Y COCO BAY LOT #3031 $650,000. BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA CORAL ISLANDLot 58, Block 11, Subdivision 1. #3351 $24,000.Contact Stan Sawyer: 242.577.0298 TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA TREASURE CA YY YY YHome Sweet Home #3032 $250,000.Contact Stan Sawyer: 242.577.0298. CC CC CONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ONTINUED ININ ININ IN S S S S SECTIONECTION ECTIONECTION ECTION A, P A, P A, P A, P A, PAGEAGE AGEAGE AGE 3 3 3 3 3 MARSH HARBOUR #3467 ABACO HOUSEBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT VILLASVILLAS VILLASVILLAS VILLAS each with spacious fully air-conditioned 3 bed 2 bath. Great views from wide verandahs. $835, 242.366.2143 LUBBERS QUARTERS #1851 FLIP FLOPSBB BB BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT Very private beach house on 1.19 acres of lush, tropical foliage, sleeps 4 with p rivate dock and beach. $440, 242.367.5046 TILLOO CAY #3657 FARSIDEWW WW WAA AA A TERFRTERFR TERFRTERFR TERFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT the most unique and desirable property in Abaco. 5 bed 6 bath, hangar and docking for 80 ft. vessel. US$6,850, 242.367.5046 GREEN TURTLE CAY #3208 TURTLES NESTHH HH HARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT estate, cottage, dock, pool, 2.7 acres. $3,800,000. HH HH HARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT 2 bed 2 bath, 100 ft. dock permit. $950, 242.577.0298 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3546 LOT 10 OCEAN VIEWAA AA ATLANTICTLANTIC TLANTICTLANTIC TLANTIC WW WW WAA AA A TERTER TERTER TER VV VV VIEWSIEWS IEWSIEWS IEWS, beautiful elevation, beach access, fabulous surfing, perfcect location for island home. $140, 242.366.0163 MARSH HARBOUR #3248 VILLA ESPANOLATT TT TRR RR R OPICOPIC OPICOPIC OPIC ALAL ALAL AL 4 bed, 3 bath island home. Extreme privacy, yet close to town. Spacious formal dining room and kitchen. $1,200, 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.comPRICE REDUCED LUBBERS QUARTERS #3785 WILLS PLACE1 1 1 1 1 YY YY YEAREAR EAREAR EAR N N N N NEWEW EWEW EW 2 bed 2 bath home, with vaulted ceilings. Gourmet kitchen. 1,472 sq.ft. of deck and community dock. $520, 242.367.5046 GREEN TURTLE CAY #3031 COCO BAYHH HH HARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT ARBOURFRONT 115 ft. dredged cannel, 40 ft. dock. Close proximity to resorts and beach. Perfect home site. $650, 242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.comGREEN TURTLE CAY #3208 TRANQUILITYHH HH HARBOURFRARBOURFR ARBOURFRARBOURFR ARBOURFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT Two storey 2 bed 2 bath home with 925 sq.ft. storage. 100 ft. dock permit. Lot 15,000 sq. ft. plus. $950, 242.577.0298 NEW LISTING NEW LISTING ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3317 AUNT PATS BAYPP PP PANORAMIC ANORAMIC ANORAMIC ANORAMIC ANORAMIC WW WW WAA AA A TERTER TERTER TER VV VV VIEWSIEWS IEWSIEWS IEWS, superb elevation, deeded dockage in White Sound Harbour, 1/3 acre building site. $495, 242.366.0163 NEW LISTING NEW LISTING ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #2279NN NN NOROR OROR OR THTH THTH TH E E E E ENDND NDND ND B B B B BEAEA EAEA EA CHFRCHFR CHFRCHFR CHFR ONTONT ONTONT ONT L L L L LOO OO O TT TT T with 120 linear ft. of pink sand. Excellent swimming beach. Build your dream home! $675, 242.366.0163 ELBOW CAY l HOPE TOWN #3673 GREEN SHUTTERSHH HH HISTIST ISTIST IST ORICORIC ORICORIC ORIC 3 bed 2.5 bath saltbox cottage built in the late 1800s lovingly restored. Ocean beach a minute away. $695, 242.366.0569


Page 4 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007Treasure Cay Yard SaleBy Jennifer Hudson People flocked once again this year to the Treasure Cay Yard Sale on March 3 looking for bargains. This sale has become a tradition with bargain hunters every year as they know that there will be a huge variety of household goods, furniture, electronic equipment, large household appliances and knickknacks for sale. This year there was even a car for sale. People know that they must arrive early in order to get the best deals. But this year the people who arrived for the opening at nine oclock were met by people already walking away with the prime booty as the gates were opened an hour early to accommodate the huge numbers who had already gathered. However, there was still a great variety of interesting and useful articles to be had. All the volunteer salespeople were kept very busy and the bargain hunters seemed to be enjoying delving through the many treasures for sale. Proceeds from the sale assist the Treasury Cay Community Centre, Treasure Cay Primary School and Coopers Town Community Centre Bookworms enjoyed leafing through the hundreds of books which were for sale outside the library, glad to stock up on their reading material for the coming months or maybe even the year as there was such a huge selection. Inside the Community Centre building the Treasure Cay Art League staged a show of paintings which were also for sale. The Treasure Cay community consists of many artists, several of whom are members of the Art League who meet every Friday and who donated a large selection of their work for this their second annual art show. The previous evening an opening reception was held in the Community Centre attended by more than 100 people at which many paintings were sold. One half of the proceeds from the sale of the paintings went to the artists and the other half was donated to the causes listed above.North AbacoBy Vernique RussellAmbassador John Rood Visits North AbacoReading is the activity of translating letters into words and sentences that have meaning to the individual. The ultimate goal of reading is to be able to understand written material, to evaluate it and to use it for ones needs. With this in mind the American Ambassador to The Bahamas, Mr. John Rood, in partnership with President George Bush, launched a campaign to promote reading and its importance in every country where the U.S. has an Embassy. The Bahamas was indeed not left out as Ambassador Rood has been traveling the many islands of the Bahamas to sell the message that reading is important and essential in order to function in todays society. On March 23 the students of Treasure Cay Primary and Coopers Town Primary were paid an official visit from Ambassador John Rood and his guests. The beautiful ceremony that was held at the Full Gospel Assembly of God Church in Treasure Cay was a treat to all in attendance. The message throughout the service, whether it came across in a humorous manner, dance or song, was the same that reading is important. The students invited Ambassador Rood to sit back, relax and enjoy their show. Indeed, a show was delivered as students performed military marching drills, reading acrostic, skits, song and dance. The most memorable was the chant by students of Grades 1, 2, and 3 that Reading Rocks You During brief remarks the Administrator for North Abaco, Theophilus Cox, encouraged the students to travel the world through reading. The time had finally arrive for Ambassador John Rood to give his remarks and reading. He stated that as he travels from school to school, the performances gets better and better. The show that the students of Treasure Cay Primary and Coopers Town Primary put on was the best thus far. He encouraged the students to read daily and reminded them that reading id very important. He along with students read Martin Luther King a book that retells the struggle to freedom and equality. He presented books to both school libraries. Both schools presented him with a token of their appreciation.35th Annual TCPOA MeetingThe 35th Annual Meeting of the Treasure Cay Property Owners Associations was held on March 20th at the Community Center in Treasure Cay. This meeting is designed to address pressing situations within the community and see how best the residents can network to make their neighborNorth Abaco News Please see North Page 6 Mr. John Rood, US Ambassador to The Bahamas, visited with Treasure Cay and Coopers Town students on March 23. He encouraged them to read and he read with them one of the books he brought as a gift for the schools.Aisle of Palm Aisle of Palm Realty P.O.Box AB 20900, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas email: brent@aisleofpalmrealty.comPh: 242-367-0080 Fax: 242-367-0081 Brent Cartwright Maria Silvester Rhiannon ThomasWe are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honesty We are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honesty We are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honesty We are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honesty We are a small company, Big on SERVICE Based on Trust and Honestywebsite: website: website: website: website: www.aisleofpalmrealty.comMembers of Abaco MLS Kristin Williams1304 New Listing Yellowwood Large oceanfront lot close to Cherokee Sound and Winding Bay Aisle of Palm announces the opening of their new branch on Guana Cay. Rhiannon Thomas is the only licensed BREA agent residing full time on the island and will be managing the office there. Call her today at 3655003 for a list of available properties or email: 1180 Jaffa Fabulous three story home in The Great Abaco Club at The Abaco Beach Resort. Dock your yacht at your back door 1336 New Listing Ocean view home in Little Harbour with 1/1 master suite upstairs and 2/1 self contained unit downstairs. 1335 New Listing Ocean view cottage in Little Harbour 2/2 with spacious layout and great patios. 1208 Yellowwood Four hillside lots with great views. Close to Cherokee and The Abaco Club on Winding Bay 1337 New Listing 3/2 home on Guana. Bay and ocean access. Lovely interior 1260 Royal Harbour waterfront lot with excellent views and dock permit approved. 1307 Great Cistern 5 acre Prime waterfront property ideal for private estate or small development. Of fers a small beach and elevations of 50+. 1256 Guana Cay Great new price of $999,900 on a 3/2 beach front home with fantastic rental history 1320 Guana Hilltop Fabulous all around views from 55' elevated lot. Beach access only 300' away 1312 Summerwind Great buy on a 2/ 2 home with beach access on bay and ocean side. V iews of bay and ocean. Guana Cay Office1272 Bahama Palm Shores Beachfront lot.100 feet on spectacular beach. Regattas Penthouse 1344 3/3 in over 2400 sq. ft. S[acious open interior super master bath, wonderful kitchen, double patio and much more. GREAT PRICE Under Contract


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 5 B #1852$1,200,000Beautiful home overlooking the Sea of Abaco. Private dock permit already approved. Ideal family hideaway with access to the road to Cay and private water access. 2 of the 4 bedrooms have private quarters and bathrooms. Ideal for entertaining, there is a bar set into the living room and a cosy fireplace to enjoy on those cooler tropical evenings. Wraparound decks are the perfect spot to enjoy the stunning ocean view. # 1946$300,000Spectacular ocean views from this choice hilltop location. Ideal subdivision, on rapidly growing Elbow Cay, 15,190 sq. ft of lush terrain, this immense acreage will give a great return on investment. A must see, as this location is in great demand. #3263$375,00018th Century Historic Man O War Cottage Hilltop corner lot and is just a 2 min walk to the beach. This classic historic Loyalist cottage is complete w/ modern amenities including A/C and an updated kitchen, 2 bed, 1 bath and a loft that can accommodate up to 4 people or 6 kids. Excellent views of Man O War harbour. Room for futher development.West Wind White Sound Man O War Cay#3304 $179,900Dont miss this exciting new business opportunity. Part ownership for sale in the Port of Call Marina in Marsh Harbour. Conveniently located close to downtown in a busy tourist area. Call today to find out more! #3338 $385,0002 bed 2 bath one storey home with canal frontage. Hardy panel exterior, concrete base, very well constructed. The interior needs to be completed to the new owners specifications. Decking out back, very private. Brand new, never lived in. This is the Bone Fishing Capital of Abaco. NEW LISTING! #3339 $45,000This large lot is situated in a very nice neighbourhood and is very reasonably priced with much to offer. Approx. 9,000 sq. ft. this ideal family lot backs onto the golf course. Perfect for the single family home. All utilities are already in place. Must see to appreciate value!Marsh Harbour Casuarina Point#3391$299,000In the quaint settlement of Hope Town in the lane overlooking the Hope Town harbour behind the famous bakery of Vernons Grocery is a 100-year-old home that needs a handyman to bring it to life again. It is two floors and exterior wood is made of Abaco Pine.Treasure Cay Lot Hope TownAbaco Ocean Club 2 lots available each lot priced at $70,000. Only minutes from Marsh Harbour and Elbow Cay, there are two 80 x 125 choice lots available. Identical in size and price, both lots can boast picturesque sunsets and views of the Sea of Abaco. There is soon to be dockage close by. Roads are in great condition and this desirable location is walking distance from the local restaurant. Tahiti Beach is a skiff ride across. # 3456$180,000 Abaco Ocean Club Magnificient lot of 20,040 sq. ft. in an upcoming subdivision of Lubbers. Down the lane you can sit to watch the magical Bahamian sunset.Lubbers Quarters#3390 $100,000 Abaco Ocean Club Beautifully located vacant lot with a magnificient view of the Sea of Abaco and only steps away from the community dock. Ocean View Subdivision$300,000 Spectacular ocean views from this choice hilltop location. Ideal subdivision on rapidly growing Elbow Cay. 15,190 sq. ft. of lush terrain. A must see, as this location is in great demand.Lubbers Quarters Elbow Cay White Sound Alcantara I and Alcantara II are 2 4 bed, 4 bath homes built using the best craftsmanship. Elevated on very high solid concrete bases, overlooking the entire estate with an excellent view of the Bay of Abaco from the wrap-around porch. Alcantara I w/ pool $950,000, Alcantara II $890,000 The Main House on 2 levels is Ekali, a beautiful 3 bed, 3 bath house. The Guest Quarters boasts another 2 bed, 2 bath w/ full kitchen, open dining and sitting room. Just outside the lovely French doors on the sea side is a spacious deck. The existing 60 ft. dock is included with this property. $1,300,000 S et back on a hill Cashmere House is a unique 3 bed, 2 bath home that offers a view of the ocean from every room. This very attractive, well built home sits at the center of the estate and is constructed with aluminum and hurricane proof glass $998,000 Villa San Paulo is a spacious, beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath villa w/ wide, covered decks, ideal for entertaining, just 20 ft. from the sea. Includes a beautiful 27 ft. sea front swimming pool edging the sea w/ a cabana at one end. Stunning views. $1,600,000EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS


Page 6 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Seascape 3 BR 3 BA ocean front home on extra wide Windward Beach homesite. Garage and new furniture $1,620,000 NEW LISTING Twin Palms 3 BR 2 BA tropically decorated home with pool and dock on Brigadoon Bay. $870,000 UNDER CONTRACT Sea Cliff, 3 BR 3 BA luxury residence, within steps of beach, professionally decorated. $1,220,000 Mariners Cove 1509 Town House, 2 BR 1 1/ 2 BA, direct harbour view in desirable 1500 building. Fully furnished, includes garage. $365,000 NEW LISTING Royal Palm 2 BR, 2 BA Marina front condo, fully furnished, with boat slip. Tropical decor $575,000 Helen's Point, Galleon Bay Waterfront 4 BR, 3 BA Home, Sea of Abaco views $1,388,000 Beach Villa 685 2 BR, 2 BA, steps away from pool and beach $275,000 UNDER CONTRACT Razzall House, Treasure Cay Beach 4 BR, 3 BA Ocean front, fully furnished with excellent rental history. $1,735,000 Parker Place, Galleon Bay, spacious 4 BR waterfront home with beautiful Sea of Abaco views. $995,000.000 Treasure House, Ocean front 2 BR, 2 BA Island decor, top-sider villa overlooking gigantic lagoon pool $579,000 Royal Palm 2 BR 2 BA on marina with beautiful furnishings and boat slip. $562,000 Bahama Beach Club 3 BR, 3 BA $705,000 UNDER CONTRACT Anchorage Estates Lots 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 $834,949 UNDER CONTRACT John Cash, B.R.I., C.R.S. Licensed Real Estate Broker Certified Residential SpecialistPO Box 22212 Treasure Cay Abaco BahamasApril 1, 2007 Bahamas: 242-477-5056 USA: 843-278-0277 Fax: 242-365-8508 ... the battery with the lightning bolt of life!!!Automotive Batteries Gel Batteries High Reserve Capacity Batteries UPS Computer Batteries A/C Delco Marine Trojan Golf Cart 6 & 8V Truck / Tractor Diesel Marine Batteries DieselFULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR FULL ONE YEAR GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!! GUARANTEE!!(If an epic battery fails due to workmanship any time during that year, Epic would replace that battery free of charge!) DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE WE DONT PRO-RATE OUR WARRANTY ABACO EXPRESS YOUR PERSONAL MAIL PLANE YOUR CHARTERED SEAT YOUR CARGO PLANE PICK UP AND COURIER SER VICEPassengers / Freight / Mail to Abaco2532 Old Okeechobee Road Ste.11 West Palm Beach / Marsh Harbour email :abacoexppbi@bellsouth.netPh: 561-689-1010 Fax: 561-689-9454 Bah: 242-367-3450 Guana Freight Services Regular Freight Runs to Guana & Scotland Cay Monday thru Friday Charters & Water available on request Phone or Fax Rich or Melena at 242-365-5190 477-5292 375-8833 Great Guana Cay hoods safer, more efficient and stable for them, their children and their guests. At this years meeting the success thus far of the Security Gate was discussed. Members of the Association were informed that the security booth is now equipped with an infrared camera that has the ability to record license plates. Dewey Chase, a committee member with responsibilities for security affairs, encouraged members to be neighborhood watchmen and look out for each other. Also discussed were the plans for the Medical Emergency Services Building and Humane Society Center. Plans to upgrade and introduce new services at the Corbett Medical Center were introduced. Plans for the construction of the medical services building were brought up-to-date; a new board has taken over responsibilities for that division and is committed to getting to work right away. According to Betsy Bracey, Treasure Cay is among the few settlements that does not have any emergency equipment; and she and her team are dedicated to changing that in the very near future. The TCOPA Annual Community Award was presented to Mrs. Ann Smith for her unselfish and dedicated services to the community. Other persons who have received this prestigious award include Ron Wilson, Bill Hertz and the Laceys. A complete financial report was issued at the meeting.FNM Holds Prayer BreakfastUnder the theme Men Ought Always to Pray and Not to Faint the Free National Movement Abaco Branch hosted a Prayer Breakfast on March 24. Hundreds of FNM supporters from throughout the island gathered together and filled the Touch of Class Restaurant in Treasure Cay to pray for the Party Leader and Member of Parliament for North Abaco, the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, and our nation. Min. Eleanor Darville, during her exhortation, encouraged the North Abaco MP to serve with integrity and accountability. Mr. Edison Key, who is the FNM candidate for South Abaco, was in attendance and invited supporters to put to bed any doubt they may have about position and support in the FNM. He encouraged them to let go of their doubt for he is here to work for the people of South Abaco in sincerity. Mr. Ingraham in his remarks notified the supporters that there is a lot of propaganda being spread to discourage their confidence and create confusion but assured them that the party is united. He reminded supporters, especially those in North Abaco, that only they and the residents of Farm Road in Nassau have the privilege to elect, not just MPs, but Prime Ministers. However, he told the people that they will have to make sacrifices for he has a mandate to deliver the FNMs message to every constituency in this country. He will not be here as much as he or they would like him to be. As far as all the advertisements and accusations from the PLP, Mr. Ingraham said he does not count them enough to answer them. Also on hand for the Prayer Breakfast was Mr. C. A. Smith, National Campaign Manager for the FNM, and Mr. Robert Sweeting.Campaign Training SessionThe Free National Movement held a training seminar for members of the party who will be campaigning for the party in the upcoming election. Mr. C.A. Smith, National Party Campaign Manager, and Arthur Foulkes, Party Historian, along with the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, educated, informed and instructed excited supporters. They gave the supporters keys to successful campaigning. Supporters from throughout the island came to attend the session. The session was held at Full Gospel Assembly Fellowship Hall on March 24th.Citizens against crime is ready for actionCommunity-minded person held a town meeting at the Fox Town Primary School More North Abaco News NorthFrom Page 4 Please see North Page 8 Free National Movement supporters in North Abaco held a Prayer Breakfast at the Touch of Class Restaruarnt in Treasure Cay on March 24 to pray for their representative and for the country. The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham attended along with Mr. C.A. Smith, party campaign manager. They are shown conversing in the picture on the left.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 7 B Green Turtle Cay, Coco Bayvacant lot, beach access, 9000 sq.ft. -$89,000.00 (NEW LISTING) Green Turtle Cay, Island Reachvacant lot,16,390 sq.ft., 106 on Sea of Abaco, Beautiful views & sunsets. $450,000.00 (NEW LISTING) *Long Beachvacant lot,1/4 acre in size, beach access, $50,000.00 (REDUCED) Casuarina Pointvacant lot in quiet community, 10,000 sq.ft and situated across from the canal.-$80,000 *Sand Banks -Canal property, small home, mature fruit trees. Very private. Lots also available Call for details. *Bahama Coral Islandvacant property in Bahama Co ral Island, financing available-Call for details. April 1st 2007 .Bahama Palm Shores -#5670 3 bed, 4,876 sq ft island home on 2 acre lot with 220 of beachfront, generator and pool. $995,000.00Call Mailin .Green Turtle Cay-#5532-2 bed/2 bath beach house on Bita Bay. Central A/C, fully equipped kitchen & much more. Great rental history Offered at $995,000.00 Call Chris Yellowwood -#5427Incomplete 1bed/1bath home comprises 24,621 sq ft. Built of wood & durable cement siding. Great starter home! $135,000.00-Call Mailin Green Turtle Cay-1.6 acre beachfront lot located on the most beautiful beach on the island. Approx. 130 on the beach and 560 deep. $820,000.00 Call Chris .ManjackCay -10 acres sea to sea. Beautiful beachfront at both sides. & protected anchorage. Great development property Offered at $2,000,000.00 Call one of our agents today. .Man-O-War Cay # 5509 3bed/ 3bath, two story home near Atlantic Ocean. Upstairs loft, 17.5 KW generator, outdoor patios, basement,manicured lawn. $750,000.00-Call Mailin Chris Farrington, BRI Sales Associate Member of the Abaco Multiple Listing Service Green Turtle Cay, Abaco Ph# 242-365-4695 Lee Pinder Cherokee Sound, Abaco Ph# 242-366-2053 .Yellowwood Creek Two waterfront parcels currently available. Both parcels are just over an acre and sit directly on the rocky shoreline of the Atlantic. Lot #3 is offered at $312,000 and lot #4 is offered at $300,000. Adjoining Lot #3 is a hilltop lot that is approx 3/4 of an acre and looks out over the Atlantic. Offered at $195,000.00 These lots are all close to Winding Bay and Cherokee Sound. Leisure Lee-#5739 A lovely 3 bed, 2 bath canal front home. Features 57 dock and over 17,000 sq.ft of property. Common Beach Access $790,000.00-Call Mailin Turtle Rocks-Multi family lot, 27,507 sq.ft., power & cable to boundary, beach access, $85,000.00 Yellowwood-2H-# 548437,368 sq.ft., featuring 184 on the Atlantic rocky shoreline, minutes away from Cherokee Sound and Winding Bay. $265,000.00 Call Mailin .Bahama Palm Shores -#5742Beachfront lot 200 x 416 Offered at US$550,000.00 Or split lot in half 100 x 416 Offered at US$300,000.00 Call Mailin .Treasure Cay-#5740 Beachfront 2 bed/2bath villa with a "Lagoon" style swimming pool. Offered at $636,000 Call Chris. Mailin Sands Sales Associate Member of the Abaco Multiple Listing Service Marsh Harbour, Abaco Ph.# 242-367-2992 mailin@coldwellbankerbahamas.comGTC Beach House #57773 bed/3 bath w/ loft. 2 bed/1bath below. Wrap around porches, generator, water maker,central A/C. 1.6 acres. $1,850,000.00 Call Chris Lubbers-#5617-Vacant lot comprises 10,094 sq.ft and is one lot in from the Sea of Abaco. Offered at $99,500.00-Call Mailin .Green Turtle Cay, Big Bluff#5878 1/2 acre + waterfront lot, ideal lot for house & dock-Offered at $476,000.00-Call Chris NEW LISTING .Leisure Lee-#5366 This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is tucked away in Leisure Lee and offers privacy and tranquility. Features about 1,600 sq.ft of livi ng space. Also features his and hers closets and a spacious en suite master bath. Open floor plan makes it easy and fun for entertaining fam ily and friends. The large wrap around screened in porch adds charm and makes outdoor entertaining easy as you enjoy the gentle island breezes. Community beach access is only minutes away. Why rent when you can own your own home?! -Call Mailin Your Paradise Awaits You4.673 acre property comprises approx. 600 ft of harbour front in the prestigious Pelican Shores area and features a deep water dock. The 2-bed, 1.5-bath Pascoe House has 2,500 sq ft of living space with the living room and patio commanding gorgeous harbour views.The property includes a 2 bed/2 bath guest cottage with porch, a 1 bed/1 bath cottage, dock house, one car garage and generator house. Beautifully landscaped garden. Admired by many, but can be owned by you! US$4,500,000-Call Mailin Bahama Palm ShoresVacant lot, approx. 1/4 acre in size, two blocks from the beach. $30,000.00 Call Lee Two side by side vacant lots, $30,000.00 each-Call MailinUNDER CONTRACT EXCLUSIVECasuarina PointThis CBS 3 bedroom 2 bath home features 1,600 sq.ft of living space. It was built in 1999 and very well-kept. Located across from the community boat ramp. Also features 1x 6 v.joint cypress ceilings, ceramic tiles and utility room. Being sold furnished. Priced to sell! $299,000 Call Mailin REDUCED NEW PRICE


Page 8 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Marsh Harbour Contact Ph: (242) 367-2653 367-0364 367-5642 Fax Government Dock Marsh Harbour, Abaco Palm Beach Contact Ph: (561) 844-5387 M/V Legacy c/o Palm Beach Steamship 158 B East Port Road Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Nassau Contact (242) 393-4371 393-3829 394-7529 Fax 394-0057 Western End Potters Cay Dock Nassau, New ProvidenceServing Marsh Harbour Weekly with Freight Service from Nassau and Palm BeachLEGEND Loading Monday in Palm Beach Arriving Tuesday in Marsh Harbour LEGACY Loading Tuesday in Nassau Arriving Wednesday in Marsh Harbour Leaving Thursday for Nassau Both ships serving Green Turtle Cay Charter freight stops en route on requestDeans Shipping CoDeans Shipping office at the Marsh Harbour dock M/V LEGEND M/V LEGACY Frank Knowles Hope Town 242-375-8655 Donna Darville Marsh Harbour 242-367-SOLD (7653)The Abaco Real Estate Specialists! frank@paradisebahamas.comFeatured Properties Triplex in town, walking distance to restaurants, shops. Immaculate condition. All units rented. REDUCED from $465,000 to $405,000 Exclusive LOTS Long Beach minutes to beach $36,000 Gilpin Point beach access for all lots, half acre, each starting at $35,000 Bahama Coral Island Interior lot $18,000 SOLD Bahama Coral Island sea view, lot walking distance to beach $30,000 Shop our lisings online on November 30 to address the social ills that are bombarding the communities in Little Abaco. Though the meeting was poorly attended by residents, it was very successful as those in attendance put their heads together and try to find solutions for these ills. Major concerns of residents at that time included the massive increase in crime especially drugs, gambling, molestation and the lack of activities for the young people in Little Abaco. Today almost four months since that initial meeting, Citizens Against Crime is prepared to do whatever it takes to prevent the little crimes that exists in the Little Abaco area from escalating into greater crimes. They have taken the initiative to put measures into place to prevent Little Abaco from becoming a haven for crime. The committee held a basketball weekend bash that provided young men throughout the settlements that make up Little Abaco with some recreational activities. The basketball tournament was very successful and organizers were quite pleased with the turnout. The committee is calling on residents in Little Abaco to work together to safeguard the communities. Realizing that it takes the effort of the entire village to unite and kill the disease called crime, committee executives are calling on residents to do their part and be cooperative in any way possible. Their goal is make Little Abaco a safe and peaceful haven for all its residents once again.BTVI Follow UpThis is the last opportunity for persons interested in Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute classes being offered here in the North. While many persons have expressed interest and are awaiting the start of these classes, we are giving those who have not yet joined an opportunity to come forth. From the initial conversation with Mr. Fred Delancy, who is responsible for BTVI Northern Bahamas, assessment is still being conducted. Persons who are interested can still sign up to be enrolled when classes begin. Presently, there is a great demand for courses in Computers, Nail Technology, Intro to Computers, Tile Laying and Office Base Training Classes. However, other areas have not been ruled out. We need a minimum of eight person to offer any class. Students that are anticipating enrolling in the classes are required to pay a fee of $250 prior to classes and a registration fee of $100. Students will also be responsible for their books and supplies. If you are in the North Abaco area and have interest in any course that is available through BTVI, please contact myself, Vernique Russell, at 365-8720 or 442-0019 as soon as possible. If you are interested in a course that has not been listed, dont hesitate to contact me. This is a great opportunity and be sure to reserve your seat when classes begin.Making A DifferenceTo touch a heart and change a life is the most rewarding gift one can give to another. The work and service of Mrs. Ann Smith has demonstrated the above and is an example to us all. Mrs. Smith has dedicated her time and effort to the children of the Treasure Cay Primary School. She has committed herself to the promotion of literacy. She along with other home-owners have donated books that successfully opened the For the Love of Reading Library at the school. She has launched an active art program that the kids are able to participate in three days a week. Mrs. Smith has successfully hosted art shows and reading sessions. She was instrumental in launching the lunch program for students whose parents cannot afford to provide lunch for them for the past year. She continues to demonstrate what community citizenship is all about. Mrs. Smith is the recipient of the eighth TCPOA Community Service Award and was well deserv ing of it, for the life she leads speaks for her. The community of Treasure Cay along with the Treasure Cay Primary School expresses sincere thanks for the work she has done. Thank you!School NewsSherlin Bootle Anchor Club attends conferenceDuring the month of March members of Anchor Clubs from New Providence, Abaco and Grand Bahama gathered in Freeport for a weekend of activities. The fun-filled weekend included a conference, fun night out and a church service. The purpose of this weekend was to unite Anchors together as a body and to address pressing issues that these young people are faced with daily. Among this group of Anchors were the members from the Sherlin Bootle High School. Under the theme Celebrating Anchors in Biblical Times the Bahamas District of Anchors and their leaders were treated to pep talks on subjects such as Your Body Is More North Abaco News NorthFrom Page 6 Please see North Page 9 Mrs. Ann Smith


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 9 B Sales Team of Ed & Cindy Newell James Moir BrokerABACO ESTATE SERVICESREAL ESTATE SALES VACATION RENTALSPrime Real Estate Listings Throughout AbacoMembers Bahamas Real Estate AssociationWe Exceed Client Expectations!Phone: (242) 365.8752 Cell: (242) 577.6570 www.abacoestateservices.comTREASURE CAY (Ref #483) Elegant & luxurious 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath Ocean Blvd. Estate approx. 6,900 s/f, on 1.6 acres with 153 on the beach, landscaped, fully furnished, high ceilings, marble floors, 2 car garage, includes vehicles. $4,900,000. Tradewinds (Ref # 589) Luxurious 1 acre beachfront estate 4 bedroom 3.5 bath main house on T.C. point beach plus 3 bedroom 3 bath 2 storey guest house. Spectacular views, superior architectural design and finishes throughout, fully furnished $4,575,000. "Peace & Plenty" (Ref #503) Splendid 7 bedroom, 4.5 bath 2 storey, fully furnished Ocean Blvd beachfront estate, situated on 1.453 superbly landscaped acres with 163 feet of spectacular beach frontage, magnificent views, covered balconies, superior finishes, guest cottage, ideal location with privacy. $3,800,000. "Trident House" (Ref #317) Superb 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath fully furnished beach front home, 3,500 square feet, sensational beach & ocean views, many extras $2,500,000. (Ref #601) Canal front 2 storey 5,500 s/f 6 bedrooms, 4.5 bath private home on large property, 100 private dock, 6 depth. Recently renovated, fully furnished, four car garage. $2,625,000. Treasure Landings (Ref #600) Newly constructed 3 be d, 2 bath, 1,300s/f luxury condominiums, close to beach, marina, restaurants & shops. Superior finished, fully furnished. $495,000. Financing Available Brigantine Beach Condo (Ref #369) 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath bath townhouse with ocean views just steps from the beach, furnished, rental history $458,000. Beach Villa 506 (Ref #636) 2 bed, 2bath garden view v illa, completely renovated in 2005, all new furnishings & appliances. 1,250 s/f. Ideal rental property. $435,000. ReducedApril 1, 2007(Ref #454) 2 bedroom, 1 bath fully furnished, two level poolside unit within view of Treasure Cay Marina and just a 5 minute walk from the Treasure Cay Beach. Can be combined with listing #455 to make a 3 bed/2bath with open living area. $317,900. (Ref #655) Fully furnished 2 bed, 1 bath end unit overlooking marina/harbour. Complex offers pool and tennis courts, close to beach, restaurant and shops: $317,900. (Ref #455) 1 bed, 1 bath fully furnished ground floor poolside unit. Mariners Cove offers pool, tennis courts, laundry facilities, on site management, good rental potential. $200,000. Flamingo Drive Lot 66 (Ref #558) Large residential lot situated on a quiet Flamingo Drive cul-de-sac, an ideal home building site, all utilities, including electricity, water, telephone, Cable TV & DSL access available at the lot line. $66,000. Residential Inland Lot (Ref #442) Choice residential lot on paved Flamingo Drive, located just one block from Ocean Blvd.10,000 s/f & 80 on the road. All utilities are available at the property boundary, including TV & DSL. $45,000. Golf Course Ar ea Corner Lot (Ref #559) Oversized corner lot # 7 offering paved street frontage on two sides, plus all utilities at lot line, enjoy the solitude & greenery of the golf course, just a few hundred feet away. $49,500. Beach V illa 504 A & B (Ref # 743) Two 1 bedroom 1 bath adjoining Garden Villas, each with full kitchen and living, excellent rental history as individual or combined units. Sold Together, furnished, turn key $380,000. Galleon Bay Home (Ref # 745) 3 bedroom 2 bath single story 1,550 s/f canal front home, fully furnished, located on elevated landscaped lot, car port and garage, deep water dock with boat lift, includes Van and golf cart. $1,148,000. Canal Lot 206 (Ref #597) Cleared 11,242 s/f lot with 171 feet of bullheaded seawall, views of Treasure Cay and the Sea of Abaco. All utilities available. $265,000. Elevated Canal Lot (Ref #704) Located on deep water canal with 104 of protected frontage, 10,400 s/f, all ut ilities available, near beach access, quiet residential community. $299,000. LITTLE HARBOUR (Ref #347) 2.2 acres, sea to sea, total 280' water frontage, ideal for boat dockage in protected Little Harbour, large natural cave. Reduced Price $608,000. TURTLE ROCKS (Ref #361) 3 bedroom 2.5 bath beach front home built in 2000 on 1.18 acres with 102 on the beach, very private area, fully furnished. $755,000. GUANA CAY (Ref#368) 2 adjoining lots, harbour front road location, across from the public dock, total frontage 161 feet, MARSH HARBOUR (Ref#493) Select residential lot in Great Abaco Club, 7,750 sq. f t. in size, finger dock for 25 vessel, direct access to Sea of Abaco, gated community, all utilities available, use of all resort amenities, close to restaurants, shops, etc Reduced $395,000. GREEN TURTLE CAY Beau Soleil (Ref#662) Beautiful 4 bed 5 bath Beachfront Estate Main H ouse, Guest House and Apt. total 3,634 s/f on 0.878 acres on White Sound with 120 dock, fresh water pool 173 beach frontage, great elevation, magnificent views, furnished. $2,975,000. (Main House & Apt. also available separately) Oceanview Home (Ref#693) Newly built 4 bed, 2.5 bath, fully furnished 2 storey c olonial style, 3,000 s/f + 300 s/f covered porches, residential neighborhood, beach access, large lot, ocean views. $778,000. Sea View Elevated Lot (Ref#684) Hilltop 0.405 acre parcel in planned residential c ommunity of Island Reach, perched high on White Sound Bluff, one of the highest elevations on Green Turtle Cay, over looking the Sea of Abaco, $725,000. BAHAMA PALM SHORES ABACO CLUB AT WINDING BAY (Ref#727) Spectacular 1.1 acre estate lot overlooking the 18th hole with superb elevation & magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean. Easy access to the clubhouse and amenities. $3,015,000. Just Off The Beach (Ref # 771)Attractive, fully furnished, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,244 sq. ft. home just one block from Treasure Cay Beach $345,000. Joe's Creek Vicinity Lot 15 ( Ref# 567) 2.139 acres on highway with 50 ft. elevated ridge & 956' depth. Ideal for private residence or small subdivision, electricity & telephone available. $149,700. Canal Front Home ( Ref # 124) 2 bedroom 2 bath fully furnished home, open living/kitchen. 50' bulkhead & dock on deep water protected canal, includes vehicle, close to beach. Reduced Price $348,000. Atlantic Oceanfront Parcel (Ref#746) Approx. 1 acre residential parcel with 154' of el evated shoreline on Atlantic Ocean, near Orchid Bay community, great ocean views. $395,000. Windward Beach New Home (Ref# 780) 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,500 sq. ft. new home with 106' of seawalled sandy beachfront, steps to beach and sensational Sea of Abaco views. $1,150,000. Beach Lot (Ref # 590) Located on Leeward Beach near the T.C. Point with 136 of fabulous beach frontage, views of Green Turtle Cay, total of 28,700 s/f, ready for construction, all utilities available, quiet & secluded Cul de saq. $1,330,000. Ocean Blvd. Beach Lot (Ref # 585) Prime location with 140ft on magnificent beach, total of 1.37 acres, partially cleared, all amenities at lot line. $1,215,000. Restaurant For Sale ( Ref # 781) Fully equipped & furnished 2,818 sq. ft. restaurant located at Treasure Cay highway interection. Situated on 26,136 sq. ft. parcel. Seating capacity of approx. 70. Great location catering to Treasure Cay community. $517,000. Lot # 2 "Argyll House" "Final Approach" Beach Villa 507 (Ref # 782) Newly renovated, 2 bed, 2 bath villa. 1,150 s/f tastefully furnished, plus 592 s/f exterior patios. Many extras, 5 minute walk to beach, close to marina, shops and golf course. $490,000.Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime proper ties throughout Abaco No Problem (Ref #718) 2 bedroom 2 bath V illa, fully furnished, close tobeach, shops, restaurants & marina, furnished, screened lanai,extra storage, central A/C. $399,000. Two Bedroom Mariner's Cove Mariner's Cove Unit 1401 One Bedroom Mariner's Cove Treasure Cay Beach Lot (Ref # 654) Prime elevated parcel of 12,800 s/f with 118' of pristine beach frontage in protected cove. Fully cleared, all utilities available, superior sea views. $1,480,000. Gal leon Bay Canal Lot (Ref #422) Prime Canal Front cleared lot totaling 10,295 s/f and88+ feet of protected canal water frontage situated on the wideexpanse of pictureque Galleon Bay, quick access to the Sea ofAbaco. $350,000. LEISURE LEE "Double Eagle" (Ref # 757) 3 bed, 3 bath, plus loft, fully furnished home on 11,619 s/f canal front parcel. 95' sea wall, 68' fully serviced, deep water dock. 2,500 s/f living space, recently renovated. Underground utilities. 250' from beach access. $776,000. Waterfront Property "Turtle's Rock" Two Commercial Lots Lot # 8: $299,000. Lot # 9: $349,000. Sea View Lot with Dockage Atlantic Ocean Beach Front Parcel (Ref # 714) 45,343 s/f parcel with 100' beach frontage on fantastic 8 mile beach. Electricity available at road boundary. Ideal for permanent residence or vacation home. $349,000. Inland Lot Near Beach (Ref # 756) Large 13,000 s/f lot near white sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches, native vegetation, Good road access. $38,000. the Temple of the Lord Crime that young people are attracted to and Personal Etiquette The Anchors enjoyed an award ceremony, evening dinner, bowling and a church service among other activities. The Anchor Club is the junior wing of the Pilot Club International and its mission is to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the world.Students show art workThe students of Treasure Cay Primary under the direction of Mrs. Ann Smith held a successful Art Show on March 23 at the Community Center in Treasure Cay. Original pieces of art drawn by the students were on display and for sale. Proceeds from the event go toward the purchase of supplies and equipment.Church NewsSoul Saving Ministries held revivalSoul Saving Ministries International held three nights of revival services at the Hubert Ingraham Park in Coopers Town during March 14-16. This mid-week revival featured speakers such as host Pastor Lawrence Arnett, Min. Marvin Mills and more. Pastor Arnette and his team sought to provide hope through Jesus for this day and time that were living in. The revival received good response from the residents. Soul Saving Ministries is located in Dundas Town and the pastor and members are committed to preaching the Word of the Lord.Fun, run, and walkThe Anglican Parishes in North Abaco hosted a Fun, Run and Walk Day on March 31st. This event included a bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon and run-a-thon. The starting point was the St. Simon by the Sea Anglican Parish in Treasure Cay and to the Point Site in Treasure Cay and back to the church. There were prizes for the first place runner, walker and rider. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Parish edifice in Green Turtle Cay. More North Abaco News NorthFrom Page 8 Please see North Page 10


Page 10 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007Multiple Listing System What is MLS?A Multiple Listing System (MLS) allows participating Realtors to place their sellers homes on a database providing information to other licensed Realtors about these listings. This is greatly beneficial to the Seller as it is great exposure for your property. The MLS is quite important to the buyer as well. If your Realtor is a participating member of the MLS and is searching for suitable properties for you, this system is the best tool because your Realtor will have access to all properties listed by other members. Whether buying or selling make sure your Realtor is a member of the Multiple Listing Service of the Bahamas Real Estate Association, Abaco Chapter! The first MLS service in The Bahamas was launched on Abaco on October 1st and, to date, the participating members are: Chris PlummerAbaco Cays Realty Cindy NewellAbaco Estate Services Ed Newell Abaco Estate Services Bill ThompsonAbaco Real Estate Elaine ThompsonAbaco Real Estate Sandra EvansAbaco Waterfront Properties Bill ThorndycraftAbaco Waterfront Properties Brent CartwrightAisle of Palm Realty Maria SilvesterAisle of Palm Realty Rhiannon ThomasAisle of Palm Realty Chris RobertsBahamas Realty Abaco Molly RobertsBahamas Realty Abaco Chris FarringtonColdwell Banker Mailin SandsColdwell Banker Jane PattersonDamianos Sothebys Intl. Realty Laurie SchreinerDamianos Sothebys Intl. Realty Stan Sawyer Damianos Sothebys Intl. Realty Kerry SullivanDamianos Sothebys Intl. Realty Donna Rees Era Dupuch Real Estate James Rees Era Dupuch Real Estate June RussellGraham Real Estate Neil Aberle H.G. Christie Ltd Kathleen AlburyH.G. Christie Ltd John ChristieH.G. Christie Ltd Dwayne WallasH.G. Christie Ltd John Cash John Cash Realty (Ruth) Anne AlburyTreasure Cay Real Estate Everett PinderTreasure Cay Real Estate Marcellus RobertsTreasure Cay Real EstateAbaco Chapter The Bahamas Real Estate Association is a private charter plane company providing safe, reliable transportation to and from the islands of the Bahamas and southeastern Florida.has opened its new facility at the Marsh Harbour International Airport. We are a full service FBO with Customs, Immigration, Fuel, VIP Lounge and many other five star services. We handle all your aircraft ground handling service needs the way you want. CHEROKEE AVIATION Tel.# 242-367-0525 Fax.# 242-367-0526 VHF 122.80P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Email : fboinfo@cherokeeair.comCHEROKEE AIR Tel.# 242-3673450 Fax.# 242-3673451P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Email : info@cherokeeair.comCherokee Air Cherokee Aviation ... the Far East has come to us..INDONESIAN FURNITURELocated on Queen Elizabeth the new two storey yellow building next to the fire station.Tel: (242) 367-0521Experience the beauty of Tahiti... ....with exotic pieces to decorate your home.Come in visit Abacos newest furniture store!Family fair driveThe Church of God Cathedral in Coopers Town is making preparation to move into its new edifice on the South Side. Progress on the completion of the edifice is moving along quite smoothly and Bishop Archilus Cooper and his members are working toMore North Abaco Newsward having the sanctuary completed before the end of this year. In an effort to defray expenses, the church body will host a Family Fair Drive on April 1st, 2007. This event will take place at the church grounds in Coopers Town and will begin at 10 in the morning. At this time donations will be excepted toward the building funds.Church fun dayFriendship Mission of Coopers Town will be hosting a Grand Fun Day at the church grounds on April 9th withe lots of food, games and activities. This fund raiser is in aid of the church building funds. The venue for the event is the church grounds in Coopers Town. The public is invited.Ordination and installationThey said I wouldnt make it, but I am still holding onto Gods hand, was the cry of Pastor Bridgette Mills, who was ordained on March 26th at the Cities of Refuge church in Treasure Cay. Reflecting on the hardship that the road to the event had brought, Pastor Mills declared, It NorthFrom Page 9 wasnt easy but, indeed, it was worth it. Pastor Mills was ordained by Pastor Charlene Duncombe of Healing Hands Ministry in Nassau and now is fully orgained to proclaim the Word of the Lord. Members and followers of Pastor Mills came from near and far to celebrate with her. Pastor Mills is ready to do the work of Him who sent her. Congratulations to Pastor Mills.City of Refuge offers hopeOften we attend church services with our hearts and we leave the same way. We are left to question the life of Gods vessel, wondering if the power of God that heals the sick and cures the lame is real. Though it may seem that the Bible is a mere book of fairy tales when compared to times we are presenting living, it is reassuring to know that Pastor Bridgette Mills of City of Refuge stands firm ready to declare that God is still in the miracle-working business. The power and anointing of God that is at work in her life gives one hope and strength for whatever situations and circumstances their going through. A welcome is extended to all to visit the City of Refuge Restoration Center located in Treasure Cay in the Brent Lowe Plaza.RevivalThese signs shall follow them that believe, they shall cast out demons in my name, lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. These signs were evident at Cities of Refuge Ministries during the week of March 26-30. The revival and restoration began with the ordination and installation of Pastor Bridgette Mills and continued through with healing and breakthrough services for the remainder of the week. Pastor Charlene Duncombe delivered the Word of God and ministered through prophecy. The dynamic team that travelled along with her demonstrated that God is indeed in the healing business.Full Gospel Mens ConferenceThe Path of an Approved Servant in a Day of Apostasy was the theme for Full Gospel Mens Ministry Conference 2007 during the week of March 28-April 1st. It was under the leadership of Min. Cutis Cooper and was held at the church in Treasure Cay. Men from throughout the island came together and united in worship and praise. Pastor Alexander Archer of Latter Rain Ministries in Dundas Town was the guest Please see North Page 11 An early afternoon caller on March 4 informed Diane Claridge that dolphins were stranded in Treasure Cay. Ms. Claridge along with her assistants, Kiya Gornik and Edward Adderley, arrived at the northern end of an isolated beach in Treasure Cay to discover two male dolphins. Upon observation Ms. Claridge noted that the dolphins had been dead approximately 12 hours. Their bodies showed no indications to the cause of death. However, it was stated that it was peculiar that both their bodies were lean. To determine the cause of death, each animal underwent a necropsy an examination and dissection of an animal after death to determine the cause of death. Ms. Claridge is one of the scientists at the Bahamas Marine Mammal Survey based in Sandy Point that is undertaking a long-term study documenting the occurrence, distribution and abundance of marine mammals in the Bahamas.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 11 BLEEWARD BEACH ESTATE Trident/Turquoise Seas You cannot be more on the beach than in this special home. Offering 3 bed / 3 1/2 bath in the main house with detached garage / bed / bath / attic plus storage. Vast deck oceanside with widows walk. WOW! MLS $2,500,000 + 7.5% closing Cross Winds Split level CBS home extra large lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private. Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2 bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/ dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1bed/ 1 bed, living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus! Plus! MLS $820,000 + 7.5% closing WINDWARD BEACH ESTATES Dream Point Special CBS split level home located on a corner lot near The Point with two choices of direct beach access. Upper level has master bedroom with ensuite bath plus two guest bdrooms and bath. On the split level there is the main entry into a large open living/dining area, modern well-equipped kitchen. All rooms open onto a wrap-around partially covered deck overlooking the garden. Ground level has an extra large garage/ workshop with lots of storage. EXC. $996,300 FGS ROCK POINT Pilot House special unique location with a commanding, enviable view of the Sea of Abaco. Water front home, 2 storey, CBS/ frame. Upstairs master and guest bed, 2 baths, large living/ dinning/ open kitchen; lower level 1bed / 1 bath, 2 car garage plus 1 car/boat garage. MLS $1,160,000 + 7.5% closing Apartment four-plex, 2 storey CBS building, each level has 2 full apartments with 2 bed, 1 bath, living/dining/kitchen. Great rental investment. MUST SEE! EXC. $400,000 FGS Brokers Anne Albury Marcellus Roberts Sales Associate Everett Pinder(242) 365-8538 Ph (242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay SpecialistsTreasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches, Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We not only sell here, we live here and love it.Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas E-mail: info@treasurecayrealestate.comMember NEW STORAGE UNITS, centrally located in Treasure Cay town centre. Storage units come inassorted sizes for boats, cars, golf carts and stuff. EXC. Starting at $25,000 FGS CONDOMIUM DEVELOPMENTS 1. CARLETON LANDING Newest opportunity Canal front condo and cottage units with available boat slips Starting at $680,000 +14%closing 2. PALM BAY Townhouse units in protected harbour with boat slips Phase One SOLD OUT Phase Two COMING SOON 3. THE COTTAGES Now the newest oceanfront development on Treasure Cay beach com prising individual luxury units Starting at $750,000 + 14% closing 4. BAHAMA BEACH CLUB Luxury condominium project on Treasure Cay Beach. 3 bed / 3 bath / Den / Lanai / onsite pool and many other features Starting at $825,000 Plus 14% closing 5. ROYAL POINCIANA TOWNHOUSES with onsite pool and tennis, newly completed luxury townhouse units directly on Treaure Cay Beach totalling 3 bed/ 4 1/2 baths plus loft bedroom/ den Ground floor garage, 2 bed/ 2 bath with ocean front patio First floor open concept living / dining/ kitchen plus master bedrom suite, all ocean views with patio/ balcony Loft bedroom/ den with ocean view $1908,000 + 14% Closing MARINERS COVE Townhouse condos with on-site tennis and heated pool Marina view, 2 bed/ 1 1/2 bath, fully fur nished, never rented, extra feathures. MUST SEE EXC $351,000 + 7.5% closing TREASURE LANDING Unit #4 Upstairs 3 bed/2bath fully furnished, direct beach access. EXC. $514,250 FGS ROYAL PALM Canal Front Condos with on-site Tennis and Pool 2 bed / 2 bath lower unit, 16 wide slip, includes golf cart and 22 boat EXC. $553,500 FGS TREASURE HOUSE Ocean front luxury octagonal units with lagoon/ pool/waterfall. Good rental potential. Unit #7 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home. MLS $636,000 + 7.5% closing Unit #9 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home MLS $575,000 + 7.5% closing BAHAMA BEACH CLUB Resale condos available in first completed project. Ready to go. Both units never rented but definite potential. MUST SEE PROPERTIES. Upstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den / op tional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully furnished. EXC. $882,000 FGS Downstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den/ optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully furnished with many extra features including garage and Ford Taurus $1,002,000 FGS ATLANTIS Canal Front Condos with on-site Pool Bldg 1 Lower unit 2 bed / 2 bath, 15 wide boat slip, includes car. Newly decroated. MUST SEE EXC. $500,000 FGS Bldg 4 Downstaris end unit 2 bed / 2 bath, totally redone, 12 wide slip EXC. $435,600 FGS SAND DOLLAR Unit #3 Ocean front, downstairs 2 bed/2 bath, fully furnished. $640,000 FGS ROYAL POINCIANA Ocean Front Condos with on site pool and tennis 2 bed / 2 bath downstairs end unit with wrap-around deck. Never rented. Fully and tastefully furnished. Special must see unit. EXC. $665,500 FGS OCEAN VILLA SUBDIVISION Special garden location near pool, 2 bed / 2 bath. Great rental unit with many repeat guests EXC.$369,000 FGS Second row beach with direct ocean access. Great view. 2 bed / 2 bath, many special features. MUST SEE EXC. $553,500 FGS SANDPIPER BEACH Lacey Daze Spectacular 4 bed/ 3 1/2 bath CBS home with panoramic ocean views and direct beach access from every room but one via decks and patios. The main house has living/ dining/ kitchen/ master bedroom suite, two guest bedrooms with bath, powder room, double garage and utility/ workshop area. Included with its own entrance is a private 1 bedroom/ 1 bath apartment with an open living/ dining/ kitchen with its own deck. Many features. MUST SEE. EXC. $2,220,000 FGS GALLEON BAY DRIVE Gramling House newly built, 2 storey home located on Galleon Bay canal with a 45 dock. Upper level has 4 bed/ 2 bath. Open living/ dining/ kitchen. Lower level has 2 bed/ 1 bath, laundry room plus covered open boat/ car storage EXC $907,500 FGSFor details and pictures visit our web page at http://www.treasurecayrealestate.comVACANT LOTS AVAILABLE Ocean front properties Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd. Sand Piper Beach Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 FGS Canal Front Beginning at $290,950 FGS Rock Point Waterfront, bulkheaded Beginning at $293,225 FGS Golf Course / Interior Beginning at $60,000 FGS ABBREVIATION CODE EXC Exclusive listing FGS Full gross or all-inclusive price MLS Multiple Listing List price plus buyers closing UNDER CONTRACT UNDER CONTRACTspeak on Wednesday. On Thursday night Bishop Burnell Parker of Revival Time Pentecostal Church of God, Crown Haven, delivered the Word. Friday night Apostle Raymond Wells of Living Waters Kingdom Ministries in Nassau brought the Word. The services climaxed with Bishop Washington William of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama as the guest speaker. Conference 2007 was a great time for fellowship in the Lord, a time to be encouraged, restored and revived.Concert will raise fundsThe Christian church throughout the island of Abaco will unite on April 14 at Open Door Ministries in Fox Town to raise funds to assist a fellow brother, Pastor Gibson, to be used toward building his church. There will be a concert held at Open Gates MinisNorthFrom Page 10 Please see North Page 12 More North Abaco News


Page 12 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007tries where local choirs, dance teams and praise and worship teams will be performing. The public is invited. Business NewsCar lot coming soonIf you travel along the Sherlin Bootle Highway towards Blackwood, you would notice that Crown Land that was acquired by the local residents is now being cleared and construction has began in some areas. The newest construction will be a used car lot and car rental. The owner will be selling used vehicles at affordable prices and will also offer affordable and reliable car rental services. North Abaconians, you will soon have the opportunity to purchase the car you desire right in your backyard.Triple Ds reopensThe Triple Ds Restaurant at the Green Turtle Cay Ferry Landing in Treasure Cay has reopened its doors. Once again you can enjoy delicious Bahamian and American meals and snacks prepared just the way you like it. Owners Curtis and Audrey Cooper are committed to delivering quality and professional service and meals that not only nourish the body but are also good for the soul. You are invited to dine with the folks at Triple Ds.Its a girlIts a girl, is what the doctor at the Princess Margaret Hospital said on December 19, 2006, when proud mother Edith Lezinscar gave birth to a baby. The beautiful bundle of joy was proudly named Hansonique. Baby Hansonique resides in Coopers Town with her proud parents, Hanson and Edith Lezinscar. Congratulations to the Lezinscar family on the birth of their baby girl.New health care proposal is presentedBy Mirella Santillo The Corbett Medical Center of Treasure Cay divulged its plans to bring Abaco into the 21st Century through a new health care program. The intention is to purchase a Computerized Tomography Scanner (CT scan) as part of the program. The equipment will allow the medical staff of the clinic to diagnose a broad variety of medical conditions and to plan for emergency airlifting, if necessary. The emergency flights would involve a partnership with Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. A preliminary meeting was chaired by Mr. Joe Calihan in collaboration with Dr. Shedd, who is in charge of the clinic and through whose vision the project developed. Corbetts enhanced medical service will soon be a reality. The program already has received a challenge grant which if met ensures sufficient funding to proceed with the service. They explained that the program would work in three steps: diagnosis treatment at the Corbett Center with the CT scan evacuation, if necessary reception of patient in Miami at Jackson Memorial Hospital The evacuation program will be supported by the purchase of a yearly Corbett Membership Gold Card at the cost of $600 for the first individual plus $50 for a spouse and an additional $25 each for children. The card would enable the bearer to be airlifted to Miami free of charge, provided the patient has medical insurance or enough money to pay for the charges incurred at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Mr. Shi Golden, Vice President at Jackson Memorial Hospital, addressed Treasure Cay residents about a program to assist them in getting medical assistance quickly. He is shown here on the left with Dr. Shedd, the resident doctor in Treasure Cay. They are putting together a program that will diagnose locally, then fly the patient to Jackson Memorial for further treatment. NorthFrom Page 11 More North Abaco News Abaco Real Estate Agency Abacos Oldest and Most Experienced Real Estate AgencyTelephone : (242) 367-2719 GUANA CAY GUANA BEACH FRONTLarge beach front lot 300 yards NE of Nippers $525,000 gross2 / 2 HOUSE IN SETTLEMENTGreat location 150 yards to beach next to Batelco & School, 21,000+ lot nice 2 / 2 house, $585,000 grossMALONE HOME3 bedroom 3 bathroom home 50,730 sq. ft. lot with 130 ft of protected waterfront. Located on the water between the settlement & Blue Water Grill. Generator house w/ standby generator and r/o water system. Must be seen to be appreciated. By appointment only. B$2,150,000 New Exclusive Interior lots 92B & 93A side-byside 21,500 sq. ft. each, good elevation, Great views, Dock access, only 200 to Sea of Abaco $270,000 each HARB. VIEW HAVEN & SUNRISE COTTAGE Top floor; 2 Bd w/ Queen Beds, 1 bath, one single room with futon, kitchen, living room, dining room, balcony. One single unit, 1 bd, 1 bath & futon. Central A/ C, T.V. Satellite, VCR, & CD Player, Ground floor; 1 bd w/ Queen bed, 1 bath, ground floor office, Cistern 48,000 gallon.SUNRISE COTTAGE1 Bd 1 bath, fully equipped kitchen, Central A/C., Satellite TV., CD Player Exclusive Listing View by appointment only : B$1,500,000 ,3 VACANT LOTS Located in settlement next to Batelco 1) 8251 sq. ft. 2) 7922 sq. ft. $160,000 each 3) 7593 sq. ft.HOPE TOWN / LUBBERS LUBBERS2 acres 115 waterfront $600,000 grossNew Abaco Ocean ClubLUBBERS Lots 39 & 40 $99,000 gross eachCHEROKEE WATCHING BAY, CHEROKEENew Subdivision, limited number of investor lots available. Interior lots from $50,000 Ocean view lots from $190,000 grossYELLOW WOOD CREEK1.17 Acre Hilltop lot Winding Bay Oceanviews $300,000 GrossSOUTH ABACO OLD KERR2 miles south of Bahama Palm Shores 10.8 acres, Great elevations $165,000 grossBAHAMA PALM SHORES 4 Interior lots from $25,000 MARSH HARBOUR REGATTAS OF ABACO3 2/2 fully furnished Units 203, 302, & 303 $315,000 eachSOUTH-WIND PELICAN SHORES34,385 sq. ft. with 175 on the road and 40 on the water (duck pond) with a very private protected dock. 1960s style 3/2 house and small guest cottage. This property has great potential in exclusive and much desired Pelican Shores. B$809,000 grossSUNRISE BAYNew Exclusive Harbour views, gated community, private marina slips available for purchase, Lot 35 7803 sq. ft. $175,000 only 6 lots remain in this beautiful subdivision from $184,000BAHAMA CORAL ISLANDNew Exclusive 11 Residential lots Priced from $10,000 to $17,000SWEETINGS VILLAGENew Exclusive Commercial with plan for 14 Town houses on 41,000 sq. ft. of corner property $198,000 4 residential lots available from $55,000Contact Bill Thompson 477-5712 Lil Bill Albury or Elaine Thompson ABACO REAL ESTATEP.O.Box AB20404, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Ph : (242) 367-2719 ll ll l Fax (242) 367-2359 www.abacobahamas.comLONG BEACHBeach Front lot 13 $245,000 Lots 402 & 403 $155,000 each Lot 73 $29,500, Lot 126 $35,900 Lot 316 & 418 $50,000 each Lot 408 & 409 -$102,000 each, $185,000 for both CONTACT : BILL THOMPSON : 242-367-2719Guana Cay Exclusive 1 VACANT LOT NEW PRICE 10,400+ sq. ft.lot with great views, near Boat Harbour $125,000P.O.Box AB20404, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Ph : (242) 367-2719 l Fax: (242) 367-2359 GUANA CAY New Exclusive Listing SEA SHORE VILLAS Guana Cay3 Town Houses; 2 B, 1.5 bath, Living & Dining room, full kitchen, tv, vcr, cd player, satellite, all central a/c, pool, deck & Gazebo. Fully furnished. l Gift Shop l Laundry l Storage l Marina, Exclusive Listing View by Appointment only. B$2,900,000MARSH HARBOUR EASTERN SHORESLOOKOUT HOUSE 3 bed 2 bath on exclusive Eastern Shores. This 1700 sq. ft. house is situated on 32,500 sq. ft. of Sea-to-Sea property, lush landscaping, wonderful views, of Man-O-War & Scotland Cay to the North & Sugar Loaf Cay /Lubbers to the South.. Private dock with boat lift, Central AC, Ceiling fans, Free standing fireplace. New Price $1,575,000 Visit Our Website www.abacobahamas.com15th January, 2007The benefits outlined were the diagnosis on the island which would be immediately communicated to Jackson Memorial. This means that the patient could be directed to the proper care center, hence reducing waiting time in the emergency room. The time it would take a plane to arrive in Treasure Cay would also be shortened. The hospital would send transportation to airlift the patient upon receiving the information, a procedure which Dr. Shedd hopes would take less than four hours. The cost of the equipment, structural modification to the clinic to accommodate the scan and various installation expenses has been estimated to approximately $615,000, but the Corbett Capital Campaign Committee is hoping to raise $900,000. At another meeting held on March 23rd Shi Golden, Vice President at Jackson Memorial Hospital, addressed the residents. He has been working with Dr. Shedd since last July to develop a program that would address the needs of the community. The audience, which included several resident doctors of Treasure Cay, was fairly responsive and asked many questions mainly concerning insurance issues. as last year. The windy weather did not deter large groups from Atlanta, Florida and the Caymans in making the 2007 Barefoot Man Tour a delight for everyone that attended. In closing, this reporter wishes to thank, Branson, his friend from Man-O-War for his assistance in creating an open passage through the crowds for several photo opportunities. Barefoot ManFrom Page 2


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 13 B BodyTalk ACCESS ACCESSClassMy c c hilds f f ocus, retention a a nd a a nger patterns i in s s chool a a ll c c hanged... its j j ust a a mazing. D. P P arke BodyTalk ACCESS students have helped themselves and friends with symptoms of attention deficit, poor memory, stress, allergies, hot flashes, colds and flu, migraines, arthritis, circulatory problems, and more. Interested i i n L L earning M M ore?Ready t t o L L earn B B odyTalk A A CCESS? Register NOW for a 1-Day Class Come to a FREE Introductory Presentation of What i i s B B odyTalk?Your A A ccess t t o H H ealth One Day & Five Techniques = a Lifetime of Tools that can help you maintain optimal health. Chronic F F atigue and F F ibro p p ain symptom f f ree f f or 2 2 w w eeks.Mr. E E lliot Location: The Moorings office, above Conch Inn Marina reception area Time: 7pm Dates: Thursday 26th April and Friday 27th April, 2007 Location: Forest Heights Academy Time: 9am to 5:30pm Dates: Saturday 28th April or Sunday 29th April, 2007 Cost: $99 pre-registration, $115 on day. Come learn 5 profound techniques that will change the way you think of heathcare.. forever! Ask a a bout C C .E.U.s a a vailable f for M M assage T T herapists BodyTalk is a cutting edge system that is all-natural and stimulates the bodys ability to heal itself... Now y y ou c c an e e mpower yourself w w ith BodyTalk A A CCESS The BodyTalk ACCESS class focuses on 3 areas: Brain, Immune System and Body Parts and Systems. It is easy to learn by people from all walks of life... Lay people to healthcare professionals. No experience is necessary.About the Instructor Robyn Whatley-Kahn, your International BodyTalk Instructor, has been in the alternative health care business for over 25 years, and says that until BodyTalk she had never found one modality that encompassed, enhanced and facilitated the body to heal so profoundly and rapidly on all levels physically and emotionally. Take HEALTH BACK INTO YOUR OWN HANDS... REGISTER TODAYFOR BodyTalk ACCESS at 366-0722For more information, visit were the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance; Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin, Minister of Transportation and Aviation; Hon. Bradley Roberts, Minister of Works, Utilities, and Immigration; Hon. V. Alfred Gray, Minister of Local Government and Consumer Affairs; Hon. Vincent Peet, Minister of Labour and Financial Services; Hon. Obie Wilchcombe, Minister of Tourism; along with other government officials. At this time the flags waved higher and the chants rang out. Bringing remarks for the commissioning of the lights was Min. Roberts. The lights which lace the airstrip were installed January 12, 2007, by the Ministry of Works and Ministry of Transportation and Aviation. It was noted that these are state-of-the-art lights, having been made by a Canadian company which is a leading integrator of renewable and energy-efficient technologies. The company has installed 250,000 solar powered lights in 110 countries. The lights are solar-powered LED (light emitting diode) lighting. During Mr. Roberts presentation residents were informed that the 2007 2008 budget included funding for the construction of a terminal by the end of this year. This excited the crowd! With this, he introduced Mrs. Martin. She alluded to the social implications of having the lights which are for emergency purposes during the night and low visibility during the day stating that without the lights, situations can become quite dubious. The countrys leader, Mr. Christie, cautioned the residents that while the government has intentions of spending $10 million on the Marsh Harbour International Airport with the necessary amenities, it is incumbent upon them to ensure that they are prepared for advancement. He told them that negotiations are underway with a major corporation to invest in a project near Sandy Point. No Crown Land is involved as the developer is purchasing the property from a foreigner. The project will be putting in an aircraft fixed base operation. Mr. Christie mentioned that second homeowners supported Abaco after 9/11 and Abaco lead the nation in tourism. Residents were encouraged to become employers of what he promised to usher in a modern Sandy Point in an effort to capitalize on the expected investments. At this time Mr. Christie announced that the highway connecting Sandy Point to Marsh Harbour will be named in honour of Capt. Earnest Dean, a local Sandy Point resident. In closing, he reiterated that if they neglect to prepare themselves for their settlements development, others would undoubtedly do so. Mr. Campbell, Administrator for South Abaco and Moores island, led the crowd to the air strip where a prayer was offered for the lights which brought the event to a close.Bahama Palm Shores Holds SocialBy Jennifer Hudson The residents of Bahama Palm Shores gathered on March 3 along the Esplanade to enjoy a day of fun and in so doing strengthen community ties. This year, thanks to the capable hosting of Bahama Palm Shores resident, Alanna Thompson, this was the biggest and most successful social in Bahama Palm Shores history. Sixty-five residents attended and enjoyed an excellent assortment of food and drinks which everyone had a hand in preparing, spurred on in the hopes of winning one of the two prizes for food. The prize for the best tasting dish was won by Levanda Bruce for her delicious meatball dish and the prize for best tasting dessert was won by the home owners associations treasurer, Barbara Adams, for her chocolate and coconut pie which was, by all accounts, to die for. Lunch was followed by more games inSouth Abaco News SouthFrom Page 1 The Bahama Palm Shores residents enjoyed a social that included plenty of food, drink, games for all ages and lots of fun. Please see South Page 14 CURRYS FOOD STORECustomer docking Homemade bread Complete line of groceries Frozen foods, fresh fruits & vegetables Block & crushed iceGreen Turtle Cay Ph. 242-365-4171 Fax 365-4072Located on the harbour front


Page 14 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Friends of the EnvironmentTrivia Corner AnswerAnswer: Lion Fish (Pterois volitans) Lion Fish are native to the South Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. They are typically found in crevices in coral reef habitats. In 2000 Lionfish were found off of North Carolina and have since spread down the US coastline, more recently being found in The Bahamas. It is possible that lion fish were brought to this area of the world as eggs or larvae in ship ballast water. Lion fish are characterized by their red and white stripes and long dorsal spines. Lion fish are carnivores, eating small fish and crustaceans. There is a risk of competition for food between the lionfish and economically important species such as grouper and snapper. The spines on a lion fish are venomous, so please be careful! If you see a lion fish, please report it to or call FRIENDS at (242) 367-2721. These offerings are subject to errors, omissions, change of price or withdrawal without noticewww.bahamasrealty.bsemail: I Tel 242-367-3262 I Fax 242-367-3260 YOUR FIRST CHOICE IN BAHAMIAN REAL ESTATE GUANA CAY GUANA CAY LYNYARD CAYCROSSING ROCKSBAKERS HEIGHTS CASUARINA POINTGUANA CAY BAHAMA PALM SHORES TREASURE CAY BAHAMA CORAL ISLAND BAHAMA PALM SHORES PELICAN SHORESMARSH HARBOURBUSTIC BIGHT OFFICES IN OFFICES IN OFFICES IN OFFICES IN OFFICES INAbaco Nassau Exuma Eleuthera Long Island Harbour Island #10181: 3bd/2bths : $375,000This super home is nestled in the heart of the settlement, surrounded by lush specimen foliage, a winter garden and well maintained lawns. Panoramic views are enjoyed from the widows walk and porches.#10350: 2bd/1bth : $160,000Situated in the heart of the settlement, this cottage presents a multitude of opportunities for the imaginative buyer. Could transition well into a vacation or rental cottage. Steps away from ferry dock.#9297: Acreage : Serious InquiriesBordering the Sea of Abaco with Atlantic to the east, this expansive parcel boasts 77 fabulous acres, includes high elevations, dense native coppice, numerous coconut palm trees and white sand beaches.#9510: Residential Lots: $160,000Greenland Bay. Gorgeous, unspoiled beach front, dazzling white sand, rolling grassland interior. Parcels encompass 100 to 200 ft on the beach. Only one parcel may be sold in each instance at above starting price.#562105: Acreage : $1,360,000Prime development property located 11 miles north of Marsh Harbour on Queens higway. Features wooded rolling terrain with hills of up to 30 in elevation. Great potential for development.#562299: 3bd/2bths : $359,000Bright and sunny, sturdy concrete family home, just steps from the beach. 1,472 s.f. of living space, tile floors, crown molding. Perfectly suited for family or retirement home.#562031: Residential Lot : $349,500NEW! Gorgeous Atlantic Ocean front home site. Located adjacent to the Orchid Bay development with elevated rocky shore and beach. Densely vegetated with natural coppice and native trees.#10202: Acreage : $350,000Gorgeous, generously-sized home site on Eight Mile Bay beach. Approx. .85 acres of nicely elevated land thickly treed with native hardwoods and coconut palms. Wonderful views, wide sugar sand beaches.#562353: Residential Lot: $85,000Lovely, oversized multi-family residential lot in popular Anchorage Estates. Close to beaches and all amenities the resort and community offer. Invest in the future!#9935: Residential Lot: $24,000Lovely, homesite of approx. 10,000 sq.ft. with high elevation and views of the sea on the west of Abaco and the South side. Conveniently located just 3 miles north of Marsh Harbour.#562174: Acreage: $1,500,000Green Cay is a nature lovers paradise. Situated just 1/2 mile off the west coast of Great Abaco Island. Perfectly suited for private retreat, bonefishing resort, etc.#562133: 3bd/2bths: $347,000Fully furnished, with all new appliances and cabinets. Ideally located on quiet road, but close to Marsh Harbour. Excellent investment for rental or family home.#8928: 4bd/2bths : $422,000Secluded home, located directly across the lane from Eight Mile Bay and its gorgeous beach. Rooftop deck enjoys the best views of the area. Room to expand and add personal touch.#562332: 3bd/3bths : Executive RentalSpacious family home located on prestigious Pelican Shores. Long term lease only, references, first, last and security required. Lease pricing on request. UNDER CONTRACT UNDER CONTRACT NEW PRICEApr 1Y 07 cmyk cluding a word search for the ladies, spoon and water balloon race for the men which caused much hilarity and a hula hoop competition for the children which was won by Alex who really knew how to work the hula hoop with his arms. More activities are being planned for Bahama Palm Shores including beach clean ups, consideration of a park for the area and a fire seminar.Sandy PointSpanish Club Promotes Languages WeekBy Shawn Roberts Muchos idiomas un mundo many languages one world was the theme of the Ministry of Educations modern languages week and the Buenos Amigos Spanish Club took part in promoting the celebrations. A brief speech was given at a morning assembly meeting at the James A. Pinder Primary School to encourage the students on the importance of knowing another language. As we became more globalized, knowing other languages will be quite beneficial. Haitian, Creole, French, German and Chinese should be considered as important to us as The Bahamas becomes more involved with the various countries through investing and tourism. At the Buenos Amigos Club we continue to educate ourselves in the Spanish language and culture. Along with speaking at the Primary School, we visited the Assemblies of Gods pre-school where the students were given little gifts and taught some basic Spanish words. Viva el espanol!Cherokee SoundBy Lee PinderParrots Are Here Once MoreWhat an amazing sight they are. Some have reported seeing as many as 30 of the native Bahamian parrots this year in our settlement. If you are at home, you cant miss their distinctive squawk and their close formation flying habits. There is always a lookout that stays high atop a nearby tree to give directions as to where the food can be located and to let them know when its time to fly home again. They are obviously nesting in the bush up on the hill and come down around 8 a.m. each morning and about 6 p.m. in the evenings to feed on the wild figs, dillies, tamarinds and any other fruit they can find. We learned from Tuppy Weatherfords wonderful close-up photographs she took after the last hurricane that they love oranges, too. Everyone is thrilled to see them return and see that the flock is again rebuilding.School NewsCherokee Primary schoolchildren celebrated Commonwealth Day, March 12th,with A Parade of Nations showing the various commonwealth countries and shared information about our mother country, the United Kingdom. Music has never been taught in our school before but the students are being taught how to read music for the first time while leaning to play their recorders. They are really excited about it and enjoying themselves quite a bit. The young people did a community cleanup at the Long Dock on March 1st and a settlement clean-up on March 22nd with a cookout for the volunteers on the 24th.Annual Talent ShowOn March 30th the annual talent show was presented by Cherokee Primary School students in the W.W. Sands Community Center to a packed house. This is an evening no one wants to miss. Every seat was taken; persons were standing by the door and peeping in through the windows. The show was so good no one left till the judges gave their verdict. The students each chose a prominent Bahamian citizen, either living or dead, and dressed in period costume to match the person they chose to represent. Some of the outfits were very authentic. What really impressed the audience the most was the fact that no one seemed to be the least bit South Abaco News SouthFrom Page 13 Please see South Page 16 The Spanish Club in Sandy Point visited the pre-school and gave the children gifts.


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 15 B


Page 16 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER OCEAN BLUE PROPER TIESTIES TIESTIES TIES Member B.R.E.A. G.P.O. Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas Telephone 1-561-656-9708 Telephone/Fax 1-242-365-4636 E-mail: www.oceanblueproperties.comSales, Rentals and Property ManagementON GREEN TURTLE CAY: New listing! 1/3 acre oceanfront lot with 120' on sandy beach on north end of Munjack Cay. Use of private shared dock on Sea of Abaco. $295,000 plus 7% to close. New listing! New construction project. Model cottage on site already sold! Two bedrooms, two full baths. 30'x42' cottage with attached 9'x12' garage/ shed. Just steps to Coco Bay Beach. Central A/C. Reverse osmosis system. Ceiling fans throughout. Stove & side by side refrigerator included. $495,000 plus 7% to close. New listing! 12,000 sq.ft. lot with 75' on Bluff Harbour waterfront. High elevation with outstanding water views. Use of private shared dock. $650,000 plus 7% to close. New Listing! 4 acre sea-to-sea Bahamian estate with approximately 420 on the Atlantic Ocean and 300 on Black Sound, with private dock. Furnished main house has three bedrooms, two baths, fireplace, swimming pool, observation tower, gazebo and A/C in bedrooms. Attached furnished owner unit has one bedroom and one bath. Spectacular ocean views. 3 small boats, 2 all-terrain vehicles. Good elevation. Owner financing available. $4.75 million plus 7% to close. 22,000 sq. ft. inland lot within walking distance of Lagoon Beach Cove on the north end of Munjack Cay. Access roads to private shared dock on the Sea of Abaco and the beach road to the Atlantic Ocean Beach. $85,000.00 plus 7% Two story furnished home with outstanding views of Black Sound and Gillam Bay. 1.67 acres. Total three bedrooms; three baths; two kitchens/living/dining areas. Central A/C. Guest house with one bedroom and one bath. Two vehicles. 120 dock on hurricane sheltered Black Sound. Large porch and surrounding deck. $1.99 million, includes all closing fees. 190 water front 12,500 sq. ft. lot on Coco Bay. Dredged channel. Good elevation, private dock. $650,000 plus 7% to close. New Listing! 19,175 sq. ft. lot within walking distance of two great beaches and a major resort. $201,300 with all closing costs in. Two bedroom two bath furnished home with enclosed porch, large deck, laundry room, and generator. New free-standing carport shelter. 1/4 acre. $485,000 with all closing costs in. 15,870 sq. ft. lot with views of and access to Atlantic Ocean. $250,000 inclusive of all closing costs. 85 of beach front on Bight O Bay. One acre. Can build four homes with outlying buildings. $840,000 with all closing costs in. New listing! Mainland Abaco. Two deep water waterfront lots on Sea of Abaco. Approximately 18,000 sq. ft. each. Utilities available. $150,000 and $185,000 each with all closing costs in. New listing! Mainland Abaco. Ten acre parcel with 150 on Abaco Highway and water front on Angel Fish Creek. Near Fire Road. $325,000 with all closing costs in. SOLD Gillam Bay Beach Parcel SOLD Lot 5 Coco Bay Estates In Fond and Loving Memory of Our Son In Fond and Loving Memory of Our Son In Fond and Loving Memory of Our Son In Fond and Loving Memory of Our Son In Fond and Loving Memory of Our SonStanton Paul Chea 1970-2005 Stanton Paul Chea 1970-2005 Stanton Paul Chea 1970-2005 Stanton Paul Chea 1970-2005 Stanton Paul Chea 1970-2005Two years ago you died and still we mourn. Our loving memories of you still go on. You are in our thoughts at each days dawn. We miss you and love you always and forever. Sleep on, Stanton, and take your rest. We love you always. But Jesus loves you best. Sadly missed by your Mom Iris, Step-dad Phillip, Wife Mechelle, Sons Vincente and Stanton, Jr., Daughter Tataina. Brother Steven, Sister Sonja, and a host of other relatives and friends including the fire department and a host of friends on Abaco and throughout the world. shy. They all seemed to have practiced their parts well and gave short biographies of the persons they were depicting with vigour. The evening included a fashion show by the children and each had to perform some sort of artistic talent. There were bathing and sporting outfits, casual wear and formal wear as well as the costumes worn in the biographies. The talent segment included a young would-be chef making a very involved fruity salad, artists painting masterpieces, poets reading poetry, comedians telling jokes, some persons reciting Bible verses, singing and a lone musician playing his recorder. All very entertaining. However, the real highlight of the evening were the characters or Bahamian citizens that each student portrayed. Roland Symonette, the first Premier, wore a formal black suit with a tall stove-pipe hat that he insisted on wearing all evening (he was only five years old, but he knew what he was suppose to say). There was another who stood out and that was L.O. Pindling, Leader of the PLP and the first Prime Minister after Independence. (That student was 8 years old, wore a very dapper doublebreasted camel coloured suit with extremely wide shoulders and won over the audience with his extremely wide grin). Other historical persons depicted were Gerald Cash, First Attorney General; George Roberts who headed up The Crippled Childrens Society during the war; Mary Mosley, historian; Doris Johnson, M.P.; Eugenia Lockhart, who helped women win the right to vote; Milo Butler, first Bahamian Governor of The Bahamas after Independence; Debra Bartlett, journalist; Keva Bethel, M.D.; Capt. Leonard Thompson, former Air Force Captain in WWII and former M.P. for Abaco; Durwood Knowles, world renowned sailing captain and first gold medallist for The Bahamas in the Oylmpics; Edward Teach; Blackbeard the Pirate; Janet Boswick, champian of womens rights; Woodes Rogers, English Governor appointed to rid the Bahamas of pirates; and last South Abaco News SouthFrom Page 14 These are some of the students of the Cherokee Sound Primary School who dressed up representing well know Bahamians. Talent night named a king and queen. Cherokee Sound School holds an Easter egg decorating competition. These are the winners of the older students. but not least, Hilda Bowen, First Nursing Sister. The three judges had a very difficult time choosing this years King. They were Dre Hepburn, who represented Sir Milo Butler and the Queen, and Jessica Weatherford, who chose Doris L. Johnson.Easter Egg Decorating CompetitionThe Cherokee Sound Primary School holds an Easter egg competition annually. This year showed the creative abilities of the students. In the younger group the winner was Branden Sands, for his grouping of Beachcombers, second place went to Adrian Williams as Capt. Leonard Thompson Joshua Albury for his brown eggs in a basket and third place was won by Donovan Hepburn for his mouse. From the older students first place went to Dre Hepburn for his depiction of his dog, second place was Tyler Sawyer for her drawing of a duck and third place went to Tiffany Albury for her very sparkly decoration. Congratulations to all the winners and better luck next time to all the other entrants for a job well done. The Bahamas Environment, Science & Technology CommissionAttention Refrigeration and Air Conditioning TechniciansThe Montreal Protocol Act, 2006, requires all Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technicians to possess a NATIONAL CERTIFICATION CARD. To facilitate this process, the Ministry of Utilities and the Environment advises that the representatives of the National Ozone Unit will be on Abaco on the following date and time.Marsh Harbour, Abaco April 25, 2007, 9 a.m. 5 the Department of Environmental Health Services office to register all refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians. Technicians are required to bring along the following: 1. Drivers license 2. National Insurance card 3. Passport or valid voters card 4. Certification documents For more information, please contact the National Ozone Unit, BEST Commission in Nassau at 322-4546, 356-3067 and 322-2576


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 17 B NEW Soft Serve & Milkshakes on the menu:NEWOpen Mon Thur 10am 7pm ll ll l Fri & Sat 10 am 9pm Open Mon Thur 10am 7pm ll ll l Fri & Sat 10 am 9pm Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Potato Wedges Fish Sandwiches Forest Heights AcademyStudents Get a Taste of the Real World This past February grade ten students of Forest Heights Academy went out into the working world to get the nine to five experience. As part of their Office Practice Curriculum, they chose a job, applied for it and after their experience they wrote reports and received evaluations. On a more reflective note they wrote personal narratives of their experience. The following is an overview of their week. All 24 students felt the same on Monday morning as many of us do. Dewina Hepburn described her anticipation. I was so ready to work, I didnt sleep the night before. I was so excited. Adriarna Phillpots description of Monday afternoon is also all too familiar. By the end of the first day, I was exhausted. My feet and head hurt, and all I wanted to do was sleep for a thousand years..... yet, I enjoyed it and was anxious to go back the next day. Of course, they all realized the important qualities to being successful in anything they do. Chrispin Clarke noted that he approached everything with perseverance and pride and felt that the experience broadened [his] horizons and gave [him] a better understanding of what [he] wants to do in life. Telia Burrows found three major lessons are What it means to work hard, how to respect others and how to value life. Five of the tenth graders worked in the medical field and were quite astounded by the intense responsibility that comes with these jobs. Taj Anderson learned you must know what you are doing and be sure you do not cause more harm than good. Annie Sawyer had her eyes opened by how many people right here on Abaco are affected by the terrible HIV virus, and Nasasha Bootle realized the value of life after she experienced death of kittens. She hoped she could have prevented it, but [she knew] that it was impossible to do. But Tatyanna Rolle summed it up best when she said, Doctors are gifts from God. Some of the students were highly successful in their chosen fields. Zoe McDaniel worked at the Palm Beach Daily News and actually had a front page byline covering local Marines being activated to Iraq. Since then she has begun a school newspaper, taking on the role as Editor. Others realized they were given an important education as Joe Thompson was involved in experiments in innovative landscaping, and Meridith Albury learned that when you are putting effort into doing any job, you are not only experiencing it, but you are actually learning from it. Kyle Sands found the value of a hard days work and that nothing comes free in life, and Travin Collins discovered that people cannot be happy unless they are doing the work they love. All were happy to return to school with a better understanding of what they want from their futures. Chris Weatherford summed it up best when he said, Our parents are right. Our days in school are the best days of our life. Obviously, this is an important experience and the Ministry of Education is even discussing making it a mandatory graduation requirement. Forest Heights has been involved in the program for over 15 years and wishes to thank all of the businesses who have made it so successful It. is truly an important investment into our childrens futures. St. Francis de FrancisSports DayBy Samantha V. Evans St. Francis de Sales held two competitive days of field and track events on February 19-20 at the school in Marsh Harbour. On the first day the students for kindergarten to grade six competed for ribbons and points for their respective houses: red, green and blue. At the end of a full day of activities, the green house had the most points 355, blue house had 318 points and red house had 309 points. On day two the high school students from grades 7-12 competed. There events were more competitive as the best students have a chance to take part in national and international sports events. At the end of it all the green house won for high school and for the entire school. In second place was red house and bringing up the rear again was blue house.Central Abaco PrimaryStudents Perform Bahamian Version of Snow WhiteSamantha V. Evans In an effort to improve the literacy level of students at Central Abaco Primary School News Please see School Page 18 WANTEDExperienced Horse RiderKnowledge in caring for horses is essential with at least five years experience. Courteous, Clean, Police Record, Well Groomed, Drug Free.Full time or part time welcomed Phone 325-1760 or 323-5904 Ask for RobertGreat Pyrenees Puppies for sale Females $500 Males $450


Page 18 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007Oceanfront land with high rock bluffsCoconut groves, unobstructed views to Africa Hurricane Hole dock slip included Deeded Right of Way to North Beach Cabana Club and the infamous Cannon Reef Minutes to bonefish flats, boiling holes, sea park Cannon deck on north beach Marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin fishing Cast your fly, then cast your fish in bronze at the Johnston Art Foundry SchoolAncient Volvo burial ground for Pirates of the Caribbean TreasureLynyard Cay 100 ft. water front lots from $95,000 242-366-3503 pete@petespub.comBy appointment only References required In-house builder only Petes Pub ClubRLHYC, 1964 Little Harbour, AbacoPeter Johnston is offering land for sale to selected members only School, the teachers of grades one, two, and three performed a Bahamian version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on February 23rd. The Readers Theatre was made up of a cast of 25-30 students including Snow White, the seven dwarfs, forest animals, prince charming and the queen. The play followed the original story line with a Bahamian twist which made it very hilarious as the students performed their parts as actors and actresses with all necessary expressions and no scripts. The addition of the Bahamian accent and the substitution of the native food offered to Snow White made it a very memorable play.Students compete in speech and essay competitionsSamantha V. Evans Students from grades four, five and six of Central Abaco Primary were invited to participate in speech and essay competitions held during literacy month at the school to help them improve their writing skills and develop their public speaking skills. They spoke or wrote on the theme for the month Reading The Power House of Knowledge Of the 30 plus students who entered both competitions, six persons emerged as the top three in each competition. The top three persons in the speech competition for grade four were the winner Shante Russell, second place Jean Claude, third place Vinesha La Rose. For grade five in first place was Kayleisa Marshall, second place was Britney McHardy and third place was Conrad Cornish. All students received trophies. The students entering the speech competition were judged on six areas. Twentyone students entered. The winners of grade four were first place Ethanique Bain, second place Olympia Simms and third place Rahneisha Burrows. The winners of grade five were first place Kayleisa Marshall, second place Britney McHardy and third place Conrad Cornish. The winners for grade six were first place Dominique Curry, second place Paytan Stubbs and third place Glory Knowles. Students from the lower primary school also received awards for their reading theatre and for reading books at their grade level. Parents of the students who read the most books were given a token gift as well. The top readers were given little trophies for their achievement.Commonwealth Day was observedBy Samantha V. Evans Commonwealth Day was observed on March 12th all around the world. The theme for this year Respecting Differences Promoting Understanding could be seen on all of the Commonwealth Day Posters 2007. This is the day when countries reflect on the accomplishments they have achieved to become independent, free nations and remember the persons who took the risk by taking a stand. At Central Abaco Primary School the students remembered six countries that fought for political and economic freedom. These countries were Guyana, India, Jamaica, The Bahamas, South Africa, and England. Students dressed in the native attire of each of the countries they represented. Guyana was the first country remembered. Students from grade one came out with the flag of Guyana called the Golden Arrow showcasing the colors red, green, yellow and white. A man named Koffe broke the chains of slavery for the Guyanese people. Students from grade two remembered India, the country with 15 languages. However, the main languages spoken are Hindu and English. India can thank Mahatma Gandi for fighting for their equality and freedom. As a result of his strong beliefs, he spent a lot of time in jail. Jamaica was remembered by grade four. Bob Marley, a famous singer who is known for his Reggae music all over the world, sang songs of freedom and political equality. Grade three students were probably the best of all as they represented the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. They were dressed in Junkanoo hats and folk dance skirts. They remembered Sir Milo B. Butler who fought for equality and was known as a freedom fighter. In 1973 he became the first Governor General of the Bahamas. The final presentation was from grade five. They remembered Nelson Mandela from South Africa who fought against racial discrimination and oppression. He spent 18 years of a life sentence in prison for treason and sabotage. He was later released and become the leader of the African National Congress, the group that fights for political change in South Africa. The guest speaker for the event was Rev. Carl Campbell. Pastor of Nassau Methodist Church. Mr. Campbell was born on Abaco and his family roots date back to 1845. He told them that in this Commonwealth, we have a history of slavery. So many of us have at least one ancestor who could have possibly been a slave. He, too, had a great, great-grandmother named Noggi who was a slave. In fact, Noggis Point on Abaco was named after her. He told the students to value all of the great people who sacrificed a lot so that they can know how it feels and what it is to be free.Literacy Banners DisplayedBy Samantha V. Evans Four banners were entered in the Literacy Month Banner competition. All of the banners depicted stories from fairy tales. Judges who are proficient in art from various professions were invited to the school on March 12 to judge the banners. The winning banner was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from the grade five level, coming in second was Charlottes Web from grade four and third was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from lower primary. Each grade level will receive a trophy. All of the banners were posted up in the assembly area for all students, and parents to view.Angels AcademyEaster Bonnet ParadeBy Jennifer Hudson Students of the Angels Academy and their families enjoyed a delightful Easter Bonnet More School NewsSt. Francis de Sales won the grade 3 Spelling Bee. Twenty-one students from Abacos public and private schools competed in the grade three Spelling Bee at the Learning Resource Center in Marsh Harbour. First place honours went to Yelena Persaud of St. Francis de Sales School. Second place went to Ciarra Carrol of Agape Christian School and in third place was Sidney Decius of Central Abaco Primary School. Every child who represented his or her school received a certificate of participation for a job well done. SchoolFrom Page 17 Please see School Page 19 CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE The Human Resource Director Fidelity 51 Frederick Street P.O. Box N-4853 Nassau, Bahamas f: 326.3000 e-mail: careers@fidelitybahamas.comSend resume no later than March 31st, 2007 to: Fidelity is now inviting applications for: 2 Customer Service RepresentativesThe successful applicants will have the following minimum requirements: Responsibilities will include:With origins in The Bahamas since 1978 and in the Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands since 1980, Fidelity is a financial services group offering a comprehensive range of domestic and international banking, estate planning, pension and insurance services, corporate finance, and other financial products and services.5 BGCSEs with minimum of C Passes to include Math & English but preferably an Associate Degree in Banking Excellent command of Creole A professional demeanor with a good attitude and work ethic Have a responsible and honest nature Previous experience a plus The execution and processing of all money transactions; Ongoing compliance reviews to ensure adherence to K.Y.C. and anti-money laundering guidelines The knowledge and use of Bahamian Exchange control regulations; Administrative and clerical duties and daily balances; Participation in marketing campaigns and sales events


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 19 B NOTICE IN THE ESTATE OF EVERETTE ARCHERa.k.a. RICHARD EVERETTE ARCHER a.k.a. EDWARD EVERETTE ARCHER a.k.a.EVERETTE RICHARD ARCHER late of Dundas Town, Abaco, The Bahamas, deceasedNOTICE is hereby given that all persons having any claim or demand against or interest in the above Estate should send same duly certified in writing to the undersigned on or before 30th April, 2007, after which date the Executrix will proceed to distribute the assets of the Estate having regard only to the claims, demands or interests of which she shall then have had notice AND all persons indebted to the above Estate are asked to settle such debts on or before 30th April, 2007.V.M. LIGHTBOURN & CO. Attorneys for Executrix P.O. Box AB-20365 Bay Street, Marsh Harbour Abaco The Bahamas ARAWAK AGENCYCUSTOMS BROKERS Air & Sea Shipping Customs Clearance Freight Forwarding Transportation & Logistics Services Ship AgenciesFor More Information:Tel: (242) 367-2089 Fax: (242) 367-2530Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BahamasVisit our office on Front Street One Call Does It All Drill RigDock Construction Boat Lift SalesQualityBOABOA BOABOA BOA T LIFTS INC T LIFTS INC T LIFTS INC T LIFTS INC T LIFTS INC.These lifts are made of top grade aluminum and stainless steel to maintain their finish and strength in our saltwater environment .Freddy Albury 242-367-4769 Brandon Thompson 242-367-2704 Fax: 367-2704 P.O. Box AB 20872 Marsh Harbour Abaco, Bahamas Email: www.drillrig.i8.comWe offer a variety of boat lifts From personal water craft lifts to lifts up to 54,000 lbs. Call for information and a quote, CongratulationsChris Nesbitt, Jr.For being the # 1 Athlete For Making the Bahamas Carifta Games 2007 From your Parents, Family and Friends Parade and tea at the home of April Parotti in Little Orchard on March 25 organized by Barbara Johnson, teacher at the school, and April Parotti, owner of the school. All of the12 students of the school enjoyed parading their best Easter finery. Prizes were awarded in four categories and the winners and runners up were Rocky Thompson and Trent Albury for most original Easter hat; Ashley Hall and Hannah Parotti for most original Easter bonnet; Trent Albury and Matthew Knowles for best dressed boy and Hannah Parotti and Najeeba Campbell for best dressed girl. This was followed by a Parade of Nations in which each family was expected to participate in either song or dance. Some amusing skits ensued depicting several countries including England, Hawaii, Guyana and the Bahamas. The young students changed from their formal Easter attire into some casual play clothes to enjoy an Easter egg huntLong Bay SchoolSports finally gets a clear dayBy Samantha V. Evans After several rainy days delayed Long Bay schools sports day on two occasions, Mother Nature gave them another sunny day on March 13th to finally conclude sports day for this school year. As always, sports day was competitive as every student performed at his best with hopes of giving his house enough points to be declared the winner. After all races were run and all field events completed, the yellow house was declared the winner. In second place was green house, third red house and fourthEvery Child Counts School Presents ProgrammeBy Jennifer Hudson The concert presented by the students of the Every Child Counts School on March 29 was outstanding. The programme was presented as a Thank You to parents, volunteers and supporters of the school and what a gift and a blessing it was to all who attended. At the close of the presentation the audience was on its feet in a rousing standing ovation with remarks like incredible and outstanding. It certainly was a very moving performance. Each class contributed a performance. SchoolFrom Page 18 Please see School Page 20 More School News Angels Academy students dressed in their Easter finery for a party. The winners of the competition won prizes. These are the winners of the Long Bay high school Sports Day activities. The Yellow House was the winner of the day. The winners of the Long Bay Primary School Sports Cay activities are shown here. blue house. In volleyball blue house won and in basketball red house won. The students also participated in academic trivia as well to earn points for their teams.


Page 20 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Well Done Drilling ServicesCall us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation! Call us today for a free consultation!Ph: (242) 367-4842 ll ll l Marsh Harbour, Abaco, BahamasWell Drilling: Water Wells, Drainage Wells, Septic Disposal Wells Trenching: Trenching for underground utility services Piling Holes: Piling Holes for home foundations and utility poles planted Excavator Rental: Specialized Excavator Foundation Drilling for home foundations in sand and Excavator Digging The 14 members of Miss Pams class performed in sign language to the touching song The Prayer They performed once again, delightfully closing this wonderful SchoolFrom Page 19 More School NewsS.C. Bootle Held Sports DayThese are the teachers at S.C. Bootle High School in Coopers Town who won the teachers Sports Day Relay. They are Tim Roberts, Gavin Daziel, Enzil Cooper and Sabrina Russell. They are showing off their gold medals for winning the teachers 4 x 200 m relay, The top male and female athletes from each house of S.C. Bootle High School in Coopers Town display their trophies and medals at a recent inter-house competition. From left they are Julian Cornish, Cyndera Parker, Jerome McDonld, Shenna Francis, Leon Pierre, Timmesha Russell, Ashley Clarke and Francis Delva. An S.C. Bootle athlete clears the high jump bar during the recent inter house Sports Day programme signing the song From a Distance. Where oh where is baby bear? a skit written by childrens author Betti Webb, was charmingly performed by the 7-10 year-olds of Miss Ellens class, who obviously had a lot of fun (as did the audience) with this take on the traditional fairy tales. The audience was treated to the world premiere of The Journey an original fiveact play written by ECC senior student, Alonzo Williams, with a very serious message and which was profoundly moving. Mr. Mars, senior class teacher, explained, The idea of the play began as a simple class project back in October. The students were asked, as a homework assignment, to come up with an outline for a class play. Back came Alonzo next day with a five-act play! Each act was introduced by poetry written by classmate Michael Johnson which was read by the Rev. David Stapleton. Both the play and poetry showed an amazing maturity and depth of emotion. The students all performed their parts well and did an excellent job of bringing the play to life and presenting its important message that when no love is shown to a person, the seed of love dies. And when a person has no love, they have no respect Please see School Page 21 BF225 225 hp, V6, 4-stroke outboard Exclusive Honda design offers incredibly quiet operation Smooth, powerful acceleration Best 3-Year limited outboard warranty in the industry 24-valve, SOHC VTEC design PROVENAlways wear a personal flotation device while boating and read your owner s manual. 2007 American H onda Motor Co., Inc. We offer complete service on all Honda outboards and take pride in providing the kind of customer satisfaction that you expect from Honda. The Reliabilitys Built In Master Marine & Cycle Marsh Harbour Tel: 367.4760/ 577.0232


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 21 B NCR Forms Office Stationary Flyers Certificates Tickets Brochures Photo Scanning Wedding/Funeral Programs Business Cards Envelopes Menus Labels Laminations ...MoreAbaco PAbaco P Abaco PAbaco P Abaco P rint Shoprint Shop rint Shoprint Shop rint ShopFriendly and Professional Printing Services Friendly and Professional Printing Services Friendly and Professional Printing Services Friendly and Professional Printing Services Friendly and Professional Printing ServicesLocated in the Abaco Shopping Center Located in the Abaco Shopping Center Located in the Abaco Shopping Center Located in the Abaco Shopping Center Located in the Abaco Shopping Center Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Ph : (242) 367-3202 Ph : (242) 367-3202 Ph : (242) 367-3202 Ph : (242) 367-3202 Ph : (242) 367-3202 Fax : (242) 367-3201 Fax : (242) 367-3201 Fax : (242) 367-3201 Fax : (242) 367-3201 Fax : (242) 367-3201FOR ALL YFOR ALL Y FOR ALL YFOR ALL Y FOR ALL Y OUR PRINTING NEEDS! OUR PRINTING NEEDS! OUR PRINTING NEEDS! OUR PRINTING NEEDS! OUR PRINTING NEEDS!Call us today... Call us today... Call us today... Call us today... Call us today... Monday Friday Monday Friday Monday Friday Monday Friday Monday Friday 9am 5pm9am 5pm 9am 5pm9am 5pm 9am 5pmThank YouAbaco Beach Resort for hosting FRIENDS and Pete Johnston for the wonderful environmental awards. Reef Ball Committee: Cha Boyce, Lory Kenyon, Michael Albury, Leddie Neophytou, Bill Albury, Olivia Patterson & Anyes Adams Green Bag and decorating committee for an amazing job: Mary Gottlieb, Fiona Scott, Andrea Bravo, Patti Love, Marianne Harner Fabulous Green Bag donors: Cal Jeep Byers, Marjolein Scott, Da Fina Tings, Sea Spray Resort, Claire Nops, Karen Hewitt Hogan, Brigitte Bowyer, Bob Zwickel, Marc Andr, Tim Higgs, Jo-Ann Bradley, John Bull, Light House Marina, The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, Mary Gottlieb, Cha Boyce, Cracker P's Bar and Grill, Sandra Evans, Abaco Beach Resort, Monkey's Uncle, Iggy Biggy, Java, Kim Rody, Abaco Ceramics, Abaco Inn, Hope Town Harbour Lodge, Lighthouse Liquors, Hope Town Coffee House, Ann Pleydell-Bouverie, W. Johnson Jr., Florida Yacht Charters, Above and Below Abaco, Froggies OutIsland Adventure, Grabbers, Yamaha, Art Caf, Anyes and Michael Adams, Nipper's, Radio Abaco, Great Abaco Club Homeowners, Tupp's Fine Wines and Spirits, Chopping Block Much thanks to Jo-Ann and Peter Bradley for making the wooden fish decorations and Forest Heights and St. Francis for painting them. Our ticket sellers: Java, K and S, Abaco Beach Resort, Snappas and Tupps, Nippers, Aisle of Palm Realty, Guana Harbour Grocery, Elbow Cay Properties, Hope Town Hideaways, Ebb Tide, The Shoe Place, Michael and Nancy Albury and Uli Nowlan. Much thanks to Theresa and Lambert Albury who own Froggies Out Island Adventures and donated their time and their boat to ferry people and thanks to the Hope Town Harbour Lodge for putting them up for the evening. Thanks to Ritz-Carlton and Cherokee Air for the Lucky Clover Raffle Prize Thank you to our Challenge donors: the Nature Conservancy Bahamas Country Program and Michael and Anyes Adams and those who rose to the challenge to meet our goal: Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club, John and Aubin Haestad, Modern Vintage, H.G. Christie Real Estate, Islandscape, Elbow Cay Properties, Abaco Real Estate Agency, Price Right, Maxwell's, Palm Cottage Interiors, Wood You Furniture, Livingston Marshall, F and V Sales, Blane Bowen, Jack and Betty Sands, Frank Boyce, George Phillpot, Frederik F. Gottlieb and Co., Abaco Waterfront Properties, Capt. James, Patrick Palmer, Snappa's, Drill Rig, Island Palms, Michael and Anyes Adams Thanks to all who attended and made the Reef Ball such a special evening! Friends of the Environmentfor themselves or others and life loses all meaning. Fortunately, at the close of the play love is rekindled and prevails in the end. Alonzos performance as the main character was outstanding and he truly lived the part. Acting is not easy for the students, except for Alonzo for whom it comes naturally, stated Mr. Mars. It demanded a supreme act of courage as these students have previously been used to being stigmatized and pushed to the background. They are very shy because, before coming to ECC they were always being told they were wrong. The students were assisted in the direction of their production by Ms. Grace Chapman from Guyana who has been working with the students for one month. Mr. Audley Miller instructs a Spanish class during an after school session held on Mondays and Tuesdays until 4:30 S.C. Bootle. Ms. Laura Lee Davis discusses a students report with a parent during National Report Card Day at S.C. Bootle High School. Ninety-nine percent of parents collected their childrens reports. Charo Williams, who placed third in this years District Spelling Bee competition, poses with his trophy along with his fellow team members and coach, Mrs. Mawalram. Charo was top speller in government schools and also top male speller. More School News School From Page 20 We thank God for Miss Grace, who has taken the performance to a whole new level, stated Mrs. Major. Ms. Chapman has been conducting workshops in schools throughout the Caribbean using the arts to enhance learning. In her closing remarks Ms. Major told all the well-wishers present that she tries to emphasise, God gives us many different gifts, and we all have to look into our hearts and minds to discover them. Many come to the school considering themselves failures, but today they have shown their potential. She also remarked what a pleasure it was to see Alonzo, who has been at the school since he was eight years old, able to turn the difficult experiences in his life into something positive, though it has not been an easy road. Alonzo will be graduating in June and going to Canada and Michael will also be graduating in June. Resist the temptations and keep your Please see School Page XXXX eyes on the positives around you, were the thoughts Ms. Major left for the students to ponder at the end of this wonderful performance.


Page 22 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Whether you need residential collection once a week, regularly scheduled daily pick up for your business or periodic disposal service on a construction site.... Bahamas Waste Bahamas Waste Bahamas Waste Bahamas Waste Bahamas Waste works with you to assess your needs and exceed your expectations! Telephone : (242) 357-6888 Telephone : (242) 357-6888 Telephone : (242) 357-6888 Telephone : (242) 357-6888 Telephone : (242) 357-6888 ll ll l 367-0830 367-0830 367-0830 367-0830 367-0830Located at the Marsh Harbour Airport Roundabout, Marsh Harbour, Abaco DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST DOCK BUILDING SPECIALIST Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr Caribbean Marine Constr uctionuction uctionuction uctionl COMMERCIAL DOCKSl BOAT LIFTSl PRIVATE DOCKSl SEA WALL CONSTRUCTIONl DOCK DEMOLITION & REMOVALOffice Tel: 367.4842 Cellular: 357.6564P.O.Box AB-20757, Marsh Harbour attendance, everyone was in a jovial mood for St Patricks night and the sum of $63,000 was raised with all the funds going towards the Friends education programme. A special challenge for the night was made possible by the generosity of Michael and Anyes Adams, residents of Guana Cay, and the Nature Conservancy Bahamas programme who made available a pool of $25,000 to be matched by donations to benefit the Friends education programme. During a break Friends asked for donations and were happy to raise the desired amount to be matched. Friends main method of achieving its goal is coordination of volunteer effort and education working with Abaco schools and providing community education opportunities. The education programme will be able to continue its important work educating Abacos children about their environment and getting them out into that environment. No one can be expected to protect what they do not understand. Without a healthy environment both the bounty and beauty of the Bahamas could be lost. Students have recently been working to build artificial reef balls to create a snorkel trail at Mermaid Reef and have participated in the Cross Harbour Creek restoration. During the process they learned about mangroves and their importance to the Bahamian environment. An additional $9,000 was raised on a silent auction of 30 of the new environmentally friendly Green Bags which had all been filled with a variety of items from different companies. A further $3,000 was raised from a St. Patricks Day Lucky Clover raffle, the prize being two tickets on Cherokee Air and weekend at the Ritz Carlton in West Palm Beach. Another important event of the evening was the presentation of awards to four persons who have greatly assisted Friends in their environmental preservation efforts. Della Kelly has been a key motivator and organiser for the success of the Sandy Point beautification project. She has organised and assisted in cleaning up litter from the environment and organized the removal of 17 derelict cars and some derelict homes from that settlement. Kim Sands, owner of Java Coffee Shop, was noted as always being a very willing helper for Friends. She now imports nonStyrofoam cups and makes sure that her frequent buyers reuse their cardboard trays. She recycles aluminum cans and will soon start recycling coffee grounds for gardens which customers will be able to purchase for a small fee with all proceeds going to Friends. Darlene Haines and Kaye Rennirt shared an award for their support of Dr Craig Laymans research and the Cross Harbour Creek restoration project in South Abaco. They have both assisted in many ways by loaning vehicles, hosting students, providing field assistance and meals. Patrons of the Reef Ball danced the night away to the music of the Modern Vintage Band from Nassau after enjoying a buffet dinner and a slide show about the work of Friends of the Environment. Reef BallFrom Page 1A night of music and dancing raises money for Friends Notice of RaceThe 17th annualHomer Lowe Memorial RegattaScheduled for April 28, 2007Sailing Venue:In the Harbour of Marsh Harbour Lunch:Snappas Grill, Marsh Harbour, Abaco Sunfish Class:Open to all sunfish and Optimist Class:Optimist sailors Pre-registration1830 until 2030 Friday April 27, 2007 Little Orchard 242-367-3086 Jim Kaighan E-mail to pre-register: Entry feeSunfish $50 plus ISCA Membership $10 Optimists $25 plus ISCA $10 Skippers meeting:0930 am sharp at Snappas ****Please be on time for Skippers Meeting First race to follow Additional races to follow Bring your own boat Six races scheduled weather permitting to be completed by the end of the day Trophy Presentation at 1930 pm at Snappas, 27 April 2007 For information, call Jim Kaighin 1-242-367-3086 37th AnnualAbaco AnglersFishing Tournament April 19 -26, 2007 Entry Fees Adults $85.00 Juniors $40.00 Dates/T imes Thursday, April 19, 2004 thru Thursday, April 26, 2004 7 am to 6 pm W eigh Stations Lighthouse Marina, Hope Town Petes Pub, Little Harbour Luncheon & A wards Cracker Ps, Lubbers Quarters, Friday, April 27, 2007 Noon Luncheon Awards Presentation Following Raffle: Donations from area merchants Trophies by Pete Johnston Exempt from the new fishing regulations For entry or more information contact Lighthouse Marina 366-0256 or Sea Gull Charters 366-0266Fun For The Entire Family!SC Bootle High SchoolStudents compete in basketballBy Julian Lockhart The S.C. Bootle High School Dolphins senior boys basketball team proved they could hold their own against other basketball teams in the country. Despite winning only one game at the Hugh Campbell Basketball Classic in New Providence, the team definitely gave a great effort for Abaco. The Dolphins were the only team from Abaco at the top senior boys tournament in the country that pits the 32 best teams in the country against each other. It is totally invitational by the tournament committee. This year a team from Turks & Caicos competed in the week long tournament from February 19-26in Nassau. Dolphins coach Donavette Martin said, I felt pretty okay with our performance at Hugh Campbell. I was a little disappointed in the beginning and the guys then turned it around. They went out there and gave it their all. It is difficult getting a team together because most of the kids dont want to train. It is hard for some of them to get home after practice because of transportation, she added. There is no high school basketball league on Abaco and the student athletes have no one to compete against on a regular basis. They play against each other or play pickup games. Because of this they cannot develop any real cohesiveness. It took the Dolphins a game to get settled into playing in a gym and against top competition. S.C. Bootle came out flat in their first game as they got destroyed by 25 points by a Grand Bahama team. In their second game the Dolphins bounced back with a huge win over Turks & Caicos, knocking them out of the tournament. This proved that if they had more practice time, a deeper team and more game situation, they could compete with anyone. Unfortunately, they ran into another top team in their next game, getting beaten by 22 points by a team from New Providence, knocking them out of the tournament. SchoolFrom Page 21 Drive SafelyDont Be an Abaco Fatality


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 23 B All that parcel of land having an area of 14,400 sq ft, being a portion of the Dundas Town Crown Allotment. This land is rectangular in shape with dimensions of 80 ft by 180. Located on the above mentioned lot is a concrete block structure with dimensions of 27 x 40. This house is an approximate 30 yr old single family residence comprising of 3-bedrooms, 1-bathroom, living/dining area and kitchen. This house is in fairly good condition for its age with a projected future life of about 25 to 30 more years. The land rises above road level, to a height in excess of approximately 15 ft above sea level, with no likelihood of flooding in a hurricane. The grounds are sparsely landscaped. Appraised value $90,000.00Investment Opportunity (Abaco) Must SellOne two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, triplex. Approximately 9,000 sq. ft. lot no. 18B with an area for a small shop. Age-12 years the land is a portion of one of the Dundas Town Crown Allotment parcels stretching from Forest Drive to Front Street, being just under a quarter acre in size and on the lowside. A concrete block structure, with asphalt shingle roof and L-shape in design with a total length of 70 x 26 ft. Plus 50 x 22 ft. 2,920 sq. Ft. the interior walls are concrete blocks; ceiling is sheet rock and the floors of vinyl tiles. Appraised value $268,225.00 All that lot of land having an area of approximately 10,400 sq. ft. Being a portion of Lot No. 60, of the original Murphy Town Crown Allotment situated in the settlement called and known as Murphy Town Crown. The subject property presently contains a single storey wooden/concrete structure. The subject building is being utilized as a primary dwelling with approximately 900 sq. ft. of interior floor space containing 2bedrooms, 1-bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen spaces. The building appears structurally sound. However, the interior and exterior are in need of refurbishment to improve aesthetics. The building has an additional sealed floor adjourning which can accommodate construction of a duplex unit. The property landscape is not relevant at this stage. All utilities are within 100 ft of the property. Appraised value $75,660.00 All that lot of land having an area of 6,790 sq ft, being Crown Allotment No. 77, of Murphy Town, Abaco, Bahamas. Located on the subject property is a single storey single family concrete building. This house is less than 5 yr old and is in good condition with approximately 1,750 sq, ft of living space, and contains 3bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, living room, dining, kitchen, laundry, and utility spaces. There is no significant improvements or deterioration evident. The property is very well drained and not susceptible to flooding. Landscaping efforts are still in remedial stages. All major public and private utilities are situate within 100ft of the subject site. Property bounderies are clearly delineated. The subject property is situate off the Front Street, Murphy Town, Abaco and is painted light yellow trimmed dark yellow. Appraised value $167,580.005. Vacant property Dundas TownLot No. 21, Crown Allotment, this is vacant land approximately 10,810 sq. ft. situated off S.C. Bootle Drive. Appraised value: $15,890.00For more information Contact P.O. Box N-7518 Nassau, NP, Bahamas Phone 242-502-3077 or 242-326-1771 2.Murphy Town 3.Dundas Town 4.Murphy Town 1.Dundas Town


Page 24 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 You can now find your favourite newspaperThe Tribuneand your favourite magazines at these great locations: MAN-O-WAR GROCERY BUDS & BLOOM THE CHEMIST SHOPPE HIT MUSIC & VIDEO ISLAND PHARMACY PRICE RIGHT GROCERY STORE SHELL MARSH HARBOUR SERVICE STATION TEXACO QUALITY STAR VERNONS GROCERY HOPE TOWN BAHAMAS FAMILY MARKET K & S AUTO SERVICE LTD SOLOMONS SUPERCENTER LOWES FOOD STORE GREEN TURTLE CAY SEA SPRAY RESORT AND MARINA Nassau and Bahama Islands Leading Newspaper ABAB ABAB AB AA AA A COCO COCO CO NOTICEThe following vessels M/V J M/V Miss Tatiana S/V Slewfoot Sal at Marsh Harour Boatyardswill be sold to cover storage fees, or destroyed, if payment is not received by April 30, 2007. Port DepartmentPublic NoticePrivate Boat Licenses Expired March 31, 2007The public is advised that private boat licenses expired March 31, 2007 and must now be renewed. All private boat owners are therefore reminded to make an application to the Marsh Harbour Port Department office at their earliest convenience. Licenses can be renewed by mail to: Port Department P.O. Box AB 20201 Marsh Harbour, Abaco Please include last years registration card. Captain Cyril A. Roker Port Administrator Las Casa Soleil Las Casa Soleil Las Casa Soleil Las Casa Soleil Las Casa Soleil is recently renova ted, luxuri ous 3 bedroom 4 bath wa te rf ront propert y wi th 32 foot pool, ove rlooking Bri gantine Bay with in the pre st igius residential ga ted community of Tr easure Cay, Abaco. Las Casa Soleil Las Casa Soleil Las Casa Soleil Las Casa Soleil Las Casa Soleil features 187 feet o f deepwa ter seawall on a wide cove of Bri gantine Canal and is situated just 3 minute s f rom the spect acular Tr easure Cay Beach ra ted One of the Top 10 Beach es i n the Wo rld by National Geogr aphic. This is one of the best fi rst class tu rn key p roperties on t he market today.22 22 2 42.365.842.365.8 42.365.842.365.8 42.365.8 11 11 1 00 00 0 1 or 305.433.75 1 or 305.433.75 1 or 305.433.75 1 or 305.433.75 1 or 305.433.75 77 77 7 77 77 7eMail: ge rhart@oii.netwwwwww wwwwww www .lacasasoleil.comLas Casa Soleil P ri vate s ale $1$1 $1$1 $1 .9m.9m .9m.9m .9m The fishing regulations applying to foreigners were changed early in 2007. Basically the bag limits which applied to individuals now apply to a foreign boat. Essentially, each boat and the occupants are now allowed much less fish. The Bahamas government has the responsibility to protect and manage the fishing resources for the benefit of the Bahamian people. The intention is to allow visitors to catch fish for their immediate enjoyment but not to compete with commercial Bahamian fishermen. The following guidelines apply mainly to visitors. Fishing from a boat owned by a non-Bahamian requires a fishing permit for the boat. The boat is licensed which covers the occupants. This permit is usually acquired by cruising boats when clearing Customs on entering the Bahamas. The permit fee is $20 for one visit, usually considered three months, or $150 annually. Foreigners residing here and owning boats that are based here should purchase the fishing permit annually. The permit is valid for all people on board. Having Bahamian registration does not change the foreign ownership aspect which is the critical element requiring the fishing license. Locally, permits may be purchased in Coopers Town and Marsh Harbour from the Fisheries officers. Boats entering at a port of entry will receive a fishing license as part of the Entry Package given by customs. Non-Bahamians arriving by aircraft would have to obtain a fishing license from a Fisheries officer during their work days, Monday Friday. Boats owned by Bahamians do not need a permit for recreational fishing. This includes 100 percent Bahamian-owned rental boats. Foreigners can fish from a Bahamianowned rental boat without obtaining a fishing permit. Non-Bahamian fishermen in a boat are restricted to hook and line with a maximum limit of six lines in the water. Electric reels are allowed but must not have more than five hooks per line. Six or more hooks on a line is considered long-lining which is illegal. Permits are required by non-Bahamians wanting to use more lines, to fish with spears or nets, to use fish traps or for any other type of fishing method. Although not emphasized in the past, a permit is required before a foreigner can use a spear for scale fish or crawfish. The fishing license referred to earlier does not give this permission as normally issued. However, the officer issuing the license can endorse it to include spear-fishing. The endorsement constitutes the required permit. Bahamians are also required to get permission to engage in spear-fishing. Fisheries officers, now called Marine Resources officers, are enforcing the fishing rules more closely and foreigners are advised to check with an officer if unclear on the regulations. Foreigners are advised to stay clear of the crawfish condos which are constructed and placed by Bahamian fishermen for their own use. Bahamian fishermen are very possessive of these habitats and do not treat foreigners kindly when they are found raiding these artificial habitats. To avoid confrontation, foreigners looking for crawfish are advised to confine their search to reefs and other natural habitats frequented by crawfish. There are restricted areas where fishing is not allowed by any means by any person. This would apply to the Pelican Cays Park in Central Abaco. No marine resource may be taken from the park and enforcement is by the Bahamas National Trust. Marine resources include everything in the water: fish, shells, rocks and seaweed. Since the marine parks do not have signs and fenceposts, it is wise to give them extra clearance so there is no question as to your location. Enforcement officers strongly suggest that you do not combine a fishing trip with a visit to a park. If authorities board your boat in a park and find fish on board, problems will ensue since you cannot prove where they were caught. Also, if you are out deep sea fishing and a Fisheries officer finds dive equipment on board as well as fish, problems may arise. Spear-fishing is not allowed by anyone in the coastal zone of Abaco or any Bahamian island defined as within 200 yards from the coast as measured at the low-water mark. This prohibited zone is the same for all Family Islands except Freeport which has a onemile exclusion zone. All divers with a permit may spear fish while free diving but are not allowed to use power guns or trigger-operated guns of any kind. The most common spear used is the Hawaiian sling. Recreational divers may not spear fish or catch conch or crawfish while using an underwater air supply of any kind. A compressed air license is required for all commercial Bahamian fishermen using compressors for diving crawfish. Scuba equipment is not allowed. Licensed Bahamian fishermen may fish by free diving to any depth. When licensed and using compressed air, commercial fishermen must only fish in the 30to 60-foot zone and then only to catch crawfish with a spear and only during the season. Note that compressor use begins at the 30-foot level and extends to 60-feet. Compressors are not to be used in water shallower than 30 feet. It is interesting to note that virtually all of Abacos popular fishing grounds (inside the barrier reef) are less than 30 feet deep. This includes the Little Bahama Bank extending to Walkers Cay, the Abaco Sound from Little Harbour north beyond Coopers Town and most of the waters on Abacos south side marles. Bang-sticks using shotgun shells for personal protection underwater are allowed but must have an annual firearm license from the Police and permission by the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources. The following bag limits for fish apply to all non-Bahamians, whether in a foreign boat or Bahamian boat regardless of the fishing method. Foreign-owned boats are allowed a combined total of six fish per vessel for kingfish, dolphin, tuna and wahoo. All otherA summary of fishing rules 2007 Please see Rules Page 25


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 25 B Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9 Picture and 4 lines $25 Additional lines at $2 per line Display classified $18 per column inch We can take the photo within the Marsh Harbour area or use your photo. Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677 Houses and Land For Rent and For SaleClassified Advertisements PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE RENTAL HOUSES AND APARTMENTSMan-O-War 8 acres sea to sea, 4 cottages, will divide. 100 ft. dock, 800 ft water front. Contact 242-357-6700 or 772-321-5613 Scotland Cay, 2 adjoining lots for sale, ocean beach on private island. Private paved runway and marina slips available. Each lot 125 on beach x 260 deep. Call 970-333-1055 Scotland Cay home on private island with paved runway. 4 building complex on 300 of beach front. Boats, dock, golf carts, tennis included. Details at Scotland Cay Bay lot on Sea of Abaco. 25,558 sq. ft. 173 on water.. $550,000. Contact Sweetings Tract 3b/ 2b, fenced, landscaped yard. Rental opportunity/ investment. $200,000 net. Financing not available. Call 367-2010. Tilloo Cay charming hideaway, 1 br/ 2 ba cottage, safe haven, tucked in cove with dock. Panoramic view of ocean in all directions from top of hill. On approx. 3.75 accres, sea to sea. Generator, battery and solar powered. Call 508-5403240 or e-mail Treasure Cay, brand new luxury water front condos with deep water docks. 1-800-545-0395 1 acre near sea, quiet area, 20 min from Marsh Harbour. Call 367-0333 for more details. BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free listing. Call 1-800-462-2426 Green Turtle Cay, White Sound. 2 bed/ 2 bath. $1200/ week. 242-365-4208 pr 352-360-5512 Hope Town Specialist. A collection of upscale homes with pools, private docks, etc., ideal for special occasions, reunions, honeymoons. Hope Town Hideaways 242-366-0224 or Cherokee Sound, 3 bedroom, 2 bath. For more information call 242-366-2081 Dundas Town hillside lot with ocean view,150 x 150sq. ft, 20ft. private access from main road. Call 242-324-3916, 242-557-9282, Fax 242393-8864 Elbow Cays Best Houses and Land, rentals and sales, Hope Town Hideaways. Call 242366-0224 or fax 242-366-0434. On the internet at Elbow Cay lot, Dorros Cove deeded dock slip at Tahiti Beach. Panaramic views. $360,000 Call Steve 678-416-2213 Elbow Cay, Marnies Landing, 1/2 acre lot, deeded slip in protected marina, sweeping Atlantic views. $395,000. Rick at 305-481-0970 or Guana Cay, 3 bed/2 bath, 500 yards to beach, good rental history, Priced reduced $229,000. Call Danny 404-256-9626 Guana Cay 2 bdrm 2 bath w/ Jack & Jill shower. Magnificent views of Atlantic Ocean and Sea of Abaco. Incredible sunsets. Priced reduced to $350,000 net to seller Call Danny 404-256-9626 Guana Cay, Orchid Bay Subdivision Lot for sale 75 x 100, great elevation and close to town, nicely paved road and underground utilities. All lots already sold last one available. Call 3655175 Ask for Robbie PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE PROPERTY & HOUSES FOR SALE Guana Cay Sea of Abaco, 400 frontage, dock w/lift poles, elevations on 1+ acre. $950,000 net. Brokers welcome. Ph 242-357-6675 or 3655149 Hope Town Settlement New ocean view 3 bed/2 bath + office, 200 feet to beach. $875,000. Tel 242-366-0590/ 617-500-4157. Leisure Lee Water front lot, 100 ft. deep water on front canal, dock, utilities, premier location with ocean views, totally protected, $299,000. Call 904-813-5732 or Leisue Lee, waterfront community between Treasure Cay and Marsh Harbour, 100 ft waterfront, 6ft low tide, dock and boat slip, water, telephone & elect. Ready to bill $350,000 owner financing 4 lots available. 772-288-9941 Lubbers Quarters Land and/or house for sale. Please contact us at: Land for sale: 1 acre tracts of land on Bustick Bay located 6 miles north of Marsh Harbour next to the Abaco Highway. 130 feet on the waterfront. Electricity on site. Price: $185,000 Phone: 1-242-324-1476 Land for sale: 15 acre tract of land next to the Abaco Highway located in between Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay. Land elevations over 30 feet. Nice hilltop views. Price: $25,000 per acre. Ideal site for small subdivision or industrial park. Phone: 1-242-324-1476 Great Real Estate Investment Opportunity! Pricing under current market value. Go to Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands, beach front villa, 3 story, 2 br/ 2ba, all new appliances and furniture. Completely refurbished, repainted, new Mexican-style tile throughout. Situated on beautiful 6-mile-long white sand beach. $185,000 USD net. Call 242-367-8382 or 772-563-0666 migratory fish caught, unless it is to be eaten, shall not be injured unnecessarily but returned to the sea alive. All fish aboard vessels must have the head and tail intact to aid in the identification of the fish species. Vessel bag limits are 20 pounds of scalefish, and six individual crawfish at any time. This applies to a foreign owned boat holding a fishing license or a Bahamian owned boat which is exempt from the license requirement. A foreign-owned boat may not have conch aboard at any time whereas a Bahamian-owned boat, including rental boats, may have conch aboard. The possession of turtle by non-Bahamians is prohibited. Grouper and rockfish weighing less than three pounds may not be taken. The bag limits may be legally taken to Florida when the vessel leaves the Bahamas. Foreign and Bahamians may export the following quantities from the Bahamas without permission from the Minister: A total of not more than six kingfish, dolphin, tuna and wahoo No more than six crawfish if aboard a boat or 10 pounds if being carried on an aircraft. More than 20 pounds of demersal fish (bottom feeding reef fish, grouper, snapper, etc). Any fish within the bag limit can be given away to friends, but visitors who sell or exchange their fish for accommodations or dockage are subject to prosecution. Legal size for crawfish caught by anyone is a minimum tail length of five and one half inches or a three and a quarter inch carapace (shell) length. Egg bearing females must not be disturbed. The eggs are visible as a red mass (berries) under the tail. The closed season on crawfish is from April 1st to August 1st and applies to everyone. A closed season, December February, exists for Nassau Grouper. Specific opening and closing dates are often changed annually as more information is learned on the groupers reproductive cycle. Any crawfish in freezers of Bahamians, second homeowners or visitors on April 1st, the first day of the closed season, should be documented with a letter to the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. You may or may not be inspected by a Fisheries officer to verify the quantity. The bag limit applies to freezers ashore as well as boats. There are no limits to the amount of fish that can be legally purchased by visitors. However, amounts above the bag limits should be documented with receipts and invoices to clarify the origin of the fish. Bahamians must observe the minimum sizes and closed seasons but are allowed 250 pounds of fish. Quantities above that are considered commercial and appropriate licenses are required. Current rules now prohibit conch aboard a foreign-owned boat, either caught or purchased. Foreigners on a Bahamian-owned rental boat may catch conch but must observe the bag limits. Walking out on the flats and catching a conch is allowed. Only adult conch may be taken. This applies to Bahamians and visitors. The adult conch is identified by a wide and well flared lip on the shell. Juvenile conch have a thin lip which has not yet flared. Help keep conch plentiful in the Bahamas by leaving the juveniles. Conch may not be exported or taken to Florida by anyone unless documented with a CITES permit which is issued by Nassau. This is due to conch being an endangered species internationally and transport across international borders is governed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, CITES. Individuals exporting conch with a CITES permit are limited to 10 pounds. Commercial exporters are allowed larger quantities. One other rule requires that fish resources RulesFrom Page 24Fishing rules not as severe as first thoughtimported, as on a boat arriving in the Bahamas, must be declared to Fisheries officials or to Customs officers. This is to avoid any misunderstanding as to whose fish are on board. If you have undeclared fish on your cruising boat when you enter the Bahamas, they are presumed to be Bahamian and must be within the bag limits. The Abaconian compiled this information in March, 2007, in conjunction with local and Nassau Marine Resource staff. The Department of Fisheries is now named Department of Marine Resources and encompasses a broader role than previously. By Vernique Russell Confidentiality in government health service? Does this exist? Is it followed through? Can employees at our local clinics be trusted? While we would all like to answer these questions with an assuring yes, the facts at a local clinic in North Abaco proves otherwise. A patients privacy should always be protected. Access to his or her files should be limited and protected at all times by those in charge of that department. Recently, a patients privacy at a local clinic was completely invaded when calls were made requesting that patients personal information without proper authorization. The caller received the information and was able to inform the patient of his personal information that should never have been released to begin with. Therefore, it leaves the question in my mind, Who can be trusted at these government-operated clinics? It was completely wrong and invasive for that patients personal information to be released and something has to be done to end this madness that has existed at this clinic from when it opened its doors many years ago. The fact that this one patients file was freely accessed and released without proper consent means that this can happen to any of the other patients who attend this clinic. Please see Viewpoint Page 27Viewpoint Confidentiality in government provided health services


Page 26 B The Abaconian April 1, 2007 Straw Baskets Shirts Hats Casual Wear Gifts SouvenirsLocated Don MacKay Blvd. and Airport Phone 367-2431 Marsh Harbour Mon Sat 7:30 5 Sun 10 5 Visa and MasterCard AcceptedTropical SouvenirsSouvenirs Cuban Cigars Casual Clothing T-Shirts Venus Swimwear Jewelry Childrens Clothing and lots more ...Located in Simmons Plaza next to Snack Shack Mon Sat 9 5 Phone: (242) 367-4822 Bs Sunrise Business Service Directory Big CaBig Ca Big CaBig Ca Big Ca t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment t Equipment Rentals: Backhoe, D3 Tractor, Payloader, Dump Truck Services: Land clearing, Trenching Foundations Fill, rock and sand Fax: 242-367-2464 Tel: 242-367-2655 367-5250 Cell #: 477-5322 359-6839 Sick Copier?Call the Copier DoctorWe make house calls! Most brands serviced We make business quality rubber stamps: Deposit Stamps, Daters, Address Stamps Self-inking and traditional stylesCall 367-4709 BAHAMA TILELICENSED INSURED Office : 367-7072Larry LoweCell : 477-5966 Marble l Granite l Ceramic Porcelain l Mud Work l Kitchens Bathrooms l Entire Home AA AA A baco Island baco Island baco Island baco Island baco Island PharPhar PharPhar Phar macymacy macymacy macyPrescriptions Testing Beauty Supplies Vitamins Ricardo Miller, PharmacistHours 8:30 am 6 pm Sundays 9 am 12 Noon Ph. 367-2544 Cell 554-8183 Dove Plaza, Marsh Harb. Fax 367-6544 DIESEL S S OLUTIONSMarine & Diesel EquipmentAdrian Mott Certified Diesel Mechanic Trouble Shooting & Service Repairs For American & Japanese Models Ph:242-466-9093 Free Estimates PERFORMANCE MARINEFor All Your Outboard Needs! Factory Trained Mechanic with 12 Years experience Service, Repair and More!Darrell Pinder366-2004 or 475-1667 Passion FlowerLocated opposite Bellevue Business Depot Ph: 367-3166 Open Mon-Fri 8:30 am 5:30 pm Sat 10:30 am 5 pm. Fridays 4:30 5:30 Happy Hour on cut flowers, 15% off Arrangements 10% off We are here in Marsh Harbour... next to Insurance Management.We supply all your health and nutritional needsStore Hours Mon Fri 9 6:3Sat 9 1 Telephone : (242) 367-0462Gold Card Day1st, 2nd, & 3rd day of each new month Weekdays (Prayer Meeting) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday5:00 a.m. Monday Night7:00 p.m. Wednesday Night F.T.H.7:00 p.m. Friday Youth Night7:00 p.m. Tuesday, ThursdayFamily Night New Vision MinistriesOur Mission Turning people into devout followers of Jesus Christ Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m. Sunday Kids Korner 9:30 a.m. Tuesday Interactive Bible Study7:30 p.m. Thursday Prayer Time12:10 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Friday Youth Night (high school & up)7:30 p.m. Pastors / Leaders Derek Benjamin Ted Pearce David Lowe Youth Pastor: Chris Pinder For Directions call 242-367-3324 Dundas Town Church of GodWhere Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is Lord!Sunday Prayer Meeting6:00 a.m. Sunday School9:45 a.m. Morning Worship11:00 a.m. Evening Worship6:00 p.m. For Transportation call Rev. Jerry Cornish at 367-2457 or 367-4719 (church) or contact Bro. Val Nesbitt at 367-5565 Bishop Anthony Campbell242-367-4718 or cell phone 242-457-5565 Dtcog@coralwave.comJesus Saves We exist to: Reach, Develop, Train, Love and Send Church If you would like your church listed here, call 367-2677Listing Eastern Abaco Region ofThe Methodist ChurchSt. James MethodistHope Town Sunday Services 9:30 & 11 a.m. Mission House 366-0400Epworth ChapelCherokee Sound Sunday Services 11 a.m. & 7 p.m. Mission House 366-2249 Cell 466-9090 Email: revshale@yahoo.comSt. Andrews MethodistDundas Town Sunday Services 11 a.m & 7 p.m. Office 367-3050 Manse 367-4647All are welcome to worship with us Rev. Dr. Stephen Hale, Circuit Ministerstudents an opportunity to work along with teachers and volunteers to build their carts and bring the campus together. Mrs. Kaighlin said, We went over to the Hope Town Box Car in November and we all had such a great time. We entered two cars in that box cart derby, and we were successful with one of them with the junior entrance. The senior entrance, at least, made a showing. We had the kids involved in building the cars. They learnt so much from the time they spent in the classroom together in putting the cars together with us and we just had a blast that day. The school was disappointed in the turnout of carts and spectators. There were a number of events during that weekend. It wont stop the school as they are hoping that with more advertising and the fact they did it this year more carts will compete next year. Mrs. Kaighin said as a child she grew up right across the street from the Government Hill and they used to race supermarket trolleys and all sorts of things and just had a fun time on the weekends. Mrs. Kaighin said, I think some people were not sure that we were serious. This will be a yearly thing and I think next year this hill will be packed. We tried to coordinate with tourism as well and this could be a really fun event and attract a number of tourists, she concluded. Box CartsFrom Page 1Boat Cruise and Dance Date: April 20, 2007 Time: 7:30 11 p.m. Attire: Dressy Casual Cost: $20 Dock: Rainbow Rentals(West of Union Jack Dock)Drinks and FoodIn aid of JA Club by BTC


April 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 27 B Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9 Picture and 4 lines $25 Additional lines at $2 per line Display classified $18 per column inch We can take the photo within the Marsh Harbour area or use your photo. Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677 For all your vertical and mini-blind needs contact Sidney Albury at 367-2091 or 367-2031. Sales and Service Yacht Delivery Worldwide Sail/Power USCG licensed Captain circumnavigator Art Steffey 772 545-9829 South Florida Whether you want to manage your weight, lower your cholesteral, change body composition, or just eat healthier, we have a plan for you. For more information please contact Vernique 365-8720 or 442-0019 or 18 or visit Lawn mower repairs, headliner replacement (vehicle ceiling) For more info call 475-2668 or 577-0121 Please note that the following positions are now available at The Abaco Club, RC Ltd. 1Transport Assistant 1Sous Chef 1Chef de Partie (PM shift) 1Pre (Pantry) Cook 2Spa Attendant 1Pay Master 1Beach Manager 1Kitchen Steward 2Guest Relations Coordinators (Sales) 5Room Attendants 3Housemen 1Linen. Room Attendant / Presser 5Housekeeping Room Attendants 1Snr. Housekeeping Manager 1Reservation Agent 1Valet driver (Housekeeping) 1Maintenance Technician 1Painter 1Air-conditioned Refrigeration Assistant 1Chief Kitchen Steward 4Kitchen Stewards (Male) Sales Agent Abaco Real Estate Agency, Ltd. is seeking a FULL time BREA licensed sales agent for the Marsh Harbour office. Must have computer knowledge, reliable transportation, willing to make sales calls to all areas of Abaco. contact Bill Thompson 367-2719. Driver / Salesperson, 25 yrs older, Chelseas Choice, courteous, responsible. Phone 3674842. Call for further information Full time child minder/housekeeper required in Marsh Harbour for 19 month old child. Call 577-0422 Boat Mechanic experienced in mechanical and electrical systems for sail and motor yacht charters on Abaco. Competitive wage. Contact Bob or Jessica. Florida Yacht Charters in Boat Harbour. 242-367-4853 Young person with boating experince and strong swmming skills, to work wor a small dive shop. Only Bahamians drug free, high school graduation need apply please call 3655176 COMMERCIAL SERVICES EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES VEHICLES FOR SALE BOATS & MARINE ITEMS FOR SALE BOATS & MARINE ITEMS FOR SALE Classified AdvertisementsItems for Sale, Commercial Service, Cars & Boats25 Mako older model, in excellent condition. DUTY PAID. Boat in Sandy Point. Best offer 375-9724 24' Limestone Diesel Express Cruiser 1987, diesel engine, 9'6" beam, 400 hours, Volvo engine HP230, outdrive Duopro, Stored on a lift, DUTY PAID. $32,000 Tel: 242-365-8175 24 Mako with brand new (less than 10 hours) twin 150 Yamaha 4 stroke engines. Engines still under warranty. $25,000 OBO Will sell engines alone $20,000 OBO DUTY PAID Call 242-3655032 or 954-258-9644 VHF Ch. 16 Ridgehouse Great Guana Cay 26 Strike repowered 285 HP Perkins diesel (1300 hrs.) V-berth, porta-potti, VHF, GPS, stereo, ready to fish, economical. $22,000 OBO. Ph. 359-6778 28 Bertram 1976. Boat is in excellent condition. Needs motors. $12,000 O.B.O. Boat in Green Turtle ship yard. Call: 477-5991 31 Ocean Master, open cockpit fishing boat, 2 250 HP Yamaha 2 stroke, autopilot, outriggers & fishing rods, live bait locker. DUTY PAID. US $34,000 Call 242-365-8101, 305-433-7577 34 Catalina 1988 shoal draft sailboat, DUTY PAID, 27 HP Yanmar, 12 v. refrig, many upgrades. Lying Abacos. $41,500. Call 828-6690828 Fax 828-664-1710 35 Chris Craft Boat, A/C, 6.5 Onan generator. Located in Hope Town. Great live aboard or island boat. Port engine runs fine. Starboard engine needs work. $20,000. 12 dinghy, center console, 25 HP Mercury. DUTY PAID Both for $23,000. Call 366-0617 36 Catalina sailboat, good condition, DUTY PAID, located on Abaco, extras, $39,500 Call 561-249-4282 Donald Sands 45 #1 hull, fiberglass crawfishing boat with stabilizers. Call 367-2707 or 375-3830 98 Ford Lincoln Navigator Jeep green, in good condition $13,000 OBO 553-7864 or 3650391 1998 Mazda Millinea White $5,500. O.B.O. Leather interior, A/C working 1999 Buick Century leather interior, A.C working $6,000 O.B.O. 1998 Dodge Ram $11,000. O.B.O. Call:464-5975 91 Toyota 4 x 4. Call after 5 p.m. 242-3654261 Golf Carts for Sale 2 2002 Electric Club Cars brand new batteries $4500 ea. 2 1999 Gas Club Cars good condition $2500 ea. 3 1999 Gas Club Cars lift kit, good condition $3500 ea. Call 365-4655 200 HP Volvo Diesel Engine, Bobtail, rebuilt 2006, excellent condition. Ph 559-8196 or VHF Ch 16 Highway ask for Junior Sands Trailer for small boat/Whaler $750, jet ski trailer $300. Pls call 551-7594 10 Whistle Built sailing dinghy. Fiberglass, two live wells, storage, centerboard, tiller, sail, built 1985. Duty paid $1,250 Call 367-3986 11 Carib inflatable with 15 HP Evinrude and beach trailer, glass bottom, all accessories included. $1800 OBO Phone 365-8595 15.5 fiberglass flats boat, built on a Dolphin hull by foreman of Sea Craft Boat Company for his personal use. Tiller steering. Two live wells. Built 1983. DUTY PAID Old 55 HP Evinrude. Old trailer. $5000 Call 367-3986 16.5 Malibu with 2003 50 HP Mercury (3 hrs) w/trailer $5500. Can be seen at National Marine. See Royce or call 242-367-2326 or 3675960 20 Stapleton with 150HP Yamaha 4 stroke $12,000. Call for info 366-0430 20 Wellcraft, trailer, 200 HP Yahama engine. $7500 ONO Call 466-5021 or 577-0008 23 Compac $14,500. Well equipped, tough sloop is ideal for gunk holing around Abaco. Call 366-0458 23 SeaOx CC with T-Top, w/ 225 Johnson Ocean Runner, leaning post & rocket launchers, new tandem trailer, engine runs excellent. $17,900 Duty Paid. Leave Message 207226-7455, 23' Mako 140 HP Mercury, low hours. 15,000. Contact National Marine for details 367-2326 Hitachi electric jack-hammer/ chipping hammer. Price $750. Bought in the US. Call 4669093 Two electric hospital beds twin w/ head board, box springs, mattresses, shets, bed covers. $300 ea or $500 both. Located in Treasure Cay. 207671-4522 White crib with mattress can be converted to day bed, in good condtion $150. Call 367-4709 An above ground pool, 24 round and 4 deep. brand new, still in box., If interested call 3654359 Serious inquires only BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BOAT WANTEDWanted sailboat daysailer approx 25. Good condition. Pls. call 242-365-8824 Wanted to buy a sit-upon kayak 11 feet or larger. Pls call 375-8075 Restaurant for sale on waterfront in DT Call 367-5906 or 436-5106 for information Bahamas expansion of Melaleucas $780 million company. Looking for entrepreneurs. Must with have internet access. Home business promoting environmentally-safe products. No direct sales. Referral marketing. Investment $250-$400 U.S. Earn anywhere from $550 to $2000 a month. Contact Vernique at 365-8720 or 442-0019 or visit anne TRADING HOUSESCanadian couple interested in house / condo swapping. Very flexible time frame. We have a log house on 300 acres 1 hour from Toronto or a condo in Florida. e-mail Diesel Engine90 HP Honda 1997 25 Shaft, all guages & control box 950 hours. $4,000 O.B.O. Call 3673526 The Prime Time Foundation announces its new website Information about the scholarship, including requirements and the application, may now be accessed on-line at The Prime Time Foundation scholarship is for residents of Abaco and Eleuthera. This is a full scholarship that includes tuition, room, board, and a travel allowance. The Foundation was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yanover to award scholarships to financially needy Bahamian students to attend college in the US. To date, 15 scholarships have been awarded. Seven students have graduated from Louisiana State University and five are currently attending, with two graduating in May 2007. One student is attending the University at Albany in New York. Anyone interested should visit the website Time scholarship fund has new websiteWhen one attends a medical facility, he or she should feel comfortable as a patient. Their privacy should at all times be respected and honored. For too long patients have had to deal with hearing their business all over the streets of North Abaco without it being given out by them. The persons in charge of these local clinics must hold employees responsible and accountable. There needs to be some sort of punishment in placed for these offenders. This local clinic is slowly become of no use to Bahamian citizens as many refuse to receive medical attention at the institution for fear their business will become everyones business. It is time for this madness to stop. Anyone can pick up the telephone and identify themselves as someone they are not. How can one take the risk of releasing information to someone they cant see but even further without consulting with the person whom the information is about. Our governmentoperated establishment has for many years been slack and unprofessionally operated. But its time to demand change and force these people to deliver quality, professional service to the people of this nation. After all its us who pay them. ViewpointFrom Page 25 MERCHANDISE


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