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


- -------. -.. :;. ... -tl" ......... .... ...-


-91-f-'78 -


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive .org/details/zonian 1984balb




Then rush to flf8et .. (floss of '84 --" . .'. I , .. -. smoorh '\ setting suli' ,,-


.. . .. .. .. . . ... .. .. TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS .... SOPHOMORES ACTIVITIES SPORTS J CLUDS ORGANIZATIONS JROTC DUSINESS CLOSING 1-6 7-1:3 14-62 65-80 81-102 10:3-120 121-156 157-170 171-186 187-194 195-210 211-222 .


EDITORIAL 5TAFF Editor if} Chief ..................... Donna Krevosl'/iY As.sJsronr Edlfor ......................... Jenno Kelly Phorographers In ChIef ............... James Weaver L,zo Hirr Senior Closs Edror ...................... Diona Lapp A5sisronfs .......... ........ Joanna Dressel Gene/I Escolo JunIOr Closs Edlfor ....................... Usa Koziol AssistanTS .......................... DIona 5rumvoll Koren Loo/{5() Sophomore Closs Ed/ror ..... ............. Jeow Cook AssisranTS ........................... W,nsron Wu DaVid Horrwell Acriviries Edlfor ...................... Monsso OThan AssIstanT .............. ........ Charlene M cKeever Sporn Edlfor ......................... Korhy Morns AssIsranrs ............................ Jesse Moms Dons Kourony DrK]lrre A/remus Clubs Edlror ............................ Lisa Lomb Assisranrs ......................... Kelly Srromberg Pilar Tinf ... er OrganlzarKJnS EdITor .................... Rose Merrill A55isranrs ......................... . fda Crocamo Sam H,nel ... Ousiness Ed/ror ........................ Tieo Dogie Foculry Ediror ................. Caroline Perez Venero A55Isronr ....................... 5refania T ambunno Index Edirors ....................... Michelle Evans Genell Scola Copy EdITors ........................ Crysral Drown AssIsranrs .......................... Michelle Evans Chris M iller Kimberly Pirrs Sondra Hall Giselo Wedderburn Amsrs ............................... Sandro Hall Phorographers 5refanla T amburino Thonla Dright ........................ Harris HurST Nil.." ... Fanning Dernord Ung Dnglrre Alremus Lee Sanchez Ana Fernandez Dorrell Forre Michelle O/womo Leila Rowland Aoberr T oIedano 4 SfJ2...." .




ProduCing rhe 1984 Zo nlon was a laborIOUs yer rewording rosJ .. Dedi conon, nme b respo nslbiliry were foerors Involved w lrh rhe mol .. ,ng of rhe yearbool.. Ir 15 nor ofr e n rhor one srops ro real I ze rhese qualifies This 15 why I am gIVIng you a peel .. behind rhe scene of w har ocruolly goes on In room 808 5hown here (Top L rv O,ano 5rumvoll, Jesse Moms, Dons Kourony Korhy Moms Lower L (J. Monsso Orhon 6 L,zo Hirr) are Jusr a few of fh e many worl .. ers we hod rhls year Af fhls "me I would "' .. e fO rhanl .. rhe ENTf(J.E sroff for rhe warl .. rhey've done fa mal .. e fhe Z onian successful I would also like fa exrend my deepeSf oppreciaflon ro M r Ed Cor Wlfflen (phorogrophy consul fonr) ond fa Mrs M orl .. ,e Shorf (sponsor) for rhe help ond sup porr fhey have given us We wouldn 'f hove done ,f wlrhour youl Donna M KrevosJ"y A DEHIND THE 5CENE 6




The sch()(' yeor 198J 84 will always be one we can IOO/{ bod" on Vltlrh fond memones This 'Allf be espeCially True for rhe Closs of '84 Whor rhe} have done dunng rhelr high school career effecrs rhelr furure 05 v. ell as provides evenrs ro reminisce obour In lorer years The odmlnlSTrOflon and foculry of Do/boo High School hope rhor your sroy here has been a proflroble ond en;oyab/e one and If IS our SIncere wISh rhor we hove prepared you for rhe many roslti which lie ahead Our sOCiery needs marure and rhlnl{lng ciflzens ro meer rhe challenges of rhe furure wlrh confidence May you foce rhese challenges successfully and entoy The rewords of 0 well spenr life Assisronr Pnnopol Tom Leavy B Ass/Sronr Pnnopol Jocelyn Dorrowes


Mr HUnT A 5peC1Q1 rhanl'lS ro Mrs Ford and rhe office sroff for all rher help and suppor: The Ed,rors Mr M OIA ery ; -a/r_,' ::\:l ..... ...... Lefr ro A'9hr Joone Gonzalez AurelIO WhITe, PamclQ Tqelra, Esrabar. Moyers Dons Cochez, Aoberro ParchmenT 9


I M 'lI A doms M r Ames Mrs Oorbonl M r Oossnger M r Deldus Ms Oerger M r D yrne M r Camp Mrs Camp Mrs Cappon MISS Carr M r (orwlfhen M", Cochez Sgl CooI< Mrs Corberr Mrs Deaver 10


' ... :.: : : -.. \ ... . .. . ". M r Jacobs ,', ., ." . . . y ....... >l. ',, .". M r E Holland Mr Johnsfon M r De/<{Ie Mrs De Lo M orer Mrs Denkey MISS Edwards M r FJ9ueroo Mrs Fuchs M r F Holland M r Howell M r Hurchlnson M r Knoop Mrs M orzan 11


I Mrs Momssey M r Norman Mrs O'Callaghan Mrs Ognibene Mr Ognibene M r Oliver Mrs Pererson Mru Aper M r Romlrez FREE KNOWLEDGE II MONOAYthrr Ir'," FRIDAY I YOUR OWN CONTAINERS Mrs Ramlfez Mrs Reeves Mrs Ilipperda M r Rodnguez M r Rosenberg Mrs Sanchez 12


M r 5elrzer Sgr Sh,nerr Mrs Shorr Mr s 5050 Mrs 5prague M r Sweeney M r Thole M r Voz M r Verorbo Mr Wall M r Waugh Mr WIQ91n5 M r Willoughby Mr Wnghr Mrs Young 1 3






1 6


ACOSTA {lobeao -5epr 7 1900 roc 'T'IO WashIngron AL rEMUS [Jog,lf> Dec 8 1065 ''''''''''' >(J A,\1EGLO Marc A,iy 10. 1905 DC AGtKlf/.f [iWQ -Apr 25 196() Ponano Ponano ROMLlO Alvarodor Nov 18 /90.3 Ponomo AMEGI..IO Pe'er -Ai'y () toe5 WaYtl09,rJO 0 C 1 7 4LMI/.LATGlJ A>t." .14 >(' .. -;: fQ67 Panama Ponano AL \iE5 1\01 t' 'f.!'ei ANomER th.?, t.' A. :!4 1005 CI"te},.. 't:' u. '\ 0fl"\Ifl.J


Afo.DfflSON Veda--Dec 19. r965 Hedeberg. GerrnO'ly ARENAS. Luolo Ponano. Ponano AfI.MJn.U5TfR. COf"/I"1IE>-Aprll 2. 1966 AncO'"l Ponano ARANGO. Alexandra-Ocr 24 /965 Ponano AruAS. Aw -Ally 2J. 19.65 Puerto fOCo Afl.MJ5TEAD. Corio-Ally 17. 1966 Colberr Coumy. Abbonlo 18 ARCHJ/JOLD. Angeico E AruAS GrooeloNov 5. 1966 501 JuO'"I. Puerro fOCo AMT A Rolando-May 9 1966 EI Paso. Te:..os


DAKEn.. Mark K -Dec lB. 1060 Ind

0ERF0fUJ E5IEV Ax'1e 2J 1Q6J Ponana Reo 'f Ponomo DOMN Jeonrno"e--Apt 9 1966 Panama Dry Panama DOS5 CIf'Idy J Feb 18 t966 Sourh Amer.

DOYD. Marcelo-Nov 10. 1906 Panama A B"a.rinOn MA",NQN M yra A -Aug /6. /966 "'lCeville. Rondo DMWiNGfON Jod. DOym Pome/a--June 24 1966 fl.ochesref. NY Dn.E55EL Joonno-June J. 7966 50urh [)end. IndlQf10 MIGHT Thonlo 5 1960 Ponomo 2 MADl.EY MlChoeI--Jon 28. /966 Ancon. Canol Zone Df1.[W[("I. Donerre Jar 2/ 1966 ({,,-,ersKie Coliforf1lQ Dfl.OW'" M.chil"(l j, le 24 1900 fo\y( Jopor


MOWN Stocey L 28 1966 MOOrd Ck.d'RCH lJI.KlGf55 (flQI'les H -June 23 1964 Mo Wesr V"gtntO .AMP Ofl M March 22 1960 MOWN' Lesbe--Sept 11 1966 New York, Nev. YOt/( (AMPOfLL K A Dec 22 1966 Rl(;hmoo ld v"q.. lIO 22 MOWN Jr Jock 0 Ocr d 1966 FOtr MOtgo') (%rOOO (AHlL fltchord L Feb 1 4 1967 DoIrlfTlOfe MorybXi (AMPDELL A \ .choel E


CAMfIlO Korhle''f M -De< 2J 1966 Charresron Sou", CaraL'lQ CAll TEll Ceta C Feb 28 1968 France CElJALLCY.l Ll ()O .II. '1(> 14 1Q6() PonO"no Cry Po-xYno CAMOiL Moyro E -Ocr 17 19()() Ponoma crm10 CAI1TEf1, UI'IiIO'n J 24 1966 Cleveland ()nI() (HAVOYA L,nefle E Api () /'005 Ponoma 23 (AMOiL Vilma V Feb 1J 1965 Gorgas HosprOI (0fI0 lone CASTLLEJA Amoldo-1 1Q6() 50' A-w.no Te"Q CHE'" irx Nt:'!' '" 1Qt>J Vt?r om


c;. '10 fl. Ai )fch 22 1Q6() Ge('" 41obomo 'HEY Drerr l -May Q rQoo A Pooomo 1ft ;lllfo. d::; March rQ60 H J Z{ l> OIlfl,(H Jeffrey 0 Feb II 1966 Merced. (r:::JbforfllO fJbvn )j. CalM .k'rtat K it. 1of' JO fQoo M OfI\5 Mil 2 4 CLOVER KOfh!f?E'( 5 -Ocr 22 /Q66 ,""mooy CONJOVA Dora M Feb 6. 1965 CQitfomc 01OCA M O /do P {);;>c /4 tQ65 Pooomo


CAOSTON Koren A -Jan 23. 1966 TOkKJo Oregon J'" "d IT-<-CAUl Alejandro--July 14 1966 1J;boo, 5pov> DE LA GJAfU)lA Mono Eyoo-Dec L'I 1969 Panama c,ry CAUZ. !111.'ChoeI-5epr 22. 1965 .son Juan. Poena AlCo o ANSELMO Andy--June 23 Woo Ne ..... Dehh /rJd,o DEKLE Ailef D -lor 13 1966 PolOfTlO Canol lo"lE' 25 CAUl'" L -00 0 1000 Ne .... Yorll DAGlE Carmer M MarCh Jf 1966 Pu, "af C05Ia DELA5HA U. )f"o [ A...g 18 1900


DfLGADO AI. A A'J9 6 1065 DEPfW fl Aug JI /O()() fll -ne Nev. rorlt Conal E l:)elpin-Torre:s DEL"'" rCJf1.RE5, C(]fa -SepT 25 1066 Ne .... flochelll!. New Yex" DEPfW Jeffrey-JulE' 2J. 1965 Ne .... Yor/( 26 DfMEY Oyw P Feb 8 fQ60 01Cfexd. /-e/..u..e: .. DEVALDlVlfL50 James I J I Q67 CadiZ 5porl OLLON Aol>efr


c::?d;..--/Z! OOMlNGUfl Alberro -Sept 25 1905 Honolulu Ha ..... ()I1 DIW MM O N[J W.-om June 1 2 1966 A:>uno [DNEP. [lV/fO M -5ep! 22 1966 Po"""" OONOHU Meiorll" M -May 5 1966 Anco Ponomo DUCK m.A(Y L -Aug 18 /966 {\uremberg. Ger('f")(Yly [RICK Orad ,..., Mar 28 19M a/Clurg W'5' Germany 27 {)(I.U[DOW Holy 0 .Ally () 1Q66 Hvrmf19for /rldIono Dl.Jl\NELL Gale-14 1005 lO"T)Q ely Pc.. 'rO'TJO [5(ALA Geneil M No, .:."0 IQoo Pano C ')I Po)QlT)(


ESPEJO fl.lCard<" Feo IB 1900 [VAM Al,ehele [ NJv . JQ /Qoo F, fl.1.J AlObamn m x f' \.1 [) 10 tWx; t! Po. [5T[NOI [rne5l0 E Mar 2J 1Q67 """""" FAfl.JAS 0eItnd0-Sept 12 /Q65 Loredo. F[,.,'\fLL [ne J "'" 11 /06I'J "'eo .... YQfli Dr. ....\'1.\ YLlf' 2 6 E5TU5 Moo M ay JI, fQ67 Del P.to, Texas F Afl.IAS, M ehndo Sept 1965 Laredo, ([MANDEl Jorge Apr 1900 H)hr AFD GermQI


f1GUfl.OA fl.urh E v 1906 Lored0 Te)(05 FLETCHffl. Choley [-May IJ 1%0 Jon, "9 COl forl1lO ra..'KEN c:;o./()rlQ fI. May 1 1906 fl.enr( WosJv"lgrOf F15flJOUGH fl.oberr L -May 2J 1060 1(,.,... Paraguay FL(){I,IAN Lou M -No\ 10 1006 "el" YOI'll rOTH Kef P 8 1006 A '. 2 9 r()()D /f2"'t'\ L Jr xl<. r, rr;4( r, ',' ".':\ :'0 /000 Le,\ .... <,"'


FIXHS, 5ophio M -Nov 7. 1965 St L0U/5, GARRoo, Hzoberh-June 9 1966 Panama GOMEZ Ruben 0 -June 16, 1965 Panama GARCIA {Joon-Aug 25, IW>6 Paroma ___ GA YER Steve {) M arch 24 1966 Ancm, COI1Q/ Zone GONZALE Z Lauro E -Jon '7. 1966 Colexodo 30 GARCIA Er:Jmundo-Aug /0, t966 Panama GI050N Jerry R -March IJ. 1965 Mocm. Georgo GONZALEZ. 5ylVlO r -Jon 12. t966 Fr Worrh,


GOflD()I.. 5androlee-Oec 5 1965 Gor9(h HosprOi ConoIlOfle GAIMISON Rebecca H Moy 27. 1967 Canol lone Ponorno HALf Carolyn L -A10y 28 1Qoc 51 Perer!J:>uTg Flortdo GOfIDON)vA E Sepr 6 1965 Ponomo GUEM[(1.0 [rICh A-July 12 1960 Panama HALL 5andro G -Apri' 17 1066 F(Yf Lff V"glf'110 3 1 GP.EEf>, .Or A f>" 5 lye" Fna Meade Marybno CARLOS rH\6-AR HAGAR L I' <1 '1060 Sat {}(>gt 0 ,,v' JIO


HAf'I. rWELL Dove G M arch 6. 1965 Dove. Ponoma HELMAN f'l.obyn-Ckr 26. 1965 HASfNMoro. -July 13 1966 Japan HEM ./oIYl r May 17. 1900 P()t"l()tn(). flepubIK: 01 Ponofna fIGDON Hono L -Nov 28. 1965 MoO:So,w Kenrucky 32 HfA rON Wade L May 26 1966 Prescorr. A flzono Hfflfl.flA )0* L July:JO tQoo Pono-no HlNK XYn M May 24 1Q6 CQIlOIlone


HlNE5, jfFF -.July 8 1966 CoManla HOLDER Llzo A -Nov 5. 1905 Cocosolo. Canol lone HOWARD. Teresa M -Feb 12 1Q66 Ft LewIS. Woshv1gron Hf{I. r. (I,zo J Mar 2J, 1906 Ancon Canol Zone HOlLOWA Y Jerry L -June 19 1966 Arc Ffori(jo H5IOU Jenny C -July I 1066 Tope, TOMon ROC J3 HCJfL5CH[(I. Koren 5 -June II 1964 5edoho MISSOtffl H()(l" Jacqueline May 5 1967 Panama


(IJ5H ikhord K -Apr 26, 1965 DeIowexe JOHN fOt1lO M -Aug 25. 1966 Slversprng M ory.b'ld KJHN50N Hervy.k -Apr 18, 1966 LJrrle Rock. Arkansas JADLON5XJ, fhomas M Aug 29 1966 Ancon. ConoJ lone KJHN50N Raben D -Nov 13, 1966 ()/w1owo. Jopo1 JOYCE Roberr 5 -AJy 17. 1966 PO"Iomo CIty Pcnomo ) 4 JACKSON Gnly A -5epr J, 1966 5einlo. Ak:lbono KJHN50N COIVIfl R .k -Sept 1965 Dosron. Mossochu5errs KAflJRIV Vvrno L -June 10, IQ66 Coco Solo. ConoJ lone


KANE P M arch 4 1966 Ancon Conof Zone KLUCAS. Down R -Dec 26. 1965 ColJ(ornKJ MOO, Albea-March 14 1967 Veenendoal Holland KELL Y Jenno L -Nov J, 1966 Foryr/), GeorgI() KGUnANY Dort5 A MarCh 15. T966 Conal Zone KUP/, (/,wem -June 10 196

LANDffl.5. Dolton 0 -Aug /.3, 1966 5nrrellepcxr, LCIUSOr'"IO LEVY a-July 12. 1965 Los Angeles CoItforfllO LOPEl ANGEL E -Dec J 1965 CoMorflK) LA550 de k:J VEGA AIma-May 22 1060 Me.\lCo LEWI5. fI.()(Y1Je L A ug '2, 1966 Johns.on (lfy T fNIt'IeS.See LaPP. Dtono M -Dec JO, 1965 Ancon, CC)(')d lone 36 Lf5TER Margorer-m 11. 1966 TfNIt'IeS.See LIVINGSTON Off M -Sept JO, 1966 Ponomo LOVELADY James E Dec 8 1965 Ancon. CClf'ICi lone


LUCIO, Nancy {I. -April 4 1960 Son AnrOfllO, Te)(as M ANl.Ur AC Irene L M arch 4 1 966 San FrQnClSCO. CoilforfllO MAfl TIZ. Elaydo H M orch 4 1966 Ponorno c,ry Panama ./!.,?,C LUMPKIN John W -June 25. 1960 Los Angeles, CoilfornlQ MANUEL. Jose G -April 24 1 965 Ponomo Me COLL Penelope A -Feb 16 1967 San 5oIvack:x 50Ivackx 37 MAGEE John M -Sept 15. 1965 Pensocoo F/orOO f}c/1ff7 f:'Y,fiA-w' MARTIE John 0 -Dec 22. 1965 Gorgas Hosprof Conal Zone Me CONNELL Aflf'/erre-Morch JO. 1966 .5o-l Jose COSIO flleo


MC FAflLAr-. RoberTO A AprN 16 1066 (ok Panama hl C REYNOLDS, Hozel -00 2 1 1066 Coco Sob Canoll M[fo,[p,DfI Ernest( Moy 28 1960 (<>umbo MC MvEfI.. Cflor>ene R Feb 8, fQ06 Panama a MEKiS James A -Apr" I J 196() Forr Ord, CoMofflio MEfl.fl.LL, flose I -Ckr 17 1960 Canol lone 38 MC NELL T()(lI L -Jt.ne 22 1966 Erw lfl. NorTh Cac*lo MENDENHALL Todd W -SepT IJ 1960 Konsos Ory MISSOUfI METZGEfl Chr6l1f'le E Jon IJ 1966 Ne" Yexk New Yexll


M1LLEP. 5tephc:JrNe E -Feb 14 1965 HInesVIlle. George .. MIlfI.UP -July 2 4 1O()() CO'lOi lolE" ..... talRlS Kamy J 10 Q 1006 Po1y. CO ')n 01()


MULLM Donald W -March J 1966 Canol 10f'le NAUM John D -June 9 1960 C()(l()I lone OCQNNER R.oger W H -v I. 1966 Arl(Ofl. Canol 10/"'le' MI..K?f1JLLO LUIS A -Aug 10, 1965 Teguogolpo, Hofldur05 NAVARRO Famy L MOlCh Jl, 1966 Ponoff>o OKIYAMA (Oldne M -June t8 1965 Guam 40 MUf?PHY Mary ) May /8, 1966 Forf 5IJI. OI

OUVER, Thomas} -Nov 14 1966 Cnsrobol, COflQ/ Zone PAGES. Ana M -June 27. 1966 MIOf1'lt', Florida PEDONE LISO I -Feb 1 5 f966 ChopeI Hill Ih Coro/lno OTHON MonSSO-Apr" 20. 1965 Ponorno Gry Ponoma PA TTON AfTlIfllO-Nov 9 1965 Ponomo PfNA Angel [ March 25 r965 Ancon (anol lone 4' PADILLA Noxa I-Feb 10, 1967 50Jrn0s, PuerTO RICO PA frON LIllO G -Juiy 12. 1966 Panama Cry Panama <.flZ.a.u.JtWTl, PRfI. Y MavrE''n-Apr# 19 1900 Panama Gry Panama


PHILLlP5 Apn, M -Aorll J 1966 Ancon Canol iOf1e PITTS Kimberly 0 -Mar 11 1966 FI GO((ion Geor91() REFOWICH 5nep j No", to06 lk "1f:)fl(]ge MarylOl PINZON FrarJClKO-July 14 1963 Dogora, Columbia PQfWI.LA Johonno M -5ep1 4 1966 5onro MOflICO Co/ifomiO REiLL Y ()etyo L A ug 6 1'l66 Ponomo Cly Panama 4 2 PINZON M OIrho L -Apr 11 1965 Oogoro, Columbo RAMIREZ. 5usono 5 -Dec 14 1966 Fobem. Texas RICHARD Regrro R v ({ 1966 Omona, Nebt 05ko


{l.om Scotl M t::>ec 20 1006 EgIn A F D FIor.oo fKXJ[{I. rs, m V Feb 22 tQ66 Panorno Conol lone {l,OO(UGUE l .lome tv Jot J 1Q66 (l,epc.bIc rt'l% RKj[)y Garren) -Sept J 1Q60 Ar)("Of Canol lone {I,(XHA LI)l:"I FA.1ay '0 1066 fto de bl'>fO &Q,z. {I,(X}{llGlXl Ji l'IQ A Ji .Iy 26 1Q6O Ooga/o C( rmb<1 4 3 {1JV[fI.A CarlO' hI Fro 18 1066 PuerTO RICO R(X}{llGUfl 1ft' M Fcoo ItJ 1005 Cd", {I,()OftlGUl'.l" A 'it'/., fQol M Fy,(j(


(K)NDON VoIeflr.rlO--July 2Q 1964 VeneLUE'Ia 5ALAI.1ANCA RICardd M MQllh JI /065 Y,)." )A Nfl /01 M -May 22 1965 A ICon Cal 101 Z, R05ANlA VoJefie-Augt.J51 2Q IQ06 Panama 5ok:uQr Jonr R -January 26 T966 Ancon ConaIIOf"le SCHAPPffl.T. fJono n -Aug 20. t96b Nashville Terv'I(?'S5'' 44 r. rNER, Kely J -0:, 7. t966 50n FronClSCO. COf,(orfllO SANCHEZ Edwll1) -July:2 1966 Ponomo COl1OI lone SCHMIDT Kenney a -Dec 28 1905 Ancon Conal lone


5C1rz 5<:Yrc:ra -.Jon 4 1Qoo Woco Texas SfDDA AfIO LUI5O-Dec 9 1Q65 Panomo Clry Ponamo SlCf(I. He

SMITH. Lamonr F -July 9 1966 (anoIZone 5PUflLOCK. Armando P -June 29. 1965 Poromo (/fY. Ponoma 5TEPHENS, Kad A -.June J(), t966 Ponomo 5MlTH. Tommy 1-5epr 28. 1966 Ponomo 5TAPLE, fl/Cordo -Jon 17. 1965 Poromo Cry Ponoma 5TEUAflT flobert A -Dec 20, 1965 Panama Cry. Poromo 46 5NOOK Dave P -Jon 11, 1966 Ancon Conal Zone 5 TEfMEfl ShJrley A -Dec 26. 1965 PhoenIx Aflzona 5TEVENSON Coraline I May 5 1966 fl/O Aedr05. PuerTO fl/Ca


4 srCXKwfLL. ElrzobE-rh F -Dec 23. 1965 KJng5lon. Jornoca SUTTON M Aug 12. 1966 Sumrer, 50ulh Carolina TAYLOR Gno--5epI 28 T966 Pensacola, Fforldo 5]"' E Lynn A Nov 16 1966 Ancon, CQIlO/ Zone SWANEY ChrIS-Jon 22. /966 Trenron, New Jersey TERA5HlMA Kurruko-5ep1 21 1965 Jopon 47 smOMDff1G KeN}' E Dec 20 tQo5 Coco 5oio, (ono' Zone T AMOUR/NO 5rerOfllO MarCh <) 1900 DoIogno Ifaly THALE {)ryan A 00 10 /966 5yC(}fnOre


THOMPSON RIChard 0 Nov 28 1966 IVDShngroo, 0 C T OSTON May E -Ocr /6, 1Q65 Coco 5010, COflQ/ Zone 1.NJfP.HJLL. JoIYt-Feb 23. 1965 Coco 5010, Conal Zone TlNKfA AJar f Apfl 20 1966 Panama fSENG. FrOf"lCIS C M odnd. 5po>n v 22 1066 /..k>IO, Akron Y -Jon 0. 1Q65 Panon>o 46 TIM, Tamara G -Aug 13, tQ66 Panon>o TUCKER G/enfl M July 0 1Q66 Panama VANDERVELDEN Roverro A -No ... 1/ 1966 LIfTIO Pffu


VEfWLI, EI..J9Me J -.June 29 1966 Rome, Ifaly VINTON AngIE' L -Aug 1 8 1966 Ponomo. Conal Zone WALKER Erra M -OK 22. 1966 La LM7lO. Honduras VIOAUP.P.1, Vero L Aug 17 1966 A ncon, Conal Zone WALCOTT. EdgarM arch 21. 1966 Ne w Yorl( N e w York / / WALKER. James W M arch J, 1966 Tampa, Aondo 4 9 VH..LE5CA5. Ron A -July 28, /965 MorenCI, Ariz ona WALFOR.D. Roberfo C -Ocr II. 1966 Klffery. Morne WAMPlER. Donald) -Nov JO, 1966 Rock Wood Tennessee


WAI1D. Michael L -Sept I 1960 (QflQIIOl'le' Panomo IJ.I/TT E v --e L 5epr 15 1960 L 10 I0:">(> Pr:x>omo WEAVE!1 James C Feb 2J. 1905 F r CompbeI! KefmKIW Qu.uQ IJ.IJo.KL05KY Paul) Apt 5 190a Canol Z \l'OLOA .10< <-Jo< )Of} 0 1006 I, lOfer Tne "-,,'f)(V<{)f"ld> 50 W[DDfI1DU/1N GeIeo G -July 1 1966 waco, Te-.:os 'WIN5TEAO Dorboro A Feb 19 1906 Fr LovcierdoJe Flor WON VlOIeIo-5epr 11. 1964 Ponomo Clry, Ponomo


. . '. W OM:; M orgama M Ocr 19, 1966 AncOfl, ConoI Zone lAMOflA, Amra -Dec 2 1 1965 Panomo Canol Zone . .' . . . . Wcx;o, L Nov I J 1965 Scottsboro A bbomo PEREZ, TIf'IQ M -Nov 2 1 1966 OrooNyfl, New Yorl( . .' . . "...... i l ... : . ... WCXXJ5, flufh L -5ep1 25, 1964 Homsonburg. Vlr9/(11() 1 . .


school In every a few rhere Ofe h eoo/ people W 0 sP U rhe 5plnr e)(empi Y { and Of rhelr schoo for 01/ rhor I{ sronds Dressel and bonne .J' lo \0\ ere Perer Ameg I pIe o f {he speool :::10001. Dolboo Hig always sho'IA Ing fnendliness, 5p1fi! m for rhe and conce \1\ effore of DH5 of ... tim. aJJVts .tf.8. .. . :rt). "'-52 .'


'. Fashion and s,yle ploy on Imporronr role In our lives As 'he flmes chonge so do rhe fads Some of rhe many sryles seen rhls year were mlnl-sJ'flrrS, low walsred dresses, over SiZed s/"lIrrs, and a closslc .. ''pun/'f'' The SenIOrs vored for rwo people who mas' effecflvely represenred roday 5 sfyles, fkordo Salamanca and LIsa Lomb Sandra Hall and John Dowerman are rwo rolenred Seniors rhor SfOnd our In our crowd They can usually be found In rhe muSIC room pracflong wlrh symphonic bond or Involved wlrh ploy producfiOf1S They rruly represenr rhe rolenr of rhe 1984 groduoflng closs I The 'cream of rhe crop" as for as orhleTlcs go, Orad and Sandy Gordon excelled In olmos, every sparr Imogln able You could always frnd borh as leaders, ream coprolns. and sror players In every ocrlvlry In whICh rhey CompeTedl Who are fhe people rho' olways gO! A 's while we srruggled for (5) Dnon Thole and Noe/!ne MorrISSey Noehne will offend Norre Dome In rhe fol! whtle Dnon pions fa offend rhe UnIVerSITY of IllinOIS


. . DerermlnorlOl1 and dedlCaflOl1 are rhe qualifies rhar srand our In borh James Meigs and Madfey Wong They were vOTed mosr ",.,ely ro succeed Don', be surpnsed If you hear rhese names agoln' Who are rhe people everyone loves r o be around} nebecca Gnmlson and nob err Joyce o f course' These two 5en/OfS always bnghrened 'he days wlrh smiles, Icughs and fnendly words -BALBOA HIG SCHOOL \ I -JII!-.. -, 1 .., Ilager 0 Connof and Kelly STrombefg-fwO people who always showed enrhU5K1m and spiflT for Dolboo HII)h Through Th,e!., and rh,n From fooTboll games fa closs acTIVITies, fhese rwo were olways presenr and roollng for our school . 5 4


, These !wo 5fudenrs srole rhe hear!s of everyone rhey fUmed rhelr charms upon/Ida Crocomorhe apple of every boy', eye and John Hem (he heorrrhrab of Do/boo HK)h These fWD srudenrs won'r soon be forgoffenl r r r r I Wild, Crazy, weird, fun, ... all words rhot descnbe our clo55 ComedlOns, Elaine Oemosconl and Edgar Waleorr You con always find rhese fWO spreading fun and laughs wherever 'hey go' M yro Dronnon and Joey Feman dez-rhey rore 10'5 In our 000/,(1 Wherever rhese fWO go !hey orrrocr . !he srores and admlfOflon of every one around rhem


.... .... nl' II: te 'II h


Korhenne Moms James Wea v e r Noeline Momssey Jeffrey Morgon Teresa Howard Michael Hines Rose Memll Donna KrevosJw John Delashow A lbe" Kroes Loa Lomb E/Jzaberh M cQuorry Dryan Thole H John Lump/'fln Ellzabefh Sroc/'fwell Jacob Wa ldo Shu-Me l Che n G FranCIS Tseng Joc/'f Drown 0 Roberr Vandervelden Sondra Hall Sergio DleI'ferson RIChard Wlnegor R Amlro Zamora Jenny HSIOu Rebecca Gnmlson Tracy Duc/'f N Rurh Figueroa Marganro Wong A Shirley Srelmer John Dow e rman Down Greer Karhleen Carreiro 0 Heidi S,cher Jame s MeJgs 0 T hanlO Dnghr Mono Perez Rodnguez ScOff Rider M,nd Mane Estus R Joanna Dressel Ilanald Lewo Toni McNeill Glenn T U Donald Mullins Roberro Acosro Carl Scarland Ilaberr Joyce Sondra Lee Gordan MIChlro D rown A Carmen Dogie Elvlfo Agulfre Pene lope McC oll Pllor Tlnl'fe r IllChard Thompson Rusrem Kupt T N ona Kane Kann SmITh ChrtSflne Merzger Jenna Kelly Jeffrey Church E/J Levy Sophia F uchs Iloger O Connor E Aler AlmilloregUi Mansso Orhon KOThleen Clover J""an Collins Colvin Johnson EdWin Sanchez 5 Gorrerr llK)by Orad E ncl'f5O() Sondra Schulz Suzonne Hln el'f Kelly Il yner Kelly Campbell Johanna Pomllo LuCIO Cebollos STefonlo T ombunno Ana Mono P ag e s Of ron LlVlngsron Sonia Cobos Shelron Inel'f Ricardo Salamanca Morl'f Clorl'f Kimberly Plrrs Plo Porron A l ejOndro Cruz de Llono MIChele Evans Tina Perez TaniO John /do Crocoma Valene Rosonlo Koren Crosron lonn Sanchez "Honor GroduaTes ore liSTed In descending order from GPA 4 OO-J 00






John Abresch Mono Agutlero Lorenzo AleSSI 5Tefano AleSSI Gobnelo A mes Tracey Anrhony Norman Arouz Mon Anos Donna Ayolo nanoid Doer nobln Ooerg Sean Dec l. Pamoo Deem LlSo Dell Cnsflne Olevln5 Rober, Ooorwnghr Fernando Oontllo M ory Dowen Dons Doyerr Jeff Drace Chnsr,ne Dronom Jane Fredenc/'( Orecl.enndge Droc/.housen III 65


Janer DrO(wno L ynn DroullO Drown Crysrol Drown Mary Drownlow Jonlno Dudl James Durch M oory Durcl. Alberr Durl.err II DlrI.en DussJere Deborah Dyne, Chr. Coldan George Call Gino Camp Cella Campbell Gregory Carper FreSJO COffer Leslie Cosfdle;a 5usan Coruna nolondo Chonls III Jaime Claus Coaxum Lomonr Collins Jose CorclQ()e 66


PornCia Cowles Daniel Cox Kimberly Dean L yneth Delegodo Donlzo Domnguez I,obello Bplno Nicole Fannia Donnie Doubledoy EllIS Espinosa Ana Fernandez Jeanne Croddoc/"i Juan Cuarras Domond Des/onde, M lch"lIe Druesedow John Deyoung Terry Durning 67 Joey DaddIO MorUjo DavIS Kelly Dow5Of1 Jose [Aoz LUIS Doz M obel {)OZ Joanna Ellison Tiffany Elmore Porncl"i ErnSf .-


Carol-Ann Fernandez Ronold Formoy Luz Gomboa Yes enlQ Ferrabone TraCi Former Julio GorclQ Chesrer Ferrell Of ron Franl", Angelo Gibson f .. Rlchord Fisher M orrhew Flores John Franl", A/on Fnednch Jeffrey Goff M lchoel GoldSTein 68 Rolando Flores PrisCilla FTlfrs Jacqueline Gonzalez Scorr Ford L1saberh Gollordo Vondo Grohom Greg GromllCh 50Iymar Grecco Lee Green


fmlkja Greenidge Alan GrelSz Yodlra Gnfftrh Darren Grumme Karl Hogen Lindo Haines Teresa Hamm ..... DamarIS Hormond Anne Harmond Joefle Hausberg fol/O Haw/ilng Theresa Hayes Deborah Heeres Giovanni Henry Alex Herrero Tim Heyde MonICO Hldrova (l,ory Hill Sean Holland AmyHoneo Kennerh Hopple Tlno Hughes MlChcel Hughs Carhenne HUn! 69


John Hunr Horns HursT Roberr HUff 0 Shelron Incl.., DoroThy Isenberg Jenni fe r Jeffnes Loune Jenl..,ln5 STephen Jenl..,ln5 M orna Jones M ono Kelly KaThryn Kessel A lvin Key Alejandr o Khalee l KirSTen King Chnsropher Kline 5oyorm Kflnf..,oo Darren Knopp M ichael Knlghr Me lina Knoop Richard Koco Jr Joon Komon Knsren Konnagon LJesi KozIOl John Kraemer Rlnor Kraseln,cI.., 70


MonICo Kyle Koren Laakso Fred Locy Jr Koren Londry M agda Lone MOfl a Long/II Judlrh Lovo/Iee Michael Laverry Ylrzel Lawrence Sora Lim Philipp Llndogen V,ncenr Lopez VeronlCo L onrermon AngelICo Lord Joseph LUll ChriSTopher Lynch Gladys M adura PrudenCio M anuel Angelo MOrfin Tomaro MOrTInez Tern MarTinez T oryo McGee Angelo McDonald Shown M cKeever KOTlo Medr ano 7 1


jQVIf'f ,"v1endoz a James Merry Irma M demon Chrlsropher Miller Paul M inor Donlel M l f ch ell Mlfsuse rkhard Wi/liam M oore Jesse Moms T ereso Moms Jennifer M omson Dendo M omssey Jaunlro Nell Jacquelyn Nelson ChriSTIna Nolon Sergio Noire Claudio Oehlo 5henelle Oliver L,"bell Oller Enrique Orhon Lisa Oxley Rene P aarup Deryamln Palmer Pia Parron 72


Ikhord Pou/ Renor PeococN RoberT Peoples Teresa Perez Corol,ne Perez Venero Ronald Philips Emory Ph/egor M ichael Procrer Jesus QUlnTonlllo Fronl.; Romos III Korhenne Rand Lferberr Raybourn M ichele Reeves Pamoo {{evello Derel

Edward Rogers fIt)15 Rogers Tracy Root Juon Raux Irene Rubalcova Down Rumbaugh Yost-lIml50/'(oguchl LOUIS 50nchez Wally Sanchez Elvina 5anTlago Tommy Sonros Ellzaberh Sounders Lora Schroeder Srephonl' SchulTe Paul Scorr Comtfo Sealey Seorr Show Chnsrlne Shepard Allen Shepperd Edward ShOff Morco Shrem -----------L Koro Silva Anthony 5Ioon David Small )aden Smith 7 4


Mononelo SfnlTh MIChael Smlrh MIChael Srephenson M ane STeuarr Tory Smrh Ana 5Tevens Doreen Soul

Pedro Vongos III Revonur Vishwonorh DorIo Vase Chnsflno Wogner Paul Waldron rkordo Wolford Come Wessling Roechel Leonard Wheeler Drodley Wheelis Pauline Whlffod.. Gino Wer zs! eln III Stephen Winberg Jerry WlnMer Raymond Mononne Woldo Hennerro Wolf W,nsread '" James Woife Irzel Won Tmorhy WOOO Srephen Young 76


Homecoming weel{ was a lime of fun and exoremenr bur mosr of all filled wlrh raging SP'nfS Alrhough MUSiC Day wos de9gnored for rhe Seniors, rhe Juniors showed rhe" splflr by dressing up as ''punl{ers'' The day de5l9nored for Juniors was Oeoch Oay and Ir roo was a success due ro rhe large amounr of splflr expressed by rhe closs of '85 The Juniors hope rhor rhe" splflr shown rhlS year will double by nexr year and rhor rhey 'll be a raging closs olwoys remembered or 0 H 5 JUNIOR5. 5PIRITED ARE WE! 77 T


. J U N / o R 5 . the best is yet to come! 76


-The JunIOr closs QnTlClpares one Ios( grear yeor High SChoo/IS olmOST over for 'he Juniors, bur ler's nor forger rhe elevenTh year The Junior class spenT Q grear deal of "me planning for rhe Prom because the success of This evenr depends forolly on closs parfloparlon and ded,cOfIOn The Junior year 1984 wos morl"ied by homecomIng. a specTocular floor beach do)' and orher memorable eVenTS "I rhln!,; ,he closs of 85 IS grear, and I'm 1ooI"i,ng forword fa our 5en1Of yeor, says Parry CO\l\ les. Junior 0055 VICe PreSJdenr 79


. ..... . -. ...... ...... . . . -.......... ................... ....... . . ... ... .... .... . . : i FnGnd i ; : fiQZ1rifhr-ob_ -_-__ _ _ -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-: ; \ ela00 : ----------. : i TGachGr : ---------. t 1 f XpGriGnc Q __________ ; t ActiVit!:) ___________ ; ) i Spori ___________ : : l : ttlAng-oul _____ ____ : i : f x prGSSi O n __________ : : i : f ood __________ ; : ; n01gazing __________ : l Book ___________ Group : : -----------: : Alb u m ___________ : ) ) i 8inglQ : ---------, ; \ T V o hoW : : l : !1oVi Q : : . j tt c t o r _______ ____ .. [ j itci rGss __________ ;; j ; Orh8r : . . : : : : : . : : : ; ...... ... -... . . ... . . . ................ ... .... . .... ....................... .... .. .......... .... .... ........ .... .... .. ....... ...... . .... . .... . . ... ... .... . _ . . . ........ .......... -. ...






50PH5 Two of rhese sophomores ore {offing rhelr STudies seriously while Pom Clorl, (Top lerr) ond Jr McReynolds (Top fighT) find rime fO perform for {he phorographer


Michael AcI..,ermon Joseph Addlesberger Vlcror Alverez Jr Audrey Alves Vanessa Amedee Paul Anderer Gralg Anderson Yvonne Andress Andrew Apold Osires Aranga Yverre Ardines Dellnda Arms Tracy Armsrrong Gilda Avila Veronica AZUQ Alexander Danlevlez Graver Domes Daniel Darrero Andrew Darrerr ({oger Dares fieldIng Deos/ey Sarah Deome Wilbur Oenninghogg rkhord Deno/{ Marcos Demobe Enc D,nder David Dlacl.., 84


r ( 85 Afro Donduronr Fredenc Doner LISO DonI .. Delondo Donnerr M lfiam Dorromeo Mary Dowermon Donlel Dowmon Carolyn Doyle Jennifer Dromble David Drewer Wolrer Onrron WI/flom Droc/{ Jr George Drool<5 III C ynrhlo Drown Korhenne Drown


Drown Aaron OryanT Drlon Dumposs Come Dynum Sommy Oyum Guillermo Cobezo Ingnd Cabrera Oryan Callahan Leslie Connon Aerer Comers Konn Coppone 5honnon Carper rkhord Corrogeno Yverre Cosrro Iladolfa Cazaban 8 6 l "'


8 7 RIChard Cenreno Anudro Chawlo Charles Clork Pamela Clark lldavra CIoL15 Gory Clingan ieow Cool. Stephanie COfin Robert Cortez Gregory Cowles M ogdaleno Cruz Joey De Abote Iverre De La Rezo Derel. Dean Tony Deluco IngrId Om Mono DIxon Candace Dragoo Carolyn Orogseth Koren DuguId John Dunworrh Dodd Dupree Anthony Durham Carlos Ebner CynrhK1 Echevorna Terry Edwards Parnco E/qnon


William E/shoff John Engell

I, I! ... . Nell Goldfarb RIChard Goldsberry Pablo Gomez Arocelys Goodloe Gabnel Gordon Pau l Gordon James Groz/Oso Annie Greaves Woker 6n995 Jr Melinda Gnmison Vincenr Grove Sheila Guerrero Juan Guerrero RUTh Guerrero LeSTer Gwinn III


Daniel Gunn Mono Guzman RoberTo Hogor Marlo Hall Sondra Holl Lawrence Hannon Dewey Hord/SOfl W,lflOm Harhaway Charl e s Hoyden Holly Hoyden Roberr Hayes M,rchte Hem Geoffrey Hemng M ary Ann Hines Connie Hobbs . ( 0 .. . 'J. : .... < o : ' . f ,,' ,


9 1 Abby Honeo Jenny Ibarra IneoDelle IgfeSIOS Samuel Jock5on Jose Joen Don,n Jorboe STacey len/fins James Johnson Jerel Johnson SonIO Johnson MQne Jordon MIChoeI .Jorgensen Devin Kane T o/<:eshl Konno STocey KerTh John Kesflne Obed Kiefer Korhenne Kinsey (nSf/no Klrl4and Karl Kirschner Karla Kirschner Kelda Kishi LIsa Kfucos Lorrand Knopp Korhenne Kno.x Kern Kropf! naberr Kroesen


DenjOmln Lomb Carlos Lone Corhenn Lanterman Angelo Lo nue Kimberly Louderhough Loraine Lear More Lebreux Janer Lee David Lesrer Phillip Lesrer Joel" Lerzer James LewIS YzuHsun LIn JulIE' Undogon nlro LJprol Ken Llffle MonICo LlVlngsron AlICe Lohrer Sora Long Ellf'zer Lopez M orco Lopez Perer Lopez John Lowery nonold 1 yr/e T omo/.o Mokryomo 5rephen MolllOS Moeses Mom'Ye 92


-93 Karyn M ann Anrhony Mamno Wendy Masrers Rodney McCorn I'./chord M cKoy Aryorerre M c L ean Porndr M cQuary I'.olph Mcl'.eynolds )r Volene Meadows Monico M eana DavId Me r edlrh Jr Curfls Merz ger Robin Mlrrs Lonsso Mol'illlo Michele M oore . '-,


Sophomore year IS nor on easy rime There IS so much growing and learning ra do be fore g e rring "coof" and "organized". Our Sophomor e s did rhelr homewor!.., we!!, and are ready fo r rhe formidable Job of being upperclass men ond wome n KifT'l M organ Raul M organ Sheme M orningsrar Sreven M urphy Tonia M yers 5hobh,a Nondwonl Fabio Norroro Jr M ichele Nelson John Nld101s John Nicl..,lsher Yul..,o NOjI F ulvia N oire M ono Ocono M ichele Ol<;iyamo John Oliver


, r - . .' dt -. 95 MISTY Ol,ver Niv/Q Chlel.,o Ono Eduardo Omz Mono OSorIO Dllhe Jo O5rr051'1/ Amanda Pabon Anrhzo Podillo Edlrh Pomllo Eugene Powlo/
PAGE 100

Hecror RIChards Le5lye Rincon Cesar RlOs Nei. I11Vera Jesse Roberrs Scarr Roberf5Of1 Ene Rronson Jeffrey Rock Georglno Rodf/gvez GraCIe Rodnguez R,cordo Rodnguez Rlcl
PAGE 101

\ Poul Sonders An/fo 5cheJrlln Cheryl SehmlClr Randolph Seall Joserre Sepulveda Lorl55O Serrano DovlCl Srdellflker RlCordo Silva Jr Kelll Srmons Theron Srms Jr Darnell Smlrh Gibe" 5mrrh o 5m,rh Slephonle 5mlfh Gory 5nooI<

PAGE 102

Koren Soper Karhenne Sprague Dorvln Sr Joh n Ann Sraffe ldr Kore n S rollv. 'o rrh O,ano Samuel S,eele Carlos S'elmer Cns,en S,ephens MoniCO S, Germain TraCt Sf/venson Marl"i Srob,e Amy Srovall Kamen 5fromberg Leanne Suchasl", ''This year has been grear I can WOlf unol neXT year, sold Jeow Coo/"i ThiS seemed ro be 'he feeling of mas' sophomores Thl5 year h05 been a change for rhem There wa5 more freedom, fun, and OTher aC!lvlfles fll"ie danng and pomes Academically, ,here was a change for saph omore Cf05ses were harder and rhe home worl"i load Increa5ed The Sophomores used ,his year '0 pIon rhetr neXT fwO years or D H 5 and concen,ro,e on Thetr favonre endeavors The clo55 of '86 ha5 5hown rremendous grow,h 5Jnce Augu5' 198J, ond sruden,s are emerging who D H S wI/I be proud of in 'he years ro come 96

PAGE 103

, 99 Candy Srephan Sv.'I5her Wenford Taylor Jr Romon T eron "'age/I() T eron Mlyal'(o r eroshlmo Ana Tesra Armando T esro Dtenr Thole Chorles Thomos Deborah Thompson Korhy Thompson Carlos Tovar Anlfa Turner Myrna Vozquez Mono Venrre Debbie VInTon Edward Walron Ronnie Worner ChrISTie Warren Nreno Warren Neyso Worley Gory Warson DOIcel!s L ynnerre \\/eel'ti Welch JuI/S50 Welch

PAGE 104

Dernodeffe Wilder Michelle W d ecze!1 David U'/I Mlfc h e \t '5 Poul \.\ ms Aoso WtlflQrns Roberr Williford Omodo Wilson Dill Winford Mlchoel Woerner Rebecca Woods Paul Wnghr John Wrucl'{ Wlnsron Wu Roberr Young III Jovler Zayos M Ofina Zamora 100

PAGE 105


PAGE 106

10 2

PAGE 107


PAGE 108

=::-:> ----...--> .--JAMDOREE QUEEN Meionle Donohue Green OevUs M yra Drannon ned M achine \ nebecca GnmlSOl1 Cougars 104 Mor1lCO "'eyes Dulldogs JAMB

PAGE 109

JREE Crisrobal's Wayne Pearr (J2) and Greg DeOoer (68) defending rhelr ground ogolnsr Curundu's Hecror Hayre Connre Armbrusrer, M ary T osran MorUjO DaVIS, and Carol DelPIn-Torres worchlrK) (he game Chnsflne M od/ne Cord/nne Oklyoma, ThonlO Drighr flo fonda Amero, MarIO flodnguez Kelly Dawson, Ana LUlso 5eddo, Fanny Navarro Noellne Mornsey, Nona Kane, Mo(15SO Orron, Lynn Srone and TanIO John enjoying themselves on the 5erllor DU5 HISTORY In 1950 one year offer rod
PAGE 110

p o p Wu D F E F R --SENIOR TEAM 1sr Row M Wong M Ferousro, M Donohue J Durnerre, M Costilleja, K Camero, 2nd Row G sc%, E AgUirre, ) Dressel, V V,duorn V nOSOn/D, I (racoma, N Kane, R Anderson N Momssey D McQuary, Jrd Row T John, L Srone, V Anderson E Wofl'ier Po Figueroa M Perry P Doyer L Parron N LUCIO, M nodnguez K Clover ---Senior Cheerleaders J C(lrIdes, E Esrenoz A D Anselmo and I Heonng cheenng {he Queen and King on Queen Edgar Wo/corr, King Kelly Srromberg 106

PAGE 111

.... l -LINDER CLA55MEN TEAM 151 {l,ow J Drace K Thompson M Oilver, G Camp A SlOvoll, L Cosnlle;o, K Philips, P [Ilimon, R Tieman 2nd Row C Lynch T 5rIVenson, L Sydnor 0 Srone5zewsk( M Off/yamo, M M oore, L Knopp Jrd Row M Dowermon R Corrogeno F NoIre, 5 Permenrer T A nrhony, P Clark 4r h {l,ow {l, Lyrle, A Thompson {l, L1PIOI, A Srofieldl M Ponce M Romlrez D Wilde r -Sophomore Queen {l,odney McCa rn and King AlICe Furlong luna Queen Eddie Shorr and King Parry Cowles 10 7

PAGE 112

HOMECOMING QUEEN AND E5COR T Queen LIsa Lomb Escorf AfexlS Dloser Prlnce5.S R.ebecca GnmlSDn Escort Luke Givens Pnn(ess M yro Dronnon Escorf Pamc/o( Gnm/son 108

PAGE 113

PrInCess Korhey Moras Beorr Perer AmegltO Prlnces.s Melinda Gamlson Bearr Jeff M organ Princess Yverre Hem Escorr S!eve Goyer Pnncess Pam Revello Escor! Cor/os Rivero Princess Kim M organ Escorr Hues Prllxess Copnce Ayala Beorr Eddie Shorr ,.,'or Acrured Dorio Vose and Ton, Wedon 1 09

PAGE 114

UP THE DOWN DIRECTED OY CAST OF CHARACTERS Dr M axwell .......... Dr Eugene Lou M orrin ........... John Oow ermon )if! N orris . . . . ......... Carhy Hun' Oondouronr Lennie N eumor/'f .......... Dilly Perl'ildi's Rochel Gordon . ......... Jil/ion Col/ins J J McHobe ............ .Floyd Holland Corole Dloneo ........ Iverre de 10 Rezo E lizaberh Ellis . ............ Kelly Ryner Ella Fnedenberg .......... Melanie Doles Alice Dlolfe ................ Usa Flonon Charles Arrons .... ........ Donlel Cox France Egan .......... )omJe/Ripperdo V ivlOn POlne ......... Jeanne Croddoc/'i Edward Wi/"ams ......... Paul Waldron Chorlarre Wolf .......... Jayne Edwards Rusry O'Onen ........... Roberr Fuchs Joe Ferone .......... Herbe Rayborn Samuel Desrer ............. Chorles Wall Lindo Rosen .............. Soly Grecco Hellen A rbuzzi ........ Carolyn Drogse r h Sadie Finch .............. (forira 5mlrh Jose Rodriguez ........ Joey Oe Abore F rancin e Gordner ........ Lela Ro wland Sylvlo Darre{f ............. LIz Corrie Dloine ............ Kelly Dawson Karhen'n e Walzow .... . . M ich N elson Deomce 5chochrer ...... Sydney Corbeff Harry Kogan ............ John KeISling E ll e n .................... Julie Urbocf.i Paul Domnger ......... George Chl'lders 110

PAGE 115

STAIRCASE R/c/<, JOHN5 TON M r Johnston shows Ann Horlngron and Kelly {J, yner how 10 budd rhe ser for Up {he Down 5rolfcose Herby Rayborn 0 o menace {a John Kiesling's life 111 151 LISO F1onon, Jeanne Craddock, Carhy Hunr 2nd Iverre de 10 Reza, 50Iy Greeca, Kelly Ryner Kelly Dawson Roberr Fuchs Jrd Dan Cax, John KeislIng, Paul Waldron Joey De Abare 4r h Jillron CollIns Ploy Scene , b\ . RICk Cahrll, .Jeanne Craddock and Ana LInares-working on rhe ser of Up {he Down 5rolfcase

PAGE 116

CHRISTMAS FORMAL Queen Moria R.odr igue z King Roberr Joyce Princ ess, Melanie Donohue Ponce Joey Ferna ndez Pr,nce55 Rebecca Gnmlson Pnnce John Magee 112

PAGE 117

Pnncess LIZ 5rodrwell Pnnce John Oowerman Pnncess LISa Lomb Pnnce John Hem Pnncess M yro Dronnon P nnc e Jeff M organ Pnnc ess Kelly 5rromberg Pnnce Perer Amegho Pnncess Joanna Dressel Pnnce Dave Pnncess Karhy Moms Pnnce Roger O'Connor 113

PAGE 118

The Lion rhe Wirch & rhe War drobe Adopred by C 5 LewIS' boof, by Kelly Ryner Cosr Perer ....................... rkhord Fisher Susan ................... Melonle Donohue Edmuno ... ................. John Keisling Lucy. . . . .. .............. Jillion CoIlrns Asian . . . . . . . . . . .. .. Don Cox Whlfe W,rch ............... JOc/fle Gonzalez Mr Deaver ... . . . . .. .... Dorio Vose Mrs Deaver .................... Ao Porron Mr r umnU5 .................... LISa Flof/on Fenfls Ulf ................ Ive11e De La Rezo Mougnm FaTher C ..................... Joc/-r Drown .................... Julie Urbocl
PAGE 119

L"f' -M r Johnston offered 0 student on opporrun,fy he hod never offered before, fO dlrecr one of rhe producrtons rhlS year wlfh him serving only 05 Q faculry odvJ5O( Never before hod he seen a 5fudenr wITh Kelly fl.yner'5 obl/lry' W,rh {he approval of our pnnopol and her parenTs, he aslfed Kelly 105; spnng If she would ro drecr on of oor ploys Kelly rhough woold be 0 challenge accepred rhe offer and ImmediaTe 115 -Iy gar fa warl ... on selemng 0 ploy Her fovonre chtfdren's Story. The Lion the Witch and 'he Wardrobe become her gool UnforTunately {he only SCflpr ever mode of {he booJ'< lefr OUf mosr of (he OCfKXl and was IA flFfen In modern doy language The magic W05 missing Kelly wrOTe her own ver5JO() of rhe story preserving {he moglc and presenrlng a superb ployl

PAGE 120

.! Queen Mono wlrh her eSCOrfS Perer Amegfio and Ernesro Esrenoz The sroge was ser !he rUins of Panama. lhe mosIer of ceremonieS, Fonny f\avorrO, ond !he successful even!. The SpanISh Club Cornovol ThiS yeor's comovol sponsored by Mr Voz. wos held on February 11!h o! 8 pm In The Curundu CafefOflum The prepororJOns gar under woy severol weel-u before The COuff proCIiCed Ihelr dances under !he dJreclion of M r MUllS The Spanish Club hired Cor/os 5J1vero. on ex DH5 student !O mol'fe !he sel A/or Tlnl'fer charge of decorofJons. ond Fanny Navarro, WI!h !he help of M orrho Pinzon, dlrecred Ihe Comporso 5ofurdoy !he 11!h soon come and !he doy become hecflc as rhe COUff, Comporso. and Club members odded lhe llnol fouches 10 rhelf show The Queen ond her COUff mode a rnp fa Panama VieJO 10 pcrures and were e\.'en osl'fed 10 pose for fOunSfS V/5Jling Ihe ruv151 Finally Ihe hour come ior Ihem fO perform The Caurr danced five dlfferenr rypcal Panamanian dances MOflo AmegllO and her eSCOf! EmeslO [srenoz danced rhe rroOirlonol '[I Punro Mr Leo\. y crowned MOflo AmegllO rhe Queen rhen rhe G porso performed a populor dance ond encouraged oudlence pomoporlon The parenrs were JUSI os exored os 'he srudenrs ond 'A ere very p,eased vHrh ,he she..... Severol members of !he Cour, com menred 'This ..... as rhe besr flme v.. e ve hod 0/1 year ond 15 cerlOlnly 0 momenr we It\ 1/ chensh l 116

PAGE 121


PAGE 122

QUEEN CANDIDA rES LJubo Arceneaux, 5heron Oaf/seo Delonda Dennerr Crysrol Drown, Deborah Dynes Joanna Ellison, Komi/lo Johnson Sonia Johnson Toni McNeill, T onlo M yers KelIJ Simons CULTURE CLUa C C o A U N R D T / D A T E 5 l \ KING CANDIDA TES Leslie Drown, Charles Clarl" Anrhony Coaxum, Dernord GorCIO, Alex Herrera Rone Ross, Jomes W olfe 118

PAGE 123

Senior Princesses M ono A megllo. Joanna Dressel, Moyro Dronnon, Korhy Morns, Melanie Donohue K e lly 5rromberg JunIOr Pnncesses Jacl'f,e Gonzales. Orenda MorrlSS'y Parry Revello, Doria Vase Angle M cDonald Porry Cowles 119 P R o M 8 4

PAGE 124


PAGE 125


PAGE 126

... / .: ",. '.' RED MACHINE -STANDING Coach {l,oblflson S Fronklin M OoV5, {l, Henry E Holder 0 EricXson, 0 Word A Foednd<, D Choy, E Cosper P Homm, {l, Warson T Smrh C Armbrusrer Coach Sweeney, Coach Srromberg KNEELING. L K l ippe( 0 Haynes C Johnson, S Camp, {l, M unevor, W Gnggs, (l, Fisher, L. Givens D Dermody SITTING C Delptn -Torres, S Jen lfln s J Morgan D M I l/hollon N MilWSe, S M c Kee ver, ) 5olazar A Sloan, E. Waleorr, M Tosron Tanio Myers 122 CoCaproin Myra Drannon

PAGE 127

\ JennIfer Jeffnes Renee {{/Ver RED MACHINE CHEERLEADERS Co Coproln L,ZQ Kondnn OeIindo Arms A!Jce Furlong 123 Cheryl W,lllOms

PAGE 128

BULLDOGS STANDING, Cooch Magee, D Denley, J HUnT, F DoniI/o, A Mayles, S Noire K Moore, A Gre"z, I Lopez C Silva, A Dei
PAGE 129

., -, -Sondro Schulrz o 125 BULLDOG I ft1iir? I Apn l Oi l ver

PAGE 130

GREEN DEVILS -, f STANDING. M Wileczel<, T Howard,lt Mirrs, L Payne, P. Ameglio, M. Delfie C Nelson It Gomez A. JOSIah, A Shaw,1. Naum, 0 O'Connor, P Gnmlson, W Cabeza Coach HUSTed KNEELING. D Ousslere, W Oryanr, S Oenninghof( 1. Fernandez, 1. Merry O Laverry, M. Oradley. SiTTiNG. D Kane, M Aguilera, i1 LewIS, S Goyer, 0 Sims, J i1oux M. DoI
PAGE 131

. , ... '.' ..... DEVIL CHEERLEADERS AmyHoneo KaThy Kinsey Lourye KowolsJ 127 zs,." if I I r1"" Veronica Lonferrnon Mane Jordon

PAGE 132

COUGARS STANDING. Coach Doles, H Hoyre ,!l Thompson C Scorlond, J Hem D Denner, 1< Joyce P Schulre J Underhdl, N Arouz D Snoal<, P DoI
PAGE 133

COUGAR CHEERLEADERS CO-Copfoin Rebecca GnmlS()(1 Pamoo Cowles 129 (oeOp/OI,') o.s.s1E' Wlrr Crysrol Drov.-n

PAGE 134

, .: ..,t""'-

PAGE 135

RE5ULTS W L T OuIldogs 6 2 a Green Devils 5 2 1 Curundf Dei,1e Free C, L'I """i"o., Green Devi l s ( 7 ) 'vI';I., Del,,,,, 51t"1t' POffle, G, n l A xiII.' JoWfl C U l undu Cougos ( 6 ) r.C'1 L').'{-C' Red M a chIne ( 4 ) Or,1() b. fu t enslobal flgefs (1) I.J< '\ \l ,'t' {l.ene fk "OICI) OrIO' Ik't';n t>h fn, 5..:'o:','l. n. C',"1, lit-'\ ((,'<.), ,', f'

PAGE 136

RED MACHINE BOYS .' A .. 5TANDING A Herrero, E FronMn, L Hannon P R Henry C Green Coach Williams KNEELING H fl,vera, E MOrTIz, L Key, 0 Pell
PAGE 137

BULLDOGS BOYS STANDING M Deilzo,re. S Noire. L Drown, V Graham, Cooch Qwnn KNEELING a Word. M Solomonco, M Roberrs. A Dovld 5011 NOT PlCTUAED C Oorl<. L Collins, L Green, R Hale, R McFarlane, (I, Peococl'f, F Romos 133 GIRLS FifJ.5T ROW !DACK nOW) Cooch Ol,ver C Drown, n Gnmson, Y Gnfflfh MIDDLE now P Ecl
PAGE 138

COUGARS BOYS -FlflST flOW 'OACK flOW' Coach Engherr, 0 Enc/<5Ofl, C Ferrell, Coach fleyes SECaO flOW A Coaxum, S LeOlone, P Wnghr THlflO flOW A K
PAGE 139

GREEN DEVILS GIRLS DACK AOW Coach 5rromberg. M Tosron, C Armbrusrer, J Homng ron MIDDLE 110W 11 M,rrs, G Escolo. K 5rromberg mONT 110W K GUTierrez, 0 5roneszewsl'fl K Srromberg NOT PICTURED L Do/ma cedo, Y Yearwood, D l1e,lIy 135 BOYS STANDING Coach McKenny 11 l1hards, P 5chvlre, C Nelson, I Lopez KNEELING F Graham, D Haynes 5 Jenlns, F Locy NOT PlCTUI1ED M Campbell, n Gomez. J Fernandez, A Peno, P Homm, A VI5Uem, E Waleorr

PAGE 140

T DASKfTOALL SEASON ;) 3eDSVt1 proved fO be borh compeflflve and L ,)few because {he foorball season was evended {hIS hP bc5I,erooll season was In rum shorrened The bosl"ierbofl reams hoo' p Q'y alf (hetr games over 0 shorr span of rime and hod lirrle ome r devore (a proCf1ce The drafr sysrem offered 0 lor of opporrunlfles fO sTudenTs who hod never (o/,en porr In {he OOsI"ierboll season before_ Our of 01/ [he pIoyers fryIng our Twenry who were considered rhe beST ployers, were chosen. each learn gefftng riv e of rhese ployers Afrer (his, (he coaches chose {he feST of (he/{ players from rhose remaining The season waS on exclflng one, ending In 0 t hree-way fie among ,he Dul/dogs Red Mochm e, and rhe Green Dev!ls In rhe boy's league ThIS fie CQuld nor be brol"ien because of {he upcoming Chnsrmo5 holJdays Among rhe ouTsTanding high school ployers were Leslie (Tony) Drown, Paul DoI
PAGE 141

" .... ," , , . . . . / " ", .. : .. .. GREEN DEVILS STANDING M Zamora I Lawrence L Schroeder V Evons L Hlrr KNEELING A Zamora S Sraley E Johnson WOlf. VonnlQ you forgor your rocker' Shannon mlSfakes 0 fly for 0 be!!' 137 Amy's open arms shows hOVl much she ''Io .. 'es'' ,ennis

PAGE 142

BULLDOGS Doris deVQSfoflng seNel Alice's usual smile of v/croryl A , 138 5TANDING D Kourony A Lohrer 5 5chulre SITTING J 5mrh Coach Denley D Polo KNEELING J Cordoze Leave your bolle! for lorer, lodenl M Esrus T Drrghr

PAGE 143

COUGARS , f t i ., ,+ t .. .... + .-. .. I / I r., .-.. r-t-o-.-r .. f r r"T -, q.r t 1 I , 6 #cdf Why do I olwoys hove ro plCl, up rhe bolls' STANDING P Tinl,er, E JohnsOll, K FOSler, Cooch Oohn KNEELING J HInes, H Hlnz. K Oaldwin, 5 Coruno Tho ,snf golf. Susanf 139 Ger readv. swear. Sill 'lng'

PAGE 144

RED MACHINE 5henel/e reTurns rhe bol/ln a rophisflcored wayl -\\/UI( JennQ, {he bolls ore Sfiff In your handl 140 DACK 110W P l1evello, ) Cook 5 OlIVer, MIDDLE 110W L Samson Coach Oliver ) Kel Iy mONT 110W L Kosil, Lauro leaves you wondenng Oboul her serve

PAGE 145

141 The rennlS reams hard and conSTOnT effort produced a tlf<)hly camperlfr",e sp rrr The drafr 5,Vsrem wos 0150 0 ed Iv [hIS year 5 fen n6 Teom!J and pro\ Ided 0 9'ec!er vf 'earn 05 well 05 pIov ers The Dev. ana rhe Du.'k1ogs eo lJ"'I1 mel/" Ja:,r noTch when rhe D dogs .5/10\,\ .. ed !he r supenor f} \\ 'f1h19 0 toor Sing 'e) Thus, (he Ou/d0g5 emergeo rhe \'I(:1Dr5 rhe 1084 reM.;. sea. ")(}

PAGE 146

" ......... ,,' ...... : .. ... ',' ," COUGARS - DACK now r Smlrh K Anderson, R Fl5hbovgh, 5 Dennlnghoff 0 Wilson MIDDLE ROW Coach MorTlnez, H (J.lVero. J Homngron, R Mor"ne.: L Rincon E Fenne" L Kipper Coach Robinson FRONT ROW M 5mlfh J Whlfe n Furlong, R M cCarn, H HursT, H Raybourn 142

PAGE 147

BULLDOGS 5TAfI,DING M Salamanca, A Mayles, I Lopez, P Ernsf D M cArrhur C LIVIngsTon C Ferre'f.5 Refo .... lch C Scorland K"'EELING J l\'cI9sher, T Morns. 0 51ms. n LeV'. 15 G Munevor. 0 fi.oberrson 143

PAGE 148

DEVILS 5TANOlA'G M Roberrs 0 Drummond n Hofr 0 Gunn R Phillips J (i,odngue:: 5 Goyer A E frhlm/odis I
PAGE 149

RED MACHINE FIfl.5T WACK) now Coach Doles, 0 [nel
PAGE 150

146 - -t

PAGE 151

. :-JC: ,;ot..l t. 1

PAGE 152

,." '. .. '" : .. '.: """...;;, .... ------::2> ... SWIMMERS DACK now Mrs. Sweeney A Fernandez. 1 Noum n Thompson, D Deosley. 0. Dusslere, 1. Fobb K Llfrle P Amegilo, P M cQuary. Cooch Sweeney. L Suchosl.i MIDDLE now K Clover. N M orrissey D M cQuary. D. M orrissey, C Fernandez T Dagle L Srone mONT now.-M Oso(lO, W Hearon, 1< Sprague M S rephenson. A W inegar, 0 Wilder, C Fernandez

PAGE 153

DIVERS Ood< flow A Oiwer fl Johnson. G Compo } flodnguez Fronr flow K Kessel. P Gomez I' r ___ I ,,. ..-... '49 -.-.. Jl --... -" I;;;' -

PAGE 154

This year's sWimming season began WITh a berrer rum-our of srudenrs rhan In prevIous years The boys from 0 H 5 were divided inro rwo reams, and our own Red Machine was rhe vlCfor in rhe boys' diVISion, There wos only one girls' ream rhls year, .. ond alrhough they Iosr ro Curundu, rhey were compermv e and spmred The 1084 Don Conner Award, for boys, was awarded ro Senior John Naum He qualified for rhlS award by mOlnrolnlng a good arnrude and orrendonce record rhroughour rhe year The final deCISIon was based on mosr poinrs scored during rhe championship meet. The following srudenrs were chosen ol/Isrhmlon. Perer Ameglio T,co Dalge Jeff Fobb Pablo Gomez Oerh McQuary L,=""=-::=--Par McQuary Noehne Morri.ssey John Naum Renee Paarup Lynn 5rone

PAGE 155

II ;,' . .,' . "', ,", \ -," r." ,: ',' JUNIOR VARSITY --DACK 110W Coach Holland 11 Teran P Lesrer J FroUSlo. T Guzman M Wilitoms. D Dean C Dragoo Coach W"'lOms MIDDLE 110W M GnmtSOn. D 5roneszews/<1. 11 Llprol C ana. N Escolo. C I1rchards. G l1odrrguez T M yers mONT 110W G Cowles M Wlleczel<. J Sepulveda. D 51/715, P Elfman, A Mlrrs. A T eron \ I ./ 1 5 1 I

PAGE 156

-...... .. =-:::'--""'-.. .. -152

PAGE 157

VARSITY f . - -DACK /lOW Coach Hol/ond D DesLandes J Manue( P DoNer, A Coaxum /l /llChards D GarclO. M DoI.er K M oore. Coach W,lllOms SECOND /lOW P Vangas F Dracl
PAGE 159


PAGE 160

, 156

PAGE 161


PAGE 162

SPANISH CLUB Thl5 yeors 5poni5h OLlb. sponsored by Mrs o Collaghan. was composed of over 60 members In Ocrober. a picniC wos held or !he Porque 5oberonIO In Amador, celebror Ing rhe HispanIC Henroge Day Several man ey raiSIng QCflVlfleS were held, Including cor wQshes, numerous sofes, and rhe sell Iflg of Vo/enflne cords The blggesr evenT of rhe year. liI'le prevIous yeors. wos {he (ornl val Donee, 'hIS year held on February 11rh Of rhe Curundu Coferoflum MOflo AmegflO, 'hIS year's queen. along wlrh her (aurr prOCflCed rhroughouf January severol Pona man/on rypeol donces Fonny Navarro wITh rhe help of Morro Pinzon, dlrecred ,he "comporso" In anOTher populor donce ThiS o H 5 "Cornovolrro" was sponsored by Mr Vaz, a 5ponlsh reacher In our school ErnesfO ESfenOl 158 SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Pfl,ESIDENT: Ernesro Esrenoz VICE Pfl,ESIDENT: Roberr Joyce SE((l,ET AR Y Pilar mEASWf(l, I<.orhy Morris VOCALS: Alejandro Cruz Amy Zomoro Iverre Scorrino Lupe Porron Morro Pinzon Diona Lopp

PAGE 163

-I Spanish Club M embers Row 1 C M eTzger R Amero A 5revens R O'Connor, M Rodnguez D I
PAGE 164

FRENCH CLUB PnE5IDENT Coroline Pere z Venera 5E01ETAf1.Y STefonio Tombunno ThIS yeor rhe French Club, sponsored by Mrs Denley, hod 26 members The officers were Coro/Jne Perez Venero, Joel/e Housberg Srefanlo Tombunno and Dom Kourony Club dues were 5flll TWO do/fors, bur unfll.re years before, rhe members reCeived 0 French Club m e mbership cord and f1.eolly neO! French Club fee shirrs were for sole The Club hod many successful bo/<;e soles {a rOlse money for vonous fun (an d filling) oalV/fles, such 05 0 dinner Of rhe 'Rincon SuIZO" which served excellenT French food, and a coollng demonsrraflon or schoof by Mr Waugh In which we gor fa eor hIS delICIOuS, "0 /0 francoise meal of soup, solad, ond lomb The Club planned oTher grear OCf/vmes for 198J / '84 such as a perry a (amI()() show, and a newslerrer (Don, fhln/<; rhor all we do 15 eor In rhe French Club") No daub! rhor 15 has bee., 'une onnee {onrosrtque pour Ie Cercle Froncois' Caroline Perez Venero 160 VICE PnE5IDENT Joelle Housberg TflEASUfl.m Do"s Kourony J' IM[ f!'ft. _

PAGE 165

110w 1 M Orhon K Oowson I Scomno, L Schroeder J Cool<, N Kone 5 Jocl<5on, J 5o/ozor L Oller 110 w 2 A Fernand e z M Hldrovo, A Pages, T Oright, A lamora, P Tlnl..,er, A Sreven s 16 1

PAGE 166

CULTURE CLUB R.ow 1 Toni M cNeil, Ljub/co Arcenoeux Tlno Perez Coren DIodes, Elvira Aguirre Vilma Corrol! Row 2 Crysral Drown, Reglno fl.ichordsDn, Paul Dolfer, L,zo Holder Corl Green 1 62 CULTURE CWD OFFICERS PRESIDENT Uzo Holder VICE PRESIDENT Coren Diodes SECfl.ETAfl. Y l
PAGE 167

1 63 The 198J/84 Culrure Club was spcx1 sared by MI> Camp and Mrs 50nchez Irs offICers were L,za Holder Kimberly Ptrrs, Core n DIodes ond GISela Wedder burn The Club endeavors fa creare on InTereST In all culrures and ethniC bod'igfaunds Th6 year rhe Club changed If 5 nome from Afro Amencon Oub fa Culrure Club fO Increase Irs memberstllp and fa elude all culrural groups In c ele broflon of DIad..; History MonTh rhe Club presenred a Too Smg Amer ICO" ro the srudenr body ond rhe sur rounding communlfl e s Toeo safes and funds ral5ed Of {he Cora nor/Ol1 DaH, provided 0 donooon fa {he DedlCotors Inc a chof/roble orgorllzoflOfl whICh gIVes scholarships fO sTudenrs w ITh flnanClol needs Kimberly Arrs

PAGE 168

DRAMA eLva Drama Club Members Row 1 ) Kesline, M Druesdow A Aowland, R Rel'fedal 0 Cox, 0 Ooorwnghr, T Howard, A Lohrer C Warren 5 Schuffe, T Moms. C Oronum F. Correr Row 2 K Ryner, ) Croddoc/'f, 5 Hinel'f L 5roc/"lwell, V COhill, G Henry, A McDonald T Homm L Gallardo M Nelson, 5 Grecco, C Hunr M Drownlow "'ow :3-1'.. Werzsreln E Aguilar T De /0 Rezo A McLean M Knoop C Ooss, C KlrI'f/ond M Wong, J Drown The Droma Club, sponsored by Mr Johnson, had 0 very produCTIVe yeor The 198J -84 officers were John Oowermon, Julie Urbock, Jillion Collins, and Melodie Spencer A remfic ger rogerher wos held fa open (he Club Orher OCfIVlfles Included Q {our of {he rechnlcal roolmes or (he A TLAPA Convenflon Cenrer, vie wings of communlry {heorer shows, and worfooops And, of course who con forger those rowdy Pizzo HUT partlesf! The end of the yeor Drama Club banquer ond a picnIC or rhe Amador Dahlo closed acrivlfles for rhe year John Bowerman concluded "Ir was a greer year for rhe Dromaflcs SOCiery 164

PAGE 169

1 6 5 DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT John Oowermon VICE PRESIDENT Julie SECRET AR Y Jillion Collins TI1EASUI1m Melodie Spencer

PAGE 170

O.A.A. OFFICERS PREZ Korhey Carreiro VICE PREZ MonS50 Orhan SEC/TAEAS Mondy Cos(llIe;o PUOLIC {lELA TlONS Donna KrevosJw SPONSO{l Mrs De La Morer This year {he Furure 5ecrerones Club, WITh rhe consenr of {he sponsor Mrs De La M orer, changed {he nome of rhe club fa {he Office AdmlnisTrarion Associoflon (OAA ) The purpose of (he OAA is fa develop s/{Ills nece55Qry fa warl ... In on office envi ronmenr ThiS year {he members ore Inmoflng rhe 10M Word Processor Inro {heir program and ore worl'ling fa bUild {heir 5/{,1I5 needed for 0 modern office SIfUOflon The OAA olso provides rYping O55ISfonce fa {he faculry and, for 0 small fee fa rhe srudenr body Among {heir oCflVlfles, {hey sponsored Q successful buffer for {he faculry and office sroff dunng lunch The yeorbool ... sroff gIVes rhei r besr wish es for 0 successful furure fa rhe members of rhe Office Admlnlsrroflon AssoCiarion M embers Doc/'f Row N Kane M Esrus, M Orhon Mrs DeLo M orer M iddle Row -C DIodes 5 5relmer 5 Ramirez, N LUCIO M Cosfllle;a, K Camero 5Jmng L Holder D Krevos/'fy 166

PAGE 171

o SCUBA CLUB o ; . 0 o Scuba Club M embers Row 1 K Llrrle now 2 A 5tevens, T How ard, 0 MIl/hollon N Morrissey J Depew, 5 0 GarClo, L Srone, W Hurro, M Pheneger L Lomb L f?lnehorr 16 7 The Scuba Club ,his year was sponsored by M r Corwlrh/n unrJ/ hiS ref/remenr In December Mrs Schramm became 'he new sponsor The officers Noeline Mor rissey and Moc l.ey Wong helped argo nlze dIVes for rhe approximately rwenry cemfied dIVers DIVIng mps fa sceniC areas In Panama Included Puerro Delio, Isla Grande Gorun LO/fe, and 50n D/os Islands

PAGE 172


PAGE 173

Underclassmen J10w 1 5 Show, T Momnez, ) SmITh, A Mc Donald, C Wagner A 5re vens, P Cowles, K I'.ond, T Forfner J10w 2 K Gcxxiwlfl, COrurlD, J Craddock, K Dowson, M Durke, 0 Dynes M Om I'.ow J D Polmer, M 1'.0' dnguez DUng, I'. Toleona P Fflrz, G 5rople I'.ow 4 0 Hor mand, G Henry J Housberg H Hurst, K Dean ( f I SENIOf'S I'.ow 1 L Munllo, I'. Joyce 5 Fuchs, F Novorro K Comero M Wong I I'.odn guez, K Teroshlmo I'.ow 2 I'. Johnson 0 M illhollon, A Cruz I Scofflno, K Moms, D Kour any A Parron, ) Solozar J10w J D WlflSreod 5 H lnek, T Onghr, 5 T ombunno I'.ow 4 D Correr J HoIlowoy L 5roel well G T oylor I'. Kupi E Es renez, J1 Memll, N Kane, E Cosper I Monluroc I'.ow 5 0 Horrwell J Oowermon, 5 HoII, J CoIlm, I'. W inegar, P W ,nl Iosl,y L Cebollos, C McKeever I'. Cohill, M Pinzon C 5re phens, L 5rone - :;' I The Compurer Club wos sponsored rho yeor by Mrs Toni 50nchez ond Mr Donald 5eirzer Mrs Deanna Perersen, rhe old sponsor, was promored ro dora proce55Jng choffperson She appoinred rhese relorlVef y new com purer reachers ro her place Thonk you for your help In rhe posr, Mrs Pefersen, we'll rely on your supporr In rhe furure The Club prospered under rhe superv/5JO(J of rhe new sponsors ThiS was pnmonly evidenr In our 240 srudent membership The officers of rhe Compurer Club Implemenred new pro.;ecrs such as compUfer generOfed Chnsrmos cords, 'save rhe seals for Tyrone T prOjecr, compurer doring servICe, ond compurer generored Volennne cords The Compurer Club esroblohed 0 fund d,recred roword rhe purchase of on Arm 14CXJXL, 0 modem, 0 color graphICS pmrer, 0 IKJhr pen, and 0 rrock boll Our gool rho yeor was ro promOfe compurer Ilreracy and learning Jomes A Meigs III 169

PAGE 174

CANDIDS --II ai 7 1 7 0

PAGE 175


PAGE 176

HOIIOR SOCIETY OFFICEflS PreSldenr NoeI l ne Mornssey VlCe-PreSldenr Karhy Morris SecreTory L z 5rodrwell OLD MEMDEflS 15T I'.ow Ida Crocomo Jillion COl/InS, John Dowermon, Mac/fey Wong Jenne Kelly 2nd Row Orad Enc/'fSOn, Joel"O WoIdo, Rose Memll Korhey Camero, Sandra Hal l RIChard W inegar, Jenny Hs/ou Jrd Row James Metg5, A o berr Acosra Mlchlro Drown Jod< Drown Jr, Dnon Thole INITIATES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY To be elKJlble, you mw have a grade poinT overage of J 5 and hove srudled or DH5 for one semesrer Also rol
PAGE 177

OFFICERS, Sponsor Mr Normon VicePreS/denr, Noeline Morrissey Presidenr: Liz 510ckwell Sec. -Treasurer: Sam Hinek JUNIORS, Isr flow Korher ine Rand, Roechol Werzsrein, Julie Urbock Liest Koziol 2nd flow Oemordo Ung, flene Poorup Melodie Spencer, STephanie Schulre, Loro Schroeder, James Ourch, 50Iy Grecco Je>se Mor ris, Jaden 5mirh floberro Toledono Herbie floyborn, Henrier ro Wolf, Judirh Lavallee Diono 5rumvoll Porri Cowles Jackie Gonzalez Orenda Morrissey Alan Greisz. SENIORS, Isr flow Amy Zamora ThonlO O righr. Pilar Tinker, Mackey W ong, Mary Murphy Kelly Camp bell. Terri Howard Liz Srockwell. 2nd flow, James Meigs Joh n D owermon Aichord W inegar, Lucy Cebollos, Sam Hinek Jrd flow A lex lJec1
PAGE 178

SPANISH MEMDEIl5 K Morns The SpanISh Honor 50C/ery wos esrabllshed fa gIVe recognITIon and honor fa srudenrs who excel In (heir srudy of SpanISh as Q second /onguoge To be eligible, you mLOr hove a C overage In regular classes, 4 A 5 and 1 0 In fIVe semesrers and be currenrly enrolled In SpanISh III, IV or V Members Ofe gIVen Honor membership In rhe SpanISh Club and porf/opore In many of If'S club OCf/VlfleS L 5rocl-rwell n. Mernll P T'nl'fer N M omssey L Ceballos o N SOCIETY Ii Sponsor Mr Felix FKJueroo Secrerory Karhy Moms PreSidenr Lucy Ceballos Treasurer LIZ Sroc/"iwell

PAGE 179

OFFICEIlS VICEPflE51DENT John Dowerman, PflE51DENT Kelly Ryner, SECRETARY Porry Cowles. T H E 5 P I A N 5 T Ii o U P E J 1 4 The ellre droma club, NorlQ()Ql The5plons Troupe # J14 proved ro be 0 fun ond ocflVe club dunng rhe 198J 84 school year For membership If1fO rhe Thespon SOCiery, srudenrs had ro earn 0 minimum of ren ponrs whICh were ISSUed for varIOUS drama relafed QCfIVlfles dunng each school year Members accumulared rhese pOinTS nor only by ocnng If) ploys bur by pomoponng If) aspecTS of ploy proc/ucnon 1 75 MEMDEIlS Jock Drown Jr John Oowermon Rick Cohill iIIllOn Collins Porry Cowles RichfOrd Fisher Sam Hlnek Korhy Hunr Kelly Ryner Liz Srockwell Julie Urtxxk Mockey Woog

PAGE 180

M EMDEfl.5 MEMDEfl.5 Donna Krevosl'fy Jocl", Drow n Jr Joanna Dresse l MorlSSO Orhon Karhy MorriS Rose Merrill SPONSOR Mrs Mor/'fle Shorr Joe W ampl e r Karhy Rand Tereso H omm Ann Hamngron Chris Miller Elizaberh Romo/ron David Harrw ell SPONSOR Mrs Jamie Ripperdo 176

PAGE 181

,'" I .-' ", , 1 77 1984 SENIOR RECEPTION The Senior recepTIOn off rhe ellfe O({lVIfleS enJOyed only by senlOf5 The afrernoon was spenr minglIng, meeTing new members of rhe Closs of '84, discuss Ing Upcoming evenrs ond eoflng 0 lovely lunch Mrs Reeves helped hoST rhe flrSf Senior evenr, ond we'd II/'(e ro rolfe rhe flme and pnnr fa express rhonlG fO our sponsor who helped 50 much throughout the yeor If" . :'6 ... -: : : .... \ ......... I ...... C , .. ',' .. ,' :"!' . , .. f , ; >, (,)' . . ..... ,.

PAGE 182

THE PARRAI{EET Members 1s( Aow Sponsor -Mrs Sprague Tonlo John Lucy Ceballos, Dons Kourony Cossie Sprague, Alice Lohrer Soly Grecco Dernord Ung 2nd now David Hartwell Glenn Tuc/{er James Gonzales Chns Miller EDiTOn-iN-CHiEF Joel", Dro w n Jr I I I The Porro({eer is Do/boo High School s newspaper publi COf/on If WQS creared soon ofrer D H 5 opened irs doors In 1914 The spelling of {he nome changed (rom Porol'feer fa PARRAKEET throughour !he years wlrh the IOffer being rhe mOST predomlnonr Approaching irs 70rh blfrh day, "5 purpose 15 ro l'ieep the srudenr Informed and up fa dare on all school (elored oalvlries 05 well 05 some non-related ones 1 7 8

PAGE 183

ZON/AN DUS/ Pf1.E5IDENT Shirley Srelmer V/cE -Pf1.E5IDENT Lucy Arenas, 5ECIlETARY Chnsrino Wagner. T O/,(Ing Core of OUSIness, Our OuSlness IS Success A morro wei/lIVed up fa by rhls orgonlzaTion, for wlrhouT rhem rhlS yeorbool< would nor be P055lble The sole purpose of rhe ZonlOn [Jus#'1ess 5roff 15 fa rolSe funds ro poy for rhe yeorbool< ThIS goo/IS achieved by pIonnrng fundralSlng OCffvlfles such as bol'(e soles carwoshes, ba zaars, and seiling odverftsemenr space (a IndIViduals and cornpor-lles The bUSIness splnr is l'iepr olive with camperi' "01"1 for prIzes ro rhe member who sells rhe mosr odver rtsemenrs Congratulations a jOb weN done' 179 N E S S S T A F F MEMOEI15 1ST Row Holly Druesedow Del,ndo Fonos, A m y Zamora (hOSfIf1e Nolan, Sturley 5rettner, Chnsflno Wagn er 2nd Row Laro Schroeder Plio r Tinker, Charlene McKee ver Tico Dogie, Dngerre A/remus, K arhy Morns, I v erre 5co mno, Donno Krevos/
PAGE 184

Pl'.E5IDENT Mocl,ey Wong SECRET ARIE5 Elaine DernoSCOfll LI50 Lomb Nona Kane Lucy Co 5TUDENT bol1o5 A S STUDENT o C OFFICERS A T I o N SrudenT A5SOCIOrl()(} represenrOflVes ore elecred by rhe enflre srudenf booy Members of Ihe 5IUdenl A5S0Cl Of/on ore 011 sTudenrs who purchase on 5 A cord for $5 00 The fee bene-firs members by reduCing rhe pnce of mony school relored OCT/vmes Members con 0150 orrend 011 games free of charge This pomculor group IS used fO fry ro Improve {he spmr of the school and 'he reloflonshtp berween (he foe ulry and the 5IUdenl5 1 80 VICE-PI'.E5JDENT Lynn S T one

PAGE 185

5 T U D E N T A D V / 5 o R y Studenr CounCIl representatives ore elected by nomlnOfiOns 'rom rhelf firsr penod classes Tw o representaTIves ore chosen from each closs These srudents and (heir sponsor M r Waugh w ar/fed very hard fa meer rhe n eeds of the ennre srudenr body of Dolboo High School The Studenr CounCil aCfS 05 0 governing and planning commlrree for school relared funCfIOflS c o U N C / L 5 E N / o R 5 SPONSOR Mr Waugh MIChelle Ponc e C05S/e Sprague T onlO Meyers Stephen SwISher AlICe LOOrer 5 o P H o M o R E 5 181 SITTING John Dowermon 1 st Row Amanda Cosnlle;o, Korhey COrrelfO, DartS Kourony, Ida (racoma, Apnf OlIVer Rebecca Gnmlson John Magee 2nd Row l10b Johnson, Isobello 5ronzlO /oh Kathy M oms RoberT Joyce Iverre Scofflno Rolando Ar nero, Kelly Srromberg Ronnie LewI5 Jrd Row Olano Lopp Ke lly Campbell Ilona Schopperr Donerre Drewer 4rh Row Noe line Moms.sey, Jocl'\ Drown, Paul Wlnlflosi '\Y JUNIORS 15( flow Shenetle Oliver, Loro Schroeder Chnsflno {{ezo Kelly Dawson 2nd {{ o w Julie U rbac/"I, Darren Grumme Jrd {{ o w O,ano 5rumvoll Dawn {{umbaugh, Edward {{oger s Lill Oller 4rh {{ow James Olrch, Darren Knopp

PAGE 186


PAGE 187

DAND Flute s 005500n Alto 50x Tuba r Ander50fl M Dowermotl E DerI16COflJ N M orr65eY M lkownlow T i>.ffhom 5 Cook AlIa CIOfinet n F",,", 00" N &010 T fmore W MoSTM A Cruz 5 Hal ) Mel M _s Doll Clar inet Trumpet M Knoop ) Johnson Tenor Sox S COTuna K Loud"",o,'9" 0 Andffson J DeYong J Lovollee Oboe n Cohll A &eoz 5 Moore L 5rocXwei K roth ) Hum r 5onr05 ) K""""J n Johnson L 5che>I'" Clorinet I 5oJozor M Phenege, M 5penc'" C Drown M nyn C Thonx>s (1. Fl<)Uefoo Do, itone Sox J Wo61"er n W erzsterl C Lanterman 5 Ford M M oore Drums Trombone K Arf5 DOfitane n Johnson p Dol"" ) Sepulveda J Dowermon V Poyne o Cox C Swaney 163

PAGE 188

V eT. o L / 'f4:' sore ihl(oar! SELEC T CHORUS

PAGE 189

SELECT CHOP.U5 15 1 s t Soprano s Altos Coren DioDes CC Correr SonIO Cobos 50Iy Grecco jillIOn Collins Rebecca Grlml5Of1 Llza Holder 5rephonJe 5d1ulre Grnny Jackson Chflsfle Warren Lupe Parron julie Urbocl< Gino Wolker Tenors 2nd Soprano s Tracey Anderson Carolyn Hole LoMonr Collins Sam Hlnek LUIS MUfil10 5henalle Oliver Mocl
PAGE 190


PAGE 191


PAGE 192

Battalion lit Gil Lefr TO Tlghr Lr P Coaxum Lr GorclO, Cpr Holder Cpr MeNeill MOj Figueroa, Lr Col Waldo MOj Thompson Cpr Wolford, Cpr Johnson C 5 M Key Lr Anderson The JAOTC, Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corp, 15 mode up of 5 mOjor groups and 4 subS/dory groups The MOJor groups Include rhe Darroflon Sroff, Alpha Drovo Chor/le and De/ro Compony The 4 Sub5ldory groups are rhe Mole and Female Onll Teams, Rifle Team Rangers and {he Color and Usher Guard, The purpose of jROTC 15 ro obroln a well rounded coder rhor WIll benefiT (he program hIS peer' s and his communlry 1ST now Gama, Phlegor, Omz, Anderson KnIQhr, Zimmerman 2nd Row Won Hobbs, Dondur onr, Warren Jrd Row Gretsz, Reyes Golfordo, IJixon 4rh Row Quinronilla, Flercher, Rodriguez, Houx 5rh Row Hogen, berger, Zayas, [!shoff 6rh Row Woldron, Armsrrong

PAGE 193

7'l4l. J),.lll TelL"' Fronf cenfer D T C P Coaxum 1Sf l1ow Pearson Z imm erman Omz Anderson l1eyes 2nd l1ow Guer rero GUinn, Phlegor G Gordon, Jrd I'.ow GorclQ, J Gordon, Flores .. 1 89 < From lefr D T C A nderson Fron f flghf M q Fl9ueroa 151 l10w Hobbs, EfllSOn, Momnez Won Da"510, Howk,ns, Grohom 2nd l10w Doneffe Guerrero Donduronf, M ornlngslor Worren Smlfh Jrd I'.ow Carroll Jenkins, WeeIImer, Wlnsleod, Durning, SIlva, 11 yner, Carper Scaff, Quartos HardISOn, N avarro, Alvarez, l1efowlch, Worner

PAGE 194

Alpha DE5T DY TE5T . . .... : -. -..: ." .. .... Coo:"'. -;:. '."l: ... -...... : Dickerson Guide -lia Company Co. 2nd flow-I s r flow, Green Anderson K Johnson on Jarboe .5 Johnson flogers Jrd flow er Fi"en Ondo 5ydnor k M cKeev Corroll \0 Gonr / in Wo" Hobbs Drown, Sounders Forshoy E Goroo WiNlDms, 4rh flow. Fiores, Indogon GUInn D Goroo, er, Durner L M;nuet, VOng<2S, DussJere, Clark Dowen 190

PAGE 195

Jjr'avo C01'lPlLUY NO -- -, -. --GrelSZ, AgUirre, y Co Wlllioms, Row Oorrero 151 l10w Woo Gardo 2nd nr Gallardo Morr inez, KI1K) '-,nan 'KeRy, Wilson, 1JIck5on, ZImmer T esro Gam Addles -Dr ooZlnO, h Lopez Gverrero Edwards o x l1ogers Doner Jrd l10 w E!sholf, Thomp son, ChtJrch, berger ks SomtJels_ h Wee GreenlC 191

PAGE 196

Cha,-lie r Co mptk ny COLD STEEL .. ., ... -. . Fronr Company Co Drown GI.JICie-on Anoerson 15{ R o w A Coaxum QUinranil10 2nd Row Mlddleron Ph/egor Jrd Row Goroo, Howklns Poyne Wel
PAGE 197

COJ11pany DRIVE ON I -. j : -..... J GuKiez Guerr dozo 0,.... .... flow M en ;"/os. Sraples W orner G"995. " + ... ....

PAGE 198

'Jl?orc Candids The JROTe ploys on mporronr role In rhe life of Do/boo High School They supply preciSIon, disCipline, and color ro our srudenT body ; and or {he same (lme rhey perform services valuable {a rhe communiTy -----... ....

PAGE 199


PAGE 200

Dr Pablo Ii cja Pardini Practice Limited to Orthodontics Ponomo office neor Hilron Horel COSMOS SA. Phone 69-6J12 69-6762 Ancon office ( Conol Areo) Neor Gorgos Hospirol Phone 52-6747 2000 Zona Libr e Aporrodo J169 196

PAGE 201

Congratulations to the class of 1984 Mr and Mr.s kJrge Acevereb McoJos and Edua Agwe Mr s Vlfgna G Arambula Gaboel and GrOClE'lo Anm GIlberta AOO5 Jr Aiero Ar05e'r"nef'lO Don Anronts Mt and M I'l Mono 00rb0rlI IX1< IJicx>ck !Oro IJicx>ck Lre IJodden Croy 00s5 ChcJpIcNn ond Mfl T O'Neal Drown Mr and Mr.s Durler C Cepeno Cnstna 0I0VCJe(J, Janes Cho\lffi fJII Coler "1961 Dororhy Cogswel WG Croft Debta Crolr 1107'10fl AceverebCfl.)z Denver IJrve5ecIow MKheIIe Druesedow MJ .' t964 Mr end Mrs GvodoIupe Escobedo Ikky fJpejo M I'l I50bel 5 FOfI05 M r ond Mr.s Juan FOt105 Jr Sandy Fooos Joe and M yro Moct.r'a Fdorque "/961 Mr and MIl FelK L Ftguer o EIo C Gerchow Oaboro c;,vES Freddy Gonzalez 11050 Eleno Gortzolez Ilodngo de GuadKJ 5oro de 10 Guordto Mrs Monro Guflerrez Mr and Mrs .Jofvl Hones DaVid L Horrwel Vane Harwel MIchael F Hefrng Wbn Sandy Hrl-9O' Onxe M Homo C Wilrom Homo L Hurchlnson M ono E ('I.OO"9uez Jmemez I-*Jberr) Jordon "195,J" .It:xff Kerr 5FC PtW Knery Lon Knopp Fred KUf"lffei ('I.oj:Wl E LewIS Loncelol L Llewelyn Jr Erne5lO) and 5JvlO MocIt.Ko "19,58" M q Gen end Mr.s W m E M05Ier5Ot'1 ('I.aberr M endez Jr U Cd ond Mr.s WoIr MOf'lOhon .Ithorvl MatScJ Moreno M _""" Offord Newman Onon and fVchord Novack U Cd and Mfl i1K:hord A Novack Mt and MIl Melvyn Oller Kemerh O'DrIOf'l GorIO OHeorn .lerY/I fer O'Hearn M IChael 0 'Heorn Mr Chesler L Pearson Job and MorgexeT Perers Oscar PoJock Arf'f'lOf'l(/() L Pvenras rna de 0ueIqueje0 Guilermo OtIIIlIero M r Mrs ('I.ofoe/ ROITIIfez MortSOl I1f!11lO 1m I1l1ey ./omJe ('I.pperdo Don "-', W A ('I.ogers Malcom N Sondford COIl5IrutCXO 5o'l Fronasco Ca/os .sa.so Douglas Sdvndr M.r and Mrs Myren Schroeder Noro/Je SchlOeder Yr5el Schroeder YvOf'lflE' Schroeder IsoIOO 50gb> Darrel 5erser !Ioberr lIoo L R 5omme< Mr and Mrs I1K:hord Smrh LIsa SlCY'IE'SZeW!h Carlos and A I Siemer M q ond Mrs Nerberr Siemer ('I.aberr C T 0111 Agnes TourOfll o Tejelfo M r and Mrs Onx e Thole Mr and Mr.s Joseph T oommeI SPa and Mr.s Kennerh Todd T W TIA 51' and xo M anuel Vega fJII VerOlOO Dole and Marcek! Wagner "196"-5on&o WetgIe .Ir.Jmes J WIE'Se G WJ99Ifl5 fJII C Wnford "1956" Maroa J WlflIard t964 Joe and {)eo Wood Sam Wngh< M r and Mr.s Thomas L Zornes Marla l6opuk>s Many Thanl
PAGE 202

I "We are not worried about our footing when we are about to jump. It is when we have nowhere to jump that we begin to worry about the soundness of our posi tion They who go places give no thought to secuflty ERIC HOFFER To The Closs Of 1984 About To Jump CONGRATULATION5 AND DE5T WI5HE5 FOR EVER Y 5UCCE55 THE DOYER) PAMELA, JEFF LYDIA & GARR Y 198

PAGE 203

.ARMOUR For the Fines t Qualit y In Food Armour Panama, SA Subsidiary of Armour Inrernari onal Company "Warmly Con9rarulares rhe Graduarin9 Class of 1984" PO Dox 90 Panama 1, Rep. of Panama HISPANIA NORIEGA Congratulates the Graduating Class of 1984, and Wishes Them 5uccess In Their Future Endea vors MosaicosMarmoles-Pulimenros Telefonos: 6J-7811 6J-7861 199 Telephone 2J4 885 2J488 6 2J4887 2 J -024J Mr and Mrs. I<.arl John Mr and Mrs. Joseph I<.ane Mr and Mrs. Joseph I<.re vosl
PAGE 204

Congrarularions To The Closs of 1984 THE US. ARMY NCO WIVES CLUD-PACIFIC The U.S. Army NCOWC-P each year presents schol arships to graduating seniors that qualify. The scholarship winners for graduating closs 1983 were Richard Martinez and Jeannie Conroy. 200

PAGE 205

The Quarry Heights Officer's Wife's Club warmly congratulates the graduating closs of 1984. 20 1 Congrarulorions ro Tico Dagle 5andy Gordan Lupe Porron and rhe Closs of 1984 from D olboo Assembly No 1 Order of Rainbow for Girls. 5mooth 5ailing to the Closs of '84

PAGE 206

D.HS. '84 ALMOND DOYS Picrured Top John M agee, John H em, Sreve Goyer Oorrom Horns Hursr, Dave 5noo/'i, Jeff M organ, Roger O'Connor N or P,Cfured Eddie Dolon and Kevin Anderson "When / wos just 0 /)id, / roosted 0 dog!" 2 0 2

PAGE 207

ARJONA INCORPORATED Pub/io Worldwide E nrerprises Mirio DonI., Holdings Compony Iverre Arjono & Assolcores Publios Thunderbolrs Michelle Foshion Designs WI5H COU51N AND NIECE PAMELA I DO YER 5UCCE55 IN THE FUTURE AND DE5T OF LUCI< TO THE CLA55 OF '84 203

PAGE 208

To our lovely grandoughTer, IveTTe Roquel SCOTTi no Torres, ond The closs of 1984 CongraTulaTions and besT wishe s for The fUTure From your grandporenTs, Mr & Mrs. RoberTo A Torres Dr Eugenio A. Lowe, Ana Victoria de Lowe and Ricardo A. Lowe congrarulare rhe 1984 Graduaring Clas5. 2 04 Deaury Shop "We Specialize In Telephone 252-5J22 precision hairCUTs."

PAGE 209

CON5TRUCTORA Darsallo Y Asociados SA. Direccion Colle 11 Y2 Rio Abojo Apdo 1047 Ponomo 9A Ponomo Tel 21-1576 D E S T WISHES CONFECClONE5 Mo(ggie SA Trqjes PonT%nes Conj unros Fo/dos Moremidod D/usos Cenrro/ Te/efonico 69-6611 Colle Ernesro j Fobrego Colle Nuevo enrre vio Porros y Drosil Aporrodo 6418-Z0NA 5 2 0 5 "Congratulation s to the Graduates of 1984" DERROCAL, CA5COARIA5 & JOYCE Abogados 69-1692 69-2587 2J-06J7 Gift Shop "The Showcase for Quality Gifts" Specializing in: Gold Silver Leather Fur Rugs Copper Items Albrook Mall Bldg 850 Crystal Porcelain Novelties Linen Mob i les Tel. 86-2433

PAGE 210

Edlf,Clo Plaza f1egency Jewelry A Timeless Gift Gold Collection )oyerio fino, Adornos, Crisro/erio y P/orerio Plonro Dojo Via E spana Telefono 6 4 -80J5 Joyerio y Relqjerio Lo Princeso Rodol5.A Venros de Finos )oyos de Oro /ro/ion o Reporomos y Confeccionomos Fino )oyerio N uesrros Anos de [xperie ncio Son su Mejor Goronr io en 10 y 18 /{T Gorcios par su Visiro Colldonlo Frenre 01 Mocherozo 206

PAGE 211

AGENCIA OE VIA.JES TRAVEL AGENCY YOUI' T I'flvpl P fll'tnpl' GRADUATING GOWN MEANS SUCCESS .. AND SUCCESS MEANS TRAVELLING WITH GORDON DALTON TRAVEL AGENCY TELS: 28 255 5 86 -3180 23 0425 207 In a world of poIlurlOf) Come ro HOTEL DAMDITO Resorr & Casino For Q breorh of cool pure fresh Olf Res 23 5084 23 -5509 HOTEL DAMDITO Wishes rh e closs of '84'' A mosr successfu l Fururel

PAGE 212

I Pan Am so/utes the Closs of /84. 2 08

PAGE 213

Notional Cor Rental Congratulates the Closs of 1984 Oficin05: Pnnopol Colle 50, Edlfioo T eorro Universol Locol No 1 Aeropuerr o Inr ernoc ionol (obierro los 24 hoTOs) A un cosrodo del horel E I Ponomo Hilron Colle 55, EI Congre;o POlfillo (Frenre 0 Aeroperlos) Colon (Sile noodores y E scopes) Ud merece 10 orencion . National Car Rental . y no Ie cu e s ro mas! 209

PAGE 214

H O TEL (; CASINO ontinental Heart o f the f ,nanClal buSiness dIstric t Panama 's mam cen ter lor social actl'l'tles HOTE L (; CASINO Fa mliV tvpe Hotel In the cen ter of new Panama INTERNA "ONAL AIRPORT HOTEL C. CASINO F amous vacation paradise favOrite of the Internation a l Jet Set ionde PO Dox 8457 Ponomo 7 Pan T elex Jo82690 Tel 6d 4QOO PO Ilox 8475 Ponomo 7 Pan Telex J682690 Tel 64 6666 PO Do:.: 44 99 Ponomo 7 Pan Telex J282041 Tel 20 I4( XJ [Janco Notional de Panama e Panama -=-210 Congrarulores rhe Closs of 1984 T e/ephlne 60-4011 /. 60-'1011 MALTA VIGOR The Most Refreshing Drinl<; Congratulates the Closs of 1984

PAGE 215

er ouse Telefono. 6J5122 Ave. Ricard o Arango y Calle 5J Aparrado Posaral 220 Panama 1, Panama CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 DISTRIDUDORA DE PRODUCTOS VETERINOARI05, SA. Wishes rhe Closs of 1'84/1 PO Dox-6466 EI Dorado A Mosr Successful Furure Panama, Panama Exclusive Disrriburor for World Famous 5reriver Equine Producrs 211 Telephones: 64-J446 2J-6J09

PAGE 216

5ERV/c/05 Y TRAM/TE5 ADUANALE5, SA. Aporrado 2024 Zona Ubra de Colon Telephones 451092 45 1J86 Congraruloirons ro rhe Clas s of 8J Courresyof ALEJANDRO /"AM CH Your CUSTom Drol1e r in The C%n Free Zone 212 DORAL ZONA LlDR, SA. Sales and disrriburion of audio elecrronic -home vid e o appliances Dealer / Wholesaler of e l e crronicol equipmenT, such as.-Sony, Aino, Silver & Olympus Cameras TEXACO CONGRA TULA TE5 The C/055 of 1984

PAGE 217

695211 6954J2 69 5654 for yo .... heal .... Qnd plecasw-e ea.t tr_ t f re_ -the ""'"""'ta.in ...... ters of Chiri'l"'_ Congrarulare s rhe Gradua ring Closs of 1984 and wishe s them success in rheir furure endeavors TRUCHAPAN, 5.A. 2JJ TEL5.-2J. 5509 EM I{AY INC Invesrmenr holding Co ond rroding F inoncing supply ond insrol/orion camplere indus rr iol projecrs 213 INDU5TRIA PANAMENA DE COCOA, 5.A. Cocoa processing plonT, e xporrers of powder ond burrer for i ndusrriol use.

PAGE 218

CalDeras o The present '--------J for the future. 214 Dr and Mrs. 5hort Congratulate the Closs of 1984 Mucho e x iro poro los groduondos de 10 close de 1984 en especiol o nuesrro sobrino Pomelo I Doyer desenndole rriunfo en su fururo F amilia 5anchez

PAGE 219

Coso de Empeno Luis Colle Jer Amador Guerrero Coso #2020 Colon, Republico de Panama CONGRATULATIONS To rhe S e nior Closs from SMS 1980 G roduor e s A/<;ron Uno Nona Kane Moc/<;ey Wong E(fa Wof!<;er ScOff Dennlnghoff Sergio OIC/ .. erson Roquel Anderer M aureen Perry FranCis Tseng Rondol RIVero M ichael Srof'fer Rebecca Gnmlson ('81) 2 1 5 Un Rincon de /ra/ia en Panama C%mbofi/o, SA. Congrarulares rhe Closs of 1984

PAGE 220

A Abresch, John 65 M ichael E 84 Acosro, Roberro 17 Addlesberger Joseph 0 84, 191 Aguilera, M ono G 65, 126 Aguirre, Elvl(Q 17, 106, 128, 159, 164, 191 Alcolne Alice M. AlessI, Lorenzo 65 A lessI, 5refono G 65 A lmillor egui, Aler M. 17 Alremus Drigir re M. 4 179 Alvarado M oricel J. A lvara do Rom ulo 17 A lv arez Jr, V,cror M 84 A lves, A udrey L 84, 128 Alves M ileneel 17 Amedee, Venesso E 84 A meglio, M ono G 17, 159 Ameglio, Perer J. 17, 52, 113, 126 Ames, Gabr i e la K 65 Anderer Pau l A. 84, 192 Anderer, Roquel M. 17 Anderson Craig L. 84, 192 Anderson, Traci M. Anderson, Veda A. 18, 106, 188 Andress, Yvonne L. 84 Anrhony, Tracey M. 65, 107 Apold, Andrew A. 84 Arango Alexandra 18 Arango, Osiris 0 84 Arauz Norman E. 65, 128 Arceneaux I,tubico 65 Archibald Angelico E. 18 Ardines Yverre M. 84 Arenas Lucilo I 18 Arias, Aida Y 18 Arias, Gracielo L 18 Arias Moria 0., 65 Armbrusrer Connie 5. 18, 105, 122, 135 Armisreod, Carlo y 18 Arms Delindo A. 84, 123 Armsrrong Tracy A. 84 Arriero Rolando V. 18, 105, 159, 181 A Vila, G ilda C 84 Ayala Donna C 65, 124 Azuo Veranico M 84 B Doer Ronald L. 65 Doerg Robin E. 65 /{ 19, 126 Pablo L. 19, 128, 132 Donl evicz, Alexander 84 Dorbereno, Rene Darco Druce L. 19 Domes, Cassandra L. 19 Domes, Gro ver W 84 Dorrera, Daniel E. 84, 191 Dorrero, Aida G 19 Dorrerr Andrew L. 84 Dores, Roger D. 84 Dores Jr" Roberr 19 Dorisro, 5heran A. 19 Deosley Fielding D. 84 Deorrie, Sarah M. 84 5eon E. 65 Alexa ndra L. 19, 173 Deem Porricio 5. 65 Deers, William M. 65 Dell, Lisa M. 65 Denninghoff, 5corr D 19, 126, 159 Denninghoff, Wilbur Ch. 84 Denair Richard D. 84 Deresford, Esrer 20 Dernobe, Marcos A. 84 Dernosconi, Elaine A. 20, 55, 132, 180 Dlnder Eric L. 84 Dirch, James 181 David D. 84 Diodes, Coren A. 20 Dlevins Crisrine E. 65 Ooorwrighr Roberr J. 65, 164 Dade, Andreos Rogue, 5corr D Doivin Jeonmone 20 Doiron, Jerry L. 20 Donduranr Alrho 85, 191 Doner, Frederic A. 85, 191 DonNlo, Fernando E. 65, 124, 190 Lisa A. 85 Perer A. 20 Donnerr Delondo M. 85, 193 Dorromed M iriam M. 85 2 16 Doss, C ynrhio J. 20, 164 Dowen Jonorhon P 20, 190 Dowen Mary /{ 65, 124 Dowermon John 5 20, 53, 110, 113, 165, 169 173 Dowermon Mary E 85, 101 D owmon, Dan i e l L. 85 D oyd, M arcelo M. 2 1 Doyer Pamela I 21, 106 Doyerr Dons 5. 65 Doyle Coralyn M. 85 D race, Jeffrey A. 65, 107 Dradl e y M ichael W 21, 126 Dramble, Jen nifer L 85 [Jranom Chnsrine y 65, 164 [Jrannon, Myra A 21, 55, 104, 113, 122 [Jrorhwoire Anisso R 192 [Jrecher, Alexander Jane 65 Joan Jodi L. [Jressel, Joanna K. 4 21, 52, 106, 113, 132 Drewer Danerre M. 21, 181 Drewer, David M. 85 Drewingron, Jodi M 21 [Jrighr, Thonio D. 4 21, 105, 138, 161, 169, 173 [Jrirron, Wolrer A. 85 III, Frederick C 65 Dronzino Joner E. 66, 191 Eosrerlin A. Lynn 5 66 Droal-rs III, George J. 85 [Jroal-rshire, Tommy K. [Jrown, [Jroulio 66 Drown Crysrol Y 4, 66, 129, lJJ Drown Cynrhio 85, 190 [Jrown, Korherine M. 85 Drown, Michira J. 21, 173 [Jrown, 5rocey L. 22 [Jrawn, Y 86 [Jrown III, Leslie T. 22, lJJ, 192 [Jrown Jr" D. 22, 164, 173, 175, 181 Drownlow Mory H 66, 164 [Jryonr, Aoron [J, 86 [JUdi!, Jonino J. 66, IJJ [Jumposs, Orion E. 86

PAGE 221

Durch Jome5 A 66, 17J Durci<, Manry R 66, 169 D urg e55, Chorie5 H 22 Duri
PAGE 222

Drummon d Williom 27 Ducl" Trocy L 27 Duguid, Koren 5 87 Dunnell, Gole P 27 Dunworrh, John 87 Dupree Dodd 0. 87 D urhom, Anrhony T 87 DUfnlng, Terry M 67 D uvol, Corherine R E E asrerlin Moy D Ebner, Corlos R 87 Ebner, E lviro M 27 E chevorrio Cynrh i o J 87 Edwords, Terry A 87, 191 EI,mon, Porr ici o M 87, 107, IJJ Ellison, Joanno M 67, 19J E lmore T iffon y M. 67 Elshoff Jr, W,lIiom 88, 191 Engell,e, John R. 88 Erhorr, Deboroh L. 88, 128 Ericl ,son Orod N 27, 5J, 122, IJI, IJ4 Ernsr Porr icl, E. 67 Errholr, M lcho el P Escolo, Genell M. 4 27, 106, IJ5 E scolo Noncy A. 88, 125 Escobedo, Dolores 88 Espejo, Ricordo L. 28 E spino Isobe llo G 67 E sp,noso Ellis C 67 E55es, 5mon R E srenoz Jr, E rnesro E 28 106, 158, 169 Esrus, M ind! M 28, IJ8 E vons Michele E 4 28 E vons, Neil F 88 F Fonning, Nicole A 4 67 Fonos, Oelindo 28, 179 Fonos, Mellndo 28 Forrell, 5houn 5 88 FOUlI,ner, Condy 88 F e;eron, Lou vlno 88 Felix, Ivonn e M 28 Fennell, Enc J 28 Ferno n dez, Ano 4 67, 161 Fernondez, Corlas 88 Ferno n dez, CorolAnn 68, 128 Fernon dez Vieror A. 88 Fernon dez Jr., Jorge 28, 55, 112, 126 Ferrobone, Yesenio V 68, 159 Ferrell 5uson W 88 Figueroa, Rurh E. 29, 106, 188 Fishbough Roberr L. 29 Fisher, Richord 5. 68, 122, 175 Fiffen Delso I 29, 190 Flonnogon, 5hown P. 88 Flercher Choley E. 29, 192 Flores, L ydio A. 88 Flores, Maffhew 5. 68 Flores, Ro lando A. 68, 190 Florion, Uso M 29, 110, 111 Flumoch Elizaberh A. 88 Fobb Jeffrey L. 29 Fonl,en Garlond R 29 Ford ScOff T. 68 Forshoy Ronald L. 68, 190 Forre Dorrell T. 4 88 Former, Troci L. 68, 169 Fasrer, Keyda L Forh Jr., Kennerh P. 29 Fox, George M. 191 Fronl" Clifron N. 68 F ronl;, John A. 68 Fousra Marisu I 29 F rousro III, Julio 88, 124 Freed Mouri I 88 Frensley, 5hawn E. 88 Friednch, Alan F 68, 122 Friffs, PnsCillo I 68, 159, 169 F rosr III, Thomas V 88 Fuchs, Roberr J 88, 110, 111 Fuchs, Sophia M JO, 169 F urlong, O renda A 88, 107, 12J G Gollordo Lizaberh L 68, 164, 191 Gamboa Luz E 68, 191 Ganrlin, 5herry 88 GarClo, Oernord 188 GarCia, Onon M J O 190 GorClo, Edmundo L JO 190 GarClo, E nl,a L 218 Garcia, Julio 0. 68 Garcia Trocymari 88, 192 Garrido Elizoberh JO Gosnell Gwendolyn D 88 Gawli l Thomas R. Goyer 5reve O. JO, 126, 202 Geroge, Dorren 5 Gibbs, Williom K. 88 Gibson Angelo J. 68 Gibson Jerry R. JO Gilberr, M ichele 88 Gilberr Richord M. Goff. Jeffrey A. 68 Galdforb Neil R 89 Goldsberry Richord A 89 Goldsrein Michael D. 68 Gomez, Poblo A 89, 128 Gomez Jr. Ruben Dorio QQ, 126 Go n za lez, Jacqu eline 68, 17J Gonza lez, Lauro E JO Go n za lez, 5ylvio T. JO Goodlo e Arocelys 89 Goodwin, Undo C 68 Googe Kennerh H. Gord on, Gobriel E. 89, 19J Gordon, Poul W 89 Gordon, 5androlee JI, 5J, IJ2 Gordon Jr., Julio E. JI, 190 Grohom, Vando 1<. 68 Gro mlic h Gre g 5 68 GroZIOSO, Jomes D 89 Greav es, Anoyonsi 89, 19J Grec co Solymar F 68, 110, 111, 164, 17J, 178 Green, Cor l A J I IJ2, 190 Green, Lee H 68, 128 G ree nidge, Emlda 69, 191 Gree r Down R. Greisz, A lon L. 69, 17J, 191 Gr iffirh, Y odiro E. 69, IJJ Griggs Jr, Wo lrer F. 89, 122, 19J Gr imsan, M elindo 5 89, 124 Gr imson, Rebecco H. JI, 54, 104, 112, 129, IJJ, 1J4, 181 Gnppo Deno R Grove, V,ncenr T 89 Grumme D orr e n W 69, 181 G uerrero, 5heila 89 G u errero, Ench A JI G u errero, Juan R 89, 19J

PAGE 223

Guerrero nurh G 89, 191 GUinn III, Lesrer 89, 190 Gunn Doniel 90 Guzman Mono E 90 H Hagar Carlos Jl Hagar noberro A 90 Hogen Karl 5. 69 Haines, Lindo M. 69 Hole Carolyn L. Jl Hall Marlo T 90 Hall, Sondra 90 Hall, Sondra G 4 Jl, 53, 169, 17J Hamm Teresa E 69, 164 Hannon Lawrence T. 90, lJ2 Hardison E Dewey E 90 Harmond Domaris I 69, 169 Harringran Anne 0 69, 111 Harrison Cindy J. Jl Harrod Thomas L Harrwell David G. 4, J2, 169, 178, 179 Hashimoro J2 Harcherr E. Harroway, William E. 90 Hausberg, Joelle 69, 159, 160, 169 Hawl
PAGE 224

t 'on} Dons A 4, 6, J5, IJ9, 159 160, 169 178, 179, 181 KOZiOl, Lies! A. 4, 70, 159, 17J Kraemer, John A. 70 Krnpfl, Kerri A 91 Kraselnicl<, R ina r 70 Krevos!
PAGE 225

Morris, Korher in e I 4 6 J9, IIJ, 158, 169, 1 7 9 181 Morris Teresa L 72, 164 Mormon, Do lys A Morrison, Jenni fer H 72 Momssey, Orenda A 72 124, 17J MomSsey, Noeline M J9, 5J, 105, 106, 17J, 181 Mullins, Donald W 40 Munllo, Luis A 40, 169 Murphy, Mary I 40, 17J Murphy, S,even P 94 Myers, Tonia E 94, 122, 181 N Nondwoni, Shobbo 94 Noum John D. 40, 126 Novorro, Fonny L 40, 105, 159, 169 Novorro Jr, Fobio E 94 159, 19J Neil, Juonlro 0. 72 Neioms Norolie R Nelson Jacquelyn A 72 Nelson, Michele M. 94, 110, 164 Newmon Michoel 1<' 40 Nichols, John 5. 94 Nicl
PAGE 226

({odnguez, Georgiana 96 ({odnguez, GroCie 96 ({odnguez, Ins M 4.3, 169 ({odnguez, Jaime N 4.3 ({odngue z Jose A ({odl/guez, Juliero A 4.3 ({odnguez, Julio 7.3 ({odnguez, M ono A 7.3, 169 ({odnguez Paul ({ ({odnquez, ({,cordo ({ 96, 192 ({odnguez ({,cI'y 96 ({odnguez-Perez Moria A 4.3, 105, 106, 112 ({oger Gerord C. 96, 19.3 ({ogers Donald S. 96 ({ogers Edward M 74, 181 ({ogers Eib,s A 74 191 ({ogers, Isabel C. 96, 190 ({oman, A ida ({amero Carlos E ({omolron Elizoberh M. 96 ({ondon ValenTino 44 ({oor Trocy L 7 4 ({oso nlo, Val e ri e M 44, 106 ({ass, Marcus E. 9 6 Ross, Rori eshonnon D. 96 Raux Jua n R 7 4 126 Rowland, L eila 4 96, 110 Royo, Roberro 96 Rubalcov o Irene D 74 Rumbaugh, Down M 74 181 Russell, Jame s E. 96 Ryner, Ke lly J. 44, 110, 111, 164 17.3 Ryne r M i chael C. 96, 19.3 s Sodowsl
PAGE 227

5woney, Chris J 47 5WIC/f, Crysrol L 99 5wlsher, 5rephon L 99, 181 5ydnor Lobnne M 75, 107, 190 5zymonslfl, POf(JOO A T T ombunno, 5rephonio 4, 47, 159, 160, 169 Taylor Gino M 47, 169 T aylor Jr., Wenford G 99 T eje l ra A l fonso T Teran, Roman A 99 Teran, Rogelio A 99 TereshJmo, Kum/fo 47, 169 T erashJmo M iyo/fO 99 Terrazas, Edgar M. 75 T esro, Ana L 99, 191 Tesro, Armando A. 99 Thole, Orenr A 99 Thole, Oryon A. 47, 5J Thomas, Charles J 99 Thompson, Arnello 107 T hompson, Deborah A. 99 Thompson, I
PAGE 228

224 FROM THE EDITOR The work has been long and d,fflctJIr The "off member5 have 5pef1r mony offer school hours and Sorurdoys fa bflng fa you rhrs boo/ of memor/e5 dePIC"ng rhe 1983 5ChooI year Many people hove In spred me (0 ''feep {he lonlon Splflf gDlng strong I'd III ... e ro rhon/<; my parenrs, rhe sroff, my {fiends, and espeClolly Mrs Shorr who ha s always managed ro I
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