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I 4






Volume 61


Published by the BHS
Journalism Department

Sketch By Mike Noriega
Cover by DeForest Lewis




' a


)i so j

Feel the World Around You
And Ask Why


LIC, - .. ~r~


We Are Living

and We Are Life


---~-----,1* .^1W
.,Z in f U







i ~-~111





She's MY date!

Ellen finally breaks down and cracks a smile.

The Balboa Hillbilities.

Woman power!

"Come get me, I dare you."

Double exposure?

The end of the day.

5th period Journalism Class.

Pat, caught unawares.


Superintendent's Staff

Coordinates Activities for

U.S. Schools

From left to right:
MR. ROSS ANDERSON. Supervisor, Physical Education and Athletics, U.S. Schools
DR. KENNETH LAKE. Director of Curriculum
MR. STEWART BROWN, Supervisor, Swimming Pools and Safety
DR. CHARLES LATIMER, Deputy Superintendent of Schools
MR. JAMES COOK, Supervisor of Instruction, U.S. Secondary Schools
MR. GEORGE WILLINGHAM, Supervisor of Instruction, U.S. Secondary Schools
MR. F. A. CASTLES, Superintendent of Schools (seated)
MR. VERNON CATURIA, Supervisor of Instruction, U.S. Elementary Schools
DR. VICTOR HERR, Supervisor of Music, U.S. Schools
DR. JAMES WOLF, Coordinator, Special Education
MR. DAVID SPEIR, Assistant Superintendent, U.S. Secondary Schools
MRS. SHIRLEY MAKIBBIN, Supervisor of Instruction, U.S. Elementary Schools
MRS. FRANCES SAMPSELL, Assistant Superintendent, U.S. Elementary Schools
MR. ZANDER KROWITZ, Administrative Assistant
MR. ROBERT DAHLSTROM, Supervisor, Educational Data Processing

Mr. Clyde A. Willman

Mr. John C.


Assistant Principal

Office Activity










Guidance and Attendance







20 Miss Donna Stuebe aids Ann Medinger.


School Custodians


* i -



First row: S. 'Anderson, R. Hunt, F. Panagua, R. Levy. Second row: P. Garipaldo, P. Betaftcount, Ford,
Rames, S. Hawkins, Acosta, Perez, Burte, Limenz.

St. Head Custodian





Mechanical Drawing
Texas A&M
Photo Club

Home Economics
Our Lady of the Lake College
M.Ed. Counseling
F.H.A. Assistant Sponsor

..AM I / I
Drafting, Machine Shop, Woodshop
Eastern Michigan University

Florida State University

Kansas State Teachers
Scenery Construction


Home Economics
Arizona State University
Future Homemakers of America

The American University
Physical Fitness Club

Special Education
San Francisco State


Industrial Arts
Eastern Michigan University
S.A. Treasurer

University of Tennessee
Music Activities Sponsor



Algebra I-b, Geometry
Northeastern State College

Oklahoma City University

Columbia University
Mu Alpha Theta


Algbera I
University of Miami

Geometry, Algebra I
University of Alabama

Geometry, Intro. to analysiss
Arizona State ULniersity



Calculus, Intro. to Analysis, Algebra II
Brown University

Algebra II, Geometry
Colorado State College
Model Railroad Club



University of Oklahoma

Southern Methodist University
Science Club

Physics, Physical Science
New Mexico Highlands

Physical Science Survey, Intro. to Physical
University of Delaware

University of Arizona

Marshall University

Florida State University
S.A. Advisor

Physiology, Biology
Ohio State University

University of Southern Mississippi


English, Journalism
Stephen F. Austin
Zonian Sponsor

English III
University of North Carolina

English III-A, English IV
University of Colorado
Debate Club

University of New Mexico


English II
East Central State College

English II, III
Marquette University

English II
University of Wisconsin
Isthmian Inklings

English IV, IV-AA
University of Minnesota

University of Florida
Ticket Committee

English IV C, Journalism II
University of Missouri
Parakeet Sponsor

English II, English II Advanced
George Peabody College for Teachers

Drama, Speech, English III
University of Arizona
Drama Club, Thespians

English II
Indiana University

English IV, IV-B
Barber-Scotia College

English III, IV Spanish
University of Kansas

Denver University

Universidad de Buenos Aries

Spanish III, IV-S
State University of Iowa
Spanish Honor Society

Spanish III, IV, V
University of Madrid
Spanish Club

-r r~ S~1 ~ 1

French, English
University of Florida
French Club

Michigan State University
Showcase Club

Latin, U.S. History
University of Indiana
Latin Club

Spanish II, III
University of Ypsilanty


Typing I
Oklahoma Baptist

Typing I
Michigan State University
Future Business Leaders
of America

Shorthand I and II
The University of Texas
Austin, Texas
BBA and M.Ed.
Future Secretaries

J 2

- .. .*fe=="- -31C
mange -

Typing, General Business
University of Florida
Senior Class Sponsor

Florida State University
BH and MS

University of Missouri
at Kansas City
MA in Education







Physical Education
East Texas State

Physical Education
University of Iowa

Physical Education
State U. of Iowa
Varsity Club, Football
Basketball, Track

Physical Education
Murray State
Girls' Intramurals

Physical Education
Florida State University
G.A.A., Intramurals

Physical Education

Physical Education
Columbia University
Girls' Drill Team


United States History
Eastern Michigan University

World History
Oklahoma University

U.S. History, World History
University of Nebraska

U.S. History, World History
Memphis State University
Ham Radio Club

Geography, World History
University of Florida


American Institutions
Arizona State University

World History
Woman's College of Georgia

United States History
Boston University
S.A. Safety Committee

United States History
University of Minnesota
Jr. Class Sponsor

World History, American
San Jose State College
Intramural Sports

"You win one more game this year and ..."

"... and the log of 728 yields peace."









*1 .
ir' "*





Senior Princess Carole Collins Es-
corted by Russ Bowen.

Senior Princess Jeanne Chance Es-
corted by Bud Bouch6.

4' '

: zt,,ii \ ^ ^ ipg


... of the evening

Highlights ...

Queen Shirolyn Moffett and Escort Al Huish


Junior- enior



Cqtje e

Who says things go better with Coke?

Denise Little and Larry Hele dance
the Coronation Dance.

Marta Caropresso and Rudy Crespo
sing the theme song of the dance.



y iz

The "Maharajah" of the Senior Class.

Rockin' out with Ada and Jos6!!!

Maggie Baker, Chairman,
and Escort Duncan Laird.


a Jo6 7e)e/f) o2e

C/ass of '70/

11 i



,- 4.







, i

- 'I


~" .~;
I '
O 9s~

You did it!



Where's that good ole ROTC school spirit?!

Don't get so emotional, it's only a game!

SThe j swung wi e D d h !
The jamboree swung with the Dixieland band!! 45

Three royal smiles!

Football Queen
de Heart



Yea Team!!!

Junior Princess Yvette Burgoon escorted by Fred



Mike Kilgore
able Player.

receives the award for Most Valu-

Coach Mikulich presents the
awards to the lettermen.


Sophomore Princess Debra Hakanson escorted
by Mike Kilgore. 47





nd EsA

r 4i
A I'










5' ..fi:

Homecoming Court

Senior Princess Denise Little escorted by Jim

Queen Gladys lights the traditional
Homecoming bonfire.

How 'bout a ride?

Junior Princess Yvette Burgoon and escort Mike

I' -
-' jL L P

Bob Knick.

Princess Jane Tipton escorted by

Court leads the Homecoming Motorcade.


S.. and Motorcade

Proud BHS'ers ...

... work hard to make the Homecoming Motorcade a success!!


The rain, the hat, and other things! ?

Car 16714, where are you?

50 Burn the Devils!!!


Get Acquainted Dance

What do you mean T-O-N-T-O??


Boogaloo, Boogaloo-go man go!!

Get lost!!

S-jfA I/
BHS student gets zapped at Get Acquainted
Dance. 51

cToa s/na/i


zp iwl.



Princess- Jinie Souder
Escorted b) Mark Daiden

Princess Christina Bates
Escorted by Paul Buehler.

Princess Barbara Shea
Escorted by Ray Letourneau



61tepA/anie cSmil/

oscor/ec ,

Jose fJ'Ieocfna

-5, __


;1- ::=w -11 1 -

::.1 ,
";, "

Prin,: e: VY'elle Burg.:.:,n
Esc...rted bi Mikll C:mani.n




Surprised and thrilled,

Stephanie is crowned

Soodie Turner, chairman of the' formal
and Master of Ceremonies, Ed Wood.

Queen Stephanie and her escort,
lead Coronation Dance.

Can you guess how many napkins it took
to make this snowman??


Sadie Hawkins

Daisy Mae gits her man!

"Daisy Mae"
Sue Jackson

"Lil' Abner
Alec Livingston

Marryin' Sam done pronounced the vows.

A proud Dawgpatch couple!!!

-> /

Da dum tee dum!!


F- -'

There's one in every crowd!

Nothin' like a frowner to spoil the bunch!!

!El Mejor

Queen Maria Morales and escorts Phil Reitz and Jorge Dominguez.

Princess Debbie McGrath and escort
Diego de Obaldia.

Princess Alida de Obaldia and escort
Tomas Obarrio.

Princess Josephina Diaz and escort
Walter Young.

Carol Devaney wins the prize for the
best costume.

Carnival Dance

Princess Joanna Arias and escort Leopoldo

Princess Vicky

Mr. Willman congratulates Queen Maria.

Diaz and escort Carlos

Princess Anita Thompson and es-
cort Arturo Tapia.

i ;
7~` i,









c<'J, i

r ~



* ~-.*-~
* ~





1970 Track Queens

Helen Phillips

Chris Bates

Debra Forseth




r P-
r r





% I '





Mr. Thompson, Director of the Balboa High School Music Department.

The Balboa High School Music Department con-
sists of three sections: Band, Chorus, and Orchestra.
The fine performances given at the Christmas and
Spring Concerts show that many hard hours of
work and cooperation were put into this activity,
under the talented direction of Mr. B. K. Thompson.









I ..[ Ii ,.i' l i

BHS Drama Dept.


The Hobbit

The Hobbit steals some mutton, while the trolls
fight, unaware of his presence.

The killing of Smaug.

Dwallen escapes in a barrel.

The Queen of the Elves and her court
witness the killing of the dragon.

Lost in Mirkwood.

"All the world's a stage, and all

The Heiress

Stella Trembley and Lonny Johnston play lead roles.

Jilted Katherine weeps

My lines!! My lines!!

the men and women merely players; ..

Romanoff and Juliet

Because the Zonian's deadline fell before the production
of this play, only rehearsal pictures were available.

Rex Hollis and Teela Moffett are cast as Roman-
off and Juliet.

"Promise me one thing, don't say a word!!"


"Thank you for allowing me to share your taxi."

L-R: Melina Collins, Peter Brooks, Anita Woodard, Ellen Roys,
Leigh Scaggs, Dorothy Rendon.

Isthmian Inklings presents the literary work of the students of
Balboa High School. The staff, voted upon at the beginning of
the year, selects the best poems, short stories and essays turned
in by the students. They then compile them into a book which
is sold at the end of the year. Isthmian Inklings is also illustrated
by the students.

Sitting (l-r): Madeline Powell, Judy Ferguson, Gail Reckendorf. Standing
(l-r): Phil York, Becky Laracuente.




.. W--A A-







H h

Hey, cut that out Marge!!!


in Action

C'mon Gail, it couldn't be that bad!



Drill Team

Captain Co-Captain

First row, L-R: Cathy Hoyle, Didi Christianson, Carrie Osburn, Barbara Bonanno,
Martha Duncan, Pat Coleman, Patsy Mata, Debbie Hele, Cathy Alexander. Second
row, L-R: Rosemary Rhodes, Candy Lim, Cindy Dean, Maria Gonzalez, Joan Best,
Gladys Maymi, Nancy Murphy, Yvette Burgoon, Becky Witt, Kathy Fears. Top: Patsy

I -

BHS Majorette

Majorettes thrill audience with fire performance.




The Student Association is the general organiza-
tion for students in BHS. The S.A. sponsors clubs,
athletic events, class activities, dances and many
other events during the school year. The S.A. is
made up of over 1,100 members, 128 representa-
tives, and 5 officers.
This year the officers are Orlando Fil6s, Fred
Bremer, Mary Ann Tatman, Melva Osborne, and
Dalys Vargas. Advisors are Mr. J. L. Barry-
Sponsor, Mrs. F. K. Graham-Treasurer of Funds
and Mr. Tom Leavy-Faculty Advisor.


SECRETARIES: (1-r) Dalys Vargas, Melva Os-
borne and Financial Secretary, Mary Ann Tat-

Vice President--FRED BREMER

S.A. officers line-up.

Mr. Barry, S.A. sponsor, is always on hand to help
with student activities.

S.A. representatives, an important part of the organization, attend regular
bi-weekly meetings.

1969-1970 Parakeet Staff
APRIL DEDECKER-news editor
JULIA BIRCHER-features editor
NORMA SAN MIGUEL-copy editor
BARBARA MILLER-exchange editor
BARBARA TREADWELL-exchange editor
STEVE WILSON-sports reporter
ED HUSUM-cartoonist
MRS. KNAPP-advisor

Ellen Roys

Mrs. Knapp

Barbara Treadwell and Barbara Miller.

Norma San Miguel and Julia Bircher.

76 Andy Hiersch, Dan Piper, and Richard Woo.

Everybody reads The Parakeet!!

April Dedecker and Steve Wilson.

Lee Phillips, Marian Cutler, Ed Husum, and Elsa

Dee Dennerline, Charles Tobin, David Hutchinson.
and Iraida Icaza.

Mel Gamertsfelder.

1970 Zonian Staff

KAREN HUSUM-editor-in-chief
LINDA ADKINS-assistant editor
MIKE PERRY-senior class editor
MARY PANG-assistant
JAN FITTER-assistant
SUE RIDER-junior class editor A
DEBRA MOTTO-sophomore class editor
DENISE WEAVER-assistant -
NANCY BOYD-features editor
ANN MEDINGER-assistant
STEVE WILSON-boys' sports
EILEEN PIES-girls' sports Mr Leonard Talburt
EILEEN ROSE-assistant Mr. Leonard Talburt
LEIGH SCAGGS-faculty editor
ALICE OWENS-clubs editor
BERTA MEDINA-assistant
MARY ANN GRIMES-copy editor
CATHY WEBB-assistant
LARRY HELE-assistant
CHRIS BRYANT-assistant
VICKI SIZEMORE-advertising editor
YVONNE BTESH-business manager Karen Husum Linda Adkins
CARIE OSBURN-assistant
JACQUE HUNT-circulation manager
PATSY VOGEL-assistant ., .
DE LEWIS-art editor
CHARLES LAWSON-rotc editor
FRANCIS KERR-rote editor
TONY COGLIANDRO-photographer

Charles Lawson, De Lewis, Barbara Thompson, Tom Herron, Tom Goudie

Debra Motto, Denise ever
Debra Motto, Denise Weaver

The Zonian Staff at work?

Ann Medinger, Nancy Boyd

Rose, Steve Wilson, Jacque Hun


Tony Cogliandro

Celeste Muller, Carie Osburn, Patsy Vogel

Barbara Thompson, Colleen Michaels, Chris Bryant
Vicki Sizemore, Mary Ann Tatman,
Yvonne Btesh

Alice Owens, Berta Medina

t, Francis Kerr, Eileen Pies


Jan Farnsworth, Sue Rider, Melissa Butterfield, Vicki Atkinson, Leig

Mike Perry, Mary Pang, Mary Ann Nordstrom, Jan Fitter




___~ 6~, 15 N

I- 4

mm -- .




1st row: Denise Little, Fig Leber, Sue Gordon,
row: Karin Foscue, Ada Beechner, Lynn Biagi.

Claudia Hanbury. 2nd


".~ pr$ PllI

The mission of the Balboa High School Junior Reserve
Officer's Training Corps is to lay the foundations of in-
telligent citizenship and provide military training that will
be of value to the cadets should they enter the Armed
Forces. The ROTC helps inculcate individual habits of
orderliness, precision, respect for authority, patriotism, and
personal honor. The 1969-1970 school year has been the
22nd year of existence for the Balboa unit. For the past
21 years Balboa has been ranked in the top 10% of all
ROTC schools.


A Company

Company Commander

2 gein,,

B Company

Company Commander


C Company

Company Commander

I i ~ i

Eff aj -C~I`

D Company Commander

Band Company Commander

2 "- ~ b

Drill Team
Commanded by


1st row: Scott Collister. 2nd row: Robert Almstejld, Karin Foscue. 3rd
"I row: Ernest Van Horn, Francis Kerr, Jim Kunkel, Greg Gillis, Charles
Tobin, Raymond Miguez.




Above: Escorting Theresa
Wright is Francis Kerr.



Above: Accepting his reward
from Ada Beechner for beinb
commissioned is Scott Collis

Bel. -" Pnnrng ...t[li.:r' in-
sigrii ..-n J::e R..drig.uez J
ClajidI3 Hjnbury jnd iMai.r
Fish r.

* .




Below: Dancing are Major
Fisher and Wife.

I 7I
^-. "








Claudia Hanbury leading the flag detail,

The ROTC Rifle Team in action.



Fl"''i" iM!



The ROTC cadets attend a one day course-Airborne
Orientation-which familiarizes them with training and in-
struction in the art of parachuting.
In like manner the Jungle Operations Training Course is
to orient the cadets with the type of training that is re-
quired for jungle living and tactics in contrast to normal
conditions. The cadets undergo intense physical training
before they are permitted to attend the course at Fort
Sherman. For four consecutive weekends the cadets travel
to Fort Sherman and participate in a condensed version
of the course the Army goes through.


- I\

, .. I

g: ~
:% : ""
~::. :

rPS~J --5,


-~ .~


o... . :
.. .

4- .
r /1 ," ^ ^ f .

/" /r


A" j

I'.i .
--- h

' ,I

' "et"*




.7 --~ '


- ~B7~-:~-ij


n ii qf
r .m m _-w-

-"V *








James Kunkel
Vice Rresident

Lillian Watkins

Philip Reitz

:-- :

- .



r ic

Senior Class Reception

Sponsors monopolize punchbowl.

A reception headache!

Sorry sir, you have to be a senior ...

Senior Expressions





A show of senior spirit.

Meditating ...

Senior boys working out.

Looking for your lunch?

The girls AGAINST ...

Mr. Williams dishes out orders.

3 bumps on a log???

Leave my ball alone!!

Flower Power?

... the boys

Stage Fright

"The Real McCoys"

The End

The Celebrated Pillowcase Dance

Gladys Ailant

KRISTIE LOUISE ACKERMAN-June 26, 1952, Tokyo, Japan.
Drama Club 3, 4. Folksingers Club 4. Concert Choir 3. S.A.
Rep. 4. National Honor Society 3, 4.
RICARDO A. ACRICH-August 28, 1951, Panama, Rep. de P.
PAUL M. AHNERT-November 22, 1952, San Bernadino, Calif.
GLADYS AILANT-February 3, 1951, Ancon, Canal Zone.
CAROL ANN ALEXANDER--(Alex) Birtonwood, England.
S.A. Rep. 3. Head, Songleader 3. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. G.A.A.
1, 2, 3, 4. Drama Club 4. Trackettes 2, 3. Chorus 2, 3.
San Juan, Puerto Rico. Drama Club 2, 3, 4. Drill Team 4.
Chorus 1, 2, 3.
CHRISTI ANN ALLEN-January. 30, 1952, Baltimore, Md.
Intramurals, Basketball and Bowling 2, 3. Latin Club- 3, 4.
Office Asst. 4. Comms. for Homecoming, Christmas Formal,
Jr. Sr. Prom 4. Hr. Rep. 4.
BONNER ALLISON-March 15, 1952, R.P., Panama.

Carol Alexander

Cathy Alexander

Christi Allen

Bonner Allison

ROBERT MERRITT ALMSTEAD-Nov. 29, 1951, Fort Clay-
ton, C. Z. Drama 1-4. N.H.S. 3, 4. National Thespian Soc. 3, 4.
R.O.A. 2, 3, 4. R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4. Debate 4. S.A. Rep. 1-4.
FRANK ANDERSON--(Adrian) Feb. 1, 1952, New Cristobal,
C.Z. J.V. Football 1. Track 1, 2. V. Football 3. J.V. Baseball 1.
ROSS ANDREWS-Jan. 28, 1951, Upland, California.
BRENDA KAY ANDRECHT-Sept. 4, 1952, Shreveport, La.
Intramurals 2, 3, 4. F.S.A. 4. F.B.L.A. 4.

ALISON ANNIS-October 9, 1952, Lawrence, Kansas. Band 2,
3, 4. F.T.A. 2, 3, 4. Spanish 3, 4.
STEPHEN ASKEW-October 30, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone.
DAVID DALE ASH, JR.-June 26, 1952, Akron, Ohio. Folk-
singers 4. Organ. 3, 4. Drama 4. Debate 4.
IDA MARIA AROSEMENA-(Ida) Oct. 7, 1951, Panama, Rep.
de P. Spanish Club 2, 4. Showcase Club 4.

Brenda Andrecht

Alison Annis

Ida Arosemena

Stephen Askew David Ash

Vicki Atkinson

Steve Baldwin

VICKI MARIE ATKINSON-November 15, 1951, Preston,
Idaho. Math Club 1, 2. F.T.A. 1. Intra. Volleyball 2.
ALICIA AZRAK-February 13, 1952, Panama. French Club,
V. Pres. 3, 2, 4. F.B.L.A., V. Pres. 4, 2, 3. Spanish Club 2,
3, 4. Homeroom Representative 3. Showcase Club 4. F.H.A.
4. Bowling Intra. 3.
BETH ANN BAGLIEN-June 9, 1952, Crosby, North Dakota.
F.T.A. 3, 4, 2. Spanish Club 3, 4. National Honor Society 3, 4.
Band 1, 2, 3, 4.
STEVEN VAN BALDWIN-August 14, 1951, Ogden, Utah.
Football 1, 2. Swimming 1, 2, 3.

LAURA LEE BAILEY-April 9, 1952, Rapid City, South Da-
kota. F.H.A. 1. Pep Club 1.
BRYAN K. BALL-June 7, 1952, Portsmouth, Virginia.
LARRY H. BARKEMA-September 24, 1952, Ancon, Canal
Zone. R.O.A. 2, 3, 4.
PAUL BARKOWITZ-April 14, 1952, Charleston, South Caro-
lina. Chess Club 2. Photo Club 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4. Math
Club 2, 3. Science Club 2, 3. Publicity Comm. 3.

Laura Bailey

Bryan Ball Larry Barkema Paul Barkowitz

Alicia Azrak

Ada Beechner Paul Behrens

ADA BEECHNER-November 13, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone.
S.A. Sec. 1, 2. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Science Club 3, 4.
Majorette 2, 3. "A" Co. Sponsor 4.
PAUL J. BEHRENS-February 7, 1952, San Francisco, Cali-
fornia. Tennis 2, 3, 4. R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4. J.O.T.C. 4.
JOHN COLEMAN BEIGHTLER-May 14, 1952, Orange, Texas.
Track 1, 4. Drama Club 1. N.H.S. 4.
REID McMILLIAN BEIGHTLER-May 14, 1952, Orange, Tex-
as. National Honor Soc. 3, 4. Spanish Honor Soc. 3. Safety
Comm. 3.
BENIGNA BENNETT-(Beni) October 30, 1938, R. de Pana-

PAMELA JEANNE BIRCH-December 4, 1952, West Palm
Beach, Florida. Homeroom Rep. 1. Sadie Hawkins Comm. 2.
F.N.A. 3. Folksingers Club 3. F.H.A. 4. G.A.A. 3,4.
LYN MARIE BIAGI-January 17, 1952, Burtonwood, England.
G.A.A. 1. Homeroom Rep. 1, 2. Yearbook Staff 1, 2. Spanish
Club 1. Debate Club 2. Pep Club 2, 4. R.O.T.C. Sponsor 4.
Organ Guild 3.
WAYNE G. BERKLEY-May 25, 1951, Ottawa Ontario, Can-
ada. Homeroom Rep. 3. Basketball 1. Rifle Club 2.

Reid Beightler

Benny Bennett

Wayne Berkley

Pam Birch

Lynn Biagi

Jan Bohon Estel Bolado

L i o
Loretta Bonvissuto
" r

Victor Bosch
A_ "

Craig Boatwright
Craig Boatwright

CRAIG EUGENE BOATWRIGHT-December 9, 1951, Visalia,
California. Football 1. Baseball 1. Annual Staff 2. Cross Coun-
try 3. Wrestling 3. Track 3. Football 4.
MARIA ESTEL BOLADO-July 12, 1952, Anchorage, Alaska.
Home Ec. Club 2, 3. G.A.A. 3, 4. Drama Club 3, 4. Photo
Club 4. F.T.A. 4.
JAN PETER BOLTON-February 21, 1952, Guam.
Honolulu, Hawaii.
VICTOR BOSCH-May 2, 1951, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Track
1. Basketball 4.
MARK BOZMAN-December 25, 1951, Omaha, Nebraska.
CHARLENE BOWEN-November 8, 1951, Ancon, Canal Zone.
S.A. Representative 1.
NANCY BOYD-April 19, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone. S.A. Rep.
2, 4. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Zonian Staff, Clubs Editor 3, Fea-
tures Editor 4. Quill and Scroll 3, 4. Christmas Formal Comm.
3. Homecoming Comm. 4. Spring Formal Comm. 4. Intramurals
4. Library Asst. 4. Senior Reception 4.

Charlene Bowen

Mark Bozman

PETER BROOKS-August 16, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone. De-
bate Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4. Spanish Club 3, 4. Science Club
3, 4. Humanities Club 2, 3, 4. N.H.S. 3, 4. Spanish Honor So-
ciety 3, 4. N.H.S.B.H.S. 3, 4. Isthmian Inklings 3, 4.
BRIAN R. BROWN-July 5, 1952, Richmond, Virginia. J.V.
Football 2. V. Football 3, 4.
CHRISTOPHER A. BRYANT-December 21, 1952, Yokohama,
Japan. Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Folksingers Club 4. Zonian Staff,
Index Asst. 4.
GLENN PATRICK BURDICK-October 5, 1950, Ancon, Canal
Zone. Baseball 2, 3, 4. R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4.
YVONNE BTESH-March 24, 1952, Brooklyn, New York.
F.B.L.A. 2- 3, 4. French Club 2, 3. Humanities Club 3, 4.
N.H.S. 3, 4. Zonian Staff, Business Manager 4. Spanish Club 4.
2, 3. Drama Club 1, 2, V. Pres. 3. Science Club 3. Humanities
Club 3. Swimming Team 2, 3. Girls' Drill Team 3. G.A.A. 2, 3.
S.A. V. Pres. 3. Spanish Honor Society 3. B.H.S.N.H.S. 3.
ELIZABETH ALICE CALTHIRST-(Liz) April 9, 1951, Pana-
ma. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Library Club 3, 4. F.S.A. 4. Humani-
ties Club 4.
MARTA I. CAROPRESSO-(Marty) August 21, 1952, R.P.,
Panama. F.H.A. Treasurer 2, Pres. 3, Historian 4. F.N.C. 2,
V.-Pres. 3, Pres. 4. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Folksingers Club, V.
Pres. 4.

Glenn Burdick

Yvonne Btesh

Elizabeth Calthirst Maggie Baker

Marta Caropresso

Stephen Cartotto

Roland Ceniceros

ELLEN LYNN CARPENTER-February 21, 1952, Ancon, Canal
Zone. F.M.A. 2, 3. F.N.A. 2. F.S.A. 4. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4.
MARC ADRIAN CARTER-January 19, 1952, Kansas City,
STEPHEN ANTONY CARTOTTO-December 19, 1951, Ancon,
Canal Zone.
ROLAND MARC CENICEROS-December 9, 1952, Panama.
SARA PAULINE CHAVEZ-(Sarita) March 24, 1952, Rep.
Panama. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Student Asst. 3, 4. F.B.L.A. 4.
SANDY CHESSON-February 26, 1952, Norfolk, Virginia.
STEPHEN J. KRISA-August 26, 1952, Newport News, Vir-
BONNIE COBB-October 22, 1950, Gorgas, Canal Zone. Bas-
ketball 4. Softball 4.

Sara Chavez

Marc Carter

Ellen Carpenter

Sue Colbert Cathy Cogliandro

Scott Collister

CATHERINE S. COGLIANDRO-(Cathy) January 15, 1952,
Kyoto, Japan. Art Club 1. Drama Club 1, 3, 4. Science Club
2, 3, 4. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4.
SUSAN EILEEN COLBERT-April 8, 1952, San Antonio,
Texas. G.A.A. 1, 2, 4. Pep Club 1. Spanish Club 1. F.H.A. 2.
F.T.A. 4. F.B.L.A. 4. Latin Club 4.
SCOTT WAYNE COLLISTER-September 13, 1952, Boise, Ida-
ho. R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 2, 3, 4. R.O.T.S. Color Guard 3. Folk-
singers Club 2.
KEVIN FLOYD COMPTON-(Happy) July 11, 1952, Enid,
Oklahoma. Folksingers Club 3, 4.
JESSIE LYNN COOKSON-May 3, 1952, Ft. Clayton, C. Z.
G.A.A. 3. Showcase Club 3. Folksingers Club 3. Secretarial
Club 3. Student Asst. 3. Homecoming Comm. 3.
LUPE ANITA COTA-December 29, 1951, Savannah, Georgia.
Drama Club 4. Spanish Club 4. Class Secretary 1. Band 1.
C.S.F. 1. Math Club 2. Homeroom Rep. 2. Honor Society 4.
BRADFORD ALAN COX-January 18, 1952, Stuttgart, Ger-
CYNTHIA DIANE COX-March 16, 1952, San Diego, Califor-

Jessie Cookson
_ .

Cynthia Cox

Lupe Cota

Houston Craddock

Rudy Crespo

Danny Cretaro

GEORGE HOUSTON CRADDOCK-January 17, 1952, Mem-
phis, Tennessee. Football 1, 2. Baseball 1, 2, 4.
RUDOLF L. CRESPO-(Rudy) November 5, 1952, Coco Solo,
Canal Zone. Homeroom Rep. 2, 3. Concert Choir 3, 4. Drama
Club 2, 3, 4. National Thespians 2, 3, 4. Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.
3. Homecoming Game Comm. 4. Folksingers Club 4.
DANIEL CRETARO-September 24, 1952, Fort Dix, New
Jersey. French Club 1, 2. Math Club 1.
JACQUELYNN ALLEN CROWELL-(Jacque) April 30, 1952,
Ancon, Canal Zone. G.A.A. 2. Basketball 2, 3. Volleyball 2, 3.
ANGEL CRUZ-December 19, 1952, Santurce, Puerto Rico.
STEPHEN J. DAILY-(Steve) March 10, 1952, Greencastle,
Indiana. Science Club 2. S.A. Rep. 2. German Club 3.
STEPHANIE DeHEART--(Stevie) March 18, 1952, Illinois.
GARY DALTON-August 13, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone.

Jackie Crowell
Jackie Crowell

Angel Cruz

Stephanie De Heart

Gary Dalton

Steve Daily

Diego De Obaldia

Arthur Dealy

KEVIN F. DAY-(Kev) June 23, 1952, Fort Knox, Kentucky.
Football 1. Athletic Boosters Club 1. Chess Club 2. Class Presi-
dent 3. S.A. Rep. 4.
CLIFTON L. DAY JR.-(Pepe) April 24, 1950, Ft. Clayton,
C. Z. Soccer 1. Football 1. Softball 1. R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4. Drill
Team 3, 4. Chess Club 4.
DIEGO DE OBALDIA-December 16, 1952, Panama. Spanish
Club 3. Science Club 2, 3, 4. Photo Club 3.
ARTHUR DAVID DEALY-April 24, 1952, Anchorage, Alaska.

ALLEN W. DEAN-December 20, 1950, Ft. Clayton. Track
Team 1. Soccer 1. Football 1. Drill Team 2, 3, 4. Chess Club 4.
DEE DENNERLINE-August 3, 1952, Frankfort, Germany.
VICTORIA I. DIAZ-Oct. 3, 1952, Panama. French Club 2.
Library Asst. 4.
PATRICK ARNOLD DILLON-October 6, 1952, Ancon, C. Z.
J.V. Baseball 3. H.R. Rep. 4.

Allen Dean

Dee Dennerline

Clifton Day

Kevin Day

Vickie Diaz

Full Text


,.. ::ti ..,. !l ,.... (l) "t 'I) .. f t .. -::s l' (!) ""f (J


Published by the BHS Journalism Department J ... THE : ;. ... ,;" f 69-70 r -. J ZONIAN Volume 61 ti10*-, IS' =c Sketch By Mike Noriega Cover by DeForest Lewis


4 Feel the World round You And Ask Why


We Are Living and We Are Life


Ellen finall y br e ak s down and c ra c k s a s mil e The D a lboa Hillbilities. W o m a n pow e r! 12 C o m e get I n e, I Jare y o u."


D o u ble e xpo sure? Th e end of th e day. 5 th p eriod J o urnali s m Cla ss. P a t ca u g ht unaware s . /3


16 Superintendent's Staff Coordinates Activities for U.S. Schools From left to right: MR. ROSS ANDERSO N Supe r v i sor, Ph y s i c a l Education a nd Athle t i cs, U.S. S c h o o l s DR. KENNETH LAKE. Director of Curri c ulum MR. STEWA RT BROWN Supervi s or Swimming P ools and Sa f e t y DR. CHARLES LATIMER D e put y S up erint e ndent of S c hools MR. J AMES COOK Sup e r v isor o f In s tru c t ion, U.s. Secondary S c h oo l s MR. GEORGE WILLINGHAM Superv i sor o f In s tru ct i o n U .S. Seco nd ary Sc hool s MR. F. A. CASTLE S S up e r int e nd e nt of Schoo l s (sea t ed) MR. VERNON CAT U RI A S u pe r v i

17 Mr. Clyde A. Willman Principal Mr. John C. Knick Assistant Principal


Office Activity 18 MRS. KENDELL M ISS LUQUE


MRS. BRULAND C lini c Library and Clinic M ISS RIDER Librar y 19




School Custodians First row: S. 'Anderson, R. Hunt F. Panagua, R. L evy, Se cond row: P. Garipaldo, P. B e l3ft co unt, Ford Ram es S. Hawkins, A cos ta, P erez, Bune, Lim enz. STANLEY HAWKINS H ea d Custod i a n 21


22 MR. J. KELLER HEARD M ec hanical Drawing Texas A&M M.Ed. Ph o t o Club MR. JOHN R. DEKLE Art Fl o rida State U ni versity MA MR. WILLIAM BRAI STED Drafting Mac hin e Shop, Woodshop Ea s tern Michigan University MA Vocational MRS. PAMELA CLARK Home Eco n omics Our Lady of the Lake College M.Ed. Counseling F.R.A. Assista nt Spon s or MR. CARROL F. ANDERSON Woodshop Kan sas Sta t e Teachers BS Scene r y Con s tru ctio n


Department MRS. VIRGINIA NORTON H o m e E co nomi cs Ariz o na State Univ e r s ity MA Futur e H o m e m a k e r s of Amer i ca MR. TOM J. LEAVY Industrial Arts E as t ern Mi c hi g an Univers ity MA S .A. Tre a surer MRS. WINIfRED A. Spe c ial Educatio n S a n Fran c isco Stat e MA Cheerleade r s DEAVER MR. ALWYN SPRAGUE Art II III IV The American Unive r sity MA Physical fitness Club M i t BEHT K. THOMPSON Mu s i c Un i ve r s i t y o f T e nn essee MS Mu s i c A c tivitie s Spon s or 23


24 MR. ROBERT REEVES A lgebra MR. LARRY MILAM Math Oklahoma City Univers it y MA Math MR. JAMES THOMAS AMES Algebra I b, Geometry Northeas t ern State College M.A.T. MRS. FRANCES K. GRAHAM Geometry Co lumbi a Univer s ity MA Mu A lph a Th e ta


Department MR. SAMUEL OGNIBENE Algbera I University of M iami M.Ed. MR. GORDON SMALL Calculu s Intro. to Analysis, Algebra II Brown Univers it y MA MR. LESTER HUTCHINSON Geometry Intr a. to Ana l ysis Arizona State University MA MISS JO ANN CARR Geometr y, Al gebra I University of A labama MA F.T.A. MR. D. W. COLLVER Al gebra II Geometry C o l orado State Colle g e MA Mode l Rail road C lub 25


26 MR. PAUL GOUDIE Bio l ogy University of Oklahoma MS N.H.S.B.H.S. -Sponsor MR. RAYMON D DAVI D S O N Physi cs, Ph ys i cal Sci e n ce Survey New Mexico Hig hland s Universit y MS Science Department MRS. L 'DORA M. TAYLOR Biology Southern Methodist University M.Ed. S cience C lub MR. DONALD OSMUN Ph ys ical S c i e nc e Survey In t ro. to P hysi ca l S c i e n ce Univer sity o f D e l aware MA


MR. WILLIAM HANSHAW Biology University of Arizona MS MR. JOSEPH L. BARRY Chemi stry F l orida State University MS S.A. Advisor MRS. KATHARINE ADAMS Physi o l ogy, B i o l ogy Ohio State University MS F.N.A. MR. FRANCIS MARTIN Bi o l ogy MR. THOMAS COOK Che mi stry Marshall University MA U n i versi t y of Soulhern Mississippi M.Ed. 27


28 MR. LEONARD B. TALBURT Eng l ish J ourna li s m Stephen F Aus tin MA Zonian Sponsor MRS. JANICE LOMMEN Eng lish III.A, English IV Univers it y of Col orado MA Debate Club Language M RS. VERONICA HENSLEY Englis h III Univers it y of North Caro lin a BA MR. GEORGE H BACA E n glish Univers it y of New M ex i co MA Huma nit ies


D epartment MR. FRANK BASINGER E n glis h II East Centr a l St a t e Coll eg e M.Ed MISS SYDNEY TOWNSEND Englis h II Univ e r s it y o f Wi sco n s in MS Isthmian Inkli ngs MRS. KAY GAJEWSKI En glis h II, III M arq u ette U niver s it y BA MR. ROBERT AMES Englis h IV IV AA U ni v e r s it y o f Minn eso t a MA N.H.S. 2 9


30 MRS. MARY KNAPP Englis h IV C, Journali s m II Univer s it y of Missouri MA Parakeet Sponsor MISS HAZEL P MATTHEWS English II Englis h II Advanced Geo r ge P e abod y Colleg e for T eac hers MA MR. EDWARD A. McFARLAND Reading Un i vers it y of Florida M.Ed. Ti c ket Committ ee MRS. JANE GRUVER Drama, Speec h E n g l ish III Univers it y of Ar i zona MA Drama Club Thes pians


MRS. MOLLIE GRAHAM En glis h IV IV-B B arb er-Sco tia Coll eg e BA MRS PATRICI A WHITE En glis h III, I V Unive r sity o f K a n s a s BS MRS. CAROLYN BARTON E n glis h II I ndi a na Uni ve r s it y M.A.T. MR. RAMIREZ S p a ni s h 31


32 MR. CARLOS A. V AZ, JR. Spa ni s h Den ve r University M.Ed. MISS BEATRIZ F. Pf:REZ Spanish III IV-S Slate Univer s it y of Iowa MA Spanish Honor Society MRS. ELVIRA GUARDIA de O'CALLAGHA Spanish Universidad de Buenos Aries MA DR. MARCELA C de DfAZ Spani s h III IV, V Univer sity of Madrid Ph.D. Spani s h C lub


MRS. SHIRLEY H HASELDEN Fre n c h English Un i vers it y of Florid a MA French C lub MRS. VERA PERRY Latin U.S. Hi story Univers ity of Indi a n a MS Latin Club MRS. UClA E. DE ARMAS Spanis h Mi c hi gan S t ate Un i v e r s ity MA Showc ase Club MRS. CONNIE CAPPON Spanish II, III Un i versity of Ypsilanly MA 33


MRS. ZaN ELL WEBSTER Typin g I Oklahom a Baptist Universi t y BS MISS SUE M. RICHARDSON T y pin g I Mic hi ga n Sta t e University MA Futur e B u si n ess L ea d ers of America MRS. VIVIAN DE LA MATER S h ort h a nd I and II Th e Un i versity of Texa s Aus t i n T exas BBA a n d M.E d Future Secretaries Associa tio n 34 Business MR. HENRY WILLIAMS, JR. Typin g, Ge n era l Business University of F l orida M.Ed. Senior C l ass Sponsor MRS. KATHERINE MURPHY T yping Florida State U ni vers ity BH and MS F.B.L.A. MRS. BETTY ANNIS Bookk eeping Univer s it y of Mi sso uri at Ka n sas C i t y MA i n Educat i o n




. .:.." .... ". to .. . .. ''''''' '. p'''' 36 MR. CECIL HERBERT RAYBOURN Ph ysica l Education East Texas State MS MR. CLEVE OLIVER Physical Education State U. of I owa MS Var si t y C lub Football Basketball, Track MR. WALTER M MIKULICH Physical Education U niv ers it y o f Iow a MS Lettermans P


E. MISS JULIA HARDIN Ph ysica l Edu ca tion Florida State U ni versity MS G.A .A., Intr a mur a l s MRS. BETfY DAHN Ph ys ica l Educ ation Murray State University BS Girl s' Intr amura l s MRS. FULTON Phy s ica l Edu ca ti o n MRS. CLD' IENTIN E E. YOUNG Phy a i c a l Education Columbi a U niver sity Girls' Drill T e a m 3 7


38 MR. RONALD CAPPON United S iai es History Eastern Michigan University MA MR. EVERETI HOLM GRAIN U .S. History, World History Uni versity of Nebraska Ed.D. MR. ELKI N H. THOMPSON U.S. History World History Memphis State University MA Ham Radio Club MRS. LOREE WILKERSON Geography World History Univer sity of Florida MA History MR. RODOLFO J. VIDAURRI World His tor y Oklahoma University MA


Department MR. EDWARD W. HATCHETT, JR. Am erican In s titution s Arizona State Univer s it y ME MR. FRAN K GATELY Un ited St a t es Hi s t o r y Bos ton U n iv e r s it y MA S.A. S a f e t y C o mmitt ee MRS. PATRICI A VAN EVERA Unit e d States History Univer sity of Minneso t a MA Jr. C l a ss Spon sor MR. JOE A. NORTON W orld His t ory, Ameri can In s tituti o n s S a n J ose S l a t e C ollege MA Intramural Sport s MRS. DOROTHY KINGERY Wo rl d Hi s to r y Woma n s C ollege of G e or g ia M.Ed. 39


"Yo u w in one more game thi s year a nd .. and the log of 728 yields peace." 40


Senio r Prin cess Caro l e Collins EsI corted by Ru ss Bowen. H ighl i g ht s Y(eigns Quee n Shi r olyn l''I'l offe u and E sco rt Al Hui sh 1969 Junior,..,c5enior YJrom S enio r Prin c ess J ean n e Chance E s c o rted by Bud Bou c he. .. of the eveni ng


Who says things go b etter with Coke? Marta Caropr esso and Rudy Crespo Deni s e Littlc : md Larr y H ele da n cc sing the theme so ng of the danc e. the Coronation Dance. The Maharajah" o f the Senior Class, Rockin ou t with Ada and Jose!!! l "7e gmpossible rzJream )) a JOb Well/lJ one bj /b'e Glass 0/ '70/ Maggie B aker, Chairma n and E sco r t Duncan Laird. 43


You did it!! Jamboree Reactions Thr ee royal smiles! Where's that good o l e ROTC school sp irit ?! Don't get so emot i onal, i t 's o nl y a game Th e jambore e s wung with the Dixi e land band! 45


46 Football Queen Stevie de Heart


Juni or Princess Yvett e Burgoon escorted by Fre d Br e m er. Mike Kil gore re ceives the award for Most Valu able Player. Coach Mikuli c h prese nt s th e awards to th e l e tterm en. Y ea Team!!! Football Dance Sop h omore Prin cess D e hra Hakanson esco rted by Mik e Kilgor e 47




Homecoming Court Senior Princ ess D e n ise Littl e escort e d b y Jim Kunk el. How bout a rid e? .Junio r Prin c e s s Yvett e Burgoon and escort Mike Coman. C o urt l e ad s th e H o m eco min g M o t o r ca de. Queen G l a dys lights t h e tra d iti o na l H o m eco min g bonfir e Sopho m ore P rincess Jan e Tip t on escorte d b y B ob Kni ck. 49


and Motorcade Proud BHS'ers ... .. work h a rd to make th e H omecoming M o t o r ca d e a s ucc ess!! Th e rain, the hat and other things! ? 50 Burn the Devi l s ! Car 16714, where arc you?


What do you mean TONTO?? Boogaloo Boogaloo-go man go! No, I don'!. Get Acquainted Dance OOMPHF!!! Get lost!! Hey baby the y'r e p I n yin' o ur song. BHS s tud ent g e ts zapp e d a l Get A c qua int ed Dan c e 51


Prin cess Chris tina Bates Escorted b y Pau l Buehle r G.hris/mas YormaJ Queen cSlephanie cSm11h 0scorled b y Jose !Jl{echn a Princess Barbara Shea E scort e d by Ray Let o urneau


Z>reaminy 0/ a Wtie Chris/mas Queen Step h anie and her escort l ead Coronat i on Dance. Saodie Turn er, chai r man of the' formal and Master of Ceremonies, Ed Wood. Surprised and thrill ed, Steph anie i s crowned queen. Can yOIL guess h ow m any napkins it took to mak e thi s s nowman?? 53


54 "Daisy Mae Sue Jackson Sadie Hawkins Dance "Lil' Abner Alec Livingston D a i sy Mae gits h e r man!


l H a r ryi n Sam don e pro n ou n ced t h e vows. A proud Dawgp a t c h co uple! ! / Da dum t ee dum! We done went and got hit c h ed! There's o n e in cvcry c r o wd! Nothiu' lik e a fruwne r t o spoil t h e Lunch!! 55


Q u een M a r i a M o r a l es a n d e scort s Phil R e it z a n d J orge D o min g uez. EI Mejor Carnaval!


Prin cess A lid a d e Obaldia a nd escort T o m as Obarrio Carol D evaney win s the prize for th e best costu m e Carnival Dance Prin ccss J osc phin a Diaz and esco rt Me. Willman con g ratulat es Quee n M aria. Walt e r Y o ung. Prin cess Joann a Arin s a nd esco rt L eopol d o Alf aro Princess Vicky Diaz a nd escor t Ca rlo s Navar ro. Prin cess Anila Th ompso n a n d corl Art ur o T a pia. 57


1970 Track Queens Helen Phillips Chris Bates Sophomore Junior Debra Forseth Senior




b2 Mr. Thompson, Dir ec t o r o f the Balboa Hig h School Mus i c D epa r tment. Th e Balboa Hig h School Music Dep a rtm ent con s i s t s o f th r ee sect i o ns: Band Chorus, and Orchestra. The fin e perfor ma nces g iven a t the Chris tm as and Sp ri n g Concer t s s how that many hard hou rs o f work a nd coopera tion wer e put inLo t h i s act i vity, u nder the t a l en t e d direct i on of Mr. B. K Thompso n. C HORU S Music Department OR C HE ST RA llA N O


Performs Chorus at Christmas Concert 63






bb BHS Drama Dept Presents : D wallen escapes in a barr el. L o s t i n M ir kwood The Hobbit The Quee n of th e E lves a n d her cou rt witn ess t h e k illin g of th e dragon. "All the world's a stage, and all


The Heiress Stella Tremb l e y and Lonny J o hnston play lead roles. Jilt ed K a th e rin e weeps My lines!! My lin e s !! the men and women merely playerl;; 67


R ex H ollis a nd Teel a Moffe tt a r e cas t as R o m anoff and J u liel. "Pr omise me cme thing, don't say a w o rd!!" 68 Romanoff and Juliet B ecause th e Zonian 's deadline fell b efore th e product io n of thi s pl ay, o nl y r ehearsa l pictures w ere avai lable. "Th ank you for allowing m e to s h are y o ur taxi."


L R: M eli na Collins, P ete r Brooks, Anita Woodard Ellen Roys, Leigh Scaggs, Dorothy R endo n I s thmian Inklin gs prese nt s the literary work of the s tud ents of B a lboa Hig h School. The staff, voted up on at the begi n nin g of s t h m a n the year, se l ects the best poems, shor t s tories and essays turned n in by the students. They th e n compile th em into a book which is sold at th e en d o f th e year. I s thmian Inkli ngs is also illu strated hy the s tud e n ts k Silting (l.r): Madeline Powe ll, Judy Ferguson, Gai l Reckcndorf. Standing {l-r}: P hil York, Becky Laracu en te. n g s 69


D A I S Y IOANDLE-Junio r 70 B H S GAIL JOHNSO N -Junio r C h e e r e a d e r s PATIY WALLACE-Juni o r Co-C a ptain MARGIE ENGELKE-S e n;o, Captain


Hey, cut that Marg e ! You'd better s hut your eyestha t 's the boys' locke r room!!! Cheerleaders in Action


72 Girl's Drill Team PATSY VOGEL Captain BECKY W ITT Co-Cap t ain Fir s t r ow, L R : Cathy Ho y le, Didi Christianson, Carri e Osburn, Barbara Bonanno, Marth a Duncan, Pat Coleman, Pats y Mata, D ebbie H e le, Cathy Alexa n der. Second TOW, L-R: R osemary Rh odes, Candy Lim Cindy Dean, Maria COnZalf'7., Joan Best, Gladys Maymi, Nancy Murphy, Yvette Burgoon, Becky W itt, Kathy Fears. Top: Patsy Vog e l.


f BHS Majorette Maj o r e ll es thrill audi e n ce with fir e p e rforman ce. J UDY FERGU S O N Juni o r 73


Presid!. mt ORLANDO F ILOS Vit e Pr c sidCnIFRED BREMER 74 Student Association The St udent Association i s the g enera l org a ni za. tion for s tud e nt s in BHS. The S.A spo n sors clubs, athlet i c even t s class ac tivit ies dances and m any other eve nt s dur in g the schoo l year. Th e S.A. is mad e up of over 1 100 member s, 1 28 representa t ives, and 5 officers Thi s yea r th e off i cers are Orl a nd o F il os Fred Brem e r Mar y Ann Talman Melva Osborne an d Dalys Vargas. Advisors are Mr. J L. BarrySpon sor, Mrs. F. K. Graham-Treas urer of Funds and Mr. Tom Leavy-Faculty Adv i sor. SECRE TARI ES: (Ir) Daly s Vllrga s M clva Os b ornc and Finan c i : d Secr e tary, Mary Ann Tal


S.A. o ffi ce r s l ineup. Mr. Barry, S.A. sponso r i s always on hand t o h e lp with student activi ti es. S.A. r e p r esentatives, an important part of th e o rganizati o n, a tl c nd r eg ul a r biw ce kly me e tin gs. 75


76 1969-1970 Parakeet Staff ELLEN ROYS-editor APRIL DEDECKER-news editor JULIA BIRCHERfeatures edi t o r NORMA SAN MIGUEL-copy e dit or BARBARA MILLER-exc h ange edit o r BARBARA TREADWEL L-exchange editor MEL GAMERTSFELDER t y pist STEVE WILSON-spo rts repor t e r ED HUSUM-cartoonist MRS. KNAPP-advi s or report ers : M A R IAN CUTLE R DEE DENNERLINE ELSA FIFER DAVID HUTCHINSON IRAIDA ICAZA LEE PHILLIPS DAN PIPER CHARLES TOBIN SUE McKEON HOPERUIZ DAN PIPER ANDY HI ERSCH RICHARD WOO B a rbar a Treadw e ll and Barbara Miller Andy Hi e r sc h Dan Pip e r and R ichar d Woo. Ell e n Roys Mrs. Knapp Norma San Mig u e l and Julin Birc h er.


Lee Phillip s Marian Cutl er, Ed Hu sum, and El sa Fifer. M e l Gamertsfelder Everybody reads The Parakeet!! April Dedecker and Steve Wilson. Dee D enner line, Charles Tobin. David Hut chinson and Ir aida Icaza. 77


1970 Zonian Staff KARE N HUSUM-e ditorinchi e l LI NDA ADKINS-assistant editor MIKE PERRY-senior clas s edil or MARY PANG-assistant MARY ANN NORDSTROM-assi s l ant JA N F ITTER-assi s t a nt SUE RIDER-junior class edi l o r JAN FARNSWORTH-assi s tant DEBRA MOTTO-soph omore c l ass editor DE N ISE WEAVER assistant NANCY BOYD-leatures editor AN MEDINGER-assi,ta nt STEVE WILSON-boys' spor t s E I LEEN P IES-girl,' s port s E I LEEN ROSEassi s tant LEIGH SCAGGS-fac ult y e dit or VICKI ATKI SO '-assist ant ALICE OWENS-club s edi tor BERTA iYIEDlNA-assi s tant MARY ANN GRIMES-copy edi t or CATHY WEBB-assistant LARR Y HELE-assi t a nt BARBARA THOMPSON-in dex editor CHRIS BRYANT-assi s tant COLLEEN MICHAEL-assi s t a nt VICKI S IZEMORE-adverti sing editor MARY ANN TATMAN-assi s tant C ELE STE MULLER ass i s t ant YVONNE BTESH -business manager CARIE OSBURN-assi stan t J ACQUE HUNT-cir culatio n man age r PATSY VOGEL-assistant DE LEWIS-art editor CHARLES LAWSON-rot c edit or FRA C I S KERR r o t c editor TONY COGLIA NDRO-pho togr aphe r M R LEONARD TALBURT-advisor 78 D ebra M ouo, D e ni se Weave r Cbarle s Law son, D e Lewi s, Bo.rbara Th ompson Tom H erro n Tom Goudie Th e Zonian S t a ff at wor k ?


Celest e M uli e r Car i e O sb urn, Pa tsy Vogel Vick i S i zemore, Mary Ann T a tm an, Yvonn e Btesh Mik e P erry, Mar y Pang, Mar y Ann Nordstrom, Jan Fitte r 79


R.O.T.C. SPONSORS 1 st r ow: D e nis e Little, Fig Leb er, Su e Gordon, Claudia Hanbury. 2nd row: Karin F osc ue, A da B eechner, L y nn Biagi. COLOR GUARD The mis s ion of the Balboa High Sch oo l Junior Reserve Officer' s Training Corps is to la y the foundations of in telligent ci tiz enship and provide military training will be of value to the cadets s hould they enter th e Armed Forces The ROTC helps inculcate individual habits of orderliness, precisio n respect for auth ority patriotism and personal h onor. The 1969-1970 school year has been the 22nd year of existence for th e Ba lb oa unit. For the past 21 years Balboa has been ranked in the t op 10 % of all ROTC schoo ls.


A Company Company Comma n d er JAC K HOYLE Sponsor ADA BEECHNER C Company Company Comma n de r STEVE ASKEW S p o n so r F I G LEBER B Company Company Comma n d er JOSE RODRIGUEZ Spon s or CLAUDIA HANBURY 83


Band Company Commander WALTER YOUNG Sponsor LYNN BIAGI D Company Commander OSV ALDO RIVERA Sponsor SUE GORDON Drill Team Commanded by FRANCIS KOT Sponsor DENISE LITTLE


2nd SEMESTER STAFF 1st TOW: Scott Collister. 2nd row: Rob e rt Alm s l c' .d Karin 3rd TOW: Ern es t Van Horn Franci s K e rr, Jim Kunk e l Greg Gill is, C h arles Tobin. Raymond Miguez.


B e l o w: Pinning officer's in s ignia o n J ose Rodriguez arc Claudia H a nbury a nd 1\1a;or Fi s her. c 0 m m I B a I s s I 0 n Above: Ac ce pti n g hi s rewan f r om Ada Bcechner for hein l commis s i o n ed i s Sco tt Colli f l ee. are Majtr


The ROTC cadets attend a one day course-Airborne Orientation-which familiarizes them with training and in struction in the art of parachuting In like manner the] ung le Operations Training Course is to orient the cadets with the type of training that is re quired for jung le living and tactics in contrast to normal conditions. The cadets undergo intense physical training before they are permitted to attend the course at Fort Sherman. For four consecutive weekends the cadets travel to Fort Sherman and participate in a condensed version of the course the Army goes through. o T C






92 James Kunkel Vice Rresident Lillian Watkins Secretary Philip Reitz President


Senior Class Reception .spon s ors monopoliz e pun c hbowl. A r ece pti o n h eadache Sorry si r, you have to be a se ni or. S e nior Expression s 93


Senior Class Picnic of 1970 Meditatin g A show of senior s piril. Se nior b oys w or kin g oul. The girls AGAINST.


... the b oys Leav e my baJJ alo ne!! 95


S t age Fri g h t The End 96 The C e l e brat e d Pillow case D a nce


Cathy Alexanc!er Ricardo Acrich Kristie Ackerman KRISTIE LOUISE ACKERMAN-June 26, 1 952, Tokyo, Japan. Drama Club 3, 4. Folksingers Club 4 Concert Choir 3. S.A Rep. 4 Nationa l Honor Society 3, 4 RICARDO A. ACRICH-August 28, 1951, Pan ama Rep. de P. PAUL M. AHNERT-November 22, 1952, San Bernadino Calif. GLADYS AILANT-February 3, 1951, Ancon, Canal Zone. CAROL ANN ALEXANDER-(Alex) Birtonwood, England. S .A. Rep. 3: Head 3. Home Ec. Club 1 2. G.A.A. 1 2, 3, 4. Drama Club 4. Trackettes 2 3. Chorus 2 3. CATHERINE LYNNE ALEXANDER-(Cathy) Nov. 7, 1952 San Juan, Puerto Rico Drama Club 2, 3 4. Drill Team 4. Chorus 1 2 3 CHRISTI ANN ALLEN-January. 30, 1952 Baltimore, Md. Intramurals Basketball and Bowlin g 2 3. Latin Club3, 4. Office Asst. 4. Comms. for Homecoming, Christmas Formal Jr. Sr. Prom 4. Hr. Rep. 4. BONNER ALLISON-March 15, 1952, R.P., Panama. Christi AUen Bonner Allison 97


98 Robert Almstead ROBERT MERRITT A L MSTEAD-Nov. 29, 1 951, Fort Clayton C. Z. Drama 14 N.H.S. 3 4. N a ti ona l Thespian Soc. 3, 4. R.O.A. 2 3 4 R.O.T.C. 2 3 4 Debate 4. S.A. Rep. 1 FRANK ANDERSON (Adrian } Feb. 1 1 952, New Cristobal, C.Z. J.V Football 1. Track 1, 2. V. Football 3. J.V. Baseball 1. ROSS ANDREWS-Jan. 28, 1951, Upl and, Calif orn ia. BRENDA KAY ANDRECHT-Sept. 4, 1 952, S hrevep ort, La. Int ramura l 2 3 4. F.S.A. 4 F.B.L.A 4. ALISON ANNIS-October 9 1952, Lawrence, Kansas. Band 2 3,4. F.T.A. 2 3 4. Spani s h 3, 4. STEPHEN ASKEW-Oct ober 30, 1952 Ancon Canal Zone. DAVID DALE ASH JR.-June 26, 1 952, Akron Ohio. Folks in gers 4. Organ. 3 4. Drama 4. Debate 4. IDA MARIA AROSEMENA(Ida) Oct. 7 1951, Panama, Rep. de P. Spanis h C lub 2, 4 S howcase Club 4. S tephen Askew David Ash Id a Arosemena


Bryan Ball VICKI MARIE ATKINSON-November 1 5 1951, Preston, Idaho Math Club 1,2. F.T.A. 1. Intra. Volleyball 2. ALICIA AZRAK-February 13, 1952, Panama French Club, V. Pres. 3, 2, 4. F.B.LA. V Pres. 4, 2, 3. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Homeroom Representative 3 Showcase Club 4. F.H.A. 4. Bowling Intra. 3 BETH ANN BAGLIEN-lune 9, 1952 Crosby, Nort h Dakota F.T A 3, 4, 2. Spanish Club 3 4. National Honor Society 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. STEVEN VAN BALDWIN-August 14 19 5 1 Ogden Utah. Football 1, 2. Swimming 1,2,3. LAURA LEE BAILEY-April 9, 1952, Rapid City South Da kota. F.H.A. 1. Pep C lub 1. BRYAN K. BALL-June 7 1 952 Portsmouth Virginia. LARRY H. BARKEMA-September 24, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone R.O.A. 2, 3 4. PAUL BARKOWITZ--April 14 1952, Charleston, South Caro lina. Chess Club 2. Photo Club 2 V. Pres. 3 Pres. 4. Math Club 2 3 Science Club 2 3. Publ i city Comm. 3. Larry Barkerna Paul Barkowitz 99


100 ADA BEECHNER-November 13 1952 Ancon Canal Zone S A Sec 1 2 D r ama Club 1 2, 3 4. Science Club 3 4. Ma j orette 2 3. A" Co. Sponsor 4 PAU L 1. BEHRENS-February 7, 1 952, San Francisco Cali fornia. Tenni s 2 3 4 R .O.T.e. 2 3, 4. J.O.T.e. 4. JOHN COLEMAN BEIGHTLER May 14, 1 952 Oran ge, Te xas. Track 1 4 D rama Club 1. N.H.S. 4. REID M c MILLIAN BElGHTLER-May 14, 1 952, Orange Texa s Natio n a l H o n o r Soc 3 : 4 Span i s h Honor Soc. 3 Safety Comm.3. BENIGNA BENNETT-{Beni) O c tob er 30, 1 938, R de Pana ma. PAMELA JEA NN E BIRCH-Decemb er 4. 1 952 West Palm Bea c h Florida Hom eroom Rep. 1. Sadie Hawkin s Comm. 2. F.N .A. 3 Folksingers Club 3. F H A 4. G A A 3,4. LYN MARIE BIAGI J an uar y 17, 1 952 Burt o n wood En g land ; G.A.A. 1. H omeroom Rep. I 2. Yearbook Staff 1 2 Spanish Club 1. Debate Club 2 P ep C lub 2, 4. R .O.T .C. Sponsor 4. Organ G uild 3. WAYNE G. BERKLEY-May 25 1 95 1 Ottawa Ont ario, Can ada. Homeroom R e p 3. Bas k etball 1. Rifl e Club 2. Pam Bir c h Lynn Bia g i Benny Bennett Wayn e B erkley


Mark Bozman Estel Bolado Craig Boatwri g ht CRAIG EUGENE BOATWRIGHT -December 9 1951 Visalia, California. Football 1. Baseball 1. Annual Staff 2 Cross Coun tr y 3. Wrest lin g 3. Tra c k 3. Football 4. MARIA ESTE L BOLADOJul y 12, 1 952, Anc h o r age Alas ka. Home Ec. C lub 2 3. G.A.A. 3, 4. Drama C lub 3 4 Ph oto Club 4. F.T.A. 4. JAN PETER BOLTON-February 21,1952 Guam. LORETTA JU LIE BONNVISSUTO-(Lor i ) Mar c h 18, 1952 Honolulu, Hawaii. VI C TOR BOSCH-May 2, 1951, Sa n Juan, Pu e rto Rico Track 1. Baske tb all 4. MARK BOZMAN-December 25, 195 1 Oma ha Nebras ka. CHARLENE BOWEN-November 8, 1951, Ancon, Canal Zone. S .A. Repre sen t a ti ve l. NANCY BOYD-April 19 19 5 2 Ancon, Cana l Zone S .A. Rep. 2 4. Spani s h C lub 2 3, 4. Zoni an Staff Clubs Editor 3, Fea tur es Editor 4. Quill and Scroll 3, 4 Chri stmas Forma l Com m 3. Homecoming C amm. 4. Spring Form a l Comm. 4 Intt amura l s 4. Lib rary A sst. 4 Senior R ece pti on 4. C h arle n e Bowen Nancy Boyd 101


102 Peter Brooks Brian Brown PETER BROOKS-August 16, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone. Debate Club 1 2, 3, V. Pres. 4. Spanish Club 3, 4. Science Club 3, 4. Humanities Club 2 3, 4. N .H.S. 3 4. Spanish Honor Society 3, 4. N H S.RH.S. 3,4. I sthmian Inklings 3, 4. BRIAN R. BROWN-July 5, 1952 Richmond, Virginia. lV. Football 2. V. Football 3, 4. CHRISTOPHER A. BRYANT December 21, 1952 Yokohama, Japan. Intramural s 2, 3, 4. Folksingers Club 4. Zonian Ind ex Asst. 4 GLENN PATRICK BURDICK-October 5, 1950, Ancon, Canal Zone. Baseball 2, 3 4. RO.T.C. 2, 3, 4. YVONNE BTESH March 24, 1952 Brooklyn New York. F.RL.A. 2 3, 4 French Club 2 3. Humanitie s Club 3, 4. N.H.S. 3, 4. Zonia n Staff Business Manager 4 Spanish Club 4. MARGAR.ET KATEJAMES BAKER-(Maggie) Debat e Club 1, 2 3. Drama Club 1, 2 V Pres. 3. Science Club 3. Humanities Club 3. Swimmin g Team 2 3. Girls Drill Team 3. G.A.A. 2, 3. S.A. V. Pres. 3. Spanish Honor Society 3 RH.S.N.H.S 3. ELIZABETH ALICE CALTHIRST-( Liz) April 9 1951, Pana ma. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Library Club 3, 4. F S .A. 4. Humanities Club 4 MARTA I. CAROPRESSO-(Marty) August 21, 1952 RP., Panama. F.H.A. Treasurer 2 Pres. 3, Hi storia n 4. F.N C 2, V.-Pre,. 3, Pres 4. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Folksingers Club, V. Pres. 4 Marta Caropresso Elizabeth Calthirst Chris Bryant Maggie Baker


Sandy Chesson ELLEN LYNN CARPENTER-February 21, 1952 Ancon, Canal Zone. F .M.A. 2, 3. F.N.A. 2 F.S.A. 4. G.A.A. 2, 3 4. MARC ADRIAN CARTER-January 19, 1952, Kansas City, Missouri STEPHEN ANTONY CARTOTIO-December 19, 1951, Ancon, Canal Zone. ROLAND MARC CENICEROS-December 9 1952 Panama SARA PAULINE CHAVEZ-( Sarita) March 24, 1952, R ep. Panama. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Student Asst. 3, 4. F.B.L.A. 4. SANDY CHESSON-February 26, 1952 Norfolk Virginia. STEPHEN J. KRISA-August 26, 1952, Newport News, Virginia. BONNIE COBB-October 22, 1950, Gorgas, Canal Zone. Basketball 4 Softball 4. Steve Kri sa Bonnie Cobb 1 0 3


Kevin Compton Lupe Cota 104 CATHER INE S. COGLIAN DRO-( Cathy) J anuary 15, 1952 Kyoto J apan. Art Club 1. Drama Club 1 3, 4. Scie nce C lub 2, 3 4 G.A.A. 2 3, 4. SUSAN E I LEEN COLBERT-Apri l 8 1952, Sa n Anton io, Texas. G.A.A. 1 2, 4. Pep C l ub 1. Spanish C l ub 1. F.H.A. 2. F.T.A. 4. F.B.L.A. 4. Latin Club 4. SCOTT WAYNE COLLISTER September 13, 1952 Boise, I da ho. R.O.T.e. Rifle T ea m 2 3, 4. R O.T.S. Color Guard 3. Fo lksingers C l ub 2 KEVIN FLOYD COMPTO t -(Happy ) Ju l y 11, 1952 Enid, Okla h oma. Fo l ksingers C lub 3, 4 JESSIE LYNN COOKSON-May 3 1952 Ft. Clayton, C. Z. G.A.A. 3. Showcase Club 3. Fo l ksin g ers Club 3. Secr etar i a l Clu b 3 Student Asst. 3. H omecoming Comm 3. LUP E A N ITA COTADecember 29, 1951, Savanna h Georgia. Drama Club 4 Spanish C lub 4. Class S ecre tary 1. Band 1. e.S.F. 1. Math Club 2 Homeroom Rep 2. Honor Society 4. BRADF ORD ALAN COX-J anuary 18, 1952 Stuttgart Ger many CYNTHI A DIANE COX-March 16 1952 Sa n Diego Cal ifor nia Brad f ord Cox Cynthia Cox


Houston Craddock Rudy Crespo GEORGE HOUSTO N CRADDOCKJanuary 17, 1952 Memphis, Tennessee. Football 1 2 Baseball 1 2,4. RUDOLF L. CRESPO-(Rudy) November 5, 1952 Coco Solo, Cana l Zone Homeroom Rep. 2 3. Concert Choir 3, 4. Drama Club 2, 3, 4 Na tiona l Thespians 2 3 4. Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3 Homecoming Game Comm. 4. Folksingers Club 4. DANIEL CRETARO-September 24, 1952 Fort Dix, New Jersey. French Club 1 2 Math Club 1. JACQUELYNN ALLEN CROWELL-(Jacqu e) April 30, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone. G.A.A. 2. Basketball 2, 3. Volleyball 2, 3. ANGEL CRUZ-December 19 1952 Santorce, Puerto Rico. STEPHEN J. DAILY-(Steve) March 10 1952, Greencastle, Indiana. Science Club 2. S.A. Rep. 2. German C l ub 3. STEPHANIE DeHEART-(Stevie) March 18 1952 Illinoi,. GARY DALTON-August 13, 1952 Ancon Cana l Zone. Gary Dalton Steve Daily Danny Cretaro Ange l Cruz Stephanie U e H eart 105

PAGE 100

Allen D ean D ee D enne rline 106 KEVI N F. DAY-{Kev) June 23, 1952 Fort Knox Kentucky. Football 1. Athletic Boos ters C lub 1. Chess Club 2 Class Presi dent 3 S.A. Rep. 4. CLIFTON L. DAY JR .-{Pepe ) April 24 1950 Ft. Clayton C. Z. Soccer 1. Football 1. Softball 1. R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4 Drill Team 3, 4 Chess Club 4. DIEGO DE OBALDIA December 16, 1952, Panama. Spanis h Club 3 Sci ence Club 2, 3, 4. Photo Club 3. ARTHUR DAVID DEALY April 24, 1952 Anchorage Alaska ALLEN W. DEAN-December 20, 1 950, Ft. Clay ton. Tra c k Team 1. Soccer 1. Football 1. Drill Team 2 3 4. Chess Club 4 DEE DENNERLI N E-Au g ust 3,1952, Frankfort, Germany. VICTORIA L DIAZ O ct. 3 1952 Panama. French Club 2. Librar y A sst. 4. PATRICK ARNOLD DILLON-O c t ober 6 1952, Ancon, C Z. J.V. Baseball 3 H .R. Rep. 4. Vi ckie Diaz P a t Dillon

PAGE 101

RICHARD SMILEY DISHONG-Decemb er 29, 1951 Ancon, Canal Zone. JORGE A. DOMI 'GUEZ-Aug ust 3 1 1951 Canal Zone. Foot ball 1. Basketball 1 2 3. S.A. Rep. 3. WILLIAM EDWARD DONLEY-(Will) May 29, 1952 Bethesda Maryland. V Swimming Team 1. Drama Club 4 LEO FRANCIS DON OHUE-Augu s t 29, 1 951, Charlottesville, Vir. H a m Radio Club 4 Photo Club 4. Chess Club 4. F.B.L.A. 4. JILL MARIE EBERT-November 30, 1 952, Ft. Worth Texas. F.T .A. 2. Prom Comm. 2 S.A. Rep. 3. Chorus 2, 3, 4 Red Cross Club. CYNTHIA E. EUSTACE-Novemb e r 10 1951, Wa s hin g ton, D. C. Juni or -Senior Prom 3. F.H.A 4. F.N.A. L Zonian Staff 1. FRANK ERNEST-January 24, 1951, Ancon, Canal Zone. MARGARET EILEEN ENGELKE-( Mar g ie) Januar y 17, 1952, Ancon C. Z Class Pres. 1. Drill Team 2. Cheerleading 3, 4. H omecoming Comm. 3, 4. Football D ance 3, 4. G.A.A. 2 3, 4 Tra ck Quee n 3. Senior Re cep tion 4. Cyn t hia Eustace Frank Ernst Marg i e Engelke 107

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Car m e n F i sc h er 108 JA ELIZABETH FAR SWORTH-September 18, 1952, Col o n Pan ama. Chri s un as Formal Comm. 3. F.S.A. 4 H omecom ing Comm. 4. Zonian S t a ff 4. Seni o r Cla ss R eception 4. CLARA ELENA FER ANDEZA u g u s t 1 8 1951, Ancon, Cana l Zone. G.A.A. 2 3 4. Spani s h Club 4. Fren c h C lub 2 3, 4. Ph o t o C lub 4. B ow lin g Intr am ur a l s 4. Stud e nt A sso 1. C lini c Asst. 4 STEPHE N D FERNANDEZMarch 2 1952, Santa Cruz Cali fornia. Tra c k 3 ORLANDO FILOS -luly 28, 1952 BuHalo, New York. WARREN DEAN FISH -December 28, 1 952, Washin g ton, D. C Spani s h Club 2. CARMEN MARI E FISCHER-(Fishy) M a r c h 19, 1 95 1 San Jose, Costa Rica. Spanis h Club 2 3, 4. Libr ary Club 4. Jr. Sr. Prom 3. JAN F ITT E R-April 29, 1952, Greenwic h Conn. D e bate Club 3 4 Drama Club 1 2 3, 4. Humanitie s Club 3 4. N.H .S. 3, 4. Sadie Hawkin s Comm. 2. Christmas Forma l Com m 3. H ome coming Comm. 4 Valenti n e Formal Comm. 4. G.A A. 3, 4. Z o nian Staff 4. Fo lksinger s Club 3 S.H.S.B. H .S. 4. C H ARLES FLAGG-Oc t o b e r 3, 1 952, Chicago, Illin o i s J an Filt e r Charl es F l agg

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JOHN JOSEPH FLUMACH-June 19 1 952 Ancon, Canal Zone R.O.T.e. Rifl e T eam 3. Chess Club 4. Math Club 4. DEBRA J EANNE FORSETH-December 3 1 952 Sacramento, California Track Queen 4. KARIN LEE FOSCUE--November 11, 1952, Ancon, Cana l Zone. S.A. Rep. 2. Spanish Club 2, 3 F.T A 2, 3 Cheerleader 2,3. Soph. Class Fav or it e 2. G.A.A. 2, 3. Jr. Sr. Prom 3. N.H. S 3 4 R.O.T.C. Battalion Sponsor 4 Senior Reception Comm. 4. J UNE ARLETTE FOSTER -December 25, 1952 Yampa Valley, Col. NANCY ELIZABETH FOSTER Jul y 21, 1952, New Cristobal, Cana l Zone Spa ni s h C lub 2, 3, 4 F.B.L.A 4. F.S.A. 4. DIANA LEIGH FRANTZ-April 11, 1952 Ft. J ackson, S. C. Science C lub 2. F.H.A 4. G.A.A. 3, 4. KENNETH FREDER ICK FRENSLEY-Aprill, 1951, Cristobal, C. Z. R.O T.e. 1 ,2,3,4. LYDIA E. GALLARDO-March 27, 1 952 Puerto Armuelles, Panama. F.H.A. 1. French Club 2 3, 4. Math Club 3. Spanish Club 3 4. Scie nce Club 4. Showcase Club 4. N H .S. 3 4. Lydia Gallardo K enneth Fre n s ley Nancy Fost e r

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Linda Garcia Rose Giffen 110 RAQUEL AMANDA GALVEZJune 27, 1951, Panama City, Panama. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Showcase Club 2, 3, 4. F .H.A. 2, 4. F.B.L.A. 4. Ph oto Club 2, 3. Science Club 2. Spanish Club 2, 3 ,4. MARYLINDA GAMERTSFELDER-(Mel ) April 9, 1952, Wash in g ton, D. C. French Club 1. French Club 2 3 4. Club 4. Parakeet Staff 4. Clinic Aid 4. Prom Comm. 3. JAMES P. GANSER-(Jim) March 15, 1952 Fairbanks, AI., ka. S .A. Rep. 2 LINDA 2 San Juan P. R. ADAM GIFFEN-August 17, 1951, San Francisco, California. Football 1 2, 3. L ettermen's Club 3. ROSE MARIE GIFFEN-July n 1952, Valle y Forge, Penn GREGORY FRANKLIN GILLlS-(Greg) September 23, 1952 Denver Colorado. Track Team 1 3, 4. Wres tling Team 1. V. Swimming Team 3. N.H.5. 3, V. Pres. 4. B.H .S.N. B.H.S 3, 4. Mu Alpha Theta 3, V. P. 4. L e ttermen 's Club 4 R.O.T.C. 2 3, 4. Drama Club 2. Science Club 3, 4. Math Club 2 3, Pres. 4. Greg Gillis Kathy Glass

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FRANCIS C O GONZALES-June 19, 195 2 Panama, R. P. STEVEN DARRELL GOODMAN-( Benny) Janu a r y 1 8, 1951 An con C. Z F ootba ll 2 3. Swimming T ea m 3. H omeroom Rep. 1 2,3. SUZANNE LYNN GORDON-February 25, 1952 Denver, Colo rado. H o m eroo m Rep 2. Folk singe r s Club 2. Gir l s' Drill Team 3. Christma s Forma l Princess 3. G.A.A. 2, 3. R.O.T.C. Sponso r 4. Spanish Club 4. Senior R ecept i o n Comm. 4. LUIS GORRIZ-July 1, 1952 Panama. Spani s h Club 2 R.O.T.CR.O.A. 2 3, 4. RO.T.C Rifle Team 4. PAUL THOMAS GOUDIE--(Tom) Febru a r y 14 1952 Mt. Pleasant Iowa. S cience Club 2. J.V Baseball 2 3. Band 1, 2,3,4. JOHN GREEND ecember 8, 1952, Ft. Benning Georgia. V Track 2 3, 4 V Base ball 2, 3, 4. V Bask e tball 2 3, 4 L ette r men 's C lub 3, 4 MARY ANN GRIMES September 23, 1 952, Eva nsville, In d i ana." Folksingers Club 1 2. Office Ass!. 1 3. Spani s h Club 2 F T.A. 3. G.A.A. 3, 4. Sa di e Hawkin s Comm. 2. Christmas Formal Camm 3 Senior R ece ption 4 Zonian Staff 4. LARRY W GRYMALA-December 8 1950 Milwaukee, Wis c onsin. Football 2. Basketball 1,4. L aTTY Grymal a Mary Ann Grimes Luis Gorriz J ohn Green III

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Doug l a s Hale 112 ALLAN HENRY GOMEZ-April 6 1 952, C ha nute A.F .B., Illi nois. Band I 2 3 4 Bas kethall 1. ALBERT ABEL GUIBERT -(Cuco} February 25, 1 952 Ancon, Canal Zone. DONALD GUNN(Rick} A u g u s t 23, 1952, Albany, G eorgia. Track 3 JUDY MARIE HAFFORD-July 1 8 1952, Atlanta, Georgia. F .N.A. 3 4. Drama Cluh 4 F.H.A. 4. J r.-Sr Prom 3. MIKE HAKANSON-July 7, 1 952, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Baseba1l3. DOUGLAS EDWARD HALE-November 8, 1952 Ancon Cana l Zone Baseball 3. 21 C lub 2. NANCY CAROL HALLJul y 4 1951 Phil a d e lphia Pa. F.H .A. 2. S .A. Treasurer 1. Folksingers Club 3, 4. Concert Choir I, 2 3 J r.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3. H omeroom Rep. 4 F.T A 4. O rchest r a 1, 2, 3 4 S HEIL A E. HALL-April 1 4, 1 952, Montgomery, A l abama. Band 1. Cheerleader 1. D rill Team 1. F.T.A. 3 Dram a 3. Nancy H all Sheila H all

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Claudia Hanbur y Edwar d Hanon o CLAUDIA LISE MARIE HANBURYJun e 12, 1 952, Washington, D C. Hom ecom in g Comm. 3. Girls' Drill Te am 3. R.O. T.C Sponsor 4 Hom eroom R e p 2. EDWARD HANON O May 24 1952, Panama City, Pana. R O A 24. Humanitie s Club 3. Chess Club 2-4, V .P. R.O.T.c. 2-4 Fren c h C lub 3 JOHN R HARRIS-(Matza) Nov. 5, 1952 Ancon, C. Z. Foot ball 1. Photo Club 1. CARMEN HAZELWOOD M.-August 2 8, 1951, Pan ama City, Pan ama. G lee C lub 3 F.B.L.A. 3. G.A.A. 4. L AWRENCE J HEL E--Octo ber 6, 1950 Ancon, C. Z. Homeroom Rep. 1. Spanish C lub 34. Zonian Staff 4. Tra c k 4 MARCELLA ESTHER HERES-Oc t o ber 25, 1952 Ancon, C Z Sci ence C lub 1-3. Spani s h Club 2-3. Show Case C lub 1-3. Photo C lub 2 Homeroom Rep. 4. THOMAS E. HERRON-(Hairlink ) Jul y 11, 1952, Cape Girardea u Missouri. Drama C lub 2 R.O.T.C. 2. Var sity Baseball 2. V Football 2. R.O.T.C. Rifl e T ea m 2-3. ALLISON C LARINE HIGHTOWER-(AI ) Dec. 1, 1952 San Fran. Calif. Drama 2. Spanish C lub 2. N .H.S. 3, 4. A li so n Hi g ht ower Thoma s H erron l ohn Har r i s Mar cella Her es 113

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Eugene Holland Ron Hornin g 114 BARBARA ANN HESS-(Sam) February 6 1952 Hawaii G.A.A. I 2, 3 ,4. Folksingers Club 3 4. KATHERINE SUE HOFFMAN-(Kathy) Januar y 17 1952, Aberdeen Maryland. Spanish Club 1. F.S.A. 4. STEVE I. HOFFMAN D ecember 2 1952 Denver Colorado. S A Rep. 4. EUGENE HOLLAND-Octob e r 21, 1951 Bremerton Washington. Yearbook Staff 1 2 FORTUNA HOMSANY Jul y 23, 1951 Brooklyn New Y ork. French Club 2 Spanish Club 1 2, 3 F.B.L.A. 1 2. F.H .A. 3. Prince ss of Carnival 2. RONALD C. HORNING September 12 1 952, Silver City N. C. Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3: Folksingers Club 4. DANNY BRENT HOWARD August 26, 1951 Alexa ndria, Vir g inia. V. Fo otball 3 HARLA N D HOWARD-(Tra cy) March 1 1952 Panama City, Panama. V. Sw immin g 2 3, 4. Lettermen 's Club 3, 4. H o meroom Rep 2,4. R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 2 3, 4 D anny Howard T racy H oward

PAGE 109

DEBORAH ANN HAUNGS-(Debbie) April 13, 1952 Great Lakes Illinois. Drill Team 1. F T A 2. S.A. Rep 1, 2 3 4. N.H.S 3 4. G.A.A. 2, 3 4. F.RL.A. 4 F.H.A. 2 3 V. Pres. 4 JOHN KAYE HOYLE III(Jack) December 3 1952 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania R.O.T.C. 2 3, 4. Swimming Team 3. J. C. HUDGINS-January 18 1952 Massawaddox, Virginia Zonian Staff Poetry Asst. 4 JACQUELIN HUNT-(Frito) September 25, 1952 Ancon, C. Z G.A.A. 2 3, 4 Folksin g ers Club 4 F.H.A 2 3 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Zonian Staff Circ ulation Manager 4. Football Princess 3. S .A. Rep. 1, 2 3 4. Valentine Formal Princess 4. Karate Club 4. SARAH SALLY HUSNEY-June 4, 1951, Panama, R. P. F RL.A. 2, 3 4. F.H .A. 4. Spanish C lub 4. Showcase C l ub 3. KAREN ANNE HUSUM-July 4 1952 Ancon Canal Zone. G.A.A. 2, 3 4. Quill and Scroll 3, 4. Zonian Staff J r Class Ed. 3 Editor in Chief 4. IRAIDA A ICAZAOctober 24, 1952 Rep. Panama. Spanish C l ub 2, 3 4 Showc ase Club 2 3 4. Photo C l ub 3. KAREN R ISAACS-May 19 1952. Ancon, Canal Zone. Span ish Club 2, 3 4. Folksingers Club 2. RH. S.N.H.S. 3, 4 B H.S.S.H.S. 3 4. N.H.S. 3, 4. Karen I saaes Ieaza Jacque Hunt Kar e n Hu s um 1 1 5

PAGE 110

Sue J eBum Lonni e John s ton 116 Alice Jeffre y Glenna Ja ckso n GLENNA COLLEEN JACKSON-(KeB y). Pep Club 1. French Club 1 2 Latin Club 1 2, 3. L.H.S. 2, 3. Drill Team 3. N.H.S 3,4. Drama Club 4. ALICE JEFFREY-(Ali) Jul y 27, 1952, Douglas, Arizona. Homeroom Rep. 2 SUSAN KAYE JELLUM June 3, 1952 Grand Rapids, Minn. Librar y Club 4. GUY JOHNSON-April 29, 1952, Los Angeles Calif Soph Cla ss Pre s PETER L. JOHNSON October 15, 1952 Bakersfield, Cali fornia. LIONEL JOHNSTON J anuary 1, 1952, Triple-Falls Mont. Folk singer's Club 2, 3, 4. Drama Club 2, 3, 4. Nat l Thes pian s 3, 4. Sr. Hall of Fame Most Talented 4. LUTHER FRANK JONES III Latin Club Pres. 3, Treasurer 4. Science Club 3 Homeroom Rep. 4. N.H.S. 4. MAURICE S. KELLEHER-(Mick) Jul y 11, 1952 Ancon, C. Z. H omeroom R ep. 2 V. Football 4 Luther Jones Mick Kelleher

PAGE 111

MELINDA MARIE KEMPER-(Mindy) September 18, 1952, Alexandria Virginia Pep Club 1. F.N.A 4 Drama Club 4. FRANCIS PETER KERR October 19 1949 San Jose, Costa Rica. Track 1, 4. Swimmin g Team 2 3 4. Spani sh Club 2. 3, 4. Rille Club 2 R.O.A. 2 3. L ettermen's Club 2 3, V. Pres. 4. Drill Team 2. R.O.T.e. Band 3. Zonian Staff 4. Karate Club 4. CHRISTINE KERVIN-(Chrissie) November 10 1951, Roc hest er, N e w York. S.A. Rep. 2 3, 4. Drama C lub 2 ,4. WILLIAM H KETNER JR. Jul y 5, 1951, Washin gton, D. C. Football 2 3 4. VICKIE KLEINHENZ-October 2 1952 Shreveport, Louisiana S.A. Rep. 4. F.H.A. 4 JANET KING-November 3,1951 P a n ama R. P. FRANCIS KOT-April 30, 1952 Ft. Rucker Ala. CARMEN KOZLOWSKI-November 3, 1952 Balboa Cana l Zone. Spani s h Club 2 3, 4. Carmen Kozlow ski Franci s Kot Vicki e Kleinhe n z 117

PAGE 112

Char l es Lawson Fig L e b e r 118 Vladimir Lampas Jim Kunkel JAMES RICHARD KUNKEL-December 29, 1951. Class Officer V. Pres. 4. Sw i m Team 2 3 ,4. Latin Club 3. VLADIMIR LAMPAS-Aug ust 13, 1952 Buenos Aires Argent. Baseball 2, 3 4. Track 1 3. Bas ketball 1 3 4 CHARLES LAWSON-May 23, 1952 Ancon, e. z. REBECCA LARACUENTE-May 2 1952, San Juan Puerto Rico S .A. Rep. 4. Drama C lub 2 3 4. Humanities C lub 3, 4 Spanish Club 2 3 4. French Club 4. Debate Club 4. Library Club 4. ELLA LOUISE LASCALA -August 4 1951 Fort Dix, New Jer s ey. F.H.A. 3 4 G.A.A. 3 ,4. F.S.A. 4. BONNI E GAY LEBER-(Fig) December 20, 1952 Alexandria Vir g inia Spani s h Club 1 2. Library C lub 2 Guil d 2. Latin Club 2. Yearbook 2. S c ienc e Club 3. F.T.A. 3. F.N.A. 3. R.O.T.e. Sponsor 4. F.T.A 4 Chri s tmas Formal Princess 3. S.A. Rep. 3 4 ALEXIS PAULETTE L1M-(Candy ) O c tober 6, 1951, Colon, Panama S c ience Club 2, 3, 4 F.B.L.A. 2. F.N.A. 2 3 4 F.H .A. 2 3 4. Spanish Club 2 3 4. Frensr C lub 3 4. Home room Rep. 2 3. Drill Team 4 S howc ase Club 4. DEN I SE LITTLE -Augu s t 7 1952 Seattle, Wash. R.O.T.e. Drill Team Sponsor 4. Girl s' Drill Team 3. Can d y Lim Denise Littl e

PAGE 113

S hirley M a dur o DEBORAH A. lOHSE-Webbi e ) Februar y 8, 1 952, Bridge port, Connecticut. DAVID M. lOWE-(Lidy) O c tob er 27 1952 Ancon, Canal Zone Baseball 2 3 V. Football 3 Photo C lub 4 R O.T.e. 2 3. F B.L.A. 4. Chess C lub 4. DONELLA M. MACLEANJ a nuar y 28, 1%2, Seattle W a s h ing ton Showcase Club 4. Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 3. Dr a ma C lub 4. I ntram ur a l s 3 4 Folksingers Club 2, 3 Audiovi s u a l C lub 2. ROBERT IAN MacDONELl-IMa c) April 20 1 952, Miami Florida. GLORIA MADURO-Septembe r 23, 1952, Panam a Fr e n c h Club 3. SHIRLEY M. MADURO-April 7, 1952 Panam a R. P MICHAEL DANA MAGU IRE-(Mi c k ) Decemb er 28 1 95 1 Portl an d Maine. Tra c k 2, 3. JANET MAJOR Jun e 29 1952 C o l o n C ana l Zone. Offi c e Aid 1. G.A.A. 2, 3 4 S.A. Rep. 3. Secretarial C lub 4 l\like :\Iaguire J a n e t :\Ja jor 119

PAGE 114

120 CONSTANCE MARIE MARCZAK-( Connie) July 20, 1952, Ancon C. Z F.H.A. 3 4 G .A.A. 3, 4. F.S.A. 4. SHARON LYNNE MARKS November 1 3 1952, Fort Bennin g, Georgia. LARRY MARSHALL-J anuary 11, 1951, Tucson Arizona. GLENN MARTIN-March 20, 1952 Colon, Panama. M IK E MART INEZ-Jul y 12, 1951, Pa sa dena, Calif ornia. W ILLIAM E. MAYFIELD JR.-(The Kid) Aug ust 26, 1 952, W es t Benton Township Misso uri. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 4 LYNN MA YLES-August 1 4 1951 Ancon, Canal Zone. S.A. Rep. 2. F.T.A. 2 3 4. Spanish Club 2, 4. F H.A. 2 4. Chess Club 4. GA.A. 2. Audio Visual Ass!. 3 GLADYS MAYMI-July 25, 1952 San Juan Puerto Rico. Spanish Club 2. Drill Team 3 4 F.T.A 4 F.H.A 3. Homecoming Queen 4. Christmas Formal Comm. 3. G l adys Maymi L ynn Mayles William Mayfield

PAGE 115

Cloyd Mcilvaine LAURIE ANNE McBRlDE-June 1 1952, Coco Solo, Canal Zone. Student Asst 1, 4. DANIEL L. McCULLEYJune 21, 1951, Ft. Ruc ker, Alabama. MARGARET McFADDEN-September 5, 1952, Edinborou g h, Scotland JOHN ROBERT McGLADE-January 20, 1951, Ancon, C Z. DEBORAH JULIA McGRATH-(Debbie) May 29, 19 Pana ma, R P. Spanish Club 2, 3. Carmval Princess 2, 4 Christmas Formal Princ ess 3. CLOYD STANLEY McILVAINE-(Mac) November 17 1952, Anc o n C. Z. DONALD NEIL McKEON, JR (Don) April 15, 1952, Tea ne c k N. 1. Basketball 1 2. v. Track 1 2, 3, 4 V. Cross Country 2, 3. Key Club 3. French Club 4. WILLIAM P. McLAUGHLIN-(Gut) August 14 1952, Ancon, C. Z. V. Football 2. Audio Visual 3 4. Don McKeon Bill McLaug hlin 121

PAGE 116

122 Charlie McLean Ann Medinger CHARLES E. McLEAN-(Charly) October 28, 1952 Aberdee n Md. R.0.T.e. 1 2, 3, 4. C h ess Club 4. Math Club 4. Lettermen 's Club 4. Y ea rbook 3. Foo t ball 1, 2 3, 4. Wrestling 1. Baseba ll 2 3. Tenni s 1. Sw imming 4. ANN MEDI NGE R-Novemb er 8 1 952 Ancon Cana l Zone. Folk s in g ers C l ub 1 2. G.A.A. 2 3 4. Span ish C lu b 2. Christmas Forma l Comm. 3. Spring Formal Comm. 4. Sadie Hawkin s Comm.2. BERTA E LID A MEDINA Ma y 5, 1 952, San J ose, Ca l ifornia. Span i s h C lub 1 2 4 G lee Club 1 2. F.T.A. 4 . Zonian Staff 4 Homecomin g Comm. 4. Spri n g Forma l Com m. 4. COLLEEN M ICHAEL-April 1 3 1 952, Des Moi ne s, I owa. Zonian Staff 4 Folk singers C lub 4. MARC I A MARIE M I CHE L March 10, 1 952 G o r g as Cana l Zone. Newspape r Staff 1. H omecoming Comm. 3. S .A. Rep. 4 F.T.A. 3, 4. F.S .A. 4. G.A.A. 2 3 4. Se ni o r Reception Comm. 4. RAMON F. M IGUEZ-iRay) March 25, 1951 Gary, In diana. S.A. R ep. 1. R.O.T.e. 2 3, 4. Sc i ence Club 2 3, 4. Span i s h Club 2. ROBERT DALE MlLLER (Bob) May 22, 1 952, R ead ing, P ennsyl van ia. Marching Band 1. Concert Band 1 2, 3 4. Dix i e l and Band 2 3, 4. Math C lu b 2 3, 4 Chess Club 3. Or che s tra 4 N H .S. 4. ARTH U R MICHAEL MOKRAY, JR.-May 2 4, 1951 Ancon, Can a l Zone. R O.T.e. 2 3 4 Arthur Mokray Rob ert Miller Berta Medi n a Ray M i g uez

PAGE 117

Nancy Morrison Cel esle Muller Sheila Morgan Maria Morales SHEILA ANN MORGAN-(Missy ) July 23, 1952, Washing. ton, D. C. F.TA 3 F.B.L.A 4 F.H.A. 4 G .A.A. 3, 4 NANCY JEANNE MORRISON-May 10, 1952 Eli zabeth, New J ersey. G .A.A. 1 2, 3, 4. Humanities Club 3, 4. Spanish Club 3,4. F .T.A. 2 3, 4. S H.S.B.H S 3, 4. N.H.S. 3, 4 PAMELA ANNE MORTON-October 30, 1952, San Antonio, Texas. Drama Club 4. Spanish Club 4. RICHARD PEARCE MOULTRIE-August 23, 1952 Miami, Florida. R.O.T.C. 2 3 ,4. Football 4. Drama C lub 4. CELESTE MARIE MULLER-(Lessie) March 18, 1952, Lub bock, Texas. Drama Club 3 4. Thespian s 4. S.A. Rep. 1 2, 3. Concert Choir 2 3, 4. Sadie Hawkins Comm. 2. PATRICK JOSEPH MULROY-June 24, 1952 Brook lyn, New York. Homecoming Comm. 4. Hootenanny 4. KATHLEEN MURPHY-Augu s t 21, 1952, Tampa Florida. F.T.A. 1 2 Pep Club 1 2. Homeroom Rep. 2, 3. Patrick Mulroy Kathleen Murphy 123

PAGE 118

124 NANCY PATRICE MURPHY December 6 1 951, Hou s t on, Texa s F.T.A. 1 2 Drama Club 3, 4. G.A.A. 3, 4 .. F S.A. 4. Drill Team 4. Home co ming Comm. 4. Jr.-Sr Prom Comm 3. Sprin g Formal Prince ss 4 Chr i s tma s Formal Comm. 3 GARY MYERSMar c h 14 1952 Ancon, Canal Zone. S.A. Rep 1. Football 2 3 ,4. B ase ball 2. JACK MARVIN NAHEM-January 13 1952 New York. F .B.L.A. 2 4. Spanish Club 2, 4. French Club 2, 3 4. Chess C lub 2 3 4. Humanitie s Club 3 4. Debate Club 1. RENE NAVAILLE--Sept e mber 25, 1952 New Orleans, Louisi ana. Librar y C lub 3. CARLOS NAVARRO-November 23, 1951,-Panama. Bas ketball 1,4. S A Rep. 2, 4 Spanish C lub 2. Socce r Team 3 BONNIE MARIE NEHRING-October 12, 1952 Summit New J e r sey KARL N EHRING-(Butc h) December 1 1951 H arrisburg Pa. DEBBIE LYNN N ELSON-Februar y 6 1 952 Pasadena Cali fornia Spanish Club 2 3 4. Concert Choir 2. Swimmin g l. F.H A 4 Debbie Nelson Butc h Nehring Ca rlo s Navarro Bonnie Nehrin g

PAGE 119

Lester Oliver MICHAEL NORIEGA-(Mike) Jul y 6, 1952, San Antonio, T ex a s MARY ANN NORDSTROM-December 22, 1 95 1 Ancon, Canal Zone. Newspap er Staff 1. Office Asst. 1. S.A. Rep. 1 3. G .A.A. 2, 3, 4 Folksingers Club 2. Sc i e nce Club 2. Sadie Hawkins Comm. 2 ChrisUnas Formal Camm. 3. Zonian Staff 4. Senior R eceptio n 4 LAURIE EVELYN NYGARD-October 1 5 1 952, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Drama Club 2 Science Club 2. S.A. Rep. 3, 4 Spanish Club 4. N H.S.B.H.S 3 4. Math Club 4. Librar y Club 4 N.H.S. 4 MARY LOUISE O'CONNELL-J anuary 10, 1952, S h erman, Texas. S panish Club 2. Band 1 2, 3, 4. Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm 2. MARTHA B. OHMAN-Decemb er 7 1951 Ancon, Cana l Zone. F H .A. 2. F.S.A. 4. Spa n i s h C lub 4. LESTER OLIVER-May 3, 1951, L ondon, E ng. KATHRYN ALICE ORR-(Kathy) Jun e 24,1952 Panama City, P anama. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Library Club 2. Lat in C lub 3. G.A.A. 2. N.H.S .B.H.S. 4 N H.S. 3 4 S.H.S.B.H .5 4. MELVA E LID A OSBORNE-March 10, 1952, Panama Drama Club 1, 2. F.H .A. 2 S pani s h Club 3 4. Concert Choir 2, 3. F.N.A. 2, 3. S.A. Rep. 4. N.H.S. 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3. Kath y Orr Melva Osburn 125

PAGE 120

126 ALICE LOUI S E OWENS-Jul y 3 1 1 952, Yokoh a m a J a pan. H omeroom Rep 2 Zonian Staff, Asst. Jr. Ed. 3, Club Ed. 4. H o m ecoming Comm. 4. Christmas Formal Comm 3. KATHLEEN ALLISON PAINTER-(Kath y) November 23, 1951, Trinid a d W est Indies. G A.A. 2 3, 4. F H.A 4 MARY ANN PANG ( Mary) October 1 5 1 95 1 T okyo ; J a pan H o rnet Inf ormer 1. Drama Club 3 Cheerleader 4. G.A.A. 4. Cards and Announcemen t s Comm 4 Zonian Staff, Asst. Sr. Ed. 4. JAMES A. PARKS-July 29, 1952 Vir gi nia. RICHARD A. PARRA-June 1 19 52 Bark sda l e A.F.B Louisi a na. Ham R adio Club 3 BETTY PARSONS-March 1 9 1952 D enver Colorado. ROBYN LEE PATTON-(Fi s h ) July 11, 1 952, Washington, D. C. F .B.L.A. 3. Cheerleader 3 4. Court 3 Home r oom R ep. 3. F.S.A. 4. F H A 4 F o lks i n ger's Club 4. G.A. A 4. STEVE PEREZ-March 12, 1952 Lond o n England. Footha ll 1,2, 4. Track 1 3, 4. L e tt e rm e n' s Qub 3, 4. Steve P e r e z Rob y n P atto n B etty P arsons

PAGE 121

Rudy Pineda MICHAEL T PERRY-August 18, 1952 San Gabriel Califor nia. Spanish Club 4 Latin C l ub 2, 3. S .A. Rep. 1. Zonian Staff 3, 4. Senior Class Editor 4 Quill and Scroll 3, 4. N.H.S 4. CHARLES PETERSEN-Jan. 15 1952 Ancon, C. Z HENRY LEE PHILLIPS, JR.-September 1, 1952. Fort Knox, Kentucky J o urnali sm 1, 3, 4 Library C lub 3, 4. Chess Club 4. PATTI ANN PHILLIPS-April 8, 1952 Wichita Falls Texas. Band 1 2, 3 4 EILEEN SUSAN PIES-Brookings, South Dakota. Freshman Class Play 1. Drama Club 1. Intramurals 1, 2, 3 4 Homecom ing Decorations Committee 2. Zonian, Girls' Sports Editor 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. RODOLOFO PINEDA-{Rudy) March 28, 1952, E l Paso, Texas. JV Footba ll 1. JV Baseball 1. Varsity Baseball 2 3, 4 Wrestling l. RUTH LEA PINILLA-Nov. 2 1951, Panama City, R. de P. DAN PIPER-October 10 1952 Yokohama, J apan Soccer 4 Track 2, 3. Ruth Pinilla Dan Piper 127

PAGE 122

1 2 8 ANTHULA MADELEINE POWELL-Febru ary 29, 1952, Pan ama, R. P. S cience Club 1 2, 3 4 Humanities Club 4. F.T.A 1 4 Art Club 1, 2 Spanish C lub 4 N.H.S.B.H .S. 3, 4. N.H.S. 3, 4. ROBERT E. POWELL-April 4 1952, Ft. Rucker, Ala. R.O.T.C. D rill Team 2, 3,4. RICHARD ARTHUR PRATCHETI-May 13, 1952, Havana, Cuba. ERNESTO ANTONIO PRETIO, JR.Mar c h 16, 1952 Panama, R. P Track 1 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2. N.H.S. 3, 4. PETER PUSZTAI O c tober 1 1951, La Paz Bolivia Naviga. tion Club 2 3 J.V. Football 2 3. Wrestlin g 3 Soccer 2 CANDELARIA REAL--(Candy) December 2 1951, Panama, R. P. F.B. L .A. 4. Spani s h Club 4. PHILIP REITZ-( Phil ) April 1, 1952, Grove City, Pennsylvania. Football 2, 3, 4. Palm Bowl 2, 3, 4. Lett erman's Club 2, 3, 4. All Zone 3 4 Jr. Class Favorite 3 S.A. R e p 3. Sr. Class Pres 4. HOWARD PAULDING-September 24,1952, Greenesville, S. C Howard Paulding Phil R eitz Candy Real

PAGE 123

Marcia Rice Sue Rider Charma i ne Risberg Barbara Rhyne Rosemar y Rhodes ROSEMARY RHODES-April 19, 1952 Colorado Sprin g s Col. Girls' Drill Team 4. BARBARA RHYNE-July 14 1951, Ancon, C. Z. Intramur a l s 1. H.R. Rep. 3. H.H.A. Club 1. MARCIA CRISTINA RICE-December 26, 1952 Panama, R. P. Spanish C lub 2 3 4. French Club 3 Photo Club 3. F.N.A. 4. Science Club 4. G.A.A. 2, 3 4 Showcase Club 4. Intramural s 2,3,4. BARBARA R. RICHEY-September 19 1 953, Panama, R P. Sadie Hawkin s Comm. 2. Drama Club 1 Librar y Club Assl. 4 .. F olksinger's C lub 2 French Club 3. SUSAN RIDER-(Sue) March 25, 1952 Minneapoli s Minn. Spanish Club 2. S.A. Rep 4. Zonian Staff, Jr. Class Ed 4. Homecomin g Comm 4. CHARMAINE DENISE RISBERG-(Charlie ) April 30 1952, Ancon C. Z. DEBRA RIVES-January 28, 1951 San Francisco, Cal. OSVALDO RIVERA-(Ossie) November 2 1951 Coamo, Puerto Rico. Drill Team 3 D ebra Riv es O ss i e Rivera 129

PAGE 124

130 JOSE J. RODRIGUEZ-June 22, 1952 Ancon, C Z B Comp o Commander 4. Usher Guard, Section Leader 4. Debat e Club 4. RONALD G. ROMO-fRon ) December 19, 1952, Arlington, Texas. R.O. T.e. 2, 3 4. EILEEN ROSE-January 29, 1952 Ancon, Canal Zone. Home room Rep. 2. F T.A. 2. G.A.A. 2 4 Folksinger's Club 4 Zonian Staff Asst. Sports Ed. 4 Book Case Club 4. NANCY ELLEN ROYS-(Ellen) May 30, 1952 Santa Monica, Calif. Isthmian Inkling s 2, 3 4 Humanities Club 2, 3, 4. Parakeet 3 Ed. 4. Quill and Scroll 3, 4. N.H.S 3, 4 Sadie Hawkin s Comm. 2. Christmas Formal Comm. 3 DIANA RUlZ-Seotember 5, 1951. P,nama. R. P. F.H .A. 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club 2 3, 4. G.A.A. 2, 3. F.B.L.A. 3, 4. BARBARA KAY RUSSELL-(8obbie) September 11, 1952, Monroe L ou i s iana. F.R.A 1. DAVID J. RUSSELL-May 23, 1952, Baltimore, Maryland. NORMA SAN MIGUEL-December 19, 1951, San Antonio, T exas. F T.A. 1. F.N.A. 2. French Club 1. Parakeet Staff 2. Nor m a San Mig uel David Russel Bobbi e Russel

PAGE 125

June Scigliane VIVIAN SCAGGS-June 5, 1952 Ashland Kentucky. Russian Club Vice Pres. 2. Cheerleader 4 Choir 2. Track 1. Drama Club., Spec. Pub Comm. 3. VICKIE SCAGGS-June 5 1952 Ashland Kentucky. Russian Club 2, Treasurer. T.S.A. 4. Track 1. Choir 2. Drama Club, Special Publications 3. LEIGH SCAGGS-February 2, 1951, Ashland Kentuck y Ger man Club, Vice Pres. 1 2. Russian Club 2 S.A. Rep. 4. Hu maniti es Club 4. I s htmian Inklin gs 4, Poetry Ed. D eco rations Committee Getting Acquainted Dance 4 ZONIAN Staff A, Admin and Faculty Editor. N .H.S. 4. N .H.S.B.H. S 4 Quill and Scroll 4. Budget Committee 4 MARADEE JEAN SCARBOROUGH-December 14 1 952. Clarksville Ark. DENISE MARIE SCHEMERHORN-(Denni } J an. 10, 1953 Detroit Mich. Student Council Rep. 9 F.H.A. 1. Pep Club 2. F .T. A 3, 4. Club 3, 4. Carnival Committee 1. Maga zine Drive 1. Hom ecomi ng Float 1, 2 3. Jr. Sr. Prom Committee 3. J UNE SCIGLIANE-June 9 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone. DOUGLAS B SCOTT-(Slave} O ct. 26, 1952 Ancon Cana l Zone. ,ALLEN SEBIK-(AI} Nov. 12, 1 95 1 San Antonio Texas. Doug Scott Al Sebik 131

PAGE 126

132 LAURA L. SEELEY-January 23, 1952 Denver Colorado. Homecomin g Comm. 4. Cards and Announ ce ments Chairman 4. F.T.A. 2 3, 4. Spanish Club 2, 4. Drama Club 1. Club 4 Humanitie s Club 3. Organ Guild 3, 4 N H.S. 3, 4. B.H.S . H .S. 3 ,4. S.H.S.B.H.S. 4. ANNA SERRANO-Septem b er 17 1951, Brooklyn, New York. LINDA M. SESSIONS-(Lindy) Jul y 26, 1950 Ancon Cana l Zone. Class Secretary 2. FRA N K LEE SHARP-February 19 1952 Canal Zone. MARILYN SHEPHARD-December 25, 1952 Bethlehem, Israel. M IKE SHEPARD-February 22, 1952 Norfolk, Virginia. THOMAS L. SHOWALTER-(Tom) July 23, 1950, Panama City Florida. Football 1. V ICTORI A ANN SIZEMORE-(Vicki) Jun e 27, 1952, San Francisco. C .. lifornia Drama Club 1. Debate Club 1. V. Swim Team 2, 3, 4. Zonian Staff 3, 4. S tud ent Ass!. 2, 3. Isthmian Inkling s 2. Vi cki Sizemore Tom Showalter Mike Sbepard

PAGE 127

Shauni Smith Walt e r Smith CHARLES SKILLMAN-O c t o ber 3 1 1 952, Indi a n a polis, In. diana. MICHAEL SMILEY-Oc t o ber 7 1952 Eas t Chicago Ind. CARL SMITH-November 5 1952, Ancon, C. Z. PAUL SMITH April 1 1 952, Ancon, Cana l Z o n e SHAUNI SMITH-September 7 1951, Spokane, Wash Soph Class Treas. lV. Cheerle a der 2. Homecomin g R ep. 2. Drama Club 2 3. F.N.A. 2 3. WALTER SMITH Jun e 15, 1 950 Cristobal, C. Z JAMES KING STARK JR.-May 16 1951, Baton R o uge, La. JORGE STETLE R-Novembe r 27, 1951, Panama J ames S t ark ] orge St etler 133

PAGE 128

Oma Strickland Ed Sykes Marriane Sayre 134 Audrey Stewart CARLOS M. STEVENSON-April I?, 1952, Panama AUDREY ANN STEWART-(Aud) February 26, 1952 Panama City, Panama. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Folksingers Club 2, 3, 4. Hom eroom Rep 3. OMA STRICKLAND-July 3 1 1952 Ancon, Canal Zone. F.H.A. 2 Drama Club 3, 4. PETER FRANCIS STUTSMAN-(Pete) December 8, 1951, Washington, D. C Footbal12 3,4. S.A. Rep. 2 ED SYKES-September 8, 1952 Ancon, Canal Zone. MARIANNE SAYRE-December 2?, 1952 Clinton, Maryland. DICK TAN-May 19, 1951, Newport, New Jersey. MARY ANN TATMAN-May 22, 1952 New Brunswick, New Jersey. Drama Club 1 2, 3 Pres 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Library Club 4. I s thmian Inklin gs 2 Na tional Th es pian s 3, 4, Vice Pres ident lunior Class. Chorus 2, 3 4. Concert Choir 2, 3. S A. Financial Secretary 4. Zonian Staff 4. Dick Tan Mary Tatm a n

PAGE 129

KEITH TALBOTT J a nu a r y 14, 1951 New Hope, K e ntu cky. KERRY THOMASON-Januar y 12 1953, Tucson, Ariz o na L a tin Club 2 Baseball 1. B ARBARA ELLE N THOMPSON-M ay 2 6 1 952 Fort Kno x K e ntu c k y. Sp anis h Club 1 2 Treasurer, Vi ce President. Lan g u age Fe stival. Juni o r Natio nal H o n o r So c i e t y 2. Eng li s h C e r tificat e 2 Stude nt Assi s t ant 3. Z o nian St aff, A ss i s tant Edit o r 3 Ind ex Edit or 4. Quill a nd S c roll 3 4. CARLOS THOMPSON D e c embe r 15, 19 5 2 T a mpa Florida. PATRICIA THOMPSON Oct. 28, 1 95 2 Dave np o rt I o wa. MARJORI E JA N ET TILLEY ( TiIli e ) Jul y 1 6 1 9 49, P a n a ma R. d e P F.H .A. 3. NANCY KATHLEE N TIN NEY-Aug. 4 19 53, R a ntoul Illin o is D e b ate Club 1. F olksinger's Club 4. Spani s h Club 4. H a m Club 4 D ecoratio n Committ ee Jr. Sr. Pr o m 3 CHARLES TOBIN M a y 15, 1951 Anc on, C a nal Zone. C h arles Tobin l\an c y Ti nne y l a n e t Till ey 135

PAGE 130

Stella Tr emblay Olga Turner 1 3 6 CAROL TOW NSEN D-(L i tt l e R e d ) May 12 1952, Ankara Turkey. Pep Club 1. Spanish C lub 2. Dr ama C lub 4 F.B.L.A. 4. KATHR Y N ANN TRACY-Novemb er 12 1952 C l anton A l a bama. F.T.A. 1. Chorus 1 2. MAYRA P. TR AHAN September 28, 1952, .New Orlean s Lou i s i ana Spanis h C lub 2 3 4. Drama Club 4. French C lub 4 Science C lub 1, 2. G.A.A. 2 3 4. BARBARA ELAINE TREADW ELL-(Barb l Jul y 22, 1 952, Abile n e Texas. Parakeet Staff, Asst. 1 s t Page Ed. 3. STELLA TREMBLAY Marc h 25, 19 52, A n con, Cana l Zone. Swim Team 2. Dr ama C lub 1 2 3 4. Deb a t e C l ub Secretary 2 3 Pres. 4. C heerleade r 3 4. F.N.A. 3 F.H.A. 2. Chorus 4. Folksinger's Club 4. Nat i o n a l Thespians Association 2, 3 4 OLGA H ELEN TURNER-(Puppy) Aug u s t 29, 19. JOH N M I CHAEL U R I A S-November 17, 19 52 San t a Maria, Calif o rnia. S.A. Rep. 4. Span i s h Club 4. Baseball 4. VERONICA VALL E-(Ronnie ) September 28, 1952 Dill ey, T exas. Glee C lub 2. G.A.A. 4. Fol k singer's Club 4 Jr.Sr. Prom Comm.3. J ohn Ur i as R o n n ie V alle

PAGE 131

SPIROS COSTAROS VAMVAS-August 28, 1952. Science Club 1. Spanish Club 3, 4, Treas. 4. Drama Club 2 Fren c h Club 4 Showcase Club 3, 4, Pres 4. Carniva l Dance Comm. 3, 4. ERNEST V AN HORN-December 27, 1952 San Antonio Texas. SUE VAN KIRK-April 27, 1952 Charleston, South Carolina NORMA ANGELICA VARGAS-January 22, 1952 Mayaguez, P R. Intramurals 3, 4. F.B.L.A. 4. F.S .A. 4. Girls' Glee Club 3. Drama Club 4 RUSSELL VAUCHER-February 28, 1 951, Ancon, Canal Zone. DAVID VAUGHN-September 6,1952, Loretto Neb raska SUSAN VEGA-(Sue) November 11, 1952 Kyoto, Japan TINA LILLIA N VEGA-December 30, 1952 Queens, New York. F.N.A 3. F B.L.A 4. Spanish Club 4. Photo Club 4. Tina Ve ga Sue Vega / Russell Vaucher David Vaughan 137

PAGE 132

Stella Vives J D e l Wad s worth 1 3 8 JENNIE MARIE VENO-February 4 1952 Bogota, Colomb i a Drama Club 1 2 3, 4. G A .A. 2, 3 4. National Thespians 2, 3 4. Chess Club 4. Clinic Ass!. 1. Office Asst. 1. A .V. Ass!. 2. MIKE VICKJ une 3 1951 Columbus Ohio. A N N LOUISE VIErO-August 14, 1952, Panama City Panama Photo Club 4. G.A.A. 3 4 STELLA ROSALIANA VIVES June 1 1952, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Showca s e C lub 3. PATRIC I A IVONNE VOGEL-September 25 1952, Panama City, Panama Drill Team 2, 3, 4. G.A.A. 3 4. Parakeet Staff, A s st. Circulation Ed. 4 JOEL WADSWORTH-October 16, 1952 Enid Okl ahoma Bi o l o g ica l Honor Society 3, 4. N.H.S. 4. KAREN WAGGONEROctober 16, 1952 Ft. Lee, Virginia. Chorus 1. Newspaper 1. Art Club 2, 3. French Club 3. W ILLIAM W. WALKER (8ill ) May 28, 1952, Rep de Pan ama. R.O.T.C. 2 3, 4. Spanish C lub 4. Karen Wag g oner Bill Walker

PAGE 133

Mar y Walker Joe Wallace MARY M. WALKER Januar y 22, 1 952, Coco Solo, C. Z. Int ramu r a l s 1 2 3 4. Spani s h C lub 4. J OSEPH A. WALLACE-( Bubby ) Aug u s t 27, 1 950, Ancon, C. Z. Baseball 1 2 3 Cross Cou ntry 1, 2. Gymnastics 3 Intramura l s 1 ,2,3. Volle y ball 3 Cheerl eading 1 2 Capt. 3. MELISSA JANE WARD-(Millie) Aug u s t 13, 1952 Anc on, C. Z. Chorus 1 2, 3 4 S.A. Rep. 3. F .S.A Treas. 4 Dr ama C lub 2 3, 4 Thespians 2 3, 4 F T.A. 4. F.N.A. 4. JULIA M. WATSON (Julie) Novem ber 3 1949, Jack sonville, Fl a F.N.A. SARAH JEA N WATSON-(Sally ) D ecember 7 1 952, Jackson v ill e Fla. Drama Club 3. F.N .A. 3, Treas. 4 Latin Club 4. R U SSELL CARL WATTS-(Russ) Nove mber 16 19 5 1 Mont gome ry A la. Dr ama C lub 1. Pep Club 2 3. FAYE BARBARA WEISSER-Sept e mber 27, 1952 Louisville, K y F T.A. Dram a Club 4 HAROLD WHITE-(H al) A u g u s t 25, 1 952, Omaha Neb. H aro l d White F aye W e i sse r Melissa Ward Russell Watts 139

PAGE 134

Steve Wil so n 140 KE NNE TH O. February 3, 1952 Colon R. P. Hum a niti es Club 2. CHARLES McCOY WICKS JR.-(Chu ck) July 22, 1952 J ack sonville, Fla. French Club 1. J.Y. Football 2. ERNIE WILLIAMS-May 6 1 950, Panama R. P. MARIA LOU RDES WILLIAMS -December 30, 1951, Ft. Clay t on, C. Z. French Club 2 3 4 G.A.A. 3, 4. F.N.A. 3, 4. F.H .A. 3,4. CARMEN ELAINE WILMOTH January 5, 19 51, Ancon C. Z Intr amurals and G.A. A 1,2,3,4. STEPHEN BRUCE WILSON JR. Mar c h 5, 1952, Columbus, Ohio Zonian Staff, Sports Ed. 4 Basketball 1 2, 4. Parakeet Staff, Sports Ed. 4 FRED WOLF-March 19 1952 New York City, New York. RICHARD ARMANDO WOOJanuar y 22,1950, Panama, R. P. Spanis h C lub 2, 4. Photo Club 2, 3, 4. Table Tenni s 3. Wrestling 1. Fred Wolf Richard Woo

PAGE 135

Va l erie Woodie .YOLANDA WOO-February 22, 1952 Norfo lk Vir g inia. VALERIE WOODIE-June 14 1952, Ancon Cana l Zone. ALLEGRO WOODRUFF -May 19, 1952, Ancon, Canal Zone. BONNIE WORLY December 27, 1951, Saudi Arabia. THERESA WRIGHT-January 4, 1952 Ancon, Canal Zone. RA YMOND YOHROSApril 1, 1951, Birmin g ham, Alabama PHILIP DOUGLAS YORKAugust 5, 1952, Ft. Smith, Ar kans as. Humanities Club 4. D ebate C lub 1 4. N.H .S. 3, 4. Math Club 3, 4. N H.S B .H.S. 4. I s thmian Inklings 4. Wrest li ng 2, 3. WALTER YOUNG-(Walt) February 28, 1 952, Panama. Drama Club 4. Spanish C l ub 3, 4 Walt er Youn g Philip York Raymond Y ohros 141

PAGE 136

Glenn Knig ht 142 DEBbRAH ZIEGLER-{Debbie) March 24, 1952, Miami, Flori da. CHARLES F. ZORNES-{Chuck) May 2,1951, Panama. VICKI ALTENBERG-September 1, 1 952, Houston Texas JEA N HENDRICKSON-October 6, 1952 Ancon, Canal Zone. JANET HOUK-August 23, 1 95 1 Glen Bernie, New Jer sey . GLENN KNIGHT-July 7 1952 R. P., Panama. SERAFIN G. MENOCAL-August 8, 1952, Havana Cuba NANCY MASKOWITZ-November 2, 1952, Panama City Flori da Serafin Menocal Nancy Maskowitz

PAGE 137

Hay Doshier Mary O 'Co nnell RAY DOSHIER-May 4,1952, Houston Texas. MARY O'CO NELL-January 10, 1 952, Sherman Texas. CARMEN TORRES-October 20, 1 952, San Ju an, P u er t o Rico. Spanis h Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Club 1. C h eer l eader 2. S.A. Rep. 2. French Club 4. LILLIA N TOUCET -(Lil) April 25, 1952 Penuelas, Puerto R ico. Spanish Club 1 2 3. F.H.A. 3. F.B.A. 4. G.A.A. 3, 4 Sandra Adler Jaim e Alforo Laura Allis Fred A n d r ews Scott Burns Thomas Carey Jacqu e line C l ark Gladys De Castro Vi cky D e nton Vic k y Diaz Albert Fehrenbach John Feily Joann e Ferry Raf ae l Fernadez Anne Fine Michael Foster Not Pictured Ruben Galindo Rose rine Gilchrist Mar i a Gonzal ez David Gou l et Thomas G riffin Nicholas Guarinieri Andrew Hir sch Richard H ollis Carmelo Huertas William K elly Sheri Lane Nancy Lang ford Deforest Lewi s Jame s Little Rob e rt McBride Gary McGee Carmen Torres Li llian Toucet Barbara Miller Steve Nehri n g Pamela P almer Maritza C. J. Roy Char l es Siverman Frank Smith Joann e Smith Yolands Snave l y Edward Stanford Dalys Var gas W illiam Wa l ker Thoma s Wesley Pamela Warren Lillian Watkins Amy Zen g er 143

PAGE 138

144 Honor Graduates To b e an Honor G raduat e, a student must ha ve attain e d a 3.0 or better qua lity po int a t the end of the fir st semes t e r of the se nior year of hi g h schoo l. At the time of grad u ation those sen i ors qualifyin g are di s tin guis hed by white tassels w hi c h are worn on their caps. Kri st i e'L. Ackerman Robert M. Alms tead Beth A. Bagl ien R eid M. Beightler V i ctor M Boga ntes III Pet e r Brooks Yvonne Btes h E l izabeth A. Cal thirst Lupe A. Cota l ames B. Cross Ann C. Fif e r Orlando A. Filos Anne Fine J an C. Fitter John J. Flumach Karin 1. Foscue Lydia E. Gallardo Gregory F. Gill i s Kathv P G l ass M i c h'ael E. Hakanson Deborah A Haungs Jean S Hendri ckso n Alison C. Hightowe r Janet M. Houk Karen B. Isaa cs Glenna C. Jackson Luth er F. Jones III Melinda M. Kemper James R Kunkel Lynn May les Cloyd S Mci l vai n e Serafin C. MenDeal Robert D. Miller Nancy 1. Morrison J ack M. a hem Bonnie M. Ne hrin g Laurie E. Ny!!;ard Katbryn A. Orr Melva E. Osborne Steve n 1. Perez Michael T. Perry Anthul a M. Powell Marcia C. Rice Nancy E. Roys Barbara K. Russe l Norma San Mig u e l Marian A Sayre Bernard L. Scaggs Laura L. See ley Marilyn J S h e ppard Barba ra Th o mp son Kerr y 1. Thomason Barbara E. Treadwell Dalys Vargas Stella R. Vives J oe l T W adswor th Karen S Waggoner Philip Y ork Amy Zenger

PAGE 140

146 Senior Hall of Fame !lJ{osl gnleUeclual' 7(eid 23eiyhlier Xaren gsaacs '7? unners-Q{p Orlando 9IIOs 'ZJebbie Xaun:lS !lJ{osl 7llhlel.ic 23arbara Jfess John 9reen :J( unners-Q{p Charhe %cBean 7heresa Wnjh;

PAGE 141

2Kosl denior dpiriled W111iesl !Jl(eh s a Ward G. J ::Roy !J( unners-Q/p Jor'le 'J)o m;'ntruey 7heresa Wnjh/ Jack JiOy'le ::Ronnie ValTe !J? unners-Q/p :Pal YJrulr0Y YJrar'lie 0n'leibe 147

PAGE 142

.148 J/Ouslon Gracfcloc.k Jacrue Jfunl :7( unners-Q/p 'lJie90 'lJeObalch'a :7(obyn ::Pal/on c5leue 900chnan YJalsy VoyeJ :7( unners-Q/p C5piros Vamuas :7(obyn ::Pallon

PAGE 143

Yriendhesl ?ai !Jl(u/r0Y r!5hauni 0mdh :7? unnersJ2!p GJ :7?oy 7)enise Sd/Ie 2/(osl Courleous '])ie!l 0 '])eO balcha 0ue 9ordon :7? unners-Q/p 0ugen e Xol7and Xaney Y/(orrison 149

PAGE 144

150 Jl(osl 7alenled Jl(osl Bielj 70 rSucceed cS/eJTa '7remblay Bonnie Johns/on :J(unners-Q{p :J(ic Jfoj];s Jl(arly Caropresso Xancy %orrison :J( unnersJlip :J(eid 23eiyb/ier X/by Orr

PAGE 145

F o rgel your s h oes? DHS lalcnl a l w o rk. 151

PAGE 146

In Seni I wis h I was at Dunta Rato n ." Catching up on cu rr ent eve nts. Striking a posc. 152

PAGE 147

o r s Out

PAGE 148

s p e a n r I t 0 Y r Beach I s n't that s w eet? I need a drink. En ergy Sout h 154 "Get away, ge t away!" "I've gOI to e jam.

PAGE 149

Whal are they w a itin g f o r ? 155

PAGE 150

156 Panama Surf Seniors In Action C. J Roy l oo k s smoo th at Rio. U n id e ntifi e d turns on a t Ri o Mar. Pat Dillon about to b e c r eamed R eid Beightl e r carve s hard a t the s pot. -. .,. ... Andy Hirsc h at Stones. But ch Ne h rin g o n a f antastic roll e r coas l er.

PAGE 151

The beauty and the beast. Senio r s in action! S.A Sp i r it. Faces of Victory ! 157

PAGE 152

Senior Close-Ups 158

PAGE 153


PAGE 154

But I don't lik e cott o n candy. Aw com e o n girl s They ca n't be that bad! L e igh a nd \ ivian ke e p a c l ose w a t c h o n th e c hange booth. Heigh h o Silver!! 160 SURE, W a lt e r

PAGE 155

o uquet for th e BHS Track Queen from I Distric t League of Panama Th e S1000 legs? Birdman!! The f a nt as ti c four 161

PAGE 156

P eace Br e thr e n! Say u h have you tri e d B a n ? It's n o t y our s ideburn s I mind it' s th ose c razy curls. Bi g exec utive! HA! YECCH Y a u v e got your n erve

PAGE 157

h e n the rain co mes, run and hid e your h ea d ... You drank all of th ose? IV e took from Harnett a nd Dunn. I won th e American S"1ile Week co ntest! They sure do get o n m y n erves "No, my n ame i s not Po ca hontas!" "On top of old Smoky ... 163

PAGE 158

I w onder if s h e'll eve r s hut up, L e t' s m
PAGE 159


PAGE 160

166 T reasurer Katie O lli ver Junior Class Officers V ic e -President Ed Wood Secretary Lin da Adkins P residen.t Chr i s U n derwood

PAGE 162

168 Ackerman, Bill A cor, Harry Adams, Buffy Adkins, Linda Adl er, Sheila Affeltranger, Mar k Ahlf, Richard Albritton Mark Alfaro, Leopoldo Alle n Albe rt Allen, Georg e Ames, William Anderson, K e nneth Anderson, Kris Andr ews, Jim Andrews, Kath e rine Aponte, Qu e rub y Ar i as, J ose Arias Joanna Ashby, Jim Aske w Kathy A tki n s on, Ken Auric h J im Aus lerman, D e bbi e Ayco ck, Debby Baker, Robert

PAGE 163

Baldwin Rob e rt Balma s R anda ll Barb e r Milton B a rker Ja c kqueline B alalden, Kari Bat es, Chris Bauman Matthew Baumba c k, Fred Bed s worth, Charles B e l s ito Frank B elts, Mar y Biagi D e bra Bir c h e r Julia Bissell, Gay Blanch, Antonio Block, Larry Bloomb e rg, William Blumb erg, L eslie Boatwright He nrietta B o n an no, J o hn David B o nanno Barbara L Bone, Sandr e Bowen, Ann e Bowen Stephe n B owke r Bet s y Boyl es, Jod e Bradbury, William 169

PAGE 164

Brannan Rit a Br eade n B a rb a ra Brem e r Fre d Bretsch e r Jim Brown, Car l Bruce, Sue Brun ette, C hri s Bryan Jr. Ken Br yant, Mic ha e l Buckley, Elizab e lh Buell, Daniel Bullard, J o hn Bull ock, Lesl i e Bounviri Jr. Eug e n e Buo nviri Joseph Bur c hfiel, P e nne Burgoon Joseph Bur goon, Jr. Ric hard Burgoon Yvette Call, Nancy 170 "SMILE!"

PAGE 165

Campos, Arturo Cope s ky, C ind y D e nize Carrio o n Carm e n Carroll, R i c k C e ni ceros, C laude Chesmo r e, M a rino Chri s t e n s e n Dee Dee C l a r k D e nnis Clark, Tim C level a nd S u s an Coleman P a t C o llins, M e Linda Coma n Mike C orco, Car m e n Cook J ames C o p e Bill Corr ea, M aggy Crawf ord, Bryan Cr o well, Pam Crull D o nita Cueva s, Gladys Curtis, Ann Cutl e r R i ley C y p h e rs Mar y Dard e n Mark 171

PAGE 166

172 D avidson Peggy Da vis, Troy D ay, Mun c hy Dean Cynthia D ea n H e l e n DeArmas, Louis D e L a Cruz B ec ky D e h a rt Bill D ekle, D e bbie Devan ey, Carol Diaz Harmodio Diaz,losefina D o lan Mik e D o lan Ri c hard Doubl e day, Alice Dover, Ant h o n y Dr aper, T erry Dr iver, Greg D ryja Ann Du gas, R a lph Duncan M a rth a Duplaga, Ca thy Durh am Eri c "Mary had a littl e lamb.

PAGE 167

Eck ardt, T e rry E c h er d Mik e Edwards, Donna Eng elke T o m Erwin, Bill y E sk i ldwen R a mon Eu stace, Mary Eve r s K er ri e Eytalis, Jea n F a br ega, Gustavo F assett, Norma F ears, K a thl ee n F erg uson Jud y F e rguson Midge F e nning e r D e bbie Fitzg e ral Arl e ne Fl e tcher, Jua nita F o lse, Rolando F o ntain e Mary Ford Scott F ord, Ted F o ulk J o hn Fri edma n L y nne Fri sby, Budd y Frith Steve Fulai, C a rlos Full er, Marlen e Full e r Kath y Full e r Kath y /73

PAGE 168

174 Fulton, D ebb i e Gailey Steve Gangle Patti Garza, David Garcia, Melinda Garza, Norma n Gayl o rd William Genoshc, Dan George, Jim Gianetta, Angela Gibson, Dean Gilbert Karen Gomez, Mike Gomez, Tom Gonzal es, Patricia Goodwin Burt Gorby, Ali s on GradoIf, Connie Craig, Jim Granum, S h awn

PAGE 169

"The Look of Knowl e dge" Greenley, Linda Gr eg ory ... In gr ia Gu arnieri, P a trica Guilf o rd, Sheila Guthrie, Sue H aas, Ron Hale, Phil Hall Bill H all, Sandhy Hanl o n S t eve Hardin Glen H ardw i c k M ary J o H are, Chris H a rr e lson J a n H arp Bill H aungs, Kathy Hawkins, Trudy Haylc, Cath y H effley, P ete H e le, Debbi e H ermanson, Cath y Hi c ks, Elizab e th H ill, J a nie H oard, Jose H oll, Ric k H olley, David H olmerg, William 175

PAGE 170

176 H or t e r D e bbie Hoope r Gabby H o use, Chris Hou s t o n S tevie Howe, Ali ce Howls, D e lla Hu e rb sch, Janice Hu ghes, Kimberly Hurley, D ebbie Hus ted Gilbert Hu sted, Patsy Hut c hings, Buddy I anoale, Daisy Irwin Mike Inman, John J acks, Dia n a J emmott, R obert J eff rey, Robert Joffe, Mike J o hn son, Gail Jones, Elizabet h Jones. Ernie J ordon, Maria Kachins ki Joseph Keen, J e rff ery K elly, Annette K etner, Stephanie Keyser D e nise Kiley, P a t

PAGE 171

Killg o re, R obe rt Ki s ler Carol Kl e inh enz, J ames Kn ox, Mahlon Kru eger,l'.'1arty Ku cze k Paul Ku czek, To m Kurnl e r Ca d o lle Lamb er ty, I s lay David Lammon, Diana Lampa s Carlos Landrum, Mary L ane, Beverl y Lanza, Martha L arrabee, Joyce Lawson D e bby Le al, Ricardo Ferr ein Lee Ri ca rdo Le eso n D e nnis L epage, Chri s Leonard Mik e Le o n a rd, T e rry Le sc hn e r Jack Letourneau R ay Long, K evin 177

PAGE 172

178 L o r e n zen, Bob Lu go, Mad e lin e Lyo n Barbara May l es, Brian Maxi e, Linda Mapp, Rh onda Maduro, Mar ce la Maggi ori, Aldo Maggiorn, Bill i\'l::trcola, Bill Mar o hl, Arlhu r V Martin J ose Frank Martinez, R o ddy l\'lason, Kar e n Maxwell, J ames l\hy, D e bbie M c Arthur, Laura McBrid e, Linda McCauley, She il a l\' la c D o n ald, Anne McFadden, Tom McGe e Ga r y McGlad e, Mi c hael McGr a th, Louisa McGuinn e ss, J ea nn ette l\ I c Guinne ss, J o hnny

PAGE 173

McIlv ainc, Edwin M cNa bb Ric hard M ea dow s, J oh n llo'lc dina, Eddi e J ose M c ndow Ra y M e nd e nh all, Carol M e n oc al Antonio l\' fill e r H e l e n : Million Gordo n Min s koff, J ero me I Hiranda Aixa h 'lurphy, Jim Murdock Edwi n Carol Moy er, Donna Mun si l Sue Myer s, L y nn Nachio, Elizabeth Nas h D e bra 179

PAGE 174

Nellis, Steve Neville, Kathy Newlon, Dia na Nutter, Kathleen O'Bri a n Sharon O che ltr ee, David O'C onno r Cary O'Conn or, Leon ard O'C o nnor Patricia O'D o n nell, J oseph Ole nick T erry Oliver Bruc e Olliver Kath e rine O'N e ill, Via nka, Owre. Sam Pa ge, Andrea P age, Carol Pa gliuso, Eddie Pang; Mik e Pari s h Chris Park s, Lisa Parra, Aur e lio Patton, Cha rl es Pavlik, Mic hael P oweller, Anne P axto n D e bbi e Payne, Sharon

PAGE 175

"Mad Scientist at work." P e d erso n Chri s P e na Mary P e t erso n C h arles Pfeife r Patricia Pi c keri ng, Sue Pink ard, T o m Pineiro, L o u Pluck e r Kat hl een Pow ell, Pat Porlcr Will i am P ollis, Cathy Politti, Pat Pratt, K e ith Prin ce, Maureen Pri e to, Christino Puig, Vivia n Qui.ros, Fran c i sco R a mirez, Yvett e Randall Min e rva R aymondo Yosc min 181

PAGE 176

182 R ee d. R o nald R endon. Dorothy R e ul, Ana Reyn o ld s L arry Hh o d es, Brad Rh y ne Camille Rice, David Riesc h Rochar d Ri e ves, Carr ol Ri os, L o ui s Rivera, T e d R obinso n Connie Robles, S u e Robl es, William Rodriquez, .\Iiriam R odriquez, Vicki R o dger L e i se r R o man ArgeJis Rosarie, j\'Jiguel R ose nbl a tt Cindy Run ne s trand Eri c Ru ssell, R ebecca Ru sso, linda Russo, S t eve Ruth Davi d Ruth Ge o rg e Ryb icki, J ose ph S age r T e rry Salt erio, Alba San c hiz, J orge Saught e r, Jane t S ca nl o n Gle nda Schmidt, Th eo d o r e S c hrib e r, Milton Sears, Doug

PAGE 177

S e rger Car o l Sh a l o n Sa r ita She pp a rd K e nneth Shun G a r y Silv e rm a n G a ry Simonso n B e v e rly Simson l\lark Sm a llin g, S o nia Smead, R o b c rt Smit h Gr cg Smith J a c k Smith. M a rgar e t Smith S t e ph anie S o rr e ll Lind a S o ud er, J ani c Sou s a l ainc s S Olls i e C y r o ll Sp c nser C o urtn e y Spi ro!;. R a nd y Squibb P a t!;y Stall Cind y S t an l ey, l\' l art y S t a uHcr. R o h e r t S techmith, T e rry Sl c v e n!;. Ru ss S t e v en!;. Lind a S t c ll e r Marlene 183

PAGE 178

184 Stewart, J a n Sti nson, Mark Stolts, Barbara Strider, Thomas T alb urt Benjamin Tamar gok, J o r ge Tan Yeh Chen.,g Tapia, Jr. Arturo T aylor, M e lody T er ry, I Hicheal Th o m as, Hu g h Thompson Carol Thompson Victor Thrift Jim Tho rnton Donna Ti cnche n Evelyn Toothman Marie T orres, Diana Trahan, l\' l aritza Trim Ph yJlis Tumin e lii, Luc ille Tumin e lli, I s abelle Turn e r Soodie Turpin V erne Und erwood, Chris Vas quez Ric h a rd V ergara, M aria Vick, D e nni s Wad s worth, Rob ert Wag o n e r, D e bra Waggone r Garry W a ll Donna Walla ce, Patl y Wallac e R a ndy Walker, Be c ky

PAGE 179

Watkins, Edison Watson, Paul W eave r, Arthur W e bb Cathy W eb b Rick Webber, Valarie W ee d Linda Weed, Pat Welch, Marilyn White, Patti White, Courlney White h o u se, Jeff Wickham. L eona rd Wicks, William Wies e Kurt WiII,Carl Willians, Raine W ill Rev ccca Wood, Ed Woodward, Anit a Wors ham, A r vin Young, El eanor Young, Alexandra. Zayas, Carlos Zer binali, L aura Zimm pr, D e bra Banner, Dawn 185

PAGE 180

Cene Carney J udy Cleve l a nd J a n ine Conn e ll C h arles Gor r es Kare n Fl es hm a n Juanita F l etc h er Conni e Grndolf Sue Hawki n s C h arles Keen a n Ma rty Kruger r 86 "Usual C la ss Att e nti on"

PAGE 181

Juniors in Action "Kiss you ?! 1 d o n t even know you!" H appiness i s a love n ote.

PAGE 182

188 "Ric h ar d passing OUt failing s lips. "Wh e r e did I put it?" The Senior Class of 7-1 Wishes the Best in Years to Come For the Class on the Go Senior Class of 7-0

PAGE 183


PAGE 184

190 e Class Officer s D a l e Broo k s Presid ent Kris Taylor-Vice-Presi den t J a n e Tipton Secretary

PAGE 185

Bouz. ltd. Walter Bowman William Bozman Ros s Brand o n Julia Br ell, Margarita Bright, William Brinson, Billie Brown, Lulu Bruner, Charlotte Bryson Halli e Bungardn e r William Burke, Edward Burnell e Caro l Byrnes Greg Cadd en, B arba ra Cagle G e rald Cain, Patrick Cal dwell, Vera Capozzoli, Philip Card, P ame l a Carnes, S h eila Carney John Carr B enny Carras(!uillo, Carme n Casiano Rudolph Cas tle s, Anne Catlett, Elizabeth Chafin, J ack Chan, Josefina C heat ham, T e d C h e liu s, Cyn thia Cheney Kim Chevalier, Michele Chockee, Lourdes Chrouch, Sandra Cloninger T e rry Clark, Pam Clarke, Richard Cobb, J a m es Coffey Gerri Coffey, T o m Cogliandro, 193

PAGE 186

Colbe rt Mark Colbert, Scott Cole, Anita Col e man, Dottie Coleman, Louis G Coli, Carme n M. Compton, Brian Combs, R ebecc a Cooper, Chr i s Copes k ey, Paul Corco, J ose Cornwe ll Diane Cox, Stewart Craddock, Meri C r aft, W illi a m C r espo, Roger C ross, Deborah Cruz, Antonio C ulbr ea th J ea n CUll er M a r ian Dabah, Rog e r Dailey, Steve Daily, J o hn Dargis, Anna Darley, Joy Date, Alison Davids o n, Frank Dawson, Mic ha e l D e Alba, Enrique De Bialokoz, Bunny D e Castro, Eileen D e Gracia, Ca rlos De Ob al dia, Alida De Obarrio, Tomas O e La Cruz, Sandy D e l yi, Michael DiazC aba l Maritz e l DiazGranado s, Nidza Dietz, Freddy Dis hong, J ames Dodge, L ar r y Dolan, Eil een 1 9 4

PAGE 187

Dolan, Ric hard Dooley, Jami e Doshie r Russell D o ugh e rty Joseph Dun can, Ter ess a Duran Edqardo Dyson Kathy Eastham Sara E c herd, Ram o n a Edwards, Frances Efthimiadis, Chris Enriquez, L y da E s t ep, B ob Everson, Bernhard Fabrega Daisy Farm e r Carey Farme r J o hn Farr e ll K elly Fealy, Jim Fehrenba c k Mary F e liciano M y lda Felkins, E ddie Fen oc hi e tli, Ph y llis F e rgason Mik e Fif e r, El s a Finl ey, Scott Finley, Vick i e Forre s t Paul Fo s t er, Eve l y n Fo ulk. J ea nn e Fous e J Gary Friedman, Carol Frith, Cynthia Fritts Gilb er t Truitt, J oyce Fudge, Forrest Fulton, Robert Galdon, Kathy Galino Ire n e Galindo Norberto GaOl, Elizab e th Garc ia, D ebbie 195

PAGE 188

Garza, Carlos Gastian, Barba r a Gaug er, Lisa Gaul, Lor aine Gemmell, L ori Geoghega n David Geoghegan Rober t Gilbe r t, Gary Gilbe rt, Kris Gilchrist, J eff Gillis, Bruce Ginell, Bonney Giv ens, John Georger, Kr isti Gomez, Jame s Gonzal ez, Allan Gonzalez Rick Gonzalez, Wilma Gonzalez, Wilsa Gordon, Jack Grabow sky, Carlos Gr ant, Debbie Grant J enise Gray,l1a Griffin, C r aig Grymala, Pat Guasp, Norm a Guess, Revonda Gunn, J udy H a kanson, D e bbie H all, David H a ll, D o ugl as H a ll, P eggy H annigan Jim Harp, Jacquelyn Harris,Mick Haungs, Sa ndy H aydukovicb, Mary H eard, K e ller He arne, J olm

PAGE 189

H e ddaeus, Ma r k H effley, Ra y H e n drickson D a ni e l H e rm a nson V e rnon He r m a nny, Rit a H erre r F l o r D c H errera R e be rt o H ess J ac k Hildreth, Cor ky Hoar d C o rin n e H obb s Brend a H obbs, J o H ol brook Joey H ol d e rby, Cin d y H olland, C eles t H olland, D i o n n e H olt R ob e rt H oop e r E d war d H op kins, Jim Ho u g h K a r e n H o u k Br enda Hoyle, K a thi e H u e rt as, Mar y Hu g h es, Ric k y H umm er, Joe H unt K e n H url K a r e n H u s t e d D o n a l d H u sum, Edw a r d H u s um, Maur ee n H ut c hings, Willi a m s J a c kson Su sily n H a l J enning s C arol J o hnson Jim J o hnson Marl e n e J ohnson M onic a J ohn s t o n e Eil ee n Jones, Beck y J o n es, Lewi s J o ne!', T erry Justic e D avid 197

PAGE 190

Kaplan, Steven Kar s t Paul K elle h e r Maureen Kilgore, Mike King, Katherine Klimp Eliaheth Knick, Bob Knight J o rli K ochman, Hildy K ot, Vivian Kozlows ki, Anthony Kra emer, Katy Kre ft, P a m Kunk e l Fred Kyle, H aro ld LaFu e nt e, Eddi e Lak e, Kenn e th Lumb ert, Carol Lampas, Hareclea L a ndrum. Pri sc illa Lane, R obert L aracue nt e, David Lar son, Kathy Lat or re, J eane tt e Leonard, P a tricia L e rma Alb e rt Lessiack, John LeWarn e, Mary Lewis, Mario Lillard Lim, Adri e nn e Lind on, Gigi Living sto n, Alec Loh se, Don Lond y n s ky, Jeff L o p ez, Guillermo Lopez, lody Lowr ey, Margar et Luk sa, Vera Lu sby, Linda Macl a r e n, Pati Maggiora, Mike 198

PAGE 191

l'.la h am, Jeannie Mahan Cindy Mah a n R o n Mahan, S uzann e Mak i bbin, Lisa Manfredi, Fninz Maravilla, Mark Marohl, Richard Marti e, Rapha e l Martin, Tina Martinez, B e rnice Martinez Juan M a rtinez, O sca r Martin ez, Peter Mason,Mitzi Mata, Mik e McArt h ur Bill McCab e, Alan M cCo n a u g h ey, William McCormick, Chris M cC ra y M artie McDani els Marty M c D onald, Paul a M c Donald, Sherry McG ee, Sheliah. Mcilvain e, Ken McMahan, L ee McMicha el, Tri s h McNam ll[.@., Jim McVean. Dan Me l e nd ez, Carolina Mendenhall Sue M endez, Jo e . Milam, Rit a Miles All e n Miller, Nancy Mills, Sharon Mitchell, R obbin Mizra c hi, Mik e Mobl ey, Rand y MobI Steve Mont anye, S h anno n 199

PAGE 192

Moore, E liza b e th Moor e I a n M or a l es, Roy Morri s,Bill M o rse, Cha rli e M o rton Charle s Morton, John Mos k o witz, Caro l Motto, D ebra Moult r i e K a r e n Mrkva, A a ron Mull e r Arturo Mullins, C h a rl es Mull i ns, J a m es Mund e n, Eileen M unoz, Joe Mun s il, J ohn Mur phy, G a r y Murphy, K e rry M urphy, T h o mas Nachi o Guy Na h e m S teven Nehring, Phil Ne lson A ndre N ewlo n Kare n Ne w t o n J ane t N o ssov, Bob N unez, Jorge O Bri en, K a thy O Bri e n K e n O C o nnor, Leona r d O C o nn o r, Mic h ae l Ode n Rho nda O e tt e l L a ur a Ohm an, B o nni e Olayvar A l icia Olse n D o r o thy O 'N e a l A li ce O N e ill ,Mic hael Ort ega, G ail O r t i z Jua n Ortiz, Viv i a n 200

PAGE 193

Usanlowski, J ane t Owens, J ea nn e tte Owens, Norma Owre, J eannie P adgett, Spooky Parker, Howard Parthenais Alice P a t chett, Steve P eacoc k Stacey P ea r ce, M ary P earson, Debbie Pennin g t on, J 0 Perez, Myrna Perez, Rob e rto Peters, S usan Pfeiffer Kathleen Phiff er, Leroy Phillips, H e l en Pies, David Pinzon Osvaldo Pomales, A n gie Ponce, Lupita Parr ella, P ete Prat c h er, St eve P r i ce, Alan Prin ce, Mary Py e r L o uise Raible, Glen R am irez, Patricia Reckendorf, Gail R e dhead, Carl os R ee d Gerry R eeves, Winona R ei h art, Betsy Reihart, PalSY R eyes, Pura R eyes, R obert R eyes, Roy Rice, Juli n Rice, K e ith Rios, Joe Ripley, Dwigh t 201

PAGE 194

Rivera, Angel Roberts, Carmen Rob e rts, Lloyd Robertson, James Rob e rtson, Norma n Robles, Stephanie Rodriguez, J ames A. Rodriguez, James E. R ogers, Nikki Rog ers, Paul Romo, Sue Rosa, Magda Rose, Mike Roshott, Susan Rudesheim, Chris Ruit, Hope Russell, Richard Ryan, Marna Rybicki, Elizabeth Saarinen, Laurie Saltzman, Jon Sanchiz, Ana Santa Cruz, Rick Santiago, Dani el Sawyer, Shei l a Sayre, Robert Schemerh o rn, Michelle Schreppel, Rita Scrib n er, Wanda Seagle, Larry Seeley, Roger Selles, Carlos Serrano, Frank Shaffer, Blaine Shaffer, J ames Shanks, Cindy Shirley, Donald Sifuentez, Simmonds Debbie Simms, Robert Simpson, T ony Simson, John Slanina, Jim Small, Frank 202

PAGE 195

Smith, David Smith, Gladys Smith Kate Smith Nick Smith Thomas Snyder, Eugene Socky, Fred Solar, Ruth Sommerfelt, Wendy Spradlin, Reinita Stahl, Brendy Stanley, Terry Stark, Chris Steinberg, Ellen Stevens, Rhonda Stev e nson, I sa bel Stevenson Lind a Stillings, J eaDette St. John, J ames Stock, Cindy Stone, Mary Strid e r, Jame s Stuckey, John Stuckey, Linda Suarez., Marta Sumption Richard Swann, Ronnie Sword, Rob Sykes, Sue Taylor, D e bbie Taylor. Duan e Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Kri s Thatcher, Donna Thom as, D eb r a Thomas, Sheri Thomas, S u e ll e n Thomason Gregg Thomps on, Alfon .so Thompson, Anna Thompson, K aren Thompson Rebecca Thomp s on, Sherry Tilley, Robert 203

PAGE 196

Tipton, Jane Torres, Alberto Tovar, Marie Tracy, Carol Trevino, Arturo Trim, Patricia Trimble Linda Trotter, Chris Truett, Mike Turner, Paul Underwood, Charles Urias, Richard Valdez, Robert Valle, Patrice Vamvas, Vango V a n Ove ren, Chris Vasquez, Joe Wainio, John Walker Kathy Warren, Bruce Wasserman, Therese Watkins, Diane Watkins, Frederick Watson, Greg Weaver, Denise Webst e r Ri cha rd Wentworth, Margaret West Michaele White. Judy Whitehead, Bob Whitehead, Timothy Whitney. Marcia Whittaker, Gary Will Helen Wilson, Mike Wilson, William Wood, Michael Woodard, Millie 204

PAGE 197

Al varnaz, Joe Armitage, Patty Arti s, R o nald Bartl e tt, John Bridges, Linda B r own, Frank Bur dick, David Byerley, Randy Cagle, Burt Carvajal, Frankie Cart e r Barbara Chesmore, Mari no Coleman, James Corral, S h eri Diaz, Maria D ona ld son, Nancy Elmore, Ruby Gent, D e nni s Haff, Daniel Holley, David Hanono, Sarita Harden, Thomas Mandaraka Mirielle Schnoerr, Ma r k Valdez, Patty ... Not Pictured Hargreaves, Mark Hawk, Mahlon Hemmings Karl H e rnd on, Anthony Hill, D ebMe Horta, Ana Irwin, Michael J ackso n M e lvin J ennings, Robert Johnson, Charles Kelleher, Maur een Lamboglia, Mayra Lovel, J orja McLean, Terry McNabb R ichar d Malin, Edwin Mapp, Gregg Meadows, J eff Allen Padilla, Becki Rioa Calzada, J OBe Ritchie, R obert Worl ey, John Wright Beth Wright Glenn Young Iren e Young, Nen a Zakel, Mike Zerr, J ames Zimm erman, Audie Zimmerman, Billy Zorie, Robert Zorn, L es lie Zornes, Rob ert Beall, Debby Biron, Daniel Brooks Dale Fitzger ald, J ac quel Gordon, S teve Hutchin son, David Rivera, Miriam Roop John ROUDtrie, Carmen Rushing, D e n nis Santacruz.. Frank Scribner, Wanda S ifu e ntes, Heriberto Skillman, Bill Sly e, J ames S t een, Ronn i e Stev enson, Sue Strickland, Sh irley Thompson Steven Valadez, Michael Walker, Hop e W e b s t e r, Richard Wenzel, Dou g l as Willis, P eggy Wilson, K a r e n WOQdie, Beverly Yost Ted Zayas, Raul 205

PAGE 198

Sophomore Can Be 'Slow down, you move too fast. What e l se is th ere to do o n S a turd ays ? I am a rock. Wou l d you believe national m er it ballet ac hievem ent? 206 One more like th a t and I'm l eaving.

PAGE 199

Breathin' o n a je t tr a in. One Unique Individual Emily say s you mus tn't ca t wit h you r fin g e r s Little boxes in th e woo dwork. With some sense o f p u rpose. F ee lin g fr ee r tha n I e v e r f e lt b e l o r e 207

PAGE 200

Pl eased t o m a k e your acq u a i nta n ce. D o unt o ot h ers ... I'm s ur e you sec th e stre ngth of m y a r g ument. 208 All Together Now B ut wher e ca n you knock on i t ?

PAGE 201

Wa s that a c ut? A lime and pla ce f or u s Feelin g th a t your friends arc b ehi nd )'OU Both o f you to the Sadie H awkins? You've got to be pulling my leg! 209

PAGE 202

To Learn Grac efully But Brutu s says h e w as ambitious, .. on tbe e tbical nature of th e individual," 210 Tbeory a nd

PAGE 203

Interf aci n g f or a bu s tle? Many Things O h s weet P e lecypod a Unio Are yo u p utt i n g m e on? tj .:..J LJI C See, it's no t rea ll y tha t h a rd.

PAGE 204


PAGE 205

.... A" L e a g u e 214 Standing (I.,): T erry M c Lean Jeann e F o ulk Barbara H ess, Mrs. C. Young Linda H a rn age, Carme nlita Roberts, Carm en Carr asq uillo. Silting (lr): Gigi Linden, Phyllis Fenoc hi elti, L y nn Battey, D e bbi e H e l e L y nd a Enriqu ez. Helen Will. Basketball

PAGE 206

Standing (l-r): Caro l M e nd e nh all, Sue Guthrie Diana Newlon, Mrs. Fulton lslay L amberty, Carmen Wilmoth Donn a Wall, Pat Gon zalez. Kn eeling (l-r): Dai sy I a noale, Martha Duncan S h erry Sparrow, Phyllis Trim, R ose Gil c h r i sl. Intramurals L e a g u e 115

PAGE 207

216 Sophomores Beat Seniors SUPERW OMAN! Scor e : 32-23 Now w hat do [ d o with it? D l a n oale g u a rd s C. W i l m o t h First Time in Eight Years Kath y P a int e r s h ow s exce l l e nt f oo twork

PAGE 208

That's th e way th e ball b o un ces Bowling Intramurals J e nn y V..:no in ac ti o n! A League l"li c h e ll e C h evalie r Barba r a Cast i a n Cind y Frith Alid a d e Obaldia Caro l Fri e dma n B League Lin da Weed P ea nut I l owe S h aron Pa y n e M ary F O lltaine 217

PAGE 209

L ef t to right: Carol Fri e dman, Barbara Gastian, Cynthia Frith, JHic h elJe Che v a lier Alicia de Obaldia. Standing {l-r}: Debbie Cross, Karen Moultrie, Rebe c ca Wak e r, Lynn Myers, Estelle Bolado, Mary Fontaine, Jenni e Veno, Lynn Friedman, Cathy Neville. Silling: Maria Morales. Standing {l-r}: Ann Curti s Patty C e rri Eanes, Joan Best. Sitting: Norma Fassett, Kathy A dams

PAGE 210

Sherri s pikes as the gan g wat c hes. Phyllis usc both h and s !! Volleyball Intramurals WE WON!! I s it goin g to go o ver? H o ldin g th e b a lJ: 219

PAGE 211

tA' League lIa Gray Carol Mendenhal, Car mel ita Rob er ts, Pat Gonzalez, Phylli s Trim, Ali ce Howe, S h erry Sparrow, Martha D u ncan. Kneeling: I s lay Lamberty. Standing (J.r): Barbara H ess, Carm c n Wilmoth, D e bbie Haung.." Kath y Painler, E l e na Bibbo. Sitting : Sue Colburt, Teresa Wright, Marc ella Maduro, Clara Fernandez. 220

PAGE 212

New c heerleading jump, Patty? "Get it Eileen ge t it." Look out f o r thp "law!! b e h i nd y ou! Gam e Poin t ! 221

PAGE 213

L-r: Chris Parrish, Phyllis Trimm, D aisy lanole, Debra Deckle. Tennis L-r: J eanette McGuinness, Denise Cardoze_ 222

PAGE 214

Two pros s itting on the sideli ne. Use the rack e t n o t you r m out h. Soodi e Turner demonstrates the backhand. Debbie Beall s mile s as Cathy Cogliandro makes a poinf:. 223

PAGE 215

What's the score, Sue? Mariam shows good form. A b ou-t face! 224

PAGE 217

69-70 Football Team 224 HEAD COACH: Walt e r Mikuli c h

PAGE 218

You put your l eft foot in, you take your left foot out ... All w e are saying i s give p eace a c h a nce. It's 80rt of lik e Ohio State agains t U Season Record BHS-O CZC-28 BHS-6 CHS-18 BHS-O CZC-30 BHS-O CHS-20 I ju s t knew itn o more w a t e r 227

PAGE 219

DEFENSIVE LIN E (l-r): F. Breme r E. Filo, P. R eitz, P Stutsman B. Keln er, E. M c ilvai n e DEFENSIVE BACKF I E L D (I.,): S. P e rez, Kilgore, C. l\I eye r s C. McL ean, 1. Marlin. 228 C OCAPTAI NS: ( L ) P e t e S t u t s m a n ( R ) P hil R e itz. OFFENSIVE LINE (I. ,): C. U nd". wood, E. Fi lo, B. Wood, M. K i l gore, P Reitz, B. K et n e r E. M cI lvaine OFFENSIVE BAC K F I ELD (t.,): S. P e rez S Nehri ng, F. B r e m er, C. M cLean. RETU R N I N G LETT E RME N (l. r): Pe t e Stutsman P hil R e it z Fre d Br e m er.

PAGE 220

Dean Gibson ( 27) carries th e ball during the Red a n d White Game Mike Higg e nbotham (26) pursued by Dean Gibson (27) and RI"M,h,n (83) Bill K e tn er (78) plays a Illudd y game with CZC. W o uld you b eliev e, Lea p Frog? A t ense moment before the first kickoff of th e game. 229

PAGE 221

230 Junior Varsity Football ALL Zon e Playe r s ALL ZONE LINEBACKER Mike Kil gore OFFENSE fl.,): R. Cutler, R. D ejerne tte, B. D o l a n K. For tner G. Murphy, B. H all, J. Quigley_ (bac kfield) J. N e l son, D. Gib. so n C. Million M. Coleman. (B e l o w ) DEFENSE (l-r): R. Cutler, B. Brown, B. Dolan, B. Baldwin, P. Kiley, C. Murphy. (bac kfield) J N e l s on, M. Simson C. Allen, C. B edswor th M. Coleman. ALL ZONE CEN TER Phil R e itz

PAGE 222

BHS V a r s I t Y C h a m p s 2 3 1

PAGE 223

(l-r) 1st r ow : 1. Birch e r M. Tra han D. Edwards, K. Pluck e r C. Pari s h F. Edwards, T. Wright A. B o w en. 2nd row: C. K ee nan T. Cruz. F. Kunk e l M. Colbert. T How ard, G Gillis 3rd r ow: R Casiano, J. Nelso n G. Smith, R. Cutler, S. Colbert, J. Kunkel. 4th r ow: Coach R eyes, R. Edwards K. Hunt F. K er r M. M c L ean, Asst. Coach Thompson. CO-CAPTAINS Jim Kunkel and Julia Bircher

PAGE 224

B.H.S. Swim Team Has Successful Year

PAGE 225

234 The Many Faces B.H.S. Track and Field

PAGE 226

D e nni s Leeson in th e s hot put event. J ames Shaffe r c l ears th e high j ump. Ed McIlvaine thr ows the discus Vic T h ompso n a nd S t cvc P e rez clear th c hu rdlc s J ohn Green fini s hcs m cd ley r e l ay. R obert Hc},cs fini s h c s th e mile. 235

PAGE 227

Senior Co-Captain John Creen Senior Co-Captain Stcve Perez 1 st row (l-r): B. Harp, D. Leeson M. Carter, D. M c Keon L. Hele, S. Perez, 1. Green, J. Huertas, G. R e ndon, I B e i ghtler C. Lutz, V. Thompson E. Mcilvaine. 2nddl-r): Coach Mikulich, C. Spenser, F. Smit h D. Garza, B Kilgore, J Fudge, T Gomez, E. Wood, M. Galvan R. Reyes, 1. Martin, R Swann, F. Martinez, B. F. Br emer, 1. Shaffer, B. Baldwin Coach Oliver

PAGE 228

B.H.S. All-Zone Thinclads Ed Mcilvaine (Junior) Gary Meyer s (Sen i o r) Ron Swan n (Sop h omo r e) 237

PAGE 229

B.H.S. Racketeers Are Undefeated Front row (t to ,): J. Hoyle, C. Tobin, C. Lawson. C L eeser, T. Dove r Back row (l to r ) : Coac h Nort o n P. Barkowitz, J. George, R. M o ultrie, E. Dur h am. M. Smiley, 1. Artaud. No.2 Charle s Lawson B.H. S Top Five Tennismen 1970 Season Record BHS-6 CZC-I BHS-4 CHS-3 BHS-4 CHS-3 CZC-O No. 5 Tony Dover

PAGE 230


PAGE 231

240 Varsity Baseball 1970 Vlad Lampa s B.H. S. HURLER Coach French g ives t h e sig n al. a.H.S. PITC H ERS (l-r): O. Burdick, J. Bona nno, G .l:Sur di c k V. Lampas. Carlos L ampas, CAT CHER

PAGE 232

Back r ow (lr ) : Coach Fre n ch, D. Burd ick, M. Galvan R Byerly, F Bales, P R ogers, J. Bonanno, Coach R eyse. Front row (l-r): B. B loomberg, J. Green, G. Burd ick R. Swann, C. Lamp as V Lampas, R. Pineda, 1. Blumberg T Engelke. Bulldogs In Action 241

PAGE 233

242 During the Baseball Action 1970 Season

PAGE 234

Soccer Intramurals Tennis Intramurals Back row (I-r): M. Smiley, R. Riesch, M. H cddae us, E. Durham J. Artaud. C. Lawson. Kneeling (l-r): P. B e hrens, T. Dover. C. Tobin A. Lerma, P. Rogers. (Missing): P. Barkowitz.

PAGE 237

B.H.S. Sport Scene 1969-70

PAGE 238


PAGE 239

Audio-Vis ual Ai d es work in the A.V. room, l oca t e d in the S.A. b uil di n g. They a r e in c harge of audio-visual equipment that i s u sed for suppleme nt ary teaching. Audio-Visual Aides R ow 1 : C. Spe ncer B. McLaugh l in B. All i son, R. Lowery, K. Swanscn, Row 2: B. Ru sse ll, M. Wentworth, C. Kervin, Mr. Goudie, A. Stewa rt, A. M ed m ger. D Z I gle r Biological Honor Society Row 1 : E. Calth ir st C. Py e r M. Prince, K. Isaacs, T. Hawkins, C. C u evas. Row 2: O. F i l os, L. Seely, K. Ocr L. Nygard, P. Bir c hfi el, P. Pow ell, P. Poictli, M. Fontane t A. Woodard. R ow 3: M. Powell, Mr. Goudie N. Morrison, J. Wadswo r th, L. Scaggs, M. Collins, B. Ackerman, Berquist, P. Brooks, P. York, K. Gilbert, C. S ilv er man, C. Gill is. 248 T o be elig ible for member s hip in the Bio l og ical H o n o r Socie lY, lh e s tud e n t mus t h ave a B av erage in Biology a recommenda ti on from his bi o logy teac h er, a n d a n overall "8" average

PAGE 240

The Chess Club i s designed to h elp s tud ents be come more pro ficient in Chess. Sometime after the fir s t semester, the mem b ers compete amoung themselves in a regular tournament t o determine club c hampi o n Th e club also has an an nu a l tournament with Canal Zon e College in whi c h the winning school receives atrophy. Coin Club Chess Club For those who collect coins or would like to s tart, The Coin C lu b gives an opportunity to do s o and to l ea rn about numi s matics A coin exhibit i s give n durin g t h e year, a nd the club i s soo n to be a member o f th e Ameri ca Numis m a ti c Association. 249

PAGE 241

250 Debate Club The: Debate Club provides an oppor t unity for interested students to practice publ i c spea king and l ogic Students from every class a r e welcome. Dur i ng t he year meetings are held t wice a month, wi th an average of two debate s a mo nth. Row 1,: S. A skew, S. Frith, P. York, R. Odm. Row 2.-M. R eyes D. Bak e r S Krisa, B. Ackerman, J Feely Row 3: C. Tobin M. Pang J. Rodriguez B. H arp.

PAGE 242

National Thespians Drama Club The Drama C l ub h e l ps devel o p int e rest a nd appre c iatIOn in the art of drama To join the club a s tud ent mu s t work in one BHS pla y-eithe r o n s ta ge or in a crew The main ac ti v it y of th e Drama C lu b i s t o s ponsor the pla ys, pro v ide financial backing an d most of the actors an d c r ews for the plays. Thi s d oes n o t m ea n however, that yo u h ave t o b e a member t o try o ut for a part or s ign up for a crew 251

PAGE 243

252 French Club The French Club provides int eres tin g facts a bout France and gives the members an opportun i ty to prac tice the speakin g of French

PAGE 244

Future Business leaders of America FBLA OFFICERS: Seated: H. Boatwright. Standing: Sarah Husney, David Hanono, Alicia Azrak The main purpose of the FBLA is to create more interest and understanding in the intelligent c hoi ce of business occupations. Other purposes are to clevel op competent aggressive business l eadersh ip and to strengthen the confidence of the members in themselves and their work. Row 1: J. Diaz, S. Colbert, C. Townsend, C. Hazelwood, E. Calhirst 1. King. Row 2: Y Woo, S. Chaves, M. Pireto, A. Azrak, A de Obaldia, M. Miranda. Row 3: M. Lanza, R. Gilcrest. S. Morgan, D. Carcloze F. Homsany, D. Hanono 253

PAGE 245

Future Homemakers of America Row 1: D. Cross, D. Moyer, 1. Knight, M. Williams. Row 2: P. Clark, "C. Alle n A. Date M. Maso n Row J : F. Lus ka, P. Creft. Row 2: S. Hu s ncy, 1. 1. Veno, C. C h e lius. Row 3: D. Fra ntz, R 2 5 4 The members of the Future Homemak ers' Club spe cialize in improving sc ho o l and community relations. In ke e ping thi s obje c tive a H alloween party was h e ld for the special educa ti on class at Diablo E l emen t ary School. The childre n came in cos tum e, played games, and sa n g songs. FHA members plan to dec o r a t e Corozal H osp ital for Christmas an d Eas t e r baskets w ill be made i n March for distr i buti o n The fina l event of t h e yea r i s a banquet f or all FHA members. Row 1: M. Pri e to, C. Eustace C. O s burn, C. Shanks, K. M o ultrie, D. Birch Row 2: M. Osborn, M. Moraliz, L Mayles, R. O den, M. Kollgher. Row 1 : R. Guess, D. H aungs K. Painter. Row 2: Mrs. Norlon, Mr s Clark, D. Nelso n M. Curopr csso, B. Cid, M. K empe r C. Marzack.

PAGE 246

The Future Nurses o f America Th e Future N ur ses of America is des i gne d for all g irl s w ho are interes t ed in makin g a career in one of the m any fields of m edici n e. Thi s club i s d es i g n ed to further the int e r ests of th e g irl s thro u g h g uest s pe a k e r s film s, field trip s, and projec ts. 255

PAGE 247

Future Secretaries of America Students in the Future Secretaries of America gain an und ers tandin g of the princ iples and practices of o ffice proced ures and mana ge ment. The main function of the club i s the operation of room C312, in which s tudents give a free peri od to offer their serv i ces to tea cners The secretar i es a l so have a Faculty T ea to introduce teachers to the serv i ces that are o ff e red. To b e a membe r of the Secretari es' C lub yo u must h ave tak en, or be current l y enrolled in Typin g I and Shorthand II. Prev i ous l y only 2nd year Shorthand s tud ents could be members but this yea r Shorthand I students cou l d join as littl e s i s ter s The year i s hig hli gh ted b y a banquet for all new members at the close of the schoo l year. Row 1: N Vargas L. Lasc ala, s. Lane, L Garcia. Row 2: B. Andrecht, R. Patt on, N. Murphy, S. Adl er C. M arzack. Row 1: S. Rid er, D. Forseth, R. Navell, K. Jackson. R ow 2: M. Mic hel. M. Ohman, E. Calh ir st. Row 3: Y. Woo, T. V ega, E. Carpenter, J Farnsworth, K. H offman. 256 r--__ Ro w 1: D. McGrath, N. Foste r J H ouk, D. Vargas, J. Cookson. M. Ward, J. Major, V. Scaggs.

PAGE 248

Future Teachers of America FTA offic ers Ilnd Mi ss Carr l ook over futur e pl a n s for th e club. The Future T eachers o f Am e rica h e lp t o furth e r a s tud ent's inter est in t eac hing. A s tudent may p a rti c ip ate in eithe r of two programs; assisting tea c hers a t Balboa Elem e ntary Sch ool or makin g tape recordin gs f o r the Palo Seeo L e per sa rium or b oth. 257

PAGE 249

258 T o b eco m e a memb e r of th e Girls Athl e tic A5-sociation one mu s t e arn one h un d r ed poi nts. Thi s i s d o n e by part i c ipat i n g in a n y s in g l e int ram ur a l act i v ity, comin g t o eve r y ga me ; w h ereby yo u 'll earn th e hundred points ne ees sary to join th e G.A.A. Sophomores Seniors Juniors

PAGE 250

Ham Radio Club 259

PAGE 251

Humanities Club Th e p urpose of th e Humanities Club i s t o promote int e r est in the F i ne Arts. O n ce a month m ee tin gs are he l d at w h ic h g u es t s peak ers ta l k on s u c h s ubje cts as the new lef t i n American coll eges t oday ) Witch c raft th e S ul ra s and the San Bia s Indi a n s of Pana m a. 1. F e rnandez, A. Wooda rd B. Call, J. Na ham, M. Gar cia. Karate and Physical Fitness Club Th e Karat e a nd Physical Fitness C l ub meets t w i ce a week where memo b ers practice th e art o f K ara t e 260 Sitting: B. Cobb, 1. Hunt, L H aas Mr Sprague, V Scaggs, V Scaggs, F. T ree. S t andi n g: B. H arp, D. J one s I. Alf a rd A. Livin gs ton K. W e i se, R. B e i g hl l cr, D. B rooks, P Gra ss

PAGE 252

L eft: Row 1: 1. Gregory, B. Pip e r S O 'Brian, L. J o nes. Row L. Tri mble, 1. Larr abee, S. Vives. Rig ht: R ow 1: C. Alle n K. Mason, R. W e b s t e r J. Ferguson. Row 2 : D. R endon, G Silv er m a n Mrs. P e rry, J. W o rley. Latin Club T h e La t in C lu b i s a member of the Na t ional J uni o r Cla ss ica l L e a gue. All s tud e n t s who hav e stu d ied La t in or are pre se n t l y t akin g Lat in are e l i g ibl e for memb ersh ip. The purpose of this clu b i s to encourage inter es t i n the la n g ua ge, c ivilizati o n li t erature and art of Greece and Rome. Lettermen s Club The Letterme n 's C l ub se lls refre s hment s at athletic eve nts, s erves as tim e r s and j ud ges a t track meets ; a n d s pon so r s the an n ua l F oot ball Dan ce a nd th e L e tterm en's Banque t To b e a member one mu s t have ea rn e d a Vars it y le tt e r and be in goo d s t a ndi n g a t Ba l boa H i g h School. R ow I: V. Lampas, J Green, P. R e ilz G. Mye rs, E. R endo n S. P e rez, E Filo. R ow 2 : G. LUlz, J. Min s koff M. D o l an, E McIlv aine J. Bu onovir i B. K e tner. Row 3 : C. S p e ncer L. Stan f o r d V. T ompson J Marlin B. i\'larcola, C. M c Lean Row 4: C. Lampas, F. Bre mer. 261

PAGE 253

library Club The main purpose o f th e Library Club i s t o i nt e r es t s tude nts in b oo k s, r ead in g and t o famili a r ize them w i th the library an d it s proced u re s Row I: B. Ric hie, C. Fis h e r F. Luk s a S. Th omp s on, C. R eeves. V Diaz K. Taylor, C. C offey, C. Alle n M. Diaz. R ow 2: L Nyga rd R. Dos i c h er, L. Phillips, 1. Carney. The purpose of th e Ma th Club i s t o g i v e s tud e n t s a broade r kn owledge in th e fie l d o f math. Ea c h year the cl ub s p o n s o r s a C hri s tm as dri ve for s e r v i cem e n overseas. Useful item s s u c h as toi l e t articles h o me mad e coo ki es, sig n ed Chri stma s card s a n d a c opy of th e P a rak ee t are collec t e d a nd se nt. 262 Math C lub Row J : C. Gill i s A. ;agc, V B a rnhill J Werly, Row 2: C. P allc r s o n C. Glass. P P ol ett i M. P a ng, r. C r ego r)" B Carcia. N. Call. D Thac h e r M. .I. Bir c h er. R 01() E. Murd oc k D O s tcrman, C. K een:Jn, n. H a rp L. Tri mbl c P Trim. T ]\.fc Lc:Jn, 1. C. Grant, l\Jrr s. Grah a m

PAGE 254

Organ Guild Th e Org an G uil d e ncoura ges a n i nt e rest i n the org an and mu s i c in ge neral. Spanish Honor Society M e mb ers are initiat e d for 1970. Amba ssador N es t ur Cull f r o m V e nezuela pr ese nt s SPillli s h ho o k s to l\'Ir Willman . Miss Per e z a nd P e l e r B r ooks will a ccept th e g i ft for th e Spa ni s h departme nt. l\li ss P e r e z (U. POl.'CS wilh s tu dl'nt s w ho have helonged t o th e Hon o r Society f or one year. To be elig ible f o r the Soc i e ty, a s tud e nt mu s t h ave had three years o f Spani s h w i th f o u r A's" a nd one B and maintai n a "C" avera ge. A s tud e nt mu s t b e r eco mme nd e d b y the c o u n se lor s a nd b e approved b y the S p anis h D e partment and Mr. Willman. 263

PAGE 255

National Honor Society 1969 I N ITIATE S Member s of th e Na ti o n a l H o nor Society are selec t ed acco rd in g to f our ca rdjnal principle s of the soc i ety: (1) S c holar s hip; (2 ) L eaders hip; (3) Service ; and (4) Character. A person mu s t have a 3 .00 average b e f ore being elig ibl e for member s hip. A s tud en t mu s t also be a me mb e r of th e B a lb oa Hi g h School s tud e nt bod y for a yea r. R ow 1: K. Isaacs, L. Seel ey, K. F oscue, B. Bagl ein, K. Orr, Y. Btesh, K. Acke r man. Row 2: A. Hightower, M. O s born, E. Roys, M. Powell, J. Filt e r N. Morrison, D H aungs, 1. Gallardo. Ro w 3: C. Gillis, O. Fil as R Beightler, P. Brooks, R. Alm stead. P. Y o rk 264 1970 I NITIATES R ow 1: A. Fin e L Cota, L l\1ay lcs, B. Nehring, L. Nygard, K. G l ass, E. Calt hir st A. Zenger, M Ri ce, D. Vargas, N. San Migu el. R ow 2: V. Bogantes, M. H akanson, 1. Kunk e l M. Pe r ry, 1. B e i ghtJer, 1. W a ds worth,1. Fluma ch, S. Menocal. Row 3: V. Bogan t es, L. J ones B. Miller, M Bozman, L. Scaggs, C. McIlvain e

PAGE 256

Photo Club Th e objective of the Ph o t o Club i s t o offe r stude nt s th e opportunit y t o le a rn a b out ph o to g r a ph y as well as t o pro vid e a ser v i ce to their school.

PAGE 257

266 Quill and Scroll K. HUSUM Zonian A. MEDINGER Zonian E. ROYS Par akee t B. THOMPSON Zonia n J. BIRCHER Par a k eet N.BOYO Zonian Y. BTESH Zonia n J FITTER Zoni a n M. PERRY Zonian The Q u ill and Scroll i s an honorar y soc i e t y f o r j ournalis m stude nts Membership i s gran t ed t o those student s w h o h ave a "8" avera ge and have co ntribut ed to a n y of the sc h oo l 's publica tio n s. L SCAGGS Zonian

PAGE 258

The Balboa Hi g h Schoo l S c i ence Club tries to promote sc ientific int erest through field trip s and g uest speak ers. The club h as a wide ran ge of ac tivitie s to participate in includin g the radio a n d model rocket club. Science Club 267

PAGE 259

268 Spanish Club Th e Sp a ni s h C l ub aim s a t g l vm g s t u d e nts a b e tt e r in s i g ht into th e S p a nish cult u re a n d l ang u age Throug h lectures a ppearanc es o f Span i s h f olk d a n ces, field trip s t o p la ces of in t e rest in Panama, a nd a n en d o f th e y ea r p i c ni c in t h e i n t e ri or. T h e club a l s o sp o nso r s th e a nnua l Carn i va l D a n ce S PANI S H CLUB OFFICER S D a ly, V a r gas, J ac ki e Cla r k Joanna Aria s Mr s Diaz (sp o n sor) a n d Candy Lim.

PAGE 260

Row 1: A. Fifer, L. Sorre ll, M Betts, C. Lim, A. Woodard. Row 2: R. DelaCruz, M. He r es S. V amvas, L. Gallardo E. Vives, M Woodard. Showcase Club Any student int e rested in art o r desi g n i s wel come to join th e Showcase C lu b The club i s in c h arge o f deco r a tin g th e four showcases in th e m ai n h a ll At cer t a in time s of the yea r they h old cont ests t o see whic h class has the bes t d ecora t ed s h owcase

PAGE 261

The Folksingers Club No s pecia l r equ i rements are n eeded t o join th e Folk s in ger's Club. If you s in g, p lay an ins trument or like t o listen to m u s ic an d have a g o o d time you are welcome to j o i n Du r in g the year two Hoot e n annys wit h club and g uest p erfo rmers are given. At th e meeting va ri ous f orms of folk mu s ic a r e li s tened to an d discu sse d 270

PAGE 263


PAGE 264

PANAMA-BALBOA COUNCIL #1371 Congratulates the Graduates of Balboa High School and extends best wishes to all. It is our firm desire that every one of you go forth to pro mote the high type of citizenship which can be relied upon to preserve and perpetuate our Republican Form of Government and our Democratic Institutions. Catholic boys age 13 to 18 may apply for membership in the Columbian Squires For further information ask any Knight or Squire Telephone Balboa 3466

PAGE 265

COMPLIMENTS OF Panama Canal Post One, Inc. THE AMERICAN LEGION Department of the Panama Canal Zon e P O. Box 336 Balboa C. Z. The Panama Power and Light Company also su pports EDUCATION One of the propositions of our company has always been to help the professional development of our employees and the cultural advancement of the country Because of this we make substantial contributions to educational development. Besides things, we give scholarships practical courses seminarsl support to vocational schools and teaching courses, With this help, we hope to be able to serve you and the nation better. COMPANIA PANAMCNA DC FUCRZLJ Y LUZ

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PAGE 267


PAGE 268


PAGE 269

278" __ TO THE C LASS OF 1 9 7 0 FROM THE BOYS WHO GIVE YOU THE P, \RTIES S R:';:' and SLOB Don.'t Worry ,Ge t H e r Flowers THE at AN CON GREENHOUSE Mo rgan's Gardens B o x 5009, Balb o a Phone: 2-2390 F o r The Latest In Hair Styles Frol)1 The States DIABLO BEAUTY SHOP owner-MRS, RACHEL CARLSON

PAGE 270

\ 2 7 9 POST FLORIST & GARDEN SHOP Box 172 Curundu, C Z CURUNDUFLORISTS Balboa 2 2793 Flower s as n ear you T e l e ph ones Curundu 7292 I f you want anyt hing that costs, t h a t m eans you'll hav e to buy it. NAREK MUSUH THE NOAD STORE cgJ Best of Luck fE: c8l to Our If? W GREAT CLASS cEP W 1970 f% r$ Ann Rose (j,:', Mary Ann Eileen '-
PAGE 271

280 Compliments of ESSO STANDARD OIL S. A. LTD. Canal Zone ESSO MARINE SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMITED P O Drawer 201<4 Balboa, Canal Zone The 1970 Z onian Advertising Staff wishes t o sinc erel y thank all i t s co ntr i but o r s and to ext end t o th e Class o f 70 th e be s t o f luck i n th e f orthcoming yea r s Vicki MaryAnn Celeste 1970 ZONIAN ADVERTISING STAFF

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PAGE 273

A Abadi, O ehorah .192 Abadi T erri ]92 A c kerman Bill 1 68,248,250 Ackerman Joan L. 192 A c kerman Kri,:;tie L. 97,264 A co r Harry 168 Acosta, Eric 1 92 A c rich, Ric ardo A. 97 Adams Barbara K. 192 Adams Bllffy H. 1 68 Adk i n s Linda 1. 78, 1 68 Adler Sandra L. A.dle r Sheila ] 68 256 Adler, S i eve 192 236 AfTe ltran ger, Mark Van 1 68 J \ g uirr e, E s t c l a A. 1 92 Ahlf Ric hard J. 168 Ahnert Paul M. 97 Aile nl, Gladys E. 97 Atb ert. Hy e Slik 192 Athrilon, Mar k W. ]6!i Ale xand e r Caro l A. 97 A l e x ander Catherine L. 72,S)7 Alfaro Jaim e E. Alfaro L eopo ldo Jose 57, 168 Allen Albert A. 168 Allen, Chris ti A. 97,26 1 262 Allen Debhie L. 192 Allen, Gail 192 Alle n George 1. 1 68,230,254 Allgood S t ep h e n D. Allis Jr . 10hn David Allis Lauralisa Alliso n Jr. Bonne r C. 97,248 Almstead, Robert M. 85,98 ,264 Altenberg, A'1arcella 192 Altenberg, Vic ki M. 142 Alvarnaz, Antonio L. Alvarnaz, J oe G. Alvarnaz Tony L. Ames, William Ira 168 Anderson K e nneth 168 Anderson Ill, Frank A. 98 Andersen 10 1 m 192 Ande rson. Kri s 168 Andre c ht Brenda K. 98.256 Andrell's, Elizabeth G. Andrew s, Elvia E. Andre\\s, Fr e d C. Andrew s, Jim 168 Andrews Kath e rin e J Andrew s, Hoss \XI. 98 And ujar, Carmen 192 Annis Alison E. 98 Aponte Querlly 168 Appin Robcrt Aquin, B etsy J. 192 Arango, I l e na 192 Araya Virginia Aria s, Antonio M. 192 Arias, Joanna D. 57,168 Arias, J ose R. 168 Arosemena. I da Maria 98 A rruitag e Patty 204 Artaud .lohn P. 192.23R,239,243 Art hur Pat 192 Anis, Ron a l d West Icy Ar/.e, Lourd es E. 192 Ash Jr .. David D. 9R Asll, Vflll'cnt M. 192 A s h b y Jim 168 Askew. Cathy I.. 168 A s k ew. S t ephcn J. 83,98,250 Atkinson. Ken 16H f \ lkin s on, Vicki M. 78,79,99 Aurich .lim 168 AUi'termlln. D'chbic 168 Aus tin .lames T. 192 Aycock, D ehhy L. 168 Ayr e s, Chr i s tine 192 Azrak, Alicia 99,253 282 B Bailey, Laura L. 99 B ailey, Put 192 Bailey William A. 192 Baio, Vilvan S. 192 Bak er. Denise 192.250 Baker, Margaret KatcJam es 102 Baker, Rohen Eug c n e 168 Bak e r Ill, Thoma s Robert Sanfo r d 1 92 Raldwin, Robert C. 169.230,236 Baldwin St eve n V. 99 Bales Fred R ail, B rya n K. 99 Bolma s, Randall Alan 169 Banner. Dawn Barher rvlilton 1 69 Barkema Celi n a M. 192 Barkema L arry H 99 Bark er, Jac queline 169 Barkowitz Paul 99.238 ,243 Barnhill, Victo ria l V l arie 262 Bar t le tt J ohn Baltalden, Kari Kri s tine 169 Bat es, Chri s tina 52,60,167,169 Batt ey, Lynn 192,21 4 Baumann l\'latthew S c ott 1 69 Baumha c h Fred S. 169 B ea ll. D ehhy 205,223 B e asley Allison 192 B edswo rth C harle s Roh e rt 167, 1 69,230 Beckford Hcinaldo Ant hony 192 B eechner. Ada R. 43,82,83,86, 100 Behrens Paul J 100,243 B e i g htl e r .lohn C. 100, 236,264 B e ightler, R ei d 1\'1. 1 00,146 1 56,264 Belfield Scott Pryo r 192 B e l sito, Frank J 169 Benner Laura Ann H. 192 B enne tt B enig na H. 100 Berg, Eli zabeth Ann 192 Berkl ey, Wayne G. 6,1 00 B e rqui st. Mar celo H. 248 B e rryhill Sandy 192 B est, Joan M. 72,218 !Jetts, Mary 169,269 Biagi. Debra 169 Bia g i Guy 192 Biagi. Lynn M. 82, 84,100 Bibbo. E l e na 192,220 Bireh Pam e la 100,248 Bir ch, Pau l Rus...o:ell 192 Bir c h er, Julia 76,]69 ,232,262,266 Biro n Daniel J. Bissell, Gay 169 Bla i s, Mic helle 192 Bla l ock H en r y D. Blanch Antonio 1 69 Blanch Sharon Bla n co. J ose F 1 92 Rlock, Larr y Don 169 B l oomberg. William Ray 169.241 Blumberg, Lcslie 169,241 Boatwright Craig E 101 Boatwri ght. H enrietta Louise 169.253 Boatwright Bill 192 Bogantes Il l Victor M. 264 Bolado Maria E. 101,217,21 8 Bolton, .Tan P. 101 Bonanno. Barhara L. 72,169 Bonanno, Jol1ll na\'id 169,240,2 /11 Bone. Hell e n Bone Sandre B. 169 Ronviss uto. John J. 192 130nm' iSSlllo. Lor etta.l. 10 1 Bosch Vit' l or 101 BOi'('h .Iosipl1en( A. Bouzard. 'aher C. 193 Bowen. C harlene A. 101 Bowen. E. Ann 169,232 BO\\'c n Stephen Michael 169 Rowke r B e t s y J ane 169 Bowman, William H Roy d Billi e J. Boyd, Nancy 78,79 101, 152,266 Boyl es. Jod e K 169 Bozman J\' [ ark J. 101,264 Bozman Ross E. 1 93 Bradbury Ill, W. F. 169 Brady, William Pat Brankon Juli e L. 193,194 Brannan, Rit a Cec ilia 170 Brat c her Stephcn J. Br ea de n Barbara A. 170 Bre mer, Fr e derick Paul 47 ,74,170,228, 236,24 1 Bretsc h er, Jim 170 Brett Margar ita 193 Brid ges Lynda J Bright, William.l. 193 Brinson Billie 193 Brittain Gcorge E. Brooks, Dal e 190,205 Brooks, Pe ter 69, 1 02,248,263,264 Brown. Brian R. ]02,230 Brown Carl Andrew 170 Brown, Diann e E. Brown, Frank Drown Lou rde s 1 93 Bru c e Sue 170 Brunette. Lillette Kry sti n e 170 Bruner C harlott e S. 193 Bryan, K en W. 170 Bryant Christophe r A. 78,79,102 Bryant, Michae l A. 170 Bryson, H attie 1 93 Bte s h Ynonne 78,79.102.264 R mklcy, Elizab c th 170 Ruehl e r Pau l F. 52 Buell,. Danie l l. 170 Bullard John 170 B u llo c k Le:slie N. 170 Oumgardn cr, Bill 193 Buon\'iri. Eugene L ouis 170 Buinviri Jos eph ]70 Burcldle l P e nney 170, 248 Burdi c k David 240,241 Burdick G l e nn P. 1 02 ,240,241 Burgoon Joseph B. 170 Bur goon Ric hard O. 170 Burgoon, Yvette 47,49,52 72,170 Burke Ed J ames 1 93 Burnette. Caro l A. 1 93 Rurn s, Scott A. Butterfield M elissa 79 Byerley Randy 241 Byrnes Greg L. 1 93 c Cadden, Barbara 193 Cagle, Burt Cagle, Gera l d A. 193 Cagle Joel 1 i4 Cain, Pat 193 Caldwell. Vera 1 93 Call, Nancy 170,262 Calth i rst, Eli zabe t h A. 243,24H,256,264 C ameron. Da\ ,id Ca mpo s, Arturo E. 171 Cappozzo li, Edward A. Capowle, Ph i lip 193 Carvaja l F r ank Card, Pam c la 1 93 Cardoze_ Denise Anne 1 71.222 Carey, Thomas C arnes She i la Ann 193 Carn ey. Cene 1 86 Carney, John C. 193,262 Caropre sso, Marto l. 43,254 Carpenter, E llen 103,25 6 Carr, Benny 193 Carras quillo Carmen 193,214 Carri on, Car m e n E. 171 Car roll Rie k D. 171 Carte r Bar bara Carter. Marc A. 103.236 Car l otto, Slcphen 103

PAGE 274

Cas iano Rudol p h 19 3,232 Cas tl es, Anne 1 93 C atl ett, Am s t ey 19 3 Cenice ro s, Claude Phil e pp e 171,174 Ce ni ceros, Roland M 103 C h afin, J a c k R. 19 3 Cha n J ose fina Ka wai 1 93 Chavez, Sa r a P. 10 3,253 C h eat ham T e dd y 1 93 C h elius, Cyn thi a A. 1 93,254 C h e n ey, Kim 193 C h es mor e, Ma ri n o 1 7 1 175 Chesson, Sa nd ra K 103 C h eva lier Mi c h e l e 19 3,2 1 8 C ho c k ee, L o u r d e s 19 3 Christ ense n D ee D ee 72, 1 7 1 172 C hrou c h Sandy 1 93 Od, Bonni e J. 254 C la r k Deborah C l ark D e nni s A. 171 C lark, Jackquelin roo'1. Cla rk, P a m 1 93,254 C l ark, T imoth y Richard 1 7 1 C larke, Ric k 1 93 Clevela nd Judy D. 1 86 C l eve land S u s an Ann 171, 175 Clo nin ger, T e rry L. 1 93 Cobb, Bonni e l\' L 103 Cobb, James 1 19 3 C off e y Geraldi n e C. 193 Coffey Tom 19 3,262 Cogl i a n dro Ca th eri n e 104,223 Cogliandro, T ony 78,79, 1 93 Colb e rt, SCOII A. 104 17 4,232 Co lbert M ark 194,232 Co lbert Sue E. 220 ,253 Col e, Ani t a L. 1 94 Coleman, D o lli e 19 4 Cole m an, Jam es Col e man Lou i s 1 94 Cole m an, P a t ricia A. 72, 1 7 1 C oli Ca rm e n 194 Collins, M e l inda T 69 17 1 248 Colli s te r S c o tt W 85,86, 10 4 Coma n M icha e l S. 49,52,17 1 230 Comp t on Brian 1 94 Co m pio n K evin F. 104 Co nn e ll J anin e 1 86 C ook J ame s N. 17 1 Cookso n J essie L. 104,256 Coomb s, R e be cc a L. 1 94 Cooper, C hris 194 Cop e, Bill 1 7 1 Cope, Dee Alber t Co p es k ey, Cy nthia 171 Copes k ey, P au l 194 Corco, Carm e n A. 17 1 1 75 Co r e o, J ose 1 94 Cornw e ll Pian e P. 194 Corrol S heri S. Co rrea, Zoraida i\'1. 171 Cot a Lup e A. 104,264 Cox, Bradford A 104 Cox Cynthi a D 104 Cox, S t eq uarl 194 C raddo c k George H. 105,14H C r a dd ock, M eri 194 Craft, William G. 1 94 Craig, Jim 174 C rawf o rd Bryan S. 171 Cre!
PAGE 275

Forr es t Paul R 195 Forseth, D e bra 60 1 09,256 Fortner, K e nn eth 230 Fo sc u e, Karin 82,85 1 09, 1 45,264 Foster, Evelyn 1 95 Fo s t e r June A. 109 Fo s t e r, l\'lichael K. Fo ster, Nan c y 1 09,256 Fou lk J e ann e 1 95,214 Foulk John F. 1 77 Fou se!, Gary 195 F r antz, Diana L. 109 ,254 Fre n s l ey, K enne th F. 109 Fri e dman Caro l 195 ,201,2 1 8 Fri ed man, Lynn e 2 18 F r i sby, \ Vil1iam Frith. Cynth ia 19 5,2 1 8 Frith, Steve 250 Fritt s, G ilbert 1 95 Fruitt Joyce 1 95 Fud ge, Forest 1 95 ,23 6 Fula Ca rlos 1 77 Fuller, K a thryn Ann Full e r, Marl ene Fult o n D e borah G. 174 Fulton Robert 195 G Gail ey, Stephen Robert 174 Galdo n K a thi 195 Galindo, Ir e n e D. 19 5 Gal i nd o Norb e rto Divas 195 Gal i ndo, Rub en D. Gallardo, Lydi a E. 109,252,264,269 Galvan Micha e l 236.24 1 Galvez, Raquel Amanda 110,254 Gamer t s feld e r, Mary Linda 76 ,77, 110 Gan g l e, Patti M. 1 74 Ganse r, James P. 110 Ganz, E li zabeth M. 1 95 Gar c ia J ess Garcia D e bbi e 195 Gar c i a, Linda 110 ,256 Garcia, IHelind a 1 74 Gar cia d e P ared es, Rog e lio Garza, Ca rlos 196 Garza, David Ri c hard 174 ,236 Carla, Norm an 174 Barbara 196,21 8 Gauger, Lisa A. 19 6 Gaul L ora in e L 196 198 Gaylord Jr., William 174 Gemmell, Lori 19 6 Geno s he, Dani e l J ames 174 G ent, D e nnis Geog h ega n David H 1 96 G eog h eg an, R obert P. 196 George James A. 174 ,238 Giannelta, Ang e l a M. 174 D e an 1. 1 7 4,194,229 ,230 Giff e n Adam D. 110 Giff e n Rose 1\1. 110 G ilbert Gary 1 96 Gilbert Karen 1 7 4 ,248 G ilb ert, Kri s 19 6 Gilc hri s t R oserine 1. 215,253 Gil c hri s t J eff 19 6 Gilli s Bruce 1 96 Gr e gory F. 85,110,232,248 ,262,264 Ginet t Bonney 1 96 Give n s, John 19 6 Garl and G l ass, K at h y P. 110 ,262,2 64 Goer ger, M 19 6 Gome7., A llan H. 112 Gomez, James 196 COl11e7.. Mic h ae l Ang elo 174 GOIlH'Z, Thoma s 1 74,236 Gonza l ez, Allan Ric h a rd 1 96 Gonza l es, Fran c i sco 111 GOIl7.al e z Maria E. 72 GonzaIe7., P a tri cia M a ri a 174, 2 15,220 Gonzal ez, Ric k W. 19 6 284 Gonzalez, Wilma 196 Gonzalez, Wil sa 196 Goodman SIeve D. 111 Goodwill, B ert Edward 174 Gorby, A li s on 174 Gord o n J ack L. 196 Gordon Stev e 205 Gordon, Suzanne L. 58,82,84,111, 149 Gorriz, Lui s 111 G o rr es, C harl es 1 86 Goudi e, Paul T. 111, 152 Goulet, David L ee Grabow s ky, Carlo s E. 19 6 Grado lf Conni e D. 1 74, 186 Gra dy, Angi e 263 Gran t Debbi e 196 Grant J en i se 19 6 Granum S haun C. 17 4 Gray fla J e an 1 96,220 Gray, L es lie Gree n D o u g l a s Will iam G,ee n J ohn R. 111.141.23 5 236 .237.24 1 .26 1 Green, Mic ha e l Green e, Van ess a L. Green l}", Linda Grego ry, I ng rid L. 261,262 Gr iffin, C r aig 1 96 Griffin, Thoma s 1. Grimes, Mary Ann 78 111 Gryma1a Larry W. 111 Grymala, Pat J. 196 Gua rnieri Nichola s Guarni e ri, Patricia T. Gua s p Norm a Ef y 196 Gu ess, R evonda S. 1 96 ,25 4 Guib e rt Albert A. 112 G uilford Sheila Gunn, Dona l d R. 112 Gu nn, Judy 196 Guthr i e S u e 2 ] 5 H H aas, Linda H aas Ron Haff Dani e l E. H affo rd, Judy M. 112 Hakan s on, D e bbie 47,196 Hakanson, Mike E. 112 264 H a l e, Dougla s E. 112 H ale Phil Hall, David 196 Hall Dougla s 1 96 Hall N an cy C. 112 Hall P e ggy 19 6 HaJJ, Sandra A. Hall S hi e Ia E. 112 H all, William 230 H alle y D avi d H a nbu,>, C laud; a M. 82.85.8 6.8 7.113 H anlon, Stev e H annigan. Jim 196 H anono, David 253 Hanono Edward 113 H ano n o S rit a Hard e n Thoma s Hardin Glen H ardw i ck, Mar y J. Harf', C hri stophe r B. H a r g r eave s, Mark R. H arnag e, Lind a 214 H arp, J acq u e lyn 1 96 H a rp, William H. 235,236,23 7 ,25 0 H arr('l so n Jan Harri s,lohn R 113 !I.lick 1 96 H a r r i so n H arold H. Haun gs, Deborah 1 1 5,220 ,254 ,264 H aun gs, Kathl ee n l\-r. Sa ndy 1 96 H aus er, Ma ri ann e D. H awk, M a hlon H awkins, S u e D. 1 86 Hawkin s, Trudy M. 248 Haydukovich, Mary C. 196 Hazl e wood, Carm e n II-I. 113,253 H ea rd Kell e r 196 H e arne, J o hn 19 6 H ed da e us, Mark W. 197,243 H erney Peter H emey, Ray 197 H e l e D e borah 72,2 1 4 Hel c. La"y J. 113 .236 H e mmings, Karl H e ndrick s on, D anie l 19 7 H e ndri c k s on, Jean H e r es, Marce ll a 113 ,252,269 H e rmanny, Rit a 197 H e rman son, Catherine Herman s on, V e rn on 197 H e rn don, Anthony H erndo n Lupie Herr e r Flor 19 7 H e rrera Rob e rto 19 7 H e rron, Thoma s 113 H ess, Barbara 114 1 46 ,2 14 ,22 0 H ess, J ac k 197 Hic ks Li7. Hig g inbotham Alan 229 Hightow e r, A li son 113,264 Hildr e th H e rb ert 197 Hill C yn thia A. Hill D e bbie M. Hill Janie Hinton Dan Hir sc h Andy 76, 156 H oard, Cor r ine 1 97 H oa rd Jo se H o bb s, Brenda 19 7 H o bb s, 10 A. 19 7 H o f Richard J. Hoffman Kathy 114,256 Hoffman Steve 114 H olbrook Joey 1 97 Hol derby, Cindy 1-197 Holl Donald G. 200 Hol1, Fredrick D. 1 79 H olI, Ric k Holl an d, Celest e 197 H o ll and Dio nn e 19 7 Holl a nd Eug e n e 113 Holl e y David H o lli s Richard Holmberg, William G. H o lt Rob e r t 19 7 H o m sa n y, Fortun a 114 ,253 Hoop e r Edward 1. 19 7 H oope r Gabby C. 176 Hopkin s, Jim 197 H orning Ronald 114,2 43 H orta, Ana H o rt e r D ebra 1 76 Hough Kandy 1 97 H o uk Brenda L. 197 H o uk Janet M. 142,2 56 Hou se, C hri st in e 1 76 H ou s ton S t evie 1 76 Howard, Danny B. 114 Howard Della H owa rd H a rl and V. 114 ,232 H owe, Aice 176 ,220 Howl s, D e lla ] 76 H oy l e. J ohn K. 83.115.147 .238 Hoyl e Catherin e A. 72 Hoy](', Kalhie 72 19 7 Huddl eston, Rob e rl 155 Hudgin s J C. 115 Janice 176 Carm elo 236 Huerta s, Mar y 197 Hu g h es, Donald Hug h e s Kim 1 76 Hug h es, Ric ky 197 H umm('r, Joe 19 7 Humphr ey, Bradford Hunl Jac qu e 58 70, 7 8,79,115 148 Hunt K('n 19 7,232 Hurl er, D e bra 176

PAGE 276

Hurt Karen 197 Hus n ey, Sa r ah 115,253,254 Hus t e d Donald R 197 Husted, G il ber t 176 Hus t e d, Pa tr icia 176 Husem, Edward J. 76,77, 197 Hus um, K a r e n A. 78,115,266 Hu sum, Maure e n 197 Hut c hin gs, Bud 176 Hut c hin gs, W illi a m 197 Hut chinson, David 76,7i l anole, Daisy E. 7 0 176,215,216,222 I caza, Iraida I sa b el 76,77,115 Inman, J ohn M. 176 Irwin Mic h ae l J. 1 7 6 I s aacs, Karen B. 115,1 46,248,263,264 J Jacks, Dia n a A. li6 J ackson, Glen n a C. 116 J ackson K e lly 256,264 J ackso n Melvin J ackso n Sus Hyn 54,197 Jacobs, H a l 197 J effrey, Alice C. 116 J effrey, R ober t H. 176 J e llurn, S u sa n K. 116 J e mmott Rob e rt o E. 176 J e nki ns, S tover J e nnin gs, Carol .197 J enn i ng s R obert S J offe, Mike 176 J ohnson Char l es J oilnson Gail L. 70,176 J ohnson, Guy A. 116 J ohnson, Jim 197 John son, Marl ene 197 J o hnson Mikki J o hn son, Monica L 197 J o h nston, Lion e l H a n e 67,116,150 J ohnson, P e t e r L. 116 John s ton e, Eileen Mar y 197 J ones, Becky 197 J o n es, E l izabet h 176 J ones, Erne s t E. 176 J ones, L ewis 197 J o n es, Luth e r r .t III 116,261,264 J ones, T er ry 197 Jordon Maria Alic i a 176 Justi ce, David 197 K K ac hin ski, J oseph 176 Kaplan Steve n 198 Kar s t P aul 198 Kee n J effrey W 176 Keenan C h a rles 186, 232,262 K elle h er, Maur een 223 K elle h er, l\' f a urice S. 116 K elly, Ann ette Joy 176 K elly, W illiam C. K emper, Melinda M 117,254 K e rr Francis Pe t e r 78,79,85,86,117,232 K e r vin, Chri s tin e L. 117,248 K etner, S tef anie S. 176 Ketn e r W illiam H. 1 17,228,229,26 1 K ey d c r Denise 176 K i l ey, Patri c k 176,230 Kilgor e, i"fik e 47,198,228,230 Kilgore, Roh e rt 236 King, J anet 117,252,253 King Kath eri n e 198 K istler, Car o l K l e i nhenz, J ames P aul Kleinh enz, Vickie 117 Klimp, Eliza b et h 198 Knight, G l enn D. 142 Knight, J orl i 92,191, 1 98,254 K nick, Bob 49,198 Knox, Mahlon S. 180 Koc hman, H ildy 198 Koc hman Vicki e Kot, Fran c i s W. 84,117 Kot V i v i a n J ane 198 Kozlowski, Anth ony E. 198 Kozlowski, Carme n 117 Kra e mer, Kat y 189 Kr eft. Pam 198 Kruger Ernest M. 186 Kuczek, Pau l 1 80 Kuczek Tom Kugler Rob ert T. Kunke l Fre d 198,232 K unk el, Jam es 49,85,92,232,264 Kurm e r C h arlo tt e R. Kyle, H aro l d 198 L L a Fue nte Eddie 198 L a k e, K en n eth 198 Lamber t Car o l 198 Lamberty, I s lay N. 215,220 Lamb oglia, Mayr e G. Lammon, David M. Lamm on, Diana M Lamp as, Har eclea 198 L ampas, Carlo s 240,241,261 Lampas, V ladimir B. 118,240,24 1,261 Landrum Mary Land rum Priscill a 198 Lane, Beverly 180,232 Lane, Rob ert W. 198 Lane, S h e rri E. 256 Lang, Kevin R. Lan g ford Nancy R. Lanza, Martha E. 253 LaPlaca, V i c tor D Lara c u e nte, David 198 L ara c u ente, R e bec ca 69,1l 8 Larm l ee, J oyce A. 261 Lar son Kathy 198 Lasca l a, E ll a L. ] 1 8,232,256 Latorre, J eane tte O. 198 Lawson, C h a rles 78,118,238,239,243 Lawson, D e bb y L e b er, Fig 82,83,118 L e al, Herr ei ra Rica rdo Bac e lb a r 243 L ee, Ricard o A. 1 80 L eese r C harles L. 238 L eeson, D e n n i s W. 235,236 Leonard, J o hn Mic h ae l 1 80 Leon ard, Patricia D. 198 L eona rd T e rry 180 L ePage, C ri s M 1 80 L e rma A lb e rt 243 L esc h ner, J ack Les c hn e r M ari l y n L essiac k, J o hn ]98 L e t o urn e au, Ray 52 LeWa rn e, M a r y L. 198 L ewis, D e fore s t S. 78 L ewis, Karl a 180 L ewis, M arie 198 Lillard Neal 198 Lin, Adri enne 198 Lim, 72,1 ] 8,252,269 Lind en, Amy 180 Linden, Gigi 198,214 Little D enise A. 42,43 ,49,82,84,118 Little, J ames A. 243 Little, Lynn C. Livingst on, Alec 54,198 L oc k e III Samue l M. Lohse, D e b ora h A. 119 L o h se D o n 198 L ondy n sky, J efT M. 198 Lopez, G uill ermo J. 198 Lopez, J ody 198 Lopez, Larry Lor e nzen, Rob e r t E. 178 Loyel J or ja E. LOwe Dave M. 119 Lo\\ ery, Margar e t Lynn 198 Lowe ry, H obe rt H 248 Lugo, Mad e lein e E. 178 Luk s a, Ver a Fay e 162,1 98,254 Lusby, Linda ]98 Lut z Gar y W. 236,237,261 L yon, B a rb ara 178 Me McArthur, Laura H. 178 McArthur Bill D. 199 M cBr i de, Laurie A. 1 2] M cBride, Linda 178 M cBr ide Jr. Rob e r t E. M cCa b e, A I an B. 199 M cCabe E dith Lynn M cCauley, S h e ila Elaine 178 M cConaug hey, W ill iam J oseph 199 McCormik Ch ri s 199 M cC r ay, M artie Myriam 199 McCulley D anie l L. 1 2 1 M cDaniels, Marty M. 199 M c D ona ld Paula 199 McDona ld S h e rr y 199 M cFa dd e n Margar e r P. 1 2 1 l\-fcfadd en, Tho m as David 178 M cGee, S h elia h Martha 199 McGlad e Mic h ae l 1. 178 McGlade, J ohn R. 1 2 1 McGrath, Deborah 1. 57,12 ] ]56 McGrath Loui sa 178 McGr ee Gary D. McGuinn e ss, J ea n nette M. 178,222 McGuinness, J ohn 178 M c il vain e Cloyd S. 1 2 1 McIlvain e Edwin C. 228,235,236 237,26 1,264 Mc il vaine K e nnth S. 199 Mc Keon D onald N. 1 21,236 M cKeo n S u e 76 McLau g hlin, W illiam P 121,248 M c L ea n C h ar l es E. 1 22,228,232,26 1 M c L ean, Terry 201,214 L ee 199 M cMichae l T rish 199 M cNa bb, Doroth y L. M cNabb, Richard Nolan M cNa mara J a m es M. 199 M cVelln, Dan C. 199 M M acDo nald Anne 178 MacDon ell, R obert 1. 119 Pati K. 198 Maclean, Done lla M 119 Maduro, Gloria 119 Maduro Marce l a B ery l 178,220 Maduro, S hirl ey M. 119 Maggiora, Mik e 198 Magg i ora, William D., III 178 Maggi o ri A ldo A. 178 Maguir e, Mike 119 Maham Caro l 1. 199 Mahan Cindy 199 M ahan, Ron 199 M ahan, S uzanne 199 Major J anel 119 Mak ihbin, Lisa Mic h e le 198 Malin Edwin Mandaraka, Miri el l e I. 205 Mand e n Eileen Manfr e di Franz 199 Mapp G r egg Mapp, Rhonda 178 Maravilla l\' lark S. 199 Marco l a, Willia m 178,236,237,26 ] Mar czack Constan ce M 120,254,256 M ar ks, S haron L. 120 Maroh l Arthur A., Jr. Maroh l A rthur V. 178 285

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286 Marohl Ric hard L uis 199 IHars h all, Larry D. 120 Marti J ose R. 199 Marti e, Ralph 1 99 Mart in Glen n 1 2 0 Mar t in, J ose A. 178,228)36,261 Martin, Tina 199 Martin ez, Berni ce A. 199 Martinez Franci sco 178,236 Martinez, J u a n 199 Martinez Mi c hael 120 JI,' l a rtinez, O sca r 199 Mar linez, P e t e r 199 Martinez Rodrigo Ermin i e 178 Mason Kare n Mi c h e l e 178,261 Ma s on, Mitzi 199,254 M a l a, Mike 199 M a la Patri c ia O'Donn e ll 7 2 Maxi e, Linda 178 M axwe ll J ames 178 May D e bbie A. 1 7 8 j\'!ayer D on na A. 254 M ayfie ld, ,Villi a m 120 May l es, Lynn 120, 254,263)64 JI,'byles, W illiam Brian 178 Maymi, Glady s I. 48,49,72,120 M ea dow e, J eff M ea d ows, John M e d i na B e rla E. 78,79,122 M c dina Eddie E. M e d i na J o se Jaim e 52 M e din ge r, Ann 20,78,79 1 22.248,26 6 M e l e ndez Carolina 199 r., l e nd en hall Carol Ann 2 1 5 ,220 M e nd en hall S u e A 199,224 l I en dez J oe 199 M e n d ow Raymond W. 1 8 1 J\:[ e n ocal, Se r afin G. 142,264 M enoca l Tony G. 181 Mich ae l Colleen R 78,79,122 Mic h e l Marcia 1\'1. 122,256 1\:liguC'".l, Ray F. 85,122 Mil a m Rita 199 Mile!'-, George D., J r. 157,227 Mill e r Barbara A. 76 Mil es, Lynn A. 195 Mill e r H e len C harl ene 181 Mill er, Nanc y 199 M i llf"r, Rob ert D. 122,264 Milli ga n Stephani e 1. Million Gordon 230 Mill s, Rob ert A. Mill s, R o b e rto A l exan d e r M ills, S haro n 199 Mi n skofT, J e rom e Gary 226,261 Mirandn, Aixa M il agros 253 Mitchell, Robbin 199 Miz rac hi Mic h ael 199 M obley Randall 199 MofTe tt, T h e o Lan e 182 Moh ] S i eve 1 99 Mokray Arthur M., J r. 122 Monlayne, Shannon B e ll e 199 M ore ll Yolanda G. Moor e, Eli:r.abe th 200 Moor e, Jan 200 Moo r e, Scott D. Mor e le!', Mari e M e r ce d es 56, 123,218,254-M o ral es, Roy 200 J\' l organ, Sh eila A. 123,253 M o r ric e, Enri qu e A. 182 M o rris, Bill 200 Morr i son, K a l h e ryn M. Morri so n, Nanc)' 1. 123,150,24R,253,264 Mor se, C h a rl i e 200 M o rlon CharIc!' 200 Morlon .To hn A n lony 200 M o r t o n Kathi 203 l\'I o rton P a m e la A. 123 Moskowi tz Carol S. 200 Mo!
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Puig, Vivian E. Purvi s, Bruce Pu s ztai, Peter 128 Pye r Claire 248 Pyer, Louis e 201 Q Quig l ey Randall E. Quiro s, Franci sco J. R Rag er, L eesa L. Raibl e Glen 201 Ramir ez, Pat ri cia J. 30,201 Ramirez Yvette R andall, Minerva Rankin Rob ert L Raymondo Yasemin E. Raw l s, Raymond RawiS, Raymond Jr. Real, Ana Juli a Real Cande l aria 128 Reckendor f Gail D. 69,20 1 R e dh e ad Carlo s M. 201 Reed, Ger ald Ray 201 R eed, Rona l d Wayne 186 Reeves, Car ol Ann 262 Reeve s, Winona 20 1 R e ihart, Betsy L. 201 R e ihart Pa tsy 201 Reil', Phil L. 56 ,92, 128,145 ,228,230,26 1 Rpndon, Dorothy Ann 69,261 R endo n Eugene S. 236,237,26 1 R eye s, Pura M. 20 1 Reyes Robert Jr. 201,236,237 R eyes, Roy E. 201,252 R ey nolds, Larry Rhod es, Brad Rhod es, Paul Allen Rhod es, R osemary 72,129 Rh yne, Barbara E. 129 Rhyne, Camille Rice David A. Rice, Julia A. 201 Rice, K e ilh 201 Rice, I Harcia C. 129,263,264 Ric hey Barbara R. 1 29,262 Rid er, Susan C. 78,79 ,129,256 Ridge, Regina Riesc h Richa rd W. 243 Rio s, J oe Fre ddy 201 Rios, Cal zada Jose A. Rio s, Luis Ripl ey, Dwight D. 201 Risberg, Charmain e D. 129 Rit chie, Rob e r t E. Rivera Angel A. 202 Rivrra Miriam Rivera O s valdo 84, 1 29 Riv e ra, T eo dore Rives, Deb r a S. 1 29 R obert s, Carm en 205,214,220 Rob e rt s, Lloyd 202 Rob ertson J ames Jr. 202 Robertson Norman C. 202 Robin on Connie H. R oh l e s S t e phani e C. 202 R obles, Sue Robles, William Rodriguez, J ames Andrew 202 Rodri guez, Jim 202 Rodri g urz Jos e 36,83, 1 30,250 Rodri g u e z lVTaritza r. 159 Rodri guez, Miriam 159 R odrigu i z Vicky J. Roge r Leesa 1 86 Roge r s, Nikki 202 R ogf'r s, P a u l E. 1 43,202,24 1 Roman, Arge ] i s Rome Ron G. 1 30 Romo S u c 202 Ronk, V i c tor W Roop, J ohn T. Rosa, Magda l vonne 202 Rose, Eil ee n T. 78,79,130,22 1 Rose, Mike 202 Rosenblatt Cynth i a Anne Ros holt, S u s an 202 Rountre Carm e n M. Roy, C l ifton J. 1 47, 156 Row, Mary L. Roys Nancy E. 69,76,130,264,269 Rude!';h eim, Carolanne Rudesheim Chr i s 202 Ruiz Ang e l Ru i z D ea n e J. 1 30 Ruiz, Hope 76,202 Runn e r s trand, Eric Paul 248 Rushing, Dennis R. Rush i ng G l enda S. Russell, Barbara K. 1 30,248 Ru>:sell, David K. 1 30 Ru ssell, R e b ecca Suzan n e Russell, Richa r d R. 202 RuJo:so, Linda Kehlenbe c k Ru sso, St e ph e n Felix Ruth Davi d Alan Ruth George A. Ryan Marna 202 Rybi cki, Elizabeth 202 Rybicki Jos eph 5 Saarin e n Lau r i e J. 202 Sager, T erry J. Sa lin as, Manu e l Salle rio, Alba M. Sa lt zman J on 202 Samirez, Yvette Sanch i z Ana l\' L 202 Sanchiz, Jorg e L. SanMig u e l Norma 76,1 30,264 Sa nt acr uz, Frank R. Sa n tiago Dan i e l E. 202 Sawyer, Sh e ila 202 Sayre, Marian 1 34,224 Sarre, Robert M. ?02 Se gg" Lee 69,78 ,79, 1 3 1 1 60,248 ,264,266 Scaggs Vicki 131 Scagg s Vivian 70,131, 160 ,256 Scan l on Glenda Sca rb oro u g h M aradce 131 Schmidt, Th eodore Sc ribn er, Wanda 202 Sch emerh orn, D en ise 1 3 1 Sch e m e rho r n, Mic helle 202 Schno err, David Schnoerr, Mark 205 Sc hor oeter, Suza n ne Schr e ib e r Milton O. Scilreppel Rit a 202 Scigliane, June P. 131 Scott Douglas 1 3 1 Scott Jeff Seag le, Larry. 202 Sea r s Douglas Sebik. A ll en 131 Seel e y Laura 1 32,248,263,264 Seeley, Roge r 202 Se lby, Cary D. Selles, Carlos 202 Serge r Carol J. Serr ano Anna C. 1 32 Ser rano, Frank B : 202 Sess i o nJo:, Linda 132 S haff er, Blain e 2 0 2 S h affe r Ja mes B. 202, 235,236 Sha l om, Sari t a S h anks, Cindy 202, 254 S harp, Frank 132 Shea, Barbara S. 52 S h epha rd Michae l J 132 Sheppard, Kenn e th Sheppar d Marilyn 1 32 S hirl ey, Donald 202 Showalte r Peter S h owa lt e r Tom L. 132 Shull, Gar y A Sifuentel., Ed 202 Si lverman Charle s Silverman Gary 248,26 1 Simmonds Debbi e 202 Simms Robert 202 Simonsson, Beverl y 225, 234 Simp s on, Tony 202 Simson, J o hn 202 Simson, Mark R. 230 S i sson, P e ter T. Size m ore Victoria 78,79, 132 -Skillman, Charles F. 133 Skillman B ill Slaughter, Jane t Slonina, Jim 202 Slye, James Small, Franklin 202 Smalling Jonia Smea d Robert Smil ey, Mic ha e l B. 133, 238.243 Smith Arthur L. 186 Sm ith Carl G. 133 Smith, David M. 203 S mith Frank M. 236 Smith, G l ady s 203 Smith, G r eg 232 S mith, Jack D. Smith, .JoAn n e E. Smit h Margar e t M. Smi th, Mar y K. 203 S mith Nic k 203 Smith, Paul 1 33 Sm ith S hauni M. 133,1 48 Smi th Step h anie Sue 52 Smith Thomas K e nneth e 203 Smit h Walt e r J. 13 3 Snave ly, Yol anda E. Snyder Eugene 203 Socky Fred 1. 203 S olar, Ruth E. 203 Soli>:, J ol ene M. Somme rf e lt W e ndy 203 Sorrell Linda J o 269 Souc i e, Cary l J e an Souder, J ane Diane 52 Sousa, j ame!"; D Sparro\v Sh e rry J. 219,220 Spenc el. Courtney 226,236,24R,26 1 Sp iros, Randolph W. Spr ad lin Reinita Lee 203 Sq uibb Pat A. Stah l B r e ndy G. 203 Stahl, Cindy S t a nf ord, Edward L. 261 S t anl ey, Martha Elizab e th 262 Stanley, T erry I. 203 S tark J ames K. 1 33 Stark Mary C. 203 S t auffer, R obe rt P. Steel s mith, T e rry W. S t een, Ronnie L. S t ein berg-, Ellen 203 S t et l e r. J o rge 1 33 Stetler, Marlenr S t eve n s, Linda Stevens Rhonda A. 203 Stevens, Ru"sf'lI S t eve nson Car los M. 134 Steven so n, Isab e l 203 S t evcnso n Linda S. 203 S te\ 'c n s on. Sue S t ewar t J an J ess i c a Stewart Audrey A. 134,248 S tillin g". Jean elle A. 203 StinJo:on M a rk B SI. John. Jam e s C. 203 S t oc k Cindy 203 Stolts, Barbara F. Stor r s, S h e rr y M. 70 SlOne, Mary 203 Strickland, Oma L. 1 6 1 S tri c kland S hirl cy 287

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S tri de r J ame s P. 203 S trid er, Th o m as SlUckey, J o h n 203 St u ckey, Lind a 203 S tut s man Pete r F 134,228 Suarez, M arta Cecilia 203 Sumption, Ric h ard H. 203 Swann, Ronald F. 92,191,203,236,237,241 Swan s on K enne th S. 248 S word, Rob 203 S ik es, Edward C. 134 Sykes, S u e 203 T Talbott K eit h 135 Talb urt, Benjami n F. T amargo, J orge T a n H s i ad Min g T an, Simon Tan Y e che n g Tapia, A r turo 57 T arr, Richard 161 Tatman Mary Ann 74,75 i 8,79,134,251 Taylor D e bbie 203 Tayl o r Duan e 203 Ta y lor Kath y 203 Taylor, Kris 203 Taylo r M e lody e Tayl or, R onald T e rry, Micha e l T h atche r Donna 203,262 Th omas, Debr a 203 Thomas Hu g h Thomas, S h e rri 203 Th omas, S u e ll e n 203 Th o mason G r egg 203 Th omason, K e rry 13' 5 T homp son, Alfo n s o 203 Thompson Anna 57,203 T hompson, Barbara 78,79, 135,269 Th o mp son, Carol Tltomp s on, Kar e n 203 Th ompson Patricia 135 Thompson R e becca 203 Thomp son, Sh e rry 203,262 T homp s o n S teven Thompson V i c t or 235,236,237,261 Thorton, Donna Thr ift, Jim Ti e n c k en, Evelyn Ti e n cken, P e t e r 1 6 1 TiHord, Bill Till ey, Marjori e 135,254 Till ey, Rob e rt 203 Tinney, Nancy 135 Tipton, J ane 49,204 Tobin, C h a des 76, 77,85, 1 35,238 243,250 T o mpkins Jud y Toot h man, Mary T o rr es, Alb e rto 204 Torr es, Alice 1 6 1 T orr es, Carme n T or res, Cha rles T or res, Diana Tou ce t Lilli an 143 Touce t efta l i Tovar Mari e 204 Townsend Car o l 1 36,253 Town s h e nd, Mari e 204-Tracy, K atheyn 136 T r acy, Carol 204 Trahan Maritw 232 T r a han, M y r a 136 Treadwell, Barbara 76, 136 T revi na, Tutti 204 Tre mblay, S t e lla 67,70 136,150 Trim P a t r i cia 204,262 Tri m P h y lli s 215, 2 1 9 ,220,222 Tri mb le, Lind a 204,261,262 TrOlle r Chri s 204 T ru ett, Mik e 204 Truitt Joyc e 195 T umin e lli T sabc1 288 Tumin e lli L u c ill e Turn e r Ell en 223 Turn e r Olga 176 Turn er, Paul 204 Turpin, Vern e u U nderwood, Cha rl es 2 0 4 U n derwoo d C h ristoph e r J o h n Urias, John M. 136 U ri as, Ric hard D. 2 0 4 v Valad ez, I\Hch a e l 1. Val ad ez, Pa tt y A. 205 Valdez, Mik e J Vald e z Rob e rt 204 Valle, P atr ice 204 Valle, Veron i ca L. 136,147 Vamvas, Spiro C. 269 Vam\'as Vango C. 204-Van Horn, Ern es t L. 85, 137 Van Kirk, S usan E. 137 Van Over e n Ch ri s G. 204 Var g as Dalys 74,256,264 Varga s, Norma A. 1 37,256,264 Vasquez, J oe 204 Vas ques, Richard F. Vauc h e r Russell 137 Vau g han, David L. 137 Vega, S usan L. 137 Vega, Tin a L. 137,256 Veno, J enn i e M. 138, 2 17,21 8 ,254 Verga r a, Mari a A. Vic k Denni s Vick, Mic ha e l 138 V i e t o, Ann L. 138 V ives, Stella R. 1 38,26 1,269 Voge l Patsy I. 72,78,79, 138,148 w Wad sworth Bob Wad sworth Joel T. 1 38,243,248,264 Waggone r Garry F. Waggo n e r Kar e n S. 138 Wagoner, D e bra D Wai nio, John T. 204 Wal k e r, Hope Wal k er, J ea nn e n e O. Walker, K a th y 204 186,21 8 Walk e r Willi a m W. 138 Wall, Donna D. 2 1 5 Wallac e J ose ph A. 137 Wallac e Pat r ice M. 70,221 Wallace, R andolph Wade Wal s h Patri cia Ward Melissa J. 139,147,256 Warr e n Bruc e 204 Warre n Pamela C. Was se rman Th e r ese Gail 204 Watkins, Dean e 204 Wat kin s Ed Wat k i ns, Fred r ick D. 204 Watkins Lilli a n V. 92 Watson G r egg 204 Watson, Juli a M. 139 Wat son, P a ul D. Watso n Sa r a h 1. 137 Watt s, Russe ll C. 139 Weave r Art hur D. W e aver, D enise 204,78 Webb, Mary Cat h e rine 78 Webb Rick \Ve b b Jr., WJlliam M. W e bb e r Val a ri e L. Webster, Edwin T. Webst e r Ric hard W. 204,261 W ee d, Linda Wee d Patricia W eisse r Faye B. 139 W e l c h Marilyn E. W en tworth Mar g ar e t H 204,248 Wenzci Douglas S. Wese ly, Thoma s R. Wes t Micha e l e Ann 204 W h i t e, Court ney M White, Ill, H aro l d L. 1 3 9 W h ite, Judy 204 White, Patti Anitn White h ea d, Bob 2 0 4 White h e ad Timothy 204 W hit e h o use, JilT H W hi t n ey, Ma r cia A. 204 Whittaker G a r y 204-Wibe r g, K e nn e th O. 146 W i ck ham Leonard A. Wicks, Jr., C h ar l es M Wic ks, W illi a m S Wie b e n ga, Lisa W i ese, Kurt Wild e r, William R. W ill Carl Knox W ill H elen A 204,214 W ill iams, Enr i qu e Ernest 140 W illi a ms, M a ri a L. 1 40,254 Willi a ms, Pam Williams, Rain e W. Willis, Peggy A. Wilmoth Carme n E. 140,215,216,220 Wil son, Kar e n L. Wilson, M i k e N. 204 Wilson S t ephe n B. 76,77,78, 79,140 Wil s o n Vane ssa Gal e Wilso n Will i a m Edwin 204 1Jg Wood Bri ce W 228 Wood Edw ar d A. Jr. 236 W ood, Mic ha e l R 204 Woodard, A n ita Alve r a 67,234,248,263,269 Woo dard Milli e A. 204,269 Wood i e, Beverl y Woodie Valari e T. 141 Woodr ulT, Alleg r o P 1 4 1 Wo,l,y, l o h n 1. 205,26 1 Worl ey, Rhonda S. Wor s ham A rvin Cal away Wrig ht, B e th 205 W ri g ht Glenn A. 205 \l;f ri g ht Th e r esa A. 86,141,220 ,232 Wysk, Kiana Beverly y Yos t Ted You ng, A l e x andra F. Young, E l e an or J ea n You n g Ire ne 205 Young, Nella J ea n ette 205 You ng, S andy .. Young Walt e r A. 57,8 4 1 4 1,160 z Zake l Mik e 205 Zaya s Carlo s Zayas, Raul Edga rdo Zeng e r Amy A. 204 Zei gle r Deborah 1 42,248 Z e r binati, Laura Z err, J ames 205 Zimme r, D e bbi e R ac h elle Zim m er man Audi e D. 205 Zimm e rman, Bill y Joe 205 Zori e Rob e r t 205 Zorn Leslie 205,252 Zorn es C harl e s F 142 Zorn es, Robert 205