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Maconian -

Abaco's Most Complete Newspaper

VOLUME 14, NUMBER 20, OCTOBER 15th, 2007

Pathfinders' band gave a performance

The church group visited Cooper's Town and Central Abaco
By Samantha V. Evans
Annually the Pathfinders Band does a
service mission trip where the members
.... march to spread a positive message. This
.year the purpose of the march is Anti Crime,
to reduce crime in our communities. The
Freeport and local Pathfinders marching
..... band led a march from South Street in Mur-
phy Town to Ocean View Park in Dundas
Town on September 29. Upon their arrival
at the park, a number of groups including
the Freeport Marching Band that consists
/of 55 members entertained the spectators
in grand style. Their performance was de-
scribed as being second only to the Royal
Bahamas Police Force Band.
.The Northern Bahamas Mission of Path-
finders consists of a total of 300 members
of which 100 of them visited Abaco. The
Pathfinders were well uniformed on the
march with the leaders, who are the mas-
ter guides, wearing green and white, the
regular adult Pathfinders wearing brown
and white, and the young people, who are
called the Adventurers, wearing blue.
Pastor Ricardo Bain is in charge of the
Northern Bahamas Pathfinders and pastors
the Northern Bahamas Seventh Day Ad-
ventist Churches. He started the Northern
Bahamas Pathfinder's Band which consists
TDi Pw lrm,1 , I s,l,+d i i lil t,lt,. ,w. t' ', t,,,t G i s,/t Bolitwitni D ,, lia alih,, lti l ] t) j, I t1" I It r. h it t / I ,III" T,,n1I a(I,l/ of m embers from ages seven to the m id

Please see Band Page 5


was award

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('*'ipo'iji*'ii C)ii (K)1ubei (6 the \I' III

JA group Marsh Harbour residents

ed by BTC oppose Pelican Shores project

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cmi, Dic Sciciab Dw A&cwt,-i,- till' PhIIIIIIIII., 1" AVIII U /Vild "11.1how It'll

Page 2 A The Abaconian October 15, 2007

Development on Pelican Shores is opposed

By Jennifer Hudson
A large group of very concerned prop-
erty owners gathered for a Town Meeting
in the Marsh Harbour Court House on
the evening of September 21 to discuss
the Corazon Del Mar hotel/condominium
project proposed for the Pascoe property
on Pelican Shores. A previous town meet-
ing was held on August 10 at which the
Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Brent
Symonette, and several other high ranking
government officers were present to hear
the concerns of Pelican Shores residents.
But owing to the small turnout on that
date due to the fact that the meeting had
not been widely publicized, this further
meeting was held. The developers were
once again present. While the entire Abaco

The developers of the proposed development c
presented their plans for 30 condo units and
the 4.5 acre estate of the late Bill Pascoe. T
Frederik Gottlieb, replied to most of the que
ments. Shi n 1 here is Mr. Ken Cerrac, one o
Mr. Gottlieb, and Mr. Tyrone Woods from
Prime Minister, who was present to report to
sentiments of the people.

community was invited to this open meet-
ing, almost all present were from Pelican
Shores and other areas of the eastern part
of Marsh Harbour as this proposed project
most directly affects them. A large group
gathered early outside the Court House
waiting for the doors to open to voice their
strong feelings and concerns.
People came well prepared with what
they wanted to say as most felt very strong-
ly that they do not want this proposed
project on Pelican Shores. Although there
were a few persons presenting an opposing
opinion, the meeting was amicable with
everyone showing respect for the remarks
of others. Mr. Cephas Cooper, Island Ad-
ministrator for Central Abaco, who chaired
the meeting, welcomed Mr. Woods, In-
vestment Officer from
the Office of the Prime
Minister, who stated
that he was happy to
be at the meeting to
witness what is being
discussed and complete
his report for the Office
of the Prime Minister.
Mr. Frederik Got-
tlieb, attorney for the
developers, stated his
position in favour of
the project saying,
"We have a problem in
Marsh Harbour in that
n Pelican Shores there is a growing pop-
a restaurant on ulation but little is being
'heir lawyer, Mr. done to provide accom-
estions and corn- modations for tourists.
f the developers, I am happy with what
the Office of the Floyd Sawyer is doing
o government the with his development
on Pelican Shores as it

is caters to high-end tourists and is what
Marsh Harbour needs. In the past I have
not been prepared to represent developers.
When these developers came, I was scepti-
cal until I looked at the plans and saw that
the proposal is similar to what Floyd Saw-
yer is doing. I find nothing wrong in this
development; they are not building a com-
mercial marina or a night club. I support
this project on its own merit and not for
the fees I will receive. We cannot be self-
ish, we have to look to the next generation.
We have to provide accommodation for
tourists, we cannot just take their money
and expect them to disappear. This project
would not be successful if it was stuck in

the middle of nowhere." He made it clear
that no decision has yet been made on the
project and the Office of the Prime Min-
ister genuinely wants to hear the people's
The floor was then opened for com-
ments. First to speak was Randy Key, who
has previously made it known that he is
vehemently against the project. Mr. Key
stated his respect for the developers and ac-
knowledged the fact that development is a
nationwide debate with projects also under
scrutiny in Harbour Island and in Nassau at
South Ocean but questioned, "Is the pace
Please see Pelican Shores Page 4




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October 15, 2007

The Abaconian Page 3 A



^sqocal Knowledge Global Network

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Page 4 A The Abaconian

Marsh Harbour residents expressed themselves

Pelican Shore From Page 2
at which development is taking place tak-
ing away the quality of life we are accus-
tomed to?" He further stated, "I would like
to be able to go home to safety, quiet and
peace of mind and my big concern is that if
we don't take this opportunity to put an end
to the massive development taking place, it
will be our downfall. This proposed project
for Pelican Shores is beautiful and of good
quality, but our fear for Pelican Shores is
that the volume of people it will draw will
have a negative impact on the way of life
for residents and property owners and will
be a ruination to Pelican Shores. I believe
I speak for the majority of Pelican Shores
residents. We cannot base letting this pro-
posed project in on what has already hap-
pened with Floyd Sawyer under the previ-
ous government. I believe Pelican Shores
should remain residential."
Next to voice his opinion was Patrick
Bethel, who was also very vocal against
the proposed development at the previ-
ous meeting He cited eight developments
which are presently "off the ground" on
Abaco stating that not one is in the middle
of a subdivision. "This development if it
is plunked in the middle of Pelican Shores
will destroy its peace and tranquility. It is
not needed, not wanted and must not hap-
pen," he stated. The many people of like
mind in the room responded with loud ap-
Mr. Gottlieb countered these comments
with his view that this development will
have a direct impact on the prosperity of
Marsh Harbour saying, We have to let
this economy grow for the young people
and not take an I'm alright, Jack, atti-

Patrick Bethel's son, Marcus, contrast-
ed the size of this new development of 30
units to Floyd Sawyer's four units with
possible two more and asked the develop-
ers why they intend to put in a restaurant if
they really care about the community. Mr.
Marcus Bethel felt that although not put-
ting in a restaurant would preclude them
from building under the Hotel Encourage-
ment Act so they would make less money,
it would be better for the people. The
developers replied that they plan to be a
part of the community and are not going to
"build and run."
Liann Key Kaighin mentioned the den-
sity issue due to the potential total of 75
units including "lockout" units and stated
her opinion that this should not be pushed
through because of other developments
which have taken place in the area. "They
are in the past, this is now."
At this point, since everyone had voiced
an adverse opinion, the Chairman asked the
question, "Who is for this development?"
Mrs. Levon Albury stated that she is for it
if the condominium development which is
planned for High Rocks, right next door to
her house and which will be far more dense
than the one proposed for Pelican Shores,
is allowed to go through. Mrs. Kimberley
Roberts also stated that she is not against it;
she has property on Pelican Shores though
she has not been able to complete her home
there yet.
Mr. Chris Roberts, realtor for the devel-
opers, also spoke in support of the project
saying, "Abaco has to look towards the fu-
ture." He alluded to a comment by Don
Cornish, Director of Tourism for Abaco,
in which he had expressed concern that so
many tourists just pass through Marsh Har-

bour and many shopkeepers do not benefit
from the tourism market because there are
not enough rooms here in Marsh Harbour.
Mr Roberts stated that though he stands to
benefit from the project he fully supports it
and asks If not there, where?"
Mailin Sands, Realtor representing the
sellers, stated that she does not reside on
Pelican Shores as she lives on Man-O-
War Cay but she is for the project. This
is what keeps Abaco going. The trickle
down effect will affect construction work-
ers and others here. The employment op-
portunities are needed as crawfishing and
other old trades have died out. We cannot
keep pushing investors away."
Darren Albury wanted to know what
concessions the developers will contribute
to the island in return for bringing in all
their materials duty-free under the hotel
development act. He is concerned at the
amount of money Government will have
to spend to put in new water supply and
upgrade the electricity supply as well as
upgrade the airport in order to provide jet
flights to bring in the people.
The developers replied that the hotel
tax of 12% for every room will go to the
government. Other persons expressed their
view that Darren's points were very valid.
Water and roads etc are governmental is-
sues and government will not get anything
from the project. Karen Pinder suggested
that it would be useless for a Bahamian to
purchase a unit since the homeowner can
only stay in it for 90 days but Gary Smith,
Superintendent of Customs, stated that
there are provisions that can accommodate
that situation. He also stated the positive
fact that this project will employ 20 full-
time long-term local personnel and that

sustainable employment needs to be gener-
ated for the growing population.
Cay Mills approached the subject from
two aspects saying; "It will be a big task
and a hard sell for the developers. We have
to find jobs for people like taxi drivers but
I ask you not to push anyone aside; I am
from Dundas Town and am speaking for
both sides but I hope with this project peo-
ple will have a say not like with Cherokee
and Guana Cay."
Randy Key had the first word and the
last on behalf of the homeowners and, after
mentioning the concern that if the credit
crisis in the United States worsens it will
affect sales of the condominiums, he stated
the feelings of the majority in no uncertain

Please see Pelican Shores Page 5


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October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 5 A

Batelco's JA Comany won top awards for Abaco

The staff of Batelco advised the JA Company assigned to them.
The JA members celebrated with a party. Ms. Arlene Clarke,
BTC's manager for Abaco, gave awards to the staff who worked
with the students to bring about their success. She is giving
Terah Swain her award.

Pelican Shores From Page 4
terms; "This condo/hotel concept is scary;
we are biased and absolutely do not want
this project to take place."
Mr. Gottlieb countered with the com-
ment that the developers will be market-
ing in the United States and once persons
have invested they will come. He assured
persons present; What I said in the meet-
ing will stay here and whatever Mr. Woods
takes back is what he heard."
The Developers expressed their appre-
ciation for everyone coming and vowed to
go back and re-evaluate. It is our plan
to build something exclusive with as little
disruption as possible. "A lot of care has
gone into this and we are concerned about
the aesthetics."

JA From Page 1
car washes, attending church together, entering a coun-
try-wide speech competition and attending the Bahamas
Junior Achievers Conference.
The JA program is a worldwide organization that
helps young people understand the economics of life.
The goal is to educate them to succeed in a global
economy. Many JA groups form a company and run a
business, putting into practice what they are learning in
school. They learn how to be entrepreneurs and how to
make a difference in their communities.
The JA club met at the BTC station in Marsh Harbour
on October 6 where the they enjoyed a program and
where later BTC employees treated them to a party.
Mr. Ishmael "Stretch" Morley, Abaco's Youth Of-
ficer, spoke to them urging them to keep involved and



Tel: 364

Mr. Woods closed the meeting by say-
ing how impressed he was at the way peo-
ple had conducted themselves and prom-
ised that the results of the meeting will be
forwarded to the Office of the Prime Min-
ister. "No decision has been made yet but
the Cabinet of the Bahamas has the final

Band From Page 1
50s. He plans to start a band on Abaco as
well and will start the drum core very soon
followed by the full formation of the band.
The band put on a stellar performance at the
park before ending shortly after 7 p.m.

not let peer pressure determine their decisions in life.
Good leaders need to think for themselves in order to
make sound decisions.
Also addressing the group was Ms. Arlene Clarke,
BTC's Abaco Manager, who said that her company was
committed to the youth of this country. She praised them
and mentioned that those who worked during the summer
did well at putting into practice what they had learned dur-
ing the JA program.
The JA program is managed on Abaco by a group of
six Directors headed by Ms. Barbara Johnson, who gave
out some of the awards. This year's program is just get-
ting underway. Any student in any high school on the
island can apply for membership. The forms are at school
offices .

and Sleigh Beds
in Tw i Full & Queen
j- Financing Available at
Commonwealth Bank
L uesday Friday 10am 5pm
j .. Saturday 9am 2pm
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rcce d'!1 Marsh Harbour, Abaco

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Page 6 A The Abaconian October 15, 2007

Clean up
By Jennifer Hudson
The communities of Dundas Town and
Murphy Town took part in the biggest vol-
untary clean up event ever on Abaco on
September 29. Over 100 volunteers turned
out to pick up litter on Forest Drive and the
coastal road of Dundas Town and Murphy
Town. Many of the volunteers were young
people and included students from the
Anchor Clubs of the Abaco Central High
School, Central Abaco Primary School, St.
Francis de Sales School and Forest Heights
Academy plus members of the Governor
General's Youth Award programme from
Abaco Central High School and St. Francis
de Sales School, church youth groups and
members of the Swift Swim Team.
Adults turned out to assist from the
Grace Baptist Church, St. Andrews Meth-
odist Church and New Vision Ministries
along with local government members,
teachers and other concerned residents.

The new Senior Administrator for Central
Abaco, Mr. Cephas Cooper, accompanied
by his wife, also assisted in picking up gar-
bage and setting an example for the people
of Abaco. Fortunately, the bad weather
which had plagued the island for several
days abated in time for the clean up and
the day was dry and sunny. The stalwart
volunteers toiled from 8:30 a.m. until 11
a.m. and a tremendous improvement in
the cleanliness of the designated areas was
most apparent by the end of this valiant ef-
The Rotary Club of Abaco, employees
of the Abaco Tourist Office and members
of the Dundas Town Committee assisted
with the donation of trucks to take the
trash to the Central Abaco dump. Baker's
Bay, M&R Food Store and Central Pines
Texaco Gas Station assisted with donations
of water and Gatorade. Friends of the En-
vironment provided trash bags and gloves.

sees cleaner towns

Mrs. D'Shan Maycock of the Friends
of the Environment, who coordinated the
clean up, was very pleased with the success
of the event at which 114 bags of garbage
were collected, amounting to over 2200
pounds of trash! "Most of the trash picked
up consisted of beer bottles, potato chip
bags and juice cartons. While adults have
to be blamed for the beer bottles, much of
the litter was seemingly dropped by stu-
dents on their way home from school high-
lighting the need for environmental educa-
tion in the schools," stated Mrs. Maycock.
It is an unfortunate sign of the times that
three knives were also found in the area by
the roundabout.
Six young men from Dundas Town

worked all day with machetes, chain saws
and lawn mowers cleaning up the area
around the old Burial Society building.
They stated that the evening prior to the
clean up they were all in the barbershop and
decided that they wanted to do something
for their community. "We plan after this
to clean up all the areas of Dundas Town
on the sea side so that there will be views
of the sea and we also intend to clean up
the yards of old folks," they stated. "This
will be an ongoing thing; we are looking
for young men aged 12 and up to assist and
this will help keep them occupied."
A group from Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Please see Clean-up Page 7

This is part of the crew who volunteered to clean up the roads in Dundas Town and
Murphy Town. Many were young people and they were joined by church groups as well
as teachers. It was the biggest voluntary clean up ever on Abaco and the communities
looked much better after they picked up more than one ton of debris. We salute them all
for doing a great job.

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We can't wait to have you drop by.

A ~ 6PU^^SVy i^^^
^^^ ^ ^4<^p^ +(^^^^

abaco imn

^ Cxy | Il uo I

|40 (^ e>S OA ,f

A group of fifteen girls from Abaco Central High School, members of the Anchor Club,
the Governor General's Youth Awards Club and the Ranger Club, met at the school in
the morning of September 29th to participate in the Murphy Town garbage clean-up.
Accompanied by the organizer, Mrs. Bailey and three other teachers, they left the high
school at 8:30 a.m., walking towards Change Ministries Church. During a two hour
walk, the group filled up 12 bags of garbage. September was named Coastal Clean-up
Month by the Ocean Conservancy and Abaco organized clean-up days on September 15
and 29. The program was coordinated by Friends of the Environment. Their efforts also
included educational programs.



Disaster Committee

The C
ness Cor
Plaza to
The con
were rep
Marsh I
ment and
over the
School a

The Disa
Mr. Silb(
per. At tM

reviews their strategies
centrall Abaco Disaster Prepared- to be used as a post-storm shelter for sev-
mmittee met on October 2 in Dove eral weeks to the detriment of students and
get an overview of preparedness. teachers. School officials wanted the build-
nmittee is co-chaired by the Ad- ings emptied as soon as a storm passes so
tor and Mr. Silbert Mills. Most the facilities can be cleaned and classes re-
ient agencies and departments sumed. It was felt that returning children to
presented along with several non school would help restore a sense of nor-
iental organizations including the malcy to everyone's lives. It was strongly
Harbour Volunteer Fire Depart- recommended that alternate shelters must
I the Red Cross. be found to temporarily house those unable
erns were raised and acknowledged to return to their damaged homes after a
use of the Central Abaco Primary storm has passed.
s a storm shelter then allowing it It was recommended that a clean-up com-
mittee be formed to re-
| store schools to their pre-
storm condition and also
see that general storm
debris is removed.
Reference was
made to the Disaster
Preparedness and Re-
sponse Act of Febru-
ary 2006. Mr. Mills
had been given a copy
sister Committee for Central Abaco has co-chairmen, two days prior to the
ert Mills and Senior Administrator, Mr. Cephus Coo- meeting but most oth-
heir meeting on October 2 they discussed some of their ers were unaware of the
including the use of shelters and clean up. legislation.

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October 15, 2007

Clean-up From Page 6
which was unable to assist on September
29 planned to go out the following week
to clean up the bay area by the laundro-
mat which is an important wetland area of
mangroves where there has, unfortunately,
been much indiscriminate dumping.
The clean up was coordinated by the
Friends of the Environment in conjunction
with the local Ministry of Tourism Office
and the Ocean Conservancy in observance
of International Coastal Clean up Day.

Drive Safely
Watch for
School Children

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The Abaconian Page 7 A

Marsh Harbour
The Marsh Harbour Town Commit-
tee is calling an open Town Meeting
for all residents of Marsh Harbour on
October 29 at the Court House at 6:30
p.m. On the agenda will be several im-
portant topics that are concerns for the
town. Many problems are facing the
town and solutions need to be found.
The Committee urges all residents,
and in particular business owners, to
Yvonne Albury, Chairman
Marsh Harbour Town Committee

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Page 8 A The Abaconian October 15, 2007

The Editor Says.

RalPh K

Developments large and small are be-
ing added to the Abaco landscape. If not
actively under construction, they are cer-
tainly being contemplated.
The big ones need central government's
approval particularly if they are owned by
a non-Bahamian. Small ones are approved
locally unless there is a foreign ownership
We understand that permission has been
denied recently for a 15-building, 30- unit,
complex on nearly five acres on Marsh
Harbour's Pelican Shores. A public hear-
ing was held in Marsh Harbour by central
government with a representative from
the Prime Minister's office in attendance.
Residents were quite vocal in raising their
opposition to the project. The developers
were foreign which required Cabinet's ap-
Local approval was recently given for
a smaller three-story condominium com-
plex close to Crossing Beach in the High
Rocks area of Marsh Harbour. The 12-
unit project contains three buildings with
each having four apartments. This is being
undertaken by Bahamians so central gov-
ernment approval is not required beyond
the local approvals by Works and Environ-
mental Health to ensure code requirements
are met.
Surrounding residents are concerned
and upset that this condominium approval
sets a dangerous precedence and opens the
door for neighboring landowners to make
similar applications.
Area residents are asking why a Peli-
can Shores proposal warranted a hearing
which generated a public outcry whereas
High Rocks residents were not afforded
the same privilege for a similar but small-
er project in their neighborhood which is
equally unwanted.
Residents are studying The Local Gov-
ernment Act which contains a provision
that "persons aggrieved by any decision
of a board" may appeal within 15 days
from the date the decision is announced.
This written appeal is heard by the Coun-
cil. If their review and final decision is still
viewed as unfavorable, then the appeal
can be submitted to the Minister for Local
Government for his review and decision.
To our knowledge, affected residents in

The Abaconian A
David & Kathleen Ralph I
Editors & Publishers
P 0 Box AB 20551
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

Local opinions must be considered

the High Rocks area have not yet decided
whether they will pursue this option.
It is interesting to note that a similar
but much larger project on a neighbour-
ing lot was rejected by Town Planning and
the Central Abaco District Council several
years ago after written objections were
submitted and a public hearing was con-
ducted. We believe that it was resubmitted
with a lower density but it was rejected a
second time.
During Local Government's first three-
year term, three projects were turned down
by the Hope Town Committee. At that time
Hope Town had a Town Committee within
the Central Abaco Council.
One of the applicants appealed to the
Central Abaco District Council which re-
versed the Hope Town Committee's origi-
nal refusal. The Hope Town Committee
then appealed to the Minister who reversed
the District Council's approval and upheld
the town's original decision.
Much later, this applicants submitted his
request again to a new Minister for Local
Government serving under a different gov-
erning party and was given permission.
Applicants with enough patience can of-
ten get a favorable ruling by waiting for an-

other group of Local Government persons
who have different community interests.
This is one of the failings of govern-
ment, both local and central, where a lack
of continuity is seen between successive
administrations, committees and councils.
Perhaps we are viewing the process
from the wrong angle. Maybe the original
reasoning which denied permission for a
project was not valid and a fresh view and
a different decision is appropriate. Circum-
stances and community standards change
with time. Certainly the Abaco of today is
far different from yesterday's Abaco and
without a doubt, tomorrow's Abaco will be
different by a tenfold magnitude.
Zoning would help. Minutes from a
Marsh Harbour Town Committee meet-
ing of February 2001 indicated zoning was
applied to various sections of Marsh Har-
bour. Apparently that zoning effort was
not handled properly as there seems to be
no further mention of the subject.
The approval process needs a much bet-
ter method of keeping residents posted of
the applications for buildings, business
licenses and the other perceived improve-
ments to the community. Notices could be

posted in this newspaper. However, at this
time that would not be legal. A public no-
tice is required two weeks in advance of
an application's being considered. Three
weeks or more would be required if this
media were used. Using a local newspa-
per gives the added advantage of providing
documented evidence of the notice.
It is a shame that government does not
recognize and utilize the various Family
Island newspapers. Besides this paper, we
are aware of papers being published twice
a month on Exuma and Long Island. There
may be publications on other islands.
What better way is there to advertise a
work permit application, a citizenship ap-
plication or a building permit for a Family
Island than to post a notice in a local news-
paper. However, current rules require that
notices of this type be advertised only in
the Nassau daily papers. Times change but
government is slow to recognize and utilize
these changes.
Improving the public posting process for
permits would avoid much of the frustra-
tions of projects sliding through the system
and residents becoming aware only as the
cement is being poured.

Generally Speaking ... a f. t ef a cstwa e ?7 tNe

By S. Timothy Roberts
Lacking any coherent or cohesive plans
for now or the future, Abaco's tourism
industry plods clumsily forward. Without
regard for our own history, culture and
people, we invite myriad investors to build
whatever they think is a good idea which
realistically benefits them primarily and
Abaco to a lesser degree.
Where there is no vision, the people
perish. Proverbs 29:1
I am not set against any investors who
are currently working on projects in Aba-
co; whether its Winding Bay, Baker's Bay
or any newer projects yet to start. I lay
no blame at their feet. If I were in their
shoes, I would likely do the same as they
are doing. However, I lay the blame on the
government, past and present, and require
them to be responsible for any projects
they have accepted.
I'm certain many projects come through
their doors each day, and I understand delv-
ing through each one and gleaning useful
and pertinent information can be daunting.
I don't envy their position at all. However,
I do think we have been far too open in
what projects we accept, having NOT cre-
ated a definite vision for our tourism prod-
uct on Abaco. I would venture to guess
there is no set vision for any islands in The
Bahamas, but my focus here is Abaco .
The government of the Bahamas seems
to think we need an "anchor" property a
large scale resort, perhaps a 300- to 500-
room hotel of some sort. Abaco's tourism
industry has not only survived without an

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"anchor" property but has thrived and is
the model for sustainable tourism. That is a
big part of the picture that the government
needs to focus on: sustainability.
Abaco is a prime island for eco-tourism
. We have an island with a lot of historical,
geological, biological and botanical diver-
sity, and it is largely untapped. We need
to, firstly, preserve and protect this won-
derful natural environment we have, and
secondly, make sure that any future proj-
ects exploit these very features in a safe
and sustainable way.
Eco-tourism International defines eco-
tourism this way:
Eco-tourism focuses on local cultures,
wilderness adventures, volunteering, per-
sonal growth and learning new ways to
live on our vulnerable planet. It is typically
defined as travel to destinations where the
flora, fauna and cultural heritage are the
primary attractions. Responsible eco-tour-
ism includes programs that minimize the
adverse effects of traditional tourism on the

natural environment and enhance the cul-
tural integrity of local people. Therefore,
in addition to evaluating environmental
and cultural factors, initiatives by hospital-
ity providers to promote recycling, energy
efficiency, water re-use and the creation of
economic opportunities for local communi-
ties are an integral part of eco-tourism.
We need to make sure our government
knows where we stand. We need to make
them accountable. They need to be more
forward thinking, not just focusing on what
may be good now or what may bring jobs
now, but on what will be the best for the
people, their children and their environ-
ment now and in the future.
We have much to be proud of here on
Abaco. Let us protect it and make sure
our children and children's children will
be able to enjoy it. Teach our children to
protect our historical landmarks, our en-
vironment and Abaco's way of life, and
we will already be on our way to creating
something sustainable.

( Reaching out to

special needs students

By Julian Lockhart
Every Child Counts had its annual fund
raiser on September 29 with a dinner at the
Abaco Club. The organizers sold 100 tick-
ets at $100 a ticket and by the end of the
night raise over $25,000 from the patrons
of the event. The Florida Cares Foundation
had made a deal with ECC stating that if
they raised at least $25,000 that night, they
would contribute $25,000 to the school to
assist in their bottom line. One hundred of
Abaco's private sector stepped forward and
not only paid $100 for the dinner ticket,
but also reached deeper into their pockets
and through a silent auction and donations
were able to reach their goal.
ECC is the only school on Abaco and
one of only a handful in The Bahamas that
caters to the mentally and physically chal-
lenged and children with learning disabili-
ties. They do so by charging only $1,650
a year for school fees, which is less than
most private schools charge. On top of
that, the school subsidizes the majority of
their 82 student population because most
of these students come from homes where
the parents can't afford a private school

Too many times these kinds of kids slip
through the cracks in our system and are
either ignored or completely forgotten as
society goes through its day-to-day activi-
ties. However, these kids are, one, a bless-
ing from God and, two, a viable commodi-
ty in our community who should be treated
that way and offered every advantage any
other child has in society.
A number of businesses in Abaco offer
support financially to ECC so it can con-
tinue to function and keep its doors open.
They also offer apprenticeship programs
for the students so they are able to be func-
tioning members of the community. It is
one thing for these students to gain a full
education to the level of their learning abil-
ities; but if they can't function in society
once they graduate, it defeats the purpose
of the school.
Mrs. Major and her staff are doing a
impressive job of not only educating these
students, but also teaching them the basic
skills to function in their day-to-day lives

Please see Viewpoint Page 26

. .

October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 9 A

Public Utilities Commission Visits Abaco

By Jennifer Hudson
The Public Utilities Commission Road
Show was on Abaco from September 26 to
28. Six persons from the office in Nassau
were available to meet with the public each
day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Ministry
of Tourism Training Centre in Marsh Har-
bour. They were at Cooper's Town from
10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on 27th and Sandy
Point Administrator's Office on 28th. They
wer here to listen to people's concerns re-
garding telecommunications services and
answer enquiries about the Public Utili-
ties Commission. A general meeting was
also held at 7 p.m. in the Anglican Church
Hall, Marsh Harbour.
The Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
was established on March 1, 2000, under
the provisions of the Public Utilities Com-
mission Act of1993 as amended in 1999 to
regulate controlled Public Utilities. Pres-
ently, the PUC regulates only telecommuni-

cations and radio communications services
but electricity and water and sewerage will
soon be regulated by the PUC. The PUC
is also required to promote and protect the
interests of consumers and in this regard
is committed to educating consumers about
their rights pertaining to telephone service,
paging, mobile radios, Internet service
providers and other forms of telecommuni-
cations. Some of the duties of the PUC are
to ensure that the quality of utility services
are satisfactory, to ensure that prices for
utility services are reasonable, to promote
competition in the utility sectors, to publish
reports on the utility sectors and oversee
licensing and market structure.
According to Mrs. Kathleen Riviere-
Smith, persons did not avail themselves of
the opportunity to speak with representa-
tives during the daytime meetings in any
of the three locations but at Sandy Point
the representatives were able to walk

through the community handing out infor-
mation. Although the evening meeting was
very poorly attended also, Ms. Lisa Bellot,
Consumer Affairs Officer, was on hand to
make a presentation on the role and func-
tions of the PUC. Mrs. Smith was pleased
with the result of that meeting as she stated
that the representatives were able to hear
the people's concerns and there were lots
of questions and very good discussion.
The main grievances cited concerned
Bahamas Telecommunications Corpora-
tion. Complaints to BTC are falling through
the cracks and not being attended to, cus-
tomer service personnel do not answer the
phones, the Abaco office says to call 914
but 914 says it is Abaco's problem, Batelco
email service is not reliable, BTC's Vibe
does not work on a Coralwave connection
and there is a problem with payment drop
boxes as BTC admits it does not open them
very often.
One frustration the public mentioned at
the meeting in Marsh Harbour was the in-
ability of Abaco residents to have an al-
ternate phone service from Indigo. Indigo
now is available on New Providence and
Grand Bahama and Abaco people would
like to be able to use it also. It seems there
is a problem with the interconnection be-
tween Indigo and BTC. Mrs. Smith and
her colleagues vowed to look into the prob-
lems and how they can be addressed on
their return to Nassau.
A PUC mobile van was on Abaco for

the week monitoring radio transmissions
the whole of Abaco from north to south.
Mrs. Smith, in her conversation with
me, stated that one of the important facts
she wishes to get out to the community is
that some unauthorized radio equipment,
such as long range cordless telephones, in-
terferes with essential services such as air-
craft communications, ambulance services,
fire and police services and emergency ma-
rine search and rescue so SHOULD NOT
Also she wished it to be known that a
licence is required from the PUC for all
radio communications and telecommunica-
tion equipment and services, installation
and maintenance. Persons operating unli-
censed equipment are liable to a heavy fine.
"Mariners may not be aware that VHF
equipment should be licensed. We need to
know what frequencies people areusing to
avoid interference. If interference is expe-
rienced, then the PUC can assist if contact-
ed. A list of radio licence types and fees is
published by the PUC.
Finally she added, "If your telecommu-
nications service provider has not resolved
your complaint in a satisfactory or timely
manner, you have the right to complain to
the Public Utilities Commission. You may
call the Consumer Help Line at 242-322-
7157. We will try to come to Abaco as
regularly as possible because not everyone
can get into Nassau so we realize that we
must come to the people."

Staff from the Public Utilities Commission were on Abaco to hear from the public. At this
time the Commission regulates only telephones, radios, television and internet services.
The staff shown here at a public meeting in Marsh Harbour are Mr. Charles Kemp, Mr.
Donavon Dorsett, Mrs. Kathleen Riviere-Smith, and Mrs. Karen Bethel.

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2 May 2005

Page 10 A The Abaconian

Central Abaco News

Dundas Town
Residents express them-
selves at Town Meeting
By Samantha V. Evans
On October 2nd the Dundas Town Com-
mittee of Local Government held an open
Town Meeting to share with the residents
of this area what they have been doing over
the past year and a half. This was the first
meeting to be held since the initial Com-
mittee members were elected in June 2005.
The Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Au-
gustine Williams, apologized for not meet-
ing with them before now.
Senior Administrator, Mr. Cephas Coo-

per, outlined how the budget for this year
will be spent. He told them that besides
receiving the already approved $205,000,
an additional $125,000 will be received
which will be distributed throughout Cen-
tral Abaco.
Each member of the Committee gave an
update on the various projects they started
as well as their plans for the remaining
eight months of their term in office.
The first presenter was Mr. Stephen
Knowles who stated that they would like
to make Brown Bay a park for the com-
munity with a family area included at the
site. Work has already begun as they have


purchased fill and built a sea wall. They
want to complete this now that a new bud-
get has been allocated for the new fiscal
year. They also plan to have two activity
centers with monkey bars, a jungle gym,
slides and swings. They plan to put up
street signs on every corner and a welcome
sign at the beginning of Central Pines Es-
tates and at other allotted areas in Dundas
Additionally, he made it clear that Cen-
tral Pines is a part of Dundas Town so what
ever is done for the original Dundas Town
will have to be done for Central Pines Es-
tates as well. It is their plan to make the
residents of Central Pines feel welcomed.
So far, 19 side streets have been identified
in Dundas Town but no one has yet ac-
counted for the ones in Central Pines Es-
tates. Someone will have to now go through
the community and count the side streets in
this area so that when the contracts are giv-
en, they will clearly state how many side
streets are included from Central Pines. He
stated firmly that they intend for all verges
and side streets to be kept clean. There is
no reason for their being so unkempt when

money has been paid out for their cleaning.
The area behind Central Abaco Primary
School was cleaned and bushes cut with
money from the last budget and they hope
to engage a project with the school during
this new budget term.
Mrs. Glendar Knowles, one of the new-
ly elected members, spoke about the bus
stop shelters that need to be built soon for
the safety of the students. The Committee
will remove the clutter from in front of M
& R Food Store. The cost to construct one
bus stop will be somewhere in the area of
$6,000. She stated that they are looking to
take the same concept used to construct the
Heroes' Wall for the proposed Indepen-
dence Park Site.
Mr. Augustine Williams spoke about
finding a new site for the graveyard be-
cause they have exhausted all of the space
that is in the original graveyard. They
will look into using the grave site on the
S.C. Bootle Highway in Central Pines.
He spoke briefly about the proposed sites

Please see Central Page 12

The Senior Administrator for Central Abaco, Mr. Cephus Cooper, addressed the audi-
ence at a Town Meeting for residents of Dundas Town on October 2. He went over
budget figures so they would know where their money was being spent. Seated are six
members of the Dundas Town Town Committee and Assistant Administrator, Ms. Mar-
garet Symonette. The meeting gave the residents a chance to make suggestions and air
their complaints.


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October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007

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The Abaconian

Page 11 A

Page 12 A The Abaconian October 15, 2007

More Central Abaco News I

Central From Page 10
for the public parks which are Brown Bay
Park, Independence Park, Central Pines
Park and a park in the area behind Central
Abaco Primary School. All of these sites
will be looked into to see which one will be
most feasible for a more developed park.
Mr. Sonith Lockhart commended Rev.
Lernis Cornish for his immaculate up-
keep of the side streets and verges on For-
est Drive and Main Street. He suggested
that since he is the only one who seems to
know how to meet this need that the Dun-
das Town Committee considers giving him
the contract for all side streets and verge in
Dundas Town. He also suggested that they
consider pushing the verges back to two
or three feet so that grass can be planted
and maintained. He believes that this will
also help to keep the area well manicured
and beautiful. He stated that work on the
street signs, welcome signs and stop signs
will begin soon because they have already
awarded the contract to Desmond Bootle.
Mr. Lockhart stated that there will be a tree
lighting service for the Christmas season so
a committee will be needed to plan for it.
They will have to choose a site for the cer-
emony and to erect the tree for lighting.
Mrs. D'Shan Maycock, another newly
elected Committee member, stated that she
is passionate about the environment and is
100 percent for beautifying the neighbor-
hoods and keeping them clean. She would
be happy for the assistance of anyone who
would like to work with her on this com-
Finally, Mr. Williams stated that they
are looking to restore the Burial Society
building so that it can be used as a resource

center for the community with computers,
a mini library and an office for the town-
ship office.
At the end of the presentations, mem-
bers of the community of Dundas Town
made several suggestions. The major ones
were as follows:
Sidewalks need to be built on the main
streets, especially Forest Drive, to ensure
the safety of the children who walk to
Trees need to be properly trimmed
and debris picked up when cleaning verges
and side streets
Benches need to be erected at select
places and in the parks once completed
Residents need to be provided with
a schedule for garbage collection because
they are not consistent
The Burial Society building needs to
be refurbished
Stray dogs are a big problem and they
need to be dealt with urgently
The smoke from the dump is irritating
the Central Pines residents and they have
had enough. They called for it to be re-
moved immediately
Derelict vehicles are an eyesore and
the Committee needs to impress upon per-
sons who have these vehicles in their yards
to remove them because they attract ro-
dents and insects
Persons applying for contracts from
the Town Committee should be properly
scrutinized to ensure that they are quali-
fied to do the work they are applying for.
Someone from this Committee needs to
check to see that the work was done and
done well before payment is made.
Once all suggestions were made, Mr.
Cay Mills spoke passionately about the

"nonsense" he stated has been going on
since the elections of the Dundas Town
Committee members more than two years
ago. He stated that too many lies have been
told, and it is time for it to stop. He called
for accountability from this Committee
and he wanted them to let the people know
where all of the money went. He stated that
Brown Bay will not work for a park so they
can forget about that. He pointed out that
this Committee is illegal and that he is pre-
pared to go as far the Supreme Court to get
this Committee dissolved.
He stated that some $10,000 was said
to have been spent on the basketball court
at Ocean View Park, but he can't see what
they did. He wants them to provide proof
of what they spent the money from the last
budget. There were no documents present-
ed at this meeting.
Mr. Mills asked them for minutes from
their last gathering as Committee members
but none was provided. He told the resi-
dents that he feels hurt by what was done
to him and George Cornish because they
were not sworn in. He stated that he was
shocked to hear that they were calling for
two members to be elected. Neither Cay
Mills nor George Cornish knew anything
about being served with documents by
Supt. Wayne Miller indicating a date for

them to be sworn in. They both asked to
see a copy of this document they were ac-
cused of signing, but no copies were pro-
vided at this meeting. Mr. Cornish stated
that he doesn't take kindly to being accused
of doing something he did not do. He told
the Committee that they are tarnishing his
name so this is a serious matter, one he
needs them to clear up urgently.
It was clear from all of the comments
made by residents of Dundas Town that
they have had enough. They want the peo-
ple they voted for to serve them honestly
and with integrity especially since this is
their money that is being spent. Previous
members of this Committee also voiced
similar concerns especially since this Com-
mittee is being accused of misspending and
misappropriating their money. Mr. Mills
called on the new administrator, Mr. Coo-
per, to look into the matter but Mr. Coo-
per stated that he is only responsible for
what has happened since he took office.
However, he told all of those persons who
are disgruntled or feel that they have been
mistreated to petition the Minister of Local
Government to have a separate audit done
to investigate all of their claims.
This meeting lasted well after 11 p.m.
Please see Central Page 13

7J~e ei'nes

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. -. .. .,' ., I ... I/. 1 .*, I 1 .. .

PO. B..x A B 20669
Marsh Halrbou.Jr Al..3r. Bahamas
i%%-~abr o mrt c om


I A 1.1 i 1.1 i A rjiF 111(


VHT Channel lb

HFAI IH irj.iiFVArji F


Who will be there

As u aou

ou Ilwrae
&feible term

October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 13 A

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 12
as residents wanted to know that this Com-
mittee had their best interest at heart.
It was hard to say if they felt any more
confident in this Committee by the end of
this meeting. Many of the residents made
it quite clear that none of the Committee
members will get their vote in the next Lo-
cal Government election when all seats in
Dundas Town Town Committee will be
up for grabs. Now the only thing left for
them to do is to watch and wait with hope
that some of these discrepancies will be ad-
dressed before that time.

Murphy Town
Town Meeting in Murphy Town
By Mirella Santillo
A Town Meeting for Murphy Town
took place on October 4th at the Burial So-
ciety organized the Murphy Town Town
Committee. Besides the seven board mem-
bers, others in attendance included Senior
Administrator, Mr. Cephas Cooper, and
Assistant Administrator, Mrs. Margaret
Symonette. About 30 residents of Murphy

Town attended.
On the agenda were the explanation of
the budget, the presentation of proposed
projects by the Committee and an open
discussion during which residents were
invited to express their concerns and give
their advice.
The Town Committee Chairman, Mr.
Cubel "Star" Davis, chaired the meeting.
Administrator Cooper went over the budget
which totals $207,600. for the fiscal year
2007-08. Mr. Cooper informed those pres-
ent of his ties to Murphy Town dating from
the time he was Principal of Abaco Central
High School and said he was pleased to
be back. "I came to see how best we, to-
gether, can help the community to grow,"
he explained. "I am happy to be a part of
Abaco's growing phase. It is important that
you (the audience) see how much is spent
and where it is going. As Administrator,
I am responsible for the finances of the
government. I am here to make sure every
dime is spent according to the proper regu-
lations. I am joining the Town Committee
as an advisor."
The meeting went in a very respectful

manner, with everyone calmly expressing
his or her grievance, but asking for action.
Mr. Glen McDonald did remind the audi-
ence that in the Local Government Act, the
person in charge was the Chief Councillor
and that no Administrator should stifle lo-
cal government affairs,
The Committee Chairman and the Dep-
uty Chairman, Mr. Jexel Tinker, made a
presentation of proposed projects. The
first one was a rendering of a proposed
Coconut Bay development behind the Esso
depot with cabanas for vendors, picnic ta-
bles, a grill and landscaping. The second
concerned the South Side dock and road.

A contract had been issued years ago to
pave the road to the dock, but was never
fulfilled. "Forget about that contract,"
said Mr. Davis. "New arrangements will
be made to oil the road as well as fix the
boat ramp. The Committee plans to build
cabanas there, too, for the use of fisher-
men and residents. But I have a message
for the fishermen," he added. "Keep the
place clean; don't leave conch shells and
fish parts all over the place."
He informed the audience that street
signs had been ordered and should be in-
Please see Central Page 20

on Guana Cay
Lunch & Dinner


l3eocI svaL ~ ctCwei hce


Palm Asian Fusion Cuisine
November 5th & 6th, 2007

Tuesday, November 5th
Spicy Tuna Roll
Lotus Blossom ~ Minced chicken in endive leaves with hoisin sauce
Sunomono ~ Octopus, conch, crabstick and cucumber
Main Course
Ocean Dragon ~ Crispy Red Snapper with black mushroom,
basil and soy glaze
Ruby Paradise ~ Shrimp and slices of oriental eggplant
with scallions, ginger and a spicy hot sauce
Salmon Sushi

Wednesday, November 6th
Asian Beef Skewers ~ Charred and barbecued
Seaweed salad and conch
KC Roll ~ Salmon, crab, scallions, cream cheese, masago, thin cucumber out-
Main Course
Ancient Delight ~ Grilled chicken infused with a wild mushroom sauce
and soy glaze with steamed vegetables
Spider Beef ~ Sliced beef, lightly breaded and sauteed with soy,
shallots, plum sauce.
Tuna Sushi

i Dessert

Please call The Lodge for reservations at 366 0095 or VHF channel 16

Don MacKay Blvd, Marsh Harbour
P.O.Box AB- 20116, Abaco
Tel: (242) 367-0593
Fax: (242) 367-0594

Bradley St. opposite Kemp's Funeral Chapel
P.O. Box N351, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: 1-242-322-2142
Fax: 1-242-322-6089

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3701 N.W. S. River Dr., Miami, FL 33142i MONDAY TO SATURDAY
Tel: 1-305-635-4650 8 AM 7 PM
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then take your freight to the port.
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Page 14 A The Abaconian



011tetio 1 1

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited

The Government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas in collaboration with Caribbean Telecommunications Union hosted several
statutory meetings in The Bahamas last week.
The meetings were held at The Royal Bahamas Police Conference Centre on East Street. The meetings included a workshop on
Number Portability for the Caribbean which was presented by Telcordia. Minister of State for Finance, The Hon. Zhivargo S. Laing gave
the address during the opening ceremony of the 17th Executive Council Meeting on Wednesday morning. The CTU also hosted a Strate-
gic Ministerial Forum, and the 10th General Conference of Ministers which was officially opened by Prime Minister and Minister of Fi-
nance, The Rt. Hon. Hubert Alexander Ingraham on Thursday October 4th. Delegates were treated to a 'break away' closing dinner held
at British Colonial Hilton on Friday.
The CTU was established in 1989 by Heads of CARICOM Governments to aid in rationalizing the telecommunications policy frame-
work for the region and to address the problems of regional spectrum frequency incompatibilities. In recent times, the CTU has emerged
as the primary facilitator for the formulation of Caribbean ICT policy and a major contributor to the development of CIT capacity within
the region. For more details on CTU, please feel free to visit the website at

CTU Secretary General Ms. Ber-
nadette Lewis addresses the
opening of the CTU's 17th
Executive Council Meeting

Prime Minister The Rt. Hon.
Hubert A. Ingraham addresses .
the opening ceremony of the
CTU's l0th General Conference
of Ministers at The RBPF Confer-
ence Centre. >>>>>

10th Gene C( F Ministers

I .A .l

The Police Force Bands plays at the opening
of the CTU's 10th General Conference of

Delegates of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union pictured along with Prime N
graham, Minister of Finance Hon. Zhirvargo Laing, CTU President Hon. Clive Mullings,
CTU Secretary General Bernadette Lewis and BTC President & CEO Leon Williams.

CALL BTC 225-5282

October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 15 A

hris Thompson Real

"Offering the Islands Most Exclusive L_



Purple Forpoise Flace, hope Town, Abaco, bakamas

ph 2~-+2.5 66.02-16

fax 2-+2-. )66.02-Z2



Private paradise peninsular home, 667ft. of water-
front. 4 bed/2 bath, detached gazebos, pool, bbq,
outdoor showers, generator, water-maker and
private dock. Shown by appointment

Hope Town harbour,
beautiful home with
large private dock, 4
Bed/4 Bath, and excel-
lent rental potential.Of-
fered at

.Oceanfront Lot 1/2+
acre, suitable for main
and guest cottage, ad-
jacent to private Dor-
ros Cove community at
south end of Elbow Cay,
close to restaurant and

Little Orchard, Marsh
Harbour 2 bedroom/2
bath house, perfect
family home or excel-
lent rental potential.
Located close to restau-
rants, marina and beach

H Great
ocean views and just
steps away from surfer's
break, 3 bed/2.5 bath.
Walk to restaurant and
marina in seconds. Pool,
large open deck, gen-
erator and watermaker.
Excellent rental history.
Offered at


Private residential gated marina community all
lots V2 acre inclusive of dock slip at marina. Ocean
and/or Sea of Abaco views from each lot. ONLY
5 LOTS REMAINING. Starting at

North End Elbow Cay
Ocean front Large 1.5
acre property, 2 bed /
2 bath villa, generator
room, can be subdivided

Hope Town 5 bed / 4
bath ocean-front turn key
home on beautiful sandy
beach, located north of
historic Hope Town set-
tlement. Open deck-ing,
beautiful decor and exel-
lent rental history.

Under Contract

Spectacular sunsets at this
3 Bed/3 Bath home on the
Sea of Abaco in private
Dorros Cove commu-
nity. Wrap around decks,
incredible elevation and
large private dock.

Hope Town Settlement
Historic Hope Town
house with dockage. Main
house 4 bed 2.5 bath with
detached dock house.
Rental history available.

p p pp' Private Islands qq
S* Investment ropertu
S Waterfront homes and Land
* Acreage Froject/ ropert Management
E-xclusive Agents for Matt Lowe's Ca *****

Chris Thompson, broker

One e

- I,,


Hilltop lot adjacent to Aunt
Pats Bay in White Sound.
1/3 acre with private dock slip
and views of the Sea of Abaco
and Atlantic
Ocean front
lot located in White Sound
on one of the best surf spots
and just steps away to marina
and restaurants. Hope Town
settlement is just a short ride
away. Can be subdivided. Of-
fered at
Lots #13 & #14 with dock-
age on White Sound Bay

Ocean Fr ont Lots #15 and
I 6, both with dockage on
White Sound bay, and just
steps away from marina and
restaurants SOLD

Lot #18 with dock
slip and ocean views

Lot #21 with dock slip
and panaramic views
Lot # 43 with dock
slip and ocean/sea view

3 acres on Sea of Abaco,
north of pond
I acre north of pond on Sea of

reg Ko k e rtsF)roLcr

1 S- C



lbb- L ,

Page 16 A The Abaconian

@hit anki& fA4

Geraldine Emma Brown, 83, formerly
of Hope Town passed away in Nassau on
September 23. Her funeral service was
held at Ebenezer Methodist Church on
September 29.
She is survived by her husband Capt. An-
ton Brown; son Capt. Michael Brown and
wife Brenda; daughters Brenda Albury, Jen-
nifer Pinder and husband Bobby and Jane
Forsythe and husband Chris; grandchildren
Michelle, Donna, Stuart, Julie, Leigh, Lin-
da, Candice, Bruce and Timmy; nieces Rosie
Moree and husband Jack, Sue Denhart, Pa-
tricia Russell, Rena Russell, Marsha Stew-
art, Nancy Gallager, Susie Brown, Anne
Lawlor and husband Jim, Elizabeth, Deb-
bie Brown and Angela Sweeting; nephews
Lennis Lightbourne Jr., Andre and Robert
Lightbourn, Danny and Lester Albury, Ian
Brown, Peter Brown and Geoffrey Brown
Sr. and wife Janet; sisters-in-law Dorothea
Brown, Barbara and Sylvia Brown; and
many other relatives and friends.
The funeral for Luckner "Ton Zer"
Noel, 77, of Marsh Harbour was held
on September 29 at St. Francis de Sales
Church in Marsh Harbour. Rev. Rodger
Mardrazo officiated and burial was in the
Marsh Harbour Public Cemetery on S.C.
Bootle Highway.
He is survived by his wife Philia Al-
exander-Noel; sons Samson and Jackson
Eliaza; stepson Fresnel Pierrelus; daugh-
ters Denise, Marie and Margaret Eliaza;
grandchildren Ericka, Edith, Jean, Tracy,
Samuel, Malik, Moses, Brianna, Felisha,
Ryzen, Melody and Malenie; sisters Tison,
Deze and Coy; nephews Welner, Derich-
mond, Denny, Bellevue, Ronald, Mark,
Sylvio, Guy, Willie, Michael, John, Leo-
nel, Mckenzie and Isaac; nieces Leonie,
Nadia, Cl audette, Talia, Faneila, Celine,

Claude, Natasha, Berlin and
many other relatives and friei
The funeral for Elvis Jef
Mills, 50, formerly of Murpl
held on September 29 at Bet
Chapel in Murphy Town. P
stone Williams officiated a
was held at Murphy Town
He is survived by his fat]
Mills; wife Leona Mills; daug
Jennifer, Valencia and Kiatr
quille, Warren and Shawn;
Aranha, Grennae Kemp, Lin
ron Mills; brothers Paul, Glei
Bradley and Wade Mills; aunt
Muriel Curry, Alvart and Alth
cles Ernal Swain and Cecil M
Anthon Aranha and family, A
pheneaus Kemp; nieces Make
family, Kativa, Mercile and I
and family; cousins Aurthur
family, Sidney Curry and far
Curry and family, Elvis Curr
Amon Curry and family, Bar
family, Drexel Tinker, Ted
Swain, Makeemo Smith, Re
Grelhel and Agatha Curry, Dt
and family, Janet Davis and fa
ica Carrol and family, Servii
family, Nicole Saunders and fa
Reckley and family, Lakeisha
Swain, Pastor Silbert Mills and
thram Jr., Dale Mills, Brenda,
Julia, Henza, Connie, Donna,
essa, Aretha, Edina, Troy, G
Mag, Hazel, Eunice, Judy, Ja
Fabian, Cay, Richard, Owen,
ilee and Melanie, Dave, Ta
Marquita and Anika; mother-ii
Swain; brothers-in-law Justin,
ald, Dirk, Terrance, Kippling

Jasmine; and Kevin; sisters-ii
nds. ron, Yvette, Ed
fery Aranha many other rela
hy Town was The funeral
than Gospel 36, formerly ol
astor Living- September 29 a
nd interment Church. Pastor
Public Cem- assisted by Pas
was in the Mur
her Durwood He is survi
ghters Vashti, lyn Wilmore a
a; sons Sha- Mervin Fynes S
sisters Grace brothers Kevin
ida and Sha- Rigby, Mervin
n, Don, Carl, "Mo", and Co
ts Ena Swain, Russell, Norn
hea Mills; un- Fynes, and B
[ills; nephews brothers and
.ustin and Al- Smith and fam
ba Davis and Dean, Aneka K
Darcia Miller dra Talpade;
Mitchell and and Basil Wili
mily, Berkley Lydia Cunnin
y and family, Janet Bain and
ry Swain and Clifford and L
and Bradley Wilmore, Ben
nardo Curry, nen Davis; gra
eborah Miller lamae Dawkin
family, Veron- Knowles; niece
na Major and Laren, Lakera,
imily, Vernita Alexandria Fy
a and Laneka Michelle and
d family, Ber- Rashad and De
Berthlyn and Stephon, Shaqi
Kayla, Van- ell Fynes, Add
3eorge, Ross, Demetri, Dem
anet, Francis, cousins Domin
, Barry, Ker- and Clevano D
nia, Tishura, and Natristan
n-law Firstina Nyika Wilmor
Carlos, Ron- ula, Senario;
, Gregon and Tyzel and Ta

aMnd 3'&nd
n-law Martha, Gaylean, Sha- Bain, Franchot and Hosea Pratt, Anthony,
lith, Sandra, and Lashawn; a Calvin and Denny Porter, Randy and Brad-
itives and friends. ley "Blacks" Mackey; sisters-in-law Anika
for Marvin Antonio Fynes, Rolle, Margaret Rolle-Fynes; uncles-in-
f Murphy Town was held on law Cleveland Dawkins, Leonardo Allen
it Strong Tower Community and Hesley Cunningham, Ezekiel Chuck
Stephen Knowles officiated Pratt; aunt-in-law Genova Wilmore; and
tor Mario Bethel. Interment many other relatives and friends.
phy Town Public Cemetery. The funeral service for the late Eloise
ved by his parents Doro- Wells, 39, of Fox Town and formerly of
.nd Retired Chief Inspector Moore's Island was held on October 6 at St.
Sr.; stepmother Mary Fynes; Anne's Anglican Church in Crown Haven.
n and Devin Rolle, Daren Fr. Dwight Rolle officiated assisted by other
i, Karus, Stephen, Mervin ministers. Interment was in St. Chad's An-
irdero Fynes; sisters Taryn glican Church Cemetery.
na, Nicola and Savatheda She is survived by her husband Anthony
rendamae Daxon; adopted Wells; son Anthony Wells Jr.; daughter An-
sisters Rev. Dr. Ellerston tonia Wells; mother Joyce Swain; mother-
ily, Carlo Ramsey, Tiffany in-law Ruth Wells; father-in-law Erskine
Icing, Agatha Neely and San- Wells; sisters Rosamae Davis, Sylv ia Out-
uncles Roosevelt, George ten, Ludean Swain, Natasha Wallace and
more; aunts Judy Dawkins, Shanell Gierszewski; brother Joshua Swain;
gham, Rose-Marie Allen, sisters-in-law Violet and Shavonne Swain,
I Cleola Pratt; granduncles Alean McIntosh, Diana Wells, Idella Mills,
eonard Knowles, Lawrence Shirley Wright, Barbara Williams, Valarie
jamin Dawkins and Bren- Rolle, Eleanor Burrows, Kola, Lillian and
ndaunts Verleta Davis, Vil- Virginia Wells; brothers-in-law Edison Da-
s, Elsie Knowles and Inez vis, Lavardo Wallace, Andre Gierszewski,
es Zarya Rolle, Larae and Clarence Outten, Charles Mills, Alphonso
Natasha, Brittany, Lakera, Wright, Augustine Williams, Whitney
nes, Edrica and Adnicqua, Rolle, Wenington Burrows, Fred Erskine
Elizabeth Daxon; nephews and Roosevelt Wells; aunts Milicent John-
vin Rolle Jr., Delano Davis, son, Olga and Leonie Russell, Lettiemae
uille, Chadwell and Mitch- Jones and Leanza Thompson; uncles George
dison Hepburn, Seldon and and Ronald McKenzie, George Russell and
[etrius and Devon Daxon; Charles Jones; grandaunts Loretta Stuart,
aic, Demaro, Okasa, Omar Arementa McKenzie, Oliver Miller, Mable
'awkins, Nikishka, Nevardo Saunders and Alma McKenzie; nieces Dian
Allen, Ramona Wildgoose; Rolle, Darlene and Driscol Davis, Ru-

e, Tynnazz Forbes, Tysh-
Achaz, Nicario, Tishique,
zmia Cunningham, Avery

Please see Obituaries Page 17

Enjoy the better f 4 yrBt

things in life -hithem

with a Royal M

Premier" Loan. aZr

Easy As 12w13 *Hama'qHdnt 1
Smth aMltr, wr

With sRoyl Pimler Ism, you am
) Gdpt m,-uimd qukkldy & *
r 5ium In mat md mt, ppfril

irt t pHhmtra u h
) ed nu st .md i .1 t

Calling All Artists

Friday, November 23rd, 2007
Festivities begin at 11:00 am 5:00 pm

Wine Tasting
Sponsored by Bristol Cellars.

Crafty '
Straw Ant
andf juch, miph f mr ...


ts must sl gp late rano o r 15th

,'f Space assignments areo:
,'first come, first serves.

If you are an artist/cru.
know an artist/craftmaster... ay!

For more information plea
Hope Town Harbour L
Phone: (242) 366-0095 Fax: (242)

Eul.,, bttf.thrrIUl kh
wlth RUK r smm dtls., mU
rvua iirmn RsEK a"
Bwk wpCm4u bwINh -pfty
uad s kwhd a PrinL
flnw S'ks SSL.alit.

October 15, 2007

Obituarie S From Page 16
bilee Mitecel, Shian and Quinisha Cooper,
Pinky, Stephanique, Princess, Sheryl and
Ecita Swain, Ginger, Twanesha, Pedria,
Dreiesha, Vardesha Michealla, Varlene,
Shawnique, Roselda, Idamae and Mari-
lyn Edgecombe, Pricilla McIntosh, Freda
Flowers Lakishia Taylor, Sharon Jones,
Tina Wells, Anita McIntosh, Indira Wells,
Trenaire Wells, Zerma Russell, Tamara
Rolle, Charlene Mills, Ateka Maurin,
Kadera Gardiner, Keora Archer Alexis
Davot, Christina and Austinique Williams,
Rosanne Wells, Kayla, Witneyann, Va-
lene Rolle; nephews Rodrick, Derrick, El-
gar, Tristan, Jerrold Marvin Jr., Demetri,
Jenson, Journal, Daren, Joseph, Richard,
Jollyan, Daniel, Walter, Carlton, Elvis,
Oswald, Edmond, Rodney, Frisco, Demet-
rie, Nadra, Leno, Allentmo, Ivan, Trevor,
Ulesse, Fonzie, Tristan, Desmond Collie,
Jr., Wendell, Caleb, Wellio and Anqueon;
and many other relatives and friends.
Cecil Allen Cooper passed away in his
sleep while visiting his daughter in England.
He was 79 years old and had been an active

resident of Marsh Harbour sin
he moved here from Canada
manage the Canadian Impe
Commerce. After his time at

worked for
ing for many
years. He
worked on
the project to
supply Marsh
Harbour with
for the first
time. In re-

ce 1963 when bucki; grandch
. He came to Kosobucki; sis
rial Bank of Maryzella Pri
the bank, he Rena Collins, S
L Cleone Collins

IL Cooper
Al Cooper

cent years he has installed solar equipment
and was involved in other projects.
Mr. Cooper was involved in forming
the Abaco Chamber of Commerce, was a
founding member of the Marsh Harbour
Volunteer Fire Department and contrib-
uted to the community through the Rotary
Club of Abaco. He was a member of Bible
Truth Hall in Marsh Harbour.
He is survived by his wife Flora Belle;
daughter Laurie; son-in-law John Koso-

October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 17 A

and 3J0AndA
iildren Jack and Alexandra The family asks that donations can be
sters June Fitzmaurice and made to the Marsh Harbour Volunteer
ngle; in-laws David and Fire Department or Every Child Counts in
Shirley Kemp, Byrl Collins, memory of Mr. Cooper.
and Winifred Collins.

I Hope Town's Newest & Finest



Monday Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Ph : 366-0525 VHF 16


Treasure Cay Resort
Area Amenities Include:
Spectacular 3.5 mile
White Sand Beach
150 slip Marina for
Yachts to 140 feet
18 hole Championship
Golf Course
Tennis, Snorkeling
& Scuba Diving
Restaurants, Grocers
& Duty Free Shopping
International Airport
(6,500 foot runway)

3 & 4 Bedroom / 3 Bath Units
1,645 square feet (MOL)
Residences from $907,500
plus closing costs

P.O. Box AB 22275,
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Phone: 242-365-8500
Fax. 242-365-8501
Craig@bahamnabeac hclub.c:mni

B1 io, i Ii, ri'iiptrioJ l,'ited

h r


Phase 5 Now Open!


Call Toll Free 800-563-0014

Ohil awi4 of

Over 60 selections
of wines

A complete line of (
spirits, liquors,
beers, cigarettes hues.
Bahiba Cigars OPEN

... ... .........

* r

Page 18 A The Abaconian October 15, 2007

The early days of Barclays and CIBC on Abaco

By Jennifer Hudson
Barclays Bank PLC and the Canadian
Imperial Bank of Commerce merged in
2002 to become the First Caribbean Inter-
national Bank and this year the bank held
various functions and promotions to cele-
brate its fifth anniversary. The streamlined
bank of today in its refurbished and spa-
cious premises has come a long way from
the humble beginnings of its two original
Barclays Bank and the Canadian Impe-
rial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) were the
first two banks on Abaco, with the Bank of
Nova Scotia arriving third some years lat-
er and the Chase Manhattan Bank fourth.
Barclays and CIBC both opened in Marsh
Harbour the same month late in 1959 with
Barclays opening its doors just one day be-
fore CIBC thus giving Barclays the distinc-
tion of being the very first bank on Abaco.
Barclays' first premises were located where
Mangoes Restaurant now stands, with the
bank in front and the living quarters for the
two English bank personnel in the back.
The building was Leonard Thompson's
home that was renovated to accommodate
the bank.
When Mr. Thompson built the shopping
centre where the traffic light now is, the
bank moved into the premises on the cor-
ner of Don MacKay and Queen Elizabeth
Drive where it remained until the merger.
The premises were originally very tiny
with only enough space for one customer
to be dealt with at a time. Over the years
the space was extended three times.
The first manager was an Englishman,
Peter Tomkins and he was followed by
several other Englishmen; it was not un-
til many years later that a Bahamian was

I - .- -W -
This is the staff of Barclays Bank in Marsh harbour on August 1968. Robert Malone;
Rowland Marshall, Assistant Manager, Gurth Russell, Margaret Malone, Yvonne Key,
Steve Nobbs, Judy Johnston and Alan Roberts, Manager from England.

hired as manager. Mr. Tomkin's assistant
was Ms. Astrid Stratton, who took care of
many duties in the bank. It was Astrid's fa-
ther, Mr. Lucien Stratton, who was work-
ing for Mr. Crocket of Crocket Farms in
the 1950s, encouraged the banks to come
to Abaco. Each week at Crocket Farms
they would pay off some of the men on
Friday in order for them to buy groceries,
then someone had to travel to Nassau to
get the balance of the payroll. They felt
it would be advantageous to have a bank
here so approached the manager of CIBC
in Nassau who saw the wisdom of opening
a branch in Marsh Harbour.
When Barclays discovered that CIBC
was coming, it decided to come, too, and
the safes for the two banks actually ar-
rived on the same day. Capt. Sherwin Ar-
cher, who owned the mailboat Arena, had
done most of the banking for the people
of Marsh Harbour in Nassau until banks

opened here.
Astrid Stratton tells of how different
work in the bank was in those days. "There
were no communications like today so all
the business had to be done by hand and
information and addresses of banks around
the world were all kept in a huge book
which was known as 'The Bank Bible.' I
spent the first few weeks dealing with all
the various bank business, then became a
When Owens Illinois came to Snake Cay,
it used Barclays as its bank and opened a
very small room on the Robert Fulton on
payroll days for the use of the bank. Astrid
would go every Friday to do the payroll.
Barclays also rented a room on Green Tur-
tle Cay so Astrid and Peter Tomkins would
go over once a week to assist customers
there. They would take a money box with
them which they were instructed by the
head office to keep chained to their wrists

with a padlock at all times. However, this
money box was heavy. Mr. Tompkins told
head office in London, "This box is heavy
and I don't know if you are aware that we
have to cross to Green Turtle Cay by ferry
boat. So I am not going to chain myself to
this box as I am not willing to have it cause
me to drown if the boat goes down." A
branch was also opened in the room of a
house in Hope Town.
Something else Astrid remembers is that
after Hurricane Betsy in 1965, water was
up to the top of the counter in the bank.
Another early employee of Barclays
Bank was Mrs. Yvonne Key, originally
from Hope Town, who came from Nassau
for two weeks in 1964 while someone was
on vacation. Then in 1965 she came for
another six months to fill in for someone
who left. Later that year she transferred
here permanently as a cashier. "In the
early days, in order to drum up business,
the Manager would take a bag of money
and some savings books and go from house
to house getting people to open up savings
accounts. At first, there were not many
chequing accounts either so they had to
convince people to bring their money to a
bank," she reminisces.
The first Bahamian-born manager for
Barclays was Rupert Roberts from Marsh
Harbour in 1984 though there had been
two naturalized Bahamians before him.
Mr. Roberts first joined the bank in 1969
at the age of 14. The manager at the time
had to get special dispensation to hire him
as he was below school leaving age, but he
needed to get a job in order to help support
his family. He then worked up through
Please see Banks Page 19


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October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 19 A

Both banks opened the same month

Banks From Page 18
the bank traveling to Nassau, Freeport
and England for training and remained
with Barclays until he went to Freeport as
Manager of Commonwealth Bank.
Mr. Bill Thorndycraft arrived from
Canada to work at CIBC in Marsh Har-
bour in 1962, three years after its open-
ing. Mr. Thorndycraft explained the speed
with which his appointment happened. "I
was told one Tuesday afternoon that the
manager of CIBC in Toronto wanted to
speak to me and asked if I would accept
a position on Abaco. The following day I
was asked for a decision and by the end of
the week was in Nassau and the following
Monday on Abaco." At that time CIBC
was located overlooking the harbour on
Front Street next to the Strattons' house
and only two people were employed in
the bank. In the 1970s the bank moved
to new premises on Don MacKay Boule-
vard which later became the home of
the merged First Caribbean International
In 1962 CIBC opened a branch on
Man-O-War Cay and Mr. Thorndycraft
went over one day every week carrying
the money box sometimes on the ferry and
sometimes 'bumming a ride' on a small
boat. A small room was rented for the
bank's use and Mr. Thorndycraft remem-
bers being told to walk around the settle-
ment to speak with customers. On asking
for a key to lock the door to secure the
money box while he was away, he was
told that no one on Man-O-War had a key
for anything and that the box would be
fine. This notion was very new to him
having just arrived from 'the big city' and

he left it with much trepidation. But he
found that the box remained perfectly safe
every week and was never once touched.
He tells how on his first walk about in
Man-O-War as he passed by the boatyard,
an elderly gentleman spoke to him saying,
"You see this piece of wood I am plac-
ing on the ground here? That will be the
keel for the boat I am going to build. I
want you to come by every week to see
how I am getting on." Mr. Thorndycraft
did exactly as the man asked and some-
time later did indeed witness the finished
boat; it had been built for a customer in
the bank. The boat was named Esperanto
and later became the William H. Albury
and the old man was Uncle Will. A bank
branch was also opened in White Sound
on Elbow Cay but lasted only a couple of
Mr. Barry Whiting arrived as Manager
of CIBC in 1966. Later he was transferred
back to Marsh Harbour after the death of
Ian Ward in the early 1980s. Mr. Whit-
ing had been employed by CIBC in Sas-
katchewan, Canada, and remembers being
told one day that he was being transferred
south. Thinking that meant southern Sas-
katchewan, he enquired the name of the
town only to be told, "No, you are be-
ing sent south to Abaco." Having no idea
where Abaco was, he asked its location
and was told that it is in the Bahamas.
He then visited the library to learn more
about Abaco. "All I could find were two
paragraphs stating that Owens Illinois was
there along with some farming and fish-
ing but no roads. All I could envision was
grass huts," he said.
On his arrival the currency was still in
sterling which was totally foreign to him.

He had just one day to learn how to calcu-
late in pounds, shillings and pence before
beginning work in the Marsh Harbour
branch. Later that year the currency con-
verted to dollars. He remembers the time-
consuming work of having to post all the
ledgers by hand and complete all the other
tasks with only an NCR adding machine
with a handle, a typewriter and a Munroe
mechanical calculator. There was no tele-
phone in the bank so calls had to be made
from Batelco. A notice would be placed
on the door of the bank saying, "Gone to
Batelco, back in 15 minutes." The bank
also opened on Saturday mornings in
those days from 8.30 a.m. to 12 noon and
the Haitians who worked at S&M farms
would be lined up outside the bank waiting
to buy bank drafts to send back to Haiti.
All the bank's money had to be sent into
head office in Nassau so wood boxes were
obtained from the lumber yard in which
all the money was placed and a wooden
lid nailed on. The box was then sent into
Nassau on the mail boat with no protec-
tion whatsoever. "There was no problem
with trusting people in those days," said
Mr. Whiting.

By the time Mr. Whiting arrived in
Marsh Harbour, the number of employ-
ees in the bank had risen from two to five
ranging in age from 15 to 20 years. "It
was the youngest staff I had ever worked
with and I was the old man," he said. Mr.
Whiting, who was originally sent here on
a two-year contract, was transferred be-
tween Marsh Harbour and Canada three
times before eventually being able to set-
tle here.
On October 14, 2002, Barclays Bank
PLC and the Canadian Imperial Bank of
Commerce merged to become First Ca-
ribbean International Bank and took over
the premises on Don MacKay Boulevard
which had previously been the home of
CIBC. Mrs. Iris Henschall, who was for-
merly with Barclays Bank, is now Man-
ager of the First Caribbean International
Bank and owns the distinction of being its
first Abaco-born manager. What a long
way the bank has come from those early
days of being a little one-room, one-coun-
ter establishment without the aid of any
of the electronic equipment which makes
the job so much easier for the dozens of
employees of the bank today.

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Page 20 A The Abaconian

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 13
stalled soon. The Comnmttee has received
a $1000 increase for garbage collection
and spoke about launching a beautifica-
tion campaign in Murphy Town, including
a Memorial Park for the forefather of the
The floor was opened to the public. De-
mands ranged from the removal of a wall
built too close to the highway, likely to
cause an accident, to the need for sidewalk
in the school area, to garbage collection for
Great Cistern, to addressing the litter prob-
lem in the community as well as the stray
dog issue. The well being of the local chil-
dren was addressed with one resident de-
manding the construction of a playground

o H

and another resident requested flashing
lights and speed signs in the high school
area, informing motorists of the speed limit
and demanded that it be enforced, perhaps
by a policeman on duty at the times chil-
dren walk to and from school.
Mr. Davis's answers to these demands
were all positive. He said that they will all
be taken care of but he requested the par-
ticipation of the community in addressing
some of them. He asked the ladies of Mur-
phy Town to help with a Christmas Tree
lighting and announced that a computer
center will soon be opened at the Burial
Society for students to use after school.
The meeting was followed with sand-
wiches and soft drinks, compliments of
Committee member, Mr. Rockling Bootle.

Consultant agency opens
By Mirella Santillo
Mrs. Cleola Pinder opened B&P Con-
sultant Agency on August 1st to offer a
service that she thought was much needed:
financial advise in a variety of fields from
planning for and opening a business, plan-
ning for retirement, to applying for a loan
or obtaining brokerage referrals for finan-
cial institutions.
spent many
years work-
ing in Scotia
Bank, she is
familiar with
all aspects
of handling
money from
saving it to
Mrs. Cleola Pinder investing it.
Should a person consults her about opening
a business, Mrs. Pinder will do a feasibility
study for her client, put together a pr opos-
al for business request and help him or her
gather information for a loan application.
B&P Consultant Agency provides financial

planning including retirement and last will
and testaments and offers training and job
placement for individuals.
B&P Consultant Agency is located in the
new addition of Abaco Shopping Centre
and is open for business between 10 a.m.
and 4 p.m.
Abaco is forming a
Diabetic Association
By Samantha V. Evans
Nurse Daniel Ekpa is responsible for ini-
tiating the forming of a branch of the Baha-
mas Diabetic Association on Abaco which
will be a forum for diabetics, their family,
friends and healthcare providers to express
how diabetes has impacted their lives and
to share their stories with others. A very
important meeting will be held on October
25th at 7 p.m. at the Marsh Harbour gov-
ernment clinic. At this meeting, pertinent
information on this disease will be shared
and the association formed. All persons
who have been touched by this illness in
anyway are invited to attend.

Please see Central Page 21

The Murphy Town Town Committee held an open Town Meeting on October 4 to report
the Committee's accomplishments and goals and allow the residents to express their
opinions and complaints. 5,/wi here is Ms. Elaine Martinborough, who reminded the
Committee that Bahama Coral Isle comes within the Murphy Town jurisdiction and must
receive all the benefits that other residents receive.




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October 15, 2007


October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 21 A

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 20

Wine Tasting at Tupp's
By Jennifer Hudson
Wine lovers and connoisseurs gathered
at Tupp's in the Wm. H. Building in Marsh
Harbour on September 28 to enjoy a va-
riety of wines presented by store owner,
Mrs. Brenda Mitchell. Wine tasting are
held here once a month when people can
browse the very large collection of wines
and enjoy experiencing some of the newer
wines. "It is hard to keep track of all the
new wines, but I try to introduce some each
month. It would be hard to find as large a
selection anywhere else in the Bahamas,"
stated Brenda, who is proud to admit that
she has between 100 and 120 different
kinds of wines in stock.
Wines showcased on this particular eve-

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ning were a Vendage Merlot and Night
Harvest Merlot, Chardonnay from Califor-
nia and wines from Pepperwood Grove and
the Underground Series from Australia.
Brenda was very informative about the dif-
ferent wines, giving some interesting facts
and explaining the qualities to look for in
each. She pointed out that the trend these
days is away from cork stoppers. Screw top
bottles are becoming very popular whereas
before they had been rather frowned upon.
The plastic stoppers which sometimes re-
place cork have been presenting problems;
during the journey from Australia and New
Zealand a lot of them have been popping
out, thus wasting a great deal of wine.
"I will continue these once monthly
wine tasting as tasting are important to let
customers know what is out there," stated

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Tupp's in Marsh Harbour holds wine-tasing evening events monthly to introduce new
wines to its clientele. Stin 11 here are Ms. Marlene Mason, Mrs. Brenda Mitchell, owner
of Tupp's, Mrs. Penny Turtle, Dr. Sue Fairclough, Mrs. Ginnie Sawyer, Mrs. Ximena
Thompson, Mr. John Neophytou and Mrs. Nettie Neophytou.


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I .1B


October 15, 2007

An update of the Baker's Bay Project

The Developer's Viewpoint
Discovery Land Company, the devel-
opers of the Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean
Club, remains committed to building a de-
velopment of the highest quality in The Ba-
hamas. The development at Great Guana
Cay continues to enjoy the support of two
successive governing administrations and,
as important, the unwavering support of
the Bahamian people. We are most proud
of and grateful for the staff and employees
at BBC who have been steady sources of
inspiration since we first visited the shores
of Abaco and in particular, Great Guana
Cay. They have worked extremely hard
and contributed mightily to the accom-
plishments thus far at Baker's Bay. They
deserve a public applaud for their many
Despite the many positive aspects of
the Baker's Bay project, a small number
of individuals and in particular the Save

Guana Cay Reef Association (SGCRA)
lobby, all likely funded by non-Bahamian
interests, have sought to derail the Baker's
Bay project. In the face of such opposi-
tion and at times "harassment," we have
remained committed to building the most
dynamic and environmentally responsible
project The Bahamas has ever seen. We
have and will continue to respect the land,
the people and as important, the process of
developing in The Bahamas. Records will
reflect that we obtained all project per-
mits and approvals following the rule of
law and through appropriate local and na-
tional agencies, including the Hope Town
District Council who is the appropriate lo-
cal authority. Through these permits and
approvals, the Baker's Bay marina is ap-
proximately 80 percent complete, the golf
course shaping and grading underway and
plans advancing for build-out of the ma-
rina village. Additionally, we are well un-

derway with the installation of utilities as
well as the 11 miles of roads planned for
Baker's Bay. These and other development
activities at Baker's represent in excess of
$100 million invested to date and affords
employment and entrepreneurial opportu-
nities for hundreds of Bahamian s.
The SGCRA has from the inception
distorted the facts surrounding the Heads
of Agreement with respect to the Crown
and Treasury lands. The current govern-
ing administration has granted two Crown
land leases, one Crown land license and
two Treasury land leases. The Crown land
lease and licenses total 105 acres, of which
approximately 90 acres is devoted to an
environmental preserve and a portion of
the marina. No Crown land was "given"
away. Of the two Treasury land leases, one
is a temporary construction lease and one
lease is for the permanent public facilities
that will not only serve the Baker's Bay
project but all the residents of Guana Cay.
As the development takes shape based
on agreed to plans and processes, more
and more Bahamians are realizing that the
Baker's project is an appropriately scaled
development project for Great Guana
Cay. The environmental preserve (66+

acres of Crown Land ) has been properly
delineated from the remainder of the de-
velopment acreage and is functioning ex-
actly as intended as a natural preserve
for the perpetual enjoyment of all. Joe's
Creek continues to thrive showing no signs
of degradation as a result of impacts from
the marina construction. The normal juve-
nile and nursery habitat functions of Joe's
Creek continue as before (as documented
by scientific collected information) and in
all likelihood, have been enhanced as a re-
sult of the increased habitat created by the
construction of the marina flushing chan-
Bahamians are encouraged to visit this
area (Joe's Creek) and determine the state
of the creek for themselves. Mangroves
removed from the property to create the
marina were primarily upland species of
mangroves, meaning that they were not the
kinds of mangroves that provided nursery
and juvenile fish habitats. Basically, these
mangroves existed in areas inland and away
from the shore and geologically speaking,
are in the process of creating more land

Please see Baker's Bay Page 23

A very substantial dock serves the Baker's Bay development. Although it is a heavy duty
dock, it is constructed to allow normal circulation of water. It will be for the use of every-
one on Great Guana Cay when construction is completed. However, at this time no road
connects Baker's Bay to the town.

SSomeFhing for


sandwiches B & V Plaza Don MacKay Blvd
andsaiads Tel: 367.2798 Fax: 367.5098

Page 22 A

The Abaconian

October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 23 A

Baker's Bay marina is 80 percent complete

Baker's Bay From Page 22
through the trapping of sand and materials
in their roots.
Our monitoring of important ecological
indicators in the nearshore marine habitats
continues to fall within natural ranges pres-
ent before start of development and con-
struction activities. This scientifically de-
rived information suggests that the Baker's
Bay development impacts are minimal and
well within natural and expected ranges.
Further, we have continued to refine our
golf course design. In addition to our cycli-
cal irrigation system with interior drainage,
environmentally friendly turf grasses and

natural coastal buffers, we plan to increase
the number of trees and forest to be left un-
disturbed which will afford increased pro-
tection for the offshore coral reefs. We are
confident that our controls will not result in
the destruction of these important reef sys-
tems. Ironically, our efforts to preserve the
reefs and maintain the ecological integrity
of the Great Guana Cay environment would
be significantly enhanced if the community
at Guana Cay could be convinced to cease
the use of cess pits and soak-aways, which
leech harmful waste products directly into
the soil and marine environment.
By its actions SGCRA is attempting
to deny economic opportunities available

through the Baker's Bay project to hun-
dreds of Bahamians. Their actions suggest
that they would prefer to selfishly reserve
Great Guana Cay for a few select Bahami-
ans and second-home residents. Through-
out the last two years we have consistently
invited the SGCRA to dialogue with the
Baker's Bay project only to have their si-
lence and continued litigations in response.

This is a back hoe constructing a breakwater to protect the entrance to the Baker's Bay
marina. r

However, our invitation for rationale dia-
logue remains open to the SGCRA.
Discovery Land Company remains com-
mitted to its development at Great Guana
Cay. We will continue to partner with gov-
ernment and the Bahamian people to bring
about a project that further establishes and
promotes The Bahamas as a spectacular
place to live and visit.

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Page 24 A The Abaconian

SGCRA is still working to stop Baker's Bay

Provided by Save Guana
Cay Reef Association
Citizens of Guana Cay continue fight to
respect local rights, save environment and
claim Crown Land and heritage
On September 29, 2007, the Freeport
Supreme Court ordered that Save Guana
Cay and Aubrey Clarke could issue a new
Judicial Review case to sue the government
and Hope Town District Council, the local
government district for Guana Cay, and the
Baker's Bay developers. This is the second
Judicial Review case launched against the
government and developers. It is the first
against the Hope Town District Council.
Save Guana Cay is an association of Ba-
hamians and foreign residents dedicated to
preserving their unique heritage and culture,
the land and marine environment, promot-
ing respect for locals to be responsible for
their island and saving Crown Land for fu-
ture generations of Bahamians.
Guana Cay is internationally recognized
as a unique marine and land environment
and boasts one of the most picturesque and
pristine traditional old Bahamian communi-
ties on Abaco.
Despite this, in February 2005 the PLP
Cabinet, under the direction of PM Perry
Christie, and after years of secret planning
and negotiations with developers and fol-
lowing its now disgraced Anchor Project
policy, dictatorially and without consulta-
tion with the residents of Guana Cay, signed
a Heads of Agreement with Baker's Bay, a

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out of town

foreign real estate developer, to allow a tax
free $500,000,000 hotel, residential, golfing
and the largest marina project in the Baha-
Since then the residents of Guana Cay
mounted and continue to fight for their
rights. They believe that the golf course will
destroy the rich marine reef life.
The exclusively affluent and foreign gat-
ed residential community will destroy one
of the few remaining forests, containing a
fabulous variety of flora and fauna, in the
Northern Bahamas.
The marina dredging and silting will de-
stroy Joe's Creek and the hundreds of an-
cient mangroves which protect against hur-
ricane storm surges and are the nurseries for
the marine life on which the fisherman on
the island depend.
Their traditional crabbing and hunting
grounds have been lost, as the former PM
Perry Christie agreed to give it to the devel-
opers for $1 per acre or some other secret
amount. Despite election promises to the
contrary, the FNM, according to the de-
velopers, has issued the Crown Land Deed
to the developers of the last remaining 179
acres of Crown (public) Land left on the is-
land. There will be no room for the local
community to grow in the future. The 150
Bahamians will be surrounded by over 700
Perversely.... the developers, who only
paid $1 per acre, have now offered to sell
1/3 of an acre of our Bahamian Crown Land



Tel: 367-0400

Located in the
Abaco Shopping Center, Marsh Harbour
eMail: info @

back to Bahamian citizens for $50,000 or
$150,000 per acre, thereby making a swift
profit of 149,999 percent. What were the
PLP and what are FNM Cabinet ministers
The development will be completely out
of scale with the small island community,
dwarfing it in size. The construction of the
development is expected to take 10 years
and will require hundreds of transient for-
eign laborers. The social, economic and en-
vironmental life of this old Bahamian com-
munity is being destroyed. The local citizens

are becoming foreigners in their own land.
In Save Guana Cay Case number 1, the
Association obtained an injunction (after
several appeals in the courts in the Bahamas)
from the Privy Council in London, stopping
the development until the trial. In October
2006 at the trial, acting Justice Carroll in
the Supreme Court ruled that the Heads of
Agreement was valid and allowed the de-
velopment to continue. Save Guana Cay ap-

Please see Save Guana Page 25

The Save Guana Cay Reef Association is a group of Guana Cay residents and second
homeowners who are ,damu,,ilyv against the Baker's Bay development. The group has
been given permission to sue the developers, the government and the Hope Town District
Council. Si/wi' here is their lawyer, Mr. Fred Smith, right, in his Freeport office, with
Mr. Anthony Roberts and Mr. Troy Albury. The group feels that irreparable damage will
be done to the environment by the development.


Ph. 366-0024 Fax. 366-0614

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October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 25 A

New case hopes to halt development

Guana Cay From Page 24

pealed and is waiting for a Court of Appeal
At the Court of Appeal hearing the gov-
ernment and developers argued that even if
the Heads of Agreement was invalid they
had received all necessary permits from
the necessary government departments and
were therefore not relying upon the Heads
of Agreement as authority to proceed.
In their pre-election promises, the FNM
party promised freedom of information,
promotion of local rights and preservation
of Crown Land for Bahamians. Since the
FNM became the government, Save Guana
Cay has repeatedly asked the FNM to make
full disclosure of all of the permits.
Despite its promises the FNM has failed
and refused to give any information and
Baker's Bay claims that the FNM govern-
ment has given 150 acres of Crown Land to
the developers.
The citizens of Guana Cay, trusting the
FNM, are appalled by the FNM's betrayal,
even though 90 percent voted for the FNM
in the general elections.
Now, after pressure from the Court of
Appeal, the developers, two years later,
have provided copies of the permits they say
were necessary to proceed with the develop-
ment. For two years, the PLP and the FNM

have kept the details of this development se-
cret from their own Bahamian citizens, pre-
ferring instead to conspire illegally with the
foreign developers and permitting the rape
and destruction of the environment, as they
have done in Bimini and elsewhere.
Save Guana Cay case number 2 challeng-
es all of these so called "permits."
The defendants in this action are The
Queen, the Director of Physical Planning,
The Prime Minister, the Town Planning
Committee, the Minister of Maritime Af-
fairs and Labour, the Minister of Public
Works and Transport, the Commissioner of
Police, the Water and Sewerage Corpora-
tion, the Hope Town District Council, the
Attorney General, and the developers, Pas-
serine at Abaco Limited, Passerine at Abaco
Holdings Limited, Baker's Bay Limited,
Baker's Bay HOA Limited, Baker's Bay
Marina Limited, and Baker's Bay Founda-
tion Limited.
Save Guana Cay claims that the defen-
dants did not have lawful authority to give
the permits; that, contrary to law, the citi-
zens of Guana Cay were not consulted; and
that in any event granting the permits was
irrational and contrary to the Constitution
because they discriminate against Bahami-
ans and residents who have to pay customs
duties while the developers and their buyers
invest and own tax free.

Save Guana Cay also claims that Crown
and Treasury Land is only for public pur-
poses and for Bahamians. It is not supposed
to be given away to foreign developers for
their profit tax free.
No agreement under the Hotels Encour-
agement Act was given by way of disclo-
sure; so the citizens of Guana Cay ask this
FNM government to make full disclosure
and tell the public on what lawful basis Cus-
toms is allowing Baker's Bay to import ma-
terials customs duty-free?
The Association continues to ask for dis-
covery and will shortly be seeking another
injunction. We will go to the Privy Coun-
cil again if necessary. The English seem to
have a little more respect for local and envi-
ronmental rights than our own country.
Baker's Bay is continuing to desecrate,
destroy and ruin the environment. See the
photos exhibited with the court papers.
The citizens of Guana Cay will continue
to fight for their rights as against the PLP,
the FNM, and these destructive foreign de-
velopers who have taken away their envi-
ronment, heritage and quaint, picturesque
Family Island.
Troy Albury is the president of Save
Guana Cay, and copies of the action and his
affidavit are attached as well as a copy of the
Court order.
This war will continue and the citizens of

Guana Cay need funding to continue to fight
for their rights. We invite the public to visit
our website, contribute to our cause finan-
cially, and to give support by letters to the
Editors, press statements, telephone calls to
the FNM members of parliament and in any
other way possible.
This is not just about Guana Cay! This is
a fight for the future of the Bahamas! What
is happening in Guana Cay is one of the
more abusive examples of what is happen-
ing all over the Bahamas.
Save Guana Cay is a member of Save
The Bahamas and supports all those other
freedom and environmental fighters in Nas-
sau, San Salvador, Bimini, Harbour Island,
Mayaguana, Rum Cay, Exuma and else-
where in the Bahamas, the Caribbean and
the rest of the world, fighting to protect their
homes, cultures and environments from ig-
norant and blind politicians and rapacious
and destructive developers. The politicians
care for nothing more than to win political
brownie points by announcing some devel-
opment and the developers to make a fast
Please help us to protect our children's
heritage and the future of the Bahamas!
Troy Albury, Aubrey Clarke
Anthony Roberts
Frederick R. M. Smith
Counsel to SGCRA

Compliments of The Moorings and

WThe Conch Inn Hotel and Marina

Average Tides
Mean Range 2 6 ft
MHWS 31 ft
Mean Tide 1 4ft

Tides:Pelican Harbor
based on Hampton Roads (Sewells Point), Virginia (NOAA)
26 23N 76 58W
November 2007

Monthly High & Low
High November 24, 7 25a 3 6 ft
Low November 25. 1 47a -0 4 ft

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6 6 n 6
fI (EST) Cl2(EST) 3(EST)
odtbc^^lue ^ ^Cruise the Abaco Sound in -
^ *one of our new p awer boats -
I 34 ft. mono- lull or
POW ER ACH T VACATIONS 37 or45 ft Catam aran -0 :.:.. . . ...... .....: :. : ....... ...... .............
1245a 647a 1 19p 7 53p 1 54a 7 57a 2 24p 8 53p 3 01a 9 07a 3 26p 9 47p
25 04 29 05 24 05 28 05 25 06 27 05
ft4(EST) 5(EST) 6(EST) 7(EST) 8(EST) 9(EST) I1O(EST)

402a 1011a 421p 1035p 4 54a 11 07a 5210p 11018p 5 39a 11056a 5 53p11 57p 6 20a 12040p 6 33p 1233a 6 57a 1 20p 710p 1 09a 7 33a 1 59p 7 47p 1 44a 8 08a 2 37p 8 23p
26 06 26 04 28 05 26 04 29 04 26 03 30 04 26 03 31 04 26 03 31 04 26 03 31 04 25
fl l(EST) 12(EST) 13(EST) 14(EST) 1 5(EST) 16(EST) 17(EST)
3 0

218a 843a 3014p 8 59p 2 54a 918a 3 52p 9 37p 3 30a 9 54a 431p 1016p 4 09a 1034a 5 13p 10 590 4 53a 1118a 5 58p11 49p 5 45a 1207p 6 47p 12245a 645a 1 03p 7 39p
03 31___04 25 04 30 05 24 04 30 06 23 05 29 06 23 06 29 06 23 06 28 06 23 06 27 05
f 1 8(EST) 19(EST) 20(EST) 21(EST) 22(EST) 23(EST) 24(EST)

1 45a 7 53a 2 04p 8 33p 2 47a 9 02a 3 06p 9 26p 3 47a 10 09a 4 07p 10 19p 4 44a 1111a 505p 11 122 5 39a 1209p 601p 12 04a 6 33a 1 04p 6 55p 1255a 7 25a 1 58p 7 48p
24 06 27 04 26 05 26 02 29 03 26 00 31 01 27 -01 33 -01 27 -03 35 -02 27 -04 36 -03 27
fi25(EST) 26(EST) 27(EST) 28(EST) 29(EST) 30(EST)
.. ..... --. .. .. ..

1 47a 818a 2 50p 8 40p 2 40a 910a 3 43p 9 33p 3 33a 1003a 4 36p 1028p 4 28a 10 57a 5 29p11 24O 5 26a 1151a 6 23p 12 23a 6 27a 12 47p 716p
-04 36 -03 27 -04 35 -02 26 -03 33 -01 25 -01 31 ___ 00 24 00 29 01 24 02 26 02 ___________
Printed by Tides & Currents for Windows by Nobeltec Corporation (503) 579-1414 www tides com

The Conch Inn Marina
* Full service docks with power
* Cable TV connections
* Texaco fuel station

The Moorings Yacht Charters
* The Best Sailing Vacations In The World!
* Prestige Class crewed yacht charter
* Sailing Sloops and cats 35 ft. 47 ft.
* Power catamarans 37 ft.

The Conch Inn Resort
* Hotel rooms on the harbour front
* Curly Tails restaurant and bar
on the waterfront See their ad
* Dive Abaco a complete dive facility

The Conch Inn Resort and
PO Box AB20469, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Ph 242-367-4000 Fax 367-4004

Come and experience the beauty of the Bahamas. We are waiting for you.

Page 26 A The Abaconian

Viewpoint From Page 8

and to make it in the business world around
A society is judged by how they treat
the persons who are normally left behind
and Abaco is proving to do a good job of
remembering that these kids are a part of
the community and deserve all the chances
anyone else has. Children with physical or
mental disabilities are some of the most
delightful to be around and can light up a
room with their innocence and perception
of the world around them. If given a fair
chance at an education designed for their
capabilities, they can be very productive
members of society and not only hold their
own but live on their own, making their
own money and functioning daily.

Restaurants that are closed
Marsh Harbour
Jib Room closed August 1 to
Mangoes closed October 1 to
November 5
Hope Town
Harbour's Edge closed August 18 to

Secure warehouse
Cargo pick up service in
U.S. & Canada
Online booking
and tracking at
TropAir next business
day air cargo service
Marine Insurance
Helpful customer service


October 15, 2007

It is great that so many people give so
much to ensure that the school remains
open. However, what ECC really needs
is more volunteers. Because of their lim-
ited funds, they cannot hire a full team of
teachers and need the community to not
only give of their financial resources, but
their time as well. One can take an hour a
week or an hour a day, depending on your
schedule to help out in some function on
campus or with off-campus activities.
Mrs. Major and her staff would gladly
accept the help, no matter how small it
may be, to give their students a chance at
a better life. So continue giving money to
ECC, they definitely need it to keep their
doors open. But also give of your time.
That hour you take may make all the dif-
ference in a child's life in ensuring them a
better future.

Wall of Heroes

Schedule Change
The Marsh Harbour Sporting Asso-
ciation regrets the postponement of the
second annual induction ceremony to
the Wall of Heroes due to a death in
the community. It has been rescheduled
for October 20 at 4 p.m.

Police reserve donates to CAP

On Monday morning Police Reserve Sgt. Denvill Newbold donated several books and
school supplies to Central Abaco Primary School. Accepting the books that consisted of
books, rulers, pencils, and erasers was grade 4 teacher, Mrs. Phillips along with other
teachers, Principal Eunice Mills and Vice Principal Beatrice Moxey.

Quality Computers, Networks & Designe

Laptops &

Providing Cost Effective
Service and Maintenance
Contracts to Ensure the
Health and Stability of
the Technology the Runs
Your Business.

ITS is a Computer and Networking
Services Company offering qualified
professional services to business and
home computer users.

ITS custom builds computers using
quality components designed to suit
your specific needs. We also carry
Acer Laptops and Desktops which
offer good quality at affordable

ITS also offers professional graphic
design and web design services.

Ph: (242) 367-3017 Fax: (242) 367-3024

Hotels and House Rental Agents
+ agents with multiple cottages and houses

Area Code 242 unless listed otherwise
Island-wide Abaco Listii
Abaco Vacations + 800-633-9
Bahamas Vacations + 800-462-:
Abaco Bound + 242-367-5
Casuarina Point
Different of Abaco 8 rm 20 cott
Lee Pinder + 3 hse
Marina Albury Cottages 5 cottages
Grand Cay
Rosie's Place
Green Turtle Cay
Cocobay Cottages 6 cott
Island Properties + 34 hse
New Plymouth Inn 9 rm
Ocean Blue Properties + 30
Roberts Cottages 3 cott
Guana Cay

Dive Guana
Dolphin Bch Resort
Donna Sands +
Guana Beach Resor
Guana Seaside
Harbour View Havei
Ocean Frontier
Sea Shore Villas
Ward's Landing

Abaco Inn
Club Soleil
Crystal Villas
Elbow Cay Prop +
Hope T Harb Lodge
Hope T Hideaways
Hope T Villas +
Lighthouse Rentals
Sea Gull Cottages +-
Sea Spray Resort
Tanny Key +
Turtle Hill


Lubbers Quarters
Sea Level Cottages 4 hse


11LO Island Home Rentals + 8 hse 365-6048
5576 Schooner's Landing 5 condos 365-6072
Marsh Harbour area
366-2150 Abaco Beach Resort 82 rms 367-2158
Abaco Real Estate + 6 hse 367-2719
366-2053 Alesia's 3 rms 367-4460
366-2075 Ambassador Inn 6 rms 367-2022
Bustick Bight Resort 8 rms 367-3980
352-5458 Conch Inn 9 rms 367-4000
D's Guest House 6 rms 3 367-3980
365-5464 Great Abaco Club + 12 hse 367-4151
365-4047 Island Breezes Motel 8 rms 367-3776
365-4161 Lofty Fig Villas 6 eff 367-2681
365-4636 Pelican Beach Villas 6 cott 367-3600
365-4105 Regattas (Prev. Abaco Towns) 32 effic 367-0148

II hse 365-5178
4 rm l0 cott.365-5137
12 hse 365-5195
6 units 365-5133
8 rm 7 cott 365-5106

4 units 904-982-2762
Hope Town
22 rm 366-0133
6 rm I cott 366-0003
7 villas 888-812-2243
53 hse 366-0035
25 rm 366 0095
+ 63 hse 366-0224
3 hse 366-0030
4 cott 366-0154
3 hse 366-0266
5 villas 366-0065
43 hse 366-0053
4 villas 366-0557

Moore's Island
Moore's Is Bonefish Camp 8 rm
Sandy Point


Oeisha's Resort 366-4139
Pete & Gay's Resort 14 rm 366-4119
Rickmon's Bonefishing 10 rm 366-4477
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Resort 18 rm 6 hse 365-0083
Treasure Cay

Bahama Beach Club
Island Dreams +
Treasure Cay Resort

45 hse
95 rms
Wood Cay


Tangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222
Web Sites with Abaco Information
Rev. Sep 07

For Bookings call
561-881 -3964
Outside of Florida in U.S. dial toll free
Marsh Harbour
Crockett Drive, Port Connector
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
242-367-0225 / Fax: 242-367-0226
Providing the most reliable and complete service in
The Bahamas andCaribbean for over 40 years,
including FCL, LCL, refrigeration, consolidation and
project cargo services.
Also serving Nassau, Freeport, Exuma and
Long Island
a,/#, W l -w q ..C' -^ ='q. ,

Sailing from

The Port of Palm Beach

to Marsh Harbour



For all your small package shipping (LCL)




( CTS)

Emergency Services
Police Marsh Harbour 367-2560
The following services are provided by volunteers
Fire Marsh Harbour 367-2000
Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935
Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch 16
Fire Green Turtle Cay 365-4133
Fire Man-0-War 365-6911
BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16
Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbour 367-3752
GuanaCay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749

Medical Services
Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour...367-2295
Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic .............367-0020
Marsh Harbour Medical Centre..............367-0049
Government Clinic Marsh Harbour .........367-2510
Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay .................365-8288
Government Clinic Cooper's Town ........365-0300
Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay .....365-4028
Government Clinic Hope Town .............366-0108
Government Clinic Sandy Point .............366-4010
Government Clinic Fox Town ................................

Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers
Plus extra for each passengers above two
Between Marsh Harbour Airport and
Ferry Dock or Murphy Town to Ammons Dr $12 + $3
Bristol Cellers thru A Beach Hotel or Gov't dock thru
Dundas Town $10+$3
Dove Plaza, Stop Light or Sawyer's Market $10 + $2
Gov't Clinic thru Western Auto $ 6 + $2
Gov freight dock through Dundas Town $10 + $3
Murphy Town to Shell Sta $14 + $4
Pelican Shores to Frankie Russel house $14 + $4
Eastern Shores to Peas & Rice house $14 + $4
Beyond Russell house or Peas & Rice house $16 + $5
Great Cistern $20 + $5
Spring City $15+$5
Snake Cay $35+$10
Treasure Cay $60+$ 10
Casuarina Point $60 + $10
Treasure Cay Airport or Bah Palm Shores $70 + $10
Little Harbour or Cherokee $80+$10
Crossing Rocks $100+ $10
Sandy Point $135+ $10
Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and:
Ab Beach Hotel thru Wally's & Eastern Shore $ 2 each
Jib Room $ 3 each
Solomon's Super Center $5 + $3
Stop Light, Dove Plaza, Gov't dock $ 6 + $3
Government Freight Dock $ 7 + $3
Gov Clinic, W Auto or Nat Insurance $ 9 + $3
Mother Merle restaurant $10 + $3
Waiting time $20 per hour, $10 per half hour
Children under three- free Caged pets- as people
Luggage $1.00 each over four, Surf boards $4.00 ea.
Between Treasure Cay Airport and: Effective 13 Nov 05
Treasure Cay Resort $20 + $5
Madeira Park $14 + $4
Green Turtle Cay ferry dock $8 + $4
Moxy $18+$5
Bahamas Star farm $24 + $5
Sand Banks $24 + $5
Joe's Creek, Leisure Lee $44+ $10
Black Wood $18+$5
Fire Road & Cooper's Town $37 + $5
Cedar Harbour $55 + $5
Wood Cay $60 + $5
Mount Hope $65 + $5
Fox Town $70 + $5
Crown Haven $75 + $5
Marsh HarbourAirport $75 + $10
T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour $65 + $10
T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24) $18 + $5
T C Hotel to Bonefish Marles $22 + $5
T C Hotel to Joe's Creek $35 + $5
T C Hotel to Moxey $16 + $5
T C Hotel to Banyan Bch Club XX $6 + $3
Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport $75 +

Airlines Serving Abaco
Abaco Air Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is 367-2266
American Eagle Miami 367-2231
Bahamasair Nassau,W Palm B, Ft Laud 367-2095
Chaulks -Ft Lauderdale 954-359-0329
Continental Connection Miami
Ft Laud and W Palm Beach 367-3415
Island Express Ft Lauderdale 367-0169
Southern Air Nassau 367-2498
Twin Air Calypso Fort Lauderdale 367-0140
Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna B 367-4852
Yellow Air Taxi Ft Lauderdale 954-359-0292
Local air charters serving Bahamas & S.Florida
Abaco Air 367-2266
Cherokee Air Charters 367-3450

Dive Shops
Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harbour.... .............. 367-2963
Above & Below, Marsh Harbour..... .......................... 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour................................. 367-2787
Froggies, Hope Tow n......................................................... 366-0431
Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay.......................................... 365-8571
Brendal's Dive, Green T. Cay................................. ....... 365-4411
Dive Guana........................ .......................... ........... 365-5178
Man-0-W ar Dive Shop ........ ....................... .............. 365-6013

Items of interest Man-0-War boat yards Blackwood
blue hole & sisal mill Cedar Harbour plantation ruins need
guide Hole in Wall lighthouse last mire very rough road *
Abaco wild horses by appointment 367-4805 Bird watching ask
tourism 367-3067

Compliments of The Abaconian

Area code 242 unless noted otherwise

Ferry Schedules Departure times shown Daily service unless noted
Marsh Harbour to Hope Town or Man-0-War 20 minutes from Crossing Beach
Marsh Harbour to Guana Cay 40 minutes
Abaco Ferry Service VHF Ch 16 MH/HT One way $15 / RT $20 Children 6- 12 half fare,
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:00am* 8:50 10:20 12: pm 1:55 3:55* 5:40
(Limited Sunday Schedule) Return 7:55 am 9:30 II 12:30pm* 2:55 5 6:15
Marsh Harbour > White Sound 7am 12pm 3:15 Return 7:40 1:10 4:25
to or from White Sound
Albury's Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:15 am 9 10:30 12:15 pm 2 4 5:45
Return 8 am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm 3 4 5 6:30
Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 10:30 am 12:15 pm 4 5:45*
Return 8 am 11:30 1:30 pm 4:30
Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) from Conch Inn Not on Sundays
(6:45am Union Jack Dock) 10:30 1:30 pm 3:30
Return 8 am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45
Same day fare Adult prepaid oneway $16 / Round Trip $22, * Kids 6-11 half, Under 6 free
Green Turtle Ferry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16 Ten minute ride
Green T Cay to Treasure Cay Airport 8 am 9 II 12:15 1:30 3 4:30
T Cay Airport to Green T Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5
New Plymouth one way adult $10 (Children $7) Round trip $15 Extra to some G T Cay docks
Abaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16
Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT
T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT
T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25, call for time

Pinder's Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama -
Crown Haven, Abaco to McLean's Town, Grand Bah. -Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm
McLean's Town to Crown Haven return Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm
Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information
Bus between Freeport and McLean's Town Rental automobiles at both terminals.

Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119
or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucks
Enovahs Bus Service Hourly bus through Murphy Town, Dundas Town & Marsh Harbour to Ferry
dock. Spring City early morning & late afternoon.
The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165
Lv Marsh H. 5 am & 12:30 pm, connect with ferry to Grand Bahama & bus to Freeport
Lv Crown Haven 9:30 am & 5:30 pm bringing ferry passengers to Marsh Harbour

Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone
Walker's Cay
W alker's Cay -................................. Closed
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House ...............45....... F...... 365-4200
Green Turtle Club .....32....... F......365-4271
Black Sound Marina...15................365-4531
Other Shore Club.......12....... F......365-4195
Abaco Yacht Service.. 10....... F......365-4033
Treasure Cay
Treasure Cay Marina150 ...... F......365-8250
Man-O-War Marina ...26....... F...... 365-6008
Marsh Harbour
Boat Harbour Marina 183....... F...... 367-2736
Conch Inn.............75....... F .....367-4000
Harbour View Marina .36.......F .....367-2182
Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700
Hope Town
Hope Town Marina.....16..............366-0003
Hope Town Hideaways................366-0224
Lighthouse Marina .......6....... F......366-0154
Sea Spray ..................50....... F...... 366-0065
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Marina...75....... F ......365-0083
Guana Cay
Orchid Bay .................32....... F......365-5175
Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay,
Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour

Tours & Excursions
Abaco Island Tours Marsh Harbour 367-2936
Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787
Brendals Dive Green Turtle Cay 365-4411
Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0024
Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0431

Points of Interest
Albert Lowe Museum .................................... Green Turtle Cay
Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibits.......Green Turtle Cay
Memorial Sculpture Garden...................... Green Turtle Cay
Wyannie Malone Historical Museum..................... Hope Town
Elbow Cay Light Station................................. ....... Hope Town
Walk to & swim on Mermaid Reef off M Harb. Pelican Shore
Drive to & swim in Blue Hole off Treasure Cay farm road
Art studio & working foundry- Little Harbour
Pocket beaches Crossing Beach in Marsh Harbour
* Witches Point 3 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
* Little Harbour 20 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
* Cherokee 23 miles S of Marsh Harbour
Miles of beach are generally on ocean exposures
* Treasure Cay Green Turtle Cay
* Guana Cay Man-0-War Cay Elbow Cay Casuarina Point *
Bahama Palm Shore Sandy Point & more

Bonefish Guides Cherokee
Sandy Point Theodore Sawyer ...366-2111
Patrick Roberts .. 366-4286 Will Sawyer............. 366-2177
Nicholas Roberts Marty Sawyer.......... 366-2115
Derrick Gaitor Noel Lowe ...............366-2107
Ferdinand Burrows 366-4133 Randy Sawyer.........366-2284

Vernal Burrows
Kendall White
Anthony Bain ......366-4107
Floyd Burrows .... 366-4175
Links Adderly .....366-4335
Valentino Lightbourne
Ricky Burrows .... 366-4233
Marsh Harbour
Jody Albury......... 375-8068
Terrance Davis.... 367-4464
Buddy Pinder ......366-2163
Justin Sands ......367-3526
Danny Sawyer.....367-3577
Jay Sawyer ........367-3941
David Albury .......365-6059
Crossing Rocks
Tony Russell .......366-3259

Casaurina Point
Junior Albury ...........366-3058
Budy Pinder.............366-2165
Hope Town
Maitland Lowe ........366-0234
North Abaco
O'Donald Mclntosh..477-5037
Pope McKenzie .......477-5894
Orthnell Russell ......365-0125
Alexander Rolle.......365-0120
Edward Rolle ..........365-0024
Green Turtle Cay
Ronnie Sawyer .......365-4070
Jeff Survance ..........365-4040
Ricky Sawyer ..........365-4261

To Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise
Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale or CloudX ferry (866-473-3779) from
West Palm Beach to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town Ferry to Crown Haven *
Bus to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh Harbour *Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock
* Ferry to Hope Town, Man-0-War or Guana Cay Its an adventure

reads The
A hirrnniin

- I I 1j~tt'C.JI i'lI

Bikes & Scooters Boats Cars & Carts
Rentals Marsh Harbour
A & P Car Rentals ........................... 367-2655
B & B Boat Rentals......................... 367-7368
Bargain Car Rentals........................ 367-0500
Blue Wave Boat Rentals .................367-3910
Concept Boat Rentals................. 367-5570
Power Cat Boat Rentals ...................................
Quality Star Car Rentals (Texaco)..... 367-2979
Rainbow Boat Rentals ...................367-4602
Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars 367-4643
Rich's Boat Rentals ........................ 367-2742
Sea Horse Boat Rentals .................367-2513
Sea Star Car Rentals ..................... 367-4887
Green Turtle Cay
Bay Street Rentals + ........477-5300 365-4070
Brendals Dive Bikes & Kayak rental .. 365-4411
C & D Cart Rental ........................... 365-4084
D & P Cart Rental ........................... 365-4655
Donnie's Boat Rentals ..................... 365-4119
New Plymouth Cart Rentals..365-4188 or 4149
Reef Boat Rentals .......................... 365-4145
Sea Side Carts +............................. 477-5497
T & A Cart Rentals.......................... 375-8055
Guana Cay
Donna Sands Cart Rentals ............ 365-5195
Dive Guana Boats & Bikes...............365-5178
Conch Pearl Boat Rentals................365-6502
Island Treasures Cart Rentals........... 365-6072
Ria-Mar Golf Cart Rentals................365-6024
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Restaurant Guide
Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper
(Based on dinner entree range)
+ Picnic tables & restroom only t Provides ride from town
Marsh Harbour
Anglers...........................$$$ ........... 367-2158
Curly Tails .....................$$$ .............367-4444
G ino's .................................$ ............ 367-2002
Golden Grouper ..............$.............367-2301
Hummingbird....................$$ ............ 367-2922
Jamie's Place.....................$ ............ 367-2880
Jib Room .........................$$ ..........$$ ...367-2700
Kentucky Fried Chicken.............. 367-2615
Mangoes ...........$$$ .............367-2366
Pop's Place........................$ ..... +.....367-3796
Sapodilly's ..........$$$ .............367-3498
Sea Shells .........................$ ........... .. 367-4460
Snack Shack .......... $ .....+ ....367-4005
Snappas............................ $ ............. 367-2278
Subway .................... .................... 367-2798
Wallys ........................... $$$ .............367-2074
Dundas Town
Mother Merle's .................$$

Hope Town
Abaco Inn ..........$$$ .............366-0133
Cap'n Jacks .......................$ .............366-0247
Harbour's Edge............... $$ .............366-0087
H T Harbour Lodge .......$$$.............366-0095
M unchies .............. ..... ....$ ..... +.....366-0423
Sea Spray ......................$$ .....t .....366-0065
Hibiscus ............................... 365-6380
Island Treats Snack Bar.....................365-6501
Guana Cay
Blue W ater Grill..............$$$ .............365-5230
Grabbers ...........$$$ .............365-5133
Guana Seaside .............$$$ .............365-5106
Nippers ............$$$ ............365-5143
Orchid Bay ..................... 265-5175
Treasure Cay
Florence's Cafe .................$
Coconuts ... ..................
Harbour Cafe ....................$ .............365-8635
Hudson's Delight ...............$ ............365-8648
Spinnaker Restaurant ...$$$ .............365-8469
Touch of Class .............$$$ .............365-8195
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House ....................$$$ ............ 365-4200
Jolly Roger Bistro.............$$ .............365-4200
Green Turtle Club .........$$$ .............365-4271
Harvey's Island Grill .........$$ .............365-4389
Laura's Kitchen ...............$$.............365-4287
McIntosh's Restaurant ....$$ .............365-4625
Plymouth Rock Cafe ..........................365-4234
Rooster's Rest ................$$ ....... ....365-4066
Sundowners ..................................... 365-4060
Wrecking Tree Restaurant
Harbour Caf6 (ferry dock) ..$....+.....365-8635
Sandy I HCafe Open Nights Only
Nancy's ... ...................
Pete & Gays .................$$$ ............366-4119
Rickmon Bonefish Lodge...................366-4477

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October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 27 A

Visitors' Guide
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Page 28 A The Abaconian

"= *="' = =; ""if: "=' ; =':='i='''........... ......

^ f~^sw:: your
.in ^& isi ...........A
A -mio 1

When it comes to
Auto Insurance,
remember the
smart choice is
Insurance Management.
Smart people
you can trust.

..jiii S^ ^ kl'I n .. .^1k ^^^^^^ft x: ...




October 15, 2007



H I c~ ~

VOLUME 14, NUMBER 20, OCTOBER 15th, 2007

Abaco hosted open water swim race

40 swimmers participated despite choppy water

D ii /l,/cIIl ~SiI~'', /I i 'F/i il/ I(' I, I'Uw, b'Ict/i' 1 .S B'oi' Ii 'Lit HoUA it

Dinner benefited ECC

By Julian Lockhart
Every Child Counts needed to raise
$25,000 during a dinner at The Abaco
Club at Winding Bay to raise funds for
the school on September 29 so the num-
ber could be matched by the Florida Cares
Foundation. With the support of a gener-
ous community and business sector, ECC
more than reached their quota that night
and have already seen the amount matched
by the Florida Cares Foundation to fund
the school for the upcoming year. ECC
sold 100 tickets at $100 a ticket for the
dinner and supporters were greeted with a
feast to behold, great music and fellowship
amongst friends at the five-star resort man-

By Julian Lockhart
Olympian Jeremy Knowles once again
conquered the Sea of Abaco as he easily
won his fourth Swift/Abaco Tourist Of-
fice Open Water Swim on October 5. Mr.
Knowles is the top Bahamian swimmer. He
showed why as he was able to overcome
the conditions off the Crossing Beach in
Marsh Harbour to finish the three-mile
race in 1:02.42 despite the strong current,
rough waters and choppy waves. Because
of the conditions Mr. Knowles was not able
to better his best time of last year when he
finished in 58 minutes.
The swim was moved from the Abaco
Beach Club to Crossing Beach; and instead
of one straight swim, it was three triangu-
lar laps of a mile each. Some swimmers did
the entire three miles, whilst others were a
part of a three-person relay team.
Mr. Knowles said, "Really, it is just
great to be home for the weekend. I really
enjoy coming here every year and doing
this and being able to see everybody. I en-
joyed the shorter course doing three times

Please see Swim Race Page 2

Customs held successful auction

aged by the Ritz Carlton.
The school caters to mentally and physi-
cally challenged children as well as children
who have learning disabilities. Mrs. Lyn Ma-
jor, ECC administrator, said ,"I was thrilled
with the turnout at the dinner. We sold all
of the tickets and we had some students who
came to help with the dinner. The support
from the community was overwhelming and
heart warming. I knew the tickets were sell-
ing well, but I was pleasantly surprised at
the turnout that night. I think it shows that
the local community has really taken up our
cause to keep the school going and the chil-

Please see Dinner Page 5

Country Western concert

entertained crowd

TIn' ILIt'iirith cli a ci t i /Ui /cl i. ilt'I. ,iI' c'I i U i' .f /'it ,, rii iUc/iilhicl' 29 li l/ i ,
Bc ,l It R ,r.iU Ti r ll' U !,,Pdl i. /Ul, ''i ,ri, III .i / '. ll SI'I /11'I' \ ll \ li r u .il l (i '. 117J / (I'.
Ii', ,Id Di'i\ Io i Rciiti. Sir-L\ i BI'. Red..-l/dc. R,\. D, I,. lnd C t ,ii, Sc *.i,

BI Jcw t, 'ic, H t'.-,,,i
F ill dis .e iilli pdtienc e dete ililla-
1tll Illd plemll ,rt .uiiiii. lldcthe it '.jill
j.btllldjlik. t b0jil0ill' (li be. li.d l tilche
Cl(i'[IliS DepJa(miell(' Jlk-u (ll il (C-). oibe'l
4di ( Oi-_ iiimajll .lcdulced tler O(,.ltibeil 4di
Jlld 51ll. 1 '\.e l \ lllll'l \d n.,lllpletel.\ *,' Id
01L Oill the il[ ', l dl\
.A hI ,'- .el d ,t people to il'ed it
1uIl 111 the bliziinL' .llun t bid Olln the tIemll
the'\ \'. lllcd hIlle' t1 \\ pe,,ple -.. llltl
-Ilr1 ls ,[ ,see I\ idtll I I t J 1ll b, lt a lld e'\-
pc'llelk. (hI'e '\I.1('111'1 o[l [ Ile' ll
A It[ ,ot illtei'. "J. puLbli'hled ti, bidderl,
Jlld J .Ilil( (ll[ell \\i', jllhmied tli e\ l -
111' beitile lth JLt. til bi c''dlil Tills \\J',
thde .e.n.ild miile [lle Cu'L[til Dep.Iu alntel
hldd held J.l JLUk iil alld people .jmlle iI
dlieo\s thrill .1 s jil Jas CIl\\ i H\.nll iIII
the Nthlll St Silld\ Pit i1 Ithe SOIlluth and
al. so i, l the ,..i\ lithe \,ld ,b\ i l,u i\

,pl'e d Jlc'ld the .litk h.t." ol the l le'. JLh. -
u niii 111 Detenibei- 1 2 5111
NM1l GaJ\ Snuil Supelliiuelideill t
CUlstIlls, dc'e,. i ibe'd lie' J.Lk[ (h l J, J L'IJ(.11,.ess TheI'e' \ Ilm c'e q iua ll\ [tillt
till, \ e' l lld nllI.I tI i ce'l.e 'l .it lllpe'l iih l
I llu i diiiM e die biddii_' lip
( iie' ,t Ile' d liemi pi putld i(e'lll Jis Jiall
oIldc'l Lilnuh tlllitl.k \\ llM lipe plic' \'eiC'
hlh,,t ti'l,_htlll,_ \e' ,' 'l dlld M Ilh .h tilldll\
\ell 111 l "i,25i I ()lh-el \ llh. Ict Ilklidlll,'
ltiA \.k jill'. n id i o. l ',iId ltri bc'tI\ ll
$-451- .and $2200 ,.,lidim, t,, SLipt
SlIIIll lhe ij.i thL ll \e.i c \ cle it ll Ii1. 1
bc'c'l qujlll ll.ike' .11 -s id Ill tile plc\ I-
till, Jlit l l llh i d Ulttc'lc'd srille illl I II.Illce
Itio ld dall w'ie
A IJ.l \ e JIIe(\ tit Illc' s '\Ji. lip hii
bid mI ludi ' Itells lumlibel blildlil'

Please see Auction PaQe 6

, f .

clo.i"Ill'. //I,/(/ w. .I,, ,'id UIII 111 111 "I.Vvw ,it 011"N'l -41" 1/1,01 W. 11 UI "t
till, hit 'Ilcd 'Ill," /it IlIth'.1, T111, Oll 11,111 1 It/ 1.111 1 !btH (1// 1/11, lill'i I /it Illdiv, I It/,.
,.,,h/!//c rw-i thn Himdictb- ,t I I I'l I' I'll !bc (/,,I rl "Ill (I// m I'l
'It/ It /I I J'rl "t 111,111. 1111 ba/mv w, I I It I/ I Oil I /I,,. i/1" I Ill /11,11, 1'. b
G ill illIO/. it/ /)I" 11111"Ith"ll "t CII'-I' WV. I IllAh(h,,. ,I Ill,, 1/11' till, it, Ill
Bcmit1cm, Kv Ill /cN. (Icit'J"Ill'."Micl ti ,Ill A-W.,.Ull litl'. 1/11, till,

Page 2 B The Abaconian

Abaco did well in open water swim race

Swim Race From Page 1

around, instead of the longer course going
once around. It was really choppy going out
on that first leg, against the waves, but I got
used to it after the first round. In open water
swims the time aspect of it is really hard to
judge and I knew a minute into the swim that
time would not be the goal today because of
the waves I was fighting. I set a goal seeing
if I could lap someone on the three laps and
I picked that up on the third lap and that was
encouraging for me," he added.
Mr. Knowles took a break from his ar-
duous training in Charlotte, North Caro-
lina, where he is training for the Beijing
Olympics in 2008.
Even though he didn't swim as fast he
normally does, Mr. Knowles was still able
to finish 10 minutes ahead of his closest
competitor and was out of the water and
cooling off before Jenna Chaplin and John
Bradley fought each other for every inch
down the home stretch. Ms. Chaplin and
Mr. Bradley definitely made it interest-
ing as they fought for second place behind
the foregone conclusion that Mr. Knowles

would finish first.
However, even they couldn't decide who
would finish second, as despite all the jock-
eying and bumping the last 200-300 yards,
they still finished tied for second in 1:12.20
in a photo finish no one could figure out
who won. Mr. Bradley finished as the sec-
ond male and Ms. Chaplin was the first fe-
male to finish the three-mile course.
Ms. Chaplin said, "I am very happy, but
very tired being the first girl that finished.
John and I were fighting pretty much the
whole way. We were really close to each
other and actually hit each other a couple
of times. Last year I did better but the con-
ditions were flat, flat calm, and this year it
was much harder out there. So I am very
happy with my time. It was sweet beating
all the boys and I don't mind not beating
Jeremy. I hoped to do as well as I did, but
I wasn't sure I would," she added.
The first five individual winners were
from New Providence or Grand Bahama
but local boy, Brian Higgs, didn't want to
be left out of the festivities as he finished
sixth overall and was the fourth male out

Forty people participated in the Abaco Open Water swim Race. The fastest Abaco swim-
mer for the three-mile race was 13-year-old Brian Higgs. Most competitors swam the
entire three miles but there were several three-person relays who each did one lap.

of the water.
Mr. Higgs, a 13-year-old student at
Agape, more than held his own, consider-
ing he has only been swimming for over
a year. He finished in 1:28.01 in his first
bout with completing the entire course in
an open water swim.
David Morley was the third male out of
the water in 1:18.36, Anthaya Rolle was
the second female in 1:22.22, Shante Moss
third in 1:30.35 and right behind her was
Kristy Winner in 1:30.57.
Mr. Higgs said, "It feels really good to
be the first Abaco swimmer to finish and
I sort of kinda expected to. I am happy
to be able to compete with the swimmers
from Nassau and Freeport because I have
n't been training that long. I am impressed
with my finish and time and I am really
happy with what I did," he added.
Because of Mr. Knowles' strong swim
on the first leg, his relay team of his father,
Andy Knowles, and grandfather, Percy

Knowles, also were able to cruise to a first
place finish.
The three generation team was even
more impressive as Percy Knowles will be
77 in less than a month, and yet he was still
able to complete the mile swim without any
problems. Percy Knowles said age doesn't
matter as long as you stay in shape, and he
has to keep up with the young ones in his
family, as the team completed the course
in 1:29.26.
Percy Knowles said, "I just want to keep
fit. I swim every morning, five mornings a
week, one mile a day. It is terrific to swim
with my son and grandson, and I have a
greatgrand on the way, so I have to be
able to keep up with him when he gets out
there. I wasn't surprised because I swim a
mile every morning and it was the condi-
tions more than anything else. The first leg

Please see Swim Race Page 5



=US TOAY FM40M aPH 39-M a 3I14f

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Eastern Shores
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directly on the
Sea of Abaco
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Guana Cay
Haven & Sunrise
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Beautiful two story home with 1,200 sq. ft. of
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Beautiful 3
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Guana Cay

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October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007

The Abaconian Page 3 B

Dai. U.



W'nique Properties Local Knowledge

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    NL\,v LIslIN(.



    Page 4 B The Abaconian

    Open water swimming is gaining popularity

    By Julian Lockhart
    The open water swim has become so
    popular around the world that even the
    Olympics has joined in the new fad and is
    installing the trend at the Beijing Olympics
    in 2008 for the first time. Because of the
    new found popularity, swim coach Andy
    Knowles feels the Swift/Abaco Tourist Of-
    fice Open Water Swim can become one of
    the top events once the word is out fully.
    The Abaco open water swim has grown
    in popularity over the last three years and
    Mr. Knowles sees it growing even more
    in the coming years with more interna-
    tional swimmers looking for competitions
    throughout the year.
    This year's swim was held on October 5
    and once again Olympian Jeremy Knowles
    easily won the three-mile event, 10 min-
    utes ahead of his closest competitor.
    Andy Knowles said, "This open water
    swim has come very far. This is the only
    one going on in the Bahamas right now.
    It was so popular back in the 1970s and
    the open water swim is something that is

    getting more popular around the world. It
    will be at the Beijing Olympics for the first
    time, and it is at all the big international
    swim meets. We really want to keep this
    going and make it more of an international
    event," he added.
    The Abaco open water swim will now
    be placed on the United States website,
    where a link to the event will be available
    for all American and international swim-
    mers to be able to assess.
    With its proximity to the United States,
    consistent warm waters, beauty and clarity
    of the waters, the Bahamas is the perfect
    location for an open water swim, unlike
    the more popular events off the coast of
    For Abaco, if the event takes off, it
    will give the economy a boost during the
    slow period of the year. Hotel rooms will
    be filled, restaurants and other businesses
    will be affected and this is why the Abaco
    Tourist Office is trying to push the event.
    Right now they are advertising in Florida
    with swim clubs. Jeremy Knowles said if

    the event was advertised amongst the uni-
    versities in the United States he is sure that
    they would gladly compete.
    As of now the Abaco open water swim
    sees swimmers compete from New Provi-
    dence, Grand Bahama and Abaco, but
    Andy Knowles said that will change in the
    very near future as they have made sure the
    word has gotten out there. Andy Knowles
    said, "We started trying to make this an
    international event at a coaching clinic last

    By Mirella Santillo\
    The three, Jeremy Knowles, Andy
    Knowles and Percy Knowles, proved
    themselves again this year in the Abaco
    Open Water Swim. Jeremy Knowles won
    the first place in the men's 18 to 36 cat-
    egory. When he completed his first lap,
    his father and his grandfather completed
    a relay while he finished the three mile
    race. The three of them took first place
    also in that category. Both victories made
    him the overall winner of the competi-
    tion. The event was hampered by rough
    seas, but the organizers re-routed the
    course to a more sheltered area by Cross-
    ing Beach.

    year in San Diego at the American Swim
    Coaches Association clinic, which is held
    every year. We spoke specifically with
    the person in charge of open water swim-
    ming and he shared some ideas with us on
    how to make it better and he said he would
    place a link on his site about our swim. We
    have the most perfect water, beaches and
    scenery to do it, Right away when people
    know it is The Bahamas, they will want to
    come and do it," he concluded.

    Mr. Don Cornish, Abaco's Director
    of Tourism, and Mr. "Stretch" Morley,
    Abaco's Youth Coordinator, presented
    the awards. In the girls' 13 to 17 cate-
    gory, the first place this year again went
    to Jenna Chaplin, with Anthaya Rolle in
    second place and Shaunte Moss in third.
    In the same category for boys, the first
    place went to John Bradley, followed by
    Brian Higgs, and in third place Wesley
    Lowe, both from Abaco. In the 18 to 35
    category only Jeremy Knowles swam and
    there were no women competiting.

    Please see Swim Results Page 6

    S, V
    Thirteen swimmers were from Abaco and several won trophies for their success. The
    Abaco swimming coach is Lawrence Higgs, at the back on the right, who works with
    swimmers at the pool at Long Bay School.

    Ph: 242-367-3231 I
    Fax: 242-367-3233
    Sea Star Building
    (beside Maxwell's)
    Marsh Harbour ) ,&

    Perry Thomas
    Lofty Fig Villas four buildings with six one-bedroom, one-bathroom
    units with office and swimming
    pool. This one and a half acres
    of land is located in the heart of
    the restaurant business area with
    the water front within 200 feet.
    With any elevation this property
    has water views. It is perfect for anyone wanting to develop a motel or
    condominiums for rental or sale. Priced at $2,156,500 gross
    Great Business Opportunity a two-story building that has a

    are 7 apartment units on top
    floor that are rented and two
    huge office spaces on the bot-
    tom floor that are rented. This
    building is located in Marsh Harbour and is on three lots that are 100' x
    120', bringing the total land space to 36,000 sq. ft. This building is priced
    to sell at $1,500,000 gross
    Fourplex for sale 3 two-bedroom, one bathroom, fully furnished apt,
    also one split-level three bed-
    room, two and half bathroom.
    Property 80' x 100'. Oleander
    Drive across from Friendship
    Tabernacle Church, Dundas
    Town Appraised at $500,000
    Selling price $475,000

    Four bedroom, 4 bathroom

    house with covered back patio,
    covered entryway with huge
    columns. House is 4,000 sq. ft.
    situated on 1/4 acre of property
    in Bahama Palm Shores. Central
    air conditioning, Jacuzzi tub
    in master bath. Appraised at

    Four bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom with covered back patio, front
    entrance, covered porch, two
    dining rooms, large living room,
    TV room, spacious kitchen, laundry
    room, air conditioned with two
    units, new windows installed
    2005, new roof 2000. 2500 sq.
    ft. living area air conditioned. House sits on one acre of property. Appraised
    $330,000 Selling price $285,000
    Fourplex 2 two bedroom one bathroom apts, 2 one bedroom,
    one bathroom apts. Total 3150
    sq. ft. All units furnished, All units
    have central A/C units, 3 units
    have washer/dryer units. 160 sq.
    ft. wooden building that houses
    washer and dryer for apt. one.
    Property 150' x 88' All units are
    rented. Off Forest Dr., Dundas Town. Appraised value $430,000 Asking price
    Agape Villa Murphy Town Two free standing structures containing
    four one-bedroom, one bathroom
    apartment units that are fully
    furnished with central air con-
    ditioning. Sits on 15,000 sq. ft.
    Landscaped. All units are rented.
    $300,000 Person purchasing this
    will have an instant business.
    Three bedroom, two bathroom home, fully furnished, central
    Sair conditioning, on 9,000 sq. ft.
    Landscaped with beautiful trees
    and lawn. Rented. $190,000. Can
    be sold separately or with above

    Osbourne Stuart, CRS, CRES, BRI, sVC
    Broker, Appraiser, President with 19 years experience
    Perry Thomas, BRI
    Salesman/Co-owner, Marsh Harbour branch with 10 years experience
    Cassie Thomas Secretary

    Home in Marsh Harbour, 3 bedroom, two bathroom, living room,
    kitchen, laundry. Home has a
    space being used as business area
    that was used as a bakery. Home
    situated on property 105' x 147'
    and has storage building that is
    10' x 12' in the rear of the home.
    Priced at $293,800 gross
    Duplex for sale off Forest Drive two,two bedroom / one bath
    apartment units, fully fur-
    nished. One unit has central
    A/C and washer & dryer. The
    other unit has window A/C unit
    in the bedroom. Building sits
    on lot 131 x 90 property, landscaped. Appraisal value this year at $242,356.
    This is priced to sell at $209,625. Buyer will pay 5% govt tax and 2% legal
    fee. Persons interested should call or come in, We will find a way to work
    something out for you.
    For sale 15 acres of land at Baker's Heights near Leisure
    Lee off the Treasure Cay Highway. Priced at $30,000 per acre, this property
    will go fast. Call today.
    For sale three lots located on South Lubbers Quarters in the Abaco
    Ocean Club Estate. Lots number II, 44, 112. These lots are priced individu-
    Lot # 11 consists of 11,022 sq. ft. and is priced at $85,000 gross. Lot #44
    consists of 13,307 sq. ft and is priced at $98,000 gross. Lot # 112 consists
    of 20,485 sq. ft. and is priced at $175,000 gross

    All prices listed at Adler Realty are total cost for
    purchase including all taxes and fees.

    Located in the Sea Star Building
    next to Maxwell's Supermarket

    $600,000 Selling Price $495,000

    Visit our other fine properties at:

    More Abaco swimmers

    competed this year

    We thank our customers
    for your patience.
    We look forward to your
    continuing patronage

    Opening Monday

    October 22nd
    On Marsh Harbour's waterfront Call 367-2074 or VHF Ch. 16

    October 15, 2007

    October 15, 2007 The Abaconian

    Page 5 B

    Dinner and auction raised funds for ECC

    Dinner From Page 1
    educated," she added.
    Guests raved about the food and the en-
    tertainment as they were leaving the dinner,
    and their support was definitely shown as
    their stomachs filled and the wine flowed.
    The school charges each child only
    $1,650 a year for fees and the majority of
    the 82 student population is subsidized in
    some way by the school, as Mrs. Major said
    they don't want to turn away anyone from
    an education. The fund raiser is the number
    one means of the school maintaining a work-
    ing margin throughout the year; and despite
    it being a challenge to stay in the black, the
    school continues to give the challenged an
    opportunity for as normal a life as possible.
    Every Child Counts has three alternative
    diplomas approved by the Catholic Board

    of Education. By the end of the program
    each student is hopefully placed in an ap-
    prenticeship program where they can be-
    come fruitful members of society.
    Mrs. Major said, "Every year and every
    month it is a challenge to keep the school
    open because we are trying to keep the fees
    low. The majority of the children are from
    families who cannot afford a private edu-
    cation. This is the only school for children
    with learning disabilities on Abaco. It is
    most important that these kids do not slip
    through the system because this is their fu-
    ture and our future. The goal of the pro-
    gram is to make them productive members
    of the community. Every effort is made in
    the classroom to teach them the amount of
    academics they can learn according to their
    abilities and to also teach them functional
    and job skills," Mrs. Major added.

    One hundred people attended at special dinner at the Abaco Club at Winding Bay, pay-
    ing $100 per ticket to benefit the Every Child Counts Learning Centre. It is a school that
    works with special needs students. The guests then raised an additional amount to bring
    the total to $25,000 so the school could get matching funds from a foundation in the
    States. The guests had a great time and enjoyed the fine food and social contacts.

    Despite a strong turnout during the dinner
    at The Abaco Club, Mrs. Major said any help
    from the community is appreciated whether
    the business or private sector. The Abaco
    Club not only helped fund the dinner but also
    hosts a number of students each week from
    ECC for horseback riding lessons.
    The ECC administrator said, "Abaco
    Club has been wonderful and not only with
    the dinner, but with the horseback riding
    that kids do weekly. Things that the chil-
    dren would not have available to them, if
    not for the generosity of the Abaco Club.
    We always can use more help but we have
    had very good response from the busi-
    nesses in Marsh Harbour. They have been
    very open and welcoming for our students.

    Where we really need help is for volunteers
    to go out into the jobs with the students
    and job- coach them. Because of the lack
    of funds we haven't had the opportunity to
    have a staff member focus on that," Mrs.
    Major concluded

    Swim Race From Page 2

    was pretty bad and it was rough, but all in
    all it was a good course," he concluded.
    The only all female team in the open wa-
    ter swim was Judy Albury, Maria Silvester
    and Monica Higgs, and they each complet-
    ed one mile of the three mile course.

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    The Good Times
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    The Jefferson's Moving On Up)
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    The Jefferson's Moving On Up!
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    Island Living ... at the Right Price!

    Contact David or Robin Phillips
    Toll Free: 18661 631-6914 Tel/Fa\: (242) 365-4092
    Email: ablaco-homes@h(


    Page 6 B The Abaconian

    By Mirella Santillo
    Fall can be a quiet time on Abaco, but
    not so on the last Saturday of September
    with many events taking place including a
    Country Music concert by the Magnificent
    Seven held at Abaco Beach Resort. It was
    the third time that the group from Span-
    ish Wells visited Marsh Harbour and, as
    usual, a large crowd of country music fans
    came to hear them.
    The event was organized by Mrs.
    Yvonne Key, who, a few years ago, was
    given a CD by Roy Pinder, one of the
    group's performers. She loved the CD and
    invited him to perform in Marsh Harbour.
    But Mr. Pinder would not come without
    his buddies including Big Red, Doris, Sue-
    Lynn, Carole, Renarda and Alice. The
    group which is known on Spanish Wells as
    Big Red and his Gang, becomes The Mag-

    Auction From Page 1
    supplies, miscellaneous household
    goods, hardware and furniture. There was
    some excellent quality furniture which
    raised from $1200-$1500 per set though
    one lady was lucky enough to get a very
    nice bedroom set for only $350. A palette
    of four heavy duty tyres went for $1000.
    The goods auctioned were items which
    had been purchased abroad by persons
    who, after having them shipped here, then
    failed to pay the customs duty in order to
    claim them. Some of these items had been
    warehoused since 2005. Judging by the
    success of this auction, it appears that the
    next one will be highly anticipated.

    nificent Seven while on Abaco, which is the
    only place they perform besides on Spanish
    Wells. Well over 100 people attended the
    dinner performance in the Pavilion, which
    was decorated for the occasion, with fami-
    lies and friends congregating around many
    Roy was the first one to sing, followed
    by his partners, all interpreting solos of
    popular country songs. Roy, Doris, Big
    Red or Sue-Lynn took turns on the stage,
    sometimes alone, sometimes pairing be-
    tween themselves for duos. They ended the
    performance by singing a few gospels as a
    group. It turned out to be a very entertain-
    ing evening of socializing, music, food and
    drinks and was enjoyed by all present.
    Mrs. Key deplored the fact that there
    were so many other functions happening
    that evening, deterring people from the
    concert; but she was pleased that in spite
    of that, so many elected to attend. Howev-
    er, Mrs. Key is already planning for next
    year and has come up with a tentative date
    of April 12th for The Magnificent Seven's
    fourth annual concert.


    Ads in

    The Abaconian

    Bring Results

    Country Music Came

    to Marsh Harbour

    Swim Results From Page 4
    In the 36 and over category first place
    went to Christy Winner, second place to
    Julie Zanetta and third to Nancy Knowles.
    In the 36 and up category, men, David
    Morley from Nassau came first, followed
    by Simon Frank and Mark Spencer.
    The female relay team's first place
    went to three Abaco women, Judy Al-
    bury, Maria Silvester and Monica Higgs,
    and the men's relay to Jeremy, Andy
    and Percy Knowles. The second place in
    that category went to three Abaco swim-
    mers, Dale Winner. Brent Cartwright and
    Tim Higgs. The third place was taken by
    Noah Albury, Tristan Albury and Ashton
    Kemp, all from Hope Town. The mixed
    relay team's first place went to Laura
    Morley, Abigail Lowe and Zach Moses
    all from Nassau, second place went also

    to three swimmers from Nassau, Mat-
    thew Spencer, Alanna Rogers and Leslie
    Campbell. Luca Silvester, Joshua Wong
    and Christina Pyform, the only under 12
    swimmers, placed third, saving the honor
    for Abaco in that category.
    Mr. Andy Knowles, congratulated
    and thanked the swimmers who adapted
    to the changes and went ahead with the
    competition in spite of the weather. Local
    coaches for the Abaco team, Mr. Law-
    rence Higgs and Mrs. Brenda Sawyer in
    Marsh Harbour and Mrs. Carrie Cash
    in Hope Town, all said they were very
    pleased with the results earned by the lo-
    cal swimmers. Some of the kids, used to
    practicing in the pool, were apprehensive
    of swimming in the sea, but said they still
    enjoyed it in spite of the swells and the
    jelly fish bites. They found it much more



    Abaco, Bahamas

    Many lots to choose from

    Lots starting at $59,000

    Contact Robbie Nixon
    for more info at 242-375-8160
    or toll free at 225-1173

    October 15, 2007

    October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 7 B

    Anne Albury P1 L Y -4^
    Marcellus Roberts
    Sales Associate
    Everett Pinder 7
    (242) 365-8538 Ph f 4
    (242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax fmn

    Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay Specialists
    For details and pictures visit our web page at

    "NEW" STORAGE UNITS, centrally located in
    Treasure Cay town centre. Storage units come
    in assorted sizes for boats, cars, golf carts and
    "stuff." EXC. Starting at $25,000 FGS
    Newest opportunity
    Canal front condo and cottage units with
    available boat slips
    Starting at $680,000 +14%closing
    2. PALM BAY
    Townhouse units in protected harbour with
    boat slips
    Phase One SOLD OUT
    Phase Two COMING SOON
    Now the newest oceanfront development
    on Treasure Cay beach comprising 10
    individual luxury units
    Starting at $750,000 + 14% closing
    Luxury condominium project on Treasure
    Cay Beach. 3 bed / 3 bath / Den / Lanai / on-
    site pool and many other features
    Starting at $907,500 Plus 14% closing
    on-site pool and tennis, newly completed
    luxury townhouse units directly on
    Treaure Cay each totalling 3 bed/4 1/2
    baths plus loft bedroom/den
    Ground floor garage, 2 bed/ 2 bath with
    ocean front patio
    First floor open concept living / dining/
    kitchen plus master bedroom suite, all
    ocean views with patio/ balcony
    Loft bedroom/ den with ocean view
    MLS $2,075,000 + 7.5% Closing
    Townhouse condos with on- site tennis, heated
    pool, office, laundry
    Marina view, 2 bed/ 1 1/2 bath, fully furnished,
    never rented, extra features.
    MUST SEE FGS $351,000
    Marina view, 1 bed / 1 bath upstairs good
    rental potential $220,150 FGS
    Marina view, 2 bed/ 2 bath and unit fully
    furnished- storm shutters- good rental
    potential $351,000 FGS

    Unit #4 Upstairs 3 bed/2bath fully furnished,
    direct beach access. Good rental investment
    EXC. $514,250 FGS
    Canal Front Condos with on-site Tennis and
    2 bed / 2 bath lower unit, 16' wide slip,
    includes golf cart and 22' boat

    Ocean front luxury octagonal units with lagoon/
    pool/waterfall. Good rental potential.
    Unit #7 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home.
    MLS $636,000 + 7.5% closing
    Unit #9 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home
    MLS $575,000 + 7.5% closing
    Resale condos available in first completed project.
    Ready to go. Both units never rented but definite
    potential. MUST SEE PROPERTIES.
    Upstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den / op
    tional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully
    furnished. 6-seat golf cart included.
    EXC. $765,000 +14%
    Downstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den/
    optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully
    furnished with many extra features including
    garage and Ford Taurus $1,002,000 FGS
    Canal Front Condos with on-site Pool
    Bldg 1 Lower unit 2 bed /2 bath, 15' wide
    boat slip, includes car. Newly decroated.
    MUST SEE EXC. $500,000 FGS
    Bldg 4 Downstari 't 2 bed / 2 bath,
    totally redone, S
    \- EXC. $435,600 FGS

    Unit #3 Ocean front, downstairs 2 bed/2 bath,
    fully furnished. $640,000 FGS
    Ocean Front Condos with on site pool and
    3 bed / 3 bath upper unit, fully furnished,
    beach front, with good rental potential.
    Priced to sell. $897,900
    Special gardenlar pool, 2 bed / 2
    bath. GreatS OL ith many repeat
    guests t5 3 EXC.$369,000 FGS
    Second row beach with direct ocean access.
    Great view. 2 bed / 2 bath, many special
    features. MUST SEE EXC. $553,500 FGS
    "Lacey Daze" Spectacular 4 bed/ 3 1/2 bath CBS
    home with panoramic ocean views and
    direct beach access from every room but
    one via decks and patios. The main house
    has living/ dining/ kitchen/ master bedroom
    suite, two guest bedrooms with bath, powder
    room, double garage and utility/ workshop
    area. Included with its own entrance is a
    private 1 bedroom/ 1 bath apartment with
    an open living/dining/ kitchen with its own
    deck.Many features. MUST SEE.
    EXC. $2,220,000 FGS


    "Gramling House" newly built, 2 storey home
    located on Galleon Bay canal with a 45' dock.
    Upper level has 4 bed/ 2 bath. Open living/
    dining/ kitchen. Lower level has 2 bed/ 1 bath,
    laundry room pl us covered open boat/ car
    storage MUST SELL EXC $794,500 +7.5%
    "Fish Tales" unique canal front 3 bed / 3 bath
    home on 2 full lots, 180' waterfront with 118'
    serviced dock, deep water, great for larger
    boat. MUST SEE! MLS$2,525,000 + 7.5%
    "Trident"/"Turquoise Seas" You cannot be more
    "on the beach" than in this special home.
    Offering 3 bed / 3 1/2 bath in the main house
    with detached garage / bed / bath / attic plus
    storage. Vast deck oceanside with widow's
    walk. WOW!
    MLS $2,800,000 + 7.5% closing
    "Cross Winds" Split level CBS home extra large
    lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private.
    Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2
    bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/
    dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1 bed/ 1 bed,
    living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus! Plus!
    MLS $820,000 + 7.5% closing
    "Dream Point" Special CBS split level home
    located on a corner lot near "The Point" with
    two choices of direct beach access. Upper
    level has master bedroom with ensuite bath
    plus two guest bedrooms and bath. On the split
    level there is the main entry into a large open
    living/dining area, modern well-equipped
    kitchen. All rooms open onto a wrap-around
    partially covered deck overlooking the garden.
    Ground level has an extra large garage/
    workshop with lots of storage.
    EXC. $996,300 FGS
    "Pilot House" special unique location with a
    commanding, enviable view of the Sea of
    Abaco. Water front home, 2 storey, CBS/
    frame. Upstairs master and guest bed, 2 baths,
    large living/ dinning/ open kitchen; lower level
    1bed / 1 bath, 2 car garage plus 1 car/boat
    garage. MLS $1,160,000 + 7.5% closing
    Apartment four-plex, 2 storey CBS building,
    each level has 2 full apartments with 2 bed,
    1 bath, living/dining/kitchen. Great rental invest
    ment. MUST SEE! EXC. $400,000 FGS

    Ocean front properties
    Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd.
    Sand Piper Beach
    Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 FGS
    Canal Front Beginning at $325,000 FGS
    Rock Point Waterfront, bulkheaded
    Beginning at $360,000 FGS
    Golf Course / Interior
    Beginning at $60,000 FGS

    EXC Exclusive listing
    FGS Full gross or all-inclusive price
    MLS Multiple Listing
    List price plus buyer's closing
    Treasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches
    Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We not only sell here, we live here and love it.
    Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

    Page 8 B The Abaconian

    Construction workers are needed by Baker's Bay

    By Julian Lockhart
    The construction boom is reaching full
    tilt on Abaco as Baker's Bay joined in with
    a job fair to hire scores of construction
    workers for the beginning of home devel-
    opment at their multi-million dollar resort
    on Guana Cay. Baker's Bay held a job fair
    on September 14 and had over 160 people
    show up. They are consistently receiving
    applications daily for what will end up be-
    ing about 150 construction jobs over the
    next couple of years.
    Ms. Simmone Bowe, Director of Hu-
    man Resources and Training, said, "The
    job fair is very important. It is very impor-

    tant for us here at Baker's Bay that we re-
    cruit the best talent that we can find for our
    project because we operate at a very high
    standards of excellence and performance.
    Those are the kinds of people we are try-
    ing to find and we recognize sometimes
    the tradition of finding employees is not
    always the best. We have to find different
    avenues to attract people. We were actual-
    ly surprised that so many people are look-
    ing. My motto is Becoming the employer
    of choice in the Bahamas," she added.
    The residential golf resort is now mov-
    ing away from the infrastructure phase and
    getting everything prepared for people to
    actually live on the property. Ms. Bowe

    said they are finally making a long time
    dream become reality.
    One of the problems Baker's Bay has if
    recruiting quality workers with The Abaco
    Club at Winding Bay under construction as
    well as two new developments starting in
    South Abaco.
    Mr. Doug Shipman, in charge of home
    construction, said they are looking for
    carpenters, masons, joiners, roofers, fin-
    ish carpenters and all skilled workmen.
    Despite only hiring for construction right
    now, Baker's Bay will be hosting another
    job fair for the opening of the new sea-
    son in November. Ms. Bowe said they are
    looking to hire around 15 people at that
    time because with the resort still in a con-

    struction phase there is no need for exces-
    sive staff at this time.
    The date for the next job fair is not set.
    Ms. Bowe said, "The hiring process is
    challenging. Some of the things I said at the
    Business Outlook are that we don't want to
    get into stealing other people's employees.
    It is going to happen because people are
    now going to have options. People are now
    going to look at different companies and
    see what this one will offer and how is it
    better for me. You can't fault people for
    that, and you just have to make sure as an
    organization that we are not doing anything
    to jeopardize our other partners," she con-

    _ .m Out Islands Finest Vacation Homes
    -i Waterfront Properties New Marina
    A Rentals & Sales

    S1 Purple Porpoise Place
    -Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas
    Chris & Peggy Thompson, Proprietors
    Phone 242-366-0224 Fax 242-366-0434

    Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club is needing construction workers as it moves into the
    house construction phase of its project. Mr. Henry Fresen with the Woslee Dominion Con-
    struction Company is shown here interviewing men who came to the job fair that was held
    on September 14 in Marsh Harbour.

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    John Cash, B.R.I., C.R.S.

    Licensed Real Estate Broker
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    The Love Shack 3 BR 3.5 BA ocean front
    estate situated on 2 100-foot wide lots.
    Stunning view from every room $1,850,000
    Internal home site on Brigantine Bay Road,
    adjacent to water front greenway $101,000
    Seascape 3 BR 3 BA ocean front home
    on extra wide Windward Beach homesite.
    Garage and new furniture $1,620,000
    Sea Cliff, 3 BR 3 BA luxury residence, within
    steps of beach, professionally decorated.
    Mariner's Cove 1509 Town House, 2 BR 1
    1/2 BA, direct harbourview in desirable 1500
    building. Fully furnished, includes garage.
    Royal Palm 2 BR, 2 BA Marina front condo,
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    Bahamas: 242-477-5056
    USA: 843-278-0277
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    Treasure Cay

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    Helen's Point, Galleon BayWaterfront4 BR,
    3 BA Home, Sea of Abaco views $1,560,000
    Beach Villa 685 2 BR, 2 BA, steps away from
    pool and beach $275,000
    Razzall House, Treasure Cay Beach 4 BR, 3
    BA Ocean front, fully furnished with excellent
    rental history. $1,735,000
    Treasure House, Ocean front 2 BR, 2 BA
    Island decor, top-sider villa overlooking
    gigantic lagoon pool $579,000
    Royal Palm 2 BR2 BAon marina with beauti-
    ful furnishings and boat slip. $562,000
    Bahama Beach Club 3 BR, 3 BA $705,000
    Anchorage Estates Lots 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
    $834,949 UNDER CONTRACT

    April 15, 2007



    October 15, 2007

    October 15th 2007


    Mailin Sands
    Sales Associate
    ic.ler ,hi I- i r. %bl,,.. MulirplL L.-i...g Service
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    October 15, 2007

    I r., t 1r.irnl,.. BRI
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    The Abaconian Page 9 B

    Lee Pinder
    Cherokee Sound, Abaco
    Ph# 242-366-2053

    GTC #6076- 3bed/2.5 bath house
    overlooking an ornamental pond. Near
    beaches,town & public docks. The
    house is offered unfurnished, ceramic
    Throughout,ceiling fans, central AC.
    Offered at $645,000.00- Call Chris

    6,EVLIS NG

    GTC #6077 2bed /2.5 bath house in
    Harbour View Estates. Nearby docking is
    available at Little Harbour.Tastefully
    furnished, beautifully landscaped
    grounds. Excellent rental history
    Offered at $490,000.00 Call Chris

    Yellowwood # 6123-
    Lot 4C in Yellowwood now
    available. 27,260 sq ft. Great
    elevations looking over Cherokee
    and creeks. SELLER
    $120,000.00-Call Mailin

    2bed/2bath 1,280 sq ft
    home on 15,000 sq ft lot.
    Minutes away from
    Winding Bay and
    Cherokee Sound
    - $199,000 Call Mailin

    Treasure Cay- #5740
    Beachfront 2 bed/2bath villa
    with a "Lagoon" style
    swimming pool. Offered at
    $636,000 Call Chris.

    Turtle Rocks- Multi family lot,
    27,507 sq.ft., power & cable to
    boundary, beach access,

    bed, 2 bath canal front home.
    Features 57' dock and over
    17,000 sq.ft of property. Common
    Beach Access $790,000.00- Call

    Green Turtle Cay- 1.6 acre
    beachfront lot located on the
    most beautiful beach on the
    island. Approx. 130' on the
    beach and 560' deep.
    $820,000.00 -Call Chris

    Manjack Cay 10 acres sea to
    Beautiful beachfront at both sides
    & protected anchorage. Great
    development property Offered a
    $2,000,000.00 -Call today.

    It-- -I

    *Bahama Palm Shores -
    #5742- Beachfront lot 200 x
    416 Offered at US$550,000.00
    *Or split lot in half 100 x 416
    Offered at US$300,000.00 -
    Call Mailin

    Yellowwood- 2H- # 5484-
    37,368 sq.ft., featuring 184' on
    the Atlantic rocky shoreline,
    minutes away from Cherokee
    $265000.00 -Call Mailin

    ---- -1

    Bahama Palm Shores #5670 -
    3 bed, 4,876 sq ft island home on
    2 acre lot with 220' of beachfront
    generator and pool. $995,000.00-
    Call Mailin

    Bahama Palm Shores-
    Two side by side vacant lots,
    perfect for building.
    $30,000.00 each- Call Mailin

    GREEN TURTLE CAY A community of 23 3-bedroom Colonial-style homes under
    development. The homes front scenic Black Sound, parks and
    common areas. Dockage is available. Leeward is modeled after Abaco's historic
    New Plymouth, a white-picket-fence village of New England-style cottages, quaint
    restaurants and bars. Homes starting at $1,050,000. Call Chris

    Long Beach- #5520- Vacant interior lot
    in growing subdivision. This corner lot is
    approx 1/4 acre and would be an ideal
    spot for building your home. Long Beach
    features community beach access to a
    magnificent powder white beach. Call
    today. -S50,000- OWNER
    MOTIVATED? Call Mailin

    *Murphy Town Vacant Lots near Great Cistern across from waterfront. Corner Lot (104 x 120) $ 45,000.00
    (101 x208) $ 65,000.00 (NEW LISTING) Call Lee
    *Green Turtle Cay, Coco Bay- acre vacant lot, ocean views- $150,000.00 (NEW LISTING)
    *Green Turtle Cay, Coco Bay- vacant lot, beach access, 9000 sq.ft. $89,000.00 (UNDER CONTRACT)
    *Green Turtle Cay, Island Reach- vacant lot,16,390 sq.ft., 106' on Sea of Abaco, Beautiful views & sunsets.
    * Green Turtle Cay Estates Vacant lot, acre $ 75,000.00 ( NEW LISTING ) Call Chris
    *Casuarina Point- vacant lot in quiet community, 10,000 sq.ft and situated across from the canal.-$80,000

    Page 10 B The Abaconian

    October 15, 2007

    North Abaco News 1

    Abaco Crash and
    Rescue makes
    North Abaco home
    By Vernique Russell
    For quite some time now, a drive has
    been conducted by the Treasure Cay Prop-
    erty Owners Association for donations to
    construct the Emergency Center in Treasure
    Cay. At the yearly TCPOA meeting, those
    in attendance were updated on progress so
    far. At that time they were informed of Mr.
    Colin Albury's plans to join the team.
    To date Abaco Crash and Rescue has be-
    gun training sessions in North Abaco and is
    now fully operational. Equipped with a fire
    truck, ambulance and two specialty vehicles
    for accidents and emergency, volunteers
    along with Colin, Operator in Charge, meet
    weekly for training sessions. Already the
    team has undergone numerous training ses-
    sions inclusive of extrication training when
    team members removed the roof of a car in
    order to rescue a person who was trapped in
    a vehicle. Training sessions are held weekly
    on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6
    to 9 p.m. Mr. Albury is ensuring that if an
    emergency calls, he and his team will be
    able to render fast and quality assistance.

    School News
    S.C. Bootle High School
    Prefect installation ceremony
    By Vernique Russell
    The Sherlin Bootle High School offi-
    cially began this school year on September
    5th when the entire school body returned to
    school. Without hesitation the student gov-
    erning body of prefects were appointed.
    However, this year's appointments took a

    different twist when students were allowed
    to elect Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head
    Boy and Girl. Those running for these top
    positions ran official campaigns as they so-
    licited votes. This was the first time in the
    school's history that this method was used.
    Normally teachers nominated and voted for
    the students that they felt were most suitable
    to hold these offices.
    After the campaigning had finished and
    the votes had been cast, the Head Boy elect-
    ed was Leonardo Simms with Josler Pierre
    as Deputy Head Boy. The Head Girl posi-
    tion was won by Ruth Lubin while Alannah
    Curry secured the Deputy Head Girl posi-
    tion. The entire prefect body received their
    badges during the ceremony. Guest speaker
    for the ceremony was Police Officer Pam
    Russell, who also made the presentations
    to the students. The prefects were well re-
    spected in their uniforms with red and white
    candy-striped skirts and shirts for the girls
    and red and white candy-striped shirts and
    white pants for the boys. Prefects are chosen
    from the eleventh and twelfth grades.
    Congratulations to all the prefects and
    we encourage you to serve with integrity,
    dedication and commitment. Remember as
    you serve the entire student body is looking
    up to you and you are now in positions of
    Class of 2007 gives back
    By Vernique Russell
    Just months after graduating, the students
    of S.C. Bootle gave back to the school. The
    Class of 2007 in the spirit of gratitude and
    appreciation donated a high-tech hot/cold
    lamination machine and a 24-inch guillotine.
    The presentation was made by Mrs. Terrese
    Bethel and Mr. Enzil Cooper on behalf of
    the former students at a recent assembly at

    the school. Mr. Moss happily received the
    generous donation.
    Mr. Moss along with his teaching staff
    would like to thank the students for their
    kind donation. He wishes the students all
    the best in their quest to find success. He
    encourages all former students to follow the
    example set by the Class of 2007 and invest
    in the school to make it the best school on
    the island.
    New course is offered
    By Vernique Russell
    Since the arrival of Mr. Huel Moss at the
    Sherlin Bootle High School, many positive
    changes can clearly be seen on the school
    campus. Mr. Moss and his team continue
    to work hard to ensure that S.C. Bootle be-
    comes the best school in The Bahamas. At
    the recent parents' conclave hosted by the
    Ministry of Education, the question was
    raised about courses offered for students
    who are not academically inclined but are
    hands-on learners. Though investigations
    are still being conducted to find solutions,
    students can now chose programs that will
    help them in their career paths. This year
    in addition to the options that are already

    available, two new programs are now of-
    fered: Auto Mechanics and Hospitality. The
    school recently received two new teachers in
    these areas. They are Mr. Robert Milanes-
    Gomez of Cuba who will head the Auto Me-
    chanics program and Ms. Michelle Clarke of
    Jamaica who works in the Home Economics
    Department under which Hospitality falls.
    Both the students and teachers are excited
    about the great things that are happening at
    the school.
    BTVI is here
    By Vernique Russell
    It is finally here. After months of plan-
    ning the Bahamas Technical and Vocational
    Institution has opened in North Abaco. On
    September 24 Mr. Fred Delancey declared
    BTVI open.
    In January of this year BTVI accom-
    plished another milestone when they opened
    on Abaco for the first time in Central Abaco.
    At that time interest was shown by students
    in North Abaco to have courses offered
    in that area. With the launch of another

    Please see North Page 11


    nint ool auz

    ElmsSa inssOCente

    " ot28 .63arswt 0f. o f eahfon 4, 0,00 Rf.AS100

    " Lot29: .75ars ih20 -ft o ecfo n $,25,00.Re.AS100

    " ot25A 173a creswith200 t.* f-bechfrnt 3,9 5,00. ef-A 174

    E as abu r36-44-Hp Ton 366-0700 gg-mail:eese U *hrsti6. co ww .HG hr sti~ o

    WAL.*P*IR T P aEb" JCPenney
    Tel: 954-839-8970 / 242-394-1005

    October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 11 B

    More North Abaco News

    ers. Classes are held at the Sherlin Bootle learning to speak basic Spanish and are island back for Jesus was the goal as Pastor
    North From Page 10 High school campus. being educated about the Spanish culture, Carroll sought to tear down strongholds of

    semester this September at the campus in If you are looking to learn a trade or re- lifestyles and even their history. The Span- the enemy and bond with the young peo-
    Central Abaco, another milestone was ac- ceive certification in an area that you are ish for the North Abaco Primary School ple.
    Central Abaco, another milestone was ac-
    complished when the campus at Cooper's already employed in, BTVI is definitely area is Mr. Brown who is very excited to These revival services were like no oth-
    the place for you. For further information, be in the primary schools. ers as miracles were manifested right before
    Town was also opened. M N w
    Persons from various communities in terested person can contact Mrs. Esther Church News our eyes. The sick were healed and the cap-
    SLaing at 365-0603. tives were set free. Pastor Carroll has dedi-
    North Abaco are now students in classes Miracle Revival Services Held cated his ministry to miraculous signs. He
    such as Office Administration, Cosmetolo- Spanish is back in Miracle Revival Services Held cated his ministry to miraculous signs. He
    such as Office Administration, Cosmetolo- Spanish is back in By Vernique Russell strongly believes that God is the same God
    gy, Electrical Installation, Sewing and Cre- our primary schools "These signs shall follow them that be- and the same signs that follow the prophets
    ole. Classes are held from Monday through By Vernique Russell lieve, they shall cast out demons in my can be manifested today if we believe. The
    Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. As Once again our primary school students name. They shall lay hands on the sick and services were held on September 27th and
    time progresses the faculty is hoping to of- have the opportunity to learn another lan- they shall recover..." With this declaration 28th. Pastor Carroll is travelling through-
    fer more classes as interest is shown. The guage in addition to their subjects. The Pastor Kenny Carroll of Refuge Tabernacle out The Bahama Islands and the world to
    administration team plans to offer tiling, Spanish program has been returned to our in Nassau held revival services at Ingra- declare the Kingdom of Heaven.
    drafting and computers repair among oth- primary schools and students can are now ham's Park in Cooper's Town. Taking the
    AS~ ^^

    Sales Team of
    Ed& Cindy Newell
    James Moir Broker
    Restaurant For Sale # 781- Fully equipped & furnished 2,818
    s/f restaurant at Treasure Cay highway intersection. Seating
    capacity of approx. 70. Great location. $517,000.
    "Argyll House" # 483 Elegantly furnished- elegant 4 bed.
    5.5 bath, 6,900 s/f Ocean Blvd. estate on 1.6 landscaped
    acres with 153' beachfront. Includes vehicles. $4,900,000.
    "Tradewinds" # 589 Luxurious 4 bed. 3.5 bath furnished
    beachfront home. plus separate 3 bed. 3 bath ocean view guest
    house. Superior design & finishes. Total I acre $4,575,000.
    "Peace & Plenty" # 503 Splendid 7 bed, 4.5 bath 2 storey,
    furnished Ocean Blvd beachfront estate. on 1.453 superbly
    landscaped acres. 163' beach frontage. $3,800,000.
    "Trident House" # 317 Superb 3 bedroom. 3.5 bath fully
    furnished, 3.500 s/f beach front home. $2,800,000.
    "FinalApproach" # 601 Recently renovated, furnished
    canal front 2 storey. 5,500 s/f 6 bedroom. 4.5 bath private home
    on large property. 100' private dock. 4 car garage $2,625,000.
    "Bella Vista", Windward Beach # 806 -Newly built 4 bed. 4
    bath, 2.600 s/f furnished home with 97' beach frontage PLUS
    protected canal lot Galleon Bay with boat lift. $1,898,000.
    "Fish Tales" # 808 Elegant 3 bed, 3 bath furnished canal
    front home. 3.430 s/f under roof on 15.493 s/f landscaped
    parcel. 90' deep water frontage & 90' dock. $1,850,000.
    "Porter Place"- Brigantine Bay # 868 Newly constructed.
    furnished 3 bed., 3 bath canalfront home. 3,040 s/f under roof,
    double garage, 165' of dockage, new boat lift. $1,600,000.
    Windward Beach # 780 3 bed. 2 bath, 2,500 s/f furnished
    new home. 106' seawalled sandy beachfront. $1,150,000.
    "Laguna" Galleon Bay #745-3 bed. 2 bath single storey.
    1.550 s/f canal front home. furnished, elevated landscaped lot,
    carport & garage, deep water dock with boat lift. $985,000.
    "Shell Shack" # 712 3 bed, 2.5 bath,1.600 s/f furnished
    home on Brigantine Bay, elevated 10,000 s/f lot, garage, 80'
    bulk-headed sea-wall, serviced 30' new dock. $799,500.
    Treasure Cay House- Near Beach # 492- 3 bed, 3 bath
    1,276 s/f furnished home, recently renovated. $450,000.
    Just Off The Beach # 771 Attractive, furnished, 3 bed,2
    bath, 2,244 s/f home. carport, I block from beach. $345,000.
    "Home, Sweet Home" # 784 2 bed, 2 bath. 1.240 s/f
    furnished home on 13.500 s/f lot. close to beach. Adjoining lot
    also available. $268,000.
    Royal Poinciana Beachfront Condominiums -Phase 4
    # 716) Premier 3 level, 3 bed, 4.5 bath, plus loft newly built
    condos on Treasure Cay Beach. 2.860 s/f under roof, attached
    garage. 644 s/f covered/open balconies/porches. $2,075,000.
    "Halyard Quay" # 827 Superior 3 & 4 bed 1.568 s/f&
    2,108 s/f waterfront condos, gated community, 15' beam dock
    slip, private garage Pre-construction pricing from $603,000.
    Atlantis Condo # 2209 #770 Elegantly furnishedwell
    maintained 2 bed. 2 bath 2nd level condo on Brigantine Bay.
    Includes boat slip & finger dock for 32' boat. $549,000.
    Treasure Landings # 600 Newly constructed 3 bed. 2 bath.
    1.300 s/f, furnished luxury condos, close to beach, marina.
    Superior finishes. Financing Available- $495,000.

    ime Real Estate Listings Throughout Aba
    Beach Villa 507 # 782 Newly renovated. 2 bed, 2 bath
    1,150 s/f villa, plus 592 s/f patios. Tastefully furnished. Many
    extras. Close to beach, marina, golf course. $490,000.
    Brigantine Beach Condo # 369 2 bed. 2.5 bath furnished
    townhouse. ocean views, close to beach, furnished, excellent
    rental history, $458,000.
    Beach Villa # 506 # 636 -2 bed. 2 bath, 1.250 s/f garden view
    villa, fully renovated & refurbished in 2005, Private garden
    patios. (Owner Financing Available) Reduced $405,000.
    Beach Villa 504 A & B # 743 2 furnished 1 bed, I bath
    adjoining Garden Villas, separate kitchen & living areas,
    excellent rental history. Sold together, turn-key. $339,000.

    Mariner's Cove Condominiums
    # 454 2 bed. I bath. 2 level poolside unit
    # 655 2 bed. I bath unit with marina views
    # 807 1 bed. I bath ground unit. marina view
    # 455 I bed. I bath, ground level, poolside


    Beachfront Parcel # 870 Exceptional 1.58 acres on Ocean
    Blvd. 147' beach frontage. Cleared, all utilities available.
    Breath-taking beach & sea views. $1,600,000.
    Beachfront Parcel- Ocean Blvd. # 876 1.5 acres with 100'
    of beach frontage, on spectacular Treasure Cay Beach. All
    utilities available Gorgeous beach & sea views. $1,510,000.
    Beach Lot # 654 Prime elevated 12.800 s/f parcel, 118' of
    pristine beach frontage in protected cove. Fully cleared, all
    utilities available, superior sea views. $1,480,000.
    Beachfront Lot # 705 Choice 12,281 s/f elevated parcel on
    Treasure Cay Beach. 95' beach frontage. All utilities available.
    Sensational sea views. $1,385,550.
    Windward Beach # 817 Half acre waterfront parcel directly
    on Sea of Abaco. 124' beach frontage. Newly installed sea
    wall. All utilities available. $482,000.
    Brigantine Bay # 841 11,200 s/f cleared canal lot. 80' water
    bulkhead. All utilities available. Dock pilings. $458,000.
    Galleon Bay # 422 Prime 10.295 s/f cleared canal lot. 88' +
    protected canal frontage, all utilities available. $350,000.
    Rock Point Waterfront Parcel # 783 12.200 s/f lot near
    entrance to Treasure Cay Marina. 90' newly installed sea
    wall. Cleared, all utilities available. $289,000.
    Flamingo Drive Lot 66 #558 Large lot on quiet cul-de-sac, all
    utilities available. Ideal home building site. $66,000.
    Oceanview Lot # 2 # 727 Spectacular 1.1 acre elevated parcel
    overlooking 18th hole. Magnificent views. $3,015,000.
    Sea ofAbaco Lot QI # 845 25,658 s/f lot. 172' water frontage
    in quiet cove, good elevations, native vegetation, access
    privileges to Atlantic Ocean beaches. $559,000.
    "Paradise Point" # 659 Furnished 3 bed, 2.5 bath. 2.400 s/f
    waterfront home with porches & balconies on 1/2 acre. 193'
    elevated Sea of Abaco frontage, Fantastic views. $759,000.

    Bahamas Real Estate


    Waterfront Property #347 2.2 acres, sea to sea. total 280'
    water frontage, ideal for boat dockage in protected Little
    Harbour. large protected cave. Reduced to $608,000.
    "Double Eagle" # 757 Recently renovated 3 bed, 3 bath, plus
    loft. 2.500 s/f furnished home on canal front parcel. 95' sea
    wall. 68' dock. Underground utilities. Near beach $776,000.
    "So-Be-It" # 861 Furnished 2 bed, 2 bath canalfront home on
    12.100 s/f parcel, I 10' bulkheaded frontage. 2-25' docks. Close to
    beach. Option available for two adjoining canal lots. $656,000.
    Canal Front Home # 124 Furnished 2 bed. 2 bath home. open
    living/kitchen. 50' bulkhead & dock on deep water protected
    canal, close to beach, sea view. Reduced Price $348,000.
    Residential Parcels
    # 823 10.708 s/f canal lot w/130' frontage & dock $392,000.
    # 602 15.334 s/f canal comer lot w/197' seawall $334,000.
    # 886 12,828 s/f canal lot, 100' sea wall, 50' dock $329,000.
    # 704 10,400 s/f elevated canal lot w/104' frontage $265,000.
    # 597 11,242 s/f canal lot w/171' seawall. sea view $265,000.
    # 904 16,345 s/fw/ 108' water frontage, sea view $119,950.
    #811 10.400 s/f sea view comer lot, near beach $107,000.
    # 567 2.139 acres on highway near Leisure Lee $149,700.
    Atlantic Oceanfront Parcel #746 Approx. I acre residential
    parcel. 154' elevated shoreline near Orchid Bay community.
    great ocean views. $395,000.
    Dolphin Beach Estates # 843 Atlantic Ocean View. 17,500 s/f
    lot # 121. All utilities installed. Includes house plans for 4,350 s/f
    under roof elevated home. Close to beach B$287,500.
    Great Abaco Club, Canalfront Home # 637 Elegantly
    furnished 4 bed. 4 bath, 2.800 s/f home. State-of-the-art kitchen.
    Canal-side pool/patio, 42' deep water frontage $2,185,000.

    Great Abaco Club, Sea View Lot # 493 7.750 s/f, Sea of
    Abaco views, finger dock for 25' vessel. gated community, all
    utilities available. Use of resort amenities. Reduced $299,000.
    "Beau Soleil", White Sound # 662 Beautifuld 4 bed 5 bath
    Beachfront Estate Main House. Apt & Guest House furnished
    3.634 s/f on 0.878 acres, 120' dock. pool, 173' beach.
    (Main & Guest Houses also available separately) $2,300,000,
    "Island Reach" Seaview Lot # 684 Hilltop 0.405 acre parcel
    on White Sound Bluff overlooking Sea of Abaco $725,000.
    Beach Front Parcel # 714 45.343 s/f parcel. 100' beach
    frontage on Atlantic Ocean. Electricity available. Ideal site for
    permanent residence or vacation home. $349,000.
    Inland Lot Near Beach (Ref# 756) Large 13.000 s/f lot near
    white sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches, native vegetation. Good
    road access. $38,000.
    Ocean View Residential Lot # 887 Elevated. hillside corner
    parcel. 12,600 s/f +/-, close to sandy Atlantic Ocean beachfront.
    All utilities available. Ideal building site. $179,000.

    We Exceed Client Expectations!
    Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime properties throughout Abaco
    Phone: (242) 365.8752 Cell: (242) 577.6570

    Oct, 15, 2007

    Page 12 B The Abaconian


    I IACo

    i1 0$11 90U
    _- PUPER BTL.

    $15" ..i .'80
    lgJPER TL

    AL \VRV(.X>.\PI NIL
    or p~RpV


    Tasillero de Diablo

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    10 PEaLm


    Buy a Six Pack & Enter to
    WIN A.

    Miami Dolphin
    Howe Game Tickets"!?

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    L. ^^.,,_. _ti-^



    Available at ALL BRISTOL WINES & SPIRITS mtail stores naton wide.

    October 15, 2007




    0 R

    e.u lp/i

    October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 13 B

    Hope Town Junior Sailors win every race in Opti Nationals

    By Peggy Thompson
    All five Abaco Junior Sailors finished in
    the top ten in the Bahamas Opti Nation-
    al Championship. Dylan Thompson was
    the first place winner while Noah Albury
    came in third place, Tristan Albury in
    fourth, Danielle Moss in fifth and Shannon
    Thompson in seventh. They all participat-
    ed in the September 28 -30 weekend event
    that attracted sailors from Abaco, Grand
    Bahama, Long Island and Nassau. The
    group ranged from age 10 to 14 and was
    designated for the beginner "green" fleet
    since they lacked competitive experience.
    The Hope Town youth began training on
    the Optimists two years ago and benefited
    by several short clinics. Optimists are sail-
    ing dinghies raced in over 100 countries for
    sailors under 16 years of age. Incredibly,
    the Hope Town boys crossed the finish line
    first out of 22 sailors in every race!
    It was a great weekend with lots of
    events. On Friday the sailors arrived and
    met for the first time and registered for the
    races. Saturday skippers' meeting was at
    8:30 with racing starting at 10 a.m. The
    sailors raced until lunch when all the fleets
    met at Montague Beach for a complimen-

    tary lunch provided by Kentucky Fried
    Chicken. They sailed the rest of the after-
    noon, then met for a dinner hosted by the
    Royal Sailing Club of Nassau. A raffle of
    sailing watches donated by John Bull was
    held for the race participants and various
    prizes were passed out by Frannie de-
    On Sunday the wind was blowing and
    the rain hovering but these brave young
    people were not deterred as they sailed out
    into the crashing waves. After race six, the
    race committee determined the conditions
    were deteriorating fast and announced that
    the Green fleet was no longer obligated to
    race. The Hope Town sailors refused to go
    onshore and raced even in the rough condi-
    That night the awards ceremony was
    held at Nassau Yacht Club. It was a great
    honor to have Olympian Gold medal win-
    ner, Sir Durward Knowles, present the tro-
    phies. (Durward Knowles and Cecil Cooke
    were the country's first Golden Boys, win-
    ning gold during the 1964 Olympics in
    Tokyo, Japan.) After congratulating the
    Hope Town sailors, the Director of Sailing
    Operations, Jimmy Lowe, promoted every

    participating Hope Town team member to
    the Championship Fleet for next year's
    The Hope Town Sailing Club was in-
    strumental in bringing life back into the
    junior sailing program. Volunteers like
    Richard and Monica Cook, Ron Engle,
    Chris Thompson, Kevin Albury, Peter Al-
    bury and especially Coach Matt McCoy
    have obviously taught the junior sailors a
    thing or two! The Hope Town Sailing Club
    sponsored renowned coaches Maria Aaboe

    and Shane Deppe to spearhead a race clinic
    that culminated in an invitational regatta.
    George and Sue Holloway donate many
    hours of coaching and organization on
    behalf of the Hope Town Sailing Club.
    Though they were off-island, they sent
    word via e-mail, "Special congratulations
    to Dylan Thompson, who won 5 of the 7
    races, taking a very convincing first place.
    And special sympathy for Candice Trem-
    bly, who broke her leg and was not able to

    Five junior sailors from Hope Town competed in the Optimist National Claiipi/",i,.p
    They won every race with Dylan Thompson winning five out of seven races. They are
    shown here being awarded their trophies by Sir Durward Knowles, one of the first Baha-
    mians to win gold in the Olympics.

    PO Box AB 21027
    Marsh Harbour
    Abaco, Bahamas
    Ph. 242-367-4962

    HIGH ROCK Beautiful waterfront
    home 4 bed / 4 bath on two
    acres of nicely landscaped
    property, swimming pool, fully
    furnished, boat house and dock,
    fantastic views
    EXCLUSIVE Price upon inquiry

    Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed
    upstairs / 2 bath, fully furnished, swim-
    ming pool, tennis courts, security.
    Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed /
    2 bath, down stairs unit, overlooking
    Marsh Harbour, fully furnished, swim-
    ming pool, tennis courts, security.
    $320,000 EXCLUSIVE
    Pelican Shores 2 Prestigious WA-
    TERFRONT lots on Pelican shores with
    deep water frontage and street
    frontage, already cleared with high
    and flat elevation. Lots can be sold
    Lot 1 approx 10,000 sq. ft.
    Lot 2 approx. 12,000 sq. ft. This lot
    includes an in-ground swimming pool
    with landscaped area.
    Call for Additional Info

    Leslie Pinder

    HIGH ROCK 3 bed / 3 bath
    home, fantastic views of Marsh
    Harbour, Hope Town and Lub-ber's
    Quarters, 2 car carport, central
    air, beautifully landscaped lot,
    Exclusive 1.08 acres, 50 ft. above
    sea level

    High Rock Beautiful home, 3 bed /
    2 bath, furnished, family room, central
    air, over 2,000 sq. ft.
    EXCLUSIVE $710,000
    Don MacKay Blvd. Prime commercial
    property downtown Marsh Harbour,
    approx 2.5 acres
    $2.3 million Exclusive
    Treasure Cay Carleton Landing
    Condos on the canal
    Call for info.
    Pelican Shores Elevated
    Lot on the Harbour. Great views -
    Exclusive, Call for Info
    Bahama Palm Shores
    Lot in Section I
    Price $41,000

    Regattas Units Rentals
    D il \A! l'I\/ 'r M onthll\

    Julyl I, 2007

    LAND If We Don't Have It, We Will Find It!V
    SSEA 0 Box AB 21027- Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
    RIEALTY Telephone: 242-367-4962
    E-mail: or

    30IMM I Mm

    Well Done Drilling Services
    Well Drilling: Water Wells, Drainage Wells, Septic Disposal Wells
    Trenching: Trenching for underground utility services
    Piling Holes: Piling Holes for home foundations and utility poles planted
    Excavator Rental: Specialized Excavator Foundation Drilling for
    home foundations in sand and Excavator Digging

    Call us today for a free consultation!
    h: (242) 367-4842 0 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas


    & SEA





    Page 14 B The Abaconian

    Unique Investment Opportunities

    within The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, a Ritz Carlton Property

    For those who wish to design their
    own home. there are two ocean front
    lots and one beach front lot available.
    each offering 200' of frontage.
    Lots 8 and 11 are located along the
    cliffs and golf course at the northern
    tip of The Club.

    Lot 21 is a spectacular
    beach lot with 200' of
    powder sand frontage
    offering endless views
    of the bay.


    T Aisle
    Palm Realty

    Aisle of Palm Realty
    P.O. Box AB 20900
    Marsh Harbour,
    Abaco, Bahamas

    Aisle of Palm Realty

    Aisle of Palm Realty has been selected exclusively to represent these properties along with Hilco Real Es-
    tate of Illinois by the Bankruptcy Courts of The United States. For further information on these properties,
    please contact Brent Cartwright at 242 367 0080 or email

    AMN ~e <6hl ~6Ag~u

    Fax: 242-367-0081
    website :

    October 15, 2007



    October 15, 2007 The Abaconian




    Dupuch I

    PO Bo\ AB

    A/\la-rsh h
    20340. Abaco. Bahamas
    e-mail: jamesanddl

    leal Estate

    (arbour O(fice M E
    * Tel: 1242i 36~-02 188 Fa\: 1242i 36~-0289
    onV-1111, .'el ias tnl.CO l
    mm7m .... m Sm m m_ -p i



    sII i -\ 1 .1 rit ii l.-||., i ,n ii .' Ii 'l l s i 1 i

    i ell ,.-il iii. i..i 'l ii. ii. l'.- .. E ll .'.' I l -
    i 11r i I n ,II, li .-t l I .l I l .F e T'. n
    Z1.3615 Price: $260,000

    si' ,.- i m


    l' |.Ilh -i 2 1 i i . i I- il ll pi i .l I li-.ii L ... -i 1 i .i I1 Ill . i. ( l r l, I I I" i -
    i iu li, I H- iii.- il.iL I ]ii' |,.- I ln ].it t-t ll l i i 't -l ii nii iii ',liii'4 i, I ri -.-
    ii i| . ...' i ll.-l il ), -.-n T I ]-i . nI'-, -,l v- l .I l.I . -

    l .-,, . .-,], -I. l, i u ll v ; i j i i l ,,,] .-,I l .l .l,-, u l, . ,,n .. ,II -. I ..- | l,_, l,,n -

    -, l ,'l'



    ~fl-ta~ -. m
    . --

    ce: $4,700,000

    .-- :


    I 4 + .-i Iv 1 ; ;. ,i 1 .- |1
    ii ni ll - I I I l i.- i II .-.,I I-
    1--,i I .-I l 0un, il.l u- l ,-It-l .it ,,

    - 3515 Price: $4,250,000
    m -- . -o u- - 1- m =-... .-

    2 I- ,i 2 1 I -ll11i l1 l 1 .. ,4 -I .l I n- 1 1-


    IJu i u i_ .1 .. ml .-il .i -. I .,. ni-.l
    - -...-l ,,.0rl $I. 330, 0 0ll. -

    build Tl i,- v I I.-i l h l- 41i
    1.3604 Price: $330,000

    + VIM 2 II iu lil ilq
    -l-,,-d ..r- 1111v ul .h l. -- F, t-ul.. .
    ', . 1 ll.-,Iir i .-in .'l 1i- |i ..i k . I
    ,,u,.l n Iib- l., ThI- M I.-. 1 -lu 1
    =13482 Price: $2,185,000 -
    ., '. =, .- m".

    S' .- ii. i. Ill 2 II 2 ll i ',- ll li ,-. 11

    .i-'- I I lit \i Niv .' I- l i 1
    ' li, 'ii i ,,nl *mi n1 nil'n I II i.i Ii,| .-i i ,i I lit
    11t :1 ,3 Prll 1e. n,0 0
    Z1596 Price: $230,000


    N ,, 4 l,-i. 4 l.iill lui ni i-.'l ii .ini

    t ,I I ll.-,r l l . -r l .-,I, ,, .-,ll 1 ]-,lll lln
    It-I' t ' i k l Pi l 0 '
    =2818 Price: $580,000


    -., -i .-, i ,| i i- lm i.-
    ii.-, l l .. 1l1.-, ,\ -

    _ .


    .i ci ui ui l ii u 0i '-.-

    Price: $2,455,000


    in Iii i - .I .- -i c. ,il In l h, i i I

    i\\ tl i I l- it- I I. .-I1 -lipi'
    =1146 Price: $1,190,000
    - --r.

    \ n, -.1 2 I illi ci ': l .1 ,]0.,n .t
    ,.i I. r-]'.1 hil 4-I- .nl I -i-. l i ,- i n I -
    i-)]m-l l it ,i-L ;it i-. t 'im it- n 'il .II[ -l.'ii iil'. -
    b-',-. ,l ] il-ire l "I
    =147'5 Price: $150.00

    N v 1 -I hu ll 1 ,' . .1- ;i I ..1 I ) u li .1 Im l n .
    li. | ,l p- ,p Iml li ,u. b'-n- I : l.lli u1 ,1 *g m .' 1 pIm ii ..i [ I ,1 i l in i m ppil ,
    , 111 ,] i r 1. ], I I I k..t- h I n 1I I F. H illl. I -1. .i,- l 1. 11 I ll .- 1. ] .. -
    S II.4_ . ,V Ill 1 -11.I1.1 1. .n1I

    =13561 Price: $895,000 13558 Price: $490,000
    -^ ".. --



    = 2I P r cI. n i.. l At .-1 l- I -I1
    T1 I- 1-l I .-il.l ... in I:P- -i: $ ,00

    = =2809 Price: $665,000
    r ES 5^ ::.a. B sa,? '. .,'**'

    i Li,. -I,. -II ,i '.-m i l.-,,i -i m -'H' I F limi ( ii, l -I -I- i .'I n l I .i t ; I- ;
    p I i i i-l ; I,- .1' 2 I, l. 11 i .. i .. i li.-il|i *ni Il i i. i.'l i i i] 1 I l ,
    ,l i ',l I"1, En In .1 .\ lFI n .l .-],- ,.1 ,4 -,.u 1- i.- I i,,n l I .-,'. ,.\ I-il| .
    . ] ,, ,]p -i l 1 . .. b- lu ..l-,,l -,I,.- l i FI .-,li .-,rm ,.- ,i l i| l -, I I ,I 1- I
    - =2837 Price: $350,000 L ;13180 $580,000

    Casuarina Point & Bahama Palm Shores ,I.n-; i-ii RENTAL ,l I C
    Regallas Rental 2 I 2 .- .11 p....I I n' ..iuil \ 1 -, i $2,200 nonllh C

    T i I-i-..i .n I . ) --.11 m tli .l I. i- t. I .\ 2 m ... I ,- 1l l)e .difront lo ts ,-i...n .
    lI, ,n 1 il1 '.-".-" l )]. -n 1 11. p l h-] .1--. i .- 11 n .1--i..-I i niurnr .,. l.. C -l-. 111,rl
    il. I. 1 . .l1 ]- -. i .1. i ult h ll- i l. I C ). [.1 v ll i 4.. . Ill ll- ll. "
    h. I T -.i -I h _ll'. 1 .. . -.- -.. l I1. in i'- H L-). ,-in '
    C=13552 Price: $699,000 -13544 Price: $295,000 "

    :asuarina Point Canal fl I, i III l ... .-in .. \ i I ,, .i-,l-,i $80,000 c- !
    :l e ro k e e S o u n d O u ir-li -, ]- .. -,il -. -,rr -, ,, h iih h .-if .-,,-rr h-,i- .-.. -,il .il-,ir $ 2 1 0 ,0 0 0 il.1 o! ,

    S%%eetings Tract I ... I l.,1 ,n ,- m. ,ii t - .. $,' vI. ,ill -.-i l i $55,000 Treasure Ca%\ El- 1..1 11 ..hlt in .ilini l .. -i i iliiin .iii $90,000 2 '
    ' Bustick Biglut TI, I.11 .-,,ll I. I I- t ll .i .. .- .1 l .inl $115,000 ello ),iood -.-ulill l l, 11 11, ,], I I .. .. \\ i, lI ., Fl -.. $150,000 W .
    S Sand Banks \ .ii- lil., il l p i I ... -11I -.I n ii .-i il F.-.k $185,000 EII)om Ca% N I.. lii i -il ; I -,-l I 2 -.-,ili III l,,]-, li, ,m i- k Ifi $925,000
    Bahania Palnim Shores & Bahama Coral Island Inl$ii ..I.. I i. $24,000 '

    a..tI%4N-.$A24..- L j .$




    76-7, 7 A*-

    Page 15 B

    Page 16 B The Abaconian

    Abaco Club's job vacancies were not filled

    By Samantha V. Evans
    Planning for a career is something that
    everyone should begin to prepare for while
    in high school so that when the opportu-
    nity comes for them to fill a position, that
    person will be prepared. Over 230 persons
    got an awesome opportunity to get a great
    start at a career job fair with The Abaco
    Club Ritz Carlton on September 21-22 held
    at the Tourism Training Center in Memo-
    rial Plaza. Mr. Whitney Bain, the Learning
    Manager, who organizes all of the training
    lectures and e-learning for the resort, gave
    an overview of what was expected. He deals
    with all of the human resources on the prop-
    erty. He explained the process that all new
    employees go through including two days of
    orientation where they learn the company's
    policies, procedures and standards as well
    as their value since they are the most impor-

    tant resource on the property.
    There is constant learning in the resort
    environment. At the end of the 21 days they
    are certified that they have completed the
    first full training session. At this point they
    receive a job description and task layout for
    them to follow in order to meet the compa-
    ny's standards. This type of training is what
    sets top resorts and companies apart from
    the others. At the job fair they were looking
    to fill 27 positions mainly in the service de-
    partments. Most of them were to fill vacant
    positions for the start of their upcoming
    busy season so that they can continue to of-
    fer the quality of service the resort is known
    for. Additionally, Mr. Bain stated that there
    were a few new positions in the housekeep-
    ing department that needed to be filled.
    Mr. Frederick Munnings and Mrs. In-
    grid Musgrove were also instrumental in

    planning this event. Even with so many ap-
    plicants, the resort was unsuccessful in fill-
    ing the 27 vacant positions. The team at the
    job fair gave their thoughts as to why this
    happened. They believe that many students
    are not being adequately prepared for em-
    ployment while in high school. Even though
    career fairs are held, it is believed that more
    job shadowing needs to take place possibly
    from grades 10 and 11 to help students de-
    cide what area they would like to pursue
    upon graduation. Even though attending
    college is good, they explained that many
    students are not academically inclined so
    how are they being prepared for the work-
    It was quite disappointing not to have
    such a small number of positions filled con-
    sidering the large number of persons who
    attended the fair, going through the Pre-
    Screening Interview, the Quality Selection
    Process Interview and the Listening Inter-
    view. Mr. Munnings stated that they were
    also looking for raw talents and abilities
    which could be harnessed and built upon.
    However, in many instances, the applicants
    did not know what their natural talents and
    abilities were. Additionally, it was stated
    by the team that only approximately 30 per-
    cent of the them came appropriately dressed
    for an interview. Many came attired in
    jeans and t-shirts, shorts, slippers, casually
    dressed, not appropriate to sell themselves
    to their prospective employers. This, too,
    was disappointing and needs to be immedi-

    ately addressed.
    There was great concern expressed over
    the lack of preparation being made by Aba-
    conian adults and students for the many
    positions that will soon come on stream as
    a result of the numerous developments ap-
    proved for this island. Mr. Munnings stated
    that many persons have already been caught
    off guard during the two days of interview-
    ing held by his resort, and he predicts that
    many more will be seriously surprised and
    miss major opportunities because of lack of
    preparation, qualifications and skills these
    organizations will be looking for.
    He appeals to all of the high school ad-
    ministrators on the island to adequately pre-
    pare the students for job markets besides the
    professional suit-and-tie careers. In fact, he
    knows from experience that careers in the
    resort business in particular and the tour-
    ism market in general are very lucrative. He
    added that the Ministry of Education should
    consider offering the BahamaHost program
    to students via the Ministry of Tourism and
    ensure that students interested in service ca-
    reers including chefs are exposed to cook-
    ing in a kitchen while in school. He further
    stated that his resort has attempted to bridge
    these gaps before, but they have not yet
    been successful.
    The team was proud to say that there
    were some persons who will be called in

    Please see Abaco Club Page 17

    Although 230 persons applied for work at the Abaco Club at Winding Bay, the company
    was unable to fill the 27 vacancies they had. The applicants went through several stages of
    pre-screening and initial interviews and those who were hired will have continual training
    on the job. The staff at quality resorts must be well trained in giving exceptional service.
    The Abaco Club used the conference room at the Tourism office for their interviews.


    Whether you need regularly scheduled pick up for your
    business or periodic disposal service on a construction
    site.... Bahamas Waste works with you to assess your
    needs and exceeds your expectations!
    Compactors and open top containers available.
    Specalizing in construction and demolition waste.
    Portable toilets coming soon.
    Telephone : (242) 357-6888 466-3990
    SLocated at the Marsh Harbour Airport Roundabout,
    Marsh Harbour, Abaco

    The Abaco

    Donna Darville
    Marsh Harbour
    242-367-SOLD (7653)
    donna@paradisebahamas. con


    ireasuret Lay 2 oeu, L oa
    with views of creek, on larg

    Other fine properties and rentals available




    ~- ~mIc ~h

    .A =J- 1ni.,=
    vae- m-iis "nI=s e
    1i~, ~ti* .SP-MK UL.W

    Scftoulj$p $sRtVIcK

    (111.I icA.L I I- i t i1IL UI![:N LiNItI'K
    12 LN AL L i.-C'T-lbllILDT LJH' i
    i l l I i III 5 l111 I 1 i l. I I '11 1

    HATn. MrM Fn ii.rm tiU

    Real Estate Specialists

    Frank Knowles
    ,REAL ESTAlHope Town
    Cell 242-577-0339
    a frank

    hired Properties
    Bahama Coral Island Lots starting
    from $25,000
    Bahama Coral Island House to belt
    course $85,000
    Yelloweood Hilltop Stunning views of
    the Atlantic and Winding Bay beach.
    th cottage $82,000
    e lot. Commercial lot in Marsh Harbour
    ) $175,000 behind Memorial Plaza 15,000+ sq. ft.

    October 15, 2007

    October 15, 2007

    Abaco's Haitian problem is

    discussed in new book on Papa Doc

    Abaco's "Haitian problem" figures
    prominently in a new book about the infa-
    mous dictator, Francois "Papa Doc" Du-
    valier, who ruled Haiti for 14 years in the
    1960s and early 1970s.
    The book also contains a long passage
    about the American mercenary Mitchell
    "Mad Mitch" Werbell, who was involved
    in the Abaco secessionist movement of
    1973, and once plotted to overthrow Duva-
    lier in the late 1960s.
    The 280-page book, Papa Doc: Portrait
    of a Haitian Tyrant, is by John Marquis,
    managing editor of The Tribune, who in-
    terviewed Duvalier while covering a spy
    trial in Port-au-Prince in 1968.
    "Abaco features quite a lot because it
    was the Duvalier regime that sparked the
    exodus which led to mass illegal immigra-
    tion, Marquis told The Abaconian. "In the
    book I discuss the Marsh Harbour settle-
    ments and also the growing assertiveness
    of the Haitian population in recent years."
    Marquis, a journalist for 47 years, be-
    came interested in Papa Doc after cover-
    ing the story of David Knox, the Bahamas
    information director who was convicted
    of treason by the Haitian government in
    The three-week trial provides the foun-
    dation of the book which traces Haiti's tur-
    bulent history and discusses the influences
    which lay behind Duvalier's emergence as
    the most ruthless tyrant of the age.
    Up to 60,000 people are thought to have
    died during the Duvalier regime, many at
    the hands of his feared militia, the Tontons
    Macoute. Papa Doc died in 1971, to be suc-
    ceeded by his son, Jean-Claude, who was
    eventually ousted from power in 1986.
    Marquis's last book, Blood and Fire,

    The Duke of Windsor and the Strange
    Murder of Sir Harry Oakes, was published
    to critical acclaim in 2005.
    It is for sale on Amazon at this time, but
    an official launch is to be held in Nassau in
    the next few weeks.

    Abaco Club From Page 16

    for a final interview and to have a drug and
    background test done to ensure that they
    will be an asset to the resort and not a li-
    ability. Some may ask why all of this is
    necessary. They realize that the world has
    changed and companies all over the world
    including Abaco are looking to attract the

    best and the brightest. The Abaco Club
    Ritz Carlton has a reputation to uphold the
    high standards of their mother resort; they
    must follow in her footsteps. Gone are the
    days when students can simply graduate
    and fall right into a viable career without
    adequate preparation or possess the needed
    qualifications. Organizations are asking for
    credentials for minimal positions and the
    qualifications are increasing for the "top
    notch" positions. The question the Hu-
    man Resources team asks is, What are you
    doing to prepare for the advancement of
    If a person attended and was unsuccess-
    ful, do not lose heart, there is still time to get
    yourself properly credentialed so that when
    this resort has another job fair in the next
    year or so, you will stand a better chance
    at being successful. Mr. Munnings appeals

    The Abaconian Page 17 B

    to the Abaco community to prepare them-
    selves because Abaco is booming. There is
    a huge demand for persons in the service
    industry and they pay well. The hot jobs at
    this time are in the food and beverage area,
    front desk and housekeeping. A new area
    that is seriously in demand is in the spa
    area. Allyson Knowles, the Spa Manager,
    was unsuccessful finding a qualified person
    to fill the vacancy in her area. Finally, Mr.
    Munnings stated that many persons were
    interested in this area. But like many of the
    other positions left vacant, they were not
    certified to fill the post.
    Get ready, Abaco, because "a big train
    a'comin." Will you be ready to benefit
    from it when it arrives?

    *Flwqnit%r Pan t -*IV~dU

    Co tc4Ai ff iptfruL
    * *PIMM-t w...-, -

    rice Reduction

    For more information contact:
    Marsh Harbour Office
    t 242.367.5046
    f 242.367.5045

    WATERFRONT unique one of a kind property. Pristine island located
    just a few hundred yards east of Marsh Harbour. 4.96 acres with
    1/2 mile of water frontage and private marina. 300 linear feet of
    dockage with 6 feet of water at low tide. 2 bed 2 bath with main
    house plus I bed I bath cottage. Electricity and telephone utilities
    from mainland. Ample fresh water and five above ground cisterns
    and much more. Now $2,875,000.

    mow --low

    Page 18 B The Abaconian

    Heal Our Land Distribution Center opens

    By Mirella Santillo
    The first building of Heal Our Land
    Family Crisis Center, a distribution cen-
    ter, was dedicated on October 6th in an of-
    ficial ceremony attended by the Minister of
    State of Social Services, the Hon. Loretta
    Located in Murphy Town, the distribu-
    tion center is part of a three-phase proj-
    ect that will include a low rent, two-story
    building that will provide temporary ac-
    commodation for people in need, particu-
    larly single mothers, and a third edifice
    will house a counseling and rehabilitation
    center for people addicted to drugs or alco-
    hol or affected by social ills.
    The dedication of the first building came
    after many years of planning, according to
    Vice President, Rev. Jerry Cornish, and
    after having provided shelter, food, cloth-
    ing and emotional assistance out of mem-

    bers' homes for the last seven years.
    The inspiration for the Crisis Center
    came to Mrs. Kathleen Knowles in "a
    message from God" several years ago, she
    explained in her address. After searching
    many location, Mrs. Knowles donated land
    she owned in Murphy Town with her late
    husband for the actualisation of the Heal
    Our Land project of which she is the Presi-
    dent, acting on God's inspiration.
    That first building, painted a cheerful
    pink and set among flowers, comprises two
    small rooms and a bathroom and will serve
    as a food and clothes distribution center
    for the needy. The dedication, which took
    place under a tent set next to the building,
    was moderated by Rev. Jerry Cornish and
    began with an invocation by Rev. Alphon-
    so Lewis, Treasurer of Heal Our Land
    Crisis Center. Mrs. Cleola Pinder, another
    officer of the center and the coordinator

    The dedication of the first building of the Heal Our Land Crisis Center included recog-
    nizing these who helped make it a reality. S/wi ,i above is Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner,
    Minister of State for Social Services, presenting a certificate to Mr. Fred Louis, electri-
    cian, /i/il Mrs. Kathleen Knowles, President of Heal Our Land, looks on.

    fal ol {?[nP m [sHsyo@ m
    Aisle of Palm Realty -SOLD Fl Ph aa l (iXiZI)
    P.O.BoxAB 20900a Il. i w Fax: 242-367-0081
    Marsh Harbour, PamRealty email brent@aisleofpalmrealty corn
    Abaco, Bahamas website www aisleofpalmrealty corn

    Brent Cartwright, Broker, BRI
    Phone 367-0080

    Giselle McIntosh
    Phone 365-4655

    Maria Silvester, BRI
    Phone 367-0080

    Junior Mernard
    Phone 366-0361

    Hope Town 1374 Best priced sandy beach
    lot on island. Beautifully landscaped and
    ready for building.
    Little Harbour 1335 Spacious 2/2 cottage on
    large hillside lot, great ocean views.
    The Abaco Club 1363 Two adjacent beach lots
    with unobstructed views of Winding Bay.
    Yellowwood Five hillside lots with views of
    Winding Bay available starting at $61,900
    Guana beachfront home 1256 3/2 on high
    dune, endless views. Great rental history.
    Marsh Harbour home 1364 2/2 on lovely
    landscaped lot. Centrally located. $206,000
    Sea Glass 1337 3/2 home on Guana Cay with
    beach access just steps away. $439,000
    Watching Bay 1392 Fabulous hill top lot with
    great views. Short walk to beach.

    Rhiannon Thomas
    Phone 365-5003

    Kristin Williams
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    Nikhil Shah
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    The Abaco Club on Winding Bay 4 cottages
    and 3 lots in bankruptcy sale. Great potential
    for the right buyer. Call for details.
    Watching Bay Three adjacent lots near the
    entrance of this new subdivision just outside
    the settlement of Cherokee.
    Bahama Palm Shores A large selection of
    interior and beach lots starting at $25,000
    The Great Abaco Club 1189 Jaffa is a 3/3
    home on a double lot positioned to capture
    views from every room.
    Royal Harbour waterfront lots Two waterfront
    lots, both offering great dockage.
    Regattas Penthouse unit 1334 The only
    3/3 init in complex. Very spacious, wonderful
    kitchen, double patio, huge master bath. A
    must see unit.

    Junel5 07

    for the function, pro-
    nounced the welcome
    address followed by
    Pastor Mildred Fergu-
    son, who enunciated
    the mission statement:
    To produce individu-
    als who are healthy in-
    tellectually, spiritually
    and emotionally, who
    will be able to make
    contributions to fam-
    ily, community, coun-
    try and humanity. The
    Assistant Administra-
    tor, Mrs. Margaret Sy-
    monette, represented
    Administrator Cephas

    * I

    LI p
    The first building of the Heal Our Land Crisis Center is a Dis-
    tribution Center that was dedicated on October 6. The building
    is located in Murphy Town and will be followed by two other

    Cooper, who was unable to attend.
    Mrs. Turner said, "I was not aware of
    the services provided here," referring to
    the fact that members of the center were
    already providing services out of their
    homes that will be offered at the center.
    She praised Mrs. Knowles and the other
    women involved, stating that many times
    women had to "step into the gap and carry
    the vision." Not wanting to offend any
    of the men present, she thanked the men
    of the community who helped carry this
    dream. "Let's not ever look down on our
    unfortunate brothers and sisters," she said,
    continuing that she had committed infor-
    mally to establish a grant for the project.
    Mrs. Turner commended them for
    partnering with the government and with
    churches of the communities. She de-
    scribed the family as being "the bedrock
    of society," deploring the present state of
    the Bahamian family which is headed by
    women most of the time, often single. She
    blamed television and electronic devices

    for breaking down the family structure.
    Mrs. Knowles explained how she had
    come about creating the crisis center and
    how her inspiration had come directly from
    God. "We move the way God wants us
    to," she stated. She explained that her vi-
    sion encompasses a juvenile center, one for
    men, one for women and a disaster center,
    "a place of healing and restoration." She
    presented certificates of recognition to the
    contractor, Mr. Fred Louis, to the electri-
    cian, Mr. Foster Cooper, to the plumber,
    Mr. Adrian Woods, and to helpers, Mr.
    Fred Bain and Mr. Paul Ferguson. Mrs.
    Knowles then blessed the grounds with oil
    in a symbolic gesture.
    Local dignitaries included the Director
    of Social Services, Mrs. Salomie Gibson,
    and the Assistant Administrator, and repre-
    sentatives of local churches.
    After the cutting of the ribbon, the cer-
    emony was followed by food and refresh-











    Don MacKay Boulevard Marsh Harbour
    Across the street from St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

    October 15, 2007

    Schooner Bay courts Cherokee
    The proposed
    Schooner Bay de-
    velopment was pre-
    sented in Cherokee
    on October 2 with
    about 15 persons at-
    tending. The thrust
    K viof the presentation
    was to dc, ,,it hi job
    Opportunities and
    answer questions re-
    lated to the 20-year
    -- project time frame.
    The 220-acre ocean
    front development has more than 600 residences and has been approved in principle
    by government. It is now waiting on an oversight review and approval by the BEST
    commission. The developers are hoping to start preliminary site work in November or
    December and have projected an initial work force of approximately 40persons which
    may expand to 200 250 as the project gets underway. Total employment is expected
    to exceed 500 as the project matures. After the meeting Captain Michael Bethel, left,
    and Town Committee member Kenneth Albury, right, discussed the project with Mr.
    Kevin Main, who is the construction director.

    Mermaid Reef Villas


    On quiet Pelican Shore in Marsh Harbour
    Waterfront Beach Terrace, Pool
    2B/2B furnished* Beside Mermaid Reef
    Week, Month, Year call 242-367-0518 or 577-0451

    October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 19 B

    Friends Receives Donation



    On September 16th, the men's
    fellowship group of Zion Bap-
    tist Church in Murphy Town
    invited the Mrs. D'Shan May-
    cock, Education Coordinator of
    Friends of the Environment, to
    talk to their group about Inter-
    national Coastal Cleanup Day.
    At the end of the presentation,
    the Pastor, Rev. Christopher
    Dean, presented Mrs. Maycock
    with a donation to Friends of the


    Whie Sun, Ebow@ a

    1A ~ 1 IA ~ ~hrist10e



    LMW .....


    ii ~

    9 10
    t % s






    12.M I 5.

    New exclusive community comprising 12 hilltop
    lots and 4 waterfront lots with stunning views of
    White Sound, the Sea of Abaco and the Atlantic
    Ocean. Sizes range from 12,000 to 17,000 sq. ft.

    Hillside lots from $305,000.
    Waterfront lots at $785,000.
    Internet Ref. PS 10605

    sTuan, R-

    Hope Town
    366 0700
    Cell 577*0333
    kainleen*Qnc Enri! le coin

    E~inIe Ageni

    Ce ll 77 0277

    M~rsfl HwrbIov
    Cell 5770422
    ainsiey~ngcnrl~Tle EOrn

    oil 3q A7A

    Sales Assislanm
    Hope ToWn
    Cell 577.8533
    iOD0iengcnrlslie corn

    I MrhHror36-44-Hp Ton36 070-Emi:aao hcrsi. cm-w .H I

    ( TwiniAir


    Twin Packets -Abaco $2,000
    20 one-way tickets valid for one year
    On sale through October 31, 2007

    Call 954-359-8266


    Marsh Harbour 367-0140 Treasure Cay 365-8660
    Ft. Lauderdale 954-359-8266
    North Eleuthera 335-1696 Governor's Harbour 332-3340 Rock Sound 334-2795



    XrUkP~ -1k-Mw

    6 |

    fj*A.Iif *ALLV$
    AS: 0i VoADD, 1. 0

    Cell 31A 60.1A
    1IhV V~r fly~r-: he (0



    Page 20 B The Abaconian

    BTC's Walk/ Run health event

    By Mirella Santillo
    The 56 people who participated in the
    health event sponsored by Bahamas Tele-
    communications Corporation the morning
    of September 22nd could not have had
    better weather. There was a gentle breeze
    and the rain that had fallen all week had
    finally subsided. It was still dark just a few
    minutes after 6 a.m. when the group left
    the starting line in front of the telephone
    company's office where a tent had been set
    for the refreshments and the awards.
    The course took them to the airport
    roundabout and back. There were two
    paces: run or walk. The participants were
    divided into seven categories by age and all
    the categories were represented that day.
    By 6:30 a.m. a couple of sprinters were
    already on their way back to the finish line
    and by 6:50 a.m. Mr. Jeffrey Victor (un-
    der 40) crossed the finish line, covering
    the five-mile race in 45 minutes, complain-
    ing that he was out of shape! He was soon
    followed five minutes later by 18-year old
    Darren Bodie, who came first in the under

    20 category. Sixteen-year-old Alex Wilm-
    ore was third to arrive, placing second in
    that same category.
    The first female to arrive was 12-year-
    old Candice Murray, first in the under 15
    category. She is a student at Abaco Central
    High School who often competes in track
    and had trained under Mr. Jeffrey Victor's
    supervision. She had entered the event
    with her mother, Mrs. Bernadette Murray,
    who was walking and arrived much later.
    The second female to place was Mrs. Bev-
    erley Rolle (under 50). Mrs. Elsie Miller
    was the oldest participant, in the over 60
    category, but not the last one to finish.
    Approximately eight BTC employees
    entered the race, but they were not the
    only government employees to participate
    as it seemed that all the government agen-
    cies were well represented : five members
    from the Office of Tourism were there;
    the Director, Mr. Don Cornish, was actu-
    ally the first of the walkers to arrive. Sev-
    eral staff members from Social Services
    also walked. Even Mr. Cephus Cooper,

    Administrator for Cen- ,
    trial Abaco, joined the
    Nurse Fernander and
    Nurse Miller checked
    people's blood pres-
    sure and blood glucose.
    Each participant was
    given a Health Passport
    with the results. A typi-
    cal Bahamian break-
    fast of Sheep TongueA
    Souse, Chicken Souse
    and Pig Feet Souse, ac-
    companied by Johnny After the Walk/Run BTC had nurses on hand to check people's
    Cake was ready for the blood pressure and blood glucose. Shi, here is Nurse Fer-
    participants. nander checking the pressure of Mr. Cephus Cooper, Senior
    Trophies were gv- Administrator for Central Abaco, who was one of the partici-
    en by the organizers of
    the event, Mrs. Valeriapants.
    Lightbourn, and Ms. Arlene Clark, BTC's mini-radio. Winners of each category were
    Manager for Abaco. All the participants re- given cell phones ranging from a Blackber-
    ceived a T shirt, a water container and a ry, a Chocolate, to a Siemens or a Razor.

    A total of 56 people participated in the Walk/Run organized by BTC for its employees
    and anyone else wanting to compete. The winners received trophies and fancy cell phones
    i it/i, all participants received t-shirts and mini-radios.


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    Aug 2007




    October 15, 2007

    October 15, 2007

    Girls Receive Yellow Belts in Karate

    By Mirella Santillo
    Three high school students, Zandria
    Wells, Kiara Tilus and Ivanna Gaitor,
    were promoted to yellow belt on Sep-
    tember 27th after eight months of Karate
    training under the supervision of Sensei
    Churton Toote. Before being awarded
    their certificates and their belts, they had
    to demonstrate their fighting ability, their
    physical agility and show their knowledge
    of karate combat terminology.
    In front of the Karate class which con-
    sists of 20 students ranging from all ages,
    they each took turns demonstrating their
    attack and defense skills during five min-
    utes of fighting against Brown Belt, Mr.
    Charles Pinder or Black Belt, Mr. Chur-
    ton Toote. The combat was followed by
    the terminology quiz. Then it was time
    for them to show their agility by clearing
    a two foot obstacle and landing over it
    sideways on a mat and up in one move-

    ment. They had to do three clear rolls
    That seemed to be a popular exercise,
    as the whole class was soon on its feet
    taking turns rolling and the wall was
    raised several inches even for eight-year-
    old Brown Belt Joshua Wong.
    The girls received their reward cer-
    tificates from their teacher and the yel-
    low belts were tied on each of them by
    Mr. Toote, Mr. Pinder and Joshua Wong
    respectively. A Martial Arts Medal was
    hung on Zandria Wells' neck in recogni-
    tion of her outstanding performance that
    day. Mr. Toote congratulated the girls
    and reminded them that they also had to
    do well in school. "Be the best at what
    you do," he urged them.
    Karate classes are held in Marsh Har-
    bour on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6

    R E A L TY
    EST. 1949
    Serving The Bahamas since 1949
    Sales & Appraisals
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    Offering casual to elegant lifestyles throughout the
    Islands and Worldwide through our Global Network
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    Royal Harbour Village, Marsh Harbour
    Tel: 242-367-3262
    Fax: 242-367-3260

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    Laktr'! e8ap

    The Abaconian Page 21 B
    Best Kept Yard
    The Abaco Tourist Office, Friends of the
    Environment and Local Government have
    partnered together to host the first Annual
    Best Kept Yard competition.
    As a part of the Keep Abaco Beautiful pro-
    gram, the local agencies want to introduce
    community initiatives that will encourage in-
    dividuals to protect and preserve their envi-
    ronment. The Best Kept Yard competition is
    the first to be launched to judge individuals
    in various categories such as the absence of
    litter and landscape design. This competition
    is limited to properties in Dundas Town and
    Murphy Town.
    The support of the communities is critical
    in the success of these initiatives as they are
    designed to attract new business and increase
    visitation to the areas that are not frequented
    by our tourists.
    Entry forms can be picked up and returned
    to any of the partners' offices. Awards and
    further details of the competition will be


    You are invited to apply for the
    following positions currently available.

    Food and Beverage Servers
    Dock Attendants
    Lead Captain First Mates
    Sous Chef Pastry Cook Line Cook
    Stewards Butlers
    Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work in a growing and
    dynamic organization, to be a self-starter, team player, work at the highest
    standards of performance and meet deadlines.
    If you are progressive and prepared to advance your career, submit your
    resume to the attention of the Director of HR and Training, sbowe@bakers- or by fax at 242-367-0804
    "Becoming the Employer of Choice in The Bahamas!"

    You can now find your

    favourite newspaper

    The Tribune

    and your favourite magazines
    at these great locations:

    Page 22 B The Abaconian October 15, 2007


    Ocoer1 0 07 I
    MUS SE L0Te A0coianPg


    Abaco Properties
    Dundas Town Crown Alloment Appraisal $265,225.00
    One two bedrooms, I bathroom, triplex. Approximately 9,000 sq. ft lot no. 18B
    with an area for a small shop. Age-12 years the land is a portion of one of the
    Dundas Town Crown Allotment parcels stretching from Forest Drive to Front Street,
    being just under a quarter acre in size and on the lowside. A concrete block
    structure, with asphalt shingle roof and L-shape in design with a total length of
    70 x 26 ft. Plus 50 x 22 ft 2,920 sq. Ft. the interior walls are concrete blocks;
    ceiling is sheet rock and the floors of vinyl tiles.
    Murphy Town Crown Allotment 77 Appraisal: $167,580.00
    All that lot of land having an area of 6,790 sq. ft. being Crown allotment No. 77, of

    single family concrete building. This house is less than 5 years old and is in good
    condition with approximately 1,750 sq. ft of living space and contains 3 bedrooms,
    2 bathrooms, living room, dining, kitchen, laundry and utility spaces. There are
    no significant improvements or deterioration evident The property is very well
    drained and not susceptible to flooding. Landscaping efforts are still in remedial
    stages. All major public and private utilities are situate within 100 ft of the subject site. Property boundaries are clearly delineated.
    The subject property is situate off the Front Street, Murphy Town, Abaco, and is painted light yellow trimmed dark yellow.

    Portion of Murphy Town Crown

    Allotment, Murphy Town, Abaco. Appraisal: $108,000
    The property is 890 x 100 ft and rectangular in shape. The land is elevated
    approximately 15 ft above road level and approximately 25 ft above sea level.
    Located on this property is a 20 yr old three bedroom, two bathroom, living,
    dining, kitchen and laundry room house. The structure requires much attention.

    Eleuthera Properties
    Lot No. 62, Lower Bogue Eleuthera Appraisal: $235,638
    All that piece, parcel or lot of land and improvements in the settlement of Lower
    Bogue, North Eleuthera, being No. 62, comprising of about 34,210 sq. ft. This
    S|site encompasses a 12-year-old single storey home comprising of 4 bedrooms, 3
    bathrooms, front room, dining, breakfast room, kitchen and laundry room with a
    total living area of approximately 2,342.06. Property also includes a double car
    garage and front entrance with a total sq. ft. of approximately 655.75. This home
    is approximately 85% completed. The property is well landscaped with crab grass and some fruit trees.
    Lot No. 7. Boiling Hole Subdivision Appraisal: $153,521.00
    This property is situated on the western side of Eleuthera Highway in the
    settlement of Lower Bogue.
    All that piece, parcel or lot of land and inprovernents situated on the Island of
    Eleuthera, North of Governor's Harbour, comprising of Lot No. 7 in the Boiling Hole
    Subdivision and comprising of approximately 10,000 sq. ft,, this site encompasses
    a 17-year old duplex with each unit consisting of 2 bedrooms, I bathroom, front
    room, dining room and kitchen with a gross floor area of approximately 1,474,20 sq. ft, and covered porch area of approximately
    164.70 sq. ft This duplex was built in accordance with the plan and specification as approved, and at a standard that was acceptable
    to the Ministry of Public Works. This structure is in good condition. Each apartment could be rented at $800.00 per month. The land
    is landscaped and planted with ficus trees but needs some manicuring.
    Eleuthera Lot No. I, Block No. 45 Appraisal: $151,007.00
    All that place parcel or lot of land having an area of 9,644 sq, ft, being lot #1
    In block 45, Section E In the subdivision called and known as Eleuthera Island
    Shores Subdivision, situated In the vicinity of Hatchet Bay Harbour, on the Island
    of Eleuthera, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This site
    encompasses a two-storey building which is approximately 14 yrs. old and Is
    abandoned. There Is a wooden landing approximately 7'-4" wide by 20'-0" on the
    upper level, approximately 1,610 sq. ft. of enclosed living space, with 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, front room, dining room, den, kitchen,
    and utility room. The wooden porch on the upper level approximately 148 sq. ft There Is also a water cistern under the dining room
    floor area. All utilities and services available. This property is situated in Eleuthera Island Shores.

    Long Island Properties
    Hamilton's, Long Island Appraisal: $112,000.00.
    All that piece parcel or lot of land and improvements
    situated in the settlement of Hamilton's on the Island of
    Long Island and comprising of approximately 13,547 sq. ft.
    and is elevated approximately 7-8 ft above sea level. This
    site encompasses a 35 yr. structure. A simple style home
    consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living
    and dining room. The home, however, is consisted of 2
    separate constructions; 360 sq. ft of concrete construction
    and 624 sq. ft of wooden construction. All amenities are to
    the property such as electricity, water, cable and telephone. The property is accessed by the main Queen's Highway.

    New Providence Vacant Property

    Vacant Properties Lot No. 2 Emerald Ridge Subdivision Appraisal: $60,000.00
    All that lot of land having an area of 4,782.68 sq ft, being lot No. 2 of the subdivision known and designated as Emerald Ridge
    Subdivision, a said subdivision situated in the southern district of New Providence, Bahamas. From Soldier Road opposite Nassau
    Christian Academy School, 2nd property right side in the back of commercial building and bounded on the west by lot No. 3. This
    property is vacant land and is rectangular in shape and zoned residential single family.
    Property is located off soldier road just opposite Nassau Christian Academy School in the back of the commercial building

    Lot No.15, block 10, Winton Heights Appraisal: $171,440.00
    All that lot of vacant land having an area of 17,144 sq ft, of the Subdivision known as Winton Heights situated in the Eastern District
    of New Providence., Bahamas. This property is rectangular in shape and zoned multi-family single family.
    This property is about 230 feet west of Sassoon Drive and is about the third lot on the north side of Hill Side Road.

    New Providence Properties
    Kennedy Subdivision Nassau Appraisal: $188,406.00
    L__ ot no. 21 all utilities available 10 year old single story house, 3 bedroom 2
    bathroom, living dining area, family room, kitchen, study, laundry and an entry
    Heading west along Soldier Road take main entrance to Kennedy Subdivision on
    t"l the left, then take the Ist corner on the left, then Ist right. House is second on
    your right with garage.

    Lot No. 1490 Appraisal: $162,400.00
    Golden Gates Section 2 All that lot of land having an area of 6,000 sq. ft Being
    lot no. 1490 of the subdivision known and designated as Golden Gates, the said
    subdivision situated in the southwestern district of New Providence, Bahamas.
    This property is comprised of a 25-yr-old single family residence consisting of
    approximately 2.480 eq. ft. of enclosed living with three bedrooms three
    bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The land is on a grade and level; however,
    the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding
    during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept with
    improvements including driveway, walkway and low shrubs. Yard is enclosed on one side with 5-foot chain link fencing and a low
    cement block wall to the front.
    Traveling west on Carmichae! Road turn left, then right onto the service road opposite Bahamas Faith Ministries Complex, then first left
    again after passing clico and pre-school. The subject house is the 6th house left painted green trimmed white.
    Lot No.12, Block 3, Millar's Heights Appraisal: $239,500.00
    All that lot of land having an area of 7,500 sq. ft being lot 12, of the subdivision
    known and designated as Millar's Heights, situated In the Southwestern district
    of New Providence, Bahamas. This property is comprised of a 25 yr. old single
    family residence consisting of approximately 2,375 sq. ft of enclosed living space
    with three 2-bedrooms, I-bathroom, living/dining rooms, and kitchen apartment
    complex. The land is on a grade and level and appear to be sufficiently elevated to
    disallow the possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods. The grounds are fairly kept, with improvements including parking
    area, walking pathwray and low shrubs. The yard is enclosed with chain linked fencing at the back and southern sides. Traveling west
    on Camlchael Road, enter West Avenue, on the South side Immediately after Topps Laundromat. Take first right which Is WImpole right
    before the T, Junction (High Street) the subject building is an L-shape triplex, painted green, trimmed white.
    Lot No. 130, St. Andrews Beach Estates Appraisal: $245,237.00
    - All that lot of land having an area of 8,100 sq ft, being lot no. 130 of the
    subdivision known and designated as St. Andrews Beach Estates, the said
    subdivision situated in the eastern district of New Providence, Bahamas. Located
    on the subject property is a structure comprising of an approximately 12 yr. old
    duplex apartment consisting of approximately 2,072 sq. ft of enclosed living space
    which includes one 3-bedroom I-bath, living, dining rooms, kitchen and utility
    room, and one bedroom, I-bath, living /dining rooms and kitchen. The land is on a grade and level; however, the site appears to be
    sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept;
    the yard is enclosed with chain link fencing at the sides and back with gated access on both sides of the property. The front lawn
    section is not enclosed.
    Traveling east on Yamacraw Hill Road take the third corner right with sign for St Andrews Beach Estates, then take first left, then first
    right, the subject property is the 2nd property on the left side painted beige trimmed orange.

    _Lot No. I Claridge Cove Subdivision Appraisal:
    B 3 91 All that lot of land having an area of 7,904 sq ft, being lot no. I of the subdivision
    known and designated as Claridge Cove, the said subdivision situated in the
    eastern district of New Providence, Bahamas. Located on the property is a single
    story residence consisting of 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, living, dining, kitchen and utility room. The land is on a grade and level; and
    appears is be sufficiently elevated. The property is landscaped and has fruit and flowering bearing trees. The property is open to the
    front but has chain link fencing at the sides and back.
    Take Joe Farrington Road heading east, turn onto Marigold Farm Road, then take comer on the left, almost opposite Marigold Farms,
    before Lumumba Road, the subject house is located on the right hand side of the road, being the first developed property
    New Providence No. 21 B Fraser Allotment off Soldier

    bath, living and dining areas. Directions to property: Heading East on Soldier, turn
    and second floor area of 735 square feet The building is of sound construction
    and completed in its entirety. The ground floor comprises 2 bedrooms, one bath,
    a kitchen, dining and family room. The second floor comprises two bedrooms, one

    Grand Bahama Properties
    Apartment 703 Lucayan Towers North Appraisal: $78,000
    Tracts A, B-I and B-2, Albacore Drive, Unit 2, Greening Glade Subdivision,
    Freeport, Grand Bahama. Situated thereon is a one bedroom, one bathroom

    Grand Bahama Vacant Property

    Derby Unit 3 Block 10 Lot II (Canal lot) Freeport, Grand Bahama Appraisal: $96,000.00
    All that piece, parcel or lot land being Block 10, Lot II of Derby Subdivision. The land is vacant, rectangular in shape, on level ground
    and is on a canal. Contains approximately 11,250 sq. ft. and is in a single family residential area.
    Lot 52, Block 16 Moor Drive and Moor Close, Clearwater Cove Lincoln Green Unit 5
    Subdivision Freeport, Grand Bahama Appraisal: $27,000.00
    The subject property covers approximately 14,883 ft and is single family zoned.
    Greening Glade Subdivision Appraisal: $75,000.00
    All that piece, parcel and lot of land described as lot 7 block 21, Albacore Drive, Victoria Place and Mid Chipman Road, Unit 2, Greening
    Glade Subdivision, Freeport, Grand Bahama. The lot contains 20,580 sq. ft and zoned as multi-family residential.

    Forcoditon ofsae a6 the iforaton0onactPhlipWhte 22-52-07
    emal Shilp hie *otabnk 0 0orHary olie 0 22-52-03 em ilhar 0 olie scoi* an. co0
    Tove w p[rop ] ertai~J~~[Ies go Ko: ww.stopnshopb. al Iiia ha m ) I. II -fas I~ I[ S ~-J 1* .cm-Ciko "RaEs te Mail" I gI[4-s Cl]~ick on1doorwyS"Enter 1On ine Store

    October 15, 2007

    Youth In Action season begins again

    By Mirella Santillo
    Once again the Youth in Action pro-
    gram started two weeks after the beginning
    of school. Contrary to previous years, the
    program which is usually initiated with
    soccer, started with basketball to prepare in
    advance for traveling requirements for the
    kids participating in tournaments abroad,
    explained Mr. Morley. Some youth were
    unable to go to Las Vegas last year because
    they lacked proper traveling documents.
    Still supervised by Mr. "Stretch" Mor-
    ley, the Youth Coordinator for Abaco, the
    practice takes place every Saturday morn-
    ing at Ocean View Park's basketball court.
    This year approximately 40 children rang-
    ing from 7 to 15 years are registered, the
    majority returning from last year. The chil-
    dren are coached by Mr. Morley and Mr.
    Don Cornish with occasional help by Mr.
    Chris Smith and Mr. Gordon Musgrove.

    Mr. Patrice Charles and Mr. Vogel Wil-
    liams, are also helping with coaching as
    well as Ms. Anita Rolle.
    Similar programs have spun from the
    Central Abaco example, most of them in
    the North. Basketball teams are supervised
    in Cooper's Town by Mr. Hartley Bootle,
    in Treasure Cay by Mr.Godfrey Rolle, in
    Wood Cay by Mr. Wilton Saunders and in
    Green Turtle Cay by Mr. Kirk Reckley. Last
    year they participated in the same competi-
    tions with the Youth in Action team. Sandy
    Point is lacking a coach at present because
    of Mr. Jimmy Green's full time fishing ca-
    reer, but Mr. Morley is hoping someone
    will come forward to take over.
    Shortly after the Christmas' holidays,
    when all the tournaments are over, the
    program will switch to baseball with Mr.
    Leslie Rolle coaching. The season will end
    with soccer. These last two sports will take

    The Youth in Action sports program has begun again when coaches volunteer to work
    with youth in developing skills in several sports. This year's program is beginning with
    basketball to prepare the youth for competitions. They are shown here on the bleachers
    at Ocean View Park in Dundas Town.

    place at the Murphy Town Park.
    Thanks to the dedication of the volun-
    teers overseeing these various programs,
    the youth of Abaco are reaching interna-
    tional recognition. Three athletes have won
    scholarships in the United States for their
    sport's ability. Jo Cooper from Cooper's
    Town is now at the University of Delaware
    thanks to his basketball prowess developed
    under the coaching of Mr. Leslie Rolle.
    Another basketball player from Cherokee
    Sound, Leo Gideon, is attending Missouri
    State University and the local soccer cham-
    pion, Mackinson Altidor, has been recruit-
    ed by Temple University in Pennsylvania.
    The first tournament of the season was
    scheduled for Discovery Day with teams
    from Nassau and Freeport visiting.

    The Abaconian Page 23 B

    AA and Al Anon
    The AA (Alcoholics Anomyous)
    group of Marsh Harbour meets Mondays
    and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. and Friday
    at noon at the Marsh Harbour Commu-
    nity Library.
    The AlAnon group of Marsh Harbour
    meets the third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
    each month at the Marsh Harbour Com-
    munity Library.
    The AA group in Hope Town meets
    Monday and Wednesdays and Fridays
    at 6 p.m. at the Hope Town Library.
    The AA group and the AlAnon group
    meet in the Treasure Cay Community
    Center on Mondays at 7:30 p.m.
    Please call 357-6511 for additional


    MU TSE LOcoer 1 200
    TheA'0. nan g0

    Eleuthera Vacant Property
    North Eleuthera Heights, Eleuthera Appraisal $41,275.00
    Lot #20 approximately 11,200 sq. ft. and bounded on north by Early Settler Drive and south by Deal Investment Ltd. This is single
    family zoning and 50 ft above sea level. This site encompasses a foundation with plumbing and roughing in place and well compacted
    quarry fill. The concrete floor has not been poured as yet. The foundation is 2,511 sq. ft. Lot # 20 situated 1/5 miles eastwardly of
    the Bluff Settlement. The said lot is vacant and on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
    Lot. I I OB, Palmetto Point Appraisal: $72,000
    All that piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 9,000 and being lot No. lOB situated north of Ingraham's Pond and easterly of
    Palmetto Point, on the Island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as
    follow: on the north by Lot No. 3B and running thereon for a distance of 90 ft; on the East by Lot No, l IB and running thereon
    for a distance of 100 ft.; on the south by a 20 ft. wide road reservation and running thereon 90 ft on the west by Lot No. 9B
    running thereon for a distance of 100 ft, the said lot is overgrown with shrubs and is in close proximity to a white sandy beach. This
    neighbourhood is zoned residential development and is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 50 ft and because of
    this there is no danger of flooding. The area is approximately 80 percent developed with all utilities and services available.
    Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
    Al the piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 44,714 sq. ft, and designated E which forms a portion of land known as "Mutton
    Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the Island of Eleuthera, one of islands of
    the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as follows: Northwardly by the land now or formerly the property
    of Coridon Ltd. and running thereon for a distance of 393.13 feet; outwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and running thereon
    for a distance of 402.57 ft. eastward by the main Queen's Highway and running thereon for a distance of 109.73 ft; westwardly by
    land now or formerly the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 110.75 ft. This property having an area
    of approximately 44.714 sq. ft. This neighbourhood is zoned commercial/residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has a
    topography of approximately 2 ft with all utilities and services available.
    Mutton Fish Point North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
    All that piece, parcel or tract of land containing one acre situated about 2 miles northwest of the settlement of Gregory Town on the
    island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is bounded and abutting as follows; Northwesterly
    by the main Queens Highway and is running thereon for a distance of 125.462 feet northwestward by the land now or formerly
    the property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 390.274 ft southwestwardly by a 30' wide road reservation
    and running thereon for a distance of 128,128 ft; Southeastwardly by the lend now or formerly the property of the Vendor and
    running thereon for a distance of 322.955 ft This property having area of approximately 44,847.76 sq ft This eighbourhood Is zoned
    commercial development end is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 2 ft, with all utilities and services available
    This lot is vacant land and is located In the area known an "Mutton Fish Point."

    Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal $51,276.00
    All that place, parcel or lot of vacant land and improvements containing approximately 44,587 sq,. ft, and designated 'F' which forms
    a portion of land known as "Mutton Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the
    Island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and bounded and abutting as follows:- Northwardly by
    the land now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 383.56 ft; southwardly by land now
    or formerly the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 393.19 ft, eastwardly by the main Queen's Highway
    and running thereon for a distance of 113.40 ft, westwardly by land now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited and running
    thereon for a distance of 113.40 ft This neighbourhood is zoned commercial / residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has
    a topography of approximately 2 ft. with all utilities and services available.

    Abaco Vacant Property
    Blackwood, Abaco Appraisal: $219, 354.40
    All that lot of land having an area of approximately 258,064 sq. ft This property is yet to reach its highest and best use. It is
    ideally suited to single or multi-family development as is the nature of surrounding properties within the community. The
    site may also serve well as a commercial site as the area remains un-zoned the property remains largely in its original state. It
    is covered with low brush and broad leaf coppice vegetation interspersed with broad strands of mature yellow pine indigenous to the
    area. The property is well drained and represents no immediate flooding danger under normal conditions. The subject property is vacant
    and is situated at the southeastern entrance of the community of Blackwood, Abaco. The property is undivided and comprises
    approximately 6 acres of a larger tract of land of approximately 26 acres.

    Exuma Vacant Property
    Island Harbour Beach, Exuma Appraisal: $80,000
    All that parcel or lot of vacant land containing 10,000 (80'x 100') sq. ft being lot No. 9, Block 2, Island Harbour Beach Subdivi-
    sion situated the western most portion of the Hermitage Estate, Little Exuma, Bahamas. The property is located on an unpaved
    road known as Stocking Road. The property also has a commanding view of the ocean.

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    emilphli wit sota* nkco o Hrr Clle0 22-02304 mal ary
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    Yamaha Sales and Service Factory Trained Technicians
    Bayfront Realty Sales & Property Management
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    Page 24 B The Abaconian October 15, 2007


    Contractor Prices Available
    email: ohall
    Representing the ATLANTIC
    pioneers:= =

    Revenue Oss Deslintlo FILTER CORP

    Corner Value
    Liquid Propane Gas
    LPG Tanks refilled
    LPG Appliances by

    Magic Chef
    Maytag Appliances

    Household Goods
    Clothing, Shoes
    Hallmark Cards
    Queen Elizabeth Drive
    One Block East of the Traffic Light
    P 0 Box AB20490, Marsh harbour
    Phone 367-2250

    Advanced : le cli kal Clinic
    Dr. Michael Caplia Optometrist
    October 17, 2007
    Dr. K.J.A. Rodgers Opthalmologist
    October 18, 2007
    Dr. Ronald Knowles Obstetrician /
    Ocotber 20, 2007
    Dr. Antoinette Lightbourne
    October 20, 2007
    Dr. May Hestmo Hand and
    Orthopedic Surgeon
    October 20, 2007
    Dr. Rosetta Ingraham, Dermatologist
    October 20, 2007
    Dr. Winston Campbell, Ears, Nose &
    Throat Specialist, Sleep Apnea
    October 25, 2007
    Dr. Paul Hunt Pediatrician,
    Asthma and Allergy Testing
    October 27, 2007
    Dr. Edwin Demeritte, Neurologist/
    Neurophysiologist (Adults & Children)
    October 27, 2007
    Mammograms Offered
    For Appointments Call 367-0020

    October 15, 2007 The Abaconian Page 25 B

    School News

    Forest Heights Academy
    Clubs are in full swing
    Now that Forest Heights Academy stu-
    dents have successfully settled into their
    studies, extra curricular activities are in
    full swing. These clubs held during free
    time and after school include the Gover-
    nor General's Youth Award, Anchor Club,
    Publishing Club and Drama Club
    The Governor General's Youth Award is
    an ongoing club in which students receive
    a prestigious award after accomplishing
    the four aspects of service, skills, physi-
    cal recreation and expedition. The group
    of 20 students is currently preparing for a
    15-mile hike and overnight camping trip
    lead by 10-year veteran unit leader, Princi-
    pal Jim Richard. He expects nearly half to
    achieve their award this year.
    Anchor Club is now in its second year
    at Forest Heights. It held an installation

    luncheon on September 26 with the new
    officers taking the helm. The group has al-
    ready been involved in several cleanup in
    conjunction with the International Coastal
    Cleanup for the month of September. Ad-
    visors are Alana Carroll, Leazona Richard
    and Lori Thompson.
    If you notice students around the campus
    with cameras slung around their necks or
    sneaking a picture in class, it will no doubt
    be a member of Publishing. The group,
    lead by Vidalia Knowles, is working to
    create the hard-cover yearbook which is
    done entirely online.
    Finally, the Drama Club, which is now
    in its 11 year of productions, is already be-
    ginning rehearsals for its two-act pay Teen
    Angel. The group is looking forward to en-
    tertaining Abaco the end of February. Di-
    rectors Leslie Kennedy and Alana Carroll
    will be joined this year by Lori Thompson,
    who will be designing the backdrops. Set in

    St. Francis has new PTA Board

    On October 4th St. Francis de Sales School held elections
    for a PTA Board for the next two years. The new PTA Board
    members for the September 2007-August 2009 are President
    - Neulessa Major, Vice President Gier Williams, Secretary -
    Miquell Russell, and Treasurer Claudia Knowles. The prin-
    cipal, Mrs. Kumar, will appoint three parent representatives
    and a teacher's representative to work along with the new
    Board. Mrs. Kumar and her staff thanks the outgoing board
    who served exceptionally well over the past two years.

    a 1950s diner, the play
    will showcase some of
    the great old songs of
    that era.
    Abaco Central
    High School
    First PTA meeting
    of the Year
    By Mirella Santillo
    Abaco Central High
    School first's PTA
    meeting of the year
    held on September
    27th was very well at-
    tended with close to 70
    people attending. Two
    Defense Force Officer
    were present to explain
    the Ranger program of
    the Royal Bahamas De-
    fence Force to the par-
    There have been
    many changes at the
    high school. Teach-
    ers have retired, new

    Central Abaco Primary Names Students of the Month

    After only one month into the new school year, 22 students from Central Abaco Primary
    School have excelled to the point that they were named students of the month for Septem-
    ber. They are Selane Saunders, pre-school; Basia McKinney, grade 1, Morris; Adrian
    Russell, grade 1, Mason; Maliyah Forbes, grade 1, Major; Tazmia Cunningham, grade 1,
    Bain; Paige Stubbs, grade 2, Clarke; Si/ii anm Gilot, grade 2, Owens; Jerry Jeudy, grade
    2, Kemp-Curtis; Twanesha Lightbourne, grade 2, Wallace; Destiny Seymour, grade 3,
    Johnson; Christie Davis, grade 3, Williams; Jaquell Nesbitt, grade 3, Campbell; Tenille
    Jones, grade 4, Hibbert; Jenny Louis, grade 4, Phillips; Kendrick Pierre, grade 4, Peart;
    Baniece Smith, grade 4, Lindsay; April Smith, grade 5, Black; Rashan Burrows, grade 5,
    Chu; Edmilvanners Curry, grade 5, Sawyer; Rosemary Pierre, grade 5, Smith; Kenston
    Gideon, grade 5, Russell; and Gabriel Davis, grade 6, Peart.

    teachers have come, the school has a new
    Senior Master and a new Senior Mistress,
    all under the direction of a motivated Su-
    perintendent. The parents were hoping the
    changes would be for the best.
    The meeting started with Chief Petty
    Officer Eddie Bain explaining the require-
    ments to enter the Ranger program that is
    offered at the school this year for students
    in grade 7 to 12. Applications must be ac-
    companied by $20 and parents have to buy
    the uniforms. Medical insurance is also nec-
    essary. All the necessary forms are avail-
    able at the school's office. He mentioned
    that the student must have a 2.0 GPA, but
    they will be offered a mathematics, reading
    and computer program with courses during
    the summer as well.
    Ms. James, Acting Principal, explained
    that the Rangers program which was being
    introduced in Abaco schools was geared

    to instill discipline and self-pride. She an-
    nounced that the two Officers, Chief Pet-
    ty Officers Eddie Bain and Petty Officer
    Patrick Adderley, would be conducting a
    presentation to the students the following
    Ms. James introduced the new staff to
    the parents. then addressed the dress code,
    reminding the parents that the students have
    to come to school properly attired. She ex-
    pressed her displeasure on seeing students
    without their ties on or the crest on their
    shirts and said she was concerned for the
    lack of respect of the students towards the
    grown-ups. "Parents, talk to your kids, we
    do not want 13-year-olds or 17-year-olds
    being rude to us."
    The principal urged the parents to send

    Please see School Page 26

    Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
    Picture and 4 lines $25
    Additional lines at $2 per line
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    Harbour area or use your photo.
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    sq' ft. sutiable for office space or retail dry
    goods only. No food related business. Call
    367-3596 for info

    BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
    Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free list-
    ing. Call 1-800-462-2426
    Great Cistern 2 br 1 bath apt, Beautifully
    furnished, $1500 per month. Ph 225-1697 or

    Houses and Land For Rent and For Sale

    Hope Town Specialist. A collection of upscale
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    Hope Town Hideaways 242-366-0224 or hope-
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    Page 26 B The Abaconian

    October 15, 2007

    More School News

    School From Page 25
    money to school for the registration
    package which includes insurance, money
    for copies, books or special material re-
    quired by the teachers. She insisted that no
    cell phones are allowed on campus. Cell
    phones found in possession of students
    will be confiscated and taken to the police
    station, she warned. She mentioned the
    fight that took place between two female
    students on Christie Avenue and asked the
    parents to advise their children. "Parents,
    talk to your children on how serious we
    are on this subject. I do not want to say to
    your child, 'You are no longer wanted at
    this school'."

    Last year's PTA President, Mrs. Mary
    Whilly, introduced last year's board and
    proposed an election for this year. The
    five incumbents were re-elected unani-
    mously. Mrs. Whilly, the President; Ms.
    Gwen Jones, Vice- President; Mrs. Rose-
    mary Thompson, Treasurer; Mrs. Margel
    Smith, Secretary; and Rev. Mildred Fer-
    guson, chaplain, will continue to hold their
    positions on the PTA Board.
    Mrs. Whilly read the parents' pledge
    and urged them to spend time with their
    child, to read to the child and to make sure
    he or she gets healthy meals. She asked
    their cooperation in making picnic benches
    for the school. PTA meetings will take
    place on the first Thursday of each month.

    "Let our children see that we are inter-
    ested in doing things for them. Let's part-
    ner and make things happen for them," she
    Ranger Officers addressed
    Abaco Central students
    By Mirella Santillo
    Chief Petty Officer Eddie Bain and Pet-
    ty Officer Patrick Adderley of the Royal
    Bahamas Defence Force addressed the
    students at Abaco Central High School
    on September 28th to explain the Ranger
    program and enroll some of them into that
    program. Students in grades 7 to 12 can
    be recruited.
    Calling the body of students to attention,
    Chief Petty Officer Bain talked about his

    youth and how his father had enrolled him
    in the Defense Force because, "I thought
    it was a good thing to be a bad boy, but
    I soon found out that it was not." He has
    been in the Defense Force for 22 years but
    joined the Rangers just last January. He is
    still in the Defense Force having worked
    his way up to his to rank and is "still lov-
    ing it."
    He continued his presentation by going
    over the prerequisites necessary to enter
    the program. Boys or girls may join the
    Rangers. They have to be students of a
    public or private school, must participate
    in community service, must be respectable
    Please see School Page 27

    If you would like your church listed here, call 367-2677


    Eastern Abaco Region of
    The Methodist Church
    Rev. Dr. Stephen Hale, Circuit Minister

    Cell 466-9090
    All are welcome
    to worship
    with us
    St. Andrews Methodist
    Epworth Chapel Dundas Town
    Cherokee Sound Sunday Services
    Sunday Services 11 a.m & 7 p.m.
    11 a.m. & 7 p.m. Office 367-3050
    ssion House 366-2249 Manse 367-4647

    01. Jdallles IVIetIUUIIS
    Hope Town
    Sunday Services 9:30 & 11
    Mission House 366-0400

    Our Mission
    "Turning people into
    devout followers of
    Jesus Christ"

    New Vision Ministries


    Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m.
    Sunday Kids' Korner 9:30 a.m.
    Tuesday Interactive Bible Study 7:30 p.m.
    Thursday Prayer Time 12:10 p.m. & 7:30 pm
    Friday Youth Night (high school & up) 7:30 p.m.
    D Pastors / Leaders
    Derek Benjamin Ted Pearce David Lowe
    Youth Pastor: Chris Pinder
    For Directions call 242-367-3324


    R @_0;45Pmi
    LIFE IN THE WORD @ 7:45PMi
    J lT Li M ,~ moCi i FRIDAY-SATURDAY : 10AM-6PM

    Dundas Town Church of God
    Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is Lord!

    Prayer Meeting 6:00 a.
    Sunday School 9:45 a.i
    Morning Worship 11:00 a.i
    Evening Worshin 6:00 p.
    Jesus ( Saves

    We exist to: 7
    Reach, Develop,
    Train, Love
    and Send
    Weekdays (Prayer Meeting)
    .m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:00 a.m.
    m. Monday Night 7:00 p.m.
    m. Wednesday Night F.T.H. 7:00 p.m.
    .m. Friday Youth Night 7:00 p.m.
    Tuesday, Thursday Family Night

    For Transportation call Rev. Jerry Cornish at 367-2457
    or 367-4719 (church) or contact Bro. Val Nesbitt at 367-5565
    Bishop Anthony Campbell
    242-367-4718 or cell phone 242-457-5565

    business service


    Abaco Island Pharmacy
    Prescriptions Testing
    Beauty Supplies Vitamins
    Ricardo Miller, Pharmacist

    Sunday 9 am 12 Noon
    Ph. 367-2544
    Cell 554-8183
    Dove Plaza, Marsh Harb.
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    October 15, 2007

    More School News

    School From Page 26
    at home and in the community and have
    knowledge of the National Anthem and the
    pledge; they have to be well dressed and
    well mannered.
    He went over the skills they will learn
    while being in the Rangers and the training
    they will undergo such as basic survival
    expeditions, parade training, community
    service and counseling. He stressed that
    discipline and neat appearance will en-
    Although a minimum GPA average
    of 2.00 is required to enter, "We accept
    everyone n the program," he mentioned.
    People with poor academic results will be
    coached. "Some of you will want to be in

    the program, some of you will be forced to
    enter it, but we also welcome high achiev-
    ers. He stressed that the Ranger program is
    not a stepping stone to the Defense Force,
    "but some of you might end up there." If
    interested in joining the Defence Force,
    students might consider the RDF Cadet
    Program, which required passing five
    BGCSE exams with a C grade or higher.
    Petty Officer Patrick Adderley intro-
    duced himself, a 21-year veteran of the De-
    fence Force who has been with the Ranger
    program for 11 years, nearly since its be-
    ginning in 1995. He will be in charge of
    training on Abaco that will probably start
    in October. It will take place twice a week
    from 3:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. "We are go-
    ing to encourage you and motivate you to

    The Royal Bahamas Defence Force has a youth program called Rangers. Two officers,
    Chief Petty Officer Eddie Bain and Petty Officer Patrick Adderley, addressed a PTA
    meeting at Abaco Central High School to explain the system to the parents as a Ranger
    program will be started at the school this fall. The PTA officers are seated on the left to
    address the audience.

    be the best you want to be," he promised
    the students.
    Abaco Central student
    passes ten BGCSE exams
    By Mirella Santillo
    Seventeen-year-old Andre Singh gradu-
    ated last June from Abaco Central High
    School having passed 10 BGCSE examina-
    tions, nearly the double the average number
    Sof subjects
    required. He
    passed all the
    exams with
    a minimum
    grade of C.
    : Andre was
    -. recognized
    in May by
    the Alpha
    Andre Singh Phi Alpha
    Fraternity in Nassau for his academic
    achievement and is presently working at
    B&P Consultant Agency as a receptionist
    while waiting to enter college in January.
    He applied to City College in New York
    because it is a recognized college in the
    architectural department which is the field
    he wants to pursue.
    Andre, whose father teaches commerce
    at Abaco Central High School, elected
    to take extra classes after school at Saint
    Francis de Sales in history and geography.
    Andre is planning to come back to Ab-
    aco after earning a degree in architecture.
    "I see potential for development here and I
    want to give back some of what Abaco as
    given me."

    The Abaconian Page 27 B


    By Vernique Russell
    It has been one year since the sting of
    death took Wensil Marlo Clint Laroda in
    that fatal car accident in Treasure Cay on
    September 29th, 2006. Although he is gone
    in the physical, he lives on in our hearts.
    The life and testimony of this young man
    was far greater than many who are older
    than he was.
    Wensil was a
    friend, teacher, son,
    uncle, a student and
    a child of God. He
    lived a life that ex-
    emplified godly char-
    acter. Wensil was a
    unique person who
    was born with natu-
    WensilLaroda ral leadership skills,
    and this he used to teach others.
    Gifted with musical skills he was elected
    band leader at Wesley College of which he
    was a student and Full Gospel Assembly of
    which he was a member. He used his pas-
    sion for music to help his peers and even
    those older than he was to be better band
    His wit, charm, mannerism and behav-
    ior always managed to set him apart from
    the rest; indeed, he was different. Giving
    respect and being obedient to those who
    were older than he was and even those who
    were younger. We can learn from the life
    that he lived.
    Wensil, you are gone but not forgotten;
    we will remember you forever. Sleep on,

    S>leIU CUVUI LIbe lllI lLt

    * Sale. Commercial Service. Cars & Roats

    I I

    Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
    Picture and 4 lines $25
    Additional lines at $2 per line
    Display classified $18 per column inch
    We can take the photo within the Marsh
    Harbour area or use your photo.
    Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677

    Handyman/Gardener Please contact Ms.
    Almetha Sands, Dundas Town. Ph 367-3273
    Labourer Needed, construction company
    needed to assist with construction. 475-2753
    Densil Pinder
    Mechanic needed 5 days a week. Applicant
    must be able to work on most American-made
    engines. Salary negotiable. Contact Albert
    Francois at 365-0328 or 365-0300/1
    Help Wanted, gardener, maintenance, light
    mechanical repair. Pay $9/ hr. Man-O-War.
    Call 365-6590 John

    65 yr. old US widower with luxury art deco
    home one block from beach in FL seeks
    professional or widow lady homeowner on
    Abaco for relationship & marriage. Write
    Earl, 920 N. Grandview Ave, Daytona Beach,
    FL 32118

    Mahogany and hyacinth table, 6 chairs din-
    ing room set (180cm) $1950. Mahogany and
    banana leaf table, 4 chairs dining room set (90
    cm x 90 cm) $1500. For more information call
    2 4-seater dining sets $200 each. 1 coffee table
    $35. Call 357-6536

    For all your vertical and mini-blind needs
    contact Sidney Albury at 367-2091 or 367-2031.
    Sales and Service
    Become naturally free from asthma, sinus
    and allergies with a safe fast-working and drug
    free treatment proven by clinical trials. 100%
    guaranteed. Visit http://tinkles.asthimafree.hop.

    92 Mercedes diesel, excellent condition $5000
    Call 357-6883
    99 Dodge Caravan $5000 Call 357-6883
    06 Toyota Corolla, only 9,047 miles, standard
    transmission, very smooth shifting, available
    Nov 07. $16,900 Call 475-9817

    Albury Bros. Boats, 20 ft. 23 ft. 27 ft. Call
    365-6086 for details

    Quick Sale 2 boats 18.5' Wahoo, just like
    new, 21' Chris Craft with cabin. Asking
    $10,000 OBO Call 365-5181 Make an offer


    23' Mako 140 HP Mercury, low hours. 15,000.
    Contact National Marine for details 367-2326

    24' Boat (2) 85 HP 2001 Yamahas on bracket,
    hydraulic steering, Bimini top. Plenty of room
    for fishing or a work boat. $9500 ONO Call
    367-3875 or 359-6229
    24' Mako with brand new (less than 10 hours)
    twin 150 Yamaha 4-stroke engines. Engines
    still under warranty. $25,000 OBO Will sell
    engines alone $20,000 OBO DUTY PAID Call
    242-365-5032 or 954-258-9644 VHF Ch 16
    "Ridgehouse" Great Guana Cay

    25' Sea Fox center console, 2005 w/ 05 Suzuki
    250 HP 4-stroke engine w/ stainless steel prop.
    Super fuel efficient set up to fish (live well, rod
    holders, insul. fish boxes) and lots of seating as
    well. 2005 alum. trailer. Boat & trailer stored
    inside since new. $33,000 Phone 717-994-7846
    or e-mail for additional
    specs and photos

    26' Wellcraft Coastal, 1995, w/ twin 2007
    Mercury 175's 4-stroke. Call 365-6086 for
    26' Scarab, twin 150 HP engines & trailer.
    DUTY PAID $20,000 Call 357-6883

    29' Strike cuddy cabin, 1998, fiberglass hull
    w/ twin 330 HP Cummins Diesels, recently
    surveyed. Price $89,000 DUTY PAID Call

    or -9

    43' Aluminum hull, crawfishing boat, 5000
    lb. freezer, Caterpillar 3208, 8KW genera-
    tor, stabilizers, A/C, sleeps 7. $35,000 Call

    Buying? Selling?

    Need Qualified Help?

    Want More Business

    A low cost ad like this

    can bring fast results

    Call 367-3202 Fax 367-3201

    Items for

    Page 28 B The Abaconian October 15, 2007


    e cniS0192


    SRenovated hilltop re-
    treat with 1,892 sq. ft. of
    living space, 3 bed-
    rooms, and 3 baths.
    a7 Shared private dock
    I i 'u1and access to the beach
    r just a few steps away.
    r J' Il $1,195,000. Ref PS10621

    Well located waterfront
    I'/ / home featuring 3 bed-
    rooms. 2 baths, a well
    equipped kitchen, large
    living area, wrap-around
    deck, amazing views
    and possible dockage.
    $1,275,000. Ref. PS 10565

    Elegant 4 bedroom, 4.5
    ,, - bath golf course home
    at the Ritz-Carlton man-
    aged Abaco Club at
    W Winding Bay offering a
    clubhouse, European
    spa, tennis and beach.
    - $4,495,000. Ref. AS 10701

    Amazing 3.64 acre prop-
    erty featuring three sep-
    S arate cottages totaling 3
    bedrooms, a private
    dock, and views over
    the Sea of Abaco, Tahiti
    Beach and Tilloo Cut.
    $1,100,000. Ref. ASI0889

    Unique 12.5 acre sea-to-
    sea estate with a 2 bed-
    room residence,
    fantastic views, and a
    boat basin. Ideal for a
    private estate or com-
    mercial development.
    $12,950,000. Ref. AS 10867

    Spacious two story
    beachfront house with a
    large open common
    area, 5 bedrooms, well
    appointed kitchen,
    screened porch, and a
    semi-private dock slip.
    $899,000. Ref. AS10869

    SBeautiful open plan
    home with 3 bedrooms
    and 2 baths. This 2,216
    sq. ft. home features an
    apartment ideal for a
    guest suite or rental unit
    with income potential.
    $450,000. Ref. AS10598

    Choose from two 3 bed-
    room, 2 bath newly built
    cottages with varied in- -
    teriors. Enjoy great
    views of the Atlantic and
    Hope Town's harbour.
    $995,000 each
    Ref. PS10637 & PS10638

    Luxurious Caribbean
    style beachfront villa on
    0.84 acres. This 5.750
    sq. ft. home has 5 bed-
    rooms, 4 baths, fully
    equipped kitchen, and
    >1 wrap around porches.
    $2,545,000. Ref. TS 10581

    t Sea-to-sea retreat on a
    3/4 acre lot within a
    prestigious community.
    Accented by a 2 bed-
    room main house, sepa-
    rate master suite, guest .
    cottage, and a boat lift.
    $2,315,000. Ref. AS10877 -

    t t Collection of 2 bedroom
    f..r -- f t, condos and 3 bedroom
    penthouses overlooking
    4*-^ "the sea in a gated de-
    -" .- - -.- velopment offering a
    .., -- pool and private beach.
    Starting at $455,000
    Ref. AS 10890

    One-of-a-kind 2 bed-
    room, 2 bath rustic villa
    on a 17,000 sq. ft. site el-
    evated to 60 ft. provid-
    ing wondrous views and
    completed by a base-
    ment and beach access.
    $405,000. Ref. AS10883

    Well built fourplex com-
    prising four 2 bedroom,
    I bath units. Excellent
    investment opportunity
    with great rental income
    potential. lust minutes
    to the sea.
    $460,000. Ref. AS 10751

    8.7 acre pristine water-
    front property with a 20
    ft. bluff and amazing
    views. Great invest-
    ment for a hideaway
    home or a development
    of subdivided lots.
    $1,220,000. Ref. AB5145

    - Moderately sloping sea
    view lot comprising
    34,922 sq. ft. with easy
    access to the beach and
    the Abaco Club, and all
    utilities. Ideal setting
    for your dream home.
    $425,000. Ref. AS10872

    y Beautiful 8 acre parcel
    on pristine Basin Har-
    bour Cay perfect for a
    secluded getaway or an
    eco-resort if purchased
    and combined with ad-
    jacent 9+ acre tract
    $280,000. Ref. AS10897

    Last chance to obtain a
    homesite in the presti-
    .h gious and gated Great
    Abaco Club. This 7,630
    sq. ft. canal lot has easy
    access to pool, tennis
    Courts, and beach.
    -- $399,500. Ref. AS10731

    Gorgeous 15,500 sq. ft.
    beachfront lot with 75 ft,
    of amazing water
    Sfrontage, endless ocean
    vistas, and views of
    White Sound and Sea-
    spray Resort.
    $485,000. Ref. PS10618

    Fantastic 10,000 sq. ft,
    W S' interior lot with semi-
    private dockage and
    .-.. .. .. beach access. The
    property is part of the
    Sealevel Cottages and
    ' has a private dock slip.
    $121,000. Ref. AS10876

    MARSH MELLOW Great Abaco Club, Marsh Harbour
    Views of the famous Hope Town lighthouse, the Sea of Abaco.
    and sandy beaches set the scene for this 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath
    getaway in a gated community. $3,200/week. Ref. AR10557

    242 367-4151


    - MUM -
    342 SU
    Cut 90 5714

    S rhHror223755 oeTw 423600 un a 4 6-44-Em i:aao h rs ti* om- ww.HG hr sti~o

    I. -... . .



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    PAGE 44

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    PAGE 45

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    PAGE 49

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    PAGE 50

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    PAGE 52

    þcþR þS þsþRþsþOþsþsþs þFþsþss þsþcþpsþALT þAþc þSþR

    PAGE 54

    þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ