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Business Manager, DOROTHY BIGELOW

Editor-in-chief, JEANNINE DUMOND

Balboa High School, with its modern classrooms, its iell-equipped
laboratories and g mnasium, has a faculty of 40 teachers and a student
body of 66.5. The school maintains a high standard of academic

r ----

A quiet place, our school . amid palms restless with dry season
breezes . amid scarlet and yellow flowers splashing against white
walls ... and bamboo dreaming dreams through the white da' s . A
tranquillity is here .. accented by clean sunlight and tropic green ..
This is Balboa High.

W'here'd you get that flash tie?


.41 our ances . on the sidelines at Big Goame s . in hi s classroom . he's on~ oo us.


WE HOlORa....

4W W

~cl~e.-' '
^ I^ -
*^-il ^/~ ^"^Si-~~
-/^< ^,^^


Mr. Albert York... the man from Missouri
whose understanding helpfulness, friendly
grin and never-failing "Hello, there" have
made him tops with the Class of 1946.


"On a \ole of Triumph"-the Speech Class triumphs again.

Big Ganme

I : ii

Looks interesting--i not familiar

Our cheerleaders make with the feet

Il,.. I.oltcul, and Jfao ili

Gentlemen--the gals

YOUR 1946 ZOfllfl

It represents four all-too-short
years of work and play together.
Through pictures of you and
your activities, your 1946 Zonian
Staff helps recall your high school

Mrs. Teegarden observes the situation

., a,.

Ladies-- he man i,)uer of B.H.S.



9 7-I


I -s

*.., *Ii iI..d .
*. -

it to".

r -


_I.I a .U

zi- 6-

B. H.S.





Whether he is in a lass room, "on duty" in the hall.
at a school dance or at a football game. Mr. Esser has
a friendly smile and iord of hello for everyone. Truly
a friend and counsellor to us all. he is always ready
with a helping hand for those tho need it. Mr. Esser
holds his NI. S. degree from the Inisersitl of North
Need information? With a gracious word and smile
Mrs. Lally. head secretary of B.H.S.. will prove to be
a never-failing source of all you need to know.

"Ali(e" . an industrious and efficient secretary . .
is always cheerfully helpful.





Spanish. English
Columbia Uniser-it:

I 'nier-ity of Nebra-ka

Ilusii ,
Cluimbia I nr,-r-ini

Househ/ild .A4rsr
(.'lhmbria ni.rzi -il\

Taping, Shorthand
I..wa 'rate Teachers College



Ii *'

Columbia Ilni er-i,

J. ,t .T. LCooK 1. \.
I ni er-ini if Penn-sltania

Ci On l.t D i i iF M.\.
-lla.bra. I ann
I nr rr-iI -f '.iilh a ,.Iinj

J'H-' 11. DEIIrn
Ilf ,.id l.hli

'".ringideld Y.M.C.A. College


A cNN. R. Em sOL. IMA.
Engl.sh, .-imerr an Problems
Nurlh e4-lern 1 nik rfilv
GEORl.t. El 1i. L. M1.D.
I.nng I-land College
V t iRiL F 'I .HF R. I. .
Cherrnstr Phstics
( ,lumbia I nir-ilty
Spanish. French
College tof MI. Si. 'inrcn!
on Hudson. New 'orlk CmI
Columbia I ni'er-irv
,lobrit. Gennietr\
Columbia I'niversilv

I.HAl %.-1 IHi mPHHIi-. B s
Phsil/al Edn tiron
. V -u rn I '.irlina T 'a.lher- (..ll '

-)LI. N. Ih %iPHU ll ., R.N.

?wrli-h Hi-p i.]. \Minntal.l-. M1inn.

K TH[ RINt. II-. P. I..\.
C .miinrir L mni-r-rrm

(,O.i.l I.1.L. I '<
Firnl m;rt 4,1i
C'.Inrmbla 1 mnier'iv

Phlo iaol E:Jr,r.rl'n
M lmrnin -izi r I li r ,

DiROTInI ~ M Kf Lr\.. R \.
lInthenitmni i
I n ,u .r.il -i N I-ti n-ilh

G(RA\Is MI:Kiu ii. MI A.
Mlathe rillr,
lIni% rr ii% --f \X i-imu.n in

Li 'i-t. 1NIONiRiL. \1.\
tHou.ia ell. .-rrr
S.,li. nib a I ln l\ -r l\

PuTH1I I \ R. ()'f.1 l I.lL. B.S
Phr ,i d E' i F I .af'n
N J. -,tal Tpe i h'r- Crll.-p.I

X %i.TIR C ifil B.\.
Spuni ,h
Ta,,lr I niter-,I,

Don:moirn RecrTo., B.A.
'Ph iral E'durantion
I'ni eritIv of Monlana

In rrin/ltenc.e Take a Ileter-

Hale /Itn'

For e'

Uniner-ity of N.nrrh Dakuta

LlnivrrirsI of Minnesoia

Is.tstant Librarin
Stanlird IUniier--l

\LLL t' ARD. M1.
Sparl Nh
InInn -r-ib ..f Nerbra-La

ElLLN. T1HOs4-. 1l. .
En.glish. journalism
..i mlum I n ,-r-ml,

\%;RIFr \HR. M.A\.
lenrtl S.-'en' B, i.olo
r.i,hmlia L niker-;sl

Spe.-, h. Or,'uliato,.nnl
Irrilorionatnin. t .mnns'lll;
I Il'erir% -.if Oklah.,n-.d

1 | I H t HIT1M I\. .\1.A
En Ine
N.rlha-trern I n'rT-il

K L N i TH V \N IN T '. r MA.
PhA 'r,
I ..hiimbi. I nmirr-m

H0i ;R[. WOOD-
Ph'hi 'nl Fdul-aon
Indiana I n];er-ili

AlBIRT li RK. 1.-'.
4merrtin listur
Kan-a 13talf T'ai.her- ('.llieg

litR-.,LD ZIFRTE1. BS.
Ilerhnnai l lrriluinp
Bradlev Pi'vlechnic In-Iiruil

Hello! "Stormy weather-"

Mr. Fischer and friend

What's cooking?


I -~

^ 4v WV \- ? ^'
N- r ,^r 7i i '

rf,,'t> '

1 9 ,
l If




: :. 4;~"a;l;ic;a-i~;c';;~~


Zornan Senior (Llas President

e Itrood i3t th Seawall watching the sun rise flamhobantly from the Pacific. We were senior--no, no longer seniors,
frr. clasped in Ith hand of each of us was a diploma, our passport to the adult world.
We were not shining examples of modern yv.uth-just typical teen-agers. We loved to laugh and jitterbug, "cokes"
were the order of ,'ur day, and algebra. our "irk." A.4 we relived the pa-t year-our last in B.H.S.-our hearts killed with
pride and )uo, and ju-t a hit of .orrrw.
We remembered September. %lark Gramlich look the spotlight at the Inauguration Dance as Senior Class Prexy.
It wa- a heavenly affair-gardenias and "groosey" music. ;
Our John and Ethel Barnmrre tIok oer the Ciubby Stage in November with "Seven Keys to Baldpate"-complete
with haiunl and hermits. Nexl night the senior three a spfrrt dance that rocked the gym to its foundation.
Our grid star- captained bs that hubbaa hubba" gus Chet Trim tussled with Cristobol and came up grinning-even
in the facr of a 13 7 defeat.
,ania came in B.H.S. and liberally dlitribuled gilts in December: 1. A honey of a Christmas formal dance; 2. An
extra-pecial Parra lft: 3. The traditional Chri-tmas Mulu-ale complete with hand and orchestra; 4. A sidesplitting
and unlnrg-ttable Senior Party.
The Hoiiirhr.ld Art- Slyle Show in January brought to licht several talented senior-, and the models-Mr. Powers,
pli aj- nole
Ferhrari featured a glamorr..us \ .lentine Dance topped -ofl with Llona Sear,. an eten more glamor,'ust Valentine Queen.
Again our histrionically inclined seniors trod the sagging stage of
*.=. '*- Yle Olde Clruhhniise with "Double or Nothina." Not to be outdone,
Sthe Speech Class presented their annual luncheon.
f Local "Dai-s Mlaes" iwolfesses to you gave a look-see to the
S". masciiline pulchritude of B.H.S. to find "The Male" for the Sadie
Hawkins Dance in March.
.. "" In with April breezes blew the Music Festlial. the Track Meet.
~ 34. *i "' and the !ongawaited Junior Senior Banquet. We dusted off our
table manners, donned while coats and flowing fornals and set out
SIn "do the Tisoli."
S .; Banquets, banquets and more banquets came out of May-Little
Theatre. "B" Club and G.A.A. Awards by the dozens were distri-
.';b, huted to thoe who earned them on Annual Awards Day. "And
Sl"^ her tears flowed like wine" could well hate been the theme of
Baccalaureate e\ercise-. We were beginning to realize that we were
seniors with graduation only a week off.
And Commenctment-yes. last night was wonderful. A night
ti remembhr alway--the turning of the wa\s, the -a ing of "goodbyes"
and the b-ginning of a new life.

ears,. S. .. Reprc-entative; Mark Gramlich.
Pre,,ident; Peg Nhummaw. Serretar. Second
rnu.,: R-dnev McGovrn, Vice President;
Alberta Beyd. S. A. Representaive: James
Cnakley. S. A. Repretentaite: Fred Sndstrom,
S. A. RepHeentative. ZERTE
S. A. Beprcetmative. W




h 1111i
1 BIR H] I 1i' lt a


.n alluring little lad) . .rotir /eaturer . that "La, tin U Hat RA,
lonk is arrested bi glosiw blark hair. hntrhi.
"Our Lad\ ,f Sion," 1. 2; Spanish Club, 3. 4: lnl-,I...- i t[
Play, "Las Cr,-uela-s" Library A-si-tani 1. 2. Pr..gram. I.
.4 quiet and sedate eundlF / il harm .. pleasing vri ." llball. 1.
and ia wiarm manner 1ar. 1. 2:
Victory Corps. 1. 2, 3; Spanih Club. 4: V\'ll.shall. i. n: Fr'-h.ran
-"ntaliie. Fr'
.3. \rt C.l
Ta--uang!!! Quiet, cute. and has a .ense ol huinimr ... E.l 1.
he's got what goals like . marked talent lor joutnalitsn. i, C O rp-.
4: (anira I
GLADvS PE4RL BAILEv-"Chubbh" Frilhall. 1. 2.
Laughing bug . where there'" Gladis. there'. a giagle I. 3. 1: wima
. .adorable dimples srrnunded hl a solt leather rit Irnmi
Archer). 1. 2: Softball. 1. 2: Basketball. 3; \allPeball. I. W I
2. 3: Tennis. 3: Victory Corps. 1. 2. 3: (.lee Cluh. 1. 2. 1: 5moth ii the
Pep Squad, I.
Baebhall, 2. 3
JACK BALDIVIN-"Bald" f: ','iall
Quite a basketball player .. an are in rooking rlaii
fso we hear) . 5ur Castle Heights boi.
Castle Heights MAilitary Academy. 3: Football. 1. 2, 3. 4.
"All Star." 1, 2. 4: Ba-eball, 1, 2. 3. 4. "All Star," I. 2;
Softball, 1. 2.. "All Spar." 1. 2; Basketball, 1. 2. 3. 4.
"All Star." 1. 2: Sno.cer, 3: \olle)ball, 3;
Wairr Polo. 3: Track. I. 2.

Another Texas Romero . a good gua who has a learning
toward hocuss pocus" and a learning lor law.
Brownwood Junior High School. 1: El Pasn High Schonl. I',, ',
3: Debate, ]; "Spur Stall." I; Spanish Club President. I: \ ... . ,k.,
Secretary of Latin Club. 1: Debate Award. I: Cunrenlt ,, ..h I..
Events Award. 1: Best R.O.T.C. Cadet Award. 1: Navy h. -.kb"b"'
Day Program, I: Americanism Program, 1.

B. Hi. S. Z O N I A N

al,%th vAA41.1rcT4;1 Y . Cnm, ona
lie' . i RJR, a" t *H
eh lh...,I. ".l. .'. n.- m lrian
H : P'-P Sq aIl -: Ofli. .A--:-lant. 1. 4
RH..lR FRINCES BRR--"al'o/s"
nti is htr f,e\;.i r,/ . i,r I dl./i Rnarr
2. 1. Ba-krilit ll. I. 2. .,ilball. I. . 3. "*Al
rrhers. 1: \ ihrnrv t..irp-. I. .2. Pep ,'quad,,
".\. Rrpr-t,-nlainje: 1,[ph ,m,,re A -. RJ pre-
-hrnn \ ..aii.nal Gu(jani Pla, .-aginz. 2,
ih. 2. 1. I.hdirman: \ i lilt I mmnllll,
\ F. B RtHOLO.1)M L -'"tt ille '
inr t'.Ndi . pl,,areil it 'h thl itrld.
1.2. 3: "B" ( lui 3. I. ccrelary. .. Trea-Iirer,
. hb. 2. 4. \ le '-Pr ji- i n 1: B..,- (.lub. 4;
3. I. I"- l 'alar.' 3. 4: Bj-.-ball. 2. 1: '.fi.all.
minp. 4: Rd-k.L all. 3. l,,ii.r. 'enn.r Banqu't
nili 'e. 3; ,. \. I lil1. I ..imillT11 3.
LI.I 1 H. BHt ml\s -"itg Bill"
wlurd frv "RRit BI1ll ,' t 11This wi/ that
tapi l t i/If J ,,,/ /l l .,.
S4. A l T. r." 4: I,.. i all. 1. 1. "A1l ,Tar.
. Ba-kF btlall. 4. 4. 11 itr." .:. 1: Tra-k.

I ,n

S.r 1 I%
iB,1 M n

ri _,X *\ J

EDAR McARTraun-And in this corner we see Edgar, the man wiih BRISCOE BTESH
the brain. A quiet fellow, but merry. COAKELY COHN

BENITEZ BEVILLE A petite piece of pertness . She's got those "come hither" eits.
BIAVA BIGELOW Inglewood High School. 1, 2: Music Club; G.A.A.; Spanish
BOYD BREVARD Club: "Los Conqui-ladore-": Volle)ball: Basketball; Hockey;
Swimming: Baseball. Victory Corps. 2; Glee Club; Pep Squad,
1. 2: Fashion Show, 3.
"Blure-eved Tye" . uhat sense of hpuor! . a solid guy
S'ho gets .aroqnd.
Fontba ., 2Jf.A'4. "All Star.' 3 4; lbseball'3. 4: Softball, 1. 4;
SBa'etball, J 3. 41 itoory CArps..J. 2,.3; :" Club. a, President,
S 4: Cameza CIWb k. S'. Cltb m Cnomfee. 3; Senior Cards and
Announcements. junior Eing Committee. 3: Staging, 1.
S Neat . nitv . that's our Bert . sen'e of humor that can't
be matched and her smile is the same.
Swimming, 3. 4: Tennis, 3; Victon Corps. 1, 2. 3; Camera Club, 4;
Glee Club, 1, 2; Pep Squad, 1, 2. 3, 4: Library Assistant. 3:
Counselor's Office, 2. 3: S..A4 Representatiae, 4': Producing, 3:
SZonian, 4: Parrakeet. 4; S.A. Club Committee, 3; junior Anthology,
SP3; Senior Dance Committee; Junior Dance Committee.
i m.n. t KENNETH BEV.ILLE-"KettI"
Hmmmrmmm .. dream) brown eres ... dashing personality . .
need we saw more.
Gainesville High School, 1, 2. 3: Freshman President: Football. 2;
Basketball. 2: Soccer, 2: Baseball, 2: Reporter for G.H.S. Paper, 2.
I'i..acit plus . continually) whistling with those talented lips
. a regular jive bomber and a dizzy doll.
Volleyball. I. "All Star," 1: Basketball, I: Bowling, 1; Swimming,
1: Softball. I; Archery, I: Music Appreciation Club. 3; Zonian,
4; Parrakeet, 4; Acting. I; Producing, 1: Staging, 1; "Small

Orchestra, 2. 3. 4: Little Theatre Orchestra, 2, 3. 4; S.A. Club
Orchestra, 3. 4: Library .Assistant. I: Junior Anthology, 3; Senior
Cla4-s Party, 4: "Nlacbeth"; Senior Dance Committee.
Those silent waters run deep ... B.II.S. appreciates guys like you.
Victory Corps, 1, 2. 3; 5. A. Club Committee, 3.



A studious blonde bombshell but she always has time to
laugh . personality that's nicely balanced.
Zonian; Camera Club; Glee Club; Office Asst.; Jr. Class
Secy.; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee; S.A. Club Committee.
Lady of the press . exotic Miss from Jamaica . .
dainty . dark . and darling.
Parrakeet. 3; Zonian, 4; "On a Note of Triumph," 4.
Hampton Girl's School.
LuugAei OJ mkes h others L i gh 'with him . .
Iah'rS M liw IJ0r1,Sncerned.
\'ic. Cpis; .ooiall, a-ketball; Swimming; Bowling;
Sofi.f t D _ ing; Acting; "Seven Keys to
Baldpale"; "Celtirg a Ite"; "On ~trie ..f Triumph";
Stud Halll Procram: S A. ChjC irComrm l lc4~r, Dance
Commitlee: Seni. Cla- Par 'y Cnfmillee.
Attractive senorita . B.H.S. can really pick 'em.
Vol.levball: Basketball; Swimming; Horseback; Spanish
Club, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Music; Riding Club; Glee Club.
Quit a s .. be eves that' parkle, wih hidden
"Ighter ad Ifd
r. Co BaJllBaske ll d: Or :ira; "Tri
ro "'Se tou B p, "G a Dale.'"N
Day aogjnr. wa ii iiludy I Program,
titled"; R io P'grap; Di fcling': Sa in: g-W ciing.
Coun-elor's Office:- Cap and Gow, r ',mm.; S.A. iWche tra.
RICHAi cUllW-"Pabbi ,''
A4 1in' 1~Jtdith fe Cont' galore ... i .saf' him for
%L i ps y jdlabs."' good 1 mor, /i!!d'r
Bag lall; .aFolbe'r- aselll; radk; Softball; victoryy
NYLP Cp l .lub.
' "/ .. I0v "
A feminine flash when it comes to athletics . strictly
an "all-around" sport.
Volleyball; Basketball; Softball; Archery.

B. H

A fellow with a winning smile and a uillneg heart.
Sevier County High School, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2. 3;
CheerleadiE 2, 3; Library Helper; Office Helper; Usher
'r t Commencement; Staging, 3.
,* 't"n e/tie a ftbd hero" (someday) . an all-
-.qr'-. ain$'g ,. Itrin personality and athletics.
B~ Bk al 1,:. 3. 4,.-AII ar." 3, 4; Baseball, 1. 2, 3, 4,
11 ARi@'V Fpjball. 1. 2, 3, 4, "All Star," 3, 4;
S h k.,l nbfbl. 1, 2; \'Vcor) Corps, 1, 2, 3.
I ic" .. slck with a camera . he rates tops.
The 4all. e. Ahm ,m tpe . has led the
4J j 'I Ah his flashy
d 3 d gr rsonalurl.
ti; Ba k'ltall. 4; Track, 4; Castle
adem.y, 3; Vircorv Corps, 1, 2.
) '2 CHAEL J. DAWSON- like"
Our Irish lad . and what character . the fellas
say "l-A" . the girls just drool.
Vice-President, 2; "Arsenic and Old Lace," 3; "B" Club, 3;
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, "All Star"; Baskeiball. 1, 2, 3, 4,
"All Star"; Football 1. 2. 3, 4, "All Star"; Softball, 1 2,
3, 4, "All Star": Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4.
Those handsome Latin looks . talented and thoughtful.
Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Track, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 4:
Biology Club, 3, 4.
Known by his flashy bow ties and flashing flash bulbs.
East Rockford High School, 1, 2, 3; East Highlights. 2, 3;
Argus, 2, 3; Zonian, 4; Parrakeet, 4; Stamp Club. 1;
Camera Club, 2, 3; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C., 1, 2, 3.



Oh those t ieside gals . a likable lass.

Roams in a twosome . rendl air with red hair
matching his personality .
Riding Club, 3; "B" Club, 4; Bowling Club. 3, President and
Secretary; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, "All Star," 2. 3; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4,
"All Star," 3: Basketball. 1, 2. 3, 4: Track, 2. 3, 4: Softball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming. 3, 4: Victory Corps, I, 2, 3; "Shakespeare,"
3; Glee Club, 1. 2, 3; Dance Commitlee, 4: Usher. 4.

One of our college boys .. uzard with the books . .
Grade-A sense of humor . lair for journalism.

Tall with a blond easy-going naturalness . but definitely
the type to succeed.
Hupe High School; S.A. Representative, 2; Letter Men's Club, 3;
Baseball, 2. 4; Football, 3: Track. 3. 4: Basketball, 4; Victory
Corps, 1, 2: Srnisor Dance Committee.
.4 pleasantp, J/o have around. . ontinuilly smiling. d
i ou .an tell ti' from the heart.
Andrew Jakton High School,' 2. 3: Student Council, I. 2:
Jackson Globe. a. 3: Stqdent Directory. 3: G.A..A 3: Pan-
rnmer!"can Cluit 3: Futut Teachers, 3; Cotillion. 2:'Volleyball,
. 2 4; Basketball, 1. 2. 4: Teamn. 1, 3; Ba-rball, 1, 2, 4: Victory
Cirps Chairman. 3: Physical Education Assistant. 1;
National Honor Society.
GLORa1 DON uDSON-"Georgia"
Another newcomer to B.H.S.'s halls . and as friendly as all
of them . her red-gold hair is known by all.
North Fulton High School. I. 2. 3: Girl Reserves. 1, 2. 3; Spanish
Club, 3; Basketball, 3; \ictory Corps, 1; Chorus, 2. 3, 4; Pep
Squad, 4; Library Assistant. 1: Office Ai,-tant, 2; Cafeteria
Aide, 1; Commencement Exercises, 3.
(harm ... and lots of it . happy-go-lucky Jeannine is
cqerftbdv'st gal . aluttsa) g ,and carefree,
bu4 this gal's got umbitio'n.
Hu&doni Hgh ,School, 1,2: "Thank.You. Doctor.' 2; Zfeign,4: .
Junior Arnthlogy, 3; Tac&hopera,. 2: C.A.C. l. 2: Declamaion,
1, 2; Band. 1. 2.3. 4; Orchestra. 4: Glee-Club, '. 2. :--
Chemiygr Lybirrtory Assistani, 4.
JUAN DURAM-"lohnny"
1laihenlantticl flash . does well on other subjects too ..
well liked by all.
Zonion. 4: Fo,)tball. I. 2. 3. 4: Baeball. 1, 2, 3. 4: Track, 3, 4:
Basketball, 1. 2. 3. 4: Softball, 1, 2: Swimming. 4; Victory Corps.
1, 2, 3; GlIe Club, 3. 4; Spanish Club. 2. 3; Camera Club, 4:
Biology Club, 3. 4. Senior Dance Committee, 4;
Junior Dance Committee, 3.
One oj those Iiablo devils . he can nake iou laugh at nothing
.. jun to have around.
Football. 2. 4: Basketball. 2. 3, 4: Baneball. 4: Softball, 4; Victory
Corp,. 1. 2. 3: Staging. 3: Band. 1. 2. 3. 4; Orchestra, 3, 4:
Camera Club, I, 2.
A4riable and llrch .. gas I'irck takes top honors
in our school memories.
Pep Squad, 4: Victory Corps, 1. 2. 3; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Archers. 1, ?. 4: Baseball. 1, 4; Basketball, 1. 4;
Spani-h Club, 4: Office Assistant. 4.




I -



4 pleasant perronalitn . and charm personified.
Immaculate Hart High School; Library Assistant, I.H.H.S.;
Fashion Show, I.H.H.S.
"Get-up-and-go-Babs" . gotta giggle and a
happy-go-lucky air.
Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 1, 2.
An amiable lady with lustrous black hair
... sincere and smooth.
Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3.
JEAN FELIZ-"Jeannie"
.4 lun-li'ving gal bursting with vitality . we've found
that cute gals come in small packages.
\iciory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 1; Office Assistant, 4.
Drool! Drool! . Looks! . He's got "it" ...
uwth a California smile.
Cheerleader. 1, 3; Fu.orball. 1, 4; Track. 1; Basketball, 1, 3;
Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. A Cappelld Ch.ir. 3; Fire Department,
1; Student Governmeni, I; SpariiL C'lub, 3, 4, President, 3.
Gets around and along with everybody . swell pal and
when she gires out with those rhumba steps eler bod, looks.
Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball,
1. 2. 3, 4; Archery, 1, 2; Softball, 1. 3, 4; Spanish Club,
2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Glee Club. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3.

Peppy little piece of perfection . charm expresses what
a smooth lass "Ellie" is.
\ullevball. 1, 2; Swimming, 4; Vilnnr Corps, 1, 2, 3;
Freshman Guidance Play, "Law Digger-"; Zonian, 4; Glee
Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad. 1, 2: Library Assistant, 2;
Junior Srnior Banquet Committee; Senior Dance Commitlee;
Sophomore Dance Committee; Fashion Show. 3, 4; Junior
Cla-s Party Committee; Cap and Gown Committee.

B. H. S. Z O N I


Larry . the character! . .inexhaustible wit . .
never a peaceful minute with "Loco Larry" around.
Bowling, 2; Football, 2; Victory Corps, 1, 2, 4; Glee Club,
3, 4; Pep Squad, 3; A.cting. "Ar-enic and Old Lace," 3;
"Seven Keys to Baldpalt." 4. "*'nall Town Girl," 1; "Getting
a Date," 3; Directing, 3, 4; Staging. 1, 3, 4; Fashion Show,
3; "On a Note of Triumph." 4: Na'. Day Program, 3; Pan-
American Program, 4; Camera Club, 1; Junior Dance
Cmmitrle: Senior Class Party Committee; Junior Class
Part%. Master of Ceremonies: S.A. Club
Entertainment Committee, 3, 4.

A "blonde bombshell" from Idaho . who's the
apple of our eye.
Canncil High School, 1; St. Teresa's Academy, 2; Boise
High School. 3; Freshman S.-crrtar. 1: "Canteen Show,"
1; '"Behind the Binding-." 2: *"lumher Jack," 1; "Hi-
Lights," 3; G.A.A., 2; Ba.ketlball. I. 2: Tenni-. 3; Swimming,
1; Minute Maids, cu-iaplain, 3; Glee Club, 1; Scarlet
Skirts, 3; Office Assistant, 3.

One of our new gals and everybody's pal . her easy-going
nature and bubbling personality will win her many friends.

smooth laie with per-
onalihy plus. Our El.
side's friendly, lovable,
and-well, what more
could you want?



GALLOWAY GIAVELI Friendl) mnile coupled with brains gulore.
UNEHM GRAMLICH Football, 3, 4: Ba-ketball. 3; Victior CorpA, 1, 2, 3;
Library A.4sinianl, 4.

Classic lines topped off uith baalrtiul black hair . .
lotes to pal uith evetrbody.
Victory Corps, 1, 2. 3; Glee Club, 3. 4.
-. k i JOHN GNEHM-"Jack"
^ ^We call him 'super" . he and his blue coupe
Share strittl) on the uptake.

A likable chap who's friendlI to all.

"College Kid" ... mrschievous eC es go with a captivating grin
S always trim and neat.
Camera Club, 3; lictPin Corps, 1. 2. 3: Stlud, Hall Program, 3:
Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3; Producing, 3: Ls'her, 3.

Dashing man-around school .. sincere . he's a groovey gui
that'ss tops with ever. one . he's set a good example showing
b ~how to gnte a class a wer theall never for ger.
Freshman Guidance Play, 1: Sophomore President; Junior Vicr-
7 President; Senior President: Camera Club, 4; Art Club, 2; Yonth
Club, 3, 4; Bowling. 1, 2: Football, 1. 2, 3. 4. "All Star." 1. 2, 4-
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, "All Star." 1, 2; Track. 1, 2, 4: Basketball, 1, 2,
3, 4, "All Star," 1, 2: Softball, 1, 2, 4. "All Star." 1, 2; Victlry
Corps, 1, 2, 3; Junior-Senior Banquet Committee, 3; Marshall at
Commencement Exercises, 3; Sophomore Dance Committee; Sopho
more Class Party; Junior Dance Committee: Junior Class Parts;
SSenior Dance Committee; Senior Class Party: Junior Ring
Committee; S.A. Club Committee. 3.



%, % .



She's strictly O.K. . with a style strictly
Grifo's on the gym floor.
G.A.A 2, 3, 4, Secretary; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4, "All Star,"
1. 2. 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, "All Star," 1, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, "All Star," 1, 2, 3; Archery, 1, 2, 3;
Victory Corps, 1; Fashion Show, 2, 4.
Accent on sports .. likable lad.
Football, 3, 4; Track, 3; Field, 3.
The jive jane of B.H.S. . cuts a mean rug and still
looks as if she had stepped out of a band box.
Freshman Vocational Guidance Play, "Make Up and Live";
Softball, 1, 2. 3; Volleyball, 3: Basketball. 3; Victory
Corps, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2; Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3.
.4 smor;e Ilssie'plus .a'classy'hassis . rocking rhythm.
I"~hrisamas Tableaux. QH.S., 2: lumrn Anthology,,-W'ictory
Cdrps. I, 2. 3; Bakpkeball. 1. 2, 3. 4: V\'lleball, 1, 2;
Sollball. 2. 3,.4; Pep Sqtuad. t 2; li-her Corps. C.H.S., 2;
Fashion Show, 2, 3, 4.
.4 darling little dish with dark brown hair and eyes . .
she's lust luscious . ask the fellas and he'll howl.
Producing. 4; Softball, 4; Victory Corps, 1; Glee Club, 2, 3;
Pep Squad. 1; Library Assistant, 3; Office Assistant 4.
Has brought bright sunshine to B.H.S.'s halls and hearts
. Millie is superb in everything she attempts.
Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Staging, 3, 4; Producing. 3, 4;
Directing. 4: Parrakeet, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2. 3: Pep Squad,
I: Chemi-try Lab Assistant, 4; "Getting a Date," 3; "The
Highwayman": Usher at Commencement Exerrci-s. 3: Junior
Anthology. 3: S.A. Club Committee; Riding Club, 3;
Senior Class Party Committee, 4; Office Assistant, 4.
"Cutie" . a quiet, demure lassie who's a
credit to the Senior Class.
Volleyball, 3; Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3.

B H .

Ride 'em kid . a regular Jungle Joe and a swell guy
Liberty Union High School; Longley Junior High School;
Boat Building Club; Football; Basketball; Track.
Friendly little lass who loves B.HS. . .
a loyal friend to us all.
Zonian; Basketball; Volleyball; Softball; Vic. Corps; Pep
Squad: Lib. Asst.; Bowling; Jr. Anth.; S.A. Club Comm.
Tall, easy going fella who rates tops with us all.
Zonian, 4; Camera Club, 2, 4; Spanish Club, 4; Baseball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 2; Pep Squad 4.
Tall, Latin, good-looking with personality and politeness
.. there isn't much Orlando hasn't been gifted with.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Basketball, 3; Track, 1.
One of our "quiz kids" . She always has time
to flash her snazzy smile.
Spanish Club, 1; Vuillevball. 1; Basketball, 2, "All Star," 2;
Softball, 2; Archery, 1; Pep Squad, 2.
Latin looks are accented ... has quiet ways . likable lad.
Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3.
A quiet, friendly fella... whose tall build fills B.H.S. halls
S. sports ability plus.
Football, 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball, 1. 2. 3: Sofiball, 4; Swimming.
1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; \ icrun
Corps, 1, 2, 3; Boat Club, 4; Dance Committee, 3;
S.A. Club Committee, 3.

S. Z 0 N


A Irs se 6 a.olrumora L 'iejH . loves Itm up trans

: :c 4; ictor Corps,
1. i ; ee, senior Christmas Party
Co a Nute of Triumph,"
T "Getting a Date,"
ese eys to Idpate."

"Red has had a place in B.H.S. and in our hearts since we run
remember . and we want to keep remembering.
Football. I. 2: Baskelball, 1; Swimming, 2; Victoiy Corps. 1. 2, 3;
Band, 1. 2, 3; S.A. Club Cnmmittee, 3, 4.

HELEN R. HoBBS-"Chickie"
A shapely chick who's strictly/ slick . rhythm to spare aad
energy to rhrow au'a. . "Chickie" is liked by all.
Freshman Guidance Play, "Law Diggers." I; Parrakeet. 3; Zonian.
4; Si)b Deb Club, I; V.lleyball. 1, 2, 3. 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3. 4;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming, I, 2: Archer). I; Victory Corp-.
1. 2. 3- Glee Club, I, 2, 3; Cheerleading, 1; Library Assistant. 1;
Freshman Dance Committee; Junior Christma. Dance Committee.
Senior Clb..- Paris Committee; Senior Danie Committee; Usher,
3. 1; Theudore Roosevelt Program, 3; Producing, 4; Staging, 4;
Junior Anthology, 3; Fashion Show 3.

.t.HN J. HUNT- 'trF'tkf). af
EL ,rsbdv' sub.lr ... a'tnd .a,,eZ ak . '~i personality
ialn 'au' AhranneSl'are appieric~d.-lb all.
Baseball 1, 2 3. 4 .uhaI', 1.2, 3. 4;.Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4:
S,..ill ll, I, 2'3. \'ictin Corps. 1, 2. 3: ParraAret, 1; Zonian. 4;
JiininrSenlr. antjoel Commtllee, 3; Dance Commillee. 3, 4.

JULIO J. J I ENEZ--"Julie"
EvsrtoIi nman Ftrda .. he can really) make an audience sit
up and take notice when he makes that trombone aul "Uncle."
Track, 3: Football. 1: \;ctory Corp-. 1, 2, 3: Staging. 1; Band.
1, 2. 3. :1 Orchestra. 2, 3, 4: Little Theatre Orchestra, 3, 1;
S.A. Orchestra, 3, 4: Radio Clasies, 1.

Added to the gal's list of "looks" . ntal with a nice personality
... Tomms's somebody to know.

Tall. blond .. hubba hu.ba b CW lZjgC AM rhe girls.
~rtSei,*AbIt^il:mI kI.t~Thid. 2. 3
.L'tW T Hfrd, High 5Srhbr/ huetts, 1.

Sweet u'-th a dash of imp . Short" has a rnwa ou her or'n
. likable loss.
ViLtiOr Corp'-, I. 2, 3; Music Appreciation Club, 4: Archery, 2:
Ortheitra, 1. 2, 3. 4: Glee Club. 2: Pep Squad. 1, 2, 3; Office
As-islanr, 4; Dance Cu.mmittee, 3; Producing. 4: Fashion Show, 4.

41,i intelligence. lun. and garet). and ue have Shirl.
Lorreilo %cadem!. I. 2: French Plays, 2; Junior Anthology, 3.

One of those rare gracious ladies who has intelligence and looks
. petite and pretty, she has things we all enT.
De-.ianed Dance Programs. 2, 3; An Club, 1; Art Commit'e,-.
1. 2. 3: Softball. 1; Victory Corps, 1, 2. 3.




.4 crazs goo.. with enough. derilshness to suppbJ R:l S.
jIuier .i w. elldiked and easy to get along with.
Camera Club. 3, \ trlrs "Curpa 2, 1: Ptp Squald. 1, 2.
A tidy mass of good-humor . .fancy-free and friendly . .
she's !hked b) all .. a voice to remember.
Annunciation High School, 1, 2, 3; Monologues, 2, 3;
Parrakeet, 4; Music Club, 4; Tennis, 4; Glee Club, 3.
A quiet, reserved red-head, with a knack for always looking
crisp, cool and charming.
inlleyhall, 1, 2; Baseball, 1, 2; Basketball, 2; Zonian, 4;
\ ic ory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Office Assistant, 3; Dance Committee.
1; S.A. Club Committee, 3; Athletic Award, 2.

PAUL W. KRAMER, JR. "Pou er-house Kramer"
.4 nautical-minded buddy to us all ... thinks in terms
of sails and rigging.
Boat Club, 4: Foolball. 1,2; \ ictor) Corps, 1, 2, 3;
5.A. Club Committee, 3.

One of our Stateside gals . who rates with all of us.
Mlamaroneck High School, 1, 2, 3; "Record," 2, 3; Producing,
2, 3; Volleyball. 3; Baskttball, 2. 3; Field Hockey, 2, 3;
Swimming, 3; Public Speaking. 3; Glee Club, 2;
Riding Club, 2.3.

.4 sweet little blue-eyed gal who will always be flying high
. knows how to get things done.
Judge Memorial High, 1; Holy Names High, 2, 3; Freshman
Secretary. 1: Pan.American Day Play, 2; Song Festivals,
2. 3: Basketball. I. 2, "All Star," 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3,
B.H.S.. 4; Studenr Body Pianist, 1, 2, 3; Orchestra, B.H.S.,
4; S.A. Club Orche-ira, B.H.S., 4; Student Body Treasurer,
3; Junior-Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee, 3.

B. H .


t. W-1

One of our geniuses ... friendly personality to go with ability.
MAR MARArticer MT;t:E-"Preggp"
A bundle of fun and a barrel of joy. P, gg," is a likable,
iul gh-l.,, ina gan
Zonian, 4; Softball, 1. 2. 1. \ i-ll'bll. I 2, 3; Tennis, 1;
Archery, 1, 2; Bake Iball. 2: \i .rn L.-rps, 1, 2, 3; Glee
Club,,l, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 1, 2; l.Lrar, Assistant, 3, 4;
Junior High Office Assistant, 4; Fashion ,hm. 3, 4.
B.H.S.'s example of a fella who thinks chivalry is not dead
and still practices it.
Football 1, 3, "All Star," 1; Baseball, 1, 4, "All Star," 1;
Basketball, 1, 4, "All Star," 1; Track, 3; Victory C,,rp-. 1. 2.
3; Junior S.A. Representative; Vice-President of :he tu.l-nl
Association, 4; "On a Note of Triumph," 4.
"Pat," a tiny bundle of energy personified! ... an adorable
hep chick who can really jive.
Cristobal High School, 1; Parrakeet, 3; "Varsity," 1;
Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, "All ~alr." 1, 2. 3; Softball, 1. 2, 3:
Archery, 1; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, "\11 Star," 1; \ Ittorl
Corps, 1, 2, 3: Cl-e Club. 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad. 1; "Quill
and Scroll"; Fa-hliin th,:.w, 2; Sophomore Dance Committee.

Quick wi* .nJ .u lw-bn c
U te know a,
-,-.,, With Fred in
the picture back-
ground doesn't count.

S. Z 0 N IA N

MARY KiLCORSE--The gal from Buffalo has won all our hearts with I. cPHAT
her dancing eyes and lilting voice . your "Parrakeet" book critic. lMUIRRAYE NALE

McARTHUR McCLOSKEY Another ol those all-around c.4rthurs . .
McFADDEN McGAHEY goud-looaing witth a quiet personahtl).
McGOVERN McKEE Ba-ketball. 1, 2. 3 ".11 Star." 3. 4; Football, 1, 2, 3. 1, "\Il
Star," 3. 4; Softball. 1. 2. 3. 4, "All Star." 4: Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4.
"All Star," 3; Track, 4; : victory Curps. 1, 2, 3: Glee Club, 2;
Athletic Award, 1. 2. 3.

A tiny flash on our gym floor . has brought home victories
C B to B.H.S. more than once . the word is en-er-get-ic.
SVolleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4. "All Star." 1, 2: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, "All
SStar," 1, 2; Softball, I. 2. 3. 4, ".Al4 Star," I. 2; Archery, 1, 2:
Camera Club, 3, 4: Slamp Club, 4; victory Corps, 1, 2. 3; Pep
Squad, 2, 3; Llibrar) A-istant. 2; Offece Asfiitant, 3.

SQuite a pgu is Rod, : Popular with gals and g.s alike
S... Ilhy? AnXe his .inrnrn persanqfft,
Irvingldn igSh School. 1. 2; Senior Clas \'icd-President; Sopho-
S more C(Ia Presidenil; Pirf iret. 4; Zonian, 4: Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Soft ball 12, S. 1, "All ~lt,"'. 4; BasketbalL Jk 2, 3, -b Football,
1, 2. 3, 4, "All Stlar," 4; Skiing, 1, 2. lce Hockey, I,-: "etlris:
Swimming:'"" rsitv" Ctli. 3: Glke Club, 2, 3; ChqiLman of
Seni .r Piclure Commitlee; Senior Dance Comrnmitre-:-Va'lentine
Dance Committee; Ser.j.r Cla-- Party Cqmmilteg; Victory Corps,
1, 2; "B" Club, 4: Presidenl of ferodulics Club;
Hi-Y CIlub I; liUshering, 4. '

Bubbling uith gaiety and how we love her .. laughable and
lot-able with personality. plus.
Glee Club, 2, 3; \'ct.lr) Corps. 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3; Library
S" I .Assistant, 3; Usher, 4; "Gettlling a Date." 4: Office A.sstant, 4.

Take blue-black hair, clear green eyes. and a radiating smile
W... hat do you havne? EIIlLY!
Victory Corps, 1. 2. 3: Staging, I; LUsher, 4.

Suave and smooth rcpresses Rose ... tops among B.H.S.'s favorites.



"''ac" hus a wau of Iaughing at l ie ... energy p6l.
\ olleyball: Baskelball: Si..ftball: \ic Ciirp,; GleC Cliu .,
Pep Squad: Mu-ic Club: agingn.
.4 gum-cracking bundle ofl inomite . a personalir
that's strictly Elsie's.
Guidance Play. "La' Di.,Per%.": Zon;an: \'lalevball: 'ilt
ball; \'ic. Corp. Glee Club: Pep 5'quad: I ihran \--1.
Ba-ketball: Fa-hion 'Show: Dance C(mml'eer

4 triendis gaR that safes a special "HI" for us ill
Football. I. 2; Victory Corp-. 3; Glee Club. I: Pep
Squad. 4: 5.A Club Chairman. 1: Smni.i Dance C(nimillt-e

.4 tan, peaches and cream dream doll . dri 1t . .
there's onlh one Bonnie. and she's ours.
Volleyball: Swimming: Staging: Prrduiicinp: Znian: \ i
Corp.: Glee Club. Pep Squad; Cap and Gown (C-mmuine-.

Spic and span, she's the gal what am' .. a rug lter
S...and a s hq/j i. .. .
Pep Squad: Orche-ira; V\1 Cnrp-: [Lb. AstI.; C-r.ln;4il'-
Officu. \ollehlaU. ."All 5'ar":. BArtktball, "All Star":
'Archer': ,.ll>all.' "All.41 lar* ," SwimrninlA ar.ntan:
Parrakeet: Frr'.h \1ce-PreP : S /h. S.. A. Rep.: Little
Thra. --i BRIu-. B1gr. Bi.. l pr.NJr. ,ji,.Com.) mi "ni
Cla-" Paris Comm.: Producing: StJagingf : 1 l g; 4l.'lher.

JOYCE i. MnOEN-"/oe"
Takes honors on our gm floor .. a power.rharged
picture director.
Produrine. Ir. Anth.: Cam. Cluih Music Club: Vnllerball:
Bakelhall: Tennis: Softball; Gle Club: Pep Squad: Offire,
Asistanl: Senir Card- and \nnuiintement-.

Well-liked by all and won't soon he forgotten.
Baseball: Fiball. Bs.ktball: Softball: Clee Cluh: Vic Corp-.

B .

What I., /non n as "g,.'i Ire" . easa-going.
F...ltbhall: Ra-ket hll. llhball. All N ar": Ba,-e all: Boi l.;
\n. I.-rp-:; Glee Cluh: S. A. (l iib Commn.: Jr. Antholog).
1ARj[fRET N1. IUtMMNIAT --"Peeg"
.'no:: litr rbug . tCJeen kid wu'hv's nifrv and neat.
Pep Squad. \ir Curpq: Zoniann; G.A.A.: Cam. Club. Secy.;
Riding: Club. Pre-.: 4 A. Rep.. Si."Cla-- Ses.: Vollevball.
'All Star"; Archnr; Balketball. "All Stia": 5-,flball. "All
"tar": Fsid. Shw; fr: Sr. Banq. Comm.: S. Club Comm.:
Dance Cinmm.: Sr. Piclare Comm.: Cap and Gown Comm.
.4 dvimre danirn l . n he' s a nsi ring little 1liss.
(,1,, Ilitb. \ I-. Cnrr.-. Pep Sqia.ld: A k : Rlol. Cl.h;
Cam. (Clib: Ba-ketlhall. "\ll Star": rnitballI. "\11 'tar";
ValU' iall "'All tar": G A.A.. Dance Committee.
Sharp. 'nappi and smooth. in stile and uhen daring.
\'ball. B-ktlall. a ,.ftlall. "- ll Star": Vi. Corp-. Prod.;
(Gle Club: '-,ph. antd Sr Djnc'e Comm.: Fa-hi-.n Shnw.
.4 dinamno of rltalits .. leeps I iin stitches . neat
figure --rrenr on legs . ue're prouId to call Rosie ours.
(.undan..- Play: Parra0k r: G. \.-.. Pre'-.. '\ "hAll. "All Star";
Ba-kerball. ll' Star": S.i-tlb ll. "-A l itar": Trnni,: \rch.;
\ir. (.nrp-. Glep Ch li: Pep %qauad : cheerleaderr : Prod.;
S. \. Club Comm : Junior Ring Cmnim.: Seni.r Cards and
.\nnuncmenirnl- Comm.. B.rwlin Tram: .Ahletic Award.
Take a darling figure . rure clothes . saucy girl
. . and siou'ie got cur "Frankie" . .She's strictly "TINT."
"Calling All Ghn-rs"; ".A Daie for a Dance": "Triple
Triiiile": ;tlaping: Prnducing: "Dre-- Rehear-al": Direr lr.
"'- e- M'len- N..": ChPl -r.leaading; nibftall: Baskeiball.
Walks in a iwake o i lone Ion whistles . a dream doll.
V'ball: ArCh.: VI,. Carp-: Glee Clulb: Chnrim; PFp Squad;
Jr. Hi Off.: Snph D)an, Cim.; Jr. Ring- Cirm : Fa.sh. Show.

\ .I
\Ili LCH %

"' LLt.

LM t I iia


S: .. S CH.RLES NYE NORRIS-"'azoo"

Hias rhtl.m that's rare and he puts it to good use . a solid
jive bomber that ue couldn't spare.
'ann City Hiph 'ich.,il. 3: Freshman Guidance Play. 1; "B"
Cll;: Fo.r-lhll. 1. 2. 3. 4. "All Star." 2. 3. 4: Baseball. 1. 2. 3, 4.
".1l ,tar," 4: Ba-ketball, 1, 2. 3. J. "\l Star." 3, 4: Softball,
1. 2: Trac k. I. 2. 3, 4: SHimming, 1. 2, 4; Bowling. 1. 2: Tennis.
]: C.Il[. 4. \ icrnrv Cr.rp-. 1. 2, 3: Nav Da\ Prngram, 4: Pan
Amerrcan Pro.grm, 4; Rand. 1, 2: Glee Club. 3: Ulhering. 4.

DAVID C. OLIV--"Sparka"
Friendly and smiling . he's a gu going up.
Taft Hieh Schuoil: ~aller Hiph School: Science Club Secretary.
T H.,.. Gl-r ('Clb, V H.S., I. T.H.S.. 2. B.H.S., 3.

H.r Iniel\ hair ;s admired b all . niits and neat . .
the kid is trrirlh oial reer'
Baskeflall, 1. 2. 3. 4: Softball. I. 2: Vulleyball. 3, Glee Club,
2, 3. Pep sjiiiad. 2: Fa-hion show. 1: Victor, Corps. 1, 2. 3.

Cood-loo4i that ,aun't be matched .... .ice personality
and a was all of his own.
Badhall. 2. 3. "Ail Star." 2. 3: Track. 2: SSftball. 2, 3:
Clear ltub, I. 2. 3. 4.

MARIO PRECIlDO. JR.--"iMariojl"
'Rrc:in lrl," . .quiet humor and pleasant personalir .
he h.tlpd m,.fe B.H.S. a place to remember.
\ ir urf curp. 1. 2. 3: Ba- ball, 1. 2. 1. 4. Football. 1. B-'ketb'll.
3, 4. ''ftball. 1 Trjak. 4: Spani-h Club. 2. 3: Biology Club. 3. 4.

EPt1s AIPtE 0'BRiiefW- ",Vaw"
.4 trim little irnAo 4lr Jr r om t to talent .. u'e owe Lois
', Nr rh' M f fndm: pr.ciate kh kildling uwa.
.A fle.li ll'. 1. 3"- l-k et~ll. J 2. Sf ball. 1. 2: Victory Corps.
": Chorq,'lh, 1. 2, 3.Vontan. 4: taking. 2 .3: Producing. 3:
Fa-hios* Shhw. ~. 4.
d ,r

Another r, the silent. mouth ioe . Latin and likable . .
he's tops. with us all.
l.r- Cnili, 2, I. F robhall. 2: Baphball. 2. 4: Track, 2. 4:
Basketball. 2. 4: Pep squad. 1.

4 bundle Io beauty . enchantress.
S-I.n High Schoo.l. I. 2. 3: Student Council. 1. 3: "Mlarie Curie."
3: "On a Not.l of Triumph." 4: Selon High Nes, I. ?, 3: Parrakeet,
4; Zonian. 4; 4rt Club. 2: Journali.m. 3: Glee Club. 4.

IT hate nr rnun in I ol spelling friendliness. .... \' E L L Y
. rare gilt ol gab.

4 pleui-oa' goodhumored chick . easy going and well-liked.
Victor Cnrpc. 1. 2, 3: Clee IClub. 2. 3; Pep Squad. I. 2; Counselor's
Office. 3: Fre-hman Guidance Play, 1: Dance Committee. 1.

11.l\ OSIGCI.N



B.H.S.'s dancing daughter . good natured
S. just an O.K. kid.
\'llyball; Basketball; ,flbftjb. "All Star"; Bowling; Vie.
Corps; Pep Squad. Riding Club, Vice-Pres.

"The man worth while is the man who can always smile"
We believe this was written for "Odt."
F.,tball: Softball; Basketball; Baseball; Track; Bowling;
\Virlr) Corps; Band; Pep Squad.

4n intellectual Miss and a credit to B.H.S. and C.Z.J.C.
a sincere worker who has a gay attitude toward life.
Vic. Corps; Biol. Club; Glee Club; Pep Squad.

His appeal, corny cracks, romantic and wacky personality
place him at the top of the list.
Ca-lle Heights Military Academy; Football, "All Star";
-".ftball. "All Star"; Baseball, "All Star"; Basketball, "All
Star"; Volleyball; Soccer.
Brcanstorm. . nuttr as a fruit-cake and oodles of fun
. When he's around don't try to be serious.
Fonthall. *All Star"; Track; Swimming; Zonan; Spanish
(lub: Biohl-v Club; Victory Corps; Senior Dance Comm.

The perpetually grinning gal you like to have around
. blue-black hair that is envied.
Bruce High School; Pres. Frosh Class; Pairakeet; Biol.
Club; Basketball; \olleyball. Glee Club; Fashion Show.
Quiet, studious, and a super artist . .Plutarco will go
a long way toward success.
North High Schu.l:; Intrrprreialir. Readine: Zonian; Spanish
Club: Art Club: An Comm.; "Hi V" Club; International
Relatinns Club; Bombardier Club; Softball; Tennis; Vie.
Corps; Chorus; Orchestra.

B. H .



A saucy little pi'rt 'of cabbline enoety .
has rare nimrerin fl .' slit, r
Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 1, 2; Library Assistant, 2.

"'',n,'" is a riot . always cracking jokes ..
he's one of our best.
C.J.R.A. Club, 1, 2, 3; Gun Club, 2, 3; Football, 1, 2, 3;
Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Ra-k,.il.l.. 1, 2, 3; Track, 2; Softball,
2; \ '.n .r) orps, 1, 2, 3.

RUTH F ELL N SLt.HE\EL.MII--"ipggleio.t"
Our "Squeaky" . hntrhir i, always bubbling from
Ruthie's L& m. . i. nith Ue 'ruld show our gratitude
fot. "i' lahrer ,~tcruenrt she has brought us.
N\ r' ,. rr l. 2 3'Ia-in. 2. 3: Prlodl.ning. 4; Parrakeet,
r: t r ", S i- Deb f lul, t : \ I,,lli lail. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Tff 4 all, 2. 2 1 4. etl I I. 3. 4; Archesy. 1, 2;
. linp. 1. 2T-nnis. ,: G ke (Ilu. 1.2,3; Pep q.il. 1,2;
.ibrdar \%,flanl,. 3 ..1. i11hf.-mnill.r.- 3; I -her. 3, 4.

pet cheerleader take- a
breather from Zoni.,,
Prrakeet, Little T',.
at",. etc., to watch h,.
game. Looks good fInn,
here, too.



Pxy.w's HARsTAD--Hollywood has Lana Turner, New York has Lily sTRAIS' SULLIVAN
Pons, but B.H.S has Phyllis. TRIM TIURBYFILL

SCHRIFTGIESSER SEARS Another of the smooth Itpe . she's got plenty ol what it takes.
SNEDEKER SOLIS Cristobal High School. I. 2, 3; Dramatics. 1, 2. 3; Victory Corps,
1; Presidential Election Debate. 3: Glee Club. 1, 2, 3. 4; Library
Assistant, 1, 2; Usher, 2. 3; Fashion Show, I; Speech Program. 4.

Reserved and right . He's the kind who would
light for what he knows is rrght.
"B" Club, 3: Biology Club. 2. Camera Club, 1. 2; Football, 3:
Track, 3; Softball. 3: Basketball. 3: Chemistry Lab Assistant, 2.

Loads of fun to be with . a smooth number on the dance floor.
I Softball, 1; Volle;ball. 1: Archery. 1: \'ic-try Corps. 1, 2, 3;
Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad. 1. 2. 3; Office Assistant, 4;
Fashion Show, 3.

Lovable loss with oodles of class . pert up-furned nose . .
trim appearance . "Clothes make the woman"
was uwrttten for her
S.A. Reprerentative: Zonian. 4: Busine4ss Manager of Parrakee',
4; G.A.A.. 3. 4: Softball. I. 2. 3, 41, "All Star." 1, 2, 1; Volleyball.
1, 2, 3, 4, "All Star," I. 2, 3. 4.: Ba4ketball, 1. 2. 3, 4, "All
Star." 1, 2: Archer)., 1. 2: Victorv Corps. 1, 2. 3: Glee Club. 3;
Pep Squad, ,. 2. 3. 4: Cheerleading. 4: Office Assistant, I:
Junior-Senior Banquet Committee. 3: Senior Picture Committee;
G.A.A. Dance Committee, 3, 4; S.4. Club Committee, 3;
Usher at C-mmencement Exerci.es. 3.

We love our Sinatra. but brother!! Tall with ur beautiful
head of red hait .. If son onlh kneuw. Red.

Polite and jriendlv . the kind ot guy iou u'ould
like to take lessons from.
Baseball. 4.


. 1 KE TriO R I I'i\- hl I TiIB Ekl
\ \ E% \ R\ F EiK Ih F 1l B i Ri

Pleasantrl quier in her ar'n itwa .. li/ublr gal.
Basketball. 1: Volled all. 1. 2. 3. Sfiliall. 1.
Victor, CprpQ 1. 2. 3: Fa-hi]ri ,I..w. 4.
/ *
.- .CaeTErR.4; Ttru --"-Chet"
..roulin't be BA.S. fitihoitet good nriirlo hel .. .
S a phbi4Uu'P ttls r ally/ a treat lto thie :ul.
agingn: '"B" Cliih. )ie .P-, : Ba-ball: Ba-ktll,all. \Il
trar"; Fumrhall. M1 'Star"; \ i, Cirp-: r. Danr.,- C.'mm.
SHtIBEY 5LLLY. N-".N Shitrl""
The blae-eetd belle al, B.H.. .. . V\fti anit near itrh
class irt her warrdrobe ... thir'% .harp Shtrl'
Sofhfibl; GJ e Club; Ba-kcthall: \ ..llesall: Nas )Da
Program; Guidance Pla); Jr.-Sr Banquel tr.mmnmir.e.
Dee btiomning ro'e u'ith a reaid. tnlin//e nind abi/c ufii
.., j persnnalits In parr.
tar' hea'ikallI- i immin r -Ih iI e Prr--.; \ ice PTr -
.A": P?,inbn ipg;; .*\r. n : "Las. Di 'cr-.' ".r-r-nir
Sr1 Q pidLare.' On a i Triumph." (G.-rllin a n -".
Wt I BNil: Orchifra: Glee Vb: Lab. 4--t.: (.Cli (..mm.:
Jr 4r h.: Dance Cnmmilner-. '..\ I(.lh Or( he-Ird
.4 groovee'" pui and B.T.O. . he and his rnns IidJ.es
help dispel boredom.
Castle Heighit Mihlrarsn rade-m : S \. Rep.: Fitihall. '\ll
Star": Softball: Ba-rhall: 'i;wmming. Siirer; Ba-ketl. ll.
Track; Gire Club. Juniir ',eni.r Bantii.i- C.mmiir--.
Clamma! Lnne lloaring brown hmr tops ail a7 neat tiptir.
Grove High Schoonl: We.tpnrt High Sihinl Pep Squad.
You have made our last eetir in sihOil Ione tc i ion atlun a
cherish and 'remember in terms rf "ii-nrell.
Football: Softball; Baseball; Baketball: Trac-k. S.. Clih
Committee; Jr. Sr. Banq.. easierr .if Cereninme-: Pan Amt-r.
Program: Glee Club: Jr Clasi Pres : .. Pre- : \ ii.. Cirp-.

B. H .

LoiSnE\E TO%\ E:RV---".llA "
41 na.- inlt uh killing Ut.n . ".'lnotlh makel the
ln-O n and c .er fili rnl it' Ihr theni to adiantoge.
Z/,ri-,t iPa r.r ir.t : \11i-n h t'hi,: .i mminc: \ic. C,.rp-;
tl;re- Cln P.-[i ',js il. Lil.ran \--1.. (O fir. \--i ; \lir.
Fmrpli-\mrn Biurlr Prliiiin ng: .. r'li, C rmmnlre;
Damnc Ciimmitrer: I -her
\11RY GLORI4A ro",ER1
-1 r,,pnirt.h gli n pla i r ... i h r" .,ies she
set 0u niilrh "gil.gerf *m "
., \ \.. \ it. Prt--.: \ llribal]l. "-\II tar : Ba-k-iball "\11
'itai"- *..hibjll \11 -.lar". \rchi.r -" lI rlar": \ ir. ( *.rp-:
tI,,- I lIl: P- q aii .l: .\. .A tan r C.n nIm Prm.li-ina.
(herrflul and hfe/ded with .harm us inr "Bern.
Dor)Ri L. \ x E; ER4-"CsrI,eP
4 pt.it little /rlhi it th iharm . ha.ti eies
th-lt tuirinAl r l t Ir i
\w,, lnr ( .rp-: tlr- lu h. Pt p u'ina.Il: Fa-bhin hi,.-w.
\ ID I EEK. --" ef'"
4u qiadlrrile t runeltl in arn langpuaxe . ur '
B trI Ihigh ch--....I. 1. 2. 1: Curl Re-er%,-. 1. 2. 3. ,pani-h
t.iih:: Fn.11-lih tl t.. Randi : Orchirl; ra. Pep "5qua.l
I CQL'EI[.1 F S. EIR-"nacAie"
4 pri'itl e little In.- ith n iret rthun her share 91 i''ni.
Fa--.ifrrn A'' hnnl. 3. 1 4. RBpre-enlauise. 1: Fre-liman
Ginldanre Plab "Gh(,11-1 ;..rs'. I- ;h DP-I b l ('lb. 1: \ .l1 .
Iall. I. 2. .3. '.,fib-ll. 2: Ba-k. ilulh 2. 1. \ ict nr C..rp .
I. .1: fOri-h'-Ira. 1: C.Ilr t'll.. 2- P-p Squad. 1. J nim-r
C'la-- Parisn t'mmit---. I -hIr at C.nmm-ncement EFrci-k-'
uan Pla -: 'r arld- and \nriuninenrmnl- Ci-mm : Lib. \--I.
\MARi L-t. Stu.BL R-"l /il"
Her rtul1- ,7'11l prntlonali\ art- rrtvirn oi HERS nnli.
Br lrwaITr h,'li h ,hi .l. - "('Fr-C''.". \11n-p it1ai :
R .a.l.n. t-lul.; l .I,- C(lul: Pep quaill



Naturalness that can't be beaten .. quiet sense of humor.
Parrakeet, 3; Victory Corp-. 1, 2, 3; Asst. Director of
Freshman Guidance Pla3, "Make: Up and Live"; Glee Club,
1, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 1; Library Assistant, 2; Counselor's
Office. 4; Dance Committee, 3; Usher at
Commencement Exercises, 3.

Compact, crisp and cool . She's a treat to B.H.S.
. dancing feet.
Volleyball, 1; Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2;
Pep Squad, 1; "On a Note of Triumph";
Fashion Show, 1, 2, 3.

Romantic Romeo with "brain "' ideas . likes his gabbing
and his gals about the same.
Manlius Military School, 1, 2; Spanish Club, 1, 2; Biology
Club, 4; Football. 1, 2, 3; Softball, 3, "All Star," 3;
Basketball, 1, 2; Swimming, 1, 2; Fentinr. 1, 2; Track,
1, 2; Rifle Team, 1, 2; Band, 1; Pep Squad, 4.

SENIORS 01: '46


Whistle-bait plus model material . ne word
expresae' our gal Lt: -ffii t
Santa Fe High School: Sub Deb Club. 1, 2: 'ollevhill, 2:
Basketball, 4; Victorn Coips 2. 3: Glee Club, 2. 3: Pep
Squad, 1; Usher at Commrncrmeni Exerrise- and Plays, 3:
Junior Cla. Party Commiittce 3.
Wacky, witty, and u'ithnur irtl s. bhe', our gol Frida)
.. blessed wrth a gi t o\ eab that's sazzi'.
Union Hiah School, 2: Ba-kelball. 1, 2. 3: Volleyball. 1,
2, 3; -nfib.fll. 1, 2, 3: T-nnis, 2. Bowling, 1, 3: Archery, 2:
Hockey, U.H.S., 2; \ iciory Corp., 1. 2. 3; Glee Club, 3;
Pep Squad, 1, 2. 3: Fashiun Show. 3, 4.
The atomic typr . a strictly, one-man woman
with owrrurit appeal!
Bowling, 1, 2, 3; Soflhall, 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball. 1, 2, 3, 4;
V.ileshall. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ar(lhern, 1, 2, 3. 4: Track. 1, 2, 3. 4;
Ridine Chilb. 3; Richmond HI-h Sc:hool, Hockey, Tennis:
\ ici.rn Corps, 1, 2. 3: Glee Club. 3: Pep Squad, 1, 3;
Fadhinn Show. 3. 4.


B. H.



Kcadhken Gi I
flyiUa Meyez
Sadl4 4'zucoe
oano lusan
Yeaiune 2ammcd
Skehte4 Mzm
Alda Co04
PaMicic. Macp
MMAed ::caa"

CUie McPkcde
Pe/) Mamomwa
W/i/iam fa/dolomeaw

-6l'ate Ra"nete

Richpcad Bic
P/RuV Pice
Wiwdnied Raffaldnt
Rut4, Sc4aeeland
Ripkczd 1U&U4iM

C94lad Qielaw.n


nhodcaucing S. S. avtauoiites




.. .


i :'r"fl 'n. "v

:* ..."i "
? :..* PAT PARS(
:^^. i

-,. ,' MAYO
":,..:".",..' .

i:I ; 'V *
ii k i" :


'i I .ifo b' 5

.i... : "., r":
: *,', :, ,'


L *, .

.5H.st LA,_LI'Owud

.S. l 1. .*h.u.n

,..ost efnIeclual

Sfost talented

Sost Popul a

_orst d ltaic

',.est cooking

si ancels




'J~i ?'
'' ij



t. .







... i


',- . ,. '. \ /' \

ti .', \ TB,

'. i'T -1' 'A 2 ..l\


VY.P-.1) '\tAM,\\.

"U lf .IIi.'lll .( ),'3-

"4.- 7w't .1_ .1.?

tatii2 izrAP,

fIAu^r5i h'A.nU-

SUOVI.. L..r .T.I

blI.4A? I.OYO.1

TZ/. 3 AIl\

'IAo02Haq ThR

Vi.0OWO' '13 WAnG

\,, u\ \ ,. .. t'.WI

I?-ij 'i"1 1g _

N3301 OMA1h3a

i/.h.-t-Jt..a. 30\

ptunos fbp IZ




oL :

* t.


N ~ *S

c -

)] lost


-q/, I'oUIIJ,

Ak A

A* I
Vi. ', I' i 1i '

Q losi

ctelect 1(1, l


V t





*c\~ ,


Qa leii /eu




O lost

oKpu lar

*-- .'

r ..:: P i' .
y?, - :i;

IY ~

... ..4A
. 6.'^..l



I~mq~\ j


i'/I dI lesf


*g.. ~L
I. 7 :*'

-..-- Mt
,.. S'

h.S aS us *- .-''






i. *L





O/ JIlly

) ,




I Ci'( II ce '




The two.~ome u ih the high I.Q.'--Kathleen Barnes
and I illiam fuller.

ff e't" Io ed their laughter. their poise. and their
fri-endliness. ,lark and lacAie-popularit plus.

Believers in the adage "Laugh and the world laughs
with iou" are Liz Zent and Kay Masters. A smile
for everyone. friendliness is their by-word.

They aren't Veloz and Yolanda, but (. icAr t
Hobbs and Charlie Norris cut a mean rug.

Loi els smile, lovelier eyes, with a charm all her
own--Ruth Price is B.H.S.'s choice for good-

Sportsnhilit\ plu. won lor
llarianna .\elin and Jack
Baldi in second place honors
for mi,)t' athletic.

"The I oice" and the gul wiho
can dance, a talented ti'osomre.
bound to succeed. Dick Tirb\-
lill and Jackie WT orsley pose foi
their public.

Rosie arnd Rod-the r-nergi
kids. the "all-arnuniders" take
time out for a coke.

. 2..

I* e




E A Yj





5;"~ *A.~. U~,

* ^Fto





B.nRD ToNER S.. .4. re-lent
BERN RD TONER. S. A. Preadent

The Student Association of Balboa High School is the prin-
cipal organization within the school, and it holds the master key
to all activities in which the students participate. The purpose of
the S..\. is to sponsor the different organizations in school. provide
,o) ial entertainment for the students. and improve the school in
e ery possible way.
Tie officers of the S. A. consist of a president, vice-president.
anid a secretary ihliI i appointed b\ the president; and presidents.
SiF e-presidenti. represenlati\es. and -ecietaries of the four classes.
The president of the S. A. is elected by the students. This vear
Bernard Toner %as president and Lois Nlilnlire, secretary. Mr.
E. W. IHatkhett ias again the faculty adviser.
The S. A. publishe- the Zoninn and aids in the financial sup-
port of the Parraefl. ihich i- the -clhool newspaper. The officers
act :i usihers at all prograjni and other special events; all awards-
speec h. journalism. s'ports-are paid for by the S. A. and presented

The S. A. is the finan ial center of the sch,,ol. supporting all school
activities. These financial lizards of B.H.S. are, from left to right. Alice
Sullivan. NMis Mildred Swenson. Barbara Sc'hnake. and \ irginia Meyer.

One of the Parrakeet's enthusiastic


to deserving students on Awards Day. At this time the president of the Association for next year is introduced.
This year the S. A. also financed the purchase of the new cheer leaders' costumes. Yards of red material
made a full gathered skirt, with which was worn a white blouse with bishop sleeves and a red "B" in front,
cimnpleting the school colors.
The pep squad wore plain red skirts with white jerkin style blouses. An unusually pratif\inr number
of students turned out for the pep squad.
Another attraction sponsored by the S. A. was the S. A. Club, which was open occasionally on Saturday
night. Games, dan, ing. eats, and music, furnished by various student orchestras, were the main features
of every t-vening.
The first dance of the year was given by the S. A. on September 14, while the others were given by
the classes and sponsored by the Association. The first gala event was preceded by much suspense for the
new class officers were to be introduced at this time. The Senior Class gave two dances: the first semi-
formal dance at the Trivoli, and the other an informal dance. The juniors ;iav two dances, and the sopho-
mores and freshmen had class parties. The annual Junior-Senior Banquet topped the season's social events.

White lon.g-leeded blouses with midriffs and red pleated skirts
made up the aw reet cheerleaders' outfits furnished by the Student

Phyllis Harstad buys her Student Association ticket from Dii k
Turlb fill. S. A. Vice-President.

Mr. E. W. Hatchett, super adviser, confers with S. A. leaders about
plans for the %ear.

L. A


Bnlon Beatier




L 00,





t .._




Evern school day at 8 A.M., peeps, squeaks and shouts may be heard emitiniri from the Little Theater.
The forts-five members of the band are warming up for rehearsal.
At pep rallies and football games the band, with "The \ i .tir) MNrch" up, cheered our boys on to
victor.. On Februar) 5, an informal band concert was given on the high school ,amplu-. at which several
types of music were played-marches, overtures, waltzes and novelty numbers. A crowd of one hundred
people attended this concert.
The orchestra made its debut at the play. "S-eiie Keys to Baldpate." One of the highlights of this
performance was the aria from "Carmen," accompanied by Pat Libbey's rhythmic castinets. A small orches-
tra of six violins, two cornets, two clarinets, one trombone, one saxorphurne. and the piano played at the Fashion
Show on January 30 as sixty girls modeled their dresses.
"Rain. rain, go away!" was the cry of all the students participating in the Christmas program on the
day of the big event. But the rain didn't go away and the program was postponed until the fill,,ing evening,
December 21. However, the chorus of two hundred forty and the orchestra of forty-five turned out one
hundred per cent. Neither was the audience daunted by the sudden change in plans but came in full force.
The girls' voices harmonized in "Angels We Have Heard on High" during the (and3:lr-lipht,-d processional.
The mixed chorus sani several songs including "Noel" and the -"Hallelujah Chorus" from the "Meisiah."
The soloist was Dick Turbh fill. who sang "Cantique de Noel" and "If With All Your Hearts." The orchestra
included in their repertoire
B.H.S. ORCHESTRA "Ave Maria." -'Eenirin Star,"
with trumpet soloist Dotsy
Bigelow, and "The Holy Cit%.."
with trumpet soloist Dick Col-
This year the music depart-
ment has had a larger enroll-
ment than in any year previous
with 330 students, over 5t';
of the student bd'. These
students have learned to know
and appreciate classical music.



The dramatic season of B. H. S. opened with one of George Cohen's popular plays- "Seyen Keys to
Baldpate." Theresa Grimm and Laurence Fortner plated the leading roles with Robert Albritton. Catherine
Taylor, Beverly BuLkaloo. and mania others in the supporting cast.
The plot of "Seven Key'" involves a young novelist who cannot concentrate in New York City. He
borrows a huge inn on top of a mountain where he locks himself in with what he believes to be the unlv kei.
The actual number of keys and what he really finds in the way of peace and quiet make complicated situations
with chills and laughs galore.
The second performance of the season was "Double or
Nothing" by Glenn Hughes. The two leads were played by Jean
Saarinen and Bradford Schwartz. Other roles were taken by Vern
Call'wa\. Barbara Schnake, Charles Norris, Dick Turbvfill. and
Jim Coakley. The story is that of a college boy who invites an
actress to a dance, and then discovers that the dean has forbidden
the attendarnce uf theatrical personalities at college functions. The
arri al of the -lar hean a madl complicated %hirl of events whichh
fulfilled Mr. Turbviill's prediction that the pla. would prose side-
siplittinig entertainment.
The higher l award offered in dramatics is the Diamond
Maque. (oinpetiturs for the award this .ear %,ere Frankie Norrell.
SMildred Haas. Laurence Fortner. Beverl\ Buckaluu. and Dick
Turb\ fill. These students have all taken major rule- in clubhouse
: ppla.s. and hare staged. produced. and directed mrinir productions.
The Balboa Little Theatie is the only high school dramatic
griup in or out of the continental United States that is listed in
the National Little Theatre Directory. Thi. is the tuelfth year that
B.H.S. has held this listing.

Speech Director ..
lake-up -rt "De Hoimit"
\ __,_b'--- ^ ^ *^ --


"Double or Nlhihn'," the Glenn Hughes farce-comedy, was presented on
February 14 by the Balboa Little Theatre and featured thirteen of B.H.S.'s
finest comedians.


Lounging in the S. A. Room are the Diamond Masque winners for
the 1945-46 theatrical season. Reading from left to right: Laurence
Fortner, Mildrd Haas, Dick Turh )fill, and Beverly Buckaloo. Not
pictured is Frankie Norrell, who is also a Diamond Masque winner.

Filtl -plue

1. Our super-duper editor, Jeannine Dumond. who's full of fun and laughter.
2. Ralph Fels-head photographer and all-around handyman.
3. Invaluable workers take time out a5 Don says. "Hold it!" From left to right: Nancy
Koperski, Joyce Moen. Phyllis Harstad. and Peggy Mummaw. Another helper not
included in this picture is Vern Callowav.
4. Chickie Hobbs and \ irginia Mever. hard working senior activities editors.
5. Frankie Norrell and Alberta Bo.d-senior "sideline" experts.
6. Lois Tower, and Jeannine Dumond, picture directors.










7. Lois O'Brien and Plutarco Rdriquez, Zonian artists.
8. Dotsy Bigelow-our one and only business manager niakini_: ends meet.
9. John Hunt and Rodney NMG(;overn bring in the honors with their sports l rite-ups.
10. Girl sports writers, Bonnie Neale and Llona Sears.
11. "Tommy," our adviser with her ever-sweet smile.

12. Sally Briscoe, S. A. editor and all-around helper.

13. Frank Sweeney and Don Dewey-photographers. Firli-seife

SThe unusual noise, clamor, and scattered chatter oming from
the Parrakeet room tells us it once again is Press Day.
We find Mildred Haas, our diligent editor. working like mad
on last minute revisions. John Hunt and Rod NlcGortern. cu-sportu.
editors, sit calmly swapping jokes, as their sports page has gone
to press. Don Dewey and Ralph Fels are debating whose picture
MILDRED HAAS, Editor rates the front page.
Helen "Exchange Editor" Hobbs once again is looking thruolgh
the World Almanac trying to find Yazoo City, MiXsissippi.
Rosie Nickisher and Ruth '.hir'rland. girls sports editors, are sweating out their basketball stories. Winifred Robison ia
getting ready to shoot herself after reading the proof of "Peek and Boo."
Charlotte Baverstock and Dotsy Bigelow, minus some hair and sporting short fingernails, have finally completed their
literary page after three weeks of hectic work. Pat Pearson. feature writer. 'till has her sanity-she's only chewing paper.
A hal th- I ell-.rre-'-d B.1.l.. grl i; wear-n; in I.-,rreJ b Albte-ri B'.vd': "Trim Teens." Shirlev Z.-ee and Je.ii Andrews.
ate Parrahket reporter. arr relax ng a Ihe lha\e i mrpl-lred their work f.r ihi~ is.ue. Keeping us up to dale un the lnte t
m.air I, the la-k f \ irginia Mclt.r in her popular L.lumn. "Flicker Flashes."
Mlarn Kilcor'e i- walking ari.n..l he rnom -inging, and n... w..nder. She has just lini.hed her column. Juke Box
Jne." which enumeraiet the popular sn.ig- B.H S. Sinalla. and Shore s-ing. Ana Tere-a "Que Pasa" Riuz hds just dashed in
I,. make a la-i minute change in her iclimn.
Anrt Editor .Aureli.. Parra ha. iu-t fnI-hed making anrulthr Ellen TlIman- i- dreaming a Ijfalt a31.iser-' dream .f a midrl -tail Ihat urn- in .LONG AHEAD OF THE DEADLINE
-tuore -Ihat vutiild a err-rJit ... the \ew l ork Ttmn-,.

,Mlembers of thE Parraheer stall are. Iron lt lto r eight: Ralph Fel. Dotly Bigilow. Pat Pear-mn. Charlotle Baserstock, John
Hunt. Mlildrrd Haa-, R-rn mri- Nlcki-her. Rodnr ,- IcGo,,ern. Winifred Robtoun. shirle) Zee-e. and Ruth Schjeveland.
Nlot pitured i- Mary KIlctir-e.



(2001) 200) (2001

* OS



(200) 1200)

V.L is-

. S .-


S N,-

N* N





s -


""1 L







S. A
"s *

So. 'N



Balboa High School was rated superior to typical high schools in all sections of the country under the
auspices of the Middle Stales Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.
Co-chairmen of the committee which evaluated the high school were Dr. Walter C. Eells, Executive of
the American Association of Junior Colleges, and Kenneth W. Eells, former Field Representative of the
Middle States Association. The chairmen with competent local educators observed the school in operation
from April 3-5, 1915.
After a comparison with 200 carefully selected s:hools-private and public, small, medium-sized and
large-ratings were assigned as follows:
School Staff-Very Superior
Library-Very Superior
Pupil Activity Program-Superior
Guidance Progranm- Superior
School Plant-Superior
Recommendation, were made for the expansion of the :-uidn e pr,_raIim and for suitable cafeteria
"The lack of an auditorium," the evaluators commented, "is a serious handicap to the carrying on of a
modern secondary school program-it makes virtually impossible the development of a p-.,ld modern |ir,,_r3n
of assemblies."
New courses suggested include remedial reading. economic geography, Latin-American history, art
appreciation, a required social problems course, consumer education, bookkeeping, and a required fourth
year of English for all students.
F.n -nirne


S ..

*' ;'.

so .
l cc


Off TO CLflSS WlE 60

I. Our Chenmi-tr (C.'ir-, con-.i--l .o alternating cla.-. o If le reI alid laboratory work. Herr Mr. Fi-cher in.Irctls a
gr'iip in ithe Indamrnial.. 2. Their, -iidenI4 experiment in iur well.upplied chemistry laboralor) with the finest equip-
menl availabll. I Pr,,f'--',,r ienneth inrin -iupertiieP n intrialt- experiment in ph.,ic.. 4. Handling snakes is nro
required ii th. Hinl l' I, 'r-e. Lbut trhre ar- m:in uhier animal who-r habi- ihe s.iu.leni- ob'erne and -tlude. 5. Although
HIl-"h.,I.l \ri- ri n.t r'equir-d, the mai.ri'i ,I B H '. _:irl- and an urcas inal buy find the -ubject la-scinating when
taighl in in.r -pa.-.,ii, rC'e.kini and -rwing riomrn. 6i. Beauiiii al aa pll1 a fiisi ul ifrniture and houe-hold articles are
imrned wiknt lu .ur n.ood ",h p Clase--. 7. The pride nf B.lII.S 'iur librarN ,if .ver 9.000 lolume- for re-earth and pleasur-
pulrpi,.-.. \lan -luiientr lir a d ilradr training '.rure-. in -hich lhli- ; bjiecl i- Iaught bv practical experience. 8. stlenor
raph Tr'&- drtani '- lii- r..i m filled %ith -hino u tpen rl r-. Tw- r air- .ifr nping srr .iflered-'lrnim nl'ar) and advanced.
'i Tlh-e -tlinirn- in her W'.,dJ "hhup are beginning firn;tlr- like lthas[ -hwn aboue. 10. Mr. Phil Green of the Metal Shop
i .ni.,n-irail u irl ine.


** \r



'n "
,-s **.



Ahi i

I1. After hea. seasons of
debate and drama, the
Speech Cla-s occupies itself
with choral reading.


12. Included in our busi-
ness course are typing,
b u siness correspondence,
and shorthand. Pictured is
a (lass learning shorthand.


13. Our physical education
program is carried out in a
large gymnasium, sprawl-
ing athletic field and over-
size a imming pool. Volley-
ball is only one of the sports
in which the classes engage.

1. R- and Coca Cola. 2. Stomping at the Savoy. 3. Remember When. 4. The Music
Stopped-But We Were Still Dancing. 5. Into the Night. 6. On the Sidelines. 7. Gee,
It's Good to Hold You. 8. Jive on the Range.





[)3ane pri'grarm-. daractivp puiter- and Fashin s,hk setting- were the cnlribiuionis .)[ he Senior Art
.i~i milltr. ,p.. n-,)r,'d l, Mi.i Bratriie Gardner. th- arli-ir. Bettl Turck, Clady Bailey and Plutarco
R..driqiiez. wrrk-ed under the chairman.hip .d Ll- O'Brnin.

Ont of the mi-I ppiular club- in Ihr s.rhnnl. the Riolop) Cluib. funcionred under Ihe -ponsurship of Mr.
Geurir Lee. The hi m.nrhl) meei;ng, were dei..ter II lecture.s bv .iudents and by Mr. Lee. who showed
m.u.i.i of thi interior. Field Irips were ,organized. and the Noung biologi.lt brought back animals of interest.
.n r-hibii,.n of their projrct-, wa- prepared fjr the public Heading the club was Bill Eans, president:
Rnheri Alhrilri.n. \ice president V'errn Calli.way, secr.tRry and M.ary lMohr. treasurer.

Every other Thursday this group of nautically-minded students met with Mr. Philip Green, and thus was
formed the Boatbuilders' Club. Organized to pi,' interested students a kn,,i-ldfp of naval architecture, the
club functioned well. Under the leadership uf Piul Kramer, the members heard lectures on the phases of
boat construction. They drew up plans for the hiildr;n of a boat for Mr. Green. It was not all work.
Panama Bay was the site of many sunny hours 1It -ailnh;.

Amateur photography was again encouraged in Balboa High School when the Camera Club organized under
the guidance of Mr. Kenneth Vintnn. Dark room facilities were provided for members' use, and regular
buniinesr meetings were held on alternate Thiurday afternoons. Club members aided the Zonian by ,en.-ine
in informal shots of life around the school. Vern Calloway served as president; Bill Bartholomew, vice-
president; Pegy Mummaw, secretary; and Elaine High. treasurer.

illrl.K minded -Iludenlt gr.,uped with M r-. Ti'egarden t. flrm a M ulic Club which Iprove'd t, be exceptinnallv
active. The lihe if the compoer, were dli-cln--ed ai llie regillal rnmeing: recordrinpgs i.f he greatest music
uf the ma-ters w ere plard. di-c.cu"ed. anrd 'rili', ed. Re-idJe -.iii.tli-r-' lei trur. the cluh was entertained by
talntied mrnmbcr-. C'ni-ert, in Panama C(iv w,-re dll,-nried in a b- h. bv the clbh. whii.h fIinctioned under
II, giuidince i. Grerchh-n Dirz. Sarila S..-r.n acted i. -rcrtrar,.

Thr member, .f the Sparnih Clih will alw.3 remember the gaiely r'f thc Carnival Dante. the picnir at
Farlan B-ach. the parije.. and Ihe lecture, which th, rcub -pnn'.ored. The'v will remember that the, hale
heen active enough to me'le twice a mnnih under the -pon-or.ship of Mr. .llin Ward, and to proinme goond
feeling between Latin and Amrrican ,iludenti. This popular club held di-cus.ions on the hitnry of neighboring
tointrne- and -tudied their cni-toni- a' well as their lan~uage. Alda Cohn eerred a, president.

A new organization, the Philatelic Club, was formed this year under the guidance of Mr. Walter Fischer.
Aspiring stamp collectors, with and without collections, met re-;l.rl\ to listen to lectures on stamp values
and types of stamps. An exhibition for display in one of the school show windows was presented. Each
member chose a different phase of stamp collecting and contributed that topic to the display.
P i n --`w;


Credit goes to these energ'lic ad sellers who made p.,-dll.lt hr publication of our yearbook. Reading from
left to right, first ruow: Mark Gramlich, Chickie Honlbs, \ irgin'a \1-r. J.1an Enke, Pat Pearson. Bill Bauman,
and DonnN Ralthaher; second row: Helen Souder, Petrn Mumm a. 'hirlb, Zeese, Sally Briscoe, Bonnie
Neale, Pamela Bte-h: third row: Elsie McPhate, Eleanor Foley, Victoria Entebi, Alice Sullivan, Peggy Sylev-
ter, and Barbara Schnakr.


1. Blue horizons.
2. That's it. smile nice.
3. Your undivided attention-pulease!
4. "Lislen carefully to this one."
5. Come now! Ever bodN sing.


6. Ooooh! You scare me!
7. "I'll give you six dollars for that one."
8. Need any- H-A-L-P!!!!
9. Smile if you can.
10. My goodness, boys-your modesty.


*.in '
L: ` .' it'.

~ ;.~F

- -


:i s~





i *<"


Ait -



The trials and tribulations from
dawn to dusk of Sammy Senior
usually run like this:
1. O-h-h-h-h! Those Monday morn-
ing blues.
2. Now, Lizzie, do your stuff. Get
me there at least by third period.
3. That one-minute-to-eight locker
rush-drat it, where did I put
that book?
4. Off we go, into the fourth period
chemistry class. HzSO4 + HCL
+2GIRLS = Whoops, got off the
track somewhere!
5. ,'AIM-and how we love it!
Swish--chalk up another basket
for our straight shooter.
6. The awaited hour-quarter to
twelve. By the way, that's an
awfully large coke for such a
small boy.
7. How about some music? ...Gee,
can you really spare the dinero?
8. Cramming in those last minute
facts before 12:45, when the
doors open to sixth period.
9. The library is as good a place
as any to catch up on the latest
sport news, eh, Don!
10. A nice exciting book, your feet
on the table, and nothing to
bother you, helps you through
that last period.
11. Through these portals pass our
happs Sammy Seniors. Why?
S-IIl. of course, it's 3 o'clock.
12. Homework just wouldn't be
homework without a nice, big,
soft, easychair.
13. One in the balcony, please. Mau-
reen O'Hara playing? Make that
the first row!!
14. The day would not be complete
without finding out who poisoned
Mrs. Pendergras' petite poodle-

2J1 ta

. 4 @.-. -.


iL ~


- 7- -




B. H. S. CO-D

This is the way a B.H.S. co-ed
combines her school work and
1. EEEEeeee!!!! That Monday
morning shower. It's s-o-o-o-
2. G-r-o-a-n!!! Oh, those early ex-
ercises are just killing! Aw
nuts, let it spread!
3. "This is the way we go to -ch.il,.
Early Monday morning." Thai
last minute rush to get ready;
then she starts out for school.
4. A casual meeting at school. "Hey.
Bill, where have you- "Tres
in English, you say?" "You've
already had it? H-m-m-m!"
5. Just a little library reference
before class . at least that's
Millie's story.
6. Oh, my aching finger. But it's
50 words a minute or bust.
7. There's going to be lots of
glamour over her stove, even if
she can't cook. So, let it burn!
8. Then comes that popular period
--lunch. And lots of it. We love
those 6"Dag,,wd" specials.
9. GYM!!! A few times around the
track and you really begin to
notice that "special."
10. Ho-hum. Now's my chance to
snatch 40 winks and maybe do
some homework-m-a-y-b-e.
11. Call out the brass band. The
bus is on time. It only happens
once every ten years.
12. Nlthuing like doing homework in
comfort. Don't you think so?
13. Heavenly evening gaiety -
dancing. Need we say more?
14. That old grind-pincurls!!! Oh,
for the day with automatic
15. Day is done our co-ed snug-
gles down for a night of pleasant


'4 4

Loveliness was the password at the annual Household Arts Slrle Show, Jnuamry 30. (1) "Cher Elh.i-e" provided a night club
setting with low lights and soft music from the Balboa High School small orchestra. (2) Elsie %McPhaie appeared fashioning
a full skirt of black net over blue taffeta, with a fitted moire taffeta waist. (3) One of the many highlights oi the evening were
the solos of Mary Kilcorse, soprano. (4) Mercedes Grifo models a formal of pale blue shadow organdy. 151 Marianna Newlin
fashions a blue and red gingham, ideal for tropic wear,. (6) Lois O'Brien appears in a date dress %hose ice blue blouse contrast.
with a black crepe skirt.


c4ueen of Our Eitearts

Beauty was the order of the day when the crown was placed
on the head of lovely Llona Sears, Queen of Hearts. Her white
dress with its petite red belt was splashed with red flowers.



Our Kath\v

The building ntill stand h) itself, Millie

Eh--"9 hat's up. doc?"

"W'hen Irish Eyes Are Smiling"..


Watch the birdie!



The "Ouija" kid

.^ihC* '. 7|
s:.; jowly,_

^jB^^jE T


Get your driving lessons here

Our "Van Johnson"

)-e-a hhhh'lhh.? ?-..,
mum --.I


-", f. ..?"..


SF. *\ .
r *<*>-*

`' 1

Bre'ey. isn't it-or is it?

I you'll never get to class
in lime doing that


l),n'l giv'c up--he'll he along so.

I)oris and her
endearing %inile


Air. President

Rod. Charlie and John-
three ol our men



are 'ou
trying to

.rt and Chuck-
relaning as usual

A'anci and Phl) lis-
hate you heard
the latest?

Bobbie-lliss Tom Thumb

Victoria-she has the spirit

Still,-a sh\ smile
jur the canmern

/ r

ar- ua

Bol- hf ./haues
a mean rhumiba

Elid and Caroli in-
produrc.l of B.H.S.

( GClads s-
S a laugh lor
' 1 eerllithing

H r *. '
F "


Jackie--da'oi and cute

L1dia-college Inss

I)otl)-onP of
her in.separanles


"+ /,




! ,



/ *

rr s


~ ;' .!.~. I'' F

r~ r

~i T

1 i,

1. Ru-ian Rubpn Riu-U and CGuatemalan Iruit vendor Miriell, I.elerir were rewarded fIr their work., Of art, "Bed Costumes."
2. Walter Fiske and Cecilia Zager were elected "Be.l Couple" in their Panamanian nalite co-tlumr. 3. Nlany admiring gazes were
bellowed on Ileana de S'li in her dainty. colorful Dutch costuire. 1. Rbin-,n Ramirez and Yolanda Fabiega stepped gracefully
in their %eroiun of the Bururu and tamborito. 5. Scruth American cuintrie; are repre'enled in the march of the beautifully
costumed girls. 6. Spain should be flattered b) NMl- Alice Cruii in her del;ghtful Spani-h coi-umrn. 7. Allah! Allah! Two of thr,
,ultan'. fairite wives. 8. Spanish miiic and -ft lighi--Ahlhhh! 9. -and g!p.ie- dance with sailor-. Hormerinda Schmidt ind
Harry Caicedo win first prize for most original cl'tuime-.

L( W.,lp
^V-" "'

".' ... ". .:

*n .

1. The latest gossip ... 2. A tomboy at heart ... 3. The editor Millie ... 4. Me top, Bev . 5. Big feet ... 6. Back
to our ancestors . 7. Solitude ... 8. She presses leaves with those books ... 9. More leg art, please ... 10. All's
quiet here . 11. Going my way? . 12. Good NeighbLr Pulikc.

1. M-A-M-M-I-E .. 2. You look so tired . 3. Who's gonna drive? ... 4. Paiil thal refrpesh- . 5. Strolling along .. 6. Bush-
men . 7. Not a Mountain . 8. 'Iell us too, Betty . 9. Alone at last ... 10. 1 college su ea tIl leave? ... 11. Mr.. Towery
S. 12. Oh! R-I-C-H-A-R-D! . 13. That water sure is ?lr'ng 14. Our artist take_ time owI to do her shorthand .
15. She's wise to you, 'mnulr-, . 16. Contestants in the Lauiam Foundation Po ter Coniest. Each %ear B.H.S. brings hume the prizes.
Eihtn .1 ,1


VF~~ ~A



1. Before . 2. After ... 3. During ... 4. Traffic jam ... 5. All nice and woolly .. 6. Snafu . 7. One-two-
slide ... 8. Lunch time... 9. Applying.himself... 10. Junior Miss-Pamela? . 11. Gym's girl . .12. Zonian
helper . 13. Now you see it-no . 11. He looks so shy ... 15. Size. please ... 16. For art's sake.




Left to right, top row: Where's Ro.e? . Three caballeros . He'll make 'omene a go.od wife . Intelligence takes a rest
.. Second row: They have to eat what they make .. Poetry the voicee of the soil. . Resting on the green . Just a little
more and it will balance ... Third row: C,.ngratulaiion.. Red ... He carrie- the ball lor B.H.S . "Ham"-ing as usual . .
Inset: Female Woody Herman ...Bottom row: Any day we may see B.H S. go up with a roar .. Off to clases . Now
watch closely, Bob.

^*f 'ii-'s'1^^ -

:'kr *-', -.** ** / ,
~f. ^'^ -i-* ta' -'*



ib .



,i .


Lelt to right. rotp rou ,hr hold- up the hook end ... He'll make someone a fine wife! ... No. 57-all aboard for Curundu . He'll
check ,ur eTery an-wer . Second row: The Senior Class of '49... B.H.S. couldn't do without them . .S.A. meeting Frdnvl.
fifth period . Third row: A versatile person ... She's been mal;.in mud pies . The downbeat maestro . Betty and slacks
S.Buotnto row: Now keep your eye on the ball . Emlile. kids, emote! . 16-24-36-Hike . Anything for a gag.




~C 41

< *'P if


enfive. 11. nelltual 12. We all know her.



' C.
*-i, *

I. .s.**-

-".-W <.





1. Ihard a.rk neutr hurt anyone... 2. That isn't a football, Jimmy . 3. And it was all over a hair-pin . 4. What did he do,
Mill Sleal your girl' 5. i hal ihyt won't get music out of next! ... 6. The reigning beauties . 7. A quiet game of checkers
. 8. A fight among men?:? . .9. One iirl on a horse . 10. Sum:hihng new has been added . 11. Old Glory . .
12. They ~iill Iiae. a few evenings open yet, boys . 13. Oh! Those ankees! . 14. Pondering . 15. A close-up view of
a greal player.


',( i
I *. I




I/ -- --
* t f *f f

I/ ;

1. Oh. h . FrdininJ . 3. Give a real big ?milr for us non i . 4. Oh. for Ihe life of Riley-Riley was a bum
5. The piLture ofi ;nn'ornc., . 6 Take ,our hand l ol yvuir p.cuke' .. 7. W-E-L L . 8. To gym we mu~s go . .
9. Iennih'- iar ceriainl, i. popular . 10. The -un got in hi, ee- 11. They :aw a man. I bet .. 12. So quiet snd demure.



sti y ;., .. .


4' '
j' JV



. Is-

Left to right: In the spring a young man's fancy . Entanglements ... You are really hep ... So manly . "Noel!"-"Noel!"
. .Wulf pack . A swan-dive ... Journalistic aims ... A worm's eye view . The pay off .. Must be a day off .. The police
frc-nrice, ceh' . Behind the scene . Relaxation.



Ir-S-^'*d '^ Wllt^i
s9 \r aIi ^S


,,, B i


"."'" League Football "B" League Football


The coaching staff this vear consisted of Coach Chauncey Humphries in charge of all major "A" League
sports. Coach Houard Woods and Coach Charles B. Dennis in charge of softball and "B" League sports.
CiaLh C. Humphries meniured the football and baseball -quads. During the intramural season Coach
Humphries deotedi four afternoons each ,eek to the refereeing and coaching of "A" League games. Foot-
ball All-Star- under his guidance won one and lost one game. The baseball squad. playing under adverse
,ronditions. due nt the presence of the New York Yankees. lrst both games.
Cone h Charles Dennis. a newt oiner to the high school coac-hing staff, took oter the reins of the softball
team. He had unly one week in %thich to round out the squad. As a result they suffered defeat in both games.
The intramural games, under the watchful e\e of the Athletic Department. were conducted every after-
noon and the spirit of good sportsmanship that existed is a comrpliment both to the coaches and the athletes.


Firns rot- Charlie Nornri. Halipr Fiske. Jim O'Donnell. Richard Bia'a. William Weaiherhv, Bill Barlholomew, Fred Sind-
tirom. Setornd run Ma"rk GramlIch, Jam'- Clax.,n. RL-d 1rGc t.rn. Jim Orvt,. Oli Ramev. B, Bl Bau an, Dick Turbyfill.
Third ion: Harr\ Frrigu-.n. Bill Sullltan. Cher Trim. Jack Baldin. Ln.lm- Dedraux, Bll MlcDoiugall. Jules De Preler.












E ,

Center Guard



`.-i pl






Full Text


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive.org/details/zonian1946balb






Balb o a Hi g h S c hool w ith it s mod e rn classrooms, its we ll e quipp e d lab o rat o ri es and gymna s ium Iws a fac ult y of 40 t e a c h e r s and a s tud e nt body o f 6 65 Th e sc h o ol maintain s a hi g h s tandard of a c ad emic a chieve m elZt.


A qlli e t pla ce our s c h o ol ... amid palm s r es tl es s w ith dr y sPason br ee : e s ... amid scarl e t and ye ll ow fl o w ers spla shing a g ain s t w h ite wall s . and bamb oo dr e amin g dr eams thr o u g h the w hit e da ys . A tranqllillit y i s h e r e ... a cce nt e d b y c l ean s llnli g ht and tr op i c g r ee n . This i s Balboa High


Whered yo u gel Ihal flashy lie? AI o u r dances ... Of! the si d e/illes al Big Climes . ill hi s classroom ... he"s olle oj us.


Wf HonOR .... /..-___ t;;:;../---;; ..... I ,y..-y---.e-I .:/ ........ /-?

Th e Bi g Callie YOU'VE BEEn WAITinG fOR "0" a Vole 0/ Triulllph" -the Speech Class triumphs again Lo oks interestillg -if 1/01 jamiliar Our c h ee rl eade r s make w;t h the feel


YOUR 1946 lOniAn It represents Four all-too-short yea r s of work ond play together. Through pic tures o f y ou and your activities, y our 1946 Zonian StaFF helps recall your high school days 1/ f S T eegar d e n o bsen es lit e S;llIlllio ll




SECRETAIlIES .MRS. BERNADINE LALty ALICE CRUZ B. H. S. OffiCE \ V h ethe r h e i s i n a c l ass room, "011 dut y" in the h a ll at a sc h oo l dance o r a t a football gam e, Mr E sse r ha s a friendl y smil e and word o f h ello f o r eve r yo ne. Truly a fri e nd and counse ll o r t o liS a ll h e is always r ea d y with a h e l ping h and f o r those w h o need il. Mr. E sse r h olds his M. S degree fro m the Univer sity o f North D a k o la. MRS. BERNADINE LALLY Need informatio n ? \ Vit h a g ra c i o u s w ord and smile IVIrs. L ally, head sec r elary o f B.H S., w ill prove 1 0 b e a n eve r-failin g source o f all you n ee d t o know. MISS ALICE CRUZ '"Alice" ... a n indu strio u s and e ffi c ient sec r e tary ... i s a l way s c heerfully h e l pful.


CL.AUDE AYC OCK EVELYN BRA NSTETHR. l\I.A. Spanish, En g li s h Columbia Uni\-e rc:it y Al.lc C .... on:. r-.1.A. H i s t o r y Co lumbia ACUlTY A c".:s R E:OH.BOI:.. ,\I.A. Engli s h. Ame ri call Pr ob l ems Northwes t e rn l niver .. ilY Librarian o f Nebraska J S TANLEY COOK, Engli s h lIniver s ity o f P e nn sy lvania CEonC t : ElI GENE, lJoc t o r L o n g lc:land Co llege OLCA FRO.,T. B .\. panish. French Co ll ege o f St. \'incent l-Iudc:on New Y o rk il } \ VAI TEIt F""' CHER. Chemistr). Ph\sics Columbia l ni\ersity B E\TRIC t : TtRTI:.\A'T GAlt0 1\ER. )t.A. An Columbia l ED\\ARO W I-IATCHETT. )t.A. Algebra Geometry Co lumbi a niver s it y N t :lL. BRA 'STETTE R 1I11sic Columbia lni,erc:ity GtOIlCt: OU:"H. l\I.A Algebra. L a ti" l!nivcr ..... ily of Soulh Molina AL.ICE BRIDE' T1'E. H Ollsehold Arts Columbia L ni\c r .. it) J O li N O O ETTO n IT' ood Shop B UTLER, B.S. T)ping. Shorthand I ()wa .. tate Teachers College Roy L. DwE!.u: S'L,immiflt; '.M.C.A. College


CII.\I "\0 ; A III \lI' IIIt1E!!>. B.s. Phl sic(ll dfl('ot io/l \'\'(' M c K uHU. ) \ I. A Ma t h emfl t ; cs ni v e r sity o f W ic;c o n sin j \ IONHot: HOllsehold Arts C olumbia U n i ve r<:i l v P A THI C I A R B.S. Ph y si c ol E du c a t ion N. 1. Stat e Tcach c r:-. Colle g e W ALnn OI.I\EJt, B.A, S pan is h Tay l o r L ni ve r s it ) F ore! I n c on feren c e Take a l e tt c r -0 0110TIIY H ECTon B .A. Ph ysic al Edu c ati on l ni vc r::.i l y o f N alle filII!


i\111 0H t.1) w;..",o ... I\I.A. Commercial L ni \er.:' it) of North Dakota B i1/afhemafics U niversity o f Mi n nesot a :'II AIICAHET Tn:CA ROt. .... A.B. Assistolll Librariall Stanford l ni\'ero::it)' J \L1.'" \ '( ABO. Spanish o f Nebra!'>kl1 LU .... TIIO\lA"', \I.A. Ellgll s h. JOllmuli sm CoJumhia L niH'r-ity IARtE WWI. J\I.A. General Science. B iology Columbia AUU;RT YonK. i\1's. Ame ri can l-fislon Ka n<;s .. Slate Teacher .. College I J -\RLlLD ZltJITt. .... B.S. I/ echonicol Drol4;ill8 Bradle)' Polytechnic I n",tillit e C;l8I:.HT Tt HM' FILL \I.A. Speech.Occllpational I n/ormation COllnsellill1! L ni\er<;.jt)' of OkJahoma :'II AIICARET W IIiTMAN. :'I1.A. English Northwestern Universi ty Mr. Fis cher alld frielld /-lelia.' "Storm> w eat her-" K r-."nll W VINTO;\. M.A. Phy sics Cdlumbia L ni\er .. it) 1 10\\AIIO WOODS Physic al Education I ndiana Un iversi ty What 's cooking?




WE RErnErnBER :MARK GHAl\ILI C I-I. lonion Senior Class President W e s to o d a l Ihe Seawall wat c hin g th e s un ri se flamb oya ntly fr o m th e Pa c ifi c. We w e r c seniors-no, n o long e r se niors. for clas p e d in th e h a n d o f e a c h o f tiS wa s a diplo ma our pass p o n t o th e adult w o rld. i W e were n o t s hinin g exa mples o f m o dern YOllth -jus t t y p i ca l t ee na ge r s W e l ove d t o lau g h a n d jitterbug, "cokes" wpr e th e o rd c r of nur day and alg e bra, our 'irk. A s w e relived th e pa s t yea r--ouT la s t in S. H.S.-our h ea rt s fill e d with prid e a n d joy, and jus t a bit o f so rr ow. W e r e m embe r ed September ';\lark Gramli c h look th e s potlight at th e In a u g urati o n Dance a s Seni o r Cla ss Prexy. It w as a h eave nl y affair-gard enias and g r oovey" mu s i c Our l o hn and Eth e l Barry m a r es look ove r the Clubby Stage in Novembe r with "Seven K eys t o Ba ldpate"-comp l e t e with haunts a nd h e rmit s. Next nig ht th e senio r s thre w a s p ort dance that ro c k e d th e gym t o it s f o und atio n. Our g rid stars captaine d by th at "hubba hubba" g u y C h e t Trim tu ss l ed with Cri s tobol and ca m e up grinning-even in th e fac e of a 13-7 d e f ea t Sa nt a came to B.H .S. a nd lib e r ally di stribute d g ifts in D ecem b e r : 1. A h o n ey o f a Chri s tma s for mal dance: 2. An extras p ec ial Par rakee t ; 3 Th e traditional C hri s tma s Mu s i c a l e co mp l e t e with band a n d orchestra; 4. A s id e-s plitti n g and unforg ettabl e Seni o r Party The H ouse h o l d Art s S t y l e S h ow in January bro u g h t t o lig ht seve ra l t a l e nt e d se ni o r s, and th e models -Mr. Powe r s, n O l e MR. F ebruarr featu red a g lamorolls Valent i n e Dan ce t opped off with L10na Sea r s a n eve n m o r e g lam o r o u s Valentine Queen. A gain Ollr hi strionic ally inclin e d senior s t r od th e sagging s tag e o f Y e Oldc C l u hholl!'e with D oubl e o r No thing." No t to b e outdone, th e S p eec h C l ass prese nt e d t h eir annual lun c h eon. L oca l Dai sy Maes" (wo lf esses t o you) gave a loo k see to th e masc ulin e pulchritud e of B.I-I.S. to find "The Mal e f o r the Sadi c H aw kin s Dance in M a r c h. I n with Apri l breezes b l ew th e j \ l u s i c F es tival th e Trac k Me e t. a n d th e lo n g-awaite d Juni o r Se n i o r Banqu e t. W e dus t ed off o u r t a b l e mann e r s, d o n n ed whit c c oat s and flow ing f ormals and se t Ollt to d o th e T ivoli. Banqu e t s banque t s and m o r e banque t s ca m e ou l o f May-Littl e Theatre. "B" C lub and G.A.A. Awards b y th e d oze n s w e r e d i s tri but e d t o those who earned th e m o n Annual Awa r d s Day. And h e r l ears flo w e d lik e wine" co uld well have b ee n th e theme o f B accalaurea t e e'l(e r c i ses W e w e r e b eginning to r ea l i ze that w e w e r e se n ior s with graduatio n only a week off. And Co mm e n ce m e nt-yes. la s l ni g h t wa s w o nderfu l. A n i ght t o r e m e mber a l way s th e turning o f th e wa ys, th e saying o f "r;oodbyes" a n d the beginn i n g o f a n e w lif e R eading from left to righ t first rOIll: Llnna Sear s. S. A. R eprese nt ative: G r amlic h, Pres id e nt ; P eg Mummaw, Secretary. Second row : Rodney M cGove rn. Vice-President; Albe rt a B oyd. S. A. R epresentative : James Coak l ey. S. A. Representative; Fre d S und stro m, S. A. R epresentative. Eighteen


LI A A N G U I ZOLA An "lIl/ r i s lilli e lad y . exotic f e atures ... that i;L a till" look i s "cceflt e d b y g l ossy bla c k h ai r "Our Lad y o f S i o n .' I. 2 ; p a n i s h Club 3. Play L a s Cir c u e l as" ; Lib r ary A ss i s t a n t 1. 2. fLO R EN C E THE RESA ApP I N_HFlo A qu iet and s e dat e bundl e o f c harm pl easi n g ways and a war m matlll e r V i c l o r y Co r p s 1. 2. 3; S panis h C l ub 4: V olleyb all, 3. J OliN AXE T a -wong. ! Qlli e t C llte. and ha s a se n se 0 / hilm a r . h e s go t wha t gal s like . m arke d t a l e n t lo r jOllrtlolism. GLADY S PEARL BAILEY-"ClllI bb y Lau g hin g bllg ... whe r e the re's Glad)'S, t h e r e's a gil{gle a d o rabl e d i m p l es surrounde d b y a sof t f eathe r (lIt. A r c h e ry. 1. 2 : Softb a ll. I 2 : B as k e t b all. 3 : V olley b all. 1. 2. 3 : T e nnis 3 : Vic l ory Cor ps. I. 2. 3: G l ee C lub. I. 2. 3: P e p S q llad 1 JACK B ALDWIN-HBal dy" Qlli t e a bask e tball pla ye r on a ce in c o ok ing cl ass (so we h enr) . ollr Cast l e H e ight s b oy Cao::tlEf H eig h t:-A c ad e my. 3; Footb all. l. 2" 3 4 "All t a ,,:' l. 2. 4: Base ball, 1 2. 3 4. "All S l a r 1. 2: 5 0 [.b .lI, 1. 2 .3 "All 5,ar." 1. 2 ; Bas k e.ball. l. 2. 3 4. "All la r : 1. 2: Socce r 3: V o ll e yball. 3: \Valt-r P o lo. 3 : Trac k. 1. z.. PIHLUP BAR G MAN Anothe r T exa s R ome r o . a goo d g u y who has a lear ning t o ward hocu s pocus" a nd a yearni n g for l aw. B r ownwood Juni o r H i g h Sc hool. 1 ; EI P aso H ig h Sc hool. 3 : D e b a t e. I : Spur Staff," 1 : S p anis h C l u b 1 : ec r e t a r y o f L atin C lu b 1: D e b a t e Awa rd. 1 : Current 8\e n l s Awar d. I ; Best R.O. T .C. C ad e t Awa rd. 1 ; Na\ry D a)' Pro g ram I ; A m e r i c a n i s m Program 1. B s. Z 0 N \. K A TII!--EPi" A l A L Y N llUJJY" Wha t eur/ I IIg .... Come on. K athy. ghre! (I u4lI.i., '0 I n;..:l ewoo d Hig h Sc hool. 1. '. : a nAm erlcan P rogr am. I.H.S. ; P e p S qu ad 4: Off i ce i\;::c;iO::l ant, 3 4, B ARBARA FRANCE S BAHH" Babs" F riendlilless is h e r keyword O/lr blld(h I Jarr. \ 'olleyb a ll. 1. 2 3: B as k e t b a ll. 1. 2: So ftb a ll. I 2 3. \I I S la r ," I. 2: A r c h e ry. 1 : Vic l o r y Cor p ... I. 2. 3; P ep '; qu a d I : Freshma n S .A. H ep r escnla t ivc: S()pho m or(' S .A. R e p rt' l'entative: F reo::hma n V ocat i o n a l G u i d a nc{' Play: Stag ing. 2. 3 : Art C lub 2. 3. C h airma n : S.1\. C l uh COlllmi ll{'f'. \VILLlAl\I F. BAHTIiOLOllI E W miley" ElIS\ going budd) ... pleased II ith the 1(.Or/d. V i c t o r y Corpo::. 1. 2. 3; "B Club 3. k ecrcla ry. 3. Trea!ollr e r k Cam e r a C l u b 2. 4-. \ i ccP r c ... idt"nt. I : 8031 Clu b .J: Foo tb a ll. 1. 2. 3. 4 .... \\1 Sta r." 3. I : B a ... eball. 2. I: Softha ll. 1,3.4: Swimm i n g. 4 : Bask elball. 3: J u nior<;;enior Ban quet Commi ttee 3: S. ,\. C l ub Comm ill t't'. 3. W LLI'" H B Au>lA, -"Big Bill S mooth is t h e w o r d /or "Big Bill" ... (I flash) smile that tops off d(lrk good looks. Baseb all. 2. 3. 4. "All S tar: k Football. 3, I. .. \11 '; t a r:' 3.4; So f l b all. I I : Bao::I-elh a ll. 3 I. \I! SlUr ." 3 I: Tracl-. h ...... 1:;"')';1: -. \ n(Ow .d. d.lion 10 B.lI. J ... n -\nn .. h., I.ke n h .. f pl.cewilhlh .. b"'lon Ihe b._k .. lb.n c oun. A N


I EOC .. R M cAItT HUIt-And i n this corner we aee Edgar. Ihe man with I h e huin. A quiet fellow, bUI merry. BRISC OE COAKELY BTE S II COli N BENITEZ O IAVA n OYD n EV ILL E BIGELOW BREVARD LILLIAN BEN I TEZ A petile piece of p e rtn ess ... She's got those "come hither eyes. In g l ewood Hi g h Sc h oo l 1 2; .Mus i c Clu b ; G.A.A.: Spanis h C lub ; Los Conqui s t a d o res"; V o ll eyball: Bas k etball; H oc k ey; S wimming; Base ball ; Vic t o ry Cor p s. 2 ; G l ee Club; P e p Squad, Blu e eye d T ye" I. 2; Fa shio n S how, 3. RIC HARD D BIAVA-"8 wha((J se ns e 0/ humo r a solid guy ftJho gets arolil/p.. I Foo tball t 2, 3,'4 ''A ll S t a r." 3 4; B a se b a ll. 4; Softball 1 4; Bas k e l ball I 3 4; V iOlor y ClIrps, 1. 2, 3 i S C lub 3, 4, Pres id e nt 4: Ca m era C lub 4:i 54-C lub Co mmit t ee, 3; Se ni o r Card s a n d Anno u ncements, 4i 'Junio r Comm itt ee, 3; S taging l. ALBERTA M. Boyo--" B e rt" Neat. ... nilt.r ... th.ar 's O llr B e rt ... sen se 01 humor that c an't be mat c h ed and h e r smile i s the same. S wimming 3, 4; T en nis, 3; Vi c t ory Cor ps, 1,2,3; Cam e ra C lub 4; G l ee C l ub. 1. 2; Pep Squad, J, 2, 3, 4; Lib r ary Ass i s ta nt 3; Cou n selo r 's Offi ce 2, 3; S.A. R e pr ese ntative 4; Prod u c ing. 3; lOflion, 4; Parra keet, 4; S.A. C lub Co mmittee,3: Juni o r Anth o l ogy, 3; Se nior Dan ce Commi1tet>; Junio r D a n ce Co mmitt ee K ENNETH BEVILLE" K e ll l Hmmmmmm ... d r ea m y brown eyes ... dashing personality. ne e d w e s ay more. Ga in esvill e Hig h Sc h oo l 1. 2. 3; Freshman P re s id ent; Footb a ll. 2; Bas k e t ball, 2; Socce r 2: Base ball 2: R e p o rt e r f o r G H .S. Pape r 2. DOROTHY RHUE BIGELOW-"Dolsy" Viva city pills ... continually w h istling with those t alented l ips ... a r eg ular jive bomber and a d izzy doll. V olleyb a ll. 1. "All S tar. I ; Bas k et ball 1; Bowling, 1 ; Swim ming, J: Softball. 1; A r c h e ry. 1; Mus i c Appr ec iati o n Club 3; laflian. 4; Parr akeet 4; A c ting. 1 ; Pro du c ing, 1 ; S ta g ing, I ; "Small T own G irl ; Vic t o r y Co rps. 1. 2 3; B and. 1 2 3, 4: G l ee C ub. 1 ; Orc h es tra. 2, 3 4: Littl e Th ea tr e Orc h estra. 2, 3, 4; S.A. C lu b Or c h e!'tra 3. 4; Library A ss i s tant. ]: J unior A nth o l ogy, 3; Se ni o r Class Party, 4; M ac b e th"; Se ni o r Dance Committ ee. JACK NEIL BREVARD--"Mickey" Th ose s il ent wate r s run d ee p ... BR.s. ap pr eciates guys like yo u V i c t o r y Corp s. 1, 2. 3; S. A Club Co mmitt ee, 3. SENIORS o F 4 6


BUCKALOO COOPER BURGOON CRUCET SALLY BRlSCOE-"Sh:i-jump CASTRO DAWSON A s tudi ous blonde bombshell but s h e always has t ime t o laugh ... p e r so nalit y tha t 's nice l y balafl cel / l onitlll; Ca m e ra C lub ; G l ee C l ub ; OUice A sst.: Jr. C l as s Secy.; J r .Sr. Banquet Commi tt ee; S A C l ub Committ ee. PAMELA BTESH-"Pam Lad y of the pres s . exotic Mis s from it:maic(l dainty. dark . and da rl i ng. Parr akee t 3; lonian, 4; "On a Note o f Triumph ," 4. Hampt o n Girl' s Sc hool. JAJ\'IES H ASCHER COAKLEy-"J!on H a sc h e r LUllgh ihe. 0 others lCLlgh with him ... i JiHtiJlun cern ed. :tte tb aJl; a S tud y D a nl"e ALDA COHN G. Affra c tiv e seno rita ... B.H.5. can r eally pick em. V olleyball; B as k e tba ll ; Sw immin g; H o r sehac k : S p a nish C lub Vice Pres., Pres.; Mus ic; Ridin g C lub: G l ee C lut. BEVERLY BUCJ

BETTY D,SNEY 011 t hose Sr: lleside gals ... (f likable lass JOHN D DRE W-"Red" R oams in a twosome. friendly air with red h oi r matching his pe r sonali t y. R idin g Club, 3; "8" Club, 4; Bowl ing Cl ub, 3, President a nd Secre t ary: Base b all, 1,2,3,4, "All Star," 2, 3; F ootball, 1,2,3,4 "AII Sta r," 3: Bas k e t ball. I 2, 3, 4; Track, 2, 3, 4: So ftball I. 2 3. 4: Swim m i ng. 3. 4; Vic t ory Corps, 1,2,3; "S h akes p e a re 3 : G l ee C l ub, I 2. 3; D a n ce Com m i llee 4: s h e r 4. VIC T O R DUNAWAY Olle 0/ Ollf c ollege boys . a wiza r d vilh t he books. GradeA sense 0/ humor ... flai r lor journalism. ROBERT J. ECLI N TON-"B o b Tall /(lit h (I blond easy-goillg na lura/ness ... but defi n i t e l y the t ype to succeed l ope Hig h Sc hool; S.A. R e pr ese nt ative. 2; L e ll e r M e n 's C lub. 3: B ase b a ll. 2. 4; Foot ba ll. 3; Track, 3, 4; B as k e tb all, 4 ; Vic t o r y Cor pc::, 1 2; Senior D ance Commill ee. J EAN E N K E A plellsollf pal 1 0 have a rollnd'. smi l i n g pnd yOIl ca n tell i t'l/rom t he heart >\,ndrew J ackson I 'fi(rh Schoo l 1. 2. 1: S t u d e n t Coun(,il 1. 2 : J ack son G l o b e, 3: Sludent Dir ec t o ry. 3: 3: Pan m erica n C IIII). 3: F utu r e T eac h ers. 3; Cot i lli on. 2; V o lleyball t.2 4; Bask etba ll 1 2,4; T e n n is, I 3; B aseball, 1 2,4: Vic t o r y Corps C h ai r man. 3: Physi ca l E duca tion ASili s t a n t, 1 ; Nati o n a l H o n o r Soc i e ty. G L O RIA DONALDsoN-"Geor g ia" Another lIewcome r t o B H.S:s halls. find as /rierlllly as a ll 0/ t hem ... her redgold hair is kllowli b y a". Nort h F ulto n H ig h Sc hool 1. 2. 3: G irl R ese r ves 1. 2. 3 : S p anis h Club. 3: Baske t ball, 3; Vict ory Co r ps, I ; C h or us, 2 3 4; P e p Squad 4; Libr a r y Ass i::t a nt. I ; Offi ce Assis t ant, 2; Ca f e t eria A i de 1 ; Comme n ce m ent Exe r c i ses. 3 ] EANNI NE R D U l\IO ND-"Neanie" C h arm and l O I S 0/ il h appygo .lll c k y j ea""ille is cverybody'st gal ... alUlaN guy alld ca r e /r ee bill t h is gal's go t a m bi t ion. Hud sojl Hl@:h Sc hool 1 2 : Th ank Y o u D oc t o r," 2; Zon ian 4 ; Juni or Anth o l ogy, 3:. T ac h o p e r a ". 2: G A.C., 1. 2: D ecla m atio n J 2; J3a n d 1. 2. 3. 4 : O rc h es t r a 4 : Glee C lub 1 2 3 ; C h e mistr y Ass i s t a nt 4. JUAN D URAN-"j oh"ny" l/alhemati C(l1 /Iash . does well on o t her subjects too .. well liked by all. ZOrll(lII. 4: Football. 1. 2, 3. 4 : B aseball, 1. 2. 3, 4: Trac k 3. 4 : Baske t ball. 1. 2. 3, 4: Softba ll 1. 2; Swimm in g, 4: V i c t ory Corp s. I. 2 3: Glee C l ub. 3. 4; S p anis h Club. 2. 3; Cam e r a C lub 4 ; Biol og) C l ub, 3, 4 : Senior D ance Commi lt ee, 4: Junio r D a n ce Com mill ee. 3. ALBERT W. EISENHAUE R H'e" Olle 0/ t hose D iablo devils ... he call m ake you l aug h a t n ot hin g ... /1111 t o have around Foot b all. 2. 4: B aske tb all, 2. 3. 4: Baseb all, 4 ; oft ball 4; Vic t o r y Cor ps, I, 2, 3: S t agi ng. 3; B a n d. I 2. 3. 4; Or c h es tra 3. 4 ; Ca m e r a C l ub, I 2 V ICTORIA S. ENTE B l-"Vic ky" Amiable and hvdy. ga y V icky t akes top hono r s ill Ollr sc hool memo r ies. P ep Sq u ad, 4; V i cto r y Cor ps 1. 2, 3; V olleyball, 1 2, 3, 4; A r c her), 1 2. 4: B aseba ll 1. 4: B aske t ball, 1. ... ; Spanis h Club, 4: Office Assi s tant. 4. O t l\EY DREW ECLINTO'\ ENKE DONALD SON DUMOND DURAN E I SEN HAUER Ef"TEB I SENIORS o F 4 6


fABRC \ f l.ORES O. fELIZ fOLEY CARl\IEN MARIA FABRECA C. FELIZ FORT\ER A pleas(ln t IJer so11lliity ... a"d charm personified. Imma cli i a l e H e arl H igh Sch oo l ; Library Assi s la n l, I.H .H..S.; Fashi o n S h o w I. 1-1. I-I.S. BAHOAHA FELlZ-:'Bobbie" ;Cet ,"pcwdgo8abs" gotta g i ggle and a happygolucky air. Vic 1 0ry Corps, I 2, 3; P e p S qllad I 2. CAi\llLLE FELIZ A" amiable lady wi th lustrous black huir si n ce r e and smooth, Viclory Corps, 1 2 3. J EAN FEuz-"J eallflie': A / un lovinG gal burs t illg with vitali t y ... we' ve /ouTHI thea cute gals come ill small pa ckages. Viclory Corps 1 2, 3; P e p S(IUad, 1 ; Offi ce Ass i slant, 4 WALTER F I SKE D rool! Drool! Looks! . /Je's go t "it lI ith (l C ali/ornia smile. C h ee rleader, J. 3; F ool ball 1,4; Track. ]; Basketball, I. 3; G let: C lub l. 2, 3. l ; A Cappe lla C h o ir 3; Fire D epa rtm e nt. I : StLlde nl Govern m e nt 1 ; S pani s h Club, 3. 4, Preside nt. 3. C LOHI / \ MARIA FLORES Ge t s arolllld (flld a long with el'er) body ... swell pal cmd when she gil.es a lit wi th th ose rhumba steps-everybody looks. Victory Corp;;;, I 2, 3; Voll ey ball. 1. 2. 3. 4: Bas ketball, I. 2, 3, 4; Arc h e ry. I 2; Softball. 1. 3. 4; pani s h C lub. 2. 3. 4. SC;!cr e tary. 4; G l ee C lub I. 2. 3. 4: Pep Squad l. 2. 3. ELEANOR FOLEy-""lIie P epp) little piece 0/ perfe c tion . charm exprcsscl what (I smoo th lass "Ellie" is, \ ollc)ball. I 2; Swimming. 4: ViCIOTT Corp ... 1, 2. 3; Freshm a n Guidance Pia),. "Law Diggers": Z01l;an. 4: G l ee C lub. I 2. 3. 4; P c p Squad. 1. 2: Librar) 2: JuniorSenio r Banque t Co mmillee: Sen ior Dance Co mmittee: So ph omo r e Dance Committee; Fashion Sho\\. 3. 4: Junior Cla<:os Party Commiltee; Cap and Gown om miH ee. B. H. s z o N 1. f ELIZ fREEMAN n SKE GALLO LAunENCE T. FOHTNEH-"Larry" La r r y th e charac ter!. inexhaustible I vit n e t 'c r a peace/III minute with ;;L oco Larry" arollnd. B ow lin g, 2; F oo tball 2; Victory Corps, 1,2, 4; Clee Club, 3. i l ; P e p Squa d. 3; Acting, "Arse nic and Old La ce 3: "Seven Key s 10 B a ldpale:' 4; "Sm all T owli Girl," J ; "Gellin g a Date:' 3: Dir ec lin g, 3, 4 ; Staging, I. 3, 4; Fashion Show. 3; On a NOl e of T r i ump h 4; Navy D ay P rog r am, 3: P anAmerican Prog ram 4; Ca m e ra Club, 1; Junior Dance Co mmiltee: Senior Cla ss Part y Committee: Junior C l ass P a rly, f\l aste r of Ceremonies; S .A. Club Entertainment Co mmitt ee, 3, 4 DOROTHY JEANNE FREEl\IAi\ A "blonde bombshell" from I daho ... who's the apple 0/ our e) c. Ca nn ci l Hi gh choo !. 1: SI. Tere ... as Academy, 2; B oise H ig h Sch oo l 3: Freshman Secretary. 1 : "Canteen how I: '; Behind th e Bindings:' 2: "Lumber Jack." 1; Hi Lig hts," 3; G.A.A .. 2: Bas k e tball. 1. 2: Tennis. 3: Swimming. I : j\linule cQof'aptain. 3: Glee lub. 1: Sca rl e t Skins. 3: Office t\c;;si"tant. 3. BAIlDAHA C / \LLO One 0/ Ollr flew gals UJld eveq boch 's pol ... her easygoing 1IaltJre and bllbbling pe r sonalit,. will I/,, 'ill her mallY friends. \lCPHATI;-A

N .. SCf 1(0'1:11 I(I-Thu crilp and eool looldl1C r

GUY HAUGHTON H .... AS H ENLEY HALVORSEN L HE N RIQ UEZ MEftCEDES VIRGINIA GRlro-" Mers She's strictly O.K ... with a s lyle s tri c tl y C ri /o's 011 the gym floor. e.A. A . 2, 3, 4. Sec r e tary ; V olleyball 1, 2. 3, 4. "All S lar, 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas k e lball 1, 2 3, 4, All 51.,," 1. 2 3, 4; 50hball, 1. 2, 3, "All 5Iar," 1 2, 3 ; Arch ery, 1, 2, 3; Vic t ory Corps, 1 ; Fa s hion Show. 2. 4. JORGE R GUTIERREZ V. A ccen t o n s por,s . likable lad. Foo tball 3, 4; Trac k 3; Fie ld, 3. PATRICIA ANN HATCHETT-"PaJ. Th e jive jane 0/ D.H S. cu t s a m e an rug and still lool.:s as U s h e had s t epped out 0/ a blITlJ box. F're:;.hman Vocatio nal Guidance Play "l\lake Up a nd Live": Sohball. 1. 2. 3; V olley ball 3; Ba s ketball. 3: Vic t ory Corps, 1,2,3; C l ee C lub 1,2; Pep Squad, 1,2,3. VE HATC I 'I>ETT A smo ojh pillS a classy. thassis ... ;oc kinfL.,h y thm. C h ristma s T a b l ea ux, Or'H.S . 2; Junio r Anthology';") ';,\,i c tor y Cd,ps, J 2, 3; Ba skelp.lI, 1. 2 / 3 4; V lIey ball 1 2; Sohbi\ll 2, 3, ; J>ep quad, ,2: Usher Gorps, C.H S .. 2; F a s hi on. 2, 3. 4. TERESA CERTHUDE GuY-"Terry" A darling little d is h with dark brown hair and eyes .. s he' s just luscious ... ask the /eUas and the)"11 h o u :/. Pro du c ing, 4; oft ba ll 4; Victory Corps 1 ; G l ee C lub 2, 3; P e p Squad, 1 ; Library Ass i s tant 3; Offic e A ss i s tant I\IhWIlED H HAAs-"Millie" Hos bright sunshine t o B.H.S:s haJls (lnd hear ts . Mil/ ie is superb in elJer y lhing s h e attempts. Victor y Corps, 1 2, 3; S t aging. 3. 4: Producin g 3, 4; Dir ec ting, 4; P arrakeet, 4; Glee Club. 1,2, 3 : P c p S quad I: C h emis try L a b A ss i s t a nt. 4; "Ge llin g a Dllte," 3: "Tht> Highwaym a n"; Usll('r a t Comme n cement Exe r c i ses. 3 : Juni o r Anthology, 3; S.A. Club Commill ee; Riding C lub 3: Senio r C l ass P arty Co mmitl ee 4 : Offi ce A ss i s t a nt. 4 CAROLINE HALVOHSEN-"BlonJen "Culie" a quiet, d e mure lassie who's a c redit t o the Senior Class V olle yball 3; Vic t o ry Corps, 1 2. 3. B H s Z 0 N H .4.ROER S. HENRIQUEZ H A R STAD H ENTSC HEl DELLAS H. HARDEH-"Def' R, : de 'e m kid. . a r egu lar Jun g l e J oe and a swe ll guy Lib e rt y Union Hig h Sc hool; L o n g ley Juni o r Hig h Sc hool ; Boat Buildin g C lub ; Football: Bas k etba Jl; Track. PHYLL I S ELIZABETH HARSTAJ}--"Phizzle" Fri endly littl e lass who loves D.H.S. a loyal friend to us alJ. lO1linn; Bas k e tb a ll: Volleyball: So ftbaJl: Vic. Cor ps; P ep S quad Lib A ssl.; Bowling; Jr An lh.: S.A. Club Comm. ALfONSO A. HAUGHTON-HPalits Tall easy go ing /ella who rates t ops wit h liS all. lO/lian, 4; Cam e ra Club, 2. 4; Spanish C lub 4; Base ball 1,2,3,4; Bas kelball, 1,2,3,4; Track, 1 2, 3, 4; 5ofl ball, I. 2 3, 4; Vic t ory Corp s 1 2, 3; Gle e Club. 2; P e p S qu ad 4. ORLANDO HENLEY Tall. Latin. goodlookill!! with personality and polileness .. ther e isn' t milch O rlan do h asn' t been gift ed with. Baseball 1 2, 3, 4; FOOlb.lI, 1 2 3 4; Bas k elba ll 3; Track, 1. L YDIA lsABEL HEN IUQUEz-"Cypee" One 0/ ou r "qui;: kids ... She always has time t o /Iash her sna;:;:y smile Spanish C lub 1 ; Volleyball, 1: Bas ketball, 2, "All Star," 2; Softball 2; Archery, 1 ; P ep S qu a d, 2. SAMUEL HENRIQUEz-"Sammy" L a tin looks a r e acanted ... has quiet ways ... likable lad Vic t o r y Corps, 1, 2, 3 J. WENDEL HENTSCHEL-"Wendy" A Quiet friendly /ella ... whose t all build /ills B.H .s. h(Jls ... spo rts abili t y pillS. Footb all 1,2,3,4; Baseball. 1,2.3: Soflball, 4 ; S wimming. I 2. 3. 4 ; T e nnis, 1,2.3.4; B asketball I 2. 3. 4; Victon' Corps, 1 2, ;ommillee, 3;


.. CHARLES HILDRET H-"Buddy" ';Red has had (f pla c e ill B.H. S. and in our h ea rt s si n ce we eWI rememb e r ... and we want 1 0 keep remembering. Footb all, 1 2; Ba ske tb all, 1 ; Swimming, 2; Victo ry Corps, 1 1 3: B a nd 1 2,3; S.A. Club Committee, 3 4. HELEN R. H OBBS-HC hickie" A chick who's st r ictly slick. rh y thm 10 sp ar e en e rgy t o throwaway ... "Chickie" i s liked by all. Fr es hman Guidanc e P l ay Law Digge rs," 1 ; Parrak ee l 3; Zonian. I ; SlIb D e b C lub. 1 ; Volleyball. 1.2. 3, Bas k e tball 1 2, 3, So ftball. 1,2, 3 ,4: Sw immin g 1,2; Ar c h ery, 1; Vic t ory Corp" L 2. 3 ; Glee Club 1,2,3; C h ee rl ead in g, 1 ; Ubrary A ssis tant. t ; Fres hm a n Dance Comm iltee; Junior C hri s tma s D a n ce Co mmittt"f'. Senior Cl ass Part y Comm ittee; Senior Dan ce Co mmittee; Ush e r 3 4; Th eodo r e Roos ev elt P r og r a m 3; Producing, 4; S t aging, 4: J llnio r An t h o l ogy, 3; F as hi o n S how 3. O JtN A. HUNT F irrbaH' \ . 'Des and J anes Alike .... h is p erso nality (If,1 war m "manner a ppre c iat ed 'by all. Ba s e b all, 1 2 3. 4; 'Foo ba ll 1 '2, 3, 4 ; Basketball, 1 2 3, 4 : 1,2,3. 4 f V i c lm ; y orps 1,2,3; Par rakeet. 4; Zoniall 4: J unior Se ni o r B anque t Com mill ee, 3; D a n ce Commi ll ee. 3, 4 J ULIO J. ] 1 M ENEZ-HJ llLie" EvnyOorJ l S ilion Friday ... he can reall y make (III uudience sit up and t ake notice w h e n h e makes t hat trombone say "U ncl e." T rack. 3: Football, ] ; Vic t ory Co r p s 1 2, 3: Staging, 1 ; Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Orc h e stra, 1,2,3. 4: lillie Theatre O r c h estra, 3, 1 1; S.A. Orch e stra, 3 4; R adio C l asses 1. THOMAS HERRINGu Tonuny" Addr>d to the gal's l ist 0/ l ooks ... neat with a nic e persotwiity ... T omrny's somebody to know. MILTON DUNSF ORD HILL T all. girls. H i g h 1 SARAH MARGARET HOWELL"Marge" Swee t with a dash 0/ imp ... "Shorty has al way 0/ h e r own ... likable lass. Victory Corp s, 1. 2, 3; Mu s i c Appreciatio n C lub, 4; Arc h e r y 2: Orch es tra. I 2, 3, 4; G l ee Club, 2; P e p Squad, 1 2, 3; Offi ce A ss i s t a nt ... ; Co m mitt ee 3; Pro du c in g, 4: Fa s hi o n S h o w 4 SHIIlLEY A NNE H USUM Mix intelligen c e /UII, and gaie t y, and we have Shirl. Lorn lto A cade m y 1. 2; French Plays 2; J unio r Anth o l ogy, 3. ETHE L JEANN8 ]OHNSON-"J ohnnie" One 0/ those rar e graciolls ladi es w h o has i11t elligence and l ooks ... p e tit e and pre tt y she has things we all envy. Desig n e d D a n c e Progr a m s 2, 3; Art C lub 1 ; Art Co mmit 'ef' 1. 2. 3; So ftball. I ; V i c tory Corps, 1,2, 3. H ERMAN HILDRETH HOBBS HUNT J IMENEZ HERRING HILL HOWELL HUSUM JOH NSON SENIORS o F 4 6


J ORGENSE\' LIBBY K ILCORSE LOPP K OPE R SKI MAGEE KENNET H MCKAY JORCENSE A c razy gooll I mlp enough-d6t'i li"$hness t o suppl y 8.ft.S lorel 'er . well l.iked and easy to get a/o Jg w i th. Cam e ra C lub 3; V i c t o r y eO rPb, 2. 3; P e p Squa d 1. 2. MARY MARCARET KILCORsE-"Maggie" A tidy ma ss of good-hllmor ... !ollcy-free and friendly. s h e's liked by all . a !Joice t o remember. Annun cia tion High Sc hool, 1 2, 3; lI' l o n o l ogues, 2. 3: Parrakee t 4; Mus i c C lub 4; T e nni s, 4; G l ee Clu b 3. ANCY JAN E KOPEHSKI-"Saucy J ane" A qlli e t. reserved r e d-head. w ith a knack for always l oukint; crisp, coo l and charming. Volle yhAl1. 1 ,2: Base ball, 1. 2: Bas k etball, 2; Zonian, 4: V i c tor)' Cor p s, 1. 2, 3 : Offi ce A ss i s tant 3 : Dan ce Comm ittee. ] ; S.A. Club Committee. 3 : Athl elic Award. 2. PAUL W. K RAl\IEH j n. : PouJer-house Kramer" A II(lIItical-minded bl/ddy t o u s all ... thinks in terms o f sails alld rigging. Boat C lub. 4: f ootba ll. 1.2: Vic t o r y Corps. 1. 2 3: S.A. C l ub ommill ee 3. L A KUS Olle 0/ o ur Sflltesid e gals . who rates with all of li S 1I1 amar o neck Hig h Sc hool. 1. 2. 3: R ecord." 2, 3: Produ cing 2, 3; Volleyball. 3 ; B as k e tb all. 2. 3 : Fie l d l l ockey, 2, 3: Swimming. 3; Pu blic S peaking 3; G l ee C l ub, 2; Ridin g C l ub 2. 3. PATRI C I A L IBBY-"Tee dy" A s weet little blueeyed gal w h o will alwctys be f lying h igh . Iillol/:s how t o get things dOlle Jud ge M e mor i a l Hig h I; H o l y Names H ig h 2. 3 : Freshma n ecr e l a r y 1 : Pan Ameri ca n Day Pl ay. 2 : Song Festi,al!'. 2.3; Bas k e tball 1. 2. "All S t ar," 1. 2; G l ee C l ub. 1. 2. 3. RH.S" 4: SlUde n t B o dy Pianist. 1. 2. 3: Or c hestra. RH .. 4; S. A C lub Or c hestra. B.H .S .. 4: St ud ent B o d y Treas urpr 3: JuniorSe n ior Banqu e l Enl erlaiume nl Comm ittee 3. B H. s. Z 0 N .... RAMER MASTERS H I C II A I W L opp L AKUS \ I AYO Oll e of Ollr gt!Tlillses ... frielldl) persona/it) to go w i th ability. MAHY i\ I ARGARET MACEE' -Peggy" A bllndle of filII (wd a barrel of jO). "Pegg)" is a likable. laughlomlIg gal. ZOIl;all, 4 : Soft ball. 1. 2. 3: Volleyball. 1.2.3: T e nnis, I : A r c h e ry. 1,2: Basketba ll. 2: Vic l ory Corps, 1. 2. 3; G l ee C l ub, ... l, 2, 3: P e p S qua d. 1. 2: Libr ary A ss i s tant. 3, 4: J unior H igh Office A::si!ot an1. 4: S how, 3. 4 KARL IVIASTERs-"'K" 8.11.S.'s example of a lelia who thinks chiIJa/r> is not dead and still p r actices it. Foot ball 1 3, "All S l ar.' 1 : B aseball. 1. 4 "AIl Stor." 1 ; Bas k e tball, 1. 4, "AU Star." 1 ; Track. 3; \ic t ory Corp e 1. 2, 3: Juni or S.A. R eprese ntati ve; of the S tud ent A ssoc i ation. I; "O n a Note o f Triumph." 4. PATRI C I A "Pat." a ri lly blllldle of e1/ergy p e rsonified! ... WI odorable hep chick who COli really jil'e Cristo bal Hig h School. 1: Parraket!l. 3; .,\ I : Volleyba ll I 2. 3, "All Sta,:' 1. 2. 3; oft ball. 1. 2, 3; Archery, 1 : Basketball. 1. 2. 3. A ll Star." I ; Viclory Corps. 1. 2. 3; Glee C lub 1. 2, 3; Pep Squad, 1 ; Quill and Sc r oll": Fa:.hio n S how, 2: oph omore Dance Committ ee. fill'll St:-;"D$TIID"Quid. "il 0",1 bubt.lil1:; m3k., up ,h(' {i:U) we know 11_ Sw('d .... "-illo F .... d in ,b(' ... i ... 'u ..... bllck. ground tOUnl. A N


MAllY gal from BuUalo h u wo n a l\ ou r h earu with h e r da n c i n g aud l i l t ing ... your Parrakeet" book criti c. M c K EOWN M U RR A Y i\lcPHATE N EALE M cARTH U R M cfADDEN M c GOVE R N McCLO S K E Y McCAH E Y M c K EE ED GAR ROBERT M c ARTHUR "Bobo" All othe r 0 / tho se ol/ aro l/nd M c Artllllrs goo dlo o k ngwith 0 qlliet p e rsonalt:ty B as k e lball I 2 3 4. A ll 5 1 0 ," 3 4 ; F'oolball I 2 3. 1 5 1 ... 3, 4; 50flboll, I. 2, 3, 4. All 51 .. 4 ; Baseball I 2 3, 4. "All S tar. 3; Trac k 4 ; Vic t o r y Co rps. I 2 3; G l ee Club 2 ; Ath l e ti c Award 1. 2. 3 HELEN T. McFADDEN-"Bab y A t i n y fl a s h 011 O llr gym /l o or has brought home v i c tories 1 0 B.H S mo r e tholl ollce ... the w o r d i s e nerget ic. V olle y ball I 2 3 4, All 51"'" I 2; Bas k e lball 1 2 3, 4 All Star:' 1,2; So ftball 1, 2. 3 4, A ll S ta r," 1 ,2; Ar c h ery, l. 2; Cam e ra nllh. 3. 4; S ta m p Club 4 ; Vic tory C o rp s 1,2,3; Pep S qu a d 2 3; Library A ss i s tant 2; Off i ce A ss i s t ant 3. ROD NEY M MCGOVERN-uRad" Qui t e a gil)' i s R od Poplilar w ith gal s and guy s alike ... IfIh)'? Answe r : his w i nning, personalit)I, I r ving ton l i g h Sc hool, 1 2 ; Se nior C l ass Vic ePr es i d e nt ; Sopho more Cia. Pres i d e nt ; Parrlfkeet 4 j Zoniall 4 ; B ase ba ll 1 2 3, 4; So ftball ,2,3. 4, All S tar,' f 4; B.as k e tball 1 1 2 3, 4 ; F o otba ll J. 2 3, AIl S t a r kiing, 1, 2; lee Hock e y I ; Tenni s ; S wimming ; "V'a rc:i!y'l C uh. 3 ; Glee C l ub 2 3; Chairman of Senio r Pi cture Commillee; Sf'ni o r Dan c e Comm ittee; Valent i n e D a n c e Commill e e ; Se nior C l ass P arty CO)llmilte,; V i c l ory Corp s 1 2 ; B C lub. 4; Preside nt, o f ,Ae r ona u t i c s C lub ; H iY Club 1 ; Us h e ring, 4, ROBERTA A NNE MCCLOSKEy-"BobbianTle I1l1bblillg w it h g a iet)' and h o w w e 10tJe h er. laughable and lov abl e with p e rsonaHt)' pIllS G lee C l ub 2 3 ; Vic t o r y Co rp s 1, 2 3; P e p Squad, I, 2 3 ; Library A ss i s t a nt 3; 4 ; G e ttin g 8 Dat e," 4; Off i ce A ss i!:tant. I t EMILY E MCGAHEy-"Em." T a k e bllIe blac k ha i r cl e ar greetl eyes, fwd a radiating s mile . What do rOil have? EMILY! Vic t o r y Co rp s I 2, 3 ; S t aging I ; Us h e r 4. ROSE McKEE S/lav e and s m o oth expr ess e s Rose . t o p s amo ng B.H.S .'s /av o r itc 3 o F 4 6


MEYER NEUMANN MOEN NEWL I N N ICKIS UER BETTY JANE H McKEOwN-"Mac" Ma c" has a way a/laughing (It li/e en erg) pIlls. Volleyball: Bas k e lball: So ftball: Vic. Corps; Gle e C lub: P e p Squad: Mus i c C l ltb: laging. ELSIE MCPH ATE A gum crockin.g bundle 0/ t/ynamit.e .. a pe r sollali t y that s strictly J::ls i e's. Gpidance Play. Law Digge r!'>:' : Znnitln; Voll ey ball: Sofl ball: Vic. Corp s ; G l ee Cltlb : P e p Squad: Library \.c;sl.; Bas kelball; Fa shio n S h ow; Dan ce Commitl ee. WILLlA" MURRAy-"Bilt' A /rietldl), gil)' thal s alles a s pe ci al "HI" for li S "II. Fo o lball, 1. 2: V i c l o ry Cor p s 2, 3: Glee Club, I: P e p S quad,4; ,A. Club Chajrman. 3; Senio r Dan ce Comm ill ee. BONNIE J EANNE NEALE-"Bulln,;' A taff, peaches and cream drenm doll. dr), wit the r e's o tll y one B anI/ie, and she 's ollrs. Volleyball; wimming; 5 1 aging : Produ cing: Zotli(l1l: \ i c Co r p s : Glee C l ub: P e p Squad: Cap and Gown Commill ee. VIRCINIA ANN MEYER-HI e"n)''' Spit(tnd spa n she's 'h e gal what lim! .,It rllg, c llffer P e p S quarl: A ss !.; COllnsf:1ol"s Offic e : All (ar": (' k e tbaJl, "Al l S tar": Archery: Soflball, "A ll S\\' immin,!t: Parmkeet: F'rosh VicePrelf.: So 1. S. A. R e p.: Littl e J OYCE l. MOEN-"ioe' T r.kes honors on Ollr gym floor ... a p o wer c harg e d pi c tllr e director Producin !!: Jr. Anth.: Cam. C luh: .Mus i c C lub: V olle\ ball: Ba*"k e lh aJl; T e nni s: Soflball: Glee C luh : Pcp Squad : OHi('c Assi s tant; enior Car d s and Ann ount:e m ents R OBERT MOOLCI-IAN-"BulIll'V" W e llliked b, all and won soon he forgotten. B aseba ll; F'lball: B s ktb a ll: Softba ll : G lee C luh: Vic Corps, B H s Z 0 N MULLER NORIlELL MUMMAW NORRI S W ILLIAM ALLEN MULLERH BiLl What ;.s known as a "good joe ... easy-goi ng Foot ball; Bas k e lball: Soft b all, "All Star"; Base ball: Bowl.: V ic. Cor p s; G l ee C l ub: S.A. Club Comm.; Jr. Anlhol ogy MAR ARET M. jVIUMl\' IAW" Peg" Sn a zzy jitterbug ... cI kid w h u's nifty (lIId nf!al. Pep S quad: Vic. Cor p s; Zont"tm: G:J\:,A.: Cam. C lub Secy.; Ridin e Club, S .A. e p.; Sr. CIa8s Sec),.: Voll c ball, ir :. D ance Comm.: 1'. Picture Comm.; Cap and Gown Comm. ROSEMAHY JOYCE NEUMANN-"Rosie" A d e mur e d(lm.sel s he' s (III in s piring little Miss. r.lt' c C lub: Vic. Corp": P e p S qua.l; C.A.A.: BioI. C111h: Cam. Club: Bas k e lb all, "\11 Sta r": Softball. ">\1 1 Star"; V olley ball "AII Sta r"; G A.A. Dan ce Co mmill ee MARIANNA NEWLIN Sharp. s nappv and smooth. in s t y l e and when d(fflcing. V'hall: R s klhal1: So flball. "All S tar": Vic. Co rp s ; Prod.: G l ee Clu b: Sop h and Sr. Dan ce Comm.: Fa s hion S how. ROSEMARIE N I CK I S HER-uRosie" A dynam o 0/ Ilil.ali t)' ... keep s u s in s titc hes ... neat figllre acc e nt on legs ... we're proud 1 0 ca ll Ro sie ours. G uidan ce Pla y: P arrakeet; G.' \ A .. V'brlll, "AII Star": Bas ketball. "All S lar": Sohball. All tar": T e nnis; Arch.: Vic. Co r ps: Glee C l ub: P e p S quad: C heerlea d e r ; Prod .: S.A. C lub Comm.: Juni o r RinS! Comm. : Senior Cards and Ann o un ce m ents Comm.: Bowling T ea m: Athl e t ic Award. FANN I E LOU I SE NORRELL-"Frankie" T ake a darling figure. c llt e clothes . a Jaucy girl ... CUld YOII've gal Ollr Frank ie" She's st ri ctly TNT. "Ca lling: All Ghosls"; A Dal e C o r a D a nce": "Triple Troubl e": S ta g ing: Producing: "Ores'" R e hear s al": Dirert or. "Y es No": Chee r l ea ding: o ftbal l : Bas k e tball CAROLYN CAROLE NORRIS-Hlrish" Wafks in a wake a/long low whi stfes ... a dream doll. V'ball: Arch.; Vic. Co rp ": G l ee C lub: C h o ru s; P ep Squad; Jr. H i Off .: So ph D allt'e Com .; Jr. Rin gs Com.: Fa sh. Show. A N


l CIIA RLES NVE NORRIS-")'azoo" /-las rhyl/;m ,ha"s fare and he pu t s i t 10 good lise. a solid jive bomber that we cou ldn', spore. Ya!.Oo City High School. 3: Freshman G uidance Pl ay. I ; ;'S" Cluh: Vootb:!l\. 1. 2, 3. 4. "AII Slar," 2 3. 4: Baseball. l. 2 3 4. \11 Star,"' 1: Bn"l..etball 1. 2. 3. 4. "All ta r:' 3. 4: Softball. I. 2: Trark. L 2. 3. 4: Swimming. 1,2.4: Bowl ing, 1. 2; T e nn is. I: Golf, 3: Victo r y Corps, 1. 2. 3: Navy Day P rogra m 4: P a n A m e r ica n P rogram. I k Band. 1, 2: Glee C l ub. 3: Ush e r i ng, 4 D AVID C. OLlVA-"Spar ks" FlI'elldly and smiling. he's (I guy going lip. Taft J-lieh c h oo l : Wall e r Hi gh School : Science C lub Secretary. T. H.S.: G lee Clu h IV Ii.S .. I. T H .S .. 2, B.fI. S .. 3. SARAH EVA P A R KER-"S all y /-Ier Inliel) hai r ;s admired by all ... "if t y (I" d Ileal he kid is s t ric t ly off reel.r 1. 2. 3. 4: Softball. 1. 2: Volleyb all. 3: Glee Club, 2.3: Pep Squad 2: F a,; hi o n S h ow. 3: V i c t o r y Corps. 1. 2 3. HUGO S P E RI NO Cood/ooks that can' t be mat ched ... Nice pe rson a l ity and a way all 0/ his own. 2.3. "AII Star:' 2. 3; Track. 2: Softball 2. 3: G lee C lub. 1. 2. 3. 4. MARIO PRECIADO, J R .-"M a ri o //" /Jrainbu)' quie t humor and pleasan t personali t y he helped make B H .S. a place t o r emembe r Victory Corp", 1. 2. 3; 1. 2. 3. 4: Football. l : Bps k elb9J1. 3.4: Softball. I : Track. 4: Spanish C l ub. 2. 3; Bi o l ogy Club. 3. 4. E A trill/ lillie tor,j do Illlten it comes t o (a/{'nf ... we owe L ois ..." nwrh wul,. we appreciot.e h ef willing way. }' ... l lf vhall. I. 2 ... 3: 2: Softball 1. 2: V i c t ory Corp:.. 1 : 1. 2. 3: 'lZoniall. I I ; lagin g. 2. 3; Produ c in g. 3: Fashion S h ow. '2. 4. ARA M RENE O S I GIAN-"D o pey" Another 0/ Ihe s ilent. smooth type. !..ta in lind likab l e tops llI;t h liS all. G lef! C luh. 2. 4: Football. 2: Baseb a ll 2. 4: T rack. 2. 4: B a s ke tball. 2. 4: Pep Squad. 4. P ATRIC I A ELLEN P E A RSON P a l s 4 bundle of beau t y enchan t ress. S"!{l0 I-lip.h School. 1. 2 3: S tudent Co un c il. I. 3: Curie." 3: "On a NOle o r Triumph:' 4: Seton News. 1. 2. 3: Parr akee t Zonirm. 4; A rt C l u b. 2; J o urnalis m, 3: G lee C lu b 4. N ELLY PIKE W., hOlle uur 0/1'11 WOl' 0/ spe lling f r ielldl in ess ... N E I.. I.. Y .. rare gift 0/ gao, RUTH PRICE A pletI!'o'" good-humored chick. eas) going and well.l i ked. Viclory Corp!:'. I. 2. 3: G lee C lub. 2 3: Pep S q ua d 1. 2: Cou n se l o r Office 3: F r e ... hm a n G uidance Play. 1: Dance Committee. 1. :-"'OHHI S 01.1\11. PARKER I'EHI'\O PRECIADO PEARSO .... P IKE PRICE SENIORS o F 46


PRICE ROBISO' flA\lEY RODR I GUEZ SARAII E PRICE-"S"lly RAPP ARI' ORT ROSSETTI 8,/1 .'s dancing dallghler good natured ... jllSI an O.K. khi. V olleyball; B as k et ball : So ftball. "AII Star"; Bowling: ric. Co rps; P e p Squad; Ridin g C l ub, VicePr,.,". OTIS H"IEY-"Ody" "The IIIW! worth while i s Ihe mall who can alwoys s mile" , 1fI e beliet'e this was written lor Ody." Footba ll: oftball; Tra c k ; B owl ing: ViCIOr} Corp,,; Band; P e p quad. MAHILYN rUED, \ RAPPARPORT An inldleew," I/iss and a credi t 1 0 B.H . fwd C.Z.1.r:. . 0 sincere worker who ha s 0 goy altitude l o u : ord l i/e, Vic. Corps : BioI. C lub ; G lee Club: P e p Squad. DONNIE RATHC EE 'ER-HRallt' Hi s flppeol, corn \ cracks. r omantic and u ;ac k) personal i t ) place him at 'h e top 0/ the lis t CB .. lle I I e i g hl A ca d e my: F oo tball, All Star": "AII Star": Ba<'eball. All S tar": Ba s k e tb a ll. "AII Stor": V olleyball: Soccer. RO BERT !-fENny REICI-IARD--"Rick" Brain s t orm! ... rllllt) (IS a /rllitcake and oodles 0/ flln .. Whe n h e's arOllnd don't try t o be se r iollS. foothall. "AII Sta r"; Track: lonian; Soani s h Club: Bio l ogy Club: \ iClory Corps: Sen i or Dan ce Comm. WIN l fUED LEE ROBlSON-"lfIi""ie Thl perpetually f:r arOllnd Bru ce Hi g h School: Pre ... Fros h C la ss : Parrakeet: BioI. lub: BB{ketball: V olleyball: G l ee Club: F as hi o n 5 1\(1\\'. PLUTARCO ROOnlGUEZ R.; Plul o" Qlliet, s llld iolls. and a SlIper art is t Plllt a rco will go a l ong wm toward sllcc e ss. o rth H igh School: Interpre l a l i \ e Reading: lonian: Spani .. h Club: Art Cl ub: Art Comm.: H i Y" Club: lnternational R e l ation" Club: B omba rdi e r Club: Softball: T e nni ,,: Vic. Corps : C!to ms: Orchestra. B H s Z 0 N RATIIGEBER S\ '00\ \L REtCU.\ flD SCltJE\FL,\'\D ,\lARY TIIERES \ HOSSETTI-Poke) A Salle) little piece 0/ gabb ling l{oiet ) has r(lre moments 0/ sile"ce. Gilt' C lub. L 2 3: P ep Sq uad 1. 2; Lihr ary A"c;i"lant. 2. GEORGE A. S \NDOVAL -"Scwdy" "Sand)" is a riot ... altea)s c racki,,!! jokes, he's one 0/ our best. C.l. R .A. C lub, I 2 3: Gun C lub. 2.3: Foo tball, I. 2. 3: L 2. 3 : Basketball. 1. 2. 3: Track. 2: Softball. 2: Vic t ory I. 2. 3. HUTII EVELYN SCII,JE\"ELHD-'"Cigg/ebox Gur . l aughter IS alums bIJbbllfll! JrulII R Ulhie's lips .. we It' lsh ICC cOllld shou. Ollr grnlltlldl' /ol.Jlte lighter i\oments she has brollght us. Vic t o r y COrr f.'1. 2, 3: P roducing. I : k .. D e b Clul}... : ? \ '(llle} 1 2. 3. L 2. 3 I. 1. _. 3, I. .\rch(:,I). I. 2: wring, I. 2:-j"; Gle e I. 2.3: Pep SqU;HI. I. 2: ihrary A ..... i J;lant. S-'l. 8ilub,-to mmillee. 3: I .. her. 3. I. ......... n: '\01lllu..L-OUt ""ICh.crl".d .. rl.k .... br"ath"r from Zon',.", p""akrrt. lilli" Til". .1" II' .. 10 ".Ich th .. ,am". L ook_ food from h".".I(IO. A N


I. r. .J PUlI, I."' haa Lan .. Turner. New Y ork hu Lil Pone bUI B.lI.S haa Phyllis. seHH IHGIESSER S II ERR I T SNEDEKER SEA R S SMITH SOL I S PAULINE MARY SCHRIFT C IEsSER-"Babydoll" Another 0/ the s mo o th type . s h e's got plenl y 0/ what it t akes. Cris tobal Hig h Sc hool I t 2. 3; Dramati cs. 1. 2. 3 : Vic t ory Corp s, 1; Preside ntial Elec tion D eba t e. 3: Glee Club. I. 2. 3. 4 ; Library As<:.is l anl. I. 2; USht'T, 2. 3; Fa8'hion Show. I ; S p eec h Program, 4. H. RALPH S HEIU11T R ese rved and right ... H e's th e kind who would light for what h e knows ;s rig ht. ';B C l ub. 3: Bio l ogy C lub 2; Cam e ra C lub 1. 2; Football. 3; Trac k. 3: Softball. 3: Bas k e tball. 3: C h em i s tr y Lab Assi s tant. BETTY R OSE SNEDEKER HBullerball" L oads 0/ Jlln t o be with ... a smoo th number on th e dance floor. So ftb all. I : V olley b all, J : Ar c h e ry. J : Vic t o r y Co rp s. 1 2, 3: G lte C l ub, 1. 2. 3, 4; P e p Squad. I. 2. 3: Office Ass i s tant. 4: F as hi o n S h o w 3. LLONA JOAN SEARS-"Chimo" t o / obl'! loss wit h oodle s 0/ class ... per t upfurn ed nose. Irim appearance ... "C l o th es make th e woman" was written lor her. S.A R e preo:entative: lonion. 4; Busine s s Manal1er Qf Parrllk ee'. 4: G.A. A .. 3, 4: So ftball. I. 2,3,4. "AII Sla,," 1. 2. 4: Voll e yball. I. 2 '1. 4. "All Star, 1 2. 3. 4: Bao:htboll. I 2, 3 4 "AII Star." 1. 2: Ar c h e ry. 1. 2; Vic t o r y Corp s I. 2. 3 : Glee C lub 3: P e p quad. I. 2. 3 4: C h eerlea ding. 4; OUice A ss i s tant. 1; Junio r Se ni o r Banqu e t Co mmitt ee 3: Se ni o r Pi cture Comm ittee; G.A.A. Dan ce Comm itt ee. 3. 4 ; S. A Club Committ ee 3: Ush e r at Commencement ExerciFes. 3. JIM SMITHu Red" /f I e fOlI e O llr Sinatra, bu t brolher!! Toll wi t h u beautilul heod 0/ r ed hail ... 1 / you only knew. R ed. JORGE SOLI S Polite and Iriendly Ihe kind 0/ 811Y VOII would like t o take lessons Irom. Base ball. 4 SENIORS o F 4 6


SYKES TO'\ER SUI" D STRO\l TURCK \'A,\ E'ERA EEt...S LAVERNE STRAUS-"S/rau" Pl easan tl y quiet in her own WOl . likable gal. Baske tb all. I ; Voll eyba ll. I. 2. 3: Softball. I; Vic t ory I. 2. 3; Fashion Show, 4. I CHESTER Tr: r M-"Clret"' D.H.E. rvo lll dn't be 8J1.S. fvitholll goodnotured Chef a p!n$iqtllthot', rellil}' a treat t o the gals. Stagrtlg: "S" C l ub. VieeP S.: Baseball; Ba s k e th all. "\11 lar": F ootba ll. "I\ n StAr": Vic. Corp ... : S r D a nce Cnrnm. HlRtEY SULLIVAN-'"Slrirl" Th e blue c l ed bel(e 0/ B.H.S. Ni/t) and lIeot with closs in her wardrobe ... Ihrrt's sharp hirl! Softb.ll; GJee C l u b : B a ... kelball; \ olleyball; Na\) Da) Program: Guidance Pia); J r.Sr. Banquet Committee. DIC K TUnBYFILL D ee bqomi1lg I! with a read). willing 01ld (lble fl'OI . personalil) to $pare. IC. QQrps: Bitt. C h t ':All Slar": .. \11 tar":' aat'se tl!l.lI vim min ., r o ... h \ i ce Pre ... : Yice-Pr{'''. .A.: Prot'IIIcin", 'aging: nf!:: "Law Dig!!er ..... .\r .. eni(' <\uQ pld"Lacc, "On a of Triunlph." "Gelling a Oal("': Band: 0 cite ira: G I e 'riJb: Lab. A" .. I.: S,}\. C1uh Conllll.: Jr nih.: Dance Cl')nlmiuee : \ Club Orche"l r a. FnED Su DSTROl\l-" Il'ede" A "groo/ley" gil) anti B.T.D. , he and his corrH ioloes help dispel boredom. Casl l e \Iililu r y Acudelll) : $ .. \ R ep.: Foolball, I. \11 Slar": Soflball: Bo ... ehnll: Swimming: "o('('e r ; Ba"k('tball : Track; G l ee Club: Banqu e t Commilt('e. N INA RUTH SYKES Glamma! L ong floaling brou:n hm'r tops 01/ a neat figur('. Gro\'e Hi g h School; We:.Lpo rt .... chaol: Pep Squad. BEnNARD TONER-hBarney" YOII have made our lost Jeor in school one I('e ('an alu'nys "he r ish and rememb er in terms 0/ "sll,u'ell:' Football: Sohball: Baseball: Tra('k: 5.\ Club Committee: Jr. r Banq . ;\Iaster of Ccremonie .. ; Pan\ mer. Prog ram: G l ee Cl ub : Jr. C l a ... s \ Pre ... : \ ie, Corp ... B H s Z 0 N L. TO" ERY WEIR 'I. TO\\ ERY \\ ILRl' R L O I SDENE TO\\,ERy-"Mike" A It.'ad.., Idt l'ith willing u'a),$ .. Clothes make Ihe It'omon and she cer tain I) IJses them t o adL'Ontage. Zonian: Parmkee t: ;\iuc;i c Cluh: .. \\Cimming: Vic Co rp 8: G l ee C lub: Pep quad: Library Ofnce 1\s"l.: \lgr, Empl oymen l Bureau: Producing: 5.A. Club Committee: Dance Committee: Usher GLORIA TOWER' A topnotch gym player ... where doe$ she get so milch ''goget 'em"? G.A.A" VicePre ".: V olleyba ll. "All Slar": Ba ... ketball. "AII ,5lar": "oftbal1. "All Star": ArcheI'}. \11 Slar": \ i('. Cnrp": Glee C lub: Pep Squad: G .. \ .A. Dan e Conlin.: Producing. ELIZABETH TUnC K -"Belll''' Cheerflll and loaded with ,harm is o/;r "Bell)." DORI S L. "AN EVERAhCorkey" A poised liule ladJ with charm ... h(l:.el ere" that twinkle (II \ iclol'} Corp .. : Glee Club: Pep Fa ... hion VIDA WEEKS-"r'ee" All mlorable brtlnelte in on1' language ... cute! B}rd lIi g h SdlOOI. 1. 2. 3: Girl Re"ene". I. 2. 3: pani ... h lub: Enf!li .. h CI .. h: Band: Pep "quau. JACQUELINE WEIR-"1acA'ie" A I'('rsatile lillie lass u :ith more than her share 01 (,1(15.(. Fa.:;.:;ifeTll School. 2. 3: 5 .. \ R ep re<:enlati,c, I : Freshman Guidan('e Pia) "Gho:::t Slon-.' I : "ub D eb Club. 1: \ olle' hall. I. 2. 3: 2: Ba:::ketba ll. 2 3: \ iclol'} Corp". 1. 3: 1: Glee Club. 2: Pep Squad. I: Junio r Cia .. Part)' om mitl ee : l ... her al Comme n ce m ent Exerci ... e .. and Pia} .. : Sr. Card .. and .\nnouncemenl'" CnmOl.: Lib. 'R' Lou \'I 'ILBVR"lIell\" lIer 'in/ilf' alld personalih are 1.-',01( '11 as HER' ani). Bridgewaler lI igh School: C e ri" coD('''. \Iu .. ic Club: R ea ding. Cluh: Glef' luh: Pep 'quad. A N


WOODRUFf Z[ ... T WORSLEY WRIGHT MILDRED ELIZABETH WOODRuFF-"Millie Na t ura/lless that call't be bellten ... qlliet sense of hllmor. Palrakeet 3; Victory Corps. 1 2. 3; Ass!. D i recto r uf F'rec;;h man G u idance P l ay. "Make Up a nd Live"; G l ee C ilib I. 2. 3; P e p Squad. 1 ; Libr ary Assis t a nt 2; Counselor's Off i ce 4; Dan ce COlllmill ee, 3: Uf'hcr at Com m enceme n t Exerc i ses. 3. JACQUELINE WORSLY-"j ackie" Compa c t. crisfJ alld cool ... She's (] treat t o 8.//5. dancing feet. Volleyball. ]: Victory Corps. 1. 2. 3; Glee C l ub. I. 2; P"'p quad. 1: "O n a ote of Triumph"; Fashion Show, 1. 2. 3. J OHN A. WRIGHT-"]ack" Romalltic R omeo with "brainy" ideas ... likes his gabbillg alld his {lals abollt rhe same. Manliu s 1I1 ilita r y Sc hool. I. 2; S panic;h Club, 1,2: Biology C l u b 4; football. 1, 2. 3: Soflball. 3. "All Slar." 3: 1, 2; S wimmin g 1. 2: f e ncing 1 2: T rack. 1,2; Ri! l c T eam. 1. 2: Band. 1: P e p Sq u ad. 4. SENIORS OF '46 M ZERBST T. ZEROEST ELIZABETH ANN ZENT-"Liz" Whi stle bait plus model lIIaterial word expresses ollr gal Liz Wow! Santa Fe Hig h Sc hool ; S u b D eb C l ub. I. 2; Vollevball, 2: B askeli)'ll!. 4: Vic t ory Cor ps, 2. 3; Glee C lub. 2. 3 : P e p S qllad. 1: Ush e r a l Comm e n ce ment Exercises and Play ". 3 : Junior C l ass Parly Commill ee. 3. C. MAHlE ZERBEST-"Rec" W acky. witty. (l.lId llIithollt wiles. ollr go! Frid clY blessed with a g ift 0/ gab thai 's Sfll l::zy Union I l igh c hoo!. 2: Baskclball. I 2, 3; Volleyball. I. 2.3: Sohball. 1. 2, 3: T e nnis, 2: Bowling. I. 3: Ar c h e ry. 2: lI ockey. U.I-I.S .. 2: Victory Corps. 1. 2. 3: Glee Club. 3; P..!p Squad. I 2. 3; Fa s hion Show. 3. 4. TH ELMA D o NA ZERBEST-HThe/" The atomic type .. a stric tly onemarl WOlllall with. owrwrw appeal! Bowlin:;.. 1.2.3; Softball. 1, 2,3.4; Bas ketball. I. 2. 3. 4 Volleyba ll. 1,2.3.4: Archery. 1. 2. 3. 4: T rack. 1. 2. 3. 4 Clu b 3: Richmond lIi,!!"h Sc hool H ockey. Tl"nni!:. Victo r y Cor pc;;, I. 2. 3: Glee C lub 3: P ep Sq uad. 1. 3 Fa s hi o n S h ow. 3 4. fo B. \-1. S. ZONIAN


HonOR GRADUATES i:aihJeen 1JMnedVi/ujini.a Mette/!. $af4 1J1J-0COe John :JJMan Jeannine :JJUf11,(#td elzeMelJ-1IJ-im IlLda eohn Pabucia M aIfO M ilched dlaadIllkda fUte McP4aie Petffif Mummaw. PiuiaMo M Mianna Ivewlin .1 aU 10-1AJ.1J/Uf f





II '1 L>,\TU\ :\II/I.)C\ \:\SH HH'I (Uhf. 'll O,H,)\i\ TI.fOc\ \ ,'/10,\,\ Vl()Zh 1) 'flMf.I\


[]Jesl Gel/IceI'


Th e twoso m e wilh Ihe hig h I .Q.'s Kathleel1 Barn es and Willia", Muller. We've l oved 'heir lau g ht e r their poise. alld th e ir fri e ndlin ess Mark alld lackie populari t y plus. OTHER fAVORIHS B e li eve r s ill t.he ada ge Lau g h alld the world lau ghs w ilh you" ar e Liz Zen! and Kay Masl e rs. A smile for eve ryone, fri e ndlin ess is 'he ir b y-wo rd.


L o v e l y smile l ouelie r eyes with a c harm 01/ h e r oll '1I--RlJlh Pri ce i s 8.1-I.S s c h oice f o r goo d l o okil/g. Th e V o i ce 011(1 Ihe g al It, h o c an dan ce a lal ef/le d twoso m e. bound t o sllccee d. Di c k Turb\ /ill alld lac ki e W o rs ley p ose l o r Ihe ir public. S port s abilit y plu s wo n f o r Alarianlla Nell, lill and lac k Baldwill seco lld pla ce h Ollo rs f o r mos t alhletic Ros i e ali(I R o d -Ihe ('" e r g)' kids Ihe "all ar o llml e r s' tak e lim e Ollt J o r 1I co ke. The\ a r e,,', I'elo:: and} o lom/a bUI C h i c kie lIobbs 011(1 Char li e orris c ut a //lean r ug.




B EHNAH D T ON E H. S. A. P res i dent STUDEnT The S tud ent A s o c i atio n o f B a l b oa Hig h Sc h oo l i s th e p rin. c i pa l o r ganizatio n within th e sc h ool. a nd it h o ld s th e m as t e r k ey t o all activ iti e s in whi c h th e s tud e nt s part i cipa t e The purpose o f th e A. i s t o s p o n so r th e diffe rent o r g an i z a ti o n s in sc h ool. prov id e s oc i a l e nt ertainme nt f o r th e s tud ents a nd improve the sc h oo l in e v e r y p oss i b l e w ay The o fri ce r s o f the S A. co n s i s t o f a pres id e nt. vicepres id e nt. a nd a sec r e t a ry, w h o i s appo int e d b y th e pres id e nt ; and pres id ents. v i ce p resid ent':':l r epresenta tiv es and sec r e t a ri es of the four cla sses Th e p r esident o r th e S A. i s e l e c t e d b y th e s tud e nt s. Thi s y ear B e rn a rd T o n e r was pres id ent and L o i s Mc:lntire sec r e t a ry. Mr. E W. H a t c h ett was again th e fa c ult y adv i ser. The S. A publi s h es the Z Olliofl and aids in th e fin a n c ial sup p orI o f the P arr akeet whi c h i s th e sc h oo l n e w s p a p er. The office r s

ASSOCIATIOn to d ese rvin g s t ud e nt s on Awards Da). At thi s time th e pres ident o f th e As sociation for next year i s introduced. Thi s yca r th e S. A. also financ e d th e purchase o f th e new c h ee r leaders' costumes. Y a rd s of red mate rial made a full ga th e r e d skirt. w i th wh i c h was worn a white b louse jIll b i s h o p s leeves and a recl "8" in front. co mp l e tin g th e sc h oo l co l o r s. The p e p squad wore plain red sk irt s with white j erkin s t y l e An unu s ually g r atify in g number o f slude nt s turne d oul f o r th e p e p squad. Another attractio n spon so r e d by th e S. A. was th e S. A. Club. w hi c h wa o p en occasio nall y on Saturday ni g ht. Gam e danc in g ea t s. and mu s ic, furni s h e d b y \ a r iolls stucie nt orch estras wer e th e main features of every evening. The fir s t dance o f th e yea r was g i ve n by th e S A. o n Sept ember 11.. while th e others were g iven by th e classes and s p o nsored b y th e A ssoc i a ti o n. The fir s t gal a event wa s preceded b) muc h sll"pense for th e n ew c:lass o ffi ce r s were t o b e introduce d a t this tim e The Senior C Jass gave tw o dances: th e fir s t semi f ormal dance a t th e Trivo li. and th e o th e r an informa l dance. The junio r s gave tw o dances and th e soph o mores and fr es hm e n had class paTti es The allllua l Junior -Se ni o r Banque t topped th e season's soci a l eve nt s. \",,\I h i t e l o ngsleeved blouses w ith midriffs and r e d p leated skirts made up th e aw re e l c h ee rl ea d e r s o utfit s furnis h e d b y th e Stude nt Associati o n. Phylli s Hars tad buys h e r Stude nt Association t ick e t fr om Dic k Turby fill. S A. Vice-Presidenl. l\lr. E. W. H a t c h e tt. supe r adviser. confers with S. A. leaders abolll plans for th e year.


Mil. NEIL BH.f \ NSTETTEH Bal on B ealer


lET THERE BE musIc [vc r y sc h oo l da y a t 8 A.l\11.. p ee p s. sq u ea k s a nd s h o ul s may be h ea rd e mitLin g fr o m th e Lilli e Th ea l e r. Th e f o rl y .five m e mb e r s o f th e band a r e warmi n g up for r e h ea r sal. At p e p r allies a n d football gMllCS th e band, with T h e V ic L o r y March up. c heer e d our boys on t o v i c L o r y On F e bruary 5. a n in form a l band con ce rt was g i ven all th e hi g h sc hool campu s. at \\ hic:h seve ral t y p es of mu s i c w e r e played -marc h es. overtures \\aI L zes and n ove h y numbers. A crowd o f o n e h u nd red p eo p l e atte nd e d th i s co n ce rt. The o r c h estra m ade its debut a t the play. K eys t o Baldpate." On e o f th e hig hli gllls o f p erfo rm a n ce was th e aria f rom 'ICa rmcn. accompan i e d b y P at Libb ey's rh y th m i c c:aslin e l s A s m all orc h es tra o f s i x v iolin s tw o co rn e t s, two clar in e t s o n e trombon e, one saxo ph o ne and th e pi a no p l ayed a t th e Fa shio n S h ow 011 J an u a r y 30 as s i x t y g irl s m o d e l e d t h e i r dresses. :' H a in. rain, go away!" was the c r y of all th e studen t s participating in th e Ch ri s tma s program on th e day o f th e bi g eve nt. But th e r ain didn't go away a nd th e progr am was pos tp o n e d unti l th e follow i ng eve nin g. D ece mb e r 21. H oweve r. the c h o ru s o [ two hundred f o rt y and th e orc h estra o f fort y.f ive turne d out o n e hundre d per cent. Ne ith e r was the a udi e n ce d aunte d b) th e s udd e n c h ange in p l a n s but ca m e in full f orce. The g irls' voices h a rm o niz e d in An ge l s \\l e H ave Heard 011 Hig h duri n g th e candl e. l igh t e d processional. Th e mixe d c h o ru s sa n g se vera l so n gs includin g "Noel a nd th e H alle lujah C h o rus" fr ol11 th e M ess i a h:' The so l o i s t was Dic k Turbyfill. w h o sa n g "Cantiqu e d e Noe P a nd '"If All Y ou r H ea rts." Th e orc h estra inc lu ded in th eir r e p e rt oire B.H .5. OH C H ES THA "Ave Maria." "Evenin g S tar." with trumpet so l ois t D ots) Bige l ow, a nd "The H o l y Ci ty:' w ith trumpe t so l o i s t Dic k Co l s t o n Thi s yea r th e mu s i c depart m e nt h as h ad a large r enroll m e nt than in any yea r prev i o us w ith 330 s tud ents over SOr;. of th e s tud e nt body, T hese s tud ents have learned to know and appr ec i at e class i ca l mu s i c.


OVER THE fOOTLIGHTS Th e dramatic seaso n of B. H. S opened with o n e o f Geo r ge Cohe n 's popular plays-"Seve n K eys t o Baldpate:" Th e r esa Gr imm and L au r e nc e Fortner p l ayed the l ea din g role s with R o b e rt Albritlon. Ca therine Ta ) lor. B eve rl y Buc kal oo and many o th ers in th e suppo rtin g casl. The p l o t of "Seven K eysn in vo l ves a you n g novelis t wh o cann o t concentrate in New Y o rk C it ) H e horrows a huge inn 011 l a p o f a m o unt ain w h e r e h e lo:-k s him se Jr in w ith wha t he b elie ves to b e th e only ke). The ac tu a l numbe r o f k eys and w h a t h e reall ) find s in th e way o f peace and quiet make compli cate d situations with c hill s and laugh s galo r e MR. S H UBERT T U R BYFILL Speec h D irector f'IIY-lollr Th e seco nd p erformance o f th e seaso n was "Oo ubl e o r Nothing" by G le nn Hugh e The tw o leads w e r e p layed by J ean Saarin e n a nd Bradford Schwart z Othe r r o les were taken by Vern Call o ,, a),. Barbara Schn a k e. Charl es No rri s Di c k Turbyfill. and J im Coakl ey. The s t o r y i s th a t o f a co llege boy wh o inv it es an act r ess to a dance. a nd th e n discover s th a t th e dean has forbidden the a tt endance o r theatrical p e rsonaliti es a t college fun c ti o n s The arrival o f th e star began a madl) complicat e d whirl of e v e nts which fulfill e d Turbyf ill's predictio n th a l th e play would prove s id e splilling entertai nm e nt. The h i g h es t award o ff e r e d in dramatics is th e Diamo nd l\lasqu e Competito r s for th e award thi s year w e r e Fra nki e Norrell. 1\lildre d H aas. Laurence F o rtn e r. B e v e rl y Buckaloo. and Dic k Turbyfill. These stude nt s have a ll take n majo r r o les in clubhouse p lays. and have s taged. produced. and direc t ed Illin o r produ c ti o n s The Balboa Littl e Theatre i s the o nl y hi g h school dramatic g r oup in or out o f th e contine nt a l Unite d S tat es th a t i s li s t ed in th e National Littl e Theatre Direct o ry. This i s th e tw e lfth yea r tha t B.H.S has h e ld thi s listing


* Fi/I)-/i u "Do ubl e o r N o thin g .l the Glenn Hug h e f a r ce -com e d y was presente d o n F ebruary P b y th e B a lb o a Littl e Theatre and feature d thirt ee n o f RH.5.'s fin es t c o m e dian s L o un ging in th e S. A. Room ar e the Diamo nd winn e r s r o r the 191 5 thea tri c al season. R e adin g fr o m l eft t o rig ht: L a ur e nce F o rtn er. Mildre d H aa s Dic k Turb) fiJI. a nd B e\"e rl y Buc k a l oo N o t pi c tur e d i s Fr anki e I orre ll. who i s also a Di a m o nd \\ inn er.


A YEAR WITH A YEAR-BOOK Fi t\-si. \ 1. OUf super-duper e dit or. J eannine Dum o nd. who's full of fun and laughter. 2. R a l ph relshead photographer and allaround h andyman. 3. Invaluable workers t ake time ou t as Don says, H o ld it!" From l eft t o right: Nanc) Koperski. J oyce ).Ioen. Phylli s Harstad. and P eggy i\!ulll maw. Another helper not included in this picture i s Yern Calloway. 4-. Chick i e H obbs and jr g ini a i\l eyer. hard w o rkin g senior activ iti es e dit o r s. 5. Frankie Norrell and Alberta B oy d se nior s id e line" expe rt s 6 L o i s T owe r y and Jeannin e Dumond pic tur e direct ors.


7. Lois O Bri e n and Plutarco R o driqu ez. Zonillfl artists 8 Dot sy Bige low-our o n e and o nly business m a n age r makin g e nd s meet. 9. 10hn Hunt and R o dn ey l\l cGovc rn brin g in the h onors ,dth their sports write-ups. 10 Girl s port s writ e r s. Bonni e N ea l e a nd L10 n a Sea rs. 11. 'Tommy." our adviser with h e r e v e r s\\ee l smile 12 Sally Bri scoe. S A. editor a nd allaround h e lp er. 1 3. Frank Sweeney and Don D ewey-ph o to g r a ph e rs. Fi/tlsel'en


,\ill. mn :[) II A ":0>. Editor PRESS DAY! The unu s ual n oise. clamor, and scatte r ed c hatt e r co min g from th e Parrak eet r oom tell s li S it once again i s Press Day. We find Mildr ed Haa s our diligent edi t or. working lik e maJ o n la s t minut e r evis ion s John Hunt a nd R od cos porl S edi t ors, sit calmly s wapping joke s as th e ir s port s pag e ha s gone t o press. D o n D e w ey and Ralph f' e l s are debating whos.e piclure rate:; the fr ont pag e. H e l e n "Exchange Editor" H o bb s once agai n i s lookin g through the World Almanac trying 1 0 find Y azoo City. a nd Ruth Sc hjcH: land. "porh editors. are sweat in g oul their basketball !)I ories Winifred Robi so n i s gelling ready to hers e lf afl e r r e ading th e proof of "Pee k and Boo." Charlotte Ba\' ep;:lock and Dot .. y Big e l ow. so me h::lir and s p o rtin g s hort fing e rnail s hav e finally co mpl e t ed th e ir lit e rary pag e after three wct:k s o f heclic work. Pat P ea r so n, writer. s lill ha s h e r sa nily-sh e's o nl y chewing paper. \ll llat th e welidress e d B II.S. g irl i s w earing l!:. covere d by Alberta Boyd's "Trim T ee ns. Shirley Zeese and J ea n Andrew s ace Parrak ee t report e r.::, are relaxin g as they have c omplcled th e ir work for thi s i ss u e Ke e ping u s up to dat e on the Intes t m ovie is the l as k of Virgillia J\ieyer in h e r p opular c.)lumn Fli c k e r Fla s he s." Mary Kilcorse i s walking around th e r oom s inging, and no wonder. Sh e ha s jus l fini s h ed h e r co lumn Juke Box Ji\e.' whi c h e num erates th e popular so n gs B.H. S. Sinatras and Shores sin g. Ana T e r esa "Qu e Pasa" Rios h as just dashed in t o mak e a l ast m.inUle c hang e in h e r co lumn. Art Editor Aurelio Parra h as jus t making a.nother c ui for Ihe lit e rary page. And l as l but not least, \jiss EIIt : n Thoma s drea min g a faculty adviser' s dream of .9. model s laff thaI lurn 3 in LONG A I lEAD OF THE DEADLINE I aries that would be a credit to the New York Tim es Members 01 the Parrakeet sta/lllre.lrom, lelt t o right: Ralph F e l s DaiSY Big e low, Pat P earso n Charlolle Bave r s tock. John I-IUrll. Mil dre d !-Iaas Ro se marie Nicki s her. R odney M cGove rn. Winifr ed Robison Shirley Zee;;e, and Ruth Schjeveland. Not pictured i .Mar), Kil corse


SUMMARY OF EVALUATIVE CRITERIA . .. I c . ,,, EXPERTS RATE OUR SCHOOL B a lboa Hi g h S c hool wa s r a t e d supe r i o l 1 0 I ) pi cal h ig.h sc hool s in all see l i olls o f t h e counlry unde r t h e a u::pi ces o f th e M iddle S l a t es A ssoc i a t i o n o f C olleges a nd Seco ndar) Sch oo l s Coc hairm e n of th e c ommittee w hi c h e valua t e d t h e h i g h school w e r e Dr. \ V a lt e r C E ells. E xe c u t i ve o f th e Am e ri c a n A ssoc iatio n o f Junio r C olleges a nd K e nll e th \ V. E ells f o r m e r F ie l d R eprese nt ati\ c o f th e i\liddle lat e A ss o c i a ti o n The c h a i r m e n with compe t e n t loca l e du ca t o r s o b se rv e d t h e sc hool in o p e r a l i o n fro m A pril 3 1 9 1 5 Afte r a c o m pa ri so n "ilh 200 c a r e full ) se lect e d s h oo l s pri\ 3 t e a nd pub l i c s m a ll. m e diulll-sized and l a r g e r a tings w e re a ss i g n e d a s f ollow s : S c hool S t a ff V c r), Supe ri o r Libra r y Very S up e ri o r A dmini stra ti o n S up e ri o r Curriculum-Su pe ri o r Pupil A ctivity ProgramS u p e ri o r Guid al1ec Prop,-ra m Supe ri o r I ns tru c l i o n Supe ri o r Out co m es Supe ri o r Sc h oo l Pl a nl Supe r i o r R e co mm e nd atio n s \\e r e m a d e f o r t h e expa n s i o n o f t h e g u i d a n ce progr a m a nd f o r s u i t 3 b l e ca f e t e ri a f a c ilili e "The l a c k o f a n a u ditorium: th e e \ a l u a t o r s comme nt e d. "is a se ri o u s h andicap t o t h e carr) in g o n o f a m o d e rn seco nd a r ) sc ho o l p ro g r a m it l'i r L u all) imp os!' i b l e th e d e \ e l o plll e nt o f a goo d modern program o f a sse mblies:' lew courses s ugge s t e d in cl u d e r e m e d i a l r ea d i n g e-'o n o mi c geograph y L a tin i\l11e rkan hi s t o r y al'l appre c i a t io n a r equire d soc ia l pro b l e m s co u r se co n s u m e r e du ca t io n bookk eeping. a nd a r equire d f o u r th yea r o f En glis h for a ll stude nt s Fi/t)-lIifle


Off TO CLASS WE 60 I. OUT C h em i st r y ourtot" o f aiter nating c1asse .. o f l ecture s lid laborat o r y work H ere :\1r. Fi sc h er in .. truct .. 11 group in th e fundamental ... 2. These stude nt s ex perim ent ill our w ellsupplied chemi s try laborato r y .... jlh the fine.lll equipmellt 8\ail ab le. 3. Pro f c!'so r K e nn e th \ int JIl slIpcni:.ct' an inlricat1;' c:\pe rimcnl in phy"ic<:.. I. H alldling .. nak e" i s 1101 required in th e Bio l ogy COllT':>C. but the r e are m a n y other a nim a l s habil<: the :>Iud e nt s observe a n d "Iudy. 5. Alth o u g h lIou .. e h o l d .\rl1'> i!' not r equired. Ihe maiorit y o f B .I-I.<:;. girl ... and an occas i o nal b oy find the s ubj ec t whe n l allghl in our ... paciou::> coo kin g a n d se win g rooms. 6. B e autifu l no; well as u;;:cful furnitur e a nd h ouse h o ld article .. are turned out b y ou r W ood Shop C la sses. 7. The pride o f 8.11.5. i s our library (If ove r 9.000 vol umes f o r r esea r c h and purpo ... -'I any "t ud ents take a lib r a r y training cour.:le, in w hi c h th e subject i s t a u g ht b y prac tical ex p erie n c e. 8. A s t e n og rapher\o; dre am i b thi!:o r oom fill e d with shiny t y p e writf>r s. Two yea r s of t y pin g are offe r e d--elcm entary and advanced. 9. Thbc students in th e Wo od S h op arc b eginning furniture lik e th u t s h own abo ve. 1 0. Phil Gree n o f th e cl('lIlo n .. lrat('!'


II. Aft e r h eavy seaso n s o f d e b a t e and d r a ma, the Speec h C l ass occ upi es itse lf \, ith c h o r a l r ea din g 1 2. I n c lud e d in our bu si ness course a r e t yping b II sin ess corres p o nd e n ce. a nd s h o rth a nd. Pi clure d i s a c l ass l earning s h o rthand. 1 3 Our phys i ca l ed u ca ti o n progr a m i s carrie d o ut in a l a r ge gymnas ium s prawl. in g a thl e ti c fie ld a nd ove r s i ze s wimmin g pool. V olley ball i s only o n e o f th e s p o rt s in whi c h th e cl asses e n gage.


B H S. RUG-CUTTERS ROCK WITH RHYTHM 1. R and Coca Cola. 2. S t om pin g at the Savoy. 3 R e m e mber \ Vhen. Th e J\lu.si c Stopped -But W e Wer e S t ill D a n c ing. 5. I nto the Nig ht. 6. On th e S i de lin es. 7. Gee It's Good t o H o l d Y ou. 8. J i e 011 the R ange. Sitt)-Ihree


SENIOR ART COMMITTEE D a n ce pro g r a ms. allraclj,c p os t e r!' and Fa s hion S how se ttin gs w e r e th e contributio n s o f th e S e nior Ar' Com m i ll ce b y Miss B e atri ce Gardn e r th B e lt)' Turck. G l ady s Bail e)' and Plutarco H odriqucz. w orke d under lh e c h a irm a n::hip o f Loi .. O Bri e n. BIOLOGY CLUB O ne o f th e 1110s 1 p opular clubs in th e sc h oo l. Ih(" Rio l og), Club. fun Clio nf'd unde r the of Geo r ge Lee. T he b i m o nlhl y m eeti n g" w e r e de \ o t erl 1 0 by s iud e nt s and by 1\l r L ee who showe d mov ie.;:, of t h e inl e r io r Fi e l d Irips WeT t' o rgani zed. and lht' young bi o l og i s t s brought bac k animals of int e r es !. An exh i b i ti o n o f th eir projects was p r epare d f o r th e public H eading th e club wa s Bill Evan s. pres i d e nt ; R ober! A lbrill o n ..... i ce-preside nt : V e rn Call oway sec r etAry; and \bry M o hr. t r easure r.


BOATBUILDERS CLUB Eve r y o t h e r Thur sday thih g r o u p o f n a uti c ally-minded s tudent s m e l w i th P h i l i p Green. a n d thus W3:, f o rm e d t h e B oatbuil d e rs' C lub. Organiled t o g i ve i n te rest ed s tu de n t s a k n o wl e dge of nava l a r c hitecture, the clu b fUllctio n e d w e ll. U nd e r th e o f Paul Krame r th e mem b ers h ea r d o n th e phasl"S of b oat construc t i o n. They d r e w up pl a n s f o r the bui l d ing of 11 hoat for ;\I r. C reen It W8:, n o t a ll wori... PanamR Ba y wa s t h e s i t e o f many sunn y h ouTs o f sailin g CAMERA C LUB Am a t eur p h o t ography wa s ag a in e n cou raged i n B a l hoa H igh School ""her. IhE' Camera C lub organized uncle t Ih e guidance o f ) l r K enneth Vin to n Dark room facilities wer c pro\ided for member .. u se. and regular bu s i n ess m ee ti n gs w e r c h e l d o n a l t e rnate Thursday Club member .. aided t h e Zonian h, 8t'nding in in f v rm a l s h o t s o f lif e aro u n d t h e sc h ool. Vern Calloway <:erved al:> prt"l:>idcllt: B i ll Ba r tholomew, v i ce pre:.id e nt: P eggy Mu m m a w sec r e tary: and E l a in e llig h Irea'-u r e r


MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB Mu s i c-minde d students g r oupe d with Teegarde n t o f o rm a Mu s i c C llib whi c h prove d 1 0 b e e xceptionall y active. The l i ves o f th e compose r s w e r e a t til e r egrrla r meeting:.-: r ecordings o f th e g r e a t es t mu s i c o f Ih e ma s t e r s W C f C p l a ye d, di sc u sse d and c riti c i ze d. R es ides s tudents' l ectures, th e club was e nt ertaine d b\' Tale nt e d m embe r s. C oncert s in Panama City Wf'r e a tt e nd e d in a b o d y b y th e club, whi c h fun c ti o n e d I1nder th r guidanr-c o f Gre t c h e n Diez. Sarita Sasson a c t erl ;J.S secretary SPANISH CLUB The m emor f s o f th e S pani s h Club will always r e m embe r th e g ai e t y o f the Ca rnival Dance. th e picnic at F'u f a n B pac h th e p a rti es, and th e leclures whi c h the club s p o n so r e d They will r e m embe r that th ey ha ve b ee n ac tive eno u g h 1 0 m ee t t w i ce a m onth unde r the s p o n so r ship o f !\Ir. A ll e n W a rd. a n d 1 0 Jlro m o t e goo d f ee lin g b e tween L atin a nd Am e ri can stude n ts. This p opular club h e ld di sc u ss i o n s o n th e hi s tor y o f n e i ghbo rin g (;ounlries a nd stud i e d th eir c u s t o m s a s w ell as their l a n g ua ge A ida Cohn serve d a s pres i d e nt.


CLUB A Ill'W orAanil.alion the Philate li c C lub. wao. f orme d Ihi<. )t:ar unde r the g uidance o f .\l r W alte r Fic:ch e r. \!!'piring s tomp with and wil lwut m e l regularly to 1 0 leclure::t n n !:la m p 'alurs a n d typ e .. 1) ... Iampl:>. An exhibiti o n f o r dic;pJa y in o n e o f th e ::-ch oo l ... h o w win d o w s Wd" pre...enle d Ench m embe r cho .. c a differenT phas e o f Siamp collt!clin g a n d COl1lrihul('d that t o pi c 1 0 the d; p l a ). AD SELLERS C r e dit goc ... 1 0 t h e .. e e n e r ge ti c ad selle r .. wh o m:td e p os ... jbl e th e publica tion o f our yea r boo k Reading f r om l elt ( 0 righf. l i r s t r of(': .\Iark Gramli c h. Chic ki e H obbs Yirg i n i a \Je)cr Jean En\...e Pal P t'8t'{ n Bill B auma n and D o nn)' R & lh gabc r : secon d r Q/(:: I el e n So ud e r. Pe;::1;' \ il1mnlln\, S hirl ey Zee e Sail} Bri .. coc. B o nni e N eale Pam e l a Bte .. h: third r o u : EI",i e :'IlcPhat e. Elea n o r F o lpy, \ic t o ria Enl e bi. Ali ce S ull i \ an, P egg} Syhe:: t c r a n d Barbara S c h nak e


CLUBS In 1 Blu e h o rizon s. 2. That' s it, s mil e nice. 3. Y o ur undi v id e d a u e nti o n pul ease! I. "Lis t e n ca r e full y t o thi s o n e 5 Co m e n ow! Ever y body s ing.


ACTIOn 6. O ooo h! Y o u sca re me! 7. ( '11 g ive YOll s i x d olla r s f o r Lha t o ne." S Need a n y--H A L P!!!! 9. Smile i f you ca n 1 0. I y good n ess. bo)s-you r mode l).


A DAY WITH SAmmy SEniOR The tri a l s and tribulations fr o m dawn t o du k of Sammy e ni o r usually run lik e thi s : ]. O-h-h-h -h! Those .\londay m o rnin g blues. 2. Now, Lizzi e. d o you r s hiH. Gel m e th e r e a l leasl by third p eriod. 3. Thai onerninule-I o-e i g ht l ocker ru s h -drat ii, whe r e did I put Ihal book ? 4. orr w e go, into th e f ourlh p e riod c ht.mi s try class. 11250 + H C L + 2GIHLS = Wh oo p s gO I off th e track som e wh e r e S. CYf\ I -and how we love it! Swis h--chalk up u n u lh e r ba s k e t f o r QUI s trai g ht s hool e r. 6. The await e d houri c? .. Get'. ca n yOll r ea lly spare the dinero? 8. Cramming in la s l minute fact s b e fore 12: l5, wh e n Ih e dtlOT S ope n t o sixth p e ri o d 9. The library is no; good a place as any to cal c h up o n th e l alest n e w s. e h D o n! 10. A nice exc ilin g b oo k, your reet o n the table, a nd n Olhing to both e r YOII, h e lp s yo u through Ihal l ast p e ri o d. 11. Thro ugh Ih c"e p o rlal", pa!.s our happy ammy e ni o r s Why? W e ll, o f cour .. e. it\. 3 o'cloc k. 12. 1I0 m e w ork. ju!ot w ouldn'l be homew o rk with (.u t a nice. big .. o ft. eas)chair. 1 3. On e in th e bal eo n), pl ease reen O'Hus pla)ing'? th a t th e fir;;:t r o w!! 14. The day w o uld n o l b e com plete withoul findin g oul who poi s o n ed ).Irs. petite poodle p ooc h.


LIfE WITH A B. H. S. GO-EO Thi s is the way a B. H.S. co e d combines h e r s(.'h oo l work and fun. 1. EEEEeeee!!!! Thai \I o nda}' m orning s h o w e r II's 5-0-0-0-co ld. 2. G-ro-a-n!!! Oh Ih()se ea rly ex-e r c i ses 3re jus l killing! Aw nul s l et it sprea d 3. "This i s th e way w e go 1 0 sc ho o l. Ea rl y m orning. 'n18 1 la s l minute rus h 10 (!ct ready: th e n s h e s tart s o ul f o r s c hool. 4. A casual m ee ting al sc hool. "'ley. Bill. where have you " T es t in Engli s h. yOu say?" "You've already had it? H m-m-m! 5. JUS I a littl e libra ry refe r e n ce b e for e cla ss a l l eas t that's s t o ry. 6. Oh. my a c hin g fin ge r s. But it' s 50 w o rd s a minut e o r bu s!. 7. Th ere s going to b e l O I S of g lamour o\t e r h e r s t ove. eve n if s h e ca n', coo k So. l e i it bum! 8. The n come s Ihal popu lar p eriod -lunc h And 1 0 1 .. o f it. W e l o \ e 'hose "Dagwood" specia l s 9. GY)I!!! A f ew tim es around th e track and yOIi r eally begi n t o notic e that 's p ec ial." 10. H ohulll. Now's m y c hance t o s natch 40 wink s and may b e d o some h o m ewo rk -lll-a ) !J.e, 11. Call 0111 th e bras" band The hus i on t i m e, It ani), ha!. q )elh' once e \ eJ1 l e n ) 12, No thin g lik e doing h omework in co mf o rt. D o n', )'011 think 1 3. Jlea \ enly e \ e nin g ga i et), -dancing. Need we "-II) more '!, 14. Thai old grind-pincurl .. !!! Oh, f o r the dll) with automati c c url e r s IS. Da y i". done our coed down f o r 8 nig ht o f plea"'anl d r ea m",.


"SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY WU'" 11\4' p a ..... word at th e annual I-Iotl

LLONA Beauty was the o rder of the day when the crown was placed on the head of lovely Llona Sears, Queen of Hearts. Her white dress w ith its petite red belt was splashed with red Flowers.


O ll r Kath y Corne r e d .'!! Wat c h Ihe birdi e


G e l your driv i n g l es s ofls h e r e }' ou"1I eve r ge l 10 cl a ss in lim e d oing that The "Ouija" hd Ou r "Vall. 1 0 hllson D o ,'-l g ive Ir-h e /l b e al o n g so,


flictoria-she has the sphit D oris and h er e nd ear in g s mil e Art amI Chuck r elax ing as usual Nallcy alld PhyUis have JOlL h e ard the late s t ? B obbe Miss T o m Thumb Mark -J1/ r President SlUedeare you trying to skip?


J a ckie-cloinll' all(/ c lit e L ydia-colle g e l ass S t e lla a s h y smile f o r the c am era D a I sy o n e of h e r i n se para b l es ,.


CAR N IVAL TIME I. Ru ssi an Rube n Ru sso and Guatemalan fruil vendo r ;'Ifiri e ll i' Cel e rit : r w e r e r e w a rd e d f o r th eir w o rk s o f art. "Be .. C o s tu m es 2 Wall e r F'is k e and Cec ili a Zage r w e r e e lect e d Besl Couple" in th eir P a n amanian nati ve 3. J\lan y admiring g az es wer e bestow e d o n Ileana d e O I A in h e r dainl)', colodul Dut c h rostume 4 R(lbin .. on Ramirez and Yoland a F'al)lcg a s t eppe d g r a ce fully in th eir ver s i o n u f th e Sururu and tamborito 5 South Am e r i c an c oulltri es a r(' r e p r ese nt e d in th e marc h of th e b eautifull y cos tu m e d S irls. 6. Spajn s h o uld b e flatte r e d b y Mi ss A l i ce C rul. in ht:r d clig illful Spani<:h CO<:.luIllC. 7 Alillh A llah! Two o f 1 111' Sultan's f a v o rit e wiv es. 8. S p anis h Illusi c and soft l i g ht s -Ahhhh! 9 -and dance wilh I l o rmecinda S chmidt 'tnd IIarry Cai ce d o win r iro:;t. prize r o r m os t o ri g ina l c o<;;lum e",.


DIDN'T WE HAVE FUN ? l. Th e l atest goss ip ... 2. A t o mboy a t h e art ... 3. Th e ed it o r Milli e . I. t oo Bev ... 5 Big feet ... 6 Bac k to our an ces l ors ... 7 So l itud e ... 8 She pr esses l ea v es \\ilh those books ... 9 l\lore l eg a rl. please ... 10. Airs < I ui e l h e r e ... ]1. G oing my way? .. 1 2 Good Neighbor P olicy. Eighl1"01le


WE' LL NEVER FORGET 1. ... 2. ) lUI Jonk. "0 tir e d ... 3. \"'(I ho'.., go nna driH>! ... k Pall "c that refn .. lw .... S. Stro llin g alollg ... 6. Bus-h men ... 7. Nol a ).i o lllliain ... 8 T ell u .. 100. B e ll}' ... 9 .. \10 n e at l a .. ... 1 0. I,:,. college ::.0 ea .. ) 1 0 leave? ... 11. ).lr:o-, T O \ \'CD 12. Oh! R J C-II. \ R -D! ... 13. That water '-L1I't' i .. <:Ifo ng: ... J I. Ollr ani s t t akes lime 0111 1 0 do h e r . 1S. ... w i ... e 1 0 ,oIl. StI1ill') ... 16. COlll e ... tunt i n t h e L:J.lham F o undati o n P O .. I C f ('onlc;:!. Eac h year B.I-I.S. horne t h e pri7 .e .... Eightl-/It,O


MOMENTS LIKE THESE 1. B e f o r e ... 2. After ... 3 Durin g ... I. Tra ffi c jam ... 5 All nice and woolly . 6. Snafu ... 7. One-two-s lid e ... 8. Lunch time .9. Appl yi n g h i m se lf . 10 JUllIor i' l l ss P a m e la? 11. Gym's girls . 12. Zonia.n h e l per ... 1 3 Now you see Itn o!' I k H e l oo k s so .. 15. Size. please ... 16. For art's sake.


SEEN EVERY DAY Left t o righ t lOp row; W h e r e's R osie? ... Three ca b alle r os . H e'll m a ke so m eo n e a goo d wire. I n t elli ge n ce tak es a r es t ... Secof,d row: They hflVe 10 eat w h a t t lt ey m a k e ... P oetry the voice of the soul. Resting o n the green ... J u s t a little m o r e and it will b a l a n c e . Third row: Co n g r a t ul a ti o n s R e d . H e carries t h e b a ll f o r B.H.5. . Ham"in g a s u s u al . Inset: F e m a l e Woo d y H erman ... Bo l/Olll. row: Any day w e may sec B H .S. go u p w ith 3 roar. Off 1 0 classes Now wat c h cl ose ly, B ob


AROUND B H S L eft t o right. Ctlp rou .; S h e hold:up th e book e nd ... 1 l p'lIllll\ke .. omeon e a fin e "ife! ... 5i all aboard for urundll ... lI e'lI c h ec k your t'\er}' an"wer ... Second row: The Senior of ... B.I-I.S. co uldn', do wi'holll Ih em .. S.,\ m eeting Frida}. rifth period ... Thi rd r Oil..': \ \cr-:alil e person ... She\' be e n makin g mud pie ..... The d o wnb eat ... B ell}' a n d slack ... . B oltom ro/('; Now k eep y(lur e}c on th e ball ... Emole kid .... e mol e! ... 16+ 36Jlike ... \n)thing f or a gag.


MOMEN T WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR 1. A wolf in ship's clothing 2 L oo kin g t o th e future. 3. OUT sailo r-b oy 4 A s w ell g u y 5. Future sc i e nti s ts. 6. So ver y so l e mn. 7 The swea tin g o ut p e ri o d 8 Fro m th e tree o f kn owle d ge. 9. All-ar o und P eg. 10. Upper tw e nt y.five. I I. Intellectua L 1 2 W e all kn o w h e r.


LOOK THIS WAY PLEASE! 1. li ard wonk. ne\er hurt an)' o n e ... 2. Tha t i s n't a football. Jimm y ... 3. \!lel it wso. all a hairpin ... 4. "hat did h e do \lill? Steal ) 'Ollr g irl ? S. \'( hal th ey wan', gel mu;;;ic o ut o f next!. .6. The r eigning beauties ... 7 .\ quiet game of c h ec k e rs ... 8. A fight among m e n??? ... 9. One g irl o n a hor1!!f' 10. So m e th i n g new ha s b ee n added .. 11. Old G l ory 12. They s till h / H e a fe\\ c \-cni n g s o p en ye l. ... 1 3. Oh! Those ) anl..ee::.! 1 4. Pond ering 15. A ('Joseup view o f u grea t player.


OUR CANDID CAME RAMAN CAUGI-H THESE Oh. Illy . 2. F e r dina nd ... 3 G i ve a g r e at bi g f o r u s n o w ... 4. Oh. f o r t h e lif e o f R i Jcy-Rilf')' \\8 S a b um 5. The p i c tu r e o f i n noce n ce ... 6. T a k e yOUT ha n d 0111 o f YOU T ... 7. W-ELL ... 8. To g y m w e m u s t g o .. 9. K e nn et h'>; car cCrl 3 inl y i s popular 10. T h e s un go t i n h i s eyes ... 11. The r saw a man. I b e t ... 12. So q ui et a nd d e mure.


B H S GUYS N GALS Lell 10 right In liLe "pring .:I )Ollllg man's fanC) Entanglement ...... Y ou a r e reall) hep ... man!) ... "Noe l!"" ,"Joel!" .. ,\'( o lr pack ... A "\\IlIldiH: .. Journali.!otic .. \ eye ,i('w ... The payoff ... -'lust be a day off ... The police force--nicc. e h! ... B ehind th e ... Relaxation.




, ,,r .-


COA CII CIIAUNCE Y HUi\lPIJHIES '"II" L e a glle F o otball COACII H OWAHD WOODS 8 L e a glle Foolbal/ B. H. S. COACHinG STAff The co a c hin g s t a ff thi s yea r co n s i s t e d o f C o a c h Chaunce) Humphri es in charge of all major "A" L e a g u e s p o rt s Co a c h H o w a rd W oo d s a nd Coac h Charles B. D e nni s in charge o f softball and a B L e agu e sports Co a c h C. HUlllphri es m ento r e d th e f ootball and b ase ball squads During th e intramural se as o n Coa c h Humphries d evo t e d f our aft e rn oo n s eac h week t o th e r e f e r ee in g a nd c oa c hin g o f "A L e a g u e g am es Foot b all AII Stars unde r his guidance w o n on e and l os l o n e g am e The ba seball s qu a d. play in g under adver se co nditi o n s du e t o the prese n ce o f th e N e w Y o rk Yankees l os t both g am es C o a c h Charl es D e nni s. a n e w co m e r to th e hi g h sc h oo l coachin g staff. t oo k ov e r the r e in s o f th e softball t eam. H e had on l y o n e w ee k in whic h t o r o und out th e squad. A s a r es ult the y s uff e r e d d e f eat in b o th g am es Th e intramural games, und e r Ihe wat c hful eye o f th e Athl etic D epartme nt. w e r e c ondu c t e d e v e ry afte r n oo n and th e spirit o f goo d s p o rt s man ship th a t e xi s t e d i s a complime nt b o th to th e co a c h es and th e a thl e t es FOOTBALL ALLSTARS Finl row: Cha rli e Norri s. W alte r Fis k e. Jim O D o nn e ll. Ri chard Bia \'a, \'\;/ j lliam W eatherby, Bill Bartho l o m ew. Fle d Sund ... I ro m Second r ow: \Ia r k Gramli c h. J ame .. C l axo n R od Jim Of\'i s Oti s Ram ey Bill Bauman. Dic k Turby fill. Th i r d row: H arry F e r g u so n Bilt S ullivan. C h e t Trim, J ac k B a ldwin. L ouis D e d eaux. Bill J\IcDo u g all, Jules D e Pre l e r.



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B.II . r oote rs, yelling th eir hearts out (II the C. l. J C. game. Foot bol/ thrills and spills kCI)t the fons on the c(/ge oj thei r seats for six t y m inl/ t es ill a/not ball classic thaI left Balboa Ihe c h amps. The P cp Squml, 1 5 0 strollg. consis ting this yea r of both boys (md girl s. tllrn ed out failh fuJly for eve r y gome. Their inspired chee r ing led 11$ 10 vic;ory. The Vocal Gals! Those h/lsk) lunged hrmel 's. who led 1M ill our cheers g r ab a moment's r est betlt.'een vic t o r y yells.

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B.H.S. (Iff th e mOf"e. Che f Tr i m riDs 0/1 a first down right through the midd l e 0 / Cristobars line Th e l ongou.:aitf'd mnmen t is her e (H C.H.S. kicks 0/1 t o Bonoa. ( : ri s f olJ,,1 101..(>5 t o th e ai lan es her potter p h / ) s a re 510pped roM. AnnUAL 8. H. S. ---C. H. S. The an nual l oo tb all classic 01 Ihe Canal Zone b e tw ee n Balb oa High Sc h oo l and C ri s l oba l Hig h School was held Wednesday aftern oon. N"m 'ember 21. when a stro n g Cristobal e l e ven edged ou t a l 3 victor) ove r a p o w e rful Balb oa t eam. Cristobal s tru c k fas t a nd hard with a se rie s of short pas ses a nd marched t o ward s Balboa's goa l lin e early in th e firs t quarte r. Cristobal threat ened t o sco r e wh e n Gibson heav e d a tou c hdown pass to Hooper. who dropped it in th e en d zone Balb oa started clicking as AIIStar tailback L o ui e D edea ux bro k e loo se with an ex hibiti o n o f brilliant pa ss in g and e lu sive running that gained s u ccess iv e fir s t downs f o r th e Balb oa e l e v e n B e fore the Bal boa offensiv e cou ld r eally ge l started Ih e half e nd e d. The third period saw both t eams playing f o r a break that w ou ld set up a sco r e. The tw o ele\'ens battled it ou t furi o usly as both teams m o \ e d up and down th e fie ld. Neither t ea m being abl e t o make a t o u c hd o wn. th e third qu a rt e r ended in a puntin g duel between L o ui e D e d ea ux 0 1 Balboa and No e l Gib so n of C ri s tobal. Finally in th e early minutes o f th e f ourth quarter Cristobal got it s break Balboa. deep in h e r own territory. was forc e d to inet)-six

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Cibson 0/ C r istobal is trapped /ar behind the line 0/ scrimmage. What now, lIr. Cibson? fOOTBALL CLASSIC punt fro m the end zo n e. A fi g htin g Cris t o ba l li n e bro k e thr o u g h and block e d the punt. Th e r e was a huge pil e up Th e c r owd rose s imultaneou s l y as p l a ye r afte r pla ye r unt a n g l e d him e lf. A hu ge r o ar thund e r ecl ac ross the fie ld fro m th e Cris t o b a l s tand s. f o r a t Ihe b o tt o m o f Ihe pil e lay a Cri s l o b a l g uard. Ihe b all c lul c h e d li g htl y in his hand s Gibson c alm y kic k e d the exira p o int and th e sco r e r e ad C.H .S. 7 -B.H .5. o. A fig htin g. d e t e rmin e d Bal b oa t e am w orke d its way up the field and sco r e d o n a p ass with out r e linqui s hin g the ball. B a l b oa mad e the e xtra p oint. and the num e ral s o n the scor e b oard now r e ad C.H S. 7 B.H. S 7. Crj l o bal. n o t 1 0 b e d e ni e d. ra ce d ba c k and o n a l o n g p ass c h alke d up an o lh e r l ally Th e Ir y f o r Ihe exir a p oinl w as block e d Balb o a r e a c h e d d ee p int o its bag o f tri c k s and tri e d a s only a d es p e rat e h a rd-fi g htin g t e am could try t o scor e o nce a g ain F a th e r Tim e p l a ys n o fav o rit es and the ga m e ende d b e f o r e a r e al o ff e n si\'e c ou ld ge t s t ar t e d. An othe r anTlual football cla ss i c b e tween B.H. S. and C.H.S had b een decide d lh e sco r e C ri s l o b a l Hig h Sc h oo l 1 3, Balboa Hig h S c hool -7. Nin e t y seve n Baldll'in abollt to itlt e r relJl /or Bfl/boll (rist o/tai chetJr leade r s catching their breath between cheers.

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Northrop 0/ JU1Iior College br eaks foose -lor th e m omen t. B H S TROUnCES C. Z. J C 6-0 The B.H.S. AIIStar football team s macked its way t o a 6 0 vic t o ry over Canal Zone Junio r College unde r a warm tro pical s un W ed n es day No\,. J I. The gamt: was a bitt e rl y f o u g ht co nt es t in whic h e ith e r side mig ht br ea k l oose and turn d e f e at into l i c t ory b y o n e brilliant pla y B.I-I.S. s t eamrolJe d it s way t o th e C.Z-l .c. 20-yard lin e tim e and tim e agai n Ea c h tim e Junior College tig ht e n e d up and h e ld ", ith th e t e na city o f bulldo gs. B.lI. S. see med t o lac k th e sco ring plinch. and th e game s wayed betw ee n th e 20ya rd lin es a l l thro u g h th e fir s t half. 8.1-1.5 r ated t o win in a walk. was s t o pp ed co ld b y a d e t e rmin ed. hard hillin g, fas t driving Junio r College e l even. S park e d b y K e nny Nor throp. a cc tailback Junio r College almos t pro ved to o tough f o r th e hi g h sc h ool stars. U.lI.S. kick e d off t o s tart th e s eco nd half. College s tart e d a r ally of th e ir own a nd on a brilli an t di s play o f s p o t pa ss ing by B o b Sui s man roll e d d own th e field. College's offe n sive driv e was h alte d at thi s poinl wh e n Balboa r ecove r e d a fumbl e and g ained of th e ball. A s the quarl e r dre w t o a close, int e rf e r e n ce was ruled agai n s t College o n th ei r own 6-yard lin e. and B.II .S. wa" prese nt ed with it s fir s t r ea l sco rin g o pp o rlUnity. The f ourth quarte r o p e n ed with RH.S b eing thrown f o r a 2yard J oss. On th e n e xt pla y Cookie D,' Preter, hi g h school full back, fad e d deCI ) -\\aiting f o r I l arry F erg u so n to br ea k int o th e e nd 101le. Till" pas!! wa;. compl ete d a s F e r g u so n l eapt hi g h into th e air t o s na g D e Pre t c r"s bull e t lik e pU"". Th e <;ix point s proved t o be th e margin o f vic t o r) a s 8.1-1.5. mi .. s e J th e try f or th e e xtra p o int. The ga m e e nd ed b e f o r e e ith e r l earn co uld gel an (lffen .. i,c B.H.S. won. bill it wa s a goo d ga m e I Jetwccn two e\' e nl ) m atc h ed l ea m<;. Donnie R(lthgeber abollt 10 be (/o/f:lll!cf alter (I rhrillin G 35 y urd gulfo,).

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Til E ILLSTAII S LeJl 10 right. front rQu': I I md". Bal .. chull. Bauman. Ol"en . H it/dle rou: ":;COII. \\ Dolan . \ngcrmliller. Blic k rolt': Coach O e nn i ... \Iuller. II(>nl"chel. ZiI7t'wi l z We .. terman. SOfTBAll The B.H.S. so f tball AiIStars wenl dO\\11 in d e f ea l twice thi s yea r when they m e t th e College and Cri s t o bal t ea m s. This i th e seco nd stra i g ht yea r Bal boa ha s ::.uffcrc d a doubl e l oss The Bal b oa lin e -up had s u c h s tars a s :\1 i g d onio Se idl e r pit c hin g a nd B o b A lbritton catching i\lartin O l se n p layed fir::L base lik e a v e t eran. Bill i\l ull e r a nd J ohn Ba lsthun made up th e kc)st ollc combinatio n \\hile D omingo Hinds co\ c r e d th e h O I corn e r. In Ihe outfie ld Balboa h a d Fre d Bauma n in l e ft. \Vende ll H e nt sc h e l in cenl e r. Fra n cis D o l an in and Ernes t Angermuller in s hort ce nt er. Also o n th e t eam w e r e Ernie Zitze\,it7. R o na l d \ Vesterman. George Scolt and J ackie \ Vright. whi h ga \ e B a lb oa so m e good s ub s titut es. Coach D e nni put th e l ea m thro u g h s tirr \\o rk ollts and had th e m in th e b e .. t of co nditi o n f o r b o th ga m es. I NTR. I III H IL e ll I I I I' S Lell 10 righl lwlIl rOil : : D o l an B aldwn, .. \Ioon'. 8m:!': rOI(' : Zit .l('\lit.l, St'i dl l'r. 110,

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FlOm It'll IQ righl. kneeling: D edeaux. Burgoo n Rathgeber Ba l dwin Slallding: ] \ l al1;3. Sei dl l'r. Trim. i\l a s t crs. Ballman. BASHfTBALL La s t yea r afle r s l a u ghle rin g J un i o r College 34 t o 25. RH.S. l os t a h eart b r e ak in g 26 t o 22 d ec i s i o n 1 0 C r i s tobal. I n th e l ast two yea r s RH.S h as not b ee n a bl e 1 0 g i ve C.H.S. a l i c kin g but Ihi s year we w ill b e o ut stro n g t o ge t r e v e n ge. A s th e Z oniall" goes t o press, th e b aske tball seaso n h as n o t yet begun a nd th e r e for e i t i s d iffi c ult f o r your s porl s e d i t o r t o se l ec t th e t ea m th a t will r eprese nt R H S i n th e AIIS t a r ga m es but it i s easy t o n ame a f e w w h o a r e a lm os t sure b e l s t o m a k e th e t e am. The probabl e lin eup i s 3S f ollo w s : C h a rli e No rri s. s i x -f oo L t wo-in c h g i a nt will probabl y s l a rt a t ce nt e r and w ill r ece iv e h e lp fro m "Big" Bill B a llm a n of l a s t yea r 's s q u ad. S h arpeye d. qui c k movin g J ackie Bal dw i n i s a s u r e ca ndid a t e f o r forward. J o h n Ma lli a. w h o m a k es s h o t s f r olll a n y w h e r e 011 t h e co urt a nd ca n blo c k a n y s h o t will pro babl y b e in Ihe othe r f o r ward p os i l i on. The guards w ill pro babl y b e Bill D ea d E ye" S u lli van a nd L ouie D e d ea u x r eturning vet e r an fr o m l as t yea r 's AIIS l a r squad. Oth e r p l a ye r s w h o i n the pa s t yea r s h ave s h o w e d mll c h promi se a nd m i g ht b e name d 10 s l a rt th i s yea r a r c Don Halh ge b e r Dic k Burgoon. C h e t Tri m K a rl Ma s t e r s a nd M i g d o nia Se id l er. Olle H undred

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PAGE 108

T H E ALL STAR'S BATTEilY Left 1 0 righ,: Noriega and Parra. BASEBALL Afte r d e feating b o th Junio r Col1ege and Cris t obal l as l yea r RH.S. this yea r suffe r e d a 5 se lbac k a l Ih e h a nd s o f Ih e Junio r Co llege and a 14 se t b ac k fro m C ri s t o b a l. Albert o Noriega. wh o w o n last year a gains t the college pitc h e d b o th ga mes thi s yea r a nd h a rd lu c k cos t him b oth. The RH.S AIIStar squa d wa s compose d o f s u c h s t a r s as Aurelio P arra bellind th e p la t e a n d Dic k Turbyfill r eturning to fir s t base with som e h e l p fr o m Bill Bauman. The keyst o n e co m b in a ti o n was m a d e up o f K e n B ev ill e o n seco nd and L o ui s D e deau x o n s h o rt. J ac ki e B a ldwin handle d th e h o t co rn e r lik e a ve t e r a n I n th e o utfi e ld RH . h a d L e roy Lundy in le ft Jimmy C laxo n in cent e r a nd Bill S ulli van in ri g ht. Bal b oa h a d so m e capable s ub stitutes in C h e t Trim, C harlie N orris, 1 0hn M alli a, B i l l M c D o ugal a nd M a rk Gramlic h Coach Humphries m a naged the AII S t a r s and afte r tw o weeks o f lo n g, h a r d w o rk outs h e h a d the m in li pt o p conditio n T H E B I G FOUR Frolll l elt to right: Dedeaux, C l axon. Sullivan B aldwi n

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finAL InTER-SCHOOL STAnOlnGS T ea m If/oil L os l C.H .5 2 0 J r Col. 1 1 B.H. S 0 2 SCOHES OF GAMES H Jr. Col. 30 1 00 0 1 5 B.H.S. 0 00 10 20 3 B a tt e ries: Jr. Col.L ebrun and Grah a m B.H.S. -Noriega and P a rr a B.H.S. C.H.S. Batt eries : 010 2 3 1 0200 134.--H :; ]1 H 5 5 H 1 9 B.H. S Noriega and P arra M c D o ugal C.H -Pretto and Swearingo n B L E AGUE GAME H H C.H.S. 002 0 010 3 RH. S L03 00 1 -5 5 B atteries: P e l 1.000 .500 .0 00 E :; 3 E 1 0 1 E C.H .S. P escod and H orine B.H. S H o l singe r M cGee and G i avelli K en B evill e l ea d off man fOI the All s tep" up in t h e College Til E YANKEES "A" LE \ GlIE From lelt to right klleeling: lI ort o n. andoval. Fal k. B c \illt', Standillg: Swee ney, Par ra. H unt. Norri s Ram c). Olle HUI/dred Three

PAGE 110

TRACK 1. L ouie D e deaux up an d ove r again. 2 Three B.H. S. s pe e d boy s. 3. B a l dwin trying for a r ecore!. 4. Sl)m e of the stars who will run th e 880. 5 Dic k Bu rg:oon. nUlllb e r o n e c h oice t o win th e 880. 6. Norr i s goi n g ove r with l o t s 1 0 spare. 7. Burgoo n t a k es a j ump 8. Bi g Jim C laxon. who w ill h e ave th e s h o t pill f o r B H .5. 9. Bill S ullivan j u s t prac ti cing f o r th e big m ee t goes ove r easy.

PAGE 111

"8" C LU 8 This yea r th e B Cluh, an organi z.llio n of the ouli:>land in g b oy of B.I-I. S e n joyed a yf'3 r unde r th e leader ship o f Presi d e nt B ichard Iliava. T o be el i gible for thi::; honor soc i ety f o r a thl e te.:.. a boy h ave s hown exce pti o nal good s p o rt smanship .and a n all-i:>lar I c um in a major "A" l...ea,!!lJc .!>I)Ort. The club was unde r th e g uid a n c(' o f Coac h r.! ulltll cey I Iumphric:.. Olh e r club offi cer:. were C h e l Trim, and Bill Barth o l olllew, a n d for th e fir .. :it! m cs ler. H o d ]ll c C ove rn was e lect e d th e seco nd half ye ar. The C . \ .A. i::-th e h o n o r "oc i e l y for who a r e o utstanding in athlet ic... i\lember .. hip this year i n cl uded th e t wenl)'''C\Cn g irl s who ranked highc,.t in winning Officers or th e ('i ub were R osie ickishe r p re<:.idt:nt: Mar} T owery \ i ceprt ,.,ident: a nd '(ereedl'; Grifo .... N e w co m e r o n th e r oll wer e J ea n \nnt" E nk c. L o r ee n and L ore ll a B o ni. Snedeker, Eileen Ne umann B eatriz B ael/e te!". JOlin H o rl er. Caro l }lI Bell. O l ga Zilzewit7. B arbara Fritz. and G l o ri a Glaze.

PAGE 112

Bottolll: Up and 01'(;,( One I-II/nlfred Six VOLLEYBALL INTRMI URAL GMIE Volley ball i s o n e o f th e fav o rit e s p o rt s amon g th e la ss i es o f B.H.S., running a c l ose se<; o nd t o so ftb a ll. The r e was stiff co mp e titi on amo n g the six intramura l t ea m s wh ose captains, were Alice Castro A ce s : Alo ha H o l c o mb. Sco tti es : P eggy 1\lummaw. \Vin soc k e r s : R os i e Nickisher. Co Eds: H e l en R ae So ud e r. Tang l e reet: a nd T owe ry Vic t o r e H es The sco r e s bet \\een th e t ea m s w e r e as f o ll o ws: Sco tti es CoEds A ces T a n g l e f ee t Win soc k e rs Vic t ore tt es W OII 6 5 c l 3 3 2 Th e t eam a t play Lost 1 2 3 4 4 5

PAGE 113

The gang fli best ALL STAR GAmES The AlIS t a r V olley-ball t ea m h a d a s it s m e mb e r s H e l e n Hae Soud er. P eggy i\lulllmaw. H os i e i ckis h e r. R ose m a r y Neuma nll Alice Castro. L10 n a Scar s l\lari o n Sc hjc\' c l and. Aloha Holc o mb Mary T owe ry. M e r ce d es Grifa. Shirley \1;' e hz. a nd Marg i e Conrad. The B.I -I.S. All-Stars m e t with C.H . All -Stars Nov e mb e r 1 7. in C ri s t obal. It was d o ubtful from th e beginning whi c h team w o uld prove the v i c t o r. During th e firs t gam e B a lboa was s l ow in r eturning th e ball s and C ri s t o bal pulle d a head t o win th e ga m e 15-4.. B e f o r e C ri s tobal could ge t in th e l e ad a seco nd tim e, B a lb oa t oo k th e seco nd ga m e 1 5 -10 The thi rd ga m e prove d t o b e th e d ec idin g fa c t o r b e tw ee n th e tw o t e ams. E xc it e m e nt r a n hi g h a s the score r e main e d a ti e until Cristobal manage d t o ge t th e two points th a t w e r e n ecessa r y to win th e champio n ship. The sco r e wa s 1 6 1 4, g ivin g Cri s t oba l tw o win s aga in s t B a lboa's o n e win. That ,tic ket! righl

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SOfTBALL The r e Illu s t b e so m e attractio n a b o ut so ftb all f o r e v e r y yea r it ha s th e l a r ges t turno ut o f all the g irls! s p o rt s Ma y b e it's th e c ool dry seaso n and spring f e v e r th a t draws th e g irl s Olilo r i s it th e good l oo kin g fire m e n who lIlllp ? A s th e Z onia n goes to press th e t ea m s th a l w e r e in the l ead r o r thi s year's so ftb all w e r e Ali ce C astro s a nd R os i e Ni c ki s h e r 's. Y our s p o rt s eels pre di c t th a t the se ni o r s t a r s o n the diamo nd thi s yea r will includ e M a r y T o w e r y R ose m a ri e Ni c ki s h e r. Peg Mumma"" L10 na Sea r s. Je,,111 Ann e Enk e. M e r ce d es GriCo, R os i e c Ulllann. Ruthi e Schj e v e l a lld and M a ri anna N e w li n. Two AllS t a r games w e r e sch e dul e d -RH.S. vs. C.H S. and B.H.5. V 5. College.

PAGE 115

Top: L e arning s lowl y hilt slIrel)? rop' righ t : Eos} go ... Ea s ) COme. BASKfTBALL This yea r th e turnout f o r b as tk e tb all w as comparative l y s m a ll. In s pit e of thi s w e h a d seve r a l s t and-b ys fro m l a s t yea r s t e am P eggy Mumma w an all -around s p o rt w as e l ec t e d captain o f th e illIS tar t e am R os i e Ni ckis h e r. Mary T o w e r y and J ea n Ann e Enk e s d e ad eye w o n th e m a pla"e a s f orwards G oo d f orwards are u se l ess unl ess th ey a r e s up p o r t e d b y lig htn i n g fa s t g u a rd s. Captain P eggy. H os i e N eumann a nd M e r ce d es Grifo h elpe d t o bl oc k th e sco rin g o f th e oppos in g t ea m E ve n with an iiI t ea Ill_ B.H .S. l a s t t o C ri s t o h a l with a sco r e o f 119. R ight: G lia r d that gal B ottom l elt: H ig h e r hig h er B ottom r ight : T h e winning IJOin l

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SWimminG wimmin g started orr with a splash thi s year. Although our me rmaids w e r e f e w in numb e r. their sco r es left th e m out in fr o nt \\ h e n comparing fi gu r es. As th e yearbook en l t o press. a mee t with Junior C ollege and a n meet \\e r e sc h ed uled Y our s p o rts e dit o rs predi c t a goo d sco r e for senior co nt es tants Le/l: The uote,'5 CO L -D! B oltom lelt: On your mark! Gel se t ... IT ell? BOllom. r ight: She /loo t s through the air ?

PAGE 117

TRACK Alth o u g h there i s n o int e r -sc h olastic co m pe titi o n. trac k i s o n e o f th e sport s stresse d in th e ph ys i ca l e du catio n c la sses in Balb oa Hig h Sc h ool. Senio r g irl s who clea r e d th e b a r a t 1 :2" wer e th e f ollo wing: Mary T o w e ry. Phy lli s H a r stad. Peg l\rlum m a w a nd L10 n a Sea r s. The f o ll o win g g irl s w o n h o n o r s f o r th e b r oa d jump: Phy lli s H a r s t a d. J ea n F e l iz. \ 'ee H a t c h et. Ca r o lin e H a l verso n and D o t s) Bige l ow. r"lnrgar e t H o w e ll. Nan cy K o p e r s ki. Ca r o lin e Hal ve r so n and H e l e n M cFadde n w e r e o ut in fr onl a t th e f i ni s h lin e o f th e 50-ya rd clas h : and J ea n Anne Enke R os i e N eumann, Mary T o w e r y L10na Sear s a nd Phy lli s H a r stad w e r e l eading f o r the 75ya rd d ash.

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With a smile and perhaps a hidden tear, we bid our friends and Balboa High School goodbye as we leave for whatever adventures may lie ahead.

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cz ,..,( .:J p Ollsor s Our sponsors are the business men of the Republic of Panama and the Canal Zone. We sincerely appreciate their generous assistance In making possible the publication of our yearbook. Ag e n cia ea r s Alli so n Photo Se r v i ce )laninz, S.A. An co n Gree nh o use Andres P o n ce R o jas y i a .. lIda. Angelini Ant o nio Dom i ngue'L Y I In os. A &. P Liqu o r Siore Army Navy S i o r e (Ame rican T ai l ors) A. T Ollss i e h C ia. AutoLub Auto Service Co .. Inc. Balb oa C lubh o use Borbe r h o p Bal boa Gard e n Manue l C. B a r c i a B ata h oe Co .. In c. Bazar E spana Baza r L a Lib e r tad Bazar Panam a B eslfil B o dega A ncon Ca n a l Zon e Pharmacy Cardoze y lindo. S.A. Casa Avila. S.A. Casa Fa st l ich Ca53 K yse r Ce rv ece ri a Nat.. S.A. (Ca nad a Dr y) Chambo nn e t Fihh A ve W o ng C han g. 5 .A. Oswa ld Chapman Mr. and fllr.:;, B enjamin C h c n C h es t e rfi e l d Cigorrcllcs Cia. A h C hl! C i a. In t e rna c i o nal D c Seguro,". S.A. Cia. Kil O C h en. S.A. Cia. Pi mamena D e Fuerza y Lilli. C lay Produc t s Co . In c. Co l pan J\lo t on;. J nc. Co nf ece i ones E I Art(' Co rn e t S tudi o Cort es In g l es Diablo H eig ht s B ea ul y S h op S uc. d e Roberl D ixon .A. Duran .. El ec lri c Sen jce Co. Elli ol S hippir.g &. Land Co .. Inc. EI Rancho Fabrica Nacio n a l d e a i c hif'ha s F O l og rafia Charles Frenc h B lzaar (lleurlt"'malle &. Co .. I n c .) Fre n c h Balaar Tailor S h o p Samuel Friedman. In('. Fullers J ewelT)' Mari o Gali ndo P a ul A. Gambolli Garage Casino H e rff J o n es Co. HOm!:i3ny H e rman os H o t e l Internacional. S.A. H o tel Tholi Int e rn at i o n a l Bazaar H H Knapp. S.A Kodak Lafayette Bazar La de Oro La },I oda Americana L a Oficinia Ideal L a P aris ien L as America s L ewis Seni ce. I n c Libl e ria Prec iado L o la's Beallty Shop LOleria Na('ill n A I de B e n cficellcia Luc ky S tri k e Lupi Lux Theatre I\la dal i n Madllril o F eliz B S.A. )fcC l ella nd A gencies Tucker No\ e lti ('s Motta El Diabl o Leo n Nahmad New York J ewe lr y Slor e (Burgoon'l) Norto n Lill y &. Company Ceo. F Novey. I nc Office S('nice Co. P a nama Ca n a l C lubh oll'lC''l Panama 25c Sior e PanAmrriC'an Orange Crllc;h Phil co Radi n (Casa Phil co) Pre'lidC'lllf' Tp!ltrn Santa F e Smool-Bee<:on. S.A. Standard Oil (Cana l Zone) Star S. H e r ald Cn. Sue. of Carlo'l A. Cowec; P au l A. S ullivan. '25 Geucral A gencie ... In c .. Shippin g. In<;,urance and Commi" .. ion .\gent .. T .A.C.A. Globa l Ajrwa}<:. S.t\.. Tahili. The Jeweln Stnre. 13i Cenlral Ave., 13i Taller (Aharado Iln05.) Ti voli Radio. .A. D ;\1. Toledano The Ameri ca n Bazaar The Pan3ma \mericsn Publi"hing Co .. In c. The Panama Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Tropical )Iotor ... In c TrOll The C leaner Villanue\a & TCjcira Cia .. Llda. Isaac Zebede

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t)) if/ lILall!} ... t o thos e people who h ave given us invaluable he l p we ded icate this page. C. S. LA LAI R . who thou g htfull y co n se n t e d t o tak e our popu larit y p i c tures a n d divi s ion pages. E M ELlA ENIHEB ... o f th e i\lirafl o re::. F l owe r Shop. who pro\'ide d flo w e rs for our popu l ari t y pictures, E,"IQUE LEFE\ RE , who graci o u s l y permitted u s to take p o pu larity pi ctures in her home SGT. J, F MONAIIA" ... f o r t a kin g th e ain i e w picture o f th e sc h ool. YOLANDA .. whose b ea utifu l h a nd s w ere u se d for one of our p i ctures. 1\'IIS5 ALICE PRIM E ... f o r l e ttin g u s b o r r ow h e r sai l b oat. R A DIO PANA"J ER ICAl'ooA ... f o r th e u se o f th eir s tud i o as a ba c k g r o und f o r a p opularity pic tu r e i\lRS, BERNETTE BEATn .. o f th e So uth e rn Engra\ing Company of St. P e t e r sburg. Flo rida. who made o ur e ngra\ ings and h e lp e d u s with l ayouts. \ IR, BEN GRA'GER ... who print e d thi s )earbook. E W. H \TCIIETT. who h a ndl ed the finances o f th e yea rbo o k i\IR. LAWRE NCE f o r takin g th e Senio r C l ass p i c tures. WALTER ALLE' , who e nt the yea rb oo k t o th e e n g rav e r \ ia th e fastest p l ane. LT. DORAL CII ENOWETII ... Press ect i on. Quarr) H e i g ht s f o r th e tim e and energy h e spent taking ollr farewell picture. OUR SPONSORS th e business men o f Panama \\h o ga,'e th e ir finan c ial support t o our project.

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:/ V yf 1..01 / 0 '" \ "'" 0 ; "'A -<2;)