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October 1998
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Gov't To Back Business Loans

Banana Farms Take Two Awards

Rudy Pinder (right) of Big Bird Poultry Farm and Melvin Wells (left) of Pepperpot Farm were awarded first and second
place trophies by the Ministry of Agriculture for the best kept banana farms in the Bahamas See story on page 2
Photo supplied by Rud\ Pinder

The Prime Minister, Hubert A.
Ingraham, announced that as of October
1st, 1998, new legislation will come into
effect to enable young business people to
obtain government guaranteed loans from
banks for new business ventures in the
tourism industry and in Family Island
development industries. This
announcement was made when he
addressed the group at the official
opening of RND Cinema in Marsh
The new businesses might include
bone fishing lodges, entertainment,
cottage industries, small farmers, fishing
and forestry related enterprises,
transportation, warehousing, bed and
breakfast accommodation, restaurants
and others. They will be able to obtain
loans with government guaranteeing 85%
of the loan. If the business is tourist
oriented, the amount guaranteed is for
loans up to a half million dollars and for
loans up to $250,000 for other Family
Island businesses.
The Prime Minister said that Abaco is
the fastest growing island in the
Bahamas. Much has been spent and will
be spent by government to keep its
infrastructure on par with development.
Moore's Island can expect a new airstrip
very soon. He realizes that Marsh
Harbour needs a proper docking facility
which is in the planning stage. Before the

PLEASE SEE Loans Page 26

Cherokee Honours 25

Years of Independence

By Isobel Sherman
The Fifth Annual Great Abaco
Triathlon in the Spirit of Perry Cooke
was held on September 5th. The weather
was perfect and there were great
expectations beforehand that this year
would record the largest number of
However, that expectation was
overstated as a little under 80 triathletes
actually participated. Most of these
traveled from the United States. There
were seven Bahamian entrants including

Dale Hill and Tim Albury of Abaco.
Dale placed second in the 30-34 male age
group. Otto Bell from Freeport was the
top Bahamian male winner with a time of
one hour eighteen minutes and five
seconds. Placing second in the Bahamian
category was Tim Albury. Jacinda
Mireault, age 14, of Nassau won in her
age division.
Some Bahamians participated on relay
teams. (see related story of one team).

PLEASE SEE Triathlon

Page 2

Four Die in Snake Cay Fire
By Isobel Sherman concrete house in Snake Cay, claiming
On Saturday evening, the 12th of the lives of four children who were
September fire completely destroyed a trapped inside. They were the children of
Maxine and Dwight MacDonald. Dead
Set Clocks Back One are Alfred Cooper, aged 11 and a student
at Abaco Central High, Aleethia Cooper,
Hour October 25 aged nine years, Diomarr McDonald,
aged five years and Owneka McDonald,
aged four years. The bodies were burned
.'I ::: 2'. beyond recognition.

'\.. PLEASE SEE Fire Pane 14

Dale Hill came in second in his age
group while Tim Albury placed second
owvrallfor Bahamians in the Triathlon.

The Abaconian
7571 N.W. 78th Street
Medley FL 33166-7530
Forward and Address Correction

PERMIT #5050

Triathlon Hosts 80

About 75 persons attended the formal
ceremony with a larger number present
for the lunch at the Long Dock Rains
cancelled the afternoon games

Daylight Savings Time ends 2 a.m.
October 26th. Move clocks back one
hour either at night on the 25th or on
the morning of the 26th.


I Uvw I *

Page 2 The Abaonlan October 1998

Two Abaco Farms Praised by Ministry
--_I_ - wi1ysfis',\I WI n i .1

By Stephanie Humblestone
Abaco Big Bird Poultry Farm, situated
12 miles south of Marsh Harbour on the
road to Sandy Point, won the Ministry of
Agriculture Trophy for the best kept
banana groves in the Bahamas. Its
neighbour Pepperpot Farms took second
This was quite an achievement for the
poultry business which began literally
doing "farming on the side." Said Rudy
Pinder, one of the owners of Abaco Big
Bird, "We are not farmers; we are
fishermen by tradition but we have
carefully tended the bananas and we are
learning all the time." It seems with such
an accolade from the Ministry of
Agriculture that they have much to teach
as well.
The company has set aside ten of their
30 acres for cultivating bananas, four of
which are ready and the rest will yield
fruit by December of this year.
Part of their success Rudy attributes to
the rich manure which they access from
their chicken-strong poultry farm which
produces 10,000 chickens every ten days.
He stresses the importance of careful
monitoring of the plants which grow as
high as 14 feet. A wonderful expanse of
green from afar reveals on closer
inspection lush plants with huge leaves
planted in neat rows. Order is obviously
of paramount importance. Over the
bananas which are ready to be picked are
blue plastic sleeves which protect them
from bugs.
"In all," says Rudy, "we have about
800 bunches of bananas, all at varying
stages of maturity."


The bananas, which are the Grand
Naine variety, number approximately 14
hands to a bunch, with 32 bananas to
each hand. The entire bunch will weigh
about 100 pounds.
Together with Mr. Melbourne Wells
of Pepperpot Farms, Rudy and his family
are the biggest banana growers on
Abaco. For over a year now no bananas
have been imported onto Abaco.
However, plenty have left from both
Rudy's and Melbourne's farms. Abaco
Big Bird produces 60 to 70 forty pound
boxes a week. Some are sent to the local
market, such as Golden Harvest and
Bahamas Family Market while the rest
are transported to Nassau. Pepperpot
Farms has larger groves and produces
80-100 forty pound boxes a week. They,
too, supply the local market and Nassau.
The two farmers have a good rapport.
Melbourne, after cutting his crop, sends
them over to Rudy's farm where they are
refrigerated at 60 degrees and then put
through a ripening plant for 24 hours.
Between them they supply between 130
and 150 boxes per week on Abaco. The
bananas are cut on Thursday, put in the
cooler, exposed to the ripening process
on Friday evening in readiness for
Tuesday's market.
Both businesses are expanding.
Bananas, as ever, remain one of the most
popular of fruits and, as ever too, in high

carried on his bike and then carried
through the run.
The awards ceremony was held at the
Crossing Beach later that same day.
Kalik was the major sponsor of the
$5,000 prize money. Present for the
evening events were Neko Grant, MP
and Vice President of Bums House,
Northern Bahamas, and William Tony
Davis, Burns House Manager on Abaco
Yes, there will be a Sixth Great Abaco
Triathlon and hopefully, according to
Craig Woods, Manager of Out Islands
for the Ministry of Tourism, it will be
much larger and will top the 1997
triathlon record which had 133

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i; ., "" ^ :' ,-;..
,,^A?^,;^ :




The swimming segment of the Great Abaco Triathlon gets under way at the Abaco Beach
Resort. Close to 80 persons participated.

Triathlon FROM Page 1
Brenda Mitchell, organizer of the event
on Abaco, joined forces with Sid Dawes
and an American to form one relay team.
Another relay matched up Bobby Russell,
tennis pro, who swam and cycled with
Lori Lachnicht of Bahamas Travel
Network in Fort Lauderdale who did the
running portion of the competition.
The St. Pete Mad Dogs, a triathlon
club based in St Petersburg, Florida, had
a smaller contingent this year with 20
Mad Dogs. They were led by the
indomitable Bela Molnar, who placed
first in the mountain bike division. Bela
just completed a triathlon in Switzerland
where his bike was custom made for his
measurements. The Mad Dog flag was

The Ahneonlan Page 3

Goombay Summer Is a Crowd Pleaser

By Charlene Fernander
The Abaco Goombay Summer Festival
ended with a huge bang on the 4th of
September after seven weeks of
transforming the Abaco entertainment
scene. In recent weeks Goombay has
been held between Marsh Harbour and
Treasure Cay attracting large enthusiastic
crowds of tourists and residents alike.
The lure of the Royal Bahamas Police
Force Band and the Defense Force Band
along with other entertainers who
performed fire-dancing, street-dancing,
the limbo, a fashion show, the plaiting ofV
the Maypole and other island visual .
treats, brought viewers from the cays,
from cruising boats and honeymooners to .
enjoy this quarter-century old Bahamian -I
summer celebration. Goombay Summer Festival even included a fashion show, showcasing our lovely models,
The Abaco Tourist Office, headed by sponsored by Ms. Sherry Burrows of Glamour Parlour
Ms. Sherry Parker with the able
assistance of Ms. Wynsome Ferguson,
and in conjunction with the All Abaco
Regatta Committee, staged a wonderful
few weeks of fun. There were concession
stalls each Friday night, which sold ..
drinks and Bahamian dinners and snacks .
of all kinds to a hungry crowd. It was _
the first time many Abaconians had seen
the Police Force and Defense Force Visitors at Tourism's Gombay Summer
Bands perform ever. Festival watch their conch salad get A
Although Abaconians are going chopped and assembled. Many native 7y
through a short period of anticlimax foods were offered including guava duff, a..
awaiting the next major event, they will coconut jimmie, fried fish and other J
not have to wait too long. The 1998 All delights.
Abaco Family Island Regatta, a four-day
happening, will set sail Halloween
weekend as scheduled. ,P i

Junkanoo was a regular feature of the Goombay Summer Festival.

Visitors enjoy a meal from one of the booths offering Bahamian food at a Goomi
Summer Festival held weekly during the summer.

A & K Liquor

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Liquors Wines Cordials
A wide selection .,t attractive prices

Duty Free
A & K Liquor Queen Elizabeth Drive
One short block from the Union Jack Dock
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
VHF Channel 16 Phone 242-367-2179
Central Liquors
Don MacKay Boulevard 367-2966
Also at Boat Harbour 367-2881

% --ow-


October 1998

Page 4 The Ahbaonian October 199

North Abaco

Little Abaco
Disaster Strikes
By Leon Pinder
Renaldo McIntosh, affectionately
known as Jay, was declared lost at sea
after he went missing on the 20th of
August when he fell into the water
between Grand Cay and Crown Haven.
The seas were rough as it was the time
that Hurricane Bonnie passed Abaco out
in the Atlantic Ocean.
Jay was working for Bahasea Lobster
Co. He, along with Capt. Bar Bar, had
taken their lobster vessel, the Nancy to
Grand Cay to pick up a shipment of
lobster and were on their return voyage
to Crown Haven when this tragic incident

Jay McIntosh
25th Anniversary Celebrated
By Leon Pinder
Little Abaco celebrated the 25th Silver
Jubilee Anniversary of the Independence
of the Bahamas with a program, sports
and competitions. Chief Councillor Joe
Norris introduced the main speaker,
Administrator Chrisfield Johnson. Special
entertainment was provided by the St.
Thomas Praise Dancers. Police Reservist
Leslie Cornish had the honour of raising
the flag.
The sports included a ladies' basket-
ball game in which the LA Sharks won
over the Blackwood Bulls. Tyrice Curry
was named Most Valuable Player. The
men competed in a basketball tournament
with three teams competing. The Crown
Haven Bottom Boys won over the
Blackwood Top Boys and then were
defeated by the LA Sunset Boys.
Lavar McIntosh led the Sunset Boys to
victory in the Championship game and
also took the MVP trophy plus won a six
foot trophy for his friend and ex-player
of the Sunset Boys team, Renaldo
Lavar said that he along with his team
just had to win this game for and in
memory of Renaldo, better known as

Ice & Water
Shell Fuel & Oils

Four Restaurants
immediately adjacent
Mangoes, Sapodillys
Tiki Hut & Wally's
Conch Inn 400 ft. East
P 0 Box AB 20457
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2182
Family Owned & Operated

Jay, who was lost at sea.
Outstanding Student Rewarded
By Leon Pinder
Justin Heild, an outstanding member
of Little Abaco's basketball team, the
Sunset Boys, and a 10th grader at the
S.C. Bootle High School, had an exciting
summer vacation. It was all due to the
fact that he did excellently in his school
work, came first in his class and made a
grade average point required by the New
Hope Baptist Church to win a two week
trip to Florida and Detroit, Michigan.
Upon his return home, he worked with
Green Turtle Club divers and there he
learned how to SCUBA dive and to
captain a 36 foot boat. He met and
conversated with many tourists. Most of
them encouraged him to continue to do
well in school.
Sr. Deputy Administrator
Chrisfield Johnson
By Stephanie Humblestone
Mr. Chrisfield Johnson, originally
from Eleuthera, has settled down well on
Abaco since being appointed to the
position of Senior Deputy Administrator
for North Abaco on the 27th of April of
this year. He is busily involved in


Page 25

The victorious women's team, the LA Sharks, celebrate their win at the Little Abaco 25th
Independence celebration.

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October 1998 The Abaconian Page 5

Salute& Its Long Service Employees For
25 + Years of Dedicated Service


S 01

I -.



ur dedic jn, ej d i4 ted t6dthe success of Scotiabank in
nk sa nd wishes you continued success in ti

-Scotiabank So

.rms. ,



AcoutigClrk- 8years]^^

Page 6 The Ahbaeonan Otober 998

South Abaco News

Sandy Point
By Jason Roberts
Special Service at Mt. Zion
On September 20th the officers and
members of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church
will host their first official pastoral
anniversary for Rev. Napoleon Roberts.
It has been some twenty-three years since
the Lord called him to preach the gospel
of Jesus Christ. Since then the Lord has
taken him to levels unimaginable. About
11 years ago he was placed with the
responsibility of full pastoral duties in the
church. During that time the Lord has
given him the vision to build a new
church for these turbulent times. The
church is designed through the inspiration
of the Holy Spirit to reach out to those
who need help both spiritually,
physically and mentally. The service will
commence at 3 p.m. at the church.
Wedding Bells Will Ring
Mrs. Naomi Dames requests the
honour of your presence at the marriage
of her daughter Eleanor Anita Dames to
Bradley Stuart, son of Mr. Keith Stuart
on the 19th of September at 2 p.m. The
wedding will be at Mt. Zion Baptist
Church in Sandy Point and the reception
will follow at the Anglican Parish Hall.
Bruce Lightbourne celebrates the
magic fifty. The one and only Bruce
Lightbourne will have a party in his
honour at the Lightbourne's residence on
the 26th of September at 8 p.m.
Mr. Lightbourne pays a strong role in
the development of his community and is

Senator Michael Bethel planted a tree in
the park dominated with a statue
commemorating those men in the
community who have been lost at sea
while carrying on the tradition of fishing.


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Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
The students have by now settled into
a new school year. The principal,
Michelle Lowe, tells me the children will
be participating in Cherokee's celebration
of the 25th anniversary of Bahamian
Independence on September 19th being a
part of the program. Otherwise, she
assures me it is just work as usual.
Have you visited the Cherokee Post
Office lately? Besides the sampling
display of many old Bahamian stamps
(which you might expect to find in the
Post Office), there is a new display case
containing some old Bahamian money,
that you might find of interest. It was
hoped that both these displays, along
with other pieces of local memorabilia,
could have eventually been put into a
new building that would leave replaced
the old schoolhouse.
However, after years of wishful

thinking by many concerned residents
and other old Cherokee school graduates,
we are afraid it just isn't going to
happen. It is a shame that the project
never went forward when probably

everyone in the community would have
benefitted from it in one way or another.
Maybell and Colin Kemp have now


Page 26

^^^ f ^
., .';

.. -, .
I1 P .' 'I 1"

The cabana at the Long Dock proved its worth as Cherokee residents and friends
celebrate the Bahamas' 25th Independence with a bounty of delicious food and drink.
Unfortunately, many of the afternoon activities were rained out.

Full Service
Parts for most Brands
Hope Town 366-0292

The Ahbaonian Page 7

2nd All Abaco Regatta Begins October 29th

By Charlene Fernander
The second All Abaco Family Island
Regatta promises to be one of
organization, class and style. The 1998
Regatta has been dubbed Abaco Regatta -
a Tribute to the Legends. Regatta '98 is
scheduled for October 29th through
November 1st in the picturesque waters
between the Treasure Cay ferry dock and
Green Turtle Cay. Abaco extends a warm
invitation to all its residents, visitors,
home boys and girls and well-wishers to
join the community in its final
celebrations of our countries Jubilee Year
of Independence.
The All Abaco Regatta Committee is

being chaired for a second year by Mr.
Everette Hart, Island Administrator.
Chief Counsellors Mr. Joseph Norris
(North Abaco), Michael Malone (Central
Abaco) and Benjamin Pinder (South
Abaco) have all agreed to serve as Deputy
Chairmen. Newly-appointed Senior
Deputy Administrator Mr. Chrisfield
Johnson also serves on the Committee.
Police Corporal Hubert Smith will again
perform as Commodore, a task he
executed with distinction last year. Mr.
Hugh Cottis will once again serve as Race
Participation from the skippers and
sailing associations has been

(~ /X~I

overwhelming. This year's roster is
expected to surpass last year's entries of
twenty-six boats. The Governor General
and Prime Minister's Cup Races are
expected to be the highlight of this year's
sailing. Prize/take-home money will
remain as solid as the 1997 purse.
Already, hotels are boasting of high
occupancy bookings for this period and it
is anticipated that by month's end, 95
percent of all bookings will have been
A jet from the national flag-carrier,
Bahamasair, will airlift passengers from
Nassau and Freeport. Private charter
companies are also scheduling special
runs for this year's "battle of the giants."
Abaconians are gearing up for the greatest
sailing event in recent times.
A number of activities have been
planned. As Bahamians commemorate the
twenty-fifth anniversary of Independence,
so the Committee will match that with
twenty-five stalls to serve native dishes
during the breakfast, lunch and dinner
hours. Stalls are expected to remain open
throughout the day and on into the night.
The special drink of the Regatta will be
the Abaco Legend Punch. Entertainment

will focus to a great extent on cultural
shows. A fashion show is also planned as
part of the onshore activities. A Junkanoo
Rush-out and Abaco theme skits will
reflect the true art and culture of the
people of this island.
Abaco Featured
in Film
By Charlene Fernander
The Public Relations Sub-Committee
of the All Abaco Regatta Committee
brought a team led by Mrs. Dianna Swan
of ZNS III to the Abacos for the week
beginning September 14th to begin
filming a documentary on this island.
The documentary will show the people of
Abaco in various, scenes around the
island from Moore's Island in the south
to Grand Cay in the north. Many popular
places of interest will be showcased as
well as places not so well known.

The 1997 crew on the Abaco Rage learn the ropes and how to improve her speed. Handling a
boat with movable ballait and cotton sails requires different techniques from modern craft.

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October 1998


Page 8 The Ahaconian October 199

School News

Education Up Date
By Stephanie Humblestone
In the words of Superintendent for
Education Jackson McIntosh, "Central
Abaco Primary School is bursting at the
seams." It is so crowded that plans are
going ahead for borrowing portable
classrooms. This is the case with
Treasure Cay Primary, which now has
one comfortably installed at their
campus, having come from Forest
Heights Academy in Marsh Harbour.
Landscaping at Central Abaco
Primary still needs to be addressed and
continues to be a sore point with teachers
and parents who are concerned about the
open trenches and the safety of young
students. "This is a totally unacceptable
situation," commented Mr. McIntosh,
who predicts that the situation will be
resolved once the walkways are
The school continues to operate as a
split campus with Grades 1 to 3 at the
new site and Grades 4 to 6 still at the old
school in Dundas Town. Building Phase
2, which will remedy this situation and
re-unite the school, is on hold but should
be ready by September 1999.
The pre-school programmes and a
Spanish course are both being postponed
until January 1999.
Plans are ahead to put computers in all
schools in the Bahamas. Two million
dollars of the national budget has been
set aside for this project. Here on Abaco
there will be at least two out of the 12
schools will have enough computers for
teaching in the near future. Throughout
the Bahamas it will be done in phases
over a five year period.
Plans are ahead to provide schools
throughout Abaco with funds for
subscriptions to three educational
magazines with a view to keeping
teachers informed and exposed to new
trends in education.
An itinerant Special Education
Programme is presently under discussion.
This year Lynette Sawh from Guyana
will assess special educational needs two
days of the week at S.C. Bootle School
in Cooper's Town where she has been
teaching for the past five years. This will
be addressing a very real need while at
the same time enabling Ms. Sawh to
work within her field of expertise. She
will also act in an advisory capacity

Where your hard-earned dollars buy moreI


AND K6 300N IX

15" Acer SVGA


throughout North Abaco.
A similar programme will come into
effect next year in South and Central
Abaco. Already Jill Saunders from
Nassau, a teacher at Abaco Central High
School and qualified in this area, will
assist in the programme.
The Ministry of Education is allowing
janitorial needs to be procured on a
district level. This means that supplies
will be bought locally, not sent from
Nassau. This will make life much easier
for everyone concerned.
It is hoped that the future will bring
the same policy for instructional supplies.
Four workshnnps for educnrators were
held during the month of August to
establish a common district examination
for grades 4, 5 and 6. The first of these
exams will be held in March of next
year. The exams will indicate how the
district is doing with the set curriculums.
The same system was implemented two
to three years ago on Andros and more
recently in the Exumas. It has proved to
be effective in testing and evaluating both
teachers and students.
Man-O-War All Age and Guana All
Age Schools are reluctant to release the
title of All Age with fierce parental
resistance to keep children after Grade 6
on the cays.
S.C. Bootle High School
By Stephanie Humblestone
Mr. Rolle, Principal of S.C. Bootle
School in Cooper's Town, reported that
the BJC and BGCSE results last year
were very promising. There was a
marked improvement in the results from
the previous year, the year Mr. Rolle
joined the school.
In 1996-1997 there were 1 A, 6 B's,
13 C's, and 20 D's. This year there were
.11 A's, 20 B's 37 C's and 34 D's.
These excellent grades prompted Mrs.
Iris Pinder, Director of Education in
Nassau, to personally call the school to
congratulate them for having placed fifth
in the entire Bahamas.
Mr. Rolle reported that he has 57 new
students enrolled for the coming winter
term. There are 23 staff members, three
less than last academic year. Thirteen are
Bahamians and ten are foreigners. There
are no new staff members. The number
of subjects offered has been decreased,
but students can still select the some of
the subjects they want to take.
Agricultural science is being added to the

D & S Shopping Plaza
Downtown Marsh Harbour

Full Financing Available

FEr! uM mu 66inz
14" Acer SVQA


2-yer System Wairranty

curriculum. The auto mechanics
programme is being activated this year.
Seven out of ten our graduates were
accepted at the College of the Bahamas
on the strength of their BGCSE exam
The school is undergoing repairs to
doors, louvres and windows.
Abaco Central High School
By Stephanie Humblestone
There is a total enrolment of 560
students this year, 100 of whom are new.
The curriculum is basically the same.
Two new subjects have been added, auto
mechanics and cosmetology
There are four new teachers. These
include French teacher Yolande Ferguson
from the College of the Bahamas and
social studies and religious knowledge
teacher Raquel Gaitor also from Nassau.
There will also be a new science teacher
and physical education instructor. The
full staff complement is 33.
Students, according to Mrs. Royann
Swain, Principal of Abaco Central High
School, did "fair" in the BGCSE's and
"good" in their PSAT and SAT results.
A new requirement this year is that all
boys will wear a white tie.
Landscaping of the school is now
complete but local government still has

not attended to painting the school.
Education Officials
Visit Abaco
On the 17th of September a delegation
from the Department of Education in
Nassau led by Mr. Dion Foulkes,
Minister of State for Education, came to
Abaco to visit some of the government
schools on the island. Traveling with Mr.
Foulkes were Mrs. Iris Pinder, Director
of Education, and Ms. Verona Archer,
Deputy Director of Education for
Their tour started in North Abaco with
visits to S.C. BootleDUU igl School and
Cooper's Town Primary School. The
group then visited Treasure Cay Primary
School. In Central Abaco the group
visited Abaco Central Secondary where
they held a brief meeting with the
teachers and administration and visited
some of the classrooms. Their final stop
before departing was Central Abaco
Primary School
Presentation of the
Copper Falcon
The PTA Board of Forest Height


Page 21

Abaco Residents


Romantic Getaway for Two


Deluxe Accommodations
Candlelit Four Course Gourmet Dinner
Waterfront Patio Breakfast

per couple

based on availability 48 hours prior
to check-in (2 night max.)
valid Sept. 8 thru Dec. 15, 1998
Blackout Nov. 25 Nov. 30
Proof ofAbaconian Residence Required

for information & reservations

phone: 3654271 fax: 3654272

The Ahaeonlan Paae 9

PM Attends RND Theater Grand Opening

By Isobel Sherman
On the 18th of September, RND
Cinema Abaco held its grand opening.
The first theater in the Family Islands,
RND Abaco has come into Abaco in
grand style. Owners Brent Dean and
Jerome Fitzgerald spared no expense to
build this three-screen theater that has a
combined capacity of 370 persons.
Located at the Seventeen Plaza at the
airport roundabout in Marsh Harbour,
RND Cinema Abaco has been operating
since July of this year.
Over 200 guests were invited to the
official opening. The guest list included
the Right Honourable Prime Minister,
Hubert A. Ingraham, Mr. Robert Sweeting
MP for South Abaco and his wife,
Senator Michael Bethel and his wife,
Senator Desmond Edwards and his wife as
well as local government officials from
Abaco and many invited guests from
Nassau. Senator Desmond Edwards is
chairman of the Plays and Films Board in
the Bahamas which assigns film ratings.
Mr. Brent Dean, President of RND
Cinemas began his remarks by saying that
three years ago he was approached by "a
5 foot 4 inch dynamo" named Nick
Miaoulis, who approached him about
bringing RND to Abaco. The result was
that in October of 1997 RND Abaco was
Mr. Dean complained that banks were
unresponsive to young businessmen
seeking loans for business ventures and
asked why the banks could not be as
equally enthusiastic about lending money
for new businesses as they are for loans
for cars. He said to get money "you must
give up your life." He felt that this must

The Prime Minister was the key note
speaker and lauded Mr. Dean and Mr.
Fitzgerald for being brave enough to leave
safe and secure jobs, Mr. Dean as a CPA
and Mr. Fitzgerald as a lawyer, to pursue
the dream of their own business.
The Prime Minister further praised
them because from the onset they were
determined to provide wholesome family
entertainment in a safe, clean environment
where parents did not have to worry about
leaving their children or taking them
Mr. Jerome Fitzgerald, Vice President
of RND, gave the vote of thanks. He felt
"proud and privileged but with this comes
responsibility." He gave much of the
credit to their fine staff that saw over one
half million persons attending RND in
Abaco and Nassau this past year.
Mr Fitzgerald also gave God thanks
because without the help of God nothing
can be done. He explained that RND was
named after the late Richard Nikita
Demerritte who was their partner before
the construction of the first RND in
Nassau. He was tragically murdered and
they made the decision to name the
theaters after him.
The ribbon cutting in which a strip of
movie film was cut was done by Mrs.
Zelma Dean, mother of Mr. Dean, and
Mrs. Allardyce Scott-Fitzgerald, mother of
Mr. Fitzgerald. After the ribbon cutting,
the Prime Minister unveiled the plaque on
the side of the building. Refreshments


Page 18




The mothers of the owners of RND Cinema, Abaco, cut the film officially opening the
three-screen theatre. They are Mrs. Zelma Dean and Mrs. Allerdyce Scott-Fitzgerald.

Harbour View Grocery
Use our dock for convenient shopping at our store
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,. Dairy Products
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Dry Goods
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14,000 Gal. Water Capacity
Water & Freight on same delivery
Scheduled From Marsh Harbour to Hope Town,
Man-O-War, Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
And to Other Points on Abaco by Charter
Call 365-6247

The Prime Minister unveiled the plaque at
RND Cinema, Abaco, while Mr. Brent
Dean proudly looked on.

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Mercury & Mariner
Industry Leader for Optional
2 year Limited Warranty
Sales & Service
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October 1998

Page 10 The Abaconian October 1998

ThIe fd/or S . .

Schooling begins at home

School in getting underway and our
children are once more back to a
structured schedule. We all want our
children to do well in school. We must
realize that their success at learning in
school depends to a large extent on the
family attitudes and family influences.
School environment is not a separate
entity in their lives but a fully integrated
part of lives along with family and
church experiences. They cannot be
expected to succeed at school if the home
environment is not good.
Our children learn more from us as
parents than from anyone else. We are
the major motivator for our children.
They learn from us constantly, their
values, their ethics and morals, their
character traits these are all being
absorbed constantly from what we say
and more importantly from lives we live.
The successes our children have as adults
depend on their upbringing in the home.
How can parents help with their
children succeed? There are many ways.
Children need to know they belong,
that they are important members of the
family. They need to feel valued. This
can be developed by having families
doing activities together, whether it is
going to church or the beach or such
simple things as eating together
Parents need to be supportive, they
need to let -the child know they care
about them and their lives. They need to
show interest in their child's activities
and praise them for what they do.
Children need to have heroes and role
models, people in their lives they look up
to. These people have a great influence
in the child's life. Parents should strive
to be their idols, by their actions as well
as by their words.
All children need to have a sense of
accomplishment. This can be encouraged
by parents who recognize the efforts the
child makes. Children will persevere
when they, realize that the adults in their
W LLFtL.JI ua.- - -_L. ,.
world are supportive and understanding.
All children need to have fun and
excitement in their lives. Families should
aim to have outings together or do

The Abaconian
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers
P 0 Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas e

interesting activities together. These can
be as simple as a picnic or a project
around the house or yard. The children
need to be encouraged to participate and
their efforts praised, not criticized.
Children's curiosity and creativity
need to be encouraged. This is done
through praise, remembering that their
final results will perhaps not be to adult
standards but will be their best effort. It
is so important not to put children down
or to criticize their work.
Children need to be encouraged to
explore and have adventures. They need
different experiences that will broaden
their horizons. They need to be exposed
to different ideas and concepts from what
they are accustomed. A variety of
experiences can be found right on Abaco.
Parents just have to look around to find
positive experiences that will help their

minds expand and give them new ideas to
think about.
Parents need to help children become
confident people. This is done through
positive reinforcement. Confidence
comes as the child realizes that their
efforts are worthwhile and that they are
valuable people. If we are encouraging,
they will realize that and their self worth
and confidence will grow.
Parents are leaders in the home and
they need to be decisive leaders.
Children are confused if they are getting
mixed signals, if the rules in the home
are constantly changing or if enforcement
of the rules is haphazard or inconsistent.
Any discipline needs to be consistent and
applicable to their misbehavior.
Making decisions is part of becoming
an adult and children need to begin
practicing by making decisions in minor

jn My -Humble Opinio. "Knocking Up" On Abaco

By Stephanie Humblestone
When a friend suggested we try
"knocking up," I looked at him askance.
British decorum and all that!
At the time we were anchored off
Sandy Cay in a little Boston Whaler. The
warm sun and clear waters made it an
idyllic setting, perfect conditions, he
assured me, for "knocking up."
I didn't doubt it.
The expression was quite foreign to
me. The closest I had come to it in the
Bahamas was "conching up" which I
suspected may be its antecedent! I once
saw a tourist, big with child, on Bay
Street with a T-shirt which said, "I got
"conched up in the Bahamas." I am sure
passers-by felt better for that piece of
Before I could tell him in no uncertain
terms to cast his net elsewhere, he leaned
over the side of the boat and began
knocking on the gunwale with a small
piece of wood. It was a rhythmic motion,
executed with a skill which had been
passed down to him through seven
generations of fishermen.
"This should do it; the fish will
respond to the sound in a moment," he
said, gazing across at the reef lying 30
feet away.
"We have a nice "barry bottom" here,
too." He was right.
A flurry of activity revealed a school

Published Monthly
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Reporters/Writers: Stephanie Uumblestone, Isobel Sherman, David Cote
Contributors: Hugh Cottis, Annabelle Cross, Arthur Elden, Barbara Farnan,
Charlene Femander, Sam Hoffer, Liann Kaighin, Chamair Laroda, Lyn Major,
Chere Pinder, Leon Pinder, Lee Pinder, Jason Roberts and Sandy Walker
Credit: Stephan Nash for parrot sketches and Bahamas Information Service

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of turbot which appeared as if from
nowhere. Their flat, glistening bodies
moved swiftly around the reef in
expectation of food.
I nervously threw the prepared line
with its bait and, thanks to his helpful
"knocking up," I got my first bite!
When I say "first bite," I mean that
literally. Despite my seafaring ancestors,
and my piscatorial roots, I had never
been fishing before.
You can imagine the surprise and the
thrill when that fish not only bit but came
willingly to me as I carefully drew in the
"Beginners luck," commented my
friend, protecting me from future
"Beginners what?" I said to myself.
This is a latent skill, I thought, lying
dormant for years and finally surfacing
through the genes.
I watched as my friend cut the conch
into small chunks. He had deliberately
chosen hard pieces as turbots have sharp
mouths and soft pieces they pull off the
I took special note as he attached them
to the hook. He adjusted the lead weight

about five inches from the hook and then
disentangled the line.
He took his position which I duly
registered. I seem to recall that his legs
were a little apart, feet well grounded.
"Now," he said, "this is how you do
it." He threw the line with a flourish.
"Come to Daddy," he cooed! (I turned
away to conceal a grin.)
Now here was a professional, with all
the movements and the lingo! I was
suitably impressed. His prowess preceded
him. How fortunate I was to have such a
I waited to see a record size turbot
dangle from his line. He fumbled a bit
and peered over the side of the boat to
get a better look. His line had now been
in the water a long time and he seemed a
little reluctant to pull it in. When he
finally did, it came with ease, bearing a
well chewed piece of conch!
"Not every one is a winner," he
"No." I readily agreed.
He repeated the ritual of preparing the
bait and then politely passed me the line.

PLEASE SEE Humblestone Page 27

Letters to the Editor

Better Than They Expected
Dear Friends,
We recently returned from a visit to
Green Turtle Cay. This was our first
visit; and before we went, we had read
all we could find about the island,
including its people and opportunities for
water sports.
Everything indicated we could expect
to find friendly people, beautiful pink
sandy beaches, 500 inhabitants, quaint
little shops and five churches. Yes, we
found all of that and much more!
We were very comfortable at the New
Plymouth Inn, which is only 180 years
old! After a short time we felt like family
and the peace and tranquility of the Inn,
the village and the beach settled over us
for a wonderful vacation.
We hope as other visitors enjoy the
"Green Turtle Cay" experience, they,
too, will want to see it stay in its pristine
state and never feel the need to introduce
the glitter, litter and. noise of modem day
The memories we have of this little
island paradise indicate a return trip
would warm our hearts just as this trip
did. See you soon we hope!
Eleanor W. Ragan
Deborah Bowman

Reliable Connectivity
Is a Vital Issue
To the Editor:
I've had on my to do list to write a
letter of support about previous
complaints concerning Batelnet. I opened
an account since April 1998 but never
was able to log on. I came back home to
Green Turtle Cay late June expecting the
worst, only to dial in and log on. I felt
like I hit the lottery. I did get
disconnected once but got right back on.
So my letter changes to one of thanks
and support to both Batelnet and active
readers of The Abaconian. Keep up the
good work.
"Remote Connectivity" is a major
opportunity for Batelco and the Bahamas.
Reliable and reasonably priced access can
be a major boost to business tourism for
the islands.
Being able to be connected from
anywhere will allow people to spend
more time where they want to be like
here in the Abacos. This is both a
technical issue and a cultural/social one.
If the Bahamas offered the best of both,
just imagine the possibilities.
Brad Barrett
President & CEO, e-resort inc


areas of their lives. Decision making
begins by allowing them to make simple
choices. As the children get older more
of the decisions can be made by the them
under the guidance of the parents.
Always stress the positive. Children
will live up to whatever we make them
out to be. If a child is always told how
bad he or she is, they will believe this
and their behavior will exemplify this.
This does not mean that we overlook
misbehavior but that we commend them
for good behavior and compliment them
when they do well.
Our job as parents is a daunting one.
But we must be diligent to do the best we
can so our children will learn well and
become responsible as they make their
way to adulthood.
Our responsibility as parents is


Page 27

October 1998

The Alaeonlan Page 11

News of the Cays

Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
Another summer has gone by and now
the days are getting shorter and the early
mornings and evenings a bit cooler.
The children have all gone back to
school. Amy Roberts School has a total
of 57 students enrolled in grades 1
through 6. Mrs. Anne Bootle has
returned as principal with Mrs. Alex
Sawyer, Ms. Sherry Thompson and Mrs.
Sara Roberts completing the teaching
staff. The students of grades 7 through
12 are now attending the high school of
their choice on Abaco.
Tiny Turtles Pre-school has 15
students enrolled. It's a lot less noisy this
year compared to last year when there
were 28 students! Teachers Denise and

Annabelle both successfully completed a
pre-school course offered by the College
of the Bahamas this summer. They
received their diplomas in a ceremony on
September 11lth.
The All Abaco Regatta committee held
a steak out on September 12th. The
second annual All Abaco Regatta is
scheduled for October 29th, 20th and
31st. Our community looks forward to
welcoming sailors from other Bahamian
A remembrance service for Jeannie
was held on September 15th at the
Gospel Chapel. Friends organized a
lovely tribute to Jeannie, who was killed
on September 15th, 1997. Choirs from
various churches sang hymns of
encouragement. Jeannie's friends sang

1999 Fishing Dates Set

The Bahamas Billfish Championship
has announced its 1998 schedule of five
tournaments. Starting off the season the
boats will be at Boat Harbour Marina in
Marsh Harbour April 18th through 23rd.
The Championship will move to
Walker's Cay on May 2nd to 7th for the
second leg. Chub Cay Club in the Berry
Islands will host the third leg of the
Championship on May 16th through 21st.
The anglers then return to Marsh
Harbour for the Boat Harbour
Championship on June 8th through June
11th before completing the series at the
Harbour Island Championship, the fifth
and final leg to be held on North
Eleuthera on June 20th through 25th.
According to Al Behrendt,
Championship Coordinator, "The new
schedule provides a seven week interval
between tournaments in southern Abaco
waters and puts. our anglers at Chub Cay
when fishing is at its best around the
Tongue of the Ocean."
The Bahamas Billfish Championship
has taken place annually since its first
season in 1974. All BBC tournaments are
governed by a uniform set of rules
controlling minimum lengths for
qualifying billfish, line class, fishing
hours and entry fees. Anglers can fish in
any or all of the tournaments with
cumulative points determining the overall
Bahamas Billfish Champions.
The 1998 Bahamas Billfish
Championship was won by the Reel Tight

owned by Jim Lambert of Hillsboro
Beach, Florida, who did not win a single
tournament in the series but did well all
season finishing second or third in three
of the five tournaments. The largest fish
caught during the 1998 series was a 699
pound blue caught by No. 1 Deal. The
largest blue marlin ever caught off Abaco
was during a BBC tournament in
Treasure Cay in 1996. It weighed 1030

her favourite hymns. In a moving tribute
Adrian Lowe sang I Hear Jeannie as her
friends lit candles in her memory. A
tribute read by Julie Roberts made
everyone award of how much Jeannie is
missed by those who loved her!
The inquest into the death of Jeannie
Sands Pinder has been postponed until
October. Our community hopes that
following this inquest, rumors and
speculations will be replaced with truth
and answers. Most importantly, it will
lead to justice for Jeannie.
Funeral services were held on the 19th
of September in Freeport for Kendal
(K.C.) Curry. K.C. grew up on Green
Turtle Cay and spent many of the past

years living here. Kendal was 41. He is
survived by one son; his sisters Mavis,
Margaret and Whitlene; his brother Tallis
and many other relatives and friends.
Our male population grew by two over
the past month! Our community
welcomes Christian Victor McIntosh and
James Fitzgerald McIntosh, Jr. James
Fitzgerald is the first son for James and
Denise McIntosh. He was born on
August 17th and has three sisters to help
"guide" him!
Christian Victor is the second son for
Chris and Molly McIntosh. His big
brother, Chamon, is looking forward to
baby sitting. Christian was born on
September 7th.

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Page 12 The Abaeenian October 199

Central Abaco

Training Workshop
at The Moorings
By Stephanie Humblestone
The Moorings at the Conch Inn,
Marsh Harbour, started a six-week
course on Yacht Cosmetics, Fiberglass
Repairs and Varnish on the 7th of
September. Three young students were
chosen from Abaco to attend the
programme which will include
intermediate level training in all of the
above trades, two weeks of which is
theory followed by four weeks of
practical lessons.
The course is being taught be Kent
Baptiste from Grenada, who is a
specialist in yacht cosmetics.
The students have been given printed
material and a basic syllabus, outlining
such topics as fiberglass safety,
preparation and application, prepping
materials for varnishing, colour matching
and mixing for gel coat cosmetics and
the application of graphics and stripping.
Upon completion of the course the
successful students will receive a diploma
and full time employment for one of
them. Sarah of The Moorings said, "The
students will be given an in-depth
knowledge of the subjects and also be
apprised of problems specific to the boats
owned by the Moorings." She has
insisted that members of her staff attend
the opening days of the programme so
that they can familiarise themselves with
yacht cosmetics.
Hotel Boasts New
By Isobel Sherman
On the 8th of September Mr. Nick
Watson officially assumed his duties as
the new Manager of the Abaco Beach
Resort and Boat Harbour.
A native of Texas, Mr. Watson, who
prefers to be called Nick, has been in the
hotel industry for over 20 years. He
recently served as the manager of a hotel
on French St. Marten for the past three
When I asked him about the Bahamas,
he told me that he had worked at the
Jack Tar Resort at West End, Grand
Bahamas, several years ago and he was
quite familiar with Nassau and Freeport.
This was his first time on Abaco when he
accepted the position of manager. He is
very excited about his new job and in the
near future will be able to announce his
goals for the Resort.
Mr. Peter Sweeting has announced that
Mr. Drayton Pilcher has been hired as


f ........

Economy Full
Air conditioned & reliable
Reasonable Rates
Located at the
Marsh Harbour
Airport Terminal
Roam the Island with
Wilmac and
Save! Save! SAVE!
Call 242-367-4313
367-3465 Emergency
Visa & Master Cards Accepted

the restaurant and bar manager. He has
been working in that capacity in Nassau
for several years.
Miss Michelle Albury is now Special
Promotions person. She has worked in
Miami on the Out Island Promotion
Board. She is from Nassau.
Mr. Sweeting also said the Ms. Terry
Curry, former Sales Manager, has been
retained on a consulting basis.

Mr. Nick Watson

Free Testing Offered
By Hugh Cottis
October will be observed as Cancer
Awareness Month. As an important
feature of these observances, a series of
FREE clinics will be conducted on
October 3rd. Pap smear examinations
will be performed by a team of doctors
from Nassau at the clinics of Marsh
Harbour, Cooper's Town and Sandy
It is hoped that as many women as
possible will avail themselves of this
opportunity. If detected early enough,
most forms of cancer are treatable and
need not be life threatening. The results
of these examinations remain
confidential. -
If you do not take the opportunity to
have this FREE test, the Cancer Society
urges you to have such a test with your
local physician.

Hotel Hosts Fly In

By Isobel Sherman
Fifteen private planes with pilots and
their families flew into Marsh Harbour
International Airport on the 4th of
September to participate in the Bahamas

Lobster Fly-In. Mr. Greg Rolle, Aviation
Specialist of the Bahamas Ministry of
Tourism, spearheaded the Fly In assisted
by Mrs. Terry Curry. On the 4th the
guests were treated to a cocktail party on
the veranda of Anglers Restaurant at
Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour.
Mr Rolle told me that the next day the
group went fishing, diving, toured Hope
Town or Man-O-War and participated in
various water sports. There was another
cocktail party on Saturday night.
The purpose of the fly-in is to show
the pilots the various water activities and
interesting places to visit in the beautiful

A Busy Place
Anyone venturing into down town
Marsh Harbour on the last weekend in
August would have found traffic was
extra heavy and many stores were very
busy. The reason was not only the
weekend after government pay day when
many persons travel from all over Abaco
to Marsh Harbour to shop for groceries
and all other needs, but it was the last

weekend to outfit their children for back
to school.
Some parents had their children's
uniforms on lay-away from June and
others waited until the last minute to
shop either due to finances or because
they are last minute shoppers.
Never-the-less, it costs quite a bit to
outfit a child for school and, contrary to
popular opinion, most uniforms are
bought or made right here on Abaco for
the students going to school here. Even
the dry cleaners were extra busy pressing
those pleats into aqua skirts and red
skirts and plaid skirts of assorted colours.
Barbers and beauty salons were busy
getting children's hair cut or styled or
relaxed or permed for that first day of
Other stores which sold school
supplies were busy with parents making
sure their children has paper, pens,
folders, and, of course, the all important
book bag Somehow it does not matter
what school you go to or even what
island you may live on, the first day of
school in the Bahamas is an important
one for all concerned.

Lighthouse Marina

Dry Boat Storage

While your boat is ashore, before you
J. ew have it launched, let us clean, polish
, ,and make repairs so you can enjoy
._ carefree boating.

Dry Boat Storage Ten-ton Hoist
Hull Cleaning, Waxing & Polishing
Hull Maintanance Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repairs
Bottom Cleaning and Painting
Yamaha Outboard Dealer Factory Trained Mechanics
Full Service Marina with Fuel, Water, Ice, Bait & Laundry
Ship's Store with Fishing Tackle, Marine Hardware & Gift Items
Used Boats for Sale
Call for information on monthly and weekly
house rentals including a boat.
Lighthouse Marina
Hope Town, Abaco
Phone 242-366-0154 or Fax 366-0171





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People in the News .

New Doctor on
By Stephanie Humblestone
As from July 20th Dr. Frank Boyce of
Abaco Family Medicine will be assisted
by Dr. Marc Binard from South
For the remainder of this year Dr.
Binard will visit once a month and stay
for one week. It is hoped that in 1999 he
will be practicing full time on Abaco.
This is Dr. Binard's fourth visit to the
Abacos. He is a keen sailor and enjoys
Abaco's protected waters and friendly
people. No stranger to island life, as a
child he lived in Haiti, where his father
worked as a urologist. He has also
visited and lived in several South
American countries.
Dr. Binard received his medical
training at the Eastern Virginia School of
Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia. He
specialised in general practice and
emergency medicine.
He is married with a 10-year-old
daughter and a 12-year-old son.
Dr. Binard first met Dr. Boyce over
twenty years ago in Virginia where he
worked under him. The two men share
an active interest in preventative
medicine. Dr. Binard intends to help the
community to "stay healthy." He will
bring to his new job a wealth of expertise
and experience in this area.
We warmly welcome Dr. Marc
Binard. He comes to us with no
"misgivings" about island life, already
has a good rapport with the people here
and would, at this point, appear to be a
great asset to Dr. Boyce and to Abaco.
Dr. Boyce would like to extend his
gratitude to the community for their
patience. He recognizes that, due to his
heavy patient load, many people have
had long waits. This he hopes to remedy
with Dr. Binard's timely arrival.

Dr. Marc Binard

New Veterinary
Doctor Now Here
By Stephanie Humblestone
Dr. Robert Allen, originally from
Jamaica, joined the Community Animal
Hospital in June of this year. He
graduated in 1996 from Tuskegee
University in Alabama where he also did
a year's internship.
Before coming to Abaco he worked
with Bahamas Poultry in Freeport where
he gained valuable experience with farm
animals. His present position is
demanding in that he treats a wide
variety of animals. "There are a lot of
dermatological cases here," he said.
"And more birds mainly Macaws in
need of treatment than in Freeport."
He remains in close contact with Dr.
Brian Weekes and Dr. Valentino Grant,
who worked at the hospital before he
arrived. Dr. Weeks regularly flies in
from Freeport when needed at the clinic
or for his expertise at the local pig and
goat farms.
Dr. Allen intends opening the Animal
Hospital full time from the middle of
September and has plans to set up
visiting clinics on the cays. He enjoys
Abaco, finds the people "friendly" and
the animals the same as anywhere else!
"They don't change," he said with a
He is married to Carolyn an architect
from Nassau. The couple have a five

month old daughter, Robyn. Dr. Allen
would like to move his family full time
to Abaco.
A Wedding
By David Cote
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ginocchio and
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mischeler are
pleased to announce the marriage of their
daughter Julia Ginocchio to Mr. Jordan
Briggs Rebhun, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Dan Rebhun. The wedding took place on
September 5th at the St. Francis de Sales
Catholic Church in Marsh Harbour. The
reception followed at the Abaco Beach
More than 100 guests flew in from as
far away as California and Colorado. The
wedding festivities involved additional
parties at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge
and Sea Spray Resort on the days
preceding and following the wedding.
The parents of the groom, the
Rebhuns, are owners of a vacation home

Arawak Agency
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Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 242-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P 0 Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

on Eastern Shores, Marsh Harbour.
Mrs. Diane Cash of Treasure Cay and
Mr. Steve Roberts of Nassau are proud
to announce the engagement of their
daughter Tonya Diane to Mr. Ray Gillen
of Orlando, Florida. Ray is the son of
Brian and Barbara Gille n of New Jersey.
The wedding is planned for later this
year on Orlando where the couple will

Mr. and Mrs. Mischeler

Air Charter SerVice
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Miami, W. Palm Beach & Beyond
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Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
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Elbow Cay on the Ocean &
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.* '7 arefool
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Romantic tropical rooms
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Free boat docking
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favorite frozen drinks
Wonderful food served
overlooking the ocean
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TIan Alsamousinas P 3


October 1998

Page 14 The Ahaeonilan October 199

New Techniques Aid Hurricane

The hurricane season was slow in
getting started and that was because of
the lingering effects of El Niifo.
However, the season is making up for
that now by having more tropical storms
and they are more powerful storms.
During the end of September there was a
record of four hurricanes being tracked at
one time.
The United States has a new tracking
device which they drop from a hurricane-
hunting jet at 43,000 feet. It is a cylinder

packed with sensors and a parachute. It
can monitor wind speed and direction,
temperature, barometric pressure and
moisture on its 20 minute drop into the
From this instrument they have learned
that the highest winds occur 100 to 300
feet above sea level, up to 50 percent
higher than at ground level. The
instrument was used for the first time last
year and is giving new insight into the
nature of hurricanes.

Police officers are inspecting the burned out ruins of the building at Snake Cay where
four children lost their lives. The small building was originally a wash house for some of
the residences there in the 1960s.

Fire FROM Paae 1
When a neighbor saw smoke, they
drove to Spring City, the nearest
community with a telephone, to call the
Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire
Department. Within 12 minutes two fire
engines were at the scene.
When the fire engines reached the
scene, the roof, the door and all of the
windows had been destroyed by the
intensity of the heat. Only the walls were
standing. It was not known at that time
that anyone was trapped in the building.
Neighbors feared that four children had
been trapped in the building.
When the fire had cooled sufficiently,
the search for bodies began and the
firemen located the bodies of the four
children. The children had apparently
been locked into the house by their
mother as she went out and the father was
elsewhere on the island.
Investigators from Nassau arrived late
Sunday afternoon. The cause of the fire
has yet to be determined.
The house was separate from the other
houses at Snake Cay. The 16 foot by 20
foot building had once been a wash house
when Owns Illinois had employees living
on Snake Cay in the 1960s.
Credit to the Fire
The Marsh Harbour Fire Department
acted promptly but once again they could
not prevent the loss of lives. Yet
considering all the fires the Marsh
Harbour Volunteer Fire Department fights
each year and how well trained they are,
we sometimes do not give them all of the
credit they deserve. Nassau officials also
fail to realize their expertise on fire
fighting matters and how quickly they
respond when notified of a fire.

C.D.M. 22' Boats
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VHF Radio
Fresh Water Shower
and reliable
Yamaha Engines --
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Located west of the
Union Jack Dock
in Marsh Harbour

Abaco College Student
Receives Honour
Juanyette Stuart, daughter of Kathy
Jones of Dundas Town and George Stuart
of Moore's Island, was named an All
American Collegiate Scholar this past
week. Juanyette just began her sophomore
year at Florida Memorial Collage in
Miami where she is in advanced
placement courses and is on a
scholarship. She spent her summer
vacation working as a teller at CIBC
Bahamas Ltd. bank in Marsh Harbour.

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M "'

The Ahaeoulan Paae 15

Great Abaco Club Is Moving Ahead

The Great Abaco Club's motto is Live
Your Dream. According to Ms. Cindy
Hayworth, manger of Great Abaco Club,
many more persons will be living their
dream in the near future. Ms. Hayworth
revealed that in the first six months of
1998 seven lots were sold at Great Abaco
Club. At present there are eight homes
completed and one is presently under
construction. Two of the homes are on
full time rental.
Great Abaco Club is a private gated
community located within the confines of
Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour.
The homeowners, members of the Club,
can enjoy all of the amenities of the
Fifty percent of the lots have been
sold. Persons buying a lot and building
homes at Great Abaco Club are usually
second homeowners although Ms.
Hayworth states that many persons from
Nassau are seriously interested in
purchasing property as well,
In order to build a home, the owner
must submit the plans to the Great Abaco
Club and once that board approves, it
then goes to Town Planning. Lots range

in size from 50 feet by 100 feet up to
160 feet in length and prices start at
$140,000 for a lot.
Ms. Hayworth also has a property
management company which will rent the
home and maintain it. There is a full
time staff including gardener,
housekeeper and maintenance man in the
management company.
Ms. Hayworth says there is a great
demand for rental homes in Marsh
Harbour and the Great Abaco Club offers
privacy and seclusion yet the person is
minutes away from all essential services
located in Marsh Harbour.


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The Abaconian

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there's just one t'ing I don't like about it: I have to
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coming and I can't wait to check 'em out!"
Leslie Adderley ABACO WATERMAN
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when my engine doesn't work, neither do I! I've
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My Yamaha"
Sandy Point Abaco

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October 1998

Page 16 ThI Ahbaeonan October 1998

Pre-School Teachers Earn Certificates

By Isobel Sherman
At a ceremony held at Friendship
Tabernacle Church in Dundas Town on
September llth representatives of the
College of the Bahamas were pleased to
award twenty-five pre-school operators
with certificates following the successful
completion of a course of study. The
course included components designed to
upgrade their communication skills,
mathematics, social studies and science.
Classes took place on Saturdays for a
sixteen-week period. This was followed
by a week of full time practical studies
which focused on early childhood

Dr. Pandora Johnson, Vice President
of College of the Bahamas with
responsibility for Research, Planning and
Development, was principle speaker for
the evening. She congratulated the ladies
on their determination and persistence
that led ultimately to this very successful
conclusion. It was recognized that they
had to fit their studies in with job and
family commitments and travel long
distances in many cases.
Dr. Linda Davis, Dean of College of
the Bahamas Professional Studies, in her
remarks said that the College is about to

Happy graduates proudly show their certificates after completing a course of study for
pre-school operators. They are, front row, Denise Bodie, Jerutha Etienne, Yvette
McIntosh, Charmica Moss, Julie Greene, Dr. Linda Davis, Mr. Hugh Cottis, Dr.
Pandora Johnson, Ms. Christine Nowosa, Wendy Laroda, Annabelle Cross, Claudia
Williams, Prescola Penn. The back row are Monique Curry, Deseree Toote, Owenta
McDonald, Christine Bostwick, ThereseAlbury, Margaret Burrows, LaurieAlbury, Tanya
Cartwright, Maria L Rose, Telessa Scott, Genieve Chapman, Ethilda Stuart and Dawn

New Fishing Contest for T. Cay

The Second Annual Bahamas Wahoo
Championship will be held at four
locations throughout the Bahamas. The
Third Leg will be at the Abaco Beach
Resort and Boat Harbour in Marsh'
Harbour from January 6th to 9th and the
final Fourth Leg will be hosted by
Treasure Cay Resort on January 20th to
23rd. This is the first time the Wahoo
Championship has come to Treasure
Cay. This is the world's premier wahoo
championship series.
In announcing their participation in
this championship Treasure Cay Services
Inc. stated that Treasure Cay has an
abundance of large game fish including
Wahoo which are quite prevalent in the
Anglers can register for the Treasure
Cay leg of the tournament by contacting


Mid-Sized Cars
& Seven Seat
Station Wagons
All are 4 Door
Air Conditioned
American Vehicles
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-4234 MM

Treasure Cay Services Inc. at 1-800-327-
1584 or 954-525-7711. For Information
about the entire championship series
persons should contact the Out Island
Promotion Board at 1-800-688-4752.
This series of tournaments is designed
to develop competition pursuing a species
of fish which is not endangered and one
that cannot be harvested commercially.
The First Leg will be November 11th
to 14th at the Bimini Big Game Fishing
Club. The Second Leg will be December
2nd to 5th at the Lucaya Marina Village
on Grand Bahama.

Our air-conditioned
restaurant in the newly
restored Main House will
create elegant candle-lit
dinners. Enjoy award
winning cuisine served
by a friendly, smiling
staff who await your
every desire.

embark upon exciting new programmes
for Abaco and could envision many
possibilities for furthering tertiary
education on Abaco.
Mrs. Christine Nowosa from the
College's Continuing Education and
Extension Services presented the
Certificates with the assistance of District

Our Palms Beach Club
will serve you a great
lunch with daily specials
and tropical cocktails to
cool you off after your
day in paradise.

When cruising The Abacos,
stop by and tie up at our
marina. We'll offer you a
friendly, helpful smile as well
as dockage and electricity
along with showers, gasoline,
diesel, water and ice.

a ^ Bluff House Beach Hotel
Green Thrtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
"I Tel.:(242) 365-4247, ext. #228
Fax:(242) 365-4248
i.- a online:

Superintendent for Abaco, Mr. Jackson
McIntosh. Two special awards were
made to students who performed at an
exceptionally high standard. They were
Jerutha Etienne and Monique Curry. Mr.
Hugh Cottis, Island Coordinator for the
College of the Bahamas, acted as MC for
the evening.

Abaco Air Charter Service
* From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
* Twin Engine, Six & Nine Passenger Aircraft
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Contoured seat & back for comfort.
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Marsh Harbour
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night with us and discover
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Our recently renovated
accommodations will cap off
a perfect day.

Ex" riere
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The Bluff House Beach Hotel



The Ahamonlan Page 17

By Stephanie Humblestone
Mother of 18 children adult children,
Mrs. Sybil Williams of Dundas Town
dreamed of opening a private home for
senior citizens in her Dundas Town
house where she and her family have
lived for the past 34 years. When her
husband James retired from his farm job
in Treasure Cay in 1995, this dream
became a reality. He re-structured the
house to accommodate at least six
residents and is now aiming at doubling
this figure by next year.
The one storey house is large,
spacious and impeccably clean. There are
five rooms with twin beds and one single
room, each with its own bathroom. The
communal kitchen, off which is a
breakfast area which overlooks a yard, is
well equipped. Colorfully decorated with
family photos, framed paintings and
bright ornaments throughout, it is

uplifting for the owners, their staff of
one and the residents. A long dining
room table with pretty table linen and
shining cutlery gives a strong sense of
family which James says is what Sybil's
House really is.
The residents, ranging from 74 to 85
years, looked happy and very much at
home. Presently, there are four, three
women and one man. The residents are
well cared for, with all meals and
laundry inclusive in the weekly rate.
Friends and relatives visit and take them
out, and every Sunday Sybil and James
take them to church.
Apart from assistance from Elva
Williams who has been with them for the
past 13 months, Sybil and James do
everything which, in light of the fact that
some residents are incapacitated, is
obviously demanding.

Elderly Cared for at Sybil's House

A Couple that Studies
Together Stays Together
By Stephanie Humblestone
Johan and Joni Dam were married on
May 16th by Ken Touchton (his last
service performed before his retirement)
at Abaco Apostolic Church in Marsh
Harbour. Joni is the daughter of Earl and
Noreen Albury and Johan is the son of
Johan and Karen Dam, all of Marsh
Harbour. The reception was held at
Flipper's in Memorial Plaza.
Both Johan and Joni are former Abaco
Central High School students and are
both studying in Florida. Johan is in his
first year at Lakeland Community
College studying finance in night classes
and working full time at a bank during
the day. Joni is in her fourth year at

COOKE AT 242-367-4602, RAIN-

Sybil's House in Dundas Town is a much needed facility in central Abaco for elderly
citizens who need care. Mr. and Mrs. James Williams have provided this service for
several years.


is pleased to announce its
new sales office in
Marsh Harbour
located in the B&L Plaza
Don McKay Boulevard
P.O. Box AB 20901

Phone: 367-3264 Fax: 367-3265

Modern, competitive Life Insurance Plans
Annuity Savings Plans
Residential & Commercial Mortgage Loans

Catherine Pyfrom Patterson

Sales Representative

Bahamas Born. Bahamas Based. Since 1965.
Sales Offices in Nassau, Freeport and Marsh Harbour

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Abaco Wholesale we've got more of
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Don Mackay Blvd.
Marsh Harbour Abaco
Tel: (242) 367-2020412
Fax: (242) 367-2242

Mr. and Mrs. Johan Dam
Florida Southern College in Lakeland,
Florida, studying business management
and accounting and is working toward
becoming a CPA.

Abaco lass Cmpany
Window Glass Cut and Installed
Pictures Framed and Matted
Screens Made and Repaired
Commercial Store Fronts
Installed and Replaced
Yale Windows
In Marsh Harbour beside Western Auto 0 367-2442

Page 18 The Ahbaonln October 99

Actor Al Pacino Is on Manjack Cay

Manjack Cay was chosen as the site for
several scenes of an upcoming full feature
film produced and directed by Michael
Mann. The untitled film was written by
Eric Roth and is based on a true story of an
investigative journalist and his involvement
with a tobacco executive. Starring in the
film is Al Pacino with Russell Crowe,
Christopher Plummer and Diane Venora as
supporting actors. The movie, presently un-
named, will be distributed by Touchtone
Pictures, a division of Walt Disney
A U.S. film production crew of 40 to 50
persons along with fifty Bahamians were
working on the cay. This effort will result
in one brief three to five minute movie
segment in the final one hour film. Other
segments will be shot in Los Angeles, New
York, Egypt and other locations. The
filming done here on August 20-22 was
originally scheduled for the Virgin Islands
but "The Abaco location was prettier and
more ideal," said Mr. Mann.
Eight boats serviced the Manjack
location, three 48' 58' sport fishermen and
five large outboards with an additional boat
standing by at the cay for emergencies.
The filming crew may be roughing it on
a deserted island but they were well
provided for. Amenities include an air-
conditioned 20 foot by 60 foot tent for
lunch and cooling off between work

A plethora of tents was located at the
primary beach set. The easiest one to
identify was for refreshments. This was
patronized on a steady basis. Available
were a variety of freshly made cakes, fresh
cookies the size of hockey pucks, an
assortment of fresh fruit, a huge bowl of
trail mix, bowls of pistachios and mixed
nuts, cellophane bags of snack foods, and
more. Beverages included a wide
assortment of sodas, juices and Gatoraid.
Living and working conditions may have
been remote but the food was outstanding.
Other shelters included an air-conditioned
tent for make-up and costume changes, a
sound system tent, a camera man's tent, a
set tent and others.
Commercial soundproofed generators
were nearby and made as much noise as a
sewing machine.
Filming action was on the beach and
bystanders were restricted on the back side
of the sand dune where the camera and
actors were not visible.
The 25 to 30 supporting staff at the
filming set was impressive. Many stood
around while some read books. Most were
in tune with the goings-on with portable
radios which gave constant but short
messages. Occasionally someone would


Page 19

The snack tent for the film crew was well stocked and well patronized.

Ministry of Tourism officials presented Mr. Al Pacino and Mr. Michael Mann each with a half
model of a Bahamian sloop made by Joe Albury of Man-O- War Cay. Photographed from 1. to
r. are: Police Officer 1089 Sgt. Leon Wilchcombe; Angela Archer, Assistant Manager, Tourism;
Mr. Pacino, actor; Dr. Patricia Rodgers, Permanent Secretary, Tourism; Mr. Mann, producer;
and Cordell Thompson, Tourism.


|- on Guana Cay
*Lunch & Dinner
S Pig Roast
N 'Every Sunday


-' Limestone
r. Chlorine
Rust and Lead
Volatile Organics
nr. ~ Makes Tap Water BETTER
than Bottled Water!
Each filter provides 30-35 gallons

Available at Golden Harvest and Solomon's Abaco, Ltd.
Call (242) 352-2467 for information on systems for refrigerators

were served and the film called Rolin was
shown to the guests.
It was a first class opening from the
beginning to the very end. Abaconians
will now have a place where they can
bring their families for an afternoon or
evening of wholesome entertainment with
plenty of good snacks available at the
concession stand.

Your Own Florida
Mail Sent Weekly,
to Abaco
Only $15 per month
Contact Doug Wiseman
200 E. Whitney Dr.
Jupiter FL 33458
Phone 561-575-0751
Fax 561-745-0061
Mail Forwarding
Packaging Supplies

242-367-2660, 281, 2820 or Fax 2645


Self-contained Continuous duty rated

Generating Sets 5 1600 KW

5 25 KW with Lister diesel engines
20 215 KW with Perkins diesel engines
124 1624 KW with Detroit Diesel engines
Also on wheels or with sound attenuated enclosures


Marsh Harbour, Abaco

The Ahaconlan Page 1n

Citrus Is Harvested by Mexican Labour

By Stephanie Humblestone
One hundred thirty-three Mexicans
from Morelia, Mexico, just completed
the end of their two-month job contract
picking lemons at Star Citrus Farm near
Treasure Cay. The men arrived on
Abaco at the end of July and since then
they have been working six hours a day
at the 3000-acre farm. Farm Manager
Carl Selph said, "This is hard work; we


FROM Page 18

leap up, grab some mysterious component
and dash over the dune. Much of the group
was available for problems but were not
needed, (like a spare tire).
Lunch would have rated a $25 menu
ticket at any of our resorts, crawfish and
steak, vegetables and peas and rice. Then a
table of other foods in case you did not get
A beach house constructed specially for
the filming was assembled in three weeks
using locally purchased materials. This
newly constructed building had an
authentic 20-year-old weathered appear-
ance made-to-order. The camp site was
disassembled in a few days after the final
"shoot" and total clean-up took another

could not find any local people who were
willing to do it."
Mr. Selph, who has been in the citrus
business for 20 years, explained that it
takes a combination of high temperature
and dry weather to pick citrus fruit. If
they are picked when the weather is still
cool, their skin is still tender and the oils
are broken. Any damage to the skin is
reflected in a green spot which

three or four days.
When they leave, the island will look
like its former self although the beach
cottage may be salvaged by bringing it up
to code and moving it further back from the
Patrick Stuart of Hope Town was in
charge of the local logistics including the
crew which built the beach house. Abaco
Tug and Transport brought equipment and
materials to the island. The actors and
support crew stayed at Treasure Cay and
commuted daily. A skeleton crew remained
on the island for security. Police Sergeant
Wilchcombe from Treasure Cay was on
hand to render official assistance, if
necessary. An estimated $300,000 was
added to the Abaco economy as a result of
this filming project.

Technicians monitored the sound and a video replica of the camera action very carefully. Any
unhappiness from these men caused the scene to be retaken.

Monday Saturday
Sunday 9am-4pm
NoJi r | Located in Memorial Plaza
Si N I U A R TW within walking distance of
MI I M A T all Marina's in Marsh
MEATS Tel: (242) 367-2653
DAIRY PRODUCTS Fax: (242) 367-2654
MNAPA Gold Filters A

II NAPA Gold Filters
11 -Irr-; |

immediately makes the fruit
unmarketable. For this reason the picking
cannot begin until June when the
temperature is high and the atmosphere
humid and not until around noon every
day when the sun is high.
The men pick approximately five bins
a day which converts to 11 boxes. One
box is the equivalent to four-fifths of a
bushel. They are taught how to handle
the fruit and how much pressure to apply
to the peel.
Lemons, like bananas, are picked
while still green and then put through a
colouring process for two weeks. Ninety-
eight percent of the crop is exported and
less than 5 is sold to the Bahamas.
However, Bahamas Star Citrus does sell

lemon trees to Bahama Palm Groves in
South Abaco, which in turn provides the
local market with citrus. Mr. Selph said
that he would like to provide the
Bahamian market with more of his
produce but appreciates that he cannot
"displace the local farmers."

Renew Liquor and
Restaurant Licenses
All liquor and restaurant licenses expire
on December 31, 1998, for the entire island
of Abaco. Renewals should be submitted to
the three Abaco Local Government offices
at least one week prior to the licensing
meeting. For Central Abaco these
applications will be considered at the
regular November 10, 1998 meeting.

Green Turtle Cay

Marsh Harbour
Parrot Cay

Hope Town
Green Turtle Cay

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Page 20 The Abaeo.lan October 1998

Computer Is Donated to Moore's Is.

The Moore's Island school children
were thrilled on September 18 when a
computer was donated to the school. This
gift comprised two firsts for the school. It
is their first computer and it is the first gift
they have received from outside their
community as a result of their principal's
plea. Senator Michael Bethel donated a
complete computer system to the school as
a result of an appeal by Principal
Christopher Rahming several months ago
in The Abaconian.
Mr. Rahming was "delighted that a
concerned son of Abaco responded." Mr.
Rahming was confident that Mr. Bethel
will be hearing from the students with
letters and calls of thanks as they come to
understand what this computer can do for
them. The entire nine grades of
approximately 170 students turned out for
the presentation.
"This computer will help broaden the
student's horizons," said Mr. Bethel. He
urged the students to start pen-pal
relationships with other students, both on
Abaco, throughout the Bahamas and
abroad. He also hoped the students could
get to know some Cherokee and Marsh
Harbour children on a personal face-to-face
basis. It was mentioned that with a
connection from BaTelCo the computer
will allow the nearly instant sending and
receiving of e-mail to other students, both
in the Bahamas and in the greater world.
The students were urged to use the
computer to start a school newsletter.
Mr. Rahming is hoping others might

Business Update I

Hudson's Restaurant at Treasure Cay
opened for business on September 18th
offering breakfast, lunch and dirmer.
Gary and Donna Hudson are offering a
wide variety of Bahamian dishes at very
reasonable prices as well as a take-out
service. The clean and open interior is
quite inviting. Their hours are 7 a.m. to
9 p.m. every day except Sunday when
they are open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Mr. Hudson is a pastry chef and
specializes in decorated cakes for special
occasions as well as wedding cakes.
They also offer a catering service. He
has worked as pastry chef with the
Spinnaker Restaurant for 26 years.
Treasure Cay sent him for courses at the
Culinary Institute of America in
Poughkeepsie, New York.
Sea Grape Realty and Lucayan
Surveying have both moved into the
Memorial Plaza in Marsh Harbour. Sea
Grape Realty is owned and managed by
Victor Patterson and Lucayan Surveying
is owned and managed by Reginald

"Abaco's Best Rental Fleet"
At the Head of the Harbour
Daily 3-Day Weekly
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step forward to assist the school. The
school needs help in many areas and
students need exposure to a larger world
than the confines of Moore's Island. Due to
the geographical position of Moore's
Island and the prohibitive expense of
transporting students, many functions on
Abaco are not attended by his students
which other school children take for
Pastor Simms re-emphasized, "This
donation is a history-making event for the
school by an outsider. The fishing industry
is in decline, and a good education will be
the only salvation to carry Moore's Island
forward." Mr. Simms further announced
that he will sponsor an award to the student
who makes the most outstanding progress
with the computer by the end of the school
A round trip to Sandy Point in an
outboard boat big enough for a school
group can cost $150 or more just for
gasoline. Then there is the bus to be hired
for the hour long ride to Marsh Harbour. If
the event involves an overnight stay, there
are more logistics to overcome. The
settlement of Hard Bargain came by its

with one 900 ML


Thank You

Tickets Fund Raising
cKes SI K NN
Prin.te V.enti.e Party
7PM-IA FUth-X)
Th. I)l R-. Mhi6 -
Sd P. L C Id

name honestly. (Grand Cay, at the extreme
north end of Abaco, has a similar problem
with school children and special events on
By boat Moore's Island is about 50
minutes from Sandy Point and about one
hour and ten minutes from the Murphy
Town South Side dock. When the airstrip is
functional, the trip by charter aircraft takes
about 20 minutes to Marsh Harbour and is

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Hair Brush
with one
Natural Instincts
Colour purchase

From Our
Stock of

the preferred transportation method. The
Moore's Island economy is entirely
dependent on the fishing industry.
Accompanying Mr. Bethel for the
presentation were his wife Maria and son
Mikey and Bruce Lightbourne of Sandy
Point. Pastor Nixon Simms, Deputy
Chairman of the Moore's Island Town
Committee, and Tom Hield, Town
Committee Member, were present.

est rrol

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Free T-shirt
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Plain The Abaconian
-Envelopes p.O. Box AB 20551
Ipe Marsh Harbour. Abaco
The Abaconian
P.O. Box AB 20551
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Programs for
Weddings ) Window
* Events no
* Conferences Envelop(
* Funerals
Abaco Shopping Centre, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-3202

Mr. Christopher Rahming, Principal of the Moore's Island All Age School, is shown
above with the new computer Senator Michael Bethel donated to the school. Looking on
are students and some attending the ceremony.


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October 1998

The Ahaconian Page 21

Program Initiated for Special Education Needs

By Lyn Major
The Every Child Counts program of
St. Francis de Sales Church is a special
education initiative for Abaco. Robert
Imperata, M.Ed. in Special education,
has begun working for the program in
the capacity of Resident Church Worker
and Specialist.

School FROM Page 8
Academy presented to Mr. Randy Key
and the new school facility a copper
statue of a falcon which represents the
Crest of the school
In the early part of the school year
1998-98, the PTA Board came up with
the idea of this presentation and a budget
of $3000 was set aside for the same. Mr.
Lloyd Jones of Oldsmar, Florida, was
contracted to manufacture the statue at a
cost of $180 which was completed in
eight weeks.
The PTA Board takes this opportunity
to thank the parents and teachers for their
great support during the past school year.
Board Members include Mike Malone,
Churton Toote, Erskine Wells, Liz
Sawyer and Rhonda Lowe.

Contrary to some of the information
which appeared in the last Abaconian,
the program hopes to work with lowest
achievers in any Abaco school which
wishes to use our services. From that
lowest 25 percent of achievers, we hope
to be able to help identify those who
have true learning disabilities and those
who are not progressing for other
After identifying the specific problems
of students, we seek to promote progress
through the implementation, in
conjunction with their regular classroom
teachers and their parents, of strategies
and teaching techniques specific to the
individual students.
Mr. Imperata's office is located on
the campus of St. Francis de Sales
School in Marsh Harbour. His services
for testing and the development of
strategies are, however, open to any
school child, teacher or parent on Abaco
who wishes to utilize them. Mr. Imperata
can be reached at St. Francis or at 367-

2505 for arrangements.
This program is under the direction of
Sharon Kossack, Ph.D. for Florida
International University, who has been
consulting on a voluntary basis for the
last two years with St. Francis de Sales
School. Dr. Kossack will also be making
herself available to all Abaco schools for
the purpose of teacher training and
consultations. She will be visiting Abaco
every two months for these purposes and
those interested in her services can
contact Lyn Major, local Coordinator of
the Every Child Counts program at 366-
Crucial to the success of this program
is the development of a core of
volunteers who will be willing to give
their time to work on a one-to-one basis
with these students to help them gain the
skills they requires to increase their
performance. Training for these

volunteers and parents as well as
teaching meetings to share new
information will be made available by the
program free of charge.
Funding for this program has been
totally provided by donations. If you are
able to assist us by volunteering your
time or in fund raising, please phone Mr.
Imperata or Mrs. Major at the above

[Editor's Note: We at The Abaconian
regret a mistake which we had in the
August issue. Twenty-five percent of
students in our schools are working
below the academic level they should be.
This is due to a number of factors
including the inability to understand the
work, emotional problems, indifference,
a lazy attitude as well as learning
disabilities. The students who actually
have learning disabilities is only a very
small percentage of the under achievers.]

r J

The copper falcon, symbol of Forest Heights Academy, was officially unveiled on
September 18th. On hand to accept it from the PTA were Mr. Michael Meeson, 1, Michael
Malone, PTA President, and Mr. Randy Key, one of the Directors of the school.


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Officials from the Ministry of Education visited several schools on Abaco to see how the
schools were settling in for the new school year. Pictured above, 1. to r., are Ms. Lenora
Archer, Deputy Director of Education, Ms. Iris Pinder, Director of Education, Jackson
McIntosh, District Superintendent, and Dion Faulkes, Minister of State for Education.


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Page 22 The Abaonian October 1998

Bahamian Crafts Sell on Castaway Cay

By Isobel Sherman
Recently in the Guardian and in the
local Abaco papers there has been some
adverse publicity about Castaway Cay
and the small number of Bahamians
benefitting from the recent development
there as a stop for the new Disney Magic
cruise ship. I recently spoke with Miss
Kim Stirrup, owner and manager of

Cultural Illusions in Marsh Harbour and
on Castaway Cay. It proved to be a very
interesting few hours.
Miss Stirrup did not actively seek to
open a shop on Castaway Cay. Disney's
original plan was to have eight Bahamian
artisans on the cay selling their wares
when the Disney Magic was at the cay.
However, Disney organizers

Paigem Celebrates New Publication

By Isobel Sherman
Paigem Publications held a launch
party to kick off the first issue of What's
Hap'nen Abaco on the 28th of August.
The reception was held on the lower
deck of Sapodilly's restaurant on Queen
Elizabeth Drive. Members of the press,
local government and prominent persons
in the community as well as advertisers
were present.
Informal in setting Ruth Saunders, one
of the principles of Paigem Publications,
walked among the guests making them
feel welcome. When asked about the first
issue of the magazine which was
distributed in the United States, Canada,
Europe and other parts of the world, she

said the magazine was very well received
and that, in fact, the Tourism office in
Germany had requested an additional 500
copies. Also present was Mrs. Jane
Braynen, graphic artist for What's
Hap'nen Abaco.
What's Hap'nen Abaco is to be
published twice yearly, June and
December, and is targeted at tourists
before they even reach Abaco. Most of
the magazines are distributed through
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Offices
throughout the world. The magazine
contains stories and information about
Abaco as well as advertisements of
tourist related businesses in Abaco. Work
is well under way on December's issue.

Enjoying a light moment at the launch party of what's hap'nen Abaco are the two
principles of Paigem Publications, Jane Braynen and Ruth Saunders on the left, with
Sherry Parker and Wynsome Ferguson of the Ministry of Tourism on the right.

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discovered her shop in Marsh Harbour
and were quite impressed with it. They
saw that she bought items from over 100
Bahamian artisans. Consequently, they
offered her a stall on Castaway Cay.
Cultural Illusions on Castaway Cay is
a cabana which has canvas roll-down
-sides. It is open on Thursdays and
Sunday when the Disney Magic is
docked there. Because the shop is open,
all items must be put out for display in
the morning and packed each evening
and locked into containers until the next
trip. Kim employs a total of ;seven
women with five persons working each
day at the stall. Two of the women are
from Sandy Point and five others are
from the Marsh Harbour area. They must
be at the Sandy Point dock by 7:30 a.m.
to make the 35 minute ferry ride to
Castaway Cay. The day is long, hot and
Miss Stirrup was given the freedom to
hire anyone she wished as long as Disney
hiring policies were followed. She told
me that getting reliable staff has
continued to be a major problem. She
does not feel that Disney is overly strict
in their hiring policies.
At the moment Miss Stirrup has for
sale on the cay items made by 75
different Bahamian persons or
businesses. She said the most popular
selling item is her Androsian clothing
which is made by two Abaco
seamstresses, one in Marsh Harbour, the
other in Cherokee Sound. Abaco
Ceramics is another popular selling item.
Karen McIntosh has five employees
working five days a week at her Abaco
Ceramics studio to keep pace with her
orders from Castaway Cay as well as

pieces done for other shops.
Esther Sawyer's jams and jellies are
popular selling items as are Harvey
Albury's food products. She also sells
Kathy Grouper's Hot Pepper Sauce.
Sharon Roberts makes Christmas
ornaments from pine cones and soft dolls
and sailboat ornaments from Androsia.
Other items include small silk prints
painted by Marjolein Scott and craft
items by Linda Wiltfang. She buys straw
work from Nassau, Eleuthera, Long
Island and Andros. She also buys straw
work from Robert Simmons in Sandy
As for the straw work, Miss Stirrup
mentioned that Disney held two
interviews for straw vendors for
Castaway Cay and no one showed up for
the interviews.
All items at her cabana had to be
approved by the Disney company and
any new item must have their approval.
If there are other artisans in the area who
would like their work to be considered
for sale on Castaway Cay, they should
contact Miss Stirrup and have a variety
of their work available for her and
Disney to examine.
Disney insists on only Bahamian made
products be sold in the shop and none
can be made from sea shells as the
Disney company does not consider that to
be environmentally friendly.
Miss Stirrup acknowledged that it
upset her to see the recent negative
articles in the media about Castaway Cay
because many Bahamian artisans and
businesses are profiting by selling their
wares in her shop and thus the money is
going into the economy of Abaco and
other Bahamian Islands as well.

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Cfrvcd News ^

Dedication and
Installation Held
By Isobel Sherman and David Cote
The Kirk of the Pines Presbyterian
Church in Marsh Harbour held a
dedication and installation service on the
13th of September. The church's new
meeting site is Forest Heights Academy.
The Rev. Dr. James Berger of The Kirk
in Nassau was on hand to dedicate the
church and to formally install Rev. David
Stapleton as the new minister of Kirk of
the Pines. Abaco is actually a mission
outpost of the Presbyterian Church in
Through a special arrangement with
the Presbyterian College in South
Carolina, Rev. Stapleton is presently
employed as a teacher of religious
knowledge at Forest Heights Academy.
This is in addition to his pastoral duties.
Rev. Stapleton served as pastor at
Greenwich in London for eight years and
at Walthamstow for seven years. He has
taught religious education at Norfolk for
the past 20 years.
Also present at the ceremony was Rev.
Jan Jenkins, minister of Lucayan Kirk in
Freeport and eight elders from The Kirk
in Nassau as well as other members of
The Kirk of the Pines is looking
forward to obtaining a piece of land on
which to construct their church.
Bethany Gospel Church
By Stephanie Humblestone
Construction of Bethany Gospel
Church located on Forest Drive and
South Side Road is now three-quarters
completed. According to Senior Pastor
Junior Williams, who has been a member
of the church for the past eight years, the
project is progressing well and up to date
they are "debt-free."
The new premises which is 7400
square feet in area will have a mission
hose,.a) classrooms, an auditorium
and bathrooms. It will seat between 650-
700 people and will be available for
functions such as crusade meetings and
Being a contractor himself, Mr.
Williams well understands the bugbears
of building. "It never goes as fast as you

want," he said, adding, "We broke
ground in 1992 and are eager to finish."
He would like to acknowledge the
generosity of church members and
Christian businessmen of the community
without whom there would be no new
Vacation Bible
Summer Camp
By Stephanie Humblestone
Three hundred fifty children enjoyed
the Fourth Annual Vacation Bible School
at the Friendship Tabernacle Church in
Dundas Town this past summer. The
school offered a wide range of activities,
mainly with a Bible perspective. There
were also games, arts and crafts
workshops and outings.
Sixty-five teachers came from
Nashville, Tennessee, Detroit, Michigan,
and Atlanta, Georgia, to work with the
children. These along with local people
brought this experience to the children.
"This year we decreased the numbers.
In the past there have been up to 500
children but it was a little
unmanageable," said Mrs. Nathalie
Knowles, wife of the pastor of the
Bible School Director, Paula Morley,
coordinated events. Ms. Morley, an
accountant at Treasure Cay Resort, was
very busy running the administration. "A
lot of organising. We began at 7 a.m.
each day and had a lot of bus pick-ups to
The syllabus centered around the Ten
Commandants for the Juniors down. The
church borrowed the Abaco Central High
School to accommodate the older
Everyone was fed by a well organized
kitchen. Ms. Morley would like to say a
special thank you to Head Cook, Mabel
Saunders from Murphy Town who "did
wonderful meals and had a hard working
There will be a meeting in October in
Tennessee to plan next year's camp at
which time a special written curriculum
will be written for each age group. "It
was awesome," said Pastor Knowles,
"and we look forward to next year's

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Electrical Supplies
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SM lUdPPiM/AV'$F- MfiAf
Located on the corner of Grace Avenue and Bay Street, Dundas Town
Phone 242-367-2809 Kirk & Rosemary Thompson

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Outrages in Stock

OMC Carolina Skiffs
Distributors for Abaco

it m

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the States and
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Dry Storage

The Abaconilan Paae 23

National Crime Commission Visits

The National Crime Commission has
designated a Listening Committee to
travel to various communities in the
Family Islands to hear comments and
recommendations from residents on how
to deal with this national problem. The
Committee was on Abaco on the 26th to
28th of August 1998, first in Marsh
Harbour, then in Sandy Point and finally,
in Cooper's Town, North Abaco.
The Committee had individual
meetings with central government
agencies and local government officials

before they meet with community
members at open town meetings in each
district. Although the meetings were
poorly attended in numbers, the town
people spoke out openly on many aspects
of the crime problem and offered
suggestions and recommendations.
The Committee members who were on
Abaco were Chairman of the
Commission, Honourable Justice Burton
Hall, and Commission Secretary, Mr.
Idris Reid, and Rev. Charles Sweeting.

By Stephanie Humblestone
Abaco Markets Ltd. stocks have
soared 40 per cent in just eight months
since they went public. Financial
Controller of the company, Mr. Reginald
Sands, called the outlook "robust" and
believed that it augurs well, not only for
the future of Abaco but the Bahamas as
a whole. Since November 1997 shares
have leapt from $5.25 to $7.70 which is
approximate four times the average rate
for United States stocks.
Abaco Markets Ltd., the first Family
Island owned non-utility business to go

public, began with a modest grocery
store only 20 years ago and now owns
Solomon Wholesale Club's Abaco
Division and recently consolidated with
Abaco Office Products. Mr. Craig
Symonette, Chairman of Abaco Markets,
and has 10 million dollars in company
assets, said "This has been a remarkable
year for us." Sales increased from 14 to
17 million dollars in the year ending
November 1997 and are projected to
reach 22.5 million this year a bright
future ahead for the company and
shareholders who had the foresight and
faith to purchase stock.

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Bahamian breakfast specialties served Saturday & Sunday
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served Daily

AB CO BEACH Stone McEwan entertains nighty (except Tuesday)
a. A .n. .., HOTEL* MARINA
(242) 367-2158 0 CHANNEL 16

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your dieamr .


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Buying a home is an important decision
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Green Turtle Cay Marsh Harbour
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October 1998

Page 24- The Abaeonian October 1998


Bahamas Sunfish
By Liann Key Kaighin
Two members of the Marsh Harbour
Sailing Club travelled to Nassau for the
Bahamas Sunfish Nationals held on June
20th and 21st. Ten sailors competed from
Nassau and Marsh Harbour. Wind
conditions were six to eight knots and the
sun was scorching. The competition was
just as hot with Jimmy Lowe and Donnie

Martinborough trading firsts. On Sunday
the sea breeze came in a bit more with
winds 12 to 14 knots, perfect hiking
weather. Race results were as follows:

Donnie Martinborough
Jimmy Lowe
Jim Kaighin
George Damianos
Robert Dunkley
Charles Kelly
Lori Lowe



College of the Bahamas Abaco Campus

Pre-School Operators' Course
By Hugh Cottis
For some considerable time the
authorities responsible for monitoring the
provision of day-care and pre-school
opportunities have been concerned, that
many of these providers do not meet
minimum requirements. Today it is
recognized that a child's early teaming
experiences have a lasting effect on his
development academically and socially.
While it is hoped that these pre-formal
school experiences will be beneficial in
preparing a child for later school life, all
too often the truth is they lead to patterns
of behavior that are detrimental to
progress. It is not, for example, the role
of the pre-school to replace those
activities that are appropriate to Grade 1.
Instilling a love of school and appropriate
social behavior is much more important.
The College of the Bahamas, under its
Continuing Education and Extension
Services Division, has been conducting a
part-time course for Day-care and Pre-
school operators for the past sixteen
weeks. The participants devoted a large
part of each Saturday to their studies
which have included upgrading their
standards in English, Mathematics,
Science and Social Studies. They had a
week of full-time activities under the
tutelage of Dr. McPhee, a visiting
lecturer from C.O.B., who dealt with
aspects of child development and
appropriate activities for early childhood
Thirty pre-school operators were
enrolled in this course and it is hoped
that parents will patronize those operators
who can display a certificate of
competency. It should also be borne in

mind that such institutions must have
premises which are safe, well equipped,
adequately staffed and which provide an
environment conducive to enquiry and
investigation by young minds.
Single Phase Wiring Course
The College is pleased to report that
its course for electricians wishing to sit
for their Single Phase Electricians
Licence is fully subscribed. This course
is nearing completion after an eight week
schedule of evening classes. The course
is being conducted by Mr. Harold Mantel
of Nassau and the United Kingdom.
The course was specifically for those
persons who have practical knowledge of
electrical wiring. It fulfilled the
theoretical aspects of the licensing
examination, thus eliminating the
necessity for them to have their work
"signed off' by a licenced electrician.
Classes for both these courses of study
were held at Abaco Central Secondary
School and the College wishes to thank
the Principal for the use of these
premises. The College of the Bahamas is
represented, on Abaco, by Mr. Hugh
Cottis. Any enquiries, suggestions for
future courses, etc. may be addressed to
him at P.O. Box AB-20449, Marsh
Harbour or Tel. 367-3477.

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The Abaconian

To Keep up with
Happenings in Abaco

Dwayne Wallas 32 8th
Matthew McCoy 45 9th
Liann Key Kaighin 46 10th
If you are interested in coming out
"Sunfishing, give Jim Kaighin a call at
367-3086 or Philip Hall at 367-2701. We
would love to hear from you.
Notice of Race
The Marsh Harbour Sailing Club will
hold the 1998 Discovery Day Regatta on
October 10th. The launch site will be
Pond Bay Beach, Pelican Shores. Sunfish
races will be sailed on the Sea of Abaco.
Registration will be held between 9 and
10 a.m. on October 10th at Pond Bay.
There will be a $10 entry fee.
Skippers' Meeting will be at 10 a.m.
at Pond Bay. Race One scheduled start
time is 11 a.m. with further races to
follow, weather permitting.
Body Building
By Arthur Elden
Elden Competes Again
The top body builders in the Bahamas,
from Nassau, Grand Bahama and Abaco,

competed for the Mr. and Ms. Bahamas
Body Building title on September 5th at
the Radisson Beach Hotel in Nassau.
Arthur Elden, continuing his comeback
in body building after a four-year lay off,
once again competed in the Masters
Division (over 40) and placed 2nd, and
weighing in at a new body weight of 175
pounds, competed in the middleweight
class again placing 2nd.
In three contests this year, Arthur has
won seven awards, four 2nd places, two
3rd places and one Best Posing Award.
Arthur was also one of the number of
body builders presented plaques
recognizing them for their many years of
representing the Bahamas in local and
international competitions.
Charles Kemp was the over all male
winner and Maxine Darville won the Ms.
Bahamas title.
Arthur is hoping to compete in the
Masters World Championship later this
year but would need some financial help
from the business houses to make this
dream come true. The competition will
be held in Spain.

Professionally Maintained
Suzuki 100 CC's & Yamaha 80 CC's
4 Hourly $ 10 Hourly $ 2
1/2 day $ 20 1/2 Day $ 5
Daily $ 35 Daily $ 8
YY Week $185 Tandem Bikes Week $35
Free Pickup or Delivery P.O. Box AB 20871
'U Call 367-4643 or VHF 16 Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Master Card Visa American Express

Welcomes you in their branches in Abaco
Ask Barclays First

Barclays is the largest represented
international banking group in the area

Marsh Harbour
367-2152/3/4 367-2210 Fax 367-2659
New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
We have other branches throughout the Bahamas to serve you

October 1998

More News from North Abaco


FROM Page 4

community life. "There is a lot going on
here," he commented. Mr. Johnson is
responsible for overseeing a large area
which includes the townships of Treasure
Cay to Little Abaco, and the off shore
islands of Grand Cay, Walkers Cay,

Justin Heild

Green Turtle Cay and Spanish Cay.
After graduating with a degree in Law
from the University of Buckingham in
England, Mr. Johnson returned to his
native Eleuthera where he worked as
Senior Deputy Administrator in Rock
Sound. From there he came to Abaco
where he has found "friendly people" and
a "warm response."
Treasure Cay
By Chamair E. Laroda
At promptly 9 a.m. of August 31st the
atmosphere at the Treasure Cay Primary
School was filled with laughter and joy.
The children were well groomed and
equipped with school supplies. Teachers
were eager to get in the classroom to
greet new faces.
The school was freshly painted in
yellow and green and the grass freshly
trimmed. The clean, fresh scent of bleach
and Pinesol filled the air of the
The principal, Mrs. Myrtis Russell
and other staff members were very
disappointed on the turnout of students
on the first day of school. They had a

total enrollment of 183 children. Because
of the small turnout they were unable to
have an assembly.
Mrs. Russell's staff comprises of
seven teachers and is expecting another
teacher for grade two. Grade 1 is divided
into two classes with teachers Mrs.
Veronica Henderson and Ms. Monique
Williams. Ms. Beryl Tynes will be
teaching the grade 2 class for the time
being. Mrs. Wheeler, a new member of
staff from Nassau, will be teaching grade
3. Ms. Erica Gibson is teaching the 4th
grade and Mrs. Glendina Sawyer teaches
grade 5. Ms. Mary McIntosh who is

O" Boats equipped with:
Bimini Top, Cooler, Anchor & Lines
Compass, Dive Ladder, Life Jackets
Paddle, Flares, Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit Flashlight
Rates do not include gas VS
Open 7 days 8 5

Senior Mistress of the school, teaches the
students of grade 6. The supportive staff
is Mrs. B. Thompson, Mr. Alex Major
and Mrs. Olive Forbes.
The school textbooks arrived on the
school premises during the summer break
and are ready to be distributed to
students. The school purchased the books
themselves without any help from the
government. The school had a fair earlier
this year and raised over $7,000. This
helped them to buy the books plus
parents had to pay an additional $50 to


Page 26

25 Boats Rates
1 Day 3 Day Weekly
18' Privateer $85 $75 $420
18' Boston Whaler 95 85 520
19' Hydra Sports 100 90 550
20' Albury Bros. 105 95 580
22' Privateer 110 100 595
22' Boston Whaler 125 115 735
24' Privateer 140 125 840
Complimentary delivery on request
Located in Hope Town & Marsh Harbour
Call 242-367-2513 Fax 367-2516

Lavar Mclntosh, Captain of the Sunset Boys, is lifted high after he led his team to victory
claiming the Championship dit/ing the Independence games in Little Abaco. Mr. McIntosh
ii as also named M VP. Tte Sunset Boys i'on the trophy honouring their teammate lost at
sea, Jay McIntosh.

18" RCA Satellite System

Full Activation $499
I Marsh Cash & C
A Electronics
j -~W ,.', Memorial Plaza Call 367-2894


Invites You to Our Air-conditioned Dining Room

Call for Ride from Hope Town for Lunch or Dinner
Hope Town o 366-0359 VHF 16
Full Service Marina with Fuel & Electricity

Qid's Food 9tore
S Groceries Toiletries Souvenirs
Serving New Plymouth and the entire
Gr e ri eFGreen Turtle Cay Area
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
SFrozen Meat
SDry and Canned Goods
SHomemade Breads
Located Near Town Dock New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
Tel: (242) 365-4055

The Abanonlan Paae 25





Place Your Order Today at
Orders Can be Also be Placed and Picked-Up at
Don Mackey Blvd
Open Mon Fri 9am 3pm

r ge 26 The Abaconian

Loans FROM Page 1
year end a new airport terminal and
control tower will be under construction
at Marsh Harbour International Airport
which is the busiest Family Island
airport. He assured his listeners that
Abaco will have dependable, consistent
electrical service by the end of this year.
The Prime Minister additionally listed
several other projects which Abaco can
look forward to. These include a new
primary school in North Abaco, better
science and vocational facilities at S.C.
Bootle High School and eventually a jet
port for Marsh Harbour.
Mr. Ingraham encouraged the people
of Abaco to train their young people in a
variety of areas so Abaco can have its
own police, nurses, teachers and
technically trained personnel. Then
Abaco will not have to depend on
qualified help from elsewhere to satisfy
the requirements of our growing


FROM Page 25

help purchase the books. Parents who
didn't pay the $50 can still catch this
great offer.
Due to the increase of pupils, the
school is using a trailer from the Forest
Heights Academy. The trailer is well
equipped with air conditioning, carpets
and two side doors. The trailer was given
to the students of grade 6.
School was dismissed at noon due to a

October 1998
teachers' staff meeting on the first day
and they began their regular routine the
following day.

South FROM Page 6
moved into their new home in Yellow
Wood, but we still see them often in the
settlement. Candy Pinder's new home is
progressing nicely and looks as if it will
be completed in time for Christmas. Also
within the settlement, Carol and Arnold
Ross are still here doing what they can
on their little house (previously owned
by Ms. Inez.) However, I happen to
know they are looking forward to the day
when they can spend even more time
Don't you agree that some of the
nicest people have chosen Cherokee as
their second-home and we are privileged
to have them all.
Congratulations to Casuarina Point on
their new telephones. This is the first
time residents there have had any kind of
outside communication except for private
CB's and VHF's which they often used
-to transmit messages back and forth to
our Cherokee Radio girls, who then
passed them along to a receiver. I'm sure
our Batelco Operators will miss hearing
from Casuarina now that they are fully
connected with the rest of the world. Just
wait till they get that first big bill, they
may wish they were back to the way it
used to be (only kidding).
Discovery Day 1999 will make the
third annual "Bethel Boyz Weekend." A
large contingent of family members and

friends of Wealthy and George Bethel's
sons plan another reunion soon here in
Cherokee, their ancestral home.
Since 1960 when I first became
acquainted with the family, I started to
hear all about Cherokee and how they
grew up here, their love of the settlement
and the way things used to be back then.
Over the years the stories have continued
to be expanded upon, with each new
telling becoming more and more dear to
me, even though I've heard them many
times before.
I find it heartwarming to listen to the
tales and see grown men so proud of
their simple background and upbringing.
It certainly is a testimony to their parents
(who, I might add, were just plain law-
abiding and God-fearing folks like many
of the rest of the people in Cherokee at
that time).

Their father, George Bethel, was a
fisherman who worked on building boats
and kept a field, like most of the men,
just trying to support his family of four
boys and a wife. Mrs. Wealthy was a
local mid-wife, mother and housewife
who cooked, sewed and cleaned for her
family, doing whatever was needed to
provide for her boys.
I heard a learned man say one time,
"If we never repeat the stories of our
forefathers, we don't have a history."
Their story is probably no different from
a hundred other families during those
hard times and certainly should make us
appreciate how very easy we have it
today. Even though I will be off the
island on my own family reunion, I know
that this promises to be every bit as
enjoyable as the last two reunions have
been. Congratulations, Bethel Boyz (their
spelling) and welcome home.


The first grade class at Treasure Cay Primary School are happy to begin a new life at
school. They are pictured with their two teachers, Ms. Williams and Mrs. Henderson.

10;S T v-opiccal

Trop afo9ge
10'x 12" 12'x20' 12'x30'
Self-Storage Space at LA.S. Prices
Key Club Road e Marsh Harbour
Ph. & Fax 242-365-6407 e-mail

On Hope Town's waterfront bahamian cuisine

Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
Closed on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.

Lunch & Dinner Daily
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
ICE Appetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m F TV/.4L
ICl. Call 366-0087 366-0292 VHF Ch 16 5'/.



/ Choice Meats

V Fresh Fruits & Vegeta
S Eri~a.Zscia'Ie -


Weekly freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau & Marsh Harbour
General Cargo, 20 & 40 ft. Containers, Drive-on Stern Ramp
20 ft. Refrigerated Containers
Leaves W. Palm Beach Tues. Arr. Nassau Weds. & Marsh Harbour Thurs.
Sails Sunday for Nassau & Florida
In Abaco call 242-367-2091, Fax 367-2235 or call on VHF ch 16
P.O. Box AB 20737, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Office located above B & D Marine at the traffic light
In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 561-844-5387
Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 "B" East Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Humblestone FROM Page 10
"Here, have another try," he said. He
placed special emphasis on the word
I focused on a silver sparkle out near
the reef and threw the line toward it. It
was a poor imitation of his "flourish."
No sooner had the line touched the water
than I felt something. I lurched forward.
"I've got another!" I screamed in
He cleared his throat and didn't move.
Instead he motioned with his eyes
towards the line and unprepared bait. I
got the message. I took a piece of conch,
doubled it and then firmly secured it to
the hook.
I threw the line, this time with a little
more confidence. "Come to Daddy," I
cried. (I just couldn't get that dulcet
tone. He was well practiced.)
It worked like a dream. The line
bounced slightly as I drew in yet another.
Three in a row! This was too much.
To cut a long story short and I hate
not to have the opportunity of basking in
every glorious moment I caught 38
turbots to his seven.
Throughout the day which must have
seemed interminable to him I heard
words like "fluke," "incredible,"
"chance," "stroke of luck." I don't recall
the word "skill" but round about the 30th
he did say something about "born
That's what I was waiting for an
acknowledgment of those powerful
Fishing stories are traditionally "tall"
but this one is accurately recounted.
Would I put it in print otherwise? He
asked to remain nameless but I am more
than happy to put mine.
When we arrived at Doros Cove, I
shared my spoils with him. It was the
least could do. I even gave him a little
/ extra to assuage his bruised ego!

I eagerly awaited a return invitation to
go line fishing again. It never came.
However, he did challenge me to a game
of cards.
He won the first game. "Beginners
Luck?" He won the second
game. "Chance?" The third game.
Forty games later I had not won once.
Not even three.
"Vengeance is sweet," saith the Lord,
but not half as sweet as that wonderful
day line fishing in the Abacos with my
friend who, in the final analysis, was
every bit a sportsman.


FROM Page 10

We Need Closure
Dear Sir,
By the time this letter goes to print,
assuming, of course, that you will extend
to me your usual cordiality, one year will
have probably come and gone since the
untimely and very mysterious death of
Jeannie Sands-Pinder, of Green Turtle
Cay, Abaco, on September 15, 1997.
Under normal circumstances, it is a
medical fact, generally speaking that is,
that time will usually heal a broken
heart. However, the problem with the
passage of time in this case is that no
light has yet been shed upon the very
important questions surrounding her
death, like who did it and why. The
answers to these questions will at least
allow Jeannie's family and friends to find
some closure in this case and thus begin
the process of healing. Even more
frustrating is the fact that there seems to
be an inability by the powers that be to
convene a coroner's inquest into her
death. Somebody killed Jeannie, so for
God's sake, let's get to the bottom of this
mess, no matter what it takes, and no
matter who has to pay for it.
In the first letter that I wrote about
this situation, I stated that it was my

October 1998
right to want to see justice be dealt out
wherever it was needed. Well, in the
passion of writing that letter, I simply
mis-stated that fact. I should have said
that it was to see that justice is brought
about in a timely and impartial manner.
Remember, "Justice delayed is justice
denied." It is, in fact, the duty of every
Bahamian citizen to see to it that our
judicial system works the way it was
intended to work. In other words,
nobody should be above the law, in spite
of who they might think they are, or who
we might think they are.
We all know that God Himself is the
only truly impartial Judge of man.
However, He did give us the right to
have laws of the land, and when these
laws are broken, based on the evidence
and the opinion of a jury of our peers,
He gave us the right to pass judgement
upon our fellow man/woman, judgement
which is supposed to be carried out
without malice, and only for the purpose
of correcting wrongs within our society,
and punishing those responsible for those
wrongs. No revenge and no regrets just
justice. Don't take my word, study your
In any event, there is talk of an
inquest starting sometime within the few
couple of weeks, or was it months? I
guess it depends on who you talk to. I
look forward to the eventual inquest into
Jeannie's death. Quite frankly, it bothers
me immensely that anybody should be
able to get away with murder, even if it
turns out that it was one of my own
brothers or sisters whom I love dearly.
But then they, like myself, understand
that one must pay for one's own
mistakes. They, also like myself, learned
this from the greatest man I have ever
known my father, God rest his soul. A
real man, fearless in his convictions!
Obviously, we may assume that I will

The Ahbaonlan Page 27
be commenting upon the results of the
coroner's inquest into Jeannie's death,
provided, of course, that old age hasn't
hampered me to the point of senility.
(For those who didn't catch that one, that
was pure sarcasm.)
As I said before and I cannot stress it
enough justice is not a case of hatred
being manifested upon anybody. Justice
is the conviction and punishment of the
guilty, period. If we cannot accept that
very basic Biblical principle, then we
will probably have trouble accepting
many other ones as well. Thus, as is
already the case nowadays, there is much
confusion concerning the Biblical
teaching on capital and corporal
punishment. However, that will be best
addressed at another time, perhaps.
As usual in closing, let me say that
fear is not a healthy or acceptable thing
unless that fear is for the Almighty
Himself. I stand before Him ashamed of
many aspects of my life today, but not of
my opinions in this case thus far. May
God bless us all, including the guilty in
this most distasteful case. I do sincerely
hope that the grace of God brings peace
and conviction to the hearts of the guilty,
both in this case as well as so many other
very heart-breaking cases throughout our
Thank you kindly for the space Mr.
Editor, and keep up the good work on
putting together such an interesting
newspaper. I believe that local news can
be most effectively reported by a local
newspaper. Oh, also let me encourage
Jeannie's family and friends once more,
to never let go and never give up. The
greatest thing in life worth fighting for is
life itself, but when life is senselessly
taken away from us, then we must fight
for the answers, come hell or high water.
William (Billy) Roberts

'Mae heCo o




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Th New"

A Magic Trip Will Be Long Remembered

The Disney Magic is an imposing ship on the Castaway Cay waterfront.

by Isobel Sherman
On August 2nd a group of persons
from Abaco were afforded the
opportunity to take a tour of Disney's
new cruise ship the Disney Magic while
it was docked at Castaway Cay.
The 973-foot-long ship was built
Fincantien Shipyard in Trieste, Italy, and
was actually built in two half sections
that were later joined.
The ship has 875 staterooms which are
15 to 40 percent larger than the average
cruise ship stateroom and 75 percent of
the staterooms have either a large
porthole or a veranda. It has a crew of
915 of which one crew member is a
Bahamian. To get the magnitude of the
size of this ship, the Disney Magic has
two electrical generators each producing
19 MW each compared to BEC Abaco in
Marsh Harbour which has eight
generators producing a total of capacity
of 16 MW so the generating capacity of
the Disney Magic is twice BEC's
capacity for the island of Abaco.
The ship's atrium is 10 decks high and
in the lobby is a sculpture of Mickey
Mouse resplendent in his Mackintosh rain
gear holding the helm. The atrium
features wide elegant staircases up to
each deck as well as elevators. Miami
Herald Travel Writer Jane Woolridge
%k rote in the Travel section of the August
9th Herald that the atrium is done in the
"elegance and sophistication of the
i930s." The cherry paneling and higher
than normal ceilings in the public areas
jdd to the ship's elegance.
No'k where are the Disney touches?
The ship is one that caters to families as
\ ell as adults. There are more children's
counselors aboard the Disney Magic than
any other cruise ship afloat. The

Guests begin their tour under a statue of Captain Mickey in one of the main foyers.

One stack is real and the other hosts an ESPN sports lounge.

Oceaneers Club is designed for children
up to eight years of age. They can play,
even dress up in costumes, and are
provided with arts and crafts materials as
well as games and play equipment. The
theme of the Oceaneers Club is from the
Little Mermaid.
For children up to the age of 12 years
there is the Oceaneers Lab that has
computers, video games, arts and crafts
and science experiments all done under
the watchful eyes of counselors. When
parents bring their children to either
center, they are given a beeper to carry
so the they can be contacted if need be.
The ship has an area designated for
teenagers with appropriate music and
The ship has three uniquely themed
restaurants of which we saw two. The
first was called Parrot Cay and is
decorated in beautiful colours of greens,
yellows and reds. The ceiling fixtures
boast beautiful wood carvings. Another
restaurant is the Lumiere's.
The third restaurant is Animator's
Palate. In this restaurant at the beginning
go the meal all is in black and white,
even the waiters are in black and white.
As the meal progresses the black and
white turn into colours and by the end of
the meal the walls are animated with
colorful Disney characters as well as
everything in the room has turned
colours including the waiters' attire.
There is plenty to do at night on the
Disney Magic. There is an adult club
area called Beat Street which features
three nightclubs: a jazz club, a rock n
roll and country club and Off Beat, the
cruise industry's first comedy warehouse
featuring live comedians.
The Walt Disney Theater which seats
975 is the largest open space on any
cruise ship afloat. It is three decks high
with the stage going up another two
decks and below another two decks.
Original Broadway quality shows are
staged nightly.
The Buena Vista Theater seating 270
shows first run movies as well as Disney
classics nightly. For entertainment for the
whole family there is Studio Sea, a
family lounge featuring cabaret acts,
participatory game shows and multi-
media entertainment.
At the very top of the ship in one of
the funnels is the ESPN Skybox, an
interactive sports club which has the best
view on the ship as well as the latest
scores in all types of professional sports.
The Disney Magic has three swimming
pools. The children's pool boasts a two
deck high water slide that is held in place
by a giant size Mickey Mouse hand. The
slide goes into a pool that has Mickey's
face painted on the bottom.
A full promenade deck allows
passengers to walk completely around the
ship. The Disney Magic offers all the
other features other cruise ships do:
shopping, fitness centers, beauty salons,
medical facilities, secretarial services and
conference facilities for up to 120
persons. Among the features are
PLEASE SEE Disney Page 45

Guests are shown one of the top-side pools and sports areas

Page 30 The Abhaonlan October 1998

Our Students Away to School

We proudly display the students who
are away at school in Nassau and several
foreign countries. They show a
determination to better themselves and we
wish them all success in their various
fields. We congratulate their parents and
family members who are working hard
and making sacrifices to give them the
chance to further their education.
There are more students which we
have not listed here. We are need
information about them and are asking
you to let us know the details about them
so we can include them next month.

Heather Albury is in her fourth year
at Palm Beach Atlantic College in West
Palm Beach. She is studying business
management and maintains a 3.8 GPA.
Heather is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Lowell Albury of Marsh Harbour
and is a graduate of Forest Heights
Academy in Marsh Harbour.

Jaime Albury is in her second year at
Florida Institute of Technology in
Melbourne, Florida, where she is
studying marine biology and pre-
veterinary science.
She is a graduate of Forest Heights
Academy and is the daughter of Harvey
and Anne Albury of Treasure Cay.

Jana Albury is in her fourth year at
Florida Southern College in Lakeland,
Florida. She is majoring in business
administration with computer science as a
minor. She is pursuing a career as a
CPA. She is on the President's Scholar
List with a GPA of 4.0.
She is the daughter of Earl and Noreen
Albury of Marsh Harbour and is a
graduate of Abaco Central High School.
Carol Basden is in her first year of a
two-year course at the College of the
Bahamas in Nassau. She is studying
computer science.
Carol is the daughter of Keith and
Debbie Basden of Marsh Harbour. She is
a graduate of Abaco Central High School.


Courtnee Benjamin is in her fourth
year at Messiah College in Grantham,
Pennsylvania. She is studying journalism
and is an honour student with a GPA of
3.5. She is active in journalism already as
she writes regularly for the Nassau
Courtney graduated from high school at
Kingsway Academy in Nassau and is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Derrick
Benjamin of Marsh Harbour.

Davion Benjamin is in his first year at
Charleston Southern University in
Charleston, South Carolina. He plans to
major in physical therapy and minor in
Davion is the son of Terry and Derek
Benjamin of Marsh Harbour. He
graduated from Ben Lipper High School
in South Carolina. He is an avid football
and baseball player helping his team make
All Qf-tA jhirhie hiah erhnli h arhl e r

Ian graduated from Forest Heights
Academy in 1997. He is the son of David
and Kathy Bethell.
a ik.

Shikera Burrows is in her second year
at Bahamas Baptist College in Nassau.
She is in a four year course in elementary
Shikera is the daughter of Elvis and
Donna Burrows of Dundas Town and is a
graduate of Abaco Central High School.

Ian Bethell is in his first year at Palm
Beach Community College. He is taking
a general course


Page 31

DIrea gTo~nhmSing YourS0_________

Let a Family Guardian Residential Mortgage help make youi

i- ilk
M N-A ,I

Call Our Mortgage Department Today!


I dream a reality

Up /
Tem f pt

"Building a Better Life for Many"
Corporate Centre East Bay Street P.O. Box SS-6232 Tel: 393-1023 Fax: 393-1100

Electronics- Service Center
formerly Television Service Center

"All We Sell Is Service"
Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
Cash Registers
FAX Machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
Medical Equipment Master Technician
Automotive & Marine Electronics Phone 367-2830
Telephone Recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Comer


All State durng s g .

The Ahaeonian Page 31

Additional Students Away

FROM Page 30

Brucely Cornish is in his first year at
the College of the Bahamas. He is
studying accounting. He attended
Bahamas Baptist College for a year before
entering COB.
Brucely graduated from S.C. Bootle in
1995 and is the son of Ruth and Leslie

Johan Dam is in his first year at the
Community College in Lakeland, Florida,
and is majoring in finance and business.
Johan is son of Mr. and Mrs. Johan
Dam of Marsh Harbour and was Deputy
Head Boy during his last year at Abaco
Central High School. He has been


compete in college meets.

aavameaa is the daughter of Pearl
Lewis of Fire Road and graduated from
C.R. Walker High School in Nassau. She
is looking forward to returning to Abaco
when her studies are completed.



working at Scotia Bank and Canadian
Imperial to be able to finance his
education. He married Joni Albury of
Marsh Harbour in May.

Joni Albury Dam is in her fourth year
at Florida Southern College at Lakeland,
Florida, and is majoring in business
administration with a goal of becoming a
CPA. She is maintaining a 4.0 GPA.
Joni is a graduate of Abaco Central
High School and is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Albury of Marsh Harbour.
She married Johan Dam on May 16th.

Steve Davis is taking an extra year to
earn his C.P.A. at Langston University in
Langston, Oklahoma. Steve is the son of
Melvese Davis and Prince Davis of
Murphy Town. He is a graduate of Abaco
Central High School.

October 1998

Rondinearo Edgecombe is in her
second year at the College of the
Bahamas and is studying to be an
architectural draughts man.
Rondinearo is a graduate of S.C.
Bootle High School and is the son of
Sylvan and Sarah Edgecombe of Cooper's

Savatheda Fynes is studying for her
Master's degree at a school in Tennessee.
She received her Bachelor's degree from
Michigan State University at East
Lansing, Michigan.
She continues to represent the Bahamas
in track meets throughout the world and
is doing very well. She is on a Track and
Field scholarship and will continue to

Ramona Green is in her third year at
the College of the Bahamas in Nassau.
She is working toward a degree in
primary education.
Ramona attended the Freeport Anglican
High School and is the daughter of James
and Annie Green of Sandy Point.
Irene Veana Hepburn is in her fourth
year at West Indies College in
Mandeville, Jamaica. She is majoring in
secondary education.
Irene attended the Crossing Rocks All
Age School in Crossing Rocks and is the
daughter of Frank and Learlean Hepburn.

PLEASE SEE Students Page 32

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boat? Sell it through
the classified ads. Over
5,000 readers monthly.

Page 32 The Abaeonian October 1998

Students Seek Higher Ed.

Students FROM Page 31

Robert Hudson is studying electrical
wiring at the Bahamas Technical and
Vocational Institute. When he completes
his studies there, he plans to do additional
courses at the College at the Bahamas
before transferring to a school in the
United States. He hopes to be qualified in
three-phase electrical work.

William Johnson is completing his
studies at Arkansas State University and
will graduate in December. He is
majoring in architecture and civil
engineering. He is the son of Marjorie
Johnson of Marsh Harbour.

Jarrod Jones is completing his second
year at the College of Charleston in
Charleston, South Carolina. He is on a
four-year full scholarship. Jarrod is
majoring in business and consumer ethics.
Jarrod is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Jones of Green Turtle Cay. He is
a graduate of Wesley College.

Delon Kemp graduated last year
receiving a degree in engineering. He is
now doing a.course in electronics at the
Institute of Engineering in Miami.
Delon is the son of Barry and Agnes
Kemp of Dundas Town.

Nancy Knowles is studying for her
Master's degree at Pensacola Christian
College of Pensacola, Florida. She is
majoring in medical and law
Nancy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Knowles of Dundas Town.

Shivani Lachhman is in her first year
at Hunters College in Manhattan, New

An Extensive Selection of
Brass, Stainless & Monel
Bolts, Nails & Screws
Hinges & Barrell Bolts
Stainless Steel
Hurricane Clips

For Quotes or Information Call
Walter Sweeting or George Phillpot

York. She is taking basic courses in
liberal arts and sciences.
Shivani was Head Girl at S.C. Bootle
High School when she graduated in June
1998. She is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Baldeo Lachhman of Fox Town.

Ferdy Lightbourn is preparing for his
final exams at Leederville College in
Perth, Western Australia, and will be
completing his Architecture and Design
degree in November 1998.
Ferdy is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
William Gibson of Dundas Town and the
son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Meeson of Treasure Cay.

Deliveries Arranged
from Green Turtle Cay
to Little Harbour

We monitor VHF Ch 69

Brenda Louidor is attending the
College of the Bahamas in Nassau to earn
a teacher's certificate. She received a BA
from Caldwell College in New Jersey
with a major in English. She was Head
Girl the year she graduated from Abaco
Central High School.
Brenda is the daughter of Emmanuel
Louidor of Marsh Harbour. Her brother
is Jeffery Victor, a teacher at St. Francis
de Sales School.


Page 33

Plain & Pressure Treated

Pine, Fir, Cypress
Teak & Mahogany

Interior, Exterior
& Marine

Man-O-War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 242-365-6011 Fax 365-6039


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The Abaconian
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Call Louise Snell at (242) 326-6272 or Jackie Wilson in Abaco at 365-8286 or 365-8288
to arrange a visit to your home or business.

October 1998

The Ahaconian Page 33

More Students Away

FROM Page 32

Ebony Lowe is in her second year at
Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola
Florida. She has distinguished herself
with being on the President's list with a
4.0 GPA. She is in a four year program.
Ebony is a graduate of Abaco Central
High School and is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Edwin Lowe.

Justin McDonald is in his second year
at the College of the Bahamas where he is
taking a two-year course in banking and
accounting. He earned a 3.75 GPA
putting him on the Dean's List.
He is a graduate of Wesley College
and is the son of Sheila McDonald of
Marsh Harbour.

Jennifer McIntosh is a fourth year
student at Florida Atlantic University in
Boca Raton, Florida, and is majoring in
elementary education. She graduated from
Riverview High School in Sarasota,
Jennifer is a ceramist, and has worked
with her mother at Abaco Ceramics in
Treasure Cay. She is the daughter of
Luke and Karen McIntosh of Green
Turtle Cay.

Jevon McIntosh is in his third year of
college and is attending Florida Institute
of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. He
studied at the College of the Bahamas for
the first two years. He is studying
computer engineering.
Jevon is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Jackson McIntosh of Dundas Town. Mr.
McIntosh is the Superintendent with the
Ministry of Education for Abaco.

Jewel McIntosh is in her second year
at the College of the Bahamas and is
majoring in Education. She is proud to be
on the Dean's List for her first year.
Jewel is the daughter of Reginald and
Princess McIntosh of Fox Town and is a
graduate of S.C. Bootle High School.

Jillian Margaret McIntosh is in her
first year at Lee County High Tech
Center Central in Ft. Myers, Florida,
studying early childhood education.
Jillian is the daughter of Luke and
Karen McIntosh of Green Turtle Cay

LaTesha Sharece McIntosh is a fourth
year graduate student in the medical
school at the University of the West
Indies in Nassau. She received her
undergraduate degree from the Florida
Memorial College in Miami, Florida in
She is the daughter of Rev. Ezekiel and
Evelyn McIntosh of Wood Cay, Little

Troy McIntosh has received his
Bachelor's degree from Morgan State
University in Baltimore, Maryland, and is
now doing graduate studies at the same
Troy competed very successfully at the
1996 Olympics. A Track and Field
scholarship is enabling him to pursue his
studies in civil engineering.



Page 34


Related Tips
Should a hurricane strike, with full cooperation
from the public, BEC is confident of its ability
to restore services promptly.
Below are tips that should be taken seriously, in
the event of passage of a hurricane:
The International Tribune, Saturday, September 16, 1995,
headline: "Marilyn Strikes US Virgin Islands:
"In San Juan, Claudie S. Morales, 17, was electrocuted when help-
ing a neighbour to remove a TV antenna from the roof of her home
before the storm hit. Morales was killed when the antenna touched
power lines, said Freddy Marren, a spokesman for the Electric
Power Authority."
1. Remove Television Antenna With extreme Care.
Strong winds may cause it to come into contact with
powerlines, and this can result in death or very serious
S2: Disconnect all electrical equipment in your
house with the exception of a small lamp to alert you
when the power is restored.
3. Beware of fallen wires, particularly if they have fallen in puddles of water. Stay
away from such puddles of water. Do not touch fallen or over-hanging wires of any
kind under any circumstances. This could result in serious injuries.
4. Do not touch a tree or any object which is in contact
with power lines r/
5. Please call the emergency telephone numbers or the n n
police emergency numbers immediately to report a fire, sparkv- -,
ing power lines or other life threatening situations. Otherwise,
do not call BEC's emergency numbers. Instead, listen to one of
your local radio stations.
6. Do not touch a downed power line. If you see one. olease report it to the
Bahamas Electricity Corporation's Emergency Department 367-2727.
7. If you need to dismantle a building that has an existing power supply, please
contact BEC first.
8. Do not attempt to cut trees which may have blown onto or near to power lines.
Contact BEC to assist. Also, do not attempt to pick fruit from such trees, especially
when they are wet.

We Export!

Lumber and Hardware
Competitive Pricing
Free Delivery to Port
Shipping to All the Bahamas
Supplying Builders for 30 Years
Your Container Filled at Our Yard
Call Brenda at 561-683-2244
Fax 561-689-8126

W & W Lumber of Palm Beach
2077 N. Military Trail
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
On the Corner of Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard

Troy is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
O'Donald McIntosh of Fire Road and is
a graduate of Cooper's Town High

Jacqui Meeson-Lightbourn is
continuing with her business degree in
Perth, Western Australia. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Meeson, principal of Forest Height
Teneil Mills is in her first year at
Bahamas Baptist College in Nassau.
Teneil is the daughter of Silbert and
Dolly Mills of Dundas Town. She is a
graduate of Abaco Central High School.
Ronald Murray is in his first year at
the College of the Bahamas and is
studying accounting.
Ronald is the son of Ronald and
Rosemary Murray of Fire Road. He
graduated from S.C. Bootle and was the
Deputy Head Boy.

Page 34 The Ahaconian October1998

More Seek Additional Studies

Students FROM Page 33

Edie Nairn is in her second year at the
College of the Bahamas and is majoring
in elementary education. She is a graduate
of Abaco Central High School and is the
daughter of Edgar Nairn and Veronica
Nairn. Edie spends her leisure time as a
member of the basketball team.

Gavin Christopher Nottage is in his
second and last year at the Hotel Training
College in Nassau. He is pursuing a
diploma in Culinary Arts. He graduated
as head boy at Abaco Central High
School where he received special honours
in several subjects. He is the son of
Lenore Armstrong.

Candid Parker is studying business
administration at the Bahamas Baptist
College in Nassau where she will finish
her course of work in December. In
January she will transfer to the College of
the Bahamas for further studies.
Candid is the daughter of Burnell and
Vernell Parker of Fox Town. She is a
graduate of S.C. Bootle High School.

Adeline Pasterin is going into her
third year at Maranatha Bible College in
Water Town, Wisconsin. She is studying
nursing. She graduated from Abaco
Central High School and is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Sitoior Pasterin of
Marsh Harbour.
Christopher Roberts is in his second
year of medical school at the University
of the West Indies in Jamaica. He
received his Bachelor degree in biology
and chemistry from the University of the

Abaco Tug & Transport
Tug & Barge Work
Sand & Rock Deliveries
(Barge Loads Only)
Containers & Building Materials
Marine Construction & Development
Dock & Sea Wall Construction
Hi Tide Boat Lifts
Excavation /I Land Clearing
On the Waterfront at the End of the Key Club Road
P.O. Box AB 20285, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-4011 Fax 367-4018

A well established firm requires the services of a professional
secretary for its office. The successful candidate will possess
the following qualifications:
A minimum of 3 5 years working as a secretary
Excellent secretarial skills
Working knowledge of Microsoft Word for Windows
Strong organizational and communication skills both
written and oral
Ability to work under pressure with minimum
Highly confidential
Reply in writing to: M. E. C.
P.O. Box AB 20115
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

West Indies in Barbados.
Christopher is the son of Annie and
Fred Roberts of Sandy Point and
graduated from Hawkesbill High School
in Freeport.

Marion Rolle is in his first year at
Bahamas Baptist Community College in
Nassau. He is studying computer science.
Marlon Rolle is a graduate of S.C.
Bootle High School and is the son of
Michael and Nadine Rolle of Cooper's

Charlyn Russell is in her third year of
college studies at St. Mary's University in
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and is
majoring in biology and chemistry. She is

a graduate of Forest Heights Academy
where she was Valedictorian. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Russell
of Treasure Cay.

Dianna Russell is in her second year
at the College of the Bahamas taking a
pre-med course.
Dianna is the daughter of Voidell
Russell of Cooper's Town and is a
graduate of S.C. Bootle High School.

Kimberley Russell is completing her
studies for a Bachelor's degree at Collin
County Community College in Plano,
Texas. She is majoring in music
production and music marketing. She will
PLEASE SEE Students Page 35



Marine and
Special Applications

Diesel engines of Every Brand
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Engines by John Deere
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Deutz & Others

Each generator is tested to
meet exacting specifica-
tions. We will help you
determine the best genera-
tor to fit your needs, and
can assist in customizing
your application. Prices
available for Bahamian or
U. S. delivery.

Herbert Key
Phone 242-367-2600
P.O. Box AB 20458, Marsh Harbour, Abaco

The Abaeonian Page 35

Other Schools Beckon

Students FROM Page 34
continue her schooling working toward a
Master's degree in audio engineering. She
is the daughter of Kent and Diane Russell
of Marsh Harbour and is a graduate of
Abaco Central High School.
Leanne Russell is beginning her
college work at St. Marys College in
Nova Scotia, Canada. She is majoring in
Leanne is the daughter of Steve and
Bonnie Russell of Treasure Cay and is a
graduate of Forest Heights Academy

Nicole Russell is in her fourth year of
college and is attending Palm Beach
Atlantic College in West Palm Beach,
Florida. She is majoring in business. She
completed her first two years at Florida
Southern University at Lakeland.
Nicole is the daughter of Frankie and
Ivy Russell of Marsh Harbour and
completed her high school work at Abaco
Central High School.
Sarah Sams is in her second year at
Daytona Beach Junior College in Daytona
Beach, Florida. She is studying art and
computer science.
Sarah is the daughter of Babs and
Murray Sams of Green Turtle Cay and is
a graduate of Forest Heights Academy.

Becky Sands is in her first year at
Bible College in New Port Richey,
Florida. She is studying ministerial
Becky is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Reginald Sands of Marsh Harbour. She
has been employed by Royal Bank for
several years.

Thurman Spurgeon Sawyer has
started his fourth year at the Murray State
University in Murray, Kentucky. He is
doing an outstanding job in his studies
earning a GPA of 4.0 which helped him
win a partial scholarship. He is majoring
in journalism and Spanish.
Thurman is now married and his wife,
Jeren, also attending Murray University.
She is pursuing her doctorate with a
major in linguistics. She also maintains a
4.0 GPA.
Thurman is the son of Molly and

Spurgeon Sawyer of Man-O-War.
Thurman received his high school
diploma through correspondence courses
from the American School. Jeren is from
Turksmanistan, until recently a part of the
Soviet Union.


:. .'. 2: '. .. '"

Scott Smith is in his first year of
studies working for his Master's degree at
Texas Southern University in Houston,
Texas. He is majoring in psychology.
He is the son of Modesto and Mary
Smith of Marsh Harbour and is a
graduate of Abaco Central High School.

Yasmine Smith is in her fourth year of
college work at Valdosta State University
in Valdosta, Georgia. She is majoring in
Yasmine graduated from Abaco Central
High School in 1994 and worked at
CIBC. She is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Pat Smith of Casuarina Point.

Do you know a student away at
school? Call us with the details
of where they are, what school
they are attending and what they
are studying so we can list them
in our next issue.

S1* .

Travis Spicer is in his fourth year at
Valdosta State University in Valdosta,
Georgia. He is majoring in computer
science with a minor in engineering.
Travis is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Malcolm Spicer of Casuarina Point and is
a graduate of Abaco Central High School.

Annastasia P. Sweeting Storr is in
her final year at the Freeport campus of
at the College of the Bahamas and is
majoring in banking.
Annastasia is the daughter of Lenora

Page 36

P.O. Box AB 22284
PHONE 242-365-8028 HOME, 8507 OFFICE, 8508 FAX

Carib Freight Company
Reliable Scheduled Inter-Island Freight Service
From Marsh Harbour
To Man-O-War and Hope Town Mon. Fri.
To Guana Cay & Scotland Cay Tues. & Fri.
Water Deliveries (to 10,000 Gal.) to all the Cays
4 Barges Available to charter 7 Days 24 Hours
Any Time, Any Place
From Walkers Cay to Little Harbour
Man-O-War Cay 365-6072 Fax'365-6285 VHF 16


R lBahamas Electricity Corp.

System Upgrade

and Reinforcement

We apologize for the planned power cuts

throughout the greater Marsh Harbour area
while we bring the system up to current standards. This exercise
should be completed by the end of the year. Some components
are being replaced as they are nearing the end of
their expected life. Other items are being up-
graded to better serve the growing Marsh Har-
bour electrical demand. Central Abaco is grow- "i-"
ing rapidly and the improved distribution system N)
will deliver better and more reliable electricity.

October 1998

Page 36 The Abaconian October 1998

More Students in Far Schools

Students FROM Page 35
Cooper of Cooper's Town and is a
graduate of S.C. Bootle High School.
Bianca Strachan is in her second year
at the College of the Bahamas and is
studying banking.
Bianca is the daughter of Anthony and
Valderine Adderley of Fire Road and is a
graduate of S.C. Bootle High School.

Kenneth Strachan is in his first year
at the College of the Bahamas in Nassau
and is studying biochemistry.
Kenneth is the son of Anthony and
Valderine Adderley of Fire Road and was
the valedictorian at S.C. Bootle High
School when he graduated in 1998.

Mandy Stratton graduated with
honours last spring and has begun work
toward her Master's degree in Special
Education. at Valdosta State University in
Valdosta, Georgia.
Mandy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Andy Stratton of Marsh Harbour and is a
graduate of Abaco Central High School.
Juanyette Stuart is in her second year
at Florida Memorial College in Miami
and is studying accounting with a minor
in computer science. She maintains a
GPA of 3.9 and is on the honour roll.
She was awarded the honor of being
named an All-American Collegiate
Scholar, a national program to recognize
superior students.
Juanyette is the daughter of Katherine
Jones and George Stuart of Dundas Town
and is a graduate of Abaco Central High

Tabitha Weatherford is in her second
year at Pensacola Christian College in
Pensacola, Florida. She is majoring in
elementary education. She maintained a
GPA of 3.8 and is working at the
Juvenile Justice Center in Pensacola
She is a graduate of correspondence
courses by American School. Tabitha is
from Marsh Harbour and is the daughter
of Pastor and Mrs. Robinson

Yocasta Woodside is in his last year
and will receive his Associate degree next
year. He is attending the West Indies
College in Mandeville, Jamaica, and is
studying criminal law.
Yocasta is the son of Sgt. and Mrs.
Ansel Woodside of Marsh Harbour. He
graduated from Abaco Central High
We want to thank Stephanie
Humblestone, Writer and Reporter for
The Abaconian, for her diligence and
perseverance in assembling all the
information about the students away at

-Open Daily
Breakfast 8:30 10 am
Lunch & Dinner 11 am 9 pm
Bar open 8:30 am 'til...
Happy Hour 5 6:30 pm
Restaurant & Bar Live Music Weds & Fri 8 1 pm
on the Specializing in
Hope Town Waterfront
Phone 366-0247 or VHF 16 Bahamian Foods


Island Manager

Shell Bahamas Limited invites applications from suitably quali-
fied candidates who possess a sound knowledge of the various
settlements, people and culture of the Abacos to fill the position
of Island Manager, based at our depot in Murphy Town, Abaco.
To manage the depot and staff and supervise our operations and
marketing activities throughout the Abacos, including customer
and distributor relations.
The successful candidate must:
* be a mature individual
* be a team player who is self-motivated and results-oriented
* possess good interpersonal skills and the ability to carry out
both supervisory and operating level tasks
* have experience in controls and selling activities
* have sound knowledge in planning and computer software
* have a college degree from an accredited institution,
preferably in Business Administration, Economics,
Marketing or Technical fields
The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate:
* excellent communications and human relations skills
* attention to details and ability to implement and follow-up
* energy and drive with a "Can Do" approach, strong self
motivation and determination to succeed
Preference will be given to candidates with previous
experience in operations, preferably in the Oil Industry.
Career development prospects are excellent for
the right candidate.
This position will be well suited to energetic professionals wish-
ing to expand their experience and work on a Family Island.
Resumes will be treated in full confidence and should be for-
warded to the Human Resources Administrator, Shell Bahamas
Limited, Clifton Pier, P.O. Box N-3717, Nassau, Bahamas, or for
Family Island residents c/o Shell Bahamas Depot nearest to them.
You Can Be Sure of Shell

B & D Marine Limited
Abaco's Largest and Most Complete Supply of Marine Products
S UZUKI Outboards &
Bait, Rods, Reels, Fishing Tackle & Dive Gear _
Filters, Pumps, Hoses, Anchors & Ropes 242-367-2622
Marine Paints, Hardware & Maintenance Items Fax 367-2395
VHF 16
P.O. Box AB 20461 Marsh Harbour, Abaco At the Traffic Light

K & S Auto Service

q I- ^^ Automotive Accessories
Full Automotive Service
Gasoline & Diesel Fuel
Tires & Tire Repairs
Expert Mechanics
!* Automobile Parts
Oil changed

Crockett Drive & Don MacKay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2655
Percy Albury, Owner/Manager

October 1998

The Abaconian Page 37

Min. Turnquest Addresses Local Government

Mr. Tommy Tumquest, Minister for
Public Works and Local Government,
addressed a session of a Local Government
workshop held at the Abaco Beach Hotel
on September 11th and 12th. Forty
members of Local Government attended
the two-day seminar.
Mr. Turnquest said, "Abaco is
repeatedly used as a shining example of
how local government is working
effectively." He concluded his remarks by
saying, "Local government is not a
destination but is a continuing journey."

Projects Announced
At the public evening meeting on
September 12th at the Anglican Hall, Mr.
Tumquest stated that it is difficult to
budget works projects in the Bahamas due
to its archipelago nature. For example,
Jamaica is physically larger and has a
population of six million. However, they
are serviced by only two international
airports. Abaco itself has two international
Mr. Tumquest announced the following
projects during the question and answer
Front Street in Marsh Harbour is due
to be repaved.
Port expansion will most likely be at
the existing facility and work should begin
this fiscal year.
The port expansion will utilize some
government land now in the Mud area.
Work should begin this fiscal year on
the airport terminal building and control
The existing 3500-foot airstrip at
Moore's Island will be resurfaced and will
later be extended to 4,500 feet.
Sandy Point
Administrator Is Named
During the public meeting, Mr.
Turnquest announced that Ms. Gloria Bain
will be arriving in October to take up the
post of Deputy Administrator in Sandy
Point. She is presently serving as
Administrator for South Andros and
Mangrove Cay.
Workshop Sessions
The main speakers for the daily sessions
included Mr. Ronald Thompson,
Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of
Local Works, Mr. Alexander Flowers,
Senior Deputy Administrator in the
Department of Local Government, Mr.
Harrison Thompson, Under Secretary, and
Mr. Dewitt Hanna, Under Secretary in the
Ministry of Public Works and Local
Government. Topics included accounting,
budgeting, revenue collecting at the local
level and legal matters related primarily to
local contracts and employment.
It was stressed that local government is
an arm of central government and not an
entity unto itself. Copies of relevant acts

Mr. Tommy Turnquest, Minister of Public Works and Local Government, shares a moment
with Mr. Chrisfield Johnson, Senior Deputy Administrator for North Abaco.

and regulations will be made available to
councils, town committees and statutory
boards on request. It was highly
recommended that members familiarize
themselves with the laws and rules in the
areas they are governing.
The council and town committees are
elected bodies and make the decisions. The
appointed boards only make
recommendations for council to act on.
Mr. Thompson said the Department of
Local Government is trying to curtail the
practice of government agencies going to
the Out Islands unannounced and
proceeding with projects without telling
anyone locally what is going on. The
projects may be highly desirable but it is
frustrating when no one locally knows
what is happening.

The Ministry of Local Government is
working to standardize various forms and
procedures. Suggested forms by Nassau
were circulated and actual forms used on
Abaco were reviewed. The best ideas will
be used to make standard forms to be used
throughout the islands.
Minutes, agendas and meeting formats
are to be standardized and implemented
throughout the system.

Budget Funding
Councils have the authority to direct
budgeted funds to other areas to suit
changing priorities. Councils also have the
authority to allocate transportation expense
money to elected and appointed officials
for travel in the course of their duties. This
particularly applies to those living on or
servicing the cays.
Many of the local problems concerning
a lack of money would be alleviated if
some capital funds were given. Without

any capital money, recurring budgeted
money is occasionally diverted to handle
problems that arise beyond normal
maintenance allowances.
When budgeted monies are received by
councils, each town should be given its
share although it is not mandated that
council give each town what it asked for.
Changing circumstances might require that
funds be diverted. This can only be done
democratically with council's permission
bearing in mind that all towns are
represented on the council.
Town committee and council members
were asked to be specific in their budgets
and fully justify their requests. It is not
acceptable to submit a wish list.
Benjamin Pinder was annoyed with
government agencies which make demands
of the councils without providing funds to
carry out the new instructions.
It was asked why money was not
allocated on the basis of collections as
originally intimated. Mr. Hart said there are
districts less fortunate than Abaco and
government must look after all the islands.
"Central Abaco averages $1.6 million
per month in revenue collections," said
Administrator Hart.
Revenue collections are public
information although individual are
frequently obscure and not readily

Highway Maintenance
Central government is responsible for
maintaining the main highway. However,



Page 42

g'S AIR S ,











0700 0735
1630 1705
0750 0825
1720 1755
0700 0745
1 600 1 645
0800 0845
1700 1745
1230 1300
1250 1325
1335 1420


Call 242-352-5778 242-359-4722 242-352-5781
Fax 242-352-5778 Freeport International Airport


A leading Financial Services Company is seeking a full-time
Office Assistant for a new office in Marsh Harbour, Abaco.
Your duties will include operational functions, agency
administration, customer service, secretarial and bookkeeping
You should have excellent business and communications
skills, and knowledge of Windows 95 and Microsoft Office
would be an asset.
If you are a Bahamian and wish to work with a progressive
company, please mail or fax your Resume, references and
qualifications to:
P.O. Box N 4728
Nassau, Bahamas FAX: 242-393-1710


there seems to be problems defining the
highway as it approaches towns.
Administrator Hart complimented North
Abaco on their outstanding maintenance on
road verges. Shoulders are smooth and the
grass is always cut. South Abaco could also
do this if they had equipment remarked Mr.
Pinder of Sandy Point.
Cherokee then asked if the road leading
to their town was their responsibility or
central governments. Various aspects of the
highway are being looked into. Highway
maintenance is an area which lends itself
into an island-wide jurisdiction.

Contract Work
The desirability for contracting work as
opposed to hiring employees was stressed
repeatedly. With contracted work, many
employment headaches can be avoided.
Unsatisfactory workmanship can be dealt
with much easier than contending with
unsatisfactory employees.
National fIsurance, liability problems
and vacations are all dealt with by the
contractor and not local government.
People working under a contract are due
the same consideration as any other
employee. However, the burden for seeing
that these benefits are provided rests with
the contractor and not with local
government. Contractors must factor these
items into their bids.
The opening of bids for contracted work
must be done in public, The acceptance of
the bids may be delayed so the
qualifications and terms of those bidding
may be investigated, if necessary. It is not
required that the lowest bid be accepted.
However, there must be valid reasons for
accepting higher bids. Assistance may be
required in evaluating complicated bids.
Central government will provide assistance
on request.

Hotel Room Tax
The 4% hotel room tax must be paid
monthly to the Administrator's Office. This
does not come out of the fee charged for
the room but is a room tax collected by the
hotel on behalf of the government and must
not be kept by the hotel. Other fees charged
by hotels must not be labeled as "room

Subdivision Rules
"A subdivision can consist of as few as
two lots," said Mr. Dewitt Hanna. Bonds
are required covering the value of the roads
and other amenities. If a developer
defaults, these bonds are redeemed by


Page 38 The Abaconlan October 1998

from fthe A che of..


By Sam Hoffer
Some Traveling Music,
More and more we are invited to
covered dish parties. Whether you travel
to your church or to your neighbors, they
are always fun. Good cooks bring their
best and finest and their dishes are
always the first to go.
Phyllis Wynne is one of those people
I was just referring to. Phyllis and her
husband Gordon's home Cheers is on the
ocean on Elbow Cay just outside of the
Hope Town settlement. Gordon is
famous in the Abacos for his two Island
Country albums (we all know the words
to Hope Town Saturday Night, don't
we?). Gordon was part of the big time
entertainment world, producing among

By Sandy Walker
The Back to the Island Singers visited
Crossing Rocks on September 12th. The
Back to the Island Singers are a group of
persons traveling to the Family Islands
visiting churches annually to spread the
Word of God and assist them financially.
This group consists of persons from both
New Providence and Grand Bahama.
During their visit to Abaco, they
assisted several Baptist churches on
Abaco including St. Marks Baptist
Church Crossing Rocks and churches in
Moore's Island and Sandy Point.
Joining the group here on Abaco were
members of the Soul Saving Ministries
along with their pastor Lawrence Arnett.
Pastor Arnett emphasized in this message
that the main focus of the Back to the

other things Hallmark Hall of Fames,
Democratic National Conventions and
touring with Judy Garland.
There is no lack of talent for Phyllis.
Her book Santa's Island Christmas is a
best seller for children in the islands.
Most recently Phyllis translates her sense
of humor into the famous Miss Whiney
on the Joker's Net and Gordon is
Gordon. If you don't listen to the Joker's
Net on the VHF, you are missing
Phyllis has shared these four recipes
with us. These work well for covered
dish parties as they travel well and are as
good at room temperature as they are
piping hot. She says they serve quite a
few since you don't put a lot on your
plate the first time! They aren't exactly
in the low-fat category, but who's

Island Singers is to save souls for God's
Earlier in the month the Back to the
Island Singers donated some food to the
elderly in the community. For all of this
the community wishes to thank the Back
to the Island Singers for generously
assisting them May God continue to
richly bless them.
Special thanks for all who supported
the steak-out in aid of Melva Walker's
Medical Fund which was held on
September 26th.
On October 17th at 3 p.m. there will
be a Fish Fry and Steak-Out at the
Crossing Rocks Park, a fund raiser as
part of Southern Abaco's contribution to
the All Abaco Regatta, All are invited.

Our Decorator's Advice

Children Sharing Rooms

By Barbara Farnan
Question: We have two daughters, six
and eight, who share a bedroom. One
likes kittens and soft colors. The other
likes horses and bright colors. They each
want to have their own things out, but
I'm finding it hard to make each happy
with the room with such different ideas.
How can I make the room look good and
have each child happy?
Answer: The first thing to do for
continuity is to come up with one color
both girls would like the room to be
painted. Make a game of it. Get paint
chip colors and spread them out. Have
each take a turn at removing one color at
a time she does not like until you are
down to one color. Use this color to
paint the room. Then, get two sets of
bookcases eight inches deep, 60 inches
high and 72 inches long. Place them back
to back between a set of twin beds and
divide the room in half with them. The

one color on the walls unifies the room
and the bookcases separate each girl's
Now, let each girl decorate her space.
Their personal color tastes may be added
as paint inside the bookshelves and each
girl may add her favorite items in her
own space.
To have your questions answered or
further information, contact Barbara
Farnan at 365-8800.

AA Meetings
The AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)
group of Marsh Harbour meets
Monday and Thursdays on 6:30
p.m. at New Visions Church in
Abaco Shopping Centre.
The AA group in Hope Town
meets Mondays at 7 p.m. at the

counting calories at a party Cheers!
Pineapple Casserole
2 cans crushed pineapple, drain one
6 tablespoons self rising flour
2 cups grated American cheese
1 cup sugar
1 package Ritz crackers, crumbled
1 stick margarine, melted
Mix pineapple, flour, cheese and
sugar. Pour into a two quart casserole
dish sprayed with Pam. Top with the
crumbled crackers. Pour 7ielted
margarine evenly over the crackers. Bake
covered at 350 degrees for 30-40
minutes, uncovering the last 10 minutes.
Baked Apricots
2 cans apricot halves, drained
1 lb box light brown sugar
1 box Ritz crackers, crumbled
1/2 lb butter, melted
In a greased baking dish put a layer of
drained apricot halves. Cover with brown
sugar. Then a layer of Ritz crackers and
pour half of the butter over the crackers.
Repeat layers and bake in a 300 degree
oven approximately one hour. It should
be thick and crusty on top.

Mama Berry's
Green Beans
Phyllis's grandmother Berry served
this recipe to generations. One of her
father's favorites, it's easily doubled,
tripled, quadrupled.
1 tablespoon bacon drippings
1 tablespoon chopped onion
1 can french style green beans,
1/3 cup chili sauce
Melt bacon drippings in sauce pan.
Saute onions. Add green beans and chili
sauce. Heat and serve.
Corsicana Hominy
Another family favorite from the East
Texas town of Corsicana brought to the
Berry's table in Houston's River Oaks.
2 cans hominy, drained
1 can ripe olives, drained and halved
1/3 lb Old English Cheese
Make your favorite medium cream
sauce. Melt cheese in sauce, add hominy
and olives. Bake at 350 degrees for 30
If you have a recipe to share, call Sam
on VHF 68 at Lazy Days.


ine Woo s Nursery

. will support the Cancer Society
by donating part of the proceeds from the
sale of all annuals, impatiens, marigolds,
salvias, dianthus, petunias, herbs and
We need your support!

Conch Inn Hotel & Marina
Waterfront Hotel Rooms with Cable TV., Phones & Pool
Marsh Harbour's PREMIER Marina and Hotel
In Central Marsh Harbour on the Waterfront
Marine Fuel, Laundry, Mini Market, Close to Stores
75 Berth Full Service Marina Low Storage Rates

74t ,Wtoa=e9
The best sailing vacations in the world.
Sailboats Usually Available
for Charter on Short Notice,
with Captains or Bareboat
You set the pace and visit places
like Hope Town or Green Turtle Cay,
deserted beaches or lonlely islands.

Dine Out
Find Civilization
or Isolation'

Call us today

At the Conch Inn Resort
Fax 367-4004

Join us on board our specially
designed dive boat and explore
tunnels and caverns in majestic
coral mountains rising from a
depth of sixty feet to the ocean
surface in clear turquoise waters.
Scuba & snorkeling trips daily
NAUI & PADI certified
instructors offering resort
(beginner) courses or full
certification courses
Underwater videos
Swim Suits, T Shirts
Hats, Reef Sandals, etc.
Phone 242-367-2787 Bahamas
242-367-4004 Fax
at the
Conch Inn Resort

Notes from Crossing Rocks

In the Matter of
Great Abaco Beach Resort and Dive Centre Limited
(In Voluntary Liquidation)
Take notice that this company is not one and the same-company
as Abaco Beach Resort Limited, Marsh Harbour, Abaco. Both com-
panies are separate, non-related entities.
Any inconvenience or confusion caused by the similarity of the
two names is regretted.
Dated the 11th day of September, A.D., 1998
Rhonda L. C. Hull, Liquidator

October 1998 The Ahaeonlan Page 39

Local Government

- at Work

Town Planning 1 Sept 1998
Routine plans were passed totaling
$305,850 in stated value.
Town Committee -Marsh H: 3 Sept. 1998
Three men are to be put on contract
to clean town streets and do other jobs as
directed by the committee. Committee
member Yvonne Key will be directing this
Traffic lights are being investigated
for several intersections.
Twenty Seven street lights are out
between the airport and the Crossing
Beach. Committee members are annoyed
with the indifferent attitude of BEC toward
the malfunctioning lights which have been
repeatedly been brought to their attention.
Lights are needed on Don MacKay
Boulevard from Western Auto to the
airport now that movie patrons are walking
to the theater and back to town. BEC has
plans for these lights and the poles are
alongside the road waiting to be installed.
Committee members are concerned that the
poles be set well off the side of the

A group recovering from
compulsive overeating meets at the
Marsh Harbour Library.
Tuesday 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday 2:00 p.m.
Friday 9:15 a.m.
Call 367-2068 for more information.

A triplex forwarded by Town
Planning was not approved. Members
felt that the High Rock area should be kept
as single family residential use only.

Licencing 8 Sept. 1998
A snack bar and game room planned for
a building adjacent to Long Bay School


was deferred pending a site inspection by
committee members. Residents opposing
the game room and the applicant made
presentations to the committee. Approval
for the building was given several years
ago with a snack bar and game room stated
as the intended use.
A cocktail bar at the airport parking lot
was deferred until the applicant can clarify
ownership or right of access for the site.

Presented Exclusively By
P.O. Box AB 20856
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: 242-367-3262/3
Fax 242-367-3260

Town Planning 19 Sept. 1998
Members wanted Council guidance
concerning plans on subdivided lots due to
recent statements regarding the subdivision
Members were also wanting guidance
on the of "proof of access" requirement for
family members building on generation

P.O. Box AB 20777
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Tel/Fax 242-365-6156


International Realty

P.O. Box AB 20856
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Tel: 242-367-3262/3 Fax 242-367-3260

Leisure Lee
Gracious living with deep water dockage at your doorstep, ex-
quisite attention to detail and a perfect setting create the ultimate
in island living. Every amenity has been considered in this won-
derful property... swimming pool, guest quarters, Italian marble
bath, European-design kitchen. List #3521 $375,000.00

Treasure Cay
150 feet of prime beach front with a depth of over 500 feet,
this offering is positioned at the favoured end of this wide ex-
pansive beach where it is protected from the brunt of
northwesters in the winter and open to the balmy breezes of
summer. List #1784 $350,000.00

Green Turtle Cay
Fantastic hill top property with wonderful sea views. This 20+
acre property has water frontage on protected White Sound
Harbour. Ideal for residential or commercial development.
Services include electricity, telephone and water.
List #2711 Call for details

"Far Horizons" at Great Abaco Club

Page 40 The Abaconlan October 1998

To: All members of the House and
Senate and the Governor General
Re: An opportunity to make the
BALLOT truly secret and remove all
fears voters may have of being
victimized for making a free choice at
the polls.
I am a hardworking, civic-minded
Bahamian musician by trade who,
while appreciative of efforts by our
national leaders to improve the quality of
life in our country, is deeply concerned
over the health and strength of the secret
ballot, which is the most powerful tool
the average citizen has for participating
in the governance of our nation.
You, as a member of Parliament, have
as opportunity to do something about this
before the next general election.
influencing or helping in the drafting and
passing into law of a bill that would
make the ballot truly secret, thereby
removing any fear a voter may have of
being victimized for voting according to
his or her wisdom.
The average voter knows only too well
the secrecy of the ballot is seriously
compromised under the current system
by the recording of a serial number on
the ballot alongside the voter's name and
card number. Whether the voter is
subject to victimization or the treat of
victimization by the winning candidate
(especially if that candidate is a member
of the governing party or economically

How Does the
Triathlon Help Abaco?
By Isobel Sherman
That is the question Dave Ralph gave
me to find the answer to. Yes, the
economy in Abaco does benefit from the
Triathlon in many ways. First of all,
rooms must be rented by the triathletes
so hotels benefit. Restaurants also benefit
because the athletes have to eat.
However, in 1997 the triathlon was
changed to a sprint triathlon because
Exclusive Sports Marketing, which is in
charge of the entire Triathlon series, felt
that the triathletes wanted to enjoy Abaco
more and the shorter sprint program
would give them more time to do so.
The triathletes like to party so
restaurants and bars such as Sapodillys
and Nippers in Guana do a good
business. Because the race is on
Saturday, many stores are not open in the
after noon for the athletes to do any
shopping. However, some athletes arrive
early on Friday and even Thursday so
they have time to shop if they wish.
At the awards ceremony the All Abaco
Regatta Committee had a food' stall
selling native foods and dinners so many
athletes tasted Bahamian cooking. Some
participants were in Marsh Harbour on
Friday evening for the Goombay Summer
Abaco Finale.
Yes, the economy does get a boost
from the triathlon but with the smaller
number of entrants this year the boost is
not as large as expected. Hopefully their
goal of 200 participants will be realized
next year. If that happens, Mrs.
Mitchell, organizer of the Triathlon on
Abaco, estimates that as much as half a
million dollars can be added to our
economy in Abaco not bad for a 1/2
mile swim, a 15 mile bike race and a 5
mile run.

Over 10,000 people see the
ads in this newspaper.
Your ad here is an
effective way to reach
these people.

A Message to the House and Senate

influential in the constituency) is entirely
at the discretion of the candidate and his
or her party. And the record on such
threats and acts of victimization of
opposing voters over the last 50 years in
The Bahamas is a sorry and criminal one
I might also point out that both
parliamentary parties have acknowledged
serious flaws in our voting system by
promising various reforms in their
respective 1997 Election Manifestos.
I am therefore urging you and other
members of Parliament to bring changes
in the law that would eliminate the fear
of violation of ballot secrecy by making
it systematically impossible for
unscrupulous and undemocratic
politiciansto "peep" how someone voted.
And just how can this be
accomplished? I suggest eliminating the
serial number on the ballot. If the
concern is to be able to examine the
validity of voters or ballots in the case of
an electoral court dispute, I believe the
following procedures would make
violating secrecy to achieve that end
Each candidate's representative at
the polling station should sign each ballot
to verify it was given to a bona fide
Because each polling station has the
official list of voters in that polling
division, officials can verify, along with
candidates' representatives, each voter
turning up and follow the progress of the
voting in the division;
Ballot boxes should be constantly
guarded by a police official and

Fax us your
News at 367-3677

367267 one


candidates' representatives until vote
counting and recording are completed,
thereby preventing or minimizing the
theft or fraudulent replacement of ballot
We will never achieve true
meritocracy; freedom from fear of
exercising the full rights and benefits of
citizenship because one did not vote "the
right way;" or eliminate abuse of
citizens' rights by petty, tyrannical
politicians if our ballot system remains as
fundamentally flawed as it is now. No
matter how many promises of openness
and partisan blindness are made by
individual "good" politicians, without the
proper safeguards in law and the system,
the democratic rights of citizens remain
hinged on just that: promises by "good"
politicians who may be turned "bad" by
expediency in a rush.
So, once again, I urge you to join or
push your colleagues on both sides of the
aisle to join you in making this
wonderful democratic gift to the
.Bahamian electorate as a preface to an
even greater maturity of our political
process in the coming millennium.
I am also offering this proposal for

ballot reform in the hope that, although it
is coming from an "ordinary," unlettered
citizen without any recognized national
standing or party affiliation, it will be
taken seriously by you and your
colleagues. An elected representative
should never get beyond having patience
with and an open mind to the ideas of a
common citizen.
In a certain sense it should not be
necessary for me, a "common citizen,"
to bring this matter to your attention. But
I feel deep in my heart it is the right
thing to do. It will help strengthen our
maturing democracy tremendously. It
will help eliminate a lot of pain,
suffering and turmoil in our political
future. But having said all that, please
rest assured that I shall not pester you or
make a nuisance of myself on this issue,
as important as it is to me. I believe a
word to the wise is sufficient, and I
believe I can trust in your wisdom. So I
will not communicate further with you on
this reform proposal, which I have taken
upon myself as a conscientious citizen to
tackle in 1998.
Thank you kindly for your time and
consideration. I hope we will become
partners in bringing about this necessary
act of legal reform.
Gladstone "Stone" McEwan II

The Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation, Abaco, has re-
cently made considerable improvement to the Internet Service.
We listened to your comments and we have made it easier for
you to access the World Wide Web.
We will continue to upgrade our Internet product to meet your
Thanks for your patience.
Please contact us at 367-2200 if you are still experiencing
problems with the Internet.

A commercial building situated on 5,000 sq. ft. of property being located on the north side of
Bernard Road opposite Monastary Heights Subdivision in Nassau. Ideal for business venture or
investment. Presently the fourplex commercial/residential complex comprises a gross area of about
2,000 sq. ft. inclusive of gross commercial area of 1,300 sq. ft. and a rear residential area of 600 sq.
ft. The commercial area is subdivided into three commercial shop units and a residential unit of two
bedrooms/one bathroom.

Offers should be sent to:
The Manager
P.O. Box AB 20567
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

And should be received no later than September
30, 1998. For further information, please contact
Mr. Fred H. Bowe
1 (242) 367-2141/2

The Ahaconian Page 41

Three Amigos Make Triathlon Relay

By Isobel Sherman
There are many interesting stories
which came out of the Fifth Annual
Great Abaco Triathlon and to me this is
one of the most interesting. I first met
The Three Amigos at the registration
pool side at Great Abaco Beach Resort
on Friday evening. They were looking
over the competition and planning some
of their strategy for the morning's
It was clear from the beginning that
the name The Three Amigos suited them
as they were indeed buddies or friends.
Hailing from Nassau, two of the amigos
have business ties to Abaco, but they
were in Marsh Harbour for the race and
they were serious about winning it.
Brent Dean, Jerome Fitzgerald and
Christian Knowles are the Three Amigos
with Jerome, the swimmer, Christian, the
cyclist, and Brent, the runner. They were
there for each other as each one finished

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 242-367-3956 Fax 367-3959

Weather and other conditions will affect the tide. The predictions
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that ex-
isted when NOAA/NOS and other agencies gathered the data.
Times shown will be within a few minutes for the entire eastern
Abaco area. Pelican Harbour is just inside North Bar Channel.

his leg. Coming off the bike at the end of
the 15-mile ride, Christian was not happy
with the bike. In fact, later at the awards
ceremony he told me it will be a
different bike for him next year.
I was present when The Three Amigos
looked at the results and found that they
had finished a very respectable second in
the men's relay division. Not bad for the
first time. Immediately the three began
planning their strategy for next year's
race. When I said I remembered a Walt
Disney cartoon named The Three
Amigos, Brent replied that is where we
got their name.
Three friends who traveled from
Nassau to compete, had a good time and
are ready to come back next year.
Although Brent Dean and Jerome
Fitzgerald will be here very often as they
are the owners of RND Cinema, Abaco.
Hasta la vista, Amigos, until next year's


P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
242-377-6351 Fax 377-2193

The Three Amigos relax after competing in the Great Abaco Triathlon. The three formed
a relay, each doing one phase of a race which included a half-mile swim, a three-mile
swim, a three-mile run and a 15-mile bicycle ride. The three men are the principals of
RND Cinemas Abaco and are Christian Knowles, Brent Dean, and Jerome Fitzgerald.

Do You Have a Student Away at School?

Do you keep them up-to-date with news?

Let us send The Abaconian

Special Student Rate

9 Issues for $15
Bahamas, U.S.A. & Canada
Call 367-3202
for information
Sor send your check to
The Abaconian, P.O. Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Tides North Bar Channel

October 1998

This graph is generated from NOAA/NOS
data via software from Nautical Software,
phone 503-579-1414.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 66 6 n 6 6 n n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6
1 (EDT) (EDT) 3(EDT)

4 5:07p 5:41,a 6:p - - 6:36a -

10:4,8 1 11:381 11:51a 2:29a 1 :49p
S1 0 0 0 0.7 - - - -0.5 0. 0.3 ..

4(EDT) 5(EDT) C 6(EDT) 1(EDT) 15( 8 DT 9(EDT) 1 EDT)
S 78a 209, 8:1 3 8:41 9:31p 8 1 5:4 1 1 :42a 03 8

- - - - - - - - - - - - 12:08 -1 1 a
1:18 E ) :2:0 E2:3T) 28(: I2 4(E-T| 29 ....3 3.(ET)
01- - 0. -1 -.022- -. 1. AO -.0

in the Second Annual All Abaco Regatta.
11(EDT) 12(ET) D 13(DT' 14"' 2215 (EDT)16 ( 1DT)17(EDT)
41063 1 :38 p 3 0 2 p 3 ,3 20a . ....a. ... :

: i l-Irm"li l -rli6l 2j -fi 9 01 .9P '1I0 l frt1[^r, .j.g -,11a I M' '

18 (EDT 19(E" 20 (ET) 0 21 (DT ) 22(T U 23( 24(,I

You can be sure of Shell
- ^- ^^ -- ^-^^--^ -- ^^-i

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products

October 1998

Page 42 The Abaeonian October 199


FROM Page 37

government and used to complete the
infrastructure. Approval for a subdivision
comes from Nassau.
Subdivision road right-of-ways must be
40 feet wide with the old 20-foot allowance
no longer being acceptable. Subdivision
roads are the developer's responsibility
until or unless the roads have been given to
and accepted by government.
Town Planning
Encroachments on the Marsh Harbour
well field by schools, airport expansion,
shops and others may require the relocation
of the well field farther from development.
Town planning and council must make
recommendations for the orderly growth of
the area and submit these to Nassau for
Mr. Hanna urged the councils, in
conjunction with town planning, to prepare
a master plan of their districts showing
existing pattern and zoning suggestions for
two, five and ten-year growth. Councils
and town planning were admonished by
Mr. Hanna to spend more time looking to
the future. "Approving plans is not your
only responsibility," he said.
Harrison Thompson stated, "Town
planning does not have the authority to
issue building permits. They 'make
recommendations which council will then
act on. The chief councillor can accept the

recommendation or the council will review
the matter if there is controversy."
There are many instances throughout the
Bahamas where a building permit is issued.
Subsequently, it is noticed that the building
is double or triple the specified size.
Among other issues this represents lost

Inactive Taxi Plates to
Be Recalled
Road Traffic was asked to verify active
taxis and recall taxi plates which are
inactive or not renewed annually. Since
taxis are duty free, it is important that only
active taxis have taxi plates.

Licensing Can Limit Bars
Licensing authority has the authority to
limit the number of bars. Town planning
and licensing must frequently work
together. It was stated that town planning
should grant a conditional building permit
(if appropriate) with the provision that a
license in principle be obtained. This would
ensure that the applicant could either
proceed with the proposed business or
determine early that the project was not
In conclusion, those present were
divided into study groups which made the
following recommendations:

Minutes should accurately reflect
members absent, with or without a valid
reason, for possible dismissal after repeated
Members should be dismissed who do
not attend three meetings in a row. It is a
burden to attending members because a
meeting cannot be held when a quorum is
not present. It is particularly frustrating
when a member makes a one-hour boat or
car trip to attend a meeting and finds it is
canceled because other members did not
show up and did not give prior notice.
Building plans must go to town
committees first for public posting. This
gives the public a chance to comment then
the plans go to town planning for their
recommendations to council.
Minutes of town committee meetings
should go to council to keep them informed
of town matters.
The three Abaco councils should meet
together occasionally to get a better feel for
the smooth operation of Abaco's business.
Authority is wanted locally to approve
docks without going to the Docks
Committee in Nassau.
An island wide building inspections
program is wanted.
Some capital funds must be allocated
with recurrent funds.
Because hours are spent preparing
budgets, then having them cut severely and
having to reprogram the available funds,
they recommended it would be better to be

told, "Here's what you get, see what you
can do."
Local government members in
attendance were unanimous in their desire
to have school maintenance money
available at the beginning of the summer
vacation so work could begin as soon as
the schools are empty.
Meeting agendas should accurately
reflect the business to be discussed.
Meeting time could be saved by
circulating the previous minutes a week
prior to a meeting for study by members.
Then dispense with the reading of the
minutes but begin with corrections, matters
arising, etc.
The participants found the sessions
informative and encouraging. They found
it helpful to get answers to their questions
and discuss their frustrations.

No Rooms
The United States Labor Day holiday,
which was celebrated on the 7th of
September, brought hundreds of visitors
to Abaco for the weekend, In fact, there
were no hotel rooms available in Marsh
Harbour area during the weekend. This
was the last big holiday weekend and
marked the end of a very good summer
tourist season.

Ie at ... : -e "t l -

tWe're just minutes from restaurants on the
harbour & walking distance to grocery stores,
shopping tnd ferry docks leading to outer
islands. You will check into a spacious room
with television, air conditioning, ceiling fan,
microwave oven, small refrigerator and daily
maid service. Call 242-367-3776 or FAX 367-4179


P. O. Box AB 20030
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

2 & 3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, fully equipped
Beach front on a magnificent 31/2 mile beach or
On a Marina with private boat slips
All with pool and tennis privileges
Special Discounts offered September & October
IsLanb D emreasure Cay, Abaco
Call 242-365-8507 or 365-8777
Fax 365-8508 *Email:

mic Aptye tw Rea SadSate

Premium Property throughout the Abaco Islands

Tilloo Cay 3.4 acres, good elevations, sea to sea


Lubbers Quarters 1.73 acres on western side, great elevations $ 55,000
Stede Bonnet Rd, Marsh Harbour 1 acre lot w/partial views of harbour $100,000

Green Turtle Cay Interior lot, 10,000 sq. ft.
Cherokee 2 bedroom wooden house,
Long Beach lots with utilities & financing
Little Harbour lot w/210' in harbour, superb views, 3/4 acre

Treasure Cay 1/4 acre lot across from beach
Elbow Cay 82 x 200 waterfront lot

$ 30,000
$ 70,000
From $ 9,900
$ 25,000


Sandy Point

SSandy Pot

50 Waterfront Acres

Green Turtle Cay....
69 Acres |Sea to Sea
Frontagei on White Sound

Contact Colin Lightbourn
(242) 325-1950 or

(242) 322-4148
P.O. Box N4949, Nassau, Bahamas



adjacent to Abaco Yacht Services,
100 ft. harbour front lot. $300,000 wT. .

GREAT SALE CAY 380 acres Sea to__ FoxToI
Sea Call for details -*~A'i Coope'.T GJ r Turtle
BILLY BO CAY 4 acre cay on Marsh ____ 'I-
Harbour's south side, 5 minutes Great Tr"a.
from southside dock $150,000 Ab sla

SANDY POINT 50 acres on the\
south west corner of Abaco, south
of the Sandy Point airport, loads of
waterfrontage. Call for details

The Aha-onian Page 43

Pigeon Pea Solution Waiting on Govt.

Yvonne Albury Key, a member of the
Marsh Harbour Town Committee, has
worked tirelessly since she was elected to
office in July, 1996. She was instrumental
in the removal of abandoned cars in Marsh
Harbour, the cleaning up of Crossing
Beach and the creation of Marsh Harbour's
Community Library in memory of Dr.
Enjar Gottlieb.
Now for the past several months Mrs.


Mrs. Yvonne Key

Key has been spearheading a drive to
relocate persons living in The Mud and
Pigeon Pea areas into better surroundings.
Most of these persons are Haitian or
Bahamians of recent Haitian descent. Mrs.
Key's primary reason for wishing to help
these persons relocate is health. The Mud,
owned by Government, was a swamp area
which floods easily and quickly becomes a
quagmire. It poses a health hazard not only
to persons living there but also to the
greater Marsh Harbour Area. The Pigeon
Pea is located on five acres of Key's Tract
and is now owned by Ricky Albury who
wants his land back.
Mrs. Key's proposal is that central
government assign 25 acres of Crown Land
in Campbell Town for development into
ninety-six 60 feet by 80 feet house lots
complete with paved roads, electricity and
water. Persons with legal status living in
The Mud and Pigeon Pea could then
purchase a lot there for $3,000 to $5,000.
Houses would have to be built according to
Bahamian code and law. "They need to
live by Bahamian law." Mrs. Key said that
in her talks with residents of the two areas

they are open to the idea. Relocation would
give those persons a better and healthier
way of life.
Some Marsh Harbour citizens who hold
work permits for Haitians are willing to
.buy lots in the proposed area for their
employees. Then the person would only
have to construct the house.
She cited a recent trip into the area
where she found three homes under
construction, but as she says, "Who do you
prosecute?" That is because there is no way
of knowing who is responsible for
constructing these homes.
For several months Mrs. Key has been
seeking a meeting with the Prime Minister
to discuss this situation. She is still trying
to arrange a meeting with him. She would
like to take Mr. Ingraham into these areas
so he can see for himself. "Only the
government can allocate the the Crown Land
in Campbell Town." (Campbell Town is
an abandoned village between Snake Cay
and Spring City used during logging
operation in the 1960s.)
At a dinner held in the later part of 1996

at Abaco Beach Resort, the Prime Minister
said, "The Mud and Pigeon Pea were
Marsh Harbour's problem and Marsh
Harbour must deal with it." Mrs. Key's
point is that they have found a proposed
way of dealing with the problem and they
need to meet with the Prime Minister for
government support.
Mrs. Key has felt no opposition from the
Haitian Community in The Mud and
Pigeon Pea as a result of her proposal. She
feels they are willing to relocate if they can
afford a lot and the housing. "An
opportunity for a better way of life is being
presented to them."

Bahamian Proverb
if you hang your basket too
hgih, it hurts your arms to
reach it.

Real Estate

Out Islands Finest Vacation Homes Real Estate Property Rentals
'Waterfront Properties New Marina Real Estate ty Rentals
Rentals &Sales Treasure Cay's

HopE 0 To Most Experienced Broker
HidAWAYs Phone/Fax 242-365-8601
_ P.O. Box AB 22182
1 Purple Porpoise Place Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas
Chris & Peggy Thompson, Proprietors H t
Phone 242-366-0224 Fax 242-366-0434 W.* F. H ertz Ltd _

Since 1922


Residential Commercial Land Rentals

The ExcFlusve
BahamRas Affiate for


The Bahamas' Oldest and Most Extensive Real Estate Service



"Harbour House"
Man-O-War Cay
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath -Covered Porch Sundecks
Workshop/Snore Box .725 Wooded Acre,
Waterfront on Harbour- Right of Way to Beach

"Far Horizons"
Great Abaco Club, Marsh Harbour
3 Bedroom, 3 bath
Elegant Residence Superb Construction new 1997
Private Dock. 180 degree Sea of Abaco views.

"Angel's Landing"
Eastern Harbour, Man-O-War Cay
1 Bedroom, 1 bath,
250' Waterfront, Private Dock 3/4 acre
Deeded beach access way

* Apartment Complex Marsh Harbour 7 Units Built 1992, Impeccable condition, Super Location good income & return on Investment.. $570,000
* "Fourwinds" West Coast. Elbow Cay 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Deck on 3 sides, 2.1 Acres, Private Dock Great Sea of Abaco Views....... $500,000
* "Alcatraz" Pelican Shores, Marsh Harbour- 2 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Waterfront, Private Dock Great Harbour Views ............................. SOLD
* "Sugar Apple" Man-O-War Cay 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 2 Screen Porches, Beautiful Garden, "Snore Box" Guest House sleeps 2.................. $290,000
* "Charlestown" Man-O-War Cay Settlement 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Built 1989 meticulously maintained, Bedroom Ocean View................. $215,000
* "Sandpiper" White Sound, Elbow Cay 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Charming Dock Cottage, Fireplace, Garage/workshop, 60' Private Dock.......... $200,000
* "Gibraltar" Man-O-War Cay Settlement 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Charming Traditional Bahamian, Crow's Nest, Workshop, Laundry........... $200,000
* "Orchid Bay" Great Guana Cay Beautiful 1+ Acre Building Sites Ocean Beach Frontage: from $275,000 Sea of Abaco frontage: from: $174,344
* "Fisher Tract" Man-O-War Cay Lush wooded building sites Several available with semi-private dock access: from:.......................... $75,000

FOR RENT "Arawak" Man-O-War Cay, Charming Cottage on Private Dock, Eastern Harbour Sleeps 5 A/C, T.V. $850.00 per week.

Derek Lee Margot Lee (242) 367-4608 or (242) 365-6156 Fax: (242) 367-4885

October 1998


Page 44 The Ahaconian October 1998

Youth News

Calling Boys and Girls
There was a general registration for all
boys and girls interested in becoming a
Scout in the communities of Marsh
Harbour, Spring City, Dundas Town and
Murphy Town. On the 15th of September
registration was held at St. John the
Baptist Anglican Church parish hall in
Marsh Harbour. Fees are $25 for new
Scouts which covers insurance and scarf
and $5 for returning Scouts which covers
Cubs Enjoy Field Trip
Early this summer five Cub Scouts of
the First Abaco Cub Pack and their
leader, Sandra Evans, set of on a mile
and a half mile hike. The group met at
the entrance to Bahama Coral Island and
were transported to one of the back roads
leading to Great Cistern Cay where the
journey began. An hour and a half
passed quickly as the boys identified
ferns, gathered pine cones and noted the
wild flowers. After a snack on the beach
they climbed the hill and met their
waiting parents.
The following weekend the Cub year
ended with a party at the Crossing
Beach. All the Cubs joined in a clean-up,
then jumped into the water for an
afternoon of fun. Parents thoughtfully
provided refreshments which were
enjoyed by all.

First Abaco Cub Pack members are
excited about their nature hike with Cub
leader Sandra Evans.


"REAL" ESTATE Lots, Condos, Houses -You Name It
"REAL" HONEST BROKERS Our Word is Our Bond
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We consider ourselves "REAL ESTATE" plus
and stake our reputation on trust.

Anne Albury
VHF radio 10 or 16
"Four Winds"
Tel. 242-365-8568

Marcellus Roberts
VHF radio 16
"Just Do It"
Tel. 242-365-8064

P.O. Box AB 22183, Treasure Cay
Abaco, Bahamas
Tel. 242-365-8538 Fax 242-365-8567

Anne Albury
Marcellus Roberts

(242) 365-8538 Ph
(242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax

Canal Front Condos with on site Tennis and Pool
Phase I 2 bed / 2 bath I SOLD 1 $180,000
Phase II 2 bed / 2 bath 12' wide slip $224,000
3 bed / 3 bath 12' wide slip SOLD $242,000
3 bed / 3 bath 17'6" wide slip $266,000
Ocean Front Condos with on site Tennis and Pool
Phase II 2 bed / 2 bath End unit with
wrap around deck $275,000
Canal Front Condos with on site Pool
Bldg. 5 2 bed / 2 bath 11'6" wide slip $170,000
Bldg. 2 1 bed / 1 bath boat slip $151,000
Townhouse Condos with on site Tennis and Pool
Garden/Pool View 1 bed / 1 bath beginning at $55,000
2 bed / 1 bath beginning at $75,000
Marina View 1 bed / 1 bath beginning at $65,000
2 bed / 1 Y2 bath beginning at $101,000
Ocean Villa Subdivision
2 bed / 2 bath special garden location with
ocean view down greenway $220,000
Beach Villa Subdivision
Duplex 2 x 1 bed / 1 bath beginning at $133,000
Standard 2 bed / 2 bath beginning at $114,000
Ocean front luxury units with lagoon pool/waterfall
2 bed / 2 bath octagonal house $275,000
Ocean condos with on site Pool
Poolside garden view 2 bed / 2 bath $176,000
"Cavill" Split level ho /V2 bath garage
and screen porc s Q e-sac with
view of golf cou $125,000
Vacant lots available
Golf Course
Leeward Beach
Windward Beach

"Crosswind" located on a natural lake with
direct greenway access to beach, split level home
3 bed / 2 bath w/adjacent 1 bed / 1 bath
efficiency apartment, very large lot $333,000
"Ives" ocean front home built on pilings, garage /
utility below; Upstairs 3 bed / 2 bath wrap around
deck partially screened $363,000
"Plumb Crazy" canal front split level home 3 bed /
2 bath detached garage, dock, established
landscaping .$327,000
"White House" two lots canal front, main house
2 bed / 2 bath detached efficiency apartment
detached garage, pool, dock $350,000
"Marina Villa" canal front one storey 3 bed /
2 bath Bahama room, garage, dock, includes
adjacent road side lot $424,000
"Schor" canal front two storey home 3 bed / 3 bath
garage, workshop, dock, large deck, ocean view to
Sea of Abaco across greenway $423,500
"Sands" canal front one storey 3 bed ,^ ,
garage, dock, full view of 9 $515,000
"Island Times" canal front modern home 3 bed / 2Y2
bath, wrap around porch, double garage $508,000
"Conch Out" ocean front home on extra deep lot
one storey 4 bed / 3 bath detached garage,
great family beach house $575,000
"Sandpiper" ocean front 1 /2 lots two storey home
3 bed / 3 bath garage, ocean and garden decks,
lush landscaping $962,000
"Sands" ocean view home with private deeded
10' beach access, CBS 2 storey, upstairs 2 bed /
1 bath, downstairs double garage/workshop
and efficiency Off the Market
Vacant lots available
Galleon Bay & Brigantine Bay
Casuarina Beach / Ocean Boulevard
Ocean front $360,000
Interior $16,000 $25,000

Treasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches, Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We don't only sell here, we live here and love it.
Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay Specialists

Waterfront or Hilltop
Homes and Lots for Sale
Have Fun in the Sun
Go Fishing or Diving
Explore the Islands
Discover our Beaches
Golf Cart & Bike Rentals

Between the Deep Blue Ocean
and the Turquoise Sea of Abaco
Phone 365-5195
VHF 16 Young Lovers

.<-*^ll <^lll^l .<*-^*-U.-


FROM Page 29

photography and massage facilities.
According to Thomas Katheder of
Disney Attractions, the Disney Magic is
booked solid for the next six months.
This is Disney's first venture into the
cruising industry and as Woolridge
pointed out in her article in the Miami
Herald, Disney will probably succeed
once the kinks are out.
The Disney Magic's horn does not just
blow like a normal ship's horn. It blows
notes from When You Wish Upon A Star.

The Abaconian Page 45

Of course, first time cruisers would
not have noticed any kinks in the first
place. She stated the quality of food was
one of the kinks. Disney has a reputation
of doing everything first class and is the
best in organizer of activities for large
groups of people. They have committed
themselves to the cruise ship line and no
doubt they will be quite successful at it.
Abaconians who may want to take the
Disney cruise can make reservations and
join the Disney Magic for an
unforgettable cruise. These leave from
its home port of Port Canaveral twice

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land For Sale or Rent

Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue $9
Picture and 4 lines $25.00
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the
Marsh Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677, FAX 3677 3/97

Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000 also acreage,
oceanfront, hilltop and bayside fots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes one day fishing &
diving 0 One day snorkeling & island hopping
* boat & guide 0 all equipment included 0 6
to 30 people * * *
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath. deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cher6 Pinder at 365-5046 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16


IC tL U el
Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve...
Waterfront lots with private boat slips
in a secure gated community
starting at $140,000.
Call 242-367-4151 or Fax 367-4152

Land & Sea

Commercial & Residential
Homes Apts. Rentals 0 Acreage
Leisure Lee inland lots from $15,000
canal lots from $18,000
Island homes- Ocean view home, 2 story, 2
bed 2 bath upstairs, 1 bed 1 bath downstairs,
with separate entrance, great rental unit
asking US$298,000
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office phone & Fax 242-367-3276

Bahama Palm Shore beachfront lot $50,000
Contact Dale Blank or Jackie Albury at 367-
Cherokee "The Hill" 24 lots 100' x 100'
starting as low as $15,000
Main house recently renovated 2 bdr, Ir, dr, kit.
and bath. Fully furnished on a giant lot with
out buildings. Completely furnished ready to
live in. $150,000
For information call 365-6301 or 367-4482
Great Cistern 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 level
house with all around decks, great views of
the Cays, private beach access. Phone 367-
3544 anytime or 367-3042 from9-5
Guana Cay 5 Acre waterfront ridge top with
47' elevation on bluff on sound. Stunning
views, public road, electricity available, town
1 mile. $375,000 all or part, Brochure, Brian
954-942-4177, Fax 954-942-7230 or Edmund
Pinder in Guana Cay 242-365-5046


Elbow Cay, Hope Town. Cute cottage, in
town, great location. Partially furnished.
Could be great weekly rental, too! Price
includes all costs. List #3431 $278,000
Elbow Cay Resort. Fantastic opportunity.
Fresh water swimming pool, beautiful
Atlantic Ocean beach.
List #3283 Call for details
Pelican Shores. Beautifully wooded
building site, 192' on The Sea of Abaco.
List #3259 Call for details
Elbow Cay, White Sound. Atlantic Ocean
beach front lot! 0.81 acres of magnificent
views. List #3530 $199,000
Casuarina Point. 12,000+ sq. ft. canal lot
with dock. Great bone fishing!
List #3489 $25.000
Elbow Cay. Beautiful island home fully
equipped for luxury living. On three acres
with hilltop views, gazebo, 40' dock.
List #2316 Call for details
Bahama Palm Shore. 8,525 sq. ft.
building lot. Paved roads, landscaping and
access to Atlantic Ocean beach.
List #3282 $35,000
Treasure Cay. Golf course estate building
site on cul-de-sac. Spectacular beach, all
amenities. Wonderful opportunity.
List #3540 $23,000

International Realty .

Phone 242-367-3262/3 Fax 242-367-3260
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

01l 4 Roberl

Guana Cay on the Southeast end of the
island. We want to find the right people to
share our magnificent 12 acre estate. We are
offering a prime tract of 2.1 acres plus a deep
water boat slip in our protected harbour. This
high elevation tract overlooks the harbour,
Foots Cay and the exceptional Sea of Abaco
and extends to the Atlantic Ocean. The main
part is cleared for immediate building. There is
a lawn, coconut palms, hibiscus and rich
topsoil for gardening and fruit trees. $350,000.
For information or appointment to view the
property, call 242-359-6218 or write to P.O.
Box AB 20315, Marsh Harbour.

Mie Lighbourn Rea Efatate
GREEN TURTLE CAY Black Sound adjacent
to Abaco Yacht Services, 100 ft. harbour front
lot. $300,000
GREAT SALE CAY 380 acres sea to sea,
Call for details
BILLY BO CAY 4 acres on south side, 5
minutes from south side dock. $150,000
SANDY POINT 50 acres south west comer of
Abaco. South of the Sandy Point airport. Loads
of water frontage. Call for details.
beach home, swimming pool, solar panels, great
condition $310,000
GREEN TURTLE CAY beach front lot in
Bita Bay, $95,000
overlooking Coco Bay, 24,000+ sq. ft..
Asking $77,000
TREASURE CAY 3 bed on 1/ acre, across
from beach $140,000
Adjacent lot available $25,000
ELBOW CAY 6 acres beachfront $635,000
Ocean front lot 82 x 205 $120,000
BOAT HARBOUR MARINA 3 storey newly
built, finest quality construction, Mexican
Satillo tiles, French doors, 2 sheltered docks
Call for details
MARSH HARBOUR 1+ acre on Stede Bonnet.
Views of Marsh Harbour $100,000

Interior lot
Golf course lot


TREASURE CAY 3 bedroom house on 1/4
acre, across from beach $140,000
CASUARINA POINT Large 2 storey house in
good condition on 3 canal lots, great for
bonefish/diving lodge $400,000
Lot 80 x 125 across from beach $15,000
LONG BEACH hilltop, interior and beach lots,
underground elec. and water, prices vary
Call for these or other properties in Abaco
Tel 242-325-1950 or 242-322-4148
Leisure Lee 11,726 Sq. Ft. Cleared Lot w/80
ft seawall & 40 ft dock, water & elec. avail.
$50,000 Call Reg Sands 367-2741
Leisure Lee Waterfront, seawall & dock, deep
water, underground utilities, cleared & ready
to build on choice lot $79,900, 561-223-9567
Man-O-War Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (242) 365-6060
Haziel L Albury, J.P., Man-O-War's most
experienced real estate broker, Lots from
$45,000, Vacation homes from $175,000. Call
242-365-6178 or 365-6090, Fax 365-6159
Man-O-War Estate, 5 years young, 2 story, 4
bed/4 bath, 3400 sq ft. under A/C, insulated,
50 K+, cistern, furnished, dock, beach. Must
see. $850K 242-365-6312 or 561-832-9776
Marsh Harbour Two vacant lots in Great
Abaco Club gated community with seawall,
facing the Hope Town lighthouse. Dedicated
harbour side dock. $145,000 each obo. Real
Estate Exchange in Freeport 242-351-4731,
Fax 351-4736, Ask for David
Marsh Harbour Govt.. Subdivision, 3 bed 2
bath, 2143 sq. ft., 3,000 gal. cistern, garage,
satellite. Call Kevin 367-2333 at work or 367-
3033 after 5 PM.


Do you have news
you'd like to see in
the paper? Call and
tell us your news.

Tutorial Classes Offered
Mr. Charles Nightingale is offering
tutoring classes for preparing students for
BJC, BGCSE and SAT examinations. He
can also do screening for special needs.
Classes are held at the Marsh Harbour
Community Library on Mondays,
Wednesday and Fridays beginning at
5:30. Call him at 367-2340 for further

Real Estate
Agency Ltd.

Helping people find their dream
spot since 1978. Beachfront,
Hilltop, Acreage, Residential,
Commercial, & Investment
Properties. We also have rental
properties available.
P.O. Box AB 20404
\242-367-2719 FAX 367-2359j

Hope Town 0 A Best Buy! 2B/2B, large lot,
beach access, 5 minute walk to shared public
dock. Reduced to $200,000 Net
Boat Harbour Club Lot w/dock, All club
amenities. Private community. Must sell!
Elbow Cay Marnie's Landing V' acre lots.
Dock slip, Ocean to Bay. $50,000 and up
Hope Town's Best Beach 3B/2.5B in village
but on secluded back street. Swim & snorkel in
backyard, A/C throughout, turn-key, super
rental potential, large lot. $450,000
Tahiti Beach Exclusive Dorros Cove lots + 2
homes. Dock and beach privileges. Great
views. Private south end. Enquire
Call Chris Thompson 242-366-0224
GreenTurtle Cay Waterfront lots, White
Sound, Sea of Abaco and Bluff Harbour. From
$169,900. Magnificent panoramic view lots.
From $125,000. Call 365-4462
Scotland Cay Protected waterfront lot, 80'
dock w/30' deep water face. Private island has
3,400' airstrip. $175,000 Call 828-688-1172

Cherokee Sound & Marsh Harbour, Daily &
Weekly Rentals, Call Glenn or Connie at
242-367-2486 after 5:30 or
Hope Town Turtle Hill ocean view 4 cottages,
2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air conditioned,
pool, private access to beach, includes golf
cart, Call 242-366-0557
Hope Town Specialist A collection of upscale
homes. Private pools, docks. Reunions, special
occasions, honeymoons. Hope Town
Hideaways 242-366-0224 Fax 242-366-0434
Matt Lowe's Cay, Rent the only house on 50
acre private island, sleeps 12, lots of porches
and decks, beaches, fruit trees, 10 minutes
from Marsh Harbour in protected Abaco
Sound, 24 ft boat optional, Call 242-367-2677
or FAX 367-3677
BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free listing.
Call 1-800-GO-BAHAMas (1-800-462-2426)
real estate
407-952-8487 phone or fax

Page 46 The A aeonlan October 1998

Obituaries Residents & friends
onbuituaainriesc. cia n

Jacqueline Monica Archer-Clarke,
42 passed away on September 1st after a
very long illness. The funeral service
was held on September 12th at
Aldersgate Methodist Church in Marsh
Harbour. Rev. Charles Carey officiated
assisted by Rev. Carl Campbell.
Interment was in the Marsh Harbour
Public Cemetery.
She is survived by her husband Keith
Clarke; children Ayanna Archer,
Jacqueline Clarke and Keino Clarke;
mother Agatha Archer; sisters Deanna
and Veronica Archer and Joy Demerette;
brothers Wayne and Cyril Archer; aunts

Whitlene Cooper, Maggie Cooper, Peggy
Hall, Gleaka Campbell, Sybil Archer,
Vyrona Archer and Evelyn Archer;
uncles Patrick Roberts, Arlington
Archer, Bentley Hall and Percival
Archer; father-in-law Charles Clarke;
mother-in-law Rachel Garcia; brothers-
in-law; sisters-in-law; nieces; nephews
and many other relatives and friends.
Bruce McIntosh, 65 of Dundas
Town, passed away on September 8th.
The funeral service was on September
20th at Grace Baptist Church with Bishop
Clifford Henfield and Pastor Samuel

The Progressive Liberal Party held a rally in Central Abaco on September 12. Pictured 1. to r.
are Mr. Obie Wilchcombe, Chairman of the PLP, Bernis Pinder, PLP Coordinator for Abaco,
andfeatured speaker and Member of Parliament Perry Christie, Leader of the Opposition. About
100 persons were in the park with many others listening from outside the fence.



L .- 0 ,S
icl fArs Ak a_____

0g* e 0


Operated by G U L F ST REAM ,At AIRLINES


Call Your Travel Agent or for Reservations & Information:

Florida Destinations: 800-525-0280 Bahamas Destinations: 800-231-0856

Phone 242-365-8198 E-mail
Fax 242-365-8198
P.O. Box AB 20745, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Burglary Fire CCTV Surveillance Security for Peace of Mind
24 hour Monitoring at Home or Away


n lauding Maxine Ma c md

McPhee officiating. Interment was in the
Dundas Town Public Cemetery.
"Big Deal" as he was affectionately
known, is survived by his wife,
Kathleen; sons Garth and Brucelyn;
daughters Sharon, Betsy, Dominique and
Charmaine; brothers Clifford, Hezekiah,
Wilson, Ronald Edwin and Calvin;
sisters Princess Cox, Miriam Roker and
Betty McIntosh; and a host of relatives
and friends.
Val Henry "Rocky" Roberts, 52, of
Crossing Rocks was buried in Nassau
after his funeral at the Bethel Baptist
He is survived by his wife Henrietta
Poitier-Roberts and many relatives
including Menwella Walker, Seana
Russell and Isriel Williams of Crossing
Rocks along with many other relatives
and friends.
Mario Demetrius Wells, 29, from
Sandy Point, passed away and the funeral
and burial were at the Evangelistic
Temple in Nassau.
He is survived by his wife; parents
Mary and James Wells; brothers
Christopher and Luke; sisters Grace,
Sherry, Carolee and Faith; aunts

Bernice Wells; Carnetta Lightbourne,
Maud and Georgina Maycock Princess
Maria Maycock; uncles including Patrick
Maycock Genius and George Huyler and
many other relatives and friends.
PLEASE SEE Deaths Page 47




October 1998 The Abaconian Page 47

In and Around Great Guana Cay

Many changes are taking place on
Guana. This includes many newcomers.
which we would like to welcome. To
Anita and Al Camden, it's nice you
finally made your move to live on this
island paradise.
Moving here from Newport, Rhode
Island, are Irene and Guy Craig with
their son Cedric, who attends Great
Guana Cay All Age School. Mr. and
Mrs. Craig's daughters are away at
school. Glad to have you here!
The Dolphin Beach Bed and Breakfast
Resort has new managers, Nancy and
Bruce McDaniels. Their two children,
Zoe and Reilly, both atend school here
on Guana. Welcome aboard to all of you
and may all of your dreams and
aspirations come true as you live on this
fantasy island.
Welcome back to Jackie and Chris
Sadler and sons Oliver and Miles who
returned with their new daughter,
Claudia. Congratulations! They are
owners and managers of Guana Beach
Resort A welcome home baby shower
was given for Jackie on the 22nd of
Our thought and prayers have been
with Mr. Victor Bethel and Mrs. Laura
Sands as they both have undergone
surgery in the States.
Church News
The Seaside Gospel Chapel was happy
to have Sandra and Peter Brenn and
children from England visiting for the
.month of August. He held regular
services at the Chapel. A Singspiration
with singing and refreshments was held
with friends from Man-O-War, Marsh
Harbour and Guana Cay.
In order to "fuel up" before the school
term, Mr. and Mrs. Rich Roberts,
Matthew Brenn and the youth of Guana

Rate for one issue
$9.00 for 3 lines (minimum)
$2 each additional line.

Picture and 4 lines $25
We will take the photo in the
Marsh Harbour area.
Display classified $18 per column inch
Call 242-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677


Painting Inside & outside 0 Pressure cleaning
& mildew removal 0 Water-proofing 0 Roof-
ing Rotten wood replaced Parking lots 0
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849
Valentine Day Sailing, beaching, snorkeling.
Located in Treasure Cay. Lucky Lady sailed in
the 1997 Regatta. Contact Capt. Jones at 365-
COOL OFF!! Get a Dolphin fiberglass pool
with all Jacuzzi pumps. Great designs, great
prices. Call Chris Thompson 242-366-0224

Need a kind and patient person who loves
animals to adopt a 9 month old dog, mixed
breed, named "Angie." Neutered, weighs 50
lbs. Please contact Mr.or Mrs. Henry Sands at
365-5140 Guana Cay, VHF PDQ
Full time job opportunity available at Island
Cart rentals. The job includes delivery and
pickup of rental carts as well as maintenance.
Persons applying must be mechanically
inclined. Job hours match ferry schedule for
commuters. Contact 366-0488

had a Vacation Bible School. The classes
and fellowship were enjoyed by many.
A revival at the Seaside Gospel Chapel
was held with Bro. Junior Roberts, from
Green Turtle Cay officiating and
preaching for the seven weeks.
Wedding on the Beach
Some of us have dreams and they
remain dreams. Some strive to make
dreams become reality and they do
become real. Often we take for granted
the beauty of our islands the
enchantment, romanticism, intimacy and
unspoiled uniqueness of our paradise with
our time in nature.
As a little girl, our daughter, Kristina,
always dreamed of getting married in
front of the rocks on the north beach of
Great Guana Cay. On the 15th of
August, Kristina and Ronny Unhjem
reaffirmed their wedding vows with Rev.
Peter Brenn and Administrator Everette
Hart officiating. Many friends and
relatives from far and near witnessed the
ceremony and celebrated at the reception
which followed at the Guana Beach
Resort. The couple reside in Royal Palm
Beach, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Unhjem

Water storage cisterns, 6 sizes available, less
than $1 per gallon, factory direct. Call Dolphin
Fiberglass Products at 305-247-1748
Peanut roaster, commercial grade, excellent
condition. Call 367-2783


1986 Chevy Silverado pickup truck, only
56,000 miles, V8 engine, No body rust,
always garaged. $4,500 Call 367-2677
1986 Ford Aerostar $6,000. Contact Dale
Blank or Jackie Albury at 367-2326
Golf Cart 1995 Easy Go, very clean $950 Call
1998 Kia-Avella-Delta white four door car.
For information call 366-0041
Jeep Wrangler 17,0000 miles, magnificent
royal blue, $24,700. Python state-of-the-art car
alarm, brand new $150 Call 367-2111

Buying? Selling?
Need Qualified Help?
Want more Business?
A low cost ad like this can
bring fast results.
Call 367-2677 or Fax 3677

School News
The Great Guana Cay All Age School
PTA met and had an election of officers.
Our first fund raiser was a Pizza Movie
Night which was a lot of fun. Kids,
moms, dads, grandparents all enjoyed
Free Willy III and Pizza Hut pizza.
Students Compete at Swim Meet
The Guana School is very proud that
they placed third overall in the Perry
Cooke Memorial Interschool Swim Meet.
Their two outstanding swimmers were
Ryan Sands, in the 6 and under category,
and Mitchel Sands, in the 14 and under
age group, They each placed first in
three competitions and brought home
additional awards for 2nd and 3rd place
One of the big events this summer was
our celebration of the 25th years of
Independence 1973-1998. In our
community a cook-out with games and
fun was held. Thanks to Administrator
Hart and Planning Coordinator, Mrs.
Charles Sands, for your hard work and a
good time.
Town Mourns Loss
Mr. Eldred Newton Pinder, age 79,
passed away early in May. His funeral
was on May 13th at the Seaside Gospel
Chapel in Guana Cay. Officiating were
Rev. Sylvan Bethel and Rev. Junior
Roberts. Mr. Pinder was born in Spanish
Wells and as a young man came to
Guana Cay to make his home. He was
married to Daisy and they had three
daughters and four sons. He spent his life
toiling the soil and fishing the seas.
Left to mourn his passing are sons
Edmond, Kenneth and Milo; daughters
Ann Otton and Vera; son-in-law Geoff
Otnon, daughiei-in-rla\ Chere Pinder;
grandsons Forrest Pinder, Nick\ and Jay
Otton; granddaughters Kristina Unhjem,

15' Boston Whaler with center console, 90 hp
Yamaha, 16 gal gas tank, VHF radio, Ready
for fishing. $8,000 Call Peter Sands 365-5189
17' Twin Vee fiberglass runabout, super
smooth ride, includes trailer. Only $7,100 in
Marsh Harbour, Call Chas. Cooke at 367-4602

-- -

25' Bertram with 225 hp Mercury outboard,
Bimini top, cuddy cabin, toilet, v berth, VHF
radio. Call 367-4121

27' Beneteau 15 hp Johnson outboard,
retractable keel.Cruise the Cays in this sleek,
sassy sloop. Duty Pd., Marsh Harbour
mooring. Asking $7,500. See Dale Hill at
Rental Wheels or call 367-4643, or VHF 16

Jessica Otton and Tiffany Pinder;
grandson-in-law Ronny Unhjem and
numerous other relatives and friends. He
will be greatly missed.
Flag Raising Ceremony
My son Forrest and I had the privilege
be present at Clifford Park in Nassau for
the Flag Raising Ceremony as part of our
25th Jubilee Celebration of
Independence. As midnight came nigh, a
priest bearing the cross representing our
belief:in Jesus Christ was in front of the
colour guards. Then a prayer was said
and our national flag in all her glory was
hoisted. This was such an uplifting,
spiritual and patriotic experience. For us
all, 30,000 people at Clifford Park, were
united as one, under One God and one
.country, "Our Bahamaland."
Dentist Visits
"Dr.. Vincent McWeeney and his
assistant visited students at Guana Cay
School to examine their teeth and give
them some happy thoughts for a brighter
smile. Dr. McWeeney pointed out the
importance of brushing and flossing and
gave them some nutritional guidelines
that are important for sound dental care.


FROM Page 46

Annie "Tita Annie" Davis passed
away and the funeral service was on
August 22nd at the Greater Bethel Baptist
Church on Moore's Island. Officiating
were Rev. Haywood Swain, Pastor
Nixon Simms and Pastor Geneva
Williams. Interment was in the Moore's
Island Public Cemetery.
She is survived by daughter Havianna
Wilmore; son Roland Knowles; brothers
Ollie and Edward Stuart; sisters Leonie
and Hazel Davis; nephews; nieces; and
many other relatives and friends.

26' Shamrock with 210 h.p.Cummins diesel,
Spray hood, t-top, rocket launcher/leaning
post, swim platform, towing bit, hydraulic
steering, VHF radio, depth finder, Must see to
appreciate. $30,000 Phone 36"--4405
35' Refurbished Houseboat: Located in
White Sound, Elbow Cay, double & single
bed, stove, fridge, microwave, air conditioned,
additional outside shower. $14,000. ONO
Call 366-0133
35' Northstar 1974 Sailboat, good shape, 6
sails, Needs TLC, Includes registered mooring,
duty paid, $15,000. Call Richard, 367-2452

52' Houseboat 1988 custom aluminum
hull, 2 Volvo turbo 130 HP dual prop I/O,
I10 KW gen. set, 2 Cruisaire AC, fully
furnished & equipped. 320 gal diesel, 700
gal water, sleeps 8, full galley, 3
staterooms, $110,000 Firm Call 367-2043

TWO Yamaha Wave Runners 650cc.,
parts & accessories, duty paid
DOUBLE TRAILER for Wave Runners
BIG FOOT beach trailer/launcher
All for $5,000 Call 365-8335
If you're looking for a boat, or want to
buy a boat, Call Seaspray Resort Yacht
Brokers, Phone 366-0384
29' Loadmaster aluminum boat trailer
1997, two axel, 7,000 lb. capacity, accepts
keel boat, $3,200. See Bob Hall at Little
Harbour or call AZIMUTH via VHF 16

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Page 48 The Abaconian October 1998



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