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rC~ 1~
illl~Lrr ~_ ~~~1~)~1
~3L~llYI, IS 'iSII
Ilr~C rr,

a ,, a -. m ,*

A . : ;

"~t7' 9~~r~:~ u a Ear 9

A S you leave high school and go out into life you will
Look back and realize ever more strongly that your high
school years were golden. If you can drink of the bitter waters
without allowing experience to destroy faith, efface ideals or
sour the heart, you will have found the Fountain of Youth.
You have my sincere wishes for contentment and happiness
in life.



. I,



Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with funding from
University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries



SIn gratitude we dedicate
this Zonian to the Old
Timers of the Panama
Canal who gave the
best part of their lives
to fulfill the dream of
centuries. May their
spirit of cooperation and
good fellowship live on
,in the hearts of pos-


ilr. Ben lf. Willhams
of schools

Dr. George Howard
Assistant to the

Dr. Fred 1'. Hosler

. l~ li~-i-~.

Batalden, Calmer A. ...................................................................................... Indutrial Arts
Branstetter, Neil V. ....... .................................................................................... Music
Butler, M ary E. ................................................................................................. Com m ercial
Candee, Alice ................................. ........................ Social Science & General Mathematics
Collinge, Roger W .................................................................. ................... English, Journalism
Eneboe, Agnes R. ..................................................... Social Science, English
Esser, Segurd E. .................................................. ........................ ............................. English
Franklin, Max C. ............................. ...... .............................................. Industrial Arts
Frost, Olga J. ........................................ Spanish. French
Hatchett, Edward W. .......................................................................................... Mathematics
Hayward Dorothy G. ............ .. ............ ................... Commercial
Hollingshead, John H .. ne & Mathematics
Jessup, Katherine E(... .......................... ........................ English
M cN air, Jam es S ........................................................................................................ M them atics
Newman, Mary S. ........................... ................................... ................... Household Arts
Parsons, A lice ................................................................ ................................. Latin
Prentiss, H ervey P. ....................................................................... ........................ Social Science
R obson, Elinor D ................................................................... .................. ................... Spanish
Parrill, Irw in H ............................................... ................................................................ Science
T urbyfill, Subert ........................................ .................................................. a. D ram atics
Ward, Allen B. ....... .... Spanish, Latin
Wardlaw, George .L .. ..... Mathematics
Whaley, Myrtle ... English. Library
Zierten, H. J. . . .Industrial Arts


TO record the activities of Balboa High
School in 1938-1939 is the purpose of
this Zonian, but the staff has tried also to in-
corporate in it a little civic pride and school
spirit. In honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary
of its building we have used the Canal as a
theme for our plates, comparing the school to
the Canal, and the classes to ships going through
from the ocean of illiteracy to the ocean of
wisdom. Thus we hope to further the appre-
ciation of the great work done both by the
builders of the Canal and the builders of our
education-the teachers.

SCa"^ c"if^ ^ *^

I --

I -

L~ -


Mr. Hatchett


Fred Huldtquist Jr.

Canal Zone

4el"A NA"



Virginia Grey Thornton


Mascot Miss Jessep

.I b.A lre "ijan m lr ite..If.rrap .au
re,, hr, t:., b& I'.rd.
Basfbjl I 4 Slofihll I 2 ',
FLbilbll 2 ) \ice Prs.deni
Prieidtrn I LrrJe The.rre 4 Golf
; 4 Tennf, I Th.-t Di) oi Graie,
Night of .3lnu.jr 16

"PtJ. Ac ar i.rkn rts al." jand
prce'p .i il .ir t fPal/s..i
Orcheirr 1 2 ) 4 Lirdle Therre
Orchestra I 2 4. lhrmI:itr Club
4 Band I S.olibill I. 2 ;, 4.
Bsketibill 2 i, 4 T1rclk 2 5 4:
Tenni 2. 4A, Soccer 1, Foioball
2, & 4

".1 'asita , r i. .'-, I hAer
jil/. 7 rppling hir. '
Sorball 2 Si.ccer 2 \'lleyball I
2 Snimmin I Tnr.i; .' Glee
Llub 4 Quill and Scrill I.

Blanche Eleanor Adler
Canal Zone
"Let all things he done decently and
in order."
Swimming 1, 2, 3; Student Asso-
ciation 3, 4.

Fulvia Elena Arosemena
"My own thought are my
Swimming 3; Spanish Club 3, 4.

Olga Victoria Arosemena
Panama City
"Let us, then, be up and doing."

Sherry Austin
New York City
"Kind words and few art a woman's
Parrakeet 4.

Garland Allelia Avera
Fort Bliss, Texas
"Laugh and live, then learn."
University of Missouri High School;
Fayetteville High School, N. C.; Ten.
nis; Zonian 4.

Elva Nancy Bauman
"A regular girl and the beft of pals."
Cristobal High Schoo'; Softball 1,
2. 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2 3, 4; Ten-
nis i, 2 3. 4: .. ... 1, 2. 3.
4; B wling I. 2 Glee Club
1 2 5. 4; Biology Club I, 2:
Litle Theatre 4; Parrakeet 4; G. A.
A. 3, 4; Golf 4; Crocodile Isle; All
At Sea; Three Days of Gracie; Pep
Squad 2; N;.ir of January 16':
Quill and i ... u .

Thomas Albert Bender
Canal Zone
"I ho hears music feeh hit solitude
people at onr."
Softball. ; .',r,-,, Ba'ketball. Lit-
tle Theatre oi. tI. ri Junior College

Josephine Ruth Blanton
Panama City
"Ark and leryr."
Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2,
3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Swimming.

Roy George Boggs
Canal Zone
"He has merit. good nature, and
integrity. '
Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1,
2. 3. 4; Swimming 1. 2. 3, 4; Soft-
ball 1. 3, 4; Baseball 2

Jeanne Bonwell
"In the twinkling o, an eye."
Lee H'Lr School. Virginia; Spar-
row's I' ..ir High School, Maryland.

Wilena Bowen
"A nature sweet, a disposition
Swimming 1, 2, 3. 4.

Donald Justin Bowen
Englewood. New Jersey
"Sport went hand and band with
Fc.rr Ichich Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4;
Foo.lall 4; Baketball 2, 4;
Stimp '-lub I H...ktt 1! 2. 3; Glee
(-lub I Fort Lcrdcr S t': 3.

Doris Bradford
San Antonio, Texas
"Courteous is she and willing to be
of service."

Richard Brislawn
"For courtesy wins woman as well
at valor may."
Columbus High School, Georgia;
Tennis 2: Biology Club 2; Parrakeet
4; Julius Caesar 3.

Doris Brotherson
New Jersey
"You have a merry heart."
Basketball; Crocodile Isle; Parra-
keet 4.

David Bruce
Canal Zone
"He lives as peace with all mankind."
Cristobal High School 1, 2; Glee
Club 4; "Gypsy Rover"

Maude Isabelle Bruce
"Let thy words he few."
Ci,,..bl Il;,h 1, 2; Glee Club 1,
2; Spn..h I jiu 1, 2; Biology Club 2.

Louis Caldwell
Panama City
"IHO/ r II hli, u of lt I e 'lsi

Alice Calabreves
"I, Ito a? sit' 1:."
Swirmminn I 2. 1 1 Ba.eball I
Span.'h Club.

Minerva Calabreves
"Silence W"srr tr'ela, )0
Samimin 1 2 i 4-. Spanish
Club I 2. fr're Club 1 2. 4 -4

Doris Claire Chan
Canal Zone
"T1, Int Ie dre,il r,#.h mriden

Stc.ball i, OrchEtirr

Irene Virginia Chan
Canal Zor.e
"I' n we arni 1o 1 ,.'a ato aif a

Art editor Zonian 1. 2, Art pies.
idenr ,

Alfred Chase
"Learn the irtet r'iaiL o a .Akr.Jl
2. Band 2 4
S hirball I. 2. Band I 2 .. .4


Beverly Comley
Canal Zone
"Her ways are ways of pleasantness
and all her paths, of peace."
Volleyball 3, 4; Little Theatre 3,
4; Softball 3. 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3,
4; Parrakeet 4 Golf 4; "Eyes of Ta-
loc"; "Ci'-.o lc Isle"; Spanish Club
2; Glee Club I, 2; Pep Squad 2;
Treasurer I Nireh of January 16";
Quill and Scr.: 11

Ruth Jeanne Connor
Bridgeport, Connecticut
"She dances through lif. with never
a care."
Booth & Bayliss Business College;
Softball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3;
Swimming 1, 2, 3; Tennis 2; Bowling
1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2.

Joaquin Estehan Cruz
"How much we ijin waho make no

Softball 1, 2; Tennis 2, Basketball
3; Swimming 1.

James Cruz
"I am in earnest."
Spanish Club.

Francis Joseph Cryan
Canal Zone
"I love a road margin to my life."
S-imrrin_ 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1,
2, 4.

Mary Rita Cryan
Canal Zone
"A cheerful disposition it a fund of
ready capital."
Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1,
2, 3, 4; Slimminr 1, 2 3. 4; Bowl-
ing 1, 2, : .11 at Sea"; "Gypsy
Rover"; Glee Club 4.

Jean Burke DeMott
Long Beach, California
"As jolly as the day is long."
Colonial School; Frcrch Club 1;
CGle Club 1; Parrakeet 3; Dramatic
Club; Volleyball 1; Badminton 1, 2.

Marjorie Dennis
Canal Zene
"Her a r was never to offend and
every acra'ure was her friend."
Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Parrakeet;
"All At Sta"; "The Ci r
Swimming 1; Softball .1-.1 ,11
1; Bowling 1.

Jerry Wayne Dettamore
West Virginia
"That man is the richest who's
p:asiures are the cheapest."
ua;n'.r..r.u, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 4;
C-i i..r. 3, 4; Biology Club 4,
Band 1.

Phyllis Deveneau
Chicago, Illinois
"And the best of me i' diligence.'
Softball; Bowling 1; Archery 1;
Biology Club 2. 3. 4; Chemistry Club
4; Parrakeet 4; Tennis 1, 4; Quill
and Scroll 4.

Paul Martin Disharoon
"Every man has hit devilish
Water Polo 1, 2, 3. : Softball I,
2, 3, 4; Football 4; Baseball 4; Soc-
cer 1; Band 1. 2, 3, 1; Swimming
1, 2, 3, 4.

Richard H. Dodson
Canal Zone
"Another specimen of contented
Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo
1, 2, 3, 4.

Harry Do ell
"Worth makes the man."
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4;
Sammin 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2,

Martha Raye Duncan

"A pard-!ike spirit, beautiful and
Nathaniel Hawthorne Junior High,
Tey-s Glee Club 2, 3; Little Theatre;
ParriA.k 4; The Food; Three Days of

Roy Chester Dwelle
Canal Zone
"Handsome is that handsome does."
Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4; Football,
Trnn;, 12, 3, 4; "A Wedding";
Dirr, Hands."

Wallace Bruce Dyer
Canal Zone
"Thou wast a hero on many a field.''
Soccer I; Football 2, 3, 4; Soft-
ball 1, 2, 4; Baseball 3; Track 3, 4;
Basketball 3, 4; "B" Club 2, 3, 4.

Arthur Clyde Ellis

"Time is but the stream I go a
fishing in."
Football 2, 4; Baseball 1, 3;
Softball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3,
4; Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4, Golf 2. 3,
4; Tennis 1. 2: Track 4. Band 3, 4;
Soccer 1; V ',c. Basketball 4; Parra-
keet 4.

Phillip Erbe
Canal Zone
"A studi-., .., and a

Track; S. fIbjll 2; Football 3; De-
bate 3; liul.u Caesar"; Zonian 4.

Susan Ewing
Ancon, Canal Zone
Li g'.,i r-. I*. aii a d :I.- L. . 'P

Thelma Louise Fayard
New Orleans. Louisiana

-t ,.* J fi.. I. r

CIk -lAut. I : Sofrball 2
S 4 i .bit l b b:. 11 l d i 2 4

Maurice Eugene Fitzgerald
Cristobal, Cani Zone
'S,- ,. it 1 .- , ' /

S.-.lhlr l 4 B,:.bi'l Bikci.
2il F...c.ibill : 4 Lithle
Tl- r e I ? s I R lu.lnti A'..,la
I.,.r. G lee .clu r d. c:,l- i'hr.d ,
.A l A, St) GCp P.'.itr Par.

Fernando Anthorny Foster
Canal Zone
"S .,c th' ,,. a ,..v; d.,re,-,r ir hi.
I,. ,Ai.'.; ...and .,f lor, t:ilg

Biebill 2 1 E,:.'tbll I 2
1-. F.J rball ; 4.

John Daniel Edward
Canal Zone

El, t,,R I . ,f..j L I 1i i. 1 l j
(amenrrr I ub Brand 1 2 Swim.
mn- I Zon n n. IQ, uAl .d i Srll

Jack Kenneth Gamble
Belleville, Illinois
It rt, T ,, Iff, -,'/-l,u I.-
.,, t ;.
F.,.ibill 2 4 B ,-eb.,l' 2 4
o. .kcrbll 2 B Clubh 4 Bjnd
I Otcherra L.etil Thetie Ofr
iht- ,ira 2 Tra,k .i. Q 'I aJnd S..ioll

James Gardner

"One who never turned his back but
marched ever forward."
Louisville Male High School; May-
field High School.

Patricia Jean Getman
Birmingham, Alabama
"Not bold, not shy, nor short nor tall,
A pleasant mingling of them all."
Swimming 1, 2; Spanish Club 2;
Softball 4; Parrakeet 2.

Dorothy Bell Godfrey
New Jersey
"Her thoughts are as still, as water
under a ruined mill."
Archery; Spanish Club.

Pete Green
"But lo! I held them spellbound."
W ater Polo 1, 2, 3, 4: ,'r.:r ..:
1, 2, 3, 4; Football 4: ...tel I
Track 4; Camera Club.

Helen Elizabeth Hall
"Prim, proper, and precise."
Parrakeer 1.

Katheryn Jane Hall
Canal Zone
"Patient endurance is godlike."

June Frieda Hambelton
Columbus, Ohio
"Put on her garments of gla'ness."
Softball 1, 2. 3, 4; Volleyball 1,
2, 3. 4; Bowling 1, 2. 3 4; Tennis
1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 3. 4; G. A.
A. 3, 4; "Three Day's of Gracie."

James Manual Harness
Fort Monroe, Virginia
"Formed on the good oid p'an, a true
ar;d brave and dou artgo honest
Hampton High, Va.; Phoebus High.
Va.; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1,
2. 3, 4. Softball 1, 2; Basketball 2,
3; Baseball 2; Student Association re-
presentative 2; Secretary treasurer 3;
"Dorothy Vernon of Haden Hall."

Ewart Gladstone Harvey
"lie is a little chimney and heated in
a moment."
Glen Allen High School; Softball
4; Swimming 4.

Florence LeRoy Henry
Washington, D. C.
"Happy am I and from cire I'm free."
San Francisco Girl's High School;
Glee Club 4.

Julio Hernandez
"Large is his bounty, and his soul
Baseball 1, 2; Softball 3, 4; Basket-
ball 2, 3. 4; Tennis 4.

Ralph Henriquez
"M'y heart is as true as steel."
Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Swim-
ming 1. 2; Tennis 1, 2. Softball 2.
3, 4; "Tropical Night"; "Lambauta.

Robert C. Herrington
Canal Zone

"To know how to hids one's ability
ts great skill."

Maxine Harriet Schoeffler
Brooklyn, New York
"A peppy little piece of humanity."
Thomas Jefferson High ?-:hiool.
Tta... Orchestra 1; Parrakeet Quill
and Sc:roll 4.

June Marie Holcomb
New Orleans

"With a smile on her face and a
gleam in her eye."
Swimming 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 3;
Water Polo 3; Spanish Club 1; "Hung
Jury"; Pep Squad.

Marion Leslie Horter
Phillipsbury, Pennsylvania
"So sweet war her ... *,,rai.'i'f.iw.
she could not be ,*"te.
Volleyball 1; Swimming 3; Parra.
keet 4.

Jack Hutchings

"Nature creates merit and fortune
brings it into play."
Tennis; Fr-.,ibll Basketball 3, 4;
Golf 3, 4; Ba.:tbill

Dorothy Catherine Irish
Canal Zone
"A pleasing countenance is no slight

Tomas Humberto Jacome
I, u.c 'In -rtNa 1 .ell unlsll h.
if.. ', hrndirf r nl.id i h rit shhbj il'
\ r i r Po:. 2 ; Bktlerball Pres
id-ni oi Spinh Club i

Andree Jerome
Paris. France
"A ,i ri it .J a h/lipr rl a la~ ""
'rieivb.l' Vo|leball I 2 B.kA ei-
ballI Ttnn,-. I BoalIne I. Glee
Club .

Alvin Johnson

"Anid 't' tja ..il' al .'It-h I l llrlrici
He ,.'' *
H e , v 1 t ,. a a tj r _r d ms, o a ,'s. "
GiIII, Hbh Schiojl -in Frmncro
( mtr ( Club 4 Srudet CA-,uncil 3.
4; Tenr. I

Helen Elizabeth Johnson
Cristobal, Canal Zone
"1 t.C0. ".r .t v.en e l OI *1. o0

Glee Club I. Sc.ph.:.more secretary

John Francis Kain
Canal Zone
e'Hr ,. .cfr..nl aPod ,lth5re and
ulel pri_ i.
Si Mhrji B; : HeV. F.c.iball .
i- B.-tbill I 2 i Biktiball I.
- 4. Tenni I 4 SAloDai] I Track
4 S.-:,r I B (.lub i. Cr-,co
d,il lilr jul'u ( a j *F Tfree
Da; of Griio Geie Llub 1. Or.

Ruby L. Kent
"'D ior i J tt,:lr a.lite t~
r t 'ie J.
Biology tlub 2 Swimming 2,
3. 4 Glee lub I 2

Donald Kendall
Washington, D. C.,
"It is not position but mind that
I want."
Rcerm' H;h Sh. .1 N'ewport, R.
I.; Q..,r H,i'i si'h : I Quantico,

Dorothy Janet Koperski
Canal Zone
"She is young, wise, fair,--in these
to anture she's immediate heir."
Golf; Softball 3, 4; Volleyball 3,
4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 3;
Little Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club
1. 2, 3, 4; Studtnt Association 4;
"Merchant of Venice"; "Dirty Hands";
"All At Sea"; "Crocodile Isle";
"Gyp y Rover."

Virginia lola Krueger
Canal Zone
"Her gentleness, her srfi manners, all
who saw admired."
Mississippi 2. 3; Glee Club 1, 2,
3, 4.

Beatrice Merrit Lawson
Camp Merritt, New Jersey
"Let patience have her perfect work."
Glee Club 1; Operetta; "Crocodile

Daphne Lewis
Canal Zone
"Right brisk is she, and full of
Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1.
2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling
1, 2, 3, 4; Archery 1, 2. 3, 4; Glee
Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Little Theatre 4;
Parrakeet 4; "Elizabeth's young Man";
"Gypsy Rover"; "All At Sea."

John William Logsdon
Canal Zone
"Bashfulness is an enemy to poverty."
Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2,
3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; "B" Club;
Band 1, 2; tennis 3. '.

Joseph Ludlum
New York
"I will go meet ith ladies."
Marion H 1, K-r.t-.-, Softball 2,
3, 4; Watcr i, I Swimming.

Margo MacKenzie
"Graceful and useful in at! she does."
lawton High School. Oklahoma;
Golf 4; Zonian 4; Quill and Scroll.

Susanne Marshall
Chicago, Illinois
"A deimure and studious girl."
Basketball 1; Vollerball 1; Soft-
ball 1: Backgammon I: Swimming
1, 2; Zonian 4; Quill and Scroll.

Albert Mathon
"Why worry over trifles."
Water Polo 1, 2, 3; Swimming 1,
2, 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Soccer 1.

Donald Arthur McCaslin
Canal Zone
"A little bit goes a l( ng way."
Softball 1, 2; Football 1, 2; Swim-
ming 1, 2, 3. 4; Band 1, 2; Or-
chestra 4; Little Theatre Orchestra 4;
Zonian Staff; Tennis 3, 4.

Jane McCaw
"Of softest manners, unaffected mind,
lover of peace and friend of
Holy Cross idrmn. ""'il h;nr .,
D. C.; Parrakeet % l',iti ..rr I lbt

Betty Jane McKenzie
Duncannon. Pennsylvania
"How sweet and gracioum."
Student Association Representative, 38.

Ellen Elizabeth Mead
Canal Zone
'"With heart and han4 both open
and free."
Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Swimming
2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1.

Britta Ann Merill
Camp Custer, Michigan
"Great in all things but stature."

Macon Craig Michaux
Washington, D. C.
"He has a head to contrive, a tongue
to persuade, and a hand to execute
any mischief.'
Orchestra 2 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3,
4; Football 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1. 2,
3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2,
3, 4.

Judith Miro
"Why should life all labor be?"
Spanish Club 3, 4; Archery 3; Par-
rakeee 4.

Beatrice Marie Monsanto
"So I told them in rhyme,
For of rhymes I had store."
Glee Club 1; Volleyball 1; Soft-

John Montayne
'Tbe J.cp.t r r.,tri nt lealt Jl,.
B ,k: ibj'l I 2 '. Baseball
2 4 SolrbjII I S crer I

la May Montgomery
Winnipeg, Canada
rr ;1 t .- f, oj L ', plea.

r', .

Earl Mullins
Noith Carol;na
"'' *l"e i., tee ',t'tl,' .IJd J cli"'

Srmm.,n 2 4: Ba.kcrball 4,
S.Tball I 2 k B lub 4

Norine Nash
Ancon, Cana! Zone
"Fi ..'rc di' hAppr. 1..1 .osri. .i
I ,r .n ir, ,~a Ot

Lorna Nelson
New York
"Her lurl.ri. I ni.r k&te
UL'na l lt jll .d a n. '. "'
Draper Hijh School Nte Y.:.rl

John Thomas O'Donnell
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
' NIothbng sI rr~.sbl.r to a ruling
hAart. '
Biebell 1 Sort all I 2 n 4
fI...iba ll I 2 : 4 S lImming I 2
N Merchant r \'enice Lairle Thea
ntl 1

Marion Orr
Ancon, C. Z.
"She has a friendly nature."
Biology Club 2, 3, 4.

Albert Palacio
"Then doth nature show her plan
When the world has fond a man."
Chemistry Club.

Bessie Lee Phillips
Canal Zone
"They that sow in tea, shall reap
in joy."

Eileen Phillips
"Speech is great bht silence is

Roy S. Phillips
"With books and studies he is at
Cristobal H.iI, School; Football 3,
4; Baseball i. Basketball 3, 4.

Dolores Sylvester Pimento
Paraiso, Canal Zone
"She is gay and gladsome."
Glee Club 2, 3; Softball, Swim-
ming; Volleyball.

Guillermina Ponce
"Life is not life at all without

Professional School; Glee Club 4;
Sl:anish Club 4.

Franklin Dorsev Price
"Another specimen ol contented
a tsfaction."
Julius Caesar; Biolo", Club 2, 3,
4; Chemistry Club 3.

James Ridge
Canal Zone
"The great end of life ii not
knowledge but aLtion.'"
Golf 1 2, 3. 4; Tennis 1. 2, 3,
4; Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4; Football
2, 3, 4; "B Club ., 4; Glee Club
1; Pep Sqi ad 2: Quill and Scroll 4;
Farrakeet 4.

Anne Carey Riggs
Washington, D. C.
"Her ro ie was reer so!t, gentle, and
low, an excellent thing in uoman."
Brownsville High. Texas: Chnmi(rr"
3. 4; Edit r Zon.an 4; Qu.l[I ,-.d

Jeanne Rocker
Canal Zone
"Her irrcprersible gayer~ ii the cause
of her popularity."
Volleyball 3, 4; Band 3. 4; Or-
chestra 3. 4: Student Association 1;
Pep Squad i: Three P- of Gracie;
The Fool; Eyes of Tli. Meet the
Missus; Hung Jury, Poor Old T..i
Those Immortal Lovers. Speech
test: Swimming 1, 2, 3,. 4; The Va-

Carlos R. Rodriguez
"His word burned like a lamp."
Parrakeet 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4;
Quill and Scroll 4.

6 I

Juanita Margaret Rosson
Canal Zone
"My life is like a stroll along the
B;clo&g Club 2, 3, 4; Glee Club
3, 1

Bette Lou Shearer
Washington, D. C.
"By far the best proof is experience."
Austin High, Texas; Girl's High,
Georgia; Commercial High; Parra-
keet 4.

Warren Harding Sherwood
Brooklyn, New York
"Content is better than riches."
Softball 3. 4; Football 3, 4; Base-
ball 2. 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Basket-
ball 3, 4.

Douglas Sidney Smith
New York
"Why aren't they all contented like
Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2;
Track 1; "B" Club, Glee Club; Base-
ball 1, 2, 3; Little Theatre.

James Edward Smith
"Still you keep o' the windy side of
the law."
St. Mary's High, Berkeley, Cali-
fornia; Photography.

Marion Ellen Devore
New York
"She is gay and gladsome."

k4 :h,

Ernesto Garcia Soils
"Sticlirf i Eold n."
Centro Pollrrtn'co E'p.rhol, Madrid,
Sp:.n Spjnh C.lub -i, Srudent
A',otiaron 4

Joseph Robert Snyder
Newark. New Jersey
"C i,,zI ~V. .. Ike r 'd uaf on
II i Lit,. '
B ball I 2 r, FU.rball I 2
3, 4 Ba ktrbi I 2 S miT .
mitp I 2 4

Graciela Spano
Havana, Cuba
"To bet ,L ',,,.e Ya.z ., r r' S .

Spani:h (lub 4 GIL- Club 4

John S. Sullivan
Washington, D. C.
"Th -.,', l i,,., ,.s it, e cr.
M'nhuimrr Hieh Schcol K1jni,
F;. .i ll P.I ,-. Threr R in ei B .i ker
jll Zc.ni3n.

Thomas A. Symington Jr.
"I uit l; '.....rd for t bet.erei

Tc.me School NMjrsijnJ, Carrmra
Club 4, Juliu-. _aeC ir

Audrey E. Taber
"C, ,leil lauAghter .iti1jej i a

G:ee Club i. 2 3 4 Crocodltc
Isle; All At Sea. \'oll- bill I 2, .
4; Soltbill I 2 1 4 G A .A 4

David H. Tiger
Camden, N J.
"He was six feet o' man, A-I clear
grit an' human n4tur'."
Joe Brown Jr. High, Atlanta, Ga.;
Boy's H.gh School; Tennis 4; Track
2, 3; Camera Club; Biology Club.

Milton Lee Turner
Plant City, Florida
"Thought is deeper than all speech."
Softball 4; Basketball 4.

Cornilia Elizabeth
Van Siclen
Balboa, Canal Zone
"Good humor is the health of the
Softball 1; Volleyball :1 Archery
2, 3; Bowling 1, 2, 3; Swimming 2,
3: Tennis 1, 2; Per S.-. 1 2; Biology
Club 2; Spanish '.lutb Little Thea-
tre; Parrakeet 1, 2, 4.

Rusell Wells
North Carolina
"What better fare than well content."
Farfetterville High Scliool.

Catherine Frances Whelan
Canal Zone
"Mirth makes the banquet: sweet."
Baseball 2, 3, 4.

Peggy White
Canal Zone
"Speak to the earth, and it shall
teach thee."
Swimming 1, 2. 3, 4; Volleyball
2, 3, 4; Archery 3; Softball 1, 2;
Biology Club.

James Wood
Canal Zone
"Nothing great was *: er achieved
without enthusia-m."
Football 2, 3; Softball 2, 4; Base-
ball 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Parra-
kert 4.

Ben Yohros
Brooklyn, N. Y.
"I like work: it fascinated me. \
I can sit and look at it for hours."
Swimming 3, 4.

Dorothy Ruth Young
Chicago, Illinois
"I tackle things as they come."
Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4

James Young
"Rare compound of alblity, frolic,
and fun."
Softball 1, 2, 4; Water Polo 1, 2.
3, 4; Baseball 3; Soccer 1, 2; Foot-
ball 2, 3.

Isolda Myers Jorge
"As faithful as Old Faithful."
Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Angus Matheney
"Let us have wine and i. 'i..
mirth and laughter.
Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo
2. 3, 4. Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot-
ball 2, 3; Basketball 2. 3; Soccer 1;
Tennis 1, 4; Crocodile Isle.

Vera Helene Fuller Polly Perkins
Ancon, Canal Zone California
"She bas a merry, good nature." ,e .~' Mrd it pps ihj.gkr.
E.oal in 1, 2 Spir.;b Club 1; \W hirir Linion Hilh Californi
Tenni~ I 2; Simmiing I, 2, 3. Sa.mming punishh Club Pirrakeer
Junior Cla" Secrentr)

Emilio Madrigal
Canal Zone William Henry Cox
Point Pleasant, West Va.
"Without danger, the game grows
cold."'' "l o" .. s .
Softball 1, 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Pc.]in Plea,:n r I PE,.ba'l F..-i.
Soccer 1; Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Track b-ll TrlJk. bakerbIll. S.l'bill
1. 2, 3, 4; Bikecibill 1, 2, 3, 4;
"B" Club 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1.


D EAR Diary:
I'm so happy! DONALD KENDALL,rhat nice health officer, finally lifted my quaran-
tine and I'm mumpless once more. To make it complete, PHILIP ERBE. the Eastern
Union boy, brought a telegram from MILTON TURNER, inviting me on a get-together cruise
to Panama, in honor of our 10th Graduation Anniversary.
The first persons I saw, once aboard, were LULA LaVALLE, famous movie star, in reality
none other than BEBE MONSANTO, and PEGGY WHITE who has made a name for herself
as torch singer at Beechnut Grove.
I was secretly pleased at the 45-minutes delay for dinner i my figure you know)i while the
cooks, JUANITA RUSSON and BEVERLY COMLEY, argued as to whether there were 200
or 300 calories in 3 raisins. During the argummn a hunger riot was in full suing in the engi-
neer's mess and I saw RALPH HENRIQUEZ beating the third assistant bilge wiper. BEN
YOHROS, over the head with a catsup bottle.
We are now well out at sea and it is growing late, and so to bed.
June 20, 19-9
We docked at Cristobal just as the whistle on the Cristobal laundry announced noon and
skidded down the gangplank into the waiting fleet of caramertas on ned by that ardent follower
of horses, HARRY DOWELL.
As we started down the street, we stopped at "La Peritte Pris', owned and managed by
M'sieu Le Twink BOWEN, and watched models MARY CRYAN and SHERRY AUSTIN
display the new crinkle-proof cellophane bathing suit created by JOSEPHINE BLANTON.
Meanwhile the men chatted with MAURICE FITZGERALD, famous manufacturer of the Am-
ericanized Hawaiian shirt. In his employ are designers ALICE and MINERVA CALABREVES.
DAVID TIGER and FERNANDO FOSTER model his shirts, uhich are advertised in JEAN
DeMOTT's monthly magazine "What The Well-dressed Male Should Wear." Jean has ER-
NESTO SOLIS (public enemy number 1246 and his moll FLORENCE HENRY. gunning
for CARLOS RODRIGUEZ and JIMMY RIDGE, her competitors, who edit "What The Well-
dressed Woman Should Wear." Policemen EWART HARVEY and WARREN SHERWOOD
told us that they had just captured the two, double handed, and taken them before Judge JIM
GARDNER who is still trying to convince them that they should reform by attending JAMES
YOUNG, ANGUS MATHENEY and Sister GARLAND AVERA'S revival meetings
As we left the store a popsicle vender, TOMAS JACOME rollerskated by. All patronized -
him, with the exception of Captain Turner who wasted his rime bargaining with chiva driver
RICHARD DODSON and trolley car owner ROBERT HERRINGTON to find who would
drive us across the Isthmus the cheapest. We decided upon the trolley car. The first stop was
the city of Frijoles where Mayor MACON MICHAUX led the welcoming committee com-
presented the golden key, valued at 5 00.12 by pawnbroker ALBERT PALACIO. JOE hasn't
turned up yet with the key.
In Gamboa we found MARJORIE DENNIS, who owns and operates the "MARGIE"
beauty salon. In her employ are KATHRYN and HELEN HALL, manicurists, and MAUDE
BRUCE. MAUDE was very busy giving TOMMY SYMINGTON a lovely "dreame" per-

Passing the Rocka Breaka Smilla fraternity house, we saw JOHN "GORILLA" GAL-
LIVAN, president of Gamboa State University, leading the student body in their theme song,
"Whistle While You Work."
The next stop was the "Rainbow Roof Garden" where we heard "Jitterbug" JANE Mc-
CAW and her superswing band while the famous dance-team of DEVENEAU and HARNESS
rendered a modern version of the Carioca.
June 21, 1949
I don't remember the name of the Hotel we stayed at last night, but we were awakened
by a call from switchboard operator VIRGINIA THORNTON, informing us that muleteer
EARL MULLINS was waiting below to transport us to Obispo, the well-known winter resort.
Halfway there, we interrupted a dramatic scene between ANNE RIGGS and BILL LOGSDEN,
on location with the Panama Snapshots Corporation. After apologizing to director TACK O'-
DONNELL we continued on our way Imagine my surprise finding DORIS BROTHERSON
doing the family wash on the banks of the Chagres!
Obispo at last! While eating HORTER'S "HONEY-KIST" ICE cream at the Chagres
pavilion owned by IRENE and DORIS CHAN, MARION ORR presented us with some orchids
with the compliments of the management. Meanwhile the floorshow began, and Mistress of
Ceremonies MARTHA RAY DUNCAN introduced the "Three B's" JEANNE BONWELL,
BILLIE BOWEN, and DORIS BRADFORD, singing JIMMY WOOD'S new blue song, "Sky
Blue Pink."
Hearing a loud roar, we ran to the window and watched AUDREY TABER, aviatrix,
make a beautiful four-point landing Seeing us, she offered us a ride to Balboa. Once in the
air everyone smiled trustingly, but little Audrey just laughed and laughed because she knew
this was her first flight
We were discharged from JOHN SULLIVAN'S Hospital today. We hated to leave
JIMMY SMITH, still suffering from a severe case of inferiority complex. We said goodbye
to DAPHNE LEWIS, the night nurse who always gets mixed up in her schedule, and cele-
brated our release by going to JANET KOPERSKI'S golf club, "Thorn Turf." Here we amused
ourselves by watching golf pro THELMA FAYARD trying to teach the elements of golf to
JACK HUTCHINGS, while sipping JUNE HOLCOMB'S specialty, marshmallow fluff. Driv-
ing by in his own invention, the Wellsmobile, (it runs on liquid sunshine) RUSSEl I. WELLS,
invited us to go with him to a party. We accepted and soon found ourselves in front of BAU-
MAN'S Beef Club. (This night spot boasts the only floor show trained in the Goofy Athletic
Association, each specimen guaranteed muscle-bound.) How amazed we were to see those
three super-play-boys of "J" Street, RICHARD BRISLAWN, JULIO HERNANDEZ, and
ROY PHILLIPS being thrown out bodily for flirting with Cigarette Girl, BETTY McKENZIE.
(Kelly does all her own bouncing.) When we entered the club, we saw the members of the
Henpecked Husbands Club banquetting under the table and hunting for dimes. Master of
the hunt was JACK GAMBLE chairman of the entertainment committee.
FULVIA AROSEMENA showed us to a table close (too close) to ALVIN JOHNSON'S
Kapok Klub orchestra, the red-hottest band north of the North Pole.
Never a dull moment! With an ear-splitting crash, "Two-Gun JOHN MONTANYE
entered, with his trusty 1.45 squirt guns frothing at the barrels. I came along home, and so
to bed.
July 11, 1949
I was awakened at exactly 7:361,' a. m. this morning by newspaper girl DOROTHY
IRISH yelling "Extra"! Extra! All about the drug robbery Montanye robs a slot machine in
JUDITH MIRO'S drug store!" It was the early morning edition of the "Daily Scribble",
After breakfast, prepared by Chef EMILIO MADRIGAL, we went to the circus, which
had just come down from the States under the management of JOHN "BOBO" KAIN
MACKENZIE doing the hula at a sideshow, while BERT SHELTON was vigorously trying to
drum up sales. A blast from bugle-blower JOE SNYDER announced that the big show was
going to start, so we bought our ticket from GRACIELA SPANO and hurried into the tent.
Ring leader ALBERT MATHON, attracted our attention to the famed equestrian twins,
(this one will kill you) her famous triple back somersault. Later, as we drew near to DOLO-
RES PIMENTO the bearded lady, we noticed BETTE SHEARER, the only sword-swallowing
woman in the world. Bette started on bolos when she was a senior in B. H. S.
We arrived at the Wild West show just in time to see LORNA NELSON leading the
parade astride a beautiful white mule of about twenty-five years. RUBY KENT, SUZANNE

MARSHALL, and ILA MONTGON!LRY soon rode out to demonstrate the art of bull-dozing.
Ruby was first. She hit the bull so hard that she killed it, and, since they had only one bull, the
act ended. Next on the program was a bareback race between ISOLDA Nt'ERS and ELLEN
MEAD. Due to the fact that Isolda's horse slipped and sprained Its eyebrow in the home stretch
Ellen took the cake, donated by HELENE FULLER'S bakery.
July 12, 1949
Our good ship, "Stagnation," arrived here from the other side today, piloted by IOAQUIN
CRUZ. RUTH CONNER and BRITTA MERRILL rode up on their scoorer-bikes to deliver
a cactus to BLANCHE ADLER, thr stewardess. Presently, dinner. When the big rush was
over, FRED HULDTQUIST climbed down from the chandelier and began serving.
A cry of "man overboard" soon had everyone hugging the rail There in the water was
DOROTHY YOUNG swimming around with her little pekinese. CATHERINE WHELAN,
famous aquatic star, who had just won a prize for swimming the Hellespont, died in and
saved the dog.
July 1", 1919
We docked at San Francisco this morning MARION SMITH. Mayor of Obispo, has
just wired that G-Woman GUILLERMINA PONCE, has just captured Ludlum and the golden


BRITTA MERRILL leaves her immense height to MAYBELLE PERKINS
JUDITH MIRO leaves journalism to MR. COLLINGE.
BEATRICE MONSANTO leaves her ability to speak before the class to BETTY
LORNA NELSON leaves her smart ideas in making and designing clothes to JANE TOMP-
MARION ORR leaves her studious air to SHIRLEY NELSON.
BESSIE and EILEEN PHILLIPS leave B. H. S. to JULIUS CHANEY, with all the trimmings.
DOLORES PIMENTO leaves her shorthand medals to DOROTHY PARISH.
DAVID TIGER leaves his tigerish temperament to BARBARA HAYDEN.
RUSSELL WELLS leaves his effervescing personality to "pop".
JAMES WOOD leaves his large vocabulary to WILLIAM HYDE.
BEN YOHROS leaves business correspondence to JA .1ES McGAHHEY.
JAMES YOUNG leaves his packard to JOHN KILEY.
ANNE RIGGS leaves BILL COX to the highest bidder.
GRACIELA SPANO leaves her resemblance to SONJA HENIE to SHIRLEY SASSO.
MARION SMITH leaves her sweet smile to DORA SHELTON
VIRGINIA THORNTON leaves her office hours to MARY MARCH.
CORNELIA VAN SICLEN leaves her ability to guzzle cokes to RITA and MARGARET
CATHERINE WHELAN leaves her slow but sure smile to EVELIA VELARDE.
DOROTHY YOUNG leaves her bright eyes to OTIS MYERS
NORINE NASH leaves her love for B. H. S. to SARA SHYTLE.
JEAN DeMOTT leaves her library job to WILLIAM MONZON.
We've tried and tried to get JOHN GALLIVAN to leave BILLIE BOWEN to somebody, but
he just won't do it.
MADE BRUCE leaves her skates to GRACE McCASLIN.
PAUL DISHAROON leaves his careful driving to JOE YOUNG.
JACK HUTCHINGS leaves all his unpaid golf dues to ANN WARNER.
FRANCIS CRYAN leaves his looks to MIATHEW CRYAN.
JANET KOPERSKI leaves her collection of pennies to HARRY HATCH. minus inheritance
JIM GARDNER leaves his Southern accent and stiff collars to CARLYLE HARVEY.
JIMMY HARNESS leaves his stratosphere nose to JOE BURGOON.
MARTHA DUNCAN leaves her basso profundo to TOM LINDO.
FRED HULDTQUIST leaves the presidential selt to any sucker.
DORSEY PRICE leaves "that Latin air" to VINCENT "Heart Render" BRADLEY.

DAVID BRUCE leaves his tales about Gloucester fishing boats to anyone who can swallow them.
JULIO HERNANDEZ and BOB HERRINGTON are jointly leaving their energy to BILLY
ALFRED "Chuso" CHASE leaves his cherubic countenance to ANNETTE EVERS.
MARJORIE DENNIS leaves her sophisticated manner to EILEEN FITZPATRICK.
RICHARD DODSON leaves his romantic escapades to BOB BURKLE.
MACON MICHAUX leaves his baseball ability to OSMOND AUSTIN.
FERNANDO "Sandino" FOSTER leaves his superiority complex to JOHN "Lefty" McGLADE.
SHERRY AUSTIN leaves her back homework to NETTIE ANDREWS.
MAURICE FITZGERALD leaves his broken spirit to MIKE DAILEY.
ROY DWELLE leaves his book "How to Make Friends in 10 Easy Lessons" to ANNE
BILL LOGSDON leaves his basketball trunks to JOHN DAVIS.
THOMAS "Aloysius" SYMINGTON leaves his middle name to NORMAN MATLOWSKI.
ELLEN MEAD leaves her typing ability to JOHN CLARK.
ANDREE JEROME and VIRGINIA KRUEGER leave their medals for shagging to JOAN
DOROTHY IRISH leaves her impromptu vocabulary to AGNES AT INSON.
RUBY KENT leaves "Muggsy", her dog, to MARIA BORDT.
BEATRICE LAWSON leaves her sweet personality to DOROTHY KALAR.
DAPHNE LEWIS leaves her dancing to EILEEN MALONE.
MARGO MACKENZIE leaves her poster making to JEANNE McLAVY and MARGARET
SUSANNE MARSHALL leaves the eighth period trigonometry class to LOLITA PROVOST.
PAUL BARNARD leaves his Boy Scout uniform to PORTER CRAWFORD.
DONALD BOWEN leaves his "twinkle toes to JACK HAW.
JERRY DETAMORE leaves his way with the girls to WAYNE BARKER.
RICHARD BRISLAWN leaves his puny sense of humor to GORDON McCORMICK.
PHILIP ERBE leaves his gay air to JOHN UREY.
JACK GAMBLE leaves his blond hair to JOSEPH HAGGERTY.
PETE GREEN leaves his mysterious "L. B. Green Jr." to Detective WILLIAM SHERLOCK
to work on.
EWART HARVEY leaves his falsetto to FRANK ALOY.
BLANCHE ADLER leaves her sweet disposition to MARGARET WHELAN.
FULVIA AROSEMENA leaves her "fulosophy" to ANNA VALDES.
OLGA AROSEMENA leaves her flowers to CECILIA SIMMS.
ELVA BAUMAN leaves her athletic prowess to NANCY NORTON.
JOSEPHINE BLANTON leaves he; knowledge of business arithmetic to CHRISTINA
JEANNE BONWELL leaves her peaches and cream completion to DOLORES WELCH.
JUANITA ROSSON leaves her bus rides to ALICE MARINE.
GARLAND AVERA leaves her Zonian experience to JEAN KNICKERBOCKER.
JUNE HOLCOMB leaves her abundant nothings to EILEEN CRYAN.
MARION HORTER leaves her nickname "Honey" to MARGARET BRUGGE.
DORIS BRADFORD leaves her reserved manner to GERTRUDE McCONAGHY.
DORIS BROTHERSON leaves her lingo to PEEKO.
ALICE CALABREVES leaves her earrings to DOROTHY JACOB.
MINERVA CALABREVES leaves her ability to be everywhere unnoticed to her shadow.
DORIS CHAN leaves her viola to HELEN HAGEN.
IRENE CHAN leaves her painting ability to EDWARD CORRIGAN.
BEVERLY COMLEY leaves her ability to refrain from swearing on the golf course to the birdies.
RUTH CONNER leaves her blond hair to MURIEL EVANS.
MARY CRYAN leaves her gift of gab to LOUISE RATHGEBER.
POLLY PERKINS leaves her American birth, Cuban rearing, Spanish vocabulary, and South-
ern accent to anybody who thinks he can take it.
PATSY GETMAN leaves her finger nail polish to FRANCES WOODMAN.
DOROTHY GODFREY leaves her poems to SARA KEITH.
HELEN and KATHRYN HALL leave their sisterly love to EDWARD and HOWARD MOORE.
TOMAS JACOME leaves the Spanish club to HUGH NORRIS.
ALVIN JOHNSON leaves his ability to truck on down to HOWARD RHODES.
DONALD KENDALL leaves his way with the women to JOHN UREY.
JOSEPH LUDLUM leaves his chair balancing tactics to DALMA SALA.
EMILIO MADRIGAL leaves his athletic ability to NARCISO TALAVERA.

ANGUS MATHENEY leaves his "bajan" accent to ROBERT WERTZ.
ALBERT MATHON leaves his chemistry to PAT PATTERSON
BETTY McKENZIE leaves her grades to "ELA" ANDERSON.
JANE McCAW leaves her plumage to "PEEKO'.
THELMA FAYARD leaves her small feet to ELIZABETH HENRY.
JEANNE ROCKER leaves her acting ability to MARIE KEEGAN.
JOAQUIN CRUZ leaves his studious characteristics to his brother JAMES.
DONALD McCASLIN leaves his wine and women to JOE HUNT.
PEGGY WHITE and JOHN SILLIVAN leave their unusual names to ROSA PUTCHKOFF
JACK O'DONNELL leaves his paper route to ANNE GREEN.
PHYLLIS DEVENEAU leaves her cast-off hair to the new batch of "scobie," and hopes ALICE
HAUGHTON will do likewise next year.
ALBERT PALACIO leaves his nickname "Stinky" to JOHN TOWERY.
DOUGLAS SMITH leaves his "five o'clock shadow to XEN HOSLER.
AUDREY TABER leaves her composure to ANITA STILSON.
BETTE SHEARER leaves her handwriting to the Junior boys.
BERT SHELTON leaves his public speaking ab'lry to EDWARD CORRIGAN.
WARREN SHERWOOD leaves his public speaking ability to EDWARD CORRIGAN.
BERT SHELTON leaves his flute to STANLEY HUNTER.
CLYDE ELLIS leaves his perfect diving form to JOHN FOLEY.
GUILLERMINA PONCE leaves her enormous height to JANE "TINY" STEVENS
JOHN MONTANYE leaves his alertness to AUBREY LEWIS.
ROY PHILLIPS leaves his sail boat to ROY SHUEY.
JAMES RIDGE leaves VERA HOWELL to CHARLEY but he prefers he would LEA'ER alone!
CHARLES RODRIGUEZ leaves his ability to write editorials to BETTY and MARTHA
JOE SNYDER leaves his soda jerking to THOMAS ETCHBERGER.
JUNE HAMBELTON leaves her lackadaisical manner to GUY YOUNG.
FLORENCE HENRY leaves her lipstick to MARGARET KUNKEL.
MAXINE HILBERT leaves her bubbling personality to BARBARA MILLER.

MACON Michaux is now a well-known professor of physics in dear old Palooka College.
Incidentally, two years ago Professor Michaux had a most interesting experience. "It
was the year 1970. I was conducting a series of experiments on the reversal of time.
I had just completed the instrument and was ready for the acid test. During the finai check-up,
one of my colleagues accidently threw the switch. The following moments will live with me
forever as the most exciting in my life. The machine hummed, rubes glowed, and then-blooey!
I was lost in the night of eternity. I saw before me scenes of happy days in high school
with the class of '39.
"I saw my freshman classmates sticking tacks on seats, throwing paper wads and airplanes.
I saw "Bobo" Kain on the stage made up as a darky in the operetta "Crocodile Island." Then,
Emilio "Maga" Madrigal was winning honors for our first year in high school, showing his
heels to the rest of the 440 runners .
"Then I saw myself looking in the Parrakeet for the list of honor roll members and it
never failed to list a few of my friends. At the dances the young upstarts were beginning their
social whirls. I remember when I was a freshman. I was just beginning to enter into the
activities offered us, sometimes becoming brave enough to ask a girl to one of the dances,
even trying out for plays. The students who couldn't be discouraged by not being given leads
the first time they tried out for a play, kept going, and were given diamond masques, or at
least had the honor of going to the Little Theatre banquet. In May, 1936, the second Little
Theatre banquet was given for the first time at the Tivoli Hotel.
"I remember when the junior college was completed, and we held the distinction of be-
ing the first freshman group having classes there.
"In my sophomore year I became a little better acquainted with the activities offered, and
tried harder to participate in them. I remember seeing "Wappin' Wharf", when Red Joe
was supposed to shoot a gun and it wasn't loaded. And also seeing "The Fool," Merchant of


Venice," and the operetta "All At Sea." Then there was a Leap Year masquerade dance at the
Tivoli and we boys surely got a treat All we had to do was sit by the telephone at home and
wait for a girl to date us. The baby dance was a prize event. Every person was required to
come in costume-and afterwards we danced to the Cotton Club orchestra. In my sophomore
year I was quite proud of finally reaching the last years in high school and was no longer afraid
to participate in any activity offered.
"In my junior year I was interested in all of the goings on about the school and espe-
cially in class meetings. Before this year I would try to say something at a class meeting, but
the words just wouldn't come out and my knees became very shaky. Now this was no longer
true. This year Dr. George Howard substituted for Dr. Fred Hosler. Health class were given
to the seniors for the first time by Dr. George Eugene. I remember when they started
handing out identification cards for us to drag along when we went to the movies, but it
didn't work at all.
"Then this year the 'B' club and the G. A. A. were first started. The 'B' club was the
club opened to outstanding boy athletes, and the G. A. A. was for the girls. These two clubs
began giving luncheons and dances, which I enjoyed a great deal. Both clubs had banquets at
the end of the year. The 'B' club had their banquet at the Yacht Club, where the) gave out
awards to the winners in all sports. Then af:er the banquet they intended to dance to a
nickelodion. The G. A. A. had their banquet at the Tivoli Hotel and had both old and new
members attending. Oh yes, I will never forget the softball games between these two clubs
held at Razzberry Park, and how the 'B' Club defeated the G. A. A.'s. I couldn't leave out the
candy sale the seniors gave in the halls, and how I scraped up all my pennies to buy some.
My old friend, Johnny Gallivan, was in an orchestra called the 'Harms', composed of high
school students. This year my music teachers were changed from Mrs. Helen Baker to Mr. Neil
"Boy, was I sore when the Zonians came out! Our junior pictures looked as though we
were skinned rars instead of people The clubhouse play, "The Eyes of Tlaloc", in which
Jeanne Rocker let out a hair-stander-upper of a screech, has left an indelible mark on my
memory. Of the many Little Theatre plays, "Hung Jury" and "Julius Caesar" were unforget-
able. One of the class artists received a letter of acknowledgment and approval of a portrait.
The artist was Irene Chan and the Duches of Windsor was her subject. Many a titter and guffaw
went thru the crowd that watched the traditional juniors vs. seniors tug-of-war, in which the
grunting juniors were dragged through the traditional fire-hose stream in the traditionally
approved manner (in accordance with the tradition of B. H. S.). That year the Junior-Senior
banquet was pretty good. During the breezy faculty speeches, Dorsey Price was seen playing
tit-tat-toe on the table cloth, Patsy Getman playing pick-up sticks with the surplus silverware,
and Roy Dwelle playing eeny, meeny, meiny, moe to choose which tool to eat with. You must
never never repeat this, but guess who tried to swipe several helpings of silverware? When
he arose from his seat they spilled out of his coat pocket.
"Now we were the high and mighty seniors; we had worked hard and had had lots of
"During vacation our B. H. S. Gymnasium was remodeled, and a new shop was built for
the boys. This year a new plan was made for commercial students, thus changing the schedules
of many seniors who had planned to take one year of shorthand. The Girl Mariners were or-
ganized to show the salty Sea Scouts how it is done. After three hectic years of building, the Sea
Scouts completed a land boat which they used as their headquarters. A general vote was held
in our junior year to try to replace scobying with a field day. The freshmen were scobied the
next year. Later on we gave them skull caps to tip to upperclassmen and a whackem pole
to salute. To relieve personal tension, a welcome dance was held after the first day of school.
It was well attended by upperclassmen, but the frosh were scarce. All Student Association
members were supposed to receive a copy of 'The Murphys Mind Their Manners.'
I remember when we had a big election for our class officers. Fred Huldtquist was re-
elected president. We had the Security Parry which went around putting up posters. Oh yes, we
took first aid and used to go down to Doctor Eugene's office and get special bandaging
lessons. I remember when I went to that dance at the Tivoli on Hallowe'en. That was a
grand dance! But how could we ever forget the play 'Three Days of Gracie' and how little
Bijou the playful pup almost stole the show! Our orchestra played for that play and was be-
coming bigger and better all the time.
"And then my machine quit on me and back I came to the present. All very, very interest-
ing. Very interesting indeed! "the professor concludes, mumbling into his beard.


Blanche Adler
Fulvia Arosemena
Olga Arosemena
Garland Avera
Sherry Austin
Elva Bauman
Josephine Blanton
Jeanne Bonwell
Billie Bowen
Doris Bradford
Doris Brotherson
Maude Bruce

David Bruce
Paul Barnard
Roy Boggs
Thomas Bender
Donald Bowen
Alfred Chase
William Cox
Joaquin Cruz
Francis Cryan
Jerry Detamore
Paul Disharoon
Richard Dodson
Harry Dowell
Clyde Ellis
Wallace Dyer
Roy Dwelle
Phillip Erbe
Maurice Fitzgerald
Fernando Foster
John Gallivan
Jack Gamble
Peter Green
James Harness
Ewart Harvey
Julio Hernandez
Alice Calabreves
Minerva Calabreves
Doris Chan
Irene Chan
Beverly Comley
Ruth Conner
Mary Cryan
Jean DeMott
Marjorie Dennis
Phyllis Deveneau
Martha Duncan
Thelma Fayard
Helene Fuller

Patsy German
Dorothy Godfrey
Helen Hall
Kathryn Hall
June Hambelton
Florence Henry
Maxine Hilbert
June Holcomb
Marion Horter
Andree Jerome
Dorothy Irish
Ruby Kent
Janet Koperski
Virginia Krueger
Beatrice Lawson
Daphne Lewis

Margo MacKenzie
Susanne Marshall
Jane McCaw
Betty McKenzie


G. A.

Frank Buck
Kid Rojo




Neat Dresi
Drling a car
Flowers in hair
Collecting gadgets
Red hair
That innocent look
Collection of loIe letters
Horseback riding
That southern rwang
Shorthand -kill

Singing toice
Boy Scour:
'Bajan icerit
100's in businre rrrih
His guildw
Wise cracks
Man-abou i-owr.
His liking for hor'cr
Shoulder -hruteirng
His littleness
That userla.sl, geoee
Being ieriou
Riding hi, bicycle
Playing the irunmprt
That accent
Always eillmng
Sweet rFtsonallt
Her ga) morod
Assortment of alibi
Chewing gum
Her diet
Braided hair
"Oh mjtrvClou' "
Her hair r,~les
Easy going manner
Her ability Ic do
nothing in a hjary
Pretty nails
Prim manner
Her quiet ways
Dilirent worker
That lall'
Her incesirsn talk
That strut'
Flitting around
Squeaky voice
Black hiir
Speed in raping
Her smile
Sweet d' poniion
Her plasianines
Her ab.lry to get ilLng
with everyone
Her art
Her head wear
Her size
Prim drcss


Luc l dretsmakrr
Foreign buyer
Owner of slower ga den
An old maid
Soda lerker
Nurse rra d
Arithmetic teacher
Married to a rich arm officer
Good houseurfe
Good ctenographer
Editor uf .oman page
Sorld s shorthand
sp-ed record holder
Capljan ofi a fishing boat
Siill .a Bo$ Scout
Jur the i ame
Jazz F'jyei-maibe

Ljd.e4 man
A hjnuted man
A preachtr
Riding around in trailer
Furnirtrre mover
Mhan -boi .a-cir'
Getirtg user iI
Jumping off cliffs
Looking fur a gal
A he man
Third male on Date i fishing boat
Still trying to get in Annapolir
Gerring married
Sidl the Troupe plotogripher
Glad of it
Gerring over II
Srtll plodding
Q.ie n hbe
Sull going
Great Arirri
Scomebc-d s cook
Secretai, in Ihe morgue
Shining sioei
A Sruin girl
Making a hoopie!
Buildng caitlei
Kindergarten teacher
MlanJufcrurer of unbreakable glasses
Author of How itr Acquire
a Southern Accent
Forced to talk
Talented musician
Baseball player
Tap dancer
W'ar Correrpcndent
Da, dreaming
Bill collect-:r
Frcnch maid
Allihator hunting
Tsping champ
Golf pru
' irh George
An old lashiuned itterbug

Hat designer
Vorld famous
President ; wife.



Ellen Mead
Britta Merril
Judith Miro
Beatrice Monsanto
Ila Montgomery
Isolda Myers
Lorna Nelson
Norine Nash
Marion Orr
Bessie Phillips
Eileen Phillips
Ralph Henriquez
Jack Hutchings
Robert Herrington
Fred Huldtquist
James Gardner
Thomas Jacome
Alvin Johnson
John Kain
Donald Kendall
William Logsdon
Joe Ludlum
Emilio Madrigal
Angus Matheney
Albert Marhon
Donald McCaslin
Macon Michaux
Earl Mullins
John Montanye
Jack O'Donnell
Albert Palacio
Roy Phillips
Dorsey Price
James Ridge
Carlos Rodriguez
Bert Shelton
Douglas Smith
Dolores Pimento
Polly Perkins
Guillermo Ponce
Anne Riggs
Jeanne Rocker
Juanita Rossun
Graciela Spano
Bette Shearer
Marion Smith
Audrey Taber
Virginia Thornton
Cornelia Van Siclen
Catherine Whelan
Peggy White
Dorothy Young
James Smith

Ernesto Solis
Thomas Symington
Joe Snyder
John Sullivan
Warren Sherwood
David Tiger
Milton Turner
Russel Wells
James Wood
Ben Yohros
James Young


Small Fr)-
Charlie McCarthy
Glass Arm

Little Audrey

Simple Symington


Just the way she is
Short skirts
Good speeches
Independent qualities
Sweet smile
Happy ways
That mananaa" fever
Hiding his ability
Stiff collars
Spanish club
S. A. President
Way with the gals
His old car
Solemnity in class meetings
Getting into trouble
That moon-struck look
Happy manner
Red hair
History shark
Sports writing
Editing the Parraket
Hair bows
Happy-go-lucky ways
Continual smile
Editor of the Zonian
Her winning ways
Girl Scout activities
Sonia Heinie features
Wedding ring
Her many questions
Her love affairs
Her witty personality
Pleasant manner
Her researching
Funny little smile
These tall tales!

Black hair
Knowing everything
That sleeping position
Can't say
His business speeches


Looking for Babe
Personality teacher
Soap box orator
Person of many words
Strll a scholar
A go-get-em!
Just about the same
Still himself
Bobby Jones III
Honor student
President of Fooland
Toy Manufacturer
Full of pep
Teacher of this art
A butcher
Still sporting
Looking for a date
Who knows?
Violin musician
Runner-up in the soap box derby
A nervous wreck
More outstanding
A preacher
Getting along
Having fun
A different man
A-1 Steno
World famous
Owner of a chicken farm
Texan guide
Ina Ray Hutton II
A Prima Donna
Jungle exploring
Still married
Number one answer girl
Assistant to Dr. Hosler
Hiking around the world
School secretary
Just something
Forced to keep still
more than two seconds
Running a store
Soda jerker
Having a wonderful time
Canal Pilot
Bright and alert
An acrobat
Writing a dictionary
An orator
Ain't a sayin

- IY -- 7



. gJi ;

k*U: +


o* 4


: ow


I -,



Alloy, Frank
Anderson, John
Austin, Osmond
Barker, Wayne

Bradley, Vincent
Brown, William
Burgoon, Joseph

Burkle, Robert
Carries. Ruben

Cheney, Julius
Clark, John
Corrigan, Eddie

Corrigan, Edward

Covington, Albert
Crawford. Porter

Cryan, Mathew

DeCamp, Francis
Davis, John
Dailey, Michael
Erbe, Richard

Etchberger, Thomas

Foley, John
Grimm, Donald
Gaines, William

Graziani, George
Haggerty, Joseph

Harer, Leon
Harvey, Carlyle
Hatch, Harry
Haw, Jack

Hayden, James

Holford, Lawrence
Hosler, Xen
Hunt, Joe

Hunter, Stanley
Hyde, William
Kiley, John

Lewis, Aubrey
Lewis, John
Lindo, Thomas


Little. Richard
Lucy, Willard
Maduro, George
Makibbin, George

Matlowsky, Norman

McClain, Robert
McCormick, Gordon

McGahhey, James
McGlade, John

Midence, Raymond

Mongold, Albert
Monsanto, Allan

Monsanto, William

Moore, Edward
Moore, Howard

Myers. Otis
Morris, Hugh
Patterson, Pat

Presley. John
Quinrero, Edgard
Reedy, William

Rhodes, Howard

Sanchez, Luciano
Schnake, John

Seeley, Vernon
Sherlock, William

Small, Neal

Stemmer. Roland
Talavera, Anibal
Talavera, Narciso

Tapia, Fernando
Thomas. William
Tomey, William
Towery, John

Urey, John
Wainio. Robert
Wilcox, Arthur

Willet, Harold
Young, Guy
Young, Joe


Andrews, Nettie
Arosemena, Christina

Atkinson, Agnes
Bordt, Maria
Bradley, Betty

Bradley, Martha
Brugge, Margaret
Calvo, Gloriela

ChIpman, Anne
Cryan, Eileen

Davidson, Marilyn
Doran. Margaret
Doran, Rita

Dwyer, Reesanne
Evans, Muriel
Evers, Annette
Fitzpatrick, Eileen

Green, Ann
Hagen, Helen
Haughton, Alice
Hayden, Barbara

Henry, Elizabeth

Hernandez, Maria

Kalar, Dorothy
Keegan, Marie
Keith, Sara
Knickerbocker, Jeanne
Kunkel, Margaret
Lavinghouze, Barbara

Maldonado, Rosaura
Malone, Eileen
March, Mary
Marine, Alice
McCaslin, Grace

McConaghy, Gertrude

McLavy, Jeanne
Miller, Barbara

Nelson. Shirley
Norton, Nancy
Perkins, Marybelle

Phillips. Mary Jane
Provost Lolita

Putchkoff, Rosa
Ramey, Eloise
Rathgeber, Louise
Reed. Elva
Ridge. Joan

Sala, Dalma
Sasso. Shirley

Schack, Grace
Shytle, Sara
Schmidt, Mary
Shelton. Gloria
SKelton, Dora

Simms, Cecilia
Stevens, Jane
Stilson, Anita
Stout, Barbara
Sullivan, Margaret

Sutherland, Betty
Talavera, Francisca
Tompkins, Jane

Valdes, Ana
Velarde, Evelin

Warner, Ann
Weiss, Ruth
Welch, Dolores

Whelan. Margare*
Woodman. Frances

I t
I I ~b `~


O5r Md





a# 'U A Ik


Abadi, Edward
Anderson, Norman
Arps, Billy
Bailey, Ted
Baldwin, Wallace
Barlow. Chester
Barr, John
Bishop, Raymond
Boisseau, Harvey
Bouche, Adrien
Calhoun. Crede
Carey, Robert
Chen, Marco
Colberg, Carlos
Coma, Fred
Comins, Clare
Corco Miguel
Crew, J. W.
DeLima, Rene
Dodson, William
Dugas, Norman
Etchberger, Billy
Fair, Charles
Ford, Alan
Fredette, Raymond
Gamble, Edward
Grey, James
Guerin. A. Earl
Guardia, Zozimo
Harer, Henry
Heintz, Harry
Henriquez, Edward
Hinman, Robert
Hollowell, Freeland
Horter. Ernest
Howard, George
Howard, William
Huldtquist, Elmer
Husted, George
Husted, Louis
Hutchings, Alba
Jiminez, James
Johnston, Lester
Johnson, Herschel
Jones, Simon
Journey, Buddy


Keegan, Larry
Kasde, John
Kent. Lloyd
Laurerback. Ed ard
Leach. Raymond
Lord, Douglas
Linnet, John
Llopis, Edward
Ludlum, Warren
Lynch, James
McIlhenny, William
Michaelsen, Jack
Mongold, Joe
Montanye, Kenneth
Moon. David
O'Connell, Gale
Orr, Robert
Page, Ralph
Pearson, Bradley
Pereira, Sonny
Peterson, Thomas
Phelps, Joe
Prager, Lewis
Price, Herman
Purvis, Jack
Quintero, Eneas
Reyes, Thomas
Ridge, Paul
Ryan. Fred
Schack, Joseph
Skelton, Huston
Snook, Joseph
Stallings, James
Sullivan, Eddie
Tap a. Alfonso
Taylor, Joseph
Tonneson, Jack
Towery, Raymond
Vallarino, Ricardo
Walton, Charles
Ward, Bill
Winkes, Gerard
Wright, Murray
Wyatt, William
Zamblera, Louis
Zemer, Billy

Abrahams, Julie
Anderson, Ethel

Anderson, The!ma
Anguizola, Melida

Arosemena, Olga
Ayala. Sara

Barker. Lorene
Belanger, Evelyn

Benoir, Audrey
Bradley. Peggy

Burr, Katherine

Bunker. June
Church. Frances

Coleman, Frances
Crowell, Frances

Dyer. Shirley
Eleta. Yolanda

Espener, Elsa
Ferrari. Yolanda
Flynn, Jeanne
Frum, Martha

Garrett. Mary Virginia
Gibson, Isobel Agnes

Gibson, Cecelia

Gilbert, Mary
Gonzales. Hilda

Gornell, Bertha

Guizado, Raquel
Harris, June
Hilbert, Sofia
Horan, Nancy

Irwin, Elizabeth
Jaen, Gladys
Jones, Virginia
Jorgensen, Shirley

Kain, Alice
Kelly, Dolores
Keifer, Barbara

Kiley, Patricia


Lange. Gloria
Lawson, Mildred
Lilijegreen, Betty Lou

Lucy. Jeanne

McCaw, Ann
McGuire, Rita

Metz, Audrey
Mendez, Alicia

Miller, Esther

Millett, Rosemary
Milliken, Margaret

Moolchan. June

Morales, Nesta
Morris, Zona

Moya, Olga
Moreno, Alicia
Muller, Adrienne
Nicolon, Mercedes

Pierce, Lucile
Porras, Rose Marie

Rabiteau, Jean
Renz, Carla

Rosson, Leah
Shuey, Edith

Snediker. Adela
Stewart, Virginia
Sullivn, Eleanor
Tapia, Laura

Thornburgh, Myrtle
Velarde, Gracie!a

Waggaman, Betsey

Walbridge, Phydelis
Wallace. Frances
Weisiger, Edythe

Westerlin, Elida

White, Mary Jane
Winkes, Marie
Yohros, Rachael



"'' ""i~"

p ,
ij'~r r '9~ I Y~

~c' ~

3~4i~6-~ E *i.CY
i' -

J~ -
3 r. .;'


----~Jsr i

t ~ ~Fj~e~ I ~r~a~-




-- ~F-
~=; i;i
.! '~':'




I B,- '






Abadi, Hyman
Arias, Antonio
Arias, John Jr.
Baldwin, FloI V sd ,
m Basque, Drid' '
Beardsley, Bobby
Beland, Robert
SBougan, Charles
Bradley, Jan
Brugge, Fred
Bryan, Jack
Calvo, Orlando
Carrera, Santiago
Casanova, Roland
De la Mater, Billy
Denney, Robert
Dennis, Robert
Chan, Harry Jr.
Cobb, Newton
Collins, Alfred
Corkran, Jack
Dwyer, John
Courtney, Alexander
Enriquez, Antonio
Enriquez, Franklin
Evers. Frederick

Fir/g.ild % illimn
Flores, Angel
Forsythe, Robert
Glaze, Glyn
Gornell, Roy
Graham. Jerry
Grier, Sam
Hallett, Charles
Hansen, Henry
Henriquez, Jack
Hobson, James
Hunter, William
Hutchings, Robert
Jones, Mallory
Kourany, Miguel /
Krueger, Ernest .'
Kunkel, Francis

Lamb, Francis
Larsen. Thomas
Leaver. Charles
Linney, Albert
Midence, Adolpho

Muller, George
Myers, Walter
Neal, Kermit
Nolan, Frank
Neal, William
O'Donnell, Dan
O'Donnell, Robert
Pearson, Palmer
Phillips, James
Pidgeon, John
Piper, Homer
Polatty, Thomas
Putney, Edward
Quinn, William
Reeves, Walter
Reyes, Rafael
Ridge, Patrick
Rodriguez. Alvaro
Romagosa, Esteban
Romagosa, Lawrence
Runyan, Paul
Searcy, Roy
Shuey, Roy
Simms, George
Skanse, Peter
Skinner, George
Starrert, William
Stephens, Joseph
Thornton, Richard
Townsend, William
Truis, Luis
True. Robert
Vandevanter, Brooks
Wilke. Charles
Wohlforth, John
' ..,,udrufi. Marion
% r-ir,h Harvey
W yatt, Linwood

i,. .-

Anderson, Helen
Arps, Jacqueline
Arruda, Elsa
Arruda, Emma
Bailey, Marjorie
Baker, Marie
Barlow, Carolyn
Bauman, Hope
Bergherm, Heler.
Boyer. Mary
Brown, Gladys
Bubb, Mariam
Burr, Betty
Cauthers, Margare:
Crespo, Doris
Dayton, Elba
Dean, Margarita
De Lima, Sybil
Doran, Catherine
Conner, Miriam
Davis, Lynette
Farr, Florence
Farrell, Hazel
Fletcher, Anna
Grass, Dorothy
Hele, Alice
Harer, Helen
Howell, Vera
Husted, Dora
Kain, Katherine
Kiley, Winnie
Kleasner, Bonnie
LaPeter, Marion
Lavergne, Dora
Lindstrom, Jane
Lombroia, Jane


Lopez. Elisa
Lund Opa ,, J,
t.l.i' M jr L, ,'- ""'
MacKenzie, Marie
Maduro, Peggy
Maurer, Yolanda ..
Mallia, Mary ...
McLintock, Gloria
McLintcck, Olive
McNulty, Olga
Michell, Jane
Mitten. Billie .
Morris, Catherine
Neumann, Bernice
O'Leary. Barbara /N
Paine, Margaret
Patterson, Graciela
Ponce, Fulvia
Presley, Ruth
Prizer, Jeanne
Quintero, Manuela
Ramey, Helen
Ramirez, Mary
Ramanol, Mary
Sanborn, Marilyn
Schmidt, Ruth
Shirley. Peggy
Strauss. Jean
Trowbridge, Connie
Tuck, Roberta
Ward, Roberta
Watson, Elba
Weiss, Agnes
Wheeden, Viola
White, Alice
Wiggins, Virginia

J'&^u^o ^^*C^





wo~.. -
~s ---
:, L3F
-lr I

v r.rvo
t5 ^
t t-




The Faculty arrives in style.

they said there'd be no more


-4 0,

The Little Theatre gets off to a
flying start with "Three Days of

The ever-present gossips get to-
gether at the first school dance

Sulivan tries to convince Chipman
that Sullivan should be President.

Class elections coincide with nat-
ional elections as Daphne casts her
vote on November 8.

The boys study hard to make up
for the mid-semester slump

Our energetic students before vaca-

Our energetic C?) students after



The January 6 dance looks like fun.

Students prepare to participate in
the Carnival.

Off for Taboga as Easter vacation
rolls around.

Students take a last fling before
exams start.

Mike takes time off for a last min- .. "
ute cram.

Mr. Parrill looks pretty serious
about the exam papers.

Editor-in-chief celebrates completion
of Zonian.
While Business Manager "Windy"
says a last goodbye to B. H. S.



M ORE violins and horns tuned

up this year for work, or play, in the orchestra than ever

To provide for all these students, and to make the orchestra a better one, the school
ordered seven new instruments. They included everything from the bass drum to the oboe.
Among those that they received were two cellos, two A clarinets, one French horn, and a
set of tympany drums.
The horns issued forth their first toots at the high school play. They were heard fre-
quently after that at such places as the college play, the Christmas program in the patio, the
high school and Civic Council operettas, and the music festival. After the music festival, the
orchestra gave concerts for all the Pacific side grade students. Director of these ac'iities was
Mr. Neil Branstetter.
Charles Fair's trumpet solos were high lights of several programs.
The orchestra made its final appearance at the high school and junior college Com-
mencement exercises.

N I-

Bill Gaines Connie Trowbridge Ben Williams
Terrv Graham

Jack Bryan
Roland Casanova
Alfred Chase (solo)
Billy De La Mater
Paul Disharoon
Ralph Dugas
Clyde Ellis
Charles Fair (solo)
Paul Fedde
James Harness
Jimmy Hobson
Xen Hosler
Niel Small
Donnell Howard
Alvard Rodriguez

Peggy Mad 4
Virgin a Garret
Jack Howell
Willard Lucy
Thelma Anderson
Franc s Cryan
Florence May Farr
Alan Ford
George Howard
Emma Jane Lombroia
Margaret Milliken
Roberts Wertz

Dick Little
John Pidgeon
Tom Lindo
Vernon Seeley

Sam Grier
Harry He'ntz
Freeland Hollowell
Roy Searcv
Linwood Wyatt


N EW instruments, new songs, rind new members carried the band through a successful

Mr. Neil Branstetter, director, ordered instruments through the commissary, which
were paid for by the Divisior, of Schools. They purchased new songs and played them with
amazing zest. One could hear "Song of India", "Alexander's Ragtime Band", and "Little
Rastus", somewhat toned down, ejecting from the Annex.

The band played at the Admin and High School at Christmas, the opening ot the new
corral, the opening softball game at Razzberry Park, the hardball opening at Balboa Stadium,
the opening of the new shop, and the Balboa-Cristobal track meet.

On various occasions, Mr. Branstetter gave Charles Fair, sophomore, the baton.

Murray Wright. Bobby Peterson, Bert Shelton, Gloria Shelion Rol Dwelle, Joe
Haggerty, Donald McCaslin, Charles Fair, Thomas Bender.


FOR four years the Little Theater Orchestra has donated its talent and time to Balboa
High School and community, under the supervision of Mrs. Helen C. Baker, who ori-
ginared it.
This year the orchestra consisted of nine students, including student director, Bert Shel-
ton. They were Bert Shelton, flute; Thomas Bender, and Murray Wright, violins; Roy Dwelle,
viola; Charles Fair, trumpet; Gloria Shelton and Joe Haggerty, cellos; Donald Mr Caslin, cla-
rinet; and Tom Peterson, piano. It met fifth period, Tuesdays, in the junior college music room.
Rehearsals were conducted by Mrs. Baker.
The musicians played at three Little Theater functions and several outside performances.
They presented their annual program for the Ancon Morning Musical Club, at which silver cups
were awarded to five "master musicians" selected each year from the senior class.
Each member of the Little Theater Orchestra, in order to enter this honorary group, must
demonstrate outstanding skill in his first two or three years in high school.


T HE songsters of the glee clubs have warbled through another successful year.
The first enterprise the combined glee clubs undertook was the traditional Christmas
carols sung in the patio of the High School on December 22. Besides singing the old
favorites, "Glory of the Lord", "O Come Emanuel", and "Lift Thine Eyes", they offered "Halle-
lujah Chorus" from the "Messiah" for the first time. One hundred and twenty girls in white
robes marched around the patio carrying lighted candles and singing "Angels We Have Heard
on High."
The glee clubs had hardly time enough to catch their breaths before their director Mr. Neil
Branstetter, was rehearsing them for the operetta, "The Gypsy Rover". Sophia Hilbert was
chosen for the feminine lead. Fernando Tapia got the male lead. Others participating were
Janet Koperski, Bob Burkle, David Bruce, Marion Deveneau, Roy Dwelle, Jean Strauss,
Maurice Fitzgerald, Tom Lindo, Roy Boggs, Bill Etchberger, and a chorus of about rhirry.
The glee clubs made their last appearance of the year at the annual Music Festival when
they sang "The Soldiers' Chorus" and "Funiculi Funicula".

ifrnie Dennii Cl,de Eilii jJmet % .,ud
Betterle, mm c s .:ornsel.i Vanr S'.len Phylli Dc-,enesu
[Di'hne Le[Ca line M c Ca .lk Gamblt
Mlr..n H.-'.nr Pully Prlk.rn Maxine HIalber
V'irg ej. Thirnran Sherr Auvin I hartle Ry:,dr[guez
lud-,h i l*. M.arrel Whelan Jalme Ride
Malzha Dunran Janet Koperik. Richird Br,:lawn
L.orna Netion Buctr Sherer Doris Brothers.n
Mr (Colling .lame, Smith Al.n Johnn:n


EVERY otler week there's a click-click of rypewriters, rustling of paper, shuffling of
feet, a mad scramble, and then-zoom! the Parrakeer is our.
Students scan the frciit page for the largest school news. When the page is turned over
to Peek and Boos Nesances a giggle here and there breaks the silence. "In Tune with the
Teens" sums up the newest social events. The editorials teach, arrack, defend, and praise stu-
dents and student life. Peeko shouts out his sport gossip and rhe hottest games are recorded
on the sport page All school activ'rl is interpreted to the members of B. H. S. through the
efforts of the class in journalism.
This year, each journalist was given a turn as managing editor or associate editor of one
or more pages. The entire Parrakeet was wrirren and edited by this staff.
An extra edition was issued priot to the all-school elections. This consisted of two pages
of campaign promises together with a picture of each candidate.
All told, the Parrakeer served ', worthwhile purpose. It kept the student body informed.
It added zest to school life.

TOP ROW: Margo Mackenzie. Anne Riggs, Miss Candee, Garland Avera, Susanne Marshall.
BOTTOM ROW John Sullivan, Philip Erbe, Donald McCaslin, John Gallivan.
T HE Zonian is out! Hustling seniors become the targets for underclassmen--for what
is a year book without friends' signatures? A few favorable comments frorn the stu-
dents are rewards enough for Editor-in-Chief Anne Riggs and her staff.
All year Anne and her activities editors, Susan Marshall and Garland Avera, have been
busily digging up news, covering parties and dances and other social affairs.
John Sullivan, sports editor, who keeps up to date with baseball, football, and track he-
roes, has been calling on John Gallivan and his group of sharpshooters to get pictures of all
these events to show tnose who participated in sports that their efforts were appreciated.
Margo MacKenzie has supervised cover designs and drawings that grace the pages of the
Zonian, while Phillip Erbe, business manager, has supervised the money.
Features Editor Donald McCaslin, directed work on the senior history, will an] prophecy.
Under the guiding influence of Miss Alice Candee, Zonian sponsor the staff organized
their work.
Others who have worked on the book are Elva Bauman, Maxine Hilbert, Jimmy Wood,
Jack Gamble, Cornelia Van Siclen, Beverly Comely, Janet Koperski, and Alvin Johnson.
Titles have meant little however. The staff has been just a happy Zonian family, every-
one helping the other to take care of the departmental children.

UILL and Scroll, national honor society for high school journalists, is the hole-in-one
of all editors, writers, and business managers of school publications.
To be eligible for membership in Quill and Scroll each candidate must be in the upper
third of his class scholastically, which means he must have a "B" average. This single re-
quirement left several would-be candidates behind. Outstanding ability in c.itin._. writing,
or business management must also be evidenced.
Candidates were chosen trom the Zonian and Parrakeet staffs by Miss Alice Candee and
Mr. R. W. Collinge advisers.
Successful candidates, who received Quill and Scroll pins and subscriptions to the society's
magazine were: Jack Gambit, James Ridge, Virginia Thornton, Maxine Hilbert, Beverly
Comely, Kelly Bauman, Phyllis Deveneau, Margaret Whelan, Carlos Rodriguez, and Alvin
Johnson, Anne Riggs, John Gallivan, Margo McKenzie, and Susanne Marshall.

Frank Alloy Juan F. Arias Melida Anguizola YolIndi Eleta
Carlos Rodriguez Ernesto Solis Hilda Gonzales Tomas Jacome
Alberto Palacio Graciela Spano Ert1l] Velarde Chr.Ina Aroemena
Lorenzo Romagoza Dorothy Young Guilleim-na Ponce Doin Crespo
Alfonso Tapia Alicia Moreno Ralph Henriquez Gladys Jan
Francisca Talavera 'Ion Arlna


A T the beginning of the school year the Spanish Club was faced with a membership
problem. There were far too many members to allow for efficient management. Thus,
some had to be eliminated. Two types of slps were placed in a box. "member" slips
and blank slips. Those drawing "member" slips automatically entered the club; the less for-
tunate were dropped.
The Spanish Club is now in its eighth year in B. H. S. Its object is to develop an in-
terest in the Spanish language and the culture of Latin American countries, and to awaken
in the American people the desire to learn Spanish.
Membership is composed of Tomas Jacome, president; Kitty Arosemena, vice president;
Doris Crespo, secretary-treasurer; and about thirty members.
The Spanish Club opened its activities with the first of a series of lectures given by Agus-
tin del Saz, professor of literature at Panama University. It closed with a parry held jointly
with Kappa Epsilon, of the college.

Alvin Johnson Pete Green
Shirley Dyer Thomas Symington
David Tiger Bill Townsend
Virginia Thornton John Clark
Paul Barnard John Gallivan


N INE months ago a group of seven boys obtained permission to organize a camera club.
They were given a room in the junior college building for a darkroom. Soon all mem-
bers were acquainted with me fundamentals of developing and printing and were doing
their own work. The results, at first, were a bit on the bad side. However, as time went on
they were able to supply the Zonian with a great number of its pictures.
There were other activities as well. Speeches were delivered by authorities on photo-
graphy, contests were held, pictures were exhibited, trips were taken, social gatherings were
held, and a full time calender was provided for all. Not to be forgotten is the fact that, early
in the year, the membership of the club was increased to a large extent. In addition, new
equipment was received for the darkroom whichresulted in a considerable improvement in the
quality of the pictures.
The outstanding value of tht camera club is the opportunity it offers, not only for instruc-
tion from local authorities on photography, but also for the practical experience involved. For
example: many of the pictures published in the Parrakeet were taken by members of the Ca-
mera Club. This gave them experience in newspaper photography and taught them the knack
of fast developing and printing.
To the casual observer, who sees cameras being packed around the school grounds, who
sees fans twisting their bodies to get angle shots at school dances, who sees results irn the form
of bulletin board pics-of-the-week, the Camera Club must seem a live organization. But the
casual observer doesn't know the half of it.
Officers for the year were John Gallivan, president, and Paul Barnard, secretary.

r harle. .. Ike PhVllj Dereneiu
Haszz H.tch Lotua Piovost
Dorsey Price Marion Orr
Allan Monsanto Jane Stevens
Gerard Winkes Margaret Milliken
Otis Meyers
Bradley Pearson Martha Bradley
John Foley Juanita Rosson
Mr. Lee Mrs. Lee


BIG bugs and little bugs, little microscopes and big biology, students make uf the high
school Biology Club. This year, with 24 members, the club announced i:> purpose:
to deepen members' interest oy keeping abreast of the current press. to make and record
personal observations, and to maintain fellowship.
In the latter part of January the new officers were elected: Dorsey Price as president;
Marion Orr, vice-president; and Jane Stevens, secretary-treasurer.
Scientific reports were given at the monthly meetings, followed by each member's best
field-note episode. Emphasis in the last few years has been in individual observraton rather
than mass field trips. This past year no field trips were undertaken by the club ar a whole,
although many reports were made by student members who had observed anyhing note-
worthy on individual trips. Frog-eating snakes and breathing test contraptions were among
the items studied.

Albert Palacio Bert Shelton
John Clark Jane Stevens
Harry Hatch Jane McCaw
Howard Rhodes Lolita Provost
Thomas Lindo Vincent Bradley
Roy Boggs Phyllis Deveneau


THE activities of the Chemistry Club are guided by four principles. They stimulate more
interest in chemistry. They focus current happenings in chemistry. They create a
hobby for the members. They create a better understanding of the chemistry of the
universe and man's power over it.
Officers of the Chemistry Club 1938-1939 were: president, Bert Shelton; vice-president,
John Clark; secretary-treasurer, Phyllis Deveneau; program chairman, Tom Lindo; associate
chairmen, Roy Boggs, and Howard Rhodes; publicity agent, Jane McCaw. Other members at
the beginning of the school year were Xen Hosler, Robert Wertz, Jack Sutherland, James Smith,
Vincent Bradley, Harry Hatch, Leon Harer, Albert Palacio, Jane Stevens, Lolita Provost, Anne
Warner, Allan Monsanto, and Anne Riggs.
Regular meetings of the club were held every other Thursday. It was during the meetings
that a great part of the club activity took place. Talks were given, experiments conducted and
experiences exchanged. Several times during the year, leaders in the field of chemistry address-
ed the club. Motion pictures were used extensively to illustrate the talks.
The last, but by no means the least important phase of the work was conducted in the
laboratory. Here club members carried their knowledge into actual practice.
The Chemistry Club was organized early in the school year. All members were required
to address the club as a requirement of membership.

- 4 .
Sall .'

John Kain Alvin Johnson Jirne KoperiS
George Howard James Hob-on Sharlev Dvser
John Mc Glade Dorothy Kalar Blanche Adler


BURIED deep beneath ninety-nine and nine tenths per cent of school activities is usually
found the Student Association. The Council, which is composed of se en student re-
presentatives of the various classes, has made it its policy not only to work for the stu-
dents, but also to work with them. With this in mind, the Council launched a drive for im-
provement of the school in general.
First of all came the installation of the student suggestion box in order to further participa-
tion in student government. Then came the new system of outing successfully Then it was
announced that members of the association would receive reduced rates at the Cecilia Theater.
Then, too, Booklets of manners were given to S. A. members: to s-.y nothing of the victrola
dedicated to B. H. S. by the S. A. Council of '39.
For those who enjoy dancing, the year '38-'39 boasted four S. A. dances plus one banquet.
In addition there were three junior college dances open to high school Association members.
As to the sophomores and freshmen, each had a party of their own. There were four Little
Theater plays, as well as operettas, debates, and contests.
For those engaged in athletics, awards were given if they were S. A. members. \nd finally,
there were bi-monthly issues of the Parrakeet, plus this Zonian.
According to observers, the Student Association was not only young in organ;.ation, but
in ambition to better B. H. S., of which it was a worthwhile p.rt.
Members of the council for 193S-1939 were Alvin Johnson, president: Janet Koperski and
John Kain, senior representatives; Dorothy Kalar and John McGlade, junior representatives;
Jim Hobson, freshman representative.


THE fifth anniversary season of the Little Theater marked a session of successful per-
The first curtain rose on two one-act plays called "Nettie" and "The Finger of God."
Crede Calhoun, Ernest Horter, John Schnake, and Howard Rhodes gave the leading roles.
The second curtain rose just in time to catch "Gracie", Louise Rathgaber, entertaining her boy
friend, John Urey, and a conglomeration of young guests. Meanwhile, Auntie, Martha Duncan,
who disapproved of parties, supposedly was away for the week-end. We saw Effie, the shuf-
fling old maid, played by Elva Bauman, almost driven to tears by Bijou, Gracie's dog, as he
practically tore the house upside down. Who could forget those two hours and fifteen minutes
during which "Three Days of Gracie" showered us with laughs?
The next curtain starred Maurice Fitzgerald as "Poor Old Jim" and Jeanne Rocker as
his wife, engaged in a moral lesson on intoxication. Stage hands stepped in and in a short time
the stage was ready for "Elizabeth's Young Man." Crede Calhoun's part was to frighten Eliza-
beth's old aunt, Daphne Lewis. Daphne believed he was insane. Gail Haldeman and Robert
Whitely, junior college directors, stood in the wings supervising proceedings
Our blood tingled with pride as a group of twenty boys and girls read the poem "The
Congo" in a talking chorus. This was a new stunt in B. H. S.
Not entirely in the curriculum of the Little Theater, but falling under its auspices, were
the speech contests. Edward Corrigan took first place with his oration "War Is Futile", and
was closely followed by Jeanne Rocker in second place and Fred Huldtquist in third. "I'm
Jesse James" exclaimed Maurice Fitzgerald and took the gold pin for his reading of the famous
Western outlaw. Elva Bauman and Florence May Farr places second and third respectively with
their interpretations.
"It was the 'Night of January 16, said Prosecuting Attorney Edward Corrigan.
"I object in behalf of the defense," roared John Urey. And the trial of Karen Andree,
Janet Koperski, proceeded under the scrutiny of Judge Bob Burkle
The fifth season ended with the Little Theater banquet held for members of the B. H. S.
Little Theater group.


W ITH the completion of the niin ~mn~sium. a new course was added to the freshman
and sophomore curriculum,. Balboa decided to make strong, sturdy people cut of her
students, so the underclasnien were re uired to take physical education.
Each student had tAo classes a 'eek in which he was given exercises designed o build up
his bod) Boys' and girls' classes \\r. held sepirarely, but their schedules included almostt the
same acri ties Tie girls were also taught a few litterbug tactics vhen they learned to do the
Ljmbeth Walk
Mr H B. Crov ley was assigned4 the job of making men out of the boys, while Miss
Doruth. Rector was given tne job of making Annie an Amazor..





Mlrlhi bridle Shirlt% D1ir lean R.abelau Brin Bradl Malrbelle Perkini Marne
S;hmr.id. Gia e Sth.li PE hine11. Coich Grittr.



THE senior natators. wirth such material as Roy Boggs, Clyde Ellis. Jack Sutherland,
Paul Disharoon, Patsy Kent Peggy White, Billie Bowen and June HolcomD, won the
interclass swimming meet and the water polo league by nosing out the sophomores on
both occasions.
Two new high school records were established during the year. Roy Boggs smashed the
120 meter medley record and sophomore Alan Ford came through in record breaking time to
hang up a new record in the 100 yard backstroke. In water polo the sophomores wen the first
half of the league and the seniors snercd the second half, both earning entry into the playoffs.
The seniors emerged victorious by ? score of eight to six in the water polo championship
game to win the interclass loop.
The triangular meet was scheduled to be held at the Balboa pool on March 23 with
Balboa, Cristobal, and the junior college our to win first place honors. Balboa was predicted
to valk away with the meet, the prediction being based on times made in practice swims.


Coach Greiser John Foley Bill Ward Alan Ford Wallace Bildwin Michael Dailey

Thomas Jacome Paul D:sharoon
Joe Ludlum Clyde Ellis
Roy Dwelle James Dodson
Bert Shelton Roy Boggs
Angus Matheney Ry BouIs
Mr. Grieser Earl Mullins


T WO water polo leagues swam this year at Balboa pool-interclass and intramural. The
best team won in the interclass league and at the end of the season the senior boys
sported shiny gold balls. They were well earned, however, for they stood not only for
skill and fighting spirit, but also for faithful attendance.
The second half of water polo season saw the intramural teams go into action. Bill
Zemer's team won the first half, not losing a single game. During the second half, however,
Clyde Ellis' team turned out in full force and swamped every opponent. The intramural league
consisted of four teams, Zemer's, Baldwin's,Ford's, and Ellis'.
All teams showed excellent sportsmanship, according to Coach Henry Grieser; all the boys
turned out eager to learn. Individually they could not surpass last year's crop, but they were
better than average
Among the unforgettable were Allan Ford, Wallace Baldwin, and Roy Boggs for their
outstanding ability in center position; Ted Bailey and Paul Disharoon as guards; Billy Zemer,
forwarding the highest number of goals for the entire year; and Clyde Ellis, who was mainly
responsible for the superior playing ef his undefeated team in the intramural series.

Raisel Rcete. Ifhrle [ Leaver Baich Rujn. Datid Mot.n Bubo Kain


AFTER losing to Crisrobal Hi-h School by half a point in 1938, the track and field team
rook revenge on the Atlantic side opponents at the Balboa stadium on March 25 by
winning the triangular track and field meer alth ease. The scores were:
Balboa ........ ... .... ........ .... ........ ....... .... 67 points
Cristobal ....... .. .............. ... .... .. ...... 38
Junior College ... .... ....... ... ................ .... 25
Four record, fell before the met- .as completed. three of nhich were shattered by Balboa's
Track team Captain Bobby Burkle cleared the pole vault bar it 10 feet ? inches to establish
the first new record. Harr) Dowell t'ien came through and clipped four tenths of a second off
the 880 record The i4(nO-ard relay team then completed Balboa j record smashing by clipping
twor tenths of a second off the old record time made in 1938 Members of the relay team were
Charle% Leaver, Macon lMichaux, Howard Moo:e. and Fernando Tapia. Ed Green, rf C. H. S,
brcke the other record w.h:n he thr,:'. mne discus lu2 feet I inch



e. bm

/ -


~c~p~ rll~!"


j 1~3

-- g

John Anderson Joe Msong,.Id
Howard Moore Jio Young
Albert Mongold Roberr Burkle
John Kain '. allace D'er
Jack Gamble Donald Bowen



TOUCH football invaded B. H. S. three years ago. As the years go by, interest in the
sport grows. This year's league was probably the best of the lot. The teams nere much
more evenly matched and the grade-A performances turned out by such stars as Al and
Joe Mongold, "Bobo" Kain, and Bob Burkle added interest to the games.
Games between Wallace "Train" Dyer's Gophers and Howard Moore's Tigers could be
called battles of the ages-the topnotch playing of the two teams kept each from defeating
the other. A game that lasted nine quarters was finally decided in favor of the Gophers for the
gold awards.
The high school all-stars made a good showing. However, a Cristobal game never mater-
ialized because Cristobal's league had not begun when Balboa's league finished. The all-stars,
out of a total of four games, won three and tied one. They were tied by the junior college fresh-
man team. The teams on the stars' victim list included the all-star freshman team, which they
played twice, and the working boys.
Only one tackle game was attempted during the year It was played at a result of a
challenge from the college freshman team. The score was 20-0 in favoi of the high school

p -w-


BACK ROW: Wallace Dyer. Jack Gamble. Joe Mongold, Douglas Smith. John Ka:n, Emilio Madrigal,
Albert Mongold. Joe Young, John Davis.
FRONT ROW: Bil: Logsdon, James Ridge. John Urey, John Anderson, Howard Moore, Donald Bowen.

SPORTSMANSHIP is the keynote of the two athletic associations.
The "B" Club was formed two years ago by Mr. G. C. Lockridge, and has been going
steadily forward. At the beginning of the school year 1937-1938, there were nine mem-
bers, of whom six were seniors and three juniors. At the time the Zonian went to press, the
club had more than doubled. Of course many are seniors and will graduate this June. but still
the membership will be high, as more and more underclassmen are getting In. The "B" Club
is more or less a varsity club, and a boy is eligible only after he has been elected to an all-star
team by his teammates. After he is elected to an all-star team he is told to be present at a
certain place and certain time in order to receive his initiation. The initiation isn't exactly
rough-well, not too rough. The boy is now presented with his letter and he anxiously waits
for the chance to initiate somebody else.
The G. A. A. is the equivalent, for girls, of the "B" Club. It was started by Miss Louise
Hanna last year, and at the beginning of the 1937-1938 school year there were only two
charter members, both seniors. However, six new members entered.
The only way a girl can get into the G. A. A. is to be a member of the all-star softball and
volleyball teams or get the required number of points through the new point system, intro-
duced at the beginning of this year. The points are based on attendance, winning team, and
all-star team.
The "B" Club and G A. A. put on one successful dance together; then the girls showed
their initiative and had luncheons and dances by themselves.
"B" Club officers were John Kain, president, Jack Gamble, vice-president, James Ridge,
secretary, and Bill Logsdon, treasurer.
G. A. A. officers were June H.imbleton, president, Louise Rathgeber, vice-president, and
Kelly Bauman, secretary-treasurer.
G. A. A.

Shirley Dyer June Hambeton Louise Rathgeber Mary Jane Phillips Audrey Taber Gloria Shelon
Shirley Dyer June Hambleton Louise Rathgeber Mary Jane Phillips Audrey Taber Gloria Shelton

lhn Pcc .-n i E rl M ull '
.I p-.m '. 1 ..-j I Jr.i'u, M ih e
j.rmm ... -: '- ,d Eflis%



Julio Htrni-idz C lIde Ellis
Bert Shelton Albert Mathon
Joe Young Joe .MonecId
Jame V cood

Ber Shelon
Ar.ge FSlore
ice Snook

R.chard Dud:on
Joe LudIua
Earl Mull.ns


THIS year's softball had as many forfeits as any preceding year, but it was success in
that allstar softballers were permitted to enter the "B" club for the first time.
From the first game it was apparent that Julio Hernandez' Red Sox would. take the
league, with Albert Lindo's Colonels making a shaky second. The reasons for the Red Sox
power were Julio's pitching, and the hitting of Joe Ludlum, Mathew Cryan, and Junior Jones.
Lindo's Colonels were a combination not to be trifled with. He had lots of luck, good field-
ers and good hitters, but no pitcher. Bert Shel.on's White Sox, under Earl Mullins' manage-
ment, were plugging along near the bottom. On this team there was a batch of glue-gloved
fielders and a goldmine of hitters like Bert Shelton, Porter Crawford, and Earl Mullins. To
their rescue came a dark horse, Jim Wood. With a tentative rise ball, some speed, and a little
control he boosted the team's morale and started them on the upgrade. Lindo's and Boggs'
teams scattered like chaff before the onslaught. Up came the White Sox to challenge Hernan-
dez. But Julio and his cohorts proved too powerful. The Whites defeated the Reds and won
the tie off for the first half. This tie was facilitated by Lindo's unpredictable luck. He defeat-
ed the Reds, who trounced the Whites, who conquered him.
This circle, with a few variations, ran until near the last of the season. Lindo was left in
the cold by the Reds. The WX'hes took the second half and trimmed the Reds foi the gold
The unlucky allstars who attended the "B" club initiation came off with the usual bumps,
bruises, and swells. Clyde Ellis turned up in school with a sling and a pillow.


W ITH the settling of the dust on the baseball diamond, basketball stepped into the sports
limelight with new teams and a new method of play.
The new plan, introduced by Coach Lockridge, was designed to allow as many boys
to play basketball as possible. Since the number of boys who signed to play the sport was large
enough for twelve teams, two leagues were formed. The "A" league consisted of six teams of
the best players. The "A" league captains took their choice before the "B" league captains, and
what was left after the "A" league, made up the "B" league. The six captains chosen to lead
the "A" league teams were Howard Moore, Bill Logsdon, Emilio Madrigal, Jimmy Ridge,
John Kain, and Julio Hernandez. The "B" league captains were Fred Ryan, Bud Huldtquist,
Bob Burkle, Norman Anderson, George Makibbin, and Vincent Bradley.
At the time the Zonian went to press, Howard Moore's Pirates looked like the team to
watch in the "A" league. In their first try they defeated Kain's highly touted Ramblers by 12
points. Throughout the contest the Bucaneers outplayed the Ramblers in every division of the
In the "B" league, there were two teams which should be fighting it out at the end of
the campaign. The Dodgers and Rams, under guidance of Fred Ryan and Vincent Bradley
respectively, won their first games easily, displaying fine teamwork for "B" league quintets.
The Dodgers set a record for the other five teams in the league to shoot at in points scored.
While playing the Cardinals in the first game the dodgers won 47 to 9. The Rams also show-
ed plenty of team work and fighting spirit in their first encounter.
At the end of the season the winners of the "A" league were tc play the 'B" league
champions for the gold balls offered by the Student Association. Two days later the all-star
team was scheduled to travel to Cristobal to play the C. H. S. all-stars at the Cristobal High
School gymnasium.

Nancy Horan Adeli Srdker shrTle D[ir
Jeanne Lucy Phdel, ..Ibi riFc 1-ibel Gibh.mn
Audrey Taber Allce Hei MNar'e Schm,dr



A MBITION, skill, and sportsmanship dominated in the girls' softball league this year.
At the beginning of the series, Kelly Bauman s Whizzers and June Hambelton's Top-
pers appeared to be the teams to defeat, but as the three-month season closed the
Whizzers and Toppers were on the bottom and Shirley D)er's Tornadoes headed the list.
The teams taking part in the league were Gloria Shelton's Slashers. Mary Janr Phillips'
Steppers, June Hambelton's Toppers, Shirley Dyer's Tornadoes Louise Rathgeber's Nifties, and
Kelly Bauman's Whizzers.
Players chosen for the all-star team were Jeanne Lucy, Peggy Brugge, Eloise Ramey,
Esther Miller, Ph)dellis Walbridge, Vera Howell, Connie Troubridge, Alice Hele, Dorothy
Kalar, and Isabel Gibson.
The league games were under the direction of Miss Eileen McAuliffe, girls' physical! director,
who was substituting for Miss Louise Hanna, absent on vacation in the Stares.

Howard Moore John Montanye Bobby Dennis
John Anderson Tomas Reyes Hendri Hanson
Norman Anderson Ro!and Stemmer Alexander Courmey
Fred Ryan Warren Sherwood Bll Ga.nes



EMILIO Madrigal led his Giants to the championship of the intramural league for the
second consecutive year when he defeated Jack McGlade and his Yankees by a score
of 6 to 3 at the stadium in the championship battle.
Madrigal went the route for his team in the final game, while Joe Burgoon and Tommy
Larsen shared mound duties for the Yankees. The Giants made four of their six runs in the
sixth inning.
After the season was completed, all boys who played in the league got together and select-
ed the all-star team, which met Cristobal High School at the stadium on March 13. Balboa
High School won 6 to 5 in a game that will be remembered for some time to come. Cristobal
was leading Balboa 5 to 2, going into the last inning. Then the Balboa siege guns opened fire
and scored four runs, amidst the wild cheers of the many B. H. S. rooters who were on hand.
The winning team consisted of the following players: John Kain, catch; Tom Larsen,
pitch Emilio Madrigal, pitch; Don Eowen, first; Ernest Horter, second; Osmond Austin, third;
Jim Ridge, short stop; Jack Gamble left field; Jack McGlade, center field; and Fernando
Foster right field. Joe Burgoon and Howard Moore had been selected to the all-star team as
utility players.

Grace McCa'l;n Betrr Sutherland Ruth Preiles
Rosemra) Milleu Je.in Flnn VeTr Hon-ell
Louise Rathgebtr (Carohline Barlo. Mar, .lane \W'hae



W ITH fast names and faster reams, volleyball ranked first among the girls this )ear.
In spite of a late start the Victors. Slashers, Whizzers, Toppers, Hurricancs, Nifties,
Tornadoes, and Steppers burnt up the three months ot volleyball. Season menaces were
June Hambelton, Shirley Dyer, Kel!) Bauman, and Vera Howell. After winning the round
robin tournament, Gloria Shelton's Smashers played serious volleyball against the Nifties, but
Lou Rathgeber's happy-go-luck) team proved their superiority, copping the elimination series
from Shelton's team and then seizing the best two-out-of-three-game play-off
Laurels go to all of the captains June Hambelion, Kelly Bauman, Audrey E. laber, Mary
Jane Phillips, Barbara Hayden. Gloria Shelron, Blanca Westerlin. and Louise Rathgeber. They
worked admirably, getting the girls to come out, coaching their players, and displaying sports-
manship everywhere
The winning softball and volleyball teams received their "B's" and a sound round of
applause at the girls' annual sports ral!y.
The rejuvenated gym provided just the atmosphere for the uniformed athletes. Regula-
tion shoes, shirts, and shorts gave the girls a chance to "kick around" and really play volley-
ball. Coach Louise Hanna was out fc- every game, refereeing and coaching. "Pass, girls! Over
the line!"and "Stop cracking your gum! would remind us that Miss Hanna was on the job.
Leaving with this year's seniors are Comley, Rocker, Hambelton, Taber, Lewis, Koperski,
and Bauman, but stepping in to try zo take their places are Walbridge, Howell, Dyer, Simms,
Brugge, and Rathgeber. Each year they are renewed, but never replaced, and each yea. B. H. S.
loses a grand gang of volleyballers who can never forget the familiar shrieks, and whistles,
and thumps that accompany the pla) ing of their favorite game.


A FTER being runner-up to "Big Bill Le
Brun in last year's tournament, Jimmy
Ridge won the annual. tennis tourna-
ment by defeating Johnny Presley 6-4, 2-6, 6-3
in three well-played sets on the stadium courts
on March 21. By virtue of taking the tournament,
Ridge received the Scholastic tennis medal which
is given to all school champions throughout the
United States by the "Scholastic Coach" n,.aL.ei
Ridge won the tournament by defeating John
Towery, Roland Stemmer, Sonny Pereira, and
Johnny Presley. Presley reached the finals by
eliminating Louis Towery, Tommy Peterson, Bert
Shelton, Jack Hutchings, and John Anderson.
While this was Presley's first complete tournament in Balboa High School, R.idge had
competed in every tournament from his freshman year on, until a senior, he finally took first
The doubles tournament was scheduled to begin after the Easter holidays, when the Zonian
went to press. Several of the combinations that had already announced their desire to com-
pete in the doubles and were being given a little better than average chance to win the event
were Stemmer-Hutchings, Matlowsky-Shelton, and Ridge-Kain.
The winners in the boys' singles and doubles tournament, along with the girls' singles
champion, were scheduled to travel to Cristobal on May 9 to match strokes against the Cris-
tobal champions for the school championship of the Isthmus.


W HEN the rainy season began, the girl
archers of B. H. S. started shooting. The
freshman and sophomore girls went out
on the range every Tuesday, and the junior and
senior girls tried their skill on Thursdays.
Daphne Lewis, senior, and Eloic Ramey,
junior were the only two veterans this year. The
new members were Martha Duncan, Loin, Nelson,
both seniors, Jane Tompkins, Peggy Brugge, Doro-
thy Kalar, Adela Snediker, Agnes Atkinson, and
Margaret Kunkel, all juniors.
The sophomore and freshman Robin Hoods
were Carolyn Barlow, Alice Hele, Constance
Trowbridge, Shirley Dyer, Ester Miler. Jane
Lindstrom, and Laura Tapia.
At the time the Zonian went to press, Daphne Lewis had the highest score, and Eloise
Ramey was second.


SITH Jonnny MacMurray out of the way,
the golf championship for Balboa High
School was left wide open for the large
crowd of turf diggers who signed up to play golf.
MacMurray, in the 1958 tournament, had finished
36 holes in 157 strokes, which was good enough
to defeat his nearest rivals.
At the time the Zonian went to press noth-
ing definite could be stated as to where the tourna-
ment would be held or how many holes would be
played The professional at Pedro Miguel links
had offered his services as golf instructor for the
players, who knew very little about the game.
His first attempt to teach golf to B. H S. stu-
dents was scheduled for April 29 at the Balboa
stadium. The golf classes were to be held every
Saturday after that until one week before tourna nent play began.
Among those who were expected to be at the top at the end of the match pla were lack
Hutchings, Johnny Presley, or George Makibbin. Among the girls Anne Warner is said to be
an outstanding player.

The Zonian staff wishes to express its
appreciation for the helpful cooperation it
has received from the members of the faculty,
the journalism c-ass, the Camera Club, the
seniors, Jack Fisher, the typists, and others.
They) have given invaluable assistance in
making this Zonian possible.

-A I


|! |llI

P o 3e

P. O. Box 1573
Ancon, C. Z.

I Street )

R. de Panama

98 Central Avenue
Panama City

The Office Service



Dorribulrol of Royal Portable

Telephone '60.361
Apar-menr No 4 1

Compliments of

Antonio Fong & Co.

a __

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A complete line of Kodaks, Cine Kodaks, Kodascopes and Eastman
made photographic accessories and supplies for the
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Developing, Printing, and Enlarging Cine Kodak FiLa
Processing Camera Repairs


Panama Plumbing

& Contracting


Phone 2152
Res. 2)41

Front Street


Everybody knows that

the best photographic

work in Panama

costs the least at

the studios of


101 Central Avenue Tel. 676


*- *. .

Best Wishes

to the

Class of 1939



The Only Portrait Studio On

The Isthmus OwnLed And Operated

By An American

S ____ _------------------------------------E


I r

125 Central Avenue
Panama 125

American Tailor

Formerly of Coco Solo & Fort Clayton

Importer of English Woolens and
Irish Linens

Specializing in Officers Uniforms
and Civilian Sui:s


Branch At

Tel. 951-B


P. 0. Box 601
Ancon, C. Z.

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on the



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Cia. Panamefia de Fuerza y Luz

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i r



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Always wishing to please its nu-
merous patrons it offers easy
payments on the accredited
Philco Radio and the
comfortable and chic
looking furniture




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The best English Serges and other cloth
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Reasonable Prices.
Part payment accepted Pay us a visit

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Full and authoritative coverage of the daily
happenings on the Isthmus.

For Foreign News -

Complete United Press
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For Editorial Comment -

The Washington Daily
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Burroughs Adding and
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Estudiance St. No. 105
Behind Century Club

P. O. Box 191 Ancon, C. Z.

Telephone 2123


In School Days or Vacation Days

The Commissary Division provides

for your needs in things to eat

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Our Best Wishes for a Happy Vacation

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w *0

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Colon P. O. Box 10

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M 1111111111111111111111111 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin iiiiiiiiin i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii n in i 1111111111111111111111111111111111. 11 iiii i


1 1-

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f. ...

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Color.. R P

3 e



OF 1939


Best Wishes for Success



Bureau of Clubs and Playgrounds

(Recreation Division of the Panama Canal)

lu. r

^ I __ I __.__...._.. .



"The Center of Feminine Mode"





A comfortable, restful, ideally located hotel, commanding a
magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and tropical scenery. The
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At ex-Clara Kaiser Beauty Parlor
Telephones 927 and 607


r4 &4


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and shy - -
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"Once again MOLLOY-MADE
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as the 1939 Zonian is cased in a
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411 East 91st Street
Los Angeles, California."

mO ii I 11 111111 11 1il 111111111 111 ni ^

r I


i .1


N I^^


C/r~nt ~~- LF?"

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4::x i

~Ant 7p~

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--: K -- N5?
... .i i (
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S .. ..... ...
" ""I:.;!~ ~ I. ~ lli.:...:: a[. '::i"" .

A : L: T:'. .

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,4J:. .,i"". .... ....
N: 4 HY..


t ~i :;; II"i!,;1:.,; "..

..... .. .


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q*I *:i~'

hi., :. :
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..::..~i..i. ".: .': .

. "I," ".f
.: ::.i::i :. ..r
i .:E."~~~1: : .:. "

I ;


Full Text




', .. -I ; .... ., ..,:


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive.org/details/zonian1939balb


4 A S you l eave high school and go out into life you will look back and realize ever more strongly that your high school years were golden. If you can drink of the bitt e r waters without allowing experience to destroy faith, efface ideals or so ur the h ea rt you will have found the Fountain of Youth. You have my sincere wishes for contentment a nd h a ppiness in life. FRED W HOSLER Prin cipal.


D E DICATIO N In g r a titud e i e ded icat e thi s Zonian w th e Old Time r s o f th e Pan a m a C a n a l w h o gave th e beSt pa rt o f t h e ir lives t o f ull f ill th e d r ea m o f centuries" May t h e ir of cooperatio n a nd goo d fello w s h ip li, e o n "in th e h ea rt s o f p os t erity.


6 JI I .'.111111111 .... '; 2'11'.&"1'. 1'1'''' ADMINISTRATION Mr. B elt M. Williams SuperimenJ e m o f schools Dr. G eorge H oward Assi s [am [Q [he Superin[endem Dr. Fred W. H osler Prin c ipal


TEACHING STAFF B a r a lden Ca lmer A I ndllJlr;al Artl Bran s rener, Nei l V ......................................... . .................. . Butler M a r y E ....................................................... _. Commercial Candee Ali ce ... Co llin ge, Roge r W Ene b oe, A g ne s R Esser Se g urd E Fr a nklin Max C. F rose, Ol ga ]. .............. Social Science & Gelleral I H .I:bematics Ellg/ish. j Olll'll(l /iJm Social E nglish E llglish i ndus/rial Arts Spanislj F reuc/) H a r c he[[ Edw a rd W l1t,thellltl(;cs .. ... . McNa ir J a mes S Newman, M ary S P a r so ns, Alic e Prentiss, H e rvey P R obso n Elinor D P a rrill I rwin H Turby fill Sub e rt Ward, Allen B. Wardla w Geo r ge Whaley Myrtle Zierten H ]. i H Mhema/;cs H Ollsehold Arts Ell glish. L"Iill Social Science Spallish Scieuce E llglish. Drama/hs Spallish. LII;I/. i \!fa/hemalics E lIglish. Li brary 111dNslr;,rl ArlS 7


FORWARD To r ecord th e activ iti e s o f B a lboa High Sch oo l i n 1938939 is th e purpos e o f thi s Zonia n but rhe staff h a s tried a lso to in cor po r a t e i n it a l i: tl e c i v i c p rid e and school spirit. In h o n o r o f t h e (weney fifth ar.niversary o f it s bu i ldin g w e h a v e u s ed th e C a na l as a th e m e f o r o ur p laces, comp a rin g th e s cho o l to th e C a n a l a n d th e cla sses to shi p s going through f ro m th e ocea n o f illit e racy to th e oce an of w i s d o m Thus w e h o pe to fur th e r the appr e c i a tion o f th e g r ea t w o rk d o n e both by the b uil de r s o f th e C a nal a nd th e build ers o f our edu cation-the t eac h ers. 8




10 Mr. Hatchet t Sponsor President Fred Jr. C anal Zon e Secretary Virginia Grey Thornton Colon Mascot Miss Jessep Sponsor ".tI btler mil" /or lecdfuhifJ am nou here eiJe be IOllnd." Baseball 1. 4: 5ofeo3.11 1 2, 3: FOOiball 2. 3. 4; Vice President 2: Pre sIdent ), 4' liule The;me .\. Golf 'L 4, TenniS I; Three of G r acie, N,ghl of January 16. "PCIl": be r/'llhln Ih) 1.0111. alld 1I.'ltbm thy f'aIQCel." Orcheml t. 2. 3. 4; LinJe Theaut' Orchetra I, 2. 3, 4; Club 3,1; Band I, Softball I, 2, 3, -L Basketball !. 2. 3. 4: Track 2, 3. 4: T enniS 2, 3, 4; Soccer \; Footb;dl 2, 3, 4. "A maidtn'J (,011.'1 of joy II her Hlken, rIppling hair Softb all 2; Soccer 2: Volleyball I, 2: SWlmmlnl: I: Tennis 2. 3; Glee (Jub 4; Quill and Sero!l -i.


Blanche Eleanor Adler Canal Zon e "Let Illl rI)'ngI he done decemiy 1l1ld o,du. Swimming I 2, 3; Student A sso ci:mo n 3, -I. Fulvia Elena A rosemena Panama "My ou n Ihongh'J are Illy cOfllpamOnJ." Swimming 3; Spanis h Club 3, Olga Victoria Arosemena Panama City Le' Ill, ,hen, be liP and doU/g." S h erry Austin New York City Kwd Il'O rdl and f erl' ar( a WQman's Qrllament." Parrake et 4. Garland Allelia Avera Fort B liss, Texas "Lallgh and lire, then {carll." Universitr of i\li sso uri School ; F a}cuevrlle H igh School, N. c.; Ten. nrs; Zoman 1. Elva Nancy B auma n Cristobal "A rtglliar lrd and th6 belt of pals." Crist obal H rgh Softball I. 2. 3 .... ; V olleyball I. 2 3. 4; Tennr> I, 2 .. 'i, -I; Swimrr I. 2. 3. .... B wlrng I, 2, 3. ... Glee Club J 2 7" 4; BIOlogy Club I, 2; Lmle Thutre 4; Parrakeet .-1; G A A '. 4 G ol f 4; Crocodile I s le ; All .At Sea, Three Day s of Gracie; Pep Squad 2; NLght o f January 16'"; QuJiI and Scroll 4. Thomas A lbert Bender Canal Zon e "11' hQ hears mllJ;e fedl hi! lo/rtllde people at O'!Cf.' So f tball, Swimming. LLtd e Thune Orchestra, jur::or Cullege Orchestra, Josephine Ruth Blanton Panama Ciiy "Ark and let.",," Glee Club 2, 4; Softball I 2. 3; Volle yb all I, 2, 3; Swimming Ro y George Boggs Canal Zon e l-/I; bill me,", good natJI,e, alld ,,"es,,')," \X'ater Polo t, 2, 1, FOOtball I. 2. 3. SWlmmmg I. 3, .1; Sohball I, 3, 4; Blseblll 2 Jeanne Bonwe ll Montana "'" tbe /,/ rllklmg ot all c}e," L ee HIgh School. Virginia; Spar r O\\'5 POLO! HLgh School, ,\ Iaq'land lVil ena Bowen Alabam? "A mll/lfe JlI'eel. fl disPOJrliofl ple.l1olll." Swimming I 2, 3, 4, 11


Donald Justin Bowen Englewood, New J e rsey "Spo,t U I'"lt hand and hlfnd U Itb S 2; Parrakeet 4; J ulius Caesa r 3. Doris Brotherson New J e r sey Basketball; C r ocodile hie; Parra kt 4. David Bruce Canal Zone "He lirel a( ,"ea ce flllh a/l mankind." CriSlObal HI{!h Schoo l I 2; Glee Club 4; "GlPSY Rover" l\1aude IsabellE' Bruc e "ut rhy wordJ btl /tu Cmfobal II..Q:h I. 2; GIft" Club I, 2; SpanIsh {.Jub I 2; BIOlogy Club 2. 12 Louis Caldwell Panama City Il ou much II ua! 0.1 b l m ue r, e U c k.'1ou. Alice Calabrt,ves Columb;a / 100, am 'ilfn!. SwimminE: 1 2, 3. 1: Baseball I. Sp3 ni5h C lub. Minerva Calabreves Columbia "SIhnce nl'U berrayl you." Swmimin,.R 1, 2, 3, 4: Spani s h Club I, 2; G'ee Club 1 2, 3, 4. Doris Claire Chan Canal Zone "TiJ t'ue Jhe I/lih moder" grace Soft ball '\; Orchema. Irene Virginia Chan Canal Z or.e I n cl'ery arl If II gnnd to har'e a maJ/er." An edilO r Zonian I 2; Art pres id ent 3. Alfred Cha,. Ancon "Learn the 111 at magIC o.t Q cheer/III lac e Softball I, 2; Band 1 2, 3, 4.


Beverly Comley Canal Zone "Her ltre UII)'S of pfillal/II/ell ami ulf rer pllths. 01 Volle y ball 3. 4; Littl e Theatre 3. 4; Softbail t. 4, S W Imming I 2, 3, 4; Parrakeet '1, Go!f 4: 'Eyes o f Ta loc"; "Cr ocodile Isle"; Club 2; Glee Club I 2; PCf1 Squad 2: Treasu rer 1 "Night o f J anuary 16"; Quill and Scrcll ..,.. Ruth Jeanne Can nor Bridgeport, Connecticut "She danul Ihrollgh ,,/:) IllIh nel er a care." BOOlh & Ba)-\iss Softball I 2, 3; Volleyball I, 2, 3; S\\'immlng I, 2, 3: Tenn:s 2; BowlLng I 2, 3; Glee Club I 2. Joaquin Cruz Panama "!-low mll,h fie [!al'l, II ho make "0 cia,,",." Softball I 2; T en n is 2; Basketball 3; SWImming I. James Cruz Panama I am In carnes'. Spanish Clch, Francis Josepb C r yan Canal Zonp. J JOle a /troaJ marx", 10 my "fe." Swimming I 2, 3, 4; So ftball I, 2, 3 4. Marv Rita Cryan Canal Zone: "/I cheer/III dIJPOIIllO" r! II lund 01 rlad) ,apltal." Softb311 I 2, '. 4; V olleyball I 2. 3. 4; I. 2 3, 4 Bowl Ing: I 2. 3, 'f; All at S{"3"; Gypsy Ro\er"; Glee Club 4. Jea n Burke D eMott Long Beach, California "AI ,olly III the day II lo"g." COiC0l31 Frcr>ch Club I, Club I; Parr.!.keet Dramatic Ul;b. Vollc\'b!1 I; B admlOlon I 2 Mar,iorie Dp.Hnis Canal Z0ne "lit, am flaJ I1lrH 10 offend alld ,rca'urt: UUl he< f "end." Glel,' Club 1 ::!. 't. 4; Parrakeet; All At Sea The G\PS} Rover; S\\lrnming I; Softbal: I; Volleyball I. Bowlrng I J e l r y Wayn e O ettamorc W es t Virgi nia "Tbal mati I I tbe rubefl I,'ho's p.t:Ullr;;s are Ibe c/J",pest." SWlffifficng 1. 2. 4; Tuck I, Coke (Iub '.1. Biology Uub I, Band 1 Phy lli s Deveneau Chicago, Illinoi s "Alld the belt of /lie ; d,bge"a:':' Soflball; Bowling I: Archeq' I, BIo l ogy Uub 2, ,,4, (hemfStry (lub

Harr v D o \\ e ll Cristobal U "orrh makes rht' man F oOtball I. 2. 3. 4; Track 3, 4; Swimming I. 2. ,. l; Softball I 2. 3. l\ l artha Raye Duncan T e xas, "'A pard-!/k e spmt. bCQftll/u / Illld Hult." Nathani el Hawthornf" Juni o r HIgh G lee (Iub 2. ,; I.ulle Theauc; P arrakc:e l I; T he F ood; Three D ays of G r 2c i e. Roy C h e s t e r Dwell e Canal Zone H andsome IS ,bat har.dS(ll1le dOI'I." Wal er Polo I. 2. -1; Football T e n nIs I 2. 3, ,i. A W e ddI ng"; 'DulY H ands." \Va llace Brucf': Dyer Canal Zon e "Thou fl'all a be,o 011 man, a Socce r I; Football 2, \, j ; So h b211 I, 2. 4; Baseball ?>; Tr2c k 3.\. Basketball 3, 4; "B" Club 2, 3, 4. Arthur C l y d e E lli s A r kansas "T/I1I11 IS bur rbe Slrl'am I go ., IlIh"'8 111." Foo tb211 2 "\ .. j; Bathall 3; b21e 3; J ulius (.ae5ar" Zaman 1 4 S usan Ewing A nco n C a n a l Z one "LIghr 01 u.p ur,d h'ar. Il'I1 I I h e Thelma L o uisE" Fayard N ew Orleans, L ouis iana "\1"("-"'8 a'/ Ibe !I,tH',hl !JI l ea rllin g Ilgb:l.,. al II Ih/Iir." 3, l\1aurice E ugen e F itzgerald Cristobal C a nrti Z o n e "SlIprelJ me ,I lOll (an,'" Softball ,,\; ; B as k etblll 2, \, -i, Foolbal l 2. 'I. 4; L illie Thlalr e J. 2. 4; SlUdt"nt A ssoc i a lio n Glee C l ub; "CI (;codd(' I s land"; "AII AI Sea'" GypS}' R ov er"; Par rak(et F ernando Anthony Foster C anal Z o n e "S.esl tholl a ",all in b i l bIlJl1ItJ/) H e sball Ualld belor e hllgs." B a seb all 2, 3, 4; B aske lball I 2 3. F oo t ball 3. 4 John D anie l Erl w ard Galliv a n C a n a l Zone "Bill ,0kmR tJiJarl, la In glle ou r all en/fQII 10 Itf/Olll m,ll/frl." Camerl C lu b 4, i3lnd 1, 1; Sw i m Imn8 I ; Z o n J n 4; QUIll :wd Sc r o ll. Jack K enneth G amble B e llevi lle Illinoi s I IJt lI're a ,UlU Ill/flU' be IIOII!.!"" be hllm .. "," Foot ball 2, -I, B lseball 2. 3. 4: 1 l;:

James Gardner "One lI,ho nt-I u tllrned hi, b ac k bllt ma r chfd I'Er lorwald. L ouisvi lle l\lal e H igh Sch ool ; 1\1a)' fit"ld Hi g h Sch oo l. Patricia Jean Getman Birmingham, "No t bold, Ilo r s hy, I/o r s b o r t n o r tall A plea l afll flllllg/m8 0 1 t he m all." Swimmi n g I, 2 ; Soani s h Club 2; Softb all -I; P : u rak ee t 2. Doroth y Bell Godfrey New J e rse y "Her IhOlle hlJ a r e a J 1/:11. OJ Ilndf'r a r/lund 11Idl." A rc h e ry; Spnish Club. Pete Gre e n Eng lanr! "Bill 10.1 I held tb;;m J P ellbOllnd." Water P ol o I 2 3. 4: Swimmin g I. 2 3, 4 ; F oo tball 4 S o ftball 4; T rack 1 ; Camera Club. H e l e n E lizabeth Hall Colon "Prtm, pr o p er, alld preclJe Parra k ee t I K a th e r y n Jane Hall C anal Zone P af;e,1f endu ral1ce ; f godlike." Jun e Frieda H ambelton Columbus, Ohio PUI 011 b u l:a r m e ntS of g la!nen. S o ftbali I 2. 3. -I; V o lle y ball I 2. 3. 4; Bo .... hng 1. 2. 4. T e n n i S I 2. '. 4; p(P Squad -1, G A A 3, 1 ; 'Thrte O a)"5 o f Grac ie. James M a nual Harness Fort Monroe, V i r gini a F orn/(d 0 1/ iood o,t p'an, a tme Mid !lral'f lIld I1"K')/ hOlUH Hampto n H i g h Va, Pt>oc bu s H i g h Va., Band I 2, 3, -I, Orchesua I 2. 3. 4 ; S o ft ball I 2; 2, 3; Baseball 2; Student ASSoCIati o n r e o preSentallV e 2; S ec retar y l:ea s u r er 3; D o r o t h y V erno n of H3c1en H 3il. Ewart G'adston e Ha rvey Vir giniQ "lie I J II hale c/nN/lle \ IIl1d hflill e d 111 II m o m ell(.' Glen All e n H igh S c hool ; S o ft ball I SWimmIng 4 Florence L e R oy H e nr y Was hington, D. C H a ppy am I ,/lid f rom (M e I' m f r ee San Fran C ISco Girl's H i g h S c h oo l ; Glfe Club 4. Juli o Hernandez China Lillge IJ bls bOlml)" alld biJ 10,,1 Baseb311 I 2; S o ftball 3, 4: B3s k e ( bdl 2, 3. 4 ; T ennis .\. Ral ph Panama "Ill>, bearl I J al frlle ill lIeel," Span i s h Club I 2, 4; Swim ming I 2; T e nni s I 2, S oftb:1I1 2, ,,1; T ropical Nigh ( ; Lambau t a ."' 15


Robert C. Herrington C anal Z cr,e T o lnou hou to hul, IS g n a/ I Jull,' Maxine Harriet Schoeffler Hilbert Brookly n Nev' York "A pcpp, d humamty," T h o ma s J e ffer so n H .gh S c h oo l. luas; Orc h cs tra I; Pafr.tk e e l 4; QUIll and Scr o ll 4 June Marie Holcomb N ew Orleans "U", t h 0 I mrie o n h e r f ote allli 0 g l c a m In hn Sw.mmlng I 2 3: Softball I 3; \"lIter P o l o 3; Spani s h Club 1; "Hung Juq"; Pcp Squad Marion Leslie Horter Phillipsbury, Pennsylvania S o u'ar cQmpa m o n l hrp J h e could n o t b e alon e V o lle y ball I ; S ..... imming 3; Parra kee l 0\ Jac k Hutchings Panam a ( r elltel merrt and f ortune br/l/81 I t 11110 p l ay," T e nnis; F oo tball ; Bas ketball 3. 4; G o lf 3, I Bas eball Dorothy Catherine Iri s h Canal Zone A plea,,,,g e0101l010 n(( ;1 n o 111gh a d l ofJIoge Swimming 1 6 Tomas Humbert o Jacome Panama "No o n e c a'l IiJea k .1 ell fl1lleu he thoroughly I,,,deriland r h ll INbJea," \X' aler P o l o 2. ,; PresId. n! of SpanI s h Club -i Andree Jer ome PariS, France A Imile IS Q u"hlJ/Jcr o f Q laugb." V o lle y ball I 2; Bas ket b l ll I : TenOl s I 8o ..... lrng I ; Glee Club 3. Alvin Joh nso n Nebrask" A n d 1 0 Q uholilr "}I LQrh'J olumeJ (Q,.r y, He uIII be bill Q utJlkll'1g dld l o ntlr ,." Galilio H .I/:h S c hool. San Fran cisc o ; ("am trl Cl u b 4. Slud e!1! Co un cil 3 .. Tenn:s Helen Elizabeth Johnson Cristobal, Can:ll Zone I look o n ,(lU f U

D o n a ld Kemtall Washington, D C ., "1: IJ 1I0t pOSItlOIl bllt fl/wJ that illllnt." Reger s H igh School, 'ewporl R. I Q u anilCO School, Quantico, v, Dorothy Janet Koperski C a n a l Z one "She If yOtlll1" Il ue, flllr,-H' thtl/! to alllNr/! Jhe'l """,eJlllte hur" Golf; Softball 3, -I; V o lleyball '\, 4, Tenms I 2, 3, 4. SWTmmln!l: '\; Ludc TheaTre I, 2. '\, 4 Glee Club I 2, 3, 4; 4, "Mc:chant of Vemce";DTrt)" Hands"; All AI Sea";CrN.odde Isle"; "Gypy Rover." Virginia l o l a Krueger Canal Zone "lin g",tlerleu, ber sff: I/IlInrlerJ, ul/ /l'bo Stili admntd. MissiSSippi 2. J; Glee Club I 2. J, 4 Beatrice l\1errit Lawson Camp M e r r itt, N ew J ersey "LeI pilI/eric/! hili/! her perfea u'ork," Glee Club I; Opereu:! "Cr ocod i le Isle. Daphne Lewis Ca n a l Zone "Right brule lIud luI/ of Volleyball I 2, 3, .j; Softball 1 2, ). 4 ; TcnlllS I. 2. :;, 4; Bowling I 2.3.1, Archer) I 2. ), -j; Glee Club I. 2. ), 4. Llfde ThcaHe1 I. 'Ehnbeth's young Man": 'GU)S)-Rover .. All At Sea J ohn \Villi al11 Logsdon C a n a l Z o n e "BtUhfullleJJ IJ UI/ I!lIelfl) to pOl'erl)'." J oseph Lud lum N ew Y o r k "I /l,,11 go mHI Ih:J IlId,es, '. Marg o l\lacKrllzie Texas "G,acefNI lIr.d Nsdlll IfI 1111 Jhe doel. I aWlon H igh 5C'1001 Ok13homa ; Golf 4; Zon,an 4; Qulll and SCiolI. Susanne M a r s h all Chicago, Illinois Basketball I; Volle. hall I. Soft ball I: Backgammon 1 S ..... imming I, 2; Z':;nlanl, QUill ami Scroll, Alb ert i\Iathon Connecticut "U"h) /lorr) oler tr,lles." \'('atcr P o l o I 2 '\. S", Immlng 1. 2. 3. '\; Softball 3. I. Soccer I Donald Arthur 1\' l cCaslin Canal Zone "A I,nle bu gOf!J "lIg WilY." S o ftball I 2; F ootball I, 2; Swim ming I. 2, '-I, O:lnd I, 2; Or ches tra -I. Llltl e ThUlre Orchestra 4; Zonian Slatf. Tenni S 3, I Jane McCaw Mi ssouri "Of Jofrelt mUlilierl, ,,,,allened mmd, 101f' of peorce und Ifund of !fIlIl/illld," Hoi}' Cross A cade m) ', \'('ashingl o n. D c.; Parr;!kel!t ,I; ChemlStq' Club 4, 17


BeUy Jan e M cKenzie Duncannon. P ennsylvania "Hou II/H'I und g,(;(IOIII." S!:ld_nt Association RcrresenraflYC', 38. Ellen Elizabeth Mead C a n a l Z one "\I'flh htllrl IIl/d hun I bOI" open und fret," Volleyball I 2. 4; Swimming 2, 3. -I; Softball 2. 3. 4: G l ee Club 1. Britta Ann Merill C amp Custer M ichigan "Gnlll In "'llh",&1 bUI IltlU"e Macon Crai g Michaux Washington, D. C. "He bill tI hII'/ 10 rOnft/,.e, tI longue 10 ptflulllie, and a hund 10 e:..erule all) mllrh,,!.' Orchesua 2 3. ; B aseha ll I 2 3. 4; FOOIbali 2. 4; Swirrming' I : 2. ;: Track 2, 3. 4, 2. Judith Miro Panama "11"h,. should I,I., all labo r be?" Club 3, 4; Arc h e r y 3; P a r -Beatrice Marie Monsanto B a lbo a "So I laid II)(:m In rh)me. f(fr of rh)mes I hud Ilore," 1 8 John l\1ontayne P ennsylva:1ia "The dHput rllUI mate /tUII dOl, 8;uklball I 2. :. .. 1. Base ball 1 2. 3 ; So h ball I; Socce r I. Ila May Montgomery Winnipeg, Canada u tne puformar.rf of picas, tlt/' a,IIOIII, 'rOIl, J#)! lb, prOI trb, 11 Ibe sire of fame." Earl Mullins North Carolina "A lIme 10 fe(p Slltl/.', (",d Q 10 Ip(U/.:.. S w im m ing 2, 3, ; B aske l b all 4; Softball I 2, 3, 4; B Club 4. Norine Nash Aneon Zone F o r (ome dt:YI happ:;t. or come daYI Hid, J (OIlRI "0 hOllrs bllt Jhe ones ",mie gl#d." Lorna Nelson New York I-I e r 101e/meSl J /.:.new. U nlll Ihe /Ill/led al D r a pe r H i g h S c h oo l New Y o rl: ; P a rra k e e l 4 John Thomas O 'Donnell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "Not binS If I mpOSSIble 10 Q u'llIlnS hearl Baseball I Softball 1. 2. 3. 4; F oolb21l I 2. ; SWi m min g I 2. "3; Mercham o f V e ni ce; Llllk TheaIrc I


I Marion Orr A ncon, C Z "She hnr a !rlel/d/l f/a:/lre." Biology Club 2. 3, 4. Albert Palacio Panama 'Then dOlh nUlflre sholt' her pia" ( i'''h e n the u.orld hal /I}Mld a I1IUII." C h e mistry Club Bessie Lee Phillips Can a l Zon" "The, I/Jal JOu.' 111 f(u"' shall reup 11110)," Eileen PbiInps Panama "Spurh I S great bllf ,;/ell(<; II grealfr," Roy S. Phillips Tennesse 0 W lIb books alld silld'CI he ; 1 al faJe. CriS f ob:l l H igh Sc h ool; Football 3. 4, B aSEball 3, 4; B a s ketball 3. 4. Do lores S y lve ster Pimento P al'a i s o Canal Zone "She Ii ga) alld gia{iJome G le e Clu b 2. 3; S oflball, S w imm! n g : Vo l leyba ll Guillermina P o nce P a nama L ffe IS Ilor !tIe al alt III,holl/ ddtght.' Professional School. Glee Club 4; Spmsh Club .. I. Franklin Dorsev Price E c u a d o r .. Aflolhcr speUIIUI/ 0' cOl/le nted 1.1'lJlaCII011." Julius C ae<;ar; BIO!Of" Club 2. 3. 4: ChemlStrr Club 3. James R:dge C anal Z o n e "Tl:e g'enr end 0/ II/e iJ knoll'hdge bllr udlOII.' Golf I. 2. 3, Tennis I 2. 3, -l; Baokuball l. 2, 3. ; FOOibal 1 2. '. -l. "B" Club .. 1; G l ee Club I. Pep SqLad 2; Quill and Scroll f; F arraktel .j Anne Carey Riggs Washing t on. D C "Her 1 01(e IIUJ {fer Joft. gelltle. Imd lorl. un (x(e//elll Ihm8 HI woman. B rownS"dle H igh. 3 .... EJit r Zon an -I; QUIll and Scroll. Jeanne Rocker Canal Zone Her ,,,cpreJflblc 8(1\'e:) rbe (u:ne 01 poplilarITY." V olleyball '. l; 8:lnd '. Orcheqra ,. 4. Student Associatio n I. Pcp Sq'Jad "; Three O;\y o f Gracie; The Fool; Eyes of Tl aloc: Meel th e MJ)sus; Hung Poor Old Jun, Those Immor:al Lovers, S;>eech Con lCS t ; SWImmIng I. 2. ">. "I; The Va li e n! C arlos R R o d r i g u e z Panama / hs IIlord burned Irke II lamp." Parrakeet 4; Sp:1nish Club 2, 3, 4; QUIll and Scroll 4 1 9


Juanita l\largart't Rosson Canal Zon e ",\1) lIfe IS Itke a Jlrol/ along th' heach.' Biolog) Club 2, 3, 4; GI{'(' Club -I. Bette Lou Shearer Washington, D C. "B} fa, Ihe hell proof II I!xperiencc. ,. AU511n High. Texas: Girl"s H ig h Commerc ial H ig h ; Parra keel--l. Warren Harding Brooklyn, New York "Conte/ll is hetTe' tball ,ubel." Soflball 3. 4; F OOibali '. 4: B ase ball 2. 3. 4; T ennis 2. 3. ; Basket ball 3. 4. Douglas Sidney Smith New York "U'lhy a,e,,', the, all c<.memed like me?" Football 1. 2; B 3skelb:a1l I 2; T rack 1 "B" Club. GI{'(' Club; Base ball 1. 2. ,: Linle ThcO:lre. James Edward Smith Panam a "5,,11 }Oll keep 0' the u-ind, Jide of Ihe lall.. 51, Mary's H igh, Bcrkeley, Ca l i fornia, Pholography. 20 Marion E llen Devore New York Ernesto Garcia Solis Panama "Sill'fue is golden Cemro P o l m'icnico Espanol Madrid Sp::in: Spanish Club 3. 4; Student Associatio n 3, 4. Josellh Robert Snyder Newark, New Jersey "ConlCnI to let the u,(,rld II.llIg on liS u"II." B aseball 1 2. 3, 4: rOOlbalJ 1 2. '. 4; B aoketball 1 2, 3 4: Swim ming I 2, 3, 4. Graciela S113no Havana, Cuba T o be 0/ uf/'ice ralb" than to be ronJpUIIOII1.' Spanish Club -i: Club 4. John S. SuHil'an Wa shington. D. C. "Tbll world he/ollgs to ,11' ellergetlc" Manhau3n H igh Sc hool Kan sas; Football. P o l o: Three Rings; Baskel' b:all; Zonian. Thomas A, Symington Jr. Californi a H e 11111 Illcreed lor 1-1: heltelel all he Tome Sch oo l Maryland: Camera Club 4; Julius Caes ar. Audrey E. Taber Balboa "Com/alii lal/ghter u,dirates a bealth, JOt"" Glee Club 1. 2. 3 .. ': C r ocodile I slt.; All At Sea: Vollc\'MIi I 2, 3. 4 So h ball I. 2, 4: G A. A 3, \


David H Tiger Camden) N J, (Ial 11" l eel 0 ..1 grit Ill'" bUn/1il1I .. tNr'." Joe B rown Jr. H Igh Allama . Boy s H ISh School ; T enni s j : Tr3ck 2, 3 ; Camer 3 Cl ub : Dlo l o g) Club. l\1ilton Le e Turner Plant City, FINida T hollghl IJ deeper rbar. aI/ J peech." Softb311 4; B askelball 4. Corn ilia Eliz abeth Van S ic!en Balboa, Cana l Zone "Goo d humo r 1/ Ib e 0 1 tbe JOU/''' S o h ball 1 ; V o llc) -b311 I : Arch e r y 2 3; B o wlinf,: 1 2, 2. 3: T e n ni s I 2: Pcp $c;u;., 1 2: Bio l ogy C l ub 2 ; Spani,h Club I Lmle T h c l Ife ; P a rr 3kee l 1. 2 4 Rusell Wells North Carolina W hal he if er In,e 111./1 'OntU". F a rfeucI \'ille H igh S cLool. Catherine Frances 'Vhelan Canal Zon e ,\f/flh mak el tbe bn/ If/fle : I Ul' e l." B aseba ll 2 3, 4. Peggy While Canal Z o n e "Spuk 1 0 the earl". m :tI if Ihl1/1 lelilc h l h ee.' Swi mming I 2 3. : V o ll eyb,lU 2 3. 4: Ar c h e r y 3; S o ffball 1 1 ; BIOl ogy Club. J a mes \ Vood Canal Zone "Norhml. ru! U,;.J f'er o,huled uuholll enrhuJn'm" F oo lball 2, '; Softball 2 .. i ; Basc h all ); Bas ketball 2 }, P arr3 -k(d 4. Ben Yohros Brookly n N Y. / ftke wad:, It t"Um "t,, 1 m e ,",/ / ca'} JlI olld l oo k at If Iv' hOIl!J.' Swimming }, 4 Dorothy Ruth Youn g Chicago. Illinoi s / ta,He thmgl OJ Ilu; V o lle r ball 1 2, 3,1 J ames Young M a r y l a nci "Ro,e compf!!md 0/ "/-1"1" I ollc, ""d lUll. S o flbJ.1l 1 2. 4; \\:lfer P olo 1 2. -I; Base b all S occe r I 2; Foot b a ll 2. 3. Isolda Myer s J orge P anam:l A I Iallhflll III 01.1 FflIlIJ/III." Glee Club I 2, 3, I Angus Matheney Alask a L eI IIJ hare ulu e am' II'o m e rl. tm,rh aud lallsbiu." Swi mmlOi; 1 2,}. 4, \'(':l.I e t P o l o 2, 3, ,l; Softba ll I 2. '. 4; F oo l ball 2. D 1s ketball 2. 3. S occer I ; T e nni s I

Ve r a H e l e n e Fulle r Aneon, Canal Zone "She hal a merry. gnod nalllre." 8 0wl'"8 I 2; Sp:Jni s r Club 1 ; Tenni S 1 2; SWImming I 2 3 Emili o Madrigal Canal Zone "\I"UhONt d.111gcr. Ihe game g rows col d," Sohball I 2; F o mbal! 2. 3. I ; S occe r I Sa s eball 1. 2 ,. 4; Tnck 1. 2, 3, 4 Bas kc l ball I 2, 3, 4; S Club 2, 3. 4; Swimmin g I. P o ll y P erkins Californi2 She Iial fl lI/ df! J o r happy Iho N g hrs, \'{/ hllli c r Union Hi,e:h California ; SWlmm'"8: Spamsh Club; Parnkec[ 4 ; Junio r C I:Jss SecTelary 3. \ V illi a m H enry Cox Point Pleasant, West Va "Sill/ltf! m o rl' mUli ,hlm

P ass in g rh e R ocka Break a Sm alla fr a r erniry h o use we saw JOHN "GORILL A GALL IVAN, president o i G a mb oa State Univer s ity, leading the sruclenr body in their thtme song, "WhisrIe While You W o rk.' The next srop was rhe R a inb o w Roof G arde n w h e r e we heard "Jit t erbug" JANE CA Wand her supersw in g b a n d while rh e famous da n ce -re a m of D EVENEA U and HARNESS r ende red a m o dern ve r s i o n o f the Carioca. June 21, 194 9 I do n t remem ber the n ame o f t!1e HOtel we stayed at last nigh t but we were ?wake ned b y a call fr o m swirchb oard ope r aro r V IR G I N I A THORNTON, informing us r h ar mu l e r eer EARL MULLINS was wairing below to tra n spor t u s to Obi spo, t h e well-known wimer r esore. H a lfway rhere we inrerrupred a dranmic sce ne berwee n ANNE RIGGS and BILL LOGSDEN, o n l ocatio n w ith the, P a n ama Snapsliots After apo logizin g ro direccor JAC K a', DONNELL we con tin ued o n Our w a y Im agine m y s urpri se fll1din g DORI S BROTHERSON doi n g the family w as h o n the b anks of rhe Cha Obi spo a r l asrl While earin g HORTER S "HONEY-KI ST' I CE cream a r r h e C h agres pavtilO n o wned b y IRENE a n d DORIS C HAN, MARION ORR p r ese nr ed liS wirh some o r c h ids w ith rhe. compliments o f rhe m a n ageme nt the f1oorshow b egan, and .l\! [i stress o f CeremonIes MARTHA RAY DUNCAN inrro:luced rhe "Three B'i' JEANNE BONWELL, BILLIE BOWEN, a nd DORI S BRADFORD, s in gi n g JJMMY WOOD' S new blue so n g, Sky Blue Pink. H earing a l oud roar we r an ro rhe window and watched AUDREY TABER, av iauix, m a k e a b eau tif u l f our. p o im landing Seei n g us, s h e o ffer ed us :l r ide ro Bal boa. On c e in th e ai r eve r yo n e smiled uusti n gly, but litrie Au:lr ey JUSt laug h ed a n d laug h ed b ecaus e she knew rhis was her first fli g ht We were disch a r ged from J O H N SULLIV AN'S H ospira l roday. We ha r ed ro JeO\' e J IMMY SMITH, sri II suffe rin g f ro m a seve re case o f inferioriry co mpl ex. We saiJ goodbye to DAPHN E LEWIS, rhe ni g ht nur s e w h o a l ways get s mixed up i n h er sc h edu l e, and cele br a r ed o ur reJe ase by goin g ro JANET KOPERSKJ'S golf club "Tho rn Turf." H e r e w e a mu sed o ur se l ves by warc hin g golf pro THELMA FA YARD rr y in g ro reach rhe e l e m e nr s vf golf ro J ACK HUTCHINGS, w hil e s i ppi n g JUNE HOLCOMB'S spec i tiry, m ars hm allow fluff Driving b y i n his own invemion th e W e! lsmob i l e, ( it runs on l iquid su n s h i n e ) R USSEII. WELLS, invited us to go w ith him to a parry. We accep: ed and soo n fO'-l!ld ourse l ves i n from of BAUMAN'S B eef Club. (This n ig hr spor boasrs rh e only floor s h ow rra i ned i n rhe Goof, Arhleric As sociatio n each speciman g u a r a nteed. mu scle -bound.) How a m azed we were co see those rhr ee supe r -p l ayb oys o f T Srreer, RICHARD BRI S LAWN, J UL I O HERNANDEZ, and ROY P HILLJP S be i n g rhrown ou r boJil y f o r flirting wir h C i garerre G irl BETTY M cKENZIE. ( K elly does all h er own b ouncing.) When we e ntered rhe club, we saw rhe m e m bers o f the H e npeck ed Hus b ands Club banquett i n g und e r t he tab l e a n d huntin g for dimes. M as t er o f the hunt was J AC K GAMBLE c h airman o f t':le e nt ertai n ment committee. FULV I A AROSEMENA s h o wed us ro a tab l e close (roo close) ro A L V I N JOHNSON'S K apok KJub o r chestra, the band n orth o f the North P o l e. Never a d"" m omenr Wirh an ear-splitt i n g cras h 'Two-Gu n JOHN MO'.:TANYE entered w i th hi s [fUS t y 1 .45 squire gu n s frOthin g a t the b arrels I came alo n g home, a n d so ro bed. July II, 1949 I was awa k e ned ar exacriy 7:361:l a. m this morning by n ewspa p e r g irl DOROTHY I R ISH yelling Extra"! Extra! All a b ol![ t he drLlg robbery M ontanye r o b s a s loe machine in JUDITH MIRO' S d r u g sro r e!" Ir wa' rhe early morni n g ed irio n o f rh e D ai l y Scr ibbl e", e dired by MAXINE HILBERT. Afr e r bre a kf as r prepa r ed b y C hef EMILIO MADRIGAL, we we nr ro rh e c i rcus wh i c h had ju st come down fro m r h e State s (lr.der rhe m anageme nt o f JOH N "BOBO" KAIN Upon a rr iving we saw ANDr,EE JEROME, BEATRICE LAWSON, a n d MARGO MACKENZI E doin g rh e hub a r a side, h ow w hil e BERT SHELTON was v i gorous l y rr y in g ro ::lrum up sal es. A blast f rom bu g l e-blowe r JOE SNYDER annou n ce d thar the b i g was goi n g to starr, so we b o ught our rickc: t from G RACIELA S PANO and hurri ed into {he tent. Ring l eade r ALBERT l\.1ATHON, a ttr acted our a n enrion co rbe fam e d e quesnian twins BESS I E PHILLIPS a nd EILEEN PHiLLIPS Mean whi l e JUNE H AMB ELTON was exec urin g (chis o n e will kill you ) her tripl e ba c k some rsault. L a r e r as we drew near t o DOLORES P IMENTO t h e be a rd e d l a dy we n oriced BETTE S HEARER, rhe only sword-,wallowing woman i n the world B ene srarred on bolos w h e n s h e was a senior i n B. H S. We a rrived at th e Wil d W est shew just i n rime to see LORNA NELSON l e ;tdin g the p arade as rri de a be a uriful whire mu l e o f a b o ur rwenry-fiv e years. R UBY KENT, SUZANNE 23


MARS HALL, and ILA MONTGOMl:RY soon rode Out to demon s trate th e art of bull.dozi n g. Ruby w a s first, She hit rhe bull so hard that she killed it and, since they had onJ y one buil rhe act e nded Next o n the program w a s a bareback race between ISOLDA MYERS and ELLEN MEAD Due to the fact that Isoldas horse s lip ped and sprained its eyebrow in the h o me Stretch Ellen took the cake do n ated by HEL ENE FULLER S bakery. Jul y 1 2 194 9 Our good ship St a gnatio n," artived here from the other side today, piloted by JOAQUIN CRUZ. RUTH CONNER and BRITTA MERRILL rode up on their scooterbikes to de l iver a cacrus to BLANCHE ADLER stew ardess. Pres ently d inner. When the big rush was o v e r FRED H ULDTQU I ST climbed down from rhe chandelier and began serving A cry o f "man ov erboard soon had everyone h ugging rhe rail Th ere i n the water was DOROTHY YOUNG swimming art'u n d w ith h e r l it tl e pekinese CATHERINE W HEL AN, f a mous aqu a tic srar, who had JUS t won a prize f o r swimmi n g [he Hell espo nt dived in a nd saved the dog july 17, 1949 We docked a t San Francisco this morning. MARIO N SMITH Mayor of Obispo has juSt wired that G Woma n GUILLERMINA PONCE, has juSt captured Lu d lum anJ rhe go l de n key. C L ASS WILL BRITTA MERRILL l eaves her immense height to MAYBELLE PERKINS. JUDITH MIRO l eaves journalism to MR COLLINGE. BEATRICE MONSANTO l eaves h e r ab ilit y to speak before the class to BETTY SUT H ERLAND. lLA MONTGOMERY leaves ALLAN MONSANTO to G R ACE SCH ACK. ISOLDA MYERS l eaves h e r voice to MARY JANE PHILLIPS. LORNA NEL SON l eaves her smart ideas in making and des i gn in g clothes to J ANE TOMP K I NS. MARION ORR l eaves h er studious air to SHIRLEY NELSON. BESSIE and E ILEEN PH I LLIPS l eave B. H S to JULIUS CHANEY, with all th e trimmings. DOLORES PIMENTO l eaves her short h and melals to DOROTHY PARISH. DAVID TIGER l eaves his rigerish remper amem to BARBA R A HAYDEN. MILTON TURNER l eaves FRIJOLES to rhe P. R R RUSSEL L WELLS l eaves his effervescing persooal iry to "pop JAMES WOOD l eaves hi s l a r ge vocabulary to WILLIAM HYDE. BEN YOHROS leaves business correspondence to jA IfES McGAHHEY. JAMES YOUNG l eaves his packa r d to JOHN KILEY ANNE RI GGS l eaves BILL COX to rhe higheSt bid de r GRAC IELA SPANO l eaves h e r resemblance to SONJA H EN lE to S HIRLEY SASSO. MARION SMITH leaves h er sweer s mile to D O RA S HELTO N. VIRG I N I A THORNTON leoves her office ho urs to MARY MAR C H CORNELIA VAN S I CLEN l eaves her abiliry to guzzle cokes to RITA and M ARGARE T DORAN. CATHERINE W H ELAN l e aves h e r l ow bur sur e smile to EVELIA VELARDE DOROTHY YOUNG l eaves her bri g ht eyes to OTIS MYERS. NORINE NAS H l eaves h er l ove f o r B H S. to SARA S H YTLE. JEAN DeMOTT leaves h er libr a r y j o b to WILLIAM MONZON. We've tried and tried to ger JOHN GA LLIVA N to l eave BILLIE BOWEN to somebody, bur h e JUS t w o n t d o it. W ALLAC E DYER leaves his dier to BARBARA STOUT DICK LITTL E and NEAL SMALL MAUDE BR UCE l eaves her skates to GRACE McCASLIN PAUL DI SHAROON l e ave s hi s carefu l drivin g to JOE YOUNG. J ACK H U T CHINGS leave s all his u n p aid golf dues to ANN WARNER FRANCI S CRYAN leave s his looks to MATHEW C R YAN. JANET KOPER SKI l eaves her collection of pennies to H A RR Y HATCH, minus inh erirance t ax. JIM GARDN ER l eaves hi s Southern accene an:l Stiff collars to CA RLYLE HARVEY JIMMY HARNESS leaves his stratosphere no ; e co JOE BURGOON. MARTHA DUNCA N l eaves her bas so profun:lo CO TOM LINDO. FR E D HULDTQUI S T l eaves rhe pre s identia l sel[ to any sucke r DORSEY PRICE l eaves "tha t L a rin air to VINCENT H eart Render BRADLEY. 2 4


DA VID BRUCE leaves his tales a b out fis hin g bo a r s to a nyon e who can swa llow them. JULIO HERNAN DEZ a nd BOB HERRINGT N a re jointly l eaving th e ir e n e r gy to BILLY MONSANTO. ALFRED Chuso" CHASE le aves his c herubi c cou nt enance to ANNETTE EVERS. MARJORI E DENNI S leaves h er sophi s t icated manner to E ILEE N FITZPATRICK. R ICHARD DODSON l eaves his romantic escapades ro BOB BURKLE MACO N MICH AUX le aves his baseball abi l ity ro OSMOND AUST I N. FERNA N DO "Sandino FO S TER l eaves his superiority complex to JOHN "Lefry"' McGLADE SHERR Y AUSTIN l eaves h er back homework to NETTIE ANDREWS. MAURI CE FIT ZGE RALD l eav e s his br oke n spi rit to M I KE D AILEY. ROY DWELL E l eaves his bo o k H ow to M ake F riends in 10 Easy L esso ns' ro ANNE CHIPMAN. B ILL LOG SD O N l eaves his baskerball crunk s to JOHN DAV IS. THOMAS "Al oysi us" SYM INGTON l eaves his n iddl e n ame to NORMAN MATLOWSKI. ELLEN MEAD l eaves h er rypin g ab ilit y to JOHN C L ARK. ANDREE JEROME and V IRGI N I A KRUEGER le ave their meda.!s f or s h agging to JOAN RIDGE a nd ELVA REED DOROTHY IRI S H le aves h e r impromptu vocabula r y to AGNES ATK I NSON. RUBY KEN T l eaves Mu ggsy", h e r dog, to MARIA BORDT. BEATRICE LAWSON l eaves her swee r personality to DOROTHY KALAR DAPHNE LEWI S l eaves h e r danci n g to EILEEN MALONE. MARGO MACKENZI E l eaves het poSter making to JEANNE M cLA VY a nd MARGARET SULLIVAN. SUSANNE MARSHALL l eaves t h e eig hth pet iod crigonomecry class to L OLITA PROVOST. PAU L BARNARD l eaves his Boy Scout unifo t m to PORTER C R A WFORD. THO MA S BENDER l eaves his violin to GEORGE MAKIBB I N DONALD BOWEN l eaves his "tw inkle tOes to J ACK H A W. JERRY DETAMORE l eaves his way with the g irls to WAYNE BARKER R I C H ARD BRI S L A WN l eaves his pun y sense o f h umor to GORDON McCORMICK. PH I LIP ERBE eaves his gay ait to JOHN UREY. JA C K GAMBLE l eaves his blo nd h ait to JOSEP H H AGGERTY. PETE GREEN l eaves his mYSterio u s "L. B Gtee n Jr. to D e t ect ive WILLIAM S HERLOCK to wo r k o n EWART HARVEY l eaves his f a lsett o to FRANK ALOY. RALPH HENRIQUEZ l eaves his voice to FERNANDO T AP IA. BLANCHE ADLER l eaves h e r sweet d i s p osi ti o n to MARGARE T W H E L AN. FULV I A AROSEMENA l eaves het fulo sop hy" to ANNA VALDES. OLGA AROSEMENA l eaves h e t f l owers to CECI LIA S IMMS. ELVA BAU MA N l eaves h e r athle ti c prowess to NANCY NORTON. JOSEPHINE BLANTO N l eaves he. k n ow l edge o f bu s i ness arit hm etic to CIIRI S TINA AROSEMENA. JEANNE BONWELL l eaves het p eac hes a n d c r eam co mpl etion to DOLORES WEL C H JUANIT A ROSSON l eaves het bus rides to A Ll CE MAR I NE. GA RLA N D A VERA leaves h e t Zoni a n exper i ence to JEAN KNI C KERBOCKER JUNE HOL COMB l eaves h er abu ndant nothin gs to EILEEN CRYAN. MARION HORTE R l eaves h e t n ickname H oney to MARGARET BRUGGE. DOR I S BRADFORD l eaves h e r r esetved m a nner to GERTRUDE McCONAG HY. DORI S BROTHERSON leaves h e r lin go to PEEKO ALICE CALABREVES l eaves her earr i ngs to DOROTHY J ACOB. M INER V A CA LABRE VES l eaves het a bili ty to be evetyw h ete unnoticed to het s h adow. DORIS C HA N le aves h e t v i ola to H ELEN H AGEN. IRENE CHAN leaves h e t pai nt i n g ability to EDWARD CO RRIGAN. BEVERLY COMlEY l eaves htr ability to refrain from swearing o n the golf course to the bird i es. RUTH CONNER l eaves het b l o nd h a ir to MURIEL EVANS MARY C RYA N l eaves het g ift o f gab to LOUISE RATHGEBER. POLL Y PERKINS l eaves h e t Ameri can birth Cuban tear ing, Spa n ish vocabulaty a n d South-ern acce m (Q a n ybody w h o t hink s h e can take it. PATSY GETMAN l eaves her fin ge r n ail p olis h to FRANCES WOODMAN. DOROTHY GODFREY l eaves h e t poems to SARA KEITH. HEL EN a nd KATHRYN HALL l eave th e ir siSterly l ove to EDWARD a nd HOWARD MOORE TOMAS JACOME l eaves th e Span i s h club to HUG H NORRIS. ALVI N JOHNSON l eaves his a bilit y to tru ck o n down to HOWARD RHODES DONALD KENDALL l eaves his way with the women to JOHN UREY. JOSEPH LUDLUM l eaves hi s c h a ir balan c ing tacti cs to D A LMA SALA. EMILIO MADRI GAL l eaves his at hleti c a bilit y to NARCISO TALAVERA. 25


ANGUS MATHENEY leaves his bajan aCCem to ROBERT WERTZ. ALBERT MATHON l eaves his chemist r y CO PAT PATTERSON. BETTY M c KENZIE l eaves her grades to "ELA" ANDERSON. JANE McCAW leaves her plum age to PEEKO". THELMA FAYARD leave s her small feet to ELIZABETH HENRY. JEANNE ROCKER leaves her actin g a bil i t y to MARIE KEEGAN JOAQU I N C RUZ leaves his studious cha racte : istics to his b ro th e r JAMES DONALD l eaves his wine and wome n to JOE H UNT. PEGGY W HITE and JOHN SILLIV AN l eave their unu s u a l na mes co ROSA PlJTCHKOFF and GEORGE GRAZI ANI. JA CK O DONNELL l eaves his paper route to ANNE GREEN. PHYLLIS DEVENEAU l e aves het cast-off hait to the new batch of scobie," and hopes ALICE HAUGHTON will do likewise next yeat ALBERT PALACIO l eaves hi' nickname Stin "y" co JOHN TOWERY. DOUGLAS SMITH leaves his five o'clock to XEN HOSLER. AUDREY TABER l eaves he r composure to ANITA STILSON. BETTE S HE ARE R l eaves her handwriting co th e J unio r boys. BERT S HELTO N l eaves his p ubli c speaking a b lity co EDWARD CORR I GAN. WARREN SHERWOOD l eaves his pu bli c speaki ng a bility to EDWARD CORRIGAN. BERT S HELTO N l eaves his flute co STANLEY HUNTER. C L YDE ELLIS l eaves his per f ect diving f ot m to JOHN FOLEY GUILLERMINA PONCE l ewes he r eno rm ous hei g ht to J ANE TINY" STEVENS EARL MULLINS l eaves SHIRLEY SASSO to ALBERT MONGOLD JOH N MONTAJ.'1YE le aves his a lertness to AUBREY LEW I S ROY PH ILLIP S l eaves his sail boat to ROY SHUEY. JAME S RIDGE l eaves VERA HOWELL co CHARLEY but he prefers he would LEAVER a l o ne C HARLE S RODRIGUEZ leoves his a bility to wri t e editOr i a l s to BETTY a nd MARTHA BRADLEY. ERNESTO SOLIS l eayes MARIE ANTOINETTE to JOHNNY ANDERSO N. JOE SNYDER l eaves his soda jerkin g to THOMAS ETC H BERGER. JUNE H AMBELTON l eaves her l acka d a i s i ca l m a nner to GUY YOUNG FLORENCE HE N RY l eaves her lip s tick to MARGARET KUNKEL. MAXINE HILBERT l e aves her bubblin g personality to BARBARA MILLER C L ASS HI S TOR Y MACON Michaux is n ow a well-known prof essor of physics in dea r o l d Palo oka College. Incidentally two years ago Professor Mich aux had a m ost intere s ting experience. "Ic was the year 1 970. I was conduc tin g a series of experiments o n th e reversal o f time r had JUSt comp l ete d the instrument and was ready f o r the acid r est. Durin g the fina! check-up o n e of my colleagues acc idently threw the swit c h The f ollowing m o ments wi ll li ve with me f orever as the mos t exc itin g in m y l ife. The machine h ummed cubes g l owe d and th { n-blo oey! I was l ost i n the night of ete rnity. I saw before m e scene s o f h appy days in hi g h sch oo l w ith the class of '39. "I saw my freshman classm a t es stic kin g t ac k s o n sea t s thro wing pape r wads a n.:l a irpl a n es. I saw B obo" Kain o n the stage m ace up as a d arky in the o p e r et t a "Cr ocod ile Isbn d The n Emili o Maga" Madr i ga l was wi nn i n g hon o r s for our first year i n hi g h sc h oo l shewing his hee l s co the rest o f the 440 runners. Then I saw my se lf l oo kin g i n the P atrakee t f o r the li s t o f h o n o r roll member s a nd it n eve r f ailed to li'5t a few o f my frie ne!'. Ar the dances the you n g upstarrs were be gi nnin g their soc i a l whirls. I remember when I was a fres hm a n I was JUSt begin n i n g to enter into th e acrivitie s o ffered us so metimes b eco min g brave e n ough to ask a girl to o n e o f the dances, even t tyi n g Out f o r p lays. The studenr' who co uldn t b e discouraged b y nOt being g iven l eads rhe firs t time they tried our f o r a play, kept going, a n d were g i ven d i amo nd masq ue s o r at l east had the h o n o r o f go in g to t he Littl e Th ea tre b a nqu e t In May, 1 936, the sewnd Little Th eatre banquet was g iven f o r the fir s t tim e at rhe Ti voli H o t el. J r emembe r whe n the junior co ll ege was com pl eted a n d we held the distinction o f being the fir st fres hm a n group having cl asses there. I n my sophomore year I became a littl e b ette r acqu a inted wirh the activ i t i es offe r ed, and tfled harder to p arric ipate in them. I r e m e mb e r seeing "Wappi n Wharf' w hen Red Joe was supposed to s h oot a gun and it l;'1asn't l oaded. And a l so seeing "The Fool," M ercha nt of 26


Venice," and the operetta "Al l At Sea." Then there was a Leap Year masquerade dllnce at the Tiv oli and we boys sure l y gOt a treat All we had co do was sit by the telephone af h ome and wait for a g irl to date us. The baby dance was a prize event. Every person was required co come in costume-and afterwards wt" danced to the Corron Club orcbesrra. ]n my sophomore year I was quite proud of finally reaching the l ast years in high school and was no lange; afmid to participate 10 any actiVity offered. I n my junior year I was intere s ted in all of the go i ngs on about the schoo! and espe cially in class meerings. Before th i s year I woul d try to sa}' somet hlOg a1 a class meeri n g, but the wor ds ju st wou ldn't come Out and my knees became ver y shaky. Now this \vas no l onger true. This year Dr. George H oward substituted for Dr. Fr ed H osler, H ealth class were given to the senio r s for the fir st time by Dr. Georse Eu ge ne, I remember when thc} started h a ndin g ou t identification cards for us to drJg along when \ve went to th e movies but it did n 't work a t a ll. "Then t his year the 8 club and th e G A. A. were fir st scarted. The B c1uG was th e club opene d to outstandi n g b oy ath l e tes, a n d the G. A. A was f o r th e g irls. These twO clubs began g i ving lun c h eo n s and dances wh i c h I en joyed a g r eat deal. Both clubs had banquets a t rhe end o f the year Th e 'B' club had their banquet at the Yac ht Club, where the gave out awa rd s ro the winn e r s in all spo rr::. The n af er the banquet they intended ro ro a nlc kel odion. The G. A A. had [heir b a nquet at the Tivoli HOtel and had bOth o lt! and new members anen di n g Oh yes, I will never for get rhe so fcball ga mes betwee n these twO clubs held at R azzberry Park and how [he '/3' Club de .. eated [he G, A, A,'s, I cou l dn' [ le ove Out the ca n dy sal e the senior s gave in the h:l.lIs, and h o\v I scraped up all my pennies ro buy some. MyoI d friend, J ohnny Gallivan. in an or.:hestra called rhe H arms' composed o f high schoo l students. This year my music r eac her s we re cha n ged from Mrs. H e l en B ake r lvfr. Neil Br a n stetter. "Boy, was I sore whe n th e ZOllians came our! Our junio r pictures l ooked as though we were skinned rar .. instead o f people The clubhouse play "The Eyes of Tl a l oc", in wh i c h Je anne R oc k er let om a h air-s r a n de r-upper of a screec h has lef t an indelib l e m:o.r1.;: o n my mem o ry. Of th e many Litrl e Thea tr e plays "Hung Jury" Julius Caesar" unforger. a.ble. One o f th e class a rti s t s rece i vcd a l etter o f acknow l edg m e nt and approval of a portrai t The arti s t \ vas I re n e Cha n and the Ouc hes of \X!indsor was h er subject. M a n y a riner and guffaw went thru th e crowd that watc h ed rhe traditiona l juniors vs. senio r s tug.of-war in whic h [he g runtin g juniors were dragged throu g h the tr adi t ional fire' hose stream in rhe approved manner (in accorda n ce wirh the tradition of B H S.). That yea r the JUr!i or-Sen i or b anquet was pretty good. During thl"-breezy fac ulty speec hes, D orsey Price was seen playing tit -ta t t oe on th e table clOth, Pats) 1 G!:tman playing pickup s t icks with th e surplus sil verwa r e, a nd R oy DweLle p l aying eeny, meeny, meiny, moe to c h oose which rool ro eat with Y o u must never n ever repeat this bm guess who r r i ed ro swipe seve r al helpings of sil verware? \W'h en he arose from his seat th ey spilled our of his COlt pocker. "Now we were the high a n d m i ghty se>liors; we had worked hard and had had l ots o f fun. D uring vacation our B H S Gymnasium was remodeled and a new s hop was builr for the boys. This year a new plan was for commercia l students, thu s c h a nging th e sch edu l es o f many seniors who had planned ro take one yea r of shorthand. The Girl M a rin ers were or ga niz ed to s how the salty Sea SCOuts how it is done. After three hecric years o f building the Sea SCOutS compl e te d a l a n d boat whic h they used as their h eadqua rters. A genera l vote was h e l d i n our juni o r year to try to replace s:ob y i ng with a field day. The freshm e n w e re seobied th e next year Later o n we gave rhe m s kull caps ro rip to upperclass me n and a whaccm pole to sal ute. T o relieve persona l ten s i on, a welcome dance was h e l d after rhe fir s t d3v o f sch ool. lr was well att e n ded by upperclassmen but the fros h we r e sta rce. All Student Associatio n members were supposed to re ceive a copy of 'The Murphys Min d The ir M : tnn e r s.' I remember w hen we had a big e l ectio n for our class officers. F red Huld tqu ist was re elected president. We had t h e Securitr Party w h ich went arou nd putting up posters. Oh yes, we took fir st aid and used ro go down ro D ocro r Eugene's office a nd get special banda g ing l essons. I remember when I we nt ro tha t dance at rh e Ti voli on H allowe'en. That was a g r and dance! But how could we ever f orget the p lay Three Days of G:-acie ane how Ertle Bijou the playful pup almoSt stOl e [he show! Our orchestra played for that play and was b e coming bigger a nd bener all the time. "A n d th e n my machine quit on me and back I came to the prese nt All very ver y intere st ing. Ver}' interesting indeed! th e professor concludes, mumbling into his beard. 27


NAME Blanche Adler Fuh'ia Ar os emena Olga Ar ose mena Garland A\'er:t Sh erry Aus tin Elva Bauman Blanton Jeanne Bonw ell Billi e Bowen Dori s Bradf o rd Doris Brotherso n Maude Bruce Dav i d Bruce Paul Barnard Roy Tho ma s Bender Donald Bow e n Alfred Cha s e William C o x Joaquin C ruz Fran c i s Crran Jerry Delam o re P.aul Dish.aroon R i chard Dod so n H arry Dowell Orde Elli s Wallace D)' e r Ro) Dwelle Phillip Erbe f>.huric e Fitzgerald Fernando F os ter John Gallivan Jack Gamble Peter G r een James H arnf'$S Ew:ut Harv ey Julio H e rnandez Ali c e C.alabre v es Minerva CaJabreve s D o r i s C han I rene Chan Beverly Comley Ruth C onner Mat)' Cry a n J e.an D e M o n Marj o rie Denni s Ph y lli s Deveneau Manha Duncan Thelma Fay ard Helene Fuller P arsy G e tman Dor o th y G od fr e y H e l e n Hail K a thr y n Hail J u n e H ambelt o n Flo r e n ce H e nry Maxin e HIl be rt J u n e H olcomb Mari o n H orre r Andrtt Jero me D o r o th y Iri s h Ru by Kent J a n et K ope r s k i Vlrgini.a Kr uege r Bea t r ice lawson Daphne Lewis M a rg o M ac K e n z i e Susann e Mar s h a ll )ane M cCaw Beny M c K e nZIe 28 ROGUES GALLERY ALIAS Blan c hie Negra Olga G A Kelly Peggy Bonnue \'( 'ttner Doris Tiny Maudie O:ave Pablo Bugs T o m T wink l etoes C hus o Bill Curly Spide r 0.,,, Pabby Dicker H are Frank Buck Train Gigolo Phil Fitz Sandino Banana Kid R ojo Pet e J im Snookie China Callie Minnie Dod, R e n e Gas s y Alib i Topper Jeanie M idge Phil Mopsy Thel Fooyer p" Do, H elen Kay H ambor.e Flo Max Tuppy H o ney Andy DO< P : usy K o p Grng er Ike Sltw Margo S uzy P ee k o 13<, IDENTIFI CA T ION Nut Dre s s Driving a car Flowers in hair C o llecting gadgers R ed h air T hat i nn ocent l ook Coll ectio n o f love leners H orseba c k r iding J ohnny T hat southern t wang T alk.ative Shorrhand s kill Singing voice Bol' SCOUtS 'Bajan accent Violin 100's in bu s iness mat h His guffaw \'.1.an-about-.a-ciry! Getting ove r it Jumping o ff cliffs Reducin g L ooking for a gal R efi ned A h e-ma n Third m.ate on Dave s fishing bou Slill trying to get in Annapolis Gelling married S till th e Troupe's pt.otographe r Glad of i t Something Getting over i t Still ploddrng Quie n s.abe Slill goi n g Grear Arti s t Somebody s cook Secretary in th e morgue Shining shoes A SIUnt girl Making whoopie! Building c.astles Kind e rgarten teacher Manufacturer o f unbreakable g l asses Author o f H ow to Acquire a Southern Accent M.an i curist Te.acher F orced to talk Tal en t ed mu sicia n Baseball pla)'er Tap dancer \VJ.ar C o rr espo ndent Day dreaming Bill collecto r Fr e n ch maid Alligat o r huming c hamp Golf pro Wilh George B.ak.er An o ld fashi o ned jitterbug Unknown H at designe r \'(torld f amous President 's wife.


NAME E llen Mt"'ad Brnll Merrll Judnh Mlr o Beatr iCe M O nSlnt O II:J M o nt go m e r y h o ld:J M y er s L o rn:J Nelso n N orme N as h "bn o n Orr Bessie Ph Illip s P hill ip s Ralph H ennqucz jac k H ut chings R o be t! HerrIng t o n Fred H uldrqul s t )ames G:Jrdn e r T h o ma s j:Jco m e A l vm J ohnso n J o h n Kaln D o n:al d K e n d:J1I \'(tilll:am L ogs d o n j oe Ludlum EmI l i o M:Jdn8'li Ang u s Math e n ey A lbert M a th o n D o nald M cCa s lin M aco n J\h c h lUX Elrl M ullin s J ohn M o ntan y e J a c k O D onne ll Al bert P:Jb c i o R o y P h illi p s D o rsey Price j:Jmc s RIdge Ca rl os R odrlgucz Ben S h c h o n Dou gla s Smnh Dolo r e s PI mcnt o P o ll y P e rkms Guillermo P o n ce A n ne Rlgss )canne R oc k e r JuanHa R ossun Grlc i d a Spano Bette Sh e ar e r M :atl o n S mHh Audre ) T a be r Vlrgmla T h o r nt O n C o rndi a Van Siden C at h e rIne \'<' hel3n Pegg) W h i t e Doro l h y Y o u n g ):Jme s Smith Ern e s to So l i s T h o ma s S ymmgto n J oe Snyde r joh n Sut liv:Jn W a rr e n S herwood D avId T i g e r I itren Turne r R ussd \'<'dls James Wood Be n Yohros james Y oung ROGUES' GALLERY ALIAS B e u y Small FqB be M o nt y S olly l2rf)' Rf"n e D o pe)' B,be FlIp Ralph H ut c h B o b H okie Charlie M cCanhy T ommy S o b ersi d cs Sobo Do" L oggy L ud y M a8'l P esfy AI Sh o u)' S pee d y Moon Glass Arm R eds T n e 0", C hi co H o r s e co Ua, Chartl e Jac k D o ug DIPPY P 2 Panme F r ogg }'Nita Grac e C uddl es C h ubby Lmle Aud rey Ci nder el l a N ealie Cama Po. Do \'<' ind)' C h ic hi S i mple S ymingwn j o< P ascua l i R ussian Da\'e ""'"' \'<' ell s j,m "'" j,m IDENTIFICATION JUSt Ihe way s h e i s Sh o rl \'( I ink Good srcechcs QUle ln ess Ind epe nd e nt q u a l iti es S w ee t Happ y w ays Sch o lar That "manana f ev e : Demur e H imse lf G o lf H ldlOg hi s abilll) F ri e ndlin ess S u rf co llars Spa ni s h clu b S A Presid e m \\a)' w ll h th e gal s HI S o ld ca r S o lemnll Y in class m ee tings H untlO g Spons Getti n g Int O troubl e That moon struck l ook H ei ghth Happy manner Gnn Sh y ness Red haIr Dr:JwlOg Quietness H istOr y shark Spor ts wfLung EdltlOg the Parrake t F l ut e D:Jn c ing H t H! bo w s HaprY.go. 1 u c k y w ays Co ntlO ual s mil e Edit o r o f th e Zon lan H er wlOnlO g wa)-s Gul SCOUI a ctlvlues So n I a H e im e f e at u r es H :lndw r lllng \'<'t:ddl ng fln g H er m:ln)' ques ions H e r l ove :tfhus H e r ..... 1111' pe r so nali ty manne r H e r r esea r ching Funn y lillI e smile These t all t ales! Bla c k ha ir K n O W in g eve r y t h in g Slo wness Pers o nalI t y B oating T hat s l e eplOg POSIIIOfl Fishing C:an s a y V oca bulaf) His bUS iness s pe ec h es Junk W HEN O U T Will BE Look i n g f o r B:tbe Per so n allry t eac h e r S oa p bo x o r at o r P e r so n o f man)' w o rd s A ccommod :tun g U nchange d Manne qUin St.1I a sch o la r A g o-ge l -em! JuS t about the same S t ill h Im s e l f Bobb} J o n es III H o n o r 5 tu dent P re s id e nt o f F oo l an d T o y DOClOr F ull o f pt: p T eacher o f thi s art A butch..-r Wiser T a X i de r mi s t Sull spo rting Lookin g f o r a dat e H oo k ed Who kn o ws? V iolin mus l c i:tn Engineer Flu l lng R u n ner -up In th e soap box derby A ne r v o u s w r ec k Mo r e o u t s tand ing A prea c h e r Geu i n g al o ng H av i n g f u n D e ntist A d i ffe r e nt man A I Sten o \'\f o r ld famo u s Owne r o f a c hi c k e n h ,lm Texan g U ide I na R a)' Huna n II D l e llcian A Pflma D onna )un g l e expiating Stdl marrie d Number o n e ans w e r g ir l ASSI S la n t to D r H os ler H l klOg around the w o rl d School secreury Scienti s t J U S t so mct h ing F o r ce d 10 keep s till m o r e than tWO s e co nd s R u nning a s t o re B rillia nt Soda l e r ker H aVing a w o nderf u l time C a n a l Pi l o t B ri ght a nd al e n P e s cad o r An a c r o bat \'(twing :t diCti o n ary An Orlt o r AIO' ( a s a y in 29


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Alloy. F rank Anderson J o hn Austin. Osmond Barke r \ '(f2y n e Bradley Vmcenl Brown. William Burgoon J osep h Burkl e. Robert aries. R uben C h e n ey, J u liu s Cluk, J o hn Corriga n Eddi e CorClgan, Edward Covingto n A lben C rawford, P oner C r yan. M2rh e w De Cam p Francis Dav is, J ohn D ai l e)'. Michael Erbe. Rich2rd Etchbergt'r Thomas F oley, J o hn Grimm. Donald Gaines. William Graziani George H aggeny. J oseph Hue r L eon H arvey .. Cul)'l e H atch H a rry H a w Jack H:lIyde n James H o l f o rd Lawren ce H osle r Xen HUn!, J oe H untcr. S t an le y H yde, Wilham K iley. J o hn L ewis, Aubre y L ewis, John LInd o, Thomas Bo ys L tUle, RIc hard L ucy, Willard Georgt' Makibbin George Mati owsky. Norman M cCiai n Roben M cCo rmi ck. Gorcon I\]cGa hhey, Jame s McGlade, John R aymond M ongold, Alben M o nsant o. Albn MonS2nt o. William Moore. E dward Moore H o ward M yers, Ori s M orris. H ugh Patterson, Pat P r es le-y. J o hn Quintero, Edgard Ree-dy, Will i am Rh odes, H o ward Sanchez, Luc ian o Schnake, John Seele-y, Vernon Sherlock, Willi:tm Small, Neal Stemme r R o land Tala\'era, Anllxtl Talavera. Narc iso Tapi a, Fernand o Tho mas, William T omey, W ill iam T owery, J o hn U re-y. J o hn \'(famio R obe n \X/ilcox. Anhur Willer, H aro l d Y ou ng, Guy Y oung, J oe JUNIORS Andr e ws. Nenie Arosemena, Christina Alk inson, Agnes fio r dl, Maria Br:lldle)', Bell), Bradley Manha Brugge. Marguet Calvo, Gloriela C h pman, Anne Eileen Da\ 'ldson, Matll ) n D orln, M:uglfer Doran, Rit a Dwyer R eesanne Evans, MuriC'! Eve-rs, Anneue Fiuplrrick, Eileen Green, Ann H:lIgt'n, Hel e n Hlughro n Ali ce H a)'de n Barb.atl H enry. Ehzaberh H ernandez, l\hria Kabr, D o r ot hy K eega n M2rte Keith Sarl Kni c k erbocke r J Nnne Kunkel. I\]arg::uet L avinghouze, Barbara Mlldo nad o, R osaura Mal one, EilC'C'n Ma rch, Mary Marine, Alice Mc Casli n, Grace l\lc Co nagh) ', Gertrude-Girls McLavy, J ea nneM iller. Barblfa NC'!son, Shirley N o tron, Nancy Perkins M aryhellc Phillip.! M ar)' Jane Pur c hkoff R os a Rame-y, Eloise Rarhgeber, L ouise Reed Eh'a R idge, J02n S:lIla, Dalma Sasso, S h irley Sch:llck, Gra ce S h y de, Sara SchmIdt, Maq' Shehon, Glo ri2 S"elron, Do" Stmms, Ceciha Stevens, Jane Stilson, An ita SIOUI, Barbara SUIlI\'an, Margar e t Suthe-rland, Berry Ta!a\' e rl, Fran cisca TompkIns J :lne Valdes. Ana Vei:lrdt.' E\'din \'(farner Ann Weiss, R uth Welch, Dolore-s \Vhei:ln Margan. W'oodman, Frlncc:s 33








SOPHOMORES B oys Girls Abadl. Edward Keegan Lar!)' Abnhams. Julie Lange Gl o r i a Anderso n, Norman Kas tle John And e r son. Ethel Law so n Arps, Blliy Ken!, Lloyd Ande r son, T he1m.1 ltlljegreen, Beul lou Bailey Tod Lauterback, Ed .... ard Baldwin. \'( /alJace L e a c h Raymond AngulwJa, M e li d3 Luc)" Jeanne Barlow Chesn,'r lord. Dougla s A rosemena. Olga M cCaw, Ann Barr, J o hn Linne) J o hn A}l!a. S:.u2 McGuire, Rita Bishop. Raymond Lio pi s. Edward Barker l o ren e Audrev Boissuu. H an. 'cy Ludlum \X'afren Bel.l.nger. E\e!ln Mendez Alic ia Bouche Aducn l y nch, James Calhoun. Crede Mcilhenny. \'( illi a m BenoL!, Audrey Mill e r E sther Carey, MIChael se n Ja c k Br:l.dle)', Peggy MdleH, Rosemary Chen. M:HCO Mong o ld J oe Burr, K :Hhermt" M illike n Marg;uet Colber g, Carios M onlan)'e, Ken nl:lh Bunker, june june Coma, Fred Moon, DaVid C hurch. F,ances M or::lils, Nes ta Comi n s, Cl::lre O'Connell Gale Corco Miguel Orr. Robert Col eman, Fran ces Morris, Zona Crew, J W. P3g e, R3lph Crowel l Fran ces Mo}'a Olga DeLima Rene Purso n Bradley Dy e r SlllTley Moreno, Ali ci3 Dodson William PUClra, S onny ElelJ, Voland3 Muller, AdTienn e D ugas Norm3n Peterson Tho ma s Els3 Nlcol o n M ercedes Etchbergcr Billy Phelps, )'" Y olanda Lucile F3IT, C h3rlc s Prager Ll:wis ferraTl Pierce, f o r d Alan Pri ce, Herman FI)nn, jeanne P o rr as, 00 l\llrie Fredelle, Ra)'mond Purvi s, jack Frum, Manh3 Rabiteau, j ea n Gamble, Edward QUinterO, Enea s Gurell, Muy Virgi nia Renz, C3rla Grey, j3mes R eyes, Thomas Gibson, lsobel A g n es R osso n l<'h Guerin A Earl Ridge, Paul Cece lia Shuey, Edith Gibso n Guard; a Zozimo Rpn, Fred H 3rer, Hen!)' Schack, Gilbert, Mar y Adel:J Helnlz, Harry S kehon, HIJSto n G onules, H ilda SleWlTl, Vlfglll :a Henr iquez, Edward Snook joseph G o m ell B ertha Elea nor Hinman, Robert Stallings, james GUludo, Raquel Tapl", Laura Hollow ell, Freeland Suilivan, Eddie Ha m s, june Thornburgh, M) 'lde H OTlf'r, Erne s t Tap. a Alf o n so Howard George Ta)-Ior, Hil bert, S o fia V ela rd e, G randa joseph Howard, WIIII::Im T onneso n jac k H O la:! Nancy \,(la8iJman Bet sey Huldtqulst, Elme r Towery, Raymond I rWin. Ehzabctn Walbndge. H u s ted George Valllrlno, R:Cllldo jaen, Glad)'s Wallace. frances H usted L o ui'l \'('ailon, Charles jones, Vlrgima \X'eisige r Ed)th'! Hutchings, Alba Ward, Bill \\Inkes. Gerard j o rgensen ShlTley W'esrerlin, Elida Jiminez, jame'l J ohnstO n Lester WTlghl Murray Kaln, Al.ce While. Mary Jane j ohnso n H e rschel \'('yall \'( '.lIiam K e lly Dol o re s \'( 'inkes, Mane J o ne s. Simo n umblera. L o ui s Keife r Barbara Vohros, Ra c hae! journ ey, Budd)' Zemer, Bill y Patricia 37








FRESHMEN "'bad., Hyman Aria s, AnlOnlO lamb. Francis Aria s. J ohn Jr. larsen, Thomas Bald w in LC:.Iover, Charles Basque L inney, Albeu Ikards lev, Bobby 1 Mid ence, Ad olpha """d Rol><" Bougan C harl es Muller. Budley, J :m M yers, Walter Bruw. Fred Neal, Kerm i r Bryan Jack Nolan, Frank Calvo, Orlando Neal, Wilham Carrera, Santiago O 'Ooootll, Dan Caunova, R oland O Donnell R obe rt D e 1 3 I\'i:lfer B Illy P earson, Palmer Denney, Robert Ph illips. James Dennis. Roben P idgeon John Chan. Har ry J r Piper Homer Cobb, Newton P O IICty, Thomas Collins, Alfred Pumey. Edwud C orkran, }:Ick Quinn. William Dwyer John Ref'Ve5, \ Xlahe r Cou nnev Aleunder Re}' e s, R af2e l Enriquez, Antonio Ridge. Pauick :n"Qm. F"n'''n Rod,;."". AI"", "". F"d",,' R om, ." .,,,b," R om .,.. l> .. "n Fll zge Id \'(Illliam Runyan, Paul Flo r cs, Angcl Marcy, R oy forsy[hC, Roben Shuey, R oy G lne, Glyn Simms, Georgc Gornell, R oy Skanse, Pe[c r G raham, J erry Skinner, Geo r ge Grier, Sam S r a rren, William H:alle n C harlc s Slep h e n s, J osep h H ansen, Henry Thormo n RIch ard H enflQuez Jac k Willi:Jm H obso n jamcs rUIS, l uis Hunler, \'(IllIiam True, Roben HUIChing1. Roben Vande\'amer, Br ooks J o n es, Mallory WIlke, Ch:arle s Kouuny, ... ); ... ,v Wohlfonh, John Kruege r Erne sV;, r \X'oodruff, lo.f:lrio n Kunkel, funcis \ \'(Irigh[ H a r vey Wy.m, l i nwood Helen Arps. Jacqueline Arruda Elsa Arruda Emma Ba I l ey, Maqone Baker M a n e Barlow, Caroly n Bauman, Hope Bergherm, H e i er. Boyer, Mary Br own, Glady s Bubb Mariam Burr Ben} Cau lh e r s. Margarr: Cr("spo, OOtlS Daylon Elba De:an MargarHa De lIma, SybIl Doran, Ca[herlne Conner, Miriam Davi s, l y nette Farr Flo rence F:urell H azel F l erc he r, Anna Grass, Dormhy H e l e, Alice H arer H ele n H o well Vera Husted, Dor:a KalO, Kalherlne KIley, WinnIe Kl e a sner, Bonnie l aPeler, Manon lavers ne Dora. lInds trom. jane l o m b r ola. Jane Girls l opez, Eli s a L"nd b Mac K enZIe, Madura, P eggy ""m. Yol.nd, J.,.....AA..\ .,.J. lo.bllia Mary 1h\0I I"rY\. 0.1)...' .... M c l lnlock, Glo ria 1 -I' \' ,L,m",' 01,,, J Mi c hell Jane "",",,,.0'" 1 Minen, BIllie Morns. Calherine Neumann, Berni ce O l ea ry. Barb, 6 ... r a Pain e, Margarel l"" Pauerso n Granda P once, Fulv ia Presley Ruth J Prlzer Jeanne Quintero, Manuel1ll R amey. Helen RamIrez, Mar}' Ramano l, Mar y S anborn, Maril yn SchmidT RUTh Shirley, Pegg}' Strauss J e an Trowbr idge, Connie Tuc k R obena W:ard, Robena Walso n Elba \"'eus, Agne s \'! 'hee



44 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Th e F acu lt y a rrives in st y l e And rhey said rhe r e d h e n o mor e scab i e s n Th e Lirri e Thearee g ers off ro a flying sran w irh Thre e Days o f Gracie. The eve r -present goss i p s g et togethe r at r h e fir s t school d a n c e Sullivan tries (Q con vinc e Chipm a n rim Sullivan s h ould be Presi de nt C l ass e l ectio n s coi n c ide w ith n a t i o n a l e lectio n s as D aphne cast s h e r voce o n Nov e m be r 8. Th e boys srud y hard ro m a k e up f o r the mi d-se m es t e r s lump O u r e n e rgetic stude nt s befo r e vacatio n O U f e n e r g eti c (?) students a f te r vacatio n


CALENDAR OF EVEN T S The J onuary 6 da n ce look< l ike f u n Srudents p r epa r e to p:uc icipace in the Carnival. Off for T aboga as Eas((f vacation rolls around. Srude nt s take 0 lasr fli ng be f o r e exams Stan takes rime off for .l laSt min me ([3m. Mr. P a rrill looks pre"ry serious abo u t the exam pape rs. E dimc-i n-chi e f ce l ebrates compl etio n o f ZOlli.1ll. Whi l e Business M a n ager "Wind{' says a losr goodbye to B. H. S.


ORC HESTRA MORE violins and horns tuned up thi s yeJ f for work, o r play, in the o r c he stra than ever bef o re T o provid e fo r a ll these students and [0 make t h e orchestra a better o n e, rhe schoo l ordered s even !lew instruments They included everything from rhe bass drum [Q the oboe. nffio n g tho s e tha r rhey received were twO ce ll os twO A clarinets o n e Fre n c h horn and a !:oet o f t y mpan y drums. The h orns issued f o rth rheir fmr tOOtS ar rhe high schoo l p lay. They were h eard frequ e ntly afte r char: a t such p l a ces as rhe co ll e g e play the Christmas program in rhe patio, the h ig h sc hool and Ci vic C ounc i l operecLls. and rhe music f est i val. After the music festival rhe o r c h estra gave co n c ert s f o r a ll the P lCific side grade srudenrs. Direcro r of these ac t ivities was Me. Neil Bra n s t e tter C h arles Fa!r's trumper solos wer e high lightS of several program The o r c h eStra m a d e itS fin a l ? ppear ance ar rhe hi g h sch oo l and ju ni o r college Comme n cemen[ exercises. 46


F R ENC H HORNS Bill G:lJnes Jerry Graham TR U MPET S Jack Bryan R oland CasanO\'a Alfred Chase (solo) Billy De La Maler Paul Di sharoo n Ralp h Dug3S Clyde EllIS Charles FaI r (solo) Paul Fedde .lames H arness H obson X en H osler Niel Sma'i D o nnell HO"'ard AI\'ard Rodriguez CYf\.'iBALS Connie Trowbridge PICC.OLA 1 ...... ,,,,u,wV DRUMS VirgIn a Garre l Jack H o well \'\'Illard lucy C LARINET S Thelma Ander so n Francs Cryan Flo rence May Fan I\'an Ford George H o ward Emma Jane L ombroia Marguet Millik en R oberts Wertz B AN D FLUTE Ben \'\'illiams TROMBONES Dick lude J ohn PIdgeon BASS T om L indo BARITONE Vern o n Seeley SAXOP H ONES Sam GrIer H art)' Hemz Freeland H ollowell Ror Scar("\' Lln" 'ood \'(f) 'al t NEW ins trum ents, new songs, :",nd new m e mber s carried (he b a n d rhroug h :"" s u ccess ful year Me. Neil Bran s ren e r direcror o r de r ed ins trum ents rhroug h rhe commissary, w hich w ere paid f o r b y rhe Divisior, o f Schoo ls. They pur c h ased ne w son gs and played them wirh amazing zesr. One could hear Song o f India", "Alexa nders R agr ime B a n d", an d Tirrie Rasrus", so mewh a r roned down e jenin g from rhe Annex The b and played at rhe Admin apd Hi g h S c h oo l a r Chr i srmas rhe ope nin g rhe n ew co rr a l rhe ope n i n g softb all gam e ar R azz berr y Park t h e h a r dball ope nin g ar B a lb oa Sradium, rhe ope nin g o f rhe new s h op, a nd rhe B a l boa-Crisroba l crack m eer. On various OCcaSi o ns Me. Bra n s rener ga ve Charles F air, sophomo r e, rhe baron 47


LEFT TO RIGHT: AIurray WriKhr, B obby P ete r so n Bert Shehon, Glo ria Shehon, Roy Dwelle, J oe H aggerty, Dona l d M cCasli n Charles Fair, Thomas Bender LI T TL E THEAT E R OR C HESTR A FOR four year s the Littl e Theate r Orchestra has donated its t a lent and time to Balb oa High S c h oo l and comm unity, under the s upervisi o n of Mrs Helen C. Baker who ori gi n a ted it Thi s year the orches rr a consisted of nine students, including student directOr, Bert She! ron. They were Bert S h e l ton, flut e; Thomas Bender and Murray Wright, violins; Roy Dwelle, viola ; C h arles Fair trumpet; Gloria SheltO n a nd Joe H agge rty cellos; Donald M c Caslin cla rinet; a n d Tom Peterson piano. It [fIe r fifth period Tuesdays, in the junior coUege music room. Rehearsal s were co nducted by Mrs. B aker. The musicians played at thr ee L i tde Theate r functi o ns a nd severa l outside p er formances They presemed their a nnual program for the Anc on Morning Mu s ical Club a t which silver cups were awa rded to five "master musicians" selected eac h year from the senio r class. Each member o f the Litd e Thearer Orchestra, in o rd e r to enter this h o nor ary p:roup, must demonstrate oU[sta nding skill in his first twO o r thr ee year s in high school. 48


GLEE CLUBS THE so n gsters of rhe g l ee c1uh s h:lVe wa r bled through aom-her successfu l year. The first enterpr ise the comb: ned g l ee club s unde n oo k was the tradinonal Ch ri stmas caro l s s un g in the patio o f rile Hi g h Schoo l o n D ecember 22. Besides singing the old favorires "G lor y of rhe L ord", "0 Ceme Emanuel", and "Lifr Thine Eyes" rhey o ff ered H alleJujah 01OfUS" from the Messiah f o r rhe first time. One hundred a nd twenty girls i n w h ite robes marched a round rhe patio carryi n g l ig h ted candles a n d s in g ing Angels We H ave H eard o n Hig h ." The g l ee clubs had h a r d l y time e nough to catc h their br eaths b e f o r e their direcrcr Mr. Neil Bran s tett e r was rehearsing them f or the operecra, "The Gypsy Rover", Sophi a Hilbe rt was c h osen f o r th e f e minin e lea d Ta pia gOt the ma l e l ead. Och e r s p a rticip .... rin g were J a n e r K ope r ski, Bob Burkle, D avid Bruce M a rio n D eve n eau, R oy Dwelle, J ea n Srrauss, M aurice Fi rzgera l d T o m Lind o, R oy B oggs, B ill Erc hberger, a nd a cho ru s o f aboUl 'hirry. The g l ee club s made rheir l ast appeara n ce of rhe year ar annual Musi c F estiva l w h en rhey sa n g "The So ld iers' Chorus" a nd Fun iculi Funicu l a". 49


M arjo r ie D e n nis Beve r ley Comley D a phn e l ewis M a rion H orte r V i r gini a Th ornto n J u d ith .Mi r a Martha Duncan l orna N el so n :Mr-. Co llin ge Cl y de E lli s Cornelia Van S iden J ane M e Caw P o lly Per k i n s Sherr y A u s tin l-obrgare t \'(Ih elan Janet K oper ski Betty Shearer J ame s Smith PARRAKEET STAFF Jame s \'(food Phylli s Dev e neau Jack Gamble Maxine H i lbert Charles R od rigu e z James R i d g e R ichard Bris lawn D o ris Bro the r so n Alv i n J o h n so n EVER Y orhe r wee k t h e r e's a cli c k-cli c k o f t ypew rit e r s ru s tlin g o f p a per s h u fflin g o f f eet, a m a d scr a mble, a n d the n z oom! the P arra k ee t i s out. Student s scan the front page f o r the l a test school n e ws. Whe n the p a g e i s mrned ove r to Peek a n d B oo's Newsances a g iggl e h ere and the r e break s the s ilen ce. I n T une w ith the T ee n s sums up t h e n ewes t soc i a l ev e nts. The edi toria l s teach a t tack def end, and p r a ise Student s a n d studenc l i fe. P ee k o s h o uts o u[ his s p ort goss ip and r:h e h o tte s t ga m es 3fe r ecorde d on the S p Ort pag e All sch oo l acti" h)' i s int e rpr e t e d to rhe m em b e r s o f B H S rh,ou g h rhe eH o n s o f t h e class in j ourna lism Thi s yea r e a c h j ourn alis t was g i ve n a turn as m a n aging edito r o r asso ci ate edi to r o f o n e o r m ore p ag es. Th e entire Parrak eet was w rin e n and edire d b y thi s s t aff. An exrra ediri o n was issued co rhe a U-sch oo l elecrio ns. Thi s co n s i sred o f r w o p ag e s o f camp a i g n promises cogethe r w irh a picture o f each candid a re. All tOld, rhe P a rr a keet served :, worth w hile purp ose. It kept th e s tud e nt b ody inf o rmed I t a d ded zest t o sch oo l life. 5 0


TO? ROW: Anne R!,I.!2S, Miss Candee, Garland Avera Susanne j\lar sh all. BOTTOr-. 1 RQ\'(i. J o hn SulJ.van Fhd!p Erb e. D on :lld McCaslin. J o hn Gall! van. ZONIAN TH E ZOU;tlll is out! Husding se:niors be : ome rhe targets for underc1assmen for what is a year book with a m frier:ds' signaru ;-es? A few favora ble commems frorr. rhe stu dents are rewards enough for EditOr-in-Chief Anne R iggs a n d her s taff. All year Anne and her activities edito rs, Susan Marshall and Garland Avera have been busily digging up covering p:;.(ties a nd dances and orhe r social affairs. J o h n spons editOr, wh o k eeps up to date with baseball football anci track he r oes, h as been calli n g on John Gallivan and his g roup of sharpshooters to get pictures of all these eve nt s ro s h ow thOse who paL[icipated in spons rhat rheir effons were apprcciared. Margo M acKenz i e has superv i see cover designs and draw ings rhat grace the p3.ges of the 2011.;a11., while Phillip Erbe busine., s manager has supervised the money. Fearures Ediror D o n ald M cCaslin. directed work o n (he senior histOry will anJ proph ecy. Under the guidi n g influence of : Miss Alic e Candee Z 01l;(117 sponsor th e staff organized their work. Others who have:: worked on book are Elva B a um an, M ax ine Hilbert, Jimmy Wood, J ack Gamble Corne lia Van Siden, Beverly CO!l1ely, J a n et Koperski and AlvlIl Johnso n Tides have me a nr litde 11mvever. The staff has been JUSt a happy ZOllion f a illily. every o ne helping the orher to rake care of the deparrmenta l children. QUILL AND SCROLL QUILL and Scroll n ario nal h o n o r society f or high schoo l journalisrs, is rhe h o le-in-on e of all edirors, wrire rs, a n d manage r s of school publications. T o be eligibl e for nlem b erS'lip in Quill and Scroll each candidate musr be in the upper r hird of his class sch o l asrically wh ich means he musr have

Frank Alloy Carlos Rodriguez Alberto Pal:llcio R o magoza Alfonso Tapi a Jua n F Arias ErneslO Solis G r aciela Spano Dorothy Young Al icia M o r e n o Francisca Tala\'cra M.Wda An guizoi:a H ilda Gonza l es E\'cila Vcbrdc Guillcrm ;na P once Ralph Hcnrlqu ez Ton y Aria s S PANI S H C L U B Y oland a Eleta T o mas Jicomc C hri S lina A r ose mcn2 Doris Crcspo Gladys AT the beginnin g o f the schoo l yeat the Spanish C lub was faced w ith a membership problem There were:: f a r coo m a n y me mbe r s co allow f o r efficient management. Thus some h a d to be e limi nated. Two types of slips were p l aced in a box m embe r slips and blank s lips. Those drawing "member" s l ips autOmatical l y entered th e club; th less f ortunate were dropped The Spani s h Club is n ow in itS eight h year i n B H S Irs object is to develop an interest in the Sp a nish l a n g u age and t h e culture of L a tin American countries and to awaken in the American peop l e the de sire co l earn Sp a nis h Membership is composed o f T o mas J aco me, pre s ident ; Kitty Aro se mena, vice president ; Doris Crespo, secretarytreasurer; a n d abo ut th irty members The Spanish Club ope ned it s wi th the fir st of a ser i es of lectu res giver. b y Agus tin del Saz, professo r o f l itera ture a t P a n ama Uni ... ersiry. It cl os ed with a parry held jointly with Kappa Epsilon, o f the college. 52


Alvin Johnso n Shirley Dyer DJ\id T,ger VirgInia Tho rnt o n Paul Barnard Pete Green T h o ma s SyminglOn BIll Townse nd J ohn Clark J o h n Gallivan CAMERA CLUB NINE m o nth s ago a g r ou p o f boys obtain ed permissio n [Q o r ga n ize a camera clu b 1. They w e r e give n a r oo m i n r h e j u nio r co U ege b u i l d ing f o r a dark r oom. Soon a U mem b e r s we r e acquainted with roe f undamenta l s o f developi n g a n d pr inti ng and were doi n g th e ir ow n work. The r esulcs, at first were a bi t o n th e bad side. H owever, as time went o n the y w ere a bl e [Q suppl y rhe ZOlliall with a great number o f its pictu res. There wer e oth e r act ivi ties as well. Speeches wer e delivered by author i t i es on p h oto g r a phy contest s were h eld, p i ctu r es we r e ex hi bited, t r i ps wer e t a k e n soc i a l ga ther i n gs wer e held a nd a fuU t i me cal e n de r was prov i ded f o r alL Nor to b e f o r gotte n i s th e facr rha t early in th e y e a r th e m e mb e r s h ip o f th e clu b was increased t o a l a r ge ex t e nt. In addition, n ew equipment was r eceive d f o r th e d arkroom whic h r es ult e d i n a co n s i de r ab l e i mprovemen t 10 t h e quality o f th e picture::,. The o ut s t a ndin g value o f the. Camer a club i s th e o pport unity it offe rs, n ot o nly fer i n s tfuc ti o n f ro m l oca l autho riti es o n p h Otograp hy, but a lso f o r th e practica l experie n ce i n .... olved. F o r exampl e: m a n y o f the pICtu res p ubl!::,hed i n t h e P a rr a k ee t we r e r ake n by membe r s of rhe Ca mer a Club Thi s gave rhe m experie n ce ira n ewspaper p h Otog raph y a n d ta u ghr them r h e k n ack o f f as t d eve l o pin g a n d pr i m i n g. T o rhe cas u a l o b se rver w h o see : .. came r as b ei n g pac k ed aro u nd th e sch oo l grou n ds who sees f a n s t w i s t i n g th e ir b odies to ge t a n g l e s hots a t sch oo l da n ces w h o sees resuJrs i e the for m o f bulletin b oard pi cso f .rhe-week th e Came r a C lub mu s t seem a I1ve organization. Bur r he cas u a l o b serve r d oes n t kn ow rhe h a lf o f it. Offi c er s for th e year w er e J o h!! GaUivan p r esident, a n d P au l B arna r d, .!Iecrerary. 53


Cha rle s Wilke H arry Hatc;h D orsey Price Allan Monsamo Gerard Winkes Otis Me)ers Bradley Pear so n John Foley Mr. lee BIOLOGY Ph} 'lI i s D eveneau l o l ita ProvOSt Marion Orr Jane Ste\'en s M :uga r el M Illike n Martha Bradle} J uani[a R osson Mrs. lee C L U B BIG bugs and li"le bu gs, Ii"," microsco pes and big bio l ogy studems m a k e ll[ the h i g h sch ool Biology Club. Thi s y ear with 24 members. the club a nnounced purpose: co deepe n members intere s t I)Y keeping a breast o f th e curr e or press : [Q m a ke :t:ld rec o rd pe rson a l obse r vations, and co mainrain fell ows hip In th e l atter parr o f J anua r y th e n ew offi eers wer e elected: Dorsey Price as preside nt ; M ario n Orr, vice.preside m ; and J a n e Stevens, sec ret a ry[[easur ec. Scie ntifi c r epo n s were give n at rhe monrh l y meetings f o U owed by eac h membe r 's best fie l d-nare episode. Emp hasis In the h st few yea r s has been in individu a l observ :Hlo n rathe r th a n mass field trips. Thi s past Yf3r n o fiel d rrips were undertaken by the club 3(' a whole. a lth oug h many reporrs we r e mad e by stude nt members who h a d observed anything note worthy on individua l [[ips. Frog.eariilg snakes and breaching te s t contraptions were among th e items studied 54


Alben Palacio John Clark H arr)' Halch H o ward Rhodes Thomas Li ndo Roy Boggs C HEMISTR Y Ben Sh ehon Jane Stevens Jane McCaw L o lu2 Pr ovos ( V,ncerH Bradley Ph)' llis De\'e neau CLUB THE acti v i ties o f th e C h em i s tr y C l u b are guided by four pr in cip les. They more Int e reSt i n c h e mi stry. They f ocus c u rrent happe n i n gs i n c h emi.; try. T h'::)' crea t e a h o bby f o r t he m e mb e rs. T l,ey c r ea t e a be t te r unde r s t and in g o f rhe c h em.s rry of t h e u niverse a nd ma n 's powe r ove r it Officer s o f th e Ch e miStr y Clu b 19381 939 wer e: pr esident, B e rt She ltOn ; vicepr es i de nt J o hn Clark; sec ret a r y -tr eas ur e r Ph yllis D eve n eau; pr og r a m c h ai rm a n Tom L indo; assoc i ate chairm e n Roy B oggs a nd H o w ard Rh odes; p u blicit y agent, J a n e M c C aw. Othe r me m bers at !:he b eg innin g o f th e sch oo l year w e r e X e n Hosl e r R obe rt W e rtz, Jack S u th erla n d, J ames S m it h Vincent Brad ley, H a rr y H a t c h L eo n H a r e r Albe rr P alac i o, J a n e Steve ns, L olita P rovos t A n ne W a rn e r Alla n M o nsanto, a n d Ann e Ri ggs. R egUla r m ee tin gs o f the clu b we.r e h e l d e v e r y Oth e r Thu r s day. It w as duri n g the m ee t i n gs th a c a grea t p a rr o f th e club ac tivit y tOok place, T alks wer e g iven Exper i me nt s co n ducted and e xperi e n ces exc h a n ged. S eve r a l t i me s d urin g th e year l eade r s in t h e fiel d o f c h emist r y address ed th e club M otio n pi ctu res wer e used exte n s i vel y to ill uscra t e th e c a lks. The last bur b y n o mean s th e ler.st im po rr ant p h ase o f th e w o rk was co n duLted i n t h e l abo r ato r y Her e club m e mber s carr ie d th eir kn ow l edge int o ac rual p racti ce. The C h e mi scry Clu b was o r gan I zed early i n th e sch oo l year All membe r s wert': requi r ed to ad dr ess th e club as a r eq u ir e m ent Gf me m be r s h ip. 55


J o hn K ain G eo rge H o w ard J ohn M c Glade l\lv in J ohnso n .lames H o bson D oro th y K a lar S T U D EN T C OUNCIL Janel K o per ski Shir l e y D y w e r Blan c he Adler BURIED deep bene a th n ine t y-ni n e and n ine tenths per Cent o f schoo l acriv it ies is usually found the Student Ass ociat bn. The Cou n cil, w h ich is composed of seven student re pre s entatives of th e various ..:lasses, has made i t its policy nor onl y to work for the Stu-dents, bur a lso to work with them. Wieh this in mind, the Council l aunc h ed a drive f or im provement of the schoo l in ge n eral. First of all came th e installation of the student suggestion box in orde r to funher partic i pa ti o n in student government. Then Came the new syst em of vod n g success fully. Then it was a nnoun c ed that members of the associatio n wou..ld receive reduced rates at the Cecilia Theate r The n tOO Book l ets of manners wert' given to S. A. members; ro say nothing of the v i ctro la dedic a t e d to B. H. S by the S. A. Council of "39. F o t th ose wh o enjoy dan c in g the yeat '38-'39 boaSted four S. A. dances plus one banquet. In a dditi o n there were three Jt.tnior college dan : es ope n to hig h schoo l Associa tiop. members. A s to the soph o m o r e s a nd fre s hme n each h ad a party of their ow n There were four Little Thea t e r plays, as well as operettas and comes es. F o r th os e en gag ed in Jthletics 3 w a rds were give n if they were S. A. members. And finally, th e r e wer e bim o nthl y issues of the Parrakeet p lu s this Zenian A cco r d in g to o b s ervers, th e St-adem Asso c i atio n was not only young in organ:7.ation but in a mbi t i o n to b e t t er B. H S., o f wh!ch i t was a worthwhi l e part. M e mber s o f th e co un cil f o t 19 33 -19 3 9 were Alvin J o hn son ptesident; Janet Koperski a n d J o hn K a in senior r e pr ese m atlv es; D o rothy Kalar and J oh n McG ladt, junior r epresentaeives; Jim H o bson freshm a n representa tive. 56


LITTL E THEATER THE fifth a nniv e rsary season of (he Lirrie Theate r m arked a sessi o n o t successful performances. Th e first cun ain r ose o n cwo oneact plays called "Nenie" and "The Fin ger of God." Crede Calhoun, Ernes< H o rrer John Schnake. and H oward Rhodes gave the l eadi n g roles. The secon d curtai n rose JUSt in time to catch "Gr acie" Louise Rarhgaber, enrerra in:r.g her boy friend, John Uee)" and 0. co nglomerr..rion of young gues ts. Meanwhile Auntie, Martha Duncan, who disapproved of parties, supposed l y was away for the week-end. We saw Effie, rhe s huf flin g old maid, played by Elva B,uman, almos< driven to tears by Bijou, G r acie's dog, as h e practically tor e the house upside dowr. Who could forger chose (wo h ours and minutes during wh i c h "Three D ays of Gracie" s howered us wieh laughs? Th e next curtain starred M aurice Fitzgerald as "Poor Old Jim and Jeanne Rocker as his wife, e n gaged in moral lesson. on imoxication. Stage hands s t epped in a n d i n a time the stage was ready f o r Eliz abeth's Young Man." Crede Calhoun's pan was ro frighren Eliza b et h's old aum D ap hne LeWIS. D aphne believed he was insane. Gail H aldema n and Raben Whitely. juni o r co llege directOrs, s t ood in the wings supervising proceedings Our b l ood tin gled w ith prid e as a group of twe nty boys and girls read t h e poem "Th e Congo" in a t a lkin g c h orus. Thi s a n ew st unt in B H S. Not e ntir e l y in rhe curriculum o f the Lirtl e Th eate r but b llin g u n der its au,;pices were the speech contests. Edward Corrig n rook first place with hi s oratio n "Wa r I s ['utile" and was closely f ellowed by J eanne Rocker in second place and Fred Hul dtquisr in thi rd. Tm J esse Ja mes" excla imed Mauri ce and took the gol d pin for his r eading of dw famous W estern ourlaw. Elva Bauman and Florence May Farr places second and third respe c t i ve l y with thei r interpr etatio ns. "It was the 'Night of January 16, said Prosecuting Attorney Edward Corr i gan. I object in behalf of th e defense," r oared john Urey. And th e trial of Karc n Andree j a net K operski, proceeded u n de r the scrutiny of judge Bob Burkle The fifth Selso n ended with the Little Theater banquet held for members of t!" B H. S. Little Theater g r oup. 57


GYMNASIUM CLASSES WITH t h e co mpl e ti o n o f t h e !lew gy mn as ium a n ew cou rse was a d de d to th e fre s hm a n a n d sopho m o re cu rricu l ums. Ba lb oa d ecided co m a k e st r o n g s tu rdy peo p l e Cut o f her srude nrs, so [h e u n derclass m e n we c e rel uir ed [Q t a k e physi ca l ed ucati o n Eac h student h a d twO classes a wee k in whic h h e w as g iven exe r c i ses des i g n ed "'0 build up h i s b ody. B oys' a n d g irls' classes wefe: held seplfareiy, bm their sch e d u les in c l ude d ,dmos e the same acr i v i ties. g irl s we re a l so taug iu a few jirr e rbu g ractics w h e n r hey i ea In e d ro d o rh e L a m be [h Walk. Mr. H B Ccow ley \V"s ass i g n e d [h e j o b o f making m e n ou r o f [h e b oys, whi l e Miss D oro thy R ecto r was g i ve n rne j o b of m akin g Anni e a n A m aza r 58




LEFT TO RIGHT: M anha Bradle y ; Shirley D y er: Jean Rabi !eau ; Be!ty Bradley ; Mar y belle Pe>rkins; Sc hmid! ; Grace S c ha c k ; PeJ;1O' While; Co a c h Gries er. GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM SWIMMING TH E senio r n atarors, witr. s u ch m a teri a l as Roy B oggs, Clyde Ellis Jack Sutherland, Paul D isharoo n P ats; Kenr Pe ggy \Vhite Billi e B owe n a nd Ju ne H olcomo : won th e i nt erclass swimmin g mtet and the water polo l eague b y n os in g om the sop30mores on bach occas i o ns. Two new hig h sch ool reco r ds wer e e s t a blished durin g the year. Roy Boggs smas hed rhe 120 meter medley record a n d sop h omore Alan Ford came thr o u g h in record bre a kin g time co hang up a new r ecord in the 100 yard back s [f o ke In wate r po l o the sop h omo res we n the first h a lf o f th e league and the seniors s n rcd the second h alf, both earning entry into the pl ayoffs. The senio r s e mer ged victorious b y score of eight to six in the water po l o ch::tmpionship game to win the int erclass l oop. The triangular meet \Va, scheduled ro be held at th e B a lboa pool on Mar c h 23 with Balboa Crisrobal and th e junior college om to win first p l ace honors B a lboa was predi c ted to walk away w!rh th e meet the prediction bein g b ased o n time s m ade in practice swims BOYS' SWIMMING AND DIVING Coa c h Greise r J ohn F o ley B i ll W ard Alan F o rd Wallace Baldwin Michael Dai ley 6 0


Th omas .Iaco me Joe Ludlum Ro y Dwelle Bert Shelt o n Angu s Mathene y M r Griese r Paul D sharoo n CJ)'d e EllIs J a m es Dod so n R oy Boggs E.arl Mullin s BOYS WATER POLO Two wat e r po l o l eag u es swa m this year at B a l boa pool-imer cl ass a n d imr l:nural. Th e beSt t e a m wo n in the im e rdass l eague a n d at the e n d o f the seaso n the s e n io r boys spo rted s h i n y go l d b alls. Thfy we r e well earned, h oweve r f o r they stood not o n l y f o r skill a nd fig hti n g s pir i t but a lso f o r ("i t hfu l a tt e ndance. Th e second h a l f o f w a t e r p o l o seaso n saw t h e imr a mur 1 team s go int o a n i o n Bill Z e mer s team w o n t h e fir s t h a lf n ot lusing a slOg l e game, Durin g the seco n d h a l f however C l y d e E llis' te a m turned O ut in f ull f o r ce a n d swa mp e d eve r y opp o n e nt. Th e i mramuralleague co n s i s t e d o f f our t ea m s Ze m e r's, B a l dwin's, F ord's, and Elli s All ream s s h o w e d excelle nt acc o r d i ng to Co a c h H e nry Grie s e r ; all the bo ys turned au[ eage r to learn, In di v idua!lr they cou l d nO[ surpas s l a s t year' s cro p bur they wer e b e n e r t h a n ave r age Amo n g the u nf o r gettables we r e Alla n F o r d Walla ce B a l dwin a n d R oy BOM' for r heir outs t a n ding a b ility i n cente r positi o n ; Ted B a il ey and P a u l Disha r oo n as g u ards; Bill y Zemer f o rwar di n g the hig h es t numbe r o f gOd l s f or t h e entire year; and C l yde Ellis, who was m ainl y r espo n s ibl e f o r the s u perio r p laying cf his u n de f e?ted i n r h e i ntr amura l se ries, 6 1


LEFT TO RIG H T : Rafael Charley Leaver BUlCh R yan. David 1\loon. Bobo Ka in INTER-Ch,\SS MEET TRACK AFTER l osi n g ro Cristoba l H igh Schoo l by h a lf a point in 1 938, rhe crack anJ field rea m rook rev e n ge 0 n the A d a mi c side opponems a r th e B alboa srad ium on 25 by w innin g rh e uia n gu l a r rrack a nd fiel d m ee r wirh ease. The scores were: Ba l b oa Cristoba l J un ior College 67 points 38 .. 25 Four records f ell befor e the mec;'1 was co m plered rhree of wh i c h we re s h attere d b}' B a l boa's track team. Captain Bobby Burkle clea red rh e po l e vaulr bar 't[ 10 feet 2 i n c hes to esta bli s h rhe fir s t new record. H a rry D owell r!1en cam e rhrough a n d clipped f ou r renrhs o f 0 seco nd o ff rhe 880 record. T he 440-ya rd relay r

J oh n Ander so n H o ward M oore Albert I\l ongo t d John Kain Jack Gamble T oe Mongold J oe Young Robert Burkle Wallace D o nald Bowen ALL-STAR FOOTB, ALL TEAM TOUCH FOOT B ALL TOUCH f oo rb all in vade d B. H S, rhree years ago As rhe years go by, imere s r in rhe spore grows. This years le ag ue was proba bl y rh e b es r of rhe l or. The rea m s were much more evenly mat c hed and rhe-g rade A performances turned out b y s uch s tars as Al and J oe M o ngol d B o b o" Kain a nd B o b Burkle added imeresr co rhe games Garnes berween Wallace "Tra in D ye r s Gophers a nd H owa rd M oo r e's TI gers could be called bateles o f th e ages-th e copnotch p l a y in g o f rh e rw o rea ms kepr each fr o m defearing rhe other. A game rh a r lasr ed nine qua reer s was fin ally decided in f avor o f rhe Gophers f o r rhe gold awards. The hig h sc h oo l all-star s made? good s ho wing. H owever a Cristobal ga me m a t erialized b eca u se C r istobal's l eague had n O t begun when B alboa's le ague fini shed Th e a ll-st ars, Out o f a toral o f f ou r ga m es wo n three and tied o ne Th ey were tied by the juni o r c c!!ege freshman te am. The r ea m s o n the stars' vic tim li s t inc1uded the all-st:lf freshm a n t ea m which they p l ayed twice, and the working b oys. Only o ne tackle ga me was attempted during the year. It was played at a result of a cha llen ge fr o m rh e college fr eshma n ream. The SCOre was 2 0 in f avo l o f the high schoo l sta rs. 64


BAC K RO\'{ \'>;' allace D)er J ack Gamble, J oe M o n go ld D o ugla s SmHh J o hn K a n Emili o Madri g al. Alben I\lo ng o ld Joe Y oung. J o hn DavIS FRONT RO\X': BII. Lc.gsd c n James Ridge J o hn U re)', J oh n Andtrso n H owa rd I\loore. D o n.lJd B o wen B CLUB "B" CLUB AND G A A SPOR T S MA NS HI P is the kevnore of the {\vO a thleti c Th e 8 Club was formed ''''0 years ago by Mr. G C. Loc krid ge, a n d has heen goi n g steadily f o rw a r d. A r the bel.;inning o f rhe sch oo l year 1 937-1938, t h e r e were ni n e members, o f whom s i x were seniors and three junio rs. Ar the rime rhe Zon iar, welll to press, rhe club h ad more rhan doubled. Of many a r e seniors a nd will g r aduate thi s Junl? bur still rhe member s hip w ill be hig h as m ore a n d m o r c und erclassmen .1fe ge ttin g Ill. B C l ub i s more o r less a varsity club a nd a boy is eligib l e onl}' a ft e r h e h as been elected ro an all-scar t eam by hi s t eamma res. he i s elected to a n 311-sc a r ream he is tOld to be a t a certai n p l ace and certain rime i n order ro r ece iv e his i niti atio n The in i tiati o n i sn' t exacrly n or tOO rough. The boy i s n ow O J esented with his l e tt er a n d he a nxiou s l y waits f or th e c h a nce ro i n iti a t e so mebod}1 c:is e -The G A A is rhe equiva l enr, f0r g irls o f rhe B Club Ir was "aned by Miss L ou is< H an n a l as t year a nd a t the beg i nnin g of rhe 1 937-1938 sch oo year ther<: were o n l y twO charter members borh sen i o r s H owever, six new members entered. Th e only W:1y a g irl Can get inr o the G A. A i s to be a memb e r o f rhe all-star !.'ofrball a n d volleyball team s o r get t h e required number o f p o ints through the n ew poinr sYMem. intro duced at th e b egi nning of this year. Th e points a re b ased on a ttend a n ce, winn i ng ream a nd al1star team The BOO Club a n d G A. f . on o ne successful dance roget her ; che n t h e girls s h o wed their initiat ive a n d had l un c h eo n s and dances by themselves. B Club o fficer s wer e j o hn K ain, president j ack Gamble, v i ce-presidenr, j a mes Ridge secretary a n d BiB L ogsdo n rr eas urer. G. A. A officer s wer e j une H.!m bl ero n president L o uise R a th gebe r vice-p r e:;ident, a n d Kell y B a um a n sec retary-tr easurer. G. A A Shirle) D r e r June Hambleton L ouise R athgeber Mar y jane Phill i p s Audr e)' Ta be r Glo ria Shehon 65


66 Julon H ern:lOdez lkrt Shelton J oe Young CI),de A lben Mathon J oe Mongold j:lmcs Wood RIchard Dodson Joe L udlum Earl Mullins


SOFT BALL TH I S yea r's softball had as many f o rfeits as a ny preceding yea r bur jt was :-success in that allsrar softballe r s were permitted [Q eorer the "S" club f o r the first F rom the fir st game it was apparem rhat J ulio H ernandez' Red Sox wouJ1 take rhe l eague, with Alben L i ndo's Colonel:; making a s h aky seco nd. The reasons for rhe Red Sox power wef e Julio's pit C hing, and rhe hi[[ing o f Joe Ludlum Nb,rhew C ryan, a n d J unior Jones. Lin do's Colone l s were a combi n atioo nOt to be trifled wit h H e had l ots o f l uck, good field ers a nd good hitters, but n o pitcher. Ben She L o n 's Whife Sox, under Earl M uliJr.s' manage m e m were plugging a lon g n ear th e b Ottom. On this team th ere was a b atc h of g l ue-g l oved fielde r s and a goldmine o f hiners lik e Bect S h e i ron, Poner Cr.Hvford, and E arl M u llin s To th eir r esc u e a dark hurse, Jim \'{'ood. \X' ith a t e m a tive rise b all, some speed, l!1d a litrl e contro l he b oos ted the team s mora l e and starred them on th e up g r ade. L indo s an d t ea m s scatte r ed l i k e c haff before rh'" o nsl augJu. Up came the \Vhite Sox to c h alle n ge H ernan dez. But Julio Jnd his co h ortS proved tOO powerful. The Whites defeated the R eds a n d won th e tie off for th e first half. This tie was fac i litated by Lindo', unpredictable luck. H e defeated the R eds, wbo troun ced th e WhHes. who conquered him This circle, wi th a few variation!:, r an umi) nea r the last of the season. Lindo was left in th e co l d by the R eds. The Whites took the seco nd h a l f a n d trimmed the R eds fo. th e go l d balls. The unlucky alls t a r s who attended the "B" club initia tion Clme off w ith the uS!.Ial bumps, bruises and swells. Clyde Ellis turned up in sch oo l with a s lin g and a pillow. BASKETBALL WITH th e se ttlin g o f th e dust th e baseball diamond, ba ske tball stepped int o the sports limeli g ht wirh new t eams and a new merhod of play The n ew plan i ntr oduced by Coach L oc krid ge was designed to allow as ma ny boys to play basketball as possi ble. Since the number o f boys who signed to p lay the sport was l a rge enough for twelve t eams, twO l eagues were formed. Th e A l eague consisted o f six teams o f the beSt players. The A l eague capra inS took rheir c h oice before the "8" l eague captains, a n d what was left : lfter rhe A i t'ague, rr:ade up rhe "S" l eague. TIle si x captains c h osen to lood the A l eague t eams were H owa r d Moore Bill L ogsdon, Emilio Madrig a l J immy Rid ge John Kain and Juli o H erna n dez. Th e B l eague cap t ains were Ft ed Rya n Bud Hul dtquist, B o b Burk le, Norman Anderson Geo rge M aki bbin a n d Vincent Bradley. At the tim e the wem to press H oward Moore's Pir a t es l ooked like t h e te3m to watch in the "A" l eague. In the i r f i m tr y they defea t ed Kain's hi g h l y touted R a m b l e r s b y 12 poims. Throu g h ou t rhe cont es t the Bu caneers outplayed rhe R amb l ers i n eve r y d i vision of the game. In th e B le ague, rhe r e were tWO t ea m s which s hould be fighting it Out a t rhe end of th e campa i gn. The D odge r s a nd R ams, under g uidance of Fr ed Ryan a n d Vin cer.t Brad ley respecciveiy won their fir s t games easi ly, displayi n g fine teamw ork for B l eague quimtts. The D odgers se r a r ecord for the mher five te.lms in t he league to s hoot at in poi nt s scored. Whil e playing rhe Cardinals in the first game the dodger s won 47 to 9. The R a m::. also showed plenty of team work a n d fightin g spiri t in rheir fir s t encoumer. At the e n d of the seaso n the winners o f the "A" l eague were tC play the [3" l eague Champio n s for the go l d balls offered by the Student Association. Two days l ate r the all-Star team was sch eduled to tr ave l to CristObal to p lay the C. H S all-stars at the CriStobal High School gym n asium. 67


N:tncy H oran J eanne Lucy Audre y Taber Adela Snedlker Ph y deli s A l ice H ele Shlr1ev Dyer Isabel GIbson Marie Schmidt GIRLS' W I NNING SOFT BALL GIRLS' S OFTB ALL AMBITION s kill and sponsmansh i p dominated in the g irl s' softb all l eague this year At the beginning o f the series, Kell y Bauman's Whizz e r s and J une H a mb e ltOn's T op pees appea r ed to bt the t eams to defeat, but as the three-m o nth season d ose d the Whizzers and T oppe r s were o n the bo((om and Shirley Dyer's Torn a does h eade d the lis t The te a m s taking part in the l eague were Glori a Shelton's S lash ers, M ary J a n e Phillips' Steppers Jun e H a m belton 's Toppers Shirley Dyer's T o rn adoes L ou i se R athgebers Nifties, and Kelly Bauman'sWhi zze rs. Playe r s c h ose n f o r t he allstar were J ea nn e Lucy Pe ggy Brugge, Elvi se R amey, Escher Miller Phydelli s Walbr idge, V f r a H owell, Conn i e Trow brid ge, Alice H e l e Dotothy Kal ar, and Isabel Gi b son The league games were under th e cirection o f Miss Eileen M c A u liffe girls' physic a l director, w h o was subs tituting f or L OUise H anna, a b'jem o n vacatio n in the Sta tes 68


H owud J o hn An derso n N o rman Ander so n Fnd Ryan J o h n l\Io nl a nye T o m.is Reyes ROI:lOd Stemme r \'I;'arren S herwood WINNING BASEBALL TEAM BASEBALL B obby D e nnis H e ndr l Ha nso n A lexande r Courme)' B ill G a n es EMILIO M adriga l l e d hi s Giant) to th e c hampi o n s h ip o f th e i ntr amu r a l l eagu e for th e seco n d co nsecut ive year w h e l h e def :Hed J ack M cG l ade a nd his Y a nk ee $ by a SCore o f 6 ro 3 a t th e s t a dium In th e c hampi o n s h i p b arrie M a dri ga l w ent the ro ut e f o r his t eam i n t h e fin a l ga m e w h i l e J oe B u r goon

Grace t.Ic Cas lin R ose m ary Millen L o uIse Rarhgeber Betry Sutherland J ean Fl ynn Ca r oli ne BarloVl' GIRLS' WINNING VOLLEYSALL GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Ruth Presle y Vera H o w e ll Jane W h i le WITH fast names and faster teams volleyball ranked first among rhe girls thi, rear. ]n spite of a l ate start the Victors, Slashers Whizzers Toppers Hurricanes Nifties Tornadoes a nd Steppers burnr up the three months at volleyball. Season men aces were June H a mbeltOn Shirley Dyer KeH) Bauman and Vera Howell. After winning the round robin tOurnament Gloria SheltOn's Smashers played s erious volleyball against the !'\ifcies but L o u Rath ge ber 's h a ppy-go-lucky te am their superior it y coppi n g the eliminaci o n series from Sheicon's team a nd then the best two-out-of-rhree-game play-off L aure l s go to all of the captains: June Hambelton Kelly B a uman Audrey E. T a ber, Mary J a ne Phillips, B a rb a r a Hayden Gloria SheltOn Bla nca Westerlin and Louise Rathgeber. They worked admir a b l y ge rrin g the girls co co me Out, coach in g rheir p layers and disp l aying sports m a n s hip The winnin g sdtball and volle y b all teams received their '"B's' a n d a soun d round of appl ause ar rhe gi rls an nual spo n s rally The rejuven a ted gy m provided ju" the atmosphere f o r th e uniformed athletes. Re gu l a rio n s hoes, s hirts, and s h o n s gave rhe girls a c h a nce ro "kic k a round and really rby vo lley ball Coach L o uise H anna was Out fo':" every ga me tefereeing and coac hin g. Pass g irls! Over the line! "and "Sro p crac kin g your gum! would remind u s thar Miss H anna was on the j ob. Leaving with thi s year s senio r s are Com ley, Rocker Hambelron Taber Lewis, Koperski, and B a uman but steppi n g in ro rry to rake their p l aces are Walbridge H owell, Dyer Simms Brugge and R a thgeber. Each year rhey are ren ewed, but n ever repl aced, and each ye:u B H S. loses a grand ga n g o f volleyballers w h o can never f o rget the f a miliar shrieks, and whis tles, and thump s that accompany the o f their f a v o rite game. 70


TENNIS AfTER being runner-up ro "Big Bill Le Brun in laSt yea r 's [Qurnamenr, Jimmy Ridge won [he annU3. tennis tourna-ment by defeati n g Johnn y P res l ey 6-4, 2-6, 6-3 in three well-played sets on the stadium COurts o n M arch 2 1 By virrlle o f taking t h e tOurnamenr, Ridge received rhe Scho l astic t e nni s mtdal wh i c h is given to all school champions thrc ughollt the States by rhe "Sc h o l astic Coach magazine. Ridge won the rournament by defe", ing John T owery, R ola nd S remmer, Sonny Pereira, and J ohnny Pres l ey. Pr es l ey r eac h ed the f i n a l s by e limin ati n g L ou i s T ower}', Tommy P eterson, Bert She l ron, J ac k H utchings, a n d J o hn While this was Pre s l ey's first complete tournament in Balboa H igh Sc h oo l Ridge had competed in every tournament from his freshma n yea r o n until;;!. se ni or, he final!), lOok first place The doubl es rournament was schedu l ed to begin afret the E as ter holida)ls, w hen rhe Zonian w ent to press. o f the combinations rhat had a lr eady : lOnounced [h e ir desi;-e to com pere i n the doubles and were being ,uiven a lit tle c.errer rhan 'lverage c h a n ce ro win rhe event were StemmerH u t c hin gs, M ar!o\\sk,,-Shelro n and Rid geK a in The win n e r s in the boys' s in g l es a nd doubl es tournament, a l ong with rh e g;rb:' sin g l es c h:lmpi o n we r e sc hedul ed to travel to Cristoba l on N l ay 9 ro m3t c h s tr o k es th e Cris toba l for the schoo l chlmpionshlp o f (he I s rhmus. ARCHERY WHEN the r a i ny seaso n b egan, rhe g irl a r c h ers o f B. H S. sta rted s h oot in g. The freshman a n d sop homore g irl'i wCnt our o n rhe range every Tuesda)I, and th e junior a n d se nior g irl s tried rheir skill on Thursd,,}"s. Daphn e Lewis, sen i o r, a nd Eloir:c R a m ey, junior were th e o nl y [\vo veterans rhi'i year. The new members were M artha Duncan, L01l1<1 Nelson, both se ni o rs, J a n e Tompkins, Peggy BnLgge, Dorothy Kalar Ade l a S nediker Agnes Ackin m n and M a r ga ret Kunke l all juniors. The sophomor e and freshman R obi n H oods we re Caro l y n B arlow, Alice H e l e, Co n stance Trowbridge, Shirley D yer, Ester Miiler Jane L inds(fom and L aura Tapia. Ar the rime Zoni a n went ro press Daphne L ew i s had the h ig h esr score a nd Eloi se R a m ey was seco n d. 7I


GOLF WITH Johnny MacMurray Que [he way the golf championship fat Balboa Hi gh School was left wide open tor rhe l a rge cr owd of turf diggers who signed up t o play golf. MacMurray in the 1938 tournament had finished 3 6 h oles in 157 Strokes which was go o d enough {Q defeat his n earest riva ls. At the time the Zonian went to p r ess nOthing defini te could be stated as to where the [Qurnament would be held or how many hol

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Panama 6 5 Telephones: Colon ij4


TH E MUSI C CENTER NO 6 Calle 23, Panama (Old Uniced Fruit Co.) Phone 320-Panama, R P. THE HAMMOND ORGAN ESTEY RHO ORGANS WURLITZER PIANOS SEH.IER WOODWINDS BUES C H E R SAXOP HONES G I BSON GUITARS EXC ELSIOR A CCORDIANS H O HNER KA Y STRING BASSES L UDWIG DRUi\IS R OTH V IOLINS POPULAR SHEET i\IUSIC BOOKf; AND FOLIO S P a tr on iz e The M usic Cemer w C all f O f SALIH Bazar Hi n dustan 1158 Cemrai Ave Panam a 115B Specialises in French Perfume Panama Hats and Oriental Goods HOTEL HABANA 5 1 Central Avenue-5 1 Phone 826 Apan. No. 438 AIDA Vda. DE COLLAZOS Propri elOr _________________________ __________________ ___ w -------------------------rn Central Tailor S h o p 6 1 C encral Ave 6 1 T h e be S t Englis h Seq;cs :>.nd Other dOth f o r the confectio n o f s uitS. Rea so nable Pri c e s. Par i pajll1cnf aaeplcd P ay '11 a 'hit ALL WORK GUARANTEED w ------------------------, Aparcmem N o 1025 Telephone N o 1704 Zapateria "C ecilia H T CHUNG & Co 82 Central Avenue 82 Panama R. de P \'( / HOLESALE and RET AIL w ------------------------nw W ----------------------m Compliments o f ANT ONIO'S P a n a ma's L eading Store AMY HOLDER DRESSMAK ING AND L ADIES TAILORING 9 4 ulle del Estudianle -Panama


!:!!:!-----------l:l l:l-----------L. C. Smith & Co r o n a T ypew rite r s ROBERT DIX O N 196 C enlNI Ave. Box 6 9 9, Panama l:l ______________________________ iJ Bazar C entral R. Ca s te l Dresses L i n ge r i e Pho ne 1173 Cemfai Ave 74 SHOEMAKER SH U E N G HlN G Ave Cenlral N o 122 i NlCtltlL5 CtfiNESE RUGS INC 1"11"1-_______________________ : r < COlllplilllt1/fJ of Mar g arita Flori s t Cris t o bal l:l ___________________________ :l:l _________________________ : l:l Compliments o f The N at ional Matt ress Factor y Panam a l\.I : :muIa clUre r s o f S O UND SLEEP INNER SPRING l\.I ATTRESSES V I SIT W T. LUM The larg es t Oriental furniture & N o velt y Sl o r es o n ,he Isthmu s Sele ct your graduati o n and other girlS fr o m Ihe eXfC,'n sive line o f American & C h i ne s e Goods s uitabl e f o r B ol's and Girls, 3.t L U M S St o re s. Col o n : 9,126 Boliva r A,' e Panama : S th Sr. Cenual Ave _____________ l:l l:l1"1-_____________ :l:l


Compliments of L UP/'S for Panama Hats Diamonds, Wedding Rings, Well-made Watches PANI S I Y TORR E Cemral A\ 'enue S} Panaffi3 CilY ______________________ _________________________ r Tony The Burb e r Anto ni o Esquiu!'l P a n a ma TREAT YOUR BEST G IRL AT THE R endezvous Cencr:li A\ 'e. 1 An extensive a n d co mplete assonment o f ladies wear renewed week l y by direct shipme nt s from o ur New York o ffice. DRESSE S HATS HANDBAGS HOS I ERY UNDERWEAR LA. MODA. AMERICANA Centra l Ave. and B Street


Firs. t in the Field The gateway to a liberal education is ) 'OW-daily newspaper -Read it intelligently! For Local N e'ws -Full a nd authoritat ive coverage of the daily h appenings on the I sthmus. For Foreign News --Compl ete United Press C a ble Service on wo rld -wide evenrs. For Editorial Comm.ent --The Washington Daily M e rr y-Go-RoundSound Digesr of Local and United States News. Read WE -PRINT -THE NEWS


Compliments o f La 0/ icilw I deal Gthedr31 Plaza Panama Supplies 1 0 the Panama Cli na! of Burr oug hs Adding and Calculati ng Machines Ph one 114 ANCON BAKERY Estudiame SI No. lOS Behind Century Club P. 0 Box 191 Ancon, C Z. Telephone 2123 ______________________ w In Srhool Days or Vacation Days The COlllmissary Divisioll provides for YOlL,. IIeecis i It thill gs to eat and thill gs to wear. OW' Best Wishes for a Happy Vacatiolt Commissary Division Panam, a Railroad Company


Escuela. Priva.cla G,.egg Do you know Gregg Shorthand in English? You do? Well perhaps you want extra practice Do you want to learn it in Spanish? Start now and in four months call you r se lf an Eng l ish-S p a n ish s t e nogr a p he r DON T PUT IT OFF Telephone 1443-J Almacen's 5 and 10 Store 44 Central Ave, Everyrhing for [he home ____________________________ National Floml Shop Bridal Bouq uets, W r e:nhs, Flowe r Bas kt:!! & ma n y othe r Floui D esig n s made [ 0 ord e r T elepho n e 2690 -J Smer No. I t u-----------------------------------------------Walk In comfort Walk tn Bata Sandals. 66995-90 Ce ntral Ave 116


C o mpl"lIenlJ 0 1 C olon & Kin gs ton 's Furniture Store JOSE MARI A GONZ ALE Z Co lon, R e p d e P _______________________ n V I SIT "THE ENGLI S H B A Z AAR" Co l o n s M os l Upro. dalc Drc

Compliments of JOHN FISHER F3


!:I t.l U t.l I Trott I Sing Kee & I The Cleaner Company lrnporters a n d Exporrers Suits and Dresses o f genera l merchandise dry cleaned Wholesal e & R etail Sal es \'(/e chemically clea n Chinese, Oriemal a nd Phone 248, Calle 1 3 Este Domes(ic Rugs No. 13. Apartment No. 609 R easonab le Pric es P a n ama, R. de P Phone 453 Panama 1'; 13 U Complimellt s of I,UCKY STRIKE I !:I


!:l I I;i I !< I ABIGAIL A l way s R e m e mb e r S m artes t d resses for A ma n is judged i n l if e b y eve r y occasio n ( wo thin gs, hi s f rien ds and his clot h es Calle B No.6 T h e Ame ri c a n B az aar 'J H abe r das h ers & T ailo r s f o r men o f P. O Box 56 Tel ephone 3D} Good Taste W o n g C h a n g & O K. S T O R E C omp a n y, L t d. SIf((.ello r l /0 Uznl J-/j'lg & Co. P a n a m a C o l o n HAROWARE DRY GOODS, AMMUN I T I ONS S H IPS T A C KLE PAINTS & F I S HING TAC KtE Cortlc r 9rb & Fro m S, r eet Bil/boll A, e. Colo n R P !:l i:i C o n g ratulations to BALBOA HI G H SC H O O L C LASS O F 1939 and B e st W i s h es f o r Success to THE ONCOM ING CLASSES Bur e au o f C l u b s lind Playgl"Ounds ( Recreati o n D ivision o f the Pa n a m a Cana l ) !:l &' !:l ____________________________________________


Chantbonnet CENTRAL A VENUE 79 Tbe Cente r of Femiuine I \ f ode" 1 DURAN'S COFFEE 29 YEARS OF PR O GRESS IS YOUR ASSURANCE OF MERIT. 1:1 &l HOTEL TIVOLI A comfo rt able r es tful ideally l oc at e d h ote l co mm a lldin g a mag nificent view o f t h e P acific O cean a n d tr o pical sce n e ry_ The c enter o f socia l l i f e close [Q e v e r y point o f int e r es t o n rhe Pacifi c s ide o f the C a n al. JA.MES LEWIS Mg,..-A.Ilcon Cmwl Zon e


Fe lix B. Maduro Compliments of The Style Center" Circuit Barrios 2 1 Centra l Ave Be s t The atres in P a nama P a nama City CECILIA --PANAMA--OPEN DUR ING NOON PALACIO HOUR I Fa tl l:l PERMANENT WAVES Anto-Thermi c Perm a nent W av e s No Machine s No Chemica l Powder SCADRON OPTICAL And All Other Br anc hes COMPANY Of Beauty Cu l ture AME RI CAN OPERA TORS P a n ama Colon Ancon Clubhouse l B eauty Shop T e lephone 1322 l !:3


!3 !3 1:1 !3 !3 [;j--C ompllmenu o f Shun g Fat & Co. 1 3 Eas l Sr. No. 12 WISP-O-WEIGHT Panama with Last"x yarn Fl !3 MARTI N EZ & C O uldies' Hat s 1 4 1 C crural Ave Panam.t A compler e assonmenr 9 03' FrOn! Sf C o l o n K P. of the GenUlnl." Alh g:no r Ski n Iares[ designs Box 9 0 4, Pan:lma Ph o n e 1 799 J 4th of July A ve !3 Complime1lts of Panama Canal Mptal (,.arI e s Council !3 !3 I


Beautify Yourself, Face and Body a t the f o rmer CLARA KAISER BEAUTY PARLOR Number 1 8 J. Street Under Entirely New Man age ment. Largest, Best F.c}uipped, and Most Well-known Beauty Shop in Panama. LlNA. 4LJI A.RA.DO in Charge with a Cor[)s of Graduate Operators. E-very Aid to Beauty Tlwt You May D esire. Call pe r so nally o r Telephone Panama 607 for Appo intm e nt K ee p Fit! Keep yourself up co par in every way, r e' d dy for the days gruelling grind in business o r f or trying a nd tiresome soci a l affairs. Build Beaury a nd H ea lth through th e medium o f SWEDISH MASSAGE which con es up the system stimu l a tes circulation and improves all body functions We have complete equip ment and practice the art as raught by th e Battle Creek San atorium. llealth Center ELODIA T. SMITH DirectOr No. IS ]. Street At ex-Clara Kaiser Beaury Parlor Teleph o ne s 92 7 and 607


-----------------------Ma The Articles for Men at l ow prices in Ancon Greenhouse ELEGANCIAS" D o n [ be backw ard a nd shy ... 4 0 AvC'nida C('nlr31--tO Panama Flowe r s w ill a lwoys gee you by," Anc on. Canal Z one Phone B a lbo a 2390 Cable: Ancogre ANTONI A Dr essmaker Ce nlra l Av('nuC' and 8 51. p"nam;J: CiI Y a ----------------------: On ce again MOLLOYMADE qu a l icy a nd workmanship scores as [he 1 939 Zan i a n is clsed in a MOLLY MADE COVet fr o m THE BABCOCK COVER COMPANY 411 Ease 91se Scree[ Los Ange les, Calif o rnia," ______________________ a

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