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Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with.funding from
University of Florida, George A. Smathers



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p P^eccu<9kdici...

6 OR your quiet charm and calm manner .. for
your never-failing sense of humor for your
ever-present interest in the welfare of your students
and because you are loved by the Senior Class

Miss Katherine Jessup
the 1944 Zonian is dedicated to you


This year the staff of your
combat many obstacles...
paper, printing facilities
to mention only a few.
outlook, we went to work
to have an annual. Our
which accounts for the
for the quality of our final
the book speak for itself.
hopes that you will enjoy
as we have enjoyed


1944 ZONIAN had to
war shortages of film,
and shipping space .
Undaunted by this grim
with the determination
work was done hurriedly,
many imperfections. As
product, we can only let
. Each staff member
your ZONIAN as much
making it possible.




* 0 *



MR. SIGURD E. ESSER, Principal


Kind and understanding, he is always ready to help and ad-
vise . roots as hard as any student at B. H. S.-C. H. S.
games . swings a mean tennis racket . his interests
include a brunette dream girl, his five-year-old daughter, Becky
.... has a M. S. degree from the University of North Dakota
.... did graduate work at Minnesota and Stanford .... one
of the reasons students hate to leave B. H. S.

Efficient secretary .. 5' 2" of vitality . always ready to
say a friendly word . attended Sacred Heart College in
Capable secretary .... is really one of us for she attended both
B. H. S. and C. Z. J. C . has a knack for smoothing out
problems .... plans to improve her talent for being a housewife.


Women's College of University
of North Carolina


. J V

Colnmbia University

Columbia U university

Iowa State Teachers College

University of South Carolina

Springfield Y.M.C.A. College

Columbia University


Lakewood Hospital


. .


.ae- 1 F.,.EBOI. IM A.
Norlh ,--I,-rn I niser'itl

EM.LL;' il E'TI M.b .
I'nner'iti nl Nebra-ka

Long Island C.allege

(O 'lH ( H ~41 N l T HI 1PHt.IF B '.
HFlirn Carnihna Teach'rT. C(-llfee

Columbia University

T aLTLR Oi.Ili: i ...
Ta I,,r 'ni'm f[- v

Hi. P. PRHL\TI- PIh.L.
Nrilhwe-lCrrm 'nnr- 11

llni\,r-nl\ .,f M,.nt3na

LUniverstv of No. Dakot


University of Oklahoma

(lhl.. State University


M4RI Fi R'l,. \I. \
owd .tI:I1. I nrinr-i

Columbia University

Mt. St. Vincent College

Columbia University Columbia University

Maryland University

Columbia University

Columbia University

Kansas State Teachers

University of Wisconsin

Stanford University

Kansas State Teachers College

Columbia University

Bradley Polytechnic Institute



r%&I N





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4~*~- ~b.iW


* 0 0 0


" ci
C;'r 1U

Dear B. H. S. Dairy:
SEPTEMBER Back to the little red school house we skipped and decided to settle down this year-sure, sure. Mr. Zierten
was chosen to stand between us and the big, bad world in the capacity of class adviser. Donna McClain with her carrot top
was chosen head cheerleader and began her rah-rah-rahing.
OCTOBER: We reached down into the poll box and pulled up John Mayles, complete with English accent, as president. The
first formal dance was one of B. H. S.'s greatest successes with all of our Swing Sams and Sallies swaying up and down the
Tivoli fllU..r.
NO\ iEMBER. Our uper.-preedh football team, captained by dashing Bob Fredette, brought home a victory of 8-0 over
Cristobal. We were thrilled and chilled by gorillas and zombies in the Little Theatre play, "Calling All Ghosts."
DEi. E\MBER: The Zonian was getting its finishing touches before being rushed off to the States for printing. The Parrakeet
showed its true colors with a special Christmas issue. Felices
BoB HARVEY DORIS CONNER JOHN MAYLES Pascuas y Ario Nuevo was the password before we bundled off for
Vice-President Secretary President a warm vacation. Everyone was excited over the prospect of
having his senior pictures taken.
JANUARY: Long faces and cramming because of midterm exams.
The boys had a chance to be either wallflowers or belles at the
sophomores' Sadie Hawkins Dance. Our popular S. A. president.
"Bobby" Whitam, left for greener pastures, bequeathing his job
to Mike Newlin. At long last our pictures arrived and were ex-
FEBRUARY: We outdid ourselves with a super Queen of Hearts
Ball for Valentine's Day. Lovely Thelma Vahey won the hearts of
B. H. S. lads and lassies. Everyone raved about the affair for
wek,. O),r r.nk- were decimated as many familiar faces dis-
appearrd at midlerm graduation. The list.of class ranking was
awaited d ill, halrd breath. Three seniors upheld our dignity in
the pla% "\ \'nice in The Dark".
NMARCH: Rig doing, at the Track and Field Meet blew in on the
Mjr.-h %,nd. H-..i-,eh,,ld Art student_ glided and piroetted at the
annual ,tlk -h.,,%. The Junior.Senior Banquet, the last we were
I,. altterd. wa4 a -trance minghng n f o and sorrow.
XPRIL" \pril mhiwerl and little pink bunnies heralded the long-
awaitel Ea-[i r h..Iida. and .- hled out of school looking forward
tj ,,ur la-i %acati,,n of the term. Ber.,re we left we proudly attended
Ihe Pan. mrican Da program
M1.'Y. Etr~ Ihing came at rnc,. announcements making us realize
-,..% near I)ht nd of ,ur T chool %ear was. Coveted awards were
pri-.'nmfd at Ihe ,pe'lal program. and those of us who were going
ir, rth mnlt. the w,,rking world began to canvass the Isthmus for

I_.'NE: Gra.3liati..n and thl pride that goes with it. Our twelve
sadr. rid tu.,hinp ,rmd lihk a ,hadow behind us with the sun
berf.'re u--i. .r Iri re full oif opp rtLunity.


Panama City, R. de P.
A smile on his lips and a song
in his heart
"B" Club, 1 year
Biology Club, 3 years
Football, 4 years
Baseball, 4 years
Basketball, 3 years
Softball, 4 years
Water Polo, 3 years
Swimming, 4 years
Tennis, 1 year
Track, 4 years
Bowling, 1 year
Soccer, 1 year
Victory Corps, Sea Division
Radio Code
Band, 4 years

New Jersey
Pleasant smile and a word for all
Volleyball, 2 years
Softball, 1 year
Archery, 1 year
Tennis, 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years
Glee Club, 1 year
Library Assistant, 1 year

Panama City, R. de P.
A man among men
Laboratory Assistant, Chemistry
Laboratory Assistant, Physics

Ancon, Canal Zone
lust the sort of friend everyone
wants to have
Biology Club, President, 1 year
Art Club, Treasurer, 1 year

New York, New York
Charm strikes the sight and merit
wins the soul.
Year Book Committee, St. Simon
Stock High School
Library Club, St. Simon Stock
High School
Library Society, St. Simon Stock
High School
Swimming, 2 years
Softball, 2 years
Volleyball, 2 years
Archery, 1 year
Glee Club, 3 years

Panama City, R. de P.
Preciseness is his creed in life
Victory Corps, Land Division
Fire Fighting


Minneapolis, Minnesota
One of those who uphold our
reputation for learning
Dramatics, 1 year
Basketball, 2 years
Baseball, 2 years
Softball, 2 years
Victory Corps, 2 years
Laboratory Assistant, 1 year

Oakland, California
"Honey" blue eyes blonde
hair lovable
Parrakeet, 1 year
Zonian, Girls' Sports Editor
G. A. A., 2 years
Volleyball, 4 years
Basketball, 4 years
Archery, 4 years
Tennis, 4 years
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years
Pep Squad, 1 year
Library Assistant, 2 years
Office Assistant, 1 year

Ancon. Canal Zone
Tall fellow with sense of humor
to match
'iinimmilnw. 2 years
\ i,.r t ..rps, 2 years

Bellingham, 1j-hlnitln
Flying high and happy
Football. 4 years
Basketball, 2 years
Baseball, 3 years
Softball, 4 years
Track, 2 years

Tamoa, Florida
"Fri,,.ll words always lie upon
his tongue"
Taming of the Shrew
Biology Club
Basketball, 1 year
Swimming, 3 years
Bowling, 1 year
Victory Corps, Sea Division

Butte. Montana
Good humor man of B. H. S.
Senior Class, S. A. Representative
"B" Club, 1 year
Victory Corps, Vice-president

CLASS 1944

Coinjock, North Carolina
Friendly lad with a Southern drawl
Dramatic Club, 1 year
Camera Club, 1 year
Ba-ehall. 1 year
.'oiiball. 1 year
\ ir',r Corps, Air Division, 2 years
Band, 2 years
Ruffner High School, 1 year

Canal Zone
Her perpetual smile is contagious
..llehball. 1 year
S.'filall, I year
Basketball, 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service

Panama City, R. de P.
Beauty at its best
Saint Mary's Academy, 1 year
Basketball, 3 years
\. 11.,- hall. 3 years
Cler I lub, 1 year

Balboa, Canal Zone
Mischievous grin complete with '
Freshman Class, Vice-president
Little Theatre, 1 year
G. A. A., 3 years
Swimming, 3 years
Ba.-k-lI.ll. 4 years
\ Ill.- hbdl. 4 years
Softball, 4 years
Tennis, 1 year
Archery, 2 years
Victory Corps, Community Service
Speech, radio programs
Glee Club, 4 years
Pep Squad, 2 years
Cheerleader, 1 year
Library Assistant, 1 year

Flushing, New York
There is wisdom in women
Parrakeet, 1 year
Zonian, Assistant Editor, 1 year
Junior Service League (Flushing
High "',I,,.1
V.-,1. ~,all. 2 years
ii ii.r Co:rps, Community Service,
2 years
Glee Club, 2 years
Student Emil.mni nl Bureau,
Assistant Manager, 1 year
(lffi. Assistant, 1 year
Latin Tutor

Panama Cra. R. de P.
He is at peace when speeding over
the globe
RBai-l. ,,ll. 2 years
\i. irr. I..ri,-, 2 .ears
.choo'l 'ildi ai,,n. 3 years

Columbia, South Carolina
Everybody's friend
Cheerleader, 2 years

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Entrancing eyes and gentle ways
Freshman Class, S. A. Representative
Sophomore Class, S. A. Representa-
Senior Class, Secretary
G. A. A., 1 year
Biology Club, 1 year
Volleyball, 4 years
Basketball, 4 years
Softball, 4 years
Swimming, 1 year
Tennis, 1 year
Archery, 3 years
Victory Corps, Community Service
Glee Club, 2 years
Cheerleader, 2 years

Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Tall and slender, carefree and
Volleyball, 3 years
Victory Corps, Land Service
Navy Day Program
Glee Club, 3 years
Pep Squad, 1 year

Ancon, Canal Zone
A carefree lad and a true friend
Football, 4 years
Baseball, 4 years
Softball, 3 years
Basketball, 4 years
Track, 2 years
Victory Corps, Land Division
Glee Club, 3 years

Gaillard, Canal Zone
Everyone likes Aice
Glee Club, 3 years
Office Assistant, 3 years

Gaillard, Canal Zone
Wings on his feet and a smile
for all
"B" Club
Baseball, 4 years
Football, 4 years
Basketball, 4 years
Softball, 4 years
Track, 4 years
Viriorv Corps, 2 years
Cler Club, 2 years



1'1,,.L.1, IjIn.i, Pennsylvania
Gracious s a first lady
Parrakeet, 1 year
Basketball, 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service
Glee Club, 1 year
Office Assistant, 1 year

Newark, New Jersey
A high-minded and industrious lass
Victory Corps, Community Service
Library Assistant, 2 years

New York City, N. Y.
Honor lies in honest toil
Student Leader of Victory Corps, .
1 year
Baseball, 1 year
Basketball, 1 year
Victory Corps, 2 years
Band, 2 years

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Gifted with a lively sense of humor
"The W h....i.,r,, .,..i "
Director of Freshman Guidance Play
Football, 4 years
Baseball, 4 years
Track, 3 years
a mllliili.', 2 years
Water Polo, 2 years
Tennis, 2 years
Basketball, 4 years
Glee Club, 3 years

London, England
Little man-what fnow?
Football, 2 years
Victory Corps
President Roosevelt Birthday
Program >'
Cheerleader, 1 year i

Shawnee. Oklahoma
Sweet shy poised
St. Benedict's High School, 1 year
Parrakeet. 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service
Pep Squad, 1 year
Office Assistant, 1 year
Counselor's Office. 1 year

I I'. )WAnu A. DIRAN
Ancon, Canal Zone
Never a dull moment when
Eddy's around
S Football, 4 years
Baseball, 4 years
Softball, 3 years
Track, 3 years
Basketball, 4 years
Victory Corps, 2 years
Band, 2 years

Anc on, Canal Zone
B londe l omlrshell with a sense of
humor iwe like
Freshman Council
little Thealre, 3 years
"Once and For All"
i)irector of Freshman G guidance PI'..
G. A. A., 2 years
I..I..l,_. Club, I year
Volleyball, 4 years
Basketball, 4 years
Softball, 4 years
Swimming, 4 years
Archery, 4 years
Tennis, 3 years
Victory Corps, Communiity Service
S Home Room Representative
"This is America" Program
"Fun to Be Free" Program
Glee Club, 3 years
Pep Squad, 1 year
I idl.in Assistant, 1 year
Office Assistant, 1 year
Sophomore Dance Committee

Los Angeles, California
lHer irresponsible gaieti is the
cause of her popularity
P'arrkeet. 1 year
Victory Corps. 2 years
Cheerleader, 2 years
I.ibrary Assistant, 4 years
Cards and Announcements

Newark, New Jersey
As merry as the day is long
Victory Corps, 2 years
I'hi.... ..i.I..l Club, 2 years

Springfield, Illinois
Silence never betrats you
High School. Cascade. Montana,
3 years
School Paper
G(lee Club
ILibrary Assistant
SMember of Future Farmers of

Ancon, Canal Zone
B y oui'd like to meet if toft
aren't already
Football, 1 year
\ victory Corps, 2 years


Ancon, Canal Zone
Her friendliness and sincerity
endear her to all
G. A. A., 2 years
\'ulle ball. 4 years
Ba,-klball. 4 years
Softball. 2 years
Archery, 2 years
Victory Corps, 2 years
Glee Club, 4 years
Pep Squad. 2 .,ar-
G. A .A.. Secretan. 1 year

New Orleans, Louisiana
A likable lass with a good deal
of class
Art Club, 1 year
\ ollcball. 2 years
Softball, 2 years
Ba-kelball. 2 years I
Basketball (Occuquan High School,
Virginia i
Glee Club, 4 years
Pep Squad. 3 years
Dramatic Llub (Occuquan High

Panama City, R. de P.
His Spanish dancing adds life and
sparkle anywhere
Basketball, 4 years
Victory Corps, 2 years
Glee Club, 3 years

Brooklyn, New York
Every boy's friend; every girl's
Football, 3 years
Baseball, 3 years
Softball, 3 years
Basketball, 3 years
Track, 3 years
Swimming. 3 years
\ ictir) Lorps, Air
Miami, Florida
A lady to the last
\,,llesball. 2 years
Softball, 2 years
Viciirvn Corps, 2 years
Clear Club, 1 year
Providence, Rhode Island
Bright lights, gay music, and a
manner of her own
Freshman Class, Secretary
S. A. R.-pre-eniat';e. 3 years
"Once and t or .411"
"Call All Ghosts"
Director Freshman Guidance Play
Parrakeet, 1 year
Quill and Scroll
G. A. A.
\,,ll,'dball. 4 years
Bd-k.-liall, 4 years
Softball, 4 years
Ar hry, 2 ,ear-
\ i. I..r rp) I.umrnunily Service
Theodore Roosevelt Prugram
Glee Club, 2 years
Employment Bureau, Assistant
Manager. 2 years
Cheerleader, 1 year
Junior and Senior Ring Committee






Cairo, Illinois
As delicate and petite as a pretty
piece of china
Archery. 4 years
Victory Corps, Community Service

Ancon, Canal Zone
Perpetual smile and laughing eyes
Camera Club, 2 years
Baseball, 1 year
Softball, 1 year
Victory Corps, Air Service Home
Room Representative, 2 years

Ancon, Canal Zone
Well-liked girl-about-school
Basketball, 1 year
Softball, 1 year
Victory Corps, 2 years
Glee Club, 2 years

Almirante, R. de P.
Little, likable and laugh-loving
Archery, 1 year
Swimming, 3 years
Victory Corps, Community Service
Glee Club, 2 years

Frankfort, Pennsylvania
Dancing feet that will carry her far
Volleyball, 1 year
Softball, 2 years
Glee Club, 2 years
Library Assistant, 1 year
Victory Corps, Home Room
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years

Brooklyn, New York
Sweet and friendly


Pedro Mlitcul. Canal Zone
Easy to look at easy to like
Victory Corps, Community Service,
1 year
Glee Club, 1 year

St. Paul, Minnesota
A will to work and patience to
Wilson High, 1 year
S;iiinn,;n. 2 years
B.iling. 1 year
\ i, ir 4 ..rps, Community Service

Richmond, Virgiliai
Rare compound of fun, frolic
and ability
Senior Class, Vice-president
Little Theatre, 1 year
Zonian, 1 year
Parrakeet, 1 year
"B" Club, 3 years
"B" Club, President, 1 year
Football, 3 years
Softball, 3 years
Baseball, 3 years
Track, 1 year
Swimming, 1 year
Bowling, 1 year
Basketball, 1 year
\ ii..rv Corps, Sea Service
Senior Class, Representative
Glee Club, 4 years
"Voice in the Dark"

Liverpool, England
Style in her wardrobe and
figure to match
Volleyball, 2 years
Softball, 2 years
Basketball, 1 year
Glee Club, 3 years
Speech Activities, 1 year
Cheerleader, 1 year
Victory Corps, 2 years

Los Angeles, California
Admired for her queenly grace
Softball, 1 year
\Vi.l.rN Corps, Air Service, 2 years
Gl,r 4.lub, 1 year
Pep Squad, 1 year
Office Assistant, 2 years

Ancon, Canal Zone
Entrancing eyes with hair to match
Volleyball, 2 years
Basketball, 2 years
Baseball, 2 years -
Archery, 2 years
Victory Corps, 2 years
Orchestra, 2 years
Office Assistant, 1 year

Balboa, Canal Zone
Lustrous black hair and velvety
Complexion -unbeatable
,Ih-m..| m,,r l n .. ,r. tary
\ \ .. \ i 'r. -.l.I, n, Senior Year
G. A. A., 2 years
VoIleyball, 4 years
Basketball, 2 years
Softball, 2 years
Archery, I year
Tennis. 1 year
\ victory Corps, Community Service
Glee Club, 3 years

Ancon, Canal Zone
Heart as big as the ocean and
smile to match
"B" Club
Baseball, 4 years
Football. 4 years
Basketball, 4 years
Track, 4 years
Softball, 4 years
Victory Corps, 2 years
(Glee Club, 2 years
Fire I",.hr.i._

Magic fingertips for any keyboard
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years
Speech Activities. 1 year
Orchestra, 3 years
Glee Club. 3 years
Pep Squad, 1 year

Panama City, R. de P.
She was made for happy thoughts
Freshman Class, Treasurer
Dramatic Club, 1 year (Cristolbalt
I lhr ar\ Assistant, 1 year (Cristobal)
La Paz, 1 year (Cristobal)
Victory Corps, Community Service
Glee Club, 4 years

Ancon, Canal Zone
' t 4A trr;l.rr brunette with plenty
of sparkle
S Basketball, 2 years
Volleyball, 2 years
Softball, 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years
Pep Squad. 3 years
Art Club, 4 years

Miami. Florida
Studies?-a pastime
Victory Corps. Land Division
;Glee Club, 1 year


Canal Zone
Black shining halo
N ll ball. 2 years
Archery, 2 years
Victi"r Corps, Community Service
Cle- Club, 4 years

Ancon, Canal Zone
Dancing feet and a winning way
"B" Club, 2 years
Football, 4 years
Baseball, 4 years
Track, 4 years
Softball, 4 years
Ba3-keiall. 4 years
Victory Corps, Production Division
Glee Club, 3 years
Band, 1 year
Fire Fighting, 1 year

Ancon, Canal Zone
He lives at peace with all mankind
Stimm;ni, 4 years
Football, 1 year
Softball, 1 year s
Laboratory Assistant

Eureka, Illinois
He will travel far
Softball, 2 years
Baseball, 2 years
Basketball, 1 year

Ancon, Canal Zone
A peppy little piece of humanity
G. A. A., President, 1 year
G. A. A., 2 years
Volleyball, 4 years
Ba-ki.iall, 4 years
.,.,llI,all. 4 years
Archery, 2 years
Glee Club, 1 year
Pep Squad, 1 year
Library Assistant, 1 year
Victory Corps, Home Room
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years

Ancon, Canal Zone
A hero in many a field
"B" Club
F..ilI...II. 4 years
'sill'uiinIU 2 years
Bal-dlall. "I years
".,li, lI, I. 3 years
Track, 3 years
Water Polo, 1 year
B.-.linv. 1 year
i-.Lk.ll.all 4 years
\ ji r' Corps, 2 years

Dallas, Texas
Quiet but not idle
Swimming. 1 year
S Football, 1 year

Ancon, Canal Zone
He has music in his soul
Orchestra, 3 years

Ancon, Canal Zone
Horizons unlimited are his
S. A. Representative. 2 years
The Taming of the Shrcu-
S: Football
l icl,.ry Corps, Land Division

Colon, R. de P.
A traveler tried and true

Gulfport, Mi.-i-ippi
She has the "art" of being a
' perfect lady
Parrakeet, 1 year
Zonian, Art Editor, 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years
Glee Club, 2 years
Library Assistant, 1 year

Panama City, R. de P.
Gridiron hero-well liked by all
Swimming. 4 years
F.milall, 2 years
Band. 2 years
% inury Corps, 2 years


Monongahela, Pennsylvania
A sunbeam on a cloudy day
Volleyball, 3 years, all-star
Softball, 1 year
Basketball, 1 year
Tennis, 1 year
Archery, 1 year
Victory Corps, 2 years
(Gle, Chi), 4 years
Office Assistant, 2 years

Brooklyn, New York
His big snile completely over-
shadows his short stature
Victory Corps, Air Division, 1 year

London, England
A gentleman with big ambitions
Senior Class, President
Little Theatre, 1 year
Zonian, Business Manager
Bowling, 1 year
Baseball, 1 year
Softball, 1 year
Victory Corps, Land Division, 2 years
"Call All Ghosts"

Panama City. R. de P.
Dignity and grace in every gesture
G. A. A., 1 year
Baseball. 1 year
Basketball, 1 year
Volleyball, 1 year
Archery, 1 year
Victory Corps. Community Service
Glee Club, 1 year

Miami, Florida
Our rivacious and babbling redhead
Assistant Direct of Freshman 1'lI.
1 year
Director of Freshman Play, 1 year
Volleyball, 3 years
Basketball, 4 years
Softball, 3 years
Archery, 1 year
Swimming, 1 year
Victory Corps, 2 years
Glee (:lub, 1 year
Cheerleader, 2 years
Junior-Senior Banquet Committee,
1 year
S. A. Dance Committees, 2 years
Spanish Club ( Leesburg lligh)
Radio Program
Theodore Roosevelt Program, 2 years
Speaking Chair, 1 year

Panama City. R. de P.
HIis attentive quietness is it.,rt ,,: .
to all
"B" Club
Football, 4 years
Baseball. 4 years
Softball. 3 years
Track. 2 years
Basketball, 4 years
Bowling, 1 year

Ti TJ'DmV I). M\l..NSilN
Cambridge, Mas achusetts
(ood nature as a Illp
Football. 3 year,
Baseball. 4 year-
Softball, 3 yea.r-.
B Bowling, 1 year
Track, 4 year,
B basketball, 4 )ears
Water Poo,. 2 years
V victory Corp-. 2 years
G(ee (Club. 2 year-i

SANI( .l W. \ I. 1-:YHA
Canal Zone
It's nic e to be natural rbhen
you're naturally nice
W aler Polo
victoryy (Corps. S

C itHiHi.IN Avis MII..lI
Cilon, R. de P.
Alcwaus a cheerful smile and a
pleasiiint 1liord
Victory Corps. (Commuinity Service
Spet-ch. I year
Radi. CLlas -i.. 1 syar

I Hll.EN 1.11.A MOnZON
S Portsmotlih. New lanmpshire
"A roerrv heart nmaketh a cheerful
roul it uten ian ce'
Volleyball. 1 year
Softball. 1 year
Victory Corps. Community Ser\-ice

Anion, Canal Zone
7The kind of friend that's hard to
Slla-heball,. 3 years
Footlall, 3 years
Track. 3 ,years
Basketball, 3 years
Softball, 3 years
Victory Corps. Land Diision
(;lere (lu. 1 years

BrTHAr.r ErNA 11')0\
*\ncon. Canal Zone
a '. .. and the Angels .. '
Volleyhall. 4 years
Softhall. 1 year
Basketball, 3 year-
G (lee Club. 4 years
Orchestra. 4 years


Pedro Migucl, Canal Zone
An abridgement of all that is
pleasant in man
"B" Club
Model Airplane Club
Foulball. 4 years; Softball, 4 years
Baseball, 2 years; Bowling, 1 year
Ba-keiball. 3 years
a 3Ter Pul., 3 years
Ssimmin-. 3 years
\ r Ir Ci.rps, Air Division
Radio Code; Automotive Mechanics;
Band, 4 years; Orchestra, 4 years

Jacksonville, Florida
In the middle of everything exciting
Parurahet. I sear
Lilde Th"-alre, 1 year
Volleyball, 2 years
Basketball, 2 years; Softball, 2 years
Tennis, 1 year; Archery, 1 year
Softball, 2 years (Landon High,
Volleyball, 2 years (Landon High
Basketball, 2 years (Landon High,
Glee Club, 1 year
Cheerleader, 1 year
Counselor's Assistant, 1 year
G. A. A., 1 year

Ancon, Canal Zone
A "must" in any high school
Football, 4 years
Basketball, 4 years
Softball, 2 years; Track, 2 years
Victory Corps, Sea Service Division
Band, 4 years
Glee Club, 1 year

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Bobbie"-always winning,
always grinning
Parrakeet, 1 year
Ba-elball. 1 year; Volleyball, 1 year
\ iiurr l-..rps, Community Service,
2 years
Glee Club, 4 years
Student Employment Bureau,
A4--i-ani. 1 Nar
"iiudrn Emplr, mern Bureau,
Madnd,'-r. I %-ar
joffi..- .A-.i-ian. '2 ears
ll.Iwr Nlir-ing. I %rar
St. Paul, Minnesota
Plenty of pep appeal?-I guess so!
.. .lady of the press author-
ship's her destination
Parrakeet, 1 year
Softball, 1 year
Glee Club, 3 years
Brookline llipli School, 1 year,
Glee Club, 1 year
Greensboro, North Carolina
A finger in every pie and a success
in all
Marshall, Junior Class
Student Association, Vice-president,
'. v~.ar; President, 1/ year
l-.lil..r of Zonian, 1 year
Editor of Parrakeet, 1 year
Debate Club, 1 year
Band, 2 years; Glee Club, 2 years

Chicago, Illinois
As loyal to her friends as she is to
her Texas
Camera Club, Secretary, 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service
President Roosevelt Program

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
His wavy red hair is found wherever
laughter is heard
Ridgefield Park High School, 1 year
Parrakeet, 1 year
Zonian, Photographer, 1 year
Camera Club, 3 years
Football, 2 years
Softball, 2 years
Baseball, 2 years
Basketball, 1 year
Bowling, 1 year
Victory Corps, Sea Service
Band, 1 year
Orchestra, 1 year
Class Photographer, 1 year

R. de P.
Men of few words are the best men
Baseball, 3 years
Softball, 3 years
Basketball, 1 year

New Bedford, Massachusetts
A little "Paine" we all like
Softball, 2 years
Volleyball, 2 years
Basketball, 2 years
Archery, 1 year
Tennis, 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service
Glee Club, 3 years
Pep Squad, 1 year
Library Assistant, 1 year

4 ,TJ

Wilmar, Minnesota
She deserves life's best
Orchestra, 2 years
Band, 2 years
Counselor's Assistant, 1 year

Panama City, R. de P.
'"Not bold, shy, short nor tall;
A pleasant mingling of them all."
Volleyball, 2 years
Basketball, 2 years
Victor, Corps, Land Division



Panama City, R. de P.
A quiet personality we all know
and like
Softball, 4 years
Baseball, 4 years
Basketball, 2 years 4
Victory Corps, 2 years
Band, 4 years |'6
Glee Club, 2 years
Fire Fighting

Delhi, Louisiana
As nice as they come anti as grand
as they go
Vicl.rv Corps, Community Service
Band, 1 year
Glee Club, 1 year
Orchestra, 1 year
Office Assistant, 1 year

Colon, R. de P.
"Looks, wit and real vitality
Give this Miss her popularity"
Volleyball, 1 year
Victory Corps, 1 year
Glee Club, 1 year
Office Assistant, 2 years

Bellaire, Ohio
A sweet attractive kind of grace
Biology Club, 1 year
Basketball (Bellaire High School),
1 year
Volleyball (Bellaire High School),
1 year ,l
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years
Pep Squad, 2 years
Member of the Girl Reserves
(Bellaire High School)

Ancon, Canal Zone
No daintier flower grows on ground
Girl Reserves, 1 year
Girls' Activity Club, 1 year,
Victory Corps, 2 years
Glee Club, 4 years

Chicago, Illinois
A happy-go-lucky guy who loves
life's lighter moments
Softball, 2 years
Vicinr Corps, Sea Division
Radio Code

New York City, New York
"Reggie" with a smile on her face
an d a gleam in her eye
V\, I..r( Corps, Nurses Corps

Colon lHospilal, Cristobal
She has that undefinable thing
called charm
\i vtry Corps, ( Community Service

Englewood, New Jersey
"The good-hearted man has no
Football, 1 year
Bowling, 1 year
Swimming, 1 year
Basketball, 1 year
Softball, 1 year
Hardball, 1 year
Track, 1 year
SVictory Corps, Sea Division, 2 years
(;lee Club, 3 years

Panama City, R. de P.
An all-'round girl
Softball, 3 years
Basketball, 3 years
Volleyball, 3 years
Archery. 1 year
G. A. A., 2 years

Cleburne. Texas
S.\.il,;i' is impossible to a ,dlin ,
Freshman Guidance P'l.j
B .hli-I.. 1 year
\ i .r I'orps, Air Division
Junior Ring Committee
Senior 1 I-- Picture Committee

Panama City, R. de P.
Studies, Jun. earnestness, and good
nature are his constant companions
,"B" Club
Football, 4 years
Baseball, 4 years
Softball. 3 years
Basketball, 4 years
Laboratory Assistant, 2 years
S Victory Corps, 2 years


Colon, R. de P.
We'll dance all night and forget
the morrow
Class Photographer, 4 years
Little Theatre, 1 year
Parrakeet, 1 year
Zonian, 3 years
Camera (.lub. 2 years
Baseball, 2 years
Swimming, 2 years
Football, 4 years
Basketball, 2 years
Track. 1 year
S,.ftl,all 1 year
B.,lhin:. 1 year
Archery, 2 years
Vi l,.r Corps, Sea Division

Bloomington, Illinois
Happy am I; from care I'm free
Football, 3 years
Softball, 1 year
Basketball, 1 year
Track, 1 year
Vitrin Corps, 2 years

Atlantic City, New Jersey
She knows how to win friends and
nflluenri people
PurrnAtlr 1 year
Camera Club, 1 year
Dance Club, 1 year (Atlantic City)
\ ll baill. 4 years
Volleyball, All-Stars-4th year
Basketball, 3 years
Softball, 3 years
Vi, Irun Corps, Secretary,
Community Service
Eml,.\m,-ni Bilrai. 2 years
Pep Squad Mldnager. 2 years
l.ibran .~i---ianI. 2 years
Office Assistant, 2 years
Junior Ring Committee
Senior Dance Committee

Ancon, Canal Zone
A pleasant companion always
G. A. A., 2 years
Softball, 3 years
Basketball, 3 years
Volleyball, 3 years
Tennis, 2 years
I h..ri-. 1 year
S. A. Representative, 2 years
Little Theatre, 3 years
Archery, 1 year

Ancon, Canal Zone
One of the best
Art Club, 1 year

\hlni. Florida
.4 eir."i ntl mi with a name
lrilt.l.,:ntc his character
F,,ilall. 3 years
*..II all 1 year
Victory Corps, Sea Division

Mulberry, Florida
A man is the part he plays among
his fellows
"B" Club
Softball, 3 years
Football, 2 years
Ba-keblall, 4 years
\'cilory Curps, Production

Philadelphia. Pennsylvania
Grace in her steps and heaven in
her eyes
Victory Corps, Community Service
Glee Club, 1 year
Pep Squad, 1 year

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Friendliness is her password
S. A. Secretary, 1 year
Parrakeet, 1 year
Volleyball, 2 years
Softball, 2 years
Basketball, 1 year
Victory Corps, 2 years
Glee Club, 1 year
Office Assistant, 1 year

Kingston, New York
She was never known to speak in
haste; her words were ever sweet
La Paz, 1 year (Cristobal)
Victory Corps, Community Service
Orchestra, 2 years (Cristobal)

Bar Harbor, Maine
An excess of ideas and a will to
see them through
Sophomore Class, President
Junior Class, President
S. A., President
"B" Club, 3 years
Swimming, 4 years
Water Polo, 4 years
Manaerr of All-Stars, 1 year
Fou,iliall, 2 years
Track, 2 years
Basketball, 1 year
Victory Corps, Sea Service, 1 year

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Bea"-our Personality Girl
S. A. Representative, 1 year
Parrakeet, 1 year
Zonian, Advertising Manager, 1 year
Basketball, 1 year
Victory Corps, Community Service,
2 years
Offi-e Assistant, 2 years


4o#0fU Rull .

/ancP C&awin

4lagicua Aede
Ma4cia Puaoe
2ma ef0ndonmta

eaza Acuanepa
4e'a tamfia
cllda c44p

Mickaeel A/ewlu
Musiel Wal/ 4

Muutel Slgau4e



4 H.
... ..
'* !''- *


Rat ho1kas:
e4dt Aarton
Tha Va he

0 @

r E


E s


0 O

r E



r' '4
i :i

.... .
*1 .


A. .


M dt fe/ke cual Michael /Aewali and .hanc, Cai

* .. .,

S- %*

Mod 7alened Pichald 2AmGsu aid /ezlka MAa

Ma A1 u /9cj-da Riode Wk/dam aid dele4 n g 4ton



,' /

- --'--.......


/2edt S2ance AMaion Pwe awc d 4e4e"t Steien

j -

Ln -I


5o x- <
ace --

: C
-D Q_ Cr

S0- 7-r
(D 0
)- 3 1

(D 0 <
e cr

CD 0 C 0-

C"D D rr

(D < a,

:2- :

0n CD D

8 C (D


F -

^ '"

Carmen Hernandez and Frank .1arneyr

Dorotlhi Frit: and Calvin Stempel

June f alter and lurriel Souder

Betty Haines and Albert Husted



- Al



*- --


I; V

.5. NitST I VI1.1 Lll IL 1.
lIInr \Ni' lin, d iinl Illn r Ifninui.

6. Nli ,T l\l.l: T li1
F.liz li/,'lh .inl\ in l .1111'iwt Iri t

7. Mi \ i H FL.El U
Hiinit Hvi uian umi J'nninii F, urnier

;. ~IIt-r .'r lf i.\n "
f. ., i ti iliili ntl P, il I .-BpI, I.,'

-.. a

: Paul comr's to the aid
.%;Y. ,P, the Zonian.


l~l~lhllrl/p Il
la.,r. ~~~~~~i !O Ir lltr e1rt


],,,t I or.tt the, battle. ,tlhther ./.

L .

An ollice helprr reports lor dut !

1- anfd a pet.k-.a-bto bung L

SI-. *in, ritr, ,onr ei
' r i// tlo r l ,
rfaduo nof go

Another pin-up queen.
Regina's in the urong seat!



ur~ .;.;i~

*' / .. I.., rt,. h, rr l ., 1 ,as"

-.2 7N
~i N

ig -'7 ,.,;


AL~ .

Student Association

The Student Association of Balboa High
School heads all other organizations inithin the
school. The purpose of the S. A. is to provide
social entertainment for the students, to spon-
sor the various organizations in school and to
improve the school in every way possible.
The Student ATsociation consists of a presi-
dent and vice-president, the presidents and
vice-presidents of the four classes and four
representatives elected from each class. The
president is chosen by student vote. He in
turn appoints the S. A. secretary. This year
Bob Whitam was president the first semester
and Mike Newlin the second semester. with
June Walter as secretary. Mr. Hatchett was
ROBERT % Hi T ~i. President again faculty adviser.
This year the organization sponsored a
drive for S. A. tickets, and for the first time in the history of our school B. H. S. could claim 100l'
Dances and picnics were sponsored, with various classes as hosts. The Inauguration Dance held Octo-
ber 1 was a success because of the suspense before the disclosure of the winners in class officer elections.
There were two senior dances-a football dance and a Valentine dance. The Junior Class entertained at a
Christmas dance and a St. Patrick dance. The sophomores went to town with a Sadie Hawkins dance while
the freshmen gave their dance in March. The climax of these social functions was the Junior-Senior Banquet.
A gala dance concluded the event.
The Employment Bureau, organized four years ago by the S. A., was active this year. Barbara Neville
headed the bureau with Nancy Chapin as her able assistant. The high school publications and the Camera
Club were supported by the S. A. The Student Association is especially proud of one accomplishment-for
the first time the Parrakeet was self-supporting. The Zonian was financed with S. A. funds.
All awards-sports, journalism, and speech-were paid for by S. A. and presented on Awards Day. At
this time the S. A. president for next year was presented.
r- ~ Student Ass-ocialion representalive-e %ere ushers at all
s,'hnol prOrTanms and esenls.
additional income for the S. A. came from ihe Little
Tlheatre plavs and from the sale of block prints made by
i students at the commissary.

Representative; MR. HATCHETT, Adviser

JUNE WALTER, Secretary; MICHAEL NEWLIN, I'Ie President


S. FA. In fiction
1. Anchors Aweigh 2. Our cheerleaders swing into action .. 3. Bobbie Nevilhe. chief of the Employ-
ment Bureau 4. S. A. Representatives: Wohlfarth, Fredette. Fritz. Brvson 5. Sunder and Ileitm;In
on the job 6. Swing and Sway-the S. A. way 7. The S. A. room .. A source of revenue.

Victory Corps

Magazines, books, playing cards, records and games are some of the items collected by the Victory
Corps during the past year. The last week in each month brought around the magazine collection, usually
won by Mr. McKeever's class of freshmen.
Letters thanking us for books and magazines were received from Allied service men all over the world.
At Christmas each person who had written the Victory Corps a letter was sent a Christmas card and a note.
The Victor% Corps took charge of the annual American Junior Red Cross Drive and at Christmas col-
lected food, clothing, toys and money for the poor in Panama.
During the War Bond Carnival in February a War Bond and Stamp drive was held.
Special courses training students for the armed services were a part of the curriculum. Victory Corps
credit was obtained in auto-mechanics, aeronautics, physics and radio.
Leader of the Victory Corps was Harry Dannals, who was assisted by Bob Bryson, vice-president, and
Dolores Suisman, secretary. Each class had two representatives-the class secretary and vice-president. Each
home room had a Victory Corps representative.

1. Harry Dannals, student leader of the Victory Corps 2. Dolores works overtime to keep Victory rec-
ords straight ... 3. First aiders learn by doing... 4. Old Glory .. 5. Some articles collected .. .6. Some
of the seniors help in the book drive.


\r ....

'J N't MAY.s. Husitness Ilanager
*. IlircUl a I. NtwI.wN. Elitor-in-Chir/

There is a tug and a push. a grunt mid a groan and finally a sigh of relief as Ithe staff gi\hs the 7Zoianl
its send-off down the mail chute. "Well. she's finally off." breathes Mike Newlin. editor-in-chief and helper-
in-troubles, as the mail lever drops into place.

We recall (ti first merling in O ill 'lt, r and our resolve to) send lthe book tu the engraver by D I).crmbe.r .. rilrtrly
feeling so excited about his new jot and ;Is responsibilities .. Editor Newlin tearing his hair out over t ll prospect of so-ii
detail being overlooked Asi-ltant Editor Chapin and iherby. our ihuttnei-lbug. heading I.people together for tlhir pi -
tures .. Bo Nordstrom. assistant photographer, beaming from behind the leIn at the pretty gal- Feature Eldittr
l.iil..n losing a few Ihoirs sleep trying to writt a sideline for each seni r .. Bergnman. girls' sport, ediltr. tearing aro indl
school and worrying whether or nut all the girls' sports pictures wouit ever he taken Harv ey, lioy- sport- editor. planning
his section and wishing he had been allotted more space .. Frank Gerlehow. Allan Bentz, Charles I.eBrun ani Allan Erle.
photographer, figfring angle for the best shots Everyone trying his level bes t to keep the popularity re-nsll a secret
. .Libby Luindy off in somte corner designing the sketches that separate the variou- sections and finally al ll of i lok-
ing over the completed book with all its glitter and trimmings-full of admiration.
Top Row: Herbert Stevens, PI'h.- .1. .phl r: Robert Harvey, Muriel Bergman, Sports Editors; Robert Nordstrom. I'l,., r P .Ii. r
Bottom Row: Elizabeth Lundy. Art Editor; Louise Murwin, Jean Carson. Typists; Helen Eglinton. Feature Editor.

^ A .^!\ la t9 'i

Publications don't just bloom. There are headaches and heart-
aches attached to every issue. In room 116 pandemonium reigns.
And in the center, as always, is Mike Newland, editor of the Parrakeet.
harried and overworked, besieged on all sides by questioning jour-
nalists. No matter how rushed, somehow Mike always beats the dead-
line ... And in a quiet corner is Nancy Chapin, serene, doing her job
as assistant editor calmly and efficiently. Nancy comes through every
issue with."The Inquiring Reporter" Dashing madly through the
halls, listening attentively to all bulletins, peeking through keyholes.
is Mary Newland, capable news editor, who manages to glean ever y
particle of news in B. H. S.... Barbara Ne% ille. exchange editor, sits
in the back of the room surrounded by mountains of exchange papers.
From them she garners ideas for "ye old publication." And in her
spare time Bobbie has turned out some of the best feature stories in
the Parrakee ... -Iola Dilhe, k is Bobbie's able assistant and is also a
crackerjack reporter "Jackie" Dorgan is feature editor and the
originator of "Jhke Box Jive", one of the liveliest columns in the
paper ... Thanks to June Walter, business manager. and Mr. Hatchett,
business adviser, the Parrakeet has become self-supporting. They ha e
both done a super job At the typewriter is red-headed Marion
Price, one of the Parrakeet's most versatile columnists. She writes
"Scattered ChAtter" and is the originatir of "Coed Corner" Bob

Top to Bottom: Nirn, Miss Th lIna-, and Mike make plans while "W'reser"
plays gremlin ollr .1, penIIBdI i a assistant editor, Nanci Chapin Str
columnista, Donna 1 ( Win., )J..ii (Carson and Marion Price, Iry In beat the
deadline Our Parrakeet r. Ip.rir-.. Bea W e-illarih. Mike) Shull and lula
Dilbeck, type their stories for mi is uminge issue.

Two of our columnists, Louiise Mnirwin and Boh Suisman, sports editor, and his
Jackie Dorgan, go after a story. assistant, Bob Nordslrom,r compare note,.

4eet .

Suisman. boys' sports editor. and Bob Nordstrolm. his assistant have
made the sports page really alive. Carmen "Chris" Hernandez and
"Honey'" Bergman take care of the girls' end of the page. "Chris"
also writes the student diaries with the too-too awful Homer as their
hero Just about the hardest working girl on the staff is Elizabeth
"Libby" Lundv. She is the make-up editor, a job which requires time
and patience. Shirley Cullen is Libby's able assistant. Libbv also des-
erves credit for her column "Heartbreak Hospital" i\\ i to know
what to wear and when? Practically the first thing every B. H. S. coed
turns to when the Parrakeet comes out is ithe column "Rage of the Age."
And the lady who takes a bow for this is Dolores Suisnan. In addition
Dolores does a bang-up job as circulation manager The man with
the camera couldn't be anyone hut Hlerbie Stevens. His favorite sub-
ject is the girls' teams in shorts. By the way. Bob Nordstrom. our
red-head. helps Herbie out with those pictures Donna McClain.
"Trixie" Wohlfarth and Louise \liii ,i are dependable, all-round
reporters and feature writers. They keep you caught up with ever\-
thing lyes. everything) that goes on around school Two junior
girls, Jean Carson and \ k,. Shutt. made the staff this year. Jean
'i\,- you the popular poll column. "The Students Speak". Mickev
keeps the paper supplied with news of every kind. Through the com--
hined efforts of these future journalists. the Parrakeet has completed
a successful year.

Top to Bottom: Herbert Stveins, photographer. ,lok over a ilay'. work .
The girls' sports editors. Muriel B1ergiman and Carmrn Iternandez. compare
notes ... Dolores Suisman. circulation n i...i 1 I-..h..- the results to adverti-ing
manager June Walter i \.1.. I ..- Iii I. I.1 Neville explains a unique
idea to Mary Newland. news editor .. I- Cullenr and Elizabeth Lundy,
our artists, prepare make up.

4i. i* 7~aA



Little Theatre Play "Calling All Ghosts"

Tlie I.illIr The'atle ni jov' ed -u-ri.esul season.
Thlii- %ear ItI. pld%-s %. le pi.:dui ed in which h Sen-
iir- I-nitk parl. The first %as a mn1ster -comedy
intilled "C .jllinr All Chustl". Tih second was
"A \ uit In The D.irk". a patriMotc onmedv.


Left to Right: Dick Turhfill, Mary Neumann. ickey Sihu. IBa Conliictr.
Chevalier. Mr. L4ee. adviser.

To7p Row: Mr. Walter. alviser: Frank C(-rclhow. Alin Bcntz. RIirt Nord-n.mti. Ralph Sl'.rril. S ond Rnw:
Bill Evans. Bill Barthlllomiw. Alfln-. ll.ughton,. Charges LeBrun. BIttom Row: l,,irl (hene.\ \, rn Callf.
way. Allen Erbe.

Mild \lhxamhr, Ruth Ann

Oi4tz fiu 7h&uh c4l Scg0oo
1. Our fir,.t Junior-Senior Banquet .2. The old -chool-never to be
foipotlen 3. Far awayv and long ago Wh hen we ,ere frelhmenii
. 3. Our new sehool-going up! 6. Placing it in commission .
7. To the ga, chamber for a It y-out 8. Then came "B" Club initiation
day .9. (OHHHH. those tkphliid hoi,'!!! 10. Before we ee wee et
the lirsi time 11. The )boy learn how to lie auxiliary firemen .
12. How we enjoyed lho'e "'Panama Malma" 13. And then thoime sore
fret afler ihe \i ticrin Coip- p aade.







'1V'~t E..' b
'; )*u~



,, ,

. -







1. Secretaries in the mrnkirin ... 2. lMdsle, in the making 3. The mighty seniors 4. One cup or
two? 5. It's easy to take a car apart-but try to reassemble it! .. 6. Our future architects ... 7. Our
B*rth- sings 8. A scene from the metal shop.



,w ~-'b



2 "
'""^ F

9. We see the ,in,;. but where is the plane? 10. It looks very pretty-but does it fit? 11. \ boa
illustrates his "technique" on an iguana for biology ... 12. Sammy does a physics problem ... .. a13. Alabe
those chemists will discover a Jap eradicator! 14. Better listen to Mr. Lee 15. alf an orchestra!
. .16. Aeronautics bulletin board.


It -


;7 Y










1. The first class meeting of the

2. Senor Joaquin Fuster gives

3. Our president calls the sec-
ond meeting.

4. Here they go again!

5. Dr. Brownwell Brass exam-
ines his victim.

6. Another murder while our
president faints in the back-
7. Our boys warm up for the
big game.

8. We met them at the station.

9. Just before the game.

10. Speech key winners.

11. The Christmas musical.

12. At last we are measured for
caps and gowns.

13. Well worth waiting for!

14. r Williams' dolls are dis-
15. The "i-..-" gets dunked.
16. N1 v were outnumbered!!!

I. ih.auli in ; junka.ird 2. Our prim, ipal reir.i .i. Our pre-ident-in a hle apain 1. Buddie.
... .. ~ an ,I .- (I' .. I. (Our il, 7. Out of Ioullds a.ain 8. Bertha w Hs 'emn .9. End of an-
ilhd-r ,I;1n 1 l. (II ,jIll % ur kidding! 11. T be sholt -.il d.nii 12. l it hooman? 1.1. M iss
llu.-i j fill- nii r rII rt ,'arI I I. The. good old S. A. Rmini! l5. Where's the beefsteak? .
If 1 i11 liff.


1. The staff's favorite occupation 2. The pause that refrcshecs... 3. Waima t comc along? 1. 1 1. .S.
pin-up girl 5. Whose? ? 6. We've seen better. 7. \..ik. 's unle "nor iron M ars a ca
. 9. South Campus 10. Pensive mood 11. Come on, smile 12. 11i-i h(e fun,ny :. That
Pepsodent smile! I1. Our June 15. Three o'clock Labor Train ... 1. Homeward Ibund.

W, A '

a.. .' .'
.;.. ;*'&

1 'A

1 3


*' ~"'

1. Wipe that smile off! .2. Swing it out 3. B. H. S. beauties? ... 4. You'll be late for class, Boyer!
. 5. Bugman ... 6. Under the ,prrduing chestnut tree 7. Is that so! ... 8. The office help ... 9. Does
it fit? .. I. Hollywood has Grable-B. H. S. has Helen 11. Rainy season ... 12. Siesia 13. Is
it pinriu hit? 14. Well. it's like this 15. Jos6 himself .. 16. What'll it be-an "A" or "B"? ...
17. \ hat does it say? .. 18. The last mile 19. Our Eddie goes home.


50651> 7-

1. Just friends? .2. The Link 3. I.ke it good! . Don't let him fool you! . All wet .I.i;
S. 6. Informal hop 7. Thinking? 8. Hold it! 9. Free! 1. Our band-rain or shine ..
11. Our Betty 12. Not in public! 13. What she deserves 11. \ .i, those fingers! .. .. 15. To
build a plane 16. :i H.)2 17. Before the dew.








v ,1~


II-rr lb

t %_!


I ---3 -^-


* *0

This year the B. H. S. grid team nas the
winner in the Canal Zone "Big Three" Con-
ference for the first lime since 1937.

Thii year'- annual B. H S.-C. Z. J. C. gridiron
tilt ended in a 0-0 Iie. The Balboa leam included in
the Lacklield B..b Fridele. tihe be-l fullback in the
Zon.. Hjnk lIiirle. an ectrillrnt punier and de
ceptiie man. Bill L\nch, who was an ace at calling
ihe rigph pla\- at Ith right time and Jaime Jacome,
an xcr'lleni ball carrier and tlie laistie man on the
ierm. Balboa'- fir-t tiring ine consi.ited of rnds
Cal in Stlmpel anti BoLb Kinkrl. who were bolh well
oivir -ix feel tall and cniod nag a pass anywhere.
In the larkle piitions i=re Bob Bry on and Jim
Ma uiiirt. -ho could really hil ihal line and hit it
h.irrl. A- guards were Buht Har\ey andi \alier
Hind,.. Iw.) fa.t and fiuridus boj s who led inter
ferencte n r-v r) running plat. In the center .poti
%a- Jvnning-, Turner, wlih.. i, well able in c vver
hi- p. itiin.

listru tfit. s fIrit tit i'atlf bmt

.70 -
< f-



' IT
J- -

Fredette's end run in the college game

Balboa was on the defensive the whole game except in the last
few minutes of play when Walter Ilinds intetrc-epted a pass on
college's 40-yard line and run to tlie 20-yard line before being
Because of the light Balboa's boys put uip. their never-say-die
spirit, their ability to keep on fighting and hitting that line hard
for two hours under a broiling tropical sun. the saying "a fighting
team is never licked" held true in this contest.
Since almost everyone expected C. Z. J. C. to overrun Balboa
by at least three touchdowns, Balboa won a moral victor y by holing
the college squad to a tie.
When B. 11. S. met Cristobal three weeks later after a full
month of practice under the guiding eye of Coach "Red" Ilum-
phries. Balboa won anl easy victory over Cristobal.
Because of the fact that the field was wet and slippery in the
first quarter, neither team could make headway and both were
forced to kick out several times. In the second period it was a
different story. Cristobal was driven back to their own five-yard
line. When the ball was snapped on the next play, Bob Bryson, one
of Balboa's ace tackles, broke through the line and tagged Cris-
tohal's fullback, Kutch, in their own end zone, which made the
score 2-0 in Balboa's favor. In the third period Balboa's offensive
started to click, and they worked the ball up to Crislobal's two-
yard line. On the next play ldue to a modified "quarterback sneak".
Balboa crashed over the goal line for a touchdo wn. The score.
which was 8-0 with Balboa on the long end, remained the same
until the final gun was fired.
The secret of Balboa's surcess this year in football was tilat
Coach Humphries had mohled Balboa's eleven men into a machine
with a fighting spirit that could not be licked.

Husted's team in action

All-star water boy

I-. $P F

"Now don't forget what I told you, boys"

B. H. S. boys at their favorite sport

RlbI hKnl.mrl. e, ,rd h,,Idr. in the high lunip. -oe r over the lop


m" \ "--
.> ^i,.-- M pB

Armand Cruz, record holder in the 880-yard dash

That B. H. S. would cop the honors in the annual Triangular Track Meet .eemed assured as the Zonian
went to press.
First honors in the high jump and 120-yard high hurdles and broad jump seemed in the bag for B. H. S.
since Bob Kunkle holds the C. Z. high school record for hurdling the bar at 5' 101 and last \ear won the
high hurdles and placed second in the broad jump. Another record holder is Armand Cruz, Aho holds the
C. Z. high school record for pacing 880 yards in 2 minutes 10.9 sec ends.
Walter Hinds should place second in the 100-yard and 220.ard dashes. and TuonN Ostrea should plate
second in the 2110 yard low hurdles.
Several dark horses will boost Balboa's score in this annual etent.

He llours through the uir

Is it another record?

. .. Y

ii. r~c jJzqi

In the annual swim meet between B. H. S., C. lH. S. and C. Z. J. C.,
held on December 23. the Balboa boys won by a landslide. Stelres dives again
The Balboa squad included such human fish as Bob Whitam.
"Big Jim" \I.iii,,.I Dick Turbyfill. Bob Fredette and Bob Kunkel. Bob Whitam, who holds several out-
standing records. including a backstroke record in the Republic of Panama and the 16-year-old 100-yard free
style record, won the 100-yard breast and 11ii.i.1]1 backstroke events with ease. James Maguire won the
100-yard free style event and was an asset to the Balboa squad in the medley and free style relays. From
this year's line-up it looks as if B. H. S. may produce another Alan Ford.


Star swimmerrs to H. II. S. Jim Mllliuirr and BHt b U hitom

1%W- F -W


Corco winds up for another hit Hi inJs ui es the hoi ,. 'rne

W ith the help of able Coach Al Jarlett, who played ,itll the Pittsburgh Piradle in the '42-'43 season.
Balboa faced the baseball season this year with confidence allh,ulgh Cris-tbal had defeated the Balboans in
the past two annual contests.
This year the Pacific side squad had many experien ed hall players who seemedd destined for the all-
star lineup in the '43-'44 game. These included Albeit Husted. who did a splendid job working behind the
plate in last year's game, Walter Hinds, who covers the lut-(orner like a %%et.blanket. Allan Poole. who
seemed headed to be the leading hitter in this year's (.arp3ign. and Hugo Perin.i who did a fine job of
hurling in past games.

SOME OF Till. BASEBALL ALL-STARS-From left t, rigtl. liPt rr. H..I Il din::.i..luc k Muilltr. Bob Kunk.l. Eddie
Dran Second row: Paul DpBhlinki, Calvin slnmprl.i. ,rmanr. ( rn,. Ji-.- (l.irrij. Walttr Hind..



Balboa's contingent this year was minus such top flight basketeers as Chapman. \ll II.I and Jones. but
the red and white squad retained many of the boys from last year's all-star squad. These boys were Husted.
Kunkel, Stempel, Turner and Fredette. As the Zonian goes to press. your sports editor predicts that the
Pacific siders will be on the ,lii, end of the final score in this year's game with the Atlantic dribblers.

For the first time in the history of t
Balboa High School's athletic program,
bowling was added to the boys' sport
Some 50 boys participated in the
league, and many of these ten pinners
proved to be I..r,.flihi 1h. ,-l, rs. Among
these boys are N. ( \11 il.o ,-. who con- .
-i-i.i.ii rolls "amm ,,11ll ,, .r the 180
mark, and T,-.i \.lan-..n. another
high-ranking bowler, who occasionally
crashes the pins for a 200-plus game.
The "B" Le,:uwie was led by such
ll.* -tars as I). k Colston and Harry

The five Io-. with the highest av-
-.r, from IthI "A" League and the
fI boys from the "B" League met .
the boys from Cristobal on the alleys
of the Balboa Bowling Center.
All games howled were under the
weather eye of Mr. Humphries, Balhoa
High coach.
Se eral of the top-ranking bowlers ot B. H. S.

As the Zolnian ,tent It pre-s it looked as if the '43-'44 softball fratas 'ith Cri'tobal would d be a duplicate
,f la-It dear's game. "'Big Bob" kunkle was in there again whizzing them by the Atlantic side batters and
the e'er r,-liable backstop. Miller. had his last \ear's pn-sitiun stopping bullet throws behind the plate.

4Other veteranss %were Hind. lh rco\uered the hot corner and who also got his share of bingles: Albert
Husted. who l a- stationed at left field %,here he formed a oni-man wall against all invading balls: Jennings
Turner. shrl fielder. who was all o'er the place picking up fluke hits that lobbed o'er the heads of the in-
fielder.-: Clarence S~ke-. shortstolp. uhi, did a great job covering all the lerritorN belteen third and second
hases; Teddy Melanson. hho covered the right field pastures along iith Ton. Ostrea. center fielder, who to-
gether did an excellent job in the ouilield. The remaining posilions. first base and second base. Here open
hut probably\ nolt for InnI" ,ilh Inb Keenan and B.bh Medinger around.

ith Coai h Humphrie; gi ing pointers. the Balboan- seemed destined to make two straight wins against
Ihe GOild Coasters.

. ". "f "s ;"" """

,(ittM OF fiE Iil-'ITH.I.I.A\LL.,TI.RS
l-.,, / l ltr ri, r,,hi. lr n r,'I Pml )ilh-lmnkr. M\ i .\1. l.r lr l. \ lr l I.- il. Tr.n) O-Irta. Sc. cnd iotr : CalIin Stimpel.
\rrr.danl I r. i.. J.... (...r 1, 1. kl in kr-1, Ja4 k M uller. B.. I H rell v.

1. Tuttle gets one away 2. Kicking out! 3. Don't miss! .. H. Hold that line! 5. Dannals.
the man behind the plate 6. Coach Jarrell throws a ringer 7. How not to do it! .. 8. Kunkel or

From left to right, first row: Calvin Stempel, Bob \I-.llln,: r. H ik Tuttle, Milo Alexander, Paul D.Brlink-. B..,i Bryson,
Bob Fn.k Ik- Second row: Bob Harvey, Presidenr. Jj. k \1l.., Bob Whitam, Walter Hinds, Albert Husted, Bill Lynch,
Armand Cruz, Coach Humphries, adviser.

This year the "B" Club, which is an organization of the most outstanding boy athletes of B. H. S., en-
j. ,\ 1 one of the most successful years since its funiilini1; by Mr. Lockridge in 1936.

The "B" Club is one of the two most exclusive clubs in high school. In order to become a member
of the club a boy must have shown exceptional good sportsmanship and made an all-star team in a major
"A" League sport. He must participate in the annual x.iine with Cristobal in his respective sport; he has
to be voted into the club by a two-thirds nmiijril. of the members. After a boy has passed these require-
ments, the next step is for the applicant to put himself at the complete disposal of all the members of the
club, who can do .iiillihnI' they want with him for the entire initiation day. Well, almost anything.
.\hAli,,1iil the initiation are comparatively strenuous, most of the inlomlingl boys live through them
and anxiously await the day when they will be initiators.
This year the official motto of the "B" Club is General Dliigla- MaI. \lrtlhur's famous quotation, "On the
fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds which, in other years, on other fields, will bear the fruits of
F., I..,

Bob Harvey has led the club this year, ably advised by Coach Humphries. The club has held three
successful dances, a picnic and, as usual, a very successful annual banquet with all the trimmings.

"Thanks for the \1mi mr" is a sentiment in the hearts o(f girls wearing tihe ble and white. Versatile
sportsmanship and a great spirit have bound the seventeen members together in close fellowship.

We remember Prexy Norma raising her steady hand. grasping the gavel and Ianging for order .
Carmen and her wonderful spikes spinspnning pitches Honey with blonde hair flying and gay laughter
. Tiny Alice. calnly and consistently -.%i.in_. "We can't afford it"' she's treas urer .Sriops (ar:e -
complete with dimples-smiling broadly and never being serious .. Jackie w ith her inii-,hicvous sugges-
tions for our G. A. A. initiations Doris continuallv ser\ing the ball to the ceiling and saving. "'\..
why do I do that?" Ruthie well remembered for being tiny and for her true sportsmanship .. I)ot
-.I1, ing glamorous whenever she plays Phyllis Zener. underclassman. ever ready and willing and
able to be helpful Presley. Shirley. ".'l'..Ir.I.I" and \1,-.1 ..1- sneaking around the portals of 11. S
in their bedecked flowered initiation dresses Mary Towery. Ruth Ann. and Moriania. "B" Leaguers. step-
ping liglhtl\ with their heads in the clouds for they were members of the G. A. A.

These recollections and the spirit which bound the seventeen lassies together will be remembered in
years to come.

Mll ni ., r, rI,,I r,,, ,1 r.. r .-,r I1 I I l,. /. i, ; ,Irl,
.M1 \ l,,oi \Ih rl],, ,. I,,l r. \1..r, lin rr,,r. ,11d1 |; ,,.l,
A n I hn,, .h r. i ,11, i ( ,,, 1, .I. .r l... J..rk..

,\.]I ,.. r I r t rn'l, l rl,. \\ 1 .,n- I',m ll-- ..rl.. .
I 1..n, B r.n.i ri. ..rnit. J..iin-i..r -i, .. I i.. 11r
H. rnand, /. D)..I Fn'r, D)..r. I ..n- .r

SI r

NosTI JOHnSrtION. IPrsident
CAnRMN I/EH.\AMIZ. ire-P'rcsident
Al.Irc FAIRHROTHn.R. Secretarv-Trtiisurer

L. It t. rp/hi. hr't rato: Murwin. Fredt e. sui man. Jhn ton.
S.''end roen: -:Irlfon, _ar. Fairbru.rher. BI-rgman. ,ot to pIcture.
HF rnandez, Alai.--, C'nner, FI-,r-. Pr -1%.

-" For nine ht-k- our I-,si ,- came face t,- face i,. hattre for
ihe I,-, ,f ".. ;nner". Thb Inr tam- t-r-re captained by
N,.,rn i J,,hnit.rn. Carmern Hernanultez, Mar, Jean Cares and
Jackii h',rga.i.
Whnn ( rit..,al ru-,I Ih.: fir-I ball ,:,.er the net in the
annual clahb.hilkce Fairhr.Iher ha- rherr- In -.et it rup 1i'
Carmen Hernadez. h, iked it. Mar Jean 'ar. pla,-

iig rn-ler suie, wa- e-er real, ii p;'k up any -pikc that
C. H. S might gr I ai r'-- tIh net. Norma Jihn-Inn. Lori e

Marin FrIdelte, Btrt' Prr-iley and Mt-ruede, Grimo backed
lip Iih thier in' mnler- I hI i tream.
N[rmnla J/an:s a :rrve i-. ,r tu nett

d jii
qJI I a'~al~ L4

Hernandez jumps up for a spike

Fairbrother jumps for a high one

The lassie s itunp jor the 1all! Bergrinan. Jiohnston, organn seen through the basket

For the first time te the i' played two-court instead of nine-court. Inder Mliss Josephine lee. instruic-
tr. tthe gl pivot uardt pass and s t guard. pass and hot baskets. ut the lassies stubled their toes and exhibit
lack and blue marks leftoe the five teams. "C:ods."' seriess." "Ates." "NScoties.' and "'Top-Ilats." fin-
ished battling for the cro.n. The five were captained 1i I)t Fritz. Honey Bergman. )ioris (Connor. Alice
Fairi rolther and Huthl \ 1. \riii
When the clash against the (;old Coasters finally. arriedl. the lassies anxiousl' awaited the start. As the
hell rang B. 11. S. teamsters had Captain Alice Fairirother. Marl Jean Carev and lIosemnary Nickisher play-
in!g the forward positions. Guarding the Cristohalities were experts Louise M11urwin. Yola Zinimernian and
\ercedes (;rifo. Nanette Lvnch. Norma Johnston. Kuthie MctArthur. l)iaia lluuber. Peggy Mumiiiaw.
(ret'lhen Y'ost and 1)iris Coinner supported tie team from time to time as suils. In spite of our guards
Cristhal scored. and Wlhen the finish came our Balboa lassies %ere defeated h\ a 20I-11 score.

Farirbrother tries tI pas\ ihile 11fIClin
Carey and johnston jump for a high won Frilz sort s a point guards

Our Inamn rplao.ir Conim to mania!

As the first home run was struck and a cheer went up,
the girls started softball with a bang. The four teams, "Ter-
ries," "Coeds," "Aces," and "Scotties," contended for top
place. When Cristobal came to combat our team, they battled
against true sportsmanship and top-rate playing. On the
mound Balboa High had Carmen Hernandez w finding up to
send the ball to the well-placed glove of Honey Bergman be-
hind the home plate. On first base, ready for everything, was
Mary Jean Carey. Tiny Alice Fairbrother, well placed as
first short-stop, was prepared to throw a fast ball to first
baseman Carey. When spectacular runs were scored either
Louise Murwin or Norma Johnston swung the bat. Other sup-
porters of the team were Ruthie McArthur, Donna McClain,
Dot Fritz, Doris Conner, Mercedes Grifo and Jackie Dorgan.

Coming up!

Str-r-r-ike thre-e-e!!!

~~i~ ---Y. ~T_

You're out!!

I, ] t. r i..I I irlr l.r i, r 11b r..r ii .
\ -I ..j. \ll.r~ i II. ii .ril' I ..1
.. J i .11 .

ltHernan tk aim-an tok m the arrow iell

When one observes the B. H. S. lassies speed-
ing the arrow in a truly correct flight to the lIll's-
eye, the sight is impressive. Dan Cupid, in his
hey-day of proficiency. never sent an arrow with
greater accuracy than the girls of B. H. S.
Among the sharpshooters of the archery range
is Janet Geis. who for the past four years has
shot a score that has been outstanding. Jackie
Dorgan supports her with above the average
Once the targets were set up and the cham-
pionship match against Cristobal High started.
Carmen Hernandez, Honey B,,*1Il1.,. Louis Mur-
win. Alice Fairbrother. Jackie Dorgan. Janet
Geis, Doris Conner, Francis Austin and June
Hattaway aimed their arrows, let them fly and
These lassies brought in many points which
added up .i-.iin-I Cristobal.

T sapho (r)G i
-- .

T7n, shirpihan rs. Gcis find Drorana, shout a thih sore

Left to right: Hattaway, Bergman and Dorgan


Racktr, uere -,iing pt ls.. th-r nirl- rin it, the
tOiirl- t.r *a I-% ---I ..f hi nrii-. \- Irl..k% plat\- and
irani...rk %a-rn- l1'-I..,pr.J. lli- -inIl.-- and d..mliles
ajnlt'. -hlai-i -prnll and J'-lrrninaliini i
c .....p-- (-ajrr%\ rn. H.nr B r:njarn pr jctiir d I ry
-pjre allrrnnmirn and liir.iA\. L),ri- Ci.r*ni.' ( CJarn-n
lhrnnri.iJ-z. Juin.- Hala-ai\ and JitLki [).,r,.an lrn..e
ih, Lill I-.i k anJd lfr. h :r ..,- lii nt. li- ih;in- l..r
tii> l r In ihr inli ainural -amr .r,-i.p- (a..i' ,
HI-nr- Btrgmana. I armrt- ll-rnadill.I-. Jin,- lil.iam.a'.
Philhi- Bjrliow. Jir-- lHuni. Jj.k.,- D..iean dnd
D.-rin (1-nn.ri danir .,-l r- 'iljrl% 1., filihl l.r lhie t l,.

Left to right: Dorgan, Conner, Bergman, Hernandez, Hattaway

***.; B -'P"'

-" 4* C*"; ; i~..

On iour mark! Get set!

This season B. H. S. girls exhibited
outstanding ability as tanksters. When
Scoops Carey cuts the water in a jack
knife, one and a half or a back flip.
a mere spray of water appears. When
the girls swim tandem, grace and uni-
son are shown with every stroke.
M1.II) Jean Carey, Jackie Dorgan,
Phyllis Barlow and Betty Gaines up-
held the honor of the alma mater by
being on hand to swim and dive for
B. H. S.

Better's special AL. Af

Out of this world

Scoops rotmes up for air


Who's going where?

A^^dw^^^ ..

'Mlid-t the trials and tribulations of war, the ZONIAN
seemed far from a reality at the beginning of our senior
year. There are many people to whom we are indebted
for helping to make the ZONIAN possible.

MR. C. S. LACLAIR, official Canal Zone photographer. is
responsible for our artistic popularity pictures and divi-
sion pages. MR. LAWSON, his assistant, took pictures of
our music department.
MR. SAVARD, of the Paraiso Pholo Shop, made the senior
pictures and helped out in emergencies.

MRS. BERNETTE BEATTY, of Southern Engra. ing Company.
St. Petersburg, Florida, rushed our engraving work to us
by plane and helped with page layouts.
MR. BEN GRANGER, of the St. Petersburg Printing Com-
pany, St. Petersburg, Florida, printed and bound the 19-4
Zonian by long distance.
MR. AND MRS. BEESON, of Panama CitN. lent us their home
as background for our popularil) pictures.
MR. Ml.I\IER. of the Record Bureau, made sure that no
copy was lost during inspecting and censoring.
MR. E. W. HATCHETT, S. A. ad% iser. worked tirelessly with
our financial problems.
PAN-AMERICAN AIRWAYS provided a plane (fr one of our
MR. LIBO, manager of the Hotel International, and MR.
HE\DRIC:K. manager of the Hotel Tisoli, provided pic-
torial backgrounds.

Our sponsors, the MERCHANTS OF PAN. AM t. gave us finan-
cial backing.
We wish to take this opportunity to thank our friends
for their aid.


3 r~


Alice Fairbrother 7. June Walter
Albert Husted 8. Louise \niiil n
Robert Whitam 9. Thelma Vahev
Juan Obarrio 10. Barbara Nr- ill.
Jackie Dorgan 11. Harrv Holland
Bertha \1.%\ 12. Prudence Paine
25. Daniel \r,.il.llm 2
26. Guess \\ I.!!

13. Mary Newland
14. Dolores Suisman
15. \lui j, I Bergman
16. Herbert Stevens
17. Carla \
18. Harry Holland
7. Lois Hohmann

O.:' ... .

19. Regina Rau
20. Allen Bentz
21. V.rmna Johnslon
22. Donna \I (:lain
23. Janet Geis
21. Marion Price
Milo Alexander
\1 ir% Holcomb




The following merchants of Panama made the

1944 ZONIAN possible by their financial aid.


New China
El Corte Ingles
Wong Chang
Julio Vos
D. M. Toledano
Panama Radio Corp.
Andres Ponce Cia.
American Bazaar
Casa Grant Beauty Shop
Hotel Tivoli Barber Shop
Felix Maduro
Ancon Greenhouse
English Drug Store
Fifth Avenue-Chambonnet
Santa Fe Florist
Spanish Bazaar
Clima Ideal
Muebleria El Diablo
Lewis Service

Kool Spot
Bazaar Internacional
Hotel Tivoli
Star & Herald
Fuerza y Luz
Charles Photo Shop
El Rancho
Balboa Garden
Doffey Bros.
Casa Kayser
Hotel International
Herff-Jones & Co.
French Bazaar Tailor Shop
Casa Philco
Cia. Ah Chu
La Mascosta
Panama 25c Store
Panama American
Manuel G. Bercia
Pan-American Orange Crush
National Lottery
French Bazaar
Savard's Photo Shop
Cerveceria Nacional S. A.
(Canada Dry)


r sr

-~ T


* RAmo.
L 4" .


- 'S

qcod -&a e











71(/Si~ =

.* .. .. .
. .. !. ^ .* + / -.. .-> .4 ^

-V 1
.. + A 1 '.".

: ,., F" ..-
A; '- v- ,: :' ,

i.-. t. 4. ,. .

-lit *

--..- .:.. ; .r ,, ''y .
A ,; .- ,***.. S,' 4."
*1 ? '* S
.,~r^X~h.^Si : ... ',-....,.

9CR" :'r ^ 545 ,.5

.. :

++~ %"j 2- .l'4 ,
P'-'" ; m '"' :P r +.,
I ,f + . ..:., .,. ,- -

+. !.. < ,;. ., + .., .. ?. .. : + '. .,,
I .. % ,

; o .-.





*p. .

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1944 ZONIAN had to war shortages of Film, and shipping space ... Undaunted by this grim with the determ i natio n work was done hurriedly, many imperFections. As product, we can onl y let ... staFF member your ZONIAN as muc h making it possible.



MRS. ARNO LD and MRS. LALLY MR. S I GURD E ESSER, Principal MR. ESSER Kind and h e i s always r ea d y t o h eJp and ad-v i se ro o l s as h a rd as a n y s lud ent a l B H. S. C H. S. ga m es s wings a mean t e nni s rack e t .... his int e r es t s includ e a brun eLte dream g irl his five-yea r-old daughte r B eck y h as a M. S degr ee fro m Ih e Un i v e r silY o f No rth D a k o l a .... did g radua t e work a t Minnesot a a n d S t anford .... o n e o f Ih e r easo n s s lud e nl s h a l e 1 0 l eave B. H S. MRS. LALLY Effi c i e nl sec r e t a r y ... 5' 2" o f v i l a lil y ... a l way s r e a d y 1 0 say a friendly w ord. alle n d e d Sac r e d H eart College i n Mi sour i. M R S. ARNOLD Ca p ab l e sec r e l a r y i s r eally o n e o f u s f o r h e aLLe nd e d bOlh B. H S. a nd C. Z. J C .... h a s a kn a c k f o r s m oo lhin g o ut pro b l e m s .... p l a n s t o impr ove h e r t a l ent f o r b eing a h o u se wife.


MARY B UTLE R B.S. I owa S i al e T eac h ers College GEORCE DE.: NEY. J\1.A. l'ni"er s ily of S o ulh Car o lina COACII Roy L. DWI:.L I.E Springfi e ld College ALICE CANDLE. i\ 1.A. Columb i a University J OliN D. D f:.lTOR RAE ELI C K H. R.N. Lak e w ood I-Iospilai CLAl(1)l AYCO C K \1.A. W o m e n's College of U niv e r sity of Norlh Carolina \'i/ J. NUL 811\ '''TETTER. A. o lurnbia Uni\c ro;il y ALln BRIDE'!ltTI' "I.A Columbia Univ e r s ity


ACl'(5 R. ENEBOE, M.A. Norlhweslern EVHl'N H UEST I S, M.S. Univen;ity of Nebraska ELOI:"E .MONROE. 1\1.A. Columbi a Univers it y Gt:ORCE EUCENE. 1\1.0. L o ng I s land Co llege COACIl C H AHNe!::l' A. IIUi\lI' HIHE S. B W eslern Carolina Teachers Co llege \V AL"EII OLI\' ER, J \1.A Taylor Unive r sity II. P P nEN"lss. Ph. D Northwestern Uni, 'cr!':it y 51 IH.RT TlRIlHII. L. 1 \1.A. RAnlOND WA1.HIt, M.A. J\IAIlCAfU: T B.S. of Oklahoma Ohif, lal e Univer"iilY Univer sily of 1\linll("SOl a ALLEN WAlII) J\I.A. Univcrl"ily o f Nebraska COACII HOWAII!) W OO D S B.S. Uni\' e r s ity of I ndi ana


F' H I IO M.A Dwa Stale University WALT&l1 F I CIH, II M A. Colu m bia Univer sity lACII T.:MPu: R ]AIUlELL. KATHERI NE J \ I. A. liLA. Columbia Univen,jly M ary l and Univers it y OLGA FHOS T B A a ATHl e : CAHON!:.H. M .A, EOWAHD W HATCH ETT, ,\1.A. MI. I. Vincer ll Co l l ege Co lumbia Univere.il) Co lumbia Uni\ersily GEOIICE LEt: M .S. Co lum bia U nive r sity ) OSEP I I I NE LEE, B .S. Kan s a s Slat e Teac h e r s College 1I1 ARCAIIET Tt: ECARDEN. A B Stanford niver s il) A LBERT YORK. M. GERALD M cKEEVER, M ,A. Unive r s ity of W isco n sin ELLEN THO MA S. M A Co lumbia U ni \'e r sity HAROLD ZI!:.RTEN. B.S. Kan sas S tat e T eac h c r s ColleJtc Bradl ey P o l y t echn i c In stitute



Dear B H. S. D airy : SEPTE.\IBER: Ba ck 10 the lillIe r e d sch oo l h o u<;e we a nd decided to se ttl e down thi s yea r-sure, sure. Mr. Zierte n wac;; chosen to stand between tiS a n d th e big, bad world in th e ca pa city o f class adviser D on n a M c Clain wilh her carr o t t o p wa s chosen h ead cheerleader a n d bega n h e r T a h -rah-rahing. OCTOBER: \"\' e reached down int o th e poll box and pulled up J o hn l\lay l es comple t e wilh Engli s h a cce nt as preside nt. The first formal dance was one o f B 1-1. S:s great est s u ccesses with all o f ollr Swing Sam!) and Salli es s waying up a nd down th e Ti\oli noor. NO\'E..\IBER: OUT super-speedy f ootball team. captain ed b y das hin g B o b Frede ll e, bro u g ht h o m e a vic t o ry o f 8-0 o ver Cris t obal. W e WCfC thrill ed a nd c hill ed by go rill as a n d zom b ie!!' in the lillie Theatre p l ay, "Calling All G h o s ts." The Zonion wa s gelling its f inis hin g tOllc h es b e f o r e b eing r u s h e d off t o th e Slat es f o r p r i n ting. The P arrakeet s h owed ils tru e co l o r s with a s p ec i a l C hri s tm as i ss uc. F e li ces BOB HARHY DORI S CONNER JOHN MAYLE S PaSCllas y Ano Nllevo wa s th e pa ss w o r d b e f o r e w e bundle d off f o r VicePresident Secretary Pr esident a wa rm vacatio n E\ 'e ryone was e x c ited ove r th e pros p ec t of h avi n g hi s senio r piclures t aken. JA 'UARY: Long faces and c r a mmin g b eca u se o f midt e rm e xam s. The boys had a c h a nce 1 0 b e e ith e r wa l lfl owers o r b elles at the $oph o mort"s' Sadie H aw kin s Dan ce. Our p opular S A. presidt'lll "Bobby" W hil am. l eft f o r g r ee n e r pa stIlTt!S, b equeathing hi s j o b t o Mike New lin At l o n g l a s t our p i ctures arri \'ed a nd w e r e e x c h 3 n gcd. FEBRUARY : W e ou t did oursel v es with a s up e r Qu ee n o f H earts Ball for Val e ntin c's D a)'. Lovely The lma Va h ey w o n th e h ea r ts uf B. II. S. l a d s and la ss i es. E ve ryon e rav e d about th e affair f o r weeks. Our nwk.;; wer e d ecima t ed as man y familiar f aces di s appe a r e d a l m id-te rm g radu atio n The l i st o f cla ss rankin!! wa s awai ted with b a t c d brea th Three se ni o r s upheld our di g nit y in the play "j\ V oicc i n The D a rk"_ Rig d o ing s a t th e Trac k and Fi e ld M ee t bl ew in on th e \\larch w ind H 01lseho l d Art s tud e nt s g lid e d and piro u c tt ed a l th e a nnll a l s t y l e s h ow. The Jun i o r -Se ni o r B a n q u c t, th e l ast w e w e r e 1 0 att e nd wa s a strange min g ling o f j oy and so rrow APRIL: Ap ril s h owe l s a nd lilli e p in k b unni es h e r a l d e d th e long awaited E as ter h oliday s. a n d we filed O llt o f sc h oo l l oo kin g f o rward 1 0 Ollr l ast vaca tion o f I h e t e rm B e f o r e we l eft w e pro udl y alleni'ied th e Pa n-Ameri can D ay pro g r a m MA Y: ca m e a l o nce. a nn o un cements makin!; u s r ea liz e h ow near th e e nd of our sc h oo l v ea r ..... a s Cove t e d awards w e r e at th e s pe c i a l prog r am. -and th ose o f liS who ..... e r e go in g d ir ect l y into th e w orking w o rld began t o ca nva ss th e h lhmll s f o r jobs. JUNE: and th e pride goes ..... ilh it. Our twel ve ye a r s o f s tudying see med l ike a s h adow b ehind 115 with th e s un befo r e lis -our fUllir e full o f oppo rtunity. :.: Mil. 1 IIoI10 1 D ZIERTEN Ad,ljse r


MILO R ALEXANDER Panam a City. R d e P A sm il e o n hi s l ips (lnd a son!: in his heart "B" C lub I yea r Bio l ogy C lub 3 year s Football. 4 yea r s Base ball. 4 years Bas k e tball 3 yea r s o fth all. 4 yea r s \V a t e r P o lo, 3 year s S wimming T e nni s I year Trac k. 4 yea r s B o wling, I yea r Socce r I yea r Vic l ory Co rp s Sea Dh j s i o n Radi o Co d e Band. I I years NORA A""OER50N New J e r sey Pl eas ant smi l e and (1 wor d ja r a ll V olley h a ll. 2 yea r s So ftball. I yea r Arc h e ry. 1 yea r T e nni s 1 y'ar Vic t o r y Co r ps. Co mmunit) Service 2 yea r s Glee Club. I year Library A ssis tant I year CARLOS M ANGULO P a n ama City. R d e P A man amo n g m e n Socce r B aseball Softball T e nni s Lab o ral ory A ss ista lli. C h emistry Labora t ory Physi cs CLIN T ON J ONES An con. Ca nal Zon e J ust the sort 01 Iriend ever)o n e u'ants t o h ave Biol ogy C lub. Preside nt. L year Art C lub. Tre a s urer. 1 year FRA 'C E S M AUSTI N 'ew Y o rk. ew Y o rk Charm s tr ikes the sig ht and merit wins the sou l Y ear Book Co mmitt ee SI. Simon S t oc k Hig h Sc h ool Libr ary C lub, SI. Simon Stock H igh c hool Library Socie ty SI. Sim o n S t ock Hi g h S h oa l S wimmin g 2 yea r s So ftball 2 yea r s V olley ball. 2 yea r s Ar c h e ry I yea r G l ee Club. 3 yea r s OLI\'ER H. BALSCH UN Panama City. R de P Pr eciseness is his c r eed in l ije Vic tory Corp s Land Di"i s i on Fire Fi g htin g ALAN P Ot..NTl Minn ea poli s One 01 t hose who uphold our r eputation lor learning Dramati c ... I yea r Buc:ketb a ll. 2 yea r s Base ball 2 ohball. 2 yeor" Vic t ory Corp ... 2 year" Labora t ory A .... i .. tant. I year F I .O IIE,\Ct; BERC\1AN' Oakland. Ca l ifo rnia "lIoney" bllie e)es ... blonde hoir ... lovable P arrakee t I year Zonian. Girls' I>ort-. Edil or G. A A .. 2 year" V olley ball. 4 yea r .. B aske tball. 4 year .. Arc h e r y 4 yea r T e nn is 4 years Vic tory Co r p", omrn !!nit y crv i ce. 2 years P e p Sq u ad. I yea r Libr a r y A ss i s tant. 2 years Offi ce I year GwnCE C. Bou clIE An co n Ca nal Z o n e TaHlellow ,dth sense oj hilmar t o malch 2 yea r s Vic tory Corps. 2 yea r s L. Bonn B elli ngham Wa .. hingl o n Fl}ing high and hllPP) Football. 4 year .. Bas k e tball. 2 yea ro; B ase ball. 3 yea r::; SohbaJl. 4 yea r s Track. 2 year" :\lA IIK Z. B RA"OO:-; Tamna. Florida "Friendl)' words alw(l)s lie lipan hi s t ong u e" Taming 0/ the Shrew Bio l ogy Club Ba .. ketball. I lear 3 year .. Bowling. I yea r V ictory Corps, Sea Divi sion R OBERT D. BRY"or'oo Bulle M o nlana Good humor man 0/ B. II Senior Class. A. Repre;:"enlati\c "B" C lub. 1 year Football Bas k e tball Baseball Trac k Victory Corp"'. Vicepre s ident SENIOR C LASS 1944 ================


Bl' \'c H Coinjoc k N o rth C aroli n a Friendl) lad ldth a Southern droll: 1 Oramalic C lub. 1 }ca r Ca m e r a C lub. J lear Baseba ll. I lear Sohball. I yea r ViC I Of'}' Corp;oc, Air Oi\ i .. ion 2 years Band. 2 yea r .. Ruffn e r IIi,::h Sc hool. 1 yea r Ca n a l Zone lIe r perpetual smile is COflUlg ioll S olle yball, 1 year Soflball. 1 yea r B as k c l bal!. I year Yic l o ry Co rp s CommunilY S enice Eu.\'.\ \ IAR C\RITA CARBONE P a n ama Ci ty. R d e P Beallt y at its b e st Sai nt \ la1)'" Acad emy. ] y ear Ba .. k e tball 3 yea r s olley bal!. 3 yea r s Glee Cl ub 1 year B alboa Ca na l Zo n e Mischievo u s Grin, comple/e with dimples Fre .. hllla n C l a ss Vice p r es i de nt LillI e The a t re, I yea r C. A, A., 3 yea r s Swi mmin g 3 year s Ba .. k e lball. 4 yea r s V ollcy b all.4 year s So f l ball. 4 yca r s T c nni<:, 1 year Arc h e ry. 2 )'ears Vic tory Corp"', Commu nity Servi ce Speec h radi o pro g ram s G l ee C lub. 4 yea rs P ep S quad. 2 yea r s C h ee rl ea d e r I yea r Lihrary A .... i .. tanl 1 y car N"cY JA" C II I FIII .. hinJ!. New Y o rk Th e r e is wi s d o m ill w o men I >(lrr(lkee l 1 year lonhlll, A ss i';lanl Edit o r ] year JUlli o r Scn i cc Leagu e ( F l u s hi n g li i g h Sc hool ) V(Jlley ball 2 yea r s Victory o rp"', Communit y e r v i ce, 2 years C I(,(' C luh. 2 year s S tud ent EmJ,lo Ylllenl Bur('all. A ..... i<;tanl \1anag{'r I yt'a r OffiC'I..' A .. i<.;tanl I year L a tin Tut o r \I", Hio. C"I P anama Ci ty, It. d e P. 1If' ;$ (II IJc ur(' whe n s p ee dinG ove r the g l obe 2 yf'ar s \ in(lry eM"p'!, 2 yea r'!! Srhwl l PuJ. l iralioll, 3 yf'3r,ll EDI)fE COU: MAN Co lumb ia. So uth Carolina Eve r ) body's f riend C h eer l ea d e r 2 yea r s D ORIS A NN CONNEll B r idg e port Con n ectic ut Entr (lncillg eyes anti ge"tle ways F res hm a n C l a ss, S. A. R eprese n tative So ph o m o r e C l a ss, S. A R c pr cse nt a ti\ 'e Se ni o r C l a ss Secre t ary G. A. A I year B i o l ogy C l ub I yea r Volley b all. 4 years B a s ke tb all. 4 years So ftb a ll. 4 y e a r s S w i mmin g, 1 year T e nni s 1 year Arc h ery 3 yea r s V i c t ory Corps Communit y Se r vice C l ee Club. 2 year s C h ee rl ea d e r 2 years GRACE K ATRINE COOI'ER Punt a r e n as. Cos t a Rica Tall (ltld s l e llder. c lIrefr ee (lnd ha p p y V olley b all. 3 yea r s V i c t ory Cor ps, L a nd Service N a y D ay P rog ram G l ee C l uh 3 years P ep S qu a d I year J O SE E COHCO A n co n Ca n a l Zon e A carefree lad mltl (t t rlle f r ie n d Foot ball. 4 yea r s Base ball. 4 yea r s Softball. 3 yea r s B a s ketba ll. 4 yea r s Tra c k 2 year s V i c t ory Corps. Lan d Di\ i siQIl G l ee Club 3 yea r s ALIC E C n uz Gaillard Canal Zon e Eve r yon/! likes Aic e G l ee C l ub 3 year s Office Assi s t ant. 3 years AIlMANOO CIlUZ Gaillard. C a n a l Zon e Willg s 011 hi s fe e t lind u s mil e for (1/1 "B" Club Bas e b all. 4 yea r s Football, 4 years Bas k e tb all. 4 year s o ffb a l!. 4 yea r s T r ack. 4 years V i e lol")' Cor p s 2 y e a r s G l ee Cl ub 2 year s S EN I OR CLA S 1944. ===============


SIIIIClXV H I TA 1 1LU.-': Philadelph ia, P cnn!'iyhania Gro c iolls liS (J first I"dy P(lrrok ee t, I yell r Bu .. k t'lball, I )('ur \ 1('101') Corp .. COllllllunil), Sen i ct' GI c Club. I )cor Office 1 )eor L O I A Jt:H\O C I '!.IHt : ewark. N e ..... J e r .. e) A highminded lIIlll i/llill strio/ls ,(/:.\ \ j e lOry Cdq)..:. Communil ) Senj('l' Libr:.ry A .. i..:llJlIl. 2 )('a r II \III1V JAM.;" J)\'-':AL., New York Ci ly. N. Y /lonor lies ill hone:.! l oi l Sludenl Leader o f \,ic I Or)' Corp ... I year Bo .. ehall. 1 yeu r Ila .. I..et b a ll. I )car \ j elOry Corp ... 2 yc:H''! Band. 2 years P A t I Dt.Bt: III''oI a : lIIilwuukee. W /i$cl) n ... i n Gilte d with (I I;,' el) sCl/se 01 hlllll O Th e IfIhoo/erll1ooj" Director o f Fre$hman Guidance Play F onlba ll. 4 Bao:eboll. 4 year s S o flboll Trac k. 3 year", Swimming 2 yea r;;: Water P oJo.2 )ear .... T('nni" 2 Bo .. I..e l ball. 4 ) ea r .. Gle e Club. 3 )car ... tll l CIlAEL m : L EON Ltlndon. Lillie lIIall-w}wt /low ? F oo tbllll. 2 \ i C l o r y Corp" Prcsident H oo.,e \ ell Birthday Prog ralll heerlead e r. 1 lear 1 0l.A \Hlt: DII. Ilt. C K S h awnee. Ok lah o m a Swee t s h) ... poised 51. B e n ed i c t 's lI i g h Sc h oo l ] yea r Parro keel. I year \'ic tor) Corp ... Community Sen icc:.' Pep Squ a d I lear OUi ce AS5i",lal\t. I lear Office. 1 yea r SENI O R CLASS 1944 EI)\\ \IeO 1\. D O/lA'" Aneon CUlwl Zun e Ncl'l" II dlill 1II0lllt'"t when /:,'dd)'s IlTolmd F oo tball I Bao:;cbllll. 1 )t'ur., So fthllll. 3 )eD r., Tr3<'1... j )cur .. B a .. ktt hull I ) \ieillry 01'1) .. 2 )cnr s BUlltl. 2 )enr .. \I D OII!.\ An eo n Cun a l Z o ne //1011 de bombs h e ll 111111 (/ sel/se 0/ hlllll or we like Fre",lllIlan COlln c il Lilli e ThcUlrt', 3 )car .. "Once (III(/ F or All" Dir ec t o r o f Frc .. hman Guidance Pla y C. A A 2 )ea,.., Bi' J logy C luL. J year \ ollcybaJl. I t B : ... k(,lbull, 4 )'t.:u r :; So ftb a ll. 4 yea r .. Sw imm i n g. 4 )car s Arelle r), I t year<;; T e llllio:, 3 Vic t ory orp ... Communily enice Il o m e Boom H eprc ... t'Jlta lh(, "This i s Ame rica" Progrnm "FUll t o B e Free" Prugram Gl ee Club. 3 P e p Squad. I year Library A"o:i s t anl. ] )t.:ar Office A ..... i ... t a lli. ] )t'ar So ph onlorc Dance COlJ1miltl'" II. :LEN j\\ 1\ II I. : E C I.I NTO' Lo s Anl;.el e ... California }ler i rrespollsibl e gaie,) is Ih e Cfl/lSe 0/ h e r poplllari!) Pa rakee t I yea r Z Olli(f1l Vic t o r y Corp:.. 2 year .. C heerlead er. 2 ) ear., Librar) A ..... j .. tant. 4 )ear .. Card ... and Annollllcem e nt .. [OWAIII) R OHUI.T \I 1.11 Newark. N e w J e rM!Y A s m e") (u t he (/<1) i s I O llg \,i C l ul') Corps. 2 year ... Pho t ogra ph ) Club. 2 )ear., BIC'IIAItO E I\C I AJIoO Springfie ld Illinois Silence IItt'er b e trays )011 S c h oo l Ca ... cadc. ,\loIl 1 3I1a, 3 lear., Sch oo l Paper Track Band G l ec CIIIL Lil mlr) 1\ .... i .. l(Il1t .\le mher o f Fulure Farme r .. o f America JA\H_'" L. ETClIllF.RCER 1\ neon. a n al Zone 110) ) 0/1'(1 like to meet if ) 011 hmerl't alread) F oo lball. I lear \ i e I O!) Corp ... 2 )ears


Al.ICE FAIRBR OTHER Ancon. Canal Zone H e r friendliness anti sinceri t ) endea r her t o 0/1 G. A. A .. 2 years V olleyba ll. years Ba.sketba ll. ) eaf3 Softball. 2 )ear s Archery. 2 yea r s Yict ol)' 2 ) ea r s G l ee C lub. years P e p Squad. 2 years G. A A., ee r etary 1 y ea r GLORIA DOROTHY FAYARD e w Orl ea ns, L o u is iana A likable la.ss with II good tleal of class Art C lub. 1 yea r V olley ball 2 yea r s Soh ball. 2 ) 'ears Hi g h Sc hool Virginia ) Glee C lub. yea r s P e p Squad. 3 years Dramati c C lub IOcc uquan J-IIg h Sc h ool) It.,,:-, A. Fl.ORt:S P anama City. R d e P. Hi s Spanis h dan c ing adds lile allli sparkle an) w h e re Ba s k e tball. 4 year s Victory Co rps. 2 years Glee C lub 3 yea r s R08EltT FREDETTt: Brook l y n New Y o rk E ve r y bay' s fri end; eve r y girl' s flame Footba ll. 3 yea r s Baseball. 3 yea r s So ftball. 3 yea r s Ba s k etball. 3 yea r s Tra ck. 3 yea r s S wimmin g. 3 yea r s Vic t ory Corps. Air BERTHA I RENE fRENS l.EY .\1iami. J-lo rida A lady 1 0 th e las t Volleyball. 2 yea r s o !tball 2 yea r s ictal")' Corps, 2 yea r s Glee Club, I yea r D O R OTHY I SAOJ:l. FltlTl Pro\' id ence. Rh o d e I s land Bright lights g(lY mu s ic, mid a mann e r 01 h e r own f r es hman Sec r e tary S. A R ep r ese nt a t ive, 3 year s On ce and F o r All" "CaJl All Chosu" D i r ecto r freo;;.hm a n Guidance Play Parrakeet, 1 yea r Quill a nd croll G.A.A. \"olleyball. 4 yea r s Bao;;.ketlJall, 4 yea r s Softball. I yea r s Archery, 2 yea r!!> ict ol)' Co r ps, Communit y e r v i ce Th odo r e R oose\'elt Progr am Glee Iub. 2 years Emp l oyment Bur eau, A

G ILA t\IA y H ANCOCK P edro t\l iguci. Callal Zone Easy t o l ook lit easy t o lil.-e Sas k e lbalJ Volley ball Vic lory Corp s COlllllluni l y Se r vic e I yea r G l ee Club. I yea r I IAIlOu> A. l I AllSTAD, JII. I. Paul. l'olinncso tn A will t o work and pati e n ce to lIchieve Wil so n lIi g h 1 ycar Swimmi n g, 2 yea r s B o wling I year Vic t o ry Cor ps, Com munil Y Serv i ce ROIlElIT R IIAnVEY In. Ric hm o nd Virginia Rar e compollnd of f1l1l. froli c and ability Se ni o r Cla ss. Vic e pre s id e n t Lilli e Theatre. I y ea r lonilln, 1 year Parrllk ee t I year S Club. 3 y e ars "S" Club, Presiden t 1 year Football 3 year s Soft ball, 3 year s Base ball. 3 years T r ack. 1 y ear Swimming. I year Bowlin g. 1 yea r Bas k e tball. I yea r Vic lory Corps, Sea Se rvi ce Senior Cla ss R ep r esentath' e Gle e Club. 4 year s "Vo i ce in th e Dark J UNE ROZINA HATTAWAY Liverpool, Eng l and Sty l e ;11 her wardrob e ... and figure t o mat c h Voll e yball, 2 yea r s Softball, 2 yea r s BalOk e tball, I year Glee Club 3 yea r s S p eec h A c tivili es, 1 yea r Cheerl e ader. 1 yea r ViclOry CorplO, 2 yea r s PAnlCIA Ht: ITMAN L os Allg e lelO, California Admire d for her qll cc,lly gra ce Soflball, I yea r Vic l o ry Corps, Air Servi ce 2 yea r s Glee C lub. 1 year P e p Squad, I yea r Offi ce Assi s tant. 2 years A n con. Ca nal Zon e Entran ci ng eyes with hair to mat c h Volleyba ll. 2 yeaTS Bas k e tball. 2 years Base ball. 2 yea r s Ar c h e ry. 2 years Viclory Corp s 2 years Orc h es tra. 2 yea r s Offic e A ss i s tant 1 year AI"n.N J h.lll'OANOt: Z Balb oa. Ca n a l Zon e Llis tr OIlS black hair fwd l ldvety comple x ioll lIllbeatabl e combi,wt;oll So phom o r e ec r elary G / \ A., Vicc pre:,ide nt Se ni o r Y ea r G. A A 2 y ears \ollc y boll. 4 y ea r s Bas k t hu ll. 2 ohball, 2 yea r s A r c h c r) J y car T e llni::.. I yea r Vic t ory Corp', Co mmunil y Seni ce Glee Club 3 yeurs WALTEI! II. 1111\1)$ Ancon. Canal Zon e /le llrt liS big a s th e o cean aMI smile t o mat c h S C lub BIH.eball. 4 yea r s tootb a ll. 4 yea r s Ba" k e tb all, 4 yea r s Tra ck.

GLOR'" JEA'" 1I0lCIITON Canal Zone Black shining hula \' olle) ball 2 y e a r s Ar('h e ry. 2 year.. \ ictol') Corp:.. Communit), Sen ic e Glee Club. 4-) ear" AL8l:ltT II Hu::.n.o An co n Canal Zon e Danci ng leet mid a winning way "S" Club. 2 yea r s Footba ll year s Ba se ball. years Trac k. 4 Softball. 4 yea r s Ba s k e t ba ll 4 yea r s Vic t ory Corp s. P r odu c t i o n Div i s i o n Gle e C l ub. 3 years Band. I yea r Fire I lear SAML'F.L I lt\ I'" An co n, Canal Zone lie /it 'es at peace wi th all mlmkind wimming. 4 lear s Foot b a ll I year Softball. 1 yea r L abo r atory As::.i s t a n l RUDY A. J IM"t:Z Eure ka Illin o i s H e will tral'elfllr Softball. 2 yea r s B a<;eball. 2 year s Ba ... kdball, 1 yea r NOR\lA F J OII"!5TON An co n. Canal Zon e A p e pp) little pie ce 0/ human it) G. A. A., Presi de n t, I yea r C. A. A 2 years V olley ball 4 year s Bac;ketball, 4 yea r s Softball, 4 yea r s Arc h ery, 2 years Glee C l u h 1 yea r P e p Squad, 1 yca r L ib rary A<:<:i t 3nt. I yea r V i c to r y Corps, Ilo m c R oo m Repn'c;rllt a l i V l Vic t o r y (lfP"', CIJlllmun it y Service. 2 years R O llf.RT KI ""U. Ancon. Ca n a l Zim e A h,.r o If' IIIUII) {llieM liB" (;Iub rl'IJthall,4 Y l'ur'! 2 ye or'i Ba3rl'l WOIIr 1'1)1(1, I yea r I y,'a r II Y('lIr'l Virl(lry eMil'!, 2 )'Ians SENIOR C LASS 1 944 F L OIlI A N L A l\1I' E H T Dallas. T ex a s Q llie t bllt fl o l hlle Swimming I yea r F ootba ll, 1 ye a r CHARLES F. L E S TER Alleoo. C a n a l Zon e lie ha s mll sic ill his so u l O r c h estra 3 ye a r s R I C II ARO S".:NCF.R L OMIlARI> An co n Canal Zon e f1ori::on s fwli mile(/ ure his c h alle n ge S. A R e p r ese n tati c 2 years Th e Taming of th e Shrew Foot b all So flb a ll S w i ullnill g Vic t o r y Co rp s. L a n d Divis i o n W A:.lllNGTON S. L UM Co l o n R d e P A (Hwel er t rie( 1 (fI1l1 t rlle ELlZAU E TIi LU.L.IAN L UNDY G ulfp o rt. S h e ha s h e urt o f beillg II p e r fec t Ind y Porrakee l I yClir ZOllirm A rt Edi t o r I ye a r V i c t o r y Corps, COllllllu nil) Ser v i ce, 2 G lee Clu b 2 yc u r s Libra r y A ss i s t a n t I year J AME S M ACU IIU : P a n a ma City. H d e P Gridi r oll h e r o w e ll liked h y n il S wimmi n g. ye a r s F oothall. 2 years B a n d 2 ye a r s Vic t ory Co rp s, 2 ye ur s


EU:A ... o n \ w elN I \ \ 1 \I, U P t l1l1 ",) I,unin II SIlIl b('(l1II OIl ft dollti) (lay \'olley hull.3 )t',lr .... ull ... lOr Soh hall. 1 leur 1l0 ... kelbul1. I )ear Tt>nni ... I )t'(H Arehel). I )eur \ ie l tlr) CMP", 2 )t'or .. Glt't, Club. ... orrict' A ..... i'Jtan l 2 )ear .. FItA"'" J A' H .... Broo)..l ) n New ork /lis hi/.! smile c()lIIplt'lcl) s lw(l ull'!> his s h o rt sUt/llre \ 'iclory Cnrp ... Ail' Di,i .. ion. 1 ye: u J Oin D ,\lAHb L 'HHlo n A /I ill! big ffmbitioll s St'nit1r C ia ...... Pn .. idt'n l Litll e Tlu .. 'alre. I )enr ZOllitm. .... Bowlin:.:. I leur B u .. ('ho ll. I )Nlr Sohbull. I lear \ i C IOI') CI)I'J) .... Land Oi,i ... i'ltl. 2 )ear .. "(.(111 All Gho s ts" R I Til \lU \ HTIiI II P n tlallla Cil). H de P .. Oign ;t) (tlld !;rlI(,(, ill (,l'en geslllre C .. I\. 1\.. I yea r B n .. c bllll. I yeur Ba<;k clball, 1 lCur Vollc) hall. I )('ur Arc h e r). 1 yea r ViChH' Y Corp". COlllllIUnil } Servi cc C lee Club. 1 yt':lr !lli ami. Florida Our n'wciolls and b/lbbling redh em! ...\ ..... i .. tunl Dir eci (If Fre .. hm an Play, I year OircClOr of F're<;limun Pia) 1 lear \'olle) b a ll 3 )car., )ear., Softball. 3 )ear" Arc her), I lear S wimmillj!. I )enr \" i CIOr) Corp ... 2 ) ('a r., Gle e C luh. I )eor C h ee rl end('r. 2 )'1..'111' .. J unior Se niM Ban(jut : 1 Commilt('C'. ] )l'a r S .. J\. Oan et' C(lmmillc,''''' 2 yca r::; Club I Ll'C ... burg Rlldi o P roJ,!ram Theodore ROO .. t'Hh P rogl':llll. 2 yca r .. C h 3i r 1 lear liT E ... \1 Em 'CUt Panama Cil). R .. de P .. lIis (llIe1l,ile quitt1le$s is /llltterillg 1 0 (lli B lub F oo l h all. '"' )ear .. B a .. eball. ,I )cu .... Soflhall.3 )('nr ... Track. 2 )t'or .. Ba4elball. 4 )ea .... B o\\!inj:!:. 1 yea r SENI O R CLAS 1944 1\011' O \111 ".,0, Camhridl!l', \In .... a(,hll .. ''II .. Cood tWIIINt! (H (l !J"I' F'J(Jlholl. 3 )1'.11' ... lla ... dHill. 1 )tar .. S oft ball. 3 ) ,ar ... B. l wlinj!. I )t'ar Tm(')... '-I ) ltH .. Bo ... )..\'I11311. 1 )lar .. \\ a"'r PI, I!). 2 .. \ itt.,!') CI)rp ... 2 )1'<11''' Cit", lull. 2 )far .. S ,\\I, W anal ZOIlI' I t's lIi('e 10 0(' I/ftlllWI /(h. )o,,'re / /(I ll1tOI/) lIife F',,(,tiJull S",irnm inl! Waler Polo \ 'iclury C., rp St'

hCK A \ILLLER, JR. P ed r o .\Iiguel. Canal Zon e An ab ridg emen t 0 / all that i s pleasant in man "B" Club M o d e l Airplane C lub Football 4 y cars : Sof tball 4 ) ea r s Baseball. 2 y ea rs; Bowlin g, 1 yeur Bas k e tball. 3 )ears \'('ater P o l o. 3 years Swimming. 3 ) ea r s \ ictorr Corps. Air Di"i sio n R adio Code : Aul o m otiH: 1I1 ec hanics: Elect ri city Band.

FIOEI. D PONCto: A. Punllma City. R de P A quiet pt:r so ,llllit y wt: uJi I..,.ow (mc/ like Soli ball, 4 year s Baseball. 4 yea r s Ba s k ctball. 2 years Vi e lOry Corps 2 years Band. 4 years G lee Club. 2 year:. Fin: Fi ghting FRANC I::; PRESLAII D el hi L o ui siana As "ice a s they co m e (lnd liS grand u s the y go Vi c t o ry Corps. Community e rvi cc Band, 1 year G l ec Club, I yea r Orc hestra, I year Office A ss i stant, I ycar PRIet: Colon. R d e p, "Looks, wit (Jlld r elll lIiwlity Give this Miss h e r p op lI/arit y P arrakee t Voll eyball. 1 year Vi c t o ry Corps. I year G lee Club. I year Offi ce Assistant. 2 yea r s PIiISCILLA PRI C E Be ll ai r e. Ohio A swee t attra c t i lie kitH! 01 gra ce Bio logy Club, I year Basketball ( B ellaire Hi g h Sch oo l), 1 year V olleyball ( B ellaire H i g h Schoo!), 1 yea r Victory Corps, Community Ser v i ce, 2 years Pep Squad, 2 years M embe r of the Girl R ese rves ( B e llair e Hi g h School) SHEILA DOROTlIY RANDOLPII Anco n, Can a l Z o n e No (/llintier jlo w e r grows on grouml Girl R ese n es. I year Girls' A c tivit y Club, I year, T r e a sure r Vic tory Corps. 2 yea r s Gl ee Club, 4 yea r s RICltARD RASMUSS t:N C hicago, Illi n o i s A happygollIck) glly who loves life 's lighter moment s Softball. 2 years Vic lOry Corps, Sea Divi s i o n Radi o Code SENIOR CLASS 1944 Ihcl"A H A l New Y o r k C it y, Ntw Yo rk "Reggie" wilh (I smile on h er I(lfe lwd ( I g /t:um ill h e r eyt: Vic tory o n)!', Corps ,\IAIIIt. K A1'IIAIU ... E HAl"1 0 I) Col o n 1I0 .. pitlll. ri b l o b o l She has Ihal I Ulde/irllIble tMIIE called ( h(trm \ ictory orps ommunity Sen ice PAl I. Ht:NZ En g l e w oo d, New J e ri:>CY Th e good h ear t e d mati IllIs '10 t:nemies" F oolba ll. I yea r B owling, I ycar S w imming. I yea r B a:.kctball, 1 year Soflba ll. I year lia rd ball, 1 year Trac k, 1 year V i c t o r y Corps, Sca Div i s i o n 2 years G lee Club, 3 year s J U IlI TII Rt:n:s P a n a ma Ci ly, R de P. A n all.'roll"d girl Softball,3 yea r s Ba s k etba ll. 3 years \' olley ball 3 years Archery, I year G. A. A., 2 yea r s ,\II1HRlt:1. L. Soumm C l eburne. T ex a s NOlhing is impossible to a willing hellrt Freshman Guidance Pl ay B owli n g. 1 yea r Vi c t o r y Corps Air Junio r Ring Commillee Seni o r Class Picture Committee CAL\IN L. STEMPEL P anama Ci t y, R de P. Studies. flln. ellmes/ness, (tnt/ good nallire arc his conS/lint companions "B" Club Football 4 Baseball. years Softball. 3 year s Basketball. 4 yearb Laboratory Assistant. 2 years Viclol') Corps, 2 years


1-!t .. R8ERT F. Sn: \ ENS Colon. R de I>. We'll all nigh t anti jorget the morrow Class Photographer. 4 Liltle Theatre. I year Parrakeet. 1 lear Zonian. 3 leaf', Camera Club. 2 Baseball. 2 leur s Swimming. 2 Football years 2 ) Trac k. 1 year Softball. I year Bowling. I year Archery. 2 years \ i c t o r), Corp .... Sea Di, i s i o n R "LI'H T. STEW \RT Bloomington. Ill i n o i s fl app) am I : jram car e I' m Jree F ootba ll 3 years Soft balJ. I yea r B a .. ketball. I year Track. I yea r \ ictory Corps. 2 ) 'ear s DOLOK):::' EUZAIIETII Allanti c C ity. New J e r sey he knows how to I"in Iriends and inJluen c e people P arrakee t I yea r Camera Club. I yea r Dance C lu b. I yea r (Allantic C it y) Volleyball. 4 yca r s Volleyball. year Ba sketball. 3 yea r s Softball, 3 years Victory Co rp" Secr e tary. Community Sen ice Employment B u r ea u. 2 years Pep Squad r-.1 :JIIage r 2 years Library A ss i stant. 2 yea r s OHice 2 yea r s Junior R i n g Com mittee Sen io r Dance Co rnmillee \tAftY LoUl"E S l L1. I\AN Anc on. Ca n a l Zo n e A 1 )/eaSQllt Caml)(1llion a l ways C. A. A 2 yea r:, Soft ba ll. 3 Ba<.ketball. 3 y ear ... \ o ll e y ball, 3 y e u r s Tennic:. 2 ycar .. CIIIJru.. I y e a r S. A. Repre .. c-nt a li ve. 2 yea r .. L illi e Theatre. 3 yea r s Ar('h er)", I y ear JACK WAI{\ AnClIn. CanaI7..lJl1f' Olle oj Ih e be s t Art Cluh. I yf'ar WII .L1A\f J Tftl.: \Iiumi. F I ( Jrida II Kt'lIt1emllll with (I nallie hi s ( hara C l e r hMJtball.3 year .. S o ftb a ll. J year \ i('t o ry C(Jrp .... Sea Di\, j.itlu WII .L1AM J T URNER Flo r ida A 11/(111 i s th e pm! h e p la ys amo n g his jellolUs "B" Club Soft ball. 3 yea r s Footba ll. 2 yea r s Ba s k etball. 4 years V i c t o ry Co r p s Produ c ti o n TIU :LMA ATALI E VAIfEY Philadelphia. P e nn sy lva ni a Gra ce ill h er steps ant! h eave n i n h e r e)' es Vict o ry Corps Communi t), Service G l ee Cluh. I yea r Pep Squad. 1 yea r JUNE W A LUIl Pitl sburg h P e nn sy h a ni a Frielld lin ess is her pa sswo rd S. A. Secr e taT)' I yea r Pa rrakeet 1 year Volley b a ll 2 yea r s Softball 2 yea r s Ba s ketball. 1 ye a r V i c tory Corps, 2 yea r s Glee Club. 1 yea r Office I yea r r-.1 UflIAL Ln: \'(IALun K ing s t on. New Y o r k She was n ever Imowil 1 0 speaJ.: i n ha s l e : her w o rd s were eve r s weet L a Paz.. I year (Cr i s tobal) V i c t o r y Corps Community Service Orc h e stra. 2 years (Cris t o bal) R OlU:flT EOWAIID WIIITAM Bar Il arbo r J\la in e All excess o j idells (J/ld II will 1 0 see t h e m thr o u g h Soph o m o r e C la ss. President Junior C l ass. Pres id e nt S. A Presid e nt "B" Club. 3 yea r s S wimm in g. 4 yea r s Wat e r P o l o 4 yea r s o f AIIS l urs. J year F ootba ll. 2 yea r s Track. 2 years Basketha ll I yea r ViC I O r ) Corps. Sea e n t ice. I year BEATIIIC ) : M Atti ) : \ 'flOIl I .FAItTII An con Ca nal Z o n e B ea" oll r P e r solla lil) Gi rl A. H cprescnlat i vc, I yea r Pmrakec / 1 year Zonitlll. Ad,' c rli s in g I\lunager. 1 y ear 1 y ea r Vic t o ry Co r p s, Co mmunil ) e r v i ce 2 Offi ce A ss i s t a nt 2 yea r!) SENIOR CLASS 1944 ===========================


C#(UUJ/l, Chapin :!bOJUJthff qulj dlCWUf :!bannaU Illan M CVUo-n P'I1ce /ttcwna Ma/Uj /ttetdand CaLu.m $tempd f








THE "Queen of Hearts", Thelma Vahey, on a Valentine throne that makes a Fitting backdrop For her dark beauty. With blue eyes sparkling and Flounces of midnight blue net swirling From her waist, Thelma walked slowly past the crowds to receive her crown From Senior Class president, John Mayles, at the Queen of Hearts Ball.


1. MOS T ATTIlAC T IVE Canll e n H e rn and e z a n d Fran k Marney 2 MOST ALL RoUND D o r othy Frit z alld Cal vin Stempe l 3. tRIE OLIEST Jun e Walt e r an d Murrie l SOl/ti p r 4 BE T D ANCERS B e tt y llaines and Albe rt H u s t e d


-Up 5. MOST INTELLECTUAL Mar y Newland and Harr y Dannal s 6 i\ l o T TALENTEO Elizabeth Lllnd y and Sam Ir v i" 7. i\lOST ATIILETI C /lo ney B e r g man and J ennings Turner 8. i\ OST P O P ULAR Bea Wohlfarth and Paul D e B e hllk e


Jlls t befare th e btlttl e M ather. O /lt aJ Ihe /light Paul com es t o th e aid of th e Z o nian. An o ffi ce helWr r e p orts l o r (Iut)


Rr!IJlIft ("artl (ifl). /llIn' fI/) uiJe r Another pinup qut.e n. Reg;nll' s in the luon!f seat! Ueel) in th e heart of Texas" I lfin/intit-r. ("onH'1 bit' ( :IIIIiIl'.r. Jour 1'1 tirt'\. (t rmlio nt) 110


ROBEIIT WIIITAM. Pre s ident Student Association Th c S tud e nt Assoc i at i o n o f Balb oa l li/Zh Sc h oo l h ea d s all o th e r within th e sc h ool. Th e purpose o f th e S. A. i s t o provide socia l entert a inm e nt f o r th e stud e nts. to s p o n sor th e vario u s o r ga n izatio n s in sc h oo l a nd t o impro c th e sc h oo l in every way p oss i b le. Th e S tu den t A s oc i a ti o n co n s i s t s o f a pr esi. d cn t and v i cep r e s ident. th e p r esi d ents and i cepreside nt s of th e f our cla sses and f o ur r eprese nt atives e l e t t e d frol11 e a c h cla ss. Th e preside nt i s c h ose n by s tud e nt vole. H e in turn appoint s th e S. A. secre t ary Thi s year Gob \Vhil am was preside nt th e f irst se mes t er and Mike New lin th e seco nd se mes t e r w ith Jun e \Valte r as sec r etary. Mr. H a t c h ell was agai n f ac ult y a d v iser dri' e for 5. A tick e t s a nd for th e fir s t tim e in th e members h ip. Thi s yea r th e organ izati o n s p o n so r e d a hi s t o r y o f o ur sc h oo l B. 1 1. S. co uld claim lOO"'f, D ances and picnics were s p o nsor e d with vari o u s cla sses as h os ts. The Inauf,rurati o n D a n ce h e ld O c t o ber 1 was a s u ccess b eca u se o f th e s u s p e n se b e f o r e th e di sclos ur e o f th e winn e r s in class o ffit:er e lecti o n s. Th e re were two se nior d a nces-a football d a n ce and a Val e ntin e d ance. Th e Junio r C l ass ente rtain e d a t a Christma s danc e a n d a 51. P a tri c k dance Th e so ph o m ores w e nt t o t own with a Sa di e H awkins dan ce whil e th e fre shm e n g av e their dance in Mar c h The clim ax o f th ese soc i a l fun c ti o n s was th e Juni or-Se ni o r A ga l a dance concl ud ed th e eve nt. The Emp l oy me nt B ur ea u o r ga nized f o ur y ears ago b y th e S. A .. w as a c tiv e thi s year. Barbara Neville h e aded th e bureau with Na n cy C h apin as h e r ab l e ass i s t a nt. Th e hi g h sc h oo l publica ti o n s and th e Came r a Club were support e d b y th e S A Th e S tud e nt Associa ti o n i s espec i ally pro ud o f o n c acco m plis lun e nt f o r the fir s t time the P arrakee t was se lf-suppo rtin g. The Z o n;on was fin a nced with S. A. fund s. All awards-spo rt s. journalism. a nd s p eec h w e r e paid f o r b y S. A. a nd pr esente d o n Awards D ay. At R OIl UIT W IOTA"; W OIII .. f\lITlI, A j \111. J IATCllt-TT A (hiscr this tim e th e S A preside nt f o r n ex t year was pr ese nlf'd. S i ud e nt Assoc i atio n r eprese nt atives w e r e u s h e r s at all sc hool programs a nd eve nts. Addition a l inco m e f o r th e S A ca me fr o m th e Littl e Theatr e p l ays and fr orn th e sa l e o f b l oc k prints m a d e b y s tud e nt s a t th e co mmi ssary. WALHII, Se c retary; l\IIC II M : L EWL I N Yice Pr esident


S. A. In Action I Anc h o r s Aw e i g h .. 2. Our c h eerleade r s int o acti o n 3 B o bbi e Nc,ille. c hier of t h e Empl oy m ent Bur ea u .. I. S. A R cpresenL .Ili\ cs : W ohlfarth. Fre d e tt e. Fritz. Br yso n S ouder and H ei l man o n th e j o b ... 6 S win g and SW3)-lhe S. A. way 7 The S A. roo m ... 8. A source of rc \cnue.


Victory Corps Magazines. h oo k s. play in g cards r eco rd s a nd gam es a r e some o f th e it e m s c o ll ecte d by th e Vi ctory Corps during th e past yea r. The l as t w ee k in eac h month bro u g ht around the ma g a z in e co ll ection u s u ally won by I Vlr. M c K eeve r 's class o f freshme n. L e tt e rs thanki n g tiS f o r b oo k s a n d m agazi n es w e r e r eceive d fro m Alli e d serv i ce m e n a ll ove r th e world. At Chris tm as eac h p e rs o n who had wr itt e n th e V i c t o r y Corps a l e tte r wa s sent a Chris tma s ca rd and a not e. Th e Victory Corps t oo k c h a r ge o f th e a nnu a l Am e r i c a n Junior R e d Cross Drive and at Chris tm as co l l ec t e d f oo d cl o thin g t oys and m o n ey f o r th e poor in Pa nama. During th e War B o nd Carnival in F ebruary a War B o nd a n d S tamp drive was h e J d. Speci a l courses tra inin g stude nt s f o r th e armed serv i ces w e r e a part o f th e curric ulum. Vi ctory Corps credit was obtaine d in auto-mec h a ni cs a e r onautics physi cs a nd r adio. L eader of the V i c t o r y Corps was Harry Danna l s who wa s a ss i s t e d b y B ob Br yso n vice p r es id e nt and D o lores S u isman, sec r etary. Ea c h cla ss had tw o repr esentatives th e class sec r etary and vic e-pres id ent. Eac h h o m e r oo m h a d a Vic t o r y Co rp s r eprese ntativ e 1. H arry Dannal s stude nt leader o f th e Vic tory Cor p s ... 2 D o l o r es w o rk s overtim e t o k ee p Vic t o ry r ec ords strai ght ... 3 Firs t aide r s learn b y d oing ... 4. O l d G l o r y ... 5 Some a rti cl es colle cted ... 6. Som e o f th e seniors he l p in th e b oo k drive.


'I \'\C'I II \1 ..... AssiSlatll fdilor Th e r e i .. a and a pm,h. a grunt and a g r oa n and fin all) a of rel ie f 3:. th e .. taff th e ZOlliaIL it::. ::.end o ff do\\ .. t h e maill.hul c. fin ally off:' i\l ike \ e\din. e ditorin c hief a nd h e lper. th e mail l e v e r dro p s int o pla ce. :.: :.: :.: \Xc rt'I,.':1I1 UUI fir .. 1 in OClober and \/111 rc .. o h c to) "'\ 11(1 l i lt' book. Ito Ih e b y Dt 'ct' mlJt'r .. nt'nhf1(l) feeling .. (I l' x ('i l e d abotlt hi .. n c\\ job and ; ... ft''''po n ... ibilitic,," E ditor lin ll'arinj! h i ... hair o u t OH'r !lI t' pm ... pt'(' t flf "ollie detail f)\t'rlOtlk.l'cl .. .. \ .. .. i ... l;Jn t Edi t o r Chapin a n d il t'fby our .. hutl!-J hu g heHling p eo pl e t nget h t'r fur thpir pic lun" ... B(,h Ntlrtl .. trullI, a ..... i .. t :lIlt ph o to!!rapllt'r, frolll b e h ind th l' It' n at th e prelly {!al .. f\'aturt' Edi t r E g lint!)n l o .. in{! a fl'W h OUT'" .. I l't'p IT}'in:;! 10 write a sideline f O T ('11t h "clIi o r B e rgman. gi rl ... "'po rl .. edi t or, a round .. c h ool [In d wtlTr}inj.( \\ht't h t' r o r n u t all th e girl ... pictur e .. \\olllid ('\t'r bc taken .. ila n'c), bo y ... "'pil r h t'ditor. pl anninp: hi .. ec li o n and wi .. hing ht' hao ht'l'1l 31101(c

1-1. "}'e E(f' Publicati o n s d o n t jus t bloom. The r e a r e h eadac h es and h eart ach es a U 3c h e d t o e ver y i ss u e In rool11 11 6 pandemonium r e i gn s And in th e ce n t e r. a s always i s Mi k e Newland. e dit o r o f th e Parrakeet h a r r i e d a nd ove rw o rk e d. b es i ege d 011 all s id es b y ques ti oning journ a li s t s No matte r h ow ru s h e d. so m e h o w Mik e always b ea l s th e d e ad lin e ... And in a quie t corne r i s Nancy Chapin, se r e n e, doing h e r j o b as assi s tant e dit o r ca lml y and e ffi c i e ntly. a ney com es thro u g h e v e r y issu e with "The Inquiring R e p o rt e r ... Da shing madly thro u g h th e h alls, lis t ening a lt c nli ve l y t o a ll bulle tins. pe e kin g thro u g h keyh o l es, i s Mary New land. capable n e w s edito r. who manages t o g lean e very particle o f n ews in B. H. 5 .... Barbara Nev ill e, exc h a n ge e dito r s it s i n th e back o f th e room surrounded b y m ountains o f exchange pape r s Fro m t h e m s h e garne r s ideas fo r aye o ld public a ti o n And in h e r s pare tim e B obbie has turne d ou t so m e o f th e b es t feature s tori es in th e Parra/fee t ... l o l a Dilb ec k i s B ob bie's a bl e a ss i stant and i s a l so a c rack erjac k r eport e r J a ckie" D o r g a n i s f eature edito r and th e o ri gi n a t o r o f "Juke B ox Jive". o n e of th e li ve li es t COIUIllIlS in th c paper ... Tha nk s t o June \Va l ter. business manage r. and Mr. H a t c h e tt bus iness advise r. th e Parrakeet ha s becomc self supporting. They have b o th done a supe r job. At th e t ypewrite r i s r e d head e d M a ri o n Pri ce. o n e o r th e Parrakeet's Illost ve r sa til e columnis t S h e wr it es '"Sca tt e r e d C h a tt e r a nd i s th e o ri g in a t o r o f u Coed Corn el''' ... Bob T op to /Jo tt o ", : Nunc}. fIIic;, Thoma .. uncl 'like make plans while "Wee<:er p l .yo; grt mliu ... OUI depl'l1dabll .. l a nl t:dilor. Nancy Chapin ... S lur cfllulIlni .. I.:, Dr,nna l'IlcCl ai n Jean Car<..on and I\larion Price, Iry to beat t h e (lI'ael lin c ... QUI' Parfllkeet n: p'.rt e ro;. B ea Wuhlfarth Mi c k ey Shutt and l o la Dilbec k I) pc th eir for Ih e coming j".,ue. I


Two or our colulllni .. t ... LUlli .. t \Iundn and JIH:J...ic Durgan ;':11 aftl'r u ... tor), leeel Bob S ui"mun ... port .. edit o r and hi ... a .... i .. tanl, B u b i\onl .. lro m C_lIllJ)arl' IHlII' SUi::-lllall, bo)s' editor. and Bob Norcbtrolll, a:i!sb tant ha\t.! made th e s ports page reall y I i\ e. Carmen Chris" I l enla nd cz and I I ollc)'" B e r gman tak e ca r c o f th e g irls' e nd of th e pa ge. "Chri::-" also th e s lud e nt diaries "ilh Ih e looto o a\\ful Ilo m e r as th e ir hero, ,jus t t :b o ut Ih e h a rd es t \\'orkin:; g irl o n Ih e i:5 Elizabeth "Libb) .. She i s th e Ill,ak eup editor. a job \\ hi c h requires time and palie n ce. Shirle} C ull e n Libb)'s able Libb) also e l'\('::-nedit f o r h e r ('olumn lIeartbreak Hospital"' ... \ra nt t o kn o\\ \\ h a l to \\ ca r and \\ h CII? Prac ticall) the thing e \ er) J3. II. S. coed 1 0 \\ h en th e o ut j ... th e column "Hage o f t h e Age:' And the lad) \\ilo takes a b Oll f o r thi s i s D o lores Sui::-l1lall. In ,](Idili on D o l o r es d oes a job as ('ir c ul a li o n m a na ger. '. The m a n \\ilh Ihe t'alllera l,otddn'l h e an)'one but H e rbi e lI i s f a \ o rit e su b jet't i::: Ihc g irls' in s h orls B y th e \\ay, B o b \ o rd stro m. our redhead. Ilc!'hi e ou t \\ ilh Ihose pi ctures, D onna I\Ic C lain. "Tri,ic" \rohlfa rth <:lIld L o ui se Iun\ in arc d e p endablc allround rep orters and fcature \,tiL e r s, The) keep )OU (,au g ht up \\ilb e\Cf\I e \('rrlhing) thai fWC:i! a ll around s(' hool '1'\\0 junior g ir l s j t'an and 'Iil'ke) Shull. iliadI:' th e th b \ ca r. jran you th e popuhlr poll co lumll. "The Speak".\lic ke) th e paper supplied \\ ith of e \ C I ') kind. Through th e com" bin e d c ff o rt s o f future th e Parra kee t ha .. ('o lllplet e d a )ear. TOI) to IJottom: IIlrlw rl pholoJ;!rnplll'r. 11)111.. .. OH'r a dB,' .. wnrJ... ... The girl .. "port .. editor ... \Iurid B erJ,!man and Carnwll Il t'rnalUh'/ ('(llIlpart nOll' .. D o iMe .. .. man. ("ircuialinn ... hll .... .. Iht n' .. uh .. tn 3thcrti.ill;! IIlnnag\ r JUll l' Waltt'r E\.thall;!t editor Bnrhara \ l\ i llt ('\.plain .. a uniqm' idea 1 0 \Iury Ne .... land. Ilf.'\'" ,dilnr ... Cullt'n and Elizubdh Lunch our arli<;( ... pr pare make up.


Little Theatre PIa} "Culling All Ghosts" Dramatics T h e Littl e T h e atre enjoyed 11 wccessful seas o n Thi:) yea r two p lays we r e p r oduce d in w hi c h Sen i o r s t oo k p a rI. T h e [ ir s was a m ys t ery-co m e d y e ntitle d Callin g A ll Ghosts'". T h e secon d wa s /\ \ oicc I n The D a rk-', a pa t riotic comedy. SPEECH CLASS


BIOLOGY CLUB I.elt t o Right: D i d Turb)fill. )Olar) Neumann. 'lick"" B oa C.m .. lridor. \ I ilo \[nandll. RUlh ..\nn Cil('\ali(' r. \1 ... L el'. n d j .. t'l. CAMI:::RA CLUB Top RQu: \lr. \'\altt'T. ad,j",>r: Fr:lnk .lr(']1O\\". \ l1tn Bt'nl/. Rohlrt 'unl"',rnrn. Ralph I"..oh'"rril. 5('rand ROle B ill ['an .... B ill Barllwlllrnt'" \Hon .. o 1I1l1lj!hlon. Char:e .. LeBrun. /:IUflUIII ROle Rolwrt UWlln, \ t'rn Calln. \\3}. ,.\lI t:n E T be.


1. Our firs t Junior-S e nior B a nqu e t 2. Th e old sc h oo l n e v e r t o b e ior gollen ... 3 Far away an d 1 0llg ago ... 4 Wh e n we w e r e freshme n ... 5 Our n e w sc h oo l going up! ... 6 Placing it in co mm i ssion ... 7. T o the gas chamber for a try-out ... 8. Th e n ca m e B" Club initi ation day ... 9 OHHHH, th ose t y ph o i d s h o l s !!! ... 10. B e for e we w e r e w e t th e fi r st tim e ... 11. Th e boy s l ea rn how t o b e auxi liary f i remen 12. H ow we enjoyed th ose "Pana m a Mamas" ... 1 3. And th e n th ose so r e fee t after the Vic t o r y Co rp s parade


I. Se( r r tari es in th e makin g ... 2. Mu sc:les in the makin g .. 3. Th e mighty se ni o rs, 1. O n e c up o r 1\\I,? 5. I t s easy to Lake a C'H apar t b u t tr y t o r e asse m b l e it! ... 6. O u r rULure a r c hit ec t s ... 7. Ou r Ber th a sings. 8. A ce ne fr o m th e meta l s h o p


9 \'(T e see th e \\ing:. but \\here i t h e p l a ne? 1 0. I t l oo k s \ c q prc tty-hut d oes it fit? I I. A boa illu stra t es his tcthniqu c o n an i g u a n a f o r bio l ogy 1 2 5al11l11) d oes a p hysi s p r ohlem ... 1:3. th ose c h emis ts \\' ill di s('O\e r a J a p e radi ca t o r B elte r t o i\lr. L ee .. L:;, lI alf an orchestra! 16. A e ronauti c s bull e tin b o ard.


1. The meetin g o f th e lear 2 enor Joaquin Fus l c r g i\ e con cc rt. 3 Our prc!:!id ('nt call:, th e sec a n d m e tin g e !, H e r e th ey go again 5. Dr. 8ro\\n\\cll Bra s examines hi s \ i e t im. 6. An o t h e r murde r \\hile our presid ent f aint!:! in the back -ground. 7. Our b oys \\;ll"m lip f o r lh e b i g galli c. S. \ V e m e L th e m a L the staLio n. 9. Jus t b e r o r e t h e ga m e. ] O Speech key \\ inn e rs. 1]. The Christmas mu s i ca l ]2. f \ t last \\c arc measur e d f o r caps and gO\\IIS 1 3 \ Y ell \\o rlh \\ailing for! II. d oll a r e displaye d. 1 5 Thc 80::05' ge t s dunke d 16. \ V e e r e ou tnumbered!!!


I B<';:tUt) in H junkyard ... 2. Our principal relaxes ... 3. Ou r pres id e n t i n a h o le again ... I. B u dd i es ... 5. S"311 dal1(' ... G. Our l o l a ... 7 Out o f l ound a gain ... 8. B e rth a wo\\ s 'em ... 9. Elld o r a n ollwr da) ... 1 0 Quit )our kidding II. T o b e s h o t -HI dawn 12. I s i t Iwom an ? 1 3 Mi ss lIu('<.ti ... fill ... ou t r('por t ca rd s II. The good o l d S. A Boom! 15. Whcrc 's the b ee r s t ea k ? ... 16. Slill life.


I The ra\orilr o('("upa li o n .. 2. Tilt Ihat ... :{. \X .IIIn3 ('orne a l oll::'?. I. B.II.S. pill 'up g irl ... 5. ... 6. \X' c\( :-('('11 bl,tter ... 7. \1001..(', '.., ulld(' ... 8. "1101' iron bM" OJ t 'i;I;:'l'" ... 9. Soulh Campus 1 0. P ClIsi\c 11100d ... II. COIII(' 011. :-lI1ilt ... 12. bt' f UIII!) n. Th'lt Prpsodcnl s mile! II. Our JUlie. 1 5. Three o\lotk l. a h ol' ... 16. IltJI1l('\\urcl h o und.


J. Wip e tha t "mil e off! 2. it out ... 3. B. I I. S. b ea uti es? ... Y ou:1I b e l ate for cl as B oye r! ... 5. Hug-man ... 6. Und e r the sprea din g c h est nut tr ee ... 7. I s that so ... 8. Th e o rr i ce h e l p ... 9. D oes it fit ? ... 10. flollywOQd h as Crable-B. H S ha s Hele n ... J I. Rai n y seaso n ... 12. S i es ta ... 13 I s it go nna hit ? II. W e ll. it Iik thi s ... 15. J ose him se lf ... 1 6 \Vh a t 'll i t be-an H A o r "8"? 17. Wha t d ocs it s ay? ... 1 8. Th e la;1 mil e ... 19. Our Eddi e goes h o m e


I. J ust friends? 2. The Link ... 3. )Ial..e it frood! I. O o n't le L him fool you! ... ;'. \11 \\eL a g ain ... 6 I nfo rm a l h o p ... 7. Thinking? ... 8. lI o ld il l ... 9 Fr ee! 10. Our b all{ l r ain or s hin .. 11. Our B e tt),. 12. \ 0 1 in public! ... 1:1. "haL s h e ... II. \"'\' a L<:h rin ge rs!. 1 5. To h uild a p l a n e 16.806392 ... 17. Bef o re Ihe de".



Thi s year t h e B. H S g rid team was the winn e r in the Cana l Zone "B i g Three" Conf e r e nce for t he f ir s t l i m e s ince 1937. This yea r 's annual B. II. S. C. Z. J C. :.:.ridiron lilt e nd e d in a 0 li e. The Bal b oa l ea m i nclude d i n th e ba c kfie l d B o b Fredeue. th e be s t fullback in t h e Zone H ank Tuttle, a n cxce llt :nt pun t e r and d e ceptiv e man Bill L y n c h who wa s an ace at callin:;!; th e rig ht play s at the ri g h t time and J aim e hcome. a n exccll e nt ball carrier and t h e ma n on th e team. Balboa' s first lin e co n s i s t e d o f c nd s Calv in Stempe l and Bob Kunk el. who were b o th welJ ove r feet tall and coul d s na g a pal'S anywh e r e. I n the l ac kl e p osit i o n s were Bob Bry so n and Jim A laguire. w h o co u l d r ea ll y hil that lin e and hit it h a rd 1\<:. gua r ds w ere B o b Ilancy a nd \"\'alt e r lIinds. tw o f ast and furiou s b oys who J e d inle r f e r e n cl' o n cve r y running play. I n th e ce nt e r s pol was J en nin gs Turne r. who was well abl e 1 0 cove r hi::. p os iti on. I nstfllc tioTiS Irolll th e wate r 1>0)


R(libou till 11ll' d eftn .. iH' til e wllClle grmll' \'x('l'pl in tilt' la .. 1 fl'''' lI1inuh '" uf pb) \,lIt' n "-(Ill e r lIind.., inltH't'I>It'd J pa .. .., .. n 1 0) ani lin e and rlln 10 IIll 20)anl lin e hefort' <10"'1\('11. of Ih e Balb oa' .. bo) .. pllt up, Ilit-ir n eH' r .... a\dil' c:pirit, Ih ei r uhili!) I.) 1111 and hilling. Ihat lint, hanl (or 1"' 0 Il\>lIr" und e r a hmiling Iropical .. un, Ih e .. u)i ng"a fi{!htin{! l ea m nner liel..ld" Iwld I ril l' in thi .. conk .. I Since {llm o .. t e\I''1t1n c e'pl'ctt' d Z. J C. to o\('rrUIi Balhoa b) al It: .... 1 thn'c \(IuclH!llwn ... B albua \\Un a m o r a l \ie t nr) II) Iwlding: IIIl' c.1Ilcg(' 'quad to a ti('. \\ h ell B. II. S. IlH't Cri .. lt)bo\ three wet'k.. Jalt'r afte r a full month Ilf practi ce under lhe :!uiding c)e o f Couch "Ht'd" IIt11n phril''', Balb oa won an l't .... ) ,it t ll!) o,er Cri:olobol. Be cau,e o f the fuc l Ih a l lhe fidd wa.., wei and .. lipp ef')' in Ih e fi,",,1 quarlt' r neilh e r l ea m cou ld mak e h c adwa } and bolh were furcl d 10 kic k o ul "c\(: ral time... I n Ih e :;cco nd p e riod it wn.., a diHt'n:nl .. l or). Cri .. tnba l wa .. dri\t; :11 ba c k t o th eir own n,,:-)ard lint', \\ h('n th e ball \,n .... nappe d on th e n exi pia), Bob Br ) .. o n one t ) f B a lboa' .. a ct' bml..c liLro u g h tht" lin e a nd Cri .. lobur, ""t('h in their o\\n end zo n e whi c h madl' the .. co re 2-0 in Balboa' .. fa\t )r. In Ih e third period Balboa\. .. h(' 10 did" and Ih t') Ih e ball up 1 0 Cri .. tuhal' .. 1\\\) )8rd lint'. On till' 1\(,,1 pia) dill' h ) a m odified 'qudrlt'rha(l.. ... Ilt'al.. ... Balb oa c ra .. lwd mcr Iht' goa l lin e for a tou c hdown Tilt> co r e. whi('h ",n .. 8 wilh Balb oa 011 th e long en d. rl main cd !11t' "-'.IIne unlil the final gllll wa .. fir ed. TIlt' .. tcn't o f Balboa', "lIcce", !hi .. )('ar in [o(lthn ll \\a" iha! o a c h Ilumpilri f''' h ad mold e d Balb oa' .. e le\cn m t'n inln n m uchinc with a .. pint Ih.ll co uld nul b e \ou.' don't Jorgel ,,hat I t o ld )01/, ho)s" /-Illste(l's team i" acriOf! Ali-staT waler UO\ 11. H bOH al Iheir JUt orite sport


110b Kunke l. re co rd hold e r in the high jUnIp. g oe s Oller the top Armand C ru::. record holder in th e 8BO ya rd dash T ha t B. H S w ould co p th e h o n o r s in th e anl1u a l T r i a n g u l a r Tra c k Mee t see m e d a ss u r e d a s th e ZOllian went t o p r ess Fir s t h o n o r s i n the h i g h jump and 120yard hig h hu r d l es a nd b r oa d ju m p se e m e d in th e bag f o r B. H. S. s in ce B o b Kunk l e h o l d s t h e C. Z. hig h sc h oo l r eco rd f o r h u rdlin g th e b a r a t 5' a nd l as l yea r won th e hig h hurdles a nd p l aced seco nd i n t h e broad j ump. A n o th e r r eco rd h o l de r i s A rm a nd C r uz, who h o l ds th e C. Z. hig h sc h oo l r eco rd f o r pa c i n g 880 yar ds in 2 min u t es 1 0 9 secon d s Walt e r Hind s s h ou l d p l ace sero nd in the 100yard and 220 yard d ashes. a nd T o n y O strea s h ou l d p l ace seco nd i n th e 200-yard low hu rd l es. Seve ra l d a rk ho r ses will b oos t Balb oa's sco re i n t h i s a nnu a l eve nt. I s i t lInvtll e r record? H e Iloots thr o ugh the flir


In th e annua l s wim m ee t between B. 1-1.5 .. C. 1-1. S. Hnd C Z. j c.. held o n D ecembe r 2:3. th e Ba l b o a b oys won b y a landslid e Slel't!lls dites (flf,(fin The Balboa squad includ e d s u c h human fis h as Bob Whita m. "Big jim" Maguire Dic k Turbyfill. B o b Fredelle and B o b Kun ke l. Bob Whitam. "ho h o l d s seve ral o ul s tandin g r eco rd s. in c luding a backstroke record in th e H epublic o f P a nama and th e 16 yea rol d l OO-yard fr ee s t y l e r eco rd. w o n th e lOO.yard breast and I OO.yar d bac k stro k e even t s wilh ease. james l\laguire \\011 th l OOyard fr ee s t y l e e vent and wa s an asse t t o th e Balboa s quad i n th e m e d ley and fr ee s t y l e r e l ays. From thi s year"s lin e-up it look s as i f B. H. S ma y produce ano ther Alan Ford Slar sublime, s o/IJ. II S. J im and Bob Wllltam


Co r e o w i/lt l s lIP f o r f/flo th e r hit N i l/ti s COl t ers th e h o t co rll e r Wit h the h e l p o f abl e Coa c h A I J arl ett, w h o p l a ye d w ith th e Pitt sburg h Pira t e s in th e '42 43 s easo n Balbo a f ace d the b ase ball se a so n thi s y ear w ith c o nfid e nce a lth o u g h Cr i s t o b a l h a d d e f ea t e d th e Balboans i n th e p as t tw o a nnu a l co nt es t s Thi s yea r th e P ac ifi c side squad h ad man y ex p e ri e nced ball player s w h o 5eem e d d es tin e d for th e all s t a r lin e up in th e '4-3 '4-1 g am e These includ e d Alb e r t Hus t e d. who did a s p l e ndid job w o rkin g b ehind ul e p l a t e ill l as t )car' s g am e \ V alle r H ind s w h o cove r s th e h o t c orn c r like a w e tb l ank e t Alla n P o o l e, who see m e d h e ad e d t o be the l ead in g hitt e r in thi s y e a r s c am p a i g n a nd Hug o Perino w h o did a fin e j o b o f hurlin g in p as t ga m es OF T il E BA'-.E B A LL A LL S T A H S lel l 10 riM"t /irs t row: U(1IJ \\t>din::;cr J o c k \Iulle r. B o b Kunkel. Eddi e Dl.Iran. Sero nd lOW: P aul D p B ehnh, C a lvin SI( m J)rl. J \ r m an d C ruz. J o .. i-Cur r o Walt e r lIinc k


Balboa's ('o ntin gen t thi s yea r \\8:, minu s s u c h top fligh t baskcteers as C hapm an. 'I iller a nd Jone. but th e r ed alld whit e squad r e t ained man y of th e bo)'s fr o m l a" t all:,t .II" sq u ad. boys h e r e H usted. Kunk el. Stempel. Turne r and Fr e d ette. A s the Zoniarl goc:; t o press our sport s editor predicts th a t th e Pacific siders will be o n th e l o n g end o f th e fina l score in thi s yea r 's ga m e \, ith th e Atla nti c dribbl ers. Fur Ihe fir .. 1 lin'c In lht' hi s t o r of B alboa Schoo!'" athletic bo\\linp. wa .. added to thc bo} ... ... pMt prug:r am. Some SO bo} .. participated in II I(' It.':lt::ue. and man} of thc .. c ten pin1U'T'" prO\ed ttl b(' bo .... ler.,;,. th c .. { ho} ... a T C i\. C. \"allace. who 'on.. i .. tentl} TOil .. J:!SOlC" well o,er tilt' 180 mark. and Ted \le1an .. on. anotheT high-ranl..inl! howler. who occa .. ionall} c ra .. h(' .. the pin .. for a 200p lu CUll1\'. The B" L ea;.(ue wa ... led b) ,,"eh aile} .. Iar-. s'" Oicl.. Col .. tun and Il a rro, H urlty. The ri\(.' 00,,, ",ith the hight .. t a\t"rac.e fmlll Ih \ Ll'al!lIe a n d lhe fi\e bo) .. from Ih e "B" Lcap:lIc met the 00)" fr()1ll ri .. tobal on the (jill')" of the B alboa Bo .... Ce nter ...\1\ ho\\led .... ere lInd ... r the weather eye of \Ir. lIumphrie ... Balhoa II ih coach. Cl'crul Q/ 'he topmnkiriS of B. II. S.


As the lOlliarl \\cn t t o press it l oo k e d as if t h e '43: II softb all f r acas w ith Cri s t o ba l w o u l d b e a d u plic a t e of l ast )ear"s game. B i g B ob" K unkl e w as in the r e ag<1i n w h izzi n g th e m by t h e Atlan t i c s i d e baile r s a n d th e e,er re l iab l e b ac k s t op. i\l ille r had h i s l a s t yea r 's p os itio n s t o p pin g bulle t th r o w s b e h i n d th e p l a t e. Ot her c l e r a n s wer e Hind s \\ho cove r e d t h e h o t co rn e r and w h o a l so go t hi s s h a r e o f bing l es; A l b e rt I I u ted "ho ,,

1. Tuttl e ge l s one ... 2. Kic kin g ou l ... 3. 0011'1 mis::,! I. f o ld lh a t l ine! 5 Ihe man b e hind Ihe p l a t e ... 6. Coach Jarrell lhrows a ringer ... 7. H o w not to do it! .. 8. K unke l or Allas-\\ hic h ?


From lef, 10 ri8h,. firs row: Ca lvin S lcmpel Bob 1\lcdlinp:er, Jlank Tunle :'Il i l o A l exander Palll D e B cltn k e. B o b B r yso n Boh Second rou: Bob Ilanc y. P rc.:;idenl, Ja c k l\ll111er. Bob \,\' hiI1lm. Waller Ilind .... A l b e r l llu s l ed. Bill L ynch, \rmantl Cru"I. Coach Il lllllphric(>. ad,j"("r. .:. )ear th e B" C lub "hic h i s a n organizatioll o f the most outs t cll1di n g bo y a thl e t es o f B. H .. C IIone o f the m os t sUl'cess fu l yea r s si n ce its f o undin g by i\lr. L ock rid ge in ] 936, The "B"' C luh i s olle o f th e two Illos t cX"clu:si c club s in hig h school. I n orde r to b eco m e a m e m bcr of the ('llIb a boy mus t hav e s h o \\n excc ptiona l goo d s p o r t sman ship and mad e a n all,s l al' t ca m in a m a j o r "A" .!'p orl. li e mus t pa rti cipa t e in the a n llua l g am e w ith Cr i s t o b a l i n h i s respect ive s p o rt: h e h as In Iw \otf'd int o th e c1uh b y a two-third s majorit) o f Ihe m e mb e rs. Afle r a boy pa sse d t h ese r e quil'ethe /lext .... tcp i .... f o r th e applicant t o pul him self 3 1 the co mp l e t e cli s p osa l o f all Ihe m cmbc r s o f the dull. \dHl ('an do i.f1l}lhing the) \\anl "ilh him f o r t h e e ntir e inilinlioll day. W ell. a l m os t a n y thing. \ lth ouf! h the initiation.;: a re co mparathel } 1l10!:l 1 o f th e inco min g boys li\ e Ihr o u g h th e m .and .::un.iou ... l ) a\\ail IhE' cia) \\hen Ihe) "ill b e i niliators. lhi" 'NIl' Ill(' (Jffic i a l moll o of the "B C luh i s Gelle r a l D o u g l as l\l ac:A rthur' s f a m o u s ( I u o l ation. "On the fifl f l ... f,f ffif'udh "trif" are SQ\\/l th e see d s "hi t h in o lli ('r rem. 011 olher fields \\ ill bea r the fruill:o o f \ ilIon:' B ob II

:' Th anks for th e l\l e m ories" i!:o a 1:I('ntilllt'nt ill th e h eart... o f \\('. ste p ping l i ghtl y with the ir h e ads ill the clo ud f o r they w e re m e mb e r -of the C. A. A. Th ese recollectio n s and th s pirit whic h bound th e evc nt ee n l as j-. togeth e r \d/l b e remembered in )ear s t o com e Ifembers. t op row. (eft t o righ t : Ph ) J1i" Zemcr. Rulh .Alice F a irb rothe r. M oriama Fraire and Ruth Ann C h e \ ulier. ,II iddle roll.': 1\le r cede .. G rifo. JaeJ...ie D o r g an. J ea n a r cy. ,\Jary Towcq ,\Iiss !l ee lfir \d\'i ser. Fro"l rOlt : S h i rl ey i ggin<:.. iii 5 Barl ow, l I o n el' B c r g m an, Norm a J ohns l o n .1/issing: Carmen H ernandez D o t Fritz. Dori s Conllc r \ J OII ... "TO ..... C\H'It. ... IILR",\",oEz. ice Pr esident \ I ICE r\lRJ3ROTIiEH. SecretaIyTreasurer


IIcrn(Jllf/(': jllmps 11/1 fo r (f spike Left t o r ighl. firs l row: Murwin Fre d e tt e. Suis m a n J o hn s t o n Seco n d row: G rif o Car cy, Fairbro th er. B e r g man. Not in pi e l/lre: H e rn andel .. M a l ec, Con ne r Fl o r es. Pres l ey. F o r nin e w ee k s o ur l a ss i es c am e face t o f a ce to b a ttl e for th e ti!l c of wiIlJl e r Th c f our t e am s w e r e c aptai n e d b y Norma J oh n s t o n C a rm e n H e rnand e z Mary J e an Carey and J a c ki e D o r ga n. Wh e n C ri s t o ba l serve d th e f ir s t ball ovc r th e n e t in th e a n n u a l c la s h. Ali ce Fa irb r o th e r was th e r c t o set it up t o C arm e n H e rnand ez. w h o s pik e d it. Mary J c an Carey play ing cente r side. was c \ e r r e ad y t o pic k lip an y s pik c th a t C. II. S. mig:ht ge l across th e n cl. Norma J o hn s t o n. Lou ise l\iurwin. Ilo n e)' B e r g m a n. Ginni e J\lalee, D ol o r es Suis ma n I\iarie rrf'd e ll e, B etty Pres l ey a nd l\l e r ce d es Grifo ba c k e d up th e I)lil c r m e mb e r s o f t h e kalll. F ttirb r O lh er j ll m p s fo r (I hig h O/le


r he !lI.\.\/e::. fllIlll) IQr Ihe bull! I Jerglll(lll. } U llfl )/UII, I)orgoll seCl1 Ihrough Ihe b(fs/cel For t h e f ir::.! tim e t he girls p l aye d t wo-court i n s tead of n in e-co u rt. Und e r Joseph in e Lee. in s t r uct o r til(' g irl;:, l ea rn e d t o pi\ol. p ass and s h oo t B u t t h e th e i r and ex hibit e d h lack H n d b l u e mark s b e f o r e th e fiH' t ea m s. Sc o tt ie!;." alld T o p Hats.' fin i s h e d bClu l i n g f o r th e ( "1"0\\11. The fi, c \\ere capt ai ned b) D o t Fri tz. lI o ney B e r g man. D o r i b Conllor. Alice F l irbro t he r an d Hlith i\Ic A rthli r. \ \ h CIl th(' again s t th e Go l d Coasters f in al!) arrived th e anxiou:-I ) a\\aile d the starL. A s t h e h ell ran g 13. II. S. t ea m s t e r s had Ca p t ai n A lice F a i rbro ther. 1 \ l ar)" Jean Carer a n d Hosemary \ ic k i s h e r p l ay i n g th e fOf\ Hlr d pos i tio ns. Gua rdi n g th e C ristobalitie::. "ere e x p e r t s l\llIn\ in. Yol a Zimmer m a n a nd \len:edcs G r i fo. S a n e H e L y n c h. i\orma J o hn s t o n R u th ie -'!e A .-tilur. D i a n a lIumber. P eg-g) l\lun1l11<1\\. Gret h e n an d D o r i s COlllle r supported t h e team f r ol11 tim e t o t i m e suhs I n of our guards Cri::,tohal sco r ed. a n d \\hen th e fin i s h came ou r B a l b oCl la.;;s i es \\e r e defeat e d b) a 20-10 scorc. CarCI (lnd } ohn::,w/I Jlllllillor (I high one fr;l= srons 1I point f ai r brQllier tries (0 pass It"hile lIr C/aU/ guards


) O/l' r e O/lt!! O/lr tean/. re l a \ e s! C Ollie t o mama! A s the fir s t h o m e run was s tru c k and a c h ee r w e nt u p th e g i rl s s tart e d so ftb all w ith a b a ng. The f our t e a m s, T er r i es, C oe d s," A ce s a nd Sco tties," co nt e nd e d f o r t o p p l a ce Whe n Cri s t o b a l c a m e t o c o mb a t o u r t e a m th ey ba tt l e d a g ains t tru e s p o rt s m a n s hip a nd t o p r a t e pl a ying On th e m O llnd B a l b o a Hig h h a d Ca rm e n H e rn a nd ez windin g up t o se nd the b all t o th e w ell pl a c e d g l ove o f H o n ey B e r g m a n behin d t h e h om e p l a t e On fir s t b a se r ea d y f o r e v e r y thin g w a s Mary J e a n Ca r cy T i n y A l i ce Fairb ro th e r w ell pl a ce d a s f i r s t s h o rt s l o p : was pre p a r e d t o throw a f a s t b all t o fir s t ba se m a n Ca r ey \ V h e n s p ec t a cula r run s w e r e sc ore d e ith e r L ouise M Ul"wi n o r No r m a J o hn s t o n s wun g th e b al. Oth e r s up p o r t e r s o f th e t e am w e r e Ruthi e M cArthur, D on na : M c C l a in D o t Frit z D o ri s C Olllle r lVl e r ce des G rifo a nd J a ckie D o r g a n Ir r r i k e I ,hreec!!!


Left to right: F3irbrother. Ber:.:man. l\u"lin. Ill'mandel. Contlt"r. Gei ... J ohn .. ton. D ore;lll. C3rt') n o l in pi c ture. Wh e n one o b se nes th e B. H 5. l ass i es spced. in g th e arro" in a trul) correc t fli g ht t o th e bull's e ) 'c th e s i g ht is impressi e Dan Cupid. in hi s h ey. day o f profic i e n cy n e e r se nt all arro" "illl g r ea t e r acclIrnc), than t he g irl s o f B. 1-1. 5. Amo n g th e of th e a r c h e r ) range i s J ane t Ceis. "ho for th e p as t f O llr years hHS s h o t a sco r e th a t hat-b een o ut standing J ad,it:' D o rgan suppo rt s her "ilh abo, e lh e a,crage m a rksm ans hip. On ce th e large t s \\e r e se t up a nd the ('ham pionship match agains t Cr i::.t oba l High started. Carmen Ilernandez. Ii o n e) B e r gman. L o uis win. Ali ce F ai rb ro ther. J ackie Dorgan. Janet Geis. D o ri s o nner. Francis Austin and June Hatttl\\a) aimed th eir 3rrO',5, l e t th em n) and sco r e d l assies brought in mall) point s \,hic h added up agai n::.1 Cris tobal. Jlt'rnlllldt': t ook aim and the a"oll .. It'll TI/'u sharpshooters. Geis and Dorgan, shout a high !>COfe


Le/I 1 0 righl: H a tt a way. B e r g m a n and D o r ga n Ra c k e t s w e r e swung g a ) l y a ... Ih e g irl::-ran t o t h e Courl s f o r a f c w sel s o f l ennis. 1\ .. tri c k y play:,. and t eamwo r k w e r e d eve l o p e d. I h e sin::;les and (1.1 ubl c" g ames s h o w e d s piril and det erminalio n. Scoop!:! Carey and I l one} R e r gman JU' a c t i cc d I'ver y s p H e aft e rn oo n a n d Saturday D uri..:. COil liN. Carm e n lI ernandez, June Hattaway and l ackit' Dllr::;1111 drelVe th e ball ba c k and f orlh acr o s t h e n e t fil!,htinA f o r v i c t o ry. I n t h e int ramu ra l ... Scoo p C.IIe y I i o ne) B e r g m a n CarmcIl Il c rn andt'z. Junt' Iialtaway. Phy lli s Bnrl o w l e ... sic HUIlI D()fAan a nd D o ri s Conno r ca m e o ut regul a rl y II) f o r tht t i ll e. Le/I 1 0 r ight: Dorgan Conne r B e r g m a n IIt' l nandf',.. lIatta w ay


0,1 lOllr II/rt rJ,! Get sCI! This sea so n B. H S. g irl s exhibited o ut s t anding a bilit y as t a nk s t c r s \Vhen S('oo p s Ca rey c ut s th e w a t e r in a jack k nifp o n e and a h a l r o r a back flip. a m ere spray o f wat e r a p pea r s. Whell th e g irl s s wim t a nd e m. grace and uni so n a r e s h o wn with eve r y stro k e. l\la r)' J ea n Carey. J ac ki e D o rgan. Phy lli s Barl o w a n d B e lt)' G a i nes up-BertJ's specia l t)' h e l d th e h o n o r o f the a lm a m a t e r by bein g o n h a nd t o s\\ im a nd di\ c f o r B. H S. Ollt 0/ this 1I'0"d Scoops comes liP for air tr' ha's /:oing where?


"i\lids t th e tri a l s a nd tribulatio n s of w a r the ZO IAN ee m c d fa r fro m a r ea lit y a t t h e b e ginni n g of our senio r yea r. The r e a r e m a n y p eo pl e 1 0 w h om w e a r e ind e b t e d fo r h e lpin g t o ma k e th e Z ON I A p oss ibl e. MH. C. S LACI.. A I R o ffi c i a l Can a l Z o n e p h o togr a ph e r i s r es p o n s ib l e f o r o u r arti s t i c p o p ul a r it y pi c tures and divi s i o n p ages. MR. LAW SON hi s a ss i s t a nt. l oo k pic t u res o f our mll s i c d epartme nt. lVln. S A VARD, o f th e P a r a i soPho l O S h o p m a d e th e scnio r p i ctures a n d h e l p e d Qui i n e m e r ge n c i es. MRS. B EHNE T T E B EAT TY. o f Sou th ern En g r a v i n g C ompany. SI. P e t e r sburg Fl orida r u s h e d o u r e n g r av in g w o r k t o u s b y pl a n e and h el p e d with page l a y o u t s MR. BEN C RANCEH, o f t h e 51. P e t e r s b u r g P rinting C o m p a n y 51. P e t e r sburg. r lOl' id a pri nt e d and b ound t h e Z o niall b y l o n g d i s t a n ce. MH. ANI} MRs B E E S ON. o f Panam a City, lenL liS th e i r h o m e as back g r o und f o r O ll r p o p ularit y pi c tu r es i\J E T I V I E R. o f th e R ecord Bureau. made sure th a t n o cop y was l os t during in s pecting and cen so rin g MH. E \ V. H AT CIIE T T S. A. a d v i se r w o rk e d ti r e l ess l y w ith our fin a n c i a l pro b l e m s P AN.AME R ICAN AIIlWAYS prov i d e d a p l a n e f o r o n e o f our p i ctures. M I C LlBo. ma n a ge r o f th e H o L e l Int e rn a ti o n a l. a nd MR. HEND H I C K m a n age r o f t h e H o t e l Tiv o l i. p r ov i d e d pi c torial back g r ounds. Our s p o n s o r s. the M EnCIIA N T S OF PAN Al\IA g av e u s finan c i a l b acking. W e w i s h 1 0 take thi s o pp o r tunit y 1 0 tl llln" : our fri e nd s for the i r a i d.


l. A l iee F airbrothe r 7 J u n e W a lt e r 1:3. \ c\\l a n d 1 9 Beg-ina RJU 2. Al be rt H u s t e d 8. L ouise .\Iur\\ i n II. D o l o res Suis m a n 20. A llen Bentz 3 R o bert \X'hit::I111 9. Thelma \ a her 1 5. "Iuri e l B e r g m a n 21. \orma john<;;Lon I. J u a n Oba rrio 1 0 B arba r a 1\'C \ ilJc 1 6 lIerbert S lc\' c n s 22. f)onna rClain 5. lad"ie D orga n 11. H arl' \' H o ll a nd 17 Carla N i x 2 : t J anel Ceis 6. B e rth a 1 2 P rud e n ce I>ain c 1 8. Har,) H olland 21. .\(arion Price 2 .. D a niel Neum a nn 27. L o i s Ilo hman n 28. \I exander 26. G u ess 29 Holcomb


The Following merchants of Panama made the 1944 ZONIAN possible by their Financial aid N e w C hin a 10tta's E I Co rt e Ing l e s Wo n g C h a n g Julio Vo s Dixon D. M. Tol edano Panama Radio Co rp. Andres Pon c e C i a. Am e rican Bazaar Ca s a Grant B eaut y S h op H ot e l Tivoli Barbe r S h op Feli x Maduro Madurit o An e on Gree nh ou s e Engli s h Dru g S tore Morris o n s F ifth Av e nu e C h a mb o nn e t Duran F s tli e h Santa F e Flori s t S ca d ron Spa n i h Bazaar B e s tfit C lima I d e a l Ang e lini Mu cLle ria E I Diablo L e w i s erv ice :. Ko o l S p o t Bazaar Int e rnaei o n a l H o t e l Ti vo li S t a r & H erald K o d a k Fue rza y Lu z C ha rl es Photo Shop EI R an c h o Balb oa Garden Doffey Bros Antonio' s Ca s a Kayse r H o t e l Int e rn a tion a l H erffJ one s & Co. Fre n c h Bazaar T ai lo r S h o p Cas a Philco Lux .Trop i ea IC ec ili a C i a. Ah C hu La Ma se o s t a Panama 25e S tore P anarn a America n Man u e l G. B e r c i a PanA m e ri e a n Orange C ru s h Na ti o n a l Lottery Fre n c h Bazaa r Savard's P h o t o Shop C e rve eeria Naeio n a l S. A. (Ca n a d a Dry)


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