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Housing Office Opens in Dundas Town

Central Pines Estates Finally Gets Underway

Minister Allen Opens Office in Royal Palm Plaza
,-- . . .. . .. .. . .. .

Mrlls. Ldrry Williams cuts the ribbon opening the door of the Ministry of Housing anrd Social Development's sales and
prbct office at Royal Palm Plaza in Dundas Town Watching the ribbon cutting from left are Mr. Creswell Sturrup,
Permanent Secretary at the Ministry; Mr. Larry Williams, ownerof the.Royal Palm Plaza; Mr. Robert Sweeting, Member
of Parliament for South Abaco; and the Hon. Algernon Allen, Minister of Housing and Social Development.
Photo by BIS

By Stephanie Humblestone
On the 6th of March Hon. Algernon
Allen, Minister of Housing ceremonially
opened a new housing office in Royal
Palm Plaza, Dundas Town, for the
recently named Central Pines Estates, the
new subdivision in Dundas Town.
Min. Allen brought with him from
Nassau Mr. Crestwell Stirrup, Permanent
Secretary, and Mrs. Lorraine Armbrister
from the Ministry of Housing. The
program included an introduction of Min.
Allen by Mrs. Armbrister who described
him as a "man of the people" who has
done much during his term of office to
improve the housing situation by
providing "affordable shelters" in Nassau
and the Family Islands.
Mr. Allen stressed the fact that this
subdivision "unsurpassed and having 600
homes" was designed to give maximum
purchasing power opportunity for eligible
persons. The limit on mortgage assured
loans will be raised from $60,000 to
$100,000. "The need for housing wears
no political badge," he added. To ensure
a "happy and secure community," he
outlined a six point plan:
1. Lots are offered for immediate
construction and not speculative
2. The Ministry of Housing proposes
to build up to 100 houses which would


Page 2

Pigeon Pea Housing Solution Sought

About 20 Bahamians of Haitian parents
attended a meeting with Mrs. Yvonne
Albury, member of the Marsh Harbour
Town Committee, and Mr. Robert
Sweeting, Member of Parliament. The
Bahamians asked for the meeting which
was held in the Marsh Harbour Creole
Gospel Chapel on March 20th.
Jeffrey Victor, a naturalized Bahamian
and a teacher at St. Francis de Sales
Primary School, acted as a spokesman for
the group.
On being asked, Mr. Victor did not
know the population of these two areas
but said a committee of residents, of
which he is Vice President, is undertaking
a census. He estimated that 60% of the
residents there have a legal status, leaving
40% as illegal.

The group was aware that the Pigeon
Pea and Mud areas are on land that does
not belong to those living there. They
also realize that the area is in the middle
of a growing and expanding Marsh
The present situation there did not
happen overnight but is the result of 30
years of inaction by either government or
those claiming Key Tract land.
Now the residents are unsure of their
options for relocating. They noted that a
committee was formed several years ago
by Mud and Pigeon Pea residents to meet
with the Council and Marsh Harbour
Town Committee. However, after one
initial meeting they were not invited back.


Page 26

Primary School Opening Postponed

By Stephanie Humblestone
The Central Abaco Primary School did
not open on March 23rd as planned
because the landscaping was not ready.
District Superintendent of Education, Mr.
Jackson McIntosh explained that the
"premises were unacceptable for the
teachers and children," but that the

school would open after Easter on the
20th of April. He added that it was worth
waiting the extra time so the school
would be comfortable for everyone.
Grade 2 of the Central Abaco Primary
School moved from the Sawyers Market
building to St. Andrews Methodist
Church Hall in Dundas Town. All 75
students are adapting well.

Sir Lynden Honoured by Local PLP

Sir Lynden Pindling poses with Mr. and Mrs. Mark Roberts after the testimo-
nial Banquet at Bayview Restaurant in Dundas Town. The banquet honoured
Sir Lynden, the acknowledged father of Bahamian Independence. Chef Jimmy
Williams served a capacity crowd of 115. See story on page 27

The Abaconian
7571 N.W. 78th Street
Medley FL 33166-7530
Forward and Address Correction

PERMIT #5050

Page 2 The Ahaconian March/April 1998

Name & Office Initiate Subdivision

Housing FROM Page 1
be sold as a complete package with the
3. Provision would be made for
developers to build houses whose market
price would range from $50,000 to
$75,000. A small but not "exorbitant"
profit would be allowed.
4. Land will be reserved for parks and
recreational areas.
5. Land will be set aside for the
establishment of churches and schools to
ensure "moral and social unity."
6. Areas for commercial development

Winner of the subdivision naming contest
was Raquel Burrows shown receiving her
award from Hon. Algernon Allen.

would be encouraged. In Min. Allen's
words this will be a "self sustaining
community," modeled on one in Atlanta,
Min. Allen emphasised the importance
of making this a homogenised community
in which different economic groups live
side by side. This can only serve to raise
the standard of living.
He went on to say that plans are
underway for staffing and running the
housing office. An experienced real
estate agent will be on hand and local
real estate companies will participate in
the sale of lots.
Prices of lots are yet to be determined
but will probably be between $13,000
and $15,000 inclusive of electricity,
phones, water, paved streets and other
services. Government subsidies are under
review so as to make these lots accessible
to a large number of people.
The housing office was declared
officially open with the cutting of a
ribbon by Mrs. Larry Swain, wife of
Mr. Larry Swain, the contractor who
built the Royal Palm Plaza.
Mr. Allen mentioned that the
Ministry will be actively working on a 40
plot subdivision just outside Sandy Point
to alleviate the shortage of suitable house
lots in that area.
Student Wins $1,000
High school student Raquel Burrows,
a student at Abaco Central High School
won the contest to name the new
government housing subdivision. Her
entry, Central Pines Estates, was


Page 25

The ceremony naming the new subdivision in Central Abaco included entertainment by
girls from Central Abaco Primary School performing and dancing.

.Abaco Central High School choir treated the crowd to songs under the able direction of
.1 Ith grade student Opal Dawkins.

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Page 4 The Abaonlan March/ April 1998

North Abaco

Treasure Cay Holds
Scholarship Luncheon
The Treasure Cay Steering Committee
of the Abaco Scholarship Fund invited
the three main persons from the Lyford
Cay Foundation to a luncheon on March
18th. The luncheon was held at the
Spinnaker Restaurant in Treasure Cay.
Mr. Harry Moore, Chairman of the
Board of Lyford Cay Foundation, gave a
short history of the Lyford Cay
Foundation and he, along with Miss
Maureen French, Administrator, and Mr.
Roger Kelty, Director of Education
Programs, answered questions about the
Foundation and explained how the Abaco
Scholarship Fund fits in. About 30
people attended the luncheon.
The Treasure Cay Steering Committee
is planning a banquet later in April to
which the Prime Minister will be invited.
It will be a $100 a plate dinner which
will solicit pledges for contributions to
the Abaco Scholarship Fund.
The Abaco Scholarship Fund is an
endowed fund which means that all
money contributed will be invested. Only
the earnings which the money makes will
be used. The Lyford Cay Foundation will
manage the money of the Abaco Fund
and will provide accounting and advice at
no expense to Abaco. These earnings will
provide scholarships for Abaco students
to go away to further their education in
vocational, technical and academic areas.
The Abaco Scholarship Fund expects
to be able to offer several scholarships by
the spring of 1999. More information
will be available by the end of this year.

Treasure Cay Holds
Yearly Meeting
The Treasure Cay Property Owners
Association held their yearly meeting on
March 24th to appraise the members of
the Association's achievements and
problems. Mr. Bruce Barth, President of
the TCPOA, chaired the meeting and
reviewed some of the successes during
the past few years. These include
forming two artificial reefs with the
accumulation of junk from that area,
building trash boxes to reduce litter in
the area and working with Michael
Wallace to improve the water quality.
The members were informed that both
the water and electricity functions will be
taken over by the Bahamian government
probably later this year. The Treasure
Cay area will be the last part of Abaco to
come under the supervision of Bahamas
Electricity Corporation.
The Association was instrumental in
stopping a dredging project at Windward
Point and they have worked to control
the spring-breakers who did much
damage last year when they rented
several condos. With most of Treasure
Cay now serviced with phones, the
Association updates a phone directory
One project the Association is working
on is to find a location to house a fire
engine and ambulance. Possibilities
include acquiring a piece of Crown Land
or of collecting money to buy a lot. The
Crown Land would be located just
outside the entrance gate to Treasure
Cay. They are investigating the purchase
of these vehicles.

Various reports were made including
the financial statement of the TCPOA
explained by Mrs. Erica Erim. A report
on the condition of the golf course by
Mr. Bill Bulger emphasized the lack for
funds for proper maintenance. The
Treasure Cay Humane Society is
concerned about the stray dogs and cats
and reported on the plight of the wild
horses in the Norman Castle area north
of Treasure Cay.
The Treasure Cay Amenities
Management Ltd is uses the assessment
money for maintaining the roads, verges,
beaches and common areas. The report
showed that some roads were paved,
others filled and graded and green ways
were cleaned.
The status of LIASTC (Local
Improvement Association of the
Subdivision of Treasure Cay) has not
changed. A law of 1968 allows only lot

owners to be considered when applying
to government for a change in
management of assessment monies. At
that time condominiums were not
common and condo owners were not
given voting rights as property owners.
This technicality has not been changed.
Arts and Crafts Fair to
Be Held
Local artists are invited to display and
sell their art and craft items at the
Second Annual Bahamian Arts and Crafts
Fair in Treasure Cay's Central Park on
May 13th from 4 to 8 p.m. This is a lay
day in the 15th Annual Treasure Cay
International Billfish Tournament. The
Art Fair is open to the public.
Last year's inaugural event attracted
an interesting variety of quality displays


Page 13

This photo shows the head table panel at a budget discussion held in Little Abaco earlier
this year. The meeting was held at the Fox Town Primary School.

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Page 6 The Abahonlan March/April 1998

South Abaco News
v "I

By Stephanie Humblestone
Preston Cunningham, who was Deputy
Administrator for South Abaco, has been
transferred to Bimini where his new
position will be Administrator for Bimini
and the outlying cays.
Mr. Cunningham's origins lie on
Crooked Island but he came to Abaco
from San Salvador where he had been
working as Deputy Administrator.
Mr. Cunningham was in South Abaco
during the time that Gorda Cay was
being given a new identity as a deserted
island, the final destination of Disney's
two cruise boats which will begin service
later this year. He guided Sandy Point as
they felt the impact of this on their
Administrator Everette Hart from
Central Abaco will assume the duties of
Deputy Administrator Cunningham until
a replacement is named.

Straw Work Course
Being Taught
By Stephanie Humblestone
Expert straw worker, Mrs. Eloise
Smith described her art as "very
profitable" and claimed that she put her
six children through college and
university with its proceeds. She was
talking to a group of ladies and men at a
one week straw working course at J.A.
Pinder Primary School in Sandy Point
sponsored by the Bahamas Industrial and
Agricultural Corporation.


Mr. Preston Cunningham, Deputy
Administrator for South Abaco, was
recently transferred to Bimini to the loss of
Abaco. The residents held a going away
party for him presenting him with gifts and
expressing their feelings of loss.
About 30 people attended the
informative workshop in which Mrs.
Smith and a fellow stall holder, Mrs
Bernice McQueen, taught those present
the traditional art of making straw into
everything from baskets to dolls. The
course included a field trip into the bush
to gather the straw, followed by
instructions on stringing it, turning it
every two days and drying it in the sun
and wind.
These two ladies were in Sandy Point
through Bahamas Industrial and
Agricultural Corporation which organizes
workshops in various fields to teach new
techniques and methods in a number of
areas. Ms Donna Lee Bowe brought
these two ladies to Sandy Point and will

Sandy Point residents proudly display their straw work which they arejust learning to do.
Two women from Nassau, Mrs. Eloise Smith and Ms. Bernice McQueen instructed them
in the whole process, from harvesting the palm frond in the bush through all steps until
they were able to display their finished baskets and bags.

later have a closing ceremony after the
Sandy Point people have had time to
complete some straw work.
Mrs. Smith demonstrated to an
enthralled group how she places the
plaited straw panels on cardboard sheets
and then sews them on an electric
sewing machine, making a craft which
she learnt as a small child in Exuma look
easy, In fact, it is a skill, and one which
both Mrs. Smith and Mrs. McQueen
would like to see flourish in the Family
They pointed out that Sandy Point's
proximity to Disney's Castaway Cay
project will mean a huge increase in
tourism, not only in Sandy Point but
throughout Abaco. Visitors will want
more of local crafts. "There will be lots
of work for you all if you do the straw,"
, said Mrs. McQueen.

By Lee Pinder
A Talent Show was held at the
Cherokee All Age Primary School on
February 26th. As part of the program,
the children put on a fashion show and
dressed in costumes depicting children
from other countries in addition to
performing their talents for the audience.
Some of the parents even got involved in
the talent segment which had everyone
laughing. Especially when a group
mimicked our own very popular local
Radio Abaco (being interrupted by
various other electrical interferences.
A new King and Queen were chosen
from the entrants based on points
received. Kyle Sands gave a recitation
which won him the title of King and
Amanda Sawyer gave a lovely piano
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AnthoBy C. 41A 1 continued commitment to the people of The Bahamas and their

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been operating in the region for more than 100 years. Scotiabank first opened a branch in The
Bahamas in 1956 and, including subsidiaries and affiliates, currently operates in excess of 200
branches and offices in 28 countries throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

Scotiabank z

Nassau Architects
Give Planning Advice
Three architects from Nassau met with
Marsh Harbour Town Planning to make a
plea to actively plan for Marsh Harbour's
future growth. They emphasized that the
Council and Town Planning have the
power to regulate the town to become
what they wish it to be. About 20 persons
attended the March 10th meeting.
Mr. Rodney Braynen, President of the
Professional Architects Board, Mr. Amos
Ferguson and Mr. Anthony Jarvis came at
their own expense to urge the local
boards to take charge of Abaco's growth.
They emphasized that planning is an
important aspect of their service to the
community. They alluded to problems in
Nassau that need not be repeated on
They emphasized that most planing
rules are not carved in stone and should
be formulated by Abaco people to shape
Abaco's destiny. They noted that The
Bahamas Building Code contains rules for
minimum construction standards to
provide wind resistant and safe structures.
However, they stated that the local board
is free to implement their own rules for
set-backs, building appearances and
The increase in traffic and vendor stalls
were two examples they noted as local
problem areas. Local rules in these
matters will prevail when enacted for the
long range.
Island Administrator Everette Hart
echoed their theme. He urged Committee
members to plan our communities, set
priorities, send recommendations to
Nassau and then work on the mechanisms
to implement the effect.
It was suggested that each town or area
work on a comprehensive master plan for
future growth. This is a precursor to
zoning which the group felt is badly
needed in the Marsh Harbour area.
Forming a master plan, they said, does
not limit your future options. Plans can
change but it sets goals to work toward.
Mr. Braynen and his colleagues
suggested an inventory be taken of the
town patterns, residential areas, business
areas, historic buildings and areas, scenic
areas and perhaps other categories. Mark
the map and note boundaries. The
boundaries must reflect building patterns,
not political boundaries. With this start,
plans are made for future growth and
zoning priorities.
According to Clay Wilhoyte, a Town
Planning member from Hope Town and a
Hope Town Committee member, Hope
Town residents are being canvassed for
future growth ideas for the town and
Elbow Cay as a whole. A plan is being
formulated based on past and present
Mr. Jarvis said ideas, suggestions and
guidelines must be written down and
recorded and not left as passing

PLEASE SEE Architect

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March / April 1998

The Ahaeonian Page 7

Professional Architects Board

Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Established by Act of Parliament 1994
P.O. Box CB 13040 Nassau, Bahamas

Public Notice

Professional Architects Board
Licensed Architects
Professional Architects Act, 1994
It is notified for general information that in accordance with the Professional Architects

Act, 1994, the persons listed hereunder are licensed until December 31, 1998.

Name Address Licence #

Rodney Braynen

John Darville

Amos Ferguson

Anthony Jervis

Alvan Rolle

Michael C. Alexiou

Neil Behagg

Monty D. Knowles

Jackson L. Burnside Ill

Larry Forbes

David K. Griffiths

Donald Dean

Michael J. Moss

Wesley G.R. Thompson

Leo D. Ferguson

Pier Baldacci

Lawrence Chislom

P.O. Box N1423
Ph. 242-393-1874
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N4556
Ph. 242-394-2400
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box SS6261
Ph. 242-393-6732
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N7273
Ph. 242-326-6217
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N7401
Ph. 242-326-8141
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N672
Ph. 242-325-7363
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N658
Ph. 242-327-8109
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N8193
Ph. 242-393-1977
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N1207
Ph. 242-394-1886
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box SS6351
Ph. 242-356-4062
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box F40257
Ph. 242-352-2101
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box F41609
Ph. 242-352-4835
Freeport, Bahamas
P.O. Box N7091
Ph. 242-356-5913
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box EX101
Ph. 242-345-6063
Hope Hill Estate
Exuma, Bahamas
P.O. Box SS6261
Ph. 242-324-5566
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N4674
Ph. 242-323-4764
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N9025
Ph. 242-324-1454
Nassau, Bahamas

Name Address Licence #

Bruce Stewart

Winston Jones

Kenneth V. Lam

Iram Lewis

John L. McKenzie

Andrew Stirling

Kevin W. Sweeting

Donald E. Brodgen

Sean R. Matthews

David S. White

Daniel Davis

John R. Paine

Godwin Cargill

Robert Whittingham

Bernardo Deleveaux

Harold Johnson

Philip Johnson

P.O. Box N4556 083
Ph. 242-324-2681
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box SS5377 019
Ph. 242-325-1520
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N672
Ph. 242-325-7363
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N672 021
Ph. 242-325-7363
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N8585 022
Ph. 242-327-8500
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N672 024
Ph. 242-325-7363
Nassau Bahamas
P.O. Box N3211 025
Ph. 242-328-8916
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N8585 030
Ph. 242-327-8500
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N658 035
Ph. 242-323-3379
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N1013 039
Ph. 242-324-1547
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box EL25076 040
Ph. 242-332-2012
Governor's Harbour
P.O. Box N10779 044
Ph. 242-322-2945
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box EE16270 088
Ph. 242-393-6732
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N672 089
Ph. 242-325-7363
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N658 092
Ph. 242-322-3801
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N3905 095
Ph. 242-323-3944
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N742
Ph. 242-322-5204
Nassau. Bahamas

Professional Architects Board
Licensed Architectural Technician
Professional Architects Act, 1994
It is notified for general information that in accordance with the Professional Architects

Act, 1994,
Kendrick Hanna

Michael Hinsey

Leroy Knowles

William Bethel

Henry Delancy

the persons listed hereunder are licensed
Address Licence # Name
P.O. Box N8721 T003 Laurin Knowles
Ph. 242-361-5675
Nassau, Bahamas
P.O. Box N3048 T004 Bertram Carey
Ph. 242-326-6930
Nassau, Bahamas Jenkin Williams
P.O. Box N8156 T005
Ph. 242-393-0674
Nassau, Bahamas Marguerite O'Bri
P.O. Box N8156 T011
Ph. 242-322-4830
Nassau, Bahamas Solomon Smith
P.O. Box G.D. T016
Ph. 242-334-2266
Eleuthera, Bahamas

until December 31, 1998
Address Licence #
Ph. 242-337-0025 T026
Mangrove Bush
Long Island
Exuma, Bahamas T027

P.O. Box F44107
Ph. 242-352-2500
Freeport, Bahamas
P.O. Box F41703
Ph. 242-352-4333
Freeport, Bahamas
P.O. Box N10888
Ph. 242-361-6517
Nassau, Bahamas






Page 8 The Abaconian March/April 1998

News of the Cays

Green Turtle Cay
By Annabelle Cross
The past weeks have been quiet as
everyone went about their daily routines.
Like everywhere in the world, our winter
weather has been unusual with a lot of
rain Hopefully, this doesn't mean we're
in for a dry summer.
The fishing boats are out for the last
fishing trip of the '97-'98 season. The
weather doesn't seem to be cooperating.
The community is still awaiting a
reply to the letter signed by almost 200
persons and sent to the Commissioner of
Police requesting an official statement
concerning the death of Jeannie Pinder.
This lack of communication only adds to
the frustration.
Students of the Amy Roberts All Age
School are off on their Mexican
adventure. There will be many stories to

tell when they return.
Congratulations to Jennifer and
Michael Sawyer, who were married on
February 28th at the New Plymouth
Gospel Chapel. After their honeymoon,
the couple are residing on Green Turtle
With the arrival of spring and summer
we are also anticipating the arrival of
new babies, weddings and other special
By Samantha Sands
On March 6th a surprise bridal shower
was held for Connie Albury at the New
Life Church hall. Connie will be
marrying Shane Sawyer on April 11th,
1998. Wishing you both lots of
Mrs. Elizabeth Key lost her house and
all her belongings on March 11th when

fire destroyed her house. The community
asks your support in donating to a fund
to be administered by the Church of God
on Man-O-War. Checks can be made out
to Elizabeth Key Fire Relief Fund at
The loss of her house this year follows
the death of her husband last year in a
work related accident and the death of
her mother two years ago. The Church
of God trusts that many will give to this
very worthy cause.
Guana Cay
Town Gets Fuel Depot
Guana Beach Resort is happy to
announce that they have a Shell Bahamas
fuel installation at their marina. They
now provide fuels, lubricants and other

products and have pumps for boats out
on the end of the dock and a pump for
vehicles at the road. Their tanks have a
capacity of 10,000 gallons gas and
10,000 gallons diesel. The facility will be
open seven days per week from 9 a.m.
'until 5 p.m.
It has been more than 30 years since
fuel was available on Guana Cay.
Residents there and on Scotland Cay
have had to fuel up in Man-O-War or
Marsh Harbour.
The Resort has begun upgrading their
docks with better electrical service and
new ladders.


Page 9

Residents of Green Turtle Cay are enjoying the newly paved wide road along their
waterfront. All roads in the community are being paved as part of the improvement in
infrastructure being implemented by the government.

Tropic Breeze, the Shell fuel tanker, delivered 20, 000 gallons of fuel to the Guana Beach
Resort in a new installation. Guana residents are pleased that once again they can
conveniently buy fuel in their own town. Photo by Toby Strong



isa U

*1 A

Dock-side dual freight elevators combined with a
rear drive-on ramp give cargo handling flexibility

* The MARGARITA I has greatly expanded our freight capabil-
ities, rear drive-on ramp, side elevators, 40 ton cargo boom,
roll-on/roll-off containers, vehicles, flat beds and heavy
equipment, break-bulk cargo, cold & frozen capacity
* Fenced dock-side storage and parking in Marsh Harbour,
locked and secure during off hours
* West Palm Beach freight deliveries and cargo handling are
looked after by Heavy Lift Services with Gulfstream Lines
as shipping agents. Both are in Warehouse "B" at the Port
of Palm Beach. Marsh Harbour Shipping is the only freight
carrier serving Abaco with its own employees on the W.
Palm Beach dock looking after your freight.

Marsh Harbour Shipping Company
Tel: 242-367-3341 Fax 367-4885 P.O. Box AB 20777

I r r -

i p

March/April 1998 The Ahaeonlan Page 9

More News of the Cays
B a IN" IM

FROMPage8 Art Show at Abaco Inn


Hope Town
By Stephanie Humblestone
Hope Town Fire and Rescue Fair
On the 21st of February Hope Town
Fire and Rescue held its annual fair. Like
other years, it was well attended and
was, in the words of one of the
organizers, "a huge social and financial
The silent auction had lots of
interesting things to bid for, amongst
which were place mats, cutlery sets and
paintings. Ben Patterson, son of Scott
and Jane Patterson ,won the first prize in
the raffle of a round trip ticket to West
Palm Beach.
The fair, lasting from 10 a.m. until 2
p.m., covered the lunch hour. Crowds
were attracted to the stalls offering all
kinds of goodies. Residents of Hope
Town had baked a vast array of cakes.
There was also a barbecue.
A demonstration of a burning building
with a smoke inhalation victim was
impressive in its efficiency. Nurse Letty
Martz displayed all of the emergency
supplies and equipment. She also gave
free blood pressure checks.
Hope Town Sailing Club
By Oliver Mc Keag
The annual meeting of our 150
member club was held at the Club House
on February 3. Financial budget
comprised the usual generous donations
to community projects such as the
Wyannie Malone Museum, the Hope
Town and Man-O-War schools, the Fire
and Rescue Service and BASRA.
However. our major contribution this
year was to the ABACO RAGE. With the
approval of the Minister of Economic
Development, we are being incorporated
as a non-profit Bahamian corporation
with the stated objects of promoting the
sport of sailing and (interalia) "to
encourage local Bahamians to continue
their interest in sailing and racing."
Our members considered it a thrilling
achievement for the community that the
RAGE not only made it to the All Abaco
Regatta but has competed in our races as
The meeting concluded with the
election of officers: Commodore,
Dorothy Shrier; Vice Commodore,
Oliver Mc Keag; and Rear Commodores,
Tony Bennett and Stafford Patterson.


An artists shows off one of his entries.

By Stephanie Humblestone
On March 21st the 15th Annual Art
Exhibition was held at the Abaco Inn on
Elbow Cay. A diversity of talent was on
display for the enjoyment of the throngs
of visitors.
Among those exhibiting their
watercolours were Brigitte Bowyer-
Carey, Bill Tilley, Mary Rice, Steve Best
and Anne Ray. All their works were
scenes from Elbow Cay and its
inhabitants, flora, New England style
architecture, and scenery.
In contrast to the array of watercolours
was an impressive display of driftwood
paintings of native Bahamian fish, rich in
colour and variety by Brigitte Bowyer-
Carey. On one table were native cedar
carvings by the youngest of the
exhibitors, Ricky Sweeting, only 15
years of age. His collection of carved
and turned birds were greatly admired.
After viewing the show, visitors









Abaco Inn held its annual Art Show during March, displaying a variety of water colours,
oils, wood carvings and sculpture. Local as well as visiting artists were invited to show.

enjoyed an attractively laid out buffet
served on the ocean patio.
Wine Tasting Held at
Abaco Inn
Friday 13th was lucky for some,

particularly those who enjoyed good
Under the stars on the patio of the
Abaco Inn on Elbow Cay many gathered



Page 20

"" Abaco


New Generation W~
Counter rotating sets too F50 four stroke models Quiet Smooth Power
Our Technicians are "Top of the Class"
Certified by Yahama on these
"All New Models"


90 Quality Products Backed by
Years of Yahama Factory Training
HP Largest Parts Inventory in The Bahamas

-- - ~~ *'* 'v '* '"*

Yahama Generators
Motorcycles & Water Pumps ...
Abaco Outboards is a Full-Line Yamaha Distributor
for the Northern Bahamas.
We Await Your Call JL

Outboards and All Yahama Products

are built for the long run. Our team at Abaco Outhoards

strive to be the best in our industry and want you as our
valued customer
baco Outboard Engines Ltd.
P.O. Box AB 20070 Yamaha Distributor



Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Phone 242-367-2452

Page 10 The Abaconlan March/April 1998



- Our Future Depends On It

Abaco has come a long way since the
landmark years of 1958 1961 which saw:
the opening of the airport at Marsh
the arrival of the first banks, Barclays
and CIBC in Marsh Harbour
the arrival of the Owens Illinois
pulpwood project and the ensuing road
the relocation of the Commissioner's
office from Hope Town to Marsh Harbour
The entire island has come a long way
and has caught up with the rest of the
developed world cable TV, computers,
the Internet, the latest in electronic gear for
our fishing boats.,
However, during the last 40 years, no
particular thought has been given to the
growth pattern of the area. Petty shops co-
existed with residential areas. Land was
relatively plentiful. Narrow roads and a
lack of parking were not serious obstacles
to daily living. Development was
As the countdown to the 21st century
quickens, we must start asking questions
about where we are headed and begin to
formulate some answers. Marsh Harbour is
often referred to as the Bahamas' fastest
growing community. The entire island of
Abaco is booming from Sandy Point
accommodating Disney to talk of new
hotels on the drawing board for North
Local government will be two years old
in July. Our leaders are becoming less
timid about their responsibilities and
starting to look to the future. Zoning and
long range planning are two concepts that
are being mentioned more frequently in
local government meetings. Planning for
the future growth of the area is important
as many of the options are quite limited or
require innovative solutions due to island
Several towns are very limited in their
ability to expand. Marsh Harbour needs to
be especially careful since their options are
so limited. Essentially, all future growth
will be southerly along Don MacKay
Dundas Town is getting an expansion
with the Central Pines Estates
development. This will ease the demand for

The Abaconian
David & Kathleen Ralph, Editors & Publishers
P 0 Box AB 20551, Marsh Harbour '
Abaco, Bahamas

affordable house lots and commercial sites.
Well fields, dumps and subdivisions all
have to be accommodated on our narrow
but substantial island. Local government is
going to have to make long range plans and
talk with central government which will
have to do a better job of coordinating
departments and agencies.
For example, the present well field is in
the path of an expanding Marsh Harbour.
Some day in the foreseeable future this
well. field will have to be moved further
south. Recently, it was determined that a
new sanitary land fill will be located in the
Spring City Snake Cay triangle.
Presumably this new dump site will not
conflict with a relocated well field. Studies
show that the lens of fresh water is deepest
just to the west of this proposed dump site.
Some planning projects or ideas may
require expertise from Nassau or other
sources. Some studies may require expense
money for research or consultants which
the present budget does not provide for.
The Councils will have to be more
aggressive in asking for money and help
from Nassau.
Our present Town Planning Committees
will have to be more assertive and forward

By Stephanie Humblestone
He ran up the steps of the Hope Town
Harbour. Lodge with a levity that
suggested that he had not a care in the
world or none that he chose to
He disappeared into the hotel and then
materialised a few moments later on the
top step.
"Come on, darling," he shouted down
to his wife. "We'll be late for Happy
(I doubt that any hour could have been
happy living with him.)
Trudging wearily up the steps came
the little lady, weighted down by two
huge suitcases, ravaged by three whining
kids, hair styled by El Nifio and
breathing heavily under the strain of all
I passed the blackguard in the
entranceway of the hotel and kept my
feet to myself.

Published Monthly
Phone 242-367-2677
FAX 242-367-3677
e-mail davralph@batelnet .bs

Reporter/Writer: Stephanie Humblestone
Contributors: Annabelle Cross, Laura Davies, Lahrue Etienne, Charlene A.M.
Fernander,John Hedden, Liann Key Kaighin, Philipp Mayerhofer, Oliver
McKeag, Rashida Murray, Lee Pinder, Samantha Sands, Royann Swain, Sandy
Credit: Stephan Nash for parrot sketches and Bahamas Information Service
Inquire for advertising rates 0 5,500 copies distributed
Complimentary distribution at many Abaco locations

Subscription rate
(12 Issues)

$15.00 Abaco $20 other Bahamas
$24.00 USA $30 Canada airmail
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looking. The days of waiting for something
to happen, then deciding what to do about
it are coming to an end. More thought will
have to be given to the problems growth
brings and laying the ground work so the
problems are minimal.
Hope Town is to be commended as they
are formulating a long range community
development plan based on input from the
community. It will be interesting to see
what they come up with.
Areas needing forward planning
Zoning for residential, commercial
and industrial areas.
0 A long range area plan, goals for five
to ten years.
Consideration to traffic flow and
parking requirements.
Well field relocation to allow for
Marsh Harbour's expansion.
Opening new roads to relieve traffic
More consideration to landscaping at
new business and commercial sites.
Expanding Forest Drive to a dual
roadway and adding a sidewalk for school
A long range plan and methods for

I greeted him in a familiar manner
although I had never set eyes on him
before in my life.
"How are you?" I inquired rather
pointedly, placing special emphasis on
the last word.
"Oh, great!, just great!" he replied,
appreciating my island friendliness and
oblivious to any other sentiments.
I was speechless. I made all kinds of
excuses for him: failing ticker, bad back,
excessively independent wife but I
couldn't make any of them stick.
He was a cad in the truest sense a
In the late afternoon on the steps of
the Hope Town Harbour Lodge chivalry
died an instant death and went, not to
Heaven, but the other place.
I had to quickly remind myself that
there are still men who have retained
those high standards of propriety that
have for generations made up the
gracious and valorous title of
"gentleman." I hastily called to mind
those men who qualify and decided there
were enough not to warrant virtual
I have seen chivalry at its best here in
the Abacos where the "old school" lives
and flourishes. I have been a first hand
recipient. Last week a young man, local
to Hope Town, helped me carry a piece
of furniture from the pubic dock. I was
moved and pleased, the furniture was
I travel frequently on Albury's Ferry
between Hope Town and Marsh
Harbour. I see the world come and go. I
see women struggle with cumbersome
luggage and I watch as gallant ferry
drivers assist them. I have noticed that
those same men extend a hand to many
passengers as they get on and off the
boat. I am impressed.

We All Have Common
Dear Editor,
In your last issue there was a letter
written by William (Billy) Roberts
entitled "Foreigners Need Respect for

preserving and enhancing the remaining
open Marsh Harbour waterfront.
Studies and methods to reduce the
harbour pollution in Hope Town and Marsh
Harbour and pollution in the area in
The continued improvement of the
Marsh Harbour landscape. Last year's start
should be considered just a beginning.
Provision for public recreational
areas, both waterfront and inland.
Perhaps the local government
department in Nassau could establish an
office acting as a "One Stop Shop,"
catering to the problems of the Out Islands
and Abaco in particular. Local government
and even individuals frequently need a
helping hand in Nassau to overcome
bureaucratic bottlenecks.
Local government was created to
provide equally for all the Out Islands.
Abaco is the Bahamas third largest area in
population and economic activity and has
growing pains. Our needs may be more
acute than some of the other islands.
Our future may be in our own hands but
Nassau must help guide these hands as we
grow and mature.

We must keep alive such niceties as
the man opening the passenger door for
the lady, offering his hand as she leaves
the vehicle, pulling out her chair in a
restaurant and carefully orchestrating a
meal so that she finishes eating first.
She may adamantly deny that she
appreciates these finer points of social
etiquette but inside she will probably feel
There is nothing worse than having a
revolving door smash into your face as
your partner disappears safely into the
interior of a building. If this happens, it's
best to make one more revolution to the
However, an ungracious woman is
oftentimes worse. When his efforts at
valour are spurned, it can be devastating.
For instance, imagine how he feels when
she simply stares at his extended hand or
rejects it. Worse still, when she moves
obviously around the table to a seat,
leaving him holding one he has pulled
out for her. Empathise with him when
she loudly exclaims, "I don't go in for all
that chivalry stuff," as she pushes him
ahead through a door. She isn't asserting
herself, she isn't being his equal, but
merely demonstrating rudeness.
We must reach out and hold on to
dying values and teach our children by
example. We must practice them,
appreciate them and treasure them.
Mr. happy-go-lucky stayed on for
about a week at the Lodge. He got a
wonderful tan. He lazed in the sun while
she wrestled daily with the children. I
saw him mid-way through his vacation,
lugging a huge surf board down to the
He was breathing normally and he
appeared to be having no trouble with his
back! I wonder if the wife still has the
excess baggage or if she has moved
him out!

Bahamians." I completely related to his
entire letter and commend Billy for
speaking out. It is great to hear from a
fellow Bahamian who has pride for his
country and takes the time to express it.


Page 11


Jn My Humble Opinion. .The Age of Chivalry

Letters to The Editor

mmo m

sdY .

More Left'rs

March/April 1998 The Abaconian Page 11

Loyalist Shoppe Moves

Letters FROM Page 10
Foreigners need to respect Bahamians
just as all human beings would do well to
respect each other.
As Billy points out we are moving
closer and closer to a global community.
This means that more and more, people
of different financial status, nationalities
and race will be living next door to each
other. Dealing with all these- different
people is new to many of us.
And what I want to do is to learn how
to best cope with this "merging" of
peoples. Rather than focusing on how
different these people are, I am going to
look at what we all have in common.
Most people I have encountered all
basically want the same things, a happy
home, a good job and world peace.
Sometimes people do things that I
don't like or can't understand. So, I look
at this in a couple of ways: one, if they
are breaking the law they will eventually
be caught, "time longer than rope," and
two, if they are within the law and if I
feel inclined, I will talk with the
persons) directly. If what they are doing
frustrates, angers or pleases me, I like to
let them know. This helps me to move
through the issue. It's not always easy
dealing with people but I am willing to
keep trying.
Deb Patterson
St. Francis Thanks
Dear Editor,
The St. Francis de Sales PTA would
like to think all businesses and
individuals who so generously
contributed to the success of our annual
Spring Fair.
In particular we are grateful to
AID Abaco Outboard Engines


110 Memorial Plaza
Marsh Harbour
367-BUDS (2837)


Economy Full
Air conditioned & reliable
Reasonable Rates
Located at the
Marsh Harbour
Airport Terminal
Roam the Island with
Wilmac and
Save! Save! SAVE!
Call 242-367-4313
367-3465 Emergency
Visa & Master Cards Accepted

Molly Roberts Land & Sea Brokerage
National Marine Abaco Office Products
Jimmy Williams The Abaconian
Raffle Prize Donors
Many thanks also to everyone who came
out see you next year.
School Fair Committee
A Message to Nancy
Adderley's Parents
and Family
You've lost a darling daughter,
The world has lost a friend,
She was so full of laughter
We'll meet her in the end.
And those who've lost a sister
Keep her memory in your heart,
When you get sad and miss her
Say, we're never far apart.
We know that she's in heaven above
In Jesus' precious arms,
She's dwelling in His wondrous love
Showing all her gracious charms.
She left us all in sorrow,
But it won't be for long,
Could be as soon as tomorrow
We'll rejoin her in song.
Your friend,
Jim Hall

Phone or Fax
News of Your Town
367-2677,367-3677 Fax

By Stephanie Humblestone
After thirty-five years in the same
location, the Loyalist Shoppe has moved
from near the traffic light on Don
MacKay Boulevard farther down the
same road close to the Texaco Service
Station in Marsh Harbour.
Loyalist Shoppe had their official
opening on March 31st when they invited
members of the business community to
an open house and reception that evening
at the store. Radio Abaco covered the
event with live coverage and those with
lucky numbers received a variety of door
prizes. The celebration continued through
April 1st when they offered snack food,
crayons for the children and a drawing
for gifts including watches, cigarette
lighters and earrings.
Now renamed as Abaco Office
Products, the new enterprise has over
3000 square feet of space to become
"Abaco's largest office and school supply
store." The store is spacious, well lit and
set out in sections so that goods are
easily identifiable. The newspaper stand
with both Abaco and Nassau publications
immediately meets the eye on entering
the shop. (The Nassau Guardian and The
Tribune can both be ordered and reserved
daily.) Behind this is an area devoted
entirely to books and magazines.
School supplies, stationery goods and
office merchandise are all clearly laid out
for purchase. At the back of the store is
a large selection of office furniture,
desks, filing cabinets, cupboards and

office equipment such as fax machines
and photocopying machines.
Rubber stamps, business cards,
badges, buttons and key chains can all be
made in the shop. Facilities are available
to do black and white as well as colour
photocopying, enlargement and reduction
and fax transmittals.
There is a full time repair man on the
premises who can repair many popular
brands of office equipment. Lines of
many brands are on sale in the store. In
addition to this, there is a catalogue
service to ensure that the customer gets
exactly what he wants.
Mr. William Sands, Manager, says
that this is a very comprehensive store
which will grow along with the needs of
the community.

Rainfall for the month of February
was 6.85 inches and for March it was
7.16 inches. These figures are for Little
Orchard in Marsh Harbour and we thank
Reginald Patterson for supplying us with
The average rainfall for the preceding
six years for February was 4.05 inches
and for March it was 3.76 inches so we
are still receiving more than normal
The cumulative amount for this year is
29.87 inches compared to the six year
average of 11.77 inches.


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Boat Duties Handled

"One Call Does it All"

Phone 242-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P 0 Box AB 20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on Front Street


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Receiving the Abaconian is the easiest way
to keep up with all the activity on Abaco
such as:
" Resort & hotel development
" Infrastructural improvements by central
government: roads, airport, docks, etc.
" Actions by local government
" Community events
" Fishing, boating & sporting activities
" Changes to laws and regulations
" Changes in airline service
" New business ventures
" Phone and electric company changes
" Immigration, taxes or duty changes

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Page 12 The Abaeonlan March/April 1998

School News

Spelling Competition
By Stephanie Humblestone
The first in-school spelling bee was
held at Marsh Harbour Primary School
on the 25th of February. Theresa Pinder
won the Abaco Spelling Bee finals. The
competition selected the finalist who will
compete in Nassau in the national event.
Theresa is an eighth grade students at
Forest Heights Academy in Marsh
Harbour and is the daughter or Mr. and
Mrs. Simeon Pinder. Coming in second
was Sharona Ettienne, an eighth grade
student at Long Bay School in Dundas
This was part of the Scripps-Howard
United States National Spelling Bee
Competition held annually in
Washington, D.C. It is being sponsored
in the Bahamas by IBM, the Nassau
Guardian and Nassau Beach Hotel
The competition, regionally held
throughout the Bahamas, was open to all
schools up through Grade 8. About 20
students from schools in the Marsh
Harbour area participated. Prior to the
event a list of 5000 words was given to
each school for students to study. The
winner had to get 100% accuracy. Many
schools did not send children because of
the high standard and for some
unrealistic expectations of grade 8
However, Forest Heights Academy
sent eight students, one of whom,
Theresa Pinder, excelled by winning first
place. Headmaster of the school, Mr.
Mike Meeson, described the competition
as "cut throat" and even challenging for
an adult.
Theresa will go on to the next round
of the spelling bee in Nassau on the 26th
of March which will be broadcast live on
ZNS. The winner of that competition will
represent the Bahamas in the
championships next year in Washington,

Theresa Pinder
Abaco Spelling Champion

At Harbour's Edge
New Bike Sales
MBS Giant
Jamis Boss
Also Available
Cannondale Klien Trek
Mens Womens Childrens

Forest Heights
Clean-up Planned
Students of Forest Heights will take
part in a clean-up of Stede Bonnet Road
in Marsh Harbour on Environmental Day
the 22nd of April.
S.C. Bootle High School
Commerce Class Travels to
By Rashida Murray
Our Grade 11 commerce class from
the Sherlin C. Bootle Secondary School
went on a four day field trip into our
nation's capital on March 12th. The
purpose of our trip was to gather
important information and for exposure
to the real world of business.
We stated at one of the safest and
most comfortable hotels along the Cable
Beach strip, the Casuarinas. For some of
us it was a first time travelling into
Nassau so we toured sights such as
Atlantis, viewed a film at the RND
Cinema and shopped at the malls. We

* Bimini Bay

visited important places such as the local
College of the Bahamas and the Central
Bank of the Bahamas.
Rarely one gets the opportunity to sit
and talk with some very important people
in Nassau. Spending time with
industrious people was the highlight of
our trip. We met, had lunch and took a
photograph with the Governor General,
Sir Orville Turnquest at his residence.
His Excellency, the Right Honourable
Hubert A. Ingraham took time our of his
busy schedule to sit and take a
photograph with us. We were also the
recipients of a generous monetary
donation. We received another
worthwhile monetary contribution from a
government high school, A.F. Adderly.
They also provided lunch for us on
March 16th, our last day in Nassau. We
were given initial capital by our teacher
and told to triple it within three weeks by
using our business training. As a result,
almost $1000 was raised. This helped to
make this educational and exciting trip


St. Francis de Sales
Science Fair
By Laura Davies
On March 19th after four months of
hard work, the students of grades 4, 5,
6 and 7 of St. Francis de Sales School
held their First Annual Science Fair.
The students began the day setting up
their exhibits which ranged from Life
Sciences to Astronomy. They then
practiced their oral presentations with the
younger students in the school who came
to see the Science Fair. Finally, the
judging began. Jim Hegney, Shawn
O'Donnell, Annette O'Donnell, Joy
Chaplin and I spent two hours
questioning each students about their
projects. After the judges deliberated, the
following awards were presented:
Grade 4
1st Cicero Henriquez Brazilleto Tea
2nd Celisha Russell Under the Sea
3rd Brandon Sawyer Dinosaurs


Page 17

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March/April 1998 The Ahaeonian Page 13

More News from North Abaco

including marine paintings, ceramics,
carved wooden items, jewelry and more
and was %ery. successful for the anists.
If you are interested in having a table,
please contact Avis Miller at 365-8535 or
see her at the Resort.
The fishing tournament is expected to
draw more than 40 boats from the United
States and The Bahamas.
A Wedding
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. John
lian Cash \\ho were married in a private
family ceremony on January 24th. The
wedding was an outdoor ceremony at
Guana Beach Resort with Vernon Malone
officiating. They are planning a reception
in Treasure Cay on April 18th.
Mr. Cash is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ivan Cash of Treasure Cay and Mrs.
Cash is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
they returned to Treasure Cay where they
now live at Twin Palms on Brigantine

Last May Treasure Cay Limited held its first Arts and Crafts Fair on a lay day during Mr. and Mrs. John Cash
their Treasure Cay International Billfish Tournament. It proved to be very popular with
most of the items being offered selling well. They will have another fair this year on May
13th and invite any persons interested to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for
Abaco people to display and sell their crafts.

Jess Cheatham of North Carolina. Mr.
Cash is the owner of JIC Boat Rentals
and Cart Rentals in Treasure Cay.
Following a honeymoon which was a
week long cruise through the Caribbean,

People in the News I

James and Nutan Poole along with manager at Scotia Bank until early in
daughter Simran are very proud to 1996 when he was transferred to Nassau.
announce the arrival of their young son, They were then transferred to Freeport in
Amir Hamish, on March 5, born in West August 1997.
Palm Beach. Mrs. Poole's health is fine Ebony Rochelle Lowe was named to
and they are all doing very well but miss the President's List for earning an A
Abaco very much. Mr. Poole was average in the fall semester. Miss Lowe
is attending Pensacola Christian College
in Pensacola, Florida, a liberal arts
college with 4,000 students in
undergraduate and graduate programs.
She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Isador Lowe of Marsh Harbour.
Lamond Davis of Spring City is
attending the Bahamas Hotel Training
College in Freeport and is studying to be
a chef. It is a three-year course during
which he will attend classes at the college
and will be an apprentice at the Club
Fortuna in Freeport. He graduated from
Ebony Lowe Abaco Central High school in 1997
where he was deputy head boy.

"A Unisex Salon"
Matrix and Paul Mitchell
Products and Accessories
Elaine Summerville, Manager
Tues. Sat. 9 a.m. 5 p.m.
Beside Abaco Hardware 367-3623
Venus Swimwear also available
& Very Intimate Apparel

Wedding to Be Held
Ms. Starlene Nairn and Mr. Jacob
Prenelus have announced their wedding
plans for the 18th of April. The
ceremony will take place at the Dundas
Town Church of God followed by a
reception at the Pavilion at Abaco Beach
The couple plan to reside in Cooper's
Town for one year. Ms. Nairn is an
elected member of the Cooper's Town
Committee and will stay in Cooper's
Town until her term in office is

Ms. Starlene Nairn and Jacob Prenelus

Daily 9:30 to 5:00 Closed Sunday

Brand Parts


| Appliances & Appliance Parts
Water Heaters, Lawn Mowers
Plumbing, Auto Accessories

In Marsh Harbour at the traffic light
Mon Fri 9 am 5 pm 367-4185 Sat 8 am Noon

A What's ha 'nen

A Tourist Magazine


July 1998
To advertise call
Tel: (242) 324-4801


FROM Page 4

1___ __ _





Page 14 The Abaconian March/April 1998

@hituaries J rienbs anb iestbents

Nancy Manwella Augusta Adderly,
28, from Sandy Point passed away on
February 20th after a short illness. The
funeral was held on February 28th at the
St. Martins Anglican Church and
interment was in the Sandy Point Public
Cemetery. Father Hugh Chapman
officiated assisted by Catechist Benjamin
Pinder and Rev. Napoleon Roberts.
She is survived by her parents, Leslie
and Gloria Adderly; son, Amilio Fawkes;
grandmother, Peggy Adderly; sisters,
Charlene, Pamela and Mercilita
Adderley, Kathleen Williamson and
Darlene Roker; brothers, Valentino,
Thomas and Robert Adderly and a host
of other relatives and friends.
Miriam Vernita Albury, 60, from
Moore's Island passed away on February
24th. The funeral was on March 7th at
the Greater Bethel Baptist Church with
Rev. Haywood Swain officiating assisted
by Pastor Nixon Simms and Rev. Geneva
Williams. Interment was in the Public
Cemetery on Moore's Island.
She is survived by her husband,
Alborn Albury; sons, Albert, Jerry
Tracie, Dennis and Simon; daughters
Leta Simms, Bethsheba, Eliza,
Chlothilda, Monique, Lillimae and
Josette Albury; brother, Joe Stuart; step-
brother, Howard Stuart; son-in-law,
Donald Simms; grandchildren, great-
grandchildren and many other relatives
and friends
Benjamin Russell, 64, known as
Captain Benji of Treasure Cay, passed
away on February 27th. The funeral was
on March 7th at St. Anne's Anglican
Church, Crown Haven with Fr. Santosh
Murray officiating assisted by Lay
Reader Theophilus Rolle. Interment was
in the Crown Haven Public Cemetery.
He is survived by his wife, Olive
Russell; mother, Evelyn Russell; sons,
Gladwin, Robert, Joseph Jr.; daughters
Vanessa, Lusa, Sherry Richardson,
Maxine Butler, Rosemary and Rosea
Russell; grandchildren, great-grandchild,
sisters; brothers; and many other
relatives and friends
Edward Swain, 82, of Murphy Town
passed away last month at Princess
Margaret Hospital in Nassau after a long
illness. He was buried on February 26th.
The funeral service was held at Bethany
Gospel Chapel in Murphy Town with
Rev. Anthony Swain officiating.
Interment was in the Murphy Town
Public Cemetery.
He is survived by his wife, Mary
Swain; daughter, Sylvia Swain; son
Theophilus Swain; brother, Rev.
Hayward Swain of Moore's Island;
grandchildren and a host of friends and
Charlotte Evanette Griffin, 68,
passed away on January 23rd. She was
born in Hope Town and lived there most
of her life.
She is survived by sisters Marie, Mary
and Minnie, brother Franklyn Russell,
nieces Althea, Donna, Lavaughn and
Evalena; nephews Edward, Wellington,
Niles and Wesley.
Gervase Julio Russell, nine months,
died in the fire when his family home
burned on March 13th. His funeral was
on March 21st at St. Andrew's Methodist
Church in Dundas Town. Rev. Carla
Culmer officiated and interment was in
the public cemetery.
He is mourned by his parents, Julie
and Dave Russell; brothers Chase and
Blake; grandparents Red and Frances
Jones and George Russell; aunts, Ada
McGregor, Katherine Jones, Ettajean
Bain, Deborah and Jackie Williams,
Roselyn Thompson, Jestina Burrows,
Sandra Ferguson, Lovely Reckley,

Nadine Rolle, Voidell Moss, Pleasant
Sands, Rosemary, Martha and Dianna
Russell, Rosalie Jones, Precious and
Kelly Russell; uncles, Zyndell and
Frederick Jones Jr. Tes, Eugene, Willie,
Randy and Kevin Russell, Hansel Bain,
Llewellyn.and Henry Williams, Benjamin
Thompson, Oral Ferguson, Eddie
Burrows, Dudley McGregor, James
Sands, Wilfred Moss, Bradley Reckley
and Michael Rolle and many other
relatives and friends.
Rosemary Swain, 51, of Moore's
Island passed away in Nassau. The
funeral service was on March 22nd at
Zion Baptist Church in Hard Bargain,
Moore's Island. Officiating was Pastor
Nixon Simms assisted by Rev. Haywood
Swain. Interment was in the public

cemetery of Moore's Island.
She is survived by her husband, Leon
Swain; daughters, Terry Stuart, Carolyn
Greene, Stephanie Swain, Francine
Heild, Thelma Stuart and Clarice Swain;
son Alexander Swain; sisters Thelma
Davis and Dorothy Neilly; brother
Thomas Swain; grandchildren; and many
other relatives and friends.
Samuel Alfred Smith, 75, of Dundas
Town passed away on March. The
funeral service was held in Nassau and
burial was in Nassau.
He is survived by his wife, Cynthia;
daughter, Jennifer McPhee; sons,
Michael Smith, MP, Gary, Ricardo and
Rudy Smith; brother Ambrose Smith;
sisters, Deloris Stirrup, Rosalie Dillett,
Effie Sawyer and Lucille Bain; son-in-

laws; daughters-in-law; and many other
relatives and friends.
Evelyn Elizabeth Curry, 43, of
Wood Cay passed away on March 23rd
after a long illness. Her funeral was on
April 4th at St. Thomas Baptist Church
in Wood Cay with Rev. Ezekiel
McIntosh officiating. Interment was in
the Public Cemetery, Wood Cay.
Ms. Curry is survived by sons,
Edoney, Elvardo and James; daughters,
Evealisa, Jane and Cliffpheria; mother
Areamintha Curry; grandfather, Roland
McIntosh; stepmother, Viola McIntosh;
brothers; sisters; and many other

PLEASE SEE Obituaries

Page 26

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March/April 1998 The Abaconian Page 15


5 . ... .-.... ..

BACARDI clk., s.A

,,' H[CHO v MF

ri% '5.
f Its Kind: ''r" '(
tes.oTst %"_-. V I'

kn""ej is a

Page 16 The Abaeonlan March/April 1998

Family Guardian Insurance Comes to Abaco

Company Goes Public
On March 25th Roscow Pyfrom,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of
FamGuard Corporation Limited and its
subsidiary, The Family Guardian
Insurance Company Limited, announced
an initial public offering of one million,
three hundred thirty-eight thousand four
hundred sixty (1,338,460) Ordinary
Shares. The offering will begin on March
30th and continue through April 24th,
The Ordinary Shares are being offered
at $3.00 each with a minimum
subscription of 300 Shares for $900 and
in increments of 100 Shares thereafter.
An order form is available in the issuing
Prospectus which is available at Coutts
(Bahamas) Limited and at all offices of
The Family Guardian Insurance
Company Limited. The Prospectus is also
available at offices of CIBC Bahamas
Limited and The Royal Bank of Canada
in Nassau, Freeport and Marsh Harbour.
The public offer has been approved by
the Registrar of Insurance Companies,
the Securities Board and the Central
Bank of The Bahamas.
As soon as the proposed Bahamas
International Stock Exchange opens,
FamGuard intends to list its Shares for
trading on the Exchange.
Following completion of the offering,
Coutts (Bahamas) Limited and Fidelity
Bank and Trust International Limited will
publish bid and asked prices for the
Shares in a daily newspaper and will
arrange the buying and selling of shares
at the published prices.
FamGuard Corporation Limited and its

subsidiary, The Family Guardian
Insurance Company Limited, are
Bahamian companies. The insurance
company was formed in 1965 and
recently celebrated its 33rd anniversary.

Company Opens Office

On April 3rd the Family Guardian
Insurance Company Limited officially
announced the opening of their Marsh
Harbour office with a celebration at the
Abaco Beach Resort. Mr. Roscow N.
Pyfrom, Chairman of the Board, and Mr.
Gerald Strachan, President of the
company, along with several of the vice
presidents of the firm were present to
acquaint the Abaco people with their
company and their plans for Abaco.
Family Guardian, a Bahamian owned
and operated insurance company, offers
many services. It was incorporated in
1965 as an industrial and home service
company. In the years since then it has
grown continually and broadened its
markets to include ordinary life
insurance, annuity savings plans,
hospitalization, sickness and accident
insurance as well as mortgage lending.
Last year the company showed a profit
for the year of $1.8 million and had
assets of $45 million.

Over 10,000 people see the
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Bar opens at 11 am -until closing
Boutique Open 9 9

Live M#usi by .fshi
Wednesday and Saturday Evenings
On the Marsh Harbour waterfront Call 367-2074

Mr. Pyfrom proudly introduced the
Resident Agent and Sales Representative
for the Marsh Harbour office, Catherine
Pyfrom Patterson. She is a trained and
licensed representative and has already
begun her sales work with the people of

Abaco. The office is located in the B &
L Plaza.
The mission of the Family Guardian is
to help Bahamians from all walks of life
to protect their financial future through
informed investments and insurance.

Family Guardian Insurance Company Limited held a reception at Abaco Beach Resort in
Marsh Harbour to commemorate the opening of their office in Marsh Harbour. Chairman
of the Board, Mr. Roscow Pyfrom is shown above with Mrs. Catherine Pyfrom Patterson,
Resident Agent and Sales Representative, and Barbara Hannah, Unit Manager from


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- ,I ,I .1 .r' *i 9. I~I 9 I I X ~C( r I P ,t `~l*'r I, I

March/April 1998 The Ahaeonlan Page 17

More School Happenings


FROM Page 12

Grade 5
1st Celine Albury Lions
2nd Erica Oliver The Solar System
3rd Desirae Lowe The Titanic
Grade 6
1st Ashlee Russell Suspension Bridges
2nd Valline Baptiste The Solar System
3rd Warren Archer Volcanoes
Grade 7
1st Brittany Sawyer Soil Samples
2nd Cristoph Albury Solar Energy
3rd Kenranesha OliverDigestive System
Thank you to all of the judges, Mrs.
Albury (grade 4), Mr. Victor (Grade 5)
and Mr. O'Donnell (Grade 6 and 7) and
congratulations to all of the participants
on a job well done.
Fund Raising Fair a Success
St. Francis de Sales School held a
very successful fund raising fair on
March 21st at the school grounds. The
weather cleared nicely in time for booths
to be set for face painting, a book sale,
and a raffle. The used clothing jumble
sale drew many. Dinners and sweets
completed the day.
In-Service Training Offered
St. Francis de Sales is beginning a
three year project which will provide
professional consulting for Abaco school
teachers. Dr. Sharon Kossack of Florida
International University will begin a
continuing in-service training course for
teachers to review the latest teaching
methods. Additionally she will provide
testing, recommendations and tutoring
techniques for children experiencing
learning difficulties. She will also
recommend changes in a student's
situation where appropriate.
There will be an organizational and
information meeting on April 23rd at
7:30 p.m. at St. Francis de Sales School.
All parents, teachers and/ interested
individuals are invited to attend.

Abaco Central High School
Landscaping Helps Look of
By Stephanie Humblestone
The once sadly neglected grounds of
Abaco Central High School are receiving
a major face-lift. Since Christmas it has
been cared for by two new grounds men,
who have both had extensive experience
in farming.
Tom Blyden and Roy Delancy are both
taking their new project seriously. They

is in fo '.

are beautifying the school by planting
donated plants and keeping the grounds
free of litter. They keep the students. in
line by encouraging them to dispose of
their litter in the correct manner.
School Principal Royanne Swain is
well pleased with her two new staff
members. She described them both as
"excellent." She also expressed how
pleased she is that the students are now
taking such a pride in their improved


rittany Sawyer took first place for seventh grade with her soil experiment showing the
different growing conditions on corn seedlings. The healthiest corn plant was grown in
potting soil while the other two were grown in sand and soil. All were given the same
fertilizer The fair is believed to be the first junior science fair to be held on Abaco and
was organized by Mrs. Laura Davies, a parent volunteer, and Mr. Shawn O'Donnell, the
6th and 7th grade science teacher.

J''9 9
on m

St. Francis de Sales School of Marsh Harbour held an art show featuring the work of
their students. Under the direction of art teacher Ms. Rosalie Pyfrom, the students showed
remarkable skill and talent in a wide range of projects using a variety of media.

Students Participate in Debate
Since 1996-the Rotary Club of South
Nassau has been sponsoring the annual
United Nations Model General
Assembly. This is a session where
schools from across the Bahamas
represent a country in the United Nations
General Assembly to debate a topical
This year Abaco Central High School
had the privilege of representing France
on the issue of Transshipment of Nuclear
Waste from Europe to Southeast Asia via
the Panama Canal. Three of our students
participated in this session. Shaquria
Adderley, Olivia Patterson and Robert
Nixon with two teachers, Ms. Jill
Saunders and Mr. Claude Pike.
The students and teachers worked hard
and relentlessly in getting the necessary
information and condensing it to make
their presentation. Shaquria Adderley
made the first presentation. This
presentation gave an overview of France
and other countries' current views on the
issue of nuclear production. She did
Abaco proud! Olivia Patterson and
Robert Nixon took charge of the
afternoon session with Olivia making the
main presentation and Robert Nixon
doing the rebuttal. Both speeches
received commendation which resulted in
the judges considering us for 3rd place.
However, the school that represented
India pushed us out of third place. The
school that represented Argentina took
second and Cat Island won. Special
mention must be made of Nicholas
Albury, Raquel Thurston, Shazarah
Bootle, Joshua Singh, Tecuma Sherman,
Pierre (at Mangoes) Don Cornish, Rotary
Club of Abaco, Mr. Schwartzentruber
and all the teachers and parents who
assisted in the preparation process.
With this new exposure I am confident
that our students will come back with the
trophy in next years' competition.
Long Bay School
Last September Long Bay School
opened on Forest Drive in Marsh
Harbour. It was a dream realized for its
headmistress, Jacqueline Collie who
holds a Masters degree in Education and
PLEASE SEE School Page 18

Face painting proved to be popular at the
recent fund raising by St. Francis de Sales
School in Marsh Harbour. Mrs. Barbara
Pelane and Mrs. Lynn Key were the artists,

P O Box 419, Marsh Harbour

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Dock Open Sundays & Holidays 8- 12 Store: Mon Fri. 8 5 and Sat. 8 12
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21' Paramont
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26' Paramont
$135 $360 $800
Fishing & snorkling gear
Bait, Ice & guides
Call 367-2742

Page 18 The Abaconian March/April 1998

More School News

School FROM Page 17
a Teacher's Certificate. Mrs. Collie had
for many years worked in government
service teaching and had always wanted
to start her own school. She had very
definite ideas about how she would run
it, based on experience gained, not only
in the Bahamas, but also in Britain.
Communicating with a child, listening
to his/her perspective and giving vast
amounts of love would be the foundation
of her dream school. Mrs. Collie has
done just that. In a bright and spacious
environment she has created a family

Architect FROM Page 7
conversation. He recommended stopping
undesirable construction immediately, not
allowing it to continue.
The three Nassau architects offered to
return to Abaco and assist with planning
matters. They were careful to emphasize
that they are not here to foster their ideas
on Abaco but to take Abaco's plans and
wishes and assist in making them happen.
Mr. William Swain, a member of
Town Planning, Chairman of Murphy
Town committee and a Central Abaco
Council member, was leery of their offer.
He felt that we had enough expertise
"without the need for Nassau experts to
meddle in our affairs.
On March 11th Mr. Braynen spoke
with local architectural technicians,
draftsmen and our one architect, Mr. Tim
Neil, on a variety of topics including:
Professional standards
Examinations to become a registered
architect or architectural technician
Courses given in Nassau to prepare

atmosphere were me cnuaren loo00K to
the causal visitor to be happy and
The kitchen at lunch time bustles with
activity. Wholesome food is served to the
children. As Mrs. Collie points out, good
brain fuel is of paramount importance.
The diet is based on the Seventh Day
Adventist one which advocates good
health principles. There is a vegetarian
shop which is open after school to the
public. Here you can purchase meatless
The crux of the school is obviously
academic excellence. The 80 children

those in the business for the examinations
In view of the many draftsmen in the
area, questions were asked about the
feasibility of conducting the course on
Abaco. Mr. Braynen promised to look
into this and reply back.
In summary, the Architectural Act
allows individuals to design their own
single story residence up to 3,000 square
feet although no one is exempt from
building code requirements. Architectural
technicians can submit plans up to 6,000
square feet.
Only architects can design:
Buildings above 6,000 square feet
Multi-family structures
Commercial or business structures
Any building with mass occupancy
Mr. Braynen was impressed with
Abaco's growth but felt that more effort
must be made for future needs. "Poor
planning is evident in Nassau," he said.
"Abaco can avoid many of the problems
Nassau is experiencing by planning now
for 10 50 years ahead."

TRINITY Customs Brokerage &
Transport Agency
Bradley Reckley Owner/Manager
6 Years Experience in the Customs Service
Commercial & Personal Import/Export Documents Prepared
Cruising Permits Extended
After Hours and Weekend Problems Handled
Hudson Building, Marsh Harbour, P.O. Box AB 20253
FAX & Phone 809-367-4297 After hours 367-3442

i I

at Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
.... 2 and 3 bedroom beachfront condominium rentals

Treasure Cay (242) 365-8111
Toll Free Reservations (888) 625-3060
US Phone (5611625-3060- US Fax (561) 625-5301

Visit our website at

share ten teachers in classes not larger
than 15 students. Grades are from one to
ten. All BGCSE subjects are taught.
Spanish is taught from grade one to ten
as is computer studies. The school has 12
computers and a computer for each
grade. A comprehensive library is
available to all students.
The physical plant still requires some
attention. At the moment a large playing
area is being built. This will be a multi-
purpose area which will primarily be a
basketball court. It will be used for
volleyball, tennis, hockey, badminton and
track. Mrs. Collie has a special interest
in qnnrts She is physically fit and was

Mrs. Jacqueline Collie

P.O. BOX AB 22284
PHONE 242-365-8028 HOME, 8507 OFFICE, 8508 FAX




for some time a Physical Education
teacher in Britain.
Mrs. Collie has put her heart into the
school and has great expectations for it.
Wesley College
The Ninth Anniversary of Wesley
College is being observed during March
1998. Wesley college was founded by
Rev. Charles Carey in February 1989.
The school is based on the recognition
that education is a continuous, life-long
process for equipping persons with
knowledge, skills and values to enable
them to develop their potential as creative
human beings and productive citizens.
Wesley College students have made
outstanding academic achievements
generally, performing well above the
national average in the BGCSE and BJC
Several events marked this
anniversary. On March 20th the Ninth
Anniversary Service was held at
Aldersgate Methodist Church followed on
March 21st by an anniversary dinner at
the Anglican Parish Hall on March 21st.
The final event will be the annual walk-
a-thon to be held in Marsh Harbour on
March 28th.


March/April 1998 The Abaconian Page 19

Central Abaco.

Dep. Administrator Leaves
By Charlene Fernander
Mr. Preston Cunningham, Deputy
Administrator for South Abaco was
transferred from the Abacos to Bimini
effective the 17th of March.
Mr. Cunningham, who served on
Abaco for the past three years, after
having previously served on San Salvador
was feted by his fellow-civil servants at
an informal reception held at Government
House, the home of Island Administrator
in Marsh Harbour on March 13th.
Friends and well-wishers from all over
Abaco, representatives from the local
government and quasi-government
agencies and from Township
Committees, various Councils and
Boards were present at this emotional
Mr. Cunningham was presented with
gifts, including a sculpted tin sailing boat
to "get him back to Abaco" and a large
card signed by every person present at
the party and some who were not.
Mr. Cunningham had also received
accolades in the form of an earlier
reception in his honour held in Sandy
Point, his base of operations during his
tenure, on March 12th at ST. Martin's
Anglican Church. Mr. Cunningham a
popular, soft-spoken individual with a
mischievous smile, will be sorely missed
by all, especially his "family" in the
south. To borrow from one of his
favourite sayings, "Mr. Cunningham, we
really feel bad 'bout dis too!"
St. Francis Has Fair
By Charlene Fernander
St. Francis de Sales Primary School
held its annual fair on the grounds of the
school on Don MacKay Boulevard.
Marsh Harbour on March 21st. There
were nine stalls catering to the tastes of
bibliophiles (book stall), clothes-horses
(white elephant stall), imbibers (soda
stall), gastronomes (most of the other
stalls), the envious (the other primary
schools), sightseers (tourists and such),
the collectors, (white elephant, book and
games stalls), the news-seekers (the
Abaco (the Abaco papparazzi), the
curious (again, the Abaco papparazzi)
and just plain nothing-else-to-doers (once
more...). There was even a face-painting
stall for the brave-ar-heart and those with
something to hide.
St. Francis fairs are fund-raising
efforts to defray the operating costs of
the school and like most Bahamian fairs,
are fun to attend. The winner of the top
raffle prize (a colour TV set) was Mr.
Clayton McKenzie of Cooper's Town.


C.D.M. 22' Boats
Equipped with
VHF Radio
Fresh Water Shower
and reliable
Yamaha Engines
367-4602 Fax 367-4601
VHF 16

Located west of the
Union Jack Dock
in Marsh Harbour

Successful Police Ball Held
By Charlene Fernander
The Abaco Branch of the Royal
Bahamas Police Force culminated a
month of varied activities in celebration
of its 158th anniversary with a
sumptuous ball at the Abaco Beach
Resort on March 28th.
Police balls have traditionally been
well attended and eagerly anticipated by
Bahamians in general. This even was no
different. Party-goers from all over
Abaco assembled at the formal affair,
dressed in their colourful finery and
black ties, to publicly laud the very
existence of the Bahamas' finest.
Master of Ceremonies extraordinaire
was Mr. Jack Thompson, Deputy
Administrator (North Abaco) who
introduced speakers, Mr. Robert
Sweeting, MP (South Abaco), Island
Administrator, Mr. Everette Hart,
Assistant Superintendent of Police,
George Mortimer (Officer in charge of
the Abaco branch of the Royal Bahamas
Police Force) and Acting Commissioner
of Police, Errol Farquharson the guest
speaker. The Head table also include
other senior police officers and their
Dinner was a delicious feast, boasting
smothered grouper, a mouth-watering
steak, roasted new potatoes and that
perennial favourite, Italian cheesecake.
There were door prizes, of course, and
music was provided by DJ Gladstone
McQueen with vocal renditions by Police
Cpl. Gaynell Hanna (who we feel has

missed her calling) and Police Reservist,
Ossie Parker, a true-blue warbler, whose
selection was reminiscent of the supper-
clubs. All in all, the evening held its own
against another attractive affair that of
the Honourary Dinner hosted by the PLP
just a few miles away to laud its former
leader, Sir Lynden 0. Pindling.
Pastor's Dawkins
Loses House in Fire
On March 29th Pastor Alphonso
Dawkins lost his house to fire while he
was conducting the 11 a.m. service at the
Zion Baptist Church in Murphy Town.
Cleveland Dawkins reported the fire to

Where money is concerned, safety is critical.
That's why most Bahamianstchoose the strength
and expertise of Royal Bank Financial Group for
service second to none.
And the savings specialists at Royal Bank can
show you innovative ways to make your money
We've helped more Bahamians save than any
other bank-for almost 90 years.

the Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire and
Rescue which responded with two trucks.
The house was a small wooden structure
through which the fire swept rapidly.
Burns House Introduces
New Product
By Charlene Fernander
Bums House, Ltd. Abaco, in
conjunction with Bahamas Blenders, Ltd.
Northern Bahamas, officially launched
the introduction of Gilbeys Gin and
Coconut at Bayview Restaurant, Dundas


Page 21

Fire destroyed the home of Rev. Alphonso Dawkins on March 29th. Shown above are
John Hall, left, and Matthew Key, right, of the Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire and Rescue
who responded to the emergency call. Pastor Alphonso was conducting service at the Zion
Baptist Church at the time of the fire.


a 1JWta mll&



Page 20 The Ahaeonan March /April 1998

More News of the Cays

Cays FROM Page 9
for a fun evening of wine tasting. A
quadrangle of tables sported wines from
all over the world. The wines were
numbered and a catalogue provided with
information on each one. There were
wines for red meat dishes, light fish
meals, poultry and sea food. There were
wines too for any occasions. Wines came
from many areas of the United States,
Chile, South America, France and Italy.
The tasting was organised by A&K
Liquors in Marsh Harbour in conjunction
with Butler & Sands and Wholesale
Wine, and Sprit, bnth frnm Nassa
Wine consultant and educator Grahame
Martin of Butler & Sands gave the
presentation and welcomed those present.
Mr. Martin is a renowned connoisseur of
wine. His 'Martin on Wines' news letter
was for many years very popular in
Nassau. Mr. Rusty Skates is Manager of
Wholesale Wines and Spirits and was
also in attendance.
Jim Cates, Manager of A & K Liquor
Store, was very pleased to have the
occasion to host Mr. Martin and Mr.
Skates on Abaco.
Many of the wines are quite new to
both companies and will form part of Mr.
Cates' stock in Marsh Harbour.

Heritage Day in Hope Town

By Stephanie Humblestone
On March 13th local government
official Mrs. Suzanne Bethel opened the

20th annual Heritage Day in Hope
Town's Jarred Park by recalling how the
celebration first began. In 1977 the
Wyannie Malone Historical Museum
opened. The following year the Board of
Directors decided that from then on there
would be a yearly programme of arts and
Mrs. Bethel went on to paint a vivid
description of those first celebrations.
People were treated to demonstration of
straw work, lectures on the medicinal
properties of plants, recipe exchanges,
displays of crochet patterns and much
more. Heritage Day became Hope
Town's social event of the year, a time
when you could get your knives
sharpened and watch sisal be transformed
into rope. Groups would gather to listen
to exciting tales of their forebears and
pictures of family were distributed.
There was a sense of community, a
sense of togetherness. She urged the
children of Hope Town to treasure their
island, not to stay indoors with modem
technological games but to get out,
savour their wonderful environment and
be a part of the community and a part,
too, of the Bahamas.
Mrs. Bethel went on to reassure those
present that the Board of Directors and
the Trustees of the Museum would do
their utmost to preserve artifacts. She
reported on the progress of the new
museum building, saying it is going well
and will soon be realized. She also
stressed that the architectural integrity of
Hope Town would not be threatened. By
keeping the original architectural designs
of the new Post Office and the museum,
then, in Mrs. Bethel's words, "Visitors
from other lands will be able to come
and view and appreciate the life style of

Three Hope Town School boys carried the flag during the Heritage Day annual

Wyannie Malone and her descendants."
She welcomed the local and second home
owners who have "made the community
of Hope Town what it is today."
The children of Hope Town All Age
School entertained the crowd with a song
about the animals of Hope Town,
dedicated to Wyannie Malone who
brought with her many cats and dogs.
The park was full. People sat
wherever they could find a space. Some
even sat in the. trees and on the children's
play equipment. Others sat a little farther
off on the steps of the clinic listening to
the guests speeches over a microphone.
The highlight for many was when
three long-time members of the
community were invited to talk about
growing up on Elbow Cay. There were
two brothers, Leonard and Chester
Thompson, and their childhood friend
Elta Bethel. All were at the Hope Town

School over sixty years ago and shared
with the audience wonderful memories of
the island, the school and each other.
The children of Hope Town School
had prepared questions to ask, such as
"Mr. Elta, what was your favourite
subject in school?" "Mr. Chester, did
you swim in the harbour when your were
a little boy?" and "Captain Leonard, how
did you become a pilot?" With each of
the answers came fascinating anecdotes
of their lives and reflections of a time
lost forever.
After the questions and answers,
everyone enjoyed lunch chicken souse,
burgers and soft drinks. People
intermingled and socialised. Another
Heritage Day was drawing to a close.
another year farther away from ihai first
year when Wyannie Malone began a new
life for herself and generations to come
on this small island.

Students of Hope Town School asked
questions of the three old timers who
reminisced about their childhood days.
Burns House
Launches New
The launching of a new product,
Gilbey's Gin and Coconut, was
sponsored by Bums ous U liquor
company and was held at Bayview
Restaurant on March 20th. On Abaco for
the occasion was MP Neko Grant, Senior
Vice-president, Northern Bahamas, of
Bums House Limited.
Mr. Ed Wilchinski, Deputy General
Manager, is credited with producing
Gilbey's Gin and Coconut which took six
years to perfect. Mr. Grant mentioned
that Gilbey's Gin is the second best
selling spirit in the Bahamas and this new
product is expected to increase sales
Mr. William Davis, Abaco Operations
Manager, and Ms. Willamae Edgecombe,
Assistant Abaco Operations Manager
were on hand at the event.
Bums House invites you to try their
new product your favorite way or mixed
with cranberry juice or with condensed
milk diluted with water or with pineapple
and orange juice.


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March/April 1998 The Abaconian Page 21

Central Abaco News

- continued I

Central FROM Page 19
Town, on March 20th. The setting of the
restaurant on the breathtaking
waterfront of the harbour itself- lent a
certain festive charm to the occasion.
Invited guests, some of whom came
from Nassau and Freeport, gathered
together to listen to promotional talks by
Mr. William "Tony" David, Operations
Manager for Bums House in the Abacos
and MP Neko Grant, Senior Vice-
President (Northern Bahamas) to taste-
test offerings of the signature beverage
along with other combinations (fruit
juices) and tempting appetizers of
chicken wings, mini-meatballs, conch
fritters and pasta salad prepared by
Bayview and to indulge in scintillating
tidbits of conversation about past
"tasting" experiences with friends and
acquaintances alike.
Fatal Fire Claims One Life
By Lahrue Etienne
Around 10 a.m. Friday, the 13th of
March, a fire started at Julie's Snack
Shop in Dundas Town, totally destroying
the entire building and claiming one life.
Shervase Julio Russell, aged six
months, was at home with his two older
brothers, Blake, aged three, and Chase
aged five years, unattended at the time of
the fire.
D'Lamar Williams, who happened to
be across at the new Shell Gas Station,
was able to rescue the two older boys
before the flames intensified. It was too
late. however, to rescue the baby, despite
repeated attempts.
The cause of the fire was attributed to
a faulty drop cord which was used to
provide, electricity to the old wooden
The community is deeply saddened by
this new tragedy and extends their
warmest sympathy to Julie and Dave
By Lahrue Etienne
Congratulations are extended to Mr.
Kermit and Mrs. Taanah Newbold, who
were united in holy matrimony on the
14th of March. The service was held at
the Church of God, Dundas Town and
was very well attended.
Birthday Surprise
By Royann Swain
The staff at Abaco Central High
School certainly surprised their principal,
Mrs. Royann Swain, when they gave her
a surprise birthday party.
Mrs. Swain got her first surprise when

Harbour View

Ice & Water
Shell Fuel & Oils

Four Restaurants
immediately adjacent
Mangoes, Sapodillys
Tiki Hut & Wally's
Conch Inn 400 ft. East
P 0 Box AB 20457
Marsh Harbour
Phone 367-2182
Family Owned & Operated

she arrived at school that morning and
met a beautiful display board, all
decorated in shades of pink (her favourite
colour) with "Happy Birthday, Royann!"
done by English teacher, Jill Saunders.
That was not all. Various floral
arrangements and cards were later
delivered to Mrs. Swain.
Later that day when Mrs. Swain
stepped into the staff room, she got an
even bigger surprise! Teachers were
seated around a table with two beautiful
birthday cakes with several presents. In
addition to this there was a variety of
assorted food dishes and drinks.
Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Mrs.
Swain's husband, Sherman, and son,
Kelson, were also present at the
Infant Dies in Fire
Six-month-old Javase Russell died in
a mid-morning fire in Dundas Town
March 13th. The residence, which
contained a take-away food facility, was
discovered in raging flames by a passerby
who turned in the alarm. Two boys, a
three year old and a five year old, were
safely evacuated from the burning
The building, Julie's Snack Shop was
totally engulfed in flames when two fire
engines arrived from the Marsh Harbour
Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. It
took the volunteers about 45 minutes to
bring the flames under control. Another
half hour passed before the debris was
cooled sufficiently to allow the firemen to
locate the infant's body.
The front street approaching the fire
was totally clogged with traffic which
followed the fire trucks or was attracted
by the billowing black smoke which was
visible in a large part of the surrounding
The parents, David and Julie Russell,
were not home at the time of the fire.
Eleven volunteer firemen were at the
scene under the command of Assistant
Fire Chief Claude Sawyer. Two trucks
had to return to Marsh Harbour from the
Dundas Town fire site for additional

There are no fire hydrants in Dundas
Town or Murphy Town and very few in
Marsh Harbour. The hydrants in Marsh
Harbour were installed along the route of
the ten-inch water main leading from the
airport to the traffic light when the water

main was installed in 1994. Fireman
Sawyer would like to see fire hydrants in
Dundas Town and Murphy Town so the
trucks could be refilled quickly when

Shown above is the scene at the fire which took the life of six-month-old Javase Russell
and destroyed the house of David and Julie Russell. The devastation is being viewed by
Francis Jones, grandmother of the baby.

S5ugarland Yarmsn
Native Grown & Produced Pork Cuts -.
Breakfast & Dinner Sausage
Hams & Bacon Smoked & Cured
A Wide Selection of Sandwich & Specialty Meats
"-)' Fresh Chops, Ribs & Roasts ,
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Page 22 TheAbaconian March/April 1998

Tourism Offers Bird Watching Course

By Charlene Fernander
The Ministry of Tourism in
conjunction with the Ministry of
Agriculture and Fisheries and the
Bahamas National Trust held its first Out
Island Birdwatching for Tour Guides
Course in Marsh Harbour and in the
central and south Abaco pine forests on
February 24th to 27th. The course took
the form of formal classes in bird
watching techniques and bird
identification and included treks into the
On February 27th the group assembled
in Marsh Harbour for the presentation of
awards to the 18 who finished the
course, all of whom earned a score of 801
or better. Accolades went to Mr. Carl
Smith, Director of Agriculture who was
the only participant to actually see the
Bahamian parrot, sought after by the
other course members all week long. He
had to trek into the bush at 5 a.m. on the
Jast day to see them.
Coordinator of the course was Mrs.
Lyrnn Gape of the Bahamas National
Trust. Dr. Alexander 'Sandy" Sprunt,
past officer of the Audubon Society of
the Uniied States and an authority on
Bahamian birds, conducted the field
This was the first time the course was
offered outside of Nassau and only the
second time the course has ever been
offered. The successful participants
learned about bird identification, species
whicir are found on Abaco and much
about the native flora. They learned
about. wild life legislation and the
importance of having a vast knowledge
of the wild as well as historical facts and
interesting commentary on life on Abaco.
During their field trips, the group
identified about 40 species of birds but

Notice to
American Citizens
31 Provide information on voting
4. Provide lists of candidates
5. Maintain information on local ballot
Contact the US Embassy's American
Citizen Services Unit at 242-322-1181
for more information.
The Embassy of the United States is
announcing that they provide overseas
voting information for Americans for
national, state and local elections. The
Embassy cannot act as a polling place but
they can help US citizens
L To register
2- To obtain an absentee ballot


Mid-Sized Cars
& Seven Seat
Station Wagons
All are 4 Door
Air Conditioned
American Vehicles
at Abaco Towns
P.O. Box AB 20089
Af Marsh Harbour -
Phone 367-4234 VIg

the parrots eluded them.
The Ministry of Tourism offers
certification for bird guides. The
qualifications include being a graduate of
Bahamahost, a graduate of the
Birdwatching Tour Guide Course and
then an individual evaluation after the
participants have studied on their own
and are intimately knowledgeable with
the birds and birding areas near their
Mrs. Angela Cleare, Director of
Business Development with the Ministry
of Tourism, was quite pleased with the
response on Abaco, the group's
enthusiasm and commitment. The South
, IAbaco communities were very well
represented and included bonefish guides
and eco-tour guides. Bird watching has
become one of the fastest growing
recreational activities in the world,
accounting for about $14.4 billion a year
in trips and accessories. This is a niche

Mr. Bruce Lightbourn of Sandy Point
proudly accepts his certificate for
successfully completing the Bird Watching
for Tour Guides course. MP Robert
Sweeting is presenting the certificate.

market which the Bahamas wants to
Officers from the aforementioned
government offices and the Trust
included Mrs. Angela Cleare and Mrs.

Lynn Gape of the Trust and Mr. Carl
Smith with the Ministry of Agriculture
and Fisheries who worked with Ms.
Sherry Parker and Ms. Wynsome
Ferguson of the Abaco Tourist Office.

Enthusiasm and enjoyment describe the feelings of the eighteen persons who completed
the Bird Watching for Tour Guides course offered by the Ministry of Tourism. After one
day of lectures and classroom work and two days of field work, the group were eager to
continue their learning in the bush identifying birds and learning about their habits and

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Harbour & Treasure Cay Call o01
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I _



March/April 1998 The Abaconian Page 23

More South Abaco News


FROM Page 6

rendition to win the title of Queen.
Refreshments were supplied afterwards
by the mothers.
Maybe you've noticed there is no
longer the hum of the generator since
BEC connected us to direct power from
Marsh Harbour by way of Casuarina
Point on March 12th. Needless to say,
everyone is apprehensive of losing their
electrical supply for long periods of time.
Therefore, a petition has been placed at
Cherokee Food Fair requesting BEC to
leave a back-up generator in Cherokee
with a two way connection that could be
switched over if our power should be lost
for any length of time. The general
feeling is that the generator is already
here, and the fact is we are far from the
main power lines that run the length of
the Greater Abaco Highway. We may
suffer unduly for our proximity.
If you are passing by the Methodist
Church, be sure to notice the new
windows. They give the old building a
brand new look.
Congratulations to Bateman Sands on
his 65th birthday and also on the
occasion of his 25th anniversary as
Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church
in Cherokee. An evening of fellowship
and recognition was held on March 13th
to honour Brother Bateman. Good food
and good singing was the order of the
day with may coming from far and wide
,to join in the celebrations.
There will be a shower for Connie
Albury..aL the school house on March
20th. On April I Ith Connie will wed
Shane Sawyer in Man-O-War Cay. Best
wishes to the happy couple.
A Fun Day is planned by the school
for March 21st with several different
competitions for the students to
participate in. I'm sure everyone is
anxious to show oft' their agilit) and
skills hoping to win that blue ribbon.
There will be many fun games as well. A
Spelling Bee is scheduled later in the
month and it is hoped that the parents
will come out to give encouragement to
the children. The annual Easter Egg
Decorating Contest will take place on
Tuesday before the holiday break.
parents may inspire their children, but
the actual art work must be done by the
student alone. After Easter a field trip to
New Providence is planned. The students

Plaiting is once again being done on
Abaco. BAIC offered a course in Sandy
Point to develop an interest in this old
Bahamian art form which makes baskets,
dolls, hand bags and novelties which are
very popular with tourists. With Castaway
Cay soon being a destination of Disney
Cruise Lines, they will have a good market
for their products.

Talent Night at the Cherokee School proved to a very popular entertainment for the entire
community. Here the school children show off their costumes.

are scheduled to meet with our Prime
Minister, visit Government House and
drop in on many other points of interest
in our nation's capital. It all sounds very
exciting and I know the students will
have a once-in-a-lifetime experience to
keep with them always.
Ah, finally, PEACE and QUIET, No

generators, but......... WHY DO THE
Crossing Rocks
By Sandy Walker
The Crossing Rocks Tigerettes held a
night of fun and laughter on February

28th. This night was set aside to
reminisce events during the season and to
disperse trophies received during the
The Ladies Volley Ball Team played
in three tournaments. The Mount Hope
Homecoming Tournament, Crossing
Rocks Homecoming Tournament and the
Independence Day Tournament. The
ladies received two 2nd place wins and
one 1st place win. Even though the ladies
volleyball team did not place in the top
three, they worked extremely hard
having entering the league for the first
The team wishes to thank Mrs. Nettica
Symonette from Different of Abaco for
so graciously sponsoring the team. In
appreciation to her, the team's coach
Sandy Walker presented her with a
The ladies are now motivated and
getting ready for the next season. The
team's captain is Nathalie Williams.
The St. Marks Youth interacted with
the Friendship Tabernacle Youth on
March 27th. Tracey Scott, the youth
leader, lead a discussion on gambling.
The youth shared their views and
received information that was
enlightening. To assist in the discussion


Page 27

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Stainless Steel
Huricane Clips

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Deliveries Arranged
from Green Turtle Cay
to Little Harbour

We monitor VHF Ch 69

Plain & Pressure Treated

Pine, Fir, Cypress
Teak & Mahogany

Interior, Exterior
& Marine

Man-O-War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
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Air Ambulance Flights and our six other benefits

Low Monthly Payments for Government Employees
Payroll Plans Available
Call David Sweeting at (242) 326-6272 or in Abaco
Sylvia Bethel at 367-4780 or Jackie Wilson 365-8286 or 365-8288
to arrange a visit to your home or business.

Page 24 The Abaeonlan March/April 1998

Community Library Opens in Marsh Harbour

By Charlene Fernander
The long-awaited official opening of
the Marsh Harbour Public Library, under
the theme, Reading Opens the Doors to
the World, took place at the site of Dr.
E.F. Gottlieb's former office in Marsh
Harbour on February 27th. The
dedication was performed by Mr. Chad
Sawyer and the ribbon-cutting ceremony
was carried out by Dr. Gottlieb's
grandchildren, Connor and twins, Anna
and Cristina, children of attorney
The library is the special project of
Mrs. Yvonne Key, who was assisted by
Mr. Charles Nightingale and various
other community and corporate members.
The new library now houses
approximately 16,000 books of various
categories which should attract readers of
all interests. The library has been
fortunate enough to be the recipient of
several kinds of donated services and, in
fact, expects to receive a new computer
system from Batelco shortly.

The ceremony was followed by a
library tour conducted by Yvonne Key,
who was instrumental in organizing the
library. Refreshments donated by the
business community and private library
patrons were served.
Library Fees
Membership in the library varies from
$2 to $15 a year, depending on category.
Students pay no fee for checking out
books but all other members pay $.25
per book. Overdue fees will be charged
for overdue books.
There is a check out maximum of four
books but only after the member has
proved to be responsible bIUy his record.
The fees charged are applied to
expenses incurred in keeping the library
open. These include $75 per month rent
and a monthly electric bill for lights and
The following people are to be
commended for contributing time and/or

money for the library: Yvonne Albury,
Carol Grant, Amy Smith, Curtis Sands,
Charles Nightingale, Mike Malone, Allan
Lowe, Abaco Hardware, Percy Albury,

Garth Russell, Frankie Russell, Western
Auto, Chad Sawyer, Warren Roberts,
Harrison Pinder, Scott Thompson, Ann
Christoffel, Abaco Beach Resort.


Abaco Air reports a good response to
their new Moore's Island Express,
scheduled air service between Marsh
Harbour and Moore's Island which began
the 2nd of March. The service runs three
days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and
Friday. Flights leave Marsh Harbour at

8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and return "from
Moore's Island at 8:30 a.m. and 4:30
p.m. Abaco Air will continue to use their
Air Commander 500s, six seater
airplanes and when necessary the nine
seater Islander. The cost of the flights is
$30 each way.

Connor Gottlieb officially opened the new Marsh Harbour Community Library when he
cut the ribbon flanked by his sisters, Anna and Cristina. Connor is the grandson of Ejnar
F. Gottlieb, who had his clinic there for more than 30 years.



Security far Peace of
I 365-8 9 8 At Home or Away

SOpen Daily
Breakfast 8:30 10 am
Lunch & Dinner 11 am 9 pm
Bar open 8:30 am 'til...
Happy Hour 5 6:30 pm
Restaurant & Bar Live Music Weds & Fri 8 11t pm
on the
Hope Town Waterfront SpecialiZing in
Phone 366-0247 or VHF 16 Bahamian Foods

-_e_ _- _* The SERVICE

Join us for Dinner at the
Upper Terrace Dining Room
Serving Lunch at the
World Famous Reef Bar & Grill
Fresh Water Pool Fun For the Family
Snorkeling just 30 Feet From
Our Two Mile Long Ocean Beach
Air Conditioned Accommodations
Open Daily Reservations Suggested
Complimentary Dockage Call 366-0095 VHF 16 -

Moore's Island Express
Scheduled Service To Moore's Island

b Groceries All gou need & MORE
Vegetables & Canned Goods
Fruits, Dairy Products & Frozen
Monday Friday 7:30 am 6 pm
Saturday 7:30 am 7 pm
Phone or Fax 366-2022

March/April 1998 The Ahaeonilan Page 25

Bonefish Champion Date Set

Abaco Tourist Office 1998 on Grand Bahama.
On March 18th the Abaco Tourist The rules and guidelines for the Abaco
Office held a meeting with the local bone Fish Off are as follows:
fishermen of Abaco to make plans and 1. Bahamian citizens only
set a date for this year's Abaco Fish 2. Entry fee $100.
Off. The date decided was May 4th, 3. Fishing hours: line in at 8 a.m., line
out by 4 p.m.
The winner of this event will compete 4 Tackle is restricted to fly-fishing
against winners from the other island in
The Bahamas National Bonefishing apparatus only
Championship, which will be held on See the Island Administrator or the
Grand Bahama on July 13th and 14th, Abaco Tourist Office in Marsh Harbour
1998. The winner of that competition for rules and other relevant information
will have the opportunity to participate in including application forms. Deadline for
the World Invitational Bonefishing registration is April 24th, 1998.
Championship on September 7th-Illth,

Overpricing Brings $2,000 Fine

Golden Harvest Supermarket was fined
in March after pleading guilty of
overpricing on breadbasket items in their
store in Marsh Harbour. They were fined
a total of $2000 for their infractions. The
items were over the set amount by
The government Department of
Consumer Welfare and Aviation makes
surprise inspections of stores throughout
the Family Islands to check for violations
of the Price Control Act. Several other
stores on Abaco were also found to be in
violations of the price list.
The manager of Golden Harvest
pleaded guilty of overpricing but felt that
the situation was one which was not fair
for the grocery store owners. The prices
on his store items were those on the most
current price list that had been Gazetted.
The manager also noted that the prices
Which were in question had been marked
--irr-bypf cil and was not printed on the
list which the inspectors had. He laments
the inability of government to publicize
the necessary information for shop
The Price Control Act consists of
more than just price control. It requires

each store have a weighing scale
available for customers, requires the
price to be marked on each item, forbids
shops from raising the price marked on
any item and requires a copy of the Price
Control Schedule to be posted for
customers to read.

Housing FROM Page 2
officially announced by the Hon.
Algernon Allen, Minister of Housing and
Social Development, at an awards
presentation for the name of the
subdivision in Dundas Town on March
Miss Burrows' first place finish earned
her $1,000. Runner-up Mary Cartwright
received $500, Rowena Burrows finished
third with $400, Sherell Manuel fourth
with $300 and David Cartwright and
Julniere Baptiste split $200 in a fifth spot
"This name Central Pines Estates
selected by the majority of persons is
most appropriate," said Min. Allen. The
553 acre subdivision will provide 650
fully serviced lots for single-family and
multi-family dwellings with lots

The Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue Brigade are a dedicated group who work
diligently to be prepared for any emergency. They meet weekly for drills and maintenance
on their fire truck. Additionally they have a Junior Brigade to train teenagers who will
one day join the force. They have assisted the Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire and Rescue
on several occasions when additional men or equipment was needed.

averaging 80 by 150 feet. Parks, lakes, a
government complex, churches and
shopping center are all included.
"At present, the clearing and grubbing
works for the roadways are underway as

we seek to fast-track this Central Pines
community development," according to
Min. Allen. "Within a few months, the
installation of power and water with a
proper storm water management system
would have been completed."

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P. O. Box AB 20030
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Page 26 The Abaonlan March/April 1998

Proposal Made For

Solution FROM Page 1
They feel that the economics of
building in the Central Pines Estates
subdivision will be beyond the means of
most of them.
One Bahamian in the meeting stated
that he made $22,000 a year from a good
salaried job. He noted that Bahamians
making $30,000 to $40,000 annually are
complaining that they cannot afford the
new Central Pines Estates and wondered
how he would be able to afford to live
Mrs. Albury was resolute in stating
that both Pigeon Pea and the Mud must in
time be vacated. She is concerned for the
welfare of the Bahamians living there and
will propose to government that a low
cost subdivision be undertaken. She
proposes that this subdivision would serve
the housing needs of this group and other
Bahamians in the low income bracket.
Mrs. Albury is making a study on an
economical alternative subdivision for
Bahamians in the lower income brackets.
The Pigeon Pea area, which is located

behind the Abaco Hardware lumber yard,
is on Key Tract land which is generation
land and has been in court contention for
years by descendants of Nathan Key.
The Mud area is on swampy Crown
Land adjacent to the Marsh Harbour
Primary School. It is aptly named for the
spoil that was pumped there during the
60's when the harbour was dredged. The
area lives up to its name after each rain.
Ricky Albury, according to Mrs. Key,
may own the bulk of the land now
comprising Pigeon Pea. He wants to
reclaim his land and will give residents a
six-month grace period to vacate the land
after a suitable alternate location is made
Some residents of Pigeon Pea have
permission to live there from Nathan Key
descendants claiming portions of this
land. Others pay monthly land rent of $30
to $50 to Key Tract claimants.
Mrs. Albury hopes to have an answer
on an alternate area within six months.
She is favoring the old Campbell Town
site near Snake Cay as it has road access.

The Bahamas National Award
Selection Committee will be accepting
nominations for candidates to receive The
Bahamas Order of Merit Awards. These
awards are the highest local form to
honour Bahamians who have made
significant contributions to the country.
Each year the Bahamas awards The
Bahamas Order of Merit during the
Independence celebrations. They do not
replace the traditional royal awards
bestowed by the Queen each year.
The Awards this year will be to
honour those who contributed toward the
birth of our nation since this is the silver
anniversary of Independence.
The Order of Merit Awards were
initiated in 1996 when 13 outstanding
Bahamians were honoured. In 1997 five
Bahamians were selected. One Abaconian
has received this award. Ms. Nettica
Symonette was selected for her
achievements in the area of tourism.
This year the five categories include
the following:
Sports and youth development
Music/entertainment/creative arts
Public service
Industry and commerce
Nomination forms are available at
Administrator's offices or the nomination
can be made by writing a letter
specifying shy that person should be
honoured. The deadline for the

submission of nominees is May 31st,
1998. People who have been nominated
in the past can been nominated again.
The awards will be presented on July
10th by the Governor General at
Government house.

Buckle Up
It Will Soon Be Law
Within a few months The Bahamas
will have a new law mandating the
wearing of seat belts. Drivers, front seat
passengers and all children will be
required to buckle up to comply with the
Now is the time to become accustomed
to using your seatbelts, both for you and
your family. It has been proved in many
countries that it saves lives.


FROMPage 14

Janette Zenith Albury Thompson,
80, of Marsh Harbour passed away on
March 31st. Funeral arrangements were
not final.
She is survived by her daughters,
Emily, Marina, Margaret, Janet, Louise
Sheila, Velma, Caroline and Edna; sons.
Godfrey and Kenneth; brothers, Vincent
Merlin and Redis Albury; sisters-in-law,
brother-in law, sons-in-law and many
other relatives and friends.

She estimates that Campbell Town would
provide 96 lots measuring 60 x 80 feet.
She would accept any other area that was
found to be suitable but started with
Campbell Town since it has an existing
road network.
Mrs. Albury made clear that she is not
interested in duplicating the present
situation, only moving it to another
location. Any move will be to purchase
lots with water and electricity. Buildings
may be minimal but must conform to the
Bahamas Building Code and be
constructed after getting a building permit.
Septic tanks would be required.
Mrs. Albury is in the process of
getting estimates and feels that lots 60 xA
80 can be offered with water, electricity
and paved roads for $3,000 to $5,000.
This would be a no frills area without
sidewalks but with adequate streets much
like the present Marsh Harbour area, not
the wide boulevards with sidewalks
intended for Central Pines Estates.
Mr. Sweeting stated that a move to
another location will not happen
overnight. The existing shanty town took
many years to reach its present condition
and it is not realistic to believe that it will
go away in quick order. He said the Mud
area is only a foot above sea level and
would be a disaster if a major storm hit
Mr. Sweeting also stated that any
Bahamian now living in the Pigeon Pea or
Mud area is eligible to buy land in the
newly created Central Pines Estates
subdivision. Mr. Sweeting and Mr. Victor
both acknowledged that there are some
residents who can afford the Central
Pines Estates area. Mr. Sweeting stated
that there are some Bahamians in Nassau
living in similar conditions to those in the
Pigeon Pea area.
Mr. Sweeting asked the Bahamian
community leaders in Pigeon Pea to assist
the authorities in stopping further
construction. Everyone realizes that


houses actually spring up over night.
Siding is painted and looks finished as
soon as it is in place. Mr. Sweeting felt
that employers may have to bear more
responsibility in assisting with employee
It is felt that many Abaco immigrants
begin work as farm labourers, then
migrate to Marsh Harbour in search of
better jobs as they become familiar with
the system.
Mrs. Albury stated that just like "a
Christian preparing to go to Jesus, they
should begin now to make preparations to
relocate elsewhere as the days of free
land to squat on are drawing nigh."
Mrs. Albury also stated that the
situation at Snake Cay is no more legal
than the Mud and living conditions there
are very unsanitary. The Snake Cay
houses have no running water or
Robert Sweeting felt that a complete
transition could easily take five years to
resolve if the move was begun today. He
said that government will not be going in
there with bulldozers and flatten houses.
Mr. Victor felt that many residents
could afford monthly payments of $350
toward housing and that they want to be
treated fairly and legally. He thought that
most working men there brought home
$250 to $300 per week in wages.
Realistic family planning was stressed
by Mr. Sweeting for these residents.
Those in the room supported this
Bahamians allowed the situation to
develop and watched new houses spring
up over the years. The residents -Ttrose-
areas now feel they are being pressured
unduly to make plans for a rapid change.
The fine for employing an illegal
immigrant is $3,000. However, at this
time, this is being down-played and guilty
employers are being asked to purchase a
one way airplane ticket back to Haiti.

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March /April 1998 The Abaeonian Page 27

Sir Lynden Pindling Honoured by Abaco PLP

Bayview Restaurant was packed with
supporters of Sir Lynden 0. Pindling on
March 29th at a banquet testimonial
dinner sponsored by the Abaco Branch of
the Progressive Liberal Party. The room
throbbed with excitement when Sir
Lynden Pindling went to the lectern. The
effect was heightened with a triumphant
entry March by Strauss provided by
Radio Abaco's DJ George Cornish.
The PLP Regional Coordinator, Bemis
Pinder, led the program which included
accolades by various guests. Speakers
included William Davis, the Abaco PLP
Fund raising Chairman; Mr. William
Swain, an early and steady PLP
supporter; the Rev. Frederick McAlpine
from Freeport; Senator Obie
Wilchcombe; and the Hon. Perry G.
Christie, the PLP National Chairman.
Sir Lynden's fathering of Bahamian
Independence was the theme stressed by
all speakers. Among his many

accomplishments, were the transition to
Independence and bringing the Bahamas
in to the world as a sovereign nation will
be remembered as his crowning glory.
Sir Lynden's reign as a-freely elected
head of government for 25 years is a
world record. His political loss in 1992
after five terms in power is also a
memorable event in that the mechanisms
were in place for a peaceful change in
government without violence or
"The present government talks about
putting the icing on the cake, but
remember who built the cake," Rev.
McAlpine said. He further stated,
"Every accomplishment the present
government crows about is built on the
foundations laid by Sir Lynden."
Rev. McAlpine continued, "Sir Lynden
is one of the most articulate speakers in
the country." Rev. McAlpine felt that

Mr. Pindling's worst mistake was his
tolerance for some of those around him
who strayed from the PLP principles.
Had he taken a firmer hand with those at
an earlier date, the PLP may have
retained their hold on the government in
1992. Rev. McAlpine further stated that
Sir Lynden is a survivor. His 25-year
tenure proves that. He survived the
attacks of a dozen rival political groups
and he emerged unscathed from scandals
and commissions of inquiry.
Rev. McAlpine closed by saying we
must remember Sir Lynden as the one
leper out of ten who were cured by Jesus
who remembered to thank Jesus. We must
not follow the nine who forgot.
Tribute was paid to past Abaco heros
who were early stalwarts in the emerging
PLP political machine: Gordon Hudson,
Garnet Archer, Orthneil Wilson, Stanford
Clarke, Alexander Dawkins, Morton
Sawyer and others.
Mr. Obie Wilchcombe exhorted the
crowd to remember Sir Lynden as a true
Bahamian hero and the father of the
"The present government of the
Bahamas," said the Hon. Perry Christie,
Member of Parliament and the PLP party
leader, "is now led by two men who were
tutored by Sir Lynden and the PLP
leadership." He continued to say that
although a different government is in
power, it is being administered by those
trained by Sir. Lynden Pindling. "His
legacy continues," said Mr. Christie.
For all the good or bad that can be said
about Sir Lynden, said Continued Mr.
Christie, "The history books in one
hundred years will remember Mr.

Pindling as the Father of our nation."
Mr. Christie closed by reminding the
party supporters that Sir Lynden has
outlasted and outlived his political peers
in other developing and independent
nations: Jamaica, Quyana, Trinidad and
Barbados. Sir Lynden is the last living
link to the independence movement by
emerging countries.
Sir Lynden brought the crowd to their
feet as he took the podium. Those inside
the Bayview Restaurant and those outside
chanted various PLP slogans and the DJ
played appropriate triumphant entrance
music. Sir Lynden thanked his supporters
for their help and told them that he did
not bring these accomplishments about
singlehandedly. He had the dedicated help
of the people throughout the Bahamaland,
from north to south.
Mrs. Pindling was praised throughout
the evening for her dedication and support
of her husband through his political
tenure. There were hard and difficult
Continued times but she encouraged him
to continue and managed to keep the
family together during those difficult
years. Mr. Pindling expressed his support
and love for his wife and confirmed that
there were many difficult times when
politics and family were hard to reconcile
but his wife, Marguerite, kept it all
Door prizes were awarded and
everyone enjoyed a lavish dinner prepared
by their Bayview Restaurant host. Jimmy
Williams. The banquet broke up after
hours of memories and accolades. Ida
Swain of Murphy Town was given a
special award and recognition for her
devotion to Sir Lynden and the PLP.

The Crossing Re, ks Ladies Vollelball Team 1 ere very grateful to Ms. Nettica Svmonette
for so kindly spooio.wfng their team. In appreciation they awarded her with a trophy being
presented to her here by Ms. Sandy Walker.

South FROM Page 23
were Associate Pastor from Friendship,
Rev. A. Swain and from Crossing
Rocks, Deacon Elliot Burrows.
The community wishes to recognize
Batelco's effort in rectifying the
disheartening system. Batelco has advised
the Crossing Rocks community that by
April 1998 each person will have his

direct line. The community eagerly
anticipates its arrival
St. Marks Baptist Church will be
hosting a revival under the theme Drop
Your Weight Before It's Too Late
commencing on April 6th to April 9th.
Speakers include Rev. Copeland Morley,
Rev. Tyrone Mills, Rev John Mcintosh
and Elder Lemis Cornish. Come and be

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Page 28 The Ahaconian March /Apr 1998

Abaco Insuran Agency
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Royal Sun Alliance, In.,surat-ce

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Green Turtle Cay









The Volume 6, Number 3 March I April 1998

TWO Abaconian

The News of the Islands

Wild Horses Need Protection

Preliminary Studies Suggest a Spanish Origin

.; .. ..

Five striking wild horses stand in an orange grove in the Norman's Castle area of Abaco. DNA testing is planned to
determine their origin. The adults appear very healthy and well groomed from their diet of grasses high in calcium. The
foals are endangered from packs of wild dogs. Studies of this limited heard are underway, Photo by Mimi Rehor

El Niflo Still Affects
Our Weather
El Niflo will still affect our weather for the
next few months although its influence will
gradually diminish. El Niflo is a phenomenon of
the Pacific Ocean in which the ocean water
warms, causing high level winds to change
direction. It affects the weather world-wide, in
tropical areas the most and in temperate zones on
both sides of the Pacific.
For the Caribbean it brought a very mild
hurricane season and for the Bahamas this winter
it has brought milder temperatures but much
greater rainfall. It some areas it has spawned
severe storms and tornadoes whereas other parts
of the world are suffering severe droughts.
Meteorologists expect El Nifio will weaken
considerably from May to July.
Some of the worst hit areas are the western
part of the United States which are experiencing
severe rain storms, and very dry conditions in
northern South America and parts of Africa.
Southeastern Asia has been so dry that huge
forest fires are creating a choking haze over
much of that area.
There have been some unusual consequences
of the weather Serious outbreaks of malaria in
flood ravaged areas has caused deaths numbering
in the thousands and in the United States there
has been a big increase in termites. They are
benefitting from the warmer winter temperatures
and the increased rainfall.
PLEASE SEE El Niiho Page 50

The horses of North Abaco are under
a major threat of extinction. Their
numbers have dropped to just over half
of what they were just five years ago and
factors in their environment are potential
threats to their survival.
On March 20 a meeting was held to
assess the situation and to begin a study
of possible courses of action to improve
the situation. Mr. Marc Paulhus,
Director of Equine Protection of the
Humane Society of the Untied States,
along with Mrs. Barbara Birdsey and
Mr. Peter Bender of the Pegasus
Foundation met with a group of
concerned residents to offer advice.
Mr. Paulhus was amazed at how
healthy the herd was, that they looked as
though they were groomed regularly,
their hoofs were in good shape and they
do not have parasites. He noted that these
horses may be rare ones descended from
Spanish horses which had five lumbar
vertebrae. Very few of these horses exist
as most North American horses have six
lumbar vertebrae.
The horses date back a very long way,
no one knows just how long they have
been in North Abaco. The very first ones
could have come with early settlers or
possibly from the Spanish influence in
the 1600s. It is known that some horses
came from the lumbering days of the
early part of this century. They thrived in
the Norman Castle area of Abaco but
their numbers and welfare were little
known as the area was very remote.
When Owens Illinois cut roads
throughout that area for their lumbering
operation, it enabled people to explore
that area and realize that horses had
flourished. However, capturing and
shooting the horses depleted their
numbers to the point where only a few
The herd today has descended from
three horses which survived and were
cared for by Floyd Sawyer on the farm
there. When the herd was large enough
to survive on their own, they were turned
loose. They fed on nutritious grasses
which were introduced in the early 1970s
in the Norman Castle area for a cattle
operation which was started.
Ms. Milanne Rehor became interested
in the horses and has done extensive field
studies on them, photographing and
keeping records of them. When she
began her studies in 1992, there were 30
horses. She is now disheartened because
the herd size is down to 17.
Several factors are causing their
problems. Wild dogs kill the young and
people have caused others to die. Ms.
Rehor is trying to get support from local
people as well as organizations in the
States to respond with suggestions to
bring these negative factors under
control. AARK (Abaco Animals Require
Kindness) is actively seeking solutions as
one of their concerns is the large
population of roaming dogs throughout

An Abaco Beauty Worth Protecting -7

Page 30 The Ahaeonian March/Aprl 1998

By John Hedden
To the average Bahamian the mention
of Free Trade Area of the Americas
(FTAA) means absolutely nothing and
most could not care less. This in itself is
the way it should be because the business
community stands to bear the brunt of
the strain of its effects. The FTAA is
actually one of twenty-three components
of the Summit of the Americas (1994
Miami) agreed to in principle by 34
"democratic" countries in the Western
Hemisphere of the Americas. This
agreement addressed many issues which
ultimately affect the Quality of Life of the
ordinary man in any of these 34
countries. These issues include
Education, Primary health care,
Elimination of extreme poverty, Non
discrimination in any category, Equality
for women, Crime and narcotic
interdiction and elimination and
Environmental and natural resource
management amongst others. However,
the most visible at present is the
economic aspect (through trading
practices) of the FTAA.
The objective of the FTAA is to create
a regional trading zone to cover all
democratic countries of the Americas and
with it the elimination of all barriers to
trade. This will achieve open markets,
hemispheric integration, and sustainable
development for the region.
Conspicuously, Cuba has not been
included in the FTAA.
The overall goal of these processes is

Mr. John Hedden

FTAA Are We Ready?

to improve the standard and quality of
life for the Ordinary Man, this being why
the average Bahamian is not concerned.
After all he seemingly stands to win (all
around) as a result of any FTAA
However, without exposing natural
skepticism for international treaties,
without reading between the lines of a
proposal thought up by the ONE large
economy of the Americas, without undue
cynicism concerning the meaning of
"democratic" countries and without
pessimism for (read realism) the regional
capability of achieving unified existence,
I will dive in.
Unless the rest of the Caribbean
abstains, it is assured that the Bahamas
will become a signature to the FTAA
agreement intended for the year 2005.
Consideration of another scenario where
we are outside and given no
consideration towards improved trade
(and in fact, probably suffering penalties
for same) is not feasible. The Bahamas
stands to forfeit much by any abstention.
The Bahamian business community
understandably is extremely agitated and
concerned over the proposed FTAA
agreement and sees a pretty bleak picture
for the future.
However, with much thought and
plenty of forceful negotiating, the
Bahamas can benefit considerably from
such an agreement. The overall FTAA
strategies will demand major input and
decisions from both the Bahamas
Government and the Private Sector.
The machinery of the FTAA initially
revolves around the movement of goods
and services and intellectual property
rights and artificial barriers to both
presently existing throughout the region
(and removal). Once this Free Trade has
been established, negotiations will move
further towards an SME (Single Market

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and Economy). Once this initial step has
been made consumer goods, services and
infrastructural developments should
become more accessible to the common
man throughout the Americas, thus
fulfilling one aspect of the principles of
the original Summit of the Americas.
The Bahamas has many barriers
presently prohibiting the free movement
of trade and services into our country.
Some of these are governmental
institutions set up for this very purpose,
and others are in place simply because of
a complacent mentality which pervades
all levels of the Bahamian establishment.
Traditionally there has been little
dialogue taking place between (and
within) the various sectors of the
Bahamian economy, as is reflected by
lack of discussion over the FTAA until
the FTAA seminar held in March of this
year. For the Bahamas to become
prepared for 2005, the Bahamas



government must become more
aggressive and accessible for the various
components of the private sector, the
business sector must become more
competitive and the labour movement
more conscious of its "own resources."
To achieve these ends all of us must
become more realistic, more resourceful,
more motivated and more imaginative, as
per examples.
The public service will have to
become more proficient, adept and
involved in meeting the needs and
requirements of a developing and
expanding private sector. This will
obviously. necessitate the dissolution of
the public service class syndrome that
exists in this country today. Public
servants themselves will have to become
less remote and more aggressive in
meeting the demands of developmental
increments as they evolve.
The business community will have to
become more attuned to the needs,
expectations and requirements of the
consumer population which it serves. No
longer will there-be a Captive Market in






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Frederick's Agency
Bahamas Custom Brokers
Import & Exports Air or Sea
Freight cleared at Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay
Gurth Roberts, Manager
P.O. Box AB 20468, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
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March/April 1998 The Abaeonlan Page 31

Free Trade Association of the Americas

On March 6th Mr. John Hedden of
Marsh Harbour attended a Free Trade
Area of the Americas (FTAA) session as
an Abaco observer. His trip was
sponsored by several local persons and
businesses. On March 19th he spoke on
his observations at an open meeting
attended by 13 interested persons in the
Marsh Harbour Court Room.
The Nassau seminar was attended by
representatives from government and the
business sector and featured top people
from the Caribbean Community
(CARICOM), the Latin American Action
Group, the U.S. Ambassador for
Investment and Trade, the Organization of
American States, the Bahamas Chamber
of Commerce, the Bahamas Central Bank
and the Bahamas Minister of State for
Economic Development. Representatives
attended from trade unions, government
departments and the business community.
The FTAA treaty was first suggested
by the United States at the Summit of the
Americas in 1994 and was supported in
principle by all 34 democratic countries
in the western hemisphere. Cuba did not
participate. Preliminary discussions are
now underway in Costa Rica and a larger
conference will take place in Chile later
this year. The stated goal is to have a
working treaty by the year 2005.
Although the United States is the
immediate impetus behind the FTAA
drive, the motivation is partly a result of
the European Common Market, Pacific
and Asian Common Trading Area and
other regional trading blocks. Mr. Hedden
explained that world market forces no
longer operate as previously. Satellites
allow for instant television access to
world events. Facsimile technology, the
..._. .tenet and other technologies give
eierione equal and immediate access
around the globe.
The United States wants to create a
western hemisphere trading association
which, if successful, would be the largest
trading association in the world. There
are many benefits to the U.S. in forming
a trading block of this nature.
The FTAA proposal for Western
Hemisphere trade was only one

component of the Summit of the
Americas. The Quality of Life for
Western Hemisphere residents was a
major concern and included the following
sub-topics; education, language, cultural
standards, medical needs, employment,
minority groups and others.
Since the initial meeting in 1994,
many countries, including the Bahamas,
have given very little thought to the
FTAA process. The Bahamas is now
beginning to seek private sector input as
to how they should approach the FTAA
negotiations. Mr. Hedden stated that the
private sector should weigh heavily on the
government's negotiation list toward the
final treaty.
Mr. Hedden said there is much
uncertainty and confusion within the
Bahamas and many other countries as to
what the process is all about. Although
there seems to be universal concerns
about the process, there is an equal
concern that we cannot afford to be
excluded. In a world economy the
Bahamas does not have the resources to
be a lone player. The United States and
most other countries will continue with
the process whether the Bahamas
participates or not.
The United States is taking the process
seriously and Miami has already
submitted a proposal to become the
location for the FTAA Secretariat
headquarters. There is some logic for this
as the United States will be the largest
partner in the treaty and Miami is al-
ready a strategic hub for Latin America
banking, transportation, communications
and other business functions.
Twelve major components of the
FTAA treaty are:
* Market access and the elimination of
trade barriers
*Customs procedures and rules of origin
*Investment policies
*Standards and technical barriers to trade
*Sanitary and phytosanitary standards
*Subsidies, anti-dumping and counter-
vailing duties.
*Small economies and how the FTAA
will affect them

*Government procurement
*Intellectual property rights
*Trade in services
*Competition policy
*Dispute settlement
Much of the present work on these
twelve areas relates to taking an inventory
of similarities and differences among the
34 member nations.
A major concern of the Bahamas is the
proposed elimination of customs duties
which is a primary source of government
revenue. If "the hemispheric playing field
is leveled" with the universal elimination
of duties, another revenue source must be
Two obvious candidates are a sales tax
or an income tax. Government has
resisted an income tax in past discussions.
A sales tax or Value Added Tax (VAT)
shifts the tax collection from the point of
entry into the country to the point of sale.
Either an income tax or a VAT scheme
would likely create a tax collecting
agency much larger than the present
customs service.
Historically, there has been little dialog
between the private sector and
government. Mr. Hedden explained that
this must change as the input from the
private business sector is crucial during a
transition to a regional trading
The proximity of the Bahamas to the

United States should be in our favor. For
security reasons it is in the United States
best interest that the Bahamas remains as
a friendly and cooperative partner in the
political and business arena.
Serious national problems can result if
the private sector suffers from drastic
changes. Changes in the business sector
could include lower retail prices and
profits due to more efficient competition
and employee layoffs due to
consolidations or increased competition.
Widespread business changes could result
in a loss of consumer confidence or a
lower standard of living. Historically, an
unhappy populace vents their frustrations
on government. This can lead to major
changes in the politics of a country. There
may be business benefits from the FTAA
process which are unknown at this time.
Presently, the Bahamas is not a
member of the World Trade Organization
(WTO) and we must be a fully accredited
member before we can enter into the
FTAA negotiations. The Bahamas is now
applying for membership in the WTO.
Another consideration is whether the
Bahamas should enter the negotiations
alone or if it would be beneficial to
negotiate from a unified position as a
member of the CARICOM organization.
Joining CARICOM also means
compromises with the Caribbean countries


Page 47

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Page 32 The Ahaconian March/April 1998

Road Traffic Meets with Taxi Drivers

The Road Traffic Authority held a
meeting with taxi cab drivers on March
23rd at the Court House in Marsh
Harbour. The purpose of the meeting
was to discussed with the drivers various
aspects of the regulations and laws with
respect to taxi cabs, buses and self drive
cars (rental cars).
Addressing the group was Rev. Roland
Swain, Road Traffic Inspector for
Central Abaco, who spoke on many
aspects of the taxi and self drive
problems. He explained that franchises
for taxis and self drive cars are given by
the government to individuals to be used
but that many on Abaco are not on the
road. These franchises will be taken back
and given to others who are applying. At
present the Administrator has about 30
taxi plates that have not been picked up.
If they are not in use by May 31st, they
will no longer be held for their present
owners unless the owners can show
legitimate reason for not being on the
Rev. Swain was quite concerned that
the taxi drivers, bus and tour car
operators are not adhering to the dress
code in place by the central government.
The dress code is in effect from
December 15th until April 15th and
requires white or light coloured shirts
worn with ties along with dark trousers
for men and dark skirts or trousers for
women. Wearing coats, jackets or caps
are optional. At other times of the year
they must dress attractively. At all times
they must be clean and tidy. The fine for
not dressing according to the code is
The question of women wearing
scarves instead of ties was brought up
and some of the women voiced a
complaint that they believe they can be
more attractive with a scarf rather than a
tie. They feel that a tie is too masculine.
When the dress code was written, there
were few women taxi drivers on Abaco.
Administrator Everette Hart along with
Rev. Swain will consider individual cases
and will give approval if a woman will
see them privately dressed with a scarf

that they feel is acceptable.
The topic of fare rates was discussed.
The rates taxis charge are approved by
Nassau. A new sheet has been registered
in Nassau and was handed out at the
meeting. These rate sheets are required
to be in the taxis and it was suggested
that they be posted at the airport, in
hotels, at Customs and Immigration and
other places frequented by visitors so
everyone can know what the correct
charge is. At some point soon, meters
will be required in all taxis to assure
passengers that they are not being
overcharged. Rev. Swain emphasized that
the drivers must charge waiting time.
We now have buses on Abaco and
Rev. Swain went over the regulations for
these. They must stay on the main streets
at all times and are not allowed to pick
up passengers at the airport, ferry dock
or private property such as hotels,
marinas and stores. There will soon be
signs indicating established bus stops. If
their passenger's final destination is the
airport, the buses are not allowed to
carry passengers any farther than the
round about.
There was some discussion concerning
pre-arranged taxi pick-up as opposed to
passengers requesting specific taxis. It is
acceptable for passengers to pre-arrange
a pick-up but they cannot request a
specific taxi when they arrive at a
location with a taxi stand.
There was discussion about specific
taxis being called on the VHF by
businesses. The taxi drivers felt that
many businesses favored certain drivers
and waiting until those replied before
answering. Another complaint was
against businesses which called a taxi
when one was already outside waiting.
Tour buses cannot pick up passengers
at the airport or hotels unless the visitors
have a pre-arranged package. Then it is
Rev. Swain reminded the taxi drivers
that they should be courteous on the
VHF. If a call comes on the radio, many
will answer. The taxi drivers explained
that when the transmit button is pressed,

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the speaker cannot hear others talking
and this fact makes for some of the
The next topic Rev. Swain discussed
was the preparation of vehicles for
inspection. All taxis and self drives must
be inspected and licensed during the
month of May. Inspector Swain will
approve only those vehicles which are in
good shape with the obvious brakes,
lights, horn and wipers working.
Additionally, the car must have bumpers
attached properly, mufflers and exhaust
systems in good shape, door handles
which work well and two license plates
fastened on.
Rev. Swain reminded the meeting that
the needs and wishes of the visitors must
be accommodated. If they request a van,
then they are allowed to have one. If
they ask if the air conditioning is
working, the driver must be truthful.
Also speaking to the meeting was Mr.
Percy Archer, Chairman of the Road
Traffic Authority, who mentioned that in
December 1997 Abaco had 400 self drive
licenses but now only 196 are on the
road. Owners of franchises have until

May to get their vehicles on the road ,.
their plates will be taken from them.
There is a moratorium on taxi and self
drive franchises so many are eager to get
the ones not being used. Anyone can
apply for a franchise because after the
May deadline, the Board under the
Council's authority will issue the
remaining franchises.
Ms. Sherry Parker of the Ministry of
Tourism pointed out that there is
confusion about the rates which taxis
charge, and she would like them all to
abide by the published rates so visitors
will not feel cheated. She also brought
out the concern of hoteliers that some
taxis are steering business away from one
place to take the tourists to another
Administrator Everette Hart addressed
the group, emphasizing that they must
abide by the regulations. Otherwise they
will be brought to him in court. Up to
this point he has been lenient with them
charging them small fines but from now
on the fines will be much steeper.


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March/April 1998 The Abaconlan Page 33

Electricity Proposed for Bahama Palm Shore

On April 2nd Mr. Freeman Duncanson,
General Manager of Bahamas Electricity
Corporation in Nassau, addressed
approximately 65 residents and lot owners
of Bahama Palm Shores concerning
electrificationof that area. His preliminary

cost study indicates the 42 residences now
there would contribute about $7,000 each
to make up the total estimated cost of
over $300,000 to electrify the houses now
there. The total cost for supplying

Mr. Alton Lowe held a very successful one-man art show in Nassau last month, his 29th
show. Mr. Lowe is pictured above in the center. With him are Mr. Leonard Thompson,
left, author of I Wanted Wings and Mr. Chester Thompson, right, author of The
Fledgling. Mr. Lowe invited them to join him on the opening night for a book signing.

G.T. Artist Displays Art

Renowned Bahamian artist Alton Lowe
held his 29th one man show on March 27
in Nassau. The venue was well attended
by invitees from Nassau and Abaco.
Mr. Lowe displayed 35 of his oil
paintings. Many were scenes of Green
Turtle Cay and Hope Town, two
picturesque Loyalist settlements. There
were also seascapes and boating subjects.
Specially featured were five painting of
rare Bahamian roses which have been
propagated for Generations on the Abaco
cays. These will be featured on postage
stamps by the Bahamian government later
this year. A beautiful bronze sculpture by
Jr. Jim Maston graced the centre of the
Mr. Lowe invited two special guests
this year for a book signing. Both born

on Abaco, they were Capt. Leonard
Thompson, author of I Wanted Wings,
and his younger brother Chester
Thompson, whose memoir The Fledgling
was recently published. Their works
were warmly received and long lines of
people waited for their copies to be
Once again the exhibition was a huge
success for most of his paintings were
sold. Mr. Lowe has been painting since
the age of nine years. When he was
sixteen he left Green Turtle Cay to work
in a prestigious Miami Beach art gallery.
Later he attended the Frank Riley School
of Art in New York City. Here he
studied under the top art teachers in the
United States. He now lives in the United
States and the Bahamas.

electricity to the more than 900 lots in the
subdivision would be $1.25 million. The
widely separated home sites and privately
owned lots contribute to the cost.
This meeting was called by Mr.
Duncanson to get a feel for the residents'
seriousness in the matter. His study is
preliminary and must be presented to the
BEC Board of Directors for approval. He
stated that BEC does not extend power
into subdivisions free of charge.
Power distribution would be by
overhead lines throughout the area except
for Ocean Boulevard which would be by
underground cable. The underground cable
is very expensive and that expense would
have to be absorbed by the total group.
Mr. Duncanson mentioned that if all
900 lot owners participated initially, the
cost would approach $1,000 per lot.
Mr. Duncanson said he could not speak
for his Board of Directors, but felt that if
20 to 25 residents came forward, the
project could go ahead. "BEC," he said,
"can accept payment from homeowners
over a three month period without interest
being incurred. Payment can be negotiated
for a longer period but interest must be
included on the unpaid balance."
On an informal show of hands, about
25 persons thought they could afford to
join the scheme if the cost was $7,000
each. About 35 hands were raised if the
cost could be brought down to $5,000.

Mr. Duncanson promised that BEC will
respond to each person who left his name
and address with him. This response will
come after he makes his recommendation
to the BEC Board of Directors and gets
their directive. There are many unknown
variables such as how many will actually
join the scheme and what the annual
growth rate of the area will be. He
expects to recommend a price of between
$5,000 and $7,000 to his Board.
It was also suggested that the residents
and property owners talk with their
representative concerning the electricity.
BEC is an autonomous government
corporation operating with set rules and
guidelines. However, government can
change those rules. He did say that
government was unlikely to provide the
system free of charge as that would set a
precedent where other areas would expect
similar treatment. Once connected,
residents would pay the 16 plus cents per
unit monthly electrical charge
BEC is a non-profit corporation.
Extending the system is done at cost and
no profit is made by BEC. Their operation
costs are met by the monthly usage fees
charged consumers.
Whatever the final cost, future
participants will be able to join within a
five year period at this initial cost. After
five years, the cost to participate could
increase to reflect inflation and other cost


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Page 34 The Abaeonian March/April 1998

Recent Sunfish Events

By Liann Key Kaighin
The Marsh Harbour Sailing Club held
a fun Saturday regatta in the harbour on
February 14th, 1998. Five sailors
competed in Sunfish boats in very light
air. Three races were sailed in and out of
the anchored yachts. Visitors had a first
row seat for the competition. Race results
were as follows:

Mr. Paul Curry, recently appointed
building inspector of Central Abaco, is
adjusting well to the newly created
position. Plans are being made for him to
get extensive training in Nassau. At the
moment he is familiarising himself with
the area, visiting building sites and
setting up his office in Dove Plaza in
Marsh Harbour.
Prior to his new job, Mr. Curry
worked for Ryan Archer's Architectural
Consultants in Abaco so he is well
acquainted with the region, its building
requirements and regulations. His main
aim is to work towards issuing
Occupancy Certificates following the
inspection of new premises.
He will function in the capacity of
advisor to the District Council, under
which he works. Essentially he will offer

Mr. Paul Curry, Building Inspector for
Central Abaco, is shown above during an
inspection tour where he found new
construction which had been promptly
painted to disguise its recent unauthorized
construction. Mr. Curry is finding it a
problem to be able to prove that building
is actually taking place. He plans to take
pictures which can be used when

happyy 50th fBirthday,

Place Name Points
1st Jim Kaighin 3.50
2nd Philip Hall 4.75
3rd Van Stratton 10
4th Liann Key Kaighin 11
5th Andrew Wilhoyte 15
A big MHSC thanks to Robert Key
who singlehandedly ran the races for us.
On March 14th the MHSC travelled to
Hope Town to race with the friendly
competitors who live in the shadow of

guidelines and make recommendations
based on what he sees in the field.
"There is so much building going on
here in the Abacos," said Mr. Curry who
fought long and hard over a period of
three years to provide a building
inspector for Abaco.
These are early days. It is very much
a learning process for us all but Mr.
Curry is confident that in time there will
be more inspectors, and a smooth
running department which will ensure
safely and high quality constructed homes
and business buildings.

the lighthouse. Three races were sailed in
heavy air and warm sunshine between
Parrot Cay and the harbour mouth of
Hope Town Race results were as follows:


Jim Kaighin
Clay Wilhoyte
Liann Key Kaighin
John Pinder
Neil Hingle
Andrew Wilhoyte
off to the juniors


participated in the heavy conditions and
managed to stay dry! Some of the young
sailors were even toughing it out with no
hiking strap. Our thanks to Clay and Lisa
Wilhoyte and friends for all of their help.

in running the races. We look forward to
future events in Hope Town.
Upcoming events for the MHSC are a
practice Saturday on April 18th
scheduled for launching from Pond Bay
beach. Starting time is 11 a.m. and three
races are planned. This practice day will
be in anticipation of the Home Lowe
Memorial Regatta the following week on
April 24th and 25th, also to be raced off
Pond Bay. We are looking forward to
hosting at least eight Sunfish sailors from
Nassau and we most certainly hope local
interest will match that number. If you
are interested in sailing in the Homer
Lowe Memorial Regatta, please contact
Jim Kaighin at 367-30R6 for further

m >e r


0. a


N ., n'w


Connection ,iHl

Operated by GULFSTREAM i(44esxo AIRLINES


Call Your Travel Agent or for Reservations & Information:

Florida Destinations: 800-525-0280

Bahamas Destinations: 800-231-0856

Building Inspections Begin

*1 1 P.O. Box AB 20655, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
.. .. .... Reservation Day & Night Call or Fax 242-367-3980
L Or call Alpha.numernc Beeper #2980 at 367-3463
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Much Love and Best
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March/April 1998 The Abaconian Page 35

Immigration Policies Explained by Minister

The Minister for Immigration, Labour
and Training, Mrs Theresa Moxey-
Ingraham, was the guest panelist at an
open meeting hosted by the Immigration
Department on February 28th at the
Anglican Parish Hall in Marsh Harbour.
About 100 persons of mixed nationalities
filled the room to listen and ask questions.
Also at the meeting were Ms. Thelma
Beneby, Permanent Secretary for
Immigration; Mr. Melvin Seymour,
Director of Immigration. Mr. Roosevelt
Newbold, Chief Immigration Officer for
Abaco; Island Administrator Everette Hart
and Member of Parliament, Robert
The meeting was hosted by the
Ministry for Immigration, Labour and
Training as a concluding -exercise in an
Immigration Awareness Week with events
primarily in Nassau.
Mrs. Ingraham stated that Immigration
is the nation's gatekeeper. She wants to
see that the Bahamas is better off as a
result of the comings and goings of
people. Most development is related to
people moving in or out of the country
and she wants to ensure that Bahamians
are protected in this process. Mrs.
Ingraham acknowledged the slowness in
which immigration matters seem to move.
Her department is working to improve
their record in responding to Immigration
Mrs. Ingraham informed the group that
the Immigration Department has a backlog
of applications and is behind in processing
because of the thousands of applications
which her office received after the
Bahamas signed a treaty with Haiti in
1995. By this treaty Haitians who have
been in the Bahamas since 1984 or prior
may apply for permanent residency status.
Mi. Seymour explained that the
immigration system is responsive to the
needs of the community. For instance,
farmers are getting the permits they need
for labourers. Businesses that show a
need and cannot locate suitable help are
granted permits. The economic benefit of
the business within the community and the
jobs provided are taken into consideration
when granting permits for certain
positions. Immigration does not want to
place undue obstacles on businesses. Mr.
Seymour told how the "new Immigration"
is working as a team to see that
communities move ahead economically.
Immigration recognizes that qualified
people are necessary for a business to be
successful and successful businesses are an
asset to the economic welfare of the
community. The availability of
unemployed people does not automatically

mean that there are qualified people
available for the various job openings.
Immigration is concerned with the role
of foreign investors and wants to ensure
that the Bahamas benefits from the
foreign investor.
Mrs. Ingraham explained that foreigners
investing $500,000 in a house can be
granted economic permanent residence
with the right to work in certain
categories. This has been raised from the
previous figure of $250,000 which was
felt to be too low a base amount in these
The Constitution provides for
citizenship to foreign wives of Bahamian
husbands. Spouses of Bahamian women
are being granted status quicker then ever
before. In the case of foreign men
married to Bahamian women, a five-year
residence permit is granted with the right
to work and costs $250. In the sixth year
citizenship may be applied for by the
husband if the marriage is intact. This is
in contrast to the ten-year residency
period for others wanting citizenship.
Mrs. Ingraham spelled out the
requirements for children born in this
country. A child bom of a wife of a
Bahamian man is Bahamian. A child born
in the Bahamas of an unwed mother takes
the nationality of the mother. A child born
of a married couple legally residing in the
Bahamas takes the nationality of the
parents. Persons born in the Bahamas after
July 10, 1973, may apply for citizenship
on reaching 18 years of age.
One of Immigration's roles is the
apprehension of illegal persons in the
country of any nationality and returning
them to their country of origin. The
Bahamas has spent one million dollars so

c *
^$A ol at/s L


far this fiscal year repatriating illegal
During the question and answer period
it came out that there is no legal
requirement for employers to provide
housing for work permit holders. Mrs.
Ingraham explained that there are
situations where a moral responsibility is
assumed in this regard. With rare

Serving the Abacos for over
Lawn, Garden & Pool Supplies
Fish, Birds, Hamsters and Rabbits
Landscape Designs
Landscaping and Maintenance
Automatic Irrigation Systems
0 -e Chain Link Fencing, Sold and Installed
Potted Flowers for all Occasions
Silk Flowers and Baskets

Good Textbooks

A Well


- ^e

St. Francis de Sales school office is accepting registrations
for pre-school and Grades 1 8 for the 1998 fall term.
Reasonable fees. Call 367-4399 for information.

our Ch

exceptions, an employer or sponsor must
apply for a work permit. Individuals
cannot apply for themselves.
Mrs. Ingraham urged any resident who
has turned in a application but has not
heard within a reasonable time should

PLEASE SEE Immigration

Page 45

10 years

Open Monday thru Saturday 9 to 5
Phone 367-2674 FAX 367-2223
Randy & Emily Key
In Marsh Harbour by
the Airport Round-about

The Hon. Theresa Moxey-Ingraham was guest speaker at an open meeting on February
28th where she spoke frankly and openly of the policies of her Immigration Department.
Shown above is Mrs. Ingraham with Mr. Melvin Seymour on the left and Chief
Immigration officer for Abaco Mr. Roosevelt Newbold on the right.

I Pine Woods Nursery, Ltd.

VM Off-Shore Resort Lots On South End of Lubbers Quarters Cay
(Near picturesque Hope Town)
Modest Prices Insurable Title 0 Main Dock
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Good Elevation Barge Landing Ocean Access
Tennis Court HouseforSale Electricity & Phone
Beaches and Waterfront Accessible to all Lot Owners LOts From
ABACO Only 161 Sites Residential & Commercial Lots Available Lots From
OCEAN CLUB 30 Residential Lots Remain Unsold No Obligation to Build $15,950
Contact Your Bahamas Real Estate Broker or Phone/FAX (314) 721-2668

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Elbow Cay on the Ocean &
White Sound near Hope Town

:.2* 3are/oo/
S* feyance "
Romantle tropical rooms
on both oeeen and sound
Free beat docking
Scenic bar serving your
favorite frozen drinks
Wonderful food served
overlooking the ocean
Breakfast, Lunch and
Dinner a Ia carte
Come by boat or call to be
picked up in Hope Town
Reservation requested but not required
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e ggtlet

PagcTh Abaeonian MarchApril 1998

Environmental Issues

Grouper at Risk
Environmental groups in the Bahamas
are urging the government to make
restrictive laws regulating the fishing
industry, both commercial and sport. Of
particular concern is the over-fishing of
grouper during the mating and spawning
season. During that time they are in large
groups of thousands during which the
larger older fish guide the younger ones
in a migration. It is during this migration
that the younger fish learn from the
larger fish.
It is crucial to the welfare of the
species that these groups be maintained.

The migration takes place from
November through February. Grouper
will spawn only during the winter and
only during full moons. However,
scientists fear that many groups no longer
Director of Fisheries Michael Braynen
has suggested several ways which the
government will consider to protect this
important species. They may suggest a
specific grouper season or they may
suggest limiting the areas which are open
to grouper fishing. At present there is a
minimum size limit on grouper.
It is important to everyone to protect
our natural resources. Fishermen will be

Garden Society Met in Sandy Point

The Tropical Fruit and Garden Society
of Abaco enjoyed an afternoon meeting
as guests of the Ferris Piersons and their
neighbors in Sandy Point on March 14th.
The Piersons are particularly successful
at growing garden vegetables.
The meeting began with a delicious
lunch served at Oeisha's Resort featuring
a variety of salads and vegetables from
the Pierson's garden, even venison
sausage which they made in Michigan
and brought down with them.
The club members toured Mr.
Pierson's garden grown in sandy soil just
a few feet from the ocean and marveled
at the variety and size of his very
productive plants. The meeting closed
with an auction of plants and some of his
bountiful harvest.
On February 19th the club was
enjoyed guest speaker Barbara Ann
Pyfrom who talked on palm trees and
bromiliads. Mrs. Pyfrom is the Curator
of Palms at the Retreat in Nassau. The
Retreat is the garden originally developed
by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Langlois, who
specialized in growing palm trees which
came from all over the world. It is now
the headquarters for the Bahamas
National Trust. Mrs. Pyfrom illustrated
her talk with slides of the Retreat gardens
and her own yard.
The next meeting will be on April

O Boats equipped with:
Bimini Top, Cooler, Anchor & Lines
Compass, Dive Ladder, Life Jackets
Paddle, Flares, Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit Flashlight
Rates do not include gas
;; Open 7 days 8 5

18th at Parrot Point, the home of Joe and
Donna Kern on Sugar Loaf Cay. Guest
speaker will be Gene Joyner who will
give a demonstration of grafting
techniques. Mr. Joyner's yearly visits to
the club are always highly anticipated.
The club welcomes all those interested
in gardens, house plants or native
vegetation. For more information call
Jack Hardy at 367-2580.


S. .

Mr. Pierson harvested some of the
bountiful crop which his plants produced.
These vegetables were later auctioned to
the club members, the proceeds of which
help offset expenses of the society.

25 Boats Rates
1 Day 3 Day Weekly
18' Privateer $85 $75 $420
18' Boston Whaler 95 85 520
19' Hydra Sports 100 90 550
20' Albury Bros. 105 95 580
22' Privateer 110 100 595
22' Boston Whaler 125 115 735
24' Privateer 140 125 840
Complimentary delivery on request
Located in Hope Town & Marsh Harbour
Call 242-367-2513 Fax 367-2516

at risk if grouper are seriously decimated
but so will the public generally if steps
are not taken to protect this important
economic and environmental resource.
Our Oceans in Peril
Sixteen hundred scientists from all
over the world issued a warning that our
oceans are suffering unprecedented
damage from over fishing, pollution and
coastal development. The petition by the
scientists is the start of the United
Nation's International Year of the Ocean.
The scientists were adamant that

countries must act immediately to prevent
further degradation of the marine
environment. The fishing population are
declining rapidly and require strict
regulation. Over fishing has devastated
commercial fish population and fishing
methods such as bottom trawling have
cleared huge areas of sea bottom. Coastal
development is destroying salt marshes
which are crucial as spawning grounds
and fish nurseries. Also contributing
heavily to the problem is pollution caused
by runoff from industry and agriculture.

The Tropical Fruit and Garden Society of Abaco held their March meeting at the home
of Ferris Pierson in Sandy Point. The gardeners were eager to hear the suggestions he
offered to help with their vegetable gardening problems and learn of his recommendations
of specific varieties which have grown well for him.
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FRI-SUN 1 600 1 645
FRI-SUN I 700 I 745
Call 242-352-5778 242-359-4722 242-352-5781
Fax 242-352-5778 Freeport International Airport

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Sl Garden Club to Meet mas
Sup in Sandy Point Years
Your Container Filled at Our Yard
Call Brenda at 561-683-2244
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W & W Lumber of Palm Beach
2077 N. Military Trail
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
On the Comer of Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard

March /April 1998 The Abaconian Page 37

Mystery Treasure Hunt Lures Pilots

By Stephanie Humblestone
Abaco Beach Resort in Marsh Harbour
hosted a mystery fly-in and treasure hunt
on the 27th of February through the 1st
of March. Approximately 80 persons
attended. The theme of this event was
appropriately "Pirates and Buccaneers"
and was organised by the Ministry of
Tourism with John and Betty Obradivick,
owners of Pilot's Guide to the Bahamas

and Caribbean.
Ground staff at the airport, dressed in
pirate and buccaneer outfits, and
representatives of the Ministry of
Tourism welcomed the 18 participating
planes at the airport on the 27th. Some
single and some twin engine, they came
from all over the United States and even
from Switzerland.

That evening there was a welcoming
cocktail party sponsored by the Ministry
of Tourism at Boat Harbour. Revelers
came in pirate costumes and anything
connected with the theme of the
occasion. On Saturday there was a
treasure hunt in Marsh Harbour. A skull
hidden at Abaco Beach Resort was part
of the scavenger hunt. Hope Town
Harbour Lodge on Elbow Cay buried a
prize. To find it after having unraveled
the clues, participants had to swim to the

reef. Larger prizes lured competitors to
fly as far off as Cat Island. There was an
additional $1000 in cash prizes as well as
week-end get-aways donated by 30
different resorts.
Plans are already being made for
another one next year at the same time.
Terry Curry from the Great Abaco Beach
Resort described it as a "great success"
and commented that many of the visitors
did not realise that the Abacos had so
much to offer.

Abaco Beach Resort is looking very
grand these days. They are offering
interesting packages to entice visitors to
our area. These packages include four
nights at the Abaco Beach Resort and
three nights aboard a luxury sailing yacht
provided by Florida Yacht Charters
which is based at the resort. This offers
our visitors a great variety of
experiences. At the resort they can play
tennis, swim at the two swimming pools
or explore Abaco by land.
The sailing part of the package offers
exploration of the cays, both those with
towns and the remote islands. The yacht
is captained and provides breakfast and
lunch every day. The guests may have
dinner aboard or elect to eat ashore,
giving the visitors a taste of island

The resort is promoting this offer from
now until the end of March and is hoping
that this program will encourage more
people to experience the total feel of an
Out Island adventure.
To prepare for this busy season the
Abaco Beach Resort has renovated,
redecorated and upgraded their luxury
resort. Many of their rooms have been
refurbished with extensive use of tile and
mirrors. The rooms now boast wet bars
and refrigerators. Twenty original rooms
and five villas are remodeled. There are
an additional 32 rooms which have been
in use during the remodeling. The
grounds and roadways have been
beautified and a new parking area is
under construction.
This is one phase of a long term plan
for the resort which will be implemented

Abaco Central High School boasts a different team a team of cheerleaders who give the
school something to brag about.

Abaco Beach Resort has upgraded their rooms to bring them to state-of-the-art standards.

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The Abaconian
To Keep up with All the News of the Island

K & S Auto Service

Automotive Accessories
Full Automotive Service
Gasoline & Diesel Fuel
Tires & Tire Repairs
Expert Mechanics
Automobile Parts
Oil changed

Crockett Drive & Don MacKay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour Phone 367-2655
Percy Albury, Owner/Manager

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Rock Sound 334-2060 Nichol's Town 329-4184 George Town 336-2780

Page 38 The Abaeonlan March/April 1998
f .,

Local Government

- at Work

Central Abaco Council 24 Feb. 98
Softball field Abaco Central High:
$1,500 was authorized for upgrading the
softball field for school and community
Port Authority Appointments:
Stafford Patterson from Hope Town and
Tommy Roberts from Guana Cay and
Man-O-War Cay were appointed to the
Port Authority Board.
School and Airport Security: Bids for
proposed security at the Marsh Harbour
airport, the Central Abaco Primary School
and Abaco Central High School ranged
from a low of approximately $1,500 per
month for one facility to a high figure of
$23,000 per month for both schools and
the airport. The high figure would add
approximately a quarter of a million
dollars to the recurrent budget. A decision
was postponed. The proposed service
varied from full 24 hour personnel to only
night-time attendants.
Building Inspector: Transportation for
the Building Inspector has not been solved
and hinges on budget constraints.

Central Abaco Council 27 Feb. 98
Wild horses, dogs, cats & raccoons:
Council members were given an update on
the wild horse population in the Norman
Castle area by Milanne Rehor. For several
years Ms. Rehor has been studying these
horses which number 16 or 17. She said
wild dogs are a threat to the newborn
The problem of wild dogs and cats
throughout the island was discussed with
no immediate solution. This is apparently
a problem in much of the Bahamas. The
possibility of hiring a dog-catcher and
constructing a fenced holding area was
discussed. Chief Councillor Mike Malone
suggested making a pound at the dump
site entrance as the two dump attendants
could care for the impounded animals.
Concern was voiced over an incident on
Bimini where a visitor was bitten by a
stray dog and the local government was
subsequently sued.
Stray cats are a problem as they spread
cat leukemia into the domestic cat
population. They also eat the curly tail
lizards and wild birds which keep the
insect population manageable.
A new threat is the introduction of
raccoons in North Abaco from Grand
Bahama. The raccoons are resourceful

We the family of Nancy
Abberfey wisl to extend our sin-
cere tanks ani appreciation for all
of your many expressions of sym-
pathy, love anb consolation on the
passing of our beloveb baugter anb

You bave prayer,
visit, b rougbt
gifts, calleb anb
care for us. We are
extremely thankful
for your ex-
pressions of
kindness as
these ges-
tures bave
belpeb ease
the pain of our great loss.

May Gob bestow His richest
blessings on each of you

Tbe family of Nancy Abberley.

scavengers and are capable of eliminating
the Abaco parrot in South Abaco. These
native parrots raise their young in nests
located in natural holes in the ground. The
raccoons will be several years in migrating
the length of Abaco to the parrot grounds
in the south.

Town Planning 3 March 98
Ten plans with a total value of one
million dollars were passed at the
previous meeting.
New subdivision outlined: A
nreliminarvy sketh for a 120 lnt nrivatFe
subdivision was presented for approval in
principle. The site encompasses the 15
acre parcel between Abaco Towns and the
Gottlieb estate which is included in the
project. Access will be by the Abaco
Towns road and the road to the Gottlieb
The preliminary sketch plan indicated a
tight self-containedcommunity with shops
and facilities. Streets were narrow and the
concept was based on walking
accessibility throughout the area. The
project includes a 90-slip marina to service
the property owners, a theater or
playhouse, a post office and other
amenities. Approval in principle was given
and the developers can now proceed with
working drawings for the project.
Chairman's Meeting 9 Mar. 1998
Foreign Ownership: Board and
committee chairmen were asked to be alert
to any application for a business or project
with foreign ownership. All projects and
businesses with even a hint of foreign
ownership must be forwarded to the
Bahamas Investment Authority in Nassau
for approval. Local recommendations can
be sent but final approval must be made in

Port Authority 9 March 1998
This was the first meeting of the
newly reconvened Port Authority. Chief
Councillor Mike Malone and
Administrator Everette Hart addressed the
Dock applications are to be reviewed
locally and sent to Nassau for approval
with the local board's recommendation.
Plans are being returned in four to six
weeks and so far the local
recommendations have been accepted.
Apparently Abaco has more dock

construction than any of the other
Bahamian islands including Nassau. The
activity of the Dock Committee in Nassau
does not match the level of dock requests
from Abaco.
Dredging, mining and excavating
requirements were discussed. A dredging
or excavating application requires a $50
processing fee when the application is
submitted. When granted, the permit costs
$300. Firms in the dredging or excavating
business must obtain a $300 annual
license. Government collects a royalty of
50 cents for each cubic yard of material
excavated, whether it is removed from the
site or moved from one place on the
property to another on the same property.
Administrator Hart told the Board that
they must begin considering local
navigational aids. Although the Port
Authority has not been allocated any
funds, this may have to change in the
Harbour pollution from a variety of
sources is another concern that the
members must address.
Central Abaco Councill March 1998
The recurrent budget for 1998/1999
was discussed with the final figure being
$1,505,236 or an increase of
approximately a half a million dollars
above last year. The increase is mainly for
additional maintenance where last year's
figures proved to be inadequate and for
additional contract salaries.
Road marking: A paint striping
machine is on order through AID and will
be used to mark intersections and other
traffic areas.
Town Planning 2nd session 14 Mar

Property: Committee member William
Swain asked that Town Planning look into
a suitable site for commercial and
industrial use suitable for garages and
other ventures not appropriate to be in or
adjacent to residential areas. This will be
discussed at the next meeting.

Licensing 16 March 1998
Castle Restaurant: A restaurant and
bar application by the Castle Cafe was
deferred. Since it is located in a residential
setting, nearby residents will be asked for
an opinion and a special meeting will be
held March 23 to deal with this.
Marsh H. Town Committee 17 Mar.
Road closing: The proposed closing of
access to Bay Street at Touchton's Corner
leading to Triple J Marina was discussed
again. The lawyer for Triple J Marina is
threatening to sue local government if the
road is blocked as they feel it will be a
detriment to their business. Committee
members firmly believe they have the
right to change road traffic patterns when
conditions warrant. It was suggested that
Triple J Marina and their lawyer be
invited to make a presentation to the board
or to an open Town Meeting.
Port Authority March 18 1998
Boat rental: Blue Water Boat Rental
was approved permission to begin
operations with four 20-foot Duskys and
one 26-foot Paramount at Harbour View
Marina. Troy Cornea and Herbert Key are
the owners.
Lubber's Quarters: Abaco Ocean
Club received permission to construct
docks for property owner's use within
their development's harbour.

Industrial and Commercial PLEASE SEE Local Govt. Page 43


Sadly missed by his wife Elizabeth and sons Jason and Javan

Second Area Code & 10-Digit local dialing for Miami-Dade
S- -Area Code 786 is being added to Miami-Dade County begin-
ning July 1, 1998. Numbers presently assigned area code 305
will not change. However, the area code will become part of
9I41 the phone number giving the Miami area ten-digit phone num-
bers. When calling within Dade County, it is not necessary to
561 use the long distance prefix "1" but the entire ten-digit num-
ber beginning with 305 must be dialed. Calling 305 numbers
in Miami from the Bahamas will not change. Use the long
distance prefix "i" as before. Use of the ten-digit numbers when
305 in Miami-Dade County is optional prior to July 1 but is manda-
and tory beginning July 1, 1998.
786 New connections will be assigned the prefix 786 and the
entire ten digit number including the prefix 786 must be used for
those numbers within the Mi-
Ze ami-Dade County area. It is not
,.S necessary to dial a "1" or "0" for these
ten-digit local calls within the Miami area. V
Growth in Miami-Dade County coupled with the surge in de-
mand for fax machines, modems, cellular phones and pagers has
outstripped Bellsouth's ability to provide new numbers in the 305
area. More information is available on the Internet at

March/April 1998 The Abaconian Page 39

from the Atche of.. 1AZ'

By Sam Hoffer
Pretty Pork
We just returned from Sugarland
Farm, the pork farm south of the Marsh
Harbour airport, excited about trying
some new pork recipes. Pork is much
leaner than in days past and if you
haven't tried it in a long time you will be
pleasantly pleased.
I've asked readers to share recipes and
thankfully they have. These come from
Pattie and Bob Toler at The Blue Dolphin
on the Eastern Shores in Marsh Harbour.
They are true community leaders.
Everyone knows Pattie's perky and
helpful voice from all of her work on the
Cruisers' Net. Not only boaters, but
everyone, appreciates the service it
provides. Among countless other

activities, Bob is the Commodore of the
Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club. They
both inspire us to give more of our time
and talents back to the community in
which we live.
They spent some time in Greece and
bring some of the Mediterranean flavors
to their table. If you have never eaten
orzo or couscous, I urge you to try them
in place of plain white rice. Both are
quick cooking and easily found in
supermarkets throughout the area.
Originally from North African countries,
couscous is a type of pasta made from
hard semolina wheat and water. Orzo is
a small rice shaped pasta that adds great
texture. Kids love it.
Pretty Pork
This is really pretty served with
steamed green beans or broccoli and

A Sunday Gospel Concert sponsored by Radio Abaco on March 15th celebrated the first
anniversary of Radio Abaco. Mr. Silbert Mills invited musicians to the Surfside basketball
court and produced a live program of Abaco gospel music. A crowd of about 200 as well
as the listening audience enjoyed the afternoon's entertainment. Deputy Administrator
Jack Thompson introduced the stars and kept the talent moving. Pictured above, ieft, is
Julia Mills from Dundas Town and, right, Man-O-War's Spurgeon Sawyer rings out a
gospel tune at the one-year birthday celebration.

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Cold Mix, Hot Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Striping & Asphalt Related Products
P.O. Box AB 20184 P.O. Box CB 10990
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Nassau, NP, Bahamas
Phone 242-367-3956 Fax 367-3959 242-377-6351 Fax 377-2193

Dive, Pive S Revive!

1 0.0 1111BRi


20' 26'
Half &

RtalBoats A All Sc ua
Full Day One & Two Tank and
ed tours Night Dives

J. I. C. at Treasure Cay
(242) 365-8465 Fax (242) 365-365-8508
e-mail Located at Treasure Cay Marina

1 or 2 pork tenderloins, d
their size
Juice of 2 key limes
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 to 2 cloves garlic, chop]
1 tablespoon grated fresh
Combine lime juice, soy,
ginger in large bowl. Marin
2-3 hours in mixture. Gril
with Mango Salsa.
Mango Sals;
1 mango, peeled and chop
1 bird pepper, chopped (o
1 green bell pepper, chop
juice of 1 lime
Choose something red to a
1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
or chopped tomato.
If carambolas are in seasi
attractive served with this al
Mix and let stand at lea
Serves 4.
Stuffed Pork Ten
Very good served with c(
red cabbage salad. Can bi
room temperature and also c
ahead and popped in the ovei
1 4 lb tenderloin
8 oz prunes
1 3 oz jar capers, drained
8 oz Kalamata olives, pitt4
1/4 cup fresh oregano

I clove garlic, chopped
pending on 1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
6 bay leaves
1 cup brown sugar
ped Mix together the prunes, capers and
ginger olives. Cut a slit in the tenderloin and
garlic and stuff mixture in (push in with the handle
ate pork for of a long wooden spoon). In a large bowl
1 and serve combine the remaining ingredients and
mix well. Add pork tenderloin, cover and
marinate 4 or more hours.
Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.
)ped Arrange tenderloin in baking pan and
:r to taste) spoon marinate over. Bake 2 hours,
ped basting often. Serves 4-6.
Bob's Favorite Salad
dd to above: Excellent served with French bread
or pimentos and cheese gruyeree is a good choice).
1 bunch broccoli
on, they are
nso 1/2 cup chopped red onion
at an hour. 1/2 cup chopped celery
3 chopped hard cooked eggs
derloin 1/2 cup (or more) shredded ham
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
couscous and 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
e served at Parboil broccoli until tender. Cool,
an be done peel and chop stems. Cut flowerettes into
Sjust before uniform sizes (try to chop about the size
of peanuts). Combine with remaining
ingredients and serve on a lettuce leaf
d If you have a recipe you wish to
ed share, contact Sam on VHF channel 68
at Lazy Days.

nt Fumigation Pest Control Lawn Spraying
Soil Treatment New Construction
Subterranean Termite Control
All 25 Years Experience
Serve g All of Abaco for the Past 6 Years

Tony Kemp

Why Take Less
Call the Best


A.b- C o Gas Co ip Ljy
Window Glass Cut and Installed
Pictures Framed and Matted
Screens Made and Repaired
Commercial Store Fronts
Installed and Replaced
Yale Windows
In Marsh Harbour beside Western Auto 367-2442


Invites You to Our Remodeled & Air-conditioned

Drinks available with meals
Call for Ride from Hope Town for Lunch or Dinner
Hope Town 366-0359 VHF 16
Full Service Marina with Fuel & Electricity

Page 40 The Ahaconian March/April 1998

Iron Men Make Wooden Boats

By Stephanie Humblestone
In a little lean-to under a corrugated
roof Mr. Winer Malone of Hope Town
builds wooden boats which are only
marginally narrower than his workshop.
Along one side is a work bench with the
manual tools of his trade, amongst which
are wood rasps, square bevels, planes and
many sizes of saws. With these he keeps
alive a dying art which he began over 41
years ago.
Mr. Malone was born 67 years ago in
Hope Town into a family with no
background in boat building. From eight
to nineteen years old he lived in the saw

Mr. Winer Malone, a craftsman from a
bygone era.

mills of Grand Bahama with his parents.
It was there that he learnt about wood,
the medium which would be his creative
expression. On a visit to Hope Town he
watched his uncle Clarence Bethel
building a boat. Transfixed by what he
saw, he decided to glean all that he could
from that one trip home and was
determined that he would one day build
a boat by himself.
On his return to the Pine Ridge saw
mills in Grand Bahama his stepfather and
a close neighbour helped him get started.
Just after his nineteenth birthday he
achieved his dream and built his first boat
which was seven feet in length with, as
he puts it, "tools too numerous to
About this time the family moved back
to Hope Town to live where he continued
building boats but in a larger space than
what he has now. Apart from a seven
year break when he was a caretaker, he
has remained faithful to his craft. Today
he does not make as many boats as he
used to and is selective in taking orders.
A little sign outside his house, which
stands close to the mouth of the harbour,
cordially requests that visitors do not ask
questions or place orders as he is
exhausted by both. "It is wearisome after
forty years," the sign reads.
For Mr. Malone the materials he uses
have changed. "The Bahamian yellow
pine he used to get from the saw mills is
no longer available. The red and white
cedar, fir and American pine have been
replaced with imported cypress. Building
boats is more time consuming than it

Dr. Lundy Relocates Her Office

By Stephanie Humblestone
Dr. Elaine Lundy has relocated her
family practice medical clinic, which was
on Don MacKay Boulevard for five
years, to just around the comer. She is
now in the building formerly occupied by
Sawyer's Market. Her new location
affords her more space and gives her a
larger patient parking area.
Still in the throes of moving, she is
putting that special touch to her new
premises which made her previous clinic
so attractive. She plans using light and
colourful fabric throughout the office and
generally giving a facelift to the large
ground floor complex.
She now has five examination rooms
instead of two, a private office which she
did not have before and separate areas
for regular x-rays, mammograms and
ultra-sound testing. There is a large
nurses' station, a spacious

office/reception area and an airy waiting
room which will have video and Cable
TV. A connecting door leading to a
communal room will be shared by her
staff and the staff of her husband's
adjoining law office. Of special note is a
six foot hallway to the rear of the
building which exits to a large parking
space. This will be used for ambulances
which will be able to drive right into the
clinic with a degree of privacy..
The increased space will enable her to
invite more visiting doctors from Nassau.
These will include specialists in such
disciplines as dermatology, ENT, and
psychiatry. Twice a week a chiropractor
will hold a clinic and there will be an
allocated space for Lounette Albury,
Abaco's resident masseuse.
Dr. Lundy reports that both regular
and first time patients are managing to
find the new location.

used to be. One boat will take him three
months to complete. Customers today
want an added cosmetic dimension to the
hitherto functional fishing vessel. They
supply the brass and bronze screws of
their choice and expect the finished
product to be varnished and painted with
red copper paint.
Today he never builds boats beyond 12
feet. The longest boat he ever built was
20 feet and the smallest, which can be

seen on the schooner William H. Albury
in Marsh Harbour, is six feet. He always
builds in wood. "I would not touch
fiberglass," he says emphatically.
It is said that in olden times there were
iron men and wooden ships and to-day
there are iron ships and wooden men.
From an era almost obscured in the mists
of time. Mr. Winer Malone is a gentle
reminder that all is not lost in the
technicolour of the nineties.

A dinghy nears completion in the outdoor shop of Winer Malone in Hope Town. Mr.
Malone is one of the last craftsmen in the world who build such dinghies. Using only
hand tools he skillfully plies his dying craft. Photo by Dave Gale

Fi I,

On Hope Town's waterfront bahamian cuisine

Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
Closed on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.

Lunch & Dinner Daily
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
Appetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m. RENTAL
/Cr Call 366-0087 or 366-0292 I/E

General Freight, Construction Materials
20 ft. Containers Can be Delivered
14,000 Gal. Water Capacity
Water & Freight on same delivery

Scheduled From Marsh Harbour to Hope
Town, Man-O-War, Guana Cay & Scotland Cay
And to Other Points on Abaco by Charter

Call 367-3341 Ray Weatherford, Mgr.

- '

March /April 1998 The Abaeonlan Page 41

Private 25 Acre Island Estate
Channel Cay, Abaco, The Bahamas I

This private island paradise embraces 25 acres and features a magnificent white crescent beach
fringed with casuarina pines and coconut palms. Commanding splendid views, the fully furnished
main residence features beamed cathedral ceilings, an open-plan Living Room with fireplace and
adjoining Dining Room, a fully equipped Kitchen and four Bedrooms which are served by three
Baths. Electricity is provided by solar power and two standby diesel generators. Rainwater cisterns
with 80,000 gallon capacity meet all the island's needs. A two bedroom Caretaker's Cottage and a
Gardener's Cottage serve the island's needs. View by appointment. Call for details.

Bahamas Realty Limited
P. 0. Box AB20856
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: 242-367-3262 Fax: 242-367-3260
Exclusive Affiliate of
International Realty

Attractive Waterfront Home

Located on prestigious Eastern Shores, this de-
lightful home commands a sunrise to sunset
view of the Sea of Abaco. Open decks,
screened porches, a seaside gazebo and bar-
becue pit are perfect for entertaining. The
three bedroom, two bath main residence fea-
tures open-beamed ceilings, a magnificent
stone fireplace and built-in bookcases. In-
teresting antiques are included in this fully
furnished home. An enchanting two-story
guest house is situated within steps of the
main house. Included in the sale are a
Jeep Cherokee, 20' Mako with 120 hp
engine and a 16' Hobie Cat.
List #3112 Price $715,000


Ocean-To-Bay Acreage

Encompassing 12 1/2 + secluded acres, this is one
of the largest privately-held parcels available on
Great Guana Cay. From the Atlantic Ocean to the
Sea of Abaco, this magnificent property features
583 + ft. of ocean beachfront and 532 +
ft. of shoreline on the sea. A marina has been
, cut into the limestone rock, creating a fully pro-
tected dock area. The property ranges from
10-50 ft. in elevation, providing an ideal site
for a home with panoramic views.
List #2939 Price $865,900

UIIIIPl~q~llr~llrr*lpr~ ~C

Page 42 The Abaonian March /April 1998

The Net & /

. What's Wrong

By Sinclair Frederick
By now we all know that getting on
and staying on the internet using our
local service here from Batelnet is a
And by now we all pretty well know
about: Busy Signals, "We're sorry but
your call cannot be completed as dialed,"
Dirty Ports, "Dial Up Networking is
Unable..." and sudden disconnects.
But sometimes it just seems the
internet STOPS, things were working
fine, then nothing's coming in,
nothing's going out.
If you're running WIN95, you've got

two rather serious, but simple to use,
tools, PING and TRACERT, that will
tell you a lot about what is going on and
who is guilty.
While the internet is running :-), go to
the START button, then to PROGRAMS,
and then to the MS-DOS icom. You'll
get a new window:
Then just type in "ping":
C: | WINDOWS>ping (and
the Enter key) is our Abaco Web Site and
should (99.99%) be up and running 24
hours/day and always quickly accessible

Bahamas Vigilant as Pest Threatens

Bahamas Information Services
If the hibiscus mealybug ever reaches
The Bahamas, then everyone living in the
country will be impacted and involved in
some way, said the Director of
Agriculture, Carl Smith. It will not be
simply a problem for the Department of
Agriculture and for farmers, it will affect
agriculture, the horticultural industry, the
tourist industry and those of us who have
gardens at home. Many of the
ornamental plants around our hotels and
in our tourist areas are going to be badly
affected by the mealybug and we are
going to have a very unsightly and
unproductive environment." The threat is
of such importance that a Hibiscus
Mealybug Task Force has been
established to make plans against its
possible arrival in The Bahamas. The
task force's job is to prevent the bug
from entering The Bahamas and to
control and manage it if it does become
established here.
The insect is native to Asia and came
to the Caribbean via Grenada on planting
material, destroying Grenada's
agricultural trade. Granada declared its
infestation in 1994. Produce shipped

from there carried the mealybug to
Trinidad and from there to Tobago and
so on throughout the southern Caribbean
area. The mealybug has a wide host
range and can travel by air on fruit,
planting material or on clothing.
Early symptoms of infestation include
curling, crinkling or twisting of leaves,
bunched leaves, leaf buds not opening
and flower buds shrivelling and dying.
Laster as the infestation becomes more
severe, symptoms will include masses of
small insects in powdery, cotton-like
clusters, deformed fruit and leaf edges
fry and ants present and busy. The only
containment of an infestation is by
biological control as burning or chemical
control is ineffective.
With more global trade goods
including fruits and vegetables move
more freely from country to country.
This means that pests and diseases can
also move freely. It is important that
everyone be aware of the danger of this
mealybug as well as other pests that can
be brought into the country inadvertently.
The Ministry feels that the highest risk is
from planting material arriving by air in
passenger or crew baggage.


...-' on Guana Cay
~S serving

Formerly Television Service Center

C ,"ANWe Sell Is Service
r Radj TV, VCR & Audio Equipment
Juierxes & Video Games
Musical Instruments
Marine Electronics
Office Equipment
Cash RegistersR
Microwaves '
FAX Machines
Electronic Organs Tommy Pinder
Medical Equipment Master Technician
Automotive & Marine Electronics Phone 367-2830
Telephone Recorders, Phones & Phone Devices
in Marsh Harbour on Queen Elizabeth Drive
between Keys Drive & Firehouse Corner

via the internet from any point in the
world, even Abaco.
Several things may happen. The one
you want to happen is:
Pinging oii net
[] with 32
bytes of data:
Reply from
bytes=32 time=238ms TTL=242
Reply from
bytes=32 time=192ms TTL=242
Reply from
bytes=32 time=184ms TTL=242
Reply from
bytes=32 time=187ms TTL=242
What has happened is that your
computer has sent a small message, a
"ping," to the computer simply
asking, "Are you there?" This was done
four times and we got a reply back
saying, "Yes," in around 200 thousandths
of a second, each times.
In the first step, "" has to get
translated into a digital Internet Protocol
Address, in this case, that
exactly indicates where is in
cyberspace. This translation occurs at
Batelnet's DNS (Domain Name Server).
When that DNS is unavailable, pings
waits a while, then says, "BAD IP
ADDRESS," as if you had done
something wrong but you haven't, at
least as long as Abacom as paid its bills.

Then even if we get the DNS to furnish
an address, we may get
simply meaning we waited for the ping to
come back and it was lost, somewhere...,
and an internet message makes many
stops as it passes through the world wide
web. There are lots of "hops" where the
message can get lost. But there is help...
Now try:
C: IWINDOWS>tracert
Tracert (TRACEROUTE is the full
name but DOS can't handle long names)
sends out a whole series of pings,
starting with the first hop, and then
working hop by hop all the way to
You'll be able to understand what is
going on, try it.
Please send comments, corrections,
questions, even "Flames" to -

AA Meetings
The AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)
group of Marsh Harbour meets
Monday and Thursdays on 6:30
p.m. at New Visions Church in
Abaco Shopping Centre.
The AA group in Hope Town
meets Mondays at 7 p.m. at the

Real Estate 0 Property Rentals
Treasure Cay's
Most Experienced Broker
Phone/Fax 242-365-8601
Ir P.O. Box AB 22182
* Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Wm. F. Hertz Ltd.

2 & 3 Bedroom Luxury Apartments, fully equipped
Beach front on a magnificent 3/2 mile beach or
On a Marina with private boat slips
All with pool and tennis privileges
Special Discounts offered September & October
IsLanr Duneam s Treasure Cay, Abaco
Call 242-365-8507 or 365-8777
E' Fax 365-8508 Email:





P.O. Box AB 20135, Marsh Harbour, Abaco Ph/Fax 809-367-3344

March/April 1998 The Abaconian Page 43

More About Local Government

Local Govt FROM Page 38
Dolphin rejected: a request for a
single dolphin (piling) 100 feet beyond the
end of a private dock at Lubber's Quarters
was rejected on the grounds that it was a
hazard to small boat navigation. Members
acknowledged that boats are restricted to
three miles per hour within 200 feet of the
shore but realize that our boaters
frequently do not observe this rule,
particularly in remote locations. The
dolphin was to be used to tie off a small
boat exposed to southerly winds. Other
docking methods were suggested.

No maps displayed: Stafford
Patterson, Hope Town's new member on
the Port Authority, asked why there were
no maps on display in the room. Members
agreed that various area maps should be
displayed. The Chairman will look into
Navigational aids: Mr. Patterson
asked that Central Council be asked for
budget information concerning local
navigational aids. This is a new area of
responsibility for the local Port Authority
as Nassau previously took care of these
navigational aids. Next year's budget does

I, I


Scouting News

Train Together Month, they set up a model camp site in
On February 27th the Scouts from the Marsh Harbour as a public display and
Abaco District took their Basic Training. also as a base for selling cookies, their
Basic Training teaches the Scouts about major fund raiser for the year.
pitching tents, starting, camp fires and Worship Together
cooking outdoors. This particular trip the On March 8th over fifty Scouts with
weather was very cold and drafty; their leaders attended service at the St.
however, some did manage to sleep. John the Baptist Anglican Church in
Scouts were put into three Patrols with Marsh Harbour. The group was
specific duties. They had discussions, addressed by Archdeacon, Father Cornell
played basketball, practiced knot tying, Moss. The service was followed by a
hiked 12 miles and learned the use of a lunch prepared by the church women.
compass. Each Scout had to report on the Celebrate Together
hike, what was seen, learned and On March 14th sixty Scouts attended
directions taken, their first district bonfire to
Work Together commemorate the birthday of the founder
During the month of March the Scouts of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell. The
were active selling cookies throughout celebration included a bonfire, games,
the island. To commemorate Scout fun and food.

Abaco Air Charter Service
From Abaco to all the
Bahamas and Florida
Twin Engine, Six & Nine Passenger Aircraft
Tel. 242-367-2266, 359-6357, Fax 367-3256



& Re-hub

Your Propeller
Aluminum, Brass or Stainless -
S Right here in
Marsh Harbour

Stainless & Aluminum


Phone 367-4276 Fax 367-4259
On Don MacKay Boulevard beside Western Auto

not make any allowance for port
expenditures with the exception of the
Marsh Harbour freight dock.

Licensing 23 March 1998
Castle Cafe approved: A restaurant
and bar license was granted to the Castle
Cafe. Alcoholic beverages can be sold
only with meals. The operation is Monday
through Friday and is to close at 5 p.m.
The license does not allow a "happy
This is one of Marsh Harbour's few
historic buildings and is visited regularly
by visitors and local people. It was felt
that allowing Mrs. Gail Cottman Schneider
to continue with the lunch service will
help preserve this landmark structure.

District Council March 31
Paul Curry; The newly appointed
Building Inspector will be training in Mr.
Rodney Braynen's office in Nassau the
last two weeks of April.
Port Board: Chad Sawyer, Stafford
Patterson and Tommy Roberts were
officially appointed to the Port Board to
fill vacancies open since last year.
Industrial Park: A concern was voiced
about the number of mechanics who are
opening shops in residential areas creating
eyesores with their junk vehicles. The
Council wants to have an area set aside
for industrial type businesses. They will
approach Crown Lands to see what can be
Road Marking Machine: The machine
is on Abaco but has not been put to use as
the Council wants to coat the road first
with a sealant so the painted strips will

last indefinitely.
Power of Building Inspector: Mr.
Curry told one homeowner in Hope Town
to stop construction. Construction
continued and the Council will investigate.
Street Naming: Each Council member
has been asked to submit two names for
streets in Central Pines Estates, the new
subdivision which is one of the Council's
duties to do.
Marsh Harbour Primary will close its
doors as a school this month as the grades
meeting there will move to the new
Central Abaco Primary School. There is
great concern that vandalism will demolish
the buildings if action is not taken
promptly. The Council is considering
renting rooms to businesses which do not
have inventories which would induce
break-ins. Under consideration are a
cabinet maker and an upholsterer. Already
some vandalism has occurred. The wood
fence will be sawed lower, allowing
passersby to see inside the school yard.
Dundas Town and Murphy Town are
considering options for the primary school
building in Dundas Town as it will be
vacated at the end of this school year.

Marsh H. Town CommitteeApril 1
New Dump Site: A recommendation to
move the present dump site to the triangle
formed by the roads to Snake Cay was
discussed. This new dump would be a
state-of-the-art land fill rather than a burn
Sign at Touchton's Corner: The anti-
littering sign is to be moved so the view
of the harbour can be seen without

Carib Freight Company
Reliable Scheduled Inter-Island Freight Service
From Marsh Harbour
To Man-O-War and Hope Town Mon. Fri.
To Guana Cay & Scotland Cay Tues. & Fri.
Water Deliveries (to 10,000 Gal.) to all the Cays
4 Barges Available to charter 7 Days 24 Hours
Any Time, Any Place
From Walkers Cay to Little Harbour
Man-O-War Cay 365-6072 Fax 365-6285 VHF 16

II ~sl I I u -I IC- I I I -



Page 44 The Abaeonlan March /Aprl 1998

Mr. Frederick Gottlieb Is Bank Chairman

In January of this year Frederick
Gottlieb of Abaco was appointed
Chairman of the Bahamas Development
Bank by the Prime Minister, the Right
Honourable Hubert Ingraham.
Mr. Gottlieb, a lawyer and economist

By Philipp Mayerhofer
On February 2nd, 1997, the first AIT
Ferry left Guana Cay for Marsh
Harbour. It was to be the start of a
successful year for the newly opened
transportation business. Even more; the
entire Guana Cay island began to
flourish, thanks to the regular connection
to Marsh Harbour. AIT Ferry changed
the world of Guana Cay and also that of
neighboring Scotland Cay.
Initially it was thought for high school
students to have a regular transportation
from and to school in Marsh Harbour. It
brought with it other important
advantages as well. Tourism drastically
increased on the island and the interest in
buying land on Guana Cay and Scotland
Cay went up.
The convenient schedules opened new
paths such as the worker's trips which
enabled easier shifting of personnel. Also
economic advantages came with the
foundation of the AIT Ferry. For
example, many business owners reported
a higher sales income and more
customers, the creation of five additional

by training and profession, held the
position of Chairman of Water and
Sewerage for five years until the end of
1997. During his tenure he instituted
significant changes and made major
improvements in the utility service
throughout the Bahamas.

jobs in Guana Cay and the constant
reduction of prices for trips to the
Immediately after the start of the
business, another ferry service followed
the AIT Ferry with the route Marsh
Harbour to Guana Cay and Scotland Cay
on a daily basis. This once again
reflected the positive resonance of the
AIT Ferry on Guana Cay. At the
moment AIT Ferry serves three daily
round trips from Marsh Harbour to
Guana Cay and Scotland Cay and back.
All this at the price of $8 for the round
trip and $5 for the single trip. Once a
week on Sundays AIT Ferry offers a
direct trip from Guana Cay and Scotland
Cay to Hope Town. The new schedule
and the new prices were issued in order
to suit the customer's demands for a
convenient ride at a fair price.
For the future, AIT Ferry seeks to
keep the prices down and with the
continuous support from customers,
possibly reduce them even more. The
slogan, "The more we carry the less
you pay..." signifies this intention.

Mr. Gottlieb spent a total $1.5 million
on the water system on Abaco. He
created a whole new infrastructure for
the Dundas Town area, had large water
storage tanks placed at the Marsh
Harbour airport and gave Moore's Island
good water. In other areas of the
Bahamas he replaced pipes throughout
Nassau and installed a reverse osmosis
tank with a capacity to produce millions
of gallons of water daily in Nassau. It
was through him that much privatization
of the corporation took place, specifically
on Grand Bahama and New Providence.
His new position is a very exciting and
challenging one in which he sees himself
as instrumental in developing the Family
Islands. Mr. Gottlieb's function will be
threefold: to ensure the Bahamas
Development Bank fulfills its mandate, to
stimulate economic development and to
encourage entrepreneurial activity among
eligible Bahamians.
The objective of the Bahamas
Development Bank is to promote
industrial, agricultural and commercial
development in the Commonwealth of
The Bahamas through the financing of


Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m.
Gray building on Don MacKay Blvd
Next to K & S Auto Station

and investment in approved enterprises.
Within each section are experts who give
advice and guide lines to the prospective
entrepreneur. Mr. Gottlieb would like to
see tourism development encouraged,
particularly in the area of small resorts.
Mr. Gottlieb will give special attention
to the time frame in which loans are
granted, up to now of some concern to
him and the public. People have had to
wait an inordinate amount of time to
receive loans by which time they are
disconcerted or angry. "I would like to
change the image of the BDB," said Mr.
Gottlieb. If his track record is any
indication thn .he w-ill erany
very positively on the lives of many
citizens of the Bahamas who have a
sound business dream and acumen.
Mr. Gottlieb will continue to work in
Marsh Harbour but will visit Nassau one
day a week and one day a month for
Board Meetings.

v end flowers
367-BUDS (2837)
qudt. i gR OOh% Memorial Plaza
Marsh H.

Every Sunday afternoon at Abaco Central High School soccer games are played by four
competing teams consisting mostly of Haitian an Bahamian team members. Shown above
are the Yamaha Enduros sponsored by Simon Bethell of Abaco Outboards. They are
shown above just before being presented with their championship trophies. Each team has
22 members of which only eleven play while the other 11 are in reserve. Two dollars
admission fee helps offset expenses. Students are admitted free. Other teams are the
Abacom United sponsored by Malcolm Spicer ofAbacom, Club Pepsi sponsored by Chad
Sawyer of Sawyer's Soft Drinks and Abaco A/C Stars of Treasure Cay sponsored by
Millard Kemp of Abaco Air Conditioning.

Albury's Ferry Service

Three ferries from our fleet of eight diesel powered boats
Visit central Abaco's quaint and interesting cays. See work-
ing boatyards and boatbuilders, a museum, a lighthouse
fueled with kerosene and rotated with a clock-like mecha-
nism, miles of sandy beaches, pastel colored houses with
picket fences and flower boxes, auto-free village streets,
eat lunch at a waterfront cafe and watch the boats go by.
Scheduled trips or charters available to Hope Town,
Man-O-War, Guana Cay and other islands
37 Years of dependable family operated service
." Call 242-367-3147 or 242-365-6010

Lighthouse Marina I

.-. A .-

Dry Boat Storage

While your boat is ashore, before you
have it launched, let us clean, polish
and make repairs so you can enjoy
carefree boating.

Dry Boat Storage Ten-ton Hoist
Hull Cleaning, Waxing & Polishing
* Hull Maintanance Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repairs
* Bottom Cleaning and Painting
* Yamaha Outboard Dealer Factory Trained Mechanics
* Full Service Marina with Fuel, Water, Ice, Bait & Laundry
* Ship's Store with Fishing Tackle, Marine Hardware & Gift Items
* Used Boats for Sale
Call for information on monthly and weekly

house rentals including a boat.
Lighthouse Marina
Hope Town, Abaco
Phone 242-366-0154 or Fax 366-0171

AIT Ferry Brought Life To Guana

The Abaeonian Page 45

Weatherman Will Attend Conference

Abaco weatherman Silbert Mills of
Radio Abaco has been invited to a
Weatherman's Conference in Nassau on
April 17th through 19th. The Ministry of

Mr. Silbert Mills

Tourism has invited about thirty
weathermen from the leading television
channels from the United States and
Canada to be familiarized with
hurricanes. They want to acquaint the
weathermen with the Bahamas, the large
area of all our islands and the proximity
of some of our islands to Florida and the
United States. Weathermen from all the
major networks will be attending.
The Ministry of Tourism wants to
acquaint the weathermen with the
Bahamas so that when hurricanes are
threatening, they can be accurate as to
what part'fs of the Bahamas might be
affected. Hopefully, they will assure their
listeners that only parts of the Bahamas
will be affected, that any storm will not
devastate the entire chain.


The Abaco Branch of the Progressive Liberal Party recently elected officers. Pictured
above from left are Bernis Pinder, Coordinating Chairman; Mr. Wade Archer, Chairman
of the Membership Committee; Ms. Lavern Maynard, Chairman of the Service Committee
and William Davis, Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee. Not pictured was Mr.
Thomas Adderley, who will chair the Information Committee.

The Bahamas Postal Service has issued
two new sets of stamps. On March 31st
full colour stamps in four denominations
were offered honouring Diana, Princess
of Wales. The Princess was killed in a
car crash in Paris on August 31st. The
stamps are being sold in sheetlets, not
separately, in denominations of 15, 55,
60 and 70 cents.
Diana, Princess of Wales, is perhaps
best remembered for her sympathy,
commitment and compassion towards
those people in the world suffering from
disease and misfortune. Her call for

greater awareness of AIDS victims is
well known. In the closing years of her
life, she became widely acclaimed for
bringing the world's attention to injuries
caused by land mines.
The other series of stamps is
honouring the Royal Air Force which
celebrated its 80th birthday on April 1st,
the date of the issue. These stamps are
15, 55, 60 and 70 cents and a souvenir
sheet of four 50-cent stamps.
The airplanes depicted are bombers
and fighter planes which are all vintage

Immigration FROM Page 35
make inquiry. Many times information is
missing or so sketchy that the
Immigration Department is unable to
contact the applicant.
Bemis Pinder and Silbert Mills felt that
foreigners are frequently offered more
money than is offered local persons.
Immigration recognizes that many
Bahamians are qualified for out island
jobs but are not interested in leaving

Nassau. Work permits are granted for
remote locations for this reason. Mrs.
Ingraham said offering more money is
often necessary to compensate for housing
or children's schooling. She mentioned
that offering more money does not always
coax people to leave home and take
remote jobs. It is not Immigration's intent
to burden employers with unqualified
persons. A discussion followed on the role
of the local educational system for
training more qualified persons.

New Stamps Issued

Weather and other conditions will affect the tide.The predictions Tides Pelican Harbour This graph is generated from NOAA/NOS
shown on this chart are based on the normal conditions that existed data via software from Nautical Software.
when NOAA NOS and other agencies gathered the data. Times shown
will bewithinatewminutesfortheentireeasternAbacoarea.Pelican A april 1998 phone 503-579-1414.
Harbour isiust inside North Bar Channel

Sunday Monday Tuesda \\ednesda. .Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 n 6 6 n 6
n I IE 'T2, E T. I 4 'E3T'

7- c,,-,'. c-

.4 T. '- ........-.-~-
(E"DT) (EDT" ) "(EDT) "(EDT) 9 (EDT)24ET 25"' 11 (EDT)

12(EDT) 13(EDT) 14(EDT) I(EDT) t16DT) 17(EDT) 18(EDT)

rI W ,, :_ I II ii.

19(EDT) ( 20(EDT)' 21(EDT) 22(EDT) 23(EDT) 24EOT ) 25(EDT)
T hisM t T3ip Cha r C of Shel,, Ba ,ma, L limitedd
I i: I II i I- -- II I ,I Ii i I I

( I
, (EDT) 027TEDT) 28(EDT) 29(EOT) 30(EOT)
%5 E 143 P- .

This Monthly Tide Chart Compliments of Shell Bahamas, Limited
MARSH HARBOUR MARINA Yu can be sure of Shell

March /April 1998

Page 46 The Abaconian March April 1998

Marsh Harbour Dundas Town
*** 367-2158 Ambassador Inn 367-2022
orence 367-4891 Bayview Restaurant ** 367-3738
Cafe 367-2315 Mother Merle Fishnet ** 367-2770

Conch Inn
Golden Grouper
Jib Room
Lee's Diner
Main Street Grill +
Mavis Country Kitchen
Pizza Hut
Sharkees +
Tiki Hut


Abaco Inn
Boat House
Cap'n Jacks
Club Soleil
Harbour's Edge
H T Harbour Lodg
Rudy's Place

Guana Beach Reso
Guana Seaside

S *** 366-0133
*** 366-0065
*** 366-0003
** 366-0087
ge ** 366-0095
+ 366-0423
S *** 366-0062

na Cay
rt *** 365-5133
*** 365-5106
*** 365-5143



New F

Place *** 365-6187
on 365-6185
Green Turtle Cay
House *** 365-4200
Turtle Club *** 365-4271
Restaurant ** 365-4082
's Kitchen ** 365-4287
Plymouth Inn *** 365-4161

Treasure Cay

Florence's Cafe *
Island Boil Rest. **
Spinnaker ***
Touch of Class ***
Sandy Point

Pete & Gays


*** 366-4119

Seaside Inn Rest. *** 366-4120
Casuarina Point
Different of Abaco ** 366-2150
Cooper's Town
M & M Restaurant 365-0142

Prices Low, ** Moderate, *** High
~ Provides transportation from town
+ Picnic tables only

Ferry Schedules

Albury's Ferry Service
Marsh Harb. to Hope Town Daily 20 min.
9 am 10:30 am 12:15 pm 2 pm 4 pm
Also 7:15 am except Sundays and holidays
Hope T. to Marsh Harb. Daily 20 min.
8am 10am 11:30 am 1:30 pm 3 pm 4pm
Also 5 pm except Sundays and holidays
Marsh Harb. to Man-O-War Daily 20 min.
10:30 am 4 pm
Also 12:15 pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Man-O-War to Marsh H. Daily 20 minutes
8 am 1:30 pm
Also 11:30 am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Hope Town and Man-O-War ferries leave from the
Ferry Dock at Crossing Beach
Marsh H. to Scot. Cay & Guana 30 min.
10:30 am 1:30 pm 3:30 pm 5:30 pm
Also 7:15 am except Sat. Sun. and holidays
Guana & Scot. Cay to Marsh H. 30 min.
9 am 11:30 am 2:30 pm 4:45 pm
Guana Cay and Scotland Cay ferries leave from
Conch Inn and Union Jack Dock
One Way Fare Adult $5.00 Children $3.00
Round Trip Adult $8.00 Children $4.00
Charters are available at any time
Phone 367-3147 or 365-6010 VHF Ch. 16

AIT Ferry
Marsh H. to Guana & Scot. Cay
Daily 11 am 4 pm
7 am Weekdays only 6 pm Fri. & Sat. only
Guana & Scot. Cay to Marsh H.
Daily 8 am 12 Noon 5 pm
Marsh Harb. to Hope Town
Daily 9 am 2 pm
Hope Town To Marsh Harb.
Daily 10 am 3 pm
One way fare $ 5.00 Round trip $ 8.00
All boats leave Marsh Harbour from
Triple J Marina
Phone 365-5144, Fax 365-5138 VHF Channel 16

Admiral's Yacht Haven
Boat Harbour Marina
Conch Inn
Harbour View Marina
Marsh Harbour Marina
Triple J. Marine

Mrins Taxis

Green Turtle Ferry
Green Turtle Cay to Treas. Cay Airport
Daily 8:00 1:30 3:00
Treas. Cay Airport to Green Turtle Cay
Daily 10:30 2:30 4:15 5:00
One Way $7 $8 Round Trip $11 $13
(Depending on destination of passengers)
Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Channel 16

Abaco Marinas
Phone number, Fuel, No. of slips
Walker's Cay

Walker's Cay Marina
Bluff House
Green Turtle Club
Black Sound Marina
Other Shore Club

Turtle Cay
365-4200 fuel
365-4271 fuel
365-4195 fuel

367-2736 fu
367-4000 fau
367-2182 fu
367 2700 fu
367-2163 fu

Hope Town
Club Soleil 366-0003
Sea Spray 366-0065
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Marina 365-0083
Guana Cay
Guana Beach Resort 365-5133


( AT 242-367-4602, RAINBOW

Cafe Fl
Castle (

Treasure Cay
Treasure Cay Marina 365-8250 fuel
Man-O-War Marina 365-6008 fuel

Taxi Fares
For Central Abaco
Airport to:
Crossing Ferry Dock . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $12.00
Gr. Abaco Beach Hotel . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Abaco Towns . . ... (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Conch Inn . . . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Albert's Dock . . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Wally's . . . . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Golden Harvest . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
BYS .............. (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Dove Plaza .......... (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 8.00
Marsh Harbour Primary . (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 8.00
Stop light . . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 8.00
Western Auto . . ... (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 6.00
Government Clinic .... .(over 2 add $3 ea) $ 6.00
Dundas Town . . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Government Dock . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Ambassador Inn . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Murphy Town ........ (over 2 add $4 ea) $10.00
Pelican Shores . . ... (over 2 add $4 ea) $14.00
Eastern Shores .. . (over 2 add $4 ea) $15.00
Spring City .......... (over 2 add $5 ea) $15.00

Ferry dock to:
Great Abaco Beach .. .. $ 2.00
Abaco Towns . .. $ 2.00
Conch Inn . . . $ 2.00
Waly's . . . $ 2.00
BYS .............................. $ 2.00
Jib Room ......................$ 2.00
Stop Light .. ......... (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 6.00
Dove Plaza ..... (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 6.00
Government Dock . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 6.00
Government Clinic . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 9.00
Western Auto . . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 9.00
National Insurance . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $ 9.00
Mother Merles . . . . (over 2 add $3 ea) $10.00
Marsh Harbour to:
Treasure Cay . . . . (over 4 add $10 ea) $60.00
Treas. Cay Airport . .(over 4 add $10 ea) $70.00
Little Harbour . . . .(over 2 add $10 ea) $80.00
Cherokee . . . . . (over 2 add $10 ea) $80.00
Snake Cay . . . ... (over 2 add $10 ea) $35.00
Big Mangrove . . . .(over 2 add $10 ea) $50.00
Casuarina Point . . . (over 2 add $10 ea) $60.00
Bahama Palm Shores . . (over 2 add $10 ea) $60.00
Crossing Rocks. ... .(over 2 add $10 ea) $100.00
Sandy Point . . .. (over 2 add $10 ea) $135.00
No charge for children three years and under
Pets not in cages will be charged as passengers
Luggage over four pieces add $.50 each additional
Surf Boards $3.00 each

15 slips
32 slips

12 slips

150 slips

26 slips

16 slips
24 slips

75 slips

22 slips


PItIl & NAUI affiliated
36' Custom Dive Boat
Island Tours

Phone 2 12-363-4271 Fax 212-363-1272

111 111 1 1 I

March /April 1998 The Abaconian Page 47

before entering the FTAA negotiations.
Several facts that came out from Mr.
Hedden's presentation included:
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
of the Bahamas is $13,000 per capital and

is the highest in the region.
By world wide standards the
Bahamas is a developed county.
Although the primary interest of the
FTAA relates to merchandise and
manufactured goods, the fact that the
Bahamas is a service based economy does

not mean we should ignore the FTAA
Suggestions were made that the Abaco
Chamber of Commerce should be revived
so ideas can be presented from a
recognized and functioning business

Another meeting will be held locally in
the Marsh Harbour Court Room on April
8th at 7 p.m. Interested persons are
welcome to attend.

Real Estate


REAL ESTATE Lots, Condos, Houses -You Name It
REAL TEAMWORK Unbeatable Team With Over 28 Years Experience

Our clients become more than owners. They become part of
the family and life-long friends. Ask any one of them.
We consider ourselves "REAL ESTATE" plus
and stake our reputation on trust.

Anne Albury
VHF radio 10 or 16
"Four Winds"
Tel. 242-365-8568

Waterfront or Hilltop
Homes and Lots for Sale
Have Fun in the Sun
Go Fishing or Diving
Explore the Islands
Discover our Beaches
Golf Cart & Bike Rentals


Between the Deep Blue Ocean
and the Turquoise Sea of Abaco
Phone 365-5195
VHF 16 Young Lovers

Marcellus Roberts
VHF radio 16
"Just Do It"
Tel. 242-365-8064


Since 1922


Residential Commercial Land Rentals

The Exclusive
Bahamas Affilate for

The Bahamas' Oldest and Most Extensive Real Estate Service


"Alcatraz" "Far Horizons"
Pelican Shores, Marsh Harbour Great Abaco Club, Marsh Harbour
2 Bedroom, 3 bath, 3 Bedroom, 3 bath
Waterfront, Harbour View, Private Dock Elegant Residence Superb Construction new 1997
1/2 acre lot Private Dock. 180 degree Sea of Abaco views.
$415,000. $895,000

West Coast, Elbow Cay
3 Bedroom, 3 Bath Deck on 3 sides
Waterfront, 2.1 Lush Acres, Private Dock
Spectacular Sea of Abaco Views
$575,000 Owner financing available

* Apartment Complex Marsh Harbour 7 Units Built 1992, Impeccable condition, Super Location good income & return on investment.
* "C'Est La Vie" Hope Town Harbour 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Dock House, Caretaker's Cottage, Private Dock Great Harbour Views ..............
* "Sugar Apple" Man-O-War Cay Settlement 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 2 Screen Porches, Beautiful Garden, "Snore Box" Guest House.............
* "Off Cay" White Sound, Elbow Cay Sleeping Loft, 1 Bath, Cozy Cottage, 1/4 Acre on Ocean Beach, Great Ocean Views, Private Dock...
* "Charlestown" Man-O-War Cay Settlement 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Built 1989 meticulously maintained, Bedroom Ocean View..................
* "Sandpiper" White Sound, Elbow Cay 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Charming Dock Cottage, Fireplace, Garage/workshop, 60' Private Dock..........
* "Gibraltar" Man-O-War Cay Settlement 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Charming Traditional Bahamian, Crow's Nest, Workshop, Laundry..............
* "Orchid Bay" Great Guana Cay Beautiful 1+ Acre Building Sites Ocean Beach Frontage: from $250,000 Sea of Abaco frontage: from:
* "Fisher Tract" Man-O-War Cay Lush wooded building sites Several available with semi-private dock access: from:............................


FOR RENT "Arawak" Man-O-War Cay, Charming Cottage on Private Dock, Eastern Harbour Sleeps 5 A/C, T.V. $750.00 per week.

(242) 367-4608 or (242) 365-6156 Fax: (242) 367-4885


P.O. Box AB 22183, Treasure Cay
Abaco, Bahamas
Tel. 242-365-8538 Fax 242-365-8567



I~II, -~r - -- I- - I

Contact: Derek Lee Margot Lee -

Page 48 The Abaconian March / April 1998


Do not anchor in the channel or the ap-
proach to the channel of the Marsh Har-
bour public freight dock. The freight
boats cannot maneuver around an-
chored boats in the channel. Anchor
east of the channel marker pilings.

Taxi FROM Page 32
He reminded them that the government
helps the taxi drivers by allowing them to
bring in cars duty free. It has come to
his attention that some are abusing this
privilege and are putting taxi plates on
personal cars. This will not be tolerated.
The Administrator announced that
soon Abaco would have more inspectors
as Rev. Swain is so busy he cannot cope
with the work load he now has.
Mr. Hart reiterated that he will not
tolerate tinted windows. They are against
the law and he will not permit owners to
keep the darkening material on them.
Mr. Hart is pleased that the quality of
vehicles being used as taxis has improved
during the past few years. He felt that
the Bahamas leads the entire Caribbean

area in that respect. He feels that the
dress code helps give a good impression
to our visitors.
Mr. Hart endorsed an idea given by
Ms. Sherry Parker to recognize a Taxi
Driver of the Month and a Taxi Driver
of the Year. This program was in effect
several years ago and will now be
reinstated as an incentive for courteous
service and outstanding effort to promote
our country. It was suggested that their
pictures could be framed and hung at the
It was brought out that many business
which deal with tourists do not have
special parking places for taxis and this
creates problems. The suggestion will be
made to Town Planning that in the future
plans for tourist destinations will have to
include taxi parking.

Real Estate

Contact Colin Lightbourn
(242) 325-1950 or
(242) 322-4148

r emim Pperty tht the A ao Iate
Premium Property throughout the Abaco Islands

Tilloo Cay 3.4 acres, good elevations and vegetation, sea to sea
Lubbers Quarters 1.73 acres on western side, great elevations
Elbow Cay 2.75 acres on leeward side, deep water
Green Turtle Cay beachfront lot with 90 feet beach
Green Turtle Cay 2 bed, 2 bath luxury condo, very central
Hope Town 3 bed, 2 bath on back creek, 2 cottages & dock
Manjack Cay 10 acres, highest elevations, complete with dock
Mainland 10.8 acres, 195 feet beachfront, high & dry

Classified Advertisements

Houses & Land For Sale or Rent

Minimum for 3 Lines in one issue $7
Picture and 4 lines $25.00
Additional lines at $2.00 per line.
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the
Marsh Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677, FAX 3677 3/97

Cherokee Sound & Marsh Harbour, Daily &
Weekly Rentals, Call Glenn or Connie at
24"-367-2486 after 5:30 or

Green Turtle Cay Roomy fully furnished 2
bedroom 1 bath 2nd floor apt. in 19th century
colonial bldg. in the heart of New Plymouth,
A/C, ceiling fans, full kitchen, extends street to
harbour with veranda harbour view. $500/week
Call Julie Roberts 242-365-4133
Hope Town Turtle Hill ocean view 4 cottages,
2 bed 2 bath, all with kitchens, air conditioned,
pool, private access to beach, includes golf
cart, Call 242-366-0557
Marsh Harbour Business building 1400 sq.
ft. on Don MacKay Blvd, previously Dr.
Lundy's clinic. Call Erica at 367-2265

Marsh Harbour, Hill Top Apartment for rent,
pink building, 2 bed I Vi bath, central a/c,
satellite, $900. Call 365-6072 or 366-0347
Matt Lowe's Cay, Rent the only house on 50
acre private island, sleeps 12, lots of porches
and decks, beaches, fruit trees, 10 minutes
from Marsh Harbour in protected Abaco
Sound, 24 ft boat optional, Call 242-367-2677
or FAX 367-3677
BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free listing.
Call 1-800-GO-BAHAMas (1-800-462-2426)


green urtle Cayl lTreasure Cay

2 bed 2 bath condo i3 bed 2 bath house on canal
Located in central New Plymouth ::11iIiiI Located in quiet tranquil ..... il!i
Well maintained and furnished.. ||llllllll neighbourhood ll li
Good rental income possibilities... Completed concrete sea wal ll
Price: $285,000 Recently buil|j |t Price:| $490,000


real estate
407-952-8487 phone or fax


March/April 1998 The Abaconlan Page 49

Classified Advertisements

Houses and Land For Sale or Rent

^^^^BFOR SALE ^^


Great Cistern Cay Brand new Bahamian
contemporary, central A/C, 3 bedrooms, 2 V2
baths, fantastic 180 ocean view, private beach
access, decks, porches, patios. # 3159
Marsh Harbour Excellent family home, 3
bedrooms, 2 full baths, family room, garage,
immaculate condition. # 3040 $235,000
Leisure Lee Charming three year old home, 2
bedrooms, 2 full baths, canal frontage, deep
water dock, across from beach. #3114
Treasure Cay Condo Perfect condition, 1
bedroom, boat slip, many new amenities.
#3115 $155,000
Treasure Cay Condo 2 bedrooms, 1 V2 bath,
good income producer, pool, tennis, golf.
#1073 $145,000
Elbow Cay Nice residential lot on Elbow Cay.
100 x 150 approx. 2 miles south of Hope
Town. Great buy! # 3116 Just $34,883
Treasure Cay Stunning canal-front home,
central A/C, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, terrace,
deck, boat slip, mature landscaping, large
garage, private beach access. #3158 $476,200
Treasure Cay Lovely brand-new home,
colonial styling, central A/C, custom kitchen,
cathedral ceiling, 80' serviced dock on canal,
beach access, Jacuzzi, landscaping. #3157
Pelican Shores. Marsh Harbour Family
home on the best beach in Town, 4 bedrooms,
2 baths, self contained suite, large garage-
,\workshop MNan poisibilime, 3 15l
Treasure Cay Canal lots, harbour headland,
ocean beach access, level, sunny 16,000+ sq
ft each #2443 $90,000 each
Marsh Harbour Hillside building lot 16,000+
sq. Ft. Good neighbourhood, southeast
exposure, close to schools, churches and
airport. #3200 $29,000
Mainland Abaco Acres and acres of beautiful
pine wood forest on Great Abaco's shore.
Beach access. Large wooded parcels with
elevations up to 50 ft. Located midway
between Abaco's international airports.
Starting at 5 acres for $35,000+ to 35 acres
for $178,500 #3048

Exclusive Affiliate of

International Realty
Phone 242-367-3262/3 Fax 242-367-3260
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Bahama Palm Shore 80 x 120 lot on hill
$10,000 Call 367-2817
Bahama. Palm Shore beachfront lot $50,000
Contact Dale Blank or Jackie Albury at 367-

Eastern Shore Magnificent views of Sea of
Abaco from all rooms and wrap-around decks.
Deep water pier plus private sandy beach
across road. Fully equipped, beautifully
furnished, station wagon included. Features
living, kitchen, jalousied porch with wet bar,
master bedroom & bath on upper level, guest
bedroom, bath, utility and garage on lower
level. $200,000 net to owner. Call 410-544-
_p If -
.. .&

Great Cistern Waterfront cottage, 2 bedroom,
2 bath, laundry area, screen porches off living
room & master bedroom, workshop/tool shed,
well, '/ acre, sandy beach, beautifully
furnished and equipped, 10 minutes from
Marsh Harbour, $310,000 Call 242-367-4977

Guana Cay on the Southeast end of the
island. We want to find the right people to
share our magnificent 12 acre estate. We are
offering a prime tract of 2.1 acres plus a deep
water boat slip in our protected harbour. This
high elevation tract overlooks the harbour,
Foots Cay and the exceptional Sea of Abaco
and extends to the Atlantic Ocean. The main
part is cleared for immediate building. There is
a lawn, coconut palms, hibiscus and rich
topsoil for gardening and fruit trees. $350,000.
For information or appointment to view the
property, call 242-359-6218 or write to P.O.
Box AB 20315, Marsh Harbour.

Pinder's Real Estate
Great Guana Cay, Abaco
"The Unspoiled Island"
Over 200 lots starting at $25,000 also acreage,
oceanfront, hilltop and bayside lots
Pinder's Cottages, 2 & 3 bedroom, $650 to
$700 weekly. A summer special of $350 per
week per person includes one day fishing &
diving One day snorkeling & island hopping
* boat & guide all equipment included 0 6
to 30 people ******
Great Guana Cay waterfront houses built in
under 3 mo starting at $165,000 includes lot,
about 1000 Sq ft house with 2 bedroom, 2
bath, deck, porch & 12,000 gal cistern,
Call Edmund or Cher6 Pinder at 365-5046 or
CHERE B on VHF Ch 16


1C L U B |
Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve...
Waterfront lots with private boat slips
in a secure gated community
starting at $99,000.
Call 242-367-4151 or Fax 367-4152

Land & Sea


Commercial & Residential
Homes Apts. Rentals Acreage
P.O. Box AB 20179
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Office phone & Fax 242-367-3276
Evenings 242-367-2789

2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Models
Prices start at $99)000.
Maintenance Free No Painting
Rust, Corrosion & Mildew Resistant
Hurricane & Windlift Resistant
Solid Concrete Technology
Fast Construction
Many Models Available
Island Home Subdivision
Long Beach, Abaco
30 miles south of Marsh Harbour
P.O. Box AB 20562, Marsh Harbour
Phone 366-2198
Leave Message with Operator
for Walter Hachborn
Green Turtle Cay Hilltop property,
approximately I V acres situate new part/New
Plymouth. Fronting along road along creek
harbour to settlement. Second road linkiking it
with paved road to settlement. Also has 12 ft.
Road reservation to Black Sound Harbour.
$260,000 c/o Floyd Lowe 242-365-4C54 or
Green Turtle Cay 38,000+ sq ft in Black
Sound, Benson property on N & E, near Dr.
Stella property, fronts on an open road
reservation leading to Thomas Russell Road &
into settlement. $100,000 C/o Floyd Lowe
242-365-4054 or 365-4011
S. ,


Marsh Harbour Stede Bonnet Road. Large
area of prime property with road reservation,
superbly suited for a group sale or subdivision.
Centrally located. #3141 $135,135
Elbow Cay Wooded lot 100' x 160', hill top
with gorgeous views of the Sea of Abaco.
#3203 Only $50,000
Lubbers Quarters Island style beach front
home in tropical garden setting on white sandy
beach; yards of wraparound decks, 2
bedrooms, I bath, Only 5 minutes from Hope
Town. Great buy! #3202 U.S. $250,000
Treasure Cay Commercial property. Excellent
exposure on the main highway at the entrance
to Treasure Cay. 39,084 sq. ft., suitable for
store, restaurant, cottage industry. $89,500
Pelican Shores, Marsh Harbour Substantial
Bahamian contemporary on fabulous 2/3 acre
oceanfront. Special features include large
sliding glass doors to patio from all ground
floor rooms, vaulted ceilings, private master
deck, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, A/C, lots of
storage, garage. Flowering shrubs, fruit bearing
trees. Private beach. Best area. $649,000
Marsh Harbour Elegance on the Harbour
5,600 sq. ft. of gracious living, 5 bedrooms, 4
'/2 baths. Swimming pool, 110 ft. dock. Water
views from every room, game room, cedar
closets, marble baths, 115 ft. of shoreline.
Intercom, ice machine this home has it all.
Must be seen. Call for details.
Cherokee Sound Historic-village settlement.
2 bedroom cottage. Quality construction.
Storage-/hobby room. A/C. Corner lot. Near
great beach and world class fishing grounds.
Suitable for vacation rental. #3113 $72,000
Invest in the future, Marsh Harbour lot for
Marsh Harbour "Ferrocious"-ly Good Buy.
65' houseboat ith Ferro-cement hull. Fully
equipped Loft bedroom suite I V baths, Roof
deck, A/C, Screened porch. Spacious 1,000
square feet of living space. Newly remodeled
kitchen, dishwasher, tiled counter-tops.
Jalousie shutters, Furnished. Can be towed
anywhere. US$72,000

Exclusive Affiliate of
International Realty
Phone 242-367-3262.'3 Fax 242-367-3260
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Guana Cay 54 Acre waterfront ridge top with
47' elevation on bluff on sound. Stunning
views, public road, electricity available, town
I mile. $375,000 all or part, Brochure, Brian
954-942-4177, Fax 954-942-7230 or Edmund
Pinder in Guana Cay 242-365-5046
Guana Cay Waterfront lot on harbour. Phone
or Fax 365-8028
Leisure Lee 11,726 Sq. Ft. Cleared Lot w/80
ft seawall & 40 ft dock, water & elec. avail.
$50,000 Call Reg Sands 367-2741
Leisure Lee 3B 2B house on canal, dock, sea
view across from beach, A/C, utility bldg,
Bahama room, $220,000 or rent $1,400/week
Call Angelique 367-4148 or Box AB 20781,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Leisure Lee Waterfront, seawall & dock, deep
water, underground utilities, cleared & ready
to build on choice lot $69,000, 561-223-9567
Little Harbour Beautiful secluded Bookies
Bay, beach frontage home on 2.5 acres, mature
landscaping, private, excellent diving &
fishing at your front door. A piece of heaven.
Please call Cherokee Radio 242-366-2000 and
ask for "Palm Ridge."
Man-O-War Large quiet wooded lots with
private path to fine beach, all with
underground elect. Some with private path to
harbour and dock location. Harcourt
Thompson, M-O-W Cay (242) 365-6060
Haziel L Albury, J.P., Man-O-War's most
experienced real estate broker, Lots from
$45,000, Vacation homes from $175,000. Call
242-365-6178 or 365-6090, Fax 365-6159
Marsh Harbour 2 b/2b 2300 sq ft on 30,000
sq ft lot (Keys Track Grant K-145). Fully
furnished, central AC, C-band & DSS, Kristi
Wong 367-2166 days.

mike JLghtbourn Ieea Estale
JOE BOOKIES BAY 4.5 acre waterfront lot
near Little Harbour $40,000
beach home, swimming pool, solar panels,
great condition $310,000
GREEN TURTLE CAY beach front lot in
Bita Bay, $95,000
overlooking Coco Bay, 24,000+ sq. ft.. Asking
TREASURE CAY 3 bed on 'A acre, across
from beach $140,000
Adjacent lot available $25,000
ELBOW CAY 6 acres beachfront $635,000
Ocean front lot 82 x 205 $120,000
BOAT HARBOUR MARINA 3 storey newly
built, finest quality construction, Mexican
Satillo tiles, French doors, 2 sheltered docks
MARSH HARBOUR 1+ acre on Stede
Bonnet. Views of Marsh Harbour $100,000
TREASURE CAY Canal lot $87,000
Interior lot $10,000
Golf course lot $15,000
TREASURE CAY 3 bedroom house on 1/4
acre, across from beach $140,000
CASUARINA POINT Large 2 storey house in
good condition on 3 canal lots, great for
bonefish/diving lodge $400,000
Lot 80 x 125 across from beach $15,000
LONG BEACH hilltop, interior and beach
lots, underground elec. and water, prices vary
Call for these or other properties in Abaco
Tel 242-325-1950 or 242-322-4148

Real Estate
agency Ltd.

Helping people find their dream
spot since 1978. Beachfront,
Hilltop, Acreage, Residential,
Commercial, & Investment
Properties. We also have rental
properties available.
P.O. Box AB 20404
242-367-2719 FAx 367-2359

Marsh Harbour Two vacant lots in Great
Abaco Club gated community with seawall,
facing the Hope Town lighthouse. Dedicated
harbour side dock. $145,000 each obo. Real
Estate Exchange in Freeport 242-351-4731,
Fax 351-4736, Ask for David
Marsh Harbour Govt Subdivision, 3 bed 2
bath, 2143 sq. ft., 3,000 gal. cistern, garage,
satellite. Call Kevin 367-2333 at work or 367-
3033 after 5 PM.
Scotland Cay Blue Crab Cottage, beautiful
ocean and bay view on 1.5 lots, 2 bedrooms
plus loft, large cistern, satellite, new furniture
appliances & more. $265,000 Call Hills at 242-
357-6617 or 512-261-6029
Scotland Cay Bay front lot over '/2 acre
landscaped and cleared for a home. $165,000.
Call 242-357-6617 or 512-261-6029
Scotland Cay 4 bed 2 bath ocean beach front
house, furnished, A/C, $400,000 or $2,000
weekly rental. Call Danny at 561-288-1928
Scotland Cay Protected waterfront lot, 80'
dock w/30' deep water face. Private island has
3,400' airstrip. $175,000 Call 704-765-6030
Scotland Cay Highest & best view on private
island, overlooking ocean and bay, 4 Br 3 Ba
modem almost everything new, 1 V2 acres, fruit
trees, beach, all amenities, 35 ft boat slip
included, complete ready to move in. Owner
Spring City 3 bed 1 bath newly renovated
inside and out, fully furnished, satellite, fenced
back yard. Call 367-7061
Treasure Cay New house on canal, 2000 sq.
ft., Phone or Fax 365-8028
Will Exchange lots in FL (6), NC (1), MO
(35), & CO (6'/2 A) plus cash for cottage, small
island or land. Stanley 561-287-9294

Page 50 The Abaconian March/April 1998


FROMPage 30

which virtual monopolies are able to
exploit the consuming masses. The
business sector will have to become more
efficient, streamlined and ethical in order
to provide a competitive product for
market consumption.
Labour will also be obliged to become
more competitive in the marketplace of
the FTAA. Again for many years the
Bahamian labour movement has allowed
itself to atrophy to an extent where it has
become uncompetitive and unresponsive
to the ever changing demands of the
workplace (read lack of a skilled labour
work force). Immigration practices have
nothing to do with the immediate threat
to labour in this country. The problem
revolves around job function, ability and
the filling of the needs for future
economic expansion. Labour education
and training and labour factor
productivity are the two most obvious
concerns for meeting the demands of
future development.
As the global economy expands, well
thought out plans, devices, and directives
must be in place for the Bahamas to keep
abreast of national, regional and
international demands and concerns. This
requires significant input from
entrepreneurs, the private sector, the
public sector and labour. The Bahamas
undoubtedly has a service based economy
and as such can benefit substantially from
innovative developments for the
information age. (After all, our one real
resource is an intelligent and capable
The fact of the matter is that the
FTAA will arrive sooner or later, and it
is time for the Bahamas to examine and
address its own weaknesses and failings
now and rectify them before it is too

late. We must assume that the Bahamian
sees the need for active input into
development of efficient and productive
support services, agriculture, industry,
merchandising, insurance, as well as the
major revenue earners of banking and
hospitality. If we don't become more
efficient (read competitive), our revenue
earners will slowly transfer to other
economic climates where infrastructure,
labour and ambience are much better
So all in all, the average, common,
ordinary man on the street has the right
to be unconcerned over the workings and
realities of the FTAA. If the private
sector fails to meet the demands of such
an agreement, the revenue support for
the public service will undoubtedly
suffer. Once this happens, the Quality of
Life and Standard of Living of the
ordinary man will suffer, and then the
political government of the day will
suffer. Ordinary common people appear
to be well positioned for control of this
chain of events.
However, I am unable to close without
giving light to two other prime concerns
over the region and the FTAA. Firstly, I
cannot see how as a region we are quite
so prepared to ignore Cuba. Cuba is a
reality, (a large reality in all respects),
and undoubtedly will have a major
impact sooner or later, whether we
ignore it or not.
Secondly, I am very surprised that we
have heard nothing from the cooperative
movement of the Bahamas over the
impending FTAA agreements. The
Bahamas Cooperative League must be
well aware of the fact that cooperatives
are unique in their ability to benefit from
such a procedure. Perhaps cooperatives
are as complacent as the rest of us.

Bahamas Electricity Corporation received a load of poles for routine maintenance and
spools of underwater cable for upgrading the supply to Hope Town and Guana Cay. A
second feed will be sent to Guana Cay giving an alternate route for power which will

improve the service to that area.

College of the Bahamas
Offers Courses
By Stephanie Humblestone
The College of the Bahamas Pre-
School Operators Course, which takes
place every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4
p.m. at Abaco Central High School, is
well attended with 26 students enjoying
the first of three phases of the
programme. Phase 1 and 2 of the 24
week course are academic and Phase 3 is
more practical. This course leads to a
certificate qualifying the person for
working in a pre-school.
College of the Bahamas has announced
that they will be offering courses leading
to an Associate Degree and a Bachelor of
Education Degree beginning next

Keep track of Abaco News
and events with a
subscription to
The Abaconlan

El Niiio

FROM Page 29

Normally they are killed off by a heavy
frost. But many areas have had mild
winters allowing the termites to spread
even farther north than normal.
The weather experts are unsure of
what will happen as El Nifio weakens.
Weather patterns could go back to
normal but there is a chance that we
could experience La Nifia, which would
bring just the opposite weather patterns
to the affected areas, drought where they
are experiencing heavy rainfall and rains
where there are now droughts.
The months of January and February
1998 were the warmest and wettest on
record for the continental United States.
The United States government records go
back 104 years. This exceptional record
was due to the influence of El Nino, the
weather pattern which originates over the
Pacific Ocean. This same pattern has
given us a very windy and wet winter
here on Abaco.

!lake the Con n on

Lh6 Now -,.,I.-qrfirqfo 'A


Operated by G U L F ST R E AM A~ u AIRLINES


(all Your Travel Agent or for Reservations & Information:

Florida Destinations: 800-525-0280 Bahamas Destinations: 800-231-0856


"1 19A *

March /April 1998 The Ahaeonlan Page 51

Classified Advertisements

Items for Sale, Commercial Services, Cars & Boats

Rates for each issue
$7.00 for 3 lines (minimum)
$2 each additional line.

Picture and 4 lines $25
We will take the photo in the
Marsh Harbour area.
Display classified $18 per column inch
Call 242-367-2677 or FAX 367-3677

$1,000 REWARD
for information leading to the arrest of
persons responsible for breaking,
entering and theft of items including 20"
Panasonic TV, 13" Toshiba TV,
Panasonic video recorder, and
Panasonic C.D. & tape player at house
belonging to Jake Waters, Vz mile south
of Fire Road on January 8th.
Call 1-770-534-7060
$1,000 REWARD


Painting Inside & outside Pressure cleaning
& mildew removal Water-proofing Roof-
ing Rotten wood replaced Parking lots 0
Leroy Tucker, Marsh Harbour, 367-3849
Valentine Day Sailing, beaching, snorkeling.
Located in Treasure Cay. Lucky Lady sailed in
the .1997 Regatta. Contact Capt. Jones at 365-

, anted for up-scale out-island resort. Capiains
license necessary. Couple will be considered
Phone 365-4360
Office Assistant for Resort on Great Guana
Ca) for nights and weekend $5 per hour and
one meal included Call 365-5137
General Manager for a small out-island
resort. Must be a college graduate, have
extensive experience in hotel management,
food & beverage training, experience working
within the travel industry, familiarity with
accounting software programmes and various
Microsoft applications. Applicant must be
multi-lingual (at least Spanish & German).
Applicant must live on Elbow Cay, Abaco,
furnish their own accommodation and
transportation. Reply with resume and
references in writing to Callenders & Co.
Attorneys, P.O.Box AB20415, Marsh Harbour,
Abaco, Bahamas. Please no phone calls.


Ads in The Abaconian

Are Effective

20 KW Gen Set, Heavy duty 1200 RPM Lister
generator coupled to GMC 2-71 diesel engine,
recent top overhaul, low engine hrs, excellent
cond., Asking $6,500 Call 365-4471
6 KW Onan air cooled diesel genset, older
unit but in good condition. Complete spare
parts package, B$1,500 or US$ Call 365-4471
12 KW Lister generator, water cooled, low
hours. Call 365-8472
Peavy 16 channel mixing sound board, 2
monitor & 2 effects sends per channel, very
good condition. $1,500
Peavy CS 800 Power Amp. with road case,
very good condition. $1,500
Golf Clubs full set of Slot-line, excellent
condition $500
Call 366-2093
AC Arc Welding Machine 230 volt/225 Amps
250 gal. alum. tank, new, for fuel or water.
75 gal. & 100 gal. fuel tanks for fuel, I ea,
Call Sidney Sands, 365-8028 or Fax 365-8508

Buying? Selling?
Need Qualified Help?
Want more Business?
A low cost ad like this can
bring fast results.
Call 367-2677 or Fax 3677

Sony Stereo 10 components with 4 speakers
and cabinet. Remote Commander Model $790
CD Player, Sony 5 disc with library
programming and remote $320
Silk carpet, 10 x 12 hand knotted silk from
Cashmere, 900 knots to the inch, never used
Persian carpets, two, hand knotted hall
runners 12 ft & 10 ft long $900 each
Dining Suite cherry w/8 chairs
Phone 365-8514 for information

Guitar Yamaha acoustic with elec.tuner. $250
Call Brad at 365-5137
Water storage cisterns, 6 sizes available, less
than $1.I per gallon, factory direct. Call Dolphin
Fiberglass Products at 305-247-1748
Electronic Ty pewriter Panasonic JetWriierilE
v h 10_ual screen, memory) and arablee fonts
Asking $300 Call 365-8666
Garlock Tar Tank on trailer, 400+ gal.
capacity with 5 hp gear drive tar pump, 7 ft.
spray bar and hand spray nozzle. $3,500 or
best offer, Abaco Fax 359-6617 or call 207-
1985 RAYGO 4000 Vibratory Roller, 3208
Cat diesel has only 900 hrs total time since
new. Duty Pd., $25,000 firm. Abaco Fax 359-
6617 or call 207-772-5354

1988 Cherokee Jeep, 6 cyl 4.0 liter engine.
$7,000 ono. Call "G" at 367-3166

1986 Chevy Silverado pickup truck, only
55,000 miles, V8 engine, No body rust,
always garaged. $5,800 Call 367-2677
1986 Ford Aerostar $6,000. Contact Dale
Blank or Jackie Albury at 367-2326
1995 Hyundai Accent 22,000 miles $12.5i10
Call 6"-3'S3 after 5;pm

GSXR 19$9 Motorcycle 750 cc, $9,000. Call
Ronnie at 367-4734

13' Boston Whaler with 25 hp Evinrude, phone
or Fax 365-8028

20' Bertram 200 HP Johnson on fiberglass
bracket, low hrs, new fuel tank, top with
enclosure. A very rugged and fast workhorse,
duty pd. Can be seen at sugar Loaf Cay across
from Eastern Shore. $8,500. Call Roger
Hansen, 904-384-3113 or Fax 904-384-6550
20' Shamrock 1982 runabout w/cuddy cabin,
windshield opens, folding navy top. 3 yr old
Indemar 220 hp V-8 (Ford 302), 2 batteries
w/selector switch, v berth with space below for
Porti-Poti, auto bilge pump, 2-20 gallon fuel
tanks 4 years old, teak transom platform, skeg
under prop. May be seen at Edwin's Boatyard,
Man-O-War, $9,500. Call 365-6006
20' Center console 1996, 115 hp Yamaha, 50
gal. fuel tank, rigged for fishing. $10,900, Call
Brad 365-5137.
22' Seacraft runabout, new Bimini, nearly new
150 hp Yamaha, new tank, Awlgrip, Taxes Pd,
$6,000 obo, See in Hope Town harbour, Toad
Hall, Call 366-0291
22' Sailboat 1988 ETAP Belgium made sloop,
unsinkable, 8 HP Yamaha, duty paid, many
extras, $20,000. Call 359-6064 or VHF TREE

23' Bayliner Cuddy Cabin, 200 HP Mercury,
$15,000 ono, call 367-4764

23' Com-Pac Sailboat 1985, trailer, 1997 15
hp, Bimini, Excellent condition, duty paid,
Call Chris M-F at 242-325-8265 $16,000 ono
25' Mako 225 hp Johnson 1996 fully
equipped, Bimini top, dodger, fish finder,
Please contact Capt. Jones at 365-0438

25' Catalina, Yamaha 9.9 hp elec. start four
stroke outboard, 2'10" draft with keel up,
perfect daysailer or over-nighter, very clean.
Duty pd. $12,600. See at Abaco Yacht
Services. Call Scott or Crystal at 365-4033

26' DUSKY 1994 center console, twin
Yamaha 200 hp counter rotate salt water
outboards, 200 hours, GPS, outriggers, depth
sounder. Excellent condition, original owner.
Registered in Bahamas. $36,000 Call Wallace
McDonald, Man-O-War 365-6048
27' Albin Cruiser, Westerbeke 100 uses
2GPH, low hrs, 70 gal. fuel, 40 gal. water,
galley, head, shower. Outfitted for deep sea
fishing, lots of storage space, swim platform &
ladder, digital depth sounder, VHF, Duty Pd,
$22,500. Call 242-359-6695 after 6 pm
30' Morgan sloop, centerboard, Perkins diesel,
excellent Greiner sails, spinnaker triradial, new
rigging, Awlgrip, Fabulous racing record,
Taxes Pd, $18,000 obo, See in Hope Town
harbour, Toad Hall, Call 366-0291
"'W- -'41 -

30' Scarab Sport 1980. complcielk refurnished
in 1'94 & in mint condition T,.in 211.1 hp
1 amjhas w onl\ 155 hrs on engines. counter
rotation o Laser props VHF radio, Depth
sounder & all can ass covers included.
$30,000. Serious inquiries only, Call 366-0065
during days. Located in Elbow Cay.

30' Scarab boat with twin 1993 Ocean Pro
225 outboards. $20,000 Call Ronnie 367-4734
31' Ketch rig, 2'4" draft w/board up, 2 cyl.
Yanmar diesel, 3 solar panels & 2 wind gen-
erators, 2 Genoa jibs, 3 good working sails, 3
big anchors, FL reg. $16,000 Call 366-0065


34' SEARAY Sundancer, twin 1996 454,
FWC, A/C, generator, ice maker, radar, Chart
Link, color fish, depth, windlass, outriggers,
VCR, head w/shower, sleeps 6, new interior,
carpet & cockpit vinyl, very nice boat. $45,000
or best offer, Call 367-3234
34' Wood Hull Sport Fisherman, 1986 Ford
Diesels, 1,000 hours, stainless fuel tanks, many
accessories, duty pd. $19,500 ono. Contact
Keith at Edwin's Boat Yard 365-6006 or P.O.
Box AB20357 Marsh Harbour.

36' BOTEL houseboat, fully equipped, A/C,
stove, fridge, etc. Engine needs some work,
asking $10,000. Call Nassau 242-324-1147
after 5 P.M. or Cathy O'Kelleher 367-2835
after 6 P.M.
36' Fishing Boat w/two 3208 Cats, one
Westerbeke gen., extras. $36,000 or best offer,
Call 365-4261

39' 1978 Shucker 436 Motorsailer, great live
aboard, equipped for cruising, Chrysler/ Nissan
diesel, Westerbeke 8kw generator, radar,
autopilot, SSB, VHF, GPS, LORAN, depth
recorder, anchor windlass, roller furling
Genoa, sloop rigged, refrigerator/freezer with
holding plates, washer & dryer, $57,000 Voice
242-367-3986, Fax 242-367-4478

39" Houseboat, good condition, no engine, in
Marsh Harbour. $14,000 Call 367-2184

40' x 17' Houseboat 9' ceilings, open & airy,
loft, front & rear porch, air conditioned, fridge
& microwave. Duty Pd. A gem. $15,000. at
Marsh Harbour Marina, Call 561-329-0782
work, 471-7214 home.

4L rIE KKETII 11 iAr i ivoz Yacnt,o 3
draft, ketch rigged, new designer interior, air.
cond., inverter, radar, TV, microwave, etc.
Twin Mercedes 240D diesels, dual steering
stations. Excellent for live-aboard or long
range cruising. Bahamian registration, located
in Marsh Harbour. Priced to sell $88,000. Call
303-239-6303 or 303-337-3654.

52' Houseboat 1988 custom aluminum hull, 2
Volvo turbo 130 HP dual prop I/O, 10 KW
gen. set, 2 Cruisaire AC, fully furnished &
equipped. 320 gal diesel, 700 gal water, sleeps
8, full galley, 3 staterooms, $110,000 Firm
Call 367-2043

Dry Storage for small boats, Call Eugene
Weatherford at 367-3965
70 HP Evinrude, brand new
60 HP Evinrude, used
200 HP Evinrude, two used engines
150 HP Mercury. two used
70 HP Johnson, used
Phone or fax 365-8028
29' Loadmaster aluminum boat trailer,
1997, two axle 7,000 lb. capacity, accepts keel
boat, $3,200. See Bob Ball at Little Harbour,
Twin Volvo TMD40 diesel engines,
propellers, with spare transmissions, can be
sold separately. $5,000 Call 366-0291

Wooden Rowboat, in good condition, Call 1-


II Illlll

I a

Page 52 The Abaconian March /April 1998


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