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Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with funding from
University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries


Balboa High School


........--.... ..........Editor
..............Business Manager
-.~....... .... .... Faculty Adviser
... .. .......Financial Adviser

-*I' IF 1 ft
a' PP
g^ r^Si~y(




Table of Contents

Road Map
Opening Section

Guides and Travelers
Faculty and Classes

School Life




(Above) Miss Mary S. Brigham
(Right) Miss Hazel P. Matthews


W E, the ZONIAN staff of '57, stand up and applaud Mi-, Hazel \ dltlIew-
and Miss Mary Brigham, who during the past few years guided the ZONIAN
and PARRAKEET staffs. Their efforts have made our publications something
of which we are very proud. We truly owe a great debt to these two won-
derful persons.


W E, the ZONIAN staff of 1957, proudly present to you your yearbook, a
pictorial record of the activities of the past year.
We have done our best to make the ZONIAN vivid in word and picture,
but it was impossible to catch some of our fondest memories. Remember?
Whispering in the library, pep rallies where we yelled our lungs out, the
excited preparations for a dance, the joy of an honor won, or the momentary
heartbreak when it wasn't. All these must be kept stored in our minds and
We have likened our high school years to a road, a road of life. It is
not an easy road to lui l. but the laughter and the tears we have had along
the way in Balboa High School will not soon be forgotten.

Faculty and Classes . .



To life's treasure chest
Knowledge is the key.
Turn the key, open the chest.
What wealth is there for me!

rave ers


PHRI I AL.-Mr. T. F. llol/. M.4.
Ohio Sl.lth Lniier-il'

4ME 111111- DNA-c
C(OL E.'LLOR .-Mil- Marie C. Ieir. M.4..
(Ou'imnbia I .. <,irl-" Co.na1-.llor. Biolog>. C inic
a1 i- rr: Mr. II. J. Zierien. B.'., Bradle. LI..
B ( oun-ellor. .4-i-lanl Principal.

Prilhami. M.D.. Tufll- college Me.d-
iral -'hool: Mr-. E. Farlie-. R.N..
Bradford lIo-pilal Training sachoil
for N1r---.

OFfI( UL L(4 HREl TRIE--Lejr toi
righl: Mr-. M. TaId r. B.a.. ',ra-
'u-e L.: Mr;. M. Ler'ha.ii.

LIBR RI 4N-Mi- K. Clark. M.A.
Nen Ior.k I.

(.IE(.FE DEPBRTMEN-I .eft to right: Mr. J. \V.
%eiaqui-.. 1. %.. Neu- ork L .. li Mr. U. Ii--he-r. M.A.. Columbia i .. (hvini-lr'; Mr.
[D. F. %11ar-. M.4.. Hla-li. lalta (4olhlge. P'h'i-c-.
( hemiilri. Mr. F. 1. ail.iill. 1M.. . of .. 4.ein.
rn-ivie,. 4<.w. Malh. .ah 1o1 pitired: Mr. (.. 41. Iev-.
M. .. (i olumbia I .. Biolog'.

IHOREI(.N I.4%l 4ME D[EIl't1MENT-L. to R.:
Mr-. J. I.. Mlordl,,. 11.4.. L. of wa-h.. Fr.: Mr. ". I.
Itarka.ili. 1M. .. Midhilliur% lang. (.ol.. 1;p.. Enag."
il-- (.. 'nurk. M.A.. ( ol. L .. %p.: Mr. A. H. % ard.
11.%.. L. of Nebt.. %p.: %Mr-. M. II. Roian. M11...
L.ol. L.. Lauiii. Eng.. Hili-.

W: V "11 ---
IMT mr *-^ -%
R.O.T.C. DEI'\RTMEFNT-Left to ringh: Mi, G'T. J.
1.. Po-vr-: CAI'. I. U heflaer. A.B.. Harmard (.ol-
le-ge: 11 '<,T. J. I. \allauae.

M 1"11T DEP.AHTMIENT-L. to R.: Mr. L. ). Hum-
mel. 11M... DaueI'-Ie 1., MI.. Ge.mn.. "Parrakreel":
Mr-. I'. K. Grahamn. M.A.. (.ul. L.. %Mg., .eonm.: Mr.
G. (a-a. M.E.. '. of Ore.. tg.. Gen. Math: Mr-. N.
H. Sehrag. M. .. fol. I.. Sg.. Gt-m.: Mr. E. V.
Halchell. M.A.. Col. I'.. Alg.. (eoni.. Trig. 1o)
nirtured: Mr. 1. 1. Mr-Nair. 1.S.. 1. of Chiraso. tie.


\ Mr. J. S. Pettingill, M.A., U. of Notre Dame, Track,
Swim. Coach; Miss M. Lund, B.S., Okla. Col., Girls'
SPhys. Ed.; Mr. H. E. Hurin, M.A., Wash. St. Col.,
Asst. Football, Head Basketball Coach; Miss D. M.
SStuebe, B.S., Ind. St. Teachers Col., Girls' Phys. Ed.
and Health; Mr. R. E. Anderson, M.A., St. U. of
Iowa, Head Football Coach; Miss D. Peters, B.S.,
Fla. St. U., Girls' Phys. Ed.; Mr. J. C. Fawcett, M.A.,
San Diego St. Col., Intramural Coach, Health. Not
pictured: Mr. P. F. Karst, A.B., U. of N. Car., Base-
ball Coach.


B. Journey, M.A., N. Y. U., Shorthand, Typing;
Mrs. A. L. Wilcox, M.S., Albany Col. for Teachers,
Typing, English; Mrs. E. R. Driscoll, M.B.A., U. of
Texas, Gen. Bus., Gen. Math.


L. to R.: Mr. D. E. Musselman, M.A., U. of Chicago, Span-
ish, Speech-Drama; Mr. J. H. Elliott, M.Ed., U. of Neb.,
Metal Shop; Miss E. Monroe, M.A., Col. U., Hlousehold
i Arts; Mr. C. A. Batalden, M.S., Penn. St. U., Mech. Draw-
ing. pitIlr,. 1. to r.: Mr. V. A. Herr, M.A., Col. U., Band,
iOrch., Cho.; Mrs. J. A. Karch, B.Ed., U.C.L.A., Art; Mr.
SLP. R. Kuyoth, B.S., Bradley U., %, od,-hop. Driver Training.

DEPARTMENT-Stnding, 1. to r.:
W. M. Mikulich, M.A.., U. of Iowa,
U. S. Hist.; D. A. Speir, M.E., U.
of Fla., U. S. Hist., Amer. Institu-
tions; H. C. Dippre, M.A., U. of S.
Ca!., Eng.: C. R. Vosburgh, M.A., .
Col. 1'.. Eng.. "Zonian"; F. J. De-
Geer, M.E.. U. of Texas, World ,-'
Hist. .Sitting. 1. to r.: Miss M. S.
Brigham, M.A., Col. U., Eng.; Miss
H. Matthews, M.A., Geo. Peabody
Col. for Teachers, Eng.; Miss M.
V. Whitman, M.A., N. W. U., Eng.
Not pictured: S. Turbyfill, M.A..,
U. of Okla. -


right: E. Kent; S. Turner; V. Reynolds; G. Mul-
larkey; M. Lewis, chairman. Bottom, 1. to r.: J.
Farrel; E. Larson; Camera shy: J. Wibel; G. McGriff.


Vice President

Top. left to right: M. Gibbs; C. Doner; C. Casira;
O. Rodriguez; R. Btesh, chairman. Bottom. I. to r.:
P. Pennington; D. Jenkins; B. Abell.

CAP & GOWN COMMITTEE Left to right: J.
Molyneaux; N. Mendieta; K. Roberts, chairman; J.
Sigl; I. Abadi; A. Rodaniche; D. Behar; J. May; N.
Linfors; Camera shy: M. Eberenz; C. Toussieh.

SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE-Top, left to right: SENIOR PARTY COMMITTEE-Top, left to right:
M. Icke; M. Jones; J. Engelke; S. Potter; M. Kelly; B. Dolan; D. Wright; W. Wall; N. Wiley; B. Cun-
L. Harris. Bottom. I. to r.: P. Foiles, chairman; R. ningham. Bottom, 1. to r.: B. Strumpf; M. Marshall,
Rennie; J. Degenaar; Camera shy: R. Griffith; S. Ch.; J. Smith; D. Drennan. Camera shy: M. Girard;
Turner. C. Samson.

K. Morris; M. Kocher;
Hearon; J. Galloway;
r.: H. Nita; B. Coppen
S. Knapp. Bottom, 1.
G. Miller, chairman.

Watson, Chm.; D. Jacobs
Not pictured: M. Howard;

R. Hensler; E. Altuna, C
N. Purdy; R. Chan; Y. A
Voortmeyer; S. Gilbert. N

^"*^T t) ~IFr:


Virginia Reynolds

COMMITTEE-Top, 1. to r.:
D. Winklosky; M. Napier; C.
B. Edmundson. Middle, 1. to 4 k'
haver; D. Selby; G. Lombana;
to r.: G. McGriff; L. Jacobs; Mr. Allen B. Ward Miss Mary Brigham
Camera shy: B. Elich. Class Sponsor Asst. Class Sponsor


EE--. to r.: J. Benson; J. SENIOR RING COMMITTEE-Top. 1. to r.: F. Wise,
,; L. Barbier; M. Fallon. Chm.; H. Glenn; D. Hearne; N. Pasamente; C. Corn;
M. Kelly. D. Bleakley. Bottom, I. to r.: K. Fulleton; G. Mor-
eno; R. Boggs.
IENTS-Stanrding. 1. to r.:
hm.; E. Kent; J. Pustis;
Lmar. Sitting, 1. to r.: C. SENIOR GROUP PICTURE COMMITTEE-Top. 1.
iot pictured: L. Jones; C. to r.: L. Wood; L. Prosperi, Chm.; J. Barlow. Bot-
tom, 1. to r.: J. Wood; N. Simon, M. Archibald.

,, 44'ii

Irene Abadi
Panama, R. de P.
" 4 I" 1..,i ';n girl bursting with
l ,tl r l i
GAA 1,2.3: Span. Club Che-
Club 2; UN Club 4: Sock & Buskin 3:
Pep Sq. 1; VB 1*.2*.3*.41; SB 1,3: BkB
2.3: Ten. 3; Lib. Assist. 1; Jr.-Sr. Banq.
3; Cap & Gown 4; GAA Banq. 2; Grad.
Ush. 3.

Lillian Rebecca Abell
Winchester, Kentucky
"Sparkling smile, warm person-
ality; she's won the heart of
many BHS'ers.
SA Alh. 1,3.4; Zonian 4: Banq. P.'. I
VB 1; Bowling 3; Pep Sq. 1. I ..
Tw. 3; Off. Assist. 1.2,3,1: SH Dance
2: Vis. Day 1; CGS 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3:
Sr. Pic. 4; SA Train Comm. 4: Sp. SA
Comlm. I: Gamne Ush. 4.

Nancy Acly
Johannesburg, South Africa
"One of our 'Quiz Kids', and she
always has time to flash a smile."
Sock & Buskin 4; Studio 4; NHS 4: IUN
Club 3 4: Chorus 1.

Patricia Helen Adams
Bournsmouth, England
"Rare compound of quality,
noble, and true-With plenty of
sense and good humor, too."
Chuorns 2; Clinic ANit. 2.

V" BS- -" .

O Si

Tomas D. Alexander
Prague, Czechoslovakia
"Never an idle moment; thrifty
and thoughtful of others."
IPA News; Astron. 3.4; Chtss Club:
:tnimp 2.3.1; UN Club; Math: BkB;
P'ng-iPong: M/Sgt.: Plat. Sgt.; Jr.-Sr.
Priom, 3; %P Stwlup Club 3: Pr,-,. 4:
CBS (bser. 3.

Leopoldo D. Arosemena
Panama, R. de P.
"Thought is deeper than all
Stamp Club 1; Chess Club 1,2.3.3; UN
Club 2.3.1; Dis. & Debate Club 3,4.

Texana Allen
Panama, R. de P.
"Little said, much accomplished"

Eda Edelmira Ahuna
Lima, Peru
"Eda is our class oahl.'te her
personality can't be beat."
Span. Club 1,23.,4; Ush. Club 1.2.3;
GAA 2.3.4, Vice-Prs.; NHS 3.4; Math
Club 4; French Club 4; GAA Dance 3,
4; VB 1*,2*,3*,4*; SB 1,2*; BkB 1,2*.
3*.4*; Che. Assist. 3; Physics Assist. 4.

Yvette Amar
Colon, R. de P.
"This girl appreciates the world,
and it appreciates her."
Chess Club 1,2: Dram. Club. 1.2,3.4;
Grad. Ush. 3; Dram. Ush. 2; UN Club
2.3.4; Span. Club 1; SB 1; VB 1: Pep
Sq. 1: Cards & Announ. 4.

Marcia Archibold
Colon, R. de P.
"A smile on her face and a
gleam in her eye."
UN Club: Fashion Show 2; Chorus 1,


Charles Ashley
Vallejo. California
"He bats high in life's league."
Caimera Club 1; ROTC 2.3.4. \1/Sgt. 1.


Rachel Elizabeth Barr
Honolulu. Hawaii
"She was made for happy
Stunt tight 2; Schol Publication 1;
Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3; Sock & Buskin 1: Lib.
Clul 1; French, Club 3,t; VB 2,3; Sor.
ver 2.3; BkB 2.3; Chorus I; Sr. Wrck
1: Prod. (Cunn. 1.

"A peppy

Yvonne Azearraga
Panama, R. de P.
little Latin full of

Louis J. Barbier, Jr.
Panama, R. de P.
"A quiet man but quite a man."
JV FB 1.2: FB 3,4; Track 1.3.4; Intra.
BkB 1 Fr. BkB 1; ROTC 2.3.4.
M/Sgt. 4; Sr. Gift 4.


P p

Edna Louise Beasley
Spearman, Texas
"Hidden gaiety in her quiet
Vice-Pres. 3; lndustr. Arts 3: BkB 1.

David S. Behar
Manchester, England
"A fellow with a winning smile
and a willing heart."
Star Wagin 3; Stage Prod.; Ticket Sell.;
Bus. Assist. 3,4; Radio Club 1.2: Sock
& Buskin 1,2.3,4: Span. Club 1.2; Let-
trlain's Club 2.3.4: Chess Club 2;
Swinm. 1,2.34; Track 1.2.3: Water
Polo 2.3; ROTC 2.3.4, M/ -: 1; Jr.-
Sr. Prom 3: Cap & Gown 41 I..11 Tamn
2.3,4; SA Canip 4.

June Carol Barlow
Panama, R. de P.
"It's nice to be natural when
you're naturally nice."
GAA 2.3,4: VB 1.2*.3*,34*; SB 1*.2*,4:
BkB 1*.2*.3*,4*; Intra. Swinm.: Ref.
Club: Sp. Aw. 1,2,3,4: GAA Dance 3.
4; Sr. Group 4; Pep Sq. 1,2; Fashion
Show I; l.i. Assist. 1; Off. Assist. 3,4.

Jose Guillermo Barr
Panama, R. de P.
"He is six feet of man-clear grit
and human nature."
Stump Club; Math Club; French Club:
Orches. I; Glee Club 4; Assist. Sq.
Leader; ROTC 3,4; ROTC Ush. Sq. 3,4.

James Edward Benson
Adrian, Michigan
"There's a twinkle in his eye,
'cause he makes the most of all
that comes and the least of all
that goes."
Drain. 2; Letterntan's Club: Wrestling:
Tennis; FB 1,2; Sgt. ROTC 4; ROTC 3,
1; Sr. Gift 4: Invitations.

Helene Shirley Bishop
Balhoa, Canal Zone
"A sweet little bright-eyed girl
who'll always be i',.,. high."
VB 12,.3.4; BkB 1,2,3,1; Fashion Show

Doris Jean Bleakley
Yakima, Washington
"Heart as big as the ocean and
a smile to match."
Dram. Club 4: Pep Sql. 1; VB 1.2.3:
BkB 1,2; Off. Asrisl. 1,.3: Jr.-Sr.
Ban.. 3: Sr. Ring 1; Grad. Ush. 3.

Ralph Boggs
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
"f,,r '.,,r.z and good-natured."
Stage Prod.: Band: ROTC 1,2.3,1. S 1c
1: Sr. Ring 4.

Cesar Alberto Bouza
Los Angeles. California
"Quiet manner but friendly air:
a regular guy."
StL.ump Club 3 1: Vire-Pr.'. 4: Astron.
Clhi 3.1; Math Club 1: 11N Club 4:
C(:.ra Club 4: Sr. Ring I; ROTC 3.t.
L sh. Guard 3,1: Rifle Clul 3.1.

Agnes Stella Brin
Panama. R. de P.
"If money could buy looks, she'd
be priceless."
Drarn. Club 1: Span. Cl'lb 4; Specrll
1: Chlrus 1; Fashi.n Show 1,2.3; Val.

Rose Btesh
Manchester, England
"Little, likeable, and laugh-
H.R. Alt. 1.2.4; Rep. 3; Zo.nian; Ches,
Clbi 1.2. Sec. 2; Span. Club 4; Drama
Club 2,3; UN Club 3.4; Bowling 2; Ten.
2; Chorus 1I; Lab. Assisl. 4; Jr.-St.
lBa.n. 3; Sr. Pictures 4; Showcase 2.


Cesar A. Campagnani, Jr.
Colon, R. de P.
"An attractive smile, wavy hair:
he's the answer to a maiden's
BB I; Golf 1.2.3,4: ROTC 2.3.4. Sgt. 4.

James A. Carlin
Long Island, New York
"To be bright and cheerful is
his way."
JV BkB 1,2; JV FB 2; SA Alt. 4.

Carmen R. Casira
Panama, R. de P.
"A treasured gift from Panama."
Pan-Anm. r. 1; VB 3: Sr. Pictures 4.

Vilma Edith Casira
Panama, R. de P.
"Happiness was born a twin."
Pan-. ,,r. 4; VB 3.

Roberto Antonio Chan
Panama, R. de P.
"Gentle of speech, beneficient of
SA Rep. 3; Radio Club 1.2,3: Proj.
Club 1.2; Math Club 4; Astrononv Club
4; ROTC 2,3,4. M/Sgt. 4; Showcase 3;
Cards & Announc. 4; Vis. Day Ch. 4.

Edward Byron Clifford, Jr.
San Diego. California
''A big man with a big heart."
SA Rep. 2; Dram.. 3; Canera Clul. 3:
FB 1.2; Band 1.2; ROTC M ISt. 4.
ChI-yene High School 1,2.

Ruth Elizabeth Coppenhaver
Ancon. Canal Zone
"A song in her heart, a smile on
her lips."
Sock & Buskin 4; "Finian's Rainbow"
3; "Down in the Valley" 2; Spanish
Club 4; Chorus 1,2,3.4; Glhc Clull 3.1:
Sp. Chorus 1 2; Valentine Form.nal 4;
Singing Valenline 14 SH Danct, 2; P.p
Club 3.

Carolyn Corn
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Cute as a button n' sweet as
GAA 2,3.4 1 i I i 4: Sock &
Buskin 4; i i. I I 3 Band 1,
2.3.1: Sr. Ring 4; Fashion Show 1 :
\alter Ballet 2,3.4; CGS 3: GAA Dance
3.4; VB 1.2.3*.4*; BkB 2*,3*, SB 1,
2.1; Sp. Award; Bowling 1.

Ruby Cosca
Panama. R. de P.
"All things come around to her
who will wait."
Pan-Anuer. Club; VB: SB; BkB: (Chorus

Ralph W. Cox
Fort Benning, Georgia
"Time is but the stream I go
fishing in."
Parakeet 1; Periscope I; Debate Club
1,2; Track 1; Drill Team 2.3,4; ROTC
1.2,3, M/Sgt. 1.

Harriet Critch
Puerto Armuelles. Panama
"4 friendly smile makes up for
the lack of chatter."
VB 1: SB I; BkB 1: IChrus 1,2.3.1
S'p. Chirus 2: Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3: Fa.h.
ion Show 2.4.

Brenda M. Cunninghamn
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Composed in her ways: always
agreeing and appealing."
Parakeet 4; Math Cluh 1: Olfie Assisl. Christmas. Formal 3: Sr. Par.1

Bette Louise Davis
Harlingen, Texas
"Let others praise ancient times:
I am glad I was born in these."
"My Spanish Sweer:hert" Opere.ta 2:
Proj. Club: FNA: Chorus: Junior Play
2: Pan-Amer. Forum 1,2; Tal, nt Siho ;
Brownsville. Texas 1.2.3.

Joan Blair Degenaar
Panama, R. de P.
"To do easily what is .lu,, ,!ir for
others is the mark of talent."
SA Rep. 2,3; S e Secy 4; "The L.-n
rlndelrry Air" 2; Parakeet 1: Dram. Club
2.3.4: FNA 3,4; Math Club 1: Pep (Club
3; NHS 4; Flag Tw. 3: VB 1, SB 1,
Bowling 2: Band 1,2,3; SrH Dance 2;
JlSr.-S. Promn 3; Inaugural Ball 4: SA
Ticket Sales 1; Sr. Week 4; "Finian's
Rainbow" 3; "Down in the Valley" 2:
Visitor's Day 3; Grald. Marshall 3; C(;
3; Exchange Student 1: Quill & Scroll 1.

Leon Dobrowolski
Montclair, New Jersey
"Appears silent-but when the
teacher's out, look out!"
:< ..,,;,.. 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*: ROTC 3.4.
-. 1. 1, Marshall Squad 1,2: Pool
Marshall 1.2. Curtis High School.





William E. Dolan
White Plains. New York
'"One should live so that when he
dies it should even sadden the
Intra. FB 3; JV FB 1.2; Inia. BkB 1,
2,3; ROTC 2.3.. Sgt. lc 3. Capt. I.
Drill Team 3.1. Honor Guard 3.,4. UDill-
Miast.r Drill Team & Honor .Guard 1;
Ir.-Sr. Prom 3: Sr. Party 1: SAety
Coim.n. Ch.: Boys' State 3; ROTC Awds.
Ball; ROTC Hallo e'n Dance.

Carrie Doner
Battle Creek, i. li..... -
"She adds a spice to life that is
so nice."
S.A. Rep. 2; G.A.A. 2.1; BkB 2,4; VB
4: Chorus 4; Lib. A-sist. 3; Sr. Pictures
4: Fashion Show 1: Dancie Bid Coim-
mittle 2; San Francico. Calilornia.

James Laurie Patrick Doran
Colon, R. de P.
"Turning to mirth all things on
SA Prrrid-nt 1: Sock & Buskin
Finian's Rainbow" 3; "Curtain Going
'p" 1: "'Dut in the Road" 2: Trarck
2: BkB 2.4; Band 2.3: (hornl 2; ;Glee
Club 3: ROTC 2.3.1: 1 Lt. 1: SH Danr,
2: Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Get-Acquaint. Damnv
3: Shon.awe 3: Talent Show
Inaug. Ball Ch. I.

David Drennan
St. Petersburg. Florida
"An amiable boy with a manner
that has won him man friends."
S\ Alt. 2; "'Seventeenth Su.m..nr" 4;'
Bridge. Club 2.3; Intra. FB 2.3,4; Intra.
Golf; Bowling Tram 2.1,1: ROTC 2.3,4;
Hon. Guarl 3. C..,t. 1; Jr. Ring 3:
Welfare Conmm. 4: ROT(C Hallrowenr
DIanic 1; ROTC Awar., B.all 4.

Gerald A. Durfee
Panamla. R. de P.
"Alwais full of pep and energy
with a ready smile for all."

l.bi 3 1: lntra. FB 3; I i 2,3.1, 1
Lt. 1: Singing alcutins : Ix. Da) .1 I
-Finian'. Rainaow" 3; Riftl Tean, 3:
Drill Tanm 3.1; ROTC Awaid, Ball 3.

Marie M. Eberenz
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Never trouble trouble, till trou-
ble troubles you. Then laugh."
Sock & Buskin 2, Prolluction Staff 2:
Zonian 4; GAA 3.4; UN Club 2; Math
Ciub 2: Swimming 1*,2*,3*,4*; Pep Sq.
1.3; Chorus 2: Flag Tw. 3; SH Dance
2; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; GAA Dance 3.4; Get-
Acquaint. 4; Cap & Gown 4; Welfare
Comm. 4; Water Ballet 1.2.

William H. Emundson, Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
"I am myself, my own com-
Inra FB 1ntra. B 2; IBakB 1.2; SB 1,2;
ROTC 23.4: Sfc 4; Drill Team 2.3,4;
Honor Guard 3; Firing Sq. 3; Valentine
Formal 4; Boys' State 3.

Barbara Anne Elich
Havre, Montana
"She has a future worth
Sock & Buskin 1.2: Parakeet 4; FTA 2.
3.4: FNA 1; Pep Sq. 1,2; Lib. Assist. 1:
Clinic Assist. 2; Drives Conlm. 3; Valen-
tine Formal 4; Girls' State 3.

Judith Evelyn Engelke
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Happiness and sunshine are her
SA Rer. 1,2; C'ass Sec'y 2,3: GAA 1.
2.3,4. Pres. 1: NHS 3,4; Math Club 1;
GAA Dance 3,1; VB 1",2*,4*; SB 1,2*.
BkB 1*. Swimming 1",2*,3*,4*.

Edith Estrada
Panama, R. de P.
"A rather quiet but likeable lass."
Spanish Club 1,4; SB 1,2; VB 1,2;
Chorus 1.


Robert F. Fearon
Cuidad Truvillo, Dominiican Rep.
"Whoever invented work should
have finished it."
FB; Baseball 2,3; Track 1.2,3,1;
BkB H gr. 1.2.3; Christmas Formal 3;
FB Dance 1.

Jenette Fahrubel
Salisburg, North Carolina
"A wonderful person in every

Morice Fallenbaum
Colon, R. de P.
"You rarely find a boy so nice;
to be his friend is worth any

Michael P. Fallon
Baltimore, Maryland
"A leader of men, a follower of
Sock & Buskin I; Swimming 3.1; Track
2: FB 1.2; ROTC 3.4. Sgp. 4; "Ar,. nic
& Old Lace" 2; Tucksloe Tiger; Tuck-
shoe High School 1.2.

Carlos Fernandez
Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
"The most important part of
character is steadfast resolution."
Projector Club 1: Baselall 1: FB 1:
Pep Sq. 1; Band 1: Office Assist. 1;
ROTC Capt. 4.

Rafael Fernandez
Panama, R. de P.
"To be a friend is his way."
Spanish Club 4. Treas. I; Stamp Club
1; SB 2: Water Polo 2.


Barbara Lee Farbman
Brooklyn, New York
"A cheerful disposition is a fund
of ready capital."
"Down in the Vallc 2; Sock & Buskin
1.2.1: Spanish Club 1,2.3,4: FNA 2,3.
I: Frrn ih Club 4 I U Club 4; SB 1.2:
BkB 1.2.3; VB 1,2.3: Pep Sq. 1.2.3:
F!ag Tw. 3; Chorus 2,3, -1 Chorus 2:
Grad. sher 3; Carnival Court 2: "Fin-
bin's Rainbow" 3,

James Farrell
"When it comes to talking, he's
a gem,
When it comes to r''rtira,,. ahem!"
S\ Alt. 2; Showcase Committer 1.

John Flowers
Daytona Beach, Florida
"It's my life; I live it, and I
love it."
SA Alt. 2; Projection Cluh 2.3.1; Baind
1,2; Christlas Formal 3: SH Danc, 2.

Peggy Marie Foiles
Panama, R. de P.
"A kind and gentle heart she has
to comfort friends and foes."
SA Rep. 1.2.1: Sock & Buskin 2.3.1;
"Star Wagon" 3: "Finian's Rainbow" 4;
Parakeet 3,4; NHS 1; FTA 2.3.4. Sec'y
Treas. 2, Vicer Pres. 4; Pep Club 1,2:
Math Club 1: FNA 4I; Bwling 3; Hock.v
3: Chorns; Frerhman Picnic 1;
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Sr. \ e k Ch. 1: SA
Tickets t: Quill & Sroll 3.4: Girls'
State 3: (rad. Ush. 3; Barc. ULsher 3.



Clinton Kennedy Fulleton
Chiriqui, R. de P.
"A man of might, strong and
Letterman 3,4; Radio Club 3: FB;
Track 3: BkB 2.3.4; SB 2; Track Intr.
1: Bowling 3: Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Sr. Ring
1: "Seventeenth Sumnmer."

Joseph Carre Galloway
Galveston, Texas
"To know him is to love him."
"Tlhe Big Front Porch" I: Letterman 4:
JV FB 1.2; FB 3; Track; Swim-
ming 1: Band 1.2.3,1; Gle.e Club 4; Jr.-
Sr. Ilanq. 3: ROTC 23.4. 1 Lt. 4: Rifle
Team 2; Asselb. Comm. 3: Boys' Star,
3. Counsellor 1; SH Dance 2: Get
Aiquaint. Dance 1; Valentine Formal 4:
Band Pres. 3. V. Press. 4 ;Band Part\ 4.

Markelda Garrido
Panama, R. de P.
"The spark behind every
Spanish Club

Mildred Rose Gibbs
Daysbro, Kentucky
"She looks, and is, beautiful."
Parakeet 4: Office Assist. 4; Sr. Pic-
tures 4; SA Drives 4; Fashion Show I.

Sheila Anne Gilbert
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Sheila is a dancer gay, who likes
to talk the livelong day."
Sock & Bnlkin 4; Volleyball 2.4; Pep
Sq. 2; Chlorun, 1,2; Cards & Announce-
ru t'Ill 1.

Maria Louise Girard
Syracuse, New York
"Our Queen!!!! Other titles
need she none."
"Finian's Rainbow" 3: Sock & Buskin
3.4; FNA 2.3,4. Pres. 3,4; VB 1,2:
Clinic Assist. 3; Flag Tw. 3; Pep Squad
1,3; Zonian 4; Banquet Bugle 4; HR
Alt. 3: Chrislmas Formal 3, Court 3:
SA Assernb. 4; ROTC Spon 4; Hal-
loween Dance 4; FB Queen 4; Girls'
State 3; FB Dance 4; ROTC Awards
Ball 4: FNA Sec'y 2: Chorus 2,3,4.

Hallie Ann Glenn
Mineral Wells, Texas
"Mild manners and a gentle
Math Club 1; Stamp Club 1; Ref. Club
1; SB 1.2; VB 1.2: RkB 1.2; Pep Squad
1: Orchestra 1.2,3.4; Clhen. Lab Assist.
3; Sr. Ring 1.

Ralph Richard Grassau, Jr.
Freeport. Illinois
"He loves to live and lives to
SA Rep. 1; Band 12.3; ROTC 2,3.4;
Capt. 1, Drill Team 3.4: Rifle T,-an 3,
4: Drll Major 1,2.3; Jr. Ring 3;
ROTC Hallowcen Dan,-e 1; Awards Ball

Sara Dorothy Green
Singapore, Malaya
"Strictly okay. Need we say
Sock & Buskin 4; Spanish Club 4; Pep
Squad 1,2.3,4: Off. Assist. 1,2,3; **Fash-
ion Show" 1; Usher 3; Showcase 4.

Harrison Cleveland Griffin
Gainesville, Florida
"He belongs among the best."
FB Intra. 1.2; 21.Club 3: Chem. Assist.
3; ROTC 2,3.4; 2 Lt. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3.

W A.1 11E

Rodger W. Griffith, Jr.
Newport News, Virginia
"You get out of life what you
put into it."
IV FB I: ROTC 2.3,1; M/Sgt. 4; Sr.
W, ek 4; Safely 4: Train Ticket 4;
Drill Team 2.3.4: H.on.o Guard 2,3.4:
Fir:ng Squad 3.

Carolyn Hail
Honolulu, Hawaii
"They blessed her with a cheerful
grin that's going to win lair fame
for her."
Xmias Play 1,2: "The Yellow Cap" 1;
Dram. Club 1,2,3; Cralft Club 3: Debat.
3; Radilo Prog. 3: Cheerleadi-r 2; Cliortis
2; Office A. sist. 3; Jr..S,. Pln..... 3: Grad.
Ilsl. 2.

George H. Hamilton
Gary, Indiana
"Another newcomer to BHS's
halls and he is as friendly as
can be."
Pres. 1: SA Rep 3: Speech Winner 3:
State Band 2.

Robert B. Hamilton
New York, New York
"A fellow with an engaging per-
sonality, sometimes quiet but al-
ways fun."
Sock & Buskin 4; UN Club 3; BB 2.3.1:
Rifle Teami 2,3; "Seventeenth Sumnmer"
4; Band 1.2.3; ROTC 1.2.3,4. Battalion
Commander 4; Welfare Ch. 4; Awards
Ball Ch. 4: Firing Squad 3; Boys' State
3. Lt. Gov.: Halloween Dance 4.

Lendy Harris
Elk City, Oklahoma
"A friend is a person with whom
you may be sincere."
Sock & Buskin 4; Jr. Ring 3; Sr. Week
4; Grad. Usher 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Studl.
E.nply. Conim. 2; Music 2; SA Dance 2.

Audrey Diane Hearne
"Dee Dee"
Ancon, Canal Zone
"For some days happy, or some
days sad; I count no days but
the ones made glad."
Math Club 2.3; Lih. Club 2: VB 1.2.-t:
SR 2; Rand 3.1: Chorus 2: .ibrar)
Assist. 1,2: Sr. Ring :; Girls State 3.

Christian William Hearon
Panama, R. de P.
"One who never turns his back,
but marches ever forward."
SA Alt. 1; Paraket t 4, Editor 1; "Cur-
tain Gointg I p," 1: "Down in tile Val-
ley" 2: "l.ondonderry Air" 2: "Star
Wagon" 3: "Finiau's Rai.nhow" 3; "Th
Big FIont PI'orh" 4: NHS 3,t, Trras.
I: Sock & Blluskin 2,3,4. Tras. 3. Press.
1: Discasi.tn & Debate 3.1; UN Club
2.3.4; BandI 1.2,3, Vic,.Prer 3: Chorus
I ; Gle Cilib, 1.3.1; ROTC 2.3.1; Capt.
I: Drill Team 3.4; SH Dec. Ch. 2: Jr.
Sr. Prom 3; Assernb. Dir. 4; Talent
Show 2,3.4; Boys' State t3; Chie Justicr
3; Nal. Thespian Soc'y : Valentinr
Formal 4.

Rose Adele Hensler
San Jose, Costa Rica
"Never without a cheery and a
friendly smile."
VB 1,2,3.1; BkB; Pep Sq. 1;
Chorus 3; Off. Assist. 3.1; "Fashion
Shon" 1.2.4; BkB 2*. VB 4*; GAA 4;
Cards & Announr. 1: SH Dance 2:
GAA Dance ..

Minerva Diane Herrera
Madrid, Spain
"The rock, her symbol-firmness
of purpose."
Parakeet 4; French Club I.

Marilyn K. Howard
Bluefield, West Virginia
"Oh!! Those stateside gals-a
likeable lass."
Variety Show 2.3; GAA 3: French Club
Press. 3; Dancing 2; Chorus 2: Glee
Club 1; Off. Assist. 1; ICC 3; Sr.
Gift 1: Drives 2.

f qq

-W 4
'i y~?


4F "'h
,r Wl 1



a. l


Phoebe Jean Hughes
Vallejo, California
"She has the eagerness and en-
thusiasm of youth with a sense
of humor to go with it."


Mamie Lynne Jones
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Lovely to look at, delightful to
GAA 3.4: VB 2.3*,4*; BkB 2,3*,4*; SB
1.2; Pep Sq. 1,2; Jr. Rings 3; Cards &
Announc. 4.

Margery M. Icke
Hollywood, California
"Red hair radiates sunshine."
AA. 1.2; Science Club 1.2: SA 1.2:
NIS 2: FTA 4; Chorus 1.2.3; Band 4:
Orches. 4; Newspaper 1; SA Rep 1.2;
Alt. 4: Sr. Week 1: Fashion Show 3:
I her 1,2; BkB 2*, VB 2, Sec'y 1.2.

Diane M. Jacobs
Port of Spain, Trinidad
"Reason and judgment are great
NHS 3.4, Pres. 4: SA Rep. 2; Math Club
2.3.1. Prl-s. 3; Discus. & Debate 3.1:
Sock & Buskin 3.4; Pep Sq. 2: Chlnru
2. Sp. Chorus 2; Grad. Usher 3: CGS
3, GN Alt. 3: Bacc. Usher 3: Chem. Llb.
A'sist. 3; Physics Lab Assist. 1: Show.
case 2,3; SH Dance 2; Sr. Gift 4: Fr.
Picnic 1; Xmas Formal 3; Elec. &
Lamp,. : Fashion Show 2.

Linda Marie Jacobs
New York, New York
"A combination of brains and
pep; that's our cheerleading edi-
SA ep. 2,4; Zonian 3.4; Editor 4;
Ba.nl.. Bugle 1; NHS 3.1; BkB 1*.2: Pep
Sq. 1.2; Cheerleader 3.4: Chorus 1:
Band Se c'y 4; Lib. Assist. 1: Oil. Assist.
1.2: VB 1; SB 1,2; French Club 4:
Isber Club 1: Fd. Hockey 3: Fr. Pie-
nic 1, h.: Hion. Track Capt. 3; Co-Ch.
Fr..Soph. Frolic 2; Co-Ch. Ilaug. Ball
3: Showcase 1; Camp & Eler. 2: Jr..
Sr. Prom 3: Valentine Formal 4: Get
Arcquaint. Dance 1.4; CGS 3. Judge. GN
Alt.; FB Dance 3.1; GS Couns. 4: Bal,.
:sher 3; Gradl. Usher 3; Sp. Award 1;
Band Party 4; Dram. Club 2; Soph. Hop
2: Zonian Banq. 3.1: Glens Falls Hisgh
Sclnol 2: Referce Club 1; Visitor's Dal
(i.oln. 2: NSP\ Award 3.

Donna Jean Jenkins
Wadsworth. Ohio
I;. li.',.. over with life, love,
and laughter."
FNA 2.3.1; Sock & Buskin 1; Pep Sq.
1.,23: Chloru 1.2,3.1; G1,le Club 4:
BkB 1.*2.3,1: VB SB ;t CGS 3;
SH DaIrt 2: Inaug. Ball 3: Xmas For-
on.1d 3. ,oulrt 3: S,. Picturn s ; Get-
Al.,int. Dance 4; Grad. Usher 3.

Melba Jones
Newman, Georgia
"Walks in a wake of long, low
whistles-a dream doll."
Parakeet 4; BkB 1,2.3: SB 1: VB I:
Sr. Week 4; Safety 4; Fashion Show I.

Marilyn Beth Kelly
Miami, Florida
"If worry is the cause for death,
then I shall live forever."
SA Alt. 1; SA Rep. 2; "The Faithful"
2; Stamp Club 1: UN Club 4; FNA 4:
Math Club 2: BkB 2*; Pep Sq. 1:
Chorus 1; Xmas Formal 3; Sr. Week 4;
CGS 3.

Elma Victoria Kent
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
"Sweet, shy and poised."
Sock & Buskin 3.4; UN Club :4 Bowling
3; Pep Sq. 2; Orchestra 3,4; Off. Assist.
2; Cards & Announc. 4.

Susan Elizabeth Knapp
Huntsville, Alabama
"Good looks and a happy per-
sonality are only two of her won-
derful traits."
"Londonderry Air" 2: FTA :; Sock
& Buskin 4; Sr. Y-Teens 4; VB 4; Pep
Squad 1; Glee Club 1; Chorus 4; Li-
brary Assist. 4; Grad. Ush. 3; Valen-
tine Formal 4: 1r. \. *....;., Dance 2;
SH Dance 2; ..I..,. r .. 4; Opera
Chorus 4.


\ A

Carroll E. Kocher, Jr.
Colon, R. de P.
"Courteous is he and willing to
be of service."
Sock & Buskin 4: "Seventeenth Summer"
4; Astronomy 3.4: Disc. & Debate 3.4.
Treas. UN Club 3.4: ROTC 2.3,4, 1 -,.I
4; Fr. Picnic 1; SH Dance 2; jr.-bt.
Banq. 3; Valentine Formal 1: CBS 3.

Robert G. Laatz
Terre Haute. Indiana
"I like work: it fascinates me. I
can sit and look at it for hours."
Swimming; Water Polo; Intra. FB;



Eric V. Larsen
"Little Viking"
Panama, R. de P.
"None but himself can be his
Track 1.2; FB & BkB Mgr. 4; ROTC
2,3.4, Sgt. Ic 4; CBS 3: Stamp Club 3:
Sec'y 4: Sr. Showcase 4.

Marcia Simpson Lewis
Attleboro, Massachusetts
"Filled to the brim with life and
Sock & Buskin 1,2.3.4; Parrakeet 4; Nat.
Hon. Society 4: U.N 1 q .'.'1. 1
Intra. BkB 2; Intra. --I. *..i.-..
Speaking 1.2; Chorus 3; St. Patrick's
Dance 2: Sock & Buskin Party 3; i.t.il
& Scroll 4; Usher Sr. Comm. 3: Ch .
Showcase 4: CGS 3.

Nils Linfors, Jr.
Bronxville, New York
"(IQalir exceeding his size."
SA Alt. 2; Letterman's Club 1.2,3,4;
Treas. 4;: .r.,,i.:- 1,2.3,4; Capt. 4;
Water Polo I i 1 Capt. 2,3,4; Base-
ball 3,4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. ROTC 2,3.4.,
1/Sgt. 4; Drill Team 2; Cap & Gown I.

Patty Ann Loar
Maysville, Missouri
"Sweet and lovely."
SB I: Pep Squal I: O Of. \sist. 3:
Itlazke, Japan 1,2: Everett. .i,-hington

Mary Grace Lombana
Panama. R. de P.
"When a voice is singing cleat.
you always know Grace is here."
SA Rep. 4; "Finian', Rainbow" 3:
"Down in thel V\all'y" 2: Pan-A.er.
Club 3.1: Sock & Buskin 1; GCle Club
3.1: VB 1.2.4; BkB 2.1; SB 2: Pe'p
Squa. 3: Chorus, Sp. Chorus 1.2:
Valentine Formal -; Fashion Show 2.4;
Talent Show 1.3.4; Singing Val. 3.4.
Cl.: Showcase 2; Jr.-Sr. Promr Court 3:
Carnival Court 3: Valentine Court 3.

Martin Lopez
Santurce, Puerto Rico
"A quiet, friendly, likeable lad,
with a perfect smile."
ROTC 2; Drill Team 2.

Melinda Marshall
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Friendly personality along with
"Finian's Rainhow" 3; "Down in the
Valley" 2: "The Big Front Porh" 4;
Parakeet 4; Math Club 2,3.4, Ser'y 2,1;
NHS 3.1. Sec'y 4; Sock and Buskin 4:
A;,hery 1; Golf 2: T.V. Program 4;
Pep Squad 3: Orch.; Noon Orches. 1,2.
4: C1hrus Accomp. (lee Club
3, 1i Talent Show 2.3.,: SH Dance 2;
Jr.-Sr. Proml 3: Sr. Party 1, Ch.; Train
Ticket Ch. 4.

Julia Ann May
Magnolia. Mississippi
"She's sparkle and spice and
everything nice."
SA Rep. 2.3: S' Alt. 1 Zonian 41: Ban-
qul Bugle 4I; Pep Squad 1.2.3. Press. 3;
Cheerlealdr 4. Alt. 2: GAA 2,3.. Sec',
1: GAA Banq. 2: GAA Dance 3,1; FNA
2.3.t; Chous 1,2.3,4. Sp. Clho. 2: *VB
1.2-. 3; SB 1.,2.3: BkB I1.2,31*.l: SH
Dance Clh. 2: "Daisy Mac'" 2: Jr.-Sr.
Prom; Ch. 3; Stud. Dir. Chl. 1: (Cap &
Gon 1; Award Award Aem. 2,3;: FIB Iance
4; Hon. Track Capt. 1: Ad Sell. 4;
CGS 3. See'y of State 3, Coun. 1: Grad.
tsh. 3: Drives Commn. 4; Fashio Show
1; Flag Tw. 3: SA Camp. 2.3.

Geraldine MeGriff
Ancon, Canal Zone
"I laughed, and I laughed, and I
laughed 'til I cried."
SA Reip. 1 "Finian's Rainbow" 3
"T.ooth or Shave" 2; Zonian 4; Banq.
Bugle I; Math Club Pres. 2: BkB 1:
SB I; I'ep Squad 1; Cheerleader 2,3.4.
Capt. 1: Clorus 2.3.4; ROTC Batt. Spot-
sor 4: \ail.n. Court 2; FB Court 4:
Shol.wcas, 1 23,1; FB Dance 2.3.4; Jr.
Ring 3; SH Uane Ch. 2; Fresh. Picnic
1; Postir 3: GS 3; ROTC Hallow.
Danc1. I; Awards Ball 1: Grad. IUher
3; CG;S '.Prtl Ch. 3.

Robert MeMath
New York, New York
"Here's a cheerful lad, well worth
IlOT1 3:.1: Washington-Lee High School

Ronald Ernest Mead
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A big little guy who is full of
Math Club 4; I; rn. BkB 3.4: Bowline
2.3.1; mB Intra. 1,2.3.: Churus 1; Lab
A sist. 1.

Carrie E. Miller
San Jose, Costa Rica
"A subtle charm that comes when
you least expect it."
GAA 4; Ref. 1,2.; SB 1,2; VB 1*,2*,
3*.4*; BIkB 1,2,3*4*; Fashion Show 1.2,
3.4; I'Pep Squad 1.2; Bowling 4.

Gladys E. Miller
San Jose, Costa Rica
"Dark #,t.i,,,.~ eyes and hair.
My! How the boys stop and
"Finian's Rainbow" 3; Zonian 1: GAA
1.'.3.4; FNA 2.3,, \ic4 -Pr us. 2. Sec'y
4; Sock & Buskin 3,1; PI.I Squad 1.2.3,
Vice-Pr.s. 3: Cheerlader 4: Flag Tw.
3; Chorus 2.3,4: Get Acquaint. Dance
3. 4; Xlnas Formal Ch. 3; Xmnas Court
3: SH Dance 2: Fresh. Picnic 1; Valen-
tine For mnl Ch. 1: Grad. Ush. 3: VB
1*.2*.3.4*; BkB 1'.2*.3*.4*; SB 11.2*:
Water Ball't 2.3.4; FB Dance 4: CGS 3
Rlef. CI. 1.2.

Silka Mirella Mills
David, Chiriqui. Panama
"To those who know thee not,
no words can paint."
Pin-imr,,u-an Clui 1.

Nadia Mendieta R.
Panama, R. de P. Evelyn Mohl
"A quiet Spanish miss, liked by "Evie"
everyone. Ancon, Canal Zone
'an-Ai.r. lub 4; Cap & Gown 4; Ref. "She outshines the sun."
Ch. 1.

rIW. 1

/ "
., '* ., .

Dorothee-Anne Melr gel
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Laugh and the world laughs
with you."
SB 1; BkB 1.2.3,: V1I; Bowling
4; Pep Siqua I1 ChIrus 1,2,3.4; Grad.
lltl. 3; Frot Picnic 1; SH Dance 2;
\mas Fomnal 3 Singing Valen. 2:
IhlCr Club 1: Zonian Ads 2: Sock &
Blokin 1: iRefree Club 2.

Jean Molyneaux
Panama, R. de P.
"Her ways are ways of pleasant-
ness, and joy."
SA Alt. 3; VB 1.2.4: SB 1.2.1: BkB 1.2,
4; Off. A.ist. 1; Jr.-Sr. Pon. 3: Lib.
Assist. 2.


9 ^

,. ,. :


Elizabeth Monagan
Tela, Honduras
"Even though her words are few.
Her sweetness has a golden hue."
Library Club 2; Lih. Assit. 2.3,4.

Frank Ritchie More, Jr.
Oahu, Hawaii
"When he walked into B.H.S., lie
walked into our hearts as well."
President 3; Spanish Club 1.2; FB 2,3.1:
BkB 3.4; Track 3,4; BB 2.3.1: Letter.
man's Club 2.3.4: Soccer 3; Glee Club
1; Vire-Prs. 1; Lakeimonit Academy.
New York.

Gail Susan Mullarkey

Brooklyn. \, York
"When Irish eyes are smiling, all
the world is bright and gay."
SA t11. 3; Sock & Buskin 3,L Trca. 4;
* Finian's Rainb w" 3: "'Star 4,agon" 3:
Zonian I; Ban|. Bugile I: \V 1.41 BkB
1: Hockey 1.3: Saccer 1: BB 1*: Bowl-
img 3; "Studi." 4; "'Plullan Car Hi.-
walth- 3: IPep Sluad 3: (hecrleader 1;
Boostm-r Club 2; Chorus 1.1; (;ler Club
1: Jr.-Sr. Pro.n 3: Sr. Showcase 1: A,-
senmb 2; (Gld Ush. 3: Pronm 1; CGS 3;
Drama I'arty 31 Flag T-. 3: Nw York

Charles Napier
Long Beach, California
"A little nonsense now and then
is relished by the wisest men."
Parakeet 1: Lerttrman's Club 3.4; FB
2,3.4: Trak 3: Band I.t: RKTC 3.4,
Sgt. Ic: 4 Color GuardI 3.1; Valentine
Formal i: Ele. Commn. 3 Ilntra. FB,
BkB, BB 2.



Ana Raquel Moreno
Panama, R. de P.
"A sweet attractive kind of
Spalih C.lb 3,4: Pep Squad 1; Chorus
2,1; Camnival Dance 3.4; Pan-Amer. Day
3; Xmas Dance 3.

Helen J. Nita
Manchester, New Hampshire
"A precious pearl of great price."
"Down in the Valley" 2; FTA 2,3.4.
Sec'y 4: GAA 1: Sock & Buskin 4; VB
1.2,3,4; BkB; Bowling 3; Pep
Squad 1.2.3. Sc'y 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4;
G!ee Club i: CG3 3; Grad. UIsher. 3;
SH Dance 2: Gel-Acq.uaint. Dance 4:
Drives 1: Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3: SA Ticketi
1; Valentine Formal 4,

George J. Moreno, Jr.
San Jose, Costa Rica
"Rich are those who have him
for a friend."
,World Poster Prize 3; Stamps.

Kenneth Morris
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Worry is not for lads like me."
Jr. Vice.Pres.: Sr. Vice-Pres.; SA Rep.
3.4; Letterman's Club 2,3,4; FB 2,3,4.
Capt. 4: BkB 3,4; Intra. SB 2, Intra.
Track 3.4; JV FB 1: JV BkB 1,2; Vis.
Comm,. 1: Lil Abner 2: Get-Acquaint.
Ch. 4; FB Dance Ch. 4; Jr.-Sr. Promn 3:
Stud. Dir. 3: Valentine Formal 4; FB
Dance 3.

Jeanette Orr
4ncon. Canal Zone
"Always i .it,,,:- to help a friend."
Sock & Buskin 4; "Finian', Rainbow"
3: Pep Squad 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Glee
Club 3.4; Chorus 3.1; Showcase 3; Jr.-
Sr. Banq. 3.

Niza Esther Pasamante
"Little Bit"
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Sports ability Ir.' ii..i I r1..,
netic eyes that ,roi/.,
SA Rep. 1; "Finian's Rainbow" 3:
"Down in the Valley" 2; GAA 2.3.4;
Spanish Club 4; Sock & Buskin -: Gler
Club 3,4; VB 1-,2*.3*.1-; BkB 1.2*.3*.
1*; SB 2*; SH Dance 2: Jr. Ring 3;
Sr. Ring 4: Showcase 1; Talent Show
2,4; "Fashion Show" 2.3.1.




-4 jol_...


~.I/ ,1

Sheila Eileen Paterson

Panama, R. de P.
"A sweet countenance reflects
sweet thoughts."
Spanish Club 3,4; Sock & Buskin 4:
Library Club 1.2; VB 4: BkB 2.3; Pep
Squad 1: Library Assist. 1.2: Fashion
Show 1.2; Span. Court 3; Spanish Dance
3: Showcase 3.

Mary Frances Pennington
Lawton, Oklahoma
"Looks and wits give this Miss
her popularity."
Sock Buskin 4: "Svntreenth Sumner"
41 Zonian 4: Banq. Bugle 4;: AA 2.3.1:
FNA 2.3.1; Vice-Pres. 4; VB 1.4; SB 2':
BkB 3,1; Bowling 3; Tennis: Waler
Ballet 2: "Studio" 4; Pep Squad 1.2:
Chorus 4: Library Assist. 1: GAA Dance
3.4: Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3: Grad. Marshall 3:
Sr. Pictures 4: SA Tickets 4: Get-
Acquaint. Danre 4; Xmas Formal Court
3: CGS 3.

Carol Ann Perantie
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"A sincere lass; a credit to BHS"
SA Rep. 3: Zonian 4: Ban-. Bugle 4;
iock & Buskin 2.4; FNA 3.1; GAA 3.4:
NHS 4: VB 3*. BkB 3*,4*; GAA Dlanc
3,4: Pep Squa.l 1.2,3.; Lib. Assiat. 1;
Clinic AsistI. 2; Zonian Blus. Mg I. 1;
SA Tickets 4: Awds. Day Ass-nrb. Ch.
.; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3: Fr. Picnic 1: C:alds
& Announce. I CGS 3: Fd. Ho: key 3.

P - L&'

Suzan Ruth Potter
Columbus, Ohio
"She walks in beauty."
Sock & Buskin 4; BkB 1.2.3; VB 1,2.3;
Chorus 4; Gler Club 4; ROTC Spon.
1; ROTC Dance 4; Awards Ball 4; FB
Court 4: Sr. Week 4; Yearbook 3; Pres.
2; Treas. 1: Newspaper 1,2.

Luis Carlos Prosperi, Jr.
Panama, R. de P.
"His favorite book-the telephone
SA 4Al. 2.3; Swimming 1; Water Polo
2.3,1: Sr. Pict!lrei 4.


Nancy Frost Purdy
Concord, New Hampshire
"Here's a girl who's simply grand,
always lending a helping hand."
Math Club 2.3,4; FTA 2.3.1. Vice-Pres.
3. Pr:s. 4; French Club 4, Vice-Pres. 4:
I N Club 3,4; NHS 4; SB 1; Pep Squall
1.3; Chor:. 2.3: Sp. Chorus 3; Banl
Se'y 1: Carlds & Announc. 4:; CGS 3.

Jayne Ruth Peterson
Ancon. Canal Zone
"Speech is great; but silence is
Chorur 1.2.

Victor M. Pitti
David, R. de P.
"Sincerity is a charm all its own."
Intra. BkB 2.3,4: Chess Chlb 4.

Joseph Edward Pustis
Boston, Massachusetts
"The foolish man seeks happiness
in the distance: the wise grows
it under his feet."
SA Rep. 3; SA Alt. 4; NHS 4; Lib.
Assist. 1; Lab. Assist. 3: ROTC 2.3.4.
Major 4; Drill Team 2,3.4; Jr.-Sr. Pron
3; Cards & Announe. 4; SA Drives 4;
SH Dance 2: Showcase 2.

Robert Winfield Rennie
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Play is my job, work, my hobby,
and success, my ambition."
Track 1,2,3.1; Intra. Track 2; Zon. Bus.
Staff 2; ROTC 2.3,4. Sgt. 4; Fr. Show-
case 1; Jr. Showcase 3. Ch.; Sr. Week
1: BS 3: Firing Sq. 2; SH Dance 2;
Rifle Team 2; Assist. FB Mgr.


LoAis Robert Reyes
Ancon, Canal Zone
il..ilt., am 1: from care I'nm free.
II ,. aren't they all conteteed
like me?"
ROTC 2,3.

Virginia Reynolds
San Antonio, Texas
"Sparkling personality with mag-
netic charm."
SA Rep. .: Sec'y ; "Finiain' Rainlow"
3: Sock & Buskin 3.I; Parakeet 4; Mal:h
Club 3; IPep Club 3: VB 3; Water Bal-
let 3; Ofice Assistl. 4; CGS 3. Governor
3; (;irl' Nation 3: Xmas Formal Queen
3; J..-Si. Proml 3 SA D)rivre Ch. 4;
SH Dance Cort 2.

Richard Richardson
Pomona. California
"Quiet but powerful."
Banld 2,31.1.


Arcadio Rodanirhe
Panama, R. (dl P.
"H.H.S.'s example of ia yellow
who believes chivalry is not dead,
and still practices it."
Spanish Clu 1 1 ROTC 3,1, Sgt./I. 1;
A4chi,,v. Awd. 2: Cap & Gown 1.

Olga M. Rhii'iviii
Colon. R. de I'.
"A likeable Senorita, cute and
gay: she's tops in every way."
'an.-im.i r. (:Clu 4: Otitie Assist. 1:
. Pictures 4: Pr,-. Pan.-Amnt- Club.

Patricia Consuelo Samson
Colon, R. dle P.
"Her merry heart makes tll our
days bright."
Parakeet Bus. Staff 4: Pan.Amer. Club
;: UN Club 1: VB 1.3.4; Bowling 3;
BkB 1; SB 1.3: Pep bquad 3; Cllhoru
3,1: Gle Club I: Office Assist. 3: r.
Party 1.

Carol Keith Roberts
Long Beach, California
"A tiny bundle of T.N.T."
Sock & Buskin 4: "'Finian's Rainbow"
3; FNA ;: Riling Club 2; Y-Teens 1:
VB 1.2; BkB 1: SB 1; Tennis 2:
Chorus 2.3.1; Glee Club 3,1: Xlias For-
mal Court 3; Prom. Court 3: Gaimma
Gamma Sor. 2: Jr.-Sr. Barq. 3: Cap &
Gown Ch. ); C(S 3.


Herbert R. Schneider
Ancon, Canal Zone
"I/i,,1. .(,.' i,, i v wit at his
ROTC 2.3.1:; ni/Si 1: Fr. Pcniri I
SA Alt. 1.

Charles L. Robinson
Tacoma, \\rhilIl-n
"His days are full of fun."
ROTC 2,3.1. Sgt./lc 4.

William T. Sears
Panama, R. de P.
"Not bold, not shy. nor short,
nor tall, a pleasant minglinglg of
them all."
Leltlernan'i Club 1.23.1; Caim.ra Club
2: Chers Club 1; Gun Club 1.2: Swi,,.
ruing 1,2.3,1: FIB ).V. 1.2: Sailing 1,2:
Tennis 2; Water Polo 1; Civi,-, Cllli I
Sok & Biukitn 2; Diving 1: Chamiin
1.2,3: Swint. Capt. 3.




:*?L -

Carlos Raul Seise
Ancon. Canal Zone
'" prefer to take life as it comes
and worry but little."
Intra. BkB 2: Intra. FB 2: ROTC
Sft. /li .

Eleanor Deane Selbv
Alexandria, Virginia
"Her many virtues make her a
girl who holds your eye and inter-
est for a long time."
Tre-a. 1: AR. Verp. 3: SA Alt. 3; Class
Pl- 1: '"Rorirng Twenties Zonian 4:
H\aruick 3: French Club 2,3: FNA 4:
,'B 1: BkB 2.1: VB 2.3.1: Hockey 2;
Xmas tD. re1 t 1: Camp. A-emtb. 1.2:
\Viltrntinr Fi al 4: Jr.Sr. Pror 3:
SCA SJ-rapbo.k 3: Rr. Comnm. 3.

Judith Marlene Sigl
Green Bay, Wisconsin
if.,ii. and gay and full of taun."
GAA I: 1VB 1.2.1*: Water Ballet 2.3,4:
SB 2; Li b. Assist. 2: Caps & Gotwn,
4; Jr. Ring Conm. 3: CGS 3.

Nancy Elizabeth Simon
Colon, R. de P.
"She looks like a page out of
P p Squa.1 1; Sr. Picturs 4J; Fashion
Show 1.2.

Carolyn J. Small
San Francisco, California
"Never idle a moment but thrifty
and thoughtful of others."
Yearbok 1.2: VB 2.3: Grad. Chorus 2:
Chorus 4; Kokura DUpendent School,

Aileen F. Smith
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A pleasant girl of sterling
worth; she is half quietness, half
Satnish Club 1; Pep Squad 1: Fashion
Sho. 1: Showcase Display 2.

John Henry Smith
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Nine tenths of wisdom is being
wise in time."
SA All. 1: "Curtain Going Up" 1:
"Star Wagon" 3; "Showdown at Saw-
tOoth" 1; Math Club 1.2.3,4, Pres. 1:
Chrss Club 3.1: N Club 4; Debate
Club 4; So"-k & Buskin 1.2.3,4. Vice-
Pres. I: Bolinlg 3; Phisit s Lab. Asist.
1: ROTC M/Sat. 4: Stud. Dir, 1.

John B. Stevens
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A friendly guy that sues a spe-
cial 'Hi!' for us all."
ROTC 2.3.4, M/Sgt. 1: Dli-rs Comnnu.
1: Fr. Picnic 1: Boys" State 3.

Martha M. Stevenson
Pinewall, New Jersey
"Her efforts make other lives
Math Club 2: SB 1: VB I: BkB 1;
Pep Squad 1.2; CGS 3: Jr.-Sr. Banq.
i; Stating 1.

Robert E. Strumpf
Jacksonville, Florida
"A gentleman is a man who can
disagree without being disagree-
NHS 4; SA All. 4; Cihem. Lab. Assist.
3: ROTC 2.3,4. 1 Lt. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet
1; Hallowern Danci 4; Rifle Team 3:
Boys' State 3: Train Tickets 4: T.V.
Program 4: Welfare Comm. 4.


Carol Ann Styles
Colon, R. de P.
"An attractive newcomer BHS
sure is proud of."
SA Hep. 1; Sclhool Paper 1: (;IA 1.2.1;
Y-Club 3; Office Assist. 1,2.

Owen Charles Sutherland
Colon, R. de P.
"Nature formed but one such
Presildnt 2: Vice President 1: SA R-p.
2: SA All. 1; Parakeet 3: Letlrrman'n
Club 2,3,4. P'r.s. 1; NHS 3.4, Vice-Pr,.,
1: FB 1.2.3,4; BkB 2.3.4; BB 23,1:
Track 23.4: All-Zone Fl 3.,1; Al!-Zone
BB 3.1; ROTC 2; Bacc. & Gral. Marsh-
all 3: Fr. Picnic 1: Get-Aicquaint. 2;
NSPA 3: SH Dance 2: Jr. Ring 3:
\wanrs Day 1: FB Dance Ch. 1: Roy..

Michael Taylor
Colon, R. de P.
"He's the tall and handsome one,
a great guy who's lots of fun."
ROTC 2.3: Track 1.2.3,.; Jr.-Sr. Prom
3: SH Dance 2.

Ben Thomas
New York, New York
"A happy heart makes a happy
Chess Club; Bridgr Club; Boys' State.

Claudette S. Toussieh
Panama, R. de P.
"She's attractive, refined, and
very meticulous. Dreaming oj
someone? Oh! don't be ridicu-
So:k & Buskin 3.1. Banquert: Tick-t Se.ll.
ing; Make. Up; Spanish Club 1; Cihess
Club 1,2; BkB 1.:2 VB 1.2; Pep Squ.d
1: Chorus I: Xmas Formai 3: Cap
G l.n I: (rad. Ush. 3.

Sandra M. Turner
Colon, R. de P.
"She is as a sunbeam on a win-
ter's day."
"Seenteen h Sununer" 4: Pep Squad
12: Chorusn ,2: Office Asist. 3.4; So.k
& Buskin 1: Parakeet Ad Seller 1.2: SA
Rep. 3 1: FTA 2; Xnms l)anr 3: Sr.
Week 4: CGS Obs. 3.

Laura Urriola
Panama, R. de P.
"A Latin lass with a winning
-...., a friend like her is well
Spanish Club;: kB 4: VB 1.1;
Pep Squad 1; Spa. Vice-Pres. Carnival
Dance Ch. Pann-Aner. Day
Conlm. 3.

Raquel Urriola
Panama, R. (de P.
"Friendliness and sincerity make
her what she is, a well-liked per-
son that's nice to have around."
Spanish Club 1,2,3.4: VB 1.4: BkB 1.
4: Pep Squad 1: Pan-.mner. Day 3:
Showcase 3: Carnival Dancr 2.3.

Robert E. Toothman
Ancon, Canal Zone
"If he were a finer fellow, he
wouldn't be human."
Lrettrman's Club 2.3,4: Camera Club 4;
Track 1,2.3,1: FB 2.3: ROTC 2.

Carol Ann Voortmeyer
Oakland. California
"A likeable lass with a great deal
of class."
SA Rep. 2; "Sixteen"; Reporter 2:
Zonian 4; Radio Club 2,3: Remnbrandt
Club 1.2,3; French Clulb .t Chess. Clli,
4; Sock & Buskin 2.3.4; SB 1;: B 1;
Gral. Uhler 3; Cards & Announc. 1;
Showcnsa 2; CGS 3: BkB 4.

i .

L.AI1 1







Ethel Voss
Bloomfield, New Jersey
"Earnestness and sincerity are
Sck & Buskin 1: Chorus 1: Proldcing,
S Sloting 2.

Wayne D. Wall
Atlanta, Georgia
"He throws good pitches, and he
takes good pictures."
ice-.Prs. 1; President 2; SA Vice-
'res. 3: Letterman's Club 3.4: BB 3.4:
Track 4; FB Dance 4: Sr. Party 1: BII
All-ZI nc 1.

James W. Watson, Jr.
Mobile, Alabama
"Rare compound of ability, frolic
and fun."
Se.'y 1; Vice-Pres. 2: President 3: SA
Rep. 3.14; SA Alt. 1: Parakeet Make-
Up Editor 1: Letterman's Club 3,4;
Bridge Club 3.1; Bowling 3.4: Fr. BkB
1: JV BkB 3; ROTC 2,3,4, 2nd Lt. 4:
Train Tkts. ;1 Sr. Gift 4: TV Prog. 4:
Governor oi CBS 3: Boys' Nation 3:
Inaug. Ball 3; Singing Valentines 4:
Halloweun Dance 4; Intra. Awd. 3: Jr.-
Sr. Banq. 3.

John R. Wibel
Denver, Colorado
"I am a student, and girls are
subjects to study."
Caimpib-ll Union High School, California;
Ct.e Club; : Showcase 4.

Norman Wiley
El Paso, Texas
"For every inch of Norm, there's
a mile of smile."
Spanish (lub 2.3: ROTC 2.3,1: MI/Sgt.
1: Sr. Party 1.

Robert Wills
Colon, R. de P.
"His motto, "Love thy neighbor
-especially if she's beautiful."
SA Rep. 4: FB 2.1: BkB 1.2: Track 3,
4; Letterman's Club.

Daniel Goehring Winklosky
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
"True to his word, his work, his
SA Alt. 1.4; Letterman's Club 2.3.4:
NHS 3.4; FB 1,2,3.4: BkB 2.3.4, Capt.
I All-Zone BB 3,1: All-Zone FB 4: ROTC
2.3.4; 1st Lt. 4: B rcc. Marshall 3;
Comment. arshall 3: Fr. Picnic I:
Drives Comrm. 3.1: Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3:
Boys' State 3.4;: Valrn. Formal 4.

John Edward U inklhIu-
"Big Jack"
Greensburg. Pennsylvania
"His business and his art are to
FB 1.2,41 BkB :4 Track 1.2.1: Letter.
nman's Club; Jr.-Sr. Promn 3.


Forest Bringhurst Wise
Passaic, New Jersey
"Wit is the salt of conversation."
SA Sc'y 4: "Finian's Rainbow" 3;
"P'ullman Car Hiawatha" 2: "Seven-
teenth Summer" 4; FNA 2,3,4: Sock &
Buskin 4; Pep Squad 2: Churus 1,2,3.
4, Sp. Clo. 2; Glee Club 3.4; ROTC
Sponsor 4; Inaug. Ball 4; SA Tickets 4;
Sr. Ring Ch. 4; Jr. Ring 3: ROTC Ball
4; Halloween Dance 4; SH Dance Court
2; Valentine Court 3: Singing Valen. 3;
CGS Attorn. Gen. 3: CGS Conn. 4.

Joseph C. Wood
Panama, R. de P.
"A friend to all, a foe to none.
Give him a job, and he's sure to
get it done."
ROTC 2.3.1. 1st. Lt. 4: ROTC Drill
Team 3.4; Sr. Pictures 4.

Lewis W. Wood
Panama. R. de P.
"The man who finds the most
happiness for himself is often the
man who least hunts for it."
"Seventeenlth Summnr" 4: Chess Club
I: Debate Club 3.4; Orches. 4; ROTC
2.3.4, 1st. Lt. 1: Ush. Guard 2.3; Fir-
ing Squad 23; Rifle TIella 4; Boys
Stlat 3; Sr. Pictures .1.

Richard W. Wright
Panama, R. de P.
"He is always there 'hern onu
need him."
SA All. 3; PIrrakeet, Assist. Ed. 3,1;
NHS 3.1: Sock & Buskin 3.1: Astron
omy (4lul Vi, e.Pres. 4: Cllbs Clubl 2.:.
4. Stc'y 1. Pr .irlent i ; IN Club 3:.
\ice-Pro,. 4: Di-bate Club 3.1. .'y :.
Pres4.I; TV 1: Band: Phb-i. La
Assist. I; ROTC 2.3., M. -. I Fr.
Showcase 1: SH Dan c 2; cGe-Aiuaint.
Dancre I Xnas Formal 3: Budgi t Comm.
3; Assemb. ;1 Sr. Party 1; NSPA
Award 3; Quill & Scroll 3; "Curtain
Going U'p" 1: "Seventeenth Sunnmerr"
4; Journ. Banq. Ch. 3; U4her Guard
.1 1.

Not Pictured

Joseph F. Blackburn
lurtonsville, Maryland
"He lives the forward-looking, outward-looking
I.iLettein n's Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1: Saim, ninn 1. 2. i2
ROTC 2. 3. Sil 4; UsheI r 2, 3; Traik 1. 2: Bkb. 1. 2.

Robert Borgstede
New York, New York
"I have great dreams of mighty things to come."
Boy*' State 3: ROTC 2, 3. I.

Joseph Chalmers
"Teddy Bear"
Knoxville, Tennessee
"He enjoys life in a big way."
FB 1. 2. 3, 4; IlkB 1. 2. Ltr Cl, 2 3. : L Club 1. 2. 3 1:
Wo-Hi Yearbook Ads, Japan.

James S. Kraemer
Fort Worth, Texas
"Friends, Romans, tI.,,ntarr,,,.' Lend me your
I,,n, ..../l '

Allen Sheppard
Swedesboro, New Jersey
"Takes life easy but enjoys it."

Balboa Hiah School Seniors

Top. left to right: M. Eberenz; B. Cunninii ham' 11. \rehilbld: 1. liirn i. Doi-er: M. Gibb-: C. Corn: J.
Hughes; T. Allen; D. Hearne; Y. Amar: H. Ili-n-lr: i.. Hail: 11. lHoard: \1. ,irard: B. (op.penhaier: I.
Abadi. Second, 1. to r.: B. Elich; B. Abell: J. Barlo : I1. Foile-: J. tahrubel: K. lFllrlon: L. 'ro-rimniia: (.
Fernandez; C. Griffin; M. Fallenbaum; I.. DobroiLki: N. L.infIr-: J. DoraII: P. Adarlm- J. Degenaar; %. (.ilhbLri:
D. Bleakley; L. Harris;. Third, 1. to r.: L. Barlier: It. l'earon E: I.r-en: Edninnd-on: J. Farrell. T. iler-
ander; D. Drennan; D. Behar; J. Galloa> : R. Bor-l ede: 4 ,v%: (.. Klimilton. 1. Kocher: MI. Fallon: (,.
Durfee; C. Bouza; R. Chan; G. Iaatz. Ftnurrh. I. to r.-l.. ood: J. (.haliir-; 4 %-hl.s : R. (.rilfilh: 4.. (am-
pagnani; T. Clifford; J. Benson; J. Floer-: (... Ilearon: W. Dolan: J. Blackl.lurn: R. Fernande.,: J. marlinn:
M. Lopez; R. Hamilton; J. Kraemer; R. 4,ra--au: J. Barr. Rotiito. I. it r.: R. Ble-h: E. Al.iuna: J. .Engelk.r
H. Bishop; E. Estrada; C. Casira; E. Co-ca: \. ra-irar: Ihcarrag: 11. lerrera: E. Bea-le : B. Ilai-: II.
Critch; B. Farbman; R. Barr; N. Acly; 1I. (,Ieiin: t. Grer.ne.

At graduation time we shall stand pri.,l "I I llt
work we have accomplished in high schli.,I and llith
honors and awards we have received. \- -m..'li-.
we look back on the past four years jai rJ-ali,-
how rewarding and enjoyable they have 1. .-I. TI, i
will be those "unforgettable years" in i.ur III.-

Remember? In our freshman year ", .1,, t.-1
Carlos Rivas as our president; Owen 'utihlilanid.
as vice-president: and James Watson, a- -.c.r-tir:
Our Freshman Picnic was a rollicking b.rri-l .1 lun.
organized by Linda Jacobs and her go-i..fIingr 1...II
mittee. We were the lowest of the lo, Ithat \a-r.
but it didn't matter because just beirin in higlh
school was wonderful.

In our sophomore year we were one -t-r Inlighlr
on the ladder of our aspirations. To If.ad u- lln
year. we elected Owen Sutherland, presili. nt. Jajnii-
Watson, vice-president; and Judy Engelkr.. ,-i r.-.
tary. Who will ever forget our terrific -.,dli,- IHi.
kins Dance? Julia May and Ken Morri- r'iii,'l

J. I).1|-\ Ml r, ,, .,,, I.1,L 1 A l l,, ,,I. thal lu,,. Kllk'd
- #n riiri:. It I a- .a rie.l %eal and %%I %,.r. a little
-..rf\ In, -it- it -ir- 1ti in '*nd. %%,- had ownr i. n-
-I.laln.. I| p,. lj.J l. \\ l l i ] i.r ..i\l \ ea ut ipl.'i -

.r jl .11a ui lI.lr' l l J. ..l l -ll I lkr
I,' II-n 1, 1 II I hll i llI. I -1 li.,- l, r 1i\ n. r t,-ri
.lnu-.-.i |,L>\ tl .r- I hra. h i, -ri i j l ,i, .... i 'l, rell\
.l.1. n h11 -l hall-.' \\,r- .l l i iildhd l that n% % r,-
.iir I i, I Ir,-h.lii -n. \\-e %\ rkr.l ha3 id ith t \ear.
iiil e alkl ilehredl m .ll th,- thik l thingn-. -llur
lIa- ..[i h ir,.- rhi \,ar % ie" Jaii,-- l-,n. pIr.t-i-

lUn.l : k n \l rr i -. i .Inicr-1 ,-'. Julia n11 Juil\ lEn-
"'-l,,e. 1., rhla r,,a th d .- ur ...ihl, l in e- I..... ..Ie
.I idW 1.r-t Iir-inV 11he 2al1 Chrislinj- F.-rinal umth
<, 1.11 1 illi' r Ji lhi aimr ian. ( bIee i ir ni.iil- nj~
.ur ir laker'l ~lrlur in.

1 l n.i-l an.e the l i- i..i Juni.-r- -ni.i Ban-
.qurl aind Pr.on. 1.rizi/rl \' Julia l 1\]a i and Pit
TIFinh -. liairniian -dI th-ir i...iimiit -,-. k Bi ob r .i.b.

of The Year 1957

. .

Top, left to right: V. Pitti; E. Mohl; C. Stoakly; M. Stevenson; G. Miller; J. Peterson; N. Purdy; E. Monagan;
M. Lewis; L. Jones; S. Turner. 2nd row, I. to r.: J. Sigl; F. Wise; M. Marshall; J. May; R. Strumpf; R.
A right C. Seise; J. Wibel; L. Prosperi; R. Mead; W. Sears; J. Smith; J. Wood; B. Thomas; A. Smith; S.
Patterson; A. Moreno; C. Small; J. Winklosky. 3rd row, 1. to r.: G. McGriff; O. Sutherland; A. Rodaniche;
D. Jacobs; P. Pennington; C. Perantie; D. Metzger; D. Selby; E. Voss; M. Kelly; J. Orr; C. Mi ler; P. Loar;
M. Icke; V. Reynolds; C. Tossieh; C. TsieVoortmeyer; K. Morris. 4th row, I. to r.: H. Schneider; J. Pustis; W.
Wall; N. Wiley; M. Napier; J. Stevens; C. Robinson; L. Reyes; R. Richardson; J. Watson; R. Wills; M. Tay-
lor; G. Moreno; R. MeMath; R. More; R. Rennie; R. Toothman; D. Winklosky. Bottom, I. to r.: R. Urriola;
E. Kent; L. Urriola; C. Samson: S. Potter; C. Roberts; D. Jenkins; S. Mills; N. Pasamante; N. Mendietta; I.
Rodriquez; G. Mullarkey; L. Jacobs; S. Knapp; G. Lombana; M. Jones; H. Nita; N. Simon.

erts and Grace Lombana were the girls chosen to
be in the Prom Queen's Court. Final exams brought
the year to a close and we left the halls of BHS
to return in September. seniors at last.

With September of 1956 came our senior year,
and we were the ambitious, aspiring class of 1957.
We had come a long way through the years, pre-
paring for our future, making lasting friendships.
and doing what had to be done.

\~a:ii this year we elected nothing but the best
to be our class officers. Gerald Durfee was our
1pr,'-i1,. t: Ken Virli-. our vice-president; and
Cheena Reynolds, our secretary.

\\ started the year off in top form by winning
an exciting victory at the Jamboree and permanent
possession of the trophy. Maria Girard was our
lovely Fooball Queen and Ken Morris was honor-
ary captain of the football team. Remember the
rousing pep rallies, the f..rlall. basketball, and
baseball games where we yelled our loudest, as if

we knew this was the last year we'd be able to
cheer our team to victory?
We studied hard for those college board exams
and we knew the reward would be well worth the
effort. Our Valentine Formal with Lucho Azcar-
raga at the organ brightened the horizon and every-
one had a wonderful time at the Army-Navy Club
that night. King Ritchie More and Queen Julia
la%. with their senior attendants Lendy Harris
and Lynn Jones, reigned over the evening.
As the weeks went by. we slipped into our treas-
ure box more wonderful, unforgettable memories
of our days in BHS.
Now, at graduation, it is all over but the mem-
ories which will live in our hearts forever. mem-
ories of laulghi~ig. carefree days, of triumphs and
defeats, and of close friends. We will always re-
member Graduation Day, the day we stood on the
threshold of our future looking ahead, with hopeful
hearts and eager minds. Ours is the spirit of youth
and a zest for living. Ours is the world.


Nanciv .ch

EfI;i lliiiia

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Rachel Barr

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Bob Hamilton, Maria Girard

David Behar, Judy Sigl

Luis Prosperi, Agnes Brin

Carlos Fernandez, Julia May

Melinda Marshall, George Moreno

Bob Fearon, Judy Engelke Nancy Acly, Richard Wright Roberto Chan, Joan Degenaar

Donna Jenkins, Jerry Durfee

Ronald Mead, Rose Hensler


David Tate

Mr. W. Mikulich
Class Sponsor

Joan Dimpfl

2 'P v "'k -

Top, left to right: L. Breeding; C. Covington; R. Curro; R. Berman; S. Canas; D. Chan; D. Aydelkop; B.
Bishop; M. S. Chanis; F. Bauchman. Middle, 1. to r.: H. Adams; S. Barlow; E. Ashley; B. Betz-Mykland;
B. Calvo; L. Burrillo; E. Bailey; B. Crowe; M. Conover. Bottom. 1. to r.: P. Bennett; G. Barbier; S. Aliponga;
W. Bunch; R. Barbara; H. Adams; V. Avila; L. Beckley; E. Burch.

Top, left to right: E. Chism; C. Cambra; R. Gaudy; S. Dunning; A. Garay; M. Dew; J. Garcia; S. Farbman;
B. Duke; F. Dube; E. Cunningham. Middle, I. to r.: I. Clare; J. Dimpfl; J. Dunn; L. Dew; J. Eglinton; S.
Fawcett; E. Damerau; J. Fuller; R. Duran. Bottom. I.to r.: J. Chase; C. Chase; J. Curtis; J. Chalmers; T.
Corrigan; M. Crook; C. Douglas; S. Clemmons.

Miss Hazel Matthews
Asst. Class Sponsor


1 a 'I -7 d Ii S
Top, left to right: A. Frangioni; P. Larrinaga; C. Lipszyc; A. de la Lastra; M. Lavallee; C. Hackett; R. Head;
R. Duke; M. Hill; M. Jordan; D. Hutchison. Middle, D. Jones; Lawler; C. Herr; A. Luddy; S. Light; S. Johans-
son; N. Hughes; L. Longmore; E. Kaan; M. Hebert. Bottom, 1. to r.: J. Grubbs; M. Hazera; B. Bateman; R.
Hayden; T. Jackson; J. Esslinger; R. Eggleston; J. Entebi; H. Errhalt; B. Claxton; W. Halvosa.

Top, left to right: F. Miller; S. Mable; G. McCullough; F. Paige; C. Ott; S. Nelson; K. Magnuson; K. Monagan;
S. Purdy; D. Miller; S. Metheny; E. Maduro; E. Olave; C. Mastellari; M. Moreno; O. Nunez. Middle, 1. to r.:
B. Priest; A. Libert; D. Pascual; R. Kessler; B. Kielhofer; B. Fullman; V. Quiros; L. Parson; L. Papazian;
J. MeCaughey; C. Kiameo; P. Hurst; G. Medina; G. Cosca; F. Poller. Bottom. 1. to r.: G. Kirkland; G.
Trimble; R. Million; W. LeBlane; E. Maduro; E. Ameglio; N. Pedersen; C. McGriff; C. Laatz; A. Nahmad;
H. Nash; G. Gianatasio; C. Meggers.

m iM
Top, left to right: E. Fo'se; J. Tribe; S. Schneider; D. Young; M. Smith; N. Raybourne; S. Rhoads; B. S.
Spencer; R. Staniulis; D. Stringer; S. Susso; M. Varela; N. Tluhrrell: D. Rose; F. Townsend. Middle. I. to r.:
J. Zardon; M. Smith; H. Wakefield; M. Wickman; F. Skinner; L. Raymond; G. Simon; C. Zirkman; M.
Williams; A. Rentz; G. Slice; S. Taylor; M. Reimann; B. Sander; R. Valentine. Bottom. I. to r.: D. Ryter;
E. sharp: L. Siegel; D. Tate; C. Wommack; S. Schroeder; P. Saxon; C. Toothman; D. Randel; J. Trower;
E. a.-hburn: D. Reece; D. Roberts; L. Wong; S. Sitton.


left to right: R. Gandy; D. Young; N. Ther-
rell; M. Jordan; S. Nelson. Seated. I. to r.:
B. Sanders; S. Sitton; A. Nahmad.

.lintrdling. left to right: C. Hackett, E. Kaan, D.
Hutchinson, G. Kirkland, R. Head, N. Hughes, R.
Duran, S. Light, Ch. Kneeling. left to right: M.
Conover, K. Magnuson.

What a year this has been! To begin with we
elected David Tate. president: Al Nahmad, vice-
president: and Joan Dimpfl. secretary. At our
beautiful Christmas formal. Jackie Dunn was
crowned Queen.

JR. RING COMMITTEE-Top. left to right: G. Bar-
bier; T. Corrigan. Second, 1. to r.: B. Spencer; S.
Mable, Ch.; R. Barbara; D. Ryter. Bottom. I. to r.:
B. Crowe; J. Tribe; M. Smith; M. Hebert.




right: S. Johansson; J. Chase; G. McCullough; D.
Miller, Ch. Bottom, 1. to r.: C. Valentine; L. Ray-
mond; S. Rhoads; L. Parson; F. Miller.

The Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom were the
last big get-togethers of the two classes. The dream
of being a senior is almost a reality. It's only a
summer vacation ,tia\.

Top. left to right: M. Lavallee; B. Duke; A. Luddy;
J. Dinpfl. Middle, I. to r.: G. Simon; L. Dew; S.
Purdy; J. Dunn, Ch. Bottom. 1. to r.: D. Randel;
C. Herr; W. Halvosa; S. Taylor; R. Million.

Top, left to right: J. Trower; D. Reece; E.
Cunningham; V. Avila. Middle. 1. to r.: C.
Zirkman; F. Paige, Ch.; S. Canas; E. Ma-
duro; M. Smith; M. Wickman. Bottom, I.
to r.: J. Eglinton; M. Reimann; V. Quiros;
E. Damerau.


President \ ire Pre-ilent

Ask- .

( la- ?0lo)n-or



Top, left to right: T. Arias; S. Chester; M. Cicero: 11. Cha-e: B. ('aiinbell: I. %ndre-.: J. Be-eb: N. Bauch-
man; H. Barker; N. Clarke; I. Berg; J. Beard; B. Baiin: !. rnh: J. Caiiinroii: Beninell: 4. caller.
Middle. I. to r.: J. Aleman; P. Corrigan; J. Barr: R. Bromn: J. Cljre.: P. Ahlein: -. (.runamlei: PI. (.al: E.
Barnhart; S. Barrett; J. Adkins; M. Canham; R. (.liuni-: R. Alll. Boiiron. I. to r.: P. Blade-: I. (Calerl: D.
Browne; A. Azearraga; E. Chalija; D. Brown; B. Brunner: 1'. 4(.lliiiignhdaii: lMar-halll: E. Cruther-: B.
Bruhn; T. Ashton; W. Boyett; L. Bateman.

Top, left to right: S. Eastman; K. Davis; R. Dahlhoff; G. Frederick; C. Davis; S. De Vore; S. Figueroa; C.
Eggleston; P. Flatau; Z. Figiirroa: B. Ford; M. Downing. Middle. 1. to r.: G. Graham; D. DesLondes; L.
(Gundersen; C. Dorfman; (. DiilpfI: G. Endara; N. Durling; R. Durling; S. Clinely; L. Eastman; R. Hopkins;
D. Hartley. Bottom. 1. to r.: B. Dyke; J. Engelke; D. Eisenmann; B. Hele; J. Godsey; B. Holt; C. French; T.
Days; II. Feeney; C. Denton; B. Hitchcock.



Top, left to right: B. Maxwell; J. Morris; R. Eisen; J. Ortiz; L. Lugo; L. Gutverrez; L. Kidd; M. Hollings-
worth; J. Kintner; L. Hinkle; B. Klipper; C. Holgerson; L. Odenz; L. King; C. Kiamco. Middle, 1. to r.:
M. Nahmad; B. Kirkland; E. Gerhart; J. Harkleroad; M. Garcia; B. llhilin.i: N. Grimes; A. Haskell; M.
Howe; P. Kelly; N. Lytis; J. Hotz; K. DeGon; J. Moreno. Bottom. 1. to r.: A. Lagassie; G. MeKenna; B.
Johnson; L. Martinelli; L. Hunnicutt; A. O'Leary; W. Livingston; C. Hill; L. Kirkland; B. Leves; G. O'Sulli-
van; W. Firro; W. Loar; C. Leves; D. Lawrence.

Top, left to right: M. Moses; H. Mendez; P. Morgan; B. Parker; T. Pena; M. Pena; Y. Middleton; R. Ruess;
H. Meggers; S. Morency. Middle, I. to r.: L. Reyes; I. Pool; M. Patton; C. Molyneaux; V. Mauldin; M.
Pierce; B. Perra; M. Miller; M. Mullennax; S. McKay; E. McNeil. Bottom, I. to r.: J. Frink; J. Reynolds; A.
Perez; H. Lavender; S. Rowley; J. Richardson; F. Romero; A. Revilla; A. Rodriguez; W. Rogers; C. Pearson.

Top, left to right: H. Spector; P. Voortmeyer; S. Snyder; A. Varela; A. Tapia; R. Tercos; S. Wal-on: P.
VanlerDij-: M. Ward; M. Waliser; S. Sadler; E. Siemens; M. Watson; K. Weeks. Middle, 1. to r.: E. Saurez;
S. Wil-on: P. Vale; E. Stancook; S. Tillman; S. Sack; K. Zimmerman; O. Winstead; D. Vestal; A. Wood; L.
Taylor; G. Sigl; P. Tate; B. Wallace. Bottom, 1. to r.: R. Shuey; M. Schoch; O. Sadler; R. Winberg; S. Tous-
sieh; J. Snodgrass; H. Stahl; D. Terry; L. Thompson; R. R. Renfrow; E. Valentin; K. Wilson; T. Womble.


-Haul-%-% aC "

At last we're finally iiuip-ri undit-ri.la iiien. Thr-
year started off with .i lan 1Ilth IIi. eler .'in i -I
our class officers: Bill B1 urni'r. prr-i.lnti: ( hmi l.--
French. vice-president I il l rr\iin ['ir.-. -., r-
Highlighting the li-I '.1 -n- .. iur 1j ,dle
Hawkins Dance with n.iiu.-liioj n-.r-- a- Dai)-
Mae. and Warren BIr.lIt .- L1.' \linr.

lolgerson; A. Wood; J. Godsey; M. Pierce. Front,
'. to r.: S. Morency; M. Downing; H. Barker.

-Top: %. lla-kIll. %erond. I. to r.: M. Miller: P.
Voorlint-er: N. (Clark: 4.. El'. Knpeling. 1. to r.: IL.
Odrn,: I.. (.unllr-on. 'roi piuerlred: D. Browne.
Chin.; A. ()0lear : E. Culher-: %. Sander.



Powder-puff Bowl

The Soph-Frosh Frolic was as wonderful as our
Frolic Quriin. Carol Dimpfl. Even though we lost
the Frolic, all of our other events led to a success-
ful year. We'll be back again next year as mighty

Go get 'em!

DISPLAY (4.O11I TEE-r-op, I. to r.: M. Garcia;
C. Ho!gerson; A. Lagassie; M. Vale; J. Hozl. Second.
1. to r.: L. Hinkle; P. Morgan; S. DeVore; S. Snyder;
C. Dimpfl; M. Watson; M. Pierce. Third, 1. to r.: 0.
Sadler; L. Eastman; J. Moreno: D. Hartley; B. Boy-
ett. Bottom. 1. to r.: D. Browne; B. Hitchcock; J.
Godsey; L. Bateman.



Rl s CALDV El I.
\ ice Pre-ideint

CIa- Sponsor

Top, left to right: L. DiPasca: M1. Goode: J. Doughlit: J. Deermer: P. D-mip--r : M. lilu-er: T. Ho.: FH. Harari;
B. Hanna; B. Flumach; M. D-iernetle: D. Fol-e: G. Filaizrald: 4,. E-irada: F. Dasi-: N. Edward. Iliddle. I.
to r.: G. Herrera; T. Hunler: D. lHalrehr: J. Feraul: K. Flomer-: C'. Dalke: D. griffin : J. Field-: J. Doherly:
I. Darling; M. Daniel; S. God-ep: ( (.under-en: %. Elierenei: S. (,orhain. BIottfm. I. to r.: J. Griffin I.. Dial:
P. Harold; H. Colbert; B. Halling: D. Fulop: D. Dunlap: 1. Bright: M. Iliinl: D. Donibrou-k. : J. (arcia:
J. Fears; B. Hanten; T. Hick-: E. Dolan: H. Hlar er.

Top, left to right: K. Clark; S. Allen; C. Bradshaw; D. Chassin; D. Baus; R. Amato; J. Bro.in: J. Buckner: F.
Behan; D. Crook; D. Bergere; H. Blackman; R. Covington; K. Bassett; J. Casey; R. Allen. lrddle. I. to r.:
I. Arjona; P. Abadi; A. Cheung; M. A. Bowen; B. Bartlett; M. Conover; L. Clifford; J. Corni-h: K. Baugh-
man; J. Bryant; J. Chedester; D. Braswell; K. Curtis. Bottom, 1. to r.: J. Catron; J. Conklin: L. Brown: J.
Behar; M. Bettsak; F. Baggott; R. Caldwell; M. Cluver; G. Coppenhaver; C. Berg; M. Bertolelle: T. Arnold:
A. Barlet; B. Caldito; B. Compton; M. Cassidy; C. Clark.



BJSL ptzrrnw 1 ivz -

-l ; ^ '' -.,y - -

Top, left to right: M. Klipper; A. Muller; R. Lawson; J. Heilman; K. Harkleroad; J. McNall; R. Mc-
Conaughey; J. Hearne; S. Jones; K. Hale; L. Kielhofer; C. Clair; G. Kent; B. House; C. Homes; J.
Brinkley; K. Mohl. Middle, 1. to r.: D. Hoenke; J. King; D. Harned; L. Handy; E. Johnson; E. Eisenmann;
S. Gupton; V. Lombroia; D. Hall; M. Koniecki; S. Hele; C. Huff; C. Keddie; K. Kirchmier; C. Harrison.
Bottom, I. to r.: R. Morris; J. Kimball; R. Leggiere; K. MacKenzie; E. Jenkins; D. MacLean; G. King; E.
Lince; T. Johnson; T. More; B. Miller; M. Kelly; M. Norton; J. Marshall; G. McNabb; C. Knock; W. Miller;
G. Ness; J. Kline.

.r= .*
W So_ L- -- ,. U

Top, left to right: P. Niepsey; N. Litvin; G. Maples; J. Read; F. Morris; S. Le Mieux; P. McKeehan; V. Led-
better; C. Lawrence; J. Phelan; D. Rogers; B. Olave; N. Parker; K. McConaghy; D. Pearce. Middle, I. to r.:
A. Ruiz; H. Raymond; E. Price; C. Lopez; J. Meyers; P. Rogers; C. McMath; Perra; P. Rose; G. Peters;
M. Orr; J. Rettinger; B. Plicet; K. Pearl; G. Parker. Bottom, i. to r.: R. Perkins; J. Price; B. Rigby; F. Roe;
J. Pearson; R. O'Dell; L. Perry; R. Parker; J. Reynolds; D. Pajak; E. Rennie; B. Ruiz; C. Rentz.

Top, left to right: R. Stears; Z. Sibauste; N. Swenson; S. Watkins; J. Sullivan; B. Wickman; M. Wilson; D.
Wheeler; B. Wheaton; B. Stiles; M. Stoakley; B. Wagner; N. Webster; R. Thompson; G. Vale; S. Thomas;
B. Smith; D. Strumpf; S. Spector; E. Smith. Second, I. to r.: H. Willinson; J. Seise; C. Watson; F. White;
M. Tucker; M. Willis; C. Thompson; C. Sharp; P. Webb; E. Sink; M. Sailer; F. Vales; A. Velasquez. Third.
I. to r.: R. Schultz; A. White; J. Turner; E. Shafer; F. Stabler; R. Scott; F. Todd; R. Underwood; B. Harrell;
E. Nsomlle: R. Weade; T. Tiedeken; J. Vineyard; B. Sander; J. Tilley. Bottom, I. to r.: P. Thibodeau; J.
Wood,; (;. Trail; T. Sheppard; E. White; A. Scott; S. Watts; K. Sheridan; B. Seise; C. Schultz.


The Frosh and Soph boys had some rough and
energetic fun at the Frolic.

Remember? Last September when we entered
BHS for the first time? At last we were in high
school and somewhat apprehensive as to what it
would be like. We weren't disappointed with our
long-awaited Freshman Picnic, or the Sophomore-
Freshman Frolic, which we won with a bang.

J. Myers; K. Flowers; R. Thompson. Bottom, 1. to r.:
R. Caldwell; F. Bright; T. Sheppard.

FRESHMAN SHOWCASE-Back, I. to r.: R. Thomp-
son; B. Bartlett. Middle, 1. to r.: K. Caldwell; B.
hihealoi; K. Flowers; P. Webb. Front: R. Vale.


The charge of the Soph-Frosh brigade!

Betty Lou Wheaton was our Frolic Queen and
reigned over the activities. Our class officers this
year were Bonner Hadley, president: Ray Caldwell,
veep: and Penny Webb, secretary. We shall al-
ways remember the past year as the beginning of
a wonderful period in our lives.

Stiles; S. Thomas; B. Wheaton. Middle, 1. to r.: B.
Bartlett; P. Webb; V. Ledbetter; J. Doharty; C.
Watson. Bottom: A. Ruiz.

Don't step on my black-rubber shoes!

School Life .



\TouioK; ov

Dances and football ,niu.r
Are a student's delight.
Life would he blissful ... but
For the homework at night.


S.A. Secretary

S.A. Secretary

S.A. President

S.A. Vice President

S.A. Sponsor

S.A. REPRESENTATIVES-Top, left to right: J. Marshall; J. Watson; W. Livingston; F. Bright; V. Reynolds;
J. Durfee; P. Foiles; B. Schultz; T. Cnnningham; S. Turner; F. Miller; B. Brunner; A. Haskell; A. Nahmad;
C. Dimpfl; R. Wills. Middle, 1. to r.: J. King; L. Jacobs; M. Downing; G. Lombana; S. Cruz; P. Voortmeyer;
B. Wheaton; G. Maples. Front. I. to r.: J. Bryant; S. Nelson; J. Tribe; B. Bartlett; K. McConaghy. Not pic-
tured: G. Barbier; W. Halvosa; E. Burch; B. Hadley; M. Kelly.

S.A. ALTERNATES-Top, left to right: S. Sitton; R. Weade; D. Reece; H. Lavender; B. Brunner; J. Pustis;
D. Winklosky; C. Rentz; J. Carlin. Middle, 1. to r.: R. Strumpf; S. Paige; S. Purdy; E. Damerau; B. Abell;
M. Icke; D. Vestals; H. Critch; M. Watson; R. Btesh; L. Eastman. Front, 1. to r.: G. Gross; E. Eisenman; M.
Koniecki; R. Roe. Not pictured: R. Caldwell; B. Rigby; D. Chassin; J. Godsey; S. Watts.



ing, left to right: M. Eberenz; P. Pennington; L.
Jacobs; H. Nita; G. Miller; D. Jenkins. Kneeling.
I. to r.: K. Morris, Ch.; J. Galloway; B. Fearon.

DRIVES COMMITTEE-Top. left to right: C. Den-
ton; J. Stevens; D. Winklosky; J. Pustis. Middle,
1. to r.: M. Gibbs; H. Nita; V. Re.ynold-. chairman.
Bottom, I. to r.: J. McNall; M. Smith. Camera shy:
S. Morency.

AWARDS DAY COMMITTEE-Left to right: R. Hop-
kins; C. Perantie. chairman; S. Potter; D. Grassau;
C. Toussieh; G. Simon. Camera shy: L. Wood.

INAUGURAL BALL-Top, left to right: M. Hebert;
J. Degenaar; M. Watson; F. Wise. Bottom, I. to r.:
J. Doran, Ch.; B. Brunner, D. Ryter.

SAFETY COMMITTEE-Standing, left to right: M.
Jones; M. LaVallee; R. Dahlhoff; K. McConaghy.
Kneeling, I. to r.: R. Griffith; W. Dolan, Ch.; W.
Halvosa. Not pictured: L. Eastman; M. Kelly.

left to right: N. Simon; S. Rhoads; S. Purdy; E.
Altuna; D. Jacobs, Ch. Kneeling. 1. to r.: D. Behar;
J. Chalmers.

VISITORS DAY COMMITTEE-Top, left to right:
B. Crowe; C. Bouza; R. Chan, chairman; H. Glenn;
C. Dimpfl. Bottom, I. to r.: M. Smith; M. Ward; G.
Maples; B. Wheaton.

WELFARE COMMITTEE-Top, left to right: B.
Hamilton, chairman; B. Strumpf; D. Drennan; B.
Sanders. Bottom, 1. to r.: R. Gandy; M. Eberenz;
J. Engelke; L. Hinkle; Camera shy: B. Davis; E.
Maduro; D. Chassin.

S. A. SALES-Standing, left to right: H. Nita; D.
Jenkins; J. Engelke; F. Wise, ch. Sitting, left to
right: C. Perantie; J. Degenaar; P. Pennington; P.
Foiles; not pictured: B. Elich.

ASSEMBLIES COMMITTEE-Top, left to right: R.
Wright; O. Sutherland; C. Hearon, chairman; S.
Toussieh. Bottom, 1. to r.: P. McKeehan; P. Allen;
B. Calvo; L. Burillo; Camera shy: M. Girard.

right: J. Doran; N. Pazamante; S. Light; G. MeGriff.
Bottom. 1. to r.: J. Durfee; G. Lombana, chairman;
B. Copenhaver; J. Winklosky.

J. Watson; B. Strumpf; R. Griffith. Bottom, 1. to r.:
R. Abell; M. Marshall, chairman.
V'N I I I I MI s


Top, 'eft to right: E. Cunningham; D. Harned; D. Deslondes; D. Reece: O. Sadler; J. Reynolds; R. Weed; C.
Napier; S. Watts; F. Townsend; C. Eggleston; K. Amato; E. Valetin. Middle, 1. to r.: D. Randel; A. O'Leary;
J. Galloway; R. Parker; P. Calvert; C. Meggers; M. Miller; J. King; M. Smith; W. Richardson; M. Beard; R.
Richardson. Bottom, 1. to r.: W. Livingston; N. Litvin; J. Brinkly; J. Fuller; D. Young; C. Corn; K. Zimmer-
man; J. Clair; D. Hearne; K. Wilson; J. Hotz; S. Crumbly.


BAND OFFICERS-Top, left to right: M. Icke; N.
Purdy. Middle, 1. to r.: L. Jacobs; J. Galloway; K.
Magnuson. Bottom, 1. to r.: D. Randel; A. O'Leary.

NOON ORCHESTRA-Top. left to right: C. Rentz, J. Tilley; J. Woods; L. Gunderson; D. Brown; J. Hern;
D. Terry; A. Muller. Middle, I. to r.: E. Kent; E. Eisenmann; D. Brown; F. White; M. Walker; P. Thibodeau;
L. Odenz; M. Icke. Bottom, I. to r.: C. Meggers; R. Shuey; F. Bright; R. Caldwell; A. Eberenz; J. Esslinger;
K. Flowers; H. Glenn.

The orchestra and band, directed by Mr. Victor Herr and with the assistance
of Don Randel, have given many fine performances this year in addition to the
traditional Christmas and Spring Concerts.
The talents of the music department and the drama club were combined to
produce the "Lowland Sea" and "Before the Corrida." which were in rehearsal when
this copy was mailed to the printer.
No one will ever forget how Art O'Leary played the trumpet in "B Flat Blues"
at many of the pep rallies, or how the band was applauded after playing such songs
as the Blue Tango. They really helped to increase spirit at the pep rallies.
The band also contributed to the patriotic spirit on Veterans' Day by marching
in the annual parade.

ORCHESTRA-Top. left to right: T. Plowman; D. Browne; J. Tilley; D. Roberts; D. Harned; M. Perkins; P.
Colvert; J. King; C. Eggleston; K. Amato; D. Brown; E. Valentin; A. Azcarraga. Middle, I. to r.: R. Shuey;
L. Odenz; R. Townsend; R. Bright; P. Rose; P. Vander Dija; H. Glenn; A. Eberenz; J. Fuller; S. Livingston;
R. Richardson; N. Litvin. Bottom, 1. to r.: C. Meggers; R. Nash; K. Flowers; R. Caldwell; M. Walker; E. Eisen-
mann; A. Rodriques; S. Metheny.

CHORUS-Presenting our first performance before the school.

Singing before many audiences, the chorus and glee club won fame again this
year. The Christmas Concert, planned by Mr. Herr, included Old English carols as
well as modern Christmas music, such as Leroy Anderson's ltigh Ride." The
concert added a touch of snow and sleigh bells to a sunny Panama Christmas, if only
in song. To add to the festivities some of the Glee Club members dressed as trouba-
dors sang carols in front of the Balboa Theater.
All will agree that the Tivoli Anniversary Show, with background music by the
Glee Club, made both the Canal Zone's oldtimers and the youngsters glad to be a
part of Canal Zone life. The Glee Club members really worked hard to get the
results they achieved. They could be heard over at the Music Building rehearsing
not only after school but during their lunch hour as well.
Both the "Lowland Sea" and the Spring Concert promise to be successes as this
copy goes to the printer.

GLEE CLUB-Top, left to right: C. Hearon; M. Cluver; F. Bright; R. Caldwell; C. Denton; O. Nunez; B. Hele;
C. Pearson; L. Seigel; G. Durfee; J. Galloway; E. Washburn; B. Miller; B. Johnson. Second Row, 1. to r.: D.
Rose; S. Light; P. McLendon; M. Dew; E. Damerau; M. Tucker; L. Odenz; F. Romero. Third, 1. to r.: F. Skin-
ner; J. Claire; S. Lasso; B. Copenhaver; G. Lomnbana; B. Stiles; C. Samson; S. Mable; J. Orr; D. Jenkins.
Bottom, 1. to r.: F. Wise; S. Potter; K. Magnuson; S. Knapp; V. Bennett; N. Pasamante; D. Randel; Mr. Herr.
Not pictured: M. Marshall; B. Fortune; C. Sullivan; D. Roberts.

Mr. Musselman, Club Sponsor
Gay Mullarkey, Student Director


The Sock and Buskin's first production this year was
the appealing three-act play "Seventeenth Summer," di-
rected by Mr. Don Musselman.

As this is being written, the drama club is collaborat-
ing with the music department to produce the one-act
play "Before the Corrida" and the operetta "Lowland
Sea." This musical drama is expected to be as highly
successful as last year's "Finian's Rainbow," which was
one of Balboa High School's top dramatic productions.

Our perky Penny.

Forest gets a bit of

"Oh, what you do to me!"

"Good morning, me lass."

"Don't take it so hard,
sheriff, me boy."

That devilish leprechaun.

Chez Eloise

Modeling clothes they had made during the
school year, BHS girls took part in the 16th annual
fashion show, Chez Eloise, on January 16, 1957.
\li-. Eloise Monroe, teacher of household arts in
Balboa High School, presented students from her
first, second, and third year home economics
classes. The styles included sports clothes, street
dresses, and suits, as well as afternoon and evening

Nuri Bauchman

Layne Taylor

Left to right: H. Bishop; A. Wood; K. Davis; R. Berman; J. Adkins; G.
Pena; E. Siemins; G. Lombana; M. Moreno.

Endara; L. Taylor; C. Miller; T.

Sharon DeVore

Trixie Pena

Gloria Endara

Linda Jacobs


Top. 1. to r.: J. May; D. Selby; C.
Voortmeyer. Middle. 1. to r.: G.
McGriff; R. Btesh. Bottom: M.

S 1The Z(
S #' i each per

Pennington; R. Btesh; C.
L. Jacobs, Editor; C. Zirk-
M. Eberenz; G. McGriff; C.
S. Mable. Camera shy: M.

onian staff is a working unit
I into four separate groups that
form a special job. The staff

works together drawing up layouts, writ-
ing copy. planning picture schedules,
and thinking up slogans.
From the layout table Geri McGriff
says, "Bleed this picture to the top of
the page." At the typewriter Carol
Voortmeyer says to Julia May, "We
have to cut the word count again!"
The fast click of typewriters and the
voice of the editor. Linda Jacobs, talk-
ing to the sponsor are sounds of the
Zonian staff working to meet the dead-
At last the day arrives when all the
parts of the Zonian are put together.
The 1957 Zonian goes to press!

"Mr. Vosburgh said to proofread it again!"

Carol Perantie
Business Mgr.

ZONIAN STAFF-Top: G. Miller; P.
Voortmeyer; G. Mullarkey; R. Abell;
man; Mr. Vosburgh, sponsor. Middle:
Perantie; D. Selby. Bottom: J. May;


Oh, those busy beavers.

r \I



Chris Hearon Dick Wright
Editor Assoc. Editor

hard at work.

Once every six weeks' the Parrakeet staff
distributes the Parrakeet, Balboa High
School's informative newspaper. There's _- .
usually something going on in room 102, 4. I
which is the room where all the staff 'h '
members combine their efforts in putting
out the paper. Searching for errors in
copy, writing up notes of an interview, or ,
typing up a column are only a few of the b *
jobs that keep reporters busy.

Editor Chris Hearon supervises the work J .
and is on the spot to remind staff mem-
bers of the deadline that must be met. At
last the articles are put together and sent
to the printer. The staff's work is not Top, left to right: Mr. Hummel; M. Napier; J. McCaughey; P.
Foiles; C. Hearon; R. Cox; J. Degenaar; J. Watson. Second,
finished, though, for work on a new Parra- 1. to r.: M. Jones; R. Head; R. Wright; D. Chan. Third, 1. to r.:
keet begins! B. Elich; B. Cunningham; M. Gibbs. Bottom, I to r.: M. Marsh-
all; V. Reynolds.

"Making up the Parrakeet Daily!" "Working hard to meet the deadline!"

I -





Cox; Sgt. S. Schroeder; Sfc. C. Napier; Sgt. M. Fallon; Sgt. C. Womack. Front,
1. to r.: Battalion staff: Cadet Major J. Pustis; Hon. Cadet Major G. McGriff;
Cadet Lt. Col. R. Hamilton; Cadet Capt. D. Drennan; Cadet Capt. C. Fernandez.

K.U.T.C. ISYMNrUS S--L. to r.: S. rotter; 1. w i-e:
M. Girard; G. McGriff.

USHER GUARD-Top, 1. to r.: Capt. Wheeler;
M/Sgt. R. Wright, Sgt. of the Guard. Second row,
1. to r.: R. Winberg; W. Hunnicutt; D. Brown; W.
Ferro; B. Kirkland; E. Folse; T. Ashton. Third row,
1. to r.: H. Barr; D. Browne; D. Sullivan; D. Law-
rence; B. Williams; K. Degon; L. King. Fourth
row, I. to r.: B. Scott; C. Bouza; V. Depasco; L.
Martinelli; L. Gunderson; H. Stahl; B. Kielhelfer.
Bottom. I. to r.: C. Sucre; F. Dube; F. Romero; T.
Arias; W. Scott; W. Allen; R. Lau.

The Balboa High School Drill Team performed this
year under the leadership of Cadet Capt. Bill Dolan,
Drill Master.

RIFLE TEAM-Top, I. to r.: S. Rowley; L. Wong;
D. Reece; W. Allen; L. Kirkland; M/Sgt. Wallace;
D. Terry; C. Bouza; G. Cosca; L. Wood. Middle,
1. to r.: K. Wilson; F. Miller; C. Womack; C. Ash-
ley; B. Strumpf. Bottom, I. to r.: J. Chase; F. Dube;
B. Kielhofer; F. Townsend; D. Grassau.

"A" Company
Getting off to a successful start by win-
ning the first two six-weeks' i ..1ml il;l.i-.
"A" Company under the leadership of
Dick Grassau had excellent morale and
remained a close contender for top honors
throughout the year.

Company A-Exec., J. Doran; Platoon Ldr., J. Durfee; Cadet Hon.
Capt., F. Wise; Co. Comm., D. Grassau; Platoon Ldr., J. Wood;
Co. Guidon Bearer, E. Clifford.

"B" Company
"~na\iy the bridesmaid but never the
bride" describes "B" CIn.paim. Led by
its very able commander and executive
officer, Chris Hearon and Danny Wink-
losky respectfully, the company put up a
stiff fight and was generally a close run-

Company B-Platoon Ldr., J. Galloway; Co. Comm., C. Hearon;
Cadet Hon. Capt., M. Girard; Co. Exec., D. Winklosky; Platoon
Ldr., C. Griffin; Co. Guidon Bearer, J. Stevens.

Company C-Exvc.. R. irumpf; Cadet Hon. Capt., S. Potter; Co.
Comm., R. Dolan; Plaloon Ldr., L. Wood; Platoon Ldr., J. Watson;
Co. Guidon Bearer, M. Kocher.

"C" Company
Outstanding for its generous donations
to charity. "C" C.IiIpjni proudly donated
50'; of the school total in the Red Cross
Drive. Achieving great unity behind Bill
Dolan. the company was always near the

National Honor Society

Standing, left to right: Miss Whitman; N. Purdy; R. Strumpf; O. Sutherland; J. Engelke;
D. Winklosky; L. Jacobs; J. Pustis; E. Altuna; C. Hearon; R. Wright; D. Jacobs.
Kneeling, 1. to r.: N. Acly; C. Perantie; J. Deganaar; P. Foiles; M. Marshall; M. Lewis.

Future Nurses of America

J:---.i i '
If*- t

Back, left to right: F. Wise; S. Booth; E. Kelly; M. Kelly; J. Degenaar; D. Selby; C. Perantie; Mrs. Journeay,
sponsor; J. Quiros; L. Burillo; P. Foiles; P. Vale. Middle, 1. to r.: B. Farbman; C. Davis; V. Perra; S. Rhodes;
M. Lavalle; B. Spencer; P. Voortmeyer; B. Blanco; G. Miller; K. Roberts; B. Parker: S. Morency. Front, I. to
r.: A. Haskell; D. Chan; A. Luddy; P. Pennington; M. Girard, President; D. Jenkins; M. Ward.

Future ,
Teachers of
America i L$

.niranding. left to right: Mrs. Schrag; C. Dorfman; C. Davis; R. Head; N. Webster;
A alkL-r; N. Swenson; C. Zirkman. Sitting, I. to r.: M. Icke; P. Foiles; N. Purdy;
Nita; B. Elich.

Laboratory Assistants

Top, left to right: J. Tribe; D. Randel; F. Miller:
C. Womack; F. Townsend; J. Dimpfl; R. Btesh.
Bottom. 1. to r.: C. Toussieh; R. Wright; E. Altuna;
D. Jacobs; J. Smith; R. Head.

Clinic Assistants

Counsellor's Assistants

2 rM I

Standing, left to right: J. Rettinger; J.
Barlow; K. Curtis. Sitting. I. to r.: R.
Hensler; N. Edwards.

Window Display


Top, left to right: B. Perra; A. Haskell;
V. Perra; B. Olave. Middle, 1. to r.: C.
Hackett; M. Chase; L. Breeding; M. La-
vallee. Bottom, 1. to r.: B. Klipper; B.
Spencer; S. Allen.

Standing, left to right: 0. Winstead; M. Hollings-
worth; L. Martinelli; S. Morency; J. Smith; M. Ward;
T. Womble; D. Jacobs; Mrs. Graham. Kneeling, 1. to
r.: S. Snyder: R. Brown.


Left to right: J. Barr; R. Fernandez; S. Schroeder; R. Chan; C. Bouza; E. Larsen;
T. Alexander; J. Esslinger.

p, ,Left to right: B. Hele; W.
Wall; T. Alexander; V.
Avila; C. Toothman; R.
Eisen; L. Wood; Mr. Ba-
talden; R. Toledano.


. I .NI a W
Top, left to right: D. Brown; C. Bouza; R. Wright: J. imilh: %. Pilli; W'. Brun-
ner. Middle, 1. to r.: M. Cluver; M. Norton; T. Io.: H. Lau-oni: F. ToniI.end: J.
Barr. Bottom, I. to r.: L. Arosemena; P Flat-au: F. ~kinner: !. Morenctr k.
Zimmerman; L. Gunderson.


Top, left to right: J. Smith; V. Avila;
T. Alexander; R. Chan; D. Browne.
Bottom. 1. to r.: D. Jacobs; C. Eggleston;
N. Purdy; E. Altuna; M. Miller; M. Dew.
Kneeling: J. Tribe; M. Marshall.


Standing, left to right: R.
Chan; S. Barret; B. Hitch-
cock; C. Bouza; J. Esslinger;
R. Wright; T. Alexander; P.
Morgan; M. Koeher. Front,
1. to r.: V. Quiros; M. Dam-


Top, left to right: D. Brown; R. V righi:
J. Dimpfl. Second. 1. to r.: J. Smith;
M. Koeher; O. Sadler; D. Hartley; B.
Brunner; E. Suarez. Third, 1. to r.:
N. Hughes; J. Tribe; C. Zirkman; F.
Skinner; N. Therrell; V. Bennett. Bot-
tom, 1. to r.: D. Jacobs; M. Smith.



Top. left to right: V. Avila; E. Chaluja; 1. Odenz. Second. I.
to r.: R. Barr; F. Vales; D. Chan; L. Burillo; E. Price; V. Ben-
nett. Third. 1. to r.: M. Varela; M. Herrera; B. Calvo; B. Farb-
nan; E. Damerau; L. Jacobs. Bottom, 1. to r.: N. Purdy; E.
Altuna; P. Voortmyer.


Top. le/t to right: (.. t/carra-a-: flieilll: t. R,,lanirhi, '. ila. ice i pre-ident: t Flerro: .. Caia; H.
lahl: .tliponpa: 4.. M11dina: R. Fi-en: lI. Ei-emnlian: I 0114O-1: E. (.haluia: ( 'imnrr; R. LB: R. Chani-:
0. %unet: I ('ordo'if- I.. E-rnioi: I.. 1larlint-II; R. I ei nuaiiili. Trei-iurer. Iliddle. I. to r.: L. Re e-: A.
Brini: 4,. lunibana" ( I .pr;:c R. l.iarinag ; %.arcla; 4,. HeiiaI: E. Allunua: %. Del ore: B. Farlnmaia: F. Ber-
man; S. Cana-; F. %laduro; 1;. IFirbliiiin: Ca-ira: O. Rxodriquei. pre-identl: 4'. (4a-ira: S. Mlill-: M. areal:
B. O-lac: R. I'frca-: H. Ileiidlet: N. %lenlietia-: '. <,urne/: A. (.arn, -l i-- hrork. Sliuil-or. ortomn. I. to r.:
G. Endara; R. Urriola; B. Copenhaver; L. Furillo, Secretary; A. Sapia; M. Orr; D. Aydelkop; M. Chanis; A.
Luddy; B. Calvo; D. Chan; S. Watson; F. Diaz; R. Ruess; N. Durling; S. Green; J. Orr; S. VanderDijis; M.
Garcia; L. Urriola; V. Quiros.

Top, left to right: T. Alex-"
ander; M. Kocher; D. Wright;
D. Brown; V. Avila; S. Tous-
sieh; C. Schultz. Second. 1.
to r.: L. Arosemena; N. Pur-
dy; J. King; M. Kelly; S.
Barrett; M. Garcia; L. Bur-
illo; C. Toussieh. Third, I.
to r.: M. Archibald; C. Samp-
son; M. Lewis; B. Bans;
P. Morgan; B. Calvo; A.
Cheung; A. Kent. Fourth, 1.
to r.: A. Aydelkop; D. Chan;
I. Abadi; Y. Amar; 1. Arjona;
P. Abadi; R. Alien; B. Styles.
Bottom, 1. to r.: R. Btesh;
E. Maduro; S. Farbman; B.



Top, left to right: C. Denton; S. Toussieh; L. Odenz. Bottom. left to
right: V. Perra; C. Perantie; J. May; J. Tribe; C. Zirkman.



Standing, left to right: M.
Conover; B. Bishop; S.
Booth; G. Slice; N. Hughes;
M. Gibbs; R. Cosca; B. Cun-
ningham; L. Kidd; K. Kirch-
mier; C. Covington; J. Do-
herty; G. Endara; C. Davis.
Seated, 1. to r.: S. Barlow; M.
Watson; V. Reynolds.


*1 U' "'-
r' -f



Left to right: C. Samson; V. Quiros; S.
Sitton; E. Damerau; L. Mastellari; J. Dunn;
Mr. Barkowitz; M. Garcia; D. Eisenman; L.
Dew; D. Behar; J. Eggleston. Kneeling: V.

F* Ft


Top. lIt to right: M. ( lus'r- R. Halling: \. Del'a-ea: J. Rr' nold-: K. S.heridan. Front.
I. it, r.: (,. Peilr-; (C. Lipi-se: M1. V il-on;: N. nun-ion. J. Beeso: k. lHale: A. dit la
l a-lra: M1. H'.ileer: R. ndlre'. : E. MNniagain: 1. Da;niel: I'. Rodgeir-" J. gl.linloin.


Tp. Ir/l to right: J. lInter-. H Ichineider. %et iId. I. to r.: 11. lMar-hall. I. F lllu. t. al u l i- n Im I n.
11. Milli-r. NM. mnilh. M1. WardI iN. iflOnc. 1. Mti. '... .len..-. .. Mid. ur. liIr. Furbl n. B. Fu rbnmani. G.
Frederirk-. L. IlinLle. Third. I. to r.: NM. 4,arria. C. N erloinlm r. 1.. Ilarri-. K. Holb-rt-. B. 4Coptrnhater. R. Rue--.
%. iali-oni. B. Parker. F'uierlh. I. to r.: 4 (orn. D. **riinger. B. BerI,-MNskl lnd. J. Tribe. NM. SInilh. K. Mr-
(. nagh> P. Mike-ul. 11. M.lo-e-. %. Joihaiion. I'. D)-nip-e. I. larnel. J. Doran. 1'. hepjpard. I'Frlh. I. ti r.
J. Relliniger. S. Light. N. Lei-. B. Ban-. C. Dirfman. C. EgplI-lIon. \. IPerra %. (c'. 11. (,rard R. Barr.
J. Dearn laar. I'. Foilf-. 1.. Odfn/,.. H. righl. H. Hliaeillon. 1. Kneher. RHuiietii. I. it r.: I.. Ilh-anrci. PIrr-idenl:
J. Smi lh, \irr re-ieldenl" (,. lullarke%. -ecrliary : D. Breniii. Ire-j-urer.


Top, left to right: J. Lawler; P. Pennington; J. Hotz; J. Barlow; C. Perantie; J. May; J. Sigl; C. Miller; C.
Corn. Middle, 1. to r.: C. Herr; D. Jones; A. Luddy; M. Watson; C. Davis; G. Miller; R. Hensler; I. Abadi;
L. Jones; M. Eberenz. Bottom, I. to r.: S. Taylor; M. Wickman; J. Tribe; F. Paige; J. Engelke; E. Altuna;
N. Pasamente; S. Cruz; H. Nita.

Top, left to right: B. Maxwell; K. Fulleton; L. Eastman; E. Larsen; N. Linfors; D. Ryler; R. Barbara; L. Bar-
bier; K. Morris; A. Nahmad; L. Dobrowski. Second, 1. to r.: R. Fearon; R. Million; C. Barbier; C. French;
T. Days; W. Sears; D. Behar; O. Sutherland; J. Watson. Third, 1. to r.: J. Chalmers; C. Napier; W. Halvosa;
D. Winklosky; S. Schroeder; E. Butch; L. Bateman; R. Shuey, mgr. nlorrloi. 1. to r.: R. Toothman; J.
Blackbulrn: R. More; L. Seigel; B. Bateman; J. Winklosky; R. Wills; W. Uaull; G. Kirkland.


Marie Girard

FOOTBALL QUEEN AND COURT-Left to right: G. McGriff; M. Girard, Queen;
S. Potter.

CHRISTMAS FORMAL QUEEN AND COURT-Left to right: S. Mable; A. Luddy;
J. Dunn; G. Simon; J. Dimpfl.

Julia May

Jackie Dunn

VALENTINE QUEEN AND COURT- -nldine. left to right: K. Hale; J. Dimpfl;
L. Harris; L. Jones; M. Wickman; B. Harlerln. Sitting, 1. to r.: A. Haskell; J.
May, Queen; S. DeVore.


CARNIVAL COURT AND QUEEN-Top. 1. to r.: L. Burillo; A. Brin; G. Lombana,
Queen; L. Urriola; M. Chanis. Sitting. 1. to r.: G. Endara; A. Varela; E. Price. Not
pictured: B. Olave.

Grace Lombana

DAISY MAE AND COURT-Top, 1. to r.: M. Moses, Daisy Mae; T. Pena; S. Eastman;
A. Haskell.

Betty Lou Wheaton

FROLIC QUEEN and COURT-C. Dimpfl, court; B. Wheaton, queen.



Linda Jacobs
Sr.. 2 yrs.

Tell me those aren't the best jumps you ever saw!

Gladys Miller
Sr., 1 yr.

Julia May
Sr., 1 yr.

This year eight girls were chosen to be
the cheerleaders of BHS. A couple of girls
had been on the squad before, Seniors Geri
McGriff and Linda Jacobs, but the follow-
ing six girls were new: Julia \IJ) and
Gladys Miller, seniors; Jackie Dunn and
Lynn Raymond, juniors; and Judy Hotz
and Sharon DeVore, sophomores.

Geri McGriff-Capt.
Sr., 3 yrs.


Jackie Dunn
Jr. 1 yr.

Our champs really did enjoy that delicious cake!

All of these vivacious girls have school
spirit, vitality, and enthusiasm, which are
the requirements of a good cheerleader.
Urging us to yell at pep rallies and cheer-
ing at the football and basketball games
in all kinds of weather, they backed our
teams to victory.

Lynne Raymond
Jr. 1 yr.

Judy Hotz
Soph. 1 yr.

Sharon DeVore
Soph. 1 yr.

T- E


-Standing, 1. to r.: Coach
Anderson; Coach Huriin.
Kneeling. I. to r.: II. Worn-
ble; E. Larsen.

Louis Barbier

Bob Fearon

Ken Fullerton


Ken Morris-Capt,

Owen Sutherland


Bob Wills


Dan Winklosky

Jack Winklosky

Top, left to right: E. Larsen; G. Kirkland; G. Trimble; T. Womnble; C. Rentz; C. Douglas; T. Corrigan;
lalteinan: W. llimlii-a: V. Wimble. Second. I. to r.: Co ah Adler-ii : G. Ne--: G. Barbier: J. Troser;
,hoh; 4 F rich: J. i.l-t '. Pi. (.orrigin: I.. L-a-liman: 0. ,ulherland: coach h liurin. Third. I. to r.:
Huinlcl: H. R tl'IJhian: H. '~oll-; H,. Bai l.ira: D. "Tale: A. Nahima.d: .1. (.liri-: J. Rt-inold-. Boittanm. I. to r.:
11rri-. j'iplaiin: H. I aaron: R. \\ill-: D. \ inklo.-k : %1. Napier: J. inlo-ks : K. Fil'elono: Barbier;
ie-rl. -I tm -ri alo : II. Million: D. R l.hr.

nttchie More



Larry siegei




Sept. 28 Jamboree (BHS 14, CHS 7, AC 6, JC 0).
Oct. 4 BHS 19 AC 6
Oct. 12 BHS 7 JC 6
Oct. 19 BHS 13 CHS 0
Oct. 25 BHS 0 AC 20
Nov. 2 BHS 7 JC 19
Nov. 9 BHS 13 CHS 0


We had four opponents this season: C.H.S., J.C., A.C., and the mud.


"' '*" o

T7mOI!.s- F

I RMore-F.

/ A. N.Anm -G

L. K;rklnd G.


D. WihlaSky F.

J_.W;iklos C-

G.Kirklod- F

R. Barbara G.

Nov. 17-BHS 68 AC 55
Nov. 21-BHS 48 JC 49
Nov. 27-BHS 48- CHS 44
Nov. 30-BHS 44 AC 47
Dec. 4-BHS 35 JC 40
Dec. 7-BHS 49 CHS 50
Dec. 12-BHS 42 AC 50
Dec. 14-BHS 86 JC 54
Dec. 17-BHS 51 CHS 39
Dec. 19-BHS 71 AC 63
Jan. 3-Tournament, BHS
placed 4th;
BHS 57 Unisport 67


Experimenting for a starting line-up in the first
game of the season against the Athletic Club. Coach
Hurin came up with a top-flight quintet. The loss
of Charlie French in the beginning of the season
handicapped the team but didn't prevent it from
setting a new scoring record with BHS 86-JC 54.
It was also the biggest margin of defeat in inter-
school leagues.
The Bulldogs and the Tigers competed against
each other in one of the most exciting games of
the season on Nov. 27. The score was close all
through the game until in the final quarter Balboa
set the scoreboard working and emerged victorious
by 4 points.
With only one letterman to their credit. Captain
Danny Winklosky, the Bulldogs played outstand-
ing ball this season, displaying speed and marks-
In the second game of the season against AC
the Bulldogs were behind 12 points in the first
half and went on to bring the score up to within
3 points in the final minutes of play.
Three cheers for the Bulldogs for their outstand-
ing efforts and excellent sportsmanship.

Hurin; D. Winklosky.

Danny, as always, in there fighting for us!

Walking on air.

Tr _~__~b

Jumping Jack!


C. Freech- G.E


R.More- 3

s ft i-- j '. .^.

SB.4rman G

Look A+





JC 1
JC 7
JC 1


The Bulldogs won their fourth inter-
scholastic championship this year and re-
tained possession of the Shrine trophy, em-
blematic of supremacy in the local school
league, by winning five games and losing
The season got off to a good start on
January 18 at Mount Hope with Balboa
scoring a 6 to 1 victory over Cristobal.
On January 22 at Balboa's newly-con-
structed stadium, viewers saw Bob Hamil-
ton hit a far-flying ball, with the bases
loaded, which accounted for three runs.
Coach Karst positioned his team so that
there were very few weak spots on the
field. Charlie French, as outfielder, played
his position well, with speed to pull down
many a ball that would have otherwise
been a hit.
This season %j\ni- Wall made an al-
most perfect record for pitching, winning
five games and losing none.
The Bulldogs played their most spec-
tacular game of the season on February 12.
defeating JC 17 to 1. Fourteen runs on
seventeen hits were scored in Balboa's
forty minutes at the plate in the fifth inn-
ing, with Danny Winklosky making four
hits at his four times at bat.
Owen Sutherland was chosen captain of
the team this year.

Adams; Coach Karst; O. Sutherland.


"Well, boys, this is the way I look at it."

He made it, believe it or not!


And he went down swinging.

_-- E

Linfors; Coach Pettingill; J. Engelke.

As the Zonian copy goes to the printer, the swimming
season is still two months off. but plans have already
been made for an active schedule of events that will
keep the swimming team busy.
On April 10 the first intersquad meet is to be held.
closely followed by a triangle meet between BHS. CHS.
and JC on May 2 at Balboa pool. One, two, three, jump!
The big events of the season will be the triangle meet
on May 10 at Gatun Lake, a special relay meet in Bal-
boa on May 14, and a triangle meet at Fort Gulick on
May 17.
There will also be a telegraphic meet with a Florida
high school.

GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM-Top. I. to r.: .!. larlo, : M. Eiherni: J. Dunn: 1. Iucktr: J. ELngilke: MI. Howe.
Bottom. I. to r.: J. Hotz; D. Harned; C. Schull,: W IIu:ln-: I H nRillllind.

116 milli i-


Olympics, here we come.

^-*-"-'- -s- ^-~-- .- <, .
. -- .. .- -.-

Come on in, the water's fine.

BOYS' SWIMMING TEAM-Top. left to right: B. Sears; L. Dombrowski; D. Behar; G. Barbier; D. Ryter; A.
Nahmad: J. Trower; B. Halvosa. Middle. 1. to r.: J. Blackburn; S. Schroeder; B. Maxwell; E. Suarez; W. Le-
Blanr: N. Spector; B. Hitchcock; H. Errhalt; C. Denton. Front. 1. to r.: A. Scott; S. Rowley; T. Days; G. Laatz;
N. Linfors.


Heave ho, and away we throw.

As the Zonian goes to press, plans are being made
for the Bulldogs' track squad this year that indi-
cate a good season on the cinders for the Red and
White. Nine returning lettermen are expected be-
sides twenty-two boys who were on the squad last
year. A promising crop of newcomers is also
expected to aid the team.
This season there will be a telegraphic meet held
with Coronado High School in California with the
results of the meet being forwarded by telegraph.
The Balboa Relays will be held on April 5, fol-
lowed by the Five Star events and the Decathelon

Coach Pettingill

held on April 8 through 12.
With the sprinting of dependable Owen Suther-
land, Danny Winklosky, and Charlie French, and
with Bob Wills and Bob Fearon supplying strength
in the weights, the outlook for the Bulldogs is good.
Bill Halvosa will be counted on in the pole vaulting,
with strength in the hurdles coming from Raul
Barbara and Joe Galloway.
This year's track squad is well-stocked with the
best in BHS and Coach Pettingill looks forward to
a successful season.

TRACK TEAM-Top, left to right: R. Wills; A. Legassie; R. Toothman; S. Schroeder; B. Holt; N. Pederson;
F. Leves; R. Million; B. Bateman; A. Libert; D. Winklosky; R. More; J. Trower. Middle. 1. to r.: G. Barbier;
D. Dunlap; B. Caldito; W. Edmunson; H. Barker; P. Peca; J. Barr; J. Galloway; K. Fullerton; R. Barbara;
S. Allen; E. Rinse. Bottom, 1. to r.: R. Scott; B. Hattings; H. Raymond; E. Thorpe; R. Chanis; T. Sheppard;
H. Feeny; O. Sutherland; D. Hartley; C. Rentz; A. Ruiz; C. French.


On your mark, get set, GO!

Would a pair of wings help, boys?

How far can you throw that discus, Bob?

7W~ .;r

Balboa boys show good form as they run the hurdles.



The aim of intramural sports is to get
every boy in school out for some kind of
activity. To give a wider variety of sports,
more team sports have been included in
intramural activity. The individual sports
like tennis, horseshoes, and golf are being
given added attention this year.

In bowling, Jim Watson played the in-
dividual high game with an excellent score
of 234. He also made the individual high
average with 158.

In A league water polo. Captain Nils
Linfors led his team, the Sailfish, through
a season of victories, chalking up a final
record of nine wins and no defeats.

In all sports, the amount of sportsman-
ship was high and the turnout of boys
came up to the expectations of Coach Faw-
cett. By the end of the year. more than
250 boys are expected to have participated
in intramural sports.

Off into the wild blue yonder!

The power of concentration!
ML__--f't-% .__ I t

BHS's own Robin Hood.

The three musketeers!


Future football stars may be among these
flag football boys.

They're ready, and they're on their marks . .

Hey, that looks like a strike for sure!

Our A League football squad before the game.

These boys took part in this year's water
polo program.

Alley artists.

A LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL-Standing, 1. to r.: C.
Miller; C. Herr; J. Barlow; J. Sigl; N. Lytis. Kneel-
ing, 1. to r.: H. Nita; J. Lawler; I. Abadi.

B LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL--Standing, 1. to r.: S.
Cruz; A. Luddy; M. Watson; C. Davis; M. Wickman;
N. Pasamante. Kneeling, 1. to r.: C. Corn; E. Altuna;
J. Tribe.


The 1956-57 volleyball season found the B League All-Stars as champions while A League was in
third place. The scores of the interscholastic games show that each point was well earned and there was
much competition; yet with friendship, sportsmanship, and cooperation being displayed.
Volleyball intramurals were held and the games and players made it difficult for the All-Stars to be
chosen. With teams chosen and intramural and interscholastic play completed, BHS had another successful
volleyball season.

Up in the air and over the net!

Softball was put on the schedule this
year and what fun!

Beth goes up to take the ball out of the net!

We tried so earnestly for a strike
or spare!

-Top, 1. to r.: G. Miller; J. May; J. Hotz. Front.
1. to r.: J. Lawler; J. Barlow.

1. to r.: C. Perantie; C. Herr; S. Taylor; C. Davis; C.
Corn. Kneeling. I. to r.: E. Altuna; N. Pasainante.

Basketball proves to be the most
popular sport. Competition is high
and it is hard to determine who will
make the All-Star teams. As the
Zonian copy was written the varsity
hadn't been chosen. but from the
looks of the intramural games, BHS
is sure to have a top-notch team in
both A and B Leagues.

Softball, bowling, and hockey are
held as strictly intramurals. No All-
Star teams are chosen.

Who made the basket?

At thr ei-,nl f1 tlhe inilramiral program, the top 25 girls in
Thise ,hi, h ere on. a \ar.sil t,-am receive an All-Star letter.

GIRLS' BOWLIING TEM41-itanding. 1. to r.: B.
Heilmai: L. Sibau-ie: G(. Endara: C. Watson; K.
Clark: J. Barlow: C. Couinglon. Sented, 1. to r.: D.
Ilulchin-on: C. Herr: H. Nilil: M. Valker; D. Folse;
M. Downing; R. Coiinglon.

A and B Leagues receive a school letter.

It's mine . !


James Watson

Jack Flowers

Robert Borgstede

Bob Hamilton
Lt. Governor

right: O. Sutherland; C. Hearon.

Io S $1oe

A group of tired, but extremely happy boys walked out of
Fort Clayton and carried with them the last remnants of 1956
Crossroads Boys' State.
Never to be forgotten were the missing pillows, Dick Car-
ratini's face as he searched for his stolen mattress, or the
friendships that were made.
On the more serious and important side, the boys learned
the importance and the functioning of American democracy.
From this a new appreciation of such democracy was gained.
Truly, to those who went. Boys' State will always remain
an object of sterling brightness "till the end of time."

A "4e

I _



Virginia Reynolds

Julia May
Secy. of State

Forest Wise
Attorney Gen.

F. Wise; L. Jacobs; D. Jacobs.

The busy days and sleepless nights at 1956 Caribbean Girls'
State will never be forgotten. Lectures, campaigning, and
competition between the cities kept the girls occupied.
Flag raising in the middle of the night, and cold showers
when dressed all helped to create a "-hapI, healthy atmos-
phere." No Girls' Stater will ever forget the talent show, eating
with the boys, and doing the cha cha cha in the lunch line.
As Girls' Staters agree, "Girls' State is the best state in
the land," and living there made the girls proud of their coun-
try. They now know more about their own democratic










= M.

ri :




oil 9,o p

~if b




"NV J-

f /or



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) ZON/RN" L GM. ,c!h f c P.F: BE GM. 1t c. PARAKEET / /.1_ MG [? ;;


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(Above) Miss MaT ), S. Brigham (Rig'") Miss Ha zel P. i\1atlhcw s W E th e ZONIAN s taff of '57, s t a nd up and applaud Miss Hazel Matth e w s a nd Miss Mary Brigha m w h o during th e pa s t f e w yea r s g uid ed the ZONIAN a nd PARRAKEET s taffs. Their efforts have m a d e ou r publi catio n s so m e thin g of w hi c h we are ver y proud. \ Ve tru l y owe a grea t d ebt t o these two won d erful persons.


Foreword W E th e ZONI AN staff of 1957 proudly prespnt t o yo u you r yearbook, a pi c t o ri a l record of th e acti v iti es of th e pa s t year. \Ve hav e done Ollr best t o mak e the ZON IAK vivid in word and but it was impossib l e t o ca l c h som e of ollr m emories. R e m e mb e r ? Whis p e rin g in th e library, p e p rallies whe r e w e yelle d our lungs o ut th e e x c it e d pre paration s for a dan ce, the jo y of an h o nor Wall, or the m o m entary heartbreak w h e n it wasn't. All these mu s t b e k e pt s tored in ou r mind, a nd heart s ,"'rle have likened our hi g h sc hool years t o a r oa d. a road of lif e It i s not an easy roa d to travel, but th e laught e r a nd th e t ea r s w e have had 310ng th e way in B alboa Hig h Sc h oo l will n o l so on b e forgotte n.


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IIravelers To life's tre a sure r he,t Knowl e d ge i s the k e y Turn the key, o p e n the r h eH Wh a t w e alth the r e f o r m e


Faculty PR INCIP'AL-l\l,p. T. F. l-fol Z, M .A. Ohio 5 1.it e Uni\' c r s it )' COUNSELLORS-Miss Marie C. Weir, M.A. Co:umbin V Girls' COllllsello,', B i o logy, C.i ni c Ar'"isc" r ; Mr. H J. Zicr t c n B.S., Brarlley U" Boys' Counsell o r Assi stant Princip;'l!. DOCTOR AND NU RSE-D, ..... C Prithalll M.D., Tufts College Medical School ; Mrs E. Forhes. n.N., Br:Hlfonl Hospita l Training School for Nurses. OFFICE SECRETARI ES-L eI' '0 M 's M. B.S ., U.; Mr s 1\1. L e r c h clI. LlHRARIAN-l\1is s K CI:rrk, M.A. New Yo, k U SCI ENCE D EPARTMENT-L e l l t o ri ght: 1\1". J W. SC;'HIUis l M.A. Nc,",' Y ork U B i o logy C e ll. SciCIH'C; l\'lr. W. Fisch er. M.A. Colulllhi a U., C h emistry; Mr. U. E. Myer s M.A. Wns h S l a t e Colle g e C h emislr} ; Mr. F. Y. Hukill, M A ., U. o f Cell. S ci cncc CCII. Mat h Not 1);C luretl: M,. C. O Lee. M A. Co lumiJi a V Bio log) FOIlEIGN LANC U AGE DEI'ARTM EN T L. o I L J. C. Morde n M A .. U o f Was h Fr.; Mr. S. I. Ibrkowitz M A., Middlebury L: lll g Col SIl., Eng. C. Aycoc k M.A. Col. U. S Il. : Mr. A. U. Ward, M.A .. U o f e b. Sp.; Mrs 1\1. 1-1. Rownn, M A .. Col U., Lntin, Eng. His. R .O.T.e. D E rtARTMENT-L e / t 1 0 righl: M/SCT. J L. Powe, 's, CAPT. e. Wheel e r A.B. Uananl Co l I t > gc; l\1/SCT. J E. Wnl l.tcc. MATH DEPARTMEN T I ... 1 0 n. : Mr. L. D HUIII' mel, M.A., DUl l u c s n c U A I g Ccom j 1\1, s F. K M.A Co l U., Alg. Ccom ; l\1T. C. Case, M.E. U of Ore., A l g .. CCII. Malh; M r s. N. 1-1. Schrag, M.A. Co l. V., A l g CCOIll. ; M r E. W. I-Iutch etl, M.A., Co l. U A l g ., Ceol11. Trig. No t pictured: Mr. J S M cNair. M.S. U of C hicago, A l g


FACULTY COMMEIlC I AL DEI'AIlTMENT-L. 1 0 fl., Mr; M. B Journc:tr, M.A., Y. V., S h orthand. T yping; M, s A. L. Wilcox, M.S., Alb::1I1Y Col ftw Tcal"iIt:"'Ts. T:"I)ing' E n g li s h ; Mrs E R Dr isco ll M.B.A U. of TCX1.IS, CCII. Bus CCII. Math. S OC I AL STUDI ES and ENG LI S H D EPARTMENT-StnmJi"g. I t o r.: W. M. Mikulic h M.A .. U of 10\\,,1. U S D A. S p cir. 1\1. E . U. o f Fla .. U. S lIis t., Am c r. I n s ti l u ti o n:.: II. C. DiJJprc, M.A.. of S en!., E ng.: C. H Vos lJUrgh. M A .. Col. .. Eng .. "Zoni:III"; F. J. Dc Geer M.E . U. of Tcxas, \'(' orlf' 11i:.1. Silti,,;,;. I. t o r : !\Ii ss 1\1. S Brig-hum, M .A .. Col. Eng. : i\li:'i:' II !\I.A., Ceo. CuI. for TCOlchc-r s, E ng.: 1\1i:.:. V. W hitlllan, M .A. N. W U., Eng. Not pict"rf>IJ : S. Tllrh) fill, M.A .. U. of Okl a PIIY S ICAL EDUCATION DEI'AIlTMENT-L. 10 fl., Mr. J S. P ctling ill I\I.A. U of NOire Tnll'k. S"im. CO;:lehj Mi:.s M. LUlul B S., Ok!;,. Co l ., G irl :.' Erl. : MI', 1-1. E I -Iurin. M.A .. Wash. St. Col .. Footha ll I -if!;ul n .. :.k clhull COllc h ; l\li",,,, O. 1\1. Shube, B .S Ind. 51. Cu i .. Ph,v"" E d. III1fI IIclIhh: M r ', R. E. A ll f l c rl'>ulI. M.A., 51. U. of Iowa I I cad Football Conch ; i\1j",,,, D B. S . Fla. 51. U . Girl s r"h:,' s Ed ; ,\Ir', J. C. FlI\\j'clt, M .A .. S a n Diego St. Col .. CO:1l'h Il calth. Not fJ;clurt : Mr. P. F Kars t A.B., LJ. of Ca r .. lluscball Coach. PIlJ \ C T I Ct \ L AND F INE AHTS DEPAHTMENT-StfHHliug. L tu n.: 1\11'. O E 1\1u:.sclma n !\l A .. U. of Chi(,OIgu S P :III' i:.h. S pccch-D"ama: Mr. J. II. E lliott. M.EI1., U. of Neb., !\Ie tOiI S h o p ; M i ... s E. Monro e. ilI.A . Col. U .. A '"h; Mr. C. A. Batalrl clI. M.S. P C lln 5 1 U Melh. 01' :1\\ ing. S ittillll_ I t o r.: Mr. V A 11 ... ,1'1'. 1\1. \ .. C ol U., Band. OrtlI .. Ow.; Mrs. J. A. KaTf'h B .E4 1 .. U.C. L. A . AI'I: 1\1" P n. Ku) 'uth, B. S ., B ,';ulley U .. Drh"r Training.


B I G WHEELS (;EI \ ALD D URFEE I 'resid ent K ENNETH MOIlIUS Vit:c I N D I V II )UA L SENIOIl 1'l C T U Il E C OMM ITTEET o p It'/I 1 0 rig/II: 1\1. Gihb.!!; C. DOller; C. C a siraj O. HOfIt' i gllczj n B lc.!!1!. ( 'II' l il"lIIall. Boltom t. 1 0 r.: 1'. Pt'llIIing t oll; D J e nkin.!!; B A b e ll SEN l o n WEEK CO!\'1(\'1ITTEE--T o p 1(,/, to ri g "': 1\1. I t k e ; i\1. J o nes; J E ngelk e ; S. I o ltcq 1\1. K elly: L. IIllrri.!!. B ortOlll. I 1 0 r : 1'. F o iles. ( llII irllmn: R H C lIllic; J Degenaa.'; Ctlmen. 1>1 : R G riffith: S. TurlH.:r. .. S E N lon S IIOWCASE C OMMI1 'rEE -1'0 l e l l 1 0 ri; d ll : E K ent; S. Turn e r : V Reyn o l ds; G !\'lu i i\1 Lewi s chail m :lll. B o o m I 1 0 r : J Farr t l : E L a r.!!o n : e m uI'm J \ V ibel; G M,Griff. C A P & COWN C OMM ITTEE 1 0 rig/" J. i\'Io l;"lIcallx; N. M e n d i , t :,: K. Huhc l I.!!, c h :lirmtln j J S i g J: I A b:Hl i : A HOfbn i c h c ; D B e ll u ; J Mil'!' : N. CII",(>r(l S l l : J\'I. Ebc'r cllz; C. TOlI ssich. S E N I O R PAR TY COl\1MI1"EE-Top. Ie/t t o ri ght: B. D o l all: D \" 'righ t ; \"<' W all; N '' ilcy; B CUIInin g h a m B o lloIII I t o r : Il S tl"lIl11l) f ; 1\1. M a r s hllll C h.: J S m i t h ; D Ore n ntln emile,." sll.'": J\'I. G irard; C. Sam son.


SENIORS SENIOR GIFT COMMITTEE-!. t o r.: J Be n son; J W a tson. Chm.: D Jacobs; L. 8 : u 'bic r : M fallon. Not picture,/: .;\1. Howard; 1\1. CARDS a nd I 10 r.: R. ")c n s l c r ; E. Ahuna, Chili.; E K ent; J. Pus lis; N I :urd,..: R. Chan; Y. Amar. Siftillg. I 1 0 T.: C. Voortmc)cr: S. Gilbert. 1 101 fJicturp(l: L. Jone s ; C. P c ranlic. SENIOR lUNG C0l\1MIT1'EE-Top I. 1 0 T.: F. Wbe. Chm.; 1-1. CII'III1; D. H eaTllc; N. r"as3m cntCj C. COI'II: O. Bleakley. 80ttom. I to T. : K fullc l OIl j G. Mor cno j R B o g g s SENIOR G HO Ul' l I C T U n E COMMI' I 'rEE--l'ol" I 1 0 r.: L. Wood; L Prosp e r i Chill.; J BaTlow. B ot. 10m. I. 1 0 T : J Wood; N. Simo n M. A r chibald.


Irene Ab.uli "/lellee" Panama, H d(' p "A /1I1"/ol'illg girl bllrsting with tilalil)'," LU i.1.3: Span, Club i.1.3,1: Ch,'". (Jub L' t.lub ,: So Du.I."" 3: I'"" :!o'i' I ; \B iO.2 0 .:lo,10: 58 1,3: OLD T .. o. 3, I.,h. \ .. ,.1. i : h.-!:It, Olln'l 3: C"II Go"" I ; 1.>\ \ Ban'l' 2: Gn,d. l.h, Li lli :1II Ile becca Ahcll "Uec ky" \,\' inche<;t('r, Kentucky "Sp(lrklillg smile, Wllrm perSQn 1IIit)'; she's WOII the hellft of mall) 8llS'er s, S-\ -\11. 1.3.1: Zon,a" I: lIan'l BUI;:" I: \ 11 I : Bowli",: 3; 1"1' $'1' 1.2.3: '-Iag Tw. 3; Off. A',,"I. 1.2,3,1; !:oil D""n' \ ". Da, i: CC::; 3: Jr .. :, 1"0'" 3: S., I .. I; S' T.a,n COl11"" I ; :31>, :,.\ CO"",.. I ; CIl"'" Lh. I. Nu n c Ac h Johannr .. hurg. South / \ fric'a "One of Ollr 'Qlli: K ids'. afld she alwllYs has lime IQ flash (f slIIile." Sod .'( n""I",,, I : :-;Iud,<} I : :\IIS I: L' Club l I: Cho.,, I. 1I. l eli Adams "/'II"j" B o urn"1Il o lilh England Rar e compol/lld of (Ilialit) lIoble, (lilt! trlle -If' ith ()Iellf) oj sellse mltl good hlllllor r oo," <'h",,,. 1: \ .. ,<1. 2. TUllia:!> D. "TolIIIII y" Prague. C.lt"cho",lo\akia \ eve r (HI il/le moment: thriit) (/I/d thollghtflll of o th ers." 11'\ .... : A.lron. 31: Ch, .. Club: ::'111111' 2.3,1: l' l:Iub: \1alh: Illdl: j,n llI'un,:: 'I ",III.: PiaL J .. "",rn J: \ P "la",1' CI"b 3: P . 1: t.U!'o()l t".3. Texan .. A ll e n Panama, R d e P "Little said. milch accomplished" Eda E d elmira Altun u Lima, Peru "da is Ollr class athlete: her persollalit) CllII" be bea t." Spa", Club 1.2,3.1: L.h. C I"b 1.2.3: CA-\ 2.3.1, \ic,,"rh.: 'liS 3.4: \1allo Club I: Club I: C-\. '\ D.""" 3. I: \ 0 1.zo ,3 10: SH 1,2: HkO 1.2 3 .1.: Ch"rn. A .. ,.I. 3: Ph).,u ,,.,.1 I Y"elle A m:lT "Y.J elttr" Colo n R cle P 'This girl appreciflles th e worhl. mal i t appreciMes her," Che Club 1.2 : Ou,,,. Cluh. 1 ,2,3. 1: Grad. 3: 0."",. L.h. 2: U/I. Club 2,3.1; Span. Cluh I ; 50 i : \ II I : 1"' 1 SII. i ; Ca ..... So "'""ou ... I l\'1ar ei:'1 Archiho ld Colon, R. de P. "A smile 011 Iter face {fllli II gleam ill her eye:' UN CI"t.; Fa.hio" .. 2: Cho',," i 3, 1 L colloldo D. ArO';;;CIIlC ll a "Leo" Pan ama, R d e P "Thollght is deepCl' thlll/ a/l speech." Slam., Club i : Cltt' .. r.lub 1,;!3.1 : L' Club 2.3,1: I), . \ O"hal" Club 3.1.


e lHlrl c:. A:.hlc v V allej o "lie b m s h ig h in fi/e's le a gue." (;;a",,u Uub I : nOTe 2.3. 1 \I. I. Y"UIIIIC A:t.larruga P anama H d e P A I)epp ) l i tt le Luti n /fllI 0/ c harm ." louis J B :lrbi c r )1 L Qlli," P a n a m a. R d e P "A qlli e t m(1" bu t qnit e a ma,,: J\. FII 1.2: F H 3,1 ; T.ack 1,3. 1 : l U d. Rldl 1 : f r RkR I ; ROTC 2.3. 1 \I ::>:;:1 I ; ;, . Gill \, June Ca rol Ihl'low "JlltIlbug Panama. If, d e p / ( s n ice to b e "ot uro l whe n )'o u're "arllral/), /lice : C\" 2,3, 1 : \ n 1.2.l.I: s n 1'.2'.1 : BkB \ ",.a. S",,,,,,,,; He!. C l u b ; ::>p. \". : G\A I)J" .... 3. I : G'''''I' I ; I '." 5'1 1.1: 5 h o .. 1 : I.'b. \ .. I: Off. '\'.;_1. l.1. J o:!!c Guillermo B .lrl S li orly" P a n ama R dl' P "lie is six /er!! 0/ m W I-dellr G r i r (I/ld hllm a n lIat u r e Club: \lul" Club: F'''''ell Club: 0 ,0:-1 .. : I ; C l ... O', b L ; .1. '::"1. !. .. ad .. ,; 1I0TC 3.1 : R O T C Sq. 3.1 Rac h e l Eliz'lbc l h B arr /l,.IJbip H o n olulu. H awaii S h e WllS made lor h(fIJl)) r houghts. !!IUIII 2: ':",h.,.,1 !'uhllntion I ; 'I'ri.II,.' 1.2.3; ,::.od ,\ Itll')",n I ; t.l>. Club I : CI"L 3.1: 2.3: "0'" (",'r 2.J: flk B 2.3: CIoor,,' I : Sr. \\,..,k I: \., .... 1. CO""". I, Edlla S p earman. T exa" H it / de .. gaie t y i ll h e r q uiet \ 3: 3: 1I)"1l 1. D :I\ irl S Bf hal "DllvP" ,\la n c h es l e r En gl;lIld ;'A /e ll o w w irh a W illllillg s m ile (lilt! a w i lling h e llrt'-' Slar 3: Prod.: 5..t1.; Bu . 3, 1 : Iladi o C l ub 1.2: Sm; l ,\ 1 .2.3. 1 : S a01, CI,,10 1.2: LeI. CluL 2 .3 I : C l ub 2: S .. ",,,n. 1 .2.3 I: T rat:k 12.3: \\ P o l 2.3: n O T e 2.3. 1 \I I : Jr. Sr. I'mm 3: Cal' '\ G ..... I ; 0 .. 11 T ... 2.3, 1 : 5 \ C;amp I Jumc s E( lw a r r l B e n s o n "Jim" ; \ d ri an, fll i c h i g a n T h e r es (I twillJ.le i n h is eye. C(wse h e ml,ke s th e m os t 0/ a/l that com es and t he l eas t 0/ all th a r goes. Dram. 2: 1.,>II,n""",, CI"Io: \\ .. ,,..,,,,;.: F B 1.2: I l O T C I : IlOTe 3. I : Sr. I : I", ilal 1 -lele llP S il ir/p HisllOll "lIe / e,," Bal b oa. Ca n a l Zon e A swee t little b r ig h'e)el/ girl who II lllwlI)S be /I)ing high." \ B 1.2,3.1: Ilk ll 1.2,3, 1 : f h;"n :,ho,.. 1.2. 1.


Dori s Jean "/)o rc" 'akima. "lIeart o s big a s t he o c eon (/1/(/ 1/ smile to match:' IhJ m Club -l; p ",,) I : \" L!3; 11k" I,!; Off. \ .. ,_e. Jr.S. I h "'l. J: :", Ri,,!; I : Grad. l_h. 1. R alilli Boggs "Speel / Y P e nn syllania F IIIIlo ving alld {!oodnaturcl/." .. .. I'rod.: 8""d; nOTC 1 .2. 3 1 !:I I .' I ; . 11"'f: I ( :l'ear Albe r t o Ilollz a "Buzz" CC.!Ia r A Cmnpag n ani. Jr. "Tito Co lon. R de P "A" altractit e smile. 't'Ol' ) hair: he' s (lI/SIt' er to a maiden's praler. fill I ; (."If 1.2 .3. 1 ; n()TC 2 .3. 1 S g t. L J a lllce A. Carlill G us" Lon g I s l a n d. Nel l o rk "To be ,bright (Ind cheerful is hIS W(JI. J\ 11I.!1 \.Z ; 1\ FfJ ; S A -\11. L Lo ... Angt"les. Californ ia C:IJ' III CII R. C a eira Q llie t lIlanner bllt frielldl) air : P anama. H d e P (I r('gll/ar gIlY." A treaSllrc(/ gift from P allam(l.CI"I> 3 I : \ icr.I',u. I ; A ,lto". C h. b 3,1 : \lalh CI"b I ; 1\ CI,,], I : .. n cr"b I : S . H,n/; I : !tOTC 3.1 l'h. (;"a,,1 3. 1 : lI f l .. Club J. L A g ltce S t e ll a Brill "Agpie" Panama, R de P I f mane) could bit) looks she'(/ b e pric eless." I) a m CI,," I : 5 ,, ,,, C"'II I : SI""'d, I : I : F a,h" .... 5 Iw .. I ,Z.3 : \81. C.;"" I I H o ... c B lesll Rosi e England "Little. like able. (lIId /tw[!h. loring," 11.11. \ i l Ite l>, 3; l..Qfll"": Ch('" Cl u b 1 1 S.,c. 2: 5""n. C l ub I : D ra m a C lu h 2.3: l \ Club B O lin:;: Z : !: C h or u ] ; I : J r.S r. Ban'l 3: !)r. Pidurl' I ; Sho"c a." 2. ]'a \",, r I : \ IJ 3: P ietu .. I Vilma Edith C .. Panama H d e P 1 / (lllflll1eH WllS bor n {f twill." ]'" \11"-'. I ; \ B 3 H o h c rl o Anlonio Chan /lob" P a nama, R de P "Gentle of spee c h. bene!icient of mi,.d." Ilq,. 3 : R ad,o Uub 1.2 3 : Pro,. Club I .!: \la th Cl"b I : \.t,ono",,' Cluh I ; HOTe 1,3. 1 \I SI:I. I ; Sho"ca_", 3 : C .. dti \"nu unc. I ; \,_. Oay Ch I


(1\\ ani IlnOIl Cliffonl. Jr. Sun Diego. 'California ";1 big mfll1 wi t h a big h ear t:' 5 \ IIq'. 2: I)ram. 1: Cum"r .. Club 3: 1.2: Band 1.2 : 1101'<' \1 ):)1. I. Ch.}rnnf' School 1.2. Hut h E li zabeth COPPcllha\'l..'r "Bf'th' .\neo n Can'al ZOI\(' "Awllg ill her heart, {f smile 011 her lirs:' Sock .\ (lu,kin I : llamho,," 3; "O""n m ,h. \all, ... 2: 51'dnl.h Clult I : Ch" .. ,. 1,2.l.l: GI,, Club 3.1 !::I, . Ch"r". 12; \ "I,.",,,lf' r"r"'ol I ; \ ul",lImf' : ::-11 I)ane,-2: 1'''11 Cluj. 3. Caroly n COTn "CC" AIICOIl. Can!!1 Zon e "Cute (IS a bllltOIl II' swee t (IS sligar. Go\'" ::,3.1. I'holole,a"h, I: :;;ock .\ Bu,J,.m I : Ch .... I ; 0,,,111" 3. B",,,\ i 2.3.1: !'r. Blnll I ; !'ho" I : "ntrr 11311.-\ 2.:1,1: CG!' l; Go\ \ D ... 'ef' 3,1; R 1.2.3-.4-: llkll 2-.3-. 51! 1 2'.1 : :-'11, \ "D .d: I. HuIJy C Ol!lca Panama. R d e P "All things COllie arO/wl l t o Irer Il ,ho will Ilmil." I'a". \'uo-r. Club: \ 1\: .,11: Bkfl : Ch"n 3.1 Iblph W. C o x "Frit:," Fori B enning. Geoqda "Time is bllt th e s tr eam I go Hshill8 ill." Parol .... \ I; I' c ... co,,," I : D"bplt l:Jul> 1,2: r'B" k I : [)rill Tt'um 2.3.1: 1I0Tt l.!.l. \IIS::!. I. H : u ri c i 'Unll; ,." Pu e rl O Armudlc ..... P anama A friendly smile //lakes 1If) jor the 'ac/. oj chatter." '" I : .,lJ I ; BlB l; U,,,.u, 1.2,3.1. !'I" Lhnru, 2: J . ::-'r_ U""'I'''' 3; .. ,h '0" 51",1 2.3.1: F\A 3.1 : \I;oIb Club I : 1 '1'1' Clu" 3; I ; f'lal: '1'". 3: \ B I ::,B I no"hnll 2; 83".1 1.2.3: ::-.11 O ane.! Jr.Sr. P rom 3: lIall I ; ::i\ T ick. I; Sr. \\ It'k I : F" .. ",,, I\unlo .. ,," 1: "1)0"" '" ,I", 'all+")" 2. Ihl 3; \Idr.hdl! 3: (.( .., 3; Slud"nl I. Qu,1I .\ Scroll I L e u n DU1Jl'UWUb,ki "S",ith'" ),I o nlcl a ir Ne-,'v Jer.,') A ppears silen t bllt when Ihe tea cher's Ollt look Ollt .''' Sw;m",,,,!! '-. 2-. 3 1-; ROTC 3.1 :51!1./1.. I : S(]upd 1.2 : "001 \la I".1I 12. Curl ::'<:hool.


\,\' i ll ia lll E. Dulan "JI"Wit, \X hil e \t'\\ ... ork On e should Ih'e so Ih"r Ithen he die s it should e l et! thl' IlIIdertlll .. er: I"'rd. F1I 3: J\ FIl L:!; l Ulu. Bid' I. 2.3: n O T C 2.3. 1 oS::l. ] .. 3. Wi,l. I. IIn]1 T I""m 3.1 1I"''''r Cu ... 1 .1,1 I),ill 0,,11 T ea", $. 1I""or (.UH,/ I : Jr ..... '. Pro", 3: !'r. ".HI, I : !:oJI .. I) c .. "'.". Ch.: Uo,,' Slale .1: I{or c \ .. 01 . 11,,11; IlQTt; Ibllo,,, .... ,, O "".-/:. Carri(' DUll e r Bault Cnt'k .:'Ilit'hi g an She. a spice 10 !,le th at i s !t. \ n ... ". 2: G.\ \ !.I; BI..!' 2.1; \ U I. l.hvru. I : Lib. \,,'.1.3: .,r. I"rlu .. I Fd.hio" :5hu" I : "",or" H,d Corn. ",,1(," 2: :'d" Frd"'"''''' C .. hlorn, ... J:lIIIC:' Laul"ic p t.-i.-J .. Otll";'11I "J;mm,,'" Col on. R d c P "Tllrnirlg 10 mirth (til 0" e (lrth." \ I : S"ck ,\ 1 ,2.3, 1: Hai"bo .. 3: Cu,I .. ,,, CO"'I: lp" I : "0".1 in tl", Boa.I" Tru" !; Mldl 2.1: 8 .. "d 2.3: (.ho<". ; lot .... U"" 3: H01C I LI I; !'II l);ttI, .. 2: Jr.::r. 8""'1. 3: .-t. \ efl""",I. Ilan, .. 3: "bO",d'" 3: Tillnll "h .. ," 1 .3. 1 I"""l!. !J..11 Lh. L. O""id OrC1l1lo11l "1)(II' f'" SI. P elt' r .. burJ!. Florida "An all/i"ble bo) lI'ilh (t mflllller thaf h(l s 1I'0n him lII(ln I iricnds:' ., \ All :-;",".,I0",.,lh !:Iu""".' r L Club 2.3: Inl,,,. II !1. L ; IIIlra. Gulf: T"a,,, 2.1.1 : IIOTC 2,3.1: Ifn". ('ull d 3. C."I. L ; 1r. :I: \\,If .. r. Co"''''. L : IlOT! I l lh'''Lcu 11 ... ,,(, I : ROTC \ .... .111 I Ceral.1 J\. DllTft,C "j,'rr.y" Panama. H dl P "/lht'(fIS filII oj p e p (l1/(/ l!lIcr{!.) with a refid) smile jo r a/l." "r. (t" .. I ; 1t,I'. I : (.1 ... (.h.l 3 L ; 1"lr3. B 1; 110 C !.3. I. I LI. ; \"I('n\'I1(_ I ; t.,. J),,\ I: .. n. fI"."b",," 3; lI,n. T ..", 3: I>rdl T, .. ", 3.1: ROT(; \ .. B .!I 3. Ma"ic M, Ebe r ctlz Fr(l" c /,i c \ n con. Canal Zon e \ el er Irouble trollble. f,lI trOll, ble Irouble s yOIl. Then IOIlB":' ,\ 2. P."d"("Ii(ln ::ilaff 2: Zo"ian I : GAA 3.1 : l' Club 2: \\atl. C .ub 2: ]-,Z-.3.I-; i'rJ' :"1 I 3: 2; F"lal! T". 1; :,11 O .. 2; . 11.1,,,,.3: G-\\ l);a"",. .1.1 ; G ,.t \'''Iua,nl. I ; Cap .\ Go .. I : \\dr .. C .. ",,,,. I: \\" I n BaliN 1 .2. H E ItlUIUbOll Jr. W /illy" \ n eon. Canal Zone I (1m myselj. m) OW" c ommalldcr:' Inlra. I.!: Intra. lIitli I.!: !'on I ..!: ROTC 23.1 : :.ic I : J),,11 r"dIU .3. 1 ; Ilunor t.""rtL 3; F,r."!: !I'I 3; \ "1(,,, 1,,,, to,""al I ; Il,,),,' Slote3. B o u 'bara Anile E li c h O obbie H aHt'. "She Il(Is ,,(I juture worth trea su res :'ock &. Bu.kI" 1.2: "arak.. t I: FT\ 2. 1.1 ; F'''' I ; " P Sq. 1.2 : L'b \ .. ,_\. I : CI""e A .. ,.\. 2: O",c' Com",. 1: \.1.,, \,,, .. Formal I : Gi.I, :llll ,' J. Judit h "/l"l/-I"c h All eoll, Ca n al Zon e "lIfll1l>i!!ess and sunshine (Ire Iter mottos ... \(rf'. 1.2; C'a .. S"c'y 2 .:1; G \ \ l, 23.1. f'r(". I : \US 3,1 ; \Iath Club 1 ; (;,\ \ I),,,,,,., 3.1 : \ 1J 1.2. 11 .. 11 JO. 1.2-.3.,. Edith E s tradl.l d(l Panama. R de P. "A rather quiel but likeable I(lss." 5".'1I.h Club 1.1: SB 1.2; \ B 1.2; ChOfU' I.


Jt'lIclle l\orlh Carol ina "A ,.,.onder/III l1'rso" iUnric'c Fallcnllaum "FflIl''' Co l o n H d e P. )'011 flIrel. find (I bo) so nice: 10 be" his 1r;I:II(/ is lI'orrh (111) l )rtCt'. Michac l P. Fallon .. I)" l a Bahimor e. \laf)land "A 0/ men, a follower 0/ .. ('k lIu'\..'" I: .3.1 ; ruck 2: t'O I.;!; ROTC 3.1. "I!t. I \,.tni(' S. Old u(:('" 2: ho. 1I'l:h ::'chool 12. B arha r : Lee Fad.llll:'lll /Jobb;p" BI ookl}ll. Ne .... ) ork "A cheer/Iii (tis/Jus/tiol! is a fund oj relld) cupital "1)""" III ,h(' \,,,It-y'' J: S. lIu.ki" 1 .2. 1 : Club 1.2.3./: 2.3. I. t,r"lh Club I: l" Cluh I: 1.2: 1j .. 11 \ II 1,2.3; 1'('., s.,. 1.2.3: F lail T ... (;I,,,,u. 2.3. ::Op. CllOru. 2: Gr,,,J. l.h,r 3: CuU" 2: F,,, 3. F;:lrrc ll "Tllly Grn'c,' ",rlll!fl it ('()lIIt'S to ta/l.mg. he's rl gem. Ir hen il comt'll to .ti;rtltlg. ahem!" ... \ \It. 2 : sh .... .,01''-C"m"ult.-' I. Roht.'Tt F. FCl.Iroll Ff/""tllI" C uidad Tru\ illo. Dominican H ep. "1f'hoelcr illt" !IIted It'orl, shollll/ hOle /inisher/ il." tB Sa ... I,,1I 2.1; Tr.!;1o. 1.2.3,1: BkB \It . 1.2.3: Ch""III"o hmn",1 3: FIJ Dane.' I C.arlo:. F c rll alHlcz "C/,u c k Rio P iedra'. PUt'rlo Hico "The mcst import"n' 11(Iri {J/ character is stead/ost resollltioll." I'rojcc lor Club I: IJa.d.al! I, tU I : 1'''1' Sq. I : Ibnd I ; OffIce \ .... 1. I ; Rorc up/. I. R arae l F erll:llulcz R ld,,"" Panama. R de P '"T o be a friend is '/Ill 1II(1)." Club I. Tr,",.. I; Sla"'I' (luI. I : ::5B 2: \\ah" Polo !. John "luc k Daytona B('ach, Florida ,(s m) fife; / li l c iI, (1n(1 I love il." :5 \ Alt. 2: l' roj"cllOn tluj, 2.3.1: 1.2: 3: Dan('c 2. Marie Foilt':. ;'/ Je;:" P anama. H. de P ",4 kind (lnd gentle heart she hlls t o comlort friends and /oes.'" So\. R.-p 1.2.1: So('1o. 8u.\..", 2.1.1. \\"'1:0"" 3: "Fini .. ,', Ih.iobo .... I: Pank('f"1 3.1: 'II!) I: tT.\ 2.3.1. c ', T.u" 2. \i.-(' P ..... I: PCI' Club 1,2 : \Ialh Club I: F\\ I: n.) .. ,,",: 3: Hod . 3: Chntn. 1.2.3 1: Fr..hm_1I P'elllf 1: J .. :> Ibnq. S . \\<"Ok th. I: "\ Ti('k.I. I; Ou.lI S. .1.1: Girl,' 3: Gnu!. L.h. 3: Itar" lIII'.3.


Clinton Fullc l o n K e n"Y" Chiriq ui. I t 'dC' P. "A mflll of might, s trOllg 011(1 true:' kllt'rman 3. 1 ; R a dI o C l u b 1 ; ru \.2. 3 1 Tr" .. k 3; BkB 2 .3. 1 ; :)8 2; I n l I ; R o .. ling 3; Jr .. S r I bn'l. 3; Sr. Rill ,. I ... ;:o. ... ntcenth S ummer." J o s eph Carre Galloway "'Joey Gah' f S l on. Tc,Xa;: T o kno/O him is 10 101' C him." T hl' 11,(; F,olll I'orc h I ; L('lI t, ,,,,,n I : J\ FI3 1.2 ; FR 3; Track 1.2.3. 1 ; S .. ",, ""nj: I : B a n d 1.2. 3 1 : (.1 .... Clu b I ; J . !>r Ibn'l. 3; ROTC 2 .3.1. I Lt. I ; H,fl,' Tea" 2: ,\ .... "'b. C Olli"'. 3; Bo," :)lal, 3, Co"n' e lloT I : S H Ihnc(' 2 ; C ('I. \c'I"""nl .. I ; \",knl,",' I ; Ihnd Pre 3. Pre 1 : B.u,,1 I'atl) L Ma r k c l rh C'I ITi f l o l l1 f,lu/' Panama. R d e P "The s park bchind e vcry e xplo s ion." Cl"l, 1.2.3,1 Mildre d n OSt' "Millie" Oa),<;bl'O. K e ntucky Sh e 1001,s. a/ld is beallti/Ill .' P"rak,o' I : Off,c(' \'>lS I. I ; P C' lurn I ; S A D'''''$ I : f a.h,o S h o .. I S h eila Annc Cilbc. t .\neo n Ca nal Zone "Shcila i s a dall c er ga). who Iike5 10 ta/l, the liv e long (Ia)." "'"d, & n u .. k,n I ; \oll .. y ball 2. 1 ; Pep !>". 2: C h onl' ],2; Card. .\n"o,,"('(' I l\hria L ouisc CiraTd Syrac u s e New York O llr Qllcen.'!!.' Oth er t i t les IIcecl she nOlle:' t,ma n R a lllb o .. 3 ; Sock .\ l.l : 2 3 1 Pre-. 3,4; \,B 1.2 : C]IIUC \ .. ,.1. 3 ; Flag '1' ..... 3 : Sqllad ],l: Zon i a n I : 83n'\II,.,1 Bugl l' I : lilt \11. 3: Chrl'''''a< 3. C ourt 3: ::0\ \--,.,,,,h. I : ROTC S llon I : lIa l 1 0"("<'11 Ddl1('1' I : F B QUI' .. n I : 3; IJ I hl1(:e I; ROTC \ward B all I : F'Io \ Sc(:') 2 : 2 .3.1. 1I:rlli e Ann Clf'nn "Hn/" W ells Te,Xa" M ild maflTler s llnd a gentle he{lft." \I h CI"b ] ; CI"b ] : Re!. Club 1 ;;:08 I.!; \Ii I.!; RkB 1.2 ; Pep S'I". d ] ; O "'h("I,a ; Ch .. m Lab 0\,".1. 3: :'r. I n .. lph Ri c har(1 Crassau "Dic k" Frce p 0 rl. Illino i s ;'lIc 101iCS to live (111(/ lives t o 101Ie." S A 1 \ ,, ] ). I : Blind 1 2.3; ROTC 3. 1 ; Cal". I Drill T N'" 3. 1 ; Rifl e T "lU" 3. I : I) r",,, \ta,o r ] !.3: Jr. R ill!! 3; 1I0TC lI aIlO""" n I>a n(', I; \"dfd. Bali I. S a r 'a OOlolh, C recn "S(lr(ltog(l" S i ngapore, a "Str i c t I I oka)'. Need we sa) m ore ? !l oci.. 1 1" <",,, I : :,,, 1 ,,,,,11 C]lIb I : I'o p !>'IUP ,j ] 3. 1 ; uH. A .. 1 2,3: r ... \o. i o n :,h" .... ] : U s h e r 3: !>ho .. cue L Ilar r i"on C le"cland Cr'iffin "'e/li e / Gainesv ille. Flori da "Ile belongs (IIIlong the best ." III" . ].2; Z ] Clu!J 3: Che m ;<1. J; HOT"; 2. 3 1 : 2 L . I : Jr.Sr lip",!. 3


HOflg c r \V. Griffith, Jr. "Grit' NewpO rl News. Virgini a }'Oll ge t ?lIt 0/ li/e wha t )011 p/Jt i"to i t J\ B I : nOT C 2.3. 1 ; \1 I : !)r. ", 1.. I: I; Tu", Tic ..... I ; ]h.1I T,,:'m 2.3. 1 : 1I0nor G"3.d 2.3.1 ; S" "ad 3. ( : :aru l"11 H awaii Th ey blessed her wi th a cheer/III /:rill tho(s goillg t o win l air lame jor her." \"'". I'lay 1.2; TI.\, Yell,." C"I'" ] ; (ham. Club 1.2.3; Clul 3; 3; lIad,o J; Ch(' .. r1cad ... 2; 2; orr .. ; .. 3; Jr .. ;:; . ]'.om 3; C .... I. L 2. GCOTg C .... I 'bmiholl "'-'ots i e Gary. Indiana "Allother n ewcomer t o /1IIS's halls all(/ h e is as friendly a s ca n be." P"'" I ; SA nep 3: 5 1 ,e.eh \\"nnn 3: Slat,' lIand 2. Iluhcrl H Hamilton "'UUI"" New Y o rk N ew' o rk "A fellow wilh (J// engaging pcr sOllolit)', sometimes qlli e t bllt alWO)S 11111." ::i,'ck ,\ I : U \ CI"b 3: 1111 2.:1 1 H,H .. T, .. ", 2.3: !)II'"""'," I : lland 1.2.3: R O T C 1,2,3.1. R U llal,,,,, CO"lInandrr I : \\' .. Ifllr .. C h I : A"oLTd. B .. II Ch. I: Firin g S'luIIJ 3: 3. 1.1. Gov.: 113110"'''''''' Ihn('c I. LCllrh I -Iarrh. Elk Ci l ) Oklahoma "A I rierHi is a person w i t h whom )011 ma)' be since r e." ::.oek. U".kin I : Jr. H",!; 3: !!T, \\ .... 10.: I: {;ra.l lJ-h ('r 3: Tn. Hi.Y 2; :;IU" En'I)II. COlnln. '1: 2: S \ D""e. 2, Audrey Dhll1 c lIearne "Dee De e -Ancoll, Ca n a l Zom > For some (/o)s Iwpp). or some days sari: I 1'0/111 1 rIO d(J)s bul the Qnes m(ule glad," \Iath (1,,1> 2.3: L,b. Club 2: \ B 1 .1. 1 : 2; Band 3. 1 ; Choru' 2: L.br ... ) ".,,1. Sr. K,,,!,! I; C.rl, ::'Iale 3, Chrisliall \ Villialll I I c: w oll "Cllris" P a n ama, !{, de P On e w h o n e l ler I lIrns his bacA, bllt marches eller jor ward." :,,, \11. I ; 1'&r .. k",,1 I 1::.1,10' I; "Cur_ I ... lp" I: D0"" in 11,(, Vul. I"y 2: "Lo"dondcr., \ .... 2: "Star F in imn'$ 3: "Th,' U,!: F'''n! I'orrh" I : NilS 3.1 T ....... I : ::'o<'k & 2.3, I. 3, Pre., I; I)", .... "", .\ 3. 1 : L' Club 2.3,1: Band 1.2,3. \ ief".Prf"" 3: ChoruI : G ..... Unb 1.3,1 : KOTC C"III. I; 1>,,11 T,'"", 3,1; S U O,'e. Ch. 2: Jr .. !'o., row", .1: \ __ cmb. 0 .. I; Talenl :::-110" 2.1.1: II",,' ::i1"le 3: Chi,j 3: \ 11t. The."i,," SOC'): \'alentin. F"orlllal I. R o s c AtlclC IIcnsler Rosh," San Jose, Hica "(I, crIer withollt (/ c heery (Jml (J f riendl y smile:' \ B : Ilkll 1 .2.3. 1 ; P c Sq. I ; l.horll' 3; Off. 3.1: "fa.hum :5hu,," 1.2 1 : Ilkll 2"', \ HI": GA \ I : Catd_ ,'( \nllol"'e. I ; S I I f)unce 2; \ \ I)"nc, I. l\linc!"' a Dianc H C lT cra .\Iadri d, Spain "The rocl.-. h er s)mbo/-firmlless o f purpo se, l'. ,rak ,., I ; Fr" e h Club 1. I\hldh lI K Bluefie ld. We"l Vir g ini a Oh!! Th ose s tot eshle gals-a likeable lass:' \uriel) ::i/Oo" 2,1: G \ A 1: F'en('h Cluh I'r ..... 3: 2: Chor". 2: CI,-, (luI. I : Off. \ __ i_1. I : I CC 3: Sr. {"f, I : l}ti,,.. 2.


Phoebe J c u n Hughes j e tll,uie V a ll e j o Ca l i f o rni a ":::'he the eagerness (lml ell tllllsiasm 0/ )ollth with a sellse 0/ humor t o go wit h i t:' M. I c k e /J enni e H olI)'\\oo d. Ca l ifo r ni a U ell h ai r r ad ia tes sunshine:' \ 1.2; CI"b 1.2; 5 \ 1.2; '1152; F T \ I ; 1.2.3; 118,,,1 I: Ord": ,,. I; 'e .. ] ; S A 1.2; \It. I ; Sr. \\ ('('I.: I; ::-h" .. 3; t.her 1.2; IIl11 2', \ II 2'. Sec') 1.2. Diane M. jacl '.b:. Oi:; e l'" P ort of :=;p a in. t r inidad R c(ls oll (lilt / judg m ent are g r e at 'II/ol i t i e s ." 3.1 P'(". I ; S \ 1I'j>. 2; 'lath CI"I, 2.1.1. 1'''''. 3; I) Debate 3.1 ; D".lin 3.1; 1"']' S'I. !; (;ho.". 2. ::-p. Cho." .. 2; Cu .... 3; C L::. 3. L' \It. 3; D .. ee. l.h,r 3; Ch('m. Loh \ . 3; Ph).rc. l .;Ib \ .. ,.t. \; ::.ho .. ca ... 2.3; 511 ... !; S . Cif. I: h P ,elllc I ; \.n",. honn .. 1 3: l in. [,. "'111111', \ ; F' ... h,(>n !)hu .. 2. LilHla !\I.uie j:.u:-ou.!! "/..i,, \ o rk. N"ew \ ork A combillll i ion oJ b ra i n s a l/d pcp : that' s o llr c h eerle a dillg e d/ l o r:' ... \ I {,p. 2.\; Zor"an 3,1 ; Edi.o. I ; \; 3.1; Il\: B 1'.2; ] '''1> "I. 1.2; ChC,riI'D. le. 3. 1 ; Cho"" I ; Ibm! !:o .. o;' .. I ; Lib. \ i_ .. I; Olf. A., . I,!; \ II 1; !) Il 1.2; F'ro'neh Club I; Club I: h I. lIock ... y 3; FT. I',, lIie I Ch.; l ion. Tr .. Capt. 3; CoCI,. h.''''ol,h. Frolic !; CoCh. Ball l; 1 ; Cam,) E l..,. 2; J r .. "'T. I'.om 3; F'u mal I ; C('. \(',Uilil1', Dancl' 1 1 ; CCS 3. ... G \ 11.; FB Dancl' 3,1; C; .... I : I 3: C'a,l. l_h 3; !lp. \"ard I Pan" I: Uub 2; ;'ol'h. 1I0p !; loni .. n 8a"'1. 3.1: Clcn. Fall. IIi):" ... h",,1 2; Rd"ft ... CI"b I ; \ I) .. Lo,,,,". 2: \ \ .. 3. Donna j ean J enkin .. "Do,," W ad'w onh. Ohi o Bubblin g OlW wi th life. lOllf'. (lnfl loughrer." 'A 2.3.1 ; ::iol'k 8. I; 1"'1' ;:"1 I.!.l; Cho.ll_ I,!,).I; C .. .. Club I; BI.B 1',2.3.1; \; :5B I ; CC'" 3; ... 11 l>anc. !, I .. ",:. ""II 3: \.rna. fur. 111,,1 l. CO,," 1; !:or. I'ir'un'. I; G ... t. \fll\Ilitol. D"net' I; L.hf'r 1. .Mamie j o n e s h l c" u i e Anco n. Ca n a l Zon e L oue!) to 1001.: a t deligh t/ul t o 1.:11011):' cu, 3. 1 ; 'B 2 .3 1 ; "I.:IJ 1 .3 1 ; 511 1.2; P el' Sq. 1.2: Jr. 3; Anno une.4. Melba j o nes N e wma n G eorg i a "Walks in (l wake of /Oll g 1011) whi s tles-a d rewlI ( /0":' I'". ak,. L : 81.:11 1.2.3; s a \ ; \ II I ; ;'r. \\eel.: I : Sa f e t y I : h hi o n :.h o .. I. Marily n B elh K e ll y F lorid a I f worr)' i s the calise Jor dea th th ell I s hall live /o reller:' 5 \ A I!. I ; SA R"I', 2; "The t' anhful" 2; CI"b I ; U C lub I ; F"\A I; 'lat h C lub 2: RI.:S 2 ; I e l ;"1 I ; Choro, I ; 3; \\""'\: I ; CC5 3. Elma Vicloria 1\:.'111 "Tob,'--Na n ti co k e P e nn,} h ania 'Swee t sh) (/lId p oised." Sock &. 1I""I.:i n 3. 1 : L .... CI"b I ; 8 0 irn!! 1; P c p S'j 2 ; Oro;h".tr l 3.1 ; orf. 2; C a rr is .\"no""c. I. S U.!!311 E lizubcll1 KtWll l S u s i e Hunt s vill e Alabam a "G ood looks alld a happ) pe r s Olllllit y are 011/)' two of her U;OIl tIe r/III traits:' C o nd o 'Hh' r ry A,," 2 : F T A I ; Sock .\ B".\:.n I ; S r I ; \11 1 ; 1"' 1 511 "ftd I ; GI,..c Club I ; Chot" . \ ; Li b.u) A __ 1

Carroll E. Kocher, Jr. "MiJ.e Colon R de P. "Collrteolls is lie ami willillG to be of sen'ia:' :tod .\ Bu.kin I : ":;("("nll"("nlh Summu" I: A'!ro"o"'y 3,1: .\ D e b"ll" 3.1, Tr("I" l \ Club 3,1: KOTC :l,3,1. M :11;1, I: t'r, P,cnic I: ::.11 U;lIIC .. !: Jr"Sr, Ibn'l, 3: \11 .. .,1", .. Fot",.l I: CBS 3. noberl C, L:I : l l z "Cur,' Tt'rr(' IlnUle.' lnd iana J Jihe wor/.; i t f a scinates me, I CUll si t (md look (It i t for 1I0Ilrs." .. r 1'010: 1"lf3, FB: HOTC 2. E ri c V. L.arsen "Uttle Vikillg" P anama, R dt' P "None bill himself COIl be his parallel." Trac k 1.2; FII oS. IU.!) \ll:r. I : ROT C 2.3,1 51:1. Ie: I : Clb 3: Clul. 3: !lec') I : Sr. Shown ... I. Murcia Simps o n Lewi s "/llnrs " } \tlh, 'boro, .:\Ia .. .::achu"-ctts "Filled to the bnm with life and flln:' 50<'k .\ Bu,1.1n 1 ,2.3, 1: I: lion. 50<:iely I: L,\, I: ::i"an"h I.:l: 'nlra, Okl) 2: Inlrl, lIo .. 3: ""blie Spcal,,,: I.l: Cho.u. 3: !ll. I>lne .. 2: Sock ,\ lIu.k;" Patt)' 3: Quill .\ Scroll I : l.h .. r 5r. Cou"", 3: Ch. !l :Shu"'("lI' c I : CCS 3, Nils Lillfors, Jr. I-'i s l," Bronx\ ilk. Nt'\\ 'ork "QlIa/it) excee dinG his si:.e." All. 1: L .. n ... n,a,,' Club ',2.3,1: Tr ..... I: Sw'mm;IIJ 1,1,3,1: C.pl. 4: \\11", Polo 1.2,3,1 Capl, 2.3.1; B 1 11 3.1: J.,.!)!. Blnq. ROTC 2.3.1. 1 :Sgl. I: l >rill T .... '" 2; up .\ Co .. n I. Pall" Alln Loa r iilf', \Ii .. "SKeet (In(1 lorel)." ::iB I: 1'0:" :"IU;ou I; orr. \'''_1. 1: !,a,u"'" Jap." 1.2: }:' ..... II, \\ Mal'" Crace Lomball:! "Grtl e " P anama. H de P. Whe" (l l'oice is si"ging clelll, )0// all(.'(lIS knollJ Gra ce is here." !l" ItCI" I: "hni .. ,,'. n.II"L" .... 1: "Do .. '" Ih.. \ .. ," 2: \"' .... CI"L 3.1; "'ocl .\ O"."in I, GI .,. CI,,1. 3. 1: \Jl L?I: IllB 2.1; "'" 2: "1' !l'lu:l.d 3: Cho.". 1.:l.J.I, (;horu. 1,2: \ ... "'''' .. t o"";l1 I ; Fa.I""n !II,,, .. 1.1; T,,"'nl .. L1,1: S;II!!'''!! \;11 3.1 Ch.: ::.h" .. uot' 1: Jr.-:' . I'tO", Cuurt 3: Carni\,.1 COU'I 1. \ .. 1 .. """ .. Cnurt 1. l\1 :lrtin Lopez Santurct' Puerto H ico A qlliet. frielldl). lil.euble lad. with (l perfect smile," nOTC 1: 0 .. 11 TO'"", 2. l\tc lilHh l "Mi/"'" \ lIcon. Zone F rielldl) personalit) (I/olIg with (rbili t)." "t,,,;,,,,. 11,,;,,1.0"" 3; IIo .. u "1 Ihl" \ ,,11,'"'' 2: "Th .. Oil! hO"1 Pouh" I: Parak .... I: \1,,110 C'u" :l.:!.I. ::. .... ') 2.1: 3.1. I : !lv .. k .. ,,01 1I".l.in I. \.ch .... I; Gulr 2: T ,\. Pro!!."", I : I"'J! ::"Iu;od 3; Orrh.: '(>0" Oroh. . 1.2 I: \rromp. 1.11,1 : (;1..,. CI"I 3, I; Tpl"nl .. :l.3A: ::.11 n,,,,c,' :!: Jr,:'r. I'tO'" 3: S . I Ch.: Tra;n 1',,1.,'1 Ch, 1. Julia Ann l\ta} "J"kie \Iagnolia. \Ii .... i-.. ippi "She's sparkle fllld fllld et'er)thill8 nice. S\ fi .. ". 2.3; :\It. I; Znniu I : '1",'1 I: I'C'I' s<,,,au 1.1,3 ....... 3: O,e,rlud .. I. :\11. 2: C.\ \ 1.3.1, I; GA:\ 8 ... ",.:l; C:\' .1.1: F\:\ !.3.1: Ch ... "' . ChI" 2 \ B I. . 3; ,e,2.3; BlU 1.1-,.'-.1-: "n Ihnc(' Ch, 1: '0" \ \1.1. .... !: Jr. .... r. ".om Ch, 3; ::'lUd. 0 ... th, I. C"',. oS. G .... I; ,\ ...... 1. \,.tm, 2,3: n f)""e, I: 110". Trac k C .. pl. I : \ d I: CC:' 3. 01 !lldl" .1. tou". I ; Gud 3: Dr ..... Co"'''', I; "'ho .. I: Fia!! T", 3: S" Cdllll', 1.1.


CCl'llldilH' McCriff Ctrj" .\l1con, Ca nal ZUIl{' .. / laughed. (lnd I la/lghed. (/11(1 I laugh e d 'til I cried." .." H 'I'. I : f ';n,u,,'s Ibi"ho .... J: "T"o'll '" Sha,e" 2 ; I.oni"" 11"1:1< I : \la,h C luh 1'.,," 2 : Bldl 1 : :,11 I ; I'q' I : Ow,rI""d .. 2.3.1. Cap'. I : 2.3.1 : IIOTC lIa'l. SI' O'" '''t I \ k C ... ur' 1 : fB C out! I : ..,hOIHJ'" I 2 3. 1 : til Dance 2.3.1 : Jr B"'II 3; ::./1 D a n e .. rho 1 : Fre.h. Pic'H' I ; I'''_''' r 3: (;:-3: !tOTC Ibll" .. 1)"", -I : \ward. BnH I : Gra,.!. l.h", 1: (C'" I ,or', CI, .. 1. Hol",.', 1 M c M:'llh IJob New "\ ork. New York ""ere's (/ cheer/III lad. well I/' ortll 1 1I0II'illg. ... 1I0T( \\ ... .lr. 1I"h Z HUII; I, I l\h ad "'I'W('PI1'" '\nCOII. Canal Zorll' "A big liule gil) who i s /1111 of life. \ll.,h (;lub I : In'm. B"B B Q .. I"'I: 2.1.1 : IHI In'.; : Ch orl" I : I .al> N: Hlia !\'IclHlida re. Panama, H. de P ";I qlliet "Sponi s h miss !il.-ell b) 1',,,,. \"" r Club I : C all" CQwn I : R ,' f. Ch I Dorutilce-Alili c M C IZ g C l "Oor'" J\ncon. Ca nal ZOIlt' ;LlllIg.h lIlI(l the worltl laughs wilh )011:' ::on I ; 11"11 1 2.:"1.1 : \ II 1 2 3 .1: B o wlin!! I : I',.. I : LI"'H'< 1.2, 3. 1 : G n u l Frus h !',(lIIt" I : SH 2; F "rtn al J; \ n l n. 2 ; l.h,r {:lu" I ; Z .... HPn 2 : 0"" lI u."", I ; 1I\,1. .\,r Club 2. Curri e E. MiliC I San CO"l a H iea "A sllbtle char'" Ih(l( comes when )011 leas/ exp ec t it." CAA I : K .. r. 1.2 : 1.2: \B 1.2, 3 .1; B"B I 2,3,1: f .. 5ho .. 1.2. :I I : \'.' \ ..... \"aot I .:?; 1I" .. lin;! L G I I H lys E. Mili C I U II IIIIY" Sa n Cos la Hica "Dark !lashing c)es (11/(1 hair. M)! ,.' Iow the bo)s stop lIIlll Slare. 'fi" ... ,,. 11 ... "1,0 .. 3 : I.",,;a .. I : G \ \ t.!.3.1 : 2.3,1 2 I : ... ,\ Bu."''' 3. 1 ; 1 '1' S'luad 1 .:.!.3. \ 3: ... I., .. ", t I : T .. J: Ch"."" 2.3.1 : (." \CII,un". U;a .. t" .. 3 I : \"':. Ch 3 : ,,,,, (,"lIrI 3: :-.11 lhncr 2: I'ocn; c I : \ & 1 .. tour Fn""pl Ch. I : Ct, .. I. 3: \ II .3 .1: IlkB I 2.3 1"; 511 1',2; \\a t .. llalld 2.:1,1 : f "1I I);",rf' I ; CC .... 1 R f Ct 1 2 Silka Mirclla Mills "Silk,." Dav i d. C hiriqui. Panama "1'0 Ihose who Iwow thee flol, no words Clll/ p(lil/t." Cluh I E c I Y II 1\1oh I "f;vie" An eon. Ca n a l Zon e "She Ollt shines th e 5I1n." J can Panama, H de P Ner /l'1I)S (lrc Wll)S of p/easm/f ness, {/I/(I joy:' SA "II. 3: \B 1.2.1: 5B 1.2. 1 : Bldl 1,2, I: orr. h ".,. I : J . Sr. "ron' 3 : L,I A .. 2


Elizal,clh J\)0I1:l g:111 "/...i::;" T e la. H ondura". Eve1l th ough h e r I cords are f e w H er slVeetness h as II golde" 'II/e:' I..b .. Club 2 : L b \ .... 1. 2.3.1 Fr: U1k R i l chie MUTC, jr, R i l chie" O a hu H a wa ii Wh en he walked into 11. /I .S., he wa//' :ed into ollr h car t s as w ell:' 1'"",1\'111 3; h Club 1 2 : 2.3.1 : BkB 3.1 : Tue k 3.1 ; liB 2.3.1 : L ,I"'r. m,,, Club 2.3.1 ; S Vf'r" r 3: G le .... Club I : \'cePr .. . I : l .... k eouo lll \u.I ... ... \ .. Y orl. Ana Ruque l Moreno "Cltichit( Panama. R d e P A allra c til!e kil/d of g r a c e Spa",," Club 3.1; P<'I' Squa d I ; Cho r". 2. 1 ; urni'31 Dail e .. 3,1 : P n '\"H'r I h)' 3; \.,,,a. Ihnee 3 George j. Moren o Jr. GeQ rgie" S an J o .. e. Cos ta Ri c a R ich (fre those who h at e h im for (l f r ie nd." Vi"rld PoSler I'riz ,' 3: 513"'11$. K ennelh Morris Mo \ n eo n Ca nal Zon e "'''orr ) is no t lor lads like me." Jr. \'c .. p ..... : Sr. y'c .. P ..... : !o\ 11'"1). 3. 1 : 1. .. 11<:''''3n, Club 2.3,1 : FB 2.3.1 Y l ' I : BkB 3.1 : I n n . !oil 2 Inlra. Trac k 3,1 ; 1\ F B I : J\ BkB 1.2 : \ C om",. I ; L I \bnn 2: Ch. I : til D a n e .. (:h. I ; Jr.Sr. Prom 3: !ow .1. Dir 3: \al""'i,,(" F o r ma l I : t ll D ... ,e .. 3. S U S:'III Mullarke y "C(lV" Br ookl ) ll. :-:1:'" forl.. " h e n Ir i s h e)cs orc s miling. 0/1 the 1I'0rhi i s bright and ga y ." \It. 3: ..\ B U'''in 3. 1 Trr"" I : 1I."nb ,,." 3; S ..... \\ 3: l o nil" I ; n"l1

S heil a E ileen "/1",.,.,." Panam a, H d e p "II sweel C O llnt e llall ce reflec t!!l swee t Ihollghls:' :>pan,.h Club 3, 1 ; 5,,1'1,; Bn.kin I : Clu h 1.2: \B I : lH.U 2.3; 1"' 1 > :i' IUaU I : 1.''''1'' .\ . 1.2; Fa.h,o n ::$h o 1.2 : Coun 1; D a e. 3; :>h oloell ... 1. Mar y F .. a nces I'enning l oll /'e,,,o LaWl o n Oklahoma "Looks and wits gi,'e this lI i ss her puplllarit)." S ocl,; .\ 11". 1.", I ; S,' r tl' .. tI,h S"",,,,,. I ; Zon,utl I ; lIa'''I lIUII-I, I : (, \A 2 .3. 1: 2.3.1 : \,.".I',,s. I : \1{ 1 1 ; 2-: Ill,;S 3.1 : ll" .. 3: T .. "",.: "a,,, B a li N 2; I ; 1'''1 :-"Iuad 1.2: I : I ,I .. I : C \ \ 3. 1 : na"' I 3: Cra,1. 3: ::'r. I i,,''''' I : S A I ; l. \ ':'1113"". D .,"c" I : Xm u C",", 1: CC S 1 Car o l AIIIl I .. "nli. \linneapol i ... \ l i n nt' .. ota "II sin c ere lass: (I creliit t o /11-15" ... ,.. I t I). 3: Z",,,u I ; AU"' I 11 .. ,,1,. 4. -'oek & U".ki 2.1 : r'A 3, 1 : CA 3. 1 : '115 I : \\11 BI,;R 36. le: CA' D a "e, 3.1 : 1'''1' 1 2 .3. 1 : L,b. I : C loni C \ .. .. 1. 2: Z "n,an II" \Ij: I : !lA T ic k .. ,. I : .\ .. ,t Oa ) \ .. e mll C h I : J . PWm 3: F l',r ll' C I : Anll o""r. I : 3 : 1',1. 11" 1,;,) :1. nulh I : ctcrs oll A n t on, Canal ZOIl!' "Speec h i s g r e at : bitt silence i s g reat er. I.hUT",1.2. Viel o .. M P illi :Vic" Da\id. H d l' P "Sinr erit) (I c harm (II/ i t s own." I n,.a. IlkH 2.3. 1 : Ch, Cillb I S uzan nutll "'S uzzf' Columbu ... Ohi o "She /('{/I/,s in beauty:' ::; .... k B".k,,, I : 1.2.:1 : \ B 1.2.3: Ch ..,.", I : GI"" Ullb I : IIOTC :';POII. I : IIOTC 0 " ",, I : o\ .. I ; Fil t..,,,rt I ; S r \\" ,1,; I : Y earbook 3: !',n 2:1"'a' I : \""'I'a p r 1 2 Luis (:.., .. I o s P"o s peri J ... L o u;p" P a nama. H de P "I-lis f(lflori t e l ele phono> (Jirector)." \11. 2.3: :-''''''' ''III1g: I : \\a h 1'010 2.3.1' I'onII,' I. Nall4:" F .. ost Pllrd,' :'/VtllIC f'" Co ncord. N t ,\ "lIe re'" (/ girl who's simpll gmnr/, (I/lI'll)S l e nlling II helpillg hmlll." a th Club 2.1. 1 : rTo\ 2. 3. 1 e .. I'.{' . 3. I : r nch Club I. \ ic"I',,,o I : 1'\ C I"I, 3.1 : 'II::. I : sn I : 1'''1l !::"I"a 1 1.3: Chor". 2.3: s Chor,,' J: Ba",' .." .... )' I : ,\n"o " .-. I : CGS 3 J oseph E d w:lrfl Pus t i s JO('" 1)0"' 011. "The f o oli s h mllfl seeks happiness ill the dist(f/l c e ; the wist' g.rO/l)S il /Huler his fee t ." :; \ II", . 3 : 'II. I: Nil:'; I ; Lib ,h".l. I: Lab. \ .. i s t. 3 : HOTC ,taJ .... I : Ihill T(>,.IlI Jr.:-r I 'rorn 3: C a rd \ AI1110"'''. I : S \ I : !l It I) a "c,> 2: 2. R o b e r t Winf i. I 1 n c u n if' n o IJ;" Anco n Canal Zone I 'lll) i s nI) j ob work. TIll hobb,. (wd SlIcces s III) ambit ioll:' T r a c k 1 2 .3. 1 : Intra. Tr3('k 2 : /. " II" :';Ia ff 2: HOTC 2 .3 .1 I: 1 ; J r :;hulo' c a" 3. eh.; ::,r ''' ' k I : n::. 3: 2: 51 1 Dun"" :!: U,fl, T" n m 2 : FB \ll:r


Luuis BoiJe l B C "cl!! "OjM" \n('ol1. C31131 ZOIll' N(lI1I1) alii I : from ('are rill jree. I(h) ar('II" ,he) al/ COli rt lef/ lil.e me? IIOTC .', 1 V il ginia "C/'I'(' u fI Al1tonio, Tt'xa" "Sparklillg persullalil) w;Ih m(tg' netic charm," 1l1'1 I ; I ; "F",i",,' lIa,,,b,,,," ... ... So lIu.'"" .1.1 ; P u a .... .. I ; \laLb Cluh 3: P .. Club 3; \ 3; \\ a h r B a l ,'" 3; O!I,,,, \ I ; CG::o 3. (. .. "trlU< 3: (.;ri, ...... .. 3: ''''d Q,k ... 3: 1', ... ", 3: ::0 \ U",,. (.I,. I : ::011 !)dnu' tuurL 2 Hil 'hal'l! Hi c harllson 'I)i('/ .. '" Pomona, California Q lliel Oil' powerflil:' Ba"d !.1.1. Carol Keilh Huherls "Kp;tI." Long Beach. California "A lill) bl/lI(lIe of 1'.1 \ .1'," :0>01;'" & lIu.k,,, I ; 11"",lw"" 3; t ... \ I ; 1\"I,nll. Cluh 2 : T",n ] ; \ B I.!; Bldl I : !:ill ] : 1'..,,,,,,. 2 : Choru, 2,.1 1: GI.( Club 3 1 : XU,,," F Of. m3' COll

Carlo!" R ilu l Seise Cllnr/ic A neoll. Canal Zo n e I prefer 10 lake life as il co m es and lUorr) bl/I liule:' I nlTa. III"'J 2: 1"1r 3. FB 2: HOT C E lcan o l Deane Sel b y "D(>(>" \ Iexa n d r ia. V i r g i nia "Her m r m ) I'irtlles make h er a {:.irl who ho l d s )Ollr e)e (lnd inlcr eSI fo r a !c.lIIg t ime." 1'''''''' I : All. \""1).3: S A Alt. 3: Clas. PhI> I: "I\oarin{t T"en' i .... Zon;311 4: \\ an. ick 3: Fr ... ,ch CI"b 2.3: F'\.\ I : I : BldJ 2.1 : \ Il 2.3. 1: Hock!:") 2: X",a. I)." .. ,. I : Cam l', \ __ emb. 1.2: \ 3 1,'"'''''' F o .. I: Jr.Sr. Prom 3: SC \ :;'cullhook 3: n,c. Comn,. 3. 1 lIlIilh MaI l c n c Sigl "Jud)"" Gree n Bay, Wi!"con s i n Happ) (lnd ga) (m(1 f/lll oj flln:' G ot" I: \B 1 .2. 1: \\.,k. Ballel 2.3. 1 : S B 2; 1.,1.. l. 2; Cal" S CO"''', I: J . Cor"",. 3; CG5 3. Nauc\' E li zilbclh Simo n Colon: R d e P "She looks ,like a page Ollt oj 'Sete llle eu p,." S,,,"I.II I; Sr. P'cln .. I ; 5ho.. San Frnnc i ::co C3Jifo rnia N eve r idle a moment bllt thrijt ) WI(1 thoughtful of others." Yearlw"k 1.2: \ n 2.3: GnlJ. 2: Choru. I ; t..oku. a D ,p .. ndenl SchoQI. Japan. A il e e n F. Smilh "Freudl,'" A n eo n Zone "iI plea s lInt girl of slerlillg worth ; she is halj quiet lle ss, h(lf j mirth:' Srun"h Club I ; P e l ) Squad I ; Fa"hio" Sho" I ; Sho ... 2. 10hll H cnp' SIlI_ilh "5",;', .,," \ n eon. Canal Zone J \ ine tenths oj wi s dom is being wise in time." .. .. \It. I ; "Curl;';" Going l1p" I : "Slar 3: 'Sho""o ... ,, al 51\. looth" I ; \lalh Club I're<. 1 : Ch".. Clu b 3.1: L \ Club .1; Club I ; So .. k Bu.ki" 1,2.3.1. ";c(' P r ..... I : 3: Lab .. \ .. ,.t. I ; ROT C \115111. I: Slud. D,r. I. 10hl1 B S l c \ c n s A neon. Canal Zon!" "A jrieflfll) gil) thaI saves a spe cial 'lIi!' jo r liS all:' nOTC 2.3.1. \I/Sgl. I : D,;,,' Comm. I ; fro 1', .. ,,;(' I ; So,,' 1. Martha i\1. S I C \ C n Sol1 Sllort)'" Pinc wall. New H e r efjorts make other lives bet/ e r." "ulh Club 2: 5 B I : \ B ; BkU 1 : !' c p SrluaJ 1.2 ; CGS 3: Jr.Sr. B:""I. 3: 51,,;!;,,!,: I. R o l w l'l E. SlrulIlpf "Bob" Jae k<:ollv i ll e, Florida "A gentlemflll is (I 1/1(111 who ClllI (/isagre e with oM beiflg disagr ee able." 1\115 I ; SA Alt. I ; Ch",m. Lab .. 3: IIOTC 2.3. 1 I Ll. I ; Jr .. Sr. B3nquel 3; lI a ll o .. c ... Dane, I; lI ifl", 1cam 3; S al(' 3: Tm;n Ti c k e l < I : T.\. I ; Cornm .. 1.


C llro l Ann S t \ lcs Claudette S. Toussi e h Colon. R de P: "Clm"/ie" "An atlmc t ive neU(,Olller B II S Panama. I t d e P SlIre is proud of. "She' s lIttmctit't!, refinell, (lnd 11,' 1: S c hool I'PI"'r]: {.\,\ 1 .2. 1 : u !r} metic lllolls. I)rellming oj Y ( J ut. 3 ; Offi,., 1 2. someone ? Oh! do,,'t he ritlif 'II' lOlls." 0"('11 Sutlled:.",1 Silimlll,, Colo n R de P. ,,' form ell ollr one sllc h Ir.. .. .. ", 2: \ ic .. P .. ,dt'n. I ; ::.. \ II .1'. :!; .. \ ",II I : .. r' 3: Lt"I0" "'"'''' (;1u b 2.1.1. 1"' I ; "\11;, 3, 1 \'ct'l'n I ; FR 1.2.3. 1 : 1I1.H 2,3, 1 : IlR :1.3. 1 ; 23.1 : \1I,Z orl" t B 1, 1 : .\1! ,l0 ,,,, 1111 1.1 : BOTC 2 : Rpce. t. \1" .10 3: t t P ic ni c I : G ,\,qua llll 2: \ 3; Ihllc,. l : J,. IllI'@: 3; \''-I.d. D u) I : FB O a nCO' fh. I : li n Michae l T t l y lor "Cru"" Cololl. R. de P 1 l e's the fall alld halldsome Qllf', lJ 8reat 811) who's lot s of jllll." IHITC 1.3: T.ac k 1.2,3,1 rorn I h n t .. 2. B ell Thomas "Be ,, ,\(' .... o rk. Xcw York "A happ)' heart makes a happ} gil}," u,, .. C lub: Club: nOl'" S t.:.t. Hobert Eo Toothman "Bob" neo n Canal Zon t > I I he were a finer fellow he wOllldn't be human." I ... tt .. rn, ... ns C lub 2.3. 1 : (.;am" .... Club I : Tu('1. 1 .3 ,1 : 2,3: ItOTt,; 1 S o c k t. lIu,],;", 3.1 B""'I""': Tic k,. ::>..tl "'@:: 'hk. ll': !)pano.h C luL ] ; Ch ... Club 1.2: In. n 1.2: \ n 1.2 ; P t' I ) ::>'Iu, .. 1 1 ; Ch o .... I ; 3; up .\ C" .. I ; l.lI. 3. 1\1. TUl'nct' S",,,I,," COI OII, H. dt' P "She is (IS a s lwbelllll on a Will' t e r's da) .,'1'0' .... <1 h """'m .. I ; r t' I ::>q";I, 1 12: C h o t .. I.!: Off"l \ .;;, 3. 1 ; S R u.kin I \ 1 !':otl1 .. 1.2; !'o \ lIe ll. 3 I : 1',\ 2; \,"a I) dI' .. C 1: "T. \\rl'k I : CC:-o 3 Laura l ll'rioia "Tot),' ; P a n ama, R It' P ";1 L arin I(lss with fI winlling smile: (I jriend liI,e her is 11, ( worthU 'hile:' :Span ,.h (Jub B k B -4: \ B 1.1 : rtp 5q, .. ,d I : :-011"'. \ I<,I"r '.: O a nco:-(;h. ] 23,1 ; l'an,.\ mI' I l)a. Comlll,3. Urri u ht "Pipo" P anama. R. dt' P Friendline ss (wd s incer i t) mtll e her what s h e is, 1I w el/,hhed per, son that' s "ic e /0 h(ll'e arOIlIlII." Sllan; h C],," 1 2,3,1: \ Ii 1.1: BkB I I ; I'ell SIIUD,] I : I' a n o\.mn 0"1 3; Sho .. cu .. 3: C"'.n"a l 0 3I1C" 2 ,3. Carol Ann Voortmc:,c r "Cl e o Oakland. California A likeable las s with a great (Iellf of c/ns s:' So\. It .. 2 : H " or!('r 2: Z o nian I : H a di o (;I u], 2.3; Hf'",Lrand! C l u b 1.2.3: Fro:-nd, Cluh I ; C h t' Club I : :Sock &. 8u.l.", 2 .3. 1; S 8 I ; \8 I ; G.ad. l.hl'r 3; c.nj, &. \nnoll"l'. 1 Sho .. 2: CGS 3; BkB I


Eth e l Vo ss Bloomfield. New J en,t"y and sincerit) (Ire ""ck .\ I : Chorn< I: Protlnc;,,;! : H'n c D. Wall ': W t'/u" Atlanta. Georgia "lie throws good pitches. (II/(/ h e takes good pictures," \ I; I',esid ... ", 2: SA \ 1''''', 3; Ch:b 3,1 : BB 3.1; Track I: r B Ih""" I: Sr, I'a !'ll I : BIl \ilb,n .. L. j a mes \ r l Wat s oll, j jim" !\I obile. Alabam a "Rare compound of ability. frolic IIlId fll/!." 5,(,') I; \ 'i(:(',P"'5. 2: P r eQitlenl 3; SA H e l' 3,1; SA Alt. I: Pumleeel :\Ia),;, L" Editor I; Club 3,1; Bridg. Club 3,1; Bo"lin!: 3.1: F r. BkB I : J\ IJkB 3; nOTC 2,3,1, 2nd LI. I : Train Tk,<. I; Sr. Clft 4: T\' Prog:. I; Co,erno. of CBS 3; ),alion 3: Inaul:. 1l:.11 3; Sing:;"J; Yal enli"" I ; llali""" .. n Dane I ; Inlra . \"d, 3; Jr . Sr, Ball'l 3. J o h n R Wibc l '"rr/ e asel D enve r Colorado ', / am fl sliu/ell/, (ifIll girls ore to stlul)," C""'pb"11 Lllio n H,gh School, California: CI ... Club; :ih""cas,, I. N o rman W il e), "/Von,, Pa'-o, Texa<; F or el'er) illch of Norm. there's (/ mile 0/ smile." Club 2,3; ROTC 2,3.1: \1/51;1. I: N. I. Robe r t "" ill s Willie Colon. R d e P H is motto, L olle Ihy lIeighbor espel'itrlly i/ she's beallti/ul." S.\ H"", I ; fB 2,1: FlkB 1.2: Tra .. k 3 ; L e llcTl1I""" Club. D tlnicl Coehring Vinklos k y "Dallll) Gree nsburg, P e n n sy I \'a 11 ia "True to his word, his worJ .. his /rienlls." SA Alt. 1.1: L"lIerma,,', Club 2,3.1: NilS 3.1; fB 1,2,3,1; BkB 2,3,1, C"pl. -I; BB 2,3,1: Track 3.1; J\' BkS I : All-Zoot" BS 3.'; All,Z(Jne FB I : RO T C 2.3.1: \'1 Lt. I: Hacc. 3: C"",,,,cne. 3: fro Picnic I : Co",,,,. 3.1: j . ,Sr. B alli, 3: Bo)!' Slat" 3,1; Valeo. Formal I. 1 0 h n E dward \ Villkl o s k y "'Big joc,,"" Green s b u rg. P e nn sy lva n ia lJ is business (/ud his art (Jre 10 live." Fa 1.2,4: lUll I ; Tracie 1,2,1: L"II<'T' man', Ctub 1 2.3.1 ; J,.Sr Prom 3. F o r e s t BdnghLll's l W ise "Cf'r trude" P assaic, New J e r sey "Wit is the salt 0/ co nversation." SA Sec'y I: Finia,,', lh,nb",," 3; "Pullman Ca. H,a"alha" 2: "S<"en. 'ee"lh Sum",,,r" I; F'\,o\ 2.3,1: Sock ,it I; p ,'p S'luad 2; Cho,"'! 1.2,3. I. 5p. Cho. 2; Clee Club 3.1: ROTC Sllon,or I; I naul!. Ball I; S.\ T ieleel! I ; Sr. King Ch, I ; Jr. non!, 3: MOTC Ball I: Ihllo"-"e n Dance I; 511 DJnce C"ur! 2: \'alenline Coull 3; \al"". 3; CCS ,,\lIorn. Cen, 3; C(;S C",UIl. I, j oseph C Wood jop" P a n ama, H d e P ';A friend 1 0 all (T foe to 1I0lle. Give him a job, (1l1d he's SlIre (0 get it done," ROTC 2.3,1, 1. 1, I: KOTC Drill Team 3,1 ; Sr. Pielu",!! I.


\ \ \ \ 'uod Louis P a n ama. R dt' P "The m(1II who finds the most /wflI)iness jor himself is oJten the mall who least hunts for it:' ":,,-'\'nttenlh r" I : Club I : tlub 3.1 : O",h(' . I : 1101'1.: :..!.3.l. LI. I: l.h. {;"",d 1.3; t If i"l! S

Balboa Hi h School Seniors TOI )' left t o r i gh,: M. E berclI"-; B. Cunning ham; i\1. A r chilJal d j A. Brill; C. DOlle 'l": M G i blJs ; C Cont; J l 'lughcs ; T. A l lell; D. Icarne; Y. A m:!r: R I I clls ler; C. I-Iai l ; 1\1. I-Ioward; 1\1. Cira r f l j B COPl'cnh:'lver j I A L m d i. Secow L I 10 r.: B E li c h ; B A b e ll ; J Bal'low; P Foiles; J FlIhrllbcl ; K Full( !IOII; L. Aroscm c nH; C. F ernan dez; C. Griffi n ; i\1. Fall cllbaulIlj L. D o bl'owski;N. Linfors; j D O T ; lll j P. A d a m s ; J Degcllaar ; S. C Ub e l"; D. L. I Iarris . T lti n / I. 1 0 r.: L. Barbier; 8 FC; l r o n j E. l...a 'sclI; \ V. Edmo lld s o n ; J F arrell ; T. A lex:Iml ... r ; D. D,'clll1a n ; D. l3e h a r ; J Calloway: R Bor gs tedc; H. Cox; G. U amiho n ; M. Koch e l'; M F lill o n j C Durfee: C. B o u z a : R. C h a ll ; G L a a lz. Four,'1. I lIJ r.:L. \Vood; J C h n lnH:rs: C. A shie r : R Cri Hilhj C. C1.I11Ipagnani ; T Clifford; J -Benson ; J f lowe r s ; C. ". earon : 0 010111: J. Black hurn: H F ernll lldez: J u'rlill; i ll. Lope .... ; R. lIamilton: J K r a e m e r ; H. C r ass:lu ; J Bar l'. I Jo o",. I 1 0 r.: R Btes h ; E. Ahuna: J E ngelke; II. Bi s hop; E, E s t rarla; C C t s ir:Jj E Cosca; V. ulsi' raj Y Azc;uragaj M. H errera; E. B. D:l\! is: 1-1. C riteh j U. FolIlulla ,, ; R. Barr; N. I I. C l enn; S. C reen e At graduatio n lim e we s h all s tand pro ud o f the wo rk we have accompli s h ed in hi g h sc hool and the h o n o r s a nd award s w e have r ece i ved. A s se ni o r s w e look ba c k o n th e pas t fou r yea r s a nd r e al i z e h ow r ewarding and e njoyabl e th ey hav e been. They will b e Lhose "unfo rgettahl e years" in our l if e. Rememb e r ? I n o u r fr es hm a n yea r we e lect e d Carlos Rivas a s our pres i d ent: Ow e n S uth erla nd. as v ice -president :

of The Year 1957 TOI), 'p/, t o ril!." : V. Pil1i ; E Moh.!; C. M. 51('\'('11:.011; C. Mili c I'; J P C I C 1' SOllj N. E. i\lollaganj ill. L('\\j ... : L. S TIII"'II('T. 2",1 row. 1 1 0 r. : J F. Wisc; .\'" Marslwll: J. May; H StruUlllfj H. h i gh1: C. S(h,("j J \'( iIJ<:I; L. Pros p erij H. i\tcarl: W. S('an.j J Smith: J Wood: B. Tholl1as : A. Smith; S Patlersol1; A. Man'lIu: C. 5111:dl; J. Winklo s k y. 3rt! 1"'0111. I 1 0 r.: C. McGrirf; O J \ HUflallicht'j O. J acoheo; P. 1 C llllill:.,::1 01l; C. D Mt'lzgCI'; O. E. Vuss; 1\'1. K e lly; J On: C. Mi It'r; P Loa ... ; M. I c k t.': V. C. Toussi e h ; C. Voorlmc),cr: K. Morris 4tll row. I. 10 r.: I I. Schllt::irl ... r : J \'( / Wall : N. M. J. S l e c lb: C. RoiJill:'!!Ollj L. Bcrcs; H. Ri c hilnlsollj J. Wal",oll; n. Wi ll ",; M. l or' : C MI'II(nn j n. l \hi\1alhj R. More: n HCllnic: n '1'00111111:111; D Bottom. I t o r.: H E. K cntj L. lJrriola; C. Salllsoll: S. Pot lcl' j C. D J cnkin.!'; S. Mills : N. i\l clldicll:lj I. Hodl'itlll l'Zj G. Mullarkey; L. Jacobs; S Knal'''; G LomlJlllI:l j i\1. Jone",: I I. Ni ta; N. Simon ert s and G ra ce L ombana \\ere th e girls c h ose n t o b e in th e Prom Qu een's Courl. Fin a l exa m s bro u g ht the) ea r t o a cio::.e and \\e l eft th e hall s of BHS t o r eturn ill seniors at last. \Vith Sept emLe r o f 1956 came our se ni o r )ear_ and \\c \\ere th e ambiti o u s. aspi rin g class of 1957. W e had come a l ong \\a)' Ihrough th e years_ preparing f o r our fulurc making laslin g fri endships. and d oing \\ h al had t o b e d one. A gain thi s )car we e le c t ed no th ing but the b es t t o b e our class off ice r s. G e rald Durfee was ou r pres id e llt: K e n Morris o u r v icepresident: and Cheena H e) n o ld s. our secretar). \Ve startr-d th e )ear off in t o p forl11 b) \\inning an exc itin g \ ic lon a t th e Jamboree and permane nt posse::'l:oinn o f th e troph). Girard "as our io\el) Foohall Queen and K e n l\l o rri s was h o n oral") captain o f th e f oo tball team. Hcmember the r o u sing pep ralli es. th e foo tb a ll. bas k e tball. and ba se ball gamC'::. \\he r e \\e )elle d our l o ud est. as if w e kn c thi s was th e last )car \\e'd be able to c h ee r our team t o victory? \"'\ e studied hard for th ose college board exams and \\e knew th e reward w o uld h e \\ell w o rth th e e ff o rt. Our Val e ntin e F o rm al \\ ilh Lu e h o r\zcarraga at th e organ brighte ned th e hori zo n a nd e \ er)o n e had a \\onde rful lim c at th e 1 \1'I11)-\a\ ) C luh that night. King Rit c hi e \1ore a nd Qu een Julia M ay. wit h their se ni o r a tt endants L e nd ) lIarris and L )ll n J o n es r e igned ove r th e e \ c llin g. A s th e week s w e nt by_ we slipped int o our treasure b ox m o r e \\o nd e rful. lInf o rgettahl c memories of o ur da), in J3HS. a t graduatio n. it i s all o\er but th e mem o ri es whi c h will live in our heart s fore\ er. memori es o f la u g hin g carefr ee da)s. o f triumphs and defeat s. and o f close friends. \,/ e \\ill al\\a)s remember Gradllalion Oa). th e da) \\e stood 011 the thres h old o r our future looki n g a h ead. \\ ilh hopeful hearl s and eager minds. Ours i s th e spirit of youth a nd a zest for Ii, in g. Ours is th e \\ori(l.


CONGRATULATIONS Na ncy Acly Eda AIt.lIla Yvette Amar Rac h e l Ba .... C leve Griffin James Benson Rose Btesh Roberto Chan Ha ... ie t C i .. h Joan Of"gcnaalo .I,"lith Engelke P eggy Foil"s Hallie Gle'lIl Christian Hem'on 1\1in e"va He ... e .a C la"dett e To"ss i e h Jallles \ V at son Daniel Winldos ky Ricl",,t1 Wright Diane Jacob s Linda Jacobs Marcia Lewis Melinda Marshall Carol Perantie NanC)' P"f"(l y .Ioseph P"s ti s Robert St .. "lIIpf Owen S"the ,.)and


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IJEST ALL.AROUND Bob Hamilt o n ;\hria CiraTd RUNNERS-UP BES T DA NCERS D avid B ehar, S i g l BES T LOOKIIV C Luis Prosp eri. Brill MOS T I'OPULA R Carl o s F e r nande z Julia MOS T TALENTED Melinda George MOl'cn o Bob feaTolI, E n g elke Na n c) Ad,-, HidHlrd ',,"'ri,;hl Rohe l 'lO Chan. JOlin D e g e n .. :!r FRIENDUES T W ITTIEST DOIlIHI J enkins J erry Durfce Ronald l\lf!:1f1. lit:II.!'l c r


J oan Dinll)fI S e c r l'ltrr y ROAD HOGS A I Nahma d Vict! Prpsit / p", O""id T"le IJrt's i l /f',,' Mr. W. Mikulich Miss lI:tzc l SIJOIISOr Top. l e I' 0 rig/ll: L. U r e edingj C. CO\ inglon. H. C u 'rro; H Bcrman; S. Ca nas; D. C han; D Art!f'lkoPi B. lJi s hop: M. S. Ctlanis ; F. Bauchm:JII. Middl e I t o r.: II. ArI .. lI1sj S lbr lowj E. A shlc:,' ; B. n. C:lh' o ; L. BlIl'rillu; E. Ihiler; 8. C rowe; :\1 COllovel '. IJoIlOIII. I 1 0 r.: P B enne ll ; C. U .. rbicr; S. AIi IJOng"; \V. BUll ch; R B:II IJal .. ; I I Adams : V. A"ihl; L. U C t klc:,' ; E. Burch. Top. l elt t o rigl,,: E C. Cambr:., ; R. C:lluly; S. Dunning; A. 1\1. Dew; J. Carcia; S. Flu'bman; U. Dukc; F. Dubc; E Cunningham. Mit/til", I t o r : I Clare; J Oilll i l fl ; J. DUlin; L. Dew; J Eglinloll: S. F .. t : t tl j E D:lmel'''u; J. Full er; n. OUl'a n 110tto m I.t" r.: J C h l lst! ; C C h:lse: J Curtis; J Clmlllle r s : T Currigan : 1\1. CI'ook: (:. Douglas ; S. Clell1l11on s


JUNIORS TOfJ /p/, 1 0 r;I!"': F Mill e r ; S 1\1.1l,lc; C. i\lrCulJough: F. Paige; C. 011; S. Nelson; K Maglllls oll; K JIOII:Ig. I. 1 0 r.: B. Priest ; A. Libel'l ; D. Pascual: n. Kessl c l : n. Kil'lIwfcr: B Fullman: V. Quiros: L. I'ar s on: L. Pal)azian: J. l\lcC:lughc y ; C. KhIlIlCO: P. Hurst; C. M edin: ; G. Cusca: F. Ioller. Bottom. I 10 r.: G. Ki"khIlHI: G TrimLle; H Millioll; W. L e Bl a nc; E. Maduro; E. Alllcglioj N. I'ct!c r s cllj C. M c{,riff: C. L:'latz : A. Nahllla(lj 1-1. N a ... h: G. GiUlUIta sioj C. i\l cgger s T OIl. / P/I to r; l.dll: E F o 'se; J Tl'ibc : S. Sdlllcirlc r ; O M Smith: N. Rayb o ul 'lu! ; S Hho:llh.; B. S S p clH'c r ; n Sianiuli",; O. Stringer: S. S USS-O j M. Varela; N. Therrell: O Rose: f. TO,""II:ocrul Mi,/dip. I t o r.: J Z : lrrlun; M Smith; 1 "1. Wakericlrl: '1. ,,,,r i ckmall; f. Skillllt.'r : L. Ray m ond: C. Si m oll; C. Zirkm :lII; 1\1. \\;'illiam .. ; A. R('!ltz: C. Slice; S. T,,:, oIOl'; 1\1. Reilll: llIlI ; B Sanrlcr: R. V:alcntillc. 80"0111. I. 1 0 r.: O. Ihlt-r: E. S h:II I' : L. Si,gel; O. T lt c ; C. \X' olllm: u k : S. S hrUl, l cr: I'. Saxnn: Co T oothman: O. Rallf l d : J TrlH,u 'r: E. WII!OhiJUrn: O. R{'{'I f': O. L. ''''UII!:: S Sil!OIl.


JUNIORS JR S R. BANQUET COMMITTEE-T o". Ie/, 10 rigl.,: R D YOllng; N. The r rell: M JOI 'r!'II1; S. Nelsoll. Sen t e d I. to r : B. S Silton: A. Nahm:lci. Jil. SHOWCASE COMMITTEE SI(llIflillg It'/' 10 rigllt: C I -iac k el!, E. Kaall, D. Hut chinS lIll. C. Kirkland. R. Ucarl, N. I Iughes, R. Dur;lI1 S. Light, ell. Knee/ illS. Ie/t to rig"': M. COIIO".' I K \li' hat i:l )ear thi s h a s b ee n! T o begin with w e e l ecte d David T a t e, pres id enL: Al Nahmad. vicepres id e nt : ane! Joan Dimpfl. sec r e tary. AL our b eautiful Christmas f orma L J a c ki e Dunn wa s c r owllP d Queen. In. R ING COMMITTEE-Top. lelt to right: C Barbie r ; T COI -rig:lI1. Secolld. I to r : H. Sp(,l1cer ; S. Cit. : R. Barbara; D. H y l e r IJol1om. I t o r : R. C ,'owe; J. Tribe ; M. Smith; M. H c bLTI.


JUNIORS The Junio r -Se ni o r Banque t and Pro m e r e th e la s t bi g get-t oge th e r s o f th e tw o classes dream o f b e i ng a se ni o r i s aimosl a r c alil). It 5 only a s umtll c r v acati o n a way. JUNI O R CHRISTMAS FO RMAL CO M MITTEETop left t o right: ill. UH ullcc: 13. Duke: A J Dimpfl. Mil/tile. I 1 0 r.: C. Simon; L. Dew; S. Purdy: J Dunn. Ch. BQtto m I 1 0 T.: D R a ndel; C. liC IT; W. S. H Million. J UNIOII SENIOIl I'IIOM T o p fef' 1 0 r i g"': J Trower : D. Hcccc; E Cunnillgi1:l m : V. Aviha. Mitltll e I t o T.: C. Z il-kman j F. Paige. Clio; S. GIII I:.; E. Maduro; 1\1. Smith: M. 'Wic kman Hallom. I. 1 0 T.: J. EglilltOIl: i\1. R e imann: V. Quirol'l: E. O a m e r a u


MYRNA P I E RCE BACKSEAT BILL 1 1 R UNNEH Prl'i'!idcnl DRIVERS C H A IlLlE FIlENC II V i c e Pres id ent M R G. C A S E S P OIIS OI' Tol'. l e l t 1 0 ri g /,t : T. A "i a s j S. C hcs!t 'r: :\1. M. C h ase: B. C all1l) b c ll j P Andrew; J N B 3111.'h m 31l; 1 1. Barke r ; N. Clarke; I. B eq;; J Beard; B BaliS: S. C r llz: J C a m e r o n ; V B cnnell; A. \ Valle ', 1 1t;t1 d l l". I 1 0 r : J A l c m<.llI j P. Cor r igan: J B a n ; R B rowll ; J Clare; P. A ll ell; S Crumb l c:,' ; ", E B a"nhaTlj S Bar r e ll ; J Adki n s : 1\1. Canham; n C l w lli s : R A h e ll. Bottom. I 10 r.: P B l a des; C CHlver l ; D B,'o",lIc; A. Azcarrilgaj E C h a illja; O. BrowlI; B. Bru n n e r ; T. Cunlii ng-h ulII ; A Mar s h a ll ; E. Cruthc r s ; B Bruhn: T. A s hton ; W. Boyell; L. Bal clII::lII T o p 1(>/1 t o rig llt : S EOis tman ; K Dav i s ; R O : lhlhoff: C. F"Cflcl"ic k ; C Dav i s : S. D c Yore; S. figucma; C Egglesloll; 1 \ Flatau; Z. Fig uCI'oa : B F orti ; M. Down i n g Middle I 1 0 r : C. Cr"ham ; D DcsL o ncit's j L. Cundc r,-,cll j C. Dorfman : C DilHl1r1: C. Emh u :l j N. DUI'ling: R. Durling; S. C linely; L. Eas t m :l n j R I-Iopkin s : O I J otlo m I It) r.: B J E n g e l ke; O B 1 1 1 l e : J B I I o lt ; C. Fre n c h ; T 1-1. Feeney; C OI 'lIlulI: B Hitt h t !H k


SOPHOMORES TO(l. l elt I Q right; II. Spect or: P. S. S n:"d c r ; A. Vart laj j\. Tapia: R. T(.'Tco,,: S. Watson: P', Vanrlf"rDijs: 1\1. Ward: 1\1. Waliscr: S. Sadler: E S i e m e ns; ill. K. "'(' ks. Middl e I to r : E Saurcz; S W il :,oll; P. Va lc; E. S iancook: S. Tillman: S. Sack : K. Zimmerman: O. \'Vill s l('arl: O. V('" t a): A -ood: L. Tay l ol"'; C. S i g l ; P. Tatc: B. Wallace. Iloilo".. I 1 0 r.: R. Shut::,; i\1. Schoc h ; O S'ldlf'l"'; R ''\ inbergj S ... iell; J Snodgras:.; II. S t ahl; D. TcI'rY ; L. Thumpsonj R R H e n r.,ow ; E. Valentin; K WiJ"ollj T. Womble.


SOPHOMORES ,ADI E HAWKINS PUBLIC ITYT o p I 1 0 r. : C. l-Io l gcr"l'!oll: A. \Vood: J. M. Pif'I'c(' Fro,,', 1 0 r.: S. M. II. Barker. c-A t la s t "e'rc finall y uppe r unde r c la sslllclI. The year starte d o ff \\ ilh a bang with the e l ection of our cla ss officer s : Bill Brunne r. pres id ent: C harl es fre n ch. \ i ce pr eside nt: and M f ) na Pie r ce. sec re tary. H i ghlig htin g th e lis t o f events \\a s o ur Sad i e Hawkins Dance with Manuelita l \ l oses as D a is)' Ma e. a nd \"\;' arrc n Bo)ctt a s L i 'l Abn er. SADIE IIAWKINS E:-IT EHTA INMENT COMMl1vrEE -Top: A Hask ell. S(>co",l. I. 1 0 r : i\I. Miller; '-., VOOTllllc:, cr: N. C l ark; G. [ I:,' K"eeli,,/!. I. 10 r : L. Orit.'lIz: L. Gumit("l!!oll. Not picturef/: -O BrO\\llc, 01111.: A. O'Lcar:,' : E. CUlhc rs; S S n:,' (ft' I


The Soph -Frosh Frolic wa s as w o nd e rful a s our Frolic Qu ee n. Carol Oimpfl. Ev e n th o u g h we lost th e Frolic all o f our o th e r evenls l e d 1 0 a s u ccessful year. \ V e 'lI b e bac k again n ex t )ear a s mig ht y j unior s Go gct 'cm SOPHOMORES D I SPLAY COMMITTEE-Tol'. I 10 r.: ill. Garcia; C. A. Lagassic; ;\1. V:'ll c : J 11011.. Speo"d. I t o r.: L. Hillkle: P. !\Iorgan : S DeVorc; S. S n y der: C. Oiml1f1 : M. '''' a lsoll; i\I. P i t' rl'!' Third. I. 1 0 r : O. Sadl,r: L. E.lslmall: J MIII' PIIO: O. Il:.arll t' .'; B I'll. B o o m I t o r : O. B"owllc: U Ilitdlf'ock : J. L. B a t eman.


I'ENNY WEUIJ SC('Tctal Y TRAILERS IJONNER HADLEY P,'csidclil HAY CALDWELL Vice Pre side nt Mil. D MYEIlS Class SJ10nSOl' Top. l ei' to r;g/il: K. Clark; S. A ll e n ; C. Br:ulshaw: D. Chas sin: O. Daus; R A.m: lto: J. 11.,u",,; J. Buckner; F. Beh:.n: O. C rook; D. Hcrgerc; H BI:H"kmanj R. Co, ingIOllj K Bassell; J. ColSey; n. A llt ll. Mitldl". I to r.: I. Arjollll j P. AlHHli ; A. C h eung; l\1. A. Howell; B B artlctt ; M Cono\' c r j L. Clifford; J Corni" h ; K. Baug h llIall; J Bryalll; J C hedester; D. Bras wel l ; K Curlis IJotto"" I. t o r.: J Calron: J Conklin: L. 13ro"'II; J. B ehar'; 1\1. B.cllsakj F. B:lggOltj R. Caldwell ; M. CJU\ C I'; G. Coppcnha\' c"j C. B erg; M. B c rlOl cttcj T. Arnold; A. Barlc l ; U Ca lrlitoj B. C0I11Pl011; M. Cas s idy; C. Clurk.


FRESHMEN TOi l l eft 1 0 righ,: M KlipJlc r : A. Mulll' r j n. Lawson : J 1 l cilman: K H arklc ronfl : J M cNall: R. COIHlUg hc:,' : J. Hearll e : S. Jones; K l-lal c : L Ki clhofe r : C. Clai r ; C. K enl; B. H Oll se; C. Homes ; J Bril1klf" ) : K. Moili. Mit/till'. I. to r.: D. I I o cnkt: J King: D lIa rllc d : L. Hand)' : E. J ohnson ; E. Eisenmann : S. CupiOIl; V. Lomhrnia : D. I -hall; M. KOTli.-!4ki: S. t-Ielc; C. J -Iuff: C. KCfidi c j K Kinhmic l ; C Harri"ofl. Botto m I. t o r : R MOI Th. ; J Kimball; n. Lcggic rc; K E. O Ma c Lean: C. King; E. Lillcc: T. Johnsoll: T. 1\101'('; U. Millcl'j M K ell) ; M. Nortoll; .I. Mars lllll!: G. l\1cNal, h j C Knoc k ; W. Mille r : G Ness: J Kline. Top. h / t 10 ri gh,: I Nit' p sc:, ; N. Lil\"in: C. Mapl e s ; J R e a d ; F l\ltll"riSj S. L e l\1i c u x : 1:0, M c Keeh a n ; V. L cd. I W ll er: C. lawrence; J. Phell lll ; D Rogers; B. Oh,,'c; N. P arkc r'; K. O. P t !;II'CC. Middle. I 1 0 r. : A. Huiz; H Ib:"lUond: E. PTice; C Lopcz: J Mc:,'t,s: P Rogers; C. McMath: C. P r":I ; I : Rose: C. P e t e rs; M Orr ; J. R ellinger: B Plic et; K. I : c:lrl: C. [':II k er. BOllom.l 1 0 r.: n. J Price; B Rigby. F. H o t: J P'--1Ir:,01l; R O 'Oell; L. PCITY; H I'"rkt-T j J Hcylto l dsj O )'ajak; E. H cltlli c ; B. Hui7.; C. H enlz Top. Iplt t o right: H. Slea r S j Z. Sibau:,tc; N. Swen son; S J Sullh'l.In ; B \"'(r i ckma n ; M Wils o n ; O. Wheelt!r; R. W heaton; B S til e s ; ) 1 Stu;'lklcy; H. Wagner; N. R. Thomp1!>on; G. Vale; S B Smith; O StrulIlpf; S S p ('ctor ; E. Smith. Second. I t o r.: 1-1. J S d1!>cj C Wat:,OIl: F. \'t llite: M Tuc k e r ; 1\1. C. TIIOII1)) 8 01l; C. 5 h al"l): P. W ebb: E. Sillk: 1\1. S a il er: f. A. Velasquez. TI,;r". f t o r.: R. Schultz: A. \ Vhite : J TUTll c r ; E. Shaft I': F S tabl e r ; n. S,'ult: F. T odd; n U 'Hl c r''''oo(l : n. lIarrell : E. \ 't' omblc ; R \Vc:ul c : T. Tie(l c k c n ; J V illcyal"(l; B. Snnrlcr; J. 80110111. I 1 0 r : P 'nLibodeau : J \"'(roods; C Trail ; T. S h c.,,,:II'd; E. Whit e ; j \ Scutt : S. W"ttSj K. S ht ricl:'ln; B. Scisc; C Schultz.


FRESHMEN FRESHMAN PIC N I C I 1 0 r., j K F l ow ers: n Thomp:.o n 80110111. I 1 0 r.: R. CaM w ell : F. Bright; T. S h cIlP:l r 'd. R e m e mb e r ? Last Sept e mb e r whe n w e e nt e r e d 811 5 f o r th e fir s t time? A l last w e w e r e in hig h sc h oo l a nd so m c\\, h a t a p p r e h e n s ive as t o whal it wo uld b e lik e \Ve w e r en't di sa pp o int e d with our lo ng.a\\aile d Fres hm a n Pic ni c o r th e Soph o m o r e freshm a n Frolic \\hi c h \'C \\o n \,ilh a b a n g. FRESHMA N SHOWCASE-Bu c k I t o r.: R Thomp. S O n : B. Middle. I 10 r. : K. B K. P. \",,' ebb. f 'rm,': B Vah-,


The charge of the Soph-Fros h hrigt ldc! B e lt ) L o u Whea t o n \'as our fro l i c Qu ee n a n d r e i g n ed o v e r th e ac t i\ tili es. O u r class office r s thi s yea r \ e r e B o nn e r I l a d l e) pres id e nt: H ay C a l d\\ e ll. \ ee p: a nd P e nn y \Vebb. sec r etary \ V e s h all always r e m e mb e r t h e p a s t lea r a s t h e b eg i nn i n g o r a \\olld c dul p e ri o d in o u r lives DOllO :. t CIl Oll m ) bhl ck-rubbe r s hocs! FRESHMEN FRE S HMAN PI CNIC C OMMI1 -rEE-Tol" I. to r., B. S til e s : S. Tho m a s ; 8 Wheaton. Mitltll e I t o r : 8 B arllc lI ; W ebb; V. Lcdbc ll e r ; J. D o h ar-ty; C \V;ll s oll B ottom: A Ruiz


School Life .


OURS Dan ces and foothal l ga me, Are a stude nt's d elig ht. Life would o e 1 ,li,.ful ... but For th e hom e work a t night.


STUDENT JOAN DECENAAR S .A Sec r c l a r -FOil EST WISE S.A. Secr e t;,,.)' ASSOCIATION JAMES DOIlAN S.A. I ' "sidc llt DON IlYTER S .A. V icc Presid ent MR. DAVID S P E IIl S .A Sponsor S.A. REPRESENTATIVES-Top_ l eft 10 risht: J Mars h:tll j J. W. Livingstoll: f. Briglll; V. J. Durfce; I', Foiles: B. Schultz; T CUllllingh:lIl1j S. Turner: F Mili c I': 8. Brunne r ; A. H a s k ell; A Nahmaclj C. OimJ1f1: R Wills Mit/tile. I. t o r : J. King ; L. 1acohs : M. Downing: G. L O llliJ :lI1a: S. Cl"Uz: P. Voorlllle -(,I'; D. W heal oll: C FrOll'. I. 10 r.: J. Bryanl: S N ... l solI: J Tribe: B Bur-li c it ; K. Not pic turetl: C. RaTbier: W. I I a lvosaj E Burch: B Iladle,' : M Kcll, S .A. ALTERNATES-Toil. I p/t 1 0 ri::", : S. Silton: n W cadc: D. R ('t' tc: I I. I .... ,,,c llrlcr: B. Hrullllc l'; j Pus tisi D. Winklos ky; C. R entz; J Carlin. Middle I. 1 0 r.: re. S tl"lllupf j S Paigc; S. PUrfly; E. Damcr:'lUj n. AlJe ll j M. leke; D. V es t a l s : 1 1. Criteh; M R. Btcsh ; L. Ea stman. Fro llt.l. t o r.: G. Gross : E. E i :.cnmanj M. Koniecki j R. Hoc. Not pictured: R. C .. ld w ell; B Ri glJr; D. C hassin ; J. Godsey; S Wults.


GET A C Q UAIN T E D D ANCE COMMI'I' r EE-S,,,,,,I iug. I f / t o rill"': M Ebcr c n z ; P L. J : H:'o bl!': H Nila: C. M ill e l ; D K m e n,, ::. I 0 T.: K M ords e h.: J. B Fear o ll. DHI VES COiUMIT'TEE-Top l e f t t o right: C. D CII. t o n ; J S teve n s : D. \'l rinklo s k y : J Pusti s Mitltlle I t o T : M. Gibbl!'; B. N it a ; V. .. c h a i r m an. B orro m I t o r : J. McNall: i\1. Smith. Call1 Prn S . A W ARDS D A Y CO;\ I M ITTEE-L e j l 1 0 r;;t!rl : R lIop kills : C. P cranl i e c h airm' lll j S P O ll C r j D G r as.!!:lu : C. TOlIss i c h : C. Simo n Cam e r c r sll,: L. \Voocl. I N A U G U Il J\L BALL-T o i l l e l t t o r;;dll: M. lIe b ert; J. Dc,::-cnal ll ; ill. \Val s o ll j F. B otto",. I t o r.: J. D o r a n C II. ; 11. 13,' ulltl e r D R:,' l cr. SAFETY CO M M ITTEE-S Iam/ illS, l e / t 1 0 r ig / II: ill. J o nes: M. LaVallee: R Oahlhoff: K Kue"I;,,/,!. I 1 0 T. : R Gdffith: W. D o l a n C h.: \'"\' lIa h 'o.,:I. Not I J; cture f l : L. Eastmtln: \1. CAMPA IGN & ELEC T I ON C Oi\1:\II"" EE-SIl",dillg. / p/l 1 0 rigllt: N. Simon ; S R h oads; S Pur dy; E A ltlllJUj D J a cobs. C h. KIIl!plillg. I. 1 0 r. : D. Bf'h t l r : J C h a l m c r s


VISITO R S DAY COl\1MITTEE-Top. l eft to right: B. C. R Chan, chairman; I I. G l enn: C. Dimpfl. Bottom. I to r.: 1\1. Smith; 1\1. '"'('ani; C Maples; B. \""'(' heat on. WELFA R E COMMIT1'EE-TofJ. Ipll to right: B I -Iamiito ll U. S i rumpf; D. I)renn.ln; B. I Jotto",. I t o r. : n. Caml,.; 1\1. E b c r e nz: j. E ngelke; L. lIinklc; Ctl lll t' I a s h ,. : B. l)' l v i s ; E. i\1aduru; D Chassin. S. A. J ell t o rigl": H. Nita; D. J enkins; J E ngelke; F. ,",(l i s e c h Sill;IIg l elt 1 0 rig"t: C. P'eranlie ; J Degen 'lill'; l:l. Penlling t o n ; l:l. Foiles; IIOf p;c tll.r p ,J: B. E li c h ASSEMBLIES COMM I 'li'EE-T o/J. l efl 1 0 rig /II: R WI'ight; O. Sutherhllul; C I-Iear o n e h a inna .. ; S. T Ollssi c h BOIIOIII. I 1 0 r.: P. M c t\:c clr'HI; P'. Allen; B. Calvo; L. Burillo; s h,.: i\1. Girard. S INGING VALENTINE COMMITTEE-To". Ie/I 10 ri g"': j. Oor' lIl ; N. l:laz :.lmant e j S. Light; G. McGriff. Bolio",. 1 1 0 r : J OUI f et! : (;. Luml,:III:l, chairman; U. j Winkl o s k:, TRAIN TIC K E T S COMMITrEETt)lJ. I plI 1 0 rig/II: J W;'lbion: B, Strumpf; R. Griffith. Bottom. I. 10 r.: R. A b e ll ; M. Mal'shall, c h airman.


BAN D TO I', ('It t o rig /It : E. Cunning h a m ; D I-I:arll cf l j D O Reec e : O. S adle l ; J R Wee( l ; C. N :II) i!.'r: S Walt s ; F. T I lw llscnd; C Egglesl olI; K Allwto: E V :ll ctin. Mid tlle I. 1 0 r : O. R : lllll d ; A O Lc: l r)'; J. G a llo":!)': n ",-II, k e r : P Cal vert: C M eg-gCTs ; i\J. Mi ll e r ; J I\:in g j M. Smith ; \'\' H ic h a r d :.o n M. B eard : R Hirhanl:.OIl. /Jollo m I 1 0 T.: \ V L h 'ing::.hlllj N. L it vin; J. Brin k l:,' ; J. Fulle r ; O Young: C. C U I 'II; K Zimnh r lII a ll : J Clair: D IIC 31"1Wj h.. Wi l s o n : J 1I 0 t ... : S. (:rllmbl:,' BANO O F F I CE R S T o I l. I e 1 0 r i ght: M Ic-kej N lIid/llt I 1 0 r : L. Jilc o b1),; J Gall o":.!),: K M :t:":-IlIl UIl. 1111110",. I 1 0 r : O. H a ll rld; A. O I...cur':,' Mil. \ I C T O n E llie t)irpcl o r


NOON ORC IIESTJlA-Top lefl 1 0 righ,: C. R e nt z. J Tilley; J. Wood:,; L. Gunde r soll; O. 8"0\\n; J. 11t.: I n ; D. T erry ; A. Mullc .. Mitldle I 1 0 r.: E. K ent; E O Urown ; F. ,,7hitc: M. Walk e .: I : Thibo deau: L. O d c n z j ill I c kc. IJo I, o m I '0 r.: C. Meggc rs; R f. Uright; R C a l (lw e ll ; A. E b c r c nz; J. E sslinger: K F lowers j 1-1. G l cnn. The o r c h estra a nd band. d i r ec t e d b) Mr. V i c t o r H err and with th e ass i s tance o f D o n R a nd e l h ave give n man y fin e pe rf o r m a n ces t hi s yea r ill a dditi o n L o th e t raditio n a l Chris t ma s a nd Spring Conce rt s. Thc t a l e nt s o f th e mu s i c d epa rtm cnL and th e drama cl ub w e r e c o m b i n e d t o pro du ce th e L o wland Sea" a nd B e f o r e th e Co nida." w hi c h w e r e i n r e h ea r s a l w h e n thi s co py was mail e d t o th e printe r N o o n e w ill eve r for ge t h o w Art O L ea r y p l a ye d th e t r u mp e t i n B F l at Blues" at Illan y o f th e p e p r a lli es. o r h ow th e band wa s applaud e d afte r p l aying s u c h so ng s as th e Blu e Tango Th ey r e ally h e l p e d t o inc r e a se s pirit at th e pe p r a lli es The band a l so contribute d t o th e pa tri otic spiril o n V e t e r a n s Da y b y m a r c hin g ill th e a nnu a l parade. o n CIiESTRA-Top. lef, 1 0 right: T Plo\\' m an: D Uro\\'lIc; J T illey: O H o b c rts ; D. Harne d ; M l'cl ,kins : P. Col vert; J King ; C Eggl e s t on: K. Amato; D. Urown; E. Va l cntin; A. Middle. I 1 0 r.: R Shuey; L. Oden z j H To\\n:,c lul : R. Bright: I'. Rose; I'. Vand e r Dijn: I I. G l elln; A. E b c r e nz; J. full e r ; S. Li"ing slollj H N. Litvin. Botto",. I t o r. : C. Mcgge'rs; Il Na s h ; K. FlowCls ; H Cald w e ll ; ill. Walker; E. E isen mann; A. ROfl. j(IUCS; S.


Hur fi r s l pt.rforlllaIlC C h e fore Ihe s c hool. S ingi n g be f o r e man y audie n ces th e c h o r u s and g lee clu b w o n f a m e again t hi 5 yea r The C h ri stmas C o ncert. p l anned b) Mr. H e r r in cl ud e d O l d En glis h car o l s as well a s rno d e rn C h r i s t mas m u s i c s u c h a s L e roy Ande r so n's "Sl e i g h Ride." The con ce r t adde d a t o u c h o f s now a n d s l e i g h b ells t o a s u nn y P a n a m a Chris t mas. if o n l) in so n g. T o add t o th e f es ti viti es som e o f t h e G l ee C lu b m embe r s dresse d a s tl' o u ba d ol'S sa n g car o l s i n f r o n t o f th e Ba l boa Theat e r All w ill a g r ee th a t th e T i vo l i A nn i ve r s a r y S h o w w ith back g r ound m u s i c b y t h e G l ee Club. m a d e b o th th e Can a l Z o ne's o i d tillle r s a n d th e yo ungst e r s g l a d t o b e a pa r t o f C a n a l Z o n e lif e T h e G l ee C lub m embe r s realiy wo r k e d h a rd t o gel lhe r es ult s they ach i eved They cou l d b e h eard ove r a l th e Mu s i c B uil d i n g r e hear s i n g n o t only afte r sc hool b ut d u rin g th e i r IUllc h h o u r a s well. B o th th e Lowl and Sea" and t h e Sprin g Co ncert p r o m ise t o b e s u ccesses

1\1" Mussellllan, C I"I, Spollso r Ca), l\'Iullur'kc)" Slut/ PII' Oirpclor Cuoel lIIonriug, lIIe h,ss." DRAMA The oc k and Buskin's fir s t pro d u c ti o n thi s yea r wa s th e appea lin g three-ac t pla y "Se v e nteenth Summe r. di reel e d b y Mr. D o n 1\i u sse lman, A s thi s i s b e ing writt e n, th e dra m a cl ub i s colla b o r atin g with th e Illu s i c d epartment 1 0 produce th e o n e-ac t pia ) "Bef o r e th e C o rricl a and th e o p e r elta L o wland Sea," This Illu s ic al drama i s ex p ec t ed t o b e as hi ghly s u ccessful as las L yea r's "F'i n i a n's R ainbow, whic h was o n e o f Balboa Hi g h Sc h ool"s lop dramati c produ cLions. gels a bit or :lfh ice. Tllat ,Ic \ ili s h I cprc clr:u lll o "Oh, "ha l flo 10 lIIe!-' 'Don' l take i t s o liard, s hcrirr. lIIe b o)'o


Chez Eloise M o d elin g cl o th es t h ey had made duri n g th e sc h oo l year. Bl-JS g irl s t oo k part i n t h e 16t h a nnual fas hi o n s h ow. C hez E l o i se. o n January 1 6, 1957. lVl i ss Elo i se M onroe. teach e r of h o u se h o l d a rt s i n Bal boa H i g h Sc h ool. prese nt ed stude nt s fr om her firs t. secon d and th i rd yea r h ome econom i cs cla sses T h e s t y l es inclu ded spo r t s clothes. s t ree t dresses. and su i t s. as well as afte rn oo n and eve nin g wear. L e f t 1 0 righ,: I I. Bi s h oJl; A. W oO( I ; K O a \ isj R R e n n an; J Adkins ; G. Endl.lrl.1j L. Tarl o l"; C. i\t illct'; T. P e n a ; E. S i e lll i n s ; G L o ml..a n a j il'I. M o r eno. S IWI'OIl DeVore G l o ria ElI{lara


Lincla Editor Carol I'crantic I JlIsil/l'ss ilIg r ZONIAN ZON IAN 1l0AIlO OF EOITOHSTop. I 1 0 r.: J. D C. Voorlnu:o"c r Middle. I 1 0 r.: C. MrC "iH;' R Bl esI.. 8 0tlol/l: M. EIJ erellz. The ZOl/iall s t a ff i s a work in g unit o rgani ze d int o four separa t e g r o u p that eac h perform a s p ec i a l j o b Th e s t aff wo rk s togethe r dra\\ ing lip layout s. \\ rit in g co p y. p lannin g picture sc h e dul es and th inkin g up !'I oga ns. lONIAN STAfF-Top : C. Mille r : P Penningtoll; R. C. G. R. A b ell: L. Jacobs, Edito r ; C Zirko fII.llI: Mr. Vo shllr,gh SpOilS or. Middle: 1\1. E b c r e nz; C. M cG"iff; C. P e l 'antic; D Ilottom: J. S. Mable. Cm'H'ru sll.,,; 1\1. G iTlin!. Fro m th e layout table Ccri j V l cC riff says. "Bl eed t hi s pictu r e t o th e lOp o f th e page." At th e t ypew ri t e r Carol V oo rlmeyer sa)s t o Julia .\Iay "We h a \ e to cui th e word co unt again ,"' The fast cl ic k of t y p ew rit e r s a nd th e vo ice of th e editor. Linda J aco b s. t alk ing to th e s p o n so r a r e sounds o f th e ZOlliofl s taff working t o Illee t th e dead line. At last th e cia) a rri ves \\ h en all th e parts o f th e ZOflion a r e put togeth e r. The L 957 ZOlliclll goes to press! "1\'11-. ""Iid In I'I'oofrcad it again !" Oh, those !, c m c rs.



Reserve Officers' Training Corps BATTALION STAFF AND COLOR CUARD -Top. I. to r.: Carl('1 M/S/:I n Cox; Sgt. S. Schwe d e r ; S f", C. Napi e r ; Sgt 1\1. F ,allo n : Sgl. C Fro,,', I 1 0 r.: B :ltI;IIiOI1 slaH: CIII(,1 Major J Pustis : 1:)011, C:Hl c l i\bjor G. i\1(Crifrj Cadct 1..1. Col. R Ilamillon; C:ul(,1 Capt. D Drcnnan: Carl e l C:IPt. C. F c r n lllrlcz. R.O.T.e. S PON SO RS-I .... 1 0 r. : S. P OtlCI': F. Wise: M. C ir:lrd; G. i\lcC"iff. U S I IEB: CUAHD-l'ofJ. I 10 r.: Ca pl W h c clt..'T': i\1/Sgl R Wrij.:hl Sgt. of Ihe GlIal'r l. Seco"d row I to r.: n Winbc"g.j W lIul1l1i clI lI ; D. Browl1 ; '''. F elTo; H. Kirkl:lIlIl; E Folse; T. Asht o n Third rOlf). 1 10 r : II. U .. rr; O B"ownc; O. Sulli"'III; O. L a",' rcnce; B. William!!!; K Degon; L. King. Fourlh row. I. 1 0 r.: B S('ull; C. B o uza: V. O epa!!!co; L. Martine lli ; L. GUlll lcr!!!OIl; 1-1. S I :,hl; B. Kielhelfcr. 8Q1I01II. I 1 0 r.: C. S U CI'c: F. Ouhc : F. Rome ro; T Ari:h; W. St'OII; W. A ll c n : R. L .m. T h e Balboa J 'ligh Schoo l Drill Tcant p erforme d Ihis lIIul e l the learl e r ship of Carle l Capl. Hill Dolan, Drill l\IOIs tcr. BIFLE TEAMl'op. I 1 0 r.: S. Huw ley; L. \'( 'ollg; D. Reccej \"'(' A ll en; L. Kirklallrlj I\1/Sg l Wallat'cj D. C. Bouza: G COSCII; L. \l' o orl. Middlp. 1.10 r : K Wilsoll; F. i\1iller; C. Wom:'lck; C. A s h I"y: B. SIIumpf. BoliO",. I. 1 0 r : J. C h:'I!!!C: F. Dullc: B Kidhofer: F. Townscnd: D.


A -Ex('e .. J D o r an: Pla looll Lelr J Durfee: uulc i 11011. Capl . f W i:.l' : Co. COlli III D G r assau: 1'1::110011 1..1'1". J \\'ood : Co. Guido n B, a r er. E. Clirronl. BOO Company t h e b r id es m a i d bu t n ev c r th e brid c d e s c ri be s R Co m pa n y L c d by i t s very a b l e c o mm a nd e r a n d cx e c u l i v e offi c e r C h ri s H ea r on and D a nll ) Wi n k l os k ) r es p ec tfull}. th e c o m pa n y p ut u p a s tiff fig h t and \\a s g e n e r al!) a clo se run n erup. "A" Company G etti n g off t o a s u ccess ful s t a rt b y \\ i n ning th e f ir s t 1\\ 0 s i xw ee k s co mpe tit i o ns .. /\ .. C o m p a n } und e r th e l eacl e r s hip o f D i c k G r a ssau h a d e x ccllent m o r a l e a nd remaine d a cl ose conte nd e r f o r top honors thro u g h o ut th e y ea r Compa n y 8 -Plalo o n lA-lr .. J Galloway : Co. COIIIIII .. C H e a r oll: C m l C I 11011. C::qll .. M. Gira rrl : Co. Exe(' .. D PlalOOIl Lflr., C GriHin; Co. Guido n B er u'cr. J S I C CII:.. (;olll)lall)" C--EM' e .. H SITUlllprj Caric i 1 -1011. C a l l i . S. P "tler: Co. C OIllIlt n Oulall; 1'I .. t oulI LAir. L. \Vood ; Plato u n Ltlr., J. \Vahollj Co. Guidoll DC:II" 1\1. Koch er. "COO Company O ut s t a nding f o r its ge n e r o u s d o n a ti o n s t o c harity. "C" pro udl d o na t e d 50 ( o f th e sc h oo l l o l a l in th e R e d Cross Dri \ c. A chic\ing g r e a t u ni t ) behind Bill D o lan. th e \ as IIca r th e t op.


National Honor Society S/rmt/;IIg.l e/l 1 0 rigllt: Miss Whitman; N Purdy; R. Strumpfj O. Suthcdnndj J Engelke; I). L. J. Puslis; E. AItUlIlIj C. ( lcarulI; R. h igh! ; D. Jacobs K"eeliug. I 10 r : N. C. P e r-antic; J Dcganaarj P Foiles; 1\1. ilbrsh:allj 1\1. Lewis Future Nurses of America BlICk l eI' 10 ri gl.,: F. Wise; S Booth: E. K elly ; M. J DegenaaJ"j O. Selby: C. P e r-antic; 1\1I-s. J ourne ay, sponsor; J. Quiros; L. Burillo: l:t, Foiles; P V;'lfc. Middle. I. 1 0 r. : B. F .. ..iuuallj C. D : I\'isj V Pf!rI"aj S. RllOrlcs; 1\1. L :I\'lIl1c; B. Spence r ; l:t, Voortmcycr: 8. 81 : lII eo; G. Mille r ; K. Roberts; B. Par'kcT: S. MOI' clley. Fro,,', I. 1 0 r.: A. Has k ell; D Chan; A. Lurlfly; P. P ennington; M. Girarrl. P'rcsill cl1l; D. Jenkin s : M. Ward. Future Teachers of America .I ; C. D orfman: C. Davis; R. Head ; N V e b S l e r j 1\1. Sitti,,/!. I. to r.: 1\'1. leke; I'. Foiles; N Purdy; H


La boratory Assista nts Counsellor's Assista nts T o p I p/t t o right: J Tdhe : O H amiel: F Mili cI': C Womack ; f To\\" s cml: J. Diltlilfl: R U OtlOIll. I. t o r : C T Ollssi c h : H \'fright: E. /\ItUII:I: n J .U'o b s : J S m ith: R U ead. Clinic Assistants T o If'/I 10 ri{!llf: n P e l"'a ; A H a s k e ll : V I'c l raj B. O l a"t:. ",;11111,... I. 10 r.: C IJack cl!; M. L Ilrl f!fling: M L a"allce. Bottom. I I f} r.: B h: lippe-I": B S)lCIlf'U: S. t\II"II. S mHIi,,{,!. If '/' t o ri{:/', : J R Cllinge r j J Barl o w j K Curtis Silting I 10 r.: n. Il clIs l cr: N E f l wal'Cls Window Display S I(md illf,!. p /, t o right: O. W in s leml: M. H ollings\\I )rth; L. i\l t ll tiI Wlli: S ill o n nc,": J. Smith; M. '''"' a r d ; T W o ml,If': D Jacobs: 1\Ir s G,'a h a m K II(>efing. I. t o r.: S. n


STAMP CLUB CHESS CLUB CAMERA CLUB L eft 1 0 righ,: Il. Hcl c : W T. A I CX:lIllIC I'j V. A \ i la: C. Tool h TllillI ; R. E i s e n : L. \Vood ; Mr. Ba lalfl clI; R. Tol cdano. TOI l lefl 1 0 righ,: D. B rowlI; C. SOIlZ.I; n Wrigllt; j Smith; V. Pillij Brunn er. Mit/dIp. I. 1 0 T.: J\'I. Cluve : M. NOTion; T. Ho; R Lawsoll; F Townsend; J B a IT. I Jolto m /. 1 0 r.: L. Aros c m c lI:l j P Flatc:.lu j F. Skinne r ; S. More ncy: K. Zimlll crmll ll: L. G Ulld e r s on.


ASTRONOMY CLUB S I(ll/(li"l[. ,pI' 1 0 r;;d,,: n. Chan: S Barre t : B. lIilt' h cOj k ; C. Bouza: J. Esslingl!r; R. Wright: T. A I I!XlIlI(l c l ; I', !\torgall; 1\1. Koc h el', Fro,,'. I IQ T.: V. Qui,'o;oj 1\1. 0 :1111. MATH CLUB Top. l eft 10 rig/II: J. SlIIith: V. A\jlaj T. A lcx:lnrl c l ; H ell:lll: D. B,'u"llc [lotlom. I. 1 0 r.: D. jal: ul1:-: C. Eggl c!'lolI; N. E. Ahun:!: M. Mill('r; ill. 0(\\. KI/(!(,fj"g: j Trillt, : M. 1\1a, ':;;hllll. DEBATE CLUB Top. feft 10 riglll: O Il,'o\\n: R. ""'ri ght: J Dilllpfl. Sf' colltl. I. to T.: J. Smith: M Ko('h c r': O D lIarll l':": n. Brunner: E. S u a rez. Third. I 10 r.: N. J. Trihe: C. Zi,'klll:llI: F. Skinner: N. Tller'rel!: V. )It.'llnclt. Bol. 10111 I. 1 0 r.: D. j :II.'" b .. : M. S mi t h


FRENCH CLUB T o p /tft t o ril,dll: V. ""ita; E. (:haluia: L 0,1 .. '1170. S fcm,d. I t o T.: H. Barq F. VlIlcs; D. L. Uurillu : E. '",-il'c: V. B('I1-n ell. Third. I 1 0 T.: 1\1. Varela: M. H errera: B. ( ::lho: n. Fal,I,E. Dalllcr:HI: L. Jacob:.. /JollolII. t to r : X. Pur-fir: E Allulla: P SPANISH CLUB Top. lelt 1 0 rigl.,: C. AZf:ITTlIg.l: A. Hc,illa: J \ Rodanichc: V A"jhl. ,in-IJTCsidcnlj \'\"' F erro: C. H S i ahl: A. A li))ong:l; G. R O. E i sellman: l.. Orr e nz: E. Chalu.ia: C. SUf'rc: R L all; n Chanis: O. Nunc z ; C. Conlo\'cz: L. L. Martinelli: R FCI ,ttllndcz. Trca;;:UI'cr M i l ,lff'. I 1 0 T : L Reyes: A. Brill; G. LOlllb:II1:1j C. n. LII-ril1a g a ; A. Varc h. j G. H ell:l: E. Ahun:!; S DeVore; B. Farbm: llI ; F BCI" man; S Ctln:.ls; E J\I:ulul'o; S. Farhm: lll j V. C"sir:.; O. HUflrilJuc'l:l I l rCsi ( l c nt; C. C:lsirl.l; S. Mills ; M. V .. r eln; H. O I : H 'e; H. Tcn:as; H i\'Jtlule ... ; N. M C llfli c taj S Gur'IICZ; A. G :lra:,' ; AYf'Ol'k, S P OIISOI B OIIOIII. I t o r.: G. Emla r :l; H UrrioJa; R COll f !nh",'cq L. Fllrillo, SCt T c l ar:, : A. S:qlia; 1\1. Orr; D, A yddko))j M. Challis; A. B. Cal"o; D. Chall: S. \\lalson : F. Diaz; R. N Durling:: S. G rcen: J Orr: S. Vnllflel 'Oij is; 1\1 Ga, 'c ia; L. Uniola: V. UNITED NATIONS CLUB Top, Ie/, t o ri ght: T. Alex :Hlllerj 1\1. Koch e r ; D. Wrighl : D. Brown; V. A r il::.; S TO llSl"ieh ; C Schultz. SI'('ollll. I to 1'.: L. N Purl i n J Killg; i\'1. S Ihrl'clt: M Garcia: L. Burillu: C TOll s .. ich Thinl. I. 10 r.: M. A r chillald ; C. Sa III 1 'lOun: M. L e wis: R. B :ltI:. : P. Morgan: U C .. )"o: ; \ Cltf'lIug: A Kenl. F Ollrth. I. 10 r.: A. A ydclko )): O C h all: I. Ahafli j Y. Amar; I. A I'juna; 1'. Ah:uli ; R A ll e n ; B /Jo"om. I tu r.: R Hlc:.h: E. Madlll'o; S F:rrIJIII:lII: B F:arhman.


ZONI A N AD SELLERS T o p l elt 1 0 rig la: C D C l1to ll ; S T o ussi c h ; L. Oll c n z. B ollolII. I f j 1 0 rig "': V P e rra: C. J Tril .. :-: C. Zirk m all. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Sttllulinp. I plt 1 0 r;;;I ,,: M C o n o v e r ; B. B i s h o p j S. Booth; C S lice; N. Ilug h e s : M. Gibb s:. R. C os-ell j H CUIlning h a m : L. Kir l d ; K Ki r c h m i cr; C Co\ ingt oll:' J 00-C. E n ( l a r l ; C. Sen t e l l I t o T : S B arlow; M. \ V I I S OII: V ilc:"lIulds PARRAKEET AD SELLERS I A' I 1 0 rig /It : C. 511111S 01l; V Q uil'os; S. S iIlOIl; E. Oanwrl.lllj L. il1as l c llari ; J. DUIII1: M I ', Bat'kowiI Z; 1\1. Car c i:l; O E isenman; L. Dew: D. B e l. :II : J Eggl es ton. K peli,,;:: V Av i l a


LI BRARY ASSISTANTS Top. 1"1, t u r i ;:ilf: M. Cluw:r: n. Ibuill:';: v. J K S herida n Froll'. I. 1 0 r : G. P e t e r s ; C. Lipszyc; M. N S":l1I8 01l; J B cel,:, : K. I -I;ale ; A. I i' Ia M. S : ,iI O I': n Amlrcw: E Monag:tll; M. Daniel: P J. EglinlHII. DRAMA CLUB Top. 1,,/, 1 0 r;f.!"': J Flower's, II. Schnc i(l er. Seco llt/. I 10 r.: 1 \1. R. Abell P', flatC:IU, E E i"cnm:lIIl1. M Mi ll T M. Smith. i\1. W:lnl. N Lifton. I I. Mcml, z S. E. l\1aduro. S. Far!.,m : lII U. Far hlll a n G Frcficri(ks, L. lIink lc. Tltird. I. 1 0 r.: M. C Vuorlltl."cl', L. 1I:lrrh., K. Hobcl,t s B Co.,cnh ::n c l n. S B. Parker. I 1 0 r. : C. Corn O. S iringcr', B B C lz-Mykl illld J. Tribe !\t. Smith, K M, Conagh:,' l:t, McKcon 1\1. Moses, S. Johanson. I : O. lIarn c d J. 001'0111. T. S h c PIJard. Pi/'ll. I '0 T.: J. H ellingcr, S. Lighl, 1\1. Lcwi $ 8. BOlu s C. O"dman, C. E-.a;:l e slon, v. Perra. N. 1\1. CiI'anl. H J. OCg"'HWT I'. L. Odcllz. R. \ Vrighl. B M. "odICI'. Ilollom, 1 1 0 T.: C. Hc,II'un J. Smilh, ViC', I'rcsirl,'nl: C. 0,111'0\\11, T,ca.!ollrt'r.


GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Top. 'p/, If' ri::"t: J. L,IWlc l'; ,>, J lIutz; J Barlow; C. P c rlllltic; J. !\Ia)' ; J S i g l ; e Millt' I'; C. (:OTII. Mirlfll, I. t o ,. : C. licIT; D JOlles; A. LUflffy: 1\'1. \'('alsoll; C. Davis: G. M ill e r ; n Il c u s l c r ; I. A I,afli ; L. 1 0111':00: !\'I. E h ,rl'IIZ. ilOilO"" I 1 0 r.: S T : I Ior; 1\1. Wi.,klll:lII; J. Tribe; F. Paige; J ElIgclkc; E Ahun:! ; N. S C rll:l' ; H N i la. LETTERMAN'S CLUB Top. 1 1'/ 1 10 r i S"': B i\l:Ix\\dl: K. Fullctoll: L. ElI stm:tn; E. N Linfors ; D. H l e r : H U :trbara: L. Bar. bi t' r : K. A Nahmilfl: L. Dol"ruwski. SeclJllfl. I 10 r.: R Felll'on; R Millioll; G. Barbie"j t:. Fren ch: T. W. D. B elt:II'; O. Sullu.'rhillci: J. W"I:'HII. Third. I 10 r. : J. Chalme rs: C N: q l icr: W 11:1" '0:.<1; D. S Sdu'oe(ler; E. BUl c lt : L. Balt'm:an ; H m g r B OIlQ m I '0 r.: R TUOlhlll;lll; J. Blackhurn; H More; L. Seigel ; B. a l emall; J H ''''ill",; ''( W.al l : C. Ki,klall(1. -------


fOOTBALL QUEEN Ma ri e Gi ..... rd SCENIC VIEWS FOOTBALL QUEEN AND COURT/..ell 1 0 ri;,!/'I: C. McCriff; i\1, Gi" :lrd, QUt!CII; S. POller. CHRISTMAS FORi\1AL QUEEN AND COU RT IA>/t 10 r;plll: S Mahle; A Lutl I)'; J. DUIIII; C Simon; J. Dilllpfi. CIlRISTMAS fORMAL Q UEEN Jackie DUIIIl VALENTINE QUEEN Julia May VALENTI NE Q U EEN AND COUHT-SIlII/fliug. left to rig"': K Hale; J. Dilllpfl; L. J-Iards; L. J Olles; 1\1. Wickman; B. Ih' r ll ell. Siltillg. I to r.: A. H .. s k c ll ; J May. Queen ; S. D e Vo l 'c.


QUEENS CAn N I V \ L counT AND QUEEN-Top. I t o T.: L. lJurillo: A. Brill: C. L omban:!, Queell; L. Url'io la : ill. C hallis Silt;"g I. 10 T.: C. [1I(hlr:!: A Val"t' Ia ; E. ( :trice. Nol pictur e d : n. 01:1\( ... CARN IVAL QLEEN Gral'l' LOlnhall:! DAI S Y MAE i\ l ol':t'e' DAI SY 1\IA ANO COUnTT o i l. 1 1 0 T.: M. Mu:.t '''. Dai .. y !\lOll': T. P( 'II:1: S. A 1 -ll.Is k c ll FBOLIC QUEEN llllfl C O URT-C. Dimllfl. j'OIlTI: B. WhClI!UII. lllH'CIi. FROLIC 13('11;0 LUll


Lilli!:., J:u-ob.!.o S r .. 2 .-. C I :ul)s Mille r S r . I y r STOP---LOOK---AND CHEER Julia May S r ... y r T("II m e Ihos(" aren'l Ilt c jumps C \ 'CI' S :lW! This yea r eight g irl s \\e r e 1 0 b e th e c heerleader s o f Bt-IS \ cou p l e o f g irl s had bee n o n th e squa d b e f o r e. Seniors Geri M c G riff and Lind a Jacobs. but Ihe f ollow. i ng s i x g irl s we r e n e w: J u l i a !\I ay a nd G l a dys Mill e r. senio rs; J ackie Dunn a nd L yn n Ha y m o nd. junio rs: a nd Jud ) lIo L z and Sharo n D e Vore. soph o m o re s. C C I i l\1('C"iff-Cal1l. S r .. 3


CHEERLEADERS O u r r h :11tI11 S r'n ll ,. flirt enjoy t hai d eliciou s rake! All o f th ese v j 'aci olls g irl s ha\' e sc hool spirit. vitalil) and enthus ia s m. "hic h are th e r equirellle nt s of a good c h eerleader. L T r g in g u s to yell a l p e p ralli es and c h ee r in g at t h e footb all and basket ball games in all kind s o f weather. L h ey bac k e d ollr learns t o victo r y. S h arHIl DeVor Sopl 1 r, JI1(I ,. l-Io l Z S0I111, 1 y r L:"III1C Rl.I ymol H Jr. I )"t". Jac kit OUIIII Jr. I r r


COACII S : lIul ,\IANAGERS S",,.,lilll!. I. 1 0 r. : Coac h Allfl( :.oll; Coaf1I II II I j II. KIIN"ill;! I 10 T.: II. \ Vum h i t': E. LarH II. llih' lIit Mm'(' QUllrl( r lmd. Owell SUllu'rl:allrl I -/ulf/mrl; FOOTBALL -FOOTBALL Louis B:uiJi c r Cunni Kt 'll 1\10ITi5-Capl Guard Boh Wills TEA M But. FC:l r oll Tocl,:le-CulIrd Mi!.-" N upie r C"lItf'r Dall Willk l o s k" I-/fll llJflc!.-K c n Fullcrlon Cunni S icgel Eml Jack \',;rillklns k y TOIl '''11 10 ri,.:"': E. L :II'S('lIj C. Kirklallrlj C. Trimlll.; T. WUlllhl e : C H e lll Zj t.:. Douglas; T ( :tII'rigallj I . Ua lemall; \ V II :th' u:.a ; V. \ V umble. S('cOIul. 1.10 r,: CtI:1f'1I AllrI __ r S ulI: G. Ness: C. BOIrlJicr: J Trtmc,'; 1\1 Sf'hlle": C. Fn,-"('h ; J Gorl",c:: r. Corrigall; L. [:I",lmall; O. Sltlhc r l a lld : Coa c h III11' ill Third. I. 10 r.: E. Bunh ; B. Ual('lIIall; n. ScOII; n. 11:11,11;"11':1: D. Talc; A. N alllll:ul: J. Curli s ; J ReYllol,l s Bottolll. I. 10 T.: K i\1urri". (.qtfaill; H. Ft 'arollj R. Wills : D. Win k l n s k:-; M. Nal.itr ; J \ Vill kl o s ky; K. Fnl'elullj G Barhie r j L. S iegel. C",I/f'rfl sll.Y: n M illioll; D, R:l er. -


A -M Sep" Oct 0('1 Ot'l 0,'1. HIGHLIGHTS No\" No\', Scoreboard 28 4 12 19 25 2 9 J a mboree ( BII S C I I S 7. AC 6. J C 0). !JII S 1 9 AC (, IlH S 7 J C (, IlII S 1:1 G I S 0 II liS o AC 20 11IIS J C 1 9 IlII S 1:1 CIIS 0 \'(' e h a d four 0IlI)OIII'lIls this ... on: C.H.S. J .e.. A.C .. Ih ... IIIUff.


L. Kir klQ"cI -G P. WinkloSky F. Wi"kIOsf<.y


Scoreboard No\. 17-11115 68 AC 55 NO'. 2 1 IHIS 4 8 J C 49 Nm" 27-81I S 48 ells 44 Nov, 30-U1I5 44 AC 47 Dc,,. 4-11115 35 -J C 40 D c 7-Bl I S 49 -C II S 50 D ee. J 2 -11 115 42 -AC 50 Dec. 14--BHS 86 J C 54 0, 17-11115 5 1 -ell S 39 0,,. 19-111-15 7 1 AC 63 J : III :!-TOllrlla m enl, B H S Iacerl 411.: BHS 57 Un i:'llOrl ()7 BASKETBALL E xp e rilll e ntin g f o r a s tarlin g linc -up in th e fir:;:1 gam e o f th e se ason again s t th e Athl e ti c Club. Coach lIurin carne up \\ ilh a t o p-fli g ht quinte l. The l oss o f C h a rli e Fre n c h in th e b eginni n g o f th e se a so n handicappe d th e t ea m but didn't pre v e nt it frolll selling a 11('\\ scorin g r ecord \\' ilh BHS 86J C 5 k I t \\a5 also th e b i gges t mar gin o f d e f e at in int e r sc h oo l leagu es The Bulld ogs an d th e Tiger s compe t e d againl"t each o t h e r in o n e o f th e m os t exc i tin g games o f t h e se a so n o n Nov. 2 7 Th e sco r e was close all throug h t h e game un til i n th e fina l quar t e r Balh o a s c t th e scoreb oard working an d e m erge d v i c t o r i oll s b y 4. p o in t s. 0111 ) o n e l eLlerman t o t h eir c r edit. Captain Dann) \ Vink l os k y t h e Bulldogs pla ye d o u t s tand in g ball thi s se ason di s pla y i n g s peed and Illark s manship_ I n th e second game of th e se a so n again s t AC th e Bulld ogs \\e r e b ehind 12 p oints in th e fir s t h a ir a lld \\e llt o n 1 0 bring th e scor e lip t o \\ithin 3 p o int s in th e fin a l minutes o f pla y Three c h ee r s f o r th e Bulldogs f o r th eir o ut standin g e ff o rt s a nd excellent sport smans hip. MANAGER COACI I ancl CAPTAI N : E J lI urin: D. 015 a lways. in there for u s nil air.


c. C.f. D.W."k losky-s.

SCOREBOARD J ail. 18 -81I S 6 J a n 22 IlII S 7 J C 1 Jun 29-B1I5 4 C)-IS 2 Feb. I HilS 4 J C 7 F e b. 1I-iliiS 5 -C U S 4 F e b 128115 1 7 -J C I BASEBALL The Bulldogs \\o n their fourth inle rsc h o l as t ic c h ampio n s hi p this year and retaine d possessi o n of the Shrine trophy em b l ematic of supr emacy in th e local sch ool leagu e. winning fiv e games and losin g o n e. Th e seaso n go t off t o a goo d s t arL o n J anuar) 1 8 a t \lo unl H o p e with Balboa sco rin g a 6 t o I vic t o r y ove r Cri s t o bal. On J anual") 22 at Balb o a's n ewly constructed s tadium. i e\,e r s saw Bob Hamil I o n hit a f a r -flying hall. with th e b ases loaded. \\ hi c h accounte d for three runs. Coach K a r s t pos itioned h i s team so tha t th e r e were v c r y f ew w ea k s po t s o n th e fie l d. Charli e Fre n c h. a s o utfi e l d e r. p laye d hi s p os iti o n well. with s p ee d t o pull down main a h all that w o uld have otherwise b ee n -a hit. This sea so n \Va ) ne \ Vall made a n al m os t perfect record f o r pitching. \\ inning five games. and losin g n o n e The Bulldogs p layed their m os t spec tacular game o f th e season on February 12_ d e feating .Ie 17 t o 1. Fou rt ee n runs o n seven t ee n hi l s w e r e scored i n Balboa"s fort) minutes a l the p l at e i n the fifth inn in g \\ ilh Da1H1) \Vinklos k y making four hits a t hi s four times a t bat. O"ell Suthe rl a nd was c hosen captain of t h e team this lear. And h c wcnl down s w inging. MANAGER, C OA C H and CAI :'TA IN-I-I. Adams; Kars l ; O. S Ulh crhulIl Well. Ihis i:. Ihe W3.'" I look .It il.' H e Illade ii, b elic \ c ;1 o r nOI!


SWIMMI NG TEAM COACI-I alld CAPTA I NS-I .... 1 0 r.: N. COllc h P c tt i ngill ; J E ngelkc. SWIMMING A s t h e Z O llion COP) goes t o t h e prinler. t h e swimming season i s s t ill two mon t h s off. but p l a n s ha ve a l r e ad} b ee n madc f o r a n acti ve sc h edule o f eve n t s t h a t \\ ill k('e p th e s w imming t eam b usy. On April lO t h e fir s t int e r squad meet i s t o be h e ld. closel y f ollo Hed b} a triangl e m ee t b e tw ee n BIIS ells. a nd J C o n 2 at Balboa p ool. The bi g e v e n t s o f th e season will b e th e tri a n g l e meet o n 1\la) 1 0 a t Catun L ake. a speci a l r e la} mee t i ll B a l boa o n May 1 ..... and a tri a n g l e llIee t a l F o rt Gul i c k on 1 7 The r e \\ ill a lso b e a telegraphic m eet" ilh a Florid a hig h sc hool. t wo. jUIIIJI! G I R l 's,,\qi\1.\ 1ING TEAM l op. I II) r.: S Bal' l o \\ : M. E b c l t'IIZ : J DUllu: ill. T u c ker: J E n gelke: M o,,"c. Bolio",. I t o r.: J II O lzj D lIaI"lI C ( I ; C. Schultz: i\"I. \'filliallle-: L. I h 'lllolid.


SWIMMING 11t, :1'(: we cum e Com e 011 ill. tilt wat e r'.!! rillC. BOYS' S\'{'IMMINC TEAi\ I TofJ left 10 rig/"; B L. O. Belt !I!": C Har' hit'r: O. A J. Tro"c r : B. lI a hO,,:I. Middle. I 10 r.: J. Hla('kbul"n: S. S hroc d c r : B. Max"cli: E S uarez; W. LeBlalll': N. Spector : B. lIitt. : hcuck : II. Errha h ; C. 01:'111011. Fr o ll, I t o r. : A SCOtl: S T. C L::wtz: N Linfor".


T RAe K lIea\'c ho, alld Ol""ay we throw. A s th e Zonian goes t o press pla n s arc b e in g made f o r th e Bulldogs' track squad thi s year th a t in d i cat e a good seaso n o n th e cind e r s f o r th e R e d a n d \Vhite. Nine r e turni n g l e tt erme n a r e ex pect e d b e s id es w enLy-two b oys w h o we r e o n th e squad last yea r. A p r o mi s in g c r o p o f n e w co m e r s i s a lso expect ed t o a id th e team This seaso n th ere will b e a t e legraphi c mee t h eld \\ ilh Co r onado H igh Sc h oo l in Calif o rni a with th e r es ult s o f th e me e t being forwa r d e d b y t e legr a ph The Ba lboa R e la ),s will b e held 011 April 5. f o l lo w e d b y th e F i ve Star e v e nts and th e O eca th e lo n h e l d 011 Ap ril 8 through 12 \"X' ith th e sprinti n g o f dependabl e Ow e n Suthe r land. Danny \Vinkl os k y, a nd C h a rli e Fre n c h. a nd w ith Bob Wills a nd Bob Fear on s uppl y in g stre n g th ill th e w e i g ht s th e outlook f o r th e Bulldogs i s good Bill H a l vosa w ill b e counted o n in th e p o l e va ultin g. \\ ith stre n g th in th e hurdles ('o min g fr o m R aul B arba r a and Joe Galloway. This year's track squad i s wells tock e d wi th th e in B H S and Coach P etting ill look s forward L o a s u ccess ful season. TRACK TEAM-To{J. If/t to ri g''': H. Wills; A. R Toolhm. lIl ; S. S clJI'o e ( l e l': B I l oll; N PI d c r s o n F. Levesj R. M illionj B. Bal l m all; A Lillcrl; O. R. !\1o"Cj J. Trow e r Middle. I t o r.: G. Barbi e r O. Dunlap; B Cal dilO ; W Edmuns ollj 1-1. Barke r': P I : oeca; J. Barr; J G: lllowun K. fullerloll; R lJ:l1"b .. r : 1 S Al l e n ; E. Rinse. 110ttolll. I to r : R. Seoll; B H alljugs: II. Ra y m ond; E. Tho l p c ; R C h .. nis: T. S h eppard I I. Fceny; O. Sulhe hlndj O. Burlley; C. R enlzj A. Iluiz ; C. Frf'llt h.


TRACK 0 ronr nt:lrk, gel set, CO \Voliid a pair of wing s h e lp_ llO:rs? How f a r can rOll throw thai Bob'! B a lboa s lH)", good rOl' nt t hey rUI1 t h e


B II S:. mon nohin lIuml. BOYS INTRAMURALS The a im of intramur al sports i s t o ge t eve r } bo) in sc h oo l o u t f o r so m e kind of act i vit). T o g i ve a wid e r vari e t y of s p a n s more team s port s hm e b een includ e d i n intramural ac ti vity. The individual sport s lik e tenni s horsesh oes. an d goH a r c being gi,'en added a tt en ti o n thi s )ear I n bo,ding. Jim \ r a tson pla)ed th e indi"idual hi g h game with an excellent scor e of 1 1(' a lso made th e indi, idual hi g h average" ith l5ft. I n }\ leagu e "ater p o l o. Captain Nils L infol's l e d his t eam. th e Sailfi s h. th rough a season uf v i c t o r i es. c h a lkin g up a fin a l r ecord o f nin e win s and 110 d e feat s. I n all sport s. th e amollnt o f sport sman s hi p "as h i g h and th e turnuut o f boy.:. came up to th e c'(pec t at i o n s of Coach F aw ce lt B } th e end o f th e )ear. m o r e than 250 bo)s arc e'( p ee t e d t o ha\e p a rti c ipat e d in intramural s p orts. Tlu." 1 10lOC or IlEAC Ii


Future footL.all s l ;trs nlay b e lllllon:; Ihese flll g foolball lJOYs They're ilnd Ih('lo r e on Ilwi' marks 0 0 0 Ihal louks like a for Our A Lea:;u e fool ball squat l before th e g:lIIt ('. Thl'sc loo k Jllll'l in Ihb Jlol o program. A lley


A LEAG UE I 10 r.: C. Miller: C. I-le lT ; J. J N. L Y l is. K "p(,I iUI!. I 10 r.: 1-1. N il:l ; J. Lawlt'r: I. A lmtii. GIRLS H LEAG UE VOLLEYBAlL--SI(lIIl/illg'. I 1 0 r.: S. Cruz; A. Ludfl:"j 1\1 Wats o n ; C. Davis ; 1\'1. W i c kmall; N.I :"samalll c K 'If! p i,,;,: / 1 0 r.: C. COTn : E. Allnu,,; J Tri be. SPORTS The 19567 volleyball seaso n f ound th e B League AIIStars as c hampions \ \ hil e A Leagu e was in third p l ace. The sco r es o f th e int e r sc h o las ti c gam es s h ow th at eac h p o int was well ea rn e d a nd th e r e wa s mu c h co mp e titi o n ; ye t wit h fri e nd s hip spo rt s m a n ship. a nd coo p e ratio n b e ing displayed. V olley b a l l intrarnurals wer e h e l d and th e games a nd p la ye r s mad e i t d iffic ult for th e AIIStar s L o b e c h ose n \\l ith team s c h ose n and intramura l an d int e r sc h o la s ti c p la y co mpl e t e d. BHS had a n o t h e r s u ccessful volleyball season. Ull ill Il l e 'Iir and over I h e I w l Soft hall put 011 the ycar al1fl w'wt fUll! U elh goes III' 1 0 l a k e the ball out of the lIet \ X c trie d e ;.rrnestl y fOI a s t rike 0 spare!


B LEAGUE IlA SKETBALL ALL S TAIlS-SltU/d i g. I. 1 0 r.: C. Per:lllt i e : C. I-Ierr: S Tay lor: C Da\is; C. Corn. K"eeling. I. 1 0 r. : E. Ahun :!: N. 1 : ll!!alUantc Bas k e tball pro v es t o b e th e Illo s t p o pu l a r s p o rl. Co mp e titi o n i s hig h a nd it i s hard t o de t ermine who w ill mak e th e AIIStar t ea m s. A s th e ZOfliafl co p y was w ritt e n th e va r sity hadn't b ee n c h osen. but fr o m th e l ooks o f th e intramural games BI-IS i s sure t o h av e a l op n o t c h t eam in b o th A an d B Leagu es So ftba ll. b ow lin g and h oc key are h e ld a s s tri ctly intramural s No All Sta r t ea m s a r e c h osen. 7ay t o ,go, JO:lnie! madc the At th e e nd o f th e intramural program. th e l op 25 g irl in A and B L eagu es r eceive a sc h oo l l e ll e r. Those who w e r e o n a varsit y t eam r eceive an All-St a r l e tt e r. GIRLS' HOWLING TEAM-Slmuli"g. I 1 0 r. : B. H eilman; L. Sibamte: G. End: lr:l; C. Wat s o n ; K C l ark; J Bal' low; C. Co\ in,:IOIi. SenlP d I. 1 0 r.: D. Hutchins o ll ; C. I (erl'; 1-1. N itll; 1\1. Walker; D Folse; 1\1. Downing; R Coving t o n It' s mille .


Jack F lower s Auditor / BOYS' STATE W :ttSOIl GOI' erllor Boh lIall1iltoll l ...t. Gove rllor ALTERNATES TO 1301'S' NATION-Lelt t o right: o C. lIearon. A g r o up of tire d. bu t extreme l y happy boys wal k ed o ut o f Fort Cla y t o n a nd carri e d w ith th e m th e las t r emnants o f 1956 Cross road s B oys' S L a t e. Neve r t o b e f o r go lt e n were th e mi ss in g pillow s Dic k Ca r ra lini 's f ace as h e sea r c h e d f o r hi:; s t o l e n mallress o r th e fri e nd ships th a t were mad e On th e m o r e se ri o u s and imp ortant s i d e the b oys l ea rn ed th e imp o rtan ce and th e fun ctio ni ng o f Am e ri ca n d emoc racy. From thi s a n e\\ appreci ation o f s u c h d e mo c r acy \\' as gaine d. Truly. t o th ose w h o w e nl. 80)5' S t a t e will alway s r emain all o bj ec t o f s t e rlin g brightnes s "till t h e e nd o f t i m e Rohe r t B o r g s t e d c T rp(lsIIre r


Julia May Sec.". 0/ S "" f GIRLS' STATE RCYli o l f l s C VVprllfJr GIRLS" NATI ON ALTERNATES-I ... p/, 1 0 rig /II : F L. Jacoh.!!; D. J acohs. Th e busy days and s l e ep l ess nig ht s a t 1 956 Ca r ibb e an Girl s S late will n e v e r be f o r gotte n. L ectures campaigning. and compe titi o n bet\\ ce n th e c iti es k e p t th e g irl s o ccupied. Fla g r a i s in g in t h e m iddle o f th e ni g h!. and cold s h o \ \ c r s whe n dresse d all help e d t o crea t e a .. h e alth y a t m os p h e r e :" N o Girl s S t al e r \\ ill c \ e r f o r ge t th e tal e nt s h o \\. e atin g w ith th e bo)s. and d o i n g th e eha e h a eha in th e lun c h lin e As Girl s Stat e r s agree Girl s S tat e i s th e b es t s tat e ill th e l and." and liv in g th e r e m a d e th e g i rl s pro ud o f their coun 11").. The y n o w kno \\ m o r e abo ut their 0\\ n d e mocrati( go e rnm e nt. Forest Wise AIIQrnpy CPl!.

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oar d Our {uture i s an lInknown palh, Upon which w e now .read. \Ve l eave b ehind 0111' high school years And IlIrn to the las k al .. >ad.

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