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September 1998
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The Volume 6, Number 8 SeptemberTT9 ...-,


The News of the Islands

Post Office Opens for Disney

Mickeyand Minnie Are Irresistible

Mickey and Minnie bring out the youth in everyone including Island Administrator Everette Hart. These well krown
Disney characters were on hand at the dedication ceremony on Castaway Cay to mailiflY, first postcard from the new
Post Office. A long line formed at the Post Office opening to purchase the first day issue of the special commorative
stamp Mail bags go direct to Florida on the Disney Magic to expedite U.S. deliver).

On the 2nd of August the Right
Honorable Prime Minister, Hubert A.
Ingraham traveled to Castaway Cay
aboard the Disney Magic with 2400 other
passengers to officially- open the Post
Office on Castaway Cay and to unveil a
new Bahamian stamp in commemoration
os Disney's new cruise ship. The cay
formerly known as Gorda Cay is located
off Sandy Point and the Disney Magic
will stop on Sundays and Thursdays at
the cay for the passengers to enjoy some
of Abaco's beauty.
In a brief ceremony Rev. Napoleon
Roberts of Sandy Point gave the
invocation and blessing. Mr Arthur
-..incy, President of Disney Cruise
Lines, welcomed everyone to Castaway
Cay and introduced the Honourable
James Knowles, Minister of Transport.
In his remarks Mr Knowles said it was
a pleasure for him to be aboard the
-.'-y Magic's inaugural voyage. He
thanked the persons who were on the
ship and urged them to go to their
respective homes and tell persons, "It's
Better in the Bahamas." He went on to
state that he was grateful to Disrne for
participating in the economic develop-
2ment of the Bahamas.
Mr. Knowles introduced the Right
Honorable Prime Minister Hubert
Ingraham, "Who," he said, "has worked
these past six years tirelessly to see that
the Bahamas reaches economic and social
development." In his remarks Prime


Page 38




Sandy Walker gives her skit full at-
tention during the recent Crossing
Rocks homecoming. Ms. Walker or-
ganized many of the events for the
By Sandy Walker
The community of Crossing Rocks
celebrated its third Annual
Homecoming on August 14th 16th.
This year the activities were well
attended despite the set back with the
excursion boat



Hurricane Bonnie slowly maneuvered
her way just east of the Bahama Islands
giving the whole chain of islands a bad
scare. Rated a Category 3 hurricane and
registering 115 mile an hour winds for
much of her journey past our little
country, she kept meteorologists guessing
as to her path. For three days she drifted
her way past the islands, at times
stationary and wobbling, but staying off
shore about 100 to 200 miles. Hurricane
Bonnie was a large storm and a
potentially very dangerous storm.
High surf and rage seas from the
storm have buffeted shore lines causing
damage to beaches on the Atlantic.
For Abaco this has brought about an
abrupt end to the tourist season. Prior to
the storm's approach, boats streamed out
of our waters to get to Florida. Airplanes
were filled to capacity as visitors cut
their vacations short to avoid the chance
of disaster.
Many individuals and business took
precaution by shuttering up homes and
commercial buildings. Hardware stores
opened for emergency supplies on

Page 30

The Abacomn3ri
7571 N.W. 78th Street
Medley FL 33166-7530
Forward and Address Correction

Goombay Nights Entertain Hundreds

Goombay Summer Festival, an
entertaining evening to show our visitors
a good time with Bahamian culture, was
held weekly for seven weeks this past
suixprer. The locations for five of these
eventStook place opposite DoT e Plaza in
Marsh Harbour and on the other two was
held at the ferry dock at the Treasure ,
CaN airport.
Each evening was filled with
entertaining cultural, musical, dance and
drama numbers and proved to be very
popular with both visitors and residents.
On three occasions the Royal Bahamas
Police Band entertained the crowds with
their precision maneuvers and marvelous
Each evening brought out new talents
and performers. Some of the features
included island trivia, meringue dance
demonstrations and contests, the plaiting
of the Maypole, the music of T Time, a
rake and scrape band, cultural skits, a -
Calypso Band Lil' Joe and The Goombay
Jamnmers from Freeport and ring play. Fire dancer Miss Moie thrills the
Goombay Summer crowd at Dove
PLEASE SEE Goombay Page 30 Plaza.


Page 6


PERMIT #5050

Page 2 The Abaeonlan September 1998

Disney Shows Castaway Cay

On the 2nd of August approximately
15 Abaconians boarded a ferry at Sandy
Point Government Dock for a tour of
Castaway Cay, the Disney Magic cruise
ship and the official unveiling of the new
Bahamian postage stamp at the Castaway
Cay Post Office by the Right Honourable
Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.
Mr. Robert Sweeting, MP for South
Abaco, accompanied by his wife and
Senator Michael Bethel and his wife led
the delegation of invited Abaconians on
the ferry. Other guests included members
of Local Government and Island
Administrator Mr Everette Hart. The
ferry ride took approximately 40
minutes. On the way Mr. Robert Johnson
and Mrs. Joan Albury of Counselors Ltd.
the Bahamian public relations firm which
handles the. Disney account in the
Bahamas and a representative of Disney
Cruise Lines were on board.
Upon arriving at the cay we were first
given a quick tour of the cay before the
official ceremony. Disney has developed
a small portion of Castaway Cay for their
cruise passengers to enjoy a day on a
tropical island paradise. Formerly known
as Gorda Cay, Disney purchased the cay
two years ago and began developing it.
I must admit that they have done a
fine job because they have retained the
Bahamian tropical nature of the cay while
adding only a few "Disney" like touches
The most prominent Disney touch is the
tram which takes passengers who do not
wish to walk to Castaway Family Beach.
The beach features all kinds of family
oriented water activities. Colorful beach
umbrellas offer the only shade on the
beach. There are water paddle boats.
rafts, two marked snorkeling trails, one
for children and one further out for
adults. Lifeguards are on duty throughout
the stay of the ship. Across from
Castaway Family Beach is Scuttle's
Cove. This is a supervised children's
activity centre that features games and
exploring. Further up the road, which is
a 25 minute walk away, is Serenity
Beach for adults only. However, we did
not see this beach, On the way to
Castaway Family Beach, we passed the

PLEASE SEE Castaway Page 38

Conched Out Bar which sells cold drinks.
Cookies Bar-be-que which is the area
where food is served when the ship is
docked, Gumbo Limbo which is the
covered area full of sturdy picnic benches
where passengers can eat their lunch.
Sally Sells And Everything Else is the
Disney store on the island which sells
souvenirs depicting Castaway Cay only.
However, the sign had the word seashells
crossed out because Disney says that the
company is environmentally friendly.
Seashells belong on the beach according
to Disney.
All of the buildings are built out of
rough wood and look old, All have tin
roofs to keep with the motif of a tropical
castaway island. Landscaping has been
done but it will take time for trees to
grow to provide shade. Rest rooms are
conveniently located.
The Disney Magic docks right at the
cay so there is no need to transfer into
tenders for a ride to shore. Disney has
preserved the "Bahamian" appearance of
a beach, making it appear to be a
deserted island. Mount Rustmore is a
collection of huge old buoys painted with
the faces of Donald Duck, Mickey
Mouse and Pluto. Old gas pumps are
located in a few areas of the cay. Large
detailed maps are placed in strategic
locations so guests can find their way
around the island.
Cultural Illusions has a shop on
Castaway Cay but unfortunately we did
not see it. I am told that it is the only
shop given permission by Disney to sell

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rts e Craft

September 1998 The Abaconian Page 3

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Page 4 The Abaconan September 1998

North Abaco

New Premises for
Treasure Cay Office
By Stephanie Humblestone
The obsolete Power Plant in Treasure
Cay has been refurbished and since the
1st of May has been the new reception
area and administration building for the
Treasure Cay Resort. Light cane work
furniture with pretty pastel coloured
cushions and lush verdant plants welcome
visitors to the new facility which is used
to greet guests and to accommodate
second home owners and renters for the
payment of utilities.
Newly appointed Assistant Manageress
Avis Miller describes the new building as
"a complete turn around." Both the Hotel
Manager, Mr. Everette Pinder and
Director Mr. Jost Konsten have offices in
the new complex.
This is not the only face lift for the
Treasure Cay Resort. Rooms are
constantly being renovated, and the two
bedroom luxury beach villas are being
upgraded with refrigerators and coffee
pots. Telephone service is now available
in all the rooms.
There has been a shuffle of
appointments. Mr. Lionel Evans, who
used to be General Manager, is now in
charge of Utilities and Sharon Fox, a
long time employee of the hotel, has
been promoted to Executive
"This season has been extremely busy
with the hotel, rental apartments and the
150-slip boat marina full and visits from
celebrities such as O.J. Simpson Lou
Dobbs and Dave Thomas," said Avis.

Police Meeting in
Treasure Cay
By Stephanie Humblestone
On the 14th of July a meeting was
held at the Treasure Cay Community
Centre for Police Officers and
Reservists from the whole of Abaco. It
was spearheaded by Inspector Joel
Hinsey, who is second in charge of
Abaco and stationed at Marsh Harbour
Police station.
The meeting was honoured by two
visiting police officials from Nassau,
Acting Commissioner of Police Mr.
Errol Farquharson and Deputy Superin-
tendent of Police, Mr. Richard Gardner.
Such pertinent issues as police
welfare, intelligence gathering, and
regulating apprehending procedures of
prisoners were all discussed. Inspector
Hinsey described the gathering as "very
productive. The officers were keenly
motivated by the presence of the two
senior police officers."
Inspector Hinsey, who has given 26
years of dedicated service to the Royal
Bahamas Police Force, was pleased to
announce that the Police Reservists had a
pay increase and are now receiving $5
per hour. He also stated that both
Commissioner Farquharson and
Superintendent Gardner felt that there is
a high standard of policing on Abaco.
Accident in
Cooper's Town
By' Stephanie Humblestone
On the 25th of August a 1991
Maxima. owned by Michael Pritchard

. "L '. .- -

00 VET" ROCERY..-- .-... ?.. '






Treasure Cay Shopping Centre
Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 365-8350 Fax: (242) 365-8352

;R gm .--------

and driven by Joseph Pritchard of Fire
Road, went out of control and crashed
into two pine trees west of Treasure Cay
airport. The driver was unhurt. There
were three passengers in the car. Jerry
Butler of Fox Town was taken to
Cooper's Town Clinic and then flown to
Nassau where he was later discharged
from Princess Margaret Hospital.
Wayne Lewis of Fox Town had no
visible injuries. Derman Bootle, also of
Fox Town, received an injury to his eye.
He was flown to Nassau where he
received successful treatment for his
injury. He is recovering at the Princess
Margaret Hospital.

Jack Thompson Update
By Stephanie Humblestone
We are happy to report that ex-Island
Administrator for North Abaco, Jack
Thompson, who now holds the position
of Chief Passport Officer in Nassau, is
enjoying his new job.
Mr. Thompson is well challenged at
the Passport Office on Thompson
Boulevard in Nassau. With a staff of 31,
his office issues and renews
approximately 150-175 passports brought
PLEASE SEE North Page 36

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September 1998 The Ahanenlan Page 5

Cable Bahamas introduces


New Channel line-up for Abaco

with 9 New Channels

Cartoon Network
Access Channel
WGN (Chicago)
Fox Family
USA Network
The Learning Channel
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Discovery Channel
. SPN2
Z Music
Court TV
The History Channel
TV Land
Good Life Television
Comedy Central
Turner Classic Movies
WTBS (Atlanta)
The Weather Channel

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Page T 6he annlan ef tbbmber 1998

South Abaco News 1

There will be two brand new students brief remarks were Mr. Robert Sweeting,
Cherokee at school this year, Lance Bethel and MP for South Abaco, Mr. Everette Hart,
By Lee Pinder William Pinder. Erica Bethel and Donna Island Administrator and Senator Mike
First, we wish to convey sincere Albury will be advancing to the upper Bethel.
condolences to Cherokee second-home class. The president Floyd Walker welcomed
residents and good friends, Mark and No final date is set yet, but because everyone and gave a briefing on the
Lucy Davies and family in this their time the last one was such a big success, organization. Ms. Sylvia Bain thanked
of bereavement, another Drama Evening is planned for 9 everyone for coming. After the ceremony
This has been one of the hottest the end of September. everyone mingled and ate some of
summers of recent history. Thank Also Club Cherokee members are Crossing Rocks' "good cooking."
goodness it is finally drawing to a close, scheduled for a clean-up at Point of Spit : On August 15th the day began with
the nights should start to get cooler and sometime in September and are seriously breakfast being served at the park and
if we can make it through the end of considering adopting the Long Dock and natives gathering to reminisce on their
September without a storm we will have a part of the Cherokee Road as a childhood. A pool tournament turned out
already passed through the most permanent Club project. Thanks, Club to be very competitive. Winning first
dangerous part of the hurricane season. Cherokee, for your continued good place and receiving trophies were a the
Cherokee is once again hooked up to efforts to keep areas around Cherokee team from the Northern District. All day
the electrical supply from Marsh Harbour clear of litter. fun, food and games were available.
and there have been no major outages so Upcoming Events The highlight of the Saturday activities
far in spite of the extra load all the new Don't forget the Family Fun Day and was the Talent Explosion coordinated by
air conditioners must be putting on the 25th Anniversary of Bahamian Indepen- Sandy Walker. At this time the Crossing
lines. However, many are having to be dence celebration on September 19th Crossing Rocks children put their hearts Rockians displayed their various talents.
very careful with water consumption tentatively to be held at the Long Dock. into their dance routine. This night was filled with laughter from
since we have had so little rain this So far plans include a softball game, tug- homecoming such a success. beginning to end. The audience was very
season. We seem to get plenty of show, much entertained.
season. We seem toget plenty of show, of-war and various other games and races The official opening was held on much entertained.
but then the clouds move right around us for the children and grown-ups alike, August 14th. The Hon. Italia Johnson, Some of the items included poems
and we are again left high and plus plenty of good food. As we get Madam Speaker, declared this weekend PLEASESEESouth Page30
From wat we ear, the closer to the date you will undoubtedly of activities officially opened. Giving
crawfishermen are doing as well as last be called to bake or cook something as
season and hopefully a little better, well as assist in the days festivities. It 18" RCA Satellite System
maybe because there are fewer fishermen promises to be a good time for R S t l i S ys
this year since some of the men have community spirit and fellowship, so it is
taken up other jobs and professions. But, hoped that everyone will join in. See you Full Activation
most of the time anyway, they are a there! NP $ O
pretty quiet group, and don't want to tell Mars sMarsh C as
everyone their business and you can't Sush & CaPrr
blame them. South FROM Page 1 Harbour
School News experiencing difficulties at the last minute \ Electronics
It's back to school time for the kids, and not being able to transport persons L. Memorial Plaza Call 367-2894
and Moms, you only have 100 days left from Nassau. Special thanks to all memorial Plaza Call 367-2894
to do your Christmas shopping. persons throughout Abaco who made the

Happy Anniversary

Celebrates the Start of the Third Year
After Two Very Successful Years as the
ONLY full Service Dive Centre in the
Bahama Out Islands. We wish to Thank the
Citizens and Visitors of Marsh Harbour.
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-- September1998 The Abaconian Page 7

Dengue Fever Is Now In the Bahamas

The Ministry of Health reported on
August 17th that there have been some
reported cases of Dengue fever in the
Bahamas and most were reported in
The Aedes Aegypti mosquito, the
species of mosquito which can carry
dengue fever, was found in this country

Pinewoods Nursery
to Help Cancer
The Cancer Society is pleased to
announce that Pine Woods Nursery in
Marsh Harbour has agreed to help the
Cancer Society of Abaco. The Nursery
will donate part of the proceeds from the
sale of all annuals purchased during the
month of October to the Cancer Society.
The annuals will include flowering
plants, herbs and vegetable seedlings in
4 1/2 inch pots and in 18 pack trays.
The Cancer Society urges you to
purchase your seedlings during October
to help raise funds for their very worthy

over two years ago. In fact, vector
control workshops were held for science
and home economics teachers two years
ago in conjunction with the Health
Education Division of the Ministry of
Health and Environment, the Ministry of
Education and the Pan American Health
Organization. One of these workshops
was held in Marsh Harbour.
The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is small,
black and white with stripes on its legs
and back. You cannot tell if the mosquito
is infected with Dengue fever. The
infection is spread by the mosquito
carrying the virus from one person to
another through bites.
The Aedes Aegypti mosquito lives
indoors in closets and dark places and
outdoors in cool shaded areas. It breeds
in any container that can hold water. It is
imperative that there is no standing water
in yards as it is a possible breeding
Dengue Fever is a very serious viral
infection that may cause a sudden high
fever, severe headache, pain behind the
eyes, muscle and joint pains and a rash.
Nausea and vomiting may occur.
Dengue Haemorrahagic Fever, a much

more serious form, has the same
symptoms but also has severe stomach
pains, sleeplessness and vomiting
(sometimes with blood), fainting and
difficulty in breathing. This type has not
been reported in the Bahamas. Dengue
fever can cause death.
The best way to prevent Dengue fever
is to control the mosquito carrier. This
can be done by preventing them from
laying eggs in water containers. Make
sure you have no standing water in your
yard. Ponds and swamps can have
guppies that will. eat the mosquito larvae.
In fact, in Nassau persons can obtain
guppies from the Ministry of Agriculture
for this purpose. Keeping your screens in

good condition and using screen doors
can prevent mosquitoes from entering
your home. Burning mosquito coils or
citronella candles after dark and wearing
a mosquito repellent when outdoors can
prevent the or stop the threat of infection.
No one is immune from getting dengue
fever and the old saying "an ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure"
certainly makes sense in this case.
If you have any questions or concerns
about the Aedes Aegypti mosquito or
Dengue fever, consult the Ministry of
Health and Environment. None of the
reported cases was from Abaco but the
fact that there are cases in the Bahamas
now is reason for concern.



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. ',.

iPaI Th Alanlan September 1998

News of the Cays

Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
The 1998-1999 crawfish season is off
to a start. Many fishermen are
complaining of the scarcity of crawfish.
They don't feel that their habitats were
worked by poachers but that there are
just less crawfish in the areas.
The Department of Fisheries along
with the Police Force have been
patrolling the waters of North Abaco.
They have arrested commercial
fishermen, tourists and Bahamian
"sports" fishermen for violating the law.
Quiet, secluded Munjack Cay is
buzzing with activity as a movie set is
being constructed. A small cottage has
been built on Munjack as a part of the
set. The movie, which is currently
untitled, will star Al Pacino. Filming is
expected to begin at the end of August.
Some filming will also be done here on
Green Turtle Cay at Gallum Bay.
Congratulations to Mitzi Lowe, who
had a part in a Kawasaki Personal Water
Craft commercial that was filmed in
Treasure Cay.
The summer holiday is almost over
and students and teachers are making
preparations to begin a new school year.
For some students it will mean a ferry
ride and a bus ride, while the younger
students will still be able to walk to
It seems that this summer has been so
quiet. Summer sounds usually include
children playing along the streets, riding
their bikes, swimming and fishing off the
docks. But that only lasted a few weeks.
Where are all the children? Roberts'
Hardware reports that hand lines, hooks
and sinker sales are way down this year!
I think Cable TV and air conditioning
have the children spoiled.
Many people are complaining of the
heat. Some people feel that it's hotter
this year than ever before. I called the
Bahamas Meteorological Office in
Nassau as well as the local office. No
record high temperatures have been
recorded in July or August this year!
Several local business persons attended
a luncheon to hear more about the Free
Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and
its possible impact on our country. Mr.
John Hedden and Mr. Patrick Bethel
were the guest speakers. Hopefully, busy
schedules will allow at least one person
to attend the upcoming meeting on Grand
A coroner's inquest into the death of
Jeannie Pinder has been scheduled to
begin September 14th in Marsh Harbour

- one day short of a year since she died.
Our community is hopeful that the
evidence and information presented in
this case will lead to justice for Jeannie!
Our prayers and thoughts are with her
family as they relive the events of this
awful time last year.
Congratulations to Charlene and Anon
McIntosh on the birth of their second
daughter Lydia on July 22nd.

Hope Town
A Tribute to Duchess
By Dick Martz
The Hope Town Volunteer Fire and
Rescue Brigade mourns the loss of a
valued partner.
Duchess, a potcake dog with traces of
other breeds, was the Official Mascot of
the Brigade. She was a full-fledged
member. Her keen interest and
enthusiasm was remarkable. At the first
sound of the fire bell, Duchess would
race to the station and leap into the fire
truck. She was often the first member to

She rode to all the fires, participated
in all the drills and managed to stay out
of the way during the most furious
activity. She knew precisely what actions
the team would take and never got into
the fireman's path or tangled in a hose.
She attended all meetings of the
Brigade, lying quietly on the sidelines,
regardless of the length of the debate or
business. She set an example of
reliability, good manners and a
willingness to go along with whatever the
group decided.
Duchess was even credited with a

rescue of her own. When a large elderly
dog got trapped by rising tide behind a
sea wall, Duchess stayed at the scene
barking furiously until she attracted the
attention of someone who could lift the
dog to safe ground. She was awarded a
medal by the grateful owner of the
rescued dog. She wore it proudly at
parades and fairs.
In all ways, Duchess had a gravity and
modesty that was outstanding. Her
relations with other dogs reflected this.


Page 29



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Additional services from Port Everglades, Florida,
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Cal nwosmkeyor bokng

1st and 3rd Weekend
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Port \

Our new service features:
* Friday departure from our private terminal at Port Everglades
* Sunday arrival at Great Abaco Shipping's private terminal on Abaco
* Roll-on / Roll-off Service / Accepting Vehicles and LTL
* Fast Transit Times / Competitive Rates

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"'eptember 1998 The Ahannoian Page

Cable Will Feature Miami Stations

The number one wish of cable
subscribers is finally being granted.
Cable Bahamas has announced that
beginning in October the five major
network stations from Miami will be
available to all their cable subscribers.
Under the present arrangements,
programming from these five networks
comes from cities in the northeastern or
mid-eastern parts of the United States.
The five networks are CBS, ABC, Fox,
NBC and PBS.
Cable subscribers have wanted
programming from Miami because the
news, music and sporting events and

weather are more relevant to the
Bahamas than the news from other areas
of the United States. Cable Bahamas has
been working on this change for two
years but had to reach an agreement with
GulfCom of Florida.
Mr. Richard Pardy, Vice President of
Cable Bahamas, explained, "Since we
started three years ago, this has been a
major goal for us. We are excited to
bring the news, programmes, music and
sporting event information and weather
from South Florida. We have always
known how important this is and we
believe this programming change will
significantly enhance the value of our

Cable Bahamas was granted an
exclusive 15-year license to provide cable

TV services to all of the Bahamas. The
company currently has over 47,000
subscribers on ten islands and cays.

Freeport Hosts FTAA Talk

A seminar will be held in Freeport on
August 27th and 28th to educate the
public on the proposed Free Trade Area
of the Americas treaty. This seminar will
be hosted by the Ministry of Economic
Development. Participants will have to
pay their own travel and accommodation
costs as well as the registration for the
seminar. Anyone interested can contact
Patrick Bethel at 367-3888 or John
Hedden at 367-3166.
Three luncheon meetings have been
held in Marsh Harbour. Each time a
speaker has been brought to Abaco to
discuss a specific aspect of the FTAA
and its implications for The Bahamas. On
July 8th Mr. A. Leonard Archer,
Bahamian Ambassador to Caricom, spoke
from the government's perspective.
The FTAA agreement would change
market access as it would eliminate all
"barriers and tariffs. The Bahamas would
.have to make major changes in the tax
system. The country would probably put
in place a \alu.e A4ded lI9 ora Sales
*aix. Mr. Archer pointed out th'Iformal
negotiation will begin in September and

until then no one knows exactly what the
new treaty will be like.
Mr. Archer was very positive in his
thinking about the agreement. He felt that
it could be bring even more prosperity to
the country. Our mind set would have to
change, we would have to accommodate
ourselves to new ideas and concepts, we
would have to reassess our methods and
work ethics.

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Happy Hour 5 6:30 pm
Restaurant & Bar Live Music Weds & Fri 8 11 pm
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Hope Town Waterfront
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Air Conditioners Accessories

Page 0 The Abaconlan September 1998

The KEd/or sa fs .

.. Children's education, do your share

Our schools are getting underway for
another year. We are all quite eager for
our children to do well. We entrust our
children to the school for their instruction
and guidance. And we all hope that their
learning will be good.
Parents are crucial to a complete
learning experience for their children.
There are many things a parent can do
which will enhance the learning that their
children experience.
Learning is a three way situation.
There are the teacher, the student and the
parents and, just like a triangle, it takes
all three to make the process complete.
Parents can do much to enhance the
quality of the learning which their
children experience. You can do this in
many ways including getting involved in
the school. There is a variety of ways
you can help.
First, become active in the PTA. This
is where you will find out school
policies, what is going on in the school
and it is a good place to have dialogue
with school personnel. Be active and
supportive. Attend meetings, help with
fund raising, volunteer in any areas you
are able to. The funds raised will buy
necessary equipment which will in the
long run benefit your children.
Get acquainted with your children's
teachers. Visit with them to find out their
assessment of your children. Ask how
you can help with your children's
Visit the school the night they have
open house, assuming they have one, and
look at your children's work. See how
your children's work compares with the
others. If your children's work is
obviously inferior, discuss it with the
teacher. Many times parents feel
intimidated when talking with a teacher
or visiting the school. But do not feel this
way. Even if your education is not
advanced, your children and the teachers
will appreciate your interest.
Ask the teacher if you can visit the
class in session. Sit in and listen to the
lesson. Let your children know that you
are interested in what they are learning.

The Abaconian
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers
P 0 Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas e

Take an active role in homework, not
by doing the work for your children but
by asking what their assignments are,
making sure the work gets done, looking
at completed work. This is best
accomplished by setting aside a specific
time and place for homework to be done.
Make sure the children have a
comfortable place to work a table,
adequate light and a minimum of
distractions. Turn the television off and
have any music volume down.
Be sure your children get plenty of
sleep. Children need much more sleep
than adults as their bodies are still
developing. And make sure they have a
good breakfast before going off to
school. They need good nutrition to help
their thinking process.
Mornings at home before they leave
should be calm not stressful. Children
cannot do good work when they are
under tension. Try to have the mornings
organized so there is a minimum of
Make the extra effort to pay any fees
that the school asks for and get whatever
books and equipment are recommended.
Children do better work in school when
they see that you care about them and

Is This Going Too Far?
Dear Sir/Madame,
Can you believe we now have jet skis
on Mermaid Reef?
Central Abaco Council, please HELP!
Applauds Complaints
Dear Editor,
It was great to hear that someone is
trying to put a stopto those dangerous
planes zooming over our heads. I also
appreciated the comments about BEC.
We shouldn't bother to complain to
BEC in Marsh Harbour. They only laugh
at us. We should call Mr. Freeman
Duncanson, the General Manager of BEC
in Nassau. His number is 242-302-1160.
By the way, when I called to get this

their learning.
Make sure that your children is at
school on time. Keep absenteeism to a
minimum. Allow your children to stay
home only when genuinely sick.
However, if your children become ill
with an infectious disease, you will do a
great service to the staff and other
students if you will keep them home until
they can no longer infect other children.

Encourage your children to become
involved with school activities whether it
is sports, a club, or field trips.
Keep in touch with the teacher
throughout the school year to monitor
your children's progress. Do not wait
until the report cards are issued to find
out that there are problems. Most
learning problems can be dealt with and
improved if a bad situation is caught in
Always support the administration and
teachers of your children's school. Even
if you feel they are not right, support
them in front of your children. Visit the
school if there is a problem and resolve
it directly with the staff.
If there is a personality problem
between a child and their teacher, help

n My +umble Opinion,.. BEC! Gimmie No Static

By Stephanie Humblestone
Living on Abaco has given new
meaning to the term static electricity.
I always thought it was those dancing
specks on a television screen or the
carbonated fizz you sometimes get from
brushing your hair.
Not so. Its true meaning I have
discovered is a total absence of electrical
power a motionless charge as the
expression suggests. It is sitting in your
house while all of life's props
temporarily cease at best and explode at
worst. It is hearing the fax machine,
computer, television, refrigerator, et al
click off abruptly as you are plunged into
Stygian darkness.
I would be remiss in giving "a slice of
Abaco life" if I did not mention power
outages. They are not so much a slice as
a chunk.
In mid-summer on an off shore Abaco

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Reporter/Writer: Stephanie Humblestone
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electrical appliance, that the answer is
revealed. I am here because on this
Cay they have become as much a part of
daily life as the ebb and flow of its
ocean's tides. So much so that they really
should feature in tourist literature. "In
contrast to our crystal clear water we
have a palpable darkness with an added
surprise element." "Come to the sweat,
not sweet Abacos, where you can lose all
that excess weight in one evening thanks
to the wiles of the local electricity
Plastic body wrap for dripping off the
blubber has nothing on an evening
without power under the eaves of a tiny
clapboard house. As you lie prostrate,
gasping for air and praying for
enlightenment, it is hard to reconcile that
only yesterday in the bright sunshine you
had wondered what you ever did right in
your life to be in such a Paradise.
As you fumble in the sudden blackness
for that box of matches you inadvertently
moved, as you toy with a lost wick and
shake the flashlight with its dying
batteries, you can only ask one question,
"What am I doing here?" "Am I a
masochist, or what?" It is only when the
lights flash on and with them every

quiet, serene island I can have all
modem facilities, fax, E-mail, Cable TV,
cordless telephone.
The power going on and off plays as
much havoc with the emotions as the
electrical appliances.
Recently it has not been so
straightforward. It has not been lights off
and then lights on, it has been more like
a flashing strobe show, in which you are
a reluctant player. It is akin to a home
disco, now I see you, now I don't.
Perhaps more accurately now I breathe,
now I don't.
For me it boarders on Chinese torture
when the electricity goes off just as I am
about to press the button on the coffee
machine. (One of my ideas of ecstasy is
seeing the little red button light up in the
morning on the coffee percolator and
hear seconds later that reassuring gurgle.
It might as well be going directly into my
Power outages have become the rule
rather than the exception, not an unlikely
but predictable event. At one time BEC's
Hot Line would be scolding with
concerned enquiries. Now there is a quiet
acceptance. "BEC is working on the
lines," as we all die slowly of the heat.

information, there was no answer at the
main switchboard.
Too Hot to Trot!
Who Picked the Colour?
Dear Editor,
If you are not fond of lime fizz, have
a woozy stomach or the collyy wobbles'
before air travel, then close your eyes
tightly as you approach Marsh Harbour
The fresh coat of light bile-coloured
paint is unflattering to the already
wanting airport. A passing resident
remarked, "They would have done better
to have put the money into a powerful air
conditioning unit." Now our senses are
assaulted both within and without.

PLEASE SEE Letters Page 11

Letters to The Editor

your child find ways of resolving the
problem. As they grow up, there are
many different people that they will have
to learn to get along with. This can be a
learning experience for them in
understanding other people and how to
get along with them.
Volunteer to help at school. Teachers
often welcome a parent who will work
with a small group, freeing the teacher to
help other students. Sometimes this will
be to read to them or supervise their desk
work. Teachers usually welcome parent
help on field trips.
If you have a special talent, volunteer
to use your ability to help the school.
Arrange to do a demonstration or help in
your special area.
Read to your children at home. This
will help them realize that reading is
enjoyable, will help in building their
vocabulary, can be a very broadening
experience and is an excellent family
Parents can make a big difference in
their children's education. And with
modem technology and the new ways
people do business, it is even more
critical that our children have the best
possible education to equip them for
whatever their future holds.


September 1i99 The Ahacnlan Page 11

Fishing Rules Summarized

The government has the responsibility
to protect and manage the fishing
resources for the benefit of the Bahamian
people. The intent is to allow visitors to
catch fish for their immediate enjoyment
but not to compete with commercial
Bahamian fishermen.
The fishing rules that apply to visitors
and residents are generally not well
understood and the following guidelines
apply mainly to visitors.
Fishing from a boat owned by a non-
Bahamian requires a fishing permit for the
boat which is usually purchased by
cruising boats at Customs when a boat
enters the Bahamas. The permit fee is $20
for one visit or $150 annually. The permit
is valid for all people on board. Foreign
owned boats, even if registered in the
Bahamas, must obtain the sportfishing
license before the occupants begin fishing.
Locally, permits may be purchased in
Cooper's Town, Abaco, from Fisheries
Superintendent Carroll Laing. His office
phone is 242-365-8537.
Boats owned by Bahamians do not need
a permit for recreational fishing. This
includes Bahamian-owned rental boats.
Non-Bahamian fishermen in a boat are
"restricted to hook and line" with a
maximum limit of five lines in the water.
Anyone may use an electric reel but only
five hooks per line are allowed. Six or


FROM Page 10

As appreciative as we all are for any
attentions to the hitherto neglected
structure, we can only hope that when
the new state-of-Lhe-art international
terminal is built hopefully not only in
our dreams that the choice of paint will
be delegated to someone else.
I remain, languishing in the lime-light!
Ad Nauseum,
Suzanna M. Cartwright

gud g


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more hooks per line are considered long-
lining which is illegal.
There are restricted areas where fishing
is not allowed by any means by any
person. The Pelican Cay Park and the
Fowl Cay Preserve are two areas in central
Abaco where this would apply. No marine
resource may be taken from the park areas.
Marine resources include everything in the
water; fish, shells, rocks and seaweed.
Since the marine parks do not have
signs and fenceposts, it is wise to give
them extra clearance so there is no
question as to your location. The Fisheries
officers strongly suggest that you do not
combine a fishing trip with a visit to a
park. If a Fisheries officer boards your
boat in a park and finds fish on board,
problems will ensue since you cannot
prove where they were caught.
Conversely, if you are out deep sea fishing
and a Fisheries officer finds dive

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equipment on board as well as fish,
problems may arise.
Another restricted area for spearfishing
by anyone is a coastal zone extending two
hundred yards from the coast of Abaco as
measured at the low water mark. This
prohibited zone is the same for all Family
Islands except Freeport which has a one
mile exclusion zone.
Recreational divers may not spear fish
or catch conch while using an underwater
air supply of any kind.
Commercial Bahamian fishermen need
a license to catch crawfish with a
compressor but cannot use SCUBA gear.
Licensed Bahamian fishermen may fish by
free diving to any depth, but are restricted
to the 30 to 60-foot zone when using
compressed air and having a compressed
air license and then only to catch crawfish

during the season.
All divers may spear fish while free
diving but are not allowed to use power
guns or trigger-operated guns of any kind.
The most common spear allowed is the
Hawaiian sling.
Bang-sticks using shotgun shells for
personal protection underwater are
allowed but must have an annual firearm
license from the Police and permission by
the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.
The following bag limits for fish apply
to all non-Bahamians, whether in a foreign
boat or Bahamian boat regardless of the
fishing method.
0 A combined total of six fish per
person per vessel for kingfish, dolphin and
wahoo. All other migratory fish caught,

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Page 28

Pagle12 The Ahaconlan September 1998

Central Abaco
Triathlon Plans Fifth A total of $5,000 in prize money will bakery, delicatessen and gourmet food were three to six inches high. No further
Year be awarded to the winners of the section which, like the main store, details were available.
The Fifth Annual Great Abaco Triathlon. The award ceremony will be singles it out from other grocery stores. New Works Truck
Triathlon in the spirit of Perry Cooke on the 5th September at Crossing Beach.
Triathlon inthe spirit of Perry Cooke Ms Brenda Claridge Mitchell is the for Central Abaco
will take place the 5th of September. Marijuana Field Burned
Traditionally held on the United States organizer of the Triathlon on Abaco. Marijuana Field Burned By Stephanie Humblestone
Labour Day weekend holiday, organizers Second Family "Has the new works truck made a
are looking for a largest turnout ever this Market Store Opens It was reported on the 6th of August difference to your lives," I asked District
year. Opens by Superintendent A. Josey, Public Town Councillor, Mike Malone.
The major sponsors are By Stephanie Humblestone Relations Officer for the Royal Bahamas "You'd better believe it," came a very
Commonwealth Bank, the Ministry of Three months ago Ruthie Key, owner Police Force, that a marijuana field had positive reply. This seemed to be the
Tourism, Kalik Beer, Texaco Bahamas, of the Bahamas Family Market, opened been burned in Marsh Harbour. On both general consensus of opinion at the
and many other local sponsors. a second store at the Moorings in Marsh the 5th and 6th of August the Op-Bat Ministry of Public Works and Utilities in
Exclusive Sports Marketing from Boca Harbour. She describes it as a mini- helicopter could be seen flying low over Marsh Harbour where a 1994 Ford four
Raton is the marketing agent for the market and in her words it will be "a Marsh Harbour and Dundas Town.
Publix Gatorade Triathlon Series, the subsidiary outlet to the main store." Reports state that the marijuana plants PLEASE SEE Central Page 29
Abaco race being officially on their The Bahamas Family Market, located
calendar. near the traffic light in Marsh Harbour,
Triathletes and their, families are opened five years ago. Its gourmet UNITED ABACO SHIPPING COMPANY
expected from the United States and products, such as fine cheeses, cold cuts
many Bahamians are expected to and delicatessen delights, have made it a
compete. Registration for the Triathlon favourite for the discerning shopper.
will take place at Abaco Beach Resort. Highly visible to passing traffic, its . .
New this year will be the Ocean Mile wide and colourful array of fruits and ,.,.....
Swim which will be held on the 6th of vegetables is a delight to the eye. 7
September at Abaco Beach Resort. One The new premises are approximately
need not be a participant in the Triathlon 1000 square feet in size. It has a fine
to swim in the Ocean Mile Swim..
Weekly freight between W. Palm Beach, Nassau & Marsh Harbour
GREEN TURTLE CLUB DIVERS General Cargo, 20 & 40 ft. Containers, Drive-on Stern Ramp
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Island Tours Office located above B & D Marine at the traffic light
Phone 242-365-4271 Fax 242-365-4272 In USA call Palm Beach Steamship Company at 561-844-5387 Warehouse A 2nd door, 158 "B" East Port Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404


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School News

Special Education
By Stephanie Humblestone
It is estimated that 25 percent of
children on Abaco suffer from some
form of learning disability. This is
obviously a problem which clearly needs
to be addressed.
In the light of this staggering statistic
a three-year special education programme
is being implemented through St. Frances
de Sales. Heading this will be a first time
visitor to these shores, Robert Imperata
who holds a doctorate in Special
Education from the University of
Pittsburgh and is working under Sharon
Kossack, Professor in Reading Literacy
at Florida International University. He
will also be accompanied by Judith
Cohen, who also has a doctorate in
Special Education from Florida
International University.
Dr. Imperata will spend the first
month identifying the children who are in
need of assistance and the following
month evaluating their individual

requirements. The programme is open to
all schools and all children. He will be
assisted by a church worker who,
together with Dr. Imperata, will work
out of a space allocated to them by St.
Frances de Sales School. Every other
month Dr. Kossack will visit for four
days to consult with him.
Between September and early next
year workshops and seminars are planned
for the edification of teachers and
volunteers. They will learn how to
identify, evaluate and finally treat
children in need of remedial help.
Funds for this worthwhile project are
covered for the first year but are still
wanting for the next two.
Mrs. Lyn Major has been instrumental
and energetic in instigating the
Forest Heights Academy
Provided by the School
Contractor Al Key and his crew have
worked over the long, hot summer to get


The recently completed Forest Heights Academy is ready for the high school students to fill
the buildings on September 7th.

Page 27

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The Abanadam Pa e 13


Sekmber 1998


17 A-

Page 14 The Ahaeonian September 1998

Obituaries Residents fFriends

Jermaine "Tippy" Delancy, 18, of
Spring City, died as a result of injuries
sustained in an automobile accident on
July 31st. The funeral service was held
on August 8th at the Friendship
Tabernacle Church in Dundas Town with
Pastor Kenneth Knowles, Rev. Copeland
Morley and General Superintendent
Roland Swain officiating. Interment was
in the Marsh Harbour Public Cemetery.
He is survived by his parents Roger
and Norma Delancy; sister Rogette;
brothers Kiko Condell, Jerann and
Jerald; grandfathers Boris Delancy and
Alden Jolly; grandmothers Virginia
Russell, Mavis McQueen and Louise
Delancy; uncles; aunts; cousins and
many other relatives and friends.
Clarence Alfred North, 27 of Spring
City, died as a result of injuries received
in an automobile accident on July 31st.
The funeral was on August 9 at the St.
John the Baptist Anglican Church in
Marsh Harbour with Father Santosh
Murray officiating. Interment was in the
Marsh Harbour Public Cemetery.
He is survived by his son Clarence Jr;
father Frederick North; grandmother Ena
North; sisters Lashawn, Tanya, Terrell
and Darrell; brothers Masanetie, Lenardo
and Lavardo; nieces, aunts, and many
other relatives and friends.
Sambrieanna Clarke Mayes, 62, of
Spring City, died from injuries sustained
in an automobile accident on July 31st.
The funeral service was held at St.
Barnabas Anglican Church in Nassau on
August 13th. Officiating was the
Venerable Archdeacon Corneii Moss and
associate ministers. Interment followed in
Western Cemetery in Nassau.


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in stock &
below U.S. prici
Full range of parts
Evinrude and John
in stock

Ms. Mayes is survived by her
daughter Sharon Cox; adopted daughters
Ethlee Wilson and Theodora Black;
brothers Edwin and Charles Clarke;
grandchildren; great-grandchildren; and
many others.

Iva Belle Weatherford
By Stephanie Humblestone
Iva Belle Weatherford, 72, of Man-
O-War Cay died on August 12th. A
funeral service was held for her at Bible
Truth Hall, Marsh Harbour, at 4 p.m. on
August 13th followed by interment in the
Man-O-War Public Cemetery.
Mrs. Weatherford, who was
affectionately known as Aunt Iva, was
born on Man-O-War Cay on June 15th
1926. She married Martin Weatherford
in 1941.
She is survived by a son Eugene
Weatherford; daughters-in-law Linda and
Clara; brothers Emerson and Emmanuel;
sisters-in-law Dorothy, Florrie and
Gloria; grandchildren Deric, Hank,
Renee, Evelyn, Dean, Crystal, Anne and

OMC Wmq4spawry
OMC Carolina Skiffs
Distributors for Abaco



ines *l Evn

; for

Our prices are
competitive with
the States and
our service is better
Dry Storage

Factory trained mechanics

Green Turtle Cay
365-4262 VHF 16

Marsh Harbour

The family would like to extend their
thanks to Sybil's House where she was
cared for in the last days of her life.
Clifford Whitmore Bain of Crossing
Rocks died in an automobile accident.
His funeral was held on the 1st of August
at Kemp Road Union Baptist Church,
Nassau. Officiating was Pastor Ivan
Butler, Jr. and cremation followed after
the service.
He is survived by his wife Rowena;
stepmother Harriet Bain; sons Peter,
Kevin, Clifford, Jr., Anthro, Rashaa and
Carl II; daughters Abigail, and Elisie;
sisters; and numerous other relatives and

Hubert George McKinney of
Crossing Rocks passed away after an
long illness. The funeral service was held
on the 1st of August for Hubert George
McKinney of Crossing Rocks at St
Marks Baptist Church, Crossing Rocks.
Officiating was Rev. Mervin Burrows
assisted by Elder Lernis Cornish,
Interment followed in the Public
Cemetery in Crossing Rocks.
He is survived by his parents Glenn
and Dorothy McKinney; brothers Gary,
Shane and Shawn; sisters Merlie
Wilmore, Maydon, Wendy and Verniece
McKinney; and numerous other relatives
and friends.



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Commercial Systems
Volatile Organics

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M: ; -
Lix r

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Cheaspeak Road Nasau, Bhama

Tel. : . :(4)338 1

LIC -L --dC i -

September 1998 The Abaconlan Page 15

Medical Course Offered to First Responders

By Stephanie Humblestone
Nurse Peggy Cooper is presently
recruiting two volunteers from every
settlement on Abaco to be trained as first
responders in medical emergencies. So
far the response has been very good.
Twenty persons have signed up. "We
expect to have a total of 42 persons,"
said Nurse Cooper. "We are a little short
of people from the north but they will
appear," she added optimistically.
The programme is coordinated by Paul
Newbold, Superintendent of Emergency
Medicine for the Ministry of Health. In
early September he, along with practising

members of the medical profession in
Nassau, will hold a three-day training
course in Marsh Harbour. Participants
will be instructed in all aspects of trauma
medicine which will culminate in a
practical and theory exam.
For the month of August the
responders will be expected to study
from the emergency medical text book
given to them by the Ministry of Health.
Advisors will be at hand to help with the
studies Mrs Estelle Pinder in the south,
Staff Nurse Louise Blank for Casuarina
Point, Nurse Genevieve Adderly in the
north, Nurse Peggy Cooper and Mr. Dan

Wiltfang from Trauma One in central
During the three-day workshop there
will be videos, practical sessions and
demonstrations using mannequins. The
volunteers will be given a responder kit
and will be trained in all areas of trauma

medicine such as CPR, shock treatment
and emergency care.
Eventually the successful participants
will carry a hand held radio which will
be have the capability to communicate
with a soon-to-be installed radio system
at the Government Clinic.

r~r L -AO

Frederick Jones accepts his $1,000 grand winner's check from the Shell Depot Manager,
Quentin Bastian, and Dundas Town Shell Station owner Larry Williams. Emmit Archer won
the previous month's $500 fuel prize in the Shell customer awareness program.

Harbours gdqe

Abaco Air Charter Servicel
* From Abaco to all the "
Bahamas and Florida
* Twin Engine, Six & Nine Passenger Aircraft
* Tel. 242-367-2266, 359-6357, Fax 367-3256

COOKE AT 242-367-4602, RAIN-

Abaco Residents


Romantic Getaway for Two


Deluxe Accommodations
Candlelit Four Course Gourmet Dinner
Waterfront Patio Breakfast

$99 00

per couple

based on availability 48 hours prior
to check-in (2 night max.)
valid Sept. 8 thru Dec. 15, 1998
Blackout Nov. 25 Nov. 30
Proof ofAbaconian Residence Required

for information & reservations

phone: 365-4271 fax: 365-4272

On Hope Town's waterfront bahemian cuisine
Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
Closed on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.

Lunch & Dinner Daily
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
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Welcomes you in their branches in Abaco
Ask Barclays First

Barclays is the largest represented
international banking group in the area
Marsh Harbour
367-2152/3/4 0 367-2210 Fax 367-2659
New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
We have other branches throughout the Bahamas to serve you

Page 1 The Abneonlan September 1998

Youth Activities

Scout Relates Experiences
at Scout Camp
By Anwar Reckley
My stay in Philmont, New Mexico, was
a pleasurable and new experience for me.
I met many different people from all parts
of the United States, people from places
whose names I cannot pronounce. The
most interesting part of it all was that
some of the group did not believe that the
Bahamas existed.
The first night of the camp was spent at
the Philmont Training Center. Nobody
slept that night. There was too much
excitement going on, too many new faces
and too many experiences to share. The
second day of the camp we hiked for 3/4
mile to a place called Ponil Camp, where
we camped out that night. When I woke
up the next morning, I saw just about
every kind of animal except for a bear.
The animals were trying to get our food
from out of the 'bear cable.' We left
camp around 9:45 a.m. for our next camp
site which was called Head of Dean. At
this camp there were chipmunks the size
of cats and beavers that could talk! The
locals called the chipmunks "mini-bears"
because they were so big.
I did things like wall scaling, made a
human ladder and did some ring breaking.
My group consisted of eight people, the
two leaders Matt and Chris, who made
everything fun, and the rest of the group,
Justin, Chris, Jason, Andrew, Jessie and
The third day we went to Miranda
Camp where we did some black powder
riffle shooting and some tomahawk
throwing. Miranda is the most beautiful


Page 17

We see what you see.



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new sales office in
M ih HfIk -Ti bUmk wkv ,


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^Modern, competitive Life Insurance PlansJ
Annuity Savings Plans
Residential & Commercial Mortgage Loans

Catherine Pyfrom Patterson

Sales Representative

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Buying a home is an important descmon
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bma to intoay1


camp in all of Philmont. It was full of
blue jay birds, squirrels, chipmunks and
elk. I even saw Bambi!
On the fourth day we got up at 5 a.m.
to start hiking to the highlight of the trip,
a 12,441 foot mountain called Old Baldy
Mountain. On the way up the mountain I
started suffering from altitude sickness
because the mountain was so steep and
high. Every time we stopped for a rest I
would fall asleep. Midway through the
climb we encountered a small hail shower
that felt like "slushy." When we got to the
top, I fell asleep again. When I was
revived, I did a dance of joy and took a
few pictures of the view which was
breathtaking. Going up the mountain was
tough, but coming down was very easy,
all you had to do was slide down.
At the foot of Old Baldy there was a
phrase written that said, "What's on top
knows what's below, but what's below
does not know what's on top until he
climbs to the top." I would recommend
Philmont as a place to take your family
on a vacation. It is beautiful!
From Philmont, one of the leaders, Joel
Reckley, the leader of the First Abaco
Scout Troop and I went on to Key Largo.
in the Florida Keys, where we stayed for
four days at the Florida Adventure Scout
Sea Base. We did a lot of snorkeling,
fishing and kayaking. We also went to
Key West where we had a wonderful time
at the Sun Set Festival. We saw people
who could balance stoves and mopeds on
their chin, sword swallowers, fire blowers,
comedians, acrobats and tight-rope

Anwar Reckley, left rear, rests for a moment with his fellow scouts in the New Mexico
mountains at the Philmont Scout Ranch during his summer camping trip.
Photo provided by Huel Moss


A and W TravefService
With our present computer reservation service, We will get you where
you want to go and provide you with friendly and experienced service.
Our courteous, competent staff will be more than pleased
to help you with your travel needs.
In Hope Town 366-0100 In Man-O-War 365-6002
In Green Turtle Cay 365-4140
(ITA Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Phone 242-367-2806 or 367-2755 Fax 242-367-3219







September 1998 The Ahaconian Page 17

More News of Youth

Youth FROM Page 16
We also went to an Italian and Mexican
restaurant where I danced the night away.
I let those people know that it is better in
the Bahamas. I had an all around great
time. If you want to experience a different
type of vacation for your family, take a
trip like the one I took. It's an experience
you would never forget!

Scout Leader Trains

By Joel Reckley
3rd Abaco Scout Troop Leader
On July 18th Anwar Reckley and I
were afforded the opportunity to travel to
a Scout Camp in Philmont, New Mexico,
on a scholarship given to us by Florida
Sea Base, where we visited their base
Scout Camp.
In New Mexico we traveled to heights
of 12,000 feet where we experienced their
wild life and homeland.
While Anwar went exploring, I was in
a class learning new scouting and
leadership skills. I was in a large group of
38 people which was split up into smaller
groups of six.
Philmont, with it's sunny days and very
cold nights, good food and pleasant staff,
beautiful mountains and surroundings, is
a great place to be. After we left
Philmont, we went to Florida Sea Base,
which is in the Florida Cays. There we
enjoyed snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and
had lots of fun, fun, fun.
Both Anwar and I would like to thank
Florida Sea Base and all who made it
-- -.possible for us to learn new scouting skills
and experience a great and wonderful
place. We would also like to encourage
the Scout's Association in the Bahamas to
participate in more programs such as the
one we took part in New Mexico.

Camp Abaco
By Stephanie Humblestone
Over a period of 27 years Camp
Abaco, situated at Witches Point five
miles southeast of Marsh Harbour, has
hosted thousands of children from all
over the Bahamas and the United States.
The Camp is run by Pastor Bob
Cornea and his wife Phyllis, whose total
devotion is demonstrated by the
enthusiasm and love they have for it.
Camps are very special for Pastor Bob.
It was while at a camp in Florida over 30
years ago that he was called to the
Ministry. In 1971 he opened Camp
Abaco, initially situated at Boat Harbour,

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PO Box AB 20490, Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2250

the following year at Bahama Coral
Island and one year later, in 1971, at its
present location. Mrs Cornea's own
interest in camping dates back over
twenty years ago when she used to take
children to camps in Florida which
stimulated in her a growing interest.
Both husband and wife often spend
more time at the Camp than at their
home in Casuarina Point. "We have only
been home two weeks in three months,"
said Mrs Cornea, who described the
camp as so busy that a one year
advanced booking is now required.
The camp, which is a ministry and not
a money making concern, is open all
year round. It is run under the auspices
of the Assemblies of God but welcomes
all denominations. Although it is largely
for children, its doors are open to adults.
For example, this year it was also
enjoyed by 125 Seventh Day Adventists
from Abaco, Nassau and Freeport and 85
members of the Church of Christ from
Indiana, Abaco and Freeport. Its quiet,
secluded location at the end of a three-
mile track off the main road to Spring

Camp Abaco crowns their King and Queen for one of the summer camp week sessions.

City attracts those who use the camp for
week end retreats and seminars.
This year the annual summer camps
for children ran consecutively for three
week periods. They were a huge success
and well attended. The first week for 7,
8 and 9 year olds, had 120 children, the

second for 10, 11 and 12 year olds had
125 children and the third for the over 13
year olds had 100 children.
Each camp had between 30 and 40
volunteer workers who came from all


Page 24

Abaco Markets Limited
is pleased to report earnings, taken from
Management Accounts for the 28th week period ending the
30th May, 1998 of $878,507. These operating earnings are up
moe than 100% over the same period last year of $435,890.

The current YTD earnings are 2% over budget and manage-
ment have indicated that operational profits are on target and
considered to be sustainable.

The Board of Directors, of Abaco Markets Limited
is therefore pleased to advise that a Dividend of eight and
one-half cents (8.50) per share has been declared for the third
quarter of the financial year ending November 14th, 1998 to
all shareholders of record as at July 31st, 1998 and payable as

of August 14th, 1998.

Reginald W. Sands
August 5th, 1998


Don Mackay Blvd., Marsh Harbour, Abaco P. 0. Box AB-20499
Tel: (242) 367-2668/9 Fax: (242) 367-4660

~aefT- The Ahaeonian Sepbtember 1998

One of the goals of the Bahamas Silver
Jubilee Independence Celebrations is to
recognize outstanding persons who have
contributed to their communities during the
past 25 years. Local government will
recognize these outstanding persons at an
awards banquet program later in the year.
Administrator Everette Hart asks that
names and a brief description of their
accomplishments be turned in to any of the
three local government offices on Abaco
for consideration.
Achievements and community service

might include business, leadership, youth
development, sports and other categories.
Years of distinguished service to the
community should be recognized and this
is an opportunity to honour those persons
in keeping with the Silver Jubilee
A awards committee will review the
nominations for final selection. An 11" x
17" watercolor certificate has been
designed by Anne Ray, a local artist, for
honouring those selected.

A two car collision on July 1st at the junction of Forest Drive and Crockett Drive left
three dead and two cars a twisted pile of metal.

Crash Takes
On the 31st of July a tragic automobile
accident claiming the lives of three
persons occurred at the junction of Forest
Drive and Crockett Drive in Marsh
Harbour. Two vehicles were involved, a
black Mitsubishi driven by Clarence
North of Spring City and the other, an
Oldsmobile, driven by Patrick Roberts of
Dundas Town.
The Mitsubishi was traveling west on
Crockett Drive when the Oldsmobile,
according to unconfirmed reports from
persons at the scene, flew out of Forest
Drive and rammed into the Mitsubishi
which was carrying two passengers. No
skid marks were left on the road. One
witness whao has a place of business near
the stop sign saw the car "fly" by and
felt it would not be able to stop. Both
vehicles ended up on the north side of
the road in a mangled mass of metal.
Ms. M. Clark, Clarence's grand-
mother and affectionately known as
"Miss Maize," was on the passenger side
and was the first removed from the scene
of the accident by Trauma One
Ambulance. She was dead on arrival at
the office of Dr Frank Boyce. It took
another hour to remove the other
passenger and driver from the black car.
Both were dead. Jermaine Delancy from
Spring City and a student at Bahamas
Baptist College in Nassau was in the rear
seat and Clarence North, a Batelco
employee, was trapped on the driver's
Two tow trucks literally pulled the
mangled car apart to get the victims out.
The Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire
Department and Trauma One removed
the bodies from the wreckage.
The bodies of the two- victims were
taken to the Government Clinic and then
flown to Nassau. Police are continuing to

C.D.M. 22' Boats
Equipped with
VHF Radio
Fresh Water Shower
and reliable
Yamaha Engines
367-4602 Fax 367-4601
VHF 16
Located west of the
Union Jack Dock
in Marsh Harbour

Three Lives
investigate the accident.
At the scene hundreds of persons from
Marsh Harbour, Spring City, Dundas
Town and Murphy Town looked on as
the firemen, ambulance personnel and
police did their job. Everyone was in a
state of shock.
Island Administrator and Magistrate
Mr. Everette Hart charged Patrick
Roberts of Dundas Town with three
counts of killing in the course of
dangerous driving on the 4th of August.
Mr Roberts was the driver of the car
which hit another vehicle killing two
passengers and the driver on the 31st of
July in Marsh Harbour.



T's Electric
Electrical Repairs & Installations
Electrical Supplies
Bulbs Fixtures PVC Conduit & Fittings Wire
Located on the corner of Grace Avenue and Bay Street, Dundas Town
Phone 242-367-2809 Kirk & Rosemary Thompson


on Guana Cay
R 1I Serving
.jrt /1118 Lunch & Dinner

Pig Roast
Every Sunday


Don't Miss Out Register Early
Registrations now open for September

CALL NOW 367-4399

Names Wanted For

Awards Recognition



----- -- i --


September 1998 The Ahaonian Page 19

Imp. Life Financial Explains Medical Policy

On the 6th of August a team from
Imperial Life Financial hosted a
programme for Abaco business people
to introduce their new group medical
plan Assure. The venue was Below
Decks at Abaco Beach Resort and Boat
The programme was chaired by Ms.
Carol Bowleg, Group Account
Executive with Imperial Life Financial.
She introduced Mr. Guy Richards,
Vice President of Imperial Life
Financial, who mentioned that Imperial
Life financial had been in the Bahamas

for 100 years.
Mrs. Linda Jarrett, Director of
Group Operations, explained the new
group medical programme called
Assure which is a comprehensive health
plan with provision for local, Nassau
and Florida medical care.
Mr. Lew Smith of Eckler Healthcare
Management Actuaries and Consultants
then explained how Imperial Life
financial had consulted them in helping
to make Assure a reality. The Assure
programme works with two health
networks, Care Bahamas and Cap Care

IR \1 \

which is in the United States.
Concluding remarks were given by
Mr. Dashwell Flowers, Manager of
Imperial Life Financial, Marsh Harbour

The programme was very
informative but the turnout of local
business people was very small.

The Abaco Imperial Life Financial staff and Nassau staff members hosted a public
presentation on their new Assure Health Plan in early June at the Abaco Beach Hotel. From
1. to r. are Deborah Basden, Jan Ingraham, Dashwell Flowers, Catherine Adderly and Beryl
Norris. A feature of their program is a comprehensive list of HMO providers in both Nassau
and South Florida available to their policy holders.

Albury's Ferry Service

Three ferries from our fleet of eight diesel powered boats
Visit central Abaco's quaint and interesting cays. See work-
S ing boatyards and boatbuilders, a museum, a lighthouse
fueled with kerosene and rotated with a clock-like mecha-
nism, miles of sandy beaches, pastel colored houses with
y picket fences and flower boxes, auto-free village streets,
eat lunch at a waterfront cafe and watch the boats go by.
Scheduled trips or charters available to Hope Town,
Man-O-War, Guana Cay and other islands
37 Years of dependable family operated service
Call 242-367-3147 or 242-365-6010



Enjoy a Grilled BBQ Lunch Served Poolside from 12:30 PM
Clinton Sawyer & His Magic Guitar Saturday evenings
6 oz New York Strip Steak Hamburger Cheeseburger Hot Dog
Saturday Special BECKS Beer for $2.50
SOur Famous GUANA GRABBERS for $3.00
Live Music by the Rake & Scrape .l Wedf oey i
"T-TIME" Band on Fridays ednesdy ih 5

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Every Day
Fine Bahamian & Continental
Cuisine Served Indoors or Poolside
_Happy Hour Daily s -7 pm

Conch Out f
Friday Night
Chicken N' Ribs BBQ
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saturday Nieft Steak Out

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Fuel & Water Tankts
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Marsh Harbour Phone 367-4011 Fax 367-4018

Professional & Creative
Advertising & Design

Tel: (242) 324-4801 Fax: (242) 364-8774
P.O. Box EE-17596 Nassau, Bahamas


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Page20 The Abaconian September 1998

Great B
The relationship between Great Britain
and the Caribbean is changing. During
recent times Great Britain has become
more involved with Europe and the
Caribbean countries are feeling more
aligned with the Western Hemisphere.
The changes are coming slowly as
Britain's ties to the Caribbean and to its
colonies and former possessions are
loosening, reflecting the reality of the
situation. Several recent developments
are visible evidence of these changes
Caribbean leaders are creating a
regional supreme court rather than
relying on the Privy Council in London.
Several recent decisions of the Privy
Council have not reflected the basic
convictions of the cultures of this area,
specifically in the way the Caribbean
area feels toward the death penalty.
Several Caribbean countries are
considering eliminating the Queen as the
symbolic head of state. These countries
are Barbados, Jamaica and St. Kitts-
Nevis, each of which has a Governor
General appointed by the Queen just as
The Bahamas has. Three countries,
Dominica, Guyana and Trinidad and
Tobago, have already done this. All these
countries are still members of the
Great Britain is categorizing its five
remaining colonies in the Caribbean as
"overseas" rather than "dependent"
territories. This indicates that Britain is
encouraging the Caribbean countries to
become more independent.
Great Britain has now grouped all its
possessions into one Foreign and
Commonwealth Office whereas
previously the Caribbean countries were
part of a separate West Indian and

ritain's Role Is Diminishing
Atlantic Department. These changes are of government the Caribbean has been possessions (including The Bahamas)
ongoing and evolving and indicate the guided by British principles, now number 12. These acquired
changes in the relations are occurring. Constitutions have been patterned after independence beginning in 1962 through
Britain's influence has been extensive the British model. 1983. The remaining colonies are
in many areas, political, cultural, social, The independent countries of the wanting more self government.

educational. Especially in the basic tenets

Caribbean which were former British

' Triple J Marine

Metered 250V/50A Electric Service
Showers Laundromat Water Ice
Esso Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

Marine Electronics
Factory Authorized Sales, Service and Repair for:

and Others FCC Licensed, Factory Trained Technician

Pool and Beach Wear
Jewelry and Gifts
Androsia Fabric
Island Music
Tapes and CD's

Marine Store
On the Waterfront
Boating Equipment
Marine Hardware
Fishing Tackle

Dock Open Sundays & Holidays 8- 12 Store: Mon Fri. 8 5 and Sat. 8 12
Phone 242-367-2163 Fax 242-367-3388 Dock 367-2287 VHF Ch. 16

ti stn ve ffiltate o0
International Realty

P.O. Box AB 20856
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Tel: 242-367-3262/3 Fax 242-367-3260

On the Sea of Abaco
Beautifully wooded residential waterfront building site
on lovely Pelican Shores with 192' of water frontage on
the Sea of Abaco. List #3259. Call for details.

Pelican Shores
Waterfront home with 90' of frontage on the "Duck Pond."
Wonderful family home on Pelican Shores. Serviced dock,
boat ramp and more. List #3160. Call for details.

Bahama Coral Island
Walk to this beach! Good hilltop lots, 10,000 sq. ft. each.
Next to parkland reserve. Excellent for building site or
investment for the future. List #3433. Call for details.


. .... ..C -,-= ....' **.o...***. E... l ,:-. ;f,.+;.,.-, .. ....... ,.,., ,~- ` .`- i f - *, -, W !

September 1998 The Ahaeonian Page 21


-. ,**


.' 4 .

Good intentions?

Insure with Insurance Management.

TEL: (242) 325-2831
TEL: (242) 352-7421



TEL: (242) 332-2862

TEL: (242) 367-4204

t j I I * 1 I '




Page 22 The Ahaeonan September 1998

Local Government at Work

Council, Central Abaco 30 Jun 1998
$50 per month will be paid to the
building inspector for gasoline while using
his car for inspections.
Crossing Beach continues to be
discussed. Functions held there irritate
nearby residents and can impede traffic to
the Eastern Shore residential area.
The Abaconian is not reporting the
important issues according to Councilman
Glen McDonald.
Chairmen and members of the various
committees were reviewed and either re-
confirmed or changes made. ,
Licencing will continue with Frankie
Russell as Chairman but new members
will likely be appointed as the last three
meetings could not be held as a quorum
was not present.
Tourism remains unchanged.
Port Authority remains unchanged
except Clifford Henfield is now the Deputy
Chairman instead of Ellis Stuart. This was
done to strengthen the tie between the Port
Authority and the Council of which Mr.
Henfield is a member.
Road Traffic remains unchanged but
must be ratified by the North and South
Councils since Road Traffic exercises
island-wide authority.
Bill Swain is now chairman of Town
Planning and Chris Roberts is Deputy
Chairman. One additional member must be

Hotel Licencing chairmanship is being
offered to Arnold Edwards as the present
chairman, Robert Pinder, has resigned due
to business pressures.
Next year's budget request for
Central Abaco of $1.5 million has been
cut to $1 million which is the same as last
year. Chief Councillor Mike Malone is
upset with this as the area is growing and
Council must take on additional
responsibilities. He intends to discuss this
with Nassau.

Town Planning 7 July 1998
A Hope Town Harbour Lodge plan
for a dive shop on reclaimed land was
presented on appeal after being rejected
by the Hope Town Committee. Due to the
controversy, members felt it should be
reviewed by Council. The land defaulted to
government years ago when lease
payments were not kept current. In 1992
the Town asked for the entire piece for
expanded Hope Town parking with the H.
T. Lodge making a similar request for
commercial expansion. Crown Land
officers, Town Committee members and
Lodge owners eventually accepted two-
thirds being allocated to the town for
parking and one-third being allocated to the
Lodge for a ferry landing, small boat
dockage and automobile parking. The
present issue is over the request for a dive
shop to be built on the land.

Plans passed for construction totaled
$1,400,000 at this meeting excluding those
passed in principle.

Licencing 14 July 1998
Flipper's restaurant received a music
and dancing licence for Fridays and

Port Authority 16 July 1998
Yahoes applied for a water sports
licence for their Lubber's Quarters facility.
The following were requested: Sunfish
rentals, sailboard rentals, sailboat and water
ski instruction. The matter was referred to
Hope Town for recommendations.

Port Authority 17 July 1998
A scheduled waterfront inspection was
called off due to heavy rains. This was to
review commercial, marine and residential
establishments around the Marsh Harbour
shoreline to gauge the extent of harbour
pollution due to outdated, marginal or
improper sewage disposal methods. The
tour will be rescheduled in the fall.

Town Planning 18 July 1998
A triplex plan was again deferred for
the High Rock area of Marsh Harbour
pending the recommendations of the Marsh


Page 23

Commonwealth Bank

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Marsh Harbour 367-2370 Cable Beach 327-8441

Wn We Have The FOOD


Join us for Dinner in the
Upper Terrace Dining Room
Serving Lunch at the
World Famous Reef Bar & Grill
Fresh Water Pool Fun For the Family
Snorkeling just 30 Feet From
Our Two Mile Long Ocean Beach
Air Conditioned Accommodations
Open Daily Reservations Suggested
Complimentary Dockage Call 366-0095 VHF 16

A & K Liquor

and Central Liquors

European & American Beer
Liquors Wines Cordials
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Duty Free
A & K Liquor Queen Elizabeth Drive
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VHF Channel 16 Phone 242-367-2179
Central Liquors
Don MacKay Boulevard e 367-2966
Also at Boat Harbour 367-2881

le -

Local Gov. FROM Page 22
Harbour Committee as triplex and larger
buildings are considered commercial and
must have Town Committee approval.
Architects and future homeowners are
advised to keep floor levels above flood
water heights along Forest Drive between
Christie Street and Long Bay School. This
area is subject to frequent flooding.
A requested move by Roderick's
Convenience Store was approved to
larger facilities under construction on
Crockett Drive.
A pre-school and day care center
building was approved for Friendship
Tabernacle in Dundas Town.
Marsh Harbour Town Meeting 6 Aug

BEC will insist on a proper building
permit and an occupancy permit before
making an electrical hook-up.
The gazebo and bridge at Fish Pond
on the airport road will be completed
with a $500 donation by the Beautification
Committee. All labour will be donated.
The airport manager will use the
office now occupied by the police who
will move to a booth outside. The airport
terminal is being painted with a washable
paint for ease in maintenance.
Crossing Beach is available for events
such as the Triathlon, schools and

regattas. The Committee agreed that
Crossing Beach could be used for an
awards party for the Great Abaco Triathlon
on September 5th. The Committee supports
worthy causes which apply for use of the
Crossing Beach.
The public toilets at the Crossing
Beach will eventually be removed. The
Committee cannot maintain the public
toilets there due to continual vandalism and
the high maintenance costs. When the
building is removed, those using the area
must rent temporary facilities.
Tenders for the 1998-1999 year were
considered and some were accepted. For
others, more information was required.
Two men will be hired on contract on
a three month trial to maintain the
streets. They will be supplied an industrial
mower and other items. They will work
under the guidance of various Committee
members. This will give the Committee
more control and allow for flexibility with
the work sequence.
Marsh Harbour's children will to
hosted at a September Independence
party with a hot dog and ice cream party
to commemorate 25 years of Independence.
This will be held at Palm Bay.
Junk cars and equipment are
accumulating again in areas which the
town recently cleaned up. Committee
members want action to be taken against
the owners of property which allow this to
happen. They want to have "Charlie Bo"

Se temper 1998 Th Ab i P 23

comer and the area along the road to
Ambassador Inn cleaned up as well.

Port 12 August 1998
BASRA's request for a small boat
dock for emergencies was approved on
the inside breakwater at Albury's Ferry site
at Crossing Beach in Marsh Harbour.
Albury's Ferry gave their approval as long
as the dock is used as requested.

Town Planning 15 August 1998
Hope Town Harbour Lodge received
permission to build a dive shop on the
reclaimed land in the harbour. They
produced a letter from Crown Lands stating
that this proposed use would not be against
the terms of their Crown Land lease. Based
on this letter, Central Abaco Council
approved their request.

Close to the Port
Deliveries Arranged
Phone 561-627-9555
Fax 561-625-3357
3860 N. Lake Blvd
Lake Park (West Palm Beach)

pvomLvalII .uzo


Page 36

Building Materials
Windows & Doors
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Bathroom &
Kitchen Cabinets
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Happy Birthbay!
Kenneth Michael Roberts
September 4
With love from
Dab, Momn & Michala
mb all iour family

Frederick's Agency
Bahamas Custom Brokers
Import & Exports Air or Sea
Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
Gurth Roberts, Manager
P.O. Box AB 20468, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 242-367-2333 Fax 367-3136

Monday Saturday
Sunday 9am-4pm
2 Ui T-K TRIi Located in Memorial Plaza
SmAwithin walking distance of
Mi A I T all Marina's in Marsh
MEATS Tel: (242) 367-2653
DAIRY PRODUCTS Fax: (242) 367-2654





Council, Central Abaco 25 Aug. 98
Trucks carrying garbage and trash to
the dump must be covered. Dump
personnel will note all commercial carriers
coming to the dump without trash being
properly covered. It was brought out that
13 bags of garbage were recently picked up
along the highway leading to the dump.
Initially warnings are expected to be given
to violators with fines coming later.
Proof of ownership must accompany
all permit applications for buildings and
docks, or proof of legal access for leased
land. Central Government in Nassau is
requiring this to cut down the number of
illegal buildings being constructed.
A building permit number and a
certificate of occupancy is required by

y ,


Hottest Summer

Sets Record
This is the hottest year on record. The
first six months of 1998 were the hottest
since records have been kept, about 120
years. Records are being made (broken)
all over the world. This decade is the
warmest of any decade since 1400. This
can be determined by many methods
including studying the rings of trees that
are cut down. The heat is causing many
varied weather patterns. Some areas are
experiencing serious drought while other
areas are having record rainfall. Much of
this rainfall occurs in severe storms and
causes serious flooding. One strange
phenomenon is that the night time
temperatures are showing more change
than the day time temperatures.
The significance of this warming trend
is very serious as it will cause global
changes which will be very hard to adapt
to. Much of the world's water is frozen
and the warmth will cause a much more
rapid thawing of the ice than we have
experienced up to now. This will
eventually raise the ocean levels.


FROM Page 17

over the Bahamas and some from the
United States. The counselors ranged in
age from 16 to 50 year olds. Two of
these, Jeff Key and Lula Burrows, have
been with the Camp since its opening
The children enjoy a whole range of
outdoor activities. They swim daily and
have a multiple sports programme which
includes volleyball and basketball. Next

year there will be kayaking and canoeing.
During the day there are many field
trips, some to Marsh Harbour and others
a little farther afield, like to Hope Town.
Jeff largely co-ordinates these trips. In
fact, he has now retired from St Andrews
School in Nassau, where he taught for
many years, to dedicate his efforts to the
camp. With a background experience of
26 years with Camp Abaco, himself a
young camper with them back in the
seventies, Jeff will be organising youth
group field trips full time from now on.
The summer camps finish on the 1st of
September but the facility will continue
to have groups meeting for various
purposes. One week school programmes
have become very popular. The children
keep a daily log, are given projects and
assignments and are required to submit
these at the end of the week. Before the
summer camps began, six school groups
attended the Camp. "The teachers and
children thoroughly enjoyed the week and
it's very educational," said Mrs. Cornea,
who enthusiastically welcomes all groups
and individuals to Camp Abaco.
The facilities at the Camp are
excellent. Over the years the structures
have been well maintained. Although
funds are low, the couple, with the help
of volunteers and inner resources, have
managed to preserve a high standard of
accommodation. Presently, renovations
are being carried out to the Chapel which
Phyllis says is making "good progress."
There is a conference room, a 16-room
two storey adult dorm with a bathroom
for every two rooms, four male dorms
each accommodating 18 boys, a two
storey girls' dorm with space for 44
girls, a smaller one which holds 32 girls,
and a couple of small cottages on the
beach. Because there are always more

Harbour View Grocery
Use our dock for convenient shopping at our store
Fresh Meats & Vegetables
'Dairy Products
"^ Canned Goods
S. Dry Goods
on the HOPE TOWN waterfront
'- _366-0033

14 7 .4 -WMS',vW PR i ,17- 7;

at Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
2 and 3 bedroom beachfront condominium rentals

Treasure Cay (242) 365-8111
Toll Free Reservations (888) 625-3060
US Phone (561) 625-3060. US Fax (561) 625-5301
Visit our website at

girl campers than boys, a storage area off
the two storey girls dorm is being
reconverted to give an additional 44-
person sleeping space. This year every
room was full for the entire summer
A large cafeteria which holds 100
people is a favourite meeting place, and
after outdoor games the children flock to
a concession stand where sodas, juices
and potato chips can be purchased. Rap
sessions are enjoyed in a cabana and
every Friday night there is a wiener
roast. One of the highlights of the week
is the Thursday Banquet Night when
everyone gets dressed up. A King and
Queen are chosen from six nominees.
The lucky couple are crowned and then
receive a scholarship for the following
year. A "Camper of the Week" is
picked for his/her good manners,

Page 24 The Ahbaonian September 1998

Bahamas Family Markets #1
Open Mon Sat 8am 9pm Sunday 8am 5pm
Tel: (242) 367-3714


Bahamas Family Markets #2
Open Sun-Thurs 8am 6pm Friday & Sat 8am 8pm
Tel: (242) 367-2257

Friendliest Shopping
7' in town
S--,. _, Visa Mastercard Discovery

Shop safe

Shp mat.

-,9 ShS61 M.99 aU,'






Collins Ave. Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Tel: (242) 367-2601/2 Fax: (242) 367-2731

!!Ri ILE P-17!

participation and general behaviour.
Night time activities are fun for all.
Skit night reveals untapped talent. One
of the many lovely memories for many is
"moonlight hiking" and another is the
night time basketball matches.
Because of the Camp's relatively
isolated nature, various services are
offered including a VHF radio for
communications, two nurses and a para-
medic on the premises. As Mrs. Cornea
pointed out, Camp Abaco is only 15
minutes from Marsh Harbour. In
additional to the medical persons
provided by the Camp, there are often
medical care practitioners on site.
For Pastor Bob Cornea, his wife
Phyllis and the many wonderful
volunteers, Camp Abaco is a totally
rewarding venture, one which brings
much joy to many "happy campers."

September 1998 The Abhaonlan Page 25

Dinghy Hunt Is Based at Admirals Yacht Haven

By Cluemeister Ann on The Grey Gig
The fourth annual Regatta Dinghy
Clue Hunt was held on July 9th under
scorching skies in Marsh Harbour.
Seventeen dinghies of various sizes
signed up to participate in this event
sponsored once again by the Marsh
Harbour Pizza Hut. The mighty hunters
gathered at the Pizza Hut Patio Bar
armed with a few aides to navigation, a
full tank of gas and a mind set toward
the bizarre and ridiculous.
Silbert Mills of Radio Abaco "with all
the power invested in me by the
Commonwealth of the Bahamas"

officially opened the clue hunt 11 a.m.
and they were off and hunting. Ruthie at
the Bahamas Family Market provided
some welcome refreshments for the
participants and a brief afternoon shower
cooled off the players. The hunt ran till
3 p.m. when all returned to the Pizza
Hut for the awards ceremony.
Radio Abaco provided the tunes,
Bums House provided the bar, Dolly
Mills acted as hostess and Pizza Hut
provided good munchies. Barometer Bob
and Patty of the Blue Dolphin were on
hand to award the prizes this year all
cash. First prize of $100 went to the

Little Abaco Celebrates Independence

The communities of Little Abaco will
hold their Flag Raising ceremony on
September 5th at Sunset Park in Fox
Town. The ceremony will begin with a
police retreat and flag raising at 2 p.m.
A women's basketball competition will
be in the afternoon followed by a men's
basketball competition beginning at 4
The men will compete for a special
trophy donated by Bahasea in tribute to
Jay McIntosh who was lost at sea on
August 20th. Mr. McIntosh, who worked
for Bahasea, had been an enthusiastic
member of the Little Abaco basketball
The musical entertainment for the
night will be provided by the St. Thomas
Praise Dancers. The Administrator for

North Abaco, Mr. Chrisfield Johnson
will speak prior to the presentation of
trophies. Food and drink will be
Satellite Channels May
Be Blocked
A recent United States Supreme Court
ruling upheld severe restrictions on
satellite viewing. This will require
satellite programmers to enforce by zip
code network availability or black-out
restrictions. Most present subscriptions
will have some channels terminated
under this ruling. This means that if your
zip code address is in an area where
cable or conventional rooftop antenna
reception is available, satellite service for
those channels will not be allowed.

crew of Endless Summer and Tucan,
second prize of $60 went to the vessel
Prophecy and crew (which included Blue
Rhondo and Different Drummer), and
third prize of $40 went to the team of
Walk Away and Kagy.
The duo on Arbella were awarded this
year's turtle award a free fill up of gas
for their dinghy at Triple J dock.
Honorable mention goes to the team from
the Jib Room who definitely made their
presence known throughout the harbour
with the not-to-be-missed Jib Room
chant!! Next year, guys!!

A special thank you goes out to Ann
from the vessel Lady Ann for her help in
the pre-registration and to the businesses
in Marsh Harbour for their help. Kudos
to Chuck and Ellie on Warrior 11 for
providing the dart board and measuring
all those darts!
And this year's hunt would not have
happened without the many hours given
by Art and Cindy on Gypsy Jean and
Micky and Wayne on Miway.
From a treasure hunt in Yamaha Park
to dart throwing at Triple J, a fun day
was had by all. See you all next year!


Invites You to Our Air-conditioned Dining Room

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Hope Town 366-0359 VHF 16
Full Service Marina with Fuel & Electricity

Lighthouse Marina
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us do the maintenance and repairs so you can enjoy carefree boating.
* Dry Boat Storage Ten-ton Hoist
* Hull Cleaning, Waxing and Polishing
* Hull Maintanance Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repairs
* Bottom Cleaning and Painting
* Yamaha Outboard Dealer Factory Trained Mechanic
* Full Service Marina w/Fuel, Water, Ice, Bait & Laundry
* Ship's Store with Fishing Tackle, Marine Hardware &
Gift items
Call for information on monthly and weekly
house rentals including a boat.
Lighthouse Marina
Hope Town, Abaco
Phone 242-366-0154 or Fax 366-0171

Apple Consultant Limited

For all your Apple Macintosh
service &e support needs

John Laramore
Tel: (242) 394-7948 P.O.Box EE-16877
Pager. 340-0237 Nassau, Bahamas

* AIR i. ,



FRI-SUN 1630 1705
FRI-SUN 1720 1755
FRI-SUN 1 600 I645
FRI-SUN 1700 1745
Call 242-352-5778 242-359-4722 242-352-5781
Fax 242-352-5778 Freeport International Airport

Page 26 The Abannan September 1998

Hotelier Changes Course

For over 13 years the name Terry
Curry has been synonymous with tourism
in Abaco and in particular with the Abaco
Beach Resort and Boat Harbour. Terry
has accomplished much in the tourism
industry particularly for Abaco and the
other Out Islands. She has become a
moving force in the hotel industry also.
Ohn September 5th Terry will leave her
position as Sales Manager at Abaco Beach
Resort and Boat Harbour and take up a
new position with TankShips Transport
Ltd. in Hope Town.
Also on the 5th Terry will have to
relinquish her position as a director on the
Bahamas Hotel Association as well as her
membership on the Out Island Promotion
Board. She was president of the Out
Island Promotion Board for two terms.
In a recent interview with Terry she
told me, "As you know tourism is in my
blood. It will be a hard to leave."
However, Terry said she had an
opportunity to expand her career in a
different direction and it is a challenging
direction at this point in time. She felt she
should seize the opportunity to do so.
Both Terry Curry and Penny Turtle
organized promotions at Abaco Beach
Resort and Boat Harbour this past
summer. Separately and collectively they
are the first ladies of the resort and of
Abaco tourism past and present. They
have played a huge role in making Abaco
Beach Resort and Boat Harbour what it is
today, a first class resort.
Terry told me she will miss many
things. She will miss the many guests
who have become her friends over the
years as many of the guests come
repeatedly. She will miss the staff which
she said is one big family and what they
have shared over the years together. She
added that she has enjoyed helping the
resort grow from a 20-room hotel and 12-
slip marina to 52 rooms, six villas and a
172-slip marina.

Terry Curry relaxes at Boat Harbour
Marina where she has been a key player in
the growth of the Abaco Beach Resort.

Terry's accomplishments in the tourism
industry are numerous. Each year she has
attended the Oshkosh Air Show, the
largest private pilot air show in the world
which has resulted in many private pilot
groups coming to the resort. She brought
the Treasure Hunt to the resort and just
two weeks ago she was responsible for a
meeting of plastic surgeons from all over
the world held at the resort. The numbers
filled all of the available rooms in the
hotel as well as the villas. The surgeons
enjoyed the venue so much they want to
have quarterly meetings at the resort.
Terry coordinated one leg of the
Bahamas Wahoo Championship series
held last January and already that leg is
being planned again in January 1999 with
more entries.
She has been Jim Schaffer's right hand
in the Bahamas for the Bertram Hatteras
Invitational Shootout that is held every
May at the resort.
She was responsible for an art exhibit
featuring Bahamian artists as well as
artists from the United States last January
at the resort and which is expected to
become a yearly event.

Terry is recognized in the industry as
being the expert on tourism in Abaco.
Even though her latest job was Sales
Manager, Terry wore many hats at the
resort and knew the running of every
department in the resort. Often times she
was called on to assist in those

departments with her expertise.
The lady with the winning smile will
be missed by all. As for Terry, she says
she will miss the guests and the staff but
the challenge of her new job plus regular


Page 36

A well established firm requires the services of a professional
secretary for its office. The successful candidate will possess
the following qualifications:
A minimum of 3 5 years working as a secretary
Excellent secretarial skills
Working knowledge of Microsoft Word for Windows
Strong organizational and communication skills both
written and oral
Ability to work under pressure with minimum
Highly confidential

Reply in writing to:

M. E. C.
P.O. Box AB 20115
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

join us on board our specially
designed dive boat and explore
tunnels and caverns in majestic
coral mountains rising from a depth
of sixty feet to the ocean surface in
clear turquoise waters.
* Scuba & snorkeling trips daily
* NAUI & PADI certified
instructors offering resort
(beginner) courses or full
certification courses
* Underwater videos
* Swim Suits, T Shirts
Hats, Reef Sandals, etc.
Phone 242-367-2787 Bahamas
242-367-4004 Fax
at the Conch Inn Marina


As we mark the first anniversary of your death,

your family and friends have not forgotten.

We patiently wait the long promised inquest into your death.

We hope and pray at long last to learn both the reason

or persons responsible for your untimely death .

We miss you and will never stop seeking / I

-~--- ----~~-~~~ ~~~~~--~---

-- --

September 998 The Abaconlan Page 27

More School News


FROM Page 13

our campus ready for this historic school
year. The new students and new faculty
are eagerly looking forward to being a
part of Forest Heights Academy moving
towards the new millennium as THE
SCHOOL for the Abacos.
This year students will be arriving at
school by one of our two buses one
from the north and the other from the
Marsh Harbour Ferry. The students' first
stop is the locker areas to pick up books
and take to the airy, cool classrooms
where the subjects taught include
Computing, Spanish, Biology,
Bookkeeping, Library Skills, Music, as
well as the important main core subjects,
of which Science is taught in a state-of-
the-art laboratory that lacks for nothing.
For Physical Education the students
utilize the tennis and basketball courts
and the grassed sports field and will
enjoy the use of showers to freshen up
The car park has a drop off area that
is under cover and all the classrooms are
connected by wide, shady and dry
verandas. As a result of these innovations
there should be no time lost due to
inclement weather. Once again, we are
proud to announce that many subjects
were passed in the A, B and C range in
the national external examinations of the
Bahamas Junior Certificate and the
Bahamas General Certificate of
Secondary Education.

North of K&S Auto on Don Mackay Blvd.
Open Monday Thursday 9 a.m. 5 p.m.
Friday Saturday 9 a.m. 6 p.m.
Tel: (242) 367-3977

Elbow Cay on the Ocean &
White Sound near Hope Town

"fZ arefoo/

1 6 feyance"
Romantic tropical rooms
on both ocean and sound
Free beat docking
Scenia bar serving your
favorite frozen drinks
Wonderful food served
overlooking the ocean
Breakfast, Lunech and
Dinner a Isa carte
Come by boat or call to be
picked up in Hope Town
Reservation requested but not required
VHF 16 Phone 366-0133

A week long work shop for all school
administrators at government schools on
Abaco was held from the 17th of August
to the 21st of August. The venue was
Central Abaco Primary School in Dundas
Town. A team from the Ministry of
Education led by Director of Education
Mrs. Iris Pinder traveled to Abaco to
conduct the work shop.
Teachers in Service
On the 26th and 27th of August all
government school teachers on Abaco
assembled at Central Abaco Primary
School for two days of workshops.
Primary school teachers met in the
two-day session with Ms. Audrey
Farrington of Gerald Cash Primary
School in Nassau and Ms. Angela Rolle,
Senior Mistress Thelma Gibson Primary
School in Nassau. The purpose of the
workshop was to discuss the GLAT
testing results and strategies.
On August 26th high school teachers
met with Ms. Serethea Clarke, Testing
and Evaluation, and Mrs. Pamela
Moultrie, Head of English Language
Department, Government High School in
Nassau. The topic was Effective Lesson
Planning. On the second day the high

Hardware -
An Extensive Selection of
Brass, Stainless & Monel
Bolts, Nails & Screws
Hinges & Barrell Bolts

Stainless Steel
Huricane Clips


Deliveries Arranged
from Green Turtle Cay
to Little Harbour


Plain & Pressure Treated

Pine, Fir, Cypress
Teak & Mahogany

Interior, Exterior
& Marine

For Quotes or Information Call Man-O-War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Walter Sweeting or George Phillpot We monitor VHF Ch 69 Phone 242-365-6011 Fax,365-6039

with air conditioning on
all of our charter yachts!

Step aboard our new fleet of air
conditioned Mainship trawlers, sleek
Hunter ,amlholts ,or pacious cruising
catamaran,,. and N you'll find our \%ell-
equipped yachts to he the be-t aIlue ti00.
For the "Hotte,,t" Deal, on the
"Coolesi" Boat,,, call Central Reer\u tions
at 800-537-005(1.

Beah Key& West A1464

-id's Food tore
0 Groceries Toiletries Souvenirs
Serving New Plymouth and the entire
Jo-t Green Turtle Cay Area
i a- Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Frozen Meat
Dry and Canned Goods
Homemade Breads
Located Near Town Dock New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
..... I. Tel: (242) 365-4055


school teachers who teach English
Language, Sciences and Mathematics met
with three presenters to discuss the
specific BGCSE examinations in those
particular subject areas. This workshop
included Mrs. Andrea Dames, Education
Officer for Mathematics, Department of
Education along with Ms. Clarke and
Mrs. Moultrie.
It was revealed that both BJC and
BGCSE examinations results for June
1998 were lower than the results in 1997.
Name Change
Abaco Central Secondary and S.C.
Bootle Secondary have had part of their
names changed. It was announced this
past week that the names of the school
will be Abaco Central High School and
S.C. Bootle High School. This is in
keeping with a new policy by the

Department of Education.
S.C. Bootle High School
By Stephanie Humblestone
Mr. Rolle, Headmaster of S.C. Bootle
High School, reported that he has 57 new
students enrolled for the coming winter
term. There are 23 staff members, three
less than last academic year. There are
13 Bahamians and 10 foreigners, none of
whom are new. The number of subjects
has been decreased; students can select
the ones they want, not over nine.
Agricultural science is being added to the
curriculum. The auto mechanics
programme is being activated this year.
Seven out of 10 students were
accepted at COB on the strength of their
BGCSE results.


Page 29

Page 28 The Abaronian
Town Planning Needs
Proof of Access
The Department of Local Government in
Nassau now requires proof of ownership or
proof of access (lease) for all matters
requiring Town Planning approval or any
excavation permit/license required under
the new conservation act. Town Planning
(and Council when appropriate) must be
satisfied that the person making the
application has a legal reason to utilize the
This is to stop persons from construction
projects where they have no title, lease or
other legal permission to utilize the

Health Inspector Due
This Fiscal Year
Nassau has advised Central Abaco
Council that funds for a health inspector
have been included in the 1998/1999
budget. Candidates are now being screened
in Nassau. Once a person has been selected
and trained, he will be sent to Abaco. It is
hoped that qualified Abaco candidates are
being considered.
Routine duties will include analysis of
the food and water supply. He will also
make routine inspections of hotel and
restaurant facilities along with hotel
licencing personnel. The person is expected

September 1998
to make recommendations concerning
harbour pollution and other matters
concerning public health.


FROM Page I1

unless it is to be eaten, shall not be injured
unnecessarily but returned to the sea alive.
Vessel bag limits are 20 pounds of
scalefish, 10 conch and six crawfish per
person at any time.
The possession of turtle by non-
Bahamians is prohibited.
Grouper and rockfish weighing less
than three pounds may not be taken.
The bag limits may be legally taken
to Florida when the vessel leaves the
Bahamas. Any fish within the bag limit
can be given away to friends or others but
visitors who sell or exchange their fish for
accommodations or dockage are subject to
Note that the limits must match the
number of people. For instance, four
people can have 80 pounds of fish. If one
person leaves, 20 pounds of fish should
accompany him, leaving only 60 pounds
for the other three. This also applies to
boats returning to Florida as the U. S.
authorities respect these limits.
Visitors with crawfish must ensure that
they do not exceed the limit of six per
person at any time. The limits are not
accumulative for successive days or for

National Marine
Authorized Distributor for
Mercury & Mariner
Sales, Service & a Complete
Line of Marine Accessories
Certified Mechanic on Duty
Royce Sands, President
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2326
h. a

Great Opportunity RUS S VALE"
Seven Unit Apartment Complex -
Little Orchard, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Convenient, desirable Location. *
Six 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Apartments *
One 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Apartment *
Four immaculate buildings all less than six years old *
.. Beautifully landscaped and maintained *
Parking for ten cars One for each apartment three visitor spaces *
Washer and Dryer in all two bedroom units *
Fully furnished *
Excellent Rental Income *

A wonderful value at


Since 1922 Oldest and Most Extensive Real Estate Service *
The Bahamas' Oldest and Most Extensive Real Estate Service*

P.O.Box AB 20777 Marsh Harbour, Abaco Bahamas
Tel: (242) 367-4608 Fax: (242) 367-4885
Man-O-War Cay, Abaco Bahamas Tel/Fax: (242) 365-6156
Derek Lee Margot Lee


people no longer in your group.
Legal size for crawfish caught by
anyone is a minimum tail length of five
and one half inches (5V2") or a three and a
quarter inch (3V") carapace (shell) length.
Egg bearing females must not be
disturbed. The eggs are visible as a red
mass under the tail. The closed season on
crawfish is from April 1st to August 1st
and applies to everyone.
There are no limits to the amount of
fish that can be legally purchased by
visitors. However, amounts above the bag
limits should be documented with receipts
and invoices to clarify the origin of the
fish. Bahamians may have any quantity of
fish but must observe the minimum sizes.
Any crawfish in freezers of Bahamians,
second home owners or visitors on April
1st, the first day of the closed season,
should be documented with a letter to the
Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. You
may or may not be inspected by a
Fisheries officer to verify the quantity. The

bag limit applies to freezers ashore as well
as boats. Remember that the amount of
fish must match the people in the house for
Only adult conch may be taken by
Bahamians and visitors. The adult conch is
identified by a wide and well flared lip on
the shell. Juvenile conch have a thin lip
which has not yet flared. Help keep conch
plentiful in the Bahamas by leaving the
One other rule prohibits fish resources
to be imported into the Bahamas without
the Minister's permission. This to avoid
any misunderstanding as to whose fish are
on board. If you have fish on your boat,
they are presumed to be Bahamian and
must be within the bag limits.
The Abaconian compiled this
information from the two Fisheries
officers assigned to Abaco, Mr. Carroll
Laing in Cooper's Town and Mr. Wayne
Cornish in Marsh Harbour. They may be
contacted for further information.



& Re-hub

Your Propeller
Aluminum, Brass or Stainless
Right here in
Marsh Harbour

Stainless & Aluminum _



Phone 367-4276 Fax 367-4259
On Don MacKay Boulevard beside Western Auto

September 1998 The Abaconlan Page 29

Key West Honors Green Turtle

Twenty-one years ago Key West held
its first Island Roots Festival honoring its
Bahamian and Caribbean heritage.
During the festival Key West became the


FROM Page 27

The school is undergoing repairs to
doors, louvres and windows.
Abaco Central High School
There is a total enrolment of 560
students this year, 100 of which are new.
The curriculum is basically the same.
Two new subjects have been added, auto
mechanics and cosmetology.
The full staff complement is 33. There
will be four new teachers which include
French teacher Yolande Ferguson from
COB in Nassau and social studies and
religious knowledge teacher Raquel
Gaitor also from Nassau. There will be a
new science teacher and PE instructor.
According to Mrs Royanne Swain,
Principal of Abaco Central High School,
her students did "fair" in the BGCSE
examination given last June. *
Mrs. Swain commented that this year
all boys will wear white ties during the
coming year. She continued that the
landscaping of the school is now
complete but local government still has
not attended to painting the school.


sister city to Green Turtle Cay.
Bahamians from all over the country
travelled to Florida to help celebrate their
cultural and familial bonds with their
American neighbors.
On the tenth anniversary of that
festival, Key West again paid tribute to
its history by celebrating Return to Island
Roots by dedicating a Historical
Sculpture Park. Five new bronze portrait
busts sculpted by Miami artist James
Mastin will be unveiled on September
25th and 26th. Three of these, John
Lowe, Captain Saunders and Peter
Roberts were natives of the Bahamas
who made their fortunes in Key West.
The dedication will be followed by a
concert and dinner. All events are
sponsored by the Friends of Mallory
Square, the civic group which
commissioned the Historical Sculpture
Mr. Mastin is the same sculptor who
created the bronze busts in the Loyalist
Memorial Sculpture Garden in Green
Turtle Cay in 1987. The Garden includes
a central monument surrounded by 30
bronze portrait busts of contemporary
descendants of Loyalist families.

By Stephanie Humblestone
Parents, teachers, you think you've
got problems preparing for the
coming school year!
"I've got all these to pleat before
Monday," Arnold Hepburn of Van's
Dry Cleaners said despairingly,
pointing to a towering mound of
school skirts.
He was genuinely puzzled why
people left it so late to bring them in.
"They've had almost three months
but it is the same every year."

Arnold reeled off all the schools on
Abaco, primary and secondary, which
have pleated skirts to illustrate how
the numbers mount up. He added that
the Express Dry Cleaners in Dundas
Town has already stopped taking
skirts. Enough is enough.
Pleats in school skirts need to be
done only once. "They stay in for
quite a while," he said. Let's get
them in early during next recess so
that it is not such a headache for



FROM Page 8

She had no quarrels with them. With
humans, she was friendly but not
effusive. Duchess had a serious role in
life, and she always seemed to feel that it
required her to conduct herself with
appropriate dignity.
She will always be a member of our
Fire Brigade, but she has now responded
to a different bell.


FROM Page 12

door S350 pick up truck with a crew cab
and a ton and a half capacity is obviously
much appreciated.
Indeed, the present works truck is
certainly a step up from the old one
which had seen better times and was
dragging its wheels! The new vehicle,
which Central Abaco acquired about
three months ago, belonged to the
Ministry of Works and was under the
care and custody of Ken Bates, Area
Works Engineer for Abaco. When Mr.
Bates retired in October of last year, an
arrangement was made that it replace the
"old jalopy" and be used for the daily
maintenance of Central Abaco.
"We are also open to assisting North
and South Abaco with the new vehicle
whenever possible," added Mr. Malone,
who felt that the new acquisition was
very timely.

Your Own Florida
s Address
SMail Sent Weekly
to Abaco
Only $15 per month
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200 E. Whitney Dr.
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As a member of MAS ABahamas
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"Answering your family's call for help!"

One low annual membership fee of $120 (single) or $240 (family)
+ $60 Processing fee includes all costs for
Air Ambulance Flights and our six other benefits

Low Monthly Payments for Government Employees
Payroll Plans Available
Call Louise Snell at (242) 326-6272 or Jackie Wilson in Abaco at 365-8286 or 365-8288
to arrange a visit to your home or business.

Back to School Headache for
Van's Dry Cleaners

Groceries All you need & MORE
Vegetables & Canned Goods
Fruits, Dairy Products & Frozen
flySO Monday Friday 7:30 am 6 pm
Saturday 7:30 am 7 pm
Phone or Fax 366-2022



Page 3 The Ahaoan September 199

More South Abaco News

written by Sandy Walker
by Crossing Rocks student
were My Community and T
Rocks Lady. Solos wer
Zonovia Bain, Opal Daw]
Cornish. Two skits prov
popular. They were The
and Missionaries from A
were written by Sandy
performed by Sandy Wa
Bain, Raquel Smith and M

August 23rd. Many resi
emergency supplies. Hurr
were prepared and opened
Magic missed her sched
Castaway Cay on August 2
We can be thankful that
pass by our island giving us
The storm fringes were far

Featured was Fire Dancer Marilyn
FROM Page6 Kemp, a performer in Freeport who
and performed came back to her home to perform at the
its. The poems Homecoming.
'roud Crossing A special church service was held on
e offered by August 16th at the St. Marks Baptist
kins and Mark Church. Speaker for this occasion was
ed to be very Rev. Roland Swain. At the climax of the
Other Woman service awards were presented to various
indros. These individuals for accomplishments and
Walker and contributions made to the Crossing Rocks
walker, Barbara community.
[araca Walker. Crossing Rocks Community Awards
were given to Mr. Sidney Bain, Mr.
Frank Hepburn, Mr. Glen McKinney,
Rev. Mervin Burrows, Mr. David
idents bought Williams and Miss Sandy Walker.
ricane shelters Awards given to Crossing Rocks persons
I. The Disney residing in Freeport included Ms. Melva
duled trip to Walker and Mrs. Myrtle Carroll. Awards
23rd. given to Crossing Rocks persons residing
the storm did in Nassau included Mrs. Margaretta
s only a scare. Williams, Mr. Leeland Russell and Mrs.
enough away Leanza Pople.

that Abaco did not get any much needed
rain. The preparations made in the event
of the storm served as a good trial run
for the day when a storm does come
ashore. Everyone needs to make adequate
preparations and plans to safeguard life
and property.
Bonnie later made landfall on the
North-Carolina shore creating havoc and
causing much damage. Two hundred fifty
thousand were evacuated from coastal
areas along the North Carolina coast.
Four hundred thousand in North Carolina
alone were left without power or phones.
Two deaths are attributed to the storm.
Trees were downed, some buildings
suffered structural damage and total
damage is estimated to be over one
billion dollars.



Queen Movie, a fire dancer,
performed, King Barry did a limbo
dance, impressing the crowd and the
Defense Force Band performed one
evening. Usually a Junkanoo group
rushed toward the close of the night's
entertainment. Vendors had a great
variety of Bahamian food for sale.

Over 10,000 people see the
ads in this newspaper.
Your ad here is an
effective way to reach
these people.


Mid-Sized Cars
& Seven Seat
Station Wagons
All are 4 Door
Air Conditioned
American Vehicles
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-4234 VMA

There are many more well deserving
persons in the community who will be
recognized as time progresses.
Special thanks to all who attended
Homecoming '98. We look forward to
seeing you at Homecoming '99. It will
be bigger and better. Thank you and may
God Bless You!

Abaconian Comes in Second
By Stephanie Humblestone
Patrick Roberts of Sandy Point came
in second place in this year's National
Bonefish Championship which was held
on Grand Bahama on July 15th to 17th.
First place honours went to Alan Dean
from Exuma. Mr. Dean will represent
the Bahamas in the World Bonefishing
Championship this year to be held on
Grand Bahama from November 16th to
21st. Third place winner was Leslie
Johnson from Andros. The winners were
awarded $1000 for first place, $750 for
second place and $400 for third place.

Arawak Agency

Shipping & Freight Clearing
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 242-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P 0 Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street

North Abaco Pool Association took the
trophy for the Pool Tournament held
during the Crossing Rocks Homecoming.
Senator Michael Bethel presented the


Air Charter Service
To Nassau, Freeport & Other Islands
Miami, W. Palm Beach & Beyond
Captains Faron Sawyer, Marc Pelanne,
Robbie Nixon, Claude Sawyer
Call 242-367-2089 or 2613 or 2530
P 0 Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Committed to a Higher Standard in Aviation

A commercial building situated on 5,000 sq. ft. of property being located on the north side of
Bernard Road opposite Monastary Heights Subdivision in Nassau. Ideal for business venture or
investment. Presently the fourplex commercial/residential complex comprises a gross area of about
2,000 sq. ft. inclusive of gross commercial area of 1,300 sq. ft. and a rear residential area of 600 sq.
ft. The commercial area is subdivided into three commercial shop units and a residential unit of two
bedrooms/one bathroom.

Offers should be sent to:
The Manager
P.O. Box AB 20567
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

And should be received no later than September
30, 1998. For further information, please contact
Mr. Fred H. Bowe
1 (242) 367-2141/2

September 1998 The Ahnbonian Page 31

Disney Magic Is Vanishing for Sandy Pt.

By Stephanie Humblestone
There is a sense of despondency in
Sandy Point, a feeling of having been
passed over. Disney's Castaway Cay,
just nine miles from the little fishing
settlement, has only two workers over
there and all they are doing is watering
plants. "Castaway might as well be in
Inagua," said Benjamin Pinder, Chief
Councillor for South Abaco, who is
saddened by the fact that employees are
not being recruited from his 800-strong
community." We have skilled fishermen,
boat handlers and I personally would like
to see a good working relationship with
Before American Bridge left (the
construction company which had been
working on the cay since Disney
purchased it in 1996), they expressed
confidence in the workers they employed
from Sandy Point. One of the managers
said that he "hoped Disney would find
out what good workers you have here,"
said Mr. Pinder. Disney appears not to
have any interest in finding out or if they
do, they are being tardy about it.
Meanwhile they are going farther
afield to find bonefishermen when there
are experienced ones sitting right under
their noses. The latest slight to this effect
was an advertisement on Radio Abaco.
This did not sit well with a community
which now feels that one of its major
industries is being threatened. "What will

You Are on Abaco
But You Are Not
An Interesting Contribution
When RND Cinema first opened in
July a young man told me that going to
the movies made you feel that you
were not in Abaco but somewhere else.
Obviously he did not mean that the
actual movie made you feel that way
but the movie theater did. Well, that
observation is so true. On August
Monday I took my daughter to the
matinee of Mulan. From the time we
walked in the door of RND Cinema, I
knew what that young man had told me
was true, I did not feel like I was in
Abaco, yet I was. The whole
experience from the concession stand,
to sitting in Theater Two watching
Mulan was a very relaxing and pleasant
The one thing that bothered me that
the sound was very loud. Other than
that, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As I
write this, I am looking forward to
returning to see another movie when
one comes that I wish to see. When
that day comes I will again feel I am
not in Abaco when I really am.

Harbour View

Ice & Water
Shell Fuel & Oils
Four Restaurants
immediately adjacent
Mangoes, Sapodillys
Tiki Hut & Wally's
Conch Inn 400 ft. East
P O Box AB 20457
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2182
Family Owned & Operated i

happen to Pete & Gay's, Nettica
Symonette and Oeisha's Resort, the
three main bonefishing resorts," said a
man in the street who like many other
men in the Sandy Point is unemployed
It is true that Disney made no
promises and is in no way obliged to hire
local people, but the fact that jobs would
be available was tacitly implied. The first
disappointment came when none of the
eight stalls on the cay was given to
Sandy Point artisans. Over the past two
years residents of Sandy Point have been
quietly optimistic about the cay, never
believing that there would be mass
employment as they realized much of the
work force would be brought from the
United States. But they did expect
something. Over the past year many
participated in a straw work course at the

local school taught by two ladies from
the straw market in Nassau. Others
attended a bird watching course and a
Bahama Host programme, all in happy
anticipation of involvement in the Disney
Comments like "It's a bad scene,"
"We're not benefitting," and "They don't
care about us," abounded. Some felt
disgruntled because people had been
hired from as far away as Bimini. "Two
braiders work out at the ship and they
don't even come from here," commented
a lady in a shop. Retired mail boat
Captain Ernest Dean was a little more
optimistic and felt that Disney would
acknowledge Sandy Point in time and
recognize its worth. However, he did
remain a little perplexed about their
silence. "This is a long term project," he
added. "Hotels and businesses will spring

up here in the future as a result of
Disney's presence."
When Hurricane Bonnie was
threatening our shores, Disney dealt with
it alone and did not defer to a community
which has survived countless hurricanes,
storms and adverse weather conditions.
Sandy Point's geographical location at
the southwesternmost tip of Abaco has
meant it had to be resilient to elements.
"They flew in choppers to take their
people off the cay," said Mr. Pinder,
who would have been only too happy to
have assisted with boat transportation.
This is a sad situation not only for the
able-bodied men of Sandy Point who are
more than willing to put in a full day's
work but also for the scores of tourists
aboard the Disney Magic who come so
close to the Bahamas yet never really
visit it.

cBahamas Electricity Corp.

0System Upgrade

and Reinforcement

We apologize for the planned power cuts
throughout the greater Marsh Harbour area
while we bring the system up to current standards. This exercise
should be completed by the end of the year. Some components
are being replaced as they are nearing the end of
their expected life. Other items are being up- /
graded to better serve the growing Marsh Har-
bour electrical demand. Central Abaco is grow- l-z""
ing rapidly and the improved distribution system
will deliver better and more reliable electricity.

Self-contained Continuous duty rated

Generating Sets 5 1600 KW

5 25 KW with Lister diesel engines
20 215 KW with Perkins diesel engines
124 1624 KW with Detroit Diesel engines
Also on wheels or with sound attenuated enclosures

Marsh Harbour, Abaco 242-367-2660, 281, 2820 or Fax 2645

1_ I

Pag 32 The acoilani" Sptember 1998

Racoons Threaten Wildlife

Raccoons are a menace and are rapidly
spreading through Abaco. It is thought
that they have come to Abaco from
Grand Bahama by way of Strangers Cay.
They are an introduced species which
will multiply rapidly and will spread their
range throughout the entire island within
a few years. Raccoons are thought to be
"cute" and some feel they want to make
them into pets. But they do not make
good pets and eventually they go free
only to become a menace to our sensitive
island ecological balance.
According to Mr. Pericles Maillus,
Past President of the Bahamas National
Trust, they are poised to become "an
environmental calamity which will be
disastrous to nesting birds, particularly
native ducks and the mangrove nesting
white crown pigeons. They will destroy
masses of land crabs and will devastate
farmers' crops, especially bananas and
corn. Once they move into parrot
territory, they will cause the rapid
extinction of our Abaco parrots."
Additionally, their feces carry a parasitic
worm which causes death in young
Mr. Maillus feels very strongly that
there needs to be a public education
I ---- --

W Boats equipped with: "-
Bimini Top, Cooler, Anchor & Lines
Compass, Dive Ladder, Life Jackets
Paddle, Flares, Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit Flashlight
- Rates do not include gas
Open 7 days 8 5

program begun immediately to acquaint
the public with the environmental disaster
which Abaco would suffer if the animals
are allowed to inhabit the island at will.
He recommends that a sighting network
be set up immediately to define the exact
area that they have moved into and then
a humane system of eliminating them
now before their range becomes too
extensive. It is known that they inhabit
Little Abaco and the main island of
Abaco as far south as Blackwood.
When an animal is heavily hunted,
extinction usually follows. However,
with raccoons they will be very hard to
eradicate as they will go into dense bush
and can survive on a variety of fruits and
other vegetation found throughout our
Several years ago a Biodiversity
Convention was held which brought up
the problems, especially for islands, that
the introduction of an alien species can
create. The Convention resulted in an
agreement which requires the eradication
of invasive and alien species of plants
and animals. The Bahamas was a
signatory to that agreement so has a
responsibility to plan a program to
eliminate this foreign species.

25 Boats Rates
1 Day 3 Day Weekly
18' Privateer $85 $75 $420
18' Boston Whaler 95 85 520
19' Hydra Sports 100 90 550
20' Albury Bros. 105 95 580
22' Privateer 110 100 595
22' Boston Whaler 125 115 735
24' Privateer 140 125 840
Complimentary delivery on request
Located in Hope Town & Marsh Harbour
Call 242-367-2513 Fax 367-2516
www.sea-horse, corn

Mr. Maillus, while he was President
of the Bahamas National Trust, initiated
a program of eliminating the cats from
our newly formed Abaco National Park
to protect the Abaco parrots. There was
an outcry from the Bahamas Humane
Society which lodged a complaint against
the proposal with the Royal Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in

An inspector from that organization
came and inspected the situation. He was
relieved when he realized that the system
recommended was allowing packs of
hunting dogs to tree the cats, then using
12 gauge shot guns to eliminate them. He
said it was the best way and mentioned
that they used a similar system in
England to lower the rabbit count when
it became too populated.

P.O. BOX AB 22284
PHONE 242-365-8028 HOME, 8507 OFFICE, 8508 FAX

Motor Oil

Automotive & Industrial
Distributors Ltd.
Distributors of 0 Parts
Serving the Bahamas in
Marsh Harbour
Nassau 393-7481 '
Freeport 352-8071
Rock Sound 334-2060
Nichol's Town 329-4184
George Town 336-2780

Ann the Con on



~ f44#-*i __ ___ __

...... ,- 7.-


Operated by G U L F S T R E A M 1 AIRLINES


Call Your Travel Agent or for Reservations & Information:

Florida Destinations: 800-525-0280 Bahamas Destinations: 800-231-0856



September 1998 The Abaneonlan Page 33

Photo Memories From Little Abaco's Homecoming

Two of Little Abaco's young ladies proudly accept their trophies presented during the
Homecoming events. Photo supplied by Leon Pinder

Concrete Blocks
4"x 8"x 16"
sal-.- Ov .,,X' 6"x 8"x 16" tepn S
Q ma :: s .31t 8"x 8"x 16" 18 8 USto* "e
t o. o0caed 6. Comer Blocks 1t l patterns
to 19- -olted Regular Blocks j24,,"
pe V. Hydraulic Fittings & Hoses
Monday Friday 7 am 4 pm
P.O. Box AB 20403, Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2502

S a e t f o h The skit by Austin Mills and Company is
Children always enjoy the fun of home one of the highlights of the Homecoming
coming events. Photo supplied by Leon Pinder Talent Night.

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products

P.O. Box AB 20184
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone 242-367-3956 Fax 367-3950

P.O. Box CB 10990
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
242-377-64351 Fax 377-2193

Page 4 The Aha lan September 199

Storm Precautions Given Boaters

and everyone was assured that if the time
came they would be given rides to the
shelters if necessary.

A timely hurricane presentation was
organized for the boating community on
August 20 as Hurricane Bonnie was
wavering in the southeastern Caribbean.
About 85 persons attended the mid-
morning session at the Jib Room in Marsh
Harbour. Anne Catchick on the LADY
ANNE put the program together. Her
husband, Jim, introduced the speakers and
kept the topics flowing.
Bob Toler of Eastern Shores and a
familiar voice on the Cruisers Net spoke on
weather information. Sarah Dallas-Ross of
the Moorings gave information on places
of refuge and preferred methods of storm
Various aspects of chaffing gear were
presented by Art Plante on GYPSY JEAN
who has ridden through several Pacific and
Atlantic storms. Steve Grabowski on
BABY BLUE made an informative
presentation on communications during
and after a storm. He was involved with
emergency communications in the Florida
Keys using VHF, single sideband, High
Seas Operators and satellite
Local knowledge was covered by Kenny
Long of Longs Landing Fish Market. It
was reassuring to hear from someone who
grew up and lives here speak on previous
A recurring theme voiced repeatedly to
the audience was to secure your boat and
get on land. Once the wind picks up, your
options for leaving are severely reduced or
become nil. If leaving the boat on anchor,
use every available anchor and put them in
different directions with all connected at
the bow.
Boats at a marina should use every line
available to different points ashore. The
adjustable end of all lines should be on the
side where people are. Vacant boats should
have the loose end of the lines on the shore

Hatches and roof vents should be taped
shut. Roller furling jibs should be lowered
and lashed to the deck. Mainsails should be
lashed to the boom. All lines should be
protected with chaffing gear at the last
point of contact with the boat.
Boats going into creeks and mangroves
should go all the way to the back so
subsequent arrivals do not loosen your
lines to get in..
Locations of storm shelters were given

Out Islands Finest Vacation Homes
'Waterfront Properties New Marina
Rentals & Sales

S1 Purple Porpoise Place
Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas
Chris & Peggy Thompson, Proprietors
. *c .*. A Phone 242-366-0224 Fax 242-366-0434

"Far Horizons" at Great Abaco Club I


P.O. Box AB 20856
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: 242-367-3262/3
Fax 242-367-3260

P.O. Box AB 20777
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Since 1922


Residential Commercial Land Rentals

The ESxclTus
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"Harbour House"
Man-O-War Cay
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath -Covered Porch Sundecks
Workshop/Snore Box .725 Wooded Acre,
Waterfront on Harbour- Right of Way to Beach

"Far Horizons"
Great Abaco Club, Marsh Harbour
3 Bedroom, 3 bath
Elegant Residence Superb Construction new 1997
Private Dock. 180 degree Sea of Abaco views.

"Angel's Landing"
Eastern Harbour, Man-O-War Cay
1 Bedroom, 1 bath,
250' Waterfront, Private Dock 3/4 acre
Deeded beach access way

* Apartment Complex Marsh Harbour 7 Units Built 1992, impeccable condition, Super Location good Income & return on Investment.. $570,000
* "Fourwinds" West Coast, Elbow Cay 3 Bedroom, 3-Bath, Deck on 3 sides, 2.1 Acres, Private Dock Great Sea of Abaco Views......... $500,000
* "Alcatraz" Pelican Shores, Marsh Harbour- 2 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Waterfront, Private Dock Great Harbour Views ............................. SOLD
* "Sugar Apple" Man-O-War Cay 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 2 Screen Porches, Beautiful Garden, "Snore Box" Guest House sleeps 2.............. $290,000
* "Charlestown" Man-O-War Cay Settlement 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Built 1989 meticulously maintained, Bedroom Ocean View................. $215,000
* "Sandpiper" White Sound, Elbow Cay 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Charming Dock Cottage, Fireplace, Garage/workshop, 60' Private Dock.......... $200,000
* "Gibraltar" Man-O-War Cay Settlement 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Charming Traditional Bahamian, Crow's Nest, Workshop, Laundry........... $200,000
* "Orchid Bay" Great Guana Cay Beautiful 1+ Acre Building Sites Ocean Beach Frontage: from $275,000 Sea of Abaco frontage: from: $174,344
* "Fisher Tract" Man-O-War Cay Lush wooded building sites Several available with semi-private dock access: from:............................. $75,000

FOR RENT "Arawak" Man-O-War Cay, Charming Cottage on Private Dock, Eastern Harbour Sleeps 5 A/C, T.V. $850.00 per week.

Derek Lee Margot Lee (242) 367-4608 or (242) 35-6156 Fax: (242) 367-4885


September 1998 The Ahaconlan Paae 35

Copyright Act Will Affect Video

Rentals and Protect Musicians

By Stephanie Humblestone
Existing archaic copyright laws in the
Bahamas will be revised in a new
copyright act which is expected to come
into effect by the end of this year.
One of the key drafters of the bill,
Senator Desmond Edwards, said,
"NAFTA and Free Trade require us to
make sure that our national laws are not
in conflict with international treaties that
have been signed."
This is particularly good news for
Bahamian musicians who are presently
not receiving their rightful royalties for
unauthorised copies of their works.
The much overdue Act will not only
protect artists but also monitor the
country's booming black market in video
rentals which has got out of hand. Video
copies are often poor in quality or
illegally taped from satellite systems.
Video store owners are not
forthcoming in their response to the bill.
In Marsh Harbour there appears to be
growing optimism that the Act will not
come into effect because of the
opposition it has met with in Nassau.
There it is felt that a compulsory licence
should be issued to allow duplication of
Senator Edwards is aware that the
livelihood of video rental operators is in
jeopardy and has suggested that the
custom duty on videos be reduced from
70 percent to 35 percent. He realises that
this in itself is not the answer as one of
the main problems is that customers do
not return the original cassette. However,
he did feel that such issues are
surmountable and that certain measures


Little Harbour
6 Acre Estate Sea to Sea

Green Turtle Cay....
69 Acres Sea to Sea
Frontage on White Sound

Contact Colin Lightbourn
(242) 325-1950 or
(242) 322-4148
P.O. Box N4949, Nassau, Bahamas

could be implemented to avoid stores
operating at a loss.
While in Senator Edward's words
"Government does not want to put people
out of work," he is still adamant about
going ahead with the bill and bringing
the Bahamas' copyright laws in line with
the rest of the world.

2 & 3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, fully equipped
Beach front on a magnificent 31/2 mile beach or
On a Marina with private boat slips
L 7 All with pool and tennis privileges
Special Discounts offered September & October
Island DuearmTs .asur.e.Cay.Aco
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We consider ourselves "REAL ESTATE" plus
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Anne Albury
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"Four Winds"
Tel. 242-365-8568

Marcellus Roberts
VHF radio 16
"Just Do It"
Tel. 242-365-8064

P.O. Box AB 22183, Treasure Cay
S 19Abaco, Bahamas
Tel. 242-365-8538 Fax 242-365-8567

Premium Property throughout the Abaco Islands

adjacent to Abaco Yacht Services, .
100 ft. harbour front lot. $300,000 "
GREAT SALE CAY 380 acres Sea to d "
S-CremC Havn Fox Town
Sea Call for details I*ce'"a.,



Gah lifTUr I : Coy :::

::: :::::: : ::::: ::: :::: : ::: ;!:::: :
S ours! :^!!
,Crossng, iiii
J P Rcks ^;:

BILLY BO CAY 4 acre cay on Marsh
Harbour's south side, 5 minutes
from southside dock $150,000
SANDY POINT 50 acres on the
south west corner of Abaco, south
of the Sandy Point airport, loads of
waterfrontage. Call for details

Tilloo Cay 3.4 acres, good elevations, sea to sea


Lubbers Quarters 1.73 acres on western side, great elevations $ 55,000
Stede Bonnet Rd, Marsh Harbour 1 acre lot w/partial views of harbour $100,000

Green Turtle Cay Interior lot, 10,000 sq. ft.
Cherokee 2 bedroom wooden house
Long Beach lots with utilities & financing'
Little Harbour lot w/210' in harbour, superb views, 3/4 acre
Treasure Cay 1/4 acre lot across from beach
Elbow Cay 82 x 200 waterfront lot

$ 30,000
$ 70,000
From $ 9,900
$ 25,000

II I -


~~~i~~~~~:::~~::1: ~ :~:-~~::~ ~1~::~~:-~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~~

- --- -- ---~1 o-

Page36 The Aba conian September 1998

Abaco Welcomes
Constable Couple
By Stephanie Humblestone
A couple that stays on the right side of
the law together stays together!
Prince A. King and his wife
Wendelee, both police constables,
moved from Nassau in early August
where they had been in the Police Force
for 13 and eight years respectively.
Prince has his roots in Cat Island,
although he was born in Nassau while
Wendelee is the daughter of Woodis Key
of Marsh Harbour and Laverne Key
(nee McIntosh) of Wood Cay.
Parents of a 12-year-old boy and a six-
month-old girl, the couple are now living
in Cooper's Town where Prince is
stationed. Wendelee works at the
Treasure Cay Airport. "We have the
same job description official diary
keeper," said Prince, who is happily
adjusting to his new life on Abaco. "This
is a friendly place and we have received
a warm welcome from everyone and
especially the churches," he added.

Local Gov.

FROM Page 23

BEC before an electrical connection is
Nassau sent $20,000 for school
maintenance preparatory to fall opening to
each major island. Abaco's allotment was
shared $8,000 to North Abaco, $8,000 to
Central Abaco and $4,000 to South Abaco.
Council members decided to allocate their
entire portion to Abaco Central High
School for materials with labor being
supplied by the Works staff.
A garbage contractor's request was
denied concerning a $10 garbage
collection fee to the property owners of
Eastern Shore since the existing garbage
contract is for all residences.(Commercial
establishments must arrange for their own
garbage collection.)
Settlement graveyards are
approaching capacity in Marsh Harbour,
Dundas Town and Murphy Town.
Administrator Hart suggested that the
Council consider a proper community
cemetery for the Greater marsh harbour
Additional traffic lights are needed in
the Marsh Harbour area. Councilman
Clifford Henfield offered to make a trip to
Nassau to attempt to get action on lights.
Chief Councillor Mike Malone volunteered
airfare to expedite the effort. Councilman
Bill Swain heard that a second homeowner
on one of the cays was in that business and
may have surplus or second hand traffic
lights available. This was going to be
looked into.


Waterfront or Hilltop
Homes and Lots for Sale
Have Fun in the Sun
Go Fishing or Diving
Explore the Islands
Discover our Beaches
Golf Cart & Bike Rentals

Between the Deep Blue Ocean
and the Turquoise Sea of Abaco
Phone 365-5195
VHF 16 Young Lovers


FROM Page 26

five day a week 9 to 5 is very appealing
to her after years of long hours and many
weekends on duty.
Terry is the daughter of Captain
Leonard and Mary Thompson of Marsh
Harbour. Captain Thompson was one of
the original owners of Treasure Cay and
was the owner of Abaco Beach Resort
several years ago. Terry is the mother of
one son Darvin, who will enter his last
year at Florida Air Academy later this
All who know Terry will wish her the
best of luck in her new endeavor.
However, filling her shoes will be no
easy task and maybe an impossible one.

North FROM Page 4
to them daily.
The summer months are particularly
busy with vacation travel. In the autumn
there will be a slight lull and then
business will pick up again just before
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
While in Abaco "Jumping Jack", as he
was affectionately known, was renowned
for his stamina and enthusiasm. It is
evident that his post in Nassau which
carries much responsibility and acumen
went to the right man.

Anne Albury
Marcellus Roberts

Overeaters Anonymous

A group recovering from compulsive over- Tuesdays 7:30 p.m.
eating meets at the Marsh Harbour Library. Wednesday 2:00 p.m.
Call 367-2068 for more information. Friday 9:15 a.m.

e a a d B e-- :o -

We're just minutes from restaurants on the IB
harbour & walking distance to grocery stores, s
shopping and ferry docks leading to outer A E
islands. You will cheek into a spacious room DE
with television, air conditioning, ceiling fan, i1OTEL
microwave oven, small refrigerator and daily P. O. Box AB 20030
maid service. Call 242-367-3776 or FAX 367-4179 Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Real Estate 0 Property Rentals

Treasure Cay's
Most Experienced Broker
Phone/Fax 242-365-8601
K_ __ .__ mP.O. Box AB 22182
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Wm. F. Hertz Ltd.



(242) 365-8538 Ph
(242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax

Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay Specialists

Canal Front Condos with on site Tennis and Pool
Phase I 2 bed / 2 bath I SOLD | $180,000
Phase II 2 bed / 2 bath 12' wide slip $224,000
3 bed / 3 bath 12' wide slip | SOLD | $242,000
3 bed / 3 bath 17'6" wide slip $266,000
Ocean Front Condos with on site Tennis and Pool
Phase II 2 bed / 2 bath End unit with
wrap around deck $275,000
Canal Front Condos with on site Pool
Bldg. 5 2 bed / 2 bath 11'6" wide slip $170,000
Bldg. 2 1 bed/1 bath boat slip $151,000
Townhouse Condos with on site Tennis and Pool
Garden/Pool View 1 bed / 1 bath beginning at $55,000
2 bed / 1 bath beginning at $75,000
Marina View 1 bed / 1 bath beginning at $65,000
2 bed / 1 2 bath beginning at $101,000
Ocean Villa Subdivision
2 bed / 2 bath special garden location with
ocean view down greenway $220,000
Beach Villa Subdivision
Duplex 2 x 1 bed / 1 bath beginning at $133,000
Standard 2 bed / 2 bath beginning at $114,000
Ocean front luxury units with lagoon pool/waterfall
2 bed / 2 bath octagonal house $275,000

Ocean condos with on site Pool
Poolside garden view 2 bed / 2 bath $17(
"Cavill" Split level ho Y2 bath garage
and screen porc mcO1 e-sac with
view of golf cou r\..- $12;2
Vacant lots available
Golf Course
Leeward Beach
Windward Beach



"Crosswind" located on a natural lake with
direct greenway access to beach, split level home
3 bed / 2 bath w/adjacent 1 bed / 1 bath
efficiency apartment, very large lot $333,000
"Ives" ocean front home built on pilings, garage /
utility below; Upstairs 3 bed / 2 bath wrap around
deck partially screened $363,000
'Plumb Crazy" canal front split level home 3 bed /
2 bath detached garage, dock, established
landscaping $327,000
"White House" two lots canal front, main house
2 bed / 2 bath detached efficiency apartment
detached garage, pool, dock $350,000
"Marina Villa" canal front one storey 3 bed /
2 bath Bahama room, garage, dock, includes
adjacent road side lot $424,000
"Schor" canal front two storey home 3 bed / 3 bath
garage, workshop, dock, large deck, ocean view to
Sea of Abaco across greenway $423,500
"Sands" canal front one storey 3 bed ,
garage, dock, full view of 9 $515,000
"Island Times" canal front modern home 3 bed / 2Y2
bath, wrap around porch, double garage $508,000
"Conch Out" ocean front home on extra deep lot
one storey 4 bed / 3 bath detached garage,
great family beach house $575,000
"Sandpiper" ocean front 1 Y2 lots two storey home
3 bed / 3 bath garage, ocean and garden decks,
lush landscaping $962,000
"Sands" ocean view home with private deeded
10' beach access, CBS 2 storey, upstairs 2 bed /
1 bath, downstairs double garage/workshop
and efficiency Off the Market
Vacant lots available
Galleon Bay & Brigantine Bay
Casuarina Beach / Ocean Boulevard
Ocean front $360,000
Interior $16,000 $25,000

Treasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches, Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We don't only sell here, we live here and love it.
Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

September 1998 The Ahaconian Page 37

Abused Dogs Found in
Water Tank
By Stephanie Humblestone
While Astrid Stratton was searching
for avocados on the 13th of August in a
vacant lot opposite the Tiki Hut, she
chanced upon two potcakes, both under a
year old, trapped in an open water tank.
The dogs were severely distressed and
clinging desperately to a ledge.
Local resident Chris Roberts was
called to the rescue. With the aid of a
ladder, he carefully extricated the dogs
and took them to the Community Animal
Hospital in Marsh Harbour where they
were treated for injuries and shock.

There was evidence of abuse to the
animals. One had been beaten around the
head and the other wounded on the foot.
Their distress was not only a result of
their injuries but also the 48 hours they
are believed to have been trapped.
Mary Ann Barnosky, a volunteer
helper at the Community Animal
Hospital, was deeply upset by the
incident and reported, "Their claws were
down to nothing. I have never seen such
abuse in my life."
Twenty four hours after the rescue the
dogs were gaining strength and the
prognosis for complete recovery was

Stray Dogs a Major Problem
Bahamas Information Services
Stray dogs and cats are on the rise in
The Bahamas, underscoring the urgent
need for animal control and responsible
animal ownership. The Family Islands
are all experiencing alarmingly high
numbers of stray dogs and, as dogs and
cats are breeding at will, the situation is
rapidly getting out of control.
"There is definitely a problem," says
Dr. Maurice Isaacs, Veterinary Officer
of the Animal Control Unit, "but the
main thing we must recognize is that it is
not an animal problem, but a people

Stray Dogs Becoming a Bigger Problem


Page 39

Rate for one issue
$9.00 for 3 lines (minimum)
$2 each additional line.

Picture and 4 lines $25
We will take the photo in the
Marsh Harbour area.
Display classified $18 per column inch
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Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco
"The Unspoiled Island"
O er 200 lots starting at $25,000 also acreage,
oceanfront, hilltop and baystde lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 -eekl) A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes 0 one day fishing &
di% ing One day snorkeling & island hopping
* boat & guide 0 all equipment included 0 6
to. 30 people ******
Great Guana Cay waterfront t houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cher6 Pinder at 365-5046 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16


1C L U B
Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve...
Waterfront lots with private boat slips
in a secure gated community
starting at $140,000.
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Bahama Palm Shore beachfront lot $50,000
Contact Dale Blank or Jackie Albury at 367-
Great Cistern 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 level house
with all around decks, great views of the Cays,
private beach access. Phone 367-3544 anytime
or 367-3042 from9-5
Guana Cay 5% Acre waterfront ridge top with
47' elevation on bluff on sound. Stunning
views, public road, electricity available, town
1 mile. $375,000 all or part, Brochure, Brian
954-942-4177, Fax 954-942-7230 or Edmund
Pinder in Guana Cay 242-365-5046
Guana Cay /2 acre lot near Dolphin Beach,
Call Samantha Sands at 365-6072 or 365-6143
after 5 pmn
Leisure Lee 11,726 Sq. Ft. Cleared Lot w/80
ft seawall & 40 ft dock, water & elec. avail.
$50,000 Call Reg Sands 367-2741
Leisure Lee Waterfront, seawall & dock, deep
water, underground utilities, cleared & ready
to build on choice lot $79,900, 561-223-9567
Man-O-War Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (242) 365-6060
Man-O-War Estate, 5 years young, 2 story, 4
bed/4 bath, 3400 sq ft. under A/C, insulated,
50 K+, cistern, furnished, dock, beach. Must
see. $850K 242-365-6312 or 561-832-9776

Land & Sea


Commercial & Residential
Homes Apts. Rentals 0 Acreage
Leisure Lee inland lots from $15,000
canal lots from $18,000
Island homes- Ocean view home, 2 story, 2
bed 2 bath upstairs, 1 bed 1 bath downstairs,
with separate entrance, great rental unit
asking US$298,000
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office phone & Fax 242-367-3276

2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Models
Prices start at $99,000
Maintenance Free No Painting
Rust, Corrosion & Mildew Resistant
Hurricane & Windlift Resistant
Solid Concrete Technology
Fast Construction
Many Models Available
Island Home Subdivision
Long Beach, Abaco
30 miles south of Marsh Harbour
P.O. Box AB 20562, Marsh Harbour
Phone 366-2198
Leave Message with Operator
for Walter Hachborn

Guana Cay on the Southeast end of the
island. We want to find the right people to
share our magnificent 12 acre estate. We are
offering a prime tract of 2.1 acres plus a deep
water boat slip in our protected harbour. This
high elevation tract overlooks the harbour,
Foots Cay and the exceptional Sea of Abaco
and extends to the Atlantic Ocean. The main
part is cleared for immediate building. There is
a lawn, coconut palms, hibiscus and rich
topsoil for gardening and fruit trees. $350,000.
For information or appointment to view the
property, call 242-359-6218 or write to P.O.
Box AB 20315, Marsh Harbour.
Haziel L Albury, J.P., Man-O-War's most
experienced real estate broker, Lots from
$45,000, Vacation homes from $175,000. Call
242-365-6178 or 365-6090, Fax 365-6159
Marsh Harbour Two vacant lots in Great
Abaco Club gated community with seawall,
facing the Hope Town lighthouse. Dedicated
harbour side dock. $145,000 each obo. Real
Estate Exchange in Freeport 242-351-4731,
Fax 351-4736, Ask for David



Bahama Palm Shores Wonderful 2,000+/- sq.
ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath family home. Only 2 years
old, on double lot. Only 5 minute walk to ocean
beach. List #3247 $286,000
Elbow Cay White Sound. 2 bedroom, 2 bath
cottage with screened decks. Ideal for young
family or second home owners.
List #3383 $185,000
Lubbers Quarters Cozy cottage with separate
sleeping house. Sleeps six. Solar power. 1+
acres with 80 ft. beach front.
List #3396 $174,000
Leisure Lee Wooded lots in peaceful residential
area. Prime canal and inland lots.
List #3430 $15,000 to $175,000
Leisure Lee Lovely canal lot. Across from
sandy beach. Deep water mooring and access to
the sea. List #3414 $29,000
Eastern Shores Sea-to sea, 2 storey duplex, 3
bedrooms, 3 baths each. Sandy beach on one
shore, deck and mooring on the other. Great
income producer! List #3422 $536,000
Eastern Shores Lovely 3 bedroom, 2 2 bath
home with guest house, porches and patios
overlook the Sea of Abaco. Partially furnished,
includes Jeep, 20' Mako and 16' Hobie Cat.
List #3112 $686,000
Treasure Cay 3 bedroom, 3 bath vacation
home on the Windward Beach. Balcony
overlooks the sea. Mature landscaping.
List #3483 $700,000
Treasure Cay 1 bedroom 2 bath condo with
canal view, 32' Boat slip, hurricane/security
shutters, new carpet and tile. Offered furnished.
List #3115 $145,500
Treasure Cay Immaculate, fully equipped
oceanfront 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo, Linens,
patio furniture, in-house washer/dryer, r/o
system. Satellite, TV and VCR.
List #3414 $275,000
Green Turtle Cay Fully furnished, turn key! 3
bedroom, 3 bath home. Modern kitchen,
satellite TV, stereo, washer/dryer. Ford Ranger,
12 KW generator. Near beach.
List #3487 $324,000

Exclusive Affiliate of
International Realty

Phone 242-367-3262/3 Fax 242-367-3260
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Marsh Harbour Govt.. Subdivision, 3 bed 2
bath, 2143 sq. ft., 3,000 gal. cistern, garage,
satellite. Call Kevin 367-2333 at work or 367-
3033 after 5 PM.
Scotland Cay 4 bed 2 bath ocean beach front
house, furnished, A/C, $400,000 or $2,000
weekly rental. Call Danny at 561-288-1928
Scotland Cay Protected waterfront lot, 80'
dock w/30' deep water face. Private island has
3,400' airstrip. $175,000 Call 828-688-1172

Real Estate
--- Agency Ltd.

Helping people find their dream
spot since 1978. Beachfront,
Hilltop, Acreage, Residential,
Commercial, & Investment
Properties. We also have rental
properties available.
P.O. Box AB 20404
242-367-2719 FAX 367-2359

Hope Town A Best Buy! 2B/2B, large lot,
beach access, 5 minute walk to shared public
dock. Reduced to $200,000 Net
Boat Harbour Club Lot w/dock, All club
amenities. Private community. Must sell!
Elbow Cay Marnie's Landing /2 acre lots.
Dock slip, Ocean to Bay. $50,000 and up
Hope Town's Best Beach 3B/2.5B in village
but on secluded back street. Swim & snorkel in
backyard, A/C throughout, turn-key, super
rental potential, large lot. $450,000
Tahiti Beach Exclusive Dorros Cove lots + 2
homes. Dock and beach privileges. Great
views. Private south end. Enquire
Call Chris Thompson 242-366-0224

Cherokee Sound & Marsh Harbour, Daily &
Weekly Rentals, Call Glenn or Connie at
242-367-2486 after 5:30 or
Hope Town Turtle Hill ocean view 4 cottages,
2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air conditioned,
pool, private access to beach, includes golf
cart, Call 242-366-0557
Hope Town Specialist A collection of upscale
homes. Private pools, docks. Reunions, special
occasions, honeymoons. Hope Town
Hideaways 242-366-0224 Fax 242-366-0434
Matt Lowe's Cay, Rent the only house on 50
acre private island, sleeps 12, lots of porches
and decks, beaches, fruit trees, 10 minutes
from Marsh Harbour in protected Abaco
Sound, 24 ft boat optional, Call 242-367-2677
or FAX 367-3677
BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free listing.
Call 1-800-GO-BAHAMas (1-800-462-2426)
real estate
407-952-8487 phone or fax

Too often, he explains, people with
dogs or cats are of the view that all they
have to do is feed them "scraps" now
and then and that makes them responsible
owners. Not so.
"Basically, the care and attention these
animals receive are inversely
proportionate to their age," he says.
"When it is a puppy or kitten, it gets a
lot of attention; but as it gets older, it
becomes more of a liability than a pet."
Unfettered, they roam the streets,
becoming hazards to drivers and
pedestrians and, ultimately, the hapless
victims of traffic accidents. Hungry, they
knock over trash bins as they scavenge
for scraps, leaving garbage strewn in
their wake.

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land For Sale or Rent


Page 38 The Ahbaonlan September 1998

Castaway FROM Page 1
Minister Ingraham told the audience that
he was delighted to be aboard the Disney
Magic and he knew the passengers had
had a good time in Nassau on Saturday.
He said that Castaway Cay was important
"symbolically" because in years gone by
it had been used for drug smuggling and
now Disney has transformed it into a
place that is producing productive
employment and revenue for the
Mr. Ingraham said that Disney decided
to erect a post office just opposite where
the Disney Magic docks for passengers to
mail postcards home to their family and
friends with Bahamian stamps. In honour
of this occasion the Bahamian Post Office
issued a new stamp showing the Disney
Magic with the beautiful azure waters of
the Bahamas in the background which, as
Mr Ingraham stated, is "unparalleled in
the world for beauty." He said that the
Post Office will provide a source of
revenue. Mrs. Ruth Flowers, Post
Mistress in Sandy Point, will be on duty
in the Castaway Cay Post Office on
Sunday and Thursdays when the ship is
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
then officially mailed the first postcard
from Castaway Cay and a brief fireworks
display ended the ceremony.
A long line of cruise passengers was
waiting to buy the first day issue of the
new stamp. Waiting in the hot sun did
not seem to bother them in the least.

Castaway FROM Page 2
items on Castaway Cay and that every
item had to be approved for sale by
After our brief tram ride and tour we

were escorted to the Castaway Cay Post.
Passengers can purchase Bahamian
stamps and mail their postcards right
there. The mailbag then accompanies the
passengers aboard the ship back to Port
The Prime Minister, his wife and three
daughters were on board the Disney
Magic for its inaugural voyage to the
Bahamas. Also on board were the
Honorable James Knowles, Minister of
Transport. After the brief ceremony
which is covered in another story, we
were given a tour of the Disney Magic,
the 2400 passenger, 973 foot long first
ship of Disney Cruise Lines. After the
ship's tour we were escorted back to the
tram to travel to Cookies Bar-be-que
where we had lunch. Lunch is served
buffet style and this is one area where
this reporter thinks Disney can improve.
The food was not that good, not what is
expected from a cruise ship.
While we were eating lunch we could
hear the Abaco band from Treasure Cay
playing in their pavilion near the beach.
The band plays all day for the two days
the ship is docked at the island.
According to Thomas Katheder of
Disney Attractions of which Disney
Cruise Lines is a part of, Disney
employs about 32 Bahamians on
Castaway Cay. Many more on the island
come off the ship to work for the day on
the cay. That includes all of the food
service personnel as well as the persons
who walk around selling drinks and
water and the shop personnel and other
supervisory personnel. Mr. Katheder
stated that ten persons live on the cay full
time and this probably includes security
and maintenance personnel. Mr.
Katheder did say they are looking for
bone fishing guides with their own boats
to come to the cay and take passengers

bone fishing. They are also looking for
hair braiders.
After lunch we were escorted back to
the ferry and returned to Sandy Point. As
in everything that Disney does, Castaway
Cay is 100 percent first class for
Disney's guests. To them when they
awake on the day they are docked there,
it is a tropical paradise and hopefully
some of the passengers will return either
to Abaco or to the Bahamas for a longer
stay in the future because of the taste of
Bahamian paradise they received while
on the Disney Magic.

Abaco Rebuilders
Sales & Repairs U.S. & Foreign Cars, Trucks & Marine
Starters We Stock a Con lete Line of Batteries
Alternators Radiator Cores
Parallel Switches & Service to Gasoline & Diesel
Continuous Duty Engines, Marine &
Solenoids (12,24 & 36V) Industrial Equipment
Member Automotive Parts, Master & Visa Cards Accepted
Rebuilders Association Call 367-3465 & 367-4970

Brand Parts


SAppliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers
Plumbing, Auto Accessories

In Marsh Harbour at the traffic light
Mon Fri 9am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon


Whether it's fresh,

farmed or frozen,

Boat Harbour Mini Mart

has it1foryol




AA Meetings
The AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)
group of Marsh Harbour meets
Monday and Thursdays on 6:30
p.m. at New Visions Church in
Abaco Shopping Centre.
The AA group in Hope Town
meets Mondays at 7 p.m. at the

A leading Financial Services Company is seeking a full-time
Office Assistant for a new office in Marsh Harbour, Abaco.
Your duties will include operational functions, agency
administration, customer service, secretarial and bookkeeping
You should have excellent business and communications
skills, and knowledge of Windows 95 and Microsoft Office
would be an asset.
If you are a Bahamian and wish to work with a progressive
company, please mail or fax your Resume, references and
qualifications to:
P.O. Box N 4728
Nassau, Bahamas FAX: 242-393-1710

General Freight, Construction Materials
20 ft. Containers Can be Delivered
14,000 Gal. Water Capacity
Water & Freight on same delivery
Scheduled From Marsh Harbour to Hope Town,
Man-O-War, Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
And to Other Points on Abaco by Charter
Call 367-3341 Ray Weatherford, Mgr.


UJl il^il p


9% A A A AIN W


Dogs FROM Page 37
Sexually mature at age six months,
they have litter after litter, and the
vicious cycle continues.
Responsible animal owners are those
who have dogs and cats spayed or
neutered, kept in enclosed surroundings,
taken to the veterinarian regularly and
cared for properly.
Most people, explains Dr. Isaacs, are
unaware that any animal over three
months of age must have a licence,
which is available from Family Island
administrators. Failure to obtain a licence
could result in a fine and/or the seizure
of the animal. Currently the fine is $40
for having an unlicensed dog. In the
Family Islands the licence fee for an
unspayed female is 50 cents and for a
male or spayed female the fee is 25
cents. Female dogs in heat must be
confined or they can be impounded and
their owner fined $100.

Rate for one issue
$9.00 for 3 lines (minimum)
$2 each additional line.
Picture and 4 lines $25
We will take the photo in the
Marsh Harbour area.
Display classified $18 per column inch
Call 242-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677

Painting Inside & outside Pressure cleaning
& mildew removal Water-proofing Roof-
ing Rotten wood replaced Parking lots *
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849
Valentine Day Sailing, beaching, snorkeling.
Located in Treasure Cay. Lucky Lady sailed in
the 1997 Regatta. Contact Capt. Jones at 365-
COOL OFF!! Get a Dolphin fiberglass pool
with all Jacuzzi pumps. Great designs, great
prices. Call Chris Thompson 242-366-0224

Writer/reporter needed. Must be able to
cover evening and weekend events. Part time
or full time considered. Computer literacy a
plus. Must have good writing skills. Send
samples of your written material. Include
resume and letter detailing your abilities and
desires to The Abaconian, P.O. Box AB
20551, Marsh Harbour, Abaco_

If fines are levied and enforced
rigorously, the public would be required
to obtain licences for their dogs and
would be required to keep them on
leashes with their licences on their
collars. Monies collected in fines can be
used to carry on public education or
assist the Animal Control Unit in its
People, says Dr. Isaacs, are the "root
cause" of strays in the country because of
a lack of education and information about
responsible animal ownership. Any
animal that is not intended to be bred
should be spayed or neutered. Dogs
should also be sterilized to reduce
aggressive tendencies.
Strays are a common and sorry sight
through the country. "People seeing stray
animals think they are doing good by
feeding them," says Dr. Isaacs, "but it is
not the right course of action. They are
contributing to the problem. When they
feed these animals, it allows them to
breed, creating a bigger problem."
Leaving food out for strays attracts more

Need a kind and patient person who loves
animals to adopt a 9 month old dog, mixed
breed, named "Angie." Neutered, weighs 50
lbs. Please contact Mr.or Mrs. Henry Sands at
365-5140 Guana Cay, VHF PDQ
administrator with sailboat and powerboat
knowledge. Florida Yacht Charters (Bahamas)
Ltd. Fax 305-672-2039 Phone 305-532-7600
or apply in person to Mildred at Boat Harbour
Marina, Marsh Harbour or at Fla. Yacht
Charters, 1290 5th St., Miami Beach, Fla.

Water storage cisterns, 6 sizes available, less
than $1 per gallon, factory direct. Call Dolphin
Fiberglass Products at 305-247-1748
White sewing machine semi-industrial $200
Vertical blinds off-white, never used
One of a kind coral and shell mirror 36" x 48"
$2,500 Call 365-8335
Great Investment Opportunity 1,000 CIBC
Shares @ $9.00 ea. Includes transaction fees.
Call Wynsom Ferguson 367-3067W 7067H
Peanut roaster, commercial grade, excellent
condition. Call 367-2783
10' Satellite system with descrambler board,
Uniden receiver, $800 OBO Tel 367-2558

1986 Chevy Silverado pickup truck, only
56,000 miles, V8 engine, No body rust,
always garaged. $4,500 Call 367-2677
1986 Ford Aerostar $6,000. Contact Dale
Blank or Jackie Albury at 367-2326

September 1998 The Abaconian Paae 39

and more animals into the area. "They
could come in such large numbers that
they could start attacking," maintains Dr.
Isaacs. Children should be taught never
to approach an unfamiliar animal.
As well as leaving garbage strewn
about after raiding garbage cans, the
strays also defecate all over the place.
The droppings pose a significant public
health risk. Children play in dirt that
could be contaminated with faeces or,
walking barefoot, they could step into the
droppings which could be contaminated
and diseases could be transmitted.
Disabusing the notion that cats do not
pose a significant threat as dogs, Dr.
Isaacs says the problem with cats is just
as serious. "Because of the habits of cats,
when you start seeing them, you know it
is a serious problem," he says.
At the moment in The Bahamas, for
every dog seized, there is another litter
being born to compound the problem.

Golf Cart 1995 Easy Go, very clean $950 Call
1998 Kia-Avella-Delta white four door car.
For information call 366-0041
Jeep Wrangler 17,000 miles, magnificent
royal blue, $25,000. Python state-of-the-art car
alarm, brand new $150 Call 367-4136

15' Boston Whaler with center console, 90 hp
Yamaha, 16 gal gas tank, VHF radio, Ready
for fishing. $8,000 Call Peter Sands 365-5189

25' Bertram with 225 hp Mercury outboard,
Bimini top, cuddy cabin, toilet, v berth, VHF
radio. Call 367-4121

27' Beneteau 15 hp Johnson outboard,
retractable keel.Cruise the Cays in this sleek,
sassy sloop. Duty Pd., Marsh Harbour
mooring. Asking $7,500. See Dale Hill at
Rental Wheels or call 367-4643, or VHF 16

Chairs Needed
The Marsh Harbour Police Station needs
several chairs for their officers' kitchen
area. Anyone able to donate several chairs
suitable for use at a dining table should
contact the police at 367-2560. Call before
you take chairs there.
Used furniture and other serviceable
household items can be recycled by several
groups on Abaco. The Department of
Social Services will see that furniture goes
to needy persons or families. Call 367-
2246 in Marsh Harbour to see if your
surplus items could be used.
The Cancer Society (phone 367-3167),
Trauma One ambulance service (phone
367-4082) and Abaco Animals Require
Kindness (AARK phone 367-3262)
frequently hold rummage or jumble sales
with donated items.

35' Refurbished Houseboat: Located in
White Sound, Elbow Cay, double & single
bed, stove, fridge, microwave, air conditioned,
additional outside shower. $14,000. ONO
Call 366-0133
35' Northstar 1974 Sailboat, good shape, 6
sails, Needs TLC, Includes registered mooring,
duty paid, $15,000. Call Richard, 367-2452

52' Houseboat 1988 custom aluminum
hull, 2 Volvo turbo 130 HP dual prop I/O,
10 KW gen. set, 2 Cruisaire AC, fully
furnished & equipped. 320 gal diesel, 700
gal water, sleeps 8, full galley, 3
staterooms, $110,000 Firm Call 367-2043

TWO Yamaha Wave Runners 650cc.,
parts & accessories, duty paid
DOUBLE TRAILER for Wave Runners
BIG FOOT beach trailer/launcher
All for $5,000 Call 365-8335
TWO Yamaha Wave Runners 650cc.,
parts & accessories, duty paid
DOUBLE TRAILER for Wave Runners
BIG FOOT beach trailer/launcher
All for $5,000 Call 365-8335
If you're looking for a boat, or want to
buy a boat, Cal Seaspray Resort Yacht
Brokers. Phone 366-0384
29' Loadmaster aluminum boat trailer
1997, two axel, 7,000 lb. capacity, accepts
keel boat, $3,200. See Bob Hall at Little
Harbour or call AZIMUTH via VHF 16

Carib Freight Company
Reliable Scheduled Inter-Island Freight Service
From Marsh Harbour
To Man-0-War and Hope Town 0 Mon. Fri.
To Guana Cay & Scotland Cay 0 Tues. & Fri.

Water Mwans (to 1, Ge.) to a the Capys

4 Barges Available to charter 7 Days 24 Hours
Any Time, Any Place
From Walkers Cay to Little Harbour
Man-O-War Cay 365-6072 e Fax 365-6285 0 VHF 16

Electronics Service Center
formerly Television Service Center

"All We Sell Is Service"

Radio, TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juke Boxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
Cash Registers
FAX Machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
Medical Equipment Master Technician
Automotive & Marine Electronics Phone 367-2830
Telephone Recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
In Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Corner

Classified Advertisements

F Miscellaneous, Household, and BoatsI

Guiding your future.

For a brighter future



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